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MHT Web Filter - Let's collect ad/tracker servers to block

Q: MHT Web Filter - Let's collect ad/tracker servers to block

Hello everyone here at MalwareTips We are working on our web filter which will can help Filter block collect Let's Web ad/tracker - servers MHT to you to keep the trackers away and block ads Also it will stop malware from communicating with the C amp C server s if the domain name is already in our database We won t release technical details for now later hopefully within - weeks in an other thread So we want to make the ad tracker servers list completely community based We will include everything what you report after checking if it s appropriate So feel free to report as MHT Web Filter - Let's collect ad/tracker servers to block much domains as you want and we will check and add all appropriate ones How a report should look like Example Domain google-analytics com Domain googletagservices com Click to expand Example If you can please use this method this makes verifying easier Link google-analytics com analytics js Link googletagservices com tag MHT Web Filter - Let's collect ad/tracker servers to block js gpt js Click to expand If you want to reply just to ask about the software or the system behind it don t do it as we won t tell anything now Thank you for understanding Thanks for everyone who will help us Moderator note The only replies to this thread should be those reporting a domain using the provided examples amp above Use the CODE tags for long lists All other replies will be deleted including questions nbsp

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Preferred Solution: MHT Web Filter - Let's collect ad/tracker servers to block

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: MHT Web Filter - Let's collect ad/tracker servers to block

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Does anyone out there has experimented to use a Sound Card on a IBM Power 7 server running AIX 7.1

I know the card should be a PCIe lo profile to match the hardware. My concern is mainly with having the system recognize the card and drivers on AIX.

Any help will be apreciated.

A:Sound cards on IBM Power7 Servers running AIX 7.1

The proprietary Unix OS should recognize the sound cards with out problems
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While the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X has been praised for its compact PCB and powerful closed-loop liquid cooling solution, many Fury X owners noticed that the pump block included with the card emits an annoying high-pitched whine, ruining what...

Read more

A:AMD revises Radeon R9 Fury X pump block to kill high-pitched whine

Kill every sound, AMD, but the whining will continue...
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Hello everyone
so I have gameserer hosting website
and all my server I rent them from some website
now I have 2 server in my home but I will sell it
and I want to buy new one
but I don't know what is the beast part I have to get it ?
should I get E5 or E3 ? and 1cpu or 2cpu ?
I will host on it some game and its MineCraft and some other game from valve
the other game from valve is
Counter 1.6,scours,go
Garry's mod
Team Fortress 2

so what is the largest server can I have so I can host as many as I can on it ? and about the price I don't care to much on it so if you can just give me something good
I think I will host at less 20-30 servers on it

so what can you advise me ?

A:Bulid servers for Game-Server

Well I would do some researching on what people use for their servers because I don't have much knowledge personally on game servers. What I can provide though is insight on how the parts differ.

A Xeon E5 is based on a completely server-oriented architecture while the E3 is supposedly just a more high-quality binned i7.

I would read up more on server hosting requirements/what is best more in depth than I did below, but the consensus seems to be that the E3 or E5 is fine with lots of RAM. Keep in mind, the E5 can have twice as much RAM as the E3. Another thing to keep in mind is whether the game is multi-threaded or single threaded and the tick-rate of the server. If you have more players and the game is multi-threaded (Minecraft isn't for example if I am not mistaken), then go for the E5 just to be safe.

I was researching online about the CS:GO server requirements and came across this forum post and they linked to this dedicated server wiki page. Since Garry's Mod, CS:GO, and TF2 run on the same engine, the requirements should technically be the same. Minecraft isn't really too demanding either so you should be fine basing the server on Source games. Here are the requirements for a Minecraft server. It seems to me like the servers don't need much horsepower.

Here is another useful forum thread that will provide the best insight.
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I am looking into getting a phone in-line noise filter for my 56K modem line (NOT DSL). But I'm not sure how well these things work.

I contacted the phone company and they recommended to get one to try, if it works. The "noise" is not coming from the house line, it is from the line in the street that can't be fixed (Says the AT&T/Verizon).

So a phone line noise filter is my option right now. How well do these things work?

Thanks for the help.

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Hi everyone

I Have AMD Radeon HD 7800 series installed on my PC. The Catalyst Control Center is also installed.
Due to some reasons I need to block the HDMI output of this graphic card. Is it possible ? if yes how?

A:How to block HDMI output on graphic card?

Heh, what's your reasons? I don't know of any software solution, so you'll have to either not plug anything in or physically damage the HDMI port.
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I added my computers ip to the DMZ and that did nothing so I don't think its a port issue and I also disabled the routers firewall so that cant be it. The router is running the 1.0.04 Official Firmware. I have also tried to use dd-wrt. all of my devices have static ip


A:Linksys E3200 Router Adds 100ms ping to BF4 servers

Hi dustin_ds3000,

I think in order for us in the community to help you, we'll need some more information.

how is your network setup?
are you connecting wirelessly / wired
how are you connecting with/without the Linksys E3200
What type of internet connection are you using?
Do you have any software firewall installed?
Did you ensure that nothing in the background is running? (e.g: BT, download manager, QVOD, etc..)
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I have been trying to block access to proxy sites without success. What I have done works on some but not all.

I've used a program called Internet Lock to block the port 443, but still I can access the proxy site.

I've put the name of the domain in the list of block sites, still it passes.

I tried to find out the IP address of the website, but I can't find it. Don't know if that would even work anyway.

One proxy site in particular seems to bypass all locks.

If anyone knows how to block such sites, without losing access to gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, it would greatly be appreciated.



A:How do I block https(SSL) websites?

I think will also bypass your locks. You can check its IP address using ping or nslookup. You can also block its ip address using your host file.
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The server has a software it shows the clients,yes and gives the option to restart selected clients but that allows (option) the users(clients) to select to restart in a couple of mins or now which i don't want,

i want to shutdown a specific computer(client ) when i feel that the user is stubborn to shut down or when it just too much work to shut down all computers... is there any way to do this? preferably without installing a new software even by using any other method than symantec cus thats mostly for the updates and so on...

A:Restart or shutdown clients by using the servers

Set it on a script in AD. You do have AD domain right? Or set a remote task to that system there is third party freeware software for the LAN Shutoff one system. But Windows Task Manager can do this on the server level.
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Heya i ve downloaded and tried to play the following online games Allods Shaiya Runes of Magic Lotro Everytime I downloaded each game and tried to connect to any of their servers it would always come up with a connection or client timeout error of some sort I m not sure if it has anything to do with my internet connection because recently I downloaded and played the beta for SWTOR online on my old crap vista laptop which is about years old Apart from very very low fps due to a terrible video card my swtor online servers unable game to connect Laptop to connection was perfect I also Laptop unable to connect to online game servers downloaded the swtor beta on my new laptop and after finishing the massive game download it came up with a data error though I can t remember what it was perhaps it is also related to my current problem My current IP is WIC New Zealand and doesn t have ethernet ports on modem Laptop specs WIndows -bit Home premium Service pack Toshiba Processor Intel Core i - CPU GHz GHz Ram GB Thats the basic information If you need anything else please let me know Thanks nbsp

A:Laptop unable to connect to online game servers

hi bunny 15405 welcome to TS
just quick idea here yhu dont have a firewall blocking the connections to their servers to yhu?

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hi i want to block certain sites from my computer and the others on the network through one computer using the admin privileges i have how can i do this.

