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Will this graphics card fit my Pavilion p6247 c-b? The tower...

Q: Will this graphics card fit my Pavilion p6247 c-b? The tower...

The tower has the exact same specs that it comes with, motherboard is the same (Violet, I think its nicknamed) etc. wanna know if this will fit it:

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Preferred Solution: Will this graphics card fit my Pavilion p6247 c-b? The tower...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Will this graphics card fit my Pavilion p6247 c-b? The tower...

There are three concerns that I have about the card: 1) it states that it will work with only 300W. I have found these claims have not been correct. 2) the card is extremely long. There may not be enough space for it without some problems. You can measure from the Back I/O plate to the front of the case. and 3) newer cards after the GT 640 series require UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS. HP didn't begin using UEFI until mid-October, 2012. Your computer was released on September 24, 2009. My advice is to choose a manufacturer and contact their Tech Support for help with choosing the best card for your computer and needs. I like EVGA (1-888-881-3842). Their Tech Support is very helpful and knowledgeable. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Ok so I just recently got a Dell optiplex GX PC that has- nbsp Intel core quad processor GHz GB ram GB hard drive kinda small i know i m looking to upgrade that as well I m posting this here to see if anyone knows mainly what graphics tower!) card GX Dell for Graphics a video (not card 755 & mini the Optiplex card i could get that would make my PC gaming friendly It doesn t have to be the most amazing stellar quality card out there since iv had some people tell me that you cant upgrade these PCs much But just some good quality advice on the subject and maybe a recommendation on what card brand to get as well as the specs for it Also a recommendation for a Graphics card & video card for a Dell Optiplex GX 755 (not the mini tower!) video card would be greatly appreciated as well Sorry for my ignorance on on the subject i am new to the PC world I ended up having to get this computer in a pinch because I am a small time graphics design artist Graphics card & video card for a Dell Optiplex GX 755 (not the mini tower!) and my laptop died and I had orders coming in I m not looking for a quick fix to the problem so even if anyone has a solution that may take a bit or quite a few steps to get underway the help is still greatly welcomed I am hoping if its at all possible to make a good situation out of this and maybe build this PC to fit my needs Thank you to anyone who can help
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Ok so I just recently got a Dell optiplex GX PC that has- nbsp Intel core quad processor GHz GB ram GB hard tower!) card for mini video & a Dell 755 card GX Graphics the Optiplex (not drive kinda small i know i m looking to upgrade that as well I m posting this here to see if anyone knows mainly what graphics card i could get that would make my PC gaming friendly It doesn t have to be the most amazing stellar quality card out there since iv had some people tell me that you cant upgrade these PCs much But just some good quality advice on the subject and maybe a recommendation on what card brand to get as well as the specs for it Also a recommendation for a video card would be greatly appreciated as well Sorry for my ignorance on on the subject i am new to the PC world I ended up having to get this computer in a pinch because I am a small time graphics design artist and my laptop died and I had orders coming in I m not looking for a quick fix to the problem so even if anyone has a solution that may take a bit or Graphics card & video card for a Dell Optiplex GX 755 (not the mini tower!) quite a few steps to get underway the help is still greatly welcomed I am hoping if its at all possible to make a good situation out of this and maybe build this PC to fit my needs Thank you to anyone who can help
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Hi There

I downloaded tower simulator yesterday by Wilco Publishing but it wont load for me I don't know if my graphics card is compatible - I have an Advent 7094 laptop with SIS 661gx graphics card and it needs to be compatible with Pixel 1.1 - can anyone tell me if it is ? Sorry I really don't know very much about this type of thing
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Hello guys  So I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre  M92p Tower (machine type 2992).  I recently obtained a MSI R7 250 2GD3 OC and am currently trying to install it. I followed the manual and removed the proper back plates and opened the living mechanism. However  when i try to fit the card in it is just a couple millimeters off and it won't slide down.  Am i doing something wrong or is my card incompatible with my case?  Thank you 

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A:Graphics Card won't fit - M92p Tower


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Hey guys, I recently bought an old HP OEM computer (a 'dc7700', I think) off eBay. It's one of those towers that is placed horizontally, and it's quite thin. I was planning on using it as an HTPC but it lags when trying to watch HD movies, so I think I'm going to buy some really low-end graphics card.

I was looking at this one (I'm in Australia and it's either eBay or local IT shops):

I'm wondering, will this fit in the tower? Do I need to specifically look for a low-profile graphics card? Thanks in advance.
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After a few weeks with our new M900 Tower 10FDCTO1WW with I7-6700 bios lenovo FWKT54A, 16gb Ram, 1Tb hard drive  running windows 10 for home and nvidia 720 graphics card, our  teen would like to upgrade the card to an nvidia 1060.  Looking at specs to the card, we probably have to upgrade power supply as well.  Couldnt find info on mother board.   Is it locked? Bios issues?    Will it work?  Appreciate your input and advice! THANK YOU EVERYONE!
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i searched in a lot of forums to see if a gtx 750 ti is compatible with the dell 660 mini tower and i cant find a reliable source and i need help to see if its worth it to get it if it is compatible.
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Hi TechSpot Forums!

I own a Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini-Tower PC, and am seriously considering buying a graphics card for it.

My question to you is, which would best be compatible with my specs?

System Specs:

Dell Inc. OptiPlex GX280
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
2552 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
500.10 GB HDD

Current Video Card:

Name: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
DAC Type: Internal
Approx. Total Memory: 128.00 MB
Current Display Mode: 1400 x 1050 (32 bit) (60GHz)

Does installing a graphics card mean you can achieve higher resolutions on your LCD monitor? That is partly the reason I will be purchasing one.

Thanks for any info or suggestions,

~ TomHax

A:Graphics card for Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini-Tower?

Does installing a graphics card mean you can achieve higher resolutions on your LCD monitor?Click to expand...

That depends on the maximum resolution supported by your monitor.

What's your main reason to purchase the card? What's your budget?
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Hello everyone.

Can someone post a good GFX card for no mor ethne $100 for a miini tower PC such an emachine El series etc. So a low profile GFX card. My friend does some basic gaming WoW, Moonlight etc.

i know a regular card is too big. What is one of the best 100 dolalr or below gfx cards that are low profile and can fit into mini tower PCs? The slot can be the regular PCI 2.0

Thanks guys

A:Solved: Best budget Graphics card for mini tower form factor?

The biggest problem with OEM PC's is that the power supplies aren't typically up to the task of an addon card. So it's generally recommended to replace the power supply as well. With this being a mini-tower, I wouldn't be surprised if it does not use a standard sized power supply, so that is likely not an option.

If you want to simply try a new card anyway, your options will be limited by the card size. There isn't much of a selection of low profile cards. Find the latest generation chipset which fits your budget.
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I have a Vostro 460 MT from Dell.
The Specs:
320GB HD
Stock PSU - 350W

I had a NVIDIA GT 210 card in previously which I sold and bought an R7 240 to upgrade with. When plugging in the R7 240 and booting up. I get NO VIDEO SIGNAL. NO BIOS SPLASH SCREEN etc.
NOW if I take the card out and use the onboard VGA it works fine. The NVIDIA GT 210 worked fine too.

Why does this card not work? Is there a solution to my problem?
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Dell Optiplex 3010 Mini Tower
intel core i3 3220 3.30 Ghz
265 watt PSU
24 pin connector
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What is an "add-in" graphics card (definition) on an Optiplex 990 tower? What does that mean?

I can't find a definition on the internet.


A:What is an "add-in" graphics card (definition) on an Optiplex 990 tower?

A card going into a PCI-E SLOT AKA PEG.
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Have this comp but it was time to upgrade the video card. I figured the i7 was good enough for average gaming and had an old nvidia 650 (I believe) and the comp ran great. But I recently purchased a gtx 970 and a new power supply and computer won't get past the motherboard log in screen ... Switching the old card back in everything works fine and I'm getting a bit flustered about the whole thing... Any ideas?Ps I also tryed my sons nvidia 750 ti and it still won't go past the motherboard load in screen

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A:Hp pavilion h8-1020 and a new graphics card

@Scottperkins?, welcome to the forum. The problem that you are experiencing is caused by the fact that the GTX 970 requires UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard/Legacy BIOS.  HP didn't begin using UEFI until mid-October, 2012.  The BIOS can't be upgraded to UEFI.  The last cards not to require UEFI were the GTX 660/670's. The GTX 750Ti requires UEFI, also. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I have a Pavilion dv6-6185la runing windows 7 it says that it has switchable graphics cards, does anyone know if I can upgrade to a more powerfull graphic card on this computer?

