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Install Outlook 2013 Alongside Office 2016?

Q: Install Outlook 2013 Alongside Office 2016?

I have recently installed Office Professional Plus 2016 (the full package, with nothing left out, as well as Outlook 2016). However, I recently discovered that Outlook 2016 doesn't support the Business Contact Manager addin.

So, can I install only Outlook 2013 (and BCM) alongside Office 2016, without removing/breaking either? Does anyone else have this setup working without issues?

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Preferred Solution: Install Outlook 2013 Alongside Office 2016?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi Folks,

The title of the thread says it all really.

I have legitimate copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate on my PC. I have just bought a copy of Office 2016 Professional Plus through the HUP.

I haven't installed Office 2016 yet - I use Office 2010 at work and find using Custom Animations in PowerPoint tricky compared to Office 2007.

I'd like to install Office 2016 alongside Office 2007 until I have tried Office 2016 to see if the Custom Animations in PP are easier than the 2010 version before switching completely.

My question is, can I install Office 2016 alongside Office 2007 without conflicts - switching between versions without a problem or will installing Office 2016 screw Office 2007 or worse FUBAR both Office installations or my PC.

Any help gratefully received.


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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks

A:Migrating Outlook from Office 2013 to Office 2016

You didn't say what types of accounts they are, but mostly likely there isn't a way, unless there is a third-party tool or these are Exchange accounts.
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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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I want to install office 2016 over office 2013. what will be the correct procedure. please note that I am also using outlook 2013.
Please suggest..
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Office Installation Routine Deleting Older Stand-alone Apps I can't Office 2013 not 2016 Apps Office with Standalone compatible say I wasn't warned I was part way through installing Microsoft Office on my primary workstation when I got a message Office 2016 not compatible with Office 2013 Standalone Apps that said quot Stop you should wait to install Office quot The error message went on to say that if I decided to continue anyway my copy of Microsoft Visio Standard would be removed Since I had the original disk from when I purchased the software I went ahead Bad move It turns out that when Microsoft says that Visio won't work with Office it means it won't even have the chance to work Any attempt to reinstall the software will be thwarted The fact that you paid for the software is beside the point You're basically out of luck When I Office 2016 not compatible with Office 2013 Standalone Apps went to the Microsoft community forums which is where Microsoft handles much of its tech support I discovered that I wasn't alone Apparently hundreds of people who'd purchased stand-alone Microsoft Office products were affected and they weren't happy about it Furthermore the problem extended far beyond Visio Users with Microsoft Project Publisher Access InfoPath and SharePoint Designer were also affected Likewise Microsoft customers who purchased Office Apps that are normally part of Office suites but may have been purchased separately such as Outlook were also affected More here Office Installation Routine Deleting Older Stand-alone Apps Special offer for customers with Office and Office standalone applications Office and standalone Office applications purchased separately via a retailer and not part of a suite of applications cannot be installed on the same device To resolve this issue you'll need to upgrade your standalone applications to the Office version of the products Please contact Accounts amp billing at the Microsoft Answer Desk to obtain a free upgrade for your qualifying standalone applications More here Special offer for customers with Office and Office standalone applications - Office Support
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Performed a clean install of Win 10 14332 and all is working well with the exception of installing my corporate MS Exchange email via Office 2016.

The issue is when I launch MS Outlook and provide the appropriate credentials (email, password, etc.) I receive the additional MS Security prompting for the corporate MS Exchange email/account (password (email or Domain account). The issue, even though the MS Security box is present I can?t click the field to enter the password and MS Outlook (32) goes into a Not Responding status in task manager ? see below.

Never had this issue in the past until this latest build ? installed successfully on every prior build. Any advice/direction would be appreciated.


A:Win 10 Pro 14332 and Office 2016 - Outlook Install Issue

Sorry posted in wrong forum - mod please move to appropriate forum...
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hi guys,

is it possible to install Office 2016 32 bit next to Office 2013 (64 bit)?

I hate reinstalling Office 2013 if the 2016 version is not good enough.

Have to many rules that i have to recreate every time, also to many mails i need to redirect to the junk mail.


A:Office 2016 (32 bit) next to Office 2013 (64 bit)

Originally Posted by jeffrys

hi guys,

is it possible to install Office 2016 32 bit next to Office 2013 (64 bit)?


While possible it is not recommended to install multiple versions of Office on the same computer. But they both must be the same bits. The only way this could be done is to install one on a virtual machine.
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I have Office 2013 on my desktop PC (standalone install not office 365)
I have Office 2016 available via work and want to install it to have the latest shiny and all that

My main issue is being able to preserve all the accounts and settings in Outlook
Will an over the top install preserve these or will I lose them all?

In the past I recall I could export a registry key of the profile, edit a number fro 12 to 15 (for office 2013) and then import this key - do I have to do the same but change the version number to 16 instead?

A:migrating/upgrading from Office 2013 to 2016 settings question

Hi wigwam12, welcome to the Forum.

These 2 website might help you with changing from Office 2013 to Office 2016. They both deal with Outlook. Read through them & to be safe make a back up of your current Outlook 2013 settings.

Upgrading to Outlook 2016 - HowTo-Outlook

New and Changed in Outlook 2016 - HowTo-Outlook
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Can anyone advise on how to set up custom domain email accounts with outlook desktop 2013 or 2016
i have 3 accounts that are custom domain accounts working fine in outlook 2013 - suddenly 2 of them stopped working  and i have searched the webs to no avail - techs sent an open thread to the forum.

the typical server ins't working and neither is IMAP

if anyone has any troubleshooting tips please help -maybe a new server address? ive tried a few still not working.
maybe thiers a way to find out what server the account is on?
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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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i have installed office 2010 and in excel i need to save files in wk4 file formate .. and excel 2010 is lacking this feature. whereas excell 2003 has this feature.

can i install excell 2003 alongside office 2010 ?
i need word/outlook/access/onenote/ in 2010 format . whereas excel in 2003.

what are its implications?

A:install excell 2003 alongside office 2010

Are you aware that Microsoft will no longer support Office 2003 after April 8, 2014. So you will lose support & updates on Excel 2003, which could make it very vulnerable to virus attacks etc..

Is the wk4 file format used in saving Lotus 123 spreadsheets?. With the above in mind is there any way, you can change over to the fully Excel system, as it would seem you are getting forced into a corner & have to eventually change over.

Whether Excel 2003 will work alongside Office 2010 is something I don't know.
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Hi there Unless you have an ACTIVE Internet connection or other Network Mail Server connection such 2013 2013 set to --OUTLOOK connection Internet Office requires up as Exchange you will NOT be able to set up OUTLOOK Outlook requires and there is no option unlike in Outlook to disable it by unchecking a box a TEST email to be sent and working before your account s can be configured-- Once it's done you don't have to be online but if you need to set up several accounts and you don't have a working internet connection -- Tough luck Why on earth did Ms do this --it's not necessary and it is a Hassle for some people who are on the road have purchased Office and want to set it up Office 2013 --OUTLOOK 2013 requires Internet connection to set up instead of having to wait Office 2013 --OUTLOOK 2013 requires Internet connection to set up until they get home Also a hassle if they want to prepare company laptop computers with email parameters in advance of the new Exchange email servers being rolled out to the users Even if your work policy has mechanisms where the USER can configure the email connections themselves they won't be able to set it up until the Servers are actually in place so you can't set the accounts up in advance The box I've shown here is from Outlook In Outlook the option is filled in and greyed out so you can't change it BTW I prefer and use Office myself but was trying to help a colleague to set up Office Cheers jimbo

A:Office 2013 --OUTLOOK 2013 requires Internet connection to set up

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

Hi there
Unless you have an ACTIVE Internet connection (or other Network Mail Server connection such as Exchange) you will NOT be able to set up OUTLOOK 2013.

Outlook 2013 requires (and there is no option unlike in Outlook 2010 to disable it by unchecking a box) a TEST email to be sent and working before your account(s) can be configured-- Once it's done you don't have to be online but if you need to set up several accounts and you don't have a working internet connection -- Tough luck....

Of course you can uncheck the Test email box. It has been so in all Outlook versions, is still so in Outlook 2013.

The option is grayed out exactly as long as the NEXT button is grayed out i.e. as long as they could not be used due missing credentials, until the setup has all relevant information for an email account to work (email address, incoming and outgoing servers, username and password). When you have filled the needed credentials, both the Test box and NEXT button become visible and can be clicked / selected.

