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Q: Blue Screen / Power Surge Issues

Ironic that as I was about the post this it surged Power Blue / Surge Screen Issues again Hi My computer has been blue screening randomly freezing for a good six months now I have built the computer myself and I was advised that everything was good to go but I'm not too sure that advice was correct anymore It has surged times now in the last hours in the past hour Specs PSU Corsair CX Series RAM Kingston KVR N K GB MHz CL DDR ValueRAM Memory Kit Motherboard Asus P Z -V LX Motherboard Socket GB DDR Support ATX Intel Z Express USB CrossFireX Support Dual Intelligent Processors Blue Screen / Power Surge Issues CPU Intel Core i GHz Quad Core Processor MB L Cache GT s Bus Speed Boxed GPU Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX DirectCU II OC GB GDDR Graphics Card HDD WD TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - OEM - Green I used to have a Corsair w PSU however this burnt out because of a surge and luckily was the only thing that was fried I replaced this with the w one and bought a surge protector extension which has been plugged directly into the wall I have also bought quot x Asus High Quality Original White Black SATA GB s Cable quot 's incase it was an issue with the hard drive Blue Screen / Power Surge Issues and this hasn't seemed to have worked either Please advise don't hesitate to say if you need more information P S I'm sorry in advance if this has been posted in the wrong place

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Preferred Solution: Blue Screen / Power Surge Issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Blue Screen / Power Surge Issues

Hello Alterelo and Welcome to PCHF
Let's check your memory giving MemTest a go:

Download the Auto installer for USB.
Boot your system from it, and when MemTest start press c (configuration) then select Full Memory Range, then let it run.
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Hello There was a power surge surge issues-power Computer a couple of days ago I wasn t here when it happened but according to my Computer issues-power surge wife my computer was turned off So last night I tried to turn my computer on At first it would turn on for a few seconds then turn back off and then come back on but nothing shows on the monitor screen Then I disconnected the plug from the computer and reconnected It then started to beep Computer issues-power surge multiple times but nothing shows up on the screen still Once again I restarted the computer and I recieved no beeping but once againg nothing shows up on the screen What could the problem be Can it be the power supply Can it be the graphics card Or worst the mobo Yes I did have it connected to the surge protector Its not a name brand computer It is one that I built last year and never had any issues after a power surge The mobo is an Asus Thanks nbsp

A:Computer issues-power surge

Hi tru009!

If multiple beeps are heard at start up, write down the sequence of them (example: 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps indicates it is an Display card error while multiple short beeps indicates it is a power supply/mother board/keyboard error)

If no audible noise is heard at start up, does anything at all display on screen? If not, do you have any other compatible graphic cards you can connect to this computer as a test?

Hope this helps.
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My laptop shows a 'USB Power surge' error notification now and then, even though no USB device has been connected to the system. Please tell me how to fix this.
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Gateway 507GR Wont Power-On after a power surge. Had slight hissing noise in the Bestec power supply, replaced it, and it still will not always power-on. If I switch the a/c power on/off really fast while holding the power button, it will fully power-on after a few minutes of toying with it (tricky). Tested this new power supply in another machine, works perfectly, and so it's the board that's not powering-on. Removed the board and looked closely at the caps for swelling leakage, but what should I be looking for on the board after pwr surge? Any techs here familiar with this board/situation, very common that the failing bestec pwr supply takes out the board, the Intel E210882 MOBO. Thanks in advance.

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I know how to enable disable UBS ports but I want to know if I Can set specific power limits for my USB ports using Windows pro How can I test my motherboard to see if maybe that might be the problem Everything was working fine Then I started using a new USB device called Track IR I don't know if it's a coincidence or the culprit but I now get a quot power surge quot warning for all my USB ports when the device is unplugged USB is not (power to How power USB warnings) 2.0 control USB case surge all connected active My headphones disconnect most of the time My keyboard started disconnecting more How to control all USB case power (power surge warnings) USB 2.0 frequently and my mouse is usually the last to disconnect If I plug Track IR in as well as my other peripherals keyboard mouse headphones steering wheel everything works fine If I unplug Track IR I'll start getting power surge warnings and my headphones keyboard lastly my mouse will disconnect in that order randomly It's also caused a cyclic quot left click quot issue with my mouse - I believe Over a span of - seconds the left click button will go from standard to ultra sensitive to standard click speed again I can double click on a file and open it and afew seconds later it seems it only takes click to unintentionally open that folder and then whatever file or folder my mouse cursor happened to be on inside that folder I slowed down and sped up the mouse click function in windows devices but the issue still persists I have checked the wiring Nothing exposed or touching I have turned off USB charging capability I have tried each port individually front and back USB ports to see if I have How to control all USB case power (power surge warnings) USB 2.0 any dead ports none I have tried them in combinations to see if there is some kind of short between ports What do I do now

A:How to control all USB case power (power surge warnings) USB 2.0

Hi 7of9, welcome to the Forum.

Have a look at this MS website & see if any suggestions there work for you.

What happens if you leave the IR5 connected & shut down the computer, disconnect the IR5, restart the computer. Does your mouse etc. then work properly. If so it might be worth looking at getting a separately powered USB hub & using that for the IR5.
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I have a Seagate 2TB external USB drive (Model: srd0sd1). Like an idiot I had it plugged into the wall without a surge protector. Yesterday we had some wicked thunderstorms which included 2 brief power losses. I unplugged the drive last night and hadn't tried to use the drive until today and it won't power on. Is it possible that the power source (AC adaptor) could be fried rather than the entire drive?!?

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Hi Sorry if this has Power USB Surge already been posted and answered but I couldn t find anything else I m having a problem with my USB ports on my PC It was custom built by my dad and has an Intel D GEBV motherboard The problem is that I keep on getting USB power surge notices popping up when ever I plug in any USB or device and even when they USB Power Surge are unplugged I ve tried plugging them in in different ports but it still USB Power Surge has the error My dad used this PC before and because of the problem his USB flash drive burnt out Is this to do with the software or hardware I m running Windows XP non SP Also I m thinking if it would be a problem with the connections on the motherboard because there are only cables USB USB and Shield and i m not sure if they are plugged in correctly Any advice Sorry for the long post nbsp

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My brothers computer was affected by a power suge during a thunder storm, the power went off for a few seconds and whenit came back on his computer would not work. I thought that the power pack had faile but he tells me that there is power because the monitoris working. The computer will not work and seems to be dead. Is there a re-set button/swich or control or is this a new power pack. My brother lives in France so it is not easy to get help there.

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I Power Surge? USB am using a Dell Dimension Desktop with Windows XP USB Power Surge? I have USB ports on the front of computer I plugged my digital camera in to download some photos I recieved an error message I cannot recal the exact wording but it s like this Window has detected a power surge through a USB port the port will become inoperable If you would like to restore the port disconnect any devices and click here USB Power Surge? to restore I disconnected the camera from the USB cable and clicked quot restore quot Nothing seemed to happen the computer was frozen at that moment non-responsive to mouse movements I shut the computer down and re-started it The computer seemed to re-start one light on the case on the right side was lit all three lights on the keyboard lit and remained on however I ve got a blank screen completely dark I turned off the computer and chcecked all of the connections all was well and attempted to re-start The result was the same as above no image whatsoever on screen I see no indication that windows was engaging at all I m utterly puzzled any ideas nbsp

A:USB Power Surge?

