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Upgrading BIOS on T61 with dead battery

Q: Upgrading BIOS on T61 with dead battery

Can I upgrade the BIOS on my T61 if it has a dead battery?

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Preferred Solution: Upgrading BIOS on T61 with dead battery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hey guys New to the Forums and first post Bit of a noob so bear with me Hopefully someone here will be able to help me as google has failed lol Recently got a bargain deal on a second hand desktop with the idea to upgrade it myself into a mid range media gaming rig It has an ms- p m m motherboard and an intel celeron D processor After ascertaining that it was compatible with my motherboard i bought an intel Core duo E I plopped that bad boy into the mobo and fired up the computer Fans and heatsinks started whirring and it was all making lovely computery Dead Bios? Cpu....Upgrading noises But alas my monitor did sweet FA totally blank nada Dismayed isnt even the word i put my celeron processor back in to Dead Cpu....Upgrading Bios? see if it would work with the old cpu and here comes the good part i didnt istall the heatsink as i only intended to switch it on for a few seconds to see if the monitor would work which it did btw Unfortunately those few seconds were enough to decimate my poor celeron cpu After doing a bit of research i discovered i might to update my bios Now my celeron still boots windows and actually works but it runs slower than a a a insert witty pun about slow things here and when i hit quot ctrl shift esc quot my cpu usage is at a constant Now my question is this and i will forever love the person who can give me the solution aside from the usual quot haha noob take to a professional blah blah blah quot Because Dead Cpu....Upgrading Bios? yes i know i wish i had But im on a tight budget so couldnt really afford to fork out the cash so dont kick a man when he s down haha Have i forgotten something oh yes the question How do i update my bios with a dead cpu so my mobo will accept my new cpu Lengthy post i know Sorry i dont hold much hope beyond getting a new celeron cpu and upgrading the bios or getting a newer mobo but id really rather not But seriously if anyone can help i will be extremely grateful Thanks guys Ant nbsp

A:Dead Cpu....Upgrading Bios?

Axemanant said:

After ascertaining that it was compatible with my motherboard i bought an intel Core 2 duo E6750.
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How did you ascertain this...because there is no mention of E6750 support for that board on MSI's own site.
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The IBM Thinkpad won't let me flash the Bios without a fully charged batteyr. My battery has completely went to crap so i always have to plug it in. Ive been having some bad on and off memory dump blue screen problems and see that my Bios is way outta date. I want to know how I can flash it without having it run off of a battery, but while having it plugged in. any help would be greatly appreciated

A:How do I update BIOS on my ThinkPad with a dead Battery?

I have an about 3 y/o ThinkPad. It has been few times that I have called support center in my country and recieved professional help without any cost, despite they said in the machine voice that "any support after 30 of perchase will be charged"; they are nice when you have a short question like this.

Try them; call your local IBM or Lenovo support center!

Good luck,
R Jade
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Is there a way to flash the BIOS with a dead main battery on a TP 1721 2627-721?   

A:Updating bios with a dead battery on a TP i Series...

Do you need the newer BIOS that bad that you'd risk bricking the laptop?
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Hi folks!

I have a question. Will BIOS gets corrupted if CMOS battery is left dead for a while? The reason I ask is because I bought a P4 mobo from vendor and it is an non-retailer box. Apparently when I receive the mobo, I tested the CMOS battery is dead and when I put everything together, there is no POST or beep at all coming from the mobo but power light and fan are on. Any idea?

I suspect the BIOS is corrupted because the baterry is left dead for too long. Is my theory correct? Please advice. Thanks.

A:Will BIOS gone if CMOS battery is left till it's dead

"I suspect the BIOS is corrupted because the baterry is left dead for too long. Is my theory correct?"...

I would say yes. This doesn't happen all the time, but in your case, after a new battery was installed, no POST is a bad sign... Did you try resetting the CMOS by moving a motherboard jumper? Is the CPU and memory supported by the motherboards model? Was the CMOS battery totally dead or did it show some DC voltage?

I just repaired a Compaq desktop computer that was built in September 1999. It had an AMD K6 550MHz CPU. The CMOS battery was bad, but it still showed 1.3 volts DC. It should have been 3.0 volts. A new battery brought this old baby back to life
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Dear forum users,
I have a big problem as my Dell Inspiron15 3000 series laptp started to behave strangely since I updated the bios from the version on the dell drivers and support website. 

I upgraded to the V12 version Dell Inspiron 3442,3542,5748 System BIOS Version: A12 ,A12, when originally the laptop came with version A06. 

However, since the upgrade, my laptop battery drains after I have switched the laptop off. Therefore I'm having all kinds of issues starting the laptop in the morning and I am afraind this behaviour will lead to a disfunctioning laptop rather soon.
Downgrading the bios version to version A06 is not possible as the utility exists with the message that Dell doesn't recommend downgrading the BIOS version.
What can I do?
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I know that a battery not holding a charge can sometimes be a motherboard problem, I don't want to spend the extra $50 on a new battery if it is the motherboard. Is there any way to decipher which one is the culprit.

A:Motherboard not charging battery or battery dead

Batteries are consumables... They should always be changed first if a charging problem appears
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I have a Dell Latitude D630. It has an admin password for the bios. Nothing is locked except for the settings. I can't change any of the settings in the bios. It lets me boot to windows just fine though. My question is, since I don't know that admin password for the bios, if I upgrade the bios firmware, will the admin password be deleted? Since I'm flashing the bios, I would think that all the settings will be lost. Is that the case?

A:Will upgrading the bios firmware on a Latitude D630 delete the bios admin password?


Didn't you reply here, and say it worked (after the unusual 9th try )

Awfully strange!

A bios update can't remove passwords. As You Must Know

Oh and thanks for the extended long Title. I'm thinking this Topic of yours would be best removed? What do you think?
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this might sound stupid but can leaving my laptop charger on all the time as my battery is no good harm my computer thanks

A:battery dead

Welcome to the Forum!
Leaving your laptop plugged in the entire time will dramatically decrease your battery life., and so it isn't the best thing to do..

Good luck!
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I purchased the Y40 in Sept, 2014.  The battery died June, 2015 and was replaced (after a very long wait for a replacement in late August, 2015.  Here it is April, 2016 and the battery is dead yet again! I would think a battery would last longer than 8 to 9 months.  I have tried contacting Lenovo customer service for a replacement and have had no response.  Has anyone else had this issue?
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my battery is complety dead where i bought the new one pls informe througu mail
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I have a IBM 600e notebook, with a lithium ion battery. Lately the battery has been dying very quickly, usually within 3 minutes and when I go to charge the battery, it charges very quickly,and says it's full. Is the battery itself dead, or is there some way to bring it back to life? Thanks for your help!

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I bought this Y40 around a year and a half ago. Within a year (around 9 months I think), the battery got weak, and wouldn't last more than a half hour. Its been another 9 months, and yes, IT IS DEAD AGAIN. I'm a programmer and enthusiast, I know how to treat a lithium-ion battery. This time, my warranty is up, but my battery should LAST MORE THAN A FEW MONTHS. I refuse to pay $200 for one, and I can't figure out how to contact Lenovo; they make it impossible to actually contact anyone.  EDIT: Also, this happened after installing lenovo energy manager and updating some drivers
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Any help on how to locate and replace battery in Dell Dimension 4600 Dektop Computer

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How do you know if yor lap tp battery is dead or not being charged?

