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"Save As" Feature in Microsoft Edge

Q: "Save As" Feature in Microsoft Edge

It blows my mind (small explosion, I admit) that Microsoft Edge didn't come with a "Save As" feature when downloading something from the internet allowing us to change the name of the file as well as the location in which it is being saved. And I was hoping that with updates it would be added. However, I still don't see the feature, even after this November update.

Does anyone know if this will ever be added? I have been using Edge since it came out, but if this kind of boneheadedness continues, I will be switching back to IE.

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Preferred Solution: "Save As" Feature in Microsoft Edge

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: "Save As" Feature in Microsoft Edge

I agree it is a backward step - I loved the ability to change the filename and the location where I wanted to store it. I'm hoping this will get fixed but in the meantime if you only want to change the location away from the default there is a tutorial showing you how to do this with a small registry change:

How to Change Default Downloads Folder in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10
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Hello everyone, I'm new on here so I apologize if someone has brought this up, but does Microsoft have any plans to update Edge to where it can "Save as" or simply "Open" a file rather than just downloading everything to the Downloads folder? I wonder why they left it out; seems like a basic function to input. Thanks!

A:Microsoft Edge: "Save as" or "Open" features

It'll come as many have requested this. Wait for updates.
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how can I delete "saved password" and "form data" of microsoft
edge manually ?!

after too much search in google ....

I trid to delete some value of the following registry address
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wek yb3d8bbwe\MicrosoftEdge\

also I tried to delete some files in the following folder

and finally I could not find the way ...!!!

please help !

A:delete "saved password" and "form data" from microsoft edge manually

Welcome to the forums, go to settings (... dots from top right), click view Advanced settings and "Manage Saved Passwords".
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W-10 Build 14271
Edge 31.14271.1000.0
Probably in front of my nose.

Edge Settings.
After I change the "Open with" settings, I can't find a "Save".

I click the "Open with" to "A specific page or pages", change the Drop-down to "Custom", X out "about:start", in the "Enter a web address" space, I enter "
From there I'm lost. I don't see any "apply", "Save" or anything to keep the changed settings.

I quit Edge and open it up again and it opens back with the default MSN, etc.

Please tell me they goofed and there isn't a Save settings.


A:Save Edge Settings "Open with" changes

Originally Posted by cfourkays

W-10 Build 14271
Edge 31.14271.1000.0
Probably in front of my nose.

Edge Settings.
After I change the "Open with" settings, I can't find a "Save".

I click the "Open with" to "A specific page or pages", change the Drop-down to "Custom", X out "about:start", in the "Enter a web address" space, I enter "
From there I'm lost. I don't see any "apply", "Save" or anything to keep the changed settings.

I quit Edge and open it up again and it opens back with the default MSN, etc.

Please tell me they goofed and there isn't a Save settings.


Click on the + icon,

... better pic:

Also, search the tutorial section; @Brink, and others, usually cover everything!
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I seem to remember reading about a utility some years back that would allow one to save a game in progress, if the game didn't already have that feature. Does anyone know about such a utility? Also -- this little game (a card game called Tripeaks) can be played by more than one person at one time, but two people can't run two separate games on the same pc. Is there a way to insulate separate installations? The game runs well in Win 98 on a new, fast pc. Thanks.
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When our website users click on an html attachment embedded on a web-page in IE9, the download manager will not display the "Open" option. It will only display "Save" and "Cancel" which our users don't like, having to save the
html document in a folder to open it. Whereas, when downloading attachments like pdf, word etc. all three options are displayed. 

Is there any setting to tweak , which will display all the 3 options for HTML attachments as well?

A:IE9 download manager will not display "Open" option (only "Save" and "Cancel" is displayed) for downloading HTML documents.

As you know, the Open-Save-Cancel dialog box helps you prevent your computer from affecting by virus while downloading. 
So I suggest you test to reset all zones to a lower level temporarily and then please attempt to download this html attachment again.

However, since you can normally download the other documents, I suspect there is some restriction in the website which you are trying to view. I recommend you to contact the administrator of that website if possible.
could you please send me the link of the website from where you are trying to download the html attachment?

are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
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I am using Windows Vista.
Office 2010 purchased.
I can not recall my emails. The message I'm getting is "The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found".

Hosting Exchange and I checked with the hosting co. who says they support the functionality. Quote: This function is a default feature from Microsoft. All features that Microsoft has enabled by default are enabled by us, the default settings aren't changed
by us."

How to fix it?

Thank you in advance for any information :)

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Hello Just fiddlin' with W10 for first time, Anyone know Where "Windows Update" is in W10 (can't find it in Control Panel, where it usually is), Also How can I make an IE 12 (Microsoft Edge) Desktop Shortcut? (I right click Icon on Start, and taskbar in attempt to go to properties, to go to file location, But there is no properties option to click...)


A:Where is "Windows Update" In W10?, How can I make an IE 12 (Microsoft Edge) DT Shrtct

Windows update settings is in the settings tab on the start menu. look for Update and Security
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I'm using Microsoft Edge on my Windows 10 machine, and after a while it'll just say "Do you want to close all tabs" as though someone has just pressed the close button. The thing is, the button hasn't been pressed (I'm not pressing it, there's something behind the scenes pressing it).
Now, I had recently had a virus, so in thinking the virus was to blame, I had run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Avast Anti-Virus to clear up the virus. They've been coming up clean, but it carried on. So I've reset Windows (keeping personal files intact), and this still hasn't fixed it. How can I stop this thing trying to close Microsoft Edge?
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Tried to close Microsoft Edge app (in windows 10) after it was playing up a bit funny, but I couldn't close it - a dialog box appeared "Microsoft Edge is being used for sharing"
?!? what the hell is that? I never intended to share my microsoft edge - heck, not even sure if that is possible!
anyone know what it is?
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Microsoft Word 2003 on my Sony Vaio laptop doesn't have a Save As function, either in the File menu or as shortcut Alt+F A. It's not even there as a disabled/greyed out option - the options under File go straight from Save to Save as a webpage. Any ideas what could have happened "Save As" or how to restore it?

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I have a Windows issue (happening on Win XP, Vista and 7), that when I try saving a document, normally the Save dialogue box appears and "Save as type: " would normally show the file extension. Instead, now it's only listing "All Files (*.*)" and adding the file extenison to the "File name: " box just above.
I have also checked / unchecked the "Hide extensions for known file types" in the "Folder Options", both settings not changing anything to the Save box.
Had anyone come across this issue, and how can I once again have the File extentions in the 'drop down' list instead of just "All Files"?
Thank you for any help.

A:Microsoft Office 2003 "Save as" dialogue box issue

Hello John, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The "Save as" available file extension options will vary per program. By default, there should be a drop down menu available where the "All Files (*.*)" is to select from what is available for it though. Since there isn't, you might consider a repair install.

Hope this helps,
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Just this really. And then I have to go to task manager and close it down and open it again but I can't get any work done as I can't save anything. I just installed the windows 8.1 patch two days ago. Any ideas anyone?

A:Word stops working when I press "save" or "save as"

Hey tra,

Go into control panel's uninstall programs section, find office, and select 'change'. Click repair, restart, and let me know if that helps.
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Would you use the browser identified as 'Microsoft Edge' if more features was added to it (such as Extensions...)

I personally would as I think it would be neat to give a Microsoft product a chance but honestly they aren't even giving the browser a good start because there just isn't anything useful on it as other large mainstream browsers.

A:Microsoft Edge: "Would" you use it?

I've been using it everyday as my daily browser ever since Windows 10 came out. I love the speed of it and lightness. It's way faster for Chrome than me and more lightweight on resources. I am patient and can wait for extension support. I don't miss Chrome at all. Chrome sucked up all my RAM and CPU anyways and was slower than Edge.

I'm currently typing this reply from Microsoft Edge!

