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Installation freezes at 92% going from 10547 to 10565

Q: Installation freezes at 92% going from 10547 to 10565

I've tried about times now to get installed It freezes every time at with configuring settings at - I'm running an HP Envy - desktop that has an Intel from Installation at going freezes 92% 10565 to 10547 Core i - processor GB of ram TB HDD internal TB HDDs internal TB HDD external TB HDD external TB HDD external and GB HDD external I know Installation freezes at 92% going from 10547 to 10565 I have a TON of drive space I tried to install it for the th time last night right before I went to bed at pm At that point it had just gotten to I turned my monitor off and when I got up this morning at am it was still at It didn't do a thing all night Any suggestions or ideas I'm going to try unplugging all my external drives when I get home and try it again I have tried going back to the version prior to but I get the message that those files have already been deleted I'm at a loss here Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Preferred Solution: Installation freezes at 92% going from 10547 to 10565

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi Guys I have a problem installing Windows Vista The installation process works fine until after the st reboot that goes to quot completing installation freezes installation&q Vista Solved: at "completing Windows installation quot It completely freezes at that point and after hour or so goes to a black screen where Solved: Windows Vista installation freezes at "completing installation&q i can see nothing but my mouse pointer I just got my laptop days ago and it s brand new Vista compatible In fact it came with Vista installed and it was working perfectly fine until I decided to reformat it so that I could check if my new hd i tried installing was the main reason for this installation failure I saw a post with similar problems explaining that the BIOS was in need to be updated but my BIOS is up to date and vista compatible My laptop specs are as follows Inspiron Intel Core Duo T GHz Mhz M L Cache GB DDR MHz MB NVIDIA GeForce Go inch Wide Screen UXGA TLLCD Integrated Network Cardand Modem X DVD -RW Dual Layer Drive Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy Intel AGN Wireless-N Mini Card Can someone please help me out Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Windows Vista installation freezes at "completing installation&q
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I tried 3 times to actualize Windows 10 insider do Build 10547 but it doesn't proceed and restores 10532.
When comes a new Build -installation of Build 10547 willbe a previous requisite?
Thanks in advance to the answer giver(s).

A:Build 10547

Originally Posted by Tique

I tried 3 times to actualize Windows 10 insider do Build 10547 but it doesn't proceed and restores 10532.
When comes a new Build -installation of Build 10547 willbe a previous requisite?
Thanks in advance to the answer giver(s).

Welcome to TenForums, Tique.

No, Build 10547 won't be a prerequisite. Updates generally install the latest build no matter which build you're running.
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Upgraded to 10547 today and when finished "Right Click" was gone\missing. . .any one else having this problem. . .

A:Right Click Missing in 10547

Same here but only on desktop
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Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10 Insider Preview September Update for x64-based Systems (KB3087040) - Error 0x8e5e03fa
Cannot update, I also have to messages for the newest build even though I have my setting on fast. Pro edition btw.
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I am downloading x86 insider preview build 10547. I am directly downloading it from the archive and I will need the product key while installing; can you tell me what it is?

A:product key for home preview build 10547

Are you running any type of Windows 10 now? If you are, then you will not need a product key of any kind. Make sure you are logged in on your MSN account. If you are not running any kind of Windows 10 now, then you will need to activate your system through an upgrade process that still does not require a product key.
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I wanted to change my power and sleep settings for my display.

At first it didn't seem to work. Working through it methodically however, I found there are FOUR places that can be set for the same thing!

(1) Win10 Start/Settings/Display/Power&Sleep. I set it to never

(2) Below that in Additional Power Settings I was taken to the Control Panel. Checking the Preferred Plan settings the screen setting didn't reflect the change above.

(3) From the CP is another option: 'when to turn off display'

(4) Finally there are the "advanced power settings".

This is ridiculous. Surely all I need set is the initial (1) Settings? And this doesn't even include setting the Screen Saver which seems to be over-ridden by the other settings!

Obviously Microsoft have got their knickers in a bit of twist with some settings undertaken in Settings and others still in CP.

A:Build 10547 confusing power&sleep settings

I have seen someone who said it takes a restart to make the changes work for that setting. Did you find this to be true? Did settings work for you?
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Hi everyone. I'm a insider since all the way back to win 10 build 9xxx. I have 2 laptops installed with Win 10 10130. One is updated with 10586 and no problems. But on another laptop, since updated to 10547 every major release build for fast ring always failed to update. I'm stuck at 10547 forever! Tried google-fu but no result. I didnt want to reinstall again (i know that i take a risk of installing Insider builds but right now I cant reinstalled due to family reason)

Both of my laptops are old HP with Intel C2D and 3GBs of RAM. From Vista's era....

A:Error when upgrading W10 build 10547 to newer builds!

Have you tried using the Media Creation Tool or Tech Bench ISO for 10586?
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I have updated fine I thought, went to get the ESD from the windows~bt directory, but there was only some files in a 'panther' folder (I think), very few files there (I have converted esd to iso severral times during the beta so know what to look for), certainly no esd.

Does anyone know the address to download the esd so I can clean install?

Have started to have issues with my wired 360 controller not working right in games which only happened with this update (they continually switch to keyboard input when I use the analogue sticks), so I'm hoping a clean install will sort out the issue for me.

A:ESD Download for 10565 Eng-UK?

Surprising us all, Microsoft decided to release the Build 10565 ISO images for download on Thursday this week. You can download the original 10565 ISO here: Windows 10 Insider Preview ISO

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Since the last update, I cannot auto hide the task bar on my main monitor.
I am running dual monitors and the secondary monitor hides it perfectly.

Does anyone have any idea why and what can be done to auto hide the task bar again.

It is covering up the bottom lines of everything that I open on the main screen.

A:Build 10547 Can't Auto Hide the Task-Bar On Main Monitor

I have had that on that build too. Going to settings, disable and re-enable fixes it. Kind of a pain.
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Hi i got a lot of help when i symptoms?) crashing in apps build (with 10547 in Built abnormal was on the windows forums now Built in apps crashing in build 10547 (with abnormal symptoms?) getting help here I went back to Build from the latest preview build due to system stability issues The restore went fine all my files and settings stayed The problem happened a few hours after restoring I needed to preview a photo that needed photoshopping for a personal project I tried to open the photo but the built in photo app won t open for some reason The same thing happened for videos and a few other The insider hub Built in apps crashing in build 10547 (with abnormal symptoms?) contact support and setting opened just fine The icons are blank for some reason Showed in attached thumbnail For example when I wanted to open a photo it show a error like this Windows cannot find quot C users Name desktop something png quot Make sure that you typed the name correctly and then try again The file exists and does open fine in windows photo viewer Same thing with videos It will open fine in Windows Media Player and VLC I have contacted the support team at Microsoft for any solution The guy on the support line said that it should be a hardware issue not a software issue Any guesses on what caused this issue I think the app files may got corrupted during restoration to the previous build A fast reply would be helpful I need this thing back up as soon as possible to get work done

A:Built in apps crashing in build 10547 (with abnormal symptoms?)

Originally Posted by yutost

Hi, i got a lot of help when i was on the windows 8 forums, now getting help here

I went back to Build 1047 from the latest preview build (10565) due to system stability issues.
The restore went fine, all my files and settings stayed.
The problem happened a few hours after restoring.
I needed to preview a photo that needed photoshopping for a personal project.
I tried to open the photo, but the built in photo app won`t open for some reason
The same thing happened for videos and a few other.

The insider hub, contact support, and setting opened just fine.

The icons are blank for some reason. (Showed in attached thumbnail)

For example, when I wanted to open a photo, it show a error like this
Windows cannot find "C:\users\Name\desktop\something.png". Make sure that you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

The file exists and does open fine in windows photo viewer.

Same thing with videos
It will open fine in Windows Media Player and VLC.

I have contacted the support team at Microsoft for any solution. The guy on the support line said that it should be a hardware issue, not a software issue.

Any guesses on what caused this issue? (I think the app files may got corrupted during restoration to the previous build) A fast reply would be helpful (I need this thing back up as soon as possible to get work done)

Hello, yutost. Welcome to Windows Ten Forums.

I had problems with the "built in" WinRT Store apps in 10547 as well. Surprisingly my 10565 runs flawlessly. If you had no problems with 10547 before, then obviously the rollback is flawed.

I suggest you either fresh install via ISO or run the following.

DISM command to check the OS store health first. If it needs repair then command that. DISM - Repair Windows 10 Image - Windows 10 Forums

After that run SFC command: SFC Command - Run in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

If that doesn't help run: Store - Re-register in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

After that open the Store and search for each flawed app by searching for each one in the search box there. It will lead you to it's page and show the condition. You may need to reinstall each one.

Hope that helps and good luck.
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I am currently stuck on build My frustration is due to the mandatory reboots that Windows keeps scheduling during the middle of the workday often when I am away from my in 10547 endless stuck builds update 10532 and between loop computer I have disabled this quot feature quot in the update settings but it persists Windows has downloaded build and keeps insisting that it needs to reboot to install it but reboots never attempt to install anything it is a routine stuck in endless update loop between builds 10532 and 10547 reboot In troubleshooting this issue I attempted to opt out of the Insider Program and downgrade to RC builds When looking at those options however I discovered an error message quot Your Microsoft account requires attention to get insider builds quot I clicked on the quot fix quot button and it had me log into my Microsoft account including all that dual authentication stuff In the end the wizard closed out and I was presented with a quot next steps quot button to click So I clicked that and it looped me right back into that same login wizard requiring dual authentication at the end of which I stuck in endless update loop between builds 10532 and 10547 found myself right back at the quot next steps quot button and the persistent error that quot Your Microsoft account requires attention to get insider builds quot Clicking directly on the quot stop insider builds quot hyperlink below that button produces a popup box stating that quot We need you to do a few things to stop receiving builds quot Below that statement is a hyperlink titled quot How do I opt my device out of Insider builds quot Clicking on that hyperlink takes me to a web page at windows microsoft com telling me that all I need to do is go into the advanced options for Windows update and click on the quot stop insider builds quot hyperlink Clicking on that does not however give me an option to verify my choice It just returns that same error message about quot We need you to do a few things to stop receiving builds quot At no point does it tell me what those things are it just keeps looping back on itself Is there a way to break out of the loop without reinstalling the OS altogether UPDATE I might have made some progress A few months ago an update corrupted my user profile requiring me to create a new profile I was reluctant to delete the old one because I wondered if maybe some key file was still locked up in it that I might want later I think however that because the corrupted account was still linked to my live account there were conflicts Not sure why it took more than two months to surface but when I just deleted that corrupted account I was able to download security updates and I'm no longer getting that error message to quot fix quot my updates It still loops me when I try to opt out of the Insider Program but at least half of the problem has resolved I'm going to reboot once again and see if that does the trick SECOND UPDATE Rebooting is now permitting a re-download of build I still am not able to opt-out of the Insider Program but maybe after completing the update

