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Free upgrade to W10 and go back to W7: do I keep the free upgrade?

Q: Free upgrade to W10 and go back to W7: do I keep the free upgrade?

I don't want to update to W10 yet and I have read that I cannot keep my current W7 installation along with a free upgraded a W10 from the same W7 key.
So, if I do the free upgrade from W7 to W10 and then go back to W7, will I keep the free upgrade on this PC if I install W10 after the summer 2016 deadline? Or going back to W7 will disable the free upgrade to W10?

Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Free upgrade to W10 and go back to W7: do I keep the free upgrade?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Free upgrade to W10 and go back to W7: do I keep the free upgrade?

Technically, your license has been converted to Windows 10 license and thus you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free past the deadline.
I saw many questions regarding this on Microsoft Answers too but this remains a mystery as of now.
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Hi Guys,  I have a HP Envy M6 Sleekbook. It came with Windows 7, and its warranty expired 2 years ago. I took the offer to get a free Windows 10 upgrade a few months ago. Now I want to swap the hard drive out. I have a system recovery ready to go on a USB stick, but its for the Windows 7 factory setup....   My question: Is there a way I can swap drives and get Windows 10 back without paying? HPO only lets you create a USB system recovery drive once, so I cant seem to make a new recovery drive with windows 10. When i get the factory Windows 7 up and running on the new hard drive, will I be able to upgrade to Windows 10 again since I already had it and just wanted to swap drives?  Thanks!!  

View Solution.

A:Can I get my free Windows 10 upgrade back after a system rec...

This link should get you started: Windows 10 Upgrade   You can either install Windows 7 with your recovery disks and then upgrade to Windows 10 or you can create Windows 10 installation media [USB/DVD/ISO] and use it to do a 'clean' install onto the new hard drive. Notes about activation: If you?ve never installed and activated Windows 10 on this computer before, you?ll see the activation screen. Enter your Windows 10 key here. If you don?t have one, but you have a valid 7, 8, or 8.1 key, enter it here instead.If you?ve ever installed and activated Windows 10 on this computer before, click ?I don?t have a product key?. Windows will automatically activate once it?s installed.  If you found my answer helpful please say thanks by clicking on the Thumb's Up icon.          If my answer solved your problem please mark it as the Accepted Solution. Thanks!
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Title basically says it all I used to be using Windows and I upgraded for free After using windows for a week i got a blue screen that said quot bad system config info quot and restarting does not fix it It is stuck on the blue screen after restarting So i was thinking I could use the option on the blue screen that it gives me to downgrade to previous version but I would still like to use windows So if I downgrade could I then upgrade again for free I am still within my days to downgrade Any help would be greatly appreciated If you have any other solution downgrade then windows for you and upgrade again? to free upgrade back 10, Can 8.1, windows to to this blue screen that would allow me to stay on windows and keep all of my files and apps that would be even better Thank you The initial error that came Can you upgrade for free to windows 10, downgrade back to windows 8.1, and then upgrade again? up while I was using my PC like normal Options quot Continue quot and quot turn off PC quot just take me back to this Options Under quot troubleshoot quot option that was shown above I ve tried a system restore but Can you upgrade for free to windows 10, downgrade back to windows 8.1, and then upgrade again? it does not work I have no quot system image recovery quot so doesn t work Start up repair doesn t work So quot go back to previous build quot is my last resort which is the reason for my question in the first place I would like to downgrade then upgrade back to windows but not sure if i can nbsp

A:Can you upgrade for free to windows 10, downgrade back to windows 8.1, and then upgrade again?

Yes, I believe you can. Windows 10 is free for at least the first year from release.
You can still get the Windows 10 ISO downloade and be able to upgrade using that instead of the downloaded installation files too.
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once the update started it rained go maybe 15 seconds and just shut my computer off entertainment a bloatware screen say that the software ran in to an error and it would restart itself. I let the computer along for over an hour and finally restarted the system muse us in the power button.  once I went to restart the system I only got a blackberry screen my computer is out of warranty and your dell bios update killed my motherboard I called dell they told me in not so many words my motherboard was Fried and they would not replace it.  If I gave some on software I wrote and they installed it and it had no warning it would fry the I computer thatbwould be data to someone's personal property... DELL is this how you value your customers?
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once the update started it rained go maybe 15 seconds and just shut my computer off entertainment a bloatware screen say that the software ran in to an error and it would restart itself. I let the computer along for over an hour and finally restarted the system muse us in the power button.  once I went to restart the system I only got a blackberry screen my computer is out of warranty and your dell bios update killed my motherboard I called dell they told me in not so many words my motherboard was Fried and they would not replace it.  If I gave some on software I wrote and they installed it and it had no warning it would fry the I computer thatbwould be data to someone's personal property... DELL is this how you value your customers?

A:got the windows 10 free upgrade and used the dell diagnostics tool to upgrade driver and bios everything worked fine until the update of the bios!!!!

I called dell they told me in not so many words my motherboard was Fried and they would not replace it.

Dell just saying it's a "possibility" the motherboard might need to be replace. No one can tell you that motherboard is definite "Fried" without first looking at the system.
What is the system model number and version of windows before upgrading to windows 10? Example: Dell Inspiron 3543, windows 10
You're able to boot into BIOS(F2 key) and diagnostic (F12 key) ?
1. Power off computer
2. Power on computer, quickly start tapping F2 key ( BIOS) or F12 key( BIOS) continuously
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"If you haven't upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 by July 29, expect to pay more than $100 to do so later."

A:Free Upgrade to end soon

Thanks for the heads up TD but as a Linux Mint user now don't think I will be going back to Windows any time soon
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I am running Vista and would like to upgrade. Is there any free upgrade to Windows 7 or beyond, and where can I find it?
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Here is my friend’s scenario; he has Windows 7 HP SP1 OEM on his Fujitsu laptop, the Windows Update kb3035583 would not install as the kb2952664 had not installed either. He joined the Windows 10 Home Insider Program and has had updates up to Build 10162 and no further updates to 10166 or to 10240! The build 10162 is activated and expiry date is 2nd October 2015.
He does have a backup of Windows 7 prior to joining the Insider Program.
Question 1. Will he receive the notification to upgrade for free to Windows 10?
Question 2. Can he upgrade to Windows 10 final version using MCT Upgrade option?
Question 3. What would happen when the 10162 build expires, would it roll back to Windows 7?
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I finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade to Win 10 by clicking the icon in the tray by the clock. After clicking it a window appears telling me to wait. I have for over 24 hours and it does nothing. Tried several times but still the same thing. I gave up and downloaded the free ISO from Microsoft and burned it to a flash drive. The installation went fine. Everything works well EXCEPT it won't accept my product key from the sticker on the bottom of my laptop to activate. Never had a problem with the Win 7 activation using the key. Am I missing something? Thank you.

