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Satellite Z830 - Remove/change single keys from keyboard

Q: Satellite Z830 - Remove/change single keys from keyboard


some keys on the keyboard of my Z830 keyboard became sticky over time.

Is it possible to remove single keys, try to clean it and put the key back in, or is the key glued?

I wouldn't want to replace the whole keyboard, as most of the keys still work fine.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite Z830 - Remove/change single keys from keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Satellite Z830 - Remove/change single keys from keyboard


> Is it possible to remove single keys, try to clean it and put the key back in, or is the key glued?
The key caps are removable. But I?m not quite sure if caps cleaning would solve the ?sticky key issue?.

On Youtube you could find some interesting videos how to remove such key caps and to clean the area under the caps.

But be careful doing this.
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I have just bought a Satellite Z830 PT22LA-001001 which comes with Windows 7 64 - fired it up and started loading my favorite programs/applications - nearly all of which are several years old at least! I find that hardly any of them work.

Would it be possible to load the 32 bit vsn of Windows 7?

Is this something I can choose if I do a recovery? (I was not given a choice when I first started the computer)

A:Satellite Z830 - change Win7 64it to 32bit version

> Would it be possible to load the 32 bit vsn of Windows 7?
Of course BUT before you do anything create recovery DVD that you can use in future in case you want to have ?factory settings? again AND check on Toshiba support and download page if your notebook is supported for 32bit version. If Toshiba supports 32bit for your notebook model and offer all necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can do this.

If not it can be problematic to find all this stuff and it will be better to stay with 64bit version.
> Is this something I can choose if I do a recovery?
Unfortunately not because only one recovery image is saved on HDD and you cannot switch between two different OS versions.

If you have more questions you are welcome.
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I've been trying to get an external keyboard (USB) to work with my Z830 running Win 7 (64 bit). I've tried three different USB keyboards into different ports and also a wireless keyboard.

The keyboard itself works fine but I can't get the numeric keypad to the right of the keyboard to work.
It allows me to move around the screen ie when the numlock is off but when the numlock is on it doesn't do anything.

I've looked in the bios and changed the settings relating to legact devices and also the numlock option but to no avail. The numeric keypads on the keyboards have worked on other machines.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



A:Satellite Z830 - Numeric keypad on external keyboard won't work


I?m not quite sure about that but my assumption is KBC code is missing in BIOS.
The Satellite/Portege Z830 keyboard does not support the numeric keypad so possibly this is the reason why the numeric keypad on external keyboard cannot be activated.
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Hi guys, Something really strange started happening two days ago. Out of the blue the following keys stopped working: GHBackspaceWindows [email protected]' The laptop is a couple of years old and a bit dusty, so I took it to the local shop to get the keyboard replaced and cleaned. Seemed to be working fine when I left the shop. Then, a little while ago the space key and P stopped. Five minutes later they started working again but ctrl stopped and N is temperamental. I haven't spilt anything on it or knocked it. Any ideas what's going on?
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I have a Satellite C55-C-1U1.

I want to know if it's possible to change brightness using F2-F3 keys, without pressing the FN key.
I have Windows 8.1, 64 bit.

Thank you.
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Hi All

on my Satellite Z930 with keyboard layout set to german (Switzerland), the alt gr key does not allow to access the additional characters (such as @, which would be accessed by alt gr + 2), but instead turns all keys into hot keys (e.g. typing n would open a new web browser window).

Does anyone know about this behavior and how to turn this behavior off? (it's rather annoying to change the layout always to en-us just to type one char ...)

Many thanks!


A:Satellite Z930 - ALT GR key changes keyboard to hot keys

Similar is with English UK and US where symbols ? and @ are n different positions.

You must simply test which key combination works properly. I have EN UK keyboard and when I switch it to German (Switcerland) symbol @ I can get if I use ALT GR+2 key combination.

Does it works on your Satellite too?
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Hi there I recently had a Satellite C dt-B- purchased for me at Christmas Love the device and really enjoyed it up till recently A couple of months ago all of a sudden I noticed that my keys were starting to not work slowly the total number of keys not working grew and grew It even Keys C50dt-B-107 Working not Keyboard Satellite affected the on screen keyboard as it was acting like a key was being pressed So I removed the internal keyboard and functioned with just the on screen keyboard for a couple of months I recently bought a new keyboard online that is new I then placed this new keyboard into the motherboard slot However I still have issues but this time it doesn't seem to be the exact same keys as last time this Satellite C50dt-B-107 Keyboard Keys not Working is trying to remember off the top of my head One thing to note is that the plastic connector that usually held the keyboard in to the motherboard has broke off and I lost it As of now the keyboard Satellite C50dt-B-107 Keyboard Keys not Working is taped in place I'm afraid this is motherboard related damage and don't want to pay 's to repair it Can someone suggest troubleshooting ideas I obviously know that now I've been into the device I have probably made it unavailable for a free warranty repair I don't have the device with me as I'm out of my home right now but the H key works G does not Esc works Space Works These are just some keys that do work there are more that work but can't remember what
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Hi I have a Satellite L -B- FN bought only five months ago Feb and aside from an ongoing problem with the lid not closing properly I now have a hardware issue the keyboard has stopped functioning fully keys Satellite working L50-B-2FN: select keyboard not with most of the number keys unresponsive as well as the letters R and Y I have checked the keyboard and drivers setup through Device Manager and Satellite L50-B-2FN: select keyboard keys not working the machine tells me everything is working properly and updated but this is clearly not the case I tried Toshiba's own online recommendations uninstalling the keyboard http support toshiba com support t TYPE COMPUTERS and a system restore to the last automatic http forums toshiba com t System- ta-p but neither have resolved the problem From what I understand from online forums keyboard issues like thi are a very common problem on Toshiba Satellites especially those running or updating to Windows mine came with Windows already installed There does not however seem to be a clear or consistent solution Can anyone help Apparently the warranty on this device serial number part number expired on Dec so even though I only bought it from the store on Feb it isn't covered--otherwise I would be requesting a replacement especially given the problem with the lid not closing properly too Thanks in advance Martyn
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I'm looking to remove some of the individual keys on my keyboard, and clean them up.
Some keys are beginning to feel 'sticky', and I'm going to be cleaning them, and whatnot.

So, I'm having issues actually removing the individual keys. As it's a laptop keyboard, I'm doubting that you can just "pop" the keys out with a needle, or a similar object. So how would I remove them?

Quick Edit: As the title says, it's the Toshiba X200.

A:Satellite X200 - How to clean some Keyboard keys


You mean you want to remove only the key caps?
Yes this is possible and the caps are stuck on the keyboard!

So you can remove it carefully using a thin object.
You can leaver the single caps carefully.

I did it very often to clean the space under the buttons caps!
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Ihave a Satellite L -B- FN bought only five months ago Feb and aside from an ongoing problem with the lid not closing properly Inow have a hardware issue the keyboard has stopped functioningfully with most of the number keys unresponsive as well as theletters R and Y Ihave checked the keyboard and drivers setup through Device Manager select Satellite L50-B-2FN: working not keys keyboard and the machine tells me everything is working properly and updated but this is clearly not the case I tried Toshiba's own onlinerecommendations uninstalling the keyboard http support toshiba com support t COMPUTERS and a system restore to the last automatic http forums toshiba com t System- -p but neither have resolved the problem Fromwhat I understand from online forums keyboard issues like thi are a very common problem on Toshiba Satellites especially those running or updating to Windows mine came with Windows alreadyinstalled There does not however seem to be a clear or consistentsolution Can anyone help Apparently the warranty on this device serial number part number expired on Dec so even though Ionly bought it from the store on Feb it isn'tcovered--otherwise I would be requesting a replacement especiallygiven the problem with the lid not closing properly too Thanksin advance Martyn

A:Satellite L50-B-2FN: select keyboard keys not working

I see cut-and-paste mangled the spacing of my text, so I hope that is all clear enough!
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Hi there,

I have had my Satellite X200-25H for well over 18 months but one of the problems I have always had is with the keys on the keyboard. I find often needing to press hard on the keys in order to type.

It is really annoying and I want to know if others have had similar experience with there Satellite Laptops (in particular the desktop replacement models) or have I been very unlucky with mine. Is there a cheap fix for this?



A:Satellite X200-25H - Hard keys on keyboard

Hi buddy,

To be honest I never had such a problem. In my opinion the keyboard on Toshiba notebooks works like on other notebooks. In my opinion everything is ok.

But if you think it?s not ok, contact an ASP for help. There you can get a replacement part?
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When I engage NUM LOCK the keys on the right of the main keyboard also become number keys as well as on the numeric keypad on the right.
I've tried pressing Fn and NUM LOCK at the same time like on a non extended keyboard but this makes no difference.

