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DVD Writer GU40N (hitachi LGE) for Dell not working after win 10 upgra

Q: DVD Writer GU40N (hitachi LGE) for Dell not working after win 10 upgra

DVD writer not seen on my computer
unknown device (suspect is dvd writer)
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Preferred Solution: DVD Writer GU40N (hitachi LGE) for Dell not working after win 10 upgra

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a Dell 8100 XPS and when the hard drive went, I restored from an August backup (using Microsoft's Windows 10 backup) afetr replacing the drive. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the Ethernet adapter so eventually, I reinstalled Windows 10 fresh. The only major problem is that the machine recognizes the drive ( Liteon iHOS104) as a reader.

This is possibly because the 8100 does not officially support Windows 10 (according to Dell).

Is there any way to get it recognized as a writer?

A:CD/DVD Writer/BD Reader Not Recognized as Writer By Dell 8100

Try this:
Solved DVD drive missing - Windows 10 Forums

and this:
[FIX] Optical Drives (CD/DVD) Icon Not Showing in My Computer Window - AskVG
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I nbsp have an Ideapad Flex nbsp Since I upgraded yesterday to Windows I have lost the touchscreen ability I had up to that point on Windows On search working not Ideapad touchscreen upgra... on (Flex 15) for pen and touch I was given this message on a system information page No pen or touch input is available for this display I have looked in device manager under Human Interface Devices Expanding the Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgra... view to show hidden devices I see HID compliant touch screen When I click to get device status this is the message nbsp Currently this hardware device is not connected to the computer Code To fix this problem reconnect this hardware device to the computer nbsp How do I do that I Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgra... note a similar problem in Windows on this posting nbsp http answers microsoft com en-us windows forum windows -hardware touchscreen-not-working c cda nbsp Does anyone have any idea how to reconnect the hardware device -- or at least to solve this problem Thanks nbsp nbsp Mod's Edit Added model to Subject line for clarity Solved Go to Solution

A:Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgra...

I solved the problem here for my sister's Flex 14.Press Windows+X and open Device Manager, go to Mouse and uninstall USB touchscreen.Solved the problem here...
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acer extensa 2508 touchpad not working after upgrade to win 10, it was running win 7

A:acer extensa 2508 touchpad not working after upgra...

Hi motlotlegi Try reinstalling the driver - go to device manager, right click & select uninstall. Restart the laptop & Windows will reinstall it. Hopefully it should now work. If not then check Acer's support for your region to see if there is an updated driver.
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acer extensa 2508 touchpad not working after upgrade to win 10, it was running win 7

A:acer extensa 2508 touchpad not working after upgra...

Hi motlotlegi Try reinstalling the driver - go to device manager, right click & select uninstall. Restart the laptop & Windows will reinstall it. Hopefully it should now work. If not then check Acer's support for your region to see if there is an updated driver.
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My Dell Inspiron has the infamous quot almost black screen quot problem and it Are Dell inverter interchangeable? Hitachi boards and looks like the next step is to replace the inverter board In searching for the part I find that both LG and Hitachi make inverter boards for the with Are Dell and Hitachi inverter boards interchangeable? the quot screen I don t know which one to buy Do I need to replace my inverter board with the same one that is in there now or will either of the available boards work If I do need to buy the exact same board is there a way I can tell what I now have short of taking the screen apart and looking at it I realize I will have to take it apart to replace the board but I don t want to do any more monkeying with it than is necessary I am not a technical person and I figure every instance of fiddling with the machine is another opportunity for it Are Dell and Hitachi inverter boards interchangeable? to break forever BTW I thought maybe I could get information about who manufactured the monitor from Settings System Hardware and then order the corresponding part but unfortunately there was nothing there or at least nothing that I found Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Are Dell and Hitachi inverter boards interchangeable?

is there a way I can tell what I now have short of taking the screen apart and looking at itClick to expand...

Answer: Take screen apart and look at it !
Basically Dell use different screens in same model laptops

Likely: Hitachi (but not confirmed)

Edit, no not interchangeable, sorry about that!
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Hello Good morning! I really need help on this. My hitachi hdd cannot be detected by my windows but I can play it smoothly in my tv. I bet my hdd is faulty and I just wanna recover my files.

What do I need to do to recover my files?

A:My Hitachi hdd is not working in Windows but works in TV.

Do you have the latest Hitachi drivers? (

Have you tried plugging the SATA cable into a different slot. (could be a dead connector, try a different lead)

Also, have a look in device manager and see if there are any "Yellow Error Marks"

another good way to check would be to boot in to the bios, and see if it is registering anything plugged into the sata ports.
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I have bought my friend a pair of turtle beach X11's for christmas and given them to him early.
He's tried setting them up on his hitachi tv model no. l19h01ub
When using xbox he can only hear the microphone conversation as that doesn't use the tv volume.
He lives quite far away and I don't have time to go round and look for myself.
Is there an option in the tv to control volume out-put or something of that sort?
Or does he need an adapter for this type of tv?
He's using the HDMI from xbox to tv and plugging the red and white audio cable into the back of the tv and getting no game volume?
Hope this makes sense to someone and they can make sense of it to me!
Thanks, James.
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I have a Hitachi Visiondesk 2630, model number PCX7DL7HM618P.
This computer was given to me by my doctor, it says "iPhysicianNet" on the front of the monitor.
I am having a problem getting my "Altec Lansing multimedia computer speaker system ATP3" to work as an external speaker system. The computer has speakers built in to the monitor, but I am not able to control the volume, as the icon in the taskbar has disappear for the volume. I tried disabling the driver to get the external speakers to work, but it won't work. The built-in speakers override the ones that are external. I know I have the speakers plugged into the output port.
I'm so confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:External Speakers Not Working on Hitachi Visiondesk 2630

You can get the volume icon put back in your system tray by the clock by going to Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices under the general tab put a check box in Place Volume Icon in the Taskbar then go to the Advanced button and choose the Drop Down menu and choose Desktop Stereo Speakers or whatever type of speakers the Altec Lansings are. Be sure you are plugging them into the Green Audio input on the back of the computer.
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I posted this yesterday but now I can't find it. None of my dvd's that I burn work, I uninstalled all burning software and even used the Roxio and Nero clean tools to ensure it was all gone. Now, I tried burning a dvd and it appeared to be working but then got stuck halfway. I tried another but this time it 'simulated' writing but there was no activity light and of course it is empty. When I tried before with Nero it gave the error unable to close using disc at once.

I've searched high and low for a solution for this problem. I've already scanned for viruses and cleaned the system. I am at a total loss of what to do now. Any help would be most appreciated.

A:Dell 1525 CD/DVD writer problems

Is Vista fully updated using Windows Update until no more updates are found?

"I've already scanned for viruses and cleaned the system"...

Did the scans find anything?
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I m trying to install a Plextor PX- DVD writer in a Dell Optiplex L The case is the same as for a Dell Dimension with three Installing 170L Dell Optiplex in DVD writer normal Installing DVD writer in Dell Optiplex 170L sized half height bays for inch drives one of which as a CD burner in it Ideally I would want to simply replace the CD burner with the DVD writer It s the Dell case that bugs me This upgrade would be no problem with a standard PC mini-tower case but the Dell case is designed in their own annoying way I figured out how to get one of the metal sides off but the other metal side the one closest to the motherboard is integral with the top of the computer case and is riveted on Once I got the metal side off I was only able to unscrew one of the screws holding in the CD-Writer drive The other side is behind a stylishly curvaceous panel and is inaccessible I thought the drive bays might come out but they also appear to be riveted to the case Not being able to get the other metal side off I have no idea whether there might be two more screws attaching the CD-Writer to the other side of the drive bay which is normal unless you are like me and leave screws off I don t know why the office bought Dells I can t stand them in a lot of ways one of which is the problems I run into every time I try to work on one Surely I don t have to drill out rivets just to change a CD drive nbsp

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I have a Sony CD burner that came with the computer which won't burn CD-R's, it will burn CD-RW's. I tried different soft ware to no avail. So, went out and bought a Sony DVD CD burner and guess what, same deal. It won't even burn either DVD R or RW's. I think something is on that should be off or something is off that should be on in my computer. It will burn CD-RW's. Can somebody help me?


A:DVD Writer not working

Well you can't burn CD R discs (because they're read only)

Anyway, what program are you using to burn the brand new blank discs?
Have you tried other discs?

