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Audio quality problem

Q: Audio quality problem

I have an MSI motherboard RS482M2 with built in sound( Realtek)using RealtekALC658C audio codec. The problem is when I play audio on winamp 5.112
there are kinda "Blips" heard now and then. The same isnt heard on windows media player.(all though rarely it is heard here also) I tried adjusting the buffer length and prebuffer in Winamp but it didnt work. How do i remove these annoying blips from comming?Also what is the optimum setting of the buffer lenght's for winamp for excellent audio quality?
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Preferred Solution: Audio quality problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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After updating my Windows bit Home Edition with the anniversary update I realized that the sound quality declined slightly The difference is not too big but as a musician I feel it clearly I am focusing on headphone usage switching to problem Realtek audio after HD W10 quality Play B&O Annivers... built-in speakers the difference is less sensible The sound level decreased significantly I had to raise the volume bar from to - to have the same volume Also the overall quality richness stereophonic effect reverberation is decreased by - The sound became a little bit blunt compared to the state before updating the system nbsp I removed deleted the software driver completely and tried all versions of available drivers published on HP support page related to my notebook the result is the same nbsp Realtek HD Audio Driver nbsp versions which I tried - - nbsp - - - - nbsp My system nbsp HP Pavilion t M H AV L S Realtek HD Audio ALC with B amp O Play nbsp Any comments are welcome
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Hi there the newer smart phones have nice powerful processors in them so I was wondering if the DAC Digital Analog converters in these are as good as the ones in a typical LAPTOP computer set up -- bog standard on board sound from a laptop computer -- not high end specialized studio stuff etc My Galaxy audio audio PC vs phone Quality Smart LAPTOP standard of III S phone can play FLAC files and plugging the output into Quality of Smart phone audio vs standard LAPTOP PC audio a DECENT set of speakers appears to me to be just as good if not better than the same sound played from the computer - a relatively decent laptop computer Sony VAIO VPCEH with Intel I processor I tested this by connecting the phone DIRECTLY to the pre-amp with the music Quality of Smart phone audio vs standard LAPTOP PC audio on the phone's micro sdhc card Had I done it via the USB then that might Quality of Smart phone audio vs standard LAPTOP PC audio have needed another DAC conversion so the test cases wouldn't have been the same I use a phone app WINAMP PRO just like the PC version so I can use Folders directories to play the music and it can play FLAC too -- a lot of music phone apps lack this facility which is a shame I like also the quot play by folders quot too -- as I have a lot of Audio books -- saves endless tagging and creating playlists albums --Just point winamp to the directory or file and play it I find also streaming music from the phone to the receiver device seems to work better than messing around with pc software too -- especially on a laptop Another app here -- OrangeSqueeze in conjunction with SQUEEZEPLAYER -does the job of the logitech squeeze server on the laptop The phone will stream music from a Network or any acessible drive to the player device s -- no prob but use the Wifi on the phone --not the DATA content from the phone company otherwise your Bank balance will diminish faster than Spain's Economy Anybody else finding these sorts of apps are replacing similar laptop stuff note high end gear and computers are a different ballgame I used to be very sceptical of smartphones --even have some posts on the forum saying I'd never buy them -- however I have to eat my own words -- the latest crop with the latest Android version are incredibly useful now and possibilities seem quite exciting with what you can do with them Seems to me that we don't need to do much Multi-media streaming from W in the future as your phone will handle it Perhaps Ms is getting this right by gradually withdrawing a lot of multimedia in the standard version of W cheers jimbo

A:Quality of Smart phone audio vs standard LAPTOP PC audio

I have a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and a new iPad3, but I would never consider them my "primary" audio playback devices.
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Windows 7 64-bit I'm using an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor My audio is working, but I'm getting "popping" noises every 15-30 seconds and it's really bothering me. I updated to the latest driver for Realtek AC'97 and I insalled the Realtek HD Audio drivers, but only the AC'97 shows up in the device manager. When I got to add/remove programs, it shows that HD Audio can be uninstalled, but I don't know if that means it's working. From reading around on the internet, some people said the HD Audio driver solved their problem, but I'm not sure if mine is actually working or not. I don't know much about computers, so please spell things out explicitly for me so I can just follow directions.
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I was wondering how to achive the best audio quality(witch player should i use,What codecs and so on)
My gear is nothing to brag about:Acer aspire E 15 and two Bose speakers.
DFX Audio Enhancer installed Combined with Aimp4.
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What is the best possible audio quality (bitrate, format, etc...) combination out there?

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The audio that come out sounds pretty bad. ive changed the bit into the maximum, 24 bit but it still sounds crisp. what can i do? Thanks in advancesound driver: realtek high definiton
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just got a refurbished dell latitude d620, it is upgraded to win 7, since dell doesnt make a win 7 audio driver for this model the geniric microsoft audio driver was used, the sound works but sounds terrible, static, noise, choppy, i tried vista, xp and sigmatel hd drivers, they all work but sound the same, any ideas?

A:poor audio quality

Your system is not compatible for Windows 7 since there is no audio drivers for Windows 7. If the system is compatible with Windows Vista or XP I recommend sticking with that.
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Recently I noticed that my sound volume has fallen drastically. This is so whether I'm using the speakers or my earphone. I also notice that the audio quality of my mp3s have been affected.
- I've ajusted the volume control in the accessories section to the max
- I've re-installed a upadated version on my media player ( Winamp)
- Winamp volume is set to max / speakers and earphones as well
Nothing seems to help.

I use a PC133 - M758+ Series System Board with an onboard sound card
Hope I've provide enough information. Any suggessions Please
(I'm a newbie at this )
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Hi everyone.
Just after a bit of advice really !
I just got my first MP3 player (well, 2nd, but 1st was my mobile phone and only held 15 tracks )
I have ripped lots of my cds to MP3 format, WMA format (both 128kbps and variable-40-75 kbps) and maybe its just my ageing hearing, but although i can notice a very slight difference in quality between the first 2, i can not hear any difference between the 2 WMA bit rates.
Just wondering why this would be as a track at 128 is 4529 KB and at 40-75 is only 2800 KB.
Your thiughts would be most welcome !!

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I am the proud owner of a 250 g5 notebook for roughly a month now. Everything is working perfect except for the fact that when i want to connect my notebook to my audio setup via the aux port, the quality is very poor. I have tested this on different speakers and the quality sounds way worse than my phone, tv, old computer or any other device with an auxilary output. I have installed new Realtek drivers, but this does not seem to solve the problem. I hope that someone can help me out here.
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I downgraded from Vista to XP a couple months ago but haven t had the oppurtunity to play with my webcam audio feature until now I m on an Acer Aspire Laptop with a built in cam and mic I had a great audio quality on Vista Now suddenly my audio quality is very poor not so much in the fact that it doesn t sound good but that you can barely hear it Again it worked great on Vista Now I ve tried playing with all the settings I ve spent a lot of time tweaking things but nothing fixes it I think Quality on Audio Poor mic it may have something to do with the gay RealTek Audio Manager which I d like to get rid of but don t know how My audio quality is just very very muffled and low-toned In Master Volume I am using advanced settings and I have everything turned up full blast In the Poor Audio Quality on mic mic s advanced settings Poor Audio Quality on mic Bass and Treble are both set to as low as possible and it doesn t allow me to move them or change them As for drivers according to driveragent com these are the only drivers which are out of date or missing - Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus missing - Intel R GBM GHM ICH -M Family Serial ATA Storage Controller - C - USB Video Device - Broadcom x Integrated Controller - Intel R G ICH Family PCI Express Root Port - D - Intel R G ICH Family PCI Express Root Port - D - Intel R GBM ICH -M LPC Interface Controller - B - SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller - USB Composite Device There must be something that s not right or I m missing PLEASE PLEASE help me out here or I may think about switching back to Vista nbsp

A:Poor Audio Quality on mic

Come on. No one can even help me on THIS?
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I'm on an HP laptop. I've noticed a problem where my speakers constantly sound like they're not pushing out what they are truly capable of. They sound slightly muffled and guitars don't come through as loud as they should. What I've noticed is that everything sounds great through headphones, but there is also a strange thing I should mention.

