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my browsers on windows 10 doesn't recognize arabic

Q: my browsers on windows 10 doesn't recognize arabic

when some one send me email in Arabic not all the text appears correctly especially in the title or in the attached file
it shows up as attached image " capture.png"
how can i solve it
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Preferred Solution: my browsers on windows 10 doesn't recognize arabic

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Please I can,t read my email in Arabic , I have message im my email from 2004 in arabic and it,s shown to me as langue I don't understand ????? please help me ?

it show like this " «šŪ… "

A:I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

For starters, what operating system are you using?
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I have Adobe Reader 9.3. I open some document and the program says that Arabic Transparent Bold is missing.
I tried to install Arabic Transparent Bold that I found from Google search but the problem remains

A:Arabic Arabic Transparent-Bold missing

namo said:

I have Adobe Reader 9.3. I open some document and the program says that Arabic Transparent Bold is missing.
I tried to install Arabic Transparent Bold that I found from Google search but the problem remainsClick to expand...

Here is a solution that I spotted on another forum and hopefully it will help you: Scroll down to Post #7

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The Arabic text works fine but numbers do not in any program or browser. I have Windows 10 and its a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop 5000 series.
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Ok recently we had a power surge which burnt our motherboard and power supply We replaced the power supply and motherboard SP3 doesn't recognize XP Ram Windows I don t know the new motherboard model Now Windows XP Pro SP will not recognize the ram in the motherboard above mb My husband ran Windows XP SP3 doesn't recognize Ram Belarc advisor and it sees all three ram chips at each but says that there is only mb usable ram I have tried changing max ram setting in the boot ini settings but it always resets back to mb I have tried several combinations of ram and using only stick of in each slot in turn but cannot get Windows to recognize the ram in the computer One of the ram chips was never in the computer that had the power surge and we did do a complete reinstall of Windows XP At this point I am ready to take a sledge hammer to the computer It was a custom built system so I don t have a lot of specs to give you but it is a AMD Semperon processor I have sticks of DDR PC double sided ram and stick of DDR PC single sided ram The person who originally built the computer gave us the replacement board and said that our ram would be compatable so I don t believe it is a hardware issue Bios is set for auto detect of ram Don t know if there is anything else I can provide to get a better answer but ask and I will try if it helps fix this computer I am trying to get a better job where I can work from home but have to have the computer to get the job nbsp

A:Windows XP SP3 doesn't recognize Ram

have you tried 1 at a time and see if the Bios recognise each 512K RAM Chip ?
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This problem used to happen in Vista and just started popping up in my Windows 7 32 bit 7100.0.090421-1700. The drive is a 100gb Maxtor external usb drive. I've tried unplugging it and replugging it. Also I just rebooted with no luck. I'm going to boot to my 64 bit version to see if this problem occurs there.

A:Windows 7 Doesn't recognize USB HD

Well, I booted to my 64 bit Windows 7 and the same problem occured. It didn't see the external usb hard drive. I restarted and booted to Vista and the it saw the drive. I rebooted back into Windows 7 32 bit and it recognized the drive......................very strange.
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So i recently factory restarted my computer and like it said unplugged everything except keyboard mouse and monitor. I had 2 monitors plugged in so i thought that didn't matter. So when everything was finished i logged in and my second monitor was duplicating the first one. So i went to screen resolution and it said i only had one monitor and i dont have a second one. But my second one is plugged in and its duplicating the first monitor, so screen resolution didnt help, I cant "extend these displays" cause i "dont have a second one"
Any help?

A:Windows 7 doesn't recognize second monitor

Did you reinstall the drivers for your graphics card?

And please fill out your system specs so that we can help you better.
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So I record music and I'm using an Icicle Converter to convert my Cadoid mic to my laptop. I've plugged my mic into the USB on my old vista laptop and it recognizes it and I can record fine. But on my current laptop with Windows 7, it doesn't even recognize my microphone. I've tried the adding new hardware via control panel but it doesn't even show up. Even when I right click on the speaker and go do recording devices the only two options are the Internal Mic, and Stereo Mix. All and any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time
EDIT: I clicked on show disabled devices and an external mic option appeared but it still isn't receieving audio

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I've just bought a new laptop. It was with Linux Boot-Up system. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Installed all drivers that were on official Acer homepage. Then I saw that the Windows doesn't show all my HDD capacity. It should show 500gb, but it shows only 232GB.
What should I do?
my comp. -
Acer Aspire 5742G
picture of my HDD
In attachment is screenshot from my PC.
waiting for replies,
best regards,

A:Windows doesn't recognize all my hdd capacity.

Hello hemis, you said when you bought your laptop, than there operating system was "Linux". Therefore, I think, your hardisk formatted as linux file system base. Windows file system and linux file system is totally different. So when you installed windows 7, at that time you format your c: drive. So widows seven only recognize your c: drive. Because window's seven recognize that file system. Please you format all of other partition on your hardisk by "NTFS" file system. To see your all of other partition go to "run" option and write "diskmgmt.msc" and then press enter. Here you see all of your hardisk partition. Now select drive and right click and then chose "format".

All the best.
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I have an HP Windows XP home sp laptop with a Syba Combo USB Firewire card Windows shows a network connection and recognize Camcorder Windows doesn't has Windows doesn't recognize Camcorder the windows firewall turned off for it However there is no network activity When I connect the firewire cable from the camcorder sony DCR-PC to the card s firewire port the camcorder shows DV IN on the display If I disconnect from the card then the DV IN goes away The USB ports on the firewire card seem to work fine and recognize a USB hard drive without any trouble I just cannot seem to get windows to recognize the camcorder I have tried swapping out the cable for a different cable but seem to get the same results The same setup had worked a few months earlier without any problem However tI think there have been some Windows security fixes that have been added since then Is there any good way to diagnose the connection to determine why this is not working properly nbsp
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Hello yesterday i have bought Aim AS372 Audio Usb, my problem is when i plug in device via usb i get msg from windows that Usb device not recognized and it says its damaged? Really? I cant belive that, i even changed usb cable still the same error I have no idea what to do so i think im gonna exchange this to new one or there is solution for this? I really want it to work :/ I tried on 3 windows 10, 8.1 and now 7. I hope someone can help me out.
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HDD's attached during Win installation st was GB boot drive nd was a NTFS TB HDD populated media drive Was about to add my media folders to Plex Media Server when I noticed that only the boot drive C appeared under My Computer Found that odd so I restarted into BIOS settings and the nd HDD showed up fine Booted into Windows and started Disk Manager and Windows 2nd my recognize doesn't HDD? Why 8 SATA saw something I've never seen before It could Why doesn't Windows 8 recognize my 2nd SATA HDD? see the nd HDD but no drive letter was assigned and it said quot Foreign Why doesn't Windows 8 recognize my 2nd SATA HDD? quot where it normally has drive size and quot Online quot There's quite a bit of data on there but it's backed up onto Crashplan so I suppose I could do a fresh format and re-populate with the data Would be quite a PITA though Any ideas Googled it and haven't seen anyone else w this issue http dl dropbox com u IMG jpg lt --screenshot of Disk Manager seeing quot Foreign quot drive Already tried a Reset as per this thread Why doesn amp t Windows recognize my nd SATA HDD amp - Microsoft Answers and have posted this same question in the Win TechNet forum

A:Why doesn't Windows 8 recognize my 2nd SATA HDD?

This is a strange issue I wouldn't think Windows 8 would do, as this sounds more like an xp type thing.

But anyways, try right clicking on the drive in Disk Management and hit Import foreign drive. This may or may not work, but we'll see.
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Is there something I can do so that my computer recognizes my iPhone 5? I tried to go to my photos and it said it was empty.


