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External microphone trouble (Aspire R3-471T)

Q: External microphone trouble (Aspire R3-471T)

So recently I need to get a Sony Tie Clip Microphone to work on my Acer Aspire R3-471T laptop, however, as there is only one audio jack, I do not know how to connect the microphone so the laptop identifies it as a microphone. I do recall very slightly a notification asking me which device Apple headphones where and maybe seeing a microphone option. I cannot seem to find anyway to get the laptop to recognize the mic as a microphone and I would prefer not a purchase an audio apparatis if it can be avoided. Is there anyway to do this? or am I just spending time pulling out hair on a fruitless task?

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Preferred Solution: External microphone trouble (Aspire R3-471T)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: External microphone trouble (Aspire R3-471T)

Hello, You need a cable to separate the headphone/microphone plugs. E.g this kind of product.You'll have the microphone input with this one.
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hello~so i'm studying digital painting and i need to use a pen or a stylus ofteni bought acer's aspire r14 which supports using a pen or a stylus but i really don't know which one works better so if you have any idea please help thank you. 

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A:Best stylus or pen for aspire R14(r3-471t)?

Go on and search for active stylus. I would look at the ones with the most reviews and the highest 5 star ratings percentage.Read the reviews from the people who purchased and used them.Anything else is just an opinion from one person or two.
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It runs just super with an HDMI connected monitor.  But when I remove the HDMI plug, it will not power on.  Does anyone have any ideas?  It is a very nice laptop and it is a shame to have to retire it. Thanks,Marc

A:My Aspire R3-471T will not power up without an ext...

Hello, Stupid question:Have you press [Fn]+[F5] again when it is connected to the external monitor?
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It runs just super with an HDMI connected monitor.  But when I remove the HDMI plug, it will not power on.  Does anyone have any ideas?  It is a very nice laptop and it is a shame to have to retire it. Thanks,Marc

A:My Aspire R3-471T will not power up without an ext...

Hello, Stupid question:Have you press [Fn]+[F5] again when it is connected to the external monitor?
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I'm trying to set up the mic configuration on Windows 10 but all my trials have failed, all recorders can't detect any sound like the mic doesn't exist. I hope it is bad configuration/driver.I have already installed the latest driver from Acer website.I will be very sad if the mic is dead out of the box on this unit

A:mic is not working on Aspire R14 R5-471T

Go to recording devices, right click on the mic and see if it says enable.Highlight the mic and click "Set Default".Download this driver and extract to a new folder on the desktop.AudioRealtekAudio Driver6.0.1.7455348.0 MB2015/04/28DownloadGo to Device Manager/Audio inputs and outputs/ uninstall high defination speakers.Open new driver folder and click install/ Don't reboot.Double click PCEE4 and double click DolbyHomeTheater.Reboot.
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Hi. I would like to know if there are limitations when buying a SD card ?    will any of these card work ? : U3:               Minimum 30 MB/s ReadU1:               Minimum 10 MB/s ReadClass 10:      Minimum 10 MB/s ReadClass 6:        Minimum 6 MB/s ReadClass 4:        Minimum 4 MB/s Readand what about the size ?  can it read a 128GB thank youstef
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Can the R5-471T battery be replaced by the user?  If so how? Can the RAM be upgraded on this unit? Thanks.

A:Is the battery in an Aspire R14 (R5-471T) user rep...

The battery is not considered user replaceable as far as Acer is concerned, it can be done though.
The memory is onboard memory and is not able to be upgraded.
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So the laptop i listed in the title i have runs at least twice as slow when charging compared to when on battary I have only noticed this recently after about and a half years I play some small games like rocket league slow charging on twice tha... aspire r3-471t. as Goes and i remmember when i got it aspire r3-471t. Goes twice as slow on charging tha... this computer would only run it at or less on all min settings In the past month ive been experementing and i found out that now it runs at when im on battary I have tried this with many other games and same results Now i have looked into my battary options and im not on any battary saver options and i looked into the advanced details and the cpu has a max of power at all times So im pretty sure it doesnt have to do with battary setttings If anyone has a clue plz help This problem probably was with the laptop when i bought it because i played games on it from the start and they were slow like rocket league
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Can the R5-471T battery be replaced by the user?  If so how? Can the RAM be upgraded on this unit? Thanks.

A:Is the battery in an Aspire R14 (R5-471T) user rep...

The battery is not considered user replaceable as far as Acer is concerned, it can be done though.
The memory is onboard memory and is not able to be upgraded.
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Hi All, I have just purchases an R5 471T and doing some upgrading last night.  I noticed there are 3 Bios updates. As this is my first ACER, should I do the updates? I know there is a caution on updating BIOS but I just wanted to confirm Thank you,

A:Aspire R5 471T Bios Update

In general I do not do BIOS updates without a reason. I also wait about a month for new updates (Win 10 is annoying that way) If it is working well, don't fix it. The R5-471T I have here is on BIOS 1.03.
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I just bought an R5-471T and I want to use it to write notes in class rather than type them. I know the type of touch screen panel it has does not allow for any active pens to work, but would a bluetooth stylus work?
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I was trying to install windows 7 on this laptop without success until I found the Microsoft windows 7 USB 3 creator, the installation was successfull but now the big problem, USB is not detected in the windows, it needs a driver and there is no lan, wan, bluetooth, card reader, usb3 port, all that doesn't work unless I install the USB driver.How I can install the USB driver and everything is not detected?Acer claims the block port is usb 2.0 port but no it is usb 3.0 port.If windows successully installed, where are the native usb 3 driver used during the installation?

A:Aspire R5 471T-71W2 windows 7 USB problem

as far as i know, windows 7 doesn't have a native USB3.0 support by the way on your laptop an USB 2.0 (the one not blu) is available and this, normally works under windows 7. if you still have issues, you could try to create a slipstream version with some embedded drivers, nLite will help you do it (it's free):
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Hi, I have noticed that my acer aspire R14 (R5-471T) (i7 version) records fake touches when brighness is set on highest. Initially I had no idea why it was happening but after a while I noticed this pattern. Since, I don't keep brightness on highest level, this is not a very big issue for me but I though it would be good to let the community know. I may be wrong and it might be issue just with my unit.

A:Fake touch are recorded on Aspire R14 (R5-471T) at...

Some Touch screens do this on max brightness. I have seen this issue in laptops,touch monitors and phones.You can type Configuration into Windows search and run it and maybe it will help.
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After downloading the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to my R5-471T-51UN laptop, my Logitech M535 Bluetooth mouse will no longer re-connect after either a power-cycle of the mouse or a reboot of the laptop; I have to re-pair the mouse with the laptop every time I want to use it. Uninstalling and re-installing the most current available version of the Bluetooth driver has no effect. I suspect that there is a compatibility problem with the Bluetooth driver and the Anniversary Update because: - I didn't have this problem prior to the installation of the Anniversary Update- My Logitech mouse does not require its own driver- When I turn off the mouse with the Windows Bluetooth dialog open, the status goes from "Connected" to "Driver error" to "Paired" Would appreciate any additional troubleshooting advice that I might be overlooking, or (preferably) an estimate as to when a fixed Bluetooth driver will be made available.
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Hi, I have a problem with my Aspire R5-471T in which I have no internet, and when I try to set-up a connection it says "Windows did not detect any networking hardware". I tried re-installing the drivers, and even doing a full reinstall via the "Reset" option. The laptop was having some issues for finding the internet connection in the past days but then it found it, but now it doesn't work at all.Any ideas or suggestions? Might it be a real hardware issue? Because I don't know what else to do on the driver side.
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Hello,I've notice that my screen has light leak at the edge of the screen, espacially at the beginning with ACER logo (as the attached pic). Does anyone have this problem? Im just wondering that if it the defective or "style" of this model. Thanks

