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Sony Bluetooth KBD Connection help

Q: Sony Bluetooth KBD Connection help

I bought an i& desktop with BT keyboard & mouse. I've recently begun to lose connectivity with the keyboard.

I also upgraded to a Samsung SSD and I mention that as it is the reason I removed a lot of bloatware. Long story short, I call Sony and they cant help naturally except to send a new keyboard. The instrucitons tell me to use a file on C named wconnect.exe to enable pairing of the new keyboard.

And it's one of the files I cleaned out and Sony cant help except to tell me to do a factory restore to get it. I dont have the three days it would take.

Can anyone make any suggestions that would help ? Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Sony Bluetooth KBD Connection help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sony Bluetooth KBD Connection help

That right there would be reason enough for me to never buy another product from them again.
Using a ridiculous proprietary connection system without allowing the software to be downloaded separately.

On that note does it work at all?
Have you tried changing your power options to always on? (may help keep connection alive)
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My dell XPS 15 9550 will work fine with a number of bluetooth speakers.
Now when I am try to connect it too my Sony mdr-xb950 bluetooth headphones it pairs, then says connected, then drops to "paired".
And then sound still comes out of the laptop speakers and not the headphones.
I look in the sound settings and the headphones are nowhere to be found.
I updated the bluetooth drivers and nothing has worked. I have been looking all over the internet for a solution.
PLease help!
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My Laptop Model : HP Pavilion 15-ab267cl  My Sony Bluetooth Head Set model:  Sony mdr-zx330bt I am not able to connect my bluetooth Headset to the Laptop. IN bletooth devices it's not detecting my headset

A:laptop Bluetooth is no detecting my sony bluetooth headset -...

Hi, You have to allow your Sony is discoverable. How ? Please check its manual. Normally it MUST have a blue button to press. Regards.
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I just set up win 8 on my computer and was going thru the process of connecting my bluetooth mouse and my bluetooth keyboard. My mouse connected automatically, no problems. When I went to connect my keyboard I got the usual prompt asking you to enter the code, but the code was not accepted no matter how many times I tried. I know for a fact that this keyboard works, because it works fine on my Win 7 OS on the same computer. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
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So I was having some serious Bluetooth Sony Vaio issues with my Sony Vaio VPCYB KD Canada so I decided to do the Sony version of a clean install Basically it takes all the software from a partition and makes your computer run like it's 'factory fresh' It fixed all my issues but for some reason my bluetooth has completely vanished Yes I've tried downloading the drivers from the Sony site but for some reason they won't appear It goes through the whole process and says it was successfully installed but in the program list it's not there Also it is does not appear in the Sony Vaio Bluetooth Device Manager list unknown or otherwise and there is no option to send files when right clicking them It is as if the bluetooth component of my laptop has vanished I'm completely sure it works as I was using it this morning Some software has gone haywire and it's driving me nuts Any help would be appreciated Thanks

A:Sony Vaio Bluetooth

Nevermind, there isn't a physical switch but when you download the SmartWi driver, you can turn it off and on virtually. By default, Bluetooth is off.
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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-N220E Laptop. It came pre-installed with Vista Home 32Bit OS. I upgraded to Vista Ultimate 32 Bit OS. Before I upgraded, the bluetooth showed up in device manager, now it does not.
I looked on the Sony support page for Bluettoth drivers, but did not find any. When I look in system Info I find the device (BTHmodem Bluetooth Serial Communications Driver) But it is disabled. Can anyone help me on how to enable this driver?

A:Bluetooth on Sony Vaio

Have you done anything with this?
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My x2 can not find my sony MDR-EX3 headset, even the bestbuy geek squad failed when i bought the x2.
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Sony Ericsson HBH-DS980 bluetooth device connect alright to my HP laptop and the control buttons works well. i.e. i can play and stop, change track on media player on the PC but i can't get sound from the PC to the earphone at all.
Please help!!

so frustrated about this...just bought and want to enjoy it...
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hey, how do I get my sony z1 to play music on my bluetooth headset?
its all synced and works great when im making calls but when I put on music it just comes out of the speakers
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I have sony vaio e series sve14112en laptop running windows 7 home basic 64 bit. Due to slower performance I formated my laptop and re partitioned but my laptop doesn't show bluetooth. I downloaded the intel wireless adapter. Athroes wireless adaptor. Intel blueetoth driver and athroes bluetooth driver from sony vaio webpage. And installed. Wifi is always in turning on mode but bluetooth is not installed how can I fix it. Befor bluetooth and wifi both used to apear in a small tray at the bottom of right side in laptop screen. But wifi is always on there is no option to off and bluetooth is not available. Please help

A:bluetooth is not installed in my sony vaio

Hi welcome to the forum

do you have any yellow or red marks next to anything in device manager?
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Ok done a search of my keyboard problem and not found thesame as mine I am using a Sony Vaio inch touch screen all in one pc Model number SVL FGB the keyboard Model isVGP-WKB same Sony Keyboard connecting not Vaio Bluetooth model as the one in the link Sony Vaio Bluetooth Keyboard not connecting below http Sony Vaio Bluetooth Keyboard not connecting www ebay co uk itm UK-Wireless-Keyboard-VGP-WKB -Sony-SVL -series-desktop-p-n- - After five months of use the keyboard space bar was notworking on one side so I rang Sony up and they said to bring it in they sentme a replacement keyboard and I followed the instructions to a tee as toconnecting it to my pc but to no avail Checked that drivers where up to date and theyare so it says Typed in model number to download drivers forthe keyboard just in case windows was lying to me but its saying model is nolonger available from Sony site for both pc and keyboard Checked to see that the blue tooth devices wherelisted on my computer as up till I sent the keyboard away all had been workingas regards to connection - nothing was listed there Went to add a device manually this did notwork despite keyboard been detectable according to instructions Went to check that battery s where charged fullybefore I put them in suggested cause as to why they sometimes don t connect oninstructions put batteries in charger over night till I got a green light as Ihad not used them for a while and tried again still not working The pc still has the bit Windows Home premium OS on it that came with it but soon after I got the PC I deleted most of the Vaiosoftware one at a time to make sure nothing stopped working and used the Bluetoothkeyboard and mouse without a problem since even switching on and off a lot ofthe time and it still re-connected with no problem up till I sent it away I was told they would be totally replacing the keyboard ratherthan replacing the space bar so taking their word for it that it is a differentkeyboard Any ideas or help would be much appreciated nbsp
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I recently purchased a Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker (recommended by Which Magazine).
I have not been able to find a Windows driver to connect this speaker to my operating system. Can any one help or have any suggestions.

I have purchased a Bluetooth dongle which appears to be working fine: the system recognises the speaker through the dongle but when I run the set up, the system says it is looking for software updates to complete the process but that is as far as it goes because I get an error message informing me that software can not be found. I have also contacted Sony and they can't help and told me to search online for a Windows driver.

A:Driver needed to run Sony Bluetooth speaker

The bluetooth "dongle" market is a very complicated one and is full of a lot of low quality products which are often not supported, you could, ( if you can discover the information because your hardware is from a major manufacturer ), try contacting the dongle manufacturer, but these are often small 3rd world or far east companies, that appear and disappear overnight. The additional software the dongle is looking for could easily be something from a long gone affiliate of the hardware manufacturer, as it was normal for these devices to use free libraries of functions, which are no longer available.

there is a company called BlueSoleil, the most easy-to-use, innovative and interoperable Bluetooth software, Bluetooth driver which is a major player in the blue tooth market (though not a driver only source) which my support your dongle though this may mean additional costs. best way would IMHO the return the dongle and purchase something from one of the major suppliers


The following is a list of the main chipset manufacturers for Bluetooth - if you can find out the name of the Chip in your device you may be able to obtain drivers direct from one of these companies although some do not deal direct with the public it may be worth a try ( search for the company support site as the links are email addresses of sales contacts)

End Product Manufacturer | Bluetooth Technology Website
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In a reload of the whole system, the instalation for my Sony bluetooth mouse was wiped out, and, of course, I need to reload the mouse's software. The problem is that I lost the software that came with my Sony Bluetooth Mouse VGP-BMS33, and I can not get it from Sony; they just do not sell it or provide it. Are there any other sources to get the software?