I'm probably one of the few very people using it as their everyday browser...
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I have a large number of "Favorites" created on my desktop which is running Windows 10 and Edge as the browser. I would like to have all of those same "Favorites" on my laptop that is also running windows 10 and Edge. How
can I copy the "Favorites" file from my desktop to my laptop so that I don't have to enter one-by-one each site and mark it as a favorite on the laptop?
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Hi every one,
I have Intel "DG31" and "core 2 do"
Program hangs, when i try to open or save as a file In "excel-2003" and "corel draw9" and "WILCOM Es9"
and in task manager it shows ?not responding?
But when i try to open it by clicking on the file using windows explorer it works quite well.
Earlier i used same programes on the "865glc" and "2.4" there was no problem,
I have also tried many Intel computers to trace the problem
i found the problem on every computer that was build on the motherboard later then Intel 865
Now what to do?
Mohammad Imran
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XP Home installed SP recently which MIGHT have something to File/Print to added As" menu -also: "FTP question Sharing Locations" "Save do with this Just saved two word docs and a bmp file all separately All three times I saw that a new location has been added to the Save As drop-down menu It didn t open to My Documents folder but was in the general folder list of the whole computer The location was called quot FTP File Locations quot It s never appeared on the Save As menu before This made me think of the file print sharing control which "FTP Locations" added to "Save As" menu -also: File/Print Sharing question is now located in the Windows Firewall but I don t use that Firewall I turned it off to use Norton What was FTP Locations And is there any way to disable file print sharing without using the Windows Firewall These may be the same "FTP Locations" added to "Save As" menu -also: File/Print Sharing question thing I don t know Also in Network Connections I thought I d find file print sharing control there but now XP wants me to run a whole Network Wizard thing I m afraid I ll somehow set up a network instead or enable all kinds of things I don t want to create a disaster here My son installed an FTP program months ago for work he was doing but the program was removed I just searched for it it s definitely gone This is a stand-alone non-networked home computer P S I saved another Word doc and now it s back to opening to My Documents folder as usual now I can t find the FTP Locations anywhere nbsp
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When I open some documents then always a warning popup appears in Word 2007:

"Word hyphenation feature is not available. RUn the MS Office Setup program..."

How can I permanently and forever disable this popup (without saving the document and without re-install some other parts of MS Office)?


A:Disable forever ""Word hyphenation feature is not avai"

In Add/Remove programs, select Microsoft Office 2007, then select CHANGE, select Advanced, select and expand Office Shared Features, select and expand Proofing Tools, select and expand English Proofing Tools (if you use English), then click on the little arrow at the side of Hyphenation and choose Run from My computer.
Click Continue.

Setup will then install the missing component. You may need your Office 2007 CD for this.
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In any application under Win XP, when I use a Save As or Open dialog box, and click the down arrow next to the location box to search for the folder I want, the application never responds. Usually, I have to click the arrow a couple of times and then it sort of wakes up and responds, or the application crashes (the title bar of the dialog box will say "Not Responding".

Often, in the case of the Save As dialog, it won't say Save As in the upper left corner, only an "S" will appear there.

Seems like a memory issue or else something corrupt in the system. Before I shell out $35 to MS to have them fix something that shouldn't be broken, can anyone help???

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Hello everyone Recently I'm playing Anno also called Dawn of Discovery in my Vista Home Basic bit finely until I saw the problem with the quot save load quot problem First it saves quot systematically quot but the save is corrupted to a kb file Second the game can't load the 'properlly saved' save file and also the corrupted one also Few of Anno 1404 "save/load" problem and "runas.exe" using the players had the similar problem and someone said that making another user account works and I tried and really worked for me Yes I can play this way but all of my files and infos are saved in the Administrator account and I don't want to switch users just to play that game Recently I found a useful MS program which is runas and found how to run as another account It asks for the account pw and everythis was fine but it doesn't run my game It just closes the cmd and nothing happens What could be this problem I hope Ubi gives out this fixing patch fast

A:Anno 1404 "save/load" problem and using "runas.exe"

Figured it out with Runasspc program (which also saves the password! )
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I just got a new Hewlett Packard computer with Windows XP The CD drive is a combo CD reader writer and DVD The main reason I need it is to backup my many documents database programs RootsMagic family history Quicken etc photographs and drawings The pre-installed burning program on the computer is Adaptec s I think Sonic RecordNow which is useless for my needs because of the way it works The HP tech suggested I download DLA to enable me to use quot drag amp drop quot through Windows Explorer but I haven t had much luck with that either What I need is to be able Data "Drag & storage backup to using as..." "Save CD-RW's Drop" or and to use a CD-RW as a giant floppy - to add delete copy edit and move files just as I do on my regular floppies using quot drag amp drop quot through Windows Explorer or quot save as quot What software do Data backup and storage to CD-RW's using "Drag & Drop" or "Save as..." I need for this Please use quot baby-talk quot with me because I don t understand any of the initials terms and technical language I see all over these forums Thanks Dellasha nbsp

A:Data backup and storage to CD-RW's using "Drag & Drop" or "Save as..."

The most versatile program for that is "Nero"
The latest version Nero6 Reloaded is a bit bloated, maybe the NeroMIX will do better for you. Read the specs here:

The part that interests you specifically is InCD.
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I think something i installed had virus. Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft word 2007, Memo and everything except pictures is not opening. Instead a file opens saying,"Do you want to open and save file?" Clicking everything does not work. everything
except pictures is shown by a internet explorer sign. I have another account on this computer but it works fine. I searched this on bing on Hp dock. Please help.
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I think something i installed had virus. Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft word 2007, Memo and everything except pictures is not opening. Instead a file opens saying,"Do you want to open and save file?" Clicking everything does not work. everything
except pictures is shown by a internet explorer sign. I have another account on this computer but it works fine. I searched this on bing on Hp dock. Please help.
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my boss only know how to use google chrome, and he usually save websites in his own document library, and he always use "right click mouse > save as" to open his own document library directory, and sometimes he will save some pdf, but when he tries to open an pdf file through google chrome with right click > save as, he can only see file with html extension. any one can help to add "all files" in the drop-down menu next to "Save as type" in google chrome, so he can see all files types when he right click > save as through the google chrome browser.

Thks in advance
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About one month ago a new problem surfaced Most times when I try to quot Save As quot a document and the application calls Windows Explorer for me to Browse where to save the file it hangs for upwards of seconds The Browse window appears but then I get a quot spinning circular cursor quot for - seconds until I can do anything This occurs in all applications from MSExcel through Internet Explorer The system never completely crashes but there is always this second lag now The lag also occurs when I try to open a document and to a less extent but sometimes when I simply open Windows Explorer Windows Explorer is inconsistent as to whether it will give me a lag sometimes it does work fine I have previously tried posting in the malware forum I had hangs "save Explorer "open" or when as" Windows picked something up they found and cleaned it out but that seems Windows Explorer hangs when "save as" or "open" to have been completely unrelated to this as it was a virus Windows Explorer hangs when "save as" or "open" redirecting my Google searches Can anyone help nbsp
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I am hoping that someone can help me with what may be a complex question I have a spreadsheet similar Microsoft Solved: Values On Excel 2007 Spots Cell "Hot" Creating And "Cold" In Based to the demonstration file I have attached In it there are a range of columns One set of columns A - Solved: Creating Cell "Cold" And "Hot" Spots Based On Values In Microsoft Excel 2007 D shows a list of numbers that are references to items in a store and it also shows their location in the store so it acts as a floor-plan The next column E lists those items again to show the dollar amount that those items have produced in total sales F So what I d like to do is to add a conditional formatting to show me the quot cold quot and quot hot quot spots on the floor-plan so I can see where sales are most concentrated I would assume that this would be done with a colour scale using the range of values in column F to work itself out Either way the figures in column F would change Solved: Creating Cell "Cold" And "Hot" Spots Based On Values In Microsoft Excel 2007 weekly so the relevant cells in columns A - D would need to automatically change when Solved: Creating Cell "Cold" And "Hot" Spots Based On Values In Microsoft Excel 2007 they re matching cells in column E - F change I hope this makes sense as it s difficult to explain but any help that someone could provide would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: Creating Cell "Cold" And "Hot" Spots Based On Values In Microsoft Excel 2007
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This has been happening the majority of the time for the last week or so. I've scanned for viruses, spyware, etc., but that isn't the problem. Whenever I try to save as, nothing happens. The hour glass comes up for about a half a second and then nothing happens. The same when I try to click browse or when I try to open a file, like pictures. This has never happened before except the last few days. I had a problem with spyware, but I've since installed zone alarm and firefox instead of IE explorer, which I had to do because I was getting an error on IE and it wouldn't open. I hope someone can help. Thank you.

