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LAN 1G speed issue in Satellite R630-143

Q: LAN 1G speed issue in Satellite R630-143

Hi all

My LAN interface connects only with 100Mb/s speed with no reason though it is 1Gbit capable card (Intel 82577LC). I tried it with 3 devices (router, switch, PC directly) and a lot of cables, which are works with 1 GE speed between each other except for Toshiba laptop.

Did anybody meet this problem too? Is there any fix for it?

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Preferred Solution: LAN 1G speed issue in Satellite R630-143

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: LAN 1G speed issue in Satellite R630-143

The integrated Intel 82577LC Lan card supports the 10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX and 1000 BASE-T network standards.

Usually you can change some LAN card options in the LAN card properties.
Go to device manager -> LAN card (Ethernet) -> click right and choose Properties.
Switch to ?Advanced? tab.

Now you should see all options which could be optimized
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I have been using R630 core i5 since 2010 and it has been a really good experience for me. However recently I have been facing problem particularly in Microsoft word and excel programs.
If I copy a letter in Microsoft word to paste it on other page or in a document, the paste does not follows the fonts, bolds, line spacing or justification as of the original.

Microsoft excel also is showing similar problems recently. Can it be a virus?? If it?s a virus then what should I do?
The machine also takes too much time in start-up.

Can some please help?

A:Satellite R630 - strange behaviour in microsoft Office commands, slow speed

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there.
Have you noticed similar issue when you copy some text from the browser into Notepad?
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I have a SATELLITE R630-13R.

When I start my computer the systems sound operates but the display loads the toshiba and windows splash pages and then remains blank.

If I open in safe mode the diplay is fine.

When I attach an external monitor I can see the desktop in normal mode and everything works fine.

What can i do?

A:Satellite R630 - Monitor issue

> When I attach an external monitor I can see the desktop in normal mode and everything works fine.
Switch back to notebook?s LCD Using FN keys combination and disconect external monitor. Restart notebok and let us know if the problem stil persist.
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I have an R - GZ Bios version EC Version And also a R - BIOS version EC Version this is the most up to date version for this discontinued model The former R630 R830 onto Satellite BIOS Satellite the Flashing the will recognise my WD storage for what it is - ie an external HDD Flashing the Satellite R830 BIOS onto the Satellite R630 And the boot priority in the bios shows it below the internal HDD - which is what you would expect for correct operation The latter R will always try to boot from the WD storage It Flashing the Satellite R830 BIOS onto the Satellite R630 does not show the WD HDD in the Bios Boot priority list I can continue to unplug and replug the usb cable into the R - but it is a nuisance I'm sure the problem is down to the BIOS not being new enough What would be the likely result of flashing the version - designed for the R onto the R I'm expecting to be told it will make the R inoperable But these laptops are very similar so I'm hoping someone might have a more hopeful response Thanks for your help

A:Flashing the Satellite R830 BIOS onto the Satellite R630

First of all:
you can download only the Toshiba win based BIOS from Toshiba EU driver page.
This means that you can update the BIOS only while running the windows system.

it would not be possible to update the R830 BIOS onto the R630 since there is a protection which would break up the flash process because of compatibility issue.

You could damage the notebook if you would still try to update the wrong BIOS (maybe using the traditional BIOS version, USB version, etc?)
So this is really bad, bad idea doing this?
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Dear all,

My R630 is struggling with a newly added Photoshop software (version CS5). Everytime it is quite slow to open and try to merge the image for saving.

I was wondering if I can increase RAM. With very limited knowledge, I would like to know whether I need to buy one additional one (if there is a vacant slot for that), or I need to get one to replace the old one.

I am thinking of increasing the memory to 4GB but wondering if it will be sufficient for Photoshop. Many thanks for any input.

Best wishes,


A:Satellite R630-13F - Upgrading the RAM

Hi buddy,

RAM upgrade is no problem because it?s easy and can be done in few minutes.

Satellite R630 has Intel HM55 chipset and the maximum capacity is 8GB. That means you can install 4GB module in each memory slot. Also an upgrade to 4GB is no problem, you can keep your 2GB module and just buy a new 2GB module. The part number DDR3-10066 module is PA3676U-1M2G.

If you have more questions just post again :)
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looking into my R630x I'll see a SSD that isn't compareable with other commercially available SSDs I have found. It seem to be a circuit board, connected by a very flat ribbon cable. No other connector.

Which kind of SSD do I have to replace this one? Is it even replaceable?


A:Satellite R630 - SSD replacement


As far as I know the SSD which is built in the notebook is an *1.8? SATA SSD* drive.
In case you would like to use other SSD drive you will have to use the same size. 1.8?
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Hello I will post my question first and then add some Satellite on HDD R630-14R upgrade Re: lengthy background I have a R - R running Windows How do I back up Windows and then replace the hard drive with something like a tb drive Thank you Background The laptop came with Windows and the gb hard drive The HDD is split into a C and D drive which means I have to split my photo and music libraries across the two drives Very irritating I installed Windows and it overwrote loads Re: HDD upgrade on Satellite R630-14R of Toshiba stuff The laptop is blazingly fast now I ahd to reinstall drivers for everything which was a bit scary but it works brilliantly now without all the bloat But the gb drive is now close to full I have swapped a harddrive before but that was Windows with recovery Re: HDD upgrade on Satellite R630-14R disks THis time I have and no disks Also the overwrite when installed over removed the Toshiba backup program Also I want to run the new drive without the irritating split so that I can unite all my music video and photo files Obviously all files will be duplicated on an external HDD before I start

A:Re: HDD upgrade on Satellite R630-14R

According notebook specification your notebook was delivered with preinstalled Win7. I hope you have created recovery discs before you have installed own Win8.1 version. This recovery discs you can use to install original recovery image whenever you want and it can be old on new HDD.

Ok now you have own OS. Generally speaking HDD exchange or upgrade is supported and you can do it alone. Toshiba has nothing to do with your decision to use Win8.1. you can do it and install on your machine but, as you can see, you must install all drivers, tools and utilities one by one and it is a bit ?complicated?.

Before you exchange HDD you must back-up all your important data. It can be done on some external HDD.
In my opinion you have two possibilities to have Win8.1 on new HDD:
1/ Clean Windows installation
2/ You can create recovery image of your Win8.1 version using some third part software like Acronis true image and use such recovery media to install own Win version.

What do you think about all this?
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Back at Xmas I stupidly pulled my lap top onto the floor breaking the case and the hard drive I have had the case and hard drive replaced by a local pc repair company because of recommendations Unfortunately my trust was misplaced and months on I still do not have a decent wifi pick up and I have also discovered that the camera plus light built into the screen face of the lid are missing I have been back to the repairer but blank looks and no joy I know from Satellite buy to parts R630-155? for Where taking a look that there is a white plastic multipin socket for at least the camera So does anyone know from where Where to buy parts for Satellite R630-155? I can buy spares hopefully for the missing camera and light and the Where to buy parts for Satellite R630-155? Wifi element At the moment I am loathed to part with the R because it has proved invaluable when travelling about because it is light and prior to Xmas ideal for picking up wifi signals in hotels and cruise ships Secondly I am in September travelling out to china hong kong Japan amp Singapore Can anyone recommend a modern not so expensive equivalent to the Satellite R that I can seek out and purchase I did look around prior to the repairs being done and could find anything equivalent under Hope someone can help out many thanks Rossnagh

A:Where to buy parts for Satellite R630-155?

It is very problematic to find such parts for notebooks, especially for newer notebook models.
Best place to get such stuff is authorized Toshiba provider. They can order such parts but I don't know if they will sell it to you or they order it only if they can repair your notebook.

You can try to contact ASP and ask for help. Addresses and phone numbers you can find on

It is not easy to give you some good advice about other notebook but I think for travelling and extremely mobile usage Satellite Z series can be very good alternative for you.

Check a bit Toshiba site for your country and pick up some info about hardware and price of course.
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There are a couple of posts on this but none that specifically address my question. If I understand correctly, the R630, as it is, is not compatible with Intel wi-di. The CPU is compatible, as is the Intel HD graphics card, OS, etc. but the wireless adapter is not compatible.

My question is, can I replace my wireless adapter with one of the following cards which are compatible with wi-di?:

Intel? Centrino? Wireless-N 1000, 1030
Intel? Centrino? Advanced-N 6200, 6205, or 6230
Intel? Centrino? Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150
Intel? Centrino? Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250
Intel? Centrino? Ultimate-N 6300

These cards are quite inexpensive and I know that physically swapping the cards is simple enough. But which cards, if any, are compatible with the R630? Do I need to change anything else to enable wi-di capability?. Will this void my warranty?

Thanks for any assistance.

A:Satellite R630 - Intel wi-di capability

> Will this void my warranty?
Unfortunately I cannot help you with card compatibility or capability but I think I can give you answer to your latest question.
Yes, physically swapping the cards is simple but to do this you must open your notebook (remove the keyboard) and this step is not for ?end-users? and, as far as I know, this will cancel your warranty.