A:Dead battery?

What kind of laptop is it?
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I had to get a new hard drive and when I got the laptop back I find that my new battery now dies out after 20 mins. Any good reason for this?
Toshiba Satellite A215 running on Vista (if that makes any difference).

A:dead battery

have a read here

toshiba may have a utility for calibrating the battery
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I have an ASUS Eee pc 904hd - it just doesn't power up at all - the lights on the charger light up - but there is no power to the laptop.

1.Should this run on mains alone ?(thus indicating a dc jack problem)

2.Or is it more likley to be the battery ?

Any ideas how I can test - or if there is a guide to replacing DC jacks ?

Cheers Guys

A:Eee pc dead battery or DC jack how to tell ?

When I was in RS I use take the multi-meter and test the AC/DC adapter to if it was reading the correctly. The jack should be soldered in the motherboard. I know my ASUS Eee PC has tiny slot of the power. Got to handle it gentle. You could fix the issue but replacing the motherboard. I

Look at these pictures of your unit inside of it. Everything is on the MOBO soldered.
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Ive got a 450WATT PSU and EP43-DS3 MOBO

i was having networking problems so i then took out the PSU power cable then took the little motherboard battery out. Waited 10 seconds then put it back in... the computer wouldn't load at all.. no fans no leds lighting up NOTHING. So then i disconnect the PSU power cable again and then take the battery out again for 5-6mins. Tried flicking the switches , Put it back and also got nothing like before.. no fan spinning NOTHING

WHATS THE PROBLEM? i didn't touch the motherboard when i was taking out the battery i didnt disconnect any cables except the power supply cable...

i accidentally didnt notice the POWER SW cable was not connected into the motherboard

A:Solved: Took little battery out, now its dead

is this now solved ?
IF not would you click on the button at the top of the post "mark unsolved"

taking the battery out of the motherboard has reset the bios- it may need reconfiguring for that motherboard
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Hi guys, i need sone help with my battery....
I left my laptop on hibernation mode for 3 moths because i had to travel and i forgot to shut it down...
When I returned and used it again the battery said that is 0% connected and charging, but it isnt charging actually.
I try a few things I saw on youtube like:
Uninstalling the baterry drivers and turn it on again.
Unplugging the battery and plug it again.
Freezing the battery for 1 one covered in a plastic bag.
Nothing has worked yet and i dont want to buy a new one because i am sure i can save it .
My laptop is hp-dv6 and I am running windows 7.
I hope you can help me....thanks.

A:Dead battery mu06 hp

I would imagine that the battery is really dead. The firmware inside it does not like it going that flat.
The only thing I can think of is to keep trying it unplugging and re-plugging and hope to force enough charge to wake up the firmware, but I wouldn't bet on it.
Freezing will actually do it more harm than good - that trick only works for disks where the bearings have different expansion rates.
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I currently have an APC UPS as a backup for my VOIP home phone. The UPS's battery is a 7Ah 12volt. I have running off it a typical cable model (not sure of the watt draw), a typical wireless router (which draws about 5 watts), and a PAP2T phone adapter (which also draws about 5 watts).

Anyone have any idea how to figure out the run time off the UPS (perhaps assuming not a total battery drain so it doesn't kill the battery)?

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ok i need to know if my battery or ac adapter is dead. When i have the battery in my laptop and plug in the ac adapter the charge light goes on for a second then goes away.

A:Laptop Battery dead?


a little more details would be nice. if the only issue is the light then it's no big deal.

One simple way to check if the AC adapter is ok is the run the PC without the battery. same thing goes for battery.. does it hold a charge? how long will it run without the AC adapter plugged in?
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So I have 2 audio recording rigs I built, one is maxed the the other I've been recording with for about 6months now. The maxed out rig has an Asus motherboard and the Comos battery is probably dead by now. It wont power on because of this. I need to replace it so badly but what Im wondering is will I lose the memory on it? I definetely assume that the harddrives are not affected by the battery but Im not 100 percent there.

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Hi everyone nbsp Just wanted to report a problem I've been having with my Thinkpad Yoga core i U GB RAM - EMCTO WW nbsp After only days of light use and a BIOS update to v I found that the laptop would only start when connected to the charger In Windows the battery gauge would show not charging permanently Importantly the system does not seem to recognize that the charger is connected and thinks it is on battery If I pull dead? 460 - Thinkpad battery the charger the laptop dies instantly Also when I plug it back in the charge indicator light flashes orange a couple of times for ca half a second and then stays off even when the laptop is on nbsp First I suspected a software fault and tried a lot of different permutations of uninstalling re-installing and disabling the battery driver in the system manager as well as the different Lenovo-branded system programs The Lenovo Solutions app does always seem to display the same information about the battery importantly with the charge cycle counter unchanged None of it seemed to help nbsp Growing desperate I tried a different power supply no difference I also unscrewed the back plate and unhooked the battery cable While then the system Thinkpad 460 - battery dead? did not recognize the battery anymore everything was back to the old unrecognized state after it was hooked back in I tried resetting the battery as recommended in nbsp this thread but to no avail I tried to downgrade to the BIOS version the one the laptop had been delivered with but it turned Thinkpad 460 - battery dead? out that even when booting from a BIOS-update USB stick the system would think it was on battery and thus refuse to upgrade the BIOS nbsp I think that either the charging circuitry or the battery itself have some issues I suspect a hardware firmware fault now since neither resetting the BIOS nor Windows nor live-booting Linux seem to help All report that the laptop is running on battery with charge but do not recognize that the charger is connected nbsp Is anyone else experiencing the same problems Other battery-related issues are discussed here and here but those might well be different faults nbsp nbsp Any help is appreciated nbsp

A:Thinkpad 460 - battery dead?

I don't recommend taking apart a new laptop that is under warranty.  You need to call support or return it
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Can a dead cmos battery slow pc , because my pc is just 5 month old and it's slow.
4gb ram
3 cpu 2.10ghz
512 mb ati radeon ?

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Hello forum, About 2 days ago my Lenovo G50-45 laptop died before I could plug it in to the charger and from that point on the battery wasn't charging and it's been dead ever since. Class starts tomorrow so I come to you guys because I need to fix this asap.  I've inspected the brick and cables and everything looks fine. I'm unplugged the brick and held the power button for 10-15 seconds before plugging everything back in and attempting to charge it to no avail. How else can I fix this/test to verify it's the battery/etc?
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One-year-old Dell laptop Vostro Have always used it on AC adapter power Today I decided to run the laptop from battery power so I could work in a different room Only peripheral connected was a USB wifi card Using Firefox and Photoshop CS no other programs running The battery died in about an hour Moreover although my power settings are supposed to have the system warn me when the battery reaches and shut down when it reaches I received no notifications at all except for a beep immediately preceding total system shutdown On retrieving the AC adapter the computer did not exhibit any additional problems I changed the power settings to alert at and hibernate at I m pretty sure this quot never been used quot battery was supposed to last a few hours at least I mean after all this Hour in One Battery Dead is a quot business quot Dead Battery in One Hour notebook Why on Earth did it die so fast Is it time to buy a new battery or whine to Dell s warranty department nbsp