And what are you burning exactly? Because it must fit on the disc too
Try burning one picture to the new blank disc (just to test it)
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how can i reinstall my dvd writer it shows up in my computer but says that it is not working properly i have troed troubleshooting and repairing but it still does not help
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hi guys my dvd writer has recently stop working, the light is on all the time, even when a disc isnt in but it wont spin or read a disc when its in. can any of you guys help,

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am running XP Prof sp3
have a HP DVD Writer 300c "showing" installed in the properties of explorer
I recently had Itunes installed but decided to uninstall it....when I did I lost the functioning of the DVD drive
How can I correct this? I have already tried uninstall/reinstalling the drive.

Many thanks

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I have a cd rom , a dvd rom and a dvd writer in my pc. Now all of a sudden none of them are working. The reason is that windows says that there is a problem with the roms because windows cannot find it. I then removed the roms in device manager and I scanned for any hardware changes. All of the roms are seen by windows and then installed and immediately there appears a yellow exclamation mark and it says that windows succesfully loaded the drivers for the device but cannot find the hardware device (code 41). I installed a new driver for the via chipset hoping that this would correct the problem but no help. The roms are seen correctly in the bios , even if I uninstall them and swop them around. everything seems ok , only in windows the problem is there.
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My dvd writer has stopped working and disappeared from the 'My Computer' page. After speaking to several people I purchased a replacement writer, a Samsung SC-S223c.
After putting it in and turning on it tried to install it but came up as failed. I tried this a few more times with the same outcome...

Any suggestions ? I have a Dell Inspiron 530s
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I have a Hewlett packard 8200 series external cd writer.

I have the correct drivers installed but it still isnt working.

When I go into the properties screen I see the following.

"Location 0 (usbat bridge slot 0)

It also says location 0 beside the main HDD

Could this be a conflict?

Any other suggestions to try?


A:Cd writer not working.

Try reinstalling the drivers/ attaching the external cd-r to a diffrent usb port/hub port
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I installed a CD-writer rewriter on my computer around 2 years ago and never had a problem with it. I had been using it with a program called B's recorder gold. Out of the clear blue it stops working and gives me an error at startup -"The ASPI Manager has not been installed." When I click on more procedure/explanation it tells me "Connect the SCSI board and check that the necessary driver is installed." Can anyone tell me how I can get this thing to start working.
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Hello and thanks in advanced for any help you can give I m posting this in the XP forum as I think it is a problem with XP s registry I am currently having issues with my PC s DVD writers The PC runs XP Pro Version Service pack Xeon CPU GHz GB RAM One DVD writer is an internal drive the other is an external drive LG GSA- B The problem is that they are no longer recognised as DVD writers so I am unable to burn DVDs or CDs Both drives had been working on the PC without problems for over a year until last week when I made some changes to the system Changes I made I updated XP downloading from Windows Update all the recommended updates and installed them I also added new software Not Writer Working Dvd Avid Xpress which may have DVD burning function I also removed the burning software that came bundled with my machine as it was user-unfriendly and replaced it with Sonic s Record Now a simple yet effective burning software Since making the changes XP doesn t see either drive as a writer and any software has writing functionality gives the message No recorder present or similar This includes Sonic and Adobe Encore After reading posts on BC forums and others I have a suspicion that the problem might be in the registry and conflicts with Dvd Writer Not Working old software and new software that uses the DVD writer However after trying two fixes Dvd Writer Not Working described on the Microsoft knowledge base I have not been able to resolve the problem The only way I have read of this issue being resolved has been a format and reinstall- which I would really like to avoid Is anyone able to help Thanks

A:Dvd Writer Not Working

Have you tried uninstalling the devices in Device Manager (Start...Run...type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter) and then rebooting to let Windows re-detect the devices?
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hi my cd/dvd writer just seemed to stop working . i can burn photos or music onto a disc but when i try to look at it it just says disc is blank

A:cd/dvd writer not working

Will the drive read a commercial CD? Is it just ones that you burned that it will not read?

Barring a hardware failure in the drive (and this is possible), or an error code for the drive in the Device Manager, go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click the entry for the drive and then LEFT click "uninstall" (DO NOT click the box to uninstall the drivers). Then restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the drive. If there was a Windows status corruption this will fix it.
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I've had this Compaq for four years and never had an issue with the DVD/Writer or CD ROM. Now...all of's like they've disappeared. I followed the online Compaq help directions...uninstalled and reinstalled (all it did was reinstall drivers) and I still have the yellow exclamation points for both drivers. I don't know when this happened. I don't know how to fix it. Both drives are built in to the CPU. I can't play CDs or DVDs, it just doesn't recognize them. Will a system restore fix this? What's wrong? What would cause this? I really need to get this fixed and fast. I use my computer a lot.

Any ideas???

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I have a sony cd writer it was working before, but all of a sudden it won;t work i have tried so many software to burn it doesn't do nothing when i put a cd in the light is on and it won't stop spinning and sometimes my computer freezes up i have wasted more cds what should i do.

A:Cd Writer Not Working

What software were you using for burning cd's? I would strongly recommend doing a spyware scan with spybot as spyware can cause similar problems.
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My DVD writer stopped working. In the Device Manager > DVD > Properties I found this message: "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)" What do I need to do to resolve this problem?

A:DVD writer not working


Welcome to the forums. Have a look at this page.

DVD Drive error

To resolve this problem on a computer that is running Windows 7, use the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to fix the problem. It checks for common issues and makes sure that any new device or hardware attached to your computer was installed correctly.

Note: To make sure you have the most up-to-date troubleshooters from the Windows Online Troubleshooting Service, your computer should be connected to the Internet. For more information, see Troubleshooting in Windows.

Open the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter by clicking theStart button , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooter, and then clickTroubleshooting. Under Hardware and Sound, click Configure a device.* If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
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ive been having several problems recently with my cd-writer seems to have a mind of its own and sometimes it will copy files to a cd and other times it doesnt. i have no cd-writing software i am using just the windows xp write to cd function. it goes through the process of burning the cd but when i go to open the cd no files are on there sometimes


A:cd-re writer drive not working

The Windows XP CD writer can be a little flaky, try Deepburner, a freeware CD burner.

Also the safest way to burn a CD is in one session. When you do it in multiple sessions some of the prior sessions can become unreadable.
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novice computer operator here needs help with cd burner/writter.. bought computer used and was working when I bought but when set up at home cd burner didn't work. I removed housing to make sure it was still plugged in ...then did a device manager check and it is "working properly". When a cd is inserted green light blinks then is steady (for on/disc) but the ready to write lite never lights. I have tried to write numerous cds but nothing happens....dics doesn't even spin.. Don't know what to do next....please help
Thank you

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I recently bought a Samsung TS-H B Memup DVDRW x to replace my DVD-ROM drive There is a review at http www tomshardware com storage dvd burners- html and specs at the website of the company I well. DVD new not writer - working SP2 WinXP bought it from at http www mpcomputersdirect com Shop Product Details asp DP amp RP amp BSP WinXP SP2 - new DVD writer not working well. When I bought it the media I bought to go with it were Bulkpak x DVD-R GB disks in a spindle of after instalation of the drive I attempted to write a disk but unfortunately the first attempt failed completely with Nero not WinXP SP2 - new DVD writer not working well. recognising the disk Most subsequent attempts with these disk was successful up until finalization at which point Nero told me that the disk couldn t be finalised None the less the disks were still readable by my machine Knowing that I was only able to write DVD s intermittantly I decided to buy some better media I can t remember the name but the media I bought was good I know numerous people who use it on various drives with no problems and it wasn t exactly cheap I can write these disks perfectly according to Nero but with one massive problem When I re-insert the disk I ve just written the drive can t read it and so explorer hangs while it s trying It never manages to see what s on the disk This is now proving to be a major problem because my system drive is now failing unrelated issue and I need my dvd writer to back up my data before re-installing the system onto my other drive My configuration is Primary Master GB HD - system Slave GB HD Secondary Master DVD ReWriter Slave CD ReWriter My system specs should be roughly up to date in my profile Heres device manager and here s My Computer Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:WinXP SP2 - new DVD writer not working well.

If anybody has ANY suggestions, nomatter how unlikely or obvious, I would really appreciate them. I really am stumped on how to solve this, and 60 GB of data is a lot to handle on CD. My system hard drive has started seriously clicking and banging, I can't afford a new one at the moment, and if I don't get this DVD burner working, I'm going to loose the lot when my system drive fails because I'll have to format it!

