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Worth replacing the hard drive, battery and buying recovery disks?

Q: Worth replacing the hard drive, battery and buying recovery disks?

I currently have a Lenovo laptop and have had it for 2 and a half years. The battery has always been pretty bad and last about 3 minutes unplugged. The hard drive is a temperamental one from an old laptop as the original broke for no apparent reason, probably didn't help I was constantly having to rebuild it too. I know it is stupid but when I got this laptop I was young and naive and didn't realise how essential recovery disks are.
I realise to replace all of these would be quite expensive so am wondering whether it is worth just buying a new laptop?

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Preferred Solution: Worth replacing the hard drive, battery and buying recovery disks?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Worth replacing the hard drive, battery and buying recovery disks?

We need more information to comment.
There are at least 7 levels of Lenovo laptop... Is this a T-series... or just what is it? model and type.
In general, Lenovo laptops are among the most reliable...
This is not a good time to buy hard drives, due to the market over-adjusting to the hard drive factories under water in Thailand.
Batteries, good ones, can be found for $35 to $45
But you can get a 90 GB SATA hard drive for $90 or less.
Tell us the hard drive brand and size, the amount of memory installed.
All in all, we can rebuild a decent Lenovo for $140... and that is a lot less expensive than a new laptop. But a shop would have to charge you $205 or more.
A cheap laptop might cost you $500 to $600, but a good laptop could cost you $1200 to $1800. For long term reliability, I would want to invest at least $1000 to $1500

Tell us more so we can best advise you.
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Not sure if I've got the right forum here guys but can anyone tell me if it's worth buying a spare battery for my Dell Latitude laptop?

A:Is it worth buying a sparte battery?

I've owned 5 laptops/netbooks and have never purchased a spare battery for any of them.
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I have an old Vista laptop that is on its on new recovery disks drive? use hard a Possible to last legs Broken keys USB ports no longer functioning mouse pad keys inoperable I also have a NEW win laptop that has a failed hard drive Other than that it s almost brand new Never liked windows but vista wasn t Possible to use recovery disks on a new hard drive? available when I bought the quot new quot laptop Is Possible to use recovery disks on a new hard drive? it possible to buy a new hard drive for the quot new quot laptop and use the recovery disks from the quot old quot vista unit to install the OS I have win recovery disks but prefer NOT to use them How do I change the BIOS so that the quot new quot laptop will recognize the quot old quot OS Does it make a difference as to the size of the new hard drive The old new one that had win was gb These are not available in brick and mortar stores I don t need gb Would be sufficient Has anyone got a rave review of a new hard drive they d like to share

A:Possible to use recovery disks on a new hard drive?

Recovery disks are tied up a specific computer model with a specific OS on it so unless both laptops are identical you can't use recovery disks from Vista laptop on Win 7 laptop.
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I have an oldish (2002) laptop whose CDROM is very sluggish. Trying to reinstall XP from the recovery disks results in frustrating failure coz the darn thing is designed in a way that the slightest CDROM hickup causes the installation process to terminate.

Is there ANY way to transfer and run the files from the hard drive? I have linux on the laptop right now, so I was wondering whether I could "safely" transfer the files little by little and then (again, "safely") run the process from the hard drive

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:Can You Run XP Recovery Disks from Hard Drive?

I've never tried it, but you should be able to copy all of the files from the CD onto the HDD and run setup from there.
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My laptop got Trojan Win Comame infection amp screen went dark fan running full speed Upon rebooting same thing happens thereare no beep codes or any flashing light patterns on the keyboard Removed affectedHD amp connected it to disks use formatting drive... after Recovery hard can't a healthy pc with cable ran AV scan from MSE which found can't use Recovery disks after formatting hard drive... amp deleted the infection but damage had already been done the Library Mydocuments My Pictures etc is gone and other folders seem to be empty With the affected HD still attached to healthypc externally I reformatted it s main partition but not the Hidden Partition Computer Mgmt shows this external driveas Disk with GB Healthy Active Recovery Partition GB Healthy Partition amp a GB Healthy Partition I then disconnected the HD from cable andinstalled back into original laptop Washoping I could then use Recovery disks however that did NOT work I need ideas on what to do next This is a Toshiba Satellite L -S model PSK LU- C Windows Hm Prem Witha GB HD Thanks for your help nbsp

A:can't use Recovery disks after formatting hard drive...
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Hey all, someone gave me a crashed computer with windows XP on it. I ordered the recovery disks from HP and did my reinstall. It worked really great. But now I am wondering if I should do more clean up. I am using the computer right now, but some times when I get on the internet a get this error message: "Internet explorer script error". Does the explorer need updating? Could the computer still have bugs on it? I ran Norton and all looks clean. Also I can't get the dvd rom to work. It acts like nothing is in there. I get to the screen that should play it, but when I push play nothing happens. Thanks Lea

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I have a Gateway computer that came preloaded with Windows 7.

I am replacing the internal hard drive and I am attempting to install the factory system recovery image from the system recovery disc that I made when I bought the computer. After installing the drive and booting up from the recovery disc, I go into full factory recovery but when I go in to the option to "restore to factory default" the option is grayed out. Do I need to format the drive first? How do I do this outside of windows?

Thanks for your help!

A:Replacing Hard Drive - Factory Image Recovery

UPDATE - I booted up using my defective drive (which only barely works) I was able to format my new drive and add a new partition. Then I disconnected the defective drive, booted up from disk with the new drive still installed. Still didn't work.
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We hade to replace the hard drive in our laptop, and need to get a recovery disk burned from another computer.  I am having a problem finding them on the website.   I have the serial number and want to make sure I get the right ones.

A:Need recovery files to download after replacing hard drive f...

@charrispcs? DVD - Windows 8.1 64b (Dual Language) + Supp 1 Recovery Kit System Recovery Kit for Consumer Notebook (4 Discs) Your software and drivers here. REO
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My hard drive crashed on my laptop. Before It crashed, It gave me a hard drive warning of imminent failure, and gave me an option to create recovery disks. I ended up creating 11 disks from the option. I installed the new hard drive and the BIOS reads that it will boot from the internal optical drive first. When I insert the first CD and start then computer, it continues to read "Operating system not found". When I look at the CD in another computer, it reads three files and one folder. The first file is an icon file which reads "Setup", the next is a "Media" bin file, and the last is an autorun setup information file. The last is a folder that contains various other backup files. My computer did not come with any copies of windows. Why is this not working?

A:Recovery disks will not load in new hard drive after crash

Did you validate that the Recovery Disks after they were created? What was the result if any?

Is the replacement hard disk the same as the earlier one?
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Hello all I m having an issue with my Acer in regards to a new hard drive installed Old hard drive went bad Seagate Momentus GB replaced with a WD Scorpio Blue GB I have the recovery disks and proceeded to run them The first time the computer was started up after HDD replacement it did not recognize the new HDD but on second reboot it did I don t believe I partitioned any part of the HDD off didn t know it was needed Answered a couple of other questions that prompted and then was asked to start the recovery disks After the disks were loaded the computer restarted on its own Windows started to go but then I got the message hard not installed; New recovery disks working drive of quot Windows could New hard drive installed; recovery disks not working not complete the installation New hard drive installed; recovery disks not working To install Windows on this computer restart installation quot Press ok and the vicious cycle starts all over again I tried to run my recovery disks again but being a serious novice I don t know to get the computer to read the disk drive in the state its in I looked at some forums and it seems that Acer has this problem because the recovery disks di not come from the new HDD Kind of stuck and unsure how to proceed Very limited in quot computer speak quot I believe this was the first time I touched the quot f quot buttons Any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

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I followed the directions from Gateway about creating recovery CDs before wiping the hard drive. Unfortunately some thing did not work. I now have NO drivers and keep getting an error at Windows start up.

Windows error: it is asking me to select operating system to start and give me "Windows XP Media Center Edition" (list this twice).