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Just bought the Elitebook Folio G from a Govt Resales shop One year old but looks unused - absolutely scratch free the plastic is still on the touchpad and there's still Elitebook Be Dead Old Battery 1Yr To Seems And a plastic NFC tag on it as well nbsp Turned it on at home with the power cord in it and noticed that the Battery wasn't charging Looked at and followed all the Support advice nbsp ie nbsp uninstalled the Microsoft battery software took out the physical battery pressed for a minute on the Power button reinstalled battery and rebooted but still no charging nbsp Checked the HP Support Assistant which ran its test and said the battery was kaput and needed replacing nbsp Two questions nbsp Is there any other solution nbsp nbsp Is 1Yr Old Elitebook And Battery Seems To Be Dead this a common problem nbsp If so then what the heck HP nbsp I spent about five hours 1Yr Old Elitebook And Battery Seems To Be Dead trying various permutations of the above nbsp That included having to buy a Torx T screwdriver and then having to remove screws to take off just to remove the battery to take off the back and to take out the battery nbsp The laptop is probably just out of warranty but even so the battery dying after one year of 1Yr Old Elitebook And Battery Seems To Be Dead probably light use with the resultant nbsp impost nbsp of an expensive new battery seems nbsp nuts as does screws to remove the battery nbsp nbsp Maybe I've just got a Friday model but even so the number of screws for the battery seems design madness nbsp nbsp nbsp
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If the internal battery on my desktop pc is dead
could this cause my pc not to start?
And if so, by replacing it will I be able to start my
pc normally or do I have to do something else?
Reason I'm asking is my pc has power but no splash
screen shows up. The light indicator that shows
activity goes on briefly and the dvd light indicator
turns on briefly. But nothing happens, black screen.


A:Dead Internal Battery

The most common MB battery is a CR-2032 Lithium. Usually found at most Drug stores, WalMart, etc. Arround $2. That would be a cheap test to try first.

But also double check all your other power connections, but it could be the PSU failure , also.
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A young friend as a dell inspiron laptop with a dead battery and he thinks it should run on the charge lead but i say it will not produce enough power to run a o/s with out it freezing or even run on safe mode unless he fitts a new battery, but he thinks the problem with freezing and not running must mean a major component problem because it runs for five minutes on safe mode and then packs up, am i right should i buy him a battery just to prove this, thanks for any help. p/s os is vista.

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i bought a dell E1505 laptop about 1 year and 2 months ago. i used to get good battery life and now my battery lasts about 20 minutes if i get lucky. i know that batteries degrade over time due to the half life, but does it occur that quickly? does not seem right that i have to buy a battery that costs over $100 every year. does anyone else have this problem? are there any solutions to this? thanks

A:Dead Dell Battery

Yes, it happens. It depends on the battery, and whether you cycle it from full to dead often or not. The e1505 is also a budget model that eats battery life. If you want battery life, I would suggest that you get get an ultralight, not a low-end dell. =/

Sometimes freezing the battery will help... but make sure it's in a sealed bag with no moisture if you try it. You don't want to short it.
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my battery will not recharge, I need a new one! Any help on part number and how to change it would be appreciated, thank you. Toshiba support - hopeless!
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Hi all,

I have never had to replace a UPS system before. I was just wondering can a battery actually be replaced or is it just the done thing to go and purchase a new UPS system?

Any replies here will be greatly received.


A:UPS Battery dead - APC UPS 1000

I've replaced them before. Depending on what you paid for the unit, it may be more cost effective to buy a new one. I took mine into a Batteries Plus type of a place, and they even installed it for me My APC UPS 650 was around $35 I think.

If it's still under warranty, APC will ship you a new unit, and you just put that one back in the box and return it to them. I did that a few years ago as well..not sure what their policy is currently.
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At first, I must say that I have spent more than one hour on this website but cannot find a service phone number or online chat link! I replaced my battery last November (case No. 8005949736) and my PC has become out of warranty after that. However, the "new" battery dead within less than one year! I could not remember when I found the system message "The battery is weak and needs to be replaced". Is there anyone take care of my case? I need to know how Lenovo gonna do to reply this! I must got a "problem" battery because I have used lenovo laptops for more than 10 years and even the battery of my first laptop is still alive.

lenovo.pdf ?85 KB
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Hey everybody...

My friend leet beside me <name disclosed> want to know what happened to the battery of Toshiba Satellite A60-JL1.

THe charger is working properly but wont charge the dead battery, just will run off the AC Power instead the battery. Any Ideas?

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I bought Windows 7 having come from Vista. However, there is a BIOS update for my system. The new BIOS update states: The BIOS updates the fan control algorithm of the system, and turns the fan on at low volume while your notebook PC is operational. If you are currently experiencing any symptoms on your notebook PC, please contact HP for support. It is located here:

I'd love to flash it but not sure if it will ruin my computer as it's more than likely not designed for flash when Windows 7 is on it or do you's know any better?

I also have 2 blue vertical lines going do the right hand side of the screen. I've seen loads of problems but no solutions. Has any fixed this HP problem?

Cheers folks!

A:Upgrading BIOS after Upgrading from Vista to 7

The BIOS is the stuff that happens BEFORE Windows starts to load.
Do you have issues with overheating or with the fan? If so, the BIOS update is for you.
Also, BIOS flashes are dangerous - and you can turn your computer into a paperweight by doing it incorrectly. In short, if it ain't broke - don't fix it!

The type of lines that you describe on your screen are usually caused by hardware issues. Send it in for repair if the system is under warranty. If not, then get an estimate from a local computer store - it may be cheaper to live with it.
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hi, my dad has an old compaq armada laptop, M700. all of a sudden, its battery wont charge. it actually drained straight from 70% to empty. its a li-ion battery, and its supposed to have a negligible memory effect. well since the battery cant charge, its pretty much useless to my dad now. not much different from a desktop for him... the computer does detect the battery though. anyone shed any light on this one?

A:laptop battery dead all of a sudden

Sounds like a typical laptop battery failure to me. Dell only warranties its laptop batteries for one year so it sounds like you got plenty of use out of yours. Try buying a new battery if you want to use the laptop without the ac adapter. Lots of places to get them on the net.
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I've had it for 4 whole weeks and my XPS13 9350 seemed fine. But now:
- it won't turn on unless it is connected to the main power supply- while plugged it to the main power supply the battery meter is stuck at 37%- if I pull out the power cable while it is turned on it switches off immediately
What is wrong with it ?

A:XPS13 9350 Battery dead?

It's most likely a bad battery - call Dell for warranty service.
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I thought I had this problem licked, but obviously I don't. I noticed tonight, when the battery was allowed to go completely dead, I plugged the machine into AC - and when it booted up, it did so but not to where I was before. Instead, it just boots up to Windows.
In the Power Options / Critical Battery Action, I have it set for Hibernate (for batter) and in the Low Battery Option, I have Do Nothing. This is where the Default takes me and it worked a couple times, but the last couple times it is not.

Any idea as to what might help me overcome this unhappy snag?

A:Battery goes dead - system does not boot up to where it was before

It could be the battery itself is worn or faulty. Usually when it goes into hibernate it saves enough power to keep files in memory. But if you lose power completly it will just shut off.
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i have a Toshiba Equium P200D-139 and for the last year or so the battery seems to be dead (so i think).

the laptop will only work with the charger plugged in and if the charger is pulled out then the laptop shuts off.

in windows it says its plugged in but not charging and the charge level is zero %.
the ac power light is on to say i have it plugged in, but the battery light does not come on.

if i pull the battery out and reinsert it with the laptop plugged in, the battery light stays on for about 2 seconds then goes back out again.

is this just a dead battery because before all this happend the battery use to drain from 100% to 0% in around 2 minutes.

