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what do the colours mean on taskbar apps

Q: what do the colours mean on taskbar apps

chrome is running with a blue line underneath but steam has a yellow line and it's half highlighted yellow but it's not downloading or running anything and it's been like that for the past 10 minutes

so what do the colours mean and why is the steam one like that?


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Preferred Solution: what do the colours mean on taskbar apps

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: what do the colours mean on taskbar apps

Originally Posted by cxztiel

chrome is running with a blue line underneath but steam has a yellow line and it's half highlighted yellow but it's not downloading or running anything and it's been like that for the past 10 minutes

so what do the colours mean and why is the steam one like that?


Hi @cxztiel
Welcome to!

My guess is blue is your accent color and the yellow is something loading in Steam and may have gotten hung up. A guess though.
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am having problems changing the colour of my windows xp taskbar, and the colours of the bars inside a folder.
the problem is when i try to change the colours to the original, using the appearance tab in the display properties, all it shows is windows classic styles, it doesnt show the original xp styles. (see attached print screen), what i want is the original colours of the folders and the task bar that are available when u first install xp.
i had a trojan, spyware and malware problem, when i removed it the colours changed into classic.
so, how do i change it into original, thanks............................

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I just got a Viao with Windows Home Premium change colours!!! Aero can't Stupid my taskbar bit installed on it All was going well I have Aero working nicely and changed all my Stupid Aero can't change my taskbar colours!!! tak Stupid Aero can't change my taskbar colours!!! bars to a very stylish pink But then suddenly everything changed my screen become distorted and stretched and I eventually resored it by changing the resoluation I checked the colour which is set to bit true colour and all seemed normal except when i went to change my taskbar back to pink I couldn't do it I still have the aero themes saved on my computer but I just chan't seem to change the colours it comes up with a old fashioned windows colour and appearence box instead of the previous colour pallete it gave me I checked my experience rating and its at I tried ajusting the visual effect so that they prioritise appearence over performance but this had no effect My graphics info is Name Standard VGA Graphics Adapter PNP Device ID PCI VEN DE amp DEV A B amp SUBSYS D amp REV A amp CB amp amp Adapter Type GeForce GT M Standard display types compatible Adapter Description Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Adapter RAM MB bytes Installed Drivers vga dll framebuf dll vga vga k Driver Version INF File display inf vga section Color Planes Not Available Color Table Entries Not Available Resolution Not Available Bits Pixel Not Available Memory Address xE - xE FFFFFF Memory Address xD - xDFFFFFFF Memory Address xE - xE FFFFFF I O Port x D - x D F I O Port x B - x BB I O Port x C - x DF Memory Address xA - xBFFFF Driver c windows system drivers vgapnp sys KB bytes PLEASE HELP ME I must get back to pink

A:Stupid Aero can't change my taskbar colours!!!

ALSO when I used to hover my mouse over the bottom task bar on a open internet page I would get a little window showing me the page in full... now I only get the address text showing... don't know if this is anything to do with it!!!
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I want my task bar to be black but i don't want to have to use windows classic help!

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I want to turn off that annoying and pointless function that makes the last taskbar button I hovered over glow with a different colour. It'd make more sense if it were the button of the item in use that glowed, but it's not; it's just which one you accidentally hovered over last. It's distracting and I hate it.

I went into Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Performance - Settings > and unclicked 'Animations in the taskbar and start menu', I did that a few months ago when I first tried to kill this feature, and it seemed to work after a restart, but then it kept sporadically coming back.
Now the hot track colours are back again, and no clicking or unclicking of the 'Animations in the taskbar' etc will stop it.

How do I kill this thing?
Profound thanks in advance.

A:Disable 'hot track' hover colours in taskbar?

Oh well now I just did a restart (after clicking and unclicking the animation setting) and the hot track colour thing has stopped again.

Hurrah for now!

But if there's any way to stop it permanently so it won't keep coming back, that would be great, thank you.
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This problem occurred since last I bought this laptop. I can't pin apps and I restarted my laptop many times, it didn't work. Can someone help me for pinning apps in any way? Thank you so much.
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With more and more cool apps being developed every month, I find myself installing all sorts of stuff on my computer to try out. Some apps aren't all that useful, are just plain bad, or offer niche functionality, while some...

Read more

A:What apps are pinned to your taskbar?

I utilize docks for most of my important apps. But, I do keep a couple utilities on my taskbar for easy access on my other monitors. Right now, I have GPU-Z, CPU-Z, GPU Temp and Core Temp pinned. Since I'm running Windows 10, I've decided to keep Cortana and Task View pinned as well.
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Any app that is pinned to the taskbar takes a few seconds (varies from around 2 to 5), before they respond, if I run the same app from a shortcut on the desktop, or the start menu they respond instantly.

Windows file explorer is a good example, run it from the taskbar and it can take up to 10 secs to open, but open it from the start menu or a desktop short cut and it will open instantly.

The only one I've noticed to open instantly from the taskbar is 'Store'.

This is a fresh installation of Win 8.1 with the spring update, plus all other updates, on a SSD. Does this happen with anyone else?

A:Apps slow to run from taskbar, otherwise OK

Found it to be down to setting in 'Ultramon' that I use, disabled smart taskbar and no longer a problem.
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got a problem when trying to minimize apps.

Let's say I'm runing notepad++ (or whatever), when I click on the minimize button I'd expect the icon for notepad++ to appear in the taskbar ... it doesn't.

to 'get back' to the app I have to use alt-tab.

anyone know how I can get apps to minimize to the taskbar?
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I am rnning music and the app first appears when I play a file but does not appear in the task. Here is a screenshot.

In order to get to the app, I have to do the thing where you bring your finger in from the left and it opens the most recent program, then I have to minimize it, then I have to click on the desktop icon to get back to the desktop, and then it appears.

Why doesn't it appear when I open it?
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Not sure what I've done/allowed but all of a sudden I can't get my open applications to register as radio buttons on the taskbar. They are gone. Just happened and I can't think of a program I have added.

Toshiba portege with MS XP Tablet edition, IE 6.0 with sp2.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Open Apps missing from Taskbar

Go to Taskbar Repair Tool and download Minimized Programs Missing
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As you can see when I click on the apps on my task bar they appear grey and the unpin button and close button are massive and in the wrong place I did a clean install of 8.1 last night/this morning but this happened and I don't really want to have to do another factory reset.

A:Right click on apps on taskbar. Broken?

Someone posted a solution in my thread.
Taskbar jump list has distorted icons and placing
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This is Windows 7.  I have it set to never combine the icons in the taskbar, however, it still combines the like applications.  So all the Excel Windows will be grouped together and all the IE Windows will be grouped together.  I want to
move around the Excel windows and not have them group on the taskbar.  How can I do that?

A:How to ungroup similar apps in the taskbar?

Please see this thread

You will need a third party tool such as

to ungroup items on the taskbar.

If using 7 Taskbar Tweaker, choose the option "Don't group" as shown below.
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OK, here goes my first post.
I just restored a HP dv5 laptop to factory original. In setting it up the way I want, I noticed that Windows Media Player was pinned to the task bar. I unpinned it but it returns when the computer is restarted.
I looked in the start folder, found it empty. Checked the Run & Run Once sections of the registry and found nothing related to the media player. I am at the limit of my ability at this point. So I ask my question finally.
How do I prevent Windows Media Player from being repeatedly pinned to the task Bar?

A:Pin/unpin apps to taskbar problem in Win 7/64 Pro

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I know Factory restore sounds like a great thing to do but it's not all that hot as you would expect because of all of the now expired trial software commonly know as junkware,
if you truly want a Fresh start see these for the best chance at a great re-install of windows 7,
This is most likely your best bet because computer manufactures stopped a long time ago from shipping reinstall disks with computers,
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Computer woken up from sleep, go to task bar to open an app, get flashes of app when selecting app's icon on taskbar, but app doesn't open. However, some apps open and some apps don't. Those that do open, when left clicked on for a menu item, the app closes. Although an app opens it is not functional. The only way to restore normalcy is to hard close the computer and reboot, then everything is OK.

