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how enable numeric number in arabic

Q: how enable numeric number in arabic

how to enable numeric number in Arabic in outlook 2010.But alphabet is possible.
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Preferred Solution: how enable numeric number in arabic

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Had an AMD HP G62-227CL laptop that overheated and required motherboard replacement with similar Intel motherboard. Old board clocked at 2.2 MHZ .. new one is 2.0 MHZ.
Board I got from Ebay works but now computer believes that it is a Compaq CQ42 Laptop. Do not know the model number, which I would need on HPs site to download BIOs upgrades.

Is there a way to tell which bios I need or what model I now have?

Thank you,


A:Replaced Failed Motherboard.. now how do I determine model number and which BIOS to download?

Finding a bios update rather then the one hp would give for this board. Would be next to none.
You could check a few of the support pages for this model. Which their are a lot Of
Maybe find out the motherboard you have bought.

HP Support, Drivers, Contact and Help Forums | HP Support
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How does the serial number for a Logitech G510 or G510S look?

If you have one of those keyboards it would be brilliant if you could provide just an example of how it looks with some different letters

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I got my new Asus board yesterday, but there is a switch on it called GPU Boost, should I enable or disable it?

It was enabled by default but I turned it off.


A:Asus GPU Boost - Enable or Disable?

Enable it if you play games and dont have a dedicated GPU.
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Dear All!
I want to enable and disable internet without using enable or disable network in lan network, I want program on and off? have any program?
thank with best regards

A:Enable and disable Internet

What? Is disabling the adaptor too hard? I'm sure there's something for this, but uh... really..?

Or do you want to disable Internet access and still have LAN access?
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My situation is i have a 15.6 inch laptop with a screen resolution of 1366x768. Earlier i hooked up my old HP vf15 (its a 4:3 aspect ratio) which has a resolution of 1024x768. I tried setting up eyefinity, but it streched out my laptop display and it looked normal on the other monitor (this is on the desktop screen only, where you can see windows and stuff). I wanted to know if there was a way to enable eyefinity during games only. Or if theres anyway to prevent my laptops screen from stretching. Thanks in advance!
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My dad's Dell Studio 1537 laptop hanged during a bios update, so the bios chip is fried. I want to desolder the chip and replace it with a preprogrammed new bios chip, but I'm not able to indentify or locate which EEPROM is the bios chip.

Anyone with tips how to identify the right chip?

A:Dell Studio 1537 BIOS chip number or location

I got a reply from the website that sells the chips and they identified the right chip for me based on a picture I've send them. In case someone else has the some issue: it's the chip on the back of the mainboard next to the large chip with the label ITE.

The id of the chip is:
MX - 15G
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My girl just got herself a A - M notebook It comes with AMD Radeon HD g AMD Radeon HD m Dual Graphics I m having a hard time understanding how they work Do I have to enable the crossfire somewhere or they re already crossfired out of enable to how dual - graphics Crossfire? APU's the box Is there any kind APU's dual graphics - how to enable Crossfire? of setting where I would decide which gpu is primary secondary or that s just not up to me to decide According to msi afterburner during a game session Trine the only gpu being used is the g while the m just sits there doing nothing Last question and perhaps the most important when downloading drivers on AMD s website http www amd com us products technologies amd-catalyst pages catalyst aspx Under quot find a driver quot tab after choosing quot notebook graphics quot on the first field should I select quot A-series APU quot or quot HD Radeon Series quot on the second field Guys I m completely lost here Any light on the subject would be most welcome In the meanwhile I ll try to get her more demanding games and see if we can wake up the m Thanks in advance nbsp

A:APU's dual graphics - how to enable Crossfire?

did you install the newest Catalyst driver or you just downloaded it? Do the "automatically detect and install"
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Good afternoon I am unable to restore my Creative Audigy sound blaster to my computer after i have disabled it The sound had stopped and I I after disabled sound How do I Vista device it? on enable determined it to be in the volume control of speaker system So thinking i could somehow return to the original sound my HP Pavilion I went to sounds and clicked on Playback and saw there was two Audigy devices Thinking I needed to disable them to restore original sound I did Now I have nothing I dont How do I enable sound device on Vista after I disabled it? know how to restore to original and can t seem to get the Audigy back on When I go to the box now it says no sound devices installed and when I go to my Audigy program an error box comes up and says How do I enable sound device on Vista after I disabled it? quot devise for this application is not detetected quot When I search through other areas it says the device is functioning properly and drivers are up to date One other thing I have the installation cd and when i insert it it says the OS doesn t support it So I need to get the device enabled again or I need to figure out how to get the original sound back on the pc Thanks for any help nbsp

A:How do I enable sound device on Vista after I disabled it?

#1 Click on Start and then Control Panel.

#2 Click on the System and Maintenance link.

Note: If you're viewing the Classic View of Control Panel, you won't see this link. Simply double-click on the Device Manager icon and then proceed to Step 4.

#3 In the System and Maintenance window, click on the Device Manager link near the bottom of the window.

#4 look under "Sounds, video and game controllers" you should see Creative Audigy with a red X, right click it and enabled it.
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So I have this little question (out of curiosity) what UTF "version" uses and how (if it's possible) can it be enabled on a telnet server?


A:What UTF is and how to use/enable it on telnet server?

UTF are character encodings, eg: utf-8 character set

just google UTF for it
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Hi, if I go to Network Sharing Center, then advanced settings there are two options: Turn on Network Discovery, and Turn on File and Printer sharing."

The first one is enabled, the second one (file sharing) will not enable.

I had this problem with network discovery as well, but I did some reading and found it was a problem of not having some services started.

So I assume file sharing will not enable for the same reason.

Does anyone have any ideas on what services need to be enabled?


A:File sharing won't enable

what are your specs? go to the properties of your network adapter and see if it has file and printer sharing for microsoft networks enabled.
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Hi, I'm using windows 7 x64.

Network discovery and file sharing will not enable. My brother cannot access my shared folder from his computer (we're on a lan).

I read to enable these services:

Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper

One or two were disabled so I started them. However Server will not start, it says: "The dependancy service or group failed to start."

Any help appreciated.
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I want to turn on my PC automatically during late hours so that I can do some downloads and maintenance works on my PC automatically!!
But I cant find an option for RTC alarm enabling in this BIOS!!
Whats wrong with this Mobo?

Will any one help me?
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System = Dell Inspiron 531

Had issue with boot drive, so replaced and re-loaded Windows Vista OS.

Decided to add original drive to grab some data; so installed the old drive in Sata Port 2. The drive did not work -- I thot is might be a bad SATA cable, so started switching things around.

Net is -- drive works fine if new boot drive is in SATA port 0; and prior hard drive is plugged in SATA port 1 (where CD had been plugged). Copied data, etc.

So -- knew I needed to ENABLE SATA Port 2 in BIOS -- but when I go there -- those items are 'Greyed out' and not selectable.

KEY QUESTION - Is there some other change that has to be made to enable SATA ports in BIOS? I went in Device Manager -- found the 'controller' entry -- but nothing seemed out of place there.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Regards, HisRocker

A:Adding 2nd SATA Drive -- Can't Enable in BIOS?

Under Integrated Peripherals in the BIOS are the SATA ports greyed out even if there is a device plugged into one of them? I wish your manual would show illustrations of the BIOS pages but they don't.
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Hi guys

Like the title, do you guys have any good suggestions about a good laptop with number pad on large keyboard. Because my boss want me to choose a decent laptop for him(generally business use). Also not Not too expensive but powerful.

I heard HP have some problems with the hardware?

Thank you all

A:A good laptop with number pad

Hi there,

You should check out the Sony Vaio EB. It has a built-in numeric pad and an edge-to-edge isolated keyboard. It is also affordable at $799 and has a fast processor (2.13 GHz Intel Core i3-330M). You can check out the full specs of this laptop using a tool called PC Scout.

What do you think of this laptop?

MSFT Windows Outreach Team
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How do i fix or enable my system board Dell Latitude C640 on my laptop ?? Question US Marine in Iraq needs help azap!!!!!!!Sempre Fi USMC

A:How do I fix or enable my system board on my Dell Latitude C640?