A:Block a site on my computer network

Using ICS:
modem==[B]Primary[/B] computer===router---other PCs
the firewall on the Primary will control access of other devices, but it's a pain to configure AND the Primary must be running for anything else to have Internet Service (including even simple email).

the more typical layout
modem===router --- All devices
is far more practical but only the common router is available for access controls and
with the average home-router, it is limited in the number of keywords or urls that can be managed.

Each PC could have its own system32\drivers\etc\hosts file and block access with
a line per site (meaning everything at a given domain) like

Code: blocked_domain_name
but then you need to update all PCs with every change and recycle the DNS on each machine usingipconfig /flushdns
net stop "dns client"
net start "dns client"​while effective, this technique is all-or-nothing, ie all users are denied uniformily
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How s it going everyone I started a budget build buying one piece at a time pretty much and finally got everything together Biostar MCP P M mobo AMD Athlon II X Ghz CPU GB x GB DDR eBay Case that came with a w ATX P PSU hoping this is the extent of the problem GB hard drive connected via SATA Random disk drive I had lying around I turned it on a few days ago at the time I only had the mobo hits road block Build aggravating CPU RAM and PSU in and had all of the cases leads hooked up to make sure I was getting power and had everything hooked up right so far and it immediately came on all lights and fans working I got the last few things I needed today and hooked up the Build hits aggravating road block disk drive and hard drive I plugged all my cables in monitor keyboard mouse power cable and went to boot it and nothing The mobo doesn t seem to have a light on it to indicate whether its working or not but I noticed that when I turn it on the power LED on the front panel and the LED in the fan on the side of the case light up for a split second and then immediately cut out No fan movement and no sound from the hard drive Not sure why it would have worked fine the other day and now won t do anything I don t have a PSU to swap out with it right now but am buying one soon Hopefully it s just cheap eBay crap doing it s usual thing but I wanted to double check that there wasn t anything I m missing or not looking for All responses are appreciated especially hasty ones as my laptop s hard drive has maybe a week or so of life left in it lol nbsp

A:Build hits aggravating road block

Have a very careful look around and under the motherboard, for short circuits to the case. The metal stand-offs are very easy to miss out, or fit one where it doesn't need to be. It's obvious, but take out graphic card and re-fit, make sure any buttons or catches are clicking into place. Remove RAM boards, and re-fit. Make sure all power cables are plugged into the motherboard, check motherboard manual to see if extra power plugs are needed by the CPU, (4 pin header type), or graphic card.
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i have 2 servers which are running server 2003 r2 with sp2 enterprise addition. I had to restore them to a DRP enviroment so we can run some tests. they are linked into a hub and nothing else and i have set up their respective network properties correctly and given them their exact network settings as the live servers. the 2 servers cant see each other though. both machines can ping themselves but not the other one. i have tried to delete the driver in device manager and it automatically reinstalled them. i need them to see each other as this project is pretty urgent.... any help would be appreciated

A:Two servers can't see each other

sounds like you have isolated them from all other networks and just have

A hub has no DHCP service, so both systems need all static settings

If systemA has ipaddress x.x.x.10 and
sysB has x.x.x.20,
then the gateway on A is the B address and conversely
you will NOT be able to access the other machine using names; (there's no dns) so
everything will need IPaddresses = = = unless
you add entries into \windows\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS;
systemAname x.x.x.10
systemBname x.x.x.20
then use net stop "dns client"
net start "dns client"​
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Good afternoon,

I was wondering if someone could possibly help with some question(s). I visit this board often for answers to questions and now I actually have one!

Basically, I have been asked to test three proxy servers as we recently discovered that of the 5, 3 of them could no longer reach the internet.

Could someone recommend or advise the best line of action to test be it with manual input or via 3rd party software if these servers are working correctly as proxy's, in terms of connecting to the internet?

Many thanks,

A:Testing proxy servers

that may be very difficult from here, as the specific proxy venders can have different rules in the configurations.

Recommend, you get all the products to be tested reinstalled on a test server using their default settings.
Add sufficient rules to only control access to a specific domain, eg

Retest all.

Once that is working again,
you need to carefully add one action at a time to all products
and iterate the development of the rule set until ALL have what you want.
Be sure to document any difficulties discovered along the way.

Then you are in a position to compare opertions, logging, ...

best wishes
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Quick question, is there an easy way to read the block size of a drive in Windows 7? I'd imagine there is but a cursory look on google usually ended up as linux commands which do not apply to me.

A:Partition block size, Windows 7

With NTFS there is no means to set blocksize and the cluster size is adjusted automatically.

With Linux, yes, you set the blocksize and describe the partition in terms of count of blocks.
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Okay so my friend owns a coffee shop. She has attracted many customers by offering free wifi in her shop.

Lately though, as usual, someone had to go and ruin it for everyone else, and start using that as their porn surfing location... so now my friend wants to implement some sort of content filter box so that she doesn't have to deal with people doing that.

So does anyone have any experience with this type of thing?
Could anyone recommend anything?

We're also interested in adding a Terms of Service page that you have to click 'I Agree' on before surfing.

Currently the only equipment in use is the cable modem and the aging Linksys wireless router... so I assume we're going to need some more equipment.

EDIT: Some people on my other favorite tech site have recommended that I look into something called OpenDNS... does anyone know anything about it?

A:Content filter for a hotspot?

OpenDNS is a controlled DNS so that junk doesn't get in and redirections are not possible.

Trivial to implement.

1) you need the login/password for your router
2) access the router address using your browser & login
3) set the OpenDNS addresses into the DNS settings AND​4) save the settings which will restart the router​after that, every system will use the OpenDNS addresses when then connect to that router.

From any system connected, you can prove this is working with run->cmd and enteripconfig /all​you will see
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :​
will follow-up on the porn issue ...
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One of my friends wishes to purchase servers and his requirements are as follows. Can someone please recommend a HP server along with exact model and details specifications including URL which can help him select. Details available are:

Server #1: To be used as the main server for DNS, DHCP, and MS-Exchange server

Server #2: Will be used an a application server

Questions/more available information:
1) He wishes to have raid 3 or raid 5 for server # 2
2) How much total hard disk should be ok for each server
3) what should be the min. RAM for each server
4) He wishes to have internal tape back-up unit for server #2


A:Please recommend servers

He will have success with any computer sold as a Server. But he will likely have to install the extra RAID drives. Servers do not need a lot of Ram. You can get by with 512MB on up.
Internal tape back up is a separate unit you buy and install after market, but some servers come with them installed.
Installing and running servers is not rocket science, but it is difficult compared to a regular computer, and requires some reading and study, or experience on another server.

There are plenty of good books on Servers available on Amazon and a variety of good book stores... or from better libraries. You do not need the most recent book, but one that references Windows Server 2003 would be a good choice.
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hey guys got this question since i know netgear router can do it i was given a westell versalink w provided by verizon and banners block Can I with 327w? Versalink Westell ad it would be great if this unit can block ads banners for all browsers i run ie firefox iron i tried admuncher-trial but i think it slow my browsing and i can t use it with all browsers --fanboys list Can I block ad banners with Westell Versalink 327w? is good but is only for ff opera and iron -there Can I block ad banners with Westell Versalink 327w? is a xml file for e in private filtering made from fanboy list but it miss some adds and locks some sites -privoxy is good but it still miss some adds is not regulary updated -proxomitron is goos but outdated there is a list make by sidki that many confirms it works really good but i get lose when adding the updates proxomitron by default cloas java and i need hat to enter into hotmail and msn mails -I READ in another site that lynksys router can block these ads and banners too nbsp
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That monitors your server and network activities? thank you if anyone could recommend me some.

