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DVD burner stoped working after cloning

Q: DVD burner stoped working after cloning

I have a HP HPE- f i quad core with a TB WD primary and a TB WD secondary that I ve had for about - years and have cloned the primary several times with no problems About - weeks ago I cloned the primary once again with another TB WD only to find that after the cloning the DVD drive stopped writing It actually begins the process but after writing the lead-in it simply sits there and spins heating the disk and of course making it unusable Once this occurs working DVD burner stoped after cloning it usually cannot be stopped by any means and the machine has to be hard rebooted to proceed Since the first cloning operation I have re-cloned the original using three different cloning programs all with the same result as well as cloning to a new TB WD drive with the same results I ve also replaced the DVD drive with two different known good drives one being brand new went through all of the HP troubleshooting procedures uninstalled DVD burner stoped working after cloning the drivers and re-installed them deleted the high and low files from the registry etc with no success The strange thing is that if I use the original hard drive along with the cloned drive I can boot off the original and burn to the same DVD drive with no problem I can also write CD s with both the original and the clone both audio disks and data disks I ve also ran the DVD drive off from one of the other SATA ports on the mother board along with replacing the cable I even took the computer into a computer shop and they worked on it for over days and could not identify the problem To make a long story short this problem is just about ready to get the best of me I ve ordered an external DVD drive believing this will work but I would really like to determine why it is doing what it is doing The cloning should not have caused it but seems to be the only thing that is common to the problem I would really appreciate any incite that you may have nbsp

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Preferred Solution: DVD burner stoped working after cloning

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: DVD burner stoped working after cloning

The only suggestion I can think of is some type of burning software is broken with the Cloned OS. If you have any software installed that handles the burning (include Roxio, Creative and all others) Remove them and the Registry files related.

I suggest using Revo Uninstaller as it will automatically search out and tell you whats left over, and let you delete them or save them. I suggest deleting all files/folders and registry items left to ensure they are not somehow causing the issue.
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I have a Samsung 52x24x52 CD-RW as well as Easy CD Creator 5. I've been burning stuff to a certain type of disks... TDK brand name and all has gone very very well for me.

Well, lately, with the same disks, my burner doesn't burn into them. It acts like it does, it wastes my time, it makes the noise, the red light showing it's burning is on on the drive.

I take out the CD, try to play/use it, and nothing can read it. It's blank! I can even try to burn something else on it b/c my computer thinks it's a blank!

I haven't recently modified my startup. All my CD utilies and stuff are enabled to boot. It doesn't make sense. Why would it stop working?

I have all the latest patches for everything.

All cables/wires are plugged in snug and correctly.

Thanks for your time.

A:CD Burner stoped working

Tried cleaning the drive? Changing write speed? Will it read discs that already have data on them?
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I followed these instructions to get it working :

And a couple of months after I got it working it just stopped working all of a sudden, and the "terminal services" disappeared out of the services manager, and I tried to reinstall in twice and it still will not show up, I don't know what to do besides reformat.

I have windows Xp Home SP2 (I didn't upgrade past that because it works and works better than last time I had sp3, So I'm just going to leave it for now.

A:Remote desktop stoped working on XP Home (I did have it working)

Use ultraVNC server and viewer. Works much better and less of a lag on system. I also think you need netframework.
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Hello I have a year old PC computer running windows and I recently noticed that the CD-rom on it has stoped working CD-ROM has stopped working I don t use the CD-rom very often it s probably been months since I last CD-ROM has stoped working used it and so I don t know for sure when this problem occurred But today I tried to put a CD in it and the thing wouldn t even open up When I checked in My Computer it wasn t in their either and I think it somehow broke since CD-ROM has stoped working my computer isn t recognizing it I CD-ROM has stoped working opened up the side of the computer and checked inside to see if it somehow came unplugged I jiggled the connection to make sure it was firm and it appears to be plugged in but I m not sure if these things have only plug going into the motherboard or maybe they have a second one for a power source though I didn t see anything that looked like a second plug coming out of it Anyway I m wondering if there is anything I can do from a software perspective to double check to see if my CD drive is indeed broken and it s time to get a new one Thanks nbsp

A:CD-ROM has stoped working

Hey David. CD or DVD?. If it is a CD,I would say right off the bat that you likely have a bad drive since it's been DVD drives only for years now and optical drives do go bad. Any lights on the drive come on at any point?. I would verify that the cables are plugged in properly at both ends, and if no lights at all on the drive (from power on till ready),try one of the other power cables from the power supply and repeat.
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so i what happen was pc was running slow and freezing , was trying to ctrl alt delete to close firefox when message poped up saying something about windows mediaplayer files were liek corrupted and i would not be able to like change them till i restarted windows mediaplayer...

so i ignored it and hit X...then the screen went blank...

so i restarted the PC hit restart normel and it just stayed at starting windows till pc restarted.

so i tryed safe mode it goes threw a massive wall of files but keeps stoping at

loaded: \windows\system32\drivers\AVGIDSwa.sys

it will not go past it just sits there till restarts.

so ya whats up with that?
(sorry forv spelling and what not ,using a ipod touch so kinda hard to type)
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I have a Dell using XP and have 2 Samsung Drives - a CD-R/RW SW-2525 and a DVD Rom SD 616E.
Both stoped working. I deleted their drives and rebootted, that seemed to solve the problem for the User Profile I was log in under. However when we signed on as another User the Drives did not work. I get this and an error meddage d:\ is not accessable. Access is denied.

A:CD and DVD stoped working
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Could somebody help me please with my CD/DVD drive as it stopped working for no reason? It rejects every CD/DVD.

It is on a Packard Bell all in one pc. It is running windows 7 home premium.

I attached a portable CD/DVD drive and it reads ok but it will not burn.

I inserted a CD and it says drag your file here to burn; and then it says insert cd to burn. Eh!

Somebody suggest reinstall windows 7, but that sound a bit drastic. I do not know when it stopped working so a restore is not an option.

Could somebody help?

Many thanks


A:CD/DVD has stoped working. I do not know why or when.

hi so you are saying the internal cd/dvd drive does not read any type of disk? it's possible the drive has just failed. but you could try the fixit here. </title> <link href="//" rel="stylesheet" /> <link href="//" rel="stylesheet" /> <link href="//
and for the external drive are you sure the drive is a burner not just a cd/dvd drive? whats the make and model number of the external drive?
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I have win7 64-bit ultimate so when i turn my comp on, and when it starts up and loads the desktop it say that explorer.exe stoped working or some other prodram.

A:Stoped Working please help

Open elevated command prompt.

Copy and paste sfc /scannow into it, hit enter.

Also, start menu search box, type msconfig, hit enter. Go to startup tab.
Use Regedit to remove any keys that will startup apps at boot that aren't necessary to run on your machine 24x7.
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it now shows
audio ts
video ts

it never happened before. also I got a boat of crap that I had to delete, and I hope I did not delete the wrong thing

i'm also getting these pop ups that keep popping up, and never had this happen before. and I also have these videos that pop up as well. how do I deal with these things. I may have a bug but cant find it.

also, if that is in the place and is moved, do send me a message telling me where you put it. thinks

A:DVD stoped working

Try a restore point perhaps.
Or run full virus scans.
Restore to factory settings.

One should uninstall, not delete a program.
You didn't say what you deleted.
Your post is rather vague.
More exact details would be helpful.
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i have a problem that my DVD drive isn't recognized anymore. it was working for about a month. win7 still sees a dvd drive in device manager, but the drivers.....
anyone knows a solution?
pc specs:
AMD athlon II X2 250
2GB Ram
onboard GPU
DVD Drive:
samsung sh-s223c

A:DVD-Drive stoped working

DVD Drive Icon Disappeared from Computer - Fix - Vista Forums
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I got a cd with mp3 music on it. On my mini line it first started skipping and making crumbling sound. Later i tried to rip the music from the cd to computer so i could burn the songs over. But the computer does not recognize the cd, why?

I tried everything, from cleaning the cd, using it on different computer, but nothing. Am puzzled because there are no visible scratches on the cd, no bumb, nothing it looks perfect but does not work.

Please i need help.


A:CD stoped working, not scratched! Need help?

Welcome to TSF....

I would try taking the music cd back to where I bought it and have them try to play it and then they should replace it for you. Sounds like a defective disk to me if it does the same thing on two different computers.
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Hey guys,

Once again i find my self in urgent need of the awsome wealth of knowlege that resides on this site!

The internet has stopped working on my other PC and i was woundering how to fix it? this is my house mates pc and his seems to be connecting fine!

So guess my question is what is the process of finding out what the problem is and when we discover the problem how can i resolve it.