I've also tried different input languages and keyboard styles.
I can't test with an external keyboard because I don't have one. I've downgraded from vista to XP.
I don't know if this made a difference because I didn't notice this until after the downgrade.

Any ideas?

A:Re: Satellite P300-276: keys on right of keyboard become numbers when NUM LOCK


Sorry but I think I don?t understand your issue?
Fact is that if the NUM LOCK is enabled (FN +F11) then the buttons; U, I, O, J, K, L and M become to numbers:
U to 4
I to 5
O to 6
J to 1
K to 2
L to 3
M to 0

If you would press FN + F11 again then the buttons should be set back to letters...
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My Toshiba and I are BAAAAAACK....for some reason, my 1,q,a,z and left side ctrl, shift and tab keys are not working (I have an external keyboard plugged into my laptop right now, which is extremely inconvenient). For awhile, there was some intermittent usability, but now.....NOTHING. I have tried to find new drivers on the Toshiba site, but there aren't any available right now. I am out of warranty and it costs $35. just to call them to discuss a problem. I have removed all of the affected keys and cleaned them, but still no luck. All of the other keys work fine.

On another note, after being infected in August with the Sircam virus and dumping and recreating my whole system, the right click button on my keyboard mouse is no longer working.

Any ideas out there?

A:Toshiba Satellite 4080XCDT keyboard keys malfunction

If the external keyboard works fine, then the built-in keyboard is probably shot. Believe it or not, computer parts, especially laptop parts, do wear out. Don't waste your money on a support call or taking it in to a technician. The computer is too old and is not worth that type of repair. Time for a new one.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S2286 laptop many keys were pressed at one time accidentally I do not know in what order they were pressed the laptop started a rapid beeping it was shut down hot and restarted now the number keys 5 through = do not work and letter keys Q T Y U I O H do not work in upper or lower case please help if you can
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Hello all..

okay this may sound dumb, but in the last few days, my standard keyboard a Logitech UV-90 (great board with tons of extra buttons etc - that I never use LOL) has an issue sometimes.

the question mark (?) is above the forward slash (/) and when I try to put a question mark at the end of a sentence, for some strange reason at times, it instead gives me a capital E witha french accent mark on it - the question mark is working properly right now so I can't even show that.

is this a win 7 issue? I ask only in that after 9 years with XP, and many diff keyboards, I've never ever had this happen...



PS if you can point me at an answer (google couldn't) I'd be pleased!

A:Keyboard Issue - keys change in win 7?'s a SHIFT + Ctrl button issue...somehow the Ctrl button "sticks" ... sigh... ???? ????? work fine now tho..
my apologies here it myownself!

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Hello System is as follows I ve got TWO RAID arrays created on a ware Array - - Gig drives in RAID Array to drive change XP dual Remove single boot, - Mirror Gig drives When initially built XP was installed on array Works fine Later I installed XP on array Again works fine When booting windows offers to let me boot from either array Problem I am no longer using the Array and would like to delete it upgrade etc and use it only for data and not have the system depend on it I tried just removing those dives however the remaining array drive won t boot Remove XP dual boot, change to single drive Either no boot device available not sure but I may recall seeing an error about NTLDER SYS not being found Tried copying the hidden system files from array onto array but didnt help Any suggestions on getting the correct boot sector ini stuff Remove XP dual boot, change to single drive written to the other array so it will boot Many Thanks R Cobb http FloridaPhoto com nbsp

A:Remove XP dual boot, change to single drive

Try this, it will at least show you the boot ini if it is on the root of the drive array

If you are using any Windows NT line of operating systems that use the NTLDR bootloader (ie, Windows XP) you can apply a small trick during bootup for NTLDR to display more information before startup.

1. Boot into the Windows Advanced Boot Menu by tapping F8.
2. Hit <esc> to go to the OS Selection Screen.
3. At this screen, type in unsupporteddebug while the menu is displayed. Keep in mind there is nothing displayed to tell you what is being typed. After typing the above, the boot ini Path and Options will be automatically displayed at the bottom of the screen. If there is more than one OS selection you can use up down arrow keys to show each entry in the boot ini.

Note* Attempting to go back to a different menu (By pressing F5 or F8) may crash NTLDR or corrupt the first line of the display do to a buffer overrun bug. I recommend just restarting again by pressing the power button or Hit enter when done to continue booting.
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Hi all,
I want to know whether anyone can please tell me how I can change a few of the extra keys which run at the top of the keyboard (Home, Pause Audio, Volume controls, etc..) to do something else such as play the next audio track?

Any Help would be much appreciated.

Oh yeah, the pc is running Windows xp Pro and it is a microsoft natural keyboard if that makes any difference. I have managed to do it using a program (Keystroke Converter) but I want to be able to do it more permanently as I cant afford to pay for this program.


A:Change Function of Keyboard Extra Keys

Try this:

Microsoft Link

You should have got some software with the keyboard.......
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I have a compaq laptop cq56 which has some hot keys on the left hand side of the keyboard. the only probem is there is no spacing between them and the normal keys so everytime i go to hit tab, i end up hitting the dvd software key and it launches and is causing me great frustration. these keys are specific for these laptop, not windows. so is there anyway to disable or reassign the keys?
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hi i m having a problem with my toshiba laptop keyboard about a week ago i noticed i was no longer able to use the control key to copy and paste but i rarely use that key for anything else so i didn t think much of it except that i must ve accidently changed some command now my shift key isn t working--as you can tell from the lack of capitalization in this i think this is a different problem than what was addressed in earlier keys cntrl aren't help satellite workin shift, keyboard with laptop problems; toshiba posts about shift key problems in toshiba laptops in my case the shift key worked only sporadically currently it s not working at all first the right one stopped working now the left one isn t working either there doesn t seem to be any pattern to when they do don t work so it seems unlikely that these keys suddenly got stuck or something i m checking for viruses now does anyone have any other ideas now it s working that s so strange and annoying Thanks help with toshiba satellite laptop keyboard problems; shift, cntrl keys aren't workin Laurel nbsp

A:help with toshiba satellite laptop keyboard problems; shift, cntrl keys aren't workin

Laptop keyboards don't last forever. It may be time for a replacement
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I plugged my Satellite Z830-10U into power and left it powered on for half an hour and then I saw it like hibernated (screen off). Then it was left for 20 hrs from yesterday plugged into power outlet.. Now it has
its "DC-in" indicator flashing orange, power on indicator is green steadily, the eco indicator is also on and green. The screen is off and it is like the system shutdown.

The problem is that the power botton does not work and pressing it (either for a short or long time) has no
effect. I plug the AC adaptor into power while connected to the computer and I see the battery indicator goes
green and stays green until I unplug the AC adaptor from power outlet or disconnect the charger from

How can I turn it on and get back my files?

Thanks in advance.
M. Shams

A:Satellite Z830-10U does not power on

> How can I turn it on and get back my files?
Well, the files are on the HDD?
So you can remove the HDD from the notebook and you can use an external USB to SATA controller /enclosure in order to connect the HDD to another computer.
This would be the easiest way to get the access to the files?

The other story is the notebook power functionality?
For me it looks like its hardware related issue and in such case the unit needs to be checked by service technician? hopefully its not a motherboard because in such case the mobo needs to be replaced and this might be a costly affair?

Is warranty valid?
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Just got a new Toshiba Satellite Z830 13". Great machine so far! small hard drive though!

I was wondering if, after creating the bootable recovery media, I can repartion the SSD drive in order to get more space.
I got this computer with a 128Gb SSD drive wit 4 partions on it:

1: Recovery partition
2: Hyberanation Partition
3. Primary partion:
4. Primary partition, main partition :

what if I delete Hibernation partition and the smaller primary partition? then I should gain more free space expanding the main one..
HAs anyone ever tried?


A:SSD partitions on Satellite Z830


Generally speaking, after recovery discs creation you can do with HDD and partitions whatever you want. You can even delete recovery partition to get more free space.

After doing this you will not be able to use HDD recovery installation. With other words you will not be able to install original Toshiba recovery image from HDD. Using created recovery DVD you can do it anytime you want.
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What kind of TFT-panel does the Z830 serie have? In the specs it proudly says it has a LED-backlit HD super ultra whatever, but it doesn't say what kind of panel. I fear it's a TN-panel, otherwise it would be pointed out clearly. Still I'd like this confirmed.

I'm kind of hoping for an IPS-panel, since many high-quality tablets these days also feature an IPS-panel, if not OLED.

Toshiba editors, if you're reading this, please also update the specs.

