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Having computer building problems

Q: Having computer building problems

Basically Im having problems with my problems computer Having building computer and I dont know where else to turn so hopefully you guys can help me Ive been through a lot today with this thing but basically AMD Phenom II x CPU MSI S-G Mobo CORSAIR W PSU HD GPU HAF Case CORSAIR gb stick RAM HITACHI TB HDD Optical Drive LG I think doesnt matter So yeah Got everything hooked up properly blah blah blah turned it on had it hooked up to my monitor through VGA and HDMI and input came through neither when I turn it on theres lights on the motherboard that just stay solid lit up The little beepy thingy you plug it didnt work we even Having computer building problems took another beepy thingy out of my friends computer and put it in and it didnt do anything ALL fans power up optical drive pops open Uhh thats it Kinda ticked right now caled MSI he told me to pop the little battery thing out and put it back in that didnt help tried my RAM in all slots and my friends RAM outta his computer so the guy from MSI said it was probably the mobo or CPU thats messed up Any idea I also tried DVI didnt work Main thing im stumped on is the beep Ive been trying to get that thing to beep forever it just wont do it whats up with that nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Having computer building problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Having computer building problems

The beep is telling you something isn't right... could be one memory module is defective, power supply is not connected correctly, video graphics card is bad on installed incorrectly... Often it is a bad motherboard...

How many beeps in each series, before the pause, and then repeated... that can tell you something. Look in the motherboard assembly or instruction book for beep codes.
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i am building a new computer i got a nwew motherboard and everything is plugged in but my hard drive wont power up niehter will my cdrom or a drive the power supply coms on and the heatsink fan comes on what went wrong any ideas

A:building new computer problems

Take out everything except the motherboard, processor, graphic card, and 1 stick of RAM.

Does the computer boot up?

If so add 1 piece and boot up...add another piece and boot up.

Where do you get your first failure?
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Hi everyone, I'm building a computer for the first time and I've run into problems, so decided if you guys could help. I think I have everything connected correctly, but when I try to power it up, only a red light on the motherboard turns on. Are there any simple explanations for this or might it have to do with the specific parts I'm using?

Thanks in advance.

A:Building Computer Problems

Are there any simple explanations for this or might it have to do with the specific parts I'm using?Click to expand...

What ARE the specific parts your using?
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Ok, I have everything plugged in correctly according to the manual and when I turn my computer on I get no signal to the monitor. Everything powers on, the CD drives, the Harddrives, the CPU and case fan. But I don't hear a PC beep and it doesnt check my floppy drive. And I get a blank monitor. Heres what I got installed in this computer...

ECS N2U400-A Socket A (Socket 462) NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton 2.083GHz Socket A Processor Model AXDA2800BOX - Retail
Kingston ValueRAM 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) System Memory Model KVR400X64C3A/512 - Retail
Kingston ValueRAM 256MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 266 (PC 2100) System Memory Model KVR266X64C25/256 - Retail
SAPPHIRE 100583DVIL-GN-H Radeon 9250 128MB DDR AGP 4X/8X Low Profile Video Card - Retail

A:Building A Computer But Having Problems

make sure the pizzo buzzer speaker is hooked up to your mobo. Make sure clear cmos jumper hasnt been left on clear, try running just 1 stick of ram for trouble shooting sakes.
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After a very long while. I got two components for finishing my computer. However, I put all the hardware in and nothing happened. There is nothing on the screen. No light on anything.

When I put in a floppy disk, I get this screwy nosie. I can't even use the CDRW drive to boot up? What is the problem? How can I fix it?
Here are my specs:

Abit Be62 (I don't know the version).
-DIMMs 256MB 133Mhrtz and a 64 100Mhrtz ( I know both sticks work)
-Floopy generic (I know it works so that is not a problem)
-PIII 750e
-Maxtor 40gig 5400 drive OEM (haven't tested, but just go it)
-Geforce2 MX 400

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I just got all the parts today to build this new computer, and so far it's been nothing but a headache. After trying for several hours to figure out why it wouldn't post, I finally jiggled the RAM and now it's posting ... but it's only seeing one memory module. I have 2x512mb sticks in there, and both register individually, but putting them both in won't show as 1 gig.

The motherboard is an ECS RS485M-M, and the memory is from AData, dual channel DDR2 800. I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do to fix this, or if I have to send it back and wait another week before I can get this system up and running... any advice? Is there something I might have overlooked?

Thanks in advance!

A:Building new computer, having mobo problems .. help!

Are you having problem with RAM?
First you must check whether you motherboard support your RAM speed, dual channel compatibility, clock speed and multiplier.
Simply, is both of your RAM exactly the same?
So you're telling that you could only use 1 ram instead of 2?
And when you put both of them the PC only recognize one of them right?

I guess you should wait another members with same mobo to tell the compatibility or search it in google. I personally didn't use those brands but i sure that there's compatibility arise or either product failure...
Welcome to techspot
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Hello I have a compaq yes I know quot sorry to hear that quot S NX AMD Athlon GHZ MHZ FSB recently I changed out to a same processor except the speed was different it was a GHZ but still a socket chip mainly because hard to find original and new one was anyway in bios which seams to be limited it still reads as a AMD processor but when I try to install windows with a building with Problems computer-Bios a new hard drive formatted and partioned already I get a blue screen after it loads all drivers it has three options whether I want to repair windows load full version or exit I choose full version have cert disc and it goes to a screen that is still blue DOS it says - Problems with building a computer-Bios quot windows XP quot at top and at the bottom it says quot please wait quot this is where it freezes any help I have tried different hard drives added memmory have K by the way bought another new processor thinking it was the processor-same thing any ideas nbsp

A:Problems with building a computer-Bios

what about the bus speed does the motherboard support the bus speed that you are changing to. I don't typically upgrade those parts.
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Hello I have a tower just recently bought all the parts from newegg and was building the tower for the last days I had everything put in as it should be and initially it stayed on but no image was portraying problems up boot Building computer on the monitor A friend explained I was using the wrong port to portray image as it should be through the video card I should be connecting it but after troubleshooting the problem Building computer boot up problems initially I removed RAM and put it back in but computer now turns on for a second then right off I hear and see the fans running the dvd drive spinning and the lights go on but then it shuts right off after another - seconds it turns on again and then after another second turns right back off in an endless cycle until I turn it off completely and unplug it Not sure what the next steps are or if I should return the moba for an exchange After reading a lot of forums I noticed that it could be the RAM was improperly placed so I tried many times to take it out and put it back in but same problem keeps occurring I hear no beeps and only hear a click from the power supply when it goes on I tried the psu tester on the power supply and it tells me it should be working fine Any one have any idea moba ASRock Z M Pro Micro ATX Intel Motherboard ram CORSAIR Vengeance GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model CMZ GX M A C B power EVGA -G - -XR W Power Supply case Thermaltake Level Series Level GT VN W N Black Computer Case processor Intel Core i - K GHz LGA BX I K Desktop Processor video card EVGA GeForce GTX Ti G-P - -KR FTW w ACX Cooling Video Card Please someone help and thanks to all nbsp

A:Building computer boot up problems

Okay, I've had the same issue with a new build: Put it all together, switch on the power and basically nothing. Do the following tried and true diagnostic steps that can be tedious but costs nothing to do and can often zero in on your issue:

1. Uninstall everything from your motherboard and disconnect all peripherals from your power supply except psu to motherboard, cpu, and one stick of RAM. Now turn it on. If it boots up and stays booted then shut it down and then...

2. Add your second stick of memory -- nothing else. Repeat by booting up and if it stays booted up then...

3. Start adding one piece of hardware at a time and repeat as directed.

What are your findings?
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Am away to build a computer i have seen it built and it runs ok apparently I have seen alot comments about it making alot of noise and overheating plus someone said the machine idle s at degrees Celsius and the fan runs at rpm don t know if thats normal also someone said the fan that come s with the processor is quot crappy quot but anyway heres the set-up am going to be using- CPU- AMD Piledriver FX- GHz core processor MOBO - Gigabyte GA- -UD P AMD GFX - Sapphire Radeon R X Dual X Boost OC AMD Graphics card RAM- GB x GB Crucial Ballistix Sport MHz Dual Channel kit PSU - EVGA W plus power supply HDD - TB Seagate Barracuda DVD HD- Liteon x Internal SATA DVD hearing but Computer Solved: problems Building RW Drive CASE- Bitfenix Comrade Midi Tower Am new to computer s so am definitely in over my head wondering if the processor s fan is worth changing to a Cooler Master Hyper Evo mm is it worth doing that and would i manage that with watching a few videos online anything else anyone could recommend would be great thanks Sidenote - I will be using it for games and long periods at a time also am from the UK nbsp

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I have a KT7A-Raid mobo
1.2ghz socket 462 athlon
128mb module pc133
64mb module pc133
ghetto graphics card
ghetto sound card
Enermax swithcing power supply EG301P-VB 115/230V
Ok.. I have beep codes. at POST i get one beep like everything is ok, but no display.
I have replaced the monitor with a known good one and changed out the video card with a known good one and still no dice. I have power to the board, all fans are working, HD is spooling, rechecked all conections, and jumper settings with board manual.
Any ideas? I surely appreciate all your help all the time!

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I have been aquiing parts for my new pc and finally have put them all together and.. well...

I have power to the board, all my fans are working, and got HD to spool up. BUT No display, no beep codes, no light on A:, light on cdrom but wont open. help

KT7A Rain MOBO 266mhz socket A
VIA Apollo KT133A chipset
AMD Athlon 1.3ghz
Advance logic video card (OLD)
old ghetto sound card

Troubleshooting ive tried:
Changed out video card with 32mb DDR Nvidia GeForce2 GTS.
Check all ribbon cable connections
Made sure all cards seated properly
changed out floppy drive with working one , did same with cdrom.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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hello my first time here and my first time building my onw PC and i have ran into some big problems i think ok here s the set up of my comp antec case intel LGA GHZ E raidmax RX- ss PSU watt nvidia i mobo gigs gigs OCZ RAM GeForce GT vid card WD gig HD i got my vid card yesterday the last thing i needed to complete my peice of work i get all set up and all i plug in my monitor and i turn it on and i get the no input signal error on my monitor i ve called PNY tech support even had a friend give me some ideas i just can t seem to get it to work i ve even done what the tech support said and it still didn t work the fan on the vid card runs and everthing but i have no clue on how to get this to work PNY tech support said my PSU isn t strong enough does it really matter if the PC my building have already first problems vid card doesn t get a amp run to it like they say it does i have the pin plug in with the two pin connectors running from the PSU to it making two outta of my case fans non functional help nbsp

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Hello all,

I am trying to finish up building a new computer. I am not using all new stuff, I am using parts that have been given to me and off my other pc's i built. But i have not done this in soo long, I've forgotten where things go and how they hook up. If you know of anywhere where i can get some step-by-step instructions with some pictures of what it looks like complete. This would make it soo much easier. Please help!


