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Displayport gives no signal

Q: Displayport gives no signal

Hello no gives Displayport signal So I bought a new monitor the MG Q and tried plugging it in to my PC via displayport the monitor comes with a DP- gt miniDP cable from GTX DP to monitors miniDP and the monitor gives no signal However the computer does recognize the monitor and for example gives the sound alarm for new Displayport gives no signal device attached I can also see the device describes as quot Generic pnp monitor quot and I can see it in the Windows's own control panel for monitor the nvidia control panel pics in the end But it won't allow me to set the monitor to use I suspected that the cable might be broken so I tested it with my UX LN GeForce M laptop which has a miniDP I plugged it to the monitor from laptops miniDP to monitors normal DP the monitor has both DP and mDP and wow image straight away So the cable should be fine I guess But this is somewhat of an different situation as I use different port in the monitor compared to my desktops GTX And I don't have other computers or gadgets that I could use to test the monitors miniDP port Next I plugged in the monitor via HDMI to my desktop and that worked just fine It recognizes the monitor without problems Using my old XL Z monitor with DVI MG Q with DP or the MG Q with HDMI DP at the same time I can see the MG Q being connected twice but it only chooses the HDMI connection and doesn't let me change it to DP even though it shows the connection Here are some pics to explain it better sorry about the fact that it's in my own main language Multiple panel settings window It shows the MG Q on the top under GTX the one not clicked but it won't let me click it to use Sometimes it lets me tick it for a second but instantly ticks the box off The monitor nro is the MG Q via HDMI Surround PhysX window shows that I've connected the monitor via DP but it is greyed out It also won't let me make a surround set with the Xl z mg q DP Changing resolution settings only displays the HDMI connected monitor So I tried uninstalling the Nvidia drivers freshly installing them did not help at all Neither did uninstalling the generic pnp monitor so the computer would reinstall the displays drivers I also freshly installed from Win Pro - gt Win Pro and no difference was intended to do that later on anyway so I thought that I might check if it helps my laptop is running Win and it's DP worked after all I also went to BIOS and checked that iGPU is disabled monitor setting is set to PCIE instead of auto no use I would also test the GTX 's DP on other desktop computer but I can't Anyway I'm somewhat suspecting a software hardware compatibility issue as the monitor is being recognized Doubt the fact that the monitors miniDP or my graphics cards DP port is broken What should I do or try I really want to run the monitor via DP so I can utilize the Hz refresh rate Tech specs PC P Z -V PRO GEN bios v i K GTX DC vbios AS x GB Mhz DDR AX PSU Win Pro Monitor s MG Q XL Z

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Preferred Solution: Displayport gives no signal

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Displayport gives no signal

You may have to select the input directly from the monitor itself. Is what i have to do with mine.
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Hi guys I'm wondering if you can help me,

I just bought a new R9 280 to replace my HD 5830.

I installed it properly and there was no video output to my monitor.

The 5830 is now back in and everything is fine so not sure what's going on.

I've tried using the vga slot instead of HDMI on the R9 280 and there's still no output.

A:New R9 280 with no monitor signal

Try to change the power supply...
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Is there a way to connect a displayport monitor to an IBM style PC? Found a new monitor in my brother-in-law estate and was wonder if there is a way to use it. Thanks for any help

A:How can I run a displayPort monitor on a PC using Windows 7

If the monitor and the video card in u'r computer have the same connections, and u have a power cable for it. It should work if it is new as u say. Try it and see. That should not cost anything.
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Just as 4K displays were becoming more affordable and widespread, it seems as though industry standards groups are preparing to up the stakes again. Apple's 5K iMac still isn't a high enough resolution for the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA),...

Read more

A:VESA readies DisplayPort 1.4a standard with support for 8K displays

it is likely that we will see 8K TVs become more readily available before 8K computers do.Click to expand...

It is likely the only reason to have an 8K computer would be to use an 8K TV as the display.
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I'm getting the 2 D-Sub No Signal Message and then the screen goes blank
I tried the same cable to connect a laptop to the monitor and that works fine.
I then swapped out the graphics card for another and get the 2 D-Sub message again.
Someone please help!!
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I have a window's 8 laptop. It is about a year old. A few months ago it just suddenly stopped getting a strong wifi signal in my room. The wireless router is in the other room. I assumed that it was just our router, a belkin, and started using an ethernet cable rather then replace it. However, I am visiting my girlfriend and the router is in her room. I took my laptop to the other room and suddenly I only have one bar of connection and nothing will load, like it does at my house. Even sitting right next to the modem get 3 to 4 bar signal strength. I have no idea what to do. I have ran virus checks and malware checks. Nothing turned up. I tried checking to see if my wireless driver needed to be updated but it says that it's up to date and functioning properly, which clearly it isn't. My wireless driver is qualcomm atheros ar9485 802.11. Please help.
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Sorry for that long title. Anyway, I was watching some YouTube videos when my wi-fi suddenly stopped worked. With this, I don't mean that I'm not catching signal from my router. I mean that my computer isn't receiving signal from any network. I don't know anyway to fix this, it never happened. I also won't buy a new computer. I got this on Christmas and I think that 7 months isn't that old. Also, the only tutorial I found doesn't applies to my computer (It was for a mac ). I have no idea of how to fix this and if you know, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! (If you are curious of how I am posting this, it works with Ethernet connection)
It's an ASUS computer with Windows 8.

A:My Computer Isn't getting signal from any Wi-Fi Network

Give the following a try and see if it helps:
Go to network sharing center - change adapter setting - click on wifi and then Diagnose this connection.

If this does not help, please let us know and we can suggest something else to try.
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My phone( T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII ) always losing connection maybe because I am living at the edge of the signal coverage. Battery get eaten very fast because of weak signal strength. It is still manage to last over one day with my mpj extended battery though, I have to reboot frequently just to get connected. How can I boost the signal enough for it to work consistently? Please help and thank you millions in advanced.
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I need to extend my signal on my router. It is not going as far as I need. The place where I need it has an Ethernet port in the room but I would need to be able to wire from the piece of equipment that I decide to use there. It would probably best be a router unless an access point can have ports to hook up to additional equipment in the room that I already use. I know it is best to stay with the same brand and my router is NETGEAR DGN3500. Can anyone tell me what they would use? Thanks.

A:What would you recommend to extend my wi fi signal

Best to use either Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router (disable DHCP,VPN, SPI and NAT)

Example #1 using two Wireless Routers (note interwebs = modem)

Example #2 Using Wireless Router with Wireless Client Bridge with Wireless Access Point

There are also PowerLine Wireless (one box connects to our router lan port) uses AC power

These are the options you can use or just use Access Point which has Wireless features. That would connect to your Router as shown in the first example. Port 1 goes into the single port of Access Points to extend your Wireless where the room is not getting enough single to it.

Your model is also ADSL modem and router all you need to buy is either Powerline set or AP (Wireless Access Point) which has wired LAN connection port.
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Hi, I've been away camping for a couple of weeks and now that I'm back my desktop computer no longer connects to the internet. As I state in the title, however; the signal strength says it's "very good".

I've tried removing the connection and re-adding it, I've tried moving the wireless USB/removing and potential disturbances, but to no avail.

Any help would be much appreciated!

A:Signal strength: Very good, Access: Limited connectivity

Turn off the Modem
Turn off the Router
Turn off the PC
Turn off all network gear

Do this for 30 seconds.

Then slowly turn on the modem (DSL or Cable)
Then the router
Any switches
Then the PC
Then the rest of your network.
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I have a wireless ubee modem. I have had it for a will now and it has worked great up until yesterday. I can't find my wireless signal for my internet. I can hook up the usb port and get the internet just fine, but when I turn to wireless I can't even find my wireless signal name to hook up. I know my laptop is still getting signals because my modem is still finding my neighbors signals. Please help!!!

A:Lost My Internet Signal

Are you using someone else internet service via WiFi? If your now they power cycle the internet modem and your wireless laptop. Power cycle means reboot them or power them down then power them up. Internet modem can be reset but you would need to call your ISP and let them send a signal to hit the box (reset it) or walk you through the steps to do it on your end.
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Hello Thanks for reading and I know this problem has been on here one too many times but im just very curious as to asking these certain questions before progressing onto what I think I should do My problem is that I New signal. Card. nonfunctional No Mouse and Keyboard recently bought a HIS IceQ mainly for the cooling system it comes with Now I had installed it carefully no static shocks nothing like that into my PC Now when I boot it up I get no signal and my keyboard and mouse are New Card. No signal. Keyboard and Mouse nonfunctional getting NO power at all Now the curious part my pc came with a HD Thats it No VGA output on my motherboard Which makes me think do I need to change something in BIOS Does my PC only detect that because it came with it And yes I plugged in the PCIe power connecters too Now to what I think I should do based on reading through the forums Cmos Reset New PSU And thats basically it Here is a detailed Spec list Name HPE Phoenix HD gb DDR AMD FX Ghz x Ram DDR ThermalTake TR w PSU Motherboard is a Gigabyte AC model BIOS is AMI Ang TB hardrive ANY help is very much appreciated Ive been on this problem for a while now Thanks nbsp

A:New Card. No signal. Keyboard and Mouse nonfunctional

Sounds like a bad connection somewhere. Make sure everything is properly fitted and in the right place. When you replaced the GPU - Is that the only component you unplugged and removed? Try putting in the old card to see if it works. If it does, you could have a bad GPU.
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I can play all my games fine with no issues except Word of Warplanes and APB Reloaded When I do try to play those games I get all the way to the lobby then the monitor goes black and says no signal PC Specs OS Win Ultimate bit Motherboard ASUS M A R Processor AMD Zambezi GHz Quad core RAM Patriot Intel Extreme Masters GB x GB DDR Graphics Card XFX Radeon R PSU Ultra X W modular Monitor HP m I have updated everything I could find cleaned everything I could hardware virus malware spyware etc As far as I know these are the only games it fails with and im pretty sure its not the PSU because I hooked a W I had to just the video card and it still happens I out signal Blacks Monitor Saying No have attached my Dxdiag I have ran memtest with no errors just did a clean install of win PLEASE HELP it seems as if I am out of options nbsp

A:Monitor Blacks out Saying No signal

I have recently did a stress test on my GPU using FurMark no issues. GPU didn't get over 73c and no black outs.
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I m going to include as much information as possible because I really don t know what s wrong here So a few days ago I updated a program which resulted in it crashing on startup I searched for a solution and some people said to try reverting my video drivers and or using quot AMD Cleanup Utility quot to uninstall my current drivers and then reinstall a different version I used the program to uninstall the Beta drivers and other AMD utilities and restarted the computer once it was finished to complete the process However once I tried turning the computer back on the monitor said that there was no signal This was fixed by taking out the video card and plugging the monitor into the Monitor to Video from No Signal Card VGA slot on my motherboard to use the integrated video as for some reason it wouldn t work if my video card was still inserted in the motherboard I tried restoring Windows to an earlier date but this made it so that neither the video card nor the integrated video could successfully send a signal to my monitor After a few more restores I tried plugging in a different HDD with a working copy of Windows on it as well and No Signal to Monitor from Video Card this let me successfully boot up with the integrated video Switching back to my original HDD I could now also successfully boot with the integrated video even with the video card inserted I m not sure why this helped but it did I had been using a VGA to DVI converter to be able to plug the monitor into my No Signal to Monitor from Video Card video card since the monitor came with a VGA cable so I assumed that maybe using an HDMI cable would fix the problem It made no difference The doesn t show up in the Device Manager either It s not connected to the monitor but it is plugged into the motherboard so I don t know if this should be the case I also tried dusting out my computer and pulling out the CMOS battery for minutes but neither helped Related Specs XFX Radeon GB ASUS VS Windows Home Premium BIOSTAR TZ A nbsp

A:No Signal to Monitor from Video Card

Plug the GPU into the PCIe slot, boot up your machine using the VGA graphics, then install the latest 13.4 stable driver. If that doesnt help, try another PCIe slot.
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Hi guys, I have a Cisco dual band wireless router that I previously bought to cater for my house network to support older device that runs on wireless G and new devices that runs wireless N.
One set to N only on 5Ghz
Another set to Mix mode on 2.4Ghz

Now that all my older devices has all being replaced with devices that supports wireless N.
If I disable one band, and enable only one, the N-only mode on 5Ghz. Will it help boost the signal or network in any way? If not, is there anything that I can do to fully utilize the dual band capability of the router since that now I do not need to run dual band.