Let's say I'm listening to Led Zeppelin... The sound is muffled and what not but if I go into the "My Music" folder and then double click the "Alter Bridge" folder that holds the song I'm listening to (normally in a subfolder, the album), the audio clears up and sounds awesome. But I have to do this for every song (or audio clip) I listen to. Any help?
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I know absolutely nothing about Audio. I know that my speaker set up has a subwoofer. That it connects to the back of my computer through a black, green and orange 3-way spliced cable. I know I took the computer apart to move it to a new case and that's when it started. I use the on board sound card to an ASUS A8N32 SLI board with the proper sound driver.

The assistance feature for the less informed, like myself, says there's something wrong with my green cable. There doesn't seem to be any tears or weak connections.

As for the problem itself. Sound is mildly distorted. There's severe bass tones? where there shouldn't be. Half of the sounds from 3d games like Oblivion, do not register.

A:Poor quality Audio

You should have a Realtek Aux console. Start/Programs/Realtek===> some drop down menu. In there you can set-up your speakers for 2.1, 3.1, 5.1 etc. also there should be a graphics equalizer where you can set base or there can be a tab just for setting how much sub-woofer (volume and cross-over frequency) I set my cross-over at 60Hz.

You need to tell it how many speakers you have, then set your sub-woofer and you should be ok.
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I have the Beats by Dre audio software/hardware on my laptop and it sounded great but all of a sudden, some months ago, the audio became very poor. It's quite tinny and very quiet. I feel like it may have occurred after a system/OS update but can;t say for sure. I constantly connect it to a bluetooth speake ror use headphones but it's becoming a pain. I should've dealt with it right away but didn't. any ideas?
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My user says I'm a "Windows 7 Professional" but I've got a Windows Vista Home Basic too and I was wondering if any of you guys can tell me how to get rid of this "Audio Problem" that I'm having . First, I'm listening to the song that's playing like it should . Second, it's at the end of the song . Third, it stops and makes a crackling sound and goes at the end of the song . If you know what I'm talking about, please tell me how to stop this nonsense .

A:I'm Having Poor Audio Quality!

How about more details?

On 1 song or all songs?

Always at the same point in a given song?

On mp3s, waves, or any file format?

Is this a recent development?

What player are you using?

If it's a recent development and everything was fine at one time, how has your PC been altered since everything was fine? New hardware? Software updates?

Etcetera. More info needed.
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I have the Beats by Dre audio software/hardware on my laptop and it sounded great but all of a sudden, some months ago, the audio became very poor. It's quite tinny and very quiet. I feel like it may have occurred after a system/OS update but can;t say for sure. I constantly connect it to a bluetooth speake ror use headphones but it's becoming a pain. I should've dealt with it right away but didn't. any ideas?
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I got Pavilion X2 three days ago. I installed needed drivers through HP assist. But whenever I listen to music with headphones, the audio quality becomes bad, lack of bass and clarity. I checked B&O play and the headphones setting is faded and it says device unplugged although I have plugged well. Is that audio driver problem? Or just the beo play software itself?

A:Headphone Audio Quality is Freakingly bad

Thank you for visiting the HP Forums!I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion x2 Notebook and the sound quality not the greatest. You could try:1. Right click the Speaker icon in the bottom right corner by your time.2. Click Playback Devices.3. Click Speakers.4. Click properties.5. Click the advanced tab on the Properties window.6. Change the Default Format drop-down to the highest quality.7. Apply the properties.8. Click OK to close the properties window. Restart your Notebook and try the sound. If that does not help.Here is troubleshooting for this issue with Windows 10. Restart your Notebook.  Please let me know how this goes. You can say thanks easily by clicking the Thumbs Up below Thanks.
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How is the audio quality over on lumia 950 and 950xl over headphones?Is it better that 1020 or older lumia phones?How does it compare with lg v10 for example which has a dedicated hi-fi dap?
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Stereo mix IDT Hi Def audio bad quality sound recording The sound quality when recording Stereo Mix (IDT High Def) is really poor and "tinny" soundingAppreciate anyone with solution.

A:stereo mix IDT Hi Def audio bad quality sound

Hi @chris2001net, Thank you for joining the HP Forums!  I saw your post on how you are getting bad quality sound with your HP Envy 15-j144na Notebook. I am happy to help you with this issue!  Please try the steps within this guide, No Sound or Distorted Sound from Speakers (Windows 10). And, let me know the results!  If this, or any of the posts on this thread, has helped you to resolve the issue, please click on Accept as Solution on said post. To show that you 'like', or are thankful of my post, kindly click the thumbs up below. If there is anything else I can do to help, please be sure to let me know! Hope this guide helps, and thank you for posting!
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when i try to record "what i hear" i have to uncheck the stereo mix mute in the options of the control panel of the drivers, but whats the problem.. when i record what i hear sound i got very low quality.. i tryed to record with differend extensions as mp3 and wav but the result is the same.. i think that the problem are the Realtek HD Audio Drivers so please help..

i use winxp home edition sp2 and for record focus mp3 recorder pro and fraps (get the same results)

thnx in advance, jREV

A:Realtek HD Audio Drivers: low quality

What is your computer's make and model? You can go to the manufacturer's support website and download and install the latest audio drivers. Is XP fully updated from Microsoft's Update website?
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Since installing Windows 8, the audio quality in any MP4 files is distorted and echoes.

This happens regardless of what player I use to view them (You Tube, iTunes, Media Player). If I play a professional video in You Tube it is OK.

All other types of video are fine and all other sound output is fine.

If I transfer the same video to my HTC phone the sound quality is normal.

Can anyone help please????
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during the last weeks the audio quality output of my Inspiron 660 has got worse.
Either when I use the headphones or a speaker, both front panel or rear panel connected, it happens that the sound distorts, or switch mono to stereo and vice-versa, or it happens also that the volume go up and down or that. That  happens  with any kind of source (radio, youtube, audiofiles, spotify,...) and if I listen to the same source with my tablet or smartphone, sound is ok.
Drivers are updated.
I'm not an expert of pc stuffs, I'm just thinking to buy a new sound card.
What do you think, can someone help me?
Thank you

A:Inspiron 660, Windows 10, Bad audio quality

Did you install this conexant audio driver dated 10/16/13?Audio_Driver_9VFXH_WN_8.50.12.0_A00.EXEYes, you could disable the onboard audio in the Bios- Advanced field and then add any PCIe x1 sound card to one of the three PCIe x1 motherboard slots.
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I m having an annoying problem using FRAPS to record footage from games the video works fine and the audio records I ve seen a lot of people having problems with FRAPS failing to record sound around the net but while playing back the recording the quality audio recordings Low FRAPS in quality of the audio is really bad and crackles often My sound card is integrated - a SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio - which I thought might be the problem but when I recorded and played back a song using the Windows Sound Recorder the quality was fine which makes me suspect it s a problem with FRAPS rather than my sound card Like I said my sound card is a SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio on a P B Deluxe Low quality audio in FRAPS recordings WiFi-AP motherboard I m using the registered version of Fraps the latest version as well as the latest sound drivers v for Windows XP bit Any assistance or ideas on how to fix the low quality of FRAPS s audio would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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The dell audio driver for the realtek soundcard in my laptop is very bad, it delivers a dull sound, with almost no bass and really loud on high frequencies.

In other thread someone suggested using windows native driver and that works but:
I use a p2 headset with mic and that does not work with windows driver (mic + audio in the same p2 pin)
Is there anyway to use windows native driver and make the headset mic work?

Why does dell release such a bad quality driver since the hardware is perfectly capable of delivery good sound? 


