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RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+

Q: RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+

Hello All Here s some info about my system This was an e-Machines build with the addition of a Zoran DC plus a GB WD IDE harddrive a Lite-on LTR- s and MB Kingston Value PC RAM Motherboard CPU Type AMD Athlon XP MHz x Motherboard Name FIC K M-NF G AU PCI AGP DDR DIMM Audio Video LAN Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce IGP System Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM BIOS Type Award Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce MX Integrated GPU MB Memory Controller Properties Error Detection Method -bit Parity Error Correction None Supported Memory Interleave -Way Current fails Windiag crashes Memory RAM test, Memory 86+ Memory Interleave -Way Supported Memory RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+ Speeds ns ns ns Supported Memory Types DIMM Supported Memory Voltages V Maximum Memory Module Size MB Memory Slots SPD Memory Modules DIMM Samsung M L ETN-CB MB PC DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM Kingston K MB PC DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz This system has never been what I would call stable I have had to completly reinstall the Windows XP OS kept up to date and with SP at least or times which due to the way RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+ e-Machines configured the system discs wipes the hard drive I now reside the OS on the GB drive and try to keep most of my data video photos music on the GB drive Recently I had to use the recovery console after a can t RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+ find windows system config message A system crash after that sent me to http oca microsoft com en windiag asp I used the test and both memory modules failed equally I moved them around and tried both one at a time The Samsung module seems to consistently show twice the eroors as the Kingston module I tried the Memory test and it consistently crashed at test Microsoft s information suggests motherboard problems When I generate an Everest report on the system it includes a debug-pci section Does this mean anything A large part of me wants to celebrate the backend of this system but my pocket book does not agree Is there a way to pinpoint whether it s the motherboard or the ram or do I ditch them both Can I rebuild the system with a new motherboard cpu ram and reuse all the rest of the system I am attaching a few recent minidumps I would appreciate any advice nbsp

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Preferred Solution: RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your problem is almost certainly caused by faulty ram.

The fact that memtest86+ is reporting ram errors, means your ram is bad.

One of your minidumps crashes with memory corruption.

Try one new stick of ram, and test your system.

The other three minidumps crash with Windows system file errors, but this can be attributed to faulty ram.

Also, one minidump crashes at SYMEvent.SYS=Symantec Event Library.

This is a known issue on some machines/configurations.

Turning off the live updates can sometimes solve this. Otherwise try using a different security product.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Thanks for listening as my user name reflects I am now into stuff I'm ignorant about History Had this computer a little over a year I Browser windows memory crashes, crashes, BSOD complete, won't test with gb of memory windows ultimate etc About a month ago started seeing BSOD's The BSOD would normally reflect quot Memory Management quot as the cause Then the browsers started crashing tried Browser crashes, windows crashes, memory test won't complete, BSOD chrome firefox and IE Have removed and re installed all of them I continue to received quot windows has recovered quot screens Was reading this thread attempted the memory test via CD it ran for several hours actually alowed it to run all night Browser crashes, windows crashes, memory test won't complete, BSOD When I went to bed it was on test the errors were moving from to I got up this morning same numbers same test Seemed like it was stuck on that run even though the error numbers were still changing I have down loaded and ran who crashed It's conclusion is ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- crash dumps have been found and analyzed A Browser crashes, windows crashes, memory test won't complete, BSOD third party driver has been identified to be causing system crashes on your computer It is strongly suggested that you check for updates for these drivers on their company websites Click on the links below to search with Google for updates for these drivers shareduserdata sys If no updates for these drivers are available try searching with Google on the names of these drivers in combination the errors that have been reported for these drivers and include the brand and model name of your computer as well in the query This often yields interesting results from discussions from users who have been experiencing similar problems ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attempted to install and run the quot SF diagnostic tool quot from the desk top I get an error message x I have a temperature monitor utility all temperatures are within range Recently I have run the Norman Malware cleaner Not sure where to go from here

A:Browser crashes, windows crashes, memory test won't complete, BSOD

If Memtest86+ is showing up errors, then there are hardware issues present. It's just discerning what hardware is bad. Initial suspect obviously is memory, but the unusual case makes it think it's some logic error like some CPU failure or something. It's also possible that when burning it to CD that the Memtest itself got corrupted somehow (i.e. bad burn).

16 GB is a lot of memory on a consumer motherboard. There is the possibility that while your motherboard can handle 16GB of memory, that 16GB of the actual memory model that you're using may not be supported. Certain configurations of memory can have problematic issues. So while the memory sticks themselves may not be bad, the actual 16GB setup of them may break things.

Have you tested system stability with reduced amount of RAM, like 1/2 sticks of RAM, as well as running Memtest on a couple passes for each separate stick?
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hi everyone hope somebody can help me with this well i set up this system around this time last year and its been running fine until one fateful night that i can hardly remember i was pretty wasted and had a few friends round all rowdy fighting etc probably knocked my rig and as far as i can remember it shut down fine at the end of the night i came to start it up the next day to be tormented by the asus bint quot system failed 1.1 system dead? memory sli a8n fails deluxe test memory test quot i get no a8n sli deluxe 1.1 dead? system fails memory test signal to the monitor no where near POST and if it means anything the keyboard lights dont light up at any time during power up but all the fans are fine and the dvd drive will open close and the hd also powers up and makes a few noises like its trying to be accessed well i checked all my connections blocks for contact changed the memory between slots tryed one stick tryed my gfx card in the secondary pci-x slot rotated the sodimm sli thingy tryed powering the molex sli plug on the board cant remember what is called cleared the cmos many times seconds- hour with the battery out etc etc so i took all my components minus cpu to a friends and tested them in his rig all fine so basically i think the a8n sli deluxe 1.1 dead? system fails memory test board is dead or my bios chip is corrupt or maybe my cpu has died obviously my warrenty is void because of the watercooling setup so no chance of rma with this board and i want to know if any of you lot know what the problem is before i have to go through the process of removing the a8n sli deluxe 1.1 dead? system fails memory test cpu as its alot of hassle for my only friend with a pcix rig he thinks im going to break his too basically maybe i will monkey so anybody have any ideas before i go and blow another weeks wages on a replacement something stuff dying is always an excuse to upgrade though nbsp

A:a8n sli deluxe 1.1 dead? system fails memory test

sorry forgot to add my system specs, il add them to my profile now, but it was running fine for almost a year.
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Hi I am Bios Memory Test Kill - Memory Displayed Cannot Not Solved: Test running Windows Solved: Bios Memory Test Not Displayed - Cannot Kill Memory Test Xp SP gig of Ram and am having an issue with my Gigabyte Motherboard model number P-G-RH and my BIOS version is F I have recently noticed an issue on my bios post screen when my PC is started the PC does the memory test where it should say Memory Test XXXXXXX x amount of RAM all i see on my screen is Memory T I can not see the test being undertaken after about and a half minutes the memory test will complete at which point i can see the full words Memory Test and how much memory was tested as well as my master and slave drives listed I CAN NOT skip the memory test by pressing space bar or esc i can only enter the bios via the delete button and i only enter the bios once the memory test has completed I can still run windows normally but i do not like that i am having to do a memory test everytime i start my PC I would like to point out while in XP the same amount of RAM shown when the test completes is consistant with what is shown in the quot My Computer quot properties I have tried all versions of my bios but still it is doing the memory test I would appreciate any help in getting this fixed I have not been able to find away to disable the memory test in the BIOS I hope you get back to me at your earliest convenience thanks nbsp

