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Wi-fi router for Time Warner Cable

Q: Wi-fi router for Time Warner Cable

I need the best and most compatible router for TWC?
I need the router to reach a very good distance (between 3 houses really close to each other). Or would it be better to get a booster?

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Preferred Solution: Wi-fi router for Time Warner Cable

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Wi-fi router for Time Warner Cable

To share from house-to-house, you need a strong RF signal so look for MIMO Class routers with multiple antennas, three if you can find one. If the lot layout is like a triangle between the houses, one good router should work, otherwise when lined-up like a fence, you will need a repeater.
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My friend has cable through Time Warner and they gave him a DVR so that he'd be able to record. For the last 8 months he's had customer service there about 15 times. The picture freezes and the audio doesn't match and all sorts of different malfunctions. They keep replacing the unit but they never fix it. The DVR they provided is an Explorer 8000. He asked if he'd be allowed to buy his own unit but they said no.
Television is really important to him so we were wondering if anyone has any ideas for him.
Oh - and he's limited to Time Warner because of his neighborhood.

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I m pretty sure I made this post months ago but I think it was a slightly different topic Anyway I ve had time warner for awhile now and the internet works fine but the wireless ugh After months of frustration I decided to unsecure my wireless and was successful in connecting my DS I bought a cord for my wii to hook up directly online However when I do play the DS online it always disconnects and when I do set the wii or ps to wireless I have the same problem My mom s PC can t ever connect either I have no clue if this is time warner or the internet adapter since my game consoles don t work right I m guessing it s time warner but it just will not stay connected It constantly goes on and off I ll have to restart my mom s PC in order for her to get on or sit there and search and search for a wireless Time Warner wireless Cable connection only finding ours after about times and then it still won t connect So does anyone know why it does this We have two adapters one s a netgear and the other is a dlink The dlink is a lot worse then the netgear so we never really use that one Any help on this would be appreciated nbsp

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I have been using Winfax Pro for years on my computer with with Winfax problem Time Cable Warner Pro no problem I just recently switched phone service to Time Warner Cable its digital and now Winfax will not work at all The regular old school fax machine will work fine but I miss my Winfax How do I fix it Thanks in advance Details that Winfax Pro problem with Time Warner Cable might help I called Time Warner cable and they said that by the time the signal hits my computer it is converted back to analog Current selections for the modem in Winfax Connection Device AOpen FM -Sw Soft PCI Modem Port COM Port COM Initalize at bps Modem is connected to a regular or cellular PCS GSM-Digital telephone I tested the COM Ports in Winfax and it said COM No modem was found on this port COM Modem found This modem supports Fax Data Voice with speakerphone capabilities Max fax transmit speed bps Max fax receive speed bps Fax Class Class Voice Type Voice nbsp
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I live in Brooklyn NY and i having slowly internet connection and unstable connection Time I Connection help issue need Cable with Warner with TWC please help me i'm using MB download which is month and my OS is Windows Ultimate bit here is the tracert Google result below ms ms ms ms ms ms gig- - -nycmnys-rtr nyc rr com ms ms ms tenge- - - - -nyquny -rtr nyc rr com ms ms ms bun -nyquny -rtr nyc rr com ms ms ms ms ms ms ae- - cr I need help with Time Warner Cable Connection issue nyc tbone rr com I need help with Time Warner Cable Connection issue ms I need help with Time Warner Cable Connection issue ms ms ms ms ms ae- - pr dca tbone rr com ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms vw-in-f e net it seems there's some problem with my connection i had call TWC many many times and they sent their worker to my home tried to fix it but they were useless if anyone knows how to fix it please help me and thanks if need more info just tell me i will try my best

A:I need help with Time Warner Cable Connection issue

Your IP is a internal IP. So your going through there Proxy server before getting onto the NET. You dont have your OWN IP. For Example I have A ip of [] and it changes every time I restart the PC. I'm unsure to why your SP is doing this but I would ask if its them. and there routing.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 13 ms 12 ms 18 ms []
2 13 ms 22 ms 25 ms []
3 14 ms 22 ms 10 ms []
4 30 ms 9 ms 12 ms []
5 20 ms 11 ms 17 ms []
6 127 ms 124 ms 130 ms []
7 205 ms 204 ms 192 ms []
8 95 ms 95 ms 119 ms []
9 93 ms 95 ms 97 ms []
10 113 ms 107 ms 107 ms
11 104 ms * 101 ms []
12 97 ms 99 ms 105 ms []
13 105 ms 124 ms 92 ms []

Trace complete.

On another note, Adding Googles DNS to your Network controller may help.
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Over the weekend, I switched to Time Warner Cable from my old company.
It Worked all weekend long, and for all this morning (at least up until I left)
I get home this afternoon and it's not working. (got home at ~3:00 ET)
It's not my router or my computer, but I'm not familiar enough with this modem to troubleshoot it
Have tried restarting it.
It's a Motorola SB5101 SURFboard (r) Cable Modem
Only the power light is constantly lit.
The "Receive" and "PC \ Activity" lights are blinking.
The "PC \ Activity" light goes off if I unplug the Ethernet cable going to the router, though.


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Greetings first time poster About a week and a half ago I opened Chrome and got a warning screen from Time Warner cable indicating that BotNet activity had been warning issue Botnet Time Cable Warner detected on my network At the time I was using my neighbors wireless connection with his permission because I no longer have a functioning wireless router When I saw the notice to be safe I switched to a backup cord connection to my modem and ran an AVG virus scan which I later discovered was outdated and a scan using a tool suggested by Time Warner Both came up with nothing So I told my neighbor about the notice and Time Warner Cable Botnet warning issue continued on my landline connection for the next week and a half I'm moving soon and will be getting a new modem from Time Warner upon moving However last night I got the warning from Time Warner again still using my backup corded connection and right before it my internet connection seemed to be out the warning came up on like mythird try So this time I updated my AVG and ran another scan Nothing came up Knowing that root kits and the like can be notoriously hard to find a downloaded Malwarebytes and making sure to click the detect rootkits option ran another scan that came up with nothing I'm not exactly very tech savvy and I don't have a firewall installed or anything like that so I know I've compromised my security in that regard Even though the scans have come up with nothing I want to make sure before I take my laptop to a new modem after I move Can anyone lend an assist
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Greetings first time poster About a week and a half ago I opened Chrome and got a warning screen from Time Warner cable indicating that BotNet Botnet warning Cable Time Warner issue activity had been detected on my network At the time I was using my neighbors wireless connection with his permission because I no longer have a functioning wireless router When I saw the notice to be safe I switched to a backup cord connection to my modem and ran an AVG virus scan which I later discovered was outdated and a scan using a tool suggested by Time Time Warner Cable Botnet warning issue Warner Both came up with nothing So I told my neighbor about the notice and continued on my landline connection for the Time Warner Cable Botnet warning issue next week and a half I'm moving soon and will be getting a new modem from Time Warner upon moving However last night I got the warning from Time Warner again still using my backup corded connection and right before it my internet connection seemed to be out the warning came up on like mythird try So this time I updated my AVG and Time Warner Cable Botnet warning issue ran another scan Nothing came up Knowing that root kits and the like can be notoriously hard to find a downloaded Malwarebytes and making sure to click the detect rootkits option ran another scan that came up with nothing I'm not exactly very tech savvy and I don't have a firewall installed or anything like that so I know I've compromised my security in that regard Even though the scans have come up with nothing I want to make sure before I take my laptop to a new modem after I move Can anyone lend an assist

A:Time Warner Cable Botnet warning issue

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I purchased a Chromebook (Acer 750) for a family member to use to send emails, visit Facebook, and do some Internet searches on areas of interest. No complicated software or games are other apps will be used. I need some help in setting up their Chromebook to access the Internet. Users are senior citizens with minimal knowledge about computers and/or software. (I am a close friend with a background in desktop computers, and I am not too familiar with Chromebooks.) Is this a forum where I can get some guidance?

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I am unable to connect to the Internet through my service provider Time Warner Cable as of last week. I have had them for almost 3 years and all of the sudden I can't get the internet to work on my laptop. I can take my laptop to other locations and connect to the Internet via cable (ethernet) and via wireless. Also, other computers can connect to TWC at my house via ethernet cable. Therefore, it is a problem with something on my laptop not working with TWC connection at home. Any ideas on software issues or settings on my laptop that might cause this problem? I have called TWC 3 times, they even sent a tech out who could not fix the problem.


A:[SOLVED] Vista Laptop connection problem with Time Warner Cable

Boot into SAFEMODE w/ Networking and try TWC internet connection there.

