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PC resolution output issue

Q: PC resolution output issue

My wife's pc when she first hooked it up via dvi she was able to get 1080P but when she got an hdmi ( one that came with my new monitor lol) she can't get higher than 720P, any ideas how to up her resolution? She switched to hdmi so she could get sound from her TV she is using as a monitor. I didnt need the HDMI for mine even though my monitor has built in speakers I have usb speakers I prefer to use for movies, and I have turtle beach px5's I use for gaming. I digress how do we fix her resoultion issue?

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Preferred Solution: PC resolution output issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: PC resolution output issue

You're gonna have to use the built-in TV settings to change from 720p to 1080p. 720p is generally the more common resolution than full 1080 so the TV may have defaulted to it when you switched over from DVI.
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Hello, please help.

I have a laptop Dell Studio connected to Hitachi HDTV. The problem is that since at least 2 weeks ago when I connect the TV as a projector I am not being able to use the full recommended resolution wich is 1920x1080 because it won't fit my TV screen as it used to do.

Can you help figure out what is the exact problem now?

A:Laptop to TV output screen resolution issue

Adjusted aspect ratio on TV settings to fit the full screen.
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i have a samsung monitor that have 2 slots, specifically for DVI & VGA
and i also have a GPU embeded: inno3d GT430 that also have 2 slots for VGA and DVI

i got this new DVI cable from a friend so i tried to upgrade my display from VGA to DVI

the problem is i cant see any differences between the two

things ive checked so far:
nvidia settings ressolution tab: converted it to 1920 x 1080, 1080p
windows resolution settings: 1920 x 1080 (Recommended)

so again, there are no differences between the two when i hooked them up, can anybody tell me any steps to make my display HD?

core i3
OS installed: win7 32bit

A:HD Resolution & Analog Resolution: they display the same output

Is it running at 1920 x 1080 ?

Why do you think you would see a difference ? VGA is analog and DVI is digital, that`s it, as far as I know.

Personally, I think Samsung monitors are terrible.
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Hi, I just ordered the 2015 Windows 10 version HP Stream 11 and I was thinking of using an external monitor with it at home over HDMI. I like the look of one that's 2560 x 1440 resolution, I was wondering can the Stream 11 output that resolution over hdmi? Thanks!

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A:HP Stream 11 Max HDMI Output Resolution?

Hi, No, it only supports FHD which is 1920 x 1080 (or 1200). Regards.
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First question; VGA has an unlimited resolution out put correct? If not what is it limited too?

I'm trying to get 1920x1080 resolutions for my desktop and games, but my monitor only has VGA, Svideo, and HDMI.

With VGA it caps its self at 1680x1050, nothing I do will fix this no drivers reformatting etc. I don't know what it is.

With HDMI it wil do the 1920x1080p resolution (according to windows and the little info message built into my TV) BUT it only takes up the screen in a 4:3 ratio, so 25% black on the left, 50% of my tv is being taken up by the desktop and then 25% on the right is black. It doesn't even look like the pixels in the black area are turned on.

The HDMI works fine with an Xbox.

I'm using a xfx Radeon 6790 1gb

A:Resolution Cap on VGA? and HDMI output issues.

have you downloaded the latest display drivers for the mobo and gpu?
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Ok - First off Im using a quot Dynex TV as a monitor hooked in through a VGA port on the TV When I start my computer the screen jumps around and it says 'detecting signal' settles on x during boot When - issue resolution from monitor resolution my I windows?? can outside change windows starts to open it jumps again for a moment and goes to x the right setting for it I was playing Metro and its too slow in so I reduced it to x which apparently the TV cant do it just went black so it reset to monitor resolution issue - can I change my resolution from outside windows?? I was trying various resolutions some were too wide too monitor resolution issue - can I change my resolution from outside windows?? skinny etc and accidentally clicked on again screen went black and this time didnt revert I restarted my computer and now after the phase in boot it doesnt go to like it should but at the opening to windows where you put in your password it switches to after it jumps to adjust a few times it goes black like in the game it tells me detecting signal normal then no signal detected which is what it tells me if I have it on say component with my xbox turned off or video with my dvd player off or even VGA with the computer off for that matter What Ive tried I tried turning the monitor off and on to see if I could adjust the settings back while it was adjusting before going black but it just stays black I started up in safe mode which was x and it was ugly but worked I tried resetting the resolution but it only gave the base options and that was only for safe mode it didnt hold when I selected or and restarted in regular it went back to and went black I tried going through the TVs menu options and theres no setting for resolution the tv detects it on its own I tried switching to component with my on hoping itd readjust for the settings which it did and then have to readjust going back to VGA but it stayed black Basically I think I need to access some file and tell windows to boot in and not in if it helps I still had vista installed hence me being able to even do this so I can do it either through command prompt or preferably through vista in notepad I have a nvidia geforce vid card if that helps Thanks SO much if you can help

A:monitor resolution issue - can I change my resolution from outside windows??

does the Nvidia card have any software which could manage screen resolutions? If so you can try that in safe mode....

Also, tap F8 on startup, but instead of safe mode chose "enable VGA mode" which should cause windows to boot normally, but in 800x600 (or something of the like, that just about all monitors and TV's support)
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Hi, I see from the rechnical specifications document that the HDMI version of the HP Envy 17-n107na laptop is 1.4.My question is that can I use this HDMI port to connect my laptop to a monitor with a resoultion of up to 2560x1440?Or the maximum resolution supported by this HDMI port is only 1080p? Thanks

A:Maximum resolution supported by HDMI output from HP Envy 17

Hi, No, from its   Maintenance and Service Guide  page #3:            HDMI version 1.4 supporting 1920 1200 @ 60 Hz Source: Regards.
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Sorry if I get some of the technical terms wrong, I have a laptop (HP Probook 450) which has a display with 1366x768 max resolution, I want the graphics driver to output 1920x1080 on the screen, dont care if I lose some details,

I want something similar to what happens when you set a game to 1080p in settings and it is the downscaled to be able to show on the screen, but I want something like that on the windows interface,

Notes. I tried Custom Resolution Utility, did not work,

and tried intel advanced settings but it tells me my monitor does not support advanced settings in intel control panel

my laptop has the intel 4600 graphics and AMD HD 8750m , but I think the intel one is responsible for outputting windows

Any help will be appreciated


A:How to make my laptop output downscaled custom resolution?

You can't, the 1366x768 is actually the number of physical pixels in the screen. Thus the maximum resolution.

There is no point in downscaling 1920x1080 there is nothing to be gained. You just lose some quality and speed due to processing within the monitor (an external one).

You can use a higher resolution monitor externally via the HDMI port.
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Hi guys,

I have a Samsung Series 6 LED TV 46-inch, which fully supports 1080p. So, I am trying to output my laptop (system specs) at 1080p via HDMI. The TV recognizes my computer, and displays it. When I go to 'Screen Resolution' and select 1080p for my TV, it outputs, but it outputs a bigger screen than I can see. Meaning, a sizable portion of the taskbar and gadget space (right side of the screen) is cutoff. But, the full screen is being used so... Well, I'm just stuck. Help would be appreciated as I want to watch movies via HDMI on my TV.


A:Output 1920 x 1080 resolution to Samsung Series 6 LED TV

That's the "overscan" area being cut off..

Some TVs allow you to turn off overscan, but then on normal TV you will see the Closed Captioning data and other tweaky stuff...

So the preferred way is to have the video driver "shrink" the image area. Ususualy there is a page on the video card control panel for "sizing" the display. What it does is lower the actual display resolution by a few pixels on all sides but still outputs the full 1080P to the monitor, that way you can fit the entire screen on the TV.

So hopefully you have at least one of those options to work with.
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Right so after I built my new PC I connected my TV as my 1st monitor then when I attempted to put my 2nd monitor on my PC when my TV screen went black. Now my PC does detect the fact that it is plugged in via HDMI but it doesn't give me the image.

A:TV Output Issue

Press the Windows Logo key and the P key, then select Extend. Do you get an image on both now?
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This issue is hard to explain, maybe there is a term for it, I'm not sure. When listening to mp3s through my computer (with headphones) running vista, for some reason the computer tries to make up for loud parts by making the overall volume softer. It sounds really irritating listening to the volume vary every time there is a loud part to the song.

This problem seems not to happen on my XP installation, just Vista (dual-booted comp).

A:Sound output issue

It's called "Volume Leveling." As far as I know, thats not a Vista feature. Does your soundcard have its own software that could be enabling it?
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Hello I recently picked up a Samsung quot LN E F F LCD TV Output Issue TV Audio and I had been under the impression that the TV would include some form of audio output The only options on the rear panel are HDMI inputs Component RCA Audio TV Audio Output Issue Input and one jack that looks suspiciously like an Optical Audio out marked quot Service quot I had never TV Audio Output Issue heard of a TV without any audio output but apparently it exists I have a Pioneer k audio receiver that I use for surround sound and hook all of my peripherals EXCEPT my basic cable provided by my college campus as the receiver has no antenna input I would like to be able to use the surround sound with my basic cable so my question is is there a converter I can use to take a cable antenna and convert at the very least the stereo audio into RCA for the input on my receiver Or is there a way I could use the HDMI ARC to get the audio from the cable back into the receiver Thanks in advance nbsp

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I have a problem with my sound and maybe anyone has an idea how to fix it. I have a gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 motherboard with a realtek sound chip. I also have a Yamaha RX-V371 AV receiver. The problem is that if I want to output DOLBY from my pc the sound is pausing for a split second from time to time, even if the sound is great, and that is really annoying. I tried optical digital, HDMI and the problem is still there. If I disable dolby output from my pc, then the problem goes away but the sound is not so great.

