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Avast free vs Bitdefender free for newbies

Q: Avast free vs Bitdefender free for newbies

Avast free vs Bitdefender free for newbies about security. You can sugges other free products that are easy and protect well. Only antivirus.

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Preferred Solution: Avast free vs Bitdefender free for newbies

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Avast free vs Bitdefender free for newbies

If they absolutely don't know anything ("Hey, what's quarantine? What's scanning? What's definitions?") then Bitdefender without a doubt. If they know basic settings and to tell the difference between false positives than Avast!. I'll have to vote Bitdefender here, but Avast! is a much greater antivirus with those with basic security knowledge.

Update: See below post. I know longer reccommend Bitdefender. +1 to Avast!
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Hello all,

I've recently bought a HP Pavilion 15-n252sq laptop, with Free Dos - unfortunately I can't install Windows 7 over it, due to the following error I keep receiveing in the Installation screen:

"Select the driver to be installed" - and regardless of the paths I have and the available folders, I can not seem to proceed wtih the W7 installation.

Please notice that, I've tried to use both a W7 DVD and also a bootable USB drive (and yes, connected in the USB 2.0 port and not USB 3.0 ) - but I always get to the same point where I have to select drivers.

Please also notice that the BIOS doesn't allow me to make any modifications except for some minor ones (like select boot priority, or enable USB 3.0), as the rest of the MAIN features are greyed out .

Can anyone please help me with this issue?


A:HP Pavilion 15-n252sq - Can not install Windows over Free Dos

You may have to use a program Like KillDisk to reformat the drive. Then try installing your Win 7 DVD.
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I have a Seagate ST500DM002 using windows 7.
it shows around 150GB free space, when I delete files from it (not to recycle bin), it still shows the same amount of free space, even after restart, any advice?

A:Hard drive won't free up space after deleting files

This is a 500GB drive, right? How is it configured, as a boot or spare drive?
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Running vista home premium -bit with GB on readings erroneous HDD space/free Used space HDD When I open quot Computer quot it shows graphically and numerically the used and free space on my drives C - normally shows GB free of GB D - Factory image - GB free of GB K - HP Pocket media drive GB free of GB The problem I am having applies only to C with the others remaining unchanged The graphical representation of free used space is in Used space/free space on HDD erroneous readings blue and white normally Here is the problem The last couple of weeks when I open quot Computer quot I sometimes get C - GB free of GB and the graphical representation is in red not blue I got an error message the other day that I did not have free space to do what I wanted to do When I checked free space it was showing in red free space of GB instead of the normal plus GB As soon as I reboot the free space is shown as the correct amount - plus GB Anyone know what is going on and how I correct it nbsp

A:Used space/free space on HDD erroneous readings

I would cleanup like this

on your normal login

get a cmd prompt and enter cleanmgr

do it again using an admin login

Then verify the free vs total space
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Hi there I own an Alesis Multimix Firewire which I use to record music on my PC I connect this to my Computer via can (Code 12) use that free This enough it cannot device resources find VIA PCI IEEE Adapter Firewire Everything s been fine up until now it seems my computer won t recognize when the firewire cable is connected to the computer So I flipped open the motherboard and made sure the adapter was connected into the slot properly as sometimes it can slide out a bit since it is at a weird angle when the PC sits upright I rebooted again and it said that the Firewire adapter had been detected Tried connecting the Alesis and still nothing Went into System and Device Manager and under the IEEE Bus host controller tab it shows OHCI Compliant IEEE Host Controller with a highlighted exclamation mark over it I click into the properties of this and it says under This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12) the General Tab This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use Code If you want to use this device you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system More specifically under the This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12) Details Tab it says this PCI VEN amp DEV This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12) amp SUBSYS amp REV amp DC A amp amp Not sure entirely what this means I googled it and a lot of ppl saying to try and update the drivers etc but I don t think that this will do any good as the last driver was back in and I don t think any new drivers have been made since Looking for a logical answer to this one Any help would be greatly appreciated Attached a DXdiag file below too Thanks nbsp

A:This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12)

Looks like the motherboard's USB channels or chipset needs to be updated or re-installed
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Hello tech forums My friends computer has been having a very odd issue regarding cpu usage I noticed it when trying to play DC universe online and noticed big fps issues in character creation all settings being turned down After that I monitored resources to see if anything is amiss and soon enough I saw my cpu usage randomnly spiking Also it easily hits and is probably trying to use more when DC Universe is on The other odd thing I saw was that the cpu usually operated at a higher frequency than actually being used in resource manager I have uninstalled Startup toolbar updater thinking it was using too. reason. Already for no malware overused CPU free tested being too much resources and have used the malware tech support to see if it was a infestation of any kind No dice all scans came up relatively CPU being overused for no reason. Already tested malware free too. clean My only other thought is that it might be DMA being reverted to PIO or some software issue This is my last shot before I reformat this frigging labtop gt lt Only thing stopping me is the possibility that it might be hardware though I can t imagine why On another note maybe the cpu is just messed up Whenever it spikes i don t see a reason why nbsp

A:CPU being overused for no reason. Already tested malware free too.

Okay some new observations. With a room temp of 12 C my CPU idles at 45 C. Mobo is seeing 25 C during this. Also just watching the CPU usage through speed fan for a couple of hours I noticed that it likes to dance between 2% - 5% constantly. Occasionally spike to 30% or 50%. Also, it can't hand DC universe at all. Through CPU-Z The processor seems to be acting normal. It runs at half power when it's not being used much and jumps to normal speed. That might explain a little bit of spikage, but it's performance overall doesn't make sense. It shouldn't be jumping so high when I start DC online.
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Ok, can anyone help with this one?

I noticed that my PC was being reeaally slow recently so I attempted to clear some space, I did all the usual stuff: deleted unused programmes, emptied the recycle bin etc but its still slow and showing just 3% space remaning!!

How can this be? Surely I can't have used all the capacity!! How do I see what's using the most space?


Any advice most appreciated...

A:Only 3% free space remaining - how come?


Ali that is a worm/virus.
If you can try installing spybot, if you get luck with it make sure you run it, it will do it magic.
How ever to create some bit of space, you go to run, and type %temp%
press enter and shift + delete all you find there...
its safe...
Hope that helps
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I want 2 know this cause i want 2 host my Counter-strike source server on a vpn rather than hosting it on my PC.Please tell me of any u know of

A:Is there such thing of a free VPN

Not that I know of, unless you work out a deal with another Counter Strike clan to host your version on their machine as well. Setting up two dedicated Counter Strike servers on one machine might be quite a pain, though.

