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Cannot play music through laptop speakers via bluetooth!!

Q: Cannot play music through laptop speakers via bluetooth!!

Hi guys..I have a small problem and unfortunately the microsoft couldn't provide me a solution for this...
Since i upgraded to win 10 i could not play music from my phone through laptop speakers via bluetooth. I could send and receive files to and fro via bluetooth and the phone also gets connected/paired without any issues, but the music playing option is not happening.  My previous OS win 7 had no problems in playing the music.I have a dell inspiron 15R laptop and asus zenfone 4 mobile.My phone specs shows it supports A2DP ( and it used to play in win 7).
Pls someone could provide me a solution or a fix for this..??
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Preferred Solution: Cannot play music through laptop speakers via bluetooth!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have an Envy 15. I recently in paired with bluetooth speaker. Pairing worked perfectly however the sound through the speaker plays at a fast speed. Sounds like the Chimpmunks.Tried removing and reinstalling device. The same issue continues. Any assistance to fix this issue would be greatly apprecaited.Thanks

A:Bluetooth speakers pay music too fast

Hi @Oljana,  Welcome to the HP Forums! I read your post on the HP Support Forums and wanted to reach out to you.  I see you are having an issue with the HP ENVY 15 Notebook and issues with the sound. Try Uninstalling the Audio in the Device Manager. In the Device Manager, right-click on Double-click on Sound, video, and game controllers and select the Audio Driver Uninstall the  Driver Software. Restart the Notebook. Here is some help from Microsoft if you need it. Please let me know how this goes. Please click the Thumbs up if you feel this post has helped you.  Thanks.
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I have an Envy 15. I recently in paired with bluetooth speaker. Pairing worked perfectly however the sound through the speaker plays at a fast speed. Sounds like the Chimpmunks.Tried removing and reinstalling device. The same issue continues. Any assistance to fix this issue would be greatly apprecaited.Thanks
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Working from home I often play music from my smartphone through my desktop speakers via Bluetooth. With Windows 7 it was the easiest thing to do, just click on the Bluetooth icon, click on audio connection and off you go but not so with Windows 10! My phone is paired but I cannot for the life of me work out how I actually play the sound through my PC speakers and not the phone's. Have been on live help with Microsoft and they haven't a clue either and told me to ask here! It's really driving me mad so your help would be much appreciated. TIA.
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I had the same issue with my HP bluetooth speaker connect to my HP Laptop. Below steps fixed the issue.Pair and connect the speaker through bluetooth, Once connected restart the Laptop.Speaker will disconnect and reconnect automatically once the laptop is back online. Now the bluetooth speaker will be your default audio device. Thanks
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i have a belkin tunestage bluetooth reciever but when i play my music i can select bluetooth headphones but nothing comes out of my tunestage. using dell laptop with bluetooth module built in, vista
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Hi all, I have a problem with my HP Envy 6 1201sq laptop. I can make it to connect to my bluetooth speaker, and the speaker is visible under "Devices and Printers" but I can not play music through it. The services enabled for this speaker are "Audio Sink" "Handsfree Telephony" and "Headset". Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.Thanks in advance.Catalin.

A:Can't play music through my bluetooth speaker

Hi Flyguy_sv, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I will do what I can to assist you . I have read your thread on your HP ENVY 6-1201sq Ultrabook and issues with the Bluetooth speakers.  Here is a link to connecting speakers via Bluetooth. Hope this helps you. Thanks.
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I tried googling and searching your forum for this, and havent really come up with anything, so i thought I would try and ask..
is it possible to use bluetooth speaker and laptop speakers at same time?
I got a hdmx jam for xmas, and wanted to put that behind me, as i game on my laptop. id like to use both the laptop speakers and the hdmx bluetooth speaker at same time on windows 8.1
any suggestions?

oh and merry xmas to everyone too.
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OK so I'm new to vista and I got an odd problem.

In vista when I go to the audio config I can see the 4 speakers I have attached and when I test them they all make sounds.
The 4 speakers are the 2 on the monitor and 2 side speakers.

So when I go to play music I only get audio from the 2 speakers on the monitor .. back to test and all 4 work .. what?

I have them in the exact same jacks as I use for XP (dual boot) and on that OS they work fine.

Unfortunetly there is no realtek icon in Vista like there is in XP in the (don't know the proper name here) as I call it the clock bar, so the realtek sound manger won't pop up just the vista manager from the control panel/ sounds/ configure.

Thanks guys.

A:Solved: speakers in vista won't play music will in XP

Got it.

Speaker fill.
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I have recently installed Windows 8.1 and today I tried to connect my phone (Nexus 4) via Bluetooth. The phone did get connected without any issues but didn't give any option for playing music as it did in Windows 7. A Bluetooth audio control would pop up in Windows 7 but that didn't happen. My phone plays music via Bluetooth and is working fine, I use it everyday in my car.

Please suggest what needs to be done in order to get this rectified. Do I need a separate software?


A:Cannot play music via Bluetooth from paired Nexus 4

Does no one has a solutions for this?
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I had the xpsecurity virus months ago and thought it was cleared. Now having problems again. i don't know if it is the same virus or a new one. Tis is a work computer that is a Dell running on XP w/SP3. My company is to cheap to buy virus software, So I have been running spybot daily. We have no official IT guy. Our HR guy put up a firewall that does no good. Can some one please help me fix this on my own?

A:Speakers play music and tabloid gossip in background. task Manager shows nothing running. Internet closes on its own.

Sorry for the bad grammar, Have to type fast before net shuts off
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Hey, I just bought myself a bluetooth speakers to use along with my devices including my laptop. But I'm not able to connect the bluetooth speakers to my laptop. It's able to connect and play music with my smartphone and my tablet. I just can't use the option Allow a Device To Connect in my laptop, though it has the option to send and recieve files which works fine with my smartphone. Plz help me figure a way to connect the bluetooth speakers to my laptop.  Laptop Info: HP PAVALION X360-S101TU.PRODUCT NUMBER- T0Y57PA#ACJBLUETOOTH DEVICE- INTEL AC 3165 WIFI+BLUETOOTH It will be a pleasure to receive support from you guys. Thanks.

A:Connect Bluetooth Speakers to my Laptop.

 Hi @viveksh30, Welcome to the HP Support Forums. I read your post about your HP Pavilion 13-s101tu x360 not detecting the Bluetooth Headphones. Here is a link that shows you how to check that Bluetooth discovery settings are turned on and file sharing is also turned on. If you need additional assistance please include your Notebook Model number and type of Headphones.Please let me know how this goes. Please click the Thumbs up below to thank me for my efforts! Thanks.
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Hello nbsp My nbsp HP laptop is a Pavillion Entertainment dv - us product WA UA ABA serial edited by mod on - - running Windows Home Premium OA bit and purchased I think nbsp It is running HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth Wireless Driver won't work with laptop speakers HP Bluetooth provider is Broadcom version nbsp Although my beloved HP laptop shows it has paired with bluetooth speakers I bought this past week it won't Bluetooth speakers won't work with HP laptop play music through them nbsp Since both bluetooth speakers work fine with my brand new HP Envy desktop I am guessing this is due to my laptop running outdated Bluetooh driver nbsp Unfortunately the 'update bluetooth driver' button has been grayed out and I don't know how else to update the bluetooth driver nbsp I just ran the HP update but that didn't seem to affect the bluetooth driver nbsp Bluetooth speakers I have paired EasyAcc cannon Ion Mini Block Rocker nbsp The EasyAcc cannon flashes blue and their information states it is ready to be paired even though my HP device manager shows it is paired to the laptop nbsp I tried several of the suggestions on your forum but was unsuccessful nbsp I hope to use this speaker in my classroom next week so your help is greatly appreciated nbsp Thank you Lori nbsp

A:Bluetooth speakers won't work with HP laptop

Thank you for participating in the HP Support Forum.The Serial Number (SN) has been removed from your post to protect your personally identifiable product information from theft and subsequent fraud, in accordance with the HP Support Forum's Rules of Participation #4: "Protect privacy...don?t post your computer?s serial # or contact information publically, and do not allow someone you don?t know to remotely take control of your computer."Respectfully,eric-g

I worked for HP.
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So i managed to get my bluetooth speakers and laptop paired, but the sound is still coming through the laptop speakers, i went into the audio area and the only option to playback is the laptop speakers.

The bluetooth speakers show up in devices, and it seems to know that they are speakers, but how do i make it show up in the audio area so i can choose to use them instead of laptop speakers?