A:Taskbar apps flash but don't open?

Did you ever get a response from the FF support forum?

Taskbar icons "flash," but don't open, among other things going wrong
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Hi there, i have a problem after one of windows Update processes, i'm on Win7 Beta 7000 and all my default pinned apps buttons are gone, and "pinned app" feature is working strange.

A list of all the little strange problems happening:
-all buttons lost their extra features (recent doc, play/pause buttons for wmp, explorer particular list)
-a blank pinned app button that doesn't want to erase
-if i pin windows media player, when i open it another icon appears

Any idea?


A:Restore Pinned apps in taskbar

Hello iomicifikko, welcome to Se7en Forums!

Start by having a look at the tutorial, at the link below.

Start Menu - Reset Pin To Area

Keep us informed!

Later Ted
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For some reason, I can't get any of the Office 2010 programs to pin to the taskbar on Windows 7 Home Premium. When the program is running, the jumplist has no button to pin the program. If I go into the Start Menu and hit Pin to Taskbar from there, it gives me a working shortcut on the taskbar, but the program creates a new taskbar button when it launches, completely ignoring the one that's already there.

Even stranger, I don't have this problem on my other computer running Win 7 Pro.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

A:Can't pin Office 2010 apps to taskbar?

Have you tried on the .exe for each program and pin, or drag and drop the exe onto the taskbar. See if that works.
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I have a SAN administration tool I use that launches a Java app. The desktop shortcut that runs it looks like this:

C:\Windows\System32\javaws.exe "C:\Users\gm.KTC\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\14\391de28e-4bf1d62f"

When I pin this shortcut to the taskbar and launch it, I get a second instance of the icon in the taskbar (shown as running), and the pinned icon never changes to a "running" icon. If I launch another instance of the app (Shift-Click the non-running pinned icon) it will pair up both running instances and show me both when I hover over the running icon, so that part works, but it appears that the mechanism that links a running app to the taskbar gets confused by the shortcut.

Bug, feature, something worth reporting?


A:Java apps confusing taskbar

I want to bump this...

I'm running multiple java applications - each is grouping itself properly - except not under the pinned icon, but under a new one. This is very annoying!

Where could one post a bug report?!
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What i mean is when i move the mouse cursor over an app window in taskbar if it's a game in the passed i saw the game running/playing in the small window of the app or if it's a program. Now i need to click on it and enter to it to see what is going on with it.

Now the problem is only with battlefield bad company 2 when the game is running in the background instead clicking on it's icon to enter it and see what is going i want that when i move the mouse cursor over it it should show me in the small window the game. But instead i see only white small window.

A:Why apps in taskbar not showing preview ?

Hello @Chocolade, open control panel go to system, then advanced system settings. Click on the settings tab under performance, and make sure animations in the taskbar is checked.
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Is there a awy to make it so Windows 8.1 does not show any of the Modern Apps in the taskbar?

For instance, I like to keep NotePad8, Weather and some others running, but I don't want them taking up Taskbar realestate since (as far as I'm aware at least), those Modern apps will remain open until I close them for good by moving to the upper left part of the screen.

So, if anyone knows of any methods I could try to do this, I would be all ears! I suspect there's probably something I could do in the registry, and if there is, maybe someone could attach a .reg file for me.

I'm also attaching a screencap of what I'm talking about.

Thanks a lot, everyone!

A:Is there a way to not show Modern Apps in the Taskbar?

This might be what you want---

Right click Taskbar & click Properties---
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Hi. I have a brand new Hp Pavilion and while in the process of customizing my desktop and taskbar I found that i am unable to pin anything from the desktop or shortcuts I created (such as Microsoft Word, or the snipping tool) to the taskbar. I have tried all three methods to try and pin.
The only items pinned are the ones already there from the first boot.

I was hoping someone out there as some insight to this.

A huge 'Thank You" in advance.

A:Cannot pin shortcuts or apps to taskbar-Windows 8.1

Hello Marc, and welcome to Eight Forums.

I have a couple of questions.

Do the shortcuts still work?

Do you have the "Pin to Taskbar" item in the context menu of these shortcuts of application files?
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So when I unpin a program from taskbar, for example chrome, windows wont let me to right click on the app in order to repin it. is there anyway to fix this?

A:Cant pin back the unpin apps to taskbar

Hello Mayheamk,

What do you see instead?

Taskbar - Pin or Unpin Apps in Windows 8
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I like the Windows 7 task bar the way it is. I want to have only large icons instead of a long tail of icons and text. So I don't need to unmix all the icons. But I run both Firefox and Aurora. For those who don't know, Aurora is the night build of the same Firefox. Windows, somehow detects them as the same thing, which they're not, and stacks the icons. Now I use the two browsers for different purposes and I would like to tell Windows 7 task bar: Aurora is something different, like Opera or Chrome and I would like it displayed as such. Could you help?

A:How to unmix the taskbar icons for symilar apps?

i dont use aurora so bare with me, are the taskbar icons for ff and aurora both the same,if so is it possible to change the icon for aurora, in the properties panel.

edit; on reflection this wont actually address the stacking problem.
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I was unpinning many apps from my start screen. Now when I try to run an app (such as Computer, or Control Panel) it creates an entry on the desktop taskbar, but not on the desktop.

I can't run anything on this Win8.0 desktop, except for IE. The only thing I can do with the taskbar icon is close the window.

A:Desktop Apps quit working, They just sit on the Taskbar

I will try upgrading to Win8.1 ??? I can't seem to do anything else without tools of any kind.
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Hi.. I have been having this problem for 4 days now. Ive been trying to find all solutions related to fix this problem. In the end. I have just fixed the PC SETTINGS and STORE APP. As of today all of the apps have been repaired and installed via STORE but the problem still persist. Even though they have been repaired and installed. They can't open on maximized mode. Can anyone have some possible solutions for this type of problem? Btw. I have already made this steps.

1) Chkdsk /f /r
2.) Reregister Store
3.) Scan for virus via ESET NOD32
4.) Almost all of the options on the thread Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8
5.) sfc /scannow
6.) Fixed problems via Advanced System Care Ultimate 7
7.) Fixed problems via CCleaner.

Now the only problem i have is the apps can't be opened.

A:Metro Apps remains on the taskbar and can't maximized

Hi there. Did you perform the DISM in the tutorial?

Will they go full screen by pushing Windows key + up arrow?
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After Nvidia GeForce Experience crashed during a GPU driver update, my modern apps (Store, Images, Groove, etc..) do not start and return error message "The app didn't start". My start button is unclickable and my search bar does not wor either.In event viewer I see an event ID 5973 from the source "Apps", stating that the activation of -some modern app-.App failed. This event happens every time I try to launch a modern app, click the start button or use the search bar.I have tried removing the TileDataLayer, replacing with a fresh one from another user, re-registering Store apps, clearing the Store cache, rebooting various times, and signing in with different users. The issue persists on other users as well.Is there anything I haven't tried yet that could be worth a shot?Don't worry if plan A fails, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet ;)
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I cant see icon of metro in taskbar of windows 8.1

A:i cant see icons of metro apps in taskbar of windows 8.1

Are you in the Desktop or in the Metro/Start screen?
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Hi all,
I m using windows 8 at home and at work.
I pinned many apps to my startbar at home and at work.
At my workplace I have to remap these apps to the taskbar everyday. They don t stay located after logoff or reboot of the pc.
I already contacted my IT department but they don t support Windows 8 only certain apps we use.
I know this forum is not for workrelated questions but I loose everyday 20 minutes because of this so I m getting really irritated.
I m not on FATCLIENT. I login to a Citrix Client.
I have requested an Admin account for the domain so I can make changes myself and start troubleshooting.
We have a citrix support line but these guys log tickets but can t seem to resolve the issue.
Maybe this issue is unresolvable ?
Suggestions are welcome
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I just noticed something. I hardly ever use Store Apps but I had cause to look at a couple just now.
The Task Bar, which I'd noticed previously when using Store Apps would hide itself after a moment, and could be recalled with a mouse movement downwards, is now on screen permanently.

is that normal? I like it like this! The title bar does vanish and reappear as expected.

