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Why apps in taskbar not showing preview ?

Q: Why apps in taskbar not showing preview ?

What i mean is when i move the mouse cursor over an app window in taskbar if it's a game in the passed i saw the game running/playing in the small window of the app or if it's a program. Now i need to click on it and enter to it to see what is going on with it.

Now the problem is only with battlefield bad company 2 when the game is running in the background instead clicking on it's icon to enter it and see what is going i want that when i move the mouse cursor over it it should show me in the small window the game. But instead i see only white small window.

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Preferred Solution: Why apps in taskbar not showing preview ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Why apps in taskbar not showing preview ?

Hello @Chocolade, open control panel go to system, then advanced system settings. Click on the settings tab under performance, and make sure animations in the taskbar is checked.
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This morning, my icons on the taskbar have suddenly turned into icons with names of open apps and tabs. I didn't change anything, but did recently have an update. I prefer to not have the names showing. I know what the icons are and prefer to point at it to choose a tab, etc. How do I get the names to go away?
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It's been couple of days since I upgraded my system to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Everything is working fine except this nasty error. If I pin apps to taskbar or run apps , the app icons on the taskbar are shown as white square. And I am seeing the same thing on Apps & Feature settings list. The icons are there but as the backgrounds are shown as grey-white chequered pattern (for the transparency ), it looks like white squares. Rebuilt the icon cache but to no avail. And on the start menu everything looks fine.
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Is it possible to 'install Apps Preview Developer Preview Comsumer Installing? in quot DP Apps in CP Where are the 'shortcuts ' for Metro Apps located Here's path one d Program Files Applications microsoft build neutral neutral wekyb d bbwe Here's path two d Users Windunce AppData microsoft build wekyb d bbwe Yes one can copy those folders to the appropriate place in CP but getting them 'registered ' and finding out what takes the place of a lnk is beyond me at the moment Any help Installing? Developer Preview Apps in Comsumer Preview appreciated ps For now I've made two users Windunce and Metro I've 'disabled ' the MetroUI for user Windunce and left MetroUI as installed for the user Metro I simply unpinned all the apps from the Start Screen except 'Desktop' and enabled Quick Launch on a double-height TaskBar to replicate my Win system User Windunce will logon for day to day productivity and User Metro will logon to enter the brave new world The best of both worlds Well it could be but not just yet Schizophrenically Yours Windunce

A:Installing? Developer Preview Apps in Comsumer Preview

Found the .lnk to the App.
The folder names changed from DP to CP.
No more Immersive Apps Shortcuts, nor Applications folder.

So I created those folders in CP and copied everything over from DP into them.
The good news? The shortcut showed up in the Start Screen!

The bad news, it doesn't run :(

I suppose I could compare registry entries and import some keys, but before I try that,
does anyone think there is an easier way?

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I went from XP to W8 Pro. With XP, a pictures folder allowed the icons to represent a small version of the picture; the filmstrip option was a nice bonus.

With W8, the icon, no matter what size, has a generic look to it--same for all the pictures. I enable Preview Pane, and the same thing happens. No preview of the picture on the preview pane, just a much larger generic icon.

I see screen views on the web of it actually working, but I can't get it to. I am tired of looking.

Please help.

A:Explorer Preview Pane not showing preview

Hello romeroom, and welcome to Eight Forums.

It sounds like you may have thumbnail previews turned off. You could use the tutorial below to enable thumbnail previews to fix this.

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Support Forums
Hope this helps,
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We have enable the preview pane for Windows Explorer within the Local Group Policy Editor, however no preview pane is showing in Windows Explorer. What other setting do we need to look for?
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Hello all,

I am new here, although I did come here quite a few times and many times found the solution :-)

My problem is (I am on 1511) that some icons of removed (by powershell) apps reapeared, and there seem to be no way to get rid of them. Nothing I have found had worked (like going to start menu folder and deleting the shorcuts).

Namely it's MicrosoftWindowsAlarms, MicrosoftZuneMusic, MicrosoftWindowsPhotos, and in Apps the name looks like this: @{Microsoft.WindowsAlarms_10.1607.1991.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwems-resource--Microsoft.WindowsAlarms-Resources-AppName-Text}

Moreover, few days ago some "new" apps have materialized - that was a update, nothing, out of blue I had about 10 unwanted apps in my all apps...............crazy.

Any thoughts?

P.S. Normally I deffer updates by turning the service off and/or metered connection. Now I have left it on by mistake...........still should not install against my will some unwanted apps..........and as I said, no update.....

A:Icons of uninstalled apps showing in All apps

Those left-over icons may be a result of deleting programs instead of using Control Panel, Programs and Features to uninstall the programs. When a program is installed the install routine puts the program files in either C:\Program Files [32-bit] or C:\Program Files for 64-bit or C:\Program Files (x86) for 32-bit depending upon which version of the OS is in use. It will also create the icons, write support files to C:\Windows or other Folders and create Registry entries so Windows knows how to run the program. The uninstall routine is supposed to get rid of everything associated, don't know if PowerShell can do it as cleanly.
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I was using Windows 10 build 10316 normally until I use the Razer Game Booster.
After that, All Applications List in the start menu no longer shows any application...

I uninstalled the program but the problem persists.

Now, I update to build 10328 and nothing changes!

Any help?

P.S. Sorry my bad english.

A:windows 10 All apps List not showing any apps

Give this a try...................
How to Reinstall and Re-register All Built-in Windows Apps in Windows 8 and 10
Apps - Reinstall and Re-register in Windows 8 and 10

By the way, please do not apologize for your English.
1. Your English is wonderful.
2. English is not the only language in this planet. Be proud of your own national language.
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This references showing Toolbar rows Icons Taskbar 3 2-line Taskbar Large small using Quick Launch Bar icons don't wrap even though there is room - a post by chillz which discovers a quot bug quot with the taskbar not resetting the row-sizing for toolbars when dragging the taskbar to the left then back to the bottom I for a while now have been using a custom quick-launch toolbar on my taskbar with the taskbar being unit-lines in height and having the taskbar on my secondary left monitor When I first set this up it showed lines of small icons in the toolbar and up to lines on the standard taskbar This was perfect because the toolbar didn't reset the order every time I launched an application contrary to how the pinned application system works With pinned applications no matter what position I drop the icon the order always resets and floats from place to place so that system of organizing icons is disgusting because you have apps between icons of apps that aren't running some times and other times the running applications are above and Taskbar Toolbar showing 3 small rows using Large Icons 2-line Taskbar below with or without grouping enabled The vertical display would be the ideal way for me to view unlaunched applications see aforementioned topic because they group together and launched apps come after in horizontal mode the taskbar is chaotic without a toolbar organizing the apps to one side but then you lose the functionality of the pinned-application system if you forfeit usage of that chaotic horizontal system in favor of how the vertical system works but in horizontal mode To the point After an update restart the toolbar reset and only showed lines despite there being more than enough room for rows of small icons I couldn't figure out what happened or what changed and then I read the aforementioned topic after some searching to find it actually worked Moving the taskbar to the left then back down resets the order so lines can be used on a line-unit height taskbar with large icons I would like to see several things fixed - Fix the chaotic organizing system of the horizontal taskbar to match the vertical display mode so pinned-apps are always on one side and use all lines while opened apps read like a book Other people will likely have a different opinion to this suggestion and I'd like to read them - Fix the toolbar icon organizational system so all space can be utilized without needing to move the taskbar each restart or update I have yet to restart since fixing the issue and I rarely restart as it is but others may not keep their pc running stressful on components to keep restarting Again I'd like to read others opinions on this but I'm sure most will agree on this point that unused space shouldn't be wasted Here we see all rows in my quick-launch toolbar Unfortunately without restarting or receiving a new update I can't reset the toolbar back to lines which is fantastic and I didn't take a screenshot prior to moving the taskbar to the left then back down but for simple effect imagine the top lines visibly the bottom invisible and an arrow on the right for extra icons and that is the default view You'll likely be able to repeat the effect if you don't have a toolbar and try it out
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I have a toolbar on my taskbar titled "Programs". It has about eight folders in it. I made another toolbar, and placed it directly adjacent to the Programs toolbar, to obscure the eight folders and force it to be a dropdown menu.

Trouble is, as soon as I lock my taskbar, right next to the arrow that displays the eight items of my Programs toolbar in menu-form, one of the eight items is showing up as an icon, as if the other toolbar isn't close enough to the Programs toolbar in order to completely obscure the eight items.

Here's what I mean in graphic form:

It's bugging me to no end. Anyone else had this problem/resolved it?