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Hello nbsp This problem started suddenly two days ago - after shutting down the laptop I could not OK G72-b02SA on but DIMMS Boot, are fails BSOD memory test boot it up again because it blue-screens on startup Recovery doesn't work blue screen also so I pressed ESC on startup and nbsp chose F for System Diagnostics nbsp I chose Start-Up Test and immediately got the following error nbsp Memory Test nbsp FAILEDFAILURE ID M F- K G -MFKR - MC Product ID XF EA G72-b02SA BSOD on Boot, fails memory test but DIMMS are OK ABU nbsp Memory Module DIMM nbsp The memory Test yields the same result nbsp I've ascertained that it's G72-b02SA BSOD on Boot, fails memory test but DIMMS are OK not the memory modules at fault because they work in my Lenovo Thinkpad and also the working Thinkpad modules give errors in the HP machine nbsp I tried one HP module in the HP machine but again same problem nbsp I'm thinking it's a Motherboard fault but a bit of googling doesn't really get me anywhere - usually if it's a motherboard fault there are lots of other people with the same problem and I didn't find any nbsp The blue screens mention MEMORY MANAGEMENT when booting into recovery and BAD SYSTEM G72-b02SA BSOD on Boot, fails memory test but DIMMS are OK CONFIG INFO when booting in to Windows nbsp So - what do you reckon nbsp Replacement MoBo or laptop nbsp Many thanks for any assistance - nbsp
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Hey guys I am desperate to solve this seemingly impossible problem My system crashes regularly I replaced my motherboard twice one same brand one different my memory times tried sticks my video card and even my processor I replaced my motherboard this past Sunday and Memtest passed for the first time since it started crashing Now three days later the machine fails memtest and is crashing again The only things original to the system are the case PSU W hard drive video card returned replacement and CD-ROM The memory passes Memtest on an alternate system BIOS settings are all default w overclocking of any kind Setting the memory timing and voltage manually does not fix the issue So why would a machine pass memtest with a fresh motherboard replacement then die like the rest after a couple days The only things I installed were a couple games and some world of warcraft quot mods quot I m starting to think crazy thoughts like my memory is destroying my motherboards theres a horrible virus going around that destroys your computer and nobody knows about it yet or I have a huge electromagnetic field surrounding my room too bad my server isn t crashing which is right next to it Seriously though I ve been working on computers for years and have never been this stumped or clueless Did I put the ATX power into the board backwards pin and pin reverse and destroy the boards is this even possible I haven t touched the guts between the time it worked and it busted Motherboard Abit IP Pro Memtest Errors - Fails - System Memory crashes also had ASUS Maximus Formulas Memory Memtest Fails - Memory Errors - System crashes Corsair CM X - X - x GB Processor Intel Core Duo GHz PSU w Apevia Iceburg CD-ROM Samsung DVD writer CD writer OS Windows XP Pro SP Video PNY Nvidia GTS Hard Drive GB Western Digital Sony Floppy drive nbsp

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Memtest and other memory test software don't tell you which of the modules is the faulty one. Is there any way to tell which is the bad stick besides testing one-by-one?

Thank you

A:Does any memory test tell you which of the memory sticks is bad?

Not really. but you can test each stick one by one
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I've been experiencing sluggish performance, browsers were laggy and non responsive after having many tabs.

I found that the solution to improve performance was to change Virtual Memory values and disable "paging file size" for all drives.

Now the computer performance is amazing, everything responds properly but now I'm getting error messages of low memory and getting crashes. A few minutes ago the computer crashed to a black screeen.

Here are the values I have right now in Virtual Memory, what else should I do to stop these crashes? I already tried a few different values but the problem still persists.

Any suggestions?

Proccessor AMD 6300

GPU Ati Radeon 7790


Motherboard ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AM3+ AMD 970
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I just upgraded from a pair of Corsair CMX - PRO TWINX - PRO memory memory no More errors but more with crashes, memory? (minidump) = modules to a pair of Corsair CMX - LLPRO TWINX - LLPRO memory modules and I m seeing some odd problems Basically if I run More memory = more crashes, but no errors with memory? (minidump) both modules the system crashes I can use it for some unpredictable amount of time and it crashes The only way to predictably crash it is More memory = more crashes, but no errors with memory? (minidump) to play Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion for minutes as it s about the most demanding game in existence right now Rarely do the first minutes pass without a system crash However if I remove EITHER module things run much more smoothly I ve run the two More memory = more crashes, but no errors with memory? (minidump) MB modules in this same system since I put it together in January that memory was a holdover from my previous system so I know the motherboard s DIMM bank is not bad In fairness I haven t run either module individually for long enough to verify for certain that it s as stable as my previous memory modules but I ve run Oblivion for much longer than minutes with each of them Detailed system specs are in my profile but in a nutshell DFI LanPartyUT nF SLI-DR Expert motherboard Athlon X CPU GB Corsair TwinX Low-Latency memory eVGA GeForce GT video card SoundBlaster X-Fi Platinum sound card Nothing is overclocked in this system the plan was to get everything running perfectly stably before I started bumping the speed up a bit and everything is running the latest drivers I just updated the MoBo BIOS yesterday just in case that improved memory compatibility I ve attached three Minidump files from crashes that generated BSODs all of which were a bit different I had STOP values of x x E and x E Unfortunately most of the crashes are hard freezes The whole system completely freezes and there s nothing I can do to recover it When this happens in Oblivion the sound keeps looping and upon reboot the MS problem report tool tells me that the nVidia display driver is what crashed When it happens elsewhere in Windows the problem report tool generally doesn t come up upon reboot to give me an indication I ve run MemTest conveniently included in the MoBo BIOS without any problems I ran one module for passes the other module overnight for passes and then both modules together overnight for passes No errors in any of the tests and no crashes or lockups during any of the tests I m hesitant to try to get Corsair or ZipZoomFly still have a few days before their return policy expires to replace the memory because I can t seem to find any evidence that it s faulty but I don t know what else could be wrong This motherboard is certainly common enough and Corsair XMS memory is certainly common enough that I d have expected to find any compatibility issues between the two when researching this purchase Any help would most certainly be appreciated nbsp

A:More memory = more crashes, but no errors with memory? (minidump)

You've hadn't, before the new memory, edited your registry at all have you? I'm mostly refering to the memory setting in there. Or changed the paging area for the memory? These could cause the problem or you could try them to fix it. Good luck.

BTW, i can't read minidumps
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i have a bit of a prob. i had a power crash in my house and my pc died from it, i changed the power suplyer and fron that day my pc is working really slow.
i dont know what part of my pc is not working like it sould. some one told me that there is some prog. that i can test my vidio card with it "3Dmark" and some prog. that i can test my memory with it but i dont know the name.
so if some 1 can help me and give me a link were i can download thoes programs it will really help me.

A:video card test & memory test.

Try searching for it.
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Upgraded to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) after ignoring the constant encouragement to upgrade for quite sometime. It was fine for quite some time (weeks/months). Yesterday, after a restart, the blue tiled screen with the "Choose An Option" menu came up. You can "Test Memory", "Test System" or "Exit". The problem is that when you do any of these options, it just keeps cycling back to this "Choose An Option" screen.

I have a Dell Inspiron 570 (older machine). I've gotten it to go to the BIOS Setu Utility by pressing F2 (constantly as it cycles). I have the DVD/CD in the drive, but it seems to be disabled?

I'm stuck and would appreciate any help at all...please.

Thank you,
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I'm upgrading a system for a friend - FIC VA-503+ MB w/AMD K6-2/550, Award BIOS w/the VIA chipset. whenever it boots up it runs a memory test 3 times, then proceeds normally. Other than this, everything seems to run fine. It's a 128 meg IBM SDRAM chip, and I've tried it in both ram slots, no difference.
Any one have any idea what's going on?
Is this anything to be concerned about?

A:Memory Test

Nothing worthy of concern. It is a setting in the BIOS. I think you need to enable fast post (not really sure) to have it count only once.
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Hi kids.

Back with another pesky (BIOS-related?) question. I have a couple of old machines which, when they boot up, run the memory test three times, systematically. One has 64, the other 128. They're both AT boxes.

Any thoughts? (With a thank you.)

n'backupd'othahside |-->

A:Memory test

For some reason it was popular for old bios to run through the memory check 3 times. Have'nt seen it since the 486 days. It's normal if that is what your question is.
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I'd like to get some guidance on the best way to test my memory. I'm getting some BSODs and I understand memory is a frequent culprit in such cases. I found that Windows has a built-in memory diagnostic, Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool: is that a good way to test my memory? I've also heard about memtest86: is that a better tool?

My laptop is an ASUS K55N; I believe it has 8 GB of memory but can't check right this moment as the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool is running.

A:Memory Test(s)

Download: Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
and put it in a USB stick to boot from. You should run the test for at least 4-6 passes unless errors occur before.

