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Z240 Workstation hangs booting windows or WinPE when Samsung...

Q: Z240 Workstation hangs booting windows or WinPE when Samsung...

I can't get new Z workstation to boot into WinPE on Windows x Windows x and Windows x with only and NVMe drive installed to the M slot on the MB I've tried plain OEM Media and WDS with WinPE with different drivers added to the boot wim file all no luck nbsp It seems there must be some sort of bug relating to the Samsung nbsp pro nbsp M nbsp NVMe GB drive I'm using When I leave this as the only drive CDRW the computer always hangs as soon as WinPE starts If I leave the Samsung NVMe drive installed and add another SATA drive such as a Samsung Pro SSD it behaves fine- WinPE then loads and I can see both drives nbsp I was able to install Windows nbsp on the NVMe drive and booted into Win as long as the SATA drive was present As soon as I removed the nbsp SATA drive nbsp and it starts loading windows it immediately hangs again nbsp It shouldn't be NVMe driver support as Windows WinPE has native windows when or booting Samsung... hangs Workstation WinPE Z240 NVMe support and has the same problem so it must be something else I suspect it's either something I have to turn off in the BIOS or some other BIOS UEFI bug nbsp Has anyone seen this before nbsp Thanks nbsp Edit Z has latest BIOS
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Preferred Solution: Z240 Workstation hangs booting windows or WinPE when Samsung...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I am trying to install Windows 7 on a HP Z240 SFF workstation but when I boot from the Windows 7 USB media, it does not show the HDD even though it is connected.  it would be great if someone could help me out with this issue. Thanks in advance.

A:Unable to Install windows 7 on HP Z240 SFF Workstation

Hello matt_william,  If you are using a retail version of Windows 7 Operating System. You may have to install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver while installing the OS. On the HDD partition windows, you will get LOAD DRIVER option, you have to install Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver.   Please find below link to download Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. NOTE: THIS ACTIVITY NEED TO BE PERFORMED ON ANOTHER UNIT.   TO USE THE INTEL RAPID STORAGE TECHNOLOGY DRIVER DURING A NEW OPERATING SYSTEM INSTALLATION: 1. Download the file by clicking the "Download" or "Obtain Software" button and saving the file to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where the downloaded file is saved). 2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. 3. Navigate to C:\SWSETUP\SP73487 and unzip "" to a USB key for a 64-bit installation. 4. Use the newly created driver installation media during operating system setup to install the drivers.  Once you copy the driver on another USB media, connect it with unit on which you are trying to install OS.  Click on Load Driver and navigate to USB and install the driver. Once the installation is complete, You will be able to access HDD and will be able to install OS.  I hope that answers your question.  I am an HP employee, the opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, not of HP. Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem. ***Click on "Thumbs up" button to the left side of my post to acknowledge the post ***
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Hello We are going to be purchasing a lot of HP Z Tower Workstations from our supplier in the future and I have been given one to QA in our environment nbsp We currently use HP BCU to make available and enable the TPM on our current HP systems We are using version of HPBCU Today Workstation HP TPM PPI Z240 I have downloaded version of the HPBCU to begin creating a configuration file for the new Z workstations nbsp The problem I have is that the TPM PPI physical presence settings are nowhere to be found in the UEFI BIOS firmware user interface What we want to do is suppress the prompt that would allow users to deny HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI modifications This is was possible in previous incarnations of HPBCU on different models of workstation in the form of the following setting nbsp Embedded Security Activation Policy nbsp nbsp F to Boot nbsp nbsp Allow user to reject nbsp nbsp No prompts nbsp Unfortunately this is not in the file created using on the Z and as I said nothing appears in the user interface I have checked under Security gt TPM Embedded Security but the only options I see there are TPM Device and TPM State nbsp Is it possible to configure the physical presence settings on this model of workstation using HPBCU If not then I will need to reccommend an appropriate alternative make HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI model where it is possible nbsp We deploy scripts that run HPBCU through configmgr SCCM and can't have this prompt annoying our users and potentially allowing them to deny the change nbsp We also can't have technicians HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI visit every Z to configure this manually Our I T estate is fairly large at computers so automatic management is crucial to us nbsp Any help would be massively appreciated nbsp Many ThanksC Solved View Solution

A:HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI

Updating the System BIOS/Firmware seemed to solve this issue
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Hello, I have some problem to open a ticket in warranty for an HP Z240. I'm registered on HP Support and also HP Enterprise Support, but when I try to open a ticket after the serial number check the site platform give me an error: this is not the right site for this serial number. I get this error on HP Support and also HP Enterprise support. What is the procedure to open a warranty ticket for this workstation?????If I call the telephone support number is always is crazy  Thanks,Alessandro
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Dear all, I am going to buy a HP Z240 tower workstation. Do anyone know that the decibel of this computer? Is it louder? Do you know which HP workstation works quietly? Many thanks! Celia
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Brand New HP Z240 Tower Workstation with HP Solid State Drive will not BOOTHP diagnosticsHard Drive SMART Check: WARNING (1: NOT AVAILABLE)Hard Drive Short DST Check: NOT AVAILABLE (1: NOT AVAILABLE)
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Hello  Does anyone know how to enable legacy support on Z240 Workstation? Under "secure boot configuration" in BIOS I choose "Legacy Support enable and Secure boot disable" but I save and reboot, it reverses back to "Legacy Support disable and Secure Boot Enable" Any suggestion please? Many thanks
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Hello  Does anyone know how to enable legacy support on Z240 Workstation? Under "secure boot configuration" in BIOS I choose "Legacy Support enable and Secure boot disable" but I save and reboot, it reverses back to "Legacy Support disable and Secure Boot Enable" Any suggestion please? Many thanks
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Hi all, I got a Z240 SFF workstation with a 512G HP Z Turbo Drive G2 intalled on M.2 slot as a boot drive. I recently add a 1.2T Intel 750 PCIe SSD on PCIe slot 4 for additional storage. However after the Intel 750 SSD was intalled, the computer began to shutdown automaticly after couple of minutes running. The issue will be fixed after remove the Intel 750 SSD. The system is running 64bit Win10, with Samsung NVMe Driver. The Intel 750 SSD can also be read and write when installed and Intel Data Center Tool shows that the SSD is healthy. I think the auto shutdown issue is related to overheating on 750 SSD. I am wondering if the motherboard of Z240 SFF is compatible with Intel 750 SSD. Does anyone have Intel 750 PCIe SSD installed on their Z240 SFF or any other Z Workstation? Thanks! NOS_ATX
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When running an SCCM 2012 R2 task sequence to install Windows 10 on a Z240, the network driver is working in Windows PE during the download and apply Windows image. I'm using Auto Apply Drivers step and after it's completed, the computer restarts into the Windows 10 OS, tries to set up the devices and then the task sequence fails because there is no network driver detected that it can use. I've tried to import multiple types of network drivers from both HP and Intel with no success. I've tried to specifically apply the Z240 driver package instead of using Auto Apply Drivers with no success. I've also tried to install a Windows 8.1 image instead and it still fails at the same point. I'm confused because it works fine in PE, but not after restarting and booting into the Windows OS. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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A customer brought this problem to me, and I've never really dealt with SCSI before. This is an HP Workstation, dual processor capable, SCSI workstation. 2 18 Gb RAID-0. THey were installing XP servie pack 2, and someone rebooted it right in the middle. So now its in a constant loop whenever it loads Windows. They need the information off the drives, and I've tried BertPE, ClusterKnoppix, and even ERDCommander 2005 to see if I can access the drives. None of them can do it. The hardware is fine, I just need a way to get the information off the RAID drives. Help anyone? I'm going to try to install XP on a IDE drive, and use it as the master drive, see if I can get the information that way. If anyone has any other ideas, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!
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So I've searched and I've tested and now I'm about to turn my laptop into a frisbee and never buy a Samsung PC again In short I bought an ATIV whose previous owner had downgraded to Win I wanted to put Win on and I have a volume license as well as the OEM key so I burned the ISO actually different ones using every method I could find ImgBurn Rufus Iso Disc Win Download tool etc It became clear won't boot mode. USB install WinPE in UEFI Samsung alt? that the USB needed to be formatted FAT with GPT filesystem however in UEFI mode it shows the USB but won't allow me to select it - it just flashes If I set it back to CSM and UEFI I can make a USB boot but Samsung won't boot install USB in UEFI mode. WinPE alt? even if I use diskpart to clean the drive and convert to GPT it will fail to install because it detects I didn't boot in UEFI mode Here's the deal When I'd installed it earlier this week in CSM and MBR mode Samsung won't boot install USB in UEFI mode. WinPE alt? and then converted to UEFI it worked fine So I tested several recovery programs we Samsung won't boot install USB in UEFI mode. WinPE alt? use at work to make sure they'd restore it okay via bootable media Paragon Aomei Macrium Lazesoft - all boot media failed ONLY True Image DOES ACTUALLY BOOT in UEFI mode on my laptop The only thing I can figure is that the way WinPE or whatever it uses is set up on it agrees with my laptop So what I was wondering is if one of the geniuses here has any idea how I can modify the Acronis recovery media or create similar WinPE media that might actually boot on my laptop THanks for any help

A:Samsung won't boot install USB in UEFI mode. WinPE alt?

Do you have Windows 8/8.1 64-bit installation media?

To Create a Bootable UEFI USB Flash Drive using Free Program "Rufus".
- Connect your USB flash drive.
- Click/tap on the browse icon and select your Windows 8/8.1 64-bit ISO image file.
- Under Partition scheme and target system type, select GPT partition scheme for UEFI Computer
- Under File system, select FAT32
- The default Cluster size setting is automatically detected, so do not change the setting.
- Click on Start button.


Here is info about UEFI Boot Mode (installing using the GPT partition style) and Legacy BIOS Boot Mode (installing using the MBR partition style): link
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Hi there nbsp My work machine is a HP Z SFF PC Last month the machine began randomly hanging and displaying blue screen errors There isn't much in the way of discernible patterns but it tends Z240 SFF blue crashes and HP screens random hangs, to happen when the machine is in use rather than idling and I can consistently reproduce it when using the Prime stress testing utility When I set it to maximise CPU heat as soon HP Z240 SFF random hangs, blue screens and crashes as I stop the test the machine blue screens indicating a cooling issue The machine's fan is very quiet although on occasion it gets very loud after a restart and then quietens down I would expect the fan to get louder as the CPU gets hotter during the HP Z240 SFF random hangs, blue screens and crashes stress test but this doesn't happen so I wonder if the fan is malfunctioning and if this is a known issue with these machines or if there is any possible resolution nbsp Please see below for the output of BlueScreeView which displays the error codes produced by recent blue screen errors nbsp nbsp
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Hello All,
I wasn't sure wther to post in the vista forum or the NT workstation forum but as the current OS I am using is Vista I will post in this.
I was wondering if it was possible to dual boot Windows NT 4.0 Workstation with Windows Vista (Windows Vista being the current OS, which is one of the problems as it blocks me running setup). I tried running setup in safe mode which it let me do, it then copied files needed to install to the hard drive, and when it restarted nothing came up and vista booted as normal.

