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Q: Building new computer

so im building a new budget pc and will be getting this motherboard

im trying to find a decent heatsink that will fit nice with this motherboard w/o getting in the way of the ram etc and has the rite connection... i think 4 pin, does anyone have any ideas of a few decent heat sinks

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Preferred Solution: Building new computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Building new computer

thaught illd mention that its all going in this case
found this heatsink but not sure if it will fit
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I'll be using the pc mostly for games, email, stuff like that.
I'm willing to spend around 2k, but I sort of hope I won't have to, as the cheap sod I am.

I'm just looking for some recommendations, since I don't really know where to start myself. Thanks in advance.

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I've hooked up everything, the power wires as much as I know what I'm doing (although there seem to be more wires than prongs on the mobo, for speakers and stuff), and the like. The manual said nothing about having to set jumpers, so I didn't mess with that. The problem is, when I turn the computer on, it gets power, but I see nothing on the monitor. Any ideas? Thanks .

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Hey everyone. I'm going to build my own computer and want to know what you all think about this so far.

Processor: - AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM2+ 125W Quad-Core Black Edition Processor - Processors - Desktops

Motherboard: GIGABYTE - Product - Motherboard - Overview - GA-MA790GP-DS4H (rev. 1.0)

Graphics Card: - SAPPHIRE 100269SR Radeon HD 4890 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards

Then all the other stuff of course. But is this good and can this play Crysis with the settings on high? I'm getting 8 gigs of ram.

A:Building My Own Computer

I don't know about all of the other things, but what I've read through other forums, 8 gigs of RAM is pretty useless. You should be good with 4 gigs. Might save you some money.
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Don"t know much about computers, but would like to build one for fun and knowledge. Where do I find a book or information on building? To include which mother board and cpu's that can be used with a MB. Also which cpu's and ram to use with the different mother boards. There are so many different varations that I need to read and ask questions. Thanks to all who respond. Mike

A:Building Computer

Welcome to TSG Mike! I can't help you but I requested your thread be moved to a forum where it might get a better answer! Best of luck!
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Hey all,
I'm hoping you guys could make some suggestions to help me build a new computer in the $1000 range. For this, I want the CPU, motherboard, memory, case (power supply, fan, etc), graphics card, and hard drive (160GB will suffice for now). Right now, I'm thinking about the AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego 1GHz FSB 1MB L2 Cache Socket 939 Processor ($269 at newegg), but haven't ruled out a P4 640 or 650 either. I'm not sure about the mobo or graphics card yet, but I want a decent graphics card for photo editing, gaming, and SolidWorks, and I've been told nvidia chipsets are the way to go.

Can you offer any advice? My budget is flexible depending on what I get for the $$, but it's not unlimited either.

Any advice is appreciated.


A:Help building new computer

Get the Athlon. P4s run too hot. A 6800GT or X800 XL video card.
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I have recently decided to build a computer to suit my needs I know how to connect all the wires and upgrade a ton of stuff over-clocking software enhancing hardware Help Building Computer...Need and a ton of fun stuff This is the first time I have tried to build a computer using a limitless or close to it choice of parts I need a motherboard to start with And after searching the market for some time I thought I could save time by seeking advice What I need is a mother board that supports what I need but isn t overly complex The specs I am looking for are somewhat negotiable but not overly so And cost is of little importance as long as I m not spending obscene amounts of money Building Computer...Need Help Needs to support SATA harddrives no less than TB Will settle for IDE HDD but only with Capacity Equivalent Minimum of GB RAM Any DDRRAM SDRAM EDO RDRAM something quick PCI Slots Fast Ethernet or Higher GigaBit IEEE even if stuck with Cat or Fiber Chipset nVidia Via Intel or SiS Preferable DuoCore and high end Preferably Not Included On board graphics Onboard Audio Onboard USB Or Onboard Internet if not as above listed If there s no option i will live with them but without is much better These are things I would rather not have or control via PCI Slot Any other suggestions or comments are appreciated and any brand or specifics are also Thanks Much nbsp

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I need a new computer and instead of buying a crappy or expensive prebuilt computer I decided to try my hand at building my own I ve never really it done it before but I do have some experience messing around inside of a computer and it computer Building a new -seems- as simple as plugging Building a new computer the right thing in the right place Anyway what I wanted to know is if all the parts my friend helped my pick out were Good quality as well as compatible Processor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Casing http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Memory http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E This is Building a new computer the power supply i m going to Building a new computer salvage from my current PC http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk antec earthwatts watt Graphics Card http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I may have to salvage the hard drive from my current pc but I don t know the details on it yet nbsp

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Just how much do you have to know about computers to build your own. I am very familiar with operating one reformating hd, installing windows and such. I have also added/changed video/sound cards, cd drives, floppy drives, hard drives, ram, ethernet/modem cards to computers. What more do I need to know in order to install the mother board, power supplies and fans?

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I went on newegg and put together a computer i think will work im trying to build a computer for mainly gaming can anyone tell me if these specs are good for gaming and will work together Also im not sure if there is enough cooling for the processor i picked out thanks for any help AMD Phenom GHz Socket AM W Quad-Core Black http www newegg com Product ComboDealDetails aspx ItemList Combo GIGABYTE GA-MA GP-UD H ATX AMD Motherboard http www newegg com Product ComboDealDetails aspx ItemList Combo HIS Hightech H QX P Radeon HD MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP a Building computer...Need help some Ready CrossFire Supported IceQ TurboX Video Card http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Thermaltake TR W RUC W Power Supply http www newegg com Building a computer...Need some help Product Product aspx Item N E CORSAIR DOMINATOR GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALS GB RPM SATA Gb s Hard Drive http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E LG ELECTRONICS GH NS CD DVD Burners http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp

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Can anyone tell me what would be a good manual to read/follow, I am going to try and build a computer for fun.

A:Building a computer

Here are some good guides:
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I am in the process of building a computer and i am ready to turn it on and enter the BIOS. I hit the power button and the fan spins or a few seconds then shuts off and does nothing. All lights turn on also. Any help would be great!

A:Building A Computer

Make certain all of your cards, CPU, RAM, and data/power connections are seated firmly in the motherboard. If that doesn't help, clear out the BIOS settings, either by setting the CMOS reset jumper or pulling out the battery for a minute or so.
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I'm building a new computer at the weekend, but it will be my first one which can support 64 bit.

I really don't know what difference there are between the two versions, will the 64 run smoother on it ?

I know there aren't many applications built for 64bit specifically, but am I right in that you can run 32bit on a 64bit system?

Thanks for your help, Linked.

A:Building a new computer, but x86 or 64

By x64 system do you mean CPU? If so then yes, x32 bit OS can run on a x64 CPU but it cannot vice versa.

Or do you mean x32 drivers on a x64 OS?
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Can anyone help me decide on a graphics card for my new computer It's Going to have Building A Computer windows bit and I have heard horror stories as to its graphic card compatibility more like there are certain ATI cards that have died at its hands and certain Nvidia cards that just don't work Mostly I just want it for gaming and want to spend about or so So far my new comp is going to be this Apevia X-Qpack Cube Case with W Power Supply Gigabyte GA- GMT-USB Motherboard Phenom II x Black Edition gb x gb DDR Western Digital Caviar Green TB gb Building A Computer s SATA Hard Drive I loved Windows and used the RC until my old comp Building A Computer died and want to make the jump to bit but I want to Building A Computer make sure I'm not going to cook my card or anything vital Once I decide on a graphics card the rest is easy but I'm basically stuck here Also if this does not seem like a sound build let me know please I am fairly good with computers but I'm still a noobsauce when it comes to most of the hardware Thanks

A:Building A Computer


The stories you heard are inaccurate, to say the least. Windows 7 is very good with compatibility, better than its predecessor, Vista.

Windows 7 cannot "fry" cards. If anything can fry a card, it is a power surge or hardware malfunction.

So, fear not! Just buy a modern card, and it will tell you if it is compatible with Windows 7.
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Money is not a issue. What would you suggest for:

Graphics card?
Intel or AMD?
Sound card?
Vista 32 or 64?

I want to have a gaming comp.

A:Building a Computer

What you going to use it for? If money is no problem whatsoever then just go for the absolute highest spec you can find.