Anything i need to download i can put on a pen drive and take upstairs.

A:Internets stoped working


Are you still having this problem? If so, do the following:

Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from Here or Here

Double Click mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.
If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.
Once the program has loaded, select "Perform Quick Scan", then click Scan.
The scan may take some time to finish,so please be patient.
When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.
Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.
When disinfection is completed, a log will open in Notepad and you may be prompted to Restart.(See Extra Note)
The log is automatically saved by MBAM and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.
Copy&Paste the entire report in your next reply.
Extra Note:
If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove,you will be presented with 1 of 2 prompts,click OK to either and let MBAM proceed with the disinfection process,if asked to restart the computer,please do so immediatly.

Download and scan with SUPERAntiSpyware Free for Home Users
Double-click SUPERAntiSpyware.exe and use the default settings for installation.
An icon will be created on your desktop. Double-click that icon to launch the program.
If asked to update the program definitions, click "Yes". If not, update the definitions before scanning by selecting "Check for Updates". (If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download and unzip them from here.)
Under "Configuration and Preferences", click the Preferences button.
Click the Scanning Control tab.
Under Scanner Options make sure the following are checked (leave all others unchecked):
Close browsers before scanning.
Scan for tracking cookies.
Terminate memory threats before quarantining.

Click the "Close" button to leave the control center screen.
Back on the main screen, under "Scan for Harmful Software" click Scan your computer.
On the left, make sure you check C:\Fixed Drive.
On the right, under "Complete Scan", choose Perform Complete Scan.
Click "Next" to start the scan. Please be patient while it scans your computer.
After the scan is complete, a Scan Summary box will appear with potentially harmful items that were detected. Click "OK".
Make sure everything has a checkmark next to it and click "Next".
A notification will appear that "Quarantine and Removal is Complete". Click "OK" and then click the "Finish" button to return to the main menu.
If asked if you want to reboot, click "Yes".
To retrieve the removal information after reboot, launch SUPERAntispyware again.
Click Preferences, then click the Statistics/Logs tab.
Under Scanner Logs, double-click SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log.
If there are several logs, click the current dated log and press View log. A text file will open in your default text editor.
Please copy and paste the Scan Log results in your next reply.

Click Close to exit the program.

Click here to download HJTInstall.exe

Save HJTInstall.exe to your desktop.
Doubleclick on the HJTInstall.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis .
Click on Install.
It will create a HijackThis icon on the desktop.
Once installed, it will launch Hijackthis.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a logfile button. It will scan and the log should open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijackthis fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.


Please include the MBAM log, S... Read more
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i have set my computer up on a Netgear network with one other computer and the internet always works fine, although this morning when i installed McCafee Interent Security 2007 one of the computers interent stoped working, however i only installed McCafee on one computer, which still has an internet connection. Could the new interent security have anything to do with one computers internet connection?
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Hi all,
I have problem with Chrome.
This is error in event viewer:
Can you help me ?
Many thanks

A:Chrome it stoped working

I have resolved my problem with this solution:
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ok hi every1 im a newbie
ok i am runnin windows 2000, i have a cd writer and a cd rom drive, my cd writer drive has vanished from windows explored, device manager, the post sreen and bios , but it has full power, i thort it might be my ide cable or sumthin like that but whats realy funny is that it cant be that because every so often it decides to install it self and wil work for like a day and then vanish again for about 3/4 weeks, my cd rom also vanishis sumtimes but the majority of the time it is there, this is really frustratin espicialy nowin that it has full power and does work. any help would be realy apriciated? cheeers
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ok like title says while view some video pc simply stoped function in such way it appear that no picture came on monitor or sound in speakers I think same case with keyboard and mouse and strange part I expirience is when I try to reset or even hold power button to turn it off both didn't worked (only way to turn it off is by turn off on power swich in back of pc) which sugest to me it might be some hardware part malfunction so I kinda need second opinion which part died on me?

PS there is no error msg of any kind at least thats how it appears to me

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hey guys, i've had my root hub which allows 8 other USB connections pluged in and working for a while, then i turned off my computer which i normally don't, and turned it back on and it's not working.. the power light for the device is on, but its not working. it doens't show any connections and under the "device manger" its called "Unknown Device" it's been working for almost 3 months. Why did it just stop? and what can i do to fix it?

A:USB root hub. (just stoped working..)

Have you tried removing the Unknown device from Device Manager and rebooting? Or try a different USB port for the Hub.
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when ever i start my laptop the following things happen---------
an error comes up with the following straight after the laptop has picked up an internet connection:::

"625.exe has stoped working"
the internet stops working because of this
i load ineternet explorer and change the LAN settings

this shows that i have to uncheck the use of proxy server......

after which internet works as normal------------------------

i noticed that when i switch wireless LAN off after logging on and switch it on again the internet works as normal until the error comes up "625.exe has stoped working"
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I have a Toshiba laptop and i have a built in webcam. I was able to use Skype and the Webcam worked perfictly. Then my friend went to a website that had games on it that needed a webcam. So he played some of the games using the webcam. Now when i try to skype someone the webcam does not work. There is no video of me there is just a random picture of a plant. I have tryed to look up things that may be the problem. The Skype info said that it can only have the skype application accessing the webcam. So im guessing that the games is what did it. If that is the problem I dont know how to get the webcam back to Skype and off the game website.
PLEASE someone help me!

A:webcam stoped working HELP!!

Not sure if this will work, but download CCleaner (look it up on Google, it should be the first link). After it's downloaded, install it and use it to delete your internet cache and temporary files. Also, if possible, delete your history on your internet browser.
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Hi, I have an Athlon XP 3200+ that has stoped working.
It was working perfectly until recently and I know it hasen't been fried, the heat sink and fan are fine.
Anyone have any ideas?

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For some reason my audio stopped working all of a sudden. I have the right drivers installed yet it's not working.

I've googled, ran troubler shooters and I've got no clue as to what is wrong :S

A:audio stoped working

Check in services,maybe Windows Audio service stoped working.Start it,if it's stoped
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I have a new computer with windows 8.1, all the app stoped working suddenly today (I have the computer a few days), also my windows phone app. not working, Skype, the windows store and .......
what should I do?

A:Windows 8.1 app stoped working

You could try the steps here How to refresh, reset or restore your PC - Windows Help
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I have vaio-care installed im my computer since I bought it but recently I have this message  " vaiocare has stopped working.........." what should I do in this case, should I update power-shell. Thanks anyway waiting your help!!!


I would uninstall Vaio's just a rebranded version of Iolo System Mechanic that Sony threw on unsuspecting users.
"Sony  has partnered with iolo technologies to provide even more services to improve your computers speed and reliability. Take advantage of the VAIO Care Premium Tools discount exclusively available for VAIO Care users."  From .
BC does not support the use of "registry cleaners/optimizers".
Microsoft support policy for the use of registry cleaning utilities -
Registry cleaner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Registry Cleaner FAQ, PC Support -
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Hi Can someone please help me I bought a mb mp player from eBay in December The other day i thought i would explore the mini CD it came with I opened a program called quot MP Player Product Tools quot and it said update firmware on My mp3 working stoped player Help!!! Please mp player so i did this all Please Help!!! My mp3 player stoped working work well as far as I could see But once I disconnected my mp player and tried to turn it on it wouldn t turn on I tried about new batteries but this never worked I then tried connecting it to the PC again and the Please Help!!! My mp3 player stoped working screen turned on and about five seconds later it turned off i keeps repeating this over and over again it goes on and off until I take the USB cable out then it just turns off On the display it shows the mp player and the PC with zzzz between it image attatched from eBay seller it then shows an arrow from the mp to the PC after that it turns off it also has Please Help!!! My mp3 player stoped working a padlock image in the bottom of the screen I think this pad lock is the main problem but i can t take it off What do I do Please Help Thanks jai nbsp

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Guys.....I really need some help.

Just connected my lap top via an hdmi lead to a tv in northern spain, right clicked, selected tv as monitor, hit returm, TV does´nt work and screen does not work and now when I reboot pc windows logo comes up, I can hear logon, but screen remains blank.

I really would appreciate any help.

Ian Wallace

A:Screen Stoped Working

Hmm. Did you try hitting the FN key and F4 (F5, F8) to toggle displays?

