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I cannot boot the computer -- can't even get see BIOS

Q: I cannot boot the computer -- can't even get see BIOS

Hi Guys Here is my story my friend brought me a laptop that is completely shut down and he told me to fix it I asked boot get computer even I can't the see BIOS cannot -- what is the problem and he said I don t some one gave it to me and I don t know what caused the problem when Looked the laptop I tried turning on but nothing showed up on the screen I plugged the power charger waiting for few minutes I turn on still nothing show up but this time the screen become white for like seconds and then goes back to black I thought I cannot boot the computer -- can't even get see BIOS the system is not getting enought electricity my question here is what are things do you think might cause the system not to boot please list a whole punch problem that might cause the system not to boot and I will go one by one and see if I can figure out here is the laptop information Toshiba Satellite-L -S there is windows on it I believe because I see win sticker on the laptop nbsp

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Preferred Solution: I cannot boot the computer -- can't even get see BIOS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I cannot boot the computer -- can't even get see BIOS

I would suggest testing the mains charger first, if you have access to a multimeter, set it to the 20 volt range and see if the voltage is what it should be.
If that's okay, then it might be time to open up and check connections.
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Hello I am having problems with direct booting into Windows installed into a VHDX file Possible After Black Fixing Screen Boot From Menu Manager][SOLVED] Only F12 UEFI Booting POST. [Boot Boot Issues: BIOS BIOS This is a four-partition UEFI boot on a GPT drive EFI files are residing on a second partition of disk the ESP partition [Boot Manager][SOLVED] Fixing UEFI Boot Issues: Black Screen After BIOS POST. Booting Only Possible From BIOS F12 Boot Menu in the EFI [Boot Manager][SOLVED] Fixing UEFI Boot Issues: Black Screen After BIOS POST. Booting Only Possible From BIOS F12 Boot Menu folder The boot virtual nbsp disk is residing on the fourth partition of that disk When I turn on the PC it shows black screen after the BIOS POST screen No Windows boot menu no other information is displayed However if I press Shift F or F to start Dell BIOS Boot Menu and choose Windows Boot Manager from the UEFI part of the boot menu Windows starts to boot without difficulties How do I make Windows to boot automatically without having to select Windows Boot Manager in DELL BIOS boot menu I believe I messed up with boot sector somehow What needs to be fixed provided that Windows will boot into VHDX file Thank you Well this is the world we live in And these are the hands we're given
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So I finally built my first PC Ordered all the parts installed and all was fine I got linux installed and everything was great Then I noticed that the CPU was running a little hotter than it should be Every time I tried to do something that was disk or processor intensive it heated up won't boot to bios Computer -help to the max temp according to intel I figured that I probably didn t get the heatsink fan or the thermal paste applied properly So I took opened the case removed Computer won't boot to bios -help the heatsink cleaned off the old thermal paste and reapplied I seated the heatsink ok and put everything back together Now the system powers on for about s or so then shuts down It then starts up again and will run forever However I Computer won't boot to bios -help get no video and the disk spins down after a bit I ve tried redoing the paste heatsink again no luck The PSU seems to be outputting fine at least the V line and no boot sounds The fans both start-up immediately at power-up and run Any ideas Fried CPU Thanks nbsp
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So I built my own computer Here are some of the specs MotherBoard - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Processor - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E RAM - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Video Card - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Power - http www newegg BIOS won't boot to Computer com Product Product aspx Item N E Everything seems to be working fine But when I plug it into the monitor nothing comes up I have tried it on different monitors and with different cables and it still isn't working I thought it might be the graphics card but I tried a graphics card that I knew worked and it still didn't come up I am thinking it is a hardware issue with the motherboard There probably isn't much that you guys can do without actually testing each of the hardware individually But I Computer won't boot to BIOS am hoping that there might be something that you guys suggest Tomorrow I am going Computer won't boot to BIOS to see if I can test more of the hardware but if I can't get it to work I will probably just send the motherboard back Thanks

A:Computer won't boot to BIOS

Sorry, I just discovered the correct section that this thread should be in
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I made a computer last summer that ran great then it started to have stability issues after one month Ended up using Memtest BIOS boot and can't to won't COmputer get I on the COmputer won't boot and I can't get to BIOS RAM and both sticks were good The computer ran fine on just one stick for some reason so I figured I d just make due with MBs Anyway no major problems like COmputer won't boot and I can't get to BIOS that until the breaker tripped COmputer won't boot and I can't get to BIOS in my dorm room twice real fast off on off on just like that The final message I saw on my computer was a black screen with a warning that the HD couldn t be dtected I restarted and the computer never gave a video signal and the HD had no activity I couldn t get to the BIOS either What the computer does when on - DVD drive tries to access a CD over and over again it will open and close putting a CD in does nothing - case lights fans and CPU fan are on power light for the RAM is on too - no video signal - HD light blinks twice then nothing no indication that there is any HD activity Things that I ve tried to do to fix this - check power and other connections - swap video cards - move RAM around - unplug replug devices PCI cards drives etc - moniter works hooked up to my laptop - put in Windows CD Here s my key components Gigabyte Triton K series mobo AMD CPU Fortron W PSU Plextor DVDRW usual junk Sony floppy drive Antec case Chaintech GeForce Titanium edition reused from older PC Turtlebeach Santa Cruz audio card nbsp

A:COmputer won't boot and I can't get to BIOS

when you are first powering on your system, soes it give you any kind of beeping message? (long beep, or one short one long)

if your mobo is still working it shoudl give you some audible signal to give you an idea of what might be wrong.

no beep could mean a fried mobo :dead:
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I have a Dell Latitude laptom that I need to reformat to W98 that currently has Win NT. I can't get into the BIOS using F2 per the manual and the computer won't boot from the a: drive or the CDROM.


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Hi I ve got a computer that I built with an Asus A N-E motherboard that has been working fine for about years now Along with the motherboard the system has Gb of Kingston HyperX memory sticks of Mb dual Gb Seagate SATA drives watt Antec power supply Nvidia series video to boot Computer won't BIOS card SATA DVD drive and a Creative sound card All was working fine till last night I noticed while I was working on the computer all of a sudden and for no reason at all I get the Auto-play pop up message from Windows as if I had plugged in a USB thumb drive or put in a CD I didn t do either I didn t even have USB thumb drive in the system I clicked cancel and didn t think about it again because the computer was working fine after that I finished up my work and shut it down When I tried to boot it up today I get nothing No video no bios and no Computer won't boot to BIOS error beeps of any kind The fans all work and I can hear the hard drives spin up but that s it I then took the video card out and tried to boot - nothing not even beeps Next I took the audio card out disconnected the hard drives and DVD drive I also took out sticks of memory and then tried to boot again Once again I didn t get any error beeps at all I cleared the CMOS memory and tried again - nothing I also tried all sticks of memory in different memory slots Nothing It certainly appears to me that motherboard has died but before I go and buy another one and rebuild the whole thing I was hoping to get some opinions from others Any thoughts thx bill nbsp
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Hello everybody cheers for a nice tech support site This is my first posting certainly not the last one Hope I can help with my own experience if I can I m having a quot little quot problem When I turn the computer on I can hear the power Computer boot (don't see BIOS) up the won't supply run but the hard Computer won't boot up (don't see the BIOS) drive doesn t seem to launch I don t even see the BIOS coming on the screen So it stays there Like if it was spinning on its own wheels I remember having this in another PC I changed the power supply and everything worked fine Now in this PC I have tried the following changed power supply from the original Antec W to a MIOS W It worked but then it stalled Every time I swaped the PSU the PC would boot but now it s not working anymore with either PSU I took out a RAM memory stick which I thought was causing conflict it was un-branded The two others are Kingstons I removed all the extra PCI card I ve been adding recently FaxModem card firewire card and even the second HDD I have even tried to re-install XP on my main HDD nothing I have connected another HDD which is empty as a master drive to make a fresh installation of XP The CD wouldn t even launch but I could hear the cd drive working though I have checked under the CPU socket all pins are fine nothing is bent what else think that s it I don t know what else to try I m hoping this is not mobo related if it is then the computer is fried I m an amateur not an expert and I don t think I can fiddle around with the mobo Here is my system CPU AMD Athlon XP GHz Chipset VIA KT Triton Mobo Gigabyte GA- VAX socket A RAM Kingston Gb Mb I had a third stick no brand Mb Graphics by Nvidia I think sometimes it gives me the BSOD nv disp I bought this PC exactly years ago I know I know A year ago I changed the heatsink fan I also REMOVED the small chipset fan cause it was noisy as hell Never replaced it but the PC has been fine for over a year Don t know what else to give you as info Thanks for the help I know I can do this myself CMax nbsp

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I bought this Computer from Sears about a year ago,
It is a Northgate with Windows XP
BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD6.00PG, 11-7-2002
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1

Today, by mistake I put in a CD That came with the computer, It was called "Motherboard Drivers" When I put it in the computer, a message came on saying; Updating Flash / BIOS, then It said removing old BIOS, then error, when I tried to reboot it, all I get is a black screen and a message box that says "No Signal Input"
I don't even have the blinking Dash.
Any help would be appreciated, Luevan

A:BIOS Gone, Computer Won't Boot

Hi luevan!

Believe me, i wish i had better news for you. Flashing the bios can be a very disasterous thing. Especially when things go wrong. I dont know what reason you needed to flash the bios but, im guessing you flashed it with an incorrect bios or shut the machine down before it finished the flash.

The only time you should flash the bios is when it will fix a problem your motherboard is experiencing.

When a bios flash fails it renders the motherboard useless. Since it doesnt have the instructions to function. Unless this is a dual bios motherboard. It's pretty hopeless unless you can find somewhere online or the manufacturer to reflash your bios to the proper one. If this doesnt help then im going to have to say your going to need a new motherboard.

Im sorry for your loss.
Good Luck
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Hey guys I'm speaking BIOS. even boot. do to Not want to not Computer of my rig here Yes it doesn't want to boot anymore Let me explain the situation Since Computer do not want to boot. Not even to BIOS. a while maybe last month my computer started to close and reboot on its Computer do not want to boot. Not even to BIOS. own Then I was surprised so I checked to see if my fans were running the temperature of the CPU GPU then my HDD's smarts value etc Everything was fine But then it stopped for a Computer do not want to boot. Not even to BIOS. while until yesterday evening where it stopped times in a small lapse of time The third time I had to do an electric reset then it booted again and everything was fine until I closed my PC and went to sleep So I booted my PC again today and all was good for a couple of hours Then it stopped and rebooted times and the rd time was the final nail to the coffin When I press the power button there's no signal to the monitor and the hard drive activity LED is staying on That's about it No BIOS is shown no bips either I disconnected it Tested all my hard drives inclusing the SSD with a USB adaptor and they all showed up on my mom's PC just fine I thought it was my graphic card so I took my old GeForce GT and swap it with mu GTX Same result What I can say is that all the fans power up the LEDs too and the small LEDs beside the RAM slots too I'm stumped It's either the motherboard or the CPU at that point What do you think Help Thanks in advance P S Using my mom's PC P S I don't have any another PSU motherboards CPU and RAM to test with EDIT There were no BSOD or any other errors when restarting was happening Just pointing it out

A:Computer do not want to boot. Not even to BIOS.

Quote: Originally Posted by Lebon14

Hey guys.
I'm speaking of my rig here. Yes, it doesn't want to boot anymore. Let me explain the situation.

Since a while, maybe last month, my computer started to close and reboot on its own. Then, I was surprised so I checked to see if my fans were running, the temperature of the CPU, GPU, then my HDD's smarts value, etc. Everything was fine! But then, it stopped for a while until yesterday evening where it stopped 3 times in a small lapse of time. The third time, I had to do an electric reset then it booted again and everything was fine until I closed my PC and went to sleep.

So, I booted my PC again today and all was good for a couple of hours. Then, it stopped and rebooted 2 times and the 3rd time was the final nail to the coffin.

When I press the power button, there's no signal to the monitor and the hard drive activity LED is staying on. That's about it. No BIOS is shown, no bips either.

I disconnected it. Tested all my hard drives inclusing the SSD with a USB adaptor and they all showed up on my mom's PC just fine. I thought it was my graphic card so I took my old GeForce 8500 GT and swap it with mu GTX 460. Same result. What I can say is that all the fans power up, the LEDs too and the small LEDs beside the RAM slots too.

I'm stumped. It's either the motherboard or the CPU at that point.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance!

P.S Using my mom's PC.
P.S2 I don't have any another PSU, motherboards, CPU and RAM to test with...


There were no BSOD or any other errors when restarting was happening. Just pointing it out.