The system you describe in your profile should run a CSS server with out noticeably slowing down any thing.
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Till now, I've been using esnips for (non bit torrent) free file sharing. Problem is:

esnips started requiring the esnips download manager for any esnips download and
The new esnips installer includes sneakware: it installs its own home page, search page, etc. unless one carefully reviews and unchecks all the installation options
So everytime i give someone a file sharing link i don't want to worry about warning them about the sneakware (and worse yet, they overlook the options and install the sneakware by mistake)
Any other good site recommendations? And would you know how they compare to ensips offer of free 5GB storage with 200MB limit per file?

A:Recommendations for free file sharing sites?

DropBox is pretty awesome; I use it a lot. If you upload via the desktop app, there's no limit on the file size, but you're limited to 300MB per file if you use the web browser uploader. The max for free storage is 2GB I believe.
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DiskGetor data recovery free : 1, Increased ability of undeletion; 2, Recover system destroyed files and recover deleted ( word, excel ,photo,dwg ,cad,office ppt etc important data) files names perfectly which were erased in Recycle Bin ; recovered files will add right file extensions automatically, if they were in sub-folders before, DiskGetor will recover all these folders as well, Recover encrypted and hidden folders
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I ran out of free space on one of my partitions. Capacity of that partition is 54GB. I selected everything on that partition (including hidden files and folders) and size is 34 GB. I should have 20GB free, no?? All i have is 4 GB. but when i right-click > Properties, it shows me that i have 50 GB of used space. So one of 'em is laying or what? pls help me i want to install PES2010 and it requires 8-9GB of free space.

A:Low free disk space

You could try WinDirStat to see what is taking up space visually.
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I have a amd 7850 dual core 2.8ghz. And planning to overclock it to 3.0ghz. My M3A76-CM motherboard has an overclocking software in it called Jumper free configuration. So my question is, can someone tell me or post the settings to use to overclock my cpu to 3.0 ghz?

A:Quick Reply, Need help overclocking using jumper free configuration

you wont see much of a performance boost from 2.8 to 3.0
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Hey guys, i have a computer with 1024 mb of ram, a on board radeon x200, and a pcie slot with a geforce 8400
when i go to my computer specs it tell me i have .98 gbs of ram.... my suspicion is that couple of mb of ram is being taken up by the on board video card... does anyone know how to fix this?

A:How to free up RAM

redpikachu12 said:

Hey guys, i have a computer with 1024 mb of ram, a on board radeon x200, and a pcie slot with a geforce 8400
when i go to my computer specs it tell me i have .98 gbs of ram.... my suspicion is that couple of mb of ram is being taken up by the on board video card... does anyone know how to fix this?Click to expand...

Some of the RAM is used by/ reserved for, the computer's BIOS.

Also, the GB to MB conversion is not as exact as you think. (It goes by 8s, not by 10s)
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I cant play my DVDs in WMP11.

Are there any free mpeg-2 decoders, i can down load? Or alternatively, any media players, that has this codec, built in?

Ive done research, but end up at a dead end. Thank-you!

A:Any free mpeg-2 Decoders, for WMP/XP?

K-lite codecs, should supplement WMP if you don't yet have the proper codecs.
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I'm in a difficult situation here. I have had over 3 years of free ADSL internet at my home now (due to a mistake with the ISP). Anyway, my speed has been stuck at 5mbps ever since, with no download/upload limit.

Today though, I've noticed that my ISP has an option to get fiber optic internet, which is 40/40mbps currently and the speeds will go up soon...

But if I switch, I'll have to pay for it... So do you think fiber is worth it? Or should I just keep my 5 mbps for the years to come

A:Free ADSL vs Paid Optic

Before getting a large bill in the mail.
You should pay for a new Internet contract (fiber optic if that's what you want)
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I'm finally going to get a domain name after years of using my ISP's free webserver. I'm almost set with a name. I think all the words in the dictionary has been taken. Does anyone disagree?

I want to dive further in the realm of web programming so I thought I'd look for more feature rich web servers. My ISP only provide basic html stuff. Since my website is simple and I doubt it will garner much traffic anytime soon, I thought I'd stay with free service rather than pay $50/year when I'm the only one visiting the site and still learning the ropes. I need advice on which free providers I should look into and hopefully ones that you can personally vouch for. Googling is easy but I don't want to simply pick one on the top of the list if there are far better.

A:Looking for free web server

What I have used is Yola ( You might be interested in it, I like it because it has 0 adds on it. only a tab on the bottom of the page that says "make a free website with yola", and that you get a URL like this: The only thing is that I use templates, (it also says "designed by free CSS templates" you probably want something more technical. It might not be any better than what you have. :-( Anyway, I'm no pro, just thought you might like to check it out! if you want to see my website, it's (rather long), but you can get an idea how you can make it look.
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ok, so i know that this question has been asked a few times already but i am in need of a free program to burn dvds. i have downloaded some movies to my pc and now im having trouble finding a good program that will allow me to burn them to disc. obviously they are not all the same type of files, some are avi. some are mp4 files etc. i can covert them to other formats, but so far i havent been able to burn them.

if anybody knows of a program that will do what im looking for please let me know.

A:In search of a free dvd burning program

If you want free dvd burnung program you can find it via google easily. i found one program called InfraRecorder, but i didnt test it so i dont know if it works. just type infrarecorder in google and go to their website. on the righ menu somewhere you have download link. its a small program, just 3.19MB.
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I regularly use CCleaner as recommended by the virus malware removal steps including the wipe free space feature on occasion to really clean the empty space and theoretically speed up the HD etc However I recently installed a program called MagicUneraser to try to recover a file I had inadvertently deleted and after scanning the drive it found hundreds space free CCleaner wiping not of thousands of deleted files and continues to do so CCleaner not wiping free space after I have run CCleaner with the wipe free CCleaner not wiping free space space enabled several times This kind of pisses me off Are there any programs out there that actually do what they claim and CLEAN and WIPE the HD free space Alternatively are there any undelete programs that have an option to permanently delete found file fragments MagicUneraser does not offer this feature so while it can detect files that apparently CCleaner can not it can not clear them Help If I delete a sensitive document or want to CCleaner not wiping free space control the of copies of a particular document by making hard copies and deleting the active file on the HD I would like to feel confident that this is actually being done nbsp

A:CCleaner not wiping free space

I was never aware the CCleaner wiped free space. There are many free utilities that can wipe free space on hard drives. This is one:
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Hey, i've been using the external hard disk drive from seagate for over a year now, and then suddenly my PC crashes and after that did the computer not function normaly with the drive, it wont show up in my computer any more but is found in device manager, then i got told to go to Disk Manager, but i dont see the drive there, are there any way to fix this? or would Formatting the PC help? please i got a loads of song, pic, and movies on that drive

A:Free Agent Pro 1TB Problems

What happens if you connect that drive to another computer, does it show up normally? Have you tried a different USB port? Doesn't the Pro also have eSATA and FW? If so have you tried them?