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I have recently got a Sony VAIO and I dont no how to activate bluetooth on it, I no it has it because I have sent things from my phone through bluetooth before.
It seems to turn itself on and off and its not been on for a week, Ive only had the laptop 3 weeks so its still a bit new to me and inf inding things out everyday or so.
But ive took some pictures that I really want to print off, I dont have a USB connection for my phone either so I cant do that.
Can anyone help?
You will have to go through everything to get it on because im rubbish at instructions
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Hey friends. So my issue is my internal bluetooth radio is not being recognized at all on my computer. Device manager shows nothing having to do with bluetooth, dev manager has no yellow exclamation marks either, new drivers do nothing, new WIDCOMM software does nothing... I had my logitech MX-5000 desktop working perfectly in vista on this very computer with the internal radio. I upgraded to 7 and I've had this issue.

Sony VGN-FW480J
Windows 7 (upgraded from Vista to 7 via Sony's upgrade kit)

A:Bluetooth device not available on Sony Vaio FW-480J

Quote: Originally Posted by bentrice

Hey friends. So my issue is my internal bluetooth radio is not being recognized at all on my computer. Device manager shows nothing having to do with bluetooth, dev manager has no yellow exclamation marks either, new drivers do nothing, new WIDCOMM software does nothing... I had my logitech MX-5000 desktop working perfectly in vista on this very computer with the internal radio. I upgraded to 7 and I've had this issue.

Sony VGN-FW480J
Windows 7 (upgraded from Vista to 7 via Sony's upgrade kit)

Hi and welcome

If it worked on vista and is the same hardware it should work in win 7. More often than not it is the driver. What model radio, computer, 32bit or 64? etc

Kenn J+
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At the moment I'm looking after a Sony VAIO VGN-SZ GN with Windows Vista Business -bit preinstalled and am looking to in-place upgrade this to Windows Professional -bit Currently the machine has the Toshiba Bluetooth stack installed and Windows Upgrade Advisor says that Bluetooth Sony on Toshiba VAIO VGN-SZ48GN for some Bluetooth components it doesn't know if there is an update for Windows and for others that there is a quot free quot update available from the manufacturer quot Toshiba quot However I know that updates from Toshiba Toshiba Bluetooth on Sony VAIO VGN-SZ48GN are free only for Toshiba laptops and Sony has no sight of a Windows driver anywhere I think based on the Toshiba Bluetooth on Sony VAIO VGN-SZ48GN Windows Upgrade Advisor that I have version of the Toshiba Bluetooth stack currently installed Does anyone have any experience upgrading these VAIO machines to Windows Will Bluetooth work seamlessly after an upgrade or is there more to it Bluetooth is the only reason that I'm wary of upgrading to Windows otherwise the upgrade advisor gives a completely clean bill of health Any thoughts based on real experience appreciated Thanks

A:Toshiba Bluetooth on Sony VAIO VGN-SZ48GN

Bump - any thoughts?
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Possibly some auto updates are the issue? The bluetooth speaker works on all my other bluetooth devices and I have a Bose bluetooth speaker that still works off the All in One. Any advice would be appreciatedThanksAndyD

A:Sony Bluetooth speaker stopped working. Just purch...

have you already tried to unpair and pair again the speakers?
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So, i got a speaker Sony rdp-x200ipn.

I have an Acer Aspire E17

I can connect my speaker to my laptop via bluetooth fine, when it's connected i can test the speaker and it makes the beep sound. When i start itunes, my speaker plays the sound fine, but when i search for example a youtube video I hear NO sound. When I turn of my speakers the sound is fine and plays from my computer and when I turn it on again no sound.

Can anyone help me?

A:Sony External bluetooth speaker not playing sound

Two possibilities. (1) The "Stereo Mix" is not set as the default recording device. (2) The Bluetooth is not set as the default playback device.
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my sony vaio's built-in bluetooth is not working. im using windows 7 32-bit. what am i gonna do?? ( i already tried "services.msc" but still it is not working. im too desperate of fixing this thing. please help me

A:sony vaio's built in bluetooth not working with windows 7

Hello roxiedg and welcome to Seven Forums.

Before trying to add a bluetooth device in windows 7 there are a couple of things you need to do.

- Make sure that wireless is enabled on the laptop (my Sony has a switch on the front). Bluetooth is wireless and, typically, when that switch is turned off, all wireless is turned off as well including 802.11a/b/g/n and also Bluetooth.
- Make sure that any proprietary software you have that controls power or wireless function has Bluetooth enabled.
- You may also need to update the bluetooth driver for whatever device you're trying to install. I'd suggest the device manufacturer's web site.

Adding Bluetooth Devices in Windows 7

Bluetooth stack is not working properly in Sony vaio - Portable Devices

Let us know if this helps so others can benefit from your experiences.
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i am unable to open even bluetooth file suit and wifi.
In my vaio smart network just displays a blank screen with settings box light lits when wifi button is enabled....

<a href= >youtube downloader</a>
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I used to be able to listen to music through a pair of Sony bluetooth headphones on my Wins 7 laptop. However, I am no unable to do so. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the bluetooth drivers with no success, removed and added the device. I followed a number of the steps in this thread : Bluetooth headset pairs but won't connect, not avail as playback devic , specifically the post from 11th Dec 2014 . Computer has been restarted multiple times.

I've attached an image of what I see. I can connect the headphones to the laptop, but can't listen to music. I also cannot set the headphones to default playback.

Atm, I'm listening through an aux cable, but any additional trouble shooting steps would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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Possibly some auto updates are the issue? The bluetooth speaker works on all my other bluetooth devices and I have a Bose bluetooth speaker that still works off the All in One. Any advice would be appreciatedThanksAndyD

A:Sony Bluetooth speaker stopped working. Just purch...

have you already tried to unpair and pair again the speakers?
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I have a problem with installing Bluetooth Driver and Sony Wireless State Device.
I always downloaded them from the laptop's official website and installed them, but this time after a clean installation of windows 8, they all refuse to install with a yellow exclamation mark on the Unknown Device with (code 28). I mean the process of the installation goes until the end and I thought they were successfully installed but they weren't.
please, how can I install them?
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My daughter who lives in London recently purchased Sony SRS-BTM Bluetooth Wireless Speakers so that she could listen to Bluetooth Problem Wireless Speakers Stuttering Sony Solved: MP music stored on her Sony Vaio N H laptop with Windows Solved: Stuttering Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Problem XP Home pre-installed The problem is that all music sound from the speakers is totally unrecognisable because it is stuttering or hacking so much sorry I can t explain it in better terms Solved: Stuttering Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Problem A friend informed her that the problem is probably being caused by her BT Broadband Router LAN connection Can any member advise whether this might be what s causing the stuttering sound If not then can anyone please advise as to what might be the cause of the problem I thought it might be the Belkin bluetooth adapter being slightly out of range but my daughter informed me that she has tried using the speakers within a range of a few inches up to m and it still makes no difference PLEASE HELP P S My daughter also connects to the internet using an b g wireless connection The Sony Vaio N H laptop spec from what I can recall is as follows GHz Dual Core Intel Processor GB Memory GB Hard Drive On-board Sound Sony DVD Burner b g Belkin F T uk Bluetooth USB EDR Adapter Class V The Sony SRS-BTM Bluetooth Wireless Speakers spec is as follows Bluetooth A DP AVRCP HFP HSP Compatible Bluetooth Class mW Output Bluetooth Version Frequency GHz band GHz - GHz Output Power W W W Speaker Impedance Ohms Signal Range m Line of sight I can obtain further details if required Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Solved: Stuttering Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Problem

In my original post I stated that my daughter's laptop was a Sony Vaio "N11H". The model number I typed was in fact incorrect and should have been "N11S".

Sorry about that....
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I really had not this 'Bluetooth connection' before.
But, I really don't know that pairing my Nokia Bluetooth with my HP Laptop Bluetooth would add this Bluetooth connection or NOT.
I really guess this Bluetooth Connection was listed there when I connected my Lapotp Bluetooh with Nokia Bluetooth.
Thus, I will really not have any problems if I deleted it. But I am asking you what benefit of that Bluetooth Connection.
This is below was not here:

Finally Could please let me know how to use this Bluetooth Connection.(How to benefit from it)? I really use an ADSL Internet subscription, and not Dial-up connection. Also, I am connected wirelessly to a Modem-Router. Thus, what password and username should I type in the fields in the above screen shot?

A:'Bluetooth connection' is shown in my Network Connection suddnly.