Although I could well understand that setting up an email account, which in any case needs a working connection, would require an existing connection, this is not the case with Outlook 2013. You can set your email accounts up while sitting in a pub in Brussels watching Premier League Football without Internet connection if you want to .

Screenshot from Windows 8.1 / Outlook 2013.
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I've read in many forums about Outlook/Office365 using a tremendous amount of bandwidth. I have an office with 10 heavy outlook users, half being delegates of the bosses that have HUGE mailboxes (~15GB) and that refuse to archive emails.

They have a 30M internet connection that seemingly is not enough and constantly makes their Outlooks "hang" when searching for delegated contacts or just sending and replying to emails with big attachments etc.

I just want to confirm that this is seemingly is the case and that it's nothing else weird. Does it sound right to you guys? I told them to get the max bandwidth they can get there, which is 50MB but they are at the point where they are grumpy and don't believe my advice to upgrade their connection.


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Hi there Whoever designed the base colors for Office must have been totally STONE DEAF and COLOR BLIND at the same time I can't believe that comments weren't made before this stuff was allowed out of the door There's almost no possibilities to customize the backgrounds or colors and on a large monitor the base white looks really HIDEOUS -- you need a good pair of Sunglasses while working with it The Outlook 2013 (Office De-Uglify Help 2013) to only other choice is some type of Grey shown in screenshot which looks very similar to quot The Fruit Company's Window colour scheme Still looks Outlook 2013 (Office 2013) Help to De-Uglify hideous and that Blue Outlook also displays the unread message titles in the most sickly blue can't seem to change it I've ever seen Before I remove this POS from my computer is there anyway to De-Uglify or customize like I had in Office with the Black background I don't like it opening with a prompt screen before I get the base screen often needs another TWO keyboard strokes -- example for EXCEL shown -- I should be able to open it in a Window with the menus just like like Office It means I now have to make a load of extra keyboard strokes before I actually get a workbook screen to start getting my work done I don't want the sign in reminders either -- I don't intend to use Cloud services etc Cheers jimbo

A:Outlook 2013 (Office 2013) Help to De-Uglify

No there isn't a way (that I know of) to change it. It was too cumbersome and hogged my Internet Speed with Cloud and whatnot; so I went back to good ol' office 2010. Maybe you should too
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I plan to update Office Pro 2003 to Office 2013 with Outlook. I need some Advice on how to move all of my Outlook info in 2003 to Outlook 2013.
Thank you, Richard

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I have used my Office Outlook syncing with my Msn com email Restarting when sync Office to with trying 2016 Outlook for years and as of my outlook Office Outlook 2016 Restarting when trying to sync with started to have issues Nothing I did on the outlook synced up with the online emails nor anything that attacked that account my iPad iPhone but whatever I did on those reflected For example I deleted out my junk on Outlook and it would not reflect that change but I was still getting new emails into my Outlook I tried a couple of things then removed my msn com email and restarted When I tried to reconnect back to my email add email it would always restart office outlook Has done this every single day though I can retrieve and do everything from my apple products or through the online Outlook aka outlook live Office Outlook 2016 Restarting when trying to sync with But since I have tons Office Outlook 2016 Restarting when trying to sync with of windows open I don't need to try to keep track of my email when outlook did this the office products To make it more interesting my Gmail accounts are still all linked and working through the office outlook it's sad when google is working better than their Microsoft's own email system I have restarted repaired and done everything even checked my privacy settings which are all set up correctly Has anyone else had these issues and can help me
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I have been running Exchange server 2010 on our network and recently subscribed to Office 365 online. I can access email ok on line through the Office 365 portal but cannot get Outlook 2016 on my PC to link with the online mail.

Outlook 2016 on my PC (Windows 10, 64 bit machine) appears to be only trying to connect to the local exchange server.
I have not yet switched off the exchange server but have removed my email account from the system.

I tried to create a new profile for 2016 but it cannot find my online email account (autodiscover was reported as working ok when I set up the online account and ISP MX records etc)

Thanks for any help.
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i recently bought office 2013 for my Hp laptop computer.everthing is working great; word excell one note and all apart from outlook. I was using office 2007 previously and oulook was fine now after upgrading my oulook can locate my previous files but cant display them. i have gone ahead and categorized the mails into folders for easier reading. please guide on what to do.
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I'm an windows insider with a problem with my Office outlook My 2013 bit Office Outlook 32 Office ran just fine last year until the middle of November At that time I could not receive any incoming emails I could and still can send out going emails and occasionally receive maybe one Office 2013 Outlook 32 bit email a week Had to revert to web mail from my provider until the bugs were worked out of windows mail witch I am not very fond of I've Office 2013 Outlook 32 bit seen better rd party email programs then that It has always bugged me that my Word Power point Access and Excel work just fine but not the Outlook after November The one program I uses the most Today while checking the settings of a theme package I found out that my Outlook was listed as quot Office Outlook bit quot I'm running Windows on my bit Dell as a bit system Does anyone have an idea how I can get the Outlook of my Office to run as a bit program or what else I could do to get it to run other than a viewer

A:Office 2013 Outlook 32 bit

Office 2010 was the first version of Office to be offered as either 32-bit or 64-bit, previous versions were 32-bit, probably back to version 2000, maybe a bit earlier. I had FrontPage 2003 on my computer when I got the 64-bit version of Office 2010 and had to first remove FP due to incompatibility with 64-bit Office. You should have no issues with running 32-bit programs on 64-bit Windows but can't run 64-bit programs on 32-bit Windows. To change to 64-bit Office you'll need the disc or download for it and uninstall the 32-bit version first. I have heard of folks that were able to run both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office but probably had to do a Custom Install to specify a different Folder one from the other. 32-bit Windows stores 32-bit programs in C:\Program Files but 64-bit Windows stores 64-bit programs in C:\Program Files and 32-bit programs in C:\Program Files (x86). [Change C: to whatever drive/partition your Windows may be on if different.]
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I installed office 2007 ultimate alongside office 2003 professional. Microsoft outlook and publisher was removed from my office 2003 prior to office 2007 installation. I also opted not to install microsoft outlook 2007.

It seems that each time I load word 2007 or 2003 after previously opening the other version (ie. load 2003 followed by 2007 OR load 2007 followed by 2003), a window would opened up indicating that either the configuration or installation process is taking place, hence delaying the startup. However, once the program has started, it would run without problem. I do not intend to unistall my 2003. There was no problem loading excel 2003/2007, powerpoint 2003/2007 and access 2003/2007.

I am running on Windows XP SP2 that is regularly updated. Thank you

A:instaling issue Office 2007 alongside office 2003

Try deselecting Word as your Outlook Email editor. I suspect that will be the issue, as it reconfigures Outlook 2003 each time to the changed Word version?
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Good day all,

Sorry if this has been asked before but after I installed Office 2016 Pro, I noticed that it immediately pooped all of the Office apps onto my PC including ones that I really don't need. There's no custom option to select the ones you want and the ones you don't (unlike Office 2013).
I read that it's apparently intended to do so and Microsoft actually has called it a technology (Click To Run Technology).

I was wondering if there's ANY way to be able to exclude apps before the install so that they won't install. Is there a file that I can edit and if so, how exactly should I edit it?

A:No Custom install for Office 2016?

Folks have complained about this same problem in the Windows 10 forums -- and the response there is that MS has removed the option to choose what components to install.
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Instead of going into my online account to check my email, I access email via Outlook. I used to have folders full of emails in Outlook; the folders are still there, but none of the emails are in them. If I sign in to my account on line, all of the folders contain the emails. Any ideas about why the emails no longer show up in the Outlook folders? Thanks.

A:MS Office Outlook (2013) and Folders

This is probably a sync error. Try the steps in this post and post back your results.

Choose which IMAP account folders appear in Outlook - Outlook
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Hello everyone, I was wanting to know if anyone been having problems with Outlook 2013. The problem I'm having is that it will stop synchronizing. I have my gmail setup to it and it will send but when it tries to receive it doesn't complete. I've let it run hours at a time to see if it ever complete but it never dose. I also deleted my account and reentered it and still dose the same thing. So doses anyone else have this problem?

A:Office 2013 Outlook not working right

Have you checked the Microsoft beta forums for assistance? This was just released 2 weeks ago, so that's probably your best bet for a resolution and/or to report your issue.
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After sorting through the crisis created by the KB3000850 MS update clashing with Avast I am finally after two days seeing the light.