Drivers: I've gone to Gateway (on another computer) and tried to download to a cd the modem driver so I can access the internet and Internet Explorer. I keep trying to install the modem driver and Internet Explorer with no luc

System and other info:
Windows XP Professional
version 5.1.2600, Service Pack 3 build 2600
System: Gateway
Model: MX6453
System Type: x86-based PC

Please help!


A:Help - wiped hard drive, problem with recovery disks

You should wipe the drive with killdisk, do a google. I suspect that
remnants of the old os are still on the hdd. The drive is dirty....
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Hi I have an old machine from XP SP with AMD Athlon GB RAM MB ATI drive? Solved: clean to disks Recovery hard Radeon graphics I have the original recovery CD but not the actual XP install CD is it possible to Solved: Recovery disks to clean hard drive? boot from this disk and return Solved: Recovery disks to clean hard drive? to the quot factory defaults quot from that first day I bought the machine I have backed up all data with DriveImage XML so I can return all the Solved: Recovery disks to clean hard drive? limited personal information but I would really like the rest of the C drive to be erased All the family now have laptops or desktop PCs for work and communications so it s not critical to have it fully-working within a couple of hours and all software loaded etc My sister once accidentally performed a system restore from the recovery partition and the sound drivers were uninstalled Are things like this likely to happen restoring from the recovery CD Thanks for any advice I don t want to completely screw this up nbsp

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I'm going to be replacing a 500 GB hard drive with a 1 TB hard drive in a ThinkPad laptop. I created an image of the 500 GB drive using Macrium. It contains C:/, D:/ and a recovery partition. I will be extending the size of the C:/ and D:/ partitions and have read that the size of the recovery partition should not be changed or it will become inoperable. Just checking here to make sure that information is correct. Thanks.

A:Recovery partition size when replacing a hard drive using an image

Scuttlebutt has told me that one can restore a partition onto an equal-size or greater-size partition; one can restore an entire hard-drive X-size onto a target hard-drive x-size or larger. Quick example: I have restored an OS image from a 465GB partition onto or into a 467GB partition. I found it best to "parallel" the target HD to match the source HD -- quick example: OS/465GB-C, Data/467GB-D source was successfully restored onto OS/467.8GB-C and data/467.7GB-D. Just before restoring, I split the whole 931GB/1 giant C into 467 C and 467 D. What brought all of that on -- I was in a hurry, and totally toasted my hard-drive logically [not hardware-wise]; I fixed it all with the abovementioned steps.
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I have dell inspiron 3542 laptop. Hard drive was crashed, I bought new drive but its blank. How to reinstall windows 8?
I don't have any recovery disc.
Please reply.
Rc chat

A:Reinstall windows 8 after replacing hard drive / no recovery disc

Create Media site--
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I have a failing 1TB HD that I want to replace with a SSD 250-500GB HD. Do I need a 1TB HD replacement to use recovery disk? The only programs/apps are MS Office and printer software, so I know there is enough space. Thanks, Paul.
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Crashed with bluescreen saying "Smart Hard Drive " with imminent failure expected.  Cannot boot or enter BIOS or Setup regardless of hitting ESC, F11, F10, F8, etc.  No Recovery Disks vailable.  Cannot do drive diagnostics.  Identifies Hard Drive 1 (301) faulted (Touchscreen All-In-One has 1TB Hybrid Drive with bootup from SSD (not sure).  Won't get past initial Bluescreen warning.
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Called Costco to get tech help with an HP Envy Desktop. The tech instructed me to do a hard drive system recovery even though I had recovery disks. . .The computer screen showed 100% software installation recovery in under two hours and the machine went into "turn on turn off" mode.Problem: The "Turn on turn off" mode is still going on, and now it's been a full 6 hours and then some.Question #1: Can the desktop be manually shut down to stop the endless "Turn on turn off" process without harming the computer?Question #2: Any guidance regarding such a stoppage and then redoing the system recovery once again, but this time with the recovery disks?
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Hey Folks I was from buying? Technologies,worth Drive River South Web wondering something I currently have a trial of the Web Drive FTP client running on one Web Drive from South River Technologies,worth buying? of my computers Web Drive from South River Technologies,worth buying? here A friend of mine Web Drive from South River Technologies,worth buying? has a server which this software connects to beautifully I've also been able to connect it to some other servers but at the same time there are servers which it resists connection to and either gives me a winsoc error error code or it gives me a server connection failed error error code I can't find any articles regarding it's server compatibility E G if it only connects to windows FTP SFTP Group Drive or anything about whether it connects to Linux servers or not The only server I ever had trouble connecting to the one that gave me those errors was a server of a guy who basically worships linux and disses windows and it's integrity as an OS so he wasn't very helpful nor was he supportive in finding the issue I am still contemplating the possibility of buying the software simply due to it's convenience allowance of server integration with Windows Explorer and most importantly of all of these it's accessibility with screen readers since that is what I rely on being a visually impaired user of a computer Any input slash experience reports would be wonderful Thanks so much BTW I tried contacting SRT myself and in order for support requests to be sent the one sending them must be a registered user and have purchased a license No offense to them but that doesn't really help folks like me LOL Regards Chromebuster
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My Laptop came preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium and I would like to create system recovery disks. I have a drive labeled RECOVERY (D. How do I create recovery disks from this drive?

A:Need to create system recovery disks from RECOVERY (D:) drive

We know nothing about your laptop, so it's hard to say. Who made it?? What model?

You probably have to access some program, either from a choice in your list of programs or through a particular keystroke during the boot process. Look in your list of available programs for something related to recovery or consult your manual.
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I want to at least share this experience so people may avoid data loss and maybe find a solution My old server is years old and it was time for a replacement I got an ASUS Z -K disk disks 4TB recovery Windows hard corrupts motherboard with an I - CPU and GB RAM to be used as a home file server Boot disk is a GB WD drive From and brand new TB WD green hard drives to be used in a RAID setup I installed WIN x and updated Windows recovery disk corrupts 4TB hard disks with SP and latest updates Had some issues getting the system to install from USB stick and had to learn about the new UEFI bios but I managed Drivers amp stuff installed from the ASUS DVD Updated bios to version from the ASUS website Installed the latest Intel RST drivers from the Intel website Copied the data from the old server to the TB drives no raid setup yet GPT partions of TB All seemed well Then I wanted to prepare test recovery options just in case the old disk would fail Whatever I tried i cannot get the rescue disk to restore a system image I made with windows backup Issue still to be solved - all kinds of issues - usually incompatible windows version when booting the rescue disk When I booted back to windows from the hard disk windows started a checkdisk on the data disks and found all kinds of errors Note The disk having less then TB of data had no issues The data on the full drives seemed to be there but content was corrupted and unusable Thinking about bad luck or issues with the old TB limit I reformatted and copied data back over to the TB drives I rebooted several times and did checkdisks to verify the disks - no issues I decided to try recovery again and after several tries booting from rescue partitions DVD's USB sticks with no or little success I booted from the hard disk again Again it started a checkdisk and again got corruption on the TB disks This time the recovery disk complained about disk errors on the directories last copied and probably over the TB mark Reformatted and copied data again Checkdisk no issues Suspecting driver issues on the windows recovery disk I booted from a recovery disk As usual it complained about the windows version or something and failed to continue rebooted from the harddisk and sure enoug the system did a checkdisk My conclusion If you have an x windows SP and large Hard disks then the recovery disk or the original win no SP will corrupt a TB hard drive when it scans for the presence of a system image Can anyone confirm this issue and maybe have a solution

A:Windows recovery disk corrupts 4TB hard disks

I can confirm that if you boot the recovery disk or original install disk and choose the repair option it will corrupt the 4TB GPT disks as soon as it starts to scan for an image or OS to recover on that disk.
I slipstreamed the Intel RST drivers into a windows install DVD, booted from USB and no corruption anymore.

