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Quick ram upgrade question

Q: Quick ram upgrade question

I recently decided I'm going to start using my old laptop again. I swapped the hard drive for an SSD and I'm quite pleased with the performance boost that got me. I am now looking for a ram upgrade from 2gb to 8gb.
I have a Dell inspiron n4010.
I went to crucial's website and did the system scan. The scan said that this would fit my needs.

Unfortunately, crucial doesn't ship to me. I'm forced to look elsewhere. I looked for something similar on another store's website. My question to all the experts out there is: will 2 of these work with my laptop and get me the 8gb of ram I need?
thanks for the help!

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Preferred Solution: Quick ram upgrade question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Quick ram upgrade question

Yes. The specs are exactly the same. Over the years I have used both Kingston and Crucial many times for memory upgrades and both are excellent.

You can also do a memory scan at Dell's own website. Just don't buy what they offer because they'll tell you to only buy genuine Dell memory blah, blah, blah. The Kingston will do you quite fine.
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Right now I have a AMD A4-4000 APU installed on my PC and it's not that bad. But I was thinking of upgrading it to an AMD A8-6500 Quad Core(3.5Htz).. or possibly a A6-6420K.

Any thoughts if this would be worth the money to upgrade or would it not matter that much in the long run.

A:Quick question on a possible CPU upgrade..

Well, as you can see from this comparison:

AMD A4-4000 vs A8-6500

They have a lot of similar characterstics. The A8 is faster, but more expensive. The A4 gives you more bang for the buck though.

They both suck power and generate a lot of heat. The GPU is better in the A8. Overall performance is about 1.5x faster, although you could maybe tweak that by using a little faster memory as the A8 supports DDR-1866.

The A6-6420 is quite a bit less of a difference:

AMD A4-4000 vs A6-6420K

Only about 1.27x faster, Same power and heat characteristics...

I never understand why people want to keep using these ancient processors that kick out so much heat and use so much power for so little performance....
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I currently have 4GB of memory in my system, and I want to upgrade to 12GB.

I have 4 slots on my mobo in total with two filled (with 2GB sticks in each), and want to fill the remaining 2 slots with two modules of 4GB each for a total of 12.

Just want to make sure if this will work correctly with no issues. My mobo is in my system specs below and so is my current RAM type.

Does it matter what new RAM I get as long as it is the same type (DDR3) or do the other factors such as Manufacturer, Speed, and CAS Latency have to be the same too?

Thanks for the replies. All knowledge is welcome!

A:Quick RAM Upgrade Question

I know very small amount on this but from my previous experience you want to maximize the similarity to avoid getting instability issue. The main factor is DDR3, the second biggest factor is memory clock speeds in your case being 1333.

Buying from other manufactures or with different CAS timings, has very little impact. Especially if you do not overclock.

I do not know if you will still continue to gain the DUAL Channel Memory advantage though.
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Hello I own a Compaq Presario 2100 Intel NoteBook. It came with Windows XP Home edition, and to tell you the truth im disgusted with home edition. So I've decided to upgrade to Windows XP Pro Corporate Edition.
I have done the following things:

1. Downloaded all drivers for my lappy from the compaq website.
2. Set the CD drive to Boot at startup, and checked the windows xp pro cd (it boots)
3. Burned all the files I want to keep on CD.

Is there anything else you good techies out there can recomend I do before I do the clean-install of windows xp pro?

Many Sincere Thanks, John Westlund AKA Lilmeanman

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My computer went through some problems and I will be getting a new hard drive. Once I get the new HDD I will have to reinstall Vista, which will only have up to service pack 1 included. Do I need to then upgrade to Vista Service Pack 2 before installing my Windows 7 Professional Upgrade, or will it still work on top of service pack 1?

Thank you.

A:Quick Upgrade Question from Vista

You'll be fine with sp1. Make sure you go to your user cp and fill inyour system specs. It will help if you run into any problems down the line. Fabe
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Hi. I know that the E6500 is listed as max 8gb. is that because of OS limits or the chipset or other? I have 8gb already and wanted to go to 16gb if I could.I am running Windows 7 64 bit as the OS. Thanks.


A:R6500 RAM upgrade quick question

Hi Jay,
The Windows 7 64-bit Operating System supports more that 8GB, however the Intel GM45 Express Chipset in the Latitude E6500 supports a maximum of 8GB RAM. Hence, the memory cannot be upgraded to 16GB.
Please let me know if you need further information.
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can you upgrade to the professional version of windows 7 from the 7 RC, or do I have to buy the ultimate version?

A:quick question about windows 7 upgrade


Originally Posted by subzero20001

Is it possible to upgrade to windows 7 professional from the RC? Or do I have to get ultimate?


Originally Posted by jcgriff2

Windows 7 RC is a test version provided free from Microsoft that will expire on June 1, 2010. Microsoft retains the ownership and rights to Windows 7 RC. Therefore, there is no OS for you to upgrade from.

You must purchase Windows 7 RTM, be it an upgrade version for the OS you had installed on your system prior to Windows 7 Beta/ RC or a full retail version.

Regards. . .




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Long time lurker, first time poster..

I have a Windows 7machine in a closet that I use as a NAS.. It has no monitor or keyboard attached- I access it via remote desktop.. I've got Windows 10 downloaded and ready to upgrade.. My question is can I let it do it's thing, or will I need to eventually hookup a keyboard and monitor? Supposedly it saves all your files and settings, but just wanted confirmation..


A:Quick Windows 10 upgrade question..

I would be prepared with a monitor and keyboard. I am assuming this is Windows 7 Pro being upgraded to Windows 10 Pro? Windows 10 Home does not have the RDP server - only client.
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I purchased a Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade in 2009 in Fort Myers Fl. I returned home installed it and used it for several months but the PC failed and was returned to Costco where it was sent back to the manufacturer for refurbishing.

My question is am I able to re-use the Windows upgrade on another PC?

Thank you in advance.

A:Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade - Quick Question

These links should be helpful to you.

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I just got a new Laptop, so I went to check to see if I got everything I ordered. I went into system information and after Processor it
says I have a x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8 Genuinintel 798mhz. Thats not what I ordered. But when I go into system properties it says I have a Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz, which is what I ordered. So which processor do I have.

An explination would be very helpfull Thanks in advance.