I'm quite desperate now. Anything at all would be very much appreciated!
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Last year on December I ve bought a Samsung DVD-writer SH-W C and followed the instructions in not help working DVD-writer drive and need the manual both in the product box and online web manual I even installed DVD-writer drive not working and need help the bundled software Nero that came together with this product as DVD-writer drive not working and need help well But I m experiencing problems with this drive It would not read or write the contents in the CD or even DVD The company Samsung offered quite a lot of troubleshooting and told me that I should update my drive using the firmware of which I did but still the same situation or changing some registry in the PC of which I would not do it as it can cause unpleasant effect on the PC The OS I m using is Windows XP Pentium which is recommended It can recognise the drive but would not work I do not know what is the problem and run out of possible solutions to it Can you suggest any more solutions Plz reply ASAP nbsp

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Hi I hope this is the right section to post this I have a Dell Dimension Desktop Tower model Processor Speed GHz MB RAM Microsoft Windows writer my CD stopped working XP Home Edition Factory installed X CD-RW DVD Combination Drive HL-DT-ST my CD writer stopped working RW DVD GCC- B I keep all Microsoft software updated regularly I bought this several years ago new I have periodically been having problems writing to a CD in my combo drive I can read CDs alright Last time I wrote to a CD was about months ago I tried to write a backup of data files today amp found that when I drag the files to the D drive a little grey box pops up amp it tells me quot D not available incorrect function quot or something like that Under the Sonic RecordNow v that came w the machine but I think I updated it in the last couple of months which I have used before to write to disks it won't allow me to now At the top it says quot No Recorder quot amp in the pull down window quot check for drives quot it won't even do that Going to the D drive Properties there is no quot Recording quot tab to enable or whatever is supposed to be there I right clicked on the quot D quot drive amp went to quot Hardware quot amp clicked on HL-DT-ST RW DVD GCC- B amp it says it's working properly I uninstalled this device at one point reinstalled it amp rebooted as I did w every fix attempt but it didn't do anything Can't remember exactly where I went to do that I went into the registry as per the suggestion at http www techsupportforum com f lp- html There was no quot lower filters quot but there was an quot upper filter quot and I deleted that rebooted but it did not solve the issue I think I did this last time it stopped working last time I tried to write to a cd a few months ago amp it fixed it then but not now No error codes pop up it just won't write amp evidently doesn't think the device is supposed to write Bur I used to write disks all the time I went into the quot add hardware quot wizard off the Control Panel in case it would help but it says it can't find any newly installed hardware to install Any suggestions Thanks in advance

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I have an HP pc with a cd-witer (drive D) running Windows XP.
Before I could put a blank cd in drive D and then copy and paste files to drive D.
The files on drive D would be shaded and it would say files waiting to be written.
I could then write these files to the cd.

But now, when I try to copy files from my hard drive it says D drive not accessible.

The cd writer works because other software can write to it (HP Record, Real Player...)
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Hi i have a sata hdd its 10mths old, never got it working since i got it,

i have connected it all up correctly, it is visable in "My Computer" but when i try and double click on it, its says insert disk into G: drive

it says this even when a disk is insereted, i have tried this on 2 pc's but no luck

Thanks in advance

A:Sata DVD Writer not working

Do you have Sata drives in the comp already?
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My 5 yr old HP Pavillion a1600n with a "HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H20L" CD/DVD reader/writer stopped working. The hardware list says there are NO drivers installed. I went to the HP site and installed the firmware U and rebooted following instructions, but that did not work. Now what? When I put a disk in, the drive light lights but the disk is not recognized. Is there another driver I should be using? I have Windows XP not VIsta... so I wasn't sure if the other forum post suggestions would apply to me--the one about unistalilng the upper and lower filters (which I have NO idea what that even is).... I wish I were a computer geek!

A:PC DVD/CD writer stopped working

Try the automated Microsoft Fixit Solution first from here:
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Hi I have a fairly new and rarely used Samsung Speedplus DVD writer Its just a year old and the only time I used it much was to install Windows XP After that maybe - times for a few minutes Now yesterday when I tried to use it it would not detect any CD or DVD I checked Device Manager and there was no error or problems as such I uninstalled it and reinstalled but nothing happened The device seems to be working because I can see the green light plus when I put the CD or DVD and when I eject it I find the CD has been rotated I removed the DVD writer from the tower unscrewed it and cleaned the lens but it still wont work I downloaded the autofix file quot MicrosoftFixit dvd RNP Run exe quot and ran it but even that didnt fix it In the Device manager the name is given as TSSTcorp DVD-RW TS-H but in BIOS the name is mentioned as TSSTcorp DVD-RSWHT Should that be a problem Plz help My System Info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G GL GE PE GV Graphics Controller Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard i GE Antivirus COMODO Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp

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i am having a LG dvd writer it is not reading the dvds.....and is reading/writing cds very well....!!on a whole it is functioning exactly like a cd writer...!!!! so please tell me what the problem.....??? and how to solve it....???

A:DVD writer not working properly

DVD RW drives have 4 lasers:
- CD read
- CD write
- DVD read
- DVD write
One, or both DVD lasers may be out.
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For some reason, all of my floppy disk/cd writers weren't working. I bought a pioneer internal dvd/cd writer model DVR-710 to replace them all.

Once everything was plugged in, it wouldn't show up. I went to add harware and searched. The product came up w/ an exclamation mark and when I clicked on it I got the following message:

"Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"

Someone said that my pc might need to have the registery settings change. Can anyone help? I don't have a clue why it's not working and I think my old writers might still be good. I get power to all the hardware. Any suggestions?


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Hello I was not sure where to put this topic and so I am sorry if I put it in the wrong place perhaps I tried writing something to my CD copying some files and it would not work I am not sure but I think this is why Recently I was Solved: CD not Writer working having a problem with an error message popping up on my computer and so I went to a Solved: CD Writer not working computer help forum not this one and they gave me a link that gave instructions on how to change the names Letter of your various drives including your CD drive So I tried that Then this morning I tried putting some files onto a CD and it wouldnt work it kept saying CD Writing Wizard pops up and says quot Insert a writable disc to continue There is no disc in the drive Please insert a writable CD into drive L But there WAS a disc in there Can anybody help me please I must get this fixed because people order and pay for CDs I send to them with files on them To let you know how I had changed the drive letter I right clicked on My Computer then clicked on Manage then Storage then Disc Management then I right clicked on CD-ROM -change drive letter and paths I dont know anything about computers here is some information about my computer if you need anything else please let me know but I probably wont know how to find out so please let me know that as well Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Hewlett-Packard Pavillion AMD Althon tm XP GHz MB of RAM nbsp

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i have a windows xp with a cd writer or cdrom or cdrw what ever its called anyhow it quit working. it sometime disapears from the device manager and from my computer and when it comes back in there it will not play my cds. sometimes the light on it is red and its suppose to be green. and the other day it was back in my computer folder but it had a question mark can anyone help me with this please i want to reinstall windows. thank you

A:help cd writer quit working

Welcome to TSF sweetgirl. Please list your computer specs be as precise as possible (e.g. name and model of motherboard, cpu, ram, etc.)
Have you checked Device Manager for any conflicts? you will see a yellow question mark. Open your case (unplug power before doing so) and make sure all cables are seated securely.
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I have an older (2001) HP Pavilion a1110n computer with a HP DVD Writer 640c. It opens to accept a CD but will not play. I checked Device Manager and there are no red or yellow tags next to the hardware. How do I troubleshoot? If it is defective, is an external CD player a good option? Thanks in advance.

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1.) Have you tried inserting a needle or pin into the small hole on the door of the CD writer? That will eject the drive. If it still doesn't open automatically after initially opening using the pin/needle, there may be
something physically wrong with the Drive.

2.) Have you tried Microsoft's fix for the "media not readable" issue?
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My 4 year old Dell vostro 1400, a carryover from my son's college days, has stopped reading and writing DVDs, though it reads and writes the CDs perfectly.

I replaced the DVD drive with a new Optiarc internal DVD writer. This new Optiarc has worked for about six months and then again same problem not reading and writing DVDs only.

Is the problem with the DVD writer or with the laptop? I am apprehensive to replace the DVD writer again.

By the way the OS is Windows XP professional.

A:Dell Vostro 1400 laptop internal DVD writer not reading/writing DVDs..

Normally it can be attributed to the laser burning out. The drive uses a different wavelength to do CDs than DVDs. They often don't burn out like a light bulb but just can't do the higher wavelengths.

Optical drives are notorious for sudden failure. On a desktop it's no big deal - a $20 repair. But a laptop is expensive to do replacements on. I'd be bumming too.