A:Windows 8.1 doesn't recognize iPhone

an iphone will need iTunes to do what you want it to do.
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I cant play dvd on my windows xp My laptop hp-older version was having problems in its software windows so i gave it to an expert to fix the problem He said he would have to re-install the whole thing for it to work again so I let him and now i m stuck with windows xp The oldest one i didn t know what to do with this and internet explorer but with my brothers help i managed to get mozilla firefox chrome and a few others installed in this Anyway- this windows has windows media player and vlc media player installed when i enter a dvd in the drive the icon of dvd rw drive or whatever does not appear in My Computer which i d usually double click to let the movie play How do i fix this i m pretty sure the media player CAN play the dvd its more like the windows is not detecting the dvd or something idk can somebody help me play Windows Solved: recognize dvd doesn't my my movie It just doesn t recognize that a dvd has been inserted or like doesn t recognize the dvd nbsp

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After I got my LCD, I plugged in the USB 2.0 cable that came with it because it was a cable that needed to be plugged in (lol). The purpose of the cable is to give me 4 extra USB ports in the monitor. When I did, Windows automatically detected it but it said that it could be running faster if I plugged it into a USB 2.0 port. This is where I'm confused, because my motherboard has USB 2.0 ports... 4 of them, at least I thought it did. Did I do something wrong here? Normally I wouldn't worry but I was just looking at a USB 2.0 TV tuner so....
Thanks in advanced for any help.

Here's the mobo:

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I have a Samsung SE-218 External DVD drive, and I cannot seem to access it in Windows 8.1 (though I have not had a chance to try it on any other computers yet, so there is always the possibility that something is wrong with the drive). Whenever I plug it in the light comes on and it will spin the disc for a bit, but nothing shows up in File Explorer or in Device Manager.

I've tried the command prompt command noted in this thread with no luck:
How to make empty ODD show? Registry edit?

Any ideas?

A:Windows 8.1 doesn't recognize USB DVD Drive

Hi there
Try plugging it in BEFORE booting your system ==> check USB settings in the BIOS you might have to enable USB in Legacy mode depending on the USB drive.

Unless the computer is REALLY OLD the BIOS should recognize it as a BOOT device too -- try booting anything from it --if you haven't got a bootable CD program download something free and simple like GPARTED and just see if the CD / DVD boots.

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I had an old Cyrix 6x86 machine that was running fine with 64 megs of RAM, but I decided to upgrade. I bought a couple of 128 meg ram boards from NewEgg (the biggest that the motherboard would support) and installed them. Now Windows 98 system reports that the machine has 32 meg of ram installed! Any idea why this would happen?

A:Why doesn't Windows recognize my RAM upgrade?

Could be a density conflict . . some high density memory won't be recognized by older motherboards.

You can use the memory configurator at Crucial to see what kind of memory that board accepts.

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I recently installed windows 7 on my computer. Everything is great with the exception of not being able to see my cd/dvd drives. They do not show up in the device manager or in my computer. I have searched for fixes and tried everything I have found. The MS fixit tool acknowledged the drives were not detected and tried to fix it, but failed. I have also looked in the registry for the upper & lower filters, but they are not listed.

I have:

ASUS P5KPL-CM Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.8 GHz
Windows 7 32 bit
Samsung RW
I have spent over 10 hours searching for some way to fix my issue and frastration is at maximum capacity!


A:Windows 7 doesn't recognize cd/dvd drives

Have you checked the BIOS? I'm not sure why, but at one time the BIOS on one of my PC's was set to 'Not Available' for one of my drives. I changed that to 'Automatic' and it showed up just fine.
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I m running Office in Windows bit amp it s been working good except for Outlook amp don t care about Outlook I m getting ready to install MS Windows Doesn?t Recognize Word Office amp would like to Windows Doesn?t Recognize MS Word install both Office versions amp The MS site said this is possible To avoid conflicts it said to take a few steps before installing Office The st is to rename Office startup links All I ve done so far is rename the links e g quot Microsoft Word quot to quot Word quot amp nothing else Office has not been installed amp I ve made no changes to registry or anything else Word is now giving me startup problems It s as if Word is no longer registered with Windows The User Account Control UAC now activates every time I start Word The UAC asks if the program winword exe should be allowed to make changes It also shows the publisher as unknown This includes starting Word manually from within its directory C Program Files x Microsoft Office Office Word runs OK after clicking quot Yes quot in UAC The Word start icons are not recognized by Win I get blank generic icons in the Start Menu amp Taskbar I did unpin those icons from the taskbar amp start menu before I renamed them Can anyone help me fix this

A:Windows Doesnít Recognize MS Word

the original winword.exe may have been overwritten

Have you tried an installation repair of Office 2000?
To do this:
Go to programs & features in the Control Panel
Scroll down and select Microsoft Office 2000 and there should be an option to Change/Repair

Office 2007 would work better on Windows 7 as it has current update support and will integrate better with windows
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Howdy, I've got an odd problem.
When I insert a disk, the OS reads it correctly, and I can do whatever with it. However when I remove it, Windows still shows the disk is inserted, and inserting another disk causes any program that tries to access it to hang indefinitely (including individual windows explorer instances).

After several hours of google and trying various fixes (including removing the drivers for the dvd-drive and ATA Channel 0-5, disabling windows native burn capabilities, uninstalling CyberLink PowerDVD 8 and Nero Express 9, and everything in this thread), I've got it so that the drive recognizes a single removal of CD/DVD and insertion of a new CD/DVD, however the second time it still gets stuck.

I'm on an Alienware m17x with a TS-T633A DVDRW.

Thanks for any help,

A:Windows doesn't recognize DVD eject

I'm also on a Alienware laptop, and my portal 2 disc got stuck inside, and i can't find the eject option on my computer. i run a windows 7.
that, and when i'm trying to burn a image onto a cd disc, it just says no disc drive found, alsotho there is a slotload one on the side of my laptop, haha.

Anyways, how did you get your laptop to detect and eject the CD?
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I have been trying to do WDRT and my 650 cant seem to be recognized even after using various USB cable, any help?

A:Windows 10 pc doesn't recognize my L650

Originally Posted by dubor99 I have been trying to do WDRT and my 650 cant seem to be recognized even after using various USB cable, any help? Which windows you got on pc? Did it recognize it during normally use?
Which device appear in My computer folder after conncection?
Tried another udb ports?
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So I got these headphones, Trust Quasar and they worked very well, but today I plugged them in and the PC doesn't even recognize something is plugged, sometimes it starts to act like it recognizes something but then it tells me it could't be installed right and says it's an unknown device. I tried installing new audio drivers and plugging the headset into other usb slots, nothing worked, any ideas?
Edit: i also tried the showing disconnected and disabled devices doesn't work either.

A:Windows doesn't recognize USB headphones

I would suspect a USB corruption for the headset. Plug the headset in and then go to the Device Manager and display the USB section. There will most likely be an Unidentified Device showing. That is probably the headset, so uninstall the Unidentified Device (Right click on it and then left click "Uninstall"). Disconnect the headset from the PC and then restart the PC. After Windows has started connect the headset and Windows should detect and reinstall it.
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Never mind. Password different than thought. Please close this thread. Thanks!

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize Password!

Have a good experience with you system ,mate.
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I got a new pc running windows 7. I have a VGA splitter that I used with my Vista pc and was able to run 3 monitors. Now when I connect a second monitor using the VGA splitter and I can only clone the second monitor, for some reason Windows 7 doesn't recognize there is a second monitor connected.

Amy help appreciated

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PLEASE HELP.. Im new to this website.. but seems promising..
I hav a Samsung R580
Windows 7 Home Premium
64bit 4GB RAM
i5 CPU 2.27GHz

problem is my 250GB ext hard disk was workin just fine on my laptop.. but then all of a sudden.. is jus wont get recognized.. the light on d drive comes on.. but i dont see anything on MY COMPUTER.. but my hard disk is recognized by vista without problem..
i tried uninstallin all d USB devices thru device manager.. but no luck..

plz help.. thnx a TON!!

A:Windows 7 doesn't recognize my external HDD

Hello docjoe. Welcome to the Forum.

I gave this suggestion Both USB ports on laptop suddenly stopped working in another post here just a few hours ago.

Try that fix and see if it works for you.