A:Best anti-virus programs that monitors servers?

McAfee Anti-virus Security is the best one. It monitors the websites and you can block certain websites too, you can also choose whether to perform full scans or quick scans. It quarantines and tracks cookies & it also prevent hacking from all around the world
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I will be using this setup for the phone and it will be having DSL. Is there anything that anyone knows would work to Put one DSL filter at the beginning of this to eliminate the need for filters throughout the house?
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My son uses Ventrilo for online gaming, however, there is one server I would like to block his access to because it's a bit..."mature" for him. I have the IP address of the server as well as the port, I wonder if it would be possible to block it via the router, or the firewall running on his PC. The router is a Linksys and the current firewall is ZoneAlarm. I wouldn't be against changing to another firewall if that is necessary.

A:How to Block Access to Ventrilo Server

If you are running windows xp, you can:

Open the folder windows\system32\drivers\etc
Open the "Hosts" file using notepad
There should already be an entry of " localhost" in there
Just type in "<ip address of vent server> localhost" (without quotes)
If you have the dns address of the server then type " <server name>" (again without quotes)

This will prevent his computer from accessing that server.
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can anyone explain to me how to create a DNS server? i am trying to create one and can't really find any tutorials of some sort on it. can i just create one for my machine to host for free? or am i going to have to go through a third party site?

thank you

A:DNS servers

DNS (Domain Name Service) is fundamentally simple. In database terms;

Code: -> ip address
ip address-> other specific information
You don't want to do this for yourself!

you can find various implementations using google. one notable is called BIND.
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I'm using a Westell 7500. Is there any way to block a wired connection without unplugging the cable. I've looked on the router for the option, but can't find it. I am in not way an advanced user.

A:Block LAN Systems

just go to your network connections and then disable the 10/100 Ethernet card on your PC
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I would like to block access to a specific web site in Firefox and IE7, but I don't want the person to know that I have blocked the access (my friend just can't get off some sites and I can't be rude to tell him to f** off because I have to work) so if I use content blocker he gets the alert...
So, is there any program I could use to block off access to some sites in all programs without the person using them knowing it has been blocked...

A:How to block a website

use NSLOOKUP to get the ip address

add the ip address to the host file located at

and the line should look like
ip address <some spaces> ip address from nslookup​
this needs to be performed on the system your friend is using
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AMD has recently released its processor for servers. It missed out on this segment to intel as it was not able to release this processor more quickly.

More details here AMD Shanghai

I think this server will give intel some competition
Relevancy 30.53% trying to install a video card on my other computer and for some reson it just wont work..It was working fine untill i reinstalled windows xp.Now I get a black screen with a big green block in the middle. Now for some reson though it will show my desktop picture but there is no start menu or anything else. I can right click on the screen and try to hit properties but cant see the settings unless i move the monitor wire to the top slot on the comp. I have also disabled the onboard graphics and even uninstalled it.

Its a old video card but i know it works..Nvidia geforce 5500 fx
I have installed the newest driver and even 4-5 old ones and none will work right.
I even updated my bios but still nothing. Thanks for any help here

A:Green Block On Screen

When you reinstalled Windows XP, did you reinstall all of the motherboard drivers too?
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Recently I bought a game and tried to load it on to my computer but was getting this error

the application failed to initialize (0xc0000006)

after checking the event manager it showed an error event of:

the device, \Device\Harddisk0\D, has a bad block.

I have windows xp so i went to the hard drive and did a scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, but after going through the motions it gives me the error of

Windows was unable to complete the disk check.

My question is after uninstalling and reinstalling the game it continues to give me the error. How can i install the game where it doesn't use the bad blocks? Is this possible?

Thanks for the help!


A:Help with Bad Block error

Once you get a "bad block" on your HardDrive you will usually get more over time (and sometimes immediately!)

You are best to backup to external media (CD; DVD; External Flash Drive; or External HardDrive)
And then purchase a new internal HardDrive
Mount it back inside the computer
Re-install Windows
Re-install all Windows Security Updates
Re-install all drivers
Re-install your game
All done!
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How would the AC3 filter work with creative's X-fi software?

A:How would AC3 filter + X-fi software go along?

You tell us
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I have 2 wired desktops and one wireless laptop. I am having a problem with making a connection when I use WEP. If I instead use the "MAC Filter" option on my Belkin Router to set the MAC #'s of only the computers that I wish to allow to connect to my network, wouldn't this in effect keep hackers out so that I do not need to use WEP?

A:WEP vs. Using MAC Filter for security question

Well, doing the mac only thing will keep ppl out for a shorter period of time than if you ran the wep and mac thing. Tools are available (to tools that want to hack your stuff) that will make short work of unencrypted wifi traffic. If you live in a rural area this might not matter much as there's a reduced risk of being noticed and targeted. If you live in a urban area you will probably be noticed. And then there are tools such as the ones I know who like to drive through town with tools running in their laptops, conected to gps, so they can log the wifi ap's of an entire town and make a map showing all.
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I DO live in a rural area. Zero stray traffic; that is, any traffic with more that 11 teeth (I know - they're probably techgurus crackpros)... I'm not worried about my wireless gettin' hacked. I'm wantin' only to keep accidental logons from happnin'. I disabled my WPA-PSK, and entered MAC #'s for all 5 machines; 3 laptops, 2 dtops, Windows, Linux, and a partridge in a pear tree.

None of the wireless machines can keep a steady connection, without droppin' off. Before, it was only WPA, and no problems. MAC only, problems. MAC and WPA, no problems.

My router is a budget piece (EH100), so I need to reduce media streaming impedance from encryption, etc.

Why do I have problems with MAC-only filtering??? Do I need Flo-Max?

A:MAC filter only not working, intermittent at best

Hum... Why on earth would you want disable WPA???

Anyway, the first thing to do with any wireless network setup is to update the access point (router) firmware to the latest version and do the same with the wireless drivers on all the computers.
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I have a HP Media Center m7640n and would like to overclock it a small amount and want to do it safely. Anyone who has had experience with this kind of system your comments would be appreciated.

A:New kid on block... Greetings

Welcome to Techspot! I have never used that particular system but it is likely that the BIOS is locked, making overclocking impossible.
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please help me:
i want that a USB drive(flash drive) with specified serial numbers to be attached on my computer.


A:Block USB Ports

Have a look at the content of - is this what you are looking for? The only other option is a mechanical lock - these are available I think from
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First off I just want to say that this is a fantastic site with a fine... .com .edu Unable find can just servers, but find to great helpful community It Unable to find .com servers, but can find .edu just fine... has helped me solve several computer related issues and has saved me lots of time Here goes my problem I ve noticed that lately my desktop and my laptop are having issues going to any website ending in com google com The browser will sit there and load for a minute or then it will say that it can t find the server However when I go to any website ending in edu i e uc edu the site comes up rather quickly as it should I just noticed this in the last couple of days and I just recently installed Norton on both Could this be causing the issue Could it be my ISP router I don t really seem to notice this issue when I take my laptop on campus and use my college s internet But I ve only used it on campus once so far this quarter I might have gotten lucky It doesn t seem to have this problem all of the time as well Sometimes if I reset my router it helps I m a complete loss on this issue Any input would be greatly appreciated Thanks for your help in advance - Mike nbsp

A:Unable to find .com servers, but can find .edu just fine...

