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Lifecam.exe fails on initialization

Q: Lifecam.exe fails on initialization

Not sure when but suddenly Lifecam.exe fails to start. Any ideas what may be the cause?

Faulting application name: LifeCam.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4cfea77f
Faulting module name:, version: 2.0.50727.5456, time stamp: 0x4ef6caea
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00141863
Faulting process id: 0x1bec
Faulting application start time: 0x01cd42cc4a64645c
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft LifeCam\LifeCam.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v2.0.50727_32\System\ce9ff6baf9053ed2ed673d948179195c\
Report Id: 8a50be23-aebf-11e1-b6d6-0026b9e9f462

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Preferred Solution: Lifecam.exe fails on initialization

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lifecam.exe fails on initialization

Since this issue occurred recently, I suggest you try system restore to go back to a previous good time point firstly.
Also, try to refer to the following article to troubleshoot this issue:
Resolve compatibility issues between LifeCam and other programs Zhao

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Hi guys Earlier today my order came It was a EVGA Geforce LE an AGP version brand new So I took out the failing Nvidia Geforce FX then I popped the new card in on my sister s computer It New Card AGP Fails worked when I turned it on then Windows XP loaded it went to the desktop After that the monitor started showing wavy lines pixels showed different colors and more The computer froze So I New AGP Card Fails restarted the computer with the reset button on the computer It did it again This time on the login screen I turned the computer off by the power button on the computer I tried reseating the card using different outputs DVI and VGA taking out each ram stick to see what stick was bad and I tried to reinstall windows Windows install fails each time It fails with blue screen it didn t do that on the other video card Now I m stuck What s causing the brand new card to fail I knew it was going to happen anyways when I ordered the card Help would be great and I could get my sister s computer up and running again nbsp

A:New AGP Card Fails

Trying Other PSU Testing Or Install New VGA (AGP Support) And Update Driver VGA .
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Why doesn't my microsoft lifecam work with windows 7? Is there a simple way to fix this problem?

A:Windows 7/Microsoft Lifecam

We would need the model number to tell you a reason to why it is not working, and if there is a fix.. If there is no supported driver for windows7, you may need to attempt to use a Windows Vista driver and run it in compatibility mode.

If these options are not possible, you may have to purchase a new one.

Please reply back with the model of the webcam.
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Hi guys,
just put up a new pc with the modem I had my older laptop, where it worked fine. Now this is what happens: The connection starts normally, lasts about 1 hour, and then fails. This has happened many times. Anyone knows why this could be happening?
Best regards,
my modem is an old baudtec, and I have Vista. The modem connects with usb. I also get an error message, but I do not remember now the exact number...

A:Connection fails

Try and get the error number for us if you can, it can be extrememly helpful in helping you solve your problem.
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First of all hello everyone I m new to the forum but i m glad to be one board A couple of weeks ago I built a new desktop for myself but kept my old harddisk and therefore kept all my files I upgraded to Win Home Premium from Vista Home Premium as well When I turn on my pc I connect to my router as normal but it has problems identifying the network and usually defines it as a public network even though the network at on is definitely my private network and promptly doesn t give me internet access Occassionally I do manage to connect to the internet successfully however when this happens I get an error message when opening my browser and indeed all browsers saying that DNS Lookup has failed The issue with not connecting to the network successfully appears to be ip related as diagnosing the problem results in a message that my wireless network adapter does not has a valid rarely Connecting and but when lookup Internet, fails DNS I do to router ip I have renewed my ip address to no avail As far as the DNS Lookup Failure goes IP and DNS are both set to assign automatically although I have tried manually setting the DNS to Google s server just to see what happens nothing I have disabled my firewalls and made sure that the browsers are allowed through I have of course reset my modem several times which doesn t help I also flushed the dns just to see if that did anything I ve had a quick look at my router settings but Connecting to router but rarely Internet, and when I do DNS lookup fails I m hesistant to change anything since I don t know much about it and I have housemates that also connect through the router As far as my internet adapter goes I m using an old D-Link g- which hasn t every given me any problems I ve also made sure that the drivers for this are up to date Any help would be wonderful I m quite sick of having no internet Thanks nbsp

A:Connecting to router but rarely Internet, and when I do DNS lookup fails

Just a bit more info...

Just posting things while I remember them...

I had problems connecting yesterday so fiddled with my settings for a bit. Then restarted, and connected (but still got a DNS error). However, having done exactly the same thing today I haven't been able to connect at all.

I just tried to system restore from yesterday to see if I could at least emulate that and get connected to the internet, but no dice.

How frustrating...
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I can t seem to skype or video chat of any sort ie aim Video chatting connection disconnects Internet and fails video chat facebook video chat etc on my computer Whenever I start skype or try to start a video chat on aim facebook it fails and my internet disconnects for everyone I don t know what could be wrong Using the same wireless internet my friends are able to video chat on their macbooks It seems like my computer is the only one that can t video chat Video chatting works when I use a sprint internet card I have a sony vaio laptop running on windows Our router in our apartment at school is a D-link wireless N In addition to this problem my internet loves to disconnect randomly too this problem also persists at home with my Cisco Linksys router model WRT N V and Speedstream modem please help Thanx O so i think i may have isolated the issue with skype failing and my random disconnections when i disable my norton symantec antivirus i don t get disconnected and my Video chatting fails and disconnects Internet connection skype works however that would mean I would be defenseless if i had no antivirus does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how I would be able to tweak the settings of norton or anything else that I may fix so that everything still works with my norton still enabled nbsp

A:Video chatting fails and disconnects Internet connection

Remove Norton entirely and go for a free antivirus program like Microsoft Security Essentials. Google for it, or it is available using Windows Update
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Motherboard type: Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L
it has 4 memory slots (2 red and 2 yellow)

I had 2x1G sticks of this type:
DIMM3: Mushkin 991529 (996529) 1 GB DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-18 @ 400 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz)

And recently bought a 2GB stick:
DIMM1: Samsung M3 78T5663QZ3-CF7 2 GB DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM (6-6-6-18 @ 400 MHz) (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz)

Tried to connect all 3 together in any possible way but my PC wouldn't start or
reboot before windows gets to load.
I tried to pull out the old 2x1GB sticks and just put the new 2GB one and it
worked perfectly.
Now i installed 1GB+2GB and it works great but
i bought the new stick in order to have 4GB total, not 3.

Any way i can fix this? maybe i'm doing something wrong?
or could it be a bios problem? my bios version is F8 (2 updates behind the latest version)

A:PC fails to load with three memory sticks

All the memory sticks should be the same type and speed modules. Your speeds and manufacturers are different. Some motherboards are more sensitive to this than others
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recently had an unexplained incident out of the blue - an error msg appeared saying something like quot G drive corrupted run chkdsk quot - i could not access the G drive so i rebooted and chkdsk ran automatically on reboot this machine Logical (among fails other manager disk things) has hard drives one sata one ide with multiple partitions G is my main data partition also it s a well managed machine with AV firewall etc so it booted up again and all seemed fine i could access G drive ok except these are some of the issues i have now cannot connect to the logical disk manager service all the relevant services are set to auto and started so disk management is not available my backup software cannot see any drives dcom error many times in the system log The application-specific permission settings do not Logical disk manager fails (among other things) grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID F D- E C- D - C - EFFB F to the user NT AUTHORITY NETWORK SERVICE SID S- - - This CLSID corresponds to Microsoft WMI Provider Subsystem Secured Host i have worked through the MS fix for Logical disk manager fails (among other things) this without success dcom error many times in the system log The server A F E - CF - D -BF - ED did not register with DCOM within the required timeout in the registry this belongs to Windows Image Aquisition which i do not specifically use and the service Logical disk manager fails (among other things) is turned off anyway if i check the dependencies tab for any service i get the error Interface Class not registered google searches only seem to turn up partially related fixes have run sfc scannow but no change malwarebytes found no badies so a bit sad really just thought someone might have an idea or two nbsp

A:Logical disk manager fails (among other things)

You need to specify your OS and SP level. I am suggesting you could try system repair. Here is the Vista method. XP is similar. I am not familiar with the Win7 version.

In the case of XP this wont be very effective unless you actually have the install CD with slipstream SP level as well.

Other possibilities are system restore to before the original error; and/or a deep scan for malware.

Failing all that, a complete system reinstall might be advisable, which is a pain in fundamental anatomical areas.
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My problem I have several ext hard drives of different sizes TB - independently powered GB and the same problem occurs with external to display fails computer HDDs My all of them When I start up my laptop the drives will appear in My Computer I am able to Explore them everything works perfectly However when any of them become disconnected be it accidentally or through Safely Remove Hardware they will not be displayed in My Computer upon reconnection The sound will play confirming that the computer has recognised that a device has been connected but I am not able to use the drive s because Windows Explorer does not show they are there I then went to Computer gt Manage gt Disk Management None of the devices are listed I also looked in Device Manager gt Disk Drives and all the drives connected to the computer are listed I was not sure whether this was a quot partition problem quot put in brackets because I don t know what partitions are because the devices DO work initially when I start up It is only when I reconnect that the problem occurs It would not be too much hassle to reboot every time this happens but one of the hard drives has a temperamental cable and gets accidentally disconnected quite frequently Additional notes - All drives work perfectly on other computers both upon start-up and reconnection - The makes of the drives are WD and Toshiba If there is any other information that I should provide please ask Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks nbsp

A:My computer fails to display external HDDs

What version of Windows and Service Pack level is installed? Have you applied all Windows Updates? Are you using a desktop or laptop?

Also see if this might help How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers
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Hello, I have this HDD that fails to initialize. Everytime I try to initialize it, it reports "drive not ready". Anyone with tangible info on how I can get through this in order to recover the information on it please?
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I have a VAIO VPC computer with Windows 7 operating system. I was installing the software for my Palm TX Organizer, and when it came to connecting the device to the computer, I received the message that the system was locating the drivers for the device and then informing me that no drivers were available. When I tried to sync the device through the palm program it will not recognize the presence of the device. I uninstalled and downloaded a new version of the program from the Palm website encountering the same situation when I connected the device to the computer.

I have also experienced this same situation with the installation of Tunes Plus to allow for the uploading of my iPod music onto iTunes on the computer, I continually get a device not present message.

Can anybody out there throw some light on this problem?

A:Program fails to recognize devices after installation

Windows doesn't need drivers to detect a Plug and Play device.

So forget about drivers for the moment....

1) You don't say how you connect the device to your compute. I'll guess USB???

2) Then start with the basics: Are you hearing the USB ding/dong sound affect as you should when connect / disconnect a USB device????
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Hi Im not really sure if im posting this is or System-start to load boot-start drivers Nvatabus fails the right place or not Im so sorry if im not Here is a list of my computer specs Operating System Windows XP Professional Service Pack BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Page File MB Nvatabus boot-start or System-start drivers fails to load used MB available DirectX Version DirectX c DxDiag Version bit Unicode My problem is everytime i go to watch any type of video on youtube or other websites like that the video will freeze i will still hear sound then my computer will lock up eventually blue screening i went to my system reports and found that i was having a nvatabus error so i deleted everything to do with my nvidia card and reinstalled fresh still having this same issue I dont know what else to do everything else on my computer thats graphic heavy runs just fine i even play a game called second life in that game we Nvatabus boot-start or System-start drivers fails to load can watch movies streamed thru quicktime and i can watch those just fine I hope theres somebody out there that can help me thank you for reading nbsp
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I have transfered my HDD from a ASUS P4B533 based PC to a ASUS P4P800-VM based PC, each with a different VGA card.
Now, when I try to boot Windows XP, it fails to boot, and restarts itself. There are no Minidump files in C:/WINDOWS/Minidump. If I boot in the "Safe Mode With Command Prompt" mode, it crashes when loading the "agp440.sys" driver.

Any suggestions of how to resolve this without reinstalling Windows?(The "Repair" option dosen't appear in the Windows XP installation disc)

(BTW: How do you overclock the ASUS P4P800-VM? I cannot find the settings for the FSB, only for the RAM, which is now set to 400, the highest option. Do I need to update the BIOS? It is Rev 1004, and the latest is 1018.)