A:Low quality audio inspiron 5437

hugorafael17Is there anyway to use windows native driver and make the headset mic work?
hugorafael17The dell audio driver for the realtek soundcard in my laptop is very bad, it delivers a dull sound, with almost no bass and really loud on high frequencies.
If you have WavesMaxx make sure that is not the problem. It only works with the Realtek driver, not the native, so try disabling its settings.
Or you could try a driver directly from Realtek.
1.Go to the Realtek downloads selection page. On the page click on "High Definition Audio Codecs".3. Check "I accept" and then "next".4. (optional) In the column named "Description" find the file named README and download it. That has the instructions for installing or updating.5. In the column named "Description" select your operating system and whether it is 32bits or 64bits from the top 2 choices in the list.6. In the column named "Download" click on one of the server names to download the driver.
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My audio and video quality has recently gotten very bad. It keeps breaking up, stopping mid-stream and sound is terrible. This is for streaming and playing back music.

A:Poor audio/video quality

My audio and video quality has recently gotten very bad. It keeps breaking up, stopping mid-stream and sound is terrible. This is for streaming and playing back music.Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer.I can understand your stress when things stop working as they should.I would like to offer you some assistance with your computer problem, but to make my job easier I would need to know some information about your computer.So introduce us please.Computer make and model number please.Video card and sound card information would be helpful as well.As much as I'd say your video may be an over heating problem, its not common for sound cards to act up, but just the same I have to ask when is the last time you performed any internal computer house keeping?If its been a while, I would suggest you open that computer up if it is a desktop type and inspect cooling fans and heat sinks for dust build up.If we're dealing with a laptop, those can still accumulate dust build up, a can of compressed air will sometimes do the trick with blowing out laptop computers.If you need further instructions please ask, help is a key stroke away.Bruce.
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Hello forum,

I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate(32-bit).I earlier had Windows XP Professional 32-bit OS and it was working perfectly.Since i installed Win 7..the quality of the audio is pretty bad(not so sharp,clear).I have an on board realtek audio chipset(mobo from intel).
I checked the speakers,the were perfectly ok.Any Help would be much apprtiated.

Thank you

A:Poor Audio Quality in Windows 7

Have you downloaded and installed the latest Realtek audio driver from Intel for your particular motherboard?
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Hello guys In the other forum that I do participate I found a tutorial about the Realtek HD Quality! Sound Realtek HD Audio Improve Audio RHDA chipsets Making the long history Improve Realtek HD Audio Sound Quality! short all RHDA have a paid driver for the Gigabyte mobos that makes then emulate a X-Fi sound card Of curse it is not a quality of a real X-Fi but I could see a small change in the sound quality The original post Apr Realtek R VIA HD Audio driver for X-Fi MB Software Can't believe how stupid some people Improve Realtek HD Audio Sound Quality! are X-Fi MB is much like a Winamp audio enhancement plug-in and provides better effects than Realtek It does improve your sound experience However this is not a hardware upgrade does not improve RMAA tests and won't make the built-in DACs better Don't you believe me Get a loopback cable disable all effects configure the mixer accordingly and do the tests yourself If you still cannot understand this sorry for you Some people are so easy to cheat Read reviews learn and maybe some day you'll understand Finally the X-Fi MB costs way expensive for an audio plugin For Newegg you can buy an Audigy SE and enjoy incredibly better sound than a codec can provide EDIT for a good laugh Mussels Aussie Moderator TPU Forums quot Yes its true it wont do any hardware changes or any big upgrades but if you're changing the sound profile via EQ's and the equaliser i'm sure the RMAA results would change somewhat quot OMG LOL Do you even know what RMAA is for Please read all the docs at http audio rightmark org download shtml From RMAA manual quot For higher precision disable all equalizer D effects and such quot From X-Fi RMMA guide by Creative quot Disable All Effects including CMSS- D EAX -bit Crystalizer Graphic Equalizer THX Setup quot From Audigy ZS RMAA guide by Creative quot Disable All Effects including CMSS- D EAX Karaoke Equalizer THX Setup and Speaker Calibration quot Link to the first idea Realtek R X-Fi mod driver - techPowerUp Forums I hope you alll enjoy this as I do Cheers

A:Improve Realtek HD Audio Sound Quality!

The link doesn't works:

Please read all the docs at
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I just began to use this Spectre x360 convertible for audio playback through my stereo.  It sounded terrible as if the speakers were out of phase.  All of the audio checked out and sounded fine with the same connection wire from my iPhone.  I then tried several sets of headphones with the Spectre and they, too, sound terrible.  I updated all drivers through HP support assistant to no avail. This is an important use for me and I can't yet find a resolution. Thank you.
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Hello. Hoping someone can help me. Since upgrading my Windows 7 to Windows 10, I've had audio problems. At first the audio quality was terrible (hissing, crackling) so I uninstalled and reinstalled my NVIDIA drivers. This fixed the problem but now I find that the audio quality gets worse over time. Once I reboot it goes back to pristine quality and that lasts a day or two but slowly the quality gets worse with more crackling. It's very annoying.

Any idea what's going on? Is it somehow tied to my RAM or some kind of cache that builds up over time?

I'm a noob so bear with me!
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I just bought a new laptop and tried the HDMI, but there is no audio and the image is poor.

It's an Asus X501A with Pentium 2020M Ivy Bridge and Intel HD Graphics.

I tried changing the output resolution, to tweak the audio properties, etc.

No success.

Any idea?


A:HDMI on TV no audio, poor quality image

Video and sound are separate, although both should be in the HDMI signal - IF THE PC Supports this.

When you plug in the HDMI cable most system will change the default audio playback device to HDMI. However, it sounds like yours is not doing this. With the HDMI cable plugged in, go to the Sound Panel, Playback section. the HDMI should be set as the default Playback device.

If you still cannot get HDMI audio, contact ASUS, since this is a new PC (or the place where you purchased it).
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My audio sounds slightly distorted especially the high frequencies while listening to MP s at a normal listening volume and there s some air noise only when a song is playing A sound quality Poor card? audio - the Is it The Source CD had copy guard protection which distorts sound quality when transferred to a computer B The songs were recorded at too low of a quality because the person who made them was frugal with HDD space C The Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card? sound card is of poor Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card? quality and isn t quot rendering quot the sounds correctly If quot C quot is correct as I suspect what sound card would you recommend I listen to Music and watch DVD s on my system I m not really into Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card? gamming I m looking for high quality and willing to pay a little more for it I would like Dolby SS support I have heard that Audiogy SP is pretty good there s like different grades of it though so I m a bit unsure of which is right for me Any help is greatly appreciated as usual nbsp

A:Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card?

You probably can't go wrong with the Audigy cards or any of the middle to top end Sound Blasters. The cheaper SB's give distortions- that you may be experieincing- on some mother boards. I have a little machine in the bed room with one in there and the voices sound like robots many times.

Check out Turtle Beach. They have good cards for a little money and the sound control software is pretty cool. They usually ship with mixers and custom stuff in the software bundle. I have a old Quadzilla 2 in the game machine here and it's still kicking. This one doesn't do surround sound from the CD player but the new ones do. My neighbors can hear Godsmack from across the street when I wind this one up.

Bottom line. Stay with the well known sound guys and you should do ok without having to hire a research team to compare products. Be willing to drop a couple hundred geeta on a card and you'll be in business.

