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Blu-ray drive not displaying in BIOS

Q: Blu-ray drive not displaying in BIOS

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Preferred Solution: Blu-ray drive not displaying in BIOS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Blu-ray drive not displaying in BIOS

It would have been better to have left your question and then posted the solution that you found. That way others might benefit from your experience.
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Hi all, We have the following problem with our two brand-new HP EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT devices. I want to install other operating system on the device, but there are no any POST, BIOS or any other boot messages on the monitor during boot up process. The first message on the monitor I have is about Windows getting started. Of course, I've tried to press ESC, F2, F10, F12  and other "usual suspects keys". Any advice please?
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I upgraded my motherboard and processor yesterday and switched from my old dual IDE master/slave drive setup to a SATA primary setup. I kept my old IDE drives as data storage. My new motherboard only has one IDE controller, so I got a controller card for my additional devices. The DVD drive (and only the DVD drive) is on the motherboard IDE. My extra hard drive (I'm only using one, because I'm out of cables) is on the controller card.

Here is my problem - I've installed the controller card and the hard drive shows up in my device list. However, it doesn't show up in My Computer.

I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling, rebooting, and about everything I know with my limited computer understanding. How do I get my hard drive to display in the My Computer drive list?

A:IDE Drive detected but not displaying in drive list

check your bios see if it is enabled. If it isn't enable it. you can check your bios when you start up your system, it should say "press F8 to enter setup" or another function command.
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Hey my DVD drive doesn't display even after I insert a disk
when i restart my pc it shows up for like a few mins and then disappears

I was able to get the name of the drive
its an Optiara DVD RW AD-5540A ATA drive

I would appreciate all the help received Thanks

A:DVD drive not displaying

by not displaying do you mean not in your "My computer" or "unable to play video"
also is it IDE or sata and please provide system specs here to help
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My computers motherboard fried a few weeks ago so I fished out an old laptop and hard usb Not displaying drive restored the OS to factory settings with a restore disk I created My goal was to just use this laptop until I repaired my new Not displaying usb hard drive one had to clean install windows seven because a prior failure which led me to getting a new one in the first place After sucessfull reinstalation of windows on my old one I popped out my hard drive on my new laptop placed it in a portable usb case and plugged it into my now working one My old laptop quot recognised quot the drive but will not display it in the computer browser window it displays it in device manager with no errors but i just cannot access the drive I noticed in the disk management window it is also displayed but does not recognize any file system for the drive what should be a NTFS file system I need to access some files on this HD and do not want to mess with the partition or file system on this drive because I want to keep this drive quot in tact quot for when I get a new motherboard for my new computer How do i go about accessing this drive from my USB without risk of loosing the quot structially fine quot data already on it

A:Not displaying usb hard drive

Try accessing your hard drive with a live Linux CD/pendrive.


Lucid Puppy way to recover files from a non-bootable computer

whichever you may prefer.
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Back in January, I installed a new hard-drive using XP to format it, and I've been using it fine since.

However, when booting into my vista installation, it cannot view the files/folders on that drive.

My linux LiveCDs can view the same drive fine, so this seems to be specific to my vista installation.

In Vista's Disk Manager, I can see the disk labeled as "Disk 2", it is "Dynamic" and "Offline".

Right clicking on it gives me the option to Convert to Basic Disk. Would this allow me to see the drive in vista, without destroying the data or changing how XP will view the drive?

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I External Drive Displaying at Boot Not have a Hitachi HSD external hard drive http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId plugged in by USB This drive works fine but has a few strange problems attached to it a When I External Drive Not Displaying at Boot boot up my computer the drive is not displayed in the My Computer display I have to unplug the drive then plug it back in for it to be shown There must be a way around this I think too much of this may be stressful to the drive and it s inconvenient If there was even a way to quot refresh quot the drive so that it was shown without doing it physically that d be fine but I d really like to know why this is the problem It does this with all USB ports b External Drive Not Displaying at Boot Since having this drive connected when I restart or shut down my computer it hangs When I shut down the computer Windows turns off but the tower remains lit up and on Why nbsp

A:External Drive Not Displaying at Boot

The way you are using this drive is not recommended best practice.

The recommended method for USB devices is to disconnect the device BEFORE shutting down or starting up. You do this by clicking on the USB Icon in the SysTray (bottom right of screen). A message will be displayed saying that it is safe to remove the device. Disconnect the device and shutdown. On restarting FIRST start the computer and when the startup procedure has completed then connect the USB device.

You may find this inconvenient but this is the recommended way to work with all USB devices.

The slight inconvenience of this method is a price worth paying for the enormous convenience of the USB protocol. You may not be old enough to remember life before USB but I can assure you that it was a very, very painful experience in a very tender place

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I bought a size... correct as Hard drive isn't displaying WD Hard drive a few months ago and it s worked fine I ve been using Linux alot and recently I decided to trudge back to Mircowhore and use Win XP Pro Hard drive isn't displaying as correct size... I installed Win and used my Win XP upgrade disc and choose to use NFTS Well Hard drive isn't displaying as correct size... as it was formating my drive my power went out for just a second- long enough to shut my computer down So I restarted it and went through everything and choose FAT and planned to convert to NFTS latter After it was all done I came to Hard drive isn't displaying as correct size... notice that my drive was only being read as a gb drive instead of the robust and full gb WTF So I used Partition Magic to read the drive and it only came up with the gb FAT drive with no reference what so ever of the lost gb s Also Windows isn t finding it either I tried a data recovery program and it didn t find anything I used Data Life Guard to write Zero s to it to erase the Partitions but even after that was done it was still only gb Grrr Any ideas on what to do I spent dollars on this thing and now it s not working Please help nbsp

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Win8.1/64, Dell XPS 8700, optical drive letters don't show up in the Explorer navigation pane (This PC) unless media in the drives (2). Drive letters do show up in the details pane even with no media. MS Fixit says problems found and fixed. Didn't fix the problem. Explorer++ shows drive letters in navigation pane with no media. Two optical drives, both Samsung, Both respond correctly to Samsung diagnostic. Both drives work as advertised with multiple CDs and DVDs. Both drives have drive letters in Drive Information. Only one user, admin. All Updates applied.

A:Explorer not displaying optical drive letters in nav pane

Hello desertdad,

Double check to see if you have set to show empty drives to see if that may be what this is.

Drives - Hide or Show Empty Drives in Computer Folder - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Win8.1/64, Dell XPS 8700, optical drive letters don't show up in the Explorer navigation pane (This PC) unless media in the drives (2). Drive letters do show up in the details pane even with no media. MS Fixit says problems found and fixed. Didn't fix the problem. Explorer++ shows drive letters in navigation pane with no media. Two optical drives, both Samsung, Both respond correctly to Samsung diagnostic. Both drives work as advertised with multiple CDs and DVDs. Both drives have drive letters in Drive Information. Only one user, admin. All Updates applied.
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Good morning! New member, first post.

It seems the recovery partitions on my Dell 3847 desktop (Windows 8.1 x64) have begun to display when I open "This PC". This is new and has not happened before. Furthermore, the two partitions (WINRETOOLS & PBR Image) have been assigned drive letters. These two partitions show normally is disk management.

Is there anyway to prevent these partitions from displaying in "This PC"?

Thank you for any help provided.

A:File Explorer is Displaying Recovery Partitions with Drive

Reboot the PC and see if they -rehide themselves..

They are hidden in disk management - so another 3rd party program is causing them to show in file explorer
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One day my laptop just displayed a blue screen n shut down when I was playing a game , when I switch it on it shows that it's on on the power button but display is blanc. When I connect it to a VGA it showed the starting Windows logo then stopped displaying properly that you can't get anything on the screen

A:Laptop screen not displaying , VGA not displaying aswell

Are you able to boot to BIOS and Safe Mode with the main display?
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I recently replaced my primary system disk (drive c with a 500GB SATA drive. Now when I want to unplug my portable external drive, I get the option to "Safely remove mass storage device drive C: , alsong with the option to safely remove my external drive.

Obviously I don't want to remove my primary system disk and so far I haven't but I don't want to even see that as an option in case I slip the mouse and accidentaly remove my primary system hard drive C:

How do I remove the option to 'safely remove drive C:" when I click on the little remove external devices icon?

