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Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem

Q: Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem

I have been using this mouse for about a year now problem 1.1A IntelliMouse Microsoft Optical I was just surfing on the net today when the mouse froze and would not work light at the bottom did not light up like usual I usually connect it to the computer with a PS converter and Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem decided to unplug it from the converter and just plug it in the computer Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem using its original USB plug and it worked However after every about minutes it stops working every minutes I would need to unplug the mouse from the USB port and reconnect again I have tried my other USB ports all did the same Everytime it disconnects on the right bottom it would pop up a message saying quot Unrecognizable tool connected quot something along those lines however when I do reconnect it it ll recognize it sayin the mouse model I was wondering is there a problem with the mouse or is it the computer Anyway I can quot fix quot this problem I m broke at the moment haha and have no money therefore can t get a new mouse at the moment and this problem is annoying me nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem

Have you tried downloading and installing the latest MS Intellipoinit drivers? the latest version is ip5.4
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I bought Intellimouse optical yesterday. I installed the software. I prefer using Netcape
rather then the explorer. My mouse doesn't work that has the back and the forward on my
mouse. I clicked on explorer and It works. Which version of Netscape will I have to use for the
back and forward?

Thanks a lot,

A:Microsoft Intellimouse optical problem?

I have a Wireless Intellimous Explorer and all 5 buttons work in every program that uses a back function. A little advice: I don't use the forward button much, but do use the back. I changed the forward button to function as the close button... because I use that one a lot... works great. Back to your mouse... it is possible it doesn't work with netscape because microsoft made it... and you know how microsoft is. It really should work though, even if you are using netscape. Try upgrading to the latest version and maybe even upgrade your intellimouse software, if there is an upgrade. Also, make sure you have the correct mouse selected in the settings of your software. If you have the wrong one selected the regular left and right buttons should work without software because they are basic, standard functions.
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Does anyone know if microsoft will ever release a Serial version of their IntelliMouse Optical? Yes, it's sad, I only have a serial port, and nobody seems to make mice that are compatiable with it(they're all USB and/or PS/2).

Take a mega-byte out of my mega-chip!

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical

I'm not sure about this, but i think it'd be tehnologically impossible to make a Serial optical mouse. I don't thinik the Serial Port would be fast enough.

Just remember, i could be wrong.
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Hi all, my computer is all fine and dandy now. Yea! Except for one thing.. I just went out and bought an Intellimouse optical and I installed it. It works and all except the two little side buttons. In the quickstart guide it lets me choose the mouse as the Intellimouse Optical but it only tells about it. Then in the Intellipoint software v4.0 it doesn't have the option to choose intellimouse opt only intellimouse. I'm thinking of downloading v4.1 but it has LOTS of bad reviews. What do i do?

A:Microsoft intellimouse optical

I had trouble with the cd that came with my last one, ended up downloading the newer version, that one worked. 4.1 I beleive
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I tried to contact Microsoft Tech Support but they wouldn't help me since I was out of the 90 days for Free Tech support, go figure! Anyhow, I keep getting an Error 1101 when I install the software for this mouse. It says the following: Error reading from file c:\windows\TEMP\_isA164\1033.MST

How can I resolve this error so I can use the full capability of this mouse?

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical

What OS are you using?

And what mouse were you using before? Does that one still work?
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I'm very used to my 5 button mouse selecting, copy and paste with 1 hand is very convenient against the short cut Control C and Control V and single clic for double clic So I wonder if there is a solution to get a Windows 10 driver Or do I have to quite with this mouse? What can we expect from Microsoft to one of his own products ??
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As the title says, I would like to know the differences between MS Intellimouse Optical and MS Intellimouse Optical 1.1. I will buy one of those, and they have almost the same price. Thank you in advance.
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I am using a Dell Dimension E that I upgraded to Gb of memory and then upgraded from XP Media Center to Vista Home Premium I m having a problem with my wireless mouse I purchased and used without a problem on XP a Microsoft Elite Bluetooth keyboard and mouse Since I Bluetooth Intellimouse Problem for Microsoft upgraded to Vista I have been having problems with the mouse When I opened an internet page the second I moved the cursor out of the toolbar and into the page the page would begin jumping and flickering up and down Twice now I ve deleted the mouse amp keyboard problem and re-installed them and they seem to work for a while Microsoft Intellimouse for Bluetooth Problem I finally figured out yesterday that this occurred after I ran that IOBIT Windows Cleaner free program so I deleted that program deleted the Microsoft bluetooth program and then re-installed the Intellitype and Intellimouse programs and everything seemed to be working well This morning I can t get the mouse to work at all The system reads the keyboard OK I m typing on it right now and it tells me that the mouse batteries are good so I believe that it sees the mouse but the cursor will not move with the mouse Can anyone help me with this Thanks nbsp

A:Microsoft Intellimouse for Bluetooth Problem

Try updating the mouse driver.
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I ve upgraded to XP for a about 4 weeks now and I realized that I cannot use the 2 extra side functions of my mouse because i have not installed the intellipoint software. I installed it and now the mouse is slighty jumpier than it was before. Help?

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Alright heres the story girlfriends comp won t load her wireless logitech mouse I disconnect my optical explorer bring it over and let her use that until she buys her own No problems works fine on hers She gets her new one I bring mine home and reconnect it boot up umm no mouse wha Yeah me angry So basically I ve tried lots of junk regedit stuff may have missed a few files possible updated intellipoint software tried USB ports This is what has happened it gets detected in the USB port however Win XP doesn t know Explorer (Optical) Woes Intellimouse what the device is doesn t even know its a mouse The lights work the camera light and the back one So it doesn t seem to be the mouse It worked fine on this system only days ago Is it possible for viruses to spread to hardware peripherals like my mouse I ve included pics from quot msinfo quot different shots one showing I have no IRQ conflicts another showing that I have an quot ERROR quot and the other telling me what my error is quot Device Cannot Start quot real helpful you d think it d tell me why My computer is an Alienware P Gig mouse worked fine days ago on this computer and fine on my girlfriends recently bought Dell machine don t have the exact specs on hand Any help nbsp

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I have a totally new problem with my Optical be buttons changed Intellimouse can't MS Intellimouse Optical I have used this for some time ME XP with no problems I now have a new system - Windows Home Premium bit I have downloaded and installed the latest Intellipoint software from Microsoft and installed the Mouse But - The Mouse is recognised not as an Intellimouse Optical but an Intellimouse Web - I cannot therefore change the side button settings on the mouse via Control Panel gt Mouse from the default Intellimouse Optical buttons can't be changed quot Forward quot and quot Back quot or the centre button either This is annoying I have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times to no avail Does anyone know a How to get Windows to recognise my mouse Intellimouse Optical buttons can't be changed as the proper type Device Manager etc or b How to hack the settings XML Registry whatever to change the default option so the mouse does what I want it to without trying to change the buttons via the Control Panel Many thanks

A:Intellimouse Optical buttons can't be changed

Hi Walrus1963 and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

When you installed the driver, did you correctly select your mouse model from the dropdown list during installation? If not, uninstall the driver and reboot your machine. Now, reinstall the driver being careful to select the correct model when prompted. What is the model of your mouse?
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Recently I have tried to install my Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse onto my dell computer(running with XP), replacing the Intellimouse 1.3A PS/2 Compatable mouse that came with the computer. I went into "Help and Support" and found the appropriate article to tell me how to remove mouse.