This leaves the second problem of the repair disk giving all kinds of errors when trying to restore a system image. Probably also something with the disk drives as i can install and now boot the recovery environment when i detach all other (4TB) drives. It finds the windows install and I can restore an image.
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Nearly new Win laptop in the office From time to Creating recovery drive/disks time it has suggested I create recovery disks I finally managed to buy some DVD-R disks that involved driving more than miles What to do instead of waiting for the next prompt I tried Control Panel - gt Recovery - gt Create Recovery Drive It then asks Copy Recovery Partition If yes it offers only the option of creating a recovery drive using a flash drive of at least GB capacity If no you have the option of creating disks instead but it created only a single disk using only about the capacity of the disk to judge by the visible writing trace I had been given to understand that recovery disks would require to disks So is this not the same thing as the recovery disk set that would be created if I accepted the prompt and if so how to generate that prompt without waiting an unknown number of days before it appears again

A:Creating recovery drive/disks

Oops, think I may have found the answers to this in the links posted in the thread "Do you need a clean install of windows 8 to make recovery disc?"
Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
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I told my sister I'd help her replace the broken hard drive in her year old HP laptop G - US We plan to restore the Vista OS that's on the restore disk which came with the machine I was concerned about finding a hard drive with the same Replacing Drive. Potential Problem? a a Geometry Hard Laptop Is Drive geometry as the existing drive because I know that was a potential problem some time ago But then I became convinced that it doesn't matter because There's no geometry info on the hard drive currently installed in the laptop which is a GB WD Sellers of laptop replacement hard drives don't say anything about the geometry of the Replacing a Laptop Hard Drive. Is Drive Geometry a Potential Problem? drives they sell and I found this below on an HP site but nothing about geometry considerations other then the new AF sector size quot Customers using original HP supplied recovery discs on systems that have had the -byte sector drives replaced with a new Advanced Format HDD may experience issues and may not be able to re-image their system The most common issue customers will see is that they will not be able to use their current recovery media if they try to install Windows Vista or Windows on AF Drives quot I found other HP info which said only that you need to replace a laptop HD with one of equal or larger capacity But then I was looking at hard drives from Discount an Amazon seller and their web site said that once you've replaced a HD with one of their drives you have to do a full OS install you cannot use the restore disk I asked about that and got this response quot Recovery disk is design to restore exact HD size and brand Does not work with different size and brand quot So does any know do I have to worry about HD geometry or not Thanks very much Bob

A:Replacing a Laptop Hard Drive. Is Drive Geometry a Potential Problem?

Sorry for tAking so long, a laptop drive is any 2.5" drive, either regular or ssd will be fine.

You will need to reinstall your OS, if you have the disks, just load from there. I believe your quote is referring to using the HP recovery disks, but your disk may be different.

Honestly, your best solution is to get a copy of vista and use your serial to install a clean copy, though you will need to get your drivers from HP.
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I replaced the harddrive on my HP Pavilion DV1000 laptop. I have the original disks that came with the computer. I set bios to boot from cd. However when I turn the computer on with the xp cd in the optical drive, I just get a blank screen. I can here the cd drive start and stop. Any suggestions on what the problem may be?

A:Blank screen after replacing hard drive w/XP boot disk in CD drive

Hi , Is the hard drive you have fitted brand new, nothing on it? Or does it have an OS on it from previous PC? In the BIOS does the new drive show in the list ? And are you using a genuine MS Windows disc, or the HP recovery disc, (as supplied with a new PC?).
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I have 1.7gb of space available on my 10gb hard drive and only because once a month i clean all the docs and pictures and anything else off it to keep it running faster. However it still runs very slow. I'm currently saving for a laptop and still would like to keep this computer for a family computer.

Its a pent. III 752 mhz with 486mg of RAM. Would a larger hard drive help? running XP



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My Fujitsu Amilo Li1705 laptop has been reaching full capacity (80gb) for a while so I decided to get a new hard drive.

I've updated the RAM from 1gb to 2gb with no problem.

My hard drive has arrived but with no cables, instructions etc. and searching the web has proved just as unfruitful as most sites refer to external hard drives.

I don't have an external disc so was wondering if there's any way of copying everything over. I've heard of temporarily taking the CD drive out to have the two drives at once but wouldn't know where to start.

Any help/ instructions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


A:Replacing Fujitsu hard drive - how to copy without external drive?

Obviously you did not build a Recovery Disc originally?

You can just order a Recovery Disc from HERE

If your machine is not supported, then then sometimes the Fujitsu forum members will help, at Their Forum

That's 3 ways of getting your Recovery media. I hope it helps
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I am thinking of getting a new hard drive. Is the 7200 rpm speed a lot better/faster than the 5400 ones? - Another words - worth the money? I also have an ATA66 compatible motherboard.

Any help is appreciated.



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i want to buy a new hard drive for my old comp but how do i find out which type ( IDE Ultra ATA100, IDE Ultra ATA133 sata, Serial ATA150, Serial Attached SCSI ect) how do i find out which one my comp is?

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Hi Guys My hard drive has gone kapoot drive. Buying a hard new so I need a new one Sorry if my questions are silly but I dont know Buying a new hard drive. anything about the inside of the computer But I want to do this job myself for two reasons to save me the small fortune the computer shop charges me and because I want to slowly learn what going on behind thoes white tin walls Ok The hard drive I have now is a Hitachi Deskstar ATA IDE rpm I have been looking on ebay and already im confused There are three types from what I can see IDE SATA and SCSI what is the difference between these and seeing as mine has ATA on it must I buy a ATA type I was looking at this one on ebay http cgi ebay com au GB-HITACHI-DESKSTAR- W QQitemZ QQihZ QQcategoryZ QQrdZ QQcmdZViewItem but it has SATA on it does that mean its not compatible with my computer Also when I find the right H D is it as easy as plugging it in and installing my O S on it Thanks for any help people Cheers Ryan nbsp

A:Buying a new hard drive.

not knowing what you have in the rest of the computer, if the drive you are replacing is a normal IDE drive that is what I would relace it with. Your system may not have SATA controllers.
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Ok I am looking at these 2 hard drives i need your opinions on what one to get

western digital 200GB 7200RPM 8mb Cache for $99.99

or should i spend the extra 30 bucks and get

MAXTOR 250GB ata133 7200RPM 16Mb Cache $129.99

And how should i format the hard drive? a NTFS or a Fat32? does it matter what my other one is formatted as?
thanks alot

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when buying a hard drive do i want a high number for the latency or a low number?

Please help


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Sorry if new hard drive a Buying this is the wrong place to ask is the best I could think off My sister has a laptop in which the HD has failed So she needs a new one I had a laptop a few years back in which it broke so Buying a new hard drive I thought I would give the hard drive to her but it does Buying a new hard drive not fit to it So I guess there are different sizes of HDs I would like to know what are my options to purchasing a new HD or am I stuck having to buy the exactly same model Here are what I found about the drive the failed Toshiba MK GSX HDD D GB rpm MB of cache a ms access time and a ms seek time SATA quot Looking at the back of the laptop this is the information I see that might help Toshiba Satellite U -S Windows XP Media Center Edition Any other info you might think I can provide for assistence let me know Thank you for your time nbsp

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presently i'm using....a 7.5 GB hard drive( ok,quit laughing).

what information from my computer do i need to know when i go to a store to pick out a new hard drive. i am contemplating just getting a 60gb-ish hard drive and just compleetely replace the 7.5GB i have now. that is not bothering to use a duel hard drive.

(7,5GB /Brand/Model SAMSUNG SV0761D right now original hard drive on this computer manufactured in 2000)

A:when buying a hard drive

Get either a Maxtor or western Digital. Make it a 7200 rpm with 8mb cache and you'll have a dandy.
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I currently have a 160 GB HD for my OS and Docs. I am going to get a 500 GB HD and replace it. I need to keep the price under $100 so a SSD is out of the question. What specs do I need to look for to insure I get the fastest drive for the buck. Also I would like to find out the specs on my current 160 GB. It was in the computer when I purchased it so I do not have a manual. How can I find out the specs? Thanks,

A:Buying New Hard Drive

Speed it rotates (5400, or 7200)

Cache (the bigger the better)

IDE, or EIDE (if internal), ATA, or sata.