Thanks. (Sorry if my questions sounds stupid, I'm not so good in this tech stuff)

A:Boosting wifi signal

No, your question is valid 100%, it isnt stupid. The only downside about 5GHz, is its range. The 2.4GHz band has been around longer and the 5GHz one is still an emerging technology. I had a dual band router in the past before I switched to an ISP that forces their own router on your, and I noticed no noticeable difference in performance. The 2.4GHz is fine for any average user. I would distribute the more heavily used to devices to the 2.4GHz band since it is more consistant. the 5GHz band can be used for any device that is connection heavy (Skype calling, etc.). Keep in mind though, a lot of computers and devices still dont support the 5GHz band, you will notice this when you search for routers/connections on your devices.
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trying to resolve an issue with my homebuilt computer crashing while playing games. I had an HIS Radeon 5770 installed. I removed it and put in a Radeon 6670. When I powered the computer up, I got "no signal" on my display. I removed the new card and put in the old card again. "no signal"

I tried both in another PCIe slot. "no signal"

For the record, I have a Rampage III Formula mobo. There's no onboard video, so I can't try the computer without a video card.


A:Installed new Graphics card, now neither new nor old card sends signal to display

Have you tried clearing the mobo's CMOS (including battery removal) ?
Did you test the HD 5770 in another machine to see if it was indeed failing ?
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My monitor gets no signal sometimes for example I will leave the pc off for like hrs then turns on the monitor says no signal but each time I reseat the gpu it goes back to normal and does not experience lost signal not unless if turning it off for like hrs this is a new pc build came from dubai and shipped to philippines for like months and this problem was like weeks already pc specs No signal monitor mobo asus p b -v gpu xfx r double dissipation ram patriot x No monitor signal gb psu delco w No monitor signal not known ps tried monitor and other cables but none work and thing I noticed is that when I set the bios primary video to pcie then if it will not turn on then reseated gpu bios goes back to auto also note that I have post beeps and I can hear windows tune hope you guys can help me been searching for the solution but none seem to work nbsp

A:No monitor signal

Make sure the cables are securely fastened and pushed in. What CPU do you have? Because the CPU may not have integrated graphics, so only the GPU can transfer a signal. Just keep the GPU in all the time, it allows for better performance even when surfing the web (hardware acceleration.)
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Ive seen this a lot on the net but none of the solutions have helped so far.
I just took the plunge to build my first pc. I have put it all together, following the manual and when I turn it on, the 3 fans (cpu, gpu, case) turn on, I hear a couple clicks but I get no signal on my monitor.

I have a Gigabyte 780T-USB3
AMD FX6300
Radeon HD 6670
8gb kingston DDR3 ram.

The mobo is dual channel, so could it be an issue that im only using 1x8gb. Should I get another 8gb?

I really hope if havent damaged anything in the building process. Ive been so excited about this and now im super gutted.

Any help or advice would be brilliant.


A:Monitor says no signal on my new custom built PC

Full model number for the mobo is GA-780T-USB3? Doesn't look like it supports the FX-6300. AM3+&cs=AMD 760G
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Hi folks, I'm having problems with my wireless connection on my desktop computer and I'm really stuck! The signal regularly drops to 1 bar and the speed will fluctuate anywhere between <1Mbps up to 11Mbps (although it's usually at the lower end), and sometimes it will lose connection with the router all together.
I've used a Belkin USB dongle and more recently a TP-Link PCI Express card, both N150. My router is a D-Link N150. Both the dongle and the adapter have had the same issues. In comparison, my Lenovo Z570 laptop and before it got destroyed my housemate's HP laptop had no issues, which basically leaves me with just my PC as a possible cause or some sort of setting somewhere.

PC spec:
Motherboard: Asus P7H55-M LE
Processor: i3
OS: Windows 8

If anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful!

A:Wireless speed/signal problems

Does your router have a password? Someone could be stealing bandwidth.
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So I just spent over $600 to get a decent gaming computer, no monitor included of course because I already have one. It just got here today and I hooked it up and it looks like it's running fine, beeped once on start up and the LED lights lit up and the fan was spinning. However, when I hooked up the monitor it says "No signal" for the DVI and VGA. I've tried two different monitors to see if that was the case but still said "No signal". This is frustrating and since the computer is new and expensive I'm scared to open it up and start messing with things because I have no idea what is what. (I'm only 15 btw, my parents don't know about computers at all so I'm by myself with this) Please help!

A:New computer, monitor recieves no signal

Profile says female, 22 yrs old?

Does the motherboard have a VGA plug? Try connecting to this until you get the graphics drivers installed.

Also, post your system specs so we can see if there are no other problems..
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I have a PC running Windows bit on an ASUS p e delux mobo My video card was a nice NVIDIA GeForce GT ASUS which died a week ago and had to be replaced I decided to go for an ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti after some rather vague technical advice Please note that the mobo has a pci-e slot and the card runs on pci-e The No video during signal boot sequence advice I received was that the card will run but on pci-e speed which was OK No video signal during boot sequence I installed the card and booted the PC My monitor came up with a quot NO SIGNAL quot indication After a considerable amount of time the monitor turned on and Windows booted normally with one exception the dvd drive No video signal during boot sequence had suddenly become quot invisible quot Note that the driver for this drive is loaded during the boot sequence Other indications like num lock on which I had set to off showed that something was changed in the boot sequence From then on I boot and teh same happens Windows runs nicely on the new video card everything is great but no boot sequence and no dvd drive Unfortunately I cannot see the boot sequence to try and fix this I cannot use the dvd drive to load anything I cannot see my way out of this Please help I have no idea how to fix this nbsp

A:No video signal during boot sequence

The video card may not be recognized/accessed until the computer boots up fully. Do you know if you have an Onboard video port on the motherboard?? If so, try connecting to that and booting the computer to see if it shows anything on first boot and then goes away as soon as it goes to boot windows..

Could check the BIOS settings for anything to do with how video is treated, if it is set to try and use both Onboard or an extra video card, try switching it to only an extra card. However, if the card dies and you're forced to use onboard you will have to reset the BIOS before you can use it again.
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Every now and then my monitor looses it's signal "no signal" is only thing on screen however when shut computer down and restart it the monitor is fine.

Would this be my video card going? or just the drivers?

I have Geforce 8800 GT (512 mb)

also I have a
geforce GT 220 is this one better than the 8800?

A:Monitor "no signal" and video cards?

DLambie said:

geforce GT 220 is this one better than the 8800?Click to expand...

The 220 is less than half the performance value of an 8800. Of the 200 series, you would need a 260 to better a 8800.

Personally, I'd go for GTX 550Ti or better as they are the newest GPU's and use less power for their performance level.
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I just moved into an L shaped house with one side office and the other side apartment The Wi-Fi signal dropping office owner is the landlord so we get free wifi The problem is that periodically the wireless signal stalls out when loading a webpage or video Their setup is a Motorola Surfboard Maybe SB that goes to a Linksys port switch - of those ports are taken up by ethernet cables going to computers while one goes to the upstairs netgear wireless router The wireless signal is not all the time where we are in the house ranging from - So I went out Wi-Fi signal dropping and bought a Western Digital N router to replace their older netgear Wi-Fi signal dropping router I figured this would solve the problem but it didn t we are still getting the same range and the signal is still dropping I checked the software of the linksys switch through my browser and it says its running firmware I think this may be a choke point but I am thinking it might also have something to do with the router Either way my landlord is willing to cooperate with me since I replaced the router and didn t see any improvements Any ideas on what I should do Here are the traceroute results traceroute to hops max byte packets ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms nbsp

A:Wi-Fi signal dropping

How many walls/floors are between you & the wi fi?
I ask because I'm in a two story building & my wi fi has to go thru a floor & several walls, lotsa interference. I'm considering a cantennae
"A cantenna is a directional waveguide antenna for long-range Wi-Fi used to increase the range of (or discover) a wireless network, made out of an open ended metal can. The cylinder portion of the can may consist of metal-coated paperboard."
Oddly enough, I have no problem using a laptop, just tower get low signals .
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Hello I am experiencing some problems setting up my system Here are the specs LITE-ON X DVD Writer Internal Model IHAS Western Digital Caviar Black WD FAEX TB MSI XA-GD Kingston HyperX GB x GB -Pin DDR SAPPHIRE Radeon HD GB OCZ ModXStream Pro W Modular High Performance Power Supply ASUS VS H-P Black quot HDMI LED Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitor AMD HDZ FBK DGM Phenom II X Processor When the system is setup and plugged in the tower and all the fans turns on the lights on the motherboard turn monitor computer to signal New no build, the on to the quot phase power but I don t get a signal on my monitor The monitor works and the cords work I swapped New computer build, no signal to the monitor out the graphics card with the one on my work computer and it works as well When the system turns on there is no New computer build, no signal to the monitor beeping noise and it does not post I have tried unplugging everything except stick of RAM the PSU and the video card and there is still no signal on the monitor and it does not post I have also tried unplugging everything and plugging it back in to no avail Is this a motherboard issue Thanks nbsp

A:New computer build, no signal to the monitor

It's probably the memory palcement. The MSI motherboard RAM slots are configured slightly different from other boards. Ensure that you've put your RAM sticks in the first RAM slot (second from the CPU) and the second similar colored slot.
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My computer specs are as follows gb DDR corsair RAM Intel i ghz gb HD watt modular PSU nVidia GTX s running in SLI The issue I m having is my monitor is signal no SLI 260 in GTX monitor getting to not receiving a signal from the graphics card which leads me to think that the gpu is damaged However the power to the gpu itself is working fine I have also tried taking the cards out of SLI and just using them separately including swapping the cards places Nothing I then GTX 260 in SLI getting no signal to monitor tried removing components that may directly effect the gpu such as the ram and other peripherals I cleaned and inspected each and replaced them into their slots still no luck The only thing I have not done is remove the CPU or use compressed air to clean out the pci-e slot I will be trying the compressed air however I don t see it as a likely solution so I am posting for some help The reason I believe that it may be an issue other that my graphics is because I would think it likely that both my graphics cards would fail at the same time especially when the computer was running just fine minuets before the monitor lost signal and powered off I ve tried various other small things such as remove the battery from the mobo switch dvi cables all connections tight on my modular PSU I have had similar issues in the past however they seemed to fix themselves faster than I was able to troubleshoot the problem So it may still work on its own however unlikely Or I have a faulty component either my mobo or gpu I believe are the most likely If anyone has any insight into my problem please post I m not here asking for the solution rather to brainstorm ideas that may lead to one Thanks for the help nbsp

A:GTX 260 in SLI getting no signal to monitor

Have you tried switching out the monitor? Maybe its the monitor and not the computer it self. Can not hurt to try.
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So earlier last week I picked up a new w power supply and a new graphics card My old setup had a w PSU and an integrated geforce piece of garbage The new stuff is Thermaltake TR W RUC W ATX V V Intel Core i Compliant Dual mm Fans Full Cable Sleevings Power Supply EVGA G-P - -KR GeForce GTX Ti Fermi FPB GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card Basically what happened is I was a little over zealous when I was putting in the supply and the card I tossed them both in at the same time without uninstalling the old card signal from new graphics Problem getting integrated graphics drivers or going in and changing settings in the control panel When I powered on the power supply worked fine I didn t have a long enough SATA cable to reach the disk drive so I just plugged in the hard drive and figuered if it worked I could run out and get an extension cable No noise from the MOBO no beeps nothing that sounded like I forgot to plug anything in however the new card failed to initialize the moniter quot No Signal Found quot kept popping up I realized that I haden t set the new card up to display and powered everything back down plugged the VGA cable back into the integrated card and the same display message popped up on the moniter quot No Signal Found quot I tried various versions of plugs including using an Problem getting signal from new graphics card AVI adapter for the VGA cord taking the new PSU out and putting the old one back in trying the old PSU with the new card running the card without the extra pin power adapter required by the card and running all of these configurations with Problem getting signal from new graphics card another moniter and my TV Nothing - Now what I think is going on because the computer was running fine before any changes is that for some reason the plug and play changed the display settings to the new PCIE setup that the new card is without being configured thus disabling the integrated card that came with the machine in effect the old setup doesn t work and neither does the new one a friend of mine reccomended trying to reset the CMOS Any suggestions nbsp

A:Problem getting signal from new graphics card

The +12V rail on that PSU is only 18 Amps, you need a bigger amperage on it to run that graphics card. That's just my 2-cents. ;D
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ok before i tried installing it i went to device manager disabled and uninstalled my onboard vedio card. then i installed the new graphic card but i get no signal VGA trough DVI... then i went back to my onboard graphics card with the new Graphics card still in VGA TO VGA and still get no signal.. But when i removed the New Graphics card. and plug in VGA to VGA to my onboards graphics i get a signal?