Don't forget to have good speakers.
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Hello nbsp As a musician I like to Poor All-In-One on quality Audio Microphone HP PC. 23-R115a use the Voice Recorder nbsp app in Windows to do quick recordings of musical inspiration when the moments presents Poor Microphone Audio quality on HP 23-R115a All-In-One PC. itself I then store these 'Draft' musical ideas into my professional Recording Software package Cakewalk Sonar X nbsp nbsp I have a HP -R a All-In-One PC Using the Poor Microphone Audio quality on HP 23-R115a All-In-One PC. following AMD High Definition Audio Device Audio Codec Realtek ALC -CG and I find that the audio quality of the resultant m a files are really bad quality and super lossy with heaps of compression artifacts nbsp It's important to note that nbsp he playback within Voice Recorder is crap from the outset nbsp so it's not the Cakewalk software nbsp Is there a way I can edit alter re-define the Microphone recording parameters nbsp I've tried changing the audio quality of nbsp these options nbsp in the Microphone properties via Control Panel as well as update the driver but there is no change to poor quality nbsp nbsp nbsp TIA
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so i was talking to a friend a week ago about tech stuff and he showed me his new issue Macbook Pro Notwithstanding some awful issues they do have he was amazed at the sound so Audio Windows notebook MBP that beats Quality? 15 I took a test drive I agree the speaker audio fidelity and quality is superb - the best I have heard on any notebook in the last years or so I have no idea what magic they did to get the volume range separation etc so well-executed in something that is as thin or thinner than say my zenbook ux awful embarassing audio Windows notebook that beats MBP 15 Audio Quality? But apple Windows notebook that beats MBP 15 Audio Quality? has experience anyone listened to the el cheapo first generation iPad Mini the audio volume and quality beats every notebook in the class and is on par with the newish Air which is better but not by much those who had the earlier ' models are stunned also they made huge improvement and really Windows notebook that beats MBP 15 Audio Quality? didn't say much about it in the specs etc released What Intel Microsoft notebook of comparable size can match it
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I have alot of mp4 music videos that I would like to convert to wav or flac. Can anyone recommend the best software for doing this on windows 8?

A:Best video to high quality audio converter

For free software try this (Format Factory 3.0.1) it dose almost every format.
Download link FormatFactory - CNET
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I am running an AMD 2700+ on a MSI K7N2 Delta motherboard with 512mb of ram. Video Card is an ATI All in Wonder 9000. When I play a CD in either drive (Lite-on 52x24x52 CD Burner or Lite-on DVD-Rom ) The audio pops and scratches like I was playing a vinyl record on a phonograph. I tried different cd's and the same thing happens. All the CD's I tried were CD's I Bought in the store not burned. I checked all my sound settings and I enabled DMA on both CD-Roms and still the same thing. I disconnected the analog audio cables inside the computer to see if that was the problem and no luck. Any suggestions????

Thanks in advance

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Hi to all channels.? without quality decrease losing How to audio seven forums hope all will be fine guys I extracted an audio from a mkv movie using mkv merge gui and this is the audio status Complete name The Green Hornet p BRRip mkv Format Matroska File size MiB Duration h mn Overall bit rate Kbps Encoded date UTC - - Writing application mkvmerge v 'Language' built on Mar Writing library libebml v libmatroska v Audio ID Format AC- Format Info Audio Coding Mode extension CM complete main Codec ID A AC Duration h mn Bit rate mode Constant How to decrease audio quality without losing channels.? Bit rate Kbps Channel s channels Channel positions Front L C R Side L R LFE Sampling rate KHz Stream size MiB Language English How to decrease audio quality without losing channels.? now I wanted to How to decrease audio quality without losing channels.? convert it in some lower bit rate which were exactly decreasing the size of it that is I wanted to do but the problem is if I convert it to any audio format it will be done with only channels audio I want to decrease some of its bitrates size like kbps or kbps with the channels plz guide me how I do that job

A:How to decrease audio quality without losing channels.?

To mess with more than two channels, you might actually have to pay for a program that can do it. I believe Nero has a wave editor that supports six channels in their multimedia packs. Sorry this isn't much help.
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Checking my audio quality levels, I noticed my default setting was 24bit 48000hz (studio quality.) Is that a setting I should continue using?

The only sound output device i'm using are only a pair of Skullcandy ear phones, in-regards to that i'm assuming such a level isn't needed for playback.

So can anyone recommend me a level I should use that will be the most appropriate for my earphones?

Please respond as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.
-Arcturus Fyr

A:The audio quality I need for video and game playback.

That's very dificult to say, it depends on to many factors. From how sensitive your ears are to how detailed sound in games is. It could be different in different games. Best thing is to keep lowering until it's unsatisfactory for you. I don't think it matters a lot to game's performance, if that's what concerns you. Those settings for sound are all "up to", if something is recorded in low format, no settings in reproduction are going to make it better.
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ok this problem has been plaging me for years. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 windows 8.1.

The sound quality is awful.
As far as I can remember is it bad in windows 7.

Contextant driver is bad and so is windows 8.1 generic driver.

please help

A:Satellite Pro U400 - audio quality not good

To be honest, I have no idea what you mean exactly by ?quality is awful?.
I owned an Satellite U400 notebook is the past and I have to say that the sound quality was good enough.

The Satellite U400 is a small 13.3? notebook and the speakers were fitted to the notebook dimensions.
The Conexant sound chip is part of the motherboard and you will not be able to replace it.

If you want to use another sound card, you can try to use an external USB audio interface.
I use such external sound solution for my home recording studio.

The audio interface is connected to notebook?s USB port and the external speakers are commenced to the external audio interface.

By the way: Satellite U400 isn't is the list of Win 8.1 supported notebooks... so you will not find any Win 8.1 drivers for this unit on Toshiba driver website.
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Do Audio Video Cables Quality matter much?

for example with Coax i know the gold connectors worked better then silver connectors. So my question is do the cables red yellow and white connectors have high and low quality cables or they all the same. If they have high quality cables what are the names of them and where can i find them.

A:Do Audio Video Cables quality matter much?

Red,White audio RCA are much the same.
It's haveing and useing a SVHS video cable instead of Yellow RCA.
If your TV has it for VCR's etc.that have it out.
But it also depends where you are.This is a N American reply,not GB.
Add your location to your Profile.
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i just bought my pavilion laptop yesterday to replace my hp pavilion envy dv6 and the audio quality is very poor on my new laptop. its very tinny and noticabely lower quality than i had before. The audio settings also only account for one studio quality Hz setting, which does not offer me te ability to change it as other have been suggested to, i have downloaded the latest drivers and am very unsatisfied with the speaker quality. its hard to enjoy anything im watching or listening to as account of them. help would be appreciated, thank you.
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I recently purchased an Insipron 14z 5423 running Windows 8.  I've generally found the sound quality coming from the laptop speakers (I have yet to try it with headphones or external speakers) to be mediocre-to-poor.  The volume is barely, if at all, inaudible with the volume slider set at under 50% (and not all that loud even when the slider is at the highest volume) and the sound is generally tinny and of poor quality.  I don't know whether there might be software fixes such as other drivers that might help (I downloaded the most recent version of the IDT driver), whether my speakers are defective, or whether this is just how the speakers on this system are.  If anyone has advice/insight, please let me know.

A:Inspiron 14z 5423: poor audio quality/volume

Hi dontstopbelieving,
Thank you for the update. Good to know that you updated the audio drivers. As mentioned in the post, I request you to check with external speakers or ear phones.  Revert with the status to assist you further.
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About one week ago from today's date my computer automatically updated from W 10 Upgrade Terrible Windows / Sound Quality - Audio to Windows 10 Upgrade / Audio Sound - Terrible Quality W and since Windows 10 Upgrade / Audio Sound - Terrible Quality then the audio speaker sound quality has noticeable nbsp dissipated nbsp Previously I enjoyed a listening to music with a stereo sound quality and since the update the sound quality mimics a transistor radio AM nbsp I have went into the device manager scanned for hardware updates uninstalled and reinstalled the driver changed the sample rate and bit depeth within the Playback devices tab reached out to MS for answers nbsp Unfortunately nothing is working and I believe the solution is to update the sound card from the Manufacturer nbsp I have input my model type in the HP support and driver download section but I do not know which specific software to choose nbsp Also I have referred to my HP assistant icon and it tells me everything is update to date for my device nbsp Hopefully someone out there with experience can give me the proper directions to solve the issue I have searched the HP support forum and I see there are others who have had a similar experience nbsp Thank you in advance nbsp JS nbsp

A:Windows 10 Upgrade / Audio Sound - Terrible Quality

Hi: Here is the link to the W10 audio driver from your PC's support page.  Install and restart the PC. This package provides the Tempo High Definition Audio Driver for supported desktop models that are running a supported operating system. File name: sp71717.exe
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I have a Toshiba satelite A30 with a Realtek ac97 audio device.
The audio has been working fine for a few years now, but has recently been producing poor quality sound, like it is saturated.
I have been playing with sound volume, have reinstalled the latest drivers as well as the latest version of directX, but still experience the same problem.
I have also checked if there was a hardware conflict, but nothing shows...

can it be that the hardware is damaged, and i need to buy an external sound card or can this be solved otherwise?

thanks for anyone's help.