A:trying to do the free upgrade

Did you UPGRADE or do clean install? Is it the latest version?
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I want to dload and install the new free version of AVG Antivirus. Must I uninstall my old version first? What steps do I take to make sure everything goes smoothly?

Thanks in advance.

A:Free AVG Upgrade

There was some discussion on this last month and some folks had success both ways.
I downloaded the new version to a folder, went offline, uninstalled the old one, installed the latest and everything went smooth.
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"I'd like to see a free upgrade [to Windows 7] for Vista Ultimate users," said Michael Cherry, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft.

Microsoft Urged to Give Vista Ultimate Users Free Windows 7 Upgrades - PC World

What are the chances of that?

A:Free Upgrade to 7 ???

bugger all they did not do it with milleniem why would they feel obliged to do it with Vista its no where near as bad as milleniem was.
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I have a question about the free 8.1 Pro upgrade, if I upgrade, then my computer crashes a few months from now and I have to reinstall window 8 again. Will I then have to buy the upgrade? Just asking. Thanks

A:Free 8.1 Pro upgrade

No, but you would need to re-install Win 8 Pro, then do the upgrade from 8 to 8.1 again. That's why you should make system image backups so you can restore the machine back to the state it was in when you did the backup.
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Is there a way to upgrade from Vista 32 bit to 64 bit for free?

A:Upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit free?


Yes, there is a free way. If you received 2 DVD's with your purchase, just remove the OS from one machine and then put the 64 on the same or another machine.

If you do not have the 64 bit DVD a call to Micorosoft telling them that you have a key number, but want to switch to 64 bit, it is very possible that they may send you a DVD for cost.

You are only prohibited from using 32 bit and 64 bit, at the same time on two machines, if you only have one key number.
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I just found out that i am eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7 and that if i register Dell will send me a DVD of Windows 7 to upgrade my system for free.

Now my question is that i know i would back up my hard drive onto an EHDD but i am wondering if say i dont like win 7 or something goes wrong will i be able to boot of the EHDD and recover Vista to go back to what i had before.

If you know please help I really want to try windows 7.

A:Free upgrade to win 7

What version of VISTA do you have?

How do you plan on backing up your system?

Do you have your recovery DVD/CDs for your current VISTA installation?

You might want to consider a reliable piece of imaging software that is pretty cheap; it will take a snapshot of your whole hard drive as it is when you run it. If you install Windows 7 and don't like it, you boot to the boot CD you make with the software and put the HDD back to it's previous state.

I use this software daily and it's well worth the money!
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Noticed that when i did mu update on windows it installed s pac ???1
then at top of screen offered upgrade

has any one done this i am afraid that the software i have running might not like the upgrade & i dont want to be windows tester & get stuck with a bbunch of ---------


A:Free upgrade on 64 to do or not to do

Hello Poobear001, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You would want to install the Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1). Could you post a screenshot of this upgrade offer to help us understand what it may be better?

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Is there any way to upgrade XP (for free if possible), at least to Windows 7? My com. works perfectly, still got the power(6 years old) and I don't want to buy a new one just to get new version of windows, which is by the way not quite cheap.

A:Upgrade XP for free?

If you could mention your computer specifications then we could narrow it down to whether you Need the upgrade or Want it.
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Hi had a free upgrade from windiws7ultimate to windkws10 updated laptopbyt then got a blue screen with message saying cannit download error 0xc000000f and now i cannit operate my laptop as when i turn off and on the same error message pops up

A:free upgrade

If you think it is blue screening "BSOD" with error messages then Windows Crashes, BSOD, and Hangs Help and Support may be the better forum for this problem ?
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Win/10 already as a major update and it seems hardware compatibility is not as good as it should be.
Our system lost it's printer as it was not on the "approved list".
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How can I do the free 7 to after Win Win upgrade the do I my can 10 How free format HDD? I upgrade to Win after I format my HDD I have a new laptop running Win amp I love it How can I do the free upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 after I format my HDD? I have an older Acer laptop running a legal version of Win I've been getting notices to upgrade to Win I've had all kinds of issues with the Acer laptop over the years Many of this issue I've posted on this forum with great success Here is what I'd like to do -Once I get all important files off the Acer HDD I want to reformat it -I've had so many issues in the past I would just feel more comfortable starting fresh with formatted HDD -I want to put Win on the freshly formatted Acer HDD So is this possible Can I get Free Win from MS on a formatted or brand new HDD A friend said I should just clean the HDD without doing the formatting I understand that but I'm just concerned there could be errors viruses other problems deeply hidden in the HDD Can anyone provide suggestions on this situation Thanks

A:How can I do the free upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 after I format my HDD?

see if the info here is of any help
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Hi, I'm running on a old laptop with a Windows 7 Home edition.

Every time I logout of office 365 the MSN site, shows me something like upgrade to windows 10 free.

Do you really get windows 10 upgrade free or is there a catch?


PS. I attached the top bar image that comes out. It used to be a big thing in the middle of the page a few weeks back.

A:Is the Windows 10 upgrade free?

Hi yes it is a free upgrade
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I am trying to install AVG Free on Solved: AVG upgrade Cannot to Free 9 my dad s laptop Solved: Cannot upgrade to AVG Free 9 which runs Windows Vista but when I try to install it it tells me that AVG Free is still installed I only have the laptop for the rest of today it s now GMT and tomorrow so a quick solution would be greatly appreciated I Solved: Cannot upgrade to AVG Free 9 have tried to uninstall it using Add or Remove Programs but it gave me an error I don t know what it was I didn t write it down I then used CCleaner s program uninstall feature to remove it but AVG still thinks it s installed although it does not show in Add or Remove Programs any more I have also tried reinstalling AVG Free and uninstalling it again but that hasn t worked I have tried everything I can think of probably causing more problems in the process and I am now out of ideas What else can I try to remove AVG Free so I can install the latest version Thank you Giltrap nbsp

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Hi, I have been reading the free upgrade FAQ on here and stuff on other sites but still unsure about one point.
Once my PC has downloaded the files for doing the free upgrade do I have to perform the upgrade within the first year since Win 10 launch or can I do it at a later date.
I suppose I will have to do it sometime but from what I have seen on friends PC's I don't see any great improvements over Win 8.1 and there are a couple of things I really don't like, cortana for one.

A:Free upgrade question

You have to upgrade in first year. You can revert to old os and reinstall 10 at any time thereafter.

Good idea to make image backup of current install.
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heard it on the radio as I was driving to work. Free from win7 and up. the reason bein everyone hates their new desktop.

