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Portege M800 - Touchpad not working properly on Windows 7

Q: Portege M800 - Touchpad not working properly on Windows 7


On windows 7 the touchad isn't working properly meaning that I can't scroll on pages by sliding my finger at the edges of the touchpad. It worked perfectly witn Vista and now it's not. I have 64bit version.

I searched for new drivers but there aren't any. How should I resolve this?


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Preferred Solution: Portege M800 - Touchpad not working properly on Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Portege M800 - Touchpad not working properly on Windows 7

What Model do you have exactly?

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I recently updatet my Laptop (Z930-12m) to windows 10, everything is working fine so far, except the Touchpad (Synaptics).
I can't scroll any more and also the momentum setting I used before seems not to be working any longer.

So I ask myself are there any updates for the drivers planed for this? Or can I get them anywhere else?

A:Portege Z930-12M - Touchpad is not working properly after Windows 10 update

The scrolling on the touchpad works now, I just did not adjust the settings properly.
But the momentum still does not work.
Anyhow, I found a view drivers for my laptop
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I have a Portege M800, Model PPM81C- 05C020.

My problem is that the light above my touchpad dims and then gradually goes off altogether. When this happens, I can't use the touchpad. Luckily I have an external mouse plugged in, but when the Synaptics mouse light goes off, it also slows down my computer. I'm typing this post very slowly and it still takes forever for the words on screen to catch up to what I'm typing. I thought maybe the driver was somehow defective, so I went to the Toshiba site and tried to download the driver for this laptop series, and then restarted, but it didn't help. I've run various programs to make sure there are no registry errors, but they all come back clean.

I'm not sure what to do. I brought it to a computer place before and they managed to fix it, but 2 months later the problem is recurring. Help!! :S

A:Portege M800 - Touchpad light goes off and comp slows down


What driver you have downloaded from official Toshiba website?

I would recommend a touchpad driver update from official Toshiba website:

And interesting to know would be what OS you have.
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Good morning
My question is very simple: can someone tell me if the upgrade to WINDOWS 10 is possible for my laptopnTOSHIBA M800 -11G , serial number 29037079W
Best reahrds

A:WINDOWS 10 upgrade on Toshiba Portege M800 -11G

Generally, models that dont have UEFI Boot Mode will have problems in Win10.
It is best to stay with the currently installed OS.
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I upgraded my *portege M800* bought in *Canada* to *Windows 7 64 bit*.
Everything is right excepted the keyboard. it's a canadian bilingual keyboard with 86 keys with 13 function keys and a console buttons with 6 keys(mute, cd/dvd, play, stop,previous,next).
I didn't update any drivers because it works fine with Windows 7 drivers.

The problem is:
- the hot keys (Fn + ..) don't work anymore
- the console buttons with the 6 keys (play, pause, etc) don't work anymore

What I did:
- checked the driver of the keyboard in the device manager: its a microsoft driver
- tried to update it with a toshiba driver but *I didn't find it in the driver list for windows 7 or vista on the toshiba website*: []

So, I don't know if it's a driver problem or anything else???


A:Portege M800 - After Windows 7 upgrade the FN keys don't work anymore


These special functions of FN keys and multimedia buttons have nothing to do with the keyboard driver. Furthermore for the keyboard there is no driver update. There is only the Windows standard driver that can be used.

The point is that you need Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. If you have bought the M800 in Canada, I assume it?s a Canadian model and therefore you can download all drivers here:

Check this!!
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Hi everyone,

I have a Portege PPM81E and am unable to get the microphone working after having upgraded to Windows 7.

I've tried all the drivers I've managed to find but no luck.

Is there anyone out there with the solution?

Thanks in advance!

A:Portege M800 - Microphone doesn't work after upgrade to Windows 7

Just few questions:
Have you upgraded original Vista version hat you got with your notebook or you have installed clean Win7 version?
Are all hardware components properly installed and listed in device manager?
How do you test mic functionality?
Is Microphone listed in sound properties > Recording devices?
Is mic set as default device?
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I experienced a usual crash of the Windows Vista on my Toshiba and had to shut down the computer through the power button on my keyboard since the Alt+Ctrl+Del function was not responding.
In the very first time I attempted to switch it back on, I got the usual message, warning me that the computer was not shut down properly. I chose to operate Windows in safe mode and shut it down properly.

However when I switched my laptop back on it does not respond to any commands at all. I can move my mouse on the screen but cannot do anything while on the windows environment..any ideas?

A:Re: Portege M800-107 doesn't responding


Does the notebook support the fingerprint? I think it supports this.
I?m not quite sure if this could be a reason for the freezing but I read that fingerprint software update might help.
Furthermore you should check

Check it out!
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I bought a PORTEGE (M800-107) in 2009 and before the expiration of the 3-year-old-warranty (2012), the screen went black permanently .
I sent it to the official TOSHIBA service in Greece (called "IDEAL sa") who fixed it in about a month (and after two tries).
One and a half year later, the screen went black again. Now they ask from me 500 euros for the replacement of the monitor. Of course I'm not going to give all these money.
Portege was the 3rd Toshiba notebook I have used. I chose it because I wanted something powerful and professional. The irony is that the most expensive model went off earlier than the cheaper.
However, that was the LAST ONE from you.

PS: In order to take my notebook back (without fixing), I have to pay 30 euros, for the technicians' check!!!!!!!
Really, do you know anyone who goes to service for fun? Or am I responsible for your model's failure?

A:Defective screen on Portege M800


To be honest I?m really wondering you have this display problem. Portege and Tecra models are the best Toshiba business line notebooks and since years they are known as high quality products with best hardware.

Anyway, sometimes the best products have problems and make troubles. Similar things happen with all technical products. I know it is pretty pity and angry, especially in the moment when you need your notebook.

Maybe it sounds stupid now but maybe you can buy display on your own and find someone who can exchange it for you. I have done this for my friend few years ago. We bought display on eBay and we have exchanged it alone. Of course on our own risk.

Bye and good luck
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Hi all,

Recently my girlfriend gave me her TOSHIBA M800 laptop. Enlighten me pls as to why I cannot find the model M800 in Toshiba's product support tab?

The models I see there are all 805-XXXXXX.

Is 800 supposed to mean 800 series and that in fact the laptop I am having now is one of those 805-XXXXXX?

I tried to see if any of those M805-XXXXXXX match the model number I see on my laptop but none of it matches. Mine is PPM81L.

I am just trying to find out if my laptop comes with bluetooth.

Appreciate your help on this.

A:Product support for Portege M800

I?m really surprised you cannot find it but I believe you search for it on wrong page. Portege 805 can be US notebook model but if you have European model use European support page under
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Hi all,

can anyone please tell me where to disable Intel SpeedStep in the BIOS of my Port?g? M800? I have already updated it to the latest version 4.80 but i still can't find an option related to Intel SpeedStep.

Best regards,


A:Portege M800 - How to disable Intel SpeedStep?


I dont think that option is available in the BIOS.

I disable Speedstep in the Power Options (Power Saver) within Windows by changing the CPU Frequency from Dynamic to Fixed.
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I have a Portege M800 and the lights to the right of the power button will not turn off - even if the machine is completely shut down and power cable disconnected.

I have tried updating the VAP and BIOS by downloads and have used BIOS to switch off illumination LED and tried using Dimmer.EXe.

These have all switched off the Portege light itself and the light above the touchpad, but not the 6 lights to the right of the power button.

Can anybody help?


A:Re: Portege M800 - Lights wont turn off


First of all you have to ensure that latest BIOS is installed.
If you are using the latest BIOS then try this:

Please remove the battery and disconnect AC adaptor.
Then wait some time? two, three hours.
Then plug battery and AC adaptor again.

Check the BIOS settings (set it to default)
After that try to enable or disable the illumination again?
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my laptop M800 always runs with fan at full speed, CPU usage runs between 50% to 100% even when no programs are running, is this normal?, seems the computer never seems to go to a resting or idle mode.

hope someone can help


A:Loud Portege M800 - CPU usage always at 50% or higher


Do you use your Portege with ?factory settings??