DO you have another power supply to test this computer with?
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My computer began crashing today frequently In the middle of use the screen would freeze and a screeching sound would come through the headphones After several of boot to BIOS won't Computer these crashes my computer no longer boots to BIOS The case and graphics card fans hard drive and CD Computer won't boot to BIOS DVD drive all spin The case lights are also illuminated as usual However the fans stay at full speed as opposed to winding down Computer won't boot to BIOS to partial speed after the motherboard beeps and boots to BIOS The monitor remains blank and there is no beep from the motherboard How can I tell what s causing the problem and how should I go about fixing it Specs OS Windows Vista Business bit Motherboard Gigabyte GA-P -DS L Hard drive x Samsung HD KJ GB PSU Corsair VX W Graphics card EVGA GT CPU Intel E stock ghz RAM x GB OCZ mhz CD DVD Drive Lite-On Details that may or may not matter The computer has not been used for five weeks While I was away apparently someone encountered the same problem while trying to boot my computer and yanked the power cord out Not sure if this could damage the power supply After the first few crashes I removed the case cover and this seemed to help at least temporarily The only difference I can think this makes is the case cover could have been jarring loose the power and SATA cords in the hard drives which are near the case cover nbsp

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my computer was running totally fine until i was converting some videos with itunes for my itouch and then the itunes froze the comp this was like days ago after it did the freeze i restarted the computer but nothing i can t even get into the bios screen everything powers up fine so i know its not the psu I ve tried removing extra hdds and starting with just the main hdd and removing all peripherals except monitor but still even BIOS boot...not does computer not nothing there is no resposnse form the hdd after initial power up i noticed that the activitiy light remains dead after the initial power up i hear the hdds spinning but nothing is happening i dont understand why it wont even go into bios screen i can see and hear the cpu and vid card fans spinning so i know they are getting power computer does not boot...not even BIOS and the psu is only like a month old P ghz windows xp pro sp ATI radeon forget which one with mb gb ram corsair asus mobo cant rem which - sry im not at my home comp so i dont have all the info WD raptor gig OS -sata maxtor gig - ata seagate gig - sata um psu is w name cant rem but it had Earth in it lol nbsp

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Thanks in advance for your help. My PII 350 was running, but not being used and the monitor went to sleep? mode. I went to use it and only got check signal cable message. It would not shut down or reset and the red hard drive indicator light was on full time. I turned off the power and tried to restart but the same condition applied. It does not boot to bios screen, it doesn't even get to the beep. Hard drive indicator stays on, both power supply and cpu fans run, but I can't even reset or shut down without unplugging. When I turn it on the keyboard flashes once, there is a whirr of hard drive (short) and then nothing, no beep.
Can anyone offer some guidance?


I have had case open, see nothing obvious...

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I have a Z -g gaming motherboard and I can't get it to boot to usb even usb from won't to bios Can't boot! Computer boot My computer completely crashed after I ran hitman and malewarbytes I ran both scans and each Computer won't boot! Can't even boot to usb from bios told me a restart was needed so I waited for both to finish since they both required a restart Prob was not good idea since now my computer won't boot at all Once I was prompted of a failed startup I chose to restart from last known good configuration It just got hung on the starting Windows screen for over hours So I tried changing the bios to ufei instead of legacy ufei and tried to see if that helped It didn't I've tried restoring bios to defaults to see if it helped it did not Stuck on loading Windows screen I took the battery out of the mother board and left it out for mins and tried to start it Same thing stuck on loading Windows After trying to load to safe mode with network and without network and trying to load to command prompt and it all still getting stuck I decided to go purchase a new computer to try to get some recovery software to try to fix the problem So my first choice of programs to try is Hiren I downloaded Hiren and it was an iso file So I formatted my usb thumbnail to Fat and used PowerISO to burn the Hiren ISO to the usb Using the create bootable usb option after it was finished burning to the usb I removed it from computer and put it into broken PC Booted PC up and push F till I got to the bios Changed boot priority to uefi usb usb Saved changes and restarted Went to stuck loading Windows screen Power off power on F changed bios from uefi legacy to just uefi and booted usb first priority Saved and rebooted Went to stuck loading Windows screen Figured I'd just try to see if command promp would work Power off power on F changed to default bios settings saved and restarted Windows failed to load restart with command promp Stuck on Windows loading screen but it finally worked and I was in command promp Trying several commands to figure out what drive the usb was and looking on Google trying to find list of commands to use with command prompt The computer automatically just restarted and I didn't even execute any command Now unsure I can get to command prompt again Tried rebooting again and again about or times and get stuck on Windows loading screen and no option of boot to command prompt I can get to efi shell easily but don't think that's gonna help me with what I need I honestly don't know what I should run off of hirens even if I do get it to run I'll use to research Google as I go My biggest problem is trying to get the usb to load then if someone would like to walk me to diagnose the problem id be forever grateful Please help me I've repaired computers that have crashed before but this is first time this computer with this motherboard has crashed and I just can't get it to do right and it's been killing many days just watching a stuck screen Please TY in advance
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Hello so I recently built my own computer but used my old hard drive GPU and PSU and it New and Boot with Problems Computer BIOS has been working New Computer Problems with Boot and BIOS somewhat so far but there have New Computer Problems with Boot and BIOS been some strange issues I bought a new MOBO an ASUS Z as well as an i New Computer Problems with Boot and BIOS - Processor Recently sometimes the hard drive will not show up in the boot options and when Windows attempts to launch it goes to the blinking underscore where I have to press F to start windows manually where it works fine Otherwise it will go straight to BIOS and sometimes the HDD doesn't show up in boot manager and it's only the disk drive I'm pretty sure this is an issue with me not doing a clean swipe of the Hard Drive with a new MOBO I've seen online it can work and I have quot Other OS quot enabled in BIOS so it will launch I also just got a BSOD with x f Also this morning my computer would start but the Monitor and Keyboard wouldn't turn on at all The fans would sound like they were revving up so I reset the CMOS and it is working now This all seems really strange to me and I'm going to do a clean sweep but I would have to install USB Drivers with a Flash Drive into the MOBO since it's not possible to reinstall windows without it on this MOBO I really don't want to lose all of my data on the HDD If you need more information and are able to help it would be greatly appreciated ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name TIBBERS-PC Operating System Windows Home Premium -bit Build Service Pack win sp ldr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer System manufacturer System Model System Product Name BIOS BIOS Date Ver B Processor Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name AMD Radeon HD Series Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices Inc Chip type AMD Radeon Graphics Processor x DAC type Internal DAC MHz Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS E B amp REV Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model S HL Monitor Id ACR Native Mode x p Hz Output Type HD Driver Name aticfx dll aticfx dll aticfx dll aticfx aticfx aticfx atiumd dll atidxx dll atidxx dll atiumdag atidxx atidxx atiumdva atiumd a cap atitmm dll Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo'd n a WHQL Date Stamp n a Device Identifier D B EE - - CF- - EC BEC C Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID xE B Revision ID x Driver Strong Name oem inf ATI Mfg NTamd ati mtag NICayman ci ven amp dev Rank Of Driver E Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C Deinterlace Caps E FF-B - B-BCF -BCB E F Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY E FF-B - B-BCF -BCB E F Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Ca... Read more
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I have a HP Pavilion a712N Pentium 4 512MB ram. It was working fine the crashed and now it will not boot. It will not even post to the bios. I have removed all drives to see if it would just go to the bios and it will not. The CPU fan starts and the power light comes on as well as the CD light. I tried booting to the Ultimate Boot Disk but that will not work either. I tried resetting the CMOS by removing the battery and changing the jumpers but that did not help either. When I opened the unit it was full off dust even on the fan and the cooling fins. Could this of fried the processor by getting to hot? Is there any way to test the processor? Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.


A:Computer will not boot to Windows or Bios

Clean all dust out. unplug all drives (cabeling also) all installed hardware except the video card. start the pc. if the pc boots or gives error about no os installed try to get into the bios. if you can get in, shut down the pc and plug one piece of hardware in and start the pc. do this until it doesn't boot anymore. this will narrow down what the problem is
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I have a 5 year old TI Extensa 650 CD that needed to be I formatted the hard drive, then the boot up disk would not boot the system. I asked for advice and was told to flash a updated bios. I downloaded the upgrade and as it was upgrading, received a message...can not erase..and the system halted. When I tried to reboot it all I get is the light that the power is HD action at all. I am scared!!! How can I get this system to boot now??? Any help will be MUCH APPRECIATED!

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I just registered with TechSpot and have been asked to say Hi Well Hi From the greatest province in Canada Alberta As I sit by my living room window I can see the sun starting to set over the Rocky Mountains in the West Now the reason for this post I have two computers a home constructed desktop unit running Win XP SP and my new ACER Laptop which due to the convenience has become my new main computer which is bios. can`t Computer access won`t boot, why I am now talking to whosoever is listening I tried to bootup my desktop today and could not get past the opening bios screen When I hit delete at the start up to change my boot options nothing happens except the screen goes black The computer drive light remains on as if it is accessing data but that s all It must feel regected I have tried to boot from my Win XP disk but it won t recognize the drive or something likewise Computer won`t boot, can`t access bios. my emergency boot disk in drive A Right now it is a doorstop Luckily all my data is on three other drives on my Desktop System so it won t matter if I have to reformat That is the question how do I reformat and reinstall my system if I can t get it to recognize my drives Help nbsp Computer won`t boot, can`t access bios.

A:Computer won`t boot, can`t access bios.

Ok, i'm no expert, but/and especially if you are having a hardware problem; you should always post your system stats, if possible (RAM , motherboard, hard drive...etc..). That is, how much, and what manufacture, if possible. Also, just wondering, how old is this system, and does anyone else use it?
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Hey guys I've been having trouble the past few days trying to get my computer Computer boot past won't bios.... to boot up About weeks ago my gig raptor HD went bad and i replaced it formatted the HD and put bit xp on it Everything was going fine for a few days I was downloading a file off limewire big mistake when all Computer won't boot past bios.... of the sudden the computer started getting very Computer won't boot past bios.... laggy then would restart randomly and then each time it finished booting up at the desktop it would blue screen error then reboot all over again This process happened several times until finally it would boot up and get stuck at the motherboard screen I couldn't access the Bios nor boot in safemode it wouldn't even do POST test I opened up the case and unplugged plugged everything back in and dusted it out I was then able to boot to safemode and run a few virus scans After that i booted up to last good known configuration and everything seemed to be fine for a couple days but then this problem started again Everytime i boot up the computer it just sits at the mobo screen and won't let me do anything I'm thinking the power supply may be going but i'm not sure Thanks for any help in advance Specs AMD dual core gigs ram g raptor HD g hd gt vid card and i believe w psu

A:Computer won't boot past bios....

Have a look in Bios for the temp/voltage readings.

What do they report?
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I am trying to get the bios settings correct for my pc I can get it to boot in auto mode but when I set the bus speeds and such to what I think they should be the computer will not start The cpu is an Athlon which should have a bus speed of and a clock multiplier of The memory is pc I have with get settings bios to can't boot computer the following can't get computer to boot with bios settings set in the bios CPU Frequency Mode MHz DRAM Clock MHz CPU Ratio Select I have also tried going in to the manual mode for the CPU Frequency Mode and tried these settings Frequency MHz Stepping MHz CPU to PCI Divider DRAM AGPCI Clock DRAM Clock MHz CPU Ratio Select x I have also tried the above with DRAM Clock set to By Speed The memory should go can't get computer to boot with bios settings up to MHz but I would like to just get can't get computer to boot with bios settings the computer to boot with the proper processor speed first What am I doing wrong I would like to get this working Thanks nbsp

A:can't get computer to boot with bios settings

Doesn't the Bios have a Default Setting? Jazz
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About a month ago we had a power shortage My computer ended up rebooting while I was mid-game but instead of booting up not not Computer bios will / will post. boot it just sat there no bios nothing I powered down and popped it open Nothing smelled burnt everything looked normal With the side of the case off I turned the comp on to check everything Ram looked fine LED hard drives were spinning however the fan on the CPU was not nor was it s LED on I took my Computer will not boot / bios will not post. video cards out and tested them in a working PC Both worked so that was fine I tried a different power supply that I knew worked still nothing Now I was worried it being either the motherboard or CPU I talked to XFX and they told me since I was still under warranty they d replace the motherboard or service it if I sent it in About a week later I got it back threw it into the case same thing No post no beeps nothing All my connections are fine So I think it may be my processor q I contacted intel Who has a year warranty on their processors and they informed me that since I misplaced my original packaging they wouldn t warranty my processor but if I found it I would need to determine it was the problem before I could get an RMA to send it back in anyways I m wondering if there is anything i m overlooking to get my comp back up and running If it is the CPU i m just going to replace it with a q but I want to make sure it s the problem before I drop for a new one I don t have a different motherboard I can test it in nor do I know anyone who has one Local computer shops want half the cost of a new CPU just to test this one so i d rather not go that route either Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Computer will not boot / bios will not post.