Since your system worked w/ TWC 1 week ago, perform a system restore using a restore point prior to the period when internet ceased -
START | type rstrui

Regards. . .


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One of my computers locked up with a message beeping and flashing at me.
The back ground was Norton Security.  The front popup window said something like:
"Time warner Cable blocked my internet connection.  They received a report of unwanted Internet activity being transmitted from a machine connected to my cable modem ...... blah, blah
Immediately call .... some 800 number."
This sounds a lot like the "Hello this is Microsoft support calling to help you" type of phone call scam.
Currently, I am using my Windows 7 computer, connected to the same router and internet connection as the problem machine.  It seems to be fine.  Of course, the problem computer seems okay also.
Has anyone seen this?
Is it real?
So what do I do now?
Thanks for your help!

A:Time Warner Cable - Norton ... scam, virus or real problem?

Can you post a copy of that message?
What's the full 800 number?
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Time Warner Cable Exposes 65,000 Customer Routers to Remote Hacks.

A vulnerability in a Time Warner cable modem and Wi-Fi router deployed to 65,000 customers would allow a hacker to remotely access the deviceís administrative menu over the internet, and potentially change the settings to intercept traffic, according to a blogger who discovered the issue.

-- Tom

A:Time Warner Cable Exposes 65,000 Customer Routers to Remote Hacks

Another security lapse - thanks for the heads up.
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Thinking of switching...I have a home made desktop I use for work so I use a dsl modem (my laptop wireless ofcourse) I was thinking of switching to Clear...Any thoughts? I have TWC roadrunner and its the 3 way package (net, phone, cable) But I watch my shows online cable is over-rated for us tech nerds...Any thoughts on Clear I'd love to hear. Thanks in advance



A:Solved: Clear 4g Wireless vs. Road Runner/Time Warner Cable Internet

You have DSL and cable now, and are thinking of switching one or both to mobile wireless?

To me that makes sense only if you need internet access frequently while on the go.
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hello, can someone please help me?? i have changed from time warner to verizon, we still have a time warner router and we cant get netflix to work, our internet connection is also really slow, sometimes not working at all!! (do we need to buy a new router?) i really am computer illerate so if anyone can help i would be delighted!! thank you

A:please help me!!! time warner router, verizon internet

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Getting really frustrated with Time Warner...

I ordered my own modem/router gateway to ditch the rental fee with Time Warner. Hooked it up, got it activated, we were getting the same speeds on wireless when I did the speed test as we were before we switched the router (it was actually a tiny bit faster).

BUT... videos aren't loading, and we can't load more than 1 tab open at one time... we had no issues with that before. Time Warner has no solution, of course.

The modem we were renting was a NetGear CGD24G (never had issues with it except for the occasional reset) and what we have now is a NetGear CG3000D

Anyone have any advice or solutions...?

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I currently have a generic wireless router provided to me by Time Warner for use with their cable internet. I would like to boost my signal by connecting it to a wireless N router (as suggested to me by a TW employee).

Is this even possible and if so, what are the steps?

A:Need to boost Time Warner Router signal

What's the exact make/model of the router you have?
Here's one way to use the secondary router and eliminate it's NAT layer.
Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

For reference, here's a link to a Typical example config using a Netgear router
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Our friends at TWC are again raising rates this time the rental of our Internet Modem Phone Wireless Router will be going to from So its time to again Wireless Alternative Time Router Modem/Phone Warner look at the payback to buy my own as this time I believe that the Hardware has matured to the point that buying the device will likely not become Time Warner Alternative Modem/Phone Wireless Router obsolete in short term and it is DOCSIS compatible The latest device we ve been renting is an Arris TG which serves as the Wireless Router Internet Modem and Phone Modem as we have phone service too So The TG appears to be reliable and though it does not have external Antennas the signal appears adequate through our townhouse The question is does this Arris TG compare favorably with other products available I ve not yet found any good comparisons of this device to other products Have you had any experience using this Modem or is there something else I should be look at And I should also consider buying separate Modem Wireless Router Phone Modem too Instead of the Arris s All In One Box Any suggestions will be appreciated nbsp

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I need to buy both because I'm only getting 20 Mbps.
It seems like I should not install both new components, but start with the cable modem.

Or am I being too conservative and should go with both being 802.11ac components instead of 802.11n?

For the cable modem, I am considering ARRIS/Motorola SB6141 which Time Warner approves of for 50 Mbps. I think/hope it will talk to my old router - a Linksys WRT54G.

For the router - ASUS RTN66U.

All advice appreciated,

A:Router and Cable Modem - Install both at the Same Time?

Both your existing router and modem are rated for at least 50Mbps so I would check with Time Warner first to make sure you are supposed to be getting faster service. I'm on Cox and they have three tiers rated at various speeds. Tier 1 is 20Mbps, Tier 2 is 50Mbps, and Tier 3 is 150Mbps; I have Tier 2. I recently replaced both my modem and my router because they were over seven years old and the router was dying. However, I had to do some tweaking with the piddle poor cabling job Cox's contract installers did to get the full speed I was supposed to get (the biggest improvement came from putting a terminating cap on the unused leg of the data tap). Also, you most likely share the same cable connection with several of your neighbors and that can slow down the speeds you can get. During high volume traffic times, my speeds can drop to as low as 30 Mbps. What position you are on the line can also affect the maximum speed you can get; the farther away you are from your ISP's hub, the less speed you will get.

If you do decide to replace both, I would get and install the modem first, then, if necessary get and install the router.
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After leaving Verizon internet I signed on TW s I Solved: taken I was Warner Time by was told that the charge for one Solved: I was taken by Time Warner year would be fine also told in Solved: I was taken by Time Warner one year i would be charged Because of the heat wave here in the east I wanted to view my internet on Solved: I was taken by Time Warner my laptop in the only room i have an air conditioner it did not work I had no such problem with Verizon in that respect I called TW service and they told me that i did not get their wireless service huh I have a router and their rca modem I am able to get the internet on my main pc the desktop but cannot use my laptop unless of course i get their next tier which is more per month and give me that advantage I thought a network system was a wireless system Are we going now in the internet with the small medium and large token as there is with soda s Does this mean i have to go back to Verizon just so i can use my laptop Why is it that i can use my laptop in hot spots and not at home Not too savvy on this wireless crap so be kind if you have any suggestions nbsp

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Hi Everyone,

Today we moved from one house to another .. I know I'm TIRED. BUT, I have just signed up with Time Warner Roadrunner and I can't for the life of me, figure out how to sign up for their email. I figured out that I had to download Netscape first to get their included security, but now to get started with that they insist that I have a Roadrunner email, but I can't find out how to do that!!! Grrrr. I hate this computer being so vulnerable. Does anyone have Roadrunner who can tell me where to start to get my email going??

A:Time Warner Roadrunner

You do not need netscape to use RR email. When you signed up they should have given you a username and password. Then you can go to and log into their account management where you can set up your emails.
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Running Luna OS elementary. Have Midori and Firefox as my browsers. If I do not type something that can specifically be found in the internet (I can be off as little as one letter), then time warner search page comes up. I do not want it. I had this a year ago on my android and I do not remember how I got it off. Time warner is supposed to give you a soloution but when you press on their opting out it says that your IP is locked and will not allow new information. Anyone have a solution? I have google it, but if I put the words Time Warner anywhere in my search nothing but good things about Time warner come on, so they have by overwhelmness of websites have taken over the searches also.

A:time warner taking over the navigation bar

It could be as simple as changing your DNS settings. Luna is based on Ubuntu so here are the instructions
for changing your DNS settings to use OpenDNS. I've used for years in Ubuntu. If that doesn't resolve the problem then
post back with a list of Add-Ons/ extensions in Firefox.
Right-click on ‘Network Icon’ (located at top-right panel by default) and click on ‘Edit Connections’ to open Network Connections Manager
Choose the type of connection you have. As I connect via WiFi my screenshots refer to show ‘Wireless’ however the dialogue for ‘Wired’ connections have the same options needed for this in the same places.
Under ‘Wireless’ or ‘Wired’ highlight the connection you use (normally prepended with ‘Auto’) and click on ‘Edit’.