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A:Equium P200D-139 - battery seems to be dead

> the laptop will only work with the charger plugged in and if the charger is pulled out then the laptop shuts off.

Yes, this looks like the battery needs to be replaced.
My 6 years old battery is dead too.
It charges and indicates that its fully charged but after about 1 min of usage the battery is fully empty?

That?s nothing unusual?
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I bought an HP Active pen and really only played around with it a little. It sat unused in the laptop case and in less than a month, the battery was completely dead. Very annoying since they're impossible to find. I eventually made my way to a Microsoft store to buy replacements. Do I need to store the pen with the battery removed? I don't see myself using the pen much because it requires too much pressure for anything to happen. Not a natural way of writing.
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I went to use my thinkpad t23 the other day. It came on in battery mode even though I had it plugged in. The battery seemed to drain faster than usual. Could the ac adapter have gone bad?

A:thinkpad t23 won't use ac adapter battery dead now

That's what it sounds like. Any way to test it? Do you have a meter? Does it still get warm when plugged in or emit any hum?
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A SONY Vaio laptop is rarely used away from its docking port, but its battery is dead. Apart from he risk of fire can I continue to use it, even though it will only "run on the battery" for a couple of seconds? (I have no need to use it away from its mains adapters.)

A:laptop - running with a dead battery

I don't see any reason why you can't run it on mains power forever, although if the battery is known to be no good I would take it out.

I did this on my old Fujitsu Seimens laptop when the battery failed and it ran for ages without a problem, as long as it was plugged in
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The laptop will not charge unless the battery goes completely dead and the laptop turns off.  If I plug in the adapter it will then charge.  If I remove the adapter it will not charge.
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Im looking for the location of the cmos battery on my fujitsu siemens amilo D 8820 laptop,basically so I can change it, as it appears to be dead!
any help locating this battery and how to remove it would be greatly appreciated as Ive had no luck searching on the web
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I have HP Pavillion Laptop xl255. The battery is dead (3 in 4 years) and I have moved on to another laptop. I stil have a bunch of things on the hardrive I would like to retrieve. Is there a way to bypass the battery and just use the power cord? If not who has the best prices on batteries?

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Hi guys I have an Acer Aspire g which is no longer charging and need to find out if this is simply the battery that needs replacing or if the fault could be with the dc connection A while back my loving girlfriend dropped my laptop only a couple of inches onto the floor which she dead battery or another fault Laptop denies to this day despite seeing her do it since then I have had the change battery error message but was told that as long as it s kept on the mains it should be ok which it was apart from the power lead being temperamental and occasionally cutting out but with a little wiggle of the cable it would power up again This gradually got worse over a few months until there were only certain positions the cable could be in to charge the laptop until the other day when the power light stopped and without fail the laptop died within mins I ve tried a couple of power cables which work fine on our other laptop also an acer so i m confident the issue doesn t lie there which has led me to believe it s either the battery connection or both Is there anyway I can diagnose what the actual Laptop battery dead or another fault problem is i ve already taken the front of the laptop off to see if there was anything unusual inside as it did heat up on occasionally but couldn t see anything obvious not that i particularly know what i m looking for Ideally I want to avoid paying out for a new battery if it works out that it s the power connection at fault Any help would be appreciated cheers nbsp

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Inspiron 8200 laptop, XP.

On startup I am getting an error message directly after POST:
Primary HDD not found. Optical drive not found. No bootable device found.

The OS does not load.
The BIOS does not list any primary drive or optical drive. BUT I can run a drive diagnostic from floppy and it says the IDE drive is working fine. After I run the diagnostic the drive will show up in the BIOS for a short time. But the computer still will not boot. I can sometimes boot with the XP setup disk but it stops before I can get to the repair screen.

Does this sound like a dead CMOS battery? I unplugged it overnight. When I plugged it back in this morning the BIOS saw the drives for a very short time but still had the same boot message. Now it doesn't show them anymore.


BTW: I flashed the BIOS to no avail.

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Hi, please advise. I've had this s20-30 just over 2 years and suddenly it began randomly shutting off. It now will not turn on at all.Holding power button down whether plugged in or not just blinks the orange battery indicator 3 times.Holding the safe mode button flashes the white indicator once.How do I determine if the issue is the battery or the power supply?Thanks in advance
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There are several posts on this topic, but none seem to address this question.

Can I keep using my laptop, which has been 'nagging'me for quite some time to replace the battery. The laptop is really old and is obviously out of warranty, but I have found it still suits my needs well enough. currently however I cannot get it to run for more than 10 seconds as it seems tot draw its power from the dead battery and not directly from the adapter (which works fine). In all its infinite wisdom the designers decided that the laptop can only run with the battery in the laptop, so taking it out is not an option.
Can I keep using my laptop or do I really have to buy a new battery?
Does anyone know of a workaround?
Relevancy 52.03%

I've never had a laptop before. How does it normally behave if the battery is dead?

I opened the Sony Viao FX215. Turned it on. Got initial startup screen. Pressed F2 (wanted to check out the BIOS before anything else). Moved right to "Advanced" and down to I/O, then moved to Parallel Port.

At that moment it turned itself off. Using the power button does absolutely nothing. Don't have a charger here so I can't check to see if its the battery.

Is this the way it acts when the battery has gone dead?

Relevancy 51.6%

OK, my brain is fried with the new house and all i cant even think straight. Ontop of my todo's along with everything else I have to upgrade my mom inlaws pc. She has a Dell Dimension 4600 and what she WANTS to do is upgrade the Memory to make it go faster, upgrade the video card to hook up to her TV (new vizio tv) and upgrade the power supply to match the needs of the video card. I've done all this before but now my brain cant handle the thinking, anyone want to toss in any info to help? Like the type of video card to get? I got the memory already and when i have the video card i can match up the power supply. Thanks in advance for any input ^_^

Relevancy 51.6%

Hi every one.

I have:

- Creative Access Point router model CW2202 -4

Yesterday I upgraded it to a newer firmware, but I lost the connection after the upgrade process

now the router is not responding to any ping .. wireless is not working too ..

I can't access to the setting page ( ) !

how can I flash it with a new firmware ( its OS )

