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Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon...

Q: Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon...

Hello nbsp I have a ThinkPad X Carbon rd generation Two days ago I have updated the nbsp Carbon... ThinkPad Fan - Problem BIOS Update after X1 BIOS to the latest version nbsp The installation went well and I successfully booted into Windows with no Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon... issues However the fan was not working anymore I did not notice this until the laptop was extremely nbsp hot which is very unusual for this laptop under low medium load In particular nbsp I was just running a disk cleanup using the native Windows tool and after minutes I decided nbsp to kill the process this operation usually takes - minutes My Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon... feeling was that due to the temperature the cpu was in nbsp throttling At that moment I noticed that the fan was not active nbsp After a shutdown the fan was again working However I noticed that the fan nbsp kicks in much more often than it nbsp was used to For this reason I did two things - I have downgraded the BIOS to BIOS updated the CPU microcode I am not sure that the microcode was downgraded as well when I downgraded the BIOS nbsp - I have run the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon... I was afraid that the high temperatures may have damaged the cpu The tool reported that the maximum temperature of the cpu during the benchmark was always safely within the expected threshold and all the tests were passed nbsp Now I still can see that the fan kicks in much more often than usual I have noticed using sensors nbsp under nbsp Ubuntu that every time there is a very short burst peak of cpu usage e g I start Google Chrome and visit nbsp Gmail the sensors report a very high temperature nbsp but just for lt nbsp second e g from degrees to degrees and then soon goes nbsp back to degrees This is the reason why the fan kicks in it remains active for - minutes starting from a high RPM value and then going down as expected I don't think that the temperature actually reaches degrees I expect an immediate but small increase e g degrees of the temperature due to the burst but nothing like degrees nbsp I think that the sensors are nbsp returning junky values I never saw this temperature behaviour instant jump temperature degrees or more due to short bursts peaks before the BIOS update nbsp In my opinion the sensors are not returning stable values as before but they are very jumpy Few questions - Is there any bug report about BIOS update How can you explain the temporarely non working fan after the update I think this may be a serious concern - How can I debug my issue with the temperature sensors Is there any way to reset them Do you think this is a software or hardware problem - Do you think that the high temperature may have damaged the sensors nbsp nbsp Thank you Emilio nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon...

Laptop has got anti overheat thing so if temp rises over 100c it will automatically power off like if the battery was dead and that you unplugged it that sort of power off so temps you don't have to worry but as long laptop alone isn't idle at 80-90c then laptop needs clean out to fix it and if that won't fix it then it could be something else
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Hello, I just recently performed the 26-Jul BIOS update to 1.14, for my Thinkpad Carbon X1 (20BS) with windows 10.The update went ok, but afterwards, Windows is crashing when booting. Using a bootable Windows 10 installation disk also crashes when booting. The recovery environment also crashes when booting. Using detailed logs, it seems to crash when activating the ACPI microcontroller. I would assume that has something to do with the UEFI update, that I have disabled in the BIOS. Enabling it does not recognise the disk, as it is not a GPT partition. I tried to rollback the BIOS, but it does not allow it.  Do you have any suggestion on how to proceeed? Thanks,Pedro
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In an attempt to get Ubuntu to boot from an USB flash drive, I reset the BIOS by pressing F9 in the BIOS menu.Unfortunately, it seems to have reset the entire BIOS (instead of just the settings as I had hoped). It doesn't even say "Thinkpad" anymore when it starts up, just "Lenovo" How can I get back my BIOS?
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Hi all BIOS after Yoga Update installing... Problem Thinkpad I've been reading tonnes of threads here trying to solve my problems which seem to keep getting worse to no avail I'm reaching out to anyone that can suggest some help before I end up bricking my yoga by accident or running it over on purpose I'll give you a timeline of the events nbsp The machine in question is a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga CD- USIntel Core i U GHz Processor GB Ram GB SSDWindows Bit preloaded recently upgraded to Windows nbsp So the saga begun just a Thinkpad Yoga BIOS Update Problem after installing... short two days ago I had some spare time at home and decided to download and install my free upgrade to Windows I backed up all of my important documents etc to OneDrive as I intended on performing a clean install Said clean install went flawlessly with Windows installing the first time with no issues or errors nbsp Since I had performed a clean install all my previous apps including the stock Lenovo apps had been deleted I had anticipated this and only really desired to reinstall the app that automatically adjusts the screen orientation when folding the cover back So in an effort to find this app and any Windows related updates that may be available I went to support lenovo com and used the handy Lenovo Bridge app to automatically detect my hardware and suggest relevant updates nbsp While combing through the suggested software I noticed a BIOS update that noted added support for Windows How great I thought that Lenovo would have a BIOS update ready so quickly once became ready for mass consumption I went ahead and downloaded the exe version not the bootable CD due to the lack of CD drive on the Yoga and ran the BIOS update As I ran the update the laptop was plugged in and no errors were presented a success message appeared and indicated a reboot was necessary after a couple seconds the system rebooted itself nbsp Enter nightmare level As soon as the system rebooted I fired up IE about to look for more updates and BSOD stating that there was and issue with a driver after another reboot BSOD again with a completely different file name stating driver file missing or corrupt Sorry I didn't write any of the file names or errors down nbsp At this point I'm thinking that something is not jiving here between the BIOS and OS So I tried running repair and recovery and each time I would end up with a BSOD of some design It was at this point I made a USB with the Windows x ISO from Microsoft in an attempt to run the repair utilities from the USB Again to no avail nbsp Enter nightmare level nbsp After attempting multiple tries at recovering Windows and getting multiple BSOD's through the process I decided to use my Windows USB to simply reformat my hard drive to eliminate any traces of my now apparently corrupt OS and do a fresh install of Windows This appears to have been a significant error on my part Now I have no OS BIOS is still intact so at least I think I have a not-bricked motherboard and everytime I try to boot Windows or for that matter from a brand new USB stick I get constant BSOD's Sometimes I get as far as the Preparing installation files but am interrupted by a BSOD error at some point nbsp So I am pleading for some help here To me it seems like the BIOS update was the issue I was not smart enough to have checked the BIOS version before updating so that I would know what to roll back to safely What would you all recommend for a rollback and how do I go about doing one with no OS on the machine nbsp I know I'm asking for a tl dr here but appreciate any advice offered I really dont want to get to nbsp nightmare level nbsp which I guess would be a bricked laptop and a bill for a new motherboard or laptop nbsp The BIOS I currently have is GQET WW nbsp -Garrett nbsp nbsp

A:Thinkpad Yoga BIOS Update Problem after installing...

I'd try to re-update the BIOS using the same version, but from a flash drive instead of from within Windows. Maybe something went wrong with it (updater doesn't properly support Windows 10?).There's a few ways to put the bootable BIOS update ISO onto a flash drive, but there's a guide for one here:
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I have 20A7, since I received it a couple of months ago, it  had this problem. If I use sleep mode it never wakes up. Unless I disable usb3.0 mode in BIOS setup. In this case it goes to sleep and wakes up, but after waking it up the adaptive keys are gone and not functioning. It's speakers also doesn't work (mute) until the next reboot.

A:Thinkpad X1 Carbon sleep problem

Also have a 20A7 and the same thing occurring, the adaptaive keyboard bar is frozen and the laptop will not wake from suspend.  I have updated all drivers using the Lenovo Update utility so the laptop should be current.  Any update or resolution on this issue?
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I am having a serious issue with my X1 Carbon 2nd gen.I have managed to get a video of it, this one in a game:Link 1 -- Dota 2 Another from desktop (did not get the start of the problem):Link 2 -- Desktop Last one:Link 3 -- Firefox Is this enough to have a replacement? It sometimes works for days without this happening, but today it has happened 3 times.I still have warranty time remaining when I search my serial number.In Norway. Any advice?

A:Thinkpad x1 Carbon 2nd gen screen problem!! [Video...

I don't know about service in Norway, but I think the panel should be replaced under the warranty.
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i recently got a new mainboard for my x1c 2015 and i find that the BIOS just could not get updated through the Lenovo official strangemy current BIOS/EC version is1.03 (N14UJ02W) 1.03 (N14ET25W) 1.02 (N14HT29W)what i've done trying solve this:1 BIOS settings-checked.there is no bios update prevention settings2 BIOS reset-tried but it doesn't work3 System version-changed from Win7 to Win10,nothing happened.anyone could help me figure this problem?.besides,i noticed the info page of BIOS showed that the ME firmware version is blank,could there be any connection with my prob?thanks a lot guys.

