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Input/output error when burning DVDs

Q: Input/output error when burning DVDs

Hello everyone

I'm having a problem with my DVD burner... actually I've had it for almost two years now, but I only decided that enough is enough with this thing and I want to find a solution for it.

The long and short of it is this. Whenever I try to burn something on my DVD, it fails at the end and gives me an 'input/output' error and ejects the DVD. I have no idea why this happens. I should note that my DVD drive is fine otherwise, it can play DVDs and CDs without any problem. If anyone needs any additional information, I even saved the log-file that the my DVD burning software saved after it was finished.

Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Input/output error when burning DVDs

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Input/output error when burning DVDs

What software are you using? Try CDBurnerXP, it's free.
Also, try a different manufacturers DVD's.
And you could look for a firmware update for the drive.
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OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
CPU: AMD Athlon 7750 x2
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9500gt
HDD: Seagate 1TB

Hi guys. I am not sure if the problem with my DVD burner is a software related one or a hardware related one. I am using HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS70 SCSI CdROM device. Of late, most of the times when I am trying to burn a disc, it shows Program Memory Area Update Failure. The errors are random. At times I can burn 2-3 discs before the error pops up. At times it happens during burning the first disc. The type of files I am burning also has no effect as the error occurred as I attempted to write various types of disc. I sed ImgBurn and Nero but the problem persisted. What is the problem and what do I need to do to solve this?
Thanks in advance.

A:DVD Burner showing error when burning dvds

I am just curious to know what brand media you are using.
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Hello all of my favorite people,

I am attempting to launch a java application in works fine till I try to redirect input/output/error.

Here is what I have so far:

Dim myCon As New Process
Dim si = myCon.StartInfo
si.WorkingDirectory = Applicarion.StartupPath
si.UseShellExecute = False
si.RedirectStandardInput = True
si.RedirectStandardOutput = True
si.RedirectStandardError = True
si.Arguments = "-jar " & Applicarion.StartupPath & "MYJAR.jar"
si.FileName = "java"

Public Function readmycon(pid)
Do While Process.GetProcessById(pid).HasExited = False
Return Nothing
End Function

As always all help is appreciated.


A:Solved: [VisualStudio 2010] - Redirecting input/output/error of java.
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hello, i was burning some movies to DVD when i got this error message. the DVD was just about full by the way.

i've never gotten this before, what should i do?

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I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop new in Italy in the close burning the and keeps DVDs drive the fails windows burning spinnin When but December from a major computer store The computer came installed with Windows Home Premium Italian and I have installed on it an original version of Microsoft Office When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin XP Professional Edition English The CD-ROM unit is a Matsushita DVD -RW UJ Since I bought the computer I have sometimes had difficulty burning DVDs with the When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin built-in Windows burner function that I access from Explorer Often in the past I have ended up with partially written DVDs Nevertheless by using high-quality DVDs I have been able to burn DVDs successfully most of the time using the Windows utility I last used the utility successfully a couple of months ago when I burned a couple of DVDs to backup some photos Since yesterday I have been trying to backup my most important files onto DVDs The attempt has failed in every case First I copy about GB of files from drive C onto drive D in Explorer These are several hundred files divided into three different directories consisting mostly of PDF Word Excel and JPG files some of them with names in foreign scripts like Cyrillic Japanese or Chinese Then I insert a new DVD either Verbatim or TDK and attempt to master the DVD by selecting the option write to disk from the Explorer menu whether from When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin the menus at the top of the screen or by right-clicking on drive D in the lefthand pane of the screen A window pops up asking me for the name of the disk whether I want it to be flash or one-time only and the recording speed x x x etc Once I click continue to start burning the DVD a window pops up to tell me that Windows is making an image of the disk and then the window tells me that it has begun mastering the disk giving me a countdown of how many minutes are left minutes to minutes depending on the speed I choose But no matter what name I give to the disk and what recording speed I pick after - seconds the popup window and the Explorer window both suddenly close and the DVD unit s writing light goes out but the DVD unit continues to whir at high speed forever Here are the results I got yesterday with separate DVDs On the first DVD I used Windows s burn utility on a Verbatim DVD and I ended up with files burned onto the DVD making it unusable On the second try I used some simple burn software that I had used before Roxio Burn on a TDK DVD and ended up with files burned onto the disk but from different folders than the files burned by Windows On my third attempt after going offline shutting down my antivirus software AVG and using Task Manager to shut down processes from that other burn software Roxio Burn I used Windows s burn utility again on a TDK DVD and ended up with the identical files that had I ended up with the first time though this time I had chosen a lower writing speed In all three of these attempts the DVD unit continued to whir after the windows had closed until such time as I ejected the disk manually When I first encountered this problem yesterday I thought the problem might be caused by my antivirus software AVG Free Edition interfering with the writing process because after one particular automatic update by AVG about two months ago I began having problems with AVG blocking Skype and placing some of my Nokia cell phone software in quarantine But by disabling the HIPS element of AVG I was able to resolve those problems several weeks ago and begin using Skype successfully again But just to be sure today I disinstalled AVG completely and installed Microsoft Security Essentials Because I had read in a forum online that Windows might have conflicts with other burning software that was also installed today I also disinstalled the o... Read more

A:When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin

My guess would be theres something wrong with the dvd drive.I also have the same computer.Either the laser in it is shot or needs cleaned or the whole drive has failed.
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hi I m trying to burn a hogs of war ps iso file which i have converted back from a psp EBOOT file using psx psp I burn the the ccd file using alcohol and i get the message about missing" input error burning brain game "human the Image size not matching to the Lead-Out recorded in TOC and game burning error "human brain input missing" i select the recommended option to quot keep TOC as on source cd write until end of img file can someone pleeease help me get this right as hogs of war is a freking awesome game if you can help then hugs and kisses and that mushy krap edit oh and hears the burn error log Source Disc Image Information Type CloneCD Image file Path C Games Hogs of War Copy of Hogs of War Name how iso hopefully ccd how iso hopefully img Size MB Session Track Session Track Mode Form Length MB Address Dumping Recording Progress Log Time stamp of this log file p m Processor info Intel Pentium CPU GHz x MHz Memory Available to Windows KB Memory Buffer size MB Starting EFM Error Bypass Engine Image file loading C Games Hogs of War Copy of Hogs of War how iso hopefully ccd Source Info Session Track Length MB D TSSTcorp CD DVDW TS-H U Recording Method Speed Recording - DAO SAO - X KB Sec D TSSTcorp CD DVDW TS-H U BURN-Free activated Image file loading completed D TSSTcorp CD DVDW TS-H U - Write ERROR LBA Length S KEY - - quot Cannot Format Medium - Incompatible Medium quot D TSSTcorp CD DVDW TS-H U Recording failed Error message - Cannot Format Medium - Incompatible Medium D TSSTcorp CD DVDW TS-H U Recording failed Something is wrong with the recording procedure Please check the log file and report any errors to Technical Support nbsp

A:game burning error "human brain input missing"

ok i tried to just burn the iso image without using the .ccd file but i had to set track format, block size, image and trailer size, and whether the data was scrambled and/or contains EDC\ECC info sections.

having no idea i burned with the original settings i.e
track format: track mode 2 form 1
block size: 2352
image trailer size: 0
image header size: 0
data was scrambled: n
// contains EDC/ECC info sections: no

and now the videos have no audio.

any ideas?
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I have a speech error, and I had an idea that I could connect the audio output to the input. That way, I could use a speech synthesizer with Skype. I could also play music for my friends. The easiest way to do this is of course a wire, but I was wondering if this could be done from windows.


A:input to output

Hello Thomas, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Not knowing which audio devices you have, I can not tell you which device you have to choose, but in my opinion this can be done from Skype Audio Settings.

An example from my laptop with IDT Audio chip. I can select one of these devices:

Selecting Stereo Mix in my case sends the signal from mic when it is connected but when mic is not connected, it sends whatever sound I'm currently playing, for instance WMP, WMC or speech synthesizer.

With an image it's diffult to show audio but I'll try: screenshot below shows (green signal strength bar) Skype is getting an audio signal to send. All mics currently disconnected, that signal comes from a YouTube video I'm watching, so if I now had a Skype chat with you, you would receive and hear what I'm listening now.

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I was wondering how I would be able to do something like this. I have a 8800 GTS that have DVI-I outputs and I wanted to pick up a monitor that has a DVI-D input. I know the difference between the DVI-D and the DVI-I is that the DVI-I has 4 pins surrounding the flat blade (28 pins compared to 24 pins).

Is there anyway I can get them to connect with each other or is this totally incompatible? Special cable, etc?

A:DVI-I output to DVI-D input

The extra pins contain the analog signal, which is not used by the DVI-D monitor.