A:Stop displaying option to 'safely' remove my internal system hard drive

I would not worry about it, many systems will show a sata drive as a scsi drive or removable drive because they just don't read them right. But even if you do click on it, you still have to remove the drive physically to end the transmission.
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On my laptop installed older version of Bios driver is this effect on battery backup of my laptop

A:i want information about BIOS DRIVE is old version of BIOS ...

bhaveshkumar143 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about an apparent battery problem and wanted to help -- but need more information. Without the specific model number of your laptop, we can provide no detailed help: The number you entered, ay 006tx, yields no results on the HP site.We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks
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Hello, this is my first time ever at posting on a forum. I hope I've started in the right place. My computer is experiencing loads of issues with programmes not working, cd drive missing, file associations, windows media player to name a few. Not so long ago a virus/trojan was detected on my computer and I have used various online scanners and downloaded software to try and remove the problem. I suspect I have possibly worsened the situation.

I have begun the processes listed under Preparation Guide For Use Before Using Malware Removal Tools and Requesting Help. I have downloaded and run defogger, downloaded and run DDS, downloaded GMER and every time I attempt to scan my computer reboots.

I would be most grateful if someone could advise how and where I can get started to receive help.

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IE 7 showing loads of red x, and contents are aligned to the left of the screen. Dont know what to do. Helpppppppppppppppppppp
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I have a backup drive that we had used for for a while (WD 6000aak), previously in an external drive enclosure. I connected it today via USB to find that the computer has the driver installed, the drive appears in the Devices list, but it does not show in My Computer. In "Disk Management" the drive appears but is not assigned a drive letter. Also, all the options for the volumes are greyed out and cannot be selected - thus I cannot assign a drive letter.

I have tried this on multiple computers. I have also removed it from the enclosure and connected the drive via SATA... the result is identical. I checked the bios and the drive appears there.

The drive does spin when powering up. It is hot (even though it cannot really be accessed).

Any suggestions? Is this drive done?

A:Hard drive installed, shows in Drive Mngmnt, in Bios, but not in Comp.

Go to Disk Management, in the bottom part of the screen, right click the drive, select 'change drive letter or path', next window select add, next window select a drive letter from the drop down box. For an external drive it's best to use a letter lower in the alphabet. If disk management wants to initialize and format it, don't do it if there is data on it you don't want to lose. If no data or if you don't care, go ahead. It will show in computer when a drive letter is assigned.
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I everyone thank you so much for having me on this forum I usually do everything possible before asking for help and this problem Im really out of ideas I have a compaq presario f wont drive usb install Can't 7os. support DVD drive. doesnt work,bios laptop that im trying to do a clean install in It initially had vista but i decided to put win over it through my usb portable drive inside vista It Can't install 7os. DVD drive wont work,bios doesnt support usb drive. installed but I think it would be best to do a clean Can't install 7os. DVD drive wont work,bios doesnt support usb drive. install cause vista hade soo much crap and info that i suspect is making win slow and there is where I ran Can't install 7os. DVD drive wont work,bios doesnt support usb drive. into problems The dvd drive inside the laptop doesnt work at all and the usb portable drive only works inside the os but cant boot through bios The bios doesnt give me an option to boot the dvd drive and make the clean install The bios only has options like quot usb floppy quot usb hardrive quot usb diskette quot but no quot usb rom quot option quot and yes I have tried every combination possible with no luck The usb drive only works inside of windows so i have no idea why I can't boot with it I have read many hours on this issue but the main consensus i find is that my laptop just doesnt have that option to boot my usb drive If this is the case how am i gonna do a clean install aside from buying a new dvd drive for the laptop which may not work please any ideas would be greatly appreciated The laptop has gb of ram and a turion x so it shouldn't be taking me a minute to startup after installing a fresh win through vista This is why I want to do a clean install

A:Can't install 7os. DVD drive wont work,bios doesnt support usb drive.

Are you under the impression you can't clean install over an old installation by running a Custom install from the old OS which will overwrite C? This is pretty close to a clean install in the sense it isn't an inferior Upgrade install which carries over Vista programs and settings.

However I'd first try to boot the installer. After writing the ISO to stick using a reliable app like UltraISO Software To Create Bootable USB Flash Drive did you expand the USB Hard Drive choices to see if the stick is listed there as it often is? Did you try setting the HDD as first boot device in BIOS setup and then use the ESC key to display a boot menu, look for flash stick there, or expand USB HD choice there to see if USB is under that?

Did you try booting the USB DVD drive using the ESC menu, even trying the USB diskette choice to see if it will work?

If none of these work even after verifying the stick will boot successfully in another PC, then I would run the installer from the OS you have on there now, choosing C partition to do a Custom install. Afterwards your old OS will be stuffed in a C:\windows.old folder which you can save long enough to make sure you have everything then delete using Disk Cleanup.

Other tips here are the same for retail to get and keep a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.
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I just put together a new PC. I used the Foxconn 925xe7aa motherboard. When I boot up the BIOS recognizes my hard drive which is a 300 GB Seagate but does not recognize my DVD burner which is a LITE-ON SHM-165H6S. I know the DVD burner works because I switched the DVD burner to the IDE 1 slot on the M/B and it loaded the Windows installation. Also I can see in the boot-up sequence that it has the DVD burner listed as Drive 0 but in the BIOS it has the hard drive listed as Drive 0. I have tried many things and none seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm getting very frustrated - running Windows XP and Phoenix 6.00 Bios, I want to boot from hard disk first and never from whatever might be plugged into the USB sockets. If say, I have an ipod or external hard drive plugged into the USB, bootup always looks there first and of course gives a "disk boot failure - insert system disk and press enter" message.

Here's how my bios is setup:

- Primary Master - None
- Primary Slave - None
- Secondary Master -DVDRW drive
- Secondary Slave - DCD ROM drive
Advanced Bios
- First Boot Device - HD0
- Second Boot Device - disabled
- Third Boot Device - disabled
- Boot Other Device - disabled
Surely someone must know ? I'd really appreciate.

A:How do I force boot from C: drive with Phoenix bios 6.00 rather than USB drive?
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nbsp cant boot from HDD nor nbsp CDrom nbsp nbsp nbsp st drive nbsp none nd drive none er drive hitachi nbsp nbsp HDP GLA th drive Atapi nbsp DVD A DH S th drive none th drive none nbsp I have NOT nbsp installed any new hardware other than keyboard and mouse nbsp thus nbsp the machine came with hdd plugged into nbsp er drive nbsp nbsp what I have done nbsp partition nbsp nfts formated tried to reinstall nbsp nbsp Vista original OS nbsp but the PC does not nbsp boot from CD rom nbsp nor from Hard Disc nbsp boot options nbsp are configurated nbsp nbsp drive boot... position, 3rd BIOS in indicates hard Drive can't CD HDD CD HDD nbsp Bios does not nbsp have USB nbsp boot nbsp option nbsp nbsp BIOS indicates hard drive in 3rd Drive position, can't boot... Hp nbsp nbsp bootable nbsp diagnostics nbsp reported no nbsp problem with the hardware nbsp nbsp Hiren nbsp disc nbsp boots fine nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp xp from hiren runs sometimes but others there is a blue screen IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUALPartition wizard bootable runs fine nbsp so my conclusion is nbsp nbsp CDrom drive works nbsp seems that HDD is nbsp not damaged nbsp nbsp probably BIOS indicates hard drive in 3rd Drive position, can't boot... the nbsp mbr dissapeard nbsp nbsp the nbsp hdd adapter nbsp is nbsp not nbsp available nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:BIOS indicates hard drive in 3rd Drive position, can't boot...

Change the boot option to HD first.  Change the HD to 1st drive. Save settings.What do you mean by "the  hdd adapter  is  not  available"?What partition on Drive 0 did you format?
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I have 2 Sata drives installed on a Windows 7 32bit machine. Both were formatted during a clean install of Windows 7 unlimited. The primary hd is a 300gb WD and the other is a 500gb Seagate "IDE\DiskST3500418AS_CC34" is the hardware id on the second drive.

I can see both in device manager but it says both are fully updated.

P.S. I haven't found any driver from seagate online, which i think might help.

A:hard drive not displaying "my computer and disk manager"

I have resolved the problem.