A:cannot "save as," "browse," or "open."

Welcome to the forum.

1. Which version of Windows, to include SP?

2. Did the problem begin after installing / removing hardware / software, to include updates to AV & Windows?
2a. When was Windows last updated?
2b. Is your computer set to obtain Windows updates automatically?

3. Which tools did you use to scan for malware?

4. Can't save as, browse or open. Please explain. For example, what can't you open? Can you open notepad, type a few words, then save the file?

5. What kind of problems were you having with IE?

You're welcomed.

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Ok I ve had this problem for quite a while now and I really hope that someone can help me fix it Pretty much let s take microsoft word I click on quot File quot then quot Open quot Then in the box that pops up there is a space near the top of the box that is right side of quot Look in quot It usually says quot My Documents quot when popped As" Problem or "Open" Argh "Save . . up But when I click on the little arrow that s pointing down to see a dropdown of where else I can save to the program freezes and I have to do a Argh . . "Save As" or "Open" Problem ctrlaltdelete The same thing happens when I click on quot Argh . . "Save As" or "Open" Problem File quot then quot Save As quot Argh . . "Save As" or "Open" Problem and I want to click the little arrow to see a dropdown Anything that I am doing for that box to pop up and if I click that little arrow the program freezes WHAT AM I TO DO HELP PLZ Thank you for your time nbsp
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Whenever I perform a "Save As..." or a "Save File" (e.g. with an email attachment), the pop-up save menu always defaults to NOT displaying the navigation pane(s) showing the existing folders/files in the target folder - see thumbnail below left.

To view the folder tree and folder/file list (see thumbnail below right), you have to click on the "Browse Folders" button at the bottom left.

Is there a registry hack or other setting that will reverse this setting for me?

P.S. This problem appears to occur when the application uses the standard Win7 explorer for the save - when using Photoshop, for example, it happily displays the folders and images etc.

A:How to default to "Browse Folders" on "Save as.."

Which version of Internet Explorer do you have? Is it 8, 9, or 10? I only have 8 and I didn't see any way of changing this in there and mine does not do what yours does, so I'm thinking that you have either 9 or 10. If you do, then I will install the version you have and take a look.

You see, this kind of thing can be changed in other browsers like Firefox, and it has been possible for as long as I can remember (several years).
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Hey guys, I've a Toshiba laptop running Vista and just recently all of my desktop iconss have a recycle bin on them. Also since this happened whenever I try to save anything or open something from my computer and put it on the internet the internet browser (and save as/open window) will stop responding and I'll have to close it. Any help would be great!
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I have Internet Explorer 7 with my Windows Vista Home Premium and I have two probelms:
1. I can't use the save target as function, it is always disabled. My mouse will be over a link and in the status bar it will show a direct link to a file, but I still won't be able to do it.
2. The Content Advisor has been eneabled sinse I got my laptop and I can't get the password to turn it off, as I didn't set it. It gives the hint "Dell" every time.

If you can help me it would be appreciated.
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Until today my computer running Windows XP Home Edition had two user accounts one for my mother Home User It Files", Them Indicated Didn't Account To Save XP Edition: "Save Deleted, titled quot Nancy Loury quot and one for me titled quot Kev quot However I found myself simply using my mothers more often and saw having two accounts when both of us really only use one as redundant So XP Home Edition: User Account Deleted, Indicated It To "Save Files", Didn't Save Them I decided to delete the Kev user account The account had all of my very important XP Home Edition: User Account Deleted, Indicated It To "Save Files", Didn't Save Them files in it under My Documents When I went to delete the account it of course asked me if I wanted to save the contents of the My Documents folder for the Kev account under a folder labeled quot Kev quot on the Nancy Loury user s desktop I of course did want to save them so I clicked quot Save Files quot the account was deleted and on the desktop is the file labeled quot Kev quot which according to the system should hold all the contents of the My Documents from the Kev account I clicked on the folder and to my horror I found that it was completely empty the system had not saved a single one of the files in My Documents like I had asked it too and like it said it would do Nothing is there I ve no idea why this happened all I know is I m extremely upset about this What do I do to recover the files from the now deleted My Documents nbsp
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In Word and Excel, when you type "2000", the program automatically changes it to "2001". I have tried changing the regional date system to .../yyyy, with no avail. I have many workstations, and this is the only one with the problem. I also tried re-installing the program, but nothing seems to work.

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I've seen numerous stuff on this online and most tell you to empty your temp internet files (done...folder's empty) and make sure the "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" option is unchecked in the "Advanced" section.

Both are done. My Temp Internet Files cache is set to 250MB, so I know it's neither full nor too small.

All was working fine until recently and I can't really think of much that could have caused the problem. Would any of the protections in SpyBot S&D cause this? Suggestions?

I found that trying to reinstall IE is like pulling teeth.

No problems with any other graphics programs or Netscape, so the issue is limited to IE.

A:"Save As" in IE only allows me to save as a BMP, "untitled" file.

First of all :wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

Secondly the search feature is your friend...
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Frequently when using Word2003 and try to save files w/ "save" or "save as" causes XP to reboot immediately. Does not happen every time but can happen several times a day and sometimes only after several days of operation. When reboots get message that system has recovered from a serious fault. Report to MS. MS Online Crash Analysis reports that a device driver has caused the problem but cannot determine the precise cause. So far have reloaded the video drivers with the latest update.

System info:
Dell Dimension 933r. 512 MB RAM. 20 GB HD. >5 GB avail. Initially had WinME but HD has since been reformated and reloaded w/ WinXP home from scratch. Office 2003 recently installed. Device Manager reports no problems w/ hardware. No blue screens, no error messages, etc. Running Norton Systemworks 2004. No new hardware except ram but when running ME additional ram did not cause any problems.

Any suggestions?


A:Word2003 "save" or "save as" causes reboot in XP

Hi, and welcome to tsg

does it do it when its saving to the disk just on the file command - you may have a disk or memory error

in the event viewer do you see anything which mayhelp
control panel> admin tools>event viewer

otherwise it may be worth unclicking the reboot on error

control panel > system>advanced >startuo and recover > box for reboot - and then repost the full error message
but first post the event logs info
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It's a mole hill of a problem, but it is a bit annoying to have to click on my principal drive ("C") every time I'm doing a "save". I have enclosed an excerpt of a screen shot of my "save as" window to display how the default drive being automatically selected is the "D" drive rather than the "C" drive that I use primarily. To be honest, I don't know whether this can be corrected by a software change, or whether it's the way the two hard drives are connected in my computer.