Curious (dealing with a similar issue with a laptop here):
When you go into Device Manager and check the properties of that Optiarc drive, is the name 'garbled'?
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my card reader just not working the error message says "the request could not be performed because of an I/O error" i dont kno wat to do.Ive tried opening the cmd prompt,select run from the start menu but this not working either.Could someone please help me, i wanna see my pics and upload them to my pc. Thanks

A:card reader/writer not working

Check Device Manager for any devices listed with a yellow ! or red x

If there are any, those devices are at a minimum, missing drivers.
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can a virus stop my DVD writer working as it as just stopped working

A:can a virus stop my DVD writer working

Hello and Welcome to TSF.
I'm nasdaq

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my hp dvd writer says 400i on the drive but it's recognized as a 400c I have windows xp home edition I recently downloaded and used windows registry pro and windows cleanup afterwards my dvd writer drive E is not recognizing discs when I double click the drive I get a blank screen with the drive listed on the top as if there is nothing on the disc I used the troubleshooter and it says the drive is working properly I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drive,and I've tried system restore and the drive is still doing the same thing i don't know anything else to try please help Goodun

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hi, went to burn a cd tonight and neither real player nor easy cd creator is recognising my built in cd-r. I think its samsung but cant remember how to locate name of device. My boyfriend moved pc recently and took out leads but surely if its built-in that shouldnt matter, although its only since he moved it that its gone nuts.

A:help, my cd writer is suddenly not working. (hope this is right board)

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Is the cd drive detected by Windows?

I.E can you see the device in my computer?

Go HERE and read my post. You will notice a link to the free Everest programme. It will give you lots of info about your system.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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For some reason today i turned on my Pc to see it no longer shows my CD writer on (My Computer) list. After looking closely at the hardware profile it has a explination point on it and says (Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Yes i tried to uninstall the drivers but after a boot up it shows the same thing nothing there for my CD drive. XP wont detect it for some odd reason and i dont know why? its been fine for two years now. I even downloaded the manufacture s driver and software but i still get nothing. Anyone have any ideas?
Just FYI its a (HP CD-writer plus 9100i)

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About years ago I installed an off-brand BusLink USA DVD amp CD writing drive and it worked fine until a couple DVD-ROM DVD/CD writer working stopped Functions of drives of months ago until suddenly it could no longer read DVD-ROM disks It could still write CDs but couldn t read or write DVD s I had the exact problem with that drive s predecessor when I upgraded from W to Win XP To clarify On install DVD s the drive would read one file on a DVD-ROM type like Mad Magazine s DVD-ROM Functions of DVD/CD writer drives stopped working Absolutely MAD the autorun popped up the PDF menu but the links didn t work in Windows Explore only one folder showed up The next day at work my friend told me that his drive had also stopped reading DVD s we were both trying to install programs from DVD s This makes us suspect that maybe it was one of the neverending MicroSuck updates that was the culprit since it happened to both of us on the same night Here s more clues My friend and I both have homebrew boxes with mix and match components my mobo is Intel My wife s DVD-ROM still works and it s a year older than mine but it s OEM it came with her Sony VAIO Another clue Late last year I bought a cheapo Pioneer DVD CD writer and replaced my old Yamaha CD-R RW not the off-brand DVD CD writer but it was crappy and didn t update its info e g I d take out the Oblivion disk and put in a different one but it would still show up in Explorer as Oblivion so I took it out Then the stuff in paragraph happened so I reinstalled the Pioneer piece of and sure enough I was able to get my programs installed from DVD and also read files from DVD-ROM A couple of weeks later I found a good deal on a Sony DVD CD writer and it worked too and the Pionner still worked as well And then they both didn t I ve tried installing updated MOBO IDE drivers checking MS Support but nothing Anybody have a clue WTF s going on Thanks in advance and thanks for reading this far nbsp
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Hello All,

I have re-installed WIN XP PRo on my pc.

Everything works but my Pioneer DVR106 DVD±RW Writer.

It is recongnized as a "Mass Storage Controller" in Windows Device Manager.

I had the drive working before my reinstalation. I was running Win XP Pro as well.

I have done everything possible. (Uninstal, Reinstal, Removed the drive physically, etc)

I'm at my wits end.

Anyone have any ideas?

Worse case scenario....what if I purchase another Pioneer drive?

Thank you all for looking.

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My laptop hp 15-r204ne allready have 4gb hundayi ramBut i am trying to upgrade it to 8gb by adding 4 gb kingston ramPlease telll me wether it supports this ram in other slot and tell me wether it will work nicelyKingston Technology 4GB 1600MHz PC3-12800 1.35V SODIMM Memory for Select HP/Compaq Notebooks KTH-X3CL/4GFR link is the product detailsIf anyother rams you know that supports my laptop pls inform me
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I'm trying to figure out the best way to permanently delete Microsoft Office Document Image Writer & Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Getting rid of them once doesn't seem to be enough, as they always reappear. I guess Windows Update brings them back. I've found a couple of vbs lines that can be added to the login script, but they involve running prnmngr.vbs, which is apparently very long and can cause system delays. Maybe there's something simpler?

If this has been covered before, I'm sorry to repeat it. I did some forum searches and came up empty. Thanks for your time!
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Im having lots of issues with Windows 8.1 so I have to reinstall. Store/Settings arent opening. 5 minutes or so of a black screen and cursor on Start up.

I attempted to go here: Upgrade Windows with only a product key - Microsoft Windows Help

and use that for reinstalling, but it isnt excepting my product key.

How can I reinstall Windows 8.1? Am I really going to have to re-install Windows 8 from scratch and then Update again to Win 8.1?!

A:How to re-install Win 8.1 (original OS was Win 8 Pro Upgra

Didn't you d/l the 8.1 files for iso?

There is a thread about how to do that. You only need the first post.

How to download the Windows 8.1 ISO
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I'm considering the Ideapad 510 15" (Part Number 80SR0055CF).  i5-6200U, 4GB onboard RAM, 1TB 5400RPM hard drive.
Can I upgrade the RAM myself? I see some 510 models have 4GB onboard + a 4GB DIMM so I'm assuming that if I get the 4GB onboard they'll be an empty DIMM slot I could add RAM to, is that the case?  If so, what's the max memory I could add?
What about the hard drive, can it be upgraded/replaced?  At some point I would probably want to put in an SSD.
If someone could link to the hardware maintenance manual that would be really useful, then I could check these things myself.  I can't find the manual for this particular laptop.  Thank you!
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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nbsp I bought a GB Sandisk SSD the correct type for my Pavilion x Notebook and want to replace the current GB HP SSD in my machine nbsp After considering the cloning option which would mean getting cloning software and an adapter to migrate the image to the new SSD I have determined that probably the better approach is to install Windows on the new SSD after I have installed it nbsp Can anyone provide guidance nbsp Pavilion x2 SSD (upgra... with on How to Windows new 10 install Suggestions nbsp For instance when I check the boot sequence which I assume I would have to set How to install Windows 10 on Pavilion x2 with new SSD (upgra... to USB nbsp I don't see a clear option just one How to install Windows 10 on Pavilion x2 with new SSD (upgra... for a USK Key or device nbsp I would want it to boot from the USB in which I would connect a Windows install nbsp Notwithstanding the Key activation issues I would appreciate some insight into how I can accomplish this nbsp I like this Pavilion x but the GB SSD really is How to install Windows 10 on Pavilion x2 with new SSD (upgra... too small nbsp Polenta
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I wish to upgrade this laptop ,therefore can somebody tell me the maximum capacity of RAM that this computer can take toghether with a HDD change
What HDD can I fit on my laptop to get the most upgrade possible
I am putting down the details of the tag as they appear at the back of the computer
         Dv 4378EA
S/N  [Personal Information Removed]
I presume they read;  Product: HP Pavilion dv40000
                                         Model:     ES973EA
                                         Series:     DV4378EA
Thank you

A:pavilion dv4000 max RAM that can be installed and HDD upgra...

Here is the Service Manual: Manual It uses DDR333 aka PC2700 SO-DIMM maximum 2 gigs.  This memory should work for you: For the replacement procedure, see page 5-15. The hard drive is shown at Page 5-7.  The hard drive type is EIDE aka PATA. This is "legacy" (obsolete) hardware and larger sized PATA drives are getting hard to find. There is no size constraint imposed by the BIOS or hardware, but the market may not supply you with anything bigger than about 320 gigs and it is going to be expensive to find a new one. The biggest I ever saw was a 500 gig but I have not seen one of those in years. You want to try to find a 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm model although 7200s are extermely hard to locate. 4200 rpm models are just too slow to use.  Here is a 320 gig on eBay for about $100:  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hi, I have ideapad 100-14ibd(80RK).I ran lenovo companion app, on the memory section , it says that using 2GB out of 8GB.That means I can upgrade 8GB memory.After few weeks, the laptop bluescreen on boot up and I use onekey recovery to restore the system to initial state.Now when I check at memory section in companion app, now it says that using 2GB out of 16GB.That means I can put 16GB straight into the slot or is the app just a lie?The manual says max are 8GB memory. Now I confuse. Companion App (Memory tab)?Intel® Core? i3-5005U Processor (3M Cache, 2.00 GHz)  Hardware Maintenance Manual - ideapad 100-14IBD Thanks in advance.

