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LiteOn Dual layer DVD +/- Writer (+/- RW) CD Laser faulty

Q: LiteOn Dual layer DVD +/- Writer (+/- RW) CD Laser faulty

LiteOn Dual layer DVD R RW CD Laser faulty Wont read CDs Hi I purchased a LiteOn IT Dual layer DVD - Writer - RW a little over a year ago and recently the CD laser has become faulty or at least I m assuming so The drive will read DVDs fine but not DVD (+/- faulty Laser LiteOn Writer CD layer Dual RW) +/- CDs I ve tried using lens cleaners and I ve reinstalled drivers Tried multiple CDs in multiple computers and still no luck Since the warranty has already expired and is thus void I opened the drive up to see if I could see anything wrong but saw nothing I could say was the problem The drive simply spins up when a CD is put in but then stops again - I m asuming this is because it s failed to detect a disk I m just wondering if there is any options short of buying a new drive Is there a replacement laser LiteOn Dual layer DVD +/- Writer (+/- RW) CD Laser faulty I could buy even if I have to resolder it to the board myself Any other options solutions would be greatly LiteOn Dual layer DVD +/- Writer (+/- RW) CD Laser faulty appreciated Many thanks Ben nbsp

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Preferred Solution: LiteOn Dual layer DVD +/- Writer (+/- RW) CD Laser faulty

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: LiteOn Dual layer DVD +/- Writer (+/- RW) CD Laser faulty

Can someone move this to the Storage forum so it might get a bit more attention please.

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I'm having problems burning Dual Layer discs on my Lite On LH18A1P. I have updated my firmware to the latest on the site today (DR18GL0F). But my drive doesn't want to burn DL discs. My nephew has the same drive and has the same problem.
When I burn the data disc in Nero, It appears to burn the disc fine, I also verified the disc after burning and all was fine. Then the disc ejected after burning and I put the disc back in and opened explorer and the drive was unable to read the disc at all. I just get the dialog box asking me to insert a disc into the drive.

I'm running Vista 64 bit and XP pro, Nero v7.10.1.0

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I recently purchased (by mistake) an OEM Liteon LH-20A1H-185 20X Internal Dual Layer Lightscribe DVDRW and installed it in my pc. As soon as I powered on, Windows XP found it and it was recognized in "My Computer" as a DVD drive. Next I purchased some blank DVD+RW disks and put one in so that I could move clutter off of my HDD. Well, it doesn't see the DVD as a DVD, and instead sees a cd with the capacity of a cd. I checked the driver and it seems that I have the latest version. What can I do to get this thing working right?

A:New OEM Liteon LH-20A1H-185 20X Internal Dual Layer DVDRW NOT recognizing Blank Cd

So it sees a dvd as a cd??? thats wierd. lol i sorry for the issue, my advice is send it back or check the driver again and make sure there isnt any updated firmware. ive had that happen to me in my computer shop and ive replaced the drive and solved the issue that way.
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im looking into buying a blu ray burner since im running out of places to put all my dvd backups etc.

I found this one, but i dont understand all the new abbreiviations such as BD-RE etc. I wan it to be able to burn to 50gb re-writable discs as well as the standard ones.

BWU-300S | Blu-ray Disc? Recordable/Rewritable Drive | Sony | SonyStyle USA

A:Dual layer Blu Ray Writer

Well that one you linked to right at the bottom says it an burn to 50GB disks. and in the title it says writable, and rewritable disks. BD is blue ray Disk.

that thing an burn Blu Ray, DVD, and CD.. damn. I think I'll need to get one!
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I was wondering if anyone out there has purchased the pioneer ac9xlb black internal dvd+- drive with 6x dual layer? Is it worth the 129.99? Is it reliable?
Also i was wondering if the amd athon 64 3200+ retailboxed processor with motherboard for 219.99 was a good deal?If, not what would you recommend?

that for any help

A:pioneer ac9xlb dual layer DVD-Writer

Unless you're in a very tigher budget for a long while, forget socket 754 AMD chips & mobos. s754 locks you in the dated architecture. s939 would be a better upgrade path. It costs more. The s939 mobo supports FX and s939 CPUs and dual-channel memory. You'd probably need a new PSU for AMD64.

As for dvd burners, I hear some say Benq produces the best burns. I prefer LG - the only drive that does DVD-RAM disks. Maybe except the hard-to-find Toshiba and Panasonic.
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Ok I have several questions and I m new at burning so first this is what I m working with a LiteOn x DVD R RW Double layer drive and DVD R DL Verbatim dvd s I also have tried DVD-R Memorex dvd s I want to play DVD s on a Symphonic DVD CD player which I have found does not support Double layer DVD s OK the question at hand is the amount of video files I wanted to burn to the DVD-R Memorex dvd s was too large so I bought DVD R DL Verbatim dvd s I burnt what I wanted on Solved: DVD's Drive? and Double LiteOn layer to the DVD R DL Verbatim dvd s only to find out my Symphonic DVD CD player won t play them but it would play on my computer So is there any other types of DVD s out there that are not double layered that can hold more than GB Any suggestions on something I could do differently when I m burning to help the content Solved: Double layer DVD's and LiteOn Drive? fit Any tid bits you have to offer would help I m a sponge bring it on ps my software for burning is NERO OEM suite nbsp

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My DVD/CD burner is not reading blank dvds any more. It is a brand new from wal-mart and it has successfully burned more that 10 movies. help please

A:LiteOn 16x DVD+R/+RW Double Layer Drive Problems. HELP please

What software burning program are you using? Are you getting an error message?
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I am burning data to a dual layer DVD. Will a single layer DVD drive be able to read this?


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I got a dual layer burner and I'm having a devil of a time burning disks to it. I've tried imation and philips. Both are a no-go. Both disks are single layer. Do I need dual layer disks or is my software, Nero 6 at fault. Or is there a trick to it I don't know about?

A:Will a dual layer dvd burner burn single layer discs

The ones I have seen burn both however there may be one somewhere that does not. In short, check the specs.

Nero 6 is pretty old; it may not support dual layer type disks. Have you tried either cdburnerxp or imgburn? Both are excellent freeware apps. Cdburnerxp is the easier to use; I would say imgburn is for more experienced users.