"IntelliMouse: The Mouse Pointer Moves Erratically or Does Not Respond with Windows XP (Q321122)"

After following the instructions I tried to install my optical and it still refused to work. One thing that I noticed is that some of the files that they told me to delete were'nt there in the first place. Would all the mouse need to be unpluged while i did this? I'm not sure if anyone could shed some light on what i did wrong with the info i'v given but any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Can't intstall Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse :(
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I recently bought a microsoft optical laser mouse (USB) and quite recently it has begun switching itself off, sometimes for a few seconds, and other times requiring me to reboot before I can use it again. I have tried re-installing the drivers several times, but this has not changed anything.
(The drivers are the intellipoint software that came with the mouse)

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance

A:Microsoft Optical Mouse Problem

I had a problem with the mouse quiting the same as you describe. Finally one day it just died for good. The mouse was faulty, do to a bad connection somewhere, microsoft replaced at no charge.
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Mouse is 5-6 years old: "erratic movements"

This USB mouse runs off a 4-port BUS-powered USB Hub. Within the last week or so, the mouse jumps around erratically. I've tried it attached directly to my Sony notebook's USB with the same effect, so it does not seem to be the problem--though I am considering getting a hub with external power.

Any idea? I've got a new Logitech G3 ordered, so I can say goodbye to it if I have to...

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I recently purchased a Microsoft Wheelmouse Optical. It has been working great for about 1 month, UNTIL I started using it to play games. After about 30 mins of playing Quake it makes a weird noise then completely stops working. Can't the mouse handle games? Please help. Have I got a faulty mouse or are they just not designed to handle games? Please help.

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I bought Microsoft mouse yesterday. I installed the mouse but How do I program for the back and forward in the internet browser instead of using the toolbar. Can anybody help me with this?

A:Microsoft Intell mouse optical problem?

did you install the software that came with it. If so, you should have a small mouse icon in the systray. Just double click it to set your options. Generally that is the default setup and should work right off the bat.
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Tried this on XP SP2, XP SP3 and Vista Ultimate.

This trackball installs fine with or without Intellipoint software (tried multiple versions including latest) but the ball itself fails to move the mouse pointer at all. The buttons and scroll wheel works fine, but not the pointer.

I've searched extensively on and generally on Google without seeing a hint of this problem.

BTW, I have a second trackball (both are model D67-00001) that is doing the very same thing on all three computers. I am completely out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Bizzare problem with Microsoft Trackball Optical

Bumping this up as it's only had 13 views. I've been working on this constantly for more than 2 days now. Is there anyone at all out there that still uses a Microsoft Trackball Optical?
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When i push the scroll button in mozilla firefox to open a new tab, my desktop is like that
can anyone tell me how to fix it? thank you.

A:Problem with microsoft basic optical mouse

Did you check the button settings for the mouse in Control Panel? They may not be set for what Firefox expects.

Check Firefox help and see what it expects for the function, then see what the mouse is set for.
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I was given a USB intellimouse explorer, that didn't seem to work properly and now doesn't work at all. The problem that I have is that the red LED that lights up the camera piece doesn't work any more. if I replace the LED do you think I would have to replace it with one of the same colour?, or just use any colour?
the only thing that I can think of that I can do is to take the one from the back of the mouse that works without a problem and then put it where the other one is.
Any suggestions are welcome, as my cordless mouse is really annoying me!
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Hi this is my first post here I have just installed a Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer under Windows ME and Im having many problems After install it runs something cordless Intellimouse Microsoft called hidserv With hidserv Microsoft Intellimouse cordless running it unloads my other USB devices my scanner and printer Hidserv is loaded weather I use the instellipoint software that came with the mouse or not The only Microsoft Intellimouse cordless way I can get my scanner and printer loaded again is to completly uninstall the mouse and software and delete the file hidserv exe off my system Then I can load my scanner and printer all is fine until I pulg the mouse in again When I reboot I get all kinds of errors and one that says the registry has problem which windows will correct and reboots Upon reboot windows shows conflicts in the device manager for my USB scanner and printer Hidserv is once again running I can see that the mouse conflicts with my scanner and printer anyone have any ideas on how to resolve the conflicts Thanks nbsp
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A friend gave me a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer yesterday so I plugged it into my systems USB port the light came on see pic but I can t move the cursor I can click and use the wheel but that s it I ve tried all sorts of things at the moment I have my old mouse cordless PS amp the [SOLVED] Microsoft Intellimouse USB USB Intellimouse both plugged in the [SOLVED] Microsoft USB Intellimouse cordless works fine but as I said I can click with the other some of the things I have tried -Deleting the cordless mouse and starting the system up with only the Intellimouse -Deleting the USB and letting it re-detect that and the mouse -Just starting the system with the Intellimouse without deleting anything The Intellimouse shows up in the mouse section of the control panel I m running XP Home Ed but I simply can t move the cursor I actually thought that the mouse was ment to have lights under it but I m not sure my guess is that the camera in the mouse is dead my friend didn t know if it worked or not but I just want to make sure before I dispose of it Could it be worth trying it using a USB to PS coverter With the picture that should appear with this post I have put a red box around where it lights up nbsp

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I have a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer - about 2-3 years old. Today it
has frozen twice - I just wondered if it was wearing out - or what do you
think? Why would it suddenly freeze twice in one day?


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I just got a optical mouse to replace my standard one but when I try to install the intellipoint software I get this error message:

error1101.Error reading from file: C:\Windows\Temp\_isF114\1033.MST. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

Any suggestions?

A:Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical install Problem

check this out click here
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like the title says: I can't get my mouse installed.

When I tried to do it, I got the message that some software on my laptop could give a conflict with the software I wanted to install. The problem was the Mouseware I got from my other mouse, a cordless optical mouse from Logitech.
I was asked to remove this program, wich I gave my approval for. Then I had to reboot, and thought everyhing should be fine.
But after the reboot I got the same message again, this time pointing to other software, meaning the software from the touchpad of my laptop ( Synaptics )
Again I was asked to remove it, but this time, that was not possible ...