Hi Mike,

Your problem seems to be in your firewall settings.
Temporarily disabling your firewall, and testing, should show .com sites load without error.

As you are a student, it is possible that the Admin who set up your computer has place restrictions on your user account.
Therefore creating a new Administrator user account should fix those issues, but you may need to approach your computer technical staff at uni (?) and confirm with them first. ie you do not want to upset any user network settings made by your school for you.
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I suffered few times from power failure. Everytime the computer restarted, it ran chkdsk and i was able to conitinue working. Since the last time i had power failure, it ran chkdsk, but it last almost forever, eventaully i was able to work. Ever since then, everytime i start my computer, it runs a long and tedious chkdsk. I went to the Event log and so the Error log :
'The device, \Device\Harddisk0\D, has a bad block'.Does it mean that my HD will die soon ? Is there any way to fix the bad block ? I'm having samsung 80G HD. I wasnt able to find any utility from the manufacture.
Please advise.

A:Hard Disk Bad Block

Run the disk checking utility (chkdsk) and tell it to scan for bad sectors. This will mark the sector bad so that Windows will avoid it in the future. After running the check, see which file the bad sector was in - the file is corrupt and you should replace it.

The Samsung hard disk utilities are called shdiag and hutil.
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On my other unit with window xp, I went to explorer tools > internet options >contents > settings or enable/disable. Well I am unable to access because I forgot my password. Is there any way I can reset it? Thanks.

A:Help to reset password so I can set my filter level???

This is a Vista machine... Good luck
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Today I looked through the Event Manager Utility of Windows XP and I've seen this error there, about 15 times.

The device, \Device\Harddisk2\D, has a bad block.

Event 7.

Does this mean that I have a bad on my HDD or could it be some error, like windows can't read a corrupted file?
Thank you!

A:The device, \Device\Harddisk2\D, has a bad block. - Event 7 in Event Manger.

Backing it up and reformatting it may help. Before that, error check it.
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can i use an old white t, cut it to size, oh im really tight on money so i dont wont to buy one. but if i have to i will

A:homemade 120mm fan dust filter

I wouldn't use a filter at all. It slows down air flow too much. Just blow it out when it gets bad. A little dust never hurt anything.
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Hi everyone!

I don't know where to turn because there's no real help on the steampowered forums so I'm turning this over to you guys.

I play Counter-Strike and it seems that every time I try searching for servers on the Steam Client my internet connection crashes. So I'm forced to turn off my modem then turn it back on and wait for it to establish and new internet connection. This happens pretty much any time I search for servers. Someone mentioned a possibility for "flood protection" on a firewall but I can't seem to find such an option or feature in my modem or Windows Firewall.

Any suggestions?

A:Steam Servers and Internet Problem

are u actually using a modem?
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Q: Servers

im thinking about buying a server ,any thoughts would be helpful thanks.


First thought: you have no clue, do you?

How much money do you have?
What is the server supposed to do?
What are you going to install on it?
Where are you going to put the machine?
How many people are you going to provide the services to?
What services exactly are they going to be?
How important is uptime to you?
Are you sure you can't do it with a random old PC?
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For my business I am assigned an IP address block; ending range is 50 - 55). Does all five of those IP addresses have to go to the same physical location? Or can it be split to different locations? If so, is that something I need to do on the server, or is that something my IP provider would have to do? I am so sorry if this sounds pretty stupid, but this is the first time I am dealing with an IP block and I am not to sure how to go about it. Thanks for any feedback


A:IP Adddress block

I take it you mean your ISP is giving you five STATIC IPs?
If that's the case, you usualy get some kind of equipment, like a UBR, to send those addresses to your routers. At least, that might be the easiest. Here in the office we have like 16 IPs. Each one has it's own router, the router, in turn, assigns IPs to whatever area we want. And we can set those node to be able to talk to each other, or not.
Like for example we have "black lines" for infected PCs which cannot communicate to any other systems in the office. And our public Internet PCs cannot communicate with our servers, etc...

Not sure if that's what you mean.

If you mean, send each IP to different locations in terms of having 5 different incoming "lines", I don't think so. All your IPs from your ISP still come in one line, but once they hit your switches or routers, you can physically take the cable anywhere.

Maybe we need some more info about the setup.

Good luck!
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Heya simple question.

For game servers, like hosting counterstrike or battlefield 2 servers, what cpu will produce less latency.

A:opteron vs intel for game servers!

The network connection used on the game server is more likely to affect latency then any CPU. Lots of memory & eventually a set of RAIDed disks would also help.
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Does anyone here understand static ip address and understand why i can see servers on Counter Strike :Source but i cannot connect to any of them? My interent (firefox) works fine and my Ventrilo (voice communication program) works fine but for some reason i cannot connect to any server in CS:S using the static ip address. Can anyone help me?


A:Cannot connect to my game servers with my static ip address.

Which static address are you talking about?
The or 10.xx.xx.xx from your router, or your real IP from your ISP?
The latter should work, the first two won't.
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I have 3 computers going through a router to a modem, and my question is can the router block my computers from going to sertain sites? I ask this because for some odd reason all of my computers on this network cannot get to a couple of diffrent websites, such as google and hotmail. If it is the router (which I doubt) how can i fix this? If it isnt, any ideas what it might be?

A:Can going through a router block internet sites?

If your router has a built in firewall then you could try disabling it. Also, make sure you have the latest firmware for your router. Check you haven't got some kind of virus/spyware that prevents you from accessing certain websites (though i dont think it's likely). Finally, check your browser compatibility.
Relevancy 28.81% lines can be bundled together and joined thru 110 or 66 blocks...

basicly this is direct connection between wires just like connecting bunch of speaker wires together...

can a computer network work with this setup without requiring hub to join the connections...knowing that there would be problems if multi-computers request "data" at the same time... but to what extend... how bad will it be to connect all wired computers...

i am prewiring my preconstruction home and wondering if i can go "cheaper" way wiring 14 rooms without getting 4-4 port hubs.


PS what other problems i should know about....


A:wiring home network, can a 110 punch down block be used to wire like a phone lines?

24 port switchs and or routers are very inexpensive
check ebay or amazon
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hi all

just wondering if any one can help - i used to run a lan centre now but had to close down (landlords) - now i wanna change my gaming pcs into gaming servers can anyone lend a hand ??? im setting up online leagues im also looking for help running them. but need to get the servers up first. any one that can help will be sorted out a nice drink.
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i have 2 lan cards one is connected to main server whos gateway is ---> whis is connected to local server on office

other lan has ip address which have ip and gate way is
this lan is connected to internet

now i wanted to share internet connection with one of my client which is connected on my local office server (gateway
or i want internet connection to all my clients which are connected which main office server

when ever i try to share internet connection
it says the ip is already in use cant go further

any solution ?>>


A:setting up 2 servers

You need to clarify..

as in are both servers on the same domain? or are they on a work group?
what OS are the servers running?
how are the NIC'c configured etc more details are needed
Relevancy 33.11%

Basically im running a LAN PARTY soon for up to people i know i keep asking simular questions in this forum there not the same just simular but i need to know if Q A PIII mhz mb SDRAM was going Lan Parties Gaming FTP Servers, & to be our FTP server would run a CSS server for up to people dedicated i kno Servers, FTP & Gaming Lan Parties its a low spec etc but some told me u can run a CS on a PII mhz with mb RAM what kind of ping should i expect and im not worried Servers, FTP & Gaming Lan Parties about map loading times Q Also is a P ghz mb DDR ram gb gt gt gt gt RPM lt lt lt ok to run games like call of duty UT etc with up to the same amount of people Q Can i run games servers Call Of Duty and CSS on the same P ghz with up too people on each etc no more then Q Would CAT Cabling be better for the servers to the switch or will that make hardly any difference compaired to CAT e thanks alot nbsp

A:Servers, FTP & Gaming Lan Parties

Well, I am not really into gaming and I have never hosted a lan party similar to the one you are going to host, but I can answer one question...