The experience has left my Outlook mail program on my Laptop hanging and not opening.

After repairing both on and offline, and restarts and boots in safe mode I still have no answers to get into my mail on my pc.

All I am getting is no access no matter what I do.

A:Office 2013 and Outlook Issues

Have you tried a complete uninstall & install of Outlook, including creating a new account (which creates a new PST file), followed by an FILE > IMPORT of your mail from your old/current PST file?

Make sure you FIRST move your old/current PST file out of the default folder before install so it does not try and automatically import the corrupted(?) PST file again.

If you need explanation or instruction, just ask.

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I have a problem with my laptop when trying to re-install Office 2013 preview edition - basically the initial install failed for some reason and can I can neither remove or install this software leaving me in some sort of Microsoft limbo.

Someone I know suggested logging onto the "my account" section of the Microsoft site and actually deactivating the install however that has not solved the problem?

CCleaner has also been run to try and remove any redundant registry entries however again that has not solved my problem.

My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 (Official)


A:office 2013 install failed now cant re-install or remove

Couple of things you can try. Revo Uninstaller Pro has a free 30 day trial. The forced uninstall option should remove the Office 2013 including left over registry entries.

Revo Uninstaller Pro - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs easily, Forced Uninstall

Or you could try the Microsoft Fix It. If that doesn't work there are also instructions for manual removal.

Uninstall Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365
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I hope someone can help. Brand new hp laptop came with windows 7 installed but also windows 8 disc.
I upgraded to windows 8 and then to 8.1 . No problems.

I then tried to install Office Home & Business 2013, The following then happens----


Am i doing something daft ? i've tried six times but always the same result.

All ideas and suggestions welcome.

Thanks Dom.

A:Office 2013 will not install

Hi there
1) ensure any old / previous Office version is uninstalled - including any Demo / invasionware type of product.
2) Copy the contents of the DVD to disk - keep folders in same order
3) go to the relevant x86 / x64 folder (depending on whether you want to install the 32 or 64 bit version).
4) run the setup EXE file.

Step 2) might appear unnecessary but I've found in the past sometimes copying to HDD before install works whereas installing from DVD sometimes fails. Don't ask me why - I've had this with perfectly good DVD's and nothing wrong with the DVD writer either.

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Since i installed Office 2016I get a message that i am not authorized to save to this location (Library Documents) and would i like to save to My Documents instead. I click yes and get the same message even though i am in My Documents.

I am the only user on my computer and am the administrator. I cannot access explicit admin function as I am using windows 7 home premium.

I have gone to the microsoft website and they do not answer any questions in regard to this. This never happened before the office 365 installation.

What do i do to fix this?
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sort of newbie question...but can not solve!!
I?ve got my new HP Laptop with WIN10 home factory installed installed .I?ve got my just burned Office2016 pro install DVD, which works like a champ on my old Win 7 laptop.

Now, as soon as I try to install on the new win10 laptop, a message states there?s a missing error code, no any other message!!! NOTHING!!!!

What could be wrong?

Is there any limitation on new laptops so only Office 365 can be used (just a thought...)

A:Office 2016 install fails on win 10 home

I don't have much to help you except a suggestion :
Burn another DVD. Something might have gone awry in the first one.

I don't have Office 2016. Mine is a 2007 edition.
So, I have a silly question :
Assuming the 2016 is still running in the old Win 7 computer. Are you allowed to install the same 2016 to another computer with the same license ?
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I was wanting to know if there was any way to where I can add Publisher and Outlook to my Office Suite without having to upgrading my whole Office to Professional I have the Home and Student Version

A:Adding Publisher and Outlook to Office 2013

Sorry but outlook and publisher are part of the office professional or the business version of Office 2013.

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I currently have MS Office Pro installed on desktop running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

I'd like to install MS Office Pro 2013 in order to update Word but I don't want to overwrite my Outlook 2007 with Outlook 2013. Is this possible? If so, what should I look for or do during installation?

My thanks,

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Hi there PLEASE TO ANY DEVELOPERS OF SOFTWARE Don't dumb the stuff Office cannot account 2013 - Outlook configure down so much that it's impossible to repair it if Office 2013 - Outlook cannot configure account it goes wrong Outlook won't set up an email account if the TEST SEND EMAIL fails This is a really stupid error on the part of the developers -- if you are in some places often your ISP won't let you logon to your email server to SEND email from programs like OUTLOOK SPAM protection amongst other things but insist that you use their webmail unless you are actually LOGGED ON to the ISP ISP's have no problem with you READING Email while on say a public other Wi-Fi system but often restrict the SENDING of emails through their servers from such Wi-Fi accesses - you often have to be logged on to your own ISP So if you are trying to set up the account while you are staying in a Hotel and using their broadband service it fails -- all I want is to be able to READ email until I can logon at home I can SEND via webmail or mobile phone so the stupid install process shouldn't stop me CREATING an account even if for the moment I can't use it for SENDING GRRH -- Don't the developers EVER speak to the END USERS any more before designing some install rubbish system like this Showstopper for me this one Rolled back to Office -- Outlook works fine - you can SKIP the test email send --this is what they should allow on Outlook as well Cheers jimbo

A:Office 2013 - Outlook cannot configure account

Maybe some "stability updates" will be released. Always the same problems with new software...

Good thing I couldn't upgrade (no free offer or reductions).
The Office 2010 runs super fast on my laptop and (for me) there's no need for another version for the moment.

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I have Microsoft Office 2003 professional edition installed on my laptop currently. I also have a 2013 professional plus version disc that I can install. Would there be a problem with installing both on my laptop? Is there a lot of difference between the two versions? The reason I'm asking is that I like the 2003 version I am using but would like to test out the 2013 version before I dump the 2003. Thanks, Micromos

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and 2013

well you can but is advisable not to install 2 version of outlook at the same time, you might run into some problems you have to use at least one of them
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For years I have used Microsoft Office but never used the Outlook part for emails. With Live Mail on its way out I thought that I would try it out. I have set up my accounts and can send and receive with no problems and it is slowly populating all the various Received/Sent/Deleted sections.
I have loads of contacts in the Contacts section but what I have yet to figure out is how to get the To: box to autocomplete the email address as I start to type in the recipients name. I am finding that I have to look up the email address and get that inserted. I am sure that there must be an auto complete but I have yet to find it.
All suggestions gratefully received.

A:Using Microsoft Office 2013 OUtlook email

As far as I'm aware, there is no auto complete function on Outlook. Then again, I might be totally wrong. Terribly sorry that I can't be much more help.
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Hi again!

My friend is buying a new laptop and is wondering whether to get the Office suite that includes Outlook or not...

He currently has Win XP and Outlook which he uses at his job (at church) which syncs to his phone. He wants a new laptop (which he's found) and it has Windows 8. He wants to know whether his email will work and synchronise to his phone via Windows 8's 'Mail', i.e. can he pull all his emails across from Outlook into that and then can these by sync'd to his phone?

The email server is account server is POP/SMPT so was wondering if this is all possible?

Many thanks,

A:Question about Outlook (Office 2013 version)

you usually use IMAP to do that
and it will depend on the email service - nothing to do with outlook really
who do they have there email with ?

Buying office with outlook included is very expensive and there alternative free clients
for example
Thunderbird is very similar to outlook, and i have used this on various consumer machines replacing outlook when they have upgraded/changed PCs
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Well i made the mistake to install Office 2013 X64 from a previous download.

The pc from my wife says valid for another 57 days, mine says activate before 27/11/2012 because i did not redownlad Office 2013.

How can i overcome this? reinstalling Office 2013 does not change this.



A:cannot install Office 2013 on new machine

Hello Jeff,

Are you able to activate them?

Office 2013 - Activate - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps.
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Howdy all This is my first post on the forum I've had an extremely frustrating problem and can't figure it out I hope someone here can help me out 2013 install Microsoft not will Office In short office will not install on Microsoft Office 2013 will not install my computer It starts going and at some point it just says there's an error and quits It doesn't give me an error number or anything it just stops Here's a little context though I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga and overall I've been very satisfied with the computer However it only came with a GB SSD hard drive so I decided to add another GB SSD in the second hard drive slot I got it in the computer and it works perfectly as far as I can tell The only other thing I changed on my computer was to move the music library to the new hard drive After adding the hard drive I tried to use office some time later and it wouldn't work I tried repairing it with the install disk and it didn't work I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn't work It always just stops at some point as I said above Is there a reason adding a hard drive or moving a library would effect Office Thanks in advance Willm

A:Microsoft Office 2013 will not install

Hi Willm,

welcome to Eight Forums! Good to have you aboard.