I have the latest drivers, all windows updates(windows 7 64bit), other input sources are working fine.

Any suggestion?
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Greetings, all.

My thanks in advance for reading through my post. Your help with this issue is very much appreciated.

Here's my problem:
I have one computer, and two places that I want the sound to come from; the input on the back of my PC Tower, and the input on the back of one of my PC monitors. My computer recognises the multiple inputs available, but it seems to only allow me to select one output source instead of two. Can I make my computer produce its sound through two inputs instead of just one? If so, how?

I look forward to reading your answers. Many thanks.
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Hello everyone,

I just installed the Geforce GTX 275, but am having issues getting the picture to come up correctly. I am connecting it to a Sony Projection Television. Let me start by saying I previously had this set up and working on a Geforce 8800 GTS, using an S video cable.

Now with only 2 DVI-I output, I decided to purchase a DVI to Component adapter. Plugged everything in, but all I am getting is crazy pictures. The screen flashes, words fly around, and when I get to the login screen, it's like there are 3 of them.

Any ideas on how I can solve this? Maybe a synchronization issue? If so how do you fix that?

Thanks in advance for your help,


A:Geforce 275 output issue

You have to make sure you have the computer to TV out signal refresh rate properly set. Get into the Nvidia Control Panel and check this
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I cannot get any display from the DVI output of my Radeon 9600 vid card. Thangs are fine when I use the standard VGA output (same monitor different cable & jacks derrrrr....). The monitor is a NEC 1935 NXM and it is set to auto sensing. Here's the rest of my system specs:

Asus A7N8X-E mobo
AMD Athalon 3200 proc
1GB PC3200 RAM (2 x 512 in dual mode)
bla bla bla it's got a bunch of hard drives, a DVD burner, 10 channel sound card, etc etc ..... it's a good box.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

A:Radeon 9600 DVI output issue

Hi, I'm new here and I'm having the exact same problem. I'm using a BenQ FP931-D and pretty much the same system as you are, cept a Asus A8V Deluxe MOBO. When I try to change the setting to detect DVI (Menu -> Miscellaneous -> Input Select -> DVI) it doesn't detect it.

Is there some setup thing with a radeon 9600 card that's required to output in DVI?

Help would be much appreciated!
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ASUS HDMI Audio Output Issue M N Pro mobo AMD Athlon x Dual core NVidia GeForce Video Processor Windows Professional -bit HDMI output onboard from mobo Television RCA RS quot LCD Okay so I've tried pretty much everything I can think of and still can't get audio out of the television when connected via HDMI I'm hoping that the cavalry has some brilliant ideas that I've missed Problem When connecting computed to the TV via HDMI picture is present but no audio is coming through When the computer is hooked up to the HDMI port on my quot Sharp everything is kosher Solutions tried Swapped cable Swapped HDMI port on television Updated drivers on Video Processor and HDMI Audio Output Issue Audio Processor Validated that HDMI was enabled and default in control panel So I ask of thee WTF When I hook any other source XBox BR Player even my wife's HP Laptop to the TV via HDMI everything works great But this one computer and the television just refuse to interface Suggestions

A:HDMI Audio Output Issue

Is the HDMI present in the Sounds in control panel?
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Cant output to external monitor only
Im running 7 on my laptop, and im trying to get it to output only to my external monitor when the lid is closed. I can get it to extend my desktop, but when i close the lid, it turns off the external monitor. I have set Windows 7 to do nothing when lid is closed. Is there anyone else with this problem?
I have an Dell Vostro 1500, with Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS video card, if that helps.
Also, I've tried the FN+F8 route and it does the same thing. Both screens go blank and the LCD TV (external monitor) says invalid format. Its almost like when the lid is closed it changes the resolution to a non displayable one. Happens with both FN+F8 and the lid close method. I never had this problem with XP. Please help.

A:Cant output to external monitor only (Different Issue)

For me this works only if I first disconnect the main (laptop) display, showing desktop only on external, secondary display. If both displays are used in extended desktop mode, closing the lid also turns external display off.

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So my laptop is audio Issue output with sound the 3.5mm a customized laptop with i processor with gb discrete graphic card nbsp The problem I am experiencing with this particular model is with the mm audio output Everytime I plug in an external earphone it Issue with the 3.5mm audio output sound makes a sound that is really loud like a static dischage of some sort and if I were to pause the sound for a while and resume again it again makes that sound Also it makes the sound when I open other websites with graphics like youtube etc I have tried it with different earphone and headphones and the results are the same However there is no such sound when playing audio on the nbsp internal speackers of the computer It's only with the mm audio I have reinstalled drivers and also factory reset the computer and the problem still exists I sent the first laptop back and re-ordered the same model Issue with the 3.5mm audio output sound which I just got it today and this one has the same problem I have a feeling that its the audio card graphic card used in this particular model I absolutely love the design and performance of this computer but I think I am going to have to send this back as well because I use the earphones a lot and I really can't take the nuisance that nbsp is that crazy sound it makes when I have my plugged in my earphones and dealing with audio nbsp I consider myself realy lucky that I had the volume on the lower end and even then the sound was so loud nbsp Wondering if anyone out there is experiencing similiar problems and were able to fix theirs I would hate to send this computer back again because it takes another weeks to get a customized laptop from HP Thanks

A:Issue with the 3.5mm audio output sound

Hi @Arniko?,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your Audio not working correctly after updating to Windows 10. Here is a link to help resolve the speakers and sound not working correctly. The link to using the Windows troubleshooting tool is the best for this situation. You could also try.1. Right click the Speaker icon in the bottom right corner by your time.2. Click Playback Devices.3. Click Speakers.4. Click properties.5. Click the advanced tab on the Properties window.6. Change the Default Format drop-down to the highest quality 192000 Hz.7. Click Apply. Restart the Notebook. You could  try using the Windows Update Troubleshooting tool to fix any updates that have not come through for Windows 10.  Please restart the Notebook twice to make sure all update have been completed! What is the brand of headphones you are using?Please let me know how this goes.You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking the Thumbs Up below! Thanks.
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Ok breakdown of the issue Moved in June my tower sat in the garage until Friday I opened the case and cleaned out the dust during this I removed the cpu heatsink and fan assembly as it was basically caked in dust making the fan useless Cleaned the old heat issue? output. No video Possible motherboard paste No video output. Possible motherboard issue? off the cpu and heatsink with isopropyl alcohol applied new paste electrically non conductive popped all the cards nvidia graphics soundblaster xfi ddr ram and a modem of some type The cpu heat sink fan also did not spin up in the nearby socket so I had to run the line to an auxiliary case fan jumper to get it running Let it all settle plugged it in and spun it up unfortunately it only stayed on for a minute no video Swapped out a known good hdd and a known good video card from an older machine still nvidia still running xp still no video output No video output. Possible motherboard issue? I ve checked the seating of the cards all good but along the way I found a new symptom No power comes from any of the usb ports I think its a shorted mother board but before I drop the cash and order one I d like a second opinion from someone more knowlegeable than I in the subject of computers I appreciate any and all input on the subject Brandonha nbsp

A:No video output. Possible motherboard issue?

The CPU heatsink fan should be connected to the CPU power connector on the motherboard. It should be labeled as such. If the motherboard doesn't detect the CPU fan connected to that connector, I believe it is supposed to shut down to avoid damage.
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Hey i have been trying to play games with my headphones and chat with friends over skype and steam chat at the same time. When im no in a call my in game audio and people talking over game voice chat goes in my headset but when i start a call it switches me over to speaker and makes it so my voice chat comes in my headset but in game out my comp speakers ! i have tried disabling my speakers but that didnt work and have tried making my headset my default device but my comp wouldnt let me ! i was wondering if someone knew how to fix this !
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I just got a Gateway 550GR with a ATI Radeon X300SE video card. When I first turned it on I used the Mobo monitor port. second time I turned it on there was no video, I switched the cabled to the Cards monitor port and the was video. Now every time or every second time it switches output, and I either have to turn it off and on untill the card outputs video, or switch the cable.

I went into Bios and selected "ext Video card" instead of "auto" but still have the same problem. Please help.

A:VGA issue, output switches from mobo to card

Hi and welcome. Is the system still under warranty?
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I'm having a strange and frustrating issue with my Creative Labs Fatal1ty Gaming Headset; it has recently begun recording the sound my desktop makes (output) instead of my voice (input).

I've tried everything to get this to work, but nothing seems to be going correctly.

My jacks are plugged in correctly.

Also, I recently updated my Realtek drivers (in an attempt to fix this issue), but now it doesn't show up properly on my computer. (Edit: The Realtek issue has been fixed, but my microphone is still only recording desktop noise instead of my voice.)

A:Issue: Microphone recording output, not input..