A:stuck in endless update loop between builds 10532 and 10547

I have also experienced this effect but have only the user profile (not corrupted) and despite repeated attempts to update, cannot initiate build 10547.
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Hi Everybody I apologise for asking such an inane question and I am probably being thick On the weekend I decided on installing Windows Clean Install and I downloaded Win10 Updates. coing 10.10547 Winsowa Insider through Windows not Windows Creation Tool and created a bootable USB which installs the default build and I have set everything up for Windows Insider yesterday and put it on the Winsowa Insider Win10 10.10547 not coing through Windows Updates. Fast Ring but still noting coming through I know it can take hours or even days after setting up Windows Insider and changing from Slow to Fast I had the same problem on my MS Surface Pro which is also running Windows but that is on It does not make any difference if the profiles are identical on each device does it When I say identical both my MS Surface and my Main rig are running Windows Pro on the same profile which shouldn't make any difference because each Product ID and Winsowa Insider Win10 10.10547 not coing through Windows Updates. registration key is unique to each machine that the OS is installed on Windows is activated on both my MS Surface and my Main rig I had the same problem on my MS Surface as it took over a week before the finally showed up in Windows Update Unless I wait for which I would estimate possibly the end of October or the beginning of November Thanks Mel

A:Winsowa Insider Win10 10.10547 not coing through Windows Updates.

Originally Posted by Mel Jones

Hi Everybody,

I apologise for asking such an inane question and I am probably being thick. On the weekend I decided on installing Windows 10 (Clean Install) and I downloaded Windows 10 Creation Tool and created a bootable USB which installs the default build10.10240 and I have set everything up for Windows Insider yesterday and put it on the Fast Ring but still noting coming through. I know it can take hours or even days after setting up Windows Insider and changing from Slow to Fast... I had the same problem on my MS Surface Pro 3 which is also running Windows 10 but that is on 10.10547.

It does not make any difference, if the profiles are identical on each device does it? When I say identical, both my MS Surface and my Main rig are running Windows 10 Pro on the same profile which shouldn't make any difference because each Product ID and registration key is unique to each machine that the OS is installed on. Windows is activated on both my MS Surface and my Main rig.

I had the same problem on my MS Surface, as it took over a week before the 10.10547 finally showed up in Windows Update. Unless I wait for 10.10558 which I would estimate possibly the end of October or the beginning of November.


Hi there, Mel. No, it won't make any difference with identical accounts for the reasons you gave.

A device is placed in a queue and is subject to first come, first serve basis. Hang in there. It'll come sooner or later.
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Does Preview Build 1056 expire, and if so, when?

A:Question about build 10565

Build 10565 will expire on July 16, 2015. To check to see when your copy of Windows 10 will expire, you can type "winver.exe" into the Cortana or Windows search bar.
That's what techradar says. But july 16 already past. So run winver.exe
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I cannot update my 10565 build (tried several times in the last days) and , windows update says my system is updated, as i am using the same account of my RTM system, but different system images; could this be the reason?
Thanks in advance for any help

A:cannot update my 10565 build

Originally Posted by Gas

I cannot update my 10565 build (tried several times in the last days) and , windows update says my system is updated, as i am using the same account of my RTM system, but different system images; could this be the reason?
Thanks in advance for any help

Have a look at this tutorial :
How to Reset Windows Update in Windows 10
Windows Update - Reset in Windows 10
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Hi there
I tried to install uxstyle and ultrauxthemepatcher but both don't work even though ultrauxthemepatcher is supposed to work on 10565, I tried it on a clean install. It makes a backup so I know installation is good but themes still don't show correctly. I really need to enable a dark theme

A:Theme Patcher on 10565

Originally Posted by malim

Hi there
I'm tried to install uxstyle and ultrauxthemepatcher but both don't work even though ultrauxthemepatcher is supposed to work on 10565, I tried it on a clean install. It makes a backup so I know installation is good but themes still don't show correctly. I really need to enable a dark theme

It doesn't get better, see my post at the 10568 thread:
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I have not been able to get any updated insider builds since 10565.

Keep checking Check For Update but it says "your device is up to date"

Any suggestions?

A:Stuck at 10565 build

Manually update to 10586 by downloading iso from ms, double clicking on it and running setup.exe. Then make sure you rejoin the Insider Program in update menus, and leave pc on for up to 48 hours

Note - do not clean install if you did not install windows 10 upgrading from a valid 7/8 licence, as it will not activate.
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This thread did not help: Solved Got the 10565 Update but upon restart it does not update ? - Windows 10 Forums

I restart using the "Restart Now" Button on the Windows Update Dialog, but the update still could not be installed after the system had rebooted. No BSODs occurred during installation / etc. The automatic restart also doesn't install the update.

A:th2_release Professional 10565 could not install

Originally Posted by coldReactive

This thread did not help: Solved Got the 10565 Update but upon restart it does not update ? - Windows 10 Forums

I restart using the "Restart Now" Button on the Windows Update Dialog, but the update still could not be installed after the system had rebooted. No BSODs occurred during installation / etc. The automatic restart also doesn't install the update.

Same here, it was closed as resolved, but nothing in it tells me what solved it. Mine also says "There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help:" with no text, just a restart button....
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The feedback app is littered with reports of games switch between controller icons and mouse/keyboard. From playing with 360ce and durazno if seems to be an issue with deadzones as you can reduce the issue considerably by playing around with them (although it never stays indicating the controller inputs for too long)

Is this a common problem and is there a fix?
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. . .Time to see where folks here on the Ten's stand on the new insider build.

Thus far I have had no problems with this build other then the my need for a dark theme (just me). The right click problem has ben resolved.

What problems have you ran into, and what did you do to fix said problem\s. . .inquiring mines would like to know. . .

A:Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10565

Not a single problem this time except old stuff I don't like after upgrades, almost all registry hacks revert to default and have to apply them again.
Made me ISO and did Disk Cleanup, just in the process of making Reflect backup.
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I clean installed 10558 from an ISO, it's fully activated, I'm on the fast ring insider setting, I get Windows Defender updates every day - but no build 10565 showing up yet. Is it because I am on 10558 that was a clean install? Do I need to go back to something prior, like 10240 and start over? Or just need to wait for 10565 to drop to my computer? I just really want the ESD file so I can make an ISO :-)

During the 10558 install I skipped entering a product key and it activated based on my entitlement on MS activation servers.

A:Build 10558 to 10565 via Windows Update

The last time I did a clean install of a insider build, a new build dropped the next day. It took a couple of days for the new build to show up for me. I did see somewhere that someone here had gone from10558 to 10565, so I doubt that upgrading from 10558 is an issue.
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See the Insider Hub for this:

A:Device Activation Improvements on PC Build 10565+

Now this is great!! About time, IMO.
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I'm just wondering, if 565 was rolled out to the Slow channel, has it been pulled from Fast?

A:Is build 10565 on both Slow and Fast rings?

It is quite easy to find out just change to the Fast ring or Slow Ring depending on which ring you are on and check. It is still at their download site:

Download Build 10565 from MS
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Quote For those of you out there who are among the million Windows Insiders and are participating in the fast ring Microsoft is treating you with a new desktop build Windows build If you haven't got the chance to install it or don't want to install the new build just yet there's a gallery attached below This build comes almost a week after the recent Windows devices event and it has quite a few new things including Tab previews in Microsoft Edge a more intelligent Cortana improved context menus based on user feedback and cosmetic refinements to Windows Explorer The new build brings quite a few bug fixes but there are still some known issues that you should be aware of especially if you're a gamer that uses the Xbox app Windows build also comes with Skype Messaging and Skype Video Preview app integration that was recently spotted in a leaked build There's 10 build 10565 and Windows an Insider Ring slider also a slight change in the Windows Update settings where the scroll box for setting to Fast or Slow ring has been replaced by a long slider that might indicate that there will be additional Insider rings in the future Gallery Windows build and an Insider Ring slider In addition you can refer to Microsoft releases Windows Insider Preview Build Windows content from SuperSite for Windows
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Skype is causing up to errors an hour according to the event log More than since I installed this build on the October Here is an example of built Build 10565 in continuous errors SkypeHoste.exe the error from the log Log Name Application Source Application Error Date PM Event ID Task Category Level Error Keywords Classic User N A Computer X -Win Description Faulting application name SkypeHost exe version time stamp x e Faulting module name SkypeHost exe version time stamp x e Exception code xc Fault offset x cbd Faulting process ID x c Faulting application start time x d fad b e Faulting application path C Program Files WindowsApps Microsoft Messaging x wekyb d bbwe SkypeHost exe Faulting module path C Program Files WindowsApps Microsoft Messaging x wekyb d bbwe SkypeHost exe Report ID da bb- - -b - af c b Faulting package full name Microsoft Messaging x wekyb d bbwe Faulting package-relative application ID ppleae af e f a ac a a c Is anyone else getting these errors I have run a sfc scannow command and no issues were found Does anyone know how to turn SkypeHost off I do not use Skype or Microsoft's messaging app

A:Build 10565 built in SkypeHoste.exe continuous errors

Have no idea what was causing the errors. Over 10 000 in 7 days.
However uninstalling the Messaging and Skype video apps stopped the errors, which I consider fixed for me as I do not use them.
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Anyone having stability issues with Build 10565? My Surface 3 was rock-stable under RTM, but since installing the latest Insider Preview build I've had a random lockup and now a blue screen - both within seconds of resuming from sleep.