TIP: One of the best ways to use SevenForums is to take advantage of the SEARCH tool. There is always a very good possibility that your issue or question has come up before. Always look for the threads marked SOLVED first.
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Hi This never happened 7 recognize installation Windows HDD doesn't to me before and its driving me insane I'm trying to do a clean install of windows by booting the computer into the CD but no drives show up This usually Windows 7 installation doesn't recognize HDD happens to me so no big deal The problem is recently I got a quot new quot computer made out of old parts of other computers SO i have no drivers CD So i have no SATA drivers Windows 7 installation doesn't recognize HDD I tried to download about so far with no luck Simply because I have no idea what I should download If anyone can help me or at least tell me what sata drivers I need that would be extremely helpful I simply don't know if sata drivers come from the HDD i have from the motherboard from the chip of the motherboard i have no clue Here's my computer info you may need I've seen posts saying to in the bios change from whatever I have to IDE or to something else but I have no clue what that does so i would rather avoid it if possible If there's no other solution what does it actually do if i change from SATA to something else if its even SATA what I have Thank you for the time you wasted reading this And thank you for your help Lkcynric

A:Windows 7 installation doesn't recognize HDD

This isn't XP - the drivers are all in the Win7 DVD.

Are you receiving any errors? An error prompting for DVD drivers is almost always a bad installer. Download the ISO for your licensed version and burn to DVD or write to flash stick from Steps 1 and 2 of Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which also has tips to assure a perfect install.

If DVD fails again try the flash stick method.

If no error then try pre-partioning the HD with a NTFS Primary partition marked Active using free Free download Magic Partition Manager Software, partition magic alternative, free partition magic, partition magic Windows 7 and server partition software - Partition Wizard Online bootable CD.
How to Create Partition with partition manager? Partition Wizard Create Partition Video Help
How to Set Active/Inactive partition with partition magic? Partition Wizard Video Help.

If this fails with the PW CD test the HD and file system: Video help on how to perform partition surface test with Partition Wizard.
How to Check File System? Partition Wizard Video Help.
If it has problems use the manufacturer's Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure.

Try another HD.
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I've decidede to upgrade my girlfriend's computer from Vista to Windows 8.
I didn't dare to delete the old O.S, thus I installed it on a different hard disk. (*)

Now I can choose to boot from Vista or WIndows 8. Both work.
From Vista everything is OK. It recognizes his partition and W8's one as well.
But from Windows 8 I cannot acces the old Vista partition in the other disk (ntfs too). It says that is unallocated.
What can I do?
I don't think I have to repair the partition because it's working well if I boot from Vista.
With other tools such as easeus it's the same. From Linux everything is OK.

(*) In fact it's in an external disk, but it boots properly and everything seems OK, except the partition issue.

I've seen that other user had this issue too. But he had too many partitions. I hust have two primary partitions on each disk.

A:Windows 8 doesn't recognize my old partition

OK, I've found the solution myself.
I don't know why Windows Disk Manager didn't allow me to do anything.
But using a third party disk management application I assigned a drive letter to the partition and now it works.
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I bought an adaptor cord-parallel plug to USB-so as to be able to continue to use my old Epson Laser printer with my new Windows 7 Dell computer. When the printer is plugged in a box shows up saying that Windows has found my printer, another box says a driver was found, and a third says that it was installed. When I go to Printers and Devices my printer is listed under Unspecified and is identified as an IEEE-1284 Controller. How do I get Windows to recognize this device as a printer.?

A:Windows doesn't recognize my printer

Hello javapoppa. Welcome to the Forum.

You could try this workaround. I can't tell you it will work, but it's worth a shot.

First, open the printers properties and note the USB port number that the printer is installed to (it should be a "virtual printer port".
Then find the driver files for your printer by browsing the CD or downloaded package (they will be .inf files) and copy these to a USB stick or easy to find folder on your hard drive.
Create a System Restore Point.
I then would uninstall the "IEEE-1284" printer, disconnect it, and restart.

Before connecting the printer follow these steps:
1. Go to Devices and Printers > Add a Printer > Choose: Local Printer
2. Choose: “Create a New Port” > Local Port > Next
3. Enter port name (the port you wrote down previously)
4. Choose: Have Disk > Browse to driver folder (on stick) > Select it > OK > OK
5. Type a printer name
6. Share this printer? > Yes or No

If successful, then plug the printer into the same USB port you plugged into before. Hopefully Windows will find the drivers and connect to the printer.

Let us know if that works. If it doesn't, you can use System Restore to undo your changes.
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I am trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, 32-bit version, on my older PC. I got a virus, so I figured it was a good time to upgrade. I currently run Windows XP Pro. I have a PE845MAX2 motherboard. When I try to install it, I get to the screen where they are asking me where to install Windows 7. It does not recognize any drives, and asks me to browse for drivers. I have installed the SATA drivers ( I double clicked on the .exe driver file but saw no results), and disabled RAID in my bios. Still having the problem. Can you help me diagnose this problem? Thanks.

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I don't really understand it. I initially used G-parted to partition my 250gb drive into a 100, 75, and 55. Then I tried installing Windows XP SP3 and it says it doesn't recognize them, so I deleted those partitions and made new ones (the same size though) and it asked me to reboot. After I rebooted it prompted me again with Press Enter to install Windows, so I do and it says some crap about how it doesn't recognize any hard drive plugged in. BIOS recognizes the drive and its size.

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Well I just recently built a new computer. after finally putting everything together, when I go to install XP using an old disk, windows only recognizes 130gigs out of the 320 gigs the HDD has. So I figure it will be resolved after installing updates via windows updater. But, no still no good. Is there a way for my windows to recognize the entire HDD without installing a newer version of XP first?

Im also having a problem with the graphics card/driver. I have a Geforce 8600 GT I bought recently. When I install the drivers it came with the screen's right side is cut off by a pretty large black margin. I've tried to adjust the screen spacing via nvidia control panel but no good. Help for both these problems would be very much appreciated.

A:Old Windows XP disk doesn't recognize all HDD space

Hi PublicEnemy and welcome to TSF !

The 137GB limit with older XP install disks is a known limitation of the OS. You need an XP SP1 or later CD to be able to format a partition larger than 137GB during the XP installation.

Right-click my computer and click manage. Go to disk management and you'll notice some unpartitioned space. Right-click it to create a partition. Use the default values and assign it a volume letter and the missing space will become available as if it was a new drive. Keep in mind that it's actually on the same physical drive than the first partition. Don't use it to backup valuable data from the other partition since if the hard drive fails one day you'll lose both partitions.

About your video problem, could you tell us more about your system specs ? Follow the "posting system specs" link in my sig and use everest to create a hardware report. Don't forget to open the computer case to tell us the brand, model and wattage of your power supply (written on the sticker that's on the side of the power supply block).

What's the brand of your Geforce 8600GT ? (Nvidia is the chip manufacturer, not the video card manufacturer).
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i just upgraded my dell dimension e310 with a 2gb 1gb*2 set and my bios works fine it recognized ram upgrade and keyboard works on it and i can boot to knoppix from usb flash drive and usb keyboard and mouse works from there i have tried safe mode and with command prompt even plugging in device while loading drivers and still nothing
i also have my windows xp cd and two product keys and i have another clean installation on another partition and it wont recognize anything either

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Hi All!

I have a nvidia graphics card (Not sure what kind, It's part of the problem) and windows 7 does not recognize it. It branded my computer with "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter."

I was wondering if there is anyway to check my graphics card in this state or fix this problem without knowing what kind of driver to update

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize My Graphics Card

Welcome to seven forums. We can try going to device manager>right click on display adpater>properties>details tab>drop down menu> hardware id(first in list) Copy and Paste the hardware id string. This should allow us to figure out your video card. Or try typing in the search box sys info click on system info>then components>display. however if it is'nt reconizing it I don't think it will show up, but might as well give it a try.Thanks. Fabe
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I delete all my partition in my SSD and I install a new operating system. before that I copy all files of recovery partition to external disk also hidden files. I thought that if I set a external disk as bootable,will work like recovery partition, but it did not work.
Now i create new partition named "Recovery" and placed it all recovery files. How can I make the new partition like the old. like this:
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I connected my Samsung phone to my windows 10 pro pc to transfer files --does not show any connections on desktop--can't open--went to devices and printers--doesn't show the connected device--windows 7 did show all I connected--what am I missing.

A:windows 10 pro doesn't recognize any usb plug in devices

You might have to enter Disk Management and locate the missing phone. It might not have a drive letter assigned and can't be found. This article goes into more details. (Hint: to save some typing you can right click the start button and access Disk Management from there.)