Tried to put in a link for cdburnerxp however their site seems to be down.
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Hey guys I ve 2 Error switching layer layer to dvd+r burning! Dual not when been going nuts trying to burn some Ricoh DLs and so far have successfully made coasters It seems regardless of the program i use it Dual layer dvd+r not burning! Error when switching to layer 2 wont burn so i figure its a DVD writer issue For the record i ve tried Dual layer dvd+r not burning! Error when switching to layer 2 both imgburn and Nero They both hit errors when it tries to burn layer usually at imgburn or nero I m running Vista SP gb memory Quad core q ghz PLDS BD-RE dh- b s nvidia gtx I ve saved a log from nero heres the info Nero Ahead Software Windows Vista IA WinAspi - NT-SPTI used Nero Version Internal Version Recorder lt PLDS BD-RE DH- B S gt Version D - HA TA - Adapter driver lt Serial ATA gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type via Inquiry data Connected to MMC as unknown drive with class-nr Drive is autodetected - recorder class Std MMC recorder CD-ROM lt TSSTcorp DVD-ROM TS-H B gt Version D - HA TA - Adapter driver lt IDE gt HA Scsi-Device-Map DiskPeripheral Phantom iaStorV Port ID DMA On CdRomPeripheral TSSTcorp DVD-ROM TS-H B iaStorV Port ID DMA Off CdRomPeripheral PLDS BD-RE DH- B S iaStorV Port ID DMA Off DiskPeripheral ST AS iaStorV Port ID DMA Off CdRomPeripheral FJ C CVN E B aq dyq Port ID DMA Off CDRom-Device-Map TSSTcorp DVD-ROM TS-H B G CdRom PLDS BD-RE DH- B S I CdRom FJ C CVN E S CdRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Use Inquiry Global Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled Burn DVD Image Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line LockMCN - completed sucessfully for IOCTL STORAGE MCN CONTROL Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Disc-At-Once using DVD media Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Last possible write address on media MB Last address to be written MB Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Write in overburning mode NO enabled CD DVD Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder PLDS BD-RE DH- B S Media type DVD R DL Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM DATA MODE - CD-ROM Mode indices index not provided original disc pos not relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required not required - gt TRM DATA MODE config wanted index blocks length blocks I PLDS BD-RE DH- B S -------------------------------------------------------------- Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Prepare I PLDS BD-RE DH- B S for write in CUE-sheet-DAO DAO infos MCN quot quot TOCType x Session Closed disc fixated Tracks to Idx Idx Next Trk TRM DATA MODE x FilePos ISRC quot quot DAO layout Start Track Idx CtrlAdr Size NWA RecDep lead-in x x x x x x lead-out x x Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line SPTILockVolume - completed successfully for FSCTL LOCK VOLUME Text File Burncd cpp Line Caching options cache CDRom or Network-Yes small files-No lt KB Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files started Text File Burncd cpp Line Cache writing successful Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files completed Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Burn process started at x KB s Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Verifying disc position of item not relocatable no disc pos no patch infos orig at write at Text File DVDPlusDualLayer cpp Line Disc finalized LBA total Image size MB Last LBA L MB SPTI - File SCSIPassThrough cpp Line CdRom SCSIStatus x WinError NeroError - CDB Data xAD Sense Key x KEY ILLEGAL REQUEST Sense Code x Sense Qual x Sense Area x A Buffer x dd Len x Text File DVDPlusDualLayer cpp Line L Data Zone Capacity set to C CB h MB - gt OK confirmed setting CDR - File DVDPlusDualLayer cpp Line Burning Layer Text File DVDPlusDualLayer cpp Line Start writing layer at address h Recording mode unknown Recording Mode SPTI - File SCSIPassThrough cpp Line CdRom SCSIStatus x WinError NeroError - CDB Data xAD Sense Key x KEY ILLEGAL REQUEST Sense C... Read more

A:Dual layer dvd+r not burning! Error when switching to layer 2

I am not an expert and don't understand the error message, but do you have the latest driver for your DVD drive? the d/l disks you are using, is it possible that they are made for DVD drives that burn DVD+R D/L at a higher speed than your drive can? One of my old drives used to be able to burn DVD+R D/L 2.4X disks, but before I knew, stores started selling 8X disks which I picked up without realizing that those were made for higher speed burners. After producing close to 10 coasters, I called the manufacturer to learn that my drive needed a new driver to deal with the fastest available disks.
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I would like to copy a Dual Layer DVD Movie onto two Single Layer DVDs.

Any ideas what software I could use?

A:Dual Layer DVD to two single layer DVDs

Your burning program may have the capability to shrink a dual layer dvd to a single layer disk.Otherwise, here are a couple of suggestions. You will probably find more on Google.DVD to DVD Copy (Not freeware)[Copy dual-layer DVD onto two blank 4.7GB DVDs.Copy dual-layer DVD onto one blank 4.7GB DVD with shrink option]. Shrink v3.2.0.15 (Freeware)
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I have one sata Liteon DH-16A3L lightscribe DVD writer with Firmware 8H1B just purchased. While writing in Nero 7.0/8.1 and other Cd-writing SW, even at 4x, the CD/DVD disks are not finalised and the disks are turned into costers. I have tried various brands of CD/DVD even the costlier one but nothing has succedded. Contcated the vendor, but he can't help nor will change the DVD writer brand.

I have been told that if bios is upgraded then only the disk will be finalised. I tried the newer DH-16A3L Fw 8P54 but it is not working, Friends.... PLEASE HELP ME OUT............

A:Liteon DH-16A3L lightscribe DVD writer FW8H1B

You are going to think this is strange, but try CCleaner -->HERE<-- and then burn (and close) again.

Basically the issue is, that your computer's temp folder is full and Nero runs out of room (even though there's ample no doubt)

I have successfully done this before, with the same error.

Please try, and then write a DVD and then post a comment back.
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I am trying to install a Lite-On DVD Writer model LH- A L C My mobo is a K V SE Deluxe Also installed is an IDE HDD and an IDE DVD-ROM drive The new DVD writer is to replace an IDE DVD writer The old IDE writer would cause the system to reboot any time I inserted a disc and tried to access the data saved on it It was approx years hold and has worked fine since I built DVD won't Windows LiteOn boot after installing Writer Sata the PC so I figured the drive had gone bad and bought the new SATA drive to replace it However I can t even get Windows to boot with the new drive When I plug the SATA cable into the mobo s SATA slot I tried SATA but it made no difference and then power up I can get as far as the Windows booting screen then the system restarts I called Lite-On tech support and they told me go into BIOS Windows won't boot after installing LiteOn Sata DVD Writer and turn on the SATA controller I couldn t find any such option in the VIA bios and the SATA RAID bios doesn t let me do anything because there are no SATA HDD Windows won't boot after installing LiteOn Sata DVD Writer s installed So any help would be greatly appreciated Hoops nbsp