A:Insider Build 10565 Stability Issues on Surface 3

Originally Posted by rkennedy01

Anyone having stability issues with Build 10565? My Surface 3 was rock-stable under RTM, but since installing the latest Insider Preview build I've had a random lockup and now a blue screen - both within seconds of resuming from sleep.


Hi there, RCK. Is this an upgrade or fresh install? If upgrade, you may want to fresh install. If fresh install there are various ways to repair. Here on this page you'll find both: Windows 10 Tutorials

Here's another: Reset Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Hope that helps.
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Hello all for days now iv been trying to install w bit i have read a lot of messages here about fixing my problem and non Windows 32bit installation" "completing (AGA installation 7 at freezes of them was a success When installing w after the first reset the installation returns to the screen where it shows the progress of the installation the only thing left is quot completing installation quot it hangs on that screen for hours and wouldnt contoniue i can move my mouse but it dosent give much help things i tried untill now disconnecting all drives beside the one i want to install w on it Windows 7 32bit installation freezes at "completing installation" (AGA disconnecting a pci card of USB slots disable all usb controls from bios my mouse and keyboard are connected with quot blue quot and quot purple quot connections disable floppy which does not exist - which didnt solve the problem but made the installation much faster Change in the bios from PCI to PEG Additional Notes I have only one monitor which is a LCD TV which connected to the nvidia graphic card with DVI to HD cable in the installation it shows that i have partitions in this hardisk and i have only as far as i know the third one has a MB capacity mybe its related some how I have seen that people gave suggestions about a utility which fixes the hardrive and maybe solve the problem but i have no operating system to do so I dont know much about my computer and i dont have any operating system to check it i only know that i have intel core ghz gb ram some gigabyte motherboard and some nvidia graphic card Please help me im one step away from installing XP again

A:Windows 7 32bit installation freezes at "completing installation" (AGA

Is it the stage where it freezes ?
Which process of installation are you trying ? Are you upgrading your XP installation with windows 7 ; or you installing 7 with formatting the C drive ? Sometimes upgrading takes enormous time to be completed compared with clean install .

You follow this tutorial : Clean Install Windows 7 ... follow steps 6, 7 and 8 carefully , I hope there would not be a further problem . All the best
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So my Asus laptop has this weird start up screen while restarting after updated to Windows 10 Build 10565, and it takes longer time to restart.

Asus F550L
Windows 10 Build 10656
Core i5-4210U
Bought in Sept 2014

A:Weird start up screen while restarting updated to Build 10565

Reinstalling the latest Nvidia driver doesn't help.
Tried SFC and DISM. Didn't fix it.
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I've not yet installed the lastest build, and since I'm supposing that GA of TH2 should be very very similar to what we're testing right now with 10565, the following question comes to mind:

Has the new build reverted the stupid thoughts of MS about Picture Password logins?

As I stated in my thread here in regard to 10240, it is apparent that MS forgot to add the "Other Users" dropdown list picker in the Picture Password login screen (it is present in text-password and PIN, instead).
That sucks for everyone who has a tablet with multiple accouts and likes everybody be able to access the device with the Picture Password feature.

Has something changed in that regard with 10565? I praise it's happening..

A:Has 10565 solved the problem of Picture Password missing other users?

I only used the picture password for about two days then switched to using a PIN. It is easier for me to logon that way.
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ok i just bought a pc for gaming and i put it all together, now im installing the os and its windows xp pro. but when i goto install it all goes smooth till it installs. says like 35 mins remaining and freezes there. i reset and everything still hangs there. anyone got an idea? specs are below..
CPU- Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz HT
MOBO- ASUS "P5P800" 865PE
RAM- Kingston Dual Channel1G(512MBx2) DDR PC-3200
PSU- ENERMAX Noisetaker Series 420W Power Supply
Case- ASPIRE X-Dreamer II
CDROM- Rosewill 52x32x52x16 CD-RW & DVD
OS- Windows XP Pro SP-2
thanks for any and all help!

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Hey I just got a copy of windows 7(64-bit ultimate, because its from my college its the upgrade version) and I'm having some install troubles. The installation keeps freezing right when it finishes loading the dvd. Heres an image:
I also have a video too (let me know if you want it).

This is directly before any windows come up for user input.

Currently on windows xp. We know the dvd works (tried it in a different computer) and the dvd drive in this system works (tried using different operating systems). I can move the mouse around, and no keyboard shortcuts appear to work.

I had the windows 7 beta installed a ways back, so I know the OS works on this system.
System info:
Processor E6750 core 2 duo
2 gig ram
nvidia 260 GTX
Creative labs x-fi sound card
gigabyte GA-P35-Ds3L motherboard

A:Installation Freezes

Hi Oglshrub and welcome to the forums
I would start by using the onboard video, remove your 260GTX and try installation again. When you get to that screen, let it sit for a while. I installed it in three computers, in two it went straight through, on the third I had ot wait for about 0.5 hour.
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I have update my dad's computer to an asus K V-XE motherboard with AMD sempron DDR PC HDD gig gig IDE ATA DVD CD writer ASUS PCI-E video card exact details I dont remember now PSU WATT V I did have some initial problems to get it working but finally XP installation ..... freezes it starting up As expected the old XP on the gig drive would not start because I XP installation freezes ..... have changed the motherboard and video card it got stuck at PCI sys When I try to re-install XP booting from CD-rom with the windows XP installation CD It freezes at different points Sometimes after kernel dll sometimes at right at the beginning sometimes it bit later It always FREEZES I tried to install the raid drivers with F but the CD is not responding to this The floppy drive seems to work though The F button seems to work fine However I dont have a repair CD I already have XP installation freezes ..... tried a lot to solve the problem but nothing seems to work Here is what I did - I tried a new copy of XP CD also tested the CD on a different computer and it worked - tried with different CD-rom drive one I know is working for sure - because I wanted to know whether it is a hardware problem I installed Ubuntu on the part of the gig drive And it was working perfectly I could access the gig drive which had the old copy of windows xp on it I still need to install the windows XP Any suggestions to solve the above problem are welcome

A:XP installation freezes .....

hello & welcome to TSF

did you set the jumpers correctly on the drives ?

are you setting up the drives as a whole or are you wanting to have a sepparett (OS) on each drive ?

you might need to wipe the 40 gig with a 3rd party program like Kill disk / d-ban boot & nuke

you can get both of these at majorgeeks thru the link in my sig below they are free to use as private user

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Without going into too much of a back story my XP installation became corrupted I tried to fix it using CHKDSK and SFC but these did not solve the issue I decided to do a repair install of my OS but was told that this wouldn t work because the version I Pro freezes XP installation already had was newer than that I was trying to install I have SP installed my disk was for SP So I did a slipstreamed XP setup XP Pro installation freezes disk with SP and thought I had everything figured out The upgrade option for installation was now available and all was working smoothly That is until XP had about of the devices loaded approximately minutes remaining on the timer The screen blacked out for a moment came back with a differenet resolution my USB keyboard and mouse stopped working and then the computer said it needed quot Intelcci dll quot and wanted me to point out where it was located so it could be loaded Problem with this is my mouse and keyboard aren t working so how can I do this I have never had any problems installing or configuring Windows before so this is a new one on me Could this be a problem with my slipstream CD or is this something else Any help would be most appreciated Thanks Quick Edit As stated both the mouse and keyboard are USB My computer does not have PS ports

A:XP Pro installation freezes

It might be a problem with your disk. I would try running the repair install again from the beginning.Setup hanging at 34minutes remaining is often caused by faulty hardware.
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Hello there. I have a trouble installing windows7. I think the problem is that my motherboard and a new SSD(intel 320), that I've just bought, have a conflict. I have Asus Striker which is based on nvidia 680i chipset. It's not supported ahci. So, every time it stops at 81%.
Is there any chance to make it work?

A:Installation on SSD freezes at 81%

I had that very motherboard, and I regret to inform you it's complete garbage.
The replacement micro atx board I got for it for 70 bucks blows it away in benchmarks and runs more stable.
You may want to look into the bios updates via asus, but I don't think they have patched anything since the one that made the 5850 work with it.
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My old harddisk became corrupted for God only knows what reason. I pulled it out, made it into an external drive to plug into my laptop, reformatted it, put it back in and it continued to become corrupt every few days. Now, only 1 of the 2 partitions was becoming corrupt so I decided I would put the hard disk from my external drive in my computer and put my old hard disk in the external drive. I plugged it in correctly, Win XP installation begins propperly but when it tried loading a file (dmio.somthing) it said it was corrupt. It did this for a week and then just stopped doing it one day, though I did nothing to anything in the computer. Now, my problem is that after installation copies all the files needed and reboots, after about 5 minutes it freezes, consistently in the same place EVERY TIME....... Can anyone offer a solution?
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I had many issues with my pc i built well i didnt when i first got it running but within the next couple of months i did. Im back on my spare pc and i have xp home running but on my other pc i had xp pro on it. It does have service pack 2 and stuff like that its mostly made for gaming but i also work on websites. Anyways The only thing that it does is freeze up during installation it stops where it says Your computer will be more reliable and faster and time it stops on says 34mins. So could someone please help me i would like it if i didnt have to take my pc down to the shop because i dont want to spend that kind of money.


A:Xp freezes during installation


I want to make sure I understand. Your Main PC is down, and the problem (seems to be) that it is "freezing" during WinXP installation.


Anyways The only thing that it does is freeze up during installation it stops where it says Your computer will be more reliable and faster and time it stops on says 34mins.

Yet you say this also:


Im back on my spare pc and i have xp home running but on my other pc i had xp pro on it. It does have service pack 2 and stuff like that ...

I assume that your "other" PC is your Main PC that "had" WinXP Pro.

So from this I gather that you are (for some reason) re-installing WinXP Pro on a machine that used to have WinXP Pro with the SP2 installed.

It is important that my understanding of your situation is accurate, because the first question I would have is WHY you are re-installing WinXP. It may be that the problem you had that caused the need for reinstallation is the reason why the reinstallation is failing.

Also, I wonder that happens when somone tries to do a "Repair" install on a HD with SP2 already installed.

SP2 is still quite new, and it is unlikely that you are installing a version of WinXP that has SP2 applied to it on the disk. So I wonder if you are trying to repair a "newer" version of WinXP with an "older" version.