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Dear all nbsp I have a BS with a very old piece of BIOS installed N ET W dated - - nbsp I have been trying to apply all versions of BIOS listed in nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp http support lenovo Carbon X1 failing update to BIOS - com us en products laptops-and-netbooks thinkpad-x-series-laptops thinkpad-x - nbsp in vain as BIOS update software both Windows version and CD-ROM version fails to verify secured flash image nbsp I would appreciate it very much if you kindly suggest any solution nbsp P S nbsp The BIOS installed on my nbsp X Carbon is NOT listed nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp X1 Carbon - failing to update BIOS https download lenovo com ibmdl pub pc pccbbs mobiles n uj w txt nbsp Package nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp ID nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp UEFI BIOS BIOS ID nbsp ECP ECP ID nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Rev nbsp Issue Date-------------------- nbsp ------------------- nbsp --------------- nbsp nbsp ---- nbsp ---------- nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N UJ W nbsp N ET W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N HT W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp X1 Carbon - failing to update BIOS nbsp N UJ W nbsp N ET W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N HT W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N ET W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N HT W nbsp nbsp For nbsp factory use nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N UJ W nbsp N ET W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N HT W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N UJ W nbsp N ET W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N HT W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N UJ W nbsp N ET W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N HT W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N UJ W nbsp N ET W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N HT W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N UJ W nbsp N ET W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp N HT W nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:X1 Carbon - failing to update BIOS

HiPlease, specify, the real lapop model. Machine-Type 20BS belongs the 3rd generation of x1c.Anyway, do you have laptop engineering sample?
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I just purchased this used Thinkpad 390 laptop that needs a BIOS update. The current BIOS date is 12/24/98. My question is.. Do I need to update the BIOS with the most current version or do I need to install all of the BIOS updates since the version dated 12/24/98?
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Hi, I have a Thinkpad A30 2652-3WG BIOS v1.03, which I recently revived, installing Windows XP SP3. I noted that the graphics driver required BIOS v1.14 or higher. Having an old BIOS v1.03, I downloaded BIOS v1.19 and tried to update. But no matter what I do, whether I choose the floppy or non-floppy version, or even an older BIOS: When I get to the point where I answer "Yes" to start the BIOS update procedure, I get the error: "System program update is currently disabled. The process has been canceled." I have checked through all options in the Bios setup, as well as in the Thinkpad Configuration tool in the Control Panel, but I cannot find any settings for enabling/disabling Bios updates. The only think I've found, is an option to enable update through LAN, which is enabled by default. Any ideas?


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A:Thinkpad A30: Cannot update BIOS

Welcome to the forum! A complete shot in the dark on my part, but doesn't cost you anything to try: remove the CMOS (BIOS) battery for an hour, and the main battery at the same time. Keep the machine unplugged throughout this period of time. Before doing all of the above, please make sure that no Supervisor or BIOS passwords are enabled, so you don't get locked out of the system.  Plug everything back and see how it goes. Good luck and let us know.
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had a power outage as i was doing an bios update on my ibm thinkpad z61t now when i boot it comes up black screen n two lights on the battery n the one to the left first one what do i do or is it shot please help me xxxxx ty
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A:HELP was doing a bios update on ibm thinkpad z61t

Welcome to the forum...
Sorry to hear about your predicament.
That machine needs a new motherboard now.
Good luck.
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Hi folks can somebody please save my sanity I have a thinkpad L and I'm trying update L512 Thinkpad BIOS to install a brand of SSD drive called 'Integral Thinkpad L512 BIOS update P-series' Gb capacity' I've contacted Integral and they were no help at all The issue is the system does not detect the SSD despite it working fine when plugged in to my desktop SATA caddy I've come to the conclusion that the system BIOS needs to be updated so it's able to detect the drive but the versions that I've tried have not made any difference I'm currently updated to v which I've acheived by downloading the bootable iso and burning it on a DVD-RW Is there a newer BIOS update that will work or am I wasting my time if anyone could send a download link or a solution it would be very much appreciated The laptop nbsp was working fine with a normal SATA nbsp drive and there doesn't appear to be anything in the BIOS settings that would stop the SSD from being detected it's a very basic BIOS
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I have a TP S Yoga Model CDCTo WW running Windows Pro bit I utilize it mostly at work and have it hooked up to a Thinkpad Onlink Pro Dock nbsp I use the dock to run two external monitors for connecting to our network through an ethernet cable and utilize the USB ports on the front back to hook up a wireless keyboard failure update Thinkpad S1 Yoga Bios mouse for powering my phone and for thumbdrives nbsp I had the problem of the Onelink having port flapping issues network would disconnect and connect at random times as discussed elsewhere in these forums nbsp The solution that I found was to update the bios nbsp I proceeded to attempt to update the bios which I had not done since I purchased it in January Thinkpad Yoga S1 Bios update failure nbsp The current bios version is GQET WW nbsp I downloaded nbsp the TP Yoga bios update utility for Windows -bit Version nbsp I read the README and then ran the utility nbsp It installed the utility software to a location on the local drive c and then proceeded nbsp I went through the setup screens selecting the Update ThinkPad BIOS clicking through a few more text boxes with the warning about not powering off keeping it plugged in etc until it asked to reboot nbsp I clicked OK to reboot which it did nbsp This is the next thinkg I seen on the screen nbsp Link to image nbsp I waited about minutes and nothing nbsp I left it on at work and came back hours later still stuck on this screen The power button did not turn it off no matter how long I held minute it nbsp It would beep everytime I pressed and released it nbsp I freaked until I found another article about a reset button on the bottom of the unit that you actived with a pin This shut it down nbsp I was able to start it up unfortunately it did not update the BIOS nbsp I have tried this process a few more times repeating the steps above and then trying it by nbsp changing the bios version used V changing a few security settings in the bios running it as an administrator by right clicking I am running as a administrator nbsp Everytime it gets stuck on this screen I reset it and bios remains the same I only have the power cable hooked up to the laptop no dock attached when doing this nbsp nbsp I have searched these forums and googled this for the last few days to no avail nbsp I am assuming there is a setting within the bios that needs to be switched off nbsp Any help you would provide would be appreciated nbsp Moderator note large image s converted to link s nbsp About Posting Pictures In The Forums Solved Go to Solution

A:Thinkpad Yoga S1 Bios update failure

I'm having the exact same issue. Tried USB CD bootable update as well, but always stuck on "Read current BIOS."Did you resolve this problem in the end?
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Hi, i have a question, is it possible to update bios without battery?? I don't have a battery but i need to flash bios with new version cause i want to install Windows 2000, and with new version of the bios he's fully supported. Is there any metod to do it without battery?

A:How to update BIOS without battery? ThinkPad 380E

Welcome to the forum! You can't update the BIOS without the battery. Find one that holds at least 5% charge and you'll be all set.  Hope this helps.
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Good day,Following a Lenovo BIOS update yesterday, my hot keys which control volume, mute, screen brightness etc no longer function with a single tap unless the Fn button is held together with those buttons.  Is there any way to correct this?  My goal is to have each of those buttons return to working without pressing Fn. I'm running Windows 10 Pro. Thank you very much,
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The IBM Thinkpad won't let me flash the Bios without a fully charged batteyr. My battery has completely went to crap so i always have to plug it in. Ive been having some bad on and off memory dump blue screen problems and see that my Bios is way outta date. I want to know how I can flash it without having it run off of a battery, but while having it plugged in. any help would be greatly appreciated

A:How do I update BIOS on my ThinkPad with a dead Battery?

I have an about 3 y/o ThinkPad. It has been few times that I have called support center in my country and recieved professional help without any cost, despite they said in the machine voice that "any support after 30 of perchase will be charged"; they are nice when you have a short question like this.

Try them; call your local IBM or Lenovo support center!

Good luck,
R Jade
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Hello there friend. I was using thinkpad e555 on windows 7 since 3 years. Never had a bit of a problem with it. I changed to windows 10 and was updating my drivers . Everything was moving smoothly and when it came to bios it went on smoothly for sometime then nothing happend. I restarted my computer and now there is a blackscreen with nothing on it. I have no idea what i could do. Any suggestion is appreciated
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Hello Guys. My name is Marius, and i have a question for you. I recently bought a Lenovo Thinkpad T440p online, and i noticed it has a supervisor password that i don't know, and neither the seller doesn't. My question is, can i update the Bios ( cause i have 2.24 version now ) without having this password? Or will it crash ? I need a 100% sure answer, as i don't want to brick my laptop. Thank you
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When I go to and I download the ISO file (, the checksums I get from md5sum, sha1sum, and sha256sum do not match the checksums on the download page. Expected checksums shown on download page:##Checksum Tips##MD5: d40be70452653c23ab0ba4ce2805a3dcSHA1: 3f3bae44469b723364f6ceb34b14688beac7e3e6SHA-256: d06f130c3e1164ccf824e922b66fead524cc39f5407c87207b869642bf29984b Actual checksums from md5sum, sha1sum, and sha256sum:MD5: 5c4df35acddbbda99230655d45e2d5a6SHA1: 0984e69dc54559827ad3dbbec94f29df28ffbf2dSHA-256: 6185a00ef46283786b31b429bbac578aba676f080249e8ce99ca3f5c05685843 Does anyone else see that the checksums do not match?
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I was updating BIOS using the utility given in Lenovo site. But it went wrong and my E530 is bricked. I'm planing to recover the BIOS using Phoenix Wincrisis .. But for that i Need the bios.wph file. I tried to extract the .wph file (using 7zip) from the Bios update .exe file given in lenovo site .. But I Cant find a .wph file in it.. It contains a [0] file.. Tried to extract that '[0]' file using 7zip. But 7zip cant open the archive. My E530 is still bricked .. Someone please help me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance

A:Thinkpad Edge E530 BIOS Update went wrong

Is there anyway to make my Thinkpad work again? Or do i have to change the mother board. ;(
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This sounds a lot like a prior thread nbsp about porblems with BIOS but that thread ended up marked as solved while for me the issue returned on the latest BIOS update to My CPU temp got up to C without the nbsp fan coming on nbsp Conclusion there still seems to be some kind of condition where the BIOS completely disables all cooling I think it's the same problem as that earlier thread and nbsp it's clearly not solved Thankfully it IS nbsp possible to get out of this state by rolling back the BIOS version to the one that worked instructions are posted here nbsp and three posts below that for further clarification nbsp nbsp Symptoms you start noticing that the TPY gets oddly hot during normal use 12 BIOS cooling update disables Thinkpad Yoga fan or it experiences a forced shutdown due to overheating It's also completely quiet But nbsp the fan itself is operational because you hear it briefly spin up during cold boot nbsp nbsp Given that LoneSentry mentioned Thinkpad Yoga 12 BIOS update disables cooling fan that the problematic BIOS did work on second install there seems to be some 'random' glitch in the update process or in the BIOS Meanwhile I'm pretty unhappy nbsp that I'm having to do continued truobleshooting on this machine nbsp nbsp nbsp Edit going to the BIOS nbsp update page nbsp I saw that a newer BIOS was available which you can install without nbsp having to disable Secure Rollback Lo and behold the fan is working again The fan started blowing full speed right at the start of the EC flashing procedure This is NOT a solution though since this issue seems to have persisted until BIOS and I have no reason to believe that nbsp it won't reappear on a future update nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:Thinkpad Yoga 12 BIOS update disables cooling fan

Yep. At revision 1.13 and this is still going on. I have to roll-back BIOS revisions and then roll-forward to get the fan to work again. I've nearly burned myself in tablet mode quite a few times now. I just updated to 1.14 so we'll see how that goes.
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Hey folks,

New user here. Just updated my laptop, a Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon, to 1.26/1.19 bioses, from the Lenovo website. After the BIOS updated, my PC rebooted and immediately BSODed with 0x0000009C (0x0000000000000006, 0xFFFFF880009EEB30, 0x00000000FE000000, 0x0000000000801136).

I am unable to do anything- system repair, safe mode, etc. I also do not have a CD drive on this machine so no OEM repair either! I am typing this from my phone.. Also got a new job where I need this baby and majorly worried now. If anyone can please help, I would be greatly appreciative.
Thanks in advance.
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HI everyone, I have a question regarding SIM in x1 carbon. I am not very good with technology, so I don`t know if my x1 carbon has a working SIM slot. It has a slot for SIM card but when I put it on, it doesn`t respond anything, like `detecting` or something like that. My question is: does x1 Carbon (Model 20A8-S00600) has a working SIM card slot. If it does, how can I make it functional. If it doesn`t what do I need to do/buy to make it functional.  Thanks,Kushtrim

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A:Thinkpad x1 carbon SIM

Hi and welcome, kushtrimYour laptop is "WWAN ready" only, i.e.has the SIM card holder, the SIM card reader and WWAN antennas installed. WWAN modem wasn't factory preinstalled, that's a cause you don't see anything once SIM card is installed.So, to use laptop WWAN capabilities, purchase and install WWAN modem - 3G or 3g/LTE.
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I have 4Gb RAM at the moment but would like to upgrade to 8 or 16 Gb. Is it possible or is it soldered on the motherboard? I have read different opinions on forums and would like a clear yes or no answer .If it is possible to upgrade RAM, then I'd like to know what kind of RAM i need to buy: DDR3? DDR4?... anything else i should know? Thanks for your help. 

A:ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2rd Gen) RAM Upgrade

Hello and welcome,
Here's the 2nd gen platform spec:
Memory 4GB or 8GB / DDR3L-1600MHz / soldered to systemboard, no sockets
[edit] I see "2rd Gen" in your subject.  Not sure which part of that is a typo, so here's the 3rd gen platform spec.  Same answer
Memory 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3L soldered to systemboard, no sockets
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Hello Support Forum: I performed that recent bios update to the X1 Carbon recently. The problem I'm experiencing, is the power button has a solid green light and it wont turn on when I press it. The only way to get my laptop to boot is to let the battery drain and die (I know this when the green light is out), plug the ac adapter in and turn it on that way. The problem will persist when I try to shut it down again.   Any thoughts? Thank you guys, I appreciate any help, I use my personal laptop for work.
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Hello everybody, is there anybody that has upgraded his 3rd Gen X1 Carbon to a 1TB ssd? I'm running out of place and would like to have a bigger ssd and do not know which one I could use. I tried reading in the forums, but was not able to find out which SSD would work. Somehow NVMe is not supported, it has to be a PCIe SSD (I think), but I'm not too familiar with these things. I looked at the new Samsung SM961 1TB that is just coming out, would that be able to work?The specs are here: Any help would be deeply appreciated.Regards,Jochen
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Greetings, My X1 Carbon Thinkpad will not connect to wi-fi either several times a week, or at worst, several times a day. I can try to get online with the Thinkpad and the tiny orange symbol is lit on the wi-fi icon. Clicking on that, the wi-fi message says, "not connected."  Sitting in the same chair, I pick up my Samsung Note tablet, and it effortlessly connects to my home network. My phone connects and my Kindle connects. Everything connects except the Thinkpad. At this moment, the X1 Carbon Thinkpad is connected, and I am typing on it in this forum. But, in an hour, I could pick it up, and it will not be connected. The "Windows Network Diagnostics" will tell me "Problem found." The explanation will be "Problem with wireless adapter or access point."  Then it will explain: "Not fixed."   Any suggestions?   Best regards,Bill Phillips, Durham, North Carolina
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I received my Thinkpad X Carbon a week ago and it's been working fine both on battery power and on the AC adapter the entire time This morning I closed my laptop like usual so it goes to sleep but doesn't shut down and brought it to does Carbon up start X1 Thinkpad not class with me When I tried to wake it up though nothing would work It won't boot with the AC plugged in either I'm pretty sure the battery is an integrated battery and I don't want to void my warranty by fiddling with it nbsp Does anyone know what I can do about this problem It's the only computer I have in college and I'm taking some computer science courses so my problem Thinkpad X1 Carbon does not start up is pretty urgent I also can't Thinkpad X1 Carbon does not start up feasibly bring it to somewhere to repair since I'm in a pretty isolated town and I don't own a car nbsp Also by reading the forums here I'm under the impression that the Lenovo customer support line is simply terrible Is that true nbsp Once again thanks for any possible insight Solved Go to Solution

A:Thinkpad X1 Carbon does not start up

Welcome to the community.
Sorry you're having issues.
Have you tried the "reset" hole on the bottom of the laptop? I believe that it's unmarked, but you'd use a paper clip to trip the switch. I don't have an X1C, personally, so I can't describe it further. I'm mobile at the moment, so have limited search capability, but if you search the forum for a post by Mark_Lenovo, I believe there's a picture of it.
Regarding contacting Service, I've personally never had anything but good experiences. Please keep in mind that on open forums like these, the good reports seldom get posted.
hth a little.
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After updating Windows 10 to the newest version today,And updating to the newest BIOS version using Lenovo System Updatemy Thinkpad X1 (4th gen) won't startup by opening the lid, like it used to.Lenovo Support says they can't help me. Going into stand-by and waking up by closing and opening the lid works fine.What doesn't work is powering up the Thinkpad (after shutdown) by opening the lid. Any ideas?
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Hi , I want to buy a new laptop and I found an ad for X1 Carbon. When I asked about warranty he told me that he doesnt have any documents from the laptop and  that he lost them together with the original packaging when he moved to a different house, but that the warranty is valid with just the serial number from the laptop. Can you confirm this is true ??Support for that serial number says:Base Warranty Status : In Warranty, expires , 2019-03-06
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Hi,I've a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (type: 20A7-0037US). After 2 weeks of not using it, when I decided to power it ON today, it didn't boot. The Fn indicators and LED on Shift key (Caps Lock indicator) turned ON, but no activity on LCD, and then after a minute or so it powered off on its own. I tried pressing the emergency reset switch (in the bottom of notebook) but that didn't help it either.If anyone has any steps to troubleshoot it further, please let me know, before I take it to service center. Thanks in advance

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A:Thinkpad X1 Carbon not booting up

this is a problem that you need to take to the service center.
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Bought a brand new X Carbon a couple of days ago nbsp Came pre-installed with Win Pro and I would like to downgrade it to Win Pro nbsp I have my Win CD Microsoft Select and I have a Win USB install and when I go to install from either media Win does not see the GB SSD in the X nbsp It's for (4th Recovery Thinkpad Product Carbon X1 Gen) ... prompting me for storage drives nbsp And the only driver available on Lenovo's support site is the Rapid Storage Driver which doesn't Product Recovery for Thinkpad X1 Carbon (4th Gen) ... work either nbsp Win setup doesn't list any other attached drives when I want to browse for the driver nbsp I have gone into the BIOS and have disabled secure boot set the UEFI Legacy to boot into Legacy only and set the OS Optimized Defaults to disabled nbsp I've played with all these and am not able to get any combination to work nbsp From the Windows setup I have also gone into the DISKPART selected DISK and did a clear all created a new partition and made it active and still Win setup won't see the drive Product Recovery for Thinkpad X1 Carbon (4th Gen) ... or the partition nbsp Frustrates me that in Diskpart it sees the GB SSD but not during the actual setup nbsp AND I do have the Lenovo Recovery CD's for Windows for the X Carbon FB that I created from a previous laptop and tried that nbsp It boots up but I get a Recovery Failed message when I agree to the terms nbsp It shouldn't be this hard to install Win on this laptop since there are X Carbons that come preinstalled with Win nbsp My mistake for not buying that model but stock is scarce for those Win units nbsp So that must mean that I am not doing this in the right order nbsp Does anyone know if there is a proper sequence in which to install Windows on the X Carbon FB nbsp Thanks Stan

A:Product Recovery for Thinkpad X1 Carbon (4th Gen) ...