What about hitting F8 during startup and selecting Last Known Good Configuration?
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the sound on the laptop has completly stopped it wont make a nice at all not through head phones or anything help ;s
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I just installed CA internet security suite 2009 plus and when I try to open IE I get this message 'Calling ID stoped working' IE opens and life goes on as usual???? something happened? does anyone have a clue as to what I can do

A:CallingID stoped working

hi you need to check in your av control panel and see if it is blocking your access
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Hi guys I m beginning to become very frustrated with fallout I have been trying to play it for a while Fallout working. Stoped 3 now but its getting to much of a pain What happens is I will be just running around doing a quest killing stuff or what ever then with no warning tabbed back to desktop with a small black box and message saying quot Fallout has stopped working quot Thanks for your time in reading this await reply ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name USER-PC Operating System Windows Home Premium Fallout 3 Stoped working. -bit Build win gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer To Be Filled By O E M System Model To Be Filled By Fallout 3 Stoped working. O E M BIOS BIOS Date Ver Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU E GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce GT Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce GT DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model BenQ M HD Monitor Id BNQ C Native Mode x p Hz Output Type HD Driver Name nvd dumx dll nvwgf umx dll nvwgf umx dll nvd dum nvwgf um nvwgf um Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d n a WHQL Date Stamp n a Device Identifier D B E E- - CF- - B FC C Vendor ID x DE Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x A Driver Strong Name oem inf NVIDIA SetA Devices NTamd Section ci ven de amp dev Rank Of Driver E Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C ModeVC C ModeWMV C Deinterlace Caps CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive F F DA - B - B F- D -C E EAAB Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive F F DA - B - B F- D -C E EAAB Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive F F DA - B - B F- D -C E EAAB Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProce... Read more
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hi im not so good with computer and i have a problem my wirless just stoped working for no reasson the little light is stuck on the orange and i cant get it to go to green my card is nvidia nforce 10 100 mbps ethernet any help at all would make me so happy. ps the internet works fine when i plug it strait into the router and my ipod touch connects the the internet no problem. my laptop just wont find any signal even at starbucks...
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Okay so i have computers hooked up to a d-link router and its all good untill today I got home and well the main computer i use was able to go on any the internet or do anything it wanted online but the other well they were stuck solo couldn t even do lan things So i went to my router settings and looked around there for anything that looked like it was changed but couldn t find anything working!!! Network HELP!!! stoped and i look in the settings about every day to see how much bytes were sent recieved in that day and to reset the count also so i have seen most of the settings many times I couldn t find anything so i tried restarting my router manually by pushing and holding the restart button in for secs while it was booting back up i started making dinner and went back to my comp around mins later this time NONE of them could go on so first i tried going to my router settings again this time i Network stoped working!!! HELP!!! could get on to the page but i couldn t click anything as when i did it would tell me i have little or no connectivity and thats all it would do so then i did a virus scan and there was none but i did have a few adware but it was things that i have seen before so it didnt bring much of a worry Read in my router book that removing it from power should reset it so i tried that but now i cant Network stoped working!!! HELP!!! even go into my router settings After all that i found Network stoped working!!! HELP!!! the cd for my isp and used it so i could get of the comps online to seek help as im totally clueless as what to try next If you have any suggestions it ll be great Edit I also tried reinstalling my network card and that didnt work was the last thing i tried Edit I also tried ipconfig release and ipconfig renew in cmd and those dont work i can do the release but when i try to renew it it just lags for awhile and then gives me quot C gt ipconfig renew Windows IP Configuration An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection unable to contact your DHCP server Request has times out quot nbsp

A:Network stoped working!!! HELP!!!

So by resetting you went back to factory setttings?
Are ALL your pc's on DHCP? Is the default IP factory for your router If so, are you using the default factory logon credentials, and not ones that you customised?
Make sure all software firewalls are turned off.
Do it again from scratch. Reboot pc, reboot router, connect them both. Go to the lan home page (, use factory default credentials.
if you can into the home page, then obviously you shouldn't have an issue customising your settings again.
i reckon that when you got onto the page before, but it told you you had limited connectivity you were possibly looking at a cached webpage and not a live one.
Try connecting it to a different pc as well for set up purposes.
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hi i hav windows vista ...i downloaded dis torrent( around 6 months b4.....the game working awesome ..hl.exe...hlds.exe...n counter strike 1.6 ...all game were working.....yesterday i formated my laptop
i reinstlled counter strike is working ...hl.exe was blocked by data execution preventation(DEP)....i added hl.exe to dep it started working!!

m using window vista home premium .....laptop aspire 5610z

plz help

A:hlds stoped working on vista

Go out and BUY the game. I doubt you'll get any help here with pirated software.
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i get a box saying internet explorer has stopped working windows can check online for a solution for the problem then it gives me a option to close the program or check online for solution this happens even if explorer isnt on and i dont even use explorer i use opera

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Hi I recently had a very serous BSOD crash so I had to reinstall Now I ve been dealing with minor ones on and off for the last couple days I have most drivers up-to-date but now I m stoped drivers issue? working, DVD my having a problem where windoze stopped regonizing my DVD IT also stopped regonizing my A floppy drive both which are on separate IDE channels I m thinking this is a PSU problem because they were on the same power line HOWEVER so was my graphics card and usually when it doesn t recieve power it gives me a message or a driver problem even though my dvd is OEM and HCL does t have any drivers defaulting to windose drivers or my bios ones How would one figure it out I was also wondering if this could be a BIOS problem because my bios regonizes my DVD drive but windoze gave is a red questionmark on the shortcut Now it doesn t appear in my computer along with the A my DVD stoped working, drivers issue? drive Gahh Help nbsp

A:my DVD stoped working, drivers issue?

it doesn't sound like a psu problem. take out the dvd drive and see if the bsod problems persist. if they persist, your motherboard is more than probably the cause.
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I've been having problems with drivers causing crashes so I uninstalled my Radeon HD and I downloaded the ATI Catalyst Suite for Windows bit I installed this and restarted my computer The instalations said it was sucessful but when I try to play a game from the windows build in games or set up a screen saver it says I need a newer video card or one thats compatable with direct D The video card did work before I uninstalled it and downloaded the updated driver How can I get it working again my specs are Windows bit SAPPHIRE L Radeon HD GB -bit DDR Western Digital Caviar Radeon working stoped HD5570 Green WD EARS TB ASUS M A TD-V EVO AM AMD Radeon HD5570 stoped working G HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard OCZ StealthXStream OCZ SXS W ATX V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Callisto GHz x KB L Cache Radeon HD5570 stoped working MB L Cache Socket AM W Dual-Core Desktop Processor - C Revision HDZ WFGMBOX OCZ Reaper HPC Edition GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Low Voltage Desktop Memory Model OCZ RPR C LV GK

A:Radeon HD5570 stoped working

Quote: Originally Posted by webbchr

I've been having problems with drivers causing crashes so I uninstalled my Radeon HD 5570 and I downloaded the ATI Catalyst? 10.7 Suite for Windows 7 (64 bit). I installed this and restarted my computer. The instalations said it was sucessful but when I try to play a game from the windows build in games or set up a screen saver it says I need a newer video card or one thats compatable with direct3D. The video card did work before I uninstalled it and downloaded the updated driver.
How can I get it working again?

my specs are:
Windows 7 64bit
SAPPHIRE 100293L Radeon HD 5570 1GB 128-bit DDR3
Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EARS 1TB
OCZ StealthXStream OCZ700SXS 700W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready
AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition Callisto 3.2GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 80W Dual-Core Desktop Processor - C3 Revision HDZ555WFGMBOX
OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Low Voltage Desktop Memory Model OCZ3RPR1600C8LV4GK

Hi buddy.
First, go to Control Panel - System and Security - System. Your Windows Experience Index is gray or blue?! If it is gray, click on "re-run the assessment." If blue, completely uninstall the ATI Catalyst Software Suite. Reboot Windows. Let the native video driver is installed. Reinstall the ACSS. Reboot Windows. Rerun the Windows Experience Index.
Let us know the results.

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my windows apps dont want to open
the store opens shows the brief case logo for a 2-3 seconds and it minimises
when i click on it on it to open it again the same thing happens
and all other apps dont even respond just their icon move a little on the sides to indicate they are clicked
but they dont open at all
i use windows 8 enterprise and it is activated
it happened before
one way to fix it but its annoying is to create new account and on it they work just fine
but the old one dont
i can delete and it and recreate it but then i have to register some of my programs again
i read on the internet about that issue so my resolutin is not the problem UAC is still on
i use windows defender for antivirus
does anyone know any other way to fix this

A:Windows apps stoped working

Hi SkinheadBaby, could you please read the Forum rules here:
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I just got a year old printer HP psc all-in-one from my friend He bought a new one i need it just for school So it worked fine but my friend had an russian overlay and in the box there was a english HP psc stoped working 1110 all-in-one printer overlay so i did remove the russian and put on the english just like it was said in description So now when i turn on the printer all thelights are blinking that means fatal error If reset the printer and remove the overlay and turn on it gives me the overlay error that the overlay is not atached right And my PC recognizes it as an unknown USB device If i put in PC when printer gives me Fatal error PC recognizes it as HP REFLASH device or something like that Can i reflash it or what can i do to make him work again PLEASE HELP I m Using Windows XP Home HP psc 1110 all-in-one printer stoped working SP if that matters nbsp

A:HP psc 1110 all-in-one printer stoped working

All lights blinking either Fatal Error Needs Servicing or Overlay Installed Wrong.