I simply went to Downloads | Seagate and downloaded the DiskWizard application. Using Seagate's application, I was able to partition, allocate, and synchronize the D drive in few common sense steps.
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I have a Windows 7 desktop. Recently received error message "excessive environmental temperature". Cleaned out a couple of years of dust. Removed CPU heatsink blew out and reinstalled thermal compound and replaced heatsink and fan. Rebooted and no overheat message, but now Bios does not recognize dvd drive or the HDD. I removed dvd drive and tried in another pc and works fine. I even installed a new hard drive, same problem. I only receive this message: Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key" Ive unplugged and reinserted SATA plugs on both drives with nothing new Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello to the BleepingComputer community First of all I m sorry I haven t finished some of the steps from the Preparation Guide It s because these steps require a reboot e g Step Disable your CD Emulation Software - DeFogger will ask me to reboot the machine and I have a bad feeling about the question if it is safe to reboot in my situation I m not sure if I have a type of malware dozen threat of - by folders, Unknown BIOS.sys - BS_Flash.sys, "Bios m... BIOS AVG a and virus/rootkit? Update\Award" which is ready to infect the BIOS - if it is so then it could infect it much easier during the reboot process - If BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m... there is a good way to find out what is the problem and fix the BIOS threat part if it really is present without rebooting shutting down this PC or at least without booting from this hard drive which I feel is probably infected then please tell me what should I do - If you know a place forum where I can get a specialized help for this seemingly BIOS-malware related situation please tell me where I could go - If there is no way to move forward I ll go ahead and risk the reboot and follow the other steps steps to in the Preparation Guide no problem I kindly ask you to please read below the details of the problem as it occured to me and the things I have tried so far The PC is AMD Athlon X Dual Core BE- GHz Motherboard Biostar TA G AM with AWARD BIOS GB RAM GB SATA HDD and an ASUS EAH card added a few years ago It s with WinXP SP AVG Free standard Windows Firewall and it s behind a router I can t recall exactly but I think on - - evening I ve left this PC with at least one account logged-in with many programs running online locked fast user switching screen and then found the em class 'bbc' PC non-responsive em in the morning so I had to power off it - it was frozen What I remember well is - on - - when I ve turned on this PC for the first time and logged-in with my account member of Administrators group While it was still finishing loading the taskbar icons etc I hit Win L fast user switching is enabled and logged-in to another account member of Users group Right then a bunch of previously unseen quot AVG Identity protection - threat detected quot messages started to appear C Windows system drivers - atkkbnt sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot Then another message showed up C Windows system drivers - amdtools sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers or was it C Windows system don t recall exactly - bufadpt sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Program Files BIOS Update BIOS Update Award - BS Flash sys threat name Unknown I doubt I have ever seen this folder before on this PC I clicked quot move to vault quot C Games ad binaries system aken sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - BIOS sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - BS I cIo sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - IOMap sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers or was it C Windows system don t recall exactly - ati sgag exe threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - EIO XP sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot Then AVG asked to reboot to finish the removal I ve let it to go rebooting but I ve paused the BIOS post screen and switched the PC off so I could research about what should I do next I was suspecting that booting process could infect the BIOS and or MBR After researching online with the keywords from these messages I was still puzzled While searching about if rebooting is risky if you suspect having a BIOS virus especially AWARD BIOS virus I ve even found out that it s possible to infect multiple PCs BIOSes... Read more

A:BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks
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Hi my problem is that first of all the updates for xp home would not load the Cd DVD rom stopped being recognised in cd drive in BIOS No the BIOS when trying to restore to an earlier date the PBell lost the restore points due to No cd drive in BIOS lack of memory although there was plenty on the computer Lost the Internet explore when trying to restore to the earlier date says no cards present I removed the upper amp lower filters as instructed by Microsoft s site Also no cd dvd drives in Device Manager Windows xp is still on the computer even loaded another XP O S on the D drive now removed I can still get in to the computer through USB ports no problems even sent for a lead to allow any CD rom drive to connect through the USB ports No jumpers have been altered on the CD drives and they are functioning well in another computer Have installed a floppy drive made up start up floppies- but screen says NO CD drive Now during the past weeks because of my messing around with the PC have been losing more functions Where do I look now I have been told that the Bios should be ok although needs flashing The computer is years old had GB of ram and is functioning ok apart from the obvious Should I be looking at the BIOS or registry anyone care to comment HELP many thanks Phil nbsp

A:No cd drive in BIOS

It could be a virus (well, anything can be with Windows)
but i do seem to remember a virus that did something like that on my dads windows machine.
Especially losing restore points due to "lack of memory", that shouldent happen.
I would bet on it being a virus or something similar or at a pinch it could be a hardware problem because there is no way its just Windows doing that by accident.
A good tip for the future is also : dont use internet explorer.
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hi everyone,
wish i can get some help here. i dont have much hair left.

I wanna boot from a USB hard drive. It is not seen by the BIOS.
All settings / boot priority are OK. I tried about everything.

The thing is the BIOS see a USB flash disk but not the USB hard drive.

The BIOS is Phoenix and very recent. version F.09

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance


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I am currently working on a Compaq Presario 5000T computer for a friend. Recently, a virus or worm or something got at his computer and slowly distroyed Windows. Luckly, none of his data was lost b/c, unlike me , he does regular backups.

Anyway, I am in the process of formatting and reinstalling Windows for him. However, whenever I placed the MaxBlast CD (from Maxtor) and booted the computer, it detected two drives:

BIOS Drive (81 Hex) 7.9 GBYTES
-DSK1_VOL1 20 GB

My question is, what is the "BIOS Drive"? Is it part of the hard drive, as a partition or something else? I have never run across something like this so I am unsure of what to do.

Thanks for any advice.
Happy Holidays.

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I have some virus in drive a Not cd seeing BIOS my boot sector I created a Vista recovery cd when BIOS Not seeing a cd drive I first got my pc and can do ALT F to restore the OS When restoring the OS upon startup theres a BIOS Not seeing a cd drive program in chinese running which I stop which is the culprit and continues to show up each time I fresh-install Vista I can NOT use any cd BEFORE windows starts Vista sees the cd drive AFTER it loads but there is NO bootable cd device in BIOS before Vista starts Hope that makes sense Acer recommended buying an actual OS cd but cannot explain why BIOS doesnt see the cd drive in order to USE the OS cd ARGH My computer runs and locks and runs and locks If I knew how to format the drive I could install XP IFFFF the cd drive would be recognized prior to Vista loading Any suggestions to get the pc to boot to cd I have bootable cd's but the dvd drive is not seen in BIOS THANKS

A:BIOS Not seeing a cd drive

is the dvd drive a slave? if it is, then change it to a master. or just disconnect the cd drive and hook up only the dvd drive to the mobo. one more question to ask ya. is it hooked up via pata with 2 pata outputs or are they are seperate sata?
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I'm cleaning a system of various virus's and spyware and have discovered that somewhere along the line the BIOS no longer sees the CDR/W.

The drive in question is a SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-248F (48x/24x/48x CD-RW). The system is Intel Celeron 4, 1700 MHz (17 x 100) on a Intel Villanova D845GLVA (3 PCI, 2 DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN) motherboard, running WinXP Home. The BIOS is AMI (01/28/03).

I have not reformatted or reloaded any drivers.

Any idea why the drive can't be seen or how I can get it back?

P.S. I first noticed this when the system would not boot. I went into the BIOS and had to re-enable the hard drive as a boot device.

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OK I have a question about booting linux from a flash drive, I thought it apropriate to place it here because it's not a question about linux itself but about actually getting BIOS to detect the drive, and I don't own a flash drive, it's just more or less a theoretical question....

in my bios the boot priorities list...

not in this order...

I was wondering if I were to try to boot a linux LIVE distro from USB device on this system ,would it not support it, or is the "network" entry for usb devices...?

A:Flash drive and Bios

Fiziks said:

in my bios the boot priorities list...

not in this order...

I was wondering if I were to try to boot a linux LIVE distro from USB device on this system ,would it not support it, or is the "network" entry for usb devices...?Click to expand...

Network means real IPX or Ethernet, not USB. If the bios doesn't show USB,
then either try to get an update from your MFG or you're just up-a-creek.
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Hi I am an A Certified student so it should make things progress easily I am trying to upgrade a computer with bigger HDD RAM and a DVD Burner now i was able won't BIOS in show up DVD drive to put in gig of DDR PC RAM and a Western Digital gig HDD i installed windows xp with the original CD drive that came with the PC and DVD drive won't show up in BIOS everything was fine i then decided to put in a DVD burner and found the computer sat at blank screen for to sec before it did its POST then it shows the logo as usual and it went straight to black screen saying quot no operating system found press F to repeat boot sequence quot I then checked the bios and i was not seeing nether hard drive or dvd drive i checked the bios over and over for a software lock for the cd drive but there is nothing there i am positive the connections are correct and my jumpers are good the hard drive is brand new and the dvd drive is months old i was using it untill i bought a blu-ray burner i tried a different dvd drive and same problem and i disconnected the hard drive and the dvd drive still wont show up in bios can i please get some help with this i am about ready to take up drinking as a full-time job system Spec s IBM Think Center Intel Celeron Ghz Kingston Gig PC DDR Ram Western Digital Gig HDD Rpm LG Super Multi DL DVD-RW Drive quot dont remember the speed s i know it burns cd s at X quot everything else is built-in the motherboard witch is IBM REV Thank You In Advance nbsp

A:DVD drive won't show up in BIOS

What jumper settings are the IDE drives set to?
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I have an Intel Core Quad running with a PQ5 motherboard and Windows 7. I have two Pioneer DVR-216D DVD drives installed. My BIOS suddenly, for no particular reason, stopped detecting one of my DVD drives. It does not even appear in the Device Manager. What should I do now to make this DVD drive being recognized by my BIOS and Windows 7?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Been trying to get one of my old computers running that had a hard drive go bad in it by putting in another hard drive from a different laptop. Formated the good hard drive on the other laptop before putting it into its new home. However when I try and boot to bios i cant find the hard drive in the boot list. The computer is a prostar running phoenix cme firstbios with a toshiba mk3021gas hard drive. Windows setup wont detect the hdd either. Any suggestions cuz the stupid comp manufacturer quit talking to me when I told them I didnt have nuff money to send it in.