Just because the video card has the pins avaiable does not mean they have to be used, when the monitor only needs the digital signal.
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Hi I currently have a Fenton 1000 UPS which i use to connect my pc & TFT monitor, i have installed the UPSILON 2000 monitoring program which is used to monitor the UPS.
Now my problem is that the monitoring program is reading that the input voltage is 250V & the output Voltage is also 250V, shouldn't it be adjusted to at least a voltage lower than 250V automatically by the UPS itself?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi, I need some help with ksh scripting
i have script in which i search for users on command line then in for loop check are they
logged on then i try to send them message:
set brcp4 dxmm4 -m hello just testing program
USERS=`echo $* | sed 's/.*cp4\([^-]*\).*/\1/'
for i in $USERS
tty=`finger | grep $i | cut -c 32-38
write $i $tty <<+ <--------here it tells me "<<" is unmatched? what does it mean?
hello just testing program
any help why is input redirection tells me unmatched?I need help asap.Thank you.

A:input/output redirection

You have some problems with for syntax and backticks.

Try something like this:

USERS=`echo $* | sed 's/.*cp4\([^-]*\).*/\1/'`
for i in $USERS ; do
tty=`finger | grep $i | cut -c 32-38`
write $i $tty <<+
hello just testing program
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Please help me Vista Home Premium on a Asus G50Vt

started after i reinstalled the drivers

A:Help no output or input. Realtek HD

What you need it's the right drivers
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Ok, so here's my problem:

I need to voice chat, but I it doesn't play my voice. As the title sais, the sound output from my speakers goes directly in the input for my microphone. And I don't want that... How do I fix this?

I have Realtek HD audio onboard, if that helps..

Sorry for my bad English,

A:Sound output to Mic input

like your what comes out of your speaker channel is also coming OUT the mic channel?
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i want a program that performs arithmatic operations(+,-,*,/) on the input and shows correct output in 'C' language.
The problem is that the input is 200 or 200+ digits and i cannot use strings and arrays for it !!!!

How do i even read that big input??leave alone the calculations!
someone kept talking about somthing "precession...mentasa"
any clue guys???

A:200+ digit input/output in C/C++

Something like this should work for you:
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I've taken myself the challenge I've been avoiding for some time, creating a plattform for connecting a radio to your computer through the USB port.

So basicly I need to know if there is anyone here with any knowledge in this field who wants to answer a few questions, or if there is anyone who knows where to direct those questions...

The most important question would be how the signal has to be converted to be put through the USB connection. Followed by how to create the drivers needed to get the computer to understand these signals as soundsignals.

I'd greatly appreacitate any help, as I'm guessing it's not anything usual I'm asking about

A:input and output for USB devices

My question would be, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to record the radio output into the computer?

USB connections are for Hardware. So you're saying that you want a radio to become a piece of hardware? Could you clarify?
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my new dell lcd monitor have been plugged to dvi-output broken? or input my new dell pc with a geforce GS via the dvi port and worked for months until yesterday when i turn on my pc again nothing but the message dvi-output or input broken? red green blue shows up but when plugged to the usual blue port the monitor works Extended description when i plug my monitor to the dvi port while my pc is off then when i actually turn the pc on the pc would hum for about second without the beep sound or the bios booting then it would turn itself off again and before you know it it turns itself back on again HOWEVER when i plug the monitor to the blue port instead and restart my pc the pc boots normally and the diaplay works as if nothing happened that is until i plug the monitor BACK to the dvi port and turn on my pc again and then the on and off thing would reoccur and i would get nothing on my monitor my pc AND monitor are brand new dell desktop set purchased months ago i do not know how to service my own pc and since i moved from the country where i purchased my dell and did not purchased any additional warrenty i would assume i m screwed is it possible for the socket onboard the card to break or maybe the pcie slot is busted or is it my monitor s socket that s broken my gfx card is months old so is my monitor the pins aint bent everything is new i on y have either dvi plugged or old blue plugged to my card at the same time as i test it and the card works fine when i have it plugged to my mon via old blue many thanks for the help EDITED i purchased my dell monitor and pc months ago in canada but i am now in hong kong and will stay there for atleast one year does the basic one year warranty covered any of this thank you nbsp

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Well, things went on until noon yesterday, but suddenly My PC takes no audio input or gives any output.
I have tried reinstalling driver, checking mute button, checking Cables etc, none of the audio devices work on my PC which work in other devices.
On opening realtek audio manager and playing auto test, Nothing plays, and going to control Panel -> Sound, and playing the test tone, I get this error:
Just as an additional info, I reinstalled AVG Internet Security 14 yesterday, and probably the audio was working till then. Once AVG was installed and the system got restarted, a system Update was triggered automatically, if that has got anything to do with my problem.

P.S. I could not use system restore as well, I get the following error:

Also, I come to know by googling that The Audio and System restore problems come in combos frequently.

A:No audio input and output

Do you have any audio listed in the device manager, other than RealTek, and possibly an HDMI audio (if your system has that capability)? If there are other audio entries, such as "HD Audio Codec" uninstall those as they can conflict with the actual sound device (RealTek).

An uninstall/reinstall if the sound device will fix any Windows corruptions, and MAY fix your audio problem. In the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the RealTek to highlight it and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the driver. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound.

AVG is on the list of Antivirus programs that potentially can interfere with Audio. I have a recording studio, using Sonar X3 recording software, and AVG is listed as one to avoid. For that reason (and that it works), I only use the built in (built in to Windows 8) Windows Defender (is called Microsoft Security Essentials in XP, Vista and Win 7).
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I purchased 2400 Mhz RAM, and the computer worked, but MSI 970 board didn't support the higher speed. I switched back to 1600, now I have no input or output (the screen shows nothing, the light on the keyboard doesn't turn on). I tried switching back to 2400 Mhz, and back to the 1600 Mgz, and repeatedly pressing delete (the BIOS key), I still can't use the computer at all. I didn't change anything but the RAM, what can I do to get my computer working again?
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I hard a hard time deciding where to put this thread, none the less here it goes:

I used to have a very advanced audigy system that had front ports for pro mics and stuff. when plugged in it turned my speakers into a PA system basically with studio quality. I was then able to play tracks of recorded songs by my band and add vocals to them with almost no software at all and it sounded brilliant.

That PC cost me 4,000 to build and I by no means can replicate that. I now have a spdif plug mic with a nice hd sound card, adobe audition 3, and the hope I may be able to make this work. Can anyone offer me any solutions whether they be 3rd party of plugins to my current software?

Much appreciation!
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I recently purchased a new computer which my headset mic does not function on. The physical microphone itself is working properly and I have made sure that it is unmuted in the volume controls. Also the sound from my speaker output is being used as the mic input. For example, if I am listening to music with the voice recorder program opened the music will be recorded. I have a Realtek AC'97 onboard sound card on an ASUS motherboard. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Im looking into converting my old tapes to DVD. So i need to conect my VHS to my laptop.

My laptop has an S-Video port but is this for input or output?

It may seem a stupid question but S-Video isnt commonly used in the UK, this is the first time ive ever needed to think about using it.

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I have a compaq 7360. My computer is not showing the display on the monitor. The keyboards num lock also does not turn on once started. The computer when turned on, displays the green light showing that the power is on and also the green light for the hard disk, but there is no display on the monitor, whose light is set to amber.

I'm not sure what the problem is. It just started after I restarted it a few days ago.

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Hi there TSG I d like you to Audio conector Help: Input Output through give me a little hand on here See I use both speakers and headphones Help: Audio Output through Input conector to listen to music in mi pc Sometimes I use the former sometimes the later I don t have a front audio panel so changing the plugs it s annoying gotta move too many things At first I used an audio splitter but it s quality its utterly horrid and I ve tried like kinds My board an ECS with Realtek ALC has the typical conectors Audio Input Audio Output n Mic Input The software driver allows to arrange the streams to have output trough the inputs for a mirrored speakers speakers and speakers sound system So instead of the splitter I use the software to mirror the output through the audio input So far so good but the problem is everytime I reboot the PC the config gets lost and I have to unplug and plug the input plug for the software to ask me what I wanna do with that stream make an output plz So it s the same as just switching and the idea is to avoid it Sooooo I wonder does anybody knows for a program that could mirror the output through the input Or maybe does know how the software driver works for making the changes without having to unplug and plug for the software to ask maybe it changes something in the registry or maybe sets an option in a file Any kind of help is always welcomed Thks in advance PS And as a bonus does somebody knows about a program that could morph the mic input through a virtual driver or alike The idea is to change the voice for programs like skype or teamspeak with just one program Thks PS Using WinXP SP Motherboard ECS GeForce PM-M nbsp

A:Help: Audio Output through Input conector

No? someone? anyone?
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Hello everybody,

I hope everybody is doing all right and much better than me.