I'd appreciate it if anyone has a suggestion to offer if there is a way to make my "C" drive the default selection when I attempt to do a save function. Thanks

A:Solved: How do I change default hard drive when doing a "Save as""?
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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

A:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"
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I am running Windows XP SP fully updated on an Acer Explorer Column Windows no "Minutes" "Seconds", "Hours" just "Duration" - and lap top PC I have several folders full of mp 's and want to Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes" see the bit rate and Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes" duration To Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes" do this I right click on a column heading and select quot Bit rate quot I then click on quot More quot so I can get to quot Duration quot and I select that one too The two new columns appear but the format of the quot Duration quot column appears to be quot hours minutes quot so I see quot quot or quot quot for most mp 's when what I want to see is 'hours minutes seconds quot e g quot quot This also happens for video files avi files e g all my episodes of quot Heroes quot sad I know have a duration of quot quot instead of quot xx quot Here are two pictures showing the problem with the mp 's The first is of Explorer showing the Duration as quot Hours Minutes quot The second picture is of the properties window of the first mp in the list above I copied some mp files to another old PC on my home network and it displayed the duration field correctly Also the properties window correctly shows the duration also I'm not the only person to have this problem I received a private message from a member of another forum where I posted about this problem several weeks ago That person also has the same problem with the duration field The tech guys on that forum were unable to find the source of the duration field problem But after I had such a great success on this forum with my hard disk problem here I decided to try to get help here Thanks in advance for any suggestions

A:Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

* bump *

Tricky, this one!
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This is actually two questions Running Windows Professional x First and similar to this thread quot How to default to 'Browse Folders' on 'Save as ' quot I am getting this full-window quot Save As quot dialog everywhere instead of just the folders display I can click quot Browse quot to get to the Explorer navigation window but I'd rather just go straight there I have no need for this extra step and I don't think I've ever actually used this quot Save As quot dialog Interestingly MS Paint goes straight to the dialog I want but Foxit Reader MS Word and most other programs do not What I want to do is always open to the second screenshot when using Alt - gt f - gt a or Ctrl a Right now "Browse" Default to Instead As" "Save the majority of programs I am using will open to the first screenshot instead Screenshots Second when I have a file that has been saved but not through that "Save As" Default to "Browse" Instead program how do I get the Save As to open to the location of the file To "Save As" Default to "Browse" Instead clarify in the example below I had scanned a few documents which my scanner software named quot Untitled pdf quot quot Untitled pdf quot etc Given that they have unique names they are clearly saved on the HDD however I have no "Save As" Default to "Browse" Instead idea into which folder the scanner software saved them They aren't in the quot Recent Places quot folder either The screenshot below was done in Foxit Reader where the scanner software automagically opened them for me I swear I used to at least on Windows XP and before be able to hit the quot Save As quot key combination and it would open the folder that the file was saved in At this moment it appears to simply open the last folder I had open None of the Untitled pdf files are in the folder it opened by default only those you see below Any ideas on either of them
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When I attempt to download and play (on Windows media Player) PPS/WMV files I am only given the option of "Save" or "Cancel". When I click "Save" the file is saved on my desktop and at the completion of the download Internet Explorer stops working.

How can I directly "Open" the PPS/WMV file, instead of saving it first? And, will this change eliminate IE from crashing? Thanks.
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I've updated IE, reset settings, uninstalled reinstalled IE, tried mozilla firefox, still have same problems...

In internet explorer if I were to save a file as or an image as using the right click method, IE with completely shut down with no error reporting message. If I want to upload files or images to the internet and click on "browse", again IE closes. This happens as well when I want to extract files from an email and want to save the file as... and so on.

The only way for me to upload anything to the internet is through a bulk uploader if one is available??

When using mozilla, the error reports that there is an unknown error with the filepicker.

Any thoughts out there??


A:"Upload" or "save as" gliche

Hello and welcome to TSF

What security programs do you have installed?

Can you post a screenshot of the firefox error? please
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I have Win xp and two days ago I booted the computer to use Excel. I found that I now have about a 30 second delay anytime I try to open a file by clicking on the "look in" box, when I try to save by accessing the "save in" box or even typing in a web address in the open box in a web browser. This occurs in all programs (Word, Excell, IE etc.). I have been experiencing more than normal pop ups. Things were working pretty well three evenings ago; but, the next morning I ran into this problem. The computer was turned off over night. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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I just discovered how awesome this feature is, but unfortunately it is not functioning properly, playing with drivers might help I believe :/
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How do I solve the "Feature ID not registered" error so I can access my Windows files?

A:Windows cannot be activated due to error message "Feature ID not registered" How to solve?

that's a 'file association' error, sometimes Office related ... are you trying to open a document? or what?
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Just thought - if mods don't object - I'd post a reference on this board to another post I've just made elsewhere (not really sure where best to post the original), alarmed at the size of the Anniversary Download (3+ GB) which I'd understood would be in megabytes if you had 1511 already.

Link to other post: Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607 - WHY 3+ GIGS? - Windows 10 Forums


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I have a Win7 feature/service; Missing "Printing-Foundation-LPDPrintService" problem with a missing quot Printing-Foundation-LPDPrintService quot feature service from Win from a RT Lite install After dozens of tries I have narrowed the problem of not being able to install a printer driver apparently due to this Missing "Printing-Foundation-LPDPrintService" feature/service; Win7 missing feature service What I don't understand is this is not a service that is listed under quot Services quot It's only listed in the right pane of the th page tab quot Features Removal quot The right pane quot Default Features quot You apparently check these to keep or protect the removal of features services which is the opposite of all the other steps where you check to remove an entry Of course if this was documented properly I would of looked there sooner I can correct this in future installs but for now can this quot Printing-Foundation-LPDPrintService quot be re-installed in Win w o reloading the entire O S BTW this is the missing quot Core driver package quot that I got when I tried to install a M driver off of their site since Canon does not have the driver available

A:Missing "Printing-Foundation-LPDPrintService" feature/service; Win7

Looking around, it appears it cannot be added. See the "answer" here:

powershell - How to install WinRM service on Windows 7 if removed from installation image? - Super User

Pretty much the consensus. I found some info about DISM

Windows 7 Packages

Fixlet | Install Feature: Printing-Foundation-LPDPrintService |

Beyond my ability.

A Guy
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i need to implement a feature called "print All text in Black" in Rendering plug in.
Can any body help me out.
am having a Unidrv sample rendering plug-in. but , i have no clue of how to add this feature in a unidrv rendering plug in.
If any one has an idea about this plzz do help me.


A:How to implement "print All text in Black" feature in rendering plug in
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hello, title says it all. i'm worried about my personal files (docs etc.). somebody please clarify, whenever i used system restore, windows said "your personal files have not been changed". in which cases would that be so?

A:Can the "previous version" feature of win7 overwrite newer files?

Hello chatumao and welcome to Seven Forums.

From a Microsoft article about System Restore:

System Restore affects Windows system files, programs, and registry settings. It can also make changes to scripts, batch files, and other types of executable files created under any user account on your computer. System Restore does not affect personal files, such as e-mail, documents, or photos, so it cannot help you restore a deleted file. If you have backups of your files, you can restore the files from a backup.

System Restore: frequently asked questions
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My email Inbox suddenly started a new organizing feature, hiding new emails on the same subject within the original email with a + in front of them. Previously they would just show up with the newest at the top; now new ones can be buried/lost way down the list. Is this part of an upgrade? Is there a way to go back to the old way? Thanks!
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I have been looking all over the net and have not found a solution. I know that"feature" that matches the button icon is supposed to help, but this is quiet aggravating. my question is, how do I disable the color feature, meaning when i hover over a taskbar button it matches the icon of the program, how do I stop this?


A:Help me disable the taskbar button color highlight "feature".

... You can try using a UI tweaker.
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I don't know what else to call it. On my old computer, I would go to Ebay and begin typing in the first letter of what I wanted to look at, and several words would appear that began with that letter (items I've looked at before), and then I could just click on the one I wanted. Now I have a new computer, and it doesn't do that anymore so I am constantly retyping in the words.

I'm thinking there must be a simple place you go to turn this feature on, but I have no idea where/how. Can someone help me, please? Thanks.