Generally speaking Toshiba supports RAM and HDD upgrade but it is not known to me that Toshiba supports any other hardware part upgrade. Be careful with this.

Why you don?t call Toshiba service and ask all this. They know what sure which card is compatible and which kind of upgrade you can do alone.
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My brother has an R630 which refuses to boot, When i switch it on the hard drive light briefly flashes and the Toshiba Flash screen then appears but then the screen goes black with a flashing cursor in the top left hand corner. The power light and wireless light stay on so the laptop definitely has power.

I cannot get it to boot into safe mode, The only info I have was that my brother told me it was doing a windows update at the time.

Can anyone please help me as my brother is desperate to get it working again.

kind regards


A:Satellite R630 refuses to boot

> When i switch it on the hard drive light briefly flashes and the Toshiba Flash screen then appears but then the screen goes black with a flashing cursor in the top left hand corner

Flashing cursor in the left upper corner is a typical sign of HDD malfunction.
You can try to check the HDD status in the BIOS. Press power button and press F2 in order to access the BIOS settings. If the HDD is not listed in the BIOS, then this means that the HDD is dead for sure and in such case you will need to replace the HDD.
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I am the owner of a Toshiba Satellite R - Core i - My problems are The fan is too noisy and never stops In normal operation browsing and general office work there is a constant high pitch noise that is audible three to four meters away in an office environment - in high load you just can't stand it The fan never stops even when you are doing nothing Heat is a big problem The bottom of the laptop is constantly overheating and i have to place it on my desk in a way that the bottom left and R630-155 upgrade is noisy SSD Satellite too - Fan corner is outside of the table so it can breath fresh air from Satellite R630-155 - Fan is too noisy and SSD upgrade below - if not the temperature rises and the loud fan is unable to keep up When i work with the laptop while sitting on a sofa i have to place a thick book between the laptop and my legs The book must be thick more than an inch with hard covers otherwise the heat passes through the book Last but not least i just mention the biggest problems here it's the problem with SSD installation I bought a used Corsair F Gb SSD from a friend but i was unable to use it with the Toshiba - the BIOS was not detecting the disk I tried installing all latest firmware updates for both laptop and SSD but i had no success Then i gave the disk back and i bought a brand new Zalman Gb SSD SSD N Sandforce but i had exactly the same problem I contacted my local Toshiba support and after a lot of conversation the only answer i got is that the laptop is not compatible with those SSD's and this is acceptable by Toshiba and not their problem Satellite R630-155 - Fan is too noisy and SSD upgrade They told me that if i need an SSD upgrade i can only go for the Toshiba SSD that is installed on the portege series which is sold by Toshiba for a ridiculously expensive price - about for Gb I contacted the European support center and i got the exact same reply I searched on the Internet and i found someone else with the exact same problem with a Corsair Gb SSD - he found that the laptop detects the SSD after ten to twenty reboots I tried that and it was true - after a lot of reboots the laptop detected the Zalman disk and i was able to install Windows successfully but the process is unacceptable Also the disk is benchmarked by official sites at the speed of an OCZ Vertex Gb and slightly better but when i ran a benchmark in the Toshiba the results I got were below half of the advertised speed Same benchmark in another machine for the same disk resulted in the advertised speeds Shame for Toshiba nice design and portability but everything else is a big flaw Their support in non existent and they do not value their customers I feel they stole my money and I'll never buy a Toshiba laptop again Sorry for the big message but I need I have to warn potential customers Can someone help me with any of the above problems Do you have the same problems too To be continued

A:Satellite R630-155 - Fan is too noisy and SSD upgrade

Hi buddy,

Regarding the fan and heat issue: Did you make BIOS update? Friend of me has Satellite R630 too and he told me that fan activity with new BIOS version 2.10 is reduced. Furthermore the notebook is cooler than before so I would recommend installing this update. You can download the BIOS update here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

But before you start the BIOS update you should consider the following tips:
-Run update as Administrator only
-Unzip all files from zip archive before you start the update file
-Close all running programs and also the antivirus and firewall
-Make sure that battery is fully charged

Regarding the SSDs it?s always a little bit complicated installing 3rd party products and nobody can guarantee that such parts would work. You are always on safely side with original Toshiba spare parts.

Everything what you can do is installing the newest firmware for SSD and hope that it works but who knows maybe the BIOS update will also help you in this case ;)
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Hi there

I have bought a Toshiba Satellite R630-14J, and i would like to remove de keyboard for clean it.
I have tried to remove the plastic case between the keys, but I have not succeeded.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

A:Satellite R630-14J -How to remove keyboard?

My friend has an R700 which I think is the same design as that R630. If it is the same, it is a big job to remove the keyboard, the whole base of the notebook needs to be dismantled.

You can clean the keyboard without removing it using compressed air, however if it's a liquid spill, the keyboard will probably need replacing.
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Hello everyone, I'm living in UK and I have difficulties to find someone who can fix my laptop. They told me is impossible find the chassis.Any suggestions where I can find it? Thanks for the answers

A:Cracked chassis of Satellite R630-138

If you know the part number you could check eBay.
A Toshiba ASP might be able to locate one.
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I downloaded a bios file for my note from the TOSHIBA support centre but could not update it. The message says "This computer is not supported", but I am sure I downloaded the right file.

Could you please help me?
Thank you!

A:Satellite R630-13R - cannot update BIOS

Install Toshiba Value Added Package

Install Toshiba System Driver and Toshiba System Settings
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My Satellite R630-148 was running on Windows 7. This week, my son changed this and installed Windows 8. I want to return on Windows and I have the CD to do this but I cannot boot on CD while pressind F8 key starting the computer...

How can I boot on the CD ?
Thank you for your help.

A:Satellite R630-148 - Boot on CD under Windows 8

Have you created recovery DVD?

Anyway, start notebook and press F12 to enter boot menu.
Put installation disc into optical disc drive.
Choose CD/DVD device and press ENTER.

ODD should start to read media and what you must do is to follow menu on the screen.
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Hi I have the following question The newest display driver for my notebook on the toshiba homepage ist from Intel in the meantime has released new drivers for my integrated Intel HD Graphics Do I have to wait until Toshiba releases new drivers in display Satellite for New R630-14J driver the support section of my notebook or can I somehow install the new original Intel display drivers I'am asking because when I go to the Intel Homepage and click the autoupdate driver detection then the application from Intel tells me that the display driver installed on my notebook is a special manufacturer Version and can not be updated by Intel They tell me I should contact my manufacturer for more information So that's what I'am now doing - So in generall I want to know how I can get the newest display driver Version for my notebook Do I wait for Toshiba release or can I use original Intel drivers If I can then how do I uninstall the old drivers They are not listed unter installed programms in my systemproperties Of course I could uninstall the driver via devicemanager but most likely this will not uninstall the properties panel of my graphics card properly right Thanks for any help and wish nice christmas sub

A:New display driver for Satellite R630-14J

I think you should try Windows Update, because in my case (R830) I could update the display driver this way (search additional updates)

merry xmas everyone!
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My R630 LCD screen had always been using HD 1366x768 resolution (16x9 aspect ratio).
But not anymore ;(

This week, after the battery went out and I had it recharged the laptod came up with 1280x800 as the top most resolution available, thus displaying black blank areas ontop and to the right of the screen.
No changes (hw+sw) have been made to the laptop for this to have happened,
I am using the updated Intel HD drivers but the option to choose the topmost HD1366x768 resolution is vanished from the menu.

I can only use 1280x800 not covering the whole screen.

Please, I can I get 1366x768 back so I can get a proper use of my Toshiba.

Thank you in advance

A:Lost HD 1366x768 resolution on Satellite R630


Did you try to reinstall the Intel display driver?
Uninstall the Intel graphic driver firstly. Then download the compatible driver from the Toshiba driver page and install this?

But before doing this try this short workaround:
- Disconnect the AC adaptor
- Remove battery
- Wait some time (3-4 hours)
- Then press power button 30 sec long
- Now insert the battery and ac adaptor and power up the unit
- Check if the resolution would be available.

Good luck
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I have a Toshiba R630-141 and I'm trying to change the boot order in the Bios but the Bios will not allow me to select my cd drive or a usb drive as the startup disk.

I have updated the Bios today to the latest version thinking I need the latest release but the Bios still wont allow me to change the order.

The problem is the screen just blinks when I'm in the boot change order screen. When I select the up and down arrows to select an option the box just blinks and will not allow me to select any option.

I have tried the tab key the number keys basically every key I have on the keyboard and still I can't select the usb or cd drive so I'm forced to exit and restart.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

A:Satellite R630-141 - Can't change the boot order

Hi scarpentier,

Can you change the boot order in BIOS and boot from another boot device? Go into BIOS and change the boot order. Enter a bootable disk (e. g. Toshiba recovery disk), save & exit BIOS setup. The computer will restart and should boot from CD.