A:Bios Not seeing hard drive

yea the brand of the pc it is going into is a prostar d900t and the hard drive came from a toshiba satalite (cant getting anymore specific then that). the previous hard drive in the prostar was also a toshiba mx6026gax so yes i am replacing it with a older hdd. Tried setting up to run in raid in bios menu and it will read the disk and show in boot order now so i cant figure out what i am missing
Relevancy 36.55%

When starting my PC I get a MSG disk Boot Failure,insert system disk and press enter. If I go into the BIOS the C: drive is not seen, only my external D: drive. If I put in the Windows XP disk and select The Repair option for using the Recovery console I can see the drive from DOS as it shows c:\> and you can se the directories by typing dir etc. Not sure what is going on here. Can someone advise how to get the drive seen and bootable again? Am a bit nervous about using the repair option as I understand it can be destructive?

Pc is running xp device pack 3
Asus motherboard with 1gig ram

A:Hard drive not seen in BIOS

The drive may have failed . . You can run diagnostics on the hard drive by downloading the diagnostic tool for the hard drive brand and making a bootable disc.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

See this for how to make a bootable cd:

How to Burn a Bootable ISO File
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If someone hacks onto my computer and installs an alternative os and alternative bootloader, would these be on the hard drive or 'in' the bios?

Asking because if not on the hard drive, erasing the hard drive would be pointless.

A:bios or hard drive?

Welcome to TSG.

For reference you can group related questions into a single thread. I'll close this thread and you can add this question to your other threads in General Security where its best suited. I've also deleted the thread you deleted the contents of, in the future you can report a thread to be moved if you realize its in the wrong section.
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I have just installed Vista on a older machine (Gigabyte GA-8SIMLNF board) and the hard drive is recognised as a slave IDE device in the first section of the BIOS screen and the optical also recognised a a slave IDE device.

However in the boot config the hard drive is not listed or is an option and boot goes through various screens before finally "deciding" that the hard drive is the only device that the machine can boot from.

I prepared the drive by so the tutorial on setting up an SSD and the install and updates have taken me over eight hours to get onto the drive.

Am I supposed to jumper this drive, doing something wrong, or is the machine just simply too old? I am beginning t think the latter as I cannot find any drivers for the audio either.

A:BIOS and hard drive

With IDE drives you either jumper it as Cable Select, or you jumper it as either Master or Slave
I have no faith in Cable Select, so I suggest that you jumper it for Master.
Then you make sure that it's on the far end of the IDE cable (and make sure you're using 80 wire cables - not 40 wire). The middle connector is for the slave.

Do the same for the optical drive.

I don't have much faith in installing SSD's on older systems - as the controllers (on the mobo) weren't designed with them in mind.
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I have an IDE storage drive with two partitions on it. Earlier today they were showing up. I had some problems with the PC and I had to restore Windows 7 to the main drive. But when I went to put the storage drive back in it didn't show up.

The boot drive is a sata. The drive shows up in the bios.

What do I do?

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Hi Guys-n-Gals I have an HP Pavilion DV Laptop I have Ubuntu Linux on a Samsung HM JJ Gb HDD in bay one boots with no problems at all I have Windows XP PRO SP preinstalled on a WD BEVS Gb hdd in bay two drive not seen in BIOS so I do not have a choice to boot from it Ubuntu Linux still boots fine no problems Second HDD Win XP is seen by Ubuntu Linux and I can access folders on the drive with no problems so nothing wrong with drive or OS If I take out the drives and put the WD drive in bay one HP Pavilion seen in BIOS two bay drive not leaving the second bay empty it boots fine into Windows with no problems If HP Pavilion drive bay two not seen in BIOS I take out the WD drive and put it in bay two leaving bay one empty I get no boot operating system not found If I take out the Samsung drive and put it in bay two leaving bay one empty I get no boot operating system not found So either disk will boot fine when in drive bay one Neither disk will boot when in drive bay two HP Pavilion drive bay two not seen in BIOS If both drives are in both bays either way round the drive in the second bay will not show in the BIOS and will not boot Question How do I solve this problem HP as usual are no help Thanks in anticipation of any help Tomorrow is an extension of today but yesterday is just a memory nbsp

A:HP Pavilion drive bay two not seen in BIOS

Sounds like it is a mobo issue. "Bay 2" connection is bad.
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I have a Time laptop model 8375 I have replaced a broken the Panasonic CD drive UJDA750 with another one of the same make and model number but the BIOS does not recognise it. The BIOS is Insyde Sofware which gives very basic access to configuration.
When booting the computer I get Auto detecting Primary Master: ST94019A, Secondary Master: None. If I enter the System Configurating Utility I get IDE Primary = ST94019A
IDE Secondary = Disabled. I cannot find a way of enabling the IDE Secondary. I have tried setting the boot sequence all to CD but this does not work.
The only difference from the original CD drive which it recognises (the laser drive is broken) is the FW version.
Please help

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Basically what has happened it like 9 months ago I got a second hard drive and ever since then I can't have my two hard drives plugged in and the CD drive plugged in too otherwise it won't boot.

Fixed that but changing SATA PCH mode in bios from IDE (default) to AHCI, it worked but then got BSOD on booting so had to change back to IDE, do a registry edit then switch back to AHCI and it booted.

Now it boots with 2 hdd's and the drive plugged in but it does not recognize the CD-drive (it works).

I've tried different cables and different slots.

The CD drive works when just the HDD and cd drive are plugged in.

Super confused.

My mobo is: gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3R
Windows 7 64 bit
gtx 760
2x4GB corsair 1333mhz RAM
1x samsung 232GB hdd
1x WD 2TB hdd

A:PC/BIOS won't recognise CD drive?

What type of CD drive is it? Is it a IDE (PATA) or a SATA?
Boot into Setup (Bios) and see if the CD drive is being recognized on the Main page. If it is IDE make sure the IDE port is enabled in the bios. The same if it is SATA, make sure the port is enabled.
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I am so confused in installing the kali linux os in my HP Probook 450 g3. In BIOS what I have to choose before installing it UEFI or Legacy. There is no other os installed in my pc. I am using usb drive for the install. Help me!!

A:What are the steps I need to do in my BIOS and usb drive bef...

BeastIncarnate wrote:I am so confused in installing the kali linux os in my HP Probook 450 g3. In BIOS what I have to choose before installing it UEFI or Legacy. There is no other os installed in my pc. I am using usb drive for the install. Help me!!You will need to disable Secure boot and enable Either Legacy or UEFI Hybrid with CSM to be able to boot from the USB Flash Drive.
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I need to make my Plextor DVD drive the first bootable drive. I've looked in BIOS and my options are as follows with the floppy being the first bootable drive.

Floppy 3.5
IDE-0: ST380011A

And that?s it, there?s a line for CD/DVD but it?s blank. I?ve looked up my configuration and it goes like this:

Primary IDE Channel
-Master: ST380011A

Secondary IDE Channel
-Master: Plextor DVD
-Slave: CD-RE-CDR

How do I get the DVD drive into the BIOS listing so that I can boot from the CD? I'm guessing I need to change cable connections or something. The PC has always been set up like this, I've just never needed to boot from CD before. Thanks in advance!

A:Drive Not Listed in BIOS

What mobo (motherboard) do you have?

There should be an option for boot sequency somewhere in your bios but i need to know what your mobo is before i can advise you on how to sort it.
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I just got a new pc and would like to use my old hard drive as a slave drive to transfer items from it to the new hard drive (I have 3 programs to back up this pc and none will work). I know that I have to do something in bios for this, but I dont know what. Can someone help?


A:Slave drive & bios

Could we get some more information?

What is the model # of the HP PC? Is it a desktop?
What kind of hard drive(s) are in the new PC - SATA or IDE?
What kind of hard drive is the "old" hard drive - SATA or IDE?