Find Your Missing USB Drive in Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista
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This is a little thing that's annoying me that I haven't found the answer to with google. I've noticed that when I insert games or software in my dvd drive windows asks me what I want to do, and installing isn't an option on their. I have "install or run program" selected by "software and games" in my autoplay settings in control panel. And for disks that I selected once "open folder to view files using windows explorer" the folder open automaticly without even asking me. It's like windows is ignoring the autorun.inf files on these disks.

A:Windows doesn't seem to recognize autorun.inf files

Autorun vs Autoplay – What’s the Difference?
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I have 3 microphone jacks. One directly on the motherboard, one on the front panel, and one on my volume controller for my Cyber Acoustics 5402 speakers. Windows 7 does not recognize that I have it plugged in on any of these ports. Any suggestions?

A:Microphone plugged in but Windows 7 doesn't recognize it.

just another note, I can hear the sounds from my speakers from all 3 ports, it's just that Windows 7 doesn't recognize it.
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I have an iPhone 3GS, and it's showing up in iTunes, but it isn't appearing in Computer. It's not appearing in Device Manager either. How can I fix that problem?
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hey guys. after i switched out my CD-ROM drive, windows stopped recognizing the new CD-ROM drive and one of my 3 hard drives. here's my configuration:
master 1: hard drive C
slave 1: hard drive D
master 2: CD-ROM (new one)
slave 2: hard drive F

the BIOS had both slaves at "off" but i changed it into "auto" and actually recognized every single one of them. but when i log on to windows, on my computer, only C and D show up. the CD ROM and F don't show up. what could be the problem? i've restarted my computer countless amounts of time. I was expecting the new hardware wizard to show up once i replaced the CDROM but that never happened.

any help would be appreciated. thanks.

A:[SOLVED] windows doesn't recognize 2 out of 4 drives

it appears as though i solved my problem. went to the device manager and enabled secondary IDE channel.

you can lock this thread.
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In an attempt to make more space for my media files, I created a new partition on my computer and simply moved all of the files from my previous 40Gig partition into my new 100Gig partition.
Everything was done using the built-in software that came with Windows 7 Ultimate.

Things went fine for a while, then I wasn't able to load my PC.
Fair enough, I reinstalled the OS.
It worked for a few hours, I installed all the updates into my system after the fresh install.
But when I turned it on in the morning, it worked for about 30 minutes and then I got a blue screen and it auto-restarted.

Now, I can't access Windows or even reinstall it.
The Windows installation disc doesn't recognize my hard drive anymore.
(It's an official disk that I got from my Dad whom works at a Microsoft partner company.)

A:PC doesn't recognize my hard drive, Windows 7 Ult x64

Boot from your Win 7 DVD into a command prompt.

Can you see the disk and drives there?

■At the first dialog window, press SHIFT + F10 key combo
■You will have a X:> command prompt
X: is a ram drive created by Windows 7.
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so ive had my G7 for a while now and upgraded to 10 a while back when it was free. now that ive upgraded i'm now having problems trouble shooting the PC because im not getting any windows ten compatible drivers or information. im not sure what to do. current issue, wifi light orange. no sign of wifi on device. no sign of wifi card under device manager and all drivers and card reader drivers seem to do nothing. any help is greatly appreciated. would like to avoid windows wipe.  thank you, mike
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I have an AMD 1ghz system that I built myself. It is running Windows 2000 and has been wonderful. I have 512 megs of RAM, a nic card, a geoforce video card, a SoundBlaster card and a new Pinnacle Firewire card. I have used the firewire card with a Sony mini-DV Deck (900), but it won't recognize the 80GB AcomData hard drive that I have just added. It sees it if I hook through USB, but I need it to go firewire for speed to edit video with. Please HELP!


A:Windows 2000 doesn't recognize Firewire HD

Are you sure the hard drive isnt Firewire 2 (1394b) because I don't know about the compatibility issues between these, the hard drive might be USB 2 compatible so you could get 480Mbps campared to Firewires 400Mbps
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hi all, I'm having an ipod touch connected to my computer for music purpose. but recently, windows doesn't recognize it anymore.
can some one help, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks in advance 

A:windows doesn't recognize ipod touch

Do other computers recognize this Ipod Touch - try the simple things first - different cable, then different computer.If another computer will not recognize the ipod then it is most likely a problem with the ipod.
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Hello all I just got a Rosewill HDD docking station R to pair with my backup drive a Western Digital T The drive was working in my desktop as a backup I gave the PC to my son and took out 10 new my station HDD docking doesn't Windows recognize the back up It's got all my music and photos on Windows 10 doesn't recognize my new HDD docking station it plus other stuff Windows doesn't recognize the drive I have everything correctly connected all lights light up so all connections are tight I checked for it in Device Manager and it shows up there under my laptop's hard Windows 10 doesn't recognize my new HDD docking station drive as working properly So I went to Disk Management and it shows up as Disk and again as working properly A box popped up to say I have to initialize the disk before Windows will deal with it Then it recommends a GPT If I go ahead with this will it wipe out all my stuff from my hard drive It'll kill me if I have to lose all my pictures The rest of the stuff I have backed up on DVDs or CDs My pictures are only partially backed up as at the time I was having trouble with my DVD burner A network transfer didn't work between a PC running Win and my laptop running So I gave up for the time being so my son could use the PC I'm trying to do this on my own without bothering my boys If anyone can guide me through this I'd be so happy and grateful and most truly appreciative Please bear in mind I am years old and while certainly not PC illiterate things like this I am new at So some patient empathy is always doubly appreciated

A:Windows 10 doesn't recognize my new HDD docking station

Make sure you are using the Rosewill power adapter when using the Dock, and plug it directly into the wall socket and not a power strip or surge protector as this diminishes the power.
Be sure you are plugging the USB cable into the Back USB port (desktop) not the front or thru a Hub as these ports are weaker. If Disk Management still wants to initialize, then you can try and recover your files by using the Free TestDisk program. I have had the best luck with GetDataBack. you will need another drive of the same size or larger to restore your files to. BTW age is just a thing, I'm 63.
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Good evening Been awhile since I posted Haven't had to Got rid of an ugly virus on one of my daughter's Win machines But that isn't why 7 adapters recognize doesn't network Windows I am here My daughter in HI just called me System is a Toshiba Notebook Satellite L bought brand new last week All was well until yesterday She couldn't connect to the net with any source dial-up DSL etc She went into the Device Manager and all of the network sources under Network Adapters have next to them She went in to properties Windows 7 doesn't recognize network adapters and all of the drivers are installed and working properly Now since I am Windows 7 doesn't recognize network adapters Win challenged I am not sure about my solution haven't done it yet until I find out if it can be done In other Win OSes I would uninstall every one of them power off power on and let the OS find and install the drivers I saw when I install Windows 7 doesn't recognize network adapters my other daughter's Win machine that Win installed everything I didn't have to do a thing My question is Is my solution right Will that work Yours in long distance teching Jann

A:Windows 7 doesn't recognize network adapters

Should work. Only way to find out is to try it, but first try doing a system restore. That should always be the first resort
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i recently purchased a MIDI keyboard for my computer m-audio oxygen and after some initial difficulty it is now working perfectly however in the process i managed to somehow delete or alter the driver that tells windows that i do indeed have a sound card the program i use to make music reason allows me to select the sound card and it does produce sound so the sound card is still installed and working however windows itself doesn t believe i have one when i go to control panel sounds audio tab the drop down menu for Recognize Card Doesn't Windows Sound sound cards is greyed out under the hardware tab it tells me that the quot microsoft WINMM WDM audio compatibility driver quot has had Windows Doesn't Recognize Sound Card a service disabled code i have tried disabling and re-enabling it to no avail i tried to visit the microsoft update site and redownload this driver but i use firefox and it requires internet explorer however my IE has not worked in months it will open but for some reason it doesn t believe i m connected to the internet so basically i m trying to decide if i should just reformat it s been about a year and months so it s time or if i can pull this off the only issue i have with reformatting is that i lost all of my original disks when i built this computer so i d have to repurchase a lot of programs if anyone has any suggestions at all i would greatly appreciate it thank you