Bumping to hopefully get some sort of response.

Any advice is appreciated.
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A few days ago I awoke to see that my computer had frozen up I thought nothing about it and decided to go ahead and restart but quickly noticed that the computer would not boot up at all It managed to access the Windows XP loading with a single bar but there was no further activity After performing an additional restart nothing would happen the power is functioning correctly or so it seems but the monitor remained blank and there was no further activity I noticed that the light often found below or near the power switch which blinks when the PC is in activity didn t light up or boot correctly. not BIOS? Won't will even Computer get to blink at all either I m at a loss of what to do I suspected the power supply unit ceased to function correctly and had replaced that with a brand new one which is an exact replica of the old one The computer is fairly old but it has proven dependable with the exception of this incident Here are the specs I m running Windows XP HP Pavilion AMD Athlon GHz GB Hard Drive ASUS A V-VM Motherboard GeForce MX - X MB DDR GB RAM Again I cannot even access a BIOS setup screen since there is no display Simply starting the computer yields nothing but it is being powered correctly I can hear the fans turning as if it were normally on and the power supply was even just recently replaced I have heard that resetting the CMOS settings might help me access BIOS but I don t know how to do that nbsp

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I bought a larger hard-drive for my Dell Inspiron 5100 computer, but apparently the new computer wouldn't recognize the new hard-drive. Even though the new hard-drive is 100MG, the computer said it was 27.9MG. I thought the problem might be the BIOS so I went to the Dell site and downloaded the recommended BIOS (A22). I rebooted the laptop and had he new BIOS on a floppy drive which was installed via the A-prompt. After the new BIOS installed, I got a message that the computer would reboot, but it didn't. I tried restarting the computer but nothing happens. No picture on the screen and nothing else. I believe the BIOS that I downloaded and installed was the wrong one. Does anyone have an idea as to what I should do now? Thanks in advance.
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My computer (Sony VAIO VGN-NW120J) was working 100% perfect. Yesterday I turn off the computer and when I turn it on today it boots directly to the BIOS. I force shutdown and try again and the same problem. HDD is fine and the RAM too. I press F8 and then the boot menu appears, I choose Start Windows Normally and the PC boot up fine. I just shut down and turn it on and she boot into BIOS again, now even the F8 is not working, any help ?

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Hi everyone,

I'm having a little trouble with my PC... I hope I've come to the right place. I left my computer in "suspend" last night, and when I sat in front of it this morning, it was frozen at my BIOS screen. Each time I try to restart it, it goes straight to that screen. I can't even access my BIOS settings (pressing keyboard buttons doesn't work). Nothing changed when I placed my XP disk in the ROM drive.

I'm using an ASUS mobo and AMD processor (sorry, I can't recall the particular models right now). I have not changed any hardware or installed new software recently except anti-virus definitions.

Does this sound like a motherboard or PSU issue?

I'd really appreciate any suggestions!


A:Computer won't boot past BIOS

Unless someone has a better idea, you could remove the CMOS battery for about
5 to 10 minutes. Be sure to unplug computer before you remove the battery.
Then see if you can reboot into BIOS to reset it.
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I'm running a Dell Dimension 2400 under Windows XP, and seemingly out of nowhere while searching on google, the whole computer shut off. Now, I get the BIOS loading screen, then it all goes to black and stays black. No mouse icon, no text cursor on the screen, nothing. I tried booting in safe mode but that didn't work. If there's any help anybody can provide on trying to get this up and running I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

A:Computer won't boot up past BIOS screen

Please try the following:Download NTBR_CD.exe and create a bootable CD. * Save the file to your Desktop and double-click it. This will create a folder named NTBR_CD. * Open the folder and locate BurnItCD. Launch it by double-clicking it. * When BurnCDCC opens, click Start - the CD tray will open. * Insert blank CD and click OK. * The tray will close, burn the image then eject the disk.Run chkdsk. * Boot the affected computer with the new CD. * Once presented with the boot screen please hit <ENTER> to boot from CD. * After a warning screen there is a keyboard language options screen - press <ENTER> to leave it at EN-US. You should now be at the Tool options screen. * Type 5 and press <ENTER> to go to a command prompt. At the command prompt type the following bolded command then press <ENTER> tools\ntfs4dos\chkdsk You will be prompted (in German) to press Enter. * Press <ENTER> to start the check disk utility. Check Disk will check all attached drives and attempt to correct any errors. Please make a note of any errors found or corrections made. * When it completes type "menu" and press <ENTER> to return to the tools menu. * Type 6 and press <ENTER> to quit, then Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.Allow the computer to attempt booting normally and let me know the outcome.
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I have a desktop that won't boot and the error message is as follows:

"non-system disk or disk error"
"replace and strike any key when ready"

This is an old Compaq running XP and the boot order seems to be floppy disk and then it's anybody's guess from there. I am unable to reset boot sequence as I can't get into BIOS. I press Pause-Break and then F2 but the error message above appears. I want to run a diagnostic using Seatools. Any suggestions on how to get into BIOS to do this. I am thinking that I can remove jumper on motherboard to reset BIOS. Is this good thinking or not.


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I have a computer that I am putting together and when I put in one power supply the cpu fan turns on by itself but no bios beep and no display on the monitor, when i put another power supply in and push the power button nothing happens, the power switch cable is in the right spot. I have the motherboard out of the case with just the cpu/ram/power supply hooked up to it, the mobo is lying on the static sheet so there is no possibility of it grounding out. I dont know what the hell is wrong. The mobo is a chaintech 7KJD, does anyone know if there is a special jumper that is protecting the CMOS that I am not seeing?

A:NO BIOS beep, computer wont boot

Firsly, "static sheets" can be very conductive. Thats how they equalise/dissipate static.

They are NOT an insulator in many cases!
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First congrats on an excellent forum and helpful members I have used the info this site loads of times before reading past threads and until now have never needed to post So here goes I have just installed a fresh not new hard drive in my system which is Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo P AMD Athlon GB Ram GB SATA Hard drive XP Pro SP The drive had XP already installed but was configured for an Athlon Dual Core system so i did a clean install Deleted all Computer BIOS boot past wont partitions then created a new partition with NTFS Computer wont boot past BIOS file system the slow method to check for disk errors Then i installed XP pro Sp all done from Fujitsu operating system recovery CD All Computer wont boot past BIOS went flawlessly and was working great Next day i went to boot Computer wont boot past BIOS and the splash screen came up with Fujitsu Siemens on it and the F or F options and the blue progress meter The progress meter got to half way and then hung for about mins and a black screen came up with a load of writing on and the message pxe-e media test failure check cable operating system not found I did read a thread on techguy about this but it didnt solve my problem and my symptoms are quite different If when i see the splash screen i immediately press F to go to bios setup i can enter setup and view all settings The HD is present and boot priority set to Hard drive I then exit without saving or changing anything and it boots into windows and works fine If i do a restart from windows it boots fine Its only when i shut down and restart from the front switch it gives the pxe-e media test failure check cable operating system not found message One final thing if when the splash screen comes up i don t press F immediately say wait seconds then it hangs for a while then goes to the BIOS setup but in this instance the HD is not present in the BIOS settings Oh and one final final thing if i press F on the splash to get other boot options and select any from the list it boots and works fine too This is a real strange one I ve installed XP dozens of times over the years on single and dual core systems AMD amp Pentium updated bios and installed everything from motherboards to printers and never seen anything quite like this one before so help is needed from those with greater wisdom and experience Thanks in advance for any help cheers Oscar P S sorry for duplicate post but the title i wrote previously was too specific and i coudnt edit it nbsp

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Here is what I have:

Biostar k8m800 motherboard
Sempron 1.8 ghz processor
2 gig ddr2 ram
200 gig SATA Seagate harddrive
Geforce 6600 agp video card

It has been working fine since I've built it about 4 months ago. This morning I restarted it. Now all it does is go through the award bios screen then restarts. I did nothing that i know of to cause this. I've cleared the cmos and put back the settings i had before and it still is just rebooting. Any help would be appreciated.

A:computer restarts after bios boot screen

Welcome to TSF....

I would suggest to replace the CMOS battery and then reboot the computer and reset the BIOS then....
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I'm horrible with computers so I don't really know anything about my computer except that it's a Dell Dimension E and has Vista Home Premium My problem is that when I (blank boot won't screen after Computer BIOS) start my computer after the BIOS loads and where it would normally go to a log in screen it just stays a blank screen no cursor or anything I tried loading it in safe mode and it just freezes at quot crcdisk sys quot and I also tried using system restore which says quot the disc OS c has errors and tries to repair it to no avail I also tried Computer won't boot (blank screen after BIOS) the Computer won't boot (blank screen after BIOS) quot Repair Your Computer quot thing and left that running Computer won't boot (blank screen after BIOS) for about hours and that didn't do anything and so I finally tried to reinstall Vista but I couldn't even do that the disc loads and lets me click install but it freezes after that I guess I should say when my problem started I clicked a youtube link and then some error came up saying I don't remember but it did say something about C not the disk but the code well after that error Firefox froze so I tried closing it through the task manager but it just said access denied so I tried to restart my computer but explorer was frozen so I had no choice but to use the power button after which my problem started Also in the system settings error log it says there's a POST error Keyboard error every time I try to restart my computer

A:Computer won't boot (blank screen after BIOS)

try another keyboard
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Please allow me to preface by saying I know I messed up and I will never mess with the BIOS again That said any help to Mistake- Update Big BIOS- won't Computer Boot Tried is appreciated Thank Tried to Update BIOS- Big Mistake- Computer won't Boot you so much Hi I tried to update Tried to Update BIOS- Big Mistake- Computer won't Boot my BIOS on my Acer AOA Netbook I know terrible idea I wanted it to be updated in case I used a cell battery I downloaded the BIOS version from http global-download acer com GDF Aspire One amp Step AOA amp OS X amp LC en amp SC PA I clicked on one of the readme files and it said to click on one of the executable files included in the download and to then click quot Tried to Update BIOS- Big Mistake- Computer won't Boot sure quot Once I clicked sure my computer immediately shut down I tried to turn it on after only about seconds It simply will not start up completely but I can get to the F screen If I choose not to go with the F option the normal Windows XP flashing image will come up except it flashes slightly slower than normal Then right before the screen can display my various accounts to start windows the netbook completely shuts off This is an Acer AOA model netbook I downloaded the BIOS that Acer s website said was for my computer I fear that I may have tried to turn it on while the computer was still trying to flash the BIOS Or I just messed up from the start by trying to do it from Windows Honestly I don t really know what the problem is my knowledge is limited Therefore I really really appreciate the opportunity to post my issue here Any help is appreciated Thanks again nbsp

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Hey I just built myself a new computer This is my th computer I have built myself and for the first time I have built one that is having some sort of problem Computer Specs Intel core i watt PSU gigabyte ga-ex -ud r Motherbard HDD x Raptor GB Seagate bar GB ATI Radeon OCZ DDR GB of ram Now the OS is installed on the raptor the other drives are just storage drives I keep nothing not boot on turns but bios will past Computer but movies music installers Ect I was able to install the OS and boot Computer turns on but will not boot past bios up for he first hours In that time I downloaded PC mark a few other bench MSN ventrilo the works I did a burn in and after restarted the compuer Perfect Everything is working fine I played some BF and world of warcraft for about hours and everything was running great I downloaded Alcohol and installed it To run an ISO files installer of a game and then I had to restart the computer so I did At this point When it loaded back up it loaded Past bios past windows screen and to the point where I could see the mouse in the middle of the screen It then stopped there and did not go any further I restarted the computer again This time it Computer turns on but will not boot past bios went all the way into windows I was able to play games again Now I restarted the computer about minutes later and Computer turns on but will not boot past bios now this time it stopped again at the point where the mouse first apears again like the first time it had froze up right before you can see windows desktop so I restarted the computer again and this time it would not boot past the bios and my monitor stopped showing anything So now I turn the computer on and the monitor never shows anything And I have the side of the computer open and infront of me and what is happening is I see everything light up and the DVD-Rom spins and makes a short noise as it always has and I hear the computer load for a second and then it stops and then I hear it all repeat that sequence again and again and again I left the computer on for about minutes and it just repeated the whole time never doing anything different never getting past the bios SIDE NOTE All core temps when I was in and on the desktop when the computer was working were never above c at Ever MemTest was Sucessful and all HDD tests were as well So that is my problem Now Some things I have done to trouble shoot this so far Removed Motherboard battery Cleared Cmos Shorted it out Replaced motherboard battery Tried Reseating all the ram Tried just one stick of ram at a time Each one by itself Each one all displayed the same effect Cleaned and inspected the motherboard carefully Everything is looking good Replaced all Sata HDD cables with new one s Tried connecting only one HDD at a time Did all three HDD individually none displayed anything different then just the same Black screen that does not get past the bios I while doing this had my Windows boot disk in the DVD-ROM Tried taking out the ram Video card HDD s and wires and putting them all back in making sure the connections are Removed the DVD-ROM Tried to boot without the DVD-ROM connected Removing my video card and using a video card that only requires a watt PSU and it doesn t even have a fan on it just a heat sink and it doesn t even have an extra Power Pin slot that requires extra power Just plug the card in and that is it I put that old card in and I removed all HDD s and also removed the CD-ROM Trying to see if I could just see the bios I tried with no HDD and leaving the CD-ROM in one HDD no CD-ROM Each HDD was tested by itself with and without the CD-ROM And Still the same sound and no booting past bios nor do I see anything on the screen So this is where I stand in the battle to get my new computer to work I am broke and have no money and no other processor to use to see if it might be the processor which I do not feel at this point the problem would be anyways If you guys could just say some stuff that I might have ... Read more

