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How do I setup Hotmail on Office Outlook 2007

Q: How do I setup Hotmail on Office Outlook 2007

Hi, I have just installed Office 2007 Enterprise on my Win7 machine. I tryed to setup my Hotmail (Outlook) in the Outlook app but it doesn't work. Please help!

P.S. If you want photos just ask
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Preferred Solution: How do I setup Hotmail on Office Outlook 2007

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I currently am operating ACER laptop and running windows XP.

I've got a hotmail account which is accessible through Outlook, and runs completely fine. I have a private domain email address that is linked to my hotmail account, so both emails to both addresses are recieved in the same inbox - but i want the private domain to be what is viewed as the 'from adress' through outlook?

when i use outlook the 'from' address is my hotmail one.

and when i use hotmail the 'from' address is from my 'private domain' on behalf of 'hotmail address'

I want the private domain set up in outlook, but cant find the options to have that, and link it to the already set up hotmail account.

I run Outlook 2007 Academic version, and mircosoft outlook connector.


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Hello Reinstalled all Sony Pre-Loaded software which did NOT include any Prior version of MS Office Other than a Trial Version of Office which I never used or installed It s still in my computer Have no idea what version it is Simply doesn t say because it s never been installed It s sitting in the same start menu as all of the other MS Office Programs In another message forum I was told Reinstall And MS My Pro Setup Reformatted in Hard Office 2007 Cannot Office Drive to delete it However Office Pro worked fine for days with the Trial program still sitting in the Start folder I managed to install MS Office Professional and it s worked for days without a hitch Today I get the error message when I try to use Outlook quot Cannot start MS Office Outlook Cannot initialize MS Office Shared Utilities Restart your computer Or reinstall MS Office Outlook quot No Luck Also when I try to start up MS Word the message says quot Not enought memory to load Word quot I have Gig of Ram and a Gig hard Drive When I insert the Office Pro disk to Reinstall the message is quot The path you have chosen does not point at a qualifying upgradable product Click Try again or Cancel to quit setup quot I also don t have ANY previous versions of any Office Suite program Reformatted My Hard Drive And Cannot Reinstall MS Office Pro 2007 in Office Setup to use I had Office Pro installed but that was deleted when I purchased Office Pro I do have the disks for Office Pro For the record I am an American living in Cali Columbia It s over a minute to call anywhere in the US for help I would sincerely appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone can provide NOTE Also have Norton Internet Secuirty amp Spysweeper installed Thanks in advance Robert nbsp

A:Reformatted My Hard Drive And Cannot Reinstall MS Office Pro 2007 in Office Setup
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Odd problem, hopen someones been here already

With the sad demise of WLM and messanger I now need to setup my Outlook '03 to get my Hotmail email.

I go add a new account, select Hotmail, and try me email... Outlook can't find the server.

Looking around, MS has made a dandy helper program fo0r the switch over, so i d/l it and install..., It doesn't do what their site says it should so I'm, now stuck.

I'm a hotmail address but need the new server info.

Please help me...

A:Setup Hotmail in Outlook

Try this:
Make sure POP3 is selected under Incoming e-mail server type:.
Type "" under Incoming mail server:.
Enter "" under Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name:.
Make sure Outgoing server requires authentication is checked.
Click Next.
Type your full Windows Live Hotmail email address under E-mail username:.
Enter your emails password under Password:.
Click Next.
Make sure “Do not download my e-mail at this time” is checked.
Click Finish.
Highlight the new account in the list.
Click Properties.
Go to the Advanced tab.
Make sure “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” is checked under both Outgoing mail (SMTP): and Incoming mail (POP3):.
Type "587" under Outgoing server (SMTP):.
If the number under Incoming server (POP3): is not "995", enter "995" there.
Click OK.
Click Close.

This works for configuring to Windows Mail so the settings should work for Outlook. No guarantee as i haven't tried it but worth a try!
Let me know how it goes!
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Running Vista Ultimate (32 bit) on HP Media Center Desktop Unit (8100y). Each time system is booted up and Outlook 2007 is accessed for the first time, Microsoft Office 2007 begins to reconfigure itself. Neither canceling of the configuation process nor allowing the process to complete seems to have any apparent effect on subsequent operations.

Performed repair function on the Office application without any discernible effect. Any help in resolving this issue would be truly appreciated!

A:Starting Outlook 2007 causes Microsoft Office 2007 to reconfigure itself
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Have been running office small business edition and wanted to update to Downloaded trial version of Office but it crashed before Office Professional Cannot Setup 2007 it finished setting Cannot Setup Office 2007 Professional up So I bought the Cannot Setup Office 2007 Professional Office Professional CD's but it crashes upon setup Can you help Here is text from error log PERF TickCount Name Job DoCacheWork Description Begin function OSE is detected as a registered service Service binary is reported at location C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Source Engine OSE EXE OSE service binary is detected at location C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Source Engine OSE EXE Cannot start local OSE service Error code x d Error Unable to select Source Engine process to start see debug level logs for detail Type UnexpectedError Error Unable to select Source Engine process to start see debug level logs for detail Type UnexpectedError Error Unable to select Source Engine process to start see debug level logs for detail Type UnexpectedError Catalyst execution finished Return code Exception caught UnexpectedError PERF TickCount Name RunSetup Description End function Thanks ArchiPhil

A:Cannot Setup Office 2007 Professional

Couple of questions to ask
1. Are you installing as Administrator or an account that has admin rights?
2. Have you uninstalled Office 2003 or are you just doing an upgrade?
3. Do you have antivirus installed (yeah dumb question I guess) If so, have you disabled it before attempting to install?
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I am running windows 7 on a new computer. Outlook 2007 is freezing many times after it is opened. I click on an e mail and it just freezes.
Word has done it also but not as bad.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Mobility Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer Inc Chapala Not Applicable LXAQB X F Antivirus AVG Internet Security Updated and Enabled For no apparent reason my version of MS Outlook has suddenly gone belly-up All other apps in Office work fine When I now try to open Outlook I 2007(Microsoft Outlook Enterprise 2007)) Office receive the following quot Cannot open your default email folders The file C Outlook 2007(Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007)) User Maurice AppData Local Microsoft Outlook Outlook pst is not a personal folders file quot I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Office from Outlook 2007(Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007)) the original disks a number of times I have successfully installed this on another Win desktop computer partition and it works fine I have attempted to follow the MS repair online notification for pst but it doesn t seem to work Outlook 2007(Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007)) or maybe it is me that isn t working Most frustrating Any word by word suggestions greatly appreciated nbsp
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I m trying to install the nd CD of my MS Office Professional and I get this Office 2 Wizard 2007 CD Setup MS Professional pop up quot Setup failed to install the required component Microsoft SQL Server Express MSSMLBIZ Microsoft Office Professional CD cannot continue See C Program MS Office Professional 2007 CD 2 Setup Wizard Files x Microsoft SQL Server Setup Bootstrap LOG Summary txt for more detail quot I followed the link that was given to me and this is what it says Microsoft SQL Server OS Version Home Edition Service Pack Build Time Wed Feb Machine BALM Product Microsoft SQL Server Native Client Product Version Install Failed Log File C Program Files x Microsoft SQL Server Setup Bootstrap LOG Files SQLSetup BALM SNAC log Last Action IsPendingRebootKey Error String The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed Contact your support personnel for assistance Error Number -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BALM There was an unexpected failure during the setup wizard You may review the setup logs and or click the help button for more information SQL Server Setup failed For more information review the Setup log file in ProgramFiles Microsoft SQL Server Setup Bootstrap LOG Summary txt Time Wed Feb List of log files C Program Files x Microsoft SQL Server Setup Bootstrap LOG Files SQLSetup BALM Core log C Program Files x Microsoft SQL Server Setup Bootstrap LOG Files SQLSetup BALM Datastore xml C Program Files x Microsoft SQL Server Setup Bootstrap LOG Files SQLSetup BALM SNAC log C Program Files x Microsoft SQL Server Setup Bootstrap LOG Files SQLSetup BALM NET Framework log C Program Files x Microsoft SQL Server Setup Bootstrap LOG Summary txt Can someone please help me Thank you so much Ivy nbsp

A:MS Office Professional 2007 CD 2 Setup Wizard

uninstall sql server.
download a stand alone sql server 2005 express from ms website.
install that
then try to bcm install from the disk
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I am having some issues setting up outlook with hotmail and 2007.
I set up the email account in outlook manually using HTTP. But when I do a send/receive it causes an error. Any advice?