A:Toolbar on taskbar should only be showing an arrow but is showing icon

Hello thewonkits, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I notice this happens when using small icons for a toolbar. If you like, you could unlock the taskbar, right click on the dotted separator line to the left of the two top far left toolbars (one at a time) click on View and Large Icons, then lock the taskbar to see if that may look ok to you. It will make the top row a bit bigger though.

Hopefully someone may know a better way to hide that bit of icon poking out when locked.
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Microsoft Talks About How Windows 8.1 Preview Will Work

On x86-based Windows systems, both Windows Store/Metro-Style and Desktop apps will need to be reinstalled.

Because some folks I talk to these days are mixing "apps" and "programs" into the same bag, I want to clarify something ... per the above quote, if I
1) install 8.1 preview; then,
2) install a program (not an app from the app store), like Photoshop ...

will I have to re-install that program once I update to 8.1 RTM? Or, are the re-installs associated only with apps downloaded from the store?

Thank you!

A:Win 8.1 Preview - apps or programs?

That really didn't answer my question. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I accept the update.
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Hi all, i have some weird problems with Lock screen preview & apps, i have just installed the new windows 8.1, the preview goes blank and app icons disappear but i still can change lock sreen image and apps. I tried sfc /scannow but it didn't help, what should i do now?

Hope someone can help!

A:Lock screen preview & apps


Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Reboot & run sfc again.
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Hey guys, I was wondering how I could have the "auto-hide the taskbar" option on but the taskbar still being displayed. Because I have my taskbar to where it's transparent and I would like the extra space from the auto-hide. This is what I want it to ultimately look like.

A:Taskbar Auto-hide but with Taskbar showing

Hum don't know about that andos but it can be made small and personally I don't mind it being there and just to have them floating there would I think annoy me.
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Hi there So far everything installed and working and this on a small netbook I had NO issues with the VM i built earlier -- now this is on a REAL machine Apps can be unpinned from the metro start tiles so only those you want need be there and by pinning something to the task bar far on x-64 good preview standard so consumer So apps then dragging and dropping to the desktop makes a quick So far so good standard apps on consumer preview x-64 way of having stuff you want on the desktop in the old way I like uncluttered stuff -- the apps search is fine for those I don't use often --- Control Panel however should be on the Start panel by default You can Pin it to the start by searching for it in apps then RIGHT mouse click and then Pin to start --easy Installed and working Office x- full professional including Visio and Project Vmware workstation rel and vmware player rel OpenVPN client for accessing SKY GO etc via Proxy when I'm in Belgium Iceland France etc Betangel -- access Betfair quickly IN PLAY Well known UK Betting Exchange Winamp Mp tag CPU-Z VLC Media player Adobe CS Suite inc Photoshop x- and Adobe X TmpGenc DVD authoring stuff Dvd format conversion etc -- I don't have a physical DVD on this machine but I can still create AVI etc from an ISO Winrar Utorrent shhh shouldn't mention this one Logitech media server streaming Internet Radio Music to remote multi media devices MySQL MSE -- choose W X- when downloading it if you are on x- Not Installed as this software is NOT needed Any more on this machine Nero -- don't have physical DVD -- can create images etc with TMPGENC Daemon tools Alcohol W contains Mount command for ISO's already just right mouse click in Windows explorer against the image That's good enough for an everyday small machine for testing So far everything works great As Backup I use a BOOTABLE version of Acronis --works fine -- backs up and restores without a problem I don't have this installed on W yet as I don't have a license for it Finally the Multiple Monitor featiure FINALLY works properly and with decent screen resolution on external monitor ONLY ONE SNAG SO FAR If using a SINGLE monitor on some small netbooks the resolution is only HIGH -- some apps need as a minimum so there needs to be some sort of mechanism for handling smaller screens --certainly if this OS is going to be used on tablets and phones Office is fine -- but Photoshop needs a bigger resolution However I'd tend to use an external screen anyway for that app Otherwise as a first run -- fine cheers jimbo

A:So far so good standard apps on consumer preview x-64

I'm still trying to verify if this works on the current Windows 8.1. Has anyone tried it yet? [IMG]https://********.info/cat/10-3/vbsmile.png[/IMG]
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All of the Apps I try to open up from the Metro UI (except IE and settings) start to open and then just crash back to the Metro UI after a few seconds (including the App Store). I have an older machine with an older Nvidia card, but installing a different driver didn't seem to help. My resolution is set to 1280x1024. I have tried installing Win8 from the .iso, and also from the downloaded setup installer thing (both clean installs). I ran windows update. I have tried to run the Apps logged in with a local user and also with my Live id. I have also tried them after adjusting the UAC settings. Nothing seems to work.

I didn't have any of these issues with developer preview. All the apps ran fine then. Anyone have any ideas of something else to try?


A:All Consumer Preview Metro apps crashing

I believe I have found the answer. I have an Athlon XP CPU in this computer. I found the following comment in another forum.

"Old CPU's without SSE2 instructions (Athlon XP, Pentium III) will run Windows 8 but won't run Metro apps as Net 4.5 libraries have this requirement and now are part of the os and used for running some metro Apps. Only IE10 Metro works because is probably made in C++ native."
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OK, here's a weird one.....

I have Windows 8.1 installed on VM Player and never had a problem. Now, for some odd reason the App Store keeps telling me there's a connection problem and won't open.... it's acting as though there is no internet connection, which of course there is as I can access the internet and other live tiles, just not the app store. And I know the apps store is up and running because on my Windows 8 (not 8.1) laptop, the store opens just fine.

Is there a current issue going on with the apps store and 8.1?

Oh, and now the other weird it's not bringing up apps, but now, when you click on them, you still get the apps store isn't working


A:Windows 8.1 Preview Apps Store not working

Hello Drew,

You might see if any of the items in the tutorial below may be able to help.

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

OR this below if you're using a proxy.

Using authenticated proxy servers together with Windows 8
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When I hover the mouse over taskbar windows and it pops up a preview of all the windows, sometimes it get stuck and then it doesn't disappear. I had to log off and log in again for it to go away. Ever happened to you?

A:Taskbar Preview

Is your video driver up-to-date?
Have you tried reinstalling it (maybe it installed incorrectly)?
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Hi I just updated my computer to Windows 7 and unlike Vista I can't seem to turn off the preview thing. Anyway I was looking for a way to do this online and I saw where someone said you can uncheck the enable windows composition and I did that. Well it didn't fix the problem just messed everything else up. I find it hard to believe the only way to get rid of this thing is to go into the registry files and edit the delay time. Can anyone help?

A:Taskbar Preview

Click on Start button and type GPEdit.msc in Instant Search text box, then hit Enter.
Navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar in left pane of Local Group Policy Editor.
Locate and double click on Turn off taskbar thumbnails in right pane of Local Group Policy editor.
Select Enabled radio button.
Click OK to make the change effective.
Logoff and logon again or restart computer if needed.
To re-enable Taskbar preview feature in Windows 7, just set the value to Disabled or Not Configured.
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I was wondering if anyone knows how to arrange the preview windows. For example, if I have 5 Firefox windows open I want to change the order left to right that they are shown. I can't seem to rearrange them like I can with the main taskbar buttons.

I got used to being able to do this with a taskbar addon I used in Windows XP.

Anyone have native way to do it with the new Windows 7 taskbar? If not, does anyone know a program or registry change that will allow this?

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When i bring my mouse to the left of the screen, the preview tile for the open apps does not appear fully. Instead it stays as the image of the open app you get when you mouse over the start button at the start screen. Am installing updates now but i dont think that will fix it

This is what it looks like even when i mouse over it.
Help Please!!!!
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What happens:
I was playing Tiberium Alliance on Chrome. First I heard no sound, then the display turned purple. I cannot control alt del. I have to restart my pc manually. Sometimes it just restarted itself if I keep waiting for it to respond.

What I have done to troubleshoot:
1. I use IE10. Same thing happened again and again.
2. I run memtest, no problem found.
3. I disable c-state (no idea what is it, read it somewhere in this forum), my pc still crash with same symptoms.

extra info:
It is a brand new pc with the following specs:

Windows Edition: Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K CPU @3.5GHz
RAM: 16 GB
System type: 64-bit Operating System
Driver: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
Driver Version:

A:windows 8 consumer preview with apps crashing every one hour

High Definition Audio is disabled. Is this deliberate? If so, why?

