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LifeCam HD-3000

Q: LifeCam HD-3000

Bought this webcam today from Argos. Tried windows 8 and 7 drivers from microsoft site on my 64 bit Windows 8 (8gb) ram. windows 7 driver installs lifecam programme, but either way, no web cam is detected in either version.

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Preferred Solution: LifeCam HD-3000

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: LifeCam HD-3000

Does it work if you click on the camera app on the start page?
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Why doesn't my microsoft lifecam work with windows 7? Is there a simple way to fix this problem?

A:Windows 7/Microsoft Lifecam

We would need the model number to tell you a reason to why it is not working, and if there is a fix.. If there is no supported driver for windows7, you may need to attempt to use a Windows Vista driver and run it in compatibility mode.

If these options are not possible, you may have to purchase a new one.

Please reply back with the model of the webcam.
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using 2600K with Intel HD3000 integrated GPU and ASROCK EXTREME4 Motherboard

- also using 2x nvidia GTX 560ti GPU


When I connect a display to the motherboards DVI/HDMI port the intel HD3000 GPU seems to take "priority". Games will run sluggish like the 560ti GPU's are not being used at all. I realise that I could use another port in my GPUs but that is not relevant to my question.

Is it possible to use the motherboards DVI/HDMI port and also utilise the GPUs or will they always be disabled in this case?

I expect the solution might be something simple but I haven't found it. Latest GPU/Lucid Virtu drivers.

A:Intel HD 3000 GPU question

Schmutz said:

Is it possible to use the motherboards DVI/HDMI port and also utilise the GPUs or will they always be disabled in this case?Click to expand...

Why would you want to do this anyway? Do your GPUs not have the DVI/HDMI connections you want?
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Hi all just signed up here I for Dell New 3000 Dimension PSU did ask this Q on the intro thread but after I read that no questions should be New PSU for Dell Dimension 3000 asked there I had my Dimension in standby when we had a power-cut and next time I looked I had the flashing amber power light After reading up on possible causes I disconnected everything lifter the bonnet and popped the battery Checked battery was OK and refitted then just connected the power lead I noticed a single green flash accompanied by a jolt of the fans then the usual amber flashing light Green light in m b was on So I just went round and re-fitted all power leads and gave everything a wiggle I even lifted the RAM Tried again - same Put the RAM back and thought I d try a different mains socket why not but as I plugged the lead into the PC - BANG Power lead A fuse is OK but no lights at all now Any idea if a fresh PS HP-P FWP will fix things Many thanks guys nbsp

A:New PSU for Dell Dimension 3000

That is a base line computer with a barely adequate power supply and the simplest, least expensive of motherboards. You can replace the power supply easily for $35 or so... and with a used one for half that. You might want to borrow a PSU to power up and be certain the problem is not the system board itself.
Look at the back of your case to get the configuration right, as many power supplies will not fit due to the placement of the power socket vs what the case allows. You do not need to use a Dell PSU, but you need to assure the power socket is in the right place.
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I have an acer Ferrari 3000 notebook and the screen isn't working. I've had it for a while and its been in the cupboard because the screens goosed. I've taken it to bits and there are 2 wires to the bottom right of the screen that look like they should be connected into a socket on the right of the inverter. there's no plugs on the end of the wires. could this be the problem with the screen?

cheers in advance.

A:Acer Ferrari 3000 screen problems

Yes, these wires might have pulled out of the inverter connector, and this connector might still be inserted into the inverter. Look carefully. You might have to take the laptop in to a repair shop to have this fixed with spare parts
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i am thinking of upgrading my dell dimension 3000 to a HIS ATI RADEON HD4350 512MB PCI 4350 graphics card

would this card be compatible with my computer? i know the dell is old and shitty but i just want to get some good, faster graphics on it for a little bit of gaming. on the dell website it says that the D3000 has a maximum 32-bit graphics option but this new card is 64-bit. would it work?

cheers, if you need specs i can put them up later

A:Dell Dimension 3000 graphics upgrade

All you need do is check that your PC matches the minimum, or better, system specs at the bottom of this page.
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Hi everyone I have recently acquired a Lenovo N -BXG and like many people with the N have massive USB problems Now I have read up and discovered problem Help 3000 resolving N100? Lenovo USB with that this is a problem with the BIOS which seems to affect all the available BIOS except the version for machines preloaded with Vista - well I have the BIOS for Help resolving USB problem with Lenovo 3000 N100? machines preloaded for XP I have read that I can flash the BIOS to an earlier version designed for the C specifically that contained in the af us exe update DL A WPH which is I think the BIOS - then I can reboot and it will then allow me to flash to the fixed ie USB working properly BIOS Now for the meat of Help resolving USB problem with Lenovo 3000 N100? the question I have installed Win on the laptop as it came with no HDD thus no recovery partition etc Do I Help resolving USB problem with Lenovo 3000 N100? have to wipe this install and install WinXP Pro in order to perform the BIOS flash Can it be done from Win safely or at all I have never flashed any BIOS except my router although I am fairly confident that I have read and understood everything required My problem is that I don t really understand the detail of BIOS and am only able to post this due to scouring other people s posts on this and other forums Can anyone out there confirm that I have the process correct and answer my questions Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me Stokey EDIT The laptop has no battery at all - I know it is recommended to have a charged battery before BIOS flashing but is it essential or just a precaution in case of power failure from the AC Can anyone tell me how to create a BIOS repair boot disk in case it all goes horribly wrong Since there is a USB problem with the existing BIOS I would have to use a disk not a flash drive as using the keyboard currently disconnects any USB device so I couldn t run anything in DOS from a USB nbsp

A:Help resolving USB problem with Lenovo 3000 N100?

If there is a downloadable Windows based bios flashing utility from Lenovo for your model laptop you should be able to use it to flash the bios without much trouble, regardless of the Windows version installed. Don't worry about having no battery installed. Bios flashing should never be done on battery power alone. If the laptop can boot from the CD/DVD you could flash the bios using a CD/DVD image. You will also have an option to back up the current bios to a file. If the bios flashing fails, the laptop may be rendered useless, so no recovery can be attempted
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Ok i just bought a new 1gb ddr ram stick for it and wanna upgrade it more budget its prob about 300

i wanna use this for wow

i know somethings i need new like power supply um mobo graphics card want to keep ram if possible

Mainly wanna upgrade graphics and powers supply

other cheap upgrades will work too

I would love if someone could create list for me budget 300 but go cheap

A:Dell Dimension 3000

If you would like suggestions for upgrading, you will have to post your system specifications. Otherwise it's impossible to suggest an upgrade.
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My laptop was working fine last summer until the Windows Genuine Advantage kept popping up telling me it wanted to verify if my OS was valid I tried to shut it down or disable it and windows started to behave strangely to the point that it would not load at all I purchased the laptop in December from Micro Center in Houston brand new I have the sticker on the laptop that tells me the OS is valid Lenovo did not ship with the rescue and recovery disks instead it has a rescue partition The rescue partition would not restore the laptop So I tried the rescue and recovery DVD I created Somehow it did not create the product recovery CDs When I called Lenovo about this problem they belittled me and then charged me for the set of Product CDs I thought my troubles were Professional Problems Lenovo laptop XP 3000 restoring N100 over wrong After installing the CDs windows almost loaded and then it went to the blue screen of death This happened Problems restoring Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop XP Professional a few times I tried reinstalling the disks and everytime I would receive a Problems restoring Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop XP Professional different error message it is missing drivers it can t locate a file etc Today Problems restoring Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop XP Professional it returned The application or DLL X minint system umpnpmgr dll is not a valid Windows image Please check this against your installation diskette Product Recovery could not find file Z UBREC CMD I called Lenovo and again no help I am at a loss My laptop was fine until the Microsoft Genuine Advantage pop-up kept showing up And Lenovo is not providing any support for the faulty CDs they sold me Can someone help me nbsp

A:Problems restoring Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop XP Professional

I don't think XP is sold any longer, but if you can find an XP install disc, you can use it to delete the old partition(s) and freshly format the hard drive and install XP correctly
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Hello Everyone !

I have a Lenovo 3000 N100 0768FGG model. I'm facing a problem when I press any key on the keyboard any device connected to USB port disconnects and reconnects. This is really frustrating I've been searching for the solution on the internet for quite some time and I came across this board. So please can anyone help me with this problem? It will be a great help if anyone can advise a solution..... Thanks

Kind Regards


A:USB disconnects when any key is pressed on the keyboard : Lenovo 3000 N100

Yes Faisal,
a bios upgrade will fix this issue. Check for a bios update from Lenovo support
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when i try dxdiag the buttons in directX features is ghosted and disabled i dont know how to enabled it... my directX is version 10 and when i start warcraft 3... it has an error... warcraft 3 unable to initialize it hast to be 8.1 or newer...
and i don't know what to do in the errors in my device manager
there is a video controller and VGA compatible <----- no idea and when i try some intel graphics controller it always says it CODE 10 cannot start...
and i dont know my chipsets PLSSSS HELP MEEEEE if know anything to fix my problem plsss help... if you want to know anything in order to help me just ask me

A:Many problems with Lenovo laptop 3000 G430

code 10 problems...

Hi Code 10 errors are linked to a driver that needs updating. You say when you look at 'dxdiag' screen the display is twisted, but that could well be part of the same problem. If you can see what you are doing, go into device manager, look for the entries that have a yellow triangle next to them. Right-click on each one, and choose 'update driver'. As long as you are connected to the net, you should get the driver updated. You probably will need to reboot your PC to have the new driver be effective. Hope that helps.
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i lately changed my hard drive, dvd burner and memory in a dell 3000 but have not been able to install the windows. the diagnostic light d is
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Hi i'm new here!!

Well 'im thinking to upgrade the Mobo of this old PC


GIGABYTE GA-H55M-USB3 LGA 1156 Intel H55 HDMI USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

Thats the mobo, with an I5 750 Processor and Corsair 550 Watts

This will work in that case....?

P.S: I'm not too good with the english

A:Upgrading a Dell Dimension 3000

You have to make sure the form factor will fit your case.
That mobo wil not fit into your old case, you should just buy a new cheap case that fits your new mobo's form factor and swap everything over. Make sure you have enough ide\sata cables with your new mobo to connect your devices such as your cd rom, floppy drive hard drive etc. If you need to you can buy cheap sata to ide converters and ide to sata.
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Hi all, I have a Lenovo 3000 C200.

I have the problem where when there is USB device plugged in and a key on the keyboard is pressed it is disconnected/ejected.

I've tried updating BIOS just just get a BSOD!

I have searched till I'm blue in the face for a solution and just can't find one.