About your problem. It is not a problem related to you adding an extra SSD and moving a library. That stuff doesn't influence the Office installation.

Before I can give you advice I need more information. Please provide the following info:
Is it a plain Office pack or the Click-To-Run Office pack?Do you try installing it from a DVD disc or from a standalone executable?Where did you buy the licence?What kind of virusprotection are you using? (i.e. Windows Defender, McAfee, Norton etc.)

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I just can't install Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 which I downloaded from it's official web site.
I'm using Windows 8.1 64 bit right here.
I can install Microsoft Office 365 with no problem (but I've uninstalled it for some reasons) but this one is just too much...

I can run the installer, but when it is in installing process, then one of these things happen :
1. Says "The file powerpoint.en-us\PowerPointMUI.msi could not be found
But I can see in that folder that that msi file is really exist.
2. Says "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 encountered an error during setup,
3. Crashes.

I've tried using clean booting, or compatibility troubleshooting like trying it on Vista or Win 7, but really nothing works.
Please help me, I'm losing my mind here, really need this thing ASAP...
Thank you.

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So I uninstalled my office because it has some issues I uninstalled if with Revo Uniintsaller and I Office Not to Microsoft install able 2013 even scanned it after and delete all the left overs Now I am trying to install it back again and I am not Not able to install Microsoft Office 2013 able to The installation is going till about I can tell that approximately cuz there is no actual progress percentage displayed and by installation I mean the the window where below the installation progress it shows this gt gt quot Installing Microsoft Office Professional Plus quot So then the installation stops and it shows me this message gt gt quot Microsoft Office Professional Not able to install Microsoft Office 2013 Plus encountered and error during the setup quot When I close that window it shows me this message gt gt setup exe has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly Windows will Not able to install Microsoft Office 2013 close the program and notify you if a solution is available That's all I get from this installation Can you pleas help me Thanks and have a nice day

A:Not able to install Microsoft Office 2013

Try downloading this MS fix-it program from Microsoft and then try your installation again. Maybe Revo left some fragments behind. Good luck: Uninstall Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365
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I want to install office 2013 ime only on windows 8.1.

I've installed office 2013 but there isn't IME.

Thanks in advance.

A:Install office 2013 ime only on windows 8.1

Have a look at this, Download Microsoft Office IME 2010 from Official Microsoft Download Center
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Whenever I try to install Microsoft Office 2013, the progress bar reaches full then reverses about half way then I get an error saying "Microsoft setup bootstrapper has stopped working". I have already tried clean booting, safe mode, turning off AV, using repair kit. I tried installing Microsoft .NET framework but it said my OS already comes with it, however I cannot find it in Programs and Features.

-I do not press "Install" I use a custom install settings
-I have autorun disabled so I open it by running setup.exe as admin
-I have the preview evaluation version
-32 bit version will install however I want 64 bit because my computer is a 64 bit OS

A:Can't install Microsoft Office 2013 64 Bit

You can try some of the solutions in this post:
Office PP 2013 - Setup bootstrapper has stopped working - Microsoft Community
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I have reinstalled my Microsoft office pro plus bit because i bought an SSD that replaced my HDD Last Plus Microsoft of Pro 2013 install Office time i installed this on the install of Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus HDD it took up between - GB of space on the drive When you look up system requirements for office it will tell you GB space required bit or bit This time around installing it and after all the updates through Windows update it took about GB I am wondering why is this right Is this possibly due to service pack updates till now Thought i read last ones were end of July I did do a Disk Cleanup even removed updates in download folder in C Windows Software Distribution I also know it creates a hidden folder on C drive called MSOCache this only holds about MB Told by some it is required to be there in case of a install repair and updates This is not that much of the amount that i am in question of Well i can not seem to find any answers online to verify if it is correct to be taking this much space up if so i am fine just wondering if it is right

A:install of Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus

Update on this topic, talked to Microsoft support they tell me this is normal to be this size and also due to my system settings and specs.

Since i installed it again, was 57 updates, although i can not see how big each update is now, do not think i downloaded 3GB of updates unless they expanded during installation.

Said something else about language packs possibly being cause, do not see any of those in the updates. When i reinstalled it i usually do not uncheck anything not to be installed, just all the defaults.

Revo uninstaller
shows it at 1279.80MB but again not including updates and service pack.
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I try to install Office 64 bit 2913 but it tells me it can't install because I still have Word 2007 and Enterprise 2007 on my computer. I removed both of them a while ago . How do I remove the remnants of the programs?

A:Solved: Can't Install Office 2013

See if this Microsoft article and Fixit helps:
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OK so the company I work for finally provided a MAK installation disk and license key for Office for me to install on a bunch of computers I ve copied the entire contents of the CD up to a network share so I can do multiple installations at once which saves me a lot of office with MAK auto-install 2013 time The problem now is that I have to click through each of the steps during installation the license agreement the quot install now quot etc Then I have auto-install office 2013 with MAK to go back after the install is complete and open Word or another app go to Account then change the product auto-install office 2013 with MAK key to the one that I was given which will make the copy of office activated I ve checked online and found that I can create an MSP file that includes the correct product key through the Office Config Tool OCT which I have done but whenever I run the MSP file it tells me that there is no copy of office to quot upgrade quot I ve been able to just run the setup exe and it runs with no problems on a new machine so there s nothing for it to upgrade anyway Now if I install office on one of the machines and then run the MSP file it works fine but there s no reason to do this if Office is already installed How can I make the MSP file work without a previously installed copy of Office on the computer nbsp
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Hey there!

When i tried to install Microsoft Office 2013 i get a message saying "This 64bit product may not be installed with Microsoft Office Click-To-Run" so i went and uninstalled ALL previous versions of Microsoft Office and tried again, Again i was still prompted with this message, any help would be appreciated,

A:Cant Install Microsoft Office 2013

The "Click to Run" only works for the 32 bit version as far as I know. If you are only using Office 2013 for home or small business use Microsoft recommend that the 32 bit version be installed, as there are actually more features available on the 32 bit version. Of course the 32 bit version works perfectly on Windows 7 x64. I use the 32 bit office 2013 Pro on my Windows 7 x64.
If you wish to install the 64 bit version, load the Office DVD & then Open to explore the files & if you check these you will find the 64 bit version, then double click on that & it will install the 64 bit version.
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Trying to install my purchased copy of Office 2013 on new PC;  Get error message: "this key not valid possibly due to other Office 2013 trials installed".  Tried deleting the app for the Office 2015 trial.  Same error message.  Can't find where to uninstall Office from the PC.

A:Install Office 2013 on my PC 550-110 Windows 10

cpcc Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about problems removing MS Office from your PC and wanted to help. This thread from MS has the instructions you need: LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.========================================================================If you feel my suggestions helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks!If they helped resolve your issue, please click "Accept As Solution" to help others find similar information.
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Hi there
Just a quicky -- apart from using say a VM for testing Office 2010 I'd like to install on an existing machine so I can compare immediately if there are any significant differences between Office 2007 and 2010 before deploying for a lot of users.

I've never tried running two versions of office on the same machine -- are there any implications such as incompatable DLL's with the same name etc.

Anybody runnung both versions (32 bit even though I'm running W7 X-64).


A:Can I keep OFFICE 2007 alongside Office 2010

I had installed Office 2010 and Office 2007 version side by side. Had no problems, but confusion sometimes.
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Is there any way to define an installation directory other than C: for office 2016? I tried installing it a few months ago and there didn't seem to be via the installer, and the Office Deployment Tool didn't let to choose the installation target directory, only the source.

How could they think for one second that it was appropriate to strip this option out of the installer?

I've had about enough of Microsoft's "fuck you, we know best" attitude. I just stopped using Windows 10 due to how increasingly difficult it had become to prevent indiscriminate automatic driver updates.

A:Choose Install Office 2016 Installation Dicrectory

Second link on Google...