A:Computer turns on but will not boot past bios

The first thing that springs to mind that you have not mentioned is the PSU
You don't mention the make or if it is new,
I have had new psu's fail within the first couple of months of building a new system, this is why I always use Thermaltake or Antec
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My computers been untouched for a couple days now and when I went to turn it on today the BIOS screen loads up and post screen comes up but after that nothing happens!
All I get is a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner! I took out the small battery to reset bios but that didnt fix it. Any suggestions would help!

A:HELP!!!!!!!! Computer wont boot or anything after BIOS and Post!

Safe Mode not working either? Jazz
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I am building a computer, placed the mother board in, booted it up without anything attached and it went to bios fine. Then I put everything in and it will boot up sometimes and then freeze. Other times it won't even go to bios. I have unplugged everything to see if it would go to bios. Nothing. HELP PLEASE! Thanks

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I wasn't sure if this should be in the XP forum or hardware bios forum, so forgive me for making a double post.

I flashed new bios and now my computer wont boot. It gets to the loading windows screen, then flashes a blue screen so quick I cant read it and reboots.

Is there anything I can do to get it up and running again?

I'm running windows XP with a Pentium D, and AOpen i945Pa-PLF motherboard.



A:Flashed New Bios, Now Computer Wont Boot. Please Help!!!

Welcome to TSF....

How to perform a Repair Installation of Windows? XP.

Two things are needed here, just a bit of old technology, an ink pen and a piece of paper to write down any special settings that might have to be changed back after the repair-installation is completed.

Please Note: Performing a "Repair Installation" in this manner should not delete any Personal Files, it should 'repair' the core of the installation but to be safe with your data you should follow the next two paragraphs.

You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or external hard drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable. and do the following:


The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible. :

Here is a link to a registry backup program that is absolutely fantastic it is called ERUNT and you would use this to backup the registry after running the repair-install procedure successfully.

(Remember to always keep a backup of two things: Your registry, and your data. You will never be sorry. ]

(The Windows? XP CD WILL be required for this procedure.)
( Recovery discs are NOT recommended with this procedure.)

A good set of instructions for doing a Repair-Installation are found on the following page and print out the pages of the site for reference further instructions on Slipstreaming Windows XP Home or Pro with any of the service packs are provided also other additional links that might be needed.

Please read the whole page on this web site to familiarize yourself with the procedure and all of the Warnings
The following links are provided for reference incase they are needed.

How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if Internet Explorer 7 is installed. ]

(How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install with IE6 Installed. ]

Just be attentive and follow all of the on-screen prompts.

Just let it do its when you finally are at the Windows Desktop, power down the computer and re-enter the BIOS and change the Boot Configuration Order back to its original configuration.

I hope that this cures your woes.

Post back with the results, and if there are any other queries/concerns.

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for the past few months my computer doesn't want to boot I tested my RAM graphcs cards blu-ray burner and HD the only thing I couldn't test were my psu motherboard and cpu hopefully the problems lies somewhere in there I did get a BSOD and looked at the dump and it pointed to my RAM so I ran memtest overnight and it didnt find any problems so I'm wonder if my motherboard RAM slots are faulty I also used a cooler masters psu calculator to see if my system was underpowered I have w and it said I needed BIOS computer wont to boot even menu at min computer wont even boot to BIOS menu of w but it suggested the same psu that i was using anyways every once in awhile I can get my computer to boot if I remove and reinsert my hardware Once computer wont even boot to BIOS menu my computer boots I have no problems The problem happens when I have to shutdown the computer Once I shut it down it wont boot and suggestions

A:computer wont even boot to BIOS menu

If you are pushing the limits of your PS it could be causing your problems. Try running with one graphics card for a while and see if the problem goes away.

Let's start with that and see what happens.
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Sorry if this isn t the right forum for this but I couldn t find any other place that fit better Please move it if you d like I just got a desktop computer from a friend It s a very high Computer EXTREMELY boot up BIOS problems? slow, powered PC However when booting it up it takes an extremely long time to load this was with a a blank HDD It seems it s extremely slow doing the POST About - min and loading BIOS or their settings or whatever After it does the POST it will allow me to go into BIOS or do whatever I want Computer boot up EXTREMELY slow, BIOS problems? I also put in the Win install disc and it read it and began to install However it took about hours to install Win no joke After it was installed and I got to log in and everything it was running very Computer boot up EXTREMELY slow, BIOS problems? smooth and fast No lag no slow loading nothing Just perfect but the booting up process is still extremely Computer boot up EXTREMELY slow, BIOS problems? slow I was wondering if this is a BIOS or Processor or Motherboard issue Everything is connected properly and inserted firmly Is there any reason why this can happen It seems like BIOS is just being so slow I have also set BIOS back to defaults and even removed the battery for seconds to reset it These are the specs Phoenix BIOS v maybe can t remember Intel Quad Core GHz nVidia GeForce GX GB of RAM EVGA Motherboard Can t remember the model but I can get it if necessary Watt PSU GB HDD Oh I m also about ready to just remove all the hardware and then build it back up Just to see and be sure if something isn t connect properly nbsp

A:Computer boot up EXTREMELY slow, BIOS problems?

RenoF said:

Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this, but I couldn't find any other place that fit better. Please move it if you'd like.

I just got a desktop computer from a friend. It's a very high powered PC. However, when booting it up, it takes an extremely long time to load (this was with a a blank HDD). It seems it's extremely slow doing the POST (About 20-30 min) and loading BIOS or their settings or whatever. After it does the POST, it will allow me to go into BIOS, or do whatever I want.

I also put in the Win7 install disc, and it read it and began to install. However, it took about 12 hours to install Win7 (no joke). After it was installed and I got to log in and everything, it was running very smooth and fast. No lag, no slow loading, nothing. Just perfect, but the booting up process is still extremely slow.
I was wondering if this is a BIOS or Processor or Motherboard issue. Everything is connected properly and inserted firmly.
Is there any reason why this can happen? It seems like BIOS is just being so slow..
I have also set BIOS back to defaults, and even removed the battery for 30 seconds to reset it.

These are the specs:
Phoenix BIOS (v6 maybe? can't remember)
Intel Quad Core 2.40GHz
nVidia GeForce 9800 GX2
8 GB of RAM
EVGA Motherboard (Can't remember the model, but I can get it if necessary)
1000 Watt PSU.
300 GB HDD

Oh. I'm also about ready to just remove all the hardware and then build it back up. Just to see and be sure if something isn't connect properly.Click to expand...

Yup. CPU + 1 ramstick; nothing else. Make sure the front panel connector (or a jumper) is properly on the board speaker pins, for diagnostics.
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Ive got this old computer thats been working ok for years. i went out for a hour, and when i come back, its got the windows 2000 version of a bsod. its not the first time ive seen this screen, so i rebooted the computer. but when the motherboard's boot screen came up, i heard a click-whirr-beep sound eminate from the box. it sounds like it comes from the hard drive, im not sure though.
it then shows "f1 to retry boot f2 to setup" or something like that. f1 doesnt work, just reprints the same thing; f2 takes me to the bios.
any help would be appreciated.

oh, system specs: windows 2000 pro (i forget which service pack i last updated it to), p4 1.5ghz, 256 meg ram, geforce4 ti4200 64 meg video card, soundblaster live! value. its an old dell computer.

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Just bought a new Nvidia 8800 GTX Graphics card and fired it up for the first time a couple of days ago.
I got a higher 3Dmark '06 score with this single card than with my 2 X ATI XT1900XTX's in crossfire.
Trouble now though is that after making a minor BIOS tweak last night to disable the secondary PCIe slot, the machine now takes ages to POST and the score for my new Nvidia card has dropped to about a quarter of the first benchmark.
I have tried this now with the secondary slot enabled and disabled to no avail.
When I slot my ATI's back in, the PC runs as it should.
I haven't edited my signature yet but a brief summary of my Rig:
AMD FX60 @2.6ghz
DFI Lanparty CR-DF 200
2gb Samsung DDR
Polit Geforce 8800 GTX 768mb @ 1800mhz.
3Dmark '06 score : 9104.

A:Computer slow to boot after minor bios tweak.

You can try resetting your BIOS. That will reset everything to its default/origninal settings.
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Hi guys.

Been having BSODs almost every day for 2 months. Today the computer won't even boot to bios, even though I can hear the fans and maybe harddisk running.

Before the bootproblems i ran the following tests:

Memtest86: 7 passes with no errors
Memtest ( inside windows 7: Showed errors right away
CPU and GPU temperature measurement: Normal temps

The BSOD i got before the system stopped working completely are attached.

I would really appreciate it if someone took the time to help me, been trying to solve this problem for weeks on my own.

I think it might be the RAM, but it could also be the motherboard, cpu, harddrives etc right?

A:Lots of BSOD, now the computer wont even boot to BIOS!

If the system won't boot to the BIOS, you have a hardware problem. You'll have to fix the hardware problem BEFORE you can do anything else (all of our diagnostics rely on being able to see something in the screen).

Although I'm not a fan of the HCIDesign test, it tells us something that MemTest doesn't.
You'll have to test the individual RAM sticks one-by-one to see if you can isolate the problem stick(s).

What happens when you try to boot to the MemTest disk? Does the system work with that? If so, then there's probably not a problem with the video card. But, if it doesn't work with that, then it's time to look at the video card.
Double check all cables, then try another graphics card to see if that's the issue. If you don't have a graphics card to try with, then see about purchasing one from a place that will let you return it.

There are 34 memory dumps dated 15 Jan to 11 Mar 2011
13 different BSOD error codes
and 11 different causes blamed
This is most likely a hardware problem (as described above).

