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Can't access BIOS on Dell laptop because keypad isn't working

Q: Can't access BIOS on Dell laptop because keypad isn't working

I have a dell vostro 1500 needing a fresh install of xpi got from a friend who had for some reason taken it all the way apart and when he put it back together the screen stayed black when you turned it on. i fixed that, but the keyboard will not work at all so i can't access the bios to change boot order. I have taken back apart and everything seems intact. I am assuming a usb keyboard will not kick on in time to let me access it either. . . so i am stuck

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Preferred Solution: Can't access BIOS on Dell laptop because keypad isn't working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can't access BIOS on Dell laptop because keypad isn't working

"I am assuming a usb keyboard will not kick on in time to let me access it either"...

Try this before you say you are stuck... Keyboards are cheap. Check them out on EBay
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I have an Quit Working Laptop Keypad HP Pavilion dv- dx laptop Windows It s worked fine until recently The number keypad has stopped working The ON OFF bell seems to work ok but the keypad does not work correctly It does quot strange quot things now Some keys do quot something quot and others do not as follows types a slash types an asterisk - types a minus sign types a plus sign ENTER seems to be ok DEL do nothing UNhighlights anything highlighted in a browser search bar If nothing is highlighted then does one of several things brings up PAGE NAVIGATION option moves flashing cursor one space to left OR causes flashing cursor to disappear altogether seems to now and then cause Laptop Keypad Quit Working the flashing cursor to disappear Briefly the function keys seem to work but the number keys do not YES I know how to turn the NUM LOCK on and Laptop Keypad Quit Working off YES I have rebooted many times to no avail I use a Logitech wireless keyboard with my laptop and the keypad problem is exactly the same on both the wireless keypad and the laptop keypad This has got to be something easy that I probably accidentally screwed up I have searched online for a solution to no avail I have tried to go into BIOS but directions I found did not get me to menus described to me People have told me that I can turn the keypad ON and OFF from the BIOS but I see no such option in my BIOS Hopefully someone can set me straight Thanks in advance

A:Laptop Keypad Quit Working

Have you tried checking your device manager for both laptop keyboard and wireless keyboard? Uninstall wireless from the device manager then check on the difference.
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I have a HP envy DV6 with Intel Core i7, Windows 10.The issue is my laptop screen has dead pixels and is completely useless so I then have to connect it my TV via HDMI. Sometimes when I turn it on, the computer has a problem where it doesn't want to load straight to the loading screen and instead ask me if I "Continue, restart and something else", because my screen is dead I can't choose what I want so I somehow keep spamming and after 5 mins somehow manage to get it to work. I want to access bios and change the settings so my laptop loads directly into HDMI mode and not reset every power cycle. Also my battery is shot so I'm not gonna leave my laptop on sleep mode.

A:Laptop Screen stopped working. How do I access BIOS?

Edit: for clarification, because I can't see the screen how do I manage to get BIOS to load while HDMI.
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Dell D 800 Laptop running XP SP2
Internal AND external Keyboards and Mouse NOT working after boot to XP. Can't enter cntrl/Alt/Del or anything to log in. Keyboard DOES work in Bios mode but is lost as soon as xp is loaded. Does NOT work in SAFE mode either because can't log in..(no Cntrl/Alt Del)

I've tried repair and reinstall of xp but still does not recognize any keystrokes after boot to xp.


A:Solved: Keyboard and Mouse Access DEAD after boot to XP on Dell D800 laptop. BIOS wor
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Does anyone know the key or combination of keys to access the BIOS for a Dell Latitude CPi Laptop?
Any help is appreciated.

A:Access the BIOS on Dell Lattitude CPi

looks like most Dell's use F2
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Could you give me some tips about how to access BIOS on a Dell computer?

A:How to access BIOS on a Dell computer

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum. 
To access the BIOS on your computer:
1. Restart your computer.2. At the first text on the screen or when the Dell logo appears, tap F2 until the message Entering Setup appears.
For more information on BIOS, please visit the following link:
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Some time ago my Dell Inspiron developed BIOS Access Inspiron No to Need POST Dell on - a fault in that whilst in Windows the laptop would freeze up completely and required a hard No POST on Dell Inspiron - Need to Access BIOS shutdown I diagnosed the problem to a fault with the onboard Broadcom RJ network interface card I disabled the onboard NIC in the BIOS and all was well I recently needed to check a router LAN cable in a remote area so used my laptop My intention was to enable the NIC check the cable and then disable the NIC again Unfortunately having saved the information to enable the onboard NIC in the BIOS and rebooted the laptop will now not POST and I cannot access the BIOS to disable the NIC The laptop begins the normal start sequence but then hangs before the POST would start I know that if only I could disable the onboard NIC in the BIOS all would be returned to normal If anybody could help with information regarding accessing the BIOS in this situation I d be very grateful I ve even been to the extreme of dis-assembling the laptop and removing the rear RJ port from the motherboard in case it was a hardware problem - but I m afraid that didn t work Thanks in advance Cheers Mark nbsp

A:No POST on Dell Inspiron - Need to Access BIOS

Next stop, if you're that way inclined and if it is possible on that laptop, remove the network chip.
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Hello everyone I have DELL INSPIRON N I was using windows home basic bit os I wanted to change it to windows ultimate So I have inserted windows Installation disk into CD drive Then I went to through the installation and I chose the Custom as the installation type When the partition in not working DELL INSPIRON. BIOS page appeared I have formatted all the disks including C which BIOS not working in DELL INSPIRON. contains windows files Then I got GB unallocated space Then I split them in to partitions Then I have selected one partition to install the windows Then installation started Copying windows files succeeded Expanding Windows files is still be like that for minutes Then I got the error message like windows cannot install required files error code x And I thought it would be the installation disk problem But it works fine in other systems I tried several disks No use Also I got another problem when system boots I tried to enter into BIOS using F and F which was mentioned in screen But it did not enter into the BIOS Instead it goes to the installation I do not know what to do Help me to get rid of this Thanks in advance

A:BIOS not working in DELL INSPIRON.

I would suggest using a different DVD drive, or maybe copying the installation files to a USB stick (4gb or bigger) and performing a USB install.
The error 0x80070017 translates to "CRC Error" which means that the files that are being copied from the disk are not making it to the hard drive with the same structure, meaning that the "original" files on the disk are being modified/changed/corrupted while being copied to the "destination" location on your hard drive during the install.
This usually means either a bad DVD, or a read error on the DVD drive.
The easiest thing is to make a USB drive to install Window s7 (and it's WAY faster than DVD too!)
I hope this helps.

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The numeric keypad on my Dell Dimension E520 suddenly stopped working. It won't work on Calculator or Notepad or any other program.
It doesn't appear to be a hardware problem because the software keyboard in the Ease of Access has the same problem.
Switching num lock on and off doesn't make any difference.

I've got Vista Business Edition. The only thing I've installed recently is my Amazon Kindle.

A:Numeric keypad not working

Have you tried uninstalling the keyboard drivers via Device Manager...and then rebooting?