Inside the editing window that opens click on the ‘IPv4 Settings’ tab
Under ‘IPv4 Settings’, change the ‘Method’ to ‘Automatic (DHCP) addresses only’

Put these name server addresses as your ‘DNS Servers’:,

Click ‘OK’ and reboot.
Now visit the link below to to confirm you are using OpenDNS
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I've uploaded the scan logs of my clients computer from the farbar recovery tool The client contacted me regarding an email sent to him by time warner stating that botnet activity was detected on the network the message looked like spam with a typical scam fishing layout click here to download our tool so I told him to hold on I'll make an emergency visit My Botnet detected Activity Warner Time by wife works at time warner so the feeling on the email was shoddy that and the client made sure to have vipre internet security which had been blacklisted at the last convention Turns out Botnet Activity detected by Time Warner the email was legit so I ran different scanning tools including rootkit scanners most from bleepingcomputer Found nothing aswmbr exe found unknown code in the MBR another mbr checking tool found that code as illegitimate with more detail I used the command prompt in recovery mode to rewrite the MBR A recheck with aswmbr found no more bad code Used ccleaner to clear all temp cache The client is still getting notifications that botnet activity is being detected I have no traces with scanning this is the first time I've posted for help on an infection This is the only unit attached to the network the client has no wireless network desktop unit is a lenovo thinkcentre

A:Botnet Activity detected by Time Warner

Nothing on this yet? Should I be looking to use some other infection specialist website to resolve my client's issue?
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Just got a quote from Time Warner to install cable at my house for $15k (actually $30k but they're covering half). The house is 2500' from the nearest pole. Obviously I can't do it. I have Wildblue, the highest speed and download capacity, but with three of us working from home it's getting very difficult to stay below the limits (and the Business solutions are too expensive and not much better). No cel signals, either (we're up in the woods). I thought about putting a shed at the bottom of my road, putting electric service in and having Time Warner install service there (for $29.95). My question is, can i boost the signal (only interested in internet) 2500'? If so, what size cable would I need? I'm not opposed to spending $1k-$2k to get this done. Any other suggestions. THANKS!
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I live in an apartment complex that provides complementary Internet access to each Warner Modem Disconnects Ubee Time unit Every apartment has Time Warner Ubee Modem Disconnects their own connection and therefore has their own router Time Warner provides us a Ubee router When I use the internet by myself everything is fine No disconnects speeds stay up ping stays below when testing to speedtest net and life is goof As soon as someone else connects problems arise for me Im not exactly sure what the problem is it seems like an internal error because the router itself stays connected to TW For example I can be playing on the Playstation Network and everything is fine as soon as my roommate turns on his playstation my ping drops connection is lost and he s able to play just fine Same thing for when I am surfing the web I can be surfing he turns his playstation on and my internet comes to a crawl From my research Ubee routers do a terrible job actually routing the traffic I have a netgear n that I can set up to handle all DHCP requests but I dont know the Routers User name Password the apartment complex changes it from the default I could reset it but do i need to know the Time warner account information to set my router back up Right now everything I use is wireless While their are a lot of wireless signals going around I dont believe interference and anything of the sort is the issue because I register strong connections and the problem only happens when someone else connects My roommates playstation is wired to the router What the heck can I do Thanks nbsp
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I'm trying to help a family member access their Time Warner webmail account remotely.  Accessing their webmail from the PC they normally use as well as from mine works (these 2 PCs are in different physical locations with different ISPs).  At the 3rd physical location from a 3rd different PC, with a different ISP than the one used in the other 2 locations, we can click on the link for Webmail from Time Warner's website but it doesn't display the page to put your username and password in.  We've been working with adjusting settings within Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 on the problem PC to no avail.  We've even disabled it completely and it doesn't work.  The problem PC is running Windows 8.  Access to all other websites works except for access to Time Warner webmail.  I would be open to any suggestions for resolving this problem.

A:Cannot access Time Warner webmail link

What browser is being used? Name and version being used on the computer that isn't connecting to webmail.Tried a different browser?
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As horrible as Time Warner Cable is, I'm not surprised about how slow my internet is. I see people on here with much much faster connections than me, I wonder how do you get those fast connections? My internet is 2-10 Download and .1-.5 upload. Is this normal? Does anyone know if upgrading to turbo (or the highest internet service from TWC) actually do anything?

Edit: Even on a wired connection my internet is deathly slow.

A:Time Warner, Slow Internet (Not Surprised)

I have TWC with turbo and it is pretty good. The speeds are about as advertised, taking into account the normal system overhead hit. I don't know that it would be worth paying for turbo if you usually used a wireless connection, though.

If you ever do go with turbo, make sure they give you the right cable modem to support it.

Also: For a wireless connection there are a lot of factors involved which are out of TW's control. If you get (close to) the speed they advertise while you're in wired mode, fine. If not, I would squawk about it.
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Not sure what to make of this I have a new computer never downloaded more than my free malwarebytes and a couple other free legit tools Tried to go to a dnsrsearch redirect time warner browser website dnsrsearch time warner browser redirect got redirected with that time warner search engine but it only has done it on one site that i think i may have typed in wrong anyway looked up how to get rid of it fairly simple rules uninstall from programs reset browsers clean out reg except when i scan the computer nothing and when i look for program nothing but if i go to a dnsrsearch time warner browser redirect particurlar site and it pops up then i see the search engine in my browsers list of search engines delete it and i'm alright My question is should i be worried that malwarebytes is not working properly or just calk it up to know the name of the site dnsrsearch time warner browser redirect before trying to go to it i also tried junkware removal tool and found nothing thanks for anyones input in this matter

A:dnsrsearch time warner browser redirect

What else did you download to this computer?
What website are you getting the redirect on?
Some legitimate downloads will have third party software embedded in it.  Unless you choose to do a custom installation these third party programs will automatically be included in the installation.  By using the custom installation you have the opportunity to remove the check mark indicating it is to be installed, or will have the option to decline the software.  This may be how this software wound up on your computer.
Please download AdwCleaner and run it.
An image like the one below will open, click on Scan.

Once the search is complete a list of the pending items will be displayed.  If you see any which you do not want removed, remove the check mark next to it.  
Click on Clean to remove the selected items.  If you have any questions about any items in the list please copy and paste the list in your topic so we can review it.  
You will receive a message telling you that all programs will be close so that the infections can be removed.  Click on Ok.
When the cleaning process is complete a log of what was removed will be presented.  Please copy and the paste this log in your next post.
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Oct 15 they will start charging us a fee of $3.95 per month for their modem. They did say that I can get my own modem that will work only with TW internet service and give a list of names. I never had to buy one...are they expensive?

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Time Warner RR installed a wireless card OVIS LINK to my windows XP I still can't get on the internet But when they first did it we got on the guy next door wireless they send tech to set it up that don't know about comp. stuff anyway the box to wireless goes to is a Ambit Time warner said its my XP cause the DHCP Cliebnt won't start it needs a IP add. Dell said if you can get on the guy next door wireless its there router not the XP I wait on the phone long times to reach TW or Dell for help I have a feeling its TW cause everytime I ask for IP address they make me go into ipconfig and it said media disconnected I would like to know is it my XP or is it Time Warner Road runner wireless
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Hello everyone Time Warner Cable TWC shut off our internet due to massive amounts of spam email being sent out under a fake email account to shut our Time - off Infected/malware? internet Warner random people from our IP Time Warner shut off our internet - Infected/malware? address I have Time Warner shut off our internet - Infected/malware? attached the message we received from TWC when we tried to connect to our internet I called this morning and talked to David from Time Warner and he turned the internet back on for us but if we do not get the problem fixed he said that the next time we would have to show proof that we took our computer somewhere to have it professionally cleaned and that it is also possible that our email address or IP could be black listed I am hoping you all can help determine if the problem is from our main desktop computer or from one of our other devices We have main desktop computer laptop computer iphones Android tablet David from TWC recommended to us to download malwarebytes on all devices with the exception of the iphones He also said it is highly unlikely that our iphones are the problem I ran malwarebytes on our desktop computer and it found zero infected files We also ran it on the Android tablet and it found zero files We disconnected the laptop from the internet for the time being until we rule out the desktop as the problem The laptop was a gift from my mother in law we never use it so we can always just reset it to factory settings if that alone will wipe out any virus malware on it The FRST txt and Addition txt attached are from our main desktop computer Thank you for any help you can provide and please let me know if you need any additional information nbsp FRST txt nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads nbsp Addition txt nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads nbsp TWC Message jpg nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloadsScan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST x Version - - Ran by Emily administrator on EMILY-PC - - Running from C Users Emily DownloadsLoaded Profiles Emily Available Profiles Emily amp DefaultAppPool Platform Windows Home Version X Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser FF Boot Mode NormalTutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved NVIDIA Corporation C Windows System nvvsvc exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files x NVIDIA Corporation D Vision nvSCPAPISvr exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation Display nvxdsync exe NVIDIA Corporation C Windows System nvvsvc exe Apple Inc C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System mqsvc exe C Windows SysWOW PnkBstrA exe Panda Security S L C Program Files x Panda Security Panda Devices Agent AgentSvc exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files x NVIDIA Corporation NetService NvNetworkService exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation NvStreamSrv NvStreamService exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation GeForce Experience Service GfExperienceService exe LeapFrog Enterprises Inc C Program Files x LeapFrog LeapFrog Connect CommandService exe Panda Security S L C Program Files x Panda Security Panda Security Protection PSUAService exe DEVGURU Co LTD C Program Files Samsung USB Drivers escape conn ss conn service exe Apple Inc C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe Panda Security S L C Program Files x Panda Security Panda Security Protection PSANHost exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows Microsoft NET Framework v SMSvcHost exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows Microsoft NET Framework v SMSvcHost exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation NvStreamSrv NvStreamNetworkService exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation NvStreamSrv NvStreamUserAgent exe C Program Files WindowsApps Microsof... Read more

A:Time Warner shut off our internet - Infected/malware?