A:Aspire R14 (R5-471T-52EE) screen light leak

Did you ever figure this out? I'm thinking about buying one of these (R5-471T-534X) today. That amount of bleed would be really disapointing.
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Hi nbsp Looking to purchase the Aspire R - T nbsp However want it to support Win for Acer Aspire R5-471T Modern support Standby (S0... Modern Standby S Low Power Idle nbsp This is the modern variant of connected standby instango and allows notifications to Acer Aspire R5-471T support for Modern Standby (S0... be recieved while Acer Aspire R5-471T support for Modern Standby (S0... the device is asleep and for Alarm apps to wake the laptop nbsp Looked at one of the laptops today and ran the command powercfg a to check the supported sleep states nbsp Says that S low power idle is not supported by the firmware nbsp I tested a number of current Skylake based laptops from HP and Toshiba and appears none of them Acer Aspire R5-471T support for Modern Standby (S0... are currently supporting this sleep state nbsp As I understand it the hardware in this laptop should support this sleep state nbsp I understand that a bunch of OEMs may have disabled this mode because Windows didn't support it properly nbsp However Surface Pro has recently had its sleep issues fixed so assume this is now working in Windows nbsp Would like to know if the R - T is capable of supporting this sleep mode and if it is is Acer is going to issue a firmware update to support the Modern Standly sleep state nbsp

A:Acer Aspire R5-471T support for Modern Standby (S0...

Hi fire-fly,
Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for your question, but it does sound like a good idea if the technology is catching up. I would like to suggest taking a look at our Idea's platform (linked up top) and submitting this there. This is a great way for you to  find other users who are looking for these features and to show us how important these features are.
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So I just got this new laptop and so far I love everything about it! The only problem is that ocassionaly the display driver would crash and then restart itself successfully. This happens whenever I do browsing and light gaming. If anyone has a solution to this problem, it would be greatly appreciated  

A:Acer aspire r5-471t laptop Display driver problems

Do you have Intel HD graphics, Nvidia graphics?Is your driver older than these?VGAIntelVGA Driver10.18.15.4248165.5 MB2015/09/03DownloadVGANVIDIAVGA Driver10.18.13.5324649.6 MB2015/09/03Download
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I had Windows 8 when I purchased this laptop. I upgraded to Windows 10 later on. Recently, the laptop had been giving trouble when installing some Windows 10 update (specifically KB3172729). Right now, it won't boot Windows at all and I am looking to do a clean installation of Windows 10. The problem is I don't have the key. Is it possible to find out the key for either Windows 8/8.1/10?
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So I just got this new laptop and so far I love everything about it! The only problem is that ocassionaly the display driver would crash and then restart itself successfully. This happens whenever I do browsing and light gaming. If anyone has a solution to this problem, it would be greatly appreciated  

A:Acer aspire r5-471t laptop Display driver problems

Do you have Intel HD graphics, Nvidia graphics?Is your driver older than these?VGAIntelVGA Driver10.18.15.4248165.5 MB2015/09/03DownloadVGANVIDIAVGA Driver10.18.13.5324649.6 MB2015/09/03Download
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Hi, I have an option to get either one of these laptops but I cannot figure out the difference between the two.  The spec datasheet looks the same.  Can anyone please help.  They look like great laptops but there is a price difference so I am wondering why. Thanks for the help.

A:R5-471T-534X vs R5-471T-52EE differences?

Hello, It is nearly the same price:R5-471T-534X: 900CAD=717USD Canadian marketR5-471T-52EE: 700USD American marketSame product but for different countries. That's all.
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I ordered the R5-471T-52EE from a retailer but received the R5-471T-51UN instead. Any explanation as to why this would happen? What are the differences between these two models?

A:R5-471T-52EE vs. R5-471T-51UN differences?

Hello, The Wifi specifications and may be Office 2013.
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Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 9300 and wanted to use my microphone, however it doesn't seem to be working at all. I was wondering if there was a driver that i needed for it or anything.

Any help would be great!


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I recently purchased an Aspire R R - T and have been unable to get the microphone functioning properly I installed Windows immediately after purchase but when I Quiet microphone (R3-471) R14 on Aspire first attempted to Skype the person on the other end of the line could barely hear me I adjusted the mic volume boost settings but this didn't make much difference nbsp I then nbsp tried installing the recommended audio driver for Windows from the ACER website v This nbsp didn't help and in fact made my machine run slow and included a random beep noise when nbsp I moved my cursor around the screen I also attempted to install the listed Windows driver from Realtek R same problem nbsp I reverted back to Windows to see if this could be a Windows issue The slow performance resolved but the low mic volume persists nbsp I have since returned to Windows nbsp If I turn the volume mic amp booster nbsp all the way up speak directly into the microphone and turn the volume all the way up on the machine I can just about hear myself on a Skype test call Same problem with sound recorder and Cortana nbsp Quiet microphone on Aspire R14 (R3-471) At this point I'm not sure if the problem is just a rubbish microhone or an issue with the drivers As I mentioned ajustment of mic settings Quiet microphone on Aspire R14 (R3-471) or nbsp uninstall reinstall does not seem to help nbsp If someone could advise specifically what the driver versions settings should be for this model that would be helpful screenshots Any other advice welcome nbsp Thanks Alex

A:Quiet microphone on Aspire R14 (R3-471)

Following on from a previously asked question (no responses) I am just hoping to get some feedback on the microphone performance of the ACER aspire R14 (R3-471T). I recently purchased this model, upgraded to Windows 10, and with the mic volume/ boost and system volume all the way up am only just about able to hear myself on a Skype test call. Same for sound recorder. Cortana can't hear anything. I've tried downloading various recommended drivers for this model, and even reverted to Windows 8.1 but the problem persists. Out of desperation I took it back to the store (Best Buy) for some 'Geek Squad' advice, and was told simply that the mic on this model is genuinely that bad, and advised to purchase an external mic. I'd like some advice from users with this model on whether the mic is honestly that bad, or if there is an underlying problem with the unit/ sound drivers/ windows. I need to know where to direct my anger - Best Buy, Microsoft or ACER. Assistance appreciated. Thanks.
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I've purchased an Aspire e14 laptop and a headset ( GE 98974 Voip Stereo Headset ) but the microphone on the headset is not detected by my laptop.  I have tried other headsets but the mic still doesnt work. I have updated the driver but it still doesnt work. Device manager does not detect the other microphone.  Headset has a 4 pin single jack. Please help. Thanks,Anne

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A:Headset microphone is not working on Aspire E14. ...

EUREKA!! I was able to fix the problem!In case you are experiencing the same, this might work:1. Pull up the TASK MANAGER. Under the "Start up" tab, check if Realtek HD Audio Manager is disabled. If so, right click on it and then click on "Enable". 2. Search for "Realtek HD Audio Manager" and click on it. 3. Under Microphone tab, make sure mic is not on mute and click on the folder icon on the right side   4. Once you click on the folder on the right side, a pop up like this will display and you will need to make sure that the radio box is ticked like the picture below:  5.  Now, plug in your headset-mic device and you should see a pop up message like so...and tick on the "HEADSET" radio button. Now, you may test the microphone by using Sound Recorder or skype.It worked for me and i felt so helpless. I even tried Acer's chat support and the person didnt even asked troubleshooting questions and just told me to bring the unit to a service center  I hope this helps!! Thanks,Anne  

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Hey im new here on the forums, and i just got windows 7 a few months ago, and i must ay it is by far the best OS ive used, anyways back on topic, when i had vista, my mic worked fine, when i moved to XP my mic also worked fine, but now on windows 7 it doesnt work AT ALL, and its quite anoying, i dont know if theres a driver i need or anything but i could really use some help, anything could help, THX

A:Acer Aspire Microphone Problem

Welcome to SF!