A:problems building new pc

a search on google for

illustrated guide to building a pc

produced 342,000 results - heres the first couple
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Gday all I have Building PC problems been building a computer in my spare time it has a Octek Rhino MVP -AT motherboard and I have put it in a tower case I problems Building PC have a AMD mhz CPU and at the moment have a Quantum Fireball ST HDD in it with mb SD RAM problems Building PC and a floppy and a CD ROM Drive I have tried to boot up but have not had much luck The beep code is giving me one beep but when the bios comes up it has detected the HDD but seems to have problems trying to find the floppy disk I have the cables aroiund the right way as far as I know and have tested the connections but cant get a boot out of it If I go into the bios I can set the bios and setup as default and the detects on auto but I am not having much luck Could someone perhaps give me something else to go on before I pull out my remaining hair I am also getting a message when It is trying to boot up quot suggest SD RAM CAS Latency time is quot quot quot Thanks in advance nbsp

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Was having Problems Building PC, probs with some games came here looking for advice didn t get much feedback to solve the issue I figured it was partly due to my processor so I thought might as well go and upgrade it Basically I purchased -bit dual core AMD prob not what its called but you Building PC, Problems get the idea Patriot gb dual channel DDR PC mhz some ATX case Gigabyte GA-K NSC- mother board Got home along with my brother more hardwave Building PC, Problems savvy than I and started swapping out the stuff Hooked up my PCI devices Radeon mb AGP Echo Mia Midi sound card Hauppage WinTV Brought over my two HDs and hooked them up brought over my CD drive Hooked up all the power LED fan and such stuff for the mother board Hooked everything back up to the computer and turned it Building PC, Problems on All I got was nothing on the monitor stayed in the power-saving mode the HD light in front of computer was constantly lit though no noticeable HD activity and a constant BEEP BEEP BEEP from the onboard speaker Looked in the manual and it states its a DRAM error or such for that beep We put a stick my brother bought for his computer into mine which was just regular DDR one-stick RAM and took out from the computer the new RAM I had bought Started up the computer didn t get the long BEEP BEEP BEEP this time So is it fair to conclude that the RAM I bought is quot bad quot But still it did not boot up Instead of that I now got a BEEP BEEP BEEP longer beep followed by two quick beeps which according to the manual means monitor display error So now that means I have a problem with my monitor adapter Radeon I m looking for advice so that I can atleast get the computer to boot I ll be going back up to Frys Electronic tomorrow and I need to know if I should be bringing anything back or having to buy anything because I don t want to buy something if I don t need to I already spent for all this new stuff nbsp

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Hi all,

I'm building a new PC. Here's what hardware I've decided to use.

AMD 64 X2 6000+
Asus M2N32-SLI Premium
2GB (2x1GB) Corsair TwinX XMS2
Asus 768MB 8800GTX
320GB Western Digital Caviar SE16

I was wondering if there will be any potential problems I may need to consider when installing Vista x64? or anything I need to add/change.

BTW, I should probably mention this will be my first time building a PC.

A:Building new PC. Any potential problems?

Firstly why the AMD X2 6000?, Intel are far ahead in the chip race ATM.

Other than that all looks fine, one thing to think about when taking the x64 plunge is can you get drivers for your old hardware? printers,scanners etc, the driver situation has improved massivly over the last 12months but if you have any hardware over 3years old there is a good chance you wont find a driver.
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Alright I am trying to set up a wireless network between a desktop Help a please? Problems building network! and a laptop I never thought it would be this hard I am just using the regular Windows XP networking wizard to do it because we only want it to share a printer and maybe some music files Both the desktop and the laptop have Problems building a network! Help please? Windows XP and the wireless works great The desktop is the base station I Problems building a network! Help please? suppose it s called with everything attached too it I can get the desktop to recognize the laptop on the network but not do anything with it it requests an admin user and password which I have no idea what they could be and the laptop just sees it s self So what I am asking is how do I use the Network Wizard to set up my WLAN which is what we want but I don t even know if thats what I m doing or is there some kind of shareware or something I can use to connect my two computers Any help would really be appreciated thank you nbsp

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Hey all I am a first time builder but I ve worked on em for years I wanted to build a decent machine that will run smoothly and not cost too much time problems building having First Anyway I got a ASUS A V with a AMD Athlon XP I put x MB of Geil RAM in it My problem is that i got all the wires plugged up and everything but when I flip the PSU on the computer cuts on and won t shut off with the power switch I ve tried using an old PCI video card and an older First time building having problems AGP card First time building having problems to just get it setup while I m waiting on my newer video card to get here I can t see whats happening to the computer because the display doesn t work either And the CD drive isn t getting power First time building having problems because I unplugged a leg the fan was going to and then plugged it to the CD drive and it wont eject or light up Anyway I ve never had a lot of experience in this more primitive area of building so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated Sorry guys I finally got it there wasn t a jumper on my CMOS pins Works like a champ now Thanks anyway nbsp
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i just built my first pc today, and i *think* i have put in all cables right.. but when i press the start button, the fans go for like 0,02 seconds and then everything shuts down
anyone know what can be the problem?

A:Problems starting PC after building.

Describe more about your computer (Tech specs).
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Hi everyone I am building myself a pc spec below and have encountered a few interesting things pronblems that if at all possible I would like some help with also pc-questions/problems a new Building I need some pointers I m not a home build virgin but the last were put together and play situations whereas this time I would like to get the most juice out of my parts as possible so here goes I went for the best balance of power to cash value I could with a view to getting some overclocking done the case is nice and cool with extra case fans keeping things chilly os win k Mobo Gigabyte GA-K NF- HD WDCaviar GB SATA MB cache Building a new pc-questions/problems RAM Twinmos twister pc mhz Gig x MB x MB Case Thermaltake Shark Gfx Saphire Radeon X Pro MB CPU AMD Athlon GHz Audio SB Audigy not installed yet Monitor IIyama quot ProLite E S-B TCO- ms psu Fortron w optical some crappy dvd burner needs upgrade Questions Firstly Is there some source reference where I can find out what the different bios settings timings voltages etc do because in the manual it doesnt explain what they actually do just the name and what it can be set to If anyone has a similar system it would also be interesting to see what their bios is set to too or if any can guide me to the best settings for my rig i would be much obliged however understanding the settings is also important as I want to learn what is this t and t business i will set mine so t is disabled but what does this actually do should i use the turbo feature for the grafix card problems I can only use of the ram when I try and place the second dimm in it doesnt boot just beeps at me loudly have switched modules to check that one isnt faulty The ram is CL but I also have have CL dimms of crucial of the same spec in another machine is there much disadvantage here if i just switch I have them occupying the first purple slot and the first orange slot to get them runnung in dual mode want to run Gig of ram at the least and in duel channel HDD have I got it connected correctly sata cable sata power and regular power attached cables in total Im asking this because even though it is Gig when i pop in my windows CD it sees it as Gig loosing Gigs isnt something I like at all when i popped into the raid facility for a peek it had WD written how do i solve this should i boot to a floppy and format the HDD from dos and then put in the Os cd if so whats the best way of doing this if I go ahead and let windows format it will I loose the Gigs of space for good Neat little monitor btw however problem DVI-I output on Gfx card DVI-D input on monitor would i be right in saying i need a converter because the cable i have is DVI-I to DVI-I are they easy to get hold of thats all I can think of right now thanking you in advance for any help Tez nbsp
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After a long time research we have bought all the parts and they all arrived this week Happy to have the chance to thinker with our new machine we started building it here are the specs Sagita Raidmax Intel E FSB C D Gigabyte GA-P C-DS R WD (most building, HD problems likely) power & finished JB Sapphire X MB LG H L DVDRWX Dlayer EZcool PS- ATX PSU W GB ram but we had to improvise on some connections especially Hard Drive related explanation below Yet after we finished we ran it for the first time and encountered two nasty problems we couldn t get the computer to finished building, HD & power (most likely) problems recognize our Hard Drive How is it connected We have Optical Drive and one Hard Drive finished building, HD & power (most likely) problems but they are too far away to be connected using one IDE cable they are both finished building, HD & power (most likely) problems IDE and the mother board has only IDE slot so we bought an IDE - SATA adapter I can t really tell it s name I ll try to look for it But the only thing I have thus far is quot Sata IDE - IDE Sata Converter quot yet no matter how we connect the cables it dosen t seem to work at all Any ideas This is our bigger problem the computer seems to go off after random amounts of time We fear that we have somehow damaged the PSU while building the computer What could we do Thanks Yurielnam nbsp

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I just finished building a computer I got the operating system installed win xp but I have run into a few problems They are listed below The floppy drive I bought was a Sony OEM When my computer starts it says floppy drive fail The light on the drive stays continuously lit up When (Resolved) Building Post Problems I go to my computer it says I have a floppy drive but (Resolved) Post Building Problems when I put a disk in and click (Resolved) Post Building Problems on it nothing I used the supplied cable and attached everything exactly like I should have I bought a new Nvidia Geforce MX The installation cd that came with the card is bad I can t get it to even open the cd-rom works with other cds I went to nvidia s site and downloaded the xp drivers and installed them after installing direct x just like it says in the instructions When I reboot it stills has the card listed under other devices video controller and has an exclamation point over it My Motherboard is S When I was installing the drivers from the cd-rom that came with the motherboard I got a warning when it tried to install the multimedia audio controller It said my system would not fuction properly in the future because the driver wasn t certified by win xp I have seen these warnings before and most of the time ignored them but this one said that I would run into problems later I can t find a site with updated drivers Last small problem is that my hard drive busy light doesn t work as well as the power light I hooked them up exactly like it says in the manual The only thing that is funny is that the power connector has three prongs and it tells me to hook it up in a place with only two prongs nbsp

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I've put together a computer with a P4 using a new power supply, motherboard, processor and memory, but a used hard drive and a used DVD drive. The system is not turning on and after checking and re-checking the pin connections and everything else it still won't turn on. When I hit the power switch the processor fan spins for a few seconds and then stops. Could this be a problem with the existing hard drive? I want to be sure before I go out and buy a new one.