A:Windows won't boot after installing LiteOn Sata DVD Writer

I would make sure that the jumpers on the harddrive are set to master an the dvd rom are set to slave, the sata dvd should just fall in line.
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Hi I hope someone can help so I dont waste any more time trying to figure this thing out I have two dvd writers in my computer one as the reader and one as the writer I decided to get a new writer as the old one seemed to have problems ejecting the disc I bought a Samsung SH-S A x PATA IDE DVD RW Dual Layer DVD-Rewritable Drive BLACK - OEM Bare Drive and when I received it I noticed that one of the pins my dvd faulty writer Is new was shorter than the rest I know there is supposed to be one missing but I have never seen a drive with a short pin before It doesn t look snapped off it looks like it maybe has been pushed in too deep Anyway I decided to just try it anyway and that s when the problems started No matter how many times I try uninstalling the primary and secondary channels pio mode keeps coming up on one of the channels sorry I have uninstalled it now so cant remember which it usually says dma if availaible but current transfer is set to pio mode Sometimes it says either dma if availaible or multi word dma But the problem is that when either of these two statements come up as soon as I put a blank disc Is my new dvd writer faulty in it reverts to pio mode again Also it takes ages to recognise the disc and makes the computer quite slow at the same time With my old drive when I put in a blank disc a box Is my new dvd writer faulty came up and asked me what I wanted to do with Is my new dvd writer faulty it with this a little disc icon appears next to the arrow and then after a few minutes a blank window comes up which says D when the two statements come up and I dont put a blank disc in and maybe start nero recode that also makes it revert back to pio so maybe a conflict I did try a few burns in nero recode in pio mode and it said book type set to dvd rom and this message didn t appear with old drive I have the drive on a ribbon type wire amd sempron tm processor ghz gb of ram physical address extension windows xp nero recode hope someone can help thank you in advance nbsp

A:Is my new dvd writer faulty

Do you know if the transfer IDE cable is 40-Pin or 80 -Pin that you have
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Hi there,

Here's my problem:
I have a problem burning CD-Roms. When I burn a CD the process terminates correctly. When I look on the CD, there's nothing there!!
When I put the CD in another CD-Rom drive, same thing...
The CD is only readable in a Burning software program (Nero). There I can make an image from the faulty CD-R. The image is OK!
What happens here?? It seems the burning laser generates too little power... So the burning is done, but the CD-R is usesless.

Please help!!!

Targa Visionary XP laptop (AMD 2200+)
CD-RW drive: Samsung CD-RW/DVD SN-324B


A:CD-writer faulty?

It could be as simple as a dirty lens. Have you tried cd-rw's? Also make sure the software is set right. I had that happen to me. It said it was making an image, which it was, on my hard drive.
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I just bought a Liteon Lightscribe SHW- H S DVD - rw it came with power DVD by cyberlink but as far as I can see unless it didn t install correctly this is just a DVD player that doesnt work as well as windows media player there s no other software at all shouldn t there be some kind of authoring software like how the hell do i lightscribe software dual dvd a r+-rw.. no bought liteon/hp auth use the lightscribe lol says on the box there is authoring software on the disk but i got disks x blank bought a liteon/hp lightscribe dvd dual r+-rw.. no auth software lightscribe disks a power DVD cd and a HP lightscribe DVD but when i try and use it it just says it s blank and opens the windows write to CD folder tried a dvd in it and it works fine is there any authoring software i can find that supports lightscribe or does anyone know the software that i should have recieved with it don t really want to return it and wait for a new drive if i can just download it somewhere tried the liteon site and couldnt find anything except the manual and firmware upgrade nbsp

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I'm not sure what I did but when I put a cd or dvd in my burner the drive icon changes to a generic and won't recognize the blank media? I put a burn't cd in and it auto plays fine?

With nothing in the drive is say's "DVD-RW Drive F" in windows explorer. As soon as I put in a blank media it changes to "CD Drive F" and if I click on it I get the error "F is not acessable" I tried 3 different kinds of CD's and a DVD and they all do the same thing. I flashed the firmware .. and nothings changed?

Help Please

A:LITEON SOHW-1633S Dual Burner Failure

Blank Media has no identifers or filesystem for windows to recognize.
You should only be concerned that windows recognizes what is on that media after it is formatted (RW media) or some data / music / movies are copied to 'write once media'
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I am thinking of investing in a new PC. The supplier is offering to fit a blu-ray drive. To be useful I would want it to be capable of writing 50GB dual layer disks.
How are dual layer blu-ray disks constructed?
Does dual layer mean that the disk must be inserted with the second side down to write the second layer?
If not how do I tell if the blu-ray drive is capable of writing dual layer?
Sorry for so many questions but having searched I have been unable to find the answers.

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Excuse my ignorance but do Dual Layer DVD units still burn the single layer 4.7GB disks?
Is Dual the way to go when buying a new DVD burner>

A:Dual layer dvd

Yes. Isn't backwards compatibility beautiful?
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Recently i've been having problems using my DVD+RW CD-Writer Driver. I'm gonna put off buying a new one as long as i can, But i've been experimenting, I've realised that all the DVD's that don't work Have 'DVD 9 x 3 Dual Layer Single Sided Disc' and all the ones that work just have DVD 9, So does anyone have any idea what this means and what can i do to make my Driver read DVD 9 x 3 if possible
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Is there a way to tell if my burner is a DL burner? either somewhere I can look on my settings or software that will tell me? I have a Toshiba Satellite X205 running Vista.


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1. what is the difference between them?
2. can DVD+R/RW read DVD-R/RW cd writes? vice versa
3. DVD+R/RW dual layer? i heard it can write up to 50GB?!
4. what should i buy?

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Hello I have an image that I want to burn which will only fit on a dual layer dvd the problem is however I am unsure of how whither my dvd does dual layer , I bought some "double layer DVD+r" but they don't seem to be recognised by my burning software "Nero 7"

My question is does the Benq DVD Dual DW1610 DVD burn dual layer dvd and if so where is my problem?
Thanks James

A:DVD Dual Layer

The Benq DW1610 is not a Dual Layer drive.
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I have been burning both DVD-5 as well as Dual-Layer DVD comfortably for the last ,maybe, one year using softwares such as ConvertXtoDVD 4, Nero Burning ROM,Windows etc.
BUT. . . .But. . .but, since past 2 days I am unable to burn Dual-Layer DVDs !!
Tried burning DVD-5 and normal CDs, both burned right. . . Bought a new pack of Dual Layer 8.5G DVDs (Thinking that the previous ones are corrupted), but same end result.
It gives Error of'Power Calibration Failure' !!

Am surfing net for the past 2 nights to get answer for this sudden behavior in various forums but no success. Is my lens dirty (which most sites say) ?? If yes, then are separate lens for dual layer DVDs?

I have bought DVD lens cleaner today, but am not sure whether it will solve or further complicate my problem.

P.S: DVDs used are imation dvd+r . . . Same type which was successfule before.

A:Dual layer dvd burning


How much use have you got from it?

From your attemps to burn DVD's & CD's etc. have you thought that this could be a hardware failure?
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I just purchased a new PC. Supposed to be a dual layer DVD burner with Light Scribe-

a) how do you know its a dual layer?

b) how do you activate the Light scribe to make a title - will this only activate / recognize with a light scribe dvd?

c) Im into a dvd project -- so far its up to 3hrs. Im hoping to be able to put this on one dual layer dvd.

Im a bit confused... this thread says its the dvd that has 8+g and not the burner that can make 8g from a 4.7g.dvd. is that right?

Im assuming I have to buy 8Gig dvds in order for the burner to recognize that there is 8g of space?

but then why do we need a dual layer burner? I thought dual layer burner was able to burn 8+g of info onto a 4.7g dvd.

can some one please clear this up?