I can't say for sure, but I suspect that is bad. Myself, I had the same problem and what I had to do was learn how to make a "slipstreamed" version of WinXP. "Slipstreaming" is applying the most recent update to the O/S (in this case applying SP2 to WinXp Pro) and then burning a new CD with the original O/S updated to SP2. From this new (copied) Installation Disk, you can then run a Repair Install on a system that has the SP2 applied.

You might be in the same situation, which is why I need you to to think real clearly about what I am asking and why, and then report to me what your situation is and how accurate my understanding of it is. (I don't need to know about your back-up system, just the one that has a problem.)

Also, I wonder about the possiblity that you might be trying to reinstall a "home" version to a "pro" version, or vice versa. Either way, I need to have a better idea of what's going on with your "Primary" system.
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hi, i just bought the gold edition of rise of nations.
anways i got home and put it in my drive and the screen came up. I changed the folder etc, and then clicked next, then it said preparing to copy files or something and it just froze there. it happens everytime, i even exchanged the cd thinkin that it was curropt or something.
anyways is there anyway to fix this problem and install the game some how?
heres my specs
Win 98SE
AMD athlon 1800
radeon 7000 64mb saphire
A Dvd drive
and LG burner drive
when i install the demo of it, it installs perfectly, i also tried the cd on my weaker computer and it installed perfectly but couldnt run it because of its specs.
is there a problem with my computer?

A:Installation freezes

Disable any programs that might be running in the background, like AV or Antispyware. Also, make sure you have the latest drivers for your video and sound. Check your Direct X version to make sure you have the correct version. Try and install it into the default directory and see if that helps..If these steps don't help check at the games web site forum to see if others have had this problem also..

Sometimes, even though the demo may work, after the final product is released, there might be some updates or changes that are put into the final product that'll change how it works or runs.

Good Luck and hope this helps!
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I experienced progressively more common "blue screens of death" on my desktop so decided to try reformatting my hard drive. Everything is backed up. After installing the Windows XP SP1 disk, I come to the screen Windows XP Home Edition Setup. Welcome to Setup. I'm given the option to Setup windows XP now, press enter or repair by pressing R. However, the screen is frozen. My keyboard is plugged into a PS2 slot. Do I need a new hard drive? Thanks.

A:Please help! xp freezes during installation

It could be a lot of things. Do you think the machine is frozen or could it be just the mouse and keyboard? Any signs of disk activity?

The "increasing" blue screens probably play into this. You are right that it could be the hard drive. But try a memory test. They are easy to do, and you shouldn't just buy a drive if it won't solve the problem or you won't need it.

What type of errors were you getting on the blue screens? Were they all the same or seemingly random?

MemScope (Floppy and CD images.)
Roadkil's RAM Test
Microsoft Memory Test (floppy or CD ISO image)

If you have enough memory sticks, you can test them by removing one at a time and see if the problem disappears.

If you are running Vista, tap F8 on boot and choose the memory diagnostic, or if you can boot up, go to Start > Search and type:


Choose to run a memory diagnostic on next boot. Or, you can boot from the DVD and run it from there.


Heat is another possibility. Check that vents are dust-free. If you can open the case, check that all fans are moving and that dust is removed.
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quot No there is too much Let me sum up quot After a long period of trials I cannot get Windows 7 x64 Freezes Installation my system to install Windows x It freezes at some random percentage during the expanding files stage whether I use the DVD or the USB to perform the install The system is currently setup with the following Motherboard Asus Maximus VI Hero RAM Corsair Dominator Platinum x GB SDD Intel Dell Monitor being driven from the HDMI-out on the Motherboard Last Step Taken Started install last night and left it running to see if it might complete but it is still stuck at Any ideas or steps to Windows 7 x64 Installation Freezes try would be appreciated New Previously RMA'd Original Post - Verbose Edition I know this topic comes up a lot and after searching through the various answers provided I've not found any success So I'm going to ask my own version of this question because I honestly don't know if I have an install issues or hardware issues but I'm going to start here I'm trying to perform a clean install of Windows x on what is essentially a completely new system New SDD Intel New Motherboard Asus Maximus VI Hero Intel i k Asus GTX sticks of Corsair Dominator RAM for GB total I can get to the point where it says expanding files and it freezes along with the mouse cursor I've also had it freeze at other points as well more on that later I have a legal copy of Windows Home Premium and I've attempted the install using a the DVD and a USB created from an ISO of my installation disk I've even downloaded a new ISO of my DVD from the Digitalriver source None of this has brought any joy Here's a quick summary of a few other things I've tried unsuccessfully Using a single stick of RAM Switching from AHCI to IDE in the BIOS Adjusting RAM timings Now I've had some serious issues with my system over the past months chronicled here Yet after caving in and just buying a new Motherboard I'm still finding system difficulties Which brings me to my earlier reference about other freezes I was attempting to partition the SSD using the method described here when the system just froze while I was typing in the console window I thought this was a fluke so I restarted and tried again and I got a little further but again the system froze I freely admit I'm not pro but there's no reason a healthy system should do this is there I'm testing the RAM right now with MemTest and I'll leave that running for the rest of the day but the really strong inclination I have the one I've avoided is that my Processor or Power Supply is kaput Because everything else is new or has been replaced So my questions Is there any reason for a healthy system to behave as I've described Is it possible that something other than hardware problems could cause problems like this

A:Windows 7 x64 Installation Freezes

Well, it does sound a little like PSU, what sort is it? 550,650,750W? and, is the PSU a good brand or a cheaper one? I doubt you bought a cheap one as the rest of your components sound top stuff.
Have you tried to remove other hardware you might have fitted? like, remove the DVD drive and any other ancillary card? just have the HDD, and ram in? Might also be advisable to return the MB to the original settings as in, take out the battery for 5 mins, put it back, then try to install.

I doubt that your ram timings are causing the issue. Is you BIOS UEFI? Try to do what I suggested and see if that helps? it might be a component you have? like a printer, or a DVD drive or??? Also, have you fitted the Video card into another PCIE 16 slot?
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I am on an Alienware Aurora R3 with Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I ran the media creation tool to upgrade to Windows 7, and it gets as far as 100% copying data. It then restarts, the dots circle once, and then they freeze. I force a restart and it attempts to complete installation, but freezes again. I force restart again and it restores Windows 7.

I'm now trying to upgrade from a USB. Any ideas?

A:Windows 10 Installation Freezes

USB install froze as well.
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Hey, ive done something wrong and got a boot0: error , then I got operating system not found and stuff that my pc would not boot so i formatted my drive.

Now i insert the installation setup CD , i configure my installation , when it starts installing it gets stuck and the screen freezes forever. Please help me

A:Installation freezes in every OS install.

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
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As to from Freezes boot when trying the CD installation in the topic I zeroed out my HDD set BIOS Freezes when trying to boot from the installation CD to UEFI put the installation CD in switched the computer on I was shown the usual progress bar quot Windows is loading files quot then a text appeared that quot Windows is starting up quot or something like that then the screen blinked with some distorted graphics but went back to normal soon and then Then nothing I had to hard reboot the laptop This Freezes when trying to boot from the installation CD happened a few times in a row Memtest showed no errors after two complete passes Well perhaps I could try if setting BIOS to LEGACY fixes anything But hey I was able to install from same CD on same laptop in UEFI one week ago I have feeling that this problem might be connected to the one I describe below Sorry if the subsequent paragraph is in fact unimportant I am used to problems with booting I had various versions of Windows installed Windows HP bit OEM and or Windows Pro bit from DreamSpark alongside Linux Mint with BIOS set to LEGACY or UEFI and sometimes after chainloading GRUB - gt Windows the Windows bootloader was showing me some distorted graphics instead of the appropriate Windows logo afterwards it sometimes managed to launch Windows anyway but sometimes it unfortunately was rebooting the computer The problem was getting worse and worse over time more distorted graphics and more reboots but was getting more normal after clean reinstalls Never had problems with booting Linux though This was happening with different combinations but I didn't manage test every single setting yet I remember having no problems with just Windows installed originally no problems with Windows Mint dual boot ca one and a half year ago chronic problems with Windows Linux dual boots when Windows was installed later on whether was in or not no problems with just Windows for a few months no Linux and no Windows now problems again with Windows Mint dual boot Now I was trying to reinstall Windows just to make sure if same problems happen again even if only Windows is installed but as I was saying I couldn't even launch the installation CD I suspect these two problems might be connected because the distorted graphics I am seeing now and I was seeing when multibooting is strikingly similar No it's not just random noise in fact this distorted graphics is quite distinctive
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I have a Dell Lattitude C600 with Win2K Proffessional with SP4.

Attempted to load iTunes for Windows. Installation froze during the loading of QuickTime. Apple no help directed me to InstallShield site.

Any thoughts for fix.

A:iTunes installation freezes

Firstly, can you disable the installation of Quicktime? Do you already have it on your PC?


Uninstall everything (itunes if in control panel, and Quicktime).

Delete all files and registry keys related to Itunes and Quicktime (backup just in case)

Redownload itunes and try again...
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I recently purchased a Logitech Clicksmart 310 camera. I cannot get the software installation to complete. When it starts to setup the wizard the screen freezes and I have to turn off the computer manually and restart it.
I thought it might be the software, so I downloaded directly from Logitech's site. I get the same thing when trying to install.
Their tech support page suggest's finding all *.TMP and *.CHK files and deleteing them.
I am not just going to take their word about deleteing these files. Can someone advise me if it is ok to delete all those files. I don't want to screw up my computer by doing so. Thanks.

A:Installation freezes screen

The .tmp file extension is a Windows temporary file and I've never run into trouble deleting them.

The only time a .tmp file might be used is for an install which requires a reboot...the installation will access some tmp files to complete the installation but once complete, any leftover tmp files are not needed. A lot of software doesn't clean up after itself, leaving behind useless tmp files.