EDIT: I just did a little reading and see it's not just me. I also have the desktop 'drop shadow icon text' that just won't go away even after registry hacks.
I do hope Windows 9 doesn't inherit any of this kind of thing!

A:Taskbar remains on screen even in Store Apps.

Hello Mark,

Since the August 12th 2014 Windows Updates, the taskbar will on some PCs always show on the Start, apps, and PC settings screens if you do not have the taskbar set to auto-hide and you open the Start screen by pressing the Start button on the taskbar while on your desktop. If you multiple screens, then this doesn't apply.

If you do not have the taskbar set to auto-hide or you open the Start screen by pressing the Windows key, you will not see the taskbar on the Start, apps, and PC settings screens unless you open the taskbar using step 5 below.

Taskbar - Open in Windows 8.1

Hope this helps,
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Let's start a list! Only non-Microsoft apps...
foobar2000 (with plug-in)
Mozilla Firefox (with extra program)
Power Archiver (native)

A:Apps with extend taskbar/jumplist support

Quote: Originally Posted by garbanzo

Let's start a list! Only non-Microsoft apps...
foobar2000 (with plug-in)
Mozilla Firefox (with extra program)

Power archiver (built in and its also got the ribbon interface)
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Hi All

I am experiencing a weird issue on an XP machine I use for work.

Despite having the windows taskbar 'locked', all my apps open up with their minimise/maximise/close buttons hidden behind this taskbar.

I am one of those who choose to locate the taskbar at the top of the screen rather than on the bottom.

So, if I want to move an app, or resize the window - quite simply, I can't do this without first moving the system taskbar to the left or right position - which then gives me access to the top bar of any running application. I can then access and thus move/adjust the application position.

Does anyone know why I might be experiencing this weird behavior and if so, how I reset it back to default please?

I have tried turning the machine off and restarting - to no avail.

Many thanks all.

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I have a problem with refreshing icons in taskbar when delete files/apps/other and updating apps from store on my laptop. Simple icons disappeared for 2 sec and back again.
Any fix?

A:Icons in taskbar refreshing when delete apps/files...

Originally Posted by Markic I have a problem with refreshing icons in taskbar when delete files/apps/other and updating apps from store on my laptop. Simple icons disappeared for 2 sec and back again.
Any fix? the icons that disappear momentarily, are they in any way the same as the ones updating?
And which version of windows 10 are you on?
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So lets say you have a program open, and its not pinned to the taskbar, calculator for example. You close it, and the animation for the programs icon on the taskbar disappears smoothly. Now, if I pin the calculator onto the taskbar and open it (or any current taskbar pinned item) and close it, the icon disappears with a sort of a chunky, or "blocky" animation leaving just the normal taskbar icon.

My question is, should this happen or is my Windows install lagging somehow? Can anyone recreate this and see if you get a similiar result? Simply, non taskbar pinned apps icons seem to close smoother, while ones that are pinned dont really have an animation and just close with maybe 3 different frames.

A:Quick Question About Closing Apps/ Taskbar (Could someone test this? )

Hello Keyes,

This would be the Animations in the taskbar visual effects setting. It's normal for there to be a slight delay with the animation. If it's to long or jagged, then you may have something else running that's using a lot of resources causing a temporary longer delay for this.

If you like, you could turn off (uncheck) this setting to have them be instant instead.

Visual Effects Settings - Change
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The title says it all. I have a taskbar filled with pinned apps and I'd like to move that information to another profile, but I can't find it anywhere.

Anybody know?

A:Where does Windows store list of apps pinned to the taskbar?

Here you go. C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned

Both Start menu and Taskbar are there.

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quot Right-click taskbar gt Properties gt Taskbar gt Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar quot determines whether Store Metro Modern apps show up in the regular taskbar taskbar Store removed not Tombstoned Windows apps from as well as in the quot point to upper-left corner for Tombstoned Windows Store apps not removed from taskbar recent apps quot area Apparently this has recently acquired a bug where icons for Store apps will remain in the taskbar even after they are tombstoned killed Turning off this setting will clean icons for tombstoned Store apps from the taskbar but of course leaving it off makes it more difficult to work with Store apps that are actually running This setting is for some reason also responsible for whether the taskbar is accessible by mousing to the bottom of the Start Screen With it unchecked there is no way to access the taskbar when running an application that blocks the taskbar like a video or a game running in fullscreen or windowed borderless modes Leaving it off is therefore not a viable option The part about tombstoned apps not vacating the taskbar is new behavior to me at least so I assume this was broken in a recent Windows update I installed over MB of updates earlier today My new habit to work around this bug will be to uncheck apply check and apply this setting whenever I close Store apps but is anyone aware of a real fix for this issue
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On my ASUS N550, Windows 8.1, my taskbar icons are blank for any Windows Store apps. The icons are normal for other apps (like MS Office, Explorer, etc...).

It was working before and all of sudden, it stopped working! To start with, I thought it was the graphic card driver and I did all the updates but it didnt work.

In case you need to know; my computer is not connected with any business policy, I am just using my hotmail account.

Many thanks

Exact same issue as in this thread but solution doesn't work for me:
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Is there any way to keep all pinned apps. on the taskbar, to the left of all open windows (like in Windows 7 and earlier?

A:Pinned apps in taskbar - Keep to the left of open windows?

Hello Synomenon,

By default, any opened app or window will be to the right of all pinned apps on the taskbar unless it is a pinned app, then it will show opened wherever the pinned app is already at on the taskbar.

If you like, you are also able to drag the pinned apps in any arrangement on the taskbar though.

Hope this helps some,
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Hi there

W10 X-64 pro (build 10547) and vmware workstation rel 12 - in full screen mode can't launch apps from taskbar.

Works fine in Windowed mode

This happens on LINUX Hosts - (Opensuse, Centos and Mint)

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It's been couple of days since I upgraded my system to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Everything is working fine except this nasty error. If I pin apps to taskbar or run apps , the app icons on the taskbar are shown as white square. And I am seeing the same thing on Apps & Feature settings list. The icons are there but as the backgrounds are shown as grey-white chequered pattern (for the transparency ), it looks like white squares. Rebuilt the icon cache but to no avail. And on the start menu everything looks fine.
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I'm having a problem with certain full-screen apps and games disappearing from the taskbar. I can alt-tab to get back to them, however. I've found the problem affecting Hearthstone, XBMC, and Skyrim. Any ideas?

I'm running Windows 8.1 x64.

A:Full-screen games/apps disappearing from taskbar

Originally Posted by Xax

I'm having a problem with certain full-screen apps and games disappearing from the taskbar. I can alt-tab to get back to them, however. I've found the problem affecting Hearthstone, XBMC, and Skyrim. Any ideas?

I'm running Windows 8.1 x64.

Did you install update 1, there are some changes affecting task bar behavior.
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While using Internet Explorer in desktop mode I can browse for a few seconds and then the program disappears. It may reappear in a few minutes or sometime not at all. It is most annoying. Also my taskbar has disappeared and won't pop up when I put the cursor at the bottom of the screen. The computer did a windows update a few weeks ago and the problem seems to have started since the update.