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I'm trying to figure out of the DVD burner in my Toshiba Satellite laptop is a dual layer burner. I have Googled it and the few spec's I have found say its dual layer but I also found an article that said dual layer support should be clearly marked on the device. There is no indication of dual layer support printed on the device. How can I confirm that it does or does not burn dual layer DVD's? Thanks

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Is Tis capable of Burnning Dual Layer How can I find this out thanks 

A:How can I tell if my DVD Is a Dual Layer Burner? HL-DT-ST BD...

Hi, Download Imgburn and use it to determine the capabilities of your optical drive.
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Help, the player will play dvd's but i can't get it to recognize blank dvd's. Tried many different blanks. Windows recognizes the drive, but my computer shows the disk to be full. Any other settings I'm missing in windows. Using Nero, but, that doesn't seem to be the problem.

A:new memorex dual layer

I have probably the same or similar drive so decided to poke around. If you're looking in My Computer and the icon shows a disc is there you're probably OK. Holding your arrow over the Icon and seeing Free Space and Total Size as 0 bytes is normal because its blank and should still work fine. If by recognize you mean you want Windows to Tell you when you've put a disc in (and give you options as to what to do with it), try right clicking the drive icon(in My Computer),click properties, and click the auto play tab to set that up as you'd like. Interestingly auto play only had the option of blank CD as opposed to blank DVD (but still sees the disc), but don't think that's an issue as Nero asks you to pick one or the other anyway.
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Hi guys, would any of you be able to tell me if my burner can burn dual layer discs? Ive searched everywhere and cant find it.
The model is ATAPI BD B DH6E2L

Would appreciate any help.


A:Dual Layer Burner

Run the Nero Info Tool to see what formats the burner supports.
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hi there can you help me, can you tell me is this item discription below a + and - rewriter,
DW-Q30A Dual Layer Black 16X DVD +/-R/RW oem
Sony's new Double Layer DVD recording brings new capability to your PC. With the ability to store up to 4 hours of high quality MPEG-2 video (or up to 8 hours of MPEG-1 video) or up to 8.5GB of information on a single sided disc with 2 recordable layers. DVD+R DL discs are write once discs of the DVD "+" format, and once recorded they are playable in standard consumer DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives. What's more, the new Double Layer drives from Sony record the popular DVD+R and DVD+RW 4.7GB standard discs and D-R/RW discs too!
thanks in advance, t4lor.

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How can I tell if my dvdrw's are DL or not?

One is a Lite-on iHAS324 Y This is a SATA device

and the other is a

Lite-on A DH20A4P This is a ATA device

Sisoft Sandra Lite 2011 says both can write Blu Ray and HD

A:Are my DVDRW's Dual Layer?

They both are DL drives.
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I just bought my firdt DVD burner, a Liteon 16X dual format dual layer. I am at a loss when it comes to knowledge about DVD burning. If someone can explain just what dual layer is and what is needed for dual layer recording, I would certainly appreciate it. Do I need different discs ( I presently have 4.7Gig DVD+R) to do this. I am assuming that I would need software capable of dual layer recording. Is there anything out there that is free or very inexpensive that I might try?

THanks in advance for any help and advice.

A:Dual layer burning?

NERO has a trial download version to try. You will need to buy Dual Layer DVD's.
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Here's a screenshot of Nero InfoTool:

I tried to read a Windows 7 disc a friend copied for me, it reads fine on the other laptop, but not on this one.

This laptop being a Dell Inspiron 1520. Operating system is Windows XP SP3. If any other information is required, tell me, I'll gladly provide it.

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I have burnt my first dual layer DVD using NERO 7 and a Pioneer 111D burner, I've copied a not protected DVD. I tried it in two different DVD players but they don't see the disk or get a disk error.

Is there a better software for burning dual layer or is there something I should know about DL DVD burning?


A:Burning dual layer DVD

is there something I should know about DL DVD burning?Click to expand...

For movies use Verbatim DL +R discs only. For burning use ImgBurn, reading their forums for advice and guides.
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I have a Lite-On LH18AIP ATA DVD drive but how do I know if it can handle Dual Layer DVD's - other than sticking one in and seeing iof it works?

A:Is this a Dual Layer DVD Burner?

Yes, it will handle both +R and -R dual layer discs

You can also get the Nero InfoTool which will give you more details on your burner.
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Hi all, new to the forums. Has anyone encountered any issues with Dual Layer DVD burning in Windows 7 Professional 32bit? Since moving from XP, I have been unable to do so. I have tried using Imgburn, Clonecd, and have tried swapping DVD drives with another all cases it's ended in a failed burn. I have a Dell Dimension 5100 with an NEC ND-3530A DVD writer (I had swapped it out for a Philips 8801 DVD).

I should mention that single layer DVDs still burn perfectly. Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.

A:Dual Layer DVD burning in 7 Pro

Since single layer disks burn fine, the problem doesnt seem to be with the burner. Try using a different brand of media. Also see if you can get a firmware update for the dvd drive. Plus make sure you're using the right disk type the burner supports.

One other possibility is make sure the DVD burn rate is manually set in your burning software program, if the media is 2.4X capable set the burn rate to 2.4X manually, if its 8X and it won't burn manually set to 8X, then set it to 6X.

Another thing (i'm not sure) burning dual layer DVDs may require extended system memory access that burning a single layer doesn't require. Not sure but no harm in running a memory test.
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My drive is this: Tsstcorp cddvdw ts-l633b ata device

I have no idea if it is able to burn dual-layer discs. How can I find out if it is able to? I have googled it without any results.


A:How to know if your CD/DVD is Dual-Layer compatible

Download and run Nero Info tool.
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Hi, i burnt an iso file which was 7 gb in size to a dual layer dvd-r. when i tried to use the disk it got halfway through the install of the program and said that there was a missing or invalid file. i've checked the disk and made sure it is not scratched. what i am wanting to know is if you need a special program or dvd drive to burn to dual layer. i use my acer 5536 to do all this, it has a DVD super multi DL Drive, and i use nero 7 ultra edition. are these capable of burning to a dual layer? if so what process do i need to follow to do this? thanks in advance.
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Hey does anybody know how i would put 2 movies on a dual layer dvd? Like...if i have 2 .iso files of dvds(with all the original menus) that are both around 4gb, how can i put them both on a dual layer dvd, and be able to access either of the 2 movies and their menus/special features?

e.g what programs?

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Hi All, I'm trying to watch a dual layer DVD that I got from a friend of mine. It's a burned copy of a movie. I don't know how he burned it though. I've tried it on a Win XP home with a Lite-on LTD163 drive and a Win2k pro with a Plextor PX-712A DVDRW drive. I get errors that Windows doesn't recognizes it or nothing happens. If I put the DVD in my Sony DVP-NS575P player it works like a champ. I've never had a problem like this before. Any suggestions would be greatly appericiated. Thanks

A:Can't open a dual layer DVD

One would think that the problem would be the other way around since the Sony player is a home table top unit not a PC one.