I should also mention.  I have a Windows 8.1 Pro USB Install as well as a Windows 10 Enterprise USB Install as part of my Microsoft Select, and they both see the 256GB SSD drive to select for the OS.  And the Windows 7 Professional USB Install does work on an older laptop. So I'm thinking it's an issue with Windows 7 and that crappy UEFI BIOS or something along that line.  Not everything is lined up correctly to install Win7.
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I opened my brand new ThinkPad Carbon X1 today and started using it. After doing some normal, gentle typing, my letter P key fell off!!!  I cannot get it back on.  I am furious as this is a brand new and expensive product that has failed me on day 1. What is the best way to proceed?
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A:Letter P key fell out of my ThinkPad Carbon X1 3G ...

Hi nrs, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
Call 1-800-426-7378 and get it replaced.
Hope this helps!
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Hi guys, I have bought the education edition of the X1 without Windows being preinstalled and now I am not capable of installing Windows 7 Pro 64bit. The only option to install Windows 7 is via USB stick, for which I have created a bootable version with the Windows Tool and with a legitimate Windows iso file. But after starting the installation process, the message pops up that necessary drivers are missing, which I cannot locate on the USB stick and which I have no idea to find in the internet. Neither the Lenovo handbook is useful for this first time installation of Windows. Since I am searching the web now for 3 hours without success I am getting quite frustrated. Does anyone know the solution? Thanks in advance!

A:Installing Windows 7 64 bit on ThinkPad Carbon X1 ...

Hello and welcome,
What is the exact message?  If it's asking for a CD driver that can mean several things.  Usually a bad download or bad media or bad transfer of image to media.
It may be that your USB ports are in USB 3.0 mode and the Windows installer doesn't have drivers for that.  I'm not personally familiar with the X1... if it has a USB 2.0 port, try that.  There may be  a BIOS option to put the ports into 2.0 mode or perhaps "auto" mode that might help.  Another option is to connect via a USB 2.0 hub.
Are you installing in UEFI or legacy mode?  In UEFI mode you'll need to enable CSM support in BIOS - which may be explicit or may be automatic when you select the "not OS optimized" boot mode before loadingt defaults.  (The missing driver message doesn't sound like missing CSM support).
Just a few WAGs,
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Hello everyone, As proposed by my products update scan, I downloaded and installed the current Intel HD5500 graphic card driver. But it cannot be configured via the Intel graphic card control panel . The control panel doesn't show up (But its executable exists under C:\WINDOWS\system32\GfxUIEx.exe). I cannot run it from the start menu and it is missing from the context menu on the desktop. I tried reinstalling the driver, but couldn't get it to work. So, my question is: where can I get the old graphic card drivers for my laptop, since they don't show up on the download page anymore? Cheers,Patrick
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Hi every Carbon X1 ho... freezes one ThinkPad 20A8S0080T nbsp I X1 Carbon 20A8S0080T ThinkPad freezes every one ho... have a two months X1 Carbon 20A8S0080T ThinkPad freezes every one ho... old Carbon X Product No A S T and since two days for no reason it freezes every one hour When it stucks the mouse can be moved but everything else is freezed Pressing alt ctrl del will not appear the screen neither to select Task Manager It completely freezes Only one time after freezing appears the blue screen with the following message nbsp KERNELL DATA INPAGE ERROR fastfat sys I updated the software from the lenovo settings I updated the windows I run the command at the Run chkdsk command in the command prompt as administrator but nothing happened I also run all the tests lenovo provides for motherboard memory CPU etc but all give the result that the pc works fine I would appreciate if you could tell me how I can fix this as I use the laptop for my work and it is not nice to loose your work every one hour I would deeply apprceciate nbsp Operating system Windows Pro bit x based processorLenovo product nbsp A S TModel ThinkPad X CarbonBest Sophia

A:X1 Carbon 20A8S0080T ThinkPad freezes every one ho...

Things to try. Run a Disk CheckYou said Chkdsk did not run when you tried it , so if not, try the followingRight Click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin)In the Command Prompt (Admin) window, type:    chkdsk /f  and press enterChkDsk will run on reboot prior to loading Windows Run a full virus scan.    If you do not have one, try Malwarebytes free scanner from  You do not need to run the trial of the full version unless you want to, so deselect option that during install if not.    Once installed, open from the Settings menu from the top, and then select Detection and Protection in the left pane, select the option to Scan for rootkits, and then let it update is virus signatures and scan. Run a System File CheckRight Click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin)In the Admin command prompt window, type:  sfc /scannow  and press enterNote: Let the System File Check scan run until it completes. I usually appears to hang at about 20%, but just wait and it will eventually complete, but may take up to an hour to finish depending on the system.Once it completes, it will give one of the following results:"Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations" (If you get this message, then system file corruption was likely not your problem)"Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them Details are included in the CBS.Log %WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log" (If you get this message, then your problem might have been corrupted system files, and the problem may be fixed)"Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details are included in the CBS.Log %WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log" (If you get this message, see below on how to run DISM to fix a corrupt Windows Component Store, and then run the SFC scan again) How to run DISM Make sure you are connected to the Internet, and close all programsRight Click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin)Within the Command Prompt (Admin  window, type:  Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealthNote: After running the DISM utility successfully, you must run the System File Checker again to fix any corrupted system files using the now updated Component Store.  Good Luck
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Hi, I am facing a very strange issue if my X1 carbon 20A7 when connected with Battery; I am not able to start my system but if I remove the battery connection from board i can start with AC power on. I have tried reset also it does not work. Can anyone help? Thanks in Advance.
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Hi all I would like to share my recent experience of nbsp Thinkpad X carbon th screen brightness problem and how this problem been solved nbsp The laptop cames good and the screen brightness carbon ca... Thinkpad 2016) X1 (4th F and F function for screen brightness adjusting is OK nbsp Other methods like in the setting menu and battery menu nbsp to adjust the brightness are all OK After one hour or one day or some short time you will find you cannot adjust the brightness Even the battery amp power options are not working nbsp The problem Thinkpad X1 carbon (4th 2016) screen brightness ca... comes from the driver First I thought it is the problem of driver of monitor wide viewing angle high density flexview display x driver I uninstall update change but none of them work Finally I find it is the problem of nbsp intel hd graphics There is another nbsp evidence that during the time only this driver of nbsp intel hd graphics has been updated automaticly to the latest version So I uninstall and roll back to the version nbsp and Thinkpad X1 carbon (4th 2016) screen brightness ca... the problem is solved I did Thinkpad X1 carbon (4th 2016) screen brightness ca... not check the lates version of this driver But I am sure that the latest version of intel hd graphics has conflict with the lenovo driver for screen brightness nbsp I am sure there are other people face the same problem after the update of nbsp hd graphics driver nbsp Any engineer please check it nbsp nbsp
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I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon and I was considering either purchasing the Thinkpad Onelink Pro Dock or the Thinkpad One Link Dock.  I need to be able to connect a monitor and keyboard to my new computer. I have a some questions that I was hoping someone can help with.  1.  What is the difference between the Pro Dock and the Regular Dock? 2.  If my monitor does not have HDMI will these two docking stations still allow me to connect a monitor? 3.  Can you connect two monitors with both the pro dock and regular dock stations? 4.  Are there other docking station options that are better? 5.  Do these docking stations work with all versions of the x1 carbon? Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
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Hi all lenovo users,I am using lenovo x1 carbon for last one month. So far i am very satisfied with my device. I am not finding mobile networks (3g/4g) though it supports it. Does anyone have any idea about it. 

A:Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon 3rd gen: cellular networ...