NOTE: select Autoinstall for USB Key to download
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Ok, at one point in time i remember reading somewhere here that there is a free/good RAM testing program...but for the life of me i cannot find where it is.
can anyone direct me to the right forum /website???


A:Memory Test

See the pinned topic at the top of this forum, Freeware Replacements for Common Commercial Apps.
Look under hard drive and system utilities.

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I had a friend put some more memory sticks in my computer and I think one of them might be bad. I get BSOD's when I download certain things.
I keep getting errors like, PIN LIST Corrupt,IRQL NOT LESS or EQUAL,BAD POOL CALLER,Could anyone tell me how I can do a memory test to find out?

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where do I find the tab or menu key,on a toshiba satellite L305-S5921,so I can run a memory test,on my laptop?

A:Memory test

Just before the Windows splash screen shows up, start rapidly tapping F8. This should lead you to the Safe Mode screen. You may have to, at that point, select F8 again to get to the memory diagnostic (it's at the bottom of the screen).

Another way is to launch Startup Repair from the Safe Mode screen (it'll say "Repair my computer") and then select the Memory Diagnostic from the list of advanced options.

Memory Diagnostics Tool
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Is there a way to see if your memory is low.

A:test to see if you memory is low

You can do so via taskmanager and the performance tab.
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I ran the MS memory test. This requires a reboot. I am informed that a log is generated and next time I log on I assume I can see it. I have a home PC and there is no log on.

Having finished the test it went onto running windows 7

Where is the Log?

A:Memory test

These tutorials by Brink should help:
Memory Diagnostics Tool - Read Event Viewer Log
Memory Diagnostics Tool
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Anyone have a great "free" memory test that runs on XP

A:Memory Test

If you don`t have a floppy drive, there is an iso version that you can burn to cd, and then boot from that.

Let it run for at least seven passes.

Regards Howard
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Just bought some more ram and everything I read online says to run a memory test after installation to make sure its running at optimal performance. How do I do that?? Thanks again,

A:Memory Test

I've seen memtest86 recommended quite often on these boards.
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I ran the MS memory test. This requires a reboot. I am informed that a log is generated and next time I log on I assume I can see it. I have a home PC and there is no log on.

Having finished the test it went onto running windows 7

Where is the Log?

A:Memory test

These tutorials by Brink should help:
Memory Diagnostics Tool - Read Event Viewer Log
Memory Diagnostics Tool
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Can those with Vista test something for me. When you start your computer, and right after the bios posts and you get that little pause, press the spacebar. Do you get into the Windows Boot Manager? If so do you have a memory diagnostics option at the bottom?

A:Memory Diagnostics...test Something For Me?

I have Vista Ultimate BETA in a DUAL bootup configuration & just tried it & YES it does what U said.
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Hello, I did a memtest for my Mach Extreme MXD3C13334GS Copper 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory
The mem settings on MB: 1.495 v, 1336 mhz, all other settings on auto.

This is the result after 9 hours :

What's this error ?

A:Memory test diagnose

It shows you have errors. You have to test each stick in each slot. The idea is you are testing the memory and the dimm slots. Either one can be bad. Here is a good tutorial on ram testing with memtest 86
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Hi all,

I am trying to diagnose a problem with my machine, and in so doing I have run memtest overnight (to test all 8GB of RAM--which takes about 12 hours). However, I've read various places that memtest is only reliable testing one stick at a time (I have 4x2GB). I didn't get any errors in 7 passes with all memory in. Does this mean that I'm fine, or should I go back and test each individually?

A:Can I test all memory at once with Memtest?

Hello there, Luke!

If you want to be 100% sure, you could just test each module individually, but if you already tested them all for 7 passes and it didn't give you any errors... that's a good sign.

Did you leave them overnight (all modules)?

And just for knowlegde.. what problems are you having with your machine? BSODs? hanging? lockups?
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Never had this before , but using an MSI K7T Turbo 2 MotherBoard (a board I have used many times), upon startup, where it shows the Processor (which is an XP 2000+), and then goes to Memory Test, it does the count (which is 256M, however when it reaches the end of the count....IT STARTS OVER!

You can hit ESC to stop this but my customer wont want to do this everytime, ... I let it run through once and I think it did it about 3-4 times and then started, but what the HECK is going on???

Can someone give me some help??????? puhhhlllease.


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Started playing a game with some friends. Its called RF online.

I keep getting lockups. I've loaded up some other games like CoD4/5, roller coaster tycoon3, and havnt had any lockups.

I've tried lowering my settings in bios for my ram, still getting lockups.

I'm trying to isolate the issue.

Anyone have some input to help me with the issue. All help is appreciated


A:Memory stability test

check the following (in order)
1. RAM - test with memtest 86+ booted from a CD/floppy
2. PSU - test with a tester tool AND a multimeter under load
3. test registry for errors
4. check drivers
5. check online speed (is it sufficient)
6. check game version - is there a patch?
7. check BIOS (if necessary - for the latest version - this is a last resort)
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OK, I installed new ram, and then installed xp pro. No problem at first, and now for some reason it is hanging in the memory test screen and won't boot at all. Any ideas?
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I need to test how fast my memory sticks are operating. I have 512mb x 2 installed and they are supposed to be operating at 400 mhz, but if they aren't operating at that speed, then I want to install 1GB x 2 because my system will not handle that much memory at 400 mhz speed (I already tried), but should be able to at the 333 mhz speed. If anyone know a way to check the actual memory speed capabilities and settings of my system, I would be very grateful. Thank you all.

A:How do I test memory speed?

I found another thread on TechSpot that mentioned the utility I was looking for, it's called CPU-Z and I highly recommend to determine what your system can handle for RAM, etc. Now my question is, what is the maximum speed latency my system can handle? My CPU has bus speed of 100 MHz with Rated FSB speed of 400.0 MHz. So that means the fastest this CPU can handle is approximately PC2100 without any wasted bandwidth?

My system can't handle dual-channel BTW. Since it is non-dual channel will the increased bandwidth of my current memory (400 or PC3200) help in this regard? Thank you all for reading my post.
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I ran an extensive memory test this morning, at the advice of the mod (original thread)

Below are the errors. I am new at this, so can someone please confirm the errors, and that my computer's memory is bad? I hope so because otherwise, if it's the CPU and it'll cost $500+ to replace. thank you in advance.

3 million errors after 1 hour:


It had up to 14 million errors after 2 hours and 28 minutes. The test never went through Test 4, and I had to manually stopped it :

I manually selected test 12, but it didnt get too far:

I'm hoping it's defective RAM (it's weird because RAM was replaced once before under warranty about 1 and 1/2 years ago).

Thank you for your help.

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I have Norton System Works and every time I run the memory test it seems like... the physical memory fails the test. I have a brand new memory module. (256 MB)
I would suspect it is bad, however the old one done the same thing. My computer freezes randomly and I was curious if this could be the culprit. Thank you for your advice

A:Memory Test Failure

Well, bad RAM could certainly make your computer do all sorts of odd things...

Programs that run in Windows aren't very good at testing RAM though. Why not give this free program a try - it is very thorough, and it does NOT use Windows.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money
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I have a computer that, upon boot, when it is POSTing it always does the full memory test. As in a line below "Main Processor: xxxxx" there is "Memory Testing: 170000k" or whatever it may be.
Every time the computer boots up it does this, thus wasting 3 seconds everytime the computer boots.

Firstly could anyone explain to me why it does this test anyway?

And secondly could someone tell me how to, not stop it as other computers do it, but do it quickly?


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I suppose my memory is now going bad. I tried to run a memory test off of my linux CD & it runs up to 95% of test 7, then says "unexpected interrupt-halting". I changed from a 4GB HD to a 6GB HD. I thought I hooked something up wrong, but was told I didn't. So now I guess I need to replace the memory? or the CD ROM is what is going bad? How can I tell which? I can't afford a new computer or even an old one, & I have to try to fix & use what I have. Any suggestions?

It also stops after a short while, when I am trying to install Linux.

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I'm working two computers for a friend and they are both the same systems from dell. Was wonding if I can take the memory from one motherboard and add it to the other motherboard. Just to make sure it works I want to test it. How do you test memory to make sure it doesnt mess up your system?