A:Pavilion dv6-6185la graphics Card

Hello, @danielkenobi Welcome to the HP Forums.Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade the graphics in that notebook. The GPU is part of the system board. For that notebook you have the highest GPU available in the Radeon HD 6770M.Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.Thank you for posting on the HP Forums.

I worked on behalf of HP.
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my laptop can't run league well after the most recent update and I think not having a dedicated graphics card is the problem, i looked at my computer panel system description and it says im running the Quad-Core A10-5750M and have 8GB DDR3 SDRAM so i definitely should be able to run league  but it gets waaay too hot and the proccesor and ram start getting waaay too high in usage percentage.  so am i able to add a graphics card or something to it? thanks!

A:can I put in a graphics card onto my HP Pavilion 15-e084ca N...

Hi, Unfortunately no, you can't put any graphics card to your machine. The AMD Radeon HD 8650G graphics comes with the processor. The following link shows specs of your machine: Regards.
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i want to purchase this laptop for school and fifa 15 gaming and i need to know what the graphics card is 

A:what graphics card does my HP Pavilion 15-au020wm 15.6" Man...

The Specs page states no dedicated graphics card- has onboard Intel HD 520:
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can you please tell me if it is possible to upgrade my graphics card for gaming as my present one is very jerky at times. Thanks in advance.   os.Windows 10 Home 64-bit microprocessor  AMD A10-4655M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphicssystem memory  8GBmemory slot 1  8GB Hynix 1600MHzsystem board  808B 90.41system bios  F.43  graphics device 1  AMD Radeon HD 7620Gcurrent resolution  1360 x 768refresh rate  60version  15.201.1101.0 (06/08/2015)graphics memory  4,206 MBaero status  Enabled 

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A:Can I upgrade my graphics card on my hp pavilion 15

No. Unfortunately, it is not upgradeable. The graphics is provided as an on-chip solution in the AMD Quad-Core A10-4655M APU.
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Hello, I've wanted to upgrade my PC's GFX card for a very long time and just learned that it IS in fact possible to upgrade, but if the card is too powerful I will need to upgrade everything else as well. I have never attempted upgrading a PC before, but My dv6 has a GeForce GT 320M GPU card and I would like to upgrade because I want to play games without having a large amount of lag. Is it possible for me to upgrade to a higher GPU without having to replace everything else inside of my computer?And which of these Cards would I be able to upgrade to?(again I am very new to this): Thank you for listening

A:HP Pavilion Dv6 Graphics Card Upgrade help

Hate to burst your bubble but no it is not possible to upgrade. Not sure where you got that information. The video chip in the laptop is soldered to the motherboard. There is no place to put a video "card". I also don't think there is a dv6 with a GT 320M or that such is a "thing".
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I have an HP Pavilion 550-a114 and I was wondering if it would be at all possible to upgrade the graphics card to something a tad more powerful. The current graphics card is an AMD Radeon R5, and I was hoping to upgrade to a Radeon R7 360 ( this be possible, or is there even a way to upgrade with my model?  

A:Can I upgrade my HP Pavilion's graphics card?

Can you verify that this is your actual unit?  Have you looked inside? According to HP, it's has an external 65W power supply, similiar to a laptop brick.  The motherboard is a Mini -ITX, with  1 PCI Express half-length mini card socket (like a laptop). The CPU is soldered onto the board, and the Integrated graphics: AMD Radeon R5 Series is embedded into the chip.  This motherboard does not have a PCIE slot on any type, and a PCIEx16 is required for the R7 card.
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I need to add a graphics card to a 7 year old p6213w.  I'm ignorant in this area.  Is it possible on this old computer?  Do I need to be concerned with monitor compatability?  It has DVI, HDMI and VGA ports.  Can I buy any graphics card?  Is desktop mode or OS an issue?  I have seen cards for $29 at Walmart to $700 at HP.  What's the difference?
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Please suggest a graphics card for me. I have the integrated AMD Radion R7 that came with the motherboard when I purchased the desktop a couple of years ago. Max resolution appears to be 1600x1200.  I want to upgrade my monitors (two) and the graphics card to better support my Adobe Lightfoot work.  I do not and never will do any gaming.  The desktop's power supply is 300W. I'd like to keep the card price under $100. I have not picked out monitors so I don't know what my target resolution will be, but 1600x1200 is too low. Thanks.
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So this is an issue that I've had for about pavilion dv7 on graphics Dedicated my Reconnecting my card a year or so but it kinda wasn't important to me that much until now nbsp nbsp Basically what happened My fan was getting really loud and my laptop would overheat nothing would help not even vacuuming it So i decided to open my laptop but for some reason I couldn't get the entire cover off and I ended up not cleaning the fan so I decided to give it to a company to clean it for me They did a great job but when I got the laptop back one of the graphics cards wasnt working the dedicated radeon one Not working means it wouldnt show up anywere as if it wasnt even in the laptop i couldnt find it in device manager or anything so my guess is its actually disconnected Due to a number of reasons I could not get back to the company to make them fix what they did but since I didnt really need the graphics card I didnt mind That was until now Now since I want to do some video editing a bit more hardcore gaming etc I would realy need the graphics card so I decided to open my laptop and I managed to find a video on how to do it and I did it When i got in I could clean the fan but I simply dont Reconnecting my Dedicated graphics card on my pavilion dv7 know where the graphics card is Reconnecting my Dedicated graphics card on my pavilion dv7 so i could reconnect it I've been searching all Reconnecting my Dedicated graphics card on my pavilion dv7 around trying to find it but i cant Can somebody please tell me how its supposed to look like where I can find it and how i can reconnect it nbsp nbsp Thanks a lot
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error occurs like... total available graphics properties not dedicated in my laptop when i formatted my laptop.
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Hey guys,

I have a run of the mill HP slimline desktop which i use as my main pc. I have recently stuck in some more ram and am now looking for a new graphics card in order to play a few games more smoother.

At the mo its running the onboard nvidia geforce 6150 le but am having trouble finding a card to fit in the case as it's so small.

I purchased a nvidia geforce 7300le which is too big to fit in the case!

Any ideas on a half decent small card either pci or agp?

Thanks again.

A:Looking for a decent graphics card to fit my HP Pavilion Slimline

I have an HP Pavilion Slimline, and mine came with a nVidia 7500 LE, which fits fine and works for general computer use and a few games (I mostly play Unreal Tournament 2004). One thing though, it's an OEM card from HP, so it most likely won't be sold on its own.
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I own a HP Pavilion dv7-WV705AV notebook and want to play Diablo 3 but my ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 is apparently too slow. I need to upgrade to an HD4870 or better. Can I do this?

A:Graphics Card Upgrade Available for HP Pavilion dv7 noteboo...

Hi, Unfortunately, your graphics adapter is integrated into the Motherboard and as such, is not an upgradeable component. Regards, DP-K
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Looking for some help:Core i5-2400 processor  8GB DDR system memory I bought a Geforce GTX 750TI graphics card for my son, but the pc gets caught on the blue HP screen, and eventually goes to black scren.  I tried to go into BIOS (version 7.16) to change the setting to PCI from onboard "Intel HD" graphics, but I cannot find a place to do that.  HP support assistant says there is no newer BIOS for upgrade. The HP page for this computer says it can accept PCI graphics cards.  HELP?  I'll appreciate any clear next steps.