I'm going to try and reorganize this for people looking. My original post is lacking in details.

My microphone is not recording input at all. In fact, the only thing it IS recording is my stereo input (aka, what I hear from my earphones).

A day ago it was working properly, and then I attempted to stream my gameplay using's Procaster program. I THINK this is when things messed up, as afterwards when I attempt to speak to someone through voice chat I am instead just telling them whatever I'm hearing at the moment.

I've thoroughly inspected my Control Panel settings and checked what's up with the microphone - I have four items there under the recording tab when managing my audio devices: "Internal AUX Jack", "Mic in the rear panel (Pink)", "Microphone (my laptop's internal microphone)", and "Stereo Mix". The odd thing I've noticed is that the volume bar for "Mic in the rear panel" goes up and down in tune with what I'm hearing. So far, fiddling with the options here does nothing.

I use Realtek HD Audio Manager and have updated it to the highest driver versions. I've checked the settings for this and am unable to find anything that can help me.
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Friends My speakers are only putting out a mono-like sound Testing reveals the following -- Having drilled down through all the controls turning down all the sliders in the equalizer still results in some low level of sound say still bleeding through Configuration screen always shows that clicking on one speaker is significantly louder than the other And left and right -- to Mono-like speakers software output issue sliders control all sound not only left or right Appears not to be a hardware issue given that all the above work fine when using headphones and that both speakers and the subwoofer are putting out sound just not at the right levels The two speakers are not putting out a truly Mono-like output to speakers -- software issue mono signal Mono-like output to speakers -- software issue that is the effect because only one signal is predominant In fact I listened to an old Hendrix song and it was obvious that only one channel was present But the software is only controlling the one signal with the other channel present but significantly lower

A:Mono-like output to speakers -- software issue

You may need a new sound card. Also, I'd suggest a mixer and a headphone amplifier. The mixer will give you sonic control while the amp will pump some power to the shotty speaker. Usually mixers have preamps built right in. I suggest a cheap Behringer; great mixers (and speakers, amps) that are inexpensive and are very solid quality. CPU's don't have the best sound output control, especially the sound card and input in general. Thats why I rely on a nice tube preamp, Marshall 59' reissue tube stack, an active DI box for balanced signals to a xenyx mixer w/ brit EQ's, and control for sonic mastering. Also if you are using the built-in speakers, just don't... useless.. lol. Even a pair of CPU speakers doesn't do good records any justice. Studio pro quality monitors is the only thing for me. You'll hear things in songs youve never heard. Highly, highly recommend it. Class A/B amplified monitor w a nice ~5" speaker and a 1" tweeter perfecto. Preferably kevlar for the larger speaker, silk for the tweeter. Got way off track but you'd love the sound, I'm a very seasoned musician with a rather good ear. JBL, Bose, ProSonus are among my personal favorites. Good luck!
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My head is literally spinning from frustration right now Please if only I could get some help with this there must be some fix I have a Dell inspiron and when I connect a monitor to the vga output everything works fine except no greens are displayed VGA Issue Output Laptop (no greens) Color Solved: This causes all whites to have a pinkish red tint and all other colors Solved: Laptop VGA Output Color Issue (no greens) are off bigtime I did a color test and came to the conclusion that there are no greens being displayed A pic that is supposed to be solid green appears completely black It basically looks like an quot overly-warm quot temp image Really bad on the eyes The thing is when using the normal display the colors are fine But with an external monitor it s horrible And I know it s not the monitor or the cable because I have tried both of my monitors a Dell CRT and a Samsung p LCD and the issue is the same on both And yes both of thier native resolutions are supported and were being used I have also messed with all CCC settings and the vista display settings and they have no impact This is a freakin joke I literally just purchased this laptop months ago My older laptop of years works fine when outputted but with this laptop I cannot fix it There must be somewhere to edit color files since my display adapter is capable of displaying greens Please anybody I am so desperate for a fix if anyone can help or give some insight I would highly appreciate it I have been at this for hours but couldn t seem to find much on google even though i ve been trying all afternoon Thanks nbsp

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Hello, I've been looking on the Internet for some time now hoping for a solution. But no suck luck.

I have a Laptop which is running Windows Vista 64bit and recently it's had no sound what so ever. Every time I hover over the "Sound" icon at the bottom it tells me there is no Sound Device installed. I've had many solutions to fix this issue by going to "Device Manager" then "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" but every time I go into the "Device Manager" the "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" tab is missing. I've tried re installing Realtek. I've tried looking in the BIOS for the sound controller, I don't know what else there is to do.


A:Sound Issue: No Output Audio Device is Installed.

Hi my friend , welcome to MG's :major

What is the model of your laptop ? At the bottom of the laptop a sticker is located with the model :wave
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I have a problem that I didn't realize was caused by a belkin switcher until today.

On one of the outputs, the video output is really huge...I had thought it was just an issue with this old machine I was using as a server, but when I tried setting up the switch on different machines, I had the same issue on a machine that looked fine on the other output.

Has anyone else run into that? I can't imagine what you would do to fix it...
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Hello Guys I am facing a typical problem related to output of HTML when outputing phone or fax numbers For example a phone number like - - output Issue Phone [SOLVED] with in IE Numbers for HTML is displayed as - I have checked all the apparent possibilities but nothing works Interestingly there is no issue with output on Firefox The simple HTML code is as follows Code Starts below lt html gt lt head gt lt title gt Global Information System - Employee Information Page lt title gt lt head gt lt body marginwidth quot quot marginheight quot quot topmargin quot quot leftmargin quot quot gt lt table border quot quot cellpadding quot quot cellspacing quot quot width quot quot gt lt tr gt lt td colspan quot quot valign top [SOLVED] Issue with HTML output in IE for Phone Numbers gt lt nobr gt lt -- Name and Department Links-- gt Test Test amp [SOLVED] Issue with HTML output in IE for Phone Numbers nbsp lt a href ' application communication organisation view asp OrgaID E ' target ' parent' gt FE-North Shields lt a gt lt nobr gt lt br gt lt tr gt lt tr gt lt td colspan quot quot gt lt a href quot mailto dummy dummy dummy com quot gt dummy dummy dummy com lt a gt amp nbsp lt td gt lt tr gt lt tr gt lt td valign quot top quot colspan quot quot gt lt table cellspacing quot quot cellpadding quot quot width quot quot border quot quot gt lt tr gt lt td gt Phone lt td gt lt td gt amp nbsp lt td gt lt td align 'left' width ' ' gt - - lt td gt lt tr gt lt tr gt lt td gt Fax lt td gt lt td gt amp nbsp lt td gt lt td align 'left' width ' ' gt - - lt td gt lt tr gt lt tr gt lt td gt Mobile lt td gt lt td gt amp nbsp lt td gt lt td align 'left' width ' ' gt - - lt td gt lt tr gt lt table gt lt td gt lt tr gt lt table gt lt body gt lt html gt Code ended above I have IE installed on WindowsXP SP I would appreciate any clue on this one Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Issue with HTML output in IE for Phone Numbers

Hey, you could use the HTML entities (e.g. what you use instead of < when you want to display a right angle bracket)...

(Check the EDIT at the bottom)

This works in both browsers(i've checked)..

Hope it works.


EDIT!: LMAO of course, i'm posting in html based stuff, so the entities get changed. The entities are here:

Okay i'll try and display them:
+ becomes: &#43;
- becomes: &#45;
(excuse the boldness, if i don't include it they change to the + sign etc.)

so this code:


yet again excuse the overuse of boldness it's just so they display
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I have just updated to windows 7 on my hp computer and the resolution was fine then.
However after i updated and restarted, even though my computer is on its max resolution, alot of the individual features have become enlarged, making me feel like my computer has a resolution problem.
I have a picture.
I tried to get a size comparison with the meebo text on the bottom right hand corner. As you can see the date and time text are much larger than the meebo text. My resolution is like 1920x1800, but i feel like im in 1600x1400
If it helps, my graphics card is the Intel G33/31 integrated chip
Oh also, I caught a bug.
The top right hand corner, you can see that the tab is overlapping the three buttons.
If anyone can help me, I would be most grateful.

A:Resolution issue

Very interesting....
Its almost like the DPI got enlarged...
Let me try something.....
It requires a log off so im not going to try it....
try this
About to post a link up
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So I changed my resolution higher than my monitor can support, so now the screen is BLACK. Absolutely NOTHING, besides little text in the middle of screen: "Out of range".
Restarting won't fix the problem, changing resolution in safe mode won't fix the problem. Is there some kind of a file on vista filesystem where user default resolutions are stored? I have to edit that manually, but I dont know where the file is.

A:Very Serious Resolution Issue


read the last post
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Hi I just purchased a new computer and it comes with a Radeon HD 6530D video card. On this site it says the video card can support 2560 x 1600 but its only allowing me to view 1280 x 800 as the max.