Pairing a mobile phone will create such an entry and there's nothing to worry about. I don't think you can use it to go online since as you said you are using ADSL and if you want to go online via your modem with your phone just use the wifi connection
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I have successfully paired my windows 10 laptop with my Samsung sound bar, but cannot figure out how to direct the audio to the soundbar. The only device shown in the audio settings is the laptop's speakers and they are checked as the default output. Please tell me how to get the sound bar set as the default output device. Thx.

A:bluetooth connection

If you had looked in the W10 section you would have seen Bluetooth is an issue for for now. Once that is sorted you should be able to successfully pair.
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I have windows 7 ultimate and my only internet connection is the one from Wifi router but I noticed that when I turn off my router and there is download running in Internet Download manager(IDM), an IDM's windows pop up asking for user name and password for bluetooth connection.

How can I remove this?

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I have an original W 8.1 in a Lenovo x1 Carbon (64) and want to connect via Bluetooth to an updated 8 to 8.1 HP Envy (64). Both have Bluetooth. Although I can connect other devices (phone, speaker, etc.) I cannot connect the 2 PC's. I can get the name of the PC on the device screen and am asked to connect but then I get a notation showing a pass code and am asked to verify (yes - no) if this is the pass code shown on the other computers screen. I cannot find a pass code for the other computer and none is shown on the screen. Is there a way to connect the two computers?

A:Bluetooth connection PC to PC

Here is the step-by-step way to connect two laptops using Bluetooth.

Software and Hardware Requirements

In-built Bluetooth device on laptopBluetooth dongle (optional)Bluetooth drivers (optional)

Important - Since Bluetooth use short wave radio frequencies for data transfer, devices using radio waves should not be placed within 100 meter radius. Bluetooth signals weaken if the devices are placed more than 100 meters apart. Also before connecting the two laptops using Bluetooth, make sure that neither of the laptop is infected with any sort of virus or malicious program. They can easily get transferred from one laptop to another without your knowledge.

Step 1 ? Determine the Type of Bluetooth
The first step is to determine the type of Bluetooth device your laptop has. Refer user?s manual of your laptop to determine this. If it has inbuilt Bluetooth, proceed to step 3, else, proceed as follows:

Step 2 ? Install Bluetooth
Purchase a Bluetooth dongle from market (usually costs $10) and insert it in one of the USB ports. Windows XP or higher versions of Windows do not require any sort of driver installation, however, if it?s Windows 98, install the drivers. All types of Bluetooth also come bundled with control software, which should also be installed at this step.

Step 3 ? Switch on the Bluetooth
Switch on the Bluetooth of each laptop. A bright blue glowing light indicates that the Bluetooth has been switched on and ready for connectivity.

Step 4 ? Assign Status
Decide which laptop will be used for sending files and which for receiving.

Step 5 ? Access Control Panel
On the recipient laptop, open the Bluetooth devices control panel. Click on the ?Options? button and then choose ?Turn Discovery On? and click ?Ok?. Remember, this will work only if relevant Bluetooth drivers and control software is installed.

Step 6 ? Select the File to be Sent
Select the file on the laptop, from which you wish to send the file.

Step 7 ? Send the File
Once the file has been selected, right click on the file, which will pop out a small window. Select the following options ?
Send To => Bluetooth Device

Step 8 ? Select the Device
The Bluetooth will start searching for Bluetooth enabled devices in its vicinity. Select the laptop to which you want to send the file.

Step 9 ? Assign Passkey
In case there are multiple devices in the vicinity, you should assign a passkey so that only intended recipient receives the file. This can be done by assigning a passkey through control panel of Bluetooth.

Step 10 ? Accept the File
A message will appear on the recipient laptop indicating that a device is trying to send a file. Authorize your laptop to receive this file by keying in the passkey. Wait for the file transfer to complete.

Source: How to Connect Two Laptops Using Bluetooth
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I am trying to sync my mobile phone Nokia with my pc I have the software and installed it but on first installation was asked to select a connection type I selected Infrared but later found that bluetooth HELP!! bluetooth connection? is better so bought a bluetooth dongle instead I have installed the bluetooth bluetooth connection? HELP!! correctly but on starting Nokia software I only have the option of infrared for initial connection before I can run the program for the first time I tried uninstalling then re-installing the software but have since found out that the software stores a bluetooth connection? HELP!! file in the computer bluetooth connection? HELP!! to quot remember quot the first connection method I selected Therefore even after system restore followed by re-installing the software it still asks for an infrared connection Can someone please tell me how to delete this these files so I can start afresh using bluetooth because I don t want to buy infrared hardware just to start the program so I can switch to bluetooth Can someone please help a very frustrated numpty Scott nbsp

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I recently formatted my system and now i can't make any connection (internet or file transfer) using my bluetooth. i tried installing a bluetooth driver and also hp network assistant but all to no avail. pls what else should i do. thanks

A:Bluetooth Connection

Hi, What is your HP Pavilion dv6 ?  Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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please,the problem was that am trying to connect via bluetooth with vista o.s but the in-built bluetooth wasn't compatible with the bluetooth dun connection am trying to do,please i need a possible solution to this problem,either by desable or uninstall the in-built bluetooth device in the system which was hp laptop.
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Hey, I have a windows 7, on which I have started using a bluetooth mouse. However, it takes alot of time for the bluetooth mouse to get connected to my laptop after startup, which makes it useless because I am unable to do anything until it connects. Is there any way to make the bluetooth software start faster, or connect faster? I tried to look in the task-schedular but I couldnt see the bluetooth option in there, so I am lost on what to do.

A:Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth usually takes awhile to connect, due to the fact that Windows has other services and processes that load during log in, prior to bluetooth devices being detected and connecting. What's the make and model of your bluetooth mouse?
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Hi I have my bluetooth driver installed, and the status showing is: This device is working properly. But when I try to transfer any file from any other device like from my phone, everytime the files could not be sent. The reason it is showing is connection error. Even when I try to transfer any file from my Notebook PC, files could not be sent. Please help.Thank you.
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Unable to pair or connect LG phone and Asus laptop.
1. Both bluetooth adapters turned on
2. Both are set as discoverable
3. If I use phone to find other bluetooth devices, it sees computer and tries to pair but it shows me pairing code and the computer doesn't show any code.
4. If I try to add device on the computer, it finds the phone, but when trying to pair the phone pops up message with pairing code but the computer doesn't show any code.
5. Then occaisionally a small pop up appears on the computer telling me another bluetooth device is trying to connect but if I say OK I get connection error.

I have tried connecting other bluetooth devices and never been successful. Is there an alternative generic bluetooth driver or program that maybe will work? Or any suggestions??
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So my bluetooth adapter should be here tomorrow, and i decided to make sure it was easy enough to hook up to windows on my macbook pro running windows 7 64 bit. it sees the headset, but says ' no drivers available'.

if i reboot the macbook into OS X, bluetooth works flawlessly and I can stream audio from the computer to the headset. its windows I'm having a problem with, and afraid I will have the same problem in Windows 10, which is what I am running on my desktop.

is there a Windows driver for the LG HBS-730 headset?

I want to stream game audio from the computer to the headset. Kind of sucks having to have Arkham City on super low volume, or wearing huge clunky headphones popular with WoW back in 2008.

A:LG HBS-730 bluetooth connection problem

Have you tried running the bluetooth adapter on a true Windows7 machine? Apps with drivers built for Win7 don't always work properly on Mac OS in boot camp or emulation mode.

Does the bluetooth adapter spec state that it's compatible with Mac OSX as well as Win7??

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My friend has told me to enable my bluetooth on my phone, and he sent me files without me accepting it. This made me go nuts.I told him if I posted here, i could get an answer of how one phone can send a file to another phone without the other phone accepting it.We both had Nokia 6630. I am counting on you guys!

A:Bluetooth Wireless Connection

hadoud76 said:

My friend has told me to enable my bluetooth on my phone, and he sent me files without me accepting it. This made me go nuts.I told him if I posted here, i could get an answer of how one phone can send a file to another phone without the other phone accepting it.We both had Nokia 6630. I am counting on you guys!Click to expand...

Its in the bluetooth security setting, I had a look at the sony errickson I have and its a per phone setting, so if you linked to your friends phone go into the options (more options) for the phone named "your friend" and you will find a setting for "connect".. "always" or "ask each time" or similar.

I suggest reading the manual for your phone, and turn off bluetooth visibility or turn off bluetooth if your not using it, I saw a program where a guy used a portable PC to hijack bluetooth phones and earn money for a premium rate number.