If external USB 2 or 3, or firewire.

I would also check out what their warranty is.
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I currently have an IDE hard drive that is 27GB...I want to buy another one that is like 20GB-40GB there anything I need to know before buying one?

A:Anything I need to know when buying new hard drive?

The only thing I can think of is to get one that is 7200 rpm so you have quick access to the drive. It will cost a lttle more but worth it as far as I am concerned.
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Hi everyone,

I am thinking about buying a new Hard Drive to be specific the WD Scorpio Blue.
The reason for this is that my current WD Scorpio 80GB is just not big enough for me.

Anyway I have posted this because i was wondering how would I transfer my files and settings from my current hard drive over to my new hard drive when i get it.

Thanks for anny help and tips.

A:Buying A New Hard Drive

Are you moving from one boot drive to another boot drive?

Do you want to simply transfer your Windows system and all of your files to the new drive?

If so, you can do that by "cloning" with an application such as Acronis.

Or you can use the "imaging" capability found in Acronis, Macrium Reflect, or Paragon.

Your third choice is to reinstall Windows on the new drive.

Imaging and cloning are not foolproof, so be prepared to reinstall if you have to--back up your data.
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So my Dell Dimension 8400 maxtor 160 GB ATA-150 hard drive has crapped out and I want to replace it. I really have no idea about how to pick out a new one, particularly in terms of compatibility. Does anyone have a suggestion?

A:buying a new hard drive

You can go with any IDE ATA drive you want
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I have a Pavilion dv - TX Win It was upgraded to Win courtesy of Windows and recently tried to upgrade unsuccessfully to Win Anniversary Whatever happened after trying all solutions my hard drive is dead The hard Replacing Hard Drive drive I need to replace is a WD Scorpio Blue TB RPM WD TPVT and Replacing Hard Drive seems to be mm I need to know where to get a replacement and do I need the same one I've seen some on Amazon but they're only mm Replacing Hard Drive I'm a novice in this area and need help Also when I install the new hard drive I'm not really sure how to install everything again I don't have anything worth saving on the old drive so I'm starting fresh I have the Win recovery discs from HP but it was already updated to Win I also made a Win ISO Do I need to start again with Win and install all the drivers again Basically I'm not sure about the whole process as I'm not a computer person and this is the first time at attempting something like this I can understand about replacing the actual hard drive but what do I do next Firstly though I need to find the right hard drive Does HP sell them or can I buy any brand

A:Replacing Hard Drive

PC99 Any 2 1/2" laptop hard drive will work, and my experience with the newer thin drives is that they often come with a plastic spacer so they fit laptop drive compartments snuggly. As to restoring your PC, since it was already registered running Win10, you could reinstall Win10 and it will automatically reactivate once it is online, just be sure to skip over the screen where it wants a product key. Realize, though, that with Win10, we no longer have the option to permanently refuse Windows updates or upgrades, so eventually, MS it going to force the Anniversary Update on your laptop.Good Luck
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Hey guys long time no chat! Listen i bought a new Blank OEM Western Digital Hard Drive. Installed it in place of the old Hard Drive, but i can't get past the BIOS to recognize, format or partition the new hard drive. Western Digital (WD Scorpio Black, 320 GB 7200 RPM). Dell Inspiron 1720 Notebook.. Windows Vista...Note: I have all the installation CD'S that came with the computer... THANKS a Million in advance...

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I have an old comp with 7.89gb hard drive and 384mb ram. It is a gateway but I don't have any more specs. on it. I'm trying to get an OS to work on it but am having to get a new disk.
Can I install a hard drive that is a slight bit larger, like say a 10gb?

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I have 2 20GB Hard Drives in my Computer, I want to transfer data, or copy in entirity, the 2nd hard drive to an external HD. Then I want to replace the drive and then copy the data Back to the new drive. Do I need any special programs or is there a trick to it?

A:Replacing Hard Drive?

If the 2nd HD just has data on it and not an OS then its easy to do, just buy an external HD caddy with a drive big enough in it, most have a USB connector, plug it in and use explorer to copy the files to the new drive.

If however the 2nd HD has an operating system on it, then you will need to use a program such as Norton Ghost or Arcronis True Image to copy the drive, this is easier to do if the drive is connected to an IDE cable rather than on an external drive as it can take an age to copy an entire 20GB drive across USB.

Most external drive caddy's take the small 2.5" laptop drive as you plan to put the copied drive back in you will need to get an external cage for a 3.5" drive, these require a seperate power supply.

But I would do away with the external drive Idea and just fit the new 3.5" drive into the PC, you can connect it to the CDRom IDE cable as a temp measure whilst you copy the data over.

DOnt forget that once you remove the old drive make sure the jumpers are set correctly.

I think that covers it...

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I have an old Dell Dimension 4600 running XP and lately the drive has been making an especially loud humming noise almost constantly. I read online somewhere that this could be a sign that the hard drive is about to go. In preparation for that, I am asking if the hard drive can be simply replaced on my computer and if so, where can I buy one for a reasonable price and how do I perform the actual replacement. Thank you all for any advice.

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I am looking to replace my hard drive with a ssd.I have a acer aspire all-in one z5610
I am doing research on what/which ssd is best ?
which will fit my system?
what size is best 256?
I have looked at crucial and kingston

the all-in-one is very similar to a laptop(no spare bays)
I would like to use the existing sata drive but it will almost certainly have to be external.
would the old drive as an external require power?
I have an esata option on my pc could I use this for the old drive?

are the connectors on a ssd the same as a sata drive?
will my system support sata3 6gb?
I think the existing drive is a 2.5" probably in a tray
will the new ssd fit straight in its place?
is it worth it?

A:replacing a hard drive

I cant recommend any but i would say corsair or seagate drives. You would have to buy an enclosure and yes it will need power. The ssd should fit right in because the connectors are the same. I will answer the rest when i go on my computer
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My sis in laws computer has a damaged hard drive so she asked me if I could replace it for her if she bought a new one. I know I can replace it but my problem is how do I find out which ones are compatable with here computer? She has an HP Pavilion 6540. She has a new computer but she wants to keep this one running for the kids to share cuz they're always fighting over who gets to get on the computer next ( they have 6 kids). She just wants an inexpensive one, so any thoughts?
Also, once we install the HD will she be able to reinstall her OS from the disks that came with her computer?


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I believe my hard drive may be getting tired. Sometimes it makes strange whining noises. I tried to copy my entire C: to a second hard drive but got error messages that it couldn't copy some files. (I was hoping to be able do that then reconfigure the second drive as master and boot to it.) I have made a backup of all of the C: drive on DVDs. What strategy should I use to minimize the pain of replacing the hard drive that I normally boot to? I am running WinXP Pro.

Thanks for your help.


A:What ti do before replacing hard drive?

Download the free disk utilities from the HDD manufacturer and use them to copy the whole drive/partition across.

If you do it in Windows or XP the OS wouldn't like it because of the shared files violation. Even the famous Norton Ghost (paid, not free) has to do it outside the Windows in Command mode.

With cloning the drive there is no need to do a back up (unless the disk fails during the cloning process) because you do not touch the old HDD except use it to read the data.

You need to set the jumper for the new unit (no jumper reset if you are doing it in "cable select")and run until you are satisfied, then you can do what you like with the old unit.
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I fell in love with my Laptop and it broke down 3 months ago. Motherboard and HDD failed, so I replaced the Motherboard and it no longer shuts off (Works again) but now I have to replace the HDD
Error: No booting device, enter boot device and press any key.