Sounds like your usb port went bad on your mobo. Can you use a different usb port? 2 front-4 back.
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Please help And if you CAN help please be very specific as to what I need to do as I am not technically talented As an fyi I m on surge power Windows XP and email through MS Office Outlook My computer was working fine until we suffered power surges within minutes of each other today The tv stereo phone amp fax are fine My computer powers on and the first error message appears winlogon exe - unable to locate component This application has failed to start because sfc os dll was not found Re-installing the application may fix this problem Next I try to go into of email accounts First error message power surge here Unable to open your default email folders The file c documents and settings diane local settings application data microsoft outlook outlook pst could not be accessed Data error cyclic redundancy check nd email account error message unable to open your default email folders The server is not available Contact your administrator if this condition persists rd email account - can get onto main page of this account but this message appears Norton antivirus was unable to scan your computer for infections b c a critical error occured during the scan When trying to open an email this is the message we get Norton antivirus was unable to scan your email message for infections When trying to open an MS Word file through email we get the following message Norton Antivirus was unable to scan your computer for infections b c a critical error occured during the scan Click here to go to Symantec Technical Support Knowledge BAse OK The last that I know of so far message I am getting The file NORMAL already exists Do you want to replace the existing file Meanwhile I wasn t trying to save anything and definitely wasn t naming anything NORMAL When I respond NO it states that the changes affect global template NORMAL nbsp

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I keep getting the message one of the usb ports has malfunctioned and has exceeded its power limits or something like that. Ive never had a problem up until the past few days and now my usb ports on the top front of my case wont operate unless I reboot. Once i reboot they are fine for a short time; but then the same thing happens all over again. Now, even as much as a computer guy as i am ; this one has me stumped. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the usb hubs, etc and that has done nothing. What should i do here?

A:Usb power surge

nevermind; solved my own problem. It appears I have a bad sync cable for my iphone. And that seems to have been causing the issue for some reason.
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I was using a smart media meory card when my pc gave me a usb power surge error. Now when I boot up the computer the bios load up but I can't get into the OS also i noticed my fan speed drops dramatically. I think my power supply died because my onboard video card works still. If anyone could please help me i would greatly appreciate it!

A:USB Power Surge

At what point does the computur stop booting? First thing I would do is turn off the computer completely and unplug all USB devices. Then try booting up.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2814 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 220, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 149997 MB, Free - 111333 MB; D: Total - 149997 MB, Free - 149928 MB; E: Total - 176934 MB, Free - 145600 MB;
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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OK heres the deal about 10 minutes ago there was a power surge and everything in my house went off...i restart my computer and it still works but the screen size is much smaller, i tried changing the resolution and nothing happened i tried to it manualy but i couldnt change it. what should i do?

A:power surge?

Reinstall you video device Driver (software).
Then I'd pull the card and reinstall the hardware and software.

good luck.
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I plugged my camera into the computer in order to download some pictures. A window popped up that said:

Power Surge On The Hub. Sony DSC has exceeded the power limits of it's hub.

I clicked on the window and it was recommended that I unplug the camera. I did just that, but then hooked it up again and things worked out as normal. I have been downloading pictures from this camera for two years and have never encountered this situation before.
Could someone please explain what the pop up window was eluding to ??

Thank You for your time,

Windows XP Home , SP-2 , IE-7

A:Power Surge On The Hub

Sounds like your specific motherboard needs better USB drivers for XP.Have a look at This article in PC World Forums.Or just turn off the warning.Control Panel/ System/ Hardware/ Device manager/ select the the specific USB Controller (expand the [+])/then Properties/ Advanced/ select "Don't Tell Me About USB Errors."
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yesterday night my neighborhood had a transformer blow and knocked out the power out within like 2 blocks and ironically im within that and when it happened my computer shut off and wouldnt turn back on anymore. (Prior to this happening every time i turned my computer on it gave me a windows message before loading saying something like "Alert, your power supply is low .. something something" im not sure if that has anything to do with it but yea..) now when i press my power button it flashes like its going to turn on but doesnt just stays off.

Is there anyway i can salvage some of my parts or is everything fried? or is there a way to save my desktop?

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So there was a power surge, Note I had a surge protector, and after I turned my computer on and no image would display on the screen. I examined the parts and nothing appeared to be damaged, the fans turn on so they are getting power. I verified the screen was working. My computer is custom built using the specs of the good tier on logical any advice for solving or locating the problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, i have a 50" plasma t.v./ monitor, and yesterday the video stopped working. the sound still works, but the video doesn't. I called toshiba, and they said it was a power surge, and if i ship it back, they will fix it, but that will cost 300+ dollars. Is their anyway around this?

A:power surge

there's not an easy fix for a tv.. better let the experts deal with it...
Maybe there's a service center nearby your place, could be closer and then you won't need to ship it off...

Is it still under warranty?
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I was away when a storm came threw and nobody shut down my puter Now when I try to start puter first the mouse dont work any more I had a Logitech MX IT lights up but wont work Installed a Radio shack mouse worked for a little it Then Surge please. Help Power it shuts down too I try to start computer and tap on F key or DEL key sometimes it works an sometimes not if it works I am good for a little bit min to min then lock up If i get into safe mode its ok until about the same min to min If F and DEL keys dont work It starts Power Surge Help please. the process and then gets to floppy disk and fails It say Floppy Disk Fail I have checked and the fans are working and thats not a problem Hard drives work and GB ram and thats ok too So stumped and wondering if I can fix it or not BY the way I dont smell anything hot or smoking in computer My robotics router is fried as smell smoke in it so it toasted Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Power Surge Help please.

If your robotics router gotten hit by a power surge and got fried, more than likely so did your computer, unless you had it on a good UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system, one of those battery backup devices. Having just a plain old surge protector is better than nothing but doesn't help much except if there's a suddent spike and even then it might still get through...

As far as your system tho, it does sound like it got hit, If you can get a diagnostic cd for your system or download a few seperate programs like these to test each component seperately..

speedfan - measures power voltages, fan speed and S.M.A.R.T hard drive info..

DocMemory tester - tests your RAM..needs to be installed on a "bootable" floppy or CD, then ran from it..

Everest Home Edition - complete system benchmark and diagnostic program..

Also to test your hard drive, I would recommend looking in the computer to find who manufactured you hard drive, like Western Digital or Seagate etc, then go to thier homepage and downloading thier diagnostic software to test the hard drive. You might get lucky and just need to replace the power supply.
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Hey guys what s up My brother has been getting frequent error messages saying the USB Hub has exceeded its limit dealing with a power surge This message only came up when he plugged in his gaming controller and recently I began getting the same messages My computer Power Surge USB specs are Dell Inspiron Windows XP Pro SP GHz GB RAM My USB drives are currently occupied by the following A Logitech V Laser Cordless Mouse A Saitek P Rumble Force Gamepad Two weeks ago my brother began experiencing these problems I on the other hand didn t and used the wireless mouse with the gamepad at the same time days a week for more or less USB Power Surge weeks in duration Tonight I received this message for the first time After going problem solving I downloaded a patch that disables the error bubble however neither the mouse nor the gamepad USB Power Surge work when both are plugged in now I fooled around with it a bit and the mouse works fine without the gamepad plugged in The gamepad on the other hand doesn t and disables both USB ports when it is plugged in I tried plugging in the mouse with my printer photocopier and it works as it did last week I have read that this can be either a small problem or one as large as needing to replace the motherboard Ironically my Dell warranty just expired this USB Power Surge is roughly the th time that something has happened to a desktop notebook while with Dell where something occurred just after the warranty expired rumoured Dell timing software hardware malfunctions What happened I was happily using both the Gamepad since September and the mouse with the gamepad since Christmas Does anyone have any idea what the problem is be it internal or external Is it possible the motherboard needs replacing Should I bring my notebook in to a service guy Any response or advice would be much appreciated guys Take care and all the best nbsp
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i am using windows XP SP2 i have starting getting this message that popup on my tool bar it said power surge on hub port the general porpose usb hub has exceeded the power limits .
I have two usbs ports on the back of my computer in which i connected one usb ultra hub 4 ports to, but it has it own power sorce .
i unplug it and i still get this message but when i try to print something it comes up. my printer is a parrell port and not a usb port, the code is 43. i do not know what to do please help thanks.
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Hi Guys,The PC I was on, just suffered a Power Surge. Any clues what to look at,as the Tower is dead?
Thanks in advance.