First of all I ask myself the question: why in god's name I should remove this software ?? (it has allways worked fine with my Logitech mouse)
Second: what can I do about this ... any suggestions ?

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I've had my computer (Dell Latitude Core i7 x64) running Windows 10 32-bit for over a year and have been using the same mouse for many years, as far back as 2 computers possibly. In the past week the mouse will disconnect and it will not come back on if I unplug and reconnect it or switch ports. The only thing that will restore it is turning the computer off and then on. Any ideas what could be causing this?

It seems like maybe it happened after a recent automatic update..
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My razer deathadder recently died and I couldn't afford another one, so I went for something cheaper

I got the intellimouse 3.0 and i'm not too impressed

I have the pointer speed set on the fastest setting, but when you are moving the pointer around slowly it jerks in increments of of a millimetre or so, and its quite frustrating when gaming, especially in sniper situations

Is there any way to make it smoother?

A:Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 - making it smoother?

If you haven't already, install the intellipoint driver. Although the mouse will work using the native Windows driver, you will have fuller use of its capabilities if you install the latest driver.
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Just recently, I've been having trouble with my mouse.

Sometimes, when I single click something, it double clicks it instead. For example, when I want to press the back button, it goes back two pages, even if I click once.

And other times, when I try clicking a link, it doesn't respond. And it takes me a few clicks to actually go to it.

When I open up dropdown menus, whenever I click it once, it goes back up. It takes a few times for me to click it and it stays.

I have no clue what the problem is. It just started happening.

Is there any way I can fix it or any small little tests I can do to check it?


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I just got a new wireless mouse and keyboard set. My mouse today, has begun registering only a half of the clicks that I make. Say I click "submit" sometimes I will have to click it 3 times. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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I have the latest IntelliPoint drivers (5.5), but there is still no way of re-mapping the tilt wheel functions at all. It would be great for games if i could remap to arrow keys for example, because horizontal scrolling isnt recognised in many programs, or ANY games.

Please someone help if they have any idea...


A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 - How to remap tilt-wheel

not too sure about remapping tilt wheel, but i would try a google search and check with M$
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I'm having trouble getting all the buttons for the intellimouse explorer to work with the scroll. I'm running Gentoo 1.4rc1. I can get the scroll to work when I set ' ZAxisMapping "4 5" ' but the extra buttons won't work. If I set ZAxisMapping "6 7" in my XF86Config file, the scroll in apps like Mozilla won't work. Is there any way to get this working as well as all the buttons?

A:MS IntelliMouse Explorer Problem

Hello Kyred, welcome to Techspot forums!

Have you defined the number of buttons in XF86Config? Not just ZAxisMapping but "Buttons" in the same section?
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My MS IntelliMouse will not scroll in WordPerfect. It used to,but not now.
What should I do to get it to scroll?

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I know that this is a known issue (unresolved as far as I know) with Microsoft, but Intellimouse Explorer forward and back buttons do not work in Netscape 4.76. My OS is ME. Does anyone else have this problem and any suggestions. Yes, I have downloaded and installed the most recent drivers.

A:Intellimouse/Netscape problem

Are you sure that the navigator window is focused. Try clicking on the Navigator window and then try using the forward/back buttons.
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I have Intellimouse Explorer optical mouse from MS on NT4 system. The problem is with two side buttons (fourth and fifth), after a while they stop working. Their functions restore after reboot. If I try to re-enter settings using systerm utility, it usually does not work before reboot.
I have the latest driver 3.2 from MS.
M/b A-Open.


A:Intellimouse Explorer addit. buttons problem

I have the same mouse and have never had any trouble in NT 4 with it.

Well, wait - I had one problem. I turned off the mouse icon in the system tray and my settings (double click for pusing the wheel in) stopped working. Do you have the icon turned on?

You say "after a while"... what does that mean? Are you sure it is based on time? It is more likely a software issue - you are running something else that is killing the mouse driver. You can test this by booting up and not doing anything - just let the machine sit for a few hours.
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well ive' got this wireless mouse and just wanted to know if other peeps with it have the same thing happen with their wireless M$ mouse. first,my mouse doesnt turn all the way off when my comp is shut down or its idle for a long time. the laser just blinks every half a second or this normal? also,it scrolls kinda jerky when i use the weel on it.any one else have that prob? and just curiouse,how long will the batteries normaly last in this one.i just got it yesterday so i was just curious. the jerky scrolling gives me a headache when trying to scroll while reading and if i just didnt end up with a crappy one by bad luck,im taking it back and getting a logitech or something,screw moneysoft. thanks for the reply

A:2 Q's about microsoft's Wireless optical mouse 2.0

It's normal for the light to blink... It's jerky... The batteries don't last long... I gave mine away and bought a logitech MX and couldn't be happier. Microsoft Intellimouse stink.

The other best choices based on experience are:

Fellowes optigel optical wireless mouse, (better than logitech and Microsoft)

Gyration optical wireless mouse, The range is killer, and can be used in mid-air, but kinda odd feel when useing on a mousepad.
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I have installed multiple drivers and my trackball will not work on my computer. Device manager recognizes it and say its working properly but the Microsoft software that comes with the download does not recognize it. I have installed ,unistalled but nothing. Have been at this for about 4 hrs, by the way it lights up when computer boots so its getting power and I know it works. Please help!

A:Somebody help please. Issue with microsoft trackball optical on win 7

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .... Which Model of the Mouse do you have ? ... It seems the Software Download does not work ... Read the Link below ..
Updating driver and software for microsoft trackball optical 1.0 USB - Microsoft Community
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My laptops trackpad (all features) have stopped working.

Can someone help me resolve this issue?

I have a new powerbook and am running Windows 7 on a partitioned hard drive via bootcamp. Once I installed the Microsoft mouse the laptops hardware stopped working.

Previously (on past computers) both would work together, which is annoying but better than no trackpad. I unplugged the mouse from the USB port but the trackpad still does not work then. I uninstalled the mouse's driver and still the trackpad does not work.

I have been all through the control panel and devices but I cannot find what I am looking for.

All help is appreciated,

A:I installed a Microsoft optical mouse, but...

The trackpad driver may need re-installing, that's all.
Check Device Manager for an error symbol against "Mice & other pointing devices".
If it shows an error then the driver needs re-installing.
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Hello. Can anyone help me? I also have a Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical. But now it's been having some problems recently. The red light inside keeps turning on and off mysteriously and I suddenly can't move the mouse pointer anymore until it turns on again. It does very frequently now. Does this mean that the optical mouse has already gone bad and I have to replace it with another one or is there a way I fix it? I tried installing the Intellipoint CD Software but that still didn't work. I plugged it into the PS/2 Port even though it is also USB compatible. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I have been having difficulties with my XP lately. The mouse does not seem to work now. I have tried to reinstall the software, but I cannot seem to without using the mouse. I am a little dead in the water here.
Any thoughts on how to fix this?