A:[resolved] Quick question hopefully quick answer

I am 99% sure you got what you ordered. Go to start, run, and type in 'dxdiag'. It should say on the first page for sure what you have.
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ok. i have win7 ultimate 64bit RC.

now if i buy win7 ultimate 64bit will i have to format my drive in the process? or would i be able to keep everything i have installed?

thanks people.

A:Quick Quick Question :D

I had RC Ultimate RC 32 bit installed .... I did a clean install using the RTM (DVD).
I backed up a lot of my files and folders to a CD, so I wouldn't have to spend too much time downloading them again.
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Sorry for this query because the answer may be blindingly obvious to everyone, but I can't find any info either here or when Googling. . .

Microsoft says it isn't supporting SP1 after October 10th so XP Home users like me had better install SP2. I'm always loathe to install just about anything from Microsoft because chaos has always followed in the past.

Anyway. Today I lost the morning downloading and auto installing Service Pack 2. . and having lost the morning, I've now lost the IE icon on my Quick Launch toolbar at the bottom of my screen.

All other QL icons are intact. But no Internet Explorer.

The only way of opening the browser is to click Start then go to the tp of the menu and click IE there -- hardly an improvement.

Has anyone else experienced the loss of the IE icon from their QL bar after installation of SP2? If so, what's the cure????


A:IE quick launch gone after SP2 upgrade

Not sure why it went away, but I do know how too fix it.
Go to the start menu and right click on the IE icon. Choose copy. Now go to the desktop and right click, choose paste.
Now drag the IE icon into the quicklaunch area. You will see a black line when it is in the right place. Let go and you should have an IE icon in quicklaunch. If not, keep trying.
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Absolutely flawless, seamless, Upgrade to Windows 10 that really did not take very long, @ all... no issues & everything is there & works perfectly.  10 on a SSD sure is QUICK!  Faster than it (the betas) is on the HHD.  As for boot time... can't blink that fast.

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I'm thinking of buying a radeon 9600 pro and I was wondering how this card handles cs:source, dod etc. One more how much would you recomend my power supply be for this card. This is just a quick upgrade till I can afford a new computer.

My specs are:
752 mb Ram
Athlon 3000+ 2.2 Ghz

It'll be a AGP 8x too.

A:Thinking of buying a quick upgrade

With a card like the 9600 Pro, you probably won't need to buy a new power supply.

As for how it will handle games like CS:S, the game should run fairly well at medium or a little higher detail.
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I plan to get Win and do a clean install noob EZ (Quick questions) Win7 Upgrade I've read a few reviews and articles but I have a few newbie questions If Win7 Upgrade (Quick EZ noob questions) I buy Win -bit OEM from Newegg for that's the same as the Home Premium Edition but without M support Right http www newegg com Product Produc - - -Product Recommended Hard Drive space for Win is Gb That's a LOT more than the space I used running XP and I never upgraded to Vista In the real world how much space does Win really need I can provide it but Win7 Upgrade (Quick EZ noob questions) I will have to repartition and I don't want to be too skimpy One of the differences between the Home Premium and Professional version according to M is that Pro version allows you to quot Run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP mode quot I'm not sure what is meant by quot productivity programs quot I plan to get the bit version but does the HomePremium version have some kind of -bit mode I guess I just want more information on the value of the quot Win XP mode quot http www microsoft com windows win e default aspx My graphic card that I've been using with XP Nvidia EVGA Geforce GTO is only capable of DX Putting game play aside would a card supporting DX give me a significant performance boost in Win for non-gaming tasks Anyone know a cheaper place to get Win Home Premium Help appreciated

A:Win7 Upgrade (Quick EZ noob questions)

One more thing...

With XP I've always used Zone Alarm. Does Win 7 have a good enough M$ firewall included that I don't need to get a 3rd party firewall like ZA?

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I am just curious about something (Learning about RAM )

What would perform better?

1x 2gb DDR2 6400 800mhz


2x 2gb DDR2 6400 in dual channel BUT limited to 400mhz by motherboard

Trying to decide if its better to buy a new motherboard because this one limits my ram to 400mhz or get some more ram to improve pc performance. I will be buying both but only have enough money for one option right now and id rarther buy RAM so i have some of my money spare to buy ARMA 2.

Buying a new mobo will cost a lot more because i would also have to buy a SATA hard drive.

I have a Q6600 quadcore and a 8800GTS btw if that makes any difference.


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I have 1gb memory now. 2x512. I used the crucial scanner to figure out what I need. I want one more GB. They are showing the 2x512 as the reccomended upgrade, which costs $53. But I also noticed that there is 1gb of a single stick of 1gb for $42. Does it make a difference if I install one 1gb, or 2 512s? Are they just trying to get me to buy the more expensive package? It does say the 1gb is compatible, but reccomends the 2 sticks. It also says, "Your system requires that you install memory in pairs." I have 4 banks with 2 slots each. Does this mean that both slots in a bank have to be full? That I cant just place the 1gb in there instead of two 5x12s?

Here are the scan results and my setup

A:Quick question before I buy new RAM.

Two more 512 sticks is better. Because that way your memory will still be in dual channel mode while adding just another 1GB stick forces you to run in single channel, which is slower.
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I am almost positive that this is not possible, but its worth a shot.

I was just reading a post in here about wanted to format a cd-r. this gave me an interesting idea...

is it possible to somehow format a cd-r so that when it is inserted, it can be used like a super-high capacity floppy? (drag and drop type thing without having to "burn")

i am almost sure that this is NOT possible... but with so many utils and programs out there... who knows.

A:Quick CD question


CD-R are Write Once - Read Many times.

So, for dragging and dropping, OK for the first time, then it has to re-create a new TOC (Table of Contents) each time you would do this. These use several MB. This would be the problem.

Packet writers (e.g.InCD) do this now using a CD-RW disk. Erasable and Rewritable.