The Cat6 Cabling won't make any difference...the speed and bandwidth is the same. From what I have heard Cat6 cabling's major benefit is preventing crosstalk (more reliable). Anyway if you have cat 5e cabling...stick with it.

Good luck, sorry I can't answer your specific gaming questions.
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i have a problem with my Benq, everytime i burn a dvd or cd it gets about half through and says "invalid block address" anyne got any ideas why, i just keep wasting cd

please help

A:Invalid Block address

give us some more info like the burn speed what you are burning and is it a copy
Relevancy 29.24%

I have a Linksys WRT54G router. 2 my laptops are running Windows XP Service Pack 2.
Router configured as follows
- Permit only PCs listed to access the wireless network (2 MACs entered)

Despite all these configuration steps network considered as "UNSECURED WIRELESS NETWORK".
What to do to make it secure?
Thank you.


The reason it says that is because you are not using WEP, WPA, etc to secure the network. If there was a network key required then it would say "secured" if not, it says "unsecured". It does not detect that you have mac filtering, only that you have no network key.

Your network is just as secure with mac filtering(probably more) than using WEP.
If you'd like to test this, just remove one of your mac addresses then try to access the network.

If you still want to secure it using a network key, just look in the section for wireless security, you should find encryption settings. Just enter a WEP key using 64 or 128 bit HEX, I'd not suggest using ascii and you might want to stick to 64 bit if you are using cross branded hardware.
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I have a working PPPoE connection to go online with WinXp Sp I am now planing to build from scratch WinXp Sp This time I want to be really clear with internet connections I hope experts from this forum can clear my doubts and uncertainties My hardware and software config WinXp Sp on a stand-alone P C no LANs I am using a ADSL service and my ISP requires me to go with PPPoE A dedicated D-Link ethernet card just to go on-line I am dialing-up to internet with a ADSL modem under modem mode and in fact this is what I prefer I was aware that my modem can be set to router mode I use RASPPPoE instead of the native PPPoE from XP So basically there are networking connections a A local area connection for my NIC under the quot LAN or High-speed internet quot section I named it D-LINK local connection b A Dial-up connection which I build using TCP/IP VS servers IPs PPPoE, DNS the RASPPPoE PPPoE, TCP/IP VS DNS servers IPs I named this one Streamyx dialup connection Streamyx is my ADSL service name I have no problem setting the required networking connections to go online But I am unsure about the below Do I need TCP IP protocols for both the connection as in a and b I have a list of DNS server IPs PPPoE, TCP/IP VS DNS servers IPs from my ISP if I were to specify the DNS servers to use which connection should I specify the DNS IPs Should I input the IPs under the properties of TCP IP protocol for the NIC connection as in a or the Streamyx dialup connection as in b How can I verify a given DNS server IP is correct working t s lim nbsp

A:PPPoE, TCP/IP VS DNS servers IPs

You do not need TCP/IP on the LAN connection. PPPoE works on the ethernet level, not TCP/IP.

And since you don't need TCP/IP on the LAN connection then there is no way to put in a DNS server address either.

You can test a DNS server by running nslookup with no parameters. Then put in the command "server <server name>" a la server Now you can query any internet names you like by just typing in the hostname. All the queries will go to the server you specified instead of your default one.
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they are in the beginning stages of offering the AMD product line. here's the scoop: and the subsequent actions here:
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Sorry to keep on spamming the forum today, but this i HAD to post, check these pics out...

see the rest of the pics here

A:Engine block case - Wow!!!!

For research & archiving purposes, use a more explicit thread title from now on please.
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Q: Servers

Hi what kind of attacks and what are the measures to minimise these attacks on the following Servers:

Firewall & Anti-Virus Server
Internet Server
Back-Up Server

Any Help....

Cheers EnglishST


The attacks you would get on a firewall would be portscans and (D)DoS. Also exploits of bugs in the firewall software. Fancier fw software has measures against portscans and DoS builtin. Firewall has to be a special firewall machine. Nothing else but firewall on it and definently not running Windows. Patching the firewall software and the OS should be the absolute priority.
The best defence against DoS is to keep a low profile and not to anger script kiddies
A very good measure against DoS is to have alternative public IP address. So if you get a DoS based on IP address you can just change the IP behind your domain name and sidestep the rather dumb attacker.

What do you mean by Internet Server? A proxy server or a web server?

You should not get any attacks on anti-virus or backup servers. You have to set up your network so that nothing can access anything from outside world that they don't absolutely need to. I don't see a need to expose an anti-virus or a backup server to outside world. The security you would need on those machines would be shutting down all unnecessary services to ward off nosy local users. Keeping the software up to date is still important though.
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I am doing a report for a Tech Class. We have to create a secure server for a goverment facility.

I was wondering what other peoples opnions are,would be the most secure server including it's o/s. This would be very helpful. Thank you.

A:Linux Servers..

Security is a pretty abstract concept. Nothing is really 100% secure unless no one ever sees it or uses it.

If you have to write an essay about security, then google search these topics:

public private key encryption
security permissions
users and groups
secure sockets layer
password attacks
dictionary attacks
port scanner
IP Spoofing
secure shell

the list kind of goes on forever and ever but basically theres a healthy mix of topics there to look at.

now, you need to work out what a government facility would be able to do. be protected from the outside? Well, probably not, because anything really secure that like would be protected from the rest of the world and not even given an internet connection. Security policy would be more focussed on internal employees, what groups you put users into and what groups can do. only system admins should be able to perform admin functions.

If I talk about this any more then I will be doing your homework for you, which I can't be assed with. But there's some ideas.

Believe it or not, there are some governments interested in running linux for security and so forth so if you google search on these things I am sure that you will find a story to pad this out with as well.
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I am in the process of building myself a custom watercooling system, a friend is a machinist and will fabricate all the blocks for me out of solid copper. I was wondering if some of you could give me some links to some good pictures of the inside of the water block and perhaps the dimesnsion I'll need for perhaps a cpu and gpu cooler.....

Relevancy 34.4%

I just got this fan filter

And a higher speed 80mm fan to put in the front of my case. But when i tried it out with the filter on, hardly any air moved thru it!! How exactly are these filters supposed to be used? On which side of the fan and such.

A:Fan Filter

On the intake side, so the fan is sucking air through it would logically seem the way to go. Don't put those on exhaust fans either.

Make sure the veins on that filter are heading the same direction as your fan fins are as well.