A:Adding Graphics Card to Pavilion P7-1287C

Jim, welcome to the forum. The GTX 750Ti requires UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS.  HP didn't begin using UEFI until mid-October, 2012.  You can contact the manufacturer to see if they have a VBIOS upgrade for the card to allow it to work with a Legacy BIOS. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I've had my Pavilion for awhile and I've enjoyed it but it has always kind of struggled with gaming I don't usually try to play the latest titles or go for ultra HP for 500-320q... Considering Pavilion graphics card upgrading graphics so Considering upgrading graphics card for HP Pavilion 500-320q... it hasn't been a huge deal but I've been thinking about upgrading to get better performance Considering upgrading graphics card for HP Pavilion 500-320q... and play some newer games In particular I would like to play Overwatch and get better performance in WOW Here's my current stats which are just what the computer came with nbsp Intel Core i - GB RamNvidia GeForce GT nbsp I did some research and it seems like the graphics card is the weak link that is hurting my gaming ability I've never upgraded a graphics card before so I just want to be sure I get something that would work for my system I did some research and I thought the GeForce GTX Ti looked like a reasonable option for me Does anyone know if it would work in my Pavilion Any other suggestions for graphics card or otherwise Thanks
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I'm looking to upgrade my Graphics Card to a newer nvidia model, currently have GT 620 which came with the pc. I'd like to know how far up the nvidia line would the motherboard of my HP Pavilion HPE H8-1203 be capable of handling(ex. 700 series, 800 series, 900 series). I have heard that this particular model has some issues with newer Graphics Cards due in part to some issue with the bios. Just wondering at what point would I be wasting my money by purchasing a newer graphics card.  Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
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My stock gpu is gt which is half broken because I couldn t use its full capacity When it s enabled the desktop goes black screen of death it goes normal when I disabled it but I couldn t play games My suspect is overheating because I m a hardcore gamer I play games like call of duty fallout arma etc everyday and my pc is year old I use it everyday Now I m planning to purchase the XFX - ATI Graphics for m9350f, Hp card elite my pavilion help please Radeon HD GB DDR PCI Express Graphics Card watts My pc specs is Psu watts processor Phenom- A GHz W HD gb ram Graphics card for my Hp pavilion elite m9350f, please help gb os vista gpu GeForce GT MB GDDR memory link http h www hp com ewfrf wc amp lc en amp dlc en amp cc us amp lang en amp Graphics card for my Hp pavilion elite m9350f, please help product Now I want to know everything about xfx Hd radeon Is it good for gaming How s the cooling when did it come out on the market will it fit in my casing It s watts can I buy watts or should I buy watts any Graphics card for my Hp pavilion elite m9350f, please help psu brand you can recommend include the price please thanks link of the gpu I plan to buy http www bestbuy com site XFX - A Card p id amp skuId nbsp

A:Graphics card for my Hp pavilion elite m9350f, please help

It isn't the wattage that is important as much as it is the quality of the power supply. Get a good one as opposed to a cheap or no-name brand, unless you already have a good one such as Seasonic, OCZ, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, or one of the other top models.. The video card is fine.
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The graphics card that comes in this PC only has VGA and DVI outputs. Is there a way to add a card that will have HDMI and DVI outputs? I prefer to use two monitors. I don't want to have power supply issues as mentioned in previous forums.

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A:HP Pavilion p7-1421 upgrading graphics card

There is no way to add a video card without upgrading the power supply unit (PSU).  The current PSU is only 300W.  While some of the newer cards state in the specs that they will run on 300W, most members have reported that they require 400W. Here is a USB 3.0 video adapter that will work.  You have two USB 3.0 ports on the back of your computer.  I suggest contacting StarTech's Tech Support for help with choosing the best video adapter for your needs. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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My graphic Cards are extremely old and drivers are outdated for gaming. I want to upgrade my graphic drivers and stuff that helps gaming or what you guys recomend, send a link below to the xact website i can download.  Processor:   Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350m CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.30GHz Installed Memory:   4.00GB Systemtype:   64-bit Operating System  HP Pavilion g6 notebook PC
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I've been trying to install my new Nvidia EVGA Geforce GT 740 SC on my Pavilion P6-2026 but I ran into a problem that says that "the graphics driver could not find compatible grahics hardware". I need help in order to get this grahic hardware in because I can't put the grahics card in first then download this because the computer immediatly wants to run on that graphics card even though the built in grahics card in the motherboard is still active. Any tips on how to fix this?

A:Installing a new graphics card on a Pavilion P6-2026

Hi: Did you first uninstall the onboard Intel graphics adapter, and check the uninstall driver box in the device manager before installing your new graphics card? If not, I suggest you do. The Intel driver may be interfering with the nvidia driver when it tries to install. The  Intel HD graphics adapter is disabled in the BIOS automatically after you install the new video card, so it is not active, but the if the driver is still there, it may be the cause of your dilemma. After you uninstall the Intel graphics adapter and driver in the device manager, shut down the PC (do not restart as prompted), and install your new video card.
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Hi graphics Pavilion Best HP for card upgrade a6827c-b guys Just got HP Pavilion a c-b desktop for my birthday and so far its great The only thing that bothers me is the integrated graphic card its really not so good for games So i want to upgrade i have a budget of to get a Best graphics card upgrade for HP Pavilion a6827c-b new graphic Best graphics card upgrade for HP Pavilion a6827c-b card I would like to get some decent graphic card that will allow me to play most of the games that are currently out or will be out soon I do not care what settings those games are gonna be on as long as they work smooth i will be fine I repeat once again I do not care about resolution or things like that as long as i can play those games with a good fps rate i will be more than satisfied These are the specs of the pc HP Pavilion a c-b desktop Base processor Pentium E W GHz W MHz front side bus Socket Chipset Intel G Express Motherboard Manufacturer Asus Motherboard Name IPIBL-LB HP Compaq motherboard name Benicia-GL E Power supply W Memory Installed GB Actual available memory may be less Speed supported PC - MB sec Type pin DDR SDRAM Hard drive GB SATA G Gb sec rpm Sorry cause its a little mess took them off from a website btw I would like if i could play games such as Fallout and Lock On on it Any suggestions guys Thanks a bunch nbsp

A:Best graphics card upgrade for HP Pavilion a6827c-b

my vote goes for this XFX HD-477A-YDFC Radeon HD 4770 512MB only $109 and has free shipping and will last for a while and should work with your current system
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Hello. I am very interested in playing Diablo 3 when it comes out; although my current "stock" graphics card will not allow me to play, even at the lowest settings. I am thinking of upgrading to the
XFX - AMD Radeon HD 6670 2GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 Graphics Card

Will my "stock" HP Pavilion support this? Or will I need to upgrade something else in order for it to accept the new hardware?

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Hi nbsp Have HP Pavilion HP Pavilion Issues Graphics Card P6-2065UK P - UK with GB Ram and have installed new Corsair CX Watt power supply nbsp When I install new Nvidia Geforce GT nbsp Grahics Card blank HP Pavilion P6-2065UK Graphics Card Issues screen is displayed you can hear Windows nbsp start up screen open but no display present nbsp I have gone into Bios mode to confirm x slot is enabled and sometimes the PCI Express Card is shown I have tried enabling and disabling on board Video in Bios no joy Unable to go into Safe HP Pavilion P6-2065UK Graphics Card Issues Mode nbsp I have also tried using Google Remote Desktop to connect the HP to another PC so that I can try and see desktop but as soon as you power down the unique digit pin code needed is reset and I lose connection nbsp I am still able to use onboard original video but not the Nvidia nbsp Been ongoing for sometime now nbsp Any help with this would really be appreciated nbsp Thanks Solved View Solution

A:HP Pavilion P6-2065UK Graphics Card Issues

Hello Easyd, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.I understand you installed a new graphics card and now cannot boot. I would like you to go back into your BIOS and disable Secure Boot and Enable Legacy Mode. Please re-post with what happens when you restart if you require additional support. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great weekend!
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A few months ago I started getting into pc gaming after purchsing my desktop.  I didn't origannaly buy the computer for gaming, but now that I have really enjoyed it i would like to upgrade my graphics card.  I understand that I will probably have to upgrade the power supply.  What I really want to find out is a few video cards compatible with my motherboard/processor that will allow me to play games like Crysis 3, Far cry, and any newer games I may want to buy in the future without going over around $200.  I'm not looking for a card that  I will get to play the games on the highest setting just for something that will give me stable fps.  Thank you.  Link to specs:

A:Upgrading the graphics card on a HP Pavilion HPE h8-1210

Boba729, welcome to the forum. Here is a card that should work for you.  It is a double card, so you will no doubt lose the use of one of the PCI Express x1 slots.  Read the "Customer Reviews" to see what other users have to say.  If you decide against this card be certain to stay under 9" in length to assure that it fits into the space provided. It doesn't state the amount of wattage required to run it properly, but I believe that you can get by with a 550W to 600W power supply unit (PSU).  Here is a highly rated PSU manufactured by Corsair.  I also like OCZ products. These two items should keep you close to your $200 limit. Please click "Accept as Solution" if your problem is solved.
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Hey there nbsp I've been currently looking into upgrading my graphics card from my Radeon Sapphire HD gb GDDR model to a MSI GTX gb GDDR model nbsp My question is whether the card will actually fit into the case Mainly whether I'll be able to install it With my current card I have to slot it in at a diagnal before I'm able to actually fit it past the HDD Mounting bracket into the PCI-E slot It fits at least though nbsp The dimensions are as follows nbsp Radeon nbsp x x cm nbsp GTX nbsp x x cm nbsp nbsp My computer model is HP Pavilion p Series - nbsp p - ea nbsp ----------------------------- nbsp I'm aware of the PSU restirctions I have already upgraded to a w power supply But my main concern is whether I'd be able to fit it past P6 my into graphics HP card Installing Pavilion new a Series... that HDD Installing a new graphics card into my HP Pavilion P6 Series... bracket which goes the full height of the pc nbsp I've also taken note of the PCI - restriction of my board but that's not a massive issue for Installing a new graphics card into my HP Pavilion P6 Series... me at this Installing a new graphics card into my HP Pavilion P6 Series... moment nbsp nbsp ----------------------------- nbsp This morning has consisted of scouring the internet for this question with minimal success so I thought it better just to ask for a more direct result nbsp Thanks in advance nbsp Mr Baker nbsp
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I have thought about getting a new card to start playing games a little more "seriously" but my graphics card isent quite up to par with gaming standards. I have an AMD A6-3400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics and the display adaptor is AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6520G 4 GB RAM 64 bit Quad Core Windows 7. HP Pavilion DV6-6110us