A:Windows Fails to Boot After Swapping HDD

You are not going to be able to swap hard drives with Windows already installed from different computers. Format the hard drive and install Windows fresh
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COMPAQ iPack PC 700, Intel Celeron 699mhz CPU, 512 mb RAM, 9gb Maxtor HD, 6 USB sockets & CD drive.

This old Qompack upride PC suddenly will not boot

Recycled the HD cables (winXP)

Changed the HD & its cable

Removed the Bios battery (there are no link to remove & replace for this)

Checked whatever seams relevant in Bios

On bootup goes to a flashing small line on screen top left.


A:Compaq iPack PC 700 fails to boot


managed to start it with another 10 GB HD, & works fine even on the net.

But the 40gb HD (which works fine on my other PC) it tries but just can make it.

Tryed to boot on XP CD, went to choices screen & clicked "R" it proceeded but ended up to black screen with text ending "Type Exit to reboot for restore........." but there is no line to type to & hungs there.

I found this " Storage Hard Drive Smart II Ultra ATA 100 ? 20 GB" in these Compaq Specs, although it is for the 800.

Could it be that it only uses 20gb HDs or less & my 40gb is not accepted?

thanx ......nick
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On power and these drive doesn?t even initialize. I had these two harddrives in raid 0, worked fine. I moved bays with them booted worked plugged to more in and they both did not work. Put in a new raid card nothing, changed cables tested with the two that worked. Mounted both in a docking station widows reads them but get a triangle with a red ?!? in storage manager. Any one has any ideas, how to update firm ware or rest these drives?
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Hi guys I am having trouble with my laptop which connects fine while it is using a wireless connection but when I use an Ethernet cable it shows quot limited connectivity quot So I figured it might be a bad network adapter and purchased an USB Ethernet cable and the same problem occurs The curious thing about this is my sister s laptop has the same predicament She noted it started around the beginning of fails using Connects connection ethernet while wireless but May I am thinking it might be some windows update or something else I have tried resetting modem router these are both connected to a desktop which is Connects while using wireless but ethernet connection fails functioning at norm uninstalling drivers trying new cables but all to no avail Please help We are both using Vista OS with all the latest updates installed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Sora gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Sora-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Marvell Yukon E PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller Physical Address -E -B -C -A -FB DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe b e a e a Preferred Autoconfiguration IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - D-D - C-B - -E -B -C -A -FB DNS Servers fec ffff fec ffff fec ffff lt lt ---Is this normal NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Realtek RTL Wireless b g Mbps USB Network Adapter Physical Address -C -A -DE- B- DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe cc a e caa bc Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Saturday September PM Lease Expires Saturday September PM Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - D-D - C-B - -E -B -C -A -FB DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description isatap B CAF - - C - FB - D D B BF br EA Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - E- DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please look at the attached images if they are of any help to the concerning problem I tried manually updating the Local Area Connection s addresses but they were of no help nbsp

A:Connects while using wireless but ethernet connection fails

Your on Vista

On Vista; disable IPv6; No one needs it!
There are fine grained controls if you want, but to disable IPv6 without yanking out support overall, globally, you can set:


Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Marvell Yukon 88E8038 PCI-E Fast Ethernet

DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::3450:b6e5:a5e7:654a%19(Preferred)
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 318824632
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01-00-01-0D-D1-1C-B9-00-E0-B8-C5-A1-FB

DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . : fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1
fec0:0:0:ffff::3%1 <<---s this normal? [typical but useless]
NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : EnabledClick to expand...

The Gateway is empty and the IPv6 Client is useless.
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Hello my name is Alex I have followed the no post guide on this forum but Sometimes to fine sometimes fails POST, works have not solved my problem specially since I get unconsistent results My year old Dell inspiron Sometimes fails to POST, sometimes works fine e out of warranty CORE DUO T quot WXGA X RAM MB X MH GB SERIAL ATA CELL W HR LI-ION ATI MOBILITY RADEON X WINDOWS MEDIA CENTER XP SP About a month ago it started to fail Sometimes fails to POST, sometimes works fine to POST after several attempts it would finally boot If I restart it works fine only on Cold boots will it fail to POST and after several attempts or just leaving the fans running for minutes and booting again it will work When i works i have run full dell BIOS diagnostics and everything is fine By pressing mute and power i get LED feedback on the POST failure support dell com support topics global aspx support dsn en document c us amp cs amp dl false amp l en amp s dhs amp docid DBECF CFEDA CB E D A amp doclang en I normally get a still flash flash code which means Description Turning Sometimes fails to POST, sometimes works fine on the LCD panel after video configuration Actions Reseating the LCD cable Replacing the LCD panel Replacing the video card I have followed the no POST guide on this site Dispersing internal Voltage resetting the CMOS by extracting the coin battery for a minute Switching around the RAM Opening up the laptop and securing the lcd to video card plug All of these produced irregular results sometimes it works others it doesn t Sometimes while pressing mute and power the computer boots into bios diagnostics mode showing a flash flash still LED code witch means Description The video card is preventing the system from completing POST Action Replacing the video card Replacing the system board but it boot without problems into the diagnostics test passes all test and then boots normally into windows Any help will be greatly appreciated It is not currently a fatal problem since it always boots after minutes running without booting But i don t want my motherboard dying suddenly or if it is a connection in the LCD i would like confirmation before pulling it all apart to check loose cables I have taken apart computers but am certainly not an expert Thank you Alex nbsp

A:Sometimes fails to POST, sometimes works fine

Replace the Dell power supply
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A couple of days ago I Start Fails Sound) to PC (Ticking woke up to find that my PC Fails to Start (Ticking Sound) computer wouldn t turn on The front light flickered and there was an odd ticking noise coming from inside I decided to the RAM and video card The ticking persisted and I have no idea what s wrong with it A few days before this happened when I pressed the power button everything started up but there was no attempt to POST It just turned off again I had to turn it on several times before it would POST then it would turn on perfectly fine Jumpstarting succeeded so I m not sure if it the PSU the Motherboard or maybe another part None of the fans turn During my first attempts to diagnose the fans would start quot twitching quot It would turn just slightly seconds or less or very slowly Now none of them turn On the motherboard there s a green light that turns on and a right light that blinks much smaller right beside it I ve also tried removing and reinstalling the battery Any help would be great I m not too tech savy so I might need a little expaining Thanks nbsp

A:PC Fails to Start (Ticking Sound)

That hard drive has reached the end of its useful product life as the bearings failed or the magnetic material began to peal off the plates and ticked against the side of the hard drive case... must be a...
What is the brand and model. Are you up to opening the case to see the brand and model of the hard drive?
All hard drives have bearings to keep them turning smooth and cool... But if there is a bad bearing, it can result in a ticking sound as the drive spins... Also can be the little arm that moves back and forth seeking with the reading device on the end...... as the control arm fails.
Sometimes the magnetic media on the outer edges of one or more plates can bubble up from age, metal defects, and centrifical force and bump against other plates or spin off in strings of metalic compoung that strike the edge of the hard drive case...

Actually, any noise from the hard drive nowadays is an indication of failure... they are designed to run quietly no mater what.
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Hi everyone, my mates PC wont boot up once selecting safe mode, or any of the options like boot from last known good configuration and so on.

She wants some of the files on that hard drive, so my question is am i able to grab the hard drive out of her PC, chuck it into my PC at home and try to access the drive through my PC ? and then reformat her drive?

A:Hard drive fails


yes you can do that however you may need to take ownership of the drive, see this thread.
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Hello i am new to this forum so please excuse my ignorance I bought a Microsoft Lifecam VX- quite a while ago So after Installing the product successfully I get a message to connect the webcam The little bubble pops up in the bottom right hand corner and what comes up is the following message Found New VX-3000 Problems Microsoft Lifecam Hardware A problem occured during hardware installation Your new hardware might not work properly So after I got that message I did the next logical step Uninstall and Reinstall After going through everything I still get the error message Next I check and see if Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 Problems there is new software on the Microsoft website for this product Luckily for me there was So I go ahead and download and install it LifeCam exe but unfortunatley it still doesnt work So i go into Control Panel to add new hardware but that comes up with the error message Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code I also took it to a relatives house to try it on there computer and to my horror it worked perfectly So it must be something to do with my computer Any useful help is appreciated nbsp

A:Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 Problems

If no one can help me with my problem, can anyone point me in the right direction on where I can resolve it. (Other than Microsoft Customer Support that is, that's definitely a last resort).
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I have a seagate gb sata my problem is sometimes the system does not detect the disk sometimes even if it gets detected and when tested with seatool for dos sometimes all tests get successful some times the same drive fails on short dst Disk self test and when run seatool(dos):short sata long with fails, Seagate tested hangs 80gb dst dst with Seagate 80gb sata tested with seatool(dos):short dst fails, long dst hangs long DST after or percent completion all disk activity stops and the system hangs nothing happens without restart Some times the disk goes to pio mode uninstalling the ide controller driver fixes the problem Sometimes i need to change the sata controller port to run properly but problem also occur with the changed port the disk was in warranty and i got a new replacement drive but the same problem started occuring with the new drive also i suspect the sata controler ie mobo as well as hdd i am equipped with a digital multimeter and a spare system How can i detect the problem the detection is problamatic becoz the faultyu behaviour is nondeterministic Please help me out of this problem nbsp

A:Seagate 80gb sata tested with seatool(dos):short dst fails, long dst hangs

The seagate drive is bad (fails and hangs using Seatools diagnostic). It should be under warranty. Go to the Seagate support site and fill out a warranty request. Follow instructions
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I have a PC with windows XP home and a sagem 330 usb broadband modem. The internet was fine until one day I waited as the arrow went from red to yellow to green as usual, clicked connect and it eventually timed out. I unplugged the modem but it crashed to restart. This happened again when I restarted the computer-I disabled antivirus and firewall to check but to no avail.

I have bought a wireless ethernet modem to replace the usb one as it is more reliable supposedly but I would still like to sort this problem!

Any ideas?

A:Suddenly internet connection fails - modem unplug crashes PC

"I have bought a wireless ethernet modem to replace the usb one as it is more reliable supposedly but I would still like to sort this problem!"...

Have you tried using/installing this modem?
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Hi there all Put the finishing touches to my new PC plugged it in turned on the power and the fans spun up and thats all she wrote Further investigation showed that the mother board ASUS P N-E SLI was getting power as the green led was lit My new case hasn t got a speaker so wouldn t hear any beeps but fails PC boot to New doubt I would anyway I am tempted to consider after trolling the net trying to find out what it could be that it might be a RAM issue The mother board manual says the four RAM slots can hold from MB up to GB modules Then the helpful ASUS perople list a whole lot of New PC fails to boot potential modules giving Manufacturers and part numbers but only up to Gig What the So I bought a single Kingston GB DDR module and put that in I am now wondering if it actually needs a matching module in the matching slot blue slots and black slots to help there Not being an expert I m hoping that New PC fails to boot the single module can t handle a single channel configeration Over to you tech fiends stickout nbsp

A:New PC fails to boot

The PCI-EX Blue slot is for single cards.

The Ram could be defective - that's the risk when ordering just 1.