Greetings eknowles and to BleepingComputer's Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Malware Removal forum.My name is Oh My! and I am here to help you! Now that we are "friends" please call me Gary.If you would allow me to call you by your first name I would prefer to do that.===================================================Ground Rules:First, I would like to inform you that most of us here at Bleeping Computer offer our expert assistance out of the goodness of our hearts. Please try to match our commitment to you with your patience toward us. If this was easy we would never have met.Please do not run any tools or take any steps other than those I will provide for you while we work on your computer together. I need to be certain about the state of your computer in order to provide appropriate and effective steps for you to take. Most often "well intentioned" (and usually panic driven!) independent efforts can make things much worse for both of us. If at any point you would prefer to take your own steps please let me know, I will not be offended. I would be happy to focus on the many others who are waiting in line for assistance.Please perform all steps in the order they are listed in each set of instructions. Some steps may be a bit complicated. If things are not clear, be sure to stop and let me know. We need to work on this together with confidence.Please copy and paste all logs into your post unless directed otherwise. Please do not re-run any programs I suggest. If you encounter problems simply stop and tell me.When you post your reply, use the button instead.In the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see the button. Click on this then choose Immediate E-Mail notification and then Proceed and you will be sent an email once I have posted a response.If you do not reply to your topic after 5 days we assume it has been abandoned and I will close it.When your computer is clean I will alert you of such. I will also provide for you detailed information about how you can combat future infections.I would like to remind you to make no further changes to your computer unless I direct you to do so.===================================================Now that I am assisting you, you can expect that I will be very responsive to your situation. If you are able, I would request you check this thread at least once per day so that we can try to resolve your issues effectively and efficiently. If you are going to be delayed please be considerate and post that information so that I know you are still with me. Unfortunately, there are many people waiting to be assisted and not enough of us at BleepingComputer to go around. I appreciate your understanding and diligence.Thank you for your patience thus far.I am not seeing any obvious evidence of malicious software on this computer. Since you have other potential devices causing this I would like you to start another Topic on the laptop. When you start that new Topic indicate at the top it was requested by, and will be handled by Oh My! as being related to post a message on this topic when you have posted the new topic. We will leave this Topic open while we work on the second device.
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Time Warner is working to develop and deploy a patch to plug gaping security holes in thousands of home routers previously distributed to its customers. The devices' default and locked configuration allow hackers to go rampaging on local home networks

Lack of Security in Routers Distributed by Time Warner - Around 67,000 insecure devices deployed to customers - Softpedia
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Ok so disconnect. a Infected Spambot, threatening with Warner Time I ve been doing some research over the last few days about this little bugger A little background Time Warner contacted me recently to inform that our IP was logged sending out quot virus related emails and spam quot I began tracing and logging until eventually narrowing it down to computers Infected with a Spambot, Time Warner threatening disconnect. a Mac G and the other a HP desktop running XP I took the opportunity on the Mac to format and clean because it was cluttered and it was about that time anyway so I m good on that one The XP computer however is a little trickier due to my lack of experience with spambots I can use any tool I need to isolate and clean this thing but I can t reconnect it to the network I have another computer that I can download the software and install it but I can t update because it requires me plugging it back into the network The computer has no symptoms that I can tell The last time I checked the CBL it said I had a Rustock I think it no longer specifies which bot is the culprit infection My question is this What should I do since I can t really plug this computer back in without allowing it to jump and and start spamming again I m days running off of the CBL I don t really want to jeopardize that and have TW knocking at my door again Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer and I apologize if this issue has been covered extensively somewhere else I did a scan over the forums for a similar problem but couldn t find anything similar enough to jump on board and follow the steps

A:Infected with a Spambot, Time Warner threatening disconnect.

Shameless bump >.<Anyone have a clue? I've run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (without updating) twice and it didn't pick up anything out of the ordinary.
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I m on a cable internet connection via Time Warner Road Runner What I find frustrating is that I can see the state I m located in by Warner (Road Posted Runner) Time Info. Identifying and my ISP simply by looking at Identifying Info. Posted by Time Warner (Road Runner) my website stats visitor logs My geographical location shows up in my website stats as quot state res rr com quot where quot state quot is the state I m located in and quot res quot means residential services as opposed to a business cable DSL account I am a huge privacy advocate and I do not like the fact that Time Warner displays this information Any way to get rid of this identifying information Also when I m using a certain free webmail account Hotmail I often see personal ads with the name of my city embedded in the headline For example quot Find sexy singles in Cityville quot where quot Cityville quot is the name of the city I live in How are the advertisers getting the name of the city I m located in Any way to block this I don t like giving advertisers more information than is absolutely necessary P S I did NOT give Hotmail the correct city or state when I signed up for the free webmail account seven years ago So there s no way the advertisers are pulling my city from any information that I personally submitted nbsp
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This issue is driving me over the cliff One would think it easy Time Warner on their website is generous enough to explain what one needs to go get a tuner device to take the place of their own supplied set-top boxes If you re a subscriber the STB is free for the first one and a monthly-forever charge for more than one So I have pretty well given up on finding a retail normal quality set-top tuner box that can simply tune-in any all of what TW sends to my house I just can t HDTV's How to tuners QAM/Clear-QAM Time-Warner with find imbedded? find any clear info on such a device So I have moved on to the next-best idea Find an HDTV with built-in tuner that will properly tune Time-Warner s feed Easy right If I m reading TW s info correctly local over-air channels that TW has in their mix will decode with NTSC type tuners and the other cable-only channels with quot QAM quot or also known as quot Clear-QAM quot type devices I don t know that either of these specs contemplates BOTH conventional resolution and High-Def If any of you have Time-Warner you know that you have the quot normal quot channels mostly in the - range and the High-Def versions of the same above that So What HDTV do I need to buy that will decode all of Time-Warner s feed without their supplied STB NOTE THIS - I am not addressing any premium services here just basic DIGITAL cable service with its included HD channels which are basically the local channels plus a few sports channels like ESPN HD and FOX Sports HD and FOX News HD and a smattering of other stuff no movie channels ppv etc thanks for your help nbsp
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I can receive mail and send mail but the target does not receive it, I get no error message but my sent box says it was sent, this has been going on now for about at least three weeks, I have sent mail out of roadrunner direct with no problem, I have been using this program for about three years with no problem, tec.service at roadrunner say's no problem at there end all boxes are set correctly, I have been running 2 e-mail accounts for about 2 years no problem both accounts having same problem with sending, windows tec. was no help on their 800 # other to tell me that they did not up grade windows live mail.

any one else having this particular problem? I am here to listen, bill j

A:windows 7 32bit live mail with time warner wi rr/ sending e-mail

try to send one to yourself and see if it goes and comes back.
Also you can try a repair of WLM
to do this go to program and features in control panel
Double click Windows Live Essentials
It will give you an option to repair besides uninstall
pick the repair one
once it is done send the email again to yourself first to see if it goes
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I need my wireless router several more feet away than one cable will allow. One computer plugs in, and one is wireless; so that means I would need 2 or 3 ethernet cables plugged into the router. I have one very long cable so I was thinking I could run it to the wireless router where I need it, and have the non-wireless router by the computer that needs to be plugged in and run a cable from that to the computer as well as have the long cable plugged in and run that to the wireless router. Make sense? Would that work?


A:Can I plug an ethernet cable into one router, then another cable in another router?
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If so, how can I configure any settings on the router? I tried connecting this router directly to my Cable modem and some limited connectivity problem pops up saying Primary DNS server cannot be found.