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A:Can I replace a Graphics card on a HP Pavilion DV6-6110us

Hi: They are just flat out stuck where they are. The only thing you can do is to make sure you have the latest graphics driver installed for best performance. Paul
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I want to install a new graphics card in my old Pavilion. I will add  a new power unit- I prefer nvidia or EVGa etc. generally... does someone know or can someone refer me to a url with this info?  I tried my radeon 5820 and it didn't have any output so I  stuck in a 500w psu and an old gtx 9400 for now, which only works for low usage.

A:Pavilion p6674y Graphics card upgrade

@Maggietron?, welcome to the forum. Newer video cards require UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard/Legacy BIOS.  HP didn't begin using UEFI until mid-October, 2012.  The motherboard can't be upgraded to UEFI.  The last video cards that didn't require UEFI were the GTX 660/670's. I suggest contacting EVGA's Tech Support (1-888-881-3842) for help with choosing the best card for your system.  They are the experts on their products.   Also, they can tell you the power requirements of the card that they recommend. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Hi, i would like to know whether an EVGA GTX 660 SC is compatible with my desktop; along with the EVGA 500w power supply. If not, which compatible graphics card are available that offers the best performance for my pc?
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I've got a HP pavilion 17e073 ed and i want to replace the graphics card with a better one. The problem is that i can't find anywhere if i can replace the graphics card. I want to replace it for better gaming prestations. I've already bought a SSD and some more RAM.

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A:Can you replace the graphics card from hp pavilion 17e073ed

Hi: There are no removable, replaceable, upgradable graphics 'cards' in your notebook. The graphics is all part of the motherboard and in order to upgrade the graphics, you would have to see if there is a motherboard listed in the maintenance and service guide for your notebook that has better graphics. Replacing the motherboard would be a costly and labor intensive project.
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I want to upgrade my graphics card with one that will run 4K. I bought and installed a GEForce GTX 980 (was on special) but the PC wouldn't boot with this installed. I played around with it for a while, with no success. I contacted the shop where I bought the card from and they said, bring it in, we'll sort it. I took it to them and they had the same result. They then said that HP put a block/code in the BIOS to stop third party peripherals from functioning. I've not been able to verify if this is in fact the case. If it is, does HP have a prefered "vendor" of graphics cards they "allow" to run? If not, what card/s will work with this PC? To save ppl looking up the hardware specs:Motherboard is a Cleveland-GL8Graphics Card is a AMD Radeon HD 6850
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Can I upgrade Nvidia graphics card to latest cards or supported one from Nvidia.

The reason to change the graphics card is, it is over heating and crossing the 100 degree celsius which reports in black screen and suddenly crashes.

So anyone can tell me which is the suitable graphics card that will support HP Pavilion P6270IN Desktop .
What will be the upgrade process with new graphics card?

Please suggest.

Below is the Product information:
Link : HP Pavilion P6270IN Desktops
Prod: AU930AA#ACJ

Hardware Information:
Motherboard: IPIEL-LA3 (Eureka3)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT220
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500

A:How to upgrade Graphics card of HP Pavilion p6270in Desktop PC

You have a PCI-e slot on your motherboard so theoretically you can fit any of the latest cards. It's not that simple though, for starters you only have a 300W PSU which will limit you to the most basic cards and is probably why a GT220 is fitted. You'd need at least a 450W PSU to run a decent card.
You only have a dual core CPU too which will bottleneck any of the latest nVidia cards.
Lastly is case size, some of today's cards are absolutely massive and the chances are most would be too big for your case.

One thing to try to get your GPU temperatures down is to remove the side panel from the case (with the power switched off and every external cable unplugged) and give the machine a good clean out with a soft brush and a can of compressed air. Dust build up can easily block the heatsink on the GPU (as well as other components) which will stop it from cooling properly.
Are you using this machine for gaming by any chance?
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Hi All, I have an old HP Pavilion Elite HPE-190a desktop and would like to know how high I can upgrade the RAM and Graphics Card with the current power supply(480 Watt) and motherboard (MS-7613 (Iona-GL8E). Still has original specs. Regards and Thanks in Advance24moz71
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This is the graphics card I want to get will it work.
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My pavilion dv6-6001xx is not displaying at radon graphics in the control panel I searched for drivers but couldn't find any presently only Intel graphics are only working

A:Pavilion dv6 6001xx and radon graphics card not displaying ...

vikasvarma29 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about AMD graphics problems and wanted to help -- but need more information.What do you mean by "not displaying in the control panel" If you go into Control Panel --> Device Manager , do you see both video cards under Display Adapters? OR is only the Intel card shown? Is the AMD Catalyst Control Center listed when you do Control Panel --> Programs and Features? Do you see the AMD application in the list of All Applications? We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks
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I'm having the same issue as this post from nbsp yikes nbsp Pavilion HPE H pa... HPE H8-1121 graphics New card - wont PSU, + Pavilion boot - - New graphics card PSU wont boot past HP screen nbsp I've installed a newer power supply Seasonic W which has been working well nbsp I Pavilion HPE H8-1121 - New graphics card + PSU, wont boot pa... also installed a GTX Ti last year and it's been working great as well nbsp I recently purchased Pavilion HPE H8-1121 - New graphics card + PSU, wont boot pa... a ZOTAC GTX and have attempted to install that but it won't go past the blue HP screen and I get the same beep code long short which it seems suggests the video isn't initializing My BIOS date is nbsp Where would I find an update for this I'm also using Windows which I just found on the HP site isn't tested on my model and would likely not support it's use well nbsp Should I roll back to or nbsp and then update BIOS nbsp Is there an update for my BIOS and where do I find it Anyway I'm hoping that's a solution nbsp This still isn't a bad machine for being years old Thanks for any help nbsp nbsp nbsp
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My new HP laptop isn't using its Nvidia graphics card when playing games, and instead is using the default Intel card. I can tell as it is affecting gameplay and causing massive frame drops and lag on games that a laptop of this standard should have no issue playing. The laptop recognises the Nvidia card and is shown on the system info. I have updated all the drivers. I have also set the properties on the Nvidia control panel to use the high performance processor instead of being automatic.I have tried disabling the Intel card in device manager but this caused the games to play even worse as was using the Windows default.I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Nvidia driver None of this has made any difference. I am wondering if there is a way to force the computer to use the Nvidia card? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm wondering if I can upgrade my Graphics Card and what models I should use to upgrade with? Thank you very much.

A:Upgrading Graphics Card on HP Pavilion g7-1328dx Notebook ??