I wanted to ask something about audio.
How can I make the sound coming from my speakers like they are coming from microphone?
I guess you could say that how can make output coming like input?
I want to add a video entry to a journal, I can add the video, but I want the sound from the video added to the entry too.
I couldn't find a way to do that because it only records the sounds from microphones.
Another question would be how can make a song on my computer recorded as an audio journal?
What are the ways to do that?


A:Showing Output Sound as Input

I don't mind saying I'm confused. Where is the video coming from and where/what is the journal method of recording? Seems to me you could use Windows Live Movie Maker. As far as an audio journal, the Sound Recorder under Accessories should to it. You'll need a microphone plugged in and make sure it's assigned as a recording device.
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I am looking for way to redirect audio from output speakers to input mic so that audio (mic) direct to output to Is it possible input windows would think it's microphone Actually I want to to be able to send sound to devices at once would be speakers so I can hears the sound and other device would be microphone so software that works with mic can hear that sound at once For example By redirecting audio output to microphone I would be able to stream sound trough msn skype I heard it's easy with linux but what about windows Edit I found Control Panel gt Sound gt Recording Enabling stereo mix does what I Is it possible to direct audio output to input (mic) am looking for but thing is that when my speakers sound volume is set to then recording's sound volume will be too Is it possible listen sound Is it possible to direct audio output to input (mic) at but have a recording with like set set sereo mix volume to Or is there any tool to grab audio by process like redirect everything from vlc to mic

A:Is it possible to direct audio output to input (mic)

Quote: Originally Posted by LoveW7

I am looking for way to redirect audio from output (speakers) to input (mic) so that windows would think it's microphone. Actually I want to to be able to send sound to 2 devices at once 1 would be speakers so I can hears the sound and other device would be microphone so software that works with mic can hear that sound at once.

For example:
By redirecting audio output to microphone I would be able to stream sound trough msn/skype.

I heard it's easy with linux, but what about windows?

Happy to help is you give us your system specs so we know what hardware you have. Especially your sound card/chipset
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Hi, I've updated my prime workstation from XP to 7 (was told to avoid Vista because I use my workstations for pro audio and midi).

I use this new worstation for wave-editing only so I thought that I could use the onboard soundcard, but... I can not record anything from the stereomix!

I have activated the stereomix function and tried to set it as the default recording device, but it is simply not delevering any output - or to be more precise: it looks like it's not getting any input, because in the Windows mixer there is no reaction in the stereomix strip like no sound is being routed to the stereomix.

Trying to record in applications like Wavelab, Audacity or mp3mymp3 with the stereomix as input gain only give the delicate sound of silence...

Can anybody help?
I have looked other threads in this forum, but have not found any solution...

A:Win 7 & Realtek HD Stereomix: No output... or is it input?

Quote: Originally Posted by fuelrod

Hi, I've updated my prime workstation from XP to 7 (was told to avoid Vista because I use my workstations for pro audio and midi).

I use this new worstation for wave-editing only so I thought that I could use the onboard soundcard, but... I can not record anything from the stereomix!

I have activated the stereomix function and tried to set it as the default recording device, but it is simply not delevering any output - or to be more precise: it looks like it's not getting any input, because in the Windows mixer there is no reaction in the stereomix strip like no sound is being routed to the stereomix.

Trying to record in applications like Wavelab, Audacity or mp3mymp3 with the stereomix as input gain only give the delicate sound of silence...

Can anybody help?
I have looked other threads in this forum, but have not found any solution...

Have you tried going to the stereo mix and right click on properties and then go to levels and slide to the max and then click on apply.
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My computer doesn't seem to want to send any output, and from what I can tell, doesn't get input.
Recently my computer has been requiring me to spam the mouse and keyboard so it will send information to the screen. The mouse and keyboard do not power on now, preventing me from spamming and getting the screen to talk. Charging my phone though it does nothing, and wireless mouse/keyboards don't work either.
Currently I have only usb things plugged in.
I have tested the ram, and I don't think it's that.
I have also changed power cords just to test that.

Please help me, thank you.
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Apologies if this had been solved before, had a look through the topics but couldn't find an answer.

My speaker output is going directly to my mic input and its getting very annoying and everyone complains in game that they can hear everything through my mic and when they speak they get really bad echoing.

I know its not a teamspeak issue as trawling around the net looking for an answer has shown that others using ventrillo have had the same problem. It doesn't seem to be confined to one sound card either. I'm using the realtek AC'97 driver for the onboard sound.

I've been through all the audio settings i can find but nothing works.

'Listen to this device' is not ticked in the mic's properties.
In playback properties mic input is turned down to zero

Please please please can someone help me as i can't find a solution to this anywhere!

A:Speaker output going directly to mic input

Ahhh. . . Teamspeak. It's been years since my friends and I maxed ourselves out on Soldier of Fortune, oh the memories.

I do remember that happening as well because I was using a standalone mic with speakers. I think before I moved to a headset I tried applying some kind of sensitivity level to the mic in Teamspeak and/or in Windows. I haven't used a mic in a long time, though.

Yeah, I believe if you "listen to" something you'll get either a huge feedback or a definate echo if not used correctly.


Just noticed you said

In playback properties mic input is turned down to zero

I'd imagine if you practically 'disable' your mic, no one could possibly hear anything through the mic, therefore no echo. There is an option on the "Enhancements" tab called "Aucoustic Echo Cancellation", did you try that? Maybe a mixture of settings in Windows and Teamspeak together will help out.
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For about 4 months my PC has been telling me that no speakers or headphones are plugged in even though i have connected speakers or headphones (Tried both). It also does not recognize my microphone when i connect it. I have updated my audio drivers several times with no success.I have tried both the front ,and back sockets and neither would work. I have recently installed windows 10 thinking that would help but the audio is exactly the same. At the moment i am using a USB headset and that is the only way i can have sound maybe because it uses a separate driver.But any way i want to be able to use my speakers and my good headphones again. This is a huge deal for me as i produce music and i want to be able to hear sound.

A:Computer does not recognize input or output

First you need, at a minimum Windows 8.1 sound drivers. However, as it didn't work in Win 8.1, and upgrading didn't help it may take a full "clean" install of the OS.

Without getting deep into troubleshooting, we have a sister Windows 10 forum and as this is a Windows 10 problem (now since 10 is installed) we ask that you post on the ten forum www.tenforums.,com
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I found another thread here, but with no solution!

For some reason out of the blue my microphone's input is now my speakers output!?!

How do I fix this?

When I'm in ventrilo, people can't here me. All they here is the music I'm listening to or gunshots from the game I'm playing.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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I would like to know if the HDMI on the HP Pavilion 15-n248sa is an input or an output because I can't find it on any specifications.

A:HP Pavilion 15 hdmi input or output

Hi, The HDMI port on your notebook is output only. Regards, DP-K
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Hey guys wondering if you could help me out, ive had this problem for ages lol.

Basically when I try to speak on teamspeak or with any other sound recording program, my output comes out of my microphone. IE. If im listening to music, music will come out of my mic :S. Obviously i'm trying to fix it so that when I actually speak, my voice comes out.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

PS. I have a Realtek HD Audio Sound Card (I think, I get Realtek HD Audio Manager in my date -bar thing in the bottom right anyway).

Thanks a lot!
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The program I am working on is supposed to read scores from a data file and then Find their sum Calculate their average Find the largest and smallest scores Count the scores I have successfully found the sum average and count but I cannot figure out how to find the largest and smallest score Here is my code Do loop, while file input/output the data file and my debugged form Any advice or nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated OptionStrictOn OptionExplicitOn PublicClass Form PrivateSub btnReadfile Click ByVal sender As System Object ByVal e As System EventArgs Handles btnReadfile Click Dim sr As IO StreamReader IO File OpenText quot scores txt quot Dim count sum largest smallest newvalue AsInteger Dim average AsDouble DoWhile sr Peek lt gt - count newvalue CInt sr ReadLine sum newvalue Loop sr Close average sum count lstIO Items Add quot There were quot amp count amp quot numbers read in the file quot lstIO Items Add quot Sum of the numbers is quot amp sum lstIO Items Add quot Average of the items is quot amp FormatNumber average lstIO Items Do while loop, file input/output Add quot Largest number was quot amp largest lstIO Items Add quot Smallest number was quot amp smallest EndSub EndClass nbsp