My monitor is a samsung 305t. (30 inch screen)

I've updated the drivers and not sure what else I can do to get the max res. Its connected through a Duel-link dvi cable


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Hi First time posting here I've been working on computers for a long time and usually on this kind of issue I would just wipe the machine and start over But this is a friend's laptop and she has some important programs installed that she does not have access issue think tried everything could No of! DNS - I resolution to anywhere else so I'm trying to resolve this with a targeted solution instead of the proverbial sledgehammer approach This thing No DNS resolution issue - tried everything I could think of! is being difficult PC specs Toshiba Satellite L D-S Win Home Premium -bitRealtek network cardsSo here is what I have done SymptomsI thought it was an Internet connection issue at first but then I was able to ping Google's DNS server at I put in the IP address of a website that I know and it came up Tested with both automatic and manual DNS No DNS resolution issue - tried everything I could think of! settings in IPv properties used for No DNS resolution issue - tried everything I could think of! manual TroubleshootingThese are the steps I went through I tested the Internet in both IE and Chrome after each step by trying to browse to common sites like Facebook and Google But of course I am posting here because none of it worked At first there was a yellow triangle and no Internet connection but the Wifi adapter had pulled an IP from my router So I checked for an antivirus running a horribly out of date MSE I disabled Windows Firewall could not find any third party FW That didn't help so I went ahead and re-enabled the firewall Uninstalled the wireless adapter and rebooted Windows automatically reinstalled the driver after the reboot Removed disabled all questionable or semi-questionable extensions and add-on from IE and Chrome Copied over Malwarebytes via flash drive It found a number of critical threats and whole bunch of minor ones I quarantined all and rebooted Copied over ComboFix and ran it It cleaned a bunch of registry settings and other things Tested Rebooted Tested again Uninstalled both the wired and wireless adapters selected the option to remove drivers and re-installed the official drivers from the Toshiba website Updated Microsoft Security Essentials via the flash drive and ran a full scan It found nothing I followed the steps here http www selectrealsecurity com fix-internet-connection The report from the Farbar Service Scanner made everything look fine It even claimed that Google com is accessible and Yahoo com as well Though they do not come up in the browsers I don't know what to do next Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks

A:No DNS resolution issue - tried everything I could think of!

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
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Hi everyone. I'm using Windows Media Player (ver 10) and having trouble with some .wmv files. These are Hi-Res files downloaded from a pay site, so I know the video is not the issue.
When I try to open the files in the player, they turn a purple colour and there's some flickering issues. I get no colours, just varied shades of purple. Yet, when I open these same files in version 6.4 of media player, they play just fine. No flickering, and the proper colours.
I wouldn't complain, except some of the videos are a bit dark, and need to have the brightness turned up a tad. Which ver 10 can do, but not ver 6.4 ... so I'd really like to be able to view the files in ver 10 player.

Any and all help, greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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I don't know if this belongs here or not, but there wasn't a problem before I installed Vista.

So, I cant seem to get my resolution above 1280'1024. I used to on XP to get 1600'1200. But when I try on Vista it says it is out of range on my moniter, going 74.5/60. I am using an LG L226WTQ(
The specs say I am in range with 75 being the max it can go, but then again I don't know much about monitors. I am using a GeForce 8600 GTS if that helps any.

Can anyone help?

A:Resolution issue

Try to lower the refresh rate of monitor and then the resolution
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Ok so I have a dated graphics card X1950GT. I wanted to set my desktop to 1920x1080 and I checked the max resolution supported by both my card and monitor. The max resolution of the monitor is 1920x1080 ok perfect. The supported resolution of the card goes far beyond that good.

When I go to set the desktop resolution though I am given a maximum of 1400x1050. What is going on here? Why am I unable to set my desktop to anything higher than 1400x1050 when both devices support a higher resolution than that.

I am using catalyst 10.2 and win7 Ult 64.

A:Max resolution issue

How are you connecting the display to the computer? If its DVI this could explain things. Try with HDMI
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i have an inspiron 6000 media center edition and the native resolution is 1680 x 1050. it makes everything a little too small, although i like that it can show more. the problem with lowering the resolution to the next available size down, 1280 x 800, is that everything becomes a little too blurry and way too large.

any other options?

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Greetings just wanted to issue. Resolution find out if there is a chance to somehow force an application - a PC game in this example - to adjust itself to a full screen mode I'm not really sure how to describe that since I've never met with Resolution issue. a such thing before I start the game and when it launches it is using only the middle part of my screen - so there is this game running and on its both sides there are huge black stripes which are Resolution issue. filling the rest of the screen so basically it is running in a full Resolution issue. screen but I want to have it all over my screen not only in a small square with black filler on left and right Also I'm using a laptop for this so there is no extra button for auto-adjust on the monitor Can this issue be even fixed via Windows Or I should rather try to search for graphic card drivers or contact the manufacturer of the laptop Also I though about this and it might be due to the so called wide-screen but I had a wide-screen monitor before bigger but still and there were no such resolution problems Also no matter how I change the resolution in game it still stays limited to that square with black background around it Thanks for any suggestions Best Regards SS-Devious

A:Resolution issue.

Can you post your computer's specs?

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Where I live our power recently flashed I had installed a few updates prior to the flash but due to the fact that resolution... with Issue some were for Microsoft Office which I had recently uninstalled some of them failed When the power flashed it rebooted like normal but took me to Issue with resolution... the screen with the different options saying quot Windows did not shutdown correctly quot like usual when the power flashes I clicked safe mode because if you guys have seen my last thread I had problems Issue with resolution... with Office and was told to go into safe mode After clicking safe mode it began booting and the screen was huge It told me it was configuring Windows because of the updates but shortly after it told me it failed configuring and that it was reverting the changes It rebooted itself again but didn't ask me if I wanted to go into safe mode or not It rebooted without mentioning the configuration and I thought everything was going fine until I got back to my desktop The screen was huge and zoomed in I checked the resolution and it said it was x the normal but it sure didn't look like it Some things stayed the normal size however For example the mouse pointer is fine but the close button in my browser is probably the size of what all three of the buttons minimize full window and close combined use to be All of the desktop icons were huge and moved to one side unlike they were in the first place and the taskbar was probably double its size before this happened Everything ran alright and it told me that all but two updates I had recently installed needed to be installed again I accepted let it install and did what I was told to do about the office problem it worked luckily It then wanted me to restart again so I clicked okay Again it didn't ask me if I wanted to start it normally or in safe mode then configured the updates and was fine Now when I got back to the desktop everything is still huge and it seems to be running a bit odd No matter what settings I change the screen won't get any smaller I've tried normally rebooting it and everything but it still won't change Any suggestions Man I have a lot of problems thanks for answering in advance

A:Issue with resolution...

I would re-check the Video Drivers, make sure it doesn't say it is VGA Standard or something. I also don't believe it is really at 1920x1080 for you, but first I would definitely check the video adapter saying it is the card your system has. If it does, try playing with the resolution settings, make it go to another mode, then set it there, then try setting it back to the resolution you want.
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Hi, im having a big problem getting the correct resolution on my tv , wondered if anyone can help pls. i have connected my laptop via a dvi - hdmi cable through an onkyo 606 amp into my sony lcd. i can see the windows xp display on my tv but everythings massive, i cannot understand how to change the laptop in windoes xp to get the output into the correct resolution so my tv looks the same as the laptop when its not connected, interestingly when i boot up the windows loading screen shows in perfect 1080p but the minute the "log into windows" screen appears it reverts to 480p and everythings huge. please help !! thanks in advance

A:Windows Resolution issue on TV

In Display Properties (right click on desktop) look at the settings.
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I'm running a Nvidia 8800Ultra and an Acer Al3016W monitor, and after installing a new driver for my graphics card my screen resolution changed to a very low setting along with being in 4 bit color. After I installed the driver Windows asked if I wanted to fix the problem and when I said yes nothing happened.

A:Strange resolution issue

roll back your driver, or get the latest update from, sounds like it isnt installed correctly, did you uninstall the previous ones?
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Hello! I am having a problem to where my screen resolution randomly changes when the computer is under pressure, like in Movie Maker. Sometimes it just does it randomly. Please help?
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My screen resolution is at the minimum instead of where it should be. When I try to use the settings to reset it, it does not work. Any suggestions what else to do?
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Hello! I am having a problem to where my screen resolution randomly changes when the computer is under pressure, like in Movie Maker. Sometimes it just does it randomly. Please help?
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an Onboard ATI 4250 HD GRAPHICS {motherBoard inbuilt}.

i Just installed the graphics card driver & the issue of screen resolution came.

Before installing the driver, Windows 7 generic display driver was used & it supported various resolutions, at that time i was using 1152x864

i Liked that resolution.

But after installing the driver i cant see that resolution in the properties & i have to use 1024x768 which is no good compared to the previously i was using.

Can anyOne pls. help me out how can i enable & use that resolution once again ???

A:Screen resolution issue

What's the exact model number of your monitor?

I'm fairly certain however that you're being limited to 1024 x 768 (a common resolution for 17-inchers) because it's being read directly from the display; it's maximum reported resolution. The actual terminology begets me at the moment, but that's basically it.
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I have a Vizio TV (HDTV) that I would like to get working as a monitor off my laptop for a show, it is a 30" TV, My HP laptop has an S-Video out, and I can get a picture that is somewhat fuzzy.

The System area in XP tells me that the card is an ATI card, the properties on the desktop tell me the ATI card is a Mobility Radeon 9200. the maximum resolution it will let me set the 2nd (external) monitor is 1024x768, which frankly does not look good.