Intel Quad-Core
8800GTS in SLI

etc etc...
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hello all i am just about to bulid my first computer and i wantsome help with the parts please i will be useing this computer mainly for gaming and i just want to know if im getting good parts i understand most of this computer stuff buy i gte confused with the mother board any recomendations about diffrent parst then the ones below Intel Core Duo E CPU GHz FSB MHz MB L Cache Socket LGA http www bandittechnology com au product info php cPath amp products id Mother board- Asus P K Socket Quad Core P FSB xPCIEx SATA a GbLAN ATX http umart net au au product info php cPath amp products id RAM- Corsair TWIN X - C DHX GB x XMS GB PC- MHz DDR RAM x -pin DIMMs Non ECC Unbuffered - - first computer my building - http www bandittechnology com au eywords Corsair TWIN X - C DHX amp x amp y Hard drive- Seagate ST AS SATA GB SATA II Mbps rpm HDD Mb Cache Barracuda w NCQ http umart net au building my first computer au product info php cPath amp products id CASE- Thermaltake Wing RS VG BNS ATX Middle Tower Case WING RS Without power supply Black http umart net au au product info amp osCsid ffe c f be e bc Video card - Inno D IV- GTS-ILX PCI Express Nvidia GTS MB iChiLLite XStriker DDR MHz DirectX Max Res x x Dual-Link DVI HDTV XStriker fan Inno D GF GTS PCI-E x MB iChiLLite XStriker -bit DDR x Dual Link DVI HDTV XStriker fan MHz Core Clock MHz Memory Clock MHz RAMDAC NVIDIA SLI Ready NVIDIA Quantum Effects physics processing technolgy supports DirectX Shader Model and OpenGL NVIDIA PureVideo Technology http umart net au au product info php cPath amp products id Silverstone ST ZF Power Supply W SLI ready Titanium black mm fan Dual PCI-E pin connectors Four SATA connectors Active PFC http umart net au au product info php cPath amp products id amp osCsid fd f e f c f e aae DVD CD drive- any same as one Marco got about Screen- Samsung N quot Flat Panel LCD Monitor x resolution ms response time contrast ratio cd m brightness Viewing Angle VGA Input Available in silver and black http acss com au accessories index htm Keyboard - ANY Mouse- any Fan-Glaciates Silent Blade GT EDL-A mm Black Case Fan x x mm Entering Bearing amp -pin connectors Speed rpm Noise dBA http www bandittechnology com au index php cPath Approx as much help as possib le would be apriciated thanx nbsp

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I would like to build computer but I am a newer for commuter building
What I need to know about when I buying all the component?
This is what I choose for the component
Some of them don't know which one is good and how to choose it

Case-galaxy 3 mid tower black 450W PSU bubble
What is 450W?
Motherboard -GA-287X-UD5H
What I need for the front side bus
Good for the audio and video card do I need to buy them sepreately?
Ram need to be DDR3 and pin count same with motherboard what is that mean?
Memory ssd which brand is good
Blue ray optical drive which one is suitable?
Don't know which power supple is good
Budget1000 pound .please answer my question

A:Building a new computer

I will build you a very nice computer. I just need to know where you are purchasing these parts from (sites). 450W is the power supply. Dont worry, I will take care of that.
Watch these videos on how to build a computer:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
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I am thinking of upgrading my current computer and possibly building my own computer. I see an ad from and it looks pretty good. Has anybody actually used their products? Is it any good or am I just wasting my money or worse give them my credit card info unwisely? Are are any free sites where I can get info on upgrading and building my own computer?

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I want to know from you guys if there is anything that you would suggest me getting in addition to these parts. I already have a Hard Drive, an Optical Drive, and some RAM that will all work with this current motherboard.

I'm just looking for advice before I set down all this money for new computer parts.

Thanks a lot


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Wasnt sure where to post this other than the Hardware Forum, So since I hope to have XP on this computer, I thought I'd post it here.

I am building this gateway 2000, and its been awhile since I've thrown a desktop together. Everything on the motherboard is in and working fine, I just dont remember which wires go into the disk drives and hard drives. I need to hook up two hard drives, two disc drives and a floppy. Example, p1-p5. Any help would be great.


A:Building Computer...

Definitely a question for Hardware.
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Ok I just got done putting a computer together from scratch All s well but two problems I installed Doom to test the machine but after double clicking on the game s icon and after the small Doom with Hellknight window pops up the computer completely freezes and I have to use the tower buttons to shut it off Any ideas about how to fix this I ve got an AIW ATI Radeon Pro for a video card if that helps And I ve run the free D demos that come with the card just fine only Doom kills everything atleast from what I ve tried I believe this problem will probably be fixed with a phone call but as I hate phones I thought I would ask first Building Computer Help to get people opinion The ethernet port is working obviously since I am posting this from the new comp But when Windows XP quot Automatically retrieves IP quot it get s one that will make it so this computer will not be on the pre-existing two computer network IE the old network starts with while this Computer Building Help computer has starting the IP How can I fix this and if the call needs to be made what should I ask them to do Thank you Cory PS Full Sys Specs Asus K N mobo AIW Radeon PRO Athlon GB of PC RAM Windows XP nbsp

A:Computer Building Help

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I am a newbie and plan on building a computer I have already picked out my Case decided on what RAM - MB -pin DDR I will get and that all amounts to about I would appreciate suggestions on what else to get regarding my Help on new a computer building motherboard processor hard drive and PSU Help on building a new computer to get if I am making this primarily for games I would like to keep the price range in the s range any suggestions Here is a list of parts that I am thinking of for the comp Does this all look compatible Processor-AMD Athlon X http www newegg com Product Help on building a new computer Product asp Item N E Is there a way to get a step down from this I want pretty good performance but I don t know about shelling out so much money for it gt lt Motherboard-ASUS A N-SLI Premium Socket http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Memory- x CORSAIR MB -Pin- http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Hard Drive-Western Digital Raptor GB RPM http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Power Supply-SILVERSTONE V Watt Power Supply http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Case-XCLIO ATX Mid Tower http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Sound Card-Creative Sound Blaster Audigy http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Does someone also have any ideas for a graphics card It needs to be fairly good say MB or so but still be decently priced Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Help on building a new computer

hey lizardman, i'm in the process of building a pc too and i chose a am2 socket because its a newer technology. I'm not sure of the benefit's between the 939 socket and the am2, i do know the boards with am2 socket use the newer type ram call ddr2.
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Hi, can someone help me build i7? Ranging about $1000-1500? Please post links for the parts from newegg?


A:Building i7 computer

Is this for gaming/video editing/general use?
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Okay my boyfriend just built a computer but when it boots up it runs through everythig then stops at detecting aurray, i think is what it said, and thats where it stops. Do any of you know what this is?

A:building computer?


Maybe RAID is not configured properly, or corrupt.

You might try moving this to hardware along with system specs and operating system for more help.
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Hey everyone, I have been out of the loop for a while now when it comes to building computers. I have been asked to build a gaming computer and I can easily build them I have built loads. However I don't know what the new things are and whats the best for certain situations.

Basically he wants the computer for a lot of simulation games like Flight and Train simulator. He likes to have them on high settings and wants good frame rates.

Any advice on anything would be great.
Thanks, Jack

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Sorry i wasn t sure exactly where to post this but i was hoping you guys here could help make sure i have everything right Maybe give me a few suggestions on parts working with eachother or not and building it Or if i m forgetting something Any help would be appreciated here s my setup SILVERSTONE Black Mid Tower-ATX Case Model quot SST-TJ quot -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Lite-On X X Internal EIDE CD-RW Drive Black Model SOHR- S Black OEM http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE NEC X Double Layer DVD RW Drive Black Model ND- A BK OEM http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Samsung Black MB inch Floppy Disk Drive Model SFD B LBL OEM Drive Only http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Hitachi GB RPM SATA Hard Drive Model HDS VLSA Part G OEM Drive Only http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Kingmax Pin MB DDR PC- - OEM http Computer A Building www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE NESO PIXO A quot LCD Monitor with Speakers -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE MSI quot K T NEO -F quot VIA K T Pro Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket CPU Building A Computer -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Cooler Master Real Power mm fan W Power Supply With Active PFC Model quot RS- -ACLY quot -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE AMD Athlon Socket KB L Cache Building A Computer -bit Processor - OEM http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - Building A Computer amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Logitech X- Black Speaker System -RETAIL Item N E http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Leadtek nVIDIA GeForce GT Video Card MB GDDR -Bit TV-Out DVI X AGP Model quot A GT TDH quot -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE nbsp

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Ok so maybe it isn t the first I used to collect scrap parts from s to pentium s all the time and get them going A lot has changed since then I have upgraded my video card a few times upgraded RAM put in a new power supply to go with new video card and a few other additions including fans etc So i have wanted to build a computer myself for a while I am wanting to jump on the DX bandwagon and would like a machine that can play games decently Here is what i have so far Building first Computer EVGA E-GEFORCE GTS MHZ MB GHZ GDDR PCI-E Dual DVI-I HDTV Out DIRECTX Video Card Intel Core Quad Q Quad Core Processor Corsair XMS TWIN X - C GB X GB PC - DDR - CL - - - Antec Nine Hundred Mid Tower Gamer Case ATX Western Digital SE GB SATA RPM MB MS This is what Building first Computer i have so far I am absolutely clueless on the motherboard front I would like some flexibility in the upgradability department Perhaps for another or if needed RAM probly not and perhaps anything else i will need This case also has quite a few fans possibly - How would this computer run DX games like crysis and hellgate and bioshock Is anything unneeded or over the top here or lacking It would be nice to not go hardcore expensive stuff right now im not able to spend quot too quot much I have a W PSU so that is not needed I can also scavenge DVD-RW and such from the computer im on now All prices in Canadian funds as well My current system specs are Pentium HT Ghz GB DDR RAM pc EVGA GT crappy PC maker case no customizability enermax W PSU those are the nuts and bolts I know you guys get these requests a lot and I have read quite a few I have been out of touch in regards to PC hardware for the past while because i was not in the market But now i am and i grovel at your feet for scraps of info that could aid me in my quest Thinking more about this Is the Q a little much would a E be better although on the same site i have been shopping the E is about cheaper than the Q also how is this MOBO EVGA Nforce I SLI LGA Conroe ATX DDR PCI-E PCI SATA Sound GBLAN Motherboard nbsp