Will this DVD play in any other PC player?
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i had to replace my dvd burner. the replacement has a feature to burn dual layer dvd's. i would like to know if i need special software to burn a dual layer dvd. i normally use musicmatch burner. i will almost only burn data files with the dual layer dvd. thanks,franco

A:Dual layer software

Many applications burn DL DVD's, what came with the DVD burner? I use Nero, but ImgBurn will burn DL DVD's. There are a number of other free applications, here's a couple more.


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Before i go out and buy a pack of dual layer DVDs and burn a whole in both pockets and my wallet I wanted to make sure I can burn Dual Layer with my recorder.
See the screenshot below, the program is Nero InfoTool and calls the drive DVD+R/RW DL Recorder. Does the DL mean Dual Layer?
Should be simple for one of you guys.

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I bought a dual layer nec writer and couldn't write anything, so I replaced it with a panasonic dvr-108
But it still will not write, even cds

Tried it in my system (xp pro sp1) and still the same problem

Are there some codecs or something to make dual layer work as a cd burner?

I am at a loss to understand why my single layer writer works all the time but have problems with the dual layer technology.

As always any help gratefully recieved


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Here the problem:
I have a dual-layer DVD and I want to burn an ISO. I am unable to do so using the simple Write function in ImgBurn. What shall I do?
P.S. Yes, my DVD Drive is capable of writing DVD+R DL

A:Burning A Dual-Layer DVD

try power iso image creator...
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Hi all,

My PC DVD burner supports dual layer DVD writing but at x2.4 speed.

My question is...what speed discs can I use? I mean can I use an x8 blank disc to burn to (but reducing burning to x2.4)? or do I need to buy slower speed discs?


A:Dual Layer blank DVD

your drive should auto adjust but slower the better in my book

is disc is 8x and drive is 2.4 then will burn at 2.4
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I have just bought a Pioneer DVR-107D for burning some home videos to watch on TV. When I purchased the burner, I also bought some 4X DVD-R disks, and some DVD+RW disks. I noticed the DVD-R disks are single sided (just like the CD's I used to burn with), and it looks like the DVD+RW have two sides to them.

I know nothing about DVD's, and was wondering if you can burn to both sides of the DVD+RW disks? I can burn OK to one side, and when I turn the disk over to try and burn the other side (one side is darker than the other), NERO says no disk inserted, or drive not ready. Can you actually burn to both sides of these disks, or are the two sides needed for re-writable disks, but there is only one side you can actually burn to?

A:Question about dual layer DVD+RW

Duel layer doesnt mean you can burn to 2 sides of the disc, it means it has 2 layers on one side and double the capicity. and duel layer dvd burners aren't available for purchase just yet. basically all DVD will have to be burned on one side, you cannot flip it over and burn.
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just bought a new liteon dvd double layer burner and have successfully burned a half a dozen now....but, can anyone take a minute to give the basics of actually using the double layer capabilities? ive just done single layers and have no idea where to start. Thanks in advance !!

A:dual layer dvd burner

you don't have to do anything special, if your drive is dual layer then on the disk capacity allocation bar at the bottom of the Burning software you are using it should say 9Gb (instead of 4.5Gb) then you just insert a dual layer disk (bit pricey at £4.50 Each) and burn away.
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I bought a new dual layer burner, installed it properly & enabled the firmware updates. When I 1st. install the software, Power Producer finds the burner (the My Computer menu & Device Manager both recognize the burner as well) but when I go to burn video files, suddenly the software tells me I don't have a burner in my computer. Power Producer was on the disc that came w/ the burner as did Nero. Nero doesn't claim I don't have a burner but when I try to use Nero, it says the burn was successful yet turns out, the disc is blank. I've changed the cables, the jumper on the back is properly placed making this device my primary DVD ROM...I'm at a loss? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi to my great family at Bleepingcomputer !!!
I just installed a new dvd dual layer burner and I need to make copies/clones of my dvd's.
Is there a FREE program that I can get to clone the dvd's I have ? I also need one thats very easy to use.
Any and all help is much appreciated !!!
Thank you !!!

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Hi,, i want to about dual layer dvd.. whether can i write this dvd with my dvd writer or is there any separate writer for them,

my dvd writer is..

Sony DVD RW DRU - 190A

Plss help me

A:Solved: Dual layer dvd... PLs help

According to this:

You can write both DVD-R Dual Layer and DVD+R Dual Layer at 8X speed.
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I just installed my nec 3520 dvd r when I back up my dvd collection. It's really slow. It's writing faster then my 4x external hp which attached to notebook. But it is still slow. I put in a 8x blank dvd and it was burning at about 3.9x. Could this be that my DVD rom is only 5x? Or is it something else. Thanx for any help

A:Creative DVD Rom x5 and 16x dvd-r dual layer question

probably. What DVD collection are you backing up
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I have just finished fitting a new dvd drive into my computer - Dell dimention 8400. The promlem is - it will play previouesly recorded cds from Picasa 3, it will also play commercial dvds, but when I record photos to disc from Picasa with the new drive it will not play them.

can anyone help.

A:Samsung dual layer dvd rw 8.5 GB problem

Maybe a firmware update is needed on this Samsung
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If I purchase a dual layer dvd that can burn up to 8.5g on one dvd, would I have to also purchase special 8.5g blank dvd's? How would that work out?
Any answers are greatly appreciated.



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Hey all,
Just wondering if anyone knows, do i need a dual layer disc drive to burn things to dual layer discs or just a special burning program.


A:Dual Layer Disc Drives

Yes, you need a disc drive that supports dual layer. To find out if your drives have that capability get the Nero InfoTool.

See if there's a check mark next to -R DL or +R DL.
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Over the weekend I started having problems burning DVD dual layer disks When Nero gets to I hear a clicking sound coming from my NEC a DVD burner and shortly after that I get an error message saying quot no seek complete quot I have coastered memorex dvds and about sony dvds This is what I DVD problems burning Dual layer have done so far with no results attempted to burn a different dual layer project that had successfully burned in the past tried using a program called imgburn with the same DVD Dual layer burning problems results Uninstalled all programs that provide a burning option including nero made sure the firmware on the dvd burner was the latest and it was tried to use different types of media memorex and sony I have used memorex for years with no problems Reformatted harddrive and only installed nero as recommeded by Dell Tech support One DVD Dual layer burning problems other thing this dvd burner will burn single layer discs just fine and it also will burn on an older rewritable that I have used many times Does this sound like a dvd burner going bad nbsp

A:DVD Dual layer burning problems

I hear a clicking sound coming from my NEC 3530a DVD burner and shortly after that I get an error message saying "no seek complete". Click to expand...

Sounds like the burner has had it. As far as your Memorex discs, they can be made by many different manufacturers. Last years aren't necessarily the same as this years. Nero InfoTool will identify the maker.
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Hi, I've got a rather simple question, but I still want to know it:

Can a regular (pc) dvd player read/play dvd-dual layer's?