Any advice would be appreciated.


A:Lenovo 3000 C200 and USB disconnecting problem

This problem is known on the Lenovo 3000... you might look on the Lenovo or Thinkpad sites for more assistance on how to resolve it. But There are some major defects that appear on some Lenovo 3000 system boards.
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I reinstalled windows and I cant login to IE.
I downloaded the drivers from dell but I still cant go onto the internet.
Under deviec Manage I have a yellow question mark " Ethernent"
I did download all the drivers for this type of computer and I installed and still missing this driver. help me please or tell me in what category or where I can download this driver.
Thank you
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is the p5k premium/wifi-af compatable which Intel Core2 Quad processor can i upgrade to from the one i have

A:Core2 Quad processor to replace CPU Type DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 3000 MHz (9

You already asked this here:, try to keep it to one thread.
Anyway, yes it is and I personally don't think its worth upgrading your processor, nor buying a gtx 480. Probably be cpu choked either way.
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I'm trying to figure out if one of these is more powerful than the other or if they're both about the same (JUST from a performance standpoint). Any help would be much appreciated!

-Intel Pentium 4 1.3GHz, 512 MB RAMBUS
-AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (Barton) 2.167 GHz

A:Comparing Processors: Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz vs AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.1 GHz

Consider reading this article.
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I bought a ATI Radeon 7000, installed it in my Dell Dimension 3000, and the PC won't boot. Any suggestions of what to do? Is the card not compatible?

A:Graphics card for Dell Dimension 3000

It has been a while since I had my hands in a Dimension 3000, but as I recall, that machine only will accept PCI graphics cards.
The ATI Radeon 7000 is/was an AGP card, designed for older MacIntosh AGP 4X boards.

Does your Dell have an AGP slot? Or is my memory fading.
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Hello Help Card upgrade Dimension with new 3000: Dell Graphics everyone I bought NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card PCI MB but when I put it in all I got was a black scrren would not load up So took it off an the pc load up just fine can anyone please help me I lost I have well read you guys talkin about it but not really sure here an I don t wanna do something that will Dell Dimension 3000: Help with new Graphics Card upgrade mess up my p c thanks everyone P C Specs Operating System System Model Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack build Install Language English United States System Locale English United States Dell Computer Corporation Dimension System Service Tag WCM support for this PC Chassis Serial Number WCM Enclosure Type Mini-Tower Processor a Main Circuit Board b gigahertz Intel Celeron kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Not hyper-threaded Board Dell Computer Corp TC Serial Number CN KA YF Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Dell Computer Corporation A Drives Memory Modules c d Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space SONY CD-RW CRX E CD-ROM drive SONY DVD-ROM DDU CD-ROM drive WDC WD BB- JHC Hard drive GB -- drive SMART Status Healthy Megabytes Usable Installed Memory Slot DIMM has MB Slot DIMM is Empty Local Drive Volumes c NTFS on drive GB GB free Network Drives None detected Users mouse over user name for details Printers local user accounts last logon Administrator PM admin CHUI PM admin local system accounts Guest never HelpAssistant never SUPPORT a never Marks a disabled account Marks a locked account Amyuni PDF Converter on XPDELL Printer Amyuni PDF Converter on LPT Lexmark Print- -Fax Printer on XPDELL Printer Microsoft Shared Fax Driver on SHRFAX Microsoft XPS Document Writer on XPSPort Controllers Display Standard floppy disk controller Intel R EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers Primary IDE Channel Controller Secondary IDE Channel Controller Intel R G Graphics Controller Display adapter DELL E FP Monitor quot vis s n Y D MGL April Bus Adapters Multimedia Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - D Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - D Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - DE Intel R EB USB Enhanced Host Controller - DD SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device nbsp

A:Dell Dimension 3000: Help with new Graphics Card upgrade

You said you "put it in" I hate to ask a stupid question but did you run the installation CD/DVD that came with it?

-- Andy
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I have puchased a HDTV recently which I would like to connect it with my desktop, but there's only VGA port in my desktop. I tried used the VGA to DVI converter adapter, but it seems like doesn't work. So I would like to install the DVI add-on interface board (which have the DVI port) directly to my desktop, is there anyone know which one I should get?
P.S. My desktop is Dell Dimension 3000

A:Dimension 3000

The Dell Dimension 3000 is a very good, but very basic computer. It is known for reliability, but not for expandability.
You do not have an adequate power supply to be adding much, and you are limited on video graphics.
the VGA to DVI converter adapters seldome work in those Dell series from 2200, 2300, 2400, 3000, and when they do, they do not last.
Strongly consider whether you want to shorten the life of your Dimension 3000, as that is a likely result.
The money you will spend to perform reliable upgrades could better be spent on a good used system with a PCI-e slot and a power supply with better output.
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Hi guys I have a problem on my computer Dell Dimension after I upgraded the new PCI graphics card yesterday I followed the steps by step guides Dell Problems Dimension 3000 Upgrades that came with the product and it s working fine and good However when I play games online for a long time the graphics are starting to get all messed up I bought the nViDiA GeForce GS Graphics Card with MB DDR Before buying this graphics card I have been browsing the Internet about what to buy and such but when I went to Best Buy they Dell Dimension 3000 Upgrades Problems told me this is the only graphics card that can work with my Dell Dimension so I bought it anyway So my question to you guys quot Is this a good graphics card for my computer or shall i buy a better one online quot Please tell me what you think and by the way one thing confused me is that in my computer there is slots of PCI card slot but when I put the new Graphics card they asked me to replace the old one with a new one So I don t know if I should have left it there and install the new one on the other slot since there s slots anyway Is it also the reason why my graphics card is acting all crazy And for my last question is quot Should I get a new Power Supply for my Computer quot because I heard with the new graphics card a new power supply is needed with at least around - Watts But others also say that power supply can t be upgraded easily because it is attached to the motherboard nbsp

A:Dell Dimension 3000 Upgrades Problems

Hi 6one9,

After taking a brief glimpse of the computer specs and the card specs, it looks like the card is actually a PCI-e interface as opposed to the Dell Dimension 3000 which only has PCI expansion slots.

That aside, the card you bought is a decent card that should play all games at a moderate graphic level. The power supply that you have seems to do the job. If you needed one, you would notice right away when the computer would not start up.

What is the service tag on the computer?
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Hi, hopefully someone here can help me! I've recently bought a new monitor, dell S2309W, but unfortunately I can't get the resolution on my computer so I'm stuck with a super stretched screen. Pretty annoying. After looking through lots of forums and the dell site it seems I might just need a new graphics card as the inbuilt one possibly can't support the required resolution (1920x1080), I'm stuck on 1280x1024 which is the maximum. I've found out the computer, a dell dimension 3000, only has PCI slots, no PCI-E or AGP, so I'm quite limited on what graphics card I can get.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what will fix my monitor resolution problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:PCI graphics card for Dell Dimension 3000

Hi James,
as far as pci cards go im not sure if this is the top dog, but its up there
don't expect to much in the way of gaming
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I need help upgrading my dell dimension 3000 desktop computer. I already upgraded the memory to 2 GB (the most it can hold) and the graphics card to a PNY GeForce 5200 256mb PCI card. Now i am wondering what the best move would be to add. would it be a proccesor, a motherboard, or something else. I do not want to buy a new computer and I am going to use it as a school computer. I also would like to be able to play the game "Last Chaos". please help.

P.S. the game URL is

A:Upgrading Dell Dimension 3000

Well what is your current processor?
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I recently had to restore my laptop to factory default settings because of a virus that i had caught on my computer. With doing that i installed all of lenovo software for my computer such as sound drivers, built in webcam computer works fine but the only thing im having problems with is the usb ports. They are not reading any external devices such as my microphone and usb external devices..

Ive been researching and i think its the bios but not sure i downgraded to the previous bios but with doin that the sound didnt work and the wireless internet wasnt read either..then i updated to the bios and everything works fine except the usb ports still.i also tried to update the ports and uninstalling and reinstalling but it still didnt work

if anybody has any ideas on how to get this problem please reply to this post please its very appreciated

A:USB problem with lenovo 3000 n100

See How to Reinstall Your USB Controllers and Motherboard Chipset Drivers
See USB Device Problems? Check for Windows Updates as well
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I have the 0768-a49 model which came with vista business. I downgraded to XP pro sp2 ever since then i've been having alot of problems. I even try going back to vista, but didn't help, so i just kept it at xp........1-finger print reader doesn't work. installed driver, installed software,nothing. 2-same thing with bluetooth. the wifi and bluetooth switch is the same. wifi works, bluetooth doesn't come on at all. 3-usb connect disconnect when i press any button on the keyboard-tried different bios like stated in the other thread, but didnt work. 4-sound works,but when i plug a headphone i get sound on from both headphones and laptop speakers. Can someone help me solve these problems, especially the usb. I been using alot of flash cards and i can't connect them to transfer files.....

A:Nothing but problems with Lenovo n100 3000

You should go to the Lenovo Driver Matrix, to download and install all drivers listed, using the text explanations exactly.
When done properly, your Lenovo 0768-A49 will work just fine.
As a shortcut, you can install the Systems update 3.14 by your model:
· H100
· J100
· J105
· J110
· J115
· J200
· J200p
· J205
· K100
· Q100
· S200
· S205
. C200
· N100
· N200
· V100
· V200
· Y100
Or you can connect to the Lenovo site and let their system tell you what you need and install it for you.
Basically, you need the Chipset most importantly, being sure your BIOS is up to date.
The Matrix will show you exactly what you need... it can be as many as 35 download installs, depending on your exact model.
Or you can buy the Lenovo WXP Professional disk set by telephone for less than $50 including shipping.
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I am currently trying to upgrade my dell dimension 3000 computer. I am about to put in 2 gigs of ram and am trying to figure out what video card I should use. The computer only has a PCI slot and at max I can spend $100 but would prefer to use less. can someone help me find a suitable video card?

P.S. The video card in it now is at about 94 MB

A:Upgrading Dimension 3000

Get a GeForce 6200 or FX5500 PCI card and call it a day.