A:TFT-panel in the Satellite Z830

Googling around I found one site with follow information:

13.3 HD 200 LD - FLAT SLIM

Display Panel
Display Type - TFT Color LCD
Vendor - SAMSUNG
Size (Diagonal) - 13.3"(HD)

Resolution - 1366 x 768
Aspect ratio - 16:9
Type of Lighting - Sidelight, LED

Contrast - 300(Min)
Response Speed - Tr+Tf:16ms(Typ.), 25ms(Max.)
Rise -
Fall ?

Viewing Angle
Horizontal - -30~+30 degrees (Min.), -45~+45 degrees (Typ.),
Vertical - -10~+20 degrees (Min.), -15~+35 degrees (Typ.)
Dot Pitch - 0.2148 x 0.2148 mm
# of Color(w/o dither) - Up to 256K Colors
# of Color(w/ dither) - Up to 16M Colors

Brightness Control - Yes (by Fn+F6/F7 and TOSHIBA Power Saver)
Contrast Control ? No

Sorry but that?s all I found about this display.
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Hi All,

Just letting you know that I've uploaded a tear down of a Toshiba Satellite Z830 laptop at:

Opening a Toshiba Z830

I also have some videos realting to other Toshiba products on my playlist at the following link. It has Toshiba hard drives, AIo units and some other laptops.

Let me know what you think of it.


A:Re: How to open Satellite Z830?

That?s all nice what you do but you must also know that many people are not so practiced with notebook disassembling and it can be very dangerous. On these videos it seems to be so easy but due to small mistake some small plastic holder or part can be damaged and broken.

As I can see there is also no antistatic protection. It is also important to say that notebooks with valid warranty should not be disassembled. After doing this warranty is cancelled and if there is some serious hardware damage it will not be repaired and covered by warranty.

Sorry for these critical words but I just think people should know how all this works.

Bye and good luck.
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Hi I have a Satellite Z - U which I LOVE amp have had no issues with since I bought it years ago Just today I Battery for Satellite Z830-10U get a message that there is an issue with the battery amp I should replace it It has now died completely - although still working with mains I've searched on-line amp can't find a replacement Battery for Satellite Z830-10U I phoned Toshiba support who said I needed an cell Altair battery - amp gave me the number for quot Topaz Support quot They are now closed for the weekend great I did another search on-line amp Duracell sell one for the Satellite Z but doesn't mention the U bit - amp their description Satellite Z Main Battery Pack V Cells mAh Is this totally different that Altair I have no idea Why am I finding it so hard to find a replacement The guy at Toshiba said they shouldn't have been made obsolete yet as it's not that old Any ideas please thanks Sara

A:Battery for Satellite Z830-10U


The information you got is right. your notebook uses ?8CELL 3200_ALTAIRU? battery.
In my opinion you must not wonder why you cannot find it so easily.

As you probably know, notebook manufacturers offers two types of batteries. Batteries that can be exchanged by notebook owner. For those batteries you can get part number and order it almost everywhere.

Problem is that your machine has specific design and battery is placed under the cover. To be honest you are not ?authorized? to remove the cover on your own because this will cancel your warranty.

Believe me, the best option for you is to make battery exchange with help of authorized service provider. It cannot be so problematic for you to wait few days and clarify all this with Toshiba service, right?

Do not remove bottom cover on your own. Battery itself is also fixed with several screws and connected to the mainboard with small battery connector. Small mistake and you can damage something. Let technicians do this for you.
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I need to replace a keyboard on a Satellite L50-B-1DV.

The keyboard that I have received from my suppliers does not have any screw holes so I am presuming that the existing keyboard comes out by prising it gently from the top rather than having to dismantle.

Can anyone confirm what is best method of removing a keyboard from this particular model.
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i have a Z830 and i'm really happy with it. But i have a little missing DLL message after booting.
It says: "*there was a problem starting msixvq32.dll The specified module could not be found*"

My question is, where can i find this missing DLL? I know how to switch off the alert with msconfig, but i doesn't solve the problem, it just hides it..

Thanks for your help


A:Missing dll file on my Satellite Z830

Since when this message occurs on start-up?
Have you done anything that can be responsible for this?
Can you identify for which module is this dl file important?
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What is wrong with the cooling and fan on my brand new Satellite Z830?! It is totally unacceptable.

The computer has NO programs running bar the desktop and the fan is on! Its loud, buzzing and annoying! The laptop is on my desk so the cooling is not blocked. How did this pass Quality Assurance?!

When I bought the computer it has the most up-to-date BIOS pre-installed: 1.60.

CPU temperature is 50%. Internal System temperature 42%. Fan speed 48%!!!!!

How I stop the fan coming on bar cutting a wire?! There must be an 'off' function somewhere?! Why does the fan continually run at 48%?!

Is this a software fault or hardware fault?!

I'm very disappointed.

A:Re: Cooling fan issue on Satellite Z830

WHY IS THE FAN CONTINUALLY RUNNING AT 48%??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!? ?!!??!?!
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I would like to know how I can replace my PC (Satellite Z830-10T) in Japan.

Two years ago I bought the PC in UK and now I'm living in Japan.
The battery of the PC is now running out and not recharged any more, so I think I need to replace the battery.
Then, I asked to Toshiba support in Japan to replace the battery but they declined my offer, because they deal with only products sold in Japan.

Could anyone tell me how I can replace the battery of my PC in Japan?
Do I send the Customer Center in UK? If so, what is the address? How does it cost?
Or, it might be necessary to think to replace the battery by myself. In that case, could anyone tell me what the battery product number is?

Thank you in advance.


A:Satellite Z830-10T - Battery Replacement

It is not easy to give you a good advice what you can do. Problem is that your notebook must be disassembled and this should be done by authorized personal only.

Maybe you can order battery from UK and ask ASP in Japan to exchange it. It should not be problematic. I can just imagine that they have problem to order original parts.

Try to order it in UK or maybe you have someone who can do this for you and send it to you.

Check also similar thread -
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Recently my SSD drive failed, I had a spare brand new one so I replaced it. Since replacing it I've been having issues with my battery. The laptop works fine when plugged in, however if I remove the AC plug the laptop will switch off (like unplugging a desktop PC). The battery shows up in device manager, the following is listed:

Microsoft AC Adaptor
Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery
Microsoft Composite Battery

When the AC power is plugged in, the battery says charging and is stuck a 9%, it's been like that for days.

When replacing the SSD, I didn't touch anything else (well not that I know of), and made sure I was touching the SD slot (to ground any static). I'm not sure if that is the issue.

The ultrabook is just over a year old, and the battery was perfect before this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

A:Satellite Z830 - battery issue

In my opinion on this Satellite has different design and construction so such exchange should be done by authorized personal only. On this virtual way we cannot say much. Who know what is wrong there.

In my opinion it must be tested with another battery and just on this way you can see if the battery is troublemaker or anything else. I?m afraid you need professional help with this issue. Contact nearest Toshiba service and let them check battery and power supply electronic.
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I have tried unsuccessfully to connect a projector to the VGA port. The screen dies, and nothing comes on the projector. I can manage to shut down the system by using the 'flag' button and the arrow keys.

However I would like to use my Satellite Z830 with a projector for work, and my husband would like to use it with an external screen.
Any tips?

A:Projector usage with Satellite Z830

I presume projector is off when you connect it to your Satellite, right?

When you switch projector on is in the same moment display on notebook simply black?

One more thing: do you use original preinstalled operating system that you got with your notebook?
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I just purchased the Toshiba Satellite Z830 - 10J and am very surprised by the loud fan noise!

I read on other forums that the noise might be louder depending on the device or that a BIOS update might help slowing down the fan activity when the laptop is running idle. Does someone know if there is a remedy to the fan noise?

For me it is really impossible to work with such an ongoing noise!!!

Thank you for your help.

A:Loud Fan noise on Satellite Z830-10J

At the moment don?t think about BIOS update.
What you should try at first is to change ?Cooling method settings?.

Open power profile that you use (probably Balanced) > Advanced power options > Toshiba Power Saver Settings > Cooling Method and change both options to ?Battery Optimized?.

It should reduce cooling fan activity.
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I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite z830-10w. The salesperson climed it should have Intels Widi capability.
I cannot find it in the specifications of this computer.

Before I open the box, can someone tell if this is the case?

mvh cp

A:Does Satellite z830-10w support WiDI


Intel? Wireless Display (WiDi) requires an Intel WLan card.

The Satellite z830-10w has been equipped with the Atheros Wlan card? so WiDi is not supported in your case?
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Hi, did anybody try to upgrade Z830 BIOS.
After I re-booted I get a message to insert an original Windows disk, but Z830 does not have optical drive and furthermore I do not have Windows disk, since it came pre-installed?