Please don't double post, I've deleted your other thread on this to minimize cross posting/confusion.
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Hi All,

Need some help here. I am useing the Seagate Free Agent Go external hard disk, 320Gig. On the security tab i have created an encryption folder, together with my password to protect the files and save all my important files.

This morning, when I open the seagate manager, go on the security tab it doesn't give me an option to open the encrypted folder. THe only options that appeared was to created password, re-enter password. I tried to to that and click enter but then it prompts me to the seagate manager home menu. I wasn't able to decrypt all my files.

Ive checked on My Computer, click the drive, and it shows there the encyption folder ive made. But I need to use the seagate manag er, and go to security tab to open the encrypted file.

Please help. Thanks.

A:Encryption Problem on Seagater Free Agent Go

Can i assume that you have the FreeAgent hooked to a laptop? If so, try opening the files on another computer. These FreeAgent files may be corrupted
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i put a new system on my dell computer and i lost the program to my multimedia controller so if you can help me with it please.

A:How can I find free software for multimedia audio controller

If what you mean by 'new system' is a re-install of the original operating system, then you take the service tag number from your case, surf to the Dell site and enter it and they give you a list of the drivers you originally had.
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You can't post them here,their spam.
So find another way to identify your problem hardware.
It's needed to answer problems.


A:Free System testing software

um, what is this all about????
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can someone give me a name of some free broadband access company? I know they are out there.

and don't tell me about goggle tisp that Aprils fool joke. internet through your

A:Free broadband?

I am not aware of any free providers, but I did read this article earlier this week and it gives a bit of an overview of where things stand in the U.S.
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Free virtual memory?

what is free virtual memory?
and how do i get rid of old free virtual memory?
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Yesterday I downloaded The sims free time and in order for it to work you need to have DirectX c so i downloaded it but its still not working and keeps on saying that i need to check that i have compatible graphic adapters and the correct drivers How do i know which graphic adapters are correct for me and - with adapter Sims2 time Graphic 9.0c Help free DirectX the correct drivers They write quot Failed to find any DirectX c compatible graphics adapters Graphic adapter DirectX 9.0c - Help with Sims2 free time in this system Please make sure you have a DirectX c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer The application will now terminate quot I checkt start run dx diag Everythink is enabled So I read in this forum try to find mine ati radeon xpress M series drivers I downloaded smth from HP link And nothing They wrote me that I should check VGA What is it Maybe my pc is too old It s HP Pavilion ze Display ATI RADION XPRESS M Dnow Ghz Memory Mb RAM approx total memory mb main drivers ati dvag dll years DDI version or highre I have windows XP professional Dnow Ghz So what s the problam And I add sims free time crack but it doesn t help nbsp

A:Graphic adapter DirectX 9.0c - Help with Sims2 free time

Finding Direct X

Go to run Menu and type,
Do the tests.
Don't install older versions on game cd's,
Use ver 10 for Vista only.
Go here to update to latest 9 version.
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hey all i m looking for a free recording program to transfer a huge heap of old LPs ya know vinyl records i d like to record them into mp format heres what i ve got equipment wise computers with a good sound cards turtle beach montego SB audigy stereo system pretty standard stuff it can output to standard recording software? Free speak wire quot banana clips quot whatever that is and standard mini jack male to male mini jack cables my concept was to plug the stereo into the computer via the M M cables headphone jack to microphone jack set the levels as appropriate then hit record on whatever program i can get my hands on so what free programs are out there ones Free recording software? that are actually worth recommending i mean that will record like Free recording software? that to mp or if a better way to record comes to mind i d be interested in that as well the one requirement is that it be very cheap or free i m doing this as a present for my parents its their records but i have basically no money to do it with maybe i could manage US if i scrounge around nbsp

A:Free recording software?

The program I use for audio editing is Audacity.

It is an amazingly popular open-source audio editor that really packs a punch. Just note that you'll need to download an additional .dll file to output in .mp3 format. Give it a try.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite, that only allows 4 DVD zone changes before it refuses to change zones. I do a lot of travelling, and my computer is stuck in zone 2 now, when I usually live in Zone 4. Does anyone know any FREE (not free for 30 days) software that I can download to fix this problem?

A:Region free DVD player, free!

I wonder if you had an external (USB) DVD Drive set to region 4, and an internal drive set to 2 (actually I've never tried this, but it should work)
Ofcourse this is not free (and actually dearer than DVD Free software) but at least it avoids having another program running all the time.
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hey mates just got an offer of a free laptop don t have the exact specs yet but its intel dual core a gig or of ram at least gig hd its an dell business model again don t have exact specs just yet however being free it has a major problem it won t turn on at all no post nothing well i m not gonna turn down a chance to get a free laptop even if all i can do is scavenge it for parts so thoughts on what can cause that kind of problem my thoughts were motherboard fault serious power problem or power button broken i m hoping its this one can anyone else think of something else that would cause complete lack of free a is" "as laptop Fixing start up capability or ways to fix it go wild if i can t fix this Fixing a free "as is" laptop thing it will likely just go straight to the trash heap i ll update the post as i get new info nbsp

A:Fixing a free "as is" laptop

It's probably a blown motherboard... A salvaged hard drive or memory would be worth "free"
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I'm just wondering, is this like a 2nd hard drive that I can put stuff in like I would with C:? Or is it another drive to put another OS on. I'm so confused.

A:hard drive filling up, other drive has 30gb free

It appears to be set up to take more "stuff" of whatever you want to store there. If you really wanted to, you could put another OS on the drive but do you really want to?
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My free space on partition C is dropping automatically, it's now about 11 MB
although i'm using only about 30-40 GB from 58 GB....i made a scan from viruses and i didn't find any thing..

A:Free space problem

Open up the task manager and see if there are any processes you don't recognize. Also you could try to find a program (I've heard of several, never used them though) that tells you what folder(s) are using the most space on your hard drive.