When you say that you have tried programs to back up, what are you trying to back up?
Care to expand on "none will work"?
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i have a hitachi 60gb ata100 hd which has xp pro on it it works fine in my pc ,but when i put it in my old pc it does not show up in the bios
this pc has a packard bell mediablaster 2 mb ,p3 500 mhz ,384 dram ,the bios is an amibios american megatrends,bios version is 1998 ,it has ata33 compatabillity.
when pc is switched on nothing ,on entering bios setup no hard drive(jumpers are set to master)
when setting jumpers to 32gb limit and rebooting windows safe mode screen appears ,selecting safe mode windows halts on the last line ending agp.440.
is this hard drive to new for this old pc?.
the original hard drive suffered a mechanical failure but it was running xp pro fine (if a little slow) for 2 years.
any ideas?

A:hard drive not seen in bios

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

That hard drive is never going to work in your old pc. This is because it has all the mobo drivers on it from your current pc, which won`t work with the old mobo.

The only way it might work, is if you formatted the drive, but I doubt you really want to do that.

Just buy a new drive for the old machine.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hi I did some upgrading on my computer Here are the details I had dual SATA 2nd drive BIOS seeing SATA not drives BIOS not seeing 2nd SATA drive both gig with XP home I removed both drives replaced with two Hitachi SATA drives TB each and installed Win But my BIOS will only see one of the drives I have successfully installed Win on that drive and I can boot with it But I get a boot error - quot no drive found in SATA port quot x quot - the port BIOS not seeing 2nd SATA drive with the nd drive If I select quot continue quot BIOS not seeing 2nd SATA drive it will boot into Win successfully but without the nd drive Here are some things I have tried I have removed the nd drive and replaced with either of my old drives and Win will boot and see both drives Also if I replace with both old drives it boots just fine still as an XP machine I have moved to different SATA ports - same problem I have tried different SATA cables - it s not the cables I created a bootable disc from Hitachi s HD support page But as I get the quot not found quot error before the disc boots it still will only see the first working drive Not sure what else to try I m beginning to think I have a bad hard drive Keep in mind both Hitachi drives are the same model number I hope my details of the problem here make sense Ideas Thanks very much in advance nbsp

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I have WD Caviar drive that seems to have gone bad. However, when I plug it in as either master or slave, the BIOS does recognize it but it will not show up in my list of drives in Windows. I tried the WD dignostic utility and it too sees it but yet when I finish supposedly formatting it (which took waaaay too short of a time) Windoes still sees nothing. I finally tried to just install a fresh copy of XP on it and when the Windoes disc gets to where you choose which drive to install the OS on, it shows me the drive but a message underneath it says "setup cannot access this drive". Can anyone help?

Relevancy 36.55%

People Setting up my new Dell tomorrow or the next day amp went out amp grabbed a Maxtor GB ATA - RPM to install as a secondary drive I do a lot of work with New Secondary When? Drive...Set BIOS digital audio multitracking amp use the nd drive for audio data So I m reading through the New Secondary Drive...Set BIOS When? installation guide amp the quick start poster amp I realized I m reading the same seemingly backwards installation sequence I have before every time I ve installed one of these things No matter who the mfg is they always instruct you to configure the BIOS quot after quot you ve installed the drive amp then reboot with the installation software Am I missing something here Is there some reason one cannot set one s BIOS prior to installing the drive The only thing we do with the BIOS relative to hard drive installation is initiate auto-detect or reset the boot device order Both of these can be accomplished prior to the installation of the drive right I don t get it especially in light of the way the on-screen setup function key message can go racing right by you if you don t know how to pause it Is there a reason I am missing here for this quot next-to-last quot sequencing Thanks in advance mark man nbsp

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I have two HGST 4TB drives that my bios (d5100T) only sees as  1.6TB.  I've searched for updates butnothing looks usefull.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  I'm using Vista-64 Ultimate.
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I made a repair disc from my hubby's computer (we have same computers). I tried option 1 here:

System Recovery Options

using both local and admin accts. didn't fix the problem. system restore not an option as it doesn't go back far enough.

so I'm guessing my next step is option 2. I put in the disc, and restart the computer. it goes straight to windows logon screen. ditto for shutting down computer, putting disc in and turning it on. so I guess i need to set the bios??? woulda thought that woulda been the default. so how do I check that?

A:set the BIOS to have the CD or DVD drive listed first

Quote: Originally Posted by oldbat

I made a repair disc from my hubby's computer (we have same computers). I tried option 1 here:

System Recovery Options

using both local and admin accts. didn't fix the problem. system restore not an option as it doesn't go back far enough.

so I'm guessing my next step is option 2. I put in the disc, and restart the computer. it goes straight to windows logon screen. ditto for shutting down computer, putting disc in and turning it on. so I guess i need to set the bios??? woulda thought that woulda been the default. so how do I check that?

Reboot or boot the computer and during the startup process press the "F2" key to enter the BIOS. You can download the User's Manual from;

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I was installing Windows corrupt see BIOS DVD Drive won't OS & XP Had Vista Before on my friends laptop for the second time today because the first installation was giving me BSOD so I decided to do a full format this time as I thought that would BIOS won't see DVD Drive & corrupt OS help As It was formatting the power cut off on the notebook and we went to go hook it up to the power BIOS won't see DVD Drive & corrupt OS and when we did the OS was corrupt of course So I tried to boot off CD and when I did I got some file error about not being on the CD I thought the disc was dirty at the point which it was so I cleaned it When I went back to the settings screen there was no DVD Drive to select to put in Boot Order Its almost as if its disappeared This is a LG E Notebook and the Drive is connected because when I put a disc in I hear it whirling away Please Help Thanks nbsp

A:BIOS won't see DVD Drive & corrupt OS

did u check in the BIOS to see if everything was right. I have never worked on a laptop but in some BIOSes there are settings that if they get set wrong will make the C-D or DVD not be seen.
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Hi everyone,

I have a very strange problem - when starting up my PC, the BIOS randomly recognizes my DVD burner with a different model no. It is a LG GSA-H10N.

Usually, the BIOS says "Secondary Master GSA-H10N", but from time to time, it seems to have difficulties with reading the model number from the burner's firmware. Then it shows "Secondary Master LU J11" - as if it could not read from the firmware.

When booting up Windows XP, the Hardware recognition pops up and says "New Hardware found", showing the "new" (damaged) model no. of the burner.

Has anyone had similar problems and how did you fix them ?

Thank you,

A:DVD drive / BIOS recognition

Try updating to the latest firmware from HERE.

See if that helps.

Regards Howard
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I posted about this earlier and the thread got a bit confusing

Help my hard drive isnt showing up in my bios ive tried reseating the cables and occasionaly the hard drive will show up, then when ever i try to do
any thing like reboot or put xp set up disk in it will disapear again.

I also tried connecting it to another machine but the same thing happens.

When the computer froze i put in a disk restore to factory image could this have any effect on the drive or has the hard drive packed up?

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Well, i decided to start fresh and installed a new harddrive because i believed the old one to be faulty or corrupt etc.

That worked out fine and is detected in my bios and everything, however i can't install an os because my optical drive is not being detected.
I tried unplugging and plugging the cords back in.
I'm sort of limited with the proper terms for the computer but i believe its plugged in with an IDE cable (Might be obvious but eh) and another smaller cable (I don't know)
Is there anything i'm missing, do i have to somehow setup the drive?
Thanks for any help!

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Hi everyone

I recently purchased ASrock Motherboard and AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor, as motherboard had only one IDE slot I bought SATA to IDE converter... So I tried to connect IDE hard drive with connector and changed some settings...

Now i can't see hard drive in Boot devices... If i try to connect DVD drive with same IDE cable it works fine.... I have also tried to flash bios...changed jumper settings on hard drive and I have clear CMOS settings as well....

Any more suggestion for this problem would be appreciated

thank you

A:Can't See Hard drive in BIOS

I have not had real good luck with those converters.

FWIW modern mb are really made to use sata type drives. With the price of hard disks so cheap, it makes little sense to mess around with an adapter. A decent quality converter is around $22~25 or so; for only a few bucks more, you can get a modern 640gig WD drive and be done with the problem.
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Hello everyone. I've just installed a new motherboard in my pc, but the cd/dvd drive is undetected by the BIOS. Everything is connected properly and the cd/dvd drive can eject/insert. I need to boot from a cd in order to install an operating system, but when i insert the disc, the pc ignores it. What could be the problem?

motherboard information: ASRock G41M-GS3/G41M-S3
cd/dvd drive: unknown (it's quite old)

Please help i'm confused! Thank you in advance.

A:cd/dvd drive undetected by BIOS

Try a different drive. It may be defective.

Try different cables and be sure there are no bent pins.