Thanks for your help.

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I had a new motherboard FIC VL13L and Celeron 2.2G. But the motherboard has a older version of BIOS which can only support Celeron 2.0G. I tried to upgrade the BIOS but it requires a supported CPU, which I don't have. How can I solve the dilemma?

Another problem is before I realized the incompatibility between the motherboard and the CPU, I installed CPU + fan and powered up for several times. Then when I removed CPU and fan, they were stuck together and couldn't be seperated. Is that the way it's supposed to be, or did I damage them already?

Please help! Thank you very much.


A:Problems building a PC: upgrading BIOS, and CPU/fan problem

well, im not sure about the mobo issue, but i'm pretty sure that the cpu and fan shouldn't be stuck together. did you apply a coat of that goo stuff? (i forget what it's called, some sorta lubricant yadda yadda)
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hello I am new to this problems and trojans building Solved: troubles site and will try to not make any mistakes I have read a few post to get an idea The problem started a few days ago when I got the Brisv A trojan on my system I Solved: trojans problems and building troubles have run FixBrisvA exe and followed the steps to remove it That did not seem to help as I still have it and in my stubbling attemps to remove it have also picked up MisleadApp Fakeavalert and Blusod These are being picked up by Norton s Can anybody please help as my attempts seem to be making it worse This is my HJT report Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe Solved: trojans problems and building troubles C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer exe C Program Files NavNT vptray exe C WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXE C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C WINDOWS vsnp std exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files NavNT defwatch exe C Drivers and Utils keyboard KMWDSrv exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG mdm exe C Program Files NavNT rtvscan exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C WINDOWS system PnkBstrA exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system MsgSys EXE C WINDOWS system winver exe C WINDOWS system winver exe C Program Files rhc rfj e n rhc rfj e n exe C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Documents and Settings bob Desktop HiJackThis exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http fr yahoo com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http www freevideomaster com search htm R - URLSearchHook Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll F - REG system ini Shell Explorer exe C WINDOWS Config csrss exe O - BHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Groove GFS Browser Helper - - C - D -B F - BBC D A E - C PROGRA MICROS Office GRA E DLL O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO no name - E D - A- EC-A -BA D E E - no file O - Toolbar Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - HKLM Run vptray C Program Files NavNT vptray exe O - HKLM Run NeroFilterCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exe O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit O - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe quot -osboot O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe install O - HKLM Run snp std C WINDOWS vsnp std exe O - HKLM Run MSConfig C WINDOWS PCHealth HelpCtr Binaries MSConfig exe auto O - HKLM Run lphc rfj e n C WINDOWS system lphc rfj e n exe O - HKLM Run SMrhc rfj e n C Program Files rhc rfj e n rhc rfj e n exe O - HKCU Run SUPERAntiSpyware D program CleanComputer Superantispyware SUPERAntiSpyware exe O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - HKUS S- - - Run CTFMON EXE C WINDOWS System CTFMON EXE User LOCAL SERVICE O - HKUS S- - - Run CTFMON EXE C WINDOWS System CTFMON EXE User NETWORK SERVICE O - HKUS S- - - Run CTFMON EXE C WINDOWS System CTFMON EXE User SYSTEM O - HKUS DEFAULT Run CTFMON EXE C WINDOWS System CTFM... Read more

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I need a new computer and instead of buying a crappy or expensive prebuilt computer I decided to try my hand at building my own I ve never really it done it before but I do have some experience messing around inside of a computer and it computer Building a new -seems- as simple as plugging Building a new computer the right thing in the right place Anyway what I wanted to know is if all the parts my friend helped my pick out were Good quality as well as compatible Processor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Casing http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Memory http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E This is Building a new computer the power supply i m going to Building a new computer salvage from my current PC http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk antec earthwatts watt Graphics Card http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I may have to salvage the hard drive from my current pc but I don t know the details on it yet nbsp

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Hey guys I m trying to put a computer together from scratch this Thanksgiving looking to keep it under but I have some flexibility What are you going to Building Computer $600 use the PC for Mostly as a media machine I want to be able to stream and play HD video and movies Also will be playing some games but nothing super intense like Crysis How much is your budget Looking to keep it under Is a Core i system out of the question Where are you located a k a fill Building $600 Computer out your profile GA USA Are you willing to buy online Yes but reputable retailers only like Newegg Are you going to re-use any parts from an earlier build I have gb Building $600 Computer of DDR that I can take off of another machine got it for after rebate last year Do you need other peripherals like a monitor keyboard and mouse among others Nope but I do use x resolution Have you already bought any parts Nope but I plan on getting a used Radeon for about Do you have an Operating System OS Yes will be using Windows for students the version that Techspot ran a page on a few weeks back Will you need any aftermarket cooling such as a CPU GPU cooler or a watercooling setup Just a CPU air cooler don t think I ll need anything too fancy since I won t be overclocking too much I do want a quad core for multitasking since I always have a ton of stuff going on at once I need a fast CPU and good graphics card for streaming and playing HD content w o hiccups right Not too sure if all I need is a good graphics card for that I don t plan on overclocking and if I do it would be a slight one like to Anything else you guys need to know just ask Thanks guys nbsp

A:Building $600 Computer

have a look here mate
thought that might help ya.
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I am new to this. Is it possible to build an inexpensive laptop (or just a small computer) to connect by Wi Fi via my son's computer upstairs?

How do I know if parts are all compatible? I could forget the Wi Fi and just plug in! Thank everyone. sincerely, Alan.

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I am building a computer. Iam going to use an asus A7N8x, this board has DDR DIMM RAM capability from 3200,2700,2100 should I match the processor and RAM to 2700 or is it ok to use PC2100 RAM with an AMD 2700 or 2400 processor (this is an AMD board)

A:Building a computer

I'd get the PC3200 DDR. Not that big a difference in price.
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Hi guys Someone asked me to build him a computer I computer new a Building have never actually Building a new computer built a computer but I have upgraded mine a lot of times and repaired my friends computers I know how to build a computer but now it seems a lot harder than I thought it would be Just need some help I looked on newegg com and there s so much stuff there I know how to build a computer -- you need a case power supply etc but when I actually got to newegg there was a lot more stuff than I expected I mean there are like different types of cases different companies that make cases etc I don t know where to start It seems easy to do but it s a lot harder than I thought First off I told the person that it will cost at Building a new computer least for everything I know it seems a little low for a computer but it can be He doesn t need the latest P I decided to build him a computer with Building a new computer at least MB of RAM maybe A Mhz - Ghz processor AMD Pentium does it matter a - GB HD a monitor I would like it to be a quot to make it a good computer a quot is just crap That s what I think will be good for him I don t think he needs more than that That s why it comes out to be so cheap because I m using parts that are a little old but they re still very good This man is probably in his s or s so I don t think he will be playing much of GTA or UT So I don t have to build a very fast computer When I asked him what he will be doing with it he said that he wants to learn English so he will be using a program that teaches English he wants to be able to check email etc A computer with MB will definitely do the job But the reason that I want to put MB is in case he will be doing more intensive stuff like watching DVDs etc This may only happen in the future but I don t want him to have problems later Ok so what I need basically your help with is deciding exactly what I SPECIFICALLY will need I mean I know what I need but it s hard to figure out exactly which parts to get since there are so many different kinds of them nbsp

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I am planning on making my own computer and i was wondering if the components that I have selected will work together and if i need any more components:

AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition Callisto 3.2 GHz 2x512 KB L2 Cache Socket

AM3 80W Dual-Core Processor - Retail HDZ555WFBGMBOX
Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H Micro ATX Motherboard
Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C HDS721010CLA332 - Hard drive - 1 TB - internal - 3.5" - SATA-300 - 7200 rpm - buffer: 32 MB

16x48x IBM DVD-ROM Drive IDE Black For ThinkCentre 33P3236 33P3237 (X2)

Diablotek DA Series 500-Watt ATX Power Supply PSDA500

Super Talent DDR3-1333 2 GB 128x8 CL9 Hynix Chip Memory - Bulk W1333UB2GH

EVGA 01G-P3-N959TR GeForce 9500 GT 1GB DDR2 PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card

USB 54MBPS 802.11G Adapter

Also, what kind of performance would be expected of a computer with these components?

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Could Someone please give me a step-by-step guide on how to build and get the parts for a P3 800 Mhz Computer. And give me an Idea of how Much it costs? I want all the basics- HD Modem CD-R or A DVD-ROM all the sound video exc.

A:Help on Building A Computer

There are many considerations in selecting the parts to build a computer. You would have to supply us with some ideas on:
1) What price range are you looking to spend.
2) What is your primary purpose for this computer.
3) Are you partial to AMD or Intel.
4) Are you looking to build a basic and upgrade as you go along.

I think if you give the people here some ideas you may get some good advise.

There are many good sources for parts and also very detailed instructions on how to build but you need to supply more info to us.

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I am currently building a replacement desktop computer. I am using an ssd for the operating system and have a new cd of windows 7 pro. I have a complete backup of my windows 7 64bit operating system on my old hd. It was saved with a raid hd. Is it possible to use the programs on this old hd after installing the new windows 7 64bit system on the ssd? I have many programs and don't want to have to reinstall all of them on the new computer. fyi, the new computer has a 3tb blank hd installed.