I am lost

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Hi my computer dies when unplugged It varies in time but usually within - minutes I have run software to tell me how much my battery holds to confirm that the battery isn't gone and I get these results Unless I'm crazy that means that the battery isn't dead I then proceeded to run battery diagnostics and it told me things we're set a certain way that my settings to not reflect such as Sleep timeout is disabled On Battery The computer is not configured to automatically sleep after a period of inactivity I went to check and it said minutes on is dead. when yet Unpplugged Computer not Battery Dies battery Here is the report from that I guess my question is what could possibly be wrong I am getting tired of having to be plugged in --- Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report Computer Dies when Unpplugged yet Battery is not dead. Computer Name TOM Scan Time - - T Z Scan Duration seconds System Manufacturer Acer System Product Name Aspire M - TG BIOS Date BIOS Version V OS Build Platform Role PlatformRoleMobile Plugged In true Process Count Thread Count Report GUID c f f-a b - c - a -a a bba Analysis Results Errors Power Policy Power Plan Personality is High Performance On Battery The current power plan personality is High Performance when the system is on battery power Power Policy Sleep timeout is disabled On Battery The computer is not configured to automatically sleep after a period of inactivity Power Policy Radio Power Policy is Maximum Performance On Battery The current power policy for -compatible wireless network adapters is not configured to use low-power modes Power Policy PCI Express ASPM is disabled On Battery The current power policy for PCI Express Active State Power Management ASPM is configured to Off Power Policy Power Plan Personality is High Performance Plugged In The current power plan personality is High Performance when the system is plugged in Power Policy Sleep timeout is disabled Plugged In The computer is not configured to automatically sleep after a period of inactivity Power Policy Minimum processor performance state is Plugged In The processor is not configured to automatically reduce power consumption based on activity Power Policy PCI Express ASPM is disabled Plugged In The current power policy for PCI Express Active State Power Management ASPM is configured to Off System Availability Requests System Required Request The device or driver has made a request to prevent the system from automatically entering sleep Driver Name FileSystem srvnet CPU Utilization Processor utilization is high The average processor utilization during the trace was high The system will consume less power when the average processor utilization is very low Review processor utilization for individual processes to determine which applications and services contribute the most to total processor utilization Average Utilization Platform Power Management Capabilities PCI Express Active-State Power Management ASPM Disabled PCI Express Active-State Power Management ASPM has been disabled due to a known incompatibility with the hardware in this computer Warnings Platform Timer Resolution Platform Timer Resolution The default platform timer resolution is ms ns and should be used whenever the system is idle If the timer resolution is increased processor power management technologies may not be effective The timer resolution may be increased due to multimedia playback or graphical animations Current Timer Resolution ns units Maximum Timer Period ns units Platform Timer Resolution Outstanding Timer Request A program or service has requested a timer resolution smaller than the platform maximum timer resolution Requested Period Requesting Process ID Requesting Process Path Device HarddiskVolume Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe Platform Timer Resolution Outstanding Timer Request A program or service has requested a timer resolution smaller than the platform maximum timer resolution Requested Period Requesting Process ID Requestin... Read more

A:Computer Dies when Unpplugged yet Battery is not dead.

seems like false reporting from software... the physical fact that the battery runs out of power seems to be more accurate.
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I have a P50.  Even though the battery is fully charged when I turn it off when I go to use the laptop a few days later, it is completely dead.  Any one have any suggestions? Thanks!
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Hi all,

I finally hooked up my new laptop to a router so I could "unplug" it and go wireless. Well I did it all successfully. My computer came up for about 10 minutes then it went off... When I tried to restart it the little light for the battery flashes. It says my battery is 100%. So I don't understand. I thought it it was using power via the router why should the battery power matter? I am very confused. If anyone could explain this to me I'd appreciate it. Meanwhile, I just plugged everything back in and things are working fine. Could my battery be dead (even though it's never run on the battery?)


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2080 @ 1.73GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 12
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1917 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M Series, 4 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 112971 MB, Free - 57687 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, IAYAA
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled


My CMOS battery is dead and I've yet to open and replace. I keep the time set correctly manually. Would this cause the computer to operate as if in slow motion?

I've run several CPU speed checks and all report over double the 1.73 GHz, sometimes as high as 2.8 GHz.

Any and all advice or comments will be appreciated.

Thanks, Robert

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Hi all,
I'm new here and have a problem with my wont turn on! When you plug the power lead into the laptop, the battery light is lit but when you try to turn the laptop on it goes off- there's also a small clicking sound each time I try to turn it on. I've tried running the laptop without the battery and still no success. Also if you leave the power lead in the battery light goes off within a minute...I'm absolutly stuck with what to try next- I've used compressed air etc to try and clean everything out...still nudda.

Any help much appreciated!

A:Laptop wont turn on- dead battery?

Sounds like a failed HardDrive (if it is you will need it replaced)

Just in case though:

Remove all power (battery and adaptor)
Hold down the power ON button for 30secs (dispersing all internal voltage)
Plug the power adaptor in only (for the moment)
Turn on

If it still doesn't work, I think the HardDrive has gone (ie clicking noise)
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Hey I ve had a HP Pavilion for years now Its got like MB of Ram a Ghz Intel Pentium Processor and a Radeon series graphics card not sure if its intergrated or not All I know is it s Anyways I cant get the complete specs from the directx diagnostic thing because Pavilion-Display errors-Dead HP Battery? of the following problem For the last years everytime I leave it without power for over a week itll freeze on OS loadup or programs will act all funny if I do get XP HP Pavilion-Display errors-Dead Battery? to load Its usually the time which is at like AD or AD or something ridiculous One time it was at like the th of decemeber or something A friend told me its a dead battery or something I wish I d gotten it fixed all that time ago so I wouldnt have the current problem which is as follows Usually changing the date back to normal fixed the aforementioned problems But this one is in a world of its own We left it without power for weeks and it refused to turn on The LED light would just be on and we couldnt get it to do anything We left it for another weeks thinking it was a gonner Then I fiddled with the power cable while turning it on It burst back to life like someone waking out of a coma The Loading LEd started flashing The power light beside the chord at the back switched on I then pulled the power cable out again and firmly secured it back in The computer turned on and went through its loading sequence but froze Eventually with enough times of pulling the cable out and putting it back in the computer had its sound back It would turn on and off perfectly I could even hear it clicking desktop icons as I moved the mouse But one last problem that messing with the power chord didnt solve There is nothing displayed on the monitor O I could do without the sound but without visuals its worthless So what do I do Have any of you ever heard of a PC acting like this before I sure havent although I dont know much about PCs What I do know is the monitor is perfect its just not receiving anything from the PC tower Anyone know how to solve this I really like the HP and Im now reduced to using a Gateway Windows which would make anyone cry nbsp

A:HP Pavilion-Display errors-Dead Battery?

Yep. I think you should replace Power Supply. Probably it is too old to continue. Best bet is go out and buy 300W for your HP. I'm not entire sure if it still covered warranty but it is best bet to take your HP back to staples or future shop to have it fixed for a price.

Try swapping PSU and find out. if it didnt work, try add video card in PCI. and yes, ATI 9000 Series is integrated.
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My Chromebook 15 CB5-571 will not run on battery power even thou it indicates that it is fully charged. Works fine with mains adaptor connected?
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Hello everyone--I just put together a computer on initial startup--dead battery??? to had reset cmos and when I turned it on for the first time i had to reset the cmos for anything to happen--other than the fans running Installing the os was a nightmare because it would never reboot unless I cleared cmos This is a TS from Biostar and a amd x There is a pci firewire addon card and no video card--there are sata wd gb hard drives and i did not set master slave---did i have to with them being sata antec case with watt ps I have never heard any beeps There are also gigs x gb of patriot memory in it now I tried only x gb of crucial v and problem was still had to reset cmos on initial startup--dead battery??? there--I also tried with x g of Patriot--no go The memory is in good I have had to reset cmos on initial startup--dead battery??? had to clear cmos a lot but have not removed the battery---it has clips holding it in Is that normal could i get some help with this--it is not my first build but my first problem Does The fact that I had to clear cmos on initial start up to get it to post mean the battery is dead The winxp pro bit os in installed but it was a nightmare I have not updated the bios mostly because had to reset cmos on initial startup--dead battery??? it did not start up right the first time so while the bios update will help some thing i don t feel this is caused by an old bios Thanks for any help nbsp

A:had to reset cmos on initial startup--dead battery???