Make sure that both IDE channels are enabled (if IDE) in BIOS.
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So I unplugged the Drive to spot out some problem with windows not installing correctly and now the Drive isn't being show in the Bios or on boot, it has power cause it opens the tray correctly and I tried resetting the bios to defaults.

How do I fix this. And I'm in the process of reinstalling Windows so I'm limited in what things I can do.

Thanks For Reading.

A:DVD Drive not Recognized in Bios

It would seem to be a connection issue. If necessary, try a different connector. A Guy
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I have a asos x200ca machine, I replaced a failed hard drive bur don't have a back up disc. I have windows 7 install disc and an external cd drive. I can't get the settings in the bios to see the external drive. Advice appreciated but please keep it simple I am not a computer user.

A:can't get bios to see external drive

A BIOS will only actually show you drives in the equipment list when they are connected to an internal interface. However assuming you mean it won't boot from a USB drive there are some possibilities.
Firstly ensure it is a DVD drive not just CD, since a Windows 7 install disc will be a DVD.
Next to boot from USB you'll probably need to change the boot options in the BIOS. Reading suggests you should use F2 to access the menu, in Security disable Secure Boot State. On the Boot tab disable Fast Boot and enable Launch CSM. Save and Exit, then on boot press Esc to access the boot menu, select USB as the first boot device. Acknowledgement to Anshad Edavana if this is correct.
In extreme circumstances there is a claim that early BIOS versions would not boot from USB unless updated:

I cannot vouch from personal experience as to whether this is something you should consider if you are unable to get your unit to boot from the external drive.
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Hello we have multiple HP ProBook G model number nbsp T B UT i - x model Some of g3 BIOS drive? 450 and missing DVD them had the BIOS version loaded by the time we received them I cannot even find that version under support and drivers at hp com nbsp I also have another question the ones that have BIOS version do not seem to have the DVD drive shwoing in Windows at all We 450 g3 BIOS and missing DVD drive? also checked under Device Manager and nothing Is there a chance there is a bug with BIOS version that hides or disables the DVD drive I believe I am seeing a pattern nbsp nbsp Is there a newer version of the BIOS than Anyone else with same laptop and BIOS can confirm that they have or NOT a DVD drive showing in Windows nbsp All of them are model number T B UT We have of them purchased in the last - months The ones at BIOS version or seem to show properly the DVD drive and it is accessible nbsp

A:450 g3 BIOS and missing DVD drive?

Hi: I wouldn't be able to answer your question about any BIOS bugs but there is a common problem with W10 and DVD drives not showing up anywhere--especially if the PC was upgraded to W10 from an older OS. I suggest you try performing resolution step #5 from the link below before contacting HP technical support for assistance under the warranty.
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As some of you are aware I'm building a new computer with all new hardware. One issue is that I might need to flash the MB's bios but won't know for sure untill I finally power it up. Anyway several ppl have suggested I use a flash drive to do this and I'm not really clear on how I would make a Flash drive using WinXP that has both the Vista 64 bit install and the bios file so that if I actually need to flash the bios I can do it and then reboot/install the OS from the USB drive.

Any help/guidence in this would be appreciated
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I recently got a new Dell Dimension and it came with a DVD-Rom and a of Changing BIOS? drive the in name DVD-R RW I m not sure about the information for the DVD-R RW as my BIOS is currently not recognizing it I am using a Netgear Mbps Wireless USB wireless adapter and it is somehow causing my DVD-R RW to not be recognized by the BIOS When Changing the name of a drive in BIOS? the wireless adapter is plugged in upon booting the computer I ll be Changing the name of a drive in BIOS? told that it quot cannot find Drive quot I looked in the BIOS and the DVD-R RW is Drive I have to take the wireless adapter out and reboot one or two times before the BIOS will recognize it When I boot it up and the drive works I can put the wireless adapter in and both will work But then I shut down the computer and when I reboot with the adapter in it won t work When I reboot with the adapter out I still get that quot Drive quot message but I only get it after both the DVD-R RW and wireless adapter were used This is frustrating My father doesn t know what to do and I haven t been able to find any information that could help me Is there any way I can change the DVD-R RW from Drive to something else and maybe solve this If I ve managed to confuse you I m sorry just tell me and I ll try to explain nbsp

A:Changing the name of a drive in BIOS?

Try playing around with IRQ and plug an play settings. Try toggling legacy USB/USB interrupt, plug and play BIOS, APIC, disable VGA interrupt. Disable any devices you don't use in BIOS - turn off parallel and serial ports for example.
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Hi! I've been trying to reinstall XP, but the computer locks up after the screen saying it's examining your devices. The only change that has been made to this computer since the last time i reinstalled, is that I've used a USB flash drive to copy pictures from a computer with a bad cd drive to my computer to save them. I used the flash drive 7 times. Since there is nothing wrong with my hardware, I've checked cables, etc, I'm wondering if the flash drive made a change to a BIOS setting. If it did, where would I look for this in the BIOS? I can't think of any other reason for the install to lock up, and I haven't changed any BIOS settings , except to change the boot options to boot to cd drive first. Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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This one has me baffled. My DVD/CD drive is no longer detected in the Bios of my Asus A8V Motherboard. I have it attached as the Primary Slave and the Bios says that it's not detected. It used to be, how else would I have installed XP. The drive works fine for burning Cd's and DVD's and shows up as working normally in Device Manager. Any thoughts?

A:DVD/CD drive not detected in Bios

Check the drive select on the drive and also the hard drive and make sure the hard drive is master and the dvd drive is slave and it should be ok after that.
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Hola. Special thanks to triple6 for the best explanation
of 98 shutdown problems I've seen online in 1.5 years of
hunting. * humbled * Two questions
which I've never had anything close to a tangible yes or
no on. 1) I hit "load default settings' in bios about a year
ago and the next night saw my old, no thanks, Canon Printer
listed in printers. How did this happen = did windows add
this from Harddrive or Bios info??

2) A few months before that, while reformatting 5 month
old harddrive, I noticed that the sound card never needed
drivers, meaning windows found the drivers somewhere
during install,
which is okay, but where and how?? Were the drivers
to that crystal ISA sound card in bios or on harddrive?

If harddrive is the answer, then how does one truly
wipe a drive clean. F disk doesn't do all that some say
it does, no?

Getting there,
- M

A:Bios or Hard Drive ??

Windows already had the drivers for the sound card on the install CD. The printer info was on the hard drive.
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The title says it all. Why is this. (Windows XP)

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Hello there After inadvertently removing the data cable from my ssd drive and booting the pc I got the usual message 'Non bootable device found insert media' I booted again into bios and could no longer see the ssd drive I powered off and opened the case to see I had knocked off the data lead to the ssd seen drive in not UEFI ? ssd bios the power lead was still plugged in I reattached the cable and booted only to get the above message again I went into bios and could see the ssd but not as a UEFI drive and thats that the pc will not boot why would it the drive is GPT partioned and set up as UEFI drive in the bios and has worked fine for over a year I don't get it nothing has changed but as the ssd is setup UEFI ssd drive not seen in bios ? as a UEFI drive if you select the ssd as a normal drive it won't boot How does the bios loose the reference of how the drive is setup just because it was unplugged With MBR you can plug - unplug all day long I don't UEFI ssd drive not seen in bios ? get why UEFI is so flakey I only opened the case to speed test another ssd
Relevancy 36.55%

HP Pavilion M8100 Bios Revision 5.11 6-5-07
Windows is in process of downloading Vista SP2
Keeps shutting down. Remedy?
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Hello there After inadvertently removing the data cable from my ssd drive and booting the pc I got the usual message 'Non bootable device found insert media' I booted again into bios and could no longer see not ssd UEFI bios seen in drive the ssd drive I powered off and opened the case to see I had knocked off the data lead to the ssd the power lead was still plugged in I reattached the cable and booted only to get the above message again I went into bios and could see the ssd UEFI ssd drive not seen in bios but not as a UEFI drive and thats that the pc will not boot why would it the drive is GPT partioned and set up as UEFI drive in the bios and has worked fine for over a year I don't get it nothing has changed but as the ssd is setup as a UEFI drive if you select the ssd as a normal drive it won't boot How does the bios loose the reference of how the drive is setup just because it was unplugged With MBR you can plug - unplug all day long I don't get why UEFI is so flakey I only opened the case to speed test another ssd
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Got a Friend who recently thought it would be a good idea to change the voltage setting s on his psu becuase his computer would not Cd drive up in picked being not bios start try checking the power is on anyways he switched the power on and blew it good After replacing the psu and reformatting his drive for him gave him back his comp in full working order or so i thought Went down to install a game on his computer and the cd drive was not being picked up in windows or the bios which it was when i replaced the psu and gave it back to him windows also took an age to boot i removed the power to one of his cd drives Cd drive not being picked up in bios which made the other one magically reapper in windows but would not pick up cd s thought it might have something to do with the psu although i relaced it with the same kind w it s an old emachines celeron and said i would have a look at it next chance i got two days later he arrived on my doorstep with his bundle of joy and said it no longer booted removed and checked the hd which was full of bad sectors prob due to the surge he gave it replaced the hd and checked the bios and it still wont pick up a cd drive checked cables jumper settings bios settings cleared the cmos even tried a w psu in it to see if that would make a difference but no joy I m running out of ideas so any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Cd drive not being picked up in bios

whenyou sayit wont pick up a cd drive do yo mean you have tried other CD drives to see if his cd drive is damaged? a power surge can damage alot fo components on a motherboard I would say he was lucky that the whole board isnt toast. even if they didnt all act like they were damaged to begin with the power surge probably stressed them enoough that it is going to start failing.
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hi folks, my problem is this, added another hardrive to pc and it shows up in explorer but not in bios so i can,t set it to start, any help/advice will be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Hi People!