If anyone has an idea on how I might get this to work, I'd appreciate the help. I have tried HP support (laptop is an HO) and that was frustrating, and I have looked at the ATI drivers, and there is no Mobility Radeon 9200 listed on their website.

Thank you...

A:using a TV as a monitor, resolution issue

Does the TV have a VGA input on it by chance? The image quality of S-Video just isn't that sharp and won't give you very good image quality, it'll be OK for video and pictures but text will look bad.
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I just had a computer built for me by Micro Center and the only issue with the build is that the graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285, manufactured by PNY) doesn't display the monitor's native resolution correctly. The monitor is a Hannspree 25" HF259H.

Essentially, what happens is that at the native resolution, the display is too big for the screen, i.e. the desktop runs over the edges of the monitor. On the next step down in resolution, the display becomes too small for the monitor, leaving a space about 3/4" around the image. At all other resolutions, the display fits the monitor's screen exactly.

Any thoughts, ideas? The monitor worked perfectly at its native resolution with my last build which was running two MSI R4670s in CrossFire.
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Hello I've an odd situation I can't seem to figure out It's an annoyance more than a serious problem but still I'm not certain if the move to Win was the explicit cause but that is when it happened - so I post here I run three displays off of my AMD Moving 10 after Resolution Issue Win to Radeon HD - a SyncMaster BW - quot a Dell E H - quot and a LG TV - Resolution Issue after Moving to Win 10 quot I use the 'extend my display' option and have all three acting as a single horizontal display I would until recently drag my apps browser etc from either of the displays to the TV without issue - the resolutions were nearly identical that is I didn't really have to adjust the size of anything when I dragged between them Yesterday I finally updated my system to Win from Win Pro This required I update my drivers and such from AMD so I got the most recent version for Win Now the TV's display resolution appears huge When I drag anything from either of the other two displays to the TV it is some four times as large It's a pain to try and fit it in enough to even be able to grab a corner drag to resize move it again drag to resize - I have to do this - times just so it fits within the display Pain in the butt But here's the thing - the resolution in my AMD panel shows the TV res being identical to what one of the monitors is x It is the maximum and recommended setting available I have no clue what has happened or what to do to correct it at this point Any ideas what has happened Thanks Intel i GHz core P -GD MS- gigs G Skill x GB DDR - AMD Radeon HD
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Hi All Not sure where to post this so I thought I would put it here and see if anyone can shed any light on the issue I am using 7 In Issue Windows Resolution a quot HDTV for display on a GT card DVI-VGA connection Windows detects my monitor as a generic plug and play monitor and says it has a native res of x and wants to run in that format It strechs the image to full screen if this monitor is the primary display If it is secondary display the I get black bars top and bottom and image is distorted even more to to streching and squishing I have tried no driver the driver that was current at the Resolution Issue In Windows 7 time I installed windows and the latest one as of yesterday None of them will work properly on this system If I change the settings to a wide screen format like say x this works fine under xp win k and vista in Win I Resolution Issue In Windows 7 get black bar top and bottom like it was running on a x display and picture is distorted and on top of that with the latest drivers it only gives me hz to choose as a refresh rate which my monitor does not like I run x hz under XP Vista and Win K all work well Also can run x on all of them but nothing seems to give the proper result under windows The monitor is a quot RCA HDTV i GT video card AMD PII processor Windows x Ultimate Also tried Windows X Pro same result So far have not tried it on a different box but this is really bugging me I need to get a wide screen res working on this montior under win ASAP Any ideas

A:Resolution Issue In Windows 7

Install the latest drivers, run an auto adjust option if your TV has one, then force the resolution in Nvidia's Control Panel.
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ok i have a windows laptop it recently under went some updates that added a start button in bottom left hand corner and changed colour of screen when i turn on im sure you guys are familiar with issue screen resolution the updates unfortuntley not sure if connected or not since around this time when iv plugged in my screen resolution issue samsung moniter the screen resolution on the nd moniter no longer appears to ne x it looks magnified to say the least the resolution on my laptop is still correct and like before interesting one thing i did notice which might be a clue to whats wrong for you guys when i clicked identify screens the number one appeared on my laptop screen the number appeared on my nd moniter but only half of it and very big the rest of it was disapeared below where the tool bar would normally be if you think you know what problem is please be very simple in you explenation im not very techy at all thanks

A:screen resolution issue

You're probably in mirror mode. Toggle between screen, Fn+F5 to set the resolution on the 2nd one.
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Hello all, I have never, ever had this problem before. I have a Sceptre 22 inch monitor which runs at 1680X1050. Whenever I reinstall Vista it always sets it to 1920X1080, but it looks terrible so I set it to 1680X1050 (what it was made for) and its fine. With Windows7 same deal. But when I set it to 1680X1050 its really stretched out and I cant see half my screen. I installed the Nvidia beta drivers (I have an 8800GTS), and now im running with some 1152X864 with my screen in a small box in the middle left of the screen. When I set it to 1680X1050, it looks right, but its super left. I cant move it more right. What is going on here?
Also: Everything is blurry

A:Major resolution issue

Are you using a VGA cable or DVI? DVI is the better choice if you have it.
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So I just installed successfully thank god my new Radeon XT All was well I used the highest possible resolution for my tft-screen like I always do x but here s the problem Whenever I play a game now the resolution keeps changing For instance if I use x as the resolution for the game I m playing whenever I quit the game and get back to the windows desktop the resolution is now the same as it was in the game I have to manually enter Catalyst Control Center cant do it via desktop properties because in there the maximum resolution is whatever the game I was playing had and set the resolution Screen Issue Resolution back to x And whenever I play a game and exit it it s the same thing Screen Resolution Issue all over again I m kinda assuming its some sort of setting I havent found I just dont know where to look anymore Any help greatly appreciated UPDATE So now it seems that its not only after I quit a game or something its after rebooting as well It seems the default setting is ALWAYS x and I cant Screen Resolution Issue change this in the standard Preferences via right-clicking the desktop I HAVE TO change it in Catalyst Control Center Also a minute after rebooting and entering Windows the screen flickers and first displays the desktop in for like a second and then quickly changes back to Whats up with this

A:Screen Resolution Issue

Hi Marcus,I would try updating the video drivers. You should be able to find those on the ATI site. Also check to see if anything is listed in the Event Viewer. Usasma did an excellent job with a mini tutorial here - How To Use Event Viewer . See if anything is noted. Also, do you receive any error messages?
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I recently bought an Acer X223w computer monitor, and I found it to be a little too bright. I attempted to adjust the settings to make it easier on my eyes, but when I finished customizing the brightness settings, a box popped up saying 'auto config, please wait.'. This shifted my screen to the left, so 1/10 of my screen is missing. I tried moving my screen to the right with the H. Position setting, but it won't fill my screen up completely.

Help would be much appreciated.

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Hi everyone,
I'm having some issues with my display screen.
My sister wanted to plug her laptop to the TV using an S-video cable and it somehow has caused my laptop's maximum screen resolution to 1024x768 (multiple monitor)....It's considerably smaller than my original max screen resolution. As well...It is very fuzzy and widely stretched on my laptop's screen, but looks normal on the TV.

After unplugging the cable and restarting the computer, I still cannot get out of the multiple monitor mode. And my screen is still fuzzy and stretched and ugly. This is bothering me quite a bit. Please if anyone can give me some pointers to restore my screen size back to what it was before plugging it into the TV would be greatly appreciated.

A:Max screen resolution issue.

hi hasao,

I think your screen resolution has most probably changed. It generally happens automatically when you connect to a projector or a TV.

Changing the display settings of your computer might just help you. You can do that by right clicking on the desktop and then choosing display settings. There you can edit the resolution of your screen which best suits you ....

Hope it helps
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I hope this is the place to post this question. The digital photography/imaging was a possibility but was not sure.

I am running Windows XP - Home. I received an HP Scanner/Printer for Christmas and yesterday I scanned in some medical reports for my mother. I then e-mailed them to her for her records.

The problem comes in when I view them on my computer the resolution is horrible. It looks very blurry. When I printed a copy out from her computer - it came out of the printer real fuzzy and not crystal clear like the original report from the doctor.

How do I rectify this problem?

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Hello I've an odd situation I can't seem to figure out It's an annoyance more than a serious problem but still I run three displays off of my AMD Radeon HD - a SyncMaster BW - a Issue after Move Win Resolution 10 to Dell E H - and a LG TV - I use the 'extend my display' option and have all three acting as a single horizontal display I would until recently drag my apps browser etc from either of the displays to the TV without issue - the resolutions were nearly identical that is I didn't really have to adjust the size of anything when I dragged between them Yesterday I finally updated my system to Win This required I update my drivers and such from AMD so I got the most recent version for Win Now the TV's display resolution appears huge When I drag anything from either of the other two displays Resolution Issue after Move to Win 10 to the TV it is some four times as large It's a pain Resolution Issue after Move to Win 10 to try and fit it in enough to even be able to grab a corner drag to resize move it again drag to resize - I have to do this - Resolution Issue after Move to Win 10 times just so it fits within the display Pain in the butt But here's the thing - the resolution in my AMD panel shows the TV res being identical to what one of the monitors is x It is the maximum and recommended setting available I have no clue what has happened or what to do to correct it at this point Any ideas what has happened Thanks Intel i GHz core P -GD MS- gigs G Skill x GB DDR - AMD Radeon HD
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I just finished reformatting my hard drive, re-installing windows, and putting all my drivers back on. Now I'm having the same screen resolution issue I had the first time I put everything together. There are no resolutions that fit my T.V. Originally I found a way to slide or pull the screen size around but now I cannot find this again. I'm using AMD VISION Engine Control Center, I'm about %80 that's where I found this last time. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about and where it's at.