The dvd in question is home-made, if it matters

Well, that's about it..
Thanks in advance,

A:DVD Dual Layer in regular DVD player?

I would say no... But a dual-layer DVD player will read single-layer DVD's
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I'm thinking about storing backup images created with Norton Ghost 2003 on dual-layer DVDs. My question is whether dual-layer DVD's are readable in DOS mode. The reason I ask is that Norton Ghost 2003 does its restore by booting first to MS DOS 7 or DR DOS.

Has anyone any experience or documentation on this reading dual-layer DVDs in DOS?

Are there any nuances or pitfalls I should look out for?

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firmware update for TSST corp DVD+-RW TS-L632D ATA. Is it possible to update the firmware for this dvd drive so that I am able to use DVD-9 media to burn DVDs. Actually how do I actually check to see if I am able to without buying media and just trying it? I am running Vista home premium 32bit. On my Dell inspiron E1505. Any info greatly appreciated.

A:firmware upgrade to dual-layer???

The drive should already be dual layer though without telling us which version of the firmware you're using it's hard to be sure.

Use Nero's Info Tool to figure it out.
Nero InfoTool Download - Softpedia
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My machine needed a new mother board and so I upgraded to W7 from Vista, same Optical and hard drives installed. I burned files in a dual layer disk in Vista as backup. Now having upgraded the PC to Windows 7, Windows manager lists all the sub directories and the files but then only opens directories about half way thru' then hangs. Any suggestions?

I can't find any firmware updtaes for my drive for W7. Drive is a TSST Corp SH-S223B, I assume because the device is now obsolete!


A:W7 not reading Dual Layer disk

I managed to test the disk and other DL disks and the problem was with the disk and not the drive.
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Can anyone out there direct me to a reliable source of information on burning to a dual layer disc. I havent used this type of disk before, but I do have this drive on my new PC.
Are you required to do anything once the burning process starts, or does it complete the burning process once started?
Detailed info would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Copying to Dual Layer Disks

They burn to completion with no intervention.
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I just bought a new dual layer dvd burner I double\dual layer burner dvd havent installed it yet and it comes with an oem of nero Nero is my software double\dual layer dvd burner of choice but i have heard some very bad reports about nero s version mainly audio problems I double\dual layer dvd burner wonder does anyone have any further info for me For instance nero is now at something like version or or some other version and i am wondering which version has the audio part repaired or is it repaired I have a really great retail ultra version that came with a ton of other programs one of which is nero showtime which plays some dvds that i cant get to play on winamp and other progs I am wondering which version i should choose and does version have support for dual layer or not I dont know the version of the oem nero i got with the dual layer burner i got but it does say quot oem suite quot on it as well as quot nero express quot along with other nero programs It also says it has quot MPEG - SVCD DVD plug-in quot I am wondering if that would be the quot dual layer plugin quot I dont think so but i thought i would ask As you can see there are many ins and outs here and so i figure someone out there can provide the info i need I am thinking this may be nero in which case i might be better of using the retail v that i already have for this burner as well but it seems to be older and i dont know if it suited for dual layer burning or not So if you know any answers to any of the questions i have posed i would appreciate your input I am hoping of course that someone who has used all or most of these versions would have first-hand knowledge that they are willing to share thanks in advance i am fairly new here I was at another site similar to this for about yrs but got tired of the politics there This site seems to be free of such politics and seems to offer a great deal of info I also like sharpening my hardware skills by helping others with their hardware problems Could be that i am better at hardware skills rather than software skills lol but we all have our favorite areas i suppose nbsp

A:double\dual layer dvd burner

Currently I have installed and like very much the latest version of Nero and have had NO PROBLEMS... everybody I have chatted with that has RAID installed and working is having problems....with Nero 7... but then you do not have to have Nero 7 to have problems with RAID...
every mobo on the market has problems with RAID... its buggy (sic)
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Is it possible to copy a retail DVD to a Dual Layer DVD without having to deCSS it? and therein be a legal way to backup your legally purchased DVD's?


A:Retail DVD to Dual Layer DVD Backups?

No, you can't copy without circumventing the protection...but I'm not sure if that's illegal in Ireland.

Do you know if Ireland has implemented the EU Copyright Directive yet? Ireland usually misses deadlines for EU Directives by some margin...which is something we should all aspire to .

As I'm sure you're aware, this is a highly contentious and difficult area. On the one hand, copyright law permits legal owners to make a back-up for personal use under the 'fair dealing' principle (of course, you cannot 'lend' that back-up to another person; nor can you 'borrow' another's back-up). On the other hand, some countries' laws make it illegal to circumvent protection measures - which prevents legal owners from making back-ups.

However, Irish copyright law is among the most liberal in Europe - 'any act to further the use of a copyrighted work under the premise of fair dealing' is legal; and more importantly it makes scant mention of circumvention devices.

So if Ireland has not yet implemented the EU Directive you may be OK. And even when the Directive is implemented, it'll be interesting to see how the anti-circumvention measures in the Directive will affect Ireland's existing law.

I don't know if it's happened yet, but in the UK there was talk that the courts will have to test the law...with the expectation that the Human Rights Act would be invoked with an argument that anti-circumvention measures infringe the right of legal owners to make a back-up.
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Where can I buy some Lightscribe Dual layer dvds online? (besides ebay)

Thank you,


A:Where can I buy Lightscribe Dual layer dvds?

The Source

check out anywhere really
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Bought a USB Dual layer DVD burner with Nero Software some time ago Burns regular DVDs great Bought a package of DVD R DL disks with GB capacity Put it in the drive and it recognizes the disk and its capacity The software however doesn t show more than the GB capacity when I begin adding MP- s etc to fill the disk Once I go past it continues to let me add files but doesn t show the capacity Ive used I just put in the new files until I Burning Dual Layer Trouble think Im close to GB When I try and burn the DVD it says the media isnt the Dual Layer Burning Trouble correct media for this task Why doesn t the software give me the capacity bar to instead of staying at Is a dual layer DVD disk not the appropriate media to store MP- s The regular DVD s I burn are DVD-R Does the or - make the difference Is it possible the dual layer being a isnt burnable in my drive I cant find the documentation for my drive so Im not sure what all it works with nbsp

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I recently bought a Memorex dual-layer DVD burner, model 3202 3288, that also included Nero software. I am unable to figure out how to burn a dual-layer disc, though. Can anyone help?


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Does anyone have word on a dual layer lighscribe disc coming out soon?


A:Anyone know when DUAL LAYER LIGHTSCRIBE media will be out?

Anyone hear anything on these yet?
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Hi, I know DVD you buy at the store are stored on DUAL LAYER DVDs that hold 8.5GB- I know there are blank DL dvds but they are extremely expensive right now.

So what I do is just use DVD-CLONER II which allows me to burn a large 8.5GB dvd onto a single DVD-R or DVD+R.

The problem is, is it limited to 120 minutes? Will it stop me if I try to burn more than that, or will it just burn and mess up the dvd?

And I thought dvds have like hours of special features on them? how does it all fit?