You did use backboard standoffs?
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Hi My eMachine froze today on the screen saver tried to Alt Ctrl Del to restart but nothing would happen I ended up hard crashing the computer by unplugging it waited about a minute then plugged it back in Tried to start it back up but the monitor just remains blank Not only that the power button on the EMachine up T3612 froze, boot fails now to front of the tower usually lights up when you turn it on it does not anymore The computer itself sounds like it s turning on IE fans run the MoBo light comes on etc The one thing is that the fans continue to run at now Basically the only time the fans would run that much is when it was loading a program or doing something they would quiet down once it would be stationary Now they just run that loud indefinitely As I said EMachine T3612 froze, now fails to boot up though the monitor just stays blank nothing comes across it at all neither does the light on the front of the tower I m really not sure what I did to the comp so any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:EMachine T3612 froze, now fails to boot up

I think "the light on the front of the tower" is referring to the HardDrive access light (not the power led) Although I could be wrong

Anyway try this:

Remove all power (power cord out basically)
Hold in the ON button for 30 secs (dispersing all internal power)
Put the power cord back in
Turn on (I ope)
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I built my brother a pretty decent machine Altogether here are the specs Monitor Acer AL WABD quot Widescreen LCD Monitor - ms WXGA x DVI VGA Black CPU AMD Athlon X Processor ADO DOBOX - GHz MB Cache MHz MT s FSB Brisbane Dual-Core Retail Socket AM Processor with Fan RAM Corsair TWINX MB PC DDR MHz E P P HDD Seagate GB Serial ATA w NCQ MB SATA- G Mobo Asus M N-SLI nForce Socket AM Motherboard GPU EVGA GeForce GTS MB PCIe w Dual DVI CD DVD Drive Lite-ON X DVDRW SATA LH- A S- Super-Multi Int Case Xion Solaris Black Green Clear Side Case W PSU I m using the PSU that came with the case and it s V is A The problem is when I boot the PC the monitor won t boot with it I ve converted it to another monitor as well I ve tried using the DVI on the Acer Monitor but it says that it requires DVI-D and the supports DVI-I So trying that didn t work I tried the VGA adapter on the Acer monitor because it also has a VGA cable That didn t work either When I switched it over to another monitor That I know works it did the same thing with a VGA gt DVI converter Monitor goes to sleep immediately after recognizing that the cable is no longer disconnected It states Cable Not Connected and when I plug it in that goes away and it goes to sleep mode Any help Thanks nbsp

A:Monitor Fails to Boot

Actually, your PC isn't working. I suspect the monitor is fine.

Does the motherboard have a speaker connected or on it?
Do you get any beeps on startup? If you take the RAM out do you get continuous long beeps? If you leave the RAM in but take the graphics card out do you get 1 long and 2 short beeps?

Have you got the four pin processor connector connected?
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Hi everyone I m sorry in advance for this long story but I hope that this in exchange will help you understand my problem more My computer won t turn on I believe it first started off with one day when i was in a hurry to leave my house on to Computer turn fails I had my computer shutting down when i accidentally flipped the surge protector switch off too soon When i got back and attempted to turn it on it would just turn on but have a black screen no bios screen started and no post I ended up taking out the ram modules and switching them around Eventually it came back to life I thought the problem was solved The only problem I had now was random restarts Upon logging back in to windows XP Computer fails to turn on a error message saying quot windows has recovered from a serious error quot was displayed I didn t think it was too much of a problem so I ignored it The computer then turns off completely at random times Upon restart it would try to boot windows again in the process it would shut down once again The next turn on will leave me stuck at the bios screen where it says american megatrends Delete key to go into BIOS won t work Resetting CMOS with the Computer fails to turn on jumper fixes the problem I also changed the power supply to a W the voltage Computer fails to turn on is set to I had also thought one of my two RAM modules were bad so i took it out and kept one in My hard drive works fine on an alternate computer It worked for a while for a day Then it started the random turn offs again I cleaned out the dust and checked all the connections But now when i press the power button the power supply and cpu fan turns just for a split second the front power light and HDD light turn on for a split second as well I even tried unplugging all hard drives dvd drives and floppy The green LED on my motherboard is on always when the surge protector is on Sorry once again for the long explanation Thank you very much for your time Sincerely Paul My hardware list is below Motherboard- Asus a n sli deluxe Processor- AMD x came with amd s heat sink ram- gb module pqi brand TURBO memory gb module Corsair both of these are mhz DDR Graphics card-EVGA geforce GT mb power supply- ULTRA w was originally ULTRA watt before replacement Hard drive-Serial ata gb seagate nbsp

A:Computer fails to turn on

If you have changed the power supply since the incident then it sounds to me like you have damaged the motherboard - if you have removed all unesacery components (ram, hard drive, cd rom etc) and it still will not show any output to screen, then this is most probably the case.

If the power supply was changed before the incident then i would try another power supply.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop that fails to display. The processor fan spins. The processor gets hot but it can't boot nor dispays even when an external monitor is connected to it

I need help on how to get it back on please.

A:Dell Inspiron 5100 fails to display

Try using an external monitor. You may have to enable the external monitor port using keys on the keyboard. If the external monitor works, your laptops LCD backlight is probably burned out
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I have what I assume is a major issue with my graphics card failing while playing FSX. All of a sudden, the screen turns OFF stating no input signal...I am assuming this is because the graphics card has turned itself off...

There is nothing in the event log to say this has happened and of course I can't see what is going on with the screen because turning it on again only relays the "no input signal" message.

From the jet sound effects, it sounded like the plane itself failed too or I somehow managed to turn the engines off. I had to reboot twice but there is no indication that the game crashed too...

Is it normal for a faulting graphics card to simply shut down? Or is it a power issue?

Rebooting was fine, the card works again...

A:Gigabyte 8800GT (HP) fails playing FSX...?

Hum, it seems this card comes pre-overclocked.

I ran Rivatune on it and the memory was running at 920 mhz. I turned this down to 850mhz and the crash (which happened regular as clockwork on a particular approach), just doesn't happen anymore.

Hope that was it, although annoying that the cards default settings make it unstable...not good for a casual computer user...
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No changes made to pc recently. Simply restarted and now windows xp does not load. Goes through entire bios, once it is about to display the windows welcome screen it restarts.

Installed new memory to no avail. Do I need to replace the motherboard?

PC is about 4 years old.


A:Goes through BIOS but windows fails to load

If it POSTs ok (Power On Self Test) it usually means the motherboard is ok, but the system software is not.

Using your Xp (?) CD, you could perform a Repair (you will need your Windows key for this)
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When I power up my computer the secondary cd drive will open, howver once the system reaches windows it suddenly dies! I have tried the IDE and power connectors and both are fine. The jumpers are in the right configuration and the cd drive is not shown on the my computer pane. The primary one is but the seondary one is not.

Any suggestions?


A:LG 52xX cd-rom fails to work

Yes, I have a suggestion... Replace the CD ROM
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I have a DVD duplicator and it has worked fine up until recently. I've tried to copy a couple of DVD's recently and the process appears to be working. However, the process fails before the copy can be finalized usually at 90% or somewhere in the middle enough to ruin the blank DVD, and the message I get is Source disk read error. I referenced the troubleshooting portion of the mannual and that message is supposed to indicate the DVD ROM portion of the unit is defective. Basically I'm just trying to varify this.

Also, I checked and the DVD I'm trying to duplicate is not copy protected.

Thank you,

A:DVD Duplicator Fails just before...

Try a different brand of blanks.
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I have an IBM thinkpad R32 laptop that fails to display. The processor fan spins. The processor gets hot. There is an indicator light on the " Z " symbol on the surface of the screen cover.

I need help on how to get it back on please.

A:IBM thinkpad R32 fails to display

Try attaching an external monitor and see if you get video
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Hi everybody I m using a Iiyama quot widescreen lcd monitor with monitor identify to fails Videocard that untill recently was working perfectly I was cleaning it off and moved the monitor in the process Then later after booting up the PC Videocard fails to identify with monitor I noticed the resolution had switched to a non-widescreen resolution I also noticed that my monitor wasn t bieng identified by modeltype anymore but instead simply said quot analog Videocard fails to identify with monitor monitor quot The monitor also gives a black image for a short period when I try to change any of the settings in windows didn t do that before I noticed that powercable in the back of the monitor had come loose I reinserted it properly but the monitor still is bieng called quot analog monitor quot This is annoying because now I cannot select the native resolution of x so I allways have a skewed image Not interesting when you need to do graphics work I m using Windows XP Home graphics card is a GF XT and I m using a VGA connector Anyone have any idea what the problem might be nbsp

A:Videocard fails to identify with monitor


Have you tried removing the monitor under device manager and letting windows redetect it ?

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I have a motherboard from Intel D915gvwb with the intel 915 express family chipset.
When new I had bios WB91X10J.388 then shortly afterwards I upgraded to the now persistant WB91X10J.0400.2004.0922.0935 which I now seem unable to upgrade any further.

I have used all methods from express, Iflash and recovery. Have tried all versions from 388 to 1307 and 1319.
removed the bios jumper and remover the battery but still I cannot change the Bios.

Is it me!! or can anyne help I am stuck.

There is only one clue I can give in that when using the Iflash method the screen gives a message that it cannot access and update the CMOS it does seem to be locked in.

I also cannot find the Bios version 0400 to see what that did exactly.

Any help appreciated.

A:Bios update fails all ways

As you probably know, the next version listed after 0388 is 0735 and under its Release Notes it states:

"Known Errata:
? When using IFlash to update from version WB0665 or earlier to version WB0690 or greater, you must use the ?/rb? command line switch to successfully update the FIOS. The ?/rb? command forces system restart during flash update process."

I'm not familiar with IFlash so I'm not sure what it means but there it is. I hope it helps.
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Please take the time and read below computer experts Well this started when I was playing cs in my room From time to time my moniter would cut of and I would have to wiggle the blue cord to get it back on After A while the moniter didnt cut on I thought i could replace the display adapter easy or install a new graphics card Computer Boot Fails To but I couldnt They said I would need to replace the whole motherboard Well I had money at the time Computer Fails To Boot and I wanted to upgrade my computer to plsy Countet Strike Source So I bought the new video card Some workers said that i would reconize it and i wouldnt have to replce the moher board but others said did need to replace it So it didnt reconize it so I got a new mother board Same exact one but I still have this problem I boot up my computer and the screen light id on but it stays blank My dad was saying maybe I zapped te motherboard which imsure i Computer Fails To Boot didnt because the mouse was working when i plugged it in So anyways I had money add te time I wanted to go on and upgrade my computer I bought s W power suply and a nvidia geforce Now as time passed i hin i figured out the problem My processor wasnt working I did not here any type of beep in the beginning of the boot So I try aking the processor out another computer and see what hapins I guess I was right tha exact computer was doing the same thing So now Im try to get another mb ram stick and a better processor for my computer By the way I have an hp pavillion a x http h www hp com ewfrf wc product product amp lc en amp cc us amp dlc en amp lang en amp cc us And I would like to know if their is anyone out their who could help fix this problem And help me upgrade my computer My motherboard ms- Motherboard specifications table Part Feature Specification Motherboard description Manufacturer s name - MS- HP Compaq name - Crossfire Motherboard supplier MSI System BIOS supplier MSI AWARD Form factor uATX Processor brand AMD Processor socket type Socket A PGA Processor family Athlon AthlonXP Duron Processor FSB frequency Advanced MHa z Chipset name KM Chipset quot North Bridge quot KM Chipset quot South Bridge quot Super I O and revision Winbond rev W HF Flash BIOS device Xbus Mb Memory type DDR Memory speed PC PC Memory sockets Two DDR DIMMs -pin Maximum memory GB Graphics supplier VIA-S Graphics configuration Up Down Onboard graphics memory UMA MB Graphics connector AGP X TV-out device No TV-out configuration No Audio AC Down AC CODEC device Realtek ALC Audio jacks Microphone Line-in Line-Out MIDI Game External audio connectors No Ethernet LAN supplier VIA VT Ethernet configuration Integrated Down IDE UDMA modes ATA- Expansion slots AGP Three PCI USB ports Six USB USB Front Back options Two front Four back External ports One serial One parallel One floppy One PS keyboard One PS mouse Serial port front chassis option No Available manufacturer options Graphics down Lan down Audio down Sound down I would also like to know if this ram stick is compatible to my motherboar computer Clicky nbsp

A:Computer Fails To Boot

Just guessing here, because of limited information, but you changed the motherboard while keeping the hard drive as installed with HP software?
If so, Windows has determined that you have made a major change, and no longer have the eeprom that has the HP Pavilion Tattoo for that model.
So it won't boot due to not having an official HP motherboard. Don't blame HP, this is a Microsoft issue.
Microsoft's official position is that the operating system dies with the motherboard.
Windows is designed to detect any changes to hardware configuration, then will usually refuse to start.