Check this!!!
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My lovely 3 year old knocked my R630 on to the floor and the plastic LCD casing/lid is now broken. Hinges are fine, screen is fine - I just need to replace the plastic lid. How do I find the part number or get a new one?


A:Re: Satellite R630-155 - Part number for LCD cover/lid


Here you can?t get part numbers because it?s a forum for Toshiba notebook owners only. So you can talk with normal people like you and me here.

If you need such technical details like part numbers you have to contact an authorized service provider in your country. The guys have access to Toshiba databases and can give you the exact part number and order this part too.

Good luck! :)
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Hi I hope someone can help me My integrated working webcam Satellite integrated not R630 - webcam on my Toshiba Satellite Satellite R630 - integrated webcam not working R spontaneously stopped working in the last couple of weeks I have tried - Checking whether it is activated in BIOS and there's no Satellite R630 - integrated webcam not working option to select a webcam here - Restoring my laptop to an earlier state when the camera was working This didn't work either - Updating the webcam driver - this installs the driver but then it disappears and nothing happens A few things that it might help to know - In Device Manager 'imaging devices' is missing so I cannot find the webcam driver here - I used to get a pop-up every time I turned on my laptop that was trying to load a bluetooth webcam but saying it couldn't This has stopped happening i think i turned it off in msconfig - It's not a hardware issue - Yesterday I had a weird breakthrough moment - I'd downloaded an app to my phone to try and use it as a webcam via bluetooth I'd turned on bluetooth on my phone and laptop I plugged in my phone to my laptop and the bluetooth camera pop-up see previous point came up but this time worked without the error message However instead of my phone working as a webcam the blue light came on next to my integrated webcam and that started working I thought it was fixed so closed everything and ejected my phone and the webcam stopped working again I've tried to repeat this sequence but with no joy I'm out of ideas and really frustrated Can anyone help

A:Satellite R630 - integrated webcam not working


If imagine device isn?t listed in device manager, then this means that the module could not be found. Even if the driver would not be installed, the module should be listed in BIOS as imagine device, unknown device, etc?
But this isn?t the case?

So I think there are two possibilities: the module is fault or the connection between the module and the motherboard (controller) isn?t established.

As far as I know the internal webcam module is connected to the USB controller.
If the connection drops (loose cable) the module will not be recognized in device manager?

So from my point of few it must be some hardware related issue?
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Hi all,

Toshiba Satellite R630-105 model.
When writing for a while (using the keyboard) without any rule-based touchpad icon character appears on the screen, and occasionally temporary freezing appears.

At the same time I use a USB mouse, and I disabled the touchpad using the Fn-F9 Tin order to eliminate the problem.
Disable USB mouse using the internal touchpad to be marked in the option menu Control Panel ->Mouse.

Synaptics currently installed driver version dated 11.03.2010.
I also tried drivers installing at later date, but don?t get a good result.

I have tried the suggested solutions but it did not work this link:

If you would appreciate a fix or suggestion for a solution.

+Message was edited: posting has been translated+

A:Satellite R630-105 - touchpad temporally freezes

As I understood your issue, the touchpad icon appear while typing and this can be solved temporally disabling the touchpad pressing the FN +F9.
Is this correct?

In my knowledge you can disable the touchpad while typing by choosing the option in Control Panel ?> Mouse -> Pointing device tab (in some cases its Advanced tab) -> Setting button

There is area called ?Operations during key input?
And there you can choose the option is called ?Disable tapping? and ?Disable scroll function?
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Update to Skype 6.6. the Webcam disappeared. not visible in device Manager. multiple Downloads of web cam Drivers don't execute. checked bios. Rebooted machine multiple times.

What to do to install web cam Software again?

A:Satellite R630-14J - after Skype update web cam has disappeared


To be honest I cannot understand why webcam device disappears from device manager list after skype update.
I mean even if there would be a software problem (compatibility issues), the webcam should be listed in device manager even as an unknown device.

However, by default, certain devices are not shown in the list. To include hidden devices in Device Manager display, click View and select Show Hidden Devices.

However, I assume you are using Win 7 system.

> multiple downloads of webcam drivers don't execute
On Toshiba EU driver page you can find the webcam software.
Maybe new Skype version damage something in registry. Would recommend uninstalling the Skype firstly. Download and install the repair tool like CCleaner. Clean registry and reboot the notebook. Now try to install the webcam software once again. Reboot the unit and check if you can use the webcam using installed webcam too.
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Hi all,

I just tried to connect my Satellite R630 with my LCD TV with a HDMI cable. However, the image on the TV did not fit the whole screen, with HDMI 1 port (my TV has 3 HDMI ports), there was still 1.5 inch black space.

I was wondering if there is anything I missed? The connection with TV has been very good with a good old VGA cable. Thanks for any advice.


A:Re: Satellite R630 - HDMI - the image on the TV did not fit the whole screen

Have you tried to play with all available display settings?
I don?t know which Satellite R630 do you have exactly and which graphic card is inside but check please all advanced options for display settings at first.
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I'm busy having a look at someone's R630-11L that refuses to activate the backlight. I'm suspecting the lid sensor is not working properly because the device also refuses to go to sleep if you close the lid. The only problem I'm having with this theory is that I cannot for the life of me find the sensor.

Any ideas where it's located? Is there one on this model?

A:Satellite R630-11L refuses to activate the backlight

Sorry but what do you mean with ?refuses to activate the backlight??

Have you noticed all these problems with ?factory settings? or you have maybe installed own OS version?
With original preinstalled OS everything should work properly.

As far as I know there must be some small ?hidden? switch that controls all these actions.
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Hello, toshiba entire community, I am writing from Spain, Sevilla.

My question is this. How I can reset or delete my bios password?

Informci?n my laptop:
Model: R630-13U Satellite

A:Satellite R630-13U - Can I recover the BIOS password?

please someone answer me
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I removed ald Hard disk -> insert new (SATA) Hard Disk -> Insert CD Windows XP SP2 Prof into DVD Driver -> Power Off.
The Power On -> Laptop reads CD Windows XP SP2 -> Installation process

But at the end, only "bluescreen": can NOT install (the CD ist already installed successfully for another old laptop.
I have 5 times to try.

Who has done successfully ?

Thank a lot!

A:Satellite R630-11L - can not install Windows XP SP2 Prof

On this forum you can find many threads about WXP installation on new notebook models. What you need is SATA driver and it must be loaded before WXP installation starts.

More about that you can read on -

If you have more questions you are welcome.
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I am from Russia. Excuse me for my English. I have a problem. My laptop beeps. High-frequency beep (strange noise) erupts from aperture for charges. When laptop charges beep becomes more loudly.

How it can be fixed? Is it a serious problem?

Help me please.

A:Satellite R630-145 - high-frequency beep


Can you please explain more detailed this beeping issue?
When your notebook starts to beep and what happen exactly?
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Hello, I have just installed Windows 7 64bit on my Toshiba Satellite R630 and I have lost my Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, PCI Simple Communications Controller and a unknown device drivers

A:Toshiba Satellite R630 missing driver help please

BenRbtz, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Have you been to Toshiba to check for those yet?

Laptop Support - Toshiba
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I have a Satellite R630-141 laptop running Windows 7. I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that I have had the machine that it will on occasion suddenly have very over-saturated colors and extremely high contrast. This makes it impossible to see some fine lines (e.g. the grey outlines of stars in gmail completely disappear) and faces become completely distorted and banded in color. Restarting the computer resolves the problem. I have the latest drivers for the graphics (

I wondered if anyone else had a similar problem and whether I should send the laptop back?


A:Satellite R630-141 - Display becoming over-saturated/bright

Hi cueball,

That?s strange? Do you use the preinstalled Windows 7 version from Toshiba or is it your own installation that you use at the moment?

Probably this has nothing to do with display driver? It would be interesting to know what happens with an external monitor. So if you connect an external monitor can you notice the same problem or is everything ok?
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I have a Toshiba Satellite R630 and i had some problems installing the drivers. So I would like to know the istallation order of the drivers and if I have too istall all drivers or only the Windows 7 drivers(for example for the common Module only exist a Windows XP version)

All help is much appreciated


A:Drivers order for Satellite R630 needed

May I ask why you must install some drivers?
Ave you got your notebook with preinstalled OS or not?
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I purchased my R630 almost as soon as they were relased int he UK (Nov 2010).

I was getting minor electric shocks through my R630 palmrest.
I could swear that the palm rest - keyboard surround was also made of magnesium/metallic alloy - with a shiny metallic black/dark grey finish (similar to the upper case - i.e. lid)

I sent my laptop back because of the electric shock issue, and when returned the palmrest was definitely plastic.
I returned this and was told it was a wrong part. When I got it back again, it was another plastic palm rest.