A:Can my unserviced DSL router be used as a router to my Motorola cable modem?

probably not, apples/oranges.

dsl uses phone lines which means you have/had dsl with your phone service.

cable uses coax cable to the modem and tv in my case with roadrunner, also provides digital phone service.

the cable comes in and i use a splitter for the modem/with phone jack for digital phone service and to the router/computers, both wired and wireless.
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My wife's sister has Comcast Cable. They installed a Modem/Router that the wireless part seems to have died. Can a wireless router be connected via ethernet cable to the cable modem/ router?

A:Connecting Wireless router to Cable Modem/Router

Yes, adding a wifi router to one of the ports will set it as a node on the dhcp server{modem} and if there is a conflict in ip address, usually will change it to a
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I have no idea why but i can only get a connection with the internet with one computer through a switch router... i was told that its not possible to get internet to multple computers, and only to one computer. I have a Netgear Gs108 switch router... but it connects to a Gray fox router which runs through my walls which my modem is connected too. i have no idea how to get internet through all computers which i have been before, i just got cable modem and it this problem started. So before the problem it was DSL at&t. Mabey some can help me please..

A:Need Some Help with Cable Modem to Gray Fox Router to Switch Router

Do a search( upper right box) for cable modem to Fox router to switch router.
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Heres the situation. I am renting an apartment in someones home. They have provided me with an ethernet cable from their router(not wireless) but the line is located in a different part of the room that i want my computer to be located in. I CANNOT snake the wire under the carpet or along the wall and do not want a line running through my living room.

So basically there is a cable modem in one section of the house with a conventional router attached to it. That router supplies me with a ethernet cable. I would like to put a wireless router on the cable that I have so I can use my computer in a different location. Will this work?

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I need help in configuring my cable modem/router (SMC8104wn-res) and wireless router (CISCO RV120W). What I need is to be able to be able to successfully connect the site-to-site VPN. This is how it was configured:

RV120W > Modem (DSL) > Internet > Cable modem/router > RV120W
Site 1 Site 2

I don't have issue with the site 1's end. but I need help in configuring site 2 since I need the Cable Modem/router to act as a modem only (do not know how to set this in bridge mode, disabling it as a router) and making my RV120W as the main router and as the DHCP. Can you give me a guide on how to set this up? Thanks!

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I have a cable router at present but I want to connect it to a Wireless router so my laptop gets a signal in the house.

the configuration im thinking of is:

cable router
wireless router
Laptop + PC

Is this straightforward? Do i need to do any extra configurations on the new wireless router?

(edit) : The wireless router will get the internet connection through a Lan cable from the cable modem.
Networking gives me a headache

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I have a 2wire DSL/router that emits a terrible wifi signal. I have a Linksys WR110 that I want to use as my primary wifi on my home network. Problem is I can't figure it out how to make it work. Is it possible to run a cable wifi router off a dsl/router to use as an access point? or a stand alone WiFi point and just have the DSL/Router using the Lan ports only?

A:1 DSL modem/router and 1 cable router

If it was me, I'd do the following:

1. Turn off the wireless in the DSL router.
2. Turn off the DHCP server on the Linksys router.
3. Setup the wireless of the Linksys
4. Assign a static IP address to the linksys router in the range of the firs router. e.g. If your current IP for logging into the first router is then change the Linksys to or something.
5. Connect the DSL router from Port 1 to the Linksys router Port 1.

In effect, you use the DSL router to assign IP addresses on the network, and use the Linksys mearly as a wireless access point.
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i have the lan router router to issues cable rogers cable router and am trying to slave my linksys wrt Nv to it my goal is to be able to share my media server wired to the slave linksys router to the ps wireless on the cable router i have read several posts on how to combine routers into one what i have atm the linksys is plugged from wan or internet to the lan on the cable router router a cable router ip router b linksys ip both have wireless and i am using my lgx net book to config both wirelessly when i have the linksys cable router to router lan issues set to i lose it cannot enter config from html but i can still edit router a settings of router a from router b the ip ranges are staggered for dhcp to not interfere with each other i turn off dhcp on router b and cable router to router lan issues lose connection access to internet and router b i ve tried lan port to lan port also but no connection due to the nature of router a i do not have access to all the settings or at least its set up un-logically yes i used un from router b ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Gobbin mi Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Unknown IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List phub net cable rogers com Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix phub net cable rogers com Description b g Mini Card Wireless Adapter Physical Address - - -EF- - Dhcp Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers Lease Obtained December AM Lease cable router to router lan issues Expires December AM from router a ip addy is Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers those are the only differances thats about it please help nbsp

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Hey guys, this is my first time building a case from scratch, and I was wondering how my cables looked.
Good, bad? Did I do anything stupid?

Also, my 8-pin EATX, cable was a bit short, so it's in there really tight. Is this going to become a problem?



A:Cable management for the first time!

Cables look fine, and as long as cable isn't so tight that it's bending the plug and that it's locked in place then it should be fine. Depending if the window on the side of the case you may want move or hide the cables that are on top of the top drive.

One recommendation that I would make for future builds is that you install the CPU and heatsink before you mount the motherboard in the case; it makes it much easier especially locking the heatsink down. Installing the RAM is easier as well with it out of the case.

Another thing I'd recommend is that you space out the hard drives so they are not stacked on top of each other; that will help with heat and may help them last longer.
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I need a cable router for my other computer. I need some information about selecting routers and how to connect them to
a computer.

Relevancy 47.3%

I'm thinking of getting a broadband Cable internet connection. I wanna hook up 2 computers to this connection as well as an Xbox, what will I need for this. I'm thinking. Tell me if I'm wrong, 2 Nic 10/100 eithernet cards for the PC's, Cat 5 cables to all 3 destination devices, and a dsl/cable router??? Will I need to assign any special paramitters to the computers??? and with this setup will both PC's be able to surf the net at the sametime???
thank you for the help

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I am going to go buy a 4 port router today for a firewall. Is there a difference in the firewalls on the routers? is there ones that are better than others? which ones are better than others? what would you suggest i get for protection? please reply asap if possible. Thanks.

A:Cable Router

There are differences, though they're pretty minor. I'd look for one with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) if you can find it, better security. I just picked up a new SMC wireless router with SPI to replace my old wireless router.
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The question is basically the title. What is the best Cable/DSL Router for £60 or less.

I have £60 to purchase the best cable/dsl router (min 4 port) does not have to be wireless but does have to have a decent firewall and be good for gaming (ie ping times).

Any advice given is appreciated, thanks in advance.

A:Best Cable/DSL Router for £60 or less.

Go here an look at the list,com_chart/Itemid,189/ and pick you what you want buy WAN to LAN / LAN to WAN throughput..

Some routers come with NAT, NAT, SPI, NAT, SPI, IDT the fourth firewall would be for VPN connections.
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Hi, just a question. I apologize if this is not the right forum.

Does a DSL/Cable Router provide protection equivalent to a Firewall? Does it offer any protection? I have heard many things and I just would like to know. And could someone tell me the particulars of how a Router works and what protection it can provide, and "how" it provides that protection?

A:DSL/Cable Router?

The short answer is that most routers do in fact have a firewall in them for incoming packets only . You would be prudent to still have a firewall program in your machine to protect you onout-going packets, like those that viruses, trojans, and spyware send.

Also, a firewall in your machine often has a mail scan function further guarding agains malicious e-mails.

My NetGear router has an excellant firwall, but I still rely on ZoneAlarm Pro and Norton antivirus.

Hope this helps.
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At the moment my router is in one room and my computer is in another room about 30 feet away so in an attempt to improve signal reception I am considering running a cable from Virgins inlet box up through the attic and then down into the room where the computer is and install the router alongside the computer.My question is what signal loss would result from adding about 50/60 feet of cable from Virgins inlet box to my router and is it a special type of cable or is it just uhf as for television signals.Would also need two of the screwed end connecters and could I obtain them at any electronics store?.

A:Router cable

This is just a guess on my part because I'm not familiar with how routers are cabled in the UK and more specifically, with Virgin's equipment. But if it's anything like here in the Colonies, if your ethernet is a 10/100/1000 Mbps connection you should have a theoretical max cable length of 100 meters (about 328 feet.)

ethernet maximum cable length explained at

This also seems to be confirmed on a BT forum thread by Nige32.