Hope this helps!
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Hey all

I recently bought a Leadtek DTV1000 TV Card, but had problems with the digital reception in my area. This card worked fine with my mother board. I traded it in for the DTV2000 for its analogue tuning.

I put the new card but i cant use the twin output on the Radeon 9600 any more. It says Code 12 - The device cannot find enough free resources that it can use.

I have removed my soundcard and my other PCI DSP Audio card to leave just the vid card and the TV Card in there to see if it would free up, but the error remains.

Any 1 got any suggestions???

PC Specs are.

p4 3gig
abit ic7 motherboard
1 gig ram
radeon 9600
M-audio delta 1010 Soundcard
Tc electronic Powercore PCI DSP Card

A:Radeon 9600 - Not enough free resources (code 12)???

From this thread:

"Great news for me and I hope (and it should) work for you. What you need to do is go into the BIOS and under Advance Chipset Features you'll see AGP Aperture size. Mine was set at 128MB which is probably the default setting. Set it 256MB and all should be well again."
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I ordered cable modem from quot Cox Communications quot it ll be here this monday and cable with free modem??? cable now im startin to think if its possible to get a splitter and run it to the tv and have quot basic cable quot i don t know if it will work but several people at my work-place says it free cable with cable modem??? does work right now i got DSL runnin off a router well my bros do im just using theres for now and the router splits up and goes into other rooms and im a downloader lol and everytime start downloadin something my bros or step-dad comes in my room and starts bitchin about the internet being to slow free cable with cable modem??? so i end up pausing the download and have to wait until everybody gets settled down for bed ya know everybodys been there before lol thats why i decided to make the switch to cable modem i mean its faster free cable with cable modem??? uh faster oh and more faster lol AND hence the idea of watchin tv while i got a download goin ya know so if its possible to get basic cable with just only being suscribed to cable modem that would be kick ya know lol so any help on this would be great thanks nbsp

A:free cable with cable modem???


I'm not certain you're allowed this line of "investigation" in this forum. But by all means, hang out and wait for a second opinion.
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Ive had Bt wireless broadband for quite some time now and ive recently been meaning to create a website on my hobbies etc. Ive heard that in some packages BT provide free web hosting space and a domain in some.

Is this true?

Thanks in advance.

A:Do i get free web hosting space and domain with bt broadband?

You should find the answers to your questions HERE.

Regards Howard
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Is there a free partition tool?

A:Free partition tool

make a system boot disk and run fdisk lol
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January Computerworld -- The next time you re at BEWARE of access! WiFi Free an airport looking for a wireless hot spot and you see one called quot Free Wi-Fi quot or a similar name beware -- you may end up being victimized by the latest hot-spot scam hitting airports across the country You could end up being the BEWARE of Free WiFi access! target of a quot man in the middle quot attack in which a hacker is able to steal the information you send over the Internet including usernames and passwords And you could also have your BEWARE of Free WiFi access! files and identity stolen end up with a spyware-infested PC and have your PC turned into a spam-spewing zombie The attack could even leave your laptop open to hackers every time you turn it on by allowing anyone to connect to it without your knowledge If you re a Windows Vista user you re especially susceptible to this attack because of the difficulty in identifying it when using Vista In this article you ll learn how the attack works and how to keep yourself safe from it if you use Windows XP or Vista For details see the article nbsp
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this is my first post here. I want to overclock my celeron 1.7Ghz CPU. It can be done in jumperfree mode. but I dont know how to go to jumperfree mode. dose it means that remove the CLRTC1 jumper?

A:Jumper free mode of asus P$SGX-MX

overclocking celeron 1.7 GHz

Please can any1 help me to go to the jumperfree mode of ASUS P4SGX-MX.
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Well, basically, I'm using a Dell Dimension 4550 on Windows XP Home(Yeah, I know, old as hell) and I'm a huge computer n00b. Someone told me that I should get a new Hard Disk Drive? I've been searching forums, but I don't know what hard drive I should get and if it's compatible with my computer or not. Help would be extremely appreciated, since I literally have less than 500MB left out of 74.4GB.

Thanks in advanced!

A:Low on Free Space!

More info! Basically all that's needed is either the Dell model number, or the motherboard model(doubted since dell is known for non standard boards).

Or, if you know, does it support SATA drives or strictly IDE?

Regardless; Seagate is an extremely good brand to buy HDD's from, Maxtor is one I'd stay away from.
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i currently use limewire to download music, dvds and games. however, it can often be slow, unaccurate and basically not up 2 scratch. does any1 know of an alternative that i get can free dvds, mp3's and games from that is any better than limewire?

A:best place to download free?

i dunno wat that is??

i dont suppose u could explain wat a bittorrent is??
sorry im only just startin 2 learn all this stuff lol
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I'm playing a game, and it won't let me save, when all that it requires is 90kb free. When I try another card in the other slot, it doesn't read that it is there. On the browser, however, both are reading and both have enough memory to save the program. Is something corrupted? Please Help.
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my current setting of virtual memory is 745mb which is the default for 500mb i have.

i have a little program that shows memory and virtual memory, i see while in windows about 256 is beeing used in my memory stick and 256 in virtual.

why is the slow virtual memory working before i ran out of good and fast memory stick?

A:virtual memory, why is it beeing used while i still have free memory?

" XP REQUIRES "backing storage" for EVERYTHING it keeps in RAM.
Virtual Memory is always in use.All processess gets virtual memory addresses
(a Virtual Address Space) no matter how much RAM is actually installed on the computer."

"Memory allocation in is a two-step process--virtual memory addresses are reserved first, and committed second...The reservation process is simply a way NT tells the Memory Manager to reserve a block of virtual memory pages to satisfy other memory requests by the process...There are many cases in which an application will want to reserve a large block of its address space for a particular purpose (keeping data in a contiguous block makes the data easy to manage) but might not want to use all of the space."

In other words,that virtual memory to which you refer,is only allocated memory,not necessarily
paged memory.