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i am using idea pad suddenly keypad and mouse pad stopped working. please help me with the fix.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II P Dual-Core Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count Keypad completely not working!! RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Mobility Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Packard Bell EasyNote TM Antivirus Norton Updated and Enabled A few days ago the key at the top of my laptop keypad stopped working meaning I have to use the number pad on the right hand side and can t use the bracket symbol There has been no physical damage to the laptop itself it just didn t work after it had been in hibernation mode Then the key at the top stopped working followed by the then the on the number pad then the left hand shift button the F and the print screen shot button just stopped working Since then I have had to make-do Keypad not completely working!! using Word symbols and a combination of the number pad and the top Keypad not completely working!! row of numbers I can t think of any reason why this would happen - it was completely out of the blue Any answers would be very much appreciated Thank you nbsp

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Okay, when I push the down arrow it goes to the bottom of whatever I'm on and the same with the up arrow (opposite direction). It is not allowing me to scroll through anything via using the arrows. How do I reset, or fix this?

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Hi nbsp nbsp My HP Omen recently has been stuffing up a lot lately I sent it in to HP after the screen had popped out I thought they had fixed it but as soon as I opened my laptop when they sent it back it happened again I have to just push it back in now as I cannot wait another month for them to fix it AGAIN Another problem is the mouse and touchpad On some days they both work fine everything is good everything is efficient BUT on most days my touchpad won't even show the pointer like everything just went Touchpad/Keypad not working missing My keypad does the same thing it stops typing nbsp I have to constantly reboot my computer taking out the AC and battery and reinstalling the touchpad driver Rebooting the computer and reinstalling the driver used to work but now it won't even let me go minutes without crashing I'm also using an external mouse right now but I need to Touchpad/Keypad not working have access to my touchpad nbsp nbsp nbsp Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance nbsp
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my keypad and touchpad is not working, it is dead completely, but it is working at the booting time(when laptop is just and ask to choose operating system),
i am using sony vaio laptop and window 7, i had checked the drivers, they are up-to date, and also check hardware troubleshooting, and also tried to install window again but none of them help me.
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Hi there, I have an Aspier 5332 OS windows 10 pro, the keypad is not functioning correctly. Scroll dosen't work, the mouse pad moves the cursor but tapping to select something brings the context menu up. It just doesnt feel right. Selecting stuff, it feels like your having to click the button twice. Before OS update the mouse was using alps touchpad. The device manager says its now ps/2 compatible mouse  Device manager says it has the latest drivers installed. Very annoying. After searching the web this seems to be a big problem. Any solutions to this ? Thanks

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A:Keypad not working properly win 10

Found an Alps driver that is compatible thanks.

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Hi there, I have an Aspier 5332 OS windows 10 pro, the keypad is not functioning correctly. Scroll dosen't work, the mouse pad moves the cursor but tapping to select something brings the context menu up. It just doesnt feel right. Selecting stuff, it feels like your having to click the button twice. Before OS update the mouse was using alps touchpad. The device manager says its now ps/2 compatible mouse  Device manager says it has the latest drivers installed. Very annoying. After searching the web this seems to be a big problem. Any solutions to this ? Thanks

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A:Keypad not working properly win 10

Found an Alps driver that is compatible thanks.

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HI all, i have a compaq presario cq60 218em laptop. all works fine exept the numeric keypad on the right. its not broken as the number keys are set to arrows up,down,left and right. i cant find the setting to change them to numbers. im using windows 7  any one got any idea? cheers rich

A:Numeric keypad not working???

  try hitting the FN key then the Numlock key to lock or unlock the Numlock keysor depening on layout just hit thre Numlock key   

While I work on behalf of HP I'm not speaking for HP but trying to provide best effort support.
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I have obviously done some changes with a result that the numeric keypad will not function and I cannot remember how to activate them. help please
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I updated my Acer Aspire V3-571 to Windows 10 - reluctanbtly!  The upgrade went smoothly initially, but now the keypad has stopped working. Even when I attach an external keyboard to the laptop, the digit 5 automatically gets added to each letter I type.  Has anyone come acrosss the same problem - any suggestions are welcome!
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i am using idea pad suddenly keypad and mouse pad stopped working. please help me with the fix.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Ideapad 100 - keypad and mouse not working

Same happened here. Out of the sudden, no hardware or software changes, but since then I made researches on the web and updates BIOS and drivers. Tried different suggested solutions, but all useless in this case. Want to use the warranty and am a little confused: is there no chance to open a case by mail or support form where I can put all the info and details?
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I have an Inspiron 17R laptop. I upgraded to windows 10. Now the numeric keypad on my laptop is not working. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? How do I fix it?

A:Numeric Keypad not working on Windows 10

Hi Neilpa70,
Thanks for posting.
Please try this to restore the NUM keys by going to
Control Panel Ease of Access Center Set Up Mouse Keys Other Settings: Use mouse keys when NUM LOCK is: Make sure OFF is selected.
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I have Gigabyte UD7 i7 build and I have Win7 installed in it. Now, I installed XP SP3 afterwards and configured the boot manager according to instructions. However, in the boot manager, my keypad is not working - it works in Bios and in WIndows, but not in boot manager so I can not choose the OS i'd prefer - it always goes to Win7 after the 30s (or something like that). CapsLk or any of the keys is not workin. What is the problem?

A:Keypad not working in boot manager

Sounds like it is not loading the drivers properly when it enters the boot manager. I'm not an expert on drivers and boot manager loading them but have you tried reinstall of drivers ? If you havent im afraid that is all the advice i can give you.
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I bought hp notebook pc a month ago and neither install many apps nor upgraded my windows but sill windows 8.1 (built-in) is working worst. The touchpad as well as keypad keep hanging every time and works only after restarting pc many times. No apps ain't running properly & performance is worst so kindly fix this problem. I'll be thankful to you.
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yes i hit num loc... this is a brand new machine that i waited 3 weeks to be built and my numloc and numbers wont work very angry
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My Dell inspiron 3542 laptop speakers are not working,but 3.5 mm jack is working fine.
Please help me out.

A:My Dell inspiron 3542 laptop speakers are not working,but 3.5 mm jack is working fine.

Hello.The problem could be either in the hardware or the software, so you need to test each. Perform the tests below -- it doesn't matter which one you do first.

To test the speakers, perform the Quick Audio Check in the ePSA test. If the speakers fail the test then they have failed or become disconnected. (Click the link for instructions on how to run the test.)

To test the software, switch between the Realtek audio driver and the Windows native driver. [This test assumes that your laptop has the Realtek audio driver. If you get to step 2 and do not see "Realtek High Definition Audio" then go to the Dell support page for your model and download the Realtek driver that Dell provides for the version of Windows that the laptop is running.]
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, then no need to restart.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]
If the speakers work correctly only with the native driver, then the Realtek driver is buggy. If the speakers work correctly only with the Realtek driver, then the native driver is buggy.