Once you get back in Windows, please do the following:
- Please update these drivers from the device manufacturer's website - or uninstall/remove them from your system. Reference links included below.
- DO NOT use Windows Update or the Update Drivers function of Device Manager.
- Please feel free to post back about any drivers that you are having difficulty locating.
- Windows Update exceptions may be noted below for Windows drivers:



amdxata.sys Tue May 19 13:56:59 2009 (4A12F2EB)
AtihdW76.sys Wed Nov 17 07:02:04 2010 (4CE3C43C)
amdiox64.sys Thu Feb 18 10:17:53 2010 (4B7D5A21)
Rt64win7.sys Thu Feb 26 04:04:13 2009 (49A65B0D)
ASACPI.sys Sun Mar 27 22:30:36 2005 (42476C4C) - a known cause of BSOD's
athrx.sys Tue Jun 09 14:06:49 2009 (4A2EA4B9)
avgmfx64.sys Sun Apr 25 17:06:15 2010 (4BD4AEC7)
avgldx64.sys Thu Jun 03 17:06:48 2010 (4C081968)
avgtdia.sys Thu Jun 03 17:09:57 2010 (4C081A25)
atikmpag.sys Wed Jan 26 17:13:33 2011 (4D409C8D)
Lbd.sys Thu Feb 03 09:23:53 2011 (4D4ABA79)
atikmdag.sys Fri Sep 18 22:44:52 2009 (4AB445A4)
AtiHdmi.sys Sun Aug 23 08:35:11 2009 (4A91377F)



Built by: 7600.16695.amd64fre.win7_gdr.101026-1503
Debug session time: Fri Mar 11 10:57:01.769 2011 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:04:11.423
Probably caused by : Pool_Corruption ( nt!ExDeferredFreePool+c7b )
PROCESS_NAME: csrss.exe
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x19_3_nt!ExDeferredFreePool+c7b
Bugcheck code 00000019
Arguments 00000000`00000003 fffff900`c06f81e0 fffff900`c06f81e0 fffff900`c06f80e0
BiosVersion = 0702
BiosReleaseDate = 02/06/2010
Built by: 7600.16695.amd64fre.win7_gdr.101026-1503
Debug session time: Fri Mar 11 04:45:28.151 2011 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:24.431
Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!ExpInterlockedPushEntrySList+22 )
PROCESS_NAME: wininit.exe
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x3B_nt!ExpInterlockedPushEntrySList+22
Bugcheck code 0000003B
Arguments 00000000`c0000005 fffff800`02a76982 fffff880`0318c0b0 00000000`00000000
BiosVersion = 0702
BiosReleaseDate = 02... Read more
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Last into shut even Windows computer. bios it Now not boot did down Update won't Tuesday I initiated a windows shut down after noticing windows update had installed updates The ' Installing updates Do not shut off computer ' screen was displayed and I left the computer updates to do their thing for the day as it turns out Upon returning home that evening the computer was in the very same state Feeling I had little choice I hit the power button turning the computer off Windows Update did not shut down computer. Now it won't boot into bios even Now my computer will not boot nor can I get into the bios When I power it up the fans start the motherboard beeps Windows Update did not shut down computer. Now it won't boot into bios even once and then the Intel motherboard logo' screen the one with the PF bios boot options displays but I can not use any of the Windows Update did not shut down computer. Now it won't boot into bios even options It just hangs there I can initiate re-boot with lt alt Ctrl Delete gt and or boot button but the same thing happens Have checked all connections reseated the memory but the result is the same HELP Intel Motherboard DH DD with i processor

A:Windows Update did not shut down computer. Now it won't boot into bios even

Hello -
Is this a "home built" or "Brand name" computer ?
If it is a Brand name, please list the Make and Model
Thank You -
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the problem is when i boot up the computer, the busy light is constantly on and it will not show anything on the screen. i changed monitors and the same thing occurred, something is not allowing my computer to boot, maybe a virus, but how do i do a virus scan when the computer wont boot? i changed hard drives and the same thing occurred. i am sure that the problem is not monitor related but something else. all the wires and cords are connected and nothing seems obviously wrong. i put in a boot disk but it wont recognize it. any help would be great, if you guys need more information just ask, thanks

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When into trying systems. the BIOS. boot to Now computer Updated operating is old I built this computer back in the dark ages of I set it up to dual-boot Vista and XP Every time I powered on I'd get a prompt to boot into Vista or older version of Windows meaning XP I'd pick one and go on my merry way In I formatted the Vista drive installed Windows and deleted the XP install since I had XP mode in if I needed compatibility No more dual-boot prompt I had no issues until last Updated BIOS. Now the computer is trying to boot into old operating systems. night when I went shopping for a new hard drive My motherboard a Gigabyte GA-P -DS L was running an old BIOS that has problems with drives of Updated BIOS. Now the computer is trying to boot into old operating systems. TB or more So in order to be Updated BIOS. Now the computer is trying to boot into old operating systems. sure I could use the drive I'm buying I updated the BIOS to the latest revisiion using Gigabyte's BIOS utility to do it in-OS rather than through the boot menu When I rebooted the system POSTed fine But instead of booting Windows it gave me the old choice between Vista or the older version of Windows - despite neither of those operating systems being present If I tell the boot manager to do anything it spits out an error since it can't find any OS files it recognizes The BIOS itself seems to be fine - I'm writing this on the affected computer running Ubuntu with a Live CD I can see all the hard drives open files etc I just don't know how to get the boot manager pointed at Windows again Help

A:Updated BIOS. Now the computer is trying to boot into old operating systems.

Since you built this computer I'm guessing that you have the installation disc for Windows 7?
I'm also going to guess that you have all of your important data backed up for the installation of Windows 7.
What I would suggest would be to wipe the hdd which has the operating system on it with an application like Darik's Boot and Nuke and then do a fresh installation.  By wiping the hdd you will have a clean slate to start from.
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When my bios boot sequence is set to boot from CD, a 'press any key to boot from disk' sign should come up during boot-up.
It doesn't (it always used to when I set CD drive, not HD as first boot). I have not got the bios HD set as first boot, but have set it to boot from CD as first boot. When I boot up it goes straight to my HD / XP OS !

I need to boot from disk and I can't work out why the bios boot sequence I have set and saved is being ignored. My bios is not buggy and has never caused any problems until this issue. I have a MSI K9N Platinum mobo.

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I have a Gateway desktop with Windows already pre installed in it I bought this new and it did not come with any discs the to stuck in Windows 8 bios Solved: up boot won't computer this is what s going on I had a password problem and could not get into my computer I was Solved: stuck in the bios computer won't boot up to Windows 8 told by someone if I opened up the side panel of my computer and take out the small battery and I m plug it then plug it back in and turn it on and I would be able to reset my password well that has been reset and I m into the bios I ve tried the automatic repair and diagnose neither of them worked also I went into the UEFI firmware settings still nothing works I have no backup disk so I can t do that I ve also tried something saying if I could pull up a certain image I may be able to reset it but that didn t work as well The model number of the computer if this would help is DX G the processor is an AMD A APU as you can tell I don t know a whole lot about computers but my brother knows a bit so if I can get any helpful information or recommendations I ll forward it to him I m trying to avoid a costly repair it seems like the system has a problem recognizing windows it s only a guess I m not sure but I think I ve erased some functionality of the computer I m wondering how I could get the right drivers for the computer if that s the problem again any help would be appreciated I hope I m not stuck with a worthless computer nbsp

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX and I have had some freezing issues and it has wanted to reboot on it s own for no reason frequently I thought it was some malware that I couldn t detect so I was in the process of backing up my system when the really bad problem came up Now when I try to reboot the computer the cpu fan runs faster than I have ever heard it It sounds like it will literally fly apart it is running so fast I can get no screen whatsoever and it will not boot not even in bios I have read several posts about boot problems but I haven t seen anything about the cpu fan running so fast When I try to boot the computer the light even in boot speed no BIOS, CPU screen won't computer running and fan top comes on it the front and of course the cpu fan comes on but no monitor signal and no boot at all I have no control to try and help it It has the fan shroud like the Dell s are popular about having but I have removed it with no luck and put it back on Once the fan came on normally and it booted up but I ran Tune Up Utilities to check the system and it crashed while running the scan I haven t been able to boot it in any way again When I push CPU fan running top speed and computer won't boot even in BIOS, no screen the button to start it all I get is the cpu fan running full force and I mean like nothing I have heard before I can let it set for a while and it makes no difference I am running a sata gig hard drive and sticks of gig each ddr ram I recently had trouble with a video card that I had used for as long as I ve had the computer and removed it but now my problems are worse My power supply is only a watt that came with the computer I have tried removing and changing the ram memory but no effect If anyone can help me please do because I have a problem that keeps me home bound and the internet such as e-bay etc is my only income and I don t even have a backup I am using a friends computer to post this nbsp
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Asus G sw Laptop that I have used every day for the last years So I got I on computer Can't day! every to Help: use change UEFI, Needed to boot BIOS, from the message quot Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device press any key quot so I tried another working HDD that has windows on it same message I took apart the computer and checked the connections and cables One time during the constant restarts with other HDDs I got the message quot A Disk Read Error Occured quot When I entered Help: Can't boot from BIOS, Needed to change to UEFI, on computer I use every day! the BIOS menu It recognized the HDD Also on the Easy Flash I could see that HDD and its files Finally was able to load windows with UEFI mode I am unaware what this is but I assume it will work for now I have made no updates to windows installed no drivers or programs recently and am unsure why BIOS won t load any of my HDDs to windows when BIOS clearly sees it Can anyone help me with this issue Thanks nbsp

A:Help: Can't boot from BIOS, Needed to change to UEFI, on computer I use every day!

so I tried another working HDD that has windows 7 on it;Click to expand...

OK, you cannot take a hd with windows already installed and put it in another system then expect it to boot. Not going to happen unless the two systems have very similar or identical hardware.
Finally was able to load windows with UEFI mode.Click to expand...

This allows windows boot mgr to take over the boot process. This is not the only difference; there are many. UEFI uses GPT table, can address larger hd, and a lot more. Here is an article that explains uefi in more depth;
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I was trying to do a clean install of XP onto my desktop but the installation was interrupted when it couldn't find a file it needed and now my computer will not load past bios. I cannot even get into Bios to change any settings.

A:Windows Xp Install was interupted now computer will not boot past bios

There's not a lot in a failed XP instakllation that can have such a catastrophic effect as this. Remove the CD from the drive, disconnect the power cable for a minute and try the power on switch again. If it starts, it will fail to find an OS so close it as instructed and put the CD back in.

I suggest you clean the disk first by gently, and with a finger only, rubbing a small amount of toothpase over it then taking that off with some lint or other soft cloth and DEFINITELY NOT any wood based paper materials.
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I recently reset my Gateway NV52L15u laptop computer in order to empty it out and restart back to factory basics. However, now if I turn it on, it goes straight to BIOS, telling me I need to "Insert Boot Media". I tried using my recovery drive, but that did nothing at all to fix it. Please help me, I need help on how to fix this.

A:Computer stuck in BIOS after reset? Insert Boot Media 8.1

In order to access the Recovery Manager you must repeatedly tap the F11 key at boot. However, if you have formatted the drive before hand, the recovery partition is gone and you will have to use Recovery Disks hopefully you made when you first got the computer. If no disks, you may be able to order them from the manufacturer.
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I've got an old Dell that I'm trying to get running again but, every time I start it up it goes directly to BIOS. It regonizes my hard drive and all of my other hardware. When I exit out of BIOS it says that I have to replace jumper for settings to be saved. It is now safe to shut down your computer. I have tried booting from a Ubuntu live CD, another harddrive, I've replaced all the cables and I've tried using another power supply. Any help would help because I'm stumped.

A:Solved: Dell computer goes directly to BIOS then won't boot when exited
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I have an hp g and I encrypted my hard drive with truecrypt after attached HDD Computer or wont bios access encryption boot with and I am unable to to anything with Computer wont boot or access bios with HDD attached after encryption my computer now for the most part In truecrypt setup i chose to not encrypt the startup files I ask asked if i wanted to encrypt them and it said some computers need theses to be unencryted and some work fine without If the HDD is plugged in I cant do anything at all I tried to get into bios and it recognizes that i press the key by saying something along the lines of quot press f to enter bios quot where it had said quot press esc for options quot then it goes to a black screen where I can not type When I remove the HDD I can acces bios and I changed the startup delay to sec to possibly give me more time to enter bios and i changed boot order to boot from cd my truecrypt recovery cd but neither helped Now my computer will boot from the cd if there is no HDD but I have the same problem when I put the HDD back in I have also cleared the CMOS by removing the battery for min Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp
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Ok Trying to fix a friend's computer and seem to will SR... past boot Compaq Presario Computer screen, not bios have run into a rather strange snag Computer will not boot past bios screen, Compaq Presario SR... nbsp nbsp Problem nbsp The computer will not boot past the bios screen nbsp Details nbsp When you power on the computer the compaq logo with intel inside shows up and has the lt F Computer will not boot past bios screen, Compaq Presario SR... Setup gt and lt F System Recovery gt options listed as well nbsp And Computer will not boot past bios screen, Compaq Presario SR... this is about as far as the computer gets nbsp After this the whole computer is just locked up no buttons work on the keyboard no lights come on the keyboard ect ect nbsp I've tried mashing on the F key as soon as I power on the computer and I can manage to get it to say entering setup but it still freezes after this point nbsp I've already tried eliminating possible sources of problem all expansion cards removed HDD and Dvd Rom disconnected single memory module mb ddr only power vga and keyboard connected nbsp Ive also used the jumper on the motherboard to clear the cmos hoping that would solve the problem to no avail nbsp I've tried using a different stick of memory and different memory slot as well nbsp Tried using both a ps and a usb keyboard Ive even tried pulling out the jumper for the bios password protection even though it didn't have a password on it just trying anything I can think of nbsp nbsp The installed bios version is and that is about all I know about the computer at this point other than what the website tells me of it nbsp nbsp nbsp http h www hp com ewfrf wc product product amp lc en amp cc us amp dlc en amp submit y amp submit x amp lang en amp cc us lt -- link to the webpage for the model nbsp I am basically at a loss on this one so if anyone feels up to racking their brain on this one I would greatly appreciate it nbsp nbsp I've got a pretty strong knowledge of computer repair so feel free to give me anything to try nbsp nbsp If you need anymore info out of me let me know as well nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Computer will not boot past bios screen, Compaq Presario SR...

