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ProBox HDF-SU2 ext HD enclosure not seen by Windows 7

Q: ProBox HDF-SU2 ext HD enclosure not seen by Windows 7

Hi, a friend of mine has dropped off a Mac HD to recover some pictures for him. He supplied the HD and a ProBox HDF-SU2. This I would think to be plug and play but no matter what I do including swapping to known good USB sockets the ext dive is not being seen. Windows is not even offering to install a driver for the ProBox HDF-SU2. Any help gratefully received. TIA
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Preferred Solution: ProBox HDF-SU2 ext HD enclosure not seen by Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hi all, I have issues with my new Probox 4 x HDD enclosure and win7, no matter what i do hte PC wont detect the unit...HELP!
I have a an ASRock Z77 Extreme6 (CPUSocket) 16.0GB Dual Channel DDR3. I have 2 x 1tb and 1 x 2tb HDD in the Probox.
Using USB 3.0 as the interface the PC doesn't detect it, if I use eSata the PC freezes and I have to reboot.
I have carried out...reboots, unplugging, updating all drivers, disk management, Device manager etc.

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Hello Everyone Windows Issue HDD Enclosure I won t go into to much detail about the computer issue that brought me to this point but what it comes down to is the computer is not working So we are at Windows HDD Enclosure Issue a phase where I m trying to help the guy recover files off of his Hard Drive I figure I could throw the Hard Drive into a USB Enclosure and he could move files from there to his laptop The Hard Drive is Dynamic He told me somebody set up RAID for him He had no Windows HDD Enclosure Issue idea which RAID First he said it was set up for Mirroring RAID then he said it was setup for Stripping and that was it RAID So I pop the secondary HDD into the Enclosure and I find a folder with bkf files So I m assuming whoever told him he had RAID set up was very wrong The laptop sees the enclosure and says it s ready to be used but the device is not under My Computer So I go into Disk Manager and the laptop sees it as a Foreign Drive There is no option to Import Foreign Disk The only two options I have are Convert To Basic and Properties Converting to Basic would delete the data correct As I mentioned earlier the second HDD was seen no problem I m guessing because the primary Hard Drive was set to Basic I read somewhere that Windows XP Home wouldn t read Dynamic Disks so I tried it in my laptop that has Windows XP Pro and same result Any help here would be greatly appreciated Thanks everyone nbsp

A:Windows HDD Enclosure Issue

I was doing some research on Basic/Dynamic, and if I understand correctly, if you were going to implement RAID, both drives would have to be Dynamic, correct?

So if the secondary drive was Basic, you could not use RAID. Thanks for the help.
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Ok heres the situation I recently decided to start using an old IDE drive in a enclosure with a media centre and have been using windows laptop to transfer things over to it first few times i transfered stuff over it was USB Problems 7 Enclosure/Windows fine then all of a sudden it started acting strange when plugging it USB Enclosure/Windows 7 Problems in now go to computer it shows up but clicking on it does nothing and eventully freezes at some point usualy about mins later it comes up with quot you need to format this drive to start using it would you like to format it now quot clicking format does nothing and freezes it again I have also tryed using disk management and it either A freezes as soon as its loading up with the drive plugged in B freezes as soon as I plug the drive in C loads then as soon as i click anything ie format it freezes and does nothing As soon as the drive is unpluged all the mentioned freezes go away and come up some error messages unable to format drive etc etc Heres the strange thing HD is fine attached via IDE to desktop vista HD is fine attached via USB and enclosure to desktop HD is fine attached via USB and enclosure to XBOX HD is fine attached via USB and enclosure to Media centre Another HD is fine attached to this laptop via USB and enclosure have ran out of ideas of what to try here Laptop is windows ultimate bit HD is maxtor diamondmax gb IDE any sugestions would be great not fussed if i have to format it to get it working as all the data is backed up on here anyways cheers nbsp
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I recently purchased a Cintre Z-Disc CI- cannot Solved: HDD enclosure Windows XP recognize U External Stoage device After setting everything up I turned the power Solved: Windows XP cannot recognize HDD enclosure button on There was power as the LED lights were turned on but Windows did NOT recognize the device Nothing popped up No sound Nothing I made sure that I had the latest updates from Windows XP SP and verified that my USB ports were working properly I tried various times connecting the device to different USB ports Nothing happened I installed a Western Digital HDD that was already used and had information already stored on it into the Z-Disc device So I am wondering if the problem is due to something faulty with the Z-Disc storage device or possibly the hard drive that I used for it It could also be my computer but all my other USB devices work perectly fine Note I did purchase Solved: Windows XP cannot recognize HDD enclosure a Dynex enclosure where Windows couldn t recognize the device as well But there was no power so it may have been faulty I returned it and purchased this one and Windows Solved: Windows XP cannot recognize HDD enclosure still has trouble recognizing Help is much appreciated nbsp

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I am sure many of you know about the possibility of booting up Windows XP in an external hard drive and I do agree that it sounds iffy Windows Drive XP Hard on in Enclosure but I am currently trying it out Right now I have a copy of Windows XP that is modified for use with an external hard drive and I have used this to Windows XP on Hard Drive in Enclosure install a copy of XP on an external hard drive which is really just a regular SATA drive inside an enclosure I tried installing XP onto the external through my older computer with these specs AMD Ghz Asus K V SE Deluxe GB RAM It did not work on there The XP install just gives me a message about how it can t access the drive but then I tried the install again on my laptop running Windows Vista and these are the specs for the laptop Intel Core Duo T Ghz Not sure about the motherboard at this time GB RAM It seems to install fine and boot up fine on this computer through the external USB I know that the older computer can boot from a USB since I previously installed Ubuntu and booted that off the USB with no problems However when I try plugging in this external back on the older PC I get the very common B stop error and then the computer restarts What my question is how will I be able to get Windows XP on this external drive so I can use my older PC with no internal drive EDIT Maybe it is because my laptop has an internal drive along with it I don t think that has to do anything though Anyway that is just another thing that might help so I am going to throw that out there nbsp

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I recently purchased a Dynex USB external enclosure (model: DX-HDEN10) for my 40GB hard drive that I had lying around. After mounting and plugging it into place, I connected it to my computer but Windows did not recognize it.

I do not know if this is because of Windows XP or the HDD enclosure itself. I may not have set it up properly because the power indicator on the enclosure does NOT turn on when I connect it to the PC using the USB cable. The user manual tells me that it should turn on when connected to the PC. Would I have to maybe adjust the jumper settings on the hard drive?

I don't know if this will do anything, but I have some pictures of the enclosure below. Any help is much appreciated.


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Hello all I have a very tired samsung X laptop It has ghz gig ram gig western digital hard drive WD BEVE - with IDE type connection Windows xp home with sp All has been rosey untill the connection where hard drive is placed onto the motherboard was broken Not a problem I though as I have an enclosure to put the drive in then connect using the usb All wired up I turned the computer on nothing in the drive bay and the same hard drive in the enclosure I How drive external enclosure? windows do from run hard connected via usb The first screen How do I run windows from external hard drive enclosure? is windows telling me it didn't shut down correctly How do I run windows from external hard drive enclosure? and asking How do I run windows from external hard drive enclosure? if I wish to load in safe mode with or without networking etc or just to continue as normal First choice was to load as normal The usual loading sequence begins and the windows sign is shown with the blue pulsing bar below Great all looking good no Then I get a quick flash of horrid blue screen less than a second followed by the computer restarting becoming a repetitions cycle Other load options create the same results So the question is how can I use the same drive everything already installed just how I like it with it outside the computer Slow driver so please talk very loud I'm sure there are many years in the old girl so please help me see her through Thanks Benson

A:How do I run windows from external hard drive enclosure?