Other causes:
Bad memory, bad hard drive, bad video graphics port, bad power supply will all cause these signs and symptom.s
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Hi, I installed Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix Gold Edition to my PC, currently running Windows Vista Home Premium. :approve:

It installed just fine, but then when I run the multiplayer, I get this error:

What do i do?

A:OpenGL Initialization Failure??

You need to download the latest drivers for VISTA from the video card website... or if you already have, go back to an earlier version. There have been a lot of mismatches for users switching to VISTA.
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I am using nero while copying a dvd movie caching of image is fine but the burn on to a double layer dvd fails even at a speed of x Kinldy help The following is the log file The end of the log file is only reproduced due to constraint of its size Image file name lt I NeroVision TempImage nrg gt PM Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Disc-At-Once using DVD media PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Last possible write address on media MB Last address to process Nero burn dvd fails be written MB PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Write in overburning Nero dvd burn process fails mode NO enabled CD PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder SONY DVD RW DRU- A Media type DVD R Double Layer PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt Insert empty disc to write to Medium in drive Unknown Medium required by compilation DVD R RW DVD R DL PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM DATA MODE - DVD-ROM indices index not provided original disc pos not relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required not required no patch infos - gt TRM DATA MODE config wanted index blocks length blocks H SONY DVD RW DRU- A -------------------------------------------------------------- PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Prepare recorder H SONY DVD RW DRU- A for write in CUE-sheet-DAO DAO infos MCN quot quot TOCType x Session Closed disc fixated Tracks to TRM DATA MODE x FilePos ISRC quot quot DAO layout Start Track Idx CtrlAdr RecDep lead-in x x x x x x lead-out x x PM Text File SCSIPassThrough cpp Line SPTILockVolume - completed successfully for FCTL LOCK VOLUME PM Text File SCSIPassThrough cpp Line SPTIDismountVolume - completed successfully for FSCTL DISMOUNT VOLUME PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Burn process started at x KB s PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Verifying disc position of item not relocatable no disc pos no patch infos orig at write at PM SPTI - File SCSIPassThrough cpp Line H CdRom SCSIStatus x WinError NeroError - Sense Key x KEY ILLEGAL REQUEST Sense Code x Sense Qual x CDB Data xAD Sense Area x Buffer x f Len x PM Text File DVDPlusDualLayer cpp Line L Data Zone Capacity set to FD h MB - gt OK confirmed setting PM CDR - File DVDPlusDualLayer cpp Line Burning Layer PM Text File DVDPlusDualLayer cpp Line Start writing layer at address h Recording mode unknown Recording Mode PM SPTI - File SCSIPassThrough cpp Line H CdRom SCSIStatus x WinError NeroError - Sense Key x KEY ILLEGAL REQUEST Sense Code x Sense Qual x CDB Data xAD Sense Area x Buffer x f Len x PM Text File DVDR cpp Line Drive SONY DVD RW DRU- A Book Type request gen DVD-ROM write to EEPROM Changing the Book Type was finished successfully return code PM CDR - File DVDR cpp Line Book Type automatically set to DVD-ROM PM Text File DVDPlusRW cpp Line Start write address at LBA DVD high compatibility mode Yes PM SPTI - File SCSIPassThrough cpp Line H CdRom SCSIStatus x WinError NeroError - Sense Key x KEY MEDIUM ERROR Sense Code x C Sense Qual x CDB Data x A A Sense Area x C Buffer x Len x x BA BC D AD C F x BD EC F A B x E A EC E CD A C F F PM CDR - File Writer cpp Line Write error H SONY DVD RW DRU- A PM Text File ThreadedTransfer cpp Line all writers idle stopping conversion PM Text File ThreadedTransfer cpp Line conversion idle stopping reader PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Generating DVD high compatibility borders PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Generating DVD borders completed successfully PM Text File DVDR cpp Line Drive SONY DVD RW DRU- A Book Type request gen DVD-ROM write to EEPROM Changing the Book Type was finished successfully return code PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Burn process failed at x KB s Existing drivers Registry Keys HKLM Software Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion WinLogon AllocateCDROMs Security Option COLOR nbsp

A:Nero dvd burn process fails

Most likely it is the media you are using. Try a different brand of DVD. I had the same problem with a new Lite-On DVD burner.
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Hi there I m new here Recently my system had been making sounds that were new to me like intermittent beeping which install beginning, fails help at Pro fresh XP the right please would go away if I turned the CPU fan speed up A few days ago I turned XP Pro fresh install fails right at the beginning, please help my pc on and when XP Pro loaded the desktop XP Pro fresh install fails right at the beginning, please help it completely froze after about - seconds no mouse response or anything I decided to reinstall XP I set my CD ROM to boot first so I could run the install from the XP CD was able to format my hard drive and select the partition on which I wanted to install XP I get to the part after you press F to agree to the EULA license and then it says quot copying files quot but it always freezes here Sometimes it get s to but always freezes I m pretty sure the CDROM isn t to blame I have tried it with two different ones The XP install disc isn t scratched at all I ve changed the cables running from the drives to the motherboard and checked the RAM chips are seated properly The problem still persists can anyone help me out here I m really frustrated trying to decipher what is wrong with the system I even bought a new HD but that wasn t the problem either Thanks for your help in advance Isla nbsp

A:XP Pro fresh install fails right at the beginning, please help

check out the beep codes :

go to this link and get 'everest home' then check temps etc then you can fill in your specs too for someone to check them out: :wave:
by the way welcome to techspot
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Power supply of my DELL Precision M60 (same MB as D800 and Inspiron 8600) does not work. The laptop does only start with battery and batttery will not be charged.
Does anyone know, which ICs are responsible for power mangement and which are most likely to be replaced?


A:DELL D800 M60 8600 power supply fails

replace the charger.
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Have Tyan Tempest i5000XL, 2x Xeon 5355Quads,4GB Corsair Reg PC667FB-DIMM, Evga 8800GTX graphics, Adaptec4800SAS with 2x Seagate cheetah in Raid.
Running Check it CPU test passed, motherboard test passed except cache test which failed, when running memory test rig locks up. Have run PCMark05, will not do overall score as internet browsing test initialization fails, HDD test [ 9148] and graphics test [ 10959] are good, CPU test [8493] and memory test [ 4354] are low. So is there a connection to the failed cache test? I had overheated the cpu's on build and the rig shut down, could there be a cpu or motherboard issue?
Thanks for your thoughts
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While trying to do a full format and reinstall of windows something I try to do once every months or so I ran into a pretty serious glitch the windows setup screen loads up giving me various options to format install etc strangely when I first tried it it told me that the drive was unformatted or damaged so I formatted before installing initial files the setup then restarts in order to continue however once restarted it goes straight back to the initial setup screen where I can reformat or overwrite existing windows installation every now and again it still claimed that the drive was damaged and needed to be formatted I wondered if this was fails install to Windows the drive sata so I tried installing on my backup drive still no luck I also wondered if there was a problem with my Windows fails to install windows disk so tried Windows fails to install installing a version of linux which hung pretty early in the process I have a few more ideas to test when I get a chance hopefully tonight such as making backup master and removing sata before installing and Windows fails to install replacing dvd drive with old standby However I did want to check with you guys opinions regarding faulty ram cache which I dont really know how to check other than replacing with spares which I dont have Thanks Sillyfishyboy nbsp

A:Windows fails to install

Try doing a "zero fill" write on the drive, then format it in DOS by booting your system from a Windows 98SE boot floppy or from the disk management utility in Windows XP. You can get the low-level format/zero fill utility from the drive manufacturer's website
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I've recently installed sound forge 8.0 which is fantastic, however, whenever I open a Acid 5.0 I get: Media Manager initialization failed.

Is this important? How do I fix?

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I just built a new system with a MSI K8M800 MOBO
Installed Win 98
Everything is fine until I load the Video Drivers from the MSI CD.
On reboot, the Win 98 splash screen pops up then goes black?
Am I missing something in the bios setup?
MOBO is good, had it running WIndows XP before.
Tried resetting all the bios to factory defaults...No Help

Any got any ideas?


A:Boot Fails MSI Motherboard with Win 98

Perhaps the video drivers you installed are for XP and not 98. Are there different ones to select from?

Can you boot in safe mode? You can try to download a more recent driver from the MSI site (if we are talking about onboard graphics).
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Went to plug in a USB Jump Drive and it shutdown, thought i knocked the power cord out and didn't start up. I noticed that when I hit the switch on the back of the PSU it made a weird noise and it smells as if it fried. So I bought a new PSU and it still doesn't work. I've tried
(1)Stripping all the cards and trying just the Cord
(2)Resetting CMOS
(3)Cleaning some dust etc..
(4)Checked CPU for any irregularities

It won't start anything, No fans, drives etc.. I'm thinking the old PSU fried the Mobo:/ Any tips before I go spend another $100's on a Mobo?
-AsRock K8Upgrade-VM800 Mobo(754 Pin)
-512MB Cosair
-AMD Seperon (Not sure of speed)
-ATI Radeon 7500

A:Computer fails to start

doesn't sound good my friend..... you just have to keep troubleshooting by swapping out parts. Strip to the bare minimum on a piece of cardboard and try to boot from there.
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I travel quite a bit and often run into unsecured hotspots where the connetion will occur up to the ipconfig step, but that step will fail. Doesn't happen all the time, but does happen enough to be inconvenient. Any ideas?


A:ipconfig fails at certain hotspots

hum; the usual process is via View Network Connection->WiFi adaptor->
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I having problems with my rig, when turn my rig on, most of the time the fans come on and the HDD spins up, the it hangs doesnt even get to POST, but after a random number of restarts it boots and then it runs nearly fine the LED at the back Flash in sequence as it boots and the code it flashes when it hangs is Early Chipset Initialization

The other problem I am having is that my BIOS is picking up that i have RAM Dual channel, but XP is picking up only 1023.4MB of it, but sometimes it finds it all

The spec of my PC are:
MSI K9N SLI Platinum
Athlon AM2 3800+
XFX Geforce 7600GT XXX, in SLI
Western digital 250GB HDD
430w Coolermaster eXtreme Power

All my Drivers are up to date and my BIOS is as well

Thanks for any help in identifing the cause in advance

A:Early chiset Initialization

Update, I have sovled the chipset problem, now just having RAM problems, run memtest86, clear, run the rig with 1 stick in fine, put the other in failed to boot till random number of restarts, plus the rig has found new hardware, not put anything new in since 9 months when I bulit it, the hardware is "other PCI bridge device" ??? dont have a clue what it is
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I recently have a problem accessing the Properties sheet for a HDD in both Computer Management (CM) > Disk Management (DM) and My Computer. In either, when I right click the HDD and click Properties, the system hangs. This only happens on one HDD, the other 2 HDs open Properties fine, so it is only 1 that causes the problem. In DM the HDD shows Online, Basic, Healthy, NTFS, 1 partition -- all correct. The HDD is used to store Backup Images each night, and it does that correctly.

What could cause this problem with one HDD and not the others??

And what can be done to correct this problem??


A:HDD access to Properties sheet fails. Why??