What you must do is to stop all useless processes that run in the background. This will reduce CPU usage.
By the way: change cooling method settings.
You can find it in advanced power plan settings > Toshiba Power saver > cooling method. Change it to battery optimized.
It will reduce cooling fan activity and notebook will run much quieter.

Test it please and post some feedback.
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About a week ago, my M800 laptop's multimedia buttons stopped working. They won't light up either. I've tried the Added Value Package fix and that doesn't seem to want to work for me. I downloaded TAVP but nothing happened.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the buttons work again? Thanks. I'm running on a 32 bit OS (if you need to know).

A:Portege M800 - Multimedia buttons won't work

Hi l_vasic,

Have you checked the BIOS? As far as I know there you can also enable or disable these illumination buttons. It must be enabled?

Otherwise it would be interesting to know which OS you are using.
Did you download Value Added Package for Portege M800?
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I am using a Portege M800-116 running XP-SP3.

Problem 1:
Connecting Line-Out to a stereo and playing music w/ Winamp or WinMediaPlayer works fine on batteries.
As soon as I connect the power adapter, loud high frequency hiss and hum static disturbs the experience.

Problem 2:
Recording WAV or MP3 files with internal or external mic only produce mediocre results.
The resulting files include a high level of high frequency hiss and hum static.
Connecting power increases the problem.

Comparing playback and recording sound quality with my old trusted Portege M100:
My M800 is a not only low quality - it's plain unusable.

Problem 3:
Toshiba HWSetup does not start from Controlpanel.
Have tried un- and re-installing to no avail.

Thanks for guiding me towards a solution.


A:Portege M800 - Sound issue and HWSetup does not start

Here is a test recording to document the problem.

The first part has strong noise while the power adapter is attached to the M800.
The second part has still static even without the adapter.

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Hi all,

I am experiencing a problme with CssSvr.exe (that as I googled it is related to the TrueSuite Access Manager software for fingerprint reading). Whenever the computer goes in standby after resuming there is and error related to this program.

I run windows Vista SP2. And the problem begun after updating the fingerprint software to the latest available version ( TrueSuite Access Manager

Any known solution for this problem?

Thanks for helping!!

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A:Portege M800 CssSvr.exe error on resuming from standby


I would recommend reinstalling this software again.
If this does not help then you should disable the power saving in device manager for fingerprint.
Device manager -> fingerprint device -> properties

Reboot the unit.

good luck
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I encountered some problem with my netbook (Portege M800-10W) after updating BIOS.
The BIOS updating program seems to failed. Then my Netbook automatically restarted and now I can't start my PC anymore.
All the LEDs turns on, but the sreen remain black and after few minutes, the netbook beep 3 times (1 long, 2 short).

How can I restore the BIOS to the previous version (or factory version) ?




A:Portege M800 doesn't startup anymore after updating BIOS

I think that error code means there is a Graphical/Video problem. The Mainboard or VGA Board may need replacing, or there may be a loose connection.

I would send the notebook to an ASP for repair.
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I have a Prot?g? Z10A and the touchpad and keyboard intermittiently stops working after sleep mode. I cannot wake it up or restart without re-booting.

I have done the update to the firmware keyboard docker as advised in a thread on January 2014 but this has not helped the problem.
This computer is only 2 weeks old.

I have been to download site and updated all drivers and updates.
The computer works perfectly except for this problem.

When the tablet is asleep the white led is blinking, and when it is all works ok, but if the light for some reason is not blinking but permanently lit then it will not restart and I have to re-boot the tablet.

I have disabled the hibernation mode in options but still no help.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Portege Z10t-A - touchpad intermittiently stops working after sleep mode


I?m wondering if the option (within the BIOS) called Wake-Up on Keyboard is enabled.
To restore the operation of the computer from sleep mode, press the power button or any key on the keyboard dock for a short amount of time. But the keyboard keys can only be used if the mentioned option is enabled.

Note: when the notebook is in Sleep Mode, the power indicator will blink white. If the power indicator does not blink white, the notebook isn?t set to sleep mode!
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OK so now if my touchpad is switched on the mouse cursor sometimes makes continuous erratic movements around the screen. Turning it off solves this problem. Is this a sign it's wearing out, or is there something I can do to stop this?

A:Touchpad not working properly

What state is your laptop on when the touchpad issue occurred? This happens on my fujitsu laptop when charger is plugged in. After a quick googling, found out that I just had to put the "brick" part of the charger to a good distance away from my laptop. Worked wonders! Issue usually happens with replacement chargers (due to voltage or ampere incompatibility).

Not sure though if this was your case.
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My hp touchpad isn't working properly. It stops after sometime and windows 8.1 is working really slow. Kindly fix this issue as soon as possible. I shall be highly grateful to you.
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No idea if this is hardware or software, but I'm trying this first.

I have an Inspiron 1525 laptop running Vista. My touchpad stopped working for some random reason a couple days ago except for the buttons. It might have started working again a while ago, but I just noticed 2 hours or so again that it was working, except for 2 things: I can't do that... uhhh... dunno what it's called, where you click the two buttons together and it does what clicking the mouse wheel on a normal mouse would do... and I can't scroll. The thing on my taskbar that tells me where my finger is on the touchpad has disappeared, as well.

A:Touchpad not working properly

Touchpads are usually proprietary pieces of hardware that have drivers supplied by the manufacturers. Check your device manager and settings in Control Panel (it may be under the Mouse settings) to be sure everything is all right there.

You might also go to the manufacturer's web site to check on a driver, and maybe an update to it. You could always reinstall it, anyway.
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Hi i have hp i7 4712 laptop.but its touch pad is not working properly.Because when i using it some its stop for few minute and then it start working.
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i am using hp ay008tx and have installed latest driver as recomended on hp website of SYNAPTIC TOUCHPADV1.3.. sometimes i have to click twice ot thrice to get one click.
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My touchpad is not working properly.I can drag my cursor using it but am unable to hold it or tap it to select something which causing several inconvenience.
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Brand new chromebook and the touchpad lags, or does't respond correctly (scrolling when it shouldn't, clicking the wrong area, etc.)  Is there somethig I can do to fix this?

A:chromebook CB5-311 touchpad not working properly

Factory reset Replace the Chrome O/S recovery drive
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I have a HP Pavilion DM4-3099se Laptop with a Intel Core i5 dual core processer and 6GB of RAM. On this laptop is a Synaptics touchpad and uptill now it was working fine. It recently started glitching and now when i move my finger on the touchpad, the mouse moves but it repeatedly stops and then starts moving and then moves in all different directions. I went to the Synaptics website and installed the latest drivers for the touchpad and the installation was successful but the trackpad was still the same way. My external wired mouse works fine right now though. I tried restoring my system the earliest point there was on the list and still no improvement on the touchpad. Please help. Thank you.


Thanks everyone for reading but I already fixed the problem. My computer shipped with two Operating Systems, one being windows 7 and the other being HP QuickWeb. I just booted into HP Quickweb and my trackpad was working fine and then i booted back into windows and it worked perfectly after that. I just though i would let you know and can somebody please close this topic because i dont know how to. thanks.
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I upgraded windows 10 about 2 days ago and from that my elan touchpad starts to not working after some minutes of usage, it always detects an unexisting tap.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver but it seems to not working.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:G50-80 - Elan touchpad not working properly after ...

Good day and welcome to the community.Please provide more information about your system model, otherwise it may be difficult for the community to assist you. We will also be able to confirm that your post is in the proper forum.Regards.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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Hello hi im lili b any my toupad isnt working right the dang strolling up or down wont work and I cant fix it I have an hp pavilion dv4 1435dx could someone help mi find the orrect driver that could fix it

A:Laptop touchpad is not working properly

You should find the drivers you need here. Click on next By the windows 7 64 bit box.
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I bought a Lenovo G50-80 (intel(R) Core i3-5005U, 2GHz) a few months ago. A week after buying, I noticed touchpad not working properly while charger plugged in, also it was not working while my printer?s USB cable connected. Touchpad button and finger tap working fine but, cursor hanging or moves very slow. When I unplugged the charger and printer cable touchpad working fine. But, it was not working anymore (it is also not working properly when the charger and printer?s USB cable unplugged). Usb mouse working perfect.My Laptop have installed windows 7 64bit operating system. I tried to reinstall windows 7 64bit ultimate and professional os (Not other like windows 8 or 10), I updated a latest bios and touchpad driver from Lenovo and synaptics website, But I am getting same problem.