A:windows 10 will be a free upgrade in the US

buddy215 already made a thread with the article stating that, here:, it looks like it will be free for every Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users worldwide, not just in the United States
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I am sorry if this issue had been beat to death, I am somewhat thick headed, there have been numerous posts on this issue, and it has gotten very confusing , but I wanted to get an ISO of the Free windows 8.1 Pro upgrade, I think I should have downloaded the iso when I first upgraded, however I would still like to have the 8.1 iso on hand. I have a windows 8 Pro, OEM Key. Thanks

A:Free Windows 8.1 iso upgrade

Welcome to EightForums

If you have the Windows 8 upgrade, you have a Retail key, not a OEM key.

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

This will only work with a Retail key.
How to download the Windows 8.1 ISO
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I am running Windows 10 Build 10162, how can I get an upgrade to the full release version?
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My laptop, originally, came with windows 8.1. If i upgrade my Windows 8.1 to windows 10, now, but later i format my laptop, will I, still, be able to upgrade to windows 10, again, for free?

A:Windows 10 after free upgrade

Hi According to Microsoft the Free upgrade program is good for 1 year so it should be free, being tht said microsoft has not come up with a plan to stop free upgrades or charge for it as of now, so with the information we have now yes it should be free but it can change,
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hey guys if you have upgrade Norton free!!!! to 360 for 3.o norton according to Symatic employee's you are entitles to a free upgrade upgrade to Norton 360 3.o for free!!!! to Norton for free without loseing your norton subscribtion so for example i had days of norton v subsription left and i upgraded to v and i still had days of subsription left all you have to do is make sure you have your norton v product key you don't need it but just in case you download the trial version of Norton v and install it itll remove v upgrade to Norton 360 3.o for free!!!! and then it'll ask you to restart your computer when you do it'll start installing v and when its done if you open the norton v window it'll say how long you have of subscriptio left so if you had days left you'll have days of v left its amazing and its totally legal i checked with a symatic employee norton owners and they said its allowed and they recommened you do it so do it because i've noticed since doing so its been much faster and it finds virus's and spyware faster it also speeds up your PC better than v hope this tip helps you in destroying virus's -lewismc-
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in my updater for Microsoft there is a reserve note . upgrade to FreeWindows 10 reserve or run now.
is this just for one year and are there any fees involved down the road? here is my system info below.

A:Should I upgrade to Free Windows 10?

enjoy Win 10, for free, when it's ready.
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I am receiving daily message boxes about the free upgrade to Windows 10 for which my PCs qualify. Can I download the update to my PCs now but install after the deadline of the 29th July or does it have to be installed on your machine by that deadline.

A:Windows 10 Free Upgrade

As things stand, and however you choose to do the upgrade, i.e. upgrade the present setup, software and all or do a clean install, you have to get it activated by 29th. There isn't an option to delay installation beyond 29th but MS might yet relent on that of course.
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I noticed on pc health checkup it said if I purchased my hp vista between June 2009 to Jan 2010, that I was entitled to a free windows 7 upgrade. well I clicked on the link and it says option no longer available. I purchased mine on Oct. 4, 2009 why won't it connect me to the link??? Help anyone???

A:free windows 7 upgrade??

Hello Blondee,

Unfortunately Oct. 4, 2010 is after June 2009 to Jan 2010, and is why you did not qualify or is not available anymore.
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I've got a couple of problems one of which was a problem before the free upgrade to Win First problem When I try to get an energy report by using the admin command prompt I get a message saying quot An unexpected error condition has occurred Unable to perform operation You may not have permission to perform this operation quot Second problem was a problem before the upgrade I can't seem to get the password free log-on not free because of win problems upgrade 8.1 because or to work Before the upgrade I was logging on at restarts without a password but when I tried to switch back to logging in with a password it did not work Now with the Win upgrade I am logging in with a password but when I tried to switch to not logging in with a password it just gives a different password log in screen at restart It says something to the effect of quot incorrect password quot before any attempt has been made to put in a password It also shows two possible accounts mine and I presume a guest new user account to choose from My account is chosen by quot default quot and I just have to sign in I initiated these changes through the quot netplwiz problems because or not because of free win 8.1 upgrade quot run command box I have other settings like Sleep set at min and Hibernate at min and the Hybrid sleep is also turned on The turn off display after min seems to work I also have the quot Require a password at wake-up quot turned off The power plan is set at quot High Performance quot

A:problems because or not because of free win 8.1 upgrade

Hi, check out the settings in user accounts and try and see if you can change the password on wake settings there. Failing that, I am sure the guys at the windows help desk would be able to help you out!
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As the title states, I had a VM with Win-7 Pro Retail License. Upgraded the VM to free Win-10 Pro.

But am wondering what would happen when I'm planning to replace the current unit at the end of the year and move VM to the new host. (of course the VM would be deleted from the old unit which would be scrapped).

Tried to search but was not sure if there is a clear answer to this yet. How would Microsoft handle this scenario? Or does it need me to call MS to activate Win-10 license for new host?

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Widows 10  free upgrade from windows7 home premium has been a mess. how to go back to windows 7 home premium
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from missfilippa:
Just saw that the free version of Adaware has an update to 1.06. I am wondering if I should wait a bit before downloading and installing it... Thank you.. missfilippa

A:Free Adaware upgrade

I've downloaded the Ad-aware 1.06R1 and it seems to be running just fine for me.

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who and why is anyone going for the free Win10 upgrade ? I do online stuff and gaming.... I do not have a tablet.... at current our computer run Win 8.1. I signed up a while back for the free Win10 upgrade.... is there a thread for this discussion already?

A:who and why is anyone going for the free Win10 upgrade ?