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 I dont know what to do.each time i try to pair my phone,It fails to pair,then I go to 'more Bluetooth options' tick all the boxes and this message pops up.Help!
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After I updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7, I am not able to anymore connect my speakers via bluetooth.
Infact I do not see "Bluetooth" as an option under Devices under Windows 10 anymore.

Pls advice how to correct this pls.

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hi guys 7 bluetooth with windows connection recently purchased an ACER ASPIRE from PC world tech guys with WINDOWS i already had a set of PLANTRONICS BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES with were working on my old PC WINDOWS XP no problems Innitially although i was advised some drivers were not installed properly i got the headphones to strea music sound via my ADVENT MINI BLUETOOTH ADAPTER but then it ceased to wortk I tried updating the drivers and they worked again then stopped I purchased the BELKIN MINI BLUETOOTH ADAPTER as an alternative bluetooth connection with windows 7 and installed updating any drivers i m alll up to date aapparently I casnt stream bluetooth connection with windows 7 any sound The bluetooth finds the headphones says its connected but the music still fails to stream through headphones The headpohnes connect with my mobile phones ok bluetooth connection with windows 7 and the laptop says headphones working ok Maybe it is a laptop setting as when i hover the mouse over the Bluetooth icon it says bluetooth devices BUT IT IS GREYED OUT Similarly if i click on the icon all options are available APART FROM ALLoW A DEVICE TO CONNECT SORRY for the caps but i thought it would make it easier to seee the equipment issues easier Please help as this is very frustrating especially as innitially they were working I have tried all the option si could but i m missing something maybe its obvious I know its not connecting as ther bluetooth icon wont go green even when it says the audio gateway is connected sometimes i dont understand why the connect to device is there but GREYED OUT P s i noticed on the packaging that windows isnt included on the OS for the bluetooth stack but i cant believe windows was designed knowing it wouldnt be compatible and no way of updating pleas help frusrated KARM DREFNER nbsp

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hello again Jst a few hours ago I bought a usb bluetooth dongle I think it's class II and connected to my computer It is recognised and seems to work The only bluetooth device i have is my Pocket PC a HP iPAQ h My computer can find it and set up a connection and my PDA can find my computer my problem starts when I want to do anything useful My PDA doesnt find any services Bluetooth with connection Pocket PC that I recognise as useful OBEX File Transfer most importantly it only finds something a so-called service called quot P quot and the icon is a pair of cogs with a question mark over it It doesnt do anything when i click on it on my PDA it just says quot Connecting quot for ever and doesnt actually connect what's wrong with it This happens with my PC and my laptop I've connected to a computer with my PDA and transferred Bluetooth connection with Pocket PC files before so i know it's possible and should Bluetooth connection with Pocket PC be much easier than this but i dont know what's going wrong now I bet the problem is really obvious -S anything that might help

A:Bluetooth connection with Pocket PC

ok, still not solved the problem, but I discovered on the disc that came with the dongle there was Bluesoleil 1.4 which i installed. But for some reason it crashes the comp everytime I put the dongle in while the program is running. I get BSOD with reference to USBOHCI.SYS which is apparently a problem a lot of people have had but not one person seems to know the soluton too, or maybe i'm just missing it... WHAT DO I DO?!?! I just wanna transfer some files!

I started looking for the Widcomm software but I can't find it at all. any help with that?

oh btw, the dongle is a Silicon Wave, it says here #points at Device Manager#.
My PDA apparently uses WIDCOMM; is that a problem?
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so usally(not always) there is no delay in sound. but when i try to go use my bluetooth headset with msn, every sound stops. my girlfriend can hear me, but i cant hear anything anymore. but as soon as i press the stop conversation button in msn, i hear everything she said, and the sounds that where supposed to play during that time. Now there is a massive delay in sound(about 30 seconds), only fixable by re-pairing with the notebook.

how can i fix this? i bought this expensive Jabra halo just for chatting with my girlfriend...

A:Poor Bluetooth connection - please help

Quote: Originally Posted by borgqueenx

so usally(not always) there is no delay in sound. but when i try to go use my bluetooth headset with msn, every sound stops. my girlfriend can hear me, but i cant hear anything anymore. but as soon as i press the stop conversation button in msn, i hear everything she said, and the sounds that where supposed to play during that time. Now there is a massive delay in sound(about 30 seconds), only fixable by re-pairing with the notebook.

how can i fix this? i bought this expensive Jabra halo just for chatting with my girlfriend...

It is either the driver or the pairing. I would re-install the driver and then re-pair the device.
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Toshiba Satellite A200 with Win HP Home SP3

Trying to get a Bluetooth connection to my new Palm T|X

Setting up Bluetooth, I checked &#8220;Turn Discovery on&#8221; & unchecked &#8220;Turn off the Bluetooth radio&#8221; in the options Tab under Bluetooth devices.

When I tried to apply these changes I received the following error message (which Microsoft does not seem to know exists, from my search of their support section):

An error occurred while Windows was saving your settings. The following settings were not saved: Discoverability settings Connection settings

&#8220;Restore defaults&#8221; did not turn on Discovery, but did allow Bluetooth radio. Restore Defaults received a similar message (minus Connection settings)

My Palm does not detect the lap top from 1 foot away, nor does the laptop detect the Palm

A:Solved: Bluetooth connection

my first suspect would be the bluetooth device attached to your laptop, i would try to use a different bluetooth enabled device to connect to your laptop, try someones mobile phone or even a handsfree headset if you have one
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I have a pair of bluetooth wireless speakers Jam Plus.
I pair and get the message: "Setup Incomplete because of a metered connection." I did go to the section that allows me to turn this on or off. But neither option seems to work. I can pair one mono speaker but not both.
What do I need to know?
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PC is HPs3700f running Vista Home Premium. Sabrent bluetooth dongle plugged into USB, and blinking.Bluetooth Helper Service automatiC and running. Bluetooth software updated from Microsoft and checked as OK By driver booster(IoBit).Cell Phone ZTE modelZ221 is on, and discoverable, 3ft. from PC. Cell phone recognizes PC and asks for passkey to pair with it. I cannot find passkey. Have tried 0000,0001,1111,0123. Bluetooth options checked to allow devices to find and connect. PC Add Wireless device applet does not recognize cell phone. Windows Fixit run but no help.

What will fix Vista to make it find a discoverable bluetooth device? OR can anyone give me a passkey that will let the cell connect to the PC?

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I have got this Bluettoth dongle which i've been using for 5 years on my old computer with windows xp and had no problems at all.

So now on windows 7, i just plugged in the bluetooth dongle and it installed the drivers and it works the same way as on xp, but i cant transfers files, like long ones such as 2mb, i sent a 200kb file with no problems, but it fails to transfer 2mb files.

This is on my mobile phone i sending from, onto computer.

What shall i do?

A:Bluetooth connection lost

Please fill out your system specs, and indicate the make and model of your bluetooth dongle.
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My apologies if this isn t the correct thread for this post In my opinion Bluetooth falls in the networking niche Please move it to the appropriate thread if not Thanks First off I want to thank you for any help you may provide and for this wonderfull website This is my first post here as I am pretty tech savvy and don Bluetooth Connection HEL!?!? Problem. PLEASE t usually find myself in the position where I Bluetooth Connection Problem. PLEASE HEL!?!? need to ask for help With that being said I will get to the point of this post I recently bought a cell a T-Mobile Sparq to be completely accurate and tried to connect it to my laptop via Bluetooth My laptop is an Asus G VW which comes with BT capabilities When I run the BT suite and click Bluetooth Connection Problem. PLEASE HEL!?!? Add a Device it sits at the Searching for a device Make sure your device is discoverable Prompt for as long as I let it without discovering my phone I Bluetooth Connection Problem. PLEASE HEL!?!? made sure my phone s BT is active and discoverable My next step was to go into my Control Panel gt Administrative Tools gt Component Services gt Services Local to make sure BT and its dependencies where active which they were I updated all my related drivers and when that didn t work I un-installed and re-installed them to no avail I checked my device manager to make sure there were no conflicts there and found nothing I then spent a few hours on Google troubleshooting and was not able to find anything that I had not already tried That s when I decided to drop this problem onto the genius minds of the Tech-Guy forums for if they can t solve it its surely unsolvable wink wink But seriously At this point I am starting to think that either my phone isn t compatible with my laptop my phones BT is bugged or my laptop s BT is bugged It would be greatly appreciated if someone has any advice on how to get this working for me Thanks -Armand nbsp

A:Bluetooth Connection Problem. PLEASE HEL!?!?

bluetooth is often controlled with the wireless switch - sounds like its on - but maybe worth a try

Is the bluetooth application in the system tray at all and can you see an option to show devices

in device manager is bluetooth showing ?

what services do you have for bluetooth running

Can you borrow another blue tooth device and try and see if it is a laptop or phone issue
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for anyone unfamiliar with sony's new handheld, you can upload images/movies/music to the device's memory stick via a usb connection to your pc.

the cable used is a 5-pin mini-usb (regular usb on one end, mini on the other). once the memory stick is formatted (via the psp), the pc should recognize the psp as a "removable drive". however, my pc refuses to recognize the device.

i'm at a loss here. would updating my usb drivers help at all? perhaps the usb cord is not the right kind?

i appreciate any help/advice...
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I have a Rocketfish Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse connected to a Windows Vista Ultimate computer with all latest Microsoft Updates.