If the speakers worked during the Quick Audio Check (above) but do not work with either driver, it could be that the sensing mechanism in the headphone jack has failed, making Windows think that there is a plug in the jack when there is not. There is a full explanation of that issue in the Headphone Jack FAQ.
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System Compaq Presario C NR OS Win XP SP Hardware Targus PAUK U Keypad Desired Effect When I use the keypad I don t want the laptop keyboard num lock to engage Whats happening When the keypad is being used the laptop num lock engages so that the key pressed on the keypad will function as a number depressed then the num lock disengages This happens with each key press in the blink of an eye This is how it is supposed to work But there is an issue laptop Keypad vs with this when you re working within an RVP session Within the RVP session the keypad works like it would if the num lock is off arrows work But if you hold the number down it will repeat the number as if you were holding the number down with num lock in the on position Now if you turn the num lock on on the laptop keyboard the keypad will function normally but the keypad on the laptop will also start functioning Normal keyboard functions are disabled until you turn num lock off The short and sweet I want to be able to use the keypad and keyboard at the laptop vs Keypad same time with in an RVP session I have tried using the Targus USBv patch I think this is used for when the keypad will not function with out the num lock on in normal use I do not have this issue nbsp

A:laptop vs Keypad

no one has ran into this issue before.
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I have a problem with the numeric keyboard plus and minus signs and other things.

When I try to use the + or the minus sign they will not work, I have to press the shift key for them to work. Until yesterday they work fine all of a sudden they will not work. I have tried a different keyboard but it is the same problem. Just recently I have added Dragon Naturally Speaking to my computer, I don't know if this is the problem.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you

A:Numeric keypad extra keys no working

Most likely the recent changes is the culprit. Have you tried removing the software first?
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Hello I have a Dell laptop which has worked well for years However last week i tried to turn it on and it got to the Dell bios and stopped So after a few minutes i removed the power waited plugged it back in again and tried again Laptop Help 7720 Corruption SE Dell Bios Now it boots to a black screen There is no spinup from HDD or CDROM no fans either no beeps either I can make it beep if i remove the memory sticks and I can press D when it starts and the screen goes though its check but then ends and just sits there So my thinking is i have a corrupt bios Okay easy enough to fix or so I thought I have downloaded the recent A exe file extracted the BIOS rom from this I have then put it onto Dell 7720 SE Laptop Bios Corruption Help a GB stick which i have tried formatting as FAT and FAT I then do the usual remove battery remove power Stick in USB port I have tried all of them and whilst holding down the END key plug it back in again The USB is read and then stops and i am stil left with a blank screen and nothing happens despite Dell 7720 SE Laptop Bios Corruption Help this method being posted in many places for fixing a corrupt bios I have tried also including dosflash with it and the phonexic crysis USB disk although this asks for BIOS WPH not a CAP one So what do i do please What am i doing wrong I am normally very geeky and have fixed many other peoples pcs and tablets so i cant see what i am doing wrong here Many thanks J
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Model: Dell Insprion 15(R) 5537 Hello, so i was asked to upgrade my Bios from A07 to A08 so i turned off other programms and installed it while in the middle of it my laptop restarded and i dont know why the *** it happened and now when i turn on my laptop it shows the dell logo and then goes to a complete black screen that if i move my mouse i can see the cursor with a loading logo of windows, What i have tried: i tried holding power on button for 15 sec with end button and then dell logo came with also at the bottom corner saying F2 for options and F12 for boot options but when i click both of them it still dosent work,and nothing happens Help plz
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I bought this on ebay and it has a password in the bios that keeps me from making any adjustments to the computer...I need a way to find the password or reset the bios....

A:Dell C610 laptop bios password

Please use the search facility on TS, there are plenty of posts about the exact same thing.
Moderator Edit:
Free Help Here:
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i accidentally put a bios password on my moms dell inspiron 8000 and forgot the password and she is going to be back in 6 days

my teacher told me to come to this site because people were giving out master passwords that will help me out

her id number is #dvrvfo1-595b

and her service tag is dvrvfo1

my email is email removed

A:BIOS password set by accident on Dell laptop

For the record, let's get this straight. You messed up your mother's computer, you scared she'll find out. But in no way can the come close to "Help help life and death emergency". So let's leave the drama out! You should also never post personally identifying information such as the ID and tag numbers of her machine. You have now also put her system at risk.

Quite frankly, unless you were specifically given permission to get into the BIOS as a means of repairing the operating system, you should not have entered it at all.

You can look on the follow site for help witht the BIOS problem:
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Just got a new DELL battery for my DELL INSPRION 1525. It does not hold the charge longer than 15 minutes. Contacted the place where it was purchased and was told to configure the battery with the BIOS. Went to the DELL Drivers site for the BIOS....cannot get the download for the battery BIOS to take.

Any ideas on that...or why the battery is not performing as it should??

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Having a very annoying problem, sometimes my mouse on the laptop just stops working at random.

I don't know why it stops or what makes it come back.

Using an external mouse works no problem, its just the laptops built in mouse.
I can still right and left click but I cant move it.

Hope someone can help


A:Touch keypad / mouse stops working randomly

What do you see in device manager?? Right click on touch pad-uninstall- restart PC!
If that doesn't help, go to your manufacture and down load the driver for your touch pad.
Mouse, touchpad, and keyboard problems in Windows - Windows Help
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Could someone help me? I have a Dell Latitude D510 laptop and I put an BIOS admin passwoed an year ago. Now I need to remeve it but I don't remember. I tried the latitude.exe program but did not worked. Service tag nr. is 6TXB42J-595B . Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Dell laptop reset bios admin password

U will have to do, a chip reset.
Coz i also keep trying those ideas with the latitude application but it failed, but when i did the chip reset, thing worked out exactly how i wanted them.
All the best

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Hi i aquired a laptop, and im trying to reset the Admin password on it so i can change the boot sequence. The copy of windows xp on it is bad and i cannot boot into it. Is there any way to get the admin password off other than removing the Cmos.?

A:dell latitude c600 laptop bios pw reset

Our forum rules prohibit us from assisting with password recovery or work arounds.

Please review our rules:

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Need bios unlocked for Dell Studio 1558 Laptop. Its password protected as soon as I enter the bios.

The clients son set it up and forgot the password. Sound, wifi, and networking are disabled in the bios unfortunately for some odd reason.

If any of you can help me with that that would be grand.

A:Need bios unlocked for Dell Studio 1558 Laptop

Back in the day, if you pulled the main battery and cmos battery for long enough, all would be reset in the world...

Ninja Edit: It might take a bit of disassembly to find the CMOS battery, and then you should hope it isn't soldered to the board. May also be worth seeing if the Dell tech manual has provisions for a reset jumper you can short.
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Hello i have a inspiron 9100 laptop that thinks it has 266mhz memory, no matter which memory you give it!

It stops booting and tells you to install 333 or 400mhz memory and to hit f1 to shutdown.

I tried fooling it by removing the bios battery and turning it on, well now it tells you the time is off and when you go there and correct the time it goes ahead and boots just fine.
Turn it off and backon then it remembers that it thinks it has 266ddr and to hit f1 to shutdown.

I tried updating the bios flash but it gives me an error message saying that it doesnt support this hardware..

I have several 9100 mbs....can i remove a chip and reinstall on this one and maybe fix it????


A:Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop, which is bios chip?