A:Building first Computer

Looks like a good board to me and for $10, go with Quad Core for certain. Everything else looks fine but be certain your psu is 24 pin is all.
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I was wondering about power supplies and SLI First off My power supply was watts more than my last but apparently wasn't SLI ready so I have a single graphics card stuck to the board Nvidia single Gig Hasn't done as well as I had hoped So I'm thinking you have to buy power supplies that specifically say SLI ready on them so that you may have the proper cables provided am I right my watt has enough power but not enough cables it seems I am looking for a new power supply are there any suggestions on this or will an SLI ready work Perhaps I will also upgrade to a watt just in case Secondly Are there better graphics cards suited to SLI mode than the or is it just quot newer is better quot as in computer little A building fun My preference is a card that doesn't strain itself to the point of overheating but works very well in SLI mode and does very well in games I have plenty of cooling would another GB really boost graphics or should I scrap this card I read positive reviews on it and it is a fairly cool card But perhaps it lacks too much I'd love to hear any ideas perhaps you've had a good time about your SLI setup

A:A little fun computer building

nVidia has a list of certified PSUs:

Build an SLI PC - Certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies

There are probably lots of PSUs that would work fine that nVidia hasn't tested. You'd want one with four 6 pin PCI-E power connectors. (6+2 connectors can be used with either 6 or 8 pin.)

I haven't tried SLI, but I imagine that two 460s would be more powerful than any single card (including the 580).

I had a Crossfire X setup with a pair of Radeon 4870s, but gave up on it after struggling with drivers. Perhaps nVidia does better.
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I am doing a report and i need to interview some peoples on "how hard is it to build a computer?" I would like to do this interview over e-mail so if you would like to help me please send a reply to: [email protected]

A:Need help with building a computer

Zenosincks said:

Why do you want to do it through email out of curiosity?

I'm willing to help...Click to expand...

I want to do the interview through e-mail because I don't want to give away my phone number anyway can you send me your e-mail so i can send you the questions
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ive used computers all my life and many times taken them apart to upgrade things like soundcard graphics card HDD and ram upgrades but a few days ago decided id have a go at building a pc from ground up here is the list of what i brought please note i no some items are a load of but ill be upgrading them in a month or so anyway i just wana get used to building them with crap cheap parts before i pay real money for parts AMD Athlon GHz AMD ECS GS- motherboard PNY GT PCI-E nvidia graphics card JeanTech Watt ATX Desktop Power Supply x GB DDR SDRAM computer need building help i know its outdated but like i said cheap nd cheerful first Audigy ZS soundcard plus tb sata HDD now here is my problem ive installed the motherboard to the case checking everything as i go insuring cables all in the right places and everything else was plugged in i then turned the pc on and the fans started to spin lights on the front light up and i could hear building computer need help the HDD spinning yet cpu not getting warm at all and wasnt entering bios i cleard cosmos using both methods st being moving the jumper from pin to for a few seconds then placing back to then when that didnt work i then removed the battery for about secs then replaced it still getting the same thing fans spin HDD spins lights are on then decided to test the cpu by unplugging the heat sink fan and switching the computer back on know i would think that bios would know that the fan wasnt conected and turn the pc back off again so is it a bios proble or is my cpu ed any and all help would be nice and yes i have removed all ram graphics sound cards and i get no beep codes nbsp

A:building computer need help

Just a guess on this i would say it is the board
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Can anyone tell me where I can find a site which in Lamens terms will tell me how to build a computer. I put this post here as I didn't know where to put it, but it will run on XP.

Many thanks

A:Building your own computer

theres a lot of them out there.
try this one,there are links to more from here.

read,read and read again............good luck.
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im looking to build a new computer under 500$ capable running WoW max settings and multitasking. This will be my first build so i was hoping to get suggestions for parts to accomplish my goal on my budget. thx all.

A:building computer

wow as in world of warcraft?
if so then go for the recommened specs and then improve on thema little
at least 1.5 GB ram and 512 MB gfx card maybe radeon x1650 would begood.

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Hey, Im from the Uk, And i was looking to build my own pc. I wanted somebody to help me with choosing the parts, at the moment i have no idea, i wanted to spend around 200 Pound. I wanted a computer that will be fast, and maybe be able to run medium games and i would like it to be quick and not to expensive

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Ok guys... I just ordered a motherboard, memory, case and processor.. Can I put this together and throw in my old hard-drives??? Will this work?? I am using xp pro... thanks

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hi all, i hav think of my troublesome pc in my previous thread and i think im goin to buy a new one as it;s already 2 years old.

current specs :
intel p4 2.4ghz 533mhz 1mbL2
intel 865 chipset with i/ vga
512mb ram
80gb 7200rpm
dvd-ram dl ls

and i would like to upgrade to :
intel e6300 1.86ghz core duo
intel 965 chipset with i/ vga
1gb ram
160gb 7200rpm
(same) dvd-ram dl ls

how do you think, worth it? or i should use E6400 which cost more or less 50US$. beside, i choose intel mobo as for me i do not need external GPU cause the computer is not intended for gaming purpose. its just a home pc.

your comments are greatly appreciated.

A:building new computer

For home use, the E6300 is fine. However, why would u need a Core 2 Duo for home use? A Pentium D/Celeron D would be quite adequate for that purpose.
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Hey, I'm new at this, and I'm planning to build a computer, when I save up. Here is my list of parts I made, hoping someone can verify if it will work, or give me some suggestions:

-Video Card
-CD/DVD Drive
-Hard Drive
-Sound Card

I'm thinking of possibly changing the processor to an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 or an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+

Thanks in advance, I apologize for the links

A:Help, building a computer

I'd recommend going for the E8400 as you mentioned and changing the motherboard to a Gigabyte P35-DS3L or an ASUS P5K. Also, why are you getting PC2-8000 RAM? This RAM kit will be perfect, even if you're looking to OC it.
In addition, I recommend the Corsair VX550W over your current choice.
Lastly, for a few bucks more, this video card is a much better performer than the HD 3870.
Everything else looks good. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Hello I am a computer Building new to this site and wanted to get some peoples opinions on this computer that I am making for a senior project I have never built a computer before so I would really appreciate the criticism Here are the specifications of the computer that Building a computer I want to make Also as a tribute to my love for gaming I would like to fit it into a white xbox case but I am pretty sure it wont work but please tell me if otherwise Intel Core i - Quad-Core Processor GHz Core LGA - BX I ASUS SABERTOOTH Z LGA Intel Z HDMI SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard Corsair Vengeance GB x GB DDR MHz PC -Pin DDR Memory Kit for Core i i i and Platforms SDRAM CMZ GX M A C Force D ATI Radeon HD Video Graphics Card HDMI GB HD with Low profile bracket for slimline case Corsair Enthusiast Series -Watt Plus Bronze Certified Power Supply Compatible with Core i i i and platforms - TX ASUS PCE-N maximum performance Wireless-N Network Adapter Mbps Transmit Mbps Receive with PCI-E interface Include Full Height and Low Profile bracket WPS button Support Thanks alot nbsp

Relevancy 43%

Ok so some of you may have read my other thread "What motherboard should i get?" but that turned into a great thread where i basically changed everything to make the computer i want to build better. I was origanally going to buy a AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 2.60GHz but they upped the price from $400 to $650 (PLZ keep in mind these are canadian prices so dont link me to any american sites with "better deals") So now i have to switch from a FX to a X2, real bummer but i just dont got that kinda cash. i was looking to get the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 1MB Cache 2000MHz FSB Socket 939 but when the X2 first came out i heard some people who were sceptical abbout it. I was just wondering if it will be a good CPU for gaming.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

A:Need help Building my own computer!

It's Ok.

That processor is fine and all, but I suggest going with socket AM2. The prices have lowered, and AM2 is future-proof (atleast for now). S939 is going to be dead in a little while.

Anyways, I suggest you tone down the CPU a little. Going from an X2 3800+ (lowest end) to an X2 4800+ (highest end) will not provide a >15% gaming performance difference. However, I suggest while you get a lower CPU you get a better graphics card. It's the graphics card that's most importand for a game, so having a slower CPU and a faster graphics card is better than a faster CPU and a slower graphics card.
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I posted here a little while ago asking for help with my computer and to this day I have still not fixed it. I have now decided to build a new computer.