A:Windows Doesn't Recognize Sound Card

Try this Firefox add-on
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I have a iPhone c gb and don t have much storage left on my phone Here s a little back ground on my issue my HP laptop no longer recognizes Apple products on 64 Windows HP doesn't 7 laptop Apple usb bit recognize USB so I m unable to back up my data on my hard drive However the USB does recognize my old Android phone USB and mouse which is so strange but my computer at work does recognize it I ve been trying to resolve this issue for months and can t figure it out and neither can Apple I have an appointment at with the Genius bar but thinking its a waste of Windows 7 64 bit doesn't recognize Apple usb on HP laptop time At first Apple was said it was Norton Firewall but that not true because I purchased iPod touch in and at one point was able to sync my music and pics with no problems I ve checked my device drivers to see if there was an update need or a unknown device no luck with that I have Windows bit but Microsoft will not assist me as my warranty has expired After researching I noticed a lot of people have come across this problem but I cannot figure it out Someone mentioned it may be device driver Can you suggest anything Thank you BCG nbsp

A:Windows 7 64 bit doesn't recognize Apple usb on HP laptop

what happens when you plug the device in - any beeps , messages at all ?
can you plug any other USB devices - like a mouse or harddrive into the USB slot and does it work ?
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I am trying to install a LG wifi adapter (LWG 5410U s/n 041001150), but windows failed to install drivers

I have searched everywhere for it with no luck

maybe someone can help me out.


A:Windows 7 doesn't recognize usb wifi adapter

Hi are you plugging it in a usb hub if so try plugging in a usb port on the computer itself
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I upgraded a computer to Windows because it had a corrupt Windows XP install and I wanted to save myself the hassle of reinstalling Windows XP I Adapter Windows doesn't Ethernet 7 detect/recognize am now having a problem getting the PC to connect to the internet It says that no Ethernet Driver is installed and it doesn't even detect an adapter with no drivers in Device Manager I was expecting the yellow exclamation point I used Windows 7 doesn't detect/recognize Ethernet Adapter Everest to get some details about PC in question and I hope I can post it here I found some drivers for this motherboard online and it worked for the audio but I just can't seem to get the LAN working This is the page I got the drivers from http www ecs com tw ECSWebSite Pro uID amp LanID I don't know how to install the LAN drivers The audio ones only worked when I did Windows XP SP compatibility on the EXE I tried the same thing with the LAN but it said it couldn't find the NIC am I doing something wrong

A:Windows 7 doesn't detect/recognize Ethernet Adapter

It sounds very much as though your hardware is incompatible with Windows 7.

Before you tried to upgrade you really needed to download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, which will flag up any hardware issues.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows

If you can find a Windows 7 driver for your LAN adapter you need to download it, save it to your hard drive and install it from there or go into device manager, select your LAN adapter, right-click it and select Update Driver Software.

My best advice to you is to reinstall Windows XP, and then run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.
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Hi Over the weekend I purchased and installed a copy of Windows Professional upgrade I had Vista Pro installed before that but I did not upgrade I did a fresh install after formatting the partition of my hard drive that Vista was installed on I have several partitions on the drive including an gb extended partition that I used to store pictures games music etc After the installation of Windows I can no longer access the extended partition and the Doesn't New Partition Windows 7 Install Extended Recognize data on it In Windows' Disk Manager I can see the gb partition but it just says quot Free Space quot and it does not show up as a drive in My Computer I am using a program called Zero Assumption Recovery to recover the data from the partition but I would rather just repair the partition in place ZAR finds all of the data so I know that it is there My question Is there any way to repair the partition so that Windows can use it again and so that I won't have to go through the recovery Thanks in advance for any help Please let me know if I need to provide more information
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Hello everyone,

when I try to install windows XP the installer doesn't show the original partition table, it only shows one partition with 130 GB space which doesn't really exist. My fdisk -l:
/dev/sda1 * 1 21744 174651392 83 Linux
/dev/sda2 21744 24193 19673088 7 HPFS/NTFS
/dev/sda3 24193 24322 1035264 82 Linux swap / Solaris
What can I do to make the installer see the proper partition table?

A:Windows installation doesn't recognize partition table

Is this an old version of XP (pre SP2?). If so that's the problem, it needs to be slipstreamed up to SP2 or 3 or you just have to install (if you don't bluescreen because of other hardware incompatibilities (doesn't recognize a PCI-e graphics card either)) and then update and then expand the partition.
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Windows 10 does not allow the drive to burn double-layer DVDs.  Windows 7 does.  Win 10 reports "correct driver installed" which is the generic Microsoft driver dated back in 2006.  Apparently, no update from MS or HP to fix this.  HP drive fast becoming a paperweight as a result.  Constructive suggestions not involving registry editing are welcomed, such as, oh, an updated driver from HP ??

A:Windows 10 doesn't properly recognize the HP DVD Writer 1265

I must admit that I have NO USE WHATSOEVER for some flaccid automated response telling me I've earned a digital merit badge for starting a conversation.  I haven't been in scouting for 50 years.  What would be really nice is if someone who knows the difference between a software driver and a golf club providing me with a useful response that would help me SOLVE MY PROBLEM, or is that too much to ask from a SUPPORT forum?
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I recently reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP w/SP3. Everything has gone smoothly, however XP will not recognize the fact that I have installed the proper drivers. I also get/got any error every time I try to uninstall one of the audio drivers I get this message. Warning "Removed Realtek Audio driver Failure!" So, to recap, Windows doesn't see/find any audio device, thus no system sound even though the drivers are installed and are the same from the last time I had them.

My computer:
Dell Inspiron 530
Intel G33/31
Core Duo 2.2ghz
4gb of DDR2 ram
500gb WD HD
Nvidia Geforce 8800GT

A:Windows doesn't recognize Realtek audio drivers

I should also add that I have onboard audio, so I can't figure out why XP doesn't recognize it. I also have Drivesweeper installed and made sure that all of Realtek's crap was out. I have been to and download the new drivers to no avail.
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Need some help here. Was attempting my first re installation of Windows XP Home on my brothers Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop.

Went into the BIOS and set boot order to 1. CD/DVD Drive, then used the factory disk that came with the unit.

Booted from the disk drive just fine. Chose to install windows by pressing "Enter", deleted the D:\ partition and failed to delete the C:\ partition on the hard disk before starting NTFS (quick) formatting, but didn't realize that til after the reformatting ended at 100% saying that it had 'failed due to a corrupt or damaged disk.'

Now windows install doesn't recognize the hard drive to install Windows XP on to.


A:Windows Install doesn't recognize hard drive

You "formatted the disk"? You mean the factory disk that you used to restore the computer in the first place? And sorry...I really don't have any advice...I'm a noob with computers. xD
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Hello guys:

Well I have an hard drive into a external enclousure but the windows XP of a new CPU do not finish detect it when I connect it. But the same external hard drive work fine in my laptop. I formated my CPU 2 times, but i got the same error of Windows. My CPU has a new motherboard Foxconn M7VMX-K.

The USB ports work fine with my pendrive.

In my computer i can see a new hard drive with a letter (K, whithout data.

The Windows XP Administrator Disk doesn't show nothing about the external hard drive.

Sorry, my english isn't perfect!.

Please help me, thanks guys,

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Hello guys Here is my situation I used to run XP bit on my computer for over year and never had a problem with my graphic card But yesterday I decided to install Windows bit as Geforce 7 recognize Windows doesn't my 64bit 9800GT it permits me to run more than only GB of RAM I have GB And there is where the problem is as ever since I installed the new OS my computer wont't read my nVidia Geforce GT properly It displays my graphic card as Standard VGA Adapter I already updated the driver of my motherboard to the latest one and tried to update the driver of my graphic card from NVdia's website with no success So is there anybody who had faced this problem before and came out with a solution Or the only solution I got is to go back to XP I would be very grateful if somebody Windows 7 64bit doesn't recognize my Geforce 9800GT could help me out on fixing this problem Thanks in advance Fredy Additional notes I also tried to install Vista bits on my computer facing the same problem

A:Windows 7 64bit doesn't recognize my Geforce 9800GT

The change to 64 bit shouldn't really be affecting this. Especially on a card that is actually supported by windows 7 out of the box. It should have actually auto installed drivers from windows update.
...speaking of which have you let windows update at all?