Lots of Windows 10 news here ... Windows 10 News - Windows 10 Forums
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You ve got one day to upgrade to Windows for free - Do it even if you Do it don't for if it, day One upgrade. you free even want left don t want it It was July when Microsoft launched Windows At the time the company promised thatanyone with One day left for free upgrade. Do it, even if you don't want it Windows or Phone would One day left for free upgrade. Do it, even if you don't want it be able to receive a free upgrade for the first year Tomorrow that year will be over Of course that timeline does not apply to phones In fact Microsoft didn t even end up keeping the Windows Phone side of the promise only offering an upgrade to a small subset of Windows phones and even then users need to know to download the Upgrade Advisor app There are lots of reasons to upgrade to Windows but let s face it You re probably not interested in them After all you ve faced off against the Get Windows GWX app for the past year fending off tricky prompts and forced upgrades In fact GWX now shows a menacing alert icon which when clicked shows a countdown to the night of July But there are new and exciting features coming in Windows For example the Anniversary Updatewill be made available just four days later The Update will bring loads of new features such as extensions in the Edge browser Cortana improvements Windows Ink and the ability to get Win apps from the Windows Store making them easier to install and uninstall and safer Even all of that might not be enough for you to upgrade because if it s not broken why fix it The answer is because once you upgrade your PC to Windows it will be licensed for the new OS meaning that you can roll back to Windows or and then upgrade again for free anytime that you wish even after July So even if the Anniversary Update doesn t have any features that you want you might want the features in the next update or the one after that Windows is supported until so you might want to have an upgrade plan in place Nevertheless you have just over a day to decide however it s best to know what your options are at this point Click to expand nbsp

A:One day left for free upgrade. Do it, even if you don't want it

Anyone holding back from the upgrade probably will regret it at a later point. As Shia Labeouf would say "JUST DO IT!"
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Hello Forum,
As you already know, I have installed Macrium reflect free version, it is 6.1.1000 version.
Today while opening the program, got a pop-up message, there is an upgrade to 6.1.1023, if I download it while the program is open, will it update automatically or download and re-install it, will it be still free ?
If I upgrade the program, have to make a new rescue CD ?
Appreciate answers

A:Macrium free upgrade

The answer to your question is Yes, it will download & update your current version & Yes it will be free.

After the update has downloaded it will probably close Macrium, install the update & then reopen Macrium again with the new update installed.

You should not have to make a new rescue CD, but after installing the update & making a new back up, you can test it just to make sure.
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My dad wants to upgrade to windows 10 at the end of the free trial, but I don't.
1. Compatability - All of my favourite programes and games are older, often older than MS Vista. I am aware that "upgrading" keeps compatability back to windows 95, but I'll be getting a new computer in July.
2. Looks, I think windows 10 looks ugly and stupid.
3. Performance, my computer is not exactly th titan supercomputer. (GPU sucks especially)
4. Windows 10 spies. (He says 7 does, but I think it's minimal if at all)

He says Windows 10 has built in antivirus stuff, but I'm not sure. Even if it does, I think Windows 7 might. (I don't think it does though) and bitdefender has been inactive for months. (Disabled)

So, can some-one:
A. Persuade me Windows 10 is great
B. Give me good enough reasaons to dissuade my dad from Windows 10.

We are both PC literate, the main thing that stops me is admin priveliges.

A:Windows 10 free upgrade - Yay or OH NO!

Well windows defender in win-10 is not a very good stance for or reason to upgrade
Win-7 you can have about the same in MSE = Microsoft Security Essentials

I have no good reason to upgrade
Win-7 serves my needs

Although I do have 1-10 pro install I rarely use it.

If you type in the start menu search this
Change Customer Experience Improvement Program settings
You can see if you participate in telemetry usage sending

All M$ products have separate settings for usage sending = Office/ photo gallery/....
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8173 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114442 MB, Free - 18690 MB; D: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 849266 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P8P67-M PRO
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2014, Updated and Enabled

Will it be possible to install W7 on drive D & upgrade this version, So that I still have W7 & all my programs on drive C.

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I know someone with a Vista (Business) PC and he received a free upgrade notice to Win10. Is this correct and if so does it just mean that the OS will be installed without saving apps and files?

A:Free Win10 upgrade

I know someone with a Vista (Business) PC and he received a free upgrade notice to Win10. Is this correct and if so does it just mean that the OS will be installed without saving apps and files?Click to expand...

The free upgrade applies to qualified computers that are running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8/8.1.

It does NOT apply to computers that are running Windows Vista.

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I just recently purchased Vista Ultimate x64 OEM edition. It came with the free Windows 7 upgrade code.

However, I HATE upgrading. I would much rather do a fresh install of W7.

Is upgrading still bad enough that I should purchase the full DVD? Or should I stick with my free upgrade and just try and suffer through it?

A:Upgrade for free or Buy Full DVD?

I'd wait a little longer, until the official release date, or closer, until we know for sure how the Upgrade will work. The good news is, Windows 7 won't need to be reinstalled often like XP. Nothing has been made official, so sit tight for now.
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My wife finally cracked and asked me to get her Laptop upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 for free - it was July 27. Clicked on the white windows upgrade icon in the system tray and was advised that the upgrade had been reserved/confirmed. I'm not usually impatient and I guess that a number of people or organisations left it to the last minute. But just how long is it normal to wait for an indication that windows 10 is ready to install - and is it necessary to leave the laptop powered up while Microsoft thinks about it?!

A:Free Upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 - still waiting

Hi, it should be too late now to get the free upgrade, as the year has passed. However, since you've reserved it, you could try contacting MS activation in your region and check.

You can at any time download the iso manually- and I would recommend doing so if
a. you have more than 1 PC to upgrade
b. the upgrade fails and you need to repeat it (the download may fail.. the upgrade may fail..
c. so you have the iso to use should you wish to clean install subsequently
d. in case you need to do an in-place upgrade repair install

Please see the Tutorial section for guides on downloading and in-place upgrade repair (you don't need the latter at this point of course)
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I saw this in my task bar this morning & wonder how free it really is

Along with this

A:Free Windows 10 upgrade?

You missed the article in TechSpot News and Comments:
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So, are these correct sequence of events to get OS onto SSD? 1. Put bootable Win 10 DVD in DVD drive.2. Power off.3. Unplug HDD and plug in SSD into SATA 1 that HDD was using.4. Power on and quickly enter bios setup.5. Change boot order to SSD OR to DVD drive where the bootable Win 10 DVD is at?6. Save Settings and Exit. 

A:Did free upgrade to 10 but now want to replace HHD with SSD ...

Hi: Yes, though you may not have to change any boot order settings. The PC should automatically scan for bootable devices on POST, and with the W10 installation media in the DVD drive, it should automatically boot from that device, since no OS is installed on the SSD. Then when you get to the W10 installation screen, you will be given the option to enter a product key, or select "I don't have a product key." Select the "I don't have a product key" option, and windows 10 will install. Once you are reconnected to the internet, activation should be automatic since the PC was already legally upgraded to W10 and previously activated.
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I got Win Pro about months ago and I've been getting the free upgrade to win offer So I wouldn't be buying a new Win key From what I heard in another computer forum I ll be able to use a dual boot system with Win OEM and Win during my transition period and not have to be stopped every time I boot to a different OS If I upgraded I assume that do Win I Should 8.1 free 10 in to my situation? a from Win upgrade I d run into all sorts of problems which is expected with a new OS and I d need to run a dual boot system for a while until I got Win working as well as Win Pro Since I run a recording studio I can't risk problems when clients are in and would likely use Win with clients until I was absolutely confident in Win Most of the time I work by myself so I don't' mind experimenting during those times I know in the first days if things don't' Should I do a free upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10 in my situation? work out I can do a rollback to Win but what about after that Has anyone done dual boot like this this Are there any unexpected problems with this dual boot scenario Especially beyond days I heard someone say that Microsoft doesn't kill your Should I do a free upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10 in my situation? Activation record for your old Windows key so I can re-install Windows on the same system down the road even if I upgrade to Windows Is this correct I may not find I have a problem until way later and I'll need to backtrack by reverting to an old Acronis image file of my C drive and build things back up from there with Win Other times a project that was started a year ago may not work right in Win for whatever reason and I may need to revert to an old Win image file that I used when I worked on that project maybe just to copy some settings Can I do that after days Any suggestions

A:Should I do a free upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10 in my situation?