The .chk file extension are file fragments, usually from corrupted files, saved by Windows' scandisk and defragmenter. Why they are saved is anybody's guess since retrieving useful data from them is difficult if not impossible. They, too, can be deleted.
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Ok So I've been trying to upgrade my Operating System of my Dell Xps Desktop from Windows XP -bit to Windows -bit I recently went installation 7 Windows Freezes and purchased a copy of Home Premium -bit Windows from a Computer store My Computer's stock DVD drive is broken and only the CD drive is active which needles to say can not read the Windows installation CD However I have tried to use a USB External DVD Drive to Launch the install CD It loads the windows Files fines but then Freezes as soon as it gets Windows 7 installation Freezes to quot starting Windows quot I've left it running for a maximum of and Windows 7 installation Freezes a half hours and it does not unfreeze I've unplugged the External DVD drive and plugged it back in as well on a different attempt still no response I've scrapped the DVD idea and created Windows 7 installation Freezes a Bootable USB stick of Windows home premium set it up correctly and then tried the install again same problem windows files load then it freezes on quot Starting Windows quot It is to my knowledge that the XPS stock motherboard Dell DXP and CPU Intel Dual Core GHZ ARE compatible with -bit Operating System's I have not yet formatted the partition or created a new one because I need this computer to work for Servers Any suggestions

A:Windows 7 installation Freezes

Try cleaning the HD Drive

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
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Hi... first post...

I had a problem with a virus so after backing up my files installed XP again, deleted a partition and full install.

At the end there are the fields to fill in like naming users, automatic updates, registering etc. Done those.

Then it comes to use the thing and after 10 seconds the whol thing freezes. Not even the cursor will move.

What am I doing wrong?

A:Windows XP Installation freezes

Hello and Welcome to TSF,

"Then it comes to use the thing and after 10 seconds the whol thing freezes"???

What thing? can you be altittle more specific?

Also is the cd disc a genuine copy of xp?
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I have recently bought Windows 8 Standard 64bit for my new PC (built by me). However, when I try to install it, it copies all the files for installation, restarts, then at the Win 8 splash screen the loading circle (, it just freezes. I have no idea why. After freezing for about 15 mins, the PC just turns off. Can someone please help?

Intel Core i5-4670
Gigabyte GA-H87M-D3M
G.Skills RipjawX (2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz
GeForce GTX 760
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The installation works fine up to the part where you get the nice GUI and it says "39 Minutes Remaining". It stops there and will not continue, but the animation in the corner still works.

I have reformatted using both quick and normal NTFS format with the same results. The hard drive is a SATA drive and the drivers installed properly. Does anybody know how to make the installation work?

Thanks in advance!

A:XP Home Installation Freezes

Are you using a full Windows CD, upgrade CD, or a Restore/Recovery CD that came with the computer?
Also, is it possible that the CD is scratched?
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I've recently formatted my XP machine and have tried to install drivers for my ATI X800 XT. The machine freezes when I click the option to install the drivers. I've tried installing from the CD and from drivers I've downloaded from ATI, but both give the same problem. I've had this problem before but I forget how I worked around it.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:ATI driver installation freezes on XP

Have you tried installing the drivers from the Device Manager? This helps because it only installs the necessary drivers instead of all the junk on the driver CD.
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I am trying to install Windows XP Pro slipstreamed w/ SP2 on a friends computer. I get as far as the screen with the progress bar for formatting and it never starts. I placed the harddrive on my computer to see if there was a hardware issue with his box but the same thing happens. I know the disk works because it was the disk that originally installed XP on his machine. It is a reinstall trying to correct some performance issues, it was moving ultra slow with very low cpu usage. I thought it was due to a nasty virus that I could not remove due to the slowness so I figured that a fresh format would tighten things up. I have already deleted the partition so there's no going back now. Could the hard drive be damaged? Any help would be appreciated, hopefully before I have to give my friend the bad news :)

A:Installation freezes at format

Download the diagnostic software from the drive manufacturer?s website and run a test on the drive, if it tests ok, zero the drive and try again.
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Just today I was formatting my brothers laptop. Upon doing a fresh install of windows 7, Mid way through installation the pc would freeze. At the same time of this freeze I Noticed that there were small graphical glitches and pixels appearing on the screen. Heres a link to a video i recorded (

Before I decided to format and fresh install the PC would work fine and it would load windows ok with no problems/graphical glitches.

I tried to force power off the laptop and do the install again, but it would either black screen or do the same thing as listed above.. Im not to sure what may be causing this problem.

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Hello i have a problem with installation of windows a few days ago i ve formatted my hdd using hirens boot cd partition magic xp install starts goes through quot setup is loading files quot installation xp/vista freezes gets to quot setup is starting windows quot and stops all activity stops hdd cd full silence if i m not mistaking eula comes next and F to continue i left it for hours and waited no xp/vista installation freezes result same thing happens with vista - goes through loading files i get a screen with that green line going from left to right and goes on and on and on forever i ve tried with different xp cds one xp cd and vista dvd nothing linux ubuntu installs without any problems i ve tried erasing MBR with acronis disk director suite hirens boot cd and with DOS line quot fdisk exe mbr quot but every time my installation freezes can anyone please help xp/vista installation freezes me and tell me what to do nbsp

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I have a problem with my upgrade from windows 7 to windows 8. I just bought the windows 8 upgrade, but the installation freezes at 40 % all 5 times I have tried to run it. I can`t find a iso to burn and try to run it from boot. Does anyone have an idea of what this problem might be?

A:Windows 8 Pro installation freezes

Need more detail. Is there an error. Do you just see a black screen? How do you know it's at 40 percent? I recently upgraded my laptop from Win 7 to Win 8, and during the install, the screen went black several times, and after letting it run for an hour and a half, the screen was still black, so I did a hard shut down and turned my laptop back on and I got the "Windows 8 install was unsuccessful, reverting back to Windows 7. I searched online for this issue and read this web page:

Fix Black Screen on Windows 8 Laptop with Intel HD Graphics

I hooked up another monitor to my laptop, and lo and behold, it showed a screen that wanted me to pick a color scheme for my background. So the upgrade was successful, but the video driver no longer worked. So I went to the Dell web site and performed a check on my system, and it installed the compatible driver. After a reboot, my laptop screen came on, and I was good to go.

There are other options in this web page, which may help, if you don't have the same issue as I did.
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I have a small computer that is simply used for email, I want to upgrade the system from Vista to Win 8 Pro, I ran the initial upgrade assistant, and it claimed it would work on my system... I bought the upgrade, started the installation (choosing to keep all windows settings and files) and during the actual installation process, it freezes at 11%.

I know that others have asked questions like this, but I don?t have time to do a clean install, can this installation be completed without having to move all of my data from this machine?

Thank you!

A:... installation process freezes at 11%

Welcome to EightForums.

Upgrade to Windows 8 with only a product key - Microsoft Windows

Originally Posted by Microsoft

• Make sure you’re on the PC you want to upgrade. This must be a PC that is currently running Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows 8 Release Preview, Windows 8 Consumer Preview, or Windows Developer Preview. (Windows 8 Setup checks that your PC meets all system requirements before it installs Windows 8.)

• Have your product key handy. You can find it in your online order information, in the confirmation email for your purchase, or on the packaging. The product key will look something like this:

• Make a backup of everything you want to keep. Save it somewhere you can get to it later, like an external drive or a DVD.

Always better to do a clean install.
Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
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Just today I was formatting my brothers laptop. Upon doing a fresh install of windows 7, Mid way through installation the pc would freeze. At the same time of this freeze I Noticed that there were small graphical glitches and pixels appearing on the screen. Heres a link to a video i recorded (

Before I decided to format and fresh install the PC would work fine and it would load windows ok with no problems/graphical glitches.

I tried to force power off the laptop and do the install again, but it would either black screen or do the same thing as listed above.. Im not to sure what may be causing this problem.

A:Pc Freezes during Windows 7 Installation.

Hi spazzo,

Please provide us with Make/Model of the laptop in question. This is common courtesy and allows us to better help you.

I watched your Video, and it's not of much help without knowing more about the computer (desktop or laptop???) you have.

This is a very common installation failure, and can have many causes.

Post back the information requested, and we can advise you further.

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I re-installed windows three days ago. Since then, it has completely frozen (requiring a hard reset) 4 times, twice in a row today, and twice in a row the day before yesterday.

My specs are as follows:

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
ASUS EAH5770 CUcore
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I never had freezing issues before my new installation.

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This is an msdn version of windows if this matters I tried to clean install windows x on a computer which before had Vista x I the first time though the install went and froze on extracting files I looked on the internet and saw to remove anything that wasn't necessary so I Installation Windows 7 Freezes left only the mouse keyboard and vga cable That time the installer froze after it attempted to create a new partition to install on I tried a few times over and even tried plugging stuff back in and it would always freeze there I tried installing in safe mode and that worked fine but it would freeze on completing installation after it rebooted You aren't allowed to run that step in safe Windows 7 Installation Freezes mode I though the cause is most likely faulty hardware drivers since safemode fixed the earlier freezing I attempted to install only using the integrated graphics with stick of ram to no avail Just for the heck of it I tried x which did not work and installing off a usb with the dvd drive detached and nothing has shown any change I eventually gave up and for now I only have Vista x on the machine for now but getting a working install of x would be nice

A:Windows 7 Installation Freezes

Hello, Welcome!

Is it possible that you have a bad DVD? Try burning at a slower speed- to be safe, try burning at the slowest speed possible.
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The installation is done from dvd and worked just fine.

Win 7 Home premium
mainboard Asus M2R32-MVP with bios update v 1109
OCZ PC2 6400 2 GB (have 2 of those took 1 out for installation)
Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX+
AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core 4000+
Barracuda 7200 SATA 250gb harddrive (ST3250820AS)
DvD/cd TSSTcorpCD/DvDW SH-S183A

as well i unhooked all usb devices

clean install, worked fine, but after install, the desktop would come up and nothing was working after, just freezes up.

thanks for help

A:Win 7 Installation, done but freezes after startup

Hello space4092, welcome to Seven Forums!

Where did the Windows 7 installer DVD come from, did you burn it yourself, this may be the cause of the issues; you may need to do another clean install to sort it?

How to Do a Clean Installation with Windows 7

If so you may need to burn it again, use the free ImgBurn ISO burner at the link below at 4x speed with a verify to make sure it's not a bad burn on the DVD.
ImgBurn Free ISO Burner
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I was in the process of installing symantec antivirus on my computer when the pc froze in the middle of the installation. I rebooted, and it showed that symantec was installed, and everything was working fine. The next time i booted my pc it froze whenever it reached the point in the startup process where it loaded symantec. Is there anyway to revert the installation , or any other way i can do a system restore, without doing it through windows?