A:Apps running on desktop keep minimizing & taskbar missing

This sounds like your Explorer (Windows Explorer) is turning off and restarting intermittently...I don't know what to suggest other than getting any new important update that comes along.
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Hi I tried installing the anniversary update on a PC I upgraded from disappeared apps and start [HELP] All menu taskbar and from programs windows that worked well with TH The first attempt failed and restored TH I cleared windows update and [HELP] All apps and programs disappeared from start menu and taskbar tried again but it failed again however this time after restoring TH everything was fine at first and after a few minutes when I tried to open the start menu windows explorer crashed and relaunched and all apps and programs pinned to the taskbar except windows explorer got unpinned What's worse is that my start menu is virtually empty I cannot launch settings and all apps only shows D builder OneNote Photos and Xbox Cortana search cannot launch any apps or programs but will launch edge to perform a search however the icon does not show in the taskbar What I find strange is this problem only affects one user and another admin test account has no problem I ran DISM restorehealth however I do not see any difference I tried rolling back to a previous windows build that was saved on my disk windows old but this failed Anyone know how I can restore the start menu and all apps list for this user Thanks in advance for the help

A:[HELP] All apps and programs disappeared from start menu and taskbar

creating the user account again? Or is that not an option?
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On my Surface Pro in Windows and tech preview my taskbar icons are blank for any Windows Store apps The icons are normal for other apps Store Apps Taskbar Windows Icons for Blank like MS Office Explorer etc I am betting it has something to do with a group policy But I can't find anyone else out there with this problem I've reimaged the device upgraded from - gt - gt Nothing has changed When I first got the Surface - it all worked great I could see the icons fine As soon as I joined the device to our corporate domain that is when the problem started happening I have tried connecting to the internet from home thinking it was a network firewall issue at work but that did not solve Blank Taskbar Icons for Windows Store Apps it See the attached screenshot it's a screenshot of Windows - but Blank Taskbar Icons for Windows Store Apps the same thing was happening in Windows and It does this for any of the quot apps quot Any ideas what group policies might affect this Any other Blank Taskbar Icons for Windows Store Apps ideas Dan

A:Blank Taskbar Icons for Windows Store Apps

Hi Dan,
Welcome to the forums, try this:Notification Area Icons - Reset - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Hi everyone,
I have just started using one of Lenovo's hybrids, the Yoga 2 11, after using for a while a previous model (IdeaPad Yoga 11s).
Windows 8.1 on both.
Now, my new Lenovo surprised me with an interestingly annoying feature - it won't allow me to pin Windows apps to the taskbar. I've tried from the Start Apps menu and from everywhere. Only, I didn't try clicking on the app icon when it is running and shown on the taskbar - simply because it won't: there's no way to access the taskbar while an app is open unless returning to the desktop.
I'm quite a beginner but I don't understand why there are such differences when the operating system is the very same. All of this is referred to while in Laptop mode so I can't even see how Lenovo could have an influence on it.

If anyone out there ever had such an issue...

A:Lenovo hybrid - apps won't be shown/pinned on taskbar

Hello Armonia, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The modern apps are full screen in Windows 8.1, and will cover the taskbar. You can use step 3 or 5 to open the taskbar while you have a modern app open to see it.

Taskbar - Open in Windows 8.1

Resetting and clearing all pinned items on the taskbar may be able to help with not being able to "Pin to taskbar" if it's corrupted.

Taskbar Pinned Apps - Reset and Clear in Windows 8

Hope this helps for now,
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This morning, my icons on the taskbar have suddenly turned into icons with names of open apps and tabs. I didn't change anything, but did recently have an update. I prefer to not have the names showing. I know what the icons are and prefer to point at it to choose a tab, etc. How do I get the names to go away?
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I have searched far and wide over google, But I cannot find the solution to this issue. I even opened the help document for windows and even it tells me to go to Taskbar and Navigation to show metro apps on the taskbar. Well this is what it looks like for me:

Apparently there's supposed to be a checkbox that reads "Show store apps on taskbar" but that isn't there! I have a version of Windows 8.1 that doesn't have this option. Any help? I really liked this feature. This worked for me until I installed a fresh installation of Windows 8.1.

A:Option to show metro apps in taskbar missing

Hello Enitoni, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Did you install the Windows 8.1 Update yet?

That option is only available after the Windows 8.1 Update has been installed via Windows Update.

Taskbar - Hide or Show Store Apps in Windows 8.1 Update
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I've been having this issue since I have installed windows 8.1 that sometimes that opened video games such as Dota 2 would not show on taskbar and I have to alt+tab to get back to see them. I was hoping to find a solution with regard in how to fix this issue.

A:Windows 8 taskbar issue (Apps wont show)

Some programs open with Hidden Icons. You can fix it by going to Hidden Icons / Customize / and choose Show Icon and Notifications.
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After Nvidia GeForce Experience crashed during a GPU driver update, my modern apps (Store, Images, Groove, etc..) do not start and return error message "The app didn't start". My start button is unclickable and my search bar does not wor either.In event viewer I see an event ID 5973 from the source "Apps", stating that the activation of -some modern app-.App failed. This event happens every time I try to launch a modern app, click the start button or use the search bar.I have tried removing the TileDataLayer, replacing with a fresh one from another user, re-registering Store apps, clearing the Store cache, rebooting various times, and signing in with different users. The issue persists on other users as well.Is there anything I haven't tried yet that could be worth a shot?Don't worry if plan A fails, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet ;)

A:Windows 10 desktop Modern apps and taskbar no longer works

Obvious suggestion, but I don't see it mentioned. Have you opened an Administrative Command Prompt and ran:dism /online /cleanup-image /restoreHealth
sfc /scannowAlso, have you tried creating a new user account, to check if the modern apps on that account work? Outside of that, I'd need to know the details of the events in question. An error number would help.How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
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when I open Settings - Apps & features I can't see the icons of Microsoft Corporation, neither in my taskbar, I only see a blank square with pixels, see below my example.
However, they are visible in the Start Menu
How to solve this problem.
Thank in advance for the co-operation
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I originally wanted to completely disable the UAC as the admin permission messages that popped for almost any everything i wanted to do were very annoying I dont remember exactly what i did but it was something in gpedit or something similar to it After i did that my windows store app stopped working and appeared as a blank space in my task bar as it was still pinned there As the store wasnt working apps related to it like the calculator disappeared from my pc They dont appear when i search for them and links to DL ones from the store dont work either I tried the guide here Apps - Reinstall and Re-register in Windows and - Windows Forums and did step but that managed to break powershell and make it disappear as well as disabling my task bar and start menu I cant right click anything in my task bar and can only use the start menu's right click menu I was considering restarting resetting but i was hoping someone here would be able to help figure out what i originally did so i can hopefully attempt to fix this

A:Store, start menu, taskbar, and apps like calc not working

.....................I originally wanted to completely disable the UAC as the admin permission messages that popped for almost any/everything i wanted to do were very annoying. I dont remember exactly what i did, but it was something in gpedit or something similar to it.......................................

When did you do that ?
If it is not too long ago, and if you do remember the date, do a system restore.
Pick a date BEFORE you did the gpedit as your restore point.

System Restore Windows 10
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Hi there Metro apps CAN be pinned to the desktop or added to a cascading menu via a custom toolbar so it's only a question of finding out what the executable is You can mix these with standard apps too This method works and DOESN'T NEED any rd party apps or Registry hacks Tested on Windows -- can't say though on Windows but in theory should work From CMD Mode run this command explorer shell Appsfolder Then from the Window press F or choose View gt choose details and click the boxes Name Long Display name AppuserModelID now choose display DETAILS in the file explorer and you'll see the create / menu apps desktop / taskbar Metro - cascading extra columns including the APPuserModelID From this point it's now easy -- you simply right mouse click on your desktop and create shortcut gt new type in the script - for example the Sports application explorer shell Appsfolder Microsoft BingSports wekyb d bbwe AppexSports This will appear on your desktop -- I need to sort out sensible icons for these but it works Metro apps - desktop / taskbar / create cascading menu -- excuse the Printer icon but I'm just testing The idea is to add these to my custom toolbar - so I can also CASCADE these at will Read first my post on creating a custom toolbar with your own standard apps you can save these in a file so you can re-use if you re-install get a new system Creating Usable Pgm toolbar WITH sub menus Now if you want top get these into a custom decent toolbar do the following Watch typing errors - however if you browse into your standard user home folder documents gt Metro apps - desktop / taskbar / create cascading menu appdata gt local gt Microsoft gt windows gt application short cuts you should see the metro stuff so right click properties now you can copy and paste Cheers jimbo
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I installed Quick Launch on my Taskbar (Windows 7, 64-bit).

I don't know how to position it next to the Start button.