Finally for future reference you can attach images here directly, just use the paperclip icon in the posting box.
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I have been looking for a Windows 7 driver for a NVIDIA Geforce Go 6800
for an Alienware Area-51 M7700 laptop. Every driver that I download from NVIDIA's website gives me the error message during the installation that it cannot find a
driver compatible with my hardware. Windows 7 has installed a generic "standard VGA adapter" which does not allow for aero functionality. Any suggestions as to how I could resolve this issue would be GREATLY appreciated!

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize NVIDIA Graphics Card

This driver is a 32bit only driver, for windows XP, and will not install on a 64bit OS ...
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I am attempting to install Windows 7 on an AlienWare M7700 D900T laptop, but setup will not recognize the hard drives. When first I boot up the laptop the hard drives are clearly detected, IDE busmaster is enabled. But then Windows 7 setup will not detect them. If I select the <Load Drivers> then insert the drivers disc that came with the machine, it also fails to find the appropriate device drivers. Does anyone have a clue as to how I can resolve this issue?

Thanks for any and all responses.

A:Windows 7 Setup Doesn't Recognize Hard Drives

Make sure your BIOS is up to date; if so reset the CMOS: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

While in BIOS setup, set SATA controller to AHCI.

Wipe the HD to try install: SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation. Use partitioning step 2.2 to format NTFS Primary and mark Active to try install.

Tips for getting a purrfect OEM reinstall: re-install windows 7
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Hi, I'm new to the forums, so please forgive me if I'm not doing everything correctly.

I'm having trouble changing my shortcut icons. Specifically, I'm trying to change the icons for my Chrome application shorcuts saved in a folder on my system.

I found some icons using Icon Finder (Icon Search Engine | Iconfinder), and saved them in a folder in My Documents. All of the files are .ico files, formatted to the proper size, and are the only files in that folder. I then go through the normal process by going to the shortcut, right-clicking, hitting "properties", selecting "change icon", and then locating the folder and the file located within. However, every time I do, Windows displays a message that reads

"the file 'lfile location' contains no icons.

Choose an icon from the list or specify a different file."

I'm running Windows 7 Professional 32bit. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Windows doesn't recognize my folder full of .ico files

are you 100% sure they are ico files and not png's , as this is the behavior of windows if there is no icon. maybe zip one or two in a folder and upload it here.
i can check if they will open on my system.
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I like to hear my music on my Windows Media Player but when I plug it in I get an error message saying that it doesn't recognize it. What do I do?
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First post long time reader Hopefully someone can help me with the following I just recently got a hold of an older PC that I wanted to use for test purposes with Windows The problem is that the BIOS on the PC does not recognize the Hard Drive Upon startup I get the following message Primary hard disk drive not found Primary hard disk drive not found Strike the F key to continue F to run the setup utility Now get this although the BIOS does not recognize the hard drive Windows and XP recognize it just fine displays the correct size and hard Windows drive doesn't but recognize does BIOS everything I have never seen or heard of this happening before Usually it's the opposite i e BIOS recognizes the drive but not Windows Windows displays the following error link BIOS doesn't recognize hard drive but Windows does under the quot Where do you want to install Windows quot dialogue box Windows cannot be installed to Disk Partition Show details Upon clicking on the error link I get a pop-up window with the following message quot Windows cannot be installed to this disk This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu Details on the computer Dell Dimension Pentium Processor MB RAM GB Western Digital Also to note the hard drive BIOS doesn't recognize hard drive but Windows does is in good working condition as I tested it in another PC The only thing that I can think of at this time is the mobo However everything else works on the mobo i e floppy drive both DVD drives USB ports Thanks in advance for any help I can also provide more detail if need be JT

A:BIOS doesn't recognize hard drive but Windows does

Just taking a shotat this . . maybe a bad ribbon cable.
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My computer hasn t been working ever since I shut it down during an automatic update Which - laptop windows doesn't recognize reinstall disks. Can't I ve been kicking myself about ever since but the last time it updated it broke the computer and I panicked Anyway it won t run certain programs including iTunes and much of MS Office and no matter how often I try to reinstall they still won t work saying quot The side by side configurations are incorrect quot What I want is to restore it to factory settings - all my data is safe and backed up But when I put in my recovery disks and they are the highest Can't reinstall windows - laptop doesn't recognize disks. boot priority in BIOS the system loads from the hard drive as normal When I remove the option to boot from the hard drive my system won t book at all telling me to restart or insert an appropriate disk And when I boot from the disk and try to manually run it by clicking ETFSBOOT it tells me that quot The version of this file is not This version of the file Can't reinstall windows - laptop doesn't recognize disks. is not compatible with the Can't reinstall windows - laptop doesn't recognize disks. version of Windows you re running Check your computer s system information to see whether you need an x -bit or an x -bit version of the program quot I have double and triple checked this - my system is -bit My disks are -bit As far as I can tell the computer got scrambled during the automatic update and now part of it thinks it s -bit some of the programs are divided into -bit and -bit sections All I want to do is to reinstall windows but I don t know what to do since it won t recognize my disks Any suggestions internet Thanks so much Also if it s relevant I m running Windows Vista on an ASUS K IJ laptop I don t have the windows install disk because the computer came with windows installed but I have the ASUS recovery disks which have been used to restore my computer in the past nbsp

A:Can't reinstall windows - laptop doesn't recognize disks.

Try asking ASUS for a Windows disc. It should cost less than buying one retail.
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today i bought an external harddisk of model SimpleDRIVE 320GB.
the problem is that Windows vista doesn't recognize it and asks for a driver which the company doesn't provide. it works well with windows XP.

the manuel says that it doesn't need driver and it should work as you plug it in on both Vista and XP.

I appreciate any kind of help..

A:Windows Vista doesn't recognize my external harddisk ?

As far as the drivers go, a couple things you could try is updating the driver software through the device manager, and if that doesn't work, take the model number and try going to the company's website or google and see if you can find drivers. Does the company have a support number and have you tried to call it yet?
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My computer hasn't been working ever since I shut it down during an automatic update Which I've been kicking myself about ever since but the last time it updated it broke the computer and I panicked Anyway it won't run certain programs including iTunes and much of MS Office and no matter how often I try to reinstall they still won't work saying quot The side by side configurations are incorrect quot What I want is to restore it to factory settings - all my data is safe and backed up But when I put in my recovery disks and they are the highest boot priority in BIOS the windows disks. Can't - doesn't reinstall recognize laptop system loads from the hard drive as normal When I remove the option to boot from the hard drive my system won't book at all telling me to restart or insert an appropriate disk And when I boot from the disk and try to manually run it by clicking ETFSBOOT it tells me that quot Can't reinstall windows - laptop doesn't recognize disks. The version of this file is not This version of the file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x -bit or an x -bit version of the program quot I have double andtriple checked this - my system is -bit My disks are -bit As far as I can tell the computer got scrambled during the automatic update and now part of it thinks it's -bit some of the programs are divided into -bit and -bit sections All I want to do is to reinstall windows but I don't know what to do since it won't recognize my disks Any suggestions internet Thanks so much Also if it's relevant I'm running Windows Vista on an ASUS K IJ laptop I don't have the windows install disk because the computer came with windows installed but I have the ASUS recovery disks which have been used to restore my computer in the past
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I was listening to music when my computer froze up doesn't Windows HDD won't now boot recognize login, Computer and to so I rebooted and when Computer won't boot to Windows login, and now doesn't recognize HDD I got to the Windows XP screen with the scrolling bar it immedietly restarted again I read about using the XP repair option but when I put in the xp disc that wasn t an option SO when I rebooted the system again without the xp disc I get quot Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media quot So I put the xp disc back in got to the windows setup but now it tells me quot Setup did not find any HDDs installed in your computer Make sure and HDDs are powered on and properly connected to your computer and that and disk-related hardware configuration is correct This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied dianostic or setup program Setup cannot continue Press F to quit setup quot I checked my HDD Seagate Barracuda TB and everything was properly connected I have no idea what to do anymore I would format my HDD if I could but I don t know how Please Help nbsp

A:Computer won't boot to Windows login, and now doesn't recognize HDD

avoidbears said:

I was listening to music when my computer froze up, so I rebooted and when I got to the Windows XP screen with the scrolling bar, it immedietly restarted again. I read about using the XP repair option, but when I put in the xp disc, that wasn't an option. SO when I rebooted the system again without the xp disc, I get, " Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media." So I put the xp disc back in, got to the windows setup, but now it tells me, "Setup did not find any HDDs installed in your computer. Make sure and HDDs are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that and disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied dianostic or setup program. Setup cannot continue. Press F3 to quit setup."