You could use up to 100 meters off a CAT5e cable before you run into performance issues. (I would get a professional to wire the connectors for me though)

Master Socket -> Modem -> Hub/Router cabling - BTCare Community Forums

Cables can pick up electrical noise on long runs. Some cables are poorly made. The longer the cable, the more important it is for the cable to be properly shielded, and to be a good quality cable. You may want to check with your provider just to make sure the above info applies to Virgin.
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Hi, thanks for viewing my thread. I just switched from DSL to Cable. I ran 4 computers through my Netgear FS605 router when on the DSL. Now on Cable the router will only run 1 computer at a time. Checked with Comcast, things are fine through the modem. All the router port lights for the PC's blink in unison. Are there DSL only and Cable only routers? I see DSL/Cable routers advertised making me think if there are "combo" routers maybe there are singular routers? Need help please as "who's turn on the computer" is wearing thin.

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I have ADSL Internet
An ADSL Router

i also have a Freecom DataTank Gateway WLAN

I want to connect the datatank to the adsl router and use it as a switch but cannot seem to do it.

I set the datatank ip to and told it to run as a switch
I set my router as a DHCP server with the ip

I Plugged the datatank into the router and can access the internet but cannot access the datatank user interface at

Anyone help please!

A:ADSL Internet, ADSL Router. DataTank (Cable Router) Daisy chain off ADSL?

problem solved.
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I have a linksys cable modem thats really old. Probably close to 8-10 yrs old. Would a new modem speed up my download/upload speeds?

A:Time to replace cable modem?

Likely to change performance on 0.001% after the time and effort.

make sure you have the latest firmware in the modem and your router
get the latest driver for your NIC & WiFi adaptor
google for TCP Tweeks
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If a user is using a laptop on a company network and have wireless and cable connection enabled at the same it possible that the user might 2 different ip addresses?


A:Wireless and Cable Connection at the same time...different IPs?????
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I run a cable from a router for around 100m outside to a caravan.

It has been in place for a couple years no problem.

Half of it is between telegraph poles and the other half is overground in a plastic water pipe.

Suddenly stopped receiving signal from the router, so we changed the 2 plugs on the end - no difference.

Then made up a connector which joins wires 1+2, 3+4, 5+6 and 7 +8 and plugged it into one end of the wire.

Came back to the other end and ran an ohms meter between 1+2 etc and got an average reading of 84ohms

Tried the same measurement on a 100m of new cable and got a reading of 17ohms.

What does this mean ?

I had a similar problem with another cable to the caravan over 2 years ago which had been in place for 2 or 3 years ????
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I believe that answer is no but I d like to confirm w the experts If I have a destop or laptop for that matter connected to the Internet via Comcast cable modem can and using card at time cable internet same air I plug in a Sprint usb Air Card and switch my access to the Internet using the Air Card and possibly toggle back and forth My thought is that any computer can only be assigned one IP address at a time and that I d have to disable my Comcast Network Connection and then run the Sprint connection then disconnect the Sprint Air Card and re-enable the Comcast Network Connection to be able to toggle between the two connections I ve got a couple of clients asking detailed questions about the Air Card which I ve not used before I want to do some testing comparisons to give them detailed answers and toggling back and forth between the connections would save me some time Thanks in advance for your expertise on this nbsp

A:using air card and cable internet at same time

You can have and use multiple connections. The catch is that Windows will choose one of the Default Gateways and use that as THE DEFAULT Gateway; hence your internet access will be through whichever Windows chooses. It will choose the wired connection (in every instance that I've seen so far).

So using the two you've mentioned should mean that your internet tests will be with the cable, and you will need to disable that connection to test the Air Card. Keep a Network Connections window open and the toggling shouldn't be too much effort.
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End of last year i bought a 1TB seagate external expansion drive STBV1000100. I used it for backups for a while so really didnt notice, but now im putting everything that i download on it so i can save my internal drive space. This is when i really noticed that i seems to take awhile to xfer files to or to remove files and i was wondering if i might get faster response time with a better usb cable. It has both 3.0 and 2.0 but it seems to cable is rather thin compared to for example my usb headphone cable.

I have never shopped for a better cable, just figured they were all the same but now im finding out they are not.

1. Can i get better speed with a better cable?
2. Any suggestions of what type of cable i should be shopping for and where, maybe newegg?


A:Can i get faster response time with a better usb cable

If it supports USB 3.0, are you connecting it to a USB 3.0 port (blue one). That will make a difference, a new cable is unlikely to have a measurable impact.
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Just hooked up two computers to DSL by wired router. One cable goes to another room (50 fo0t cable). With that computer on, the TV satellite signal in a third room is affected by interference (looks like rf interference). Any ideas on trying to get rid of the interference?
thanks, Don

A:router cable problem

Have you thought about using some ferrite beads on the cables? Also did you make sure you used shielded cat-5 cable?
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My netgear router (DG834G) has 4 ethernet ports but the internet slot is a phone line connector so you can connect it directly without using modem. However my ntlworld broadband modem (silver) connects to the socket attatched onto the wall via a thick white screw on wire? so connecting it directly past modem isn't an option.

My modem has an ethernet slot in the back which I could connect an ethernet cable to and into the back of the internet slot on my router but it only has a phone line connection for the internet slot?

What do I do?

A:Router cable issue?

Your router is an ADSL modem and not a broadband router.

You have Broadband... not ADSL, you need to buy a broadband router....

You then take the ethernet lead that goes from the modem to your PC and plug that into the socket on the broadband router.

It sounds to me like you should consider getting in someone who knows the difference between the 2 types of routers and can set it up for you.

Or else your going to be there all day just figuring out which wire goes where.
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Since using a cable router that i installed yesterday from a cable modem we have had a few problems from being disconnected from MSN, Yahoo, Skype and downloading issues. When we try and download a file weather its a video clip to a music clip it will download so much then just stop. The internet speed shows the connection is good as the test below proves
Also i have not been able to flush the DNS on my computer since we first changed out broadband providers. This is what i get when i try to flush it

"Windows IP Configuration

Could not flush the DNS Resolver Cache: Function failed during execution."

Any ideas why?


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I'm in the market to buy a wireless router for my newly aquired internet service. What do you recomend for a two story house?

A:Solved: cable/dsl router.......

Everybody is going to have their own opinion. I have always liked D-Links products.
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Dear friends.

One of my friend ask me this Question. What is better wireless or cable to received Internet connections and what role play router if he connecting 2 PC at home.
I was not 100 % sure.
Can anyone give me the right answer.

A:wireless or cable- router

If he's a gamer wired is by far better. If he is just a casual surfer and doesn't like the hassle of wires then wireless it the way to go.
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We got our Netgear wireless router set-up with our wireless antennae-on-the-roof company so that it works when either my computer or my husband's computer is connected to it with an ethernet cable. My husband's will also connect to the router using wireless.

So the problem is that there is something (broadcast enabled?) that is preventing my computer from doing the final step of connecting to the router by wireless rather than ethernet cable.

Both of our machines are Dell Windows XP with internal wireless cards. Mine is a Dell XPS. Previously my machine connected wirelessly with a previous router that my son took, so I know it is capable of doing so. Something just got turned off in trying to get things going with the new Netgear router. I imagine it is something simple, but can't figure it out. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:won't connect to router without cable

Have you accessed the wifi of this router before or has it not been setup yet?
You need the same settings as the wireless router on the wifi pc's.
The settings for the ssid broadcast must be the same on the pc
The WEP setting and passphase must be the same also
Relevancy 46.87%

Hi all,

Just set up the lynksys/dsl router (WIRED), nected to the router I have an XP machine and a 98se machine. The XP machine works great super fast internet speeds, the 98 machine loads web pages very very slow. Without the router, the 98 machine runs superfast.
I believe the cause of the latency has something to do with the router, I have all proxy settings off on my 98 machine. Any other ideas as to what the cause of the slow bandwidth may be?

BTW, I have Cable internet access.

A:Lynksys cable/dsl router help

This is my standard answer to most networking problems, check that your PCs are setup correspondingly. It is generally faster to use fixed IPs rather than DHCP handing them out. That might be the cause of your delay.
Make sure ICS is not switched on on that W98 PC.

A few basic setups when networking:

Router-setup WAN:
Protocol: Fixed IP
IP-address, Subnetmask and default Gateway: as per ISP-information
DNS-servers: as per ISP-information
Enable NAT

Router-setup LAN:
IP-address: set to e.g. (or use default)
DHCP-server: disable

Router: Some System-settings (depending on your router)
Optional SNTP (time): e.g. for UK/Ireland (GMT)
uPnP: disable
Dynamic routing: disable
Remote config: disable
Dynamic DNS: disable
Firewall: Block hacker attack: enable
Firewall: Block WAN request: enable
VPN: disable all settings unless you need it

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Use the following IP address: (102, 103 etc.)
Default Gateway: (IP-address from your Router)
Use DNS Server address: (IP-address from your Router)
Second DNS: leave blank or put in first DNS-server from WAN-part in Router

Enable File/Printer sharing if you wish (works only within local network)
Check individual printer(s) that they are shared as well (in printer-settings)

And make sure all your PCs are in the same WORKGROUP.