A:How do you test Memory (Ram) Manually?

this website might be helpful for a few things
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I received an error that there was a memory error. There is charm that says " MEMORY TEST".

l clicked on the "Charm" & a blue screen with white lettering popped up. It had instruction that the test wood take
some time. It also said it would "automatically" Restart Rhys computer & list the results.

On the right, lower corner of the screen it says if you press "esc" it will exit. It RAN for Hours !!!

I tried "Everything to stop Lt! ANY HELP OUT THER FOR A SOLUTION?



A:Memory Test proplem

You tried running the one in the picture ?
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HP pavilion elite e9120y pc windows vista. Computer will not start windows. It failed the diagnostic memory test walking one left and right. Had been having trouble with downloading updates java and adobe but if went back to restore computer to earlier date it corrected itself but now it won't even open windows. What to do next? It did pass all the other diagnostic tests.

A:Memory test failed

Have you tried your OS Disk to boot up with?
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My computer crashes every few hours, no matter how easy the work is (even only internet browsing and text input in notepad).
At restart, XP requires a diskcheck which comes out with a no problems result.

I suspected a memory problem and I did a memory test with the "memtest" utility (MemTest-86 v3.4).

To my astonishment, all the tests came out bad:
INVC failed
LRAND failed
Stride 6 failed
WMATS+ failed
WINVC failed

Now, in these conditions I wonder how the computer can function at all..!

Anyway, what should I do in order to solve the problem?


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Ok, am trying to figure out if it is my memory that is failing. Here is a screen shot, I get 9 errors within 1 minute of running the test.

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Can someone recommend a good, free memory test software and link? Thanks

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I need help again I ve recently put together a computer and the memory test doesnt seem to be working properly At startup it will just repeat over and over and over going thru all MB of ram I d sit back and watch the numbers climb SLOWLY up to MB of ram and then start back over at Aside from that memory startup!!! test at everything seems to work okay I usually have to press ESC memory test at startup!!! to cancel the memory test What gives I also wonder if this could be related to my new system s low benchmark scores This is a AMD XP MB PC DDR ram Asus A V X-X mobo MB Gainward GE Force FX video card GB Maxtor mb buffer Hard drive The low benchmark scores are from FutureMark s DMark gamers benchmark program I scored under Even my older computer scored better than that The sound test didnt even memory test at startup!!! work UGH Any ideas would be appreciated folks Happy computing nbsp

A:memory test at startup!!!

try reseating the ram and running a ram tester
you can get one here
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I need a memory test for an issue with Chrome
Was asked by a Global Moderator to post here

A:Memory test needed

Hi f-ingComputer You can test your RAM sticks using Memtest86+. I suggest you to run a test on each stick individually, this way if one is bad, you'll be able to identify it right away and not have to repeat the process on each of them. Be sure to test all your RAM sticks.Follow the instructions in the thread below. They are pretty straightforward and easy to follow.
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I have used my System Repair disc to carry out a memory test. It took about 20 minutes and at the start said that the results would be shown to me (or some such wording). I have searched my C: drive for "log" and found one at the right time but it could not be opened "because it is in use by another" (something or other).

How can I see the results of that memory test please?


A:Can't find memory test log

See Memory Diagnostics Tool - Read Event Viewer Log
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Alright then, back when I had my good Compaq (recently replaced mobo and case) It used to boot up very easily and fast because of some factory setting.

Now, when I have this new mobo, it always runs a memory test at the start, shows a boot screen, and THEN runs windows, I just wanted to know how to disable that so it boots up faster.. It is a very painful 30 seconds..

Thanks in advance.

A:How to disable memory test?

In the BIOS, enable quick boot. It will then bypass many of the checks.
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Ok so here's the problem I Was watching something on a reputable Streaming site and have my computer at end of bed it was late and i fell asleep when i awoke at about am there was a blue screen now i was too tired to be sure if it was the Blue Screen that dumps physical memory but it could have been on for anything up to about hours well anyway i didnt Help Test Memory Fail!!! adress it as i had to be up early so i just hit the power button and turned it off now my computer when ever i load it up just seams to sort Memory Test Fail!!! Help of load up let me log in then it has about a minute of loading time like normal but then instead of popping anything up it just goes Memory Test Fail!!! Help back to my ACER opening screen thing and repeats the process i changed a setting so that it does some sort of test at the start seamed harmless and it tells me there is a Memory Test Fail anyone fancy Helping much appreciated

A:Memory Test Fail!!! Help

samm1, Welcome to the forums.

First thing I would do is to get memtest86+
get the .iso file, burn the image to a CD, boot from the CD let memtest run.

If you have more than one stick of RAM, It is best to run memtest on one stick of RAM at a time, so you may have to shutdown your laptop, and remove one stick.
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What is considered the best memory test program.

I occasionaly get memory error messages with XP pro and want to run a test.

Thank you!

A:Best memory test program
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I think my memory may be fried, computer freezes ALL the time, is there a program i can use to test my memory when my computer is ON? I would use memtest86 but i dont have a floppy drive so i cant boot to the program, thankyou!

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Is there a memory test program that can be run with windows open or one that doesn't have to be ran from a disk or floppy disk.

Thanks, Jack-O-Bytes

A:Memory Test Program

Such (ran from Windows) couldn't test the whole memory area, as Windows processes take some memory that the program can't move anywhere because Windows core processes are always #1 in priority.

Memtest86 can be run from a CD. Use PowerISO or such to burn the ISO file to a CD and boot from it.
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I ran the memory test in Vista but when the computer booted back up it didn't show me the results of the memory test. How do I get access to the reports if it isn't going to show me as soon as the computer starts back up?

A:Getting the results of the memory test

Check the Event Viewer - start w/the admin filtered log.

Then look in the Microsoft-Windows-MemoryDiagnostics-ResultsDebug log.

Regards. . .


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--------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce M GT Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce M GT DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory Memory,Dedicated consistant Memory,Shared not Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name NICK-PC Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate Build Service Pack longhorn rtm - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc System Model G S BIOS Default System BIOS Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode A person in my thread here http forums worldofwarcraft com thread html topicId amp postId amp sid said That doesn t look right my GTS displays Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Could you have bad videocard memory Or maybe reinstal direct X Click to expand So I m not sure where to start and I Display Memory,Dedicated Memory,Shared Memory not consistant m hoping someone here can point me into the right direction as to what it is I need to do to fix this problem I ve been having with graphical Discrpencies in World of Warcraft I haven t notice any in Call of Duty nbsp

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RAM: (2x) 2GB Ballistix (part number:BL25664AA80A )


When i boot up my comp, it proceeds to POST and does a failed memory test.
instead of Memory test: ST********** ), it becomes : (Mem or Memory te) and then the computer restarts. You can not access bios page,safe mode or access anything. If im lucky and i am able to get the computer running it will work for like 10-20 minutes and restart, even if im youtubing or just surfing the net.

NOTE: i am using an Award bios

A:Post memory test failed

It fails POST? Are there any beeps when you turn your PC on?

Try removing one stick of RAM and run the PC. See if the problem persists. If you're getting a memory error then run memtest86+ on each module separately.

However, first I'd recommend that you clean the inside of the PC and reset every component on your motherboard after cleaning.
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I've recoverd my chromebook. It would still freeze and need to be rebooted. I've done a reset and powerwash. I've ran a memory test 1 in CROSH. It came back with no errors. I then ran memory test 2 and it came back with 4244 bad blocks. I don't know what to do next. I've looked in the forums with no luck. I appreciate any help. Thanks
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I have an asus a7n8x deluxe and recently, since I installed a new hd, the comptuer turns its self off for no reason, and when booting, the voice says "System Failed Memory Test"... I switched the slot the ram was was fine for 2 days then did it again...i ran memtest on it and no errors....what should I do...also, my clock always gains time, about 3 minutes a week...could the cmos battery be doing all of this? Thanks in advance..