I think I posted this in the wrong forum I reposted in Hardware forum--you can delete this
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Last week the battery showed 50% but would not charge, then the power went off in a storm so I tired to use it , and it would not work with still 50%, just would not lite up or run. Now this week the battery showed 2% for awhile but now shows 0%. Is the battery shot and will it harm do any harm just leaving it as it is and just using AC all the tim?. Thanks buck
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My laptop battery has been dead for some time and have been using the power cord only - has been working fine, but today when switching it on the screen stays blank with the caps lock and number lock lights flashing on and off. Am unable to access menus.

Relevancy 50.74%

I have a HP - d wm series laptop It has gb of ram gb hard drive running Windows Home Premium Service pack AMD E Ghz processor The problem is that it is not detecting or connecting to wifi networks around it The battery on this thing is dead It would indicate over a long period of timie weeks connected but laptop dead Can on affect ? a wifi battery in plugged a not charging and go down in percent slowly from xx percent till it ended up totally empty to the point where it said quot no battery is detected quot Laptop powers and and does all other functions but wifi indicator has Can a dead battery on a plugged in laptop affect wifi ? a red X through it Won t pick up ANY networks even after restarts and even a couple of system restores back to dates when Can a dead battery on a plugged in laptop affect wifi ? wifi WAS working I used my Android smartphone and it fully detects and connects to the networks in that area so it is the laptop that s quot blind quot and quot insensitive quot not the networks Also maybe a causal connection but it never had this problem till the battery was totally dead it is now plugged and starts up directly like a desktop Could the dead battery be the cause of the wifi not working or am I three bases off to outfield here Thanks nbsp
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Hello everyone--I just put together a computer and when I turned it on for the first time i had to reset the cmos for anything to happen--other than the fans running Installing the os was a had battery??? reset to initial cmos on startup--dead nightmare because it would never reboot unless I cleared cmos This is a TF from Biostar and a amd x There is a pci firewire addon card and no video card--there are sata wd gb hard drives and i did not set master slave---did i have to with them being sata antec case with watt ps I have never heard any beeps There are also gigs x gb of patriot memory in it now I tried only x gb of crucial v and problem was still there--I also tried with x g of Patriot--no go The memory is in good I have had to clear cmos a lot but have not removed the battery---it has clips holding it in Is that normal could i get some help with this--it is not my first build but my first problem Does The fact that I had to clear cmos on initial start up to get it to post mean the battery is dead The winxp pro bit os in installed but it was a nightmare I have not updated the bios mostly because it did not start up right the first time so while the bios update will help some thing i don t feel this is caused by an old bios Thanks for any help Last edited by joneq -May- PM nbsp

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The battery on my HP Pavillion Laptop will not charge and is likely dead. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps including: (1) uninstalling and reinstalling the batterty driver, (2) reverting back to a previous restore point and(3) reinstalling Windows 10.  None of these steps have work so I concluded that the battery is dead. My product is still under warranty but after an hour on this site, I still cannot determine how to get my battery replaced.  Please advise me on where I can request a replacement battery.

A:WARRANTY REPAIR FOR DEAD BATTERY - Cant find instructions on...

Hi, What is your machine ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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This query may sound kinda 'odd' but I thought of it giving it a try all the same.

It is my ol' trusty Fujitsu Siemans Lifebook S 4546, the P3 one.

It has Win XP Pro as the OS.

Now the battery is dead a do do, it wont boot or start at all.

I have ordered a new lap top battery but being XMAS, no action until after New Year.

And right now I am in dire need of some urgent files on the HD.

So the question is-
is there anyway we can get it started, perhaps some guyz have some tricks n tips up their sleeve.
Pls share that with us. Wil apprec that a lot.

Thx a lot and a Merry Xmas to all.


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Hi All nbsp I foolishly ran the Lenovo software update tool and one of the updates that installed was battery firmware v nbsp The update failed part way through and ever since my battery is having an existential crisis - I know it's plugged in and charged but it dead E420 after Battery firmware upd... Edge Thinkpad reads or sometimes a red X and the machine shuts down when AC power is removed nbsp Thinkpad Edge E420 Battery dead after firmware upd... Being out of warranty the phone line people just keep trying to sell me a new battery and have no ideas on how to fix the existing one I've tried the firmware update multiple times but with no joy Also tried sourcing previous versions of the firmware which doesn't work My battery was not one of those listed for recall Latest and best suggestion was that it may be a motherboard issue and I could confirm by plugging in a different battery to see if it works - with absolutely no suggestion who would let me borrow their battery and plug it into my possibly killer machine nbsp Has anyone else had a similar problem and found a fix nbsp Is anyone based in Perth Western Australia and want to let me experiment with their battery you crazy fool nbsp Does anyone know how to contact an actual Lenovo person rather than the useless call centre from Australia seemingly connecting to Malaysia or Thailand judging by the accents nbsp Consumer law in Australia would suggest these guys owe me a new battery regardless of warranty status but I don't know how I can force the issue if I can't even speak to them nbsp Appreciate any help or suggestions you can offer nbsp Thanks nbsp Dave

A:Thinkpad Edge E420 Battery dead after firmware upd...

This happened to me today. The solution is to restart the computer and enter the BIOS.  Then use the arrow keys to move to the config tab, then down to the power option, hit enter, scroll down to the disable built-in battery, hit enter, then follow dirctions on the right.  You will unplug the power cord to shut down the computer and when you plug it back in and turn it back on the battery will be recognized.  if not , try the process again as it took me two tries.  hope this helps.
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I own a Dell Inspiron 15 3521, bought on jan 16, 2015. 
As the title says, I get the error: "Your Battery has experienced a permanent failure and needs to be replaced." It also comes on QuickSet. The Battery is stuck at 86% and isn't charging nor discharging. I can only operate via AC power supply which seems to work fine.
I've pretty much tried all the methods suggested in the other posts related to this issue in the forum(s) and still it isn't resolved. The Battery light flashes Red continuously when the battery is plugged.
So is there any other thing I can do?
Battery Type: MR90Y 65 Wh
Dell Is just taking down his brand name in india.
Thank you!

A:Dell 65wh Type: MR90Y (Battery Dead in a second)

18-24 months is a normal lifespan for a battery - time to replace it.
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Hi I own a Compaq Presario laptop AMD K II MHz V MB RAM GB HDD x CDROM model number VQLIN or years old I think and the darn thing won t power on I gave it to my sis and it came back dead She had taken it to compusa I bad Dead laptop battery? - Presario Compaq 1247 believe where the guy told her to replace the battery When I plug it into the wall socket the LED to indicate it s plugged in comes on but the one that indicates the battery is charging doesn t The battery has a light indicator to say how much charge is in it and none of the leds come on I guess Pressing the power button has no effect whether or not the battery is inserted into its bay I d bring it to compusa here but they charge just to look at the machine since a battery costs less I thought I d try getting a new one first but it seems strange to me that the computer won t boot when the battery is out of the bay Am I barking up the wrong tree Should I be looking for other causes fried motherboard maybe I dunno Thanks mucho for any help at all or even Dead laptop - bad battery? Compaq Presario 1247 sympathy - FaxData nbsp

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Here's a problem that just started when my battery goes completely dead. Before, when I would plug it back in, I would hit the power button and all would be restored to where it was before.
Now it doesn't - instead, it boots up to Windows but nothing I had before is saved, where before it was.
Can one point out to me what I must to do have the computer do what it did before should the battery go dead. I'm using a Toshiba laptop P200 with Windows Vista Home Premium.