Lot's of errors in the WER section of MSINFO32 - most relating to video.
One odd one tho' - etdrv.sys Most references say it's a Windows driver, but it's not on my system. I tend to think that it's associated with a company named ETRON. My searches seem to think it's related to a camera driver (maybe a webcam).

Daemon Tools (and Alcohol % software) are known to cause BSOD's on some Win7 systems (mostly due to the sptd.sys driver, although I have seen dtsoftbus01.sys blamed on several occasions).
Please uninstall the program, then use the following free tool to ensure that the troublesome sptd.sys driver is removed from your system (pick the 32 or 64 bit system depending on your system's configuration): DuplexSecure - FAQ

Some free alternatives (I don't use them, so I can't comment on them)
KernSafe iSCSI initiator, Virtual CD/DVD-RW Emulator, Virtual Encryption Disk and Virtual CD/DVD-ROM Emulator All-in-One free software.
MagicISO - Convert BIN to ISO, Create, Edit, Burn, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter/extractor/editor

Audio and mouse drivers date from 2009, please update them.

Update Webcam and Video drivers

The following info is just FYI, I've already addressed the issues that I saw in the above paragraphs

- Further info on BSOD error messages available at:
- Info on how to troubleshoot BSOD's (DRAFT):
- How I do it:



BasicDisplay.sys Fri Feb 17 23:35:49 2012 (4F3F2AA5)
BasicRender.sys Fri Feb 17 23:35:26 2012 (4F3F2A8E)
ETdrv.sys Wed Apr 28 23:20:18 2010 (4BD8FAF2)
EhStorClass.sys Fri Feb 17 23:32:58 2012 (4F3F29FA)
HECIx64.sys Wed Nov 09 19:52:25 2011 (4EBB2049)
MBfilt64.sys Thu Jul 30 23:40:32 2009 (4A7267B0)
NTIOLib_X64.sys Sun Jan 17 21:31:59 2010 (4B53C81F)
Ndu.sys Fri Feb 17 23:30:24 2012 (4F3F2960)
RTKVHD64.sys Mon Feb 06 05:37:16 2012 (4F2FAD5C)
Rt630x64.sys Wed Oct 19 08:12:55 2011 (4E9EBEC7)
TurboB.sys Mon Nov 29 18:02:31 2010 (4CF43107)
USBXHCI.SYS Fri Feb 17 23:32:34 2012 (4F3F29E2)
UsbHub3.sys Fri Feb 17 23:32:18 2012 (4F3F29D2)
WpdUpFltr.sys Fri Feb 17 23:34:06 2012 (4F3F2A3E)
WppRecorder.sys Fri Feb 17 23:35:50 2012 (4F3F2AA6)
acpiex.sys Fri Feb 17 23:32:33 2012 (4F3F29E1)
athrx.sys Tue Feb 28 17:07:21 2012 (4F4D5019)
condrv.sys Fri Feb 17 23:36:42 2012 (4F3F2ADA)
dtsoftbus01.sys Fri Jan 13 08:45:46 2012 (4F10358A)
dump_storahci.sys Fri Feb 17 23:37:12 2012 (4F3F2AF8)
kd.dll Fri Feb 17 23:37:13 2012 (4F3F2AF9)
kdnic.sys Fri Feb 17 23:34:28 2012 (4F3F2A54)
mslldp.sys Fri Feb 17 23:30:59 2012 (4F3F2983)
ndisrd.sys Wed Sep 14 06:18:41 2011 (4E707F81)
npsvctrig.sys Fri Feb 17 23:34:24 2012 (4F3F2A50)
nvhda64v.sys Thu Mar 22 17:09:12 2012 (4F6B94F8)
nvhda64v.sys Tue Jan 17 07:45:46 2012 (4F156D7A)
nvlddmkm.sys Mon Mar 05 04:46:04 2012 (4F548B5C)
nvlddmkm.sys Thu Mar 29 16:24:27 2012 (4F74C4FB)
pdc.sys Fri Feb 17 23:34:44 2012 (4F3F2A64)
rdpvideominiport.sys Fri Feb 17 23:35:06 2012 (4F3F2A7A)
spaceport.sys Fri Feb 17 23:35:13 2012 (4F3F2A81)
storahci.sys Fri Feb 17 23:37:12 2012 (4F3F2AF8)
t_mouse.sys Thu Apr 16 09:45:37 2009 (49E73681)
tpm.sys Fri Feb 17 23:32:18 2012 (4F3F29D2)
ucx01000.sys Fri Feb 17 23:32:49 2012 (4F3F29F1)
wfplwfs.sys Fri Feb 17 23:30:50 2012 (4F3F297A) Read more
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Recent apps (top left corner) list still functions as normal, yet selected "tabs" are invisible whilst taking up the same amount of screen space for its click function. (If I hover over the top left, and move my mouse out just a little, i can still click / right click as though it was still visible.) when there are multiple options, the unselected tabs still show an outline visible with a transparent midsection

I am unsure what might have knocked the colour out of the app switching thing (or whatever I might call it, a name for what I am looking has been aloof,) maybe a windows update, or my graphics. i tried rolling back my graphics to no avail. Perhaps it is some arbitrary setting.

A:Recent apps (top left corner) not displaying preview.

Hello 2Cryptic, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Sound like you are talking about the app Switcher. Once you move the pointer to the upper left hot corner to open Switcher, you should be able to move the pointer down a bit to reveal all apps in Switcher.

Here are some more methods as well.

Switcher - Open in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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We recommend that you use an antimalware app to help protect your PC from malware and other potentially harmful software, and that you keep the app up to date. Windows Defender is a feature of Windows 8 and is enabled by default in Windows 8 Release Preview. If you prefer to use any of the antimalware apps listed on this page, Windows Defender will silently turn itself off so that the antimalware app you choose can help protect your PC.

Microsoft is actively working with antimalware app developers, including those listed on this page, to ensure the availability of high-quality antimalware apps on Windows 8.


A Guy

A:Supported Antimalware Apps For Windows 8 Release Preview

On my Window 8 I am running Norton IS 2013 Beta, Malwarebytes Pro, and WinPatrol and all are working great.

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Hello everyone I am new to this forum menu "All installed showing machine ANY apps apps" not on and was excited to find it as "All apps" menu not showing ANY apps installed on machine there are a lot of people giving great answers to Windows problems and I sadly ran into one recently I have had Windows installed for about months now and things have been going decent A couple of days ago my system received a Windows update that took about hours and looked like it was installing Windows all over again but it wasn't and once this happened I couldn't find the Microsoft Edge application and the start button would not work at all After doing a system restore to a date prior to the update things are back to quot normal quot except for this one problem Currently my start menu does not show any Recently Used or Favorite Apps in it as shown below If I select the All apps button it also shows nothing I made sure that all of the settings in order to see recently used apps and all my apps are correct as below are my settings I have tried a couple of solutions that handled Cortana not searching for programs or quot some quot apps were missing from all apps but I have yet to find a solution to when absolutely no apps are showing in the start menu I know the applications still exist on my machine as I use Firefox and Microsoft Word and Outlook plus many more apps but they aren't showing up at all I am also under a local account instead of my Microsoft account and both have this problem Has anyone ran into this before or know how to fix this situation Any help would be much appreciated Thank you Justin

A:"All apps" menu not showing ANY apps installed on machine

What happens if you try another user profile or load Start10 to see if it shows "Universal Apps".
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My problem's a little unique from the issues others are having I'm trying to get Aero Peek to turn off such that when I roll over the taskbar the contents of every single IE page open don't flash up engulfing the screen when I have a lot of web sites open I typically have IE pages running and one Firefox with - tabs open on each instance Every other taskbar element including Firefox just shows the upmost tab but IE shows all the tabs open in all IE pages Blots out the screen when I roll on the taskbar I ran the download for disabling Aero Peek and sure enough that got the grayed-out checkbox to go from checked to unchecked in the taskbar start menu properties but Aero Peek is still operating Ran it again rebooted and even preview issue Taskbar waited a day to no avail Peek is also unchecked grayed out in the show desktop square I also have all the animating fading visual effects turned off in performance options top boxes Any other possibilities or am I mistaken that this Taskbar preview issue screen-hogging behavior is an Aero Peek feature

A:Taskbar preview issue

Quote: Originally Posted by Rudy

My problem's a little unique from the issues others are having. I'm trying to get Aero Peek to turn off such that when I roll over the taskbar, the contents of every single IE page open don't flash up, engulfing the screen when I have a lot of web sites open. I typically have 4 IE pages running (and one Firefox), with 7-10 tabs open on each instance. Every other taskbar element (including Firefox) just shows the upmost tab, but IE shows all the tabs open in all IE pages. Blots out the screen when I roll on the taskbar.