A:Lenovo G50-80 touchpad not working properly when t...

Hi there, Nmparmar          -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Can you try to:
Make sure you use the original 65W 20V/3.25A or 90W 20V4.5A AC adapter that came with the unit.
Plug the AC adapter in another wall outlet in your house (preferrably another side of the house) - if this works, the original wall outlet that you used before when you got the issue may not be properly grounded.
Perform a power drain by:a turning the PC OFF. Remove the battery & AC adapter then hold the power button for 30secs. When done, reinsert the AC adapter and battery then boot into the BIOS by pressing F2. When inside the BIOS, press F9 to reset default settings and press F10 to save and exit.
Update the Touchpad Driver below:
Synaptics Touchpad Driver      
Update us how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution
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Hi I have a Samsung RV laptop and I have a problem with the elan touchpad It can scroll up and down but I touchpad working Elan not properly when I click or tap on anything it doesn t do anything I am using a USB plug in mouse but I am working on an university assignment and I need the USB portal to save my work on an USB key Elan touchpad not working properly Before Christmas I had the same problem and I went into the tech support in uni and he said that I had set the left click button to right click function or something like that and he went into control panel and mouse to resolve the problem He fixed it by doing something in Mouse under Control Panel but I just can t remember what and by the way I have the setting where the elan touchpad is disabled when an USB plug in mouse is inserted I really need help today if you can I have tried to adjust the settings of the touchpad in Mouse in Control Panel but even switching the buttons does not do anything to solve the problem Sometimes when I start the laptop the touchpad works fine but an indication that is going wrong is when I am scrolling the screen with the touchpad the pop up that appears on screen when one right click appears by itself and keeps appearing whenever on the screen I move the touchpad mouse After that the tap to click as well as left and right click buttons fail to work at all and I do not know if this is a software problem or is it a hardware problem as I said I encountered this problem already and now it s returned Thanks nbsp
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1. when i start my laptop, touchpad works fine but after a while it starts missbehaving. right click n left click work fine but cursor is out of control.i have checked if its driver is not updated but it is updated.i uninstalled its driver n installed it back but even then it is not working. i read somehwere if its touch screen is turned off then touchpad works fine but even if i turn touch screen off it does not work.2.i dont know about other function keys but i use function keys for brightness and volume all the time. i dont know if it was last window update or what else went wrong that these function keys are not helping anymore. These keys still make a pop up sound which means keyboard buttons are working fine.please help.
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My scrolling up and down option of touch pad is not working what should I do...?

A:My laptop touchpad is not working properly

Are you referring to the the right side scroll bars on laptop touch pads that allow you to scroll up and down pages?

Try updating the driver for your touchpad and see if that helps.
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My laptop touchpad is not working properly; that is I cannot scroll properly and also have problems with the sensitivity of touch. I downloaded and installed the Synaptic touchpad driver but it is still not functioning very well. Please can someone help me with a solution.
The name of my Laptop is; Compac Presario CQ50-115NR Notebook PC
Thank you.

A:My laptop touchpad is not working properly

Go to Start -> control panel -> Hardware and Sound.

Somewhere in there you should find adjustments for the sensitivity.

If this does not work please state your operating system for further help and try it with a USB mouse.
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I just reformatted the HDD on my girlfriends laptop and now the touchpad mouse is not working properly. The scroll wheel doesn't work and when scrolling down on a web page with the keyboard it goes step by step. Are their any settings that I need tochange to make it work right?

A:Laptop touchpad mouse is not working properly

Some touchpads require specific drivers installed. Did you install these from the manufacturer? This is the integrated one on the laptop not add-in devices?
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Hi, I have a strange problem with my inspiron Inspiron 15 (N5050). When I plugged in the AC charger, the touchpad / mouse does not work properly. Sometimes it moves and sometimes not eventhough I have moved and touched the touchpad. When I disconnect the AC charger, the touchpad works perfectly fine. Can anyone give me advise on this? thanks in advance

A:My mouse/touchpad is not working properly while charging

Hi suneel_zee.
Welcome to the Community,
Have you tried different power outlets? Does this happen in different locations(even outside you house/work)?
I would suggest you to release flea power.To release flea power disconnect AC adapter,remove battery,disconnect all external peripherals(USB devices),press and hold power button for 30 seconds.
Reconnect the battery and AC adapter.Check how touchpad responds with AC Adapter connected.
If the issue persists try a different AC adapter(may be borrow from some one who uses same watt Dell AC adapter).
Let me know how it goes.
Thank You
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I love my Satellite T110-107 but there are issues with the TouchPad.

1). The mouse cursor doesn't move at times. With this one I can get it to move by taking both hands away from the laptop for a moment.
2). The mouse cursor suddenly 'shoots' off to the right hand of the screen.

I've tried changing the touchpad sensitivity to both the minimum and the maximum levels, i've adjusted the 'Palm' sensitivity but nothing seems to help other than by making the sensitivity low which helps a little.

I've also noticed that when the laptop is on my lap, the problem is worse than if it's on a table.

I think that it's a problem with a build up of static on the case.

Any other ideas?.

A:Satellite T110-107 - Touchpad not working properly

Hi buddy,

I use Satellite T110 for months now and really and no problem. Everything runs great and I don?t have any problems. It?s really great notebook!!!

So it must be something wrong with yours or installation.
First of all I would recommend updating the touchpad driver. You can download it on the Toshiba website:

After this you should test it again. Check also the touchpad settings again. There are a lot of settings to improve touchpad.
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I upgraded windows 10 about 2 days ago and from that my elan touchpad starts to not working after some minutes of usage, it always detects an unexisting tap.I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver but it seems to not working.
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Hi I m a first-time user and happy to have found your website My operating Working Touchpad 7520 Not Inspiron Properly Dell system is Windows I am using a wireless Logitech Mouse uses USB hardware I Dell Inspiron 7520 Touchpad Not Working Properly have had this laptop for years PROBLEMS The touchpad will not turn off Under Dell Inspiron 7520 Touchpad Not Working Properly quot Mouse quot on the Control Panel functions for the Dell Touchpad should allow me to simply turn the touchpad on and off Regardless whether it is Dell Inspiron 7520 Touchpad Not Working Properly in the on or off position it is still on Even when I don t touch the touchpad the cursor skips around the screen highlights text and deletes text Typed text re-locates within earlier typed text There is an on off light at the top of the touchpad that indicates the touchpad is on off This is not working Also this panel item allows me to manage sensitivity buttons gestures amp edge scroll amp zoom I can work these but the Edge Scroll amp Zoom buttons do not see to change the settings WHAT I HAVE DONE TO ATTEMPT RESOLUTION I have checked the drivers for both the touchpad and mouse and I get messages that they are each up to date Because the touchpad will not turn off I have tried to manage the buttons to turn down the sensitivity to minimize movement of text This does not help Turning on Disable Touchpad amp Point Stick when USB Mouse present does not disable the touchpad nbsp
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Hi nbsp I got my nbsp HP ENVY t-q CTO Notebook PC in September It has Windows -bit For the first few weeks of use I did not have any issues Then I started having more occurences of cursor touchpad issues to the point where it happens every hour of use not an external mouse issue nbsp Jumps around on screen a few millimeters to inches nbsp Move incrementally on its own without me anywhere near the laptop generally spazzes to the left nbsp Not allow scrolling normal touchpad functions when issues are occuring nbsp Functions as if I am holding down the click button while I try to move it - most sporadic, not ... jumping, and touchpad working properly Cursor frustrating part when I am doing important work nbsp Randomly click stuff as I attempt to move it nbsp nbsp Here is what Cursor jumping, sporadic, and touchpad not working properly ... I have tried to do Cursor jumping, sporadic, and touchpad not working properly ... to fix it and has not worked Roll back driver didn't work nbsp Update driver no updates available nbsp Reset device works for a minute or so nbsp Restart I do this daily anyway nbsp Reduce cursor speed and other mouse options suggested online nbsp nbsp nbsp I have seen similar issues for the HP Envy and other notebooks but no actual fixes have been proposed Please help me with this issue nbsp

A:Cursor jumping, sporadic, and touchpad not working properly ...