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Hi everyone last night I decided to sleep my computer instead of shutting it down I've never had any problems with this feature in previous versions of windows I went to wake it up this morning and it didn't respond to any mouse movement or the keyboard I didn't have anything running that was important so I held down the power button and rebooted still no display on in sleep input/output Windows 7 after No my monitors I tried shutting down and unplugging the psu and left it for around mins Still nothing when No input/output after sleep in Windows 7 I tried to reboot I can hear the computer running Hard drives work fans are on and the gpu is running as well I've tried resetting the RAM booting with just one RAM stick and removing the battery for seconds as well but no matter what I try I can't get any display on the monitor and I can't input anything either The keyboard and mouse aren't even getting power from the usb ports My guess is that all the ports on my mobo are quot asleep quot and will stay that way until I change the wake settings in BIOS The only problem is I can't go into BIOS Does anyone have any ideas Any insight is much appreciated Also please note that the motherboard and ram were opened about a month ago with no No input/output after sleep in Windows 7 issues at all to date Specs Custom Built Asus No input/output after sleep in Windows 7 P Q Motherboard Nvidia GTS mb GPU GB x GB Corsair DDR RAM Intel Q Ghz Corsair W PSU Boot Drive gb Seagate Barracuda x TB Drives Seagate Hitachi WD HT Omega Striker Sound Card x Acer AL W quot Monitor Logitech G Keyboard Razer Lachesis Mouse

A:No input/output after sleep in Windows 7

do you have windows update set to run and auto install? It might be an uppgrade thats giving you grief
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I want to copy a dvd to a blank or burn from one disc to another using windows dvd maker

A:burning dvds it says you need to pay but it is free.
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First i just wanted to make a DVD I tried using a couple of different dvd burning software like Aimersoft and Nero both always fail to completely burn my videos so i tried just putting the dvd into my computer and clicking the burn files to disc and then tried to make a dvd like a usb drive but it wont complete the format. It will however let me burn cds using Windows media player and itunes. Can someone please help!?

A:Dvds not burning

you need to encode them right,
try using windows dvd maker.

Sounds like your trying to make SVCD's .. and that's not what you want these days.
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Am new here. Just purchased a new puter with VISTA. Looking for assistance in burning DVDs. Used to use Nero vision express. The newer versions don't work the same way. Keep sending me to Nero burning rom. This doesn't appear to be able to convert the avi's to DVD formats. Any thoughts or reccomendations would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Gator

A:Burning Avi's To Dvds

Here's a list of 53 guides, with most using freeware.Take your pick. AVI to DVD
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I would really appreciate some help, to be honest I am new at all this and i am having trouble playing the films i have burned using Nero...they play back fine in my PC but they wont play in a normal DVD player....I am sorry if this is the wrong forum...if so could you please point me in the right direction.
thank you

A:I Need Help With Burning Dvds

I would really appreciate some help, to be honest I am new at all this and i am having trouble playing the films i have burned using Nero...they play back fine in my PC but they wont play in a normal DVD player....I am sorry if this is the wrong forum...if so could you please point me in the right direction. thank you Hi Its not quite as simple as that. You have to find out in which form the film is posted in. Most films are uploaded in a form of compression to enable people to download them quicker. You need to post here the type of compression used in the films that you cant play. For instance, if its an AVI file, the film will only play in a DVD Player that supports AVI. You can convert the files into another type of compression, or you can convert it to Vob files, which all DVDs are produced in. But if you post the details, I will try and help you more . Delgado
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Hello, this is my first post and I'm completely oblivious to what I should do or say, so here goes. My operating system is Windows XP and my computer is a Dell Inspiron that came with Sonic Media for burning dvds, etc. I've used this program for over a year and now it says "Error in scanning image to selected drive, free up 4GB on any drive and retry" I only have one harddrive and it has 33GB free space. So what could be the problem?

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Hello I burn movies with Nero 7. The movie is not dubbed but when i burn it with nero it ends up dubbed therefor i need some assistance on what to do?
Is there another application i can use. I also normally edit the video with nero when u edit the video. So anything i can do thanks
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Hello.. I have some old movies that I would like to burn to DVDs. I have 4.7GB DVD-R's that I bought and I am using Nero 8. The first time I tried burning a DVD I used NeroVision and I used a video guide. In the very last part where you choose to burn to a dvd it showed the person choosing their dvd drive, but for me the drive wasnt there, so I chose to save it to my documents. I have a Dell Dimension 3000 and im pretty sure it has a Burning Drive because where you put in the disc it says compact disc ReWritable and the DVD rom symbol. Should I use Nero Burning Rom instead or can someone guide me through the process?

Any help Appreciated!

A:Need help burning dvds

Ok to start with you can't burn dvd movies that are copyright. For example like The Hulk or Spiderman. As it would be illegal. Now if its home movies you are after to burn new copies now you can do that. And i don't think your computer has a dvd burner. If it did it would say something like dvd writer. now i might be wrong though. Now i have read your computer has a dvd reader though.
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My 1st time doing slideshows to DVD.....I have burned a a photo story 3 slideshow to DVD. I converted it to avi in order to burn it..I used power2go to burnit.....the DVD looks great except random flashing pixels in about 10% of the slides....( look like tiny flashing Christmas lights)..It's not the pic's ..I took the pics that were effected and made a tiny dvd with them and they werefine in th etest DVD..don't know what to try next..any suggestions

A:Burning DVDs

are you trying to use the dvd on a dvd player or just use the dvd as storage
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I am having a queer problem I recently bought a Sony DVD Writer I have been burning my movies onto DVDs in the past couple of days On an average to burn GB of data on the DVD it takes about - minutes it says burning at X speed I am using the OEM version of Nero which came along with the DVD writer Now the problem is sometimes it takes only minutes to burn GB of data which according to me is next to impossible Note that all the files I am burning are DIVX or XVID encoded AVI files The DVDs that took minutes to burn do not play properly either on a standalone DVD Player DivX compatible or on the computers DVD drive The video files have broken sound skipping video etc and some of the files dont play at all Whereas the DVDs that took about - minutes to burn work perfectly fine Could anyone tell me what can be the possible cause Is this some known error Any help will be truly appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Hi all. I've got an HP Pavilion 750c, 1.8ghz, 80gb hard drive about half full, and I recently installed an HP 530i dvd burner. The burner burns cd's just fine, but I can't get a DVD to burn to save my life. I'm using captured home video, BTW.

First I tried ArcSoft Showbiz 2, which came with the burner, and with most of the DVD's I burned, the menu shows up, but I can't get any further. I click on the menu and nothing happens.

I have downloaded the InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2 trial version, and it seems to burn OK, but when I go to play the disc, the colors are all dark and wrong. I've tried to play them with RealPlayer, InterVideo DVD, and WMP.

I have tried this with cheap discs from Fry's and some Memorex ones too, just to see if it was the cheap discs. Now I'm plum out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Help Burning DVDs

I use Sonic MyDVD version 5.
MyDVD does not have all the bells but its the most stable program I have used by far!
I have used it to capture at least 350GB of video from Mini DVD tape and have burned several hundred DVDs.
DVD buring, you will soon find, is not an exact science.
Others in this forum can help you better if this proves to be a hardware issue.
If you want to try a MyDVD trial hit
You also might want to check out your DVD burner vs. blank media options, etc. @
Best of luck.

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Used to use Nero to burn audio cds and video dvds. Do I still need to use burning software or is windows7 capable of the same in the following situations?
Burning audio cds by dragging mp3 files and having then burned as an audio cd.
Burning video dvds by dragging and burning the video_ts and audio_ts folders.
Windows DVD burner seems to only burn movie files like mpg which are converted during burning to a playable dvd. Haven't tried the burning of mp3 files through windows media player yet.

A:burning cds/dvds

Not sure it helps you, I guess it's more of a vote-like thing, but personally I still use Nero. I don't see any advantage in using the built-in burning capabilities, given that I do have Nero already. Maybe if i had to decide whether to buy it or not, I would think more on the issue, but since I did that already, there seems to be no issue at all.
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Finally got through my first day with Windows 7, must say it does get easier.

I'm trying to get the programmes onto my new system that I ran using XP. I've been using Nero 6 on my XP system, can anyone please advise if there is anything in the new Windows 7 that can burn CDs and DVDs or should I try and download Nero 6 if it works with a 64 bit system?

A:Burning CDs and DVDs

Sometimes when upgrading OS from Windows XP to Windows 7 the programs might not work in Windows 7 because Windows is a lot different compatibility issues. Try going to the Nero shortcut right click on it select Properties the click on the Compatibility tab then change it to Windows XP SP2 or SP3. See if that helps.

Have you tried XP mode with Windows 7?
Also you computer specs will help
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I have been trying for three days to convert and burn to DVD a movie that I downloaded as an .avi file....I have converted it many times with many different programs and whenever I try to burn it, it is always too big for the disk. The closest I have come was with WinAVI which converted it into two files...however, they are still too big (over 5 gig)....I am totally lost!!! what do I do next???