Frankly, CD-RW disks are not all that reliable, and with CD-R so cheap, just drag and drop to a directory, and write once when its worthwhile. Or use XP, which does this anyway.
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I have a Sony Vaio Digital Studio PCV-RX650 , I recently decided to buy more ram for it after getting a new video card, and I will probably get a new processor as well, but later..
I believe the motherboard (which is stock) is an Asus P4B266-C

I went and looked at the max ram that you can put in it and I got 2 different numbers, On a manual for the computer It said the maximum was 1g (2x512) but on the manual for the motherboard it says 2g (2x1g)

I was just wondering what the actual amount is, and if I did put 2 1gb sticks in there what would happen to my computer if it was more than allowed

A:Quick question on RAM

I'm wondering if because it's factory built with standard bios for the motherboard if their not telling you the way it's programmed at the moment allows for 1GB. A lot of times you need to go to the manufactures sites and read to determine if a Bios Flash is necessary to upgrade to larger memory limits. Your computer specs are telling you their set up is limited to the 1 GB to keep working properly. The motherboard manufacture is telling you with the proper upgrades to the system 2 GBs is possible. Jazz
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Hello, I was wondering how to update my directx11, I just ran DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer, and it updated. Was that right? Do you update it like you would with xp? Thanks.

A:One quick question.

Quote: Originally Posted by Freeman07

Hello, I was wondering how to update my directx11, I just ran DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer, and it updated. Was that right? Do you update it like you would with xp? Thanks.

Hi Freeman

Nope its different than XP. Sounds like you did it right but you can check by running dxdiax in search

Hope this helped and let us know if you need help with any of these

Ken J
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My comp just restarted it self twice but otherwise its running fine is ther any significance to that?? if so what can i do

A:quick question

Not a lot of information provided, so I doubt you are going to get any helpful answers. Is the problem still happening? What are you doing when it occurs. Any help that you can provide will improve your chances of solving this.
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Alrighty, so I have a computer with a TV as a monitor and then a second monitor its just a llg 24 inch monitor from best buy. Well on my TV, I have a ps4 hooked up as well, and I was wondering if I play my ps4 on a separate input on my tv with my computer running on a different input, can I record my ps4 screen from my tv while my ps4 is working? Also, whenever I play my ps4 on my second input, I can stilll use my second monitor from my first input while my computer is running.

Don't know if this will help but HDMI 1 = Computer and HDMI 2 = PS4; on my computer HDMI = TV and VGA= Second Monitor.



A:Quick Question

Originally Posted by ljmtwitch

I was wondering if I play my ps4 on a separate input on my tv with my computer running on a different input, can I record my ps4 screen from my tv while my ps4 is working?

Also, whenever I play my ps4 on my second input, I can stilll use my second monitor from my first input while my computer is running.

Yes, you can record your PS4 gameplay if you have something in-between the PS4 and computer such as a splitter & capture card. However, you can't record from a different input on your television. The television will not daisy chain out the other input to your computer.

As long as the television is not the default display and/or shown as 1 on you drivers settings you shouldn't have any problems. You could have the second output have a start menu on it, but depending on the software you run it may find itself on the default/main output. Making you have to switch inputs if possible to change what it is displayed on.
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im tryin to get to know how my pc works a little better, and the best way i guess is to ask!!!

so what are these files?



if i double click on retten.exe, a dos window comes up, with german txt in... and thats it???

thanks.... this has always puzzeled me, thanks

A:just a quick question!!

Retten.exe is stored in the recover directory of the partitioned C drive. By running this an XP cd rom is not needed. XP is reinstalled and drive C is formatted.It is a german program as you have found out. JUst type in Retten.exe into Google.
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I'm currently running two DDR RAM 512MB 3200 400Mhz modules and was thinking of adding some more. I've just got my hands on a 1Gb 3200 400Mhz module, is it bad to mix these RAM types? Or as long as they are the same spec are they OK?

Thanks in advance.

CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200
Mobo - K8N Neo2 Platinum, nvidia nforce 3 Ultra chipset

A:Quick question about RAM

In theory they should work perfectly, in practice they often don't. It all depends on your mobo and what chipset it uses and how it was designed.

I used to use an MSI 745Ultra with 2x 256 pc 2100 and 1x 512 pc 2100 and it worked fine provided the 256's were in slots 1 and 2 and the 512 was in slot 3. But ram was slower back then.
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I've been having restarting issues with my computer, but it doesn't seem to be an error. It doesn't make minidumps, and my eventviewer doesn't really show anything that could cause such a piss off. I was wondering.. Could my computer overheating cause the restarts? Like, when it does restart.. It restarts multiple times, and if I shut it off for an hour, it's fine again. Any suggestions?

A:Quick question

Somewhere within the BIOS there are temperature settings. For example, it may be set to restart your comptuer if the CPU reaches 60C. Use CoreTemp to check your CPU temperature.
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Can't connect to the Internet from my infected Desktop but laptop is still working.

Anyway, I can't update Malwarebytes! I think I read that I can copy the updates from my laptop (via CD) but what is the proper file?

A:Quick question -- Anyone??

'ello If you have MBAM fully installed and updated on your laptop, navigate to the following directory:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\WINDOWS\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malwareand copy the file rules.ref to CD or flash drive.Put the file into the same location on your desktop, overwriting the rules.ref that is already there.Hope that helps.~Blade
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I had windows 7 in my computer but it was getting to bogged down (laggy) so i downgraded to windows xp but most of the games need newer OS,

so my question is whats the differnce between vista and 7 Performance wise? and which is recommended for my system?

Amd X2 5200+
2gig DDR 800
160gb HD
Geforce 210 512mb

A:Quick Question

Here is Windows vs. Windows compared:

Compare Windows - Microsoft Windows

You can also download this which is an Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, and it will tell you want you need to remove or add to your computer to be able to run Windows 7.

Its a test if your computer can run Windows 7.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows
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How do I reformat my comp?

A:Quick question

Do you want to reinstall Windows XP? If so, make sure you have all the drivers for you hardware before the reinstall.
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I need to know whether or not I can use the OS on a HDD which was in a prebuilt computer for an upgrade. I would be keeping the HDD because there is nothing wrong with it and it has all of my data on it. The parts I would be replacing would be the motherboard, CPU, Case, and RAM. I'd be keeping the sound card, HDD, Optical drive, and GPU (yes, it works fine).

A:Quick Question.

Once you replace the motherboard, that ends the use of that operating system while there are times a call to Microsoft and a "sob story" may get some sympathy, legally the answer is no. Now a retail version of Windows, that you bought if it is a retail version is another story but the code in it carries whether it is oem (original equipment manufacturer) or retail.
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i dont know if you guys know about this or not but on xp pro when you hit ctrl alt del you get those options like lock computer and task manager, but i just reinstalled xp and i dont have it anymore, i liked it though does anyone know how i can get it back?