The thing you really want to know,is the actual pagefile usage.Use this programHERE

Further reading HERE and HERE
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Here disk sata acknowledged space not being Free s a new one for you guys I have three sata hard drives in my primary computer WinXp acknowledges all three All three drives have the appropriate quot total quot hard disk space posted in explorer and everywhere else for that matter The problem is the free space I can have for instance gigs of free space on a drive or partition I can create copy a -gig file on to that drive or partition delete it and explorer Free sata disk space not being acknowledged will show only -gig free disk space Copying or creating files on to that drive or partition will continue to consume the space until space runs out Deleting files doesn t make a difference I cannot recover the free disk space unless I reformat the drive or partition I have Free sata disk space not being acknowledged tried performing a clean install of XP updating the motherboard bios and updating motherboard drivers None of which have worked so far Any insight as to what is going on Unless I can pinpoint the problem I have resigned myself to the fact that a new motherboard may be the only solution Thanks in advance for the help nbsp

A:Free sata disk space not being acknowledged

free sata

did you empty recycle bin?
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i just got a new pc a couple of months ago. everything was working fine until this week the conexant modem stoped working.

this is the error message:
This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.


i tried reinstalling the driver but the problem persists. the weird thing is that i havent installed any new hardware or software. it just popped out of the blue..

any help will be appreciated


A:conexant modem "cannot find enough free resources"

Go into the Device manager/conexant/properties/resources and see if it tells you anything useful.Are you totally sure you haven`t installed/uninstalled any software/hardware.
System Restore might be useful for troubleshooting.
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Hi guys, i'm new here, and I need some help badly. Up untill now, my dvd-ram drive has been working perfectly, reading any type of disc with no fuss. All of a sudden, it now decides that it does not want to play or read audio cds properly. in my computer, it says the cd is no 0 bytes big, and there is 0 bytes free. When i look on the cd, all the files are worth 44 bytes, and they display as 1kb respectively.

I have had this problem once before, but managed to sort it out, but now i can not remember the method to sort it out.

please help!

A:"Audio CD: 0 bytes used, free space: 0 bytes" problem

Welcome to TechSpot

SoapSud said:

Hi guys, i'm new here, and I need some help badly. Up untill now, my dvd-ram drive has been working perfectly, reading any type of disc with no fuss. All of a sudden, it now decides that it does not want to play or read audio cds properly.Click to expand...

Did you install something CD/DVD related? Or did you try to play a copy-protected CD?

in my computer, it says the cd is no 0 bytes big, and there is 0 bytes free. When i look on the cd, all the files are worth 44 bytes, and they display as 1kb respectively.Click to expand...

That part looks normal to me (at least in Windows).
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Hi people I ve thought long and hard about the pieces I should purchase in order to make my computer but it seems I m pretty undecided about some of the more vital parts Feel free to voice anything Please Dilemma: to Choosing free Help Parts! Need feel HELP you d like in relation to my PC thanks Processor AMD Opteron Note I plan on OC ing this to - Ghz from it s stock at Ghz I mean if someone has insane mathematical and technological ability care to tell me what I should OC at to maintain optimum performance from my G SKILL while achieving the highest possible performance from my CPU Motherboard DFI Lanparty ASUS A N-SLI DFI LP DFI nF SLI ASUS A N-SLI Premium Note Which one I mean if there s another one that you think would work great - please mention it Memory G SKILL Extreme Series DDR x GB Sticks Video Card eVGA GT Dilemma: Need Help Choosing Parts! Please feel free to HELP Mb Hard Drive WD Caviar GB Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster Audigy ZS Drive NEC Black CD DVD Writer Drive SONY DVD-ROM Thanks Rod nbsp

A:Dilemma: Need Help Choosing Parts! Please feel free to HELP

looks like a great system, but why would you wantan opterion prossor, as they are manly used for servers, as for motherboards they all look great

good luck with the build
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Should I do this? or is it too much?

It is for only one game, but I love the ww2 games cuz I have tons of family (some dead) that were in it so the mroe real the better!! Today is today because of this war. Hail .. USA!

A:want new 7800gt cuz COD2 games free

If you need a graphics card(and can afford a 7800gt) and want the game, yeah it'd probably be a good deal, but if you just want the game and already have a decent system, here you go.
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My Internal 'SONY CD-RW CRX100E' drive was freezing and making coasters at the lead-out stage when using Nero6. I deleted the program (uninstall file was corrupt), and have since tried (with a number of blank cds) to burn files just under 700mb with the windows xp cd writing wizard. Each time I get the following message:

Cannot Complete the CD Writing Wizard

This CD does not have enough free space for all
your files. There is 595 MB free space on the disc,
and 699 MB to be written. To continue, please
reduce the total amount to be written by 104 MB.

This is a pain in the ***. I haven't interfered with any hardware since it started playing up so i'm thinking it must be a driver or device settings problem. I'd be grateful of some technical advice.

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I HDD changed restore after has on Size system of free space did a system restore on my computer due to a driver misbehaving that was not allowing me to boot at the normal speed After the restore I attempted to delete some files that I had previously deleted because I Size of free space on HDD has changed after system restore needed to Size of free space on HDD has changed after system restore make some space on that drive Before the deletion I had gigabytes of free space on a drive that contained gigs of info Now when I go to my computer and click on the C icon in order to assess the statistics I notice that the amount of free space has changed to gigabytes of info However all the programs and some of the data I had originally are all in place Can someone show me or give me a hint as to what happened and how to restore this disk to the original amount of free space Here are my specs Soyo Mobo PX Ultra Zenith Data systems CRT monitor Watts Thermaltake Power supply GEforce MX video card Audigy sound card Primary IDE is c gigabytes HDD the one that shows the difference in free space Secondary IDE Lite-On DVD RW drive Terciary IDE RAID array containing Gigs HDDs configured as G Thermaltake wireless keyboard and mouse USB devices and LAN have been disabled in the BIOS I did run Spybot and corrected a few problems Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide kshroben nbsp

A:Size of free space on HDD has changed after system restore

If everything is working, why do you want to have less free space?