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Trying to burn DVDs. There in .MPG on my computer and play perfect with VLC. Try using Infrarecroder to burn the DVDs either to play on my TV or to just back up and store in the fire safe. Getting "Is the VIDEO_TS file present" What is that? do i need to burn a DISK Image, iso file? I am really confused. USing DVD-R disks with a drive i know worksEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Burning DVDs

Windows XP doesn't contain built-in support for burning DVDs, IIRC.
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is there any way that i can burn a DVD disc using my CD writer? or do i have to buy a DVD writer?



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hello all! I am trying to burn dvds through either nero or sonic dvd LE up till recently I was able to burn the dvds. Now I am unable to burn. I get a error that states on Nero that I no longer have enough temp space in my C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCAL~1\temp. and on Sonic it just tells me that I dont' have enough temp disk space to burn. I have deleted everything in all the temp files that I have found by doing a search and I am still having the problem. Is there something that I can do to keep me from having to restore my computer back to factory? I am running Windows XP. Thanks.

A:Burning DVDs

try defraging, restarting, doing a disk-cleanup, all that fun stuff.
then (if you can) re-install the burner and your dvd burning software.
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Is it possible to burn 2+ hours of video file to a standard DVD disk ?
I have no problem burning aound 1h 40m of video.
Unless, there's a compression software that would work.
My System :
Windows XP Professional 32-bit
2.8ghz AMD Processor
2GB of RAM
NVidia GForce 210 w/ 256RAM
I've checked limitations of my System, and I'm pretty much sure that I can't use dual-layer disks.
Any Suggestions ?

A:Burning DVDs

Google for DVD Shrink
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I have a HP computer with a DVD burner and finally figured out how to burn my camcorder footage to a hard drive and then burning it to a DVD. Ihave DVD+R's and when I'm finished I can play them on my computer but not on my DVD player or my son's Sony Plastation 2 so I can watch it through the TV. I called my free tech support through HP and one guy said call DVD manufacturer and he can help you change settings so it will work I don't believe this so I called back and someone else said if it plays on the computer it should play on the DVD player for the TV. Do you need a special DVD player for television so it will work. Any comments or suggestions. THank You

A:Burning DVDs

I believe that many more older DVD players used the DVD -R format.
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I have never burnt a DVD before and have absoultely no idea what I'm doing. can anybody help me!!!

A:Burning DVDs

Do you have a dvd drive, and software that supports dvd burning? If so, all you need is a blank writable dvd, insert it into the drive, and create a compilation from your burning software and burn it. Don't know what you are burning, and it makes a difference. A search at will give you numerous free burners.Good luck.
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I have a film in AVI format on my hard drive.

I would like to burn it onto a DVD disc so I can watch it on my television via my ordinary DVD player.

Can anyone suggest a good software package that will do this job.

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sorry guys just didnt know if this was the place for this.
any way i just purchased a new dvd burner and was wondering if i was going to have trouble burning back ups of my dvds. my siblings mess everything up so i want to make copys of my dvds so they can watch them. a friend told me that it wasnt possible without the right software please help!!!!!!1

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I have brought some Memorex DVD+RWs but I am having trouble burning DVDs.

The problem is that the PC will not recognise the DVD+RW disc. So every time I go to 'write these files to CD' I get stuck on the wizard when it asks me to insert the DVD, I have done but the PC is not recognising the disc.

I did it before using nero, I put a CD-R in and using Nero I made a CD which played video on my DVD player, but I am not sure if this is the same.

I looked on Device Manager and I have a SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-348B. I am running Windows XP Home.

Can I actually burn DVDs on this PC?

If not, what do I need to download/buy to get my PC recognising the DVD+RW discs and enabling me to burn a DVD.

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My father in law just bought me a DVD-R -RW burner I see adds burning DVDs? in the paper all the time burning DVDs? for dvd-r and dvd r what is the diffrance between the can I only burn on the -r ones My mother in law bought me a sony digital camcorder I have children and live miles from them not far enough away I think they are trying to tell me something here I know they want me to make some home movies of the kids for them even though I have not figured out how to transfer the movies from the camera I am still working on that so the first question is what is the dif about the dvd s The nd one is I want to make it so that when I send them the movies that they can watch them on thier dvd player I have seen some softwear that is called DVD-x for making dvd movies is that what I need or is thier something else that is better I still need to get a DVD decoder so that I can even watch dvd s on my computer now Thanks nbsp

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i have a friend who believes that if he buys a dvdr or dvdrw, he can just rent a dvd movie (ex// the matrix), burn it, then give it back, thus owning a dvd movie at the fraction of the cost (or borrowing someone else's movie, buring it and giving it back). I dont believe it is possibe. Is he rite or Im rite?

A:Burning DVDs

Firstly, what you are describing IS piracy, IS copyright infringement, and IS illegal.

And even if your friend gets a DVD writer, there is still CSS encryption on the DVD. This means that, for example, if he was to copy the files from the DVD onto his hard drive and then try to play it, it would not work very well at all, because 1/4 of the content he had copied to his HDD would be gibberish.

If he wanted to copy DVDs, he would need a piece of software which strips the CSS encryption from the files as they are written to the hard drive before he burned them to a DVD. I believe that such software, although available here and there perhaps, is also illegal now.

There is software around to rip DVDs to Divx files to burn to CDs.

Lastly, I don't believe that this "friend" of yours exists, and that in fact you are talking about yourself. So why not come clean about that??

But if your question is, is this possible? Yes. It is. If you strip the CSS encryption away whilst writing the files from the DVD to your hard drive, and then burn those to a DVD disk, yes. I have seen it done.
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I am using windows dvd maker. (running on vista home premium)

can anyone tell me what type of dvds i will need to burn a dvd playable in a dvd player?


A:Burning Dvds

I use convertX to DVD and never had a problem
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I am having a queer problem I recently bought a Sony DVD Writer I have been burning my movies onto DVDs in the past couple of days On an average to burn GB of data on the DVD it takes about - minutes it says burning at X speed I am using Burning DVDs the OEM version of Nero which came along with the DVD writer Now the problem is sometimes it takes only minutes to burn GB of data which according to me is next to impossible Note that all the Burning DVDs files I am burning are DIVX or XVID encoded AVI files The Burning DVDs DVDs that took minutes to burn do not play properly either on a standalone DVD Player DivX compatible or on the computers DVD drive The video files have broken sound skipping video etc and some of the files dont play at all Whereas the DVDs that took about - minutes to burn work perfectly fine Could anyone tell me what can be the possible cause Is this some known error Any help will be truly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Burning DVDs

Are the dvds that are burning in 6 mins, burning at higher speeds than normal? (above 20x) Sometimes faster burning speed can reduce the quality of dvds you burn from your computer, try burning at a slower speed to see if there is any improvement maybe?
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I've heard DVD-R is better. Is that true?

A:DVD+R or DVD-R for burning DVDs?

Really? Because I recall hearing the opposite. I don't believe either is better than the other. I do recommend burning at the lowest speed possible and maybe buying from the second cheapest brand. If you do that, you should't have a problem.
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I'm having a strange and frustrating issue with my Creative Labs Fatal1ty Gaming Headset; it has recently begun recording the sound my desktop makes (output) instead of my voice (input).

I've tried everything to get this to work, but nothing seems to be going correctly.

My jacks are plugged in correctly.

Also, I recently updated my Realtek drivers (in an attempt to fix this issue), but now it doesn't show up properly on my computer. (Edit: The Realtek issue has been fixed, but my microphone is still only recording desktop noise instead of my voice.)

A:Issue: Microphone recording output, not input..

I'm going to try and reorganize this for people looking. My original post is lacking in details.

My microphone is not recording input at all. In fact, the only thing it IS recording is my stereo input (aka, what I hear from my earphones).

A day ago it was working properly, and then I attempted to stream my gameplay using's Procaster program. I THINK this is when things messed up, as afterwards when I attempt to speak to someone through voice chat I am instead just telling them whatever I'm hearing at the moment.

I've thoroughly inspected my Control Panel settings and checked what's up with the microphone - I have four items there under the recording tab when managing my audio devices: "Internal AUX Jack", "Mic in the rear panel (Pink)", "Microphone (my laptop's internal microphone)", and "Stereo Mix". The odd thing I've noticed is that the volume bar for "Mic in the rear panel" goes up and down in tune with what I'm hearing. So far, fiddling with the options here does nothing.

I use Realtek HD Audio Manager and have updated it to the highest driver versions. I've checked the settings for this and am unable to find anything that can help me.
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I have never even thought to ask this question until now. Hope it's not a stupid one

I would like to use a standard USB KVM switch to connect two laptops, using one of them for the display apparatus. Has anyone here ever done this, or is it even possible?