We definitely need your system specs to move on. See the links in my signature. Especially important are your computer model and sound card.

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I have just put Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire 6920 but the microphone does not work, buth the built in one and when I attach one via the input slot. I have tried to download the driver from the Acer website but an error comes up and the process stops. I believe that the driver is for Vista anyway. Can anyone help?

A:Aspire 6920 microphone drivers

the vista drivers should work, but
are you running windows 7 x32 or x64
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I am having issue in using default microphone in Acer Aspire V-5 in Windows 8.1 pro. 1- No sound back2- All Hardware checked3- All Controls Checked Please update any solution at your earliest. Regards,Kamran Mehmood
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I need help my acer aspire v17 nitro doesn't have a working microphone inbuild like it did.Yes I have installed windows 10 in it. I have attempted to install the audio driver many times as well as many other drivers available on the acer website.Can someone please help me my product is the VN7-792G-70BV
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i have acer aspire e1-571 laptop. one hinge of laptop is damaged so i remove all screw of laptop and i open  the laptop. then i remove keyboard touchpad screen connection cable microphone and speaker. when i attach keyboard touchpad screen connection cable microphone and speaker.then all these stop working only display work. the other parts which i remove stop working.
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After upgrading my Aspire M5-581TG from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 everything seems to work excepting the built-in microphone. The driver for microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio) is installed but the system does not recognise that the notebook does have a microphone. I know that my type is not on the list of officially supported Acer notebooks but I do hope that this problem can be resolved somehow. I appreciate any help or hint in advance! 

A:Aspire M5-581TG built-in microphone is not recogni...

I am having the same problem as well.
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I bought a headphone/microphone today and my computer won't register my voice when I talk into it. On another microphone I have there's no trouble but there must be something not registering. The headphones work BTW. HELP PLZ!!

A:Microphone Trouble

Ok....make sure its plugged into the right ports..that can sometimes be a problem.

Then make sure under setting for the mic or w/e program your using with the mic has the microphone enabled.
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Hello all,
I recently purchased a Logitech headset. I set it up, and it works in Sound Recorder, but it does not work in Ventrilo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have the same problem as this thread with some headphones with a microphone. I mean i tried all you said below, the main sound card was on-board and yes came with a software and is 5+1 but i tried all the options nothing, then i bought a new one thinking that that one might be broken, worked for a while and then nothing. And doesn't have a software or i didn't see any software with it. Or is has but not sure where went. I will check that again. But if is not that then i have no clue what is wrong.
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I play cs and use my mic all the time i ve been without my mic for days and its driving me nuts i noticed that my mic wasn t working about an hour after i sat on it don t know if thats what caused this whole problem or what the microphone was fine in appearance please Trouble, Microphone help the sound still worked but the microphone would come in with static and a lite whisper of my voice behind all the noise even though the white noise is very quit so i just figured i broke my headset went bestbuy day and bought a new one exactly the same one so i can place the old one in new box and Microphone Trouble, please help say it was broke well i got it back plugged it in and you guessed it same so i figured i somehow ed up the microphone and sound extension cables so i unplugged them and plugged the headset straight into my computer still nothing so then i hooked up my case s sound plugs into my motherboard onboard realtek audio that didn t work so i thought well Microphone Trouble, please help maybe its a driver for some reason installed new realtek drivers same installed nforce audio driver again mic didn t work sound works great on all of these situations Well slightly frustrated i tried a sound card from best-buy http www bestbuy com site olspage card amp lp amp type product amp cp amp id and it didn t work now very P O d i try system restore days prior the incident still f d up I haev run out of stuff to try I ve replaced headset drivers soundcards system-restore d and screwed with audio settings for hours straight I m at the end of my rope please i need help i m desperate I love my cs and my microphone and w o one i can t play in scrims anymore please any and all help will be overly appreciated nbsp

A:Microphone Trouble, please help

Start/Settings/Conrol Panel/Sound & Audio Devices/

Click on the Voice Tab

Whats have U got for Voice Playback and Voice Recording

If U have USB Headset then this should be the one to Choose
If not choose your on-board sound card.

C if this helps
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I'm having some trouble with microphone headset combination Microphone trouble! I bough the other day I bought it to talk to people over Skype MSN and certain MMORPG's I can Microphone trouble! hear the sound fine enough over the headset also the other person's speech but the people on the other side can't hear anything I say into the mic I've tried plugging in another mic but it won't work The weird thing is that if I play music on the computer while logged on to say Skype the person on the other side of the line can hear what I'm playing as if they were playing it on their computer They can also hear the Windows sound effects as if they were on their computer So am I crazy or is there something wrong here Can anyone help me If you need anymore details tell me and I'll post them P S I've recording things in the Audio Recorder I get a flat line Nothing records

A:Microphone trouble!

Go to Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio

By "Sound Recording" click on "Volume".

Put a check/tick in the audio input you're using (Microphone or Line In, most likely)

Try it. If it doesn't work, try checking/ticking a different box.

Hope this helps.
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When I talk into my mic, I can hear it coming out of the speaker. However, it won't work with sound recorder or anything else. I have everything all the way up in volume controls. Anyone know what's wrong?

A:Microphone Trouble

You need to set your microphone as your recording device. Double-click the speaker in your system tray (next to the clock), then go to Options>Properties. Click Recording and make sure there is a tick next to microphone in the list, then click OK.

You should now be able to select the recording device. Click microphone and put the volume to the maximum, you may also need to enable microphone boost.

There maybe an easier way but I'm not sure how. Tell us how you get on.
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hi i have this weird thing happening woth my microphone. i wanted to use it to record for a school project i plugged it in while using windows and my computer froze. the screen was frozen no mouse,sound cut out (was playing music). i reboot everything ok. i tryed it agian to check if it was random same thing happened. Anyone help?

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I have a new computer running Vista Premium 64 -- I have a creative Audigy sound card. I attempted for 4 hours to get sound out of my microphone. I have tried numerous suggestions that were posted on the net. I downloaded new drivers --Any Suggestions?--

A:Microphone Trouble

Originally Posted by molly

I have a new computer running Vista Premium 64 -- I have a creative Audigy sound card. I attempted for 4 hours to get sound out of my microphone. I have tried numerous suggestions that were posted on the net. I downloaded new drivers --Any Suggestions?--

I have a similar setup. Please physically check that you have the microphone plugged in the correct "line in"position. On Creative SB0570card it is the blue input. Audio out for your speakers/ headphones is green. Software is Start, Control panel, hardware& sound tab. Under sound, manage audio devices tab. Under recording tab, Microphone SB Audigy working. Highlight and explore the configure and then the properties tab. Hope that this may assist you. kaceltd.....
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Whenever im talking to people online using my microphone they can hear whats happening in my headset speakers (eg. Playing music while on teamspeak/ventrillo or when im playing counter-strike and talking).