I ran the download for disabling Aero Peek, and sure enough, that got the grayed-out checkbox to go from checked to unchecked in the taskbar/start menu properties, but Aero Peek is still operating. Ran it again, rebooted, and even waited a day, to no avail. Peek is also unchecked/grayed out in the show desktop square.

Any other possibilities, or am I mistaken that this screen-hogging behavior is an Aero Peek feature?

That is odd, but once aero peak is disabled (unticked), you should no longer get the popups in full size at least. You should still get the little popup previews though. Also check in the "performance/visual effects area to see what effects there may help on or off.
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i manage to turn off the aero peek but can find the way to get rid of this

it takes life 5s to disappear after i moved my cursor out from the taskbar and case lag when i play windowed game.

A:how to disable the taskbar preview?

Have a look at this tutorial....

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable
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Im just wondering if anyone knows of a way to make the taskbar preview work by only mousing over the tab on the taskbar, so you dont have to mouse over the thumbnail. I made the thumbnail take forever to appear cause it was anoying me for specific reasons. I want it to be like in this picture I made:

If anyone has an Idea please let me know, as far as I can tell from searching all over the internet is that no one has done this yet. I think most people are content with the combined tabs, I myself am not.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Taskbar (-thumbnail) Preview

Hello Kookster and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but I do not believe that it is possible to have taskbar live thumbnail previews done that way instead of from the thumbnail.

You can change the delay time for it tp speed it up though.

Taskbar Thumbnail Live Preview - Change Delay Time
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The feature which lets users preview open windows by moving the cursor over the taskbar buttons, is there a way to disable this feature, even though it is a rather useful feature but if it gets too annoying I would like to disable it sometime?

A:Taskbar Windows Preview

Disable desktop composition

Visual Effects Settings - Change
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I have just downloaded the beta and when I hover my cursor over the taskbar I only get a text preview with no pictorial preview.

Also, even after clicking "enable desktop preview" I get no such preview.

It seems as if Aero is not activated, but I am using the Windows theme.

I suspect its an issue with my computer specs, but its got a 1.6ghz Celeron processor with 512 mb ram. (Its a a 2007 Dell Inspiron B130).

I was under the impression that the Aero features should work on this laptop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:Don't have taskbar picture preview!

Hello Konrad,

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

It may be that you need more ram or it could be that your graphics card doesn't support Aero.

If you click on the 'My System Specs' link at the bottom left of one of your posts and then click on Update, you can fill in everything you can about your system. That would help us answer your questions easier and you don't have to keep typing the info into each post.

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I had some trouble with projecting my monitor to my TV, which I've sorted thanks to John Galt. Since fiddling with my drivers I have a different issue. Nothing is wrong but when I mouse over to the task bar, to the browser icon, I don't get the small screen previews like I did when I first installed Windows 7. They just stack up with written info like with XP.

Any thoughts?

A:Preview Display In Taskbar

Hello Geek Wannabee,

How many tabs do you have open in Internet Explorer at the time? If you have a lot open, then you run out of room for the thumbnail previews and it places them in a jump list instead until you close more tabs and they can fit again. Do your other items on the taskbar have preview thumbnails for them when they are open?

Hope this helps,
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Hey everyone, a little new around here, wondering if you can help me with a problem. I already wrote this out once buy my browser crashed, so I am going to write a condensed version.

Replaced my motherboard recently when it died. Installed windows 7 and my taskbar and alt+tab started acting like this: Tried multiple solutions from google and none worked, also tried the solution from that video and none worked. Reformated and reinstalled windows 7, and it is still acting the same way. Anyone have a similar problem that they have solved. I can still use windows for the most part but not having the taskbar preview is a real pain.

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I have a question about the windows 7 task bar . I took a screen shot to help with the diagnosis. Anyway, whenever I hover over an icon on the left side of the taskbar, any windows I have open , whether its one or many, will be shown as preview windows. I want to know where to go to disable it.


A:Taskbar Icon Preview

Hello jailbirdslanger,

The tutorial below can help show you how to disable taskbar thumbnail previews.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,
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hello there im Windows 7 user ever since its officially released and im happy with it..anyway anyone knows the how to maintain the preview taskbar like when you press [WINDOWS]+T you'll see those small preview windows on active taskbars but i want to know if there's a way how to maintain its preview? like i can surf into internet while my Window Media Center playing a movie and always on active at taskbar preview feature?

sorry for my bad English by the way..

A:how to preview taskbar always active?

Hello Kentucky, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but a taskbar icon must have the focus remain on it to see it's thumbnail preview. If you change the focus to something else, the thumbnail preview will stop.

You might consider having the Windows Media Center window set to a smaller size and moved to a corner of your screen, then have your browser window opened at another part of the screen. This way you could have both opened and viewable at the same time.

Hope this helps,
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im wondering if fire fox has an addon that when firefox windows are in the taskbar that when you mouse over them a preview comes out just like in the tab preview addon. i know that windows 7 has this under the name Live Taskbar Previews.

A:taskbar window preview


Originally Posted by wilfredo

im wondering if fire fox has an addon that when firefox windows are in the taskbar that when you mouse over them a preview comes out just like in the tab preview addon. i know that windows 7 has this under the name Live Taskbar Previews.

Yes wilfredo, it's a Windows 7 function and (last I heard) to get it to work with Firefox, Mozilla would have to work on the API to enable the preview function to work in Firefox. As far as I'm aware, there is no add-on that can achieve that.

Here's a good 'debate' on it! The sideshow is as good as the question!

Firefox 3.6 (Namoroka) has this ability (preview from taskbar) I believe but I'm not sure if it is actually functional right now. Go to and search around. You can download and use Namoroka like Firefox but it has to be stressed it is not the finished product. It is very much work-in-progress and is liable to crash and corrupt data. It may not, but be warned, it could!
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I have a question.

You know when you mouseover the icons on the taskbar, the window previews pop up. In some programs such as Opera or IE, we can use these to select different tabs without first opening the window.

My question is, is there a way to decrease the delay of these previews being shown after the mouseover? I think no delay will make them more practical to use.

A:Taskbar preview delay

Yes there is,

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Change Delay Time
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Saturday morning is my update day I work shifts but Saturday is my free day so my chance to check all my devices and update where needed So I have done my PC's my XL is going up to so I just browsed my Xbox One it actually got an update during the week but I just noticed that Skype preview is showing up as waiting to install so I clicked to install and nothing happened so I am doing a console restart and will see what happens but if nothing else it shows that MS have finally got Skype Xbox One preview showing on up fed up of waiting for Skype and are pushing this themselves now See news about Skype layoffs Really do want to see Skype preview across the whole family of devices OK Xbox One restarted Skype preview still showing as ready to install but nothing Skype preview showing up on Xbox One happens when I try but with luck it can't be far away although Maps as been coming soon for nearly a month now so maybe Skype preview showing up on Xbox One they just want to depress me
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I'm not Folder solution not (hopefully). showing preview sure if any solutions to this were ever found I couldn't find any but I think I have one My problem In my Music folder I had all of my music organized by artist However the folder preview would only show on a few of them and the rest remained blank I searched everywhere and couldn't find an answer I tried clearing the cache customizing the picture which I Folder preview not showing solution (hopefully). still can't get to work Nothing So I looked at the ones that were showing more specifically the desktop ini's in them Here's the text on the ini's with the missing preview ShellClassInfo IconFile SystemDrive Icons Fol Clos ico IconIndex And the one's showing BE -A - D -A A - C FD EC iconarea image C Folder Backgrounds Dylan jpg iconarea text x FFFFFF The one's showing are ini's that I made in XP to show a background Folder preview not showing solution (hopefully). for the particular folder Apparently putting this ini into one that doesn't show causes it to show Note The particular image e g Dylan jpg doesn't seem to matter The directory shown above doesn't even exist on my computer anymore I have no idea why this worked or what it means I found out how to do the folder background tweak on some site but hopefully this will help someone P S I apologize if this is on the wrong board Wasn't sure where else it could go
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I know this has already asked/posted but it needs to be posted again/dealt with...

I've been trying to find a way to disable/remove the taskbar thumbnail preview in Windows 7. I've google searched to death lookin for a way how but nothing.

I'm aware that there is the option to do so in gpedit.msc and in regedit (hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\Windows\DWM where it says enableaeropeek change value to 0, but i assure u those methods do not work.

any help/info would be greatly appreciated

A:How Can I Disable Taskbar Thumbnail Preview?