Any Ideas, or is it not even possible and am I wasting my time LOL.

Thanks :)

A:Dual Booting Windows NT 4.0 Workstation...

Hello luke,

Not sure that would be worth the time or effort.

As the system is running Vista now probably isn't gonna run with NT4. Different hardware

requirements and not gonna find the drivers.

You can't run the install from within Windows. You would need to boot to the cd to run

the setup process. Depending on the disk that you have you will need the setup floppies

Also earlier version of windows will need to be installed first and then later version .

So IMO this would be a waste of time to even attempt. Not saying that it will even work.

Just my thoughts on it.
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Hi nbsp Just tried to add Crucial ram to a used Precision M Win Laptop - GHz core Precision of out booting M6500 windows Workstation Mobile ideas! Help! - stopped i GB SP on EBay last week After taking advice from Crucial tech this laptop will no longer boot Apologies for the long explanation nbsp Working machine came with GB x of Hylinks Ram I added GB X of Crucial memory under the keyboard of the machine The machine would not boot Pulled memory from all four slots Put one stick of Hylink and one stick of Crucial in battery side slots to see if they work together there The machine booted windows So I put the other Hylink and Crucial sticks under the keyboard The machine did not boot I called Crucial Tech told me to pull the cmos battery Wait minutes and plug it back in This is were the real fun begins Now the machine won t boot windows under any condition nbsp I pulled the the additional memory out from under the keyboard The machine runs the memory test and blue screen flashes on and off in a split second It goes into startup repair mode And ends with the following report every top I push the start button quot Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause nbsp Launch startup repair Recommended quot Start up repair does not work The machine will not boot Win with either or GB in place So it seems pulling the cmos battery is at the bottom of this But for the life of me I can t figure out why The following are things I ve tried to get windows Help! Precision M6500 Mobile Workstation stopped booting windows - out of ideas! to boot that have not worked nbsp Replacing original Hylink with new Crucial ram And tried swapping sticks and slots Loading default settings in bios I did remember to reset date Pulled and reinstalled the cmos battery several times Made certain the date was set correctly each time Did a system restore nbsp Ran startup repair every attempt to boot Restored the MBR successfully FixBbr - Fixboot - Rebuild Bcd nbsp Ran and passed a hardware diagnostic I am still failing the startup repair routine after the initial memory test at boot nbsp What I am missing Help nbsp nbsp
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Steps so far: 1) I prepared a new machine using a clean install of Win7 RTM x64, installed all of our productivity apps, then ran sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown 2) On another machine, I created a WinPE ISO using the Win7 AIK and burned it to a DVD. Next step is to capture the image and upload it to a fileserver.  However, I can't even boot into the PE environment.  Every time I try, I get Status: 0xc000000f Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible. I've tried creating both x86 and x64 WinPE DVDs -- same result.  Tried several, in fact, to ensure it's not due to a burn error.  I am not doing any customizations to the ISO other than copying the appropriate version of imagex.exe to the root directory.

A:Booting to WinPE disc = 0xc000000f required device is inaccessible

Just created a x64 WinPE DVD with the Vista AIK and a different set of instructions -- it worked. No idea why.

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I am having an issue with our Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga's connecting to our MDT server When I boot to Windows PE and try to connect to the deployment share I No to Yoga Found Thinkpad Networking 12 Booting WinPE Devices When Help! Lenovo receive the message no networking devices found on this machine I was able to find a link to MDT drivers Help! Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 12 No Networking Devices Found When Booting to WinPE on the Lenovo site https support lenovo com us en documents ht I have imported this driver into MDT and created a selection profile I have ensured that the driver is in the boot image I have also tried injecting the drivers manually while booted into PE Just for good measure I even tried the drivers for the Think Pro One Link Dock and Help! Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 12 No Networking Devices Found When Booting to WinPE for the USB to ethernet dongle I have researched the web for solutions on this issue and tried all that I have found thus far Oh by the way I have even totally recreated the MDT server from scratch and I still have this issue with the Yoga I have other models of Lenovo computers and I can connect to the MDT server in PE on these machines Any advice or assistance would be highly appreciated as I am under the gun to get this up and working
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Samsung NP Z A-S Windows Home premium http speccy piriform com results E Fd mr ggx zTRO YZ qw Problem Computer becomes completely unresponsive Cursor will move but cannot click on anything NP700Z3a-S03 Samsung hard shutdown hangs Windows 7 requires Ctrl-alt-del opens the menu but no selection can be made a happens most frequently in Windows Explorer b does not occur in safe mode Attempted solutions System restore a no save points prior to the commencement of the issue Windows 7 hangs requires hard shutdown Samsung NP700Z3a-S03 Memory testing a Windows mem test shows no problem b Memtest shows no problem only pass however Check disk shows no problems with either disk HDD and iSSD Seagate tools shows no problem with HDD didn't know if I could use on SSD which is different manufacturer Malwarebytes premium has been onboard the whole time -- found nothing HitmanPro found a couple of minor problems and repaired them Did Windows 7 hangs requires hard shutdown Samsung NP700Z3a-S03 not solve CCleaner downloaded no solve There may have been other things done to try and solve--this has been going on for over a week and my memory fails me This computer is used for work mostly done remote through VPN and for law school so I am thoroughly vexed and hopeful that someone can help Note that if you are able to help you will need to be pretty explicit in your instructions I am computer literate on the user side of things for what I do daily but I don't go mucking about into the programs that run the computer nor its innards Fingers crossed
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Hi Guys I have a new Dell Latitude E that I bought a few months ago and after upgrading Windows Startup Sound 7 SSD installing Samsung hangs/glitches after the Windows 7 Startup Sound hangs/glitches after installing Samsung SSD hard drive I have noticed that the windows startup sound now hangs glitches when I boot my machine Here are the specs th Gen Ghz Intel Core i MQ gb PC - DDR Ram gb Samsung EVO mSATA SSD tb Samsung Spin Point Seagate Momentus SATA HDD AMD Radeon HD M Dedicated Graphics Intel Integrated Graphics RealTek High Definition Audio Windows PRO x Bit Using the original gb Seagate HDD and the operating system drivers that came preinstalled with my machine when I purchased it back in june everything worked fine In fact I left the original HDD completely intact when I installed the SSD and have tested my hardware by putting the original drive back in to see if the startup chime was now hanging glitching on it but it still works just fine But as soon as I put my SSD and tb HDD back into the machine I get the glitch again I used the OEM reinstallation CD to install my copy of Windows PRO x Bit but I don't have the original driver disk and downloaded all drivers directly from the Dell support website in order to get it all up and running I did grab both the Intel and AMD graphics drivers directly from their websites to get the most recent copy but other than that I would assume I used the same drivers that came pre-installed on my machine Although I noticed that the newer graphics drivers dropped my gaming and windows aero points down by on the Windows Experience Index Would the decreased startup time from the SSD cause this Can I pull the driver out from my old drive and move it over to the SSD I searched around and the best alternative I've seen is to disable the startup chime Which I guess isn't the worst thing I could do but I'd rather just figure out how to resolve the issue instead My bets would be that it is a driver issue but I have tried re-installing a few different realtek drivers and no luck so far Anyone else had this problem with the Dell Latitude E or any other Windows machine for that matter Any help comments or signs pointing me in the right direction is much appreciated Thanks in advance -Kevin

A:Windows 7 Startup Sound hangs/glitches after installing Samsung SSD

First thing to do is go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the sound (RealTek) to highlight it and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Then restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. This may put the sound in a different point in the startup or even on a different shared IRQ and fix the problem.

I have SSD and do not have the sound problem on startup so its not because of the SSD.
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Hi ,
I want to run some 32bit applications in a 64 bit WinPE4.0 (or 5.0 both are ok) . I know that a WOW64 subsystem is needed for this to happen. But I don't know how to include this WOW64 to my WinPE4.0 image using Windows ADK. If anybody have an idea about
this please share.
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Hey All I've tried to search my when Hangs Windows booting problem but I couldn't find anything like what I am seeing WIN bit gig ram Gateway - thats all the info I have with me I woke up the other day to see quot Loading Windows quot on my screen I didn't shut down or reset the night before I just locked it and went to bed I saw that it wasn't doing anything so I powered down and tried a reboot It asks me to go into the safe mode repair windows mode I forget the term and I'm at work now When I do that it Windows Hangs when booting says loading windows files with the gray loading bar The bar fully completes into white but does not move on from there When I try to boot normally not in repair mode it just hangs at the loading windows screen I don't have a hard copy of Win as I used the educational discount to download it and since it installed fine it didn't cross my mind to burn a backup disk dumb i know Thoughts

A:Windows Hangs when booting

That almost reminds me of a hard drive problem.

Before testing that, try booting from your Windows DVD or repair disc and try a startup repair.

If that doesn't work, download one of these tools and test your drive: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
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Hi, I have been trying to track down a problem where WinPE was locking my domain user account out while imaging a PC over the network. I found that my account gets locked out when the time/date is incorrect on the WinPE machine (when I am connected
to a network share).
Is there a way of automatically setting or doing a time sync with the time server when WinPE first boots? I would also like to be able to do this without providing any domain credentials.

It's also worth noting that we use the
same boot image for locations in different time zones.
Also, if someone could explain why this locks my account out then I would be really happy... :)

Yeah Buddy!

A:Set time and date in WinPE automatically (WinPE 3 and 4)

Actually.. try this
net time /DOMAIN:<YourDomain.TheWhole.Thing> /SET /Y
This has the advantage of hitting the local/near server so it 'should' set it to the correct local time.

Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

How to ask a question that is fixable.
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When turning my W Pro x seconds when Windows hangs booting 60 7 desktop on in the morning I see The quot Starting Windows quot screen with the c Microsoft Corporation notice then the screen goes black for about seconds and I only see the cursor I can move it then it asks me for my username and password The funny thing is it wasn't like that a few weeks ago It just went faster I cannot think of anything I did install new software maybe left a CD or USB stick etc I didn't change or add anything Is there any way to see a log of what happens when booting I tried Event Viewer but I'm not that familiar with it and I couln't see anything wrong My OS is on the C drive My data is on the D drive My C drive is a GB SSD The used space is Windows 7 hangs 60 seconds when booting GB but it doens't add up I have Bitdefender antivirus the paid version so I'm pretty sure my system is 'clean' The D drive still has GB free space

A:Windows 7 hangs 60 seconds when booting

Hello and welcome Dragon you might just try these mate as my Kaspersky does not pick up everything like any other AV< if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2

Meant to add you might like this too Optimize Windows 7

ADW download frombleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans
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Hi, i have just installed windows 10 on an older HP Pavilion DV6. The issue i am having is:When the pc boots, the screen comes on, the windows logo is shown, and then the laptop hangs and produces continues long beeps. However when i press escape during boot to show the start menu, and then exit that menu, the laptop boots normally.I have upgraded the bios to the latest version, and installed the most recent chipset drivers from the website. (For windows 7, actually, but they work.) I would like to know if there is anything else i can do to resolve the boot issue.
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Last night I was doing some networking between 3 computers, mine and 2 others. this morning I turned on my machine and it is all of a sudden hanging up on the windows Xp screen during startup, the one with the little bar on the bottom with the blue thing that scrolls across it. It just stops scrolling and hangs up. Any ideas what might be going on? Your help is appreciated! Thanks.

A:computer hangs up while booting in Windows XP.

When I try to boot in safe mode, it hangs on Windows\System32\Drivers\Mup.sys, and will go no further. Yikes! Help!
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My PC hangs most (but not all) times when I start it up. The desktop icons usually all load, but the screen freezes and I cannot run any programmes. I can move the cursor and when I hover it over the shortcut toolbar at the foot of the screen if turns into an eggtimer and stays like that. The only way out is to turn off the PC (hit the button on the box) and turn it on again. Eventually it works OK but I reckon one day it will freeze for good.

Do I need to resinstall Windows or is there another solution?

It's a 3.0 Gig P4, Windows XP home, 1 GB RAM, 70GB hard disk (50GB free).

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So I rebooted the win7 workstation went to login to it normally with the users credentials and it acts like its a new user login everything is default all pst's, docs, favs, everything is gone . If you browse the windows explorer you can see there are other similar profiles that it looks like used to be . What would happen if I tried to rename a user in Active directory?
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My Dell Dimension E510 running Windows XP Media Center Edition will hang up periodically when booting up. It will get to screen where the Windows logo appears but doesn't get to the password screen. (I don't have a password set but I just hit enter). Sometimes it will get to that point and then proceed to load the desktop. Lately the desktop has been very sluggish when I click on an icon. It may take the program almost a minute or so to load. I am using McAfee as my virus protection program. I just ran MalwareBytes and did a quick scan. It didn't find anything. The startup problem has been ongoing for months and I just live with since I leave my computer up and running most of the time.

Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows XP Computer Hangs Up Periodically When Booting Up

Greetings Verve and to BleepingComputer's Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Malware Removal forum.My name is Oh My! and I am here to help you! Now that we are "friends" please call me Gary. If you would allow me to call you by your first name I would prefer to do that. ===================================================Ground Rules:First, I would like to inform you that most of us here at Bleeping Computer offer our expert assistance out of the goodness of our hearts. Please try to match our commitment to you with your patience toward us. If this was easy we would never have met. Please do not run any tools or take any steps other than those I will provide for you while we work on your computer together. I need to be certain about the state of your computer in order to provide appropriate and effective steps for you to take. Most often "well intentioned" (and usually panic driven!) independent efforts can make things much worse for both of us. If at any point you would prefer to take your own steps please let me know, I will not be offended. I would be happy to focus on the many others who are waiting in line for assistance. Please perform all steps in the order they are listed in each set of instructions. Some steps are a bit complicated. If things are not clear, be sure to stop and let me know. We need to work on this together with confidence.Please copy and paste all logs into your post unless directed otherwise. Please do not re-run any programs I suggest. If you encounter problems simply stop and tell me about it.
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If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and I will guide you.Explain as best you can what happens with your computer, i.e. it beeps three times, the the black screen starts then goes blank, etc Please tell me if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available.If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below I will review your topic an do my best to resolve your issues.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.===================================================Create DDS.txt and Attach.txtI need to see some information about what is happening in your machi... Read more
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HP laptop presario dv running Windows XP Media center edition When you turn it on it loads all the way up to the Windows loading screen after Hangs while Windows loading screen booting where the progress bar loads acts normally but the next screen is black and does not progress past this What Hangs while booting after Windows loading screen I ve tried Booting in VGA mode Same deal Booting in safe mode Starts to load the drivers sys files then hangs and does not progress Booting with quot Last known good configuration quot Same deal Hooking it up to an external monitor and doing all of the above no change in behavior note when the monitor is black it doesn t go inactive - i e the power light is green and not orange Pulled the hard drive and ran checkdisk No bad sectors Booted with XP CD and started the Recovery Console to attempt using some commands but am stopped due to this error quot Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or setup program Setup cannot continue To quit Setup press F quot Note this particular laptop comes with a HP recovery partition I also ran the diagnostic utility included in the system s BIOS hard disk Self test Results Quick - Pass Comprehensive - Pass S M A R T - Pass This is what was happening before this happened this is told second-hand I wasn t around to see this The owner of the laptop went into the advanced display settings and disabled the nVidea driver in order for a presentation to show on the projector After the projector was unhooked they tried to re-enable the nVidea driver reset things to previous settings After attempting this you could no longer boot into Windows as I described The owner of the laptop doesn t really want to reinstall Windows so I m trying to exhaust all other options before going that route Any ideas possible diagnosis that can help me out with this

A:Hangs while booting after Windows loading screen

You could try a repair install.How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install
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My Z620 workstation may work for hours without any issues but occasionally it restarts or shut off on its own.It's unpredictable when it may happen. Sometimes it takes few hours until it freaks out and other day it works just fine. I have latest firmware 3.88 and Windows 10 OS. I have installed fresh OS instalation and it doesnt make any difference. All drivers are up to date and it's standard Z620 model. I don't know how to claim it to HP since it's very difficult to fault trace... I still have one month warranty left but beacuse of intermittent nature of this problem I may have problem to claim it. Any help appreciated. I'm located in Belgium.
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I have a Compaq Presario Dual Cores T2310,1.5gb and I just reinstall the Windows Vista OS and after installing everything smoothly,I restart the laptop but the booting screen with the word :Compaq" got stuck for 7-9mins after that it loads up as per normal to the desktop.

I have tried to press F2,F10,F11(recovery) but everytime it will get stuck at the booting screen with the word "Compaq" for 7=9mins then loads up as per normal to the desktop.

This is very strange ,can someone help to give a solution.


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I have a -monitor desktop setup running Windows as a host OS I use one monitor VMWare mode up hangs screen full in VMs guest Workstation exclusively to run VMWare Workstation When VMWare first loads up at host PC boot I click quot Enter full screen mode quot button which expands it to the VMWare Workstation hangs up guest VMs in full screen mode size of that monitor I then usually load several guest OS's into it My host OS is set up to VMWare Workstation hangs up guest VMs in full screen mode show a password protected screensaver after minutes and then turn off the screen after minutes of inactivity So what I've been noticing and yes this is repeatable is that sometimes when I wake the screen amp log in to my host computer in the morning most of the guest VMs don't seem to respond and show just a back screen Note that it doesn't happen all the time and is somewhat sporadic Here's a quick animated GIF screengrab to show what happens afterwards As you can see only the first VM seems to respond to clicks the rest appear dead Note that if I try to send Ctrl Alt Del keyboard sequence to any of those quot hung up quot guest VMs nothing happens The only way to recover from this bug is to force-quit the VMWare Workstation itself or reboot the host PC which are both analogous to me flipping the power switch on all guest VMs with data being lost in them which is very annoying So I'm curious if anyone knows a way to recover from this bug w o force-quitting the VMs PS I obviously posted this question on VMWare forums but to be honest I don't have much faith in them I tried it before and I never get responses from them From my experience VMWare has a very bad customer support Or I should say they're quot too big quot for a single user like me PS I also checked online and there was an update v build- to VMWare that I installed which unfortunately didn't fix anything

A:VMWare Workstation hangs up guest VMs in full screen mode

I have noticed this behaviour in VMware 12 after creating a new Windows 7 VM and a Vista VM I put it into high performance mode disabled Hibernation, Sleep, Screensaver, Hard drive . I think all I really had to do was disable hibernation.

Not sure what OS you are running as a guest VM but here is the way to disable it in Windows 10
Hibernate - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Here is how to do it in Windows 8
Power Options Menu - Add or Remove Sleep or Hibernate in Windows 8

Here is how to do it in Windows 7
Hibernate - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Afternoon Please For the Love of Anything or Anyone you love Please try to help me with some Genuine Information I refuse to believe my g Sata Hard drive that Windows on Starting no Booting-Hangs for hours-Stuck over Longer 2 HDD has over gs of file and information is all now magically a paper weight No Physical damage has happened to the Drive at all This is the Issue Originally Half of HDD no Longer Booting-Hangs for over 2 hours-Stuck on Starting Windows the Drive was Encrypted with True Crypt and the HDD no Longer Booting-Hangs for over 2 hours-Stuck on Starting Windows other Half was the System Drive C drive g and a quot general quot Drive gigs The Problem started when some odd way it HDD no Longer Booting-Hangs for over 2 hours-Stuck on Starting Windows seems My Encrypted drive become corrupted to the point it would no longer easily mount It would take Min's to mount as opposed to the normal seconds What happens when it did mount The Drive was not working correctly I couldn't access my files on that drive at all Not only that While it seemed like it did Mount the True Crypt Drive my entire CPU became Non responsive I couldn't do anything I was unable to click on anything on the desktop bring up task manager or even ctrl alt del to log off or anything It was like it was frozen but I was only able to move the mouse I waited a while Min's and went to restart the CPU by holding the power button Now When ever I try to load or boot from that Hard drive Nothing Happens It hangs at the quot starting Windows quot screen I have windows - bit ultimate I tried to load from the Win disk and it hangs at a blank Screen When I tried to use the repair feature of the Win Xp service pack Remember windows XP It hangs at analyzing the Hard drive quot asapii at at something something quot When I try to use the advance options of the Windows boot Safe mode of all types hangs at lading the drivers Last Known good Configuration hangs at starting windows Its Like part of the HDD doesn't want to load for anything in the world And When I have mentioned Hangs I mean it sits there for hours and nothing has changed I have ideas in my head But I don't even Know if they are possible Oh Oh at when I try to Load the HDD by having a back up g hard drive be the main booter it STILL hangs at the starting windows screen I know its sometimes suggested to try it HDD in another CPU but if its not the main Boot Drive is that the same thing Really don't have any Mobos that have Sata Slots for me to try that out on I'm praying a simple chkdsk would Solve everything But there's no way I can Issue that Command My Question s are Is there a Way to force the CPU to do a chkdsk command pre boot Is there a way to have the HDD disabled at start up and enable it during the back up drives desktop Via check for hardware changes or the quot Manage quot feature by right clicking computer from the start menu Is there a way to quot Fixboot quot or FixMBR quot outside of using the installation disks Is there a way to make an Unbootable Unreadable HDD Readable bootable For some reason I think the quot C quot drive is semi OK as it still tells me I can boot windows but never does I'm thinking the quot B quot drive is the one that really needs the Chkdsk Help I'm out of Ideas and I have tried to make this work for days Now I'm Desperate Thank you all to those who provide Real Help and Have a Happy new Year

A:HDD no Longer Booting-Hangs for over 2 hours-Stuck on Starting Windows

May I ask why you are using XP to attempt repairing Win7?