A:Screen resolution issue

Cph645 welcome to the Seven Forums.

This should be what you are looking for,
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When I change the native resolution of my PC monitor to anything other than 1280x1024 it shrinks the screen and surrounds it by giant white borders around everything - its an 18" iiyama TSA4634JT from an ATI X1600.

The resolution is perfectly good, except when I want to boot up an older game that doesnt support 1280 - normally they want to be in 1024x768, so they are forced into the same little 9"x7" window in the centre surrounded by white. I have downloaded the latest drivers for the card, and everything else works fine.

So any ideas as to what's going on?


A:Desktop Resolution Issue

It is an LCD monitor. It shows everything by exact pixels. Which is why many gamers and people like myself still use CRTs. Or gamers use higher end video cards so they make sure they can run at the highest rez of their display.

You can TRY to use an Analog cable (blue) from video card to monitor (you can use both at the same time - just switch via monitor) which may stretch it out for you.
Or stop playing older game

On my #2 PC with a 17" LCD - analog cable, it does stretch out the video to fit. It could also be deisgned to NOT do that with your monitor... so try the other cable or look for options on the monitor.

HEY! I just checked the settings on my LCD monitor, it DOES include the function of: FILL / Aspect / 1:1 - why anyone would go with a white border is strange... so hopefully your monitor will have this as well.
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I have a samsung sync master 2043 nw monitor on an amd r7 250 2gb ddr5 128 bit video card. I checked the monitor's specs and the horizontal and veritcal resolutions are 1680 and 1050. For some reasons I can't set the monitor resolution or ingame resolution higher than 1248x1024. I have all the drivers installed and up to date

Any solutions?
Thank you!
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My computer is in a very weird situation About a week ago my VGA adapter broke and I needed to replace it with a new one My monitor is from With this new adapter I turned on my computer and my resolution is stuck at x I used the NVIDIA control panel to make my resolution x and it worked although when I start (Help Resolution Issue Please) Screen up a game it automatically goes to x and it can t go any higher I tried looking at my screen resolution in the control panel and it says x is recommended Also when I look in the NVIDIA quot change resolution quot it seperates the x and the other Screen Resolution Issue (Help Please) resolutions so that x is categorized as hd sd and the x x etc are categorized as PC and not hd sd It also says my native is x now Before the old adapter broke I could play games at x and had no problems I have an Alienware X Windows bit Intelcore i CPU ghz quadcore with hyper threading gb of RAM Thanks for helping nbsp

A:Screen Resolution Issue (Help Please)

Hi cliff24245, and welcome to TSG.

There's no guarantee I'll have a solution, but it might help someone here to help you if you told us the brands and model numbers of both the monitor and the new video controller card (the actual card manufacturer info, not the information about the GPU on the card).

Did you install the latest drivers for your new card?
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So, I normally run at a 1650x1050 screen resolution.
I run windows 7, with a radeon 4350 HD video card.

I have had no issues with screen resolution, until now, It just won't go up to 1650x1050. The highest it will go is 1600x1200, which isn't what I want.

I have tried updating the drivers for my graphics card, but still, I cannot set the resolution to 1650x1050. Help?

A:Screen Resolution Issue? HELP!

Hi -

Uninstall the video drivers, re-boot; Windows 7 will install drivers upon re-boot.

Be sure all Windows Updates are in -->

Check resolution.

Regards. . .


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I have a weird situation that I can't figure out.

I have a widescreen 17" Dell laptop. The resolution is 1920 x 1200.

Every time I shut my laptop screen and open it back up, all my icons are shifted into the upper left and any windows that I had open maximized are now smaller in the upper left. It is like it switches to a really low resolution when I shut my laptop screen. I updated my display drivers and still the same issue.

The only thing I've done lately is install Red Alert 3.

I can't figure out where these settings are and it's quite annoying. Any ideas?

A:Laptop resolution issue

Dunno the cause, but a lot of these issues are caused by corruptions in video drivers - so that would be the place to start.
If you don't know how to update the video drivers, post back with the exact make and model of your system and we'll figure it out.
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I have a issue with Windows since I updated from 8 to 8.1. I tried googling my issue and cannot find anything about this. I have contacted MS but they won't help me without paying a fee. So I'm hoping you can help.

When I go to resolution on Windows 8.1 it shows the resolution as 1920x1080 (my screens max resolution) and it is only displaying 1268x720. When I play fullscreen games it switches to 1920x1080 but when it goes to the desktop it goes back to 1268x720.


A:Windows 8.1 Resolution issue

hi ,and welcome to eightforums ,after the upgrade to 8.1 did you make sure to go to computer manufactures website and get latest video device drivers
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I know this isn't a graphics card issue, since my laptop was bought this year, and supports resolutions of 1600x900...

Now, I have some games that won't play in 1280z1024. It's any older game, and it's pretty annoying, I've tried windowed mode and most these games don't work on windowed. So, anyone have a suggestion? My ATI drivers are latest, 5650 Radeon with 10.10.

A:Issue with Resolution with Monitor?

Hello there DS, what games are we talking about? old games? new games? could you elaborate more?

Forget it, i just re-read the post.. hmm, could be the game not being able to play on a higher resolution than 1280x1024, which game is it?
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Hi could anyone help me please.
computer works fine no problems,but when I go to a certain webpage error message comes up "screen resolution to low" yet my screen is set to max and have no problem with any other website

A:Web page resolution issue

What is the URL of the website?
What browser and version are you using?
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I just did a clean install of Vista Ultimate Edition 32-bit on my HP Pavillion zd7020us notebook but I can't select the proper resolution for my display (1440 by 900 pixels). The display adapter says "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter".

The video graphics are Nvidia GeForce FX Go5600, and when I try to install the Windows Vista 32-bit RTM driver from I get an error message that says "The NVIDIA setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your hardware. Setup will now exit."

I have all of the updates installed, but the driver is still listed as "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" and I am not able to select 1440 x 900 as my screen resolution.

Can anyone tell me what I could do to set my screen to the proper resolution? Thanks!

A:HP Screen Resolution Issue

Usually graphic drivers for laptops, are supplied only by the manufacturer, HP. Looking at your model, it looks like it wont support Vista at all, so there might not be any video drivers.

You could try this modified ones for vista:
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I know my screen can handle 1280 x 800 but the maximum windows 7 will let me set it is 1024 x 768?


A:Very Odd Screen Resolution Issue?

You will need to upgrade your Video Card drivers.
Go to device manager and right click on your video card and select update driver you may have to go to your card manufacturers website to get the very latest drivers
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I built my first PC in November Everything worked flawlessly About months ago I remembered I had bought a HDMI-DVI cable for my monitor so I unplugged the VGA cable and plugged in the HDMI cable and it caused red lines all around the screen still could see the desktop but just looked awful I figured the cable was bad so I then plugged the VGA cable back in and instantly noticed the quality of the picture wasn t crisp anymore Like the HD was taken out completely Before I touched any of the cables It looked amazing even with just the VGA cable So I ordered a Display/resolution PC issue on new new good quality DVI cable Nothing changed I did some research and tried different driver updates installs and removals tweaked settings in Nvidia Control Panel and still nothing I have tried this in all the different settings of resolutions offered So I Display/resolution issue on new PC decided to upgrade my Monitor thinking it may have been an issue with the monitor I bought the Dell UltraSharp U M after some research While it is a noticeably nicer monitor the problem still remains Games look horrible the lines are jagged and the screen almost tares when I move around It doesn t have the HD pop like it should did I can not find any answers or even problems that are like mine Any ideas or help would be amazing About a month ago I bought another gtx to see if the issue went away The result is the same Games are also noticeably slower This rig should be able to play anything on x with out any issue as it did before this happened I hate to drop more money on a third gpu since these two work but not the way they should I wish I had bought a AMD card the second time just to see if the different drivers fixed the issue Any help would be amazing Also I have run every test on my GPU and my CPU that I could think of and everything comes back great I feel as if when I plugged that second cable in something in the GPU changed or something changed on my BIOS settings and MOBO and I can not get it back I also did a complete clean install of my whole PC including my OS and haven t put the original files back on yet The resolution is still the same I am at a loss because of how a brand new second card showed exactly the same resolution This makes me feel the issue is not the cards but somewhere else in the PC I tried looking up Hardware issues and fixes but found nothing If I knew which part PSU GPU CPU MOBO RAM I would just replace it but I do not want to keep spending more money with no change Any help is appreciated My Specs are below Thanks MY PC SPECS GPU MSI GTX GD T OC Graphics Cards GTX GD T OC MOTHERBOARD MSI ATX DDR LGA Motherboards Z PC MATE CPU Intel Core i - K Devil s Canyon Quad-Core GHz LGA RAM HyperX Fury Series GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PSU XFX XTR Series P - B-BEFX W ATX V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready PLUS GOLD OS Microsoft Windows Home Premium SP -bit - OEM ORIGIONAL MONITOR ASUS VX H -Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor CURRENT MONITOR ell UltraSharp U M nbsp

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So, I normally run at a 1650x1050 screen resolution.
I run windows 7, with a radeon 4350 HD video card.