You'll have to explain what is "system board" and what exact problems you're having.
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I would like to know it The chip with Number 25x16vsig located on laptop dell inspiron 1525 motherboard is whether an EEPROM chip or nvram chip since i've read several articles about the description of every chip but i didn't find any. and if itsn't the chip which i'm looking for, then where could be that chip and its number? pls?

A:The chip with number 25x16vsig

It is a flash ROM made by Windbond
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I am looking to buy an inverter for my Dell. The ones listed on ebay just say that they work on my model. They don't list an exact number. If they do, it doesn't match mine. Some are listed as 15" whereas mine is 14.1" My inverter says V12144T. Some of theirs are off a few numbers. The question is are they close enough. If the ad says it will work on a 2200, do you think it will?

A:Dell Inspiron 2200 inverter - can't find exact number anywhere

what kind of inverter are you talking about. there is a LCD Inverter. is that what your talking about
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i wanted to know what is a ip number
n does a computer have a ip number
does the internet connection have the number


A:IP number

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical label that is assigned to devices in a computer network that exchange data according to the Internet Protocol. An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing. Its role has been characterized thusly: "A name indicates what we seek. An address indicates where it is. A route indicates how to get there."

The Internet Protocol also routes data packets between networks, and IP addresses specify the locations of the source and destination nodes in the topology of the routing system.

The designers of TCP/IP defined an IP address as a 32-bit number and this system, known as Internet Protocol Version 4 or IPv4, is still in use today. The enormous growth of the Internet depleted the pool of available addresses, leading in 1995 to the creation of the 128-bit IPv6 system, which was last standardized by RFC 2460 in 1998. Although IP addresses are stored as binary numbers, they are usually displayed in human-readable notations, such as (for IPv4), and 2001:db8:0:1234:0:567:1:1 (for IPv6). Because of its prevalence, the generic term IP address typically still refers to the addresses defined by IPv4.

Courtesy: WP
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I am not very technology smart but here goes, My dell laptop will not connect to the internet and there is no firewall it will not let me enable it. I just keep getting error messages It is on vista.

A:Firewall not working Cannot enable No internet access


you may have to sue a private address
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I'm supposed to connect an S/PDIF cable between my soundcard and my graphics card to enable the sound to work on my HDMI cable (between comp and TV).

However, there is no such jack on my soundcard, which is an outdated Soundblaster Audigy Platinum.

For anyone who wants to help, the manual is here.

Can someone help me do something about this? I wish to keep this soundcard.... or at the last resort, buy a new soundcard which will solve this problem, but its gotta be cheap, and has something to connect to the front like my current soundcard, which takes .25" headphone jacks....

A:S/PDIF cable into Graphics card to enable sound in HDMI

I'm not an expert in this area but does your graphics card have an HDMI output connector at the back? If so, you don't need your sound card. HDMI carries both HD video and HD sound. If your TV has an HDMI input, you just connect the HDMI cable from the graphics card.
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Can somebody please help me I upgraded my wireless card to an quot Intel Wifi Link quot Wireless ABGN mini pci-e card I was able to successfully get all of the drivers installed and hardware recognized However according to the Intel Proset Wireless won't Satellite wireless switch enable a215 Toshiba Manager it states that I need to turn on the physical hardware switch The problem is with the new card in place switching the on off button Toshiba Satellite a215 wireless switch won't enable doesn t change the status or turn on the LED light I found in these forums that for the mini pci not Toshiba Satellite a215 wireless switch won't enable the mini pci-e cards you can actually cover up pins and to make it work I can t seem to find any information on the pci-e card Additional information Several people have suggested to install the model specific Wireless configuration utility that may be able to turn the hardware switch on For the Toshiba I installed Configfree but it won t turn the switch or LED on All device drivers are installed and working properly For this Toshiba model there is no wireless enable disable found in the BIOS either I m hoping that there are certain Toshiba Satellite a215 wireless switch won't enable pins that can be covered in the pci-e card to override the default hardware switch Hopefully somebody out there will know Thanks nbsp

A:Toshiba Satellite a215 wireless switch won't enable

Borrow a good book on Wireless networks... You are missing a few things on how such devices work, and a full understanding will help you a lot from here on out.
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I have a Shuttle SN78SH7 with the latest SN78S10Y BIOS. I had been using a wired USB KB, which works fine. I recently switched to a wireless KB, but it does not work during POST or the grub2 menu. It works fine though once the OS boots up.

I understand I should try enabling "Legacy USB support" in the BIOS, but I can't find that in the menu. Can someone point me to the right setting?

-Thanks, zog

A:How enable "USB Legacy support" on SN78SH7 Shuttle

You need to keep Legacy USB support turned off and use a USB to PS2 keyboard adapter
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Hey guys.

I always have a Border when I try to play in the 1280x720 resolution on my 23" LG monitor, whhich native res is 1920x1080.

How do I enable scaling so that the picture stretches like it should?? So I can get rid of the border.

I have an ATI HD4890, and can't find any setting in the CCC.



A:Enable Scaling? ATI - LG

Just realized. But I don't have "Digital Panel" in my CCC. That's where the scaling options are. How do i fix this?
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The numeric option on my Toshiba A21m laptop is somewhat turned on. How do I bring it back to the normal keys?What happens is when I try to type J or K or L, the numbers 1 or 2 or 3 comes up. How can I change it back to the alpha keys? Thanks

A:How do I turn off numeric keypad option on my Toshiba laptop?

Look for a key labelled Num Lock or something similar (perhaps an arrow with a number inside). You may have to use shift or the fn key to toggle it.
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I'm trying to set up a static IP, but I can't get it to save. All 3 and the DNS server, but every time I okay and check, it's all reset to automatic.
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Hi, My Packard Bell laptop is running Windows XP. Somehow my CD/DVD drive has become disabled. The whole D drive seems to have just vanished into thin air.

I've been into regedit and removed the upper and lower filters and it still wont work.

I cant find the device in device manager. Infact the only place I have found it is in BIOS where it says its disabled.

Please can someone help me, its really starting to drive me mad lol...

Oh I also went to system restore and tried to restore the computer back three months when I know it was working but it wouldnt let me for some unknown reason. Im sure somewhere there must just be an enable/disable button but I cant find it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

A:Bios says cd/dvd drive is disabled - how do I enable?

Try installing another optical drive and see if it is detected properly
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Hi gurus I thought I would humbly ask for some advice from the experts since I am having a bit of a time trying to get my mobo card combo to work correctly The system is a bit dated I built it back in and it has run pretty well since then When I first got it up and running everything including the SLI was working just fine Fast forward to a week ago when I get a wild hair up my and decide that the computer feels slow and it needs an OS reload enable mobo SLI - bios will with SLI Neo4 Problem not K8N anyway I stick all my junk on my gb slave sata drive disconnect it for safety s sake and commence deleting partitions and formatting my primary drive I reload windows and everything is going smoothly until I realize that in Problem with K8N Neo4 SLI mobo bios - will not enable SLI order to get SLI working I need to flash the bios Okay no biggie I go to MSI s website and they re flaunting the new live update function as the most awesome thing since sliced bread I notice it doesn t need a floppy disk in order to do its thing and I don t have any lying around since I moved so I m like HELL YEAH And I try to run it BAD IDEA My computer promptly takes a huge dump and bluescreens then tells me keyboard error or no KB present Having run into this problem before I reset the CMOS and test all my connections on the mobo just in case and restart I had to manually remove all the components of the MSI live update service in safe mode as the uninstallation tool was corrupted and because everytime it tried to load it would bluescreen again and die in a fire So as it is now my computer boots fine and gets to windows albeit with a weird bios that I assume is factory set it s the K N diamond bios which may not enable SLI but I can t find a reputable download for the K n Neo SLI bios - MSI s website just does not have one or they hid it really well There is no option to enable SLI in any of the Nvidia menus I have even though i just downloaded the latest drivers for my cards I m about to throw the thing out the bloody window Please spare it this fate Any help would be appreciated I ll be hanging around the computer and refreshing this topic every few minutes so ask questions all you like - I realize you might not have all the info you need from my ramblings Thanks in advance Specs Windows XP SP MSI K N Neo SLI mobo MS- gb ddr ram x gb sticks MSI Nvidia geforce gt TD- E vidcards before you ask yes I am sure they are the same exact cards and yes they are installed correctly bridge and switch card and all they DID work fine before the Great Disaster of Last Week nbsp