A:Ideapad 100-14ibd 80RK - Max memory(RAM) can upgra...

[email protected]  To find out how much RAM your operating system supports running the following software: Regards.

Click on the star to say thanks.Please mark if it solves your problem.No work for LENOVO I volunteer.
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My acer Aspire V - has been intermittently losing WiFi for past days since Windows upgrade from Windows Home Premium The Aspire has Atheros wireless network adapter AR BWB Wed nbsp So far I have In the Atheros AR BWB Wireless Network Adapter Properties I nbsp unchecked the box in the Property Management tab which read Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power nbsp b Made sure airplane mode was in off position c Forget exactly where I did this but made sure settings in another location Windows Intermittent WiFi issue upgra... 10 following were set at Maximum Performance Checked that firmware is up to date on my network router with security set to WPA -PSK AES Searched through many forums to read responses of folks upgrading Intermittent WiFi issue following Windows 10 upgra... to Windows with WiFi issues--seems this is widespread problem though no one has said WiFi signal loss was intermittent as is my laptop's Internet hits for my searches also show WiFi issues occurred in the past for installs of Windows So Intermittent WiFi issue following Windows 10 upgra... far have not come across mentions of WiFi issues for past installs of Windows While exploring my laptop I came across a page of Microsoft Updates--SEE ATTACHED I was surprised to note that these updates are released quite frequently over the course of a day For example separate updates between PM and PM on Aug and separate updates between AM and PM on Aug nbsp Am including part of the record of updates for August and August I am aware that Microsoft uses my WiFi to AUTOMATICALLY download updates Is it possible that this intermittent nbsp download of updates cause the intermittent nbsp interruptions of the WiFi This afternoon when the WiFi was not working for Windows I reinstalled as a dual boot Ubuntu I had no difficulty connecting to WiFi from Ubuntu Have not yet I have not yet tried connecting the laptop via Ethernet cable to my router during one of these WiFi outages My ISP is a VOIP Internet setup using one Westell and one Cisco router I have not considered if they might be a cause of the problem I read on one forum that someone fixed their WiFi connection issue by changing their router security setting to include TKIP nbsp NOTE I may need to put attachment of screen grab of Windows updates in a separate email reply to this post as this post is not accepting the attachment Would appreciate any comments or suggestions Thanks in advance I shall likely also put this out on a Windows forum elsewhere nbsp nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:Intermittent WiFi issue following Windows 10 upgra...

Hi!FYI, this worked for me, finally a solution!Strangest thing--I uninstalled the Atheros driver. Did NOT reinstall it. After I uninstalled Atheros driver, a right screen Windows 10 style panel immediately appeared--either on notifications panel or in WiFi settings page, was sleepy, don't remember which--containing a labeled entry box for my wifi password. I entered the password and boom, the wifi worked. It's been working since.Again thanks. Will mark solved.

View solution in original post
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Hello. First let me tell you about my machine:
    HP  G62x-400 CTO Notebook
    Model # LD642AV
   [personal information removed]
    Windows 7 home premium
I attempted to upgrade ton Windows 10. At the very end of the process, I got an error message saying that the upgrade failed. I thought -- so I am back to Windows 7 and that is OK. But now, I receive frequent error messages telling me that various "entry points" can not be found on DLL files that I believe are in Windows 10 ONLY. How do I get rid of the problem?
Thank you for your help.

A:G62 notebook - recovering from unsuccessful attempt to upgra...

Craig3428 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Wish I had good news for you, but I don't. While Microsoft tells you that there is no risk in the Win10 Upgrade, because they let you believe that you can always revert back to your original OS and setup within 30 days, the ugly fact of the matter is that the Win10 GoBack function has proven to be unreliable -- and when it fails, it can leave machines in a corrupted state -- which doesn't always happen, but it does happen often enough to be a problem and you won't get any warning in advance that it is going to trash your PC!So, while you DO have Win7 back, most likely, something got corrupted in the process. To further complicate matters, while I would recommend using HP Recovery Media to restore your PC to its original condition. That would erase the entire drive, format the drive, and install the OS, the drivers, and the HP utilities.Unfortunately, there is no HP Recovery Media linked to the HP Product Page for your PC. This could be an oversight by HP, or it could also mean that HP no longer stocks the recovery media for your PC. They no long stock recovery media for the older PCs.Since HP no longer provides Recovery Media for your model, a couple of other sites you should check are: and that the first thing Recovery Media does is reformat the hard drive -- erasing everything from the drive. So, BEFORE you attempt this, you need to save off all the files and data you want to retain.Good Luck
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Hello.Our Laptop is an lenovo yoga 500. windows 10it is has an i3 processor.and runs on 4gb ram. but it lags so much on alot of things.this includes facebook. alot of the time the memory uses 73% and that is me just using the browser on youtube! i can hardly visit some sites.this happens alot and sometimes it does not. so if i were to upgrad the ram, would it make a difference?would the performance be better? or will i be fighting a loosing battle.
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hi i bought the hp au006tx laptop.i want to upgrade my internal hdd to my latop upgradable?i have Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal this compatible with my laptop.kindly reply laptop model is hp has 8gb ram,1tb hdd,4gb nvidia 940mx graphics.i want to replace that 1 tb hdd with 500gb samsung model ssd as mentioned above.tell me whether my laptop is compatible with that samsung 850 evo 2.5inch sata III internal ssd 500gb.kindly reply me.
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I am receiving numerous blue screens do death.  10 is not stable for more than 5 minutes once it boots up.  I upgraded from 8 and have no USB boot stick.  Can Acer community help me?   Will Microsoft help me?   I have posted in ten forum for possible help with windows 10 experts (not Microsoft).    I have detailed error messages and even test results for memory, disk and drivers.   Very frustrating to have trusted the upgrade and now be completely unstable.  Just looking for next suggestion.   Thanks in advance

A:Intermittent WiFi issue following Windows 10 upgra...

Which Win10 version do you have and on what Acer ? (Both should be listed in MSINFO32.
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Brand new E51-80 with Win7 - couldn't upgrade to Win10, got stuck at 'searching for updates'.Tried the same in Win7 with same result, just got stuck in 'searching for updates'.  Tried several solutions i Googled - no success. Then i uninstalled the 'bloatware' McAfee installation, and everything worked again!!  Just to help others that also run into this issue. /Henrik - Denmark

/Henrik - DenmarkX220 - i7-2620, 8GB, 128GB Samsung 830 SSD (I just LOVE my X220!)
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Hi, Please can anyone provide any suggestions? I am having the same problems... Communication says "Connection between access point, router, or cable modem and internet is broken" and another message says "network gateway is accessible but Windows couldn't receive network traffic from internet." Other devices are still able to connect to wireless networkI can see available connectionsRouter has been resetI am unsure as to what automatic updates may have occurred, not being infront of laptop right now. Advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you.

A:Re: HP Pavillion unable to get wifi after an automatic upgra...

Hallo Karrinjerzy Can you post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your notebook - you can usually get this by holding down the fn key and pressing esc, otherwise see Here for a guide on locating this information. and provide me what Wifi card you have?Could you please inform me what wireless card you have in your computer?This can be found under device manager.Right click on the windows icon in lower left cornorPress on device manager.Find a card with WIFI adapter or something with 802.11 in it. Thanks.

ZincasI am an HP notebook technician.Please click ?Accept as Solution ? on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Click the Thumbs Up on the left to say ?Thanks? for helping!
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Hello nbsp I have an Acer Aspire G Last night my computer randomly decided to do the Windows upgrade I did not click okay or accept the terms or conditions or anything It just logged off nbsp and started doing the after Windows 10 driver upgra... Aspire upgrade 5750G upgrade and I couldn't quit out of it Anyway I didn't get a chance to check if all Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra... of the drivers etc were compatible with windows Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra... After the upgrade most things seem to be working fine so far However the scroll bar on my mouse trackpad no longer works Is this something I can fix by simply upgrading the driver If so where do I find the correct one nbsp Are there any other drivers that I should upgrade I was told by a friend that I should upgrade drivers from the generic microsoft ones and install better drivers that are specific to the brand of my computer However Acer only seems to have downloadable drivers for Windows or for my computer nbsp Any help is appreciated nbsp Thanks Claire
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Hello,I recently acquired a z600 with a quad core Intel Xeon E550 and I would like to know if it is possible/desirable to put my old z400 two quad core Intel Xeon W3550.I checked and both use socket b type soo I'd assume I should have a problem but as hardware is outside of my knowledge base I wanted to ask =)Thank you in advance

A:Changing my z600 processor to my z400 processors - CPU upgra...