Am I totally mistaken or have toshiba changed from metallic palm rest to plastic?
Are there 2 different parts - a plastic and a magnesium palm rest?

How would I get electric shocks through a plastic palm rest?!

Any insider knowlege out there would be appreciated.

A:Satellite R630 - Palmrest Materials - Magnesium or Plastic


The cover assy (part number P000535500) seems to be magnesium but I don?t think that the touchpad would be magnesium too.
As far as I know there is only one touchpad part available and the (palmrest) part number is (P000532070) .

Hope this help you?

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I bought a beamer which supports 1080p 3D videos.
I connected it to my Toshiba Satellita R630-14H notebook with an HDMI cable which should also support 3D.
I used a player software which should also support 3D and downloaded some demos in SBS format.

But when I play those videos, they are really displayed side by side and not as 3D.
When I tell the beamer to switch from 2D to 3D it always says that the input is not 3D.
The Intel program for the graphics driver which was pre-installed does list a 3D option.

Which HDMI version does the R630-14H use?
Does it support 3D-video?
Am I missing anything else?

A:No 3D video on external beamer connected to Satellite R630-14H

> I connected it to my Toshiba Satellite R630-14H notebook with an HDMI cable which should also support 3D.

Where did you get or find the information about 3D support on this notebook?
Toshiba Satellite R630-14H specification page says that this unit support the internal Intel HD graphic unit.

Sorry mate but such graphic card isn?t 3D capable and I don?t think 3D output would be possible.

To be able to use an external 3D monitor or beamer, you would need an notebook with 3D capable graphic card. For example a nVidia GPU, 3D capable display driver, 3D glasses (NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit) and 3D compatible monitor or beamer (120Hz).
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In work we use Toshiba Satellite R630 laptops with U10 Dynadocks.

We have recently started to role out Bitlocker encryption using USB flash drives.
The idea being that we will have two flash drives - one for when out of the office and the other which will stay plugged into the Dynadock for when in the office.

Several of our users are having issues with the drive which is plugged into the Dynadock as Windows doesn't seem to recognise it at startup.
If we remove the drive from the Dynadock and plug it into the laptop port then it works grand.

Some of our users are working grand so its certainly possible for Windows to read the drive from the Dynadock during startup but for others it doesnt.

Any help appreciated.

A:Satellite R630: USB drive not always recognized plugged to Dynadock U10

I think we may now have a solution to this.

I checked the setup of the Dynadocks which worked against those which didn't. I found that the ones which worked had the USB key plugged into the bottom port on the replicator while the ones which didnt had it plugged into the top port.

They all now seem to be working grand. It may be that it ckecks the ports in order starting from the bottom on boot.
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Dear Sirs,

i have problem with my Toshiba Satellite R630-13U

i didn't found any driver for wireless functions hot key windows 7 pro 32bit to able to switch on/off the wireless or the Bluetooth.



A:Satellite R630-13U - Need driver for WLAN/BT function button

You must install Toshiba value added package. This package several different tools and one of them is ?Flash cards utility?.

Please install it, test it and post some feedback.
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Hi there,

I am planning to purchase a LCD screen for my editing work.
My laptop is R630 -13F.

I was wondering if I get the high resolution LCD screen (2560 x 1440), would my laptop support such screen? Many thanks.


A:Re: Satellite R630 -13F: Possible supported resolution of external LCD screen


The external display resolution depends on the graphic card and the external monitor.
As far as I know the Intel graphic chip which is used in this notebook is able to handle the max resolution of 2048x1536 at 32bit

2560 x 1440 seems to be too high?
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I own a Toshiba R and recently replaced the original disk with a Crucial SSD one with a big performance improvement I've been using the old Hitachi drive in an external case through the eSATA port without any optical drive HDD recognized - second BIOS as Satellite R630 in problem but this setup requires both the combo eSata USB port and a second USB just for power so I purchased a mm caddy to put the disk on the DVD location Today I went ahead Physically all went good apart from the fact that I had to take off the back cover more than screws I took the opportunity to clean the fan but when I turned the computer on and accessed the BIOS the Hitachi disk is recognized as an optical drive You may see an image here After that I could enter Windows Disk Management recognizes it as a disk but can't initialize it After rebooting the computer I Satellite R630 - second HDD recognized as optical drive in BIOS can't enter Windows any more as it goes directly to recover mode Any help would be appreciated Is there any way to make the BIOS recognize the second drive as an hard disk Carlos Message was edited faulty link has been removed

A:Satellite R630 - second HDD recognized as optical drive in BIOS

First of all I would recommend you to check the boot device order.
Probably the ODD has been set first boot device and notebook tries to boot from the HDD connected to ODD controller.
If this will not work, remove the old Hitachi HDD, reset the BIOS to default and try to boot once again.

To be honest I?m not quite sure if the BIOS would support such configuration. I mean not all notebooks can be upgraded with an 2nd HDD and in many cases the BIOS would not support the HDD installed in the ODD bay? therefore this configuration may cause some problems.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite R630 laptop with skype installed.
The video side of skype works perfectly well but i can't seem to find any software on my laptop that enables me outside of skype to make and capture video recordings using the built in camcorder in the laptop.

What do I need to do to be able to do this?
Thanks. Len

A:Satellite R630 - need internal camera video capture software


As far as I know you should find the software in All Programs -> Toshiba
If its not installed, you can download this from the Toshiba European driver page.

After the installation, the webcam tool control bar should be available in the upper are of the display. Its slides in and out in order to use it?
The webcam tool control bar can be moved to different areas (left right bottom upper area)?

Check this?
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Dear All,

I am a user of a Satellite R630-105 (processor i3 M350). I would like to use this notebook with wireless connection to my plasma display on the wall. Recently I have heard about Intel wireless display technology connected to Netgear adapter as a wireless connection possibility to the monitor.

Can I use my computer with this technology? If yes, what is the process? If not, is there any alternative, using cable is very inconvenient. I am at beginner level.

Thanks very much, ahead.


A:Can I use Satellite R630 with Intel wireless display technology and Netgear

> I would like to use this notebook with wireless connection to my plasma display on the wall.
Can you please tell me for which purposes you need this connection?
I mean what kind of data you want to transfer?
With other words what do you want to do exactly?
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Since purchasing my R630-13L, occasionally the brightness on the screen would for no appararent reason begin to brighten to the point that the screen is overdriven and the graphics get 'edgy'.

As randomly as it began it ended. I thought it was some sort of sensor linked to the in-built camera that automatically adjusted the brightness depending on the light conditions but then again I wasn't changing my environment not can I see any controls in the display panel.

The issue now is that when it does overdrive the display (as it is now) it remains on overdrive.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Any suggestions or ideas?

A:Re: Satellite R630-13L display randomly ramps up brightness to overdrive


The display brightness can be changed using the key Fn + F5 (decrease) and Fn + F6 (increase).

Did you check this key combination? Does it help?
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I'm tired of manually updating my drivers and toshiba software, because Service station does not show any update or alert. I have relied on Tempro Alerts and on manual comparison of versions and dates.

Has anyone had the same problem? Any solution for it?

A:Satellite R630-112 - Service Station has never showed any update or alert


Why you try updating the drivers? Do you have any problems with the notebook?

All drivers and tools you can download manually on official Toshiba driver download page:

Toshiba Service Station can download and install updates automatically. Normally you don?t need this but if it?s not working try reinstall the applications. You can find it on Toshiba page too :)
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Laptop only 6 days in use. After Windows 7 updates built-in webcamera just dissapeared from the device manager and, as a result of that, does not work.

System just can not find it. New Drivers did not help, setting BIOS to defaults as well. I even restored the system 6 days backwards - nothing like Web Camera in Device Manager.

This problem is quite common on the Internet - but there is not much information on Google.

Any ideas?

A:Satellite R630-130 Webcam disappeared from device manager after Win7 update


I really wondering why OS cannot recognize the webcam ?:|
Usually if the driver or software is not installed, you should see an unknown device? but as I understood your message, even this unknown device is not visible.

What to say? try BIOS update? I read somewhere in the forum that BIOS update might be helpful in such situation.
If this does not help, try new OS installation (notebook recovery) and check if the webcam would appear again?
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I have a Toshiba satellite a d-s The specs for this can be found here reviews cnet com laptops toshiba-satellite-a d-s - - html Sorry for no link but I am apparently not allowed to do that yet I bought it new and it came with windows vista A couple (Toshiba speed High host issue Satellite) controller years later I upgraded to windows Upgrading to the new OS was fine but then later I needed to upgrage yet again to bit This unfortunately was not as easy and I need to wipe the drive clean and start fresh Now there are a couple issues with the host controllers the main being that I keep getting warnings saying that the devices I plug in can run faster if I were to use a high speed High speed host controller issue (Toshiba Satellite) port This confuses me because the USB ports are but they are acting like they are I have done everything I can think of to get these to function correctly but nothing I do seems to work The second issue which isn t as annoying is that when I move the screen the sound for High speed host controller issue (Toshiba Satellite) connect disconnect a USB device is played and the little popup for quot new device connected quot is shown I am unsure why the screen is acting like it s a USB device I have disabled the notifications and sounds for all ports now but I would kind of like to know why this is happening Do anyone know how I can solve these problems I have checked multiple forums and have been searching for an answer for about months now with no luck I think I have provided enough information but if anyone needs more just let me know and I will be happy to provide it Thanks nbsp

A:High speed host controller issue (Toshiba Satellite)

Are there any yellow exclamation points in the device manager?
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I have problem with my laptop.
From time to time the display dimmed for a few seconds and restore again.
It does not matter laptop runs on batterie or is plugged.