This is what my master volume looks like; the advanced options microphone boost is unticked.
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Hi have this trouble with the microphone When i record on my computer it sounds good ive tried to record and play after and it sounds completely fine but when i try to speak on vent or ingame at different games all they get is a loud buzzing noise Kinda like if you stick a piece of paper into a fan googled around but cant seem to find any good solutions Ive tried tinkering with the settings like amplification etc on both my computer and the different programs to send voice chat but nothing seems to work Read a post here that old powersupply could be the reason but i have a decent age laptop and if i can hear myself fine on my recordings it can not be that nor can it be the microphone I am now using windows but i had the same thing with my windows vista tried different mics etc same Appretiate any help on the matter sry about bad spelling and english nbsp

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i recently read a post on these forums but i cant seem to find it to reply in trouble microphone it so im going to just start a new one basically my microphone was working fine no problems at all then one day it just died and im like ok fair enough maybe its the mic went and bought a new mic and it doesnt work but both mics work on my other computer its got something to do with soundMAX but i cant figure it out and everytime i think i figure it out its not it and i get more and more frustrated what i have noticed though is that when i open up the soundMAX control panel my mic isnt muted and what not but there is a little icon like a yellow triangle with a in it when i hover the mouse over it it says quot needs to be muted quot i think thats microphone trouble the problem but dont know how to fix it ive also did what the previous post said and uninstall and reinstall but i still have the problem someone help me please im going out of my mind trying to fix it nbsp

A:microphone trouble

is it a front mic jack/line in jack or is it one in the back from an audio card or a built-in to the motherboard one?
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HI, i think that after the anniversary edition update integrated microphone started to have some driver problem, the peripherical is disappeared, skype doesnt work, someone has the same problem?

A:Acer Aspire V Nitro 592G lost microphone

Hi, I have completely same issue - it stopped working in Win 10 three months ago - I was not able to fix that anyhow. So I have bought external microphone and using it
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My Acer Aspire 3610, microphone not working at all. I don't know much about computers. So any detailed help will solve my problem. Thanks. Salim6473083862.
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Hi guys,
I'm using a headset to play Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and I speak to my friends in my clan through teamspeak whilst playing, but since last week, when I speak people can hear the sounds from my gaming through my microphone, I havn;t changed any settings and i've tried system restore, but this never happened till up to a week ago.
someone pleaseeeeeee help
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I just bought and installed a new hardrive into my home built computer. I am running XP Professional, and after plugging in my speaker system into the computer, I still have no sound.

Also when I try and test the microphone I cant select the headset since everything shows up as my speaker system.
My questions are:

1. How do I make the sound work on my machine?

2. How do I get the headset to work?

Thank you.
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hey guys i bought my triton Pro trouble 5.1 microphone Ax Triton ax pro headset a while ago and ive been using it place of my normal speakers havent used the mic on the ps yet but i always use the headset im trying Triton Ax Pro 5.1 microphone trouble to use the mic with my pc right now Triton Ax Pro 5.1 microphone trouble and its not working i plugged in the usb it came with and the device installs quot C-Media USB Audio Device quot and ive messed with it every way i no how unmute everything Triton Ax Pro 5.1 microphone trouble checked all the options under properties advanced properties etc the device shows up in skype as my recorder device but theres no sound being processed through the microphone can any help me Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R D CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Radeon X X X Series Microsoft Corporation - WDDM Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd G M-ES L x x Antivirus Norton AntiVirus Updated and Enabled System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd System Model G M-ES L BIOS Award Modular BIOS v PG Processor Intel R Pentium R D CPU GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Radeon X X X Series Microsoft Corporation - WDDM Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc Chip type DAC type Internal DAC MHz Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV B amp SUBSYS B amp REV Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model unknown Monitor Id PTS F Native Mode x p Hz Output Type DVI Driver Name atiumdag dll atiumdva cap atitmmxx Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version Ex Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp Device Identifier D B EE - - CF- D - A A C C Vendor ID x Device ID x B SubSys ID x B Revision ID x Driver Strong Name atiilhag inf ATI Mfg NTx ati mtag RV ci ven amp dev b Rank Of Driver F Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C Deinterlace Caps E FF-B - B-BCF -BCB E F Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY E FF-B - B-BCF -BCB E F Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY C C - FB - F - - BF EE D Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive C DAD-CCBC- B- C - CF F A Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoPr... Read more

A:Triton Ax Pro 5.1 microphone trouble

What recording devices do you have listed?
Use the DirectX Diagnostoc Tool to show us.

Windows Key + R > DxDiag > OK > Save All Information...
This will create a text file called DxDiag.txt.
Open this DxDiag.txt file with Notepad and then copy and paste the portion
of the DxDiag.txt between System Information and DirectInput Devices into your post
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So the other day i bought a Logitech for ?15 and i get home to recorded my voice but my laptop wont pick up my headset..Like it knows its been plugged in etc and will even play sound through the headset but can seem to get it to pop up on my microphone bit! Could someone help me please?

A:Im having trouble with my microphone/headset..

What is the specific model number of the Logitech? Can make a difference.
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Ok Im having some trouble installing my old microphone and headset on to Vista. 64 bit

I used XP fine with these items, and i now have a new PC running Vista x64 bit

The items im having issues with are
My microphone, standard USB Version,en

And my headset Medusa USB Speedlink Headset
SPEED-LINK by J?llenbeck GmbH: Gamecontroller und Peripherie f?r Computer und Spielekonsolen

I cant find no drivers on either site, I cant even find any support at all for the microphone.

When i plug them into the USB hubs Vista stats looking for suitable drivers and then prompts me with a message saying it has encountered a problem.

Here is a picture of the problem

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks

A:Installing My Old Microphone Trouble

Since i posted this message i found the drivers for the Medusa USB Speedlink Headset on there website, i installed them but for some reason when i rebooted it had dropped my graphics card drivers.... weird i know

I Have to say though the drivers for the Medusa USB Speedlink Headset worked a treat !!

Just got to sort the standard little microphone out, worst case ill have to use the one on my headset... (which i hate doing)

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Here is my problem I am using a headset microphone combo that I used often It works just fine on all other Trouble Microphone [SOLVED] computers but one my computer I am unable to use the microphone Ive checked all the audio controls updated my audio driver and have done about as much as I can Ill list my system spec below to help as much as possible One thing that should be put forth is my computer was originally designed for windows ME but I upgraded it for use of iTunes and other such programs that are unsupported on ME Your help will be most appreciated Specs System Manufacturer VIA [SOLVED] Microphone Trouble Technologies Inc Model VT ID FFFFFFFF-FFFFFFFF-FFFFFFFF-FFFFFFFF Mainboard Manufacturer HOLCO Shuttle Multi-Processor MP Support No Model - B System BIOS - - B- A LMH AC- Chipset VIA KT A On-board Devices Ethernet Adapter Ethernet Adapter Enabled Sound Adapter Sound Adapter Enabled Flash Memory Controller Location Mainboard Error Correction Capability None Number of Memory Slots Maximum Installable Memory MB Bank - BANK DIMM MB Bank - BANK Empty Bank - BANK Empty Bank - BANK Empty Chipset Model VIA VT KT KM System Controller Revision A Bus DEC AMD EV HSTL Front Side Bus Speed x MHz MHz Maximum FSB Speed x MHz MHz Width -bit I O Queue Depth request s Maximum Bus Bandwidth GB s Logical Chipset Memory Banks Bank MB SDRAM - - - Supported Memory Types FPM EDO ECC SDRAM VC-SDRAM Registered Memory Bus Speed x MHz MHz Maximum Memory Speed x MHz MHz Multiplier x Width -bit Memory Controller in Processor No Power Save Mode No Fixed Hole Present No Maximum Memory Bus Bandwidth GB s Memory Module Manufacturer Hyundai Electronics Model V BTFG- Type MB SDRAM Technology x Mx Speed PC U Standard Timings - - - Version Date of Manufacture Saturday December Set Timing MHz - - - Set Timing MHz - - - Environment Monitor Model VIA PM PCI Version Mainboard Specific Support Yes AGP Bus es on Hub Version Speed x MHz MHz Multiplier x Fast-Writes Enabled No Fast-Writes Support Yes Side Band Enabled No Side Band Support Yes Aperture Size MB PCI Bus es on Hub Version Number of Bridges PCI Bus PCI MHz Multiplier x LPC Hub Controller Model VIA VT C A PCI to ISA Bridge Revision E ACPI Power Management Enabled Yes Delayed Transaction Supported Yes Delayed Transaction Enabled No Multiplier x Speed MHz DMA Multiplier x DMA Speed MHz Sound Adapter Model VIA Onboard AC' Audio Codec Revision F Type AC ' Version

A:[SOLVED] Microphone Trouble

Hi Glick and welcome to TSF !