The basic answer to your question is yes, you will be able to restore your Windows 8 image at any time.
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I would like to upgrade one of my computers to Windows 10 - it will be either my 17' HP laptop which is currently running Windows 8.1 or my HP 15" laptop currently running Windows 7.

I have received popups from Microsoft that both of these machines are fully compatible with Windows 10. I do not run a printer or any external devices from these machines and never use the DVD/CD drives either so I shouldn't have driver issues for those things.

My question is: if I do upgrade one of them and decide I don't want to keep it, is it possible to return to the previous operating system and would that be a gigantic headache to do so? BTW, I have the product keys for both machines.

A:Free Windows 10 upgrade?

you should be able to create recovery media from the existing PCs - so you can go back
I would do that first -
Windows 7 - will create DVDs - upto 6 or USB drive
Windows 8/8.1 - 16gb or 32GB usb drive will be needed on some HP PCs i have needed 18GB
Also HP reported issues using sandisk make

An upgrade will allow you to go back to the previous version within 30days - But some people have had issues going back

The media creation tool is a good way to do the upgrade, but make sure you upgrade and not a clean install

Although this new release is supposed to allow you to enter a old key from W7/8/8.1 and install, BUT its only been released a few days

Data - make sure you also have a FULL data backup
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I have been using AVG 7.5 for years. AVG sent a pesky notice about upgrade to version 8.5 - which I did. However the new version is in German. Is there a way to change the text to English ? Any help appreciated.


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What happens to your old windows 7 license (retail) when you take the free upgrade?

I've never used an upgrade version, always purchased a full retail when changing OS because I normally pass my old systems down to friends and family.

A:Free upgrade question.

it would no longer be valid since it was used to justify an upgrade to win10.
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Hi all The way AVG Free Advisor announced it s newest upgrade makes it appear to some folks that after January of the FREE Edition will no longer be available not true ONLY v will not be available Version is simply being replaced now by version quot FREE quot and you can upgrade now Update of AVG to Run the AVG Free Edition Setup program Click quot Next gt quot on the AVG quot Welcome EDITION to AVG Upgrade FREE v7.1 v7.5 here... quot screen Click quot Accept quot on the quot License Agreement on Use of an AVG Free Edition quot screen Select quot Repair installation quot on the quot Select Setup Type quot screen and click quot Next gt quot Select quot Restart the computer now quot pre-selected by the program automatically and click quot OK quot on the quot Installation Complete quot screen to restart your computer and complete the installation Personally I turned OFF my version downloaded AVG Upgrade v7.1 to v7.5 FREE EDITION here... the new version to the same Folder as and executed v from there then followed the above instructions After I installed and rebooted I downloaded the latest Updates set my v options and ran a system scan and it all went smoothly without a hitch gt gt Update to v Here lt lt nbsp

Relevancy 86.86%

It's been a while since I did this I decided to upgrade to Win from a licensed version upgrade problems 10 Win Win of few with GOt a from 7 free of Win I should have read up on it better when I did it cause I think I totally screwed it up It went through the upgrade process and installed Win was working When I went for my files I couldn't find any It was like a new desktop without any programs I thought i GOt a few problems with free upgrade of Win 10 from Win 7 had backed it up to a CD but didn't check that It took a long time for the backup so I assumed I had it Anyway I'll try to cut this shorter I only had pictures and docs none of my installed programs I called MS and was on the phone for a couple of hours with them I couldn't activate cause it said key was wrong I couldn't go back to WIn cause GOt a few problems with free upgrade of Win 10 from Win 7 disk was overwritten I am running WIn and it seems to be fine I got some program reinstalled and am able to do the work I used to Guess I didn't need all the stuff I lost Problem now is that somehow my Win OS is on an external SATA drive and everything else is on my C drive When I unplug the SATA I can't boot no matter what I do As soon as I plug the SATA back in it works again I realize I have to buy a product key before my year is up but I'm afraid to change anything cause i don't want to be spending a week getting my PC back again Main thing I want is to get the OS off the SATA and I m afraid to do this Any suggestions on how to do this SAFELY so I don't lose anything Or maybe point me to someplace where I can learn about moving OS off external SATA drive Thanks
Relevancy 86.86%

Brink , I've still not used the FREE Windows 10 upgrade, What are your suggestions for me , before this offer expires ? No more than I know how to keep from facing issues later .

A:I've still not used the FREE Windows 10 upgrade

Hello Georgia,

It's up to you, but if you wanted Windows 10, then you could go ahead and upgrade to get your free Windows 10, and get a digital entitlement of Windows 10 for that PC.

Windows 10 - Upgrade Installation

This way you could go back to Windows 8 if wanted, and be able to reinstall Windows 10 when you like.

Windows 10 - Go Back to Previous Windows
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Today I had a new icon in my task bar. I clicked on it and I found out that I can get a free upgrade to Win 10 Home.
I've always been cautious of anything free. I guess I'm old fashioned? Does anyone have any thoughts of opting for this free upgrade?
I can already see one problem with it ... How do I get rid of this upgrade icon.

A:Solved: Win 10 Upgrade really Free?

I posted a fix here #11
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Ive heard that there is an offer to upgrade to Windows 7 for free if you buy a new computer from your vendor.

does anyone know where to see these (links) and is there any deadline on the upgrade?