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i have the usb attached, but my mouse is not working, could someone pls help out ASAP?

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Hi everyone. I have been having some problems with my mouse lately and I don't know if its the driver, the mouse itself, my memory, or something else but its been giving me some problems lately. The main problems are that when I try to highlight something it won't highlight it right. It'll not highlight where I want it to and it'll instead highlight something a line or two up instead of what I am trying to highlight. Also sometimes when I single click it goes through as a double click which can be really annoying. So, should I get a new mouse or is this likely something else that is wrong? This mouse is 4 years old so its probably about due for a new one.

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I purchased a Microsoft Optical wheel mouse and installed the Intellipoint 4.1 software. Then I connected the mouse to the USB port. Nothing happened. I rebooted the computer and got an advice box "unknown usb device detected loading driver". I still did not have an operable mouse. Checking the device manager I found an unknown device under the usb hub. I am stuck here. I tried the mouse on another computer and it works ok. I am running windows 98SE. Where do I go from here?

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Have a lot of group materials on CD/DVDs but can'tburn anything nw via Windows 10. Tech said I need to purchase an "opticaal drive" in order to do so.  That dept. didn't name a particular optical drive. Anyone know what this is?
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Been awhile since I posted here Anyways I have a Microsoft optical mouse Link Its a plug and play never installed any software nor had any problems till now Depending on if I use it or let it sit idle it will turn off if you will If I start using it it will just turn off on me somewhere between - minutes If I take it out Microsoft Optical Problems Mouse of the usb port and plug it back in it works again If I let it sit idle it wont turn off Theres not cuts or anything wrong with the wiring as far as Microsoft Optical Mouse Problems I know I can move the wire around all I want and it wont go out I tried installing some drivers and updating them for the mouse no luck there I click on mouse properties and it says this device is working properly even when its turned off Soo any suggestions Maybe the usb ports are faulty or the mouse is losing power -Thanks nbsp

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Have a lot of group materials on CD/DVDs but can'tburn anything nw via Windows 10. Tech said I need to purchase an "opticaal drive" in order to do so.  That dept. didn't name a particular optical drive. Anyone know what this is?

A:Microsoft says I need an Optical Drive in order to...

Heheh, sometimes you wonder about that level of tech support. An optical drive is one that uses a laser to read and write. CD and DVD drives are by far the most common. As long as your drive is able to write as well as read CDs and DVDs it should work. What model if drive do you have? You should be able to see in Device Manager...
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I just installed a MS optical mouse, think it's really from Intellipoint(?). It plugs into my mouse bus port but looks like it has a USB adapter to allow to do this. Anyway, I noticed that the mouse pointer is blinking rather than just a solid arrow. Does this indicate anything abnormal? Reason I ask I'm pursueing answers to some performance problems with W98SE, low sys resources, out of memory conditions, system hangs for periods in the minutes. Also, when I unplug y USB wireless adapter, which is physically below the mouse port, the blinking stops!! Talked with Linksys techie and he thought there might be a power issue?!? I have a USB port hub but my adapter won't work plugged into it with the hubs power supply on. ANy explanations would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Optical mouse pointer blinks

Can't you just plug it direct to the USB port or to the hub??????
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I ve had a DELL laptop for awhile and have long since had problem optical notebook Microsoft wireless mouse with the sporadic mysterious quot scrolling mouse quot SO far as I have learned it is a known problem without a TRUE fix thus I use an alternate mouse months ago I began using a Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse And its been GREAT However weeks ago it stopped working or I should say connecting Changed batteries no help Seems to work sporadically it will connect sometime and then I ll later get the error quot USB device not recognized One of the USB devices to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it quot It then ceases to work Other times this message appears once I plug it in On the M support site is says to ensure that the hidparse sys hidclass sys and hid one I forgot sys files are in the appropriate folder done I ve searched other forums about this and didn t see a good fix for this Anyone with any thoughts THanks in advance nbsp Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse

A:Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse

The "USB device has malfunctioned" error suggests to me that it's a hardware error in the mouse, and time for a new one.
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my usb optical mouse was working just fine but when i switched on stopped optical mouse usb microsoft working my laptop this morning it wasn t working anymore the red laser is lit at the bottom usb microsoft optical mouse stopped working of the mouse but the cursor doesn t move i checked the device manager and saw alerts under the Human Interface Devices tab One for HP Quick Launch Buttons and the other is for USB Human Interface Device I presume usb microsoft optical mouse stopped working the latter is my mouse When i check on properties for both the alerts it says quot Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code quot All the driver files do seem to be in place or so I think since I haven t done any changes lately I have already tried uninstalling both error causing devices under the Human Interface Devices tab But when usb microsoft optical mouse stopped working I reboot both the devices automatically re-appear and with the yellow exclamation mark error still there Any ideas on how to resolve this I m on a HP notebook running on XP Home Edition Version Service Pack nbsp

A:usb microsoft optical mouse stopped working

the mouse itself works just fine when used on my bf's laptop. it's just plug and play.
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I ve got a Microsoft Optical Mouse Blue I bought it back just over a year ago and it has worked flawlessly up until about a week ago Thats when I noticed that Right Optical Mouse - failing button is Microsoft sometimes pressing the right mouse button it does nothing I have to press it between Microsoft Optical Mouse - Right button is failing - times before it registers This happens across Windows in internet browsers games and normal Windows applications I Microsoft Optical Mouse - Right button is failing originally had v of the Microsoft Intellipoint drivers installed this version came on CD with the mouse when the problems started occuring I downloaded and installed v of the Intellipoint drivers but the problem remains Now sometimes I am a bit rough with the mouse I have never dropped it or smashed it around but sometimes when gaming or windows gets me angry I mash the buttons a bit harder than normal Anyway I was thinking of taking it apart and seeing if there might be a foreign substance jammed under the right mouse button or something The cord seems to be alright no gnawing or anything done by animals hehe The mouse is currently operating under USB Would switching to PS possibly cure it Any help would be appreciated nbsp

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1. Red lights stay on when computer is off...unless I unplug or turn off power in back on PSU. (My friend Jbray, across the street has the same mouse and his turns off at normal shutdown.)

2. Pointers are appearing in programs when they are not supposed to(in some games and screen savers).

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I purchased this off of Amazon, but the logo looks un-Microsoft like. I was wondering if anyone knows how I could tell?

A:Does this Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse look genuine?