A:Realtek ac97 audio - poor quality sound

impossible to buy an external sound card for a laptop. Did you recently update any software or drivers?
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Hello everyone I initially got this laptop in Windows until I upgraded to Windows and reverted back to by mistake This is how my OS change went through Windows Windows Upgrade Clean Install Windows Clean Install Windows Thing is when I upgraded to Windows NOT Clean Install jus upgrade the sound was working as usual once I did the clean install the audio problem started ever since I've tried installing audio drivers provided from Asus website latest driver from Realtek latest driver detected in Software called dp Chip and auto-install from Windows Device Manager And nothing did the trick to restore my audio's original quality Before watching playing games with volume of or was MORE THAN loud enough to shake the entire house but now I can't even be satisfied with Not only the volume decreased and OS install. volume quality clean Audio after quality degraded too I experience less bass than before and audio sound like as if one of my speaker isn't working Did clean installing wipe out something Though I've tried intsalling every single drivers I could find Attached Dxdiag file should you need it to help me out Ask me for Audio quality and volume decreased after OS clean install. more information I could provide Along with Graphical Stutter in-game this issue is driving me crazy help me out here

A:Audio quality and volume decreased after OS clean install.

I'm not too sure, but when I uninstalled every single audio drivers and let the Windows install the drivers automatically, it showed 2 Speakers icon in the playback pane. When I tried testing both devices, I felt like if those 2 work at the same time, sound could sound the same as before. Anyone have an idea how to pull this off?
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This has been a problem for me for a few months now, but it's just getting unbearable.
So, here's the situation:Oftentimes, my headphones give out muffled audio. It makes it virtually impossible to make out human speech, and just generally isn't very good. In the past, I could fix this by adjusting the headphone jack somewhat, but over time I've had to do it more violently and I'm concerned at this point that I'll harm the computer if I continue doing it. Now, whenever it happens, I have to wiggle the jack around with a decent amount of force to get it to work properly.
I'm not particularly good with computer hardware, so I'm not entirely sure what the exact issue could be. If you need any more information, just ask. I'd be happy to provide it. Any help is appreciated.

A:Audio jack giving out muffled, bad quality sound

Nevermind. I just hooked up a pair of speakers with audio ports of their own into the back, and it works pretty well.
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my friend have HP550 laptop and he wanna connect good quality audio system (for house party, something like that), but he's not sure about that move...he thinks that his HP550 won't be able to take the pressure. Well, i'm not sure eather.

He always thinks that somehow his laptop will burst or something, some parts will be destroyed. He's never take any risk.



A:Can i connect HP550 with good quality audio system?

I can't see any problem with connecting your laptop to a good sound system.I would connect a mini mp3 player and expect it to work.The same principle as dropping an ipod into a docking station
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The audio for all media through the speakers will become muffled every few seconds, then revert back to normal quality only to become muffled again. This happens only with the speakers, though, as headphones seem to work fine.

A:Audio on inspiron 13 7000 windows 10 fades in and out, with a muffled quality

 I think I found a fix!

Right click on the speaker icon on the lower right part of your screen (sorry, can't remember the English name for that) and choose "Playback Devices", so you'll get to the Sound menu. Click on the Communications tab. There you'll find a set of options to "When windows detects communication activity:"
Choose "Do nothing".

This solved for me, hope it helps you guys too. Sorry about my English, I am not a native speaker.
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been trying to play my guitar thru the line-in input on my M-audio revolution and I get really bad latency, like loads. enough to make it impossible to play accurately.

Also when I try to record using a Mic in front of an amp, or from the line out socket on a guitar amp into the line-in socket on the card, i have to turn the input level on the card right right down to avoid clipping, and then it sounds rubbish.

Any help would be appreciated as i desperately need to record some guitar tracks for a project im doing.
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HP ENVY TouchSmart -j nr Notebook PC ENERGY STAR Model E A UAWhen Windows was giving a free low not ... Poor working Envy sound, HP 21 quality, Audio Beats Windows upgrade from I upgraded Since then I have had very low sound from only the front speakers near my wrists and low quality like they are from a really old game boy Beats Audio does not work and there are no drivers for it I have scoured the internet for a solution HP Envy 21 Poor quality, low sound, Beats Audio not working ... to my problem but I have not found one I have checked every other week researching I've been in the properties and drivers I even did a Windows Update at the time of installation and have kept it current to see if there is a fix to no avail nbsp HP Doesn't find any updated drivers for my computer for audio Beats Audio has no software or drivers for my computer either Again I have not found the same problem with a solution None have worked so far Please help
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i've run out of space in my pc and flash drives to store anymore files so im using my mp3 player. question is, will storing tehm in it lower the sound quality when i move the audio files back on my pc?

A:Can storing audio files on a mp3 player lower the sound quality?

If the files are simply copied across without any conversion, then no, you won't lose any quality.

If the files are converted to a lower quality format when they are transferred to the mp3 player, eg .wav files to .mp3, or high bitrate mp3 to lower bitrate, then the sound quality will be lower, and cannot be recovered from the converted files if the higher quality originals are deleted.
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Hello, I'm new to this forum, and as such I have no clue where to post this, so, as I'm using vista, I figured I might as well post it here. Mods, please move this to the appropriate forum.

So, I'm using audacity, and recording the audio playing through my computer. Essentially, I'm recording what's coming through my speakers. The sound itself is crisp and clear. Upon playback of the recording, the dialogue is very hollow, and if there's music, the notes have a lot of static with them.
I have tested several things, including changing my Sterio Mix volume and quality. It's currently set at 16 bit 44100Hz. I have tried increasing the Hz, but that actually reduced the quality.

To sum it up, the original output is excellent, but the recording is low quality. Could anyone help with this? Thanks.

A:[SOLVED] Recording audio on computer, poor quality playback.

Wait. Why are you recording your speakers?
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Hi All

i am at the end of my tether with this machine. the sound quality is terrible. the only way i can hear anything is if i am in a silent room and then its difficult to hear. i bought the laptop brandnew so i doubt its the speakers as the sound as always been this bad. i have updated my drivers and still my audio is woeful. please help!



A:poor sound quality Lenovo Ideapad Conexant Audio HD

Originally Posted by mightycee79

Hi All

i am at the end of my tether with this machine. the sound quality is terrible. the only way i can hear anything is if i am in a silent room and then its difficult to hear. i bought the laptop brandnew so i doubt its the speakers as the sound as always been this bad. i have updated my drivers and still my audio is woeful. please help!



Welcome to the forums, you could try installing Dolby Home Theatre 4, installation instructions are in this link:
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Hi guys For some reason my Windows is only offering two types of Default Format only low Format Windows settings! audio 7 offering quality Default for my Windows 7 only offering low quality Default Format audio settings! USB Audio Device driver Telephone quality and Tape Recorder quality Obviously both of these are shockingly bad The thing that makes it worse is that I have just brought a brand new USB Desktop Microphone Logitech USB Desktop Microphone and windows is only offering the same settings as my old Webcam Microphone And it sounds just as bad There is one thing I am confused about though In this video Logitech USB Desktop Microphone working on Windows bit - Windows 7 only offering low quality Default Format audio settings! YouTube The guy is using Windows -bit same as me BUT he has the option to increase the audio quality to DVD quality It's the same exact Microphone same windows and appears to be the same driver I'm running Windows Ultimate -bit so it should include all of the drivers yes Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong Logitech doesn't offer any drivers and the guy in the video mysteriously has the same driver but has more options than me The microphone is just as useless with loud echos and the like as my old Webcam Microphone Thanks for your answers

A:Windows 7 only offering low quality Default Format audio settings!

I couldn't find anything particular on other than one guy complaining about the quality of the playback sound. His post was in 2008 and nobody replied.