A:Installed graphic card no signal?

Do you have more than one port on the graphics card?
If so have you checked all ports for a signal?
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Hi guys, bought a new PC recently and got everything set up fine, except the GPU.

Its all installed correctly but when I go to install the drivers from either Windows Update or the given CD and restart to save changes, I lose video signal.

I see the boot screen and Windows 7 loading bar, afterwards my screen says "Mode not supported".

I'm using the Nvidia 560 Ti and my screen is a Samsung LE19R86BD.

Is the installation possibly switching to 1080 while my monitor isn't supporting it?

A:No video signal after installing GPU software/drivers

I've read that there are times when the driver can't properly read the EDID data from the TV, and causes display problem. Can you boot into safe mode, change the display setting to 1440x900, then reboot into normal mode? Looks like your nVidia card has both HDMI & DVI connection, maybe try changing connection from one type to the other?

The driver I found on nVidia's site is version 285.62. Is that what you have?
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This is my first time posting on any forum so please excuse me if I miss some things out I recently got a second hand EVGA GTX gb OC from an online auction site I have a Dell XPS which 460 signal! GTX EVGA no Secondhand -- had a w psu in it I installed the card and attached both pin power cables and I got a single beep no signal and my computer wouldn t boot into the operating system I figured this might Secondhand EVGA GTX 460 -- no signal! be due to my power supply being under the recommended wattage so I bought a Zippy w psu and I m still having the same Secondhand EVGA GTX 460 -- no signal! problem My old card still works fine so no problem with the motherboard I ve tried uninstalling the old gpu drivers and still nothing The error code that my computers lights display translates to quot Other failure quot which Secondhand EVGA GTX 460 -- no signal! according to dell means there is most likely a hardware failure Is this a common problem and is there a solution or am I now the proud owner of a paperweight Thanks in advance Nesh nbsp

A:Secondhand EVGA GTX 460 -- no signal!

Maybe Dell don't allow you to change the graphics card? Maybe you can try the card in a friend's PC.

Btw $230 is very expensive for that card, about twice the market value.
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EDIT Heh minutes after posting this i decided to reset my bios and what do ya know it decides to recognize my graphics card I should ve done that first Merry Christmas feel free to close thread Hey everyone first off Merry Christmas to you all Here s No inserting signal when monitor better card graphics my issue I have an NVIDIA gt graphics No monitor signal when inserting better graphics card card I ve never had any problem with it before I ve been trying to play the new Star Wars MMORPG on an Nvidia and that s just not working out The computer i had the graphics card in got a nasty virus a couple months back and i never got around to reformatting it so i exchanged the with the This is on a different computer than the one i usually have the in Got no signal to monitor Then i remember that the motherboard of my current computer can t support a gig graphics card thought that might be the issue Today i reformat my upgraded computer got it up and running again Still no signal to monitor Could i have fried the graphics card by inserting it in a computer with an incompatible motherboard Or is there another issue When i No monitor signal when inserting better graphics card used both computers together i had them on a kb switch to the same monitor if that makes a difference I appreciate any help and i apologize if my thoughts are scattered nbsp
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Hey Guys!

I just finished putting together my computer today, it seemed to go smoothly, took me longer than expected, but when I turned it on and plugged in my monitor, there was no signal detected by my monitor...

What steps should I take to figure out what is wrong or what should I double check before worrying that the MB is busted?

A:After building and checking for fan operation, no signal to monitor

I double-checked a lot of things... is it possible that the motherboard I'm using doesn't support monitors through the VGA cable? I don't have a DVI cable atm...

Also could the SATA cables from the SSD HDD or DVD drives interfere with this if they are in the wrong SATA port?

I am not sure what else I should try at this point... and its frustrating to say the least
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I have a Gigabyte GA-MA785G-US2H mobo with radeon HD 4200 graphics. It has HDMI 1.3 and I have an old TV lying around which happens to have HDMI input. I just built a new PC so, I decided to hook up these 2 and make a Boxee box.

I have Ubuntu installed on the to-be boxee and on the new machine I have Windows 7 Home Premium.

When I plug in the HMDI cable, nothing happens, that is, no display on the TV. I even doubled checked everything-input, cable!

Am I doing something wrong here? The TV is a Hitachi L32S02A.

The cable is HDMI 1.3 one.

I even tried the new PC which has my Radeon HD 6770 on it-still nothing!

What should I try now?

A:No signal through HDMI

Change your resolution to 1366x768 or lower and make sure the refresh rate is 60 before connecting to the tv..? Set tv to hdmi1 or hdmi2 input.
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I've recently bought an ATI Radeon HD5450 however when everything is plugged in can't get a signal on DVI only on Analog. I am sure there is no problem with the cable, not only have I tried another DVI cable but my old video card does get a signal (DVI) with everything plugged in the exact same way.

If computer specs are needed:

MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3
Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66GHz 38 C
Wolfdale 45nm Technologie
2,00 GB Single-Kanaal DDR2 @ 400MHz (6-6-6-18)
Foxconn G31MV/G31MV-K (Socket 775) 40 C
PLE2607WS ([email protected])
1024MBGeForce 9500 GT (Point of View) 91 C
Harde schijven
244GB Hitachi Hitachi HDP725025GLA380 (SATA) 32 C
Optische schijven

A:ATI Radeon HD 5450, no signal (DVI)

I had a similar problem, card wasn't brand new when the problem occured but happened after owning it for a few years. Found out the card was dead. Not sure if an rma would fix your issue.
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Alright so Ive gotten all my PC parts today from Newegg It took me about a hour to assemble everything I m pretty sleeping/no signal Monitor - new build stays sure i have everything fitted where it needs to be and as neat as possible I m positive i haven t fried anything because i kept making sure i Monitor stays sleeping/no signal - new build was grounded and because Monitor stays sleeping/no signal - new build the computer boots up fine lol it just doesn t show up on my monitor i bought or my old one So my first assumptions is somehow i have a bad GPU but idk it could be something else thats why i am here I would like to see what you all have to say about what could be the issue I tried fitting the Card in my other PCIE express slots also trying different VGA cables aswell as HDMI cables I tested it on two different monitors With all those things tried still no signal I also thought it could be my board but everything else seems to be working fine all fans and LEDs work My Optical drive comes out and my board has the green on light shinning Also connected my phone via usb and was able to charge so im assuming those all work too But anyways Anyone have any ideas all responses would be appreciated The computer specs are listed below Computer Specifications Monitor Acer AT Black quot ms HDMI LCD Monitor Optical Drive Lite-On X iHAS - DVD MOBO ASUS M A XTD EVO AM AMD X ATX Case Rosewill ARMOR Gaming ATX mid Tower PSU CORSAIR Builder Series CX V W ATX V RAM G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR CPU AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Deneb GHz GPU SAPPHIRE - GSR Radeon HD GB -bit Hard Drive SAMSUNG Spinpoint F HD SJ TB Heres links to parts http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Optical Drive http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Hard Drive http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E PSU http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E MOBO http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Case http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E RAM http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E CPU http www newegg com Product Produ e amp IsFeedbackTab true amp rdm scrollHelpful GPU http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Monitor BTW- I have no Onboard graphics nbsp

A:Monitor stays sleeping/no signal - new build

Well I haven't gotten any replies yet but, i think i may have figured out my problem, Im thinking my GPU is incompatible with my MOBO somehow. Not sure why because in theory they should work, but who knows. Going to try a different card tomorrow.

I'm still open to suggestions from you all : )

Thanks in advance.
*EDIT* Thread Now solved
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Hi guys So I recently found some junk items that I didn t need and though about giving it to my friend I fitted W Mercury PSU which works as well as added thermal paste and cleaned out his PC by getting the dust out and cables more optimized Now when I put the GPU you in and turn it on friends PC GPU on "no signal" the fan moves but I get no signal Even after I installed latest drivers and disabled also tried uninstalling the onboard graphics I took the GT home and it works fine on my PC so it must be some setting on his PC He is using nForce i onboard Iv fitted GT MB His mobo is something Aspire XXXX GPU "no signal" on friends PC or XXXX from around - He is using Vista Any suggestions what I could do I tried to look for some gpu options through his bios but didnt find anything Maybe some jumpers on the mobo that disable onboard What could be wrong please help me nbsp

A:GPU "no signal" on friends PC

Did you try disabling the IGP via BIOS?
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I have an older ativa router don't know the model number right off but it has worked fine and I have 4 hardwired computers wired in and on occasion i use my netbook for a wireless connection. I haven't used it in a few weeks and now it won't work. nothing has been changed on any computer. I can sometimes get a connection but it show packages sent but none received and wont work. do you think the wireless part of the router went bad and how do I know how to check. Please help need the wireless service for my netbook and my new laptop which would not pick up the signal either and i have no password or restrictions on it . They normally just pick it up and work. Please help if you know what i need to do.
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I got a computer that was wiped clean, I know everything worked before I got it, now I am trying to install the os and can't get signal to the monitor??? Please help!!

A:No signal to monitor

First thing I would do, is (if you have not had this pc on and working before) check which video output socket that your monitor is plugged into.
Is the pc using integrated graphics, or does it have a separate graphics card?
Be sure you have monitor attached to the correct socket, i.e. for integrated graphics you use the motherboard blue VGA socket.
It's possible if there was a previous owner, they used a different setup to what you expect.
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Hey everyone!

I have a LinkSys e4200 router. The wireless signal is not going through all the walls in our house. We have a spot in our house (that we often hang out in) that is unable to connect to our wireless network because the network is not able to be detected.

A friend gave me a Netgear WPN824v3 (RangeMax Wireless Router). This router has a repeater mode.

I was wondering if it is possible to setup the e4200 as the base station router and the netgear wpn824v3 as the repeater. I don't know if these devices will work with each other or not.

Any ideas?


A:Extending wireless signal via repeating

should work. Google for the User's Guide or Manual for the actual configuration settings
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Just ordered and built a computer for the first time in my life Motherboard ASUS M A TD-M USB AMD G Motherboard CPU AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Quad Core Processor RAM Corsair GB DDR RAM Video Card EVGA GeForce GTX Ti Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda TB Case Thermaltake V Black Edition Mid Tower Case Power Supply Cooler Master for Built a first new time, a get monitor doesn't signal computer GX Series W Monitor Asus VH D quot Widescreen HD LED Monitor Assembled everything to the best of my ability Everything screwed into hopefully the right places Power supply is connected Built a new computer for first time, monitor doesn't get a signal twice to the motherboard once to the graphics card and once to the hard drive Hard drive is connected to the motherboard All the wires from the case have been plugged Built a new computer for first time, monitor doesn't get a signal into the motherboard Connected the computer to my monitor and turned the computer on My graphics card CPU case and power supply fans all started running LED lights all turn on No beeps were heard and the little motherboard speaker has been plugged in And my monitor doesn t get a signal Anyone know what the problem could be I just bought everything new so I doubt Built a new computer for first time, monitor doesn't get a signal its a hardware issue Have I missed something I should have plugged in somewhere Also I ve tried putting my stick of RAM into each of the different slots and it hasn t worked for any of them nbsp

A:Built a new computer for first time, monitor doesn't get a signal

Power supply is connected twice to the motherboard, once to the graphics card, and once to the hard drive.Click to expand...