This Newbie to the forum is no techie, so what does 'BIOS hard drive - 97% used' mean? This was found in the Computer section after 'Start'.

It also says 'Space Free 322 MB' of total size 11.1 GB'

Should I be doing anything about this?

Thanks Folks in advance!

A:BIOS Hard Drive

From the size of it I would say it is the Manufacturer's Recovery partition. Can you post a screenshot of folder contents? Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
Also this Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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Win WP Pr0, 2 hard drives that the bios recognizes OK. Apparently I have a corrupt Operting System. I need to repair or reinstall XP.
My PC uses GigaRaid Bios v1.41. I don't unsderstand how it works.
When I turn on the PC, it recognizes the 2 HD installed.
When I try to boot using my XP Pro CD to run an "r" repair, it loads a bunch of software, drives, etc. and que I press "r" I get the message that it does not recognizes the 2 HD drives I have, and I have to hit f3 key to exit.
I think I cannot do a repair because of my GigaRaid software. I don't have the GigaRaid CD. How can I bypass this so I can repair may hard disk #0?
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Put together an i7 win8 PC with asrock killer z97 board. Everything works fine until I took an old samsung sata drive out of a vista PC and put it into this win8 PC. The bios sees this drive but it does not show in windows 8, not in device manager nor disk management. There is no yellow alert in device manager on anything either.

There are three other drives (2 SSDs and 1 mechanical) in the win8 PC and they all show up no problem.

Out of desperation, I change the BIOS drive setting of the samsung drive:

external drive from disabled to enabled
hot plug from disabled to enabled

When I rebooted, the drive shows up in windows! I went and disabled both those settings and reboot, and the drive is still there. I cannot narrow down which of the two settings did the trick.

Can anyone explain why the drive was not recognized at first?

A:Drive shows in BIOS not in win8 until...

I ran into this issue with a Dell. In my case, disabling secure boot allowed Windows to pick up on the new hardware and then I could go back and enable secure boot again if I so desired.
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Hi, My Packard Bell laptop is running Windows XP. Somehow my CD/DVD drive has become disabled. The whole D drive seems to have just vanished into thin air.

I've been into regedit and removed the upper and lower filters and it still wont work.

I cant find the device in device manager. Infact the only place I have found it is in BIOS where it says its disabled.

Please can someone help me, its really starting to drive me mad lol...

Oh I also went to system restore and tried to restore the computer back three months when I know it was working but it wouldnt let me for some unknown reason. Im sure somewhere there must just be an enable/disable button but I cant find it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

A:Bios says cd/dvd drive is disabled - how do I enable?

Try installing another optical drive and see if it is detected properly
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My first post! It seems like there are several versions of this problem out there, here is mine:

I just did a clean install of 7 Ultimate 64 bit using an upgrade disk on my Dell Inspiron 1545. I had been running XP 32 bit service pack 3. Everything is working fine, except my cd/dvd burner does not appear in devices in the 7 interface, and neither does it appear in BIOS. I may have made a mistake by not using windows easytransfer--I selected the files I wanted to bring over manually with a flash drive. It have power and will open and close fine, if a little slowly but it might be my imagination.

Can anybody help me with my next move? Do I need to go buy an external?

A:No cd/dvd drive in BIOS after upgrade 32XP to 64 Seven

Try this (1):
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media
The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to Windows Vista

Try this(2):
1) Shut down PC.
2) Physically disconnect the CD/DVD Drive.
3) Reboot to Windows with NO DVD drive.
4) Shut down PC.
5) Physically reconnect the CD/DVD Drive.
6) Reboot to Windows with DVD drive.
7) Check Device status.
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Hello BC this is my first post here and im desperate Basic Problem description Computer is an HP desktop running XP When turning on Drive BIOS Hard not detecting computer after bios screen the words quot operating system not detected quot appear When inside bios setup primary master slave read BIOS not detecting Hard Drive quot none quot Both cdrom floppy are detected Both hard drives inside the computer are not detected Full details sorry about all the details but i wanted to give all the info i could A friend of mine asked me to install a virus scanner for her because she was about to get the internet at her house for the first time so I took her pc to my house I installed malware bytes and avast then did an overnight full scan with avast and it detected around infected files including a rouge fake BIOS not detecting Hard Drive virus scanner Shes says she had gotten the computer from a friend some years back so i guess they had gotten the infections then and my friend had just been dealing with them while playing her games I just deleted them all then proceeded BIOS not detecting Hard Drive to do a windows update The computer hadnt been updated for many years as it still had IE i believe I installed service pack and then did a restart When it came back up it started my avast bootscan that i forgot i had scheduled The scan detected a virus in the temp internet files and asked me what i wanted to do however i had not plugged in the keyboard and after plugging it in It would not detect so i had to do a reset After turning it back on and getting past the bios screen it said quot Operating System not detected quot I have reseated the connections on both hard drives in many different ways leaving one off with the other connected and vice versa but nothing Both hard drives power up i can feel vibrations hear the fan i guess I pulled out both hard drives and connected them one by one to my personal pc One of them detects on my computer and the other doesnt The one that detects is the one with the operating system and her files so i wasnt to concerned with the other one I pulled all her documents off and saved it and reconnected that hard drive back to her computer using the cd rom cable Still nothing Ive tried the extra IDE slot to connect that hd and the only difference is it skips the bios screen and goes straight to the operating system message Ive pulled the battery to reset the cmos no luck Ive used both options in the bios to reset all settings no luck On the bios loadup screen it reads hit f for setup hit f for recovery console options or something like that i hit f and it gives the operating system message On the hard drive that works and is connected to my pc it has partitions one being a recovery partition I would try putting one of my hard drives in her pc but everything i have is sata and she has no sata ports motherboard is really old Anyone have any suggestions please I dont wanna tell her that i possibly messed up her computer even though i have no clue what i did

A:BIOS not detecting Hard Drive

update. I found an old ide 2.5 inch laptop hard drive and stuck it in there with an adapter. it detects it, but gives the message "hard disk is not system drive" or something similair. The bios still does not detect the HD with windows on it. I have done a scandisc with the western digital specific utility and it detected no errors, and i used the one that windows provided and it detected nothing. The bios does however detect the the blank extra hd that was in there now (seems to detect it every other time). I cant seem to get the computer to boot from cd though (with windows repair disc), even though ive changed the boot order, it might just be the disc though, ima burn another one. Any other suggestions please?
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A:Any one know about bios updating w/FLASH drive please help me

Most BIOS updates come with intructions on how to flash. Please see read the doucmentation.

Also please be aware that posting in all bold capital letters is considered shouting. There's no need to shout here.

And it might help to tell us which Intel board you have.

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Computer does not reconize my CD ROM drive E a light just flashes. If I shut down and restart it will reconize the drive. Any suggestions?

A:I use Win 98 OS. When starting up the Bios or Win does not reconize my CD Rom drive E
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Hello. Quick question..

I got a new Disk Drive and installed it. It works fine, but my problem is in the BIOS, whenever I start my computer it says "Drive 3 Not Found".
When I disable Drive 3, my disk drive stops working (Because I disabled it)
My question is how can I get this to stop prompting me, because the drive works fine even though the BIOS apparently doesn't recognize it.

Any responses would be appreciated.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't see the Drive Forum, could someone move this please?
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A couple of weeks ago, I did a BIOS update which went successfully. Yesterday I tried to read a CD with the CD-drive (which I have done many times before), this did not work. The drive seems to notice that there is a CD in it because it comes sounds from it like it tries to spin up.

Under My Computer I can still see the drive listed as a DVD drive (it is both compitable with CDs and DVDs).