Not likely. The BIOS chip is soldered in... and doesn't really seem to be the problem anyway.
I would remove one memory module, and see what it does with the other, then reverse the memory modules... as it very likely could be a failed memory module, or one improperly inserted.
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Hi Guys
I am sure you get this a lot, but I just cant solve it
One day it worked, the next, not
It may have been an accidental FN plus another key
Have tried;
FN + F12
FN + Num Lock
Number Lock alone
All to no to avail

Pls help me, am sure its quite straight fwd

Thnx in advance guys

A:Acer Aspire 5742Z Number Keypad stopped working

Hi and welcome to TSF check the user manual from page 26 Acer | Download manual in the link
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is there a way to add 'directional keys' functionality to the keypad keys #2,8,4,6 so that we can play flight simulator using the keypad? I have an asus g74sx, win 7 64 bit. Thank you for your assistance.
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The Hidden Numeric Keypad on Your Laptop

Laptop keyboards would often come without a "dedicated" numeric keypad on the right unlike most common desktop keyboards.

While it is always an option to purchase a separate numeric keypad, laptops do come with an "embedded" numeric keypad on its own keyboard.

The numeric keypad on laptops is not really "hidden", but it can go easily unnoticed for new owners. Do not be ashamed, this is a fairly common oversight.

To use the embedded numeric keypad on your laptop, follow this 8-step guide:
The Hidden Numeric Keypad on Your Laptop - For Dummies

For ASUS laptop owners:
To activate numeric keypad mode (step 5), press [Fn] + [Num Lk].

A:The Hidden Numeric Keypad / Cursors on Your Laptop

Cursor Keys Using the Hidden Numeric Keypad
(For ASUS laptop owners)

In addition to being a hidden numeric keypad, some of its keys can also be used as alternative cursors while Number Lock is ON or OFF.

8 = Up
K = Down
U = Left
O = Right

Number Lock OFF - Press [Fn] + [Cursor Key]
Up = [Fn] + [8]
Down = [Fn] + [K]
Left = [Fn] + [U]
Right = [Fn] + [O]

Number Lock ON - Press [Shift] + [Cursor Key]
Up = [Shift] + [8]
Down = [Shift] + [K]
Left = [Shift] + [U]
Right = [Shift] + [O]

Other laptop manufacturers may have a similar implementation on their hardware. Be sure to refer to the user manual for these convenient features.
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Hello...My name is VIVEK and I own aHP Pavilion 15-n205tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)Laptop couple of years ago.Well, when I visited a near by HP Customer service center for the replacement of some components in it, the HP Technician has told me that MyHP Pavilion 15-n205tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) Laptop is compatible for the up-gradation with Backlit Keyboard as he found the required sockets available for a backlit keyboard on my laptop's Mother Board. I felt pretty happy to hear about that, as it sounds real cool for the guy like me who works mostly at night time... PLEASE CAN ANYBODY CONFIRM THAT MYHP Pavilion 15-n205tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)Laptop IS COMPATIBLE FOR THIS UP-GRADATION, IF COMPATIBLE, DOES ALL THE KEY STROKES WORKS FINE AS THE PREVIOUS ONE.??? Hope I hear a good news about it from the great experts here..^_*-Thanks In Advance..Regards..VIVEK SAHU
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I have been facing this issue for a long time and decided to post it now as I I could not find any solution on the web. I cannot go into BIOS on my laptop. Earlier, I used to press "esc" key when starting my laptop to get into BIOS, but now nothing happens when I press the "esc" key. I had entered BIOS several times before but now it is not happening. I had installed linux mint alongside windows 8.1 but later deleted linux. My laptop came alongwith windows 8.1 and I upgraded it to windows 10 later. I suppose that BIOS is not working after I deleted the linux partition. Please help.

A:Cannot access the BIOS on my laptop

@Mithil2001? Power-on and start tapping F10. REO
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Help please

when I switch on the laptop it freezes on the bios loading screen, nothing happens

any help would be appriciated,

Dell Bios revision A16

Thanks Telfie
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I had to replace my motherboard on a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop. I bought a used motherboard but get the gray screen when booting asking for a password.
Code on the gray screen is: 6F9Q691-595B

Is there a master code or a chip to reset?

thanks in advance for any help

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Upgrading a faulty hard drive for my wife's laptop; but then I saw a previous buyer returned a hard drive as his laptop did not recognise the size.

We have Dell Inspiron 510M using 40gb IDE HDD

I want to buy 160gb IDE HDD, how can i be sure the BOIS and mother board will accept the drive?

Any help appreciated

(BTW, we went to Dell website and they require a product service number, which has fallen of the bottom of our pc so we can't even ask Dell the question in the support section)


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I have a Compaq Presario SR1220NX desktop w/ XP SP3. Using the keyboard I can access the BIOS (F1) but it stops working when I get to the desktop. I have tried P/S 2, USB, wireless keyboards (they all have worked on other computers) and they do not work once I get to the desktop. When I press any key on these keyboards they make a dull sound.

I have the latest version of the BIOS. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Keyboard not working on the desktop but I can access the BIOS
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I JUST bought a second hand sony vaio pcg-grs The former owner told me the touch pad fails sometimes but it worked for me and I bought it OOOPS Now the touchpad has totally failed days and the keyboard has failed Sometimes it won t reboot and I have to take out the battery or let the battery die I don t know if this is fixable by buying a new keyboard fixing it with software or what I can get online at least I WILL be able to in an hour with an external keyboard I am SO frustrated I could cry The windows install is new and failure touchpad Laptop and Vaio keypad Sony it passed genuine advantage xp home Also I tried to change resolution and the desktop got about larger than the screen area I had to Sony Vaio Laptop keypad and touchpad failure drop the res to fix it I m sad over that one too Can this computer become a blessing to me instead of a curse I hope so Please let me know if you have any ideas Suzi Mimi three nbsp

A:Sony Vaio Laptop keypad and touchpad failure

Hello, Mimi2three, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a moment to read the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

Message for all newcomers

SNGX1275's Guide to making a good post/thread

The Techspot FAQ

If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum
Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, it sounds like a hardware problem, but you could try going to the Sony website and downloading the latest drivers that they have for the touchpad and keyboard, this may solve the problem.

Sony's aren't always very reliable so if installing the drivers doesn't work, it sounds like it's faulty I'm afraid You could use an external mouse and keyboard, but that kind of defeats the object of having a laptop, really.
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The numeric option on my Toshiba A21m laptop is somewhat turned on. How do I bring it back to the normal keys?What happens is when I try to type J or K or L, the numbers 1 or 2 or 3 comes up. How can I change it back to the alpha keys? Thanks

A:How do I turn off numeric keypad option on my Toshiba laptop?

Look for a key labelled Num Lock or something similar (perhaps an arrow with a number inside). You may have to use shift or the fn key to toggle it.
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I need to tighten this gap which I seem to have under neath my keypad just on the left and right of the touchpad. WHen I press down and apply some pressure, the plastic squeaks a bit. I know if I can slide a sheet or two of thin paper under it, it will tighten it up and close the gap.