I would imagine some CFM is sacrificed, but minimally if the fan is sucking air through it, not trying to push air through it.
Relevancy 32.25%

Its another great article this time on how to make a secure connection over the net to your windows box for means of remote administration As this is a very current Management Secure Remote of Three Win2K Servers: Solutions interest of mine I ve posted a link Remote Management of Win2K Servers: Three Secure Solutions to the article here for your enjoyment Remote Management of Win K Servers Three Secure Solutions by Mark Burnett last Remote Management of Win2K Servers: Three Secure Solutions updated September -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It s a common scenario your company has an IIS Web server sitting miles away at a high-bandwith air-conditioned and power-regulated co-location center The network is stable and the price is right but you must completely manage the server remotely you can t just go sit down at the console whenever you want Remote management presents several problems the most obvious being that the traffic between you and the server is travelling across the public Internet available for others to sniff Another problem is that remote administration normally involves installing software and opening ports both of which increase the attack surface of your server The goal when selecting a remote administration solution is to make sure that you and only you can do your job without exposing the server to additional risk In particular the concerns when administering a remote server are Access Control Integrity Confidentiality Auditing Access Control Access control is making sure that only you can remotely administer the server This means that the remote administration software should only accept connections from a small range of IP addresses and should prompt for a username and password Access control can be further strengthened through the use of smart cards and client certificates There are also obscurity techniques that may provide additional layers of protection such as using non-standard TCP ports or suppressing service banners Integrity Integrity ensures that the data received by the server is the same data that you sent You also want to be sure that a packet is authentic and cannot be replayed at a later time Confidentiality Perhaps the greatest concern with remote administration is that sensitive data is travelling across a public network Confidentiality ensures that this traffic cannot be intercepted and viewed by others Confidentiality means using strong accepted encryption algorithms with a sufficiently large encryption key Auditing Auditing is the ability to log all access to a server for later analysis It is important to remember that a server could very well become a crime scene and it is essential that your remote access solution keep sufficient information about every connection to the server Furthermore the logs should be moved off the server itself to ensure their integrity Remote Management Methods Although there are a variety of ways to remotely manage a Win K server not all products provide the security requirements listed above But that doesn t mean we cannot use them By combining different products we can come up with some very secure solutions that provide features we need to administer remotely Below are some examples of what can be done using built-in or third-party open source solutions While there is no one best way to remotely administer a server these are good examples of what can be done when combining solutions Click to expand Read more at http online securityfocus com infocus http www winton org uk zebedee http www networksimplicity com openssh nbsp

A:Remote Management of Win2K Servers: Three Secure Solutions

SSH2 is a great solution for UNIX administration whether it's remote or not. I disable telnet, ftp, and similar on all of my systems. SSH2 with X-11 tunnelling works great with either Cygwin, Exceed, or similar!
On the other hand, I haven't had good results tunnelling VNC over SSH2. I've tried it between my RH 7.3 workstation and my Win2K laptop using a D-Link 10/100 Switch. The problem that I had was that the client would lock up and/or miss screen updates from the server. Direct VNC between the two worked great. I tried both the regular VNC and TightVNC with the same results. TightVNC did work a bit better (it lasted a minute before locking rather than 30 seconds).

If you're using OpenSSH I recommend the following: 1) Disable root logins, 2) Use shared key authentication over userid/password, and 3) Disable SSH1 protocol. You might also consider the added support/security of a non-open source SSH2 distro like F-Secure if you're in a corporate environment.

I'm not really sure about the advantages of using Zebedee over SSH2, if there are any. I don't see any known expoits for Zebedee while there have been several found for OpenSSH. You could look at this as either good or bad.
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I too to Virus block email filter Use DOJ have seen phishing attempts to infect my pc with an email subject something like Order to Appear Federal Court It should be obvious this is a phishing attempt as court orders do not arrive via email but rather using a legal process server delivering the document Use email filter to block DOJ Virus to you in person to your home or work address The subject is intentionally written to invoke panic in the reader OMG and enough adrenaline to get to click and read If you open the attachment - - you ve been suckered and infected After seeing two or three of these I Use email filter to block DOJ Virus automated the delete using an email filter like sender contains lawyers com action delete How did I find the origin of the email Using tools I saved the email to disk without opening it in my email reader Once on the disk you can open with NOTEBOOK Launch notebook and drag-n-drop the email into it reading raw email is - - arduous but look for To lt your-email-address gt From foofoo xxx-yyy-zzzlawyers com Subject the phishing email title The from line always varies but always ends in lawyers com nbsp

A:Use email filter to block DOJ Virus

You may man have went farther. Then I would venture. I just delete them.
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Hello Folks,
I wish to know how to edit the BLOCK listing in AutoCAD 2000.
Scenario: I have progressed into a design on AutoCAD 2000, and reached the point where I wish to detete items from the listing of BLOCKS because these line items:
- are of no further use in this design exercise,
- or I have decided to change the name originally given to a BLOCK, in which case I am left with the two line items in the BLOCK listing, the original name and the changed name.
How do I go about deleting unwanted line items from the BLOCK listing in AutoCAD 2000?

A:Edit BLOCK Listing AutoCAD 2000

I'm kind of rusty, but as I recall there is a Purge command.
Relevancy 41.28%

I've used for years but with in the last few days I have noticed that a feature of theirs Stock Tracked is missing! Anyone happen to know if this is permanent?
Relevancy 30.96%

Due to this article , I removed MS update 3033929 & would like to know how to stop it from returning if it does & I'm sure it will.

A:Block an MS Update

In the main update screen, you can right-click an offered update and select 'hide update'. That prevents it being offered until the next update of that particular KB occurs. When it does (as you rightly assume), then one would hope and expect that it would no longer cause the problem as it does now.
Relevancy 41.28%

Need help! I have a advantage database program called Manheim tracker 3.097..been working fine until restart on 1/27. Program wouldn"t start up . A ( COMPANY ADT) file error.What is this?Where did it go? Any one fimiliar with this program.?

A:Manheim tracker data problem

Does this link help?
Recovery Toolbox
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Okay, here's a hypothetical situation:

Let's say a guy needs to cut himself off from a specific website. It's gravely important that he completely forbid this website without giving him a way of changing the settings so that he can. He's going cold turkey.

And let's suppose that he already installed K9 Web Protection but it's not working completely. He's been checking this site occasionally to make sure that he's cut off (yes, paranoid) and occasionally he's getting through. This has made him very scared, because he's starting to worry that he's unable to cut himself off.

Would TechSpot be able to help him find alternative solutions? He's done much research but unfortunately most of the common solutions (editing host files, et al) can easily be undone when he gets the urge to visit the site.

A:Web filter (important)

Wait to see if others have a better idea, but a simple google search found these
Relevancy 30.53%

I am following the advice of someone that wrote in a topic I made in the Mobile Comuting section, that pointed to this board. A few days ago, I had been writing in that topic when all of a sudden a warning came up saying: Malware Blocked,, ...etc, infection: html: script-inf, (and also html:lframe-inf, for another object).
It was very annoying and surprising. I think an advertisement did this, but is that right? Why would that happen?

A:Malware block message

Attack and "scareware" sites sometimes employ such tactics in order to install "foistware" on your system as you panic and hit the wrong button... Safest response to such a window (that I have found) is to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to start "Windows Task Manager" and then use it to kill the browser. The reason I use this approach is ... ANY button on the the "scare ware" window/pop-up may be a trigger for the foistware installation.

Yes... You can get malware from an incorrect response to such a window.

If you are concerned, please check our Virus and Malware forum, where Broni, or Bobbye, (or others?) will be able to help you resolve your concerns.
Relevancy 25.8%

The "block pop ups" box for Firefox keeps mysteriously getting unchecked as I surf the web. This is completely bizarre. Why is this happening.

Running XP Home SP3, Avast anti-virus, Ad-Aware, Windows Defender.