A:hotmail plus outlook 2007

Lets start out with assurance that it has been set up correctly.
Did you follow these guidlines?
Set Up and Add Hotmail Account in Microsoft Outlook 2007 ? My Digital Life
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I have Outlook 2007 installed on windows 7 ultimate on a 64 bit machine

I also have outlook connector installed but I cannot get outlook to connect to hotmail on post 110 on port 25

I get the following errors when either sending or receiving emails
Task '[email protected] - Sending' reported error (0x80042109) : 'Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

Task '[email protected] - Receiving' reported error (0x80042108) : 'Outlook cannot connect to your incoming (POP3) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

Help please

A:Outlook 2007 & Hotmail

Read this Configuring Hotmail, Live and MSN accounts
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I have a question about Outlook 2007 & hotmail. I am running Vista 32 bit Ultimate on my desktop & XP on my laptop. On the desktop when I set up a new account in Oulook 2007 from hotmail, all my folders in the hotmail account come into Outlook but they are empty. My inbox, sent and delete folders do work but all the ones I created in hotmail are empty. When I log into hotmail via the internet they are there and have archived emails in them. On my XP laptop all of the folders are there & have emails but I use Outlook 2003. One more piece of input I also have a account & all the folders created in that one come over to Outlook 2007 and have emails in them.

Don't know if this Vista,@hotmail, or Outlook 2007 related but any help/advice with this would be greatly appericated?

A:outlook 2007 with hotmail ?

Run this:

Download details: Microsoft Office Outlook Connector 12.1 Beta 2

It allows Live Hotmail access from Outlook 2007 and 2003. Both Free and Paid accounts.
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I've just put Windows 7 on laptop and tried reinstalling student version of Office Professional Plus 2007 (which was on there before but with Vista). It gets nearly halfway through installation before it says that it can't find setup.exe and asks me to browse folders to find where it is. I've tried looking but can't find it and so have to abort process.
Can anyone help?

A:Can't install Office Professional Plus 2007 - setup.exe error

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Was this a pre-installed version of Microsoft Office or do you have a DVD for it?

If it is a DVD you could try creating a new folder on your hard drive and copy the contents of the DVD to it, and then try to install it from there.

If it was pre-installed and you've installed Windows 7 instead of Vista the Office files may be missing or corrupted.

Was it a clean install of Windows 7 or an upgrade?

Have you checked to see if you have a Windows.old folder? If you have take a look in it and see what files are in there from your Vista installation.
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I've recently purchased a copy of Office 2007 Standard edition. Everytime I try to install it, windows gives me this error message: Setup did not complete successfully. We are sorry for the inconvenience. An error occured during the installation, and setup was unable to complete.

Now what? I tried a different CD-ROM, but it does the same thing. I only have one user license so I can't put it on another machine. I ran a checkdisk and that didn't help. Should I uninstall the trial of Office 2007 before installing Office 2007? I'm currently using Office 2003

Please help!

PS- This is NOT a trial version.

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When trying to install Microsoft Office 2007 H&S edition from the original disk to my computer, I get an error message that tells me that a file is either missing or corrupted, and I should try to re-run it from the original disk or download. But that's the thing, this is running from the original disk and it's still giving me this error.Screenshot of the error:Has anyone else had this problem? And how can I fix it?

A:Microsoft Office 2007 H&S won't setup from original disk

Try cleaning the disk with dish liquid and water, pat dry
See if that helps
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Here goes I'm trying to install 2007 Microsoft setup has Office during a problem encountered microsoft office initially it froze midway through installation so I rebooted Microsoft Office 2007 has encountered a problem during setup and tried to uninstall in the add remove program in the control panel but there was no option for Microsoft Office to remove So I tried to install Microsoft Office again but a pop-up message is shown Microsoft Office 2007 has encountered a problem during setup which says that quot Microsoft Office has encountered a problem during setup quot I google for possible options and here is what I found First verify that you cannot uninstall the Microsoft Office system by using Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features To verify that you cannot uninstall the Microsoft Office system by using Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features in Windows Vista follow these steps For Windows XP or Windows Server Click Start click Run type control appwiz cpl in the Open box and then press ENTER Click to select the Office system product from the application list and then click Remove For Windows Vista Click Start type prgrams and features in the Search box and then press ENTER Click to select the product to be uninstalled from the listing of installed products and then click Uninstall Change from the bar that displays the available tasks If you were able to uninstall the Microsoft Office system by using Add or Remove Programs you are finished If you were unable to uninstall the Microsoft Office system you may have issues with the Add or Remove Programs dialog box or some Microsoft Office components may not be uninstalled In these cases you may be unable to reinstall the Microsoft Office system Go to the next section to uninstall the Microsoft Office system by using an alternative method Back to the topIf Add or Remove Programs does not uninstall the Microsoft Office system use this alternative method to uninstallUse this method only if the Add or Remove Programs method did not work for you Using this method does not completely uninstall the Microsoft Office system After you use this method you can reinstall the Microsoft Office system Note You must be logged on to Windows with a user account that is a computer administrator to complete this method If this is your personal computer you are likely already logged on with an administrator account If this is a computer that is part of a network you might have to ask the system administrator for help To verify that you are logged on to Windows with a user account that is a computer administrator visit the following Microsoft Web site http support microsoft com gp admin http support microsoft com gp admin To uninstall the existing Microsoft Office system if you cannot uninstall it by using the Add or Remove Programs feature follow these steps Step Remove any remaining Windows Installer packages of the Microsoft Office system Click Start click Run type installer and then click OK This process opens the windir Installer folder On the View menu click Details Important To use the View menu in Windows Vista you must press the ALT key first to display the menu bar and then click the View menu On the View menu click Choose Details Click to select the Subject check box type in the Width of selected column in pixels box and then click OK Note It may take several minutes for the subjects to appear next to each msi file For Windows XP or Windows Server on the View menu point to Arrange icons by and then click Subject For Windows Vista on the View menu point to Sort By and then click Subject In Windows Vista a User Account Control dialog box may be displayed with the following warning An unidentified program wants access to your computer Click Allow when you see this warning message For each msi file where the subject is quot Microsoft Office Product Name quot right-click the msi file and then click Uninstall Note Product Name is a placeholder for the name of the Microsoft Office... Read more

A:Microsoft Office 2007 has encountered a problem during setup

Right click the relevant office shortcut, select the properties, click on the Compatibility tab and uncheck the 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:'...
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Hi folks Tearing my hair out with this and it s driving me Receiving outlook hotmail 2007 in nuts I have just recently bought a new windows laptop now windows bit Have installed office Standard bit on it and now I want to configure outlook to send receive my hotmail co uk account or is that now outlook com Either way I have scoured the internet and just cannot get it to work I could choose pop but then my mail accounts won t be synchronised across all my computers so I wanted to go the Receiving hotmail in outlook 2007 imap account If I do this and use the outlook com settings I can receive email just find but it will not send I ve tried the outlook connector Receiving hotmail in outlook 2007 and that makes no difference whatsoever I ve tried pop and that doesn t work I ve also tried imap and that doesn t work either I m blind and know what I m doing with computers and outlook is by far the most accessible program for me to access my email through What am I doing wrong and how can I sort this Many Thanks

A:Receiving hotmail in outlook 2007

It does not matter if you use POP3 or IMAP because when you send mail it depends on the smtp settings. I would recommend you use IMAP. It would be much better to use Outlook Connector that uses custom ActiveSync which should work.