If software firewall installed, enable the other PCs IP-address(es)
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I've just set up my linksys router, and i have no problem getting onto the internet but I can't access my email. It keeps saying that it cannot find the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

As far as i can tell, i have set up the DNS properly with it accessing the proper IP address provided by my ISP, and I have also enabled DHCP on the router setup as well as my computer. I have two computers running into the router, one with Win XP and one with Win ME. Both of which are unable to access the email through Microsoft outlook.

It has worked in the past, but there was a huge power outage which reset the router.

Does anyone have any insight on this.

Relevancy 46.87%

In the next day or so I am going to drop AT&T DSL and get WOW cable internet service.
I usually have several computers I want to connect connection to the internet using
a router. I connect using ethernet cables or wireless. What router should I by for
my new service. I want something that is fast and easy to set up. A router that
is rated good. I also want a something that does not slow my computers down.

Thank you,

A:Which Router should I get to WOW cable internet?

So you're currently renting your router through AT&T? Or is it a DSL/modem combo unit?

Routers don't slow computers down. They don't install any software. I use Linksys.
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Hey all,i recently had quite allot of issues with my old router and decided to buy a new one.

I bought a Asus RT-N10E ,however it won't detect my cable. Whenever i try to connect to the internet while using it it says that the cable is not plugged in and that i need to check it out.

I have tried with several different cables and it won't work.

There is a chance that the router might be broken even if it's new ,but how unlucky can i be ? Maybe something else might cause this problem,any tips ?

Relevancy 46.87%

Could anyone please give me a list of cable modems that offer routing capabilities, such as NAT and DHCP? My current cable modem is a RCA DCM425.


A:Cable Modem\Router

Try "cable modem/router" in a web search engine.
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Alright so I will start off by stating that I hate my apartment and how the cable is wired in the place I have one line going into the apartment It is in the living room In order to Modem/Router Cable get too any other point in the house I have too run cable lines around rooms and hook up too connections in wall that pass through the wall into the next room I currently have my computer located in the dining room kitchen area as I have a huge area and a small table Too get too my computer with cable line it takes connections to hook up too my modem modem is last hook up I would like to move computer too too bedroom but too do so would take different connections Would I be losing quot connectivity bandwidth quot by having different connections or would it be better to get and hook a router up in living room and run a network line too the computer and cutting out those connections I would like to get the most out of my internet connection if you feel me Basic question Will I get better connection using router over connections Not sure about data packet lose in the connections nbsp

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I have succesfully been on the internet for a while now with a cable modem surfboard 4200 connected to a router smc 7004br connected to 2 pc's. the thing is that I had to manually input everything into my tcp/ip settings in the network panel for it all to work.

After reading umteen million times that all I had to do was to hook up the router to my nic cards and all would work (which it didn't ) I was just wondering how to go about just setting the tcp/ip settings to obtain an ip address automatically.

by the way when I do set it up that way I lose all connection to the internet.

can someone who has a 7004 br and win 98 1st edition tell me how to do so, also my internet provider is comcast...

thanks in advance

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Okay so this is basically my setup I m using roadrunner s sb cable modem connecting this modem to a netgear hub with ports port receives the connection from the cable modem port connects to my computer port connects to my port connects to my dlink router here s my problem all the connections work fine except for the dlink router it doesn t seem to connect to the internet When I check the status tab it says quot dhcp client disconnected quot I try the release IP and it says it was successful but nothing happens I cable -> -> modem hub router try the renew ip cable modem -> hub -> router and it says renew ip fail obviously since it doens t have an ip So my question is is it a crappy router Am I missing something here I tried resetting the router to factory defaults by pressing the hard reset button in the back and it sitll didn t connect Someone please help Oh the reason i m not connecting the modem to the router is beacuse the stupid router doesn t give me a static ip so i m banned from several sites and I need a static ip nbsp

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Hi everyone I took the dive and bought my first router I have a cable internet cable router w/ and Help 1st modem and need to have at least computers with internet access This will provide eliminate quot friction quot between my Help w/ 1st router and cable internet girlfriend and I over internet access Plus I heard it helps with security even Help w/ 1st router and cable internet though I have zonealarm I bought a Linksys Etherfast cable port router BEFSR v I Help w/ 1st router and cable internet read page and it said I need to get the following information from my cable internet company My PCs Computer name and Workgroup name My broadband-configured PCs fixed Internet IP address My Subnet Mask My Default Gateway My primary DNS Server address es Will they give this information or is there a way I can get it on my own TOTAL newbie with this stuff I mostly just build computers and never did anything like this I will give them a call during business hours and see what they have to say but any suggestions would be appreciated or a link or for quot Router s for Dummies quot nbsp

A:Help w/ 1st router and cable internet

The values may all be assigned to you automatically when the router makes the connection. And depending on the intelligence of the router you may not need to know any or some of these.

The necessity of knowing those items depends on the technical details of your internet connection and how dumb your router is. Unless your ISP has a policy against connection sharing they will happily give you all this info and assistance.
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I have a Linksys WCG200-CC, which is an router/modem/wireless combo and I was wondering if it is possible to access the cable modem. I know how to access the user friendly network set up screen, but I am trying to enable more than just the 5 addresses ( has somehow locked it to this). If I can't expand from the router, can I use another router to give me more addresses?

Relevancy 46.87%


Im moving house soon and the house we will be living in isnt in an area for cable internet like we have now, So I have to go back to ADSL.

Because the house im moving to is 3 stories high and Iv heard that at the top of the house the internet is very poor from downstairs.

I was wondering if I could run an Ethernet cable from the router downstairs all the way up to the top of the house, If I could plug it into my cable router and just give it that wireless boost.

Is this possible? or would I have to buy an access point?

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Hey guys...I'm having trouble networking my 2 home computers. I have a cable modem>wired router>desktop and laptop via ethernet cable. i've ran the network wizard in xp on both machines the same way, and nothing happens. they both show i'm sharing files, and the laptop recognizes the desktop in the workgroup, but i can't access it (access denied error message pop up). the wizard gives me options as to the description of the computer, and i chose that it is connected via a network hub. is that the right option? i guess i'm just missing some steps and would appreciate some help setting this up...thanks a million...

A:Networking with XP and Cable Router

Sounds like you should have it all setup properly, one thing to check is your firewall settings. I know mine defaults to not allow anyone to connect to my computer, unless they are in my "Trusted Domain" So I just added all my computers on my local network and I haven't had a problem since.
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Appreciate some assistance.

Have a PC running W-Millenium. Going to format the hard drive (too many programs installed, virus problems, spyware, etc.) and reinstall the OS.

The current PC uses a cable ISP (, and is connected to a router and a cable modem.

After installing the OS to a clean Hard Drive, installing drivers for video, sound card, etc., and some programs, the PC needs to be connected back to the router and the cable modem to establish an Internet connection.

Might be a super dumb question, but, which software should be installed first, that of the router, that of the cable modem, or does it matter?

Any guidance somewhere that shows the steps needed to connect the PC to both a router and a cable modem?

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Since tubine has taken over the game my connection to it has developed a bad latency. I am on cable and using a router Linksys NR401 4 port. Is it possible the firewall on the router is effecting the game performance and if that is possible anyone have a good set of instructions to set up port forwarding? The router has caused trouble trying to play counterstrike on two computers behind the router. That is another issue. I would be greatfull for any help.

A:Asheron's call bad lag time on cable internet

If you can, try plugging your computer directly into the cable modem - if you don't get the lag issues, there's your problem - the router.

Just curious, do you have any file sharing programs running (ie kazza, emule, etc..)

Also, are we talking ping time or packet loss?
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I'm using Win7 Ultimate 64bit, connected to a D-Link DIR615.
I have several wireless devices connecting to the computer (printer, tablet, phone etc.), so I need the wireless connection active on the computer.
But I want to connect to the internet directly via cable to get a faster, stable connection.
I'd also like to be able to connect my boxee box and other wired devices via cable.

At the moment, when I activate my wireless network connection in my networks settings, it seems like it also uses that connection for Internet and boxee box. So I have to disable the wifi- connection (and block my other devices from accessing my local files) to use the wired connection to internet.