What are you going to use the computer for BTW?
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Hay i have a dell all stock parts Now tommrow i go to COMPUSA to get a new gfx card and gigs of ram my question is should i just get a new mobo Gcard for my dell and keep everything accpet the nuby W power supply suspiciou since its a dell 3000 help Dell it has a licking celeron D cpu GHz wich Dell 3000 help isent to bad but could be better should i get new one of those aswell by quot those quot i mean cpu or should i quot transplant quot my old celeron D for the win and Dell 3000 help or loss if so im befuttled on what to wrap my greedy lil hands on even tho i only have bout dollers to spend go on get your lulz out blackeye I am also worried about the heatsink of my case im thinking i transplant that aswell OR should i go ahead and try the g card wich is this one newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E ya i dont have postes and if i dont like it then just Return it suspiciou Btw im not into COD or cryis i want to play cabal lunia crossfire and so on nothing to epic and out of of those games i can play hardly but still i can play p and im only pumping out a super duper total of mb chipset ddr and m of ram WOOT OH MAN PLEASE HELP ME I THINK IM GETTING STOCKHOLM SYNDROME What should i do nbsp

A:Dell 3000 help

Your Dell windows will not work with another motherboard... so that will be another $94 to $145 depending on what you get where.
The power supply is decent, but it does not have the ability to handle a good graphics card.
Your Dell Dimension 3000 is a simple budget machine that works very well in the format with which it was sold. It doesn't have the slots for a good graphics card. It doesn't have the space for a great power supply.
You will not be able to play those games well enough with this configuration to make you happy.
Adding 2 GB or memory will help, but not enough to make it into a gamer.
Get a decent computer and sell that one to somebody who needs it.
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My Mobo says the Sempron 3000+ is the highest CPU that it will take, I currently have a Sempron 2800+ is it worth upgrading can get a second hand CPU for about Ģ10 finding it difficult to see what the benefit might be

My Vista number is 2.7 held back by CPU performance


A:Sempron 2800+ Vs Sempron 3000+

Not really... doubt you can detect the difference except on very specific program runs.
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ok i have a dell dimension comp here are the specs Code ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name D GTKN Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation System Model Dimension BIOS Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version A Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode Card name Intel R G Graphics Controller Manufacturer Intel Corporation Chip type Intel R G Graphics Controller DAC type Internal Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS D amp REV Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name ialmrnt dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher i want to play games like cabal rohan ace online World of warcraft and other mmo im not into fps at all thats what i have a ps for my question is should i just get or gb of ram and a new pci gfx card or Should i buy a new mobo and if i buy a new mobo should Dell Dimension upgrade 3000 i buy a new cpu and Processor or keep my old ones of corse i need to buy a new g card and ram stick if i buy the mobo and Dell Dimension 3000 upgrade can i keep my power supply and HDD i only have about dollars but maybe i might sell my psp if its Dell Dimension 3000 upgrade worth it nbsp

A:Dell Dimension 3000 upgrade

its so bad i'd say just build a new computer

sell your psp for 100 - 150 and hope to get around 300 bucks

use some parts from your dell and build a new one =] thats what i would say

i'd reccomend a

e5200 $72

asus p5ql pro $60

ram 2gb $21

gfx 9800gt $121

psu $25

your total is around $178

just use your old case and etc [hopefully you have a sata hd]

also assuming you live in the us

and those are just some suggestions on parts, but anyways, if you can go find cheaper for those parts, go for it, but yeah, just showing you

have fun!
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All I wish to know is if the bios for the Dimension 3000 (A03) supports a 3.4gHz cpu with 1mb L2 cache and 800mHz fsb

A:Dimension 3000 - 478 socket 3.4ghz cpu?

Can we have the service tag number?
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Hello i am new to this forum so please excuse my ignorance I bought a Microsoft Lifecam VX- quite a while ago So after Installing the product successfully I get a message to connect the webcam The little bubble pops up in the bottom right hand corner and what comes up is the following message Found New VX-3000 Problems Microsoft Lifecam Hardware A problem occured during hardware installation Your new hardware might not work properly So after I got that message I did the next logical step Uninstall and Reinstall After going through everything I still get the error message Next I check and see if Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 Problems there is new software on the Microsoft website for this product Luckily for me there was So I go ahead and download and install it LifeCam exe but unfortunatley it still doesnt work So i go into Control Panel to add new hardware but that comes up with the error message Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code I also took it to a relatives house to try it on there computer and to my horror it worked perfectly So it must be something to do with my computer Any useful help is appreciated nbsp

A:Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 Problems

If no one can help me with my problem, can anyone point me in the right direction on where I can resolve it. (Other than Microsoft Customer Support that is, that's definitely a last resort).
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I'll get a random BSOD after i OC my CPU. Even when i OC from 1.8 to 1.9Ghz, i get the BSOD's. Help would be appreciated.

Motherboard: K8V-X SE

Additional CPU info:
AMD Sempron 3000+; Palermo; socket 754​

A:AMD Sempron +3000 BSOD after OC

What is the make, type and model number of the systems memory?
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Hi there,
Can anyone help me? I'm quite desperate here.
I'm having problem with my keyboard/USB.
When I press any key on the keyboard, that instant all USB devices are disconnected. And soon after I unpress it, the system will detect all USB devices like they were just plugged in. I say all USB devices, cause it doesn't matter USB mouse or USB drive, they all get disconnected.
It's frustrating me cause I can't use a USB mouse.
Please help

I'm using a Lenovo 3000 N100 0689GRA.

A:Solved: Pressing key disconnects USB Lenovo 3000 N100 0689GRA

How many USB ports does that have? and what are connecting them. If you could also please look in your event viewer (Start>control panel>administrative tools>eventviewer, and check the "SYSTEM" area. double click any item in that list for a detailed description. You should see some errors.
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I would like to purchase a new case for the "guts" of my dell dimension 3000, but i'm a bit worried about the motherboard. I've had problems with dell and proprietary stuff before (fan issue...), and i heard that dell makes proprietary motherboards as well. Is this true? If anyone knows if a dell dimension 3000 motherboard will fit in the case below, please post a response and tell me! thanks in advance

A:Will a Dimension 3000 mobo fit in an ATX case?

The 3000 is micro atx, so it should fit in any normal atx or matx case. The problem is the non-standard connections dell uses for their front panel (button, leds, usb, etc). The connectors can be made to work, it just requires modification.

Also, you may need to get a new heatsink for the processor if you get a new case since the dell heatsink has no fan (it uses the rear exhaust fan and the shroud to pull air through it).
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I suppose that everyone who has purchased a Dimension 3000 knows how loud it is. I was hoping to fix that by replacing the fan with one that was bigger and could cool at lower revolutions, therefore being quieter. But I have run into a problem. I can't figure out how to fit the new double-ball bearing 120mm antec fan into the place where the 100mm stock fan goes. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

A:How do I fit a 120mm fan in a Dell Dimension 3000?

Cut a hole in the side of the case... or get a body and fender man to do it. A knife designed for cutting thin sheet metal will do the job if your careful and patient.

The 120 mm fan will never fit the 100 mm hole...

You might just look for a much better quality 100 fan. Some have better designed blades and run very quietly while moving a lot more air.
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Hey guy yesterday i bought a new e-GeForce 6200 - PCI for my Dell Dimension 3000 im having trouble using it....i have it inserted inside i downloaded all the driver i check the Display adapters on Computer Management and i have 2 display adapters my Old one [Intel(R) 82865G graphics controller] and the GeForce 6200 one i installed, so i start playing some games and its as slow as it was before it is still using my old graphics card even tho i removed it, i checked and it said i was still using the old graphics card....I searched some stuff in google.....about disabling my integrated video card? i do not know what this is and i dont know how to disable it, please any help would be great.

A:Dell Dimension 3000 Installing video card

Hey dudes here a pic of what it says on Systemrequirementslabs when i checked if i could play world of warcraft weird color on screen and gets more when i move mouse around, the pic was taken in safe mode, it only looks like this when i disable my Intel(R) 82865G graphics controller, pic of it here put http: infront of the links because i cant post them =\.
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My computer crashed, burned up motherboard, modem and power supply. I have a Dell Dimension 3000. I ordered the new parts to replace bad ones but there were no instructions on how to put them in. Need to know what comes off first etc. Can someone help? Thanks

A:Installing new motherboard on Dimension 3000


I figured it out all by my self.. Seems that noone else knows how either but I figured it out. Thanks. Over and out
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Hi everyone i am new to this forum. I am wondering how can I get these games to play on my brothers pc. Spore i think requires128mb video card, and shenmue Geforce 4. Would Geforce 4 cover Spore (and Shenmue) if I were to get it? Are there different kinds of Geforce 4 that would work? And more importantly would the nVidia Geforce PCI card be compatible with his pc? Would I also need to upgrade the RAM too? I think its only 512MB. Sorry for all the questions! Thanks everyone

A:How can I get my Dell Dimension 3000 (has only PCI slots) to play Shenmue and Spore?

Check out the info in this thread:
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Let me go ahead and say "I AM NEW HERE".
Well back on topic
I would like to upgrade my cpu/processor in my Dell Dimension 3000 (yep, it's kinda old),from: Intel Celeron CPU 2.40GHz Socket 478 (as it says in my "System Properties") to a Intel Pentium 4 with 3.0+GHz.
What I need to know is what/where I need to buy to make this work.
My price spending range would be around $200.

A:Dimension 3000 cpu/processor upgrade

You wouldn't gain much unless you changed the motherboard too
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Alright I was thinking about getting a new computer but I m on a budget Right now I have a demension which is getting kinda old and out of date It s slowing down on me on the simple processes And frankly I m wondering if it s going to crash on me soon But I knew that i could probably salvage it Dell Dimension upgrade? 3000 a little bit If the hard drive is wiped But I would also like to do a parts upgrade I know I would like a bigger hard drive gb at the moment and more ram mb currently and I was wondering if that would be enough I would really like to get into some video editing and this computer handles it Dell Dimension 3000 upgrade? ok just well with it s celeron processor that s that only thing that it will be doing I was wondering if i could upgrade the Ghz celeron processor to something that s still intel Or should i just say forget it and get a new computer all together nbsp

A:Dell Dimension 3000 upgrade?

duet_mimas said:

Alright, I was thinking about getting a new computer but I'm on a budget. Right now I have a demension 3000 which is getting kinda old and out of date. It's slowing down on me on the simple processes. And frankly I'm wondering if it's going to crash on me soon. But I knew that i could probably salvage it a little bit. If the hard drive is wiped. But, I would also like to do a parts upgrade. I know I would like a bigger hard drive (80 gb at the moment) and more ram (512 mb currently) and I was wondering if that would be enough. I would really like to get into some video editing and this computer handles it ok... just well with it's celeron processor that's that only thing that it will be doing. I was wondering if i could upgrade the 2.40 Ghz celeron processor to something that's still intel...

Or should i just say forget it and get a new computer all together?Click to expand...