Have you tried to uninstall and install the connector?

Remember Hotmail address will be the same if I say Email which includes the domains,, and other country ones as well.

Try the connecter with this link:
Use an account in Outlook - Outlook -

The other thing is this link:
Set up an email app with - Microsoft Windows Help

The answer you might be looking to is the correct SMTP setting:

Outgoing (SMTP) Server
Server address: Port: 25 (or 587 if 25 is blocked) Authentication: Yes Encrypted Connection: TLS User name: Your email address Password: Your password
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Hey guys,
i heard that outlook 2007 does not support free hotmail users.
is that true?
if it is, is there anyway to got around it?


A:Setting Hotmail For Outlook 2007

It was probably 12 months ago now that hotmail made the decision to cease support for outlook and outlook express and free email accounts. Their reason for this was to help eliminate spam email accounts. The only way around this is to pay the fee and then your account can be set as a POP3 through outlook or express. Oddly enough my hotmail account of 5 yrs still works as a freebie, but one of 3 yrs does not, so they may have had some sort of selection criteria in mind when doing all this.
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I am having the same problem on both my Windows Vista machines running Outlook 2007.

Periodically, a popup displays asking me to log in to our Hotmail accounts. The id's and passwords are already in the fill in boxes.
When I hit OK the popup displays again.

This usually takes 2 or 3 attempts before it stops.. Sometimes, it never comes back and I have to delete the accounts and recreate them to fix the problem.

This problem does not occur on our other accounts. Nor does it happen on my Windows XP machine running Outlook 2003.

Has anyone else had this problem? Did you find a solution?

A:Outlook 2007 and Hotmail problem

Do you have multiple access areas for these two counts. If they are saved is it possible it could be saved on another pc, even an older one?
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If anyone can shed any light on this, it would be great. I've been trying to get Outlook 2007 to work properly with my Hotmail account, and it doesn't seem to be able to keep it in sync very well. I'm using the Beta 2 Outlook Connector, which is supposed to have free Calendar sync, but it only seems to sync with the Calendar every once in a while, and when that works, the Mail actually syncs properly. When it doesn't work, the Mail doesn't sync either, even though Outlook is reporting successful connections to both Mail and Contacts.

Anyone know anything about this??
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I have been using Office for a while with no trouble I am using XP Pro with outlook inbox 2007 hotmail Can't Outlook see - connector for my hotmail account Last night I found that my computer restarted unexpectedly and thereafter I can t see my Hotmail inbox in Outlook At the top of the empty window the message says Outlook 2007 - Can't see hotmail inbox quot There are no items to show in this view quot When changing the current view to something else such as Unread messages Outlook 2007 - Can't see hotmail inbox in this Outlook 2007 - Can't see hotmail inbox folder - the line at the top says quot Cannot display information There is either a problem connecting to the server or an error occurred Try starting Microsoft Office Outlook again quot At the same time I get an error window quot The messaging interface has returned an unknown error If the problem persists restart Outlook quot Obviously I have restarted outlook and even restarted the computer several times - to no avail My pst file is local and I can see all local folders normally Also I have no problem managing my hotmail account online using explorer By the way I looked up this error message online and found that there is an abundance of problems that can cause this error message and various MS hotfixes I tried one that proved irrelevant Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp
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Hi guys, long time since I've been on here... anyhoo I have outlook office 2007 and during the set up it wouldnt take my hotmail account. SO I downloaded the hotmail connector and now when I try and star outlook it just wont go into the program. It gets stuck with the hotmail connector asking me or the password then it fails to load and shuts down.
Any idea how I can sort of resekt the whole outlook configuration and start again?

A:Cannot log into Outlook 2007 using hotmail connector


First of all check your login details (Password etc.) work on line: -

Then delete all the accounts in Outlook.

Now use the connector add-in to load the hotmail account back into Outlook. OK?
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i hv a problem. whenever i try 2 setup my microsoft outlook 2002 with my hotmail id it says: Task 'Hotmail: Folder: Inbox Synchronizing headers.' reported error (0x800CCCF6) : 'An unknown error has occurred. Please save any existing work and restart the program.'

ne help would be appreciated.
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Help! I have tried every method. I have read that MS article, tried removers, deleted any trace of office myself with registry workshop and removed any related folders. It just won't uninstall. I just hear a noise from the floppy and then the error shows up. Help!
Meantime I am downloading Open Office

A:Microsoft office enterprise 2007 encountered an error during setup

Have you tried this?

If so, and you still cannot remove it, please answer a few questions: What is the exact error? What are your system specifications?
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this is venkatesh,i have a problem with my office 2007,i installed 0ffice2007 in my pc 2 months back,10 days back i couldnt open any msoffice file then i uninstalled 0ffice 2007,but the files are appering with msoffice only,then i am trying to install office 2007 again that time i found an eror "microsoft office professional plus 2007 encountered an error during setup",pls help me,i am using windows xp,office 2007 is having key but does not require activation.

thanks in advance..........

A:microsoft office professional plus 2007 encountered an error during setup

Manual uninstall of Office:
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Hello every body,
I am deploiying a new operating systems on new products, i must preinstall all applications, and utilities to the end user,
I need "Microsoft office suite Activation assistance setup".
If there is someone who can help me where can i download this utility please, thanks again.

A:Microsoft office suite Activation assistance setup 2007.
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I am operating on Vista Home Premium, 32 bit, SP2. I recently purchased a licensed copy of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007. I uninstalled all previous versions of office (Office 2000) before attempting to install the new software. During installation, I encountered the following error message:

Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly component {74FD3CE6-2A8D-OE9C-A01F-C8B3B9A1E18E}. HRESULT: 0x8007041D.


A:Error occured during setup of MS Office Home & Student 2007

Hello, try running Ccleaner latest version and get rid of temp files and such and then reboot computer and try to do another clean install of the program .
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Dear tech Support Team,

i use ms outlook to get my emails, by default when i make a new email i just type first letter from any email address the remain appears alone.

now, i want to move my emails and contacts to another PC, i did it, but a problem appears with contacts, i can see all contacts list in my contacts folder but when i made a new email and typing the first letter the remain address doesn't appear, why???

best regards
moussa bahsoun,

A:MS OUTLOOK, for Office 2003 & Office 2007

You need to copy the Nickname cache, the .Nk2 files from your old computer to your new one. Here is a tutorial. Copy the AutoComplete list to another computer - Outlook
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Does anyone have a solution on how to export my personal folders in Hotmail to Outlook 2007? The messages and inbox/deleted folders is not a problem but cannot bring the my other folders to Outlook. Thanks for your help
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I have been serarching all day for some help! I have a new laptop with Vista. I downloaded a trial version on Office 2007 Standard. I ended up buying Professional. I uninstalled the Standard version, but Professional will still not allow me to install Outlook. I went through the registry and deleted everything I could find with outlooks name on it.... and I still can not get Outlook to download. Can anyone help??