I have had no issues with screen resolution, until now, It just won't go up to 1650x1050. The highest it will go is 1600x1200, which isn't what I want.

I have tried updating the drivers for my graphics card, but still, I cannot set the resolution to 1650x1050. Help?

A:Screen Resolution Issue? HELP!

When did the resolution change?
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I have a Windows 7 64-bit computer and a 22" LCD monitor. I downloaded updated AMD drivers. Now it recommends resolution of 1280 x 1024. However, when I accept that setting it creates a boxy image with a wife black stripe on each side (in other words, not filling the screen). The only setting that gives me a full screen image is 1280 x 800. However, that setting gives me oversized icons and text, even though the setting is "smaller - 100%."

Can someone suggest what to do to get the text in a little more manageable size?

A:Screen resolution issue

A 22" monitor should be using 1920x1080 or something very similar. Do you not have that setting?

Next it would really help if you posted ALL of your exact system specs; ie exact video card, exact monitor, etc.
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I have Windows on my iMac using boot camp with dual monitors. Every time I switch to Windows 7 the second monitor changes resolution. On the mac monitor side this does not happen.

A:Windows 7 resolution issue....

What is the make and model of the Monitor.
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Alright this is my first post so forgive me if I leave out something important Yesterday I bought a nice new Insignia p LCD widescreen HDTV I want to use it as a second monitor so that I can have separate things on each screen It s got VGA component s-video composite and HDMI inputs so Issue of with a TV monitor resolution second as HELP! figuring something out on that end shouldn t be much of a hardware issue I ve already gotten it to work as a second monitor but the resolution leaves a lot to be desired My PC is somewhat short on output options HELP! Issue with resolution of TV as a second monitor For video output it has one VGA and one S-video port At the moment I m using the lone VGA output from my CPU to connect to my standard monitor x and an S-video cable to connect to the TV but the highest resolution the TV can get through that method is x Also using the s-video input the TV only wants to receive a standard format image not widescreen If I set up the resolution to be any higher than x the picture still goes through but it doesn t all display at once - when you scroll your mouse to the edge of the visible area the HELP! Issue with resolution of TV as a second monitor screen just pans It won t shrink the screen size down to a higher resolution if that makes sense to you It makes the image bigger but leaves it as a low resolution I have a graphics card from ATI though I m not sure of the model exactly I know it s not a graphics card problem however because before I connected the TV with the s-video cable in other words when there was no second monitor connected the resolution choices for the second monitor went up to ridiculous sizes much larger than my TV which is x So far the only solution I ve found online was to just buy a new graphics card but after shelling out yesterday any big purchase is out of the question for a while Any ideas I d really REALLY appreciate any help As a matter of fact even if you can t think of a way to fix this please post something just so I know whether or not I need to try to fix it Also on a side note does anyone know how to make the side of the screen that you slide your mouse off of change It s kind of annoying because I have the TV to the left of my monitor but my mouse has to slide off the right side of my screen to get to it Thanks again nbsp

A:HELP! Issue with resolution of TV as a second monitor

Please? Somebody?
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I hope someone can help me with this issue - because it is driving me CRAZY I have a Dell D laptop that I use for work I work both in an office and from home and I use external monitors both places At work I use one via a docking station and at home I just plug it in I have done this for about years with no problems Last week I was in a meeting so had just Monitor help Please Issue Resolution with my laptop and when I went back to my desk I had to change the resolution to make it fit my widescreen monitor something Please help with Monitor Resolution Issue I had Please help with Monitor Resolution Issue done many times That night when I got home and plugged into my monitor at home the screen resolution was huge I sometimes have to mess with the resolution at home when I ve been using just the laptop off the docking station at work so no big deal However whenI tried to adjust the resolution it was set at x and I only had one other option it would let me pick which was x When I open the laptop I can pick many different options from there but none of them make my resolution any smaller Over the course of several days I have obviously rebooted many times My work monitor is still fine My home monitor is a Westinghouse quot LCD Please help nbsp

A:Please help with Monitor Resolution Issue

ok, sounds odd that the resolution wont change, i think that dell has intetgrated intel graphics chipset, and so id like to ask, when the intel graphics accelorator drivers where last updated. it maybe worth updating them, as you can use that to change the resolution from the desktop as you would using the windows program, its just a seperate tab
Relevancy 45.58%

recently i have formated my pc after that i saw a problem that my desktop screen is stretched my screen resolution support 1600 x 900 but now it not going up from 800 x 720 all my application preview stretched

i use windows 7 ultimate
nvida gforce graphic card 1 gb
4 gb ram ddr 3 kingston
gigabyte mother board system

A:screen resolution issue

You need to download and install the latest graphics drivers for your Nvidia card.
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The issue in question is this I can't set the resolution to my LCD monitor's native resolution which is x '' LCD monitor My PC specs are these - MS Windows Ultimate -bit - Intel Core Native Issue Resolution Duo E GHz - GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - Intel DP TF Motherboard - NVIDIA GeForce GT GB I can't access any kind of NVIDIA control panel or something of Native Resolution Issue the like it doesn't show anywhere when right-cliking on desktop When I try to update my GPU's drivers Windows tells me that I have the latest installed I've also tried using PowerStrip doesn't work either specifically the custom resolution options The interesting part is that the resolution I'm currently using which also happens to be the highest Windows' Control Panel seems to recognise for my monitor is x which doesn't happen to be to far from my monitor's native resolution actually unless I'm mistaken pixel by pixel x is a higher resolution than the native resolution of my monitor All of these confuses me even more as to what causes these issue Bottom line I've been pulling my hair out for two days now I don't know what else to try any help would be deeply appreciated

A:Native Resolution Issue

Exact make and model of monitor please. We've done this before and it'll be fine. Don't pull any hair out. Most of us here like to save it and glue it back on Maybe start here: Force DVI/HDMI resolutions and refresh rates
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i have an hp w inch widescreen monitor ive run vista on it years at x i applied some system updates last week and it set my res to x and i can't change it back It's saying that x quot signal out of range quot this is driving me nuts i was used to all the icons being a certain size and its just bothering my apparent OCD that i cant get it back to that the only thing i can think that might be an issue is that i just installed a manual switch I use my monitor to play my xbox in addition to just using it as a monitor i bought a simple switch so that i didnt have to keep swapping out the cables issue screen resolution every time i wanted to play theres port a and b computer is in a xbox in b and the other port connects the switch to my monitor screen resolution issue but i was using the switch for about a week at the - res no problems this be drivin me crazy i appreciate any help anyone could give

A:screen resolution issue

Have you tried updating your video drivers?
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i noticed this first in win xp... when i boot after the motherboard i instantly get a invalid mode or can not display... i know that its not a setting in an os... because it doesnt have time to boot... i know its not the monitor cause i switched it with my tv and same issue... it seems to be an issue with the motherboard but i didnt think this was possible... i can view the bios and am fairly comfortable with it but i can't find anything wrong... i even installed Ubuntu on to one of my hdd and it does the same thing after a fresh install with no video setup
Relevancy 45.58%

hey all,
i just reinstalled xp on a machine and accidentally pushed the resolution beyond the monitors limits, now i cant access it to change it back ! "Cannot display this video mode"

i tried booting into safe mode with no luck, im getting the same message on screen, i have read enabling vga mode in the boot menu works but it is not displayed in the boot list..

any help is much appreciated ! such an irritating problem!


A:[SOLVED] resolution issue

If you havn't got the option of vga mode and safemode (that shouldn't load the drivers) also fails you can go into the recovery console and edit the boot.ini adding /BASEVIDEO to the line of your normal os making it look somthing like this

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn /usepmtimer /basevideo

this should stop your machine loading video drivers and use standard 640x480 16-color VGA mode
the file is usually found in the root of c and hidden
always make a backup of any system file you edit in this way
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Having just changed my monitor from a 20" to a 24", I now find that whenever I log into windows, the resolution opens with 1920x1080 when it should be 1920x 1200 (recommended). Everytime I change it and save it, upon a restart it reverts back to 1920x1080.

At the moment the graphics card says that it should be able to handle the recommended resolution. Any ideas as to whats going on. I have the latest drivers for the card installed by the way.


A:Recommended resolution issue

If you got a driver CD for the 24" monitor, or try to download the monitor drivers from the manufacturer's site, install this driver in windows and this should solve your problem.
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I've seen a lot of these on the web, but still haven't found something that works.
I've got a Compaq Presario C360US with a Mobile Intel 945GM Chipset.

I've downloaded the latest driver from Intel and still can't get past the 1280 X 800 resolution
I used to get 1900 x 1600 or something like that.
And I want it back.

Any help?

A:Another Vista Resolution issue.