I have a DELL INSPIRON 15R 5520
What 1tb Hard drive should I purchase?
My old deceased HDD is:
Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1 TB Hard Drive
5VDC: 0.55A
R/N: 77183
DATE: 24 Sep 2012
WWN: 50014EE6582574BF
MY- 0G2J3X-12555-290-C2UL-A00
C/0 MY
Thanks in advance!
[I'm aware that I have to buy a fresh copy of Windows]

A:Replacing my Hard Drive

You may not need a new drive.  Check the system setup to make sure the SATA operation is set correctly - it was probably in AHCI mode initially and the replacement board may have the drive set for a different mode (RAID, ATA, etc.).  If AHCI doesn't work, try RAID -- chances are the drive is just fine.  F2 at powerup to get into system setup to check/adjust the setting.
If you do need a drive,
Any standard 2.5" 7 or 9.5 mm SATA notebook drive will work.
If you don't have a set of recovery media, you will need to contact Dell for one.
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So I am trying to replace a hard drive in a Lenovo all in one desktop because it's previous drive was failing. The replacement drive is just a standard 3.5in drive: 2 TB Western Digital Green.
So I took the old drive out and put the new one in, but I get an error when I try to boot into my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 disk.
From the Windows Boot Manager it says the following:

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0x00000e9
Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred.

It also talks about unplugging any external drives but there aren't any connected in this case.

What should I do?


A:Replacing a hard drive

Sorry, its a bit unclear. Are you replacing the boot drive, or just a storage drive in the system?
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my son has an old pc with very limited hard drive 6gb can any body tell me how hard it is to replace with bigger hard drive is it as easy as just 1 out 1 in then running windows from disc : remember im an idiot (old man)

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I have a Dimension 8200 with Windows XP Home. Hard drive is complete dead. BIOS reads external hard drive, but sees nothing in C: Drive. I've done other checks. I'm certain hard drive is dead. The hard drive is a Maxtor Viper 80 G, I, 1N, 7.2K 40G/P. ... A friend says I have to know what type that is before I order a replacement. Not sure what that means. Also, can I try to use the 160 Gig External Drive as a substitute hard drive? Load Windows XP/drivers into that, tell BIOS that's the main hard drive now? Any help greatly appreciated.
-- Desperate in Miami

A:Replacing Hard Drive

It seems you know all you need to know for ordering a replacement drive.

XP can't be installed to an external, and you would need a machine that would boot from an external drive, anyway.

If the external fits, you could use it after removing it from its case and putting it in the machine. But you'd be better off getting a new one.
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Evidently, i have a bad hard drive on my Dell Inspiron 1501 and need to replace it.
Any ideas on the best place to obtain a hard drive and what size I should opt for
My system currently has 1.37 of place as far as quality and price.
I would prefer to not spend over 50.00 if possible. Is it something that a novice like myself
can do as far as replacing the hard drive myself????

A couple of other questions if I may......I have another DELL INSPIRON 1525 that I need
to repace the LCD screen (it is cracked) place to get a replacement LCD as far
as price is concerned. Again, is this something that a novice like myself can do as far as
replacing the new LCD screen myself???

Would the screens of the Dell 1501 and 1525 be interchangable?? As well as the hard

Thanks for all the help

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I recently replaced the hard drive of my gateway notebook.
After reinstalling windows vista home premium the bulit in webcam and microphone was not working. I redownloaded the drivers that I needed. The webcam is up &&running again but not my bulit in microphone. I dont know what to do. I downloaded the audio driver off gateway's site but the microphone isnt working. I check to see if its on and it is but as I test it out by trying to record myself I can barely hear myself there is all this cloud like static I hear and my voice far in the background. Could barely hear it.

What could it be?
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I have a Dell Dimension 8200, running XP SP2. It has a 40GB HD, but it's almost full. Recently I bought a 160GB HD with a USB 2.0 external box, and got it running. Now, I would like to copy everything (I mean everything) on the C drive to the external drive, make the external drive bootable and mount it internally, replacing the old C drive. How do I do it?

A:Need help with replacing hard drive

Are you talking about removing the 160 out of it's USB case and connecting it to the IDE channel inside the CPU case ?
Then it should work as long as you can get the correct parameters off of the HDD.
You will have to install it first and use a drive copy software to copy the 40 on to it.Don't forget XP's dis taste for hardware changes.
I would just do a fresh install and then use Windows file retrieve software to copy off of the the old drive.
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i,m pondering about replacing the hard drive in my 17 in H.P. laptop
is this something i can do myself ??any help will sure be appreciated.
and advice too.

A:replacing the hard drive can i do it myself??1/15/10

should be able to - HP used to be quite easy to get the harddrive in and out -
whats the exact model
often theres a slot at the side - and screw underneath to removed the HDD
in order to put the software back on you will need to have the recovery Cds or a Windows CD
Also while its working check all the hardware on the PC and make sure you have a copy of all the drivers - should give you all the information about your PC

also the size of the HDD old v New depending on the motherboard bios how big a harddrive it will detect there are limits which different versions of bios would see
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I took a HD from with a working Vista Home Premium O.S. from a Sony Vaio and put it in a Dell Dimension
The system worked fine for several days. Then a message appeared saying that I may have an illegal copy of windows.
it will not let me activate windows nor let me do any windows update.
Any help to solve this problem would be appreciated


A:Replacing Hard Drive

The copy of Windows Vista that came with the Sony Vaio is not licensed to be used on another computer. If you don't have a license and key for the Dell, you'll have to buy one.
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I also have questions on replacing hard drive. Can you use Macrium Reflect as recommended when the new drive is in an enclosure, usb-attached to computer which has the going bad hard drive? Or must it be installed in a bay in tower? Once you have your clone, are there any issues as far as if you ever need to do repair/install on your OEM XP on that new hard drive with the cloned image? This is assuming I reformat the old, bad hard drive and only use it for storage, so xp is now only installed on the new drive. Also, if it is possible to make your hard drive copy while new drive is in enclosure, must the hard drive be installed in tower to boot up?

A:Replacing hard drive

Hello Terri13th,You have many questions, maybe I can answer a couple.Macrim Reflect is a disk imaging software. It digitally takes a picture of any drive you have installed on your computer. I have not used this software, but I would guess it does the same thing as most others. It should take a digital picture of your drive, as it is at the time of capture, and transfer ALL the information to another drive you specify.If you clone your HDD to a new drive, the new drive should be exactly the same as your old one...exactly! Once the new cloned HDD is inserted as the master drive on your same machine in place of the old one, it should act exactly as your old one did in the same machine if all goes well.A clone is just that...a clone. It is the exact replica of any drive you just cloned.It does not matter where your clone target drive is installed. You tell the software to clone a drive to another drive, and that's what it does. Provided the drive you clone from, is smaller than the drive you clone to.Have a quick look at this site on Macrium Reflect and what it's used for.Hope this helps your understanding on this subject! bloopie
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Here is my problem I have Replacing drive hard a a compaq presario Replacing a hard drive us with gig hard drive The hard drive is having problems and since the comp is under warranty compaq is sending me a replacement hard drive Once it gets here I have days to send the defective one back I would like suggestions of a way to transfer the contents of my existing drive to the new drive I really don t want to have to reinstall everything and spend hours getting my system back to the way I like it Unfortunately I do not have an extra drive bay I am seeking a solution that will enable me to do this without a large expense It will cost to have an authorized service center transfer the contents and that seems absurd to me I would be willing though not happily to spend up to in hardware to accomplish this but I would like to be able to use it after this one-time problem For example if I bought an external hard drive case so I could connect the new hard drive via usb or firewire I would want the case to also support a desktop hard drive This way after I make the transfer and send the old hard drive back to compaq I would be able to buy an inexpensive internal hard drive install it in the case and have a drive for backup purposes Other suggestions are very welcome Thanks nbsp

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My HD is making bad clicking noises when it hits certain sections on the drive so I want to replace it before it dies. From what I read here trying to just duplicate the drive with the OS can be a pain.
So is this the easiest solution:
Place new drive in system as master, format and boot from WinXP cd
Install XP on new drive
Copy all relevant programs to the new drive.
Remove old drive.