A:Free Windows 7 Upgrade

A Free Windows 7 Upgrade Could Cost You - PC World

If it were me and I could wait, I would buy a computer with 7 installed.
In addition to the small annoying cost, there could be a problem during the upgrade.
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nbsp Brand New Lenovo Yoga with Windows Home OK nbsp Partitions nd partition is C OK nbsp tried to upgrade to Win Pro Failed as expected nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp upgrading to a previous edition of Windows is not allowed even if it is the better Pro version nbsp I installed Win Pro clean to c OK nbsp put in valid license for Win Pro OK nbsp activated Win Pro OK nbsp rebooted OK nbsp began upgrade free to Win Pro PROBLEM nbsp I tried to insert a jpg here - no way to do that Basically it is the purple Ready To Install box saying Install Windows Home nbsp This is weird it s saying Win HOME it should be pro joined nbsp my companies nbsp Domain PC still running activated Win Pro OK rebooted OK TRIED AGAIN SAME ERROR INSTALLING Home instead of Pro after some research it would appear that that half-baked technology Intel Trusted Platform PRO, 8.1-PRO Win clean-ins... 10 on to Module is hiding the Windows Home Key that the Lenovo factory put in there It would seem that the to Win 10 PRO, on 8.1-PRO clean-ins... Windows PRO installer sees this key and won t let me upgrade my legally-installed Windows Pro to Windows Pro I tried formatting the HD to zero I tried the clean command on Disk nbsp with Diskpart I went through this whole process for hours yesterday Today I tried clearing the TPP Intel in the BIOS STILL No Luck I believe the problem is that the Home installationkey is stuck in the to Win 10 PRO, on 8.1-PRO clean-ins... TPP Is this even legal LOL nbsp Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated nbsp Moderator note edited subject for model clarity nbsp Y - gt Yoga to Win 10 PRO, on 8.1-PRO clean-ins...

Hello and welcome,
I don't have a "sane" way to do this but I wonder if you can now upgrade from Home to Pro using the 3rd procedure here:
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I purchased an OEM version of Vista Home Premium 64-bit on June 26 and activated it that day. Does this make me eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7? If so, how do I go about getting it? Thanks!

A:Am I eligible for a free upgrade to Win 7?

from what I've read, you have to get it from the manufacturer of the PC you bought that had it on it. You may want to call them and inquire about it. But according to the dates microsoft has supplied, you *should* be elligable
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Hey i bought a HP touchsmart tx2 1275dx from usa and now i shifted to india.

I when tried to place my order of windows 7(us site, india site has no option for my laptop) found that there is no option there for shipping to india.

what should i do. i m getting windows 7 ultimate so i cant let them go.

will they send it to india . i m ready to pay shipping.

Or do twill they provide online download

A:Windows 7 free upgrade

Quote: Originally Posted by harshil93

Hey i bought a HP touchsmart tx2 1275dx from usa and now i shifted to india.

I when tried to place my order of windows 7(us site, india site has no option for my laptop) found that there is no option there for shipping to india.

what should i do. i m getting windows 7 ultimate so i cant let them go.

will they send it to india . i m ready to pay shipping.

Or do twill they provide online download

Are there telephones in India?

Maybe you could "special order" from a 'big-city' distributor.
That's what I did in Kuala-Lumpur for OS/2 Warp 4. Took a month.
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note you can only do this if you have norton 360 v 2 installed.

1.go to

2.go to the free trials page Norton trial of v 3

4.install it.'ll ask you to restart do so. will install v 3.

7. you will still have your v 2 subscription time remaining
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Is it possible to upgrade windows 10 free, now?
Please advise.
Thank you.
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Which version of Windows Vista would I have to buy in order to get a free upgrade to Windows 7? Any retail box version like from Newegg? Or would I have to buy the OEM version with the free upgrade coupon?

Vista Retail at Newegg with no 'Free Upgrade Coupon' - Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 - Operating Systems

Vista OEM with 'Free Upgrade Coupon' tag - Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit for System Builders w/ Tech Guarantee - Operating Systems

A:Free Windows 7 Upgrade?

Why not just get Windows 7 and bypass Vista altogether??
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I've been told that if are getting windows7,not to get the basic one.I got a free upgrade from HP for purchasing a computer.Is this version any good?What are the downfalls of it?

A:is free upgrade any good?

Hi it is very basic
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i bought my daughter a laptop for christmas from pc world uk . so where do i register for the free upgrade to vista its a advent laptop

Relevancy 86%

I hope this is in the right place.

It seems that Windows 10 is going to be free to upgrade existing Vista and Windows 7 users. That is fine but I have also been told that once I do this (if I decide to), my legal copy of Windows 7 key will be 'killed' and if I wanted to reinstall or restore my Windows 7 - in my case - with Acronis, I couldn't because the key would now be invalid for Windows 7.

Has anyone else any information on this?

A:Windows 10 free upgrade question

I don't think Vista is included in the upgrade program, it's 7 and 8/8.1 only. Read here for more info. Upgrading to Windows 10? Here are the supported paths - Windows 10 Forums
Relevancy 86%

Hi everyone, I have Win 8.1 and just recently an icon showed up on my taskbar notification area? Is it wise to reserve an upgrade for it or just be patient and wait? Just a lil' concerned that MS will start charging us...
Thanks for any input,
Kiki G.

A:Should we reserve a Win 10 free upgrade with icon on Win 8.1?

Hey Kiki Microsoft already said at the beginning that Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users will have the chance to upgrade to Windows 10 for free during the first year of the release, so it's safe to reserve your copy right now. I wouldn't worry about it. Also, you might want to bring the discussion in this thread instead:
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Holy BatCrap I fired up the old Pent-III mhz x box earlier to update the AVG antivirus since it had not been turned on in about days I got so involved downloading Captain Zero's HD WallPapers amp browsing the threads today that I had forgot it was running in the other room When I went over to it the screen says need to needs FREE Strange UpGrade Activation be activated Wait a Strange FREE UpGrade needs Activation minute this was RC x That should still be good until So I got out the trusty RC Key code amp typed it in Clicked on activate A few minutes go by then not a valid key What So then I went to Start amp typed in Winver Did Microsoft just update this RC Build Not to be outdone by Microsoft I just got out my legit list of TechNet keys amp typed one in Click on activate Whoah this sure was slow about minutes Shaaaazaaammmmmm Activated I guess The Future came Back to The Present

A:Strange FREE UpGrade needs Activation

Doc, you got too many computers to keep track of!!!
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Hi, I have an old Pavilion dv6809wm laptop running 32 bit Vista premium. HP was runnning a Windows 7 upgrade program for this laptop but does not accept orders for this program anymore. Is  there a LEGAL way for me to get this disc and do the free upgrade now? an iso, ect..... Thanks,RoDnSuE
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Do you think new W7 PC's will come with a free Windows 8 upgrade disc offer (as happened when Vista replaced XP and W7 replaced Vista) to help prevent sales from stalling. For anyone wanting W8 and thinking of a new PC that could be the way to go. A clean install of any OS is preferable and providing you can still clean install from upgrade media (as you can in Vista and W7) then it could worth considering.

A:As W8 gets nearer will new W7 PC's be offered a free W8 upgrade ?

Well, if they do, that leaves me out.