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Working on a friends windows xp computer and the "make my pictures smaller" feature has disappeared. Has anyone heard of this or know a fix. TY

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BACKGROUND INFO My e-mail client is Windows Live Mail Version Build I've used various versions of this software for several years I use it only to handle e-mail from block" Windows Feature Mail Seemingly Broken and Live "Delete four different hotmail com e-mail accounts I have set the following safety options Safe List Only Report junk e-mail to Microsoft and its partners Bounce the blocked messages back to the sender when I click the quot Delete and block quot link on messages If the e-mail is a mailing list unsubscribe me from the mailing list when I click the quot Delete and block quot link on messages My PC is a TOSHIBA laptop P -ST running MS Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack current with all critical updates Intel Duo-Core CPU T at GHz and GB RAM recognized Windows Live Mail "Delete and block" Feature Seemingly Broken out of GB RAM installed MY ISSUE When I click the quot Delete and block quot link on an e-mail message no e-mail address is added to the Blocked Senders list The Blocked Senders list remains empty I've discovered that I can manually add senders' e-mail addresses to the Blocked Senders list using the following menu selections Actions gt Junk e-mail gt Add sender to blocked senders list MY TROUBLESHOOTING SO FAR Security wipe of hard drive followed by restoring known-good baseline image via Linux boot disk and drive-image software Updating everything recommended from the Windows Update web site Reinstalling Windows Live Mail Creating a new hotmail com account using a separate computer at work with a different ISP for testing purposes Sending a test quot SPAM quot message from the test hotmail account to my e-mail address using the different ISP Later opening this test quot SPAM quot message on my computer using Windows Live Mail Clicking the quot Delete and block quot link on the test quot SPAM quot message Closing Windows Live Mail and rebooting my computer Launch Windows Live Mail and view the Blocked Senders list the e-mail address from the test hotmail com account is not listed It appears to me that clicking the quot Delete and block quot link on any message from within Windows Live Mail does nothing other than permanently delete the message I do not know whether or not any messages are bounced back to the sender or if any e-mail addressses are actually reported to Microsoft or its partners Unless I manually add an e-mail address to the Blocked Senders list I continue to receive future messages from the addresses for which I have previously clicked the quot Delete and block quot link Thank you for any time you spend helping me to understand this issue so that I might use the quot Delete and block quot feature to avoid manually adding dozens of e-mail addresses to the Blocked Senders list each day Cheers Mark

A:Windows Live Mail "Delete and block" Feature Seemingly Broken

Perhaps, this issue is a function of Microsoft's service versus a glitch in the Windows Live Mail software.

The "Delete and block" link has added e-mail addresses to the Blocked Senders list in the distant past.
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Hi I m new to this forum and up until today Ive managed to fix most of my windows problems but this one has me at my wits end About a week ago right after I installed a new DVD Burner and Nero my computer Windows XP stopped showing the welcome screen when resuming Feature" Suspected Cannot saver for "On Resume, Show Screen Welcome : s. Virus enable from screen saver It will still show the screen when resuming from standby mode but I want to make sure the screen saver feature is not indicative of something worse Whats more troubling is that I can go to the registry and set all the right keys and it still Virus Suspected : Cannot enable "On Resume, Show Welcome Screen Feature" for s. saver wont work I am setting ScreenSaverIsSecure to and NoAutoReturnToWelcome to After doing this the window shows the quot On Resume quot checkbox is checked but the function is greyed out Fast-user switching is turned on Here is an HJT Log of my system Any Suggestions Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C PowerPanel upssrv exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus DefWatch exe C PowerPanel upsio exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus Rtvscan exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C PROGRA SYMANT VPTray exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C WINDOWS system spool drivers w x hpztsb exe C Program Files Adaptec Easy CD Creator DirectCD DirectCD exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system rundll exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader reader sl exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C WINDOWS system NOTEPAD EXE C Program Files mozilla org Mozilla mozilla exe C Program Files Hijackthis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www vt edu O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe install O - HKLM Run ccApp quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe quot O - HKLM Run vptray C PROGRA SYMANT VPTray exe O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe O - HKLM Run HPDJ Taskbar Utility C WINDOWS system spool drivers w x hpztsb exe O - HKLM Run AdaptecDirectCD quot C Program Files Adaptec Easy CD Creator DirectCD DirectCD exe quot O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe quot -osboot O - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Update Detection C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe O - HKLM Run KernelFaultCheck systemroot system dumprep -k O - HKLM Run NeroFilterCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exe O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - Startup WinMySQLadmin lnk C mysql bin winmysqladmin exe O - Global Startup Adobe Reader Speed Launch lnk C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader reader sl exe O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE EXCEL EXE O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra button Research - B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE... Read more

A:Virus Suspected : Cannot enable "On Resume, Show Welcome Screen Feature" for s. saver
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I am trying to remove some suspicious sites from my IE "trusted sites" list which were mistakenly added. But the remove button remains ghosted at all times. How to activate it? I have WinXP fully updated.

A:IE "trusted sites" feature doesn't work

have you tried clicking on the site you want to remove from the list?
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How do I enable the mouse "snap to" feature in Windows 8?
I miss it soooo much !!!
HALP !!!

A:How to enable mouse "snap to" feature in Windows 8?

Hello John, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Here you go.

Mouse Pointer - Snap To Default Button - Windows 7 Help Forums
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So I need to a image viewer/editor with "Scroll to Zoom" feature. Basically when I scroll, the image should be zoomed instead of moving to the next picture.
Irfanview had this feature but its not there anymore. Or maybe I am not able to find it.

I know that Ctrl+Scroll will produce the result. But I need it to zoom with only the Scroll button.

So do you know of any program/software that has this feature. Any suggestions?

A:Need an Image Viewer with "Scroll to Zoom" feature

Built in Windows Photo Viewer does that.
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Hi, I am having trouble with my search feature on win XP. I used to be able to press "widows key+F" and it would bring up the "Find Files or Folders" window; now it does nothing. When I open a folder and press the "Search" icon (with the magnifying glass) it used to do the same thing; again now it does nothing. Is it possible that I turned this feature off somehow? And if so, does anyone know how to turn it on? I have tweakXP and I thought that maybe I turned it off in there, but I looked and didn't find anywhere that I could've turned it off. I am looking for a few really big WAV files that are taking up space, and I just can't find them. Can anyone please help?
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Introducing iOS for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch - What s New "Night - Shift" release New 9.3 Apple Feature iOS and Improved iOS Updates Night Shift quot Many studies have shown that exposure to bright blue light in Apple release iOS 9.3 - New "Night Shift" Feature the evening can affect your circadian rhythms and make it Apple release iOS 9.3 - New "Night Shift" Feature harder to fall asleep Night Shift uses your iOS device s clock Apple release iOS 9.3 - New "Night Shift" Feature and geolocation to determine when it s sunset in your location then it automatically shifts the colours in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum In the morning it returns the display to its regular settings Pleasant dreams quot Night Shift is available on iPhone s or later iPad Pro iPad Air or later iPad mini or later and iPod touch th generation Other Improvements include Notes News Health CarPlay iOS in Education Spoiler Complete iOS Improvements Notes improvements Protect notes that contain your most personal data with Touch ID or a passcode Sort notes alphabetically by date created or by date edited When sketching quickly bring up a fresh canvas with a two finger swipe or by tapping the New Sketch button A new checklist button at the bottom of every note makes it easier to create lists Show thumbnails instead of large images and attachments by long-pressing on any image or attachment in a note Choose whether photos and videos taken within Notes are stored only in Notes or also added to Photos Long-press on an Evernote Export file to import its contents into Notes News improvements New Top Stories section in For You highlights the most important stories of the day Discover something great to read in Editors Picks a selection of channels and topics handpicked by our Apple News editors Swipe left on stories in For You on iPhone to quickly share or save or swipe right for more options Play video stories right from For You without opening the article Read stories and watch videos in landscape orientation on iPhone Change the text size in articles to make reading easier Health improvements Related third-party apps for select data types such as weight workouts and sleep are displayed in the Health app Health dashboard adds support for move exercise and stand Activity data and goals from Apple Watch Easy access to Dashboard and Medical ID using D Touch Quick Actions from the Home screen Third-party apps now have access to Activity rings and summaries from Apple Watch through HealthKit Apple Music improvements Add songs from the Apple Music catalog to playlists without having to add them to your library Watch music videos on iPad in full screen See what s playing on Beats directly from the Radio tab without having to tune in Tap the name of the currently playing song in Now Playing to go to the album See which songs are most popular on albums in the Apple Music catalog Photos improvements Extract the still image from a Live Photo by tapping Duplicate which will give you the option to duplicate the Live Photo or just the still image Improved download performance of full size original photos or videos stored in iCloud Photo Library Share Live Photos between iOS and OS X through AirDrop and Messages iBooks improvements Adds the ability for iBooks to store your PDFs in iCloud making them available across all of your devices Adds support for downloading previously purchased audiobooks from the iBooks Store Adds the ability to share your audiobook purchases with any of your family members using Family Sharing New controls for reading Manga more comfortably with faster page turns and simple controls for enlarging text Adds Apple Pencil support to highlight and save your favorite passages for later Education improvements Introduces a preview of Shared iPad that enables multiple students to use the same iPad at different times throughout the day Adds support for signing into iCloud with Managed Apple IDs Adds compati... Read more
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If you have several windows open on the taskbar, and you hover over the taskbar it shows you a "preview" of the windows that are open. Is there a way to disable that "preview" feature?