Hi Please find the link given below might help you to fix your issue. In case you have already tried the steps let me know. Link Try updating the Bios then update the update the driver. Try performing a system restore to the date where unit was working fine.
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When searching I find no Windows 10 touchpad driver for the Z30T-A laptop. Though, there is a Toshiba signed driver delivered through Windows Update.

Is the Windows Update driver the one that is supported by Toshiba for Windows 10?
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Hi guys and Circle Loading Flashing Not Touchpad Working Elantech Properly I Elantech Touchpad Not Working Properly and Flashing Loading Circle hope someone can help me with this Elantech Touchpad Not Working Properly and Flashing Loading Circle So I recently upgraded from Windows to Windows and I noticed a few issues with the touchpad on my laptop two finger scrolling no longer works Now I have to drag one finger on the right edge of the touchpad up and down in order to scroll vertically I've also noticed the blue loading circle beside the pointer keeps flashing roughly once per second whenever i leave it alone even if I am not running any programs I can leave it on the desktop and the blue circle still keeps flashing It appears Win installed a new driver called ELAN Input Device That's what it says when I go to the device manager However when I go to the settings menu gt devices gt mouse and touchpad gt additional mouse options to the mouse properties there is no way to configure the gestures I found out that I have to go to the Elantech folder in program files and run the ETDAniConf application and that brings up the gesture customization menu However when I run the program the option for two finger scrolling pinch zoom etc are checked on as is the default There is no option for one finger right side scrolling like I mentioned earlier And as I said the blue circle keeps flashing when idle My laptop is a MSI GT running Windows upgraded from which was updated from Any help would be greatly appreciated To sum up ELAN is messing up my touchpad and the pointer loading circle keeps flashing when idle Thanks for reading
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My R600 has been on XP Pro SP3 since new, and runs very satisfactorily. However, there are Windows 7 features that I would like to use.

Has anyone here crossed over? What were the problems? Did the face recognition work? Fingerprint reader?

Above all, how is performance on Windows 7?


A:Portege R600-4201 - Does it work with Windows 7 properly?

As I can see Portege R600 is full supported for Win7 and I believe everything should work well.
Unfortunately I don?t have this notebook model but if the drivers are available and I presume all drivers, tools and utilities are tested and every of them will work well.
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I bought new original Toshiba battery for my M800-107, since my old one has lost a half of its capacity. The problem is, when I plugged this new battery in Win7 says "Battery connected, No charging" and after that "No Battery Is Detected". When I unplug AC, laptop works, but when I plug it in again, still no charging (no existence of the battery). The red battery charging led is blinking, when AC is unplugged, lighting when AC connected. I have tried everything I found on the internet to solve this problem, but nothing worked :-(

I also tried Ubuntu to see if Win is the problem, but the same problem occured.

I have bios v. 5.00.

Don't you know any solution? Maybe - new BIOS if there was any newer?

Thanks in advance.

A:Portege M800 New battery - "No battery is detected"

Have you bought original Toshiba battery with Toshiba logo on the battery sticker?
What happen when you start notebook with AC power supply only, without battery and insert battery when operating system is fully loaded?
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We have a Toshiba Portege M800 PPM81A-05W01J running Windows 7

The headphone jack on the computer seems to have stopped working. I have checked in playback devices when the headphones ( or external speakers) are plugged in and they do not show up there. Strangely enough when the computer is docked to the Dynadock and the headphones are plugged into the headphone jack on the dynadock then they show up in the playback devices dialogue window.

Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this, or troubleshoot it further.


A:Re: Protege M800 Headphone jack not working

Does the headphone jack feel loose? Maybe the port is broken.

I'd send it to an ASP for repair.
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I like some of the options of the Toshiba Z30 touchpad, such as the 2 finger scrolling, including in web browsers.

I however hate the backward-forward browser navigation (it seems that it's controlled by the upper part of the touchpad).

It always accidentally changes webpages forward and backward while browsing.
Can I unable that function without unabling the 2 finger scrolling?

If I uncheck "user browser support functions" in the advanced mouse properties then the 2 finger scrolling also stops working.

Thank you

A:Portege Z30 - customize touchpad


It seems that Portege Z30 would support the Alps Electric touchpad driver.

As you probably not known, different touchpad modules are used in different Toshiba notebooks; like Synaptics, Alps or ELan touchpad.

Mentioned modules support different features therefore its possible that the Alps touchpad would not support the same touchpad features like Synaptics or Elan touchpad module.

Anyway, fact is that you could find all supported touchpad features in:

Control panel -> mouse -> last tab (Device settings) -> Settings button.

Here you should be able to get all the touchpad option which could be modified and changed.
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I have a very annoying problem:
My touch pad is deactivating and activating itself all the time. As if i would constantly press fn+f9 (several times in a row). I had this problem before but it just stopped. It seems the problem occurs more often when using the keyboard.
And the small on/off-Button doesn't seem to work.
I cleaned the keyboard and removed the F9-button in case but the only result was that I can't put it back as it won't stay in position...

please help me. I can barely use the keyboard as I am constantly interrupted by the touch pad on/off-message.


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A:Portege R700-174 - Touchpad randomly on and off

Alright I solved the issue. There is a function key utility downloadable in the drivers section of
It blocks the pop-ups and everything just works fine for now :)
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I recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, installed the drivers available on Toshiba website but unfortunately my touchpad lost the ability to scroll. Did anybody experienced this? How can I solve the issue?

Also, my function keys appear not to be working.

Thanks in advance.

A:Portg Z930-118 PT234 Touchpad not scrolling

Uninstall the touchpad driver in Control Panel, then let Windows Update install the new driver.

Uninstall the Toshiba Value Added Package in Control Panel, then install Toshiba Service Station, run it and install the Toshiba System Driver and System Settings.
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I have a Portege z30 ultra book (Windows 7 Pro) and a few weeks ago started noticing the touchpad would freeze all of a sudden. All other functions work; i.e tapping on the touchpad would perform an expected operation or right clicking would pop open a list of finctions. However I would not be able to move the cursor from that frozen position.

I have tried Fn key + F5 or the control key. +F5 and every other combination I can find online.
The only thing that seems to work is me shutting the lid and opening it (found that online as well) and then I have to log in again to continue my work.

Any thoughts as to what is going on here...All drivers are up to date as well.

Thanks in advance

NB :- The Part number is PT24AE-00S01UEN

A:Portege Z30 PT24AE - Touchpad freezing intermittently

I believe it is a touchpad cable issue. Send it in for repair.
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Hello Toshiba users

I bought a new Toshiba Z30 in May 2015 from an online vendor on ebay in Australia. Great laptop.

About 6 months ago, the accupoint started moving on its own, so I disabled it in the mouse settings and used only the trackpad.

Now the trackpad no longer works properly. The laptop will recognise and respond to button clicks. However (intermittently and frequently) the cursor no longer responds to input from the trackpad itself.

I have tried uninstalling existing drivers and allowing windows to install its own, but this didn't work.

Because it is intermittent, I wonder whether this is a hardware issue?

Any advice on how I could repair this?


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I recently bought a new PORTEGE Z30T-A PT24CE-01600EN5
OS Version Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 6.3.9600

In touch-pad settings I cannot find reverse scroll option.
I had TOSHIBA Z930 before and I'm used to scrolling down and page down.

Anyway to change scrolling direction for touch pad?