Recently bought a new machine.....Win 7 64-bit.

But I can live with it...:-)
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Hi, well um, I just bought Fallout: New Vegas for PC. My first PC gaming investment. And I'm getting choppy, shuttery,lag.
I'm currently running:

AMD Sempron™ 140 Processor
2.7 GB of RAM
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 3 (build 7601), 64-bit
GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

Any suggestions on getting an upgrade for FREE? I don't have the funds for a new PC or
a hardware upgrade.

Also, I have 2 things that seem to be graphics cards that I pulled from my Windows XP:

Conexant MPEG II A/V ENCODER CX23416-12 0508Y1N8 0509 Taiwan
Agere SV92PL~T00 SV 0513S 4005724 03 Agere


Also, I have a friend with the Windows 7 Ultimate disc. If that helps, please tell me.

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We purchased a new laptop after June 26, which gave us information on qualifying for the W7 upgrade when it became available.. Well It didn't say FREE.. but to qualify you have to have bought between certain dates, show computer info.. Show receipts answer yards of question.. Jump hoops.. An no where does it list a price, or ask you to send credit card info, not in email, snailmail, fax etc..

I just got email back asking for my credit card...
We thank you for all the information that you sent to us. However, there is an instance wherein we also need to collect your credit card information in order for us to complete your request for a Windows 7 upgrade kit.

Does not say how much they plan to charge my card.. Have any of you done the toshiba upgrade??

A:Toshiba Upgrade to W7... Free or gimmick?

The easiest option would be to buy a full retail version for cash. No credit problems and you always have a disc in case of a reinstall.
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My computer currently has a Windows 7 x64 upgrade license on it (with all the reinstall annoyances that entails) - originally it was Vista x32. I just wanted to verify that upgrade keys are eligible for the free Windows 10 promo before I start the download, and I can't seem to find anything via search.

It would also simplify where I do the download initially, as hopefully I'll be upgrading two PCs (the other is a HTPC running 8.1).

Thanks in advance!

A:Free upgrade eligibility check

I had a retail upgrade Win7 Home x64 cd, upgraded from retail XP, I had no trouble with upgrading to W10 Home.

I would use the W10 icon in the taskbar and upgrade from that, just follow what it says and you shouldn't have any problems with activation. I didn't and I was the same situation with an upgrade Win7 install.

MS really wants to move all genuine 7, 8, & 8.1 windows installs to 10.
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Why does Microsoft not check for compatibility issues? I allowed the free upgrade. after the first reboot I had a big circle with a zero. This went to 32% and stuck there for half an hour. I was unable to do anything with my PC. In desperation I put a second bootable HD and used it to format the first. I re-installed Windows 7. I tried again and it froze again at 32%

Clearly there are issues which Microsoft has ignored.

A:Windows 10 free upgrade compatability

Either that or you didn't do the basics first,
#1 completely uninstall your antivirus program what ever that happens to be since you have No System spec's we can only guess
#2 Give it more than a half hour depending on the time of day you decided to do this at
Relevancy 86%

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this question is stupid. But if I upgrade today will it still be free? According to some websites the price goes up on the 30th, but microsoft itself seems to state very strongly that the price goes up on the 29th.
If I update now will I have to pay for it?

Please let me know.
Thank you so much.

(P.s. I tried updating yesterday before the hard-n-fast deadline, but deleted an android partition and messed up the bootloader, preventing me from loading Windows. I fixed that this morning, but alas, it is the 29th now. So I am wondering if I can still get the free upgrade?)

A:July 29th -> If I upgrade now, will it still be free?

website won't come up for me here at work but:

Windows - Microsoft

Should show about 14 hours left. Going to be interesting to see who gets the last upgrade in before the deadline.
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If you did, please post your local time and your timezone. Upgrade or fresh install?

Note that we are talking here only about systems that have not been previously upgraded to Win 10 and then rolled back to Win 7 or 8.
Relevancy 86%

A general question regarding the forthcoming Win 10 free upgrade for Win 7 & 8 users. My HP Pavillion laptop was purchased with Win 8.1 pre installed and the usual factory restore partition installed. My question is if I decide to upgrade the system would the embedded product key stay the same and would the restore partition be upgraded to the Win 10 OS at the same time?

Apologies if I have posted in the wrong forum I was unsure whether to use this forum or Win 10.


A:[SOLVED] Forthcoming free upgrade to Win 10

The recovery partition of your PC will remain Windows 8. Only one section of your machine will be upgraded to Windows 10.
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I purchased an HP Pavillion in August with Vista. It was eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7. I would prefer to do a clean install; I've never done one before.

The free upgrade package only has instructions on how to upgrade, but not how to do the clean install. It came with two CD's. One is the "HP Upgrade Assistant" which I am supposed to use first, and the "Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Media" to use second.

Is there a way to use the upgrade CD to do a clean install, since I'm eligible for it? How would I do that?

A:How to do a clean install with a free upgrade CD

Looking for something like this? Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media
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If your Windows PC is currently running with Bitdefender you can upgrade free to the Bitdefender Bitdefender Antivirus Plus Bitdefender Internet Security or Bitdefender Total Security How much free hard disk space do I need to upgrade Recommended GB free hard disk space At least MB on hard system drive NOTE Bitdefender Free Upgrade available for Microsoft Windows XP SP Vista 2015 Upgrade to Free Bitdefender SP SP Windows and Windows Please follow the steps below Installing Bitdefender directly over the older version with the installer provided During the installation process you Free Upgrade to Bitdefender 2015 will receive a notification informing you that a previous version was detected Click Yes to uninstall it reboot the computer then proceed the installation If the Free Upgrade to Bitdefender 2015 older version was registered Bitdefender will quot remember quot the respective license key Removing the older version restarting your computer and installing the new version The product settings of your previous version will not be saved Please use this upgrade method only if the first option fails To smoothly uninstall Bitdefender please use the tool available at www bitdefender com uninstall Source nbsp

A:Free Upgrade to Bitdefender 2015

Petrovic said:

If your Windows PC is currently running with Bitdefender 2014 you can upgrade free to the Bitdefender 2015 (Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015, Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 or Bitdefender Total Security 2015.

How much free hard disk space do I need to upgrade?
Recommended: 2 GB free hard disk space. At least 800 MB on hard system drive.

NOTE: Bitdefender 2015 Free Upgrade available for Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7 SP1, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Please follow the steps below:

1. Installing Bitdefender 2015 directly over the older version with the installer provided. During the installation process you will receive a notification informing you that a previous version was detected. Click Yes to uninstall it, reboot the computer, then proceed the installation.
If the older version was registered, Bitdefender 2015 will "remember" the respective license key.