A:Problem with K8N Neo4 SLI mobo bios - will not enable SLI

Does this help locate the correct Bios rom

kimsland said:

MSI Drivers
Click to expand...
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Hullo there I thought I d better seek help before this sends me round the bend I have a DAC which P5N32-SLI How I my on enable sound do ASUS Premium? S/PDIF must be connected to my PC via the Coaxial How do I enable S/PDIF sound on my ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium? S PDIF out the orange port thingy - I hope I m using quot port quot correctly there So I How do I enable S/PDIF sound on my ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium? took out my sound card Went to uninstall the Creative driver it was a Creative card but I couldn t find it and am assuming it somehow uninstalled itself This could be my first error Then I went to install the ASUS sound driver SoundMax but whenever I tried to do so I got the message quot The HDA Audio Bus Driver is required but not found quot I figured I got this message because it seems I didn t build this PC on-board sound is actually on a mini-sound card with the P N So I popped this in and could then install the driver But no joy from the S PDIF The loss in quality downgrading from my cheapo Creative to onboard sound is really noticeable btw so that bodes well for the DAC I went to check things were set up ok in the BIOS The only thing that seemed to relate was under Advanced - gt Onboard Configuration - gt HD Audio This was set to Auto as oppose to disabled So that s presumably ok There was also an option to change quot something or other quot sorry I m going from memory from HD Audio to quot AC quot I tried changing that over to AC but still the same result EDIT Now I have the driver installed if I set this to HD Audio I get a BSOD To be quite honest I don t feel like I know what I m doing so please point me in the right direction Thanks All guidance and lessons appreciated I wondered whether there was something I had to adjust in the driver control panel so I took a look in the Help sections there and came across this quot If your system supports SPDIF Digital Audio there will be an Advanced Controls button under the Master volume control This button will display the SPDIF controls quot Well there is no Advanced Controls buttion under Master volume control which is something of a concern quot Disable Digital Output quot is unchecked btw ----- Here s how that menu looks in my BIOS Also I did wonder whether there was some loose connection so this is a picture of my mobo directly behind the S PDIF port But as far as I can make out there is nothing missing that should be there Apologies for the dust nbsp
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hey, i bought counter strike a couple of weeks ago. and whenever i try to play it, the screen goes blank a couple of seconds after entering a server, the moniter displays that it isnt receiving a singal from the video card. it also goes blank after a few mintues of use in general. So i turned off direct x and counter strike happened to work fine but if i leave the computer idle for a couple of hours, most of the time, the video card stops sending a signal. I have an ati radeon 9550, direct x9.0c, 1050 of ram and an amd athlon xp processor, its around 2.1 ghz. i also reinstalled the video card drivers.
thank you to anyone that can help

A:Blank screen when I enable direct x for counter strike

Try updating the ATI drivers. Make sure Windows is fully updated (Service Pack 3) and download the .Net framework files before you install ATI's Catalyst Control Center filles
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Is there a way to set the keyboard up so that when I hit the [3] key above the qwerty keyboard it automatically types a [#] instead of the [3]? I prefer to use the numeric keypad on the right side of my keyboard for typing numbers and would rather avoid having to hold down the SHIFT key to type the symbols.

A:How can I use symbols only on number keys?

press the function lock button
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i just installed diamond stealth radeon 7000 64mb video card and the game i want to play doesn't support it. So i want to get my onboard display adapter enable so i can send this new card back? i tried going to display adapter but it only shows the new card. how do i find the old adapter?

A:Enable onboard display adapter

Try removing the new card first.
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I have a Dell desktop running Vista connected to a Canon printer via a Linksys wireless router Initially I had the printer connected via USB to another Dell computer on the network and everything birectional support" message printer network "Enable on worked fine I needed the USB port for another device so I changed it to wire the printer via ethernet directly "Enable birectional support" message on network printer from the router Now the first computer also connected "Enable birectional support" message on network printer to the router via ethernet still works fine However the wireless computer has some issues I get a message that the computer cannot communicate with the printer and to quot enable bidirectional support quot However the bidirectional support box is greyed on the printer properties The strange thing is that the printer still works even though the computer says it isn t working So I seem to be communicating just fine from the PC to the router to the printer but some how the reverse path isn t working right and I don t know how to get the quot bidrectional support quot ungreyed I ve tried reinstalling the printer drivers but that doesn t make any difference I used to go wireless from the computer to the router ethernet from the router to another computer and USB from that computer to the printer - everything worked Now I am going wireless from the computer to the router and ethernet from the router to the printer Works OK but gives a warning that it isn t working Anyone know how to fix this nbsp

A:"Enable birectional support" message on network printer

I think you need to add a new port called standard tcp/ip.
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I did some breif googling and was unable to find an answer, I may have just overlooked it. Does anyone know offhand how many can go on a dvd? I imagine it depends on how you burn it, ISO or UDF but I don't know for sure.

This question came up when I was asked to back up an old mac hard drive so a guy could get the files off of it after a PSU failure, where it wasn't worth buying a new PSU (since the computer hadn't been used in years anyway). The hard drive was only 2 gig (yeh the Mac came from back when legal Mac clones existed) so it will fit on a single layer dvd.

Just was wondering how many files could go on a DVD.. I'm sure its probably 10-100x the amount that were on the drive but I was curious.

A:What is the max number files allowed on a DVD?

Generally, writable DVD discs come in 12cm (120 mm) and 8cm (80 mm) diameter sizes. The most commonly used is the larger 12cm type

A (12cm) "4.7 GB" media has 4.7 * 1 000 000 = 4.700.000.000 bytes / 1024/1024/1024 = 4.377 GB

4.7 GB disc stores 4.7 billion bytes [4:700,000,000 bytes 1000 = 4,700,000 KB 1000 = 4,700 MB 1000 = 4.7 GB]
Note: usable space may in fact be smaller ie around 4.27GB, due to sectors and disc formatting


Writable DVD discs can either be single (SS 4.7 GB) or double-sided (DS 9.4 GB) or double-sided double-layer ~17 GB (rare)

The amount of information that can be written is determined by the disc?s recording capacity as well as the physical and logical formats used.
All writable DVD formats devote the same amount of usable space to data (2,048 bytes per sector). DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM specify the number of sectors available for user information (4.7 GB DVD+R/+RW 2,295,104 sectors, 4.7 GB DVD-RAM 2,295,072 sectors) so disc capacity can be calculated by multiplying the user data area size by the number of disc sectors. For example, a 4.7 GB DVD+R disc: 2,048 bytes/sector x 2,295,104 sectors = 4,700,372,992 bytes. This rounds to roughly 4.7 GB (decimal notation).

DVD-R and DVD-RW, on the other hand, do not stipulate the number of sectors that are dedicated to user information but simply that a minimum capacity must be available on the disc. In the case of DVD-R (version 1.0) this is 3.95 (12 cm) and 1.23 (8 cm) billion bytes and for DVD-R (Authoring), DVD-R (General) and DVD-RW 4.7 (12 cm) and 1.46 (8 cm) billion bytes. Consequently, real world capacity can vary slightly among discs from different media manufacturers although many have informally settled on 2,298,496 sectors (4,707,319,808 bytes) for a DVD-R (General) 4.7 GB disc.