I went back to the store and they plugged USB optical drive with an OEM Windows version and I got into my ultrabook, but a day later I got the same message to insert an original Windows disk after a re-boot without me even trying to upgrade BIOS, so it seems that BIOS upgrade did not work the first time!

Why would BIOS upgrade ask for an original Windows disk? Any thoughts? Thaks!

A:Satellite Z830 BIOS upgrade


Please try this:
Power up the unit and press F2.
This should allow you to access the BIOS.
In BIOS press F9 this will set the BIOS default settings. Press F10 to save the changes.
Now boot up the unit.

If you will not be able to boot up the Windows. Try this:
Power up the notebook and press F8.
Now you should see an Advanced boot menu.
Here choose Repair my Computer -> HDD recovery.

HDD recovery will start the recovery procedure without the usage of any disks.
This will help you to set the notebook back to factory settings.

Hope this can help you.
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i have a toshiba z830.

like we can read here:

"The GTF0/1 is not defined anywhere, but referenced in _SDD control method. When this control method gets run, it will access the GTF0/1, and that caused a run time namespace look up error, and that also caused the control method's execution failed. But I think this will not affect your SATA device, it should function correctly, right? What the BIOS people tried to do here is to set NCQ autosense feature for the drive."

it's seem to have a problem.

any fix soon


A:Satellite Z830 - Update BIOS soon?

Sorry mate? maybe you understood something wrong? this is user to user community.

Regarding the link and possible bug:
You posted a link to an Linux OS page / kernel bug tracker?

As far as I know the Linux is not supported by Toshiba.
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Ever since I first started using my ultrabook, it's extremely wobbly.
While I'm typing random texts it keeps wobbling and it's incredibly annoying.

Placing a folded piece of paper under the front left corner fixes the problem, but it's not a steady solution.
The weird thing is that this problem keeps occurring, no matter where I use my ultrabook
(so it's not about the surface I normally work on, since it's already been on literally hundreds of different tables at the university library).

At first I thought I'd get used to it, but lately I feel like the wobbling has been getting worse.

How should I fix this or can Toshiba fix this?

A:My Satellite Z830-10J is extremely wobbly

What Satellite Z Ultrabook do you mean exactly?

According to you question:
> How should I fix this or can Toshiba fix this?

Don?t know if you can fix it? you can check if the rubbers at the bottom of the unit are placed correctly? but I think if there is something wrong with the notebook?s cover, the Toshiba service should check it.
Relevancy 67.08%

I have a Toshiba satellite z830-12e not booting into windows, comes to black screen with error: insert system disk.
Checked the bios and ssd is not listed. Have replaced it with new one but still not recognised. Sata mode is ahci.
Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Toshiba satellite z830-12e SSD not recognised


Originally Posted by fixitme

Have replaced it with new one but still not recognised. Sata mode is ahci.
Any help would be much appreciated.

If it's not being recognized in the bios, then re-check to be sure it's inserted into the drive bay fully and connected. If the bios still can't recognize this ssd then there may be something wrong with it
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Hey, quick question.

How do I remove the keyboard from the laptop to give the inside a cleaning ?


A:How to remove keyboard on my Satellite Pro C850-14C


I read that this is not very easy?
You will need to remove the CD/DVD drive firstly.
Then you will need to use a plastic stick to push the back of keyboard from the slot in ODD housing. The keyboard should be pushed until the corner raises upon top case surface.
After that using the same plastic pry slice to insert the gap between keyboard and top case, then pry keyboard edges carefully until all latches are unlocked.

By the way: doing this would will cancel the warranty?
Relevancy 66.65%

I need to change the display connector on my notebook, already removed HDD, Memories, ODD, all screws F2, F5, F8, and the keyboard plate is still blocked in the middle, cannot remove it from motherboard.
Any tips, please, about what is still tightening the plate to motherboard?

Thanks in advance

A:Cannot remove keyboard on Satellite Pro U400


Before you start to remove screws that secure keyboard (two of them at the top) remove screws for KB Holder. They are placed under the battery.
Check it out.
Relevancy 66.65%

Hi there

I have bought a Toshiba Satellite R630-14J, and i would like to remove de keyboard for clean it.
I have tried to remove the plastic case between the keys, but I have not succeeded.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

A:Satellite R630-14J -How to remove keyboard?

My friend has an R700 which I think is the same design as that R630. If it is the same, it is a big job to remove the keyboard, the whole base of the notebook needs to be dismantled.

You can clean the keyboard without removing it using compressed air, however if it's a liquid spill, the keyboard will probably need replacing.
Relevancy 66.22%

Hey, I bought a Toshiba Satellite Z830-10w. It is a fine ultrabook.
I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6 Gb ddr ram.

Have some here tried with an 8 Gb RAM block Regand flemming

A:Satellite Z830 - I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6GB memory

>I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6 Gb ddr ram.

The chipset is responsible for the RAM
So you have to know if the chipset would support the 6GB RAM,.

The Z830-10w supports the Mobile Intel(R) HM65 Express Chipset and it should support 8GB RAM

From my knowledge the unit is equipped with one 2GB internal RAM which is NOT removable.
You can upgrade ONLY one slot?
So one slot can handle 4GB RAM and in such case the 6GB RAM are supported.
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I have recently purchased a refurbished Satellite Z830 and I am trying to load my own photographs into the display background: I am attempting to load them to Windows/Web/Wallpaper/Toshiba, but I am barred from access. i have created a new file under the Wallpaper file, but i cannot access that either.

Where do i go and to where can I upload my own background photos?
Richard B

A:Cannot upload background photos on my Satellite Z830

I presume you want to load some pictures and use them as slide show for the desktop background, right?

If yes open windows explorer and copy all pictures to Libraries > Pictures.
Click with right mouse button on the desktop and choose option Personalize > Desktop background.
As Picture location choose ?Picture Library?. Select your favourite photos, define picture position and changing time. After doing this confirm with ?Save changings?.

That?s all. Please test it.
Relevancy 66.22%

After changing almost every option in the BIOS, I came to this forum, and found a solution, that doesn't work for me.

The u-book refuses booting all I tried. USB-Stick and -DVD in every port, BIOS all that can be changed.

Finally I forgot the USB-2,5-HD to connect prior the reset and: voila, it works. Acronis initialized the drives later on, so I can attach it, after the Satellite agrees in booting external device.

The other thread was closed, although my solution isn't mentioned. That's why I created this one.

A:No External Boot on Satellite Z830-10J - SOLUTION

I have Satellite U940 without optical disc driver and construction of my notebook is pretty similar to your Satellite Z830.
I got my machine with preinstalled Win8. After recovery media creation (USB) I used my external USB ODD to install my own Win7 64bit version using original Microsoft installation disc.
After SATA driver load I?ve installed Windows successfully. External USB ODD was recognized properly and everything worked OK.

Only thing I?ve changed was secure boot option in BIOS.

Anyway, thanks for your posting.
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When I do a suspend to ram during the night, battery can lost 20%... don't think is really normal.

How much charge do you lost during the night?


A:Satellite Z830 - Suspend to RAM -> battery drained

Even when notebook is OFF battery will lose the capacity so it is ?normal?.
How many percent will battery lose is different and not the same on all notebook models.

To be honest if you use notebook on battery power supply it is logic to me that during the night you use hibernation and not stand-by mode. Stand-by mode is for short period of time only.
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I am running a Z830-10M with an external monitor. I want to close the laptop lid but use the internal speakers, but when I close the lid, the speakers stop sounding!

How do I fix this?


A:Satellite Z830-10M speakers turn off when lid is closed

I assume your notebook goes into sleep mode when the lid is closed.

In such case you have to set the option ?Choose what closing the lid does? to nothing

This can be found in control panel -> Power Options -> in the left column
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my Z830 should have a SSD capacity of 128 GB (according specification).
If I open the property of C: it shows me only only 97.6 GB.
What is wrong? I would like to have the full 128 available.

Thanks and best regards

A:Satellite Z830 - SSD 128GB capacity incorrect

> What is wrong? I would like to have the full 128 available.
Nothing is wrong. On your SSD is not saved OS only. There is saved recovery image too.

Open disc management, check SSD partitions structure and let us know if 128 GB are there.
Full available? You will never have whole 128GB available.
What you can do is to read user?s manuals document, create recovery discs and after doing this you can remove partition with recovery image and so increase available SSD capacity.
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I recently bought a Satellite z830, of which I am very happy.

Since my job requires it, I wiped the hard drive and installed Ubuntu linux instead of the default Windows installation.
I now wish to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version, but unfortunately it is available as a windows-only .exe

Is there any way to upgrade the BIOS version using only Ubuntu?

Thanks you

- Chris

A:Satellite Z830 - BIOS upgrade on Linux?