2. Removing the older version, restarting your computer and installing the new version. The product settings of your previous version will not be saved. Please use this upgrade method only if the first option fails.
To smoothly uninstall Bitdefender, please use the tool available at:
SourceClick to expand...

Thanks Petrovic
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I can not get CCleaner to run at all today. any time i click on the "run cleaner" it takes me to Free Antivirus upgrade for $38.42 and will not run the cleaner or let me close the upgrade page. i re installed CCleaner but no difference this is the current release notes.... v4.14.4707 (22 May 2014)- Improved Firefox and Mozilla based browser Cookie cleaning. - Improved Startup item Unicode support. - Improved Operating System detection. - Added Cyberfox browser cleaning. - Improved 64-bit Registry detection and cleaning architecture. - Improved skip UAC warning for Monitoring (CCleaner Professional only). - Added PowerArchiver 2013, Nitro Pro 9 and Stardock WindowBlinds cleaning. - Improved Microsoft Office 2010, Foxit Reader 6, AVG AntiVirus 8, 9, 10, 2012 and 2013 cleaning. - Minor GUI Improvements. - Minor bug fixes.

A:Ccleaner and free Antivirus upgrade

It looks like you might have malware redirecting the application to open a rogue webpage. For as long as I've used CCleaner Piriform have never tried to trick their users into paying for any software, let alone a "free antivirus" program. It is highly suspicious. Try running Malwarebytes Antimalware free edition to see if it picks up anything. If there are nasties lurking there are some very skilled malware experts here that can run and analyse malware detection software for a clean bill of health. message edited by btk1w1
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I knew that BestBuy was offering free upgrades if you bought at least home premium vista but when did Windows release their news? As in, when did they announce that you could get upgrade to win7 if you got basically any computer/laptop with premium?

Relevancy 86%

I am about to purchase a HP netbook.

I understand that people who buy a computer presently will receive a free upgrade to Windows 7.

Will that apply to netbook as well? Would I receive a free upgrade to Windows 7 strater edition?

A:Free upgrade to Windows 7 for netbook?

You would need to check with HP to see if they will be offering the upgrade for the model you are planning on purchasing.
Relevancy 86%

When you sign up for these computer companies to send you a copy of windows 7 when it's available does anyone know what they'll actually be sending you? Do they just send you a windows 7 installation DVD like you'd buy from newegg or do they send you their own version(like a recovery DVD) with all the bloatware?

I really just wanna do a clean install with no whistles/crap.

A:Acer windows 7 free upgrade?

I guess no one knows for sure until it happens, I assume it will be a W7 upgrade DVD, similar to the ones you can purchase. I seriously doubt they will customize it with bloatware, but who knows for sure.
Relevancy 86%

i bought office H&S 2007 in feb, installed & activated it about the 20th of feb and now MS has a free upgrade to those who activated from 5th march onwards

not too happy

i wonder if i could pleed with MS for a free upgrade

Relevancy 86%

When I purchased my emachine last year it came with Vista. At the time of purchase they were offering a free upgrade to Win7. I received the upgrade disk a while back in the mail.

I would rather use the win 7 upgrade on an HP machine that also has Vista. The disk I was sent 'seems' to be tied to only emachines.

Is it possible to use this disk to upgrade my HP computer instead of my emachine computer?

Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions.

Big Dog

A:Use free emachine Win7 upgrade on HP

No. It is only licensed to the machine it was intended for.
Relevancy 86%

"ZA 3.1 Free available to existing Users"

Quote from Zone Labs:
With over 17 million users of ZoneAlarm products, our primary concern with this launch is to provide a satisfactory upgrade experience for folks. To ensure that, we'll be making the upgrade available to a fixed percentage of our existing users every day, through the "Check for Updates" feature. This process will continue for several days before we officially announce ZoneAlarm on our site and make it available to the general public.

Good Thread to Review Here

Relevancy 86%

I know 2 people who said their device upgraded to Win 10 free upgrade all by itself without them oking it. One is a Dell Inpriron 15 and the other was a Windows tablet.

Anyone have this happen?

I have a Dell laptop and upgraded to the free Win 10 but I remember having to initiate it.

A:Windows 10 free upgrade question.

Microsoft is getting pushier with the updates:
(if you don't want it, install a utility like GWX control panel that lets you disable the upgrade).
Relevancy 86%

So I just picked up a Laptop (HP Compaq Presario) and turns out I'm eligible for a Windows 7 Free Upgrade Program. Awesome. I have a couple of questions:

1. First of all, is it like a CD that arrives?

2. Is it only a 1 time use CD, or is it like an official Windows 7 Disc?

3. Do I need to pay anything? I've already placed my order (Still have to upload Proof of Purchase), but the subtotal was $0.00, and they didn't ask for my credit card. I shouldn't have a bill of $50 when the item arrives..

4. Will it work on my other laptop (Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005)?

Thank you very much!

A:Windows 7 Free Upgrade Program?

I'm not entirely sure, I just went back from Windows 7 (Build 7100) and It's an Amazing OS I believe that they will give you a direct download link and will have you varify you key and you will use their Upgrade service.
Relevancy 86%

Effective July 29th 2016 Windows 7 sp1 and Windows 8.1 Users Need to Exercise their Windows 10 Upgrade Option for Free

A:One more day for the free windows 10 upgrade - July 29

Just in case you need it:
Upgrade to Windows 10:
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Can an upgrade be done externally on an all-USB, Legacy-free pc goingig from the existing 1.0 USB to the faster 2.0 technology? Threre are no PCI slots built-in to this PC, so the upgrade would have to be external, presumably through the use of a USBadapter Hub or an external PCI device that would have to connect to one of the existing 1.0 USB connections (because that's all there is!) - would this possible?

Thanks in advance for any and help!

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I recently purchased an old PC from a garage sale. I'm always looking for bargains to satisfy my tinkering obsession.
I fired it up before I bought it and saw it had Windows 7 Home on it.
I brought it home and discovered the reason why they were probably selling it...the onboard LAN chip was dead.
So I ordered a PCI NIC which hopefully arrives by July 29th.
I used the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to download the latest Windows 10 ISO.
I plan to upgrade this "spare" PC.
If the ordered NIC doesn't arrive by July 29th am I out of luck for the free upgrade?
Relevancy 86%
Relevancy 86%

The dealer I bought my computer from says to things about when to redeem:

1) When Vista is officially released

Then at the bottom of the page

2) When you receive your order (with link)

I may not use it straight away but I would like to know its in my drawer ready.

Does anyone know which it is?


A:Free Vista Upgrade - When to redeem?

Vista will be released on January 30, 2007. You May need to contact your dealer for details on how to get it.