A:Is it easy to take the keypad and front face (when open) off laptop

Every laptop is different, so it's pretty hard to tell without actually seeing it. I've had a number of laptops apart for repairs, but they're all different...
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Dell bios screen stops loading @ about 80%. When I restart and try and use ANY of the "F" keys or Ctrl Alt Delete or my OS disk or Diagnostic/utilities DVD's that came with my laptop... nothing happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Dell will soon be releasing updated desktop docking stations that are compatible with Type C and Thunderbolt systems.   These docks may require that you update your system's BIOS and install docking station drivers before they will function properly.   Older BIOS versions or lack of docking station drivers could result in the dock not being recognized by your system or not working as expected.   Once released, these docking station drivers and updated BIOS versions will be available on for supported laptop systems.

A:Soon to be released new Dell Docks may require BIOS and driver updates on your laptop before use!

what's the real release date for the TB15? It was announced to be released on January, 28th. But I've read in a few places, that it maybe would not be released until end of March... What's the truth?
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Hi all
i have a dell inspiron 1564 which i purchased about six months ago.Recently i installed ubuntu 10.10 along with my existing windows 7.But from yesterday i hear unusual beep sound at bios screen when i tried to shut down ubuntu and tried to log in to windows.I even tried uninstalling ubuntu and doing system restore but the noise still remains the same when i restart the system.Moreover what i notice is that the noise is not coming from the system.Could it be something related with virus or hardware?

A:Dell laptop making unusual beep sound at bios screen

any pattern to the noise
.Moreover what i notice is that the noise is not coming from the systemClick to expand...

what exactly do you mean by this
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Hi Let me explain what has happened I have an ASUS X C laptop which has been working perfectly up to a couple of weeks ago Now when the laptop is switched on no POST or BIOS is available and Windows will not boot All attempts at booting from BIOS black no access Laptop with screen to has a USB or CD DVD recovery image have failed because I cannot access the boot menu to change the boot order I have Laptop has black screen with no access to BIOS tried lots of tricks but still no hope The only hope I get is that when I take the HDD out I can load the BIOS but when I plug the HDD again nothing happens I need urgent help as on the HDD I have my computer science project and without it by the rd of August I ve failed my Laptop has black screen with no access to BIOS first year at university Please throw at me all hints tips fixes even if they re temporary that you guys have Would it be possible to GHOST the HDD and replace the HDD would that work Many thanks Adam nbsp

A:Laptop has black screen with no access to BIOS

Hi AdamE071,
As the data is important, I would suggest testing your HDD in a different PC and seeing if it is recognized in BIOS, device manager and disk management. If you can see the drive in BIOS but you cannot access the data on it you can give Linux Live CD/USB a chance – it is a safe way to recover your data as it will either see it and provide access to it or you won't be able to do so. In the later case, the most fool-proof way to recover the information would be to contact a data recovery company. Other than that you could try data recovery software, however, keep in mind that there are no guarantees for successful recovery and that such programs can actually damage the driver further.
As for the system itself I would recommend making sure that all the components and cables are firmly in place and that the motherboard is not short circuiting with the case of the laptop. Afterwards, see if there are any swollen captivators on the motherboard and reset your CMOS (motherboard) battery. If nothing helps the only other option I see would be to contact an expert.
P.S. Keep in mind that some of the actions mentioned above could void the warranty of your system.
Hope it helps and keep me posted,
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Hello all, first time poster although i often come to the boards to find solutions. You'll have to bare with me as I'm not that computer savvy (even though i think i am). Basically I have a Fujistu Esprimo Mobile v5505. I got fed up of Vista and thought i would install my old XP pro. I partitioned my drive and installed XP, i then formatted the drive that Vista was on. I came back and when i turned on my computer i got the NTLDR is missing error, now i would be able to deal with this but I cant even enter the bios to change boot options (which were set to flash, cd, HD). Before I fiddled with my laptop I had the options on the Fujitsu load up screen to enter BIOS/change boot options etc not anymore. I hope someone can shed some light on this matter.



A:Laptop wont boot + Cant access bios after changes

remove the bios battery if you can get to it.
on my laptop it is located when i take off the hard drive cover on the bottom.
If yours is not check the other covers by unscrewing them.
The battery is a small circular battery like a watch battery.
Leave the bios battery, and notebook battery out, for about 5 minutes, and dont forget to remove the charger plug too.
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I got a toshiba satillite pro l630 laptop,with windows XP.I want to dual boot windows 7 but i cannot access bios or boot sequence menu.also the startup after i press power button,does not show "toshiba leading innovation"(after a few weeks i bought the laptop this happens but i ignored it till today) and the XP start screen immediately appears(no matter what button like delete i press non stop during startup,also no use as the startup immediately loads windows )I cannot install from XP because of some partition problems.Please help!
Relevancy 53.75%


My Laptop is Samsung Q460.

I am running Windows 7 in it. I previously a few months ago upgraded to windows when which i believe i have lost access to BIOS. I tried turing off the fast boot and other options to no avail.

I have since then reverted to Windows 7. I cant access BIOS on this as well.

To let you know, this laptop built in keyboard is broken, so im using an external keyboard via USB.

The system just boots to windows 7 even if i press f2, f8 etc.

I dont know the what the problem is, but my Windows is running fine.

I am trying to access BIOS to fresh install windows 7.

Seems i cant, any help would be appreciated.

A:Samsung Q460 Laptop, Cant access BIOS but win 7 runs

Hi hunt1er, welcome to the Forum.

Have you tried hitting the Delete key repeatedly, immediately after starting the laptop.
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Hi I have a HP Laptop it?s but with newish software running vista. Its all been working fine form about a year or so. The other day some of the keys stopped working, I have not dropped it or spilled anything on it. I turned it and when I tried to go back in to it, it came up with the black BIOS screen. However as the keys were not working it would not let me select anything (i.e safe mode) it times down to open in the already highlighted section which was rum window as normal (or something like that) it then gave a blue screen and said it was doing a crash dump. After this it went back to the black BIOS screen and repeated the whole thing. Its stuck in some sort of loop. I don?t have any disks to reinstall what can I do???

A:Laptop keys stopped working and now I can use BIOS

I'm going to have your thread moved to a more appropriate hardware forum. Consider the possibility tat the keyboard may be defective and you may have to replace it. That is no problem- I just replaced mine.

Stay subscribed so you'll know when you get reply.
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My Dell Laptop is unable to access internet through my Netgear wireless router. Other equipment (Lenovo laptop, ipad, iphone, PS3) accessing internet fine through same router.

I ran the onboard Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility. Hardware diagonistics all pass. Connection diagnostics reports:

Radio Passed
Association Passed
Authentication Passed
Local IP Address Passed
Gateway IP Ping Failed
Internet IP Ping Skipped
DNS IP PIng Skipped
Internet Website Domain name Ping Skipped

Here's the system info:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4092 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461899 MB, Free - 118039 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0CJG36
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

Any thoughts on how to fix?

A:Dell Laptop unable to access internet

Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and EnabledClick to expand...

there has been a recent mcafee update that has caused this issue
read here
use the removal tools to take mcafee off

if you decide not to put Mcafee back on the PC or not to subscribe to the service
i'm not an expert here - but if you look through the security forum, you will see a lot of recommendations for windows 7

The windows 7 firewall is considered adequate and especially if you are connected behind a router.
Have a read in our "general security" forum and look for the advice from our security gurus, they are identified with a gold shield next to their name

Several excellent free antivirus programs are available (But you should only ever have 1 on the PC at a time otherwise this can cause issues ).