Be aware, however, that the logical format (UDF, FAT, HFS etc.) as well as any defect management system employed consume space otherwise available for user information

Each DVD sector contains 2418 bytes of data, 2048 bytes of which are user data. And has in total 4,700,372,992 bytes on the entire disc
Therefore using maths (and approximating the amount of total usable data space on a DVD 4.7GB Disc)

4,700,372,992 2048 = approximately 2,300,000 files (but more likely around 1.5 Million due to loss of space\burning program used\type of format\ etc etc

This information mostly (but not all) has been taken from here:
And here:
And here:

Does that answer your small question?
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Well i did a system build not to long ago It was my first build and it went amazingly well here! out irq hair help my Pulling number But just recently ive come across a small problem i have a Logitech G keyboard and a G mouse Pulling my hair out here! irq number help that suddenly quit working Well i was looking around for solutions because my PS still worked so I knew it was something with the usb ports So i booted up one time and on my pre bios screen it lists my IRQ numbers and i noticed that my networking device and multimedia device x both had the IRQ number of that raised a couple eyebrows for me so i thought id try to figure how to fix that Haha easier said than done though if anyone has ANY solutions to this problem i m willing to do anything and everything to get this fixed A few side items that might help I get the error usb device has malfunctioned on my windows GUI Its windows vista home premium sp system specs are as followed Nvidia i SLI mobo Intel pentium core duo sticks of gb corsair ram Ultra X watt psu seagate hard drive Liteon DVD drive trend net wireless card creative sound card if any thing else you need to ask me or want to talk to me person to person ill be on aim and myspace AIM - Zachisfatt Myspace - com ihaveasg thank you so much just for reading nbsp

A:Pulling my hair out here! irq number help

anyone helppp
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Hey guys I have done extensive research on my problem and I cannot find anyone else who is having the same thing I have done quite a bit of work on this and I SLI on nvidia Newer cause BSODs enable drivers have some interesting results to report The particulars of my rig I have also attached a sysinfo dump EVGA mobo- -k -nf X GeForce GT Newer nvidia drivers cause BSODs on SLI enable EVGA -p -n -TX and EVGA Newer nvidia drivers cause BSODs on SLI enable -p -n -ax AMD Athlon X watt PS XP Nforce X running latest driver I will spare you all of the bloody details and cut to the chase Using any nvidia drivers newer than the system will immediately BSOD when I enable SLI The BSOD window references NV mini sys Each card works fine in isolation- even with the latest drivers In fact I have been running on one card for months with no problems I un-installed each of these drivers in safe mode For all of this testing I had also un-installed all of the Nforce drivers as well So the ONLY nvidia thing installed was the display drivers Here are my findings Nvidia driver - worked - worked - DID NOT work - DID NOT work - DID NOT work So my rig is running right now fine and I have reinstalled the nforce drivers but I dont like being stuck on older drivers Here are some other things that I investigated - New BIOS for MOBO- nothing on EVGA- considered taking a month newer BIOS for the jetway t -sli but it did not seem relevant -no PCI latency setting in this BIOS Installed the utility to do it in software but I couldnt figure it out- seemed risky - found that there WAS another power connecter on my MOBO for SLI that I had not hooked up Thought that was it for sure but it made no difference - swapped the boards around Started with one and then the other -removed all other PCI boards from the system -no overclocking anywhere Although I did tweak the ram a little a long time ago but again the system is SOLID without SLI -I didnt scrub the registry of nvidia perhaps I should I scoured the web but I dont see anyone having issues with this Perhaps it is due to the sightly different cards I am running I called EVGA and they gave me some BS EVGA- upgrade the BIOS on your mobo- ME- OK what BIOS would that be for my EVGA mobo you dont have one on your website EVGA- ahh- ok dont worry about that Reinstall your drivers in safe mode I will say that this did put me on the right track so maybe I should not be so hard on them but clearly this was their pat answer for everything The next step was to reinstall OS of course So I am looking for ideas What did I overlook Is anyone else having this kind of issue with a similar rig Did something drastic change after Is SLI even worth it Thanks Stuart More Sys info System Information report written at System Name PHEONIX System Summary Item Value OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name PHEONIX System Manufacturer NVIDIA System Model AWRDACPI System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping AuthenticAMD Mhz BIOS Version Date Phoenix Technologies LTD PG SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C WINDOWS System Directory C WINDOWS system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp - quot User Name PHEONIX Stuart Time Zone Eastern Standard Time Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys Hardware Resources Conflicts Sharing Resource Device I O Port x - x AF PCI bus I O Port x - x AF Direct memory access controller I O Port x C - x DF PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge I O Port x C - x DF NVIDIA GeForce GT IRQ NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller IRQ NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator IRQ Ethernet Controller IRQ NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management IRQ Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller IRQ NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller IRQ AMD ACPI-Compliant System IRQ SCSI RAID Host Controller IRQ NVIDIA Ge... Read more

A:Newer nvidia drivers cause BSODs on SLI enable

So after this long post... Your findings summerized

"EVGA motherboards are sensitive to Nvidia video drivers". Can we say that?
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i had gotten a logitech usb headset recently and no audio would come out so i went to my sound in the control panel, then i went to enable the sound for the headset, but accidently disabled my default speakers(i have a dell xps 1730 laptop by the way)
and now i cant re enable my speakers its really annoying...

A:Cant re-enable speakers

are you using XP or vista?

are you plugged into front panel jacks and/or rear panel?
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I am working on a dell PC that I'm trying to do a system recovery on. It has a 250 gig SATA drive installed. I unplugged the drive to connect to another PC to pull the personal data from and reconnected the drive to the dell to perform the recovery. On initial boot up there is a choice to press F10 to perform the recovery. Pressing this does nothing but send me to a boot menu. When I entered the bios it is showing the drive as device 4 instead of 1. Is there any way to reset the drive to device 1 again? I have a feeling if I can do this the recovery option will work.
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Hello all,

Recently purchased new motherboard (ECS 755-a2). Installed, no probs there. Running XP Home. For the life of me can't get DMA enabled on primary channel. In BIOS, when I enable IDE DMA transfer access, computer acts like it can't find OS. When off computer runs, albeit in PIO mode for HD.

ECS 755-a2 mainboard (SIS 755 chipset)
160gb seagate HD
HP DVDR/W drive
512mb pc3200 DDR
GF Fx5200 128mb GPU
Athlon64 3200+ processor

Really ticking me off, PIO is slow as snail snot! Thanks for the help!

A:New mobo, can't enable DMA

And we all know how slow that is. Go to the primary channel in the Device Manager and uninstall it. Reboot and Windows will automatically reinstall it. See if that changes it to DMA transfer mode.
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Yesterday when i enabled SLI it enabled it correctly, but every 5 minutes it would BSOD and restart (this occurs even when not playing games). So I took the 2nd card out and let it run to make sure things were still fine. Today I put the 2nd card back in along with the sli bridge, and when I try to enable SLI it will restart, and the nvidia control panel will still say SLI is disabled. I reinstalled the nvidia display drivers but that didn't help.

Motherboard- Asus a8n32 SLI deluxe
Graphic cards- 1) Evga geforce 7600 GT 256 mb
2) Nvidia geforce 7600 gt 256 mb (received from nvidia, was originally used by them for testing purposes)
Memory- DDR Single channel, 2 sticks of 1 gb each, (one is PQI brand the other is corsair)
CPU- Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2.4 GHz
Power supply- Thermaltake purepower 600 w
Amperage- 36A total

A:Restarts when trying to enable SLI

Return the motherboard for another...
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Hi all i recently upgraded my pc to an intel quad q asus striker formula i mobo and gb corsair dominator ram Now i have read and i found that this is crashes sli my Enable memory windows sli ready ram and and POST my mobo says sli ready memory detected but Enable sli memory crashes my windows disabled So i went into the bios which i have updated to the latest version of and went to extreme tweaker tab and went to sli memory and i have a drop down menu that gives me all these overclock percentages for example cpuoc i done some reseach and the way to enable sli ram is i chose the cpuoc option this makes the ram automatically overclock But no matter what option i choose the comp gets past post and tries to boot windows and it says something Enable sli memory crashes my windows like widows has failed to start quot a recent hardware change might be the cause quot So i tried load default settings in bios so i could boot into windows and i did and then my internet would not work But thanks to asus they have a clear CMOS button on the back of the board so i am up and running again This has got me baffled no doubt it is something to do with the bios Any help would be greatly apreciated ty nbsp

A:Enable sli memory crashes my windows

"SLI Ready" doesn't necessairly mean good for SLI... Are you trying to boot from a hard drive that has an "old" copy of XP from your old system on it. If so, you will have to install XP fresh and clean for the new set up
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Hello there,

Does anybody know hot to reconfigure the wwan card on a DELL XPS-M1210 notebook?

It is an Expedite EV620 from Novatel Wireless (Dell Wireless 5700 Mobile Broadband (CDMA EV-DO)

Right now it is configured to use Verizon Wireless and I need to be able to use other carriers.

I've heard I need to change the PRL number but dont know how.


A:How to reconfigure PRL Number in Novatel Wireless EV-620 to work with other carriers?