Can somebody give me an advise?

A:Satellite R630-144: From time to time display dimmed for a few seconds


Theoretically it could be only a software issue; for example display driver starts to do some strange things? in such case I would recommend updating or reinstalling the display driver to check if this could helps?

But it could be also an hardware problem; FL-inverter
FL inverter is a small part which controls the backlight so theoretically it could be also an FL inverter malfunction? but this is just my guess
This should be checked by an technician to get more info.
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I have had my toshiba satellite s50-b-15p for about a month or so now. It is a great lightweight machine. One problem I have with it is the fan is incredibility loud. Loading Windows the fan seems to spin rapidly and it sounds like an aircraft taking off (but seriously it is loud). Even if i open task manager or a webpage such as youtube and the processor spikes a little then the fan just blows up. I have never heard a fan spin this much or be as loud and I work in IT. I am unsure if this is normal with this laptop? It is an i7 5500u with SSD and 8gb ram, surely this should be a high performing with minimal noise machine?


A:Satellite S50-B-15P Fan Speed

If someone could let me know if this is normal or not it would be really appreciated as I am going to take it back to the store today to get it checked out. I don't think it should be so loud but maybe this is just poor design by toshiba?
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Is there a option to downgrade the speed fan a little bit because
the fan is really noisy and I can't work with it!

Please give me a suggestion!

Kind regards,

A:Satellite P50-C-125 speed fan always to high

Do you use your computer in the bedroom. Try cleaning the fan assembly.
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I am looking for a way to increase speed of my direct pc satellite.
[email protected]
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On my new Satellite Pro C70-B, I set the option to hibernate the notebook when I close the screen.
After some updates, now I can't enter in Hibernate or sleep mode, but I have the new option "Hi-speed start".
But when I use this option the system goes to login screen, doesn't freeze. Is it correct?

How can I disable hi-speed start function?

A:Hi-Speed Start on Satellite Pro C70-B

Some updates? Which updates? Microsoft updates?
To be honest I don't know which option do you mean exactly can you send a screenshot where you can enable this option?

Only option known to me is “Fast boot” option.
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please I have connect WD Element 10B8 USB disk 750GB to BLUE socket .
please how can test if uses USB3 full speed or lower USB2 connecting bus?
Crystal disk mark 3.03 says 31MB/s read and write !? (too low for USB3 !?)


A:How to test USB speed on Satellite Pro C870?


You could use some freeware tools like
- H2testw
- Drive Speed Test 3.2
I used the H2testw for SD card check and USB memory stick test and I was satisfied.
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Can i regulate the speed fan of my notebook (Satellite Pro L650-15C)?

After the reinstalling of Windows 7 the fan is always moving on maximum. How can i regulate this fan?

greeting Ped

A:How to regulate the speed fan on Satellite Pro L650-15C?


Open windows power management and settings for power plan you use. There you will find advanced power option. Open it and there you will find Toshiba power saver options.

Open all available option and check cooling method settings. Set it to battery optimized option.
This should reduce cooling fan speed.

Please test it and post results.
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I have four computers that are connected at any given time to the home network. I believe have two issues here.

The first, all of the computers connect and surf the Internet at very slow speeds. Sometimes it seems like I'm back on Dial-up. My MacBook (which is my main computer I work from) connects to the Internet with an Ethernet cable directly into the DSL box. Even if I turn the other three computers off in the office I still run slow on the Internet. Any thoughts on how to improve this? My DSL provider says its an issue with our setup. Great thanks for the help!

Second, my Mac overall seems to be running very slow. I have over 14GB of available space so I would not think that the computer is in overload.

Any support would be greatly appreciated.

A:Moving at turtle speed - Internal Network issue or DSL issue?

If you have more than one computer, and all exhibit the same symptoms, it's hard to believe they're all bad.
Pick one that doesn't exhibit any other issues and do this:

Register at DSLReports and run their Line Quality Tests. It's best to run this test with a direct wired connection to eliminate any wireless issues from the results. It's useful many times to run this test several times, and we'd like to see each of the results. Post the results link from the top of the test display page for each test run here.

The link to post is near the top of the page and looks like:

If you wish to post this result to a forum, please copy/paste this URL <- sample only, yours will obviously be different!
and your IP will be disguised.

Copy/paste that link here.

Note: You will have to enable PING (ICMP) request response either in your router (if you have one), or in your computer's firewall for direct modem connections. This is very important to get the most important part of the test to run.
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Hi Xperts: Need your help for enhancing performance of my R50-B-123 Laptop.

Whenever i'm online for movies or games lots of adverts pops up, lots of webistes open up reducing the speed considerably.
What should I do to speed up my laptop?

Is it some kind of embedded malware which needs to be removed.

Kindly help

A:Satellite Pro R50-B-123 Lot of Ads while watching movie - speed very slow

What should I do to speed up my laptop?

- You could clean the system using 3rd party tool like CCleaner.
- You could also use an pop up blocker in order to block the advert and pop ups.
- You could disable some background processes and tasks which will load automatically while booting up the system.
How? Check this nice youtube clip

If some of the processes are not known to you; don’t touch it or try to find out more details about the single process.
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have gigabit router tp-link gigabit switch cat 5e cable only getting 100mbps no 1000mbps on realtek pcle fe family controller doing my head in now

A:Satellite C855-1j1 - LAN speed only only 100mbps instead of 1000mbps

Is it Windows 7?
Sometimes 7 reports the speed at being 100 even though its 1000.
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Is there any software that can? For sure. Safe. Or the next best thing. Through Bios? How?

A:Control Toshiba Satellite P305-S8842 fan speed

Bumpity bump.
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Hello all

The CPU usage of my laptop shoots up to 25% (and beyond) and the fan speed increases dramatically after waking up, but only when I'm using an external mouse (Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000) - disconnecting the mouse once this has happened does not solve the problem, so I'm always forced to restart my computer if I have let it go to sleep with the mouse connected.

I've noticed that when this happens System Interrupts - Deferred Procedure Calls and Interrupt Service Routines appears in the Resource monitor>CPU>Processes, and seems to explain the increase in CPU usage.

Any ideas on how to fix this would be most appreciated.

I'm using a Toshiba Satellite R830-1GZ with Windows 7 (64 bit). This problem does not happen when I use the same mouse with another laptop (Dell with Windows XP).

Thank you very much.

A:Satellite R830-1GZ - CPU usage high (>25%) and fan speed increase after wakeup

> The CPU usage of my laptop shoots up to 25% (and beyond) and the fan speed increases dramatically after waking up, but only when I'm using an external mouse (Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000) - disconnecting the mouse once this has happened does not solve the problem, so I'm always forced to restart my computer if I have let it go to sleep with the mouse connected.

I think the process which controls the MS WLan mouse does not close properly.
The system memorize this and therefore the cooling module starts to rotate faster because these process stresses the CPU.

Possibly its caused by the mouse driver?
Did you check if there is an update for the driver?
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Hi the Alps touchpad driver for W that is currently supplied by Toshiba does not have an option to adjust the vertical scroll speed of the two finger gesture With the default speed even leaning the fingers downwards without moving them results in a scroll that is equivalent of PAGE with Updated Driver scroll Satellite speed? - adjustable Touchpad Z30 DOWN e g way to fast The version I use is the latest one from Satellite Z30 - Updated Touchpad Driver with adjustable scroll speed? the website tpdrv- zip There is a registry entry in HKEY CURRENT USER Software Alps Apoint that make the situation a bit more bearable set ScrollLines to but there is no way to adjust if further it in the settings or the registry A newer Alps Driver from another company has this option and scrolling works like it should on the lowest speed but it does not support -finger rightclick Why does toshiba use an outdated driver that is missing this critical function Is there a new driver available Did anyone find a fix for this

A:Satellite Z30 - Updated Touchpad Driver with adjustable scroll speed?


From my knowledge notebook manufacturers modify and adjust the own drivers.
The driver versions are always different and are not always comparable with driver versions released by other notebook manufacutrers.

As you said above:
the Alps driver released by Toshiba does not support the scroll speed but at the other hand it supports the 2-finger right click.
The other driver supports the scroll speed option but doesn?t support the finger right click.