How to Change Default Office 2016 Download Location
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Is it possible to change Office 2013 Professional Plus to Office 2013 standard?If so, what are the instructions?Thanks

A:change Office 2013 Professional Plus to Office 2013 standard

If the Professional Plus is a trial then you can't legitimately downgrade it for free.Did you put your subject line in Google?Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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One of my systems out of four Spellcheck with 365 apps features extra Word/Outlook (2016) Office that all have recently about weeks back been completely reloaded for Office including a full run of the MS uninstaller app first now has a feature that Office 365 with (2016) apps Word/Outlook Spellcheck extra features many people have asked for but MS has yet to restore On this one system spellcheck works in a way I Office 365 with (2016) apps Word/Outlook Spellcheck extra features have never seen and I would LOVE to get the same functionality onto the other systems if possible In our office ONE other person out of also seems to have lucked out and gotten the same setup but no one else has This is Office Business installing the App package All users have the same option which is Office Insider Slow Ver build The spellcheck feature I am seeing like this is in the desktop software not the Cloud version On the one quot special quot copy Spellcheck has become a much More useful and handy option Any misspelled word is underlined in the usual red squiggly line but after that right clicking it brings up many new options to correct It has the usual suggested correct spellings - but - now each of them is accompanied by a short dictionary-like definition of the word when spelled that way PLUS they each have another black arrow that if clicked offers to read the word aloud and more important offers to make that spelling of the word into an Auto-correct option Right There No need to jump through all the usual hoops to get it added This same 'feature' also works in Word and all the other Office Desktop Apps on that one system I have tried to check everything i can find that would indicate any new or different version of anything but cannot find a single change that is different between it and the other three systems my email address is licensed on Nor can i find anything in Windows configs that is different I have nothing in common with the one other person who also somehow ended up with this new setup either This actions look a little like a grammar check but isn't Words that are spelled correctly but are not the right word for the sentence as used are underlined in a double blue line which can be clicked to get the same options along with their definitions I have asked in several MS forums about this but gotten no replies to answer the mystery I did run across a few posts from people asking MS to restore the option for adding the quot auto correct quot direct from the right click on the misspelled word as it used to be Also a statement from MS that this was a planned FIX to happen this year I dont want to scrub too deeply on the one system as i am afraid this new feature will stop working and I dont want to lose it If anyone else has seen this and knows what it is or how to control it I would surely like to know how to activate it on my other systems
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Why does the office 2013 software suite will not operate on a PC purchased in 2005. The PC has a 233 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, and a VGA monitor; the PC runs the Windows XP operating system. Please could you answer this completely.Thank You SincerlyA Microsoft Office 2013 package was purchased and downloaded to my system. The program will not work. The PC has 233 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, a VAG monitor, The PC runs the Windows XP operating system. What is the reason the Office 2013 will not work on my PC?

A:Why won't Office 2013 program install on my Windows XP PC?

You can't run it because it is designed for Windows 7 or later. It will not therefore run on XP.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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Help I am trying to install Office to a Win machine bit I've asked for help in the Microsoft forums but no luck so far I am trying to install Office from a flashdrive and was successful with machines our of The last two machines are killing me The machines have been wiped clean of any Office files I copy the Office 1305 Error install 2013 to trying office installation file to the machine desktop open the folder Error 1305 trying to install Office 2013 and locate the executable file to start the installation It appears that the installation is going smoothly for awhile then I get the following error message Error Setup cannot read file C Windows assembly GAC Microsoft mshtml b f f f d a a Microsoft mshtml dll Check your network connection or if you are installing from CD-ROM be sure that the Professional Plus CD-ROM is in the drive Click Retry to continue or Cancel to stop the installation Microsoft recommended installing the files to a drive and installing from a clean boot I dragged the files to the C drive did the Clean Boot and received the error message that I posted above Very frustrated with these machines I am hoping that someone can help me with this issue In case it makes a difference my Office is part of an Educational package and I pull the files from the MS Volume Licensing Center and they are originally ISO files which were then converted I do have the key to activate the installation As I said before I've successfully installed Office on machines I just have machines that are giving me a fit Appreciate any help

A:Error 1305 trying to install Office 2013

Take a look at First Three Links, they seem to cover it.
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I downloaded the hebrew language pack for my version of office, but it won't install. It says I am running the "preview" version of office, and I can't install a language pack on it.
True that I once had that version, but now, I am running an activated professional plus with all updates.

I then tried downloading a full installation file for hebrew office 2013, and choosing the "repair" option instead of "install". It "repaired" everything, but I still don't have an option for hebrew interface in the language tools.

Is there a way to manually install the language interface files I need?

A:office 2013 install new interface language

okay, I installed the hebrew\english version on top of the existing english-only version. It did not mess up anything, and it installed the hebrew interface option that I needed for a certain user account.
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I am having similar issues to the posts on here and notice even my Windows Movie Maker is affected by the crash I have had to start Office after wont 2013 re-install.... revert to One Note to get info out of saved documents I am away from my home where my key is and so a re-install is not gonna happen I need an answer as Office is installed and wont start with the message quot Microsoft bla bla bla has stopped working quot I need access to my emails and other things - all have stopped working I dont have Abbey Finereader - at least its not in the programs list as far as I can Office 2013 wont start after re-install.... see All applications open in safe mode but Word wont give up a page to type I Office 2013 wont start after re-install.... have clicked on the repair option in Programs but that doesnt work online or other I have disabled all add ins to all apps but still the same problem Are there any other solutions to be suggested
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Having issues with my installation. I've tried man methods but an Error always occurs. It says something about my invalidity to install due to previous trial versions of microsoft office is already installed. The thing is, i have no office in my rig yet. I've tried installing trial versions then uninstalled it, but still the same problem occurs.


Atleast knowing that im not the only one experiencing this would HELP A LOT!

A:Cant install microsoft office 2013 professional plus!

To remove prior versions of Office, do not use Uninstall in the control panel. You must use the removal tool to uninstall all traces. Depending on the version you would use this:

How to uninstall Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 suites if you cannot uninstall it from Control Panel?


How to uninstall Office 2013 or Office 365
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Hi Everyone I am experiencing some issues with the installation or failed installation of Office Home amp Business When I initially installed the software I wasn't aware that I should leave the computer running whilst Office 'installed in the background' I rebooted the computer too early and the installation became corrupted At this point I attempted to fix the installation however there was no improvement so I made the decision Can't on Office stuck 2013, progress! install 94% to uninstall Office all together Once uninstalled I then reinstalled from the installation CD DVD Last night I Can't install Office 2013, stuck on 94% progress! left my computer sitting at installed as shown below and when I returned to my computer after hours the installation had Can't install Office 2013, stuck on 94% progress! not increased by a single percent I am now at the point of uninstalling again however I do not want to reinstall and find the same issue again Perhaps there is an quot Office cleanup quot program that I can run or certain temp files that need to be deleted or Registry keys that need tweaking at any rate any suggestions on how to successfully install the software will be greatly appreciated Kind Regards Davo

A:Can't install Office 2013, stuck on 94% progress!

Try uninstalling Office again & then disable your anti virus program, before again installing it.
When Office 2013 is installed from a DVD, it does some of the installation via the internet from Microsoft, so it is also important to have you internet connection working at the same time.
Hope this gets you up & running.
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Hi Everyone I am experiencing some issues with the installation or failed installation of Office Home amp Business When I initially installed the software I wasn t aware that I should leave the computer Office 94% install Can't 2013, progress! stuck on running whilst Office installed in the background I rebooted the computer too early and the installation became corrupted At this point I attempted to fix the installation however there was no improvement so I made the decision to uninstall Office all together Once uninstalled I then reinstalled from the installation CD DVD Last night I left my computer sitting at installed as shown below and when Can't install Office 2013, stuck on 94% progress! I returned to Can't install Office 2013, stuck on 94% progress! my computer after hours the installation had not increased by a single percent I am now at the point of uninstalling again however I do not want to reinstall and find the same issue again Perhaps there is an quot Office cleanup quot program that I can run or certain temp files that need to be deleted or Registry keys that need tweaking at any rate any suggestions on how to successfully install the software will be greatly appreciated Kind Regards Davo nbsp

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Hi there Windows Click alone Confusion versions Office and stand install to 2016 update seems to get Office Updates into a total twist Apparently ways of installing Office -- Office 2016 Confusion Click to install and stand alone versions either the quot Click to Install quot from Ms directly or install from the MSDN iso If you install from the quot Click to install quot then updates come via clicking Update in the account settings If you install from the MSDN Office 2016 Confusion Click to install and stand alone versions iso then updates come from standard Windows updates enable update for other products from Ms However even with the click to install version you still see some updates coming via Windows update - and sometimes these fail Why Ms has two different update mechanisms for essentially the same product seems totally BONKERS and confusing to the user Note also if you have say the MSDN Office iso installed and now you want to add PROJECT then install fails with quot Cannot install Click to Install Office products with Other versions -- so it would seem the only way is to uninstall the MSDN version and install the whole kybosh via the Click to install method A Real Pain if you need to install this stuff on a load of PC's as each one then needs a download approx GB each time - I'm using a VL version BTW The MSDN Iso is easy to install locally on a number of PC's Please FIX this mess Ms Cheers jimbo
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Each time I send an email my Outlook crashes. Attached is an emial of the screenshot I get and below is the problem details:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: OUTLOOK.EXE
Application Version: 15.0.4420.1017
Application Timestamp: 506734e2
Fault Module Name: MSVCR100.dll
Fault Module Version: 10.0.40219.1
Fault Module Timestamp: 4d5f0c22
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000108a9
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
skulcid: 1033

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txtClick to expand...