I notice that some of you have sigs with what type of system you have. I would like some advice with what to buy and most importantly where to buy it so I can get major rebates

Im thinking something along the lines of

Asus Motherboard (not sure which one)
AMD Processor 2.5k+
ATI Radeon 9800 card.

Will my current DDR ram work with a system like this?
Whats a price effective MoBo/Processor Combo?
Looking to spend 800ish on those 3 and also soundcard and case.
(I have the hard disk and the rest already)

A:Building a new computer...


Some detailed benchmarks / reviews on all categories of hardware here :

And though I'm in the UK and don't use them - these people are frequently proposed as worth checking out for comparing prices :
You might also state what your primary use of the PC would be.

The graphics card you referred to is high end - are you a heavy gamer ? Or would something a bit more mid range be more suitable ?
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I have decided to build my own computer on a budget of £300.

I have got a spec here:


AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3GHz Socket AM2 2MB L2 Cache Retail Boxed Processor

Mother Board

Gigabyte GA-M52L-S3 nForce 520LE Socket AM2 8 channel audio ATX Motherboard


OCZ 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 CL 4-4-4-15 PLATINUM XTC with LIFETIME WARRANTY


Graphics Card

PNY Verto GeForce6 6200 256MB DDR DVI VGA PCI GraphicAsus EN6200LE 64MB Turbocache supporting 256MB DDR DVI PCI-E Graphics Cards Card


Hard Drive

Seagate ST3250310AS 250GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 8MB Cache - OEM



Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 GT Socket 754, 939, AM2, AM2+ Processor Cooler


PSU Power Supply (cheap might need a quality one)

Extra Value 550W ATX Silent Neon PSU - 12cm Fan/PPFC (no power cord)



Is the hardware I have chosen any good, do you recommend changing anything.

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CPU -Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06GH

Motherboard -- ASRock X58 Extreme 3 LGA ATX
What would be an appropriate power supply and form factor for those specifications above?

A:building computer

you only have got your CPU and MOBO ,
check for your videocard and all drives (HDD and dvd-writers for example)and RAM
you want first
then look for a computer case that can fit all your hardware
when thats done ill be able to help you choose witch PSU's will be fit for you

> thats how i would do it anyways other users might be able to help you directly...
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Hi, I'm completely new to building computer's and stuff, I have been advised by my computer buddies and this is what I have so far:

Is it ok? Is everything compatible and will I need anything else (just the base unit which is completely from scratch).

Thanks for any help!

Relevancy 43%

I'm building my first computer, how does everything look?

* Cpu/Heatsink
* Mobo
* Case (with fans)
* Wireless PCI adapter (I have to go wireless)
* I already have a keyboard
* I already have a mouse
* I already have a monitor
* I already have two IDE HD's
* OS - Ubuntu Linux

Alright; so there it is... does everything look compatible? Am I missing anything? How hard will the cpu be to install (Will I have to use that "glue" stuff for the installtion?). I know I didn't choose a video card, and I know I should upgrade to Serial-ATA HD's, but I'm on a low budget here, I will upgrade later.

Thank you,

A:Building a computer.

You didn't list any optical drives. Keep in mind that you will have to use SATA optical drives since your two IDE hard drives will occupy the lone IDE (PATA) controller on the motherboard. Alternately, you can probably use adapters.

The CPU just drops in and you lock it down. You definitely need to use thermal compound for heat transference between the CPU and the heatsink.
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Okay so I am planning on building a computer.

I have this case:
and PC2-6400 800Mhz RAM and a hard drive so far.

I am looking to buy a Power Supply, Processor, and Motherboard that is compatible with what i already have.

I was looking at these. I think I want an AMD processor and mobo.

Anyone got any suggestions or anything?


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I am trying to build a new computer and have a question. I am using an Intel D875PBZLK w/P4 2.8 GHz CPU and 1GB RAM. I am using a GForce FX5200 video card and new 450W power supply. I plan on using the CD and floppy from my old computer. Here is what I want to to do. My old computers motherboard died so I re-using as many parts as I can. I want to use the hard drives (less than 6 months old) from the old computer. All of my programs and OS (WIN98SE) are on them. I do plan to upgrade to W2KPRO later. Unfortunately I didnít backup the drives (hind site being 20/20) even though I should have. Can I boot up from these drives? Is there something I can do ahead of time so this will work? Any help or procedures would be great.

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I am building a new computer for my friend He is a D gamer and wanted a good computer computer. Building new a for cheap I built this on Newegg com and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about my purchasing choices NEC X Black DVD -RW Drive Building a new computer. Model ND- A GW OEM Bulk http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Samsung Black X CD-ROM Model SH- AEBUB OEM http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Western Digital GB RPM IDE Hard Drive Model WD BB OEM http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE KEYBOARD- KB- BB P Keyboard and Optical Mouse Combo PS keys -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Mushkin Basic Green Pin MB DDR PC- - Retail http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE MSI quot K N Delta Platinum quot NVIDIA nForce Ultra Chipset Motherboard For AMD Socket A CPU -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE AMD Athlon XP quot Barton quot FSB K Cache Processor - Retail http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON Video Card MB DDR -bit DVI TV-Out X AGP - BULK http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE He has a case w PS monitor and speakers Thx nbsp

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So I've been saving up some money and I'd like to build (or just fix, keeping as many parts as I can) a computer.

I'm completely new to this so I was looking for some advice.

Relevancy 43%

I have purchased the parts for a new computer. Items i have purchased are:
P6X58D-E MOBO, Intel i7 cpu, Nvidia GTX 470 Video card, Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card,850w PSU and 6g corsair memory. I have not purchased a case and acd-rom dvd burner as yet. I need suggestions for those items. My present computer is a Dell XPS 720 that will be given to a friend that is in need. Any help would be thankful.


A:Building a new computer

What is your budget for these items?

Considering that you've bought reasonably high end parts, I'd suggest you get Cooler Master HAF 932 casing.

For DVD-RW, they all seems to be roughly same in quality, in last few years I've gone through an HP, Pioneer, and LG drives ...... only LG still functions normally the rest died (I replaced recently dead HP with an Samsung) .... I hope someone can offer some more insight in to this though.
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Hi I don t have money to blow on great hardwares so what was donated to me is what I m working with - I m fairly new to building a computer At the moment I have an asus asrock P i GV mobo socket I have an intel penitum processor Ghz - my question is about the ram The mobo takes DDR ram and forgive me - I m still a Building - computer RAM learning lol - what is Building a computer - RAM p p etc mean I have the idea it has to do with speed I will have to purchase the ram for this computer but I don t want to buy ram that can damage anything If I can I would also like to buy a good video card so any suggestions would be great here are the specs for the mobo if needed General Features Intel GV ICH chipsets Socket mATX form factor Supports up to GB DDR RAM non-ECC Supports DDR MHz Integrated AC C-Media audio chipset Integrated Intel Extreme graphics chipset Integrated Fast Ethernet Two IDE channels One floppy disk channel -pin ATX power connector Supported Processors Support for Socket Pentium amp Celeron processors MHz bus speeds Supports HyperThreading Expansion Slots One AGI x x slot AGP compatible Three PCI slots One AMR slot I O ports Two PS ports Four USB ports One Parallel port One RJ- Ethernet port One Game port Mic in Line in Line out One more question - after re-reading these specs - would it hurt the mobo to put in the p The specs say it can support up to Mhz but the p is Mhz Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Building a computer - RAM

DDR266 = PC2100

DDR333 = PC2700

See this link from Newegg: 600006065&IsNodeId=1&name=2GB (2 x 1GB)

The Crucial and Kingston should do you fine. I've learned to love Kingston for memory upgrades of older systems but have also used Crucial quite a bit as well. Both are excellent memory makers.
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Any last suggestions?

Will it all work together.

THANKS! I'm ordering tomorrow if two or more give the whole list a thumbs up.

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I play with the idea to build a computer but I doubt that it is as easy as some
sources suggest.

My concern is where to all these ribbons,cables and connectors go ? Is this clearly indicated
in the motherboard manual ? ( then I know how confusing manuels can be )

Thanks for any input.

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I have almost finished my computer and only need the garphics card for it to be complete. I installed the sony dru-810a last and decided to power up my system to see if everything turned on, fans etc. My questions is whether or not the dvd drive should open and close despite the computer build not being complete. Right now it does nothing, no lights and it doesent respond when i push the open/close button. It is hooked up to the motherboard and the power supply.

A:Building computer

double chech your frontpanel header connections against the mainboard manual.

If you know what your doing, unplug the frontpanel power swtch from the header and short the pins with a screwdriver (works the same as flicking the switch).

If all is well there and it still won't power at all, unplug the USB headers and try again.

Provided everything is connected up properly, you should at least get a post beep out of it.