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I recently transfered some pictures from my camera to my laptop Now my camera automatically deletes memory Computer crashing test dos after photos once they are uploaded Computer crashing after dos memory test while they must of been still being deleted off my camera I tried to copy and past the photos now in my pictures folder onto a mermoy stick The whole computer crashed and when I tried to restart it the comp went into dos and did a memory test However now if i go near the folder containg the pictures the whole computer crashes I have tried moving the folder onto a mermory stick and it crashes still but have not tried deleting it as the pics where of my yr olds birthday Now if i leave my computer for awhile if freezes say after mins and can be slow in places My comp is a sony vgn-fz e operating with Windows Vista Another note i have ordered a new battery as my laptop needs to be plugged in all the time since the battery only lasts mins and therefore my comp gets very hot Please help nbsp

A:Computer crashing after dos memory test

Sounds like you could have bad RAM, which is causing the instability and freezing.
Download memtest86, burn to disk and allow it to check your memory upon bootup. It will take awhile but if there are memory problems it will detect them (if it doesn't detect problems, that doesn't rule out bad memory totally)

Has your computer been checked for viruses and spyware lately?

Regarding your battery, laptop batterys need a certain amount of "care", such as removing them from the computer while the PC is plugged into an outlet; and the battery is fully charged.

When you have a moment checkout this article, it will help you with laptop battery maintenance:
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laptop freezes right after bios memory test. cannot even get into bios to change settings. i press f2 to go into bios, it says entering setup, then goes to a black screen. i tried to run laptop on as power without battery, and it goes into reboot loop after post messages, but shows checking boot rom before going into reboot. tried booting a cd. doesnt boot it goes to black screen. how do i fix this?

laptop model is travelmate 290 series
has windows xp
512 mb ram

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Hi there, past couple days my computer has been crashing whenever doing something that requires a bit more power than usual. So I decided to run some tests on the RAM.

Tried Windiag first, ran two test with that and both times the computer crashed during the test, first time it had finished about 6 passes when it died, second time it lasted much longer.

Swapped to try Memtest and the same thing happened, computer died at 96% complete.

Just wondering if anyone can suggest what is going wrong, neither of the tests had reported errors before dying so not sure if it could still be a RAM problem or what.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks alot.

4gb DDR2
Win XP 32bit
Corsair site confirmed it was compatible

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HELP!!! The bios freezes at the memory test (MEMORY T.....FREEZE). A couple weeks ago, I pulled the RAM out and changed slots, no difference put it back in the original slot and it went fine. It's gone for good this time. Is this a simple fix and how to would be muchly appreciated. :approve:

A:Bios Freeze At Memory Test

Well.... try going into your bios settings and 1st check to make sure your ram is recognized correctly there...(correct MB showing)

if possible load fail safe options or set memory timeing to SPD or AUTO if you have the options in your bios to do so.

otherwise i would recommend trying a different stick of ram in that box.
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gang I have a problematic MSI radeon How test to card video memory? card and thought it How to test video card memory? would be easy to find a utility How to test video card memory? to simply test the onboard gb of memory - have not had any luck so far Can someone point me to such a test utility this card replaced a nearly identical sapphire card which worked perfectly for years or so firmware wise they should have been the same but the new one causes BSOD s Win quot driver has stopped responding and has recovered quot etc I have stripped the registry of every video driver including the non-implicated Intel onboard video and reinstalled directx etc etc to try to remedy this The behaviour will change but the issue is never solved not related to flashplayer shockwave particular video modes - the hang can occur anywhere at any time doing any thing or nothing at all sometimes its stable for minutes or so then I come back to the office and it has rebooted from a BSOD I can only guess that the card itself has defective memory and when the error is triggered it bails thanks for your help nbsp

A:How to test video card memory?

If I remember rightly Fumark is a well known video tester.
I haven't used it in years.
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Dear All,
When I try to start my computer, the memory test at the boot time is very slow. Normally it used to be about 2 sec. and and now it takes about 20 seconds. I did not install any new hardware, last time when I used my pc I tried to perform disk defrag. and it stopped at 70%. When I restarted the computer windows would not start (it might start after long time I think. If memory check takes that long windows would take hours to load) So am kind of stuck, I removed the memory and tried in different slot, I disconected hd and still nothing.
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my pc. If this is a problem of memory that's not bad, but if I have to change cpu or mb, that could be expensive.
Many thanks

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My HP desktop stops responding randomly, no matter what I'm doing. I ran a virus scan and it came back clean. I also ran a diagnostic test and the only thing that failed was the Nibble Move Test with an error code ME516-16W. I was wondering exactly what this is and how to fix it. Thank you.

A:part of memory test failed

Could be a bad memory stick. I would pull them out and then re-install them. If that does not work, then do one at a time. Not sure how many you have?

Please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread.
Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.
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dose win 7 have a tool to check memory, cpu .1 day i looking around and clicked on something , and it showed a page with memory, and cpu,and other things . and i could have run a stress test on them. but i didn't, i was in the control panel i think.if there is let me know how to get back there. thanks xbill

A:find memory stress test in win 7:?

Check your ram.
Memory Diagnostics Tool
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Not sure why this is happening but when I turn on my computer sometimes it will freeze at the memory test and won't go any further. It will not read the keyboard and i have to take the battery out, take out the prong thing underneath the battery and move it over a space, unplug the computer (i do that part first of course), take out the video card and then wait 30 seconds, put it all back together and then it works fine. Any suggestions on any hardware i might need to fix this problem? That's a lot of work to do each week just to start up....

A:Computer Stopping at Memory Test

Do you have a USB memory stick plugged in? (I have this problem with seven identical computers at work).
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My PC does the CPU test: passed, Memory test: passed, then just doesnt do anything, i have an Asus A7V333 mobo, so it tells me what is wrong 99% of the time. This time, i tryed pulling out all of the cards and disconnecting power to anything and everything, but still nothing, also tested 2 VGA cards. I removed battery to try and clear CMOS since i cant find mobo book and cannot locate jumper to do this.

If you guys have any idea please let me know.
Thnx, Jim

A:PC wont get past memory test!!!

Having the PCI-slots on the left, going up, then look at the floppy-connector on the mobo. Above it, on the right of the battery, you will find a jumper or 2 solder-points marked CLR_RTC.
Turn PC off. Remove mains powercord. Remove battery. short the solderpoints/pins with e.g. a paperclip. Reinstall battery. Reattach poercord. Switch on and re-install BIOS-parameters.
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I have an Athlon 2400+ on a Asus A7N8X-e deluxe mobo. I also have 2 DDR 400 512 mb sticks installed.

The system was identical for the past year. Today, while browsing the internet I heard "System failed memory test" in my headphones and the monitor shut off. I could still hear the PC working (at least the fans) and also the red light on the front of the case.

I shut down the PC, and of course it won't come back up.

Any ideas what could be wrong? I tried removing the DDR sticks and reinstalling them, but without any effect.


A:System failed memory test ...

What I tried so far:

1. Tried one stick of memory at a time, no result.
2. Removed the Mobo battery and moved the jumper next to it from 1-2 to 2-3 for 2 secs, then moved back. No result.
3. Tried a new video card (not sure why). No result.

Any other suggestions?

PS: I have another PC from which I'm posting now. It uses DDr 270 memory. Can I try this on the other PC to see if boh my ddr 400 sticks went bad?

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I have been having problems for a few days now Would not start up press power button fans start no beep no image on monitor This happened many times and still is at one point it crashed and had bsod also a white screen at one point I checked the hard drive with a diagnostic tool said it was all fine I then began to suspect the ram A few mins ago I started a memory test using the windows memory diagnostic it started fine after it restarted the computer when it got to overall however the computer shut down completely and would not turn on this shut test. down during memory Computer time no fans started no beep nothing at all I turned it off on the mains and waited for a few mins and tried again it worked Now I am totally clueless I don't know if the memtest crash was because there is a fault with the ram or if something else caused it Any help would be appreciated

A:Computer shut down during memory test.

Please follow the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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comp workin fine last 2 yrs. just 2 days ago, i was playing NBA LIVE and the comp hung up. when i restarted the comp. it kept saying system failed memory test so i left it for one night. next day i booted comp. and it worked but after some time, comp. hung up again and kept saying system failed memory test.
i left it again for one night. and next day it's working again and i surfed the net then it crashed and kept saying system failed memory test. what should i do

A:help! system failed memory test after crash: what should i do

you should test your memory to make sure that it has no error. Download the memtest from and boot off the CD or floppy. Then let it run for like 8 hours/overnight or longer to see if there's any error (usually if there's any big error, you should notice it in a pass or two, like a couple of hours).