A:connecting bluetooth speakers to laptop (halfway there)

ive spent hours on google trying and trying different things to get it working, from what i can tell it has something to do with ad2p i dont really know what that is, some kind of driver that isnt a part of windows 7, i cant seem to find it though, all links are dead ends. but i am finding a lot of other people with this problem! including plenty of old and unanswered threads on this site!

anyone know where i can get a AD2P driver for my samsung series 5 laptop?
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Just wondering if anyone could offer some advice or help.

I am wanting to send the music that I play on my laptop to my hifi speakers via Bluetooth. My laptop has bluetooth built into it, and I have a bluetooth audio receiver plugged into my hifi speakers by a 3.5mm jack. I have paired the laptop with the receiver. I was then hoping it would be as simple as pressing play and the music would come out through the hifi speakers. Unfortunately it does not and continues to play through the laptop speakers. The receiver I am using is the sony ericsson mbr-100.

Any tips would be great.


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When I try to play music which I could play on my old laptop, which I transferred to my new laptop by USB stick, I get the following message.

The license cannot be downloaded because your Web browser is not supported.

To download a license, you must install Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later.

To install the latest version of Internet Explorer, see the Windows Update page.]

I use Google Chrome on Windows 7 ultimate, but I installed the latest version of IE, but was informed that it was already on my computer. I made IE my default browser but it didn't make any difference. I then opened Media Player and looked for a tools button, but can't find one.
I have tried opening with VLC, Real Player and Windows Media Player, but no joy with any of them.

I don't have a problem playing on my netbook which has Windows 7 Starter edition.

Please can anyone help.


A:Can't play music on new laptop

The files have a license key associated with them. You will need access to the site of origin of the files to verify the license. It will likely only work with IE, but I'm not sure.
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I have an Inspiron 15R 5521 and just recently my laptop decided it doesn't want to recognize my headphones. I updated my Laptop to Windows 10 to see if that would do anything, it didn't. I updated the audio drive, also did nothing.
I have no clue what to do.

A:Laptop doesn't recognize when I put in headphones, only plays music through speakers.

Hello. Test the audio driver to find out if the driver is causing the problem, by switching between the Realtek audio driver and the Windows native audio driver. You have to have a Realtek driver installed to use this test.
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, you might not need to restart.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]If you only have the symptoms with one of the drivers, then the other is at fault. If you have the same symptoms with both audio drivers, then it is very probably not a driver issue.  It could be in the hardware -- either the laptop or the headphones.
This was a known issue with the Inspiron 15R 5521 model when the Realtek driver was installed. That driver was for Windows 7 & 8. The solution was to install the previous version, If you think your headphone issue is caused by the driver, you could try installing the version, using Win7 compatibility mode.
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Hello, thanks for takin the time to help me out! Wanted to know if anyone had a clue as to how you can connect a laptop to your home stereo (I have a panasonic sa-ak25)...The disc changer is not working so I would like to play music through iTunes on my computer.

If u can help, please contact me! [email protected]



A:Please help! Need to play music on stereo from Laptop!

I'm no sound expert but couldn't you simply connect via your laptop headphone socket. This may involve purchasing a cable with the correct connectors at each end but it should be no big deal.
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Hi guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to play sounds using both the built in speaker and the headphones at the same time?

I am using an Acer aspire 4736Z with windows vista home basic.

A:How to play on laptop speakers and headphones at the same time

its impossible technically.

but some soundcard has the stupid ability to do it. for acer aspire series. i think mostly they use realtek HD audio as their onboard chip. dont think it could happen. u can try doing though

it happens to a hp laptop, when something wrong, i cant mute the internal speakers when using hdphone
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I have a Latitude E6440 and LogiTech external speakers. They work great with the laptop undocked but don't work (no sound) when I dock it. (It's a Dell docking station.)  Instead the laptop internal speakers start working.  Any ideas?
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I m writing this post because this was asked so many internal speakers together your Make external & laptop play times over but nobody seems to have come up with a good answer People suggested Make your laptop internal & external speakers play together some trials of paid programs but that Make your laptop internal & external speakers play together s not really an everyman solution I don t know on how many machines my workaround will work depends on the audio chip I m going to tell you how to do this in foobar My system is Win I think that this will work only if you see something like this in your Playback devices right-click windows audio icon amp select from menu to launch it So if the headphone output is not quot Ready quot when nothing is plugged into it you will maybe be able to use the HDMI output if you feel adventurous or for that matter any output that you have You possibly have no idea why I m talking about that but this will be clear after reading through the rest of my little manual ------------------- download amp install foobar here http www foobar org download play around with it of you don t know the player download amp install the latest ASIO ALL here http www asio all com leave all install options default download ASIO support for foobar http www foobar org components view foo out asio double-click it fb k will install it automatically go to foobar file- gt preferences- gt output- gt asio Check if asio all is visible at the top list You can use the x driver requires foobar restart Add a new channel mapping Don t change the name you won t need it anyway click quot configure quot ASIO ALL window will pop up Enable advanced settings bottom right now there s the icky tricky part Click the next to all and enable all the outputs that you like sometimes the HDMI output is also there What you really need is sth like quot internal speakers out quot and quot HpOut quot On my computer Dell Inspiron R it looks like this IF YOU CAN T SEE TWO OUTPUT DEVICES HERE YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT BE ABLE TO DO THIS Sorry everything depends on how your soundcard handles it maybe connecting the headphones will make it appear Try around Click quot cancel quot this was for other outputs to appear Click quot Add new quot Rename it to quot int ext quot or whatever Map lt channel name gt to the Left channel and lt channel name gt to Right you can play with that even build a faux surround with a bit of luck Play test signals if you re not sure where each channel should be On my machine it s like that Click OK Apply then restart fb k and go to file- gt preferences- gt output Select the output ASIO int ext Click OK Play your favorite piece of audio If you did everything correctly you should hear all the outputs together Meaning your internal speakers and the jack-connected headphones or speakers The sound will work ONLY fb k you will have to stop the music to use any other program that outputs sound ASIO overrides Windows output Most music files will work The method is transferable to any program that can support ASIO Leave some feedback if it worked for you Or if it didn t anything s good nbsp

A:Make your laptop internal & external speakers play together

Props to OP - I've found a somewhat related hassle-free solution for desktops with Realtek Audio.

In the settings, you can 'disable front jack detection'. Therefore, speakers connected to the rear panel won't stop when you plug something else in the front.
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My new Novatech laptop with realtek hd audio 7.1 continues to play audio through laptop speakers when my headset is pluged in and its in the correct jack. i have realtek r1.23 drivers i think provided by novatech i have tried newer drivers but they just stop any audio from being produced through laptop speakers or headset help!!!!!! no need fixed it was driver problem motherboard was a p53in got drivers from the OEM website

A:Solved: Laptop speakers play when headset plugged into jack

You can mark your own threads solved using the thread tools at the top of the page in the upper right corner.
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Hey guys, bit of a novice question to you lot I should think, but I just wanted to know which cable is needed for me so I can play my music from my laptop through my surround sound. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1545, bought earlier this year so it's quite new, it doesn't have many inputs however, just headphones and mic multimedia wise. And my surround sound is Logic3. Any help much appreciated Cheers.

A:Cable needed to play music from laptop to surround sound??

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Having dredged the internet, I came across this forum amongst the many with questions relating to cd drives working but dvd not etc, but my issue is slightly different, i think.

CDs seem to play ok, and so do DVDs, but I seem to have a problem with my laptop reading a disc with DS games on it that it used to read no problem. The discs can be used in my other half's laptop, so it is clearly a problem with my laptop.

I'd appreciate if anyone could advise where I can start to solve this problem

A:Music and video play on laptop CD/DVD drive but not data files

You need to have the CD/DVD drive replaced. Internal lasers fail in strange ways. The drives are not too expensive and they are easy to replace
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Once I plug my headphones in or my hearing aids bluetooth device in, it all goes south. The internal speakers continue to work as does the bluetooth, but nothing is coming out of the headphones. Since I was once in IT, this problem is unique to the jack itself. Either the jack lifted up or was pushed back and never properly tested. The hook, I just received this computer 3 weeks ago to replace a faulty HDMI out port. I was told that there would be an open ticket so if I had any problems with this computer it would be attended to. Unfortunately, that is not the case.
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Hello All,  I have a problem with my HP 8570P windows 7 Pro 64 bit,  I have 2 bluetooth speakerS (JBL charge 2 and UE ROll) I can NOT get them to pair with the laptop. I have removed/reinstalled the drivers and it seems the drivers on the laptop are fine BUT it always give me a  message about the speaker' drivers not installed.I tried with windows update but nothing happen still the same. if anybody have any ideas please let me know, I will appreciateThanks in advance!!!
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Using a mm stereo mini phone plug to time? the to speakers How same play computer make speakers at radio and RCA jack adapter I have managed to connect my comps sound to the radio How to make radio speakers and computer speakers play at the same time? and it works However due to a fit of stupidity I have overlooked the fact that only either the radio s speakers or the computer s speakers can be connected to the computer s sound output at once I am wondering if its possible to have both my radio s speakers as well as my computer s speakers play at the same time because I would like to achieve a surround sound effect because of the way my room is made My computer has a jack slot behind that looks like quot lt -- gt quot almost like that ordinary output one which looks like quot lt - Can that be used as an output slot as well Cuz when I tried putting the radio into the lt -- gt slot and the comps speakers into the lt - or vice versa only the one put into the lt - will play nbsp

A:How to make radio speakers and computer speakers play at the same time?