Is there a way to configure it so that it uses wired connections for internet (and selected devices like the boxee box) and only use wireless to those devices that need it (printer, phone, tablet)?
Relevancy 46.01%

Hi all,

I have a Linksys Wireless router WRT54G, the instructions say to click the cable from the cable modem, into the Internet port on router. What if I don't have a cable modem and I want to click a cable from the data jack on the wall into the router? Do I still plug it in the Internet port or do I click it in one of the other ports? Thank you in advance for your help.


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I currently have Virgin cable broadband and wish to establish a wireless connection to my PS3. I have a wireless router (Sagem model...old one from now defunct Sky Broadband service) and would like advice as to how to make the physical connections between cable modem, wireless router and the PC.

Many thanks in anticipation of help.

A:Cable modem + wireless router

Generally,the cabling is.
Cable connection to modem
ethernet connection from modem to router's wan/internet(could be called either)
If you want a wired connection,then from the router's lan port,ethernet connection to your pc's lan/ethernet port.

Before doing anything,power off both devices.
When completed with cabling,power on modem first,wait for it to settle(proper lights on)
Then power on the router and as above,wait for it to settle(generally,power light,wan light,internet light and ethernet port light if you have a hard wired connection.)

Then,log onto your router's admin page and set up your wireless network(security encryption,wireless mode,name,channel,etc.Hopefully you have a user's guide for your router)
Hope this helps a bit
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First time post here So I recently switched from ATT to Charter Cable but don t have a router I have one desktop lets call it Desktop A connected to the Cable Modem on this desktop I also have a WiFi Dongle that I have connected to my Wire HG-B Gateway I have the Wire by itself connected to a different computer in a different room Desktop B My question is what steps do I need to take if possible to ICS the Hardwired Ethernet connection from the desktop through the Workgroup created by the Wire to my other desktop down the hall So far I have enabled the Sharing tab on the Ethernet connection connected to the cable Modem and have it aimed at the WiFi network created by the Wire I am able ICS with Solved: Router and 2Wire Cable. to access all the files of Desktop A on Desktop B via regular media and public folder sharing what extra steps are needed to send ICS from the host and receive ICS at client end If the Wire is the Solved: ICS with 2Wire Router and Cable. problem which changes do I need to make via DHCP etc and yes I do realize a router could allow me to bypass this awful configuration but I can t get one for about another week p nbsp

A:Solved: ICS with 2Wire Router and Cable.

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. [You will not need a cross-over cable if one of the "routers" is a computer.] Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

For reference, here's a link to a Typical example config using a Netgear router
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Hi guys - I've got a BELKIN G WIRELESS CABLE ROUTER DSL which I use to connect my PC and Xbox 360 at the same time. It was working for a while without problem, then my Cable company sent me a new modem as they said mine was an old model - ever since I've not been able to connect through a router.....both my pc and xbox 360 will work individually through the modem, but not through the router - i've spoken to the cable company and they are saying that because my pc works through the modem that they cannot help me - can anyone help?


A:Router not working with new cable modem

Brand and model of the modem? Of the router?

Please show for a connection to the modem, and for a connection to the router ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.
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I read in PC magazine that they recommend even single computor users employ a router to provide a hard firewall for internet security. Can this be used if I am using dial-up access or is this only for broadband

A:Can a Cable DSL Router provide firewall

Yes it can , I am currently using a cable modem hooked into a router so i can access the internet on any computer on hte house, not only that but it DOES have a firewall and works quite well
Relevancy 46.01%

I recently have had our ISP swapped from virgin to sky, and we were promised better speeds throughout the day. However they sent over a router which wouldn't be up to the job of online gaming for both a pc and an xbox 360. So we tried to use the old belkin n1 router, but we had no success. We have rung up belkin and they told us to ring sky. sky told us that only their router is supposed to work with their broadband, and gave us no help. One thing to note is that sky is not on the selection of ISP's during the router setup. we used the " Your ISP not there?" and entered correct details on the next steps but it wouldn't connect to the internet.

Any Ideas?
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I have an Greyfox/ON-Q distribution panel that was installed during construction of my house. At the moment, I have both a desktop style cable modem and a wired/wireless broadband router crammed inside the panel. I went to the ON-Q website and only found a wired router, but no modem. I need something that will mount inside the panel box.

Also, how can I use wireless router inside the panel and still have adequate range? It seems that wireless wouldn't work inside a metal box. Are there remote mounting antennas that handle this issue?



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Hi Guys,

I used verizon wireless broadband service for an year . Now I?m switched to roadrunner. The problem is cable modem is not wireless so I feel uncomfortable with the wires and all.
I still have DSL broadband router that Verizon provided (Westell Versalink 327w). This has DSL connector for in and regular 4 Ethernet connector.
Is it possible to connect this router to cable modem and use it as normal router? If possible is it very difficult to seup?
My cabel modem is RCA DCM425 (

Thanks a lot

A:Can I connect Cable modem to DSL router?

no. DSL and cable internet are two very different technologies. You'll need a standard router that you can use with any type of ISP. Then all you need is a cable modem or a DSL modem depending upon the type of service you have.
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Hey guys this and Modem Wireless Cable Router is my first post here Hello to all I m using a cable internet service which requires me to login every time using their login page which opens in a browser when i try to access a website This has to be done everytime the modem restarts which is frequent due to frequent power outages in my country I have to use a wireless router since my primary machine is a laptop and I can t sit at one place with the ethernet cable connected to the modem all the time With the wireless router the system is unreliable Sometimes it will open the login page sometimes it wont Sometimes it will open webpages sometimes it Cable Modem and Wireless Router wont and sometimes it will only open select pages I was wondering if i can use some setting on the router to save my username and password for the cable internet service that would automatically log it in so i don t have to do that manually every time It could be done with DSL using the PPPOE setting doesn t that work with cable internet I m using the Linksys WRT G nbsp

A:Cable Modem and Wireless Router

You didn't mention which country, but I will make some assumptions.

No, PPPoE doesn't work on cable modems, so you can't use that. On most routers/cable modems, the web page thing is an configurable option on the router. You need to turn it off. Contact your ISP about turning it off.

In the U.S. cable service does not require a log in (by the user) The cable modem does this automatically before the modem even comes up. It is invisible to the user. ADSL always requires a login. This is where the PPPoE auto login comes in.
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I am connecting via Time Warner-Roadrunner with a Netgear CGD G cable modem gateway I am always having trouble with DNS DNS is not able to resolve Modem Router + Cable Gateway IP addresses DNS Server isn't responding Pages are not Cable Modem Gateway + Router usually opening and most of the Cable Modem Gateway + Router time when I click refresh nothing is happening Refresh button appears in of a second I don't know how to resolve the problem I can try connecting via USB but I haven't found the Cable Modem Gateway + Router driver for it yet Thanks to NetGear there is no driver on internet or in the resource CD The other solution I am thinking is using the D-Link DIR- router I am thinking to add it to the CGD G gateway because DIR- doesn't have a coaxial cable input They obth have as default address How should I change the modem and router gateway addresses Should I change the CGD G to which I already did actually When I do that do I need to change the IP addresses from - to another range or leave it the same Do I need to change the IP addresses or the subnet mask on DIR- if I add it Is there any solution for DNS and Key Ports problem with CGD G on a Windows Ultimate x OS Does anyone have a USB Driver for CGD G I hope I could make myself clear English is not my mother tongue and my expression of my thoughts can confuse native speakers time to time Thanks

A:Cable Modem Gateway + Router

One of the problems you have is that router will severely limit your internet speed. I had one with the comcast connection and it dropped me from 21MBs to 6 MBs. Once I trashed that and went with comcast's modem I was back up to full speed. Seeing how you pay roadrunner, I had them when I was in TX., I would call them and tell them that you want to switch to AT&T. Not that you really are intending to but let them know this. Then tell them the problems you are having and that is the only reason you are thinking of canceling with them and switching to AT&T. Watch how fast they quickly offer to resolve your problem by sending a Tech out for free and fixing the problem for you. They key word here is you have to tell them that you are thinking of canceling with them and switching to AT&T. That should fix your problem with no headaches on your part! Post back to what they reply with you.
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Here's the situation, I just upgraded from DSL to cable due to the fact that my cable company was supplying a package which consisted of: Broadband, Telephone, and of course cable. What I would like to do is purchase a wireless router in order to provided access to one other computer and my Xbox 360 (Connected via: Wireless Gaming Adapter), but I'm unsure how to go about doing this. Here's the information I recieve when using IPCONFIG
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
DNS Servers:

I guess my real question would be, if I bought a router could I implement NAT in order to connect multiple computers to the internet, is a router compatible with this modem?
<b>(Cable Modem=RCA DCM 425)</b>

Any help would be appreciated.