A:Power Surge


Do you have anything coming on at all, lights or fans etc?

You may be lucky and just have a dead power supply and hopefully it'll not be a fried motherboard or chip.
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Please do not think this is a dumb question..but---how can you tell if your computer has had a power surge? Is there any way to look at it and tell? can you open up the case and look and tell if the computer has had a power surge?

Appreciate all help.

Thank You

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I have a flat screen monitor. It is about 1 year old. I live in an area effected by the hurricane. When I returned home there is a very thin line thru the center of the screen. Could this be from a power surge?

A:power surge

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

What a storm!
With something as radical as this it very well could've been a
series of brown outs, spikes, lightening etc..I'm certain many ppl
left computers on or plugged into outlets/surge protectors.
Very hard to say.
What kind of system?
How is the system behaving otherwise?
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I don't know if it's related or just a coincidence, but after my computer (OS Windows XP) automatically downloaded Service Pack 2, I keep getting these reminders from the toolbar that I have a power surge on a unknown port; unplug the hardware; and reset. I can't figure out which unknown port they're talking about. I have a monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, and speakers. The message isn't causing any other problems. I just click on the reset option without unplugging anything, it goes away and then comes back on only when the system has been "sleeping" and I hit "enter" to wake it up. Any suggestions?

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My system see specs for details started to popup this error message quot The usb device exceeded the power limit of its hub port on USB hub port... surge Power quot Clicking on the Power surge on USB hub port... message brings up this window There are two USB devices plugged in to the computer keyboard and mouse in the USB ports when the message pops up The same keyboard and mouse had been used for years without any issues The Dell keyboard does have two USB ports but they are not used There's nothing to disconnect and selecting the option of quot Reset quot in the above image does not fix the issue The keyboard and mouse does work just fine during the reset While the eSATA should have no relation to this issue disconnecting the eSATA external drive did not fixed the issue either Since the issue does not relate to and actual device it seems that the motherboard's power delivery capacitors could be the reason for the error message Is there a way to check this power delivery TIA

A:Power surge on USB hub port...

I would check first with another keyboard and mouse. One of the present ones may have started drawing more power than normal. Quite possible.
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Not sure which board this should go on but...

That cant be good?
its for a big laser printer
what should I do O:

Ive tried disconnecting and reconnecting it
a different cable, a different port, even a different computer.

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I purchased an external case for 2.5 hard drive to use for a back up on my laptop. Placed hard drive in enclosure, connect USB, boot up computer and nothing. Disconnect and pop up indicates port will be disabled because device exceeded the power limits of the hub port. Any ideas as to what is going on?

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Hi Need some assistance I have never had this problem when Surge Hub Power Port On I connect my Samsung MP player Now I receive this message Power Surge in hub port A USB device has exceeded the power limits of it s hub port For assistance in solving this problem click this message When I click on the message I am prompted this A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of it s hub port You should disconnect the device The location of the device Power Surge On Hub Port is shown in bold type - gt USB Root Hub ports -Unused Port -Unused Port -Unused Port -Unused Port Unknown USB Device Unknown USB Device Recommendation To renable the port disconnect the hardware and click RESET If you click Close the port will no longer function Would appreciate some kind help I have tried connecting it to a USB port at the back of the cpu and it does work I think the problem could have started when my sis plug some kinda card reader which could not work I have tried reading some of the other posts but I m just not good in pc stuffs Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Power Surge On Hub Port


Anyone able to help, will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.
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For some reason now I am getting a continuous message that reads:

Power Surge on HUB Port:
A USB device exceeded the power limits of it's Hub Port.
Unknown USB Device

Click on the message and I get:
USB Root Hub (2 Port)
(Unused Port)
Unknown USB Device

All that is plugged in is a Microsoft USB Mouse.

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There was a power surge, and when I tried starting windows, it said that C:/WINDOWS/config/system32/system was corrupted. I reinstalled windows and specified a different system folder, in the hopes of copying and pasting the corrupted file from the reinstalled version to the old version. (so I wouldn't lose my registry keys and have to reinstall all my programs.) That didn't work. I was completley locked out of C:/WINDOWS, and it said that I needed an admin password, which I didn't have. I decided to leave it and run off of the reinstalled windows. (no files were lost.) However, now, whenever I use IE, Word, or any other application, the scrolling is really, really choppy. Why is that?

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I need help!!!
I have two problems with my Toshiba laptop
It only seems to respond when pushing down hard just to the left of the touchpad over the indicator lights.
If you push just the right spot the hard drive light starts blinking and only then the touchpad starts working. If you stop pushing it freezes up. And then starts working when you find the spot to push down on again. What in the world is causing this?
Then I get a message saying Power Surge On Hub Port
with a list of of 8 USB Root Hub ports
all are unused ports except the second one says that says
Unknown USB Service

it says to re enable the port disconnect hardware and click reset
I dont understand this because I dont have any USB devices pluged in.

What do I do..
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I am suddenly having trouble with my printer Surge help! on Port Please Power Hub scanner When I try to use it a message pops Please help! Power Surge on Hub Port up saying quot power surge on hub port quot when I Please help! Power Surge on Hub Port click on it I get instructions to disconnect the device and press reset I do this but the same thing happens when I plug the USB cable back in I cannot use my printer and urgently urgently need to I'm running WinXP Home edition with latest service pack installed I've got a Dell emachine intel celeron D GB PATA hard drive The printer scanner is an Epson DX Connected via USB cable supplied with Please help! Power Surge on Hub Port the printer directly to the USB port on the back of the computer I have tried connecting the USB to all the other ports on the computer with no luck The printer is only a few months old and was working perfectly until now I have read whilst googling this problem something about issues with service packs and there possibly being a fix patch Any help is hugely appreciated as I so desperately need to print today

A:Please help! Power Surge on Hub Port

I have seen this on a couple of machines and if it is coming up when you have nothing plugged in to the USB then you probably have hardware fault on the USB ports. Could be a Mother board or Add on card depending on your type of machine. So if its under warranty get it fixed.

If it is happening only when you plug in the printer then the power being drawn by the device may be causing the problem. You could invest in a externally powered USB hub and try that I recently purchased one for $19 Aussie Dollars.

However I did read this post from another emachine owner so read on.


Hi happyrck, Well I found the fix at E-Machines web site online chat with a tech. What he said to do is," delete all the USB ports in the devices manager, then restart the computer to let XP install all the USB ports again. Then he said to go to the first USB port and right click on it and go to properties. Then on the advance tab click on do not show warnings".
It worked!