Sounds like you got rid of 20GB of junk. Be happy I say.
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Right depending on whether or not I get a summer job im buildin a new PC but lets just say i get a job everybody s happy and the suns case quality free PSU with shinin I luv a case think it luks awesum and it comes free PSU with case quality with a free PSU but ive heard that case PSU s can be faulty and even blow your CPU As im probably going with the Athlon FX id like to avoid this if possible The case im going with is the X-Blade ultimate with the W PSU http www xcase co uk acatalog A-Top X-Blade deluxe html if anyone knows anything useful about it it would be much appreciated although it hasnt been released yet there is an earlier version out I checked the PSU out and as far as I can tell it got a good review http reviews pimprig com power supply hiper type-r modular w psu php but id like to know whether or not it was good quality and whether im in any danger of blowing a CPU id also like to know free PSU with case quality if it was actually as stated a w PSU i heard it mite be some sort of self boasting claim i need it to be fairly free PSU with case quality powerful as i want the geforce gtx think thats wot its gonna be called which will be fairly power intensive no way im buyin of them though so after waffling on basically if anyone knows how gud either the case or PSU is then id be very glad to know im going to be ordering it next week if theres no bad feedback so feel free say anything mildly related nbsp

A:free PSU with case quality

I can't say anything from personal experience but from the review the psu looks good.
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Hi guys Could sombody help me with strange behavior of my hardrive space on false shown free hardrive I got new GB hardrive which I split to two partition F - GB and G - GB I dowload a lot false free space shown on hardrive of files and I use this new hardrive as a storage Till yesterday I downloaded approx GB to the F drive which left me with GB free Suddenly I got a message that I am low on disk space When I checke it my F drive showed only MB of free space I moved some files GB to the G drive but this way I freed only GB on F It look like the files expands in some way Right now if I like to move my files back where they just been there is not enough space Could sombody tell me what s going on I checked my whole computer false free space shown on hardrive with Norton for viruses and defragmented all the drives but it did not help I am runing Windows XP Home edition Thanks false free space shown on hardrive for Help bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce nbsp

A:false free space shown on hardrive

How are you downloading? Many downloading programs preallocate the space for the files being downloaded so even if you have only 100KB of a 700MB file it will still use the whole 700MB of disk.

SequoiaView is a pretty program that will tell you in what files your disk space hides in.
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I need a free graphics card that will work with DirectX. Please tell me if you know a site where I can download one. If you know one please tell me what site it is at.

A:I need a free graphics card...

You cannot download a graphics card you can download Direct X. This a very puzzling post.
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I need a utility to convert wma to mp3 or wav files. I thought audacity would do it, but it wont work. Importing raw data just makes noise. Any suggestions or programs you can reccomend? :grinthumb

A:Converting WMA to WAV or MP3 for free

Audacity should work. I edit all my raw audio there. try updating to the latest version. also try tweeking the settings
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In case people missed this the first time around here is another chance.

The story in a nutshell is that a professor at St. Petersburg College had made numerious suggestions on improvements to CISCO's course work and it fell on deaf ears. He then took it upon himself to write an 800 page text book and is now giving it away for free.

I haven't gone through most of the material yet but if you have been as frustrated with CISCO instruction material as much as I have been this may be worth checking out.
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I came across this interesting free offer that you might like to read:


Download page:


A:Cisco certification manual online for free

Your download link doesnt work
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Free MP3 splitter?

I have MP3 files that are too large for a CD-R. Does anyone know where I can download a free MP3 splitter?

A:Free MP3 splitter?

Since you are burning the files on CD, maybe you are using Nero which has a simple music editor built in..
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Typically speaking, the mobile virtual assistant space is dominated by companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple with Siri. These products and services provide users with a number of handy options like voice search and recognition, text-to-speech and a number of...

Read more

A:This is Sirius, the free open-source version of Siri

Well I can't see that name being used for long.
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Samsung has a knack for offering buyers of its latest flagship devices a bundle of quality apps to go along with their purchase and soon-to-be owners of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are no exception.

Read more

A:The (good) bundle comeback: Samsung to offer 22 premium apps in Galaxy S6 free of charge

And it doesn't even have the Terminal for command-line prompt. As a Linux developer, I feel so lost and disrespected!

$ cd /
$ su root
$ service call phone 2 s16 "911"

- yes, you can make calls from Android console
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Epic Games made history at last year's Game Developers Conference when it opened its Unreal Engine 4 up to all via a monthly subscription model. At this year's conference, the company is doing away with monthly licensing fees and making...

Read more

A:Epic Games makes its Unreal Engine 4 free for all

Very interesting. Not being a developer myself I wonder if they would like this newer format or prefer the monthly tiers. Trying to remember if was a flat fee per month or it was a flat fee + royalties.

But it's great to know that the Unreal Engine will be more widely available to would-be developers.

Edit: Read the old article. Dropping the monthly fee for straight up royalties (same %) I think is a good move. Not that $20 a month was a drop in the bucket to begin with but at least now those that are interested have an easy stepping stone to get started without an investment.
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Hey y'all, hope all's well. I run Panda Free on one of my computers. Right now I'm using version 15.0.4, how do I update to the newest program version when it becomes available ? Thanks.
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I downloaded the Adobe Photoshop CS2 free today from this website. To complete the download it is asking me for the Serial Number. Can you provide me with it?
Thanks in anticipation

A:Adobe Photoshop CS2 free

Windows Serial number: 1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431
Mac OS X Serial number: 1045-0410-5403-3188-5429-0639Click to expand...
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I am new to the site so I am not sure if it is just a free trial, but is this url giving u a free trial or the whole program for free, and also can I trust it so that it doesnt have any virus. I am not sure but I would love help on it.

A:Is this a free trial or the whole program

It is old outdated software, is the only reason it was released for free. However it is still very capable software. It is full version freeware and virus free. TechSpot will not host contaminated software.
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Users of Seagate, Maxtor, or Western Digital HDD can download Acronis True Image for freeClick to expand...

A:Download free Acronis True Image for Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor hard drives

thanks for that helpful link ravisunny2 :grinthumb:

I'm going to bookmark your post so i can refer others to it in the future. Thanks again! :approve:
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Ive upgraded my office to 2007 - but this doesn't supply any scanning software as 2003 did.

Can anyone recommend any free scanning software - that preferably scan to pdf or maybe tif files. I want to be able to save the files in different locations and specify file names as I save ?

A:Free scanning software

You should be able to get the scanner driver software from the scanner manufacturer's web site. The capability for generating PDFs would be, I think, built into that. Using Canon as an example, Canon supplies updated drivers for newer versions of Windows, and some utilities free at their website as well.
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Hi people, I would like to copy my dvds onto my hd in either avi or mp4 format while at the same time shrinking them down to a more manageable size (1gb or less) so I am able to watch them on my TV.
I was able to do this successfully on my previous windows machine but could do with some help on my Linux Ubuntu install as I have now ditched Microsoft products.

So to recap.

I need means to rip, resize, and convert my dvds onto my hd into avi/mp4 format please.

P.S. I am not looking for instruction to do anything illegal. I will only use it to copy dvds that allow such use.