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Will Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3 motherboard fit into a Alien Ware Aurora tower? Right now I have an i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz and I plan on upgrading my mother board so i can install a icore7 2700k

A:Quick Question!

If my mother board is compatible with Intel® Core™ i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz would a Gigabyte P67A-UD4-83 mother board fit into my tower? I know the information I am giving is sparse but what would be your guess?
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Im sorry if this is in the wrong spot, i really couldn't figure out anywhere else to ask this ^^;

Ive recently gotton a security tool virus, and i am 100% sure it is now gone. But during the infection, i got many popups, one of which is the "Google is hiring!" scam, i've just got that popup again, and i had a panic attack. Im wondering, is that popup just a scam-y popup? Or could it be something else?

A:quick question

I have..a ton of files in there named that, so many, i swear most of the time superantivirus is scanning it's scanning those files. What are they? And why do i have so many?
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Will a Geforce4 Ti4200 128ddr AGP 8X tv&dvi video card installed on a mobo that is only AGP 4X (Mobo is an a7v333 using the kt333 chip) run at 4x or all the way down to 1x.

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does the vista transformation pack 7 slow down gaming performance without the side gadgets

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My keyboard keeps switching from english to french. Could some one tell me how to stop this?

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Hey all

I was wondering if there is a way to make XP start automatically without having to select users. I am the only one that uses the computer, so it's really just a waste of time to have to always click on my name.

A:Quick XP Question

Yes, there is. I have mine set up (WinXP) to where there's no user information displayed when I boot-up, it just goes to my home page.

It's been a while, but I believe you have to mess around in the User Accounts area.
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not sure if this is the section to be asking this but how do i increase the speed of my cpu fan? since i got my new video card, power supply and ram it seems to be running at a higher tempature. is there a program i need?

A:quick question

First read your manual; specifically the part about bios menus/options. You may have a smart fan option. Disabling this will make the fan run at full rated speed. Note different board makers call this option by various names; smart fan, Qfan, etc.

If the fan is rated at a given RPM such as 3000rpm, you are not going to make it turn faster. You may need to replace the hsf with a higher performance unit.
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i got a 2TB hardrive or hardisk in my should i partition it?? the safe way...

atm its...1TB for C

then 244 GB for E

Then 686 GB for G

is this ok or bad or wat exactly??

A:quick question..!!

There is no correct way to partition a hard drive. You want a big drive for C to hold all the programs you want to install. But if you don't have a lot of programs, then this doesn't matter. Some people like a large partition somewhere to hold all their movies, songs etc.
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I have a new HD that was given to me as a gift..It's a IDE HD and my PC is built with a SATA HD. What steps should I take to add the IDE HD to my system? I have cables of all sorts. Just want to check my thoughts with others.. Thanks.

A:Quick HD Question..

Make sure the BIOS is set to boot off the sata drive before any ide drives. Then just plug it in, your motherboard likely still has 1 place to plug in an IDE drive, probably the CD/DVD. I'd set the CD DVD drive to Slave and set the hard drive to Master, but it really doesn't matter so long as one is Master and the other is Slave. You 'can' use Cable Select (CS) but I don't like to recommend that way.

If you don't have any IDE controllers on the motherboard you can buy an IDE controller card to go in a free PCI slot.

If you don't have any free PCI slots you can buy an external enclosure and toss the drive in there and connect through USB or Firewire.
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my computers fan are really loud and I read on the internet that if you lubricate the fans with a drop of some lube oil it will help the fans get quitier , I just wanna know if this is true, or will it burn up my fans.. thanks

A:quick question

Take a look at this thread HERE it may help.

Regards Howard
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I have a gateway model gt4024 and every time I start surfing, opening pages the fan kicks on like it is overheating. As soon as I stop opening pages it settles down. As soon as I start opening pages it starts the cycle again. What a pain. What is this a sign of? Weak processor, graphics card?

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i just wanna know whats the best anti-adware program out there .thanks !

A:quick question

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Here`s a list of some programmes I recommend. I`ve included some free antivirus and firewall programme too.

AVG free or Avast antivirus programmes.

Zonealarm, Kerio or Comodo free firewall programmes.

Spybot Search & Destroy.

Ad-Aware se personal.

Spyware Blaster.

AVG Antispyware.


Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I'm ready to buy a new computer. After an hour of research, I decided to go with the Barton Athlon XP 3200 FSB 400.

Was wondering if someone could recommend a Motherboard and RAM that would go nicely with that processor. Looking for 512 Ram and looking to not spend over 250 on both (ram+mobo).

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Hey guys,
I had a quick question. I was running bio shock 2 on full screen and on the highest detail and everything maxed out! My cpu temps went from like 37C to a 66C. The game wasn't lagging at all and everything was still perfect. My question is if it's normal for those temperatures to go so high when running a very high end game on high end graphics. Thanks

A:Quick question

From my limited knowledge, it is quite possible for such a processor/graphics hungry application to cause such temperature rises. 66oC is getting towards the critical temperature point when you might consider upgrading the cooling system in your PC; you don't really want to run hardware over 70oC - this can simply be a matter of replacing the main fan with one with a higher specification, as close as possible in size. There are some good examples going 2nd hand on ebay if money's a bit tight!
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So, I have a pretty easy question for someone, but I cannot figure it out!!

Basically I was wondering why or more like how is it possible that I bought this laptop in 2010 (Alienware M11x R2) and it has an i5 CPU @ 1.07 GHz. Now my question is how that a computer bought in 2011 (Sony Vaio specifically) have an i3 CPU @ 2.2 GHz. Did technology really speed up that fast, or is my processor just lacking in some way? The reason I mention a Sony Vaio is because one of my good friends has it and I was checking his system specs and came across that. It really boggles me how that is even possible. A machine that is MADE for gaming compared to a machine that is made for school work. How/Why does his processor run at such a higher rate then mine.


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whats the command to open "About Windows" were it tells you how long windows is activated for..ect

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I'm running an older computer that uses SDRAM and I'm in desperate need of an upgrade. I figure if I'm going to spend a crapload of money on something important like this, I'd better get the best I can. I tried shopping online for a GB of SDRAM, but I couldn't find any that weren't DDR. Is it possible to get a GB of SDRAM, or will I have to settle for 512 MB? I had gotten all my hopes up, too... I need as much RAM as possible to play games... Thanks so much to anyone who can help me.