Can anybody please advise how this can be fixed?

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Hello Everyone,

I am setting up my email accounts in Outlook 2016. I always do a manual setup and on my email accounts, I use Exchange ActiveSync.

My questions are this.

What is this new option of selecting Office 365 and when would I use this option?When I did select the Office 365 option and pressed next my outlook would crash, any fix?What is the best selection to choose from when setting up my account that would be great for automatically syncing with my calendar etc. on or apple etc.?

Thank you very much for any help and assistance.

A:Outlook 2016 Manual Email Account Setup, Office 365 option? & Crashes

Manual setup for accounts is absolutely unnecessary, Outlook 2016 does that automatically in a few seconds.

That being said, if you insist in doing it manually the correct option is Exchange ActiveSync. Office 365 option is for so called workplace email accounts, Azure AD / Office 365 for Business or Enterprise users. You select that option only if your organisation uses Office 365 and you want to set up your workplace email in Outlook 2016.

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WARNING Against MS Product Key downloads This is ce it has bit me My bad Brand spanking new Dell Inspiron W bit machine nekkid on the inside Purchased Office Pro Product Key Failure to Key Failed Install Pro Office Product Solved: 2013 MS install I spent an hour before calling Microsoft - they gave up after hours They Solved: MS Office 2013 Pro Product Key Failed Install will call me back I hope The MS download install Solved: MS Office 2013 Pro Product Key Failed Install by product key is pathalogically flawed to prevent installation I follow directions - www office com setup created userid and password for this machine Filled in all the blanks and the product key begin install and filled out the silly little junky key Continue Message - An email has been sent to the address noted open email and follow instructions there is no other option to continue THERE IS NO EMAIL ON THIS MACHINE - IT IS NAKED Can you believe this I go to another machine and remote into the server to get email email says click her to verify our email I click to verify and browser opens and begins installing MS Office - ON THE WRONG MACHINE I think WHAT IDIOT DESIGNED THIS PROCESS I close out and go to the new machine and go to the new machine and sign on as to download and reload Office Dialog box - AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED - and can t get any further after hours and much wrangling and trying I cannot get it installed I call Microsoft Tech support After hours and much wrangling and registry diddling they cannot get it to work either They will call me in the morning I had blocked off hours for this process considering I had the same exact experience a month ago Bottom line WARNING - DO NOT PURCHASE PRODUCT KEY PRODUCTS FROM MICROSOFT BECAUSE THE PROCESS IS PATHOLOGICALLY FLAWED I will report back tomorrow on any outcome I will NEVER get MS products without the disk again Can t afford the time and aggravation Sorry for the post but it needed to be shared Bill nbsp

A:Solved: MS Office 2013 Pro Product Key Failed Install

Hi there,

I feel your pain here. What you have experienced is Microsoft's new 'click to run' (C2R) install process, which streams the install over the internet. The idea is that it will be quick and you can start using the application(s) before they're completely installed, just not all of the features. But, like I said that's the idea, and it sometimes doesn't work that way. Personally I hate it and always ask for the MSI (downloadable file you can run locally), although I have got it to work myself. In fact I don't know anyone who has actually been pleased by this process.

While I don't have a solution for you, I did want to post so you knew you weren't alone in the frustrating process described. That being said, I do think Office 2013 is their greatest achievement yet and is by far the best piece of Office software they've released.
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I hope this is the correct method to recieve assistance.  If not, please point me in the right direction.
Before this week, I was having some minor USB 3.0 issues on my laptop.  Things were also slow in general.  I then tried to install a legal corporate Office 2013, after unintalling Office 2010.  Word and Outlook 2013 worked fine, so I did the Windows Update to get the possible security updates.  Once they were done, I shut the system down.  When I turned it back on, Office 2013 was gone, included the icons.  There was a place holder icon for Outlook 2013 but nothing more.  Assuming I should try to reinstall Office 2013, I attempted that but was given a bootstrapper error.  In a last ditch effort, I tried Windows Update, which only hung for 20 minutes.
Thank you for the help.

A:Office 2013 bad install, USB 3.0 issue, slow booting

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 
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Hello Error I have Windows Bit system and I am unable to install Service Pack getting error message quot ERROR SXS COMPONENT STORE CORRUPT X quot Error Also I am unable to add or remove any features from Windows Optional features and getting error message quot An Error has occurred Not all of the features were successfully changed quot Error Unable to install / MS 1 Unable Windows Install Office 7 to 2013 update SP MS Office and getting below Event IDs Event ID Error An internal error has occured Event ID Error An error occured during the installation of assembly component Event ID Error code I have done below steps but it didn't work Download the System Update Readiness tool and run Try to install latest service pack from Windows update and manually as well Run the System File Checker SFC exe tool with the sfc scannow command but it failed to repair corrupted files Run the check disk by runing the command ckdsk f r Install the Other Windows security patches Unable to update Windows 7 SP 1 / Install MS Office 2013 manually I have attached the required logs But it didn't work Please help to resolve this issue

A:Unable to update Windows 7 SP 1 / Install MS Office 2013

Hello vishaltiwari and welcome to the forums
Your CheckSUR log has shown substantial problems on your computer:

Found 4597 errors
CSI Payload File Missing Total count: 4597
Due to the extent of the problem, I would highly recommend that you do a clean install: Clean Install Windows 7
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Hello Everyone First thank you all for making this free forum for helping others this is my first post unsuccessful, 2013 Install 1603 error Office Microsoft on EightForums I was in SevenForums before and I upgraded from Windows Ultimate x to Windows Pro with Media Center x months ago Anyway let's talk about my problem I installed Office Pro Plus months ago last weeks I tried to uninstall it for some bugs but it didn't fully uninstall because of quot Printer Spooler quot service was not available It was an issue but I resolved it last week So Microsoft Office 2013 Install unsuccessful, error 1603 I tried to uninstall but I didn't find Office in Add Remove Programs I never-minded and tried to install Office today it was finished but it rolls back and give me an error quot Microsoft Office 2013 Install unsuccessful, error 1603 Microsoft Professional Plus encountered an error during setup quot and I click quot Finished quot Microsoft Office 2013 Install unsuccessful, error 1603 then the setup says quot Microsoft Bootstrapper has stopped working quot so I read in the internet and people says that some registry keys is still there so I tried the Office Uninstall Fix-It program where it is here but it doesn't find anything So I found a video on how to uninstall Office manually and I used it on Office Pro Plus but nothing I opened Event Viewer and found the Office log Fault bucket type Event Name OfficeClassicSetup Response Not available Cab Id Problem signature P P OSETUP DLL P P P Unspecified P FC E P P P P Attached files C Users User AppData Local Temp SetupExe E log C Users User AppData Local Temp SetupExe E log These files may be available here C ProgramData Microsoft Windows WER ReportArchive Report f d f b f e b a Analysis symbol Rechecking for solution Report Id c ee - a - e -bf d- a b Report Status Hashed bucket The log is found in the attachments I think there is still Office leftovers in my PC please tell me how to remove it or how to fix my issue P S I have Windows Pro with Media Center x and I tried installing both Office Pro Plus x amp x and in this log I used x Thanks in advance Regards addas

A:Microsoft Office 2013 Install unsuccessful, error 1603

Looking through the log file you have posted it appears the setup is failing because of a permission issue.

Setup.exe is being run from the G:\ drive.