I checked my HDD (Seagate Barracuda 1TB) and everything was properly connected. I have no idea what to do anymore. I would format my HDD if I could but I don't know how. Please Help!Click to expand...

I could be wrong,but I've heard when you put the CD repair disk in, you're supposed to make sure it'll boot from it, then shut the pc down,wait the 30 some seconds & boot it back up so it can do its thing.
Hopefully some more knowledgeable individual can tell you if this info is correct.
I wish you the best.
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I am trying to help a friend. He is using Vista. His CD/DVD drive reads and writes fine except in Windows Photo Gallery. In Photo Gallery, if you choose "burn video dvd" it works, but if you choose "burn data disk" it pops up a message saying, "You don't have a disk drive capable of burning files to cd or dvd drive. I have checked the device manager and it is working properly there to. Why won't it work in Photo Gallery?

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I"ve had a Simpletech external hard drive for a few years now, and it's worked great on every computer that's had Windows XP (it's a plug and play). However, I just bought a new laptop with Windows 7, and when I tried to plug it in to the USB port on it, it just told me "USB device not recognized." The power light comes on, too. This is a brand new computer, so I'm not taking it apart to reassemble anything, and the external HD still works fine on my XP computers, so I know it has to be something about Windows 7 it doesn't like.


A:Windows 7 doesn't recognize my external hard drive

Check your device manager and make sure that your USB drivers are up to date...
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Hi, I just started a website, so I want to be able to run ubuntu alongside windows, the only problem is that when I installed Ubuntu, my sound stopped working in windows 7. All of my output devices work perfectly in unbuntu, but only my HDMI audio output works in windows. I have tried installing and uninstalling a lot of drivers, both 3rd party and windows and have gotten nowhere. does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to rectify this situation?

A:Just installed Ubuntu, now Windows doesn't recognize my speakers.

How did you install Ubuntu - in double boot or in a virtual partition ?
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I recently downloaded the latest version of ZoneAlarm. Now I get a taskbar red shield icon and a popup notification that I may not be protected, because no antivirus is showing as reported. I use Avira AntiVir and it is working. Is there a setting, perhaps in ZoneAlarm or elsewhere that I need to correct? Thanks, JT.

A:Windows Security Center Doesn't Recognize My AntiVirus

Try this:

If it doesn't work, reinstall Avira.
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Hi there I have Alienware m x which doesn't Windows Respawn recognize on 7 drive Alienware with DVD DVD I purchased in November Recently I planned to format my HDD and install everything back again using included Alienware Respawn disc with Windows x bit on The problems started at the very beginning I mean computer can t recognize this disc It doesn t see it even inserted I found some very small circle way scratches on the disc never used first time opened the cd cover Tried to reboot couple of times with no effect so I tried to copy this disc DVD drive doesn't recognize Alienware Respawn DVD with Windows 7 on on other computer which detected and read this disc correctly Copied disc inserted DVD drive doesn't recognize Alienware Respawn DVD with Windows 7 on to my Alienware At the first time DVD drive doesn't recognize Alienware Respawn DVD with Windows 7 on it showed me this disc blank available to burn After reboot showed this disc kind of correctly Showed in Windows Explorer disc content Then I reboot comp again but didn t manage to boot disc Windows launched and tried to read this disc Since then at all times it finds it blank disc available to burn After all I was going to try update firmware of the DVD drive Downloaded from Dell site App showed me that I have D fw while the latest is D So I launched app to update it but every time I try to do it program seems to freeze and doing nothing while Task Manager shows it running During this operation I get the following message quot The firmware update process of this company is organized so that the entire upgrade process is completed after the PC is automatically rebooted Therefore do not off the PC power supply by force while the upgrade is in process quot So I left it but nothing happened for next hours When observed no activity I rebooted by myself Firmware stood still with the old one I am running Windows x originally installed by Alienware My disc drive is called TSSTcorp DVD -RW TS-T C No special programs running in the background besides Kaspersy Internet Security Virtual CD ver x and Skype So my questions are Why can t I read this disc correctly while other normal discs such as game discs DVD-Video and many others are recognized correctly Why doesn t it update my firmware What I have to do to solve it Kind of obvious question nbsp

A:DVD drive doesn't recognize Alienware Respawn DVD with Windows 7 on

Does it read all other discs? If so then you need to contact Dell/Alienware for a replacement disc.

As for the firmware, make sure to right click on it before running and choose to "Run as Administrator".

The issue could also be the result of the Virtual CD software you say you are running.
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I've installed Win x on my sister's dell optiplex gx a few weeks back and has been running great until 0xc0000428 signature. Windows doesn't driver recognize recently The computer reboots 0xc0000428 Windows doesn't recognize driver signature. after only 0xc0000428 Windows doesn't recognize driver signature. a few minutes onto windows and brings me to the boot manager saying that windows doesn't recognize the driver signature of this file that a recent change if software of hardware or malicious program from an unknown source might have caused this but doesn't say anything about which file was corrupted Status xc I either have the option to press escape or enter and when i press enter it brings me to the same boot manager I can't seem to be able to boot from any cd either have tried that win cd from my own computer and it boots just fine Once again it brings me to the same boot manager after attempting to boot from the cd Strangely it did manage to give me the boot menu a few times so I went into safe mode and did a system restore but that didn't work either And in the few rare chances that it give me the option to be able to go in last known good windows settings it just reboots after a few minutes into windows and just takes me back to that boot manager error and just sticks to that boot manager when pressing enter After a while of screwing around I couldn't do anything anymore as the comp didn't recognize the hard disk first then after a while it didn't recognize the CD-ROM either I did check in the bios it say that the hard disk and the cd-rom were there but quot are not present quot Is the computer gone to crap Please let me know P Sorry for long and if anything is not clear enough please let me know thanks in advance

A:0xc0000428 Windows doesn't recognize driver signature.

Boot into Command Prompt at Startup
Then at the cmd console, type this:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd
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I'm trying to reinstall Windows device 7 recognize doesn't Tool USB Download USB/DVD Windows by putting my ISO file on a bootable USB device but can't seem to get the Windows USB DVD Download Tool to locate my USB drive in Step I enter the location of my ISO file in step select USB in step and when I get to step the only device listed is quot N Removable disk quot I have a new gb USB stick Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool doesn't recognize USB device that I used the Disk Management utility to format as a NFTS drive then when that didn't work I also went thru the diskpart steps shown in another post on this site The USB drive does show up as a writeable drive on my system If I Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool doesn't recognize USB device look at it in the Disk Management utility it displays as drive H quot Healthy Active Primary Partition quot I tried the refresh button in Step and restarted the utility but still drive N is the only drive that is displayed and I don't currently have anything mapped to drive N Any help is appreciated thank you

A:Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool doesn't recognize USB device

Try using How To Use UltraISO Software To Create Bootable USB Flash Drive which always works when the others don't.

Use the format button first.

You can keep the stick bootable by leaving the seven folders alone in the drive, but still add other files as you wish making it dual-purposed.
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I recently attempted to add a hard drive to my Lenovo W520 laptop using a CD/DVD caddy accessory designed to hold a SATA hard drive.

Windows recognized the new device and according to its messages, automatically installed the required device drivers. However, when I go into Windows Explorer, the new drive is nowhere to be found.

Now, I know (or at least assume) this new drive probably needs to be formatted, but shouldn't it show up within Windows Explorer even in a pre-formatted state?

If anyone can give me a clue as to what the problem might be, that'd be great.