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Hi My problem is similar to some of the others listed here but slightly different I am using a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows XP I needed extra space for usb connections so bought a powered usb hub I d previously tried one without a power supply but nothing worked so the shop told me I needed a powered one to use my wireless port Power surge on usb hub internet adapter and memory stick mainly However when I have it all set up and am busy using the internet etc every couple of hours the internet anything plugged into the hub stops working and a bubble message pops up Power Surge in hub port A Power surge on usb hub port USB device has exceeded the power limits of it s hub port For assistance in solving this problem click this message If I click on the message before it disappears it says A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of it s hub port You should disconnect the device The location of the device is shown in bold type - gt USB Root Hub ports -Unused Port -Unused Port Unknown USB Device Unknown USB Device Recommendation To renable the port disconnect the hardware and click RESET If you click Close the port will no longer function If I disconnect then click reset it starts working again but the same thing tends to happen a couple of hours later if i m still working If I dont click on the bubble in time then the usb port that the hub was in stops working completely cant even get my usb mouse to work in it I have resorted to doing a system restore a couple of times which brings it back to life but I dont understand why it keeps doing this Is the hub faulty Any help much appreciated its driving me mad Thanks nbsp
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Well it started when i heard this weird noise my pc was off and the computer light was flashing weird so i unplugged it all NextDay when i turned it on the wireless mouse wasn t working so i had to go on guest that the message quot Power surge on Hub port usb exceeded power limits something like that quot so i unplugged the usb for the keyboard and clicked reset but it kept on coming up and i can only get on guest account so i don t have administration privileges and i also tried Noneusb keyboard but didn t work SO i bought Power Surge Problem Big a USB hub and a power surge plug plugged Big Power Surge Problem everything in and when i turned it on it was still making that funny sound it sounded sort of like the fan so we opened the computer and cleaned the fan and when we turned it on it wasnt going proply but after a bit it did and then sounded fine when we turned it on BUT it wasn t coming coming on the light at the front of the computer even though the sound was Anyone know what the problem could be Maybe it s over heated or blown already And does this my hard-drive may be messed up Big Power Surge Problem Thanks P S sorry for the bad explanation Not very Big Power Surge Problem computer literate nbsp

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Hi there, Sarah is using win 7 64 bit, Asus motherboard reports power surge and shut down the computer from nowhere. Happened 3 times yesterday and 3 times today. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

A:Asus Power Surge

There is no evidence for a BSOD. I recommend powering computer from a different wall socket, and seeing if the same issue occurs. If it does, open the computer BIOS and report the temperatures displayed therein.
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I get the following message when I plug in my external hard drive (power surge on hub port)

What does this mean and how can I avoid it?
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Ok so a while ago a headphone plug found it s way into the USB port located directly above Problem Power Surge the sound jack on Power Surge Problem my motherboard let s not go into the stupidity of that really bad moment in history Instantly I got a power surge wearning on windows the thing locked up Power Surge Problem and wouldn t load up anymore The board just made one long beep when it went to load instantly I just assumed it was done for and replaced it due to lack of time and patience So now I am getting a new processor for the new mobo So now I will have this extra processor and this mobo and I was thinking of throwing the processor in an older computer I have and use basically for backing up important files NOw I checked the old one and its not the same socket type so im wondering if there is any way i can salvage my old motherboard I Power Surge Problem m not sure how much damage the power surge could do and I jsut wanna know if it is possible to fixc the mother board that had a power surge from a usb port on the back nbsp

A:Power Surge Problem

What happened is ceraintly capable of frying the motherboard. Yes it can be repaired, but it is unlikely to be worth it. Buy a new MB or if it is an older model look for a used MB on eBay or elsewhere.
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Hi I have a western digital external hard drive that is 250GB. Recently it has been saying power surge on hub port and I was wondering if you could help me fix this problem. The hard drive already has its own power supply but I still keep getting the error message. I would also like to know if all my data on the drive would still be readable. Lastly, if I were to remove the hard disk from the external hard drive could I possibly read the information on another computer or any other way as long as I have the hard disk? Thank you very much for your help.

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I wonder if anyone can help.

I have a HP Compaq NX5000 laptop that runs without a fault apart from 1 annoying problem.

I have a 2.5" external HDD with a 60gig HDD installed. Every time I plug it in to the usb port I get the small popup error stating "Power Surge On Hub Port".

Now at first I thought it must just be my HDD pulling to much power but I can plug this into other laptops in the company and never have the problem. Can you suggest any reason for this and any way to rectify it.


A:Power surge on hub port

It may still be the HD drawing too much power. Most 2.5" hard disks ship with a two-headed USB cable to draw power from two USB ports, because the startup power exceeds the limits for one USB connection. I have several 2.5" USB drives, and with some systems, you can just use a single USB connector, others require both to get enough power to run the laptop.
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I want to up load photo from digital camara to my compu.When i connect
usb cable , this message comes on...a Usb device has exieeded the power
limits of its hub port.

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So I needed to update my blackberry firmware so I went and purchased a USB Sync Cable.

This is the message I got :
Power Surge On Hub Port
A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port.
For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.

I've clicked the message numerous amounts of times and it doesn't bring me to anything...



A:Power surge on hub port?

Some people have experienced the same kind of problem. The problem can sometimes be solved by disconnecting some USB-devices (if any). As for the message not working, I have no clue why it does exactly squat.

The discussion referred to below might give you some answers on the surge;

However I think your Blackberry tries to charge itself using the port interface, causing the surce. Perhaps some setting can alter this in the Blackberry itself?
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If anyone could help??I Connected my dsl modem to my pc via usb and modem burned down..and my pc wont turn on.It has no power at all.And modem made a weird noise(like "puff").I'm hoping it might only be my power supply,but since it was no surge from outside source( like lightning) i'm concerned that something else burned down???Please help!!!What might have caused it and how to fix it???Thanks

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I received the message power surge on hub port, telling me that a USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port. I do not have any USB devices plugged in what could be the cause of this. Its on an HP laptop

A:power surge on hub port

Did you try using the USB hub on another computer?
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Recently I started getting the Power Surge on the USB Port message popping up whenever coming out of sleep mode and usually on reboots.  I have uninstalled, re-installed the USB ports and it is still happening.  Both USB 3.0 and the 2.0 seem to be working fine.  Is this a motherboard issue or is there another resolution?
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Hello The other night there was a huge thunder storm and my houses electrisity cut out three or four times In the morning my pc didnt boot the fans were spinning but no image appered on the screen Easy problem to fix right no image on screen means there isnt enough pc power surge my crippled power for the gfx card I simply unplugged a few drives and fans and the pc worked fine Oddly though the pc allthough it works turns off randomly also if i try and burn a cd the entire pc almost comes to a halt and after a good few minutes of very slow cd burning gives me a BSOD I also get random power surge crippled my pc BSODs if the pc is under load I power surge crippled my pc believe this is a simple power supply problem but all the same could other components have been damaged My PC OCZ Modstream W PSU V A Amd S Abit NF -V x MB x MB Crucial CL DDR Gainward GT MB Maxtor gb Seagate gb x LG dvdrom x LG dvdrw nbsp

A:power surge crippled my pc

The psu is the most likely culprit but not the only one. If i were you i'd check all the caps on the mobo for doming and/or leakage.

Then i'd unplug all non essentials and see if it runs better like that.
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Whenever I plug in my iPod to the computer I get a message that reads:

"A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port. You should disconnect the device.
The location of the device is shown in bold type.

USB Root Hub (8 ports)
Unused Port
Unused Port...
Unused Port
Unused Port

Recommendation: To Re-enable the port, disconnect the hardware and click Reset. If you click Close, the port will no longer function."

I've tried plugging in my ipod connector into the 6 USB ports in the back of my computer but it doesn't fit. The only other thing I have plugged in is a mouse- that's been plugged in for years and I've had my iPod for a year and a half and it just randomly started doing this.
Please help me!
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I get these messages about a power surge when I do not even have anything plugged in to the port. One of the solutions given in another thread was to diasable all of the hub ports. I have a Dell machine with no ps/2 connector and my keyboard and mouse wireless adapter and internet card are connected to the USB. There are no extra slots for a PCI card, as I found when I purchased a PCI usb hub port! This problem does not happen all the time. It happens for about a day or so then stops for a while.
Is it a case of replacing the motherboard or does anyone have any other solution please?
I am using XP on a Dell Inspiron 5150 5150/E510
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Well I just got a brand new medion computer GB ram GB nvidia graphics card dual core i Ghz processor etc about - weeks ago and have had no problems till now The problem is when i bought the computer i got a mouse and keyboard which worked with it till about days ago I have USB and USB slots and of each type are on the back and the remaining of each are on power surge. USB port hub the front Now anytime i plug both the mouse and the keyboard into the back i get a warning message at the bottom right saying quot USB hub port power surge quot or something along those lines and neither device works But if i un-plug them both and plug back in the keyboard the keyboard works I have tried restarting my computer I have even tried turning the computer off un-plugging it from the wall Than holding the power button so it quickly flashes on and than off again I USB hub port power surge. hear this resets usb ports Link Reset of USB port after probable power surge I than plug the computer back in and start it up USB hub port power surge. but still neither devices work unless i unplug the mouse I have also tried plugging in memory sticks and other devices and they work until i plug the mouse in beside them Every now and than they un-expectedly decide to work together and than stop as randomly as it began Any help or advice would greatly be appreciated

A:USB hub port power surge.