A:Building new computer

If you mean can you just copy over the programs in Program Files and expect them to work, then absolutely not. All applications have to be reinstalled, although there may be ways and means where you can export the settings, or 'migrate' your system. I have no experience to say that will do the trick.
My own method would be to take a drive image. I.e. a complete re-loadable copy of your entire C: drive. Even that will not work if you are moving from 32-bit to 64-bit working. However, you have complicated things by having raid storage, and you also need to have some skills to restore to an SSD (it invariably being much smaller than the HDD you come from). Not to mention the new PC will probably not boot until you do a repair install-in-place to get the completely new driver set required.
As I see it you have no real alternative to a complete fresh OS install and reinstall of all applications. Only your data can be copied across from the backup. Emails, browser favourites and the like you should be able to use 'export' and 'import' facilities of the email package and browser.
Allow a good two weeks of hard work. Sorry, but that's what it takes. It's a good time to decide what you really need to keep and what you can leave behind.
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I have purchased the following:
Jetway P4XFCU VIA P4X266E Socket 478 MB w/Snd
11-Bay ATX Black Case w/300W Power Supply
Intel Heat Sink and Fan for Socket 478 CPU up to 3.0GHz
512mb DDR Ram PC2100
Intel Pentium 4 2.80GHz 533MHz 1M 478 pin CPU OEM

I also installed a AGP video card.

I installed everything and when I turn on the computer nothing is displayed. the fan on the cpu is running, the power LED is on, but it doesn't do anything else. The monitor just stays in standby mode ( amber light). Please let me know if anything is incompatible or why it is not working.

Thanks in advance,

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im looking to build a new computer under 500$ capable running WoW max settings and multitasking. This will be my first build so i was hoping to get suggestions for parts to accomplish my goal on my budget. thx all.

A:building computer

wow as in world of warcraft?
if so then go for the recommened specs and then improve on thema little
at least 1.5 GB ram and 512 MB gfx card maybe radeon x1650 would begood.

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Well, heres the basic story, My computer is literally dead now, I have done everything i can ive even asked forums to help, They've helped to But now i think its time for a fresh start,A whole new computer, Im planning to keep the same case though, My only problem is the budget i only have 200, What can is the best hardware i can get for a building a new computer, Any Ideas?

Thanks All In Advance

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Hi i m from Chile and i a bit help a Need Building - of Computer m traveling to the US in July and buying myself a computer I m a gamer and have about Dolars to spend on it Computer Mouse Keyboard i m not buying a screen I was thinking maybe Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N Building a Computer - Need a bit of help E ASUS Commando LGA Intel P Express ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz LGA Processor Model BX E - Retail Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E ZALMAN CNPS LED mm Ball Cooling Fan with Heatsink - Retail Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN X - - Retail Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E EVGA -P -N -AR GeForce GTX MB GDDR PCI Express x SUPERCLOCKED HDCP Video Card - Retail Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E x Seagate Barracuda Perpendicular Recording ST AS GB RPM SATA Gb s Hard Drive - OEM Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E Rosewill RX -S-B W SLI Ready Four V Rails Power Supply - Retail Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E LG X DVD R DVD Burner Building a Computer - Need a bit of help with LightScribe Black IDE Model GSA-H L - Retail Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E Logitech G Gaming Keyboard - Retail Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E Logitech MX Revolution Black Buttons x Wheels USB RF Wireless Laser Mouse - Retail Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E Subtotal I havn t decided yet and would love people to help me choose the right parts for my computer nbsp

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Ok the last pieces of my computer arrived from newegg cheapguys today Since this is my first build I would love any suggestions on puting it together Building my new computer any and all help is greatly appreciated Hardware specs AMD Athlon X Toledo MHz HT x MB L Cache Socket ASUS A N -SLI Deluxe Socket NVIDIA nForce SPP ATX AMD Western Digital Caviar SE WD KS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR PC Dual Building my new computer Channel Kit System Memory eVGA -P -N -AX Geforce GT CO MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x Antec TRUEPOWERII TPII- ATX V W Power Supply V UL TUV CB FCC CLASS B CUL SONY Black IDE DVD-ROM Drive Model DDU B s - OEM SONY Black MB quot Internal Floppy Drive Model MPF Black SAMSUNG Black X DVD R X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-R X DVD-RW X DVD-RAM X DVD-ROM X CD-R X CD-RW X CD-ROM M Cache E-IDE ATAPI DVD Burner Acer AL Fbd Black quot ms GTG LCD Monitor cd m mm Pixel Pitch XION Case nbsp

A:Building my new computer

Look at these guides to building pc`s. They may prove helpful.

Regards Howard
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I would like to build a computer with the best parts or above average parts but have a limited knowledge of the interior, other than addinng a video card, hard drive,and RAM. Is there a web site for this or should I just forget the whole idea. I need help from someone who has built one . Thank you

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Hey all, Im going to need to to build a computer, not just any normal computer. I need a computer basically as a backup storage device to all of my other video editing computers. Basically I need about a terabyte of storage or more. So about 4 or 5 250Gig HDs. I dont need anything fancy, just something that runs WinXP Pro. A motherboard with a good onboard sound, video, ethernet, and USB (maybe firewire?), ports is perfect. Any idea on the specific case I should go with, certain power supply, ram, fans, etc.? I DONT want the drives to be a RAID setup. I dont want this computer to go down on me, it needs to serve as the backup storage for all my editing computers in case one of THOSE goes down. Can someone just list the parts I should get or point me somewhere to help me out? Thanks alot!

A:Help Building a Computer?

ASUS "P5AD2-E Premium" i925XE Chipset Motherboard For Intel LGA 775 CPU -$259
- Specifications -

Supported CPU: LGA775 Pentium 4 EE(HT) Processors
Chipset: i925XE+ICH6R
FSB: 1066/800MHz
RAM: 4x DIMM Dual Channel DDR2 400/533 Intel PAT Max 4GB
Slots: 1x PCI-E x16, 2x PCI-E x1, 3x PCI
Ports: 2x PS/2, 1x LPT, 8x USB2.0(Rear 4), 1x RJ45, 1 x WLAN, 1x 1394, 2x S/PDIF Out, Audio Ports
IDE: 1x ATA 100 by ICH6R, 2x ATA 133
SATA/RAID: 4x SATA with Matrix RAID 0/1, 4x SATA with RAID 0/1/10/5 by Silicon Image 3114R
Onboard Audio: C-Media 7.1 Ch
Onboard LAN: 2x Marvell 88E8053 GbLAN, 1x 802.11g
Onboard 1394: 1x 1394a, 2x 1394b
Form Factor: ATX

Cooler Master Silver/Black CM Stacker ATX Full Tower Case, Model "STC-T01-UWK" -$158.50

- Specifications -

Case Type: ATX Full Tower
Color: Silver/Black
Material: Aluminum Bezel, SECC Chassis
Drive Bays: 5.25" x 7/0, 3.5" x 1/3 (external/internal)
Expansion Slots: 7
Front Ports: 6 x USB2.0, 1 x IEEE1934, 2 x Audio
Power Supply: N/A
Cooling System: 1 x 120mm front fan, 1 x 120mm rear fan, 1 x 80mm top fan
Motherboard Compatibility: Extend ATX; ATX; BTX
Dimensions: 23"x 9"x 21.2" (DxWxH)

Model#: STC-T01-UWK
Item#: N82E16811119039

Maxtor 250GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, Model 6B250S0, OEM Drive Only $176.00

- Specifications -

Capacity: 250GB
Average Seek Time: 9.0 ms
Buffer: 16MB
Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM
Interface: Serial ATA 150
Features: SATA II, -NCQ [Native Command Queuing]
Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years
Packaging: OEM Drive Only

Model#: 6B250S0
Item#: N82E16822144358

The mother board will support up to 4 SATA connected drives, better for video editing than IDE or ATA drives. It also has onboard 7.1 Channel audio. For video, it carries a PCI Express slot (better than AGP 8x if you're unaware). You can find a card for less than $200 that would easily do the job.

Maxtor is my brand of choice on high volume drives, and that one has a 16mb buffer. Better than most which have 8mb now.

As for cases, I prefer Antec or Cooler Master. They range anywhere from 50-200 on price. If you go with Antec, their powersupplies that come with their cases are normally really good. Cooler Master I have dealt less with, but they tend to carry more 5.25 bays than most, and those are really good for installing internal Hard Drive heat sinks and coolers.

Power Supply? Make sure your careful what you buy. High watts does not mean more power. I have seen 300w PS's that out do 550w PS's that were bad. Just make sure what you go with here is a trusted brand and highly reviewed.

Anything else?
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I m planing to build my own computer This PC is primarily to be used for music I wish to be able to obtain music from the Internet TV Video CD Building Computer s both audio amp video Cassette Tapes Vinyl Records amp Computer Building Mini Disc I wish to be able to record music to Video CD s Cassette Tapes Also upload music to the Internet both as individual pieces and as an entire broadscast This PC will also networth through a router to three or more PC s locally and attach to external networks through the world wide web Note the external devices are to be used for Computer Building recording broadcast sessions as well as individual pieces At this stage I would value anyone s opinion as to the spec below any advice or ideas you may have Case Large ATX Form Factor Motherboard Dual Processor ATX Motherboard with built-in NIC amp SCSI plus PCI slots Pentium processor DDR-DRAM with lots of memory supports ATA plus SCSI very wide separate PCI card PS ports for mouse amp keyboard Video Card AGP D MB with TV Video TV Tuner Removable Storage MB Floppy Drive ZIP Drive CD-R CD-RW Drive CD Burner Smart Burn CD-ROM DVD Drive CD-ROM X or more DVD software PowerDVD or WinDVD all SCSI drives Hard Drives GB with seek time around ms or faster X GB with seek time around ms or faster all SCSI drives Sound Card Creative Labs channel support for sound mixing and audio video editing Speakers Klipsch Pro-Media or Boston Acoustics Keyboard amp Mouse Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard amp Maxxtro D Browser Mouse Network X Fast Ethernet PCI Network Cards K PCI Modem Motorola Surf Board Cable Modem Cisco Router Additional External Devices Record Player Tape Player Sound Mixer Microphone amp Headset Mini Dics Player Cables Floppy Drive serial cable ZIP Drive serial cable CD-R CD-RW Drive serial cable CD Burner serial cable CD-ROM DVD serial cable X Hard Drive serial cables X audio cable for speakers record player tape player sound mixer microphone amp headset mini dics player X CAT cables for PCI cards amp Cable Modem nbsp

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Hi, I'm completely new to building computer's and stuff, I have been advised by my computer buddies and this is what I have so far:

Is it ok? Is everything compatible and will I need anything else (just the base unit which is completely from scratch).

Thanks for any help!