Not all X1 Carbons have WWAN; many were WWAN ready, with the antennas and SIM card slot fitted but no WWAN card. You need a machine with a WWAN card and a suitable SIM for WWAN to work.
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Hi all, I have just recevied a shiny new ThinkPad X1 4th generation. It is model number 20FBCTO1WW and it is running BIOS v1.14. I am using it in conjunction with the OneLink+ dock (model DU9047S1) which is running driver v1.10.10. They work fine together except when I reboot the X1 as it fails to reboot and just hangs after the Lenovo splash screen. The loading of Windows 7 doesn't even seem to start. I know there were similar issues a few years back with earlier versions of the X1 but I have not heard any issues with the 4th gen model. Here is the issue from older versions of the X1: Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a proper resolution. Thanks,Ian
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I have the same problem. It began with to bright spots in the lower part of the panel, one in the left and one in the right corner. They came from one day to the other; now, a few days later, two, larger, non-circular blothes have emerged in the centre-left of the screen. The PC is not even a month old.
I did the pixel test mentioned - and it does not appear to be faulty pixels; the blotches remain visible with all colours, except for black, which is basically all the pixels turned off. The shape and size of the blotches also point to something else than pixel error.
Any idea what this might be? It is certainly getting worse by the day.
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A:Bright white spot on thinkpad x1 carbon 3rd gen

I have a small bright spot that can be easily seen on a white background, but disappears on a black background. What is this, and can something like this spread or get worse?Doesn't seem like a dead pixel since it is lit it seems. Anyone see something like this on their displays? This is a on a new machine. Thanks
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Hi, I own a Thinkpad X1 Carbon, recently the LCD rear cover got broken. It is really a nightmare for me to find the right spare part. I found the spare part on eCommerce websites like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress etc. however the Part Number is different but FRU number is same . My laptop's detailsPart Number: 60. 4LY22. 004 TORAY A04FRU: 04X5564 However I found the spare part with below detailsPart Number: 60. 4LY22. 001 TORAY A01FRU: 04X5564 Is part number really matter while buying the spare part?
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Hello - nbsp I have a X Carbon with the ThinkPad USB dock nbsp Everything worked great under Windows nbsp I would occassionally have an issue with the dock not coming online after resuming Win but it was easy to fix by powering the dock on off or rebooting audio USB X1 dock ThinkPad issues 3.0 Carbon nbsp However since upgrading to Win I have a very frustrating audio issue nbsp Application seem to have trouble picking between the sound device inside the laptop and the dock nbsp For example I'll get an incoming call from Skype and it will start the call on the laptop internal speakers then say the Realtek audio device is unavailable nbsp If I call the person back it then completes the call and works fine through the dock audio device which is what it should have done the first time nbsp However the issue isn't only with Skype it's with all apps nbsp For example if I start Pandora in the Chrome browser it will start playing the audio through the laptop speakers for about second then stop nbsp I then have to refresh the web page a few times to get it to start playing out of the dock sound device nbsp All the while Windows is configured and properly reports the dock sound device as the default which X1 Carbon ThinkPad USB 3.0 dock audio issues is what I want nbsp I suspect this is an issue with the drivers for either the dock or the X not properly talking to Windows but both are up to date and either Lenovo or DisplayLink who makes the dock drivers have any noted issues with audio-switching nbsp Has anyone else experienced this issue nbsp It's very frustrating

A:X1 Carbon ThinkPad USB 3.0 dock audio issues

I'm having the same exact issues !Have you find a solution yet ?
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Hi, I just bought an second hand X1C4 (in Germany). The serial number is written in the BIOS (there is no label on the back). However this SN can neither be validated in the warranty database, nor be found in the product support site. I don't think that I can return it now.In which case this can happen? Is it possible that this SN is somehow wrongly flashed into the BIOS or can it be that this particular laptop is some kind of "illegal" article? Thanks! 

A:ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016 Serial Number cannot be va...

Hi, I don't know if this applies to you.  I had a motherboard replacement on a IBM A30p and a W510 Thinkpad.  Both times after motherboard replacement I had problems with warranty validation.  On both of my cases after board replacement they put in the wrong serial number by putting in the letter "O" vs the number "0".  Since i still had the label and my purchase receipt i did not resend it in to IBM to fix the BIOS serial number.  Again i dont know if this applies to you.
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Got my first thinkpad x1 laptop 2016 Type FB20 and unfortunately touchscreen is not working. It does not show touch device detail under Device Manager > HID. I tried to find touch screen driver in lenovo support portal but not able to find any such driver.Please let me know if any of you faced similar issue.
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Hello I was wondering if any of Carbon X1 Failure Help! Thinkpad Boot Secure you might be able to help me Today I opened my laptop and saw a message that read Secure Boot Image failed to verify with ACCESS DENIED Press any key to continue nbsp I can enter BIOS w F when I press the power key but that seems to be the only place I can go and most of the options are grayed out It won't let me disable secure boot It won't allow me to enter an administrator password It is enabled but pressing enter gets me in nbsp Option is grayed out nbsp F does Help! Thinkpad X1 Carbon Secure Boot Failure nothing at all nbsp There is no USB external harddrive CD or DVD involved nbsp I pressed F on startup in an attempt to restore the system but all I'm able to get is a stationary white cursor line in the upper left corner of a blank screen Any suggestions would be much appreciated nbsp Background My computer is a Lenovo Thinkpad X Carbon and I was running Windows until the free Windows upgrade came out a few months ago I haven't installed anything in a while except Windows and Lenovo updates I've had a bit of a heating issue so eight days ago I replaced the thermal paste The machine's been running much cooler but I've been experiencing random hibernations--usually once every hrs or so but occasionally two in min A few of those times I had a message that said something about my battery not being detected and this happened both when the computer was plugged in and when it wasn't It still charged like normal
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I am using a Thinkpad x1 carbon 2015 right now. Recently I upgraded my system to windows 10 and found Lenovo_Recovery disk is empty. I am wondering how can I reset it (install a windows 10 recovery copy) Since I bought a downgrade right of window 7, I believe my OEM system is windows 10.
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Hey everyone.I've got new X1 carbon and encountered some display problems. When connected to the external display via dock (external monitor resolution is 1920x1080, laptop 2560 x 1440) it looks awful like this -  I've tried different resolutions, played with Clear Type settings - didn't help much.The laptop monitor by the way is also far from crisp & clear. Any suggestions how to fix this and have same clear view on both displays?  Thnx
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Hi, I have Thinkpad X1 Carbon (System Model 20A7001PAD) , I upgraded to Windows 10 and was researching touchpad shortcuts and found that I can't use touchpad shortcuts to show Task View or switch virtual desktops using touchpad swipe.  I'm using latest Synaptic driver ( and enabled (Swipe) under (Gestures) within (Mouse Proerties). Also, under in Windows 10 settings (Mouse & Touchpad) why does my touchpad shows up as (Mouse) and not as (Touchpad) Thanks,Abdul
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Hey Everyone, I just got a carbon x1 - and keep getting the following error when I try to use the bluetooth.  'The driver for bluetooth peripheral device is not installed. Install the latest driver for this device" So I went to the lenovo driver site and downloaded and installed the most recent package for the bluetooth on the site and even after that it is still saying that. I have confirmed I have turned bluetooth on by doing Fn F5.  Any idea what could be wrong?Appreciate you help! 

A:Thinkpad Carbon X1 -Bluetooth Peripheral Device is...

I've installed System Update, and made sure all my drivers are up-to-date. Still no joy. What are these devices?
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Hi Guys nbsp I am a former X owner whom ventured back to Thinkpad and bought a X Carbon G GB 10 Thinkpad 2016) (X1 software Windows Carbon i GB LTE FHD and I must say Windows 10 Thinkpad software (X1 Carbon 2016) first impression is really good It feels like a better X in terms of hardware keyboard and so forth - not to mention the screen is leagues above the old X despite me choosing Windows 10 Thinkpad software (X1 Carbon 2016) FHD over WQHD nbsp So fundementals of the purchase are ticking all hardware boxes nbsp However here is the let down - My laptop arrives with Win Pro with all the bells and whistles of an X model The shortcut brings up all the tools and it just feels like home when I had X Win was in its prime - Then I upgrade to windows and there is mostly just a standard windows nbsp It doesnt feel much thinkpad like in windows nbsp Have I completly missed the upgrade how-to or is lenovo not providing same look and feed in both Win and Win nbsp SImple example - the classic battery gauge in toolbar which i found some substandard lenovo remake of 'lenovo battery gauge' which didnt show hours left nbsp I had to go and get the third party batterybar to do the job nbsp Further the shortcuts that normally would give me Accesss Connections and show me the Watt usage of my Thinkpad are nolonger existing and it gives me the windows settings instead nbsp Im a happy X owner but had I known the thinkpad came with Win and mediocre Win features after upgrade I would probably have bought a macbook or similar which offeres no integrations but drivers and would leave me with more in my pocket nbsp So the short questions is - Does anyone have an idiots guide to Windows on X series All I did was to install every driver listed in support plus companion and settings from App Store but still feels very little like lenovo integration - Any hints on where to start or is 'this it ' nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Is it woven carbon fiber impregnated with epoxy resin with a 70% fiber content or is it just chopped fiber that is injection molded with a 30% fiber content?
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Hi all lenovo users,I am using lenovo x1 carbon for last one month. So far i am very satisfied with my device. I am not finding mobile networks (3g/4g) though it supports it. Does anyone have any idea about it.
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After try to update the driver for the integrated camera and ultimately uninstalling the driver, then re attempting to re install the driver. My integrated camera still dosent work. What could be the problem? This problem started after installing the Windows 10 update.

A:Thinkpad X1 Carbon (20BS) Integrated Camera not fo...