I just checked the main Microsoft Hardware site and it appears it has this type of font on it, so it might be genuine.
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I have been trying to install this Microsoft Wired Opitical Mouse v2.0 on Windows 7.
For some reason, the software will not install on it. I keep getting hit with This software has failed to install. Any help is appreciated here. Thank You
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I recently been searching through some of my old things in my storage room and I stumble upon the microsoft wireless Optical Mouse. I then took the mouse and plugged it into my computer. However, i can't get the computer to respond to the mouse. I move the mouse around but it doesn't move the cursor on the screen. Is there any drivers that I can download to get the mouse to work? I've been searching for a driver but I'm not exactly the best internet searcher. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it alot.

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when i plug mouse in everything works fine.But when i restart my computer it freezes up on the intro screen.So i unplug wireless mouse and plug wired mouse up and computer starts up fine. Help me please
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I got this USB mouse for Christmas so it s about months old I haven t had a problem with it until this evening -- it suddenly just stopped working It s not Mouse Optical 3000 Wireless Microsoft issue the battery because the red Microsoft Optical Wireless Mouse 3000 issue optical light thing is still lighting and whatnot when I move the mouse The cursor is just not moving when I move it and the buttons aren t working I ve tried using the touchpad to hover the pointer over a link and then click with the Microsoft mouse -- nothing I restarted the computer and it worked again for maybe or minutes and then stopped again I don t like using my laptop s touchpad if I can avoid it I prefer a standard mouse Updating the drivers doesn t help and I ve also gone through the troubleshoot process which also didn t work I downloaded and installed the IntelliPoint software recommended by Microsoft which also did nothing Apparently this is an issue with Microsoft mice because there s a page on the Microsoft support website to fix the problem http support microsoft com kb en-us I ve gone through this process twice and each time the same thing happens -- it works for to minutes and then stops working I ve had to go back with System Restore both times because the instructions tell me to disable my touchpad as well which leaves me with no functioning pointing device until the System Restore fixes it I ve tried restoring back to about a week ago long before the problem occured and that didn t help either Microsoft won t give me any additional support beyond the page I listed above at least not without charging me which is ridiculous -- that s more than my mom paid for the mouse so I m trying to fix with problem without having to deal with Microsoft I don t know much about computers I ve done everything I can think of on my own so I need some external help Any help at all would be much appreciated I miss being able to use my mouse nbsp

A:Microsoft Optical Wireless Mouse 3000 issue

Do you have your computer times set?, (i.e., hdd set to go to sleep, hibernation?)...Let us know, Jazz
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Hi there,

So on my computer yesterday, my Microsoft Wired Optical Mouse 200 was working. Now, it's not.

I didn't install anything onto my PC, nothing. Just nothing. The only thing that happened was that I'm installing Windows 8.1 onto my desktop (the error is on my laptop, Win. 7) as I type this, but I absolutely don't think that would affect anything.

The scroll wheel and the two buttons (click and right click) still work, but moving the mouse does nothing. I tried rolling up a small thing of tape really tightly and lightly touching the inside laser with it, and the cursor moves, but only lasts for less than 10 seconds.

A:Microsoft Wired Optical Mouse 200 suddenly not working

If it helps, it is a Microsoft Optical Mouse 200 (model 1405), and has always worked.
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Hello guys,

This is my first thread on this forum so forgive for any kind of mistakes.
Well, Recenlty a friend of mine gave me a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse v2.1 because mine broke and I was in need of another mouse.The first day I used it everything was ok but then Windows 7 started giving Unkown device message and errors.I can fix it but only temporary by plugging out the battery for 15 minutes after boot the pc the mouse will work but if the cable will be moved a bit,I will get unknown device message.
I would really appriecate any kind of help!
My System Specs
Acer Asprie 5738G
Intel Core 2 Duo T6400
Nvidia GeForce G105M
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

A:I can't get to work Microsoft's Basic Optical Mouse v2.1 at Win7 x64

Quote: Originally Posted by SKouti

if the cable will be moved a bit,I will get unknown device message

Sounds suspiciously like a damaged cable or a loose contact in the USB port. Try the mouse on a different USB port...see if that helps. If not then it's probably the cable itself...
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hey. I was surfing on the net with my laptop when suddenly the cursor didnt move. I tried to unplug the mouse's usb and plug to an other usb gate but it still didn't work. Then i tried to plug it in my desktop computer and it worked!!! Any idea what happened to my laptop???for any details reply to me .(sorry for my english ) p.s both desktop pc and laptop are Windows 7

A:Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse 1.0a doesn't work on laptop

Duplicate post. Continue here: Forum rules -
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I'm currently running Windows XP SP 2 and I just purchased a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 (The box says it runs on Windows XP). The box says it's a plug and play device however my system can't find a driver to run it. There wasn't a driver disk in the box and I can't find a driver anywhere online. How would I fix this? Thank you Rainer1.

A:[SOLVED] Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 Driver Problems

Welcome to TSF....

What usb port are you connecting this thru one in the back of the computer or is it s usb hub of some kind?
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hey. I was surfing on the net with my laptop when suddenly the cursor didnt move. I tried to unplug the mouse's usb and plug to an other usb gate but it still didn't work. Then i tried to plug it in my desktop computer and it worked!!! Any idea what happened to my laptop???for any details reply to me .(sorry for my english ) p.s both desktop pc and laptop are Windows 7

A:Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse 1.0a doesn't work on laptop

Try removing the mouse driver in Device Manager and restarting your computer.
See if a different mouse will work on the laptop.
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I am about to do a clean installation of Windows XP-Home Edition and am using a Microsoft wireless keyboard and wireless optical mouse. Until now, the receiver for these has been connected via USB, but having read other posts surrounding this subject, I have now connected via PS2 and everything is working OK.

I think that I should now be able to complete the installation without any trouble from the keyboard or mouse and that Windows will "recognise" them in the same way as wired items.

Am I correct here, or would the recommendation be to go down the "wired" route until the installation is complete ?

A:Solved: XP - Clean Installation. Microsoft wireless keyboard and Optical mouse.

I recently installed XP using the same rig, also connected to the PS/2 socket. It went fine, no sweat.
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I installed the drivers, but it still doesn't recognize the device when I plug it in. The drivers seem to be for the PS/2 port version, even though it's a USB mouse... I've restarted since installing the drivers and it still not works. The light on the mouse turns on, it just isn't recognized. I've tried another of the same model mouse, as well, with the same result. Other USB devices work.

A:Solved: Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse 1.0A not recognized by W7 on my MSI Wind12 U210
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Hi guys, just a quick problem my friend has with his Dell laptop. He told me that it does not read PC games when he puts the CD in or DVD's.. You can hear the disk spinning and stopping and trying to work but nothing comes of it, and there is no option in my computer either. Any guesses? please help! Cheers!