Go get a splitter. I have my audio output setup using a splitter and it works fine. You can hook up both devices to the 1 output jack on your pc.
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I run Windows XP with P4 2.0 GHz and 256 of RAM, but when ever i play games online for a short time, my computer freezes. Also, when i play songs for say an hour or even less, the computer freezes. I don't know what is the problem. This happens at least twince in a day.

The other disgusting problem is that, at times, the computer goes off unceremonously whiles working. This also happens at least once in a day.

Buddies, i really need help to solve this problem.

A:My Computer Freezes when i play game online or play music

Sounds like a build up of heat, the most common cause of 'freezing' try running with the case side off and see if there is improvement, if there is you need to add more cooling, making sure your current fans are working properly and are clear of fluff and muck can improve cooling performance dramatically especially the CPU fan and heatsink.
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For some odd reason the Play All (Play Selection) doesn't work in the Music Tasks in My Music anymore. The other two (Shop and Copy to CD) work fine though. I can't recall installing anything that would have caused this.

When I click it it seems to do something since the hourglass shows up but it never plays the music. I use Winamp as my default player but I also have Windows Media Player 10. I even reset all my audio and video associations with this "%Systemroot%\INF\unregmp2.exe /SetWMPAsDefault"

I use Windows XP SP2 and I have a Sound Blaster Live with the latest drivers. Winamp is set as my default media player. If you need any more info, just ask.

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So i listen to music on itunes and I put it on max volume, then like 20 min of me listening to music it suddenly freezes and makes a LOOOOOOOOUD sound that I can't exactly describe, its like a horn sound?? Well anyway's its very loud and the laptop gets frozen so there isn't anything I can do except press the off button to restart my laptop. Whats wrong with it? I barely got my laptop 4 months ago! And this problem only happens when I'm listening to music please help? :]]

Also I have enough ram because I barely install anything and I don't have many files like music and pictures saved on my laptop either :)

A:Whenever I play loud music, my laptop freezes and makes a LOUD sound??

Your computer may be overheating. Blow all the fans out with a can of compressed air. Consider a laptop cooler.
Does this happen if you listen to music through headphones?
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I am trying to play system sound through Skype calls so that the other end can hear I have tried using a Virtual Audio Cable for this but the quality is really bad just sounds like I'm blasting a speaker into Stereo music play (Trying through to Skype) play Mix sound not does the mic I've looked through online tutorials and most of them have a simple solution Stereo Mix I've enabled Stereo Mix made it default device enabled it through my mic in Skype audio settings The only problem is when I play a Youtube video the sound doesn't go Stereo Mix does not play sound (Trying to play music through Skype) through This is my sound control panel when playing music As you can see the visualizer on the right side is completely silent and it's not going through at all I've tried numerous combinations mic is default communication device mic is disabled stereo mix is default device etc and they all don't work Stereo Mix does not play sound (Trying to play music through Skype) I've searched elsewhere for solutions and they are all faulty I feel like I'm missing something huge here Hope one of you can help me Thanks
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 i have various albums on my laptop which i have played but now google play wont play the same albums why
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Hi there,

Is there a way to use bluetooth speakers as well system speakers at the same time?

Using windows 8 6bit
and bluetooth Jawbone Bigjam speakers.


A:Bluetooth Speakers

I think yes, but you need to use some other sound output manager. Windows built-in one doesn't support multiple output via different type.
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I am at my wits end I have spent days trying to solve this so any help gratefully received I have a new Dell Studio running Win bit I have a Voiis Audio gateway that receives a bluetooth audio stream from my PC and feeds it into my Hi-Fi Until I changed my PCs it was working perfectly - and still does when connected to my iPhone I have managed to pair the gateway with my PC but can get no further I cannot see the services Please Bluetooth Speakers Help with that are associated with the decise so cannot select the service to be used The device appears in the quot play-back Devices quot list and the audio stream is directed to it The PC speakers cut out and the play-back device Help Please with Bluetooth Speakers graphic shows that the feed is being received I bought Bluesoleil to try to solve Help Please with Bluetooth Speakers the problem but that made connectin to this and other devices very hit-and-miss so I removed it When I re-loaded the original B T stack there was a report that the peripheral device driver could not be found Could this be the problem I have trawled the internet and the Dell site for a replacement stack and an A DP driver but found nothing that can be installed Could some kind soul help me please Thanks

A:Help Please with Bluetooth Speakers

Problem: No sound stream to bluetooth loudspeaker or headset
reason: Microsoft w7 64 dont support a2dp protocol (stack).

Check the brand of your BlueTooth chip. Download BT drivers from vendor. Do NOT use drivers from other vendors.
If your Dell have internal BT, then download drivers from Dell
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Hi Everyone
I bought a bluetooth speaker that was originally to work with my fone, I was impressed with it that much I though I could play my MP3's from MY pc through it, alas how wrong was I.
I am unable to connect the speaker using the bluetooth toggle. The toggle works as I have connected my fone to the pc using such toggle. But for the hell of me I cant connect the speaker. ( the speaker is a intempo BTS-01 Stereo Blurtooth Wireles Speaker )
Any help with this issue would be greatly appriciated

Thanks in Advance

JP (Beamo1)

A:Bluetooth speakers

Hi, beamo1, and welcome to the forums.

Since you have your BlueTooth dongle working with the phone, what you'll need to do is pair the speakers with the dongle, just like you paired the phone with the dongle and also like you paired the speakers with the phone.
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In my music folders, when i select the option "play all" on the left frame of the folder (i'm using windows XP2), no programs open up to play the music. It is supposed to be handled by WMP program, but that doesnt start up. It basically results with no response, as if i didnt click in the first place. Anyone know what the problem could be?

A:When I Click "Play All" to play music in a Folder, WMP doesn't start as it should

do you have any other media players installed into windows, such as real player or itunes?

try going to start>set program access and defaults>microsoft windows and see what it lists for 'media player', it should be set to windows media player

also look under the 'non microsoft' category, it should say 'use my current media player'
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Which speakers are better for music?
Creative inspire P5800 5.1
Creative Z323 2.1
I Don't have a sound card, but i have a decent intergrated sound that beats most of low end and some mid end sound cards.
Which one would have better/clearer/louder sound?

A:Which speakers are better for music?

Which set up has higher wattage? You will see better results w/ more watts...
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I want to buy a set of speakers that are less than $40. I'm going to connect them to my MP3 Player so I can play the music in my room without using headphones. I just want them to be good sound quality and am going for 2 speakers and a subwoofer.