A:Office 2007 Professional Won't Install Outlook- No Current Outlook Installed

I did not think that they still had outlook i thought they replaced it with Windows Mail
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Hello,I have been serarching all day for some help! I have a new laptop with Vista. I downloaded a trial version on Office 2007 Standard. I ended up buying Professional. I uninstalled the Standard version, but Professional will still not allow me to install Outlook. I went through the registry and deleted everything I could find with outlooks name on it.... and I still can not get Outlook to download. Can anyone help??THANK YOU SO MUCH!MelissaMod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Office 2007 Professional Won't Install Outlook- No Current Outlook Installed this quote"You will also need to uninstall Business Contact Manager from the Office suite as well, then rerun setup and make Outlook available."
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Windows 7/Office 2007. I just installed Office 2007 on a brand new HP Laptop running W7 64bit. When click on a URL in an email, I get the following error message, "MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK. This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". This also happened when clicking on an "Unsubscribe" link in a different email. Can someone please tell me how to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Outlook/Office 2007 - cannot launch url in an email in Outlook

Here's the solution:
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I keep getting an error saying that "Microsoft Office Small Buisiness 2007 has encountered an error during setup" when trying to install Office '07, the installer goes halfway and then just goes to that screen. No error code, just a dummy message. Thanks Microsoft.

It was installed earlier, but Outlook started acting funny, so I tried to uninstall, it wouldn't so I had to manually uninstall it, and now it won't reinstall.

I can give more details later. It's REALLY late right now.

A:Microsoft Office Small Buisiness 2007 Has Encountered An Error During Setup
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Hi guys,
I have got a laptop with a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro x64 on it. When I try to install Office 2007 Enterprise or Office Pro Plus 2010 on it the setup tries to start but then crashes with "Microsoft Office Setup has stopped working". This occurs when it actually tries to install, I can go through entering CD key, choosing install location and what to install no problem.
I have tried installing from a downloaded ISO as well in case the disks were in bad condition but exactly the same issue occured.
Any help much appreciated.

A:"Microsoft Office Setup has stopped working" 2007/2010 on Windows 7

Please download MiniToolBox by Farbar to your Desktop and run it.
Check-mark the following boxes:
List last 10 Event Viewer Errors
List Installed Programs
List Devices – Only Problems
List Users, Partitions and Memory size
Click Go and copy and paste the contents of the log (Result.txt) into your reply.
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I'm having trouble installing my authentic copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate. I use Windows Vista Business, and everything else runs ok. The install fails approximately 20% into the process, and shows the message:

Error 2203. An internal error has occurred. (C:\Windows\Installer\986af5.msi - 2147287008) Contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for assistance. Following this message are some instructions on how to contact PSS.

I have noticed the file name changes each time - might this mean that setup gets a little further each time I attempt the installation?

Would appreciate any assistance on this matter. Thanks in advance!


A:Solved: Office 2007 - Setup failure - Error code 2203

Hey All,

Just FYI, The error was being caused by my anti-virus software interfering. I happen to use CA anti-virus, and simply snoozing this application was sufficient to allow setup to proceed.


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How do MS Office Outlook Hotmail Connector updates and notifications work When i opened Outlook on my primary PC a day or two ago a message popped up saying i needed a new version I accepted and updated Office Connector updates MS Hotmail Outlook the version - no problems From what i found a new version was recently released Today I started Outlook on my Test Backup PC to update this and I don't get the quot New MS Office Outlook Hotmail Connector updates Version popup quot It seems the Hotmail connector does not get updated with quot normal quot Windows updates I do have MS updates set to notify me of updates but i choose when to download and install All options are checked for recommended optional etc It looks like Outlook may or may not notify about an update needed Secunia PSI v doesn't list the Hotmail connector so no help there I'm guessing i can download the latest version and install it I'd really like a reliable way to know when a new version is available and get a notification Here's the info for my latest version Thanks David

A:MS Office Outlook Hotmail Connector updates

I found an MS post and the new version available popup in Outlook is the way this update is handled.

On my Test box i don't have an automatic send/receive.
A send/receive is needed to get the New Version message.
I did a manual send/receive and got the New Version message.
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Hi, if a machine is using Outlook Connector with Outlook 2007 to access a Hotmail account, is it possible that an email coming in to Hotmail can then be opened and replied to from within Outlook 2007 and then not appear again in the Hotmail account. (i.e. can the incoming and reply emails be deleted in Outlook 2007 without ever appearing in Hotmail again?)

A:Is Permanent Deletion of An Email Possible in Outlook 2007 & Hotmail

Lang5184, Welcome to the windows 7 forum.

Email is forever
Most probably not as Hotmail keeps stuff. You have to log onto your Hotmail account directly and then delete the email and empty the trash.

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Hi I ve put my Hotmail account through my Outlook but with good (includes Rules Anyone hotmail) any Outlook 2007 it shows up as a separate account instead of in the Personal Folders fair enough but I can t edit the sub-folders or create them in that account so I ve moved all the sub-folders to the Personal Folders So what I ve done is set up a rule from my Hotmail account inbox which should forward any e-mails to my inbox in my Personal Folders account but I ve just sent an e-mail from my work e-mail address and it pops up in my Hotmail account and doesn t forward to my inbox in the Personal Folders account Hopefully that makes sense can anyone help with why it s not forwarding or any better solutions of what I m trying to do The rule is Apply this rule after the message arrives through Anyone any good with Outlook 2007 Rules (includes hotmail) the email protected account Anyone any good with Outlook 2007 Rules (includes hotmail) and on this machine Anyone any good with Outlook 2007 Rules (includes hotmail) only move it to the inbox folder Thanks nbsp

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Recently I have configured my Hotmail Live email account in Outlook 2007 through POP account wizard. All of my inbox mails got downloaded but my personal folders (Sent, Jobs, Family, Finance, etc.) were not configured / downloaded.

I understand that by installing Outlook Connector I can download personal folders. But I dont want to install Connector as I see people have many problems with that.

I would appreciate if anyone can guide me as how can I download personal folders without installing connector.
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I am using Vista Ultimate - All Updates Outlook - All Updates and Outlook Connector - Outlook - Errors Connector x64 - 2007 - Vista - Hotmail Current Download and a Hotmail Plus email account In the past I had no problems accessing my multiple hotmail email account in Outlook with the help of Outlook Connector Now I Outlook 2007 - Connector - Vista x64 - Hotmail - Errors am having lots os Issues the biggest one is that there are Constant Errors trying to Sync my Hotmail Outlook 2007 - Connector - Vista x64 - Hotmail - Errors account with Outlook When I use Outlook Connector the Calender willnot sync Also once I have made changes to the inbox ie deleted emails sometimes they reapear next time I open Outlook I called Microsoft last night and they told me I don't need to use Outlook Connector to get my emails just set up email as http and enter all the settings This seems to work ok but when I send messages they don't stay in my hotmail sent folder but go right to my personal folder sent folder I can live with this Also the Live Calender is not visible also not a problem I don't use it I use the Outlook Calender Problem is that Outlook tries to install Outlook Connector the next time I open Outlook Also without Outlook Connector it will not download all the emails in the inbox automatically unless I click on each Outlook 2007 - Connector - Vista x64 - Hotmail - Errors one
Relevancy 66.65%