Whenever the PC is restarted or goes into Standby Mode, the keyboard seems to lose connection as does the mouse.

Anyone else seen this?
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Hi we've just been bought a Bose SLIII as a gift and it works great with the iPod via Bluetooth. However it was also bought so we could stream straight from the laptop to the Bose but I'm not able to connect it. I have an Acer Aspire V5-571P with Windows 8 on it. I followed the instructions with the Bose but with no success. In Bluetooth settings it recognises the Bose and says connected but only for a few seconds until it changes to not connected. What am I doing wrong?!

A:Bluetooth connection to Bose SLIII

I looked at the specs on Bose, Ipod and the Acer laptop and they all seem to be using Bluetooth 4.0. Have you made sure to turn off the Ipod's bluetooth just to assure it is not obstructing with the laptop's signal? And try rebooting both devices the laptop and Bose to see if that helps.
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So this is now driving me absolutely insane and I couldn't have better chances for success or so I think I am using a Lenovo Thinkpad W Windows and I have a Lumia Windows Phone Seems pretty darn compatible right Well my issue is simply quot They will not connect or cooperate well quot Let me first say that through a blurry problem bluetooth connection infuriating mashing of key presses and strange settings windows I have gotten the two to connect before for music control But only twice The issue I have is apparently on both the phone and the computer- When I tap connect on the phone it stays connected for a few seconds then disconnects When I try and connect on the laptop it won't connect at all When I try and open the bluetooth device window it stay open for a couple seconds and then closes Sometimes the music controller window appears then disappears My phone doesn't appear to have infuriating bluetooth connection problem anything wrong with it I have restarted the phone completely with no effect The computer is under a month old with no driver issues or hardware issues so it can't be that either What on earth am I doing wrong here Why doesn't Windows and I hate saying this have an efficient bluetooth connection service like Mac connecting my phone to a Mac easier than easy On windows it's nearly asking me to remove my hair strand by strand Thanks in advance

A:infuriating bluetooth connection problem

When you say bluetooth connection, are you saying bluetooth headset or are you saying a bluetooth network connection between your phone and your laptop?
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Hi All hope you can give me some advice on this Basically my laptop running XP caught a virus about a month ago The virus was Virtumonde which I fixed using the steps detailed on this site I also installed various antivirus software spybot webroot super antispyware in addition to mcafee which was preinstalled All scans from these packages and from trendmicro online scan show the laptop to be clean In the past week I have started to get a pop up for the bluetooth connection i e it s trying to dial out This locks up my browser firefox until the pop up is closed A similar event happens on my parents pc but instead of bluetooth it s trying to dial out on the modem I think the problem with my Bluetooth Up Connection Popping Virus, Possible laptop only began when I set up a home network between it Possible Virus, Bluetooth Connection Popping Up and the pc Both the pc and laptop connect to Possible Virus, Bluetooth Connection Popping Up the net using broadband as opposed to the modem or bluetooth So is it possible that I have a virus or is there some setting that is causing this potentially due to setting up Possible Virus, Bluetooth Connection Popping Up the home network Anybody else have similar issues Thanks in advance

A:Possible Virus, Bluetooth Connection Popping Up

sounds like Virtumonde to me I just installed the full Spy sweeper suite. I also started getting those pop ups for blue tooth today. Spy sweeper virus found lots, but the quarantine failed. I will be on the phone to them tomorrow, because I feel ripped off. My computer won't install McAfee due to the mess it is in. My big computer has McAfee and it is fine. Spy sweeper antivirus found the following today: Trojvirtum, MalBehav-041, Ma/HckPk-E, Troj/VirtuemGen, and of course, Virtumonde! found them, but couldn't quarantine them. I'll post in my virtumonde topic any improvements or results . My tech said I needed to update Java, but it wouldn't install either. Not a happy Bleeper today. cheers marilynlake
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So thing is I can pair my phone with my laptop but when I try to send something from my phone to my laptop it either cannot find it or connection fails. I have tried this on two cell phones and the same thing has happened twice. Please help.

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Well, my first real problem with 8.1, my bluetooth mouse drops connection about every 15-20 minutes. Turn it off and back on it reconnects.

A search of the web shows other people with same problem. I've tried everything I know of, power settings for bluetooth the mouse and usb ports, drivers, uninstall/re-install. This is a real pain in the keister.

Suggestions anyone? This does seem to be a common problem from what I see.

A:Bluetooth mouse drops connection using 8.1

Do you have any other devices which use bluetooth? Maybe the mouse is getting interference from something. I know iPhone's always turn on bluetooth after every update. Just a thought..
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My computer is 1 years old. I have a ASUS with windows 8.1 and I need help to DISABLE my Wireless Connection Cards and bluetooth in the BIOS and the Wireless Network card disabled. I ran a Belarc Test for a home base job and this was sent to me in order for me to work for them. I need help ASAP! Thank you!

A:Wireless Connection Cards and Bluetooth

A 1 year old computer probably came with Windows 8 or 8.1 preinstalled, which means that it has the new UEFI instead of the old familiar BIOS firmware. But the concept is the same--get into the UEFI and see if it allows you to disable the wireless and/or Bluetooth. Check your ASUS documentation to see how to access the UEFI--usually a special button or a key that you press upon power on.
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i have motorola bluetooth adapter running on my windows 7 64bit..
i want to ask if i can manage to explore my android phone via bluetooth?

A:Motorola bluetooth connection with android

I've found the native support a little flaky but have had success with My Phone explorer from FJ Software Development

There is a free app on the play store and the free PC app is available from the site - It also includes a lot more than bluetooth browsing of file systems
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I have a Best Bluetooth Headset connected to Windows 7 on my T510.  The device is listed and shows connected but there is no sound.  Under the Sound section of the Control Panel, this headset is not listed and can not be chosen as the default player.  How can I install it in Windows to be able to play music?
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Well i am having some problems turning on my built in Bluetooth adapter Atheros Bluetooth Suite bit Windows on Connection Network Connected) Bluetooth (Not my Vizio laptop It doesn't seem to have an enable button It all started yesterday when i was trying to connect a Bluetooth device to my laptop it was connecting to the Bluetooth but when it connected i got an error saying quot Bluetooth Peripheral Device HID not installed quot I started searching for the drivers but no success and eventually messed with quot Bluetooth Virtual Devices quot in quot Device Manager quot causing the problem of my Bluetooth not working However i believe i fixed the problem with my Bluetooth Peripheral Device HID using Driver Navigation tool today I managed to install drivers for Atheros Bluetooth Suite but i am still having problems getting the Bluetooth to discover other devices it shows that my bluetooth is off and nothing is being discovered Help with resolving my problem would be greatly appreciated

A:Bluetooth Network Connection (Not Connected)

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... There is a Function Key on your Laptop to enable Wireless and the Bluetooth Device ..Read the Link below if this does not resolve your issue .. Could you please Post the Model Number of your Laptop ...
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I have a Dell connection with new problem Intermittant bluetooth studio with Windows and Bluetooth I am trying to install Manhattan Bluetooth bookshelf speakers They sometimes play but disconnect intermittently When Bluetooth disconnects I have to completely shut down and start over I haven't been able to fix it with just Restart Here Intermittant problem with new bluetooth connection is a clue In quot devices and Printers quot it shows the laptop as a device Studio properties Selecting Bluetooth L CAP Interface -- properties General quot Device status Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged or that might be malicious software from an unknown source Code quot Selecting Bluetooth Hands free audio -- properties Driver Broadcom Corp Digital Signer Microsoft Windows Hardware compatibility Publisher The speaker documentation indicates Bluetooth v class and A DP protocol support The Bluetooth icon on the bar at the bottom of the desktop disappears when the connection breaks while looking at properties This might be related -- I also have a Kensington Bluetooth trackball mouse that has intermittent problems with connecting at start-up When the mouse doesn't work at start-up I can usually make it work by removing its batteries and putting them back Advice will be appreciated Stan Hilliard

A:Intermittant problem with new bluetooth connection

You could consider getting a USB based Bluetooth adapter exclusively for your speakers. One that supports A2DP would be perfect.