Download and run hard drive diagnostic software, and check this drive for proper operation. It is possible the the drive will fail some SMART tests
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Alright these blue screens keep happening only when my wireless internet connection is active adapter and modem from D-Link Since that connection is relatively new about month I suspect that there is a hardware conflict or something Here is the dmp file I don t understand how to proceeed though Microsoft R Windows Debugger Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved Loading Dump File C WINNT Minidump Mini - dmp Mini Kernel Dump File Only registers and stack trace are available Symbol search path is Invalid dump connection memory wireless fails when ?? physical Symbol loading may be unreliable without a symbol search path Use symfix to have the debugger choose a symbol path After setting your symbol path use reload to refresh symbol locations Executable search path is Symbols can not be loaded because physical memory dump when wireless connection fails ?? symbol path is not initialized The Symbol physical memory dump when wireless connection fails ?? Path can be set by using the NT SYMBOL PATH environment variable using the -y lt symbol path gt argument when starting the debugger using sympath and sympath Unable to load physical memory dump when wireless connection fails ?? image ntoskrnl exe Win error WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl exe ERROR Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntoskrnl exe Windows Kernel Version Service Pack UP Free x compatible Kernel base x PsLoadedModuleList x Debug session time Wed Dec GMT System Uptime not available Symbols can not be loaded because symbol path is not initialized The Symbol Path can be set by using the NT SYMBOL PATH environment variable using the -y lt symbol path gt argument when starting the debugger using sympath and sympath Bugcheck Analysis Bugcheck code E Arguments eb f ea b e b e ChildEBP RetAddr Args to Child WARNING Stack unwind information not available Following frames may be wrong eb fd c eb f ea b e nt x c f WaitForEvent failed Can soemone point me in the right direction Thx nbsp

A:physical memory dump when wireless connection fails ??

Update the wireless drivers?
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Hi, i just built a new computer for my freind, and after about 15-25 seconds from startup, it shuts down.

Their was a cable that looked like it should plug into the leds that had 2 wires and then a round black object at the end of it. I was unfamilair with this and didnt see it listed in the mobo manual, so i didint plug it in..could this be the problem?

specs- sapphire x1800xt
Dfi infinity 975x mobo
conroe e6300
1 gig g-skill ddr2 ram
seagate 160 gig 7200 rps HD
Rosewill 500W psu, 2 12v - 1st 12 v-18A 2nd-16A

Help would be wonderful

A:new computer fails

Nope, the part you talk about sounds like a pizo electric buzzer which is equivalent to the pc speaker.

Plug it in to the pc speaker socket on the mobo (making sure the + and - are correct) and see if you get any beeps.
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I had this window pop up whenever I shut down my computer.

dwwin.exe fails to load because Windows is shuttng down.

Something like that, heh. Now what can I do with this?

A:dwwin.exe fails to load??

As an initial step,go into msconfig/Start up and uncheck everything except the Firewall/AV.

If the error stops,then one of those start up programs is the cause.

If that doesn`t work -

See Norms posts here - HERE

"Had this problem, here is what I did:

Open regedit, go to:

If you have a logitech input device, or a Gravis gamepad input device, you need to
modify the value of the registry key so that the application starts up in *belownormal*
processor priority.

start /belownormal c:\windows\system32\Grxp4exe.exe /init

"start /belownormal" is the addition you will make to the beginning of the line..."

You`ll have to read the thread to find the exact keys you need.
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Hi I have a strange fault that s driving me crazy First thing in the morning when I turn the PC on via the front power button it powers up but I get no display Hitting reset does nothing Holding the power button on and forcing the system to power down then hitting power again gives me the same result - no display If I toggle the power on amp off ok cycling but first after boot power fails PC via the rear switch on the supply itself the system boots ok From this point I cannot get the system to fail again and all runs well until the next morning Then the same PC fails first boot but ok after power cycling thing again The only way I can get the system to boot first thing in the morning is to power up via the front power button turn it off at the power supply i e open cct the mains supply then hit the front power button again The system consists of an Athlon skt Gigabyte k VM M all in one mobo MB Corsair value select DDR Segate GB SATA drive Liteon PC fails first boot but ok after power cycling DVD ROM amp DVDRW Enlight W supply I have changed the supply with an Antec W - still no good I have removed all power PC fails first boot but ok after power cycling amp data cables from all drives leaving just the CPU RAM amp integrated graphics - still no good I swapped the RAM - still no good I changed the Mobo with a new identical model - still no good The only original part left is the CPU Which I have no spare available I have flashed the Bios on both Mobo s to the latest F still the same If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would be most grateful nbsp

A:PC fails first boot but ok after power cycling

you have a faulty switch- replace the switch and/or power supply.
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Specs EPoX boot Computer but fails to fine runs EP- EPA Motherboard Sapphire Radeon X Pro PCI-E x SATA gb Maxtor HD x IDE gb Maxtor HD For the last months or so my computer has been running perfectly except for one problem When it is powered off it doesn t boot again Time Computer runs fine but fails to boot and time again Computer runs fine but fails to boot I reset the CMOS using the jumpers and most times it boots after maybe tries Lately it hasn t been working and no matter what I can t get it to boot anymore The following codes are displayed on the motherboard s LED screen C Detect memory C Early chipset initialization Initial Superio Early Init switch I have tried running with just one memory module and switching channels as well as re-inserting every single component of Computer runs fine but fails to boot the computer I have a feeling it has something to do with the BIOS and more to do with the second two errors Everything seems to be fine besides the fans slowing down to boot and nothing shows up on the monitor Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Computer runs fine but fails to boot

Try flashing the bios and changing the cmos battery.
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One of the hard drives on my raid 5 server has failed. The engineer replaced but now we cant see the shares that was on the original drive.

Anyone know what disk initialization will do? Will it wipe the data underneath the container?


A:Disk Initialization

Cant remember which protection method RAID5 is but, i believe initialization is neccessary to make that new disk part of the recovery method, like if it were part of a Stripe set,volume set etc... so i would say you have to initialize your new Disk make your RAID setup work. (google it)

View more about it in link below
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hi everyone hope somebody can help me with this well i set up this system around this time last year and its been running fine until one fateful night that i can hardly remember i was pretty wasted and had a few friends round all rowdy fighting etc probably knocked my rig and as far as i can remember it shut down fine at the end of the night i came to start it up the next day to be tormented by the asus bint quot system failed 1.1 system dead? memory sli a8n fails deluxe test memory test quot i get no a8n sli deluxe 1.1 dead? system fails memory test signal to the monitor no where near POST and if it means anything the keyboard lights dont light up at any time during power up but all the fans are fine and the dvd drive will open close and the hd also powers up and makes a few noises like its trying to be accessed well i checked all my connections blocks for contact changed the memory between slots tryed one stick tryed my gfx card in the secondary pci-x slot rotated the sodimm sli thingy tryed powering the molex sli plug on the board cant remember what is called cleared the cmos many times seconds- hour with the battery out etc etc so i took all my components minus cpu to a friends and tested them in his rig all fine so basically i think the a8n sli deluxe 1.1 dead? system fails memory test board is dead or my bios chip is corrupt or maybe my cpu has died obviously my warrenty is void because of the watercooling setup so no chance of rma with this board and i want to know if any of you lot know what the problem is before i have to go through the process of removing the a8n sli deluxe 1.1 dead? system fails memory test cpu as its alot of hassle for my only friend with a pcix rig he thinks im going to break his too basically maybe i will monkey so anybody have any ideas before i go and blow another weeks wages on a replacement something stuff dying is always an excuse to upgrade though nbsp

A:a8n sli deluxe 1.1 dead? system fails memory test

sorry forgot to add my system specs, il add them to my profile now, but it was running fine for almost a year.
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Hey fellas Got a strang one here It s an MSI PT Neo V and a P I believe I originally ran the regular memtest and it failed at test every pass Funky 7 fails memtest86+ test on always RAM issue, various places in the ram from the mb spot to Funky RAM issue, always fails memtest86+ on test 7 the mb spot on a mb stick of Kingston Point is I ve tried about different sticks of RAM and it always fails on test in random places with every stick I ve tried Kingston DDR DDR I tried Corsair as well Then I tried different OTHER speeds like PC and Nothing works Then I starting running the newer memtest and it also fails everything on test I m just running stick at a time So I reset the BIOS in case there was some weird speed issue thing didn t help all BIOS settings are auto-detected Always failing in test Why do you suppose memtest and mt would always fail on test on any stick of RAM Besides a bad motherboard is there any logical reason for this kind of error I don t even know what test is or what that could mean guess I should do some research But I thought I d ask just in case anybody knows what this could be thx P S Windows is not really affected except that recently the customer says suddenly Windows will not open any programs You can move the mouse and do basic things but no programs will open not even task manager it just seems frozen have to shut it off I am guessing this could be because the RAM is acting up That s when I found this issue nbsp

A:Funky RAM issue, always fails memtest86+ on test 7

Test 7 in Memtest86 does random 32-bit sequences (i.e., AE4F8BC1) and switches them frequently to see how the RAM accomodates the change of sequencing patterns. I don't think it's a software error since I've never seen anybody with a similar problem to yours. It could be a faulty memory controller. Do you have another motherboard where you can try the RAM on? This will tell you whether it is the motherboard's problem or RAM's problem.
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I am trying to install a 300 gig Maxtor ATA Drive in a new Optiplex GX520
I have 2 gigs of ram installed and a 3.4 gig P4. When I try to install XP Pro SP2 on either a two partion or a single partion 300 gig drive it fails repatedly with an error saying a particular file is missing or corrupt. In checking the drives I find the file is there and is the same size as the file on the installation disk. If I try the install on a 3000K partition it fails with a file called ntoskrnl.exe....if I try installing on a single 289 gig partion it fails with a system file. I can install Pro on the 80 gig drive that came with the system without error. Updated BIOS to A05 (new on 11/7/2005)

Anyone run into this kind of thing with Maxtor 300 gig ATA Drives?

Excuse me while I go kick the dog.

A:XP Pro Install Fails on 300 gig drive

What is the exact model of your Maxtor?

How are your drives configured? Do you take out the 80GB and install the 300GB then go through setup or do you do master slave.

What do you have on your Primary and secondary controller?
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I recently built a new comouter with the following hardware:
asus a7v600 mobo
AMD athlon xp2900
WD 80gb SATA
ATI Radeon 9200 All in wonder
Mad Dog CD rw
1gb ram

I turned it on went into BIOS and entered settings for hard drive, exited BIOS, mem test ok, initialized PNP, detected secondary master(CD-RW) but not secondary slave(DVD-RW) and I got the following message - primary master drive fails. What should I do? I bought all hardware online as OEM so I have no software and documentation.

A:Primary master drive fails

:wave: Hello & Welcome to TechSpot :wave:

Have you installed the OS on the drive, or haven't you come that far yet?

Since you're using a SATA disk, there won't be a primary master (unless you hook up the optical drives on that channel), so it would seem the bios is getting confused.
In the bios there should be an option to select the order of booting. Set the SATA drive second (the optical first so you can install the os), then go and disable the primary IDE controller (or put the opticals on it).

now you should be able to boot with a cd, and install your os. Just remember to hit "F6" when prompted, as you most likely will have to install 3rd party drivers for your SATA controller.
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I turn on my computer and my monitor, and my monitor LED turned green, like usual, but then it turns amber/ orange, and the screen is black. My computer is still on and everything, but I just don't see anything on my screen.
I've unplugged and replugged all the cables to check for any faulty pins and w/e, and found no problem. Also, I tried using my computer on another monitor, and there was no display there either, so I'm guessing there might be something wrong with my computer or somethin.
Anyone know what the problem is + how to solve it?

Thanks in Advance

A:Computer fails to turn on


Did this just happen all of a sudden? Did you install any hardware or software right before this happened or you just turned on the pc one day and it happened? Maybe your video card is the culprit. How old is your pc? Also some specs too!
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Is there anybody that can help me to figure out this problem? When I start my computer, I read this information after the computer detecting for drivers :"Primary master drive fails". Then, if I start windows (I have win98) under safe mode, everything looks normal. But if I start windows under normal mode, the mouse became idle after two clicks, no mater what I clicked. Also, the keyboard was disabled and I could not do anything. I am not sure what is wrong, the hard drive or the mother board. Thank you for your help.

BTW, I also had this error information "ultra100 bios not installed because no drives attached."
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I just recently bought a new Intel D945GTP mobo and Pentium D 830 3.0Ghz processor. I also installed 2 OCZ Dual channel PC4200 RAM chips. The mobo has integrated video, nic and soundboard.
While installing Windows XP, the video display will garble after Windows loads it default drivers and sits ready for me to begin the install process.
The process will continue once I press ENTER, with more garbled video display and finally once Windows begins to copy its files, the system reboots, or blue screens with what I believe is a "Non Page Fault" error.