Try clearing the CMOS again but this time remove the CMOS battery and hold the power button in for a few seconds. Then replace the battery and try booting up again.  On the back of the pc is the PSU condition led green or flashing?
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Hello Yesterday I attempted to boot my computer but I only hear the BIOS beep code long short and nothing on the monitor which is powered BIOS short 1 long code 2 Computer Solved: won't boot, on From my research I ve learned that this indicates a video error has occurred and that BIOS can t initialize the video screen to display any additional information After following several guides I have removed and reinstalled all of the hardware components other than the motherboard CPU and fans The only component that got rid of the BIOS code when removed was when I disconnected the cord that led from the power supply to the motherboard in slot ATX V Obviously the computer won t run but the BIOS beep code goes away I suspect either a Power Motherboard or CPU problem Last summer I was having a CPU overheating problem which went away for a while but the temperature was starting to creep back up in December You can read the thread here http forums techguy org hardware -computer-crashes-only-while-playing html Any advice on how to proceed It s an Solved: Computer won't boot, BIOS code 1 long 2 short older computer and I really don t want to spend a lot of money repairing it since I have two others Specs will be listed below Thanks My PC is custom built Here are the specs - Motherboard ASUS M NPV-VM - RAM Patriot Memory Dual Channel DDR GB - CPU AMD Athlon X - Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX - Power Supply Antec Earthwatts EA - OS Windows Vista bit nbsp

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I noticed, in Device Manager, that my onboard sound wasn't working, so I tried enabling, uninstalling/reinstalling, updating its drivers to no avail. I had to disable my Soundblaster card or the computer would exhibit freezes/continuous reboots with it enabled. I decided to disable the onboard sound in BIOS and now my computer doesn't do anything--I turn the power on and the monitor stays black and the monitor power light blinks on and off.

My motherboard's a Gigabyte GA-7VT600-L, VIA KT600.

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Solved: Disabled my onboard audio in BIOS, now computer won't boot
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Did system manual check up and found that all devices in bios are diabled. every thing runs good. Can set divices as needed. everything works good, just can't inable the devices. No error messages. found by accident during system check. More worried if something does happen. no bootable devices. Bios stated devices in parenthses disabled. Who figure?

A:all boot devices are disabled in bios. computer running fine

If the system boots and loads a OS your information/review can't be accurate.Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question: Sorry no tech support via PM's
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HELP Computer won t boot Tried everything Ok so this is my set up DDR mb Ram Asus A N X-X motherboard sapphire radeon xt mb GFX amd athlon cpu ghz gb HD just some cheap one- i forget brand perhaps seagate edit a floppy In BIOS? HELP! won't HELP! Computer Reset CMOS Outed Battery? it. it. and boot! and dvd burning drive Ok and the problem is I installed a ripped off ty version of XP Never really worked splendidly I changed somehting in the bios i had no idea what it was i m stupid for doing so i realise it was something to HELP! Computer won't boot! BIOS? Reset it. CMOS Battery? In and Outed it. HELP! do with speed it was at about mhz and i changed it to mhz also note i had the quot bios virus alert thing quot ON the next few boots were dodgy and it only HELP! Computer won't boot! BIOS? Reset it. CMOS Battery? In and Outed it. HELP! booted up every second or third attempt if it didnt boot up it wouldnt boot and just went beep long beeps and repeated -in no code this worked for boots before it never booted again it just beeped until i moved the jumpers on the pins from the two pins closest to the battery position to the furthest two and turned HELP! Computer won't boot! BIOS? Reset it. CMOS Battery? In and Outed it. HELP! the pc on it didnt beep the monitor didnt respond and but it seemed to be turned on the cpu fan was going and a green LED on the mobo was on i then turned the power off and stuck the jumper back on the original pins and turned it back on hoping the BIOS would be reset but the beeping sequence continued and nothing seemed to start So then i took out the battery for over half an hour then put it back in with the jumper still on the original pins- nb the comp power was off it booted - well it half booted i mean the LED was on on the mobo and the cpu fan was running but it never boot nb no beeps now either - that is my current situation has my mobo been toasted is it my sweet as gfx card lt whats up the ram Help list suggestions and steps on how to do them like a guide-by-guide for newbs like me P S edit do you think a system repair or flash bios would work THANKS IF YOU READ IT ALL nbsp

A:HELP! Computer won't boot! BIOS? Reset it. CMOS Battery? In and Outed it. HELP!

The Athlon XP 2600 that runs at 1917MHz runs on an FSB of 166MHz and has a clock multiplier of 11.5 (166 X 11.5 = 1909Mhz).

So if you have a system bus setting of 200MHz and the clock multiplier is set a 11.5, you were running it at 2300MHz, which is seriously overclocking it.

The processor might not have been up to that much overclocking and died.

Find out what BIOS settings do before you change them!
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I just restored my computer to factory settings and it had me do an asus update (its an asus laptop) and now when ever I press the power botton I get a blank black screen no cursor or anything and my fan spins at full speed. I've had this problem in the past,but I do not remember how to fix it. I've tried unplugging everything and holding the power button for 30 seconds to a minute but that did not work.

A:Computer will not boot bios/hard drive wont spin up

Make sure the monitor cable and adapters connected securely. Can you login to BIOS setup utility screen, does the computer display any image or text on the monitor soon as you start the computer. Can you remember name of the update was is BIOS firmware update.
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I have an hp g and I encrypted my hard drive with truecrypt and I am unable to to anything with my computer now for the most part In truecrypt setup i chose to not encrypt the startup files I ask asked if i wanted to encrypt them and it said some computers need theses to be unencryted and some work fine without If the HDD is plugged in I cant do anything at all I tried to get into bios and it recognizes that i press the key by saying something along the lines of quot press f to enter bios quot where it had said quot press esc for options quot then it goes to a black screen where I can not type When I remove the HDD I can access bios and I changed the startup delay to sec to possibly give me after access HDD wont bios Computer encryption attached or boot with more time to enter bios and i changed boot order to boot from cd my truecrypt recovery cd but neither helped Now my computer will boot from the cd if there is no HDD but I have the same problem when I put the HDD back in I have also cleared the CMOS by removing the battery for min Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Computer wont boot or access bios with HDD attached after encryption

It seems very odd that a hard drive would prevent the BIOS from operating in the way you mention. It does sound like an error has occurred with truecrypt and the boot loader section has been damaged.

I suggest you read through the truecrypt rescue instructions and see if you can restore the drive.
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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

A:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?
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My Sat M30 laptop start with an bios error. The error says "Resource conflict, edit bios setting or boot" If select "boot" computer hangs before windows completely starts. I remove the wi-fi and the modem module and the same error appears. I can't upgrade the bios because the windows don't start. The bios version is 1.7. The laptop is UK version. If select "edit bios", bios start but I can't find any resource management.


(sorry for my english, I am from Spain)

A:Satellite Pro M30 Bios error Resource conflict - Edit bios setting or boot


I think the error ?edit bios setting? means that you should access the BIOS and should set the BIOS back to the default settings.

Please do this, save the settings and try to boot up!
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Im working on a Toshiba Laptop A - Model PSAA U- FH K that froze while trying to flash the BIOS so I didnt know what won't A105: Failed access now BIOS & BIOS Toshiba flash; boot no else to do but shut it off Now when Toshiba A105: Failed BIOS flash; now no BIOS access & won't boot I Toshiba A105: Failed BIOS flash; now no BIOS access & won't boot try to boot it up it gets stuck in the same place it did during the flashing on the Toshiba splash screen with the status bar at the bottom showing about complete I cant get into the BIOS and cant boot into Windows Other options available on this screen are Press F for System Settings and F for Boot Menu Pressing F results in a beep and the status bar changing to quot Please Wait quot but nothing else happens no matter how long I wait Pressing F doesnt do anything Pressing ESC takes me to a screen that shows the typical system info -- Phoenix Technologies Version Intel Calistoga CRB T A Reference BIOS VERSION MAK looks like its running POST and recognizes CPU Cores No TPM or TPM has a problem and system RAM and stops there What is my best course of action - shorting out the CMOS battery I ve tried this on the solder pads marked C with no laptop battery with and without the wi-fi ram and hdd installed Im either doing it wrong or its just not working - trying to reflash BIOS chip I tried this turned the laptop on and held down the c key to boot from cd but still got stuck at the same place - replacing the BIOS chip - something else Any guidance or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated Please feel free to let me know if you need any additional info from me Thanks so much in advance NorCalGirl Toshiba Laptop A - Model PSAA U- FH K Windows MCE SP I believe -bit GB RAM nbsp

A:Toshiba A105: Failed BIOS flash; now no BIOS access & won't boot

Im trying to figure out why I've had no replies yet.

Have I asked a stupidly easy question that everyone is rolling their eyes to and cant bear to tell me the answer? Or have I stumped everyone?

I have a hard time believing this is a stumper. I've found the same question posted elsewhere on the net and shorting the CMOS seemed to help. That or removing the battery altogether (its soldered to the board), but I dont think Im doing it right. Can someone give me directions on that?

or is this just a lost cause? :-/

Thanks in advance
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My laptop has no problem before. Recently I try to install Windows XP. First attempt fail, so I change SATA at BIOS from AHCI to Compatible, success. However the partition that I want to install*Windows XP to is not available.*

So just to test I choose my Windows 7 partition. Since it want to format the partition, I cancel the installation. After restarting windows, it stuck at bios. I restart again and change SAT to AHCI. Restart, still stuck at bios. This time I cannot enter BIOS, recovery or change boot media. Assuming the boot sector has corrupt, will reseating the cmos battery will fix this *problem. Please help. Thanks in advance.*

A:Windows 7 Stuck At BIOS Cannot Enter BIOS or Change Boot Media

Somehow with guidance from Lenovo Community, I solved the problem.

For future reference:
1. Take out HDD, battery, plug off ac power.
2. Restart, change SATA Controller in BIOS to compatible, restart.
3. Check whether the SATA Controller is Compatible or AHCI. If Compatible, force shutdown laptop.
4. Put back HDD, boot with Windows 7 Recovery CD or Installation Disc.
5. Choose Autostartup Repair.
6. Restart.
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I have problems with entering the BIOS and boot. My device requests a password, what can you do? Toshiba service centers in our city is not present. All I could do - press control, tab, control, enter, and the machine gave me PC Serial

Sorry for my English, I used Google translator.
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So recently I purchased a Galaxy GTX MB video card I was previously using a BFG Tech GTX When I first installed the GPU I was on an ASUS P B Deluxe WiFI Edition motherboard I am now on an ASRock P time) up Bios (slowing Mobo boot up GPU showing BIOS before Extreme motherboard I mention the old mobo because the problem has been the same regardless So I link the issue to the GPU Anywho the new Galaxy card on boot displays it's own Bios information before the mobo Bios page shows up It's actually the first thing I see on my monitor It just simply displays Galaxy Bios version etc etc etc It doesn't last for more than - seconds but I personally feel it's an unnecessary delay Especially since I'm so adamant about computer efficiency and I try to get my boot up times as fast as possible Just a personal hobby I enjoy So I was curious if there is a way to disable this initial Bios screen I did many google searches and couldn't find the problem to a a perfect description Some people did mention that it has GPU Bios showing up before Mobo BIOS (slowing boot up time) to do with a motherboard conflict but that's why I mentioned bother motherboards One was old and the one I'm on now is brand new I've never purchased a Galaxy card until now so I'm curious if it's unique to their brand I've never updated Bios on a video card before and I'm not sure if it'd cure the problem either Anyone familiar with this situation Thank you Edit I'll take a picture of the Bios screen and post it quick I just thought about doing it but I typed this entire message and I can't do that unless I restart

A:GPU Bios showing up before Mobo BIOS (slowing boot up time)

It will still have to do it's thing...even if you manage to make it disappear....I have had systems in the past that has done that same thing...if speed is what your after a SSD will do more for that.
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I tried to booting the computer Block error checksun BIOS BIOS Boot Award and received the Award Boot Block Bios and BIOS checksun error BIOS checksun error Award Boot Block BIOS It detects the cdrom but I don t have the CD Where can I get the cd like where to download it HP Media Center Windows XP SP Motherboard ASUS P LP-LE LimeStone Pentium D I don t remember the rest I found the site for the motherboard http h www hp com ewfrf wc cc us amp product amp dlc en amp docname c Backgorund I was having some probelms which the computer wouldn t start at all and a really loud sound the fan made so I called my insurance and they came and change the mother board twice and added a new cooling fan and power supply All this took two months for waiting for the parts and making an appoinment with the tech After replacing the motherboard twice the tech told me I m gonna order new harddrive I don t think is the motherboard or the fan Before leaving he suggested me to call me inusrance and tell them that you want a new computer cause its been more than two months and there has been four calls already So I called the insurance and got a new computer and kept the old one A week after receiving my new computer I took the old one for repair but at didn t at the end after they told me how much it would cost me to get it fix Now I m deciding to do it myself but I boot the computer and received something about Award Boot Block Bios I remember the tech putting a cd to the computer when he tried booting it up Where can I get a copy of the cd or is there a site to download it from Before I installing a new harddrive and XP Vista if i can i need the cd nbsp

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Hi There,

I just built a desktop with a sabertooth x79 motherboard, and am running Windows 8.1 pro 64-bit. When I click the UEFI BIOS Firmware live tile via the change PC settings>update and recovery>recovery>etc. my computer reboots normally to Windows and will not open BIOS. I have tried accessing it using the delete and f2 keys, but this does nothing either.