Here are a few: - ASUS USB-BT211 Mini Bluetooth Dongle USB 2.0 IOGEAR USB 2.1 Bluetooth Micro Adapter (GBU421): Electronics
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I have a Best Bluetooth Headset connected to Windows 7 on my T510.  The device is listed and shows connected but there is no sound.  Under the Sound section of the Control Panel, this headset is not listed and can not be chosen as the default player.  How can I install it in Windows to be able to play music?  
Moderator comment: Subject corrected.

A:Bluetooth activated but no connection on ThinkPad ...

Good day and welcome to the community.
Please confirm which machine you have: W510 (subject) or T510 (message body).
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Hello all I have a Motorola Rizr Z that I am trying to connect via Bluetooth to my computer I bought a Bluetooth USB dongle and plugged it in which shows as having installed with Bluetooth: issues connection Cellphone/PC no conflicts In the devices menu I selected Add Device then set my phone as findable Once Windows recognised my phone I selected it then selected to pair it with with a code I've tried both automatically as well as creating my own pairing code to no avail I get the system error below Quote Adding this Device to this computer failed Adding the device failed resulting in an unknown error The reported error Bluetooth: Cellphone/PC connection issues is x Contact your device manufacturer for assistance Does anyone have any idea or suggestions Bluetooth: Cellphone/PC connection issues in regards to this one Thanks in advance EDIT I just tried doing the same thing on my laptop which has a bit install of W RC and it's the same thing So I'm willing to guess it's not hardware related as least as far as the computers go The cellphone itself may be another story

A:Bluetooth: Cellphone/PC connection issues

Try not to pair it with with a code.
You can add code later.
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Surprise surprise, issues with bluetooth headset.

I've got mine to connect, but when I tried to do it for my partner, all seems to fail. The main issue I have is to make the microphone to work. The laptop seems to be able to recognise, but not use.

Here are some screenshots I took.

This is a screenshot of the bluetooth headset being recognised by her computer as it appears in the bluetooth device settings.

This is a screen shot of the bluetooth recognising the bluetooth microphone in the recording devices menu on my laptop.
This is a screen shot of the same bluetooth headset not being connected to her laptop in the recording devices menu.

If there are any suggestions, please feel free to post.


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Hello all

Hope someone could help me with a small problem I have.

My roommate and I both have laptops. His being an Acer Aspire 5335 with Vista basic and mine a Dell Inspiron 6400 with XP. Both laptops have Bluetooth and 802.11N connectivity.

Here's my problem:

I have a Tmobile dash that I use to connect to the internet via the dash's internet sharing all while connected to the laptop via bluetooth network access. My roommate connects to the internet the very same way. Problem is only one of us can go on at any one time.

Is there a way we could both connect to the internet at the same time using bluetooth or even make use of the Wifi cards somehow?

Any help you guys can give is very much appreciated


A:Sharing Internet Connection via Bluetooth

Hey bud...I have tried this before with a pair of el cheapo bluetooth dongles...I managed to share files sweet as but I got bored of fluffing around for ages...I suspect looking out for what brands of bluetooth dongles are reliable and if anyone else has managed it...

But if you get it going, can you drop us a line? Pretty keen to learn how to do it
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I have searched everywhere but cannot find a solution. My Logitech bluetooth mouse keeps losing connection or just won't work with my laptop. I have tried disabling the powersave option, I have used the logitech combi to reset the mouse, I have bought a new mouse, changed batteries, reinstalled windows, drivers, setpoint etc but the problem persists

I also tried using this mouse on Linux, no problems there

My laptop is a VAIO with a broadcom bluetooth adapter.

Does anyone have any ideas? I really like this mouse and the fact it's bluetooth so I don't need a dongle.

A:Bluetooth mouse keeps loosing connection

I am disappointed no one knew the answer but I got bored and bought the upgrade to win 8, I am still not overly enthusiast about it but the mouse hasn't stopped working yet
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This problem is driving me nuts I am trying to make a wireless Bluetooth connection with the Internet on my PC with my Palm T X I know I know Palm Wireless Bluetooth for Palm Connection is out - but I have too much invested in the programs - plus I love it Also I do not have to pay for a Wireless Bluetooth Connection for Palm data plan as with a cell phone I had no problem setting-up the hot-sync via Bluetooth Somewhere there must be a switch that I am missing On the Bluetooth Settings under the Share quot tab the box Allow Bluetooth devices to use your modem to connect to the Wireless Bluetooth Connection for Palm Internet or to send a fax is grayed I have tried setting-up a wireless connection a LAN connection and a Bluetooth connection to no avail I keep waiting for my PC to ask for a user and password but noooo My Palm when I try to connect says Error PPP timeout x - so something in the hand-shaking area is out of whack I have gone through Windows Security and my virus etc software and changed the appropriate settings Nothing has worked
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Hi, I am having problems getting a Bluetooth headset to operate. Having connected and paired (I believe), the device shows in Devices and Printers. In Device Manager, there are three listings for it (Aukey model EP-B4). Each listing says there are no drivers installed. Have tried updating each and all but after an age for Windows searching for drivers I had to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to close it.
I have contacted the manufacturer many times but so far no results - they repeatedly requested from where I bought it and item number.
I am using Win7 SP1 with all updates current.
The headset works well with my mobile phone and tablet (Android 5.1).
Any help much apprecitated.
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I'm trying to hook up a wireless USB Bluetooth printer adapter. It is an
AmbiCom BT-PA about two years old. It worked when I bought it, but
hasn't been used for a while. My laptop sees the printer (paired with
it) over the BT connection, but will not print. I think the problem is
in that the laptop indicates that the connection is through Com Port 12,
(the serial port if I am not mistaken, though I could be) when it is connected to a
USB port. I see no options to change the connection in the computer. I
have a serial to USB adapter from my Palm Pilot days, but I need a male
to female USB adapter to hook it up. Does that seem like a reasonable
plan, or am I way of base here? If I need to buy some new hardware, or whatever, I am willing.
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

A:Solved: Bluetooth printer connection

The settings in the all-in-one Brother MFC-7840W that I was trying to hook up needed to be changed. Turns out that it connects nicely to my wireless network with no additional print server, bluetooth or otherwise, needed.
At finally dawned on me that if the computer "paired" with the printer, the connection was there. There had to be something in the printer that was stopping printing. Duh....
Well, it says on your home page that you don't mind dumb questions......
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My Dell computer running Wind XP does not recognize my Sony Cam using a USB connection. I uninstalled and re-installed the driver and still does not recognize the Cam when I plug in the USB cable.