What graphics card do you have? Do you have the latest compatible drivers?
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I just purchased an emachines computer with Vista. I have it hooked up to an LCD screen so my son can also watch tv. My question is:

How can I get the screen resolution to change when there isn't any way to move the slider bar over to a bigger resolution(i.e. 1024 X????)? It won't let me change the settings and everything won't fit on the page.

Relevancy 45.15%

I have a Toshiba satellite p55-A5312. due to some strange reason there is no 1920 x 1080 resolution.there is no option after 1366 x 768.i have tried every driver I can lay my hands on but no luck at all...please someone help me...thank you

A:satellite p55_A5312 resolution issue

do the drivers detect your display properly? how is your display listed in device manager? is there any options for a custom resolution in the driver settings (ive never used an intel gpu im not sure) so you could force 1920 x 1080?
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Ever since I setup a KVM switch to have 2 computers sharing 1 monitor/keyboard/mouse, I have had monitor problems.

There is a subtle but noticeable wobble/ wavey-ness thing happening across the screen.

Also, my display has a stretched horizontally look. I have tried different screen resolutions but they all give this stretched look which I didn't have before.

Also, my monitor used to have 1920 x 1080 as an option for max resolution, but this is now capped at 1600 x 1200.

Please help as this is very annoying & looks awful. The specs of the KVM switch say "Max. Resolution: 1920 x 1440. Bandwidth: 200MHZ"
Video card ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 series

A:KVM Monitor wobble & resolution issue

If you can't set either PC to the monitors native resolution (1920x1080 ?) then the culprit could be the cables from each PC to the KVM or the cable from the KVM to the Monitor. Some cables don't connect all the pins and this can stop the PCs from getting the correct resolution info from the Monitor. What sort of connectors are on those cables ?
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Didnt really know which area to post this in so i thought this was the most suitable Just have a issue regarding dual monitors on a windows machine I will provide as much information as possible I recently purchased a cheap graphics card - nVidia Quadro FX x DVI to run a dual monitor setup My original monitor Acer x hq connected to DVI via a VGA-DVI adapter and a newly purchased Samsung BX connected direct DVI Individually the monitor are each capable of a x setting monitor issue?! Dual resolution but as soon i plug in both monitors the Acer resolution blows up and i am unable to see Dual monitor resolution issue?! desktop icons and task bar when it is set to primary maximised window will be significantly cut of when set to secondary and have a internet browser open When i right click and go into quot screen resolution quot both screens are showing x but it is clearly not the case Is there any solution for this I did a search and cant find anything regarding this The only solution i have is that the video card is having trouble running both monitors The specifications however suggests it is capable of this Any ideas Thanks in advance

A:Dual monitor resolution issue?!

Check the NVidia control panel for resolution settings there, set it to the native resolution for each monitor.

Also, get a straight DVI to DVI cable for your monitor, that might have something to with it.

Check your refresh rates for each monitor as well.
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I have a Dell Latitude Laptop Windows XP SP ATI Radeon x A software recently told me that I needed Resolution Dell Issue Laptopm to update my driver and the video BIOS I did so only to find that the most recent game Dell Laptopm Resolution Issue that I was trying to play wouldn t work anymore TrackMania Nations I rolled back the driver only to find that I cannot do resolution shifts anymore Whenever I manually shift or a game shifts resolutions the screen has a black frame around it The FN F shows CRT LCD and that usually does the trick It is not working or it is not the solution Is there a way that I can manually do the function of that key Maybe that is not the solution at all The FN Up arrow does make the display brighter so I am assuming that the FN key works I ve gone into the BIOS and switched the Expanded LCD setting to off and enabled Neither makes a difference What should I do nbsp

A:Dell Laptopm Resolution Issue

When it comes to video card drivers(or any driver for that matter) do NOT roll back the driver or update the driver without un-installing the old driver first.

Go into 'add/remove programs'. Uninstall the ATI display driver using the ATI uninstall utility that comes with the later drivers. Otherwise just uninstall the 'ATI display' driver as well as 'Ati Control panel'. Reboot. Install latest drivers and you should be good to go.

Rather then trying the quick resolution shift you might just right click on the desktop. Click 'Properties' then 'Settings' and switch the resolution there.
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I have a Toshiba satellite p55-A5312. due to some strange reason there is no 1920 x 1080 resolution.there is no option after 1366 x 768.i have tried every driver I can lay my hands on but no luck at all...please someone help me...thank you

A:satellite p55_A5312 resolution issue

do the drivers detect your display properly? how is your display listed in device manager? is there any options for a custom resolution in the driver settings (ive never used an intel gpu im not sure) so you could force 1920 x 1080?
Relevancy 45.15%

Ok. I'm not retarded i swear.
Right now im on a laptop thats resolution is at like 1600/1200 or something and id like it down to 1024/768. Usualy when i do that the icons and everything becomes bigger but it fits the entire size of the screen. Now when i do it on this laptop it just shrings the desktop down to that size and leaves a huge black box around everything else. Anyone have any idea what im missing?

Relevancy 45.15%

Hi all Hope someone may know what's going on here My display seems to have undergone some changes of its own recently Certain webpages have fonts that appear bigger games now don't run as smoothly they have those horizontal cut lines appearing when you move around Most oddly when I go control panel - gt display - gt settings the screen resolution bar which used to only go up to x tops now has that resolution in the middle of the bar None of the higher resolutions actually work if selected but odd that they suddenly appear as options Wonder if that doesn't have something to do with web pages seeming different and games with the same graphic setting no longer being as good quality as they were before I did re-install service pack a few days ago but the problem only appeared today I also installed a few games portal witcher but again was a few days ago and the problem only happened now Any ideas

A:Strange resolution/display issue in XP

What make/model PC? If custom built then post the specs.

Re-install the graphics driver.
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Also a problem with the X1 yoga (and i assume other devices in that case) the laptop defaults to an aweful resolution (i assume 800x600) in the WinPE environment from NBP onward.  This is making it rather difficult/horrible for our third party company to go through the task sequence wizard when getting images out to our users We have tried using DRVLOAD but having some problems as it seems intel uses 32bit components with their driver and as such the WoW subystem is needed, which is not available in WinPE.Either way, workarounds aside it would be much better if this were just fixed, so we dont have to constantly add new drivers and WMI queries when we need to image different models. Any word from Lenovo on a fix?
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Hello this is my first post and hopefully someone can help me with my problem Here at work I ve had a Dell Latitude E i since Latitude Resolution - issue E5570 I started six months ago Being a graphic designer I soon realized it wasn t powerful enough so our IT department just got me a Dell Latitude E i which Latitude E5570 - Resolution issue apparently is supposed to be better in my line of work I use the laptop screen as a secondary screen and have a bigger Dell screen as my primary screen Now Latitude E5570 - Resolution issue to my problem on my old Latitude E I used a x resolution which I thought was perfect Now with the Latitude E I can only get x which I don t really like So is there any way I can get the same resolution in my E I m taking the risk of getting bashed across the head here but I ve been a Mac dude all my life so I don t have much experience in the rest of the computer world Hopefully someone can assist me anyway so I thank you in advance cheers -

A:Latitude E5570 - Resolution issue

It sounds like they got the version with the low end screen.  You can't go any higher then the screen is built for and from what I can tell, the model either comes with a 720p panel which is what you have, or 1080p panel.
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I bought this TV http www shop com Akai PDP HDTV VGA Akai resolution via issue - Z TA plasma TV widescreen p HDTV Open Box - -p shtml Not the mac daddy of HDTV s I know but there s something very peculiar in particular Look at the supported VGA resolutions Notice how not a single one of them are on this television I ve tried setting the resolution with both Windows setup and nvidia to the usual p resolution test and failed I tried to set to i but selecting interlaced on the dropdown in nvidia is not an option I ve even tried to set it in it s weird native res of x I guess it s some special Hitachi glass or something don t ask me but that didn t work either Bare with me this is the first time I ve used dual display Am I really left to believe that this TV only comes with computer resolutions Is there a rd party program that can fix this Would connecting the TV with S-video or S-video-to-component or Akai HDTV via VGA - resolution issue composite whatever the HD one is called solve it and force it to use it s TV resolutions On a personal note how crazy does this seem to you Why the hell would they do this Note that I am using a GTX Edit O and one more thing It doesn t display the whole screen It displays most of it but in no matter what screen mode I set the TV too even Force just a little bit around every edge is missing I haven t seen how this is going to interfere with gameplay yet but when I maximize windows I can t get to the close and minimize buttons nbsp

Relevancy 45.15%

I have an older HP Pavillion monitor about - yrs old that resolution shifting & Monitor issue has had issues involving screen resolution hertz setting and screen shifting If I make the settings x which the majority of DOS based games run at the screen shifts horizontially to the right almost halfway So the end result is left to right the right side of the screen is now quot wrapped quot around to of the left side of the viewing area picture dividing your screen into vertical sections The area of the screen that would occupy between and area are now black and the rest of the screen Monitor resolution issue & shifting between and right justified is the left side of the screen I hope this made sense as it has been kinda tough to describe I have played with various setting involving x and changing the compatible hertz settings Sometimes it ll work But it s only temp then it starts doing it all over again I m sure I ll get alot of quot it s old quot reasonings but I d like if someone could give me a more technical side to this and if it s correctable nbsp