There are more connections than that. What about the 24 pin main motherboard power connection and the 4 pin CPU power connector?
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Hi I was hoping for some advice and help on how to improve my wireless signal around my house I have a budget to spend I am with virgin media and I am currently using a TP-Link TL-WR ND wireless router quot http www tp-link com en products details model TL-WR ND quot The wireless only just reaches downstairs and across the hall to my bedroom But the signal is very weak or bars My dads laptop is wireless N and his laptop picks up other signals that are much stronger then our own router to 130 increase budget wireless signal in our house My xbox wireless n also is always dropping connection My laptop wireless g I cant even use I would have to sit in the same room as the 130 budget to increase wireless signal router which I don t want to do The signal use to be a bit stronger than what it 130 budget to increase wireless signal is now but over the last couple of weeks its got worse My laptop is very old so I can understand why I don t get much reception But my xbox and dads laptop is always picking up other wireless signals much stronger Im not to advanced with all the wireless devices out there I was considering buying one of the following A new wireless router A wireless repeater x New Antennas for my current router Internet Home Plugs which I heard do not always work Wireless Access Point which I don t understand Wireless Bridge which I don t understand Do I buy a wireless bridge and put it anywhere in the house where it can pick up my wireless signal and then I can connect through that via Ethernet cable I don t understand wireless that much I did upgrade to virgin media super hub and MB broadband but the wireless didn t even reach into the next room so I downgraded back to MB and the modem I just want to achieve max signal all around my house My dads laptop picks the signal up best but still drops out alot and is around bars Where as other signals are bars and bars etc What would be my first best option and second best option I have also done many other things checked my wireless environment moved the router around in the current room Changed channels upgraded firmware etc Also just to mention my TP-link router has been sent off for inspection as the signal kept getting worse but I know if they did give me a replacement their wouldn t be much of an improvement as the signal wasn t great even when it were brand new I would really like to be able to sit in my own bedroom with laptop and xbox both full signal it s only in the next room Thanks for any help Much appreciated Dan nbsp

A:£130 budget to increase wireless signal

Check this out. It is a wireless router that claims to have up to a 2000 meter range.. Even if it does half of that you would still be in great shape. At this price I am tempted to buy one myself even though I do not need it.

Also on a side note: could it be possible something is interfering with your router's signal? Cordless phone or similar device. If this is the case you may want to invest in a dual band router.
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I ve read a few of these threads I ve seen but none of the solutions suggested haven t helped Midway through playing signal to monitor No a game both monitors flash black and display a quot no signal quot message I ve tried using another monitor with my computer with the same problem I left the screens black for about five minutes before I decided to reset and now No signal to monitor I simply can t get anything on my monitors both of which work on another system in the house Is there anything anyone can suggest that may help I ve tried Cleaning my base unit Testing monitors with another system Testing another system with monitors Despite seeing no image I tried to boot into safe mode Unfortunately the only system specs I can remember are that I m on Windows XP -bit and the graphics card which I think may be the issue is an Asus GTS DK HTDI GD Details from it s box nbsp

A:No signal to monitor

Video input problems can be caused by many things, but to me it just sounds like your graphics card died.

To identify the problem (I assume the computer still 'starts'), please tell me:

Do the monitors work on another computer?

Do you have a computer in which you can try the graphics card? If so, please do and share the results.

Have you had any heat related problems before?

Does your motherboard produce any beeps on startup?

Heat crashes mostly happen during long gaming-sessions, or when the computer is on for a long time.

If the motherboard produces (a) beep(s) on startup, see this for info on the problem.
If the monitor(s) work on another pc, they obviously aren't the problem.
If the graphics card works on another pc, there's probably something else that has died, like the cpu.

I hopes this helps you along (if still necessary ofcourse)

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Hi guys hope someone can help with this problem My PC froze today while playing a video lost video signal and I had to force a reboot Now I find that there is no video signal although the monitor and cable signal about 30-60s video No after work No video signal after about 30-60s fine when attached to my laptop If I leave the computer off for about minutes then reboot the monitor does display the normal boot screen then loses signal again about - s into the boot sequence by losing signal I mean that it says no video signal and then goes black If I go into setup in the BIOS I can see that the PSU voltages seem ok but it still loses signal in a similar space of time It is a race against time to get any info from the BIOS before I lose it So I m wondering if it is a cooling problem ie it is overheating and needs time to cool between boots There are two fans on the motherboard one on the board and one adjacent on the case These are both going round noisily Quite dusty so I have vacuumed them The video card has a fan but I don t see it going round I don t really know anything about fans and overheating if indeed this is the problem so would really be grateful for any help Wondering if just buying a new video card would be in order in which case how can I choose an inexpensive basic card for this motherboard Thanks for any help - if this is in the wrong forum feel free to move it System CPU AMD Athlon Geoforce FX- LE MB MB Memory year old PC nbsp
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I have a Belkin g+ wireless router it is getting internet, I am connected to it by cable, and can access it's setup page, but it is not sending out a wireless signal. It works as a hub but not as a wireless router. Any Help?

A:Wireless router no wireless signal

Sounds like your wireless function has been turned off, have you checked the "Wireless" section of your routers setup page? Another possibility is that you have some kind of interference (another router, wireless phone, microwave oven etc.)
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Its a weird problem. It has been working fine for over a year and little bit more. Suddenly the monitor lost input signal, and went to sleep, while the computer is still running. The monitor hasnt gain signal even if i restarted. It keeps sleeping, because it doesnt have any input signal. Also when i leave it on it suddenly gets signal an has display for a few secs or min, then loses it again. What could be the problem? If it never had happen before. What should i do or any recommendations, Suggestions?

A:No monitor display, no input signal

Update your video card drivers from the manufactures site. If you cannot get to that point, unplug your power and video card cord from the back of your computer, then hold in your power button for a minute. This will suck up the remaining electricity. Then of course plug it all back in. If this works still make sure to update your drivers\windows update.
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Hello all new to the forum so please forgive me if this isn t the right place to post this The problem I am having is with my son and daughters computers they have one each Both of their monitors are signal monitor to No reading no signal I have read through threads etc and will go down the road of checking the motherboard RAM graphics card etc later What has happened is we are getting a lot of work done to the house and my kids had to take their computers out of their rooms and move them for storage They No signal to monitor have been sitting on our dining room floor for a month and to be honest there has been a lot of dust about in particular plaster as somebody put their foot through the roof just above where the computers had been stored We have reinstated the computers but both of them are showing quot No Signal quot on the monitors We have tried swapping the monitors with each other and they both show quot No Signal quot It is a bit of a coincidence that both PC s would breakdown together and don t know if it is something simple that I am missing Both computers turn on and beep but that s as far as we get as the monitor switches off All cables correctly connected could it be something as simple as the dust in them both Sorry to sound such a fool but totally stumped as to why both of the computers would show the same fault at the same time They are both Zoostorm but bought a couple of years apart Many thanks in advance Lisa nbsp

A:No signal to monitor

same prob; a couple ideas.

Hi, Lisa- I have the same prob right now. I tried a couple easy things, but they have not worked, so I am going to have to dig in and try more serious ideas.

But here is an easy one for you that might work.

(before you goof around inside the comp, you need to be certain you know how to do it safely - there are components in there that, even when unplugged, can shock and possibly electrocute you; plus, goofing around in there can shock the comp, damaging it from your static electricity.)

The beep heard when you start the computer actually is a code for something. You can google "POST beep codes," or similar, and figure out what, of five or six messages, the pattern of beeps mean. ("POST" means 'power-on self-test.')

The usual, brief but cheerful POST one-beep means everything is OK, as far as the hardware of the computer goes: RAM is working, motherboard is working, video is working, and keyboard is detected and working - off the top of my head, I don't know what else.

If that is the beep you hear, then the motherboard is OK, and the RAM is likely OK. It is also likely that the video processor is OK - the video processor might either be built into the motherboard, or may be a card that is plugged in to the motherboard.

Either way, it doesn't usually have an effect on the beeps: if you hear the one beep, then the video part of the computer is OK, and the problem is some other mystery - I could only give guesses that would be more confusing than illuminating. You have switched monitors, so that is unlikely.

If you get two long beeps - they may almost sound like one beep because the gap between the two beeps can be very brief - then, that means that the compuetr is turning on, and doing a self-test, and figuring out that the video part is not working. (the beep lets you know, since there is no way for a message to come on the screen!).

If the beep pattern is something different, you will have to look at a general guide to "POST" self-check beep patterns, or find the guide to the beep patterns for these computers specifically. As far as I have ever seen, the POSt beep patterns have always been the same across computers.

If it is two long beeps, then the computer cannot operate the video processor part for some reason. This is totally independendent of whether you have a working monitor plugged in or not (sorry - as you figured out, no easy solution there).

Somehow, the computer has lost the ability to operate the video. This could either be due to hardware or software failure. Or, possibly, inadequate power coming into the comp - if wiring has been redone, it is possible that the power is not steady enough to push the juice through to run everything. It is also possible your computers have a switch to let you set power - like 120 volt or 220 volt.

The actual power supply unit in the comp - that converts electricity from the wall into the style needed for the various parts of the comp - could be dying, but i see that as kind of unlikely.

If so, this could be a problem - but that is a long shot.

It is probably either a physical problem with the motherboard (dirty, shorted out, bent til some connection broke), the video card (if the card is a separate plug-in) (card is not plugged in properly, is dirty, got twisted and some commection broke),

OR the problem is that the computer's most basic software instructions, BIOS (basic in-out system) has a setting that does not match your specific video arrangement.

(this is my problem right now).

normally, the BIOS can be seen on-screen, and changed, if you press a certain button on the comp before everything else starts up. This program looks like old "DOS" programming, and like a control panel with a lot of choices to go in and change BIOS settings.

If, somehow, someone changed settings for video, this could cause the problem. But you or the family w... Read more
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Hi guys I have the following problem and hope you can help me I was playing Half-Life and as I switched to the desktop with Alt-Tab the screen went black Then I restarted all seemed good and when I clicked on a quick launch button to open a folder the screen went video working but ok No signal all black again Since No video signal but all working ok then this is the behaviour I restart the PC and I see NOTHING even before windows but all the noises of the fans and HDD are in accordance to normal behaviour I can even hear that when I type my user name and password and then press enter to log in all the HD activity kicks in as normal so it is all working fine except the video The monitor has an orange light not green indicating no signal is sent to it I tested another monitor that works and same behaviour so the problem is not the monitor Now because this computer is running teamviewer a utility to do remote desktop control I can access the computer from another computer When I do that in the teamviewer screen where I am supposed to see the desktop of the faulty pc I see a blank screen but I see that when I move the cursor the cursors very briefly reveals the text that is behind it on the desktop of the faulty machine VERY ODD I opened the case and checked that the video card NVIDIA GTX is all correctly plugged in I guess that the problem is either the video card or the mobo Am I OK to assume that the issue is likely NOT to be on the graphics card because the remote desktop utility ALSO has a blank screen and it does not use the video card output as the signal is sent via the LAN Should I try resetting the CMOS I cannot access the BIOS because I see nothing on the screen This system has been running steadily since Any ideas of what I can test I am running Windows XP Home the mobo is an Asus P K-Premium the GPU is NVIDIA GTX CPU Intel Core Duo GB RAM DDR The Mobo does not have onboard graphics otherwise I would test that The PSU is seasonic not sure the model Thank you nbsp

A:No video signal but all working ok

I would borrow another video card to test with. If you cannot borrow a video card, replace the card. It's cheaper than a motherboard. You have opened the case. Make sure all the fans are running and the computer is clean and free of dust and other debris
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I moved from New York to Florida a while ago, and i hooked up everything, but when I connect the DVI cable from the monitor to the video card, it doesn't work. (I used 3 DVI cords and the one that came when I bought the monitor) It worked in New York before packing everything.