Since defrag moves files around I can't imagine many programs are referencing the addresses of files so any doc's, programs, saved games, etc should all work since they are referencing the file name not location.

Or am I heavily confused?

A:Replacing Hard Drive

Download and use Macrium Reflect to create an image of your drive and then restore it to the new drive
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Beleive it or not I am still working with a 4.1gig HD
However I am about to purchase a larger HD
I know I can slave it, fdisk and format it to use as storage.
However I would like to know if there is a way I can directly move/copy my entire setup onto the new drive to be able to do without the old drive?

A:Replacing Hard drive

The drive you buy should have an installation disk with it, Or it can be downloaded from the manufacturers site.
The installation disk will help you set up the new drive, copy the old to the new.

You will need to set the drive up as slave first, then use the software to partition, format, and copy the old drive. Then it's just a matter of changing the jumpers on the drive master/slave making the new drive master.
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I am needing to replace a hard drive in an HP Pavilion desktop. I know I need an IDE type. The one I am replacing is a 20GB 5400 RPM. I was told that I have to replace with another 5400 RPM hard drive. Others have told me that it didn't matter. I can use a faster speed. Which is it? I don't want to buy one and find out I got the wrong one or that I could have gone with a faster hard drive. I am trying to go up to a 40GB. I know my computer can support it.

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Have a Maxtor 7200 ATA/EIDE 80GB. hard drive. Software that came with it was suppose to copy old drive to new but the program said "NTFS/HPFS partitions was found on drive 1 (old drive) cannot process these partition types"
Not sure what to do, also I have Win2000 professional that came with the computer but no disk, will it copy over to new HD?

A:replacing hard drive

Hi Don, try downloading and make a bootable disc with MaxBlast 3 and see if that works with your OS:
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Is it Ok to replace 9.5mm hard drive with a 7mm?

(Laptop, Vista OS)

A:Replacing the Hard Drive

On 99.9% of laptops you will NOT have a problem as the mounting holes in the HDD on a 7.5 are in the same depth position on the drive as those in a 9.5
On a few laptops the drive was held in place in the carrier not by screws but by clips on top of the drive
If yours happens to be one of those pads are available to cater for the slimmer drive
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Sorry if this is super-basic but I have been having problems with my PC for a while now and am looking to fix it as soon as possible.

I was wondering if buying a new hard drive would basically fix it as the problem is most likely with my software. I have addressed the actual issue in another thread here:

I am not rich or anything I am just desperate to get my PC back working as I need it for my Music studies!

Appreciate any help.

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I cant remove keyboard pad to replace hard drive on a Averatec 3200 laptop
Tank You

A:Replacing hard drive

Are you sure it is not accessible from the bottom?
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Hi, how do I go about instaling a new and bigger hard drive? I play WOW and need a bit more space on the drive.

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So my desktop fell off the desk and the original hard drive no longer works; can't be accessed at all, it's toast. I've have an old hdd from a Dell desktop that I stopped using because of a blue screen, but it still works and I can access the files. Can I use the backup disk to install Windows 7 on the dell hdd? Or do I just need to buy a hdd with windows already installed?
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I have a Dell Inspiron r Laptop nbsp I am attempting to replace my Hard Drive I found a good Hard Drive with the same brand as my own Here goes my Replacing Drive Hard Mine Western Digital TB Hard Drive WD JPVT VDC A R N DCX SA X FYP DCM EB VJBK DATE Sep WWN EE BF S N WXF E SPDX MDL WD JPVT- A YT MY- G J X- - -C UL-A C MY DP N G J X TB The one I plan to buy WD JPVT VDC A R N DCX JA Replacing my Hard Drive X WYJ DCM EB TJBN DATE JUN WWN EE DC E S N WXQ E JJMX MDL WD JPVT- A YT It reads Advanced Format Drive To achieve full performance -Windows XP Multi partition and cloning software users- use WD Align software available on some link All other OS Configurations Okay Now that that is taken care of question time If the Hard Drive is compatible with my Laptop the seller says no OS is Replacing my Hard Drive installed on this Drive you will need to install the OS do I have to actually buy a new OS for this I m just replacing the HARD DRIVE I heard the Motherboard has a installment of my windows is that true The computer Replacing my Hard Drive was purchased on QVC with Windows pre installed nbsp Thanks for answering my questions Have a good day

A:Replacing my Hard Drive

1.  It's not clear why you'd want to buy a drive that's already three years old (the date of manufacture is 2013) . You can easily find brand-new drives:
2.  You will either need the recovery media you made when you received the system, or if you did not prepare a set ahead of time, you'll need either to purchase one from Dell, or consider using Windows 10 TH2 (you can download this for free from Microsoft and use it to do a free install of Windows 10 -- this free installation expires on July 29, 2016).
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I have a HP envy 15 and still have the receipt its about 3yrs old but its a great system. I was getting blue screen saying ntfs_system_maintenance and it just kept rebooting over and over again. So I decided to upgrade to an ssd drive but don't have the
windows 8 product key that I need to make the usb boot up driver to make the new ssd work. Would someone help me to get the product key for my windows 8 and any other tips would be massively helpful cause I'm doing all of this for the first time and not sure
of anything. Thank you.
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I want to upgrade to maybe and 80 gb or 40 gb, so I can have more space, cause Im at the wdge of my space everyday, like deleting stuff I still want, I never have more than a gig free anymore, and I wanna burn dvd's, but I need 4 gigs to do that......

So Im gonna upgrade hdd's, I want to replace the one I have now, with a bigger one, but I want to transfer all of the stuff I have on here now to the new one, without moving a single thing, like, keep all program files intact and everything just want more space and I only have one computer to work with.

Can sumone tell me how this is possible? Thanx in advance

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Ok, I have a hard drive that my system is showing needs to be replaced soon. When I install the new hard drive, hopefully before the old one dies, can I transfer all of the data, including the OS onto the new one? Or can I install the OS on the new drive and then trasfer updates and other files to the new hard drive. I have seen cloning programs that seem to do this, as well as freeware I stay away from freeware??

A:Replacing bad hard drive

I would make an image with Macrium Reflect Free

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
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Hi everyone My son brought me his laptop to replace the hard drive I am pretty good at fixing things if I have instructions etc I have replaced lcd screens on laptops touch screens on ipods and on touch phones So I can figure things out My problem is that I want to look to find the replacement on line and I am having trouble If I put exactly the model of the computer I dont get very many choices Does it have to be the exact same hard drive or are they a little more universal I also dont want to spend a lot of course Here are Drive***** Hard ***Replacing my first the specs on all of it The computer is a Compaq Presario CQ WM Yes the cheapy from Walmart The hard drive was a Seagate Momentus Serial ATA Disc ***Replacing my first Hard Drive***** Drive Below ***Replacing my first Hard Drive***** it says Replace with HP Spare - F He lives near Chicago and the place he took it to wanted to fix it He told him that lightning had got it and it had black residue on it It does not have that It looks fine to the eye He is getting the message No bootable device-- insert boot disk and press any key Also he was told he had to buy a new operating system This laptop had windows but he needs to save money so he would be happy with Windows XP if it would save him money So can you send me in the direction of finding a hard drive to fit this computer and an OS that wont break his bank We were hoping to fix it for to Yes going to buy another one for makes more sense but he just cannot do that at this time thank you so much for any help you can provide me Beth nbsp

A:***Replacing my first Hard Drive*****

When I did a research on Compaq Presario CQ62 219 WM in the Internet it came back with the following spec for the hard disk

250 GB - Serial ATA-150 - 5400 rpm

Nowadays the laptop hard disks are mostly Sata II with speed up to 300Mb/s or twice as fast your old hard disk. Its 150 means 150Mb/s. The latest Sata is Sata III capable of 600Mb/s.