Standard trick to reset a driver is: go into Device Manger. Find the device. Right click on it and choose Remove. Reboot. When Windows comes up again it will reinstall the driver. It works a high percentage of the time. But there's no guarantee.

Might be a good idea to make a Restore Point first if you use them. Just to make sure you don't lose ground.
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What is going wrong after soundtrack or music has been added and the clip saved? Frequently music playback in the files converted from a number of formats ( obv. to wmv) is dodgy, choppy or simply not capable of being listened to. Obviously I am at fault. What is being done incorrectly> Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit (warranted no emoticons) Thanks JR

A:Variable to bad playback audio quality in windows live movie maker

[QUOTE=rosjon60;2043464] Frequently music playback in the files converted from a number of formats ( obv. to wmv) is dodgy, choppy or simply not capable of being listened to.

If they are converted from some other format, it could be the program that is converting them. But, was the audio OK in the other formats?
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I have a Toshiba Satellite T110 laptop which has a Conexant pebble high definition smartaudio driver vrs
Every time I install KB3197868 it removes the driver and there is no sound. A restore sorts it out and I have made MS updates prompt for my approval to install, but how do i move forward?
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I'm having problems with my the graphics card on my laptop. It's an APU and I have picture and videos problems. Whenever I watch movies or look at pictures I see most things fuzzy, (if that makes any sense). I tried to watch a DVD and the video quality was unbearable. The most unbelievable thing is it affects picture quality. I can't do anything without poor quality pictures or videos. I have tried installing new drivers and all sorts of things. Is it me or is it my laptop?

My Laptop Specs:

AMD A6 Quad Core APU 1.5Ghz
AMD Radeon HD 6520G
6GB DDR3 Memory 1066Mhz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

A:Graphics Card Picture Quality and Video Quality

Quote: Originally Posted by MarshCaptain


I'm having problems with my the graphics card on my laptop. It's an APU and I have picture and videos problems. Whenever I watch movies or look at pictures I see most things fuzzy, (if that makes any sense). I tried to watch a DVD and the video quality was unbearable. The most unbelievable thing is it affects picture quality. I can't do anything without poor quality pictures or videos. I have tried installing new drivers and all sorts of things. Is it me or is it my laptop?

As you supply no technical information, it's hard to guess.

Is the laptop display running at its native resolution?
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I have two pcs on a wireless network connected to a cable modem. One pc (Thinkpad) has no problem playing internet radio stations through wmp. The other one (Dell 4100) has problems with streaming audio. It can connect to the radio station fine (or download the audio file in either format) but then it keeps buffering while it's playing. I've tried just about everything I can find to fix it: editing the registry (MSoft tech note,) changing the network settings, changing the buffer rate but nothing seems to work. There is more than enough bandwidth to handle the flow of data, plus my cable company says it's not them (of course.) Any help would be really appreciated!


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Whenever I create an audio CD from mp3 files do I get full CD quality? In other words can an mp3 file be converted to a full-quality WAV file, or are some frequencies irretrievably lost in the process?

A:Do mp3 files convert to full-quality WAV files when creating an audio CD?
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I record/produce music using a program called Acid Music Studio. I recently had to get my hard drive wiped because my laptop stopped starting up.

When I first got the laptop in March, I tried using the built-in microphone to record some vocals, but the quality sucked. My assumption was that the default bit rate for recording was low.

I messed with it for a while, and ended up downloading some codec that (I think) made the quality better.

When I got the laptop back, the quality was back to being crappy.

I don't remember what codec I got or even if it was the codec that fixed it to begin with. I know the microphone can record good quality because I recorded 2 and a half EPs with it, and they turned out pretty good.

If someone can help me fix this issue, I can get back to recording.......

Thanks in advance.
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Hi all, my mic works fine on Skype. It sounds loud and clear on Skype but when I am trying it on Voice Recorder and from the sound options in Control Panel it is very low when I play it back. I have the Microphone and Boost slider set all the way. And I have the sliders set up all the way on VIA HD Audio Deck(recently updated). Is there something I am missing? Thanks.

A:Mic Quality problem

Check your VIA HD Audio Deck for the Playback Volume.
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I have win7 ultimate and direct x 11.
My video is very blury. On xp was much better but i still wasnt satisfied.I hoped here will be better but it isnt. Im also having klite installed.
Can you suggest me what to do to make it watchable?

A:video quality problem

The easiest thing to try first would be VLC media player portable from this page:
VideoLAN - Download official VLC media player for Windows

It comes with its own codecs. If that doesn't give a clearer picture then you should post some details about the video, codec used, player etc..

Also you will find more readers heavy into video on this forum
VideoHelp - Forum, Guides, Software and DVD lists
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I have win7 ultimate and direct x 11.
My video is very blury. On xp was much better but i still wasnt satisfied.I hoped here will be better but it isnt. Im also having klite installed.
Can you suggest me what to do to make it watchable?

A:video quality problem

The easiest thing to try first would be VLC media player portable from this page:
VideoLAN - Download official VLC media player for Windows

It comes with its own codecs. If that doesn't give a clearer picture then you should post some details about the video, codec used, player etc..

Also you will find more readers heavy into video on this forum
VideoHelp - Forum, Guides, Software and DVD lists
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hello friends i am new to this site and i realy thanks u for helping each other i also having problem in my os actualy the net is not going fast i am connecting my computer through gprs and i called throug my operaters they said there is problem in ur computer i also find that i install xp upgardation from digit magazine cd it goes wrong i think so is there way to re install windows or i can improve this without doing this i also dont able to run java amplates i am very disappointed with my os so plz tell me how i can improve os quality thanks
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Hi i have a question about LCD Quality im a program i was bought a HR LCD Monitor for my PC it have modes the LCD in have a good quality in images but can not show text perfectly texts have very very smoothing and is not good LCD for me because im a programmer that must work with text and images the LCD in also have a good quality in both image and text in this resolution pixels are very small and LCD view is very sharp i can Monitor quality problem! LCD see pixels gap and i can count LCD pixels i usually need to use and HR is LCD Monitor quality problem! not a good solution for me but dont forget HR is a good LCD for other Support part of HR seller say me that all of quot LCD have a same status and if i need a good text view in resolution then me must buy a quot or quot LCD but both have small viewport area i want know is there any quot or LCD Monitor quality problem! larger LCD monitor that support good text and image quality in mode or maybe they only have a good quality in their native resolutions Thanks for your attention H Ahmadi nbsp

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I have connected the laptop to a docking station The docking station has a connection for quality update problem after Sound a headset external amplifier Ideal for connecting the amplifier Only that connection has no bass anymore The headset connection of the laptop itself does have a nice sound but I hate to keep switching the plug x a day between headset and amp Telephone Amp echo My alarm clock only works with the external speakers but Skype and Softphone want the headset Also I have to switch off the HP speakers in the system and only have the external headset on as since one of the latest updates the internal speakers do not switch off anymore when the headset gets plugged in This has repercussions for audio players and video players as they want their sounds to go through the HP speakers Only VLC mediaplayer has the option to switch between sound channel but I have to change it every time I start up a video Sound quality problem after update Before the update there was an automatic switch and I could Sound quality problem after update leave both of them on and the sound channel was chosen autamtically and would switch to headset when that was plugged in etc nbsp I am using Windows bits and windows is not an option because of various older programmes that would need to be updated if still possible which would be quite costly I noticed something new was installed called SRS Premium Sound Pro Maybe that is the culprit I do not dare changing anything in it nbsp Does anyone know how to debug this
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Hai guys,
Im using x64 Seven with x86 Firefox. ( because I need flash )
but all images are in very poor quality.
in x64 bit browsers shows everything perfectly,
how can I fix this ?
thank you

A:x64 Seven with x86 Firefox - Image Quality Problem

Quote: Originally Posted by aneslin85

Hai guys,
Im using x64 Seven with x86 Firefox. ( because I need flash )
but all images are in very poor quality.
in x64 bit browsers shows everything perfectly,
how can I fix this ?
thank you

1. Firefox doesn't have an official x64 version so don't worry about that.

2. can we see an example?