A:stranger things haven't happened when battery goes dead

Did you change your power plan? Try resetting to default

Power Plan - Restore Default Settings[11]=Power Management

Go to help and support, try looking for sleep and hibernate. I think the change may have ocurred in that area.

Hibernate saves before shut down
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Just purchased a Lenovo Yoga 2 13" about 3 weeks ago. I like the PC, but I have an issue. I was using it last night and I shut it down and left it to charge. Today when I went to turn it on the battery light blinks 3 times (1 second on, 1 second off x 3) and that's it. It won't boot at all. Have tried holding the power button for 3 - 30 seconds and pressing the reset button but all I get is the 3 blinks of the battery light (no power button light at all). Is there anything I can do? Hard reset button combo or anything like that to try? Thanks.

A:Yoga 2 13" Dead? Battery light blinks 3 times but ...

if you tried holding the power button with ac power, un-plug the adapter and try again.if the opposite, try to plug the ac power and check if it works.
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Hey all, sorry if this is the wrong spot for my post but I'm new around here. Yesterday, my Ideapad's battery malfunctioned when it was around 20%, and when I tried to plug in the ac adapter, it wouldn't charge. Eventually the battery ran down to 0, and now I'm stuck with a dead battery and laptop. Is there anything I can do? I initially thought it was the charger, and I ordered a new one, but even the new charger won't charge it either.
Relevancy 49.88%

I battery Click - on mini dead Toshiba Dock arrival Satellite had purchased this device from amazon Below is a brief history and the issues Toshiba Satellite Click mini - Dock battery dead on arrival with the dock battery Initially turned the tablet on while connected to dock - Took over minutes to charge it I assume this was because of the battery being discharged Thankfully it did eventually start charging In Windows the dock battery was showing as and the tablet battery was rising as it was being charged The seems to Toshiba Satellite Click mini - Dock battery dead on arrival have been an issue with the installed bios on the machine Which was showing when it was empty in reality Updated the bios to V Now the dock battery was showing as Upgraded to windows No amount of charging would charge the keyboard battery Once the tablet was at it would give the status of quot not charging quot for battery I tried the following Kept the device connected overnight on occasions But bear in mind this was for around hours only - perhaps hours may do the trick but could not Toshiba Satellite Click mini - Dock battery dead on arrival do this as I did not want to risk keeping a device charged while I was at work Will try this in the weekend Turned off the device fully and then charged overnight This would show the two status indicators for the batteries and did show a charge icon next to the second battery but no change in battery status Attempted to remove the dock battery kept it removed took out connection to circuitboard for minutes then reconnected it to the tablet and power but no change Attempted to power the device via low powered usb connection PC USB port at ma No difference Attempted to remove reinstall battery drivers in device manager trying different combinations and reinstalling Overall I am rather disappointed that Toshiba are selling laptops with discharged batteries This seems to be very common with this model A few people I know also seem to have purchased this device and are having exactly the same issue In regards to the charging of the battery for hours Is it not well known that this type of battery if fully discharged can be permanently damaged already And does the charging start usually after hours of constantly being connected to the AC

A:Toshiba Satellite Click mini - Dock battery dead on arrival

Ok partially solved the issue via dismantling the device.

I pried open the tablet taking care not to break the ribbons that are connected to either side.
Swapped the batteries over.
Put the tablet on charge (with the fully depleted battery)
it started charging (power adaptor also got warm)
Left it for an hour or so (was then at 55% battery life)
swapped back the batteries

The issue still here is that when the tablet is fully charged 100% and in the keyboard dock. I assume the keyboard dock will then get charged. Unfortunately it is mentioning.. Not charging....
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As you can see here, the battery is stuck at %10, Windows tells me that it needs 5 minutes for a full charge, and this is how it is for the past hour. All this began after the Windows 10 update. the first days it was much better, showing up to 4 hours of battery time when %100. Now I can't see it get to 100%.

A:Battery Problems After Upgrading to Windows 10

After charging for an hour, my battery reached beyond %10.

As you see, now 5 mins dropped down to 3 mins. I think more than an hour passed between those two minutes that passed. If this is a battery related error, whats with the minutes? and why on earth has my battery been very well until recently? I feel like one of the latest Windows updates caused it, but can't say for sure.
Relevancy 49.45%

i have a epox 8rda+ mainboard with a dead bios.. how can i repair my bios?.

Relevancy 49.45%

Hi all, I need help I have a PC with Spacewalker MV42v1.3 mobo my sister just used it the other day (playing her usual game) and when I tried to use it today 3 long beeps occured, I tried to change my video card and the beeps gone but there is no display on my monitor and no light on my KB (num) as if the BIOS went dead, I also tried to reset it by removing the battery but nothing happens (dunno if this is right in resetting it), change the video card still nothing happens, no display (totally blackout) and no light on my KB (num). Dunno what to do now. Thanks in advance.

AMD Athlon
256MB Memory

A:not sure if the BIOS is dead/gone

If you are getting no activity at all I suspect the psu is at fault.
The only real easy way to tell is replace it with a known working one
Relevancy 49.02%

Hi during a foolish move or uninstalling the AMD sata drivers on the PC the machine rebooted several times and thenwent into the bios set up and subsequently what i believe was a recovery mode writing several new blocks nbsp eventually the machine shut down and ever since have not been able to get it to start nbsp when i push the power button the light does not come on but i hear the cd drive attempting to be accessed in addition to the processor fan building up to and remaining at full speed nbsp I have contacted Acer who have told me this model is a PC World Currys only warranty only so declined to help me Upon calling the retailer they said i needed to contact ACER nbsp i am now left a PC with what i think is a blank bios although reading some of the posts online there are suggestions that i can somehow copy bios files onto a cd as the machine may be looking for replacement bios files and as the USB ports are not active it must be awaiting a file via CD nbsp if anyone can offer any help or guidance i would be most appreciative as am at a total loss nbsp i believe in reading further online that the bios and motherboard for the tc- and tc- are the same but sold as variations so that PC World Currys have an exclusive model number nbsp Many thanks in advance nbsp Leon

A:Aspire TC-220 dead bios

in addition to the above, the machine is also less than 5 months old (just to add to the frustration)
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I found this on it is a new product that they have. Not sure if any of you have seen anything like this but if not I would check it out. You can use this in case your bios update goes wrong. You just flip a switch and you can boot your system as normal. Sounds pretty neat.

A:No more dead BIOS after updates!

Most people don't know that on just about any board with an ISA slot (granted most newer boards do not have ISA slots) you can still boot even if your bios is trashed if you have an ISA video card, and then reflash it from there.
Relevancy 49.02%

I recently installed the bios update sp70266 (BIOS Version 8.21 Rev.A) and on reboot my video card would no longer function (GeForce 650 Ti boost.  ) also with the card installed on boot I get 6 short beeps.  and no video at all, can't even get post screen up.  I can remove the card and hook up the built in video to get into the system but haven't been able to find a way to roll back the bios to something that will function with my card.   I find it unlikely the card went south at the exact moment I was doing a bois update.  I believe the  prior version of BIOS was 8.20 but can't be 100% positive. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  

A:new bios = video dead

The following HP Softpaq is BIOS v. 8.20  You should be able to rollback the BIOS by using Firmware management in the PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI. Prsss the power button and then immedioately begfin tapping the F2 key to invoke the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI.  At the first screen you should see Firmware Management. Click on it and look for the Rollback BIOS  option. Click on it.
Relevancy 49.02%

I'm using toshiba tecra A8. I degraded the Operating System from windows vista to windows xp. Then i flashed the bios and now my machine can't boot, when i put it on, it gives me black screen, so i think my bios is corrupted.
Somebody should help me please, i really need help.