If you're serious about upgrading the CPU, make sure you visit Dell's support site for the Dimension 3000 and download the BIOS update (A01 to A03). This update enables the PC to accept the larger CPU's. Visit either Ebay or for the best CPU prices. If you're on a budget and don't want to spend a lot on the CPU, then don't bother with the Hyper-Threading CPU or the newer Norwood chips. Research on Prescott vs Norwood (HT and non-HT) shows that there isn't a significant increase in CPU speed, probably so small you wouldn't notice Click here for article

Also, considering that you're wanting to do video editing, upgrade your video card (PCI, not PCI-E) to a card with at least 256mb. A 128mb card will work, but for a few dollars more, take the leap, it'll be worth it to you. Plan on spending upwards of $50 for a "good" PCI card. Click here for a GeForce 6200 at - it's only $45.99.

As suggested by Zenosincks, upgrade the memory to 2GB. I'm not sure if you have a Fry's Electronics near by, but they always have weekly specials for 2GB. Right now they're something like $79 for two sticks and comes with a $50 rebate - so it's only about $29 total. Or you can buy from Ebay, as they're always is good prices there, but you have to be careful and read the auctions as I seen some auction for DDR 3200 memory that wouldn't work in the Dimension. I was wondering why the price was so low and nobody was buying them. You have to watch out.

If you reformat your HDD, add 1GB of memory (plus use one of the 256mb sticks), and upgrade the video card, your system would be significantly faster than what you're used to now. I just got bought a Dimension 3000 off Ebay for $116 and I'm quite surprised at how fast these 2.4Ghz Celerons are, but my current PC at work and home were much slower (2Ghz P4 and 1.7Ghz P4). Computers are so cheap now, you can buy a lowly P4 2Ghz or slower for less than $100 and use that for web surfing and file storage and then use the faster PC for "real" work.
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Im currently looking to upgrade my dell dimension from integrated graphics by getting a pci card I ve read a number PCI 3000 Dell upgrade? Dimension graphics of forums and Dell Dimension 3000 PCI graphics upgrade? reviews and heard good stuff about the Geforce and Dell Dimension 3000 PCI graphics upgrade? also a bit about the Radeon x Looking on ebay I also found these Geforce FX mb - buy it now price Radeon mb - current bid price I would post links but Dell Dimension 3000 PCI graphics upgrade? not allowed as my post count is too low How annoying And also a few mb versions of these two for cheaper I m not looking to spend loads and will prob just look out for one on ebay if I can Any help would be greatly appreciated My PC spec is Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack System Model Dimension BIOS Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version A Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz Memory MB RAM Will be upgrading to Gb soon DirectX Version DirectX c DVD drive Model TEAC DVD RW DV-W E Graphics Intel R G Graphics Controller HD Gb Networking Linksys Dual-Band Wireless A G PCI Adapter ver PSU w Can t find info on MOBO spec The Machine has PCI ports i think It s neatly tucked in corner of room and couldn t be bothered with hassle of getting at it to open it and check If you could recommend which card would be best suited would greatly appreciate it Thanks nbsp

A:Dell Dimension 3000 PCI graphics upgrade?

either Geforce 6200 or the Radeon x1550 would be good cards. Stay away from the Geforce FX 5200 256mb or the Radeon 9250 256mb as both are old and not going to help u much.
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Hiya ok here is my question compared to some of u reading this post i would be what u would call a noob i know how to build computers but i had help from a cuz but i lost touch with him what i help Dimension upgrade 3000 need to do is upgrade my dimension s ram so i can play good mmorpgs p ok so here is goes i want to upgrade my ram from mb to at least or more just enuf to play good games here r my comps Dimension 3000 upgrade help specs WARNING thir pretty sad Processor Intell R Celeron R CPU GHz lt ----pretty bad huh i want to upgrade this Memory RAM lt ----need to update this too Those are the things i want to update so what will i need to at least get the GHz to maybe or more and have enuf to make this comp able to play kick vid games with no prob i already know this comp can Handel good games i know this cuz i can play lots of mmorpgs so far but i wanna get ready for AoC sorry if i sound like a complete noob but that s y im here P S dell told me that i can update it but not by much and that im better off getting a new comp but i think that s a bunch of bull cuz a comp tech told me i could update it to a certain point so it will be at least enuf to play good Dimension 3000 upgrade help games btw i want to spend maybe only meh maybe more or DEFENTLY less i don t want to spend like cuz i could just buy a new one p nbsp

A:Dimension 3000 upgrade help

You could spend like $675.00 at Dell and purchase a computer that would blow your ancient Dell Deminsion 3000 away. You'd get a new Dell Inspiron 530 with an IntelŪ Core?2 Duo Processor E4600, Windows XP Home, no monitor, 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz- 2DIMMs memory, 250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive, 16x DVD+/-RW Drive, nVidia GeForce 8300GS 128MB video card, Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio, Dell USB Keyboard and Dell Optical USB Mouse, No Floppy Drive Included, No Modem option, no wireless adapter, no optional ports, no printer, no speakers, no surge protector, no security suite (because you'll download Avast or AVG instead), no productivity software (because you'll download Open Office instead), no entertainment editing software (because you'll download instead), and none of the other stuff they offer except the one year warranty.

All of this can be yours for $569.00 plus tax plus shipping.

Your old computer is way to slow to really get any benefit from changing the processor or adding more memory. It doesn't have an AGP slot for a faster video card so you'd be stuck buying an PCI video card, a new power supply, and more memory. The only thing good about your computer is that it would be fairly cheap (roughly $150-$300) to ?upgrade? but doing so wouldn't make your computer much faster.
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Alright today I ran AOE III and DoD Source and they both said that my CPU was running at only 1.0ghz, when I know this badboy is supposed to be running at 1.8ghz. Now I was able to play AOE III fine, havent tried DoD Source yet cuz its still updating. I checked my BIOS settings and they look ok, just wondering if anyone could perhaps shed some light on the subject of to why it would be doing this.

A:AMD64 3000 Showing up as 1000mhz

It's Cool'n'quiet slowing down the CPU speed when the CPU is idle. It's in order to reduce power consumption, heat output & fan noise, as laptops do it.
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Hi i am have a Dell dimension and i have been GeForce 6200 Jaton this 3000 is Dimension PCI, good? Dell loooking for a new graphics card for my computer so as to play better computer games such as and namely LOTR battle for middle earth II approve I have read a quite a few forums on availiable pci cards My computer does not have agp or pci-e slots and so far the has come out on top I have also read that -bit is better than -bit and that supposedly the version only comes in bit but i have found a with mb and -bit I am wondering if the Jaton GeForce PCI MB will preform at the top of the range for PCi based on the fact that it is a nvidia and that it is -bit Also will it be able to play battle for middle earth II and is this brand a very shody and not to be trusted brand Please if somebody has this card could they please tell me how Dell Dimension 3000 Jaton GeForce 6200 PCI, is this good? it preforms and anyone who has technical knowledge look at the specs and assess this card It would be much appreciated can t do a link because its my first post but its product number is VIDEO- PCI-LP and the page i m referring to can be found on Shopper cnet com under Jaton GeForce PCI MB here are the specs provided General Device Type Graphics adapter Enclosure Type Plug-in card Vista Capability This video card is capable of running the new Aero interface featured in Windows Vista Home Premium and higher Interface Type PCI Depth in Height in Processor Memory Graphics Processor Vendor NVIDIA GeForce RAMDAC Clock Speed MHz Video Memory Installed MB Technology DDR SDRAM -bit Video Input Type None Video Output Max Resolution external x Hz Colors Max Resolution external -bit color API Supported OpenGL DirectX Expansion Connectivity Interfaces x VGA - pin HD D-Sub HD- On supplied cable Compatible Slots x PCI Miscellaneous Included Accessories Low-profile bracket Software System Requirements OS Required Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows VistaClick to expand thanks all for reading post if you may be able to help me please nbsp

A:Dell Dimension 3000 Jaton GeForce 6200 PCI, is this good?

The Diamond Stealth Radeon X1550 PRO 256MB PCI will come out on top if you're looking at 128-bit PCI video cards =D

I THINK its the only X1550 128-bit video card.

Just do some research will ya?
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Hey Everyone I need help finding a mobo that will fit into my Dell I Good for 3000? Dell Dimension Mobo Finding have a Dell Dimension with the standard mobo E installed I want to be able to play the latest games Example Elder Scrolls Oblivion Specs are Windows XP Professional Build Pentium Ghz with Gig of RAM Power supply - W just bought a W I Finding Good Mobo for Dell Dimension 3000? just installed ATI Radeon HD PCI graphics card MB I was desperate Phoenix ROM BIOS plus Version A I know my PSU is low so I bought a W PSU and will install that when I get it As we all know this mobo I have only comes with PCI slots The HD was the best I could find at the time I am looking for a mobo that carries PCI-E PCI-E x And I know I will need a new graphics card also but I think I can handle that one I just need help finding the right motherboard Can anyone help me with this If you need any more info let me know Price range for mobo can be between - Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Finding Good Mobo for Dell Dimension 3000?

If you merely want a replacement, then the Dell Optiplex 170L or 170XL board will fit and work, and is cheaper because nobody knows about it.

With other boards, you have case problems, space problems, power supply problems...

There are not many boards that will fit the same spots with the same connectors.
But if you are willing to upgrade the power supply, the heatsink and fan, and change the memory, you are on your way.
One problem is that the CPU heatsink and fan will not transfer over easily... The Dell 3000 board heatsink frame is cheap plastic and will easily break if dimensions change.
Changing to a non-Dell board will mean that your Dell recovery disc set will not work, Windows will not install, and your current hard drive will be shut down by Windows XP when it detects the hardware change.

The bottom line is that unless you just upgrade the board, it is cheaper and better to get a computer case to go with it, and start over. A new case will be cheaper than upgrading the Dell Case.
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Hey guys. I have a dell dimension 3000 2.4 ghx celeron with 1 gb of ram... Unfortunetly the onboard graphic card is soooo slow it cant run anything!!! I dont know what the wat of my power supply is but was wondering what the best possible pci card i can get for this? Thanks

A:Dell dimension 3000, best PCI graphics card?

guys plz help me out here!! is the radeon x1550 the best pci card out there?
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hello all,

new to the forum...

i replaced my aging dell dimension 3000 motherboard today and transferred everything over perfectly with one major exception... the power switch cable is too short and doesn't have the correct connector type (16-pin) for my biostar P4M900-M4.

can anyone offer a suggestion on how i can keep my case and change the power switch cable/connector to correct the problem????



A:Need help with power on/off switch and led light for dell dimension 3000

thank you so much...i've read the page but i'm unsure what cable to use and where to get a 16-pin connector that matches that on the biostar board...

i need two cables for power on/off, 2 for hdled, 2 for pwr led and (i think) 2 for the speaker....