Windows will not run from a external hard drive, it has to be a permanently installed drive.

If you stuck you could run a free linux distro like Ubuntu from a external drive or a live CD.
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Hi all I ve got up in hard-drive Windows XP. not USB showing enclosure a USB hard-drive enclosure not showing up in Windows XP. very annoying problem with XP that I just can t figure out I have spent hours and hours trying to fix this and posted on several forums to no avail so any help would be much appreciated My laptop died last week when I spilt water all over it The harddrive was not effected and stayed completely dry I am basically trying to USB hard-drive enclosure not showing up in Windows XP. save the data on the harddrive and completely wipe format it I bought a quot SATA gt USB enclosure caddy and put my laptop HDD into the enclosure When I plugged the enclosure into my spare PC using the power USB Y cable the enclosure powers up and the LED light comes on I can also feel hear the laptop HDD inside spinning A message comes up on the PC saying quot New hardware found USB mass storage device quot Then about minute later it shows the following message The HDD is not showing up in My computer or disk management but it does show up in Device manager under USB controllers as a USB mass storage device However it seems to disappear from the device manager after about minute When I right click on the USB mass storage device in device manager and click on driver it says no drivers are installed However apparently this USB enclosure does not need any drivers for XP Vista as it s a plug n play device Does anyone know why the HDD enclosure is not showing up in my computer or disk management I have tried it on three different PC s with all exactly the same symptoms Thanks in advance nbsp

A:USB hard-drive enclosure not showing up in Windows XP.

Anyone have any ideas?
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I work on malware and viruses and I use a junker XP machine to do it. I have been doing it for many years, however, I have my first Windows 8 hard drive to scan and my XP machine beeps at me but the new drive never shows up for me to scan with my malware scan tools. Does this have something to do with Windows 8?

A:Solved: Accessing Windows 8 through external enclosure?

Not directly something to do with Windows 8.

The hard drive is probably (I am assuming) GPT (not MBR). According to this Microsoft article

Q. Can the 32-bit version of Windows XP read, write, and boot from GPT disks?

A. No. The 32-bit version will see only the Protective MBR. The EE partition will not be mounted or otherwise exposed to application software.Click to expand...

But if you have 64-bit XP it can read a GPT disk that is no larger than 2 TB.
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Hi all I have a OWC Mercury Elite Pro Qx RAID Enclosure The unit is setup in RAID It will not mount its single volume in Windows It shows up properly as quot eSATA- ExternalRAID Mount Based Windows Can't Enclosure 936 get to 8 in Oxford quot in Device Manager but under the category quot Other Devices quot and I cannot get it to see a volume and mount it It will mount via USB OWC swears it is an quot isolated quot case but it does this on x of my Windows machines and works in Windows They also swear it is a SATA controller driver problem that Microsoft needs to fix Perhaps but that doesn't help me I know NewerTech has a USB - eSATA adapter that is under or so I could try that though not ideal Does anyone know of a small dongle-link adapter that will turn an eSATA drive into a NAS instantly That would be a killed accessory I have seen these for Can't get Oxford 936 Based Enclosure to Mount in Windows 8 USB but not eSATA UPDATE Just remembered this Addonics adapter I think I remember it but it wasn't shipping when I first found it Ideas
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When all else fails, dont type out a long assed question for people smarter than you, just TRY A DIFFERENT USB PORT!

It wont let me delete my thread.
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I have this: 4 port USB 2.0 with usb cord for power supply

and a nexstar USB/firewire 3.5" enclosure with a seagate 7200 8mg in it.
I'm think there might be too much power supplied?

Only hangs when I plug that in. other usb product work fine on it.'

This card works fine on my IBM (win 2000) laptop but not my SONY win xp)

Any ideas?


A:USB 2.0 PCMCIA - hangs on Windows XP when a harddrive in an enclosure is plugged in

Do you have WinXP Service Pack 1 installed? If not, now is the time.

Is this problem ONLY when the Sony is plugged in, ONLY when it runs on the battery, or BOTH when it is plugged into the wall AND when you use the battery?

When it works in Win2k, do ALL of your USB devices work with it?

What Service Pack do you have installed in Win2k?

How old is this Sony laptop? Why do you have to use an add-in card? Aren't there any USB ports on the Sony?

Answer these questions, and we'll try to help you figure this out.

Good luck - HTH

- slingshotter
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I have this: 4 port USB 2.0 with usb cord for power supply

and a nexstar USB/firewire 3.5" enclosure with a seagate 7200 8mg in it.
I'm think there might be too much power supplied?

Only hangs when I plug that in. other usb product work fine on it.'

This card works fine on my IBM (win 2000) laptop but not my SONY win xp)

Any ideas?


A:USB 2.0 PCMCIA - hangs on Windows XP when a harddrive in an enclosure is plugged in

Do you have WinXP Service Pack 1 installed? If not, now is the time.

Is this problem ONLY when the Sony is plugged in, ONLY when it runs on the battery, or BOTH when it is plugged into the wall AND when you use the battery?

When it works in Win2k, do ALL of your USB devices work with it?

What Service Pack do you have installed in Win2k?

How old is this Sony laptop? Why do you have to use an add-in card? Aren't there any USB ports on the Sony?

Answer these questions, and we'll try to help you figure this out.

Good luck - HTH

- slingshotter
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I took out my Windows boot drive and put it inside of a USB enclosure and when I try and go to USB can't other computer Put enclosure Windows drive Users and folder in on open 7 my profile I can t open Users folder on other computer I don t have an administrator account on this other computer Is there any way to open up the folder Any tips It just says Put Windows 7 drive in USB enclosure and can't open Users folder on other computer access denied when I try and open it up on a windows xp computer with no ADMIN privileges I can t get admin on this computer On a XP computer that has admin it opens fine I figured since I actually wasn t using the OS that was on the drive I wouldn t have any trouble reading any folders on it but I guess that Put Windows 7 drive in USB enclosure and can't open Users folder on other computer because it s NTFS there are more security measures unlike FAT which would let anybody read anything Would I just need to open up the folder on a computer with admin and then copy the things over while I still have admin Thanks for any all help nbsp

A:Put Windows 7 drive in USB enclosure and can't open Users folder on other computer
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Hi everyone. I have an SRX-87 Sony Vaio laptop, that is approx.......6+ years old? Anyway, the monitor cracked and would have to be replaced. Unfortunately, that STILL costs about $150 just for the screen. So I was told about a hard drive enclosure. I just don't know what type of connection it has as well as which enclosure would do the job. Anyone have any knowledge on either the vaio or enclosures.

A:Which Enclosure?

It would be easiest to take it out and look at it. The label on the hard drive should say what kind it is. Another way would be to look at the SATA and PATA (IDE) drives on a websites such as Newegg and look at examples of their hard drive pictures and see what they look like.
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Hello all can i use IDE DVD-ROM with USB Enclosure for IDE HDD? I want to backup and rip some dvd's which has some scratches but not that bad or unreadable but i dont like to put them in my DVD-RW.. i hava a spare SONY DVD-ROM Drive and SONY CD-RW.

A:Can i use IDE DVD-ROM with USB IDE HDD Enclosure?

Yes, but make sure you set the jumper to MASTER.
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If i upgrade to a solid state drive, do I need to buy an enclosure or does it already come with one?
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Can you load a USB 2.0 enclosure with AV,AT and other maint. software and use it to scan and fix a computer?

A:USB 2.0 Enclosure ?

If the software in question requires installation into the Windows running, obviously it wouldn't be portable to other installations. There are some applications that run without any installation required, they'd work for that purpose.