A:Speakers for a little music

I know what not to buy. A friend bought some Altec Lansing speakers that supposedly had a subwoofer but it just sounds like crap. Try something else
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Hi, I bought two "JBL Charge 2+" some time ago because of the low price at my local electronic store. These are overall really good portable speakes with great sound and build quality. Only thing is that I have two of these and I have to use them separetly because the JBL pairing app doesn't support older models. So I'm asking if you guys know any alternatives to the app so I will be able to use both speakers at a time through Bluetooth on phone. Thank you for any tips!
Speakers: "JBL Charge 2+"
Phone: "Samsung Galaxy s7 edge (with newest android updates)"
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Windows No sound from Braven bluetooth speakers Speakers are paired and Sound from No speakers Bluetooth appear in Audio Devices They are connected The bluetooth headphones are the Default Device Right-clicking them to test makes the graph jump up No Sound from Bluetooth speakers but no sound No Sound from Bluetooth speakers Now here s the thing You ll see the Configure and Set Default buttons are greyed out I ve been around a dozen sites and among other things have tried - removing and re-pairing the speakers -removing and re-installing the bluetooth audio etc - checked Device Manager and updated all software - checked the speakers on other devices They work fine on a Samsung tablet - scanned with sfc - ran services services msc and ensured bluetooth status is Started and on Automatic Still no sound from speakers No sound from a pair of Bluetooth earphones that also work fine on a Samsung Any suggestions welcome -------------------System------------- lt lt lt System Summary gt gt gt gt Mainboard LENOVO VB gt Chipset Intel QM gt Processor Intel Core i M MHz max gt Physical Memory MB DDR -SDRAM gt Video Card Intel R HD Graphics Family gt Hard Disk HITACHI HTS A A GB gt Monitor Type LP WH -TLM - inches gt Network Card Intel LM Gigabit Network Connection gt Network Card Intel WiFi Link Series gt Operating System Windows Home Premium Home Edition Media Center Service Pack -bit gt DirectX Version gt Windows Performance Index on Help Example of usage nbsp
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I bought these speakers with a new dell 8900 running windows 10 in March.  The on off button for the speakers is very inconsistent.  I go for weeks not being able to turn the speakers on.  This morning I pressed the bluetooth button for a really long time (just for the heck of it) and then pressed on/off and the light miraculously appeared.  But what am I doing wrong?  I bought these for wired usage, not for blue tooth.  Why doesn't the on off button always work?
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Hi there
I'd like to make a suggestion here to people wanting external speakers for things like laptops etc.

Go for BLUETOOTH wireless rather than USB ones since it saves using a USB port (especially on newer ultra books where the number of USB ports is limited anyway) and gets rid of messy wires. You can also pair these with your phone as well -- giving extra use for the speakers.

Sound quality of Blue tooth speakers is more than adequate for typical computer sound cards -- especially if playing typically compressed MP3 music from places like ITunes etc.

I don't know about you but I hate having visible wires all over the place anyway.

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I just got some new bluetooth speakers and they connected successfully and worked fine on my smartphone, and I successfully connected them to my laptop, but now whenever I turn the speakers on the laptop immediately gets a BSOD about an IRQ conflict. I've just removed them from the bluetooth pairings for now, but i'd like to be able to use them since the laptop speakers are kind of quiet. Any ideas? It doesn't list a specific driver or IRQ on the BSOD.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8080 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 486574 MB, Free - 96724 MB; D: Total - 206207 MB, Free - 81155 MB;
Motherboard: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd., MS-1756
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
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Is there such an animal? All I want are speakers for the computer, not surround sound. When I search the web, most of the stuff is for connecting a stereo and that's not what I want. Any suggestions?


A:Bluetooth wireless speakers?

logitech has a BT speaker solution for the desktop PC, but its 5.1 surround. why wireless anyway? well, you might want to check plantronics out, they may have BT speakers, but theyll be mighty expensive.
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Windows 7, I installed Bluetooth on my old laptop, my Bluetooth earbuds works,But no sound from my laptop Speakers.
Can I use my Bluetooth ear buds Plus the computer speakers?.
My hearing is bad,so I want to use my Bluetooth Earbuds, my wife want to hear from The speakers, is this possible?.

Dan, At 80
any help would be appreciated.

A:Bluetooth plus Computer speakers

Windows only allows one default audio playback device. Thus you can't use both. There may be some 3rd party program somewhere that will do that, but I don't know of any.

Jack - 77 and a Florida retiree. My hearing isn't too good either. I just got hearing aids.
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Hello all. I have an HP Pavilion dm4 3050 laptop. I have spent a lot of time trying to fix my bluetooth problems since updating to 8, and now I need some help!

I go into add a device in a the CP and the machine finds the bluetooth speakers and I add them. I then right click them-> sound settings, then see my speakers below the default device speakers. They are listed as disconnected so I right click them and try to connect but they won't connect. I have updated the Intel bluetooth drivers but the speakers still won't connect. What can I do? Thank you.

A:Can't connect to bluetooth speakers

Bump, anyone?
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I put this question in the wrong forum so will try it here. Can I play a CD on my computer in one room and have it played on speakers in another If so how? Can wireless speakers be used?


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Hello I am loomking for some suggestions please I am moving soon and the new property will require a new set up for my PC and speakers My main problem is that different rooms. Speakers, music HDD and the PC and surround sound speakers will be in the study upstairs whilst we will want to listen to music contained on the HDD whilst downstairs in the lounge We don t want to upset the neighbours so simply turning the speakers up is not an option We want to entertain guests in the lounge and not necessarily the study I know there are several options available but each at a different cost quality and pros cons The other thing is that it would be nice if we could benefit from using whatever solution is most practical in terms of speakers for the TV in the lounge I know of the Logitech Wireless DJ Music System but would need to buy a hifi Logitech Z- Digital Speaker System W RMS Speakers, HDD music and different rooms. THX Dolby Digital amp DTS have no idea how I would set this up to work in a room on a different level of the house Any suggestions nbsp

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Hey guys,

So i spent the entire day trying to figure out why my Bluetooth installed fine but after one restart it disappeared and it wouldn't come back. I finally figured it out that the FN+F2 (wireless/bluetooth switches) is what enables/disabled it HAHAHAHAHA.

default (after startup): WiFi on / BT off
first time: WiFi on / BT ON yay~!
second time: WiFi off / BT on
third time: WiFi off / BT off

and repeat.

I hope this helps people with their bluetooth issues =)

Windows 8 was able to install all my Function Keys so I'm going to assume this will be the case for others. Good luck
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Hi I Sound Speakers Anymore No Bluetooth from have a bluetooth usb that is attached to my HP G laptop I've been using it to play music from my laptop to a bluetooth speaker iHome iBN One day I wanted to switch the sound from the bluetooth speakers to my laptop speakers so what I did was click on the speaker icon in the toolbar At the top was a headphone image and in the middle is where you adjust the volume I clicked on the headphone image which opens up a menu and at the bottom it says device usage It gives you two options quot use this device quot and quot don't use this device quot I selected don't use this device Now when I try to play music through the bluetooth speakers again it doesn't work anymore My computer says it is connected to the bluetooth speakers but the sound comes from the laptop I've gone into the sound options in control panel and can't make it No Sound from Bluetooth Speakers Anymore work Under Sound - gt Playback it shows three icons ATI HDMI Output Speakers and Headphones Independent Headphone The speakers and headphone has a green check and the other two has a red arrow pointing down When I click on properties for the independent headphone it is set to quot Use this device quot Can anyone help me
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Asus All in One
Asus ET 2410 IUTS
23.6 Desktop

Can I connect the Grace Digital Matchstick Speaker Dock that I have for my Kindle Fire HD to my Asus desktop?
I am not familiar with Bluetooth and whether I need connections or software to do this.

I might need a different kind of Bluetooth Speaker System than the Kindle Fire HD dock.
I have the Aux cable that connects to MP3 players and cell phones. Do I need a (line-in) cable or something else to make it work. Or is this Matchstick speaker Dock not made for computers?

A:Bluetooth Speakers Connect to Asus All in One

Hi there
Enable BLUE TOOTH on your computer and then simply "Pair" the devices -- no software needed -- the computer will then automatically route the audio out to the blue tooth.

Blue tooth is simply Blue tooth -- you might be prompted for a PIN number -- if so the pin number will appear on the PAIR screen.

Once you've enabled the BLUE TOOTH on the computer simply right mouse click for the options.

(You can also get a USB==>Blue tooth adapter if your computer doesn't have one).

Tip - keep mobiles away from the Blue tooth receiver as these can sometimes interfere and you'll lose connectivity.

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I am one of these old fashioned people who runs a tower base unit and a separate monitor - But I would like to play my music from this PC to others thinking was that I would need a bluetooth dongle - and some bluetooth speakers ? .......or could I just get away with Wifi speakers ?

I have a terrible taste in music - so don't want to spend loads......any suggestions...... [uk based poster}

A:Bluetooth (or Wireless Speakers) Questions

Bluetooth would be the way to go, however I don't know the distance capabilities of Bluetooth. I don't know anything about wi-fi external speakers. There are wireless devices available - you connect the wireless transmitter to the PC's analog sound output and the receiver to the powered speakers. These will work in separate rooms.
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i'm trying to pair a wireless bluetooth speaker with my new hp notebook N5Y05UA#ABA.