Well it would nice to have an driver which would support all the mentioned options.
So I think we can just wait and hope that the next releases will support some more nice-to-have features?
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I have been facing similar problem described in links below:

I am using Windows 7 64-bit. I have tried upgrade my BIOS and fingerprint driver but the problem still not solved.

Can anyone suggests anything.
Really appreciate any help.

A:Satellite R830 Intermittent Hang up / Freeze with high fan speed


Try to uninstall this fingerprint software from the device manager and from control panel -> software.
Then reboot the notebook and clean the registry using the CCleaner tool which can be downloaded fro free since its freeware software.

Then reboot once again, go to BIOS, set it to default settings pressing F9 and save the changes before accessing the BIOS.

Then boot into the system and test the notebook behavior.
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I have a new SATELLITE S50-B 15, i7-5500U, 8GB Ram, SSD etc. and iv been having a few issues with it.

for reasons unknown the CPU fan will start running at high speed even though the CPU temp has not reaching 35%.
it has also frozen about 10 times since I got it (April this year).

The only way to get it working again would me to hold the power button until off and start it back up.
Once started back up there is no mention of any problem in the event logs other than the forceful shutdown.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced any issues?



A:Satellite S50-B 15P - Fans running at high speed and system crash's

The only way to get it working again would me to hold the power button until off and start it back up.

Forcing shut down resets the fan activity and the performance?
Hmm? this sounds like there must be some kind of system issue? probably the some background processes locks the CPU and therefore the fan activity increases.

You could start the task manager and in the tab called ?Processes? you will find all background applications which would use the CPU.
Click on the CPU column to show all processes loading the CPU.

At the other hand you could also try to modify the ?cooling method? option which is available in Windows advanced power options.
Go to control panel → power options.
Here click on the power plan which is currently in use.
Then click on Advanced power options and navigate to Cooling method.
Here you can change this from active to passive.

Additionally you can decrease the max CPU state to 90%-05%
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Hi there I've been googling around for a bit now looking for a solution to what could be a material issue Randomly my Satellite R freezes suddenly and the fan speed run on full speed This is actually a convenient way to immediately be aware that my computer crashed Everything is frozen the only way to get out is to force shutdown via the power button I've bumped to the same descriptions on numerous of website for different Toshiba models back from It seems the problem is still there I also read testimony of this problem Random control - way no freeze with Satellite R830 regain to full fan speed both for Windows and Linux OS I'm running a Debian Squeeze which doesn't detect anything in the log when the crash happens Sometime it Satellite R830 Random freeze with no way to regain control - full fan speed can be fine for a week but recently the computer freezes at least once a day which is not acceptable for a brand new laptop I'm getting Satellite R830 Random freeze with no way to regain control - full fan speed really concerned whether something will be done soon or if I should ask for an exchange and Satellite R830 Random freeze with no way to regain control - full fan speed pray to be spared I use my laptop on a daily basis for professional purpose so I would definetely prefer another solution I have been waiting for months now and just update my BIOS days ago from Toshiba website with no noticeable improvement the computer crashed times in the last days If anyone managed to get over that problem I would be very thankful for the tip

A:Satellite R830 Random freeze with no way to regain control - full fan speed


One question: do you have an fingerprint reader?

I found this Toshiba document which describes an issue similar to yours.
The issue might be caused by old fingerprint software? you should update this software in case you?ve got an fingerprint reader.

+Intermittend hang up or freeze of your machine (with possible high rotation FAN) under Windows 7 - 32 Bit / 64 Bit+
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Ok so my week old laptop as suddenly became really slow and CPU usage says but when I look most are with or so things with about - so I dunno what is happening Although if I system restore from before Issue Sound Issue Speed and all the Vista service pack updates happened then it is quite a bit Speed Issue and Sound Issue better though still sometimes laggy Also my sound is sometimes messed up and all fuzzy I dunno if this is linked to the speed issue or not All the specs etc Summary Product Name Aspire G Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista amp Home Premium Service Pack Processor AMD Turion tm X Dual-Core Mobile RM- System Memory MB Hard Drive WDC WD BEVT- ZCT SCSI Disk Device GB CD DVD Drive Slimtype BD E DS E S SCSI CdRom Device Video NVIDIA GeForce M GF MG GF MGS NVIDIA GeForce M GF MGS GF MG Audio Realtek High Definition Audio NVIDIA High Definition Audio Network Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Atheros AR X Wireless Network Adapter HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP UUID A E A EDE B BA E Serial Number LXARG X DD BIOS Version v Battery mAh LI-ION Processor Processor AMD Turion tm X Dual-Core Mobile RM- Cores L Cache Data Cache KB x Execution Trace Cache KB x L Cache KB x Multimedia Video Device Device Name NVIDIA GeForce M GF MG GF MGS Total Available Graphics Memory MB Dedicated Video Memory MB Device Name NVIDIA GeForce M GF MGS GF MG Total Available Graphics Memory MB Dedicated Video Memory MB Audio Device Realtek High Definition Audio NVIDIA High Definition Audio Webcam Device Device Name Acer Crystal Eye webcam Driver Version Memory Current Memory Size MB Memory Type DDR Slot Installed Size MB Slot Installed Size MB nbsp

Relevancy 44.72%

A key has popped off the keyboard and I can't get it back on. I am not sure if I have lost something from directly under the tile to help it to attach to the frame surrounding the green foam button. I have tried to search online for a visual to help me but I can't find any keyboard that looks the same as the one on my Satelite R630 13T

Anyone know of a link to a visual / video etc? Or tell me if I should have some other 'bits' - and if so where I could buy them?

Trainer - in the UK.

A:Key replacement on Satelite R630

Under the key cap is small (white mechanism) and if the cap is OK you must place it properly and gently press down. You will hear ?click? and it should be in place again.

Does it works for you?

If something is damaged i don?t think you can replace one single key but the whole keyboard.
Relevancy 43.86%


I have a problem that affects the function of the special keys of my Satellite L50-B-17-V with Win8.1, since Toshiba has released the new 1.90 bios, I do not work anymore automatically, but pressing the fn key while before you, I was in the setup function by changing the bios, but it remains the standard mode f1-f12.

How can I fix it? Thanks

A:FN keys issue on Satellite L50-B-17-V

Try please to change ?Function Keys Mode? in ?System settings? tool.
Open Desktop Assist > Tools & Utilities > System settings > Keyboard. There you will find this option.
Please try to change mode to ?Special function mode? and confirm with apply.

After doing this test F keys and post some feedback please.
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I bought a laptop a few months ago and now I've just tested the laptop in the games and I noticed a difficult problem My laptop has the following configuration Windows Pro x Intel I U GhzGPU Intel HD shared memory GPU AMD R m with GB GDDR bit GB x MHz DDR LSSD R7 ATI Satellite M260 L50-B-25N - issue AMD GPU Kingston v Gb system HDD Toshiba TB data Multitasking is Excellent the processor works as Satellite L50-B-25N - AMD ATI R7 M260 GPU issue silly integrated graphics is also good as soon as I enter the game on the switch r graphics that moves terribly that cottage I reinstalled the system and drivers I tried all possible the GPU-z says that the benefits of PCI Express x Each game works better with integrated instead of the r it can be Satellite L50-B-25N - AMD ATI R7 M260 GPU issue said that as soon switch to R laptop is not working sticking As soon as I turn off the card r in the device manager and so your computer stays to work on the integrated hd everything goes as best he can I do not know what else to try even Furmark does not recognize the AMD card forgive me for my bad English
Relevancy 43.86%

Good afternoon all Can you please help with the below I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro R -B- U laptop It was purchased in December The hard drive has failed completely so I have had to fit a new one This was a little disappointing as the laptop is not very old I have re-installed Windows bit pro from a recovery disc which is what the laptop came preinstalled with but on trying Satellite new - HDD R50-B - installed OS issue to enter the product key which I have obtained from the laptop using a software recovery solution I am unable to register it with Microsoft I am led to believe that this is due to the fact the key is an OEM key used by Toshiba The laptop was delivered without any Windows recovery installation cd s Please can you assist and advise Satellite R50-B - new HDD installed - OS issue on how to get this Satellite R50-B - new HDD installed - OS issue operating system registered with Microsoft I would rather not have to puchase a new W product key as the above is a legtimate issue Many thanks
Relevancy 43.86%

I have a problem which is driving me to distraction.

Unless I'm staring at the touchpad when I do it, about 60% of the time I try to
left-click with the touchpad, I right-click it by mistake. I'm not sure whether this
is because the touchpad is offset so far to the left compared with the other
laptop I use, a Thinkpad, or what.

Anyway, the only way I think I can carry on using this machine is if I can
somehow change the settings so that wherever I click on the touchpad
it interprets it as a left-clift - I'd be quite happy to use the RH Windows key
to get context menus, etc.

Can I do this and how?

I'm using Win10 Pro 64-bit if that makes any difference.