Please help.
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Good Evening I have decided to connect my home PC up to my Sony Bravia model number in thread header so as Sony Bravia PC KDF-E50A12U connection to use it for watching movies I had a number of issues to begin with but have managed to get it working so far Mainly thanks to this great forum i may add What my problem is now is that when i power down my PC and then re boot it i dont Sony Bravia KDF-E50A12U PC connection get a picture I get the initial screen when it boots up and runs the BIOS i think thats it but when it tries to run windows i get nothing What i have to do is boot up my PC connected to original monitor let windows load then unplug monitor and plug into TV and it works from there But i dont want to do this everytime i start my PC I have adjusted my video card resolution to x Hz which is the best running resolution for my TV I am running Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s OS Name Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium NVIDIA GeForce GS Via VGA to Sony Bravia KDF-E A U Can anyone provide some suggestions as to help my problem Thanks UPDATED i downloaded the latest driver for my video card and i am now connected via DVI on my PC to VGA on my TV I am also running at Hz now The image quality is superb But i still have the problem that i have to boot on my standard PC monitor and then switch the cable to my TV And it works Someone please HELP ME nbsp
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Hello this is my first post here and I hope Sony firewire connection DCR PC9e someone can help me I am having difficulty in connecting my Sony DCR PC e camera to my computer with a firewire cable I have installed a Belkin Hi speed USB Sony DCR PC9e firewire connection Firewire -port PCI Card today and have been able to connect a USB cable to my digital stills camera However it doesn t recognise my camcorder I have tried to use Sony Vegas and Ulead VideoStudio to capture the footage but both say No Device Connected or something similar Unfortunately the camera was bought from Ebay with no software CD so I don t have the original software Movie Shaker I believe I have searched and found that Sony Vegas is the updated software and should recognise the capture device and Sony DCR PC9e firewire connection camera I am running XP Service Pack which should recognise and install the correct drivers for the card When the camera is plugged in there is ping like the USB connection I am using the - pin firewire cable supplied with the card Does anyone have any ideas I could record the footage to analogue video through video in but I bought a Mini DV camera with the purpose of creating DVDs on my computer Thanks in advance nbsp
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to Sony Bravia LCD Helloall Before going out to buy cables for doing the above I ve googled around as to what best options there are My laptop which I want solely to watch downloaded films from w o charging from room to room with a USB stick for my LG HDD DVD recorder player or burning DVD all the time I plan to put somewhere near my Sony LCD TFT TV hook it up and off I go It has DVI output for Monitor etc Sony has HDMI input and also VGA PIN sub Since Laptop has DVI I m thinking of DVI-HDMI converted cable Read so much abt the problems this may cause that I m not so sure My desktop next room has only VGA output Since it s in the next room I d like to keep the monitor there functional aswell Will using a VGA splitter cable Y cause any problems I m prepared to walk next to PC TV Sony Solved: Bravia TFT connection LCD door to start a film that s no prob but don t know whether there ll be interference between the monitor and TV or even on PC desktop I know I ll have to connect up separate Audio cable that s no prob all facilities exist Last question for now my name says all Monitor used with desktop is connected via PIN VGA but also has free DVI Can I loop thru i e PC image output into montor via VGA and from there onward via DVI I think I already know the answer NO but maybe maybe maybe Any help much appreciated and bear with me I m and new to the games of going beyond basic PC appliances like Excel Word etc Oh yeah Windows XP I nearly forgot nbsp

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Just bought a Sony VAIO TT series and was trying to get logged on to the MacDonalds Cloud wifi It took ages to go through the leaflet they provide and then I got the message network not available I had WIFI Sony on connection VAIO to do all the steps manually there was no quot wizard quot or automatic connection First time I've ever tried this When entering a wifi hotspot should the wireless network appear in Manage Wireless Networks This certainly didn't happen in MacDonalds My wireless switch on the laptop is turned to quot on quot but how do I know if it's working It seems ridiculously difficult to find a wifi connection Am I doing something wrong Does each hotspot need this complicated manual configuration The laptop works fine at home with a router and i also have a broadband quot quot mobile dongle which connects fine Also getting message quot Windows Media Player has stopped working quot Why How can I fix this The laptop is brand new by the way Any help much appreciated Advice in idiot format please for a non IT PC beginner thanks
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Hello all,

I'm using this bluetooth mouse (Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Wireless Optical Mouse Black H3S-00003 - Best Buy) and it usually connects fine with my laptop. Sometimes, though, it looses connection seemingly out of nowhere. Then the BT icon disappears completely from Device Manager, the mouse disappears from Devices and Printers (although there is a 'Bluetooth Peripheral Device' listed, it is not the mouse and to the best of my knowledge I have no other BT connections so I'm not sure what that is. Going to properties of that device gives no useful information).

Finally, when I go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network Connections, there is nothing regarding bluetooth listed.

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


A:Bluetooth Connection Lost, cannot reconnect, BT seems to disappear

Forgot to mention, when the mouse is connected, all the drivers are up to date. I've checked several different drivers, all up to date.
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I am temporarily using tethering for Internet connection on my Surface Pro. Store apps won't install as before and (from reading here and elsewhere) it is probably due to the automatic switch to a metered connection. Instructions to change to non-metered involved right-clicking on the network from the charms menu. The Bluetooth PAN does not show up on that menu as a network.

I tried changing a setting under Devices to allow downloads over metered settings but that did not help.

Any other suggestions for how to change from metered to non-metered connection without using the charms menu?

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I've recently bought a Bluetooth USB Dongle for my Dell Inspiron 1764 laptop so my wireless headphone could connect to it. The dongle connected and installed fine but when I pressed "Add a device", it saw it as a keyboard and when it tried to install the driver for it, it gave me a "No driver found" for Bluetooth Peripheral Device. It is a Ciberspeed Sports Bluetooth Headphone and it has worked for my iPod so I'm not sure if that's the issue. I appreciate any help.
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Hi I am a simple guy and I have a simple mobile - a Doro That said the pairing and transfer of data pictures mainly between phone and pc worked perfectly until one day was it when I upgraded to or was it when 'Knowhow' aka 'Techguys' had to do a re-install Don't ask me Now the laptop finds and tells me that it is paired to the phone - and the phone says it is paired to the laptop But whenever I try and send a photo across it ends up by giving me a quot transfer incomplete quot and a red X Vodafone local paired successfully with one of their staff phones - and sent over a pic to prove it So they surmised that it was the laptop quot speak Knowhow quot Knowhow says that the code on the laptop is corrupted quot speak Vodafone quot Vodafone says that only Acer can send me the un-corrupted code quot speak to Acer quot - and guess what Acer says that as I purchased the laptop from Currys they offer no support which is contracted to Knowhow Does anyone know how I get the right ruddy code into my ruddy laptop and solve the problem - or is that not the problem at to connection AcerAspire (Windows E mobile gone Bluetooth 10) 15 all but something else Thanks for your patience Guys
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Im rinning windows 10 and am using the Microsoft bluetooth mouse this past few months, but this past few days it keeps dropping connection with my laptop, i keep having to uninstall it in device manager but its a real pain doing this, so anyone offer any help why this could be happening and how to fix the problem?
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Just installed the all in one for my neighbor. XP and bluetooth, using Kingenston dongle. printing works just fine but I do not get the "scan to computer" option in the menu window on the scanner. HP has not answered question yet. It seems I have skipped or the all in one skipped a configuration setting. Any ideas anyone.
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I'm running Windows 8.1 and using a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse. I've been using it for months and had no issue until recently. Now, it keeps disconnecting.

If I open Bluetooth settings in the metro settings app, the mouse immediately connects and begins working. If I then minimize the settings, the mouse seems to keep working as long as I keep moving the cursor continually. If I take my hand off the mouse for just a second, it disconnects until I open the Bluetooth settings menu again.

Anyone heard of this before? What can I try?


A:Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Loosing Connection

Have you tried new batteries? I have 4 of the MS Sculpt Comfort mice and if they start acting flaky I know it's time to change the batteries.
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i would like to transfer files to and from my laptop and my cell phone,

i have an acer laptop which has bluetooth enabled but when i click on the bluetooth icon in 'my computer' i get an error message saying that 'the bluetooth device is not found' despite the phones bluetooth being on.

i know the phones bluetooth works because i have sent and received files from a friends fone without any problems....

why doesnt the laptop recognise the device?
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When using cortana on my band it always comes up as turn on cortana connection 2 bluetooth Band problem blue tooth or make sure its connected I just recently decided to switch to the Microsoft platform because I could use cortana with my voice and band I went through hell and back trying to convert my android info into the Microsoft eco system I don't know why im so determined and stubborn to keep trying with Microsoft Your products on paper seem so superior but in reality are sub par The only reason I switched to a microsoft Band 2 cortana bluetooth connection problem phone was the voice connectivity with cortana What I found Band 2 cortana bluetooth connection problem is that the band worked better with android as well as all the other apps that are cross functional Why on earth does a Microsoft product have so many issues talking with its own brand I think i'm returning the phone and possibly even the band even after returning to the store times and wasting so much of my time I'm disappointed Microsoft yet will probably still keep trying your products why why why
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Hi Guys

Im running windows xp, sp3 on a laptop with bluetooth. I have a 'My Bluetooth Places' where i can 'quick connect' t my bluetooth speakers, but is there a function in windows to try and connect to them on startup?


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Product: HP Envy 6 1090eoOS: Windows 7Problem: Bluetooth Audio playback is terribly unstable. When connecting to my home theater system with bluetooth to playback audio it is extremely laggy.I have used 3 smartphones and 4 other laptops including an old HP pavilion and none of the other devices have this problem so i am 100% certain that the problem isnt with the home theater system. How do i solve this issue? Is it a driver or hardware issue? br/Alex

A:Bluetooth connection with audio playback lagging

Hi Alex,


Take a look at this document, which provides troubleshooting steps that hopefully, will help resolve your Bluetooth connection issues.