Hard to say cause the video is so garbled.
I'm working on the assumption that maybe I have some bad memory, but I have never known bad memory to corrupt a Windows install, much less produce such garbled video.

Am I wrong? Please help me out here-- I'm at my wit's end!!

A:Intel Mobo + Pentium D fails to install Win XP

Daranhatu said:

known bad memory to corrupt a Windows install,Click to expand...

I have

Daranhatu said:

much less produce such garbled video.Click to expand...

Well considering onboard video draws from system say it could.

My guess. its the ram, or worse off the board. I doubt its the CPU (they ussualy work or they dont)
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Hello All Here s some info about my system This was an e-Machines build with the addition of a Zoran DC plus a GB WD IDE harddrive a Lite-on LTR- s and MB Kingston Value PC RAM Motherboard CPU Type AMD Athlon XP MHz x Motherboard Name FIC K M-NF G AU PCI AGP DDR DIMM Audio Video LAN Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce IGP System Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM BIOS Type Award Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce MX Integrated GPU MB Memory Controller Properties Error Detection Method -bit Parity Error Correction None Supported Memory Interleave -Way Current fails Windiag crashes Memory RAM test, Memory 86+ Memory Interleave -Way Supported Memory RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+ Speeds ns ns ns Supported Memory Types DIMM Supported Memory Voltages V Maximum Memory Module Size MB Memory Slots SPD Memory Modules DIMM Samsung M L ETN-CB MB PC DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM Kingston K MB PC DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz This system has never been what I would call stable I have had to completly reinstall the Windows XP OS kept up to date and with SP at least or times which due to the way RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+ e-Machines configured the system discs wipes the hard drive I now reside the OS on the GB drive and try to keep most of my data video photos music on the GB drive Recently I had to use the recovery console after a can t RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+ find windows system config message A system crash after that sent me to http oca microsoft com en windiag asp I used the test and both memory modules failed equally I moved them around and tried both one at a time The Samsung module seems to consistently show twice the eroors as the Kingston module I tried the Memory test and it consistently crashed at test Microsoft s information suggests motherboard problems When I generate an Everest report on the system it includes a debug-pci section Does this mean anything A large part of me wants to celebrate the backend of this system but my pocket book does not agree Is there a way to pinpoint whether it s the motherboard or the ram or do I ditch them both Can I rebuild the system with a new motherboard cpu ram and reuse all the rest of the system I am attaching a few recent minidumps I would appreciate any advice nbsp

A:RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your problem is almost certainly caused by faulty ram.

The fact that memtest86+ is reporting ram errors, means your ram is bad.

One of your minidumps crashes with memory corruption.

Try one new stick of ram, and test your system.

The other three minidumps crash with Windows system file errors, but this can be attributed to faulty ram.

Also, one minidump crashes at SYMEvent.SYS=Symantec Event Library.

This is a known issue on some machines/configurations.

Turning off the live updates can sometimes solve this. Otherwise try using a different security product.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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radeon xt upgrade restarts randomly Y Recently added a new mother board and graphics card to my computer and have had some minor problems since xt randomly. radeon me 9600 fails and to upgrade, restarts impress then everything works fine for the most part except except when in-game i will also provide a system spec at the end of my problems i was told by an expert that my board was fried so i replaced it the heatsink in my graphics card failed and i was motivated to replace that too i was disatisfied with the performance of my computer so i also upgraded from mb ram to a gig mb of ram so as far as a bit system goes i have a pretty high radeon 9600 xt upgrade, fails to impress me and restarts randomly. end computer it still sucks but that s another story Anyway not that i upgraded all three parts of my computer i am in game playing CS source and my computer restarts multiple times randomly i play final fantasy XII and it restarts multiple times randomly i play perimiter which is the crapiest RTS ever created and it reboots randomly several times y i radeon 9600 xt upgrade, fails to impress me and restarts randomly. come back to this game several times noone knows anyway evrything works fine outside of the games but when in game the games are slower than could be with the stuff i have in my computer and my computer randomly restarts y does this happen second problem i have a gig hard drive and a gig hard drive the gig is recognized and works properly the however only reads and works fine y does this happen and how can i fix this Specs windows xp pro service pack pirated gig and gig Western Digital HD s ATI radeon xt mb brand new A-Bit mother board brand new x PQI ram brand new and value ram old mother board ram PC- ddr- built in sound card AMD athlon processor POWMAX watts power supply sony cd drive x write lite-on dvd drive x write all drivers i could think of downloaded and installed anything else you need to know please let me know thank you for responding nbsp

A:radeon 9600 xt upgrade, fails to impress me and restarts randomly.

You might have an inadequate/underpowered psu. I think powmax is a cheap brand...
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Please help me to install my HDD.

I have purchased a Samsung HDD (Model No MP0603H), 60GB, 5400 rpm, 8M, PATA. I want to install it using USB HDD case to my laptop (IBM R32, 40GB, 256 MB RAM). The OS in Windows 2000 Professional SP4.

When I connect the HDD through USB, it is detected as a USB device in the task menu but with an error. WHen I try to trouble shoot (Reinstall driver), it detects USB.INF as the correct driver for it, but when I finish the task, I get the following error message: "An error occured during the installation of this device. The installation failed because a function driver was not specified for the device".

The device is also not being detected in Computer MAnagement.

Please tell me how to go about it.

Many thanks

A:External HDD fails to install

More exclamation marks do not make people want to help you more, quite the opposite.

Have you used any other USB storage devices or similar with that laptop?
Try uninstalling all USB devices from Device Manager and reboot to have them installed.

Installing the latest motherboard drivers can't hurt either.
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Hi wassup I am in a big trouble now Earlier today I installed Windows XP It happens to be that after I finish installing the pc was OK And then I restart the PC Then not long after that I went online with my XP OS I drive master primary fails still have the windows ME in the HD I only got one HD so I put XP in another partition My antivirus isnt up to date so I go to scan my PC online at www trendmicro com and to primary master drive fails my quot amazement quot they are able to detect more than files infected by redlof virus Emm I am sure most of the antivirus can detect this right so this proves how lowsy was that PC It s a P tho I was a lil glad cos finally I can get rid of those virus The PC was operating very fast even when I am scaaning the PC cos I manage to surf some webpage at the same time without much distraction So I felt thirsty and get some drinks It was less than minutes When I am back I saw that the PC has restarted I don t know what s the reason It says that primary master drive fails which is indicating my HD Ugh I need help here Anyone if possible add me in ur messenger or ICQ k my MSN messenger is ck chen hotmail com and my ICQ is Pls help nbsp

A:primary master drive fails

Check the cables on your HDD, also check the jumpers, you can also try booting from the XP CD and use the console to run some checks on the drive, if that doesn't help then try running a drive diagnostic.
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quot Asim Not supposed to show my serial key information using and dvd starts but burning nero fails burner both dvd after decryptor. 3-20%, Windows XP IA WinAspi File Wnaspi dll Ver size bytes created PM ahead WinASPI File C Program Files Ahead Nero Wnaspi dll Ver size bytes created PM Nero Version Internal Version h Nero Express Recorder lt HP DVD Writer c gt Version h - HA TA - Adapter driver lt atapi gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type default - gt ATAPI detected ATAPI CD-ROM lt ASUS CD-S AH gt Version - HA TA - Adapter driver lt atapi gt HA Scsi-Device-Map CdRomPeripheral HP DVD Writer c atapi Port ID DMA On CdRomPeripheral ASUS CD-S AH atapi Port ID DMA On DiskPeripheral ST A atapi Port ID DMA On CDRom-Device-Map HP DVD Writer dvd burner starts burning but fails after 3-20%, using both nero and dvd decryptor. c dvd burner starts burning but fails after 3-20%, using both nero and dvd decryptor. E CDRom ASUS CD-S AH F CDRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte ShowDrvBufStat BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Use Inquiry Global Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled ISO compilation AM Text File Isodoc cpp Line Iso document burn settings dvd burner starts burning but fails after 3-20%, using both nero and dvd decryptor. ------------------------------------------ Determine maximum speed FALSE Simulate FALSE Write TRUE Finalize CD FALSE Multisession TRUE Multisession type Start multisession Burning mode DAO Mode ISO Level Max of char Character set ISO Joliet TRUE Allow pathdepth more than directories TRUE Allow more than characters in path TRUE Write ISO file extensions TRUE AM Text File Reader cpp Line Reader running AM Text File Writer cpp Line Writer HP DVD Writer c running AM ISO GEN - File geniso cpp Line First writeable address x AM Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Disc-At-Once using DVD media AM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Last possible write address on media MB Last address to be written MB AM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Write in overburning mode NO enabled CD AM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder HP DVD Writer c Media type DVD RW Disc Manufacturer ID PHILIPS Media Type ID Product revision number Disc Application Code Extended Information Indicators AM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt AM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM DATA MODE indices index not provided original disc pos relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required required no patch infos - gt TRM DATA MODE config wanted index blocks length blocks HP DVD Writer c -------------------------------------------------------------- AM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Prepare recorder HP DVD Writer c for write in CUE-sheet-DAO DAO infos MCN quot quot TOCType x Session Closed disc not fixated Tracks to TRM DATA MODE x FilePos ISRC quot quot DAO layout Start Track Idx CtrlAdr RecDep lead-in x x x x x x lead-out x x AM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files started AM Text File Burncd cpp Line Cache writing successful AM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files completed AM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Burn process started at x KB s AM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Verifying disc position of item relocatable disc pos no patch infos orig at write at AM Text File Cdrdrv cpp Line ---- DVD Structure Physical Format Information h ---- Layer Address h AGID Length Book Type DVD-ROM Part Version Disc Size mm Maximum Rate lt not specified gt F h Number of Layers Track Path Parallel Track Path PTP Layer Type re-writable Linear Density um bit Track Density um track Starting Physical Sector Number of Data Area h DVD-ROM DVD-R -RW DVD R RW End Physical Sector Number of Data Area D F h End Sector Number in Layer h LBN FFFD h MB Data in Burst Cutting Area BCA does not exist Media Specific C - PHILIPS F C C - A E A B p E - F h AM Text File DVDPlusRW cpp Line Start write add... Read more

A:dvd burner starts burning but fails after 3-20%, using both nero and dvd decryptor.

" AutoRun : 1"

Try disabling "Auto Insert Notification"
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I just bought an ABIT motherboard and installed it into a new case. I transfered all of my peripherals from my old case to my new one. I then tried to turn the power on, but nothing would happen. I had checked long ago to see if all the parts were compatible, and they were. Also, the green power light on the motherboard is on when I connect the power cord to the computer, so I don't know why the system wont turn on. Can somebody please tell me what could be wrong?

A:Computer Fails to Power On after putting it together

did you hook the front pannel up?
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Hey how s everyone First time poster here Hope I get this intelligible for all to read System Soyo ATX Fails VIDEO. SY-K7VME and to POST SOYO no SY-K VME Mobo Socket A Socket A AMD Sempron Processor PNY DDR SIMM Ram Western Digital GB Problem Picked up the mobo and case from friend Installed CPU Installed RAM Installed Hard Drive Connected monitor Double checked connections Powered up No video screen says quot check data cable quot No audible Beep to indicate POST Both CPU and case fan run There is a quot chirping quot coming from the system speaker Very quiet almost mistook it for the sound a Hard Drive makes when it momentarily spins But with the Hard Drive out itvery much sounds like a tiny frog dying SOYO SY-K7VME Fails to POST and no VIDEO. at second intervals to infinitly Award BIOS has no information on this code Tried Resetting CMOS by connecting JP - to - w mobo off Replaced Lithium CMOS battery Removed RAM HD and all other periphials I WILL get the Beep indicator for quot RAM quot ect No possible combination of quot adding-removing-swapping-componets quot remedies the issue Thinking about trashing this P O S Mobo SOYO SY-K7VME Fails to POST and no VIDEO. after hearing about everyone elses troubles with SOYO Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Jeramy nbsp

A:SOYO SY-K7VME Fails to POST and no VIDEO.