The area in the Taskbar between the Start button and the Quick Launch toolbar appears to be reserved to display open applications.

Dragging the Quick Launch toolbar all the way to the left doesn't work. It stops 2 inches from the Start button, allowing room for open application icons.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


A:Taskbar-Open Apps on left, Quick Launch on right - can't reverse these

Hi and welcome to the Forum.
I found this " Note that you’ll need to right-click and unlock the taskbar before you can move the toolbar."
You might find this useful:
Quick Launch - Enable or Disable
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Is there anyway to remove the unpin/pin context menus - while retaining the items currently on there. It can be a pain when I have folder shortcuts already setup but I accidentally unpin them when trying to close an unrelated app. In other words - I have the taskbar the way I like it and want to prevent further changes (like how rocketdock can lock icons and settings).

Is there a way to accomplish this in W7?

A:Prevent unpinning apps - taskbar context menu customization?

Have to say I'm having some difficulty imagining how you're 'accidentally' unpinning when closing another app but I'm afraid the answer is no (or at least as far as I'm aware).
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I would like to change the highlighting or style of the taskbar icons to show more of a difference between running and non-running programs. The non-running programs are ones that have been stickied.

I would also like to change the look of the active program as well

I can't seem to find the setting in Style Builder that changes this. I'm not even sure if it is a replacement image or just a transparency mask over the existing button.
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I have upgraded to windows from and been using it for the last week now with no problems Today during a mandatory update my pc went blue screen and said it had to restart Once it restarted it updated and booted fine However after the update I realized that my start menu stopped working If I press it nothing shows up It is the same with my search menu Also none of my taskbar icons will work like the volume and notifications I have searched the internet and tried all the solutions provided like windows powershell and uninstalling antivirus and restarting explorer but nothing seems Windows icons 10 Menu, taskbar working not apps, Start and metro to work for me I can't reformat and clean install at the moment because it's really inconvenient for me and have some important files and big programs that I can't back up Can anyone please provide me a solution for Windows 10 Start Menu, metro apps, and taskbar icons not working this bug Is there anyway I can reinstall the last update again manually Or if I revert Windows 10 Start Menu, metro apps, and taskbar icons not working back to win would this problem still persist I can't afford to lose anything since I am away and need my computer for work

A:Windows 10 Start Menu, metro apps, and taskbar icons not working

Right click the start button and click on Programs and Features. (It's at the top.)
In the window that opens click on 'View installed updates'
Click on the updates you want to uninstall and Bob's your auntie's live-in lover!
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Ok, here's the situation:

I usually just have my Desktop as my only Toolbar. That is, whatever is on the desktop shows up on the Taskbar (without title or text). Of course, this is easy enough to do, but try removing the following from the Desktop Toolbar:
- Internet Explorer
- My Computer
- My Network Places
- My Documents

Most of you will say, "Too easy, just go to Display Properties -> Desktop tab -> Customize Desktop and UNcheck the Desktop icons" OR "Just right-click and delete them from the taskbar".

Looks great.... until I reboot or log-off/in. They magically reappear on the Taskbar (but not on the actual Desktop).

I imagine I may need to edit the registry. Any ideas???


A:Windows XP Taskbar magically restores Windows' default apps (IE, My Docs, etc)

Ok, 23 hits, but no replies.
So, I have a work-around:

I simply created a folder, added all the shortcuts I would normally have on my desktop, MINUS the annoying sticky MS ones, and created a toolbar using that folder.

The only downside is that any new applications I decide to have on my new toolbar, need to be added manually to this folder, and should be added (if not already) onto my desktop.

Crude, but it works =o)
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I'm a new Win user trying to setup a more normal looking desktop on my wife's new laptop In an attempt to populate the desktop toolbar with apps on the start page I found it can't be done as explained in the tutorial Either when I touch hold the app icon or right mouse click the app is checked and the bottom application bar appears However on the app bar my only choices are quot Unpin from Start quot quot Uninstall quot or quot Find in Start quot I'm not given the option of quot Pin to taskbar quot I "pin the apps to icon Missing page on taskbar" also don't see the choices quot Open new window quot quot Run as admin quot or quot Open file location quot that Missing "pin to taskbar" icon on the apps page I see in an example under that tutorial I'm running this account in admin mode The most recent Windows update was with no new updates available when checked today Is there something wrong or a control panel setting I Missing "pin to taskbar" icon on the apps page need to enable to see the other choices Your help will be appreciated Thanks -Matt

A:Missing "pin to taskbar" icon on the apps page

Check the items on the Task Bar in the desktop it should be there that is why you do not see the option to pin to the taskbar.
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Hi everyone,

I couldn't find a solution to my problem so far and I will be really grateful if someone can help me. After installing all available updates of windows 8.1, my checkbox for "Show windows Store apps on taskbar" simply disappeared from the taskbar properties. Moreover, the on and off option from Settings -> Change PC settings -> PC and devices -> Corners and edges -> App switching also seems to be forever gone. In other words when I open an app I can't close it (Esc isn't working any more or X option) and I can't see it on the taskbar Please HELP. Thank you in advance!

A:windows 8.1 missing show windows store apps on taskbar

Hello Geryga, and welcome to Eight Forms.

The show Store apps on the taskbar option was part of the April 8th updates. Please check to make sure that you have all available Windows Updates installed, then check to see if you have the option afterwards. If you did install them all, then see if restarting the computer may help.

Windows Update - Check for and Install in Windows 8

Taskbar - Hide or Show Store Apps in Windows 8.1 Update
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Hi guys. I noticed that in Win7, the applications in the new Quick Launch move if you run one of the applications in the "Pinned to Taskbar" section. For example, if I have Windows Explorer and Firefox next to each other and I click to open Windows Explorer, the Firefox icon will slide far to the right so that it's after the Windows Explorer task in the taskbar.

Is there a way to keep the new quicklanuch icons in Win7 in the same place, like WinXP?

A:Force Apps "Pinned to Taskbar" ("Quicklaunch" in WinXP) stay next to Start Button
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Newly installed apps. ot appearing in program menu unable to pin apps to start menu.

This happened to me previously and I could find no solution....I eventually created a new admin profile, where newly installed apps appeared in the program menu and I could pin apps tomthe start menu feom a desktopmshortxut etc.

I copied over my video docs pictures and music folders to the new profile. Now a few months later the same thing is happening again. I have created a new admin profile and it all,works fine there. I have searched on the internet and others have the same issue, but of course anything you search for always finds someone else with the same issue...

Hopefully someone can help me with this very annoying problem

A:Newly installed apps. ot appearing in program menu unable to pin apps

actually resolved the issue....I turned on windows update and did a massive update, the start menu looks a little different, maybe a different font, pinned items can only be mace smaller or bigger, used to be an option for long ( didnt use this anyway ) but new apps now showing and pin to start menu MS fixed it, there is some advantage to updating, have backed up with true image and turned off updating, will back up again before updating next time......the update didnt like GPU-Z and temoved it plus a few other apps and turned defender back on i think.......shutup-10 sorted all this out.....
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Hi As the post title suggests I am having trouble with the modern apps and connectivity It feels like half my computer will connect to the internet and the other half won't Desktop apps like Chrome Steam Outlook iTunes etc all work connecting desktop apps apps Modern not fine. to internet, connect to the internet fine but any of the Windows apps like Xbox Modern apps not connecting to internet, desktop apps work fine. Store and most frustratingly Settings will not connect In my Modern apps not connecting to internet, desktop apps work fine. network Modern apps not connecting to internet, desktop apps work fine. and sharing centre in the control panel it says 'You are not connected to any networks' - but in the system tray and in the settings app it shows me as connected to my home wi-fi I am on a desktop and using a USB wireless adapter I don't think the adapter is the problem as I have tried it on another desktop in our house on Windows and it worked fine Curiously also when I click 'Adapter settings' in the control panel it shows the wifi connection I've tried updating the drivers for the wireless adapter both through the Windows update and adapter website but to no avail and as I mentioned it seems the adapter works fine elsewhere I've updated manually to the latest Windows Pro build i've done a DNS flush I've tried disabling firewalls and anti-virus I've tried disabling startup apps I've done a clean install of Windows and still am unable to fix the issue If anyone has any ideas that might help that would be great I'm happy to provide any more information if people need it Thanks very much

A:Modern apps not connecting to internet, desktop apps work fine.