The overlay must be installed with the printer unplugged.

HP Hardware Setuo for PSC 1100 or 1200 All-In-One

You may need to do a partial reset to change languageand country/region settings.

From HP Document on Check Papaer / Check Cartridge Lights Flashing

Step four: Perform a partial reset
A partial reset will return user settings to factory defaults. On some models, language and country/region settings are also reset. Perform a partial reset of the product by following the instructions below.
Unplug the power cord from the unit.
Reconnect the power cord into the unit.
When the lights begin to flash, press and hold the On/Resume and Paper Size buttons.
When only the On/Resume light is flashing, release the buttons.
When the On/Resume light is steady, the reset is complete.
Try the print job again to see if this step resolved the issue.
If the issue is resolved , you do not need to continue with the rest of the instructions on this page.
If the issue is not resolved , continue to the next step.
Link to User Manual and Setup Poster

Hope this helps.
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Ok so I bought a Nokia Lumia 830 on Windows 8.1 and my living images worked fine I used insider fast ring to upgrade to 10 couple days later I noticed my living images were no longer living the file info still showes the .Li but no movement very frustrating I looked around online the best I could figure was a problem with the preview build so last night I rolled it all back to 8.1 and pics were live again so I upgraded using upgrade advisor. This time to get the official release and still taking living images tested it quite a bit still live in 10 great then I allowed the anniversary update that came out on the 29th and now no living images still shows the .Li in the file info but pics taken since update are all static dont know what else to do arrg so frustrated
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FYI For what seemed Internet stoped working. Options like no apparent reason Internet Options quot I keep an icon on my dsktp stopped working It would flash quickly and that was it I read various posts and tried them all to no avail System Restore refused to work I tried four times Finally I went back into Programs quot Recent Updates quot and noticed that I downloaded an unusual amt of Windows updates the previous day My machine usually rejects all but a few This time it downloaded at least Net Framework additions It seemed to me that was the only variable I had to uninstall each one one at a time it took hours I landed up with a Black Screen for a long time I disconnected the batt long enough to cause a re-boot It took about min for everything to come back but LOW AND BEHOLD not only do I have Internet Options back but My machine flys like never before I m loving it Bottom Internet Options stoped working. Line Check out the dates on your Windows updates in Programs to see if there s a correlation I have the best Anti-Virus can buy and have had no problems for three years I m going to depend on it and forget about Internet Options stoped working. updates for awhile When I do I will download one by one and check efficiency before downloading the next one BTW I had no Internet Options on any of my Search Engines through Tools or any other way in nbsp
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I ve recently reinstalled my Windows x and i wanted to update my drivers and firmware for my lachesis I first installed the driver v restarted my PC and than i tried to update firmware using firmware updater for windows Razer stoped working! Lachesis After that firmware updater reported that flash was successful and that i should re plug my lachesis and restart my drivers I pressed enter after that to close message window Razer Lachesis stoped working! and that was it mouse was dead My USB ports don t even detect it Even snake logo is dead Mouse scroll LED is still working even when i shut down windows I understand that flashing firmware is a Razer Lachesis stoped working! sensitive matter but i don t understand where did i go wrong if i did anything wrong Lachesis Config is reporting correct driver v but firmware is still v it should be Did i complete firmware installation correctly Is there any way i could fix my mouse Thanks edit its Razer and in Device manager nothing shows There is no quot Mouse and other pointer devices quot tab edit found a guy on youtube with exact same problem as i Faulty razer or firmware bricked my mouse by the looks of it nbsp
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I was trying a new keyboard for my laptop. Its pasiclly plug in and try thing.Lasy me and and so i did not shut down my computer for that . Pushed my screen down and screen went black... pulld it up and still was black. Restarted couble of times, dindt help.Took my laptop apart, looked over all connection, everything was correctly pluged in, no broken connection, nohting that can be seen was broken. And screen still aint working

When i star the comupter, it makes all the sounds it used to make (spinning fan etc). But when i force shut down the computer it starts to make "buzzing" sound . Dosnt too that buzzing sound when laptop is turned on.

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So my computer has been connected to an adsl modem for a while now.
It has been running perfectly until the etherport in the back of my computer just stoped working.
I checked the cable and its fine.
The modem is fine.
Its the etherport on the computer that isnt working
Any ideas??

A:[SOLVED] Etherport stoped working

and welcome to the Forum

In Device Manager . .what is shown in the Network Adaptor group?
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Hello sir i am Using Hp notebook with AMD Radeon R5 series . my problem is that when i am using Adobe Photoshop cc its works only for 15min then it Stoped working. please help Me i am Graphic Designer thats why my all Graphical work Done on Photoshop So please Help Me ..
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I just restarted my PC and it sais that windows explorer is not responding....
What to do?

A:Windows explorer stoped working...

Turn off your antivirus and boot.

Try to boot in safe mode

If you can run an antivirus scan. Download, if you can, malwarebytes and do a scan.

Did you do a clean install or upgrade?
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Hi. i recently sold C&C generals and got C&C the first decade. i installed generals again and it worked fine. But now for a unknown reason it has stopped working. I can start the game and then after a while it freezes and displays a message:

"You have encountered a serious error. serious errors can be caused by many things including viruses, overheated hardware and hardware that does not meet the minimum specifications for the game."

I have scanned my computer for viruses and it came up with nothing and i have checked and my computer meets the minimum requirements for the game. Im lost can someone please help.

A:Solved: C&C Generals stoped working please help

Did you uninstall the first installation of Generals?
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When I started my computer a day ago I noticed that i no longer could use two fingers to skroll down on a webpage, or any other page,  neither could I zoom in or out with the mousepad. I figured that this may be because I have some how deleted the Synaptics TouchPad, I can't however seem to figure out how to correct this mistake. Any hel wil be appreciated.
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hello all
problem seems to be that my java is not working i like to play some online games and now they wont work, i have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling in other location and reinstalled windows scripting but still wont work need some new ideas thanks in advanced

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when sharing my laptop with my 360 overwireless i cant connect to my 360 to stream media. using ethernet cable works fine. i dont have a firewall on my router is there any way to fix this?
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everytime i try to upload a music this error appears Log Name Application Source Application Error Date Event ID Task Category Level Erro Keywords Cl ssico User N D Computer Giseli-PC Description Faulting application prevhost exe vers preview working stoped handler o time stamp x preview handler stoped working a bc ca faulting module XWDkernel dll version time stamp x a e exception code xc fault offset x cf process id x application start time x cbdc edc b f Caminho do aplicativo com falha C Windows system prevhost exe FCaminho do m dulo de falhas C Program Files XWindowsDock XWDkernel dll Log ID b e e - - e - e - a XML de Evento lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt lt System gt lt Provider Name quot Application Error quot gt lt EventID Qualifiers quot quot gt lt EventID gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Keywords gt x preview handler stoped working lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Channel gt Application lt Channel gt lt Computer gt Giseli-PC lt Computer gt lt Security gt lt System gt lt EventData gt lt Data gt prevhost exe lt Data gt lt Data gt lt Data gt lt Data gt a bc ca lt Data gt lt Data gt XWDkernel dll lt Data gt lt Data gt lt Data gt lt Data gt a e lt Data gt lt Data gt c lt Data gt lt Data gt cf lt Data gt lt Data gt lt Data gt lt Data gt cbdc edc b f lt Data gt lt Data gt C Windows system prevhost exe lt Data gt lt Data gt C Program Files XWindowsDock XWDkernel dll lt Data gt lt Data gt b e e - - e - e - a lt Data gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt

A:preview handler stoped working

Without more info this is difficult to tell, but the XWDkernel.dll probably belongs to some sort of Windows Dock software. Uninstall that and see if it helps.
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I have an 12 year old computer and my graphic card stoped working yeasterday. I tried to instal AMD catalyst control center and it doesn't detect the graphic card, It only uses the onboard graphic.