I've already burned FAST AND THE FURIOUS, a dvd that I own, onto a DVD-R for backup. It works perfectly. But it is only 107 minutes long, what happens if i try to get one longer than 120minutes?


A:burning DVD, dual layer needed?

Try this;
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I do video editing with Sony Vegas Movie portion read Dual Layer DVD of Can't Studio Platinum neat program with lots of neat features and basically lousy documentation I bought VAAST dual layer training DVDs a disk set These run fine on Disk but I can t play and lock up if I try portions and which are the last parts of Disk The set is marked as Dual Layer and supposedly my DVD drive is capable of reading a Dual Layer disk WHile I could play UTube and other movies from the web when I Can't read portion of Dual Layer DVD treid to watch these I got the quot no COdec quot error I downloaded VLC MediaPlayer latest and I was able to view the disks as told above The DVD Drive is listed in My COmputer as ATAPI iHAS DVD CD-ROM drive Why can t I read the last four apparently why can t I read the second layer is there something I need to do I understand that having an antivirus program running can soemtimes screw up a program trying to access the internet If I shut down my browser and try again and if the quot disk quot tries to access the net will I be highly open to infections Sorry for the length of my first post I ll try to do better in the future Bob the Dondedoc XP Pro SP custom built with gig RAM VLC MediaPlayer Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum nbsp
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Hi all,

I just recently bought and installed a DVD+RW drive, thinking the dual-layering abilities sounded awesome, but now I'm looking at my DVD burning program and I'm not seeing anything about dual layering and um . . . should I have looked into this a little more? Do I need a specific type of DVD to be able to dual layer? What I had originally seen made me think that it could dual layer to a standard DVD . . . but now I'm starting to think I goofed.

Oh, and one other question I had . . . what exactly IS the difference between a DVD-R and a DVD+R? I've googled around but I keep getting different answers. Rather odd. Thanks for all that you do.


A:Do I need a special type of DVD for dual layer?

You need a dual-layer DVD burner and dual-layer DVDs. Not all DVD burners are dual-layer capable. The specifications for your burner will clearly state if it supports dual-layer disks or not. Dual-layer media is expensive. Newegg sells 5 disks for $28.

DVD+R and DVD-R are simply two different standards. Not all standalone DVD players are compatible with both standards. Some work with only one or the other. Some work with both.
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I have a lite-on DVD burner that is suppose to burn dual layer. However, when looking at the user guide for my version of Nero, it gives no instructions on how to do it. When I look at Nero Info Tool, it seems to say my burner cannot do it (or maybe it is the version of Nero that can't). Can someone help me? I am attaching the screen print of Nero Info Tool. Let me know if there is another screen print you need.

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my question is "does my dvd player support dual layer dvds?"

my dvd player is a philips DVP3120



A:DVD player support dual layer?

It doesn't support dual layers at all, sorry.
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my question is "which of these dvd players support dual-layer?"

the dvd players i have are a Sony DAV-S550 and a Sony RDR-GX210.

please can you tell me if these players support dual-layer.



A:DVD player supporting dual-layer?

Either one should support playback from Dual Layer Discs. A lot of DVD movies come on dual layer discs.
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I'm trying to create the recovery disks but suddenly the windows disks can't be written on dvd-r but need dual dvd. The driverdisk accepts a normal dvd. How can I create them on dvd-r (as all my other disks were created)?

A:Dual layer DVD recovery disks

Hi, Here?s you?re all time guide for all queries related to recovery on HP computers, please refer to the links provided below: Obtaining HP Recovery Discs or an HP USB Recovery Drive Using the Downloadable USB Recovery Flash Disk Creation Utility Creating a Recovery Disk on a USB Flash Disk - Performing an HP system recovery (Windows 8) -  Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 10)  Good luck and do reply for further assistance.

Although I work for HP Inc -The views and opinions I post here are of my own.If my post helped you out, give me the Thumbs up, i deserve #HPExpertDay
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Can someone please offer a tutorial or some guidance on burning dual layer dics?

Problem: I have an iso just over 7gb and all my DVD+R discs have a max of 4.7 gb. The writer states, " RW DVD +R DL" so I am assuming I can burn dual layer. Does that mean i need a dual layer disc? Or can I use the DVD+R 4.7gb disks? Also, is there a freeware available for buring the iso image?

I've never ran into such a simple problem and been so confused. Any guidance/advice would be greatly apreciated.

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Good Morning.

I just installed an Nec 3550A Dvd Dual Layer drive and cannot get the drive to recognize DL Media. Message says "disk and drive are incompatible" or
"Drive is inaccesible".

What do I need to do to make it work with DL media???

Thank You

A:Trouble with Dual Layer Media

What burning program are you using?
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Hi Over the past week I haven t been able to use Nero Vision to burn Verbatim Dual Layer Data DVDs even though I can burn Verbatim Single Layer DVDs without any problem When I try to burn a Dual Layer Data DVD I get the following error message E Philips DVD RW DVD Generating DVD high compatibility Can't 4 NeroVision DVDs Burn Layer Dual borders Session fixation error X Could not perform end of Disc-at-once X Burn process failed at KBS Some other factors that may be helpful are My DMA is on I have the latest firmware installed for my Burner I have no other recording software on my computer I only encounter a problem with dual layer dvds This NeroVision 4 Can't Burn Dual Layer DVDs problem seems to have started after I started using re-writable DVD for a project I have used other dual layer dvds Maxell and had the same problem I cleaned the lens with a Maxell laser lens cleaner It didn t help I tried burning at a slower speed x No Change I d appreciate any help anyone can give me in solving this problem Radioron

A:NeroVision 4 Can't Burn Dual Layer DVDs

I see where you've been to other forums with out much help. I don't know if I can but I've read about others having the same problem and here's what I found to be a common solution,use Imgburn. Go to address below for tutorial. are using the best media, Verbatim.
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I've been scratching my head over this little problem I am having, burning DVD+R(DL) disks on my computer. I needed to burn some larger media so I bought a bunch of dual layer DVDs in order to do so. I used Alcohol 120% to burn the media, which worked fine, but then if appears as if the DVD is empty after a 25min burn. I figured my low-end LiteOn LH-20A1L drive just doesn't read dual-layer, even thought it's perfectly capable of burning. Is that possible?

Anyways, I looked into flashing the firmware for the drive but it doesn't seem like I can. So, I ordered an external DVD burner that supports dual-layer but I wanted to know if there was anything I could do in the mean time with the drive I have. I hope the DVDs actually burned, cuz I deleted the data afterward Any help would be appreciated.

A:Able to Burn Dual-Layer, but Cannot Read Afterward?

What software package are you using to burn the DVD with?
My HP PC came with Cyberlink DVD Suite would "burn" DVDs but then you could not view them, which in my book - is a failure.