TIA, Martyn
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I have a Toshiba satellite s - and am having issues with the power I have looked up on countless forums and have been able to find people with similar issues but not the same Basically the issue is that it will not turn on sometimes and wont show any symptoms of having power Here is what i know about it The issue only comes up when i Satellite Issue Toshiba power off the Toshiba Satellite Issue laptop while it is unplugged None of the power indicators on the front light up however when you look at it in a pitch black room it is VERY faintly blinking indicator for when it is plugged in It turns back on usually after or so hours of messing around with it Pulling plug out and putting it back in Checking connections inside etc I have batteries as well as power adapters chargers trying different combinations of them do not seem to make a difference I have tried the method of unplugging and removing battery and holding the power button for around a minute no results from that method If anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated

A:Toshiba Satellite Issue

Have you checked the actual power jack connector? May be worth replacing it, since it's only a $10 part:
DC Power Jack w Cable Harness Toshiba Satellite S855 043 S855 044 S855 S5290P | eBay
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Hi there This morning i was checking some things before i left home for the day my cat charging - C55 Satellite issue jumped on my laptop after he got off i straightened it back up on my lap and heard a click as the laptop screen turned black the power lights over the button and Satellite C55 - charging issue the red power light were still on i held the pwer button down and rebooted the screen lit up and showed a 'rtc battery low error' i pressed enter and went in to what it was telling me too i immediately pressed exit cause i had Satellite C55 - charging issue no idea what i was doing the computer rebooted and went to windows normally Satellite C55 - charging issue i signed in and conneted to wifi then i noticed it wasnt charging i put the charger in and it flickered then went dull i realized it wasnt charging so i restarted again it was a little slow but when i went in to windows it took forever to recognise my Wifi and it would not charge no matter how i moved the cord I decided to leave it until i got home am not there yet before i worried but when i sat it on the floor on its side it was charging i laid it down and it wasnt then i tried it back in the previous position it wouldnt charge I know this is kind of an essay of a post but if anybody could give my any ideas or tips on what could be wrong it would be much appreciated thanksss
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I have just been handed the pc Satellite Pro R50-B-14U.
After I upgraded from 7 to 8.1 and I made updates Toshiba/windows screen randomly goes off and then on again after a second at intervals of about 1/2 hours .
I tried to uninstall and reinstall the video drivers but the problem persists.

How do I fix this?
Thank you.

A:Screen issue with Satellite Pro R50-B-14U

According notebook specification you got original Win8.1 installations DVD so I presume you have used it for OS installation.
Have you noticed such problems immediately after OS installation or later after updates installation?
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Hello, I have bought this laptop, in the product specification it tells me the ram speed should be ddr3 1600 MhzI have downloaded bios updates, and now the HP Support assistent tells me my ram speed is only 800 Mhz??I went inside bios but it doesn't give me options to change ram speed. 800 Mhz is slow. is there a way to change itback to 1600 or at least 1333 Mhz? Regards

A:Ram Speed Issue

@ginoversace?, welcome to the forum. Your RAM is Double Data Rate (DDR).  Therefore, if you take 800 MHz x 2 you have 1600 MHz. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Hi, i am using a zoom modem. i am connected but the speed is slow. on checking the router status it is showing the downstream speed as 1728 and upstream as 448, but when i run a online speed test it gives a speed of 130kb/s and upload as 377Kb/s.On the router by gateway is showing as and the ip is showing as

On CMD the gateway is and the same ip.

Please suggest what i need to do to get the same speed that is showing on router status.

A:speed issue

hi the problem is resolved it was the problem with the modem i bought a new linksys modem and now i am geting the same spped as showing on the router status, but will any one suggest what may be the issue with the zoom modem.
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Ran into a bit of a snafu wondering if some kind soul s might take pity and offer a hand I ve had this computer home built for a few years and never had any problems with it I turned on the computer yesterday and the BIOS is showing the incorrect CPU it shows Athlon XP I can t remember what it used to say I think but I m not Windows XP is showing my speed as Ghz which is Mhz less than it Speed Issue CPU used to show as it used to show xGhz I don t know exactly what my CPU is so I don t know what to look for when changing my CPU Speed Issue FSB multiplier and such I used CPU-Z hoping it would give me some clue but it is also telling me I have as an AMD Athlon XP Barton Currently my multipler is set at and my bus speed is Can anyone help me locate my missing Mhz Thanks nbsp
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I have recently just got Virgin Media 10mb connection (wireless). Me and my friend share this connection, he has a mac i have a pc(laptop). It seems that my friend can get near enough full speed with downloads etc (tested on, my friend got nearly 10mb download speed, however I averaged at 6mb. Another example, my friend downloaded a file from a website, the speed went at about 1.5mb/s, I then downloaded the exact same file directly after his download had finished, my average download speed was 250kb/s.
My wireless card is "intel(r) pro/wireless 3945abg", it is a 54mb/s card so it should be more than capable to get the full 10mb/s that is offered to me. Any help in how to 'de-restrict' my card to obtain the full speed?

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance

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I am taking a class at my school, and they lent us these older Dell laptops that run at 1.3ghz, have 800mhz fsb, and contain 256mb ddr ram (loaded up bios on the computer to see). What I can't figure out is the fact that whenever I log on using the schools user name, the computer takes a good 30 seconds logging on, and starts out with 100% usage of the cpu, although only has 22 processes. I end around six or seven of them, although the computer speeds up, it is still slow. It could probably use a good defragmenting, though it wouldn't slow down that much, right? Also, the computers are very restricted. I know some bugs with Xp that can remove the administators password, but I won't touch these computers further than I have.

A:Speed issue

Hi cfitzarl,

I don't know if there are 1.3 GHZ CPU's with a 800MHZ FSB. I think those 800MHZ FSB CPU's are Northwood's C (A or B, donīt know ), and Prescotts.
There are 1.3GHZ P4's, with 400MHZ FSB, some P3's with 133FSB, etc.

Regarding the machine, I'd defragment it, but it would take a while. I don't think that you have time to do it.
Also, it could have viruses, and crap like that.

Anyways, 1.3 GHZ is a little slow for windows XP, so don't expect miracles, especially if they have a normal coppermine Celeron CPU.
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i have the latest BIOS update wich is F36 and i still have the issue from the time i bought this laptop win 8.1 to win 10 all up todate the problem is exisit and every time i upgarding the BIOS software i didnt see the problem has fixed !! the prblem in short that i cant hear the fan loud or maximum speed when i play game when the CPU Tem reach 80c the Fan did not reach the maximum speed (with that said CPU must not reach higher than 70c ) even though my FAN did not work properly )that i heared before every time i tried to update the BIOS ican heare it extreamly load and clear  . please HP this is supper proiority and must be fixed as soon as possible i cant play any game at this moment because of lack of speed in the fan to cool dowen the cpu .
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as subject say my internet connection on this computer is only getting half of the speed I should be getting. this has been tested with three different connections, two wifi and the LAN.

Download speeds are slow as well. I have a 20mbps down and 1mbps up. I can achieve about 10mpbs down and 500kbps up.

All other computers on the network are running win 7 pro x86 and have full speed.

Any idea's?

A:speed issue with Win 7 pro x64

Quote: Originally Posted by pctechdude

as subject say my internet connection on this computer is only getting half of the speed I should be getting. this has been tested with three different connections, two wifi and the LAN.

Download speeds are slow as well. I have a 20mbps down and 1mbps up. I can achieve about 10mpbs down and 500kbps up.

All other computers on the network are running win 7 pro x86 and have full speed.

Any idea's?

Could be a bad network driver, configuration issue, bad cable, conflict with another device on wifi, dns, etc

Can you go to start>search>type cmd>right click and run as admin>ipconfig /all

Take a screenshot and upload it to us.

Ken J
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I recently added memory to my Gateway FX 7026 quad core. After I was done with the process, during the post process an error flashed across (too quick to capture unfortunately), but it had to do with a Microsoft Handler of some sort. The net result is that my cpu cooling fan is running constantly at top speed now. I have had the system for 6 months and it has never run like this before.

Any ideas?

A:Fan Speed Issue

Hello Erekosa, welcome to Vista forums!

Seeing that you're having issues with new RAM installed and 'handler' issues; it may be that the 'new' RAM is bad! (it happens)

The best option would be to burn Memtesr86 to a CD and test each stick individually for at least one full pass.

Keep us informed!

Later Ted
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I have a dell demension 3000 ( i know nothing special) The original specs were a 512mb ram and a 2.8ghz p4 and i have upgraded it to 2gb of ram and a ati radeon X1550 256mb graphics card. I just reformatted from xp home to xp pro and i have noticed a sever slow down in the computer before battlefield 2 maps would load within 2 to 3 mins and ran smooth now they take close to 5 and are jitterey in the game and simple task on the computer are all jittery and slow to what could be causeing this. is it xp pro or something else. I have ran virus scan and several disk defrag waht could be wrong.