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Can I run a Optical drive, and a HDD on the same IdE cable. thanks . And I got my HD and DvD Drive in my case, and the cable reaches . This case is a monster! It could fit 2 full size ATX Mobos IMO!

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when I run i quick a think question my i think a quick question nav it tells me that i have the W Blaster Worm in my DC exe file -location C Recyclers S- - - NAV is able to quarantine this file and i did empty by recycle bin Is this anything i need to worry about Computer is running fine Below is my hj which i think is okLogfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C WINDOWS wanmpsvc exe C Program Files Adaptec Easy CD Creator DirectCD DirectCD exe C PROGRA NORTON navapw exe C Program Files Microsoft Works WksSb exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Real RealPlayer RealPlay exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C Program Files AIM aim exe C Program Files America Online aoltray exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared wkcalrem exe C WINDOWS System devldr exe C WINDOWS System wuauclt exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared NMain exe C Program Files America Online aol exe C Program Files America Online waol exe C WINDOWS System drivers wdll SERVICES EXE C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Documents and Settings Judy Local Settings Temp Temporary Directory for hijackthis zip HijackThis exe O - BHO no name - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper ocx O - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocx O - HKLM Run AdaptecDirectCD quot C Program Files Adaptec Easy CD Creator DirectCD DirectCD exe quot O - HKLM Run NAV Agent C PROGRA NORTON navapw exe O - HKLM Run WorksFUD C Program Files Microsoft Works wkfud exe O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Portfolio C Program Files Microsoft Works WksSb exe AllUsers O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Update Detection C Program Files Microsoft Works WkDetect exe O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run RealTray C Program Files Real RealPlayer RealPlay exe SYSTEMBOOTHIDEPLAYER O - HKLM Run Windows Service Controller C WINDOWS System drivers wdll SERVICES EXE O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe quot background O - HKCU Run AIM C Program Files AIM aim exe -cnetwait odl O - Global Startup America Online Tray Icon lnk C Program Files America Online aoltray exe O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - Global Startup Microsoft Works Calendar Reminders lnk O - Extra button AIM HKLM O - Extra button Related HKLM O - Extra Tools menuitem Show amp Related Links HKLM O - Extra button Real com HKLM O - Extra button Messenger HKLM O - Extra Tools menuitem Windows Messenger HKLM O - Plugin for spop C Program Files Internet Explorer Plugins NPDocBox dll O - DPF ChatSpace Java Client N - http about chatspace com Java cs msn cab O - DPF Yahoo Canasta - http download games yahoo com games clients y yt x cab O - DPF Yahoo Literati - http download games yahoo com games clients y tt x cab O - DPF Yahoo Pool - http download games yahoo com games clients y potb x cab O - DPF Yahoo Spades - http download games yahoo com games clients y st x cab O - DPF BF D - C - B -BC -D ABDDC B QuickTime Object - http www apple com qtactivex qtplugin cab O - DPF - B- D - EAC- C D CF IPIX ActiveX Control - http www ipix com viewers ipixx cab O - DPF BC F - A - D -BEB - AA B AE Symantec AntiVirus scanner - http security symantec com sscv SharedContent vc bin AvSniff cab O - DPF F -B - -A -B BB A C - http a g akamai net le com samantha us win QuickTimeInsta... Read more

A:i think a quick question

After you removed the Worm and updated for security did you remove all the old restore points that may contain the virus?
If not go to "My Computer"\Properties then disable system restore, restart computer and re-enable system restore.

After the above rerun virus scanner and see if all traces are gone.

Let us know what you find.

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How can I change the icon of my library folder, sort of like this:
The icon for his new library isn't the ugly default one!

[(Related?) side note: you add more "templates" to your folder optimization options... I only see the default five, but not "internet" and "downloads" like in the tutorials.]

A:Quick question

Hello Cal, and welcome to Seven Forums.

That was the old default New Library icon in the pre-beta builds of Windows 7. MS has since changed it to the one you see now. There is no way that we know of to change that icon.

Same with the folder templates. There is no way to add a template, only to customize an existing one by changing the folder view settings for it.

Relevancy 46.01%

i was following some tweaks on this site i googled to speed up my computer was ruNNING really slow and well now i have this little problem it seems my system tray icons have disappeard and now they never show.

a few things i did, turn of system index, defrag, check for ad-aware,check for virus, turn of system restore, turn of remote assistence, did some playing around with page-file settings and turned off some options in control panel>>system>>advanced>>performance>>custom i used custom settings.

please help i cant see msn etc.

Relevancy 46.01%

I accidentally visited the website myWOT rated it as red. I was just wondering if I got infected from visiting it. Thanks in advanced.

A:Just a quick question?

Hi, are you experiencing, s;owness, redirects ,pop ups etc..Why not run this scan and post the log to be safe.Next run MBAM:Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (v1.32) and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2If you have a previous version of MBAM, remove it via Add/Remove Programs and download a fresh copy.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself.Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install. Alternatively, you can update through MBAM's interface from a clean computer, copy the definitions (rules.ref) located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from that system to a usb stick or CD and then copy it to the infected machine.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen:Click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.When removal is completed, a log report will open in Notepad.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply and exit MBAM.Note: If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you may be asked to reboot your computer so it can proceed with the disinfection process. Regardless if prompted to restart the computer or not, please do so immediately. Failure to reboot normally (not into safe mode) will prevent MBAM from removing all the malware. MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you after scanning with MBAM. Please temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.
Relevancy 46.01%

If I am using a recovery disc will I need a Vista disc aswell to reinstall the OS, or does the recovery disk leave the OS on but deletes all the files?


Relevancy 46.01%

I am in the market of purchasing a new comp or upgrading my existing one. I was planning to get a local computer place to customize my comp for me and build it. I won't provide specs because my question isn't technical, I have read hundreds of posts saying that getting someone to do it for you is best because they know what they are doing, others say get the parts yourself and give it to them to build (saving money and getting what you really want), or get the parts yourself and build it yourself. I am hesitant about the last one because I have never done anything like that before, although I have read that nowadays everything is straight-forward (eg, slot A into hole B). What does everyone suggest?

A:One quick question!

Let your local shop pick the parts according to your guidelines. This way, when you get any compatibility issues (your mobo doesn't like your video card for example), then it is the shop's fault and they should fix it.