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I am building my first computer. So far I have an intel celeron d 350 3.2 ghz pcu, ECs pm800-m2 motherboard, and 512 mbs of ram. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a harddrive, dvd drive and video card and audio card. Thanks

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Im going to build my own computer (2nd one actually), my case is going to be

can I use just a regular ATX power supply or does it need to be like atx12v or something more with more power? Does ATX only work with ATX or can an ATX12V PSU work with a ATX motherboard (no 12V)?


A:Building new computer...

Hi Joe, and welcome to TSG.

You may want to ask a moderator to move this post (click the red triangle at the top of your post to send a message to a mod or admin) to the hardware forum.

In case you missed it, here is a recently updated description of the DIY Forum as shown on the main Forums listing page.

Do It Yourself Projects
Got something around the house that needs fixing and is NOT a computer?
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Okay my boyfriend just built a computer but when it boots up it runs through everythig then stops at detecting aurray, i think is what it said, and thats where it stops. Do any of you know what this is?

A:building computer?


Maybe RAID is not configured properly, or corrupt.

You might try moving this to hardware along with system specs and operating system for more help.
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Hello, so after thinking about buying new RAM DDR2, i figured id rather buy a new mother board that is capable of having DDR3 RAM and good CPUs like i7. Right now i have a standard Dell Inspirion MB, except that i got new video card HD5770 1GB and CPU Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5400 Wolfdale 2.7GHz . So i need help with motherboard, i need the MB that can support all the hardware from my old Inspirion 537 MB and UP (DDR3, quad core capable etc.). So i can just transfer all the stuff from old MB to new MB than upgrade RAM to DDR3 and CPU sometime later. Thanks!
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I am making a computer of my own and i just wanted to check and make sure that all the parts are compatible. Any help I get is greatly appreciated.
Thermaltake Kandalf Silver chassis
TYAN Dual socket 940 extended ATX server mother board
ATI Radeon X1800Xt 512 MB GDDR3 PCI express x16 Video card
Thermaltake purepower atx 480w power supply
AMD Opertron 250 troy 1 ghz fbs socket 940 processor
Viking 2 gb 184 pin ddr sdram ddr 400
fujistu 147 gb 10000 rpm 64 pin hardrive
Plextor ide dvd burner
zalman reserator 1 fanless water cooling system


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So I've been saving up some money and I'd like to build (or just fix, keeping as many parts as I can) a computer.

I'm completely new to this so I was looking for some advice.

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Hi I am trying to assemble a decent gaming rig in the lowest possible budget I have tried to think of some of the components I think that might be good Any advice on the components would be much appreciated I am not looking for the most powerful system but one on which I can think about playing most of Help a building computer with new todays games Please provide any suggestions on deals Help with building a new computer or other components which might drive the price of the system down Thanks Processor Intel Core Duo E Wolfdale GHz LGA W Dual-Core Processor Model BX E - Retail Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-P -DS L LGA Intel P ATX All Solid Capacitor Intel Motherboard - Retail Memory OCZ Reaper HPC GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Help with building a new computer Memory Model OCZ RPR GK - Retail Video Card EVGA -P -N -AR GeForce GTS G MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail PSU Antec NeoPower Blue W ATX V EPS V Power Supply - Retail Case Antec Nine Hundred Black Help with building a new computer Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail nbsp

A:Help with building a new computer

her is better PSU
that is the same price.
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Hi My current computer system consists of Keyboard mouse Speakers quot monitor building computer..need help dvd rom drive CD RW Drive PCI dvd decoder pci NIC pci modem pci ethernet pci sound card pci video card w power source sticks of pc ram mb and building computer..need help mb fujitsu gig drive As you can see I have a fair amount of equipment but my problem is my processor just quit on me nd processor ive fried in a year if i cant fix it is it cheaper for me to just upgrade what do i need the way i see it i can reuse most of my stuff but will need new motherboard processor powersource not sure on that one building computer..need help and ram whats the most economical solution I dont have that much to spend and just need a reliable motherboard that has decent support superpower went out of business building computer..need help i dont wnat that to happen with my next board as for processor i need something cheap i was happy with mhz so anthing around here or greater would be fine please help as im not that experienced with todays standard for equipment Thanks nbsp

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Hey all its me again -D I got the green light from my mom im FYI to build the computer we have been talking about for those who missed the first thread heres what pt. computer building 2 im building and where its from AMD xp processor http compuplus com insidepage php sid fbg w yw u amp id asus a n vm motherboard http compuplus com insidepage php sid fbg w yw u amp id and torn between these two cases https www techonweb com shop products productdetails asp id and http www dealsonic com co atxalmid html one main concern is about heat my last computer had an overheat problem and i really dont want to building computer pt. 2 repeat building computer pt. 2 that with this one i need a case that comes with powersupply and adequate cooling but is defidnetly an issue any suggestions finally im confused with RAM i know i need ddr ram im looking at mb my quesiton are brands besides Crucial kingston ok i know someone showed me ram at officemax com for like but it wasnt a brand i had heard of thanks all and if you have any last minute suggestions please help i plan to order stuff tomorrow so any posts before then would really help me thanks so much nbsp

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Trying to build a computer and all problem is that I can t figure out what power supply would fit into the case Case I m buying is this Just going to list everything in the computer Its the first computer I m building so yay Sorry about the bold and size just coping from the site Just making Building computer a sure this will work and to try and get help looking for Building a computer a new Power Supply seeing how the one Building a computer I m trying to get is out of stock NON SATA required Power Supply Case Cooler Master RC- -KWN Elite Mid Tower ATX Case - ATX Micro-ATX USB Audio mm Blue LED Fan Black Mother board ASUS P H -M LE B Intel H Motherboard - Micro ATX Socket H LGA Intel H Express MHz DDR HDMI Gigabit LAN -Channel Audio SATA Gb s SuperSpeed USB Processor Intel Core i - BX I Processor - Quad Core MB L Cache MB L Cache GHz GHz Max Turbo Socket H LGA W Fan Retail Video Card MSI R -MD GD Radeon HD Video Card - GB GDDR PCI-Express x Dual-Link DVI HDMI DisplayPort DirectX Dual-Slot CrossFireX Ready RAM Patriot PSD G PC GB DDR Desktop Memory Upgrade - MHz Non-ECC Unbuffered Non-ECC CL x MB Power Supply Out of Stock Ultra LSP -Watt Power Supply - ATX SATA-Ready SLI-Ready mm Fan Lifetime Warranty w Registration nbsp

A:Building a computer

Dorky106 said:

Trying to build a computer and all, problem is that I can't figure out what power supply would fit into the case.
Case I'm buying is this (Just going to list everything in the computer)
Its the first computer I'm building so yay! (Sorry about the bold and size just coping from the site...
Just making sure this will work, and to try and get help looking for a new Power Supply seeing how the one I'm trying to get is out of stock. (NON SATA required Power Supply)
Cooler Master RC-430-KWN1 Elite 430 Mid Tower ATX Case - ATX/Micro-ATX, USB, Audio, 120mm Blue LED Fan, Black

Mother board
ASUS P8H67-M LE B3 Intel H67 Motherboard - Micro ATX, Socket H2 (LGA 1155), Intel H67 Express, 1333MHz DDR3, HDMI, Gigabit LAN, 8-Channel Audio, SATA 6.0 Gb/s, SuperSpeed USB 3.0​

Intel Core i5-2400 BX80623I52400 Processor - Quad Core, 6MB L3 Cache, 1MB L2 Cache, 3.10 GHz (3.40 GHz Max Turbo), Socket H2 (LGA1155), 95W, Fan, Retail​

Video Card
MSI R6770-MD1GD5 Radeon HD 6770 Video Card - 1GB, GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.1 (x16), Dual-Link DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, DirectX 11, Dual-Slot, CrossFireX Ready​

Patriot PSD32G13332 PC10600 2GB DDR3 Desktop Memory Upgrade - 1333MHz, Non-ECC, Unbuffered, Non-ECC, CL9, 1x2048MB​

Power Supply (Out of Stock)
Ultra LSP550 550-Watt Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, SLI-Ready, 135mm Fan, Lifetime Warranty w/ Registration​Click to expand...

That PSU will fit just fine and it's available for $50 at CompUSA -
Personally. I'd go with the LSP650 to feed your power-hungry video card. It's only $55 and if you notice the regular price is $100
I've had an LSP650 running my main machine for 2 years through 3 builds and no problems, runs very quiet.
By the way, almost any ATX power supply will fit most modern cases. Only some of the larger 1000 & 1200 watt models will have clearance issues in smaller cases.
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Hey, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section(this is my first post). I want to build my own computer and I was wondereing wether or not anybody has a very cheap but good list of things to get... I was also wondering wether or not i should practice on any spare old computers that are thrown out( i could try to mix and match like frankenstein)?

Please help me,

Thanks, Marcel

A:Building your own Computer

Look at the links I've posted in this sticky.
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I have a really quick and simple question. Ok, it is: I'm building a computer, and the parts for the computer come from many different computers. Some of the parts are from a Compaq, some from HP, and some from Dell computers. The motherboard I'm using is a 1995, and the processor is a 1.5 ghz. My question is will this motherboard handle that kind of processor speed? The original processor speed for this motherboard is 133 mhz. Also, I was wondering what kind of memory I should use with this, since it's so old. I don't know the MHZ specs for the memory for this motherboard. Thanks. I hope someone can help.


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I'm building a new computer. Advice on what to buy would be much appreciated.

I want to go for a 939, while it's a little too expensive apparently AMD have kind of disowned 754? And does 754 need registered RAM? Do you think a 939 will be better? There's nothing lower than a 3500 on komplett and ebuyer (200).

I've heard of OCZ, are they good? I want to go for a gig. Is cl2 pc3200 ok?

Really haven't decided on this yet.

Not that important, but probably a Tsunami dream by thermaltake. Not sure about the door though.

Again, I know nothing about this really. I quite like the coolermaster stuff.