A:Unable to pair Bluetooth speakers

Hi: The reason you cannot connect to the bluetooth speakers is due to the fact that your notebook does not come with built in bluetooth networking. Below is the link to the product specifications for your notebook. If it came with bluetooth, that would have been listed along with the 802.11b/g/n (1x1) wireless connectivity specification.
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Since I got my Dell XPS computer in April of I have never been able to connect to bluetooth speakers It can find and pair with bluetooth speakers but is unable to connect to Computer bluetooth speakers not connecting and get sound into Computer not connecting to bluetooth speakers the speakers The speakers work fine with tablets so I know there is nothing wrong with the speakers I currently have the Windows operating system When I got the computer I had Windows I tried troubleshooting the problem by going to hardware and devices and after quot detecting problems quot it says restart you PC to finish installing drivers and updates I click on quot apply this fix quot and then I am told quot we ve made some changes that should fix the problem Restart your PC for the changes to take effect quot When I click on quot next quot I am told quot windows isn t set up to install and download drivers for your devices To insure your devices work correctly we recommend changing your settings so windows will download and install drivers automatically quot When I click on view and change settings it indicates that the option to automatically download apps and icons is already checked quot yes quot When I click next again I am told windows update is configured to never install drivers When I go to the action center and select connect and choose the bluetooth speaker I am trying to connect with it will say quot connecting quot for a while and then it will say quot couldn t connect quot When I go to the Dell website I am Computer not connecting to bluetooth speakers told quot No driver updates found Your system has the most recent updates quot I am baffled as to how I can get the computer to connect with the bluetooth speakers nbsp
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Can i do this from Windows 8? I've heard there might be a 2 second delay! Thanks

A:Bluetooth speaker and speakers simultaneously?

Windows will only allow one default playback device. If the Bluetooth is set as the default audio playback device, that is all you will get. There MAY be some third party application that allows more than one, but I don't know of any.
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I have just purchased a pair of bluetooth speakers (sandstrom) and a belkin Bluetooth dongle.

I've paired the speakers to my pc, but I can't get the audio to stream through the Bluetooth speakers and the speakers currently attached to my pc via a hdmi cable to a surround system??

Any help appreciated

A:Sandstrom Bluetooth speakers and hdmi!!! :)

I may not be understanding what you are trying to do here, but it sounds like you have the audio output device set as the HDMI connection, so the audio is bypassing any speakers connected to your computer and going to the surround system. I don't know enough about Windows sound settings to say if you can specify multiple output devices (at once), though.
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Anyone have a fix for the fault that NEITHER of my Dell R N W Pro x with the Intel Centrino -N with Advanced Bluetooth combined WiFi and Bluetooth module laptops will PLAY MUSIC THROUGH ANY DEVICE The Music/Audio No Bluetooth DEVICES all quot SEEN quot by the computers say they are paired BUT DO NOT TRULY CONNECT nbsp I have uninstalled the drivers and software for both Bluetooth AND the Intel Centrino -N then downloaded the LATEST drivers software from Dell installed those drivers software with NO HAPPIES nbsp Again uninstalled drivers software and downloaded latest from Intel no joy in Mudville again nbsp So uninstalled those and went back to Dell s nbsp Nothing has helped nbsp NOT an option to nuke the drive and do a clean-insrtall of W Pro x to try to fix this Yet my Toshiba SEES INSTALLS DRIVERS and PAIR CONNECT and PLAY MUSIC and ALLOW A JAMBOX and a BIG JAMBOX TO ANSWER CALLS and play music flawlessly But NOT Dell Any ideas WHY and Why not Thanks OldIdiot
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My Laptop Model : HP Pavilion 15-ab267cl  My Sony Bluetooth Head Set model:  Sony mdr-zx330bt I am not able to connect my bluetooth Headset to the Laptop. IN bletooth devices it's not detecting my headset

A:laptop Bluetooth is no detecting my sony bluetooth headset -...

Hi, You have to allow your Sony is discoverable. How ? Please check its manual. Normally it MUST have a blue button to press. Regards.
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Hi I have a friend who phoned me recently and even showed me over the phone. Often times, no matter what he is doing, he can hear faint music playing on his speakers, music that he doesn't even have on his hard drive. It often changes and he said it is as if someone is sending their playlist of music through his speakers. I'll find out some more info but if anyone has any ideas....

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My desktop computer running on Windows Vista recently began music playing speakers from Strange playing strange music from its speakers Also it runs much slower than it used to I Strange music playing from speakers am concerned that there are Strange music playing from speakers viruses especially since I do banking on this computer When I ran GMER it crashed the first time then bluescreened my system the second time I can only provide the attach txt Here's the DDS DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Mummy at on Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium GMT SP Windows Defender enabled Updated D DDC A- F- FAE- E -DA C ACF Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k rpcss C Windows System svchost exe -k secsvcs C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system SLsvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Program Files Acer Arcade Live Acer HomeMedia Connect Kernel DMS CLMSServer exe C Acer Empowering Technology ePerformance MemCheck exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Acer Empowering Technology eDataSecurity x eDSService exe C Windows system svchost exe -k hpdevmgmt C Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C Program Files McAfee SiteAdvisor McSACore exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee mcproxy mcproxy exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcshield exe C Windows system rundll exe C Program Files McAfee MPF MPFSrv exe C Program Files McAfee MSK MskSrver exe C PROGRA MYWEBS bar bin mwssvc exe C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted C Program Files CyberLink Shared Files RichVideo exe C Program Files Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack SeaPort SeaPort exe C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation D Vision nvSCPAPISvr exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Windows System svchost exe -k WerSvcGroup C Windows system SearchIndexer exe C Windows system WUDFHost exe C Acer Empowering Technology eRecovery eRecoveryService exe C Acer Empowering Technology eSettings Service capuserv exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C PROGRA McAfee MSC mcmscsvc exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnetwk exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcsysmon exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee mna mcnasvc exe C Program Files Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files Windows Live Contacts wlcomm exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows System mobsync exe C Program Files Java jre bin javaw exe C PROGRA MYWEBS bar bin m SrchMn exe C Windows system SearchProtocolHost exe C Windows system msiexec exe C Windows system vssvc exe C Windows System svchost exe -k swprv C Windows system SearchFilterHost exe C Users Mummy Downloads dds scr C Windows system conime exe Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www lead com sg LEAD login lms login aspx mStart Page hxxp en sg acer yahoo com mDefault Page URL hxxp en sg acer yahoo com uInternet Settings ProxyOverride local uURLSearchHooks N A a faf - e- cf- - f a d - c program files mywebsearch bar bin MWSSRCAS DLL uURLSearchHooks McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar ebbbe -bad - b c- e a- abecae - c progra mcafee sitead mcieplg dll BHO MyWebSearch Search Assistant BHO a faf - e- cf- - f a d - c program files mywebsearch bar bin MWSSRCAS DLL BHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper d -c f - efb- b - eca - c program files yahoo companion installs cpn yt dll BHO mwsBar BHO b ea -a - -b bb- de cca - c ... Read more

A:Strange music playing from speakers

Please run this other scan

Please download this file, and save it to your Desktop. Once you have downloaded it, save and close all other programs and run it by double-clicking on the file named "RootRepeal.exe".

Once the main window shows up, please click on the "Report" button on the bottom of the window. Next, please click the "Scan" button.

Another window will pop up asking you to select what to include in the scan. Please uncheck everything except for the "Stealth Code" checkbox, and then click OK.

Once the program has finished scanning, the results will appear. Click on the "Save Report" button, and save the report to your desktop.

Finally, please open this report with Notepad, and post it here.
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Theres a few things like this around but not exactly same.

I want to play my music through my speakers and have mumble (like vent) through my headphones.

Currently i just plug my headphones which are simply ones ending with what i think its the 3.5mm jack into my Logitech Z4 speaker remote.
I then of course have my Z4 plugged into the back of my computer (just the one green wire)

Not to sure if this is possible...

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD3P AMD 790X Socket AM2+ High Def Audio ATX Motherboard

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This is a very weird and rather annoying problem I have I bought some Insignia speakers about a year ago and they worked fine After moving to a new house I have very strange music coming from my speakers that sounds like a radio music from coming Strange speakers? station In fact I'm sure it's a radio station and some how the Strange music coming from speakers? speakers have managed to pick up it's signal and play very very faint music through them It has been going on since I moved months and I just ignored it for the first few months as it was barely audible Recently I have purchased some very nice ear buds and use them to play games but the music is very noticeable and annoying while doing so If I want to use these headphones for gaming I am going to have to fix this problem The music will play regardless of the level of volume the speakers are at It is very faint and clearly a radio station What would some solutions to this be I have researched it somewhat and some people have said keep it away from metallic objects or something of the sort that could attract radio waves Well my computer is the exact same setup as it was at my previous address which gave me no problems If I bought different speakers could I expect the same thing Any help would be appreciated as this is a very annoying problem
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Hello, well every so often I keep getting strange music (3 sec clip) playing through my speakers. Some people have said its Linkin Park - Crawling, but the thing is, it always bursts out when im not even playing music.