Is your DNS client service running on your system .

To resolve this problem, follow these steps:
Click Start, click Run, type services.msc, and then click OK.In the list of services, click DNS Client.Make sure that the Status column displays Started and that the Startup Type column displays Automatic.If the service is not set to Started or if the startup type for the DNS Client service is not set to Automatic, follow these steps:
Right-click DNS Client, and then click Properties.In the DNS Client Properties dialog box, click the General tab, and then click Automatic in the Startup type list.Click Start, click Apply, and then click OK.
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I was given a Windows 8.1 tablet that once had a detachable keyboard which the guy lost. he reset the whole computer and after I got my information on it instead. After the reset, Windows was no longer activated and I had to reactivate it. which neither of us knows why, it was activated before we did a data factory reset. after I created my user, I installed a bunch of exes. now I go to try to see if I could test out the Windows Store to search for apps. but I search "Windows Store" or "app store" and several other things that may bring it up, but it always says, "no apps match your search" like if the Windows store is missing or somehow magically removed with the reset process. How do I get it back?
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Hi I ve been struggling with this problem Internet firefox apps, and for works 3rd IE OS Solved: NOT for or apps party for a few days now The problem is that I do NOT have internet access for firefox chrome dropbox etc but i DO have internet access for IE and certain OS apps like Network Troubleshooter I ve read and tried most of the typical solutions with no avail What I ve Tried Safemode with Networking - same situation I can use IE but not Firefox Chrome etc Reseting Winsock netsh winsock reset etc - didn t work possibly just made matters worse Flushing DNS ipconfig flushdns etc I do NOT have a special proxy and neither firefox nor chrome nor IE are trying to use one I have Solved: Internet works for IE and OS apps, NOT for firefox or 3rd party apps added exceptions in Windows Firewall then just straight up disabled the firewall I have Avira antivirus but it does not contain any firewall features and no place that I can see to add any such exception LSP-Fix exe I tried to fix the LSP registery it found problem from leftover Bonjour dll and I ve repaired it but its changed nothing I ran quick-scan on malwarebytes - found nothing I ran checkdisk and found no errors I have no system restore point Also with firefox I hve tried it in safe-mode and created a new profile but that hasn t changed anything When I try to make a connection with firebug open it says the request was quot aborted quot Because native Microsoft software IE OS software has no problem connecting to the internet I m just trying to figure out what bridge was burned between firefox chrome and the working internet connection It must be at a decently quot low level quot because safe-mode doesn t correct the problem Does anyone hve any new suggestions Or perhaps I am overlooking something obvious with the things I have already tried Thank you so much in advance I really really don t want to have to reformat - I m in law school and don t have the extra time right now HJT Ping IPCONFIG files attached nbsp

A:Solved: Internet works for IE and OS apps, NOT for firefox or 3rd party apps

Ok, so literally nothing was working - I did a "Repair Install" using my windows 7 cd. It took 2 hours, but when it finished up all of my networking was working So, for those of you who are having similar issues, as a last resort I'd give that a shot. Definitely read a few articles about what is required to successfully perform a Repair Install, as you don't want anything going wrong during that process.
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Hey in Display settings, how it has the Colours option as: Highest [32bit] Medium [16bit]

Does the colour affect performance? Like if i used Medium 16bit, would i get better game performance?

Also my current Desktop Res is: 1440x900 If i changed it to something like, 1280 ? 1024 would it also help game performance?

Thanks for your time:D

A:[Help] Colours: 32 vs 16

Yes and yes.

Changing both of those values to the lower setting does give better performance (as in better FPS) but you lose quality. Note that you don't have to change the desktop settings at all, most games have their own settings that they force on the system, so change the settings in the in-game graphics menu.

Its a balancing act, between quality and performance, the balance is entirely up to you.

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I just installed Windows 2000, and now my colour settings are stuck at 16 colours.

Whats going on?

A:16 colours

You need to download and install Video Card drivers . . wrs
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Have a problem on my pc, and I think it may be due to the red colour.

The problem, is that when I'm online, the colour red has a bit of an edge to it, like its slightly ghosting. Checked this by going to Paint and typing a capital i, I.

I compared all the colours, and the red one only gave this problem.

Does anyone know where the colours are stored, so that I can experiment, to see if it is the cause?

If it is, I can't believe I have a brand new video card on its way

Thanks in advance


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I am new to this forum and hope that some one here can help me out. I am running Internet explorer on my laptop and have no colours on the web pages. Everything is just white backgrounds with black fonts. Most of the tabs and other buttons that need to be clicked on to move around the web sites are missing too. I have been thru the whole help section that is in the computer. I have tried to change the colour settings in tool button in IE and I have tried an external monitor on the laptop with the same problem. Any help or ideas would be most appreciated. My operating system is XP home and I have tried to update to IE7 but that not help and had to put it back to IE6 so my parents can use it (they don't like change).


A:No Colours

Just reinstall operating system that is registry corruption for internet explorer due to some kind of virus or spyware..

Dhaval Soni
Dell Technical Support.


Originally Posted by thewombat

I am new to this forum and hope that some one here can help me out. I am running Internet explorer on my laptop and have no colours on the web pages. Everything is just white backgrounds with black fonts. Most of the tabs and other buttons that need to be clicked on to move around the web sites are missing too. I have been thru the whole help section that is in the computer. I have tried to change the colour settings in tool button in IE and I have tried an external monitor on the laptop with the same problem. Any help or ideas would be most appreciated. My operating system is XP home and I have tried to update to IE7 but that not help and had to put it back to IE6 so my parents can use it (they don't like change).

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My windows xp starts up fine, but after a few seconds i loose all my screen colours.. exept for some desktop icons, which stay normal untill i move my mouse over them.

i don't have a clue what happened and how i can change this. My monitor is plugged in correct and i don't see a problem in my desktop properties.

all help is highly appreciated!


A:Colours gone

I suggest that you look for an updated driver for your graphics card, and download it and install it in accordance with the instructions on site.

If you do not find one, make sure you have the CD that came with the graphics card and then go to Control Panel > add remove programs > and remove the program for your graphics card. Reboot and reinstall the program from the CD.
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firstly thanks for having an interest in my problem, anyhows i recently formatted my c drive and now i have an array of troubles but a major one is that i cant get back to using 256 colours. I only have the option of choosing 2 or 16 colours.Is it something to do with drives or something. there must be an easy answer, thanks!!!!

A:how to get 256 colours

try installing your video drivers for your graphics card, and any other troubles you have you will probably have to reinstall the drivers for that componet, right click on my computer go to Device Manager then look to see if there is any Exclamation points or Red X's on the componet I am assuming you are using Win 98, if there are any you must install the drivers for that componet.

ICQ# 51865388
AOL IM daveandrew v1
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Hi. I have a problem with videos. This is that whenever I play most videos, the colours go screwy and graphica lartifacts appear.

Here is a pic:


Scary, huh? This doesn't seem to affect the sound or anything like that, it's just the video.

This doesn't happen on quicktime files, and sometimes it also works with normal movie types without the screwy colours.

It's really annoying, so I was wondering whether anyone knew the problem with it and how to fix it?


EDIT: Oh, and it happens on all of these videos, not just internet ones.

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I'm using a temporary monitor which is ancient. It's a philips pro 3cm9609 14". Can't find it listed when I try to use the hardware wizard. Tried to install as standard vga, but each time I reboot Windows detects it as a default monitor. I can't choose a display adapter that works. I keep getting a message that says it will conflict with other hardware if I try. I am stuck in 16 colour-mode, there is no compatible hardware shown in the list in the wizard. I have an intel 810 integrated chipset. Now I am lost and annoyed as I can't run many applications with lack of colour. HELP!!!