If you give them a box of parts and tell them to assemble, then any compatibility problems are your own fault.
Relevancy 46.01%

When a stricter password policy is enforced, is it possible to log in through rdp and get prompted to change it then? or will it just lock me out until I log onto a local machine?

Apologies if that doesn't make sense But I cannot get on one of our clients servers because it says we are locked out.

We have another administrative account we can log in with so that is no trouble, just the question above please guys

A:Quick question...

Got the client to log onto their server using their account and unlocked our account. Does anyone know if the strict password enforcement can affect this situation?
Relevancy 46.01%

Can a VPN such as Ivacy or Ipredator that I pay for keep me completely anonymous if the VPN service im using decided to not give out my information to anyone? And would TOR use with the VPN make me less or more secure due to exit nodes? (i care about privacy but more about anonymity)

Edit: Also if I use a neighbors unsecured wifi would that make me completely anonymous?

Relevancy 46.01%

Hey all

I think this is the right forum to ask this, if not, please move it to the correct one

Anyhow, I noticed when I turn on the computer sometimes, I get a black screen (the kind of screen you get when the monitor is working but the computer isn't) that says Monitor ok, check connection or something or other. I have to power down, and then I power up again, and the screen is gone.

Is this normal? If not, what causes it?

Relevancy 46.01%

I wasn't sure where to post this, and this may sound like a silly question but I just don't know. I use Ad-Aware Antivirus by Lavasoft. Currently there are several threat items in quarantine, is it ok to delete those items or should I just leave them be? A few of the are Trojan.Win32.Generic!SB and one is Yontoo(v).

Thank you in advance,

Relevancy 46.01%

Ok i wanna install xp on my D drive because it has lots more space. The D drive i want xp on i just formated so its ready to go. But I want to format my C drive and then install xp pro on my D drive. But when i boot with my installation diisk when i Sellect the option to format after its done formatting it will start to install xp files on that hard drive. I have a usb drive with the files to allow me to boot my laptop so i can boot from my disc.
So i was thinking that i should format the drive and When its done turn off my computer. So then i would have 2 formatted hard drives. Then plug in my usb and put the windows disk in and continue to install xp on the desired drive. What do you guys think.

A:Quick question.

Let me see if I have this right. You want to boot from an external USB drive?

The first thing you have to determine is whether your BIOS supports booting from and external USB connected hdd.
Relevancy 46.01%

ok I'm makeing a data dvd and all it is is just video files, so, will the DVD play on a standard DVD player or just on a computer?

Relevancy 46.01%

Call i install a copy of xp over a copy of Xp pro?Thnaks

A:Quick Question

XP Home and XP Pro...are two different versions, if that is what you are referring to. MCE is a slightly modified version of XP Pro.

Each will require a valid license for that version...before installing.

Relevancy 46.01%

can u install xp on a vista computer? i want to install xp on my other hard drive but using a vista computer. is there a way to install it on just the hard drive and keep the vista?

Relevancy 46.01%

Hi everyone! I want to upgrade to windows 10 but I am afraid to lose all of my files and data. Will I lose all of my software apps that I installed if I do decide to update?

A:A quick question

You shouldn't if everything goes to plan correctly.

This will act like an upgrade instead of a full reinstall.
Relevancy 46.01%

Hello all....for my classes I converted the pages into printed PDF pages so I can have the book as an ebook but when I try to do OCR recognition within PDF it says "Acrobat could not perform recognition (OCR) on this page because: This page has graphics other than images or text on it. It cannot be captured"

To go around this; I want to do a "fake scan" or scan it from the PDF files themselves rather than scan the pages on an actual scanner (since I have the files already on PDF on my computer) so I can then do the OCR text recognition. Does anyone know a way to do this?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Relevancy 46.01%

Would it be safe to exclude the .zip extension from my other antivirus's on demand scanner as my zip files are very large, and so it takes a long time for the scan to finish. If a virus did happen to be downloaded zipped, it couldn't execute unless it was unzipped right? My other AV's real time protection is on anyway.

Relevancy 46.01%

My system has been experiencing BSODs about once a day now. It started about 2 days after I got my new video card but I also have a Hard Drive that is failing and is going to be replaced in a few days. So I was wondering if that could be causing the BSODs or if I have another more serious problem.

All of my parts except my Hard drives are brand new and this is on a fresh install of Windows Home Premium x64.

Attached are my .dmp files

A:Quick question

Hello MattDHarris Welcome to the Seven Forums!

Without even a look at the dump file you provided you are likely experiencing two main causes.
1) leftover drivers from the previous video card not cleaned off fully
2) A failing hard drive is a source for an endless list of errors.

A third possible cause may be the incorrect drivers for the new card you have or simply a bad install of Windows/drivers seen and possibly due to problems with the main drive. If the fresh install went bad from the start resulting from a bad drive that would account for a list of problems.

The course of action now best advised would be making sure you have everything backed up from the failing drive in anticipation of replacement where you will be seeing another clean install. If you still continue to see problems then you have to start looking for other likely causes including high temps and possible memory faults.
Relevancy 46.01%

Hi, I am thinking about buying a CD/RW. I am prob. going to buy from's cd/rw page . I have found this drive ;click here , and it says "Formatted Capacity 650 MB" Does this mean that I can only use 650mb disks, and not 700mb ones? also, are there any better cd/rw on the market for about £50-£60?

A:Quick CD/RW question

I chased down that link for the CD burner, but I couldnt find where it said "formatted capacity: 650 MB." it is entirely possible that it will not burn more than 650 MB to a CD, as my (cheapo) burner won't burn more than 700 MB. Lite-on is a pretty cheap company...I just purchased a DVD-ROM made by them, but I can't say I have any complaints about it as of yet. Im not really sure how much 50 pounds translates into, but there are decent burners on the market for around 80 US dollars; Plextor, Sony, and TDK are all good companies offering CD burner solutions cheap. You may have to compromise on speed a little, but its no big loss since unless you have a blazingly fast computer, it won't use the full 32x burn speed. 24/10/40 is just fine, IMHO.
the long winded
Relevancy 46.01%

how can i take a screen shot or save a screen shot and send it or upload it?

Relevancy 46.01%

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to copy just the File names from a folder to something like Microsoft word. For example If i wanted to make a list of all the songs I copied from my CD's to my computer. Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Quick question

Get this driectory printer. Choose to print to a file and to leave the directory names out (You'll see many options for printing these file names). Create a text file on your desktop with the program. Open it, copy and paste it to Word.
Relevancy 46.01%

Hello, all.