Personally, I'd load a USB FLASH drive with the stuff, much easier to tote around.
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I bought a BenQ DW1620 DVD-RW and a PluMax PM-525U2 enclosure. I put the parts together as shown in the manuals, however when I plug it in it finds it as a "USB Mass Storage" device. It fails to function. The device manager says "This device cannot start. (Code 10)".

I have contacted the BenQ tech support, but I cannot find PluMax manufacturers website. The drivers that came with the devices do not help the situation.

Thanks in advance,

A:DVD-RW & Enclosure

Try removing the drivers and forcing to use the drivers off the cd.

Its correct that its identifying it as a mass storage drvice, but it should install the drivers after this.
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good day,I have a HP 900 GB HDD and am looking for an enclosure for USB adapter. model # EG0900FBLSK part # 619286-004 I am trying to find a USB enclosure for the HDD and the "standard" ones being sold at the big box stores do not work. it appears that pin-outs have a different connector than other HDD's. does anybody kow where a USB enclosure can be purchased? thank yo, DH
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Hey guys,

I got this hard drive and i need a enclosure for it so i can use it as an external hard drive but I'm not sure which external to get any help?

Here is the hard drive:

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i have a usb hdd enclosure it loads but i can see or access it ?
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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a good cheap NAS drive enclosure that supports RAID 10, but I'm having a hard time trying to find one that is. I found some, but they only support RAID 0, 1, and 5.

I'm wanting to plug it into the router so that my desktop and WHS server can use it for storage with a few SATA drives in RAID 10 for speed and data protection.

Do you have any recommendations?

A:NAS drive enclosure

Thecus N4100PRO NAS RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD Network Media Server Storage Enclosure, Up to 4x SATA II/3G Hard Drives w/ USB 2.0, GB LAN, Print Server, SMB, FTP, iTunes: N7700 (Up to 4TB, Retail)

Like that?
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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a good cheap NAS drive enclosure that supports RAID 10, but I'm having a hard time trying to find one that is. I found some, but they only support RAID 0, 1, and 5.

I'm wanting to plug it into the router so that my desktop and WHS server can use it for storage with a few SATA drives in RAID 10 for speed and data protection.

Do you have any recommendations?

A:NAS drive enclosure

I question the benefit of RAID 10 in this scenario. If this is going to be a networked device for storage....would the speed of your network actually be able to saturate the performance that you would get out of a RAID 5 setup??? I don't think that the extra speed gained from going from RAID 5 to RAID 10 in this instance would be you will have more drive space with RAID 5 as your RAID 10 is only going to give you 50% overall.
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I removed the working harddrive from my non working PC and I would like to put it in an enclosure to use it as a portable drive. I hastily ordered the wrong (PATA) enclosure and so I am looking for help before I do that again.
I would like to use it on a Windown 7 or a Vista system via usb. I am not savvy when it comes to any of this so excuse my ignorance on these matters, and thank you for your patience and help!

The drive I have is a : Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive.

So what I know from looking into this is that I would need a 3.5 SATA enclosure. Is there anything else I need to know?

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Bought external USB HD enclosure to use extra HDs. Works fine on XP Laptop. When I plug it in to my desktop, plug and play will show size and name of HD. After a couple minutes PC will shut off and try to reboot. Will not complete boot until unit is disconnected. Suggestions will be appreciated.

A:HD enclosure problem

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.
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i'm shopping around for external USB hard drive enclosures and was wondering if their listed size limit is actually something i have to worry about? for example if the enclosure says its limit is a 400 GB hard drive, am I really unable to put a 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive in it?

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I've had an empty HD enclosure for a little while, relatively new, but no HD for it - I'm trying it out with some hard drives. Both are Ultra ATA. One is an older 40G and the other is a brand new 160G Ultra ATA. I know both drives work, I just formatted the newer 160G in another computer but when I put either HD into the enclosure nothing happens.

The enclosure is IDE, would the HD's not work because the enclosure doesn't work with Ultra ATA? I'm not sure what the difference is between all the ATA's (except SATA, I know that one) - they all use the same cables...right?


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I just recently brought a Excel 3.5 sata enclosure. I've tried fitting my WD1600 160 GB SATA HDD into it. But I can't see it through My Computer or on Disk Management.
But Once I've checked the Device Manager, It seems to be there. What am I doing wrong ?

Heres the following image if this help abit.

Hope you can help me .

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OS is Win XP-Pro with all patches loaded, I have a USB external drive enclosure and I have been using it with no problems at all with a WD1200 Caviar EIDE drive.

I need to take some data off of a Seagate ST340016a ATA IV drive and XP-Pro can’t see the drive, this drive is a 98se OS.

Can anyone tell me if the jumper should be on;

a. Master or single drive?
b. Slave?
c. Master with non ATA- Compatible drive?
d. Cable select?
e. Limit drive capacity?

Or is it ATA drives will not work in this enclosure?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I am not sure if this is not so much a problem as more of an enquiry ........ I recently purchased a Sata2 HDD and mounted it in a Vantec enclosure which gives me the option to use it with either USB2 or Sata 1.5gb interface .... the unit installed without a problem and because my MB supports Sata1 I am using this for data transfer ......... I am most impressed at speed of this. My query is My Computer doesn't see the External HDD unless I boot with the unit turned on ......... it will not see it if I boot and then turn the unit on .... is this normal with Sata interface?. If I use the USB interface I can boot and then turn the unit on and it is immediately recognized. Would welcome observations regarding this.


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Right hardware isn't my speciality to many abreviations and stuff to confuse me. The HD on my brothers computer blew this week and its being replaced, sigh lot of data lost. Not going to fork out a tone of money for forensic recovery. So anyway decided to get a backup HD as well one we can connect to his router using ethernet cable.

Like i said, hardware isn't my speciality. So can anyone tell me if these two products from maplins are compatible?


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Hi I need an external HDD for storing videos that would stream into my TV HDD Your an regarding opinion enclosure s usb port and I have two options Buying an external HDD Buying an internal HDD and placing it inside an external HDD enclosure So I read some reviews about the cheap Western Digital external HDDs My Passport Essential etc and they seem to last not for too long What I need is or GB of storage So I moved on to looking at the second option and I found this relatively-cheap enclosure I won t mention prices because I m not from the U S so I ll just say that the second option is about cheaper than the first And from what I read on the internet the cheap WD external HDDs are not as good as their internal ones So what I m asking for is your opinion about the HDD enclosure I linked a few lines above Or Your opinion regarding an HDD enclosure maybe you think the first option is actually the better one Whichever it is let s hear you in the replies nbsp

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I need forum recommendations on good reliable HDD enclosure which can support up to 4 TB hard drives (I think about $100 or so budget). Just lost flash drives and HDD because of bloody Roswill hub, so I decided stick to quality devices (not China). Also is there any possibility to restore flash drives?

A:Advice on HDD enclosure up to 4 GB

You could try looking at the sticky near the top of this forum, here:
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Here s is the situation I ve purchased an eagle Consus external external hdd enclosure hard drive enclosure I have this unit attached to a Windows XP sp It recognized the unit and tells me that the unit is attached to a usb that is not a port a is what it is When I goto Management under the My computer icon I can see that there are my main Hdd c external hdd enclosure recovery disk d cd drive e dvd drive f removable drive h used to be drive g disk and disk unknown allocation When I right click on the drive and try to initialze the drive a second dialog box comes up asking which disk I selected disk because it is the only one that is listed there After I selected the drive the dialog box goes away and then I right click on the disk and it is supposed to allow me to quot new Partition quot the drive This does not I will post a video later on to further explain myself to that you will be able to quot see quot what I mean Thank you for your time external hdd enclosure and input Luther nbsp

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May I have some advice on the enclosed hdd enclosure,I have two hdd and a friend of mine suggested this one.
I don't want anything complicated something simple that I can do a tidy backups.
many Thanks for the advice.