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I have an older HP Pavilion Core Duo ghz running Vista Home One evening we were watching an Blu Ray on Optical Problem Drives the LG Blu Ray player that s about years old The next morning Windows always gives me the error message that there is no disc in the drive even when there is a disc in the drive We ve tried DVDs CDs and BDs in the blu ray drive Optical Drives Problem and DVDs and CDs in the DVD-RW drive original to the PC When we try to right click on the drive and quot explore quot it always says there s no disc in the drive and ejects the drive drawers I ve done all of the Windows updates since it stopped working Since both of my drives stopped working makes me assume that it must be Windows and not a DOA drive I m pretty sure the drives aren t labeled the same way they were when they were working but I m mostly speculating here I ve run microsoft fix-it It calls the drives quot removable quot determines that there is a problem and then doesn t fix anything I uninstalled both drives and then rebooted and had Windows reinstall the drivers for both drives Same result Nothing on the windows quot Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs quot applied or helped Can someone help me with something that will work This is a HTPC and my only DVD player Thanks nbsp

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My cousin bought me this optical mouse from microsoft, and it had been working fine until a few days ago. Every once in awhile, the laser inside the mouse just shuts off and my mouse stops responding. In order to fix the problem, all I do is go to the back of the computer, unplug/replug the USB connector, and WinXP detects the mouse, and it starts working again. However, doing this 5-7 times a day is really getting on my nerves.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?

A:optical mouse problem

Doesn't the optical mouse have batteries?
Just a thought.....
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Hi. I'm running Windows XP Pro. I just switched to an LCD monitor and since having done so, my optical mouse has started to be uncooperative. When trying to get to the bottom right of the screen the cursor will often not want to go there; it just keeps jumping back to the middle of the screen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's always aggravating.

Any suggestions? The LCD monitor may not have anything to do with it. I also moved and when I set the computer up in my new place I replaced the CRT with an LCD and that is when the problems started.


A:Optical Mouse problem

Hello theolddog, I agree with with your mouse. I don't like LCD monitors either. Your mouse was cruising on your CRT and having a blast but now you have got it running through the mud. I wouldn't want to work either. LCD monitors IMHO are pretty when nothing is moving on the screen but just move your testy mouse around on the screen and watch that tracer follow behind. Your Old CRT never did that. My only advice is to put your CRT back on your system(if it works) and take the LCD back and get your your money, and wait for the LCD's to improve. But remember this is just my humble opinion.
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First of all let me describe my configuration I have two similar hard disks ST A and two optical disks ASUS and TOSHIBA The first pair ST A ATA ASUS is on IDE of the motherboard Asus mobo and the second one in on Silicon Image Sil ATA PCI- IDE Controller Driver version Flash BIOS for Windows from Silicon Support site The second pair appears on Device Manager as SCSI Now the second hard disk D is used only for back up purposes So using the Acronis True Image program create a clone disk of C on D in case of virus attack or windows problems generally In the past I have used the Disk D twice in the place of C and vice versus to overcome problems The point is this configuration creates some problems in Windows booting and the optical disk problem optical disk slave on D dissapears from My Computer no matter is playing a CD or is Idle I have used the Repair Startup of Windows DVD but the problem remains I'm suspecting that the problem comes from the fact the hard disk D is D as hardware and C as software and this might create booting problems in Windows someone told me for Allocation Table etc In case of changing the hard disks the D becomes C and has no problem at all in booting and windows operation with the the D the previous C disconnected I need to make several restarts to force Windows to recognise the second pair SCSI but the problem with optical disk remains It dissapears optical disk problem after - optical disk problem minutes approximately Any help

A:optical disk problem

my last view in this problem led me in the following conclusion : the whole thing is due to " Checknow " operation , which doesn't " understand " the configuration ( hard disk D: , is D: as hardware and C: as software ) and causes problems in booting files attempting to "correct" them . I stopped using Checknow and the problem seems so far to have been solved . Thanks anyway ! ! !
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The problem I'm having is whenever Vista hibernates the CD-ROM drive will not work anymore, and is then detected as a HD DVD-ROM drive and two other CD-ROM drives appear in My Computer.

The drive is a Sony NEC Optiarc 20X DVD+-R DVD burner IDE Model AD-7190A.

When looking through Device Manager it says I have the latest driver for it.

A:Optical drive problem

Can you update the firmware on the drives? It sounds more like a firmware issue than drivers.
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Installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my HP Notebook, a DV2840se. After install, my CD/DVD drive doesn't show up anymore, not even in the device manager. Tried deleting the upper and lower filters, didn't do any good. The drive popped up under "my computer" once, but I haven't noticed it since. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Optical drive problem

Try updating your chipset driver. Have you uninstalled it in device manager - reboot, and let windows redetect it? - read W7 FIX -
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Hi, i have a problem, i have a sound blaster audiy platinum (1st series), windows 7 x64 and a tv with audio optical out.
I want to use optical IN of my audigy to listen the audio from tv to my 5.1 speaker of computer. The problem is that i can't hear the audio of tv and i don't know why. I try to go in: control_pannel-hardware_and_sounds-sounds-tab_recorder and i see that all of the name in the list are not ready, all but S/PDIF IN that is ready. The line next to S/PDIF IN (line that show the sound's level) is always gray, such as it don't receve audio.
Anyone can help me, please?

Sorry for my english.

A:Problem with Audigy and optical IN

Hi Kykkus,
One thing you could try is to update your drivers. Be sure that they're for 64.
If everything else is working, S/PDIF IN should work too..
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I bought a machine with windows vista already on it, I did a nuke on the hard-drive and immediately installed clean installed XP (the company that I bought the machine from said that XP was not an option). I then installed all of my drivers, now XP keeps setting my optical drive to regular CD-ROM drive, it's a Toshiba DVD-RW multi-format double-layer drive, the only thing is I cannot seem to find a driver for this equipment anywhere. My machine is a Gateway GT5428, I'm running 2GB memory and upgraded my graphics card to an ATI Radeon 1650x Pro 512mb card. The weird thing is that even though it's setup as a CD-Rom drive, it can still read DVD's, but it will not burn anything. I would be appreciative of any help anyone could give me.


A:Optical driver problem...

Have you tried burning with software like Nero?
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have tried to uninstall drivers but the damned thing keeps coming back

using XP Home with SP2

currently having to use a Tiny roller ball mouse, non usb.

usb optical mouse I have is a Dell mx310

have and would still like to use my Logitech cordless trackball

anyone suggest how I can either to install on PC?

see attached pics for error's (pics in order that they appear as mouse is plugged in)

A:USB Optical Mouse Problem

try searching your mouse here,en
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When I try to burn something to a DVD data disk, my computer will freeze and lock up until I open the disc tray.

The program I use is powerISO and whenever I try to burn to a DVD powerISO will not respond.

However, when I try to burn to a regular 700MB cd it works just fine.

I use a Maxtor 6y080p0 disk drive.

Does anyone know why I only have problems with DVDs?
Does anyone know how to correct the problem?

PLease and thank you.