Some common causes of failure to power at all are...

ps/2 mouse and keyboard pluged in each others ps/2 ports
ps/2 mouse plug pins/pin dmaged (not so common, but it's happened to me once)
Incorrectly connected front panel header
Incorrectly connected USB header(s)
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Computer Case http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Hard Drive http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Video Card http www Computer Building A newegg com Product Product aspx Building A Computer Item N E Speakers http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Processor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E RAM http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E What i need help with is i need to know if everything is compatible and where can i find a pin and pin power supply thats compatible and if this is a good hard drive for a gaming computer and if its compatible http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and two more thing please find the power supply at www newegg com and i need help finding a sound card that can record good line-in for my games or another website that maybe cheaper This computer will for built for games nbsp

A:Building A Computer

You may want to click the "Report" link below your post and ask a moderator to move your post to the hardware forum. Please wait for them to move it and don't start a duplicate post on your own.

FYI, The DIY Projects forum specifically is not the place for computer issues ...
Do It Yourself Projects
Got something around the house that needs fixing and is NOT a computer?​
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First of all Happy Holidays to everyone I m considering building a new computer as the one I m using now is just a little bit too old Celeron PCI video card etc and I m tired of not being able to play basically any games computer my first Building on PC I m trying to keep the price down pretty low around - including Windows This is what I have so far MSI NF -G AM NVIDIA nForce a SLI HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item Building my first computer N E AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Deneb GHz x KB L Cache MB L Cache Socket AM W Quad-Core Processor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Western Digital Caviar Blue WD AAKS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive http www newegg com product product aspx item N E LITE-ON Black X DVD R X DVD-R SATA Black X DVD Writer LightScribe Support http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E OCZ OCZ P GK PC - DDR MHz Platinum Series GB Kit http www amazon com OCZ-OCZ P GK-PC - - MHz-Platinum dp B HC S Antec EarthWatts EA W Continuous Power ATX V Ver EPS V version SLI Certified CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Active PFC quot compatible with Core i Core i quot Power Supply http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E XFX GS XZDFU GeForce GTS Building my first computer GB -bit DDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E COOLER MASTER Centurion CAC-T -UB Black Blue Aluminum Bezel SECC Chassis ATX Mid Tower Computer Case http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E This will be the first computer I ve built so if you have any tips please don t hesitate to let me know Thanks a lot for your help guys nbsp

Relevancy 43%

I've decided to build my own computer, but obviously this is not something i want to go into un-educated, I'm lookin for opinions on different types of processers/motherboards. What is the best for me? I'm lookin to use it for gaming so I'm goin to need a bit of speed. What's your opinion on which to buy?

Relevancy 43%

I am a high school student wanting to build a new computer from parts I plan on purchasing from newegg com I do know a Building computer a lot about computers but I have never actually built one I was wondering if there are any foreseeable problems with Building a computer the hardware I ve chosen and if someone could tell me how to assemble a computer order of assembly installation of win xp ect I appreciate any input My dad thinks I should just buy a low end computer with a good motherboard and upgrade from there because building a computer yourself has too many potential problems He has told me a story about how he spent hours getting his computer he built to run perfectly and a story about how he was given incorrect installation instructions that ended up with him only utilizing part of his hard drive s max space Please help me convince Building a computer my dad that building a computer yourself is a much better choice then going to DELL or COMPAQ and getting the same or worse for a much greater price Here is the hardware I have chosen All of these items come with great reviews Also Will the dvd drive work with a pent only or is that just how fast it should be around Mother Board DFI LANPARTY nF SLI-DR Socket NVIDIA nForce SLI ATX AMD Motherboard CPU SOCKET TYPE Socket CPU TYPE Athlon FX Athlon Sempron FSB MHz Hyper Transport MT s Number of DDR Slots x pin DDR DDR Standard DDR PC Max Memory Supported GB Dual channel is supported AGP SLOTS PCI EXPRESS x SLOTS PCI EXPRESS x SLOT PCI SLOTS Other Slots x PCI Express x PATA x ATA up to devices PATA RAID Raid SATA x SATA SATA RAID RAID Additional SATA x SATA Additional SATA RAID Raid Additional RAID Controller Sil Non-Integrated Video Audio Chipset Realtex ALC Audio Channels Channels LAN Speed Mbps Second LAN Speed same Rear PORTS xPS xUSB xIEEE xS PDIF Out xS PDIF In Audio Ports jacks Onboard USB Connectors x USB x headers Onboard Connectors x a Form Factor ATX Dimensions quot x quot Features EZ-on EZ-touch onboard switch button nVIDIA nTune embedded overclocking solution CMOS reload Case ASPIRE X-Navigator ATXA NW-AL Silver Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case W Power Supply - Retail External Drive Bays External Drive Bays Internal Drive Bays Expansion Slots Front Ports USB IEEE Cooling mm Fans Side Air Duct no quot x quot x quot H x W x L CD DVD DRIVE PLEXTOR Beige X DVD R X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-R X DVD-RW X DVD-ROM X CD-R X CD-RW X CD-ROM M Cache IDE DVD Burner - OEM Data transfer rate Sustained Read Write Speeds DVD X read write MB sec X read write MB sec X read write MB sec X read write MB sec X read write MB sec X write only MB sec Sustained Read Write Speeds CD X read write MB sec X read write MB sec X read write MB sec X read write MB sec X read write MB sec X read write MB sec X read write MB sec X write only KB sec Burst Read Write MB sec PIO Mode- DMA Mode- MB sec Ultra DMA Mode- CPU Pentium GHZ minimum HDD MB - GB free space for copying CD to CD image GB free space for DVD authoring RAM MB Monitor Display Resoution X at -bit color Internal Storage Drive Seagate Barracuda ST AS GB RPM MB Cache Serial ATA Hard Drive - OEM Capatity GB Cache MB RPM RPM Avg Seek time ms Avg Latency ms Interface SERIAL ATA Form Factor quot Memory gigaram GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR PC DUAL CHANNEL System Memory Capacity GB x GB Speed DDR PC Timing - - - Voltage V ECC No Unbuffered Heat Spreader yes Monitor SONY SDM-S B Black quot ms LCD Monitor Processor AMD Athlon Venice GHz FSB KB L Cache Socket Processor Operating Frequency GHz FSB GHz blah blah HT supported yes bit volts heatsink and fan Sound Card CREATIVE Sound Blaster Audigy ZS Platinum SB Channels -bit KHz PCI Interface Sound Card Video Card a very impressive eVGA -P -N -AX Geforce GTX MB -bit GDDR VIVO PCI Express x Video Card PCI Express x runs fast I have a keyboard on there too but I ve never heard of problems installing a keyboard or problems installing because of a keyboard speakers too Obviously I wish t... Read more

A:Building a computer

Hello and welcome to Use google to research on "How to build a PC" and have a ball. Don't forget that if you ever need help we are here for you.
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hello i need help selecting the right hardware to build my PC it is going to be a A Computer Building DAW Digital Audio Workstation and im going to use it for production and recording so the first place to start is the motherboard and processor after doing research i think that the PENTIUM or AMD ATHLON is the best processor choice but if there are better ones for my purpose please let me know size does not matter reliability of course does cooling does noise level to some degree does upgradability expandability does disk capacity matters to some degree because i can just add more hard drives will probably need a lot o memory and graphics preformance to some degree my target of spending is about if i can get it less than that then thats great i can go higher if i absolutely have Building A Computer to lol first i need to get a motherboard and a processor thats compatable with it then i can worry about the case then the power supply then the drives and cards i want upgradability so im not seeking embedded audio or video when im finished building my computer i am going to buy my audio equipment such as mic preamp etc my main focus is audio so i will try not to get side-tracked by things i dont need if anyone has some info to give me or any tips ill greatly appreciate them thanx nbsp

A:Building A Computer

In my opinion, you'd do well to opt for a Pentium 4, preferably a 600-series in socket 775, and a 775 motherboard to go with it. Athlon 64s might be better in terms of overall performance, but for any power-hungry media apps, P4 is the best bet.
As a good example, I'd suggest this motherboard -
and this processor -, or the P4 631 if that's a bit steep.
You'll also be wanting 2GB of DDR-II memory. As for graphics, something new but mid-range should tide you over nicely, I'd go for a PCI-Express Radeon X1600 as a happy medium between powerful and cost-effective. Obviously you'll be wanting good sound too, and the onboard sound for that motherboard won't quite cut it for professional audio stuff. Might be worth reading some specialist magazines and having a look at the pro-grade audio cards available, or alternatively go for a good quality home card, such as a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Music.

Now. Noise levels. The stock heatsinks that come with Intel processors can be noisy beasts, so I'd suggest getting a replacement for that, but don't fall for the trap of a fanless heatsink - yes it'll be silent but P4s are hot and it'll only cause problems. You'll need at least one system exhaust fan, and for fans, the bigger the quieter. Try and get a heatsink with an 80mm fan if you can, and go for a case with 120mm vents to take a fan of that size. That should keep it nice and quiet.

For hard disks, pretty much anything goes, though I'd suggest a Western Digital Raptor 74GB for the system drive and a Seagate 300GB for storage. Both SATA, obviously.