My thought was to connect the second laptop as intended with the KVM switch cables, then connect only the USB input cable to the KVM to the first laptop where I want to display. Then, if my logic is correct, I would connect the KVM switch video out to the VGA on the 1st laptop....

A:Solved: is my Laptop built in VGA for Output & Input?

the VGA is output NOT input on laptops - to connect to screens and projectors - toggled on/off by one of the F keys
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I've used a headphone/mike combo that came with my Dragon software and has an input and an output jack with my HP Pavilion laptop and the microphone jack works just fine and Dragon types out the words I say just fine, but.... when I try to use this mike headset in Windows Movie Maker to record my narration and my video at the same time, the mike doesn't work and there is no sound at all in the video. I also tried using the mike directly with the camera in record mode, but it still doesn't record a sound. Movie maker has a better picture so Iprefer to use it, but what kind of mike will give me the input I need. Hope it 's cheap - can't afford much.  Wish I could get my headphones to work - works well in Dragon.
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I'm going to assume this is a hardware problem. I'll start from the beginning. I plugged in my cell phone via a USB cord to transfer some stuff to it, and everything on my computer froze. My keyboards backlight turned off and my mouse wouldn't respond. Nothing was doing anything.

I shut down my computer using the power button on the front. It started booting up, I could hear the fans and the hard drive, but nothing turned on. The keyboard stayed unlit and the monitor didn't even come on. It's like nothing is getting any power. I'm starting to freak out a little bit....

I'm running Windows XP Home dual booted with Ubuntu Hardy, Dell Dimension 3000, 2.8Ghz P4 processor, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9250.

Any idea what's going on? Any help is much appreciated.



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Can Camstudio also record the input and output without recording the screen at the same time?
If not can anyone what are the other programs that can do this?

A:Can Camstudio also record the input and output without recording the s

What do you mean by input and output? Sound?
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Hello there everyone.

My current computer specs are located in my signature. Ive bee thinking about this for a while, but is it possable to somehow change an S-VIDEO output on a graphics card to an input? Im assuming everything is output on my card atm but I would like to try and hook up my nintendo Wii to my LCD monitor. I have an adapter which converts YPbPr to s-video cable so I can hook it up to the graphics card. I know there are VGA-YPbPr converter out there but i dont have the money atm lol... Basically is there a way to somehow configure the graphics card so that it can view my wii? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading

A:Graphics card -- Change output to input?

I'm gonna go with no.

The way I imagine it the wiring could be adapted and re-soldered to the board to allow it, but the chip would still not know what to do with the signal, and it would probably fry.

If anyone knows anything I don't here I'd love to hear it, but it sounds grim to me.

Easier would probably;y be a modulator to use from the Wii to the monitor.
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hi all,
i have a problem hopefully someone is able to help me with. i manually changed the input\output setting in device mgr. for my sound card because it was conflicting with my newly installed modem. Now i cant get any sound no matter what i do. at startup, i get a blue screen that says SBPCI audio device has been routed incorrectly, use automatic settings. When i check device mgr., automatic settings is already checked for the sound card and nothing is conflicting, but still nothing. im running win98se, amdk6-2 333mhz, my soundcard is creative blaster audio pci. can anyon tell me how to get my sound back? thanks in advance

A:i changed input\output range-now no sound

Hello there redruuum, and welcome to TEAM TSG...

Can you remove the modem, and then boot to "Safe Mode Command Prompt" ( I think you press the F8 key when you see the message " Starting Windows 98 ) then run scanreg/restore and restore it to a date before you made the changes ??

If this will let the sound work, move the modem to a different PCI slot, and see if the conflict goes away...
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I really hope somebody can help because this is driving me nuts I am quite the online gamer but I ve run into an issue that I will preface I recently had to format my hard drive and re-install windows Since re-installing the OS as Input Speaker Mic Solved: acting output I have not been able to get my headset Turtle Beach X to work properly My mic works fine and my headphones are also fine However it seems that my Speaker Output is also acting as my Mic Input does that make sense Basically my buddies can hear me just fine over Steam but all the sounds that my computer plays music game sounds videos etc get played through not only my headphones to me - but apparently through my mic as well and they hear it as if I am broadcasting it or literally playing it through my mic I turned down and muted my Solved: Speaker output acting as Mic Input quot Wave quot volume in my Sound Properties and it solved the problem but at the cost of me losing all sound as well which makes sense so I guess thats not really solving anything I believe I have had this problem in the past but with a different motherboard and different sound card drivers all have Solved: Speaker output acting as Mic Input always been on board Another thing that seems confusing is that my mic appears to be being controlled by quot Realtek Audio Output quot underneath the name quot Rear Pink In quot My Mic controls are grayed out with no advanced options only the mute unmute checkbox The quot Rear Pink In quot does have the advanced settings option along with being able to control the slider and also add mic boost Why would my Mic be being controlled by output I believe my problem lies somewhere within that but I have no idea how to change or fix it If anyone can help me out I would be very very appreciative I m truly stumped and frustrated to boot Running Windows XP Realtek HD Audio If you need more specs please let me know and I ll be happy to share Thanks again Brian nbsp

A:Solved: Speaker output acting as Mic Input

Pretty sure i actually just figured it seems so far that all I had to do was mute "Stereo Mix"....about to find out on L4D2 and I cannot possibly describe how thrilled I am.

~See you on the Killing Fields~

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Hello everyone I want to know if you can run an audio output and input at the same time to record to my HDD with the audio same input Can jack at you use and output time? the the built in Win SoundRecorder I have been trying to record unsuccessfully streaming Sirius internet radio using my JRivers MC v and while it will record the resultant file will not play either with MC or WMP And the file size is always kb no matter how long i record for So i found Audacity software which will let you do this Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows - Audacity Manual scroll down to the Loopback cable section But i want to know if you can do it with Can you use the audio output and input jack at the same time? the installed SoundRecorder Now I should say that i will be using the output Can you use the audio output and input jack at the same time? from my Audioquest Dragonfly DAC which is installed via a USB port not the lime green output I will unplug my powered Mackie monitors and hook up a small mm patch cable Any help would be appreciated

A:Can you use the audio output and input jack at the same time?

You have RealTek PC audio. Have the "Stereo Mix" set as the default recording device and you will be able to directly record streaming audio with Audacity. Nothing else is needed.

You can probably do it with all the extra equipment, but its not needed and can really get in the way for recording streaming internet audio.

I have Goldwave and use that for the same thing, but Audacity will record from the Stereo Mix so that's all you need.
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the realtek high definition audio output (and input) is/are not working. i have no idea why. i have tried installing the realtek high definition codec from and it has failed several times. the message "Install realtek hd audio driver failure error code: 0x00000103" comes up in the middle of the setup. please, i really need my audio output jack to work. should i uninstall the realtek high definition audio driver and then reinstall it? HELP!!!!

A:audio output/input jacks are not working

Hi litldrummerboy and welcome to Vista Forums

We need some more information about your system as we need to ascertain that you do have a Realtek codec installed on your motherboard. If it is Realtek, then see here for the latest driver information: Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version Save the file to your computer and then run the install from there. Don't try to run it as you download it (especially with their download speeds).
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I'm looking to get a new monitor but I have a question wondering if anyone can help me clearify this.

What are the use of HDMI and S-video and how are they different?

A:Solved: different types of monitor input/output
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First off, sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I'm trying to burn some video files to DVD using ConvertXToDVD, however the videos are 1600x1200 resolution and when I view the DVD it misses out the edges of the video. As if it's zoomed in a bit. Is there any way to burn these files so the whole video will be viewable?


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I am having problems burning cds and dvd's, i am running windows XP and using windows media player, my drives do not recognize that there is a blank dvd or cd in drive, it keeps asking mt to insert a blank dvd.I have the same problem with cds, any suggestions, also how do determine which drive is cd and which is dvd.

Thank you

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I need help asap burning pictures to a dvd-r. I am using Windows 7 on a hp laptop. I keep getting the error message that the dvd-r that I am trying to use is not supported by my system. Can someone please help me fix this so I can burn my pictures? Thank you...Wrenie

A:ISO help with burning dvds with windows 7

OK, first has the DVD-R already have files burned on it? You can only use a DVD-R once, unless you chose to not close the session after burning. Next, what software are you using to burn the DVD? This may seem obvious, but do you have a DVD/RW drive?
Be sure you are using a blank DVD-R that is a name brand not a generic (Phillips, Sony, TDK etc) Try using the free program CDBurner XP and choose to make a Data Disc, and drop your photos into that.
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Hi guys I have a problem, I am doing some video capture from my TV via RCA cales. I have the Vid cale and both audio cables running from my TV out to my capture device. I can do the capture, edit a movie and burn it to DVD no sweat, the problem being when I play the DVD in my DVD player the sound seems very low. It sounds ok on my comp when I make the video but the audio is just very quiet when I play it in the DVD player. any way to really boost up the sound I need it to be VERY loud. Thanks guys!