A:Problem with optical drive, help?

does your drive read a dvd?
the laser frequency is different for burning a dvd, have you tried cleaning the
laser lens?
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Hello guys,I experienced the following problem: my optical unit can perfectly read any CD/DVD and it's working great, but when I try to write an audio CD, using tools like ashampoo burning or windows media player, the burned cd is empty; I mean each program doesn't show any error and it writes for a decent amount of time but when i try to read this cd, it's empty. How can i solve this problem? the optical unit doesn't seem to be damaged and it was working 6 months ago.Thank's for your attention and time spent, regardsSimone
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Hello. I have a dell 600m laptop and use a Targus Optical Notebook Mouse PAUM004. However, its been acting weird. For example, i use firefox, and when i have several tabs open and click on one of them to close, it closes all of the tabs, or i would have to click it several times to click one tab. When i try to highlight something, on the first click it will highlight a part of a word, the whole thing or the entire sentence. its driving me nuts. I tried to clean the optical sensor thing with a q-tip and saliene solution but it didnt do anything. please help.

A:optical mouse problem

Try clicking the scroll wheel while the cursor is hovering over the tab.
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my usb optical mouse is not working.suddenly it stopped responding .i was using it an hour back and it worked perfectly fine but even though the device is connected the red light is not to be seen on the lower side of the mouse.The left click and right click are working but the mouse pointer does not move on the screen.I am using windows xp .So i hope that you can help me solve my problem.

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I have a Logitech Optical Mouse (Model # M-BJ58). Every time I boot my computer, I have to get into the control panel and reset the scroll wheel to double click. I've down loaded the latest drivers, and it hasn't helped. Any ideas?????

A:Optical Mouse Problem

Without a picture, I can't tell, but does the mouse plug in with a USB or a PS2? If it was a USB, the download may not have taken place properly, since the mouse was probably still plugged into the computer at the time (USB devices want the software added BEFORE the device is plugged in). You might want to backdate your machine then try reinstalling the drivers without the mouse plugged in (you'll have to use the TAB key on your keyboard to do this - ugly but true).

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I have an Asus CRW- 522A, that repeatedly ejects once i switch on the computer. When it ejects, i reinsert it, and it reejects over and over. If i insert any cd in, it stops ejecting, and a yellow and a red flash alternates on the drive LED.
If i manage to start the windows, the drive is not detected.

I tried the drive in another motherboard, intel 965, but the ejecting problem at computer start wont allow the motherboard to boot.

I think i need to reflash the drive, or is it a hardware problem?
obviously i cant flash the drive without bein detected. I'd appreciate ur opinions all, thnx 4 ur time readin this

A:Optical drive problem


If you could firstly boot into safe mode and see if the issue occurs there, if it does then the issue is related to the hardware, if it does not then i'm guessing the issue is related directly to software, settings or anything else Operating System related.

If the issue goes away in BIOS, then boot the system into Safe Mode and see if the issue exists there, post back and let us know how it goes. One last thing, does this ejecting happen whilst you are offline (not connected to the internet?).

Edit: One last test, remove the IDE cable from the CD-ROM after trying the above and see if the issue occurs whilst the cable is unplugged - if it does then the issue is due to a hardware fault and will need to be replaced (cheapest option).

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My PC has three optical drives designated as Drives D E and F respectively These are SATA drives and all are of the same type Drive with Problem Optical and manufacturer Drive D will do everything it was designed to do that is read write play game CDs burn and rip Audios CDs etc However Drives E and F has problems such as the following When I click on the Problem with Optical Drive game to play it will ask to insert the game CD although the CD is already in the drive When I try to quot burn quot an Audio CD it will ask to insert the blank CD although the blank CD is already in the drive Note however that I can insert an Audio CD and play it Also when I go to quot Computer quot and click on the drive it is recognized and in Properties it shows no problem with the drive I tried swapping Drives D and E and it did not make any difference I also did it with Drive F but same problem indicating that the three drives are OK I also tried swapping terminals but still no joy Shouldn t all three drives be able to do the same thing Also I bought a new drive and placed it Drive E s position and it worked flawlessly but when I tried it in Drive E and F position I experienced the same problem I appreciate any help nbsp

A:Problem with Optical Drive

It looks like Windows 'sees' drive E as first and if it can't find a disk there it gives up.

What do you mean by 'swapping terminals' ? What version of Windows is it ?
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Hello I have a Vostro I am not sure if this is the computer or the optical mouse or a conflict between the two I have a Dell optical mouse came with old Dell computer system When I am using the mouse pad on the Vostro laptop the curser does not jump around and seems to stay where Optical mouse problem possible it is supposed to be When the usb mouse is connected the curser will start where I Optical mouse possible problem click but then if the mouse quot line quot is not kept right with where the curser is then the mouse quot clicks quot on it s own and many things can happen - text gets selected and deleted Optical mouse possible problem the page will start scrolling etc Any ideas as to why this may happen As I was typing this post without the mouse plugged in I put the quot mouse line quot up by the quot title quot and kept typing my post here The screen as adjusted times - automatic scrolling And at one point the computer went back screens from where I was typing It is like the quot mouse line quot went up to the back button all on it s own and clicked the back button I was able to get back to this screen Optical mouse possible problem by hitting the right forward arrow button Any ideas Thank you for all of the help nbsp

A:Optical mouse possible problem

Why not just disable the touchpad for a bit.
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I bought a new pc and installed my Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical on it, but I can't configure the buttons to perform different functions. For example, I want to be able to press down on the wheel and make it close an open window. After I installed the mouse, it said I could just click on the "Microsoft Mouse" icon and alter the mouse functions, but there's no menu option for this. In fact, under the Hardware tab it says I have a Logitech mouse installed, not a Microsoft one. How can I fix my problem? I've reinstalled the mouse several times now.

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I recently purchased a Belkin usb optical mouse which I am having problems installing The mouse works on two other machines as plug and play My laptop is a -year old Compaq Presario V OS XP Home SP I have plugged the mouse into all three USB ports and the system recognises new hardware as a Human Interface Device and says that it is ready for use Unfortunately the mouse cursor freezes but still functions when mouse problem usb instal optical I use the Synaptics touchpad - the only other mouse I use I previously used a Logitech usb optical mouse without any problems When I check Device Manager only the Synaptics touchpad mouse is visible in Mice and Other Pointing Devices I checked my system using Driver Detective and it detected that I am lacking a HID-compliant driver I downloaded a setpoint driver package and unzipped as per the instructions but still nothing I am at a loss what to do next Any help for this frustrating problem will be greatly appreciated Regards Cervezarules

A:usb optical mouse instal problem

I would have disabled the touchpad driver, if I wanted to use an optical mouse.

The devices may coexist, but...IMO, the chances of them not coexisting peacefully increases, since they each serve the same computer function.