I think that about covers it. Just my two cents worth.
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I ve recently been looking into parts for building a nice new computer but I ve run into some questions that I have yet been able to find answers for Help Building Computer I already posted a topic on which type Help Building Computer of AMD motherboard to get and I decided to make another thread to ask my questions Right now I m wondering two things I was planning on going with an AMD motherboard and cpu however a friend informed me that Help Building Computer he has heard that they have had compatability problems which is making me consider an Intel P again I need some input on this to help me here and if P then what type of motherboard should I go for My other question has to do with a DVD Rom drive I was wondering whether a slot load drive was worth the extra money or whether I should just get a tray load Any input here on these topics would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

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HI I ran one of these threads about two weeks ago about buying a new computer but I ve made some revisions since then Please guys check my parts and see if I m buying good quality parts and that this is this all I need Please especially check the video card since I m not sure which model of the x xl to buy TOSHIBA Black IDE Combo Drive Model SD-R B - OEM Model SD-R B NEC Black IDE DVD Burner Model ND- A - OEM Model ND- A Black XION Ultimate Engineering XON- Black Silver Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case W Power Supply - Retail Model XON- Maxtor DiamondMax L R GB RPM IDE Ultra ATA Hard Drive - OEM Building a Computer Model L R ASUS EAX XL DTV Radeon X XL MB DDR PCI Express x Video Card - Retail Model EAX XL DTV ASPIRE ATX-AS W BLACK ATX W Power Supply - Retail Model ATX-AS W BLACK Arctic Silver Thermal Compound - OEM Model ARCTIC SILVER CORSAIR XMS GB x MB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Unbuffered Building a Computer Dual Channel Kit System Memory Model TWINX - C PT - Retail Model TWINX - C PT MASSCOOL FD S M mm Sleeve Case Cooling Fan - Retail Model FD S M AMD Athlon Venice GHz FSB Socket Processor Model ADA BPBOX - Retail Model ADA BPBOX price of processor and mobo MSI K N Neo SLI Socket NVIDIA nForce SLI ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail Model K N Neo SLI total nbsp

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Alright, I'm a real newbie so be nice...

I'm in the market for a PC That would work well, doesn't need to be great, with games, like flight sims.

My budget is around $1200 maybe up to $1500 if its really good.

I don't need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound card, or any optical drives.

I've built some online at sites but I've never built one myself and I've read that thats better so...

suggestions? Input would be greatly appreciated thank you!


A:Building a computer?

Start by deciding what processor you want and go from there!!!!
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I have found numerous parts to build a computer but the price just add up to too much looking for something around £500. I would need and i7 3770k CPU and a decent graphics card to play the latest games but that is it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

A:Building Computer

well.......... half of your budget would be just the processor
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Just started computer a need Building help!!! building my first computer Really this probably was not such an amazing idea Well getting to the facts I Building a computer need help!!! bought the following items -XION Building a computer need help!!! tower case ghost green -GeForce GT Gb graphics card -Diablotek WATT power supply ATX - GB Hard drivers and one GB -ABIT IP -E motherboard -Intel Dual core processor - stick of GB mhz RAM And my problem is that i have a red light next to the pin adap- x there is a red light And i plugged my pin plug into the v - CPU Power looked everywhere on the internet to find if it works or not And sopposibly it will work either way And at first when i hit the switch all it did was have a red light next to the power pin adap And i messed around on the internet and found out thats because the computer is in standby So i thought wow im stupid But then when i clicked ON on the computer Nothing happened And so i checked the CCMOS And placed the cap onto the other side of the pins To its normal position i guess And now when i click ON everything starts up for like seconds Also the red light contiuosly is on but on the side of the Adapter there goes a little green light but then it shuts off And i have no idea whats going on My friend said that the watts is not good enough But others say its ok I am losing my mind here someone please help also thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help nbsp

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Hey all I am not great when it comes to hardware i don t really know what components are compatible with others etc and so I hope I can get some assistance from some of the people here I am looking for a very good gaming system and i have a budget of about however i may be able to stretch a little further if needed is about I really would like to get the best possible for my money good quality hardware with excellent performance and able to play all the latest games Is this a decent budget If so could some people please - need Building a help.... computer build me up a system from this budget and give me a link to the parts This way i can just purchase the parts Building a computer - need help.... and go ahead and build it please be aware that i am in UK and so a site that is based and that will ship to UK would be ideal Thanks very much in advance nbsp

A:Building a computer - need help....

For that budget, to start with I would suggest you look at AMD processors rather than Intel. For maximum performance, go with Intel, but you'll get a lot more bang for your buck with AMD. Take a look at the Phenom II processor family.

The money you'll save on the processor can be used to go further up the line on your graphics. And, for gaming, that's a good trade.
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Heyo Ladies and computer first Building Gentlemen I have been looking to build my own computer recently and after around months of solid research i ve come to the conclusion to build one i will probably be building it either in - weeks or when windows comes out I will be using this computer for school work internet surfing everyday stuff and gaming mid-high settings but i want this thing to Building first computer LAST i am buying all my parts from wvw pccasegear com since i live in Australia i already have a Building first computer graphics card gigabyte GTS OC but i m buying a different one for this computer ill probs give the to a friend or something my budget is maximum so here is the list Case CoolerMaster Storm Enforcer - Extra Case Fan CoolerMaster MegaFlow Red - CPU AMD FX -Core Processor - CPU Cooler Arctic Cooling Alpine Pro Rev - Graphics Card ASUS Radeon HD DirectCU V - HDD Samsung SpinPoint F TB HD SJ - SSD OCZ Vertex GB SSD - Memory RAM G Skill Ripjaws F - CL D- GBRL GB x GB DDR - Motherboard ASRock Extreme Motherboard - Optical Drive Lite-On IHAS x DVDRW - Card Reader Shintaro Internal Card Reader quot OEM - Power Supply OCZ ModXStream Pro W Modular - Monitor LG E V-BN inch LED Widescreen Monitor - Mouse Logitech M Marathon Mouse - MousePad Razer Sphex - Keyboard Cherry Infinity USB Keyboard - OS Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit with SP OEM - Total i had a few concerns with this build though firstly whether the CPU cooler will fit the mobo and also if the RAM is compatible if you have read this far i commend you please leave any advice you want to give it would be appreciated nbsp

A:Building first computer

I believe you already have a thread on your PC build here:

I suggest you continue posting on the earlier thread for any further queries or concerns. There is no need for multiple threads dealing with the same topic.

Also, the build recommended to you in the previous thread will outperform the current one you've drawn up in terms of graphical performance.
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ok i ve been thinking about what all parts i want to build a computer with this will be my first go at it but i feel somewhat confident about it here s what all i ve decided on so far processor - AMD athlon what s the difference between regular athlon and the MP motherboard - not quite sure but i want something with at least ram slots maybe hard drives - gb western digital graphics card - geforce sound card - not quite sure here either maybe soundblaster live or hercules of some sort ram - probably going with www crucial com gonna start with ddr cd-rw - open to suggestions preferably black faced dvd - open to suggestions preferably black faced case - one of these two http www directron com blacmidatxca htmlor http www directron com b html any help or suggestions anyone can give me is appreciated any tips on how to get it together easier or what kind of fan to get for the processor any help is greatly appreciated Tim nbsp building computer a

Relevancy 43%

Typically with the best hardware and software does it cost to buid your own computer?
lets say a 1tril hard drive, intel dual proccer and all other bells and such.

A:Building a computer

There really is no "Best"
There are quality components that will do the job for which you built the system. As an example if you intend to do video editing, you need a higher end quad core cpu and at least 4gig of ram however you do not need to spend a lot on the video card. On the other hand if you intend to run modern games, you need a high end video card.

If you intend to build a home theater type pc, you need a lot of storage capacity ie large hard drives and a mid-level cpu.

Post exactly what you intend to do with the machine and then we can recommend parts.
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I am building my first computer. So far I have an intel celeron d 350 3.2 ghz pcu, ECs pm800-m2 motherboard, and 512 mbs of ram. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a harddrive, dvd drive and video card and audio card. Thanks

Relevancy 43%

Help me! I am bulding a computer, a Pentium 2 system, but when I bring the computer up to loadan OS the monitor screen flashes and goes black. Can anyone help me solve this dilema?

Thank You


A:Help! I am building a computer and...

Hi darkenzeru06, welcome to TSG....

A little bit more info and we may be able to give you some suggestions....

Hard or from a previous computer? formatted, fdisked?

Are you booting to the hard drive with a bootable floppy disk?
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I'm building a new computer. Advice on what to buy would be much appreciated.

I want to go for a 939, while it's a little too expensive apparently AMD have kind of disowned 754? And does 754 need registered RAM? Do you think a 939 will be better? There's nothing lower than a 3500 on komplett and ebuyer (£200).

I've heard of OCZ, are they good? I want to go for a gig. Is cl2 pc3200 ok?

Really haven't decided on this yet.

Not that important, but probably a Tsunami dream by thermaltake. Not sure about the door though.

Again, I know nothing about this really. I quite like the coolermaster stuff.