Hi, Unfortunately the amd chip is integrated into the system board and is not an upgradeable component - this is the case for the majority of consumer class notebooks. Regards, DP-K
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hp pavilion elite m n intel core quad processor nvidia geforce gs graphics card Hi all new to the forums but not computers I suspect my families HP pavilion elite m n desktop is experiencing some graphics card issues We ve had it for a few years and only recently began experiencing these issues Thinking it was an OS issue I wiped the hard rive and began to reinstall a fresh copy of windows After boot up the windows install screen is presented but it is oddly mottled and the colors are oddly off The screen is crisscrossed with intersecting lines of dark red and black An image of this screen is attached below A similar image was presented m9040n issue? elite card pavilion graphics HP when trying to install vista The only luck Ive had HP pavilion elite m9040n graphics card issue? is with ubuntu which boots up fine and works for several hours before shutdown and then it will refuse to boot up for - hours More specifically it will boot but present a screen of alternating red and black horizontal stripes Within ubuntu oddly discolored screens will flash during boot up after this occurs Its obvious to me this is a hardware problem as different operating systems react similarly to the issue My first thought after OS issues was perhaps it was a problem with the monitor I hooked up another computer however and it worked fine So now I figure it HP pavilion elite m9040n graphics card issue? must be a hardware problem with the computer Unfortunately I have little no experience with computer hardware and can only guess at whats going on I suspect the graphics card is compromised somehow The computer has a history of motherboard issues however so the issue may be related to that Any help diagnosing fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Here's the deal I purchased a HP Pavilion dv us Entertainment Notebook PC and upgraded to Windows after I got a virus and Nvidia Windows Pavilion OS, detect 7 Graphics HP 9540us Card won't let Microsoft Techs into my laptop remotely in an effort to remove the worm and they deleted some key OS Files So they were kind enough to give me Windows Professional amp install Office HP Pavilion 9540us Windows 7 OS, won't detect Nvidia Graphics Card but failed to inform me that upgrading from Vista to Windows would render my Nvidia graphics card useless So here I am trying to figure out what to do and where to get the correct Drivers to get my HDMI amp Other ports working again I tried talking to HP but to them it's a matter of national security amp if your not willing to quot Grea e the wheels quot they're not willing to give up the quot seceret quot Although They did tell me that I will need to download a chipset driver to my HP Pavilion dv us that is compatible with Windows and then my Nvidia graphics card will be detectible by my Device manager Then I would need to update my Nvidia Drivers Reboot and I should be up and running Sounds good but what is the HP Driver I need Does anyone have a link or any better input Because I am about ready to Smash this thing or hunt down some HP Support guy

A:HP Pavilion 9540us Windows 7 OS, won't detect Nvidia Graphics Card

Welcome to seven forums american n need

Please fill in your specs by clicking this link Fill in your Computer specs

To know what your computer specs are do the following:
Click on the start
Type in System Information in the Search box
Copy and paste it here as well as your system specs in user cp.
System Info - See Your System Specs

Post back for further suggestions.
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I sent this laptop in for repair awhile ago and I just noticed that my computer doesn't recognize my dedicated NVIDIA 650m graphics card. It's not avalible in device manager or anything. It's as if it doesn't exist. I've started doing some work where I really need it and I'm stuck with the integrated graphics. I've ensured every drive is up to date, I've tried downloading drivers from NVIDIA's website, and I've tried downloading HP's posted Windows 8 drivers (there's nothing for WIndows 10). Nothing has worked so far.
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My tower will power on, the light is green and not blinking. The fan is blowing. But it won't detect the monitor, keyboard and mouse. The monitor is plugged in and goes straight to sleep when it is on. I don't know what to do at this point.
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Hi i have just oredered a HP pavillion 550-188na  desktop which will be delivered in a couple of days.....QUESTION....Does this desktop have a VGA port?I need to know as i have a VGA monitor and am unsure if i will need a adapto or not.Help would be very much appreciated.
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Hello! Hope you are well!
I'm not much of a techie--okay, not a techie at all.
I am an author and the only thing holding up my memoir submission is the fact that I'm struggling to get some photos from our old HP pavilion tower (7900) onto either a travel drive or our Gateway laptop, etc. We don't have the monitor anymore and it doesn't seem as though any of the various wires I have match up. Are there specific wires I can buy cheaply to do this myself? There was one chord that connected to the back of the Hp and into my laptop's USB drive but the laptop never recognized anything as there. Thoughts?


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Currently, I'm using a Gateway PC (Mini tower) with the built in Intel GMA 4500 HD Graphics. I'm looking to find a decent Mini tower PCI Express Graphics card that can run games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 at a low-decent resolution at a high FPS - preferrably 80-90 or more if possible. My price range is basically anything under / around $70.

I found a Radeon HD 5450 1 GB supposedly low profile graphics card on Amazon, any opinions on that quality of that?

I'd just like some suggestions, please. Thanks.

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How much ram can be installed in a m70e? i've seen sites that offer 8GB sticks.
Also is the power supply universal?
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A:M70e Tower-memory, graphics & power supply upgrade

If you don't wish to buy memory from Lenovo, both Kingston and Crucial have 'System Specific' memory for your system that are guarranteed to work. Memory timings must be match what the BIOS expects for the system to recognize it, and generic memory often doesn't work.   
Use your Hardware Maintenance Manual for instructions on how to upgrade the memory. After making any memory change, run 2 passes of MemTest86 to ensure all is well.    A few older system types (eg. some models of M58), required a BIOS update to support 4 GB modules.   I'm not familiar with the M70, but it's probably similar to the other models.   If you take the cover off and measure the existing supply, then you'll know if it is a ATX or TFX standard. )
The Mini-Tower uses a standar ATX power supply, and the SFF a standard TFX pwer supply. A power connector adapter (ATX to Lenovo) is required for M92 and forward. For the SFF, the maximum aftermarket TFX is 400w, with 350w being more common -- not a huge increase over stock. For the Mini-tower, I have had an 650w aftermarket Corsair in mine (I recommend one that is semi-modular and shorter, as space is limited inside the case.
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Hi, I have a EVGA e-GeForce 7600GT 256 MB PCIe Video Card which supports the SLI technology allowing me to link up 2 or more graphics cards for greater performance. Now this card has DDR3 memory. I wanted to know if I can link it up with a DDR2 memory graphics card which also supports SLI. If I can, how will this difference affect performance?

A:Linking a DDR2 memory graphics card with DDR3 SLI graphics card?

Now this card has DDR3 memoryClick to expand...

Which card?? "A card with DDR3 memory", or "A thingy with a red switch on it" tell us just as much.
But if it's not another 7600 GT you're trying to SLi, just forget it, especially if you're going to buy the other card.
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I have a FujiFilm XD-Picture card, and I noticed for a while when I go to put my card into the card slots in the tower it would pop up a notice such as:

I guess what I am wondering is what is causing this message to come up? I always just exit it, and access the card a different way because when I exit the dialogue above another box pops up such as:

I guess my question is, what exactly does the Scan and fix mean on the first dialogue that pops up? Should this be done and does it have to do with the XD card itself, or the slot that I put it in?

A:XD card or the XD slot in tower?

All this message means is that the card was pulled from the PC or the camera at some point before a file operation was complete. It would be harmless and helpful to allow windows to 'scan and fix' on occasion.

Something else that would fix it would be to allow the camera to format the card the next time the card is empty.
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I have a fairly new Radeon 8500 video card (the 128 MB version) in my PC. I need to replace the card in my G4 to get my new cinema display to work. Will the PC Radeon card work in the G4 tower? It has an AGP slot for the video card. I am just wondering if there is a difference between Mac and PC AGP cards?


A:Will a PC AGP Video card work in a Mac G4 tower?

Please do not double post..............................:no:

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Just purchased an EliteDesk 800 G2 Tower and I'm looking for the part number and where to purchase the single slot SD Card Reader for this tower desktop.  It's a single SD slot, so it's not the 3.5" multi card reader typically used.  The slot is just above the 4 USB ports on the front.  I tried the 15 in 1,  3.5" media card read but in order to use it, I would have to unplug the two front USB 3.0 connections from the motherboard.  I hate to eliminate the two front USB 3.0 in order to use an SD card reader when there is a slot and board connection dedicated to the SD card read for this model.  Below the motherboards front USB 3.0 connection is an empty connection labeld "P152 SD RDR".  I cannot find any purchasing inofmration on the model that will work with this desktop. Thanks in advance.  Any help appreciated.

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Hi for the last months ive been trying to fix a but Nvidia Random not card with restarts card graphics graphics AMD problem that ive been having with my computer about months ago I did a major pc upgrade where i replaced my motherboard processor ram heat sink power supply and case the only things I used from the original computer where HDD's SDD and my AMD radeon HD gb Now ive have the most strange issue where i can be watching a video off the HDD or surfing the web on youtube etc and not long after I Random restarts with AMD graphics card but not Nvidia graphics card start the activity my computer will turn off like if I had flicked the switch on the back of the power supply and then it boots back up again and will run fine until i start up an activity again and then it does exactly the same thing and reboots there is no BSOD shown nor Dumps Created Ive tried many things to sort this out and have RMA'ed the power supply and the motherboard the motherboard wasn't a direct replacement as they didn't sell my original board anymore which was a gigabyte ga-x -ud now i have an asus p x deluxe I have tried only plugging in one HDD SSD and then tried a spare HDD when that failed i have tried one ram stick at a time and still nothing now heres where it gets strange whilst trying to rule out differnt hardware i switched my AMD card out for a very old mb pcie x nvidia graphics and since then my computer has been running marvelously i can have it playing videos for hours days even although i havent properly tested for days and not a single problem at all The main difference between the cards is obiously one is nvidia and the other is AMD the nvidia one doesn't require any form of external power from the power supply where as the AMD one requires pin connectors and the AMD card is Massively more powerful when compared to the nvidia one the AMD one can run Practically all new titles on max with ease whereas the nividia card struggles to play gta sa on medium so i think ive narrowed it down to a driver error with amd and another driver with my new board a damaged AMD card a second dodgy power supply or something else that i haven't thought about or discovered yet Has anyone else had a similar problem or have any suggetions as im pretty much all out of ideas at this point and its starting to grind my gears that i cant use my expensive new computer as it should be Any help is appreciated Joe P S sorry about any spelling or punctuation mistakes made but Im very tired at the time of writing this and will be going to bed

A:Random restarts with AMD graphics card but not Nvidia graphics card

Quote: Originally Posted by cannotdisplay64

so i think ive narrowed it down to a driver error with amd and another driver with my new board, a damaged AMD card, a second dodgy power supply or something else that i haven't thought about or discovered yet.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or have any suggetions as im pretty much all out of ideas at this point and its starting to grind my gears that i cant use my expensive new computer as it should be. Any help is appreciated.