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Hi my computer has been stuck in 16 colours for bout a month now and when i go into display the 256 colour mode is not available.Can someone tell me if theres a driver or how i get to find out what my driver is nd in 640x400 size only a very distresses lady.

A:Why Do I Only Have 16 Colours Plz Help Me!


hi thnks but i dont know what make my graphics card is to get the necessry driver and i havent chnged or had my comp repaired so can any one else help its relly bugging me!
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Having lots of problems after Anniversary Update...can someone help with these two following issues as listed in attached pdf:

Required applications are not installed correctly.


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PC Cleaning Apps are a Scam Here s Why and How to Speed Up Your PC nbsp nbsp PC cleaning apps are digital snake oil The web is full PC apps: Why truth Scam Apps Here?s Cleaning The behind (and... of ads for applications that want to clean your PC and make it feel like new Don t pull out your credit card these apps are terrible and you don t need them If you do want to clean your PC you can do it for free Windows includes built-in PC cleaning tools The truth behind PC Cleaning apps: Scam Apps Here?s Why (and... that can do almost all of what the average PC cleaning app will do for you nbsp Let s Investigate a PC Cleaning App nbsp So what do these apps do anyway To investigate we ran MyCleanPC don t try this at home we installed this bad software so you don t have to MyCleanPC is one of the most prominent PC cleaning apps it even advertises itself with television The truth behind PC Cleaning apps: Scam Apps Here?s Why (and... commercials First let s look at its Frequently Asked Questions to see what it promises The full paid version of the MyCleanPC software will attempt to remove issues found with your PC s registry and hard drive including removal of junk files unneeded registry entries Internet browsing traces and fragmented portions of your hard drive We re already on thin ice here Windows can remove junk files clear Internet browsing traces and defragment your hard drive without installing additional software MyCleanPC offers a free diagnosis which is little more than an attempt to scare people into thinking their computers have thousands of issues that can be fixed for an easy payment After running a scan you ll see an alarming count of the number of problems on your computer It found issues on our computer That s an extremely alarming number but what exactly is an issue Every browser cookie and history entry counts as a single issue Every temporary file counts as a single issue no matter how tiny it is Invalid registry entries are considered issues although they shouldn t actually slow down your computer Our registry can be compacted a bit but this shouldn t make a noticeable different in performanceEvery fragmented file counts as a single issue MyCleanPC is measuring fragmentation based on the number of fragmented files leading to a scary-looking data fragmentation statistic For comparison the Windows Disk Defragmenter tells us we have fragmentation nbsp Now that they ve scared you this is the part where you would take out your credit card and give them to clean your PC Don t Believe the HypeTemporary files are not slowing down your computer and neither are browser history entries or cookies Registry entries are generally not a problem there s a reason Microsoft once created a registry cleaner of their own before discontinuing it and advising people not to use registry cleaners Yes your computer can be slow because its file system is fragmented You can fix this by running the Disk Defragmenter tool included with Windows the Disk Defragmenter runs automatically on a schedule anyway Most people shouldn t have to worry about defragmenting their hard drives anymore nbsp nbsp How to Actually Clean Your PCLet s say you want to clean your PC just like a PC cleaner would Here s what you can do Run the Disk Cleanup tool included with Windows It s focused on freeing up space on your hard drive but it will also delete old temporary files and other useless things Just tap the Windows key type Disk Cleanup and press Enter to launch it You can even schedule a Disk Cleanup to clean your computer automatically Clear your browser history or even better set your browser to automatically clear its history when you close it if you don t want to store a history Run the Disk Defragmenter included with Windows This isn t necessary if you use a solid-state drive Don t bother with a registry cleaner If you must use the free CCleaner which has the best-tested registry cleaner out there It will also delete temporary files for other programs ... Read more
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A:My windows store apps cannot update and i cannot install new apps also

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question error 0x87AF0001 this seems to be a new error, I haven't seen it before
As a standard suggestion - try restarting your device, checking your internet connection, checking time and region settings, checking if your microsoft account is syncing properly or not
What device is this? A pc or mobile?
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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Ok so I am trying to figure this out. We have the store disabled through group policy, but would like to give access or deploy a store app to a certain set of users. Is there a way to do this through group policy or just by doing a few steps? Ive been searching around but I cant find anything. Any help would be great, thanks!
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i do prefer a local account
but when i try to install new apps from app store
w8.1 asks me to switch to a microsoft account

can i install apps with a local account?
and how can i understand if i have a local account or microsoft account


A:can i install apps from apps store with a local account?

See the screenshot below for selection you have to make for not to convert your local account to a Microsoft Account:

Windows Store - Sign in with Different Microsoft Account in Windows 8

Screenshot from tutorial Skype App - Use with Local Account in Windows 8.

You of course need an email address (Microsoft Account) but it will only be used for the app in question (Windows Store is also just an app), so in the next dialog either give an existing Microsoft Account credentials or select Sign up for a Microsoft account to create a new one to be used with Store app:

Your Windows sign in account will remain local, it will not be converted to a Microsoft Account.

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Hi Everyone I'm superlulu from France sorry my English I'm installing Windows on new computer for my organization I try to configurate one with fresh install package of apps like Libreoffice VLC etc for users and custom desktop describes in this crash apps Sysprep and and apps default windows tutorial Default User Profile - Customize in Windows - Windows Forums It works fine in audit mode I install apps drivers custom desktop Sysprep and default apps and windows apps crash and configure default apps like google chrome for internet browser adobe reader for pdf files etc then I run the command line to enter oobe mode generalize Everything is ok I continue my install Then I create new user local account And when windows starts I have my custom desktop but default apps are removed Microsoft Edge replace Chrome Pdf files are read with Edge etc and Apps Windows like quot Weather quot or quot Actualities quot crash I really don't understand what happened i try many times for same issue Does anyone have an idea Thanks a lot

A:Sysprep and default apps and windows apps crash

then I run the command line to enter oobe mode generalize. Everything is ok, I continue my install. Then I create new user local account. And when windows starts, I have my custom desktop but default apps are removed (Microsoft Edge replace Chrome, Pdf files are read with Edge, etc.)

I never tried sysprepping 10 but i have faced similar issues with 8.1. Turned out that you need to save the default app associations to an XML file using DISM (before Generalizing the image ) and later import it.

Export or Import Default Application Associations

Configure, export, import App File Associations in Windows 8.1

I have used "Setupcomplete.cmd" to auto import the app associations during the last face of install.

Add a Custom Script to Windows Setup
You may also need to disable the new app notification before generalizing the image.

New App Installed Notification - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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OK i'd Sync, Admin etc??? Be Able As d/l Metro AND To apps, Store Apps Use like to make it clear that i'm using the so-called quot real quot Administrator account that is hidden but can be activated not a regular account with admin privelidges At first i was trying to figure out if Metro apps can be used by this account and it appeared that they cant but managed to find a Use Metro Apps As Admin AND Be Able To Sync, d/l Store apps, etc??? trick to enable it i did it by making sure UAC is on making sure that FilterAdministratorToken is set to a Use Metro Apps As Admin AND Be Able To Sync, d/l Store apps, etc??? value of in the Registry and by enabling quot User Account Control Admin approval mode for the built-in Administrator account quot secpol msc Local Security Policy gt Local Policies gt Security Options So i did a bit more research and toying around only to discover that although i might have found a workaround for running most Metro apps in general i discovered that syncing d l'ing of apps from the Windows Store etc is not possible unless you're using a Microsoft account Please note that any other account with admin privelidges can use the apps without a hitch as well as any Standard account So it clearly is not a limitation of just having an admin account alone Also the built-in Admin is the only kind of account that cant be converted from a local account to a MS Account all other accounts with admin privelidges can do so If you look in the Control Panel and try to make changes to the account you will find that the option isnt available whereas with other accounts it is This brings about the issue of not being able to sync or d l Store apps also note that there is a difference between logging into Windows with a MS Account and simply accessing the apps while using a local account and then manually inputting your MS Account username password when requested By signing in with a MS Account no Metro app will ever prompt you to login after youve done so initially the first time since it remembers your details unless you've reset your password or account security has been compromised etc Judging from what i've read my workaround enables most Metro apps to function except syncing d l'ing of Store apps and perhaps a few other small things issues and so therefore this is not a true solution since other accounts have none of these issues Since the option to convert the real Admin account to a MS Account is not available yet is available to other accounts with admin access as well as Standard accounts then i supposedly cannot use these functions to the fullest extent I am the type of person who prefers to use Windows Linux while logged in as root Admin rather than a limited user all day every day because i trust myself and my abilities am very careful meticulously maintain my systems with the utmost care and caution i do understand that using Admin is considered to be a security risk but it's a risk i'm willing to take and i dont mind learning from my mistakes in the event that bad things happen i do not care to be told by Microsoft how to run my system what i can do on them etc Complete and absolute control is what i demand at least to the greatest extent possible considering that Windows is proprietary and closed-source yet i depend on it for many things like running a business gaming etc I didnt post this to rant or spout my opinions but to solicit feedback on how this issue s can be overcome or worked around without having to use a nd account to get the full features of Metro apps I'm also wondering if there is possibly a way official unofficial or otherwise of being able to run a Metro app as another user account whether local or MS Account doesnt really matter i think while still remaining on the Metro screen of the real Admin account without having to manually log into my nd account and access Metro from there By perhaps using a quot Run As quot command link shortcut or similar Maybe that sounded a bit long-winded and confu... Read more