I have cable voice phone and internet with Comcast Do not know if I need to post three different threads or if they are connected or what I have a Vista Business Pro desktop computer gig ram When I click on ie on desktop it takes me to my homepage of www comcast net I stay logged in but email indicator was not working Clicked on mail button and got error box quot you 2007 accessing mail hotmail, Outlook Problem ISP and are not logged in as administrator on this computer Try logging Problem accessing hotmail, ISP mail and Outlook 2007 out and back in quot I rebooted and still didn't work Contacted Comcast and they said to not make them my homepage and put link in address bar instead I put www msn com as my homepage When it went to that the whole page froze Did task manager and shut it down It keeps happening Now I cannot check either comcast or hotmail email So I changed my homepage to yahoo com I can check mail there but still cannot at comcast or hotmail Hotmail still freezes I have cleared cache and cookies dailly I also since got sp for Microsoft Office cannot get Outlook Express to work Get error box stating quot cannot open outlook quot I have gone into accounts for can open it up from start-programs-and my comcast addy is there But I cannot open it up if I click a link to email Get the error message What do I do about hotmail mail which I've had since and outlook Should I uninstall sp for microsoft office It worked before the upgrade Thanks
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I am facing this major problem and I am desperate for a solution and I belive a few people are facing the same problem.

As many of you know that outlook 2007 was working perfectly with hotmail 2007 until sept 2009. After that Microsoft released a new version of connector that worked fine with vista and outlook 2007. However, the problem is still persisting for outlook 2007 on vista 64. I appreciate any help ...
Many thanks
Relevancy 66.22%


I recently migrated to outlook 2007 from outlook express. I have a few problem and hope that someone can help

1) Is there anyway that outlook can display jepg contects like OE, without opening the attacement?

2) Is there a 'Global" setup (rather than setting for each folder):
- viw->arrange by-> show in group -- (I do NOT want show in group)
- remove catagory filed in message list
- remove flag in message list

etc etc

Thank you very much
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I m having a problem email in Can't Outlook 2007 setup setting up an email account for a friend and would like some advice I have tried to set up a new POP mail account on a friend amp s computer and can t get it to work Can't setup email in Outlook 2007 He has just had a Can't setup email in Outlook 2007 new machine Win and is running a new setup of Office Currently he only uses hotmail as his mail program but wants to setup a conventional address in Outlook which until now has not been used Having put in Can't setup email in Outlook 2007 all of the new email account info and running a test on the account settings we are getting messages that can t connect to the server If I put the exact same settings into my Outlook the test settings work fine and a test message is sent There is absolutely no difference in settings and he is connected to the internet The only thing I have noticed is that in the Test Account settings box the first line on my machine is Establish Network Connection - Completed followed by Find Outgoing Mail Server - Completed On his machine when we run the test setting there is no mention of Establish Network Connection his first line being Log onto Mail Outgoing Server - Completed Any suggestions would be really welcome nbsp

Relevancy 64.5%

How do you setup outlook 2007 so it isn't an open server. I'm trying to get back on to a forum that uses the blacklist check and these 3 come up., and This is what they use for checking Blacklist Check
Relevancy 64.07%

I am using Outlook 2007 on a 64 bit Vista Home Premium. The problem started about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Until then it has been working ok for almost 1 year. The problem is that when an appointment in my calender is due the notification window pops up and the are two (2) notices for the same event. I have looked everywhere in Outlook setop, configs for a fix. I have searched online, Google, for answers, no luck. The only change/addition to my system has been Microsoft patches for the OS and Office 2007. I have checked the calendar to see if there are multiple entries and there are not. It happens with every calendar item. Example; in the calendar, Meeting 9 am with client at 9:30. The popup open 15 minutes before the meeting and there are two statements exactly the same. When I delete one of the events the other one is deleted at the same time.

Relevancy 64.07%

OK, so this is whats happened. I installed it , repaired outlook 2007 a few times, but everytime i start it, it runs the office installer again.

A:Office 2007-Outlook

If you have multiple versions of Word installed on the computer, the Windows Installer may start when you start Microsoft Office Word 2007. And, a message that states that Windows Installer is preparing to install Word may be displayed. You may receive this message before Word starts.

The Windows Installer runs whenever the version of Word that you start is not the one that is registered.

More info in link below...

Try uninstalling any version of Office or any single office apps and reinstall 2007 after a reboot.

Also disable any antivirus/antispyware/antimalware and any firewall programs also before you attempt reinstall.
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Hello there, I am Currently lloking for help with a few areas so here we go.

I wish to change the defalt template and with the new template i would like it to appear each time i reply and start a new message. The template would also have to have the business logo, name address, etc... How would i gop about doing this?

Next i wish to change the reply address of one of my email accounts as I am using it for outgoing mail only. SDo the reply mail would have to be "forced" to my other account. Both of these are sync'd with outlook 2007.

Any help would be good =]



A:Help with Office Outlook 2007

Default template:

I don't understand your second question. I recall that (I have 2010 now) changing the reply email was simply an option in the setting of that account. If so, that's here:
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I am user MS 2007 Outlook Office of Window with MS Office Outlook I m facing problem to MS Office Outlook 2007 open Outlook I have face following First error apears quot MS Outlook can not be opned window cannot MS Office Outlook 2007 open the MS office outlook quot I have try to open window in 'safe mode' and try to open outlook but same error apears then I start window in normal mode and open outlook New message error apears this time 'outlook failed to start corectly last time starting outlook in safe mode will help you correct or isolate a startup problem MS Office Outlook 2007 in order to successfuly start the problem some functionallity may be disable in this mode do you want to start outlook in saft mode yes no ' I choose yes mode to carry on New message error apears 'MS office outlook has stop working' window can check online for a solution to the problem the next time you go online and try to recover your information and restart the programe' with two option Check online for solution and restart the programe Restart the programe I took option and face the error 'outlook failed to launch in safe mode do you want to start dedect and repair' I try to repair it and see follwoing message 'the window installer service could not be access this can occure if the window installer is not correctly installed' Please help me what to do so that i can recover my email data

A:MS Office Outlook 2007

Depending on how you setup your outlook, hopefully your e-mails are still stored on the e-mail server your outlook downloaded/copied them from.

Your e-mails will be saved in a .pst file (I think).

You should be able to search for these files on your system and back them up (attempt access later).

If you have the Microsoft Office install CD, you should be able to reinstall outlook without losing your data. I suggest you backup your files first though (contacts and the .pst).

Using your Windows 7, you can just click the start globe/button and search for Contacts and .pst to find the files.

Hope this makes sense.
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Hallo Ik heb een klein probleempje met outlook Ik heb aucounts op mijn laptop met verschillende smtp servers En een hotmailaccount via outlookconnector Nou wilde ik een mail outlook 2007 office beantwoorden maar dat ging via het verkeerde acount die het op deze plaats niet doet dus een foutmelding daarna van account gewisseld en toen werd het gewoon verstuurd outlook office 2007 Maar sindsdien krijg ik elke keer een foutmelding onder in de statusbalk van outlook dat het bericht niet verstuurd kan worden Er zit niks meer in mijn postvak uit Hoe is dat op te lossen Himpie English Hi I have a little problem with outlook I have aucounts on my laptop with different smtp servers And a hotmail account through outlook connector Well I wanted an email reply but went through the wrong acount that this place does not so an error then changed to account and then it was just sent But since then every time I get an error message in the status bar of Outlook that the message can not be sent There's nothing in my outbox How can that be solved Himpie

A:outlook office 2007


As per our forum rules, please either post in English or post an English translation along with your post.