Hi nick2861, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
I just went to use the camera on my 20BS, after not using it for a couple of weeks, and it was gone! In my case manually reinstalling the latest driver brought it back. Did you try that?
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Hello, Firstly, i am sorry but i don't speak english very well. Secondly, i just bought an external bluray reader which reads bluray thanks to the Cyberlink PowerDVD Application. Nevertheless, when i try to read a bluray, it doesn't work. So, i launched the Cyberlink bd advisor and it is written there is a problem with my laptop graphic card. The laptop is a thinkpad x carbon 4th gen and the graphic card is an intel hd graphic 520. So, i tried to reinstall the drivers after having retrieved them from the intel website. Nevertheless, i get an error message : "you should contact the computer constructor in order to update your drivers". Then, i went to the lonovo x carbon 4th gen driver's page in order to get the good drivers. However, it doesn't change something... So, i come here to ask you some help.
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Hi all!  I just ordered the ThinkPax X1 Carbon 2nd Gen (20A70037US, i7, 8GB, 256GB, Touch).  The only thing I wanted and could not get with it is the WWAN Card. I already have the 2011 version of the X1 (1286-CTO) which comes with the Gobi 300-0 WWAN Card (Sierra Wireless MC8355 ? Gobi(TM) 3000).  I have been trawling the net and forums to check if I can pull out the Gobi 3000 from the older X1 and use it successfully in the X1 Carbon 2nd Gen.  Is the Gobi 3000 compatible with X1 Carbon 2nd Gen?  Will drivers or software be an issue?  Are the slots compatible? I welcome any and all advice.  Thanks!

ThinPad X1 (souped up), now with Win 8 Pro, 64bitBefore that, all kinds of ThinkPad laptops since mid '90s.

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A:ThinkPad X1 Carbon WWAN Upgrade Question

Hi, VMarcoUnfortunately Gobi 3000 card you have isn't compatible with X1C Gen 2:- mechanically as it is in the mini pci-e formfactor vs new m.2 formfactor (formerly NGFF) new X1C supports;- logically as your card isn't approved by Lenovo to use in new X1C, it isn't whitelisted for that so as result laptop with that card will be blocked.There are several wwan options for X1C Gen 2 depend of the carrier you'll work with and the speed of wwan access you need:1. Ericsson N5321, HSPA+ 21Mbps:, FRU 04W38422. Gobi 5000 (Sierra Wireless em7355), LTE/EVDO/HSPA+, FRU 04W38012a. the same as item #2., with SIM sku, FRU 04X60383. Sierra Wireless em7345, LTE/HSPA+, FRU 04X6014IMHO the best choice is item #3:- supports both networks class 3g and LTE- supports frequency bands and network carriers almost worldwide, European as well as US (LTE Verizon, AT&T, Sprint)em7345 supports win8/8.1 natively w/o 3rd drivers. For win7 new drivers should be published soon officially. The only lack  there isn't a soluton for card activation within Verizon network yet. Lenovo and Verizon know about that and work for the solution.
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Sirs, I don't know why when I put sim card to sim slot, it didn't work.I'm not sure the reason is I didn't upgrade Integrated Mobile Broadband?If I want to use sim slot to add sim card to surf, what can I do...?Please help me...Thanks.
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I have a screen defect on an out-of-warranty 2014 x1carbon. The screen malfunctions if touched in a certain place. How much would a screen replacement cost?
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Hi, My setup is a Carbon X1 4th gen and a LENOVO ThinkPad OneLink + Dock. I want to buy two monitors to connect to my dock's Display Ports, what is the maximum resolution that I can get out of them? Regards,
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Hi, I just cracked open my thinkpad carbon X1 gen 4. The purpose was to try and install a second WiFi card in the slot designed for the 3G/4G card. It was only after I had a look but the X1 carbon does not have miniPCIE slots. It appears to be a smaller form factor fro both the WiFi and the 3G/4G slot. Can anyone tell me what slot type this is? Many thanks
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I've had the X Carbon ThinkPad for around - months and after about or months I began experiencing issues regarding the USB ports I use this laptop for gaming as well as school work The issues began very intermittently with both USB Machine Mod... Laptop Type X1 - Carbon 20BT, ThinkPad ports failing I use a microphone headset and a mouse by seemingly turning off for - seconds followed by them turning back on of the time the USB ports turned back on but lately there are times where they do not and I need to restart my computer to be able to use them again I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Drivers for my mouse and headset as well as the USB drivers under Device Manager Additionally I adjusted my power settings to disable USB selective suspend settings but that did not fix the issue either By this point the USB ports will both fail essentially as soon as I begin playing a video game and at times when I have several tabs open using Google Chrome Any advice on how to fix this issue
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Hi, Can someone please help me with the correct FRU number for LCD Rear Cover. Below are my laptop details X1 Carbon (Type 20A7, 20A8) Laptop (ThinkPad) - Type 20A7Generation 2, Non-Touch, WQHD 2560x1440 I am planning to order the part online in lenovo store. Thank You..!
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Hi, If I order a spare part online through "" website, will I get the part which is same as the images availabe in lenovo support website. Also, can someone please let me know how to order lenovo spare parts online. Thank You!
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Hi, the power options sets that the display should turn off in X minutes. But it doesn't do it at all. Instead, the computer is locked and the display dimms.  I'm pretty sure that I have installed the latest monitor and graphic card driver. For testing it, I have also unplugged all USB devices.  What can still be the reason? Thanks!
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My X1 Gen 3 with W10 Pro - already upgraded 1/2 year ago without problems.But, recently the system lost the second battery. Tools like Lenovo Settings just show 1 battery (main).The second seems to be not recognised any more.Also the time the Laptop can be used is nearly half as before. Any hints?

A:X1 Carbon Gen 3 (Type 20BS, 20BT) Laptop (ThinkPad...

Hi Funnyflyer, You can try the reset hole, in bottom of machine. first, shutdown computer, then unplug the AC adapter, and then flipped the machine, you can see a small circular hole, Insert a needle keep 10s. last, re-power on your computer, and watching it can normal charge or not. This operation will not be lost data in HDD, don't worry about it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- re-edit: oh, jesus! I didn't notice X1 Carbon ONLY has one battery. I'm so sorry.x220forme said is right!

I'm a Chinese ThinkPad fans. And I'm a technical support engineer of Lenovo china service too. I'm sorry for my English is not good, I want make some foreign friends, and help them to solve ThinkPad?s problem.
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I recently had to replace my CMOS battery and my system was screwed up such that the laptop doesnt recognize my ultrabay devices. I checked the BIOS and it is version 1. According to IBM I should be using 1.22. I followed all the steps listed at the IBM site, but the computer fails to upgrade. Any ideas???? Thanks

A:thinkpad 600 BIOS upgrade problem

If I remember right, you must download the file from IBM and run the file - by running the file it will create a boot disk, so you'll need a blank floppy disk. Once the disk is done reboot the computer and leave the disk in - it should boot from the disk and then you just need to carefully read the instructions and follow the steps. If the computer does not boot from the disk, go into the bios and change the boot sequence so that A: precedes all other boot devices.

If the bays worked before, they should still work - any bios updates would not have been lost ny changing the battery.

Being unsure, I do not know if this model required you to dismantle the laptop to replace the battery - if it did its possibly then the bays may be discontected(if possible).

Also make sure that the bays are not disabled in the BIOS - you can also check teh IBM Control Panel thingy in Windows. Also check Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager for any conflicts.
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After reset the laptop at factory settings, windows update does not get any updates. Run Microsoft Fix Tool = Error Message 0x80080005. 've tried all solutions suggested in Microsoft Support Wep Page, and it didn't work. I even reset the machine agin to factory settings, and stil same resuts.Any suggestions?
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Made the huge mistake of updating BIOS Had small MOBO usb prob and for some reason thought a BIOS update would do something Wasn t too worried because Gigabyte touts Dual BIOS pretty strong Anyway tried updating BIOS then system would not boot so the Backup BIOS didn t kick in btw the MOBO is a Gigabyte GA-K N Pro So I copied the backup bios to a floppy and used the floppy to fix the problem - xp now freezes tried bios to - BIOS boots but update main bios OK now computer would boot but would freeze up after the desktop icons appear Actually would sometimes work for a few minutes but always froze up Boots OK to safe mode even to the point of getting online so I downloaded the old bios from Gigabyte put them on floppy and used that to update the main bios Same result Also did a system restore from XP Pro Safe Mode because XP wrongly states that this can be undone didn t find out that System Restore done from safe mode cannot be undone until I tried to undo My tech support ABS Computer they rule thinks that the BIOS is now fine that some windows files are corrupt and a re-install will fix problem and mobo is probably fine as well I ll buy that anyone have any miracle suggestions before i re-install Is a repair install worth BIOS problem - tried to update bios - now xp boots but freezes a shot Really not looking forward to re-installing all my software and putting all my data back where it belongs to get my email hist bookmarks etc back thanks - I will now write the following times LEAVE THE BIOS ALONE even with Dual BIOS nbsp
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I BIOS X1 will enter not Carbon or boot, would be very X1 Carbon will not boot, or enter BIOS grateful for any help out there I have the Lenovo X Carbon type - U nbsp The laptop was booting fine but it had an OEM Windows install filled with bloatware so I wanted to re-image I created a new USB stick and reimaged the machine At the end of the installation I was interrupted and left the laptop for several hours When i returned it was off nbsp Now when I press the power button the keyboard lights flash and the screen shows the Lenovo logo and briefly the message To interrupt normal startup press enter Then turns off I have tried nbsp nbsp - During boot I have tried pressing enter pressing F F and various combinations- Tried the power reset using the paper clip in the hole at the bottom - When I press F repeatedly during boot the computer beeps and says Entering Setup very briefly so fast it's hard to read then turns off- tried booting to USB sticks nbsp Other than the repeated pressing of F which shows the nbsp Entering Setup message nothing has any affect and the laptop just shuts down nbsp Any advice Thanks