Well I would try another mouse. If everything else works I don't believe it is the USB ports. A mouse with a short to power could cause a surge.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop Ghz RAM I reloaded XP SP because various problems were occurring such as quot Power Hub on Port Surge svchost exe application error the instruction at quot x f quot referenced memory at quot x quot The memory could not be read OK to terminate program cancel to debug quot OK terminating usually disables running standard programs requiring reboot cancel usually not so And the Realtek Audio device uninstalling itself every restart These problems have now gone but some remain which I d like info help advice on Plugging in various USB devices that have worked fine on other systems and on this one some months ago CD storage drives etc gives quot Power Surge on Hub Port The USB Mass storage device Power Surge on Hub Port has exceeded the power limits of its hub port quot It allows you to reset the port which sometimes enables the device to be active for some minutes but often half way through moving data around etc shows again Power Surge on Hub Port It also depends on the port as to how long it will last if at all and the laptop and device Power Surge on Hub Port does heat up reasonably Before reloading XP many blank media recorded or not and other data CD s amp DVDs would not read in the DVD RAM drive and often I d get quot D not accessible valid quot or something and DVD CD Recording was often unsuccessful even when blank media was recognised This doesnt seem to be happening after a reload and clean but sometimes still blank recorded media is shown as blank when it has data on and a couple of data DVDs have had trouble being recognised etc nbsp

A:Power Surge on Hub Port

Good Morning diddykong, it would appear that you have more than one problem which possibly has a common cause.
You might try obtaining this Everest program..
Load it and navigate to the computer applet, then sensors, this page gives temp and voltage readings internally in the machine. (if the sensors are in the system)
If you do this and there are readings there, you might copy and paste that page back here in your next post.

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Hi users I am in need of some help About a week ago a lightning storm caused a power surge LAN Power Surge no now connection and which fried my ethernet modem After replacing the modem I still could not get back online using my LAN connection with my Toshiba Satellite laptop In trying to rule out software issues I have uninstalled and now reinstalled Power Surge and now no LAN connection the network drivers for my LAN connection At this point the device manager does not even recognize the LAN network adapters also there is no folder labeled quot other devices quot so I don't think they are even showing up under unrecognized devices Another relevant piece of information is that my computer becomes extremely hot to the touch in the area just around where the ethernet plug is Can I safely conclude that this is a hardware issue and that the surge has also fried my LAN card Any suggestions on how I can resolve this other than moving to wireless ethernet or an ethernet adapter through a USB THanks for your advice

A:Power Surge and now no LAN connection

Update to my original post: I tried unplugging the computer, pulling out the battery, waiting 30 second and then restarting with the BIOS default settings (f2 then f9 on my computer). The computer still does not recognize my network cards.
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I left for the weekend with the computer on, but screen saver running..blah blah....I come back to the power off in my room. It seemed that there was a surge or the breaker popped. But, now that the power is back on everything in my room is fine, except the computer tower. The monitor, speakers and everything else is fine, but the tower won't turn on. I even used the same power cord for a different tower in my room and that turns on, but my computer won't. Anyone have any suggestions, I'm kind of stumped and tapped out on ideas?

A:Possible power surge, now tower won't come on

Top suspect would be the power supply, it's the first thing in the line of any surges.
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the above message keeps on popping up. Does anyone know how to get rid of this problem? Pls do advice

A:power surge on port

Not without a lot more information.
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my friend has a Dell desktop would shut down by itself and when he tried to turn it the lights would flash but the system wouldnt boot..nothing would be on screen..well, I opened it up and took off all the connections to the drives and devices and put them back on everything finally boots..what could be this problem ? it has shut down by itself before but this was the first time it wouldnt start up until i opened it up...any info is appreciated

A:Is this a power surge problem or what ??

It could be a failing power supply, failing fan, overheating, drive conking out
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Hi everyone I got a situation with my friend s PC that I ve taken in to take a look at He says that one day there was a huge power surge and when he attempted to power on his PC it basically just emitted one long two short beeps I took the PC from him and since there was no video output what-so-ever I decided to swap the video I also looked at a handy little beep codes guide from these forums that also confirmed this Upon putting in an older known working video card the PC booted It went into Windows just fine While in Windows out of nowhere the computer would hard freeze Nothing works when it would do it No ctrl alt del nothing The computer was virused out beyond all belief so I decided to just do a clean install of WinXP The install goes fine until after the GUI portion of the Computer power after surge setup it Computer after power surge hits a black screen and sits there completely frozen with an hour glass It may possibly by the part where it auto-adjusts the display Could this possibly be because the video card I thought worked fine is bad Or could it be possibly the surge annihilated more than the video MB --------------- Edit update to above information Since it got past the GUI portion of the setup I decided to just boot from C and hope everything would still work I unplugged everything and brought it down to bare bones It booted into Windows but hard locked after about seconds of a clean install I decided to pull a stick of RAM out and use memtest With only one stick of RAM the computer wouldnt even make it past the POST screen It freezes right after the memory test portion If i take that stick out and put in the other one it also doesnt make it past I decided to put them both back in to see if it would boot into windows and still it wont go past the post screen Now i cant even run memtest So that option it out I m guessing that the surge completely cooked the PC I ll grab a voltage meter today and check PS lvls but other than that I m stabbing in the dark here Any suggestions nbsp

A:Computer after power surge

Try another power supply, and try clearing the Motherboard CMOS by removing the CMOS battery or by using the CMOS jumper method... The motherboard may be damaged
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Hi when I plug in my Razr V3 cell phone to my pc, I get the "Power Surge on Hub port" message and the USB ports shut down till I unplug the phone. However, I was able to bypass this error and get my USB phone to work when a computer guru let me borrow this special USB cable that had one end that connected to the phone, but the other end had 2 USB plugs that simultaneously connected to 2 of my USB ports instead of one. I was told that this way, the power supply demands of my phone were split and shared betwen the 2 port. Now I'm trying to buy one of these special USB cables but I don't know what it's called. Would really appreciate your help.

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When i connect any USB device to my laptop it gives the error power surge on hub port. I tried my best, repaired windows XP but still the same problem. is it hardware base problem, power problem or windows base problem.

A:power surge on hubport

Hi asmari, welcome to TSF..

it's possible a driver problem. Can you see any errors/alerts in your Device Management console?

- Click Start -> Run -> type:
- Click OK
- Click View -> Show Hidden Devices..

Post back your findings please.
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Yesterday, I connected a Mobile Broadband device for the first time to my Windows XP Desktop. As soon as I inserted the device to the USB port it flashed "Power surge on hub port. A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port".

I reset that USB port and after that the Mobile broadband device stopped working. If any one can help in this regard.

Thanks in advance

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Plugged my dig camera cable into usb port last eve and got the above msg. I then took the operation to my Dell pc which it always worked on, (the cable), and it did not work there either. My question is, has this power surge thing blasted my panasonic cable so that it no longer works? If the cable is damaged and I replace it, and I buy one of those powered usb hubs, will I be able to download my pictures to my pc? Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.

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I got a notification saying that there is/was a power surge to my hub port. i tried to uninstall but it didn't work, and i tried the trouble shooter and that didn't work either. i don't know what to do. please help.