A:ATI Radeon 2400 stoped working

Can someone please help me?
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Hi ok i was playing guild wars one morning when my game frooze and my computer crashed restarted gave me a blue screen for like half a second then restarted again I could only get into windows via safe mode I tryed wiping the hard drive and rsinstalling window like times but all i get is a x res I then tryed reintalling the video cards drivers from the disk which normally solves this problem but then i get the whole restarting blue screen thing just stoped card working Video all over again I tryed taking out the video card GF and putting the one that came with the computer ATI radeon SE and all i get is a blank screen so i had to put the back in again I also went to device manager and my doesn t even show up all i have is quot other devices quot and under that controller Video card just stoped working VGA compatible which i might add everytime i load windows desktop i need new new hardware notice coming up with something about this VGA thing BTW this computer is like years old and so is the using it because my laptop is being fixed so maybe it s just an age thing Hope you guys can help thanks nbsp

A:Video card just stoped working

So what is this computer? Specs on model, motherboard, hard drive size and operating system would help greatly
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My Aus K55a touchpad did nto work anymore. I rolled back the driver and it works. I have lost all the nice scrolling features and just have a basic mouse function. I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver with the same result everytime. It will work for about a minute and completly stop. ANy help is appreciated.

A:Asus touchpad stoped working...

try these
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download K55A
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Ok so it Sound My Card Stoped Working. was working fine the otherday and i go to restart my computer and i don t hear any doom start up music and so i decided to try testing in meida player i got this error quot Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem My Sound Card Stoped Working. with your sound device There might not be a sound My Sound Card Stoped Working. device installed on your computer it My Sound Card Stoped Working. might be in use by another program or it might not be functioning properly quot so i hoped into control panel and went to sounds and devices went to hardware and trouble shot and got nothing so i decided well maybe my sound card went bad i tried others and none of them worked and yes i tried installing drivers for all of them twice if anyone can help i would be so thankful Oh yeah this is my first time posting on these forums and i would like to say hello to anyone that reads this

A:My Sound Card Stoped Working.

1. Are the speakers plugged in?
2. Is the mute setting off and volume turned up?
3. Do you have the right drivers?
4. Do you have the drivers enabled in Device Manager?
5. Are the sound cards known working?
6. Is there any integrated sound available?
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ok today i was on youtube n wached sims2 video n noticed body shop custum clothing stuf i was reely happy but thn wen i went to my sims2body shop a box came up n sed your sims2body shop has stoped working an i pik ok an it says searching for problem n it just says a problem caused the program to stop working corectly an tht windows will notify me if they found a solutoin but nuthng yet n trust me it ben like tht snce like around last june im so mad no solutoim yet so i sed screw tht im goin to a forum site er sumthn

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Hello everyone im in need of a lil help Not to long ago i had downloaded and installed windows beta to my hp elite desktop and it seemed to work very good it was slightly faster than vista which was on it before but im also a gamer and have about games on it and usually play with my controller thruogh the usb port Well while it was installing the driver for the controller it all the usb working ports completely stoped sudden stoped and said usb device unpluged so i jus said whatever and jus treid to use the keyboard and mouse but noticed my keyboard wasnt working so usb ports completely stoped working now i was thinkin great what now I tried all the usual things to get it to work even unistalling all the usb ports then restartin to let them reinstall to actually payin for a pci usb card witch none of these things worked not even the new card witch was very usb ports completely stoped working agrivating cos it seemed to work for a few other people on some different forums So my next step was to contact microsoft and let them know what my situation was and well they said they werent responsible for it and duh like i didnt know im the one that chose to install it this person acted like i was blaming them when all i asked was if there was a way to resolve my problem like maybe an update or somethin and thats the only thing i got from that dumb fckr witch was retarded so i sent another email sayin the same thing and a different person told me to look at the forums and said there most likely is a solution around but without finding one i decided to post this and i am new to this so forgive me if this is the wrong area for this post im also new to computers all i want is my pc to work good again i had to buy this dell labtop jus to find a solution because my internet is thruogh a usb modem And i forgot to add not one usb port works all of them in the device manager have the exclimation sighn Thanks for yalls time sorry so long

A:usb ports completely stoped working

Hi HaerdendFate and welcome to the forum!

Please download and install the latest Windows 7 driver from Microsoft for your XBox 360 controller here

That should sort out your issue. Please do let us know how it turns out
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Windows explorere has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution to the problem. pops up in a box followed byWindows explorer is restartingbut then it just goes back to the first box and circles round.I can't open files on my computer and I can't run a CD-Rom - what's going on? Do I have a Trojan? How do I get rid of it?

A:Windows Explorer Has Stoped Working . . .

Try booting into Safe Mode by repeatedly pressing F8 as soon as Windows starts to load. If you get in, select Safe Mode with Networking and run some free online scans to see if you're infected: can also search Google for "Trend Micro Sysclean" (without the quotes) and download the file, then use the readme file on the website to download the definitions file - with both of those you'll be able to clean your system.
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The box flashes that IE has stopped working, yet it seems to come back on fast enough so as not to impact my use except that I have to close the box. Anyone know what's up with that?

A:Internet Exploror Has Stoped Working??

Quote: Originally Posted by Brennanpersonal

The box flashes that IE has stopped working, yet it seems to come back on fast enough so as not to impact my use except that I have to close the box. Anyone know what's up with that?

Hi and welcome
Can you type event viewr in search. go to the windows log>application tab and look for errors (they have red in the left hand column) that realate to app hang, app crash, or anything IE related. when you find them and there will be a bunch note the Event ID and source code and relay them to us

thanks In advance
Kenn J++
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when I was booting up my computer I loss power when I regained power I had two error messages odbcint.dll and odbc32.dll were both missing I went to to retrieve the dll files after rebooting into my Linux partition after inserting the new dll files my computer wont recongnize the mouse and keyboard I have tried my usb and ps2 keyboard and mouse both don't work any suggestions.
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I turned my computer on today and my internet wouldn t work Music And Internet Stoped Working i also opened up media monkey and my music wouldn t play Instead it would just skip over that song and turn it gray instead of black and go through each song pretty fast I tried Internet And Music Stoped Working playing music with vlc and wmp neither worked I had this same problem about a week ago and i m pretty sure i fixed it by just doing a system restore so i tried that and now opera works but firefox does not and still no music I ve tried closing media monkey through task manager-won t close on it s own when trying to play music and restarting mm and every once in a while there Internet And Music Stoped Working will be a ffdshow popup asking me if Internet And Music Stoped Working i want to use ffdshow or not i ve tried yes and no with no success So then i tried to uninstall ffdshow but it gives me message quot File C program files ffdshow unins dat does not exist cannot uninstall quot I also tried to uninstall a different program orbit download manager and got the same message But another program malwarebytes anti-malware was able to uninstall Also there are no problems in the device manager and my computer can play windows sounds that annoying beep Also through opera i can t hear sound videos play without music myspace appers to play song but i don t hear any thing And when i go to a radio station s website the window that plays their radio station fails to load I have a dell dimension e xp pro sp gb ram intel gb ICH -high definiton audo controller and dell DM motherboard via everest

A:Internet And Music Stoped Working

I restarted my computer again and now opera doesn't work again. Also, i tried playing a dvd through vlc and wmp and neither worked. wmp gave a message about not having the right dvd decrypter.
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The Yahoo homepage stopped working in all my browsers: Safari , Firefox , MS IE 7 and Shiira. I get a page with almost no content and a notice that says:

In order to see all the new Yahoo! home page has to offer, please upgrade to a more recent browser.
Supported browsers include:
Internet Explorer 7 (Beta 3) optimized by Yahoo!
Internet Explorer 6
Firefox 1.5
Safari 2.0

It was working fine until Monday this week. I can't think of anything I did system-wide that would have caused this problem (actually, I didn't make any system-wide changes at all).

On an outside chance, I threw out all Yahoo cookies and Safari prefs, but no help.

Any ideas?