Per onze forum regels, gelieve dan achteraf in het Engels of post een Engels vertaling samen met uw post.

Google Translate
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 87206 MB; D: Total - 152625 MB, Free - 57377 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., G31M-S2L, x.x,
Antivirus: Sunbelt VIPRE, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

When receiving e mails the mail goes to sent items folder instead of inbox folder.
How do I rectify this?

A:Outlook- Office 2007

Go to tools > options > mail setup tab and email accounts button. There is a change folder button.
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Hi I am experiencing a problem when setting up Microsoft Outlook to connect with an exchange email account I have created a new exchange account online and upon opening Outlook I am prompted to create a new user I have done so and now it asks me to enter my details which I have done but it fails to find my account encrypted or unencrypted and so asks me if Setup 2007 Solved: Microsoft Outlook Problem I wish to set it up manually So I have gone into this and found the exact information I need e g the exchange server name and Solved: Microsoft Outlook 2007 Setup Problem user name These are right but yet when I click Solved: Microsoft Outlook 2007 Setup Problem on the check name box it gives me the following message The action Solved: Microsoft Outlook 2007 Setup Problem cannot be completed The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action It then lets me go no further On the Internet fine and I ve been trying to fix it for days It is not my address because I ve tried to set up other new users and encountered the same problem with their addresses Please help if you can it s getting quite urgent to fix it Thanks Rob nbsp
Relevancy 64.07%

In a previous topic on BC a badly messed Outlook keeps wanting reinstallation after 2007 exchange setup up situation left me no choice but to back up data and reinstall Vista When I went to reinstall Office Standard I discovered the cd case was empty Since Best Buy installed the software when the pc was first bought I had never checked inside the case before A guy from the work gave me one of the company's Outlook 2007 keeps wanting exchange setup after reinstallation install cd's for the same version and he told me to just use my product key when I installed it I did and it all seemed fine until I went to use Outlook for the first time It wanted me to select from one of our company's exchange server locations I cancelled out hoping I could get into Outlook and manually enter my pop amp smtp settings but no-go It won't even let me in to Outlook as it wants me to set up the exchange server So I called Microsoft and paid for a replacement cd It has arrived but it is doing the same thing It keeps wanting to access an OST file and won't let me get in Does this mean the one from work didn't uninstall completely I found a removal tool on their site http support microsoft com kb but would like some advice before I use it Thanks very much for any ideas

A:Outlook 2007 keeps wanting exchange setup after reinstallation

One would not think that a fresh install of Outlook would know anything about your office exchange servers.
Is this a laptop? Has it ever been taken to your office and connected to the exchange server there?

Try uninstalling it with the tool. Then reinstall and do a custom install. Watch closely during the install and see if it prompts you to do a network install. (I have not installed Outlook 2007 for a while so I am not sure that it does)
See if you can just do a local installation

Hope that helps.
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I have this program on one computer. How do I move it, with its saved emails to other computers?

I don"t remember pass or user.



A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

You'll need the installation CD/DVD to install on another machine and you'll need a license that can be used. All emails, contacts, etc is saved to PST files. If you don't know the location, search the boot volume for *.pst and you should find them.
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I am unable to solve the popping up of the message " Enter Network Password" on my email

A:Microsoft office outlook 2007

This is your Email password to enter your Email account for your Email provider (Internet Service Provider or ISP?) Check that your Email settings are correct by contacting your ISP or google Email Settings for your ISP for Outlook 2007.
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Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong place but im new here

I am running Windows 7 Home premium, I have reciently started having problems opening links in outlook which is anoying as I am having to right click , copy and paste the link into a fresh browser. Please help!!!


A:Office outlook 2007 problem

Im running Office 2007 BTW
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Going from W7 to W10 with MS Outlook is really dragging. Anyone else?

A:MS Office Outlook 2007 Slow on W10

Originally Posted by capri3156

Going from W7 to W10 with MS Outlook is really dragging. Anyone else?

No. I have MS Office Home & Student 2007 installed and no issues.
Maybe you want to run a Repair option on your MS 2007 ?
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Thank you very much for your time. I do have another question regarding Office Outlook 2007 that I hope you can answer. This is the message that I get every time I open Outlook. I know how to change profiles in Mail Setup, my problem is I have no idea as to what is a profile is or where to get one , can you help? The profile at the momemt is set at "outlook" the default profile. If I leave it at that how do I get rid of the message appearing every time I open Outlook.

A:question regarding Office Outlook 2007

Welcome to Seven Forums alwyn. Did you downgrade from Outlook 2010 for instance? Here is a way to just delete the profile key in your registry if you don't want to go through the trouble of creating a new profile.

The mail profile was created with a newer version of Outlook |

Always a good idea to backup the registry just in case, but seems very straight forward. There is a download for using the default Outlook profile name as well, so you don't have to edit manually.

Registry - Backup and Restore

A Guy

P.S. Downloaded the reg file and scanned it, all is safe. Looked at the file and it is legit. Just download, double click on it, ok when asks if want to merge. I would restart PC after just to make sure.
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PLEASE HELP. My computer runs on Vista. When I try to open my out look, I get the following message: Cannot start MS Office Outlook. Cannot open the outlook Window. The set of folders cannot be opened. Errors have been detected in the file. C:\users\Bruce\AppData\Local\Microsoft\outlook\outlook.pst. Quit Outlook and all mail enabled applications and then use the Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) to diagnose and repair errors in the file. For more information abiut Inbox Repair Tool, see Help.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Run the scanpst utility as directed.
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In event viewer I'm getting the following Failed to get the crawl Scope Manger with error=0x80070002. I've got 4 of these in a row with one being event 34 and the others event 35.

A:MS Office 2007 OutLook Mail

Quote: Originally Posted by squid13

In event viewer I'm getting the following Failed to get the crawl Scope Manger with error=0x80070002. I've got 4 of these in a row with one being event 34 and the others event 35.

Hi squid13, Welcome to SF,

It sound like an issue with Windows Desktop Search. I found a fix in MSDN Forums

Let this an let us know how it goes

Hope that helps
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I'm having problems with Office Outlook 2007. Error message is The data file "Personal Folders" was not closed properly.
So far I restarted several times and I did a system restore . . nothing worked for me.
How do I fix this?

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

i have moved to Business Applications

You should close outlook and than repair the personal folders PST file - using ScanPST.exe

what windows version are you using ?

here is the locations for the scan tool

Do you know the location of your Personal Folders PST file ?
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After using outlook 2007 for a couple of months, I am now receiving the message "cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook". I am running VISTA. Any suggestions?

A:microsoft office outlook 2007

Have you tried a repair install?
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Hi, i am using firefox and internet explorer 8, at the moment i am using gmail as my email client in firefox, but nothing in internet explorer. i have setup windows live mail,but i dont like it, so i want to setup outlook 2007, can i use outlook 2007 asa my email client in internet explorer 8,and gmail in firefox? Thank you.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Just as you are able to use different browsers, you are also able to use different email clients, although only one of these can be the default. As I only have IE, I cannot say whether or not you can have a different default client for each browser. I would also check that you can access the web interface version for you emails just in case you have problems with either or both email clients.
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can anybody help me, please. I can`t open Microsoft Outlook. Bellow is the message i get on the screen.
Thank you

" Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. "

A:microsoft office outlook 2007

try this Start->run..then type the following -> "Outlook.exe /resetnavpane
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I have just installed Office 2007 Pro over Office XP Pro and now cannot open Outlook, it starts automatically and says it is configuring and migrating the data but it goes nowhere-not responding. The first attached screenshot shows the message received when first starting Outlook and the second screenshot shows the next Outlook screen, it doesn't matter if you try and open in the Safe mode as it suggests or not, the result is the same-not responding. Every thing seems to be stuck in "neutral," the program stops responding.