What's the brand and model of the headset/microphone combo ? Is it an USB device or does it use regular audio ports ?

If it uses the regular ports then test the computer's line-in audio port : plug a walkman to the line-in port with a male-male audio cord, go to start => all programs => accessories => entertainment => sound recorder, play some song on the walkman and press the record button in the sound recorder. The green line should oscillate and you should be able to replay the recorded music.

If it's an USB device then make sure you have installed all the latest critical updates from Windows update. Did you get any drivers CD with the headset ?
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Hey guys I m new here so I am hoping someone out there can give me some advice on this Today I picked up a regular desktop External USB Microphone microphone for my computer one that uses the th jack and was testing it out Suffice to say after an hour or so of fiddling with the volume options for External USB Microphone the microphone and different positioning of the mic I am not that happy with the quality of recording I am getting out of it I have decided I am going to return this one but was thinking about getting a USB instead I know I have been told the recording quality is much superior on a USB microphone vs the one I have now My question being will my computer recognize this as a microphone line in as any other th style mic would be recognized For the purposes I need a microphone for a Skype conversation being broadcasted live over a JetCast server on winamp I need this microphone to be recognized much like any regular th mic would be I looked into the headsets but I am unsure if those would be recognized as a microphone line in therefore defeating the purpose of what I need it for Hopefully this makes sense to someone out there and that someone can give me some hardware advice on this Thanks External USB Microphone in External USB Microphone advance to anyone who can help me out -Phrozen My specs Dell Inspiron laptop Windows XP Home basic audio hookups to the side one for speakers one for the mic Sigmatel Audio nbsp

A:External USB Microphone

When you plug a USB headset/mic into a computer it forms its own subsystem audio. So for instance if you were using Realtek audio before, the USB's brandname audio would take over and you get a mic in setting for the USB microphone seperate from the other audio subsystem.

Sometimes Skype will be looking for the wrong mic in or something dumb like that but it will work just fine with Skype once it all configured correctly.

One drawback is (at least on my system) that the other audio subsystem is not usable while the USB subsystem is active and each time you move from one to the other there are some settings that may need to be reset each time in order to enable them again.
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Hello to all,I have a thinkpad laptop and it has the 2 internal microphones and it has an audiojack for headphones. My manual says my laptop will support a headphone/microphone combo, but NOT a microphone only. I do not have or want (at this point) a docking station. Does anyone know of a way or of a type of external microphone (without a headset) that i can use and that will work? would a usb mic work or is this laptop just incapable of using an external mic? thank you for allowing me to post.

A:I would like to use an external microphone on my t...

Hello and welcome,
The usual setup is something like the below.  This is an example, not a specific recommendation.  Please verify.
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Hi there I know nothing about sound and mic stuff I m learning as I go so forgive me if all of this is obvious I wanted to buy a cheap lavalier microphone for some video recording I need to do I need it to plug into a source other than my camera so I assumed my computer Macbook Pro Early would be the best choice I ordered the Trantec LP because it was cheap and had a mini-jack that I assumed would plug straight into my computer and work It does not So having done a little research I m guessing that my Microphone Mac External mic has no pre-amp or whatever the technical term is and needs to be powered Mac External Microphone externally To solve this I purchased a very cheap USB bus-powered external Mac External Microphone sound card which I assumed would be enough Mac External Microphone to power the mic Apparently not Can anybody just quickly tell me what I can plug my microphone in to to make it work I saw an iMic suggested but I don t want to spend on something I m not sure will work It doesn t need to even be a computer add-on I can use an external audio capturing device like a dictophone if need be but the only requisit is that I don t want to spend s I don t particuarly need high-end stuff I just need something cheap that will read the mic I ve already bought Or on the flip side if anyone knows of any similarly priced mics that would do a better job than my LP without addition equipment needed feel free to suggest them to me as I m thinking of just cutting my losses and selling this on ebay Thanks for your help Here are some links for the devices I mentioned Trantec LP External Soundcard iMic nbsp
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I have two laptops running windows 8, Asus AO756-2626 and HP dm4-3099se. Internal mic works on both. I have two computer mics and one professional type that needs an adapter for the jack. When I insert either mics, nothing happens on either laptops. The external mic in the sound settings is grayed out and says currently unavailable.

A:External Microphone Currently not Available

Depending on the actual audio codec driver of the machine, you probably just need to change the input port from line-in to mic, especially if the machine does not physically have both.
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I've got laptop Acer Aspire 5102 and microphone built-in the laptop. I run (I'm not sure how it should be in English Windows version because I've got other language) Accessories -> Entertainment -> Sound register. I press red circle and touch microphone by my finger. I definitely hear the sound of this touching repeated in speakers of my laptop, however it is not recorded. I stop recording, move to the beginning, play start and I cannot hear anything.

What should I do to be able to use my microphone properly in Windows XP on my laptop?

Thanks for help in advance !
Greetings !

A:microphone on laptop in WinXP doesn't work (Acer Aspire 5102)

johnyjj2 said:


I've got laptop Acer Aspire 5102 and microphone built-in the laptop. I run (I'm not sure how it should be in English Windows version because I've got other language) Accessories -> Entertainment -> Sound register. I press red circle and touch microphone by my finger. I definitely hear the sound of this touching repeated in speakers of my laptop, however it is not recorded. I stop recording, move to the beginning, play start and I cannot hear anything.

What should I do to be able to use my microphone properly in Windows XP on my laptop?

Thanks for help in advance !
Greetings !Click to expand...
You're doing all the right things but instead of just tapping the mic, I suggest you try sitting beside a radio or othe rmusical output and then repeat the experiment. If you still don't hear anything afterwards, post back as to whether or not the system invites you to save the file when you close the utility. I just tried this on my old Toshiba with built-in mic and it worked for me.
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I just bought a new microphone gaming headset (Plantronics Audio 350), and it isn't working in Counter Strike Source. When I went into the "test microphone" function, there was a LOT of static. Even when there was no microphone plugged in, the same static occurred. In the computer's "sound record" function the mic worked fine, but in while "testing hardware" in the computer's sound device options the mic didn't work. With a previous mic doing the same thing, I think there might be something wrong with my computer. I want to find out if I can make the mic work.

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So I recently built my new computer and have been playing games on it ever since but my dilema is that when i plug in the superbeam microphone to play an online game or use skype the microphone instantly starts to pick up this crescendoing reverb almost like feedback but it just gets louder and louder until the SoundMAX Superbeam trouble Microphone point where if i press and hold a key to talk its just computer garbage sound I did notice that SoundMAX Superbeam Microphone trouble the microphone has this self balancer driver its very strange when you talk into the microphone it levels out the receiving volume itself which tends to get VERY annoying I have tried many different things I m pretty sure the problem is that it is picking up other electronic devices but i dont know if i can fix it Under its commands of the SoundMAX Audio driver i have quot No Filtering voice Recording directional Array and Speaker phone quot I have unplugged my speakers and tried using headphones It works for a little while then the oscilating crescendo noise comes back and gets louder and louder i would appreciate any insight if youve had this problem before nbsp
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I have a Acer Inspire One laptop/net book and I've bought a Logitech Desktop Microphone 600. It's not registering and it's not showing up on anything! I've tried so many solutions but all have failed. PLEASE HELP~

I thank you for the help ahead of time.