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If anyone can help,
I have a Dell Dimension 3000, and am looking to install a graphics card to play Civ 4. I found a XFX GeForce FX 5200 128MB DDR PCI PVT64KNTFG. for about $50.
The Dell homepage and 1 800 number has not been helpful. I just have a few questions:

The game requires a Geforce2 or higher, is the 5200 higher than a Geforce2?
Do these Dells have PCI ports?
Any other factors I need to consider before buying a graphics card?
Is there a better graphics card than the Geforce 5200?

A:What graphics card for Dimension 3000?

PCI only (not too good)
read your manual

look for 128bit, not 64bit
these 2 are 128bit/256mb
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I own a Dell Dimension 3000 and a Dimension E310, and recently purchased a Geforce2 graphics card.
1st question: Does either computer have a AGP port?
2nd question: Does the Geforce2 require an AGP port, or is there another way to install it in a Dell Dimension?

A:AGP or PCI in Dimension 3000, E310?

Here's all the information

Dimension 3000

Dimension 3100/E310
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Hi all I ve been hard at work in modifiying my watercooling unit I know it is not such a good product but after modifications Kingwin AS-3000 Modifications it is amazing Soon I will post some pictures if anyone is interested Kingwin AS-3000 Modifications Here is a list of what I ve done Drained the system Took it apart Took out all stock fans replaced with Antec Led Fans Took out the restrictive stock tubing replaced with Tygon Ran leak test for hours at the beginning there was one leak which I fixed with some tightening of c-clamp Modified front panel placed another grill as well as the back panel Modified knob lightning After all this when I replaced the tubing I immediately noticed that the flow meter was spinning much faster and this effectively reduced my temperatures about - Celsius at load Replacing the fans with better airflow and quieter fans also brought the temps down - Celsius also the use of Danger Den MCT- Coolant brought my temperatures down - Celsius as well In the end I used to get a load temp of about Celsius now I only get about - Celsius Quite pleased with the project and acheivement If you guys want pictures or illustrations of how I did this just ask I will post them later nbsp

A:Kingwin AS-3000 Modifications

We would like to see a photo. Thanks for letting us know.
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Hi everyone:
I need help plz!!! I have a elo touch display(3000 U series) and it's working perfectly but have no sound ( it come's with Stereo speakers on it) it used to work but when I moved and plug it back in didn't work anymore.
If someone can help I'll appreciated.
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I have a dell dimension 3000 pent 4 windows XP. The current graphics card appears to be "onboard" my son is having problems playing some games and I was told I could add a better graphics card. Not knowing a whole lot about computers, I purchased a BFG Tech Nvidia 6200OC graphics card. I put it in an available slot in the computer and attempted to install it, messages appear it is working properly but.... I think there is some conflict between the "onboard" one and the installed one I want to use. Is there a way to "disable" an onboard graphics card? and once I do disable if possiable THEN do I plug the monitor into the new card?
Thanks for your help, sons REALLY thank you....

A:Adding graphics card to Dell Dimension 3000

Your manual will tell you how to disable your onboard graphics. If you haven't got it then visit the dell website.
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Im gonna be using my old floppy drive for my new build. My questions is: Will my old Dell still work properly without the floppy drive?

A:Using old Dell Dimension 3000 Floppy Drive

it will if u do not have to install something that takes a floppy to install so yes.
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Yeah i know. Dell Dimension 3000...old as a dinosaur, But its all i got for now.
My question is...Will I need a new PSU when adding the new RAM? In the future im also going to be adding a new CPU.

Is it possible to add a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU?

A:Adding 2gb DDR to a Dell Dimension 3000

Adding memory should not necessitate a PSU upgrade unless you're really currently borderline. Changing the CPU not be a problem unless there's a very big difference between you have now & the one you intend to put.

I doubt you'll be able to run a Core 2 Duo on that machine though but I'm not sure as I can't seem to find any info on such a possibility.
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I have an MSI K8MM3 motherboard with AMD Sempron 3000 processor.

Each time I power it up, it works for about 1/2 hour and then cuts out, usually when the CPU temp reaches about 31 degrees C. Is there a way to stop this happening, or have I just got to buy a super powerful fan? 31 degrees C doesn't seem a very high temperature to me. Could the 'quiet n' cool' feature be causing this ?

Help !!

A:MSI K8MM3 / AMD SEMPRON 3000 cutout

31 is quite cool - but it may not be reported correctly.

Try the scientific method and touch the Heatsink as near the base as possible after it's been running a few minutes.

If it's unconfortably hot, that's your culprit. remove the Heatsink, clean the gunk off it and the CPU thoroughly, and use some decent thermal paste. Just apply some about the size if a grain of rice to the center of the CPU and reinstall the heatsink..

Whilst you are in there, see if the Northbridge is getting hot too {the other heatsink}. Look at the Capacitors {little barrel looking components on the board} and make sure none of the tops look bulging or rusty.

Is all that checks out OK - try running Memtest and verify your RAM isn't the culprit
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Hey there this I my first post Sorry I m already asking for help I have a Dell Heroes Dell not good on Company of 3000 I bought about years ago recently I have upgraded it to GB of RAM I got a MB video card and a GB external hard drive I Company of Heroes not good on Dell 3000 did this mainly so I could play games a little newer than C amp C Generals My computer has a gHz Celeron processor I have just been given the new Company of Heroes game which says my computer has a quot Poor quot CPU even though on the box it says gHz is recommended and is the minimum I have the game on the lowest graphics settings and it runs so slow it isn t funny How hard is it to install a new CPU And since my current motherboard is PCI and my modem and video card are PCI will I need to get new ones if I can get a new CPU with PCIe slots or similar My CPU is a apparently a socket whatever that means Any help would be much apreciated Thanks heaps nbsp

A:Company of Heroes not good on Dell 3000

Go to to test.
WHat is your video card model? Because in my system I have a 3.0Ghz CPU, 1.25GB RAM, and an Nvidia Geforce fx 5700le. My bottleneck is the videocard Your CPU seems strong.
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Hello, we have a Dell Dim 3000. I read an article that says that you cannot upgrade the integrated graphic card because the motherboard has no AGP or PCI-e slot. Is this true or is there a way to upgrade the graphics?


A:Graphic Card upgrade in a Dell Dimension 3000?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

While it is true your computer doesn`t have AGP or pci-e slots, it does have 3 pci slots.

So, a pci graphics card upgrade is possible and would be far better than your current onboard graphics chip.

Take a look at this excellent thread HERE.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hey everyone I m new to this site and everything dealin w the hardware of a computer I Dimension HELP!! the slot?~ ram NEED I Dell 1GB CPU 3.00GHz 3000 do find ~Where m kinda in a bad spot now and i ve always kinda been since i bought this NEED HELP!! Dell Dimension 3000 3.00GHz 1GB ram ~Where do I find the CPU slot?~ computer Well my question in general is Can anyone tell me is there any way to find the CPU slot my motherboard has Specs are Dell Dimension Pentium GHz and GB of ram Little backround info on why i need this answered i m NEED HELP!! Dell Dimension 3000 3.00GHz 1GB ram ~Where do I find the CPU slot?~ a gamer and always have been for about yrs now but when i bought this computer some yrs ago it had the intel graphics controller as a video card i upgraded if u can call it an upgrade to the only direct x video card that was pci only a nvidia FX now i m trying to get the fps for the newer games that are coming out and i need a new motherboard for my comp so i can get NEED HELP!! Dell Dimension 3000 3.00GHz 1GB ram ~Where do I find the CPU slot?~ a PCI-E PLEASE HELP ME OUT BECAUSE DELL WONT RELEASE THIS INFORMATION TO ME B C THEY DON T SUPPORT THIRD PARTY UPGRADES nbsp

A:NEED HELP!! Dell Dimension 3000 3.00GHz 1GB ram ~Where do I find the CPU slot?~

I had the exact PC a few years ago so I think that I can help. Your PC is a normal ATX type computer. Any atx mobo will fit in there. Do you live near a warehouse type store like "Fry's Electronics"? They specialize in PC parts and have excellent deals on mobo/cpu bundles. I upgraded to a socket 775 board with a dual core Pent D 945 Presler cpu. The board takes the pc-3200 400 mhz ram or the pc-4200 533mhz ram (DDR2). So you can use your current ram for now. I suggest DDR2 when you can. (2GHZ). The pci-express slot is there, as are SATA inputs if you upgrade your hardisk sometime. Good Luck.
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Alright trying yet again I had one Computer tower working however noisy due to an old CPU Fan Rang SMBT Computing asking for a home visit to replace AMD Athlon XP CPU Fan due to my inability o leave the house because of a broken leg The Proprietor came ripped out the old CPU Fan with some force on the floor of my office He then replaced the old fan with the new one According to the CPU Fan Instructions a thermal paste needed to be applied evenly over the heatsink before application I observed Adam do no such thing After 64-bit 754 CPU, 1.8GHz, Socket 3000+ 754 Motherboard MD Sempron SOCKET & K8MM-V MSI replacement of fan which took under one minute from start to finish he restarted my Computer It would no longer work It hung at the black startup screen He then took my computer tower away saying he would need to run further tests After several phone calls by myself he said either the CPU or motherboard were damaged when HE had had replaced the CPU Fan He would install a new motherboard into my computer tower He did and a few days later my partner went and picked it up NB No mention of costs for parts and labour were MSI K8MM-V Socket 754 Motherboard & MD Sempron 3000+ 64-bit CPU, 1.8GHz, SOCKET 754 even brought up There error on installation there problem to fix Upon installation of the Operating System which kept encountering errors the motherboard was running The only problem being that upon any type of installation i e Critical Updates other Utilities the computer would shut down and reboot itself Even when the computer tower was left in idle it would shut down and reboot for no apparent reason I also spoke with a technician from SMBT told him of the automatic shutdowns MSI K8MM-V Socket 754 Motherboard & MD Sempron 3000+ 64-bit CPU, 1.8GHz, SOCKET 754 and subsequent reboots It was indicated by him the motherboard they had installed was faulty To return the tower back to them this was done week later the proprietor from SMBT Computing rang and said he had a working motherboard installed on my system and would be ready for pickup in a couple of hours He also asked what CPU I had installed on my system prior to my computer tower being broken I once again told him it was an AMD Athlon XP I received a phone call an hour later telling me a nd hand motherboard MSI K MM-V Socket Motherboard and who only knows whether or not it was also a nd hand CPU AMD Sempron -bit CPU GHz SOCKET was in my tower and ready to be picked up I loaded the OS on it all was well for about a week I rebooted the PC and got nothing Not even the BIOS would show up This third mobo is an MSI so I went to there website it said remove CMOS Battery for minutes and remove the JBAT for seconds so I did I unplugged the harddrive DVD Rom swapped out of the sticks of RAM changed my new Graphics card for an old one that I knew worked just in case it was the Graphics Card Plugged it back in minus everything except for RAM and Graphics Card Restarted it heard beep and then looked a lovely black screen In the meantime they have sent me an Invoice for for a quot new albeit a nd hand mobo and an upgraded CPU In the meantime I have stripped the PC right down removed the mobo and am planning on returning it to SMBT Computing with the message of quot Here s your mobo CPU back jam your bill where the sun don t shine quot On the bright side my new dual core tower is working like a charm I had planned on keeping the tower as a backup PC just in case my new tower died on me I am still looking into buying a brand new mobo and CPU and putting it together myself I am pretty sure this mobo is DEAD however there maybe something I have overlooked PS I hope this doesn t count as a triple post and no I am not a blonde I am a redhead lolz Oh and just for the record I live in Australia we do not have BBB here nbsp