A:Can the "preview" windows feature on the taskbar be disabled?

I assume you mean the taskbar thumbs.

It requires a registry edit if you are confident enough to mess with registry settings.

Open regedit.exe and navigate to

There should be a d word value in the right hand side named


set its value to 1 to turn off thumbnail previews. Reset to 0 to re-enable thumb nail previews.

A registry (.reg) file to turn off thumbs should look like this

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


And to turn them back on

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Regards Elmer B. Fuddled

OOOPS!! I suppose I should have really mentioned I only use these registry edits when I'm busy in Photoshop.
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Since I haven't been able to find "Filter disabled? be By" feature Can Windows 7 Explorer anything that directly refers to this I'm taking a Can Windows 7 Explorer "Filter By" feature be disabled? shot in the wild blue here in Can Windows 7 Explorer "Filter By" feature be disabled? case maybe someone here knows at least enough to point me in the right direction I am a long-time Windows XP user But I have a couple of newer computers including a laptop that came with Windows installed the manufacturer does not support XP on these newer computers Without drivers Can Windows 7 Explorer "Filter By" feature be disabled? for the newer hardware XP is not an option There are many things I don't like about Windows but I've been able to overcome most of them either by settings changes or with quot Classic Shell quot Welcome to Classic Shell which allows users to change the Win UI to be much more like XP But there is one problem I haven't been able to overcome which is the thing circled in red below I think it is called a quot filter quot popup but I'm not sure The problem I have is I never use this but it sure gets in the way of what I do use specifically resizing the column widths or moving the columns In WinXP there is a lot more leeway when you select the right side of a column In Win due to this infernal thing you have to select it much more precisely otherwise that filter thing pops up instead If anyone happens to know exactly what this thing is called or even better if anyone could suggest where I might go to find a way to turn it off that would be greatly appreciated

A:Can Windows 7 Explorer "Filter By" feature be disabled?

Why don't you just run Windows XP? A whole lot easier then trying to change a new system to an old system...Or do this...Use the side closer to the label and not the arrow. There is a large target area for resizing on the right side of the line.
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Something that has bothered me since I installed Win7 is the way WE handles folder navigation. When one clicks on the arrow next to a folder (left pane), often, the folder drops to the bottom of the left pane. And often, there is a short delay before it does so.

This irritates me to no end. I'll click on a an arrow, the sub folders drop out, I go to click on the desired folder, but suddenly the entire tree drops to bring the parent folder (whose arrow I clicked) to the bottom of the pane, leaving me to click on the wrong folder.

Does anyone find this useful in anyway? My first thought is "what were they thinking???"

At any rate, is there a hack available for this? I can live with it if I have to (as I have learned to live with Full Row Selection), but I'd really rather not.

Thanks for any ideas.


A:Windows Explorer Navigational drop "feature"

Don't quite understand the problem because I've been unable to duplicate the problem.

Suggest you set the Folder options shown in the attached snapshot.
I more suspect your problem is caused by other software running in the background. If you are running more than one anti-virus software then 100% remove all except for one of them.

My personal advice on av software is to 100% delete all of them and install Microsoft Security Essentials.
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New to Windows 7 and have somehow locked the "Lock" feature at the Shut down button. PLEASE - I need to get this "Unset" so that it won't continue to flip to "Locked".

This is a Lenovo Laptop T510 running Win7 64-bit Pro.

On XP I was pretty knowledgeable; on W7 I know nothing at this stage!


A:The "LOCK" feature found at the Shut down Button

right-click on the Start orb, select "Properties".
Power button action: (change from Lock to something else)

Power Button - Start Menu
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It s been a while but I use to hook my computer up to my big screen TV feature video Cannot card on "clone" find S -video every so often and I could have sworn it was by going through Display Settings and Advance Once in Advance my NVIDIA card would be there and I would click on it and choose the clone option so that what was on my computer would be on my TV But this week-end I tried it and it no longer showed my Video card or anything remotely close to the screen I had used before instead it now shows the typical dual monitor configuration setup ie extend desktop across both Cannot find "clone" feature on video card monitors I cannot figure how I lost my Video card screen where I could clone - am I just forgetting where I went and going to the wrong spot now Does any know if I m going to the wrong spot Or if something could have happened to take that screen away Thank you nbsp

A:Cannot find "clone" feature on video card

Nvidia comes out with new drivers about monthly. You might have downloaded a new driver. The option should be there still, but it may be in another place or they might reword "clone" as something else.
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I have a fairly new Seagate 3TB USB3.0 drive that I've been using as a data backup on my desktop. I've been just copying stuff over to the drive once a month or so, but decided that I may as well use the backup feature in windows 10. However, I'm running into an issue.

The drive is usable and I can drag/drop files over to it. I've tried "Include in Library" both my data drive and my backup drives, but that doesn't seem to work. I've tried searching the forum but didn't find anything. Any suggestions?

A:Trying to use the Backup feature but "No usable drives found"

With the removable hard drive inserted and visible in file explorer, post a screenshot of disk management:
Disk Management - How to Post a Screenshot of - Windows 10 Forums

Please read the tutorial because we need to see the information in the expanded columns.
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I would like to change "Windows Explorer" dafault white backgroup color without losing the Aero theme feature in Win7.  I know it can be done in a classic theme by changing the "window" color".  Could someone kindly help
me out?  I searched the Internet and found some sites mentioning downloading programs, which I hesitate to trust due to potentially hidden virus.  I don't mind using regedit to change the registry.  Any hint is much appreciated.

A:How to change "Windows Explorer" dafault white backgroup color without losing the Aero theme feature?

Hi JD,
It seems the Windows Explorer background color cannot be changed in Windows 7. However, you can see if third party software such as
XYPLORER can achieve this.
Please Note: The third-party product discussed here is manufactured by a company that is independent of Microsoft. We make no warranty, implied or otherwise,
regarding this product's performance or reliability.
Also, you can change other window color by right clicking the desktop ->
Personalize -> Windows Color -> Advanced appearance settings… -> pull down the Item to
Window and choose the color you like -> Click OK.
Hope this helps.
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I dont even want to open the "file" with anything, I just want it to be at the default when I first downloaded it. Can anyone help?