This might help:
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My friend has moved her computer and now her monitor wont show anything on the screen. She has a compaq s710 monitor. The light on the front of the monitor is green and is flashing. We have tried to move the plugs to see if it is a connection problem but nothing happens. When we turn the tower on it seems to click but doesnt enable the screen. Plz help

A:Monitor wont enable

Here are some possibilities:

The video adaptor that you are plugging the monitor into may have become loose inside the computer. (you may be able to confirm this by gently moving the connector at the back of the computer)

There may be two video adaptors at the back of the computer (please confirm - if so try the other)

The monitor may have died (does the computer seem to be loading - flickering front lights - and sound from harddrive)

The computer itself may not be starting (does the computer seem to be loading - flickering front lights - and sound from harddrive)
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Purchased a used laptop which performs fine. Went to install Ghost 2003 and was told no could do while RAID was enabled. Questions - (1) why would RAID be enabled on a laptop and (2) how do I disable same? Thanks.

A:Enable/Diasable RAID

I have Ghost 2003 and have had no problems backing up my computers with the RAID enabled. What laptop make/model do you have? Is it somehow possible that you bought a laptop with RAID and didn't know it? I doubt that you can disable the RAID and still have a working computer at least with your current OS install. I mean if you disabled the RAID array you'd have to install your operating system again.

Ghost 2003 is an old program that is no longer supported by Norton with limited hardware compatibility. It probably doesn't recognize your ATA/ATAPI or SATA controller device whichever you are using. You'd have to find the disk controller device's DOS driver (no small feat) and give Ghost access to the driver for it to work. You may want to think about switching to Acronis or a newer version of Ghost.
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i cannot enable ICS... i am getting the error as shown in the screen shot

how do i solve this error.... please give me step by step instruction and where is the routing and remote access snapin.??.......

A:Can't enable ICS

Routing and remote access is a component of Microsoft Server products.
I don't think it is installed on XP Pro, but if it is it would be in Administrative Tools or via mmc - add/remove snap in.

What exactly do you want to do and what OS are you running?
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Are there any Toshiba people out there who would know if ALL the Toshiba Model Number, Backlight Inverter M X series Satellites Toshiba Model Number, Backlight Inverter used the same or virtually the same backlight inverter My model number is simply M x with no dash and additional characters looked on bottom and on box and all the compatibility info I can find is for M X-Sxxxxx or M X-x I d feel more comfortable ordering the part knowing the affirmative MoniServ claims to have a hardier new inverter that I m planning to try My screen went dark after and a half years use I can still see an extremely faint shadow of the desktop so I know the problem isn t something more drastic I suppose it might also be the backlight itself - if so can someone help in finding the right part to replace that Is that something a gutsy non-professional can do I can send more info if needed - just tell me what Thank you SO much Melanie nbsp

A:Toshiba Model Number, Backlight Inverter

you can disassembly the LCD assembly and you'll see the PN of your backlight module. however,you should know, that there's can be absence of BACKLIGHT_ENA signal,which coming from the MB, thus, the inverter module replacing won't helps.
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ok i got this game and it wouldnt work it said it couldnt load opengl subsystem. well i put couldnt load opengl subsystem into google and see if i could find a remedy. and one said to go to properties>settings>advanced>adapter and then disable it. i did then i rebooted and it was a really tiny screen and i tryed to renable it but i could find how but i looked at the adapter thing again and it was something different, but it said alot of the stuff was unavailable and i disabled that and i tryed to exit settings and i accidently rebooted the computer with like, not graphics i guess.. so now im screwed.. i tryed pressing f8 at the boot thing and enable VGA mode but it didnt work so if you can help, PLEASE do! i really need my laptop for my JC

A:PLEASE HELP!! video card is disable, i need to re-enable it but i cannot see!

If you don't have a Bios ESCD reset then a CMOS (bios) reset via whatever your manual advises is next (sometimes a key press, others a jumper or battery removal).
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Hey all,

I'm having some trouble with my ASUS BIOS. It is possible one of the reasons which is not letting me enable AGP Texture Acceleration (from DXDIAG). So now I need to update it. Ive read that you can 'flash' this however it seems quite complicated. I read the procedure here - Personally i dont think i have that ability to literally take apart my PC and dont want to risk that. Is there anything I can do to enable AGP Texture Acceleration w/o updating bios?

I have tried many driver versions. Here is my info

ASUS A8V Deluxe Mobo
Chipset VIA K8t800 pro
southbridge VT8237
CPU: AMD Athlon 64+ 3500+ Socket 939
Current BIOS version : 1017.002 (date: 11/14/2005 - very old)
GFX is a ATI Radeon 9600 Series

Any help si appreciated. thanks in advance.

A:Update ASUS A8V Deluxe BIOS to enable AGP Texture Acceleration? Help!

Hi, linkzor. I looked up your motherboard on the Asus site, and the bios updates they have listed for your motherboard are not even worth upgrading to. They don't list anything about fixing agp texture acceleration, either. However, if you still want to flash your bios, simply visit the asus support website, download their auto-flash bios tool and your bios, and it does everything for you. you do NOT need to take apart your pc.

Also, Perhaps your video card does not support agp texture acceleration?
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i'm running windows professional 2000
and i have a cdrom drive that is currently disabled.

i need to enable it however i don't know how to do it.
i'm also not sure how the guy who previously used the pc disabled it.

are there anyways to find out how to?

i tried the group policy and registry but can't find any.
maybe i looked at the wrong things.

can someone pls give me some advice.

thank you very much.

A:How to enable cdrom drive?

"Disabled" means what? It moves around in a wheelchair?

Starting from ABC..
Does the BIOS see the device?
Can you boot from it?
Do you see it in Device Manager?
Do you see it in my Computer?
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How many number of LAN cards a system can have? I have one installed for Cable Net and now i want to connect my PC with my friends network who has a hub and few other computers connected to it. Now should i installed another LAN card?

A:number of LANCARDs

You can turn a PC into a router using Windows 2003 Server NAT and by using two NIC cards...
You can turn a PC into Network Media Streamer and make XP act like server switch
You can pretty much do anything you want if you have the right software and hardware equipment..

NIC 2 - LAN - would go into a 5, 8, 16, 24, 32 port switch

You can also make that router into a wireless router


You can also make it have 4 NIC


Depends on how many PCI slots you have..
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Hello, I am new on here, and have just been through Dell Hell once again. I have an inspiron 1200 laptop with a 15 inch screen, and my inverter or ccfl tube quit working. I have searched online, but am only finding parts for the one with the 14 inch screen. Maybe they are the same part, I am not sure, but cant take this apart, as I need my computer, so I am trying to find the part beforehand. Dell told me, after going through 100000000 hours of runaround, that I have to replace the whole screen. Does anyone know if this is true? If not, does anyone know where I can find out the part number? This is making me insane! I would really appreciate any help on this.

A:Dell inverter board part number???

I'm afraid that you'll have to replace the whole LCD panel, as Dell told you. The inverter is part of the LCD... Sorry- $350 from Impact Computers
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i just updated my forceware from93.71 to 94.24 but when i restarted my computer i noticed that the control panel was missing and the old version in a window was there so how do i enable my controlpanel

A:How to enable control panel in nvidia forceware

Go to Start, Program Files, Nvidia, and you should see one called Control Panel somewhere in there. That worked for me anyway.
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Does anyone know how to enable monitor output of my video card? Do i have to disable default monitor? How do i do that?

I can't find where to go to do this


A:How to enable monitor output of my video card?

What are your system specs? Are you using on-board video and want to install a video card?
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Okay, I bought a new laptop recently, and I have a problem. Almost every game I try to play says, "AGP is not enabled....", and it tells me its needed for best performance. How do I enable it? I googled it, and I couldnt find anything, so I decided to ask here. My system specs are:

Computer Maker: TOSHIBA
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.70GHz
Memory: 1014MB RAM
Hard Drive: 200 GB
Video Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM


A:How do I enable AGP on my Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset family card?

From what I've read, you have an onboard graphics card(on your motherboard) I'm not sure if you have just that onboard card, or if you just have another card. If so, you could go into your BIOS(usually delete/f1/f2 at startup, one of those keys) read through it a bit. I know that sometimes there's an 'enable AGP' option, or anything that looks like it.