A:Touchpad reverse scrolling not available on Portege Z30T-A


I don't have this notebook model but on mine machine with Win8.1 in touchpad properties there is scrolling option under ?Multi-Finger?. Scrolling options can be changed. Under several options there is also option ?Reverse? that can be enabled or disabled.

Please open touchpad properties and check all options there.
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Hi I bought a Z and i'm pretty happy with it as I worked for years with Thinkpads Dock but there are some minor more or less can be adresses as driver issues I discovered Notice I'm using Win With the Replicator Docking Station I'm not able to undock while the Issues Portege driver Touchpad Z30 scroll + / Audio Replicator USB Audio Device is Running Like you play a Video or some Music - I Portege Z30 / Replicator Audio driver Issues + Touchpad scroll searched for some newer driver from C-MEDIA as the standard Microsoft Driver may not be the beste choice but I didn't find ANY Win Driver for this device The only C-MEDIA Drivers I found is for Win ALPS Touchpad driver Huh the only hardware mistake on this model really seems to be the touchpad It is pretty hard to click the AccuPoint Buttons the ones beneath the keyboard and the touchpard drivers aren't flexible in any way Gestures are not really implemented as they should seems to be like ALPS had to work on without much time Synaptics would have been a much better choice The driver can't be adjusted at scrolling speed with gestures and the default value is WAY really ridiculous WAY to fast In short It's unuseable for regular uses This effects the right scrolling stripe the gesture with two fingers and also the circle gesture there is desperately missing a slider to change the speeds Or at least some registry guidance to adjust the settings Also please advice ALSP to add the finger tap as a regular feature to the driver It can be used without any problems after minor registry edit and it works without any Issues In the manual NFC is listed but I haven't found ANY Z Tecra Z Model that probably has contain the NFC Modul - As I saw on some pictures the flexband-connector has to be for NFC above the battery is actually present - Will there be some sparepart please give me the id number in the future Smartcard Reader Driver Issue I'm using the latest drivers and after a while and sleep with Intel Rapid Start the reader first must be disabled and re-enabled to work again certutil exe -scinfo doesn't respond until i disable and re-enable the device I'm missing in BIOS UEFI the option to exclude Booting-Devices - This is normaly a must have feature

A:Portege Z30 / Replicator Audio driver Issues + Touchpad scroll

I think the user manual contain some parts which refers to different Toshiba models like Portege Z30-A /Z30t-A / Satellite Z30-A /Z30t-A

Some models are equipped with NFC function but cannot say for sure which models support this feature exactly.
Fact is that in many cases the additional M.2 connector is free for such additional modules.

Regarding UEFI mode: check if BIOS update would add it. Some notebooks supported such function after the BIOS update.
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i have a Portege R30-A R30-A-121
the monitor of the laptop is always too dark to be read properly.
If i plug an external monitor i can read fine.
If i press fn+f7 or fn+f6 nothing changes on an illumination level, but if i press fn+f5 it switches monitors properly.
How do i set the brightness of the internal monitor to maximum?
Possibly from the bios and permanently?
Thank you.

A:Portege R30-A R30-A-121 - display too dark to be read properly

If Fn+F6/F7 keys don't work it means you need to install Toshiba Value Added Package (Win7) or Toshiba System Driver + Settings (Win8/10).
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Ericsson H5321gw for toshiba Mobile BroadBand GPS port (com3)

The devices manager says that windows can not load the required drivers for such device. CODE 31. This object name already exists.
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Hello All I have a Toshiba Portege A PP E I have a problem with the keyboard as follows a The Del key is dead as are the 'up' and 'left' arrow keys b when pressed the left button below the touchpad defaults to 'delete' rather than open c any USB mouse I use works initially OK but occasionally a 'left not Imput do A200 devices on Portege work properly click' of it e g in a Word document will begin deleting text cursor moves backwards The symptoms exist in XP Pro any application in Puppy Linux from live CD etc etc - so its not a software OS problem Its also NOT a dirty keyboard - everything has been scrupulously cleaned Ive also replaced the keyboard with a new one - and the problem persists I suspect a motherboard keyboard chip problem and am looking for a part number source for a new motherboard can anyone Imput devices on Portege A200 do not work properly point me in the right direction for more motherboard info parts suppliers UK preferred Many Thanks Regards Andrew

A:Imput devices on Portege A200 do not work properly

HI Andrew

As you know such information is mostly for internal purposes and you will be very lucky if someone can offer this info. What you can do is to contact authorized service provider in your country and ask for help. They have access to Toshiba database and they can help you for sure.

From time to time check eBay. There you can find many hardware parts for Toshiba notebooks. With a little bit luck you will find used mainboard for few bucks.

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Hi, a customer has brought in a Toshiba Protege A200 (PP415-006002) with some LCD lighting troubles.

It has come in a few times, first time we thought it was a setting, so we gave it back...
Second Time we disassembled the laptop, and found nothing wrong with it, so put it back together, then it worked
THIRD TIME!!!: got it back, ran 3DMARK to stress out the graphics card, couldn't get it to darken.

Now no matter what I try to do I cannot get the lcd to darken, but each time we give the laptop back to the customer, it always comes back with the same problem
Can anyone help me out as the customer is starting to get a bit resless.

Kind Regards;
Northwest Microsystems

A:Portege A200 screen goes very dark then works properly

If you enter Hibernation or Suspend mode, then return to Windows, does the backlight come back on?

Maybe the Inverter needs a clean or replacement.
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I have installed Windows 7 afresh on a Portege M750 and everything seems fine except the buttons on the display to handle tablet functions. The only one I really would like to work is the screen orientation one. I've looked for drivers, but can't find any that will control the tablet buttons. I read that for the M700 you need to download the tablet driver as it contains the drivers for the buttons, but no such driver exists for the M750.

All devices are ok in device manager with none requiring drivers.

Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions are very welcome.

A:Portege M750 with Windows 7 - Screen Rotation Button not working correctly

Have you installed the Value Added Package from the Toshiba website?
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Model : Toshiba R30-A-1CQ / PT343 Windows 8.1
Problem developed that intermittently touchpad would fail to register button presses. - Seemed intermittent. Rebooting machine solved problem for a while.

Updated to Windows 10 via Microsoft Windows Update - problem still occurs.

Further problem examination shows that the button functionality stops working after the laptop is resumed from sleep. - Can now reproduce this 100%. Windows needs to be restarted for touchpad button functionality to be restored.

All Windows updates applied. Touchpad is using Alps driver Ver 10.100.303.105.

Is there a later/earlier touchpad driver which will resolve this problem?

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I purchase this procuct on 12 July, 2016 from flipcart. now in PC windows 10 not working properly, start menu not working, some facility disappdear, USB  socket not working
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i purchase this product on 12 July, 2015. Now in PC, windows 10 not working properly, start menu not working, USB  socket not working
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Upon starting up my laptop the touchpad is no longer working, I am currently using a USB mouse but would like to use the touchpad. It have run a troubleshoot and it comes up with a code 10 error. I have also noticed that if i hit Fn and the touchpad button nothing happens but my keyboard will then stop working and i have to hit the power off and then on again and it then works. Also if i scroll over the touch pad my keyboard no longer works and cannot type until again I power off/on.
Please can anyone help with this, I have been looking into this for the last 3 hours and no joy at all
Many thanks

A:Touchpad not working, windows 7

additional note the message that comes up when troubleshooting also says Synaptics PS/2 Port Pointing Device has a driver problem
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I have an ES1-512 laptop and when I first got it the touchpad worked fine. I then started using a Microsft Wireless mouse and now the touchpad doesn't work. There is no driver installed for it and it doesn't appear in the device manager. If I do a search for new hardware it is not detected. I tried the fn f7 but this did not help. I tried using Acer Recovery but the touchpad is not listed so I can't load the driver. I even checked the website and again no driver for the touchpad. I have run out of ideas.

A:Touchpad not working in Windows 8.1

This may sound silly.  Because it's the first thing most would do.  But you didn't mention it. Did you check settings to make sure the touchpad is enabled?  You may have turned it off when setting up the mouse. To access settings in Win 8.1 it's Windows Key + C.  Or you can getting there by swiping right and bringing up the charms.
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Hey :-)
i just upgraded to Windows 10, and everything is working fine exept for my Elan touchpad.
I have never experienced it not working for Windows 8.
Please help.