A:MSI K8MM-V Socket 754 Motherboard & MD Sempron 3000+ 64-bit CPU, 1.8GHz, SOCKET 754

G'Day - I would not waste time on it. I think your idea of sending it back with the bill is spot on. Don't forget to lay it on thick that you are incapacitated and have been taken advantage of over this.
Albert (Whinging Pom) Lionheart
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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 2.8Ghz, and I just bought a new motherboard. I was able to figure out the usb pinout but the audio is proving tricky. It's a 10 pin in line connector. Where can I find a "map"? of the Dell Dimension 3000 Motherboard? I found some info on the dell site but it wasn't the actual pin out. I saw other threads with links to pictures but the files are already gone.


A:Upgraded mobo in dimension 3000 - Need front audio pin out - PLEASE HELP

If you can find the original boards specs, you would be able to identify the 10-pin connectors wiring. Then convert it to the new motherboards setup
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Done a fair bit of searching and came up with this
Would it be a worthy upgrade for my old beast?
Can i ever expect to be able to play the new halflife episodes or the like on the 3000 just with a pci graphics card upgrade such as this one? suggest something better?
im sure as you can tell im a complete noob so any help would be muchly appreciated,

A:Dell 3000 graphics upgrade?

You could do better if you can find one. Since you can use PCI only your choices are limited. Either a X1550 or a 6200. The 5200 will work fine though.
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Look below.

A:Modding a Dimension 3000.

I think DDR2 would be a better investment than DDR1.

What is in your Dell right now, and what of it do you intend to keep? I don't know if I totally understand what you're trying to do.
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Have Dell Dimension 3000 with Intel Integrated graphics. BIOS settings allow choice of 1 or 8 MB in video buffer? Currently set as 1 - what, if any, does changing to 8 do?


A:Onboard Video Buffer - 1 or 8? Dimension 3000

you can set it to 8 to improve video performance. this will 'take' 8mb away from your system's total memory, but that will have virtually no effect as it is a neglible difference.
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hi i just tried installing a 1gb pc3200 ddr sdram into my dell dimension 3k. when i turn it on the pc begins beeping and nothing happens. i dont want to beleive that i wated my money for nothing. can anyone pleaaase help?

here are the module's specs:
1GB DDR 184Pin
1x 1GB
400 Mhz
1024MB x 1
High Density Chip configuration 128x64
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A:dell dimension 3000 memory issue

Hi crymz and welcome to Techspot

Dells (like most brand-named Pc's) often use cheap motherboards which are very picky about RAM. I ran into the same issue when trying to upgrade my mother's Dell Demension 2300.

your computer beeps when you have your new RAM stick installed, is that stick combined with another (older) RAM stick or is it installed by itself? if it's by itself and you get error beeps when booting then that RAM stick will never work with that board, but if it only beeps when installed next to another (older) RAM stick then they may be imcompatible. try the new RAM stick by itself and see what happens...

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we just finished this new rig, quietones 3000, with 780ghp pump. you can see more fabrication pictures of this project at

A:QuietOnes 3000 Custom Watercooler

wow :shocked:

very nice work my friend. I'm impressed
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Thought I d start a new thread as there may be others with the same dilemma with the new widescreen LCD s Brand new to this forum but I ve been scaling over it to help me decide which video card to buy for my Dimension My Dimension AS IS before upgrades see below P mhz MB L cache GB RAM ATA HD Onboard Intel Extreme Graphics SoundBlaster Live Audio Stock W PSU DVD drive DVD RW drive quot floppy drive Thing is I AM NOT A GAMER but am a digital photographer that would like to increase image handling performance A and New Disclaimer: Card I Dimension HP Video GAMER! for 3000 NOT AM HELP! W2207?.. ability to handle DSLR MP with multiple images HELP! New Video Card for Dimension 3000 and HP W2207?.. Disclaimer: I AM NOT A GAMER! in Photoshop CS Elements on my new quot LCD currently even without the LCD the HELP! New Video Card for Dimension 3000 and HP W2207?.. Disclaimer: I AM NOT A GAMER! system can t handle these in Elements without crawling watch streaming video and DVDs and do intense surfing and multitasking speed up applications So far I ve bought the following upgrades but have yet to install them HP W quot LCD - X max resolution THIS is the part I m most worried about that some of the gaming video cards may not support b c of the new aspect ratio and also allow the image to auto-rotate vertically with LCD without having to manually do it Two GB DDR RAM sticks to max out with GB RAM Seagate FreeAgent Pro GB eSATA external HD onboard is full esata PCI controller with ports esata internal sata the rest USB Now I m looking for the perfect video card for ME to run the LCD X as stated above and also give me greater graphics capacity overall AND give me the ability to have a dual monitor system eventually Note I d like to get a video card that doesn t need an extra fan cooling system that s a little past my techie-level or a greater power supply Between these two upgrades tho I would replace the PSU if necessary to achieve my main goals for upgrading this little guy Any suggestions at all would be AHHHH A breath of fresh air THANKS in ADVANCE nbsp

A:HELP! New Video Card for Dimension 3000 and HP W2207?.. Disclaimer: I AM NOT A GAMER!

Do you have an AGP slot on the motherboard, or just "onboard AGP video"? My friend bought an AGP card for his system and it turned out he only had "onboard AGP video" and no slot for the card.

pretty much any modern card can support widescreen, it would be best to get a card with DVI out if possible. DVI gives a sharper image over the analog EVGA output.
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Ok there s only one game I really play and with my current setup I can run it on max settings on an 3000 Dell do?: to Dim What x screen with no What to do?: Dell Dim 3000 problem whatsoever on frame skip However I cannot get it to run the way I would like it to on frame skip The game looks soo much better on frame skip and I just have to have it like that Only way I can make it run on frmae skip is if I turn everything to low setting basically and turn post effects off which in the end makes it What to do?: Dell Dim 3000 look way worse than max settings on frame skip Well here is some of my computer s info Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Dell Computer What to do?: Dell Dim 3000 Corporation System Model Dimension BIOS Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version A Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Diamond S PCI DDR Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc Chip type RADEON x DAC type Internal DAC MHz Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name ati dvag dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp n a VDD n a Mini VDD ati mtag sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B EE - A - CF-F A- A A C CB Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Revision ID x Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a Registry OK DDraw Status Enabled D D Status Enabled AGP Status Not Available DDraw Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run I may have put a lil too much but anyway anything I can do to further better my computer so that it may be able to handle this game in frame skip nbsp

A:What to do?: Dell Dim 3000

Which game are you trying to play in the first place? I've only seen frame skip options in emulators.
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Brand new to the forum - bear with me if this has been bounced around before I knew when I purchased the Dimension that it was not a quot gamer s quot machine but still I am disappointed with its graphic capabilities I understand that my only option to improve the graphics short of changing motherboard etc is to upgrade with a PCI card Apparently for Upgrade Graphics Dimension - Dell 3000 Suggestions Nvidia cards on the order of Fx LE are pretty good cards as far as PCi is concerned Not easy to find here in Winnipeg Canada but I m looking What I m wondering is if there are any Dell owners with similar PC s Dell Dimension 3000 - Suggestions for Graphics Upgrade who may have gone this route if so results am I correct in assuming that even with only PCI card upgrade it will be a big improvement over onboard graphics Intel Extreme Graphics G If I upgrade I will probably have retailer install as I am not that comfortable with the idea of trying it myself Any help comments suggestions would be appreciated Thanks in advance RandyH Dimension Processor - Pentium GHz Processor Speed - GHz RAM - MB OS - Windows XP Home OS version - Int Graphics - Intel G nbsp

A:Dell Dimension 3000 - Suggestions for Graphics Upgrade

You should have an AGP slot so I'd foreget about a PCI card if you want to do any real gaming. Radeon 9800 Pro's and XT's have gone down in price lately. Those would be a good match for your system. Id also get a 256mb card if you can afford it. A PCI card will be a big improvement over onboard graphics but unless you can find a FX5700 SE, the other PCI video cards arent going to work well for newer games.
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this is still considered a demension 3000 because im using the stock CPU, Motherboard, and case... however... as far as my knowledge goes... its the best running demension 3000 ever...
Processor - P4 HT 3.0GHz
Motherboard - Stock
Graphics Card - BFG Nvidia 6200 OC
Sound Card - Creative Soundblaster 24bit (soon to be X-Fi)
Cooling - Stock cooling + 120MM green led fan @ 1500RPM + 92mm fan @ 4000RPM
Lighting - The Fan like i said... and im debating getting green cold cathode 12" tubes... and putting a window in the door...
what you guys think eh?

A:Dell Demension 3000 That actually OWNS!!

Nothing really stands out in this build.

I wouldn't waste money on an X-Fi unless you're really picky about your sound. Most people probably won't hear the difference, or have the hardware to truly appreciate Hi-Fi sound.
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I have a dell Dimension 3000 that I put some money into and I want to put it into a nice new case.

I was told the The Cabinet form factor is Micro tower/Mini tower.
and the motherboard is standard micro atx motherboard form factor.
But I don't no.

Can someone please link me to some cases that my dell will fit into.
I want one with fans/lights maybe a temp gauge.

Thank you so much
I been wanting to do this for a long time

A:What case will my Dell D 3000 fit into.

It will fit into any mid to full tower case, and probably some cases designed for micro atx. In short, nearly any case you find on will work.
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Is a dell dimension 3000 an ATX form motherboard, or a Mini-ATX motherboard? Just wondering, because I want to know what type of motherboard will fit into it's case.