A:Yahoo homepage stoped working in all my browsers

If you started using a hosts file then that may be it. I know mine blocks out a ton of places with "yahoo" in the address.
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Hi guys Usually I manage to solve my computer problems by myself but Bluetooth working? gone/deleted/stoped sudenly I've just encountered really interesting one few Bluetooth sudenly gone/deleted/stoped working? weeks or more ago I'm totally out of ideas so here it is My HP probook s - y o came with integrated BlueTooth which worked fine with his Windows However when I started studying I got free student's win licence and I was like why not I had bluetooth even after that I used it on my with no problems I paired my phone and my Logitech headset with it and it all worked until it didn't For no obvious reason bluetooth icon on tray disappeared and I couldn't access BT settings via PC setting from Start Whole BT tab is gone I can still see my phone and headset is paired to PC but it can not connect to it or vice versa Even more interesting bluetooth service is still running xD I downloaded driver Bluetooth sudenly gone/deleted/stoped working? upgrader and it upgraded of my drivers but still NO BLUETOOTH Screenshot by Lightshot and this Screenshot by Lightshot It's really annoying What I tried As mentioned driver upgrade Can't find win drivers for my PC on HP website Apparently my laptop can't run win lol or can't have BT on it I had it so lol but I tried to do that too I tried to re-pair devices send receive a file which all worked before I tried installing BT managers and driver downloaders they more or less give me an error when installing or if install won't work I was too scared to uninstall my network adapter from device manager so I didn't do that Do you guys know what might cause BT to fail If I knew why it failed I could fix it My first thread here had to say that Ty in advance

A:Bluetooth sudenly gone/deleted/stoped working?

Does the BT adapter show it is working in Device Manager?

Welcome to the forum!
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Recently I was playing a flash game and my left arrow got stuck resolting in many deaths over and over so i tryed everthing quickly then at last resort I stupidly press the F1-F12 button then all of a sudden all my keys stop working. The keyboard is wireless and uses a usb port but still works on other computers so it not the keyboard it self.(on screen keyboard still works)

Things I tried:
-Unistalling all keyboard software then redownloading it
-Different keyboard that plugs into the keyboard port
-Adjusting many thing in keyboard options


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Can any 1 help me?
My speakers just stoped working on my Tecra 9000 and i have tried the update for sound.
My drivers are up 2 date. I've tried all the fixes everything... please help

A:Speakers just stoped working on my Tecra 9000


What happens of you connect the headphones?
Can you hear something?

Did you check if ?Mute? is not enabled?
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Windows 7 Ultimate x64
IE 11
Every now and then when browser I will see the following popup:

Sometimes it happens when I close IE.  Other times it just pops up.  Hitting cancel does not close the browser windows.
Any suggestions as to what causes this and how to get rid of it would be appreciated.
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I have tried everything uninstall it i tried repairing it nothing worked! My problem is it loads but then i click on new project or an old on and i loads but the screen dosnt pop up it is just gone....any ideas??

A:Adobe Premiere Elements 4 stoped working!

Hello MachinmaFreak,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

Would you mind posting your complete system specs to verify whether your computer can run the program.
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Hi my windows explore has been having many errors every time i do any thing with folders and sometimes even out of the blue this error tells to error hello welcome working? stoped has my windows explore me that windows explore has stop working and needs to shut down so it dose and about a sec later it starts back up and it seems that hello welcome to my error windows explore has stoped working? nothing has happen Most of the time when this error happens my work is not effected and never pops up when on internet just comes around when organizing hello welcome to my error windows explore has stoped working? my desk top folders and moving files from one place to the other and my work is still hello welcome to my error windows explore has stoped working? is not effected This error basicley dose nothing but annoy me I did some google searching of this problem and its not rare same age computers same vista same error but mine is much less of a mess from other post ive red They say it could be the cause of rd party apps or its a never ending looping error that windows creaters had missed cant use anything its a virus that cant be detected it wil get worse and much more on top of that i dont know whare to start dont want to go messing around in in stuff i dont fully understand if ive not given enought info will be glad to do so just post and thank you for your time nbsp

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Recently apparently for no reason both the CD-ROM drive and the cd burner have stopped working It is not due to hardware malfunction but Windows does not want to let the drivers work or something They do not show up in quot My Computer quot and PLEXTOR DVD PC Creative in XP AND INSTALL AND AFTER Add STOPED WORKING SP1 CDR so when I go to Device Manager they have the little yellow circle next both of them I double click on one and go to quot Creative PC DVD AND PLEXTOR CDR STOPED WORKING AFTER XP INSTALL AND SP1 Add in update drivers quot and eventually it finds the inf file that it already had been using at quot C WINDOWS inf cdrom inf quot It then says quot The device in not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device So next I tried copying the inf file to its respective locations I get the same error every time Very frustrating I checked bios and doesnt Creative PC DVD AND PLEXTOR CDR STOPED WORKING AFTER XP INSTALL AND SP1 Add in look like there are any problems in there I think this happened when a service pack download went wrong Anyway PLEASE HELP VERY DESPERATE HERE I really Creative PC DVD AND PLEXTOR CDR STOPED WORKING AFTER XP INSTALL AND SP1 Add in dont want to have to reinstall Windows And yes the websites for the cd drives tell me to just use the default Windows drivers Ugh I have never had this problem before and it seems to have come out of nowhere Thank you for any help nbsp


Try right-clicking the drivers and removing them. Then restart and let them be re-detected.

What OS are you running?
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Ok, so i did what the thingy said. BSOD constantly when playing lord of the rings online

Is Vista . . .
- x86 (32-bit) or x64 ? X64
- the original installed OS on the system? Vista
- an OEM or full retail version? OEM

- What is the age of system (hardware)? Bought the pc 2 years ago
- What is the age of OS installation (have you re-installed the OS?) 2 years, never re-installed the OS

A:Graphic card stoped working and restarted

With the correct information we can give you the best of help, please send us the information requested here:
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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When i was loading thigns from my desktop onto my external hard drive i was suddenly hit with the "Windows Explorer has stoped working" and it says that it is trying to find a soulution to the problem and then quickly changes to restarting Windows Explorer. Then it begins to loop endlessly. I am unable to access any files on my desktop and am currently able to run my computer in Safe Mode.

I have uesd the command prompt (cmd), choose to run as admin and then told it to "sfc /scannow" and it stated that it found "no integrity violations" and the error has contined.

Ive looked around and it seems that other people have similar problems but none exactly the same. please help


A:Windows Explorer has stoped working - loop

Try this: How to fix “Windows Explorer has stopped working” in Windows 7 | Web Talk
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Yesterday the right scroll bar stopped working. I restarted the computer but it still is frozen. I'm using ms vista. help!

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I get this alot how can I correct this issue this happens with firefox and crome

A:adobe flash player 11 stoped working help

Which browser you are using ? .
Open "Control panel-->Programs" and remove the currently installed flash player for IE and Non IE browsers. Now download and install the following flash setup files :
If the issue still remains, try an alternative browser like Google Chrome.
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I have a R840 with Win7 Professional 64 bit.

My last problem: the Fn keys stops working (for example I can't use the brightness up or down with the F6/F7 key). After restarting everything is normal....untill it stops working in the near future (next day or so!!!!).

I uninstalled the value pack and sucess!
I uninstalled completelly the value sucess!

Any help?


A:Re: Tecra R840 - Function keys (Fn) stoped working

>untill it stops working in the near future (next day or so!!!!).

The Fn buttons are controlled by Flash Card Support Utility?
This Flash Card Support Utility can be found under All Programs -> Toshiba
So you need to restart the Flash Cards to get the Fn buttons working again
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transitions accessible technologies between desktops has stopped working
that is the error i am getting and if i try to run vista outside of safe mode i get the same error as well as something that says a necessary file has stopped running. did a virus cause this or has anyone else encountered this problem?
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Hello Could someone please help me Drive External Hard stoped Solved: working I have an GB Toshiba external hard drive I had it now for months and was working just fine but it stoped working days ago I usually transfer files from my laptop to my computer so when I need it to do so days ago I unplugged the mouse USB-cable had a usb-hub before worked for one day then stoped yet another problem and Solved: External Hard Drive stoped working plugged the HD USB-cable a red Solved: External Hard Drive stoped working light was one and that was it I couldn t see the green light on nor the folder popping-up the HD G-drive wasn t recognized in quot My Computer quot either I restarted my laptop Solved: External Hard Drive stoped working twice and shut it down once still not working chaned the ports and USB-cable nothing I tried it in my computer this time and it also stoped working there Also tried plugging it to my brother s computer it recognized it at first but then it didn t kept doing that for a few seconds till it didn t recognize it at all I googled around and it seems that by uninstalling the device driver will do the trick the thing is I dunno which one I should remove I kept looking for one that has the name Toshiba in it I viewied the hidden devices but with no luck I did this while having the HD unplugged because when I plugged it so that I can atleast see it s name in device manger system manger won t open at all I checked around this forum and it seems that quot fix for missing usb ports by JohnWill quot solution might do it but since I have my mouse and modem plugged into a USB port I hesitate to follow the instructions as I don t know how to get them working again Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: External Hard Drive stoped working


Please feel free to lock this thread, I have already manged to get my files back by using these 2 softwares.

Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS
File Scavenger
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I usually use my laptop as a tablet pc.
Today, after conecting the tablet to the docking station I saw that the keyboard and touch pad are not working.
The odd thing is that the Toshiba software sees my docking station as conected.
I thought that was a low battery on the dock, and i conected the laptop to power to charge but the power LED on the keyboard was still off.

Another problem is that the pc can?t find the the HDD.
Can you please help me?

A:Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W - docking has stoped working

When you connect the display and restart OS, is everything OK again?
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I found a proposed solution from Shockerprof (junior 1) proposing to delete all ussers acounts and reinsall them.
But how can I delete the users if outlook faids out a few seccond after trying to open it?
anybody can help?

A:M.S outlook 2007 has stoped working after month of work

Welcome to TSG!

Have you tried running Office Diagnostics, or repairing the installation?
Have a read here:
How to install the individual 2007 Office features or to repair the installed 2007 Office programs
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hi, From Today am having weired problem.

My Explorer is crashing , but that is not weird. But Mine is...i guess !

When I boot-up and after logging in my taskbar never appears .. On Forcing to open explorer from task-manager by explorer.exe and explorer don't work at all , on typing that ! ~ task bar appears and disappear in 1 sec. and explorer.exe would be still on taskmanger !

On searching google i found solution somethin abt regeit and shell and where we put name of another explorer's copy name ! did't work at all !~


Guys i don't wannt to format my lappy please help !
on forcing explorer's copy a weird explorer open which i can't use for navigate , currently am using ":xyplorer" to navigate

A:Explorer.exe stoped working , regedit shell did't work

Try to Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup and see if that helps.

Also, see if you have the same problem with a new user profile: User Account - Create
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I have done some file tweeking and didnt create a back up prior Didnt realize I Solved: on working run to stoped click office 2010 was going to be doing that much one thing led to another and later that week realized my virus program wasnt running and other programs wernt operating as well fixed my virus program issue by Solved: click to run stoped working on office 2010 reinstalling it But my office program came with computer and I dont have the product key any more The program location is still there but the click to run section of the program doesnt do what its designed to do The help section instructed me to go to uninstall programs and click on my office program and liick change option but I get an error saying click to run failed to start I dont use the program much Solved: click to run stoped working on office 2010 but Solved: click to run stoped working on office 2010 its VERY missed when needed I have probably corrupted my system and since I dont have no back up files that Im probably going to have to do a total system restore and Icant find my restore disk I read a post to where I can boot from the recovery partition any advice help is seriously needed nbsp

A:Solved: click to run stoped working on office 2010

please do not duplicate posts
business applications is the correct forum
so continue on this post

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Hey all!

I have a microsoft FFB steering wheel. I installed Nascar Racing 2003 Season and this req'd an install of DirX9.

Now my wheel will not work! When I try to use it is says "fails to initialize the FFB"

Please help!

I am using windows ME and have all the latest drivers.



A:Steering wheel stoped working after DirectX 9 install

have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the wheel? That's maybe all thats required. Does the wheel work anywhere. in other games, in the control panel?
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Hi guys!

My friend has a strange problem. Couple of days ago he started a computer and after a number of updates and installs he noticed that the e-mail messages in Outlook 2007 stopped showing pictures. Instead of pictures there were just red crosses. Also he noticed that Windows gadgets stopped working properly. You can see both of the problems in the attached pictures.

I have tried many things ... from your Fix for windows gadgets to other things mentioned for Red cross in Outlook 2007. It seems like nothing helps. There is still an option to do a System restore but that is my last option.

Does anyone have an idea?

Any answer is much appreciated!

Thank you!

A:Red cross in e-mail messages, also windows gadgets stoped working

Hello Swoosh, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if this may be able to help with the gadgets.

Gadgets not Displaying Correctly in Windows 7 - Fix

Hope this helps,
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Hi My Ethernet connection to my modem it Solved: should stoped working. be than slower Wireless but connects ethernet has Solved: ethernet stoped working. Wireless connects but slower than it should be ceased to function on my PC using windows XP home The cable is fine since I have been able to connect to the internet with my netbook using it Device manager says my network adapter is working properly The LAN does not appear in Network connections and no icon appears in the status bar with or without the cable plugged in The cable port light is green when the cable is connected I have tried updating the driver and have tried to find other fixes through a forum search but nothing has been able to remedy Solved: ethernet stoped working. Wireless connects but slower than it should be the situation AVG virus scans and Maulwarebites scans are all negative I am using a USB wireless device to connect to the internet currently but despite the computer says it has a Mbps connection but Solved: ethernet stoped working. Wireless connects but slower than it should be basic web pages take over seconds to load with many timing out Other computers using the same modem don t experience the same lag I don t know if this is related to my Lan issue but I thought I should mention it I m hoping someone can help me nbsp

A:Solved: ethernet stoped working. Wireless connects but slower than it should be

I did an IPCONFIG /ALL with the network cable plugged in and the USB wireless connected. This is the transcript.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Aaron>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : shwinbot
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : Belkin

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection 4:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Belkin
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : D-Link DWA-131 Wireless N Nano USB A
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 5C-D9-98-53-2C-E1
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Tuesday, 9 August 2011 11:34:01 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Tuesday, 19 January 2038 1:14:07 PM

C:\Documents and Settings\Aaron>
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I recently was asked by my mom to burn her a disk onto a dvd. So on her computer after I take the dvd out it still shows as it being in and when I try to write on the disk it says windows is using the disk please wait. So I do and still nothing. But my main problem is when I tried it on my computer nothing is showing up in the drive. The blank disk doesnt appear no movies I put in nothing. It used to work. What do I do?

A:Dvd burner stops working as a drive and burner.

First, try emptying the CD Burning cache in:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Burning (you may to unhide folders in Folder options first).

Next check Device Manager and make sure the drives are showing under DVD/CD-ROM Drives.

Next, try the upper/lower filter fix in registry. You can download fix from :
Click on 'Restore Cd/DVD drives to explorer' link.
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Hello everyone i am a major Uk based record label, and i depend on myspace to keep things up to date.. Just recently my myspace wont load up it does sometimes but not all the time like it used to. I use Firefox as my prefered browser, and i am running on Vista with stupid BT internet as my provider. Has any one encounted this problem before. Reading a few forums alot of people have had this problem on dumb **** BT internet Please help

best reagrds Scoop
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Hi everyone Here is my story I have a Nvidia GeForce gtx grapichcard I ve been playing on it for months In that time i thought its the best thing i ever spend money on But after that it started getting heat problems the fan used to stop working witch made the monitor stop working cuz of the heat days ago i played Jade Dynasty witch is GeForce (heat working problem) Stoped 9600 Nvidia related not that big of a deal but it seems Nvidia GeForce 9600 Stoped working (heat related problem) the fan stoped working and Nvidia GeForce 9600 Stoped working (heat related problem) the card overheated witch has hapened before so i stopped the pc opened it and let the card cool off for hrs than i tried to turn it on again But this time it didn t work the fan is not spinning at all but my monitor detects the pc no more please plug the cable signal I turn Nvidia GeForce 9600 Stoped working (heat related problem) the pc on the monitor starts working on black for seconds than it signals POWER SAVING MODE witch hapens only when i turn off the pc PLEASE tell me is my card busted or that theres something else that is fixable THANKS IN ADVANCE nbsp

A:Nvidia GeForce 9600 Stoped working (heat related problem)

You should have sent this card immediately for replacement in warranty when the first problems occurred; however, its never too late, send it back now and get a replacement.
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can someone please help my computer just stopped working i run in windows xp and now whenever i try to start it it just turns blue and says unkown hard error. i tried rebooting with windows 98 and half way through the installation another error screen comes up what should i do

A:computer stoped working screen just turns blue and says unknown hard error

have you tried booting from your XP disk and doing a reformat and reinstall? How old is the hard drive in the machine?
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Windows backup is not working since I cloned the O S hard drive Before cloning Backup not working Windows SSD since I did this my system setup was as follows Sandisk SSD as boot drive and a Seagate TB drive as my data and backup drive All backups to the Seagate have worked on a daily basis I bought a new Intel GB SSD to use as a boot drive and have the SSD as my data drive and the Seagate strictly as my backup drive I cloned the using the latest Acronis program that is designed to be used with the Intel drive with no issues that I am aware of The system started no problem and Windows Backup not working since SSD cloning I was able to copy all of my data off the Seagate drive and onto the Sandisk drive When I tried to do a backup to the Seagate drive it failed with the msg 'Windows backup skipped backing up system image because one of the critical volumes is not having enough free space ' From reading other posts of similar issues I checked for viruses and spyware new and or unwanted programs did several defrags of the Seagate drive did a disk wipe of all free space on the Seagate drive I even reformatted the entire Seagate drive and I still get the same error msg I disabled the TB drive hooked up an empty GB drive via USB and tried to do a backup and got the same error message I have very little information on the combined other two drives so space should not be the issue Any suggestions I can try to resolve this issue I really don't fell like starting from scratch to fix this