A:Building new computer

You might want to check out this was quite active this morning. Liz
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I'm an old man who retired from the computer field years ago as a a Building computer MIS manager so I've built over a thousand computer Now years later I became stupid So I figure I need a nd Desktop because I blew away two of them in the last month I have everything except the CPU motherboard amp RAM So I figure one or two hundred extra dollar is ok but I don't want to build a dragster to pick up my groceries I think a AMD T or an i with DDR - because why over clock I need a motherboard with USB because that is why I'm Building a computer building this thing I went out and bought a T Building a computer HD USB like I really need it but I want it so I got it just Building a computer like this computer I'm going to build Also supports the SATA The Gig thingy See what I mean WD got a T for a hundred and a meg buffer Anyway any advice or tutorials for building this computer would be appreciated The computer will be uses for a couple of medium games tens of thousands of pictures and I love Google earth

A:Building a computer

Built a new computer for 2011

Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5

AMD Phenom II X6 100T 3.3g AM3 CPU

Four x 4gb GSkill F3-12800CL9D Memory (16gb)
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My husband and I built our very first computer during our honeymoon 8 years ago. We did a good job, but that was, after all, 8 years ago. It is time for a new computer for him. We own XP professional and his hard drive is something he wants to keep. Lots of songs and artwork. He likes gaming. What he currently has is just under 1 gig ram and 60 gigs harddrive. We've been poking around Walmart (sorry, we are cheapskates.) and newEgg. I'm asking for advise on the tower, on the actual barest of bones. I'm not opposed to shopping but I have lost touch on what is the coolest and so on. Help?


Relevancy 43%

Hey I ve decided on building my first new computer I would appreciate any tips as this is hard being a newbie What I got Mobo ASUS P N-E SLI LGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI ATX http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E CPU Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Video Card Gigabyte GeForce GT MB PCI-E http www hothardware com Articles Gigabyte GeForce GT Default aspx RAM http pconlineshop co nz pcshop product info php cPath amp products id amp RBTid e dc ae c cd e x HDD Seagate GB SATA RPM MB http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Case amp PSU Raidmax Ninja ATX Mid Building Computer a Tower Case W PSU V A V A Either SILVER or BLACK haven t chosen http www ascent co Building a Computer nz ProductSpecification aspx ItemID or http www ascent co nz ProductSpecification aspx ItemID Sony X AWG AB DVDRW Black Drive http pconlineshop co nz pcshop product info php cPath amp products id amp RBTid e dc ae c cd e Sony MPF Floppy Drive Beige Silver Black http www nzoczone com product info php cPath amp products id And OS will be be XP Professional I think Most of them will be bought else where here in New Zealand Just found sites with most info All that comes to about not including OS NZD which is about USD Parts here are generally more expensive Also what would I need in the way of cooling So what would this be like and anyone have any suggestions or tips Thanks nbsp

A:Building a Computer

getta 8800 GTS or GTx instead.

Get this ram or

You could use stock cooling or get a zalmaln 9700
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I have purchased the following:
Jetway P4XFCU VIA P4X266E Socket 478 MB w/Snd
11-Bay ATX Black Case w/300W Power Supply
Intel Heat Sink and Fan for Socket 478 CPU up to 3.0GHz
512mb DDR Ram PC2100
Intel Pentium 4 2.80GHz 533MHz 1M 478 pin CPU OEM

I also installed a AGP video card.

I installed everything and when I turn on the computer nothing is displayed. the fan on the cpu is running, the power LED is on, but it doesn't do anything else. The monitor just stays in standby mode ( amber light). Please let me know if anything is incompatible or why it is not working.

Thanks in advance,

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I am making a computer of my own and i just wanted to check and make sure that all the parts are compatible. Any help I get is greatly appreciated.
Thermaltake Kandalf Silver chassis
TYAN Dual socket 940 extended ATX server mother board
ATI Radeon X1800Xt 512 MB GDDR3 PCI express x16 Video card
Thermaltake purepower atx 480w power supply
AMD Opertron 250 troy 1 ghz fbs socket 940 processor
Viking 2 gb 184 pin ddr sdram ddr 400
fujistu 147 gb 10000 rpm 64 pin hardrive
Plextor ide dvd burner
zalman reserator 1 fanless water cooling system


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hey there,

im looking forward to build a new pc.This is gonna be my first time so I need a little advice. Here is what I plan buying.

e6600 cpu
geforce 7950 or in that price range(256 or 512)?
2gb ddr2 with good speed (but what is a good speed hmm)
a power supply, have no idea which to buy
a case and motherboard that will fit together, but how do i know if they do fit ?
some dvd reader
some hard drive 7200, 10000 rpm ?
sound card?

Aside from all this is there anything i need to know about compatibility?
And i saw in another thread some guy that had a power supply for his video card only ??!?

big thanks for reading

A:Building new computer need help

Is there a compelling reason not to buy a complete system instead? Just curious.
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Ok so next month I m going to be making the purchases and right now I am researching parts to build my new computer Computer a Building I basically want to OC this thing on air as much as I can with Building a Computer perfect stability of course and want some feedback on parts I should buy Any help is appreciated Parts generalizing at first Win XP Pro have might dual or tri boot with Vista bit and Linux quot BW Samsung LCD GB RPM WD HD have might consider getting a k not sure if its worth the cost really nVidia i mobo Lian Li MidTower haven t decided which one GB OCZ DDR Dual Channel RAM not sure Sony x DVD Burner EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX not sure on brand Intel Q GHz Building a Computer stock plan to OC to GHz or above on air - W PSU brand OCZ Rosewill ThermalTake not sure Overall Cost I don t plan on using SLI for video cards now or in the future so that could potentially alter my choice of mobos Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated I want to build this thing solid I want RAM that will be good for OC ing as to not bottleneck my CPU Not too concerned with GPU OC ing since the current high end cards are Building a Computer pretty damn good stock Thanks nbsp

A:Building a Computer

If you cheap but quality computer parts try tiger ok.
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I will most likely be building a new computer soon, and it will be my first time. I am pretty advanced when it comes to tech stuff, but always like to be safe. I was just wondering if you guys could recommend some sites that help with building PC's or that have a tutorials or advice sections. Or if you have advice, feel free to share it. Thank you!

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I toasted one of my computer so I figure I'll take the old 5 year old case and put a i3 CPU which I think is better than my E6550 Intel. I was going to build a i5 or i7 but I'm not sure about the case, if I should get a new one or not. If I should get a new case then I'll go with a i5. It's been 3 years since I built a computer so any tips would help. Thanks.

A:Building a computer

Well, the case itself isn't going to be the issue persay, it will be mostly the Motherboard you will be putting into the system and the Power Supply Unit that is in the case.

Ideally, you can swap out the Power Supply and still keep the case, but it is really the main board that will be your biggest problem with the case. If the case's back panel, for instance where your USBs, ethernet and what not, don't line up with the back panel or you can't remove the back panel, or worse yet, the orientation of the board is not matching up with your case... You are pretty much needing a new case in general.

The only other issue with your case would be how much room there is and what you plan on putting in the computer. If you are looking at a mini-tower or mid-tower, you will have minor to major space issues if you have to put in a large CPU heatsink cooler, possibly some air flow issues. That and it makes it a pain to do upgrades if you have a large hand with regards to memory and such.

Depending on what you plan on doing with the computer and also how quiet you want it to be, you may want to also mention 'how far' you want to go and what you would like.
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I have decided to build my own computer and want to make sure i am getting the right things for a good gaming computer.
I am looking at these:

Asus P4G8X Motherboard @
512MB Dual Channel DDR PC3200 @
Xoxide X-Dreamer Black Case @
Achieve 500 Watt PSU @
Chrome Tubing for Cables @
Blue Cold Cathode Light @
Green Cold Cathode Light @
Set of 5 Quad LED Fans @
Pentium 4 800MHz FSB w/ [email protected] @

...Is this good? Are they all compatible? Anything i should especially do before assembling my custom computer?

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hello,new here ,trying to build my gaming computer(TRYING!)
this is what im lookig at getting any ideas of what to get or not get would be nice.

-500gb hard drive brand:??
-antec 1200 case/tower
-nvidia geforce 9800gtx vid card
-ram>mushkin 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 OR OCZ Platinum 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
(heard DDR3 was the best)
-power supply?
not sure what else is good/bad any info on where to go from here would be super.thank you

play most games like WoW,Diablo,gears of war,C.O.D. battlefeild etcc
budget is 0$(woot)-maybe 2000$?