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I have hp EliteBook 8470p i5-3320m , 8GB ram , Intel HD 4000 graphic card. Problem is MP4 video 1080p and some are not working properly .1, How can i check i have discrete graphics card of AMD Radeon 7570M or not ? as it is not shown in bios and windows device manager ?2,It is possible to upgarde discrete graphic card ?3, Is there any option to chage share memory of intel graphic card 4000?4,If i upgrade 8GB ram to 16GB ram it will be improve  graphics quality or not ?

A:Video and Graphics Quality Problem

There are two types of motherboard for that model. One has only UMA or integrated video and one has switchable discrete video. If your BIOS and device manager is not showing an AMD Radeon video card then you have just the Intel HD4000 series integrated video.  The HD4000 should have no problem with full HD full screen MP4 playback assuming you have the right drivers and video codecs installed. You say that some full HD videos play OK and others not? What video player are you using? Is there any common feature to the ones that play OK and those that do not? To answer, no you cannot change video memory allocation. That is done automatically and there is no adjustment. Plenty of video memory is available so that is not the problem. No there is no way to upgrade the video chip without also changing out the motherboard, which would be very costly. 16 gigs of RAM would not alter the video performance.
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Whenever I watch this video 9MUSES( on second 30 there is an error as shown in this photo (IE/Chrome/Firefox):

However this doesnt happen in my dad's laptop (Windows 7) nor on my netbook (Windows XP), is it a Windows 8 problem or just my pc? I just reformatted because of this problem and it is back again . Also I dont remember seeing this weeks ago (Windows 8)

A:Youtube video quality problem. Is it just me??

It is your video card producing some kind of artifact. Reformat will not help. You might want to download the Video Driver again and re-install it. What resolution did you watch the video with ? 1080P ? 720P ?

It is better if you re-install in safe mode.

Win+C->click on Settings->Click on Power-> Hold down SHIFT key then click on Restart
Click Trouble Shoot->Advanced Option->Startup Settings->Enable Safe Mode then click on Restart
The PC will reboot -> select enable Safe Mode by select the #
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I've made this a little different....

I have problems with my picture quality in-game. I've described it further in this file I'd like you to download.

It's in .rar format and inside there's 13 pictures and a index.html page to assemble them.

In the index.html you can also find further info.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for helping me.

Here it is (click the big image to download): Graphics problem/TechGuy.rar
Update list:
Empty (for now)

EDIT: I'm unsure if it works, please tell me if it doesn't...

A:Problem with image quality *_____**'''''*^^^^* ** * *
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On my HP4, I'm getting an intermittent faint smudge mark vertically near the middle of the page. Most pronounced on the first few print jobs of the day. Usually disappears when the printer has been running a while.

Various support board postings (including HP's) suggest that this may be a fuser problem or a problem with the cartridge (which is a remanufactured one).

Any thoughts?

A:HP4 intermittent print quality problem

And does it still occur if you try another cartridge? Could be a drum problem, or fuser. Another cartridge would be the simple way to test.
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I just upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 basic to Ultimate after doing so my videos were pixelated and blurry at times. I already installed the intel hd graphic drivers. I don't know what the problem is. Somebody help me.

A:Problem with video quality after formatting

Please download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, which will flag up any hardware issues.

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

However, it's more than likely that your integrated graphics may not be man enough for Aero.
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when i play a dvd in nero showtime,the quality of sound is terrible, speakers are brand new,as is software and dvd player. The sound is broken and distorted. Im sure you would like to know more tech info, and as soon as i know it i'll tell you, but in the meantime can anyone give me any pointers as to what might be the problem?
(winDvd plays dvd better with ok sound quality)

A:Problem with dvd sound quality in nero showtime

Welcome to Techspot !
Do you have Win DVD on the same machine? This may be cusing a conflict with Nero .
Also which version of Nero are you running ?
I am having no such issues with Ver 6.6 , but I also had to completely uninstall other DVD software.
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Hi everyone,

I just burned my first svcd with Nero using whatever specs were automatically set up for producing the cd. Unfortunately it is the same quality as my vcd. I know that a svcd should be much better then the vcd. The video just fit onto the disc being 695 mb on a 700 mg disc. I understand the more space on a disc, the better. Is this why it looked so poor?

Bonus questions ...I have been eagerly waiting to get this JVC SVCD player and now I wonder if I should return it? I also read at VCDHELP that I can code SVCD's to be seen by your standalone dvd/vcd player as a vcd. Does that mean I could use TMPGenc to encode my svcds as vcds and not have to buy this new svcd player and just do as well with a vcd/dvd player?

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I noticed the other day that my icons have lost their quality (as if I had changed to a lower bit colur rating in display - but I haven't, I have a background image that still looks fine).

For example my Winamp icon is no-longer orange, but yellow.

I've done virus and spyware scans and they have not found anything.

Any ideas, all help is appreciated.


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I have an HP 4050 laser printer that has always printed everything lighter than it should. The same document prints fine on other printers of the same model. I have replaced the printer cartridge, but get the same results. Any ideas?

A:HP 4050 Printer - Print Quality Problem

Hi and welcome. If you say this has always been a problem, I would assume it could be some type of defect with the printer itself. Has the printer been tested on another computer to rule out driver issues?
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I have a MacBook assigned to me for this project,

I will be taking old Journal articles and cleaning them up using photoshop image ready. After I fix each article page by page, I recombine them into PDF files. Later I will shrink the PDF file. The quality of the PDF must be the highest possible.

The problem is when enhanced 200% the words become pixelated and/or blurry (this is key). I have tried Illustrator and that doesn't seem to help either. I have tried enhancing the pixel/inch to no avail.

Please help me!

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Greetings all.
When I increase the resolution of a digital photo (using Microsoft Picture It)and attempt to print it, I get horizontal thin black lines across the photo evenly spaced from top to bottom.
The same photo, when not enhanced prints correctly.
I have had no luck finding a similar reference to this problem elsewhere.
Does anyone have a solution for this?

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After playing a few 1080p bluray 3D videos, the picture quality of the screen has reduced drastically, and I am able to notice shades/colour tints on the screen when playing videos and viewing pictures of high resolution.
Notice the varying shades of colour , specifically in the top left portion of the pictures below. I ran the Video card test and Video Card stress test and it passed all tests except video Memory Test and GPU Pipeline tests , which got cancelled.
I don't know what the cause of the problem is, and any help or advice regarding this issue will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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hey all, I get weird black hatching lines across my model in Maya 6 when I turn on High Quality Rendering Mode. I have identified its my video card X800 XT Platinum Edition cause my friend has one too and he has the same problem. does anyone know how to fix this? If you turn on low quality lighting it fixes it but then you can't view normal maps which defeats the purpose.
I have tryed to reinstall my drivers, I've gotten the newest drivers, Ive gotten latest direct x, I've tryed screwing with the video card settings and nothing works.

I really need a fix for this so any information is much appreciated.



A:Maya 6 High Quality Rendering Mode problem

After forking out a couple of thousand dollars for Maya - some more for a new Video card doesn't seem like much?!
Despite that, I would recommend you go to a 3D or Maya specific help board.
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Pentium - ghz Ram - MB OS - Windows XP I have recently received the Creative Inspire Surround with 6.1 Problem Insipire Sound Quality 6700 Creative - Speakers and bought the Creative Audigy Value Sound Card I installed them and everything seems to be working correctly when I perform a speaker test all speakers are identified correctly When playing a DVD Movie the sound is just fine even at it s loudest but when I play an mp or a cd track I can t put the volume all the way up because it starts to sound distorted It kind of sounds like when a track is skipping but not so quite I don t know how to explain it clearly I can Creative Insipire 6.1 6700 - Problem with Sound Quality play tracks clearly with the volume bar maybe up not more because it starts to cut off kind of What do you guys think could be the problem Or is it normal for these speakers soundcard to do this Any help suggestion would be much appreciated Thanks Karl P S - Correction I have noticed that when playing a DVD movie the sound gets also distored when the volume bar is at it s loudest but with a DVD movie it goes up a little bit higher than a audio track before it starts cutting off nbsp

A:Creative Insipire 6.1 6700 - Problem with Sound Quality

Same problem?