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What's that all about?

'A USB device has exceed the power limits of it's hub port, for assistance in solving this problem, click this message'

Then it pops up a little menu showing a few USB ports (one being used by my Dell Wireless internet adaptor thingy). The one causing the problem is "unkown device" in bold, it's whenever I plug in my webcam, so that is obviously the problem

Trouble is, it keeps happening, my webcam used to work fine, I've been using it for ages and ages, when I plug in my USB connector to my Pocket PC that works fine.. but now that my webcam doesn't I'm quite confused...

If anybody could help me I'd love them forever... please please.

If you need any more information just ask Thanksyou in advance! Mike!

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i keep getting an error message saying 'power surge in hub port'... i reset and it keeps popping back up... i hav a lap top, and i notice when i work with it unplugged, the problem seems to go away after a little while... i use a wireless mouse, the only device that is plugged in all the time... i was thinking of switching to a wired mouse...... any ideas?
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I have an Hp Mini Netbook. I experienced a power surge in my home and since then my computer will not boot up. The power light goes on but
when I press the computer on button nothing happens. What can it be?

A:power surge problem

Your computer could be fried or it could be your charger -- try using a different charger and see if that fixes the problem.
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My mom called me and said her computer wouldn't turn on-no light comes on when she turns on the tower. I went over there and found the monitor works (amber light on) and everything else that is plugged into that outlet, printer, speakers etc. I unplugged all cables from everything and even opend tower and made sure everything was plugged in tight in there but no go. If I push one of the buttons on the monitor (there are 3) it says that its in safe mode and to move the mouse or strike a key but nothing happens when I do and it turn off imediatly to an amber light The tower just wont turn on-like if it was unplugged. There was a thunderstorm last night. Could it have gotten fried?

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Hey all,

I have an IBM Thinkpad T43 that's about 4 years old. I was using it last night normally, I didn't do anything I normally don't and didn't download anything, when a message appeared on the bottom of the screen saying "Power Surge on Hub Port". I got this message about a year ago, but had the computer reformatted and didn't have it again until last night. About 30 seconds after the message showed up, the laptop froze and then shut off. Since then, I haven't been able to power it back on, nor does the light indicating that the power cord is plugged in turn on. Any ideas?


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One time I unplugged my computer from the wall by pulling the plug(I know better than to do this)

Anyway, when I unplugged it, I could see a small spark from the outlet in the wall. Somehow it appears that this broke something in my computer, because when I try and power it up, it won't power up. This computer is a pentium II and I have not used it in a few years. I do have some very important files that I need to get off of their though. Does anyone have any idea what might possibly be wrong? Is their some type of power device in the computer that might be broken that I could possibly replace on my own?
Years ago I use to replace hard drives and graphics cards, ram etc. So I am a bit of an IT guy. Anyway, I would appreciate some advice on this.


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Yesterday, being conneted to the internet i had a power surge and my computer turned on and off rapidly, well when it booted back up i discovered i could no longer conenct to the internet, the computer no longer recognized that i had a LAN connecttion, i checked the router and it is fine, my other computers still are able to conect. Other than being unable to connect to the interenet the computer is unaffected, even trying a different ethernet cable didnt work. I think i have the problem narrowed down to 2 options, either the surge fried the NIC card, longshot that it didnt affect anything else, or theres a data corruption somewhere in the driver that runs the nic card? any opinions on the matter? or a solution?

A:LAN not being recognized after power surge

well I had a somilar proplem with my onboard sound. The electrical surge damaged the relationship between the lan connection and the motherboard. try replacing the cable, if that does not work then either your motherboard is damaged, or the NIC card is.
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hi been looking all across net for help thru went power home surge i think i found the right place checked out alot of strings in here and power surge went thru home so far so good here goes yesterday we had power surges hit our home the comp i am presently using is fine my sons comp is not when computer rebooted after surge we were unable to turn system off must hold power button for secs before it will shut down when we try to restart system we have no monitor keyboard is unactive i am guessing this because none of the keys light up ie caps lock num etc from reading some posts i understand that it is not the power supply because the green power light comes on when starting but it doesnt appear to be loading anything i am also guessing at this by sounds that normally can be heard when starting up green light will then flash continuously here is what i have tried so far let system run to see if it was trying a scan unplugged system reboot disk start up disk next step would be to try throwing it out the window but my son may not be impressed with that form of technology any and all help would be deeply appreciated thankx terry nbsp

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Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can help.

I have a Toshiba Equium A60 Model PSA67E-00200D87 and every time I put my T Mobile USB stick 120 (ZTE Model Number MF626) into any USB port Windows XP reports an error saying that i have a power surge on the USB Port.

I'm running Windows XP SP3 and all the updates are up to date.
I can run other USB devices on the laptop and it doesnt report any errors.
The Laptop is up to date with the most current BIOS and drivers from Toshiba.

Does anyone have any ideas please ?

Thanks In Advance


A:Power surge on USB port

It's possible that your USB stick is the thing with the problem - possibly a short circuit or something else. (I've had that problem before, and it's usually turned out to be the thing being plugged in that's the problem.) Have you tried another USB mobile broadband stick to see if it does the same thing?
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Hi i ve built a new PC with these following parts MOBO ASUS H M-A D CPU i - K GHz Skylake MB Socket GPU Sapphire ATI Radeon HD RAM Kingston HyperX Fury Black GB DDR MHz CL V x PSU RASURBO Silent amp Power DLP - watts New Power ASUS PC Surge CPU Cooler Thermaltake ASUS Power Surge New PC NiC C HDD SATA Samsung HD SJ GB RPM M Optical drive ASUS DRW- BSST My V voltage in BIOS is V which is extremely low but my machie powers up and runs the OS Win just fine but when I try to install component drivers my CPU Fan goes ASUS Power Surge New PC insane and in a few moments I get a power surge reboot and a prompt saying just that Researching I discoevred that ASUS motherboards have a faulty anti-surge feaure that should be diasbled in BIOS but I do not want to risk harming my hardware that s why at the moment I am at an impase I don t know if it s my PSU either since the PSU calculator at outervision com said I need under watts for my machine and just buying a more powerful PSU is a waste of money and also I risk to slow my hardware My PSU isn t that old either and it s properly cleaned The CPU Fan is properly seated on my CPU and there s adequate thermal grease on the surface Is there any problem if my motherboard is missing screwes out of because I had to buy standoffs to properly sit the motherboard and I haven t yet installed does since I didn t see the point if my motherboard is stable If it s necessary I will but the other srewes seem to hold the motherboard nice and tight Thanks in advance nbsp

A:ASUS Power Surge New PC

First of all, I would STOP using the system until you install a quality pw supply. Having the 12V rail that low will cause stability problems and if the pw supply fails, it can take out other parts ie mb, video card, ram, etc.
Next what does the bios show for cpu temp?

As for having all of the screws/standoffs installed, as long as the board is securely mounted, it should be ok. You did not by chance install this board into a dell/hp or other big box case did you?

One other item I notice. That is a very low end mb. Asus is a fine mfg however that board is not one of their high end boards. It would be ok for a very basic build ie running office stuff, playing solitaire, etc. It is not up to the stress of running games or overclocking. I mention overclocking because you have a "K" processor with the unlocked multi. Paying extra for the K processor is somewhat a waste since the mb you installed does not allow overclocking via the multi [H chipsets do not support overclocking] You could OC with the base clock however that is not recommended.
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I received a new Olympus camera for by birthday. I attempted to plug it into my fujitsu lifebook USB port to retrieve the pictures I had taken when I got an error message stating that my device exceeded the power supply. Now none of my usb ports work. I have nothing plugged into them now or when I plugged the camera into the port. Is there an internal surge protector of USB ports that I can reset? I have checked the device manager and it states that all the ports are working but they are not putting out any power. I tired downloading the drivers but that did not work.