Unplug all other HD's and peripherals, Boot into Repair console on second screen of Win7 installation DVD or Repair CD, accept any offered Repair. System Repair Disc - Create
Repair CD - System Repair Disk

If it doesn't start Win7, boot back in, click through to Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times to see if it will start. Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

If this fails, make sure Win7 partition or it's 100mb System Reserved boot partition are marked Active, then run the Repairs again: Partition - Mark as Active

All commands and fixes are automated in Win7 Startup Repair but you can run Disk Check separately from the Recovery Tools list Command Line if you want.

If not, you can copy out your files using DVD/CD using this method: Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console

Then wipe the HD to clean reinstall following these tips to get a perfect install based on hundreds done here: re-install windows 7
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My P70 beeps 3 times when booting from my 40A50230US workstation dock unless it's in hybrid mode or I leave the lid up. I normally run my p70 in discrete mode but I'm wondering if my dock or system board is failing. Initially I didn't have this issue but I was out of the office for six weeks and when I returned updated the firmware on the dock. There were also several bios changes during that time period. There are 3 options in bios thinkpad lcd, display port, display on dock. It doesn't matter which I choose same problem. Also if I choose 512 or 256 same issue. If I leave the lid up I don't get the beeps in discrete mode. In hybrid mode it seems to work fine. Any ideas? Thanks.
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I have Windows 8.1 installed on an external hard drive. actually you would on an internal drive (WinToUSB - Install and Run Windows on a USB Drive)
and I want to use it with my main PC without booting entirely from it... which is where VMWare comes into play.
So, want to boot from external drive containing Windows 8.1 using VMWare
Anyone know how?

A:Booting from external hard drive in VMWare Workstation?

Hi there
AFAIK the only way to boot Windows from an external HDD is to either use a Windows to Go system (Enterprise) or create a bootable Linux system (these boot from external devices) and run a VM from the Linux.

I've done this many times on an external USB connected via a SATA==>USB connector on a laptop. I use an old Laptop HDD -- works fine. If you have a SATA==>USB3 connector even better or an external USB even better.

Here's a link about this I made a while ago.

How to make Portable Windows system (any version)

This system will run TOTALLY from am external HDD even if there's NO internal HDD in the HOST computer. Other solutions like attaching Virtual HDD's are OK but this then NEEDS the initial boot from an internal HDD to mount the VHD. My method runs 100% from the external HDD.

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We have 3 Dell Precision Workstation T3610 in our office. All the 3 PC's taking 5 minuted to boot if there is a network cable is connected, we have formatted with new OS, but no luck, upgrade all driver and bios and the HDD rate is 5.9.
Is there any issue of the Mother of board/NW card of this model? All other PC in our  office is working fine
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Dear Support Team,I want to procure HP Z240 workstation for  one of my project. The online datasheet shows that it comes up with only Windows 7 or Windows 10. But my system requirement is with Windows 8.1. Can HP Z240 haedware allows me to use it with Windows 8.1, if I purchase windows seperatley.RegardsWaqas Khalid
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I am using a Samsung CD Writer having a speed of - - on my Pentium Celeron Ghz on Windows SE having a MB DDR Ram I am seeing that my CD Writer hangs frequently while trying to read anything from any CD Sometimes it works fine but most of the time as it starts reading from any CD whether new or old a few moments later it simply freezes and the pointer on the screen as well the rest of the things simply freeze on the screen This lasts as long the CD is in and when finally I eject the CD the freezed computer screen unfreezes and everything seems normally This happens again and again on every out of tries on trying to read anything from any CD Can anybody figure out whats wrong with the CD Drive Sometimes it also hangs while trying to write to a CD but it is quite infrequent as compared to the system freeze it gives while reading any CD Can someone help out nbsp

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i have a problem in booting from samsung cd rom , i am using windows 10 and my device is HP pavillion X360   i want to boot from it for installing windows but i cant ...
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Hi everyone At present I have a problem with my computer It sometimes hangs when it's booting into Windows Windows version Win Pro but it rarely happens When it occurs on the screen it just shows quot Starting into at computer my 7, hangs Windows" and booting Windows "Starting screen. while freezes it Sometimes Windows quot texts without the Windows logo Sometimes my computer hangs while booting into Windows 7, and it freezes at "Starting Windows" screen. animation I'd like to figure out what could potentially cause this problem so I made an experiment which is setting up the WinDbg on another computer Sometimes my computer hangs while booting into Windows 7, and it freezes at "Starting Windows" screen. and turning on the debug mode in my computer and using a null-modem cable to do com port debugging Hopefully I can get some clues from that After rebooting for about times it hung again and from the WinDbg it revealed the last loaded driver was CLASSPNP sys and the previous loaded driver was disk sys The computer is equipped with two hard drives and the capacity for each is G For some reason I made these two hard drives totally reveal the capacity of G in the system by hard drive clipping In addtion to that this motherboard has RAID chips on it and its connecting way is through soc PCH sata port - gt raid chip- gt hard drive Another questionable point is that there is a PCIE to UART adapter card on the motherboard I have a few questions nbsp What do CLASSPNP sys and disk sys do while Windows is being loaded Does it hang because it keeps waiting for devices' responses but somehow those devices just don't talk back to the driver If so what can cause these devices to fail to respond to this driver Has anyone run into the problem that RAID chips had resulted in this strange phenomenon I also suspect that the driver of PCIE UART card may cause this problem Has anyone had this sort of experience that PCIE UART driver might cause this on your computers Any thoughts are welcomed thank you The following are the WinDbg log messages Waiting to reconnect Connected to Windows x compatible target at Sun Aug UTC - ptr FALSE Kernel Debugger connection established Symbol search path is Invalid Symbol loading may be unreliable without a symbol search path nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Use symfix to have the debugger choose a symbol path nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp After setting your symbol path use reload to refresh symbol locations Executable search path is nbsp Symbols can not be loaded because symbol path is not initialized nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp The Symbol Path can be set by nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp using the NT SYMBOL PATH environment variable nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp using the -y lt symbol path gt argument when starting the debugger nbsp using sympath and sympath nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Loading symbols for e nbsp nbsp ntkrpamp exe - gt nbsp ntkrpamp exe ERROR Symbol file could not be found nbsp Defaulted to export symbols for ntkrpamp exe - nbsp ModLoad e b nbsp ntkrpamp exe Windows Kernel Version MP procs Free x compatible Built by x fre win sp rtm - Machine Name Kernel base x e PsLoadedModuleList x f System Uptime not available Loaded dbghelp extension DLL Loaded ext extension DLL Loaded exts extension DLL Loaded kext extension DLL Loaded kdexts extension DLL Force unload of ntkrpamp exe ModLoad e b nbsp ntkrpamp exe ModLoad b nbsp halmacpi dll ModLoad b a ba nbsp kdcom dll ModLoad c c e nbsp mcupdate dll ModLoad c e c af nbsp PSHED dll ModLoad c af c b nbsp BOOTVID dll ModLoad c b c f nbsp CLFS SYS ModLoad c f c a nbsp CI dll nbsp ModLoad c d c ae nbsp Wdf sys ModLoad c ae c bc nbsp WDFLDR SYS ModLoad c... Read more
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Laptop was lagging badly n task manager stopped responding so I had to manually shut down. When I tried to restart got the "your pc has encountered an error and needs to restart" and now am stuck there. samsung np270e5j
Tried pressing f4 at startup to go into recovery but all I get is "please wait" then black screen. Looked on couple other support sites and all said to use recovery disks.. I don't have them and was told by support when I first got my laptop that I don't need them because of the recovery drive... Ugh
Went into bios to see if could boot to recovery drive but not an option. Please help. Don't have access to another computer so using my iPhone and kindle to try n get help. Thanks so much for any assistance x

A:Samsung won't boot, then hangs when trying to access recovery

Try F7 or Esc. If you do a reset all the personal data and programs you installed will be erased.
Edit: Try the following and do a System Restore, not Reset.
Hold the Power Button for 5 seconds or until the computer completely shuts off.
Press the Power Button to turn the computer on.
As soon as you see the rotating loading circle, press and hold the Power Button until the computer shuts off.
Repeat this process 2 or 3 times until you see the Preparing Automatic Repair screen.
Let the computer boot to the Automatic Repair screen.
Click Advanced Options, and then select Troubleshoot.
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brand new here with no issues other than the header.

i was resetting windows 10 home as i "was selling said laptop" and it hung at 17% and proceeded to stay there for around 7 hours. i restarted the machine and its now stuck at the Samsung logo. i can get into the BIOS but im not a tech. is there a setting i may access to set me on my way or is my motherboard most likely dead or dying?
i downloaded iso of win 10 from the windows site to usb flash and dvd but par for course, its not reading from either media.

any help at all is greatly appreciated.

heres the system as i know it minus the motherboard as best buy upgraded it while under warranty and didn't forward documentation for new board.

Samsung NP-300E5E
2.6GHz Intel Core i5-3230M
8 gb
intel hd 4000
bios ver: p08rbd
windows 10 home

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Hey all, I recently bought a Samsung ATIV 500T Tablet PC. I got it all updated via Windows Update (the only updates in the list now are Silverlight-related).