A:My external microphone won't work!

Hi fuzzybluelights, and welcome to TSG.

It would be rather difficult to suggest any new possible solutions if you don't tell us some of the things you have all ready tried. Not that many members here have clairvoyant powers.

Some possible solutions ...

Have you checked the Windows volume/mixer control panel to make sure the mic input is not muted?

Some computers may have hardware that allows the mic input to also work as a line level input. In that case, it needs to be specifically set to be a mic input.

Have you checked the microphone on a another computer to make sure you did not buy a bad one?
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Please help-- I've tried everything. I have an external microphone headset that I plugged into the back of my pc (pink mic and blue line-in). I've unchecked mute on the microphone in the volume control and recording mode in options. I've done the "test" in the control panal/sounds and audio devises/voice/test hardware-- but it doesn't recognize it. ALso under the audio devises/audio-- the advanced tab is greyed out. I've tried everything including going into my administrative tools panal to see if there is problems in the human interface -- checked "manual" but nothing works! Please help! Everything is updated-- I have a sound audigy sound card- but it tests okay.
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I am running XP on a Dell Inspiron Laptop It has a Sigmatel C-Major soundcard I have a working external MIC I use it frequently on my desktop I cannot get any any audio from this mic on my laptop I go into the CHECK HARDWARE feature and recite the whole quot quot i am testing my microphone to verify my voice is detected quot It shows the recording meter is detecting my voice and my voice shows on the recording meter but I cannot hear anything out of External Microphone Problem the speakers or it will not record anywhere I went to the dell website and installed the latest drivers External Microphone Problem and still getting the same Any help would be greatly appreciated I can post screen shots if needed I have turned the volume up as high as possible I can hear anything else out the speakers except the mic I went into the Recording Control It has stereo mix or Microphone I can only select one at a time I have check marked each and still the same The advanced options gives External Microphone Problem me quot microphone boost quot Which i have check marked and still the same My control panel has a sigmatel audio icon but it just has an option for battery power management but nothing else

A:External Microphone Problem

just went to the Speech in control panel and changed the audio input device to SigmaTel Audio from "use preferred device" I even tried a new speech profile, where it asks you to say "I am using the Microphone Wizard, It is adjusting the volume of my microphone" The volume meter moves and detects my voice, but I cannot hear it through the speakers.


Any way I can move this to audio help?
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Hello there nbsp I own a HP Stream Notebook PC nbsp Product number L G EA ABU Serial number personal information removed BIOS F - Keyboard revision Total memory GB Processor name Intel R Celeron R CPU nbsp N nbsp GHz And I am running O S win which came installed with the laptop I have an external headphone set with speaker and microphone and which has jack pin plugs one for to microphone cant! but an external use wanting microphone pink and other for speaker green I also have nbsp to adapter connector so both can run off wanting to use an external microphone but cant! of one external jack The jack on my laptop is on the rear left hand side facing the monitor and the icon of a head set is next to it and the plastic wanting to use an external microphone but cant! insulation around the insert ic colored black I have tired my headphone set out of this jack point nbsp with and without the piece adapter and the headphones always work but I can not get the microphone to work when this microphone is plugged into the jack point the laptops inbuilt wanting to use an external microphone but cant! microphone is still in play I have had a look in my control panel and see no new icons appear when I plug the microphone in Am I correct in thinking that this jack plug port dose not support a microphone and only supports an external speaker Or am I doing something wrong hear Thanks nbsp Toolless
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Sort of a dire situation here, I need my microphone to work, like... Within the next 10 minutes if possible/plausible.

I have a Razer Carcharias headphone set and it's worked for me in the past beautifully but suddenly the microphone won't work.

I'm running on an HP Pavillion dv6700 laptop and using the front ports, audio works, but for some reason well.... My mic on the headset picks up, but VERY VERY quietly. Like, to hear anything I need to stuff the mic in my mouth, and even then it's very quiet and the static is even louder.

So... What's going on?

A:External Microphone Issues

Unfort, sounds like the mic is actually knackered.
Do you have another mic you can try?
Check the cable of the mic, all the way along, is there any bare wire showing?
Are there any severe "bends" in the cable?
Have you checked the audio control panel to see if recording (ie your mic) is turned right down:
to do this go to start, then run, then type: mmsys.cpl then press enter. Select the audio tab of the box that appears, then volume under sound recording, make sure this is atleast turned half way up.

Hope these help.

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I want to control my external microphone as line in and keep built-in mic as one for calls.

When i plug in my external mic the control passes to the external and the internal mic is not available. I want to control both these separately.

I ham having Toshiba L750 with conexant driver.
It has only one option in Recording devices even if i plug in external mic (as shown in the attachment).
How can i get the line-in (External mic) as a separate option?

Help me plssss
Thanks in Advance

A:Internal and External Microphone

You need the Microphone mode. The microphone mode provides 5VDC on the "ring" connection, which is required by a "computer" microphone. If you use or set the jack mode to "Line" the "ring" connector will change from 5VDC to a signal in connection and a "computer" microphone will not work.
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I have a dell lattitude D505, windows XP. I have plugged in an external microphone, Omidirectional by Radio Shack. I have tried via the control panel to add new hardware but it does not recognize. I am trying to use it for Skype. Thank you in adavance for any help.

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Hi I current have a Lenovo use How (T510) external an microphone? to T Laptop and I'm How to use an external microphone? (T510) trying to figure out how to How to use an external microphone? (T510) plug in my external microphone into a headphone jack On my old computers they would have separate jacks A pink one for the microphone and a green one for the headphones Well on the side of the laptop all that's there is a gray-colored jack with a headSET symbol above it At first I assumed that it would work interchangeably with the headphones part and the microphone part but only the headphones work when I plug it in nbsp So here are the questions I've got pertaining to my issue nbsp What exactly does that Headset symbol mean I can't find images of it online but i can take a picture if necessary Is there a way that I can plug in my microphone without purchasing any sort of dual jack of some kind that works for both headphones and microphone If I do have to purchase something what exactly would it have to be and what would be the estimated cost nbsp If there is any other helpful information that anyone has about my problem I would love to hear nbsp Thanks in advance nbsp Michael

A:How to use an external microphone? (T510)

Hi and welcome to the forum!Check the following knowledge base and thread:- it helps. 

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Espaņol Visit my YouTube Channel
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a webcam so that I can hear audio. I've plugged the microphone into the back of the computer and turned on my speakers but get no sound from the speakers when I talk into the microphone. Don't understand why I hear no sound. I'm trying to set up for a webcam.
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I just got a new external mic that plugs in via the 1/8" mic port (on the side of my MacBook). I played with all the input settings in GarageBand (Built-In Mic/Built-In Input/System Setting), but none of them seem to be picking up any sound through the mic. Am I missing something here?

A:Why isn't this external microphone working?

Have you gone into sound properties and under properties in your Sound options clicked to make sure the Mic was open? jazz
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I recently bought a Zalman ZM-MIC because the built-in microphone of my not External detected microphone pc Qosmio X is rather crappy However I've been trying for hours now but I can't get it to work at all It doesn't even show up under recording devices the only thing that is displayed there External microphone not detected is Conexant SmartAudio HD The microphone works fine on a different laptop on which the Realtek HD Audio Manager pops up as soon as I connect it From what I've gathered online it looks like Conexant and Realtek are two different hardware types Does that mean that this microphone is not supported by my pc It just seems weird to me that a certain type of microphone would not work at all on particular pcs especially as there is nothing mentioned about Realtek on the box the mic came in But I'm out of ideas I've updated all drivers and the only sign of life I get when connecting the microphone is a short waiting animation in Conexant SmartAudio If anyone could shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it Thank you

A:External microphone not detected

It should work OK. Go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel. In the Recording section, with the mic connected, if its not shown, RIGHT click in a blank area in that panel and then click to show disabled and disconnected devices. That may make it appear and you can enable it.