Hi, The z600 series of workstations support Intel Xeon Processor X5570 QC 2.93 GHz, 95W, 8M cache, 6.40GT/s QPI, DDR3 1333 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor X5560 QC 2.80 GHz, 95W, 8M cache, 6.40GT/s QPI, DDR3 1333 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor X5550 QC 2.66 GHz, 95W, 8M cache, 6.40GT/s QPI, DDR3 1333 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5540 QC 2.53 GHz, 80W, 8M cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5530 QC 2.40 GHz, 80W, 8M cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5520 QC 2.26 GHz, 80W, 8M cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5506 QC 2.13 GHz, 80W, 4M cache, 4.80GT/s QPI, DDR3 800 MHzIntel Xeon Processor E5504 QC 2.00 GHz, 80W, 4M cache, 4.80GT/s QPI, DDR3 800 MHzLooks like they support CPU's with 80W to 95W. The Intel Xeon W3550 has TDP 130W . I don't think this is going to work. Regards.
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Hello nbsp I have after Windows upgra... upgrade driver 10 Aspire 5750G an Acer Aspire G Last night my computer randomly Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra... decided to do the Windows upgrade I did not click okay or accept the terms or conditions or anything It just logged off nbsp and started doing the upgrade and I Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra... couldn't quit out of it Anyway I didn't get a chance to check if all of the drivers etc were compatible with windows After the upgrade most things seem to be working fine Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra... so far However the scroll bar on my mouse trackpad no longer works Is this something I can fix by simply upgrading the driver If so where do I find the correct one nbsp Are there any other drivers that I should upgrade I was told by a friend that I should upgrade drivers from the generic microsoft ones and install better drivers that are specific to the brand of my computer However Acer only seems to have downloadable drivers for Windows or for my computer nbsp Any help is appreciated nbsp Thanks Claire

A:Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra...

A perhaps more relevant question right now is if you want to stay with the unintentional Win10 installation or go back to your original factory-installed Windows 7 version? Jack E/NJ
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adding a second hard drive to a Pavilion dv7 1020us 

A:adding a second hard drive to a Pavilion dv7 1020us or upgra...

It can be done. I used to have one of those model series and if I recall correctly the SATA drive plugs right into the motherboard so you do not need an adapter just a caddy.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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My HP desktop PC, Envy 700-220ef, upgraded itself to Windows 10 a few days ago, without my blessing. Since them, at startup time it goes directly from the BIOS/POST screen to the Windows blue logo, so I get no chance, as I did before with Windows 8.1, to see the UEFI menu and select from it the operating system or boot source I want. How can I get the UEFI menu back ? Thanks.  

A:How to get UEFI boot menu to show up after windows 10 upgra...

@jpmarinier?, welcome to the forum. You should right click on the Start button in the lower left corner: select Command Prompt (Admin) / at the Prompt copy and paste this command: bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes / it will tell you that the command has been completed successfully / type Exit and reboot.  I did this and it gave me the Bootmgr screen. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Hello, I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 5558 with Windows 8.1 64b installed. I can't use touchpad gestures, no scroll, no pinch to zoom, etc. I have installed the latest drivers from here but after install (which says it is succesfull) nothing is showing up in my taskbar or control panel or program files. 

A:Dell Touchpad gestures not working on Dell Inspiron 5558

I found the fix here. Install Synaptics 19.15.2 Windows 10 64 Bit  even tough you have Windows 8.1.
Install like this:
1) Extract the files to another folder
2) Open the folder with extracted files copy the path of the x64 drivers
3) Go to Control Panel>Device Manager>Mice and other pointing devices
4) Right click mice and other pointing devices, select Update Driver>From Hard-Disk
5) Add the x64 drivers path
6) Select Dell Touchpad
7)  Install drivers
8) Restart

Video can be found here:
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Everytime i use the web site to update my drivers , it makes the SAME 3 recommendations for updates regardless if i just Downloaded them and installed them. They are:
1) Intel Z87 Chipset driver
2) XPS-8700 Chipset driver
3) AMD Radeon 6xxx/7xxx/8xxx/R9 Desktop Graphics Driver

Please advise.
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Putting together my quot new quot home dock KVM D820 working not Win7/Dell Dell PR01x on and network I have laptops Dell Latitude D - Win Pro Dell Latitude D - Win XP Pro and Lenovo T - Win XP Pro I have a Lenovo port replicator dock and a Dell PR x port rep dock I have just bought a new Rosewill RKV- U USB KVM With the XP laptops all works great But if I dock my Win Dell D laptop the video comes up but the keyboard and mouse do not - Win7/Dell D820 not working on Dell PR01x dock and KVM using the same port rep dock that the Dell D just came off of I noted the Rosewill KVM port light flashes while quot detecting enabling quot the devices when switching to the other port and then go steady when ready to work But with the D Win the port light continues to flash I Win7/Dell D820 not working on Dell PR01x dock and KVM checked the Rosewill site and they say it's compatible with up to Vista but doesn't say yay nay about - so my guess is it SHOULD since it works with Vista I can't find any info from Dell about Win compatibility with their PR x port rep dock Dell D laptop is running Win Pro x GB RAM BIOS A latest all drivers up to date all software OS etc up to date Any thoughts or ideas

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Hi,I've been considering buying a new GPU for my SFF M92p.I currently have 1GB 620 GT nvidia GPU & I would like to upgrade to a 2GB GPU.  i7-3770 Cpu 3.4GHzWindows 1016GB DDR3 RAM1T HDPSU - 240 Watt I need professional assistance on : - Can i find 2GB GPU to use on this current system @ 240 ?- If not, would i need to change my PSU ? And where do i buy such a unit ? What's it called ? [It's for gaming]    

A:Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p 2988-E2U [Video card upgra...

The GTX 750 Ti could work with a SFF M92p.   Upgrade to the latest BIOS beforehand, CD ISO method is most reliable.   Check that there aren't any taller heatsinks on the motherboard that could interfere with the graphics card (refer to photos of the card.)   
Since your system is older, to ensure the necessary airflow, clean the front air intake and fan with vacuum and canned compressed air, jam the fan with a cable tie or similar so it can't spin and over-speed.  Same for CPU fan and heat sink, and vac the intake and rear exhaust of the power supply.  

I can confirm that this MSI brand low-profile  GTX 750 Ti 2GB  card works perfectly in my M93p SFF machine without upgrading the PSU:   MSI N750-Ti-2GD5TLP
Measuring the power draw running Prime95 (CPU benchmark) , FurMark (GPU benchmark) , charging mobile phone via USB and copying large files at the same time , it stays below 190W.   Have been running this for several hours. I have also been playing Fallout 4 (FullHD, ultra textures, 60 FPS) for 100 hours without any problems.   As the case is quite compact, I was worried about the temperature but it stays below 80C for the GPU at full power over extended periods of time (about 25C ambient temp in the room). 
Installation is ok. Just mount the low profile bracket and move the PCIe 1x WiFi card (if you have one) into another slot.  Preferably leave an empty slot next to the graphics card.
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I recently upgraded to Windows and since then I have been receiving the following Windows message started upgra... Driver error Graphics 10 after message while playing a game Display driver Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows R stopped responding and has Graphics Driver error message started after Windows 10 upgra... successfully recovered nbsp nbsp I checked my graphics driver and it said it was up-to-date nbsp I have tried installling the latest drivers for my notebook model as per the HP drivers page the December version installed with no problem but did not fix the issue nbsp An error message pops up when I try to install the March and April versions of the graphics drivers stating that they are not compatible with my computer nbsp I have also tried both the HP and Intel Driver update utilities and was told that my drivers are up-to-date nbsp However when I look at the properties for my Intel R HD Graphics Family in Device Manager I notice that the information on the Events tab states Device PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS E C amp REV B amp amp amp requires further installation nbsp I am not sure what needs updating on my computer or if this driver is incompatible with Windows and there is not yet an upgrade nbsp Any advice or guidance would be appreciated nbsp My computer model is the HP Pavilion -p ca Notebook PC ENERGY STAR model G U UA ABL and the graphics driver is version

A:Graphics Driver error message started after Windows 10 upgra...