Has the status changed since your last post? I would check the pinset on your drive, that you have it set to cable select or master. If you are showing a conflict with your irq's (or is your not sure) you might want to make sure your cdrom is unplugged first during the first initialization, or till you can get to your OS. If all else fails start asking the universe is anyone would have a replacement unit for you. :knock:
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When I woke up this morning I was greeted by "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device..."

So I rebooted hoping it would go away, no such luck. I tried a boot disk, and recovery console, both said the drive was unreadable. Then I tried an XP reinstall, which told me it couldn't access the drive. Is the drive dead or is it still alive, no clicks or noises from it.
XP Pro
2.8ghz intel
Asus mb
WD HDD 160gb.

A:HDD Fails To Boot, But is detected.

Welcome to Techspot!

Did you check to see if the drive is detected properly by your Bios/Setup?
Check and make sure the bios settings match the Drive's. Cylinders ,size etc. Sometimes it is better to manually input the drive info in bios instead of Auto detect, just make sure you have the correct input information. Usually written on the label of the drive.
Then try booting to the XP cd or Dos bootdisk and delete>create new Partitions >Format.
If this does not work , you may have a bad drive and a new one is in order.
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Hi all. Can anyone help me out. The lad decided to boost his PC with a new video card and extra RAM. It became unstable and so he decided to put things back to their original state however now it will not start up. There is no signal to the monitor and it just beeps rapidly with the power and hard drive lights on. The system is a P4 Titan motherboard with 512 of 2100 RAM and intel P4 processor. He put in a Geforce 128mb video card and has now put the 64 md unit back in.


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Hello Windows ME DirectX b Athlon Thunderbird Ghz Giga-byte GA- DX MotherBoard MB PC DDR Memory GEFORCE MB MX Graphics Card new SOUNDBLASTER LIVE VALUE GB WESTERN DIGITAL WD JB HARD DRIVE Sadly at this time I m not able to run any D games with my new run Can't initialization anything error? Direct3D 3D video card Regardless of the D game I ll get a quot Direct D initialization error quot or something similar When I run DirectX Diagnostics and test Direct D I get the following errors Direct Direct3D initialization error? Can't run anything 3D D test results Failure at step Creating D Device HRESULT x Generic failure Direct D test results Failure at step Creating D Device HRESULT x c error code Direct D test results Failure at step Creating D Device HRESULT x c error code Some things to note -Have very latest DirectX b ran fine with my Old Direct3D initialization error? Can't run anything 3D MB Radeon VE -COMPLETELY uninstalled previous Direct3D initialization error? Can't run anything 3D Graphics Drivers including a registry cleaning -Have very latest nVidia Geforce Driver -Bought and returned a Geforce Ti MB two weeks ago thinking it was defective at the time Used the same nVidia driver and had the EXACT same problem I m having now Leads me to suspect it s related to that driver Any help is greatly appreciated Thank you in advance Joe nbsp

A:Direct3D initialization error? Can't run anything 3D

Hav u check your directx? maybe you get a few corrupted files. for cleaning previously installed driver, you did it with tool or manually? try using driver cleaner tool, for detonator use detonator rip, for another tool you can get it at
Hope helps.
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I ve posted about this problem on two other forums and emailed Promise directly and have yet to receive a single response but someone suggested I try here so here goes I ve just set up a small RAID array on a Promise SX My first indication of a problem was just after installing the card The SX BIOS took a long time to scan my drives in the range of - seconds It only takes about four seconds in another PC The next clue came during Promise s array management software s initialization of the array which took somewhere around hours I m by no means an expert on the subject but that doesn t seem quite right RAID Range Slow Conflict I/O Initialization? SX4000 = Lastly benchmarking the array gives SX4000 I/O Range Conflict = Slow RAID Initialization? me results slightly slower than that of a single drive which I tested before putting the array together To be honest I don t really care about the speed of my reads or writes - I chose RAID for redundancy not speed - but it s kind of disturbing to see the numbers The only problem I ve been able to find is an I O Range conflict with the DMA controller The SX uses - the DMA controller - F Is it likely that this conflict is the cause of the SX s sluggish performance and if so is there any way to assign a different I O range to the SX since I m not permitted to do it through Device Manager Any suggestions tips comments etc would be very welcome and grealy appreciated nbsp

A:SX4000 I/O Range Conflict = Slow RAID Initialization?

Welcome to TechSpot

Well the DMA controller IO range can't be changed, that's for sure, so you'd have to fiddle with the card itself. Have you tried different PCI slots? Was the motherboard on another PC the same? This sounds a bit like another Plug and Pray problem - apparently no one told the card that IO range can't be used :giddy:

You could try asking from Asus, too.
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I bought a new game (praetorians) and recieved this error message. I have also tried to test my direct 3d and recieve error HRESULT=0x8007000e(out of memory). I have a fairly new Hp computer with Xp home edition and a Nvidia GeForce 4 MX440-se video card with 64MB of ddr mem. and I am running Dirext x 9. I have contacted HP and they are NO HELP AT ALL!!!!! Please help if you can.

A:Direct 3d initialization error

Hi kwvance, welcome to Techspot forums!

Try this:
Run dxdiag, disable Direct3D hardware acceleration, reboot, enable it (not sure if that requires a reboot too).
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Iīve got Radeon 9000 Pro, with Windows XP itīs no possible to run Diablo 2 but no problems with any other games.

When game starts to load, screen turns black and fails.
What can i do? Shall i uninstall Xp and install any other?
Itīs maybe a drivers problem?


A:video fails under Windows Xp

more than likely your problem is a ati driver issue with that particular game. you might try making sure that you have the latest ati drivers for the card since they usually include "fixes" for games that there are known issues with.
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Hi Leeky jobeard et al I hope one of y all can help My first excursion into linux decided to explore it as a tool for accessing otherwise inaccessible data on an unbootable system seeing it as a with to boot Gateway fails 4525gz Ubuntu on thumb tool for helping others with troubleshooting My difficulty is this I built a thumb installation of Ubuntu using the Ubuntu on-line guide and the latest distro from Ubuntu When I set up my system to boot from the thumb it started to boot but then quot black screened quot First I lost my signal to my external monitor so I just unplugged it and turned off the computer and re-powered-on This time the boot process showed on the normal laptop screen but again it black-screened So I tried again this time using Leeky s guide here Similar results though Leeky uses a different USB creator This time I get the Ubuntu loading screen with the dots underneath then it changes breifly to a black screen with a few rectangles of differing heights burgundy reds mostly with horizontal lines through them dead center in the screen before quickly going completely black Ubuntu on thumb fails to boot with Gateway 4525gz I notice that quot Lili quot is stating This Linux is not in the compatibility list However LinuxLive USB creator will try to use the same install parameters as for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Gnome Click to expand Are the Lucid Lynx parameters actually for Mac hardware My guess is that Ubuntu is not correctly recognizing and loading drivers for my Ubuntu on thumb fails to boot with Gateway 4525gz video card but I am at a total loss as to what I should do about it Try a different distro Thoughts nbsp

A:Ubuntu on thumb fails to boot with Gateway 4525gz

It most likely is a graphics display problem.

Whats the full filename of the Ubuntu.iso you downloaded?

From the black Ubuntu screen on startup, press F4 and try and boot into "Safe Graphics Mode" and see if it then boots. Its probably the screen blackening due to the refresh frequency being set out of range of the monitor.

If your dead set on installing Ubuntu to your hard drive, and your finding the live CD isn't working correctly, its possible to use the "Ubuntu Alternative" CD which provides a screen based installer to directly install Ubuntu rather than run a live desktop.

The complete mirror list can be found here. Choose a mirror closest to you, and then head into the 10.04 directory, and choose the linux alternative install for either i386 (32 bit) or amd64 (64bit).

For PC based live versions, the filenames are:


For PC based alternative install versions, the filenames are:


Lucid Lynx is the current version name of the 10.04 'Buntu releases.
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P.O.S.T. Failure. I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 series that has failed the POST. I cannot get past the Dell logo. I ran the ePSA testing several times with no issues identified. I then removed the battery, reconnected the AC power supply and tried to reboot. Same result. This issue occurred after I updated Win 10 with the latest build, 10162. Any suggestions?

A:Laptop Fails POST

Try removing the motherboard's CMOS battery
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I ve been running Adobe Bridge start fails to CS4 Bridge Photoshop CS fine for many months but all of the sudden Bridge won t start I get the error quot Bridge has stopped working Adobe Bridge CS4 fails to start quot from Windows before anything pops up I have done lots of research into this issue and a popular solution is to Ctrl Click the Bridge shortcut and reset all the settings and purge the cache but after I click quot OK quot it just crashes again I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Photoshop amp Bridge Photoshop opens and runs fine The only possible cause for this I can think of is a couple days ago I accidentally shorted out a USB port by putting a stereo plug in it the headphone jack and USB port were very close together which instantly turned off my computer and ran some kind of hardware diagnostic recovery utility during bootup When the computer was done booting there were a few things that just didn t seem quite right although nothing was noticeably wrong my web browser settings were reset and desktop icons were rearranged etc The computer s been running just fine since then with the exception of this Adobe Bridge issue Any ideas Thanks nbsp

A:Adobe Bridge CS4 fails to start

Apologies for bumping, but the problem is persisting after two weeks. I'd appreciate any ideas!
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Nero 8 fails to save disk label and track names

I have been trying to make a compilation onto a CD/R using Nero 8. For some reason the name I assign to the CD and the names of the tracks all disappear.

Anyone any ideas - or the name of a free alternative to Nero?

A:Nero 8 fails to save disk label and track names

I don't have the answer but I was wondering what version of Nero 8, the free one that comes with optical drives or the full paid for version?
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Hi -
Printing works for me when I print what's in the browser. What's weird (and the pinprick that got me to ask this question here) is that a document in Microsoft Word goes through all the motions of printing (Print Preview shows correctly, the printer warms up and spits out a sheet of paper) but all I get is a blank piece of paper. This is MS Word 2007, on Windows 7, and I've been using it for Win 7 was released.

One extra wrinkle is that Excel 2007 also won't print, but it won't even find the printer and do anything.


A:Printing fails from MS Word

Hi, It sounds as if your printer is 'seen' by Windows, and works with some software (Browser), so I would be looking in the MS Word (and Excel) printer options.
That's in 'File' , 'Print' and then in the 'Printer' option, make sure your Printer is selected.
Would be interesting to know if it did print from 'Word' in the past, but now does not.
A common problem here is the printer driver software has not yet been updated for Windows 7 (or 8), unless you have proven otherwise.
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I am having an issue with updating java after recently cleaning a virus from my machine http www techspot com community topics another-win -agent-ba-trojan I have tried uninstalling older versions of java using windows uninstall JavaRa amp also manually per the Java help website I have tried installing different versions of java but fails install Java it always fails to install I m not having any other problems with computer but I discovered my problem trying to log in on a VPN that I use amp it said I don t have current java app I have used regedit amp removed java files per the Java install fails java help site I was able to remove the icons from the uninstall list but still not able to install JRE Here is my current Malwarebyte Log Any help is appreciated Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www malwarebytes org Database version v Windows Service Pack x NTFS Internet Explorer TT CARTMAN administrator PM mbam-log- - - - - txt Scan type Quick scan Scan options enabled Memory Startup Registry File System Heuristics Extra Heuristics Shuriken PUP PUM Scan options Java install fails disabled P P Objects scanned Time elapsed Java install fails minute s second s Memory Processes Detected No malicious items detected Memory Modules Detected No malicious items detected Registry Keys Detected No malicious items detected Registry Values Detected No malicious items detected Registry Data Items Detected No malicious items detected Folders Detected No malicious items detected Files Detected No malicious items detected end nbsp

A:Java install fails

Microsoft FixIt seems to have done the trick. Removed all versions of java & got a good install, however my vpn still still fails
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Hi guys I have Windows and drives on my HDD The second drive is D and service profile fails User there are some files in that I decided to install Enterprise so I installed it in dual boot manner beside and in D drive which as I said was not empty User profile service fails and when installing I didn t format the D I installed successfully in D and it was working fine One time which I came up with I thought I should arrange the folders in D to be separated from the other non- folders so I created a new folder named it quot Windows quot and cut all folders and pasted them into that new folder Now my D drive was User profile service fails arranged When I restart the PC User profile service fails I selected the to start with but it didn t come up like before and instead it shows now a blue screen not the blue screen of death and the time is shown in left-down corner of it When I click the screen this message appears The User Profile Service service Failed the sign-in User Profile can not be loaded I know two things - The problem is to do with that cutting and pasting the folders to be arranged And - If I reinstall the the problem will be solved but if I don t do that cutting and pasting again Is there any simpler way to solve the issue and have the two OSs with each other nbsp

A:User profile service fails

I doubt it. Moving the Win 8.1 files you want to boot into has probably disconnected them from the dual-boot process which is stored in a different place - often even on a different drive, and maybe not even a drive you can actually see. For instance, Win 7 usually has a small, hidden system drive which has no drive letter, and the startup files are in there in a database called BCD. When you installed Win 8.1 you probably modified that database.