P.S. sorry about any spelling or punctuation mistakes made but Im very tired at the time of writing this and will be going to bed

The comparison you are making between GPU brands is pointless as a diagnostic. The MAIN difference I can see is that one card requires external power, and the other one does not. A proper diagnostic would be to test another GPU that requires external power.

I've heard that the specific PSU you bought will sometimes not power all the hardware it is supposed so.
People saying it could barely power a SSD, or even an extra fan.

My thoughts. Try using another PSU, try using a similar GPU. Use your old PSU and see if it still happens for starters.
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My graphics display suddenly stopped for my computer. My PC is not even recognising my monitor, I tested my monitor with some other PC's and it is working properly. I though graphics card not working.??

But since my existing graphics card is gone and there is no on board graphics card on my PC I am not able to uninstall existing graphics card and install new one.

Could some one please suggest me what to do in this situation to see some thing in monitor so that in can start doing Uninstall/Installtions.?

Thank you very much for your replies in advance. I really apprecite it.


A:How to install graphics card when the existing graphics card in not working.

You could always stick the new one in and boot up in safe mode. Then proceed to uninstall all the remnant drivers. That *shouldn't* cause any problems, but it may be choppy when you boot up.(I've had this happen before, swapping a Riva TNT2 for a GF6600).
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Can i install a tv tuner card (psi) and a graphics card (agp) at the same time?
Also how to I disable shared graphics? I am running Windows XP

A:TV Tuner Card, Graphics card, Disabling Shared Graphics

RichardB49 said:

Can i install a tv tuner card (psi) and a graphics card (agp) at the same time?
Also how to I disable shared graphics? I am running Windows XPClick to expand...

You sure can!!,not sure what you mean by shared graphics though
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Good day I have a spare gb sata drive which card? Fitting pci a drive hdd pc inside tower with a I want to install it to my desktop running windows The Fitting a hdd drive inside pc tower with a pci card? only hitch I got that all the sockets on the mother board are occupied Is it possible to connect this Fitting a hdd drive inside pc tower with a pci card? drive internally with some other way Have read somewhere on google that you can fit a pci card to overcome this matter Would this be possible Please and if so what will I need to solve the issue PS Yes I do have a spare slot in the motherboard for a pci card Can anyone recommend a suitable one for my needs Does this pci card cover the voltage input as well as the data cable or do I have to find another source for the power to the hdd Would this hdd be okay fitted to the bottom of the tower case as there are no hdd slots available as I have two hdd already fitted Just thought that I would use this spare hdd as an internal backup Many Thanks

A:Fitting a hdd drive inside pc tower with a pci card?

It is possible but I would use the PCI slot for an eSata header and get an eSata enclosure like this one. That is a much more flexible solution and the speed is about the same. You can stick any bare bone Sata disk into it (HDD, SSHD or SSD).
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I need help looking for a Graphic Card for a DELL Vostro 230 Slim Tower to replace the integrated Intel GMA X4500. The manual says it can take the NVIDIA GeForce G310-512MB, but i can't find it anywhere to buy as it is an OEM graphic card.

I've read that the NVIDIA GeForce G310 is identical to the GeForce G210. So i go and purchase it to find that it is to big and DOE'S NOT FIT !!!

Has anybody got any other suggestions ???

Here are my Tech Specs...

A:Graphic Card for DELL Vostro 230 (Slim Tower)...

The reason you can't find the G310 to buy is that Nvidia made it only available to what is known the OEM channel, basically means it can only be bought from system builders (Dell, HP, etc). Spec and build-wise the G210 and G310 are identical, so in what way does it not fit? If it is the back plate bracket that is too long the card should have come with a second shorter one (2 of them actually) like the ones shown here,
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Hi out there to Vistax I am a recent XP to Vista user I have a Vostro mini tower specs below that has been running XP pro for the last few years - couldn't stand the GUI anymore lol - so I installed Vista HP and am very happy with the new interface and features After tweaking some the desktop appears from cold start in seconds or so and almost everthing runs as snappy as it did before with XP But the task manager is showing an average use in physical memory of gigs CPU usage is higher and some not all internet pages scroll slowly e g Yahoo news pages Hearts of Space etc where as they were fine before Everthing else on the internet including this site works well - though a few installs like Starry Night Enthusiast and a John Deere farm game are slower My question is this Would installing a seperate video card give me better all-around performance or would another gig of ram do the trick And what brand type of video card do you folks recommend Intel Core Duo E ghz Gig of Kingston RAM Intell 200 Mini Tower Video Card Vostro For Dell G Express Chipset on motherboard Gig WD SATA Hard Drive Seasonic w PSU Thanks for the opportunity to have my questions answered and I'm looking forward to cruising the site here

A:Video Card For Dell Vostro 200 Mini Tower

Windows will allot 50% of your ram by default, for when you need them programs. Remember, rams fastr than hard drive, and why have all that ram and not use it.

For your power supply, a nvidia 430/440 or an ati/amd 6450, maybe get away with a 6550... Seasonics are quality.

The slowdown is probably because Vista is a bit more of a beast than xp, and graphics can be a bit more hefty.
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i have a Dell Vostro Mini Tower with the following specs:Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz
4GB RAMIntel(R) HD GraphicsI have ran a System Requirements check and it says I have 2048MB of Video RAM.  i would like to upgrade this to 4GB if possible.  would anyone be able to recommend a card that is compatible with my computer?I understand the wattage of my power supply matters also, would anyone know what this is?Thanks in advance

A:Upgrading Video Card on Dell Vostro 270 Mini Tower

The 2GB you are referring to is how much system ram is being given to the onboard Intel GPU video to use. You cannot increase that to 4GB. But you can add a discrete PCIe x16 video card. The Vostro 470 has a 300w power supply. So that will limit you as to which video card you can use. The two video cards that we shipped on this model were =
YG17P Nvidia GeForce 640GT 1GB67V2J Nvidia GeForce 620GT 1GB
Or you could remove our power supply and install a higher wattage power supply and then get a better video card.
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I'm considering buying a used Dell OptiPlex GX790 MT computer, and I'm wondering what the maximum video card length can be without having to remove the hard drive cage.

A:Used Dell OptiPlex GX790 Mini tower video card

The hard drive cage isn't the only problem.  The power supply is not standard.
So a short GTX750 TI non SC would be the max.
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Hi All,
We have bought a Precision Tower 3620 with an External Graphic card.Nvidia Quadro K620 graphic card.
The Graphic card has one DVI port and one DP port while the on board card has 2xDP and one HDMI.
We have to connect two monitors to this computer . We have been able to connect the monitor to external DP port. But for some reason the DVI port is not working.

So we decided to use the on-board card but it is not working....we removed the external graphic card and set BIOS to Intel Graphic card but still it is not working (I have only tested the DP port at the moment)....

So what do you think the reason might be?

Thanks in advance for the help
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hi, I am going to upgrade my graphic card to ATI 5770 so I need a new power supply which has power about 550--600 watt. But the most frustrating problem is that I failed to find a proper power supply with the correct dimension.
I have an HP pavilion e9300 which uses a very wired power supply tower-150mm(W) 86(H) 140(D). But so far all the PSUs I found is the standard size --150mm(W) 86(H) 150(D) which cannot fit in my setup.

So could any PC God give me some suggestion, please??
Is any PSU with the size of my tower or can I just simply install a bigger PSU which can still successfully power up the comptuer?

Thx in adance.