A:Windows Backup not working since SSD cloning

Have a look at this.
Windows 7 Backup Fails with Erroneous "Insufficient Space" Message and Error Code 0x81000033

This assuming you have a system reserved partition.
But the easiest solution is get free Macrium or another system backup utility, and use that instead of the Win 7 imaging utility.
As you've found out, the Win 7 utility has "issues."
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Hi there,I have a Hp Pavillion x2 10-n102ne , I created a full backup (clone) of all my partitions successfully, but when I restarted the system the detachable keyboard was not working nor the pad.Thought my touchscreen is working, my keyboard is not.So I made a Reset but still keyboard not working. Any help is appreciated
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Ok so I think I have a failing hard drive on my Sony Vaio VPCCW S E - Windows home premium bit Which is why I was trying to do an up to date system image in the first place working failed, not backup Cloning using Windows backup and restore My system image kept failing So I got a Cloning failed, backup not working new hard drive and sata usb cable downloaded macrium and tried to clone the drive to the new drive carefully making sure I had got everything right This also failed So now I have just backed up copies of all documents photos etc on an external hard drive made a note of all programs installed and their licence numbers and done a full disk check It found a few bad sectors and sorted them so reckon I need the new hard drive - the laptop is or years old Question is what do I do now Should I try cloning again now the bad sectors are sorted Or should I just put the new disk in and use my recovery discs to reinstall windows and put all my files and programs back on Also - as the clone failed presumably something will now be on the new hard drive - do I need to wipe it now Or just format it Thanks

A:Cloning failed, backup not working

Can you copy and paste the files in the drive? Or cant you boot?
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Hey Having a problem with my laptop not booting after cloning working... drive, a CD Recovery not SSD Not after cloning booting HD to an SSD drive I have been googling for Not booting after cloning HD a SSD drive, Recovery CD not working... a possible fix but nothing has worked so far so I thought I would sign up here and see if anyone has experienced similar issues and if there is a possible fix I am running a custom built laptop for music production but my harddrive failed the recovery partition was lost as well as almost all the data on the drive The solution was to buy a new SSD and clone the HDD of my friend's identical laptop everything is identical OS hardware etc The idea was to clone the drive of my friends computer install it in mine and do a factory reset via the recovery partition After cloning the hdd to my new SSD drive my computer won t boot When trying to boot to the cloned SSD I get the message quot Reboot and Select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key quot When following the boot order from BIOS I get the message quot PXE-E Media test failure check cable quot looks like it has something to do with the ethernet controller however this is the last item in the boot list When trying to boot into Hiren's Boot USB the same error message shows up quot reboot and select proper boot device quot Now it is possible to boot into the startup repair cd I created and the windows install disc however after selecting input language it tells me quot This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of windows you are trying to repair Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of windows quot BIOS is recognizing the harddrive and the name of it is shown in the list so it is connected properly I have tried changing the boot order according to guides explaining how to fix this problem but it does not work I am kind of stuck on this now The cloning process seems to be successfull since I checked before I put the SSD in my laptop all folders and files etc was there A fresh install of windows would mean loosing the revocery partition and the ability to do a factory reset and loosing all the optimizations made to the OS If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it Using windows professional bit the new ssd drive is a Samsung Evo

A:Not booting after cloning HD a SSD drive, Recovery CD not working...

Hi and welcome to the Forum.
Are you absolutely certain that both laptops had the same version of Windows?
Have you seen this:
PXE-E61 Media Test Failure Error
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Ok a question about cloning/ghosting a harddrive.

Now I have customer that has a dell laptop that will like to buy anothe laptop same model basically on ebay so then he can do a exact copy of the current laptop drive like a ghost/cloning then install that image that was created to the new used laptop off from ebay.

Now is this possible if so whats a good program to use? also does the new used laptop from ebay have to be the exact specs hardware components as the cloned drive one? thanks

A:question about cloning/ghosting a working harddrive OS to another same pc questions..

You can use Easeus-Disk-Copy The new laptop would need to be the same model #. You need to have the same motherboard and chipset. You then would take out the new laptops HDD and put it on a USB Adapter and attach it to the old computer. Format (erase) the new HDD and then clone the old HDD to the new with Easeus. After that is done, then put the drive back in the new computer start it up. That should boot normally and have all the files from the old computer. If for some reason the chipset is different and you get a BSOD then boot off of the XP CD and do a Repair Install
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Lenovo T p with Intel Turbo Memory - Cloning HDD [SOLVED] after working Windows Hard not Cloning Disk! Update with Advanced Format K Cluster HDD I have been beating my head against my desk for the past day trying to figure out the problems I am having I have a Genuine Windows Ultimate Installation I [SOLVED] Windows Update not working after Cloning Hard Disk! cloned my old GB HDD onto a GB HDD to increase space however [SOLVED] Windows Update not working after Cloning Hard Disk! after doing so I am unable to update windows turn windows defender on or install any Microsoft Products I am even unable to install WindowsActivationUpdate or Microsoft Security Essentials I have tried many FixIt tools to no avail I have run SFC SCANNOW I have run CHKDSK I am stumped RESOLUTION After doing some digging I found the solution Since I had cloned the drive the old AHCI driver wasn't updating Windows with the correct sector size Updating the AHCI driver with the latest from Intel solved all the issues I was having Note Install the Lenovo Driver First -- Reboot Lenovo Driver http support lenovo com en US downloads detail page DocID DS Install the AHCI Driver Manually iaAHCI inf - Do this in Device Manager -- Reboot Intel AHCI RST Driver http downloadcenter intel com Detail Desc aspx DwnldID DO NOT INSTALL RST GUI IT WILL REMOVE TURBO MEMORY DRIVERS Windows Update Working Windows Defender Updating Windows Installations Working RESOLUTION My MGADiag Diagnostic Report ----------------------------------------- Windows Validation Data-- gt Validation Code x FE Cached Online Validation Code x Windows Product Key - - X JB-XQDHB-C W B Windows Product Key Hash Dy vngm F cujl L xOYdanfdU Windows Product ID - - - Windows Product ID Type Windows License Type Retail Windows OS version ID F C -D B - FD- A B- C Is Admin Yes TestCab x LegitcheckControl ActiveX N A hr x Signed By N A hr x Product Name Windows Ultimate Architecture x Build lab win sp gdr - TTS Error Validation Diagnostic Resolution Status N A Vista WgaER Data-- gt ThreatID s N A hr x Version N A hr x Windows XP Notifications Data-- gt Cached Result N A hr x File Exists No Version N A hr x WgaTray exe Signed By N A hr x WgaLogon dll Signed By N A hr x OGA Notifications Data-- gt Cached Result N A hr x Version N A hr x OGAExec exe Signed By N A hr x OGAAddin dll Signed By N A hr x OGA Data-- gt Office Status N A OGA Version N A x Signed By N A hr x Office Diagnostics B D AA B- - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - Browser Data-- gt Proxy settings N A User Agent Mozilla compatible MSIE Win Default Browser C Program Files x Mozilla Firefox firefox exe Download signed ActiveX controls Prompt Download unsigned ActiveX controls Disabled Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins Allowed Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe Disabled Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Webbrowser control Disabled Active scripting Allowed Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting Allowed File Scan Data-- gt File Mismatch C Windows system wat watadminsvc exe Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system wat watux exe Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system sppobjs dll Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system sppc dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppcext dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppwinob dll Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system slc dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system slcext dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppuinotify dll Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system slui exe Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system sppcomapi dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppcommdlg dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppsvc exe Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system drivers spsys sys Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system drivers spldr sys Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system systemcpl dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system user dll Hr x b Other data-- gt Office Details lt GenuineResults gt lt MachineData gt lt UGUID gt F C -D B - FD- A B- C lt UGUID gt lt Ve... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Windows Update not working after Cloning Hard Disk!

After doing some digging I found the solution. Since I had cloned the drive, the old AHCI driver wasn't updating Windows with the correct sector size. Updating the AHCI driver with the latest from Intel solved all the issues I was having.

Install the Lenovo Driver First -- Reboot
Lenovo Driver:
Install the AHCI Driver Manually (iaAHCI.inf - Do this in Device Manager) -- Reboot
Intel AHCI RST Driver:
Windows Update = Working
Windows Defender = Updating
Windows Installations = Working