Enclosure here...

A:Advice Please on the HDD Enclosure

That looks like a good one as it appears to have a fan in it which will help keep the drive cool. It's similar to one I've been using for several years.
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I'm having a major issue with my current external hard drive enclosures standard mechanic drives that I'm USB HDD external 4-bay Looking 3.0 enclosure for a trying to resolve in another thread so I won't go into that here Lost access to drive - quot Access is Denied quot Basically on my new PC my current enclosures are either not connecting or dropping out corrupting my drives I lost a ton of data already I have several Icy Dock Black Vortex enclosures and two Looking for a 4-bay USB 3.0 external HDD enclosure older Mediasonics The Icy Docks are both USB and esata One Mediasonic is USB only and one is esata only All are -bay enclosures So I'm trying to find a good enclosure that will play nice with my Gigabyte Z x Gaming- motherboard I have USB on the motherboard plus I have a RocketRaid esata card installed The chipset of the motherboard is Intel Z Gigabyte suspects that the older enclosures might not be playing nice with the new chipset of my new motherboard Icy Dock thinks differently and suspects it's my old WD Green drives at fault But there are very few affordable -bay enclosures available Mediasonic makes one that is almost identical to my current Mediasonics except they are both USB and esata now I tried a Mediasonic USB a couple years ago on my old PC and the USB didn't work at all with my old USB card so I returned it Maybe now it would work better on my motherboard's built-in USB ports I dislike the cooling in the Mediasonics so I wish there was a better alternative Can anybody recommend any other external USB -bay enclosures I have no idea what's causing my enclosure issues but to troubleshoot I need another unit and there seems to be a lack of affordable -bay enclosures to choose from Any suggestions would be appreciated The Mediasonic I'm looking at is here https www amazon com Mediasonic-HF dp B X VV
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I dropped my laptop last week. It was an old vaio with nothing of any importance on it.
I took the hdd out and put it in an enclosure.
But my vista machine wont recognize it to format it.
If it helps I have access to ubuntu 9.10 ..

I dont care about any data I just want to use it as an external hdd!!

any suggestions?

thanks in advance.

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Good day Expert, I just wanna ask for compatible model of HDD external usb enclosure  enable to read the file directly to the computer.Device: Desktop server mini HDD.
HP Model: DG146BAAJBHP P/N: 459512-002S/N: [personal information removed] Thank you..
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Which Enclosure and HD for my iBook G4?

I need to find a good enclosure and HD to use with my iBook G4. I'm running Tiger, OSX 10.4. I'd like to get a larger HD to use with an enclosure though, probably either 500GB or 640GB.

I need to use the external HD to boot the computer, and also need two Firewire and one USB connections, so I can connect other external drives.

Any suggestions?

I've been using this enclosure:

Rosewill RX30-U2FA Aluminum 3.5" USB 2.0 (USB1.1) 1 port (4pin) FireWire 400 (1394a) 2 ports (6pin) External Enclosure

with this HD:

HDD 300GB MAXTOR 16M ATA133 7L300R0

for over four years, with no problems until yesterday afternoon ....

I need a new external HD, because our neighbor was messing around with the circuit breakers and flipped the switches, which cut our power and damaged my external HD!

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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I had an inspiron b120 and the female ac adapter desoldered, i couldnt access it no matter how many screws i took out of the laptop and how many pieces i took off, but i did manage to yank my hard drive out. now i need an enclosure. but i dont know what kind. the hard drive is a samsung MP0402H and no matter where i look i dont see anything about sata, just ultra ata-100. i tried sticking the drive in my friends laptop and it didnt fit. i took pics if that helps.


A:I need to know what type of enclosure i need

Something like this?
That drive is IDE.
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hello everyone,

does anyone know where i can get them or are they not released yet? it just says release date 2010 on the lian li site..

Lian Li EX-103 3.0 3.5" HDD External Enclosure


A:Lian Li Enclosure

Can't answer your question. Looked at the site. Am I imagining things or does those cases resemble Cooler Master HAF series?
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I was looking for a hard drive enclosure and I cam eacross this. How is it used?

A:Solved: Is This The Same As A USB Enclosure?

No that is a drive caddy for a removable drive bay. You want something like this. I realize you may not be able to shop Newegg, I am just using this as an example of an external enclosure.
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I need to get an enclosure for my old 3.5 HDD's and I was wondering if this is any good:

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My toshiba laptop was fried by its power source, however a friend recovered the HD and installed it in a HDD enclosure (usb). I cannot access the files I need on this HD due to there having been a windows account password. I've tried booting from USB to no avail and I don't know what else to do.

A:Access HDD in a HDD enclosure

You probably need to take ownership of the files ....
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I recently had my old external hard drives case the enclosure problems New board I believe died So I bought http www ncix com products index php sku amp vpn SMBXXXU E-Blk amp manufacture ACOM Data to replace it I go and start it up and I hear the drive running so I know it s not dead Windows says it detected a new disk drive But it doesn t show up under my computer or the disk management But it does under device New enclosure problems manager has SAMSUNG SP N USB New enclosure problems Device Then the light on the enclosure went from a solid blue to a solid purple And it seems to do this after about seconds of running I ve sent a email to acom about it but it takes - business days to get a reply Could I need to change the jumper settings on the drive Right now it s on master like the instructions said to but I also tried booting my pc with the external drive running it goes back to the solid blue when my pc is off And it wont even go passed the bios until I turn it off nbsp

A:New enclosure problems

You sure the drive is OK? Maybe the old enclosure wasn't at fault. You may want to try the drive itself by installing it internally in your PC.

The booting hang could be due to a USB Legacy setting thats enabled in the BIOS or its in the Boot Order in the BIOS.
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Am i right in thinking if i buy a USB disk enclosure...i can use the old HD taken from this laptop as an external HD for storage...or have i got it completely wrong

Thanks guys.

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I had a computer that stopped going past bios one day I tried to connect the HD to another computer to recover my files but it also wouldn t go past bios so I think it is the HD s fault I m not sure because I have of What enclosure? HD kind been informed that unless both computers were the same the HD wouldn t necessarily have What kind of HD enclosure? to work in the second one I found the kind of hard drive enclosure but you can still help with these quetsions Also if the hard drive is not booting connected to the pc will I be able to connect it to the computer with a USB after I put it in an enclosure and it will actually work And IF it works when I connect it to the USB port will a new windows start since it has windows installed or will I be able to just look for my files HD s Info Western Digital WD Caviar Blue WD BB Thanks nbsp

A:What kind of HD enclosure?

If the drive is physically okay, it should work in any machine you put it into and it should work fine from an external enclosure. The fact that the BIOS is hanging may mean the drive is not working properly.

If you do connect it via USB it won't start Windows from that drive, it'll still use the system drive in the PC unless you were specifically trying to boot from USB.

I would boot the machine and then connect the drive in the enclosure (via usb) and see if Windows is able to see the drive.
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So my computer was around 6 years old and it finally gave out on me and rather then fix it I've decided to just buy a new one. However it has been a month since I backed up anything and there are things still on the hard drive I need.

My question is if I buy a External Enclosure for my current hard drive in the case and plug it in via USB, would I be able to click and drag files over into the new computer? Both computers have windows 7 installed.

A:External HD Enclosure help?