Usually you can buy any Sata II 2.5" hard disk and it should be backward compatible, meaning it can run at both 150 or 300Mb/s speed. It may be difficult to buy the old Sata I hard disks as they are obsolete and can be out of stock in the shops.

You can use any brand as they are all compatible. I use all of them and never have any preference between Hitachi, Samsung, Fujitsu, Western Digital, Seagate or Toshiba, though WD is known to be reliable whereas Samsung is the quiet one. The size doesn't matter either and you can install 1TB hard disk if you can afford it. The speed is only for higher performance. 5400rpm is pretty standard. 7200rpm gives you a faster response and a SSD (solid state hard disk with only ram inside) is the fastest 2.5" laptop hard disk you can buy at a premium.

If you are strap for cash you can download a Linux distro and use it. I have several PC running only Linux. They are free open source software and are more powerful than the MS proprietary OS. A good choice will be Ubuntu. You go to their web site, say, and download an iso file with which you burn it into a CD. Just about every Linux can run as a Live CD as a full blown operating system without being installed into the hard disk. Only if you like it then you can install it into the hard disk.

A laptop hard disk can be removed usually by 3 to 4 screws. Replacing one should take no more than 5 minutes and I can do it in one as I keep of a fleet of 15 of them.
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I need new hard drive for power spec pc pentium 2

I know less than nothing about hard drives but I do have technical aptitude and can replace it myself.

Question: How interchangeable are hard drives? I see one for 73 dollars from an advertiser...40 gbyte.Maxtor.# 6EO40L0
I'd buy this one if some tech herein will confirm that some or most of these are intercgangeable.


One added comment..I also have an e machine from 1999 vintage that needs a hard drive as wqell, thoguh this particular one will still work intermittently.... any suggestions???


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Not sure if this goes in here but anyway I m thinking of replacing my ps s Drive PS3 Hard Replacing GB HDD for a bigger one So far I ve read that the ps supports only inch rpm laptop drives I m thinking of getting either one of these http www memoryexpress com Products PID-MX ME aspx curtab or http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Could anyone confirm the information above rpm etc is correct Also i m looking for about - price range And suggest a size I still don t know how much i need but i know GB isn t enough And as far as I can tell Replacing PS3 Hard Drive it s any capacity so long it s rpm and inches Please confirm reject add info suggest tell me if mine are good if you have a better deal hard Replacing PS3 Hard Drive drives I m new to hardware shopping and since I m planning on getting a gaming pc soon I guess it pays to know this stuff So suggest good sites for this kind of thing Thanks it advance Alias nbsp

A:Replacing PS3 Hard Drive

Alias50 said:

Not sure if this goes in here but anyway...

I'm thinking of replacing my ps3's 60GB HDD for a bigger one. So far I've read that the ps3 supports only 2.5 inch 5400 rpm (laptop drives.) I'm thinking of getting either one of these.

Could anyone confirm the information above (5400rpm) etc. is correct? Also, i'm looking for about $100-150 price range. And suggest a size. I still don't know how much i need, but i know 60GB isn't enough. And as far as I can tell, it's any capacity, so long it's 5400 rpm and 2.5 inches.

Please confirm/reject/add info, suggest/tell me if mine are good/if you have a better deal\ hard drives.

I'm new to hardware shopping, and since I'm planning on getting a gaming pc soon I guess it pays to know this stuff. So suggest good sites for this kind of thing.

Thanks it advance,

Alias50Click to expand...

I think the link to Newegg is a desktop HDD so it will not work, though will go with the gaming PC you want

As to the other, I don't think there any limitations so the 320GB should work.

If you are planning to play a lot of games and have lots of saves, the 60GB should be ok.
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I have a Compaq D510 ssf that HP said the hard drive was bad. It was making outer space noises after the user signed on. (I think it was a virus because the virus program then detected a virus in the logon.exe file & deleted it. It hasn't made the noise since) Anyway HP said to go ahead & replace the hard drive since I had it. This PC is attached to a network. Just downloaded Norton Ghost thinking it would help. HP said to format the drive by using the Restore cd. This will load the operating system. Am I correct in thinking if I do that I will not be able to use Ghost. I will have to load or copy everthing seperately? Is Ghost even an option. The more I read on Ghost the more confused I get. Could anyone explain how to use it in my instance? Thanks in advance for your help!!!

A:Replacing hard drive

Ghost is used for making an image of the current system. Then, at a later date you can restore that system back to that state with ghost. I dont think ghost is an option at this time.

It sounds doubtful that the hard drive is bad, because of what you said about the virus.

Go to the website of the hard drive manufacture and get their diagnostic utility and test the drive to be safe.

But if you needed to restore the system, I would use the restore cd as the tech said. Once you get the system up and running, then you could create a ghost image to use as an customized restore solution.
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If I replace my hard drive and re-install XP, will I have to re-certify XP with Microsoft and if so how do I go about it.

A:replacing hard drive

I'd suggest useing the drives software to copy XP to the new drive without reinstalling.
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So I have a HP Media Center computer running Windows XP Media Center Edition. Recently the hard drive gave out and I'm looking to replace it. I have a few questions before I start this though.

I keep reading that I will have to re-install the OS after replacing the hard drive. What CD would I use for that? The recovery disc?

Also this computer has a D: drive which it says has 8 GBs and I've heard that this is the partition where the OS files are on. Does this mean I won't need the CD's and it will reinstall the OS itself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've got to replace my C drive and I understand that "Ghosting" it would be the easiest way. From my understanding, "Ghosting, cloning, imaging" all do the same thing.

My problem is which program to use. I'm told that Norton Ghost is no longer a ghosting program but a backup utility and after reading about on the Symantec web site, they were right.

Symantec's new "Ghosting" program is called Symantec Ghost Solution Suite. Problem is I can only find it as minimum 5 license use. The new version is 2.0. I've seen some 1.1 versions out there but its description leaves me baffled.

Last, but not least, is Acronis True Image. I've also seen some older versions out there.

I've got my new hard drive ready to lock and load. Just need to know where to start.

A:Replacing Hard Drive

Imaging and cloning while similar are not the same thing.
If you intend on doing regular backups [very recommended] I would buy acronis true image. If this is a one time thing, drive makers have software that will clone your drive for you. It is not as easy to use as acronis however it works.

FWIW the apps to use for this task are; 1 Acronis TI and 2 Paragon Hard Disk Manager. I will not even mention symantec
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Hello I verified today that my hard drive, Help a replacing please! hard drive on my desktop has crapped out I am now shopping around on newegg com for a new one and I found two I am eyeballing One is the exact same hard drive as the one I am going to be replacing Seagate GB rpm MB cache and GB sec it is The other that I found Western Digital Cavalier Blue GB rpm MB cache and GB sec it is also Right off the bat I am thinking that the western digital is going to be a better buy as it is the same price but has MB cache compared to the MB cache of the Seagate as well as it having GB sec transfer rate compared to the GB sec transfer rate of the Seagate However my knowledge about hard drives is pretty minimal so I just want to ask for a more professional opinion on that Another issue I am running into with this is that it is going to be a brand new hard disk of course and the computer it will be going into did not have any windows disks included with it when I purchased it I know Help replacing a hard drive, please! I should have made a windows disk on it while it was still working However I have another computer that I purchased recently with windows the windows was a fresh install without all the bulkware crap of a PC Help replacing a hard drive, please! from say - BestBuy and required me to input the serial code upon my first boot of the PC I am wondering if Help replacing a hard drive, please! when I get my new hard drive installed on the computer if I would be able to use my windows disk to install windows on the new hard drive Or am I absolutely going to have to go out and purchase windows again Thanks for any input on the matter nbsp

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I think this question should be an easy one for the computer buffs.
I would like to replace my hard drive with a new and bigger one. but I don't want to lose anything I already have on the old drive.
Can anyone go through the procedure for me. Not the physical installation, I'm more than happy with that, but the software side of things. So when I remove the smaller/older drive nothing will have change except the size..... I hear size does matter.
My system is a Compaq, 20gegdrive with ME.