Recently, I noticed that if I close the lid (third-party that uses the built-in Samsung magnet) without having shut the screen off before, the system tends to hang about 9/10 times. The only way to recover from this appears to be to hold the Power button until it shuts off and then restart the system.

I have let it go a couple of times and the next time I boot, it tells me that there was a dump created. I have attached the diagnostic tool zip. I have tried disabling the wireless device through the OS but not through Device Manager but the issue still occurs. Any ideas?

A:Samsung tablet hangs on sleep with cover

2 of the 3 memory dumpsdumps seem to reference igddim32.sys. This appears to be related to your intel graphics driver. The timestamp for this driver is Jan 04 13:22:04 2013. Please update your driver from the Intel website.
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My samsung laptop np300e5c is not booting from hard disk.

error:- All boot options tried press f4 for recovery or try other loop iteration .

I have tried everything including resetting bios to original factory setting but could not solve the problem. however I can boot from win7 disk.

A:Samsung Laptop not booting

Hi delta007 and welcome to Seven Forums

Have you tried startup repair ?

Startup Repair
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i want to make a dual booting of my lab top but actually i cant boot from usb cd rom samsung  any help it is my second msg for this really it start to be so anoying from HP not to give support
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Hello. I am currently working on getting a fresh installation of Windows 7 on our HP Z240's in order to create our standard business image. I was able to install Windows 7 Enterprise but am having one issue. Whenever the workstation goes into sleep mode it will do a hard shutdown. I've installed the latest drivers found here for the chipset, graphics, NIC and sound. The issue still occurs. I've done the same on three different workstations and have experienced the same issue between all three. The OEM Windows 7 installation has no issues on the same exact workstation. Can anyone assist me with this? Thank you!
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I have a Samsung laptop Model NP P C Just a few weeks ago I began to have issues with my power supply or charger on my laptop it suddenly stopped working without warning and wouldn't charge my laptop's battery anymore at that time I had chargers one for my desk and one for my bag so I had no issue and continued to use my second charger as I normally did unfortunately a couple days later I could no longer boot my laptop off of my battery I also was getting strange Samsung Battery Booting Not Laptop From percentages when the computer was plugged in and charging sometimes it would drop from to then jump to and stay there please note as it said it was charged at I still couldn't run my computer off straight battery power I continued to use my laptop without the battery plugged in And it worked normally for about a week until I stupidly decided to try my battery again to see if it'd work and it did most of the time I then continued to use my laptop with the battery until last week my second power supply failed Samsung Laptop Not Booting From Battery and likewise completely with my battery I then figured it was a failure of the battery as my laptop is years old and ordered a new battery and Samsung Laptop Not Booting From Battery charger I got the new charger and battery just days ago and it has worked fine until today I was running a game on my battery and out of the blue it shut off and I could no longer boot my computer off of battery power Luckily I can still use my laptop off of AC power and when plugged in the battery still says it's fully charged and functioning properly but when I try to boot straight from battery absolutely nothing happens not a flash Samsung Laptop Not Booting From Battery of power Like its shorted out or a tick or any other sign any power is being sent anywhere I know as a fact it's not my new battery causing this issue because I now have had and both don't work the second battery has a light on it and it states its fully charged and the only other option is something related to my motherboard So basically i'm asking if i should continue to use my laptop but only off of AC power with no battery installed as I think something related to the charging circuit is causing the power supply failure or if I should stop using my laptop all together and pull out salvageable components before something major fails on my motherboard and kills said components or a complete motherboard replacement my computer is only years old and worth when I first purchased it so its a fairly high spec one Please note I am very comfortable with computers and I have a fairly extensive background I just would like a second opinion on what should be done
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The laptop was working fine early this morning but has been down the whole day after freezing fyi this was when google chrome wasn't working with the message quot waiting for cache quot Laptop Chronos7 Samsung not Booting follow with a hard boot no pun intended it is Samsung Chronos7 Laptop not Booting not booting Based on what I read here here is my history of steps so far Create a window recovery disc from another laptop to try to save the samsung chronos It got to pick your country language - gt selected US - gt Next Then that was it nothing happen after During boot hold onto F - gt Repair system - gt tried to load and stop Didn't get to select your country language I know there are many more options after this step to help with the repairs since I've done this before but it is not loading this time Hard reboot hold F although this doesn't get me to the BIOS everytime Why is that In BIOS - gt F to restore default Samsung Chronos7 Laptop not Booting - gt F save and exit Reboot normally doesn't load on the window's icon screen F during boot - gt tried safe Samsung Chronos7 Laptop not Booting mode with network etc - gt nothing happens Hardware seems to be OK since I've checked with Ubuntu Everything is there Also I disconnected everything while doing these tests I know if I can get it to boot I can start a restore time point and get it back to a workable condition Steps I can't do Can't image a window iso disc since my product key is a rd pary os installed MS and changed policy to allow only retail version to download which kinds of defeats the WHOLE purpose The retail guys have a hard copy It's the laptop oem rd party users that need a copy Replace the hard drive If anyone has a chronos or checked the web this model is extremely difficult to open up High risk of just damaging it physically However hardware was test to be functionally Can't remove batteries same reason as Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Big problem I just installed a Samsung DVD -R RW drive as a master drive It booted up fine so I decided to install the stuff that came on the cd with the drive After installing that it told me to reboot Now when my computer gets to the XP screen Samsung DVD With XP Burner! Booting Stops with the blue scrolling bar it scrolls for about seconds then it just reboots like I XP Stops Booting With Samsung DVD Burner! pressed the hard boot button I tried switching back the dvd burner with the original plain cd drive I had and it does XP Stops Booting With Samsung DVD Burner! the same thing I even tried removing the ribbon cable that went to all of my cd drives but after it sits on the XP screen for about seconds it just goes to XP Stops Booting With Samsung DVD Burner! a black screen it doesn t reboot It s been sitting on this black screen for about minutes now as I type If I reconnect the drives it will just reboot again I am almost positive that it has something to do with the stuff I installed I have a lot of important information on this hard drive so I can t really reformat it without taking off the important stuff first I have tried safe mode with the exact same results Someone please help nbsp

A:XP Stops Booting With Samsung DVD Burner!

*bump* Please, I really need to get my computer running again!
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I have a samsung r580 and everything i try to boot it wont let me recover or do anything at all to get to a page other than a blank login screen

A:[SOLVED] Samsung r580 not booting

Do you have Windows XP or Windows Vista/7? Your profile says Windows Xp.
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I upgraded on Friday from windows 8.1 to windows 10 
Since then  it became very slow to start
the fan seems to be continuous - neither sleep nor shutdown buttons/clicks work - I have to switch the button off/on
each time it go to sleep

this is the image of the chat I had with Samsung today - 
I tried running SW update it didn't work and vanished - not possible to uninstall as now the directory path is different........

A:Samsung NP350V5C-A06UK user (Windows 8.1) upgrade to Windows 10 - see Samsung response to me!

Please run a system file check (SFC) & DISM (if necessary) if you are on win 8 or higher

All instructions are in our Wiki article below...
Should you have any questions please ask us.

System file check (SFC) Scan and Repair System

Wanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag
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Hello- So recently my laptop started to act up freezing really long start-up times etc It's Windows USB booting Windows" when 7 Install "Starting from hangs after gotten to the point where I can't start windows After some research I've decided to run Disk Check and System File Checker from the Recovery Console Windows 7 Install hangs after "Starting Windows" when booting from USB to see if that helps with the problem If not I am just going to do a clean install of windows I'm trying to boot the windows installation from a USB drive I am doing this because the computer in question is the only one I have with a disk drive so I can not burn an installation disk I do not own an installation disk or a recovery disk as the computer did not ship with one I have integrated the USB drivers I need into the installation since the only USB port on the computer is broken When I boot from the USB it gets past the quot Starting windows quot screen and then hangs on a black screen with a cursor I can move the cursor around but no matter how long I wait it does not progress past this point I have noticed however that I only encounter this problem when my Hard Drive is recognized in the bios When I changed the bios settings to troubleshoot and my hard drive stopped being recognized in the bios the USB booted up without a hitch but since I couldn't see my hard drive I couldn't do anything I have since switch the settings back my hard drive is once again recognized and the problem is still happening Any ideas on why this would be happening and how to fix it If you need any more info I will do my best to provide it Thank you UPDATE I burned a Windows Install dvd and it hangs in the same place so I can't complete an install or get to the recovery console Could something with my hard drive be causing the boot from the USB and the DVD to fail I restored my Bios to default settings and put the cd dvd drive to boot first

A:Windows 7 Install hangs after "Starting Windows" when booting from USB

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

How to use Dell Recovery Partition,make Recovery Disks & how to order Recovery Disks.
Manuals | Dell US
Dell - Support
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Hello To start I've spent two days scouring the internet for help with this and none of the threads have produced any working results Only once before has a loading", "windows driver? at infinitely hangs caused Booting by software issue stumped me so I'm at my wit's end here Computer Stats Macbook Pro running Windows Ultimate x via boot camp all drivers up to date as of last night no non-factory parts or tampering Booting hangs infinitely at "windows loading", caused by driver? with any system files Issue Around a month ago I noticed my laptop freeze up whenever I left it unattended for more than half an hour Sometimes it would lag for seconds or so and then be fine sometimes I would have to reboot entirely This happened again two days ago and upon rebooting it became stuck during the animation at the Booting hangs infinitely at "windows loading", caused by driver? quot windows loading quot screen I restarted and used F to pull up the advanced boot menu chose quot system repair quot and it went through two loading screens before presenting a black screen of death that never seems to change Booting in safe mode works which I've used to scour the internet for fixes and ways to get incredibly drunk Attempted Fixes A full system virus scan duration hours with Kaspersky Malware Bytes and Panda Nothing was returned save a few false-positives from torrents only trusted trackers nothing dodgy file-wise Used the quot repair my computer quot option at F 'd start-up multiple times to no avail Used quot sfc scannow quot twice which downloaded some windows updates but didn't fix anything Yelled really loudly at computer and raised my hand as if to smack it intimidating it into submission but not fixing core issue Here is the result of my bootlog but before that I'll note that it hangs on quot Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS CLASSPNP SYS quot for about thirty seconds when loading in safe mode I thought that might have been the root and downloaded another copy of classpnp sys but again it didn't change anything Quote Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS CLASSPNP SYS Did not load driver hal inf acpiapic devicedesc ACPI x -based PC Did not load driver battery inf compbatt devicedesc Microsoft Composite Battery Did not load driver battery inf compbatt devicedesc Microsoft Composite Battery Did not load driver battery inf compbatt devicedesc Microsoft Composite Battery Did not load driver cpu inf intelppm devicedesc Intel Processor Did not load driver cpu inf intelppm devicedesc Intel Processor Did not load driver battery inf acpi acpi devicedesc Microsoft AC Adapter Did not load driver battery inf acpi pnp c a devicedesc Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery Did not load driver battery inf compbatt devicedesc Microsoft Composite Battery Did not load driver cpu inf intelppm devicedesc Intel Processor Did not load driver cpu inf intelppm devicedesc Intel Processor Did not load driver battery inf acpi acpi devicedesc Microsoft AC Adapter Did not load driver battery inf acpi pnp c a devicedesc Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery Did not load driver battery inf compbatt devicedesc Microsoft Composite Battery Did not load driver cpu inf intelppm devicedesc Intel Processor Did not load driver cpu inf intelppm devicedesc Intel Processor It loops this maybe times then goes through this Quote Did not load driver cdrom SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers Null SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers Beep SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot System drivers vga sys Did not load driver RDPCDD SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers rdpencdd sys Did not load driver RDPREFMP SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers Msfs SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers Npfs SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS tdx sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers afd sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System DRIVERS netbt sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS wfplwf sys Loaded driver SystemRoo... Read more

A:Booting hangs infinitely at "windows loading", caused by driver?