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This may be a stupid question but here goes.

Is it possible to have more than one out of office reply?

I want to be able to have a standard reply to go to the boss and a different one to go to anyone else.

A:Solved: Outlook 2007 Out of office

Have you looked under Tools | Out of Office Assistant.. ?? You can setup custom rules in there so if you get messages from specific people you can reply with a custom template.

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Running office 2007 outlook and when I get an email with with a highlited web address in
it I click on the address and I get the following error "this operation has been canceled due
to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator." I am
the system administrator and cant find out what I could possibly have changed to effect that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:vista and office 2007 outlook

That's a typical sign of a Group Policy in place. Start checking there.

Even Admins get locked out by GP's.
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Running Office Pro Plus 2007 on Windows Vista and I am trying to open Office Outlook. When it tries to open, it completly shuts down and prompts the following message??? I tried to find the repair tool do diagnose and cannot find anywhere. Can anyone help me?

Thank You,


A:2007 Microsoft Office Outlook ??

Please do not cross-post. One post per issue is sufficient. I responded in your other post.
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I'm running Office 2007 (inc. Outlook) on Vista Home Premium. I'm finding the programs pretty unstable, in particular Outlook, although I've had a similar problem in Word too. It doesn't actually SAY it crashes, but the screen goes weird and I end up having to kill off Outlook via the Task Manager and then restart the program.

Is there something I can do to reduce this happening? It's rather frustrating on a brand-new machine.

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I am running XP home and office When I try to access e-mails Outlook stops responding I am getting this message in the crashing MS Office - keeps outlook 2007 error report EventType officelifeboathang P outlook exe P P ntdll dll P I have tried reverting the drive MS Office 2007 - outlook keeps crashing via system restore and this may or MS Office 2007 - outlook keeps crashing may not clear the problem but only for a short time I have tried repairing outlook from the installation disc and again this may or may not work When it does it is again only for a short time may be a couple of hours at most I have tried removing outlook via the installation disc and restarting followed by reinstalling Again this will work for a short time but will quickly revert to Not responding I am running AVG full paid version I allow the computer to automatically update from the MS website both on the operating system and for office I am running SP I would be grateful for some advice as to how to proceed Thanks in anticipation Grant Taylor

A:MS Office 2007 - outlook keeps crashing

Worth a look, .

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Totally confused:
xp proSP3 installed with all updates. regular restore points made. MS Office suite 2007 with all updates. I have ADMINISTRATOR & INGOLF to log on. Until 2 weeks ago I could send and receive with outlook from both accounts.
I had IE8 open one day and hit the flag "read mail" - it opened outlook 2007.
Then never again could I open under INGOLF - only under ADMINISTRATOR.
Under INGOLF INBOX opens in the taskbar - e-mail gets received - but I cannot open it.
Can start in safe mode though.
Tried re-install and repair option Repair found no problem.
Restore did not change anything.
Registry cleaners - no change.
Anynody any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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Hi, am wondering if any one can help me with this problem. Actually, there are 2 problems I need help with.

I am using Vista with office 2007. When the PC has been left on for a while, my email (outlook) won't open. Well, when I say it won't open, I mean it will open and load up the main template, but will disapear within about a second and close. When I place my curser on the icon in my task bar, that also disapears. This will happen until I re-boot the PC, and then it will work fine again.

Any ideas?

Also, I'm getting 4 random left mouse clicks every 30 seconds. Although these mouse clicks are not opening any thing, I'm getting th sound, plus it stops any typing that I may be doing. I'm using a logitech cordless mouse. I would tell you which model but that has rubbed off through the amount of browsing that I do, lol.

A:Microsoft Office 2007 Outlook

For Outlook, it is possible something is hanging - antivirus or anti-spam addin, or a module of the program itself, etc. I would first suggest checking your Task List (CTR+ALT+DEL) for additional instances of Outlook which would indicate the program is not closing properly.

You can try repairing your installation of Office, using the install CD. If that does not work, you can try disconnecting your computer from the Internet, and uninstalling both Office and your antivirus software. Reinstall Office first, then your antivirus. See if that fixes the issue.
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Is there any way I can access my work email currently on MS Office Outlook 2007 to my Blackberry? How can I do the install on Blackberry and is it even possible to do it myself without having to ask our IT guys here at work?


A:MS Office Outlook 2007 to Blackberry

No, you can't do it yourself. Assuming your company uses Microsoft Exchange to host e-mail, they need to set up your account on the Blackberry Enterprise server and give you access to it.
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Does anyone know how to stop the automatic update of contacts within Outlook 2007? Whenever I recieve an E-Mail, if the sender of the E-Mail is not already in my contact list, Outlook 2007 is adding that sender automatically to my contacts. I want to be able to have control over what is and what is not addded to my contact list. Thanks!
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Hi I am having troubles with outlook everytime I open outlook it disenguages the internet and I recieve no email and then cannot access the browser without a reboot.

I am not sure what has happened as outlook use to work fine. One time I went to the web address and viewed the emails and then the next time I tried outlook it worked. Now back to the same problem and that method did not work the second time

Any ideas would be appreciated thanks Wayne
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Office Outlook 2007 will not open. If it does open I get this message . . The data file "Personal Folders" was not closed properly.
What can I do to clear this problem?
Relevancy 63.64%

I just installed Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Plus. Every office program has the office button on the top left corner except outlook 2007. Why is that? Is there a way i can get the button there?
Relevancy 63.21%

Hi, I have just installed outlook 2007 on my vista home PC but unable to configure my gmail account. tried all stuff from the web but no luck. I am sure there is nothing to do with email settings I am entering as using same I am able to setup email on other systems with similar office. Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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I've searched for a solution to this and am having no luck so far but my old hp laptop has just died and although I had bought the full MS office outlook 2007 prog and although still have the activation key but it doesn't work with new trial downloads.

Am I being dumb and the license is only for the one use on one laptop ever? Because thats hardly reasonable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I hit a brickwall with outlook help.
I have had to download MS office 2007 and not just the outlook portion. Could that be the reason? I can't find the individual program as a download. I originally paid for the trial version on the hp to be activated.

A:Migrating MS office Outlook 2007 to a new laptop

What is this "Activation Key" that you have?

On all of the machines that I have install Office including Outlook, all that is required is the KEY code on installation, and then use the Activate wizard within and Office product. This wizard will always pop up on the first start of any Office product.

Yes, some versions of MS products are limited to only one machine, but when you do a activation, there is a phone number in which you can call and explain that you are moving to a new machine and they (Microsoft) will help you out.
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I have multiple mailboxes in my Office 2007 (Office Enterprise 2007). Can someone help me to setup an out of office message in only one of the mailboxes?

Thank you in advance,

Relevancy 62.78%

Hi Guys
This is my first post in this forum, of hopefully many more. I'm an IT Manager in Johannesburg South Africa.

I would like to know if it's possible to send a mailer to all staff members from Outlook with a form format.

It should have drop down menus, and a comment bar for problems experienced.