If you have more than 1 stick, test 1 stick at a time. Also, you may need to test diff slots.

List your complete specs, it could be your psu as well or the mobo.
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is this normal??? yes or no

A:mem test finding errors outside my memory limit...

Quote: Originally Posted by sotorious

is this normal??? yes or no

Hi S

Not normal but not as bad as i have seen. we could use some comp info.

Kenn J+
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Hello All I had a Error about Memory So I ran Windows Memory Dianostics and it said I had Memory Problems. So I Tested both sticks seperate, and found the one that gave me the Error . should I assume that one sticks is bad?. And why would I have had not noticed this Error, when I was running this Memory on my Windows XP32 just asking trying to understand this A Little better. Any Ideals would be Greatful Thank You.

A:Question about Windows Memory Dianostic Test

Quote: Originally Posted by Blackwolf41

Hello All I had a Error about Memory So I ran Windows Memory Dianostics and it said I had Memory Problems. So I Tested both sticks seperate, and found the one that gave me the Error . should I assume that one sticks is bad?. And why would I have had not noticed this Error, when I was running this Memory on my Windows XP32 just asking trying to understand this A Little better. Any Ideals would be Greatful Thank You.

First windows memory diagnostics isnt useful for diagnosing memory errors. It just doesnt stress the ram enough. You need to use memtestx86.

If you get errors the stick or the mobo slot is bad.
Download a copy of Memtest86 and burn the ISO to a CD using Iso Recorder or another ISO burning program. Boot from the CD, and leave it running for at least 5 or 6 passes.
Just remember, any time Memtest reports errors, it can be either bad RAM or a bad motherboard slot. Test the sticks individually, and if you find a good one, test it in all slots.

Now then it may or may not have been bad then (XP). Memory like anything else is fine until it goes bad

Let us know if you have specific questions and we would be happy to help
Ken J
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Hi I own Dell Inspiring s customized with expandable upto gb RAM x system I just recently discovered the possibility to enhance my RAM to GB using all slots so I bought teo extra GB RAMs I own Windows Home bit version 10. on Windows Memory - Integrity Test Failed which I want to upgrade to bit I checked the system compatibility and figured out I can upgrade and so I began I inserted the new RAMs first to unused slots keeping old RAMs where they were Then I ran my Pc for a test drive and faced BSOD errors not letting me boot into system at all I thought the new RAMs might be causing the problem so I tried testing RAMs and slots in following way Old RAMs in used slots worked OK Old RAMs Memory - Integrity Test Failed on Windows 10. in unused slots worked OK New RAMs in used slots worked OK New RAMs in unused and Old RAMs in used slots worked OK Afterwards I began upgrading Windows from bit to bit version The upgrade finished and I ran Windows updates After progress of the Windows update download stopped forcing me to restart system Next I rebooted and Memory - Integrity Test Failed on Windows 10. faced BSoD error again so I tried restarting but system never loaded till boot screen So I rebooted to DVD of Win which after initial load turned a blank dark blue screen with no messages Afterwards all my efforts to boot to system or to Windows install DVD failed resulting either in blank black screen with a cursor post the failed boot attempts or the blank dark blue screen post the failed boot-from-DVD attempts I then ran Dell Diagnostics Utility which showed me various Memory - integrity test failed error messages So I tried reinstalling all RAMs together but the diagnostic utility error messages have since continued Help What do I do next What is the issue here and how do I resolve it to get Windows bit working with Gb total RAM of x Gb sticks each Is it a Windows update failure My RAM slots or cards My total RAM capacity My motherboard Help S O S - Ronak R
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dell computer, windows vista,running internet exployer8
with service pack2, use foxfire 3.6.6 web browser.
computer scan shows memory checker board test failed what is that and what do i need to do to fix the problem.are is it OK to ignore this if computer seems to be working OK

A:memory checker board test failed

What memory checker? If it the physical memory (RAM) in your system it's not OK to ignore this.

Memory is sorta like your checkbook. You won't notice little errors - a penny here or a penny there - but what are you going to do when it's a $1,000.00 error?
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Hi Dell community,
my laptop recently runs slower as usual and i after readíng some topics in the forum, i ran some hardware tests.
Unfortunatly as you can see in the fotos below there is a memory test failure.
Would a replace of the memory solve the problem?
Any suggestions?

A:Inspiron N5110 Memory Test failure

Test the memory modules one at a time. If one fails, move it to the other socket.  If one module fails in both sockets, replace that module with a  new one.  If both modules fail in a single socket, it's the socket that's bad - replace the mainboard.
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(I hope it's the right category to post this).

Would it be right to assume that Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool tests all memory, not just RAM? During a test, it has reported problems on the 1st run, whereas MemTest 86+ hasn't done so after a day of testing.
I've been dealing with memory-related BSODs lately, and it seems now, after replacing the RAM, that the graphics card is at fault (which has further been proved by an 8E BSOD during a specific VRAM-test).
So, is Windows Memory Test meant to check VRAM as well?

Thank you!

A:Windows 7 Memory Test: VRAM check?

Quote: Originally Posted by chattenoire

So, is Windows Memory Test meant to check VRAM as well?

Thank you!

No, neither memtest+ or the Windows Memory Tester check VRAM.

Quote: Originally Posted by chattenoire

after replacing the RAM, that the graphics card is at fault (which has further been proved by an 8E BSOD during a specific VRAM-test).

Using what tool?
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I have a Sandisk Sansa Clip ! Gig. I think that the 1 Gig may be a problem, I can't seem to find a way to do a memory test or
a Re-Format of this device, Every now and then it will do flakey stuff. If that battery is low it will hang up in some strange mode
that will only be solved by a full charge. This I can live with. On long MP3 files it will quit in the middle or jump to just about any other mode. However, it has no trouble with 400 or 500 meg audible files.

I would like to test the physical memory to eliminate this as a source of problems. Sansa suggests reformatting but I can't fin a way to do it on the 1 Gig version.

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my son brings me his laptop this afternoon not sure exactly what was done but anyway its stuck on test memory, test system and exit. i thought i could go back to factory image but i cant fugure out where its at. any help is really appreciated.

A:stuck on choose an option test memory

what is the model of your laptop??
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First thing I did was Test my memory, then I reseated it and tested it again, no issues found.

I have had previous issues with my GPU driver not responding, I hope that it is the GPU because I planned to replace it anyway.

Four crashes twice while the computer was in sleep mode and the other times while I was using it. Blue screen pops up and computer restarts.

Sorry I didn't copy and info from the notification after restart.
I did however upload the files via SF Diagnostic tool.

I hope it is something like a driver or something I can replace cause I can afford another computer.

I you need any other info just ask I hope I can help you help me.

Thank you

A:Random BSOD, Ram passed memory test

Quote: Originally Posted by PaperTiger

I hope it is something like a driver or something I can replace cause I can afford another computer.

Haha ... same here.

Go to Support | Dell US ... search for any possible driver update for your DW1525 (802.11n) WLAN PCIe Card. Apply the update.