I don't think a way has been found yet, I'm assuming you've read this thread already?

Unable to turn off Taskbar Thumbnail
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I just reformatted my PC and for some reason the program preview on the taskbar (when you hover the mouse over an open program) is not working.

It will occasionally work for about 10 minutes then will suddenly stop.

Any fixes please?

A:W7 taskbar icon preview not working

Firstly make sure your graphics drivers are installed and up to date, and make sure you are running an aero theme.Then try the aero troubleshooter - Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting\DisplayAeroDesktopEffects

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Hey guys,

I'm wondering if there is a way to disable the image preview of your windows in your taskbar. For example, if I hover my mouse over MSN, it will show up all my MSN conversations in small windows above my taskbar, which I find highly annoying and useless at times and want to disable it.

I have googled it and tried several solutions/workarounds, but none of them work. There is one option that actually lets you disable it, but it also says it is a Vista only feature. Why have the option in Windows 7 if it's Vista exclusive?

Help to "fix" this would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,


A:Preview taskbar enable/disable

There's a tutorial on this. Here.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable[2]=Taskbar%20Start%20Menu

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Why does the taskbar preview only work for Microsoft Programs? Why doesnt it work for Firefox (multiple tabs), or any other non-microsoft related software?

A:taskbar preview for only Microsoft software

Your system has a fault. WRONG

The preview works for all of my software. Even videos playing in a VBox VM.
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Hey, I'm having a slight problem with my newly installed windows 7. At first, I was able to use the page preview function on the taskbar for my programs. However, it now won't display the previews of the programs that are already open in complete page format. Instead, it will only show the name of the program or website, just like in vista. So, I don't know if it is a registry error or not. But, could someone tell how to solve this problem?

A:Unable to use page preview in taskbar

It sounds like Aero is turned off.Run through this and see if it helps:
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In my windows 7, if I open multiple explorer windows and if all are minimized, hovering mouse on task bar does not show the preview. The preview shows only for 1 second and then it vanishes. Any Solution? Thanks in advanced.

A:Windows 7 taskbar preview not working

Welcome to our forum Ajmol Ahmad.

Here is a tutorial by Brink that just might help you.
Also look at the bottom of the page for other suggestions.
Mouse Hover Time - Change
How to Speed up the Menu Show Delay Time in XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
How to Enable or Disable Windows 7 Pop-up Descriptions
How to Change Start Menu Descriptive Text Pop-up Information in Vista and Windows 7
How to Change the Windows 7 Aero Peek Mouse Hover Delay Time to Preview Desktop
How to Change How Long Windows 7 Notifications Stay Open
How to Change the Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Live Preview Delay Time
How to Change Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Previews Display Delay Time
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Anyone know how to restore the taskbar thumbnail preview that was in IE8? I have the setting for "Show previews for individual tabs in the taskbar" set, but it only shows text when you hover over the IE icon in the taskbar, not the thumbnail view I prefer from IE8.
Is this anything to do with the Windows7 Aero settings?

A:Restore taskbar thumbnail preview that was in IE8?

Hello Andy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes, you would have to be using a Aero theme to have thumbnail previews of the icons for opened windows on the taskbar.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

In addition, you might also check the tutorial below to see what your list mode threshold limit is set at. If to low, this would display a list instead of thumbnail view as well.

Taskbar List or Thumbnail Previews Mode - Change

Hope this helps,
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I like the idea of showing little live thumbnail when you hove over a item on your taskbar and i was wondering if there is a way of changing it so that it would stay as a preview when my mouse isnt over it.

A:Taskbar permanent preview of window

Better late than never I guess : OnTopReplica - Home
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I'm OK with the different look of 7/8/10, but I really miss the XP feature of seeing essentially the contents of the open browser tab mirrored in the taskbar icon. Is there any way to get that functionality in Win 10?


A:Browser tab preview in taskbar icon?

Hi @CTPhil welcome to!

Right click on your taskbar, choose Properties, on the 'Taskbar' tab, drop the menu down beside "Taskbar buttons" and choose 'Never combine', click Apply and OK.
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So basically what I'm asking is: Is it possible to have the live preview of WMP in the taskbar stay up showing the video even when I hover the mouse out? That would allow me to work on any application while watching video....Now I know another work-around is to scale the WMP window down to a small size, keep it on top, and move it down to the taskbar area, but it's tedious and not very neat... If the live preview window had a pin that indicated you get pin and un-pin it, that would be neater.Thanks in advance.

A:Is there a way to pin the live preview window of the taskbar?

Well, there's a tool that can help: file is uploaded in my skydrive.ATTENTION! The program is free but it's in Chinese (Knowing another language is always helpful).To use this software, the following steps may help:1. Run this Software2. Active the window of which you would like to show the thumbnail all the time.3. Press "Alt"+"P"4. The thumbnail will be locked on your screen.(Press the "X" on the left to close the thumbnail.)All the thumbnails will be disabled after you minimize them except Windows Media Player.
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I'm OK with the different look of 7/8/10, but I really miss the XP feature of seeing essentially the contents of the open browser tab mirrored in the taskbar icon. Is there any way to get that functionality in Win 10?


A:Browser tab preview in taskbar icon?

Hi @CTPhil welcome to!

Right click on your taskbar, choose Properties, on the 'Taskbar' tab, drop the menu down beside "Taskbar buttons" and choose 'Never combine', click Apply and OK.
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Hi Guys

I'm sure many of you would know what I am talking about. In Windows 7 when you minimize a window, it gets down onto the taskbar. But if you HOVER over it, it'll show you a little preview of the content of that particular window.

How do I stop that from happening ?


A:The taskbar Preview of Minimized Windows

Hello Ciwan,

These would be the taskbar thumbnail previews. You can use this to disable them.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,
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I noticed a delay if you hover your mouse over the taskbar previews and then move the mouse away without selecting anything--the previews take a while to minimize. Does anyone know how to change the delay time?

It seems like there would be a registry value that would speed this up, since there's one for the taskbar preview delay time, but I haven't found anything.
Thanks for your help!

A:Change delay AFTER taskbar preview?

Having the same problem here, I know this is an old thread but it hasn't been solved and even extensive searches courtesy of google are still failing to resolve this for me

Is there anybody out there who knows this trick (most likely a regedit one?)

Many Thanks,
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Hi all,

I run Windows 7 on a old laptop, so enable aero is not possible. I want to know if there is a software to enable the thumbnails on the taskbar with aero basic theme.

I've tried Visual tool tips & Visual task tips but both don't works with Windows 7

thanks for your help

A:Taskbar preview thumbnail with seven basic ?

No software that will enable certain Aero features, but try enabling Aero.
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Hi There is a feature into WIN which I cannot disable I do not want to see a tab preview each time I place my pointer to a tab which is located at my taskbar I tried to disable the check box from my Taskbar and Start Menu tab taskbar How Win7 disable preview the to in Properties gt Taskbar gt Preview desktop with Aero Peek but the check box is already unchecked and disable I also found a tutorial at http www sevenforums com tutorials n-off html and I tried ALL OPTIONS without any positive result How to disable the taskbar tab preview in Win7 Lastly in order to disable Aero Peek I have download the last option NUMBER FOUR from this toutorial as follows To Disable Aero Peek -A Click on the Download button below to download the Disabled Aero Peek zip file Click on Save and save the zip How to disable the taskbar tab preview in Win7 file to the desktop Open the zip file and extract the reg file to the desktop Right click the reg file On Desktop and click on Merge Click on Run Yes and OK when prompted Log off and log on or restart the computer When done How to disable the taskbar tab preview in Win7 you can delete the downloaded reg and zip files on the desktop if you like BUT STILL NOTHING

A:How to disable the taskbar tab preview in Win7

What you want to disable is "thumbnails". Follow the tutorial here using gpedit.msc
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When I hover over a window in the taskbar, I only see words instead of a picture of the window; and I would like to change that. I have changed to an Aero Theme etc, but nothing is happening. I don't think I'm an admin on my computer. Please explain answers in layman's terms, I know nothing about computers.

A:Taskbar Thumbnail Preview Disabled

Oh, nvm, I fixed it.
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Most of my pictures do not show up fully in the preview pane. Sometimes they show up completely, but usually they only load a sliver of the picture and the rest of the preview is a solid color. See the picture for examples. Format and size don't seem to have any effect on the issue, sometimes 36mp images load fine, sometimes 1mp images only load the top few rows of pixels... There doesn't seem to be much method to the madness, even the same picture will load fully or partially when I click back and forth to it. I always have plenty of memory, CPU and graphics power to display the images, it doesn't matter if I'm running one monitor or 2, explorer only or a bunch of other programs as well.