However, it doesn't look like you have an AGP card in your laptop.
Check that out first though. You might also want to check if you have the correct drivers for your card installed. On a side notenboard cards aren't very good for games, but they might handle a few.
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My apologies if this has been dealt with enable BIOS USB won't Award in before I ve spent days trying to get a Belkin F U USB Port USB card to work in conjunction with Windows se Processor Model AMD-K tm D processor Speed MHz Performance Rating PR estimated Type Standard Mainboard Bus es ISA AGP PCI USB i c SMBus MP Support No MP APIC No System BIOS Award Software International Inc PG System System Manufacturer Product Name Mainboard First International Computer Inc VA- Chipset Model VIA Technologies Inc VT C AT MVP Apollo USB won't enable in Award BIOS VP MVP System Controller L External Cache kB Pipeline-Burst Write-Thru Front Side Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Total Memory MB SDRAM Memory USB won't enable in Award BIOS Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Windows froze on the first attempt to install After a lot of online research I found that this was a clock mismatch problem and I got it to install USB won't enable in Award BIOS after downloading a fix which was supposed to be unnecessary with se I took every reference I could find to USB out of Device Manager took the card out manually restarted shut down put the card back in started up and it installed normally The USB OPTi C PCI to USB Open Host Controller and USB Root Hub are now showing normal in Universal Serial Bus Controllers in the Device Manager No yellow exclamation marks are anywhere in the Device Manager The Award Bios shows USB Controller Disabled in Integrated Peripherals and there is no other option - I expected to be able to toggle between enabled and disabled but it won t Also disabled are various IDE options and one HDD just above the reference to the USB I tried to get a BIOS update from Award and after initially telling me we have just the thing for you boy are you going to be a happy bunny or something very similar they wrote and said we ve taken the money from your credit card but you already have the latest BIOS - or something even more similar Belkin refer me to everybody else except them Should I quit now while I m ahead The floppy disk drive is still working after all nbsp

A:USB won't enable in Award BIOS

Normally, your USB BIOS would only be required to allow BOOTing a USB HD.

Your Belkin USB is not accessed at BOOT time, so stop fussing with BIOS.

If you have modem-->router setup, then the drivers are not required at all!

Use the Modem->Router using Ethernet cable and from the router->pcs as well.

Otherwise, modem-->pc(USB connected) requires a driver.

Does this clarify/help?
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i have an intel p4 3.06ghz Presscott cpu I used 3dMARK05 to clock my system, and in the info section it says:

hyper threading technology: yes-disabled (or something of that sort)

does this involve some process such as overclocking does or is it something simple i can do in a small amout of time? if so could you tell me how... thanks!

A:How do i enable HT on my p4?

Well if that reading is right, your Mobo dosnt support it, or it is disabled in yor BIOS.
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Hi all,

I have just rebuilt a PC at home. Its a Packard Bell Pulsar 600. Ive upgraded the hard disk from a 5400rpm 10GB (IDE) to a brand new 7200rpm 160GB (IDE). I booted to a Win98 boot disk and used FDISK to create a new partition using the maximum capacity. Then formatted the disk and installed XP Pro SP2 fresh.

Everything is fine but the drive is only showing up as 127GB. Ive read that and been told that I need 48-bit LBA support for this but I already have XP Pro SP2. Shouldn't this already have this??


A:How to enable 48-bit LBA support on XP Pro SP2

the FAQs answer it all:

you may need a BIOS update per FAQ
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I'll trade performance for silence. I'm thinking of implementing a passively cooled PSU and VGA - and a passively cooled procs.

The Mod I have in mind is anchored on using a towering heat pipe cpu cooler (like the Asus Silent Square Pro)....minus the fan.

My case is Antec Lanboy (the rear 120mm I'll use as intake to blow on the cpu heatsink; while the front 120mmm fan will serve as the exhaust fan. Those are just about the only 2 fan that will run.

So my question is, will underclocking an e6400 for example, will make it cool enough so as not to require its heatpipe cooler not running a fan?

A:Underclocking to enable a "passively cooled" CPU?

there are osme specially designed fanless heatsinks for example (presumably for sale in america)
A cpu like that gives out quite alot of heat, so if this is for a new build an amd dual core would be easier to cool without a fan.
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hi all. i just got an asus a8r32 mvp deluxe crossfire board, and it has tons of options in the bios im not used to seeing. one of them, under storage, allows you to run your sata drives in 'emulated pata mode' or 'AHCI mode.' i have read that AHCI is faster, but what exactly does it do, and how do I get my computer to support it, because everytime I enable it my system reboots and will not load windows. thanks.

A:Sata Drives - How Do I Enable My Motherboard To Run Them In Ahci Mode?

answered my own question yet again, i need to install the sata drivers during a windows install, and ahci is not recommended for single machines anyway.
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i have a evga 7800gt and i have already registered the card and i cannot remeber my user name and password so when i try to contact there support they need the serial number but it is already registered and it tells me to enter my user name and password so i cannot contact them

A:what is evgas tech support number

evga customer service:
888-881-EVGA (3842)

they should be able to help you out, or at least give you the tech support number. i have dealt with evga before and it took them 50 minutes to put me in contact with a live person
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There is this above option in the BIOS for hardrives and CD/DVDs. What does that do? Does that have negative implications if you are running Windows XP 64 Bit?

A:Enable 32 bit Data Transfer?

leave it on.. i think its some legacy setting for older 9x/nt4 os.. can corrupt data some cases..
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Can someone find this six digit number for me? I have looked and I am unable to find it. Just P.M. me w/ your email and I'll send you the hex dump. Thank you.

A:I Need Help with xbox hex number.

I don`t have any idea what number, you are referring to.

What does it do and what is it for?

Regards Howard
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I need some help I m trying to register my P P E-Deluxe on the Asus website for warranty work and I Where is Asus number mobo? the on serial can t find the serial number I don t have the original box and that is where the Asus website is directing me to look for it I m hoping it is somewhere on the board There is white sticker Where is the serial number on Asus mobo? on the board immediately in front of the Primary IDE that says C B - - -M LCW -A Entering Where is the serial number on Asus mobo? this number in the Asus website registration kicks back an error I left off the first three s and the last digits BIOS ver Any help would be appreciated Here s what I think happened to the board I was unlocking some features on my new e motorola cell phone via the USB cable I went to unplug the phone and a static electricity spark jumped from my finger to the phone s antennae I m assuming the charge traveled down the USB cable and into the PC I unplugged it and then went back to my PC It was frozen I rebooted but it kept saying that overclocking had failed I turned off all overclocking and rebooted I got into Windows and then it froze again From this point on I could get nothing but a black screen and the POST reporter telling me quot CPU test failed quot I started taking it apart and noticed a burning odor I quickly pulled the plug I took everything apart and noticed a small bump on the southbridge chip It s fried I m hoping Asus will give me a new one We ll see If not it s about time for an upgrade anyway nbsp

A:Where is the serial number on Asus mobo?

Look on the PCI slots or the top of the printer port.
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i recently got a new motherboard for my computer and it is better than my last Mboard, on my old board i could enable x8 AGP and it would all be fine
on this new board i cant turn on AGP it is stuck at 0x and every time i turn it to 8x on the control centre, i restart and it gos back to 0x!

this never happened before and this new motherboard dos support this because its from a friend and ive used his computer alot.

though when i put this new board in i did have to re install windows XP so can somone please tell me how i enable 8x AGP

A:cannot enable 8X AGP?

i dunno if this helps but i was running sp2 on my old motherboard and on the new motherboard it was running sp2 at my friends,
i have yet to install sp2 on it dos anyone know if this is the problem?
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Hi. everytime i start up my laptop i have to push this button to start my wireless internet. My wireless network is managed by xp, but a signal will not be detected untill i press that button. I want the wireless to connect automaticaly upon bootup. It does connect automaticaly once i press that button now. Any suggestions?

The integrated wireless nic is made by Ralink Tech.

A:Button to enable wireless on laptop (disable help)

You'll probably find all that in the manual.
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This is probably an easy question for you guys with good video cards but this is my first (high end video card virgin here) anyways I figured out why my GeForce 5200 ultra card wasn't working... VGA mode isn't enabled. I can temporarily enable it by pressing F8 on bootup but when I reboot it disables it. I'm running windows XP ... how do I enable it so it stays enabled all the time?

A:How do I Enable VGA mode?

Originally posted by Ninja Roach
This is probably an easy question for you guys with good video cards but this is my first (high end video card virgin here) anyways I figured out why my GeForce 5200 ultra card wasn't working... VGA mode isn't enabled. I can temporarily enable it by pressing F8 on bootup but when I reboot it disables it. I'm running windows XP ... how do I enable it so it stays enabled all the time?Click to expand...