A:Touchpad not working for windows 10.

Go to Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, click Mouse then select Elan option. You can enable the features you need.HTH.
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I just recently bought a Lenovo B570e. I've installed Windows 8 Pro 64bit on it. I want to get the windows 8 gestures on my touchpad. I've tried many things... installed two or three versions of Synaptics. The one on my laptop's drivers CD, from the synaptics website, from the lenovo's drivers page, and a couple others. With synaptics I can't get any gestures, even the scroll feature isn't working. I tried ELan on my drivers CD... and that enabled pinch to zoom and scrolling but how can I get all the Windows 8 gestures on my touch pad. Please tell me a step by step procedure, cause I'm not that good on these things yet.

A:Windows 8 gestures on touchpad not working

If the latest Lenovo drivers from the laptop's website don't do it, it is probable that your system does not support it. Remember that the gestures for Windows 8 were designed for touch screens, not touch-pads. I have a Samsung Series 7; it also doesn't support all of the gestures.

However, to overcome this, I purchased a Logitech Touchpad (the T650, I think). It does support the gestures. It is wireless and rechargeable.
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I have a Dell Vostro 1400 laptop. After upgrading to Windows 7, I no longer have touchpad control settings. (I usually disable my touchpad when using a mouse). I no longer have this option.

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I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my Acer Aspire 7750G-6645 Notebook computer.  Everything seems to work fine except that the touchpad scrolling doesn't work. The touchpad for this notebook isn't 2 finger it's a up & down band on the rightside of the touchpad that you gently slide your finger over it up or down to scroll.  If it's a Driver issue which driver do I needto install because I don't see a Windows 10 driver for the 7750G LAPTOP I have. How do I go about fixing the scroll issue? I'm pretty much just a novice when it comes to dealing with computers so please to sure to type it out step by step. Thx If you need any other of my computer specs let me know.

A:Scroll not working on Touchpad [Windows 10]

I Have an Acer Aspire V5-122P that I have just upgraded to Windows 10.The mouse pointer disappears once I enter my password at login; I have to connect an external mouse to continue.Can you sort this please?
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Hello I am using an HP Pavilion dm - us with Windows and the touchpad scrolling is not working I upgraded exactly two weeks ago on October th and the scrolling has been working perfectly fine until today Since I discovered the problem I have done everything I could I reinstalled the driver on scroll Touchpad working not Windows 8.1 I restarted the computer multiple times I have played with the settings but nothing is working nbsp There was another thread with the same problem except that all the solutions that worked for those people did not work for me I have multi-finger gestures turned on and I have vertical scrolling turned on as well What is Touchpad scroll not working on Windows 8.1 interesting is that other gestures work perfectly fine except for the gestures that require more than one finger If I swipe in form the Touchpad scroll not working on Windows 8.1 left side I can switch between Windows apps and if I swipe in from the right side the charms bar comes up But I cannot scroll Touchpad scroll not working on Windows 8.1 with two fingers I cannot switch between apps with fingers and I cannot right click by tapping the touchpad with fingers These are all things that worked literally yesterday Is there a reason that the touchpad can only register gestures that use one finger but not those that use more than one finger nbsp When I try scrolling with two fingers the mouse does not move This tells me that the computer knows that I am trying to scroll but is not doing it I know this because when I try to scroll with two fingers on a page that cannot be scrolled the mouse just stays in place nbsp Can you help me out nbsp Thanks Nick

A:Touchpad scroll not working on Windows 8.1

Hi HP, I'm experiencing exactly the same problem, after the update multi-finger gesture just stopped working. Also, as explained by Nick, Multi-Finger gesture is turned on in the settings and when I tried to scroll, the pointer just doesn't move. Hope you could help us solve this. Thanks!
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Hey, after several hours of searching today for a solution for my non-working touchpad after the update to W10 some weeks ago, going through this whole forum, installing and uninstalling all kinds of drivers etc. I found a solution in another forum: All I had to do was pressing Fn - F7 on my Acer Nitro to enable the touchpad... Somehow the Windows 10 update seems to disable it since I never disabled/endabled it before - it never occured to me that this switch would somehow overrule all other settings etc. So before you go into a driver frenzy, try this one first... :-) Cheers, Tom

A:Solution for Windows 10 touchpad not working

My Iconia W510 showed similar problems. The touchpad worked under Win 10 for almost a week before it stopped responding. I did try Fn+F7 but to no avail. Drivers nor hardware could not be found in device manager, thus not reinstalled either. Win 10's system restore function did the trick for me.
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S7-392I installed the upgrade to the Synaptics driver to no avail.FnT and Alt.7 don't work.Any ideas?

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A:touchpad stopped working after windows 10

Following a thread from earlier Microsoft forums, this worked for me yesterday to restore trackpad function. Go to the Acer driver page for your computer. Download the intel IO chipset drivers for Windows 8.1. Run the setup for the driver in "compatability mode" and install. You will need to restart the computer. The computer will then recognize the trackpad as a valid device. Then download and install the Synaptics (or Elan) driver for Win 10 from the Acer support page and restart. If the trackpad is not immediatley active on the restart, hit Function F7. At least this fixed it for me.

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Laptop: Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5518
OS: Windows 8 Pro (clean install)

I recently purchased and updated to Windows 8 Pro. The touchpad works just fine but noticed gestures are not working. I did a Windows update, gestures still do not work. Weird how it's providing an older driver but I still tried it.

I then went to Synaptics website and downloaded and installed the lastest Windows 8 driver. I'm still not getting any gestures.

Under mouse settings in the control panel, my only options to configure buttons are left/right. No gesture settings. Other screenshots of this window I have seen have all kinds of gesture options.

Anyone have any suggestions to get gestures working for my laptop? Simple scrolling gesture would be nice!

If any other info is needed that I didn't already explain, please ask. Thanks!


A:Windows 8 touchpad gestures are not working. Tried everything I could think of!
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I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my Acer Aspire 7750G-6645 Notebook computer.  Everything seems to work fine except that the touchpad scrolling doesn't work. The touchpad for this notebook isn't 2 finger it's a up & down band on the rightside of the touchpad that you gently slide your finger over it up or down to scroll.  If it's a Driver issue which driver do I needto install because I don't see a Windows 10 driver for the 7750G LAPTOP I have. How do I go about fixing the scroll issue? I'm pretty much just a novice when it comes to dealing with computers so please to sure to type it out step by step. Thx If you need any other of my computer specs let me know.

A:Scroll not working on Touchpad [Windows 10]

I Have an Acer Aspire V5-122P that I have just upgraded to Windows 10.The mouse pointer disappears once I enter my password at login; I have to connect an external mouse to continue.Can you sort this please?
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Since upgrading my HP laptop to Windows my touchpad has completely stopped working I currently use a USB mouse but this isnt a solution nbsp nbsp First of all when I unplug my USB mouse the pointer disappears completely If I go into device manager in the 'mouse and other poiinting devices' section there doesnt seem to be an option for a touchpad nbsp I have installed the most up to date drivers for the touch pad off your website countless times I have tried reinstalling Windows times and nothing has changed nbsp I have had an on going conversation with Windows support for about months and nothing has been resolved I am incredibly disappointed with both HP and Windows for the lack of support and solutions to an update which was supposed to impove my computer experience nbsp Here is the link to my conversation with Windows regarding this matter I'm attaching it for reference so you can read it and perhaps suggest alternative options which haven't already been suggested to me nbsp http answers microsoft com en-us windows forum Touchpad working update windows 10 after not windows -hardware trackpad-no-longer-working-does nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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I upgraded my yoga pro to windows last night nbsp I went to the support page and downloaded all new drivers for the thing in particular the synaptics touch pad drivers nbsp Before I did that gesture support was severly limited nbsp Despite the settings saying it was enabled two finger tap and scrolling was disabled nbsp In any event after I got the latest drivers I discovered the following i define a tap as just a forceful touch where as a click involves pressing the trackpad until it clicks nbsp single finger tapping workssingle finger clicking works two finger tapping does not worktwo finger clicking does worktwo finger scrolling worksI suspect most two finger gestures work but I havent tested them all three finger gestures workfour finger gestures work nbsp Windows in 2 quite Touchpad Yoga not 10 working basically everything works as the settings dialogs were configured Yoga 2 Touchpad in Windows 10 not quite working except two finger tap nbsp two finger click works just fine nbsp Ive got the v May synptics driver installed nbsp The config tool to Yoga 2 Touchpad in Windows 10 not quite working adjust gestures works and most of its settings are behaving properly Just two finger tap is failing nbsp Any thoughts nbsp nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:Yoga 2 Touchpad in Windows 10 not quite working