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Hey all,
Well my Aunt called me and said she would like to buy a computer. She is not technologically savvy and probably doesnt know anything about what is being put into the computer. Anyway, she just needs a computer for internet, word processing, and email. She was going to call dell, but I figure she would pay alot of money for stuff she doesnt need. I was wondering, is there any specific computer you would recommend and if not I guess I can build her one. If thats the case, what parts would you recommned. SHe is looking to spend a couple of hundred dollars and obviously doesnt need huge an 80 gig hdd or 100000mb of ram. Thanks all

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Hi I am building a computer but am unsure of what to choose out of these parts or any that you reccommend around this price Motherboard Asus P K-E - http www dabs com productview aspx Quicklinx LLR amp SearchType amp SearchTerms p k e amp PageMode amp SearchKey All amp SearchMode All amp NavigationKey But the thing is I would like to some day not atm run gfx cards in SLI or Crossfire I know this board has crossfire but i have heard sli is better Is this a good board can you list what it doesn t have which should for the For a building I should get? computer, what future and also any other boards you reccommend Also does it have sufficient pci e slots for adding extras CPU Well basically it s between these For building a computer, what should I get? two they both have good reviews Intel E - http www dabs com productview aspx Quicklinx MM amp SearchType amp SearchTerms e amp PageMode amp SearchKey All amp SearchMode All amp NavigationKey For building a computer, what should I get? Intel E - http www dabs com productview aspx Quicklinx MMC amp SearchType amp SearchTerms e amp PageMode amp SearchKey All amp SearchMode All amp NavigationKey Which is the best buy and is there any other you reccommend I know you guys are in the-know about this kind of hardware and could you also give me your opinions of what motherboard s and processors are pretty much future proof and are good Thanks for any help I receive in advance nbsp

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Hello I need some advice regarding putting together my first computer I am looking for something that will fit my needs over the next years Currently I am a Junior in High school but if I go through my Building computer. first with this build I am planning for this to be good for the next - Building my first computer. years through college That being said I am a casual gamer - hours of WoW a week and this summer I will be creating flash websites for clients using Adobe Cs software Will the computer I am choosing exceed my needs now and be sufficient for upcoming software in the future I am paying for this out of my hard earned money so I want to make sure I am doing the right thing I have chose to build a computer because it will give me some useful skills along with more bang for my buck I have read some guides and watched how to video s on youtube I think I understand the process However is there anything some seasoned techies can advise me What should I be aware of when I build the computer I chose to order my parts over newegg as opposed to being ripped off at a store here are the parts I have chosen for the build The case http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Mobo http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Graphics card http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Ram http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Hdd http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E PSU http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E All this amounts to dollars Are all the parts compatible Would you change anything about the build My budget is dollars Am I missing any essential parts Fully put together the computer would have a terabyte hdd GIGABYTE GA-EP -UD R LGA Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard SAPPHIRE - GL Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card gigs of ddr ram Intel Core Quad Q Yorkfield GHz MB L Cache LGA W wat psu Will this computer be decent for dollars and how much would a comparable desktop be if I bought it premade Thank you taking all tips and suggestions nbsp

A:Building my first computer.

Even if you build at the high end, it will be obsolete in 5 years. Both your needs and technology will change drastically by the time you go to college.
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Alright here it goes Building myself a new computer and its the first time using the ata I have a Soyo K V Dragon mb a AMD thunderbird mhz a western digital gighd Win se Heres my problem First I have everything installed alreaady and everything seems to be running smoothly except I m not sure if I m running in true ata mode My MB Bios recognizes my HD although the instalation disk new Building Help!!! Computer that came with the HD doesn t recognize it in ata mode Second In Win under control panel in system tab under the performance tab It says Compatability mode paging reduces overall system performance and Drive C is using Ms-Dos compatability mode filing system Now I ve called tech support and they just give me the run around Whenever I ve needed help I ve never been let down by the people on Tech support guy forum So please enlighten me of my problem Thank you nbsp

A:Building new Computer Help!!!

did you connect the drive to ide 3 using the ata100 cable blue end to motherboard.

If so then you probably need to install the ata drivers off the driver cd from soyo

Ultra Family Driver for Windows 98SE
1. Move cursor to my computer icon.
2. Press mouse right button, then press "properties".
3. Press "Device Manager".
4. You will see an exclamation mark of yellow color at PCI mass
storage controller in other devices.
5. Click it.
6. Click "Driver" button, then click "Update Driver" button.
7. Press next, then press next.
8. The ultra family driver path is in SOYO CD: \Raid\Promise\
ultra family Driver\Win95-98.
9. Click OK, then restart your system.
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Hi All I am ready to build a new system My present computer is about six years old and although it has been a great machine it s time for a new one I use my machine for a lot of graphic work but not games I save large quantities of graphics and photos I also use pretty hoggish graphic what were computer, a it? would building put you you in If intensive software like Photoshop and InDesign to edit graphics and photos I will be saving a lot of iTunes music on the new system too I can t at the moment because my current hard drive is basically full My old computer has an Antec full tower case and a Vantec watt power supply but I do not think watts will be sufficient in a new system I am running Windows XP Pro I never upgraded to Vista since I like XP and I have never had any problems with it I have heard mixed reviews on Vista What is your opinion on which OS to install on the new system Stick with XP go with Vista wait for to be released etc I haven t really done a lot of research on cpus and motherboards yet but plan to over the weekend I m interested in what you would recommend or what you would build given what is available at the moment Thank elizbeth nbsp

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I need help with the power supply unit.

I can't make up my mind on these two products..



Which is better? or suggest something better?

I'm aiming to build a computer for gaming that would last me at least 2 years.

So far I have...



and ...

my HD

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB SATA/300 7200RPM 32MB HD
What graphics card around $120 would be good?

I will also add DDR3 RAM ASAP. At least 4 gigs.

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My computer specs are currently -

CPU- Field Value
CPU Intel Pentium 4 1.8A/512/400/1.5v

Motherboard Name Intel Rexburg D845GRG
Ram 2gb of DDR SDRAM
Nvidia Geforce 7600GT Super Clocked

I just bought a pentium 4 2.8ghz/1M/533 cpu, which apparently is supported by my mobo. But i had a bios version of P03, and i needed P06 or above. I updated my bios to P16. so it should work. i put in new chip locked it down. Then i booted it up. Monitor stayed balck, and keyboard would not come on. But the mouse would work.. When i booted the new cpu it stayed cold, maybe its supposed to i dont know. But when i booted up old cpu it got really hot really fast, enough to burn you. I need help

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Just want to do it so I can say I did. I am leaning toward a gaming configuration, nothing ridiculous but if I'm gonna take the time to do it I want it to be reliable. I have settled on a cooler master case and I'm going with AMD processor not sure exactly which one yet. Anyway my first question is what size PSU should I be looking for? Any recommendations on any other parts welcome. Thanks.

A:Building my first computer

First you'll have to give us a budget.
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Hey everyone and thanks in advance for any help Anyway I m planning on buying parts to cobble together a a Building computer computer but I m kind of new to this I know what I need Motherboard etc and I found a few how-tos on the actual building of the computer Building a computer but I need help with my research So far I have found these nine items using Newegg Tell me if there are any compatibility problems I m planning on upgrading to SLI later when I save up more and or I need a better PSU or any other advice NZXT Nemesis Elite Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail Item Building a computer N E SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series HD LJ GB RPM SATA Gb s Hard Drive - OEM Item N E EVGA -P -N -AR GeForce GTX MB GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Video Card - Retail Item N E Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Channels PCI Interface Sound Card - Retail Item N E Thermaltake W RU Complies with ATX V amp EPS V version W Power Supply - Retail Item N E OCZ Platinum GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model OCZ P GK - Retail Item N E ABIT IN X-MAX LGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail Item N E Intel Core Quad Q Kentsfield GHz LGA Processor Model BX Q - Retail Item N E ZALMAN CNPS LED mm Ball Cooling Fan with Heatsink - Retail Item N E Plus some other case fans nbsp

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its not going so well

i got a asus kv8 motherboard and its not reading my all in wonder 9600

my friend told me they weren't compatable but i can't figure out why it wouldn't be

i tried using a pci video card too but either way i get no video out put

can anyone tell me anything

A:building a new computer and ...

Try clearing the cmos.
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I have an Intel E6550 Dual core with 4 Gigs of 6400 RAM runing Windows 7 (64 bit) and a 1 terabyte Seagate Hard Drive, and it is slow for dealing with 15,000 pictures in one file because I'm trying to get rid of the duplacates and it's also taking close to 100% of my CPU output when I'm video calling and on magic jack at the same time. I would like to build another computer that would be much faster without putting me in the poor house. On each of the i series they have different speeds. I would like to have a motherboard that would support USB3, SATA 3 (6 gigs), and PC 2000. I don't need a hard drive, keyboard, mouse, or monitor and I'm looking to spend about $700. Any suggestions?

A:Building a computer

Quote: Originally Posted by lostsoul62

I have an Intel E6550 Dual core with 4 Gigs of 6400 RAM runing Windows 7 (64 bit) and a 1 terabyte Seagate Hard Drive, and it is slow for dealing with 15,000 pictures in one file because I'm trying to get rid of the duplacates and it's also taking close to 100% of my CPU output when I'm video calling and on magic jack at the same time. I would like to build another computer that would be much faster without putting me in the poor house. On each of the i series they have different speeds. I would like to have a motherboard that would support USB3, SATA 3 (6 gigs), and PC 2000. I don't need a hard drive, keyboard, mouse, or monitor and I'm looking to spend about $700. Any suggestions?

Before you plunk down a tn more money why dont we see if we can fix it here. whats your system specs, and network setup?