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) {Note: does not work with windows XP}



EST Nod 32 also gets a lot of very good reviews although it is not free

these Two programs are also recommended to be on the PC and can be on with any of the above antivirus programs.

Relevancy 53.32%

It's an Inspiron 6000, running XP. I plan to use it for a specific purpose, and I just need to be online long enough to download a program, then I don't need to be online any longer to use the program. Thank you for your help.

PS: As to my pc knowledge I'm around a 3.5 out of 10.

Boyd Bilbo

A:Can't access wireless network with Dell laptop.

can you connect with a cable directly to the router ?
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I recently got a new adapter for my dell inspiron1420 laptop as the older one had stopped working. My friend is having troubles with his adapter (it's not charging) so I let him use mine.
After he gave it back, it seems that my adapter is no longer working. Nothing pops up, but when I press the battery icon it says "0% plugged in, not charging".

Is there something that will make an adapter break through a computer? The fact that my friend's adapter is broken and then my adapter broke after he used it, points to his computer being the one to blame. Maybe a virus? Can I fix this?

A:Adapter not working - Dell Laptop

Your friends laptop probably has a shorted motherboard charging circuit that took out his AC adapter and your AC adapter... His laptop can be repaired, but the AC adapters will have to be replaced. Were these adapters Dell, or were they cheaper substitutes?
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I have a Dell Latitude D800 laptop.

I'm having a problem with the monitor.
The display is barely visible. I have to use an external monitor.

When I start the laptop, the monitor works for just 1 second and then it just suddenly becomes very very dim. Its so dim that I can barely see anything. I have to really strain myself under a light to see.
The display is there, but very dim. Its like the stand by mode in cell phones.
I thought it was a virus, so I formatted the hard disk and re installed windows. But it still didn't work.

Now I think I might be missing some driver update. So I went to the Dell website to check for drivers, but it didn't show any display drivers.

Any ideas?

A:Dell laptop monitor not working

Thank you so much.

I did a Dell Diagnostics Test and it revealed that the inverter is not working properly.
But what if there is a problem with the back light too?

There was no test to find that out.

Also if I buy the inverter and the back light, how do I replace the back light?
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I have a Dell Insprion 2200 laptop. Suddenly, one day, my mouse stopped working- I replaced the mouse, and it still doesn't work. I have tried all 3 USB ports, and it doesn't work in any of them. Other than this, it has been working great.

How can I rectify this problem.

A:USB Ports not working on my Dell laptop

Hi parasols, and welcome to TSG.

Your subject line may be a bit mis-leading. Are you sure the problem is with the USB ports and not with the mouse or the software drivers for the mouse?

Have you tried using the USB ports with another USB device like a thumb drive?

Are there any errors reported for the USB hardwarte in the Windows hardware device manager?
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Dell Inspiron 14z
Windows 7 home, premium 64-bit

Since I bought this laptop my mic was not working. I've checked drivers, Recording devices in control panel. My microphone is listed in recording devices even i uncheck the 'show disabled items'. Tried sound recorder. cannot hear anything. please give me a solution.


A:Inbuilt dell laptop mic not working

As it has never worked, there could be some hardware problem. It should have been taken up with Dell at the beginning. Only Dell can get it corrected under warranty. If its still in warranty, contact Dell support.
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Hi In My House we have internet connetion,My friends (having same dell,XPsp2) they connect directly to the internet.when i connect it is not able to connect

i have done work around
1) ipconfig /renew
2)netsh winsock reset catalog
3)netsh int ip reset reset.log and restrated the laptop

But no hopefull result..Please anybody can help me to sort my issue

Note:-Some times wireless network works with weak signal

If any body can help me to sort out ,i am so thankful.

I Have seen same problem with another person and Jedi_Master is given some possible solution.

please help me to sort this issue

Thanks & regards
Sivaram Nv

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I had a registry error so I did this:;en-us;307545

and it fixed it. However, now my touchpad won't work. All it did was beep like crazy if I tried to use it then I restarted my laptop hoping it would fix it but now it just wont work and I dont hear any beeps...

any ideas?

A:Touchpad not working on dell laptop )-:

Have you checked Device Manager to see if the driver is missing?
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My boyfriend and I bought a Dell Latitude Cpx laptop a few days ago. When we first started using it, the blower fan worked fine. But after loading a few Windows updates and games, the blower fan isn't turning on and we are afraid it will overheat. Does anyone have any ideas why the fan isn't working, and how to fix it? We really like the laptop, and would rather not have to return it. It is used, so we unfortunately do not have a Dell warranty. Thanks.

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Hi my dell latitude d620 keyboard will not work properly. it is fine on the log in page but once i get to the desktop it stops working and all i get is a beeping sound as I press keys. have tried, rebooting twice, also removing battery, trying the fn keys, uninstalling/reinstalling keyboard drive, used external keyboard all to no avail, please please please help!
Relevancy 53.32%

My Dell laptop monitor turned on when I lifted it up then turned off (to black - as if it was not on). Now it won't come back on. An external monitor works and my computer seems to be running as normal other than the monitor not working. Of course my warranty ran out 6/09 the computer is only 18 months old. My husband just deployed to Afghanistan and I need my computer to be able to communicate with him, so time is very precious to me. Thanks for any help or ideas!

Dell XPS 1530 - Vista - NVidia GeForce 8400
If you need any spec details let me know.

Also I ran a test and an error code came up it said -

Error Code 0321
Msg: Error Code 2000-0321
Msg: LCD EDID - unable to access EDID EEPROM
Relevancy 53.32%

My Dell laptop monitor turned on when I lifted it up then turned off (to black - as if it was not on). Now it won't come back on. An external monitor works and my computer seems to be running as normal other than the monitor not working. Thanks for any help or ideas!
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Hey I got an asus g vw laptop I purchased an SSD a few days cannot laptop screen, up, HD BIOS black Asus access starts ago my laptop now uses both the SSD and HDD today it started up fine i however got a message from Asus laptop starts up, black screen, cannot access BIOS HD smartscreen windows saying my drive needed to be checked or something well it checked the drives after that i got a blue screen which said select your keyboard language i selected VN international upon which it didn't respond i just pressed the power button off to shut it off that way since i had to leave quickly after i came back a few hours later that's when it didn't work anymore This happens when i click the power button These lights come on power the lock button and the HDD light however this one turns off after seconds My screen is black for the entire duration no logo no nothing i can't go into BIOS either What i've tried - Removing the HDD and SSD multiple times starting up with only the HDD only the SSD with both etc - Turning all the power off removed the battery and charger pressing it down for seconds and restarting with only the charger back plugged in i did this for times - I tried removing the battery for an hour or so and nothing - I removed everything battery ssd hdd and let it stay for an hour also nothing - I tried using an external monitor but you can already guess nothing If anyone got any tips on how to fix this that'll be awesome

A:Asus laptop starts up, black screen, cannot access BIOS HD

Did you try F2 or F12 on booting?
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Hello all, this is my first post here so apologies if it is in the wrong category.