Capture device : DAZZLE digital video creator 150
Sound card : Creative SB audigy 2 platinum
Software : pinnaclle studio 9 and bundled software/windows movie maker / all audigy bundled software
DVD player is a real cheapo though don't know if that mnakes a difference.

Thanks guys!
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I have an internal CD-RW, and wanted a DVD burner. I bought an external LG GSA-E40N/L. Works great.
When I get a new PC, a DVD burner will be included. Thus, I will have 2 DVD burners. Or should I ask for no DVD burner on a new PC? A DVD-ROM or a CD-RW instead?
My question is this: I want to have 2 DVDs of copies of photos, work, etc. Is it ok to burn to an internal CD-R/DVD and an external DVD simultaneously? I want to save time, and burning at a slow speed such as 16x would take too long if burning one at a time. Besides, what's the point of having 2 DVD burners then?

A:burning 2 DVDs at same time

With the full version of Nero there is an option to burn to multiple burners, but I am not certain it will work with an external, I don't know why it wouldn't, I am just not sure if it will.
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I m new down when burning keeps shutting pc dvds here and can use all the help I can get I am at my wits end weeks ago when running vista bit I recieved some kind of malware virus Windows would seem to load but once all the desktop icons were loaded and everything looked ready it would say windows explorer is shutting down This would happen over and over again making it impossible to do anything As vista was an upgrade I simply reformatted my hdd and added a clean install of xp home Now pc keeps shutting down when burning dvds the weird stuff is happening When I try to backup one of my movies or anything on my dvd player my whole system shuts down No errors no warnings Just compete shut down monitor and all Burnt a large file using my msi cd burner no problem Tried the same pc keeps shutting down when burning dvds in my liteon burner which ran fine till now and the pc shut down Everything else works awesome hardcore d games surfing whatever all day long But insert a blank dvd or cd for writing and after about - finished pc shuts off I thought maybe my burner was shot bought new lg x burner still shuts down Thought maybe it was the nero ultra I purchased Removed it after backing it up on cd burner no problem installed ashampoo Read disk again pc keeps shutting down when burning dvds inserted blank for writing pc shut down Tried with antivirus off still shut down Updated my aspi layer still shut down Aspi checker at first said never even had aspi installed Installed but no change Unplugged cable and power from cd burner hooked up to my dvd burner made no difference Dvd is master cd is slave I am totally stumped and have thrown away about dvd blanks and one cd blank in the last week I don t know what to do anymore Been burning with this system year with no issues till now Can anyone please help me nbsp
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What is the best software for burning DVDs in XP? I can burn to CD on an external CD/DVD burner drive I have, but apparently XP does not support burning to DVD, and there is no driver for my external that enables the feature of the drive. I know it's possible, because of all the machines that came with an internal DVD burner that had XP on them. The only difference between those drives and mine must be the driver software. Mine has internal drivers that use the OS functions only. I did check for updated drivers with the manufacturer, but there weren't any that addressed this issue.

I am sure somebody else has had this problem over the years. What should I do? The free burner utilities available do not enable this feature for my drive. Would software like Nero make it possible for me to burn to DVD?


A:Best Software for Burning DVDs in XP

try that one please
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Any comment on this site's claim that you can "burn DVD's to CDs ... entire DVD movie without any loss of DVD quality":

Has anyone actually tried it?


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Just within these past few days my computer has become unable to quot format quot blank CDs and DVD-RWs Before I could insert a blank DVDs burning Trouble CDs / disk and open it in My Computer and then drag items into the empty folder and Vista would simply format it like that After installing Nero Lite and a Cucusoft program to burn avi files I believe that this software is what caused the problem I noticed that Vista came up with the message quot Windows cannot read the disk in drive E quot whenever I put Trouble burning CDs / DVDs a blank disk in I have tried uninstalling storage controllers IDE ATA Trouble burning CDs / DVDs controllers and the CD DVD drive I even switched out the burner for a different one just to make sure it wasn't the burner itself Windows says that the drive is up to date with its driver This is all important because I need to burn about audio CDs I originally burned in iTunes but when I put in a CD that I had burned I noticed NONE of the track information was Trouble burning CDs / DVDs included on the CD every track was just titled quot Track Track etc quot with no artist or album name even after I ripped them off the disk Please help

A:Trouble burning CDs / DVDs

May you avoid to interfere in hardware...

Originally Posted by voncreme

Just within these past few days, my computer has become unable to "format" blank CDs and DVD-RWs. Before, I could insert a blank disk and open it in My Computer and then drag items into the empty folder and Vista would simply format it like that.

1.First of all make this:DVD Drive Icon Disappeared from Computer - Fix
2.Install Aspi:Frog Aspi - the FREE wnaspi32.dll replacement
In device manager unistall DVD driver,place wnaspi32.dll in C:\Windows\System32 +restart
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This might turn out to be fairly long winded, please bear with me!

System Info:
Advent MC3030
Win XP Media Centre (SP1)
Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHz

A little bit of history:
My DVD-RW drive conked out a couple of months ago, and I had an engineer come and replace it (under extended warranty). I used the drive at least once after that to burn a DVD. I tried burning a DVD a couple of weeks ago (Nero 7) and got an error message, but didn't have time to investigate. Tried burning an audio CD last week (Instant CD+DVD) and got an error message, but was again pushed for time so didn't investigate. I've been working six days a week for the past couple of months and I finally have a weekend off so here I am!

Ah, apparently this message is too long, so I'll post the other half in a reply.

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I m using Nero to burn data dvds and so far none of them have been successful The burn completes and Nero tells me it was sucessful but when I attempt to read one of the burned DVDs windows tells me to insert Data help please burning - DVDs a disk into the drive Attempting to explore open one of burning Data DVDs - please help the burned DVDs also apparently managed to crash Explorer I ve created a successful data DVD on this machine before so I know the burner is capable of doing it One time I chose to finalize the DVD and another time I chose not to That change didn t affect the final dvd at all and so far none of them have worked I m using Sony DVD R disks and I also tried my burned dvds in my other disk drive both are DVD readers and one is the writer Please help me figure out what to do should I try another software I know what I m doing or at least I thought I did It s always worked in the past edits notes do I need to format the blank dvd before I try to burn to it I m not chosing to make a bootable disk either so I can t understand why windows or my dvd-rom drives can t read the files on it Trying to burn a Nero Image Rom was downright unsuccessful I tweaked settings and also reverted to defaults for each individual burn attempt I also tried using my copy of Nero Express I even re-installed my copy of Nero Premium to see if it would work Now I m using Nero instead of but I still have my old copy of it st attempt was gigs of audio files nd attempt was gigs of video files rd attempt was gigs of both th attempt was gigs of disk images legal backups thank you very much th latest attempt which failed outright was a Nero Burn Rom Now the process fails outright every time with the error Could not complete end of Disk-at-Once please advise nbsp

A:burning Data DVDs - please help

Make sure that in the drop down box for recorders your DVD Burner is showing and not "image recorder."
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I have a Canon Vixia HFS100 Camcorder (with SD Card). I was able to transfer the videos from my SD card to my Lenovo Laptop with Windows 8. It does have a DVD/CD tray for burning discs. The problem is that I can't figure out how to burn DVDs of my videos. I have a Roxio Creator program from my previous computer that I loaded onto my Lenovo but I still cannot figure out how to transfer my uploaded camcorder videos. I have no problem burning CD's from my ITunes library.
Thank you,
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Does Windows xp contain the Question in XP DVDs about Burning logic for burning DVDs or is this logic only available through DVD hardware drivers I have an HP y CD DVD R W pretty sure Question about Burning DVDs in XP it s also and until now I ve always been satisfied burning to CD However I have known for some time that the burn to DVD feature was unavailable to me I know the unit reads DVDs a feature I use fairly frequently for installing software or playing music or movies The unit works like a charm and it has been great so I am fairly certain that it is working fine Also I scoured the internet for threads on the topic this is the second time actually and it always comes down to the same thing At least one of the posts in each of the threads that I have found has mentioned that Windows xp does not support burning to DVD I Question about Burning DVDs in XP asked around years ago and someone told me that service pack solved this problem so I installed it but I still can t write or burn to DVD What I would like is a definitive kernel of fact so that I can proceed with a course of action I really need to be able to burn to DVD so I would like to Question about Burning DVDs in XP know what exactly are the facts with xp and burning DVDs Must my DVD player s driver have the logic for the burn feature to work for DVDs I contacted HP a few years ago First I tried a driver that was written for the B model of the DVD mine is Y It didn t work but it was the only one available so I contacted HP help via e-mail I got a response but it was definitely not what I wanted to hear They just weren t going to listen to my problem Sort of an quot I don t know but I am definitely not getting into this issue with anyone goodbye and have a nice day quot response That left me with the feeling at the time that I was in the middle of a tussle between Microsoft and HP over who should be writing the compatibility code for the various hardware peripherals I almost felt like HP had a grudge with Microsoft over having to include special functions in their drivers when they felt that xp should support their hardware products Personally I guess I can sort of see their point if this is true But hey Microsoft is the giant Seems like when they make up their minds on a issue they just leave the issue in the past no matter how easy it would be for them to issue a fix My suspicion is that all the programming for burning to DVD must be in the DVD driver for me to be able to burn to DVD in xp and that HP missed the boat with their driver It s a real shame to me because the unit is really an excellent one and it was MADE for xp The speed is great and the quality is top I am very confident with my burns to CD Anyway thanks ahead of time I would really like to replace my suspicion with some facts so anyone with the definitive truth about xp and burning DVDs please reply nbsp