Looks like you're gonna stay a virgin, cause that ain't no high-end video card you got there.

Now on to the real topic. I'm not quite sure what you are saying as regards enabling VGA mode. All you need to do is make sure you disable any onboard vga chip in the bios (because you are using an add-on video card), and that's it. Your PC should boot and video should eminate from your card. Pressing F8 during boot simply allows you to select 'safe mode', which is normally used when you are experiencing problems such as misbehaving drivers. You shouldn't need to do this at all normally.
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Is it possible for me to enforce directx 7.0 because i seem to get more fps with that in the game called Call Of Duty 2 Demo, and i think it will boost my fps is Call Of Duty United Offensive too if there is anyway to enforce directx 7.0 instead of the lastest version witch i have right now please tell me how thanks! Oh yeah only reason why i can enforce it in the CoD2 Demo because it has it in the options.

(I already posted this in the device drivers but not sure if anyone see it there).
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My laptop is using XP Pro. and setup network connection but can not access the internet. So i tried to repair the connextion but i go a message of: TCP/Ip not enable...

what should ido?

A:TCP/IP not enable.

check you nic tcp/ip properties
right click on connection left click properties
highlight tcp/ip go to properties should show conection if a network setup should have manual setup of DNS WAN
and IP address's
otherwise should be dynamic
go back to desktop
click start run enter cmd
type ping type in a ip address that you know
on a network do search lots of places have guides for your router
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I have a very serious problem with my newly bought computer I have just bought I bios If helds HT . 7.1 enable while winxp in system SP2 in instaling Creative Intel Pentium HT GHz mb L prescott Intel Mobo D GAV-L Casing PSU W MSI Geforce GT MB Nx gt TD E and I have some old things which i plug in my new system mention below Kingstone MB Mhz Ram Seagate Gb Baracoda HDD LG Combo drive Creative Live SoundCard Lucent Modem Fly Video TV tuner I assemble my computer and If I enable HT in bios system helds in winxp SP2 while instaling Creative 7.1 . install Windows XP pro SP HT enabled in the bios while installing windows When i completed windows installation and install the driver of Creative Live soundcard Full software instal not only the driver my computer freezes I restart my pc and install other drivers modem If I enable HT in bios system helds in winxp SP2 while instaling Creative 7.1 . Grafics card at If I enable HT in bios system helds in winxp SP2 while instaling Creative 7.1 . this time my system works great When i again install the Creative soundcard softawre driver system again held totaly freez I restart my pc and this time I Disable HT in the bios then i again install my soundcard drivers now system does not freez and the installtion is completed sucssesfuly I resatrt my pc and enbale HT in bios and when windows start and loads the soundcard software at startup the system again frezzes I change the pci slot of the card but it dosent work I reinstall the windows HT enabled in the bios but this time Windows XP Pro not sp install the soundcard software-driver whole cd installation and my PC install the software without freezing I install other softwares and drivers but system does not freeze But when i install the SP Patch SP upgradation after restarting my system again freezes on the loading of soundcard software driver When I enable HT in bios system helds and when i disable it system does not freeze Whats the problem What should i do I am realy confuse about it I want to enable HT but it freezes Plz help me My soundcard drivers are latest If someone helps me i ll be greatly thankful to him nbsp
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Ok, I had to reformat my computer because of some punk @$$ Virus. All my stuff was deleted. Now when i try to play americas army it says " Please enable Direct3D acceleration. You can do this by starting dxdiag and enabling Direct3D Acceleration in the Display1/2 tab after installing Directx8.1b (or later) and the lastest drivers for your graphics card."

Any Idea for what to do?

A:How To Enable Direct3d

Perhaps try installing DirectX?
And follow those instructions?
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hi all. thanks in advanced for any help u can offer. i have a computer running xp. my sound and video are both onboard. when i reformatted the past 2 times the sound wont work. i dont think its the drivers because i re-installed them countless times. recently i downloaded a program and it says that my S/PDIF is not supported. My chipset is as follows:

AC'97 Audio Controller:

Audio Controller Type VIA 686A/686B/8231
Codec Name VIA VT1612A
Codec ID 56494161h
S/PDIF Output Not Supported

if any one knows how to re-enable or any applications of programs that will please tell me. thanks alot. Jamie

A:enable spdif?

S/PDIF is for digital out, if you're not using that then I wouldn't worry about it.
What sort of speaker system are you connecting to - 2, 4, 5.1?
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hello folks just a slight problem

Everest Home edition found that my AGP is Disabled and that my AGP speed at the moment is 4x and needs to be changed to 8x becaue i have a Geforce i was just wondering where i can enable my AGP and increase the speed from 4x to 8x....


A:Enable AGP


It's in your MB's BIOS. Just hit tab or delete before your OS loads at boot-up and the BIOS screen will come up. It's prolly under advanced chipset settings- just browse the options, that's where mine is. Save the setting and exit to OS.
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Hi I ve recently had my PC upgraded the only thing How new system? I Do AGP my on enable I had left from the old system was my Graphics card which is an MB SAPPHIRE RADEON ATLANTIS My problem at the moment with it is that I cant enable my card to run at AGP X or X I ve How Do I enable AGP on my new system? got all the neccesary software installed net framework for the catalyst control center and running the latest drivers I ve had a look in the bios to see what the new system s running at amp noticed that the primary display was set to PCI so I changed it to AGP to sse if How Do I enable AGP on my new system? I would be able to set up the card to run at AGP or X but nothing seems to work Is there anything I have missed or am I looking at haveing to buy a new Graphics card or Motherboard the mother board I have is an ASUS K N socket DDr Thanks in advance for any suggestions nbsp

A:How Do I enable AGP on my new system?

Your AGP card is working already, otherwise you would not see anything on your screen.
Tha AGP/PCI switch is used if you would have 2 graphics cards in your PC, and you would want to tell the PC which one is your primary card. With only 1 card, this switch has no function, but should be set to AGP to speed up booting (a tiny bit).
AGP speed (4x/8x) may be set somewhere in your BIOS, check the motherboard manual.
It will most likely default to the fastest possible speed anyway (x8 for that card).
So forget about it, I would say.
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I have just noticed that all of my games runs better when vertical sync is enabled in-game. But here's the problem, i also play a game called Lineage 2, but i cant enable Vertical Sync in-game. So is there any way that i can enable for a game that doesent have the Vertical Sync function in-game, like a program or something?


A:Enable Vertical Sync?

If you have an ATI card, right click on the desktop, select Propertes-Advanced-3D
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I have a pc with two hard drives both of which have XP. Replaced my DVD burner with a SONY Dual Layer burner and purchased software that would work with same - Sonic v7.21~
The burner works perfect while in C: but when I attempt same with D: I get a message that at least one drive must be enabled for Sonic to work. I checked Device Manager while in both drives and and the drives and controllers are enabled. Any suggestions. Thanks.

A:Drive enable

You need to install the software and any drivers in both instances of XP.
Automatic setups normally try to install everything on C. When in D, that might have happened, and somehow the program on D points to the registry on C.
Reinstall Sonic on the D-drive, but do it with the Manual or Custom option, if it lets you.
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I have a 200gb Western digital hard drive as a slave on my pc. Master is a maxtor 40gb that has my OS on it.
The problem is the Western Digital only shows as 127gb. I realise that you have to have the LBA option enabled for it to show correctly and it is enabled in BIOS and I have also downloded a checking file that has confirmed my system has everything enabled correctly. However the drive still shows as 127gb does it now need to be reformatted to show the correct amount?
Please could you help me sort this out.

A:Enable Big LBA problems

you're looking at a limitation on your drive controller. are you using the onboard controller? if so, what motherboard is it?
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I have a 6800go in my laptop, and I'd like to know what steps to take to ensure that hardware mpeg encoding is in action...I'm using TMPGEnc...according to nVidia's site, the Go series 6 does support hardware mpeg encoding...etc.. in fact everything that the desktop series supports, so I'd like to get the best out of it if possible.
thanks for reading.

A:How To Enable Hardware MPEG Encoding on 6800Go

It doesn't make any difference if all of your hardware devices supported one thing or another, if software doesn't take advantage of it.