A:Preview Pane not showing full picture

This problem i do not think is related to Windows, as images to left show fine as thumbnails, be only settings i can think of checking in Windows would be due to icons or thumbnails in folder options.

Question, did try this in Windows Photo viewer or do you have any other image viewers, Photoshop program ? You say a bunch of others programs, this what you meant ? Only other guesses would be due to if using dual monitors, settings there or graphics card issues. Besides other graphics, how is graphics card running, are the drivers up to date ? Unless this is in anyway related to the pictures themselves. Also if i look close i believe see some thumbnails to left did not completely open ans is this coming from an external device, if so, what type, HDD, flash drive ? Could be slow response, if hard drive run defrag and error checking.
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I cant see release preview ring in my Windows insider programme. It was showing only fast and slow rings. How can I get release preview ring there?

A:My pc doesn't showing release preview ring

what device are you using? are you currently an insider?
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I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit on a Samsung laptop. When printing from MS Office, I have no problems with word documents but when using Excel I get a screen appear headed Cannon IJ Preview, displaying a scaled down version of the spreadsheet I want to print. My printer is a Cannon MG5450. The printer properties are set for NO Preview. My version of Excel is Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 SP3.
I have searched for other posible forums but have found none that look helpful.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
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my Word 2010 on-screen doc appears properly paginated with all graphics in place but print preview shows everything askew

graphics are the worst - a graphic lined up correctly in the doc on screen appears in the bottom of the previous doc in print preview...

JMHO, Word 2010 (read Office 2010) sucks - I've wasted more time *#%# around with it...

2007 was better - I publish long, graphics-filled docs - Word 2010 chokes on them whereas Word 2007 was hiccup free - navigation in Word 2010 blows too

moving one step closer to a Mac...


A:print preview not accurately showing what is in Word doc

Does the document print as you would expect or does it reflect the preview?

BTW: Which printer are you using?
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I am wondering if it is possible to disable the Thumbnail Previews for the taskbar buttons while still using Aero?

I have taskbar buttons side by side just as in older Windows versions, as in "Never combine", and would like to keep on using Aero, but without the app Thumbnail popup previews.

Thank you.


A:Disabling Taskbar Thumbnail Preview with Aero

Hello Laurus12

Have a look at this tutorial see if this is what your looking for - Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

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When I have more than 9 windows open in IE and hover my mouse over the IE icon on my taskbar it reverts to text line preview and not thumbnail preview.

How do I increase the limit beyond 9 in the registry?

A:How to increase taskbar AeroPeek preview limit?

Taskbar List or Thumbnail Previews Mode - Change
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Dear Sirs,
all my attempts have proved futile and you are my last hope.

I have replaced the icons for 3 of my programs, browser, mail client & mp3 player with custom icons from the web (16x16 ico, 32x32 ico, 48x48 ico, 256x256 png). They show up correctly in the taskbar itself (small and large) BUT the preview windows title bar icon remains the original (See attachments).

Attempted solutions:
Clearing Icon Cache, Prefetch, MUICache, tried all icon color depths, removing Icon completely, re-installing programs

The aesthetic discrepancy is driving me
I believe that windows has somewhere stored a type of "favicon" upon 1st launch of the programs and I can't find it.

If anyone can help me thank you very much, I hope I simply overlooked something really straightforward


A:Update Icons in Taskbar preview windows

Maybe I;m missing something but only the Winamp icon looks different.
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Hey everybody i hope you guys will help me solving this annoying issue when i hover the mouse over the taskbar icons the preview of an open file pops preview vanish too pop-up taskbar and description quick up but only a fraction of a second normally the preview used to stay open as long as i point the cursor on it as the preview vanishes immediately i cannot switch between open files anymore by using this taskbar preview feature i recognized two more things that maybe belong taskbar preview and pop-up description vanish too quick to together with my dexcribed problem the pop-up description of a file vanishes also too quickly taskbar preview and pop-up description vanish too quick with pop-up description i mean that tiny box that shows up when i hover the mouse over it and contains the name or some information of the file it vanishes also way too quickely than it did normally the other thing is when i open e g firefox it is always in the background despite it is the activated application with background i mean that i must always click into the window before i can type something in my google start page some days ago when i opened firefox i could always start typing immediately without quot activating quot the window and the funny thing is when click on taskbar and hover over the icons the preview function works perfectly normal all these things used to work properly some days ago but i needed to format c and reinstall win now the preview feature isn't working properly anymore which is really strange i already looked for some online help but i could only find hints concerning how to enable or disable the previews or how to change mouse hover time before a pop-up displays the solutions were always just simple clicks within the control panel or a change in the registry maybe this issue is to solve as easy as these ones Thanks a lot oli

A:taskbar preview and pop-up description vanish too quick

Mouse Hover Time - Change
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Hi, recently I installed latest Windows 8.1 update (Update 1/Spring update), and later latest Beta Nvidia driver. After that, an strange problem showed up, which is annoying and hard to explain (especially with my poor English ). I recorded a video which represents it (look at the thumbnail 'hiding' under the previewed application )

I'm using UxStyle and this theme: Windows 8.1 White Titlebar Dark theme by x0lis on deviantART
I tried:
Uninstalling UxStyle and themeInstalling 'normal' Nvidia driverDoing sfc /scannow but it didn't find anything particular (something about prncacla.inf, but I don't think that this causes this problem)Scanning system with antivirus (KIS 2014)Turning off and on option 'Enable preview' in Advanced setting -> PerformanceChanging theme to otherSearching about this in Google and this forum, but I didn't find anything similar
but nothing worked.
Well I didn't tried uninstalling Update 1, but I would like to avoid that. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong?

A:Windows 8.1 Problem with application preview from taskbar

Aero Peek is what you are talking about. Your problem is with the third party software for the theme.
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I just received my new laptop, a dell inspiron 15z with Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. I have seen and read about thumbnail preview pictures popping up when you hover the mouse over a program on the taskbar like multiple internet windows for example. When i try and hover my cursor over the taskbar, only word listings pop up of the different windows i have for that program. I would like to get it so that i can see a picture preview of the window, as well as when i hover my mouse over one of the previews, that it displays it full screen like ive seen done for other people. Any help?

A:I dont see thumbnail preview pictures on taskbar.

Hello Brad, Welcome!

This means that Aero is not enabled. Right-click on My Computer and hit Properties. You will see Windows Experience Rating. You will need to hit refresh, and troubleshoot problems with Aero.

There are a few possibilities:All you need to do is hit Refresh
You need a new driver for your graphics card
Your graphics card is not powerful enough
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when hovering over a miniature in the taskbar, normally, and waiting for an instance, a full screen preview is displayed of the selected miniature.
However, since a day or two, this is not the case anymore.
Anyone has an idea why not?

A:preview of selected miniature in taskbar not displayed

Hello Koen, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Usually when you hover on an icon on the taskbar that has an open window, you will see it's "taskbar thumbnail preview". If you hover over the taskbar thumbnail preview, you would then see the "taskbar thumbnail live preview". The taskbar thumbnail live preview is quick peek of the actual main window.

If you are no longer seeing the "taskbar thumbnail live preview" when hovering on the "taskbar thumbnail preview", then you could do a system restore using a restore point dated before this started since it's only been a day or two. This will hopefully fix this quickly for you without any issues.

Hope this helps,
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Hello this is my appear active over does Taskbar not preview application the program first time using this forum so I apologize if I do something wrong So normally whenever I hover my mouse over a program located on the taskbar I get a preview screen showing what is currently being viewed on that program I can still get that however it never shows itself above the active program last program I've clicked This happens with each and every program I have opened and tried I tested the method of having the active program sitting in a place where it would Taskbar application preview does not appear over the active program only slightly conceal the preview not maximized Then having inactive programs I've clicked on something else besides them last Taskbar application preview does not appear over the active program behind the active one and the preview Then I can see that that the preview will cover all inactive programs but the active program will still cover the preview I hope I've detailed what's happening well enough I don't remember when this first started happening but I do know that it is not supposed Taskbar application preview does not appear over the active program to function like this The preview should always be visible and on top no matter if there are active programs or not I also tried to get a picture of it happening but it's kinda hard to take a picture of something that requires the active program to not hide itself like snipping tool does
Relevancy 54.18%

This weird behavior of thumbnail preview of the windows started to happen lately. Sometimes, whenever I hover over a button on the taskbar, thumbnail preview does not show up. In addition, although I remove my mouse, the icon is still colored as if the mouse is still over. I attached some examples. In the pictures you see, the mouse is not over the icons but they keep glowing as if the mouse is over them. Did anyone experienced something like this before?