A:Power supply bigger than the tower - frustrated by HP PSU tower

If the power supply will physically fit your case, it should work fine with your computer. Will the extra 10mm interfere internally with anything inside the PC?
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I have an OptiPlex 990 Tower and want to install a Flex Bay Card Reader.  I have the following P/Ns:
0g7v21 Card Reader
0N95F Bracket
01YMGT Cable Assy
DS-8A8SH  DVD Writer
SATA cable
I need the cable assy number for the card reader to motherboard.  Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Bob
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So I bought a mini tower. It did not come with a card reader. I was looking at some at a few places, then I get the credit from dell rewards and tried to find the card reader on Many Vostro 3900 come with one, so I know dell makes them. But I tried and tried but can not find them. Does anyone know what to search for? Thank you!

A:Vostro 3900 Mini Tower Multimedia card reader on

Hello Mathcat
Thanks for writing to us. 
If you are looking for an internal card reader, then we would request you to talk to part sales team on 1-866-440-3355 . 
Have a good one.
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ASUS GT240 graphics card "ERROR CAN NOT FIND GRAPHICS CARD" Can anyone help me with this error message? I can hear the windows startup sound but it shows no display so i plugged the cable into the motherboad and an error box opend wich stated "ERROR CAN NOT FIND GRAPHICS CARD" with no additional information. I searched online and found that asus smart doctor can cause this and they recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the drivers to fix this problem but the pc is not picking up the graphics card to reinstall all the needed drivers. I also found people with the same problem and after they did a clean install of windows7/vista and all the drivers the error box still appeared. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Do you have the PCIe set as first to initialize in the BIOS? Also, have you tried the card in another slot on the MoBo? Have you tried cleaning out the slot with canned air? Have you tried using a pencil eraser to gently clean the contacts in the GPU where it plugs into the PCIe?

And please, thoroughly fill out your System Specs by clicking on the tab under your post.
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Hey, recently, I have came up with an idea of a fourth monitor, but my GPU (970) supports only three, which ones that I own. It has fourth one but I don't have the right cables for it for now.
I noticed that my motherboard has two open video ports, one being VGA which I needed. So, I tried just plugging it in and seeing what happens but it doesn't seem to work, I have tried looking for results around the internet and BIOS but they don't seem to work. The three monitors which I have plugged into my GPU, work perfectly fine, but, as I said, the motherboard's VGA port doesn't work. I have heard that such thing definitely is possible, but I cannot find out what I need to do.

Does anyone have an answer to this?
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I just installed my graphics card and it hasnt changed performance much My intregrated card uses mb ram I think I have mb ram and it still says mb ram card my My is graphics intregrated graphics messing card with new after installing the new card it did not free it up I guess the old controller is messing with it In the device manager I disabled the display adapter before installing the new card However My intregrated graphics card is messing with my new graphics card it was a nvidia controller and there is lots of nvidia stuff in the device manager since my new card is using nvidia My intregrated graphics card is messing with my new graphics card software also I really dont know what else to to disable or uninstall The display adapter is now the new card that part is working I guess The card I just installed is d fuzion Specifications GPU NVIDIA GeForce MX Bus Type PCI Memory MB here is the link to more specifications http www dfuzion com cards pci asp These are the specifications on my computer Microsoft windows xp home edition version service pack Emachines T AMD Athlon processor ghz it says mb ram tho I have mb and mb rams sticks in it nbsp

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I have new dell with ATI RadeonTM X300.. it supports 2 display mode.. I was wondering is it better to use one graphics card with dual screen.. or having two graphics card on same system. I have extra dual head GeForce FX5500 from my old system.

I am using system for video editing and graphics.

thanks for any help
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I need to retrieve some old info from my old tower. Is it possible to hook the old tower to the new one and use it as a big memory bank? And if so, how do I do it?

A:Hooking old tower to new tower to retrieve old programs

This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.
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If my motherboard currently has an intigrated graphics card, but has a PCI-E slot, do I need to do anything special after inserteing my graphics card and installing the drivers, or should it just work right away?

A:How do you switch from an integrated graphics card to an "external" graphics card?

Most modern PCs will detect the new installation of the PCI graphics card and automatically disable the onboard graphics, so yes it should just work.

If for some reason you have problems, you may have to make a change in the bios, I cannot be more specific because each bios is different depending on manufacturer, and model of the motherboard.

Install the card, connect your monitor to it and boot up, when you get into Windows install the driver and reboot.
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Hi My name is Apoorva I am from India Now I would like to know the basic difference in terms of performance for an onboard graphics card and an external graphics card for a Laptop What could be a major difference Also for Onboard graphics it is said on all the branded website that the size of it is upto MB shared So say for instance if I go between External graphics Graphics Shared) Card Difference (384MB (128/256M & Onboard for an external graphics card for a new Difference between Onboard graphics (384MB Shared) & External Graphics Card (128/256M laptop which I am planning to purchase and the size of this external graphic card is MB or MB Difference between Onboard graphics (384MB Shared) & External Graphics Card (128/256M and as Onboard graphic card already provides MB shared memory therefore the question is that how could that external graphics card sizing MB deliver better performance as compared to Onbard graphics which sizes MB shared Also how are the new laptops launched by HP in India in terms of performance mobility amp stability The Laptop which I am looking for falls under series and is a business series laptop Waiting eagerly for a reply Apoorva nbsp
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Hey everyone I m in dire need computer to card up fine graphics Graphics post monitor, my doesn't boots any of some help with my PC The computer turns on fine and boots up can hear the windows start up tune Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine but I can t see anything on the monitor Here s the details I was playing a computer game on friday and during that it crashed I have no idea if this is when things started or not but I restarted and it was fine On sunday I had another crash only the screen flickered once or twice and there were green pixel lines going from top to bottom of the monitor about inches apart in a perfect pattern When I restarted there were no graphics on the monitor The light was flashing indicating it was on power saving mode I took the computer apart unplugged everything and put it all back together and for whatever reason it worked fine for about hours The next day I turned the computer on and it loaded fine but shortly after there was the return of the green pixel lines with the added addition of the top left corner of the screen being filled with green pixelated triangles in a perfect pattern These were flickering furiosly I tried restarting my computer and again I got no graphics posted to the monitor However the computer booted up fine and I heard the start up tune and minutes later I shut it down by pressing the quot Power Off quot button on my keyboard I tried another monitor and again got nothing I then tried taking the computer apart and putting it back together again only this time it didn t help I ve taken my graphics card out put it back in used both the monitor cable ports left the computer off all night without the power cable in and I can t get anywhere I ve taken my old card GeForce GTX out and borrowed my landlords GTX which is working fine at the moment I would go and buy a new card but I don t want to risk this happening again if I don t know why it s happening Fingers crossed I don t break my landlords graphics card by putting it in my pc I would like to know what s causing this if it is my graphics card or whether my motherboard will just start eating future graphics cards A friend of mine had a scenario not long ago where his motherboard kept breaking his graphics cards some how How would I know it would be safe to splash out on a new card My computer worked fine for years until now I d also like to point out that the fans didn t go into faster mode at any point they all remained pretty calm so I don t think it was overheating My computer s spec is OS Windows XP GPU GeForce gtx DVD Sony DVD-RW Q A Networking Nvidia nForce Networking Controller Processor Intel r Core tm Quad CPU GHz Motherboard nForce i SLI PSU Enermax Galaxy watt Thank you everyone nbsp

A:Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine

Its usually just the graphics cards, they do fail especially if they overheat - then video card fan not speeding up might have been the problem - most are dynamic and should actually speed up under load. Depending on the manufacturer of your 8800GTX you might be able to get it replaced under warranty if they have a 3 year or greater warranty.
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Does anyone know a good Graphics card for use for medium gaming, but mostly on using Adobe Software, for example, Photoshop and Illustrator.
Please find below link to Upgrade options I'm looking at for my old PC:

Recomended the entry level 6600GT lineup for Gaming

I'll list too, in case break in link:

Processor: Athlon 64 3000
Heatsink and Fan: Original Manufacturer
Memory: 1x 512MB 184 PIN 2.5V 400MHZ
Motherboard: NF4UK8AA-8EKRS
Socket Type: 939
Memory Slots: 4x DDR
Chipset: NVIDIA nForce4 (CK8-04) Ultra
AGP Slots N/A
16x PCI-Express Slots 1
1x PCI-Express Slots 2
PCI Slots: 4
CNR Slots: N/A
Onboard Sound: 7.1 channel AC97 (Realtek)
LAN: Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) MAC + PHY (Vitesse)
Onboard Graphics: No
USB Ports: 4
Parallel Ports: 1
Serial Ports: 1
Form Factor: ATX

Look forward to hearing on your advise, Best Regards

A:Whats a Good Graphics card for Gaming and using Adobe Software-Graphics


I've done a lot of research on this because I built a new system back in August. While I am not much of a gamer, I needed a very good NLE machine. However, the card I chose is quite the gamer card but had all the extras I needed to run Adobe Video Collection.