A:Speed issue

Does that computer come with onboard graphics? And if so did you disable it in the BIOS and or uninstall it in device manager? Was the Pro installed fresh? Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the GPU drivers? In the BIOS you'll find a setting that says Init Display First. If you switched from onboard to a graphics card that need to be changed from PCI to AGP or PCI express depending on the systems configuration. The other thing is when the graphics become jerky like that it is often either a GPU unable to handle the applications graphics (like an old card trying to play a new game), or it's a GPU heat issue, but with the heat thing you would probably be getting artifacts (patchy areas that aren't rendering properly) as well.
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Just got an EVGA GTX570 Superclocked GFX card. Card works like a dream! One thing though. EVGA Precision will now only let me take the fan speed up to 85%. Can anyone tell me why or how to fix the issue? I have completly uninstalled the drivers and then reinstalled them but i can still only acheve 85% fan speed.
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HP DL145
2.32ghz x2
2gb RAM
Win7 x64

I am having a strange issue. My wired download speed is .80/mbps while my upload is 8.5/mbps. The connection is FIOS 35/35 and I am having zero issues with any other cpu on the network wired or wireless.

This is a new machine with a fresh install on it. The only 'third party' app is Chrome.

Network setup is follows:
Verizon FIOS ont box > Cisco E1000 Router > Linksys 24port 10/100 switch

This box is plugged into the switch at the end of the chain. I have swapped cables and have tested different machines. Everything else is working fine but not this machine.

Any tips?

A:Speed Issue

Is that the speed that you are seeing when you download a file or is it through a speed test?

Also, if that is the speed while downloading a file but your speed test is fine; Does the download start high then drop down?
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I just got 16GB of Corsair Dominator 1866Mhz ram. The computer has automatically set the speed to 1333Mhz. I went into the BIOS [I think it was the Bios] and there was no option to change the Ram speed. ProcessorAMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 RAM6.0 GB Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 (build 10586), 64-bit  HP Pavilion p7-1414 Desktop PC
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Hey Guys,

I've been having an on and off issue with my touchpad for at least a couple of months now. I've tried doing the function +F9 thing with little effect. I also re-downloaded the synaptics driver which seems to make it work for a little while but then it started working only sporadically.

Currently my touchpad works some of the time, if it fails at first pressing Ctrl Alt Del and then Esc seems to make it work for a little while longer but after that it simply stops working. I'm a student and not having a fully functioning laptop is often a great hindrance so any help would be great.



A:Satellite Pro C660 - on and off issue with the Touchpad


My first question is: when did you notice this touchpad issue.

I mean, the Sat Pro C660 is an older notebook and if this issue did not appear from first day of purchase, then something has affected the touchpad functionality in the past.

The question is: is there something wrong with software or maybe touchpad module.
I think this can be answered only settings the notebook back to factory state.
If you recover the notebook using Toshiba recover disk, you will get exactly the same state like at the first day of purchase.

If touchpad would still not work properly, well then there is some hardware problem
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I have a Toshiba satellite p55-A5312. due to some strange reason there is no 1920 x 1080 resolution.there is no option after 1366 x 768.i have tried every driver I can lay my hands on but no luck at all...please someone help me...thank you

A:satellite p55_A5312 resolution issue

do the drivers detect your display properly? how is your display listed in device manager? is there any options for a custom resolution in the driver settings (ive never used an intel gpu im not sure) so you could force 1920 x 1080?
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I own a satellite l555-123 which as of late, won't start (most of the time), not even without the battery and when on power. I managed to start it once, and what i saw was a popup that said "your battery is critical please change it as soon as possible" or something along these lines (but it normally got on windows and everything, it just couldn't last over 5 minutes running windows). I have 2 questions if you could be so kind to answer them.
Is it possible that it's not starting when it's on a power source without a battery on?
Which model's battery is also compatible with my model? Just to know in order to buy one

Thanks in advance!
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I upgraded my system to Windows a couple of months ago and everything seemed to be working OK A few weeks ago however I started having various problems Windows S50-B-15N Satellite issue Graphics 10 booting the system - usually black screen Uninstalling the AMD Radeon R M driver usually results in the system booting with a windows driver error message however windows keeps updating the driver and then the system fails Satellite S50-B-15N Windows 10 Graphics issue to boot again Using Toshiba service station does not indicate there are any driver updates available so everything seems to be up to date I have also tried uninstalling and re-installing the Intel HD Graphics Satellite S50-B-15N Windows 10 Graphics issue driver too and that also seems to have some effect of temporarily allowing the system to boot but with a Windows AMD driver error message and again eventually Windows updates the drivers to latest version and then the system no longer works again The only way I can get the thing to work is to boot into safe mode and disable the AMD Radeon R M driver Are there known issues with Windows and the graphics drivers This is driving me nuts
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hey everyone ive been looking for similar problems but found none maybe you guys can help i have a toshiba satellite m and it has no hard drive even if it doesnt have a hard drive it should Toshiba satellite issue huge m40 be able to boot and tell me so my problem is st the laptop screen works sometimes meaning the laptop turns on but the screen is off but other Toshiba satellite m40 huge issue times it turns on fine now when the screen doesnt turn on i found that hitting it makes the screen appear and im not happy about hitting my laptop im just trying to get it to work nd when the screen does work the laptop gets stuck at the motherboard logo screen and does not move from there unless you hit it whats wrong with the dumb thing anybody help oh and like the thing is it does function the screen does turn on and the motherboard logo screen does change but u have to really hit it a few times other wise it freezes or the screen wont turn on ive ran linux off of a live cd on it so i know for a fact im right nbsp

A:Toshiba satellite m40 huge issue

It is time to have the laptop serviced by a qualified technician, or to buy a new laptop. If you are familiar with removing memory or hard drive, you can try reseating them. The video cable from the LCD panel to the motherboard may be pinched or loose
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Hi ..

I have a brand new T130 .. the problem is every time im using the internet the wireless adapter ( realtek 8187se ) auto disable it self ! after that I have to restart

So I can enable its again .

(I ve tried the Fn+F8 and tried to update the driver and updated the bios and reset it even system restore ... name anything !!)

Any ideas so i can fix this problem ??
I have win 7 64bit

A:Wireless issue on Satellite T130-16V

Have you tried to reinstall WLAN driver? The latest one you can find on Toshiba WLAN portal -
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Ive swapped the internal HDD to a SSD and now i want to install Windows XP.

Ive made an bootable USB drive using this guide

Ive updated the BIOS so it now will boot from a USB device but the installation keeps crashing with a BSOD saying - ACPI.SYS

Please help

BR Martin

A:Issue installing Win XP on Satellite NB10-A

Hi Martin

I have checked Toshiba support page and as I can see your Satellite machine is not supported for WXP. Do you just want to make some tests or what? I mean I don't see any sense to install OS that is not even supported by Microsoft and definitely not supported by notebook manufacturer.
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Hello, prompt RV microphone microphone records the noise only changed the microphone. The device with support for high definition audio is not available at the moment
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Hi there.
I have a problem with the sound of my pc. When sound goes out through the built-in Harman Kardon speakers, it sounds... flat and dull.
However, if I start Skype (or turn if off, or call someone), or Yahoo Messenger, the sound instantly changes and gets more rotund and pleasant.
This odd behaviour cannot be observed when using head-phones, so looks like driver or hardware problem.

Could anyone suggest how it can be fixed, besides the Skype tricks?

A:Sound issue on my Satellite A300D-11Q

I don?t know what kind of sound you compare there.

Let?s say you want to hear music or watch DVD movie. Is the sound quality good and as it should be?
In my opinion messengers are not relevant to discuss about sound quality. What you can hear over Skype or MSN?

For instance: when you start your notebook and hear Windows sound, is it OK?
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I have a Sound problem with my notebook.I just bought it 1 week ago and I just normaly started Windows 8 and I could not hear any sound truough my headphones or the built in speaker.I checked the drivers no update is nedeed and it says:"This device is working properly."

What should i do?

A:Satellite Pro C850-1KO - Sound issue

Are you sure option MUTE is not enabled?
Check please volume mixer and be sure nothing is set to mute.
Post some feedback if everything is OK there.
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So, the problem started when my dad told me various recharge lights would not come one. Low and behold after opening it up I noticed the Power Pin within the DC housing was not there, in fact it dropped directly into my hand while I was opening it... So after a great deal of experimentation in trying to fix it... I have given up, if I jiggle it for a little while the lights will come on for a second... Please look at diagram for what I believe is accurate~

The connector just behind the housing... is that a ground? my limited knowledge on, on-board circuitry prevents me from repairing this myself.


A:Toshiba Satellite A75-S209 DC Issue

if you can visually seek the break, then you know where it should connect in order to repair it. You need not know the polarity. But I don't recommend repairing this yourself unless you are good with a soldering iron. Take it to a shop.