A:"Block pop ups" box keeps mysteriously getting unchecked

Download and run free Malwarebytes, CCleaner and tell us what they find
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I've got a spammer who is constantly sending me emails is there
a way to block him with a plugin or something.

A:How can I block a spammer using Outlook Express 6?

You could set up rules to block content and block the country from which it originates failing that there is some software called Mailwasher which will do the job you can download it from here.
Relevancy 30.96%

I've noticed the bing bar update waiting to be installed. I do not want anything to do with it & would like to know how to hide it permanetely.

A:How do I Block an MS update

I'll guess you're running Win 7, in which case right click, select Hide Update
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My little brother got a new laptop recently, but my parents don't want him to have access to the internet on it, including online gaming, especially in his room. I set up an invalid proxy server on the browser to disable internet browsing, which works fine, but every game he has installed he can still access the online servers, join them, and play on them.

I want to cut off all internet connections, including online games, but at the same time make it possible to play the games over the wireless network via LAN.

LAN only, no internet. Suggestions welcome.


A:Block Intenet, enable LAN use

you will need a firewall and you will specifically need to know what ports the games use to go online. It may be more trouble than it's worth.

Or you can set up a limited use account for your brother and disallow internet use. That's probably easier. Ensure your own administator account is password protected.
Relevancy 33.54%

Guys, (PS if u can answer my questions posted previously, id B nice) , but i was wondering Y, after making a text layer with a few layer styles put on (noise, etc), i can't run some filters on it. I need to run an Artistic filter on the text layer (It HAS been rasterized and i need to run the Spatter filter,) but the Artistic filters are greyed out and unselectable?? Anyone know Y??? I cant seem to use them on any of my other regular layers on this image, but i can on other files... Y????

A:ANOTHER Photoshop Filter Problem

This Probably Won't Help Much But.....

I'm using PSE-5. It has a function (in the layers pallet) called "simplify layer".
I just made a text layer, beveled it, and tried to apply grain. The program wouldn't allow this until the layer was simplified. As I said that may not help too much with Photoshop itself, although you might try opening the file with PSE and doing the text there. I'm not sure what rasterizing a text layer accomplishes. Hey, it could be the proper name for "simplify layer", then dumbed down for us Elements guys. There are a lot of free text effects actions at this site: You might find one or more to your liking.
Relevancy 33.54%

Hey guys right now I'm reading a book called "3D Game Texture Creation with Photoshop." In the section where he describes how to create a metal flooring texture, it tells you to apply a filter through Filters>Render>Lighting Effects to put on a spotlight. This is using a regular 1024x1024 white background images. But after I try, i go to Filters>Render, and it shows clouds, Difference Clouds, and Fibers, but Lighting effects and Lens Flare is greyed out and i can't selct It... How come?? PS i am using CS2 and havn't changed the presets (i mean this is like the 7th time i've used it)

A:PhotoShop CS Filter Not showing up?


I don't think the filter would work on pure white. Try coloring the canvas first. You could try adding a little grain or noise also.
Relevancy 30.53%

I would like to block individual websites, is there any free software/utility or means of doing this? Thanks

A:How can i block individual websites

all kinds of techniques, depending upon the volume (number) and or content.

If you have a router, you may be able to block URLs that contain specific keywords
(eg porno term ) which would block man urls with each keyword

if you have just a few sites and want to kill access to all content from them, add to your hosts file (ask and I can provide details)

if you need to bock a specific url from a site and allow all others, you can add it to
your Block list in the browser.

If you're concerned for the kids, then google for NetNanny

more details please .......
Relevancy 29.67%

I have two network cards that connect to two different networks. The first network only should communicate with the computers on the local network and the second should be used to connect to the internet.

How do I force the computer to use a given NIC for internet access and the other for local file sharing etc?

A:Block NIC from internet access but not local network

Instead of two nics for access to different networks and functions, would it be easier to have just one nic if you could find something that restricted all network traffic allowed in/.out of the NIC so it would only talk to networks you want and use remote services you want, etc.

Would that fill the need? You need one NIC and a firewall.
Relevancy 33.11%

Might seem like a pretty wierd question, but im wondering.

Does anyone know a pretty decent program, pref free. That can make a voice recording seem like its coming from a phone, you know like what you see in the movies?

A mate needs it for a project he is currently working on, would appreciate any suggestions.


A:Telephone/radio voice filter

ANy semi-decent sound editor can do it. You may already have one that came with your soundcard or CD burner..

If the project doesn't take long, then he could use the GoldWave trial version.
Relevancy 30.96%

recently I see some libraries, they can seperate their network computers, so that only some of the computers can use emails. Does anyone know how to do this?

and also, some computers are only for catalogue browsing. Library catalogue is actually online, but they disable all those button in IE, invisible address and disabled options bar. Why I see some guys can still use those PC for internet browsing?

Thank you.
Relevancy 30.1%

There are always 3 ads that come up under the Mail menu on the far left
of the Yahoo home page.

I would like to make my mail menu box taller so it shows everything without having to scroll down, esp the contacts for chat.

But I can't find a way to get rid of those ads.

Thanks for any help!

A:How to block ads from Yahoo home page?

macx, I use the Firefox browser and I also have a Yahoo account. I put the AdBlock Plus add-on on Firefox and also downloaded the 3 Easy List. All the ads on the Yahoo page are blocked. If you are interested, I'll give you the URLs for all.
Relevancy 30.53%


Ive been set the task at work to block previous employees email accounts from receiving emails.

We use Outlook ... just the basic version as far as i know

we still wish to access their accounts from time to time as they contain various emails and useful contacts, but we just dont want them to continue to receive emails from external sources

I dont know if this is possible? Any help would be great


A:Outlook how to block accounts?

I would think you can transfer the .pst file to the Administrator account and use import.

Relevancy 30.1%

I am useing OS windows XP sp2 in my PC. i have to block windows live massenger, yahoo massenger and any chat programs. How to block this programs in my PC? if you have any idea. please write suggestion .

A:How to block massenger chat in windows XP

Blocking IM by firewall port controls

there are programs that do some of this​
but firewall controls will help in some case (other than the lame Windows Firewall)
by adding rules to DENY specific ports;
Ports Yahoo! Messenger uses!


Yahoo! Messenger services uses a variety of ports.
Service Ports
Chat & Messenger TCP Port 5050: Client Access only
Insider/Room Lists [COLOR="Red"]TCP Port 80: Client Access only [*][/COLOR]
File Transfer [COLOR="Red"]TCP Port 80: Server Access.[*][/COLOR]
Your ISP may block this port, as its used for web hosting.
You can change port in Messenger, Preferences, File Transfer.
Voice Chat UDP 5000-5010
TCP 5000-5001: Client Access
If UDP Fails, TCP will be used instead, see below.
WebCam TCP Port 5100: Client Access
Super Webcam TCP Port 5100: Server Access
P2P Instant Messages TCP Port 5101: Server Access
PMs between Buddys may not use the Yahoo! Server, but this is not a requirement.
[*]You can NOT block port 80 as this is how your browser gets webpages!