A:dead and corrupted bios

and welcome to the Forum

Where did you get the BIOS flash? . . what version didyou flash to? . . why did you flash the BIOS?

What is the Brand/Model of the PC?
Relevancy 48.59%

I usually don't run my laptop on battery. However, I know for sure this problem didn't exist before the upgrade to Windows 7.

The battery loses charge at the rate of about 5% every 10 min.
Little time after the meter reads ~ 70% the laptop goes into automatic hibernation (first seemed to be a power options issue). But when I do "system resume" after plugging in the battery the meter shows about 10% and charging.

I have already tried calibration. (actually that's what the laptop is doing by itself).



A:After upgrading to Windows 7, laptop battery is acting strange

Will Window 7 is more graphic intensive and consume more power than your old XP?
Relevancy 48.16%

My kids related a problem on the quot kids Dead BIOS power supply and computer quot eMachine T running XP They related the computer CPU seemed to get very hot and got a funny burning smell Oh well let s Dead power supply and BIOS keep using it and see what happens The power abruptly shut off and then they brought this to my attention I pulled out the power supply and found a fragged cooling fan and glue like substance oozing from one of the components Dead power supply and BIOS I bought a new powersupply and everything appeared to come back to life Except the built in sound card and CD Rom now longer work I rechecked the cord connections for data and power and they seem fine The device manager shows yellow exclamation points next to sound card and CD rom drivers Uninstalling them and re-installing them kills some time but has no resolution Question could the high temp and sudden shutdown adversely affected and damaged the BIOS chip where I presume the driver info Dead power supply and BIOS is stored Mark nbsp

A:Dead power supply and BIOS

The driver info is stored on the hard drive though.
You could check on the BIOS to make sure there is nothing disabling the devices, as the power supply failure could have caused problems.

You have to consider that the power supply failure could have actually damaged the devices or the motherboard though, as a prime cause.
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Hi! I have an E460 laptop, on which I'm dual booting Windows 10 Pro and Manjaro Linux (basically Arch Linux) with Linux kernel 4.5.2. Having the same problem that people discuss in the E460 Keys repeating when pressed for 3 seconds thread, I have been bumping my bios to 1.13, 1.16, and yesterday, to bios 1.17, to see if the problem had been resolved. With the 1.17 bios update, my touchpad and trackpoint stopped working in Linux (In Windows they work fine). They do not even show up in /dev/input, and there is no mention of either of them in dmesg, journalctl, /var/log/Xorg.0.log, or anywhere. The touchpad and stick worked fine in bios 1.13 and 1.16, so I'm thinking there is some regression in 1.17. Is anyone else experiencing this? Can Lenovo confirm whether there is a problem?
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Well, I went to Gateway support and typed in my serial number. Then, I downloaded a new BIOS. I ran the exe from the command line as per the instructions and then when my computer restarted it is dead.

I've tried putting the DOS files on a floppy so I can flash it, but I think the BIOS may be so screwed it won't even get to that point.

Are there any suggestions? And, if there aren't, do I have to buy a new mobo?

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when running bios update from HP on hp g laptop the screen went white and hung had to take battery dead bios, need HP laptop reset help: to out to get help: need to reset bios, HP laptop dead machine to turn off since then machine wont boot power light and wireless light turn on via ac and or battery but it wont even present the boot screen have tried all the suggestions I could find win key B disconnecting cmos battery taking out hard drive hard resets plugging in external monitor etc nothing has worked My HP G laptop which was running fine before installing the bios update now wont even start up am VERY disappointed that a process and software provided by the manufacturer HP cause the machine to completely stop operating and that there is no way to get it back into operation By the way the reason for the bios update I installed win and it was up and running A problem then surfaced when the computer lid was closed and the laptop went to sleep it would not function once the lid was opened had to take battery out and disconnect power to get it to start up again going into sleep mode and awakening with keyboard mouse worked fine until the lid was closed the recommended solution was to update the BIOS which is what I did The BIOS update started up and began running fine but then hung with a white screen I am hoping someone will have a suggestion on how I can get my laptop running again I had hoped HP would stand behind their software support and what I thought was a quality laptop but they have said I was on my own and go find some local guru and hope they can fix it I haven t found one yet Help nbsp

A:help: need to reset bios, HP laptop dead

What's the complete model number of that HP G70?
There should be a dash and additional characters after G70 that comprises the complete model number.

What's the exact part/product number(P/N) on it?

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I think my bios has become corrupted, I was half way through updating it and the utility just crashed. after half an hour of waiting i turned computer off and now when i turn it on again it just beeps with the fan going.

what should i do now? it doesnt have a floppy drive, which many guides require, so i'm not sure what to do..

also i dont have much money

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Prompted by the Support Assistant, I updated the BIOS on my Pavilion 11 yesterday. It finished installing, went to restart and then completely died.  I have performed a hard reset, pressed windows and B keys while powering up and then releasing. Pressed windows and B keys while powering up and not releasing. Nothing. The screen is blank. It feels as if the fan is whirring, but no lights are apparent apart from the power button light itself. It seems the next step is to install a previous version of BIOS on a USB drive, but there are no BIOS updates available on the HP product page. I am now at a loss. The battery is not even accessible, so I can't take that out!  Any help gratefully received!
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Hey there.

I have a very very weird problem with my comp. It ran fine yesterday (playing diablo 2) for about 6 hours. Today, within seconds of starting d2 I see a wealth of artifacts and VPU recover (I have a Radeon 9800 pro) kicks in, effectivly causing me to re-boot. However when I try to re-boot, nothing happens. I get a power light on the case, and my drives spin up, however nothing else happens. If I remove the ram from my computer, it beeps at me with I assume is the "no ram" message. Any Ideas what could be causing this?

ChinaTech VNF350 mb
AMD 64 3300+
2x 512mb ddr400 ram
Radeon 9800pro (128 meg)
IBM Deskstar 7200 rpm ata133 HD 200gb

A:VPU recover leads to dead bios

your board (assuming it's a chaintech), coming from a maker known for thier low quality, would be a big suspect. and without ram the machine shouldn't work at all, taking it out is pointless.
attempt resetting the bios and/or taking the battery out for more than 10 minutes.
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I attempted a BIOS update using the Asus update on my computer. I have a P4S533 Motherboard. All seemed ok. Now the computer will not boot or do anything other than this; I hear one long beep followed by two short beeps. Then a 3 or 4 second pause and then steady short beeps that never stop.

I read about using AFLASH.exe... the only problem is I have my computer set to boot from the CDROM first and not the floppy A: drive. I cleared CMOS with the jumper, I reboot pressing F2, F8, Delete, anything....nothing seems to work.

Any ideas what happened and what I can do to get the computer working again?



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I have a dell studio one 1909, and upgraded the flash from A03 to A07. The computer rebooted, and now it's dead! It turns on, but it's just a black screen, and all you can hear is the fan going crazy running up and down. This tells me the flash was a bad idea . Is there another way to fix this vs getting a new motherboard? Can i download A03 on a usb flash drive and see if that works?
I'm not to computer smart, so please be detailed
Any help would be greatly appreciated