Let us know for any further BSOD.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck D1, {4, 2, 0, 980c03d2}

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\athr.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for athr.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for athr.sys
Probably caused by : athr.sys ( athr+bc3d2 )

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

An attempt was made to access a pageable (or completely invalid) address at an
interrupt request level (IRQL) that is too high. This is usually
caused by drivers using improper addresses.
If kernel debugger is available get stack backtrace.
Arg1: 00000004, memory referenced
Arg2: 00000002, IRQL
Arg3: 00000000, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation
Arg4: 980c03d2, address which referenced memory

Debugging Details:
READ_ADDRESS: GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from 833a484c
Unable to read MiSystemVaType memory at 83383f00


980c03d2 83780401 cmp dword ptr [eax+4],1





ANALYSIS_VERSION: 6.3.9600.17237 (debuggers(dbg).140716-0327) amd64fre

TRAP_FRAME: 833629e4 -- (.trap 0xffffffff833629e4)
ErrCode = 00000000
eax=00000000 ebx=870ec490 ecx=87366020 edx=00000000 esi=8704d0e0 edi=8334bce6
eip=980c03d2 esp=83362a58 ebp=83362a64 iopl=0 nv up ei pl zr na pe nc
cs=0008 ss=0010 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=0030 gs=0000 efl=00010246
980c03d2 83780401 cmp dword ptr [eax+4],1 ds:0023:00000004=????????
Resetting default scope

LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 980c03d2 to 8327bb7f

833629e4 980c03d2 badb0d00 00000000 000099b4 nt!KiTrap0E+0x1b3
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
83362a64 980848b8 87366020 87339000 00000001 athr+0xbc3d2
83362adc 9808744a 87337020 8733a46c 83362b08 athr+0x808b8
83362aec 98043af2 00000000 8733a46c 00000000 athr+0x8344a
83362b08 8c2f16f2 00000000 8733a46c 00000000 athr+0x3faf2
83362b38 832b4639 870ec4c8 000ec490 b51eae95 ndis!ndisMTimerObjectDpc+0xbc
83362b7c 832b45dd 83365d20 83362ca8 00000001 nt!KiProcessTimerDpcTable+0x50
83362c68 832b449a 83365d20 83362ca8 00000000 nt!KiProcessExpiredTimerList+0x101
83362cdc 832b262e 000d7eb0 85ef5030 8336f380 nt!KiTimerExpiration+0x25c
83362d20 832b2458 00000000 0000000e 00000000 nt!KiRetireDpcList+0xcb
83362d24 00000000 0000000e 00000000 00000000 nt!KiIdleLoop+0x38

980c03d2 83780401 cmp dword ptr [eax+4],1


SYMBOL_NAME: athr+bc3d2


MO... Read more
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Alright I m running a Jetway N PAP- not my first choice Athlon XP gb x Corsair XMS DDR The computer used won't continue Comp pass test memory to sort of work But then it just decided not to anymore Firstly the computer takes longer Comp won't continue pass memory test than it should to beep in that I hit power it sits for a moment then beeps as opposed to turning on and beeping It displays the processor albeit Comp won't continue pass memory test at the wrong frequency but I just need to get into the bios and adjust the fsb and totals the memory correctly but then just STOPS It used to display the memory type then load the IDE drives etc But now it just stops I can t even get into the bios setup It s a brand new motherboard I know it isn t the processor Comp won't continue pass memory test tried swapping it out It isn t the PSU swapped as well Is it the memory I ve tried with just one stick I ve tried swapping them etc but nothing Also I m not sure if this is of concern but the comp-speaker seems to click twice very quietly while the comp is taking forever to boot before it beeps The computer has been giving me trouble since I first scrounged it together Even before this current problem it wouldn t recognize drives then randomly it would then I d try to install windows and it d freeze such a mess Thanks Go Sox nbsp

A:Comp won't continue pass memory test

i currently have an issue where if my samsung writemaster dvd burner is connected, my pc freezes up at post and cant get into bios either, mine happened when having the pc unplugged from the wall for a few days, i went to use it and it did that crap, when i unplug the burner however everything is fine, i can even get into bios once its unplugged, plug the burner back in and get to windows where it works fine... work that one out .
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Hello all,

Could you please suggest a program to test the mainboard of my laptop Satellite Pro A300 and RAM on reliability and compatibility issues.

Thank you.

A:Re: Satellite Pro A300 - Program to test mainboard and memory

Hi buddy,

There is no software tool to test the mainboard. This can only be done with special diagnostic tools from an authorized service provider.

But for the RAM there are several diagnostic tools like Memtest86. It?s DOS based diagnostic tools that checks every sector of memory with different methods. Really nice freeware tool that you can download here:
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Hi folks Yet another problem with reset now not PC will past itself test without boot memory warning, my pc I had issues with it before as detailled in this thread- http www techsupportforum com forums f clicking-freezing-crashing-psu-hd-what- html Previously it had the problem of clicking and turning itself off at random However PC reset itself without warning, now will not boot past memory test I fixed this so I thought by buying another PSU and all was well since that point until today In the middle of installing Microsoft SQL server the computer restarted itself unexpectedly Upon reboot it restarted itself again as soon as I moved the mouse It did this twice and then I switched it off Upon being switched on PC reset itself without warning, now will not boot past memory test again it gets to the bit that says memory test and shows the size of the memory then hangs Any suggestions what could be wrong The PC has Windows XP pro and a grand total of hard drives two of PC reset itself without warning, now will not boot past memory test which have windows installations but neither of which are even getting to the stage currently of being detected It has gb ram and a Bioforce T motherboard nbsp

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Hello I m new here and I have a problem I d like to get some help with With the computer off I disconnected my regular C Drive Which runs Sin XP Pro and put in it s place another hard drive that I just bought used This used HDD has WinNT on it but you cannot boot into it unless you know the username and password So instead of that I just shut down my computer and took the used HDD Can't past or test Compuer memory won't get post!, boot out and put in the original HDD My regular Crive Compuer won't boot or post!, Can't get past memory test Now when I turn on the computer it will not get past Compuer won't boot or post!, Can't get past memory test the memory test The memory test completes saying it s OK but the part that says quot Detecting IDE Drives quot or whatever will not show up I ve cleared the CMOS several times took out the battery for like minutes and still it has the same problem I cannot even get into the BIOS The CD Drives will not open although the CD Drive lights are on It will not even boot from floppy because it can t get to that point Any ideas what happened and what the problem is And more importantly how I can fix it Thanks a million in advance MrStrype PS Below is exactly what the text on the monitor shows at the point where it freezes Award Modular BIOX v PG An Energy Star Ally Copyright - Award Software Inc For KX- K Chipset Support Main Processor AMD Athlon MHz x Memory Testing K OK DRAM CLK MHz Press DEL to enter SETUP ALT F to enter AWDFLASH - - A- A LKPA C- nbsp

A:Compuer won't boot or post!, Can't get past memory test

What motherboard are we dealing with?? And do you have anything on the orginal drive you do not want to loose???
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I replaced a faulty hard drive on a Dell Studio running Windows Vista Professional last week Upon reloading Vista from an OEM disk and reconfiguring all of the drivers the 1737 Errors Test Studio Dell Memory slot fed optical drive failed It wouldn t read any cd or dvd I double checked the drivers that wasn t the issue The drive continually ejected all disks and didn t allow exploration Upon attempting to boot the computer failed multiple times I ran a memory test from the boot menu I have experienced the following error codes from Dell Studio 1737 Memory Test Errors the memory test - and - I also get a xc f In an attempt to trouble Dell Studio 1737 Memory Test Errors shoot the Dell Studio 1737 Memory Test Errors machine and find out if the hard drive was at issue or if it was the optical drive I removed the optical drive Who in the world decided a slot fed optical drive was a good idea that s a bear to remove Anyway I still get the same errors My question is can I run this PC without the optical drive I expected it to boot without issue after the faulty optical drive was not an issue I don t want to put more money in a machine that is going to eat hard drives It is difficult to find a replacement slot fed optical drive and a ridiculous task to replace I planned to run this machine with an external optical drive but I need to get it to boot I m stumped and would love any input offered In advance I will say AVOID ANY DELL WITH A SLOT FED DRIVE It takes hours to dissemble it to even access the drive Drawer fed might look retro but seriously it jumps outta the machine nbsp

A:Dell Studio 1737 Memory Test Errors

If you are getting errors from Memory tests the first thing I would be looking at is the RAM. Faulty RAM can cause no end of apparently random errors which can lead you all over the place trying to find the cause.

If you have 2 or more sticks of RAM take them all out and try running the PC with just 1 stick at a time to see if the fault occurs. If you get the error with one particular stick installed then there is a reasonable chance you have a faulty RAM module, if it happens with all I would double check by doing the same test but put the RAM in a different slot on the motherboard.
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I have an ABIT NF7-S v2.0 mobo, and every time the pc boots up, it tests/scans the memory over and over. I always have to hit esc to cancel it. I've looked in the BIOS and googled the issue, but could not find a solution.