A:Use Metro Apps As Admin AND Be Able To Sync, d/l Store apps, etc???

Hello Stephen, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Setting that security policy below to be enabled will basically just turn the built-in elevated "Administrator" account into an unelevated administator account that requires UAC approval to open or run anything that requires elevated rights to do so.

This would be why you are able to open the Store afterwards, but you would still need to sign into the Store with any Microsoft account to be able to install any "Metro" Store apps.
Windows Store - Sign in with Different Microsoft Account in Windows 8

You still will not be able to switch the built-in "Administrator" to be a Microsoft account. It can only remain as a local account.

Hope this helps,
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Does anyone know how to clear out deleted Windows Store apps from the computer? When you go into the Windows Store and right click and choose 'your apps' the selection 'apps not istalled on this pc' still shows apps that I have deleted. I only installed on one device (unless they auto-install to the xbox360 also?). I cannot see how to clear out previously deleted apps. See attached pic to see what I am talking about.


A:Clear Deleted Store Apps (ie apps not istalled on this pc)

hope its not too soon to rebump...not critical but I want to figure this out...thx!
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When working with Print work, often people refer to Pantone Colours. In Photoshop I know that you can click the colour box and you can fill in your CMYK colours, (or RGB for web) and then there is the button there that says 'Color Libraries'. When clicking it it will bring up a drop down menu where you can choose your colour code, or use the slider. BUT if I get told a specific pantone code, and want to type it in, where do you type it?? It even says on there to type it in but I can't figure out WHERE??

Someone PLEASE help me out. thanks so much.

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I'm running Win XP on a dell machine... will get specs...

512Mb RAM,
2.8GHz pentium of some sort,
nVidia GeForce 5200

Anywho, in media player10 i get strange colours whenever i try to watch videos. Also, when i try to watch DVDs with....PowerDVD, they also have strange colours. Sorry if i can't describe it better, i can see they're wrong, but being colourblind kinda makes much more difficult...

A:Funny colours in MP

sounds like a problem with the video codecs. try updating the software, hope that helps
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I installed windows 7 on my machine yesterday and it worked great. Today when i turned it on it booted normally but once it reaches the desktop the colours go inverted andd very washed out. If i change from 32 bit to 16 bit it flashed normally for a second and then goes back. Same thing going 16 to 32.
Is my hardware just too weak? (Its a 3 year old laptop)
Please Help!!


A:HELP Wierd Colours!

Intel integrated video? If so right click desktop and select Graphics Properties, click Display Settings, click Power Settings, uncheck Intel Display Power Saving Technology.
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I just bought a new computer and a new monitor Using Geforce GTS graphics card LG L WTQ-BF monitor HELP!! weird LCD colours Windows LCD weird colours HELP!! Vista home premium New DVI cable and power cable The monitor works fine for min or so drivers everything are installed properly After that the colors become messed up Half the task bar will be grey lines desktop background image will seem to have satuation Restarting computer wont help Normally when I start up my computer its a black background with white wordings on the boot screen But now its greyish-with lines of light blue with white wordings with cyan shadows something like that its hard to describe I connected my old CRT monitor and it worked fine So i thought it was the monitor problem i brought it back to the shop Surprisingly it worked fine there He told me it might be cable problem so i bought a new and went home At home i connected it back and I thought it was working normally again Few hours later the problem came back exactly the same situation Can anyone out there help me nbsp
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What exactly are PMS colours? I have a selection of numbers (618, 605, 5865), which are PMS colours apparently, but I'd like to see what they look like?

Is there someone in Adobe PhotoShop that I can enter those to see what colour they represent?


A:Solved: PMS Colours - What Are They?

Pantone Matching System

Use Google, and US spelling of:

PMS colors photoshop in the search window

To get more info that you need...
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All my colours seem opposite ie red is green etc.

Anyone got any ideas. I'm running xp home sp1, samsung dvd-rom sd 616 and s3 graphics prosavageddr, the software I'm running is power dvd.



A:opposite Colours on my DVD

I am not familar with Power DVD, but some multi-media viewing & editing software has features allowing you to switch or swap RGB to GBR, RGB to GRB, etc.

I would start by cheking the special features & options.

Sorry, I can't be of more help.
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I have had to re-install everything back onto my old computer, after it had, had its hard drive formatted.
However i couldnt find any recovery discs for it, but i still had one from another p.c.
My problem now, is that the monitor only gives the choice of colour settings of either 2 colours or 16.
How can I get a higher amount?

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My HP Deskjet 710C printer is printing everything with a rosy hue.
Yellow objects print as off-white. I have replaced the colour cartridge, so it is not dirty.
When I print a colour test page there is no yellow band at all.

A:Print Colours

Either defective cartridge or run out of ink

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Hello i just purchased a new laptop it is the HP Envy -as na quot and upon starting it up all looked fine until i started viewing websites i usually do and the colours of most things look different White looks cream purple looks pink and it generally has a washed out look to it except for very intense bright colours It seems too yellow warm coloured I have tried calibrating it changing its hue and saturation checkings its graphics card is up to date but nothing has worked Im now so worried that this is just what its screen looks like due to an artical i found from about what would have been an old Envy model HP saying that colours would look different on it to other screens Surely this has been fixed by now and if not are laptops New colours off you should be warned before purchase I am devastated as i spent alot on this laptop for me anyway and i need it for college doing digital art well if it cant show colours correctly its useless to New laptops colours are off me The thing is if its not a fault PC world wont take it back according to their terms and conditions as i bought it in store Please does anyone know anything about this sort of problem or maybe even this laptop and what its display is usually like Or if it actually is a genuine fault so i can return it Thank you for your help,158346.0.html
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When connecting the mic and headphone socket to the mobo, what do the colours represent?

Need mic and headphone L + R

A:Sound colours

for most sound card

Pink = Mic In
Blue = Line-In - usually stereo
Green = front Speakers Headphones - again stereo
Orange = Center Speaker and Subwoofer
Black = Rear Surround Speakers (5.1, 7.1 systems)
Grey = Mid Surround Speakers (7.1 systems)
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I have what I consider a major issue.,
For some websites I have a white background when I know it's meant to be coloured., Also menus that have drop downs are always just text that gets muddled into the main page instead of having coloured backgrounds and borders.. It is not an issue on ALL sites but a large majority of the sites I visit.. I have been told that I'm having trouble reading style sheets.

As an example here is the way one particular site SHOULD look and here is the way it looks for me

PLEASE help me!!!

I am running on Win2k with Sp4. And the problem is occuring in both Mozilla Firefox AND IE..