Since the Toshiba European driver page provides just an Win-based BIOS update version, you will need a running Window OS in order to update the win-based BIOS. :(
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Hi All, I have an occassional issue where upon waking my Z830, the screen will go black, the computer restarts, and I get the "Windows did not shut down properly" screen.

It only happens occassionally, but I believe with the following sequence of events:
1. Put computer to sleep by closing the lid
2. Wake computer by opening the lid

Once I restart using the "Start Windows normally" option, all is fine.

Anyone else experiencing this?? I love this laptop, so hate to think it's having any issues already!

A:Issue with Satellite Z830 restarting upon wake

> It only happens occassionally, but I believe with the following sequence of events:
> 1. Put computer to sleep by closing the lid
> 2. Wake computer by opening the lid

Does this happen if access the sleep mode in other way? for example by clicking on Start button and choosing Sleep?
Does this happens with hibernation mode too?
Relevancy 66.22%

I have an ultrabook z830 and the webcam is not working since W10 upgrade. I have tried installing the webcam application software from toshiba and also the one supplied with the laptop but when I try to run it it just says webcam initialization failed please restart application. I have uninstalled and re-installed a few times. The webcam worked fine before W10 upgrade. Can somebody please point me in the right direction for the correct webcam drivers. I have tried many without success.


Message has been edited: subject changed from Portege Z830 to Satellite Z830

A:Satellite Z830 - webcam not working since W10 upgrade

hmmm somebody has changed my title to portege z830 instead of ultrabook z830

I dont believe my laptop to be a portege

when I list my part number in the drop down menus it shows me this

Satellite Z830

I cant find the words portege anywhere on my laptop
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I just formatted my new z830( awesome ), cancelled all the partitions an installed a clean W7 copy.
All worked perfectly fine.

But.... I forgot to create the recovery DVD so I can't go back to the factory settings.
Have this voided my warranty in any way? I hope the hardware will still be guaranteed....

Thanks in advance,


A:Does HDD format void warranty on Satellite Z830?

>Have this voided my warranty in any way?
No. I just hope you have registered your new notebook.
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I've recently bought a Toshiba Satellite Z830-10 from PC World UK. I'm experience constant electric shock when my wrist touch the laptop body while charging with the adaptor. No problem when it is on battery.
Does anyone having similar problem?

After some research on the internet, there are some report about laptop with metallic casing when the manufacturer supply with 2 pin plug which does not have earthing.

Other company have replaced their problematic laptop with 3 pin plugs for all their customer. My adaptor is indeed with 2 pin plug.

Could the shock by lack of earthing in this case similar to Dell problem?

A:Satellite Z830-10 - electric shock while charging


I would really recommend contacting the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country to check the parts and to fix this issue.

A friend of mine is an Z830 owner but as far as I know he did not experience any similar issue.
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A careless family member has succeeded in cracking the screen of a fairly new Toshiba z830. It's broken quite badly, so I doubt it will be reparable.

I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on the best way to go about getting a replacement, bonus points for any information in the Melbourne area.

Thank you

A:Satellite Z830 - how to replace broken Screen?

Hello Seamus

There is only one reasonable advice: contact Toshiba service in Melbourne and let them replace the display. I know it will be pretty expensive but, believe me, it should be done by authorized service.
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Dear customer support dear users The following problem occurs with my Toshiba Satellite Z - K I am using a Graphics using error - Satellite Z830-10K U3 Dynadock Toshiba Dynadock via USB in order to connect to a LG monitor with px The graphics works fine here Also when I first Satellite Z830-10K - Graphics error using Dynadock U3 used the ultrabook without the Dockingstation everything was fine However since I am using the dockingstation I have a graphics error on my screen when I am using the ultrabook without the dockingstation I attached a screenshot and a picture http www pic-upload de view- picture jpg html What happens is that directly from the booting phase onwards the screen shows several white lines on the right hand sight of the display Some disappear most stay However the area where these lines occur is limited towards the middle of the screen Consequently I cannot work with the last right hand cm of my screen What causes this problem Interestingly on the screenshot everything is fine however on the picture you can see the real result I have the most recent graphics driver installed Any ideas Hardware or software problem Best ScoobyDoo

A:Satellite Z830-10K - Graphics error using Dynadock U3

Hmmmm..... it is not easy to say what the problem can be.
Try please to check and maybe you should install latest driver offered on this page to see if the problem persist.
Relevancy 66.22%

I have been using a USB mouse for a few weeks and touchpad has always been operational. A couple of days ago the touchpad has stopped working. No issues are raised in the device manager so that pointed me to the on/off buttons for the touchpad. But pressing the dedicated button and fn F9 have not changed anything.

Really confused but think I am missing something really obvious as I cannot think of an initiating event so assuming some magic button will bring the touch pad back to life.

All help gratefully received...

A:Satellite Z830-10U - Touch Pad has stopped working


What happens if you disconnect the USB mouse?
Can you use the touchpad again?

From my point of view the usage or installation of external USB mouse has affected the touchpad functionality? I cannot say for sure why and what happens exactly here but I read in different forums about similar issues and sometimes the usage of USB mouse caused the touchpad problems.

For example: in my case the touchpad did not work with connected USB mouse? I was very confused but found a solution? in my case the option ?disable touchpad when USB mouse is connected? was checked and this disabled the touchpad.

You can find this here:
Control panel -> mouse -> last tab (advanced) -> Advanced settings button

A friend of mine could not use the touchpad because it was disabled in BIOS.
This is worth to check too?
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I bought my Z830 in July 2012.
While I loved using the computer, the screen cracked after 4 months of normal usage.

I have treated the computer gently and have always used a slipskin and computer bag when travelling with it. The crack occurred while the computer had been sitting on a desktop for about 2 months.

I have had about 10 Toshiba laptops/notebooks over the past 15 years and have never had a cracked screen before.

It seems that a cracked screen is not covered under teh Toshiba Warranty, so it is very disappointing.

I would be very interested to know how many others have had this experience with the Z830.


A:Satellite Z830 - screen cracked after 4 months

>I have had about 10 Toshiba laptops/notebooks over the past 15 years and have never had a cracked screen before.

I had 3 different notebooks in the past and never had such issue and from my point of view such issue cannot happens without any pressure from outside?
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i need some help... I have a new Z830-10J. During the first
setup the Notebook crashed and rebooted. I always get
the error

"The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered
an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install
Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation."

After the restart i get the same error again and again... Pushing F8 does not bring
the repair options. Every option (Safe Mode, Debugging and so on) only leads to the
same error.

What can i do?

Best regards,

A:Satellite Z830-10J stucks in a installation loop

meanwhile i have an bootable USB stick with win7, but the
repairoptions does not find a backup to repair... but i see
3 partiions, besides the normal system theres a backup and
a boot partition.

Im going to download the Win 7 Home Prem. trial version and
will install that one. Do you think i am able to "restore" the system
after the installation? Otherwise the whole software from tohsiba
is lost :(

Message was edited by: ltkrogoth
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I see that Satellite Z930 is on the Toshiba list of supported upgrades to windows 10, but no sign of Z830. I have a Z830-10U and trying to decide whetehr to take up the free upgrade to windows 10 before it runs out in July 2016. Has anyone done it successfully?
Relevancy 65.36%

Hey, I bought a Toshiba Satellite Z830-10W, it is a fine ultrabook.
But I would like to have the timer function for keypad backlight to work.

Can the next BIOS update include the change? regand flemming

A:Satellite Z830-10W - timer function for keypad backlight

Don?t think that such function would be available?
Never seen any Toshiba notebook including such timer for backlight keys.
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I have a Z830 ultrabook with i5 and 6GB ram. I operate this on a dual display when I am at work (laptop display plus VGA monitor). However, the VGA display is extremely poor and very "fuzzy".

I have checked the intel graphics card drivers and all seems up to date (correct driver version), I have tested the monitor with other laptops and all seems fine. I have also checked to ensure the refresh rate is set correctly.

On thing I have noticed is that since i have rebuilt the laptop (to get rid of bloatware and maximise the ssd space) the Graphics score has dropped from 5.4 to 5.0. I am just wondering if I have left out a key Toshiba utility which provides better VGA output?

Appreciate any help!


A:Re: Satellite Z830 Ultrabook - fuzzy image on vga output

Have you tested it with different external monitors? I mean with monitors who use different resolution?

Check please user?s manuals document. Usually there you should find the table with all supported resolutions.