A:Shrinking and converting my copyright free dvds to avi/mp4 using Linux

Handbrake is free and should do the job.
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I've just downloaded a "free" copy of Adobe CS2 from the Techspot site but the install is still asking for a serial number. I can't find that anyway in the downloaded folders. Any suggestions

A:CS2 Free download

It is misleading in the sense that CS2 is not free. It is a free download for those who have previously own CS2. It is a version of which no longer uses the activation servers. From what I hear you must register with Adobe to get the activation key. The keys are only given to consumers who have previously owned CS2.
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Hey all i'm currently looking to start using a new/different anti virus.

I'm currently using Avast and its grand but its causing my games to crash at times, this is due to its real time scans.

So the anti virus for me has to be minimal on my systems resources and be easy to disable by myself and also be a little more gamer friendly

Cheers in advance
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Just like the question says,I'm so fed up with zone alarm it's not even funny,unless anybody knows anything I can do to it that won't effect the speed of my already somewhat slow wireless internet connection.Any suggestions I'll look into and will be much appreciated,thanks in advance.

A:Can anybody recommend a free firewall that doesn't slow my internet down to a crawl?

I use Comodo Firewall, I do not experience any slowdowns, and it lets me actually OCD on what my computer does.
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My year old cousin is a very basic user but I feel she does need some type of reasonably effective firewall She does not know how to deal with windows that pop open and ask free easy to that's for user use Need firewall novice good if something should be allowed In fact most of the things Need good free firewall for novice user that's easy to use that have opened up since I installed Online Armor are things I ve never heard of either So that doesn t make it user friendly at least to me and I d consider myself an intermediate user The only way I have any clue about most of those things is if I recognize the name of an application that I use as part of the name that is being asked about or if it pops up while I m using an application I recently read some posts on this forum regarding firewalls which updated my quot knowledge base quot I had tried Zone Alarm some time ago and found that version whatever was current a couple years ago caused lots of conflicts and was extremely tough to totally uninstall but with help from here finally did get rid of it Lately I d just been using the basic Windows firewall but recently read that it was deficient in a number of areas more risk than I wanted to accept so ventured into trying one of the other recommended ones Tried Online Armor which except for the above noted difficulties seems to be pretty decent once you get thru all the setup stuff and give permission to the apps you use even though there are still quite a number of things asked about that I had little clue about I just don t see how that helps any - in the past I ve blocked things it turned out I needed because I didn t know what they were and no explanations were available at all Then it was difficult to get them unblock because there was no readily apparent way to reverse the blockage and no directions in Help or anything Anyway - even that would be beyond my cousin So are there any worth installing that don t run you around in circles answering all kinds of pop up windows to allow or block Even if they aren t really strong or totally effective something would be better than nothing For her it s got to be something you just click quot install quot and it does the rest Thanks nbsp

A:Need good free firewall for novice user that's easy to use

That's a good question and I too am interested in the answers.

What I typically do is expose the individual's firewall to everything good that must not be blocked (i.e. fill up the exceptions list). Then, I just tell them to hit block on pretty much anything unless you are installing a new program or connecting to a different network for the first time. Also, Adblock Plus for Firefox silently blocks the bad content on most sites before it even reaches the firewall so that has helped to make the whole process more automated.
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I found that Techspot is giving away free Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro. What is the license agreement for this copy? Is it legal to be used for business purpose? Thanks
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I tried to install the free CS2 as described on the website. On installation the registration code as given on that page for windows does not work and even after copying and pasting it still says that that code in invalid

A:Free Photoshop CS2 registration code incorrect

I don't think that was ever an official promotion, so your results may vary. Adobe may have patched this.
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What program is best to use to see gpu,cpu and fps ingame? I have seen some youtube videos of people having that I really wanna know temps with my new cpu cooler while playing games.

A:Best free program to see temps in game?

MSI Afterburner allows you to show GPU temps in-game. FPS can be had with 'Fraps'. I don't know about CPU temps.
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Not sure if this is the correct location to post this question but here goes. What is the best and easiest FREE remote PC connection software out there right now.

A relative in another state is not very computer literate and if i could just log onto their machine i could fix many of their issues.



A:What's the best remote PC connection software that is free?

LogMeIn (free version)
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Microsoft is running a new promotion in which they're offering up 100GB of cloud storage space on OneDrive absolutely free. Here's everything you need to know.

Read more

A:Follow these instructions to get 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage free for the next two years

I knew I've been coming to this site for 5 years straight for something good. You da man Shawn!
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"Microsoft has announced that its next operating system will be offered as a free upgrade to owners of devices running Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Phone.

The announcement marks a change in strategy to its previous policy of charging for major updates.

The offer, which is limited to the OS's first year of release, may aid its adoption."

A:Windows 10 to be free in its first year

We shall they eventually make sure you pay through the nose for it.
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I need a easy photo cropping.
For putting a face onto a body.

A:Need a good free photo cropping software
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I keep getting a window popping up saying the free Avira 9 is due to expire and to download the free Avira 10, but when I click to download, the website doesn't load. I have tried searching for free Avira 10 download and I am taking to an Avira site that wants you to pay.

Is there anyway of downloading this Avria 10 free?


A:Free Avira 10 download

I've already downloaded the free Avira 10 about 18 hours ago. I downloaded and installed it without problems so I'm not sure why you are having trouble.

Following Avira's links, you end up here: CNET

Perhaps their servers were especially busy with the new release.
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Just as the title says, after the avast boot up scan finished my pc shows the full signal bars in the desktop icon but can't connect to the Internet. It doesn't even try to connect. Also I get an error with Microsoft visual c++. I really don't know what to do so it would be great if someone helped me out here. I'm running Windows 8 64-bit.

A:PC can't connect to the Internet after avast boot scan

This is the Microsoft visual c++ error. Please help I don't know what to do
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I am looking for a good free program to access and control any computer remotely. I need to help a friend that is not in the same state as me.

Anyone have any ideas?


A:Looking for a good free program to access and control any computer remotely

LogMe In (free version)

Handles all the basic remote control you need and very easy to install.

Free version doesn't automated file transfers between machines. If you need file transfer between the two computers install FTP freeware (is what i do)
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Will Bitdefender 60 second Virus Scanner work with Avast? Or, are they not compatable.


At its site it says:

Works perfectly with any other antivirus softwareClick to expand...
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I use "Abexo Free Registry Cleaner" to try and keep my registry in good condition.

I use to never have any issues with this but last time I ran this and deleted the files it suggested to remove it caused my network settings to go crazy.

I couldn't access the internet or ping anything. I restored the registry settings that it removed and it was then ok. Can anyone see what registry settings been removed within the attached file "" caused this problem.