Yes. Things may be organized a little differently then you are used to seeing, but yes, you can still do it just fine.
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Hi...I want to get an enclosure for the usual purposes and am ging to buy from eBay...there are literally hundreds of similar devices,differing seemingly only in price...some for a few pounds/dollars and others for ten times the question there any real difference in these enclosures and will buying one of the cheaper enclosures differ from the more expensive ? Is there any real difference in a basic enclosure ?

I just don`t want to waste hard won cash !

A:Enclosure advice please ?

If you are referring to a HD enclosure , I bought one from NewEgg about 10 years ago and it is still working and cost somewhere around 15 bucks. Mine does not have any fans but a great heat sink and I have had no problems with it.
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Have an external maxtor HD enclosure that got separated from its walwart. .
Have many surplus ac adapters. What voltage do external HD cases use?

A:external hd enclosure

the psu in your pc is 12vdc and 5vdc,
[the yellow and red wires on an ide hd supply],
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i figured i'd spend extra from a name brand like ultra to replace my other HD enclosure (aluminum) that died on me. I get it home only to discover that the Ultra enclosure is PLASTIC!! wouldn't aluminum make for a better enclosure?

A:So I got the ULTRA HD enclosure

Maybe, but I have several plastic ones that work just fine.
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Hello Everyone I have a bit of a problem I recently purchased a mad dog mega vault hd enclosure for an old computer of mine In it I have a gb seagated hd When I hooked up the usb cable to the computer windows xp is supposed to recognize and install it according to the manual Then i am supposed to go to control panel administrative Enclosure!!!!! with HD external Help tools disk management and then the new disk wizard is supposed to launch to let me formatt the drive Well the problem I m haveing is when i go to disk management the drive is not Help with external HD Enclosure!!!!! listed and the new disk wizard never appears The drive is spinning and is powered It worked in my other computer I found the the device under hardware profiles and it is listed as working properly The only other message I got was that the device was connected to a hi-speed usb cable There are no hi-speed ports on the computer and that the device would not fuction at full speed I understand that but it still should function I need Help nbsp

A:Help with external HD Enclosure!!!!!

Hi and welcome to Techspot. Please post your system specs here so we can better assist you.
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I'm looking to purchase an external enclosure for spanning. The 2 enclosures I'm trying to decide between are the StarTech SAT3520U3R and the SANS DIGITAL MobileRAID MR2UT+B. I'm pretty sure both will work for my needs, I just want to get the one that will work the best, be more durable, and with the least amount of headaches. The bonus of both of these are USB 3.0. The Sans Digital is more expensive... but if it's worth the extra $$, then I'll get it. If anyone out there has either of these or has knowledge of either and can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

A:Best Spanning Enclosure

After tons of research, I went with the Sans Digital. The unit arrived today and seems very well made. I will be posting a question on here about spanning 2 hard drives. Hopefully, someone will help out. Thanks...
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I have a USB Enclosure kit that allows and Urgent Help USB With Enclosure Need ide drive hard drive cd dvd drive etc to be hooked to a computer via USB I ve had this for about two months and it s worked just fine Until today I have three hard drives and a dvd burner that I swap around in this thing so I can use them with my laptop Well nothing works today Windows XP recognizes the Enclosure itself but it never finds reads the drive inside For the dvd burner Need Urgent Help With USB Enclosure and one of the hard drives in device manager USB Mass Storage Device has the next to it and says This Device Cannot Start Code For the other Need Urgent Help With USB Enclosure two hard drives they show up under Disk Drives in Device Manager along with the Laptop s internal drive However in the properties box for the drive Need Urgent Help With USB Enclosure in the enclosure if I go to the Volumes tab and click the Poplate button it says uknown unreadable etc for everything I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for the enclosure more than once I have tried restarting and rebooting the computer I have made sure again and again that the IDE cable is properly inserted in the back of the drive on the enclosure It just won t work Again this only just started today Yesterday it worked fine Any help is appreciated nbsp

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Is booting from enclosure hd possible (either USB or Firewire)?

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So, I posted a question here a while back asking what could be put in the 3.5" expansion bays in my tower. Among other things, I was told that there are front-mounted USB enclosures you can get for them, which would be cool since my only USB ports are 1.1's build into the MB.

...So now I'm actually looking into maybe buying one of these enclosures, but I can't seem to find any. Searches on Newegg and Google turn up a lot of 5" ones (which say 3.5", wtf?). My techie buddies say they've never heard of such a thing, so I'm at a loss.

Can anyone point me toward a company that makes such a product? Thanks!

A:USB 3.5" enclosure

G'day Case649, well they definitely exist because I have several here, one is dual sockets that connect to one of the rears or onboard header which works very well, the other is a quad unit that I have connected to a PCI USB-2 card.
The major problem with many rear USB connections is that they are the older slower USB -1 system. I also have a USB front mount dual socket set that are included in a mini dual speaker set, in a five inch bay mount, this is the only branded item and is a "laser" brand. It's usb leads connect to the board header pinouts.
If you keep your eyes open you should find these things around, especially in the asian import kinds of places.
As you are aware some are actually hubs and are incredible useful, especially for highspeed thumb-drives.
Cheers, qldit. (Brisbane Australia)
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What is a 3.5" enclosure that is supposed to be a very good one. I want to make another external hdd for my friend because he is going to store and transfer videos for football films to watch and move around from computer to computer. I have used 2.5 enclosures and found Vantec to be good. What is your opinion on this subject? Thanks.

A:Looking for a good 3.5 enclosure?

good heat sink or fan and good PSU
most of the usb boards are the same
look at seagates new line of mini drives
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Greetings all I recently purchased what I thought was a external HD at a garage sale Guy wanted ten for it although it didn Identification HD Enclosure t have a power cord He said it HD Enclosure Identification still worked but he couldn t find a replacement I thought I could I guess I can t Two months later I am still looking I do have some new information though What I thought was a GB Samsung external drive turns out to be a HD in an enclosure So now I am trying to identify the maker of the box so I can buy a replacement power cord Also I have a second question about the drive inside Question I have taken pictures of the enclosure for id purposes They are in a zip file and weigh Kb Is it ok to attach them here Or should I post them individually I would like to post them to see if someone can tell me who made it or what kind of power cord it needs Question I opened the box and took the drive out to see if it would work in a pc it spins up and is recognized by winxp but when I click it it tells me it is not formated I was reading around this forum and found some directions to see if a drive is active go to My Computer- gt Manage- gt Storage- gt Disk Management and look in there I did look in there and it says the drive is online and it also says that its capacity is GB and the drive lable says it is a GB does that mean that there is something on it taking up GB How do I see what this stuff is So those are my questions Sometimes I am not very clear about things so if you need clarification please ask and I will supply Thank you all in advance for your time in this matter Alex nbsp

A:HD Enclosure Identification

What kind of a power connector is it? You may be able to patch together one your own. Finding a dual-voltage (12V and 5V) portable power supply maybe a bit difficult though.

If there are no markings on the box, then you may be able to find something on the PCB inside.

The hard drive may be jumpered to 32GB. See the drive label for any jumper settings.
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I just recently purchased a 2.5" USB enclosure. However I am unable to mount it. It shows up in the device manager. It shows up in the system tray. My OS reads the info on the drive [which is Hitachi dk23ea-40 drive] but it does not show up in my computer as a drive to explore. Also when ii try to format it or partition it with a utility software, i get a read/write error. Has my driev gone bad, and or is it repairable.

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I bought a Rocketfish 3.5" USB enclosure sunday and all I want to do is retrieve some files from a hard drive from my dead PC. But I don't want to open up my new PC to switch the jumper to MASTER. Is there a way i can retrieve my files with the enclosure without having to change the jumper or do I need to take it in to Best Buy?