A:Taskbar Thumbnail Preview Acting Weird

Hi there,

I've posted your question in another thread about the thumbnail previews sometimes not working. Hopefully someone will take renewed interest in the issue As for the glowing icons staying that way after un-hovering... I'm not sure.


Windows Outreach Team
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My Windows 7 Taskbar Fullscreen Preview is Not Working.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium 2009.  I go to Taskbar and Start Menu.  In
very light type there is a "checkbox that is checked" and it says: "Use Aero Peek to Preview the Desktop".  
I downloaded a 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and that menu does not give me the Full Screen Preview option.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium 2009 on one of my other computers.  I go to Taskbar and Start Menu. In
regular type there is a "checkbox that is checked" and it says: "Use Aero Peek to Preview the Desktop" as well and the Full Screen Preview works
great.     Please advise.
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i have loaded windows 7 but having a problem of the taskbar thumbnail preview it does not show the live preview instead it shows the title of the window open earlier it showed the preview

can some one solve this problem

A:taskbar thumbnail real time preview

Can you post a screenshot please?

Also, the thumbnail preview only works with aero enabled
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Hi I'm new here and I need help with this problem The little fraction only second. a window a preview appears Taskbar for of thumbnail that appears when you mouse over the icons on the taskbar see black arrows in image only appears for a fraction of second when I hover the Taskbar window preview only appears for a fraction of a second. cursor over them In the past they would stay there until i move the mouse away or click on them like any normal windows taskbar Also if I click on anything from the right side of the task Taskbar window preview only appears for a fraction of a second. bar like the volume internet connection and pc issues buttons a similar thing happens Lets say I click on volume volume then the volume thing pops us and disappears after a fraction of a second see red arrows in image I had to perfectly time the crtl print screen buttons to Taskbar window preview only appears for a fraction of a second. get the images while typing this I think is was caused by this Last night I was trying out applications on my samsung galaxy s that allow it to control the vlc player on the pc I tried two programs Both required me to download the program both on the pc and my phone to set them up These are the two programs i tried quot VLC Direct Pro Free quot and quot Remote for VLC quot So for each of these programs I have one part on my phone and the corresponding part on the pc They required me to download a little thing called vlcdirect ok I think it put something in my registry i'm not sure Since that was the last thing I did before the problem started I suspect that that is the cause I'm worried about getting the vlcdirect ok thing out of my registry without messing things up more

A:Taskbar window preview only appears for a fraction of a second.

Do you have a restore point from before you installed the VLC things?
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Hi, I noticed that the the titles of my taskbar preview thumbnails that are supposed to appear right above the thumbnail have disappeared. I can't find the setting to bring them back...

Attached is a screenshot

A:Titles of Taskbar Preview windows disappeared

There is no title. Never has been in Windows 7.
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i love the taskbar thumbnail preview but i have one problem It's not real time I will explain I run What's up Gold on my windows computer I normally have it minimized so i can work on other things Now if i want to check to see if all my server are up and running i will hover over my WUG icon in the taskbar and the preview window comes up If i then hover over the little preview window then i get a full screen view of WUG One problem It's stuck in time meaning what i am looking at taskbar thumbnail real time preview in the preview and even the full screen preview is not what taskbar thumbnail real time preview the program is displaying right at this moment What it is showing me is what was going taskbar thumbnail real time preview on in WUG the last time it was opened fully and then minimized So if i minimized it at am and it's now pm what i am seeing in the preview is from am If i click on the preview and open WUG again it displays what is going on in real time I will include some screen shots The taskbar thumbnail real time preview only thing i can think of is that i am running dual screens

A:taskbar thumbnail real time preview

You have to occasionally reopen it to get a new preview. I noticed that sometimes when i am download things and i start doing other things, the preview will say like 85% downloaded, but when i go to the actual window it is done. Not sure how to make it be real time all the time, or why it even stops sometimes.
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Hello there,

I have windows 7 RC on my laptop, Dell 1501.

When I start one or more programs from the taskbar and hover my mouse pointer on them I can see thumbnail previews.
The problem is that thumbnail previews disappear too quickly even though my mouse pointer is still on the opened program in taskbar.
I have to move my mouse so I can get another quick preview.
I notice that if I click on an empty space on the taskbar with the left mouse button, and then point to an opened program the thumbnail preview stays for as long as my mouse pointer is on the program.

Does anybody have that problem?

A:Taskbar thumbnail preview disappears quickly

Hi tchimev,

No, I can't say I've ever had that problem. If I have a program open and hover over it on the taskbar, it will stay for as long as I have the mouse over it. Maybe changing the time it takes for the preview window to pop up might help.

Mouse Hover Time - Change
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A:How to remove(disable) the preview window of taskbar ?

Do you want to disable the preview completely? If you want to do that the do this.

Open Regedit by the use of RUN command or start menu search, then go to


When there right click on the right pane then create a new DWORD called ExtendedUIHoverTime and set the value to 20000 (that's 20 seconds) or value of your wish..

This does not disable the preview pop up but it wil now take 20 seconds to show up.
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I currently run the RTM 7600 Build and had come across a very strange problem.

Whenever I hover my mouse over the "Superbar" to preview the window via "thumbnail preview" (I believe that is AERO function), I get the "Explorer.exe has stopped working" and then it restarts itself, closing all open windows...

This does not happen when I switch to Windows 7 Basic Theme, so I believe it is indeed an AERO problem.

I have browsed for hours without finding a solution.
I was wondering if there is a way to reinstall or repair just the AERO part of Windows.

Any help is much appreciated.

A:Taskbar Thumbnail Preview crashes Explorer.exe

Hello Luke,

You might see if doing a repair install may be able to fix it for you without losing anything.

Hope this helps,
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NOTE:i am running eyefinity - i am running at a resolution of 5760x1080 and notice that the mouse over preview on aplications pinned to the task bar have changed to text. this problem has been going ov for some time. when i change my resolution back to 1920x1080 (16x9) it works just fine. i am using the aero theme so that should not be the problem. i think that my computer thinks i have less ram than i do. i have 10 gb of ram, soon 16, and i am only using 30pct if im not doing somthing grphics intense. so why is it happining? any ideas?

A:taskbar window preview somehow changed to text

I was going to say you probably have Aero off, but you don't. However, when you're running at that very high resolution, it could be disabling certain Aero features automatically (for whatever reason).

When you're at the max. resolution, does the Aero window switcher thing still work (Win + Tab)?
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Hi Guys,
I used to have a Eyefinity setup with 2 monitors and the taskbar aero peek worked perfectly fine, then yesterday i got my 3rd monitor, re-setup eyefinity and aero peek has stopped working (if i disable eyefinity it works again)

I'm using the latest catalyst driver (GPU: Sapphire R9 390)

This is what i mean by aero peek (i know this screenshot is from a win 7 machine, but same thing on win 8! as im not on my machine atm!)
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I am going through and renaming my pictures I click on a picture It shows up in the preview pane I then rename the file After renaming the file I click in up renaming preview Pictures not showing file while pane on the lt Tab gt key to move to and rename the next picture However the preview pane does not show this new picture It continues to show the previous picture that I just changed The preview pane used to work where it would show the new picture after hitting the lt Tab gt key The left Pictures not showing up in preview pane while renaming file and right arrow keys do not work I am editing the name Pictures not showing up in preview pane while renaming file of the picture at the time The left and right arrow keys will move within the name of the file that I am editing If I press the Enter key the pictures automatically reorder themselves I then have to go all the way back up and find the pictures that have not been renamed That is a pain Using the Tab key goes Pictures not showing up in preview pane while renaming file directly to the next picture so I can edit that name However the arrow keys do show the picture in the preview pane after I hit the Enter key Would anyone know why this feature stopped working nbsp
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In the preview pane to the right it displays images Preview images pane cropped/covered showing as if a layer of a solid colour has just been thrown over the majority of it It seems as though it just decides to stop loading the image and use a colour available in it to fill in the rest The image itself is fine it's just the way it's being displayed The only way I have been able to get around this is to open up the file in Paint and save it which doesn't always work It's tedious to keep doing this and I was wondering if there was something I could try and do to fix the problem I do have OldNewExplorer installed to allow the details pane to show up at the bottom however I uninstalled it and still have this issue Attached is a file that visualizes the problem that I am having the Preview pane showing images cropped/covered selected image is the one displayed on the left in the preview pane and as you can see the lower half is coloured out