Right now the monitor is using a VGA cord to my laptop to use it, so the monitor works fine. Plugging the VGA cord to the MOBO itself doesn't work either. Could it be the video card gone bad, and how do I check if the MOBO is the problem? Also, it doesn't play the sound when it went to that welcome thing as I waited for it for an hour to play, so I don't think it even starts

A:DVI no signal

When you tried the onboard graphics output did you remove the graphics card? if not try it.

It could just be that something inside the case has come loose, open it up and reseat all the connections.

When you boot do all the fans start running and can you hear if the hard drive is starting up?
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I recently build a PC at my no monitor indicator signal, keyboard mouse no Getting or own very first time Surprisingly it was Ok and I used it Getting no monitor signal, no keyboard or mouse indicator for around a month Later I sold my PSU and RAM to a guy as I have an other branded PC for my own use Now I again bought used RAM of same specs i e DDR MHz and a PSU of Coolermaster watts and installed them in However there comes no signal on my monitor even standby orange light doesn t go green for a second Similarly there is no power light on my keyboard and mouse while CPU fan and two other case fans are spinning and CPU led is flashing properly There is no beep sound whatsoever until I remove the RAM The tower looks working but no output I checked my monitor hard drive graphic card and RAM on other system and they all are working fine I arranged an other PSU of watt but no success Even I replaced my CPU but in vain While motherboard supplying power to all fans its system light on board is flashing and when I remove Getting no monitor signal, no keyboard or mouse indicator the RAM it properly gives the beep of no RAM but still nothing on monitor keyboard and mouse I tried different dimms but no luck System consists of following components Motherboard Asus P QL Pro CPU C D E RAM Kingston GB PSU Coolermaster and Absolute watt Hard Disk Seagate gb Graphic Card MSI NX MB Casing ATX CoolerMaster I think my mobo is OK as all fans are spinning board and led lights are fine and it beeps when there is no RAM Please help me out as variety of options I so far applied could bring no fruitful result nbsp

A:Getting no monitor signal, no keyboard or mouse indicator

Let's see now, I think I might be able to give you a qualified guess as for your PC's problem:

kdkhan said:

1. There comes no signal on my monitor even standby orange light doesn't go green for a second.

2. Similarly there is no power / light on my keyboard and mouse while CPU fan and two other case fans are spinning and CPU led is flashing properly.

3. There is no beep sound whatsoever until I remove the RAM. The tower looks working but no output.Click to expand...

This basically would indicate that unless the PSU delivers inaccurate voltage, your motherboard is zapped by electrostatic discharge. Shorted, in other words. Personally, I've seen the very same symptoms on dozens of customer-PC's, and it's always the motherboard.

I recently build a PC at my own very first time. Surprisingly, it was 100% Ok and I used it for around a month.Click to expand...

Glad to hear that it worked your first time , but tell me this; did you (do you?) use the proper protection? Any of the following?; ESD-wristband, ESD-mat, PSU-cord plugged in grounded outlet, plastic gloves(/plastic screwdriver)?

You mentioned that you did build it for the very first time, so I did figure that you might be in the crosshair of classical beginner-mistakes (forgive me if I'm incorrect, I'm not trying to be rude or anything )

ESD is a very serious thing, and it costs the industry millions every year. When building PC's, it's very important to be grounded, or else you might zap components. Some damaged components might not even show any symptoms until after a very long time.

Later I sold my PSU and RAM to a guy as I have an other branded PC for my own use. Now I again bought used RAM of same specs i.e. DDR2 800MHz and a PSU of Coolermaster 650 watts and installed them in.Click to expand...

Let's see now, you opened the case up again, installed the components, and now your PC is displaying classical shortage symptoms?

I checked my monitor, hard drive, graphic card and RAM on other system and they all are working fine. I arranged an other PSU of 450 watt but no success. Even I replaced my CPU but in vain. While motherboard supplying power to all fans, its system light on board is flashing, and when I remove the RAM it properly gives the beep of no RAM but still nothing on monitor, keyboard and mouse. I tried different dimms but no luck.Click to expand...

You've tested every other component, and the PSU seems strong enough to support your setup, and your PC is displaying classical shortage symptoms.

Yeah... sorry to say this, but I think you've shorted your motherboard.


I think my mobo is OK as all fans are spinning, board and led lights are fine and it beeps when there is no RAM.Click to expand...

It usually still does that after a shortage...

I'm going to let some other TechSpot hero say his/her thoughts about this, but at least, I think your motherboard is shorted due to ESD from your latest component-swapping inside the case.

Provided of course that you did not use the proper protection against ESD...

Zapping modern MB's is much easier too, as the circuits are getting smaller and smaller = easier to break with discharged electricity.
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I ve just done a new build which consists of Asus P H -M monitor signal No to x gb Corsair RAM Intel i Win Power Plus w PSU No signal to monitor ATI Radeon HD I put all the pieces in place but I get no signal No signal to monitor to the monitor I ve tried removing each component one by one until I am left with only the CPU but still the error continues I ve tried the onboard graphics when the GPU isn t connected but it still happens What could it possibly be I ve reset the CMOS reseated the No signal to monitor RAM and CPU but nothing helps I ve also tried unplugging the power and holding the front power switch on for seconds but to no avail I ve never even heard of the PSU brand so I think it might be a problem with the quality of that It was so yeah not great quality There is no beeping although I m not sure if the motherboard even has a beeper At the moment I m trying to get it working with the onboard graphics to eliminate the possibility of a graphics card error I ve tried Removing each component one by one until left with just the CPU Unplugging the power and holding the on switch for seconds A known working PSU Reseating and re-plugging everything Resetting CMOS monitors via different cables - VGA DVI and HDMI Building it outside the case on a non-conductive surface I m baffled Thoughts nbsp

A:No signal to monitor

First test to do is prove the monitor and it's cable works, on another pc, or vga out on a laptop, (if you have a spare pc or can use one for this check.)
Then when you can rely on the monitor, connect it to the onboard vga socket, leave your video card out of the motherboard for now.
Connect your hard drive and a DVD drive.
Look for a 4-pin socket on the motherboard near the CPU, it needs a lead from the PSU, (if relevant to your pc).
Press power on button. What happens? Any activity from HDD or DVD front LED?
Any fans running in PSU or CPU ?
Any text on screen?
If no to all, then PSU is suspect.
If you can try a different PSU and still no activity, then motherboard is suspect.
If LED on DVD flashes, hold in power button to force shutdown.
Power on, Press your BIOS access key (F2 or Esc or Del whichever yours is).
Can you see BIOS screen, then 'On board devices'?
If yes, then set the 'on board devices' / 'integrated graphics' to enabled.
In boot sequence, make CD/DVD drive 1st, then 'on-board SATA' 2nd.
Then F11 to 'save & exit'.
If you get this far, it's probably going to be enough to install Windows, connect to the net via CAT5 cable to modem/router, activate Windows etc.
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Hi everyone I m new to posting on this forum but over the years it has proven very useful in helping me So I m really hoping someone here has a answer to my problem Ok basically what s happen is my optima computer turns on optical mouse lights up keyboard lighs however don t light up and the monitor stays in standbye mode and says breifly quot no signal quot So basically Monitor has no signal you can not use the computer at all However if I pull the blue monitor cable out the message on the monitor changes Monitor has no signal to no cable connected so it s oviously Monitor has no signal connected fine What I have tried Ok so first I tried unplugging the monitor and setting it up on another computer and it worked fine so ruled out that problem So I then took the monitor back to the computer that s got problems and tried the monitor cables off the other computer the monitor just tested fine on thinking maybe it was a fault with cables However this didn t work So I then left the computer for a few days Then I tried hooking up a new mouse thinking that maybe the mouse isn t functioning and in turn isn t taking the monitor off stanby mode so it can resume to windows I thought this because the broken computer is actually running all lights are on fans working it s just as if computer from startup is in stanby according to the monitor quot if that makes sense quot This at first worked however once the computer loaded to windows it froze on the startup screen I then had to reset the computer using the main power quot as Ctrl Alt Del wouldn t work quot and on restart we were back to scratch no signal showing again So again left the computer sit for a week Unplugged the computer tower today took it down stairs blew out all dust inside it thinking that might be the issue Then instead of hooking it back up in my sons room were it usually resides I instead unhooked my main computer and plugged my sons broken one in so it was hooked up to totally different leads and monitor Amazing enough it worked first go restarted it numerous times with no problems So did a bit of a cleanup and a few virus scans confident it was fixed unplugged it and took it back into my sons room Hooked it back up initially it started up fine no problems then froze when I tried to click on the start button So I restarted it again it loaded no problems went for a little longer then froze again Only after that restart were now again back to the no signal coming up on the monitor mouse still lit up light a christmas tree but no lights on the keyboard I m almost positive if I went to all the effort of unplugging it again and hooking it up to were my main computer is again it will work fine I m just totally stumped as to what the problem might be It has to be something causing a issue in that room but I m really stumped as to what The monitor was tested and works the changing of monitor leads didn t make a difference And all that really leaves different is the power cord However if the power cord was a issue why is the tower getting power and occasionally running then freezing If anyone could help it would be much appretiated I m so over pulling leads out and carting it around the house lol And my son is driving me nuts about getting it working for him I know a bit about computers have always fixed everything myself when it comes to them but in saying that I m not a genious either I can t afford at this stage to take it to our local computer guys but in saying that they have never been able to fix something I couldn t anyway I know this has got to be something simple but it s just driving me crazy Also if it was a graphics card I would think it would still act up when I changed it s location nbsp

A:Monitor has no signal

So let me see if I can clear this up for myself:

The monitor cables work fine.

The monitor itself works fine.

The monitor even worked for a bit hooked up to your son's computer

But, at the moment, the monitor won't work with your son's computer.

Is that correct?
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Hi I m not sure if this post is in the right place so sorry if it isn t When I play a game any game like the sims left dead or crysis the screen will go blank and input going to signal. No gaming. Only when sleep. Monitor display the words quot no input signal quot and then quot monitor going to sleep quot and then the screen will go blank I can t do anything with the pc after this point even though the tower is still on I have to restart it by holding in the power button I have No input signal. Monitor going to sleep. Only when gaming. tried pressing the windows button and esc and all that but nothing happens The amount of time i can play a game before No input signal. Monitor going to sleep. Only when gaming. it turns off is different each time i can play for a few hours or a few minutes Also it only happens when I m playing a video game I don t know what info is needed so ill just put bits here i used sisoftware sandra to get this info Computer Model System manufacturer P K Deluxe Processor Model Intel Core TM Duo CPU E GHz Speed GHz Cores per Processor Unit s Threads per Core Unit s Type Dual-Core Integrated Data Cache x kB Synchronous Write-Thru -way byte line size L On-board Cache MB ECC If there is any info you need that isn t here just let me know because this is a problem i would love to fix Thanks nbsp

A:No input signal. Monitor going to sleep. Only when gaming.

Need to know
what brand your computer is (if its branded),
what graphics card is it using, and if you can get it,
what temperatures everything is running at when you're doing absolutely nothing with the comp, and
what temperatures everything is running at when you're running your games (stressed system).