Any ideas? I am up to date in terms of my BIOS, and am definitely running UEFI and not legacy.

Thank you so much.

A:UEFI BIOS firmware restart doesn't boot to BIOS

Motherboards - SABERTOOTH X79

Originally Posted by ASUS
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Computer won't boot after bios upgrade Quick history- computer was working but was dropped damaging hdd- verified hdd damage by removing it and connecting it to another computer- verified computer hardware still good by booting and using it from ubuntu live cd- purchased SSD- changed Bios HDD support to Legacy mode so I could install w - installed w bit professional- install went great computer booted in windows no lan or wifi yet missing drivers- downloaded drivers and bios update from HP site for my exact machine to USB stick using different machine- installed audio driver- installed bios update did not tamper with machine at all during BIOS update followed instructions exactly- after bios update nbsp s w said bios flash was complete computer just hung for min's- repowered machine only get black screen- holding down F while powering up gets white F BIOS Setup Options text in lower left corner of screen nothing else happens I tried holding the windows bios boot after upgrade bios or no Black menu screen and B key before powering then for a minute after powering several times nothing happened http support hp com us-en document c I repeated that procedure half a dozen times with and without a USB with the BIOS update software on it in a USB slot no difference nbsp nbsp Does my model support this key combination to load deffault BIOS settings nbsp Do I have any other options to unbrick my machine Any Black screen no boot or bios menu after bios upgrade advice is appreciated Mike
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Hi I am running a home-constructed PC started out life as a Dell but i had to Can't even problem? bios get Not boot Detected, INTO bios Mouse on replace the Mouse Not Detected, bios problem? Can't even get INTO bios on boot motherboard and - well one thing led to another Asus A N-E running NVidia nForce with AMD processor Windows XP professional Zone Alarm security suite It s been working fine for a couple of years with the odd hiccup but i transferred to Zone Alarm from McAfee about four months ago and upgraded to IE - security and fire walls seem to be a big part of the problems i ve had in the past so i thought i d mention it last week i had the quot application error with winlogon exe quot error on log on and I couldn t boot at all I did a repair install from the XP disk which Mostly worked but now I have no mouse I am having to tab through the browswer fields to even post this message which is incredibly frustrating Odd symptoms IE has rolled back to version I guess that might be a function of the repair install In the device manager there is NO quot mouse and other pointing devices quot entry let alone any mouse recorded under it In the control panel the mouse hardware properties are completely blank no way of updating driver or getting more inform ation - selecting the buttons does nothing In Regedit the particular registry key that Microsoft says I should be looking for at http support microsoft com kb which is HKEY LOCAL MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Class Mouse doesn t even exist in the registry So I am thinking there s something at the BIOS level that s wrong m eaning windows doesn t even know to look for the mouse but most weirdly of all when I reboot at hit quot del quot to enter the set up screen it won t let me - it just continues to load windows I have a bad feeling that there could be a virus involved with this - to access my work computer system remotely I have to switch off Zone Alarm and I wonder whether something got under the radar When I try to update Zone Alarm s virus scanner it won t let me Any thoughts gratefully appreciated Cheers Electric Ray nbsp

A:Mouse Not Detected, bios problem? Can't even get INTO bios on boot

Most likely a bad mouse, or a bent mouse pin, or you are using one of those wireless mouse units, or a cheap usb mouse.

Mouse detection problems are exceedingly rare except for the above... never heard of a mouse being affected by a virus.

Uninstall Zone Alarm if you are using Internet Explorer 7.0 because you will always have problems otherwise.
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I errantly switched the BIOS setting from Raid-AHCI to IEDI while attempting to allow my system to recognize a newly installed SSD nbsp The plan was to clone my HDD to the SSD as the boot Won't BIOS to from and No Boot Acc... RAID-AHCI IDE BIOS Change drive but it wasn't seen in windows nbsp Initially was able to see it in the BIOS settings nbsp Long story short I switched from Raid-AHCI to IEDI and have not been able to boot the PC BIOS Change from RAID-AHCI to IDE Won't Boot and No BIOS Acc... since nbsp On boot the pc turns on and the fans for the power supply and NVIDIA cards spin but there is nothing visual taking place on the monitor It's BIOS Change from RAID-AHCI to IDE Won't Boot and No BIOS Acc... as if the devices are getting power but the motherboard doesn't know they are there nbsp Tried clearing the CMOS unplugged took out CMOS battery held reset button and that didn't seem to make a difference nbsp There is supposed to be a recovery jumper on the MB E but the pins seem to be missing on my motherboard so that's not an option nbsp I'm pretty sure that BIOS Change from RAID-AHCI to IDE Won't Boot and No BIOS Acc... if I can get the MB back to Raid-AHCI mode it should respond for me again nbsp Unfortunately without access to the BIOS on boot I have no idea how to do that nbsp Any and all suggestions are welcome nbsp Thanks in advance
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I was running running an installation that edited the bios, while it was in progress I had a power cut and now when I switch the computer on, the monitor just says no signal. I am running Windows 7, is there anyway I can fix this? Really can't afford to replace the motherboard but might have to :/ thanks in advance.

A:Power Cut While Editing Bios Now Won't Boot Bios

running an installation that edited the bios

Can you explain what was editing the bios?

Which motherboard is this? There may be a jumper that will reset the BIOS back to defaults.
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I have hard drives with windows system on them One is windows media center xp and the other is xp pro As I start my pc it goes through the bios and then stops and I have choices Booting to the media center drive rdisk or the xp pro drive rdisk Both drives boot to their respective desktops all is well Btw i did install the systems when both drives where running My question change when boot settings NTLDR bios but 2 drives get Dual i ok boot when Dual boot 2 drives ok but get NTLDR when i change boot bios settings I change my bios from first boot Dual boot 2 drives ok but get NTLDR when i change boot bios settings disk to disk disk is another storage logical drive then save and exit it wont give me that choice anymore is shows a NTLDR missing I go to bios configuration again and change back to the original first boot drive and I can boot to either hard drive with no problems Why this is so This is my boot ini for both bootable drives boot loader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Windows XP Media Center Edition quot noexecute optin fastdetect multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Microsoft Windows XP Professional quot noexecute optin fastdetect Thanks to all Robert nbsp
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So i was playing Doom 3 and the game crashed so badly that i had to restart my computer (im running Vista 64bit by the way) and upon restarting it, it gets to the BIOS screen but after that it just goes black and nothing happens, i have tried the F8 thing but all that brings me to is this boot menu, but not advanced boot options, i have also tried pressing F8 or F5 after i selected hard disk from that boot menu, still nothing happens. So i cant access "restore to last good system configuration" because F8 doesnt take me to the right menu to do so. Also i dont have a vista install disk so am i SOL and have to just get another disk or upgrade to windows 7? or is there some other way to do this? Any help is appreciated!

A:Cant boot past BIOS screen, no Advanced boot options menu

Let's first see if this is a hardware problem. Try these free, bootable diagnostics:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics: (read the details at the link) (read the details at the link)
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Hi Sorry first time poster I wasn t too sure whether to post to the Windows forums or hardware forums From what I can see this seems like a hardware issue of some sort The problem I have is that during bootup my PC goes through all the normal things It detects my CPU detects RAM etc gives me nice BIOS Post messages that appear normal and then goes to a black screen It will then sit there for seconds i ve timed this twice and then proceed to go to the windows post BEFORE Boot: message, boot After Stalls on BIOS PC screen windows XP startup screen which takes about another - seconds to load up windows I ve attempted to log the bootups by using the Windows Boot logger by pressing F before windows boots PC Stalls on Boot: After BIOS post message, BEFORE windows boot screen The ntbtlog txt file isn t very descriptive and only lists that a whole lot of drivers have been loaded and some that haven t it doesn t list any errors I ve also tried using BootVis to analyse the bootup I found this a little hard to decode the information it gave me but there doesn t seem to be anything untoward happening The last boot logger I tried was bootLog XP by greatis software According to bootlog XP windows is only taking seconds to load up Can anyone suggest any other ways to analyse the boot sequence and discover where my computer is stalling specs are below Thanks in advance Matt CPU AMD Sempron Socket unsure whether it is Paris or Palermo core MBoard Foxconn NF K AB-RS HD WD Gb Graphics Innovision GS RAM Mb Hyundai Hynix DVD LG GSA- B nbsp

A:PC Stalls on Boot: After BIOS post message, BEFORE windows boot screen

check the boot order in bios

make sure fast boot is on and make sure that your first or second boot option is your hard drive
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Hey guys,

My PC was working correctly this morning and then when I came home from work and turned it on the machine doesnt load past the bios splash screen. Sometimes the one screen pops on after that says some info with the drives, ram etc but it turns black quickly with a little white line that flashes on or off in the top left like a command prompt but I cant type in anything. CTRL ALT DELETE does nothing (makes it go completely black). If I go into bios it sees all my drives correctly and the priority 1 is set to my SDD which has windows 7 on it. Theres no disc in the cd drive or usb sticks, etc. I even unplugged the cd disk drive and main HDD so theres only 1 boot possibility and I get the same result...

Any thoughts?

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I used to have a W system in IDE MBR and since I had to reinstall everything from sratch I decided to set my drives to up Single in OS Boot boot manager options? and showing Windows BIOS AHCI UEFI GPT After install I checked the BIOS settings and saw that in my Boot Options I had the Windows Boot Manager set as my SSD set as and DVD drive as When I change the Single OS and Windows boot manager showing up in BIOS Boot options? boot priority and set my SSD as my computer won't boot and asks Single OS and Windows boot manager showing up in BIOS Boot options? for a bootable device although the system is install on my SSD I don't have a multiboot system there's only W present so why do I have a Windows Boot Manager in my BIOS I thought it was only for multi boot systems so I don't get why it's showing up here When I go to msconfig startup there's only one system displayed W Since I'm new to AHCI GPT I don't know what's normal and what's not If it's not normal how come I got this Windows Boot Manager in my BIOS Maybe the old MBR wasn't erased even though I ran a secure Erase on my SSD

A:Single OS and Windows boot manager showing up in BIOS Boot options?

Windows Boot Manager is standard on a UEFI/GPT disk. 
See this post for an explanation.
A more detailed explanation is here under the UEFI boot manager
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Does someonw know which boot key combination is working for the L850-1k0 ?
I flashed a modded bios, that first worked, then changed settings for the graphic card, shut down and now the laptop is with black screen (also at external monitor on VGA or HDMI).

Now I try to reflash the original BIOS (InsydeH20 6.8) with wincrisis ( which should boot from usb, which would be indicated by the flasing light on the usb), but this needs certain key combinations held during powering on, that differ: I tried with the ones I found googling for similar models, Fn + Esc, Fn + Esc, Windows + F, Windows + B, Fn + B - but nothing worked, no activity at the usb.

So does someone know the working combination f?r this model L850-1k0?
I did not find something searching for it online!

Help would be very appreciated!