I have been trying to repair a laptop for my friend that cannot boot up to windows. It is constantly going to Startup repair and whenever I try repairing windows with USB it always fails.

Now I am trying to access the bios to change the boot device to the USB drive so I can do a fresh install of windows.
Here's my issue, the laptop will always go into the startup repair mode without giving me the option to enter the bios.

Will removing the cmos battery resolve this? ( I want to avid this option as it means opening the laptop, since it is not my laptop. I may find it difficult even locating the cmos battery)

Any other ideas how I can access the bios?

- Edit -

The laptop is running windows 8.1 x64
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Hey I got an asus g vw laptop I purchased an SSD a few days ago my laptop now uses both the SSD and HDD today it started up fine i however got a message from smartscreen windows saying my drive needed to be checked access BIOS screen, cannot HDD Asus black up, starts laptop or something well it checked the drives after that i got a blue screen which said select your Asus laptop starts up, black screen, cannot access BIOS HDD keyboard language i selected VN international upon which it didn t respond i just pressed the power button off to shut it off that way since i had to leave quickly Asus laptop starts up, black screen, cannot access BIOS HDD after i came back a few hours later that s when it didn t work anymore This happens when i click the power button These lights come on power the lock button and the HDD light however this one turns off after seconds My screen is black for the entire duration no logo no nothing i can t go into BIOS either What i ve tried - Removing the HDD and SSD multiple times starting up with only the HDD only the SSD with both etc - Turning all the power off removed the battery and charger pressing it down for seconds and restarting with only the charger back plugged in i did this for times - I tried removing the battery for an hour or so and nothing - I removed everything battery ssd hdd and let it stay for an hour also nothing - I tried using an external monitor but you can already guess nothing If anyone got any tips on how to fix this that ll be awesome nbsp
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I have HP G60-530US.I read all the posts that talked about updating the BIOS and then doing a hard reset by taking the power cable out and talking out the battery out and then either hitting the power button for 1 minute or just leave the computer for several minutes. Many people seems to have solved their problems.  Not me.I updated the BIOS and also did the hard reset like 10 times.  What other options are there?I have Windows 7-64bit.  This problem occured after I did the 4/11/13 or 4/12/13 windows updates.The power button, wifi button and the mouse on/off buttons are the only ones that seems to be working. 

View Solution.

A:Laptop Keyboard and Mouse Not Working (Updated the Bios and ...

Hi, Go back into Device Manager, right click the device and select Uninstall - when this has completed, restart the notebook. Any change? Regards, DP-K
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Hello The usb ports all on my Dell D laptop have all stopped working They appear to get power at least for instance a usb laptop cooling pad will work fine when plugged in However any other usb device is not recognized and USB laptop working stopped ports Dell - I have tried a few different items to confirm such as thumb drives printer memory card reader I ve tried many of the usual online suggestions to tackle this problem with no success then gave up for awhile Such things I tried were removing battery and power source letting it sit rebooting again checked on BIOS settings uninstalled reinstalled usb drivers USB ports stopped working - Dell laptop and chipset drivers Also purchased a PCI card to work around the problem but it wouldn t recognize that either I tried another online forum a few weeks ago but that got me pretty much half of the replies telling me it was a dying motherboard problem and the other half saying no it wasn t and it was a driver problem Obviously the problem wasn t resolved just compounded since I still don t know in which direction to go here I m using Windows XP on a Dell D laptop Service Pack I hope this is enough info thus far I d like to attach a screenshot of my device manager as it stands now rather than trying to explain it in verbage Maybe that will help Please let me know if there is a problem viewing the screenshot Thanks nbsp

A:USB ports stopped working - Dell laptop

Try this fix from MS.
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Hello, i have a Dell precision m90 laptop and the wifi stops working periodically (maybe once every 24 hrs or so). I must then go to the control panel and disable then re-enable the wifi for it to work again. I have tried installing a newer driver but that did not solve the problem.I would appreciate any input. Thanks.

A:Dell laptop WiFi stops working every so often

It "may" be a power saving function? Seem to recall a similar post recently - same symptoms/problem and it was in power save settings.
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I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop. The key board is having problems. It won't type some of the keys. Some of the keys type other things, ie g keys types g5t and h key does h6y. Then they won't type anything. The y key won't type at all. The problem is the same in normal and safe mode. I have run various virus programs in both normal and safe mode. A usb keyboard works perfect. I uninstalled the keyboard in the device manager and restarted, same. I even tried removing the battery for a few minutes. When replaced and turn back on same problems, some keys work and others don't.. help

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My Dell laptop was working just fine a couple of days ago and was due for maintenance check since it s been over a year since I bought the laptop and just wanted to check if there are any problems or if working Dell Laptop suddenly stopped it needs cleaning of some sort Sent it to the shop as to where I bought it Since they were quite busy and unable to get to check into my laptop I decided to get m laptop back after days being left in the shop This is not Dell Laptop suddenly stopped working my first dell laptop and I figured this would last as long as my st laptop with dell which lasted for about - yrs The only reason we stopped using my prev laptop was because someone stole Dell Laptop suddenly stopped working it When I got home my laptop would not turn on anymore I would not blame the shop since I have been with them for all these years And the technician I go to has been the same guy ever since When I had him check my laptop and done some troubleshooting he adviced me that he would need to send my laptop to manila for checking After a couple of weeks he told me that they cannot fix my laptop due to a chipset was damaged Is there anyway that the laptop would again by replacing it or is it too costly to have it fixed This laptop is less than yrs old My first laptop which lasted longer had many complications like it got wet the battery died and fell off a table x but still worked just fine My nd laptop looks good as new and had no damages at all I have not done anything wrong with it The damages on the st laptop was due to my younger siblings but even after all of the damage it worked out fine I don t seem to understand after carefully caring for my laptop it would just suddenly die on me Is there anything else I can do for my laptop to get up and running again

A:Dell Laptop suddenly stopped working

Hi CHOA18,
I would need more info about the issue.
What is the exact system model? When you state the system does not turn on, do you see any leds come on when the power button is pressed? Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible? Does the adapter led stay on and stable or does it go off when connected to the system?
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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i tried re-starting and that didn't help.
no response from ANY keys
its an older laptop, probably about 1998

and other suggestions on remedies to try????

A:Keyboard stopped working on DELL laptop

Hi, I think the onboard keypad can be disabled> if you use the Dell support online, that might tell sogn in, you have to make an account if you do not have one, .you type in the Service Tag ID (it is usually underneath the laptop, or on a sticker somewhere) and it will tell you basic info about the system. What you want to read in the user guide, for anything about the keypad/keyboard....there is usually a way to disable this to use a separate, full sized regular keyboard. The setting would probably be in the BIOS....check to make sure exactly what to look for and how to reenable your laptop keyboard.
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I am not getting any sound from my speakers on the laptop. I can plug in earbuds and I can hear sound. It does say that my AMD HDMI is not plugged in. Do you have any suggestions?