You need to copy the Setup file to the C:\ drive before attempting to run it.
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We are wanting to up-grade our current Office suite Office 2003 to either Office 2010 or Office 2013.  Our PC's are running Windows 7
I would just like to know what peoples opinions and advice is on this?

A:Up-grade from Office 2003 to Office 2010 or Office 2013

 I can't speak to Office 2013, but I've done numerous upgrades to Office through 2010.  When you install the new version, you have the option to keep the old version or just replace it.  Starting with Office 2007 the familiar menu bar has been replaced with the ribbons which take a lot of getting used to for folks used to older versions.  There's a little program called UbitMenu that will add most of the menu bar functions back in the 2007 and 2010 versions that a lot of folks find helpful.  If you do opt to have two different versions installed at the same time, what happens is that when you switch from one to the other, it goes through a juggling act that takes a minute or so.  It's a bit of a pain, but if you need it, it could be a convenience.
Good luck.
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does anyone know the difference between exce l2013 and excel 2016

A:excel 2013/2016

Google has info on this: guy even made a youtube video showing differences,155453.0.html
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I can't open any messages, opened or unopened. I have tried "repairing" Office 2013--both the quick and full repair--to no avail. 
I can send email I can open my email on my phone. And I can use Outlook Web Access to access a Microsoft account.

But I can't open it on my computer. Using Windows 8.1 HELP!!!
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Are there any differences between office 365 home and office 2016 pro when you compared their installations of word, excel, power point and publisher?
For example, is Word from O365 the same as Word in Office 2016? Or does one have more options/features than the other?
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Hello,I have been serarching all day for some help! I have a new laptop with Vista. I downloaded a trial version on Office 2007 Standard. I ended up buying Professional. I uninstalled the Standard version, but Professional will still not allow me to install Outlook. I went through the registry and deleted everything I could find with outlooks name on it.... and I still can not get Outlook to download. Can anyone help??THANK YOU SO MUCH!MelissaMod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Office 2007 Professional Won't Install Outlook- No Current Outlook Installed this quote"You will also need to uninstall Business Contact Manager from the Office suite as well, then rerun setup and make Outlook available."
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I have been serarching all day for some help! I have a new laptop with Vista. I downloaded a trial version on Office 2007 Standard. I ended up buying Professional. I uninstalled the Standard version, but Professional will still not allow me to install Outlook. I went through the registry and deleted everything I could find with outlooks name on it.... and I still can not get Outlook to download. Can anyone help??


A:Office 2007 Professional Won't Install Outlook- No Current Outlook Installed

I did not think that they still had outlook i thought they replaced it with Windows Mail
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Microsoft Outlook 2013 (365) continues to crash every 2 months on my laptop. I have had 3 sessions with Microsoft support online since November. They are unable to fix the problem so it won't continue to reoccur. They have reinstalled it on 3 occasions and within 2 months, Outlook is unresponsive. Cannot receive/send any email. All my email I have to get on my iPhone using pop secure server from GoDaddy redirect. It not GoDaddy cause I can see the email if I go to GoDaddy email and they say it is an Outlook issue with Microsoft.....

A:Microsoft Office 2013 or Microsoft 365 Outlook crash

Ok its been 4 days. I guess I am the only one with this problem. Tried Microsoft again and they don't have an answer to their own software issue which reoccurs for me every 3 months........
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OK I have read many threads and posts about the solution "ZeroConfigExchange". But it does'nt work for my Windows 10 clients.

Windows 10 x64Office 2016Office 365 / Azure AD accountsClient computer is join with Azure AD so the users login with Office 365 accountsNo On-promise AD, only Azure ADAutoDiscover and modern authentication works with sharepoint and Outlook 2016Dword "ZeroConfigExchange" = 1 is created in both regkeys for all users
When I start Outlook 2016 for first time users it still prompts the "Welcome to Outlook 2016" setup wizard where I have to create a profile.

What am I doing wrong?
Best regards

A:Outlook 2016 skip "Welcome to Outlook 2016" setup wizard

It will be best for you if you ask this question in a forum dedicated solely to MS Office Outlook 2016.
I recommend that you use this forum :
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Hey guys I am sure this has been covered before someplace else but is there a way to repartition my RAID array without reformatting so I have one main partition for X and all my main programs and another with like - GB for a basic Windows XP SP -bit install with the drivers internet security software Blu-ray player wont work on X and other stuff that won't work on X And if I do that will I have access to the main partition TB the one with X installed while I am in the -bit version of Windows X64 Install Windows XP SP3 32-bit alongside to access stuff like my music collection and vice versa access the bit partition while logged into X Is is possible to have like a selection Install Windows XP SP3 32-bit alongside X64 screen on startup to select which OS I want to use Would I have to buy software to do all this This is the disk layout I have planned to make a long story short RAID ARRAY GB Total size One uppercase symbol GB One lowercase symbol GB Xx X partition Yy X -bit partition XXXXXXXXXXXXxy or XXXXXXXXXXXXY Thanks for any help on this ComputernerdBD

A:Install Windows XP SP3 32-bit alongside X64

you might be better off putting the 32bit XP in a virtual machine. you can use virtual box, vmware, virtual pc, they are all free or have free versions.

may be easier and less hassle than repartitioning and dual booting.

fwiw, i use virtualbox.
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I have Windows 7 64 and I want to install XP alongside it. So I created a 10GB partition. I have another data partition too. I need to install it AFTER Windows 7 and make a dual boot later with EasyBCD. I did this on my netbook without any problem (the only diff is that my nebtook doesn't have a data partition) but I can't do it on my desktop.

XP won't install (after formating the 10GB partition and copying files and first reboot I get "A Disk read error occurred press ctrl alt del to restart") and thanks to hirens boot CD I can boot Windows 7 fine.

Any help to make XP install will be appreciated.
EDIT: I was following the tutorial Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP , OPTION TWO When Windows 7 is Installed First

A:Install XP alongside Windows 7

EasyBCD repaired Windows 7 boot, but it doesn't want to add a XP entry on boot menu. I add it manually following the tutorial, it reports everything OK yet the boot menu doesn't appear and the XP entry disappears from EasyBCD after booting.
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I have a desktop Pc and a laptop Pc with Office 2013. I want to export the contacts fra from the desktop to the laptop and when I export to a csv file on the desktop the e-mail adresses is missing in the file. They are not in the csv file. When I import it on the laptop names, phonenumbers, adresses etc. is ok but no e-mail adresses.

I think it is strange and I have not experienced it with Outlook 2010??


I imported the backup.pst and it did the trick.

A:Export Contacts from Outlook 2013 to Outlook 2013 on another Pc?

when exporting as a csv file you have to map custom fields first and take the email 1 address and move it into the other side for the addresses to get in there (from left to right) or the email addresses will not go correctly into the computer you want to do it to. If you back it up with *.pst then everything goes in much easiwer
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Looking for some more feedback regarding Office 2016, Office 365 C2R [Sandboxie Paid versions]

General feed back [Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.]
Annoyances? Quirks?
Outlook email..
Performance? Speed, loading, etc.
Saving documents? Editing documents?
.....Anything else.

If you would like a TRIAL key to test as well, and a chance for Sandboxie gifts, please email @ [email protected]

We'd like to try and fix any outstanding issues as the stable version comes out for SBIE and before (hopefully) Red-stone update of Windows 10.
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I have installed the Microsoft Professional 2013 on my Dell Desktop computer and find that Microsoft Outlook
is much different than the previous version I was running Office 2010
  I caused about 20 emails to be deleted off the email server when I selected delete the email after having
completed reading.  In outlook 2010 there was a setup where you could tell Outlook to not delete the
email off the server.  I am unable to locate where to check or set it up in Outlook 2013.  Can someone
give me some direction, can this still be setup or no longer available is Outlook 2013?
Thank you for your assistance.

A:Microsoft Office 2013 Using Microsoft Outlook

Can you tell us the type of mail account you are using POP3, IMAP, Exchange?
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Hey Guys,
its ibulletproof and this is my first post in this forum
Getting back to the topic
So in this thread i just wanted to know that can anyone tell me that how can install linux ubuntu alongside windows 8.1.I already have all the things required like bootable CD/USB , linux ubuntu 12.04 LTE.iso .
The problem with it is that in most of the youtube videos i have seen , is that they say about not having more than 4 partitions.But currently it shows in my computer management that i have so many partitions. And i have heard some of the people crashed their system while installing it.
So can anyone please tell the steps involved and anything i might need to change , it would be really appretiated.
My Laptop Specs :- 6GB Ram
intel i5 3230m
Amd radeon hd 8570 and intel graphics
Regards ibulletproof.