TAKE THAT HARDDISK ON A ANOTHER COMPUTER? FORMAT HIM, and try to load again; only with your cd-rom - HDD - Graka, but why X86 ? witch MB did't you have, how many memory ( max 4 GB - Windows used 3.2 = 3 GB> Bios set just default, Good luck, regards from Antwerp > Belgium > Europe
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Hi all.
My Samsung Notebook 300e has decided to stop booting.
I have tried to start it with the Samsung recovery solution 5 But it just goes to a please wait screen and nothing happens.
If I select any form of safe mode, it will load the files and then go to a black screen with some writing along the top - Windows Version Build: 7601 SP1 Safe Mode. And the cursor appears, but nothing else will load.
I have tried restarting dozens of times with every different option. Any ideas?

A:Laptop not booting - Win7 OA - Samsung Notebook

I think my first step would be to check out the hard drive using either diagnostics built into the bios or a bootable CD with something like Seatools for DOS. If the drive is on it's way out all other attempts to boot or repair are ultimately futile and it's time to get started on file recovery.
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My name is Peter, and I'm IT Administrator at Junior High School. One month ago I installed Windows 10 Education on all computers. Everything was fine until today. Today users changed his passwords. Now, when user try to login to the PC, system hangs at "Applying User Settings". The only solution (not the best) is to remove user profile from workstation, but after next password change, problem returns. Active Directory looks fine, Previously installed Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 has worked without this issue. Maybe some one knows the solution or perhaps steps to diagnose it.

Thanks for help

Best Regards,

P.S. Windows version is 10586.29, Active Directory is based on Windows Server 2012.

A:Workstation hangs at "Applying User Settings"

please see this

I have documented some workarounds but this is still an ongoing issue. Have you made any progress?
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Until a recent update to FRST  I've been able to use it in windows PE rather than the built in windows recovery environment.
I boot PE via PXE and clean the system without having to boot to recovery.
Is there anyone in the development team that can steer me towards what FRST is using to determine when it's running in recovery mode so that I can fix my PE for it to work again?

A:FRST using Windows PE (WinPE)

Is there a particular reason you don't use FRST in normal mode? The FRST in RE/PE has a very limited log without Addition.txt and it is meant to be able to boot to Windows and run a full log. For recent infections and functions the log in RE/PE will not get updated unless a malware create boot issues.
Anyway, please download and run try the latest FRST (dated today) and tell me how it went.
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Hi the notebook of my wife entcounters problems when booting Seems like ony part of Windows is started Make of Notebook Notebook Booting Ed. / Prem. W7 Home has Problems Samsung Samsung NP Samsung Notebook has Booting Problems / W7 Prem. Home Ed. E A from nameplate no additional hardware except mouse of course - OS Windows Premium Home Edition Automatic update enabledVirus Protection WSE but I do not know when the last scan took place My wife does not do much on the internet Problem When starting the computer the boot option screen appeares for the shutdown was not done properly before see below Starting 'Normal mode' Stratup procedure seems normal maybe a little slow but this might well be a deception The buttons in the bottom bar is that the navigation bar not so sure about the terminology however are not responding to moese-action Clicking the start button should open the menu but only a tiny white space appears I'd guess by pixel above the button Clicking an icon say adobe reader this prog starts but it seems all windows-input is gone No directory no file selection no menu bar just a stripped version of it After some time the screen deteriorates and the computer crashes to a BSOD But this does not last long enough for me to take note of the information there Could not make out how to start Windows Explorer Starting safe modeOccasionally I managed to have windows explorer opened but the view is much reduced in size size of a postal stamp Whenever a window could be openes it looks that all the text messages button texts were missing What I did From anothe rthread in this forum i got the idea of removing and reinserting the battery - to no avail Same result from starting in safe mode with networking and sutting down from there Any help would be appreciated Norbert

A:Samsung Notebook has Booting Problems / W7 Prem. Home Ed.

I'm not clear on this, can you boot into Safe Mode?
By tapping the F8 key immediately after pressing the power button you will open the Advanced Boot Options where you can choose the Safe Mode.  Another option there is Last Known Good Configuration, if you can get to the Advanced Boot Options click on that option.
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Hi guys I'm struggeling with the following problem for a long time I'm using windows enterprise to go for my work because i have to switch computers a lot Most of the time it works great However sometimes the windows installation will corrupt and since Windows 8.1 Dual to boot go and WinPE windows to go had no system repair i have to install a new image Because of this problem i have created partitions on my WD My Passport which runs W G is the system reserved partition is the OS en the th is my data partion the last two are bitlocker encrypted I regularly create a WIM image using DISM of my OS partition and i save it on my DATA partition so i don't lose my settings programs etc This way i can restore the latest WIM if my OS gets corrupted in some way However i only can do a restore on a computer where I have Dual boot Windows 8.1 to go and WinPE administrator rights since i have to assign driveletters to the WD disk and i have to use an elevated command prompt And at my work or at clients i obviously don't have these rights Therefore i was wondering if it is possible to create another partition on my WD disk on which i would install WinPE In that case if my OS doesn't work i could boot into WinPE en do my WIM restore I tried installing EasyBCD on my windows to go installation to create a boot screen with the possibility to select the WinPE installation However for some reason it keeps booting the WinPE disk immediatly and i am not able to start windows anymore So my question is Is it possible to create a dualboot installation with as default Windows to go and second WinPE And if possible how can i do this Thanks in advance
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Hello I have got a problem on my PC I got a clean blue screen after a few blink of cursors then I loaded the PC up in Safe Mode I got the same response again and I had to turn the PC off by holding down the power button not good I know Tried to load it up in Safe Mode again and it comes up with this on the screen multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system ntoskrnl exe multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system hal dll multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS hangs out booting while Pc system KDCOM DLL multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system BOOTVID dll multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system config system multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system c nls multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system c nls multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system l intl nls multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS FONTS vgaoem fon multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS AppPatch drvmain sdb multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system DRIVERS ACPI sys multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system DRIVERS WMILIB SYS multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system DRIVERS pci sys multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system DRIVERS isapnp sys That is all it loads and won t go any further Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section nbsp

A:Pc hangs out while booting

vsvaibhavsingh1 said:


I have got a problem on my PC. I got a clean blue screen after a few blink of cursors.

then, I loaded the PC up in Safe Mode. I got the same response again and I had to turn the PC off by holding down the power button (not good I know). Tried to load it up in Safe Mode again and it comes up with this on the screen :
That is all it loads and won't go any further.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section.Click to expand...
Hello and welcome to TSG. Right section, by the way.

Restart and tap Function 8 until the Advanced Boot menu comes up. That includes "Disable automatic restart on system failure" so highlight that one and post back some of the detail form the Stop Error message on the blue screen. What we need is the numeric code 0x0000?? and any WORDS_IN_CAPS_JOINED_UP by underscores.
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On a previously virus ridden WinXP Home SP machine I have a CD-RW and a DVD-ROM drive I am unable to boot normally even in Safe mode from Booting hangs CD as when clicking an account to log on to it immediately logs off There being no System Restore points I don t think the problem is resolvable without an overlay installation of XP I have tried loading the registry hive by slaving the HDD off another PC but could not find the offending value Also File amp Printer sharing was not set up so I can not edit Booting from CD hangs the registry remotely Alas booting from either of the optical drives causes a hang I have tried with the XP disk the XP SP disk and a Norton Recover disk - all hang soon after they begin action so they are being recognized in the BIOS I have tried a DOS based install by booting to Win off a floppy and running WINNT EXE and that works past the DOS part it accesses the optical drive and offers Recovery console which I decline the license agreement which I accept and I opt for a repair install of the only OS it finds This causes files to be read in from the CD but then on the first attempted boot the machine hangs I am left with no disk activity and a blue screen with quot Windows Setup quot and nothing more I guess moving the HDD to another machine doing a repair install moving back to the original PC and doing another repair install may be an option but other ideas would be warmly welcomed SC nbsp

A:Booting from CD hangs

Just got thru having boot problems on this computer so bad that I was forced to re-install XP Pro, it took me two days to re-install everything and get it back to normal, but now I have basically a new computer minus all the garbage, thats another option to consider. I always backup and prepare for that day when I'll
have to do a re-install, knowing that day will come.
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Hi Everyone,
My computer used to boot to desktop in 45 secs, but last week I had to do a repair reinstall.
It now takes well over 2 mins. I ran Bootvis which shows avtivity for 20 secs. then the screen "windows is starting up " but then there is no activity until about 100 secs, when the CPU comes back to life and In another 25 secs. it is up and running. It seem to be waiting or looking for something, but what?
Please help as it seems to be affecting the speed as well.

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Hello geniuses, help me please.

Recently, I bought a new RAM and a new HDD. When I boot my desktop, it hangs in the process of installing the Windows from the CD-ROM. It was the reason why I bought the new HDD and RAM in the first place. I thought the old HDD was faulty. Anyone, can give me ideas on how to solve this?