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Hello everyone. I have a z500 since 2013 and all worked properly until I made the update to Windows 10 a couple of months ago. Since then I had the brightness problem twice and I took care of it but now another one appeared. The optical drive (MAT**bleep**A DVD-RAM UJ8C2) can't write any cd's or dvd's although I can read them without a problem. Whenever I try to write one I receive a message that the writing speed is too high for that disc although is the right speed for that disc. I made a little research and I found that the driver is up to date (version 10.0.10586.0). I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.
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Okay well this just started like 2 days ago.

I bought the MS Wheel Mouse Optical last fall (2003) and worked fine until 2 days ago. My mouse started to just shut down on me in random intervals. By this I mean the infrared totally goes out and can't use it until I unplug the mouse and replug it in(it isn't wireless, so nothing to do with batteries or anything like that).

I've done thorough virus scans using the Norton 2004 Professional several times and nothing was picked up.

Before this problem began I had d/l updates for my Norton and my Steam, dunno if those had anything to do with it.

But I'm really getting annoyed cause my mouse just shuts down on me in random intervals and I have to unplug = replug it to make it work for who knows how long until it shuts down again...

You're help would be much appreciated. Thanks =).

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Hello, I have an Acer E5-573. I bought a caddy to add a second hdd in the free sata socket intended for the optical drive. Once I've plugged it the LED is on and I can hear the hdd spinning but the BIOS doesn't see the hdd. I know both the hdd and the caddy are working right becouse I've tested in a hp laptop with no problems. I'd appreciate any indication to try to solve the problem.
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Am stuck again with a laptop that the optical drive is dead beyond help solid shut and I have wiped the drive and am trying to install to replace the Vista that my work mate had on the machine and just wasn't booting at all I ran drive scans chkdsk froze and think probably the drive was so disrupted corrupted with the kids stuff or just going to the happy hunting grounds Anyway so I have given it a try and hooked up an external optical via USB as it will be some time before I can get a replacement optical but it just will not boot to anything The only boot options I have are HDD - CD DVD - FDD - USB memory from external install with optical Problem - LAN I tried CD USB memory in Problem with install from external optical hope and FDD again in hope but all I get is a black screen with that PXE message and the spinning stick repeating over and over Can anyone offer me suggestion please

A:Problem with install from external optical

EDIT:- I should've read your post properly... ignore what i've just written down, sorry.

Oh wait, you meant you switched the bios options around hoping one of them would pick up the external USB optical disc..

In that case, why don't you try the USB stick method for reinstalling Windows?
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My good old friend logitech mouse died few days ago, so i bought a new one, a trust MI 2570P optical mouse... the problem is, after the drivers for this device are installed, i can't do anything (and before they started instaling, it worked great - that lasted for 2 min, then the driver install kicked in), and it says that the drivers were successfully installed, but when i try to find my mouse in the device manager, i can't find it ((( i tried to work with another mouse, and the same problem appeared... Earlier i haven't experienced such problems i could work with any mouse earlier, my logitech mouse was a cordless one, and this one is not, it's a simple notebook usb mouse... PLEASE PPL HELP ME !!!

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Hi, I bought a mercer mini wireless optical mouse for my acer aspire laptop. was working great until I was working in close proximity with another acer laptop with the same wireless optical mouse. (Not sure if this caused the problem??) Now both mice work for a few minutes & then they freeze. Both laptops have windows xp running. The red light at the bottom of mice still burn while frozen. Please help otherwise I'm returning to supplier

Thanks Karools

A:problem with wireless optical mouse

Welcome to the Forum!

Is this an RF mouse or an IR mouse?

If RF, were the 2 meese on the same Channel Freq?

Are they STILL being operated in proximity of eachother?

Can't imagine that they should have affected one another to prevent operation when NOT close to eachother.
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Hi guys I m new to this forum so bear with me Recently I uninstalled a program and I wish to reload it - When I attempted this the CD did not AutoPlay I thought this strange but proceeded anyway to explore the CD and set it up myself But this did not work either and I could not load any of the shortcuts or icons on the CD I tried this on both drives Optical Unknown Problem Drive and even mounted it on an image drive after burning an image to no avail I ve used many Unknown Optical Drive Problem other technical advice but none seem Unknown Optical Drive Problem to work in my case So far I ve Edited the registry so its quot perfect quot but I may have missed something Created and Mounted an image of the CD and it still didnt work Tried the CD on two other home PC s still no luck Tried other CDs and experienced the same problem - although a blank CD DVD can be read as a blank CD DVD I haven t experimented too much with this though Much help would be appreciated greatly I m usually fairly good at this but I fear I ll wreck my poor PC trying out other methods Oh and my OS is Windows XP Home Edition SP As a side note my Windows Disk Defrag won t let me defrag my C drive but my partitioned back up drive is fine - I used an external one which worked but would like microsoft s one working as well It said quot Disk Defragmenter could not start quot Thanks again nbsp
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I have a benq cordless opt. mouse .... the problem is a couple of things in my start up is keeping my screen saver from kicking in as it should, plus it won't shut down the monitor after the allowed time.

I went into msconfig and unchecked everything I knew I didn't need at start-up and it allowed the screen saver and the shut down to work.

The problem is "mobsync" and "Nvcpl" keep rechecking itself and causing the block preventing the screensaver from working properly.

I checked out each one and they are not important to start up .... "mobsync" is microsoft's sync manager for offline viewing of web pages ... and "Nvcpl" is for my Nvidia video card for the control panel .... which I don't need at start up.

Any idea why this is happening?

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Hi there I have recent bought a Vaio VGN-FW E and also bought a Panasonic problem Optical recognition drive ? UJ- BD drive The BD drive does not come with this this laptop as standard but the VGN-fW S next model up does with the model UJ- BD drive Thinking it would be straight swap guess what fat chance When I changed the driver hardware did not show up in device manger Even though VGN-FW s has the same processor graphics chip the only difference GB of hard drive amp GB of Optical drive recognition problem ? ram The thing is when I swapped the drives in my older Viao VGN- FS S no problems apart from the graphics chip not rendering but recongizes the hardware though So what next is a hardware driver or bios problem The DVD drive does not even boot up new os software I would be very grateful if someone give me some guidedence and tell me what the cause of my hair loss is BIOs- American Megatrends Version - R Y if it helps nbsp
Relevancy 43.86%

I have recently started using an MS Standard Wireless Optical Mouse.
It works OK apart from one small problem. If I leave the PC at the Windows XP logon screen and the monitor turns off (as per the Power options) when the monitor is reactivated the insertion point has disappeared and cannot be made to reappear (eg. by clicking in the password area) so I cannot enter my or other users passwords to login again.

Windows XP Home Edition SP1