Thoughts? Yes! Why did you change that Microsoft? Three fingers "back" is not working any more, instead it's "show tasks". Which I never used before. I cannot change it in the touchpad settings. Again: WHY?
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Hi everyone I have a Toshiba Satellite M that I upgraded from Vista to I performed the Upgrade but had issues immediately black screen & working Windows 7 Touchpad Keyboard not constant freezing so I backed up everything and did a clean Windows install Now I have a fresh install Worked fine downloaded updates and now the keyboard any touchpad will not Windows 7 Touchpad & Keyboard not working work USB keyboard amp mice work fine though Under device manager it shows the keyboard as PS but no errors For the touchpad it says quot PS Mouse quot but it's a touchpad and error code I noticed that if I uninstall the quot mouse quot and reboot the touchpad will work until next reboot Next I downloaded new Synaptic drivers and even tried the Toshiba driver pack Didn't work the uninstall trick doesn't work now either I'm not sure what's going on Any ideas I am leaning on a bad update from Windows update I have searched Google and found numerous similar problems but cannot seem to get this resolved Thanks for any help I can provide any more info that may be needed Corey

A:Windows 7 Touchpad & Keyboard not working

Since the install is probably still pretty clean, maybe you could try reinstalling again (I know, I know...) and installing your mouse drivers right off the bat from the Toshiba Website. Of course, be sure it's the right version of the driver, you know x86/x64, and for Vista/7.

This is my best guess, but if you have more pertinent info, maybe we can work something out.
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Hey, after several hours of searching today for a solution for my non-working touchpad after the update to W10 some weeks ago, going through this whole forum, installing and uninstalling all kinds of drivers etc. I found a solution in another forum: All I had to do was pressing Fn - F7 on my Acer Nitro to enable the touchpad... Somehow the Windows 10 update seems to disable it since I never disabled/endabled it before - it never occured to me that this switch would somehow overrule all other settings etc. So before you go into a driver frenzy, try this one first... :-) Cheers, Tom

A:Solution for Windows 10 touchpad not working

My Iconia W510 showed similar problems. The touchpad worked under Win 10 for almost a week before it stopped responding. I did try Fn+F7 but to no avail. Drivers nor hardware could not be found in device manager, thus not reinstalled either. Win 10's system restore function did the trick for me.
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S7-392I installed the upgrade to the Synaptics driver to no avail.FnT and Alt.7 don't work.Any ideas?

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A:touchpad stopped working after windows 10

Following a thread from earlier Microsoft forums, this worked for me yesterday to restore trackpad function. Go to the Acer driver page for your computer. Download the intel IO chipset drivers for Windows 8.1. Run the setup for the driver in "compatability mode" and install. You will need to restart the computer. The computer will then recognize the trackpad as a valid device. Then download and install the Synaptics (or Elan) driver for Win 10 from the Acer support page and restart. If the trackpad is not immediatley active on the restart, hit Function F7. At least this fixed it for me.

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So I needed to disable the touch pad on my laptop and the icon in the task bar was not there like it was, I needed to re-install cause things were getting slow everything works like it should now. But I went to the Control Panel and went to where you would disable the touch pad and the disable button is grayed out. I don't know why and I want to disable it.

(Attached is what I see when I get to the mouse from the control panel)

A:Laptop touchpad not working Windows 8

Have you rebooted since?
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I bought a Sony Vaio VGN-CS17 laptop with windos vista. Later i changed to windows but now my mouse touchpad scroll is not working. There is a multimedia touchpad as well and that is also not working.

I tried to do the settings through control panel but could not find anything.

Are there any extra drivers need to be installed? Please help.
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I have an Acer V17 Nitro and the Touchpad worked fine with Windows 7 but with Windows 10 it doesn't work.  In device manager under "mouse and other pointing devices" I see two "HID-compliant" mice but no touchpad.  I've tried the latest drivers from Acer but they don't help.  What can I try?


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A:Touchpad not working on Acer V 17 Nitro on Windows...

Isn't there a keypress that enables/disables the touchpad? You might give a toggle a try...
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E1- 572G "Elan touchpad not working in Windows 10 " I want driver Elan touchpad for Windows 10

A:E1- 572G "Elan touchpad not working in Windows 10 ...

Hi Thak,
The driver is included in Windows and therefore has not been validated for release on our website. I might suggest uninstalling and letting Windows pick it up and performing all of the update.
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Hi, I've got a friend's Packard Bell EasyNote Model MV35-V-007 laptop and I just want to copy her files before doing a clean XP install. The problem is NEITHER KEYBOARD NOR TOUCHPAD WORKS, so I cannot do anything with the computer!

I've tried plugging an USB keyboard/mouse, didn't work. I've tried using Windows XP install cd-rom, but after "checking for boot files on cd-rom drive" I'm prompted to "press any key to boot from cd" - I CAN'T!!!

Pls help!!! It's driving me mad!

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I have a Lenovo Edge one of the Flex Series that has been working great for the past months nbsp I usually use the mouse and turn of the touchpad so I don't accidentally move the cursor while typing nbsp On this machine the F key enables disables the touchpad NORMALLY nbsp a nbsp notification comes up briefly on the screen when F is pressed either a diagram of the touchpad or a diagram with a diagonal line across the touchpad there is a live icon in the lower right hand tray of the display that indicates when the touchpad is disabled PROBLEM nbsp Yesterday evening an automatic Windows update occured and the touchpad could no longer be disabled the notification came up but ... not latest Windows Hotkey after working Touchpad the touchpad worked even when the notifcation indicated that it should be disabled also the live icon was gone nbsp TEMPORARY FIX I uninstalled the Windows update and resinstalled the Synaptics driver for the touchpad from the Lenovo website and everything is back to normal nbsp I have prevented automatic updates by making my internet connection metered but I work in many places and use different networks and don't want to have to keep all of them metered MY QUESTION nbsp Any ideas what this update is doing to mess up my touchpad and how to fix it I would like to allow the updates
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Hello,I have a HP Envy laptop and my laptop's touchpad scrolling gestures are not working since I updated my windows operating system from windows 8.1 to windows 10. Please help me out!

A:Touchpad scroll gestures not working in windows 10

Enter the control panel and look for the touchpad control panel. In my HP Omen 15 product loan it was a Synaptics application. I found that upgrading to Windows 10 appeared to have removed the tick mark to the right of the scrolling feature. It was working before I upgraded. I put the tick back in and scrolling started working again.
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I've recently reinstalled windowsn10 in my laptop and found that touchpad gestures aren't working and when i tried to open the mouse settings it shows that  "unable to connect to synaptics pointing devise driver. If you have installed another PS/2 driver please unimstall synaptics"I haven't installed anything i've just reinstalled the windows...SOLUTION?