A:Help with enclosure device

Why would you need to set the jumpers for the hard drives inside your computer? If the disk is in the enclosure, it'll be detected via USB , not via IDE channels, so jumpers for hard drives inside the computer case wouldn't affect it. For the drive you'll be putting in the USB enclosure, I'm not sure what the jumper settings should be, but since you'll be taking it out of the old PC, you should have full access to it to set the jumpers.
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I just installed a 120 gig hard drive with Windows 98 on it into a USB case enclosure. Offhand, I don't see anyway to be able to boot up with it me, or am I just not going to be able to do that

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my laptop gave me the blue screen and the boot disk could not get it back up.

I purchased a plug n play USB 2.5" hard disk enclosure.

I connected it to my second laptop and it recognizes it as another drive F:

I can see all the directories and files, but cannot access them.

I ran a Scan for Virus on the F drive and it found nothing.

I get an error popup "File or directory is corrupted and unreadable" when I double click.
any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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hey sevenforums soon i will be getting some new green drives Enclosure Dock Vs for backups because my old one is almost full anyway im not sure which would be a better option buy Dock Vs Enclosure a Vantec Nexstar Dual SATA Hard Drive Dock USB and Dock Vs Enclosure then store the drives in a anti static bag or plastic case Dock Vs Enclosure when not in use buy a Vantec NexStar '' USB Enclosure NST- S for better protection and cooling at the moment i only need external green drive but i will add more in the future would it be worth adding a product like this for some kind of cooling to the dock or no point because it wont be accessed for very long Arctic Cooling Arctic Breeze USB Desktop Fan Arctic Cooling Arctic Breeze USB Desktop Fan AC-BREEZE - PC Case Gear ive read mixed opinions about the older dock models but some good ones about the usb model would anything bad happen to the drive because it pops up like a toaster or is it perfectly safe lol thanks

A:Dock Vs Enclosure

It's mostly a personal preference I would think. Since your stating your not going to be using the drive for any length of time cooling shouldn't be an issue.

When I have the funds I'm going to go the way of the dock since it can be used with either a 3.5 or a 2.5 inch drive and some can be hot swapped. Just is a more versatile usage situation.
JMO Fabe
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Hiya... I've just bought a Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB UDMA100 7200rpm 8MB. And I want an external drive enclosure for it. Could anyone reccomennd one that I can buy from the uk, since ive heard that if you buy the wrong enclosure, your HD space can be capped at 137Gb


A:HD and External Enclosure

Here are all kinds of enclosures.
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What the thread title says I'm looking to buy ASAP a new HD enclosure or two Thing is I don't know much about to what HD USB External buy?? enclosure: (not) what is available even less about what to avoid or look for in a modern external enclosure Just as a sort of pointer for your upcoming kind advices here's the HD USB External enclosure: what (not) to buy?? list of features I'm currently checking while browsing online catalogs -- in no specific order those between brackets are not mandatory ie all the others ARE quot case thus supporting both quot and quot drives Power status LED indicator just hate not having a clue when I look directly at it whether it's ON or not Activity Read Write LED indicator same thing here not being able to tell whether a drive is currently working resting or stuck -- which happens -- should always be a NO GO It is for me anyways NB these LED indicators can perfectly be replaced by just one lighted ON blinking Working ON OFF Physical Power switch Automatic standby restart Not contradictory to the above feature this only allows the enclosure WHEN the switch is ON tu be able to manage itself according to the state of the computer it's plugged to automatically putting itself in standby mode whenever the computer itself is being turned OFF or into standby mode and restarting itself automatically along with the comp Cooling fan Not mandatory but damn near necessary for me since a few of my -- admittedly older -- drives can overheat past C sometimes If the enclosure doesn't come with its own fan I'll have to use a third party one anyway Easy HD-swapping Just the overall ease of use of the enclosure and how fast it is to remove an HD and plug another one into it -- which I tend to do a LOT as I have big storage drives each dedicated to its own type of content Support - USB - SATA III - UASP USB Attached SCSI Protocol - gt TB NB I could well assume that most if not all recent enclosures must now support above TB capacity but assuming being the shortest path to getting all wrong I'd rather have it confirmed Plus what about even greater capacities TB drives are available nowadays -- is there even bigger so are these well supported in general by recent enclosures too - SMART technology same comment as above -- it most prolly IS standard to all enclosures nowadays but what do I know Only that at least of the enclosures I bought in the past just DIDN'T support it which tended to infuriate me to no end BTW how can you be supposed to be ok with being left blind concerning the health of your drive therefore your data All kinds of advices are welcome here - Does my prerequisite feature-list above lacks something important useful or just geeky-cool in your opinion - Do you know of an enclosure matching my requirements you'd like to recommend - On the contrary do you know of an enclosure a series or even a manufacturer that should be avoided at all cost Thank you so much to anyone pointing me in the right direction s for my purchase
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OK so the raw idea of USB-HDD Cooling USB-HDD Enclosure enclosures seems attractive You can have separate drives that are semi-portable and that are used only when you need them instead of having them running all the time in internal installations adding to heat noise and power consumption I ve always felt that they must be hard on drives due to restricted cooling however I bought one of these on sale last year and was surprised to find that like most of these USB-HDD Enclosure Cooling things it was essentially just a tightly-sealed unventilated aluminum box with leads and a circuitboard The claim for this sort of device is that the heat is dissipated through the case presumably even when it s cheap thermoplastic through the air and directly through the metal mounting rails which make a mechanical connection to the case Truth or mainly elaborate fantasy I don t know but the case at least gets hot Who knows how hot the drive gets So when it came time to find a place for a second drive I bought one of these because it had a fan and the drive that was going in was a new hot-running G Maxtor A fan even one like this with a blade assembly the size of a nickle will get enough throughflow to cool the drive right Plus it has a black aluminum casing which should dissipate a bit more heat Here s a rear view See those seven pinholes That s ALL the intentional openings in the entire case and they re obstructed by the circuitboard Those ventlike slots aren t slots at all but are purely cosmetic While the fan works I can detect virtually no airflow nor cooling through anything but the case which gets as hot as on the other one without the fan What s going on here Are these things just bogus drive-cookers or am I missing out on something Thanks for any clarification nbsp

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Hello , im new to disk migration , but im upgrading my pavilion x360 13.3" from HDD to SSD . i have a spare HDD external enclosure that is SATA III 2.5"  USB 3.0 , can i use this with the SSD to perform the disk migration instead of having to purchase a SATA to usb cable?

View Solution.

A:Use HDD Enclosure to Migrate?

Hi, Yes you can, I use external HDD enclosure to clone HDD many times each year. Regards.
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I had an old laptop that wouldn't boot, so someone replaced my HDD and gave me the bad one back. They didn't explain what was wrong with it.

A few months ago I bought and enclosure (ORICO 2588US3) to use the HDD with my current PC running Windows 10. When I plug it in, it makes the USB connect sound, nothing else appears. After a short time it appears in the Device Manager, but not on the Disk Management, when it does it just appears for less than a second, with a red dot somewhere.

The old HDD is a Toshiba HDD2E63 250 GB Internal HDD - 2.5" - MK2556GSY - SATA.

I want to know if I am still able to fix it, if so, how can I do it.

Thanks in advance.

A:HDD not working with Enclosure

If the HDD is bad your not going to fix it. If there is data on the drive that you need to copy you could try freezing the drive for about 30 minutes. Then install the drive back into the enclosure and see if it can be read. If it can copy as much of your data as you can to another drive.
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I have a Macbook Pro
It's got USB3

I have a few spare SATA laptop hard drives
Should I buy a USB3 enclosure?
If I do, will it be faster than a USB2 enclosure?


A:Should I buy a USB3 enclosure?