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Hi I m trying to burn a DVD to backup some files e g docs photos music but am having trouble I use a Compaq Evo N v laptop that has a built-in DVD ROM drive I ve tried the Trouble DVDs burning following putting a blank DVD in the drive then going to Windows Explorer Selecting the files to copy and then pasting them on to the DVD drive d This then created temporary files and by right-clicking my mouse I got the option to write the files to CD This gave me the error saying that there is no disk in the drive So I installed a copy of Nero and tried using their file backup Trouble burning DVDs wizard However when trying to select the DVD drive it said I needed to select a valid target So I thought it might be because I was using DVDs so I put a CD-R in the drive The drive read the CD and automatically opened up a Windows Explorer box showing me that there was already a file on the CD There was still plenty of space left on the CD however so I went through the Nero wizard again but got the same message about having to select a valid target I m now at my wits end and don t know what to try next Is it just me being dumb or could it possibly be a faulty disk drive I wonder whether it might be the latter as I ve been using the drive to copy my music CDs onto my MP player and the drive doesn t always recognise the music CD Any advice on what I should do would be greatly appreciated Many thanks nbsp

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When i burn a dvd in nero, it just doesnt seem right. the read buffer stays at 100% but the write buffer goes up and down constantly. to 99% then 27% then back to 83% and random numbers like that.. I have 8x TDK dvd+r and when i burnt at 8x i got pretty much everything was a dud (a coaster) and last night i burnt at 4x and it took a lot longer than nero predicted and it was fine... but when i burnt 4x i actually saved it to an image then burnt the image onto the disc with nero because i was sick of wasting dvd's so i tried a new method. I was just worrying about the write buffer mainly. i think that is affecting burn time and performance. my specs:

3.2Ghz Pentium 4 (HT)
1GB ddr400 RAM
Gigabyte Technology DVD±RW 16x16


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hi everyone having trouble with some dvds that wont analyze 100% therfore i cannot burn.tried dvd shrink, dvdfab5, clone and express burn. do i need a different program for these specific dvds. thanks tanyapm

A:Problems burning DVDs

if you're trying to make backups of movies then use ripit4me with dvd shrink and dvddcrypter

bear in mind not all dvds can be hacked, but I have not found one yet that ripit4me cannot break. Of course this is only for legitimate back up purposes. Anything else would be illegal.
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Hey, i'm having problems when it comes to burning dvds, usually it takes 20 minutes to read them only about 10 to write them but lately my DVD drive has only been reading at 2x, taking about 1 hour and 6 minutes to copy them, i have tried going into the RegEdit and i changed some stuff in there and it worked temporarily. Any idea as to why this is happening? Help would be appreciated.


A:problems with burning dvds

Hi Gbizkit and welcome to TSF !

At what speed does your burner read regular DVD's (DVD you bought) ? Are you still using the same media brand as before ? Can you read the DVD's you burned at the normal speed on another computer ?

What's your burner brand and model ? If you don't know you can find out in the device manager (start => run => devmgmt.msc) under DVD/CD-rom drives. Check on the burner's manufacturer website whether the media you're using are fully compatible with your burner.

Use kprobe to test the quality of the burning. Ideally PIF should be under 5 and PI under 50. If it's more than ten times that then you should seriously consider writing at a slower speed to ensure that you'll still be able to read those DVD's in 3 or 4 years.

What settings did you change in the registry ?
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So I ve been researching this for a while now and I just can t succeed in burning a DVD that ll work on most DVD players I just found a program called DVD Flick that converts it into VOB files which I think might Burning DVDs universal be the right format for what I m looking for I tried it a few days ago I accidentally converted the movie without burning so I dragged and dropped it onto the DVD I tried and played it and no success I m going to try and going straight from convert to burn since it has the option I just don t want to be waisting to many DVDs Am I on the right track or does someone else have a program they prefer I have AVS Video Converter which I ve been using for my iTouch and PSP and Burning universal DVDs see that also has a DVD converter option which I ve yet to try Thanks nbsp

A:Burning universal DVDs

If you dragged and dropped, you made a UDF format DVD. If you see the option in DVDFlick to burn, go directly to that instead of burning the files separately by another method and that will work fine. You can use another burner, but make it the standard ISO format if you do.
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whenever i try to burn something, the light flahes on the drive for a min but it does nothing...doesnt burn a thing!

it burns cds fine...

am i using the wrong dvds? i have a song dw q520a...will it only burn sony dvd-r's or have i set up the drive wrong?


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Hi all I got a recently encountered a problem with burning DVD-Rs and need some help Here is the error log file generated by Nero after the burning failed Windows XP IA WinAspi - NT-SPTI Problem burning DVDs used Nero Version Internal Version Nero Express Recorder lt HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H N gt Version CL - HA TA - Adapter driver lt IDE gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type default CD-ROM lt HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H N gt Version CL - HA TA - Adapter driver lt IDE gt HA Scsi-Device-Map DiskPeripheral MAXTOR STM AS atapi Port ID DMA On CdRomPeripheral HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H N atapi Port ID DMA On CDRom-Device-Map HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H N D CdRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Use Inquiry Global Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled UDF compilation PM Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line LockMCN - completed sucessfully for IOCTL STORAGE MCN CONTROL PM Text File Isodoc cpp Line UDF document burn settings ------------------------------------------ Determine maximum speed FALSE Simulate FALSE Write TRUE Finalize CD TRUE Multisession FALSE Burning mode DAO Problem burning DVDs Mode UDF Mode pure UDF Options automatic UDF Revision UDF Partition Type Problem burning DVDs physical PM Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Disc-At-Once using DVD media PM Text File FilesystemSettingsValidator cpp Line FS Settings using validator CUDFSettingsValidatorDVD ParamMode automatic changing UDF partition type from physical to physical Changing UDF revision from to PM Text File DlgWaitCD Problem burning DVDs cpp Line Last possible write address on media MB Last address to be written MB PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Write in overburning mode NO enabled CD PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H N Media type DVD R Disc Manufacturer ID lt CMC MAG gt Media Type ID lt M gt Product revision number Disc Application Code Extended Information Indicators PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM DATA MODE indices index not provided original disc pos relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required required - gt TRM DATA MODE config wanted index blocks length blocks D HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H N -------------------------------------------------------------- PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Prepare D HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H N for write in CUE-sheet-DAO DAO infos MCN quot quot TOCType x Session Closed disc fixated Tracks to Idx Idx Next Trk TRM DATA MODE x FilePos ISRC quot quot DAO layout Start Track Idx CtrlAdr Size NWA RecDep lead-in x x x x x x lead-out x x PM Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line SPTILockVolume - completed successfully for FSCTL LOCK VOLUME PM Text File Burncd cpp Line Caching options cache CDRom or Network-Yes small files-Yes lt KB PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files started PM Text File Burncd cpp Line Cache writing successful PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files completed PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Burn process started at x KB s PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Verifying disc position of item relocatable disc pos no patch infos orig at write at PM Text File Cdrdrv cpp Line ---- Disc Structure Physical Format Information h ---- Media Type Layer Address h AGID Length Book Type DVD R Part Version x Disc Size mm Maximum Transfer Rate lt not specified gt F h Number of Layers Track Path Parallel Track Path PTP Layer Type recordable Linear Density um bit Track Density um track Starting Physical Sector Number of Data Area h DVD-ROM DVD-R -RW DVD R RW End Physical Sector Number of Data Area F h Data in Burst Cutting Area BCA does not exist Disc Application Code h Extended Information indicators h Disc Manufacturer ID CMC MAG Media type ID M Product revision number Number of Physical format information bytes in use in ADIP up to byte Media Specif... Read more