I think only nVIDIA's own applications like ForceWare Multimedia Application use such features. But even that says it's not available yet.
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i have an audigy 2 zs card and i like to listen to music on my computer. basically, what would be the best way to listen to my cds? digitally? or using the analog cable? pros/cons?

what would sound best? i am going for more of an "lp warm sound."

thanks for any info.

A:Question concerning "enable digital cd audio.." or regular old analog

Digital is the best. Always select the digital. It reads the data digitally off the cd and sends it out digitally through the flatcable at the back of the drive and through the MB to the soundcard where it is converted to Analog. Analog mode is read digitally off the CD, converted to analog by who knows how cheap of a converter(probably less that 20 cents worth of parts), sent to the sound card over 2 thin wires (subject to electrical noise inside the case) connected to the inputs of the anaglog output section of the soundcard directly. Usually some hiss is heard with the latter method.

And you won't need that "CD audio to soundcard cable" if you go digital mode.
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I have a quick question about how CPU and mobo's go together. I'm completely new to all of this, and everyone here seems really helpful.

As I have described in other threads i'm having trouble finding a motherboard for my Intel Celeron 2.50GHz 845GV CPU. The Socket number is 478.

Does my CPU just have to match the 478 socket, or is it deeper than that?

Any info on this would be great.. and if someone could explain how all of this works, it would be even greater. It's driving me crazy. :rolleyes:

If you want to help me even more... here is another thread of mine.


A:Does CPU just have to match the socket number?

The cpu has to mach the socket number and the m/b has to support the cpu also. :knock:
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:wave: How can I find out the HDD maker's name and model number on boot up? All I can find is Generic IDE Disk Type47 and ATA.

Any help would be appreciated otherwise I might have to open up the box!

A:How do I find the HDD make & model number on boot up

Go to and get the (free) Everest Home Edition. Run that, it'll tell you more than you ever knew about your PC.
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I purchased one hardware having 160GB capacity.
I attached to my system and started installation for Windows 2000 server.
But it is showing the hard disk size only 131GB.
My question:
How to enable total capacity of 160GB hard disk in Windows 2000 server and in Linux and in Solaris o/s

Thanking to all

A:How to enable 160GB hard disk in windows 2000 & Linux Environment

This is a hardware and OS limitation. Check for a BIOS update for your motherboard to enable 48-bit addressing or buy a separate ATA controller that can handle drives over 137GB.

You can enable 48-bit LBA in Windows 2000 via registry if it is not turned on during the install by default. You need SP3 or above for this.

Linux supports 48-bit addressing if you have kernel 2.4.18 or newer.
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i am using a medion laptop 1.8ghz 128ram xp home. i reformatted the hard drive and can longer put it into standby or it wont enter standby when i close the lid. any help, medion helpline is useless

A:cannot enable standby

In order for Stand By / Hibernate / Low Power mode, all of you hardware drivers have to support it.

Sounds like you had all the correct hardware drivers but when you re-installed, there using "default" generic drivers that don't support this option.

I would go to the manufacturer of your laptop web site and download all of the hardware drivers and install of them for your laptop. This should get power management to work again.
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I recently purchased and installed a brand new 12.7mm slimline CD-RW for my laptop.

The device works absolutely fine when Windows XP has loaded up, but I can't seem to actually boot from the darn thing (i.e. by inserting a bootable CD, and then restarting the computer).

I've been into my system bios (by pressing F2), and have looked everywhere for a way to change my IDE settings, but to no avail.

I've made sure that my boot sequence includes the CD-RW as the first device, but it still just says that the secondary IDE channel is disabled.

I just don't know what to do !

I can change the IDE setting without any difficulty from my desktop (which also runs Windows XP), but my laptop's sytem config. just won't give me the same options.

Does anyone know of any other way to solve this problem??

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

A:Can't enable my secondary IDE channel

Any info about the laptop would be greatly appreciated too !
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I have managed to set up my wireless connection now both machines are constantly connected with wireless cards to my Vigor wireless router It appeard to work fine I have not yet managed to share files but that is next on the list My question is in order to allow my kids to use windows messenger I had to turn off the firewall that comes with the router Im sure this is a bad thing but I cannot find simple instructions to let me turn it on I got a link to some info but I could not locate the settings it referred to It cant be too hard any help appreciated Also I used firewall with messenger Enable windows the settings and transfer wisard in xp when I put in a new HD in Enable firewall with windows messenger my kids machine and said yes to all files and settings I was hoping that everything would transfer but no such luck I have had to reinstall most stuff The other HD is still there set to slave where are the settings hidden as Im going to have to do the same to mine if I ever get the replacement Asus board from dabs Do I need to get something like Ghost to do what I am trying nbsp

A:Enable firewall with windows messenger

I think you just need to enable the port that MSN Messenger uses in your router firewall. I'm not exactly sure right now as to which one that is, but when I have more time I will search for it.
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WhatsApp's coveted calling feature is finally ready for primetime. After rolling out to a select few users earlier this month, the feature appears to be ready for users worldwide - but there's apparently a clever trick you need to use to enable it. ...

Read more

A:WhatsApp calling comes to Android, but you'll need a friend to help you enable it

The 'passing on' feature has been shut. Those people who had this feature aren't able to pass it on to others now. But they can call others and talk.
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The next major version of VLC's venerable media player will support Google Chromecast. News of the addition was found in a recent VLC changelog that details the changes between version 2.2 and version 3.0 of the popular open-source, cross-platform media...

Read more

A:VLC 3.0 to enable Chromecast support across many devices

So if I decided to stream something to my tv with this device, bandwith gets used right? My ISP is comcast. Sadly.
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Where can I get the serial number required for this download please?

A:Serial number for Photoshop download

You have to buy a key here.
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I cannot find a phone number or chat window to ask them for support for a software download problem I'm having from software on their website. Any ideas?

A:TechSpot support phone number

"A problem occurred while extracting some files. Check available space on your computer and the write privileges on the destination folder" I have lots of space (brand spanking new desktop) but don't know what the write priviledges are.
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Please I can,t read my email in Arabic , I have message im my email from 2004 in arabic and it,s shown to me as langue I don't understand ????? please help me ?

it show like this " "

A:I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

For starters, what operating system are you using?
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I have a user who uses Word 2007 on Windows XP and when he pritns to a network printer (HP 4730) the default number of copies changes. Is there a way to set the default to 1 and have it stay there?

Uploaded with
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Windows Mail Windows Calendar Outlook Express was sacked by the advent of Windows Vista which first appeared in the new program quot How Windows Windows + 7 enable Mail Calendar to Windows Mail quot improved version of the old OE Unfortunately Windows basic installation does not contain any mail client quot Windows Live Mail quot which is part of a special quot Live Essentials suite quot did not come across well received by most users Some How to enable Windows 7 Mail + Windows Calendar traces Mail and still exist in Windows Program Files Windows Mail Vista Mail extracted installation v can be perfectly installed and activate in Windows using the CMD command In addition this guide includes download and install and activate Windows Calendar within the mail From my DepositFile storage without captcha and waiting download install Windows Windows Mail Calendar complete PDF instructions with pictures MB Serbian English Code http dfiles eu files vj ca jl Open the RAR folder Windows Mail and give the path to be extracted in C Users your-name-PC Downloads Run CMD Command Prompt must right click Run as Administrator copy-paste the following text to CMD cd C Users your-name-PC Downloads TutReWinMail Press-Enter below again Copy-paste the following text to CMD winmail press the Enter-follow developments in CMD and Enter Enter finally accept that the restart CMD to offer Now in that same folder - C Program Files Windows Mail - see the complete installation of Windows Mail Right-click WinMail -application and optionally create a shortcut on your desktop Start Windows Mail created with icons follow the standard procedure mail account And of course opens the main window of Windows Mail nbsp

A:How to enable Windows 7 Mail + Windows Calendar

Windows Calendar...
For now an option (button) Windows Calendar by the arrow is not active yet-not:

Open the archive-(2 Windows Calendar)-copy the folder: (Windows Calendar) - and paste to :
(C:\Program Files):

Of course,here,click Continue-and-paste finish. Open-(WinCalEdit)-folder and run the reg-file :

Now you can start the Windows Calendar :

Also it directly from Windows mail to :

In Control Panel you can now see that Windows Mail default :

the same for the Windows Calendar :