Depends on your drives. But likely should be faster.
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So my TB seagate drive decided to pack up i had a lot of data on it i needed to recovery After trying enclosure? a certain in only works HDD many recovery tools for the best part of a week i finally found a recovery tool that did a great job So i bought a TB WD quot drive and stuck it in a clone caddy i use for cloning but also can be used as a enclosure via usb Transferred all my data across HDD works only in a certain enclosure? to the new TB WD drive Now here is the odd part i have never see before if HDD works only in a certain enclosure? i stick this TB drive in a different caddy windows will not pick up the data If i go to computer management it asks to initialize the disk or something along those lines Doing so erases the data which i found out the hard way hence a week of recovery backing up Why on earth would a hard drive ONLY work in a certain caddy The hard drive just had pictures and software programs on in folders I really need to stick this WD HDD in its own enclosure Help

A:HDD works only in a certain enclosure?

Some caddies specify the maximum hard drive size it supports. Does yours indicate that it supports a 3GB drive?
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Hi - I'm trying to get some data (image files) off an old 40GB Seagate Barracuda

ATA drive out of a Dell tower. What sort of adapter or enclosure do I need to

connect it by USB or FireWire to my Mac? As for readability, Boot Camp let me

grab files from the Windows side and as image files are universal I should be

able to see them in Finder. I don't have Boot Camp any longer and am not sure

I need it for this. TIA Tom, Pacific Palisades, Calif.

A:adapter, enclosure or ?

A Mac can read an NTFS formatted drive but cannot write to it without extra software. If the drive is formatted FAT32 then the MAC will be able to read and write to it.

You can get an PATA/IDE and SATA to USB adapter like this:
The only thing it won't connect is an old PATA/IDE 2.5" laptop hard drive.
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Hello All,
Without giving too much background info... i have the hard drive from my old laptop (running on XP) in an external closure. My new laptop (running on Vista) recognizes the hard drive, installs drivers, and it shows up in the Disk Management folder... but in the "Computer" folder to access to drive it doesn't appear. I've tried rebooting several times and starting in safe mode but no luck. In searching the internet, this is a common problem for people running Vista, but I have not found any resolution for this. Thanks in advance for any help.
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i have a 3.5 sata hard drive enclosure, that i'm using it to clean my pc hard drive that crash when i downloaded theSP1 update for windows vista, and i'm trying it on my older pc with windows xp, but no matter what i try does not recognise it any help will be appreciated thanks.

A:hard drive enclosure

what are you trying to do, see what is on the drive or boot to it on the older pc?

You can try going into diskmanagement. If it sees the drive there, you may need to assign a drive letter to it.
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does anyone know where i can get hard-drive noise dampening grommets or enclosures from in UK?

HDD vibrations are being amplified by tower


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The ribbon connector that comes in the enclosure is about half of an inch away from Need hooking internal up HDD help my enclosure the edge Need help hooking up my internal HDD enclosure of the casing The problem is that when I insert my hard drive the final pins go all the way to the very end of the casing so it is not aligned correctly So basically the IDE connector extends past the pins and goes over toward the master slave pins area by a very tiny amount Thus when I insert the hard drive I have to tilt it a bit and it won t fit into the casing so I can t slide it in It is a super tight squeeze going in straight I basically have to push it down the sides to squeeze it in so even a super slight tilt and like th of an inch would hang over the sides and won t fit in Any idea what Need help hooking up my internal HDD enclosure I m doing wrong here I ve read reviews and people like the product VANTEC Nexstar NST- U -BL Aluminum quot USB External Enclosure is the product nbsp

A:Need help hooking up my internal HDD enclosure

Do you need to flip the drive over,maybe?
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hi all-i had an external usb drive which started making clicking sounds-now i am looking for new enclosure for that drive.It is wd2500 jb and its physical specifications are 4 in wide,6 in long and 1.5 in high.what specifications do i look in enclosure -thanks

A:drive enclosure for wd2500 jb

If the drive is clicking the problem most likely is not in the enclosure, it's a mechanical problem with the drive. If the drive is still useable you should start backing up the files on that drive you want to keep before it fails completely.
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What hard drive enclosure would i need for this?
Hard drive:
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

Will this work?
DYNAMODE USB-HD2.5S-BN 2.5? SATA USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure - Black Deals | PC World

A:Hard drive enclosure

Just realised i put this thread in the wrong topic...
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Johnwill-- A few weeks ago you told me about the USB HD enclosure I remember you said you were running one or two I have a problem I think After installing the USB PCI card and then the enclosure I wanted to move some files from the USB drive to C When I right clicked on the files and went to quot Enclosure Johnwill 2.0 HD USB ATTN: Send to quot there was no option to send to C only to send to the USB drive where the file was already located USB 2.0 HD Enclosure ATTN: Johnwill Well I moved those files a different way so that s okay I formatted the USB drive just now and noticed in Disk Manager that my C drive as well as the USB drive are listed as Primary The C is drive and the USB is drive Is this how it should be It seems as though the USB HD has taken over I believe it was you who said the USB drive would be fast Man it is Much faster than I expected Would appreciate any help advice you can give me There doesn t seem to be many people on the forums using this I ll owe you at least a twelve of your favorite brew I ll deliver as soon as Bill Gates releases Windows Transport nbsp

A:USB 2.0 HD Enclosure ATTN: Johnwill

There won't be any option to send to C: but you can create one easily enough. Go to Windows Explorer and navigate to the Send To folder and you can create a Send To shortcut for any drive letter you want.

The way your drives are showing up in disk Manager is normal....0 being the first drive and 1 being the second drive. If you were to add another drive it would be labeled as 2. Everything is working the way it should.
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Hi everyone This is my first post here so let s hope I get it right I m looking to buy some extra storage and I m not sure what the best option is in terms of reliability I ve heard horror stories about external USB drives dying after six months and taking all their data with them One particular review on Amazon caught my HDD with 3.5" External enclosure vs eye the reviewer stated that when he d called tech support regarding his dead Iomega USB drive he was informed by the tech that no HDD lasts forever and you should External HDD vs 3.5" with enclosure pretty much expect that your external hard drive is going to die I do not find that reassuring The same reviewer went on to state that quot this doesn t External HDD vs 3.5" with enclosure seem to be a problem for internal computer drives quot and that got me thinking I m wondering if I might be better off buying a quot hard drive and getting an enclosure for it rather than buying an external USB hard drive I Googled my little heart out but all I could find were guides on how to use an internal drive with an enclosure or guides on selecting an external drive Nothing with a comparison of the two options and pros cons of each I d like some advice on which option is best I ll be using the drive as storage for media specifically I m ripping my collection of DVDs and putting them onto the drive which will then be connected to my PS That way I can access my whole DVD library using remote play with my PSP I hope that makes sense Up until now I ve simply been storing the ripped DVDs on the PS s hard drive which is gb I replaced the one it came with cause it wasn t big enough but I have a ton of DVDs lots of entire seasons of TV shows and I m getting to External HDD vs 3.5" with enclosure the point where I worry about having enough space left on the drive to store game saves which after all is the primary purpose of the PS This Christmas I have it on good authority that Santa Claus will be bringing me all seven seasons of Sex and the City on DVD and there is just no way I can fit those onto the PS s drive without deleting something else first which I hate to do because it s such a pain in the keister to rip the DVDs in the first place But I don t have anywhere else to store those movies and shows if I were to move them off the PS So it s time for some external storage That s everything I can think of in terms of helpful information ah and in case it matters whichever form of storage I end up purchasing will need to be formatted with FAT The Playstation doesn t recognize NTFS Thanks for any advice Jenni nbsp

A:External HDD vs 3.5" with enclosure

I prefer to build my own by getting a USB enclosure then adding a drive of my choice.
Something like This Enclosure .. and maybe one of These HDDs

This way, I can get to the HDD if the enclosure fails ... and I usually get TWO of each.
Any Data you don't care about .. Is data you only have one copy of.