Can your notebook fit native resolution for external display?
> I am just wondering if I have left out a key Toshiba utility which provides better VGA output?
With ?standard? preinstalled drivers or tools this should work. It is already tested and all supported resolutions on external display should be supported.
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I would like to ask your assistance about my laptop's Bluetooth activation.
It's a Satellite Z830 PT22LA-001001, Windows 7, 64 bit.
I tried to find the Bluetooth connectivity by pressing FN + F8 and clicking the Bluetooth logo to turn it on, but it does not work.
No Bluetooth icon on my task bar as well, and when I tried to reload the driver over the internet download support, it does not complete the operation.
I get an error notification ?Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)".

For your assistance please.

Thank you.
Relevancy 65.36%

Hey all, I want to do a complete power down of the laptop. Windows has a habit of remembering errors through a reset.
Since I cant remove the battery in this one, how do I complete a power down, yes remove the AC plug, what do I do next to simulate a battery removal.

I remember one model you could push a button through a hole underneath, I cant seem to find one on this model or... I need better glasses to find it hehe.

Also I have a recurring issue with some update, shut down only type, not a restart type, and its always there. I was hoping a complete power down might help fix this.

I have run the windows mr fixit windows updater fixer but no joy....

Thanks in advance for any help, I specially want to Power down without having to unscrew the back and disconnect the battery.


A:Satellite Z830 PT22LA-001001- Battery reset

To do a reset you hold the Presentation Button and the Power Button down for 10-15 seconds.
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I replaced the preinstalled Windows with a Fedora 16 installation, - which works perfectly btw - and was hoping
to solve the "Windows Only Bios Update Problem" with a bootable Windows 7 USB Stick, which again works
great so far, but the BIOS160_EC130_WIN.exe just says: "This computer is not supported." ...

Any ideas appreciated.


A:Re: Satellite Z830 Bios update: "This computer is not supported"


You cannot update the BIOS running Linux and using an win ? based BIOS version.
You will need to use the Toshiba preinstalled image.
Relevancy 65.36%

I have an Toshiba Satellite Z830-10T and just upgraded to Windows 10. Most things have worked, except for the Dolby audio driver. I keep getting the following message:

The current Dolby audio driver version 7.2.8000.17 and the software application expects driver version 7.2.7000.7.Please install a valid driver and software application combination.

I've seen on a different forum thread that someone said go to As the Z830 isn't listed as a model, the person suggested trying the Z930 instead. I tried this but it didn't work.

I've tried finding the right driver online, but cannot find it.

Could someone advise how to fix this for my laptop, the Z830?

with thanks, Julieanne
Relevancy 65.36%

I have a Satellite Z830 notebook about 15 months old. It is networked with other computers. I use this one in the loungeroom, and recently it has been thrown off line even after a minute. I can usually get back on. Have followed instructions to unplug modem etc. It says "network adaptor unplugged" Everything has been checked. I'm told it might be a software problem and hopefully I just need to download something.

I tried my laptop in the loungeroom last night and it did not drop out at all.

Hoping you can help.


Relevancy 65.36%

I have a Toshiba Z830-10U.

Does anyone know how which piece(s) of software I need in order for the two programmable buttons near the power button (the eco button and the presentation button) and the button that should toggle on/off the trackpad (between the space bar and the track pad) to work?

Currently these three buttons do nothing when pressed. All other software is running correctly.

Thank you!

A:Satellite Z830-10U - How to get eco/presentation/trackpad buttons to work?


Did you try to install VAP?
Value Added Package can be downloaded from Toshiba Eu driver page. This package contains some necessary apps which controls different notebook features and one of these features are the multimedia buttons
Relevancy 65.36%


im going to upgrade my wireless chip in Z830-11H (pt22le) to enable intel WiDi. Before ordering a new chip i'd like to get a certainty about which Intel Chips that support WiDi are supported by my system? Right now i have Atheros AR9002WB-1NG, which otherwise works quite well, except missing widi, and im just tired of not being able to use it since my LG tv supports it!

So please help me out! Which one of these cards can i use?

I would rather get one of the newer models but which ever works will do.

Thank You so much in advance to anybody who takes the time to help me out!

A:Upgrading wireless chip in Satellite Z830-11H to get WiDi

As far as I know such upgrade is not supported so I don?t think anyone here will be able to help you with right information. I mean, such info can be offered by Toshiba service if they know it.

As you probably know hardware upgrade is very limited and except HDD or RAM other kind of hardware upgrade on mobile machines is not supported.
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The Intel driver for wi-fi does not work correctly as depicted by a yellow exclamation point in device manager. In the toshiba diagnosis, I have the Intel 82579V Gigabit Network Connection v. For wifi I have sometimes to restart the computer or choose 'restore settings'. I think it has to do with the wrong driver.

I have Win8 on my laptop. Where can I download the correct driver ?

A:Where can I download Intel 82579 driver for Satellite Z830?

I don?t know which part number has your notebook and cannot search it for you but check please Toshiba download page

Be so nice and post exact part number of your notebook (check sticker at the bottom).
Relevancy 65.36%

My new Toshiba Satellite Z830 10J ultrabook with Win7 64bit,. all updates, works fine and shows no deficiencies, there is however one strange exception.

When the battery is fully charded and i "pull the plug", the system runs on the battery for sometimes more than 5 hours, so i assume the battery cycle is ok.

When the battery now is fully charged again and i SHUT DOWN the system and do not use it for a few days,
then the battery is totally DISCHARGED to 0% and the system will not boot, until i plug it in.

This phenomenon occurs in less than a week. So: charging the batrery to 100%, switching off the system, pulling the plug, wanting to re-use the system after 7 days, yields to 0% battery charge.

Is there any specific reason for this?


Roland Schweiger

A:Satellite Z830-10J Battery discharges when system is shut down

Hello Roland

It is well known that battery looses capacity over night or after few days but maybe several percent or maximal 20% but it is not known to me that battery will be complexly empty.

Is some external device connected to USB ports when the notebook is off or notebook is placed on the desk without any connected devices?

Please enter also BIOS settings and disable every option that can be related to this issue. I don?t have this new notebook and BIOS is not known to me but check please all BIOS settings. Disable wake =up on LAN or USB sleep and charge.
Relevancy 65.36%

Hello all,

I'm trying to install the 1.70-WIN BIOS update of 12/09/12, delivered in a zip folder called "bios-20120907140253", without success.

Everytime I run the .exe file I get "This computer is not supported" returned in Toshiba BIOS Package Ver.4.2.1 window.

My laptop part number is PT22LE-00E004EN.
Toshiba's Tempro software advised me to install this BIOS upgrade.

Is anyone else having this problem, and is there a solution?



A:1.70-WIN BIOS Update on Satellite Z830-10T - Computer Not Supported

In my personal opinion you don?t need to update the BIOS even if the new BIOS was updated.
I?ve got a laptop? its running perfectly with old BIOS and I did not update to newer version even if new updated were released?

Nevertheless I found really interesting thread with a solution:

Here is another thread with the same error message:
The solution -> recover the notebook back to factory settings using HDD recovery and try again.

PS: before doing this try to reinstall the VAP
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my battery keeps discharging even when the computer is completely booted down and switched off. It's been doing this for a few weeks now and it is every time.
Does anyone have the same problem?
And does anyone have a solution, apart from having the battery changed? Problem is I can't send the computer away for service right now as I am writing my thesis on it.

Thanks for your help


A:Satellite Z830 - Battery discharges when completely switched off

As far as I know it is ?normal? that battery looses few percent of capacity over the night. The same happen on my notebook.

Anyway, check please follow document
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I have a Z830 Satellite with the SD card reader.

The spec sheets says it reads SDHC cards, so I purchased a Transcend 32Gb SDHC card for putting all my music on. When I plug it into the SD card reader of the laptop it doesn't do anything - nothing shows in Windows Explorer or in Disk Management. It's like the reader doesn't even know there is a card inserted.

However, if I put the card into a USB SD card reader and plug it into the USB port, the machine sees the card just fine. I can copy files to/from it. Is this a driver issue, or is this hardware related?

A:Satellite Z830 - SDHC card 32Gb not recognised

Hi, do you have the factory Windows installation installed? Or did you install XP/Vista?

Do you have the latest BIOS installed?

Do other SD cards work ok in the Z830?
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Hi, I recently "lost" 2 keys on the keyboard (broke off) and I can't put them on again.
When I look at spare parts sites & supplier, this model can't be found at all ... which type of satellite do i have to select or what type of keyboad do i have to order to replace my borken one

A:Toshiba Satellite L50-B-2EU "lost" 2 keys on the keyboard

first hit on ebay wasnt to hard to find.
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Updated my Satellite Z830 to windows 8. In order to do that I had to uninstall the recovery program.
I thought that the program would be reinstalled when running the Toshiba upgrade Assistant - but that did not happen.

How do I update the program again?