However, even if that makes the mic appear, you should have a System Mixer or may be called System Mixer. That should be set as the default recording device, then whatever is used will record (or if you want to record streaming audio from the internet you need this function).
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Haven't been able to find this answer anywhere else, so I thought I'd ask here. I'm hoping to sue an external microphone with a g505s, however having tried using two different microphones (both in the 3.5mm port) and 2 different types of recorder, I'm still only getting the default built in microphone, the external ones aren't registering.  Is there a way for me to change this?

A:Re: G505s external microphone

hi ThatGuyBS,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
As the IdeaPad G505s uses a 2-in-1 audio jack (headphone and mic), you will need a headset splitter / adapter for a headset to work.
If you're be using an external monophonic microphone only, you will need an extra 3.5mm Stereo male to 3.5mm Mono female adapter connected to the headset.
Microphone/Headset Jack - splitter needed for combo
Sample items:
- 3.5mm Stereo male to 3.5mm Mono female adapter
- 3.5mm Headphone / Microphone adapter
Alternatively, you can also use a USB microphone to elimiate getting an headset adapter.
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hi guys, i have a boom pro vmoda mic that i want to use for productivity purposeshowever, it does not show upthe only option i have is the default s7 micdoes anyone know how we can use an external mic???PLEASE HELP!!!
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Okay, so I have a Compaq Presario CQ56 (HP) and I am a musical person, therefore wishing to record music. The built-in microphone isn't to my standards, so I have a microphone that I'm trying to use. It's an average karaoke mic plugged into an adapter I guess I could say.. It's a little piece where the mic plugs in on one end and the other end has a piece that I can plug into my computer, it looks like a headphone end. When I try and use it, there's nothing there. I know for a fact that the microphone works, and the adapter piece isn't damaged, so what could be the problem?

I've checked on google and have found no answers. Please help!

Microphones are :
DIXON Dynamic Microphone DM-1178

A:Trying to use an external microphone but all I get is fuzz

Are you using a stereo adapter for a mono mic? Pull the adapter and check the plug. If there are two dark bands, that's a stereo adapter... You need a mono adapter for the mic. It should only have one dark band.
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I have recently purchased a new computer:

ixtreme M5801
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 500 @ 3.30GHz 3.20 GHz
64 Bit Operating System
Windows 7 Service Pack 1

I also purchased external speakers (as the current ones were awful) and have now purchased a USB webcam with a built in mic. I have inserted the USB and as one would expect it installed the drivers automatically and the cam works fine, however, the mic does not work at all.

On the Recording Devices section the built in mic on the webcam does not show up, even when checking the show unused and disabled options.

It is installed correctly, it must be otherwise the cam wouldn't work. So it must be the configuration of the sound system itself - maybe something to do with the fact that I have external speakers, I am not sure and really need help!


A:External Microphone/Webcam

Try going to the webcam manufacturers site and download the latest Windows 7 64bit drivers. That is if they supply they. Have you checked Device Manager for any yellow exclamations!
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Okay so at this point it seems as though I have tried everything I have a fully functioning internal Microphone works with everything no problem But recently I have been experimenting with recording my voice with Game footage using the stereo mix etc I had it working fine Game footage Game audio and voice Brilliant Voice was a tad quiet however so I thought I'd buy a better microphone just to improve slightly what I already had working excellently Okay so here is where it got annoying working... Not External sometimes... Microphone If I open recording devices via the little speaker button by the Time on the task bar and I then plug the external microphone in I see the levels rise and as long as that window is open I can record with the external mic The second it closes NOTHING Not even the internal mic what the hell I am beyond confused it is so weird I unplug the external after the window closes and then the internal works and the external won't even register unless I plug it in while the recording devices window is open what on earth is going on Any help with this crazy matter will be greatly appreciated Rich

A:External Microphone Not working... sometimes...

I would just like to add aswell that I have tried all the muting's and level editing you can throw at me because I have googled this extensively before asking this question... The closest I got to a solution was some guy saying that external microphones acted as Line Ins... and to disable the Microphone and then use the external as a line in. Trouble is when I plug it in, it uses the microphone option in recording devices so its completely disabled... and nothing happens with line in... then i plug it into the line in... and nothing happens. Please help guys its killing me! haha
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Hello, i'm using a Siberia V2 headset. Here is my laptop : Asus ROG G741JM-T4065H

I'm using this splitter : Headset adapter for headsets with separate headphone / microphone plugs - 3.5mm 4 position to 2x 3 position 3.5mm M/F: Electronics

My headset is in the soundtab, but no microphone (except the internal one) is the recordtab :
My headset works fine with a windows 7.

A:External microphone not detected, tried everything

Are you sure the Tip/Ring/Ring/Sleeve is what is used on your PC? Many with one jack are standard Tip/Ring/Sleeve and are a combo jack - can be used for either mic or headset but not both.

I just researched two other ASUS laptops and that is the way they are - jack that can be used for either but not both.
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My friend upgraded her laptop from XP to Windows 7. Everything works fine even the sound and microphone although it doesn't work in MSN messenger somehow. I can record sound and listen to it but it is futile in MSN messenger. What is the trouble with it? She needs to fix this problem as soon as possible.

A:Acer AOA150 microphone trouble (ASAP)

Quote: Originally Posted by Erkronos

My friend upgraded her laptop from XP to Windows 7. Everything works fine even the sound and microphone although it doesn't work in MSN messenger somehow. I can record sound and listen to it but it is futile in MSN messenger. What is the trouble with it? She needs to fix this problem as soon as possible.

I would re-install messenger for a start.
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I use a headset with a built in microphone when playing online games When playing the game with the sound effects on whenever I try Trouble and Microphone Headset Having Computer Audio with to talk through the microphone to others they hear amplified loud sounds and tones and can t hear me But when I turn off the game s sounds so I m not hearing anything in my headphones when I speak people can hear me clearly This tells me that the sound I m hearing in my headphones is being relayed along with my voice to people when I turn on the microphone I ve searched about this problem but can t seem to find an answer so please help does anyone know where I can make sound card changes mine is a realtek or setting changes to where I can listen to the game s sounds and speak on the microphone at the same time without the game sound input being included in the microphone output nbsp

A:Having Trouble with Headset Microphone and Computer Audio

I am having the exact same issue, and have the same sound card. I haven't tried this yet because of a second issue I am having but read this link (okay it's my first post and I can't post links, so you will have to adjust this):

So it appears to be a mixing issue? Shouldn't that be changable somewhere aside from the program your using?

My issue is whenever I hit setup in ventrilo, it locks the program. It's a brand new machine, on the last couple versions of vent as well - but on my older machine it did the exact same thing - different sound card. All drivers are up to date, and i tried holding down the bypass key as the VENT FAQ suggests but it has no effect.
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Hey guys! im currently using a lenovo ideapad s410p (without touch screen). in the past month or so, my microphone has stopped working, both the internal microphone and external microphones in headphones. i would just like to know if anyone has faced this problem or may know what is the root of the issue! thank you for all your help
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I only just bought a new computer with Windows on it SO not impressed with this OS Anyway I'm trying to set up all my externals I have an external microphone I use through a Tascam US- audio interface It has the ability to record in stereo and I have done so for some time using Audacity on my old computer running Windows with no problems I checked that the Tascam system has been tested with Windows No problems there I installed the drivers and audacity and set everything up However I'm still only getting mono sound instead of stereo when I only External from Microphone Input mono attempt to record I've double checked that the Default Format for the input device is set to channel bit Hz and that Audacity is set to take in a stereo input No joy I can record sound but only in mono Any ideas P S After repeated attempts I CAN get the system to recognise the stereo input for less than a second when first turned on Something is getting through but for some reason it just doesn't keep

A:Input from External Microphone only mono

I have a recording studio (I use Sonar X3).