Thank You!
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So a few days ago I had the smart idea to update my Bios I had brought up System Information and saw I BIOS BIOS, menu bring at Restarts up Computer often can't even hadn't updated the Bios since it's an older computer so I downloaded the Bios and ran the windows installer Everyone seemed to run fine But afterwards the computer would restart at the Bios screen multiple times Given enough time it would sometimes get past the Bios screen and load Windows I tried pressing F to bring up the Bios menu but it would restart before the menu popped up After probably - resets I could bring Computer Restarts at BIOS, often can't even bring up BIOS menu up the Bios menu I tried using an USB with the Bios on it to install it again but it didn't fix anything I've heard of different things like pulling out and putting back in reseating the CMOS battery to reset the Bios to the original version I haven't tried that yet because I wanted to see if there were any other options Thank you for your time

A:Computer Restarts at BIOS, often can't even bring up BIOS menu

I am not aware that reseating the CMOS battery will cause the BIOS to revert to the original version.  Nevertheless, have you tried re-flashing the 2013 version again?  If that doesn't solve the problem, maybe you could try flashing the 2011 version?
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Hey guys I've been searching the web for solutions for hours now and won't find anything that works for me You are kinda like my last hope Situation I have a Asus A C Laptop here it's my brother's that won't boot If I turn it on it quickly shows the Logo screen and nothing else happens If I have a WIN -DVD in the DVD-drive created with downloaded ISO it seems to be working on another laptop the drive makes some noises but nothing else happens If I have a Ubuntu-Live-USB plugged in worked on this Laptop before nothing happens If I press F repeatedly after turning the Laotop on it's the BIOS-key nothing happens What I've tried I tried several boot boot from (Logo won't Laptop access or BIOS USB/DVD screen),can't potential BIOS-keys although I am sure that F is the one I tried the turn off Laptop won't boot (Logo screen),can't boot from USB/DVD or access BIOS deplug battery and cable hit power-switch times and for a minute thing I tried unplugging the Laptop while it was in the logo screen hoping this would bring me to BIOS after starting it again How I got there An Ubuntu system has been installed on the Laptop for a while Now my brother needed a windows and I wanted to create a dual boot system what I had succesfully done before Some stupid mistakes later I had a corrupted Win and wanted to overwrite it with a fresh install I tried to delete the Laptop won't boot (Logo screen),can't boot from USB/DVD or access BIOS MB system reserved partition in the WIN -installation menu because I Laptop won't boot (Logo screen),can't boot from USB/DVD or access BIOS thought a fresh install would create a new one This took about hour for the MBs without any visible progress I finally force-turned it off I then had a Blue Screen several times On started with quot x E quot one was something like quot stop x xFFFFF FC X XFFFFF C C D X quot Unfortunately I don't exactly remember how I got from blue screens to where I am now How I imagine the solution Is there a way to get into BIOS so that I could set DVD or USB as booting device I hope I could then reinstall WIN Is there another way to force the Laptop to boot from USB or USB Is there a way to plug the laptop to another laoptop in order to solve the problem But that's just my amatuerish imagionation any help is very much appreciated Yours Joe

A:Laptop won't boot (Logo screen),can't boot from USB/DVD or access BIOS

Hello and welcome Joe mate the BIOS key is F2 and this is the manual for that model sorry but I can only access the English version - if you type in what you want to search for it automatically will go to that setting or instruction.

Now if you select the optical as the first boot device and it will not go then maybe it needs a new optical drive - very cheap these days and you may be lucky that it is held in with one screw on the underside of the laptop without any pics it is hard to tell - it possibly could be in that manual.

Now for the BSOD's please use these if you want to get them analysed

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After installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS  I was unable to reboot into the newly installed system nor access the one time boot menu from F12 or the BIOS from F2 keys after the DELL logo and bar completed itself and displayed F12 and F2 in the bottom corner of the screen.
I can access  the ePSA Pre-boot System Assessment using CTRL Fn held down at boot.    I have run it twice, returning no faults.   Tapping the F8 key at boot has no effect.
Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you.
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I got a SSD now in my system connected to the first sata port with win7 installed
My previous (mechanical) sata hard disk who was prev. setup on this port is still usable and also has win7 installed on it. i wnat to use it as a experiment setup.
If I connect this old hdd to another sata port say sata 1 or 2.

Can I choose to boot from either the new SSD or the old sata-hdd and run win7 without problems using the BIOS boot order?

I read some scary stuff about this scenario could mess things up because both both drives used to be 'C'

Also I have my BIOS setup with AHCI nowbecause of the SSD. My previous hdd used the standard sata-mode. If I use this old mechanical sata hdd which has windows7 on it and use AHCI in bios will it boot/work?

A:Boot from one of 2 attached drives with BIOS boot order no problem?

As long as you installed windows independently, with the other drive unplugged, there would be no issue choosing either one to boot from the bios.

I doubt if the hard drive will boot in AHCI mode, but test it to see.
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HP p6604y, W7, stand alone, online via cable modem.

Computer suddenly failed while browsing the web. Now when it boots, it attempts to boot from a network. The network controller is Realtek PCIe FE Family series. It waits for DHCP for a minute, then switches to error message reading: "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key".

BIOS finds no HDD and no CD drive. SATA1 controller is enabled, AHCI. Under 'Boot Device Priority' both CD & HDD are listed as 'Not Installed'. I tried resetting the BIOS to factory defaults, but no change.

When I remove the RAM, I get the constant beep, so it seems the motherboard is not dead. I removed and reset the data and power cables to both the HDD and the CD drive, still no change.

I'm stumped as to what to try next. Any ideas are appreciated.

A:No HDD, no CD drive found in BIOS; boot attempts network boot

Faulty motherboard controller/ports, faulty cable, faulty drive, no power to the drive.

As this is affecting two drives, it sounds like a motherboard fault.
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PC has been running fine no issues,this morning switched it on and it when to boot as normal then went to a blank screen with message can not boot boot image corrupt
Since then,every time I tey to boot ,fans start then CPU fan stops monitor stays blanks and I don't even get the boot page
Press F5 or F8 does nothing and can't get into BIOS

PC about 8 years old with a giga byte EX58UDR3 mobo and Intel think it's a i27 CPU

A:corrupt boot image message ,now will not boot and cant access bios

It sounds to me like hardware failure. I'm not sure what that picture is for but I suggest that you check for blown capacitors. Capacitor Lab - Visual Signs of Capacitor Failure - Bulging and Leaking
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Hi there I hope this is the right forum for this question My son has an i custom build computer and the previous owner gummed the computer up good with malware etc The current setup is Windows but our goal is to install a fresh copy of windows Professional -bit which we have purchased quot intended for distribution with a refurbished PC quot This is a bit of a project for us so we are taking our boot can't boot to not trying order in BIOS working DBAN change time with it and hopefully learning something along the way We are trying to wipe the can't boot DBAN trying to change boot order in BIOS not working HDD completely on the can't boot DBAN trying to change boot order in BIOS not working machine but we are unable to run DBAN to do so because every time we restart the machine it keeps booting up in Windows instead of DBAN I have gone into BIOS and changed the order of the BOOT to read from the CD-ROM followed by the USB before the C Drive I have copies of DBAN on both USB drive and CD-ROM But it is still not booting Not sure what to do Cheers Sean

A:can't boot DBAN trying to change boot order in BIOS not working

It is possible you have not created a bootable CD/USB. Use Rufus for example.

Also provide motherboard make/model please.
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I need to put the Windows OS, that means Windows Boot Manager in BIOS at Boot option 2, but in this case it does not boot.
I need to put at boot position 1 PXE boot and if that fails boot from Boot option 2 (Windows). How could I do that?
My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3.

Thank you!
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For some reason my boot drive is not listed in UEFI BIOS where you choose the boot drive sequence, still the computer boots OK from that drive. I checked the System Config and the Boot tab is completely empty and I'm unable to make any changes there. When I try to run BCDEdit it says "the boot data config store could not be opened, the system cannot find the file specified". I ran SFC, no problem there. Is there any way to fix it?

A:Boot Drive not listed in BIOS / Empty Boot Tab in Sys Config

Are you saying the SSD is not showing in the bios, but yet your system boots just fine ?

I find this impossible

Post a shot of Disk Management.
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I need to put the Windows OS, that means Windows Boot Manager in BIOS at Boot option 2, but in this case it does not boot.
I need to put at boot position 1 PXE boot and if that fails boot from Boot option 2 (Windows). How could I do that?
My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3.

Thank you!
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I am choosing which OS to boot by changing the boot order in my BIOS. To me, this seems clean and simple. I built 32 bit XP on one disk, then removed that disk from my system, installed a different disk, and built 64 bit W7.

When both disks are installed, I change the boot order to select the OS I want, and each OS sees and can use the files on either disk.

Am I asking for trouble here, or is this as clean as I think it is? What I want is one set of user document files which can be used from whichever OS has been booted.

A:Choosing which OS to boot by changing BIOS boot order

Quote: Originally Posted by pander1203

I am choosing which OS to boot by changing the boot order in my BIOS. To me, this seems clean and simple. I built 32 bit XP on one disk, then removed that disk from my system, installed a different disk, and built 64 bit W7.

When both disks are installed, I change the boot order to select the OS I want, and each OS sees and can use the files on either disk.

Am I asking for trouble here, or is this as clean as I think it is? What I want is one set of user document files which can be used from whichever OS has been booted.

There are no problems with doing it that way its just a PITA. with minimal work you can have a bootloader where all you have to do is click the OS you want to run. You need to use a tool like bcdedit. there are instructions for itis use here BCDEDIT - How to Use .How this helps and let us know if you need help with anything

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Since I was having some issues with my system, I just reinstalled W7 from scratched on my SSD. With this new install I decided to go the AHCI, UEFI, GPT route instead of MBR and IDE like on my previous install.

Everything installed smoothly. I took a look at my BIOS setting and I can see in my Boot options that my #1 boot option is set to "Windows Boot Manager". My SSD is #2 and my DVD drive is #3. I only have one system installed (W7) so I'm not dual booting.

When I change the boot order and set my SSD as #1, my computer won't boot and tells to select a drive with a bootable system. "Reboot and select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected boot device and press any key"

Is this normal behavior?? If not, how do I fix this?

A:Why do I have to select the Windows Boot Manager in the BIOS to boot?

When you reinstalled Windows you should have disconnected the other drives and leave only your SSD connected as now you have your boot files on the other hard drive so either reinstall Windows disconnecting the other hard drives and reconnect when you're done or follow the suggestions in this thread

I need to move the boot files of win7x64
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Hi all I have an HP Elitebook m for work with Windows pro installed I would like to be able to boot a personal copy of windows from my external usb drive western digital elements so i followed this tutorial How to Run a Portable Version of Windows from a USB Drive and got windows on my drive ok Issue is im having really problems getting the option to boot from the boot allowing Win8 boot USB issues BIOs drive to come up in boot options Basically only the notebook hard drive and PXE are an option UNLESS i go into BIOS and mess about with changing boot settings to and from legacy to UEFI with without CSM Win8 USB boot BIOs issues allowing boot eventually on turning on and off it will give me the option to boot to my drive but its really hit and miss when i get the option all boots into win no problem any ideas to get this Win8 USB boot BIOs issues allowing boot to work better i dont really know the settings im changing and i know messing about too much Win8 USB boot BIOs issues allowing boot in BIOs is bad my external drive has partitions for win and for my other files both are NTFS the laptop came with an internal mSATA which is all formatted to NTFS even system reserved I tried creating a partition of FAT for boot and that hasn't helped same behaviour any help or pointers would be really much appreciated thanks Hawke

A:Win8 USB boot BIOs issues allowing boot

No one got any ideas? ive even tried updating the Bios and still does the same. ive got it down to a fine art changing boot mode, reboot, boot from external. kinda a pain
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I am trying to delete all the files from an old HP XH laptop running XP Its screen doesn't work so I have it attached to a remote monitor BIOS edit? w/o boot-up How to order change boot I have both a bootable floppy and bootable cd How to change boot order w/o boot-up BIOS edit? which have Active Kill Disk My intention is to boot one or the other and erase everything on the hard drive Problem I am unable to get into my BIOS to change the boot order Since I have to do a Fn-F to switch over to the monitor I am unable to get there in time to see when to hit F to edit my BIOS I have been trying for several hours to quot guess quot when to hit it still with no success I'm not even sure I would be able to see the BIOS screen anyway - maybe you have to get past that for Fn-F to swap out to the monitor If I let the system boot normally I can swap over in time to see it loading Windows XP Question Is there any way to change the boot order from within Windows or from DOS prompts Question Lacking a positive answer to is there any other way to delete all the files from the hard drive so I can dispose of the laptop Thanks

A:How to change boot order w/o boot-up BIOS edit?

When you hit the power switch of your laptop at same time start pressing f2 and keep hitting it until you get in BIOS. After getting in BIOS I you know what to do.