A:Satellite Z830 updated to Win8 - missing Toshiba Media Creator


As far as I know the recovery media creator is part of the Toshiba image and not available after Win 8 upgrade
Relevancy 64.07%

Hello All.
I have a Z830-10U and have upgraded to Win10. Now I keep getting a message - the current Dolby audio driver version 7.2.8000.17 and the software application expects driver version 7.2.7000.7.Please install a valid driver and software application combination.

I can not seem to find the driver any where. can any one help please?

A:Satellite Z830-10U - Dolby Advanced Audio asks for valid driver


I have checked Win10 upgrade page - and your notebook model is not listed there.

I don't know if this will help but have you tried to install offered drivers for Z930?
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My Computer Specs Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor AMD E- APU with Radeon tm HD Graphics AMD Family Model my not my no working keys wor keyboard keys while keyboard times Some other are on on Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard B Antivirus AVG Internet Security Updated and Enabled The notebook that is having the problem is an HP - b WM When i turn on the notebook it would ask me Some keys on my keyboard are not working while other times no keys on my keyboard wor to log in but none of the keys would work so i would have to press the button that allows me to go back to where i can choose log into another users account Then i would click on my account at which time all the keys on the keyboard would work Some keys on my keyboard are not working while other times no keys on my keyboard wor except b n and the delete key I reinstalled the keybaords software but that did not make the keys work I looked online Some keys on my keyboard are not working while other times no keys on my keyboard wor and on this website for solutions to the problem but none of the or solutions that i read about worked for my problem I finally wiped the hard drive and reinstalled windows but the problem is still there I wondered if something got under the keys of the keybaord themselves so i took a couple off and looked and there was nothing I pressed the keys while their cover was off and it still did not work If the solution you tell me works for me tell me how come wiping the drive and then reinstalling Windows did not fix the problem I googled my notebooks name and found the drivers that are avaliable on HP s website I clicked on Driver - Keyboard Mouse and Input Drivers But then it only gave me options The first was HP Wireless Button Driver The second was Synaptics Touchpad Driver But there was nothing there about the keybaord I wasn t sure if they forgot to mention the keyborad in the title and description or if the thing that said quot Driver- Keyboard Mouse and Drivers quot was something they had for all notebooks weather or not they acutally had keyboaard drivers but because it could not hurt to download it and try it I have downloaded it and i tried to install it after i tried the message i got was quot The best driver software for your device is already installed quot I don t know what to do next Please help me nbsp

A:Some keys on my keyboard are not working while other times no keys on my keyboard wor
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Two questions This first one is a question about what two registry keys do HKEY LOCAL MACHINE gt SYSTEM gt CurrentControlSet gt services gt Tcpip gt Parameters gt DNSRegisteredAdapters gt Corresponding NIC What are the Flags and RegisteredSinceBoot keys keys do do change DNSRegisteredAdapters' what once Also, these to values. original back changed, will keys What do they do I attempt to change the values of these keys They go back to their original values if I restart log in or run ipconfig registerdns nbsp Here is some background I am on an IT engineering and I have been looking into a DNS issue we have had for quite some time The issue is that our AD DNS server records do not update for DNSRegisteredAdapters' keys once changed, will change back to original values. Also, what do these keys do about half of our machines We have timestamps dating back a couple of months I know I know scavenge The team in charge of that is in the process of getting that set I have been looking into a multitude of things to ensure all computers' DNS records update nbsp In my testing I have checked several machines and notice that those keys mentioned above have the values of- flags and registeredsinceboot On the computers that aren't updating their values are I have attempted to change to and on a computer that isn't updating but the values always revert back to nbsp Perhaps the issue we are seeing isn't related at all to the keys presented but if you can help me identify the purpose of these keys and how to save the values if changed that would be greatly appreciated At least for testing purpose nbsp Some more info if you'd like Since these are the AD DNS servers only computers on the domain connect to them yes the security settings specify this I have taken machines that aren't updating off the domain and re-added them Their records did not change I took off machines that are updating and their DNS records was removed almost immediately I re-added them and their record was updated in the DNS servers almost immediately Also there were some machines whose DNS records hadn't updated in months but as soon as I ran ipconfig renew and ipconfig registerdns they updated Others didn't update with this nbsp
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My Dell Inspirion 3148 (Intel i3) laptop's certain keys are not functioning, I have updated all the drivers now what can be done?
performed all steps as asked by agent here....

but still the issue

A:Dell Inspirion 3148 keyboard (left side keys like 1, Q, A, Z, Caps Lock) keys are not functioning)

I'm assuming you have windows 10 on the system.....
I'd suggest you check Sticky keys in control panel. You might have mistakenly turn it on.
At the left bottom of taskbar, right click windows icon, click on Control Panel, Ease Of Access, and then Change How Your Keyboard Works. If there's a check mark in box - Turn on Sticky keys) then uncheck it and click Apply.
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Brightness key ( F2 and F3) key stopped working suddenlyI am using the HP 15-af114AU Notebook (AMD A8 Processor) . Operating on Windows 10 -64 bit Its been just 2 weeks I bought. The brightness key i,e, f2 and f3 were working then after some days i noticed it wasn't working ,I tried doing it manually through the brightness option on the settings ,still it wasn't changing.From the time i have bought this notebook i have downloaded only  SKYPE, Chrome and few THEMES for google Chrome.All the other funtion keys are working except these .Please help me with this issue. 

A:Brightness control keys (Function keys) on the keyboard stop...

Hi, Try the following. Download the AMD HD Graphics installer on the following link and save it to your Downloads folder. When done, open your Downloads folder, right click the AMD Graphics installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation. When this has completed, shutdown the notebook. Unplug the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Hold down the Power button for 30 seconds.  Re-insert the battery and plug in the AC Adapter. Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to launch the Start-up Menu and then select f10 to enter the bios menu.  Press f9 to load the defaults ( this is sometimes f5, but the menu at the bottom will show the correct key ), use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and hit enter.  Press f10 to save the setting and again use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and hit enter. Start the notebook and let Windows fully load for a few minutes before checking. Regards, DP-K
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Hey guys I m having a really big problem with my keyboard I m running windows The problem started about four days ago I ve searched for various ways to solve this problem but I couldn t find any The issue is that randomly my keyboard will stop typing keys and every time I hit a key instead of typing a key it would act as if I was hitting a shortcut Such as when it happens i hit the quot F quot key and the tools options come up This happens on every windows even on MSN messenger I hit my keys and it hits shortcut keys for the window I m on I would be using my computer for a while and turn keys Keyboard shortcut keys into randomly the keys would work fine but then a little later somethings minutes sometimes an hour or two randomly they turn into shortcut keys Every key i hit I tried a new keyboard but it Keyboard keys randomly turn into shortcut keys seems to happen also I don t get the issue I ve scanned fully using malwareBytes MCAffee and Advanced system pro but it s still happening It s really frustrating and annoying when it does happen I ve turned my keyboard off and on re sync d I m Keyboard keys randomly turn into shortcut keys starting to lean more towards it being a virus or Keyboard keys randomly turn into shortcut keys something that messed with my settings somehow Malwayre Bytes did find something while scanning files Spigot wtxpcom components widgitoolbarff dll Adware WidgiToolbar - gt Quarantined and deleted successfully I m really stumped here I haven t tried un-installing my keyboard amp re installing it but Idk what good that would do if when I plugged my other keyboard in it installed a new one but the issue was still happening Thank you for your time

A:Keyboard keys randomly turn into shortcut keys

I would also like to add that, when this occurs. I have to restart my computer for the keyboard to work correctly. It's wireless & I've tried a wired keyboard also, it's the same issue.