A:Windows Explorer doesn't recognize added Hard Drive

No, it should show up in Disk Management to initialize and/or format, but until given a letter it will not show up in Explorer. Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums
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Hey all,

I switched to Windows 7 a couple of months ago and I haven't had any problems. However, today I tried to connect my Seagate Freeagent external hard drive, its a 320 GB eSATA drive with USB 2.0 and my laptop doesn't recognize it. It always worked before when I had Windows Vista. I tried to use Disk Management to see the if I could find the drive, but its not there, I've also used partition wizard home edition. Essentially I've run out of ideas and was wondering if anyone could help me out. Thanks in advance!

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I have the same problem. My new (less than a week old) does not recognize my media card. Is this a <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> machines or what?

A:dell xps8700 windows 8.1 doesn't recognize media card

Hi Syoungk,
What kind of media card are you trying to read?
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I don't have details on what was done to change the drive letter, because I wasn't the one that did this. But here's an overview of the results:

The removable drive shows up in explorer with its new drive letter, however when you click on it, Windows (using Vista and 7) says that it must be formatted before use- checking the drive properties shows a wrong hard drive size.

I'm thinking there are 2 ways of resolving the situation:

1. getting an outside program that will access the drive and allow me to copy the files to a different drive (then formatting the removable drive) or
2.somehow getting Windows to recognize the files on the removable drive.

If anyone knows what software I can use to access and copy the files on the drive or how to get Windows to recognize the drive that it used to recognize normally, I'd appreciate it.

A:Changed drive letter on external HD, now Windows doesn't recognize it

Have you tried removing power from the external drive for 15 minutes, then try it again?

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I recently bought a new computer with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium. The HDD inside is supposed to be 1TB but Windows only shows 55gb available, of which over half is already in use. I checked from BIOS and it recognizes the drive as 1000gb. I've searched all kinds of forums and DIY -tips but haven't been able to find anything useful. I'd call customer support but it's a holiday today in my country and all the places are closed, so I wondered if anyone of you guys could help. If not I'll call tomorrow.

Thanks in advance

A:Windows doesn't recognize full capacity of hard drive

Open start menu and type in disk management, hit ok.

Please post a screenshot of it.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
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Have new hard drive, formatted, and loaded Win98. Can't get system to recognize Com21 Cable Modem connecting thru USB. Have downloaded appropriate drivers. Please help!?#
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Hi I hope someone can help.
A friend downloaded some video of me on a Toshiba MK8032gsx portable hard drive. We checked to make sure the video was there before he gave it to me.
My computer sees it as removable disk F, and says the device is working properly. However, I can't open anything on it. When I click on it in the Computer Window, it scans (the green line appears at the top, but doesn't complete).
I tried searching online for a driver update, but the computer said the driver was up to date.
Any ideas?

A:Windows 7 home premuim doesn't recognize Toshiba MK8032gsx Ex drive

Check in Bitdefender settings and see if is stopping externals from being used on your system. I don't use Bitdefender so I can't help you with the settings.

Do other externals work on your system?
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So, media player will not let anything stream through.. Yet everything else in Windows Media Player and the laptop works perfect. I have Vista Home Premium w/ie7 on a dual core hp laptop. My post a couple of days ago didn't get one answer. I realize did a bad job explaining my problem. I researched and along with the advice given here I obliterated that crazy avscan super pro trojan virus. Thanks in advance, Tina
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Hi all you savvy experts,

I recently bought a Toshiba Laptop in Saudi Arabia. It came pre-installed with an Arabic version of windows 7.

I have managed to change most of the language options to English under the control panel, but the core of windows is still Arabic, I see this with the welcome message in the beginning and some install/uninstall and error messages.

After contacting Microsoft support, they said that I should contact the manufacturer (Toshiba) and ask for a new OS in English.

Can anyone help me?

Kind regards,

A:Arabic to English Windows 7


As far as I know you have two options:
1/try to order original recovery installation disc on
2/you must install own OS version using original Microsoft installation disc

If you use option 2 you must buy Microsoft disc and pay valid licence for it. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba download page
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Just restored a clients machine to a previous restore point, cleaned everything up (virus/malware wise).Only problem I'm having now is some of the elements within windows are displayed in a different language.. I'm guessing Arabic. Already checked Regional/Lang settings, checked HKLM\Sys\CS001\Cont\Nls\Language tooOnly certain items in the CP and various dialogs are in Arabic:How do you fix this??? I believe its keeping me from installing SP3 on this machine as well...

A:Wrong language (Arabic?) in certain dialogs/windows

Hi kisk:

My gut reaction was 'lol' at that screen shot; I've never actually seen the Arabic language pack in use. This was from a malware infection?? But let's address your problem, shall we?

First, let's start off by going into detail about your 'Regional and Language Options'. Was the regional options set to English? In the 'Language' tab, is the 'Text Services and Input Languages' option set to English as well?

Also, are you able to use a Win XP installation CD to repair Windows? If I'm not mistaken, there is an option to select your default Regional Settings there as well. Post back here with more details! Good luck. =)
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Maybe someone can help me out here
i installed the extra language modules in windows vista so i can type in arabic.
now, everything works fine, except for the numeric part of my keyboard. I
can't get it to type arabic numbers. It always gives me the western numbers.
It's very strange, cos a friend of mine actually did the same, and he actually CAN type arabic numbers.

I'm using English Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 on a laptop (no external keyboard).

Does anyone have a clue what the problem might be?

A:Arabic numeric support in Windows Vista

hi go to start control panel and in classic view regional and language and make the changes there
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After cleaning out several viruses, a rogue security program and a TDSS rootkit, I have a few Windows programs that are being displayed with an Arabic font - mainly the Windows security center and wireless networking applets. Screencap attached. I know I've come across this before and thought the problem lied in the registry, but can't seem to find the culprit.

If you've run into this before and can add some insight, I'd appreciate it. Win XP Media Center, SP2

A:Windows Security Center Displaying in Arabic

So, no one's ever come across this before?
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I have an IBM thinkpad (old).For 3 mos., my cd-rom plays cd's, dvd's and previously copied cd-roms but it doesn't recognize or play any other cd roms. When i click on the dvd/dc window (to install it) , it's blank. Under programs the unsuccessful cd-roms are there(even though i didn't install them), but my computer says "unable to load uninstall data".

Can you help me?
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I've put together a barebones kit with windows XP as the OS and everything works great - except the CD ROM which works fine in my other computer.
If I set it as the primary slave, i get a boot error which says detecting IDE drive and then gives the error "boot error" insert system disk.

If I set it as the secondary master or slave, it boots up, there's a light on (which stays on) the CD ROM but its not recognized in the device manager or my computer.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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xp stopped recognizing cd-rw's several weeks ago. It showed in properties things like size 1.2 mg. no available space. I found a workaround by turning off and then on recording in properties. Other burning software works fine so this is definitely an xp problem. I tried sfc /scannow, an xp repair install. deleting the cd driver in device manager, and deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry. I did a google and it seems others are having this problem. Any ideas?

A:xp doesn't recognize cd-rw

well it might have something to do with the drivers or maybe try installing any software that came with it again you should check for some updates or check with the manufacturer to see if there was any recalls but if others are having the problems it means that there isn't any odd unheard of problem with your machine i don't have many more ideas because i don't know your machine or any other things but check out your options

if you have any other questions post back or just email me i'd be glad to help!
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I installed a second DVD/CD Optical Drive (Samsung Super Writemaster) in my Dell Optiplex 780 and Windows 7 Pro doesn't (will not) recognize the presence of the new drive. I reinstalled the OS disc and did a CHKDSK on it yesterday. No change.The drive is hooked up with a new SATA cable to the SATA2 connection port and the power supply is plugged into the drive and is operating. It still doesn't know the new drive is there. Anyone know what the problem might be??
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xp stopped recognizing cd-rw's several weeks ago. It showed in properties things like size 1.2 mg. no available space. I found a workaround by turning off and then on recording in properties. Other burning software works fine so this is definitely an xp problem. I tried sfc /scannow, an xp repair install. deleting the cd driver in device manager, and deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry. I did a google and it seems others are having this problem. Any ideas?

A:xp doesn't recognize cd-rw

The drive is a Mitsumi cr-48xate if this helps.