A:X1 Carbon will not boot, or enter BIOS

I had the same problem.If you have windows installed, do not shut it down normally, but make a hard reset (press for a few seconds the turn-on button). It looks like Windows Computer (WC) does not really shut down so you miss the chance of entering the BIOS.To me it works by then pressing the F1 button (without any extra Fn or Ctrl, etc..) a few times after pressing the turn-on button again (no need to press them at the same time).Btw., if you want to install GNU/Linux and boot from USB, you may need to change this in the BIOS: _security _disable secure boot, and_startup _UEFY legacy -> both My system: Win10 (now Debian), X1 4th generation, PCIe SSD
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Yesterday I got some drivers updates along with BIOS update BIOS seems to update successful now its everything under BIOS works I had OS win and Ubuntu with grub I've been a happy user of all these for several months but nbsp The problem is that after some driver update which was done cannot NOTHING Carbon boot 20BS) but BIOS X1 (Gen3 via Lenovo utility for Win I cannot boot any OS nor any OS installation even Recovery ISOs diagnostic X1 Carbon (Gen3 20BS) cannot boot NOTHING but BIOS tools Nothing can be booted BTW I know how to deal with Secure boot and legacy mode I can manage to start the boot process of anything listed above but they all behave the same They X1 Carbon (Gen3 20BS) cannot boot NOTHING but BIOS freeze in the very beggining Everything which involves ACPI just hangs on boot Linux hangs after message ACPI tables successfully requested or smth like this Win displays dots which go round second and then hangs If I add acpi off to Linux boot options it boots but almost nothing works there without acpi support Things which don't require ACPI work For example I can boit BIOS update ISOS Still it does no help as my BIOS version is the latest and it doesn't allow to rollback nbsp It can't be hardware problem as it occured after Windows updated drivers and flashed some firmware not BIOS but I don't know what it was exactly I can access data on SSD and can see some logs if needed nbsp Hope for assistance How to flash again all possible laptop firmware from boot USB What can be flashed except BIOS

A:X1 Carbon (Gen3 20BS) cannot boot NOTHING but BIOS

I tried to use hard reset... Hold that tiny button on the bottom for 30sec approx. Now it doesn't switch on at all o_O Just no reaction on power button. With or without AC. Not even on long press. What shall I do now?Lenovo, what's wrong with your devices? Why can user brick a device just using reset button?!?! Now I cannot even get my data from the SSD... **bleep** it!
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On my old T420, I was able to set a HD password on my SSD in the BIOS so that if anyone ever stole my laptop and pulled the drive, they wouldn't be able to access the data without the password. I'd like to do the same with my X1 Carbon Gen 4 with 512GB Samsung 950pro NVMe HD.  However, in the BIOS, I see no option to set a HD password.  I can set a power on password, but I don't think this means the HD is encrypted.  I assume anyone can pull the HD and read all the data.
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Hi, I updated my X1 Carbon 4th gen to 1.17 BIOS, and since then, opening the lid won't wake the computer from hibernation, except when plugged.Bios changelog states Disabled the power button when the computer is in battery mode and the
computer lid is closedbut when I read "power button", I don't think "this is gonna break the behavior of the lid". And of course, no rollback is possible from 1.17, so I'm stuck with a computer wich won't wake from hibernation correctly. I just can advise you all to not upgrade bios, and see what's inside the next version...
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Took my X1 Carbon on vacation with me in Thailand.  Used it once.  Tried to boot it the following morning and a message about something missing - in courier font without a screen driver.  Now it will not boot even into just the bios.   Press the power, and the power button lights up, the keyboard function selection is active and can be toggled through, the keyboard can backlight, but nothing else.  Then a short time later it shuts down on its own.  I have tried powering it on and using a paper clip to press the reset button.  Any ideas?

A:X1 Carbon (20A7) No Bios, No Boot, keyboard lighte...

Is your warranty still active?  This would be a good time to use it.
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Hi, I have an X1 Carbon. I did an  automated Windows update today, it seemed to work fine initially but then my laptop got into a blue screen loop and kept restarting. The computer worked for a while after that and then gave a blue screen again. This time the keyboards flashed as well for a while, and then the computer turned off. I cannot start the laptop since then. I searched the forum and tried the hard reset, but it did not help. When I try powering on,  keyboard lights turn on for just a second and then they go off. The green power button light turns on  but the computers does not start. Can anyone help? I am traveling for work and looking forward to getting help. Thanks!

A:Carbon X1 will not start after Windows update

What generation of carbin?  What OS?
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I just updated my laptop the bios the ... Carbon - After computer at X1 remains update, update that was recommended by Lenovo and I left it on to update as it told me not to touch anything or turn anything off nbsp After X1 Carbon - After update, computer remains at the ... the update during its automatic restart it went to this screen and just stayed there for about hours Since then I've tried playing around with the BIOS menu and X1 Carbon - After update, computer remains at the ... tried doing the F - Recovery but it returns to the same windows logo screen except it loads for about seconds and says 'Preparing Automatic Repair' and freezes nbsp P S I had Windows factory but updated to Windows free upgrade way back when they were offering the X1 Carbon - After update, computer remains at the ... free upgrade nbsp nbsp nbsp I may just try taking it to a repair shop I would like to be able to recover files before wiping the entire drive but if needed I am willing to lose everything in order to have my computer working again nbsp Thanks in advance

A:X1 Carbon - After update, computer remains at the ...

Welcome to Lenovo Community.
Does this appear to be the problem that you are having? If so, a workaround is included on that page:
Let us know if that helps.
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Hi, I've got an X1 Carbon 20FB (4th gen), and noticed it doesn't have Lenovo System Update on it, which I've found useful in the past. So I went to the Lenovo downloads site and found System Update, but it doesn't list the 20FB as one of the X1 Carbons it supports - it only goes up to 20BS, 20BT: (See the "Note for ThinkPad X1 Carbon users") Should I avoid downloading System Update then? I've not noticed anything that's not functioning, but I figured it makes sense to keep things up to date from a security and features point of view. Why is it not included by default? Thanks for any advice!
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i download Need For Speed Carbon Update v as it says cannot create seesssion and stuff so i download update and when isntalling the command prompt comes and goes so i probally think it installed but when igo in game it dont work at all it still says v and same problem this is the regini EXP DEFAULT INSTALL DIR - gt DEFAULT INSTALL DIR EXP quot Software Electronic Arts Need for Speed Carbon quot - gt quot Software Electronic Arts Need for Speed Carbon quot EXP quot Install Dir quot - gt quot Install Dir quot EXP HKLM quot Software Electronic Arts Need for Speed Carbon quot quot Install Dir quot - gt C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO DEF DEFAULT INSTALL DIR lt - C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO ------------ EXP SPANISH INSTALL DIR - gt SPANISH INSTALL DIR EXP quot Software Electronic Arts Need for Speed Carbon quot - gt quot Software Electronic Arts Need for Speed Carbon quot EXP quot Install Dir quot - gt quot Install Dir quot EXP HKLM quot Software Electronic Arts Need for Speed Carbon quot quot Install Dir quot - gt C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO DEF SPANISH INSTALL DIR lt - C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO ------------ EXP INSTALL DIR - gt INSTALL DIR EXP DEFAULT INSTALL DIR - gt DEFAULT INSTALL DIR EXP VAR DEFAULT INSTALL DIR - gt C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO EXP quot quot - gt quot EXP EQ VAR DEFAULT INSTALL DIR quot quot - gt EXP SPANISH INSTALL DIR - gt SPANISH INSTALL DIR EXP VAR SPANISH INSTALL DIR - gt C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO EXP DEFAULT INSTALL DIR - gt DEFAULT INSTALL DIR EXP VAR DEFAULT INSTALL DIR - gt C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO NUM - gt EXP IF EQ VAR DEFAULT INSTALL DIR quot quot VAR SPANISH INSTALL DIR VAR DEFAULT INSTALL DIR - gt C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO DEF INSTALL DIR lt - C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO ------------ EXP nfsc patch ini - gt nfsc patch ini EXP Patch - gt Patch EXP InstallDirectory - gt InstallDirectory EXP INSTALL DIR - gt INSTALL DIR EXP VAR INSTALL DIR - gt C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO SET INI nfsc patch ini Patch InstallDirectory Problems) Speed For (Update Carbon : Need lt - C PROGRA ELECTR NEEDFO Need For Speed : Carbon (Update Problems) please help nbsp

A:Need For Speed : Carbon (Update Problems)

i am a big fan of nfs but now i can't play it.

it starts up. no problem but after a few minutes.. it hangs up then crashes. it automatically exits. then it sets my desktop resolution from 1152x864 to 800x600.