I have attached a hijackthis logfile.

Please Help,

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If this is in the wrong forum, please let me know.

Videos, music and voices, all talking over each other have started coming from my internal computer speakers. Closing all window and programs does not alleviate the problem; they continue to play.

OP system is Windows 7, IE 10.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Music/voices coming from speakers

Thread moved to Windows 7.

Does this happen randomly? As if you just booted the PC and then the sounds start happening?
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There is music coming from my speakers when i am not connected to the internet. I have rebooted and still the music comes back on. It seems like its on a loop or something because its the same song, the same people talking, and the same commercials over and over again. What the hell is going on????

A:Music Coming From Speakers Mysteriously

Hi fmiadmin,As a general rule if there are problems with hardware it is a good idea to check and see if there are updated drivers. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for your sound card? How to update a Windows hardware driver.
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Music plays radomly from my speakers at a low volume when the volume on my speakers are set to zero sounds likea radio station usually with japenese or chinese language Is this a virus I have had this problem since I purchased the computer years ago on and off I just replaced the hard drive and after installing Vista again the problem resurfaced I have run adaware norton spybot S amp D malwarebytes and hijack this Adaware found entries that were removed and spybot found malware and nortorn found nothing I have enclosed the latest hijack this logfile Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM speakers Music Virus? playing from on Platform Windows Vista WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Program Files Norton Security Suite Engine ccSvcHst exe C Music playing from speakers Virus? Windows system Dwm exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Logitech Logitech WebCam Software LWS exe C Windows System rundll exe C Windows System rundll exe C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe C Program Files Common Files Logishrd LQCVFX COCIManager exe C Windows system wuauclt exe C PROGRA MICROS Office OUTLOOK EXE C Program Files Microsoft Games SpiderSolitaire SpiderSolitaire exe C Users House Desktop HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Music playing from speakers Virus? Page http comcast net R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName O - Hosts localhost O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO Symantec NCO BHO - ADB E- AFF- - AA - DAC DFA - C Program Files Norton Security Suite Engine coIEPlg dll O - BHO Symantec Intrusion Prevention - D EC - AAE- -AEEE-F F C - C Program Files Norton Security Suite Engine IPSBHO DLL O - BHO SkypeIEPluginBHO - AE - E C- ED - F B-F F A - C Program Files Skype Toolbars Internet Explorer skypeieplugin dll O - Toolbar Norton Toolbar - FEBEFE - B - - D -FFB D B CA - C Program Files Norton Security Suite Engine coIEPlg dll O - HKLM Run Windows Defender ProgramFiles Windows Defender MSASCui exe -hide O - HKLM Run LogitechQuickCamRibbon quot C Program Files Logitech Logitech WebCam Software LWS exe quot hide O - HKLM Run Adobe Reader Speed Launcher quot C Program Files Adobe Reader Reader Reader sl exe quot O - HKLM Run Adobe ARM quot C Program Files Common Files Adobe ARM AdobeARM exe quot O - HKLM Run SPIRunE Rundll SPIRunE dll RunDLLEntry O - HKLM Run NvSvc RUNDLL EXE C Windows system nvsvc dll nvsvcStart O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C Windows system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C Windows system NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit O - HKCU Run Sidebar C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe autoRun O - HKCU Run SpybotSD TeaTimer C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe O - HKUS S- - - Run Sidebar ProgramFiles Windows Sidebar Sidebar exe detectMem User LOCAL SERVICE O - HKUS S- - - Run WindowsWelcomeCenter rundll exe oobefldr dll ShowWelcomeCenter User LOCAL SERVICE O - HKUS S- - - Run Sidebar ProgramFiles Windows Sidebar Sideba... Read more

A:Music playing from speakers Virus?

Hello and Welcome to the forums! My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems. Somethings to remember while we are working together.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!Please Do not Attach logs or put in code boxes.Tell me about any problems that have occurred during the fix.Tell me of any other symptoms you may be having as these can help also.Do not run anything while running a fix.We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.Click on the Watch Topic Button and select Immediate Notification and click on proceed, this will help you to get notified faster when I have replied and make the cleaning process faster.In order for me to see the status of the infection I will need a new set of logs to start with.Please print out or make a copy in notpad of any instructions given, as sometimes it is necessary to go offline and you will lose access to them.DeFogger: Please download DeFogger to your desktop.

Double click DeFogger to run the tool.
The application window will appear Click the Disable button to disable your CD Emulation drivers Click Yes to continue A 'Finished!' message will appear Click OKDeFogger may ask you to reboot the machine, if it does - click OKDo not re-enable these drivers until otherwise instructed.Download DDS:Please download DDS by sUBs from one of the links below and save it to your desktop:
Download DDS and save it to your desktop


Please disable any anti-malware program that will block scripts from running before running DDS.

Double-Click on dds.scr and a command window will appear. This is normal.Shortly after two logs will appear:
DDS.txt Attach.txtA window will open instructing you save & post the logsSave the logs to a convenient place such as your desktopCopy the contents of both logs & post in your next replyScan With RKUnHookerPlease Download Rootkit Unhooker Save it to your desktop.Now double-click on RKUnhookerLE.exe to run it.Click the Report tab, then click Scan.Check (Tick) Drivers, Stealth,. Uncheck the rest. then Click OK.Wait till the scanner has finished and then click File, Save Report.Save the report somewhere where you can find it. Click Close.Copy the entire contents of the report and paste it in a reply here.Note** you may get this warning it is ok, just ignore"Rootkit Unhooker has detected a parasite inside itself!It is recommended to remove parasite, okay?""just click on Cancel, then Accept".information and logs:In your next post I need the following

.logs from DDSlog from RKUnHookerlet me know of any problems you may have hadGringo
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Hi there Tried to pair a Logitech Miniboombox on to a W virtual machine using vmware workstation The built in Bluetooth adapter didn't work but a USB bluetooth adapter could be attached to the VM and the device paired instantly Is bluetooth not supported natively by vmwware The USB adapter is just a get around - speakers USB only with work vmware card Bluetooth on would prefer to use the Native device if possible I see from the vmware site that the dialog only appears on the Host but I couldn't get the device to pair on the VM USB adapter -- no problem from the vmware site seems to imply that it SHOULD work without using a separate USB adapter LimitationsWorkstation and Fusion have these limitations for Bluetooth support Outgoing connections only A virtual machine may establish a connection to a remote Bluetooth device but remote devices do not see services that virtual machines try to advertise Virtual machines Bluetooth speakers only work with USB card on vmware cannot change the name class or discoverability of the host's Bluetooth adapter The host is exclusively in control over setting whether other Bluetooth devices can discover the host and what name it appears as The host is exclusively in control of the pairing process and collecting displaying PIN numbers The guest may scan for devices and initiate a connection with any device If pairing is required the pairing dialog box appears on the host not in the guest From the guest's perspective the device appears to pair without having needed a PIN Any vendor-specific capabilities on the host's Bluetooth radio are not passed through to the guest For example some radios provide a vendor-specific command to change their BDADDR These commands do not appear in the guest The guest sees a generic VMware-brand radio The virtual Bluetooth controller itself is not part of snapshots During snapshots it is disconnected and reconnected Any ongoing connections with Bluetooth devices are terminated at the time of a snapshot Cheers jimbo
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Hi there,
Just looking for some help connecting Bluetooth speakers to the Optiplex 3020.
Hitting a few roadblocks.


A:Optiplex 3020, connecting Bluetooth speakers

Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
Optiplex 3020 doesn't come with any Bluetooth card pre-installed on the computer. May I know if you have installed any add-on Bluetooth card and installed the drivers? If yes, please provide us the model/manufacturer of the Bluetooth card to check the further options.
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I have Vista and Bluetooth on my Dell notebook. Am able to get my Nokia wireless speakers to work through the earplug jack but cannot get sound from speakers when wireless. Bluetooth shows speakers have been discovered and they are "paired." Any suggestions?
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My daughter who lives in London recently purchased Sony SRS-BTM Bluetooth Wireless Speakers so that she could listen to MP music stored on her Sony Vaio N H laptop with Windows XP Home pre-installed The problem is that all music sound from the speakers is totally unrecognisable because it is stuttering or hacking so much sorry I can t explain it in better terms A friend informed her that the problem is probably being caused by her BT Broadband Router LAN connection Can any member advise whether this might be what s causing the stuttering sound If not then can anyone please advise as to what might be the cause of the problem I thought it might be the Belkin bluetooth adapter being slightly out of range but my daughter informed me that she has tried using the speakers within a range of a few inches up to m and it still makes no difference PLEASE HELP P S My daughter also connects to the internet using an b Solved: Bluetooth/Wireless Speakers Stuttering g wireless connection The Sony Vaio N H laptop spec from what I can recall is as follows GHz Dual Core Intel Processor GB Memory GB Hard Drive On-board Sound Sony DVD Burner b g Belkin F T uk Bluetooth USB EDR Adapter Class V The Sony SRS-BTM Bluetooth Wireless Speakers spec is as follows Bluetooth A DP AVRCP HFP HSP Compatible Bluetooth Class mW Output Bluetooth Version Frequency GHz band GHz - GHz Output Power W W W Speaker Impedance Ohms Signal Range m Line of sight I can obtain further details if required Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Solved: Stuttering Bluetooth/Wireless Speakers

In my original post I stated that my daughter's laptop was a Sony Vaio "N11H". The model number I typed was in fact incorrect and should have been "N11S".