For temperature info, you'll need to download something like Everest.
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I have what seems to be from looking at the forums a fairly common problem with installing a new graphics card I have been using the on board graphics on my computer since my previous card failed This was a Nvidia PCI-Express card and when new worked as soon as it was plugged in and the drivers installed I have just tried fitting an Asus EAH PCI-Express Gb GDDR card but I cannot get a video signal to the monitor on booting up either from the new card or from the motherboard video socket I have updated the bios without getting it to work I have tried every combination of settings in the bios with the on-board graphics disabled and drivers removed but with no success All the Nvidia drivers were removed when I had to do a clean reinstall Windows XP some time ago As soon as the new card is removed the computer starts up normally with the onboard graphics My computer is as follows - New graphics no signal card video Motherboard Intel D GAV with the latest bios Processor Intel New graphics card - no video signal Pentium GHz Memory MB On-board Graphics Intel G Express Chipset Family Power Supply Eagle DR-B ATX - W V - A V - A New graphics card - no video signal V - A In the bios setup there are three sections relating to PCI configuration PCI Configuration where all four PCI slots are set on Auto Video Configuration with the choice of PCIE Graphics PEG Ext PCI Graphics and Auto PCI Express Configuration with the choice of setting PCIE x Link Retrain to either Enabled Disabled or GFX Card Dispite doing a fair amount of checking before purchase I am now concerned that I have bought a graphics card that is not compatible with the motherboard The Power supply is slightly under the W recommended by the manufacturer but would this cause the complete lack of any video signal Sorry to ramble on but can anyone please throw some light on my problem nbsp
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I have a Cooler Master W power supply and a Nvidia Geforce gt Last week I decided to install a really old game I have which is incompatible with new video cards so I shut down my computer and unplugged my VGA cable out of my DVI-to-VGA adapter In my video card and plugged it into my VGA port on my motherboard to use onboard graphics for this old game When I tried to switch my computer I use No monitor graphics unless to my signal onboard on I got no signal whatsoever so I plugged my VGA cable back into my video card then I get no signal again After about days of googling this problem and posting No signal to my monitor unless I use onboard graphics problems on forums on my iphone torture someone told me to remove my video card physically then use onboard graphics My computer monitor now displays But I can t use my nvidia gt anymore Does anyone know the fix to this More info When my video card is physically in my motherboard my monitor won t display anything even if my VGA cable is in the motherboard When I plug my VGA cable into port of my video card my monitor light is green but the screen stays black If I use port my monitor gets no signal and the light is orange Also I noticed my PSU fan doesn t spin anymore but the fan on my video card spins fine Help will be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:No signal to my monitor unless I use onboard graphics

once youve insert a graphics card into the board it alot of time becomes the primary display. this setting can also be manipulated in the bios of some computer manufacturers. Your monitor is probably not getting a signal becuase the adapter is not enable in the computer or the settings of the card are not set to spec that can display on your monitor (resolution to high or low, refresh rate, etc)
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my monitor wont put out a signal after i installed a new harddrive. The monitor worked before i put it in amd im not sure if i've either not wired it up right internally or the jumper on the drive is different although they look like they are in the same place.

A:No signal to monitor after putting in new hard drive

Check all of your internal connections by removing connectors and reseating them. Check connections to the monitor on the back of the PC and that the monitor has power.
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So yesterday I was on my computer and my monitor started displaying a "check signal cable" message on my screen. First thing I thought was oh snap my video card took a crap on me. So I plugged the monitor into the built in vga port. Still same thing. Then I thought, I would try plugging the monitor into my laptop. So I plugged it into my laptop. The laptop registered it was there so I set up duel screens. The laptop knew that the monitor was there, you could scroll of the laptop screen to the desktop screen, but still the monitor reads check signal cables. I then decided that my VGA cable must be faulty, so i replaced that. Still same error. I really don't want to get a new monitor, I have fallen in love with this one.

Any Ideas?


A:Samsung SyncMaster 940BW - Check Signal Cable

You have done decent trouble shooting... Replace the monitor or have it repaired
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Hey hope I ve posted this in the right section I dont know much about laptops and dont know much about wireless routers & with get laptop a stronger router for help signal I Which wireless should etc My laptop brand new would pick the internet up outside in my garden now Which router should I get for a stronger signal & help with laptop wireless sometimes it struggles to get a good connection just in my bedroom normally get around bars now but alot of disconnects dads laptop is fine so is the xbox so pretty sure router is fine I took my laptop to pc world few months ago because of a free check-up told them the problem it seemed to work a bit better once I got it back which took like months But now its just annoying as the problem has come back So I was thinking of buying a new router to help boost the signal around the house mostly for my laptop and Xbox I currently have the virgin media router which is http www ebuyer com product and was considering buying http www ebuyer com product I didn t no what a Wireless-N Router was till yesterday but I found out my laptop and xbox dont support -N only support G But If its backwards compatible would it still give a stronger signal even on G mode My budget is around Any help much appreciated I ve also tried changing channels on my router and on channel at moment which no one else is on which didn t seem to help at all My laptop cant even find other people s networks where as it use to and my dads can find at least or other networks Just another small question Can anyone explain how you go about picking the correct router and how to tell distance quality of the signal and router Etc Also can a laptop wireless card be changed your self My laptop is the Advent quot http www uktsupport co uk advent laptop htm quot I ve seen people selling the network card on ebay which is strange so could I just replace the network card with a better one from ebuyer Sorry this question is so long and probably didn t make much sense Thanks for any help in advance nbsp

A:Which router should I get for a stronger signal & help with laptop wireless

You will never find routers listed by distance (feet, yards, meters, etc). They use dBm to show the amount of power used to transmit the signal. Signal strength all depends on the line of sight, objects in the way, and other variables. Higher dBm is better if you are looking for maximum distance.

As far as laptops, they generally come with built in wireless NICs. You are talking about an actual express card that you plug directly into the laptop. Here is an example of an expresscard expansion slot:

The different channels on the router won't affect the signal what so ever. The different channels are used if you are in a suburban area with many wireless networks nearby or anywhere else with many networks in close proximity.

The only thing that comes to mind is that either your built in NIC is bad or you need a better one.
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Hi i have a AMD Phenom tm II X T CPU with gig RAM and a ATI Radeon HD series Graphics card and for some reason the thing just sort of shuts down the screen mouse and keyboard It just comes up with message no signal input check video cable and the screen goes black and mouse and keyborad is down to but the PC is still running You signal No input have to press the on button to restart it Can any body help me with this as I have been trying lots of thing and nothing is working There is no No signal input sign that the graphics card is getting to hot or the cpu I also have put it on standby for nights which seemed to No signal input help but its doing the same thing again It does not matter what you do playing game or just browsing the internet it does the same thing Ps there are of the exact same pc in the house and they are both doing the same thing Please help me Thank you Madeira nbsp

A:No signal input

I would suggest checking your video cable unplug it and check the pins of they are ok plug it back in and make sure it is in properly and snug.

Then next thing to is check the video card make sure it is seated properly.

Make sure you have the video cable connected to the right connector you will have one that came with your motherboard and one to your graphics card make sure it is in the right one.
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I have recently hooked up two Samsung Syncmaster s to my HP Compaq laptop at work waiting on an email for the specific model for the Compaq and Nvidia Quadro video card Unfortunately the second monitor says quot Check Signal Cable quot and will not display anything Here s how I have it set up The first monitor is hooked up to the laptop on the VGA port and works fine I have used extended display with my laptop screen and Syncmaster with no trouble I hooked up the second monitor to the HDMI port in my laptop with a DVI-HDMI cable At no point eg when restarting monitor no Second signal HDMI does the monitor show anything but Second monitor HDMI no signal quot Check Signal Cable quot I have updated my drivers windows and Nvidia and tried removing my display adapter and restarting forcing the computer to reinstall the drivers I have rebooted with the second monitor attached and unatatched with no luck The key point is that the computer recognizes the second monitor with the Nvidia control panel I can turn off the laptop screen and set both monitors as my extended display - second monitor still says no signal although the first monitor which works behaves as if it were part of an extended monitor Further the second monitor works normally as it was used on a previous laptop via VGA What could cause the quot no signal cable quot I did buy a second DVI-HDMI cable with the same result Any help would be most appreciated nbsp

A:Second monitor HDMI no signal

typically, dual monitors is not done with VGA, or if so, is implemented using a 'Y' cable.

A video card built to support dual video out is usually DVI with Y or two DVI ports on the card.
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This started to happen about a month ago and has been getting progressively more frequent Nothing has changed on my system no new hardware After the first Monitor locks keyboard signal, loses up time it was a couple of weeks until it happened again then a week then a few days now it s just been two days apart With no warning my monitor with go dark and pop up a no signal message At first Monitor loses signal, keyboard locks up I thought it was the video card going bad but today I realized that the keyboard was locking up as well I was using a chat program with push to talk and talking with friends at the time and I asked if they could hear me after the monitor lost signal They Monitor loses signal, keyboard locks up could not and that is when I realized my keyboard was locking up as well I couldn t turn on caps lock etc I am running Vista with the following hardware nVidia GeForce GT Intel E Dual Core Processor Asus P E Premium WIFI-AP Motherboard G-Skill GB DDR Memory Corsair w Power Supply Creative Sound Blaster Audigy and one each WD amp Seagate HDs cannot remember models but don t think it s important here Everything is about years old except the video card which is about months old They keyboard is connected to a USB port I have opened the case and made sure all Monitor loses signal, keyboard locks up fans are working and blown out dust and I moved the monitor cable to the second port on the video card and this is still happening Also I have noticed on power up lately that for a split second the video on the initial blue Windows loading screen will sometimes be incomplete the bottom part black just for a second or two longer than the rest and once it looked like tearing on the side This added to my initial idea that it was the video card but my concern is that that shouldn t be locking up the keyboard as well I cannot recreate the problem it s intermittent and there is nothing that seems to cause it that I can tell I m very frustrated and unsure how to resolve this problem Any assistance would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Monitor loses signal, keyboard locks up

Still looking for any assistance with this problem please.
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I have a compaq pressario laptop running Windows XP - When connecting wirelessly I always only a get a signal strength of low - where as other laptops in the house get a signal strentgh of excellent - I have tried disabling all power management on the wireless device - but this makes no difference ....any ideas ?

A:Boost wireless signal

Are you using the laptops in the same room or in different rooms in the house.
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The pc was working fine yesterday, this morning I switch it on and the pc starts (all the fans, LED's are working) but the monitor says No Signal.

I took out the graphics card and plugged the monitor in the onboard graphics, but still no luck. The monitor still says No Signal.

So what should I do next? Get a new graphics or new System Board?


A:PC booting, but 'No Signal' on monitor

Have you checked your monitor in other PC?I don't think their is problem with your GPU as onboard graphics is also not working.
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I just bought a new asus monitor 2 weeks ago. everything was fine until yesterday. The monitor knows when you turn on a computer hooked up to it and turns on by itself. So yesterday when i tried rebooting my computer it said "dvi no signal" i tried to to change the input again to dvi and the buttons did not respond and i couldn't event turn off my monitor so i unplugged the power cable and plugged back again and this time it did recognize it. It also happens when i'm using my other computer with the HDMI cable! both cables are hooked up to the monitor but i don't use both computers at the same time! can anyone help me fix this issue? thanks!!!

A:New monitor DVI or HDMI no signal

It just turn on your monitor before turning on your PC.
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Hello Everyone Well Here is the topic I ve taking the liberty of buying a new hardrive that I thought would make my computer run faster because the old one was in No adding (internal) drive signal new hard when monitor basically corrupted so after buying it from Futureshop I came home No signal in monitor when adding new hard drive (internal) and detached the old one and attached the new one that I bought Put the jumpers in the right place and turned on the computer and then theres a big problem I ve got no signal on my monitor Here is what I ve done so far -Taking out the battery for an hour to rest Put it back in -Taking One Stick of Ram out and Turned it on Nothing Happened -Taking out all the Ram Beeped continuously Nothing Happened So put it back in -Turned on computer with amp without hardrive Nothing Happened -Held Delete button amp F for Bios Only one beep and nothing happened after that Thats all I ve done so far now here are the system specs Windows Xp Home Edition GB Hardrive Western Digital RPM Mb Cache PATA IDE New One GB Hardrive Hitachi Deskstar RPM ATA IDE Old One Mb Ram Dell Extreme N D-Link Wireless Adapter Cd DvD drive Floppy Disk drive Toshiba Lithium Battery v That is all Please help I ve gone to different sites and nothing seems to help Thanks If you can please send me replies within the Hour nbsp
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This is my first time posting.