A:reinstalled windows 10 and touchpad gestures not working

The re-install has caused a hiccup. Just  reinstall the synaptics driver. Download the correct version for your laptop here:
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Hello I have an Advent Monza S laptop I've recently upgraded to Windows Before I upgraded my touch pad was working fine but after the upgrade my touch pad stopped working Once my laptop is turned 10 since touchpad Laptop Windows working not installing on the cursor is not visable on the screen the touch pad is unresponsive too If I plug in an external mouse the cursor re-appears and I can control my computer that way although as soon as I un-connect my external mouse the cursor stays on the screen but I can't control it with the touch pad I can un-install the touch pad drivers then re-install them from the Advent webpage and the touch pad will work perfectly until I turn my laptop off then when I switch my laptop back on I'm back to square one again and can't do anything unless I plug in my external mouse I've tried asking on the Advent forums but they don't seem to have had any traffic since early Any help would be great Cheers Mark Laptop touchpad not working since installing Windows 10

A:Laptop touchpad not working since installing Windows 10

Hello ObiDad. Welcome to the Forum

You don't say how old this laptop is or what operating system it came with, but that would be helpful to know.

The first thing I would try is to uninstall (remove) the touchpad from Device Manager. If the option is available remove the driver also. Then restart.
The important thing is that you try and remove all instances of any old drivers that may interfere with the generic driver installation.
Windows comes with a generic touchpad driver and that will be installed automatically and it may work right off, particularly if there is a driver conflict going on here.

If it works, then you could try and install the Advent driver. Only this time run the installer program (app) in Compatibility Mode. Use the compatibility mode for the operating system that the Advent driver is made for.
Compatibility Mode Settings for Apps - Change in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

See if either or both of those things help.
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Greetings nbsp Windows installed on my wife's laptop automatically when she told me I not 10... working Touchpad DV6-1360us HP Windows after Pavilion didn't believe nbsp it but after doing some research it's happening to alot of people nbsp nbsp The first thing I noticed was the touchpad didn't work I could move the pointer around but that was it nbsp nbsp After much research nbsp I schooled up on windows and this issue and quickly learned nbsp that alot of people seem to have this same problem nbsp I'm not going to HP Pavilion DV6-1360us Touchpad not working after Windows 10... bother you HP Pavilion DV6-1360us Touchpad not working after Windows 10... with everything I did to get the tap feature to work that's easy business the scroll feature is the tough bit nbsp Listen HP Pavilion DV6-1360us Touchpad not working after Windows 10... up HP I went to the Lenovo website downloaded and intalled their driver onto your machine and it works with Windows nbsp You cats should be embarrased nbsp nbsp Yes this fixed the scroll issue nbsp nbsp Will Windows change it the next time it updates Probably but nbsp how about yall get off your rear ends and support nbsp your customers and provide nbsp us a nbsp driver fix nbsp for this nbsp Lenovo figured it out why can't yall nbsp nbsp nbsp Here's the link to the driver http support lenovo com bd en downloads ds nbsp The driver nbsp V If your touchpad isn't working at all connect a mouse up and keep it moving nbsp You need to go into device manager and intall from there nbsp nbsp Download the file whereever you want it to live create an empty folder next extract the downloaded files contents into the new folder you created nbsp nbsp You will need to open the new folder open the WinDVF folder then open the x folder nbsp nbsp You will need to copy this path nbsp nbsp nbsp Next go to device manager click on mice and other device tab on the tree nbsp You should see PS Touchpad device or similar click on that click on the driver tab next click on update driver select browse my computer for driver software nbsp The screen that opens up paste the path I mentioned above and click next nbsp Easy business after that the driver will install and you'll have to restart your computer nbsp Seriously HP nbsp yall have alot of folks out there with Windows and laptops that aren't fully functional because you haven't done anything to fix this nbsp nbsp nbsp Bad Business nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Hello Last night i hit the keyboard part of my compaq presario C EM laptop it froze sometime after that Then on start up i got the immediate message quot Windows Error Recovery quot Underneath it said Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause Theres more words and suggests trying properly? not Windows working either quot Launch startup repair recommended quot or quot Start Windows normally quot When i clicked the first one a box appears with quot system recovery options quot i click next and a different box appears there were no operating systems to choose from in the box window so i had the choice at the bottom of the box to click quot load drivers quot or click quot next quot When i clicked load drivers it took me to the quot system quot folder via Windows Boot X Computer From system i clicked most of the folders in it nothing happened If i clicked quot next quot i got another box called quot system recovery options quot the first link is quot start repair quot after clicking this the dianosis details say the system volume on disk iscorrupt but then says file system repair completed successfully Now when i switch the pc on i get an initial Windows not working properly? message to run different safe modes or start up normally the safe modes freeze when it gets to the desktop Normal start up freezes except when i click start or IE nothing happens except the arrow turns into a circle like its trying to search The internet connection doesn't enable either Ive just tried to do a system recovery and i Windows not working properly? got a message saying the pc was opperating in a limited diagnostic state I bought the laptop in may I emailed Hewlett-Packard support but they've been unhelpfull

A:Windows not working properly?

Ive just tried to back up everything and i got an error message saying no drive available! please insert a USB drive.
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Here's the problem:
Kind of hard to understand but bear with me, I log into Windows using my user account "Owner", it appeared at first that the data was gone.  However upon closer inspection I notice that it's logging into Windows and then using a folder called "Temp" where it's libraries are by default, but all of the data for the account is stored in the folder called "Temp" I'm not sure why this is, it wasn't like that on Friday.
Login option - "Owner"
Users directory - "Owner", "Temp"
Data stored - "Owner"
Library used - "Temp"
I'm hoping you guys are understanding what I'm meaning, it's difficult to explain. 

A:Windows log on not working properly!!

 This sounds like a corrupt user ID.  I'd create another ID with admin authority, sign on with the new ID, then copy the files from the old ID to the new one.
Good luck.
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Installed Windows on a new build-ssd Windows loaded and worked properly and was able to access anything I tried not properly windows working to Installed driver for graphics card After windows not working properly restart windows shows desktop background No icons and unable to open start menu from windows key I am able windows not working properly to right click and open SOME things that way but others will NOT open I was able to delete drivers in safe mode then windows worked fine again Now I've installed the mobo driver and the graphics card windows not working properly driver I am having the same problem I have run a memory check and hard drive check I have also made sure the icons are suppose to be displayed I have installed all windows updates Any ideas on what to try next gtx corsair ax psu gigabyte x -ud r ocz vertex gb i windows professional bit Also just checked and our windows activation says Status not available Product ID not available And this is still in safe mode I am using a different computer While NOT in safe mode we went to try to activate it it says days until activation and then clicked on activate now but it does nothing part of our limitations we are experiencing

A:windows not working properly

We booted in the base video boot, which did allow windows to work properly (screen distorted though). It does say windows is activated.

What does this mean when it works in this boot, but not normal startup? Is there something we need to be looking for? Changing?
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ok so i got a new compaq pc and my old polkaudio speakers wont work! does anyone no what the problem is? i no that they are connected properly, and the volume is cranked to the fullest and all sounds still play quietly. the speakers worked properly on my old pc though.

A:speakers not working properly, sound is very low, connected properly, please help!

I think...

1.You may have accidently adjusted you sound configuration settings.
2.You may not have the correct sound Drive (Or none at all). If so check your sound card and browse the web for installable driver (The acctual drivers don't cost anything)
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It seems that Alps Touchpad isn't fully compatible with Windows 10 given that it couldn't scroll properly on MS Edge. The mouse can scroll, but it scrolls like a snail, like I'm scrolling a backgound application. Indeed, it seems that the touchpad sees MS Edge a background app even though it is in the foreground because if I put Edge as actually a background app and another program (e.g. video player) in the foreground, MS Edge scrolls well without any issue. It seems that Alps sees MS applications as this: foreground app is background app; background app is a foreground app. I hope HP or Alps will provide an updated driver.

A:ALPS Touchpad Not Scrolling Properly on MS Edge

Hi, Please use the following link to download and install to your computer.   Regards.
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Yesterday I purchased the HP 15-AB521TX and quite happy with it , except one thing. The touchpad right bottom side is not alligned properly with the laptop surface (It is actually little below the surface) and I can feel it clearly when the border between touchpad and surface is touched with a finger. Because of this when I right click the touch pad goes too low and I feel like I am pushing  the touchpad too deep, but the right click works fine without any issues. Is it some problem to be worried about and ask for a replacement / repair? The left side is perfectly fine.