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I m trying to attempt a repair installation on a Windows XP Media Edition on Repair Installation Freezes XP Windows a SP When setup starts it goes smoothly until about minutes in which it is installing devices The bar goes about of the Repair Installation on a Windows XP Freezes way then it completely stops The green squares in the bottom right corner are still moving A few minutes later I get an error message C WINDOWS system rundll exe This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action Create an association in the Folder Options control panel Click to expand I would do this if I could actually log into Windows which I can t Seeing as I cannot do anything about this error I click ok Another error Repair Installation on a Windows XP Freezes pops up C Program Files Xerox NWWia xrxflnch exe This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action Create an association in the Folder Options control panel Click to expand I cannot do anything about this either I click ok and continue Again another error message pops up C WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXE This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action Create an association in the Folder Options control panel Click to expand It s basically the same error as the first one but instead rundll exe is capitalized This same error message appears again right after I click ok And once again the error pops up This happens four times No more error messages appear from this point on Setup finishes installing devices then the screen flickers black for a moment and a window entitled Windows XP Professional Upgrade appears It lets me change Regional and Language options Having no need to do so I click next Setup continues As soon as it gets to Performing Configuration the progress bar moves about a centimeter then immediately retracts This is at minutes remaining The green squares in the bottom right corner freeze the progress bar freezes the messages to the right freeze yet I am still able to move the mouse Anyone know a fix for this I do not wish to reformat as a friend suggested or do a new fresh installation Thank you all for any help you may provide me nbsp

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Hello this is my first time using this forum and i really hope it helps cause im in some serious desperation I just bought a new motherboard and cpu and i am encountering some issues here are Completely After Certain Programs Freezes Of! Installation my specs Ghz HT Intel PRocessor Geforce GS MB DDR gig Completely Freezes After Installation Of Certain Programs! ddr ram and I cant seem to Completely Freezes After Installation Of Certain Programs! get my gig sata Completely Freezes After Installation Of Certain Programs! to work on the system now either Heres my question EVerything seems to be running fine after i installed windows XP sp on my harddrive after i install my PCI network adaptor my computer will randomly completely freeze cant move the mouse or anything Whats different with this is that i know it is not spywhere because it will freeze before it even connects to the internet and i just wiped out my harddrive and put XP on again so i know its not spywhere I also know its not the harddrive because i retried it with different harddrives and it did the same thing Im thinking it might have to do with the XP installation and there might be a corrupt file or something Thanks so much -Brendan

A:Completely Freezes After Installation Of Certain Programs!

How to view and manage event logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP should get you started in finding out what is causing your problem and narrowing your troubleshooting focus. If you can give us some specifics from your logs we will be better able to help.
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Here is what I try to do to install Windows:
Copying Windows Files
Expanding Windows Files
Installing Features
Installing Updates
Finishing installation
Total Percentage




1: Run "D:\sources\setup.exe" via Windows 7
2: Run "D:\setup.exe" or "D:\sources\installprep.exe" via Windows 7
3: Run "D:\sources\setup.exe" via BIOS

Any idea on how to fix this?

Microsoft Windows Developer Preview 6.2.8102 (I think)

A:Developer Preview installation freezes

How does your disk look when you try to install. Post a snip of Disk Management. Maybe we can determine the cause of your problems.
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Hi guys I m new to the forum I ve had a look around but can t seem to find a solution to my problem I ve also been on numerous other forums but still can t get anywhere I have bought Vista Ultimate OEM bit Everytime I try to install it it gets to the every during installation freezes Vista time same point and freezes and I ve even left it for hours and that is when it ticks off its list of copying files unpacking them etc it does a reboot the it says about it loading for the st time then it goes back to the list and carries on with quot completing installation quot for around seconds then nothing it completely locks up I ve tried installing Vista close to times now below is a list of things I ve tried and I ve usually done them in conjunction with other things on the list Install from within XP to another HDD Install by booting from the DVD quot Low level quot format my HDD s zero fill have nothing plugged into my Vista freezes during installation every time PC internal amp external except graphics card monitor amp keyboard Vista freezes during installation every time turn off most things in the BIOS firewire USB audio IDE except the primary with the HDD and DVD drive SATA RAID etc tried loading the Vista bit drivers for the intel chipset amp my graphics card tried various memory configurations with my DDR s tried installing to different HDD s with none of the others plugged in tried other PCI-e graphics cards amp and even tried with no monito plugged in tried normal DVD-ROM drives tried my bought DVD as well as downloading an ISO of the RTM from the web updated the BIOS tried rebooting after freezing and repairing and also tried booting into safe mode both say that installation is not complete so cannot continue tried installing without entering a licence key my PC specs Foxconn P AA- EKRS motherboard most up to date BIOS Pentium D Ghz x Mb DDR amp x Gb DDR RAM GeForce GT Mb onboard autio x LAN x USB amp Firewire x internal HDD s Sony BWU- A Blu-ray writer any help or suggestions would be very greatly appreciated nbsp

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During the first three attempts at installing windows 10, the process has frozen at 32% total installation and 6% on the "drivers and features" section. The entire process freezes and no animations play. No errors, after reboot from the freeze it just puts my OS back to Win 7.

A:Windows 10 installation process freezes at 32% and 6%

Originally Posted by SuspiciousLemon

During the first three attempts at installing windows 10, the process has frozen at 32% total installation and 6% on the "drivers and features" section. The entire process freezes and no animations play. No errors, after reboot from the freeze it just puts my OS back to Win 7.

Through wds update ..?
MB ever load on MS server ..try again later ..?

Mine went through smoothly ..over 30mins ..
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So I've been trying to install Windows on my computer that currently has Vista But every time I try something causes it to fail If I try upgrading from inside Windows it will install fine 8 Installation fails. Windows freezes or all the way up to where it says either quot Getting things ready quot or quot Moving Windows 8 Installation freezes or fails. your settings quot but then it freezes Every time I've even got it to the point where I can choose a color and name the computer once but it froze there too and when I restarted it reverted to Vista I've also tried all three options for installing regarding what I want to keep from the Vista install None work I've tried at least times with this method If I try to install by booting into Windows 8 Installation freezes or fails. the setup With either a boxed copy disc or a bootable flash drive I've also tried Windows 8 Installation freezes or fails. both -bit and -bit it freezes randomly anywhere in the setup even sometimes before I get the product key in It doesn't even come close to finish installing this way I also have tried installing on a different partition and even a different hard drive but neither of those work either Which doesn't really surprise me considering it can freeze before I even select one Now In the past I've also tried installing Windows and Ubuntu Neither of those work either and they have the same problems happen to them It'll freeze fail installing Yet for some reason XP and Vista always install fine I was hoping would finally work but I guess not Back when I was trying those OS's I tried some things to fix it Like trying each stick of memory individually and I tried removing the graphics card Neither of those fixed the issue either One other problem I have with this computer too that maybe can give a clue as to what's wrong is that whenever I just want to boot Vista randomly I'd even say most of the time it'll freeze dead while it's loading Windows Once it finally boots it works perfectly No problems at all No freezing no crashing no performance issues anything But of the time it'll freeze booting This has been bothering me for a long time I just want to figure out why I can't install an OS newer than Vista and why it freezes so often loading Windows Please help Here's some info from dxdiag that might help spec wise if you'd like to know Code ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name OWNER- FCFF B Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate Build Service Pack vistasp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer OEM System Model OEM BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor Intel R Core TM CPU GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab The file RtkHDAud sys is not digitally signed which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs WHQL You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce GT Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce GT DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Generic PnP Monitor Driver Name nvd dum dll nvwgf um dll nvwgf um dll Driver Version English DDI Version BGRA Supported Yes Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo'd Yes WHQL Date Stamp Device Identifier D B E E- - CF- - D CC C Vendor ID x DE Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x A Revision ID x A Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C ModeVC C Mod... Read more

A:Windows 8 Installation freezes or fails.

Go to Device manager, remove Realtek driver , reboot then try.
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I've got a scratch-built PC that freezes during the installation of Windows XP right when it examines the hard drive before partitioning. Any suggestions?

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Repair Installation on a Windows XP Freezes


I'm trying to attempt a repair installation on a Windows XP Pro SP2. When setup starts, it goes smoothly until about 34 minutes, in which it is installing devices. The bar goes about 2/3 of the way, then it completely stops. The green squares in the bottom right corner are still moving. No error message. I've interrupted this installation first time hoping it will not take effect and after that I was ejecting disk 4 times, restarted 5 times in safe mode but it always coming back to the same point of Installing network and not moving forward. It's CRAZY.
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I have a retail Windows DVD with both and -bit versions Every time I try to load it the system freezes at the quot Starting Windows quot screen where the Windows logo is supposed to animate It freezes before any colors come up though I have also tried to install Windows Vista and even XP with no results It always freezes right after all the files have loaded Windows Starting at Installation freezes and it starts loading Windows I've tried removing one of the two sticks of RAM and removing everything except the integrated graphics I've even disabled the hard drive controller except for the one connected to the DVD drive I've used multiple drives as well Nothing will make it load even letting it go overnight it does nothing new My motherboard is a Biostar TA GXE M the CPU is an AMD Athlon II the memory is x GB sticks of Wintec ApmX DDR extreme MHz and the hard drive is a basic Western Digital GB The DVD drive is a Lite-On DVD -RW burner Anyone have any ideas why I cant seem to install Installation freezes at Starting Windows anything on this

A:Installation freezes at Starting Windows

Do you have the latest BIOS update for your model computer or mobo, from the maker's Support Downloads webpage for your model?

What is the SATA controller setting? Try clearing the CMOS: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

Test your memory overnight using memtest86 bootable CD. Try installing with one memory stick.

Download and burn to CD the DOS version of Western Digital Lifeguard and do the full scan. Then zero the HD.

I save troubleshooting time by removing the HD and installing in another machine to install Win7. When returned to problem machine it will swap out all drivers, requiring multiple restarts, but so far performance is normal.
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Hi. I have had a boot error and i have formatted my hard disk. I have inserted windows installation disk, it freezes at 99% at the first installation part, i cant even move the mouse. Pls help fast, tried everything ; writing from cell phone . I hAve no pc now , i even tried connecting my hard disk to another pc. and installing windows from there and it doesnt work. Any helpful aners will really be appreciated.