I just bought an ATI Radeon R4350 graphics card. I followed the (brief) installation instructions, but received "No signal" on two separate monitors, both of which had no problems previously. After reading some forums, I though I should disable the onboard graphics first, so I backtracked by removing the new graphics card and returning my monitors to their original ports. However, after returning to my original setup, I still got "No signal". I've already reset the BIOS, but still no results.

A:No signal after installing new graphics card, no signal after removing new card

Please indicate your computer specs.
Are you sure that your video card is compatible with the motherboard ?
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hey I just got a new alienware desktop i connected to the monitor seeking to monitor, signal Alienware help sending not via the dvi cable last night and was working great I shut it down and when i wake up i try and start it up It boots at least it sounds like it does but there is no image on my monitor Alienware not sending signal to monitor, seeking help I restart a couple times no go So i unplug the monitor and reconnect it no luck the monitor will pop up the digital signal input when i plug it in but wont display anything from the computer I tried the monitor on another computer it works great So I try the dsub cable and do all the same Same situation I try connecting both at the same time no go I try the alternative monitor jack no go Needless to say im very frustrated Im Computer literate but certainly no expert It just doesnt seem to make any sense to me It worked great last night and now nothing the computer has been in consistant temp and environment and certainly hasnt been smacked haha Any help would be great Cboydrun nbsp

A:Alienware not sending signal to monitor, seeking help

Which model is your Alienware and which video card is installed?

hm ... Is the dsub port on your computer part of your video card or is it from your mother-board's on board graphics chip?

I'm hoping you'll be able to temporarily use your system's integrated video chip on boot-up instead of your graphics card. Then you might be able to resolve this issue by uninstalling and reinstalling your video card's drivers.
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I received an email from PowerColor on their 5-mini-displayport card that stated that if I wanted to drive 2560x1600 monitors, I could only do a max of 3 because I would use up all the displayport "channels". I thought the card would drive 5 monitors at 2560x1600.

Can someone explain to me how to calculate maximum "channels" or whatever the tech meant when he said that?

Thanks for any help.
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So my PC was left turn off for months while I was away When I turned it on again for the first time it loaded up and I got to desktop no problem But there was a loud rattling coming from inside it I would guess it was coming from the powersupply but i m not I turned it off later that day I turned it back on and it did not work The power supply comes on all the fans are spinning but there is no signal to the monitor Plugging in a key board and pressing the caps lock key it does not light up telling me no monitor PC signal up, powers but to that its not getting as far as the login screen The only friend I have who knows about computers is long distance I described the problem to him he thinks the power supply is not producing enough power and needs replacing I have checked everything inside to make sure nothing has come lose from it being moved around and it all looks good I m a student and do not have a lot of money to buy parts or PC powers up, but no signal to monitor pay for a shop to fix I m pretty sure its the power supply but just wanted some opinions on what it could be or how I can test to find out whats wrong exactly I don t have another desktop or any spare parts just a laptop Thanks nbsp

A:PC powers up, but no signal to monitor

Hi Aruk, i've had this myself a few times. Most of the time it was my fault for not wiring my pc back together properly but since you say it wasn't touched then it sounds like you're psu might have given up.

If you had a spare to test it you'd be able to see but if thats a no option then all you can do is make sure you're leads are all in correctly ( if you have a graphics card make sure it hasn't poped out of the motherboard slightly ) and then just keep trying matey.
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I've been getting signals coming through randomly, but I think it's some kind of malware. Does anybody have clue?

A:Ok, unwanted signal... I think it's some kind of malware that's installed. Anybody?

If you could give a little more specific information it would be helpful.
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Hi People This is gonna be a long one signal boot Monitor up crackling and no after but please please bear with me Im in a spot of Monitor crackling and no signal after boot up bother with my Iiyama quot monitor which is just over a year old Last night as i was playing the screen went purple and there was a sudden very strong smell of burnt plastic filling the room I turned off the computer immediatly and checked inside the casing At first i thought this was the graphics card that had over heated Geforce GTX but i cannot find any burn marks or signs of stress within the case I tried to reboot the computer after leaving it for hours and now the monitor seems to loose signal straight after the desktop loads There is no longer any burning smell however I tried loading in safe mode and everything seems fine in there apart from the monitor doesnt seem to be displaying in the device manager I have tried a system restore to see if anything got corrupted in the sudden shutdown but that did nothing However the screen did load at full resolution this time and was recoginized as working fine in the device manager There are no lines or spots in the monitor either I decided to try using HDMI with the Zotac adapter for the graphics card instead of DVI to see if it was the port that was the problem and the monitor did stay on the desktop but there was also a loud crackling sound coming from inside the monitor so i turned this off again I have tried the other DVI port on the graphics card but had the same problem Now it wont get passed the desktop again but works fine in safe mode Is this really my monitor or is this a graphic card problem I dont have another monitor to try and my only other graphics card is around - yrs old and may not work with the new motherboard Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Monitor crackling and no signal after boot up

Your description of the crackling sound from the monitor leads me to think the monitor is the problem. To confirm it you would need access to another monitor for testing purposes.
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This is my first post ever so I d like to say hello to everyone on Techspot been kind of a lurker and I ll keep the whole story short Yesterday my best friend began to move away for college and his computer was going to be passed down to get monitor display signal) No on an 7800GT (but with Nvidia a I me It s in near perfect condition and the only thing we had to replace before starting it up again was the power supply His supply before was a solid and the one we bought is a w We bring it back to his house replace the power supply and voila The computer is running So it continues to run perfectly fine we play games on it and make sure everything is smooth and it is Start - gt Shutdown We bring it back to my house So we plug in everything and we re about to start it up My buddy presses No display on monitor (but I get a signal) with an Nvidia 7800GT the power button No display on monitor (but I get a signal) with an Nvidia 7800GT everything goes on but the monitor remains black while still receiving a signal His nVidia gt gfx card has it s fan running which would leave me to assume it s running fine it s NOT the monitor I ve tried other monitors and they get a signal but its a black screen The monitor also works on other computers The gfx card has two HD ports and my friend had two converters for them so not just an HD monitor could run on it I ve tried different combos of cords converters and could not figure out what is wrong Any help is appreciated thanks nbsp

A:No display on monitor (but I get a signal) with an Nvidia 7800GT

Try reseating the graphics card and while you're in there double check all data and power cable connections for tightness. It's possible something came loose during the process of moving the PC.

If that doesn't help, maybe the graphics card or possibly the power supply has failed. Even though it can provide some power, the PSU might not be able to provide enough total power. Just because a part is new doesn't mean it can't fail. What power supply did you buy and what are the other components?
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i can connect with a belkin wireless that i have plugged into side of computer but the built in wireless wont give internet access even tho it says connected and has a better signal, please give answers in plain english

A:Built in wireless wont give internet access even tho good signal

Did it work prior to this problem? If yes what did you change in the system? Go into the router administration and it should tell you if the router is connected to the internet. Belkin routers have this feature. Look and see under the DHCP (LAN) section if the wireless PC is being seen. Did you setup:

SSID: deephect
Mode: 802.11(b,g,n) Mix
Wireless Channel: 11 or set it to manually
Passcode? (password)

This above SSID and passcode have to match-up on the wireless device you're using.

On the router if you don't see connected, make sure you do a refresh and not a reset to factory default?
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Alright so yesterday my graphics card died in the computer I built myself I figured that it d be an easy enough fix I went out and got a Radeon HD to replace the dead card a GeForce GTX I took the old card out and put the new one in fine and when I turned the system on the fan was spinning on the graphics card However when I looked at my monitor I was getting a quot no signal quot message I tried another cord and it was still saying quot no signal quot I ve researched this and I ve seen two things Potential driver conflicts because I never uninstalled the old drivers and Something about disabling my onboard graphs Neither of these are helpful to me though card, New signal can't a graphics get because my monitor isn t even registering my computer If anyone has any advice please let me know this is so frustrating because it seemed like an easy fix I also tried another monitor When I turn the monitor on it says quot D-sub power saving mode quot then goes blank It s able to confirm which port the cord is plugged into but for some reason can t get any picture Any suggestions Thanks nbsp

A:New graphics card, can't get a signal

You didn't forget to connect the external 6 pin PCI-E power plug to the graphics card did you?
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Every once in a while, my router fails (due to a problem in part by the supplier). The common solution to this is that i unplug it for a couple seconds, replug it, and the net comes back on.

Now i got three computers sharing this connection. Two of them will re-detect the connection, and everything works fine. Not so for the third system.

It refuses to detect. I have to end up disabling and re-enabling the wireless card, and it gets backs detecting again.

It is a rather cumbersome procedure.

Does anybody have any solution?

Thanks in advance!!!

A:Wireless not detect signal

What OS?
What router model and brand is doing this?
Are these wireless adapters USB, Built-in or PCMICA.
Are you seeing a lot of drops on the LAN and WAN (internet)

Router you got there as anyone updated the firmware on it? If you flashed the firmware on it and it does the same thing. Time to replace the wireless router.
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**I don't know my computer specs and obviously can't get it from my computer but if you tell me where to find it on the chips, I can try to do that.**

My computer isn't very old, no more than a year, it's been working fine. No new software or hardware. I haven't moved it. This morning it wouldn't boot up properly. After clicking the button, it gave 1 long beep and 2 short ones. No signal to monitor. I didn't check keyboard or mouse. All fans appear to be working.
I replugged everything to make sure nothing was loose, and turned it back on. No more beeps, still no signal to monitor. Keyboard and mouse aren't lighting up.
I tried unplugging the power cord and pressing the button to clear the power. Still no beeps, no signal. All fans are still working.

Any suggestions please?

A:No signal to monitor, keyboard, mouse, no beeps

Karilan said:

**I don't know my computer specs and obviously can't get it from my computer but if you tell me where to find it on the chips, I can try to do that**Click to expand...

Ok so here is the complete BIOS beep Guide after all you're sitting in front of your computer and I promise you, you do have the best view of what brand it is. Don't you?
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I need some help. Just built this system and I'm having some trouble. Specs below.

InWin X Fighter Chasis
Intel i7-860
Intel DP55SB Mobo
1TB WD Cavier
2900 XT Radeon
4GB Kingston Hyper V Ram
500 Watt Cooler Master (Prob going to return for 750W this weekend)

There is VGA out on the monitor and DVI into the card. I just got that cable today, plugged it in and the monitor says No Signal.

What should I do? Already stripped it bare, rebuilt - made sure things were connected and such...Could I have bought the wrong DVI cable? Thanks in advance!!
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greeting I have a home network set up currently running a custom built desktop with RangeMax wireless-N usb adapter and a fairly new Acer Aspire laptop with built in Broadcom g wireless adapter Both are in same laptop wireless signal drops Acer room Acer laptop drops wireless signal about feet from router Desktop stays connected without any issues Laptop goes through periods when it keeps dropping wireless signal Both machines are running Win Acer hasn t been a whole lot of help on this issue they made a few suggestions which seemed to help temorarily but problem has returned with a vengance So I turn to my friends here at techspot I have tried updating and rolling back drivers on laptop switched id channels in speedstream router rebooted router I shouldn t have to keep doing this What else should I be looking at Like I said wireless desktop in same room has no problems I need to test this machine somewhere else to see if its my router but I haven t yet Thanks ds nbsp

A:Acer laptop drops wireless signal

I have had the same problem with a Acer Aspire 5920g, we narrowed it down to being a incompatible router. How long exactly can you stay connected for? Does it drop off after 5 minutes and then do you have to reconnect it or it will eventually reconnect itself?
The 5920g we had i personally believe went wrong because of the wireless n capable adapter it had which when we bought it was one of the first out!
One thing that i would recommend to try though, if you have (or can get hold of) a usb network adapter see if you have the same problem connecting your laptop through that. Then we may be able to narrow down if its hardware or software.
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So last night before I went to bed I was on my computer everything was working fine. I come back to use it this morning and my monitors aren't doing anything. The lights are blinking as if they are in sleep mode or something. I have tried plugging the monitors in to my laptop and they both work fine. I have tried another video card in my computer and nothing showed up with that one either. I got it to start up and had signal a few times but now don't seem to be having any luck at all. I also tried putting the video card in to the second slot that I have and that didn't work either. Would this be a motherboard issue or maybe a power supply issue? I'm running out of ideas here.