A:"Open with" feature is causing problems

What type of file are you trying to set to Default for what program?
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Microsoft has added "Automatically go to the Desktop" feature in Windows 8 RTM. So those who wish to avoid Metro screen at start can directly to to their desktops!

Windows 8 RTM Explorer UI, Bootscreen, Wallpapers, Customization & changes in Internet Explorer 10 Revealed-Windows8Consumer.IN

A:"Automatically go to the Desktop" feature available in Windows 8 RTM!

If that were coupled with a "Enable the start menu" and "disable the charms bar" then we would be talking awesome!
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I'm trying to help someone delete a printer driver long distance. She has already removed (uninstalled) the printer from Devices & Printers. As we know, that removes the printer but does not remove the printer driver.

I wanted her to use the "Print Management" feature, but when she goes to Administrative Tools > there is no "Print Management" listed.

I've suggested MMC (MS Management Console) > Add/Remove Snap In > but "Print Management" is not listed there either.

She is running W7 Home Premium. Her user account is an Administer Account.

Is Print Management unavailable in Home Premium?
Is it only available if she logs in to the actual, Administer Account?
Any easier way to remove the old printer driver?

Thanks for looking.

A:Missing "Print Management" feature

Her printer is an HP D1660.

Only the printer driver was installed, not the "Full Feature Package". So there is nothing in "Remove Programs" to uninstall.

Also: no printer listed in Device Manager, even when checking "Show Hidden Devices".
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Hi all. I will right-click on a folder, or file, and the pop up comes up with the usual "Cut", "Copy", "Delete", "Properties", etc choices. There is no "Search" or "Find" choices. You know, to find a file name using a key word... Is something turned off?

A:What happened to the "File Search" feature?

Press CTRL F when in the file to find ???
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I work at a Law firm, supporting Users with Word 97. We currently have problems with Users Word documents
automatically protecting itself, after they've been created, saved and closed. When documents are re-opened, they always have to click Tools -> Unprotect Document to make changes or review. Does anyone know what causes this, and what the fix is. Responses will be greatly appreciated.


Alfred Nwaokoro
[email protected]

A:Word 97's "Protect Document..." Feature

Not sure about 97 but check under Tools, Options, and see if they have a security tab or maybe look on the other tabs if no security tab.
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I have an Xbox and Windows8 and have been waiting anxiously for the "Play To" feature to work in xbox music and hopefully other things. Now that we have the new Xbox dashboard and the windows RTM has been updated, there is still no play to feature.

Am I missing something or do I have to do something special to enable it??

Smartglass is working ok with my xbox.
I have enabled play to on my xbox.

Xbox music on windows 8 still has no play to feature. Why?
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What key should you hold down while inserting an "auto-load" CD to prevent auto-loading ??

I "heard" it was the Ctrl key, but it didn't work for me.

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I'd like to ask you, whether there's a way (internally or via 3rd party software) to disable the feature which is slowly starting to drive me nuts. Namely, if you change your window layout to "list", you end up with several columns of files. If you try to click on a file which isn't in the leftmost column, the list will automatically scroll so that the column with the chosen file will become the leftmost. This effectively disables the ability to quickly rightclick a file that's not in the currently "focused" column.

Thank you for your time

A:A question regarding the "scroll on click" feature

Hi Treupp and welcome to the Forum
When I left click on a file in say the centre column then it stays in the centre when the pop up window with "Open" "Open with" and "Properties" at the bottom opens. If I left click on a file it just highlights it. If I double click on the file then, of course, it opens in my chosen program. I confirm I am in List view whilst doing this.
However if there is a file name in right hand column that cannot fit into the space to the edge of the Explorer window the file will scroll to the left to make it fit. Check you file name and have you got the Explorer window open to full screen?
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Lately, I have been quite annoyed by Windows 7. Whenever I click to open an attachment from an e-mail, my taskbar flashes but the program doesn't open above my e-mail software. It makes it look like it didn't work, unless I'm paying close attention to see it flash. I've tried searching these forums and the Internet for this problem but I couldn't find anything. I have WIN7 Professional 64bit. I am quite an advanced user, so I know what I'm doing. I'd like to get this fixed on my machine as well as some others around me...

A:Is there a taskbar "Auto Open" feature?

Quote: Originally Posted by rachelm920

Lately, I have been quite annoyed by Windows 7. Whenever I click to open an attachment from an e-mail, my taskbar flashes but the program doesn't open above my e-mail software. It makes it look like it didn't work, unless I'm paying close attention to see it flash. I've tried searching these forums and the Internet for this problem but I couldn't find anything. I have WIN7 Professional 64bit. I am quite an advanced user, so I know what I'm doing. I'd like to get this fixed on my machine as well as some others around me...

Hi rachelm920, welcome to 7F!

It would help if you told us what email program you work with, what browser, and if you know what file extensions are associated with the attachments you are trying to open..

By default, Microsoft Outlook blocks potentially unsafe attachment files (such as .bat, .exe, .vbs, and .js) that can contain viruses. You cannot see or access the attachments.

You, and your "others" may have to revert to using a network share or Web share that you can access.
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Hello When I try to login to Facebook I get this error message quot Sorry this feature isn t available right now An error occurred while processing this request Please try again later quot I am on a HP Pavilion g PC -bit OpSys Windows Home This started yesterday morning Here s what I ve done sign Unable "Sorry, isn't..." to feature to this on Facebook so far - cleared history cache in Chrome and restarted the computer - still not able to login - uplugged router and reset - still not able to login - logged in from my wifes computer Unable to sign on to Facebook "Sorry, this feature isn't..." and was able to get in - logged in from my iphone and was able to get in - logged in with I E and was able to get in the st time tried again later and was not able to - uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome and all associated files and was not able to login - visited the Geek Squad at Best Buy and they didn t know I read an online forum and saw a couple responses - FB may be doing maintenance on servers or databases - you account may be temporarily banned for some reason but both of those don t seem to apply to me if I can get on with another computer and my iphone unless those use a different IP address or something Any suggestions anyone Thanks PS I sent messages to FB but they just send back the standard thanks for the feedback message nbsp
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Hi am working on printer driver stuff and hence working on water mark feature I have all my code ready and when am trying to send a PJL PCL command for printing the water mark its not happening As i do not have much time am seeking your help please help me if any of you know what would be the PCL or PJL command all feature the commands What are PCL/PJL for "Watermark" implementing for obtaining water mark I should be selecting the font size and water mark to be displayed from my UI plug-in and i should implement this watermark feature using my render plug-in The problem is am able to select the font and even the watermark string from UI and even am getting those values in my render code which i could check while debugging but after i give a print using the Drvwritespoolbuf in my render code am unable to see the out put This is the PJL command am using quot x b v da db dc What are all the PCL/PJL commands for implementing "Watermark" feature I x b v S x b U x b s t b s dv P x b p Y x b p X ls x b v S quot i got this from sample watermarkuni i do not know why this is not working Any help or idea would be of great help to me Thanks nbsp

A:What are all the PCL/PJL commands for implementing "Watermark" feature

Hi Prashu9,

You might find this article of interest.
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I have Windows XP Pro installed on a laptop (different machine than the thread "Windows update problem") with AVG antivirus and Spysweeper antispyware (they haven't detected any problem)

I activate the Guest account and then,
in Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Change the way users log on or off, I clicked "Use Fast User Switching".

that works fine...

but after my laptop wakes up from a standby mode, the switch user feature is gone and the box "Use Fast User Switching" unchecked!!
what the!?

please, help!!

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Are there features on IE8 that allow faster downloading of pictures from web site?

On Opera I can right-click a picture, click "save to download folder" and it downloads the picture immediately, without displaying the "save as" dialog. It also always gives it a unique name without asking me if I want to overwrite.

The Opera method is MUCH faster when saving lots of pictures.