A:Solved: How do I disable the memory test that my BIOS does every bootup
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my computer has been acting up for awhile but now if i lose power my computer will not go past the post screen it just stops. if i run the bios memory harddreive test it will then start up. Why does this happen?
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I just ran the extended suite of the Windows Memory Diagnostic trying to figure out why World of Warcraft kept crashing. And test 10/11 the Erand test came back as failed. I have two sticks of Kingston KVR400X64C3A/512 2.6V My mobo is Asrock P4VMB. I'm not a huge techie so I wouldn't be able to pinpoint specifically what's causing this error, maybe you guys can help. If there's any more information needed just say what.
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Hi my name is Richard I got a pc here and we got a major problem nbsp nbsp nbsp - Memory module failed self test and failing rank was disabled slot nbsp I know this a ram motherboard problem but I don't know how to fix it nbsp My devices was di... - and Memory 203 rank test self module failing failed does not work it said LSI Raid error my keyboard mouse does not work I tried to spam f for bios but 203 - Memory module failed self test and failing rank was di... It still showed up the error message I dont wanna spend too much money on this I really need to fix this problem before I ever get in trouble I believe my ram comes with the motherboard because I don't see any ram sticks inside my pc I tried to reboot but nope it still gave me the message This really scared me I could not get any devices working I could not go to bios I dont have a clear disk to diagnose on I've seen forums thesame as this but non of them worked Please help us I will try to be active as soon as possible nbsp nbsp Any replies will be replied and nbsp Please help us and tell us the solution for this I only saw HP users have this I don't want to spend bucks for a new pc nbsp nbsp Specs nbsp PC HP Workstation x DDR Memory gbPciE Zotac Geforce GT nbsp nbsp Any further replies will be replied as fast as possible I will try to be active as soon as possible nbsp nbsp nbsp Thank you staff volunteers and members for reading this thread I've tried everything i could do to fix this nothing seems to be working nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp -Screen Guy
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It's all McAfee's fault. I tried to install the 2008 suite and got a BSOD. Coincidentally on the reboot, the system now takes 20-30 minutes to test RAM before it boots. . I took out the CMOS battery to see if that would erase any wierd BIOS settings. Tried a different power supply too. No go. When it finally boots, it's OK, . I am currently doing a system restore to get rid of McAfee and into another 30 minute cycle. Using a different PC here.

It's pretty unwieldy, having to wait 30 minutes to get into the BIOS. It's the Award BIOS and there is no option to skip the memory test. Just one option to skip tests for a faster boot and that's set.

This did happen six months ago and went away after a day. Maybe it will again. After it went away, I ran Memtest for 24 hours and the RAM passed.

Any thoughts appreciated.

A:Argh! Super Long Memory Test on Boot

What mobo are you using, and what RAM?
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Running W10. My Y50-70 is so temprmental - especially streaminig sites. Im often rebooting.
Found this error by using Lenovo Solution Centre and wounder if its related.
Any help much appreicated.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.
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i have a Gateway PC Model E w Pent 2000 -Win Test run to BIOS Update / Memory Unable Ghz Mb Ram Unable to run BIOS Update / Memory Test -Win 2000 OS Win Prof Gb Hard Drive Gateway doesn t support this Model as they sold the series to someone called quot MPV quot and refer any support request to them seems MPV has gone bankrupt and website closed down Computer failed to boot recently even into safe mode i then formatted drive and tried to reinstall OS but setup stopped while copying setup files and displayed a blue screen with quot stop quot message listing a group of nos beginning with quot OxOOOOOO E followed with more similar nos - also quot Mode Exception Not Handled quot several attempts to repeat install gave same result from what i can understand about this problem it likely is hardware related bad memory needs bios update or bad power supply i m now waiting for replacement Rambus memory modules meanwhile i installed Win OS which installed without a a hitch i did a scan disk thorough with no errors cleaned inside the case CPU Fan power supply reseated Memory modules and removed modem sound card network card etc leaving only monitor mouse and keyboard connected to the motherboard same results with install attempt RE BIOS i googled the BIOS number and found an update file at Gateway Support as it s used on many of their other models i downloaded the file which is to be used to create a bootable floppy to do the update the readme txt in the update file says that this update will not work with floppies formatted in Windows OS you must use IBM Formatted disk so i bought IBM Formatted disks and created the bootable floppy i set bios to boot to floppy-restarted computer and got quot Non System Disk or Disk Error quot i repeated with a second floppy-same error i tried making a bootable CD with the ISO but computer just boots to the second choice Hard Drive i then tried to deal with a memory test memtest with which you create a bootable disk etc when i booted with this disk the memtest started and almost immediately stopped with message quot Unexpected Interrupt- Halting CPU Waiting for new RAM modules now and fresh out of ideas would sure appreciate any and all suggestions or opinions nbsp
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I heard there're these memory test stations you can use to test RAM sticks and that would isolate the RAM against a the possibility of a bad motherboard producing the memory errors.
Something like this?:
(sorry there're two, I don't know how to remove one of them)

A:What's a proper inexpensive memory test station? if that's a good opt

Why do I feel it's more expensive than just buying new memory ? It's mostly for people servicing computers for living.
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So i just ran a system hardware scan and came up with the error code WMEBVVS-DL7D0K and cannot find the result code anywhere, im assuming that i need to replace the ram the but i wanted to check before i did to see if that is truly the issue.i failed the moving inversions 8 bit test the moving inversions 32 bit test the random pattern test and the block move test. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Using x Crucial mb ram A7N8X Failed Test 2.0 System Memory Deluxe with my mobo During start up will randomly get quot system failed memory test quot voice error I A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 System Failed Memory Test ve read many posts on this subject and figured it was just some kind of glitch with my mobo ram Maybe due to a bios bug using rev now Well some people have brought up it might just be the bios back when I had rev I would think it would of been fixed by now As for the ram I had x Crucial mb when I first built my system that I accidently order instead of the the I got the same error with the ram My system runs fine with or without the error messege The other day though I got scared when I booted up and got the error again I decided to restart and see if it came up again for some odd reason and bam there it was again and again and again So I m think ok somethings screwed I d l memtest restart with no error and start testing Run for about an hour and a half with no errors So I was just wondering if anyone knows what exactly the problem is nbsp

A:A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 System Failed Memory Test

I myself used to randomly get "CPU Has Failed". I just turned off the Speech Reporter in the BIOS. I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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Hi I recent got a used T workstation - it has GB RAM x gb and a W Xeon The latest bios A was already installed I upgraded to windows pro and all appeared to be working well I bought a x cpu and installed Memory CPU fail Test Integrity after upgrade T3500 as an upgrade - the system already had the U F heatsink which T3500 Memory Integrity Test fail after CPU upgrade I cleaned and T3500 Memory Integrity Test fail after CPU upgrade applied new thermal paste to nbsp On the first T3500 Memory Integrity Test fail after CPU upgrade boot everything seemed OK - cpu recognised in bios and windows But then windows crashed and on reboot I got - on the diagnostics and a memory integrity fail All other tests passed The problem was reported for DIMM but on later reboots it happened with DIMM I reseated all sticks cleaning slots with an air duster The systems seems stable with x gb but is always having issues with all slots used I have swapped sticks around several times so it seems not to be a problem with the individual memory modules I noted the CMOS battery was reporting a low voltage so have installed a new one After each crash I can usually get windows to boot again and then it crashes after a few minutes Could there be an issue between the x and the RAM or is it more likely that I have clumsily fried the motherboard DIMM slot whilst changing the CPU as far as I can see the T should support the x Any advice would be much appreciated Ross
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On a Tecra 530CDT, ghosted an image from the original IBM to a Toshiba 6gb hard drive using Ghost version 5.1c. New hard drive stops responding after the memory test. Re-ghosting using the -fatlimit switch without success - same problem. The old drive was a Win95/WinNT dual boot. Tried updating the bios on the old drive and re-ghosting again without success. Any ideas on what I can try next would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Ghosted hard drive hangs after memory test

Have you tried starting the computer with a boot disk? If not, try it. Does the hard drive and it's contents show up when you do. Did you fdisk/format the new drive before ghosting it? Do you get any error messages such as no OS found?