And Welcome to the TSG forum.
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Hi all I m just having a problem with a hard drive enclosure I recently bought My Dell hard enclosure help Hard drive drive Hard drive enclosure help recently started causing me a bit of trouble so I bought this enclosure in the hope of diagnosing amp backing up the hard drive Hard drive enclosure help on another computer The hard drive is http www komplett ie k ki asp sku and was in my Dell Dimension The enclosure is actually at the bottom of that page as part of quot Accessories for this product quot so I presumed they were compatible http www komplett ie k ki aspx sku Having opened up the enclosure it seems to have only an IDE connection on it http www vgmusic com faq gallery plugs p-IDE jpg while the Dell hard drive is a SATA connection http www pcstats com articleimages H N sata jpg I can t for the life of me figure out how this is an accessory for that hard drive without buying one of these http img diytrade com cdimg IDE to SATA ADAPTER jpg Any suggestions on what I m missing Have I just bought the wrong enclosure Thanks for any help Edit updating dead link nbsp

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Hi all,

I?m replacing my current AC adapter for the external hard drive with enclosure with a new one. Here are the specs of the current one.
Input:100-240v 50-60Hz 1.2A
Output:5v=2A 12v=1.2A

The one I?m considering buying an adapter which has the following specs:
Input:100-240VAC 50-60Hz 1A
Output:12V=2A 5V=2A

Are these 2 adapters compatible in terms of Voltage and Ampere please. Will it work with my external HDD with enclosure? Thanks for your time.

A:External HDD with enclosure question

They look compatible. What about the plug. Is that the same.
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What determines the capacity of an external enclosure? Firmware?

So what happens if you load hard disks with higher capacity into an enclosure, than the enclosure supposedly supports?

What piece of hardware gets 'tried'? Could a part actually break? Is there an analogy, like a small car pulling a big trailer? Like the small car CAN pull the trailer, for a long time even, if the driver goes slowly...

Might the enclosure map the additional space? What would be the hardware 'strain'?

A:Enclosure capacity overload?

What determines the capacity of an external enclosure? Firmware?Click to expand...

usually 2 things

1. type/model of chipset used in the enclosure
2. Firmware

Could a part actually breakClick to expand...

usually not, but who knows about all situations for sure, most of the time the enclosure/drive will not be recognized when plugged in to the PC.

Might the enclosure map the additional spaceClick to expand...

No its not that smart, either it recognizes the hard drives capacity correctly, or it does not, if it does not then who knows what the firmware may do.
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Ok so I have a WD SATA hard drive in and external enclosure. Now I can't get it to connect to any PC. I took it to a repair shop and they said the drive might be corrupt. They tried connecting it directly via SATA cable and still no luck. The promising thing is the drive sounds good. It powers up fine. Spins good from what I can hear. I can even see it in my windows explorer but cannot access the drives. Also the drive is partitioned into 2 drives if that helps. Does anyone know if this is fixable? I really don't want to go to a data recovery place and pay over $500 when i think the problem is much simpler. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!

A:HELP! Can't access my external HD enclosure

If you can see it in Windows Explorer you should be able to run checkdisk on it in My Computer. Find the drive in My Computer, right click it and choose "Properties", "Tools," "Error Checking" and put checks in both boxes and then hit apply OK. If it says it has to reboot to do it well do so.
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My HP desktop's motherboard died so I bought a Dell Inspiron desktop. I bought an Inland hard drive enclosure to access my files on the HP's HD. The weird thing is I can see all the folders on the external HD, but when I click on them it says they are empty. That HD has 900 gig of files,pictures, videos and stuff I want. How come I can see the folders, and in "my Computer' I can see the drive, but my computer says its empty?? Its driving me nuts.

The enclosure:

Some one please help !

A:HD Enclosure works halfway

That HD has 900 gig of files,pictures, videos and stuff I wantClick to expand...

First of all, if you value this data, you have multiple copies on separate media. ALL drives fail; it is only a question of when your drive will fail. I have a saying; data you do not backup is data you do not care about.

Next have you tried the enclosure on different system to make sure it is a problem with the enclosure and not the system you are using?

Have you tried just connecting the drive as an internal drive and simply doing away with the enclosure altogether?
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My Dell XPS600 Power Supply has blown and Dell can't source a replacement part (neat huh?), I've had the pc for a few years so I think I'll buy a new one, what i want to know is can I buy a raid enclosure and drop my two drives from the XPS into and then be able to access the data?

Thanks for any help or advice.

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First time post here and i really hope you guys can help because i enclosure drive working not Old to am stumped I am trying to get a hard drive from an old pc to work using Old drive to enclosure not working an enclosure but so far no luck It is a Maxtor D and is now inside an enclosure USB connected to my laptop The pin is fitted cable end black in the drive amp blue in the enclosure and the pin power connected but nothing is happening The enclosure powers up but the drive is not found on my laptop I understand that a problem could be the jumper settings There is no diagram on the drive for these and although i think i need this set to master so the usb works i don t know the position of the pins for this When i took the drive from the tower the pin settings two seperate jumper clips where on pins amp on a type A connection I have never done this drive enclosure thing before but it seems more tricky than i thought I was figuring to just plug it in the enclosure fire it up and the laptop would find the drive Any ideas guys Thanks nbsp

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I would like to get the top 3 recommended HDD enclosures. I plan to use a SATA drive I alrdy have and woulkd like it to be able to be plugged into my Linksys ea3500 N router and used for backup over the network. I am AT A LOSS of what to choose. Should it have a fan, or not? should it be usb 3.0 for future upgradibiltiy, or not?? Help???

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I posted this question earlier but got no responses and the thread was closed I have taken the boot drive out of a dead machine bad board and put it into an external enclosure so that I can move stuff and eventually use the drive for backups etc I can access the drive fine but when in external old with HDD problems enclosure it is powered on I get constant messages about problems quot saving the mft quot Sometimes the whole system will crash at that point More often when I turn the external drive off it has a switch the whole system re-boots I ve done this problems with old HDD in external enclosure basic dance before old drive into enclosure and never had this problem As far as I know the old drive is still bootable but I do not boot to it Intuition suggests that the system still thinks that old drive is something to boot to though I am not setup here to boot to any USB devices the enclosure is USB obviously The only solution I can come up with myself is to spend the time and get everything I want off the drive in one process rather than piece-meal and then re-format it for storage use I imagine that will work OK -- but the problem baffles me and as said has never happened before -- I currently have several such older drives in external cases none of which shows these problems Can I whack some files on the old drive rendering it non-bootable but still readable If so what files Alternately can I use the quot boot defrag quot feature in my Diskeeper to defrag the mft on the problem drive Will that accomplish anything Problem with this approach though is that I will have to have that drive turned on when I boot the system -- who knows what weirdness that might cause even with the USB boot sequence turned off Thanks nbsp

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I'm running vista home premium 64 bit on a Toshiba satellite A300 PCAGCA. I have recently purchased a Amicore "Philips" 3.5 sata enclosure model SDE 5170BC. I have fitted this enclosure with a 750 Gb WD barracuda HHD model ST3750528AS
The system recognises the drive when is plugged into the USB 2.0 but not when it plugged into the eSata port.

Does anyone have any idea how I can connect to the eSata port?

A:HHD Enclosure with Vista 64 and eSata

is it sata 1 or 2? What is your internal drive? 1 or 2?