What my aim is, is to get feedback from staff on the applications they are using with a rating plus a comment box for each related topic.

If someone could guide me on how this goes I'm sure I will figure it out.

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When I open Outlook ( running under XP) I get the error message " The data file "Personal Folders" was not closed properly. The file is being checked for problems."

What is ( not) happening and does anyone know how I can sort it ?


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I recently removed admin rights from our end user computers XP Pro- bit Everything works great using the quot run as quot option except for Outlook That option doesn t seem to be available for Outlook Whenever a user launches they receive an error message stating quot Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook quot The only way to get Outlook to launch is to return local admin rights All other Office products work We are using an Exchange server though it is in another office and I do not have access to it The end Cannot Office 2007 Outlook Microsoft start users have full control access to C Documents and Settings user name Application Data Microsoft Office and C Documents and Settings user name Local Settings Application Data Microsoft Outlook I also granted Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 them access to HKLM Software Microsoft Office Is there anything else I Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 need to give them access to Any other ideas I completed the installation of Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 the software with admin rights and am only now taking them away I thought maybe there was an Active Directory issue here since I inherited our current PDC and the associated AD accounts but it s happening on all new users too Can t find anything helpful about this on Google Thanks nbsp

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Have you tried creating another profile in Outlook?
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Hi all,
I'm experimenting on how to get Office 2003 and Office 2007 to co-exist on the same computer.
Setup: Vista Biz 32bit. Office 2003 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook). Office 2007(Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, NO OUTLOOK)

Each component in the suite run ok.
I have added the registry entries for Word2K3 and Word2K7 so they don't auto-register every time you launch.
(reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Word\Options /v NoReReg /t
eg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\Options /v NoReReg /t

My problem is when I try composing a test message in outlook 2003, it thinks word 2003 is not installed.
We're using an open source Exchange server (Scalix) whose version (11.0)does not support Outlook 2007.

Any insights?

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I currently have MS Office Pro installed on desktop running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

I'd like to install MS Office Pro 2013 in order to update Word but I don't want to overwrite my Outlook 2007 with Outlook 2013. Is this possible? If so, what should I look for or do during installation?

My thanks,

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In Windows 7 Dell studio laptop, Office 2007 SP2 is failing.
I installed Office Ultimate followed by SP1 and SP2.
It didnt throw up any error during the installation.
But in the list of installed updates, SP2 shows up as failed.

I am not sure if it is related or not. But Outlook keeps hanging once it runs for sometime. This happened once to Excel also once.

IE also keeps
I almost feel like reverting back to Vista.

A:Office 2007 SP2 failing; Outlook hanging.

Quote: Originally Posted by suryabalaji

In Windows 7 Dell studio laptop, Office 2007 SP2 is failing.
I installed Office Ultimate followed by SP1 and SP2.
This happened once to Excel also once.

IE also keeps
I almost feel like reverting back to Vista.

Welcome to the forum.
If possible perform the following function:Click on Action Center
Drop down the Maintainance menu.
View the reliability history.
Select the day that you had the appfailure
click on the red warning button and you will see the report that indicates the failure.
On the bottom left of your screen you will see a paste to clpboard function. click it and paste it here so we may review.
I suspect you may be experiencing an "APPCRASH" event.
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hello , i have facing some problem with my ms office outlook 2007 , every time when i open outlook , they will appear "Enter Network Password" . After put the correctly password , the task appear again.But for sure , i already put the 100% correct password.but still failed , same task "Enter Network Password" appear again.anybody can i help , really need it.
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I'm sorry if this topic has been thrashed but I couldn't find an answer..... when I click on the calendar in ms outlook it won't open and freezes outlook completely. I have to force outlook to shut but calendar still doesn't work.. I would appreciate some help please.

A:office outlook 2007 calendar won't open

try tools options make sure calander is ticked as default, try tools options use alternative calander, try help..detect/repair

try start type Outlook /cleanviews enter
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hi I - stopped working outlook office has 2007 just spent days tearing my hair out on a problem with Outlook Aside from it crashing sporatically ever since it was installed it finally stopped working with Vista telling outlook has stopped working - office 2007 me that quot outlook has stopped outlook has stopped working - office 2007 working quot and closes the app With all the research I did on the web the proposed solutions were to scan the ost and pst files and repair any errors scanpst scanost included apps with outlook turn off DEP remove installed add-ons for Outlook run Office diags I did all the above and nothing helped with the problem so after finding out that there was a sync problem with exchange server I wanted to detail this somewhere on a forum for others to know about once I took out the exchange account and used a pop account it worked again but of course I don t have the features of exchange bummer here is basically what I wrote to MS There is a problem with Outlook that crashes when connected to exchange server k I have the latest version of Outlook installed The application would terminate when attempting to sync with the exchange server quot microsoft office outlook has stopped working quot would appear and then outlook is terminated OST was reset but did not fix the problem OST was also scanned for errors but did not fix the problem once the exchange account was deleted and I setup a pop account Outlook worked fine Outlook had worked with exchange up till a few days ago there were a few prior crashes after update but the application still started after however Outlook would not come up So for now I am using a pop account until the issues with exchange server are fixed in OUtlook nbsp

A:outlook has stopped working - office 2007

I was pleasantly surprised to get a response from a Microsoft engineer to help with this problem. The following gave me a fix for the problem.

"Your issue is known and we are tracking it to fix in a future SP. From what I can tell without stepping through the code is that it appears to be a corrupted view. To work around a corrupted view you can launch outlook from the command prompt as “outlook /cleanviews” using the profile that is having problems. The cleanviews switch will wipe ALL custom views in your mailbox so you will only want to boot that way once. See more info at"
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Hi all I have recently moved my email client from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Office Outlook email client The transition was smooth and all my folders moved across smoothly Office 2007 question Outlook Microsoft Well almost and there lays my question Whenever I now open an incoming email no problems there However whenever I open an email that came across from WLM in a folder Outlook displays an information box prior to that email opening This info box is entitled quot Microsoft Office Outlook quot and the message that it contains is as follows quot The custom form cannot be opened Outlook will use an Outlook form instead The object could Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 question not be found quot and an OK button I click OK button and the email now opens up for me to read I can close the email and if I try opening it up again I get the same info box again While this does not present any great problem it is very annoying having this thing pop up every time I try to open the email especially when I am looking for a specific email Can anyone please shed some light on this problem and how I may be able to eliminate this critter Regards

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 question

Hi perhaps using the export option and using exchange Export Windows Live Mail email, contacts, and calendar data to Outlook
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Windows XP Pro
Office 2007 Standard (Paid + registered + Updated to latest)
Office 2003 Pro (Paid + registered + Updated to latest)
Eset Protection

There seems to be a conflict between Office 2007 and Outlook 2003

Using Excel 2007 and Office 2003 seems to trigger a scroll down with no stop, in all Office modules + a loss of Junck mail Filter in Outlook 2003.

With Microsoft periodic new updates, all operations resume to normal, but after later uses, the scroll dpwn + Filter loss comes back again.

I am thinking of de-installing Office 2007 or 2003, but need to keep Outlook 2003.
Is there a way to make sure that Oulook 2003 would not interfere with Office 2007 if I remove all of Office 2003 modules but not Outlook 2003 ?

Please advise,

A:Outlook 2003 - Office 2007 Issues

I would also be willing to migrate to the near future Office 201x... if available soon because I am not all that satisfied with this new Excel 2007 interface. It feels like working in silo with the rooting of different options...

Did anyone ear of a new near future version of Office Pro (with Outlook)

Thanks again,