A:Building new computer

You might want to check out this was quite active this morning. Liz
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Hello all I m rebuilding my old computer which turned into basically building a new computer and I ve hit a bit of a snag My processor is hot and I ve thrown a real nice heatsink and fan onto it along with need my help Building computer - own additional case fans When I run the system at Volts the processor still overheats and turns off after about seconds Otherwise the system runs - it boots properly When I switch to volts the processor stays on does not overheat The Building my own computer - need help video card however does not work at volts Here is what I have I don t remember my power source off the top of my head I m at work but I know it is W Processor - Intel Pentium D GHz MB FSB http www newegg com product product asp item N E Motherboard - ASRock CoreDual-VSTA ATX http www newegg com product product asp item N E Video Card - Gigabyte Geforce GS http www newegg com product product asp item N E If I need to put up any more information let me know I m thinking my only options would be to somehow borrow a videocard that works and underclock the system until I find a happy balance better cooling system or get Building my own computer - need help a new video card I m not sure if its a compatibility issue or what but any help at all would be appreciated nbsp

A:Building my own computer - need help

If you are not in Europe you shouldn't be changing the setting to 230v on the power supply.
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CPU -Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06GH

Motherboard -- ASRock X58 Extreme 3 LGA ATX
What would be an appropriate power supply and form factor for those specifications above?

A:building computer

you only have got your CPU and MOBO ,
check for your videocard and all drives (HDD and dvd-writers for example)and RAM
you want first
then look for a computer case that can fit all your hardware
when thats done ill be able to help you choose witch PSU's will be fit for you

> thats how i would do it anyways other users might be able to help you directly...
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Just how much do you have to know about computers to build your own. I am very familiar with operating one reformating hd, installing windows and such. I have also added/changed video/sound cards, cd drives, floppy drives, hard drives, ram, ethernet/modem cards to computers. What more do I need to know in order to install the mother board, power supplies and fans?

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Hi, can someone help me build i7? Ranging about $1000-1500? Please post links for the parts from newegg?


A:Building i7 computer

Is this for gaming/video editing/general use?
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Hey all,

I am looking to build myself a new computer, but Im not really sure exactly what to do. I know most of the hardware that needs to be put in, but I know im missing something.

-Graphics card

Here is what I am thinking. Please tell me if I should be okay, and if anyone has any suggestions on various pieces of hardware, please let me know.

-Thinking I would like to spend around $1100 canadian


-At least 1.5Gig DDR2 Ram
-256 graphics card (any suggestions on which one? Thinking:

Asus EN7600GT Silent/2DHT/256M nVidia GeForce 7600GT(560MHz) 256MB GDDR3(1.4GHz) 128-Bit DVI-I HDTV-Out Passive Cooling Heatsink SilentCool 2 PCI Express Graphics Card

-Intel Core 2 Duo processor with at least 2+ Ghz 775.

Any suggestions?


A:Please help building new computer

You need a power supply and cd/dvd drive and monitor. The 7900gt or the card you mentioned are both good.
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Sorry i wasn t sure exactly where to post this but i was hoping you guys here could help make sure i have everything right Maybe give me a few suggestions on parts working with eachother or not and building it Or if i m forgetting something Any help would be appreciated here s my setup SILVERSTONE Black Mid Tower-ATX Case Model quot SST-TJ quot -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Lite-On X X Internal EIDE CD-RW Drive Black Model SOHR- S Black OEM http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE NEC X Double Layer DVD RW Drive Black Model ND- A BK OEM http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Samsung Black MB inch Floppy Disk Drive Model SFD B LBL OEM Drive Only http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Hitachi GB RPM SATA Hard Drive Model HDS VLSA Part G OEM Drive Only http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Kingmax Pin MB DDR PC- - OEM http Computer A Building www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE NESO PIXO A quot LCD Monitor with Speakers -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE MSI quot K T NEO -F quot VIA K T Pro Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket CPU Building A Computer -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Cooler Master Real Power mm fan W Power Supply With Active PFC Model quot RS- -ACLY quot -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE AMD Athlon Socket KB L Cache Building A Computer -bit Processor - OEM http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - Building A Computer amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Logitech X- Black Speaker System -RETAIL Item N E http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE Leadtek nVIDIA GeForce GT Video Card MB GDDR -Bit TV-Out DVI X AGP Model quot A GT TDH quot -RETAIL http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp description - - amp catalog amp manufactory BROWSE nbsp

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I ve recently been looking into parts for building a nice new computer but I ve run into some questions that I have yet been able to find answers for Help Building Computer I already posted a topic on which type Help Building Computer of AMD motherboard to get and I decided to make another thread to ask my questions Right now I m wondering two things I was planning on going with an AMD motherboard and cpu however a friend informed me that Help Building Computer he has heard that they have had compatability problems which is making me consider an Intel P again I need some input on this to help me here and if P then what type of motherboard should I go for My other question has to do with a DVD Rom drive I was wondering whether a slot load drive was worth the extra money or whether I should just get a tray load Any input here on these topics would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Ok, I thank the people that helped me pick out parts etc. Here are the specs:

XION XON-103 Case/PSU 450W/18A
Core 2 Duo E6300
ECS P965T-A V1.0B 2xPCI-e X8/X16 Support Crossfire
5500FX (Dont remind me Gettin new soon)
Thermaltake 300W Graphics Card Power Supply 21A 5.25" Bay Quad-SLI
2x1GB pqi TURBO w/ HeatSpreaders Cas-4 DDR2-667
56K Modem (Haha)
200GB IDE 7200RPM 16MB Cache
*X1950PRO Will be in here soon.

Cant boot it until Friday, or next Tuesday, because I forgot my power cable at my Dad's house . After breaking in this CPU, I will buy a Scythe Infinity, and overclock 2.7Ghz+

A:Done Building New Computer!!

Great system mate!

Is that a FX5500 a PCI card?
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hey there,

im looking forward to build a new pc.This is gonna be my first time so I need a little advice. Here is what I plan buying.

e6600 cpu
geforce 7950 or in that price range(256 or 512)?
2gb ddr2 with good speed (but what is a good speed hmm)
a power supply, have no idea which to buy
a case and motherboard that will fit together, but how do i know if they do fit ?
some dvd reader
some hard drive 7200, 10000 rpm ?
sound card?

Aside from all this is there anything i need to know about compatibility?
And i saw in another thread some guy that had a power supply for his video card only ??!?

big thanks for reading

A:Building new computer need help

Is there a compelling reason not to buy a complete system instead? Just curious.
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its not going so well

i got a asus kv8 motherboard and its not reading my all in wonder 9600

my friend told me they weren't compatable but i can't figure out why it wouldn't be

i tried using a pci video card too but either way i get no video out put

can anyone tell me anything

A:building a new computer and ...

Try clearing the cmos.
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I am currently building a computer and have an ECS P a Building computer-HELP VXAD motherboard with intel P GHZ processor and MB DDR RAM I have hooked everything up CD drive Floppy and GHZ motherboard and when i turn the computer on it does the memory check and runs through most of the start options but always freezes a continuous problem is quot No Array Defined quot and i have no clue what that means Any ideas When i start the computer and go into options and CMOS options where you set the time and date the time will tick about or so seconds and then STOP the computer just dies and stays Building a computer-HELP at that point i tried to setup the RAID but the computer stops Also on my motherboard my speaker power switch Building a computer-HELP reset switch hdd led and power led s have sets of prongs for it- the PANEL and LPANEL the LPANEL has every prong perfect to plug in all the LEDs but when i flip the power supply switch to ON the green LED in fron comes on even if the computer isnt on the Red light doesnt work right either and the computer doesnt beep when turned on im having a really bad night nbsp

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please tell me any good motherboards you have in mind that last at least 3 years

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Hi I am going to build a new computer for Building New Computer. a gaming mostly and web surfing I am wondering if these products I found Building a New Computer. are compatible with Building a New Computer. each other or if I need to change some stuff The most problems I have is finding out which CPU and motherboard to get Newegg ca - Western Digital WD RE WD ABYX GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb amp s amp Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Newegg ca - AMD FX- Zambezi GHz Socket AM amp W Eight-Core Desktop Processor FD FRGUBOX Newegg ca - Thermaltake V Black Edition Gaming Chassis Mid Tower Steel Computer Case Fully Black Powdered Interior VM W Z Newegg ca - ASUS M A R AM amp AMD SATA Gb amp s USB ATX AMD Motherboard with UEFI BIOS Newegg ca - CORSAIR Vengeance GB amp x GB amp -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR amp PC amp Desktop Memory Model CMZ GX M A C Newegg ca - COOLER MASTER DK - E A- L-GP CPU Cooler Compatible with AMD AM amp AM Newegg ca - CORSAIR Builder Series CX W ATX V v PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply Newegg ca - SAPPHIRE Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready Video Card amp - - G amp

A:Building a New Computer.

I'm not up on current AMD platforms, but I can tell you that you are better off dumping the FX-8120 and getting the FX-8320 or FX-8350. There is only about 30 bucks difference and the 8320/8350's perform much better than last generations 8100 series.

Save some money and go with the Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1600MHz RAM(2 x 4gb sticks). You need an even number of RAM sticks, and as cheap as RAM is, you either need 8 or 16gb. For gaming, you'll never max out your 8gb.

Spend the money on a good SSD for your OS drive as it is the component you will see the greatest improvement in. Nothing else will give you the performance boost an SSD does.

Lastly, we have to do better with the video card. A video card at 100 bucks isn't going to do much for might as well get an APU, which is a CPU/GPU in one package. For a "gaming" computer, there is no reason why you shouldn't spend as much on a graphics card as you did on the CPU, in my opinion. I would look into the Radeon 7850 series to start and if you want a card that will last a little longer, you can go with a 7870GHz edition.

I don't know what your budget is, but I'd rather spend the money on good quality, viable parts, than spend a little less and get parts that don't perform well, and have to do this again a year or two later. Buy once, cry once. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.........I'm sure an AMD expert will weigh in shortly and can give you some more advice.