Also when this happens, while on the internet. Every time I click a link or the internet like "home" "news" anything at all on the internet even an image, it won't go to it but instead it will download the data into my computer... It's very strange & I'm completely stumped on what to do. Or to even search this on google for other similar issues, I don't even know how I would go around to search that. Or what I would type in the search bar. This happens with both Firefox & google chrome. Even outside the internet in just my desktop, it's impossible to type even on notepad.
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I bought a new selfie stick but it is not working for my windows phone; when I click the shutter button in my stick it increases the volume
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They do  come  and go sometimes. After I sprayed some air to try to clear dust and crumbs it worked for a lil while but then started back. I do still see dust and will keep cleaning. Sometimes the keys are slow to respond or not work at all. It was working fine til a couple days ago. I even reinstalled the operating systems and still doing this. All the rest of the keys work fine except for a few in that row. I dont know if it was a update that caused this or a hardware problem but id like to get it working right agaln.
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Hi I 2 some Keyboard: registering keys keys am using a Razer Arctosa Keyboard: some keys registering 2 keys keyboard on my desktop computer running Win keyboard is approx years old I am experiencing the following recently and sometimes it occasionally goes back to normal Pressing quot w quot registers quot w quot Pressing quot W quot shift w registers quot W quot Pressing quot quot registers quot w quot Pressing quot quot shift registers quot W quot As if quot w quot and quot quot are linked occasionally Keyboard: some keys registering 2 keys it registers as quot w quot Pressing quot u quot registers quot u quot and F which means when I am typing and press the quot u quot it refreshes my page this is the second time I am writing this Pressing the Windows key registers NumLock toggle Pressing quot quot registers quot quot This is all of the weird ones I have noticed All other keys seem normal As I type this it has done the above but now it is back to normal Cannot find a pattern when it decides to change from crap to normal It is back to crap again This is the th day since it started and the computer has been restarted shutdown various times I have also checked for malware and it is all clear The most recent keyboard drivers have been downloaded and installed but did not fix it No liquids have been spilled Have searched the web and have not encountered a solution or someone with the exact kind of problem Anyone has any idea of a fix or what may be affecting it Thanks Destinknee nbsp

A:Keyboard: some keys registering 2 keys

Pretty much every time I see this it's due to something spilled on the keyboard that has damaged it or just a keyboard that has failed.

Test it on another computer, if it does the same thing then it needs to be replaced. On the other computer don't load any drivers or software for it just plug it in and wait for Windows to install it's drivers for it and test it.
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As I wrote in the title, my Shift and Alt keys stopped working for keyboard shortcuts. However, the Shift key still works when capitalizing letters.

I've been dealing with this problem off/on for the past two weeks and haven't been able to figure it out. I've gone into Ease of Access features and turned on/off all of the available options (Mouse Keys, Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys, Filter Keys). I've pressed Shift for 8 seconds, and pressed it 5 times, and still haven't been able to correct it.

Thank you in advance for any help offered.

Possibly helpful additional information:
I've got a Spanish/Latin American keyboard layout installed in addition to the US English keyboard layout. I toggle back and forth with Left Alt + Shift (which is how I noticed my Shift key stopped working).
I play a game whose controls rely on a lot of Shift key pressing and holding.

A:Keyboard - Shift & Alt keys stopped working for keyboard shortcuts

When was the last time you used a can of air cleaner on the keyboard? If it isn't from contact wear often keyboards tend to get loaded up with dust and debris!

One example of that is having any snacks onhand around a pc where little bits get passed along from your fingers onto and under the keys themselves. Keyboards are known to get loaded up fast with any foods present!
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I had a problem with my laptop not Several laptop keyboard working keyboard - keys on problem not which is certain key on my keyboard is not functioning The weird is it happened without a reason because Several keys on laptop keyboard not working - not keyboard problem after I shutdown doing my work when I turn it on again I discovered my quot s quot quot d quot quot g quot quot h quot quot quot quot m quot quot left shift quot quot caps lock quot and quot quot key did not work at all I try taking the key off cleaning underneath but nothing seems to be working After that I try to use usb keyboard and it seems the key can be entered So I thought my hardware is the problem than I replace into the new one but still having the same problem I already waste my money buying new keyboard Does any one happen to know what sort of problem this is and how I would go about fixing it Is it related to the registry My laptop is Acer aspire G ram GB processor i GHz I hope someone can help me to solve this problem nbsp
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I have a Dell M Laptop that has New different function like keys laptop (: Help! keyboard has old keyboard? layout, served me quite well for several years I just replaced the keyboard the other day and everything is working fine except that the new keyboard has a slightly different layout than the old keyboard did For example with the new keyboard all the F F F etc keys have function secondaries on them like multimedia brightness antennae toggle and so on My old keyboard New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (: didnt have most of these and so when I attempt to use them on the new New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (: keyboard they simply do not work In fact when I use function keys as if I still had my old keyboard installed the functions work which means it is the software interpretation of the keys that I need to change Does anybody know how I can fix this so that the keys of the new keyboard and functions match what the keys New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (: actually say Another thing to add is that some of the new function keys on the new laptop such as antennae toggle were not on my last keyboard at all because they are softkeys on the case of my computer and I am not sure a function like that would be able to be added to the keyboard mapping at all but I m not sure Also I would prefer to not install third party software to accomplish this even if it means I need to delve into the registry manually Can anybody help nbsp

A:New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (:

You might try holding the 'fn' key while you tap the fnumber key.
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So what's happening is occasionally, while I'm typing, it repeats letters, as if the keyboard temporarily locks up. (Sometimes, but it's rare because I usually type continuously, it just stops me from pressing keys for a bit.) It's like "Hello my naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."
And what's weird is it only happens after I pressed any of the lock keys before (disabling doesn't fix it.)
I'm using a keyboard connected directly to my PC, with up to date drivers.
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Hi all

Just picked up a Satellite Pro 6100 with a few problems.

It will turn on, the HDD light shows and I can hear drive activity. However, the screen remains blank and a single beep can be heard after about 20secs. The blank screen I understand, it is probably the power board issue that plagues the SP6xxx series. However, the single beep I don't understand.

I know 2 beeps or 3 beeps is memory incompatibility but does anyone know what the single beep denotes ?


A:Satellite Pro 6100 - Single beep code on start

Hi buddy,

To be honest it?s not easy to say what is causing the problem because it could be everything and Satellite Pro 6100 is pretty old notebook.

Have you installed two RAM modules? If yes remove one module. Try always one module only at the same time and test it in RAM slot A and B. Maybe one module is defective or one slot.

If not it seems to be a problem with mainboard or CPU itself. If you can exchange these things, try it yourself because a repair would be too expensive for this oldie I think.
Second hand spare parts you can get on eBay? It?s worth a try! ;)
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Hello everyone,

A few days ago I got myself the Toshiba Satellite L50D-C-18J with AMD A10-8700P CPU.

Factory 1 memory module with 8 GB (DDR3L 1600MHz) are installed. According to various tools (AIDA64, HWInfo64, CPU-Z), the memory will operate at 668 MHz, ie in the 1333MHz mode.

The free memory slot I have with another 8 GB DDR3L 1600MHz (with same memory timings, but other manufacturers) occupied. The store will continue to operate only in single-channel mode and not in dual channel mode. The A10 CPU should support.

Latest BIOS version I installed.

Has one an idea of how I enable the dual-channel mode, and can set the memory frequency? In the BIOS there are unfortunately almost no settings or does anyone have the same notebook model and with him the dual-channel mode is running?

Thanks and regards


A:Satellite L50D-C-18J - two RAM modules but only single channel mode

Hi. Different manufacturer is not a problem.
You should check the followings:
1) Make sure both RAM modules works at 1.35V. Search on the internet what should be the supply voltage for the RAM that you installed. If it doesn't work at 1.35V then this is the problem.
2) If those RAM modules support ECC or not. If one of your RAM support ECC and the other one doesn't, than this is the problem.
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I'm new here, and english isn't my mother tongue, then, please be indulgent ;-)

I have a problem with my numeric keyboard.
It is not possible to make it work in the same time as the alphabetic keyboard.

When I press numlock to make it work, it also change the alphabetic keyboard in numeric.

Example : numlock on uiojklnm, = 456123n0,

I have a QWERTZ keyboard.

Thanks for your help

A:Satellite Pro P300 Numeric keyboard at same time as alphabetic keyboard?

What notebook model do you have?
Did you update the BIOS?

If not, try it? most issues can be solved by BIOS update!
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We have a Satellite C70. We have upgrade the OS to W10, but the fn Comands (f2 and f3 dont run with new SO.
Could you give us a solution for this issue?
Thanks a lot
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I got a Toshiba Satellite S50T-A-10Z. Recently I have updated the BIOS. After updating it I have realized that I cant use FN buttons. And also I cant turn off the background light of my keyboard.

Before the update I was able to do it by pressing FN+Z . Please help !

A:Cant use the FN keys on my Satellite S50T-A-10Z


As far as I know keyboard illumination can be disabled in BIOS directly. Can you find this option?
Have you tried to change ?Functions key mode? in system settings > Keyboard?
Please try to change this mode to ?standard F1-F12? (you must press FN button) mode and check if the problem persists.
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sorry for am texting here but am new one on this site and no idea how to post in publik.i.I bought Toshiba S50-B-15N laptop about 3 weaks ago and i have some problem with function keys.I cant use funtcion keys without pressing Fn button.I went to system setting to try F1-F2 funtcion key and after switch back.The laptop restarts and thats all.Should I install some other updates ? thank Laszlo

A:FN keys functionality on Satellite S50-B

You can change this in system settings tool. When you set it to ?special function mode? you can use F keys without using FN button. Check it out.