Please help.


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hi hub power on surge port everyone these are my Motherboard Properties Motherboard ID -i PE- A ZG GC- Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA- IPE -L v Front Side Bus Properties Bus Type Intel NetBurst Bus Width -bit Real Clock MHz QDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Memory Bus Properties Bus Type DDR SDRAM Bus Width -bit Real Clock MHz DDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth power surge on hub port MB s Chipset Bus Properties Bus Type Intel Hub Interface Bus Width -bit Real Clock MHz QDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Motherboard Physical Info CPU Sockets Slots Expansion Slots PCI AGP RAM Slots DIMM Integrated Devices Audio Form Factor ATX Motherboard Size mm x mm Motherboard Chipset i PE Extra Features CPU Intelligent Accelerator EasyTune Motherboard Manufacturer Company Name Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd Product Information http tw giga-byte com MotherBoard Products Products NewProduct List htm BIOS Download http tw giga-byte com Motherboard Support power surge on hub port BIOS BIOS List htm and it s been a week or so that i m getting this message Power Surge On Hub Port A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port For assistance in solving this problem click this message when i click the message i get another message which i attached to this post now there s no device connected to a usb port on my pc which makes the whole thing ever more weird also i don t remember something special that i did prior to this problem nbsp

A:power surge on hub port

Looks like something is bad then.. Maybe the USB controller or the wiring for the front panel USB connections.

Are you sure you have no actual USB devices? Things like memory card readers are somethimes wired to USB inside the computer.
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i am running a Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Power Port Hub Surge on Graphics Card Intel R G GL GE PE GV Graphics Controller Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Power Surge on Hub Port Total - MB Free - MB Power Surge on Hub Port Motherboard MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO LTD Gamila Giovani Neon series i am getting a message stateing i have a power surge on hub port i have reset this message a few times an i still get the sam thing when i hook my brand new web cam to my computer it is a hp webcam hp web cam I have alos hooked my mp players to it i have different ones an i still get the message i have uninstalled my ports an i still get the same message but i can hook my speakers an printerto the hub ports an they work fine i am able to hook my speakers an printer into any of the ports if anyone can help me with this please help an if anyone can tell me how to go about adding more memory to my puter please nbsp
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Hi guys Recently bought a cheapo USB cable for my Nokia phone - through Ebay Not a proper Nokia cable Plugged into computer then plugged into my phone to download Wouldn t work for on Power USB surge HUB port My sister had the proper Nokia cable so she bought it over to try on my computer but since then my USB outlets plugs don t work and a little pop up comes up on the bottom right hand corner of my screen saying quot Power Surge on Hub Port - A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port For assistance in solving this problem click this message quot I can t click on the messgae because the mouse doesn t work when this pop up appears Does anyone have any idea on what I can do I have two beautiful babies that I take load of pictures of and I use the USB port to download the pictures onto the computer - but I Power surge on HUB port for USB can t now and I m very upset There are two USB outlets at the back of the computer and two at the front but none of them work nbsp

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Hello People For a number of months now I've been getting this failure - Quote Power surge on hub port a USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port For assistance in solving this problem click this message Background first a couple of years ago for whatever reason my onboard USB Ports x just stopped working The kind people on this Forum tried and tried to help but it just hub on port surge Power wasn't to be I therefore purchased a port PCI USB Card not externally powered and placed it in one of the available slots inside my PC For a few weeks it worked fine but now only port seems to work properly I can ONLY have device connected to the hub at any given time if I put my printer or MP player in while my broadband Modem is connected I get the above fail straightaway If I was to leave my Internet connected for a number of hours I will eventually get the above fail the Modem lights would go off and I'd have to turn the PC off fully each time which is so annoying and frustrating I have read about the self-powering hubs and was just wondering - is this what I need or is my Motherboard simply not good enough for the job It's a Jetway Socket MoBo I bought in Any help on this matter would be great I don't really want to purchase a powered Hub to find out my PC can't handle it Thanks a lot Gerard

A:Power surge on hub port

i prefer using a powered hub to a card,they are cheaper to buy here as the supermakets even stock them which forces the price down to around half that of a card from a computer supplier
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This past weekend, we had a power outage, and when it came back on, there was a bad power surge that took the life of several electronic components in my house. Included was one of my computers, a tower. My question is this...the computer won't turn on anymore as a result of the power surge, but does this mean the whole computer is gone, or can I just replace the power supply and be good again? Or is it a combination of the two, or something else all together?

A:Power Surge question

one of my computers, a tower. Swap out power supplies and hope.
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I am continuesly getting this message on my computer. How can I get rid of this Problem?

A:Power Surge On Hub Port

This is not a security issue, and please do not post duplicate threads on the same topic, continue here.
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I have windows xp that came with computer. I had a power surge(had surge protector). On start up, a blue screen flashes but does not stay on long enough to read. It then goes to a screen that has choices of safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, known last good configuration, or start normally. I have tried every one of the choices but it just comes back to the same screen. What do you think is the problem? Does anyone have an idea how to bypass this screen to fix whatever's the problem? Thanks, also I am a beginner when it comes to computers.

A:Can't Get Into Computer after Power Surge

it seems like a file has become corrupt. describe what happened when you had this power surge. did the computer shut down?
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I'm using Dell n7110, Win 7

Recently I bought usb fan (small one, not the pad) and it worked good for few days, then I started to get this message:

Power Surge in hub port
A USB device has exceeded the power limits of it's hub port. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.

I've read lots of posts about this but can't find the solution.
I have 3 usb ports, now only one of them works. I can't have 2 usb cables or anything plugged in at once.



A:Power surge/usb port not working

The error usually means a USB device is drawing too much power. It may or may not have already caused USB power damage. If the issue only arises when using a particular device, then that device is likely the cause and/or faulty. If it now occurs with all devices, I'd suspect the USB controller is damaged/faulty.
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Hi folks During a recent power outage I was running a portable generator through a power subpanel to power fridge freezer and dead PC surge power after supply a couple light and outlet circuits I inadvertently shut off a couple of the higher load circuits without cutting the lights and outlets first which sent a surge through the circuits still on My old HP a n desktop and all the peripherals and accessories were connected to a power-strip type surge suppressor but none were powered up The power surge fried the suppressor After the utility power came back on three days later I connected the monitor printer scanner PC power supply dead after surge and sound system directly to the wall outlet and they all work fine The PC won t power up Power supply is Bestec ATX- - Z Rev BD Slide-type breaker on back of PS said quot reset quot and I slid it back to the position Still no power Pulled the PC cover and there s no obvious damage smoke around the power supply Is there a trick to resetting the breaker Are there additional breakers fuses inside the unit I need to check If PC power supply dead after surge not I don t know how to test to see if there s damage beyond the PS Guess that ll be a trip to the repair shop Any ideas suggestions are appreciated Thanks nbsp

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I just did a reinstall of my friends E-Machine and when I try to install the printer (hp PSC 2410 xi photosmart all in one) I get this message when I go to plug in the USB cable to the computer from the printer. In the task bar I get this message: "Power surge on hub port. A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port".

I also have installed an creative sound card too, but I can't see how that could be a problem.

I've never ran into anything like this before. Any ideas?

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I was on my computer yesterday when there was a power surge. My operating system is windows XP. Since this happened my computer won't restart properly, I get this message:

NTLDR is missing
press ctrl + alt + del to restart

I have done some research to figure out how to solve this but I am lost... any help would be appreciated.


A:Power Surge ---> NTLDR is missing
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Sometime during the day while I was @ work here was either a power surge or loss of power to my home yesterday. I think it was a loss of power. Now my computer is not able to start Windows. When I do the initial boot up it looks as though it is not finding my hard drives. I tired running the startup repair and I also tried restring to a previsous restore point. No luck so far. Any suggestions?