what could be the possible problem? help me with this pls. thanks.
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Hello to the BleepingComputer community First of all I m sorry I haven t finished some of the steps from the Preparation Guide It s because these steps require a reboot e g Step Disable your CD Emulation Software - DeFogger will ask me to reboot the machine and I have a bad feeling about the question if it is safe to reboot in my situation I m not sure if I have a type of malware dozen threat of - by folders, Unknown BIOS.sys - BS_Flash.sys, "Bios m... BIOS AVG a and virus/rootkit? Update\Award" which is ready to infect the BIOS - if it is so then it could infect it much easier during the reboot process - If BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m... there is a good way to find out what is the problem and fix the BIOS threat part if it really is present without rebooting shutting down this PC or at least without booting from this hard drive which I feel is probably infected then please tell me what should I do - If you know a place forum where I can get a specialized help for this seemingly BIOS-malware related situation please tell me where I could go - If there is no way to move forward I ll go ahead and risk the reboot and follow the other steps steps to in the Preparation Guide no problem I kindly ask you to please read below the details of the problem as it occured to me and the things I have tried so far The PC is AMD Athlon X Dual Core BE- GHz Motherboard Biostar TA G AM with AWARD BIOS GB RAM GB SATA HDD and an ASUS EAH card added a few years ago It s with WinXP SP AVG Free standard Windows Firewall and it s behind a router I can t recall exactly but I think on - - evening I ve left this PC with at least one account logged-in with many programs running online locked fast user switching screen and then found the em class 'bbc' PC non-responsive em in the morning so I had to power off it - it was frozen What I remember well is - on - - when I ve turned on this PC for the first time and logged-in with my account member of Administrators group While it was still finishing loading the taskbar icons etc I hit Win L fast user switching is enabled and logged-in to another account member of Users group Right then a bunch of previously unseen quot AVG Identity protection - threat detected quot messages started to appear C Windows system drivers - atkkbnt sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot Then another message showed up C Windows system drivers - amdtools sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers or was it C Windows system don t recall exactly - bufadpt sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Program Files BIOS Update BIOS Update Award - BS Flash sys threat name Unknown I doubt I have ever seen this folder before on this PC I clicked quot move to vault quot C Games ad binaries system aken sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - BIOS sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - BS I cIo sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - IOMap sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers or was it C Windows system don t recall exactly - ati sgag exe threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - EIO XP sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot Then AVG asked to reboot to finish the removal I ve let it to go rebooting but I ve paused the BIOS post screen and switched the PC off so I could research about what should I do next I was suspecting that booting process could infect the BIOS and or MBR After researching online with the keywords from these messages I was still puzzled While searching about if rebooting is risky if you suspect having a BIOS virus especially AWARD BIOS virus I ve even found out that it s possible to infect multiple PCs BIOSes... Read more

A:BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks
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 I am receiving this message when I run sp76205: The system BIOS update file (c:\SWSetup\SP76205\hpqflash\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated." SP76205 was just released in June 2016 and I noticed other user are experiencing the same issue with it. Please provide a fix BIOS update or explain how to run this current update...
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I'm setting up a new X1 Carbon with machine type 20FB. It came with a Samsung MZNTY256HDHP SSD. I noted there was a recent SSD firmware update package for this laptop model, so I downloaded and ran the updater. It reported there were no updates. However, after digging a bit deeper, I discovered that the SSD firmware updater for the X1 Carbon 20A7/20A8/etc. DOES have an update for the SSD in this machine. What is going on here? Does this firmware update somehow only apply when the SSD is installed in a 20A7? Or did this particular model of SSD just get missed when Lenovo was putting together the firmware update package for the 20FB?
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Hi, guys!Some info:X1 Carbon (type 20FC)Intel HD Graphics 520 (driver is up-to-date So far, everything works fine. If I update my graphics driver through Lenovo Companion to, backlighting is stuck at 100%.If I update my graphics driver through Lenovo's support website/Windows device managers' automatic update to, it kills my backlight completely. The only way to get things back to normal is to boot in safe mode, uninstall the graphics driver, reboot and prevent Lenovo Companion from installing the new driver automatically. Please tell me what's wrong and/or fix the grahics driver. Thanks.
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I have a E6510 notebook . I have a problem to update the bios . Because the notebook has a problem in the POST phase . In fact, if I access the cold pc post BIOS is slow but it works . Instead reboot ( control-alt-delete ) hangs with a flashing light. No other problems . I wanted to try to update the bios from A5 to A9 . but the update is a -executable file that performs the first phase but remains stuck in the reboot . P.S. I do not know other ways of updating and still can not seem to extract the bios files from executable
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I need to update my 14z 5423 but when i run the 5423A13.exe (Bios updater) my pc freezes. What can i do?

before you ask, i really need to update the bios.

Thank you

A:Update BIOS Problem

Thank you for writing to us!
This could be a hardware failure ( system board ).We would suggest you to run the diagnostics on the system to check if it comes up with any errors.
Can you please let us know if the system freezes otherwise.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.
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Hello all I'm having a serious problem and hope someone can help Have a one week old system Have been tweaking it all week a bit at a time in hopes of getting it to run more smoothly HP a f came loaded with WinVista Home Premium -bit GB RAM etc it is fast but quot hangs quot a lot I had just about gotten through the Tutorials - Vista Forums with only minimal success as of yesterday Last issue to check the BIOS I checked the BIOS although forgot to write down what is WAS The HP website listed a new BIOS for this unit as of -Jan- so I downloaded it It is was MS Before doing anything else I made a new restore point not that it update BIOS problem helps me now The BIOS update was an exe file which had to be clicked on from within Windows which I did The system rebooted and came up with a screen that noted quot scanning drives quot Figured it was a good time to walk away Twelve hours later same screen Tried rebooting a variety of ways with no success I have a boot repair disk via neosmart net and it doesn't help because the system doesn't get that far Here's what it does do BIOS update problem Reboots the blue HP screen comes up with four options F F F and esc Have tried them all All momentarily display a screen that lists the L L cache sizes and the drives All appear to be there There is one error message printed but no repair options quot Default BIOS settings have been loaded due to BIOS update or checksum error quot then the next screen comes up with this and here it stays RAID Option ROM Version c Advanced Micro Devices Inc all rights reserved Scanning drives I did try pressing F during the boot and it does the same thing F takes me straight to the stalled out screen The HP model is a f motherboard HP P N - MS B I went into an online chat session with HP today and nothing recommended helped We ended the session with them telling me to reboot and press F for system restore That was the last resort so I had not done it yet It doesn't work either I get the same dang screen saying it is scanning the drives Funny thing is that as far as I know I do not have a RAID configuration Grasping at straws I've popped the CMOS battery out and rebooted - no help I do not know how to determine whether my motherboard has flash protection enabled - but wouldn't the HP instructions have included a message about it if it was an issue Help How do I recover from this Thanks

A:BIOS update problem

Hello heiyah,

I too experienced the same problem with an HP, probably with the exact same update.

Model #: M9500f
Motherboard: MS-7548
OS: Vista 64-bit

updates located at: Select software and drivers*

Actual bios update that clobbered my bios :

I tried various ways to reset the bios back to default settings, but to no avail.

I chatted online with HP, and they let me know that I should never do bios updates unless a machine is having major problems (basically saying I caused my own problem), and we (HP and me) were not able to resolve my problem over the phone. I routinely do many, many bios updates with Dells on campus, and have never had a problem. When doing a software upgrade, it is common practice to do firmware and bios updates to hardware. I won't do that in the future with HP drivers, based on my online chat.

In the end, since the machine is under warranty, and HP is going to pick the machine up and send it to a service center to repair it. Contact HP and let them know about the problem and that others have had this same issue.

I have attached screen prints of my issue.

Good Luck!
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Hi I did a BIOS update on an ASUS M V I have been having problems with Windows According to the release note there were some compatibility fixes added for Vista after BIOS Problem update yep for Vista but I think they're also neccessarry for Windows The main problems I had was related to sound It seems to be a common problem with this MB and Win See here as it's discussed on Microsoft's official forums they're suggesting a BIOS update I didn't have a floppy drive so I had to find a workaround I found a bootable CD link here that included the latest BIOS version It's a DOS based CD which starts the update when I type quot UPDATE quot and press enter It did the trick According to the screen messages it successfully reflashed the BIOS and it asked me to reboot Computer was working but Windows started to have problems I had problems with logging off and switching it off It would just hang on the shutdown screen I could log in but it won't open any of my programs like Chrome Word etc Not even regedit I entered safe mode which was working fine I tried reinstalling Windows From DVD it hangs on quot Extracting Windows files quot It did not move from for minutes I couldn't hear the DVD spinning noise and the LED on the drive wasn't blinking as expected From USB it just stops I started it and moved to then I left it When I came back to the computer I could only see the setup background No cursor on the screen and the keyboard wasn't responding Nobody was in the room so the installer just crashed Problem after BIOS update I think It was about minutes so I don't think the installer would have finished What should I do

A:Problem after BIOS update

Go to Asus website, look up your motherboard, click the Downloads tab at the bottom, use the auto update Bios tool. no need to boot to anything.