Thank you for any help!

A:No signal to monitor!

bump. no suggestions?
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Hi I have a computer that was working perfectly and after using compressed air it won t give a signal to the monitor the keyboard doesn t light beep monitor signal, startup on or no keyboard No up I m assuming no power to the mouse No monitor or keyboard signal, no beep on startup either and there is no beep when I start it No monitor or keyboard signal, no beep on startup Internet cable lights up when I connect it and the speakers make a quot pop quot noise like its receiving signal fromt the sound card I tested the monitor RAM and graphics card on another computer and they seem fine Fans are running okay and I removed the little circular battery from the mother board for half an hour to drain it but still nothing Does this sound like a motherboard problem I have a K N platinum and if you suggest it is this can you recommend a new motherboard as this doesn t seem to be easy to come by anymore Hopefully its not the hard drive Thank you for checking this one out and PS - baby steps are appreciated nbsp

A:No monitor or keyboard signal, no beep on startup

Compressed air, not treated by difluoroethane gas or other static electricity preventative, is a very dangerous destroyer of computers... We have seen at least 12 computers destroyed by Compressed Air... one I did myself in my learning days...
Since then, we have run a lot of tests with canned air... All that are not treated are dangerous. All that come from a bench tank are just about guaranteed to destroy a computer system board, CPU, or other critical components...
And the static electricity can flow through several components before it finds a way to ground.
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I have a Compaq desktop which I have had sitting up for a while, it isn't but maybe 5 years old. I say it's been sitting up for about a year. Well anyways, I decided to break it out and get it going again. I got all my hardware, the CPU, HDD, 1GB DDR2 RAM, and a CD drive. I put everything back in properly and it does not POST beep at startup nor does the monitor get any signal. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this problem?

A:No POST beep or video signal

See if there's anything in this post that helps;

Oh, and did you remember to plug in the CPU (4 pin) power connector..? That can be such a deal breaker.

Sometimes, a PSU can go bad while sitting around. I've had one myself that wouldn't restart after it was powered off. (That said, the caps were whining pretty bad while it was running).
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i've just built a system with the following components:

ASUS P5G41T-M/CSM LGA 775 Intel G41 HDMI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 Yorkfield 2.66GHz 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 95W
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST31000528AS 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5"
A-DATA 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)

no video card as i bought the mobo because it has onboard HDMI. the computer starts up, i get a beep, but there is no signal through either the VGA or HDMI outputs. i've tried it hooked up to the TV as well as a monitor. no OS installed on there right now, but i should still be seeing a BIOS screen right? anyone know what i should be looking at to fix this? appreciate any help!

A:New system build - no signal to monitor

Perhaps you need HD drivers for that port to work. Try using the analog D-Sub connector until you can install them after the OS is installed.
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Hello I recently purchased a Sapphire OC GB and I can t seem to get any signal at all from it I have monitors Planning to use eyefinity and I have tried each of them one by one in the DVI ports but they all No from signal HD 5970 stay in Standby mode while the computer is turned on I ve tried using the VGA adapter as well No signal from HD 5970 to no avail I ve tried reseting bios reseating checking power connections turning the monitors on and off I swapped it back out for my and everything works fine I have an ASUS M N PRO which I will be upgrading to a ASUS Crosshair IV soon My current power supply is a Corsair HX w PSU which should be able to handle it When I press the power button the goes to full fan speed and displays red lights not sure if thats meaningful or not and I get the normal startup one beep code Dead card Something else I No signal from HD 5970 can try Could the newer motherboard possible solve this Thanks for any help in advance nbsp

A:No signal from HD 5970

Did you download the catalyst drivers for the 5970?
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I am setting up a new ASUS M4A785T-M board and can't boot my OS because the bios is set wrong; I can't change the bios because I'm not getting a video signal. I'm using a VGA monitor/cable which I've verified are working with another laptop. The board puts out no video signal (as indicated by the monitor flashing the on/off light). I'm wondering if the board defaults to the more modern DVI format, or if I have a faulty card. Does anyone know if it defaults to DVI, or if there is any way I can get video to my VGA monitor?

A:No video signal from new Asus motherboard

Do you hear any beeps from the mobo when you turn on the power?
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Hey there I'm sure you have dealt with plenty of this but I've tried everything I can think of to get my new build to at least show video. This is my new rig:

Video Card: GIGABYTE GV-R465OC-1GI Radeon HD 4650
Ram: OCZ Gold 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EARS 1TB 5400 RPM
Mother Board: ASRock M3A770DE AM3 AMD 770 ATX
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 630 Propus 2.8GHz

Now the problem is that I had plugged an old monitor into the vga slot on the video card but I don't get a signal to the monitor although everything else including the graphic cards fan is running fine. Please if anyone can help I would be greatful. Also let me know what you think of the rig. Thanks.

A:Need help, No signal to monitor

Can you test your graphics card in another PC?
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I am having trouble with my pc starting up, yesterday i went to turn it on and got no signal to the monitor although i can hear it boot up and makes sound from windows start up but no signal was detected on both my monitors, the graphics card fan is running extremely loud so i thought it might be that,
so i switched to an older card and that seemed to boot up fine but was told it was running lower since not enough power was getting to the card,
my current card is a 9800gtx+ and it requires 2 separate power connections my older card doesn't so it's less power hungry by a long shot.

so where is the problem lying would you suspect my mobo is toast or the psu?
it's not a new pc btw has been running fine for 2 years and psu is more than capable of running it.

A:No signal to monitor

Hi kitaz.

If your system works fine with your older card, then your motherboard is not "toast". What are the specs of your older card? Also, what PSU are you presently using? Also ensure that both power connectors are plugged into the GPU.

Before putting in the 9800GTX did you uninstall all previous graphics drivers?
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Sorry to bring this up again (i had another thread on this) but I recently moved my DIR-628 downstairs, the signal is extremely low. This router supports 5ghz but i set it to 2.4 ghz because some devices won't pick up the 5ghz signal.

The DIR-628 is connected to my modem(from my ISP). Can I connect my other router DIR-625 to my DIR-628 and use one as an access point and the other as the main router?

A:Extremely Low Wireless Signal

I would put back where you had it. The issue you are having now could be anything that's interfering with the wireless.
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Hello I recently came home and my computer wasn t working properly Everything was turning on like normal and everything power, monitor No signal not on getting Mouse/Keyboard sounded normal except I had no signal on my monitor and my keyboard mouse weren t getting any power Sometimes I will get lucky and the keyboard mouse will randomly start to work and I am able to get into my computer until I shut it down before I go to bed then It doesn t work once again When the computer is on and I slowly insert the USB Mouse I can see it light up then it fades quickly I have tried different mouse keyboards and still have had the same issue I checked the capacitors and everything looks fine I have also tried draining the power or whatever Holding down the power button while it is unplugged I have an ASUS A N-SLI Deluxe for my motherboard and I have a NVIDIA GT for my graphics card Mouse/Keyboard not getting power, No signal on monitor I can see the fans spinning on the CPU fan Chipset fan graphics card fan PSU fan Please help I have been reading online about hearing quot Beeps quot I have not heard any nor do I recall hearing any before this problem happened I need to remind you that my computer was untouched in my room and when I came home I found this problem nbsp
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I am trying to repair a computer for a friend of mine It was given to me yesterday and would not post I cleared the cmos and all seemed to be fine until i tested it with the vga cable There is no picture from the moment you power on as in no bios screen nothing The vga cable has been tested on another computer and is working DVi works fine still I cant find any markings on the motherboard that tell me what make it is but i think it has intergrated graphics on the board as there is another vga port on the back the graphics card is a GS In Dvi signal ok vga no the bios i have enabled the pci express as the primary graphics device I think its a faulty vga port on the back of the gpu but maybe someone here might know better If this was the case i was thinking of suggesting he buy a dvi to vga adapter thanks for reading nbsp

A:Dvi ok vga no signal

well buying an adapter would certainly fix the problem if the regular VGA port is bad; he should have one already that came shipped with the card if purchased as an add-on component. do you know what chipset the motherboard uses? you can just run CPU-Z and find the make/model of the motherboard. there may also be information in the BIOS itself. if the computer was built by a manufacturer (i.e. gateway, dell, hp etc...) then you can look up the model of the tower and get the specs.
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Hi, I am a AT&T customer with a 2Wire513 modem/router which is wired to one desktop PC and wireless to two laptops.

I have an old Linksys WRT160N router that I purchased right before AT&T sent me the 2Wire Gateway. My laptops are too far away from the gateway to get a good, steady Internet connection.
Is there a way to use my Linksys router between my two laptops and my gateway to provide the laptops with Internet, without the router having to be plugged into a phone jack?

I think what I need to do is install DD-WRT on my Linksys router first, but I'm unsure of where to go next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm having the hardest time figuring this out and I'm completely stumped! Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

I have a computer here with Windows Vista on it and it was moved and now the Monitor doesn't get signal, when you turn the monitor and computer on the monitor goes straight into sleep mode (it's been tested on multiple monitors with the same exact thing happening)

The other day I went and bought a brand new video card to see if that would fix it cause I had the thought that maybe it was the video port, but it did the exact same thing after I installed the video card.

What's going on with it?

A:No Video Signal

are the video cards and the motherboard compatable? And did you already have the old video card in there working before and it just stopped recently?
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I really hope someone can help me with this. My monitor is displaying a no signal message at startup, not even showing the windows boot screen. However, I plugged the cable into the on board graphics card and it works fine, it's only when I try it on my other card that there's a problem. I've cleaned and reseated the card, but no joy.

This is a completely out of the blue problem. It was working fine last night, tried to turn it on this morning, and this happened. Any advice? Or do I just have to get a new graphics card?

Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Monitor displaying "No Signal" on startup

Try to check if it is well plug in the AGP or PCI Express slot in you PC. If yes then you Graphic card is dead you will need to change it.
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Ok so I ve term post problems signal No - Long no been having troubles on and off with my pc for a while it s fairly outdated as I m a broke uni student Recently I went to a LAN with a few friends I got there and set Long term problems - No post no signal up but I was getting no signal to my monitor Half an hour of playing around later it turned on and ran fine for the week I was there So I get home plug it all back in no signal Play around for a while and get an error in POST that overclocking failed which there is none to restore defaults etc Reset BIOS defaults and tried booting to windows get to the login screen and the colours go screwy and windows wont load any further Reset no signal still Long term problems - No post no signal no signal now Tested my monitor and the DVI cable and both are fine replaced my mobo with a cheap crappy one tried and still the same problem I borrowed a spare gfx card off a mate of mine Gigabytes oc HD and still no luck Tried swapping out RAM nothing checked the mobo battery and nothing Plugged things in one at a time poqwring on as I went nothing The power goes on no POST beeps and no signal and there is an internal speaker I m wondering if it may be the PSU Like I said my computer is old but I m not sure the PSU is a W with only a v and - v combined at a lousy a The system is running a crappy P ghz x sticks of Corsair ddr ram Gigabyte oc HD Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Long term problems - No post no signal

Probably PSU components and has degraded overtime, so checking it out is worth a try. Especially if you are running one of the hottest CPUs of the olden days ... its a Prescott core right?