Short of reinstalling Win 8.1, you could try this although it could be slightly different for Win 8.1, or even a lot different if your PC has a protected Bios, UEFI booting etc described here

Essentially, you must realise that Windows since WinXP has got so complicated with so many different inter-connected bits and pieces (much of which you can't actually see for security reasons), that blithely moving things around - as you might have got away with a few years ago - is now absolutely certain to screw things up good and proper.
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Hi Have been trying for days to install Windows Live Messenger Vista First I tried to do the upgrade when upgrade Live Messenger fails 2011 Windows I was no longer allowed to otherwise log into messenger I have learned from past experiences that it doesn t pay to be first for these things Didn t work Then I tried to remove programs install Used windows installer cleaner tried to use the offline installation and still get the same error Tried with ZoneAlarm turned off and on With windows filrewall turned on as some posts suggested none of the wl programs installed Couldn t install programs It looks like another program is preventing the installer from working Error x Source Watson-x It does however create a Windows Live directory and Windows Mail was never removed and there appears to be no way of doing this short of re-formatting the hard drive Went back and did a system restore Windows Live Messenger 2011 upgrade fails to before any of the upgrades and started again with multiple and different ways I have been using messenger for many years now to video conference with my o s nephews and it has been working acceptably for a long time This is the worst messenger upgrade ever by far I can not comment on the final product as I have not seen it yet Any ideas on how to clean it out completely so I can install it Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance for any new ideas nbsp

A:Windows Live Messenger 2011 upgrade fails

Time to switch to Google Talk or Skype
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Hi guys not sure if this is the right forum to post this but any help would be greatly appreciated Recently my computer began shutting off instantly when I was playing any particularly resource-intensive games specifically Space Marine Initially I had guessed it was overheating so I cleaned out all of the components in my PC and restarted but I was met with the same problem repeatedly I had then assumed that the fault was with the PSU so without any to spare I ordered a new one Upon arrival I which randomly broken? component sometimes is fails and Computer boot... to off turns put it into the PC but it whirred noisily and smelled like burning Clearly broken I sent it back A few days later I got a new one put it in the Computer turns off randomly and sometimes fails to boot... which component is broken? PC and all was good the PC got past the boot stage and I booted up Space Marine again but once more it broke down and shut off instantly after a few minutes of playing I was pretty sure the power supply wasn t likely to have broken three times in a row so I tried it in another PC and it worked fine After that I tried disconnecting each component in turn ruling out I think the DVD Drive BluRay drive both Hard Drives and the Sound Card I tried taking out my graphics card and replacing it with an old one of mine an gt and the PC booted up I was pretty sure that was fixed because I could play games for a while with no issue Eventually however it crashed again Interestingly whenever it does crash I can t boot up for a short while the fans whir for a second and then nothing happens I m totally out of ideas so any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Computer turns off randomly and sometimes fails to boot... which component is broken?

The motherboard is shot, probably because of the initial bad power supply
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bootmngr missing and i have a notebook so i cant install windows and the system recovery does not work what else can i do?

A:Bootmgr missing on notebook with no CD drive and System Recovery fails

What version of Windows is installed? Are you prepared for the possibility of replacing the hard drive?
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The past month my laptop has been booting really slow so i decided to hibernate instead of shutting down the computer seeing as it resumes session and is much faster Yesterday my virus protection tagged certain programs as malicious and i moved them to vault as i usually do but noticed that blinking to boot) with underscore screen (fails Black it deleted all the programs i use such as Photoshop Spotify Enternet explorer and some others that weren t viruses and im sure they weren t infected Black screen with blinking underscore (fails to boot) I jumped to fast by sending them to vault and afterwards i tried to restore them from the vault using Black screen with blinking underscore (fails to boot) the virus protection interface It restored the shortcuts but messed up the exe Black screen with blinking underscore (fails to boot) files Later that night i did a system restore to a point the previous day The restore was successful and the computer started to restart as usual but now the laptop wont boot anymore It loads the Dell icon and then stays in the black screen with a blinking underscore I can go into BIOS I have ran multiple tests everything passes i can boot from the start up disk not to desktop but to repair screen which quot no problems are detected quot I have tried to undo the restore a few times Unfortunately i don t have a complete backup disk with all of my files or else id nuke the HDD and start over I spent all day searching the web for a solution but have hit a dead end Im curious to see if anyone can help me with Boot failure and if not tell me how i can create a successful back up if i cant load Vista Any help will be much appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Black screen with blinking underscore (fails to boot)

Try this:

... and learn to back up those important files often
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Fedora 7 Installation fails at end of Formatting/file system amd all i get to see is one BIG X on the screen, I have checked the disk integrety through its own installation.
Any help would be great

A:Fedora 7 Installation fails at end of Formatting/file system

The error i recieved is actually happens when it is copying the files to the hard drive, it says this file is corrupt of missing pciutils-2.2.4-3.fc7.i836.rpm and asks for a reboot. I used the built in disk check before the install and it says no problems. I also ran the SHA1 checksum and there was no problems there.
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I've been unable to update Windows for awhile so this really has nothing to do with Windows distribution although the problem persists there update Windows7 (unknown error fails 80070002) as well Upon researching Micriosoft's debuggin suggestions I went to C Windows SoftwareDistribution DataStore and attempted to delet the file DataStore edb as well as the contents of the Log subdir In doing so I received a popup indication that I would require administator privileges to complete the operation So I clicked on Confinue nothing happened the cursor just returned So I tried to change the name of the file so it would not be recognized by the system This resulted in the same Youl'll require administrator permissions to which I clicked Continue and thar returned a message stating the file or folde does not exist So I tried going to the file properties and changing the file persmiission and received a popuup stating Can t open access control editor The system cannot find the file specified I am the sole user and administrator of this laptop Can anyone tell me if I'm heading in the right direction and if so what to do to continue Windows7 update fails (unknown error 80070002) Thanks

A:Windows7 update fails (unknown error 80070002)

Did you ever register yourself as administrater?
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I have had an leads Boot SSD Intermittent BSOD to drive and fails ongoing problem with this issue but it has now got worse SSD Boot drive Intermittent fails and leads to BSOD Whilst this only happened spasmodically and it I seemed to track it down to power supply failing on the Gb boot SSD After several attempts at looking at the problem I tracked down a faulty main MB header connector I had previously cleaned the pins with contact cleaner but when the problem persisted I tried re-soldering the header pins to the MB The symptom was the PC Would be working ok then reboot to the BIOS screen I would check the SATA list an the boot drive would be missing However since the last occurance a few days ago after months of perfect use the issue started again but this time something is different as every time after a reboot the boot drive is there and the system boots up ok approximately minutes later the screen freezes followed by BSOD - CRITICAL PROCESS DIED If I immediately boot to a USB stick and then open a elevated command prompt I find that the boot drive is not there If I do a complete shutdown and switch SSD Boot drive Intermittent fails and leads to BSOD back on and go directly to an ECP elevated etc the boot drive C is there but again if I sit and wait at the command prompt after about five minutes the C drive has gone Even trying to run chkdsk fails to finish I have tried running SSD life Pro to check the drive and it reports ok with an expected life of years However the Windows Event log shows event - bad blocks My system specs are http speccy piriform com results U cQzev XlfWxYbdZIqAjJz Link to Screenshots of some of the checks I made today https www dropbox com sc dcpsxxn akm v AADkHzxCy p PqIEOZfZrZska

A:SSD Boot drive Intermittent fails and leads to BSOD

After experimenting for several hours I have established the following. From a full shutdown I can start the PC and it will boot into windows and run perfectly well doing any function or running any program without error. But only for a period of from 3 to 8 minutes then whatever is running will freeze or some other function will freeze like mousing over the task bar will stop. I do nothing eventually first I may get a green windows background screen then a BSOD CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error. This I have confirned means the boot drive has gone.
Two things happen now.
1. If I press reset, the system reboots and goes to the BIOS screen, where I can see the booty drive is missing in the SATA screen.
2. If I press reset followed imediatelly by the power button, the PC shuts down. Then when I power on again the PC starts normally again for another cycle of 3-8 minutes.
I ask my self two questions.
1. If the drive is faulty, why does it operate perfectly for a few minutes
2. If the power supply is faulty, why do the other SSD drives not stop working as they are on the same physical power leads.
I also note that the Speccy report shows Hibernation enabled, however when I check settings it says Hibernation is disabled.
Very confusing symptoms.
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Hi SO I have had problems with faulty memory for a few months I replaced the memory sticks and for a while everything was fine but now I m having trouble again and this time unlike the other times Memtest is giving me errors on first pass and Vista Memory Diagnostics detects hardware problems I think the connectors are at fault and I will get my PC to the shop next week it s still under garantee but one of my crashes caused some other problem I haven t managed to fix Everytime I try to start fails LogonUI.exe startup at the PC I get to a black screen just before the desktop appears and then nothing I can only start in safe mode I check my event viewer and found that SystemRoot System Config SOFTWARE was damaged and consequently LogonUI exe LogonUI.exe fails at startup fails at startup My question is How to repair replace bypass LogonUI exe I tried System Restore but it doesn t seem to do any good since I haven t been able to start up normally no matter which Restore Point I choose Any suggestions Thanks nbsp

A:LogonUI.exe fails at startup

Hello Toasterfraker

If you can boot into safe mode, can you get to safe mode networking?

If so go here do my post 4 exactly, post replies and logs here in your thread not there.

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can't download zonealarm bc it 'fails to initialize'

A:Zone Alarm free install-fails to initialize in XP Pro

Forgot to add. I just did a clean install of XP pro
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Hi -
When I try to boot my HP Compaq laptop I get this message in a dialog box.

This computer has been overheating and either powers down itself or we power it down.

Here's what is in the dialog box:
Logon Process Initialization Failure​Interactive logon process initialization has failed​Please consult the event log for more details.​Then an OK button.​
After I press OK I get a black blank screen. I turned off the computer.

What should I do? Your help will be appreciated.

Doug Roberts

A:Logon process initialization failure

Hi -
The problem is not fixed.

I was able to boot in command mode and run SFC /SCANNOW. That ran and now I can boot in safe mode.

When I do a regular boot I still get the Logon Process Initialization Failure, but now I cannot get out of it without powering off.

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Hello I have a pc from a friend,and when I try to plug in the PSU and turn up the pc NO signal from the moniotor or Keyboard.No beeps at all like some ram or smth damaged.I've putted my processor on the MB and still this problem.I`ve even swapped my PSU and still this problem.I`ve tryed to reset form the battery the MB ,and reseted my MB from the Pins also.
The MB with no rams on it has the exactly same problem.But this pc of my friends was plugged off from the electricity 3-4 months.practically it's new.
Also the new pc SPECC:the processor is LGA 775, DDr 3 ,MB: MSi G41m-P26

pls help.TY

A:MB fails or processor

Sounds like the motherboard is bad...