A:Windows installation freezes at 99% pls help fast

Give this a try: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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I have just changed the motherboard and case of my pc, installing win xp on it became a problem. It freezes when it got to copying and does happen 11% of the process. I have examined the ram(1 gig),300 hdd, motherboard etc, nothing faulty was found. Can anybody out there help?

I will appreciate it


A:Window Xp installation freezes at

Try a quick clean of the CD - that's what happened to me recently. Look closely at the disk, is it in good condition? Is there any damage?

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SUMMARY Windows x installation before installation completing freezes Windows 7 freezes on splash loading screen during the first restart after the Windows 7 freezes before completing installation last step of installation Let me start by saying this all started days ago when Windows Ultimate build x randomly started refusing to let my router assign my machine an IP address It was a hard-line connection and had been working fine for weeks No hardware changes no software changes no network changes and poof--no connectivity Other machines and OS's connected to it fine and my machine connected to OTHER networks fine Two days of router hard resets and windows registry hacks yielded absolutely no progress so I arrived at a reinstallation of Windows I decided that since I was going to lose all data anyhow I would take that opportunity to update the firmware on my SSD--which if you've never heard of this process-- it is no small feat After consulting with IT professionals at work whoring out different PC's obtaining a mild concussion and an act of congress I finally got a formatted blank SSD with updated firmware ready to re-install windows to I created a x installation disc using Microsoft's ISO and booted from it Installation went smoothly all the way up to the very last step when the screen resolution changes from default low-res to OS-worthy normal resolution and then setup says it needs to restart one last time It appears as though this time when it restarts it actually boots from the hard drive rather than the installation program I got the animated windows icon with the black back drop and then before the OS pops up it just hangs and freezes No keyboard input is responsive ctl alt delete doesn't work once it freezes and a quot repair installation quot just yields a quot Windows cannot repair this installation quot message I tried everything I can think of and there is no way to get past it Botting it in safe mode just says quot Windows cannot boot in safe mode because setup needs to complete first quot For sanity's sake I wiped the disc again and installed XP x and it installed lickedy-split just fine I don't understand though because I was running build no problems beforehand and it wasn't hard to install at all My head eh splode

A:Windows 7 freezes before completing installation

I did boot logging to see if anyone could make sense of this. I'll wipe the partition, try installing again, and load some of these drivers beforehand, but there are still some .SYS ones on here I'm not familiar with. I took out redundant failures and all the successful loads:

Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Version 6.1 (Build 7100)
8 6 2009 07:01:49.610
Did not load driver @hal.inf,%acpi_amd64.devicedesc%;ACPI x64-based PC
Did not load driver @cpu.inf,%intelppm.devicedesc%;Intel Processor
Did not load driver @nv_lh.inf,%nvidia_gt200.dev_05e2.1%;NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1)
Did not load driver cdrom.SYS
Did not load driver RDPCDD.SYS
Did not load driver RDPREFMP.SYS
Did not load driver Wanarpv6.SYS
Did not load driver TermDD.SYS
Did not load driver mssmbios.SYS
Did not load driver discache.SYS
Did not load driver blbdrive.SYS
Did not load driver @hdaudio.inf,%hdaudiofunctiondriver.generic.devicedesc%;High Definition Audio Device
Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\NDProxy.SYS

Any ideas?
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I am attempting to perform a full factory restore progress on my Gateway NV57. I have rebooted and performed this recovery management before successfully however I'm currently dealing with the recovery progress freezing up during the installation of office 2010. Any suggestions on how i can get past this update?
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I have a buddies computer that I am doing a repair-installation on and it keeps frezzing up at the "Installing Windows" button at 39 minutes to go till setup completes. Problem is that it stays at 39 minutes and the cd drive keeps making noise and the light is on..but it just stays there. I have rebooted it twice and just gets to that point and stops. Why does it keep freezing at this point?

A:Windows freezes during repair installation

did you try another rom?
try the install without any add-ons, just a barebones system until you get xp installed. even just 1 ram stick.
give us the specs of the system including the video card
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Okay so here is the deal installer freezes. various During points, at installation, Randomly during installation my During installation, at various points, installer freezes. computer will freeze I've seen it happen during quot expanding files quot to it happening before I can select hard drives to it even happening after the st restart So first here are my computer specs DFI LanParty DK FX Motherboard socket AM motherboard GB of Mushkin Enhanced blackline DDR RAM AMD Althon X - Ghz MSI Cydlone Nvidia GTX Seagate Barracuda TB hard drive RPM MB cache SATA Western Digital Raptor GB hard drive k rpm not sure of cache SATA LG SuperMulti DL DVD R RW LightScribe SATA Now I've done multiple things I've tried dropping down to Ram stick to leave me with GB I've tried using a friend's known to be good RAM stick Have all USB devices unplugged and went to a PS Keyboard still use a PS mouse Unplugged my Ethernet cord and have even tried installing to the raptor windows I've also tried a burned copy of Windows BTW I'm trying to install Windows Ultimate If you need anything else let me know Thanks

A:During installation, at various points, installer freezes.


Just tried using only the one hard drive. No go still.
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Hey guys.

Having an annoying problem where when I try and install a software package for a device the system hard locks during the driver installation phase. No BSOD, simply freezes at the same point during the installation. Doesn't do it for every device I've installed its only done it for my Avermedia C985 capture card and now for a D-Link USB WIFI stick.

I had to manually install the drivers for the capture card through the device manager. The USB stick is harder because I cant get the software separately to the driver so can't complete the installation.

I've tried disabling driver verification but that didn't help.


A:System freezes during driver installation

When you try and install them again, wait for the system to crash. Once it's crashed restart as normal then go to Start > 'View Event Log' > Open Custom Views > Administrative Events then have a look for the event that caused the system to crash and post it back here.
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Hi All I have a pretty serious problem which i installation setup pro recovery freezes Xp during can't work out Ive been away from doing i t stuff for a while and cant remember how to stop the following Basically a member of my family chose to download a bogus Microsoft update that was full of delicious trojans like vitrumonde and backdoors etc etc over high profile viruses So i set about deleting them but it was an adp downloader trojan which i couldnt take off it took me a Xp pro freezes during recovery setup installation while but i finally caught it but by then it was already downloading more serious viruses to the pc anyhow after a long deletion process etc the windows oes was looking worse for wear files corrupted missing etc so i took off what programs i could install later and went about performing a recovery reinstallation of xp pro All was going well until minutes to go during the devices setup it crashes the mouse and keyboard everything is still changing and moving on the screen but nothing will work then a screen appears saying 'prounstl exe on intel pro network connections cd-rom or floppy disk is needed but i cant do anything to find it on C At the moment im debating a slipsreamed version with this intel file integrated in it but will it work any suggestions welcome thanks everyone

A:Xp pro freezes during recovery setup installation

If you can browse to the floppy or CD, you can simply put the file on one of those.

If by recovery, you mean that you are using the recovery partition of a factory PC, then all of the files/drivers needed should already be present and I'd question if that partition isn't also corrupted. Either way, that sounds like a NIC driver, you may be able to cancel and continue, then go back later and install those drivers.
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I currently trying to quad-boot XP Pro Vista Ultimate OS X and Ubuntu Restart Installation Vista Freezes After First on my Laptop I bought a GB HD for this specific purpose I got XP installed with very little problem other than the SATA driver problem amp am not trying to install Vista I got it to install all the way up to the point where it has to restart amp it goes through the POST and everything and when it gets to the first screen where it trys to boot from the disc I let that time out But when it gets to the end of the time out it stops loading It stays at this screen with the blinking cursor at the end of the quot Press any key to load from CD quot messange It doesn't respond to any button pushes except to turn the computer off and the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination I've tried taking the disc out at bootup and I've tried reinstalling it and I've also tried a diffent image burned to the DVD and nothing seems to make a difference I would really appreciate some help with this extremely frustrating problem

A:Vista Installation Freezes After First Restart

Hi -

You mentioned trying a different image burned to the DVD - are you using a genuine Vista Ultimate DVD? Is it OEM or full retail?

Regards. . .


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My Windows installation freezes every time at the quot starting windows quot screen right after the Freezes My On Windows Installation New 7 Build little orbs come together to form the windows logo I have let it sit there for hours and nothing changes I am doing a Windows 7 Installation Freezes On My New Build fresh installation on a new build It seems I have literally tired everything to get this to work changing bios settings unplugging unessential usb connections etc When I boot in safe mode the installation gets further along to the quot windows is configuring your computer for first time use quot but eventually just leads to an error saying that setup cannot finish in safe mode and requires a reboot My guess is that maybe this is some sort of driver issue I have no way of installing any drivers though if I cant even get the OS to install I am getting extremely frustrated with this and I am amazed that its not working Any suggestions are greatly appreciated specs motherboard msi p m-gd graphics card Nvidia GTS MB x GB DDR Intel i GB Maxtor HD

A:Windows 7 Installation Freezes On My New Build

Can you install another OS you have on hand? Let's see if this is Win7 specific.