A:How can I Install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS alongside Windows 8.1


Welcome to the forum!

The easiest way you are going to do this as long as you have either windows 8 or 8.1 pro / enterprise 64 bit is to install hyper-V and install it as a virtual machine:

How to use Hyper-V:

Hyper-V - How to Use in Windows 8

How to install a linux machine:

Hyper-V ? Create Linux Virtual Machine in Windows 8
There are other type two hypervisors you could use for example oracle virtualbox

Oracle Virtualbox:
My honest opinion would if your system/license allows would be to use Hyper-V which is a free built in Windows feature as your hypervisor. This will not only help you learn about virtualisation but it is also a Enterprise standard hypervisor which is worth learning and is extremely power yet simple to use.
This is going to be much easier than worrying about dual booting you can also use both operating systems at the same time.

Hope this helps

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I want to install ubuntu 16.04 alongside with windows 10 so that i get dual boot option. I have already installed windows 10 and have left 250 GB unpartitioned for ubuntu. I tried installing it once but Grub was not working properly. And windows was the default OS so that i had to go to boot menu every time to switch to ubuntu. I tried almost all the methods available on the net for making Grub as the default boot loader. Please anyone help me by giving me the procedure for doing the same. Thank you in advance
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HI Guys, tried uninstalling office 2010 to open Outlook 2013 when I got the two following errors:

1: The resource that you are trying to use is located on an unsupported version of Microsoft exchange. Contact your email administrator for assistance.

2: Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. Your Microsoft exchange administrator has blocked the version of Outlook that you are using. Contact your administrator for assistance.
Does anyone know what these two errors are referring to and how I can fix it so I can start using Outlook 2013?

Many thanks.

A:Outlook 2010 and 2013 conflicting. Can't open 2013.

Are you trying to connect to an Exchange mail server, e.g. one managed by your employer?
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We have an upgrade on our computer units here in the company, my problem is when users save their 2007 excel files an error pops up, Errors were detected while saving "File Name". Microsoft maybe able to save the file by removing or repairing some features. To make the repairs in new file, click Continue. To cancel saving the file, click Cancel.

By the way, the files were save on the file server and users access them through single roaming profile that we created with full access on their folders.
i am hoping i could find an answer.

thank you

A:Error on saving MS Office Excel 2007 files to MS Office 2013

i have many views, but no reply... i am starting to think this forum is not helping me !...
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A charity is considering upgrading its workstations to Office 2013 from Office 2007.
They have lots of files in the .docx, .xlsx, .xlsm, and .xltm formats that they would need to access on a daily basis.

- Would the upgrade cause compatability problems with working with files created under these above formats?

A:Considering upgrade to Office 2013 - potential problems with Office 2007 files?

To my knowledge, they should not have any issues.
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Hi all A newbie here and so glad Outlook 2007.. install un-install Can't Can't Office trial, I have found this forum as I have spent most of the day trying Can't un-install Office trial, Can't install Outlook 2007.. to solve this issue no to avail It might be easier if I explain my issue in bullet points as I am really not a techincal person and have gone round in many circles so far I am trying to set up my own website and hosting and so far so good until today About years ago installed Office Prof Never uninstalled when trial ended - have old email address with this trial Ever since then outlook has never worked and every time I have accidently hit on an email link an error message would come up which mentioned my personal folders archives and pst files cannot retrieve error msg now as I have played around so much today Today bought email hosting and got free outlook with it tried to install outlook and got the following msg half way through installation Error Setup cannot write the value to the registry key xxx Verify that you have sufficient permissions to access the registry or contact Microsoft Product Support Services PSS for assistance For information about how to contact PSS seeC Users CLAIRA AppData Local Temp Setup e PSS R CHM clicked ignore and carried on - it seemed to work Followed the step by step guide on how to connect outlook to my exchange email got very close to the end and it said that outlook had to be online to complete and I just kept getting error msg after error msg I struggle back and forth but eventually just could not work out why it would not work- and in fact my old email address from years ago kept coming up which I really do not want I uninstalled office trial and uninstalled outlook then accidently uninstalled my office student and home which freaked me out as i lost word excel etc etc so did a system restore back to square one tried to uninstall trial office professional again and it now says it cannot because file is corrupted I am not even sure if this is why my outlook wont compelte anyway just suggesstions i have seen on forums Not convinced my outlook is installed properly - maybe half way there as the profiles come up I created earlier Now I have uninstalled outlook This has been my day today and feeling like I am in way over my head and would be so grateful of any support or advice Thanks in anticipation Clair nbsp

A:Can't un-install Office trial, Can't install Outlook 2007..

try above its a free trial, has advanced uninstaller and full registry remover, uninstall office re boot then try install again, any corrupted installations will show with a warning
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I am dealing with multiple users having issues after updating and cannot connect to a pop3 server due to unsupported encryption type. I uninstall the update kb3176492, kb3172605, or KB2868725 and it can connect again. can this be narrowed down to something
besides the generic response of telling mail admin to fix the server. it works fine before these updates. what are they changing?!

may the odds forever be in your favor.
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upgraded to 2013

I told it to remove 2010 and install 2013

durning the install my nvidia drivers kept stopped responding. this problem stopped after office 2013 was installed and updated.

and later I found out my vmware installation was messed up and missing files. was working before.

what the heck happpend, I dont 2010 decided to take revenge? if it was going out . it was taking everyone out with it. lol

A:office 2010 to office 2013 weird thing happend

Are you running Windows in your VMWare installation or is your WMWare installation on your Windows machine?

It sounds like (drivers aside) there were some shared filed that may have been wiped that VMWare was using that belonged to Office 2010.
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Hi, hope someone can help me..

We have installed Office 2013 (64bit) on 13workstations, but found out that clients require Office 2010 (32bit) for some programs that are linked.

We removed the Office 2013 (64bit) and installed Office 2010 (32bit).

Everything looks okay up until we try to do Office 2010 repair process.
We are getting the attached error screen..

I tried Wiindows Installer Cleanup utility but i couldnt find any traces of Office 2013.
Pls help..

A:Office 2013 (64bit) downgraded to Office 2010 (32bit)

Hi majorbaluga, welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Removing Office completely can be difficult. Refer to the website below. This explains how to remove Office 2013. You may have to remove office 2010 as well & then reinstall office 2010.
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Hi OS Windows Office office and sizing issues 2013 applications All - have bar title Office Version Professional Plus Every office application I Office 2013 - All office applications have sizing and title bar issues open seems to have a classic unthemed title bar and not maximise correctly When opening an office application a number of things happen The application opens behind any open windows The application when maximised appears to be open full screen with in an invisible frame Drop down lists within the application instantly close when clicked on Here are few images showing what I mean Steps taken to try to rectify the problem Reinstalled Office after having used Revo Uninstaller to remove any left over traces Rolled back to a time I don't believe the problem existed thought this may have existed from the start but never realised due to lack of use Reinstalled Graphics Card drivers Turned off any OS resizing options Tried changing the OS theme back to default Tried changing the screen resolution I should also mention that this only affects office applications and no other applications seem to have any issues like this I know I can get around the issue of it being maximised as can be seen from the screenshot The issues with dropdown boxes etc is a pain any help you guys can give would be appreciated

A:Office 2013 - All office applications have sizing and title bar issues

Have you tried an Office repair. This is how to do it with Windows 7, Open Control Panel, select Programs & Features, scroll down to Microsoft Office 2013 & Right Click on it & select Change & this will show a couple of Repair options to try. Windows 8 might be different as I haven't tried it.
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Any idea when Office 2013 will be available for download / upgrade?


A:Purchased Office 2010 w/ free upgrade to Office 2013

Hi there
it's in the Ms store already -- although IMO I'd stick to Office 2010 if I were you.
Anyway YMMV so here's the link (UK store) .

Microsoft Store United Kingdom Online Store - Office Suites

What you'd do to get the upgrade price I don't know but Office 2013 IS available for download. Try phoning / emailing -- actually a better option these days is to use a FAX believe it or not for this type of question. Emails tend to get lost as people have 100'000's to deal with, phone calls are diabolical --endless menu systems, loads of waiting and people on the other side of the planet who are incredibly difficult to understand.

The lowly fax machine when it chatters into life usually gets INSTANT attention these days . !!