Is there such a feature on IE8?
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I'm using IE 10.
I'd like to disable the prompt "Open, Save or Save as". Each time I tried to any document (ex. DOC or PDF file), IE will popup the follow prompt: "What do you want to do with ..." 
I saw there are some similar threads, but they are particular for SharePoint. 
Thank you!

A:How to disable "Open, Save and Save As" prompt

Each time I tried to any document (ex. DOC or PDF file), IE will popup the follow prompt: "What do you want to do with ..." 

You might be able to add Open with... to a right-click menu.   But that will probably only help for files which are local, e.g. don't need to be downloaded.  I think the reason for the prompt is essentially to help route the download and notify
users of the fact that if they just try to open it they will be opening a temporary file.  E.g. it typically always goes into the TIF first.  You could probably confirm and refine these ideas using ProcMon, e.g. looking for tests of registry
values and writes of files.
For example, I just did a BING search for  filetype:doc, did a right-click Open (as one of the other thread's responders had suggested) and still see the above prompt, because the file has not been downloaded yet.  That's IE's job so that's how
it does it, with a prompt.  But then since there is a filetype association for the .doc extension when I choose Open no more intervention is required (although as the prompt notes "The file won't be saved automatically." so if a user tries to update it,
e.g. a Word document or a spreadsheet, anything they do would only be preserved if they did a File Save As... or whatever those applications provide for that use case.)
In fact, that warning is probably the main reason for the prompt when such an explicit Open command is given.  It would be interesting to see if IE could take advantage of some information left in the filetype that would indicate that it wouldn't matter
if the file was temporary because it couldn't be reused anyway--for example, if the program associated with the open action could not update the file, examples being Acrobat Reader and WordViewer.   Again, I think the simplest way to find out would
be to trace what happens and make changes to try to exploit the possibilities implied by the trace.
On another tack you could see if there are any hints or tips given by using
FileTypesMan  from NirSoft.  E.g. it might help you find some particular values to try for EditFlags and BrowserFlags  (some obscure registry values which are somewhat obsolete but may still have at least some of their original

Robert Aldwinckle
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Is it possible to start the app without "Security Worning" window ("Cancel. Open, More Info" buttons)? If yes, how you can make changes then?

Is it possible to start the app without "Microsoft Access" window on the background?


A:Solved: Access 2003 - To start the app w/o "Security Warning" and "Microsoft Access"
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Issue/SUBJ: Regarding MS Edge Features Customization/Hack.

Good Day All! I hope you're all enjoying a pleasant one.

If Possible, how can I make "Open In New Tab" the Default when I click on an Icon on the Favorites Bar, and, if possible, other Links in General?

All The Best!

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I'm on production, and I thought that after the anniversary that I'd be able to install extensions. But I can't find the "extensions" menu in Edge, nor can I install the ones I can find directly in the store (there, it says I need to update Windows).
I used the media creation tool to do a 100% clean install (not saving files, folders, or settings), and it's simply not there.
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Typical error Descrizione Percorso dell'applicazione che ha generato l'errore C Windows SystemApps Microsoft MicrosoftEdge wekyb d bbwe microsoftedgecp exe Firma del problema Nome evento problema MoCFGSUP Nome completo pacchetto Microsoft MicrosoftEdge neutral wekyb d bbwe Nome applicazione praid MicrosoftEdge Versione applicazione Timestamp applicazione a Nome modulo con errori StackHash fa Versione modulo con errori Timestamp modulo con errori Offset eccezione PCH FROM ntdll x A B Codice eccezione c Dati eccezione Versione SO ID impostazioni locali Informazioni aggiuntive fa Ulteriori informazioni fa b dacfcfd cbd b ee Ulteriori informazioni dfff Ulteriori informazioni dfff ecddca dcd a d d f aeb Ulteriori informazioni sul problema ID bucket c d fa f c f cc ce deb This happens frequently in a week You won't notice alerts or whatsoever Will just find in Reliability Monitor many crashes like that From https answers microsoft com en-us - c f aa http fud community services suppor -ea bec e Of course SFC SCANNOW and all other system checks you can imagine report no error the system is perfectly stable clean no other issues of any kind Windows x
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After upgrading(?) to Windows 10, any link in an email opens in "Edge" instead of "Chrome" like it used to. I used to depend on "Chrome's" Autofill feature to fill out shipping info, etc. Does "Edge" have an Autofill feature hidden where I haven't been able to find it? Can I uninstall "Edge" and revert back to "Chrome"? Any other ideas of how I can get "Autofill"?

A:"Edge" Took My "Chrome"

When you open Chrome, does it ask whether you want it to be your default browser?  If so, then click OK/Yes to make it your default browser.If that does not work, go to Control Panel, then to Default Programs, and set Chrome to be the default browser; I believe the screen has an option specifically for email links but I haven't actually confirmed this.  Oh, and I don't know whether you can remove Edge but I suggest leaving Edge alone.  As stated above, you just need to get the defaults set right.,151984.0.html
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So, I was reading about hotkeys and tried "win+plus button" that was supposed to zoom in. It opened up the magnifier application, but it also seems to have changed the taskbar 'edge.' What I mean by that is that when I maximize a window it now expands to the whole screen, going under the taskbar, whereas before the bottom of the maximized window would coincide with the top of the taskbar.

I tried removing the transparency, but that didn't fix it. I've scoured the internet for solutions, but it is difficult to weed out the normal mundane customizations for this specific issue.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Magnifier hotkey changed taskbar "edge"

I unlocked the taskbar, moved it to another edge, and moved it back. Once that was done it reset.

Thanks anyway!!
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I have Win10 64-bit. When using Edge and opening a bunch of different tabs (in today's case, lots of searches on different sites for why this doesn't work) I click on the browser X in the top right corner. I get the box that asks CLOSE ALL or CANCEL. I do NOT have the ALWAYS CLOSE ALL button checked, nor do I want it. But, when I do choose CLOSE ALL, it sometimes will, and other times it does nothing. So, I click it again. Still nothing. I can't figure out what the difference can be. Is there a limit on how many tabs it will close? Or?
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Hello, everyone. I'm having troubles using the "Columns" feature in Word. I've created a table using "Columns" with 4 columns of information on the first half of my Word document. For the last half of my document which is on the same page as my 4-column table, I need to switch back to one column so I can write a paragraph. However, when I switch back from 4 to 1 column, all of my info. in my 4-column table screws up. I've tried several options on the "Columns" feature and everytime my table screws up. Can anyone help? Thanks!

A:"Columns" feature in Word

Once you want to switch back to one column try going to insert, break. Try a cloumn break first, if that doesnt work try some of the other ones, one of them should do the trick.
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We paste alot of drawing files to various folders throughout the day.
The fact that cut and paste are next to each other
we've accidently cut them in lieu of pasting them.
Can the cut function be disabled ?

A:Windows XP Pro / Clipboard "CUT" feature

Remove the Cut button from your toolbar so you can't click it accidentally:-

Click the Toolbar Options button at the end of the standard toolbar (looks like a black triangle)
This displays a list of the buttons on show on the toolbar... any button with a tick means it is displayed
Click the cut option and it will be removed form the toolbar
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When I click on "start" "search", the search window comes up, but all text on left side is missing, other than stupid dog icon. Can anyone help me get this feature back? Thank you.

A:"search" feature in xp missing

Go here, select the letter "S" and scroll down to "Search". You'll have many options to choose from.
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On one of my PCs, installing KB3150513 did nothing obvious. I just installed it on a laptop and after installation Windows started downloading a "features update". Fearing that update was the Anniversary Update I killed it by shutting down. Now Windows is telling me that it couldn't install a fix because of a power off (which was true) and gives me the option of "Retry". Well, there is no way I want to retry if that was the AU. (Maybe eventually but not now for the laptop.) How do I tell if that was the AU? and if so, how do I block the installation? Is there any update id that I can hide associated with the AU? If I back out and hide KB3150513 will that accomplish the same thing? How