I picked the Connect 3D Radeon X850XT Platinum card from Tigerdirect. At the time it was $350 but I know it's cheaper now. It's got everything you need for a demanding application like Premiere Pro 1.5 and its related software. 256MB of GDDR3 memory and dual DVI outs. I highly recommend this card. I've been using it since the start of September with Adobe and it's great.

Your CPU and memory are a bit more of an important factor with rendering and burning though. My new PC has a 3.4Ghz P4 and 2GB of 533Mhz dual channel RAM. It's an exceptional increase in speed and productivity over my old 2.4Ghz and 512 Rambus.
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I usually make a habit of checking Event Viewer EV on a regular basis having installed new drivers and a new graphics card this morning without a hitch I decided to check EV since this was a rather big change to the system Sure enough there was some new entries However Graphics Event related??) new entries Viewer graphics (NOT Card New when I looked into them they offered little information as to what the problem was When I used the link to see what online information was available the Microsoft site came back New Graphics Card new Event Viewer entries (NOT graphics related??) with no information fixes for this problem These errors do not seem to be affecting anything but I just wanted to know how you folks think I should proceed Here are the two errors and what info I could pull from EV Device Center New Graphics Card new Event Viewer entries (NOT graphics related??) - - System - Provider Name DeviceCenter - EventID Qualifiers Level Task Keywords x - TimeCreated SystemTime - - T Z EventRecordID Channel Application Computer PC Security - EventData Unknown Node text -- gt Second error will be in the next post

A:New Graphics Card new Event Viewer entries (NOT graphics related??)

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\CdRom0.

+ System
- EventData
0E00800001000000000000000B0004C001010000000000000000000008480700000000000000000005B9060000000000FFFF FFFF02000000580000840204000001200612080100000000000004010000000000000000000040538B0A80FAFFFF00000000 0000000010B0830A80FAFFFF000000000000000000000000000000001B000000020000000000000000000000700004000000 000A00000000530000000000000000000000
Binary data:

In Words

0000: 0080000E 00000001 00000000 C004000B
0008: 00000101 00000000 00000000 00074808
0010: 00000000 00000000 0006B905 00000000
0018: FFFFFFFF 00000002 84000058 00000402
0020: 12062001 00000108 00000000 00000104
0028: 00000000 00000000 0A8B5340 FFFFFA80
0030: 00000000 00000000 0A83B010 FFFFFA80
0038: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0040: 0000001B 00000002 00000000 00000000
0048: 00040070 0A000000 00000000 00000053
0050: 00000000 00000000

In Bytes

0000: 0E 00 80 00 01 00 00 00 ..?.....
0008: 00 00 00 00 0B 00 04 C0 .......?
0010: 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0018: 00 00 00 00 08 48 07 00 .....H..
0020: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0028: 05 B9 06 00 00 00 00 00 .?......
0030: FF FF FF FF 02 00 00 00 ????....
0038: 58 00 00 84 02 04 00 00 X..?....
0040: 01 20 06 12 08 01 00 00 . ......
0048: 00 00 00 00 04 01 00 00 ........
0050: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0058: 40 53 8B 0A 80 FA FF FF @S?.????
0060: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0068: 10 B0 83 0A 80 FA FF FF .??.????
0070: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0078: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0080: 1B 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 ........
0088: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0090: 70 00 04 00 00 00 00 0A p.......
0098: 00 00 00 00 53 00 00 00 ....S...
00a0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........

I just wanted to add that when I go into Device Manager there is no problem with the CD/DVD. I tried updating the driver through DM and Windows says the driver is up to date. I popped in a CD and it reads and plays no problem.
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Hi all Video card appears to be reaching the end of the road with regular crashes of x type After extensive attempts card Enabling method onboard graphics graphics/Disabling to fix it the conclusion is that the card needs to be replaced I plan to acquire a completely new computer when I go overseas in days time Until then a band-aid solution occurred to me to last this week use the onboard graphics integrated in the motherboard instead of the failing discrete graphics card Some background info Motherboard is GA-G M-ES L Graphics card is nVidia GT Current display interface is DVI connected to graphics card VGA cable available My method is Update motherboard GA-G M-ES L drivers Uninstall discrete graphics card nVidia GT drivers Reboot and access BIOS Via BIOS disable graphics card and enable onboard graphics Save and shutdown Disconnect DVI monitor cable from graphics card also from monitor Connect VGA monitor cable to motherboard also to monitor Boot Enabling onboard graphics/Disabling graphics card method I would lke your opinion on this planned course of action which potentially could be nigh unfixable

A:Enabling onboard graphics/Disabling graphics card method

That is just how you should do that, it's unremarkable.

Should not be a problem at all, it's routine, you could add another card later and be just fine after disabling on-board again.
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Okay I m really depending missing card, Overheating, and adapter graphics graphics not VGA working. on you guys to help me out here So my computer is overheating at temps above C My Nvidia Geforce GT m wont update from the nvidia download page nor from device manager I was just simply updating my drivers from Device Manager when I went Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. to update my VGA Graphics a screen came up and said an error was encountered with Nvidia GeForce GT m Now device manager says VGA Standard graphics adapter cannot start Could this be causing overheating I m also getting strange crashes in League of Legends Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. since this happened where I get a Black Screen and need to hard reboot my Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. computer sometimes after games Anyway its like my Nvidia graphics card is quot missing quot or something P S I also have an under laptop cooling fan Edit Also would restoring to factory settings return my drivers to default again and possibly fix this problem Here are my Computer Specs quot Model Alienware M xR Intel R Core TM i CPU U GHz Installed RAM GB usable Windows bit Display adapters Intel R HD Graphics and Standard VGA graphics adapter nbsp

A:Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working.
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I m having a problem others seem to encouter but can t get it resolved I bought a ATI Radeon X Pro MB PCI-E card I have an Emachine T computer with built in ati xpress Specs found herehttp www emachines com support product support html cat desktop amp subcat T-Series amp model T My problem graphics on new installing card Emachine/onboard-graphics Problem is after installing the card my computer doesn t recognize the hardware As soon as I put Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics the card in my monitor will not work The computer boots up and the monitor has power but no picture The card fan is working i can hear it Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics I take the card out and it works fine Here is what I have tried -Called emachines for support and after disabling my onboard graphics still doesn t work they say call ATI -Tried support from ATI no help they say its the computer -Tried disabling in BIOS but it doesn t offer a selection for that It also does t have a PNP feature Only first initial display which I tried on PCIEX -Plug Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics monitor to both card and onboard -Check MSI website and I do have updated BIOS I can tell that the onboard graphics are disabled due to large scale print I tried uninstalling the drivers but when i turn it on it detects and installs the built in graphics I just can t get the monitor to work whenever the card is inserted If it would work I could manually install the hardware and drivers I m thinking I need a different BIOS that would let me use PNP and disable onboard graphics Any help I would greatly appreciate this is my first time to this website and I thought I would try it before taking my computer to a shop to see if they can fix it Just scared of what they might charge since I only paid about for the card Thanks in advance Kevin nbsp

A:Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics

An extreme option

As you do have the option of a working computer prior to installing the new card I would back up any files that are important to you..
Then, before I would pay someone else BIG bucks, I would put in the new card and try a fresh install of windows. Force it to recognise your new card. The drivers that Windows will pick should suffice until the install is done and you can then install the card specific drivers from your disk.
This is given ONLY as a choice. I am not sure this will solve your problem but IT IS something this cheap bas____ would try before paying someone else.

Good Luck and check back, maybe someone else will contribute a better idea.
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Hi I am Techsavy from India Now I would like to know the basic difference in terms of performance for Dedicated Between Card Onboard Graphics Graphics a Difference Solved: an onboard graphics card and a dedicated graphics card for a Laptop What could be a major difference Also for Onboard graphics it is said on all the branded website that the size of it is upto MB shared So say for instance if I go for a dedicated graphics card for a new laptop which I am planning to purchase and the size of this dedicated graphic card is MB or MB and Onboard graphic card on the other hand provides MB shared memory therefore the question is that how could that external graphics card sizing MB deliver better performance as Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card compared to Onbard graphics which sizes MB shared Also how are the new laptops launched by HP in India in terms of performance mobility amp stability The Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card Laptop which I am looking for Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card falls under series and is a business series laptop Waiting eagerly for a reply Techsavy nbsp

A:Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card