Is it like a crackly sound that you get coming from your speakers? I've got one on mine, which just happens on my sub when the bass is over a quarter and the volume is in the same region as you.
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Hi I've been having Watcher Level Quality Complex problem + ScorpionSaver a problem with these things for awhile and I'm running out of options I'm sure it Complex ScorpionSaver + Level Quality Watcher problem was because I recklessly downloaded a program and it installed along with that program as well It doesn't matter now I'm hoping since I've uninstalled and removed those files long ago I realized scorpionsaver and snapdo was running in my chrome so I googled ways to uninstall them They helped temporarily so I figured I was okay after that Not sure if this is related to how these things work but I noticed that some surveys I do online don't even show up some Complex ScorpionSaver + Level Quality Watcher problem of it showing a blank on my browser I also noticed that some other sites don't work as they normally do on my browser google chrome I don't think it was related but my photoshop has been running weirdly which prompted me to check something on Internet Explorer which showed snapdo was still alive and running on my computer I've messed around with my laptop so many times I'm not even sure where I am anymore I'm not tech savvy so I have no idea what I'm doing I've uninstalled and trash binned many folders and files but I'm sure that these things are still here I regret to say that I've messed with some files so much the topics on this forum that are related may not help my case I realized just how difficult I made this for myself Is there an easy step-by-step way for a simple-minded person like me to remove these things completely My laptop is a Windows Intel Acer aspire one etc Apparently it's a netbook I was sure it said laptop when I bought it well I appreciate any form of help thanks

A:Complex ScorpionSaver + Level Quality Watcher problem

Hello senaka and   on Bleeping Computer.
I will be helping with your computer problems.
Before starting please note the following:If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know
Do not make any changes on your own to the computer (installing/uninstall programs, deleting files, modifying the registry, running scanners or other tools, etc.) without instructions to do it
Please read every post completely and perform all steps in the specified order. If you can't understand something or you encounter problems please stop and let me know
Do not attach logs, use code or quote boxes. Just copy and paste the text unless directed otherwise
Even if things appear to be better, it does not mean we have finished. Follow my instructions and reply back until I tell you that your computer is clean.
Please reply using the Add Reply button in the lower right hand corner of your screen

Now please take a look to these steps and post the DDS logs as described in that topic.
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Hi guys my first post Had my Tosh for years now I have a problem with the display now It looks as if the colour depth is really low or something like I've whacked it on bit colour depth Everything looks P100-327 depth/quality problem Pro colour Screen Satellite heavily posterized in the graphical sense I've uninstalled video drivers and reinstalled a new one an old one a toshiba version an nvidia driver version and all have no effect on the problem No Satellite Pro P100-327 Screen colour depth/quality problem joy I've gone through and checked all the resolution and colour depth settings and trawled through the many pages of nvidia settings and toyed with any reasonable settings to find the problem No change Everything reset to how I found it I've been reading through the forums and not really found anything specific If I've missed it then I'd love a link here slapped in my face to show how incompetent I am I am however gonna try disconnecting the battery and power for an hour and powering up again afterwards as that seems to be the standard fix or must try for everything What does this do exactly Reset BIOS CMOS etc Thanks in advance

A:Satellite Pro P100-327 Screen colour depth/quality problem

Have you the same problem if you connect external display to your notebook?
Have you tried to test it already?
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Hello Tech Support Guy s I am Tech Support Impaired My issue I have had a digital phone for a couple of months now and am having 1 2? quality problem of connectivity issues: phone Loss or and digital continuing issues One problem that I don t think I am going to be able to change is that my server Suddenlink keeps losing connectivity After it is out for a brief period of time the modem resets the IP address Then I have to initialize my router and the digital phone for it to work again I have run diagnostics on my computer and that was fine The second problem with the phone Citynet is the quality of the sound Sometimes it cuts out so much that I cannot continue a conversation and other times it is fine I have talked to Tech Support until I am blue in the face Phone Tech says it s a Loss of connectivity and digital phone quality issues: 1 problem or 2? server issue ISP Tech Support says it s probably a router issue Router Tech Support reconfigured the Linksys router over the net for me but no improvement Anyway I am pretty ticked that I keep losing connectivity Sometimes for a couple of minutes sometimes a couple of hours Today ISP Tech Support said I had connectivity of the time So okay I will pay of my bill Which is a pretty big bill IMO month for high speed So am I expecting too much to have connectivity gt of the time Unfortunately Loss of connectivity and digital phone quality issues: 1 problem or 2? I am rural and my only other option is DSL and god knows how much connectivity I would lose with storms And your suggestion for the digital phone cutting out It is the same with corded and cordless phones nbsp

A:Loss of connectivity and digital phone quality issues: 1 problem or 2?
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m audio lt sound card not sure why usually when I shut down it restarts automatically recently i was watching a movie and it restarted out of no where any help appreciated windows ultimate amd ghz processor gb ram I did do some searching i do have m audio w/ problem sou 1010lt restart BSOD ultimate glitchy win7 audio m audio lt and someone here had similar problems with audio being glitchy just looking for help Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode restart problem BSOD glitchy audio win7 ultimate w/ m audio 1010lt sou e BCP FFFFFFFFC BCP FFFFF D BCP FFFFF A BB BCP FFFFF A B C OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - restart problem BSOD glitchy audio win7 ultimate w/ m audio 1010lt sou dmp C Users Exactly AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt Uploads wasnt working so I uploaded file to my sky drive here https skydrive live com redir resi FBzOqIS INYINo

A:restart problem BSOD glitchy audio win7 ultimate w/ m audio 1010lt sou

here it is upload worked
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im using dell inspiron 15-3521 whenever i connect earphone/headphone to my laptops jack only the left side of the speaker work right side has no sound (inbult laptop speaker works fine).my friend asked me to download (0005-Win7_Win8_Win81_Win10_R279) driver from realtek web site and  I installed it and the problem was solved and this was about 6 to 7 months back
but now im facing the same problem i did the same what i did last time  i downloded and re installed the driver but of no use the problem still presists.
so plz guide me what to do to solve the problem.
thank you umesh.

A:audio problem when earphone/head phone is connected to 3.5mm audio jack

Test by switching between the Realtek audio driver and the Windows native audio driver.
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, then no need to restart.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]
If it still does not work correctly when the native driver is installed, then the hardware in the headphone jack has failed.
But if the same problem is there with the native driver then you should install a different version of the Realtek driver. I might be able to direct you to one but would need to know which operating system you are using.
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I have several computers of differents (HP, Toshiba, etc) and It happens the same problem. The audio device has an exclamation mark in Device Manager.

I think this problem is caused by some update windows. My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 32bits .

Does anyone know what Windows Update should be uninstalled ?

Thank You.
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Can someone please help me try and figure out why my audio isnt working the way is should be?

Playing a blu ray disc (Tron Legacy) using PowerDVD 11 and there is no sound from the side speakers.

On the weekend I hooked up my next door nieghbours PS3 and it played all 8 channels perfectly.

I have been trying to figure this out for 6 weeks now and I am not getting anywhere at all.

A:Audio Problem - 5.1 & 7.1 channel not working with Realtek HD audio & ATI HD4670

Does this only Happen in PowerDVD 11? Have you tried Windows Media centre?

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I installed October, 2016 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3185330), after doing this I found that the suggested searches in the Google search bar would no longer work, I uninstalled the updated and it worked again,
does any one have any idea what the problem with KB3185330 might be ?

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omg, I was switched to a different pc at my job and the person there previously downloaded realtek to the pc and im having a problem with the headphones, when i put the headphones in i get a pop up confirming the action but im still hearing music from the speaker...its really annoying because im use to just pluging in the headphones and everything being not even sure why she downloaded this program, anyhow if you can please help, i need my music to keep me sane at work, its sooo ver depressing. the operating system is microsoft windows xp