Sorry about that....
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Hello, Two days that I try to use bluetooth speakers with my lenovo Z70 windows 10, I will become crazy ! I can pair the laptop with the bluetooth speakers, but it said "driver is unavailable". I allready tried of course to update the bluetooth drivers on lenovo site (qualcomm atheros qcA61x4, but nothing works Many thanks if you have any idea !! ?
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Nice forum here.

I'd just like to know how to use my laptop's speakers via Bluetooth to play music from my 4th generation ipod touch. I know it can be done on windows 7, but there aren't any guides for windows 8.

I also know there is the option to stream over wifi, but this doesn't work very well as it cuts out frequently.

Just to make it clear: I want to use my laptop's speakers to play music from my ipod.

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I use a bluetooth speaker Tendqa as well as a pair of wired headphones on my computer XP Until same headphones wired at speakers time? Bluetooth and yesterday I could get audio output on both simultaneously I know for sure because many times I forgot that the speakers were on and I Bluetooth speakers and wired headphones at same time? d start playing a game and the sounds were broadcast through the speakers and I didn t realize it right away because Bluetooth speakers and wired headphones at same time? I had the headset on Anyway as of this morning it s an either or thing with music played via Pandora or WMP I can get system sounds through the headset such as the audio demo through Realtek but no music while the bluetooth speakers are connected The only thing I can think that I did in the interim is install Adobe Acrobat Reader X But I restored my computer to yesterday s settings before the Reader install and it didn t solve the problem I even checked my windows registry to make sure none of the Reader X registry entries were there Nada Can anyone think of anything else I can try Barbara nbsp
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I have a bluetooth connected in-wall amplifier IST-I in the room next Playroom to the location of my computer I want to be able to have music playing from the computer on both the system speakers HDMI connected TV and speaker bar as well as the bluetooth connected amp in the next room I have already run an extension line to get the bluetooth radio as close to the IST as possible within feet I have connected the bluetooth When I switch the primary playback speakers to the Playroom system it send the music there perfectly I have set up the record side to use Stereo Mix to use the Playroom system as the quot Listen to quot destination The Stereo Mix audio bar quot dances quot with the sound but the Playroom audio bar is blank No setting Issue up bluetooth with speakers remote sound comes out of the Playroom system As far as I can tell for some reason I can't find the sound is Issue with setting up remote bluetooth speakers NOT getting from the Stereo Mix to the Playroom destination Please help
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Hello I have searched through Bluetooth articles and couldn't find any relevant answers I have a HMDX Jam bluetooth speaker and cannot connect it to my Sony Vaio W HP laptop via Bluetooth although it connects with the line-in cable no prob screenshot The speaker connected instantly to my Android tablet so I know the speaker is functioning correctly The problem seems to be in 'pairing' When I connected the speaker to my Asus tablet greyed Bluetooth a Device out speakers: 'Allow Connect' to it asked for the pairing code which I entered in and the combo were up and running When I attempt to connect the speaker to my laptop it is recognized but I am not asked for the 'pairing code' I also see that when I right-click on the bluetooth icon in the taskbar that 'Allow a Device to Connect' is greyed out screenshot Bluetooth speakers: 'Allow a Device to Connect' greyed out I presume that is why the pairing code dialogue box is not opening As you can see from the screenshot I have ticked the 'Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer' tick-box When I double-click on the speaker icon in Devices I get the message that the operation failed to initialize screenshot Also when I took screenshot I firstly tried to send it via bluetooth from my phone to the laptop it failed The devices are 'paired but not connected' and after three attempts I gave up and got the cable out I have attempted to put as much relevant info here as I can think of I would also like to add that I have virus troubles at the momernt and am in the process of posting a thread in an Anti-Malware forum although I haven't started that yet Many thanks in advance Forum rules read and agreed to System Spec panel completed

A:Bluetooth speakers: 'Allow a Device to Connect' greyed out

Hi again,

Well its been a couple of days since I posted the above. In the mean time I continued to search for help elsewhere, and in fact have been able to resolve the issue.

It turns out W7 is not very well adapted to Bluetooth. I found a few other similar posts, reading through the replies the concensus seemed to be that W7 is good for keyboards and mice but not much more. As I say I'm only going on what I've read as replies to similar problems.

The solution appears to be to download Bluetooth driver software from the following link, Bluetooth Software Download | Broadcom

I tried this and Bingo, works straight away. Have to say that it's not ideal, still haven't got the devices to pair, so it's a manual connection each time. But at least I can now use the speaker as intended. Edit: I was wrong, after a reboot I switched on Bluetooth and the speakers connected immediately. So I'm very happy!

Interestingly, on the Sony own Youtube video on how to connect your Bluetooth device to a Vaio laptop, the 'Allow a Device to Connect' command (when you right-click the Bluetooth icon in system tray) was greyed out as well, so it appears its not a settings issue as I suspected.

I think the real solution it to get in touch with Sony support and/ or HMDX Jam, which I'll do in the near future. At the moment I'm happy to have the speaker play via Bluetooth so I can get on with more pressing issues.

Thx, Chig
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I was just wondering if anyone knew how to hook up a Cell Phone to a PC so you could talk through its mic and speakers. Im running windows XP.

p.s. And I already know how to do Data transfer and that doesnt have anything to do with this post.

A:Can you talk to people using PC speakers and mic through using bluetooth from a cell?

they have so called skype cell phones which are used for skype like programs
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I just bought some 5.1 speakers, and only 2 out of the 5 speakers are playing. I did a test through windows, and all 5 of the speakers are working...but for everything only 2 speakers are used. I know that .mp3's will not be played on all 5.1 speaker systems, but I have downloaded special sound clips 'designed for 5.1 surround sound systems' and still only the 2 speakers play. In audio and hardware properties, I have my computer set to "5.1 surround system" and even in my computer games only 2 speakers play. Any help or suggestions?

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hey, how do I get my sony z1 to play music on my bluetooth headset?
its all synced and works great when im making calls but when I put on music it just comes out of the speakers
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I've searched here and Google but haven't found the answer. I bought a bluetooth audio receiver to stream music to my stereo receiver and speakers. The device connected to the computer (Windows 8.1) perfectly. Appears as connected to the computer. But music played on the PC doesn't get to the stereo speakers. I can connect the device to my android phone and play music through the stereo speakers perfectly.

In Windows Volume Control, the BT device appears and is selected. When I try to play music through my receiver, I can hear music coming from my PC speakers (barely) but nothing through the stereo. What am I missing?

A:Streaming music to receiver thru bluetooth

How are you connecting the device to the PC? Via the headphone jack? GREEN speaker jack on the rear? Since it works with a phone I assume its being connected via an analog audio jack?
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Hey everyone I have windows -bit and am on an Inspiron MT I m trying to figure out how to use my headphones as a default communication device and my speakers my Skype music and my with speakers, headphones? I do from How hear for everything else Headphones Plantronics Gamercom Speakers Logitech VIA High Def Audio that s what it says on the sound thing in my control panel I already have two audio outputs and both of my devices are plugged in The problem is I can t hear them at the same time When I go to quot manage audio How do I hear music from my speakers, and Skype with my headphones? devices quot in Control Panel it just shows my headphone options When I unplug my headphones it shows the speaker options I can t seem to find a way to split the sound apart or How do I hear music from my speakers, and Skype with my headphones? make one a default communication device doesn t How do I hear music from my speakers, and Skype with my headphones? show both at the same time Is there rd party software I should download Any advice is greatly appreciated I will frequent this site BTW - not just signing up for one question nbsp
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Hey folks I ve got a pair of Logitech G speakers that are plugged directly into the sound card on my computer which is all well and good sounds great at least as far as my non-audiophile ears can tell and can get pretty loud but only when my computer is turned on Current project is Solved: music it's Speakers 5.1 turned off. into want when I computer, that I m looking for an elegant solution that will enable me to in theory simply press a button to switch between input from my computer and input from an additional audio jack connected to my mp player or whatever else - maybe even a walkman if I get bored I ve looked at a couple of different switches on Amazon but am worried about getting one that will greatly reduce audio quality or Solved: 5.1 Speakers into computer, I want music when it's turned off. simply not work at all for whatever reason At this point I m assuming anything I will be doing will need if not of the Belkin Solved: 5.1 Speakers into computer, I want music when it's turned off. way splitters but I m just not sure about the steps or devices in between Cheers for any thoughts ideas and help nbsp

A:Solved: 5.1 Speakers into computer, I want music when it's turned off.