I have tried to update the drivers for the CD-drive though without any change in the results.

Does anyone have any idea about what can be done?

EDIT: My OS is Windows XP.

A:CD-drive won't read after BIOS update

1) Have you tried more than 1 CD just to make sure that there isn't a new problem with that particular disk?

2) Reset the bios back to defaults by either pulling the battery for a few minutes or by choosing the defaults option in the BIOS

2) Check the drive manufacturer for a firmware update.

3) Just out of curiousity, what problem were you trying to solve by doing the BIOS update? I am a vocal member of the "don't update the BIOS without a specific reason" camp.

4) Whats the make/model of the drive?
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Hey guys!

I recently brought a new harddrive to replace my old drive as a primary one(it died), problem was that it was a sata drive, my a7n8x doesnt include sata(only the deluxe version does) so i had to invested in a sata PC adapter card that slots into a PCI slot. The drive is working perfectly, i've partitioned it to prepare it for a OS installation. Problem is, when installing windows it doesnt even recognise the harddrive. I checked the bios and the harddrive doesnt exist there either since the only way the bios detects harddrives is through IDE. I;ve been looking for a driver that could remedy this, but nothing is helping.
Its particularly important since my other harddrive(which is currently running windows) needs to be formatted because partition magic believes there are huge issues in how its configured.
Any info would help!

Thanks in advance!

A:sata drive recognition on bios

Ok, you will not see a sata drive connected to a controller card in the system bios. You WILL see the sata drive in the card bios.
You need to load the driver for the card via the F6 prompt during the first part of setup. You should have received a driver disk with the card. If you did not, you can download the driver from whoever made the card; ie promise, highpoint, etc.

Next you never partition and format the driver prior to installing xp/win2k/vista; all partitioning and formatting is done from setup. You are just asking for a problem using something like partition magic to format a drive for you.
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i recently tried to upgrade a friends pc from windows me to xp i created a new primary dos partition on the drive then went to reformat as directed but now the bios wont recognise the hard drive and fdisk tells me there are no fixed disks present. according to windows website this old pc does meet the system requirements for xp so does anyone know whats causing this problem?

A:bios not rcognising my hard drive

more info

just an update to give you a bit more information to work with the cpu is a pentium 2 mmx 350mhz 128mb ram i think the motherboard is a jetway and the hard drive is 4.11gb i have tried putting my spare 20 gb hard drive in which it recognises but will still only read it as being 4.11gb any ideas ? i think the bios are award v7.xban if that helps
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I have 2 drives connected to my computer, an IDE and a SATA. They both work fine from within Windows but I was just wondering why only the IDE drive shows up in the BIOS?

A:SATA drive not showing in BIOS

Check jumpers on the unit, drivers, or maybe (hopefully not) may be defective?
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I have a Compaq Presario computer that is getting a Boot Disk Failure. I suspect a bad hard drive but decided to check the drive setting in the BIOS. When I boot up to the BIOS and go into the Standard CMOS Setup, only the following options are listed:

Drive A: 1.44 3.5 in
Drive B: None (all available choices are for another floppy)
Floppy3 Mode Support: Drive A
Video: EGA/VGA
Halt On: No Errors

That's it, there is no place to list a hard drive. May experience with computer BIOS's is that even when no hard drive is connected or if bad drive is connected, there will still be a listing in the BIOS for the hard drive. Usually it will say AUTO or NOT INSTALLED. But this BIOS has no place to list the hard drive.

The BIOS is AWARD BIOS (2A5IMG09). No date is listed.

Any ideas?



A:No Place For Hard Drive In BIOS

In most cases, you're very right. But Compaq's are always different and usually a headache. The one i'm picturing had drop down menus - kind of like in windows and the harddrive was under one of the last menus - something like devices then ide devices. Take a look around but be warned it may not be there. can you press Tab or ESC while you have the compaq logo on the screen? It may show you the POST. If not use FDISK to see if it shows a drive.

A complete drive failure, where its totally dead, may also give you this result. Because Compaq is very proprietary it may not show anything for the HDD if it's not detected.
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I recently hooked up a Buslink 13G USB external hard drive to my Compaq 1266 laptop. I contacted Buslink to find out why my system is only recognizing 12.1G's. They suggested that I contact Compaq about flashing my Bios. With the help of compaq I 'reset' my bios, but it didn't help. Compaq and another source does not recommend flashing the bios because the risk involved to regain .9G might not be worth it. I've been told that i would need to purchase software specifically for flashing my Phoenix bios, but that tech. assistance was not guaranteed. Can you suggest any alternatives, or is flashing the bios the only way for me to recover the lost .9G?

A:Hard Drive recognition/Bios

You may not be able to use the .9 GB. Any company that makes hard drives uses a number for the byte size that makes it look high. the computer uses a higher for byte size, and as a result, the drive is not actually as big as claimed.
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Problems with one of the z420. This computer I need to have a boot drive and 3 indivual drives for three seperate projects. Did a clean install no problem with windows 7. Boot up and only the boot drive and SATA 1 one are showing. The other 2 drives are off line. I know it has something to do with the RAID controller in the BIOS and I can't find it. Also did not update the BIOS because lots of post about trouble. Any quick fix or where to fix? The last 4 ports are not showing. Control i or n - not working - hangs up and does not give me the RAID control  menu. Thanks in advance.
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Hoping someone can help....

I tried to update the BIOS but it didnt work. Computer re-started and now my SSD drive with windows installed on is not recognised and hence i cannot get into windows. I have a 2tb slave drive with stuff on i cannot afford to lose. Something similar happened a while a go so i got a new ssd drive replacement but i dont think anything is wrong with it. Last time i had to repartition the drive as it was in RAW format but i cannot remember how i did that? The computer is less than 6 months old and a pretty powerful machine so doubt its the hardware as such, more that ive done something to it after trying to updatethe BIOS im sure.

Any help would be great, can provide any more ifo if needed.

Thank you


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I recently purchased a gaming pc for my son as a xmas present. It was pretty expensive, but came with no operating system. When trying to install window 8.1 pro it gave the error "no signed device drivers were found". After downloading the drivers it still wouldn't install windows, so I went into the BIOS and all the SATA ports are empty. Nowhere in the BIOS does it say anything about a hard drive being plugged in. Tried plugging one of the SATA cables into a different port, but still no joy.

Any help would be much appreciated. Unfortunately the place were I bought the pc from is closed until Monday.

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Hello I have an ASUS P GD Pro Motherboard and need to do a BIOS update- to support sticks of dual channel RAM aparantly I went to the site downloaded BIOS drive update without floppy all the stuff and was just about ready to go when I read the instructions Copy stuff to floppy drive I dont have a floppy drive installed on my computer Could I do it from BIOS update without floppy drive CD ROM or USB Pen drive I am afraid to continue with it though as I though that the USB drivers might get wiped or sumthing like that I REALY dont wanna screw up my motherboard What do you think my options are I guess in a worst case scenario I could borrow a floppy drive from someone for the update but that would be a hassle Here is my BIOS info I am on XP Home and am wanting to update it to the newest version Any sugestions elwyn EDIT another thought I just had is could I do it from another partition I have no thats silly or is it yeah silly nm nbsp

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My XC- throws No boot disk has been BIOS drive hard XC-600 found not by detected or the disk has failed error in startup In nbsp BIOS Boot options under Hard Disk Drive priority I cannot find any drives I XC-600 hard drive not found by BIOS have win installation USB which I can use for booting and e g to access command prompt From cmd I XC-600 hard drive not found by BIOS can still access my two hard drives and their contents I tested running some cmd programs etc nbsp nbsp I recently added an SSD HD nbsp and nbsp did a clean win XC-600 hard drive not found by BIOS installation on the drive Everything ran well for a couple of days Then I nbsp fully erased the earlier TB drive all mysterious partitions of it to make it a pure file storage I also did some random changes like removing the old OS version from msconfig https www reddit com r Windows comments gwaq two volumes on startup volume and volume why I cannot point out exactly after which change I restarted nbsp the machine so that it failed as described in the st paragraph but something must have gone wrong and I doubt it would be the hardware I have tried all combinations of hard drives and SATA ports nbsp and nbsp none of them work so that BIOS would recognize the drives or the system would boot I also tested changing the secure boot setting in BIOS without any success nbsp nbsp Any help would be much appreciated nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:XC-600 hard drive not found by BIOS

Probably you deleted the EFI partition (if your BIOS is set to UEFI) or MBR partition (if your BIOS is set to Legacy/Launch CSM). when you installed windows 10 on the SSD, it read the EFI partition on the 1TB HDD and now that partition is gone. try to run startup repair under advanced options with the windows 10 installation media.