A:Preview pane showing images cropped/covered

OS, version and installed RAM?
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I recently purchased a 2003 Preview, Html Slow Some Outlook Not Showing new box and I've been able to Outlook 2003 Slow Preview, Some Html Not Showing get everything setup nearly the same as it was on my old PC But Outlook doesn't seem to want to cooperate and I'd really appreciate some ideas for fixing these weird Outlook 2003 Slow Preview, Some Html Not Showing behaviors The program is very slow to respond when I click on each email It takes it forever to show email in the preview pane and sometimes it will actually sort of lock up with a totally white screen except the blue title bar at the top I have AVG free and disabled the Scan all incoming email feature thinking this might be the problem No luck I'm also Outlook 2003 Slow Preview, Some Html Not Showing running Comodo Firewall Pro - could that be the cause But I had this on the old machine too with no problems Numerous emails that were previously displayed in html are now showing in plain text Some still show in html but many convert to plain text I've added all to my Safe Senders list thinking this would help with the slow display problem too No luck I even unsubscribed from one resubscribed making sure I selected the html option and it still shows as plain text I have Mail Format gt Internet Format gt HTML options set to send a copy of pictures instead of a reference to their location And I have Security gt Automatic Picture Download Settings quot Don't download quot unchecked Any ideas much appreciated It's getting quite frustrating waiting for emails to load Mod Edit Topic moved from Windows XP to more appropriate forum TMacK

A:Outlook 2003 Slow Preview, Some Html Not Showing

Hi NewHorizon1.There are lots of possibilities. I would suspect an outlook add-in or third party app.Many good suggestions in this thread.
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We have a Dell laptop with a unique problem.. An email showed up today from a person in our company.. date was today, however, the preview pane date had a date in the far future.. All other persons that received this same email have had no problems. Any idea why this one laptop would future date in preview pane?

A:OUTLOOK 2010 PREVIEW showing date in the future?


First, how far in the future?

If it is one one day then it is down to the "Global Location" settings on the laptop (Date & Time zone).
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My Desktop configuration is Pentium D 2.80 GHz processor, 2 GB Ram..
I am using Adobe After effects CS3 software for video editing.. everythin working fine except 1 this that is the Adobe Bridge CS3 is not showing the preview on any Plugin (. ffx files)..
On the preview window it just shows a thumbnail pic..
Can anyone help me out!

A:Adobe After effects CS3 bridge not showing the preview of the plugins

I forget to specify my OS.. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate..
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Windows Photo Viewer not showing preview by double clicking on any picture in a windows 7 64 bit machine.
But when i click on start slide show button in Windows Photo viewer the picture opens in fullscreen mode. and also i able to 'open with' Microsoft office and Paint by right clik on that image.
Please suggest a fix for this.
Thanks in advance.

Screen shot of my issue..........

A:Windows Photo Viewer not showing preview of pictures

My problem is resolved by doing SFC (System File Checker) scan.
Below is the process.
Open elivated command prompt (open command prompt as admin) and run 'sfc /scannow'
After completing the scan reboot PC.

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I am going through and renaming my pictures. I click on a picture. It shows up in the preview pane. I then rename the file. After renaming the file I click on the <Tab> key to move to and rename the next picture. However, the preview pane does not show this new picture. It continues to show the previous picture that I just changed. The preview pane used to work where it would show the new picture after hitting the <Tab> key. Would anyone know why this feature stopped working?

A:Pictures not showing up in preview pane while renaming file

Have you tried using your left/right arrow keys?
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I'm using Windows 7 Professional x64. After I play any full screen game (2d or 3d game), my thumbnails only have little icons instead of a complete picture. If I click on the icons the pictures are refreshed. Still annoying though.

When Working:

After a Game

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks all!

A:Taskbar preview thumbnails gone after full screen game

First thought is that DWN shut down and didn't restart.

Before and after you game, will you hit start and search for services.msc and check on that?

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I need the thaskbar thumbnail preview feature for the basic or classic themes in Windows 7 Pro, is that possible ?

Are there other programs that can give me a preview ?

Thank you.

A:Taskbar thumbnail preview in basic/classic themes ?

Hello Auriga, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but you must be using one of the Aero Themes to be able to have taskbar thumbnail previews.
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I am using windows7 x64 Homa basic edition and my task bar icons preview has changed from thumbails to small icons mode. How to change it back to big images previews.

A:Enable Taskbar Icons Preview in Thumbnail mode

Quote: Originally Posted by mistymount123

I am using windows7 x64 Homa basic edition and my task bar icons preview has changed from thumbails to small icons mode. How to change it back to big images previews.

See if this helps you out,

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Change Size
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I got both of these problems right after recovering from a virus which leads me to thinking they may be connected My first problem is not being able to select the volume or network icons in the taskbar Theyre both grayed out and no fix on the internet has worked for it and Taskbar, Grayed Window Preview Icon in Out Alt+Tab No Volume with so far Ive Volume Icon Grayed Out in Taskbar, and No Window Preview with Alt+Tab tried doing the registry edits and fixes uninstalling and reinstalling the audio device driver deleting the iconstreams in registry all to no avail nothing has seemed to work Also my Alt Tab no longer displays a preview on the windows minmized while im holding it down it used to have this sort of quot vistaish quot and stylish format to it and Volume Icon Grayed Out in Taskbar, and No Window Preview with Alt+Tab now it looks a lot like the classic windows alt tab and shows default icons for each window it changed right after cleaning my pc up from a virus im guessing something got messed up in the registry Ive searched all over the internet for solutions to these and so far nothing at all has worked im getting desperate for help Thanks
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Hi! How can I increase the time of the live previews tooltip on the taskbar? Now the live previews are showed for 1 second and I don't have the time to select the windows I want in the foreground.
I refer to this:

Thank you!
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The media controls (buttons) when you use taskbar preview have disappeared randomly.

I have recently done a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro x64 and installed the latest version of foobar2000 with the columns_ui component which allows taskbar preview. It worked fine for a few weeks before the buttons (play,pause etc.) on the taskbar preview randomly disappeared. Iv'e tried re-installing foobar but no difference was made.

Also note, itunes can still display media control buttons in the task bar preview.
The only thing foobar related i did before it happened was use OblyTile to create a custom tile for foobar.


Thanks for any help.
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I just installed Windows 7, and there are mostly 2 things I dislike so far:

1) Instead of trying to explain this, I'll just start with a picture :

As you can see, when I put my mouse on a thumbnail, it hides all windows and it displays a full size preview of that item, but it also leaves empty windows frames of open windows visible, which I find very ugly and can't think of a decent reason to exist (I'd just hide everything..., or nothing...).

Do you also have this? Is there any way to keep the popup preview but hide those ugly empty rectangles?

2) I never liked the "new" way to organise the control panel, I always chose classic view, but I can't find how to set it.

any idea?

thank you

A:empty rectangles in taskbar preview and no classic view

That's Aero peek. You could disable it, you'll still have the thumbnail previews, but they won't show the full window in the background when you mouse over the preview window, unless you click on it. Or you could just leave it on, and click Show Desktop on the far right taskbar. That will still give you the thumbnail previews, but not show all the transparent windows in the background.

The Control Panel you can change up at the top right of the control panel where it says Category/Large/Small icons View.
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I'm trying to help a coworker with this problem We have identical machines so my machine information is applicable However we don't have identical problems When she logs into a site we use for generating reports I believe it's a sharepoint site in Internet Explorer she gets a new taskbar preview with only a small icon in it seen here There is no corresponding actual window and the preview cannot be closed until the browser and all its tabs are closed While this preview exists she cannot open any file in a shared drive that our groups uses through IE into site taskbar our causes Logging reporting invalid preview She must close IE and reopen it before she can open files again There are three of us in our group and she is the only one having this problem The other guy says he had it for a little while but then it went away on its own I can't even think how to describe this in a simple Google search Logging into our reporting site causes invalid taskbar preview that will get any Logging into our reporting site causes invalid taskbar preview applicable results Does anyone have any insight as to what is causing this

A:Logging into our reporting site causes invalid taskbar preview

I did not put this here. Why would someone move this to the Browsers and Mail forum?

Taskbar previews are a function of Windows itself, right? If there is something the admin knows about what happens to cause this, would he please share it?

Should I be looking for a resolution to an Explorer problem or a Windows problem and why?