I am using Nero Express 9.0 with good results, burning dual-layer DVDs and no problems viewing them afterwards.
Hope this helps?
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I just purchased and installed the NEC ND AG I bought it because it supports dual layer burning and wanted to give it a go I also purchased DVD RW disks that are Gb each I have already ripped a DVD to my HD using DVD decrypter and now when I go to burn it using drive Dual problem DVD_RW layer Nero I get a message saying my DVD disk that I want to burn to is only GB In other words it is not recognizing that it is a Gb disk It is only recognizing layer Within Nero it shows the DVD disk properties as being only Gb It also shows that my DVD drive support double layer as it should so I don t think it is a problem with the drive itself The disks are Victor JVC DVD-RW min Gb VD-W HG Any help I Dual layer DVD_RW drive problem am brand spanking new to the world of DVD-RW drives so likey the problem is real simple Any ideas here Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Dual layer DVD_RW drive problem

Never mind... I think I found the answer to my insanity.


There is a such thing as double sided DVDs eh? I bought 5 of them thinking they were double layer DVDs.

[another sigh] :hotouch:
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Hi,I'd like to know what kind of burner is installed into HP ENVY 17-R102NL Notebook ?Which is Burner model number ?Is it a Dual Layer DVD Burner RW-/+ or not ? or other type ?Thanks
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I was wondering what the BEST PERFORMING ALL AROUND External 16x Dual Layer DVD Burner is? I'm looking at keeping it under $150.00 willing to pay up to maybe 200 tops.
Sytstem Specs:

Toshiba Laptop
Pentium 3.06
1 gig ram
Windows XP Home

A:Best Performing external 16x Dual Layer Burner?

If you buy a bare drive and a USB/Firewire external case, you should be able to easily purchase a very nice external burner for less than $100. I have a LG GSA-4163B DL Burner in this system and a Pioneer DVR-109 DL Burner in an external USB case. Both have worked well, though I think I give the edge to the LG GSA-4163B. Pricewatch has the LG GSA-4163B starting at $40 shipped.
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I have dvd burners is optiarc ad- dvd will dual layer burners not discs detect a the other is lightscribe dh ayl optiarc will not detect dvd burners will not detect dual layer discs the dual layer discs so I bought the light scribe yesterday I installed dvd burners will not detect dual layer discs it I put a dual layer disc in it and it immediately popped up withthe what to do window I closed it opened imgburn tried to burn a disc with an iso image it burned till it got to finalize area I got a callibration error finalization failed I assumed it was the disk then it said closing disk and started counting the power was lost on the computer when it came back up I took that disc out put a new one in it wouldn't do anything when i go into quot my computer quot it says no disc present when i go into imgburn it says incompatibe medium installed this is the same disc from the same package and the file im trying to burn is the same file it burned before
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...I bought a new burner about a month ago, didn't really pay any attention to the specs, and I don't really feel like opening the case to get a model number.

Is there any easy way to determine if it's a dual layer burner...oh, and to make this more isn't installed on this machine, it's running Linux (Ubuntu)

I'm going to have to open the box and get serial numbers aren't I?

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I have Windows XP-Pro SP3 with all updates.

I install community codec pack to fix an audio glitch with NERO ver 8.

Later I installed k-lite codec pack with un-installing community codec pack.

As a result when I burn dual-layer DVD's they only burn 1/2 ways.

Single layer DVDs burn just fine.

How can I fix this without re-installing Windows XP-Pro and all my apps ?
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I am attempting (after reading several posts here) to overcome incomplete Dual-layer DVD burns whic seem to stop at about 50% where I suspect the layer switch is trying to occur.

I have updated the firmware in my Sony DRX810UL Reader/Burner and set the write speed at 8X to match the Memorex DL DVD blanks and I am using ImgBurn from the created ISO images and starting with the MDS file.

The backup movie file plays fine on my PC through Windows Media Player but I can't get them to disc to try in an external player( which would be the point of the backup). I've gone through about 5 blanks at this point with no success.

Any thoughts or point me to another response already posted? Could this just be trash DVD balnks from Memorex? I've noticed that many response indicate Verbatim as the best choice.

Any thought are appreciated.

A:Solved: Dual-layer DVD Burns erroring out

Memorex blanks are not good, no.
You should only use Verbatim DVD+R DL media.
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Can Dual-Layer DVD+R discs be used in regular DVD?RW drives?

In other words, do I need a special drive to record onto dual-layer discs?

A:Can Dual-Layer DVD+R disks be used in regular DVD±RW drives?

Mr Hope,
To burn data to a dual layer DVD you must have a Dual Layer DVD burner. Far as I know.
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my question is "does my laptop have a dual-layer dvd burner?"

my laptop specifications are on this link:



A:Solved: Dual-layer disc burner?

On the right side of the page/link you provided, under General Information it states:

'Optical disk drive: SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support.'
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Looking for Archival Quality Dual Layer DVD Media for long-term (5 years plus) storage. I'll settle for fewer years if I have to.

Anyone have any links on the subject?

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Howdy yall. I'm running Win2KPro +sp1 and am having trouble with my DVD burner. I have a Sony USB DRX-710 drive hooked up via a DLink PCMCIA USB 2.0 Card. When I prepare a DVD to be burned, mainly any DVD over 4.7 gigs, the drive wont pick up the blank DVD. It picks up the media, but as a blank CD-R. It prompts me to put in a disc with enough capacity to fit the DVD. I've got the Verbatim Dual Layer DVDs.

I've downloaded and installed the latest firmware upgrades, including the one that says it updates media recognition....but it doesnt work....

any ideas? has this happened to anyone else?


A:DVD drive wont recognize Dual Layer DVD

anyone know???
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I was searching for information on burning DL with Nero and saw a lot of info that really had nothing to do with my question I just had a quick question though Is there a special proceedure to burn a movie that s gigs I was using the exact same proceedure that I use to burn reg disks burning a movie from files off my harddrive but the only difference is that when Nero said my project was more than what a DVD could handle it asked if I wanted them compressed to fit I said no It pretty much said Nero. Layer disks Dual with Burning ok but you ll need a DVD disk Ok I put in a DVD R DL disk It encoded for hours and burned the disk Nero even said it was successful When I tried to play it on my PCs DVD playing software it told me it didn t Burning Dual Layer disks with Nero. recognize the format When I looked in My Computer my PC saw the disk but said that it had a capacity of MB and all of that was used The disk does look like it was burned to capacity The DVDs I normally burn Reg gig are DVD R Any suggestions before I ruin another expensive DVD disk Burning Dual Layer disks with Nero. nbsp

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I have Nero 6 with StartSmart which is rather old, about 9 months. I have tried burning dual layer 8x discs on my new philips SPD24138D MODEL dvd writer which will burn dual layer at 8x. However my old Nero 6 software seems to be limited to burning at 4x for dual layer. My Philips dvd writer came with software. But it is only trialware. So I did not install it.
Otherwise I don't know of any option to get the full speed from my DVD writer other than getting the Nero 7 which is about $100.00

This site below is supposed to have free DVD authoring software for making movies. I wonder if it will burn at the high 8x speed for dual layer.