Do you have Windows 8.1 specific drivers? When 8.1 came out many recording audio devices, including my Roland Octa-Capture required Windows 8.1 specific drivers to properly work.

From the recording forums I visit, this was a major issue with many devices. They worked properly with Windows 8, but did not with 8.1.
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So I have an Acer Aspire V5 and it has a internal microphone that does poorly as the fan can be heard. But whenever I connect my headphones (With built in microphone) into the jack it doesn't detect it. My friends can't hear me over skype calls and I've been trying to troubleshoot the problem. Any ideas how to fix this? thanks.

A:Computer can't detect external microphone

I've done some digging with your particular model, and it would appear that a multitude of people are in the same boat as you. The only solution I found was to update your audio drivers, or to uncheck a setting particular setting (located here). If that doesn't work, it's likely that you have a faulty audio jack.

However, in my experience, some audio jacks are finicky when it comes to certain headphones. Because you mentioned that you have headphones with a built-in microphone, it's likely that you have a three-ringed 3.5mm male connector. Some audio jacks don't like that because they expect a two-ringed 3.5mm male connector. Before you rule out a bad jack, see if you can find a pair of headphones that have a two-ringed 3.5mm connector and try that. If you're unsure what I mean, take a look at these pictures for reference (the top is two-ringed, bottom is three):
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I have  a headset I'd like to plug in, it has a better microphone but I don't see a jack for microphones, just for headsets. Is there a jack or how can I use my external microfphone

A:i don't see a jack for an external microphone - hp notebook ...

Hi, You do not have this option as mentioned in its manual (page #17 for the jack on the left hand side - ie headphones jack): Produces sound when connected to optional powered stereo speakers, headphones, earbuds, a headset, or television audio. Also connects an optional headset microphone.NOTE: This jack does not support optional microphoneonly devices. You can find more info from the following manual: Regards.
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Hello. My external microphone wont work and I need help.
I have an Acer Aspire 5810TZ-4657.
And we bought a microphone to use.
But we have another issue.
We have both internal and external and neither are working.
Are we missing an important thing? Or?
But I need to figure out what's wrong.
Because my dad can't use the fathers day present I bought him .___.
And he plays world of warcraft.
So any help would be very much appreciated.

Oh, and the external microphone is a EarForce Z1.
Thank you c:
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Hello. Laptop didn't see any external sound capture devices. After driver reinstall, it see all devices but can't capture voice from microphones.I test standalone microphone and some headphones (with wired and bluetooth connection). Result is same. Thanks all.
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I recently picked up this laptop and personally prefer to use the microphone attached to my headset for voice recording rather than the one built into the laptop. I've got a a splitter to handle the combo jack on the headset. However the laptop doesn't seem to recognize the microphone and can't set it as a default device in the audio settings. I just picked up this laptop less than a week ago though so its possible I could be missing something that should be blantantly obvious. For reference the adapter and combo jack headset worked just fine on my previous device, which was a Microsoft Surface. Any help is appreciated!
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Hello, I've reently bought a new Lenovo, its great so far, but I have this very frustrating issue that I cant manage to fix, I've been brosing forums and tried to find a sollution myself nothing works so far. Problem: I can't use any external microphone.1: My Lenovo.y50-70 Link to picture/image 2: My Headphones, Microphone, and AudioSplitter. Link to picture/image3: the 2nd Audio entrance where I connect Audio Splitter: Link to picture/imageI tried to Uninstall , Download and install the latest Realtek drivers indicated on the official website, restart system .Nothing works till now.Headphones and Microphone are working on other laptop though.( for the test ) Mod comment: Over sized pictures converted to links.  Side Note: Its a great laptop, but if I dont manage to fix microphone problems untill 19th of march , I'll return product back to store.

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A:lenovo y50-70 External Microphone is not detected,...

hi viknik1990,
Welcome to the Forums.
Just to verify, were you able to make the headphone work directly to the audio-combo jack port or by using the audio splitter?
In addition, if you'll be using an external monophonic microphone only, have you tried using an extra 3.5mm Stereo male to 3.5mm Mono female adapter connected to the AudioSplitter and plug that inside the audio-combo jack? A user commented this tip on the article below as he was using the same setup.
3.5mm Stereo male to 3.5mm Mono female adapter
Microphone/Headset Jack - splitter needed for combo
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a simple microphone solution that worked for my HP laptop running Windows 10 [after tearing my hair out for hours and trying all the fixes i found on the internet, to no avail; after I did this, VOILA! a working external mic]

Click the [Start Button]
Click on/select [All apps]
Scroll down and click on [Settings]
In upper right search box [i.e., Find a setting], type in "microphone"
Click on/select [Microphone privacy settings]
Turn on [Let apps use my microphone]

Happy holidays ...
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I seem to have a weird issue with my external micro phone that I can't seem to figure out. I'm using a windows 10 desktop with a nvidia sound card. It says that it's plugged in (it has a green checkmark) but the green bars don't go up like it's getting audio. I increased the mic volume and boost and it made a very loud static. I tried updating the drivers but it said it was fully up to date. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers but that didn't work either. I plugged the microphone into the other ports but it was the same. I couldn't find any other solutions, I'd appreciate any help thank you.
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Hi I dont Volume low External Microphone automatically goes know if this question was asked before I have bought a new DELL Inspiron laptop With windows operating External Microphone Volume goes low automatically system Now when i use External Microphone Volume goes low automatically skype or yahoo or other application to talk to my family and friends they complain that they can hardly haer my voice so i have went to Control Panel gt Realtek HD audio Manager There the external microphone was my default device so i clicked on it and i found that the volume was very low some where aound So i increaded it to maximum and continued the conversation and they were llike they can hear my voice perfectly then again after few sec they complained so i checked again and the voice was at again when ever i increase the volume and start taking the voice volume drop to either zero or minimum I have to keep on increasing the volume constantly to talk Yesterday i had a converstion with my mom for mins and i had to keep on increasing the volume - time every minute it is reallly annoying me And i willl tell you one more thing its not head phone problem i have boought headphone of different brand thinking the low voice was because of head phones Please some one help me Hopefully someone will come up with a solution to this and quickly If not i will go to the shop from where i had purchased the laptop and ask him install XP on it

A:External Microphone Volume goes low automatically

Not sure if it's the same on a laptop.

Right click on the Microsoft Speaker icon in the taskbar. (it's actually easier than using the Realtek control panel.)

Select "Playback Devices" then select the "Communications" tab.

Select "Do Nothing" then click the Apply button.

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My PC does not detect my microphone when I plug it in I have tried using more than one microphone in case the detect external PC microphone doesn't microphone was broken but no microphone is detected when I PC doesn't detect external microphone plug it in Likewise I have made sure that there are no external mute or on off switches on the microphones which are preventing them from working I have made sure all of the drivers are up to date by going through my Device Manager I ve also toyed with the properties by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray as well as going into the volume control in the control panel but I still can t get the microphone to work The microphone was working as recently as two weeks ago Whenever I plugged it in a SigmaTel Audio window would pop up so I could choose that it was my rear mic Now however the SigmaTel Audio window never even pops up indicating to me once again that my PC is not even detecting that a microphone is plugged in Any advice nbsp