A:Dell Dimension 3000

It's a micro atx socket 478 board with ddr memory support.
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Hi all, I am new to techspot. Anyway I have a dell dimension 3000 and here are the specs:

pentium 4 3.0 ghz

geforce fx5500 pci graphics card

1 gb ram

200gb maxtor hard drive

250 watt powersupply

I am unsure what brand of motherboard is in it, but it is the standard 2005 dell dimension 3000 board.

Anyway I want buy a new motherboard and graphics card. I found 6 motherboards that I am pretty sure will work.[]=15:278/popup5[]=30:342/popup4[]=15:22 Does anyone have any suggestions on which motherboard to get? Also, do you guys have any suggestions on graphics cards? I want one that had a good bang for the buck.


A:Help Upgrading Dell Dimension 3000- motherboard and graphics card

You should mention your budget, and the aim of this upgrade.

Unfortunately, the 478 CPUs are now becoming bottlenecks in the computer. Upgrading your graphics will see a performance increase, but don't bet on a really huge one. Also, Expect to pay a premium for AGP8X graphics cards which perform better than budget range. If you're up for the biggest AGP8X card, the X1950pro would be it, but there's a review somewhere which showed it doesn't perform much better than a 7600gs because of the CPU bottleneck.

Personally, the 6600gt is probably the sweet spot, maybe an X800XT, but not much more than that. Even then you'd be paying a premium for the AGP8X versions of those cards.

If you're after anything cheaper than the 6600gt, it wouldn't be worth your trouble IMO.

Of course, if you decide to switch over to PCIe, you may still be able to use your RAM by getting the E4300, coupled with a board which will support DDR RAM and PCIe 16x. These boards don't come easily though, but here's a couple from newegg....

It shouldn't come out to be much more expensive this way, because the savings from your graphics card (PCIe versions are alot cheaper) would go into the new processor.

Besides, you can sell the processor.

Of course, I'd recommend going all the way, but I'm aware of budget restriants... all you need for a full blown c2d system is DDR2 RAM.

Oops, forgot to mention about the powersupply, you can barely run good graphics cards on 250W powersupplies. I'd recommend you getting at least a 400W. That should do the trick unless you're going to spend quite abit on your graphics card...
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Hey Im new to this site and new to upgrading pc s Ive done a lot of research on it and know a little bit now I have a Dell Dimension Desktop 3000 Dimension Graphics Card Troubles P GHZ GB Ram and just upgrade my video card to a DFuzion ge PCI MB I am running it on Windows Vista Home Basic which I upgraded to a few weeks ago from windows XP Someone at Nvidia told me this would be the perfect card for this system so I purchased it The card installed fine updated the drivers and everything but ran into a problem when I went to play a game I wanted to test the card out so I downloaded a demo of a game online It installed fine but then when I went to play it the screen froze and the imfamous blue screen came up telling me the driver had to quit and the system had become unstable The computer then restarted I tried again and it had done the same thing I am lost Dimension 3000 Graphics Card Troubles on this because I did everything I was supposed to with the installation Anyone got any ideas what could cause this problem Im hoping its nothing serious nbsp

A:Dimension 3000 Graphics Card Troubles

Oh no, you're using 6200 to play in windows vista? It would not be perfect mate... Vista is using DX10 while 6200 is still DX9. If you want good gaming you must stick to XP or either you must buy hi-end GeForce 8800...
Vista is still 'new' and it doesn;t appear to be a 'gaming OS' so my suggestion have both xp and vista if you want to play...
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Hi guys,

My computer, dell dim 3000, was always noisy to begin with, and I'm ok with it.

3 weeks ago, I purchased new PSU (Antec 350W ATX), and the noise was reduced little bit when I first pluged it in. The PSU works great since Antec is a good name.

About 1 week ago, my computer started making noise really really loud if I leave it there and go away for 15 minutes or so. When I come back, it will be like that forever, and I will have to turn it off for 10 minutes.

If I leave the case open by one side, the noise will be reduced like 5 times (seriously, even more).

The only softwares that I installed by the time it started making noise is:
- Zone Alarm.
- AVG.
- Screensaver.

I never heard that these softwares can make noise, but hey who know, just tell you guys everything possible.

Thanks for reading,

A:Dell Dim 3000 Fan noisy like hell!!!

Make sure no wires are hitting the spinning fan, Also clean all the dust off it, Seems like just a noisy fan issue,
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I am having problems with a recently perchased HP Notebook It is a HP Pavillion ZT Ghz Pentium M Mb ram I upped the ram a week ago Gb HD I have been using this note with out insident for a month now I shut it down on tuesday night and put it away On friday night I set it up but it won t complete the boot cycle It will kick on the 3000 boot zt Pavillion problem" "major HP fan and the screen will glow you now that look of being on with HP Pavillion zt 3000 "major boot problem" a black screen there are no colors or icon at all The HD will spin up and chatter as normal for about - seconds but then the screen powers down the HD stops spinning The computer just sits there power light on fan buzzing but no HP Pavillion zt 3000 "major boot problem" more noise no progress I tried re-seating my ram chips and my HD no change I am at a loss for what it could be I have had no problems to speak HP Pavillion zt 3000 "major boot problem" of since buying this unit What could it be More important what can I do to fix this Please help CM Lanman nbsp

A:HP Pavillion zt 3000 "major boot problem"


Did you ever resolve the issue? My daughter recently received the same model from a relative, (HP Pavillion zt3000), and the same thing happened to her. It appears the battery is charged and the computer is operational, but the screen is dark. I can lighten or darken the screen, but that is it.

Thanks, Psychicbud
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Hi Everyone,

OK, I know this question has probably been asked, I've looked around but dont seem to find the right thread.:rolleyes:

OK I have a low end computer, initially bought for my daughter. Well she now whats more lol, anyway can I change the mobo, psu ect......

Can any one give me any suggestions please

DELL 3000
P4 800 fsb
1 Gb mem
250 Gb hrd drive

Many Thanks for your help

A:Dell 3000 mobo

You can change it out. You have a micro atx socket 478 motherboard that takes ddr333 or ddr400 memory. Also, on the 3000 the power supply should be standard atx, so any psu should work, as long as it fits in the case(dell cases are small).

What are you looking to improve on the system? It has pretty good specs except for it having integrated intel graphics. I guess I'm asking what you want to keep and what you want to change.

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Hello PSU 3000 for Dim Advice: Need Dell eveybody I have a Dell Dimension and everything have worked fine until now I m using a W PSU Description Intel Celeron D GHz Processor MB PC DDR Memory GB rpm Hard Drive x CD-RW Combo Optical Drive Dell A Stereo Speakers Intel Extreme Need Advice: PSU for Dell Dim 3000 Integrated Graphics with MB Shared Memory v Kbps Modem and Ethernet Six USB Ports and Three PCI Slots Dell quot LCD MonitorClick to expand I just bought a new video Need Advice: PSU for Dell Dim 3000 card a dfuzion fx PCI card require minimum of w and decide to buy a new more powerful power supply just in case I have no experience at all in power supply so please give me some Need Advice: PSU for Dell Dim 3000 advices Some of my questions are - How much watt should it be for a good future - What is a good PSU company for my computer - Is it the same size for every normal PSU or only some will fit to my case - If I buy sticks of gb ddr ram are they gonna affect the PSU This is how my case should look like inside http users zoominternet net garsh Dell dim - jpg Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help D nbsp

A:Need Advice: PSU for Dell Dim 3000

I would put something along the line of a 350-400w power supply of good make into that system. I put an antec 350w into my dell 2300(which has basically the same case). Good companies include: ocz, enermax, seasonic, fsp group, and many others. Most full size atx power supplies are the same size, but some units are longer than others, and in a cramped case a long power supply could be blocked by your cd drive(s).

Here're two power supplies that are great values for what you get.

More memory takes slightly more power from your system, but not very much. Even a 250-300w decent unit should handle your current system, but a 350-400 gives you room for upgrades and won't stress the power supply as much.
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Hi all,

Well i'm back for help again lol. I want to improve video for gaming on my DELL 3000 1Gb mem can anyone help which pci will help me at least get some gaming. I was looking at the nvidia 7600GT will this be good??? or should I be setting my sights lower??

Thanks to anyone who can help


A:DELL !! 3000 help

That really depends upon how much money you can afford to spend...
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Hi guys,

I have a amd 64 3000+ with a x1900GT with 1gig ram. My CS:Source running at 1280x1024 with almost everything on high would run around 30-35 FPS average, often dipping down below 20. I've seen benchmarks with similiar hardware that run a minimum of 70-80 fps. Since if I turn off AA and AF, I get around the same FPS, I was wondering if it's my CPU thats capping the potential of the video card.

Thanks in advance.

Asus A8N-E Mobo
AMD 64 3000+ @ stock
2 x 512 Kingston HyperX Ram 3200
ATI X1900 GT @ stock
200 gig SATA 2 Samsung Spinpoint

A:AMD 64 3000+ capping X1900GT?

Hi & Welcome to TS!

That AMD CPU is great, but might be bottlenecking a bit the X1900GT. Why don't you try to overclock a bit that 3000+? I managed to overclock my 3200+ to 3800+ speeds, and it gave a nice FPS boost.
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Sorry I meant to write X not X Hi all Im still gaming it up with my OC 3000+ X2 to upgrade? AMD64 3800+ AMD64 good ed from ghz to ghz currently I can have it at ghz but thats the most I can push out of it with my current cooling I have seen a huuge price drops on the X and with my current set up it seems to be the only upgrade I can afford Canadian for the CPU Will I see a huge difference in gaming I play mostly AMD64 3000+ to AMD64 X2 3800+ good upgrade? counterstrike source and some AMD64 3000+ to AMD64 X2 3800+ good upgrade? others like HL lost coast eps one GRAW and AMD64 3000+ to AMD64 X2 3800+ good upgrade? some others I also do a lot of photo editing fairly large files and some video editing The is holding up just fine but I do notice some lags when i start up my photoshop and open multiple files while a few other things are running in the background thats why i thot a dual core would help fix that Would you guys say my has some more life into it Ive only had it for a year and Im expecting another half a years life but at the current rate of these softwares being developed seems like thats not the case any insight help comment advice would be much appreicated for more infO i have gb of mhz ram OCZ gold XTC GB on SATA and a GT nbsp

A:AMD64 3000+ to AMD64 X2 3800+ good upgrade?