Hi @Gneiss, Welcome to the HP Support Community! I understand from your posts that you are having an issue with your HP Pavilion 15-p050ca Notebook and a error message Display drive Intel HD Graphics Drivers for Windows stopped responding and has successfully recovered. I would uninstall all that are listed in the Device Manager. Click the arrow next to Display Adapters to expand that category. Right-click on Graphics and select Update Driver Software if more than 1 Graphics adapter do 1 at a time. Choose the option to Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.The Notebook should find and automatically install the updated driverAfter the installation is complete, restart your Notebook. It should automatically update with a new Driver and software. If you need to update the Display Adapters. I would follow the method of right clicking on them in the Device Manager only. This will update the drivers on your system to work with Windows 10. Please get back to me how this goes. If this post helps you to resolve the issue you can click the Thumbs up icon to show gratitude! Please click the Accept as Solution, to the right of the Thumbs up icon, if your issues is resolved.   Thanks.
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Hello, I'm having trouble upgrading Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10.  The installation (manual and automatic) fails due to the incompatibility of ProtectTools Security Manager (according to Microsoft). This is also described in a document I found on the HP website: .Before I can uninstall ProtectTools, I need to unistall other HP tools, like Device Access Manager,... And there lies my problem: how do I uninstall Device Access manager? It's not listed under 'Programs and features'. I tried uninstall tools like CCleaner and Revo Unistaller, but they can't find it either. I have installed the latest version of ProtectTools, via the SoftPaq Download Manager and disabled all features in ProtectTools, as far as I can tell. How do I uninstall the ProtectTools suite? Best regards,Wim.

View Solution.

A:ProtectTools Device Access Manager blocking Windows 10 upgra...

I found a way to remove it, on this website: Run: MsiExec.exe /X{55B52830-024A-443E-AF61-61E1E71AFA1B} That fixed it for me.
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The DVD/CD writer is supposedly "Plug and Play". It will read both CDs and DVDs but there is no activity when I try to write. Using NERO I have done an auto-detect drive and it recognizes it. When I start to burn the cd NERO proceeds as if it is writing and even verifies that the burn was succesful. But the drive never even spins the disc?

The drive is a Pioneer DVR-A08xla

I am running windows 98se on an atholon 1700+ chip.

Does anyone know what I'm missing? Or if I should take this to the software forum?

A:Help please..I replaced a cd writer with a Pioneer DVD Writer

Check and make sure you have the correct firmware. Also for W98 some DVD writers require additional drivers.
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Computer details HP Pavillion n amd athlon xp DVD combo cd-writer HP issues writer/ processor ghz mb ddr sdram memory gb Ultra DMA hard drive mb DDR SDRAM NVIDiA gefirce mx graphics with mb a pcated video memory HP DVD writer cd-writer combo n Windows xp home edition The HP DVD Writer cd writer combo n will no longer recognize HP DVD writer/ cd-writer combo issues blank cd media the drive The drive will do the following Copy dvds movies Write dvds videos media files Read dvds Read copied dvds Read cds Read copied cds The Drive will not recognize blank cds Write cds Copy cds Programs tried Record now Windows Media player Napsters built in roxio cd burning software Methods tried Updated the drivers from HP s official website Updated the flash ware from HP s official website Tried different brands of cds Memorex Dynex Sony and HP All cds were compatible with my writer Scanned the computer with uptodate spyware program HP DVD writer/ cd-writer combo issues Adaware SE professional Scanned the computer with up to date antivirus program Symantec Antivirus Corperate Edition issued by my school NO VIRUSES OR SPYWARE FOUND Up to date fire wall Zone Alarm Found the following in my registry and deleted it Root HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Key Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies Explorer Value NoCDBurning ALL PROGRAMS MENTIONED ARE UP TO DATE I forgot to mention what it does when i put a blank in When i try to copy a cd or write a cd from mp s it does the following when the cd is inserted a small cd icon comes up next to my mouse pointer as if though it were reading the disc to let me then the program that i am using to burn the cd keeps telling me to insert a blank cd so i eject the blank and try another blank same thing it tries to read it then says please insert blank cd no matter how many i try or what brands For instance before this happened i used about of my dynex cdrs then all of a sudden it will not recognize them this problem is driving me nuts any help is greatly appriciated thanks nbsp

A:HP DVD writer/ cd-writer combo issues

Looks like I have everyone as well as myself baffled on this one
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Is it possible to upgrade wifi single band card originally installed on my laptop to dual band for picking up 5G. If YES, what the model?Thanks.
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My Dell inspiron 3542 laptop speakers are not working,but 3.5 mm jack is working fine.
Please help me out.

A:My Dell inspiron 3542 laptop speakers are not working,but 3.5 mm jack is working fine.

Hello.The problem could be either in the hardware or the software, so you need to test each. Perform the tests below -- it doesn't matter which one you do first.

To test the speakers, perform the Quick Audio Check in the ePSA test. If the speakers fail the test then they have failed or become disconnected. (Click the link for instructions on how to run the test.)

To test the software, switch between the Realtek audio driver and the Windows native driver. [This test assumes that your laptop has the Realtek audio driver. If you get to step 2 and do not see "Realtek High Definition Audio" then go to the Dell support page for your model and download the Realtek driver that Dell provides for the version of Windows that the laptop is running.]
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, then no need to restart.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]
If the speakers work correctly only with the native driver, then the Realtek driver is buggy. If the speakers work correctly only with the Realtek driver, then the native driver is buggy.

If the speakers worked during the Quick Audio Check (above) but do not work with either driver, it could be that the sensing mechanism in the headphone jack has failed, making Windows think that there is a plug in the jack when there is not. There is a full explanation of that issue in the Headphone Jack FAQ.
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Hello everyone,
Okay so I have this Dell XPS L502X Laptop which I purchased in 2012. The Laptop came with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Edition.
Earlier its HDMI output to my Sony LED used to work fine.
But few months ago, as offered by Microsoft, I upgraded my Laptop OS from Windows 7 Home edition to Windows 10 home edition.  Since upgrade everything has worked just fine except, I do not receive HDMI output to my television.
I have tried searching for online solutions but not sure what could be the problem? Can someone please guide me in right direction? 
Thank you.

A:HDMI Output not working for Dell XPS L502X not working after upgrading to Windows 10

Can someone please suggest a solution..
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Hi I ve a DELL INSPIRON ONE All-In-One PC purchased on th April I installed the Insider s Build of Windows x about months ago I wasn t satisfied with it s performance so I decided to reinstall Windows in it which came preinstalled as OEM when I purchased the PC But unfortunately for INSPIRON DELL DELL RECOVERY BOOTING. NOT BOOTUP RECOVERY ONE IMAGEX WORKING. 2020 AVAILABLE. NOT NOT IMAGE me the DELL BACKUP AND RECOVERY software which I discretely installed in it failed to apply the factory image with error somewhat stating quot DBAR failed to apply the image quot DELL INSPIRON ONE 2020 NOT BOOTING. IMAGEX IMAGE RECOVERY NOT WORKING. DELL BOOTUP RECOVERY NOT AVAILABLE. Also the Dell Backup and Recovery is not even available in the Bootup Recovery mode and not DELL INSPIRON ONE 2020 NOT BOOTING. IMAGEX IMAGE RECOVERY NOT WORKING. DELL BOOTUP RECOVERY NOT AVAILABLE. even if I press F or other function keys I googled and found methods to apply the image using ImageX tool in boot mode I put the hotfix KB actually the ImageX tool in my Pendrive and in the recovery mode I used Command Prompt and typed the follwing command j imagex apply f DELL Image PART EFI wim c where j is my pendrive f was the partition with wim image in it c was the OS path to be recovered It completed in just seconds But other websites stated that it would take around - minutes to complete applying the image I understood that something is fishy and I was right The PC didn t boot again Also the apllied image showed just somewhat mb of data but my hard disk named PBR Image was of around gb in size The swm files in it in nos were around gb each I looked another forum and that stated to format the C drive I did that and again applied the image Again it was the same that happened previously Another stated to set that partition as active but it was a GPT type formatted HDD I tried to install Windows using an ISO file and booted it from a bootable pendrive created by Rufus But after booting it stated the error xc somewhat stating winload efi not present or corrupted at windows sytem boot I downloaded the file from www filewatcher com and somehow managed to put the file by creating the same directory in c drive Still I got the same error I googled for the error and found some other ways but since I had already formatted my C drive I wasn t able to apply that method I even copied the quot Windows quot folder into the C drive from a partition named quot Boot quot using WindowsPE while booting from the software quot Windows Boot Genius quot even that didn t worked My HardDisk is currently of GPT type and I don t want to lose any of my precious data kept in other partitions I m not able to boot my PC from the last days I ve tried a lot of methods but none actually worked I ve even run out of solutions from the internet I live at a place where computer mechanics are barely available or those available do it but even format the whole HDD I don t want to use any paid softwares Someone please suggest a way to rectify this problem I m really worried about the data kept in other partitions coz I haven t even made a backup of those GB s of data My PC configuration is Product Name DELL INSPIRON ONE RAM GB DDR CPU intel core i Architecture x HDD TB WesternDigital DVD ROM YesUSB Yes Please provide a solution Regards
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I tried to burn an audio cd the other night using neo, i got an error whilst it was trying to burn, i cant remember wha the error was but i tried to burn another cd, this time the completed bit went upto 6% then decided not to do anything, i left it for a while and i ended up having to ctrl,alt+ del the task, then it just jung up, and it wudnt eject the cd when i pressed the button, so i had to end up restarting the computer. It has now done this about 3/4 times.