MSN Messenger uses

port 1863 TCP/UPD

Because AIM and ICQ can switch port automatically, so you can not block them only by disable the ports in the firewall. We recommend you to block AIM/icq in two ways:

* 1). [COLOR="Red"]Block all AIM/ICQ server IP address.[/color]
* 2). Use firewall which has deep content inspection capabilities. Use firewall which has deep content inspection capabilities to block AIM/icq's P2P function.
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hello i have a asus et it has a bios boot block on it it does not have a floppy cd or dvd rive only usbs i have tried a external usb dvd r boot BIOS et1602 Asus block w to Asus et1602 BIOS boot block install xp back on itand it hangs up when it says starting windows win gives me a blue screen and a string of error codes blocks uniflash in bios removed cmos battery and it did not help forgive me but i knowi will say this wrong but it install ubito just fine ive tried several online sugestions on flashing it from a thumb drive im either doing it wrong or its acting the same way as dvd r w it just blinks forever with no action Asus et1602 BIOS boot block ive ran into some tuff ones butthis takes the cakebios says there is no password but reset it anyway so ive reached the Asus et1602 BIOS boot block point of desperaty and thought maybe i would short the pins on the bios chip i have had to do that before i cant figure out wich is the bios chip its not obviouse to the eye and i think ive searched almost every chip on the board it hasa atom cpu motherboard number isem -dhs rev this is crazy hard ive googled my brains out can anyone help me please thanks as usual nbsp

A:Asus et1602 BIOS boot block

Have you contacted Asus support for this issue?
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I recently aquired 4 server for $5 each along with another that cost $110 and I have no idea what to do with them or what they can do for me.

The least powerful one has dual xeons at 450Mhz and weighs 325 lbs and is basicaly a mobile rack with lead acid battery backup 3 PSU's 16 (yes sixteen) Hard drives 10 of which are in an external bay.

The most powerfull ones have 16 RAM slots and quad P2's

Give me some good ideas! I may consider web hosting or becoming an ISP for my neighbors

A:Linux servers

the HD farm could be used for a File server; Massive storage space to retain
1) archives
2) backups
3) large volumes of infrequently access files.
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Can anyone tell me of the cheapest place for getting a Ventrilo server. Im looking for a 25man server. Or if there is any free servers.

A:Ventrilo servers

I've found something.I hope it will suit you:

25 Users=$7.75/month

30 Users=$9.45/month

24 Users=$6.74/month or
32 Users=$8.24/month
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when i go into control panel i see something called ac3 filter. can anyone tell me what this and how to use it? thank you

A:ac3 filter - what is it?
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I was wondering if there is any kind of software that can filter or modify your live video feed with your computer? Like for example, Mac has a program called Photobooth that edits the feed with different things like motion blurs, distortions, color changes, and just other random filters. To make it even funner, it doesn't JUST edit your video or your pictures, it edits hte feedback from your webcam. I dunno, it's kinda hard to explain what I'm trying to say. But if you DO understand what I mean, do you know any software that does this? Thanks for your help.

A:Is there any kind of software that can filter your live video feed?

Logitech has Video Effects for their webcams.
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I hope this in the right forum, i couldn't find anywhere else to put it:

Does anyone here know of a good Newsgroup server thats reliable, and preferably in the UK? (for speed, as im in England, UK). I don't mind paying a small price per month either.

It must have "alt.biniaries" too.

Following on from that, what Newsgroup Software do you use, and do you think its any good, as im on the lookout for one.

Any links would be useful....

A:Newsgroup Servers & Programs???

I use ClaraNews, and have no problems with them...
Though when I ordered my account, there wasn't any download limitations...

But as the price is quite low, and the download quantity high, I don't have any problem recommending them...

There have been none server problems in the 6 months that I've used the service either....

Another news provider which seems to be good is EasyNews.... Some friends of mine use it, and they've found it to be, as the name implies, very easy It is webbased afaik, which eliminates any need for a newsgroup program...

Personally I use GrabIt, as it suits most of my needs... (Even though it doesn't support posting messages... :-/)


Hope this helps
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Hi I had a question about msn. If you add a person and delete and block them right away do they see that you wanted to add them? because if you log into msn and someone added you you will see it.

A:MSN add and block

I`ve never used MSN, but I would imagine that, yes the person will be alerted to the fact that you wanted to add them.

If I`m wrong, no doubt someone here will put me straight lol.

In the meantime, You could always Google for an answer.

Regards Howard
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Is there any services/utilities in windows xp or any applications out there that prevent specified processes from running on your computer at any time, not necessarily startup? Like, for example.. if I never wanted to have "mspaint.exe" running on my taskmanager could I have it blocked permanently so it could never run?

A:Services used to block processes

Group Policy Editor in Windows Xp Professional
And, Start-->Run-->Services.msc (for things like disable Help; Printers so forth)
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Hello everyone!

Im working in a company as an IT personnel. this company have 15 branch as store and have in every store pc and ADSL line to connect and log in to our website and our system ,all employers not allowed to browsing any other sites , i try to bolck all sites by many way but every way have problem , what i can do

Thank you for your help!

A:Help to block all sites


The internet isnt my strongest subject but in theory you could set up a VPN to the only website they are allowed to access, which wont allow access to other sites (i think haha). I will check and see if there is a group/local policy that you can use also.
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Okay, my friend has ran into a problem with the blocking and keep blocking thing in Windows XP. He pressed Keep Blocking on accident and can't get the game back. We've looked for ways to unblock it but can't find it. We tried reinstalling it, but it still is blocking it. Is there anyway you can unblock anything?

A:Problem with the block/keep blocking on Windows XP!

are you using the XP Firewall ?
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Microsoft's decision to forgo user control over security updates in favor of mandatory, automatically installed updates in Windows 10 Home edition was a point of contention when the news was revealed earlier this month.

Read more

A:Windows 10 Home Edition's automated updates early troubles prompt for release of block tool

This is going to make July 29th, 2015, go down in history as Black Wednesday for MS (as well as the succeeding weeks) and just totally bork the Win10 rollout and cause public backlash like Vista did. Millions of customers who upgrade will potentially have any forced driver update causing a broken system or other issues.
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Hit Start> Right Click on Computer, select Properties from the list> In the popup window on the left side select Advanced System Settings.

In the Advanced System Properties Box under Startup and Recovery select Settings.

Verify the settings are set as shown below.
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Hello, I currently use the programs: hyperterminal, enervista, and acselerator quick set to monitor if some filters are working. In hyperterminal I use the "met" command to see the current these filters have, and if the current of phase A, B, and C do not have a difference of 4 amperes, then I know the filter is working correctly. However, I need to check each filter individually because I have to login and set an ip address and port to check each filter. Is there a way so that I can check every filter at the same time? (without having to login to every single one of them, or that I just login once and then I can check the filters without having to login again).

I appreciate any help.


A:Hyperterminal monitoring filter automatically

Have you tried creating separate connections, one for each phase as long as the IP's, and ports are different for each phase.

Then you can run multiple connections in HyperTerminal.
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So, one day Windows 8.1 froze totally and I could only move mouse pointer. I holded power button to shut it down and turned it on again. It showed the logo and loading circle and couldn't go further. I reinstalled windows and wi-fi driver suddnely didn't work. I looked for solution when windows blocked again and could't start, so I reinstalled it once more, formating discs again. I finnaly managed to find new wi-fi driver through my phone and it worked. But when I rebooted it froze and I could only move my mouse. I reinstalled windows once more, installed only wi-fi driver and then it rebooted itself and can't startup. Now I only get black screen with pointer after it &quot;tries to automatucly fix itself&quot;. I really need a solution before I smash it against the wall. Also, is it possible that some hard drive is broken?

A:Unusual crash/block

Hi helpme-.- :)

We could indeed check if your hard drive is failing, but first, we'll need to boot in Windows. Is this a computer or a laptop?