A:speakers are not working on my dell inspirion laptop

@amh3630? To better help you we would need the exact model number of your laptop/desktop??? REO
Relevancy 52.46%

i just purchased a brand new battery for my laptop and it still will not charge or play off it and it needs to be plugged in.

any suggestions are grealy appreciated

Relevancy 52.46%

Trying to help a friend.  I am partially blind and just too much stuff on here to try and sift through!  Her Dell laptop says it is connected, but the browsers either don't do anything or Internet Explorer says something about no page.  She has done the troubleshooting and it says nothing found.  She was on vacation and it was working at first at her Aunt's and then it wouldn't work.  Any suggestions?  And neither one of us is very technical so please type slowly and in English. 

A:Dell laptop says it is connected, but browsers not working

Let's try the following.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 
Relevancy 52.03%

My home computer will connect fine to the internet, as will my iPhone and my family's androids. And just yesterday, my laptop was working fine when I wanted to use the internet. Last night, I was on YouTube, when my internet just started failing. So I opened Steam, then Skype. Neither worked. So I just shut it off for the night hoping it'd fix itself. It hasn't. I tried one suggestion of changing my router time, that didn't help. I also tried simply restarting my router. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

A:My Dell Inspiron Laptop Will Connect to Wifi, but Won't Access the Internet

I see you said its dell laptop? Whats the 7-character service tag? ALso DL this tool and run it and then copy and paste the data into ur next post on here.
Oh and welcome to TSG!!
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I have been previously able to connect to our wireless Netgear router without any difficulty However now the only way I can get internet access is by hooking up with a cable directly to the Netgear router My son-in-law was able to get my laptop to connect to his wireless Netgear router when I visited him recently During his investigating of my problem he found out that I had mistakenly checked a box that would allow me to pick up other alternate wireless networks in my area When he unchecked the box it still remains unchecked the problem was cleared up and I could access his wireless signal with no problem Now at my wireless unable Windows Dell network. Laptop to access currently XP home when I try to view quot Wireless Networks Available quot --I get the message that I am quot Connected quot Dell Laptop Windows XP currently unable to access wireless network. --yet at the same time the message states that I am NOT connected I had this same message before when I had a box checked for connecting to other alternate wireless networks in my area Can you please help Thanks proverbialwoman nbsp

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Help my Laptop Studio 1555 seems to have a virus although McAfee is currently enabled and has not detected it. I can not access the internet or certain programmes. All the advice sites so far tell me to download programmes but as I can't get on the internet this is impossible. I also get constant popups from it claiming to be an antivirus and it clearly isn't because it is asking for payments. I don't think it is legitimate.
Is there any way of rebooting my laptop or equivalent in order to remove it. I am a beginner go easy and please explain simply.
Thank you I would be grateful for any advice somebody out there may have.
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My Dell laptop recently stopped connecting to the wireless router at my house. Every other device in the house that uses the internet connects perfectly, however my laptop says that is connected, but above that it says "Unidentified Network - No Internet access". I haven't installed anything new on it except the latest version of Java. It is a Windows 7 laptop and this problem has never happened before. How can I fix it so I can use the internet again?

A:My Dell laptop will not give me access to the internet via my wireless router

Hi Algeroch,

Click on the links below to troubleshoot and resolve Wired and Wireless Networking Issues on your Dell computer.

Wireless Networking for the Home:
Wired Internet Connection for the Home:

Please reply if you have further queries. We would be happy to help.

Thanks and regards,
Babita G

For easy access to drivers, manuals and product updates, please visit our Support Site .
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Hi i have a Dell inspiron 9400, for some time now my sound has not worked from my speakers on the laptop, but when i plug in headphones i can hear through them so i dont think it is the soundcard. I noticed when I put the headphone jack into the microphone slot and pushed up towards the screen the sound would come out of the speakers. I opened up the laptop to see if there were any visible signs of a loose conection but could not see one. Do you have any suggestions or ideas on this? I tried cleaning the area and checked all visible connections. kind regards, Danny Causer
Dell Inspiron 9400
Windows Vista SP 1 build 6001
Intel Core 2 T7200 @ 2.00 GHZ
ATI Radeon Mobility X1400 128mb
Microsoft High definition audio device

A:Dell Inspiron 9400 Laptop speakers not working

Any thoughts yet guys, is there anywhere you could suggest i could get help from?
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my dell d600 wont charge batteries

I have purchased a new power supply, new battery

nothing worked so I took it to get it repaired and I was told that there is a problem with some connector in the montherboard I guess thats what detects the battery..
and in the bios it reports the battery as unknow as does windows
does anybody know if this is DIY job? instead of spending money on getting it repaired?

also is there a way to recharge a battery without have it inserted in the laptop?


A:Dell D600 laptop problem - Battery not working

I wouldn't waste any more money on a laptop that old. It's unfortunate that you spent money on a new battery and power adapter.

There's no point in charging the battery externally, which would require yet another purchase if such a device exists for that model battery. The odds are the problem is with the laptop itself.
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Can someone please help me?  I replaced a harddrive and reinstalled windows 7 and BIOs A04 on a Laptop Vostro 1550.  The wireless is not working....can someone tell me what else I need to do ?
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My son just gave me his laptop and I want to reset it to factory settings because he has a ton of bad files on it and it does not work well I have tried hitting F when it boots I can get into the Advanced Boot Options Menu and I can select Repair Your Computer After I select this it says Windows Repair System Laptop Not Working on Windows 7 Dell is loading Files and then it either gives me the option to do a system repair or start windows normally When I select system System Repair Not Working on Dell Windows 7 Laptop repair it just starts windows anyway I just rebooted now and it didn't even give me the option to repair my system and instead only gave me the options of entering safe mode or starting windows normally So Repair Your System Repair Not Working on Dell Windows 7 Laptop Computer is not working I have gone into bcdedit several times and tried to make changes according to recommendations that were made on these forums but they have not helped I also did the agentc disable and enable thing and that didn't work either No matter what I do it just won't reset the computer My husband swears he made backup bootable CDs when my son got the computer but as luck would have it they are nowhere to be found I looked at the hidden files and I do have a c Recovery directory Please help

A:System Repair Not Working on Dell Windows 7 Laptop

Press F8 click on Repair Your Computer . Do you see Factory restore ?

What is the model of the Dell laptop ?
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I have a DELL Inspiron 1501 about 5 years old and CD/DVD player opens and closes but doesn't work when I put a CD or DVD in it. Just spins and trys to read the CD or DVD but doesn't do anything? Does anyone know what the problem could be or what type of troubleshooting I can perform on it?

thank you. I'm new to this site.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop with Windows Vista Basic.  Today after plugging in a headphone set both the speaker and the headphone sound stopped working.  I have not changed any audio settings but checked them anyway and nothing was turned off or muted that I could see.  I have tried downloading and re-installing the audio drivers from the Dell support site but when I go to install them I get an error message saying that 'This is not the correct audio driver for this system. The installer will now exit.'
Any suggestions to get the sound working again? 

A:Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop sound not working

Try using System Restore. Try running the Dell Diagnostics audio tests to rule out hardware failure. See the "No Audio" FAQ for details.