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Don"t know much about computers, but would like to build one for fun and knowledge. Where do I find a book or information on building? To include which mother board and cpu's that can be used with a MB. Also which cpu's and ram to use with the different mother boards. There are so many different varations that I need to read and ask questions. Thanks to all who respond. Mike

A:Building Computer

Welcome to TSG Mike! I can't help you but I requested your thread be moved to a forum where it might get a better answer! Best of luck!
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Looking in general for the point of cost performance Meaning that if for example I have to pay twice for getting a improve of - -- I will not buy OS will be win bits which support xp application xp mode Virtualization I want to buy a midrange computer and in general according to recommended in Building computer PC new a review http Building a new PC computer pcper com hwlb php guide y guide It is also important for me to have a silent computer I am sensitive to noise Motherboard GigaByte P Building a new PC computer A-UD Cpu Core i My question your opinion Building a new PC computer about RAM DDR it will be G or G Is it important to choose from the qualified list of the manufacture of motherboard Is their any diff between RAM for bit OS or bit Other Tips What you think about Power Supply Corsair TX CMPSU- TX W Any other suggestion A proper computer case or tips which one to buy Antec Two CPU CoolerCooler Master Hyper Plus What about another quit fan UPS apc triple light Router for cable internet which I can disable only the wireless part if I want want to prevent radiation Does it give protection from virus keyboard mouse I do not need wireless sound card video card my monitor is dell wfp Hard disk I want to buy of TB one for backup Thank you nbsp

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how does this sound so far?

MAXTOR 40GB 7200RPM Model # 6L040J2 - OEM, DRIVE
EPOX EP-8KHA+ VIA Apollo KT266A (VT8366A) 200/266

still thinking on psu and hsf. Any recommendations?

A:Building new computer

First off, what are you going to be doing with your computer? It's the most important question when considering upgrading your system.
What do you want out of the PSU? Are you going to be using alot of fans? You need a high voltage rated one for that. Do you want it to be quiet? Several of Enermax's Whisper line will be fabulous. Some also have dual fans, which is very cool.
HSF. I'd reccomend getting a good one, it very well extends the life of your CPU by taking your temperatures down. Taisol is my favorite brand, and you can find a thread (by me) on the issue of it from the old forums. I would have a link but the old forums oddly enough won't load.
Ever consider getting a water cooled system?
Other than that, your current selection looks awful good, although I'd reccomend a better case (simply because I've never heard of the brand Maxtop, but it doesn't mean they're not good), maybe Lian-Li, they make good cases.
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I have recently decided to build a computer to suit my needs I know how to connect all the wires and upgrade a ton of stuff over-clocking software enhancing hardware Help Building Computer...Need and a ton of fun stuff This is the first time I have tried to build a computer using a limitless or close to it choice of parts I need a motherboard to start with And after searching the market for some time I thought I could save time by seeking advice What I need is a mother board that supports what I need but isn t overly complex The specs I am looking for are somewhat negotiable but not overly so And cost is of little importance as long as I m not spending obscene amounts of money Building Computer...Need Help Needs to support SATA harddrives no less than TB Will settle for IDE HDD but only with Capacity Equivalent Minimum of GB RAM Any DDRRAM SDRAM EDO RDRAM something quick PCI Slots Fast Ethernet or Higher GigaBit IEEE even if stuck with Cat or Fiber Chipset nVidia Via Intel or SiS Preferable DuoCore and high end Preferably Not Included On board graphics Onboard Audio Onboard USB Or Onboard Internet if not as above listed If there s no option i will live with them but without is much better These are things I would rather not have or control via PCI Slot Any other suggestions or comments are appreciated and any brand or specifics are also Thanks Much nbsp

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I am doing a report and i need to interview some peoples on "how hard is it to build a computer?" I would like to do this interview over e-mail so if you would like to help me please send a reply to: [email protected]

A:Need help with building a computer

Zenosincks said:

Why do you want to do it through email out of curiosity?

I'm willing to help...Click to expand...

I want to do the interview through e-mail because I don't want to give away my phone number anyway can you send me your e-mail so i can send you the questions
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Computer Case http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Hard Drive http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Video Card http www Computer Building A newegg com Product Product aspx Building A Computer Item N E Speakers http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Processor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E RAM http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E What i need help with is i need to know if everything is compatible and where can i find a pin and pin power supply thats compatible and if this is a good hard drive for a gaming computer and if its compatible http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and two more thing please find the power supply at www newegg com and i need help finding a sound card that can record good line-in for my games or another website that maybe cheaper This computer will for built for games nbsp

A:Building A Computer

You may want to click the "Report" link below your post and ask a moderator to move your post to the hardware forum. Please wait for them to move it and don't start a duplicate post on your own.

FYI, The DIY Projects forum specifically is not the place for computer issues ...
Do It Yourself Projects
Got something around the house that needs fixing and is NOT a computer?​
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I would like to build computer but I am a newer for commuter building
What I need to know about when I buying all the component?
This is what I choose for the component
Some of them don't know which one is good and how to choose it

Case-galaxy 3 mid tower black 450W PSU bubble
What is 450W?
Motherboard -GA-287X-UD5H
What I need for the front side bus
Good for the audio and video card do I need to buy them sepreately?
Ram need to be DDR3 and pin count same with motherboard what is that mean?
Memory ssd which brand is good
Blue ray optical drive which one is suitable?
Don't know which power supple is good
Budget1000 pound .please answer my question

A:Building a new computer

I will build you a very nice computer. I just need to know where you are purchasing these parts from (sites). 450W is the power supply. Dont worry, I will take care of that.
Watch these videos on how to build a computer:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
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Can anyone tell me what would be a good manual to read/follow, I am going to try and build a computer for fun.

A:Building a computer

Here are some good guides:
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ive used computers all my life and many times taken them apart to upgrade things like soundcard graphics card HDD and ram upgrades but a few days ago decided id have a go at building a pc from ground up here is the list of what i brought please note i no some items are a load of but ill be upgrading them in a month or so anyway i just wana get used to building them with crap cheap parts before i pay real money for parts AMD Athlon GHz AMD ECS GS- motherboard PNY GT PCI-E nvidia graphics card JeanTech Watt ATX Desktop Power Supply x GB DDR SDRAM computer need building help i know its outdated but like i said cheap nd cheerful first Audigy ZS soundcard plus tb sata HDD now here is my problem ive installed the motherboard to the case checking everything as i go insuring cables all in the right places and everything else was plugged in i then turned the pc on and the fans started to spin lights on the front light up and i could hear building computer need help the HDD spinning yet cpu not getting warm at all and wasnt entering bios i cleard cosmos using both methods st being moving the jumper from pin to for a few seconds then placing back to then when that didnt work i then removed the battery for about secs then replaced it still getting the same thing fans spin HDD spins lights are on then decided to test the cpu by unplugging the heat sink fan and switching the computer back on know i would think that bios would know that the fan wasnt conected and turn the pc back off again so is it a bios proble or is my cpu ed any and all help would be nice and yes i have removed all ram graphics sound cards and i get no beep codes nbsp

A:building computer need help

Just a guess on this i would say it is the board
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hi all, i hav think of my troublesome pc in my previous thread and i think im goin to buy a new one as it;s already 2 years old.

current specs :
intel p4 2.4ghz 533mhz 1mbL2
intel 865 chipset with i/ vga
512mb ram
80gb 7200rpm
dvd-ram dl ls

and i would like to upgrade to :
intel e6300 1.86ghz core duo
intel 965 chipset with i/ vga
1gb ram
160gb 7200rpm
(same) dvd-ram dl ls

how do you think, worth it? or i should use E6400 which cost more or less 50US$. beside, i choose intel mobo as for me i do not need external GPU cause the computer is not intended for gaming purpose. its just a home pc.

your comments are greatly appreciated.

A:building new computer

For home use, the E6300 is fine. However, why would u need a Core 2 Duo for home use? A Pentium D/Celeron D would be quite adequate for that purpose.
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Alright, I'm a real newbie so be nice...

I'm in the market for a PC That would work well, doesn't need to be great, with games, like flight sims.

My budget is around $1200 maybe up to $1500 if its really good.

I don't need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound card, or any optical drives.

I've built some online at sites but I've never built one myself and I've read that thats better so...

suggestions? Input would be greatly appreciated thank you!


A:Building a computer?

Start by deciding what processor you want and go from there!!!!
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I am in the process of building a computer and i am ready to turn it on and enter the BIOS. I hit the power button and the fan spins or a few seconds then shuts off and does nothing. All lights turn on also. Any help would be great!

A:Building A Computer

Make certain all of your cards, CPU, RAM, and data/power connections are seated firmly in the motherboard. If that doesn't help, clear out the BIOS settings, either by setting the CMOS reset jumper or pulling out the battery for a minute or so.
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HOWDY I am slowly building a Computer Not from scratch Just buying the parts and putting them together I had a Dell XP bought in thru Ebay I went to CompUSA and asked the service tech which Processor I Building HELP!! Computer My could upgrade too Building My Computer HELP!! in order to get the Max out of the Motherboard He told me intel core duo E Wrong my motherboard was Mhz that Building My Computer HELP!! Cpu is CompUsa tried to install it into the Dell and Blew the Motherboard re-installing the Pentium D that was originaly there when the Core Duo wouldn t work So I bought a new Motherboard and an Empty Tower Scavenged what I could from the old Dell and had CompUsa build me one Useing the new still working Intel Core Duo So here is what I have MotherBoard Gigabite Model GA-EP -UD L Building My Computer HELP!! CPU Intel Core Duo E mhz Ram - Gb Corsair DDR Video Card ATI Radeon Diamond HD Gb Haauppauge TV Tunner WinTV--HVR- Mod Operating System Windows XP Home bit What I plan on doing next is to buy amp Instal INTEL X -M GB SATA amp Instal Gb DDR mhx Ram Windows Bit Operating system What I need too find out is will doing all this solve my problem with my present system being so slow and useing so much CPU Just useing a Program to take my home movies from the DVD s they were on takes up to of my CPU I am not kidding or bragging about what I have or don t have This all started over wanting to upgrade an old Dell With only the New Intel processor left after CompUsa Bew up my Dell I had to use it in a New system it Cost to much in the first place and the seller wouldn t take it back amp give a Refund Please any coments are Welcome OHH By the way I am not a Gamer I have a hard time keeping up with my Grandkids play anything Mario nbsp

A:Building My Computer HELP!!

I've moved your post to the Hardware forum and removed all of the formatting. Please do not use such a large size font as people will have to scroll down the page just to read one post. Also, there's no need to select a font and size for every line of your text, once at the beginning and once at the end is sufficient. Please be more mindful of this in the future as it took a long time to edit it.
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Ive been wanting to build my own computer for some time now but im not sure what to get. I know my way around computers, really well, but not the buying part. Basically i just want to know what are some good motherboards, videocards, etc. to get. I dont want to spend over 700 if need be, but im willing to get the best bang for my buck.
So can some people help me out. Please include prices or websites that can help me out.