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Hello, I just joined SF, and quite recently updated my OS to Windows 7 Pro, and learnt that norton 360 2.0 isn't compatible (I had about 3 months left). Right now I've got the free version of COMODO firewall and AV.

2 questions, should I ever buy an antivirus/360 styled product ever again and a lot of people recommend MSE on here, and I see hardly anybody talking about COMODO, which one should I be using?

A:Is it worth me buying an AV?


Personally, I don't see a need to purchase anti-virus software. MSE is a very good AV, and my favorite. Avast is also very good.

Now MSE is not a firewall. Personally, I only use the built-in Windows firewall, but if you have a different opinion, Comodo is a good third-party firewall.

Here is a link for MSE:

Good luck!

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The egg has an OCZ 120GB SSD with the Sandforce controller shell shocker today for ~$80 (no rebate).
Does anyone know if this a reliable SSD, or is it more problems than than it's worth?

I haven't seen a 120GB SSD priced this low, but i haven't been keeping up on hardware prices and reviews lately.
From what I know, Intel, Corsair, and Samsung are the recommended SSD brands for reliability... - OCZ Vertex 3 VTX3-25SAT3-120G 2.5" 120GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)


A:Is this SSD worth buying?

Bargin! I have the older Vertex 2 60GB and its been rock-solid. Intel, and Samsung definately top of the range, but for $80.......its a good deal.
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Base Processor: Athlon 64 X2 (B) 4000+ 2.1 GHz (65W)
Hard Drive: 320 GB SATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec)
Memory Installed: 2 GB (2 x 1 GB)
Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE
Drives: 16X DVD(+/-)R/RW 12X RAM (+/-)R DL LightScribe SATA drive
Modem: 56K bps data/fax modem
Wireless: Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g
Price: $379.99
Warranty: $39.99
With the extended warranty that covers everything? Warranty is $40 USD.

Total: it's about 200 quid (if you're in Europe)

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I need a portable hard drive because i don't not have enough space on my computer. i was wondering if its possible to put games on it and if i can load like WoW onto it and play right off of it or if that would be to slow? if it wouldn't then i need help finding a not to expensive but very good one.

A:Help with buying a portable hard drive

if you connect to your PC using fire wire connection instead of USB it probably wouldnt be too bad for playing games off, but i dont really know. butt youd be better transfering music, photos, etc onto removeable and using main HD for games. what size is your current HD and what you looking to buy?
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can anyone help me on buying a hard drive? my specs are: amd athlon 64 3000+ 2ghz, 256mb ddr pc3200, asrock k8vm800, 17gb hdd. i want something like 200gb.

A:advice on buying a hard drive

What kind of help do you need? Your motherboard should support SATA drives. Just get a cheap 200GB SATA drive. It should be around $70 on sale.
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Im having trouble deciding what to buy.

First off, i don't do that many updates PC wise, so this should be able to last me awhile (the hard drive)
Second, i need around 500gb space, anything higher would probably be a waste.
Third, I am using this computer for searching the web, Microsoft doc/excel/those kinds of thing, some steam games.

So what kind of hard drive should i get? Green? Those 7200 ones? What type of cache?
My budget is a maximum of around 100$ (Although i would prefer to buy one between 50-80$)

Your input is greatly appreciated, thanks alot!

Edit: All of the 500gb 7200 RPM drives i see are 16 MB cache, is 16 MB cache bad? How much worse is it then 32 MB or 64 MB cache.

A:Buying New Internal Hard Drive

I'd get a 7200 RPM drive if Windows will be on it, as I assume it will be in your case.

Samsung, Western Digital, and Seagate all make decent 7200 RPM drives. They will all likely have 32 MB or 64 MB of cache. It's not a big deal---not as important as the overall speed of the drive.

Nothing wrong with green drives, but they are typically 5400 rpm and somewhat slower. That might not bother you? Probably wouldn't save you much at the 500 or 750 GB size.

Personally, I'd go with either Samsung or Western Digital, but the fact is you can have bad luck with any brand, so consider things like cost and the seller's return policy if you have problems.

I assume you have a relatively modern PC with SATA connectors. If that isn't true, you would need to buy the older technology and those drives might be getting hard to find.
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i am looking to buy a new hard disk soon,willing to spend a little less than 100$ on a 1TB drive, internal...plz give me suggestions about what i should buy

A:Thinking of buying a new hard drive

The WD1001FALS should be your best choice. It's available for about $100 shipped on most sites, and I believe ZZF sells it with a $15 MIR.
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I need help about Hard drive compatiablity.
My mother board says its 32bit Enhanced PCI IDE controller with ULTRA DMA/33 function.

Can I install a harddrive that is ULTRA DMA/66 or 100 ?

A:Buying a new hard drive/compatibility

Yes you can, but it will run at the speed of the controller on your motherboard. You can always upgrade to an add on ATA/100 or 133 controller. You need to also check if your BIOS will support a larger hard drive.
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Hi. I currently have a 7GB hard drive in my eMachines eTower 566i2. I am going to buy a Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive from Best Buy for $29.99 after rebate. When I get it installed, I was wondering how I would copy everything from the 7GB onto the 80GB.

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Hello, I have a 10 gb hard drive on my computer, I'm looking to upgrade, what do I look for when purchasing a new hard drive as far as compatibility goes?
On my case it says hard drive ultra DMA/66

I been browsing sites for Hard drives and I don't see hard drives that say DMA or 66 all I see is ATA and 100 or 133, If I buy these will they be compatible?

Thank you.

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I'm going to buy a 1 terabyte hard drive for backup, and could use your help here since I'm completely clueless on all the details - internal or external? is there a recommended manufacturer?


A:Help in buying a 1 terabyte hard drive

I like my Western Digitals ... But a Seagate is good also.
I'd suggest getting an Enclosure and an internal HD and making your own external.
It's best is the HD is the same type as used in your computer.

Does your computer use IDE or SATA ??
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Hi I m about to attempt replacing questions Hard drive replacing my old noisey hard drive on my year old PC I would like it if anyone could answer some questions to ease my mind Thanks I know I will need my recovery diskette and CD-ROM but is there anything else I ask this because I m abit confused as how the windows OS is to be Hard drive replacing questions installed Is it already on the recovery CD-ROM or will I need to buy a new copy of windows I think I will need a quot IDE Hard drive cos I ve asked someone here before but I m still not sure Were computers made years ago come with different types of Hard drives or was there only ever just IDE drive buit with systems My computer is a Packard Bell pulsar H with Gb hard drive Does anyone know of a good website that can take me Hard drive replacing questions through step by step to install hard drives I managed to only locate one Hard drive replacing questions website that stocked small hard drives of Gb and under does anyone know of anywhere else I know my motherboard can only support up to Gb but if I installed a Gb hard drive will it still work It only recognising just Gb of the Hope you understand what i m saying And finally is replacing a hard drive really difficult to do should it be handled in precision I m abit worried coz I think it ll be like doing the equivalent of human brain surgery hahaha Hope someone can answer some or any of these questions Thanks for your consideration John nbsp

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im sorry if i have put this in the wrong place.I have an Advent 7000 laptop running on windows xp and 2 years ago i replaced the hard drive with a Toshiba 160gb. My laptop has recently become useless and i have been offered an Acer aspire 3682 running on windows vista but the hard drive is too small. ive already found out that its possible to take the hard drive out of my Advent and place it in the Acer but i dont have any idea what i need to do to make sure the Hard Drive will work. any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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hi i am replacing my hard drive the old one is a wd3000jd which has a legacy power connector the new one is a wd5000aaaks which does not have a legacy power connector my computer only has the legacy power lead so how do i connect my new hard drive

A:Replacing internal hard drive

With one of these; available at any computer store, newegg, etc.