A:Hangs when booting

Do you get any error messages, or does it simply hang? How far into the installation process did it get to? Where did you purchase the CD from?
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i want to make a recovery partition but i would like to know, can i use WinRE to start the recovery process. i have made a backup/recovery image using the windows 7 backup/restore program (which is in the control panel) but you either need to launch it from the control panel, or a bootable dvd. the question i am asking is, am i able to use WinRE to start the recovery process and then use the backup image made using the windows 7 recovery program?

also the way i would like to set up my hard drive is

partition 1 = WinRE (big enough for WinRE)

partition 2 = Windows (approx 240 gb)

partition 3 = uTorrent (approx 240 gb)

partition 4 = Recovery Image (approx 20gb)


partition 1 = WinRE (big enough for WinRE and Recovery Image, about 20gb)

partition 2 = Windows (approx 240gb)

partition 3 = uTorrent (approx 240gb)

it is a 500gb drive, but the sizes are just ruff guesses atm, but you get the general idea.

A:Windows 7 Recovery Image using WinPE or WinRE

As your specs state ACER, you have the Acer winpe & recovery partitions installed.
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When I try to start-up my HP Notebook, the machine itself turns on, but nothing happens afterward. The hard disk light flashes around four or five times, and the DVD drive clicks once (as it always does when I boot up normally), but there's absolutely no activity afterwards. The problem started when the notebook suddenly froze during use a few days ago, and since then i've been able to boot up windows in safe mode only once (the computer froze about five minutes later), and from then on, the notebook's been dead after booting up. How 2 fix?

A:Notebook hangs after booting up

When I try to start-up my HP Notebook, the machine itself turns on, but nothing happens afterward. The hard disk light flashes around four or five times, and the DVD drive clicks once (as it always does when I boot up normally), but there's absolutely no activity afterwards. The problem started when the notebook suddenly froze during use a few days ago, and since then i've been able to boot up windows in safe mode only once (the computer froze about five minutes later), and from then on, the notebook's been dead after booting up. How 2 fix?Hi Mikeperhaps,When you?re booting are you plugged in or running on battery? When you booted in Safe Mode, did any notifications come up before your computer froze? The problem, from the sound of it, could be a couple different things.Get back to me on those, and we can move forward.Cheers,
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Well I m back asking for help again hehe I m hangs CD at booting Building box, new from not sure if this should be in the hardware forums or the WinXP forum I m building a new computer and it boots up fine gets to the point it says quot booting from CD quot takes a while then says quot setup is checking your computers hardware configuration quot and just hangs there at a black screen I m not sure how much information I have that Building new box, hangs at booting from CD d be relevant It s an AN motherboard and a Maxtor hard drive and the hard drive is an old one that hasn t been wiped The bios are set so that it only boots from CD When I try to boot you can hear the CD drive spinning quickly and then when it gets to the black screen it slows down and stops I d be very grateful for any ideas or advice anyone might have And let me know if there s any other information I should supply Thanks -Airmide nbsp

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Every time I try to boot my computer, it hangs on "Press <Ctrl-F> for RAID OPTION". I tried pressing it, nothing happens, accessing the bios doesn't help cause it will hang, the keyboard becomes unresponsive. I removed the CMOS battery, reseted the BIOS setting and no dice, I have tried everything I can think of even removing RAM. This is the second time it had happen and both of the time I have installed a game. The first time is Watch Dogs and 2nd time now it is BF Hardline beta. What other possible solutions are there and how can I diagnose this problem? Thank you

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Hello all,
When I boot my computer up it sometimes wont load up past the black screen with that microsoft logo on the bottom with the moving squares to indicate its loading (I guess and hard to explain). I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 2007.

Thank you,

A:Computer Hangs when booting up

Have you added any new hardware lately? Any new changes to your computer?

See if you can boot into safe mode by tapping the F8 key before the Windows loading screen. From there you will be presented with a list of options to start in safe mode. From here you have a couple options.

1) you can try the last known good configuration

If that does not work you can try to boot into safe mode

2) START> RUN and type in sfc /SCANNOW

If that does not work try a system restore.

3) Once in safe mode you can use the following steps to perform a system restore:


This will restore your computer to a previous stable state.

Hope this helps
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Unfortunately my PC got a virus which corrupted (amongst others) my wininet.dll file. My virus software quarantined all the infected files, but wininet.dll is needed to run explorer.exe. I have tried to recover a previous copy of wininet.dll but it is corrupt and now every time I try to turn on my PC (even in safe mode with command prompt, it crashes when it tries to load up this file). I have lost my boot disk and have no way of deleting the wininet.dll file (which would at least let windows run). Any ideas on how to I can delete the corrupt file please?

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Hi all After i installed my HD and formatted my computer I have been experiencing something quite frustrating about my boot When I boot up my computer it hangs for over minute at this screen http weblogs asp net blogs jguadag b FECFB png I have been trying to find software for boot logging but it has been useless My Windows bootlog looked like this Code Microsoft R Windows R Version Build Loaded driver SystemRoot system minute for Computer 1 hangs when over booting ntoskrnl exe Loaded driver SystemRoot system hal dll Loaded driver SystemRoot Computer hangs for over 1 minute when booting system kdcom dll Loaded driver SystemRoot system mcupdate AuthenticAMD dll Loaded driver SystemRoot system PSHED dll Loaded driver SystemRoot system CLFS SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot system CI dll Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers Wdf sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers WDFLDR SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS ACPI sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS WMILIB SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS msisadrv Computer hangs for over 1 minute when booting sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS pci sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS vdrvroot sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System drivers partmgr sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS volmgr sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System drivers volmgrx sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS pciide sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS PCIIDEX SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot Computer hangs for over 1 minute when booting system DRIVERS mv cons sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System drivers mountmgr sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS atapi sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS ataport SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS amdxata sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers fltmgr sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers fileinfo sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers Ntfs sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers msrpc sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers ksecdd sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers cng sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System drivers pcw sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers Fs Rec sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers ndis sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers NETIO SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers ksecpkg sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System drivers tcpip sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System drivers fwpkclnt sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS vmstorfl sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS volsnap sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers spldr sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System drivers rdyboost sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers mup sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System drivers hwpolicy sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System DRIVERS fvevol sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS disk sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS CLASSPNP SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS AtiPcie sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS cdrom sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers Null SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers Beep SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot System drivers vga sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System DRIVERS RDPCDD sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers rdpencdd sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers rdprefmp sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers Msfs SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot System Drivers Npfs SYS Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS tdx sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers afd sys Loaded driver SystemRoot System DRIVERS netbt sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS wfplwf sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS pacer sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS netbios sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS serial sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS wanarp sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS termdd sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS rdbss sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system drivers nsiproxy sys Loaded driver SystemRoot system DRIVERS mssmbios sys Loaded driver Syste... Read more

A:Computer hangs for over 1 minute when booting

Check your bios settings very carefully in comparison to the equipment you are running. You may have an incorrect setting that is causing the delay.
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I have had Ubuntu on my laptop for a while now, and I was trying to set up a dual-boot with xp. My partition layout was such: An ext3 boot partition, a 40gb NTFS partition set aside for xp, a 160gb ext3 home partition for linux, and an ext3 partition that linux runs from. Upon putting in a known working xp boot disc, the screen hangs (without ever displaying anything except a blinking cursor) on boot until I eject the cd, whereupon it promptly loads grub. Thinking this to be a grub/xp clash, I rashly deleted the ext3 boot partition and formatted it for windows, but the problem persists (though now grub gets an error 17 while trying to load). Any ideas on how I can get both of these OSs working? Thanks.

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My computer will not boot into Safe Mode or any of the other F8 options.
It gets to mup.sys (when loading files) in Safe Mode and then it hangs.
LKGC does not work. I can not boot into WinXP (Pro SP2).

Any suggestions?

Thank you,
Joe Raza

A:WindowsXP - Hangs when booting into SafeMode, etc...

If you have your XP CD, do a repair install.
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My Dell laptop running Vista suddenly refuses to boot and hangs after the loading of the driver crcdisk.sys. I've attempted booting from the recovery dvd without success giving the same result. My laptop just hangs with a blank screen. Can someone please assist? I have 4 Gig of RAM and 250Gig of hard disk.

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Recently I ve been having massive problems playing some games due to crackly distorted sound that gets worse and then eventually I get a blue screen with gibberish error codes I think these were clues as to how messed up it was going to get So I went out the other day and my computer was fine before I left the house Just idly ticking over and downloading some stuff for me I come back and it s frozen on the screen saver which won t go away I restart and it just hangs at the opening motherboard screen I tried restarting it a few times and it would hang at various times but it never really gets anywhere near loading windows so I don t think it s a software fault A couple of times it s booted up with just a black screen and the motherboard makes short beeps I m at a total loss I took the ram out and blew in the slots and did something similar to the hard drive but no luck All the fans appear to be working in it I have amd asus a n-e motherboard gig crucial memory hangs Not - booting!! software computer when ati x win xp home It s about time I upgraded I suppose but I d still rather find out what s wrong with it and sell the bits that aren t completely broken Thanks in advance for any advice nbsp

A:Not software - computer hangs when booting!!

You have a hardware failure for sure. Try replacing memory first. If you are running 2 sticks of memory try booting with only one installed.
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My comp has two Win Xp Installed . There are two hard drives . Of late I had been getting some messages in Scandisk on startups . And there were few improper shutdowns due to power failures .

Now the thing is all of a sudden my comp restarted and i got a mssg SYSTEM HAS RECOVERED FROM A SERIOUS ERROR

Then it happened again but this time the comp wont restart and it hangs on startup ie Compaq Logo ..... Another thing is that the startup screen is striped which was not the case earlier the screen freezes and there are vertical stripes

i cant figure out the prob ..... i am attaching a jpg of the screen i get on startup

A:[SOLVED] Computer Hangs on Booting / Can't get to BIOS /

tell you the truth am not that sure on this one. you have two hard drives on your computer is one set as master and the other slave. you could try getting into safe mode if it work for f9 and then going to event viewer by right clicking on my computer then manage and event viewer should be there. you could also try putting you xp cd and the going to repair their and type this in recovery consol chkdsk/r. or SFC /SCANNOW in recovery console this would replace any damaged files. this is the system file checker. btw what key are you pressing to access the bios. have you tried del, tab or f1 just a guess lol.
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My Sony Vaio laptop, core2duo 2.1 GHz, 2 GB RAM, ATI X2300 graphics card. It came with vista home premium. Now it is dual boot with windows 7, which I installed on another partition.

Now I am facing a strange problem. Whenever I am trying to boot with windows 7 in battery power, while starting windows, lots of strange lines are appearing in the logon screen. After selecting the user, the system hangs. But it is perfectly working when AC power mode. The system working well both in battery and AC power while using Vista. What'll be the problem?