How the speakers are connected will determine the type of switch that you will need. I assume that you are using the analog 3.5mm connector cables. In which case, there are three cables. I've not used any type of switch for that type of cabling. And unless they are designed for audio (and stereo inputs), they likely won't work well.

With all of that said, there are two inputs for those speakers. The analog 3.5mm inputs, and a pair of stereo RCA inputs. So all you really need is a 3.5mm stereo to RCA cable and then input using the secondary inputs.
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My speakers are Logitech Surround Speaker Z506 and motherboard gigabyte z68x-ud5-b3.

I havent got a soundcard but I'm wondering why i cant use 5.1? and what sort of plugins/codecs i need for it? it used to work for my old machine using realtek HD and all 5 speakers work but for some reason my newer machine doesnt work, anyone can help or lead me to find a solution?

A:Speakers not using 5.1 when watching/listening to movies/music

What media player are you using and does it support Dolby 5.1?
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Gday Okay here's the deal I listen to my MP 's and have Warcraft The Frozen Throne set up to play via my speakers I have a headset I use mainly to listen to online streaming of my TV Shows and of course Skype and jump Playing Speakers Music Headphones will into Through Yahoo Messenger There have been no updates for my sound card and also no updates from Microsoft Music Playing Through Speakers will jump into Headphones of late But all of a sudden when I am watching a TV Show my MP will start playing through the headset The problem I am having is I used to shut down winamp reset the MP to play through the speakers then default the playback to my headset and continue watching my TV Now for some reason if I change the settings in the Sound from speakers then back to the headset I lose all sound on my TV Shows The main reason this is a problem is that most TV Shows need time to buffer before I can watch them And the only fix I have found at the moment is to shutdown Mozilla reopen it and start over My browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox Any ideas as to why this has started happening
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Like I said in the title, whenever I touch the speaker that has the volume dial on it music starts playing.
They are Logitech speakers and I use Realtek HD Audio. Only the speaker with the power switch plays the music.
It seems to be tied to a radio station and it only plays when the speaker is touched anywhere by someones hand.
This started happening right after I moved and set my computer up the next day. I think I heard somewhere that sometimes audio devices can pick up certain radio waves and play them, but I've never heard of it only working when physical contact is made with the device.
Info. about what is happening will be useful.

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I accidently deleted this program called Vinyl Deck and now no sounds are coming out from my speakers. And all my wires are plugged in but I still can't hear anything. Is there anyway I can re-download Vinyl Deck or do something else because now I can't even listen to Itunes. Please help me!

A:How come I can't hear any music coming from my speakers anymore?

Hi and welcome to TSF.
In deleting Vinyl Deck you may have inadvertently removed the sound drivers. Go to the Device Manager (Press Start then right click My Computer and select Properties. Click the Hardware Tab and select Device Manager.) Look for the Sound heading and press the plus sign next to it. Do any items show a yellow question mark or red x.
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Windows 8.1 64-bit
Realtek High Definition Audio
Motherboard: B85-G41 PC Mate(MS-7850)
Speakers: Logitech X-530

The set includes 4 speakers ( two front and two back), Center, and Subwoofer.

I'm not using the two back speakers.

In the RealTek Audio manager's sound test, I hear sound from the front left, front right, center, and subwoofer.

Under enhancements I have speaker fill checked.

When I play any music from YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, I'm only hearing the sound from the front left, front right and subwoofer. For some reason it will not use the center. Should I hear sound from the center?

A:Sound Test Plays All Speakers Music Won't

Another quick thing about this. When I play something from YouTube and it has an advertisement, the sound in the advertisement plays from the center speaker! Isn't that a kick in the pants! Any windows sounds, like new e-mail notification, plays from center speaker. Seems isolated to only music.
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Hi Guys,

I'm thinking of acquiring some Bluetooth headphones to go with my speakers and I was wondering if it was possible to use the Bluetooth headphones simultaneously with wired speakers?


A:Windows 7: Using Bluetooth Headphones & Wired Speakers simultaneously?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and answer "it depends". Windows allows you to select the output device (I have 5 of them) but only one can be selected as default. However, I know that I have used media applications that ignore the Windows default device and will let you select the output device for that application. Thus, if you actually had multiple devices in use and started SOUND.exe you would see volume levels on the right for each device as sound is streaming.
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Attempting to run Braven 705 speakers with the computer below. Located the device under 'Devices' and when right clicking on the icon, clicking control results in the error message 'This operation failed to initialised.'

Have run services.msc and adjusted the bluetooth service to 'automatic' and restarted it. Rebooted the computer. Same problem.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3979 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1797 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 459437 MB, Free - 183053 MB; Q: Total - 15999 MB, Free - 4113 MB; S: Total - 1499 MB, Free - 1162 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, 41772VB
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Bluetooth and Braven Speakers - Failed to initialise

Paired bluetooth device will not connect
Turn the BRAVEN 705 off and back on.
Remove the BRAVEN 705 from the pairing list of your Bluetooth device (refer to the device’s owner’s manual for support). Then pair the device and your BRAVEN 705 again.
Reset the history of paired devices on the BRAVEN by pressing and holding the play button for 3 seconds until you hear the system enter pairing mode. Release the button and then press and hold the play button for 7 more seconds. You will hear a beep followed by the speaker playing the turn on sound again. This indicates that all previous connection history has been erased and the speaker is ready to be paired with a new device.

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I am using a Toshiba Portege Ultrabook with Windows 8.1 and have my Logicool Boombox bluetooth speakers paired and connected to the computer. The speakers work and sound comes out.

However, after a few hours of inactivity, the speakers turn off. The power light goes out. I have no connection when I jump back on my computer.

So, I have to walk over to my shelf and turn on the speakers, which then connect immediately.

This isn't the case with my other computers using these same Logicool bluetooth speakers. Once the Logicool bluetooth speakers are connected, I have to physically disconnect them if I want to disconnect them.

Is there a setting in Windows 8.1 that will stop my Logicool bluetooth speakers from turning off when my computer is inactive for a few hours?

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I have a desktop (HP - Vista) and I finally got my stereo bluetooth headphones working. One problem...


You know, where I plug the green jack into the green hole in the back of the computer. No sound comes out!

What happened. How do I fix this, so sound works out of my speakers, but when I turn on my bluetooth device it switches to bluetooth? and when i turn my bluetooth off, it switches to my speakers?

Hubie the Nubie

A:Bluetooth sound works fine, but speakers dont!

BUMP. Please help. I can only listen to music via my bluetooth headphones. I want to plug in external speakers into the green jack - but no sound is coming out. What setting do I need to switch. HELP!
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I using Bluetooth Dongle on Compaq Presario sr1520nx.

I use Blue Soleil software connect to Bluetooth speakers.

I am able to connect and play mp3s from my computer to Bluetooth speakers.

It plays initially well but after 1 min. audio sound is intermittent like signal is weak.

I try move Bluetooth speaker directly in front of Bluetooth dongle the same thing occurs, so it not a range or obstruction problem.

I tried directly connecting audio cable from pc to bluetooth speakers and it works perfectly all the time so it not a mp3 or sound file problem.

So what could be causing this problem and how I can fix it ?

I have exactly identical sr1520nx computer and I tried on it and it works perfectly . So it not due to my computer, since it works on one of them but not the other.


A:Blue Soleil software connect to Bluetooth speakers

Also when I connect to Bluetooth speakers. it is connected as headset speakers icon. Is there no Bluetooth Speaker icon to connect to ?

Do I connect to Bluetooth Advanced audio service or Bluetooth Headset Service?

Sometimes when I try to connect it says "incoming call" yet nobody phoning me. I guess that is way to communcate to speakers telling me to connect to audio service after pairing ?