A:Building 1st Computer

CompStinks said:

Ive been wanting to build my own computer for some time now but im not sure what to get. I know my way around computers, really well, but not the buying part. Basically i just want to know what are some good motherboards, videocards, etc. to get. I dont want to spend over 700 if need be, but im willing to get the best bang for my buck.
So can some people help me out. Please include prices or websites that can help me out.
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Got something around the house that needs fixing and is NOT a computer?
......request that a moderator move you thread to the correct forum. As you can see from the forum description, do it yourself computer projects dont belong in this forum. Good luck to you!
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Hope someone can give me some help I currently have a Dell Inspiron Laptop that is roughly - Re-Building Computer years old which I now use as my second computer after buying a iMac Now over the past few days I ve been getting more and more problems started off with the battery finally reaching its usable life then went onto hardware failure when using a USB Jumpdrive and now most recently it wont even run - keeps getting a Unmountable Boot Volume error which seems harder to fix when I can t even get on through Safe Mode or Last Known Configuration but anyways I was wondering if anyone here could give me a few answers about re-building a computer rather updating the one I currently have just to let you know Re-Building Computer I m only really looking for the bare minimums not all the high-tech stuff as I wont be using it as much What will I need to buy to re-build it New Motherboard Hard Drive Video Re-Building Computer Card Windows XP Home Edition How easy is it to install all the new components I need Hard Drive Take out the old parts Re-Building Computer What the cost for these sort of things that I might have to buy like to have just enough RAM and HD Space for it to run smoothly - no gaming or anything Where is the best place to buy stuff to re-build a computer I live in Canada If I need to can I get the installation discs from Dell as I currently don t have mine anymore for when I re-install everything Lastly kinda off-topic is it possible to take the current hard drive out of my old laptop and somehow plug it into another Windows OS and see whats on the HD P S I m rather new with doing all this stuff so if its possible could someone just give me a easy way to describe what I need to do Also not sure if this is the right place for it Thanks For The Help Merfman nbsp

A:Re-Building Computer

Your original problem is most likely related to a failing HDD. So you may be able to salvage some use out of that laptop.

Also, before answering your questions, are you looking to rebuild your laptop? This will be unnecessarily complicated, and probably more expensive than building a desktop, so I recommend against it.
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So I think I am looking at the right parts please tell me if I am first computer my building Help wrong I am more concerned about the ram and the power supply being compatible with Help building my first computer the motherboard Also how many watts should I get my power supply lt a href quot Newegg com - Intel Core i - Sandy Bridge GHz LGA W Help building my first computer Dual-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics BX I quot target quot blank quot gt http www newegg com Product Produ lt a gt lt a href quot Newegg com - Intel BOXDH CLB LGA Intel H HDMI SATA Gb amp s USB ATX Intel Motherboard quot target quot blank quot gt http www newegg com Product Produ lt a gt lt a href quot Newegg com - XION XON- Meshed Black amp Red Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case quot target quot blank quot gt http www newegg com Product Produ lt a gt lt a href quot Newegg com - G SKILL Value Series GB amp x GB amp -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR amp PC amp Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBNT quot target quot blank quot gt http www newegg com Product Produ lt a gt lt a href quot Newegg com - Seagate Barracuda Green ST DL TB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb amp s amp Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive quot target quot blank quot gt http www newegg com Product Produ lt a gt

A:Help building my first computer

It really helps if you say how the computer will be used and also your budget. Will you be using on-board Graphics?
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How novice friendly are modern computers to build yourself? Much if any soldering needed? Is it just a case of "plug 'n' play", clip the parts into place like making an advanced Lego set, or am I looking at doing lots of sweating and mind numbing studying of manuels before I can put one together? Do all parts come with easy to follow "Airfix" type instructions to show how you fit them?

A:Building your own computer

Are you refering to the normal buy a gpu and smack it into the pci slot, or are you talking about making our own motherboard?
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My husband and I built our very first computer during our honeymoon 8 years ago. We did a good job, but that was, after all, 8 years ago. It is time for a new computer for him. We own XP professional and his hard drive is something he wants to keep. Lots of songs and artwork. He likes gaming. What he currently has is just under 1 gig ram and 60 gigs harddrive. We've been poking around Walmart (sorry, we are cheapskates.) and newEgg. I'm asking for advise on the tower, on the actual barest of bones. I'm not opposed to shopping but I have lost touch on what is the coolest and so on. Help?


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Just started computer a need Building help!!! building my first computer Really this probably was not such an amazing idea Well getting to the facts I Building a computer need help!!! bought the following items -XION Building a computer need help!!! tower case ghost green -GeForce GT Gb graphics card -Diablotek WATT power supply ATX - GB Hard drivers and one GB -ABIT IP -E motherboard -Intel Dual core processor - stick of GB mhz RAM And my problem is that i have a red light next to the pin adap- x there is a red light And i plugged my pin plug into the v - CPU Power looked everywhere on the internet to find if it works or not And sopposibly it will work either way And at first when i hit the switch all it did was have a red light next to the power pin adap And i messed around on the internet and found out thats because the computer is in standby So i thought wow im stupid But then when i clicked ON on the computer Nothing happened And so i checked the CCMOS And placed the cap onto the other side of the pins To its normal position i guess And now when i click ON everything starts up for like seconds Also the red light contiuosly is on but on the side of the Adapter there goes a little green light but then it shuts off And i have no idea whats going on My friend said that the watts is not good enough But others say its ok I am losing my mind here someone please help also thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help nbsp

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I was wondering if these parts would work together with a windows 7 home premium 64-bit installed, if they dont recommend some plz.
Here are the parts:
And if you are wondering why there is no CD drive is because i am taking my blu-ray player out of my old computer.

A:Building A Computer

Great cpu. I do believe, however, that you can get AM3 boards that very good and cheaper. Also, with an AM3 board you can go with DDR3 memory and there are some terrific offerings.

Plus, check out Corsair psu's; great output and cheaper.
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Typically with the best hardware and software does it cost to buid your own computer?
lets say a 1tril hard drive, intel dual proccer and all other bells and such.

A:Building a computer

There really is no "Best"
There are quality components that will do the job for which you built the system. As an example if you intend to do video editing, you need a higher end quad core cpu and at least 4gig of ram however you do not need to spend a lot on the video card. On the other hand if you intend to run modern games, you need a high end video card.

If you intend to build a home theater type pc, you need a lot of storage capacity ie large hard drives and a mid-level cpu.

Post exactly what you intend to do with the machine and then we can recommend parts.
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Can anyone tell me where I can find a site which in Lamens terms will tell me how to build a computer. I put this post here as I didn't know where to put it, but it will run on XP.

Many thanks

A:Building your own computer

theres a lot of them out there.
try this one,there are links to more from here.

read,read and read again............good luck.
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Hello I m interested in putting together a fairly high-end system with everything It will be used for surfing the web videos and the latest games I ve Computer Building =) First My been researching over the past week and I ve learned a lot but I still need a good bit of help I have never OC ed never had the ability but I am open to it Here are the parts I am thinking All parts from Newegg Case PSU Antec Sonata Plus Black Silver Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case W Power Building My First Computer =) Supply - Retail Item N E Price Comments I m not sure if it s enough power I hope it is I think it will be bog enough to fit my stuff HD Western Digital Caviar SE WD AAJS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s Hard Drive - OEM Item N E Price Comments I originally had a big GB hard drive for about but I figured I d take the and save the money I doubt I ll need that kind of storage I ve lasted years with a GB drive although there aren t very many huge games Optical Drive SAMSUNG Black X DVD R X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-R X DVD-RW X DVD-RAM X DVD-ROM X CD-R X CD-RW X CD-ROM MB Cache SATA X DVD R DVD Burner - OEM Item N E Price Comments A brand I trust at a price I like Nothing more to say right Video Card D XFX PVT PYSF GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail Item N E Price after mail-in rebate Comments This seems like a steal considering other GT s can be I hope so at least Is it missing something big RAM OCZ SLI-Ready Edition GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail Item N E Price after mail-in rebate Comments When searching my motherboard with some search term to the effect of quot RAM compatibility quot I got a thread that listed this with my motherboard Someone said it was compatible and I liked the price so I threw it in the mix Is it compatible And is this necessary Motherboard MSI P N Diamond LGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail Item N E Price after mail-in rebate Comments I like this motherboard I compared it to some XFX board for and the differences seemed almost negligible I hope it s compatible with my RAM Very nice integrated sound Onboard Network Card Help with this one Processor O Intel Core Quad Q Kentsfield GHz x MB L Cache LGA Quad-Core Processor - Retail Item N E Price Comments I am sold with this People are OC ing it to all kinda crazy heights I am concerned about the stepping though I think Newegg may give me the B rather than the G May purchase elsewhere that gives guarantee Also may go with the version without the fan to get an Arctic Freezer Pro Is this necessary The processor is then cheaper and the fan costs CPU Fan OPTIONAL I THINK ARCTIC COOLING Freezer Pro mm CPU Cooler - Retail Item N E Price Comments Necessary or can I trust Intel s stock fan Remember I want to try OC ing at least if you guys think I would be able to Operating System No Linux won t work I ve got less computer literate people to think about P Microsoft Windows Vista -Bit Home Premium for System Builders Single Pack DVD - OEM Item N E Price Comments Oh boy where do I start Vista XP -Bit -Bit BLEH I think it s time to upgrade from XP what with DX and Media Center and Aero I am open to suggestions still Oh and suspiciously enough Newegg had two seemingly identical Vista Premiums for sale The other was I couldn t for the life of me figure it out Anyone know Monitor Acer AL WAbd Black quot ms Widescreen LCD Monitor cd m - Retail Item N E Price Comments I want a good monitor Preferably quot Widescreen but I really don t want to pay for it Really open for suggestions here Please quot is acceptable I s pose Speakers Logitech S- Multimedia Speaker System - OEM Item N E Price Comments I really don t care about speakers I use headphones virtually all the time but my family will want some audio out device one way or the other I really doubt quality will be a concern as long as it plays clear decent sound Just a minute ago I had some Cyber Acoustics thing listed but after looki... Read more