A:Not Reading HDs after power surge/loss

Try clearing the CMOS.
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After a power outage my computer died I replaced the power supply after which I got the infamous quot Error Loading OS quot message My HP computer In Surge Error Os Xp Power Loading After did not come with disks the OS Error Loading Os In Xp After Power Surge is supplied in a separate partition so I borrowed a copy of XP Pro and with the CD inserted but NOT booting from the CD the machine boots properly All my programs data etc are there and I can see the whole drive using Windows Explorer Next I tried booting off the CD and running recovery This process requires the Administrator password which we don t have So I rebooted as above logged in as another user with Admin rights changed the password for Administrator and tried again No luck It still says I have the wrong password I d really like to avoid reloading the OS from the boot partition even if that s possible Any ideas on how I can get the Recovery process started

A:Error Loading Os In Xp After Power Surge

You could try doing a repair install.How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install
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Hi I was updating a Harmony remote yesterday and got a power surge on usb port error message then the computer locked down After keeping it unplugged for about minutes I tried booting it back up it started to but hung before it got to the windows load screen I shut down the cpu and pulled my cmos batt After a short wait reinserted it and rebooted went through and set everything back up and continued to windows Once back in windows I got the power surge message again and noticed that my printer was showing that it wasn t plugged in I hit the reset button on the power surge button and it went away only to come back after a minute or two So I hit the reset button again and unplugged the printer from one of the back not on Power stuff now working. Surge USB, usb ports I turned off the printer and plugged the usb cord back in then I powered the printer back up and it still didn t recognize it Again the surge bubble popped up and again I hit reset I then unplugged the printer from the usb port again and tried a flash drive in one of the usb ports on the front of the cpu The light on the flash drive came on but the computer didn t show any sings that anything had been plugged in no tones or no error messages I took it out and tried it in a different one one the front and still nothing the light again came on but no recognition by the pc after a while the power surge bubble returned and again I hit reset I tried the flash drive in the rear ports and the same thing no recognition but the light came on I removed all the USB devices and after a while I still got the power surge bubble Finally I backed up everything important and did a full system recovery set everything back up and still no usb ports are recognizing the devices I forgot to mention when I first tried the quot cruzer mini quot mb flash drive I went into quot My Computer quot and saw that it wasn t on the list and neither we any of my media card readers were showing Power Surge on USB, now stuff not working. up either and are still not showing up after the recovery I also tried removing all the usb ports from the device manager and rebooting it recognized the ports and reinstalled them but the ports still won t recognize the devices Thanks in advance for any help BTW the computer is a SONY VAIO PCV-RS G If any other info is needed I ll be happy to supply it Thanks again Ben nbsp
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HiAfter installing the much awaited Service Pack 2 of Windows XP, I'm getting the error "A USB device has exceeded the power limits of it's hub port. Forassistance in solving this problem, click this message".The device is shown in bold saying "Unknown device".At that time only Keyboard and Mouse were connected to the USB ports.These were working smoothly b4 installing SP2.Not only that, the error dialog box lists out 6 USB ports. But in my PC there are only 4 USB ports. Why this?Is this problem of Windows XP SP2? orIs there any electric shortage inside my PC?Anyone with answer pls help me in this...Thanks in Advance...I also post it at developermark

A:Power Surge On Usb Port After Installing Xp Sp2

Are you sure it is SP2? Not SP3 the latest one.
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Hey guys:Starting today I've been getting a "Power Surge on Hub Port" error bubble which says that a device on the hub has exceeded its power limit. The funny thing is that I don't have anything plugged into my USB ports. The only USB based device on the computer is the Broadcom Bluetooth adapter.  When I disable the BT adapter the errors stop. But as soon as I reenable it I get the errors again. What I've tried:1) Rebooting2) Reinstalling BT drivers3) Cursing4) Posting to the forums  Any new ideas?

A:Y480 "Power Surge on Hub Port"

Hi BrettAm
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
Sorry to hear about your issue. Am going to try answering this (hope this works!This error could be indicative of a fault or damage to a port, which means it is defective, and which could have been caused by shorting.
A workaround you could try is to disable that defective port.
Go to Control Panel  >> System>> Device Manager>> Universal Serial Bus Controllers, and you will see a list of the detected USB ports on your computer. 
Disconnect all USB devices from your system.
Disable each of the Intel(R) devices. Do not touch the USB Root Hub icons.

Going down the list of devices, right click and enable a single USB controller and test the port with a low-powered device such as an optical mouse and plug into a USB port. If your laptop doesn't recognize the device (wait a few seconds), plug the mouse into the next USB port until you get a response. 
If none of the ports respond, disable this USB controller again, and repeat this step for the next USB controller in the list.
Hope this helped!!!
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So I have knocked out power network surge a small call center of about computers all windows Had D-link switches two port and a couple port piggybacking to tie in vonnage lines and a linksys router with broadband cable internet by bandwidth Two days power surge knocked out network ago a power surge knocked the internet out so I replaced all the switches and the router with TP link switches on the ports with the same model number and maintaining d-link on the switched out ports the modem was good as i could get service directly plugged in on one computer or so i realized after the isp tech came out He actually got by so no problem with the modem Showing him the extent of the problem he had no idea what to do So or computers internet in different parts of the network and all the vonnage boxes work but the rest are randomly showing up as different networks etc but wont connect to the internet I have reset all the switches modem and router unplugged all the computers for a couple minutes and reset everything starting from the modem router switches and computer several times I tried ipconfig release and ipconfig renew to see if some of the computers would recognize the new router but nothing Getting DNS server error messages on troubleshoot Do i need to manually plug in router ip somewhere Lost at this point or maybe somewhere earlier Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:power surge knocked out network

You're running a call center with 50 computers on a home router? Also, the router only has 100MB/s ports so it's limiting your internet speed.

Is the router the DHCP server or do you have a server running DHCP? If you have a server then you need to make sure the router's IP is what it should be, or use to be, and hasn't changed or is on a different IP scheme. And if you have a server doing DHCP then you need to make sure DHCP is off on the router. Do you have static IP addresses or DNS entered on computers?

Beyond that you need to compare the IPCONFIG /ALL results between the computers that work and those that don't work. Also try a few ping tests, ping the router, ping a website by IP, ping a website by name, and see what what the results are.
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I had a power surge, and this caused my motherboard USB ports to stop working: there was no power being given by them. My case USB ports, however, were still working. I thought, because my PSU was quite old, I should get a new PSU, and I did. Unfortunately, this did not work. I have tried many things: unplugged the PC, and pressed the power button for 15 seconds, plug it back in and power on; updating drivers; getting a new PSU. It's really annoying that I spent my money on a PSU then it doesn't even solve the problem. I have looked around and seen it might be that my USB ports have been fried. All the other ports on my motherboard are still working though....
Should I get a USB hub, or should I try to fix it?

A:Power Surge - now my USB ports are not working

A hub won't fix dead ports, unless you intend to plug it into the remaining working ports.

I'd get an add-in USB 3.0 card instead.

You didn't give any details on your computer but if you have a modern computer with PCI-Express slots then get a USB 3.0 PCI-Express, if you have an older computer with only PCI slots then you'll need a plain PCI card. Here's some examples:
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Win XP SP 2,
Nvidia 8800GTS
2 Gig Ram

Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone can throw me a bone here,since I don't know which way to go with this.

Basically, power surge last night, my PC now goes into an endless reboot cycle whenever turned on.

I cannot start it in safe mode, as it hangs on the list of files. Can't start in Last known good, can't boot from CD, as it will get as far as 'Checking hardware configuration' and then reboot.

So essentially I can do nothing at all. I guess it's obvious some hardware is fried, but I can't afford to replace things at random- any suggestions on likely causes, or ways I can narrow it down?