Please try the appropriate steps based on the issues you are having and let me know if this helps.

Good luck!
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I multi-boot so in order to get Dialogue? Keyboard To Connection The Up Bluetooth Non-Metro How Get the keyboard working across several OS's seamlessly i e without having forever How To Get Up The Non-Metro Bluetooth Keyboard Connection Dialogue? to reinstall them each time it's vital to install the How To Get Up The Non-Metro Bluetooth Keyboard Connection Dialogue? KB without a passkey which means I need the old wizard and not this flashy yet very dumbed down Metro interface where I can't see what the heck is happening The question is HOW - By the way the mouse doesn't matter as it doesn't use a password I am starting out on the desktop and right-clicking the Bluetooth icon by the clock display Bluetooth devices but as soon as the connect button is pressed this new Metro look kicks in But if I connect the mouse in then it becomes totally disabled in the other OS's because I can't get the wireless set to Hardware-Based rather than Software-Based Also how does one put back a missing Bluetooth item in the Control Panel I see bthprops cpl is in System but for some reason appears nowhere in the CP icons or category view - that last part was sorted out

A:How To Get Up The Non-Metro Bluetooth Keyboard Connection Dialogue?

The reason I wanted to avoid the passkey was that Bluetooth dongles rarely have the capacity to remember multiple passkeys so for a multi-boot setup it's a nightmare of re-pairing often.

I just tried an experiment. I paired my Microsoft BT mouse and keyboard in Windows 8 in the normal way and allowed the passkey pairing for the keyboard, which cannot be bypassed in any way in Windows 8. Then I opened Microsoft Mouse (or Keyboard) software and went to the Wireless tab > Bluetooth Connection > Advanced and made sure it was set to Hardware-Based, meaning the hardware is not controlled by the software as far as connections are concerned.
This allows my Vista, Windows 7 and even my XP VM's to keep their connection and continue functioning properly with no passkey.
I posted this to help others in the same situation.
By the way, there is a quick tutorial HERE (scroll down) on how to connect any Bluetooth device that normally requires a passkey, without one, but it only works in systems up to and including Windows 7. The enhanced UI in 8 has scotched any chance of it happening there.

It isn't a perfect solution as it doesn't always work but it will have to do. At least now I don't have to switch off my BT hardware because I'm scared 8 will auto-connect it and screw up the other OS setings.
One would have thought that Microsoft with all their expertise could have thought of this, especially when it's their own hardware involved.
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Hi I have difficulties Bluetooth connection Aspire Acer recently started using my Acer Aspire v - Acer Aspire Bluetooth connection difficulties laptop after leaving it inactive for a few months at least Today I tried connecting my Beats Pill speaker to the laptop via Bluetooth but it hasn't ended well I know it isn't a problem with the speaker as it works perfectly fine with my iPad I have also updated Bluetooth drivers to version which I got from the Acer website for this specific model laptop When I open Bluetooth in the PC settings app it just says paired I have clicked forget this device and tried pairing the devices again and it starts to connect However when I open the desktop in the taskbar is an icon that looks like a hands free ear piece It seems to be loading something and then the speaker goes back to the paired but not connected state that it was in before Sometimes if I turn off Bluetooth and then turn back on Acer Aspire Bluetooth connection difficulties it will show a quick driver error message even though I have latest driver updates Any information on this would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
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I've recently bought a Bluetooth USB Dongle for my Dell Inspiron 1764 laptop so my wireless headphone could connect to it. The dongle connected and installed fine but when I pressed "Add a device", it saw it as a keyboard and when it tried to install the driver for it, it gave me a "No driver found" for Bluetooth Peripheral Device. It is a Ciberspeed Sports Bluetooth Headphone and it has worked for my iPod so I'm not sure if that's the issue. I appreciate any help.
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I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and I'm trying to install a Microsoft IntelliType Pro keyboard and IntelliPoint mouse. The mouse installed fine and works well, however I'm having trouble with the keyboard. The computer detects it and apparently install it OK. It gives me a code to type in on the keyboard and that works fine. However, when it's done, the keyboard won't work. After a few minutes the icon for it disappears from my Bluetooth Devices folder, leaving only the mouse one.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers and I've tried installing the keyboard on another computer, but I get the same result every time.

Please can someone suggest how to get it working?

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Anyone knows how to get my HP Roar Bluetooth speaker to pair with my DELL Inspiron Series 5559 laptop (Windows 10, 64-bit)? I keep getting connection failure messages. I had no problem pairing the speaker with my iPhone 6 Plus. Both units (HP speaker and DELL laptop) are only months old and under warranty, yet both HP and DELL are offering only fee-based tech support for this problem, which I refuse to accept. I visited the DELL support web site, hoping to download an appropriate driver, but found no option for Bluetooth.
Note that, in Device Manager, under Bluetooth, nowhere does the name DELL appear among drivers. All I see there are:
- Bluetooth LE General Attribute Service
- Bluetooth Mouse 3600 (a Microsoft device, paired)
- Intel? Wireless Bluetooth?
- Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator
- Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Using Lenovo thinkpad r61 and Windows XP. Bluetooth peripheral works great with mouse & keyboard. It used to work great to send & receive files from Samsung Sync SGH A707C. Now, when I try to send or receive a file from phone to laptop, I get a message: file transfer not successful, an address incompatible with the requested protocol was used. My cell phone is recognized as a bluetooth device & I've been thru the set-up several times. What could I be missing here? There just doesn't seem to be a connection. Thanks for any help!
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Hello all Please be patient with me as my PC knowledge is limited I will do my best to get all info in here I recently bought a Sony TRV- Digital camcorder to transfer some old HI tapes to Sony connecting Camcorder not 1394 through connection my pc for editing and then to burn to a dvd The bottom line issue i am having is that when i plug the camcorder into the port it does not show up in my computer and is not connecting so i am unable to capture my video I recently added the following port to my PC quot Port PCI Express a FireWire Card quot Part PEX A from Startech As far as i know it installed correctly When i go to my device manager i see the following Bus Host Controllers gt OHCI Compliant Host Controller Legacy Now i thought i might have a bad Sony Camcorder not connecting through 1394 connection cable I do Sony Camcorder not connecting through 1394 connection NOT have any other devices that i can plug in and test the connection I did notice that when i connect my cable into the pc the DV IN appears on my camera display so apparently a connection is being made between the two I am just so frustrated as i just paid a couple hundred bones for the camera and for the card I don't mind investing some cash to get my old tapes transferred and backed up but i just don't want to keep buying things that are incompatible Would you guys recommend that i skip trying to get this thing to connect to windows and just go with a SONY VRD-MC and just get the footage captured directly to a dvd and then import and edit from there Thanks for the help I would love to capture this on my pc and edit but i'm running in circles trying to figure this out

A:Sony Camcorder not connecting through 1394 connection

What program are you using to capture. Movie Maker?

Welcome to the Forum.
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I have a Sony KDL EX Sony Internet wireless TV connection network internet capable TV that I cannot get to connect to the internet The network status displayed from the TV is Wireless device on TV Found Local Access Failed Internet Access Failed A copy of my PC configuration is Windows IP Configuration Host Name ray-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid Sony Internet TV wireless network connection IP Routing Enabled No Sony Internet TV wireless network connection WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List lan Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix lan Description NVIDIA nForce Mbps Ethernet Physical Address - F- -D - - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix lan Description Atheros AR b g WiFi Adapter Physical Address - - C- - -C DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe f eb b d Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Tuesday September a m Lease Expires Wednesday September p m Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - -B - B- - - - C- - -C DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix lan Description isatap lan Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - E- DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address e cd ad f febf Preferred Link-local IPv Address fe cd ad f febf Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled I have also done a ping test with the following result Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users ray gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Reply from Destination host unreachable Reply from Destination host unreachable Reply from Destination host unreachable Reply from Destination host unreachable Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Users ray gt The network settings that I have input manually are Connection method Wireless USB Wireless device on TV Found Network SSID Thomson Security WPA-PSK AES IP Address Setting Manual IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Primary DNS TGS info dump Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL- x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce M G Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Wistron C Antivirus avast antivirus VPS - Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled Can anyone assist me with this as I not sure what to try next Thank in anticipation Patmos nbsp