Right, I only have a 400W PSU at the minute, and I fear this is not enough to properly power my machine. I intend to buy a new one at 750W some time soon, but I wonder if there is a way to determine if my current PSU is a little too weak for my system?

I have attached a snip of SpeedFan's power section, in case that could be an indicator.


A:Quick question about my PSU.

Those voltages don't look right. The +5V lines are well out of spec. What figures do you get on the appropriate page in the BIOS?

The voltages should lie within the following ranges (we can ignore the negative rails, as these are not used any more):

Loose Tolerance -10%/+8%:

3.3V 2.97V / 3.63V
5.0V 4.5V / 5.4V
12.0V 10.8V / 12.9V

Tight Tolerance -5%/+5%

3.3V 3.135V / 3.465V
5.0V 4.75V / 5.25V
12.0V 11.4V / 12.6V

Your +5V line is reporting a deviation from the nominal level of +37% in the first column and -28% in the second, both figures are well out of the tolerance ranges.
Relevancy 46.01%

does anyone have experience with a virus or malware that pops up a window (when you're using firefox) that says internet explorer has caused a fault, and then sometimes opens an internet explorer window? not my computer but a family member's.

A:a quick question

Possible, but cannot be confirmed without the proper set of logs.

Please have the family member follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, they will have a proper set of logs which should be posted in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.
Relevancy 46.01%

ok, i have a Dell dimension e310 with stock 3.0GHz Pentium 4 and want to be able to OC. I know that you cant OC dells so i was wondering; can i just buy a new CPU?

Such as:

...If i buy this will it even be compatible? i am not too sure if it will work in my mobo (OJC474) either because of my chipset (i915P/i915G) short; will it work? and how do you figure it out, just for future reference?

A:Just one quick question

You're wanting to purchase:
Intel Pentium 4 641 Cedar Mill 3.2GHz 2MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Single-Core Processor

Your computer:
Dimension E310

Your CPU Specifications:
Intel® Pentium® 4 with Hyper-Threading technology

Maximum: 3.2GHz P4 640 2MB L2 cache 915 chipset
(Actually it doesn't say 641, but hopefully others will reply with more info: ie 640 or 641)


Relevancy 46.01%

I am trying to help a friend and I wanted to know if I can run the DDS and gmer in safe mode? The computer does not have internet access and seems to have the Security suite virus

A:quick question

Yes, you can, if Safe Mode is accessible. Use the F8 method for accessing Safe Mode.

Restart your computer and boot into Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key repeatedly until a menu shows up (and choose Safe Mode from the list). In some systems, this may be the F5 key, so try that if F8 doesn't work. Login on your usual account. Make sure to close any open browsers.
Relevancy 46.01%

Hey i just needed to know if PC3200 DDR RAM will work at 400, 533, and 800 mhz FSB. Thanks.

A:quick RAM question

Yes, it will. For older motherboards it may run at 333 or 266Mhz if thats all they support instead of 400Mhz at which it can run for any motherboard capable of the 800Mhz FSB.
Relevancy 46.01%

So I start to play BF2...the game freezes... I cont/alt/del and restart. XP will not load, I get black screen with "error loading operating system". Put XP cd in and try to "repair existing" but get bad file path message, it only wants to reinstall XP.

I guess I want to know if it's possible to lose entire OS so easy? I think It must still be on hard drive but how to get to it? I really don't want to reformat and lose all my stuff.

Thanks for any ideas...

A:quick question... where did my xp OS go?

Can you boot into SafeMode?
Relevancy 46.01%

When i get window 7, can i use it to update more then one computer? becuase i have 3 computers at home

A:Another quick question

Quote: Originally Posted by Diabolical

When i get window 7, can i use it to update more then one computer? becuase i have 3 computers at home

At this time MS is offering a Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack ( $150 USD) that will allow you to install 7 on three computers with one key. It is a limited offer and we do not know how long it will be available?

Relevancy 46.01%

i think this is the place to post this...i don't think its a security issue, but it does involve a line from a hijack just popped up this evening...

what is this?

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [KernelFaultCheck] %systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 -k

the whole log is attached, if you need it to help out....

A:a quick question

Windows error reporting. It creates a dumplog on serious error.
Relevancy 46.01%

(1) Would i be able to run some sound cards in vista x-64 with greater then 4 gigs of ram....lets say 8 gigs of ram?



A:quick question

also windows vista ultimate x64 only reports that i have 3 gigs of ram - i have 4 gigs of ram installed (on bootup displays that i have 4 gigs of ram)
Relevancy 46.01%

hi guys,i was wondering,if i have just a dvd drive not a dvd burner,can i burn a vcd onto a dvd cd-r just for the purpose of fitting a 755 mb avi onto just 1 disc?and if not,what r my options?i used blaze media pro and split the avi into 2 files to just burn it on 2 discs but when i go to burn it using blaze it says its not a valid file,they r both avi files so im not sure of the prob.i then tried nero with the split files 2 no avail,same prob with invalid files?id much rather get it all on one disc anyways,so any tips would be awesome.btw GO SEAHAWKS!!muahahaha,thanks in advance

A:vcd?just a quick question

The max for VCD burning onto a dvd is 700mb. You can't burn raw avi's onto that because they take up alot more space. The quality is about the same as VHS tape. I would recommend that you consider buying a DVD rw (they are very cheap), converting your files to mpegs and burn to DVD.
Relevancy 46.01%

I am building a computer for my friend. It is going to be a P4 1.8 ghz. I am looking for a motherboard. I don't have any trouble picking one out, but they all seem to have AC'97 audio. Don't they make motherboards anymore without onboard audio? I wanted him to get a nice sound card for his system. Any help is greatly appreciated!


A:very quick MB question

You can easily disable the onboard sound. I have a motherboard with that audio chip, but I use a separate PCI sound card.
Relevancy 46.01%

Hi, i don't know where to post this but i'm still having a problem with my laptop network.

I wanna know if the driver Intel(R) Wireless Wifi Link 4965AGN has always been slow connection?

My Signal shows Excellent but the internet is way slower than a dial up, downloading and browsing.

Relevancy 46.01%

Hi all,

My question should be pretty easy for you guys so i'll get to it.