Yes, that upgrade would be from single-core to dual-core; that in itself should make a pretty good difference. IMHO: GO FOR IT
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Well basically my video card is similar to that Dim for *takes upgrades CPU cover* Dell a possible Ummm 3000? of that on my mother s PC which runs the games I play supurbly Then again it is a different model of Dell the Dimension Anyway looking at the specs of her computer the only huge difference I can see here is her computer has a gig of ram and it has two pentinum processors O o I have a Celeron but only one I heard that the celeron is like a slow pentium or something like that Anyway is there a way I can have to processors in this computer like her s does Even so or if not what would be the best cpu to get for my particualr make and brand without going through the lengths of getting a brand new motherboard computer I want a brand new computer but its not going to Ummm possible CPU upgrades for a Dell Dim 3000? *takes cover* happen for along time to come - - However I think if I get a better CPU then I can bare with what I have at the moment Please help me thanks in advance nbsp

A:Ummm possible CPU upgrades for a Dell Dim 3000? *takes cover*

The processor in her PC will most probably be a Pentium 4 HT, which shows up as two processors but is actually only one physical processor and another virtual processor that shows up as two physical ones. The maximum supported by ur PC is a 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 HT Socket 478, so get that if u can afford it. Also, consider upgrading ur RAM to 1GB for better performance.
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I just purchased a dell dimension 3000 motherboard to replace my existing dell 2350 board. I was able to mount the new board but my only problem is the power switch button connection on the 2350 is not compatible with the new one. Is there any way I can power up the computer without the power switch? I'm looking to buy a power button for the dimension 3000 motherboard but in the mean time, would like to power up my pc since i'm running a web server. Appreciate any reponds.


A:Dell Dimension 3000 motherboard

you can do it manually by shorting the two pins on the motherboard that would normaly represent the power switch
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beacuse ths is the best graphics card i can find on and i need to know if my dell dimesnsion 3000 can take it

A:will a geforce FX5200 fit my pci cell dimension 3000

As long as the Card is PCI, it should fit fine.

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I think my mobo will be able to handle a software overclock according to sandra but my only concern is the memory, it only has one timings vs frequency table
i've tried overclocking before on a 250 watt psu and would reboot but IM gonna get a 450 watt
any advice?


A:xp 3000+ oc

your memory timings are actually listed in both windows (look under "logical/chipset1 memory banks") and they match the results from cpu-z

BTW > make sure you get a quality power supply.
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Let me first say that this will be the first computer that I personally built I was going to go with a Alienware but it looks like I can save Have WaterCool?? I Will $3000 To Gaming Computer Budget a lot of money building it myself CPU - AMD Motherboard - Not sure yet I ll need suggestions I don t know much about motherboards RAM - GB - GB of Dual Channel DDR PC or PC Hard Drive Will I Have To WaterCool?? $3000 Gaming Computer Budget - Maxtor DiamondMax GB - MB-ATA Video Cards - BFG Geforce GX GB for SLI I know drivers aren t available yet Cases NZXT LEXA-NP NZXT Apollo ORANGE NP ASPIRE X-Pleasure X-PLEASURE-RD ASPIRE X-CRUISER-RD ASUS VENTO Red I really like the NZXT cases and the Asus Vento I want to purchase my Motherboard and CPU in a Combo so that the CPU is already installed to the Motherboard Motherboard and AMD Athlon X AM Combo I select the AMD but I m not sure which motherboard I should get from the selection So will this setup have to be watercooled I just feel uneasy about watercooling I probably won t be Overclocking anything My budget is about more or less if possible lol with quot Monitor I m looking to purchase from MonarchComputer Tigerdirect Newegg and maybe Ebay This is going to be a Gaming Computer so if I ve overlooked something like making a bad processor choice or something let me know Thanks nbsp

A:Will I Have To WaterCool?? $3000 Gaming Computer Budget

hi mstpaintball,

I want to purchase my Motherboard and CPU in a Combo so that the CPU is already installed to the MotherboardClick to expand...

I would recommend doing it yourself. otherwise you will be paying them money to do less than 1 minute worth of work (unless you pay them even more money to use generic thermal grease instead of the stock thermal pad that comes with it).

If you're concerned about damaging it... don't worry. Althon64's have a large metal heatspreader over the CPU die, so it's not like the old socket-A processors with an exposed die that you could damage very easily.

So, will this setup have to be watercooled? I just feel uneasy about watercooling. I probably won't be Overclocking anything.Click to expand...

no, it doesn't have to be watercooled. if you planned on overclocking or you want a silent computer then that's another story. but you will be fine with the stock cooling (if you don't mind the noise)

This is going to be a Gaming Computer, so if I've overlooked something, like making a bad processor choice or something let me knowClick to expand...

1. the only thing I would say that you overlooked is the power supply. that's going to be a powerful system, and will need a quality PSU that can deliver solid, clean power and protection for your expensive components. I would recommend a 500w or higher PSU from a reputable company like OCZ, Antec, Enermax, Fortron, SeaSonic, or PCP&C to name a few, but read reviews for specific models before you decide what to buy (especially pertaining to SLI, just being "SLI certified" may not be enough to power those beasts)

2. your processor choice seems fine to me. (it'll run circles around my 3000+ ) also, I hate to suggest going over to the dark side (haha :haha but just to be fair... you may want to consider waiting a few weeks for the Intel conroe processors to come out, they are said to outperform all existing processors, including the AMD FX-62 (AMD's best CPU)

3. you didn't specify what RAM you'll be using. since it will be a gaming rig you want the best performance possible out of that thing so don't just buy any old RAM, get some high end RAM from brands like mushkin, OCZ, kingston, or corsair to name a few.

other than that, it's going to be one hell of a rig! and you're budget of $3,000.00 should leave with with plenty of extra cash in the end.

cheers :wave:
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how much would a socket 939 cpu cost me? something like 3ghz or more + what are the best cpus, amd or intel?my specs are amd athlon 64 3000+ 2ghz, 256mb ddr pc3200, k8vm800 motherboard. i want to upgrade to something closer to 3ghz or more, + an sli motherboard with corsair ram..but i dont know what to go for or how much it would cost...please give me advice

A:can i upgrade an amd athlon 64 3000+ 2ghz to 3ghz,....

this question has been answered in your other 2 threads:
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can anyone help me i want to upgrade my graphics so it can play games like the sims 2, dawn of war but my dell 3000's graphics are absolutly terrible .
Anyone know a good card that doesnt cost to much cheers.

A:I need help upgrading mi dell dimension 3000's graphics

Hi jeremy and welcome to techspot

there isn't much you can do graphics wise on that machine.

good graphics cards come in PCI-Express (newer) or AGP (older). your Dimension3000 doesn't have either, it only has standard PCI slots.

you can get a PCI graphics card, but it will never be very good. even if the card itself has good specs it will always be severely limited by the slow and bandwidth starved PCI bus.

however... graphics don't get much worse than Intel integrated graphics (like dells use), so even a PCI graphics card would be a significant improvement.

as far as I know, the best PCI graphics card is the geforce 6200

while that card is cheap and may allow you to play certain games. it will only allow you to play on low settings. if you want to get into gaming, you should consider a computer upgrade. if you're budget is really tight, you may be able to get away with upgrading the mobo and video card and reusing the rest.

good luck
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Hi everyone!

After some time and some money, I decided to bump my Celeron D 335 CPU and get a real AMD CPU.
So I chose the Athlon 64 3000+ Venice CPU. It should be a great boost over my old celeron CPU.
Now I need a motheboard for it. I found this one:

I donīt mind about the microATX form factor. I donīt have a SINGLE PCI card.
The motherboard has a good chipset and a good integrated video.
Please keep on mind that my budget is limited, because I was planning to get a cedar mill celeron, and then I decided to get an AMD because theyīre better for gaming.

What do you think about this?


PD: I really like AMD now!!

A:Need good advice on motherboard for Athlon 64 3000+ CPU

If you are going micro-ATX with integrated graphics, I'd spend the extra $10 and get this one:

The chipsets are the newer versions (both north and southbridge)
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I am building a new system with a Gigabyte GA-K8NSC board and a AMD Athlon 3000+. My question is about the heatsink that came with the retail processor. It has that very thin gray pad under it. I want to use Artic Silver 5 paste. Should I remove the pad with alcohol and apply the paste to CPU. Any advise would be appreciated.

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A:AMD Athlon 3000+ Heatsink Question

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You are correct. If you are going to apply some Arctic Silver, you first need to remove that gray pad and clean before you apply the paste.

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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 2.8Ghz, and I just bought a new case. I have some questions though. For the front audio and USB ports on the new case, it is many labled wires. In the dell case, it was a bunch too, but they were all put in one connector. Where can I find a "map"? of the Dell Dimension 3000 Motherboard? I need to know in what pins these audio and USB cable plug things go. Thanks so much.


A:Dimension 3000 new case troubles (connections, not fit)

Apparently Dell won't publish the leadout of their mobos to prevent this kind of case-swapping.

only thing i found was the power leadouts. and i don't know if its been tested on a dimension yet.

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Hey I m a moderately experienced PC user and I m looking to upgrade my mobo Once I got my Dell Dimension I looked to upgrade the video card but lo and behold no PCI-E slot Not even an AGP slot so here I am trying to get a new motherboard Here s what I need A mobo that will fit my Pentium Ghz processor -pin One that supports -pin PC DIMM DDR RAM One with a a 3000 Dimension Motherboard for PCI-e x slot and Motherboard for a Dimension 3000 some PCI Slots One that will fit in my Dimension Case Intel Micro ATX I believe but there s some debate over the true sizes If it won t fit please say a good place to get a case that will work with it Here s one I ve been looking at http www motherboards org mobot motherboards d ASUS P GPL-X Also please say what power supply I should be looking to get for the motherboard you recommend plus a P Processor and a PCI-E video card ----------------------------------------------------------- Or I ve also been thinking about starting over somewhat I d like to be able to salvage my proccessor and my RAM but otherwise how much would a PCI-E motherboard a good power supply W a PCI-E video card that would be good for games like Sims Madden and Battlefield etc and finally a case that would hold all of that cost By the way I use my computer mostly for gaming nbsp

A:Motherboard for a Dimension 3000

The asus p4gpl-x is about the best you can get for a micro atx socket 478 board. The problem is finding one for sale, I couldn't locate any for sale in the us, maybe you'll have better luck finding one.
Any matx board will fit in the dell 3000 case. The front panel connectors won't line up properly, but you can modify the connector so that it will work with the help of the board's manual and a little wire tracing. The front usb/audio may not be compatible with a replacment board as well. I'd suggest getting a 350-400w psu. Here're two good yet cheap psus.

I'm not sure what budget you have, but good bang for the buck cards would be the 6600gt, 6800gs, and 7600gt. If you can afford it, then go for the 7600gt.