Ive just tried to copy a game to see if it would allow me to do that, but i get an error saying, Unrecoverable Read Error, then the name of my dvd reader, then error reading data.

Does anyone have any suggestions or shud i be looking at taking the computer back.

Thanks in advance.

A:CD Re-Writer / Dvd Writer Problem

I burnt a data cd before and that burnt with no problems at all, i then tried to burn an audio cd after this, but yet again it failed.
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I need help!!!!
My dvd writer thinks its a CD writer and wont recognise blank DVDs. It has just decided to do this this a few months ago and its drivin me mental.
Is there anythin i can download 2 fix this.
My computers HP Pavillion and im using Microsoft XP.
Can anyone help?

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I have a normal dvd drive and a Dvd re-writer underneath it.
I recently formatted my pc, and i downloaded a programme for a freind, and evertime i put a dvd into it, it says Erase CD, i do it to see what happens..and it continues saying it.
I try draging and dropping and it says "Windows encontered a problem while trying to copy this"
Another weird thing i realised, in explorer it says "dvd rom" when i put a dvd in it, it turns to CD rom.
When i put a actual CD 700meg in, it lets me copy fine!
Ive tryed uninstalling and taking out and putting the ribbon back in and nothing solves it.
The file im trying to copy is 1.2 gig, and it wont pick up DvD's please help, is a
LG, Dual writer, supermulti DvD rw

Thanks in advance


A:Dvd re-writer not being picked up as a dvd re-writer

After reformatting the PC, you did load all the motherboard drivers again?

Otherwise you may have some issues with the default Windows drivers that would be substituted.
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I have a CD writer, CD-R media, DVD-R media, video files on my computer that are AVI files(from a DVD player) and I have Nero burning software. I have burned VHS video on my CD writer. What prevents a CD writer from being able to burn a DVD if the media is DVD and the file is the proper format (AVI)?

A:what are differences between CD writer and DVD writer

Well you're in luck if you have an APEX DVD Player in your home. APEX DVD-Player's can play AVI and MPG files on regular CD's, but you will not be able to use a CD-Burner to burn to a DVD. Why? No one Maybe someday, someone will find a loop-hole, I doubt it lol, but hey, you never know.
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Storage sale SHOCK: WD to buy Hitachi GST ? The Register

WD will be largest HDD company in world.


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I downloaded the IBM/HITACHI DFT application and have created the bootable floppy,oops i'm stuck now cos i cant make use of it,i don't know how to use it or what to do after starting up the laptop with the floppy i created.Anyone with useful information pls help.

A:Hitachi DFT

When you boot with the floppy, it still goes to Windows (or whatever OS you have)?

When the laptop boots, use the boot menu hotkey (F12 for newer ThinkPads for example) to select the floppy drive as the boot device or alternatively, go into BIOS setup and makue sure the floppy device comes before the hard drive in the boot sequence.
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Hello guys I m kinda of a newcomer around here I ve been reading threads here very often Bad Hitachi HDD? as they are full of information and often helpful The reason why I decided to sign up and Bad Hitachi HDD? describe my own problem is because nothing I read didn t help me So long story short here goes Yesterday I got my hands on a new CPU cooler I accidentally broke leg of my old one so I had to replace it ASAP and so I Bad Hitachi HDD? did Shut down my computer unplugged the cables and did the job right Only this time I didn t harm any of CoolerMaster TX Evo legs So after the job was done I plugged everything back into the PC started it and boom POST screen takes unusually long time to detect my HDD After a minute next screen pops up saying that there weren t detected any HDD My heart immediately started to beat faster Restarted computer a couple of times nothing POST freezes then unfreezes and I get the message Then I decided to mess with wiring replaced SATA cables from my DVD which was recognized to the HDD which wasn t HDD cables I then plugged into DVD Nothing DVD get s detected HDD won t I decided to plug out cables from HDD boom POST works like a charm but as there weren t any HDD connected I got the old message back The thing is I ve been trying to fix this since yesterday That HDD holds a lot of very important information to me week a go I even did a HD Tune check on it no bad sectors SMART working like a charm everything was fine For me the HDD spins up nice no clicking LED light is ON and it s just all the way lit it doesn t go away like it did always like my computer would be trying to read the HDD I did almost everything I even took out CMOS jumper and battery resetting BIOS didn t help me much I actually managed to get it detected for a few times and even booted successfully once but tried to restart and the problem came back SATA controller is fine it s turned on and all of my SATA plugs on the motherboard work Tonight I ll have a closer look to my HDD I ll try to place it into another system if it will work there I will be shocked PSU is kinda new so it couldn t be the problem I bought a nice FSP w PSU this summer old one died My computer specs E ghz CoolerMaster cooler GB s of RAM x GB Sparkle GT Deepcool cooler FSP w PSU HDD Hitachi HDP GLA gb Any help would be appreciated nbsp
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Just bought what I thought was going to be a brand new
( Hitachi Hdd 0f12455 2tb Sata 6gb/S Enterprise Storage 7200rpm 64mb Cache Bare Drive ), but when I was ready to install it in my case I noticed some kind of blue stuff (maybe glue) in 4 of the 6 mounting holes. Now I'm thinking this was a return.
Any thoughts?

A:Is my new Hitachi HDD actually used

Do you mean that the 4 mounting holes of the disk have blue stuff in them. That could be for keeping the screws real tight. Check whether a screw will work in the holes.
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I am wanting to open up my laptop to check a few things out(access the fans and internal components) and am having a tough time separating the bottom from the top looks like it is separating nicely everywhere but the top left corner(by the "esc"button)...the hinges are not the issue, but there is something there that needs to be released somehow, but I just cannot see it...any help would be greatly appreciated...this is an older model and therefore the warranty is not an issue...

thanks in advance

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hi. i got a virus, have absolutly no idea how but anyway i got one and my anti virus program did not remove it. i had reset my computer to a previous save date and my computer decided to act normal again. now my anti virus program is not up to date unfortunately i dont have anough funds to pay for a new subscription. anyway if i scan no virus will come up but my comp has been a bit slower and now i have this hitachi hdt thing come up as hardware. you know as like wen you put a external hardrive in a usb port and you can klik and safley remove it. but it wont let me remove it. juss keep saying i need to stop the program runing it
but i dont ahve any programs im sure its still on my comp. please help me or juss tell me if im crazy. thank you

A:i think i have virus.WHAT IS HITACHI HDT

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Hi all,
My laptops hard disk's drivers have gone missing.
My hdd's model name is Hitachi HTS545032B9A300
i have tried Hitachi's website but they have not kept the drivers there for downloading.

A:driver for hitachi hdd

Are you trying to install windows on your notebook?

Can you post your specs.
Filling out System Specs
Dont Know What Hardware You Have..??
VistaForums SysInfo Tool - Vista Forums
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I am trying to transfer over my scenes from my Hitachi DVD camcorder It s an Hitachi DZ-MV A I am using Panasonic DVD RAM discs I am trying to transfer the scenes off the DVD NeroVisionExpress DVD-RAM DVD Hitachi to using RAM onto my hard drive so I can compile multiple scenes and edit them and then burn them onto DVDs to play and send out to family I am using Nero Vision Express I click on Import from Disc It finds the Hitachi fine and even the hierarchy of dates on the DVD RAM disc When I transfer the scenes over it never transfers the last scene on any given day Say Hitachi DVD-RAM to DVD using NeroVisionExpress I have scenes recorded on and scenes recorded on It transfers scenes from and scenes from If I only have one scene on a day it does transfer that It does not matter how long the scene is either I ve tried importing it in various ways too and it never makes a difference I select all and do all dates or just individual dates Very frustrating - anyone have any suggestions nbsp
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I just bought a few LED backlit 2X32 line LCD's with Hitachi 44780 controllers ($6ea what a bargain!).. I plan on using them on some custom molded ABS plastic cases for nano-itx media centers for automotive installation.. The problem is that I need to solder on a parallel port cable onto the controllers and wondered if anyone knew of a link that can aid me, or show me the proper pinout..