Does it get to the Copying Files stage? There are several restarts with the boot animation during install.
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I m having troubles installing my ZyXEL Omni K Duo external in WinXP Pro SP also tried fresh SP and SP a - to no avail When the installation comes to drivers the system completely locks up No BSODs or anything The only way is to Reset I tried both drivers - those that came with the modem and downloaded from ZyXEL though it would seem they re the same with no updates sighted anywhere and both ports - USB and COM - same picture every time This started when I upgraded from AXP Asus A V -E to P GHz Intel D XCV The modem worked fine with the former The borrowed D-Link DFM- IS internal modem I m working with at the moment works fine with my new Intel as well I d appreciate if someone could tell me how to make my ZyXEL work with the new system The modem isn t that old year so I d hate to have wasted on it Cheers P S Haven t had an opportunity to download install Intel s drivers yet I m also somewhat reluctant to flash the BIOS for now nbsp

A:Modem installation freezes system

Have you ensured the drivers are compatible for your version of Windows and the service pack that is being used? Micrsoft is working on a second service pack for Windows XP users and I am not certain if that has been released yet but it would be something I would look into. I feel that it may be a modem incompatibility, rather than your computer just failing because it wants to. The very fact the D-Link DFM-562IS modem works with your current machine proves that your computer is capable of installing and handling modems.
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Hi I have Medion SIM Notebook which comes with vista pre-installed I used 1st freezes Windows reboot installation after this for quite some time and it had gotten very slow with general usage amp had spyware pop-up alerts As i had nothing important on the machine i decided to do a full format and re-install windows BUT i wanted to install windows XP SO i started the process where the XP installation began i selected the drive to format amp install XP onto amp then the file extraction process began BUT when it went to the first reboot the notebook booted up got to the quot press any key to boot from CD quot but then freezes here It just does not proceed to the installation setup No error msgs occur amp there's no odd sounds I decided to try the Vista installation dvd instead provided as a recovery cd for the notebook BUT this again wnet through the st part where the notebook boots up runs off the cd selected the drive extracted the files amp then when it Windows installation freezes after 1st reboot asks for a reboot it restarts the machine but when you get to the quot press any key to boot from CD quot stage the system freezes and there is no OS to go into I have tried removing the CD after the reboot but Windows installation freezes after 1st reboot it still freezes without the quot press any key to boot from CD quot msg appearing I tried a different dvd player i had one spare but got the same result i've tried checking the hard drive by running a HDD sector checking tool with no errors amp i've tried the installation several times now but with the exact sam e problem each time Funnily enough after attempting the Vista installation i then went back to try the XP cd but this would now not even the st stage of the setup i e it would ask me if i wanted to boot from CD but would then freeze and not enter the setup at all I am really at a loss on this one The notebook components seem to be fine amp the CDs i've tried seemt to be ok on other machines The notebook worked prior to me trying to reinstall windows but it just won't let me run the installation Does anyone have any ideas of what the cause of this is and how to resolve this issue Regards Shuja
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Hi everyone I am trying to install Windows Home Premium in a Compaq SG LA but I've run into the following issue During the installation process the computer freezes at random intervals which makes me have to restart it by force I was finally able to complete the installation and then it froze again while I was installing some application software on normal mode At first I thought that the power supply SG3207LA W7 during freezes Compaq installation could be causing this issue I checked it and measured its voltage levels and they're OK Then I tested the hard drive using a couple Compaq SG3207LA freezes during W7 installation of bult-in stress tests from Compaq SG3207LA freezes during W7 installation a LiveCD booting from it and they completed without any errors I then started Windows in safe mode and it doesn't freeze at all I ran again other stress tests and again they completed successfully I was thinking that maybe one of two options could be the root cause of this issue The SATA controller in the motherboard - but in this case the stress tests would show some sort of error or it would freeze in safe mode as well wouldn't it I haven't yet tested with an IDE hard drive because I don't have one Some device in normal mode could be using an IRQ that is being used by some other device - this would explain -in my humble opinion- why it doesn't freeze en safe mode while it does in normal mode But I don't know how to find out which device since this computer doesn't have anything added to it - just the onboard hardware from factory And before I forget I tried with different installation DVDs so I don't think this can be caused by a failed media Any suggestions will be more than welcome Thanks in advance

A:Compaq SG3207LA freezes during W7 installation

Hello and welcome gacanepa I am no expert and this might sound a little simplistic have you tried reseating the RAM sticks and SATA cables etc yet?

Out of curiosity how old is the machine maybe the optical drive is needing replacement.
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Prior to last night I had Windows XP Sp running extremely fine on my wonderful dv custom built laptop I decided to acquire a copy of Windows Vista and have since attempted to quot upgrade quot to Vista note that first due to my fear I custom installed Vista onto my second hard drive I have two hard drive on Vista Freezes Installation [Update from XP] my laptop The Original which will be referred to as HDD herein originally contained the Windows XP OS as well as my Vista Installation [Update from XP] Freezes accumulated programs and files The other hard drive which will be referred to Vista Installation [Update from XP] Freezes as HDD was utilized to install the Vista OS onto Everything installed fine onto the second hard drive but I had neglected to take into consideration that I would not be able to utilize many of my programs installed on HDD due to the fact that they were tied Vista Installation [Update from XP] Freezes to my XP Installation and on a separate OS It's necessary to reinstall ALL applications when installing a fresh copy of the Vista OS on a new harddrive in my case HDD The problem arrises in the sense that I have since opted to again install the Vista OS but this time using the quot upgrade quot feature thus installing it quot on top of replacing quot the Windows XP OS on my HDD The installation went extremely well that is until after the last step of the installation Once everything had been completed files copied extracted etc my laptop restarted completion stage and little did I know that a BLACK SCREEN would show up along with my mouse This is the only thing that is visible after the restart windows restarted gt boot screen shows gt bar moves gt blackscreen w mouse I am unsure as to what I should do as I am unable to complete the installation to my knowledge As of now I am booting through my HDD Vista Installation which successfully completed Any help would be greatly appreciated School starts Monday Ahh unsure
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I looked around the forum and saw similar posts but I could not decide if it is the same problem.
So, I tried to "reinstall-repair" my PC from window XP service pack 2 CD. It freezes at "37 minutes left." I restarted it about 2 times (may be I shouldn't have! :( ) after waiting for about 40 mins the first 2 times. This is the third time and I am thinking to wait longer.
There were some suggestions that I should delete .int file but when I go to shift +F10, I could not find .int file.
Should I reformat it or what other thing could I do?

Thank you,

A:Window Installation freezes at 37 minutes

Are you installing this on a clean HDD that has been wiped of any data?
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I have a unit in my living room for all my room mates to use. The HD failed & I had another one lying around so I used the 98 boot floppy to format & install 98SE on it. That installation went fine. Then I Started the XP Pro upgrade & it went fine all the way through until it did the restart to install. The 'Installing Windows' screen came up and that is where it freezes. Any ideas? I shut it off and tried a full install rather than the upgrade and it freezes up at the blue 'Starting Windows' screen. This is the same XP disc I used on it the first time & the same 98 disc also and it ran fine until the HD failed.

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HELP PLEASE Have read many threads on this and other sites and tried is - freezes 'ASMS' installation Win needed File Pro XP on everything suggested except swap out CD drive - don t have a working older drive to try This PC is at least - yrs old - has original Hitachi CD DVD Drive reader not writer Have unplugged ALL devices from back of computer Just has internal CD DVD drive and internal LS floppy drive left installed Something happened to computer - Windows XP Pro would no longer run Tried re-installing Windows XP Pro using OEM CD with hologram Attempted to do a repair install instead of a fresh install - hoping to be able to keep all programs devices intact During installation computer got stuck on quot The file asms on Windows XP Pro Serv Pack CD is needed quot Type the path where the file is located and click OK quot quot Copy files from Global Root Device CDRom I quot The screen is locked and I Win XP Pro freezes on installation - File 'ASMS' is needed can not type or change Win XP Pro freezes on installation - File 'ASMS' is needed anything Can NOT change the path Can not hit SHIFT F to get to a DOS prompt etc Have tried running in Installation Recovery Mode and can get a C Windows prompt However can t copy any files from my CD D drive Can t seem to be able to run REGEDIT Wanted to try the MICROSOFT SUPPORT suggestion http support microsoft com kbid but don t know how to get to REDEDIT I can get to SETUP mode and back to Windows installation mode but that s it Suggestions on what to try next Should I try a quot Fresh quot Windows install Will I lose any programs or devices Will I have to re-install all my programs and hardware all over again if I install in the same directory on C drive Note I have a NTFS file system on HD not FAT nbsp

A:Win XP Pro freezes on installation - File 'ASMS' is needed

sounds like a bad cd rom
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So I tried re installing Vista because my Dell Inspiron was really slow Everything took forever to open so I thought I might have a virus I decided to just reinstall Vista I inserted the Dell installation dvd and attempted to format the hard drive The laptop froze on me and so I had to restart it I attempted to boot from the dvd dell installation error dvd freezes/bootmgr again but after the file loading screen the screen goes black and it sounds like the computer goes into sleep mode I tried this several times and even switched the dvd with another one in case it was the dvd Same thing So I took out the dvd and attempted to boot it normally and got an error that told me it couldn't find bootmgr and I should press ctrl alt delete to restart I'm assuming that has something to do with restarting in the middle of formatting Is there anything I can do to make the computer start dell installation dvd freezes/bootmgr error the install disk Any tips

A:dell installation dvd freezes/bootmgr error

hi and welcome to TSF,

run makers diagnostics on the hard drive

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
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I have a new SSD.
I put it in removing all other hard drives. removed all usb except keyboard and mouse both using usb.

Inserts windows 7 cd, I go to install and it just hangs at the completing installation never finishing.

Anyone ever get past that with an SSD? I been at this for 9 hours now and it wont install the OS.

A:Cant Install WIndows 7 freezes at completing installation

I'm using an SSD. How are you installing, with MBR formatted drive or UEFI and GPT formatted drive?

I had a problem with a UEFI/GPT installation on one PC, that it would hang and that problem turned out to be the motherboard. It worked fine with MBR formatted drive.
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I recently built a computer and completed it, and when I go to install 7, I can get all the way to where you select the drive or partition you want to install to, and it frezes up completely, and the little mouse cursor thing stops swirling around, and the system locks up. Any advice?

A:Windows 7 x64 freezes in installation: Drive Partition

and i have not ever installed anything on the machine before, so this is a "clean" install.
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ok there is another thread about this problem but installation up 7 windows HELP in freezes drive problem that is my friend helping me out this ir really my computer i built i have never built one before so there might be hardware issues who windows 7 freezes up in installation drive problem HELP knows but in the selection screen where you choose where you want to install windows to it has my gb western digital blue ranked drive and if i try to click next ot creat a partition it will freeze up plus i cant seem to get into bios because the wireless keyboard i bought gives a error message in startup so i have to wait untill windows installer opens to plug in the wireless transmitter i think there is a solution in repair my pc but i dont know it sry for the wordy question but i realy need this pc to work because of it being my first one ive built if you need the specs ask but im honetly to lazy to get the paper work from frys and type it all up right now please repond and answer will do i will try anything

A:windows 7 freezes up in installation drive problem HELP

ok plus is is a fresh drive and it is not the disk i have tryed 2 different windows installations disk and they all freeze up at the same spot