Thank you, Kind regards

A:Abexo free registry cleaner

Registry cleaners are not recommended and by now, you know why.

Uninstall the program, use system restore and pray, it'll work.
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The front end / GUI for the Mac command line port of 7-Zip is shown to be freeware on TechSpot's d/l site:

Other sites list it as shareware. Anyone tried it from TechSpot or know about this?

A:Is EZ 7z GUI hosted on TechSpot really free?

I'm downloading it right now. I'll post the results.
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Just wondering if anyone has an expert opinion they'd like to share on whether the one year of Trend Micro Titanium that Best Buy threw in for free is something I ought to actually use, or should I just install the apps that are generally recommended in this forum?

My big consideration is how much the security software I use will slow down my system. Although I don't do anything too rigorous, so maybe I shouldn't worry about that?

Thanks very much in advance, and I hope this is an ok topic for this section!

A:Should I use/skip the "Trend Micro Titanium IS" that came free w/my Win 8.1 machine?

I think you should try it at least for a while. Only you can decide if it's suitable for your computer and situation. Trend Micro gets good reviews and it's free. There are plenty of excellent free alternatives that you can download and in fact Windows 8.1 has good security built in of its own. See how it goes.
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How do I get this? "Microsoft to Make Windows Free for Tablets"
WSJ tech blog and other tech news sites have shown this story this month. If I want to build a little computer, tablet-style, like on an Atom or a tiny ARM computer, and load Windows, how do I get the Windows OS?

A:How do I get this? "Microsoft to Make Windows Free for Tablets"

You are not an OEM system builder, so I doubt you would be able to get Windows for free.
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Is there any other free apps around that can prevent users from installing all kinds of software, pretty much like Deep Freeze. See I'm running a small internet cafe business, and I hate it when people install all kinds of third-party apps (e.g Yontoo). Kids are regulars here in my cafe and some have no idea what they're doing with the system.

I don't want to use Deep Freeze. I want something simple to use and with much flexibility.


A:Free apps to prevent installation

What version of Windows? Win/7 takes care of this by forcing use of the admin/password & the UAC feature.
Relevancy 46.01%

have an asus laptop with win7. i uninstalled Kapersky antivirus and proceeded to download avira free from another link here on tspot. i choose the option to run, as opposed to save or cancel and it begins the initial download. after its finished it simply disappears. no idea where it went and i cant find it anywhere when searching for the file. its supposed to prompt for location to install after, but it never does. my download folder is empty. i tried downloading it twice. same thing happend. is it not compatible with win7 or something? is it possible something hasnt been setup right. this is a brand new laptop.

A:Avira free not downloading properly to laptop

k well it seems that avira free just isnt capatible with win7. avast download is working though. problem solved thx.
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Hello everyone! I`m looking for different themes for win. XP. The kind that change the sounds, and the whole make-up, pictures etc., And for free! :rolleyes: This maybe asking for to much,:suspiciou But i have to give it a try.

so if anyone knows of such sites, it would make my day!

good to meet you all, and i look forward to your insight.

thank you,

Relevancy 46.44%

I have recently switched to Windows 7 64 bit and I've tried almost a dozen DVD makers and none worked at all. Only one completed, but the file was too big for DVD5 (even though the program said it would fit). The others just didn't do anything or crashed right away. So does anyone have a freeware DVD making program that actually works with Win 7 64 bit? Please if you do, let me know 'cause I'm tired of installing and un-installing crapware. Thanks in advance...

A:Any free DVD authoring software that works?

Hi, I tried a few DVD programs with Win 7 32 bit, some don't seem to work, or 'hang' somewhere during compilation.
I have had good results with Imgburn, and have read many times about good results from other users, so it's not just me.
The DVD burner I have used since XP days is Trueburner from Glorylogic, never lets me down, but it's not always possible to find it on the net, but it's free and well worth a try, if you can find it. (Is also called Burnaware), see;
A new one that promises to work with Win 7 is at;
Would say that if you keep wasting DVD's on these programs, it might be worth looking at trying a different DVD drive, just possible it's playing up somewhere. I have 2 'built-in' DVD drives (Sony & NEC) and an external Samsung, and they all can give different results with different DVD brands.
Also I always use a x4 burn speed as that improves the chances of it actually playing back.
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Hello! I found some new free software the other day called Hamster Soft. It is really good and worth looking at (no premium options or anything such as that). I just thought I'd share it with everyone:

A:Free software

stonarda said:

Hello! I found some new free software the other day called Hamster Soft. It is really good and worth looking at (no premium options or anything such as that). I just thought I'd share it with everyone: to expand...

Have you checked out the free software here
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I'm looking for a free virus/malware software for my computer. Know a good one to get?

A:Free virus software

Microsoft Security Essentials is the best free one.
Relevancy 47.3%

hey mates,
i've got myself an EEEpc for travel but since it doesn't have a DVD drive (and running an external kills its battery life) i convert my DVDs to AVI files. up until now i've been using DVD Decrypter (convert to VOB and IFO) and Auto Gordian Knot (convert to AVI).
however recently i got a couple DVDs that DVD Decrypter wouldn't work on so i'm looking around for something free that will either take its place or maybe even turn it into a 1 step process.
any thoughts?

A:Looking for free DVD converter

You might try media coder, just drag the VOBs into it then select the codec and container of your choice then select the location you want the files to go to and it will tanscode them pretty quickly. The latest version even supports cuda so your video card might speed it up quite a bit. It is completely free and it can convert almost any media including the files I find in games that have extensions that don't actually exist.
Unfortunately their site is down right now so you may not be able to download it but its hosted by source forge so it may be back up pretty soon.

Edit: I think you can download it from here now.
Relevancy 47.3%

I used to have yahoo geocities but its closed now. So want to know whats the best free personal web page to use thats easy to setup. I want to post pictures of my projects, files for free downloading to others, and text articles. Maybe one that has a large free storage space for files.

A:Free webpages

free web pages.

a decent site is free, i am using it now for a web development class. Also check out Google sites
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I am looking for good content-control software for my 9yr old niece's new laptop.

Is there any free software that works as well as say Net Nanny or PureSight. I am willing to pay if there isn't a better free solution.

I have set her up with:
Avira Anti-Virus
Windows 7 Firewall
and FireFox to prevent redirecting.
*If anyone has any better solutions in that area I would appreciate the advise also*


A:Free content-control software


Sorry. I know you guys don't like when people bump their posts, but I really need some help with this. (Got to get the laptop wrapped for x-mas)