When i check to see if my system can run certain games, it passes the min spec for all other than the processor which it fails on, BUT just below it passes by speed by more than enough.

Minimum: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0 GHz or better

You Have: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz

CPU Speed
Minimum: Pass

You Have: 3.2 GHz

I am just wondering if it will still run the game or even install or not, I don't mind turning the settings to low or medium.
Thankyou in advance.

A:A quick question, in need of help

Most likely it will run sluggishly at best... it depends on the game
Relevancy 46.01%

Yah I am Question Quick back - Quick Question I am sorta the quot Hey he knows a lil about comps lets take it to him once we jack up quot guy in my little town here So a friend of mine who is infected with Doly called me up I talked em through deleting all of the files restoring msconfig exe and regedit exe One thing is throwing me though - maybe I did something wrong I dont know but registry editing is still disabled so I cant fix that part I looked it up on the net and followed a different set of instructions to fix this still no good All of the files it creates are gone I cleaned out the autoexec bat file all that is left is the registry as I understood it - once the files were deleted and autoexec bat restored - all I had to do was extract msconfig and regedit exe once again and it was resolved - cleary I was mistaken Cant find any help sites that cover that part - they just say quot take out these keys yhatta yhatta quot well I d do that if I could open registry I know what key disables it what I dont know is how to delete it from the registry w o starting the registry nbsp

A:Quick Question

There is a little reg patch here called unlock.reg that usually does the job:

If it's something other than the standard key for disabling the registry editor, and it's been less than 5 days since the infection occured, a scanreg /restore should fix it.

And just thought I'd post this, in case anyone wants to check out 'doly', first time I've seen it; sure looks like a mean one.
Relevancy 46.01%

Is svchost.exe a trojan?

Relevancy 46.01%

This isn't concerning an infection, but HijackThis itself. Lately, I've been getting the following entry...

O23 - Service: McAfee Application Installer Cleanup (0283141179367147) (0283141179367147mcinstcleanup) - Unknown owner - C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\028314~1.EXE (file missing)

It's nothing to worry about, but it bugs me having this entry show up, no matter how many times I tell HJT to fix it. Is there something else I could try to delete the entry (a registry edit perhaps)? Or should I just tell HJT to ignore the entry? (Before doing that, I'd like to know if there's a way to delete it altogether.)

A:Quick HJT question.

Aha! Nevermind about this one; I took my own suggestion of editing the registry. Just performed a search for "028314" and deleted two Services entries related to McAfee with that number. That did the trick. Sorry if I've wasted anyone's time.
Relevancy 46.01%

i think this is the place to post this...i don't think its a security issue, but it does involve a line from a hijack just popped up this evening...

what is this?

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [KernelFaultCheck] %systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 -k

the whole log is attached, if you need it to help out....

A:a quick question

Windows error reporting. It creates a dumplog on serious error.
Relevancy 46.01%

My video card (GeForce Fx 5500) has an s-video out and a dvi port on it. I've hooked it up to my tv using s-video before and the quality was okay but text wasn't readable at normal size. If I buy a dvi-to-hdmi adapter then hook that up to my tv, would the quality be a lot better or not that much of a difference?

Or what if I just use my dvi-to-vga adapter (which I have to use for my monitor) and just buy a vga-to-component video cable?

A:Quick Question

You will get higher resolution and better quality with HDMI.
You will need to check what resolutions the TV can handle.
VGA would probably be better for compatability if your TV has it.
I don't think the 5500 is setup for HD resolutions.
Composite will be no better than what you have now.
Relevancy 46.01%

Hello, I recently bought windows 7 upgrade home premium online and installed it "fresh". Now if I upgrade my computer ie motherboard or hardrive or reformat later down the road, can I reinstall windows 7? Do I have to call up and let them know I upgraded or reformated like I had to with xp? Do they do that with windows 7?

A:Quick Question

Hello Freeman, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes, you can reinstall on your computer as many times as you like. If online activation should fail since you updated the motherboard, then you can just do a phone activation instead.

Hope this helps,
Relevancy 46.01%

Do you remember on the old Windows 9X systems that you could edit OEMSETUP and OEMLOGO (I think these were it) to make the properties of "My computer" say and show whatever you wanted? Is this possible in XP? I've been searching around lately and its a bit more difficult than in the golden days

Relevancy 46.01%

Hello everyone I'm new to this site and I'm hoping you could help me out I was running the build when it was originally released and it ran perfectly on my system I got a new computer and tried Everyone! quick question Hey installing it but sadly the drivers didn't like me that day and I had to go back to Vista I thought I Hey Everyone! quick question would try again with the RC but I don't want to make the same mistake I made last time this time I am going to install Hey Everyone! quick question on a different partition Sadly my computer is nothing special and I only have GB of space left on the HD so here comes my question Is there some idiot-proof program out there with a graphical interface that would allow me to make a gb partition install windows on it make sure it runs perfectly then delete the partition and remerge it with the main partition I have some computer skill and I can navigate in the BIOS menu but I would rather not Graphical interfaces just seem less scary Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you can help Edit O yeah free is always good too Haha

A:Hey Everyone! quick question

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Hello everyone! I'm new to this site and I'm hoping you could help me out.

I was running the 7000 build when it was originally released and it ran perfectly on my system. I got a new computer and tried installing it but sadly the drivers didn't like me that day and I had to go back to Vista. I thought I would try again with the RC but I don't want to make the same mistake I made last time, this time I am going to install on a different partition.

Sadly, my computer is nothing special and I only have 40 GB of space left on the HD. so here comes my question. Is there some idiot-proof program out there with a graphical interface that would allow me to make a 20gb partition, install windows on it, make sure it runs perfectly, then delete the partition and remerge it with the main partition? I have some computer skill and I can navigate in the BIOS menu, but I would rather not... Graphical interfaces just seem less scary .

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you can help!

**Edit** O yeah, free is always good too! Haha

Try Partition Wizard from this site:

FREE Great Programs for Window 7

Download some of the help and how to info from the home page. It will explain everything.
It's quite easy to run.

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earlier i had great help from one ofh te mods here on the site. now my comp is fixed but the other person in the house where i live is very weary and assumes that there maybe avirus or some other bull on my comp but i have tried to assure him theprograms that i was directed to download are safe and lagit. is there any sites that can show him this fact so my computer can getback on our network andy help would be great in this matter.