A:System Hangs When booting in Battery Mode

Just to check - Have you installed the Win 7 drivers for your display card?
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This Hangs when Booting System Recovery Partition might get a little long-winded but I want to give you guys as much information as possible I have a Dell Inspirion Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium The computer was working fine perfectly until Friday night and then it just would not boot anymore If I just turn the power button on and let it ride it will take you to the boot options menu System Hangs when Booting Recovery Partition and if it times out it will try to boot normal but will get hung up on a black blank screen Here is what I have tried so far Attempt - Safe Mode Result - System Hangs on Black Screen Attempt - Safe Mode with Command Prompt Result - System Hangs on Black Screen Attempt - Recovery Mode Result - System Hangs on Black Screen Attempt - Shift and F - Dell Recovery Partition Result - System boots the recovery partition and it takes forever about minutes and then gets stuck with a box saying something along the lines of quot Application failed to find COMDLG dll Try reinstalling the program to resolve the problem quot Attempt - Download and Burn Vista Recovery Disk ISO Result - CD Boots and I actually got this thing to work Got to the point where you had to select your OS and my OS wasn't listed so I just hit OK and then selected Startup Repair Computer ran for about an hour and did find an error and then when it checked its own work it was good to go Upon reboot it still did not boot up and then would not boot into the recovery disk anymore Attempt - Download Vista Home Premium ISO and Burn Result - Running DVD in test computer loads disk just fine treats it just like a windows disk so I know it works The computer that I am trying to repair will load the disk but will get hung up before it lets me pick my keyboard layout or select my region Attempt - Run Ultimate Boot CD Result - UBCD will load but nothing lets me get into a command prompt that I can use to actually fix anything on either hard disk Extra Stuff - Went through the BIOS and everything looks clean no issues hard disk is being detected and no errors are showing No bizzare noises are coming from the laptop So with all that being said does anybody have any ideas here Also I have one license for Vista Home Premium so the ISO download of Vista Home Premium is legit If there was either some way to fix whatever is causing the computer to hang while loading vista or at least get me into a command prompt that would be great I could work with that I am kind of at a dead end right now though Any input would be greatly appreciated Thank you very much in advance

A:System Hangs when Booting Recovery Partition

Hi LT1FirebirdSLp

Run chkdsk.

Check Disk - chkdsk
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Hi guys I'm having a problem with my PC - it hangs at the XP splash screen and just keeps going and going until it turns itself off sometimes quickly sometimes something like minutes after I have tried booting up in last known good configuration but that also does the same thing Now I can boot up in safe mode It used to stay at JGogo sys for ages then suddenly load up I looked this up and tired some of the things that were suggested I renamed JGogo sys and Jraid sys but that didn't help and then I reinstalled the JMicron drivers which also did nothing Now when I boot up in safe mode it hangs at MUP sys before suddenly booting However in safe mode it will still randomly shut down This brings me to my next point Another strange thing is that usually when it used to boot up when it was booting just before the welcome screen I would hear the fans slow down Now the just keep spinning very strongly all of the time and don't slow down like usual mode Hangs when XP booting safe up, access can My windows version is XP SP which is installed from an OEM CD but I have no idea where this disc is The motherboard is an ASUS p ne sli I think Thank XP Hangs when booting up, can access safe mode you

A:XP Hangs when booting up, can access safe mode

If you are NOT using raid/ahci then make sure Bios is set to emulate ide for the sata drive.

Also, try another sata cable.
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Hello,I went through the steps for malware removal with one of the pros who review the HiJack This logs. Upon completion, I noticed my PC hangs on the black screen when I start or restart. This had not happened prior to the infection. Perhaps a registry issue caused by the malware? It takes several attempts either hitting the reset button or the power button to get it to fully boot up. I'm leary of restaring at all for fear that it won't come back up. Your HiJack This pro referred me to this forum for further assistance. I am running Windows XP Pro SP2 and am including the URL to my HJT thread for further info in case it may be of assistance.;#entry949041Thank you,OrygunGal

A:Booting Hangs On Black Screen After Malware Removal

Try doing a System Restore, if this doesn't work there are a couple of things we can do.Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore.When this opens make sure that "Restore my computer to an earlier time" is chosen, and click on Next>.The dates appearing in bold are the dates that you can restore to, click on the date that you want and then click Next> to start the System Restore. This may take a long time to complete, and when it is done it will restart your computer. When the computer restarts and you have logged on as the administrator a Restoration Complete page will appear, click on OK to complete the process.
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Dell Dimension E520, windows Vista home premium. I just installed drivers for Nero essentials and lightscribe applications. When I restarted PC, it would not start in normal mode but will in safe mode. Everything works in safe mode, but will not completely boot in normal mode.
anyone have any ideas?

A:Solved: PC booting in safe mode but hangs in normal

Uninstall them and see if it works again.

Then we'll take it from there.
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Received these error messages when testing my hard drive.Failure ID: 90A8RG-000871-9XMNWK-61Q203Product ID: H6T97AA#ABA The computer takes at least one hour to boot all the way up.won't allow me to make recovery disk or system recovery.
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i have two PCI slots in my motherboard, soundcard was using one and one was free, today i bought firewire card and it didnt work when i put it into second slot i thought may be slot problem i changed slot and put soundcard aside then fiwirewere worked... then i checked it on 2nd slot its worked there too .. now they are working alone in both slots, but not together ... !!! help!!!

system config
dual core
2 gb ram
nvdia card
intel sound card(externel)

A:Firewire card and external soundcard not working together pc hangs before booting?

i read sm were its irq issue
i tried acpi driver to standard .. n its screwed up so got restored in safe mode..

and one more thing i have one tv tuner card also... so i tried it with firewire 1st and it waf working fine and then with sound card.. and again its working fine but firewire and soundcard not working together.... if its irq sharing in slot it shd not work with tv tuner card too.. i guess.. correct me if i wrong..

plzz any one rply need help
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Hi guys I ve been using a Samsung N LCD monitor on my PC for "flashes" Samsung hangs PC 940N monitor and quite a few months without a hitch but in the last weeks or so I will be using my PC as normal when the monitor will suddenly quot flash quot and the screen seems to go out of focus pixels start to flicker and the Samsung 940N monitor "flashes" and hangs PC whole PC just hangs This can happen during startup after minutes or after hours There is no warning as to when it will happen The same problem occurs when I boot to safe mode as well On one of the times when it wasn t crashing for a long time I managed to run some virus spyware trojan etc tests and they all came up clean I m not sure if it s the video or the monitor causing the problem Samsung 940N monitor "flashes" and hangs PC I just have onboard video on an ASUS AS -MX motherboard Is this something that can be fixed or should I just start looking at a new PC Thanks Rang nbsp

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Hello everyone I've been given a Lenovo Z laptop with little background information other than the fact that it refuses to boot A clean install is not an option at this point due to the personal information on the laptop When I turn on the laptop it displays the Lenovo sign then boots into a screen that says Windows Error Recovery I've been working through the troubleshooting guide here with little to no luck Here is what I encountered on each step everything black Trouble Laptop, Z570 Lenovo or booting screen hangs Using quot Last Known Good Configuration quot results Trouble booting Lenovo Z570 Laptop, everything hangs or black screen in a black screen that does not go away or change Using quot Repair your computer quot under Advanced Boot Options leads to a black screen If I try using a Windows installation disk the screen hangs on the initial quot Setup is starting quot screen indefinitely Using a repair disk gets farther- it lets me choose some settings but then hangs on a screen that says quot Searching for Windows Installations quot I'm not sure what a UEFI install is but I assume my hard disk is not UEFI because I did not see any options in the BIOS Edit I'm sure that the installation disk is not corrupted tried running it in another Windows laptop and it loaded without problems The hard drive is still detected in BIOS set up Trying the System Restore leads to a black screen As mentioned above the repair disk hangs on quot Searching for Windows Installations quot Booting into Safe Mode with Networking leads to a black screen Not available cannot run Safe Mode I created a bootable USB with Partition Wizard and I ended up on a screen that says quot Windows Error Recovery quot with two options Launch Startup Repair and Start Windows Normally Both options lead to a black screen Not available Partition Wizard does not run That is all I have tried so far Will try the remaining steps but not much hope left Does anyone have any suggestions Thank you
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Q: Z240

Hi Team, We are trying to install win7 on Z240 but due to some issue the SSD does not gets detected we have also tried installing Win7 via CD/USB but still no luck can someone help me regarding this issue.


If secure boot is enabled in BIOS, try disabling it and enable legacy boot.Also in case you are using NVME SSD, then you may need to inject the corresponding driver
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I have a brand new HP Z240. I have installed the SSD in the M2 slot on the board and updated the BIOS 1.27. The board or the BIOS will still not see the SSD. it is a Crucial 500GB SSD. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Bios ver. N51 1.27 Does anyone know where the option is to turn on Num Lock for the HP Z240? I have looked throguh the service manual and there was no listing for turning on num lock like other models.Example: the  z210 Bios does offer this.  z240  Note: I am not interested in setting the forInitialKeyboardIndicators option in the Windows registy.    I'm looking for an option  similar to was is shown here.
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Hello, i just bought an hp z240 workstation (tower format).I'm trying to configure a transcend m.2 30GB drive. After installing it on the dedicate m.2 slot on the motherboard i can't see it in the bios and even in windows 7.the first drive is connected on sata0 (original 1tb hdd with win 7 installed on it)On bios settings the m.2 slot is enabled. any suggestion? Thank you
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I need to upgrade from a Z220 to a Z240 using the same drives and o/s and software.  Will those drives run on the 240 without crashing?  If not, what drivers would I have to supply to use a program like Acronis Snap Deploy (set to restore to different hardware)?
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Hi,I would like to know the MTBF of Z240 workstations.In one site I found MTBF as 2 million hours with SSD. Is it correct?
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Have a new Z240 Workstation with a Samsung 950 Pro 256GB M.2 nVMe SSD.Windows 10 will install to the SSD from USB no problem but the machine fails to find the OS post install.The Samsung 950 Pro SSD does not show up in the UEFI section of the BIOS, but it does show up under Legacy devices.Secure Boot is not enabled. If I add a SATA HDD,  Windows Boot Manager gets installed on the SATA device and the machine will then boot Windows 10 from SSD. How do I get the machine to boot from SSD without having to have a SATA HDD installed? I've updated the BIOS from 01.11 to 01.21 with no change in the above.