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What video card to buy for both current and future setup

Q: What video card to buy for both current and future setup

My current video card in my desktop computer is apparently dying I could be wrong but I just haven t been able to figure out what else the problem could be I deleted all drivers and started future buy video card for to and current What setup both over The drivers I had previously were the most current apparently but I reinstalled from a new download I also deleted all Flash and started over and same with Java My display crashes constantly in Firefox and almost always when I try to play a video online Sometimes even when I click on something anything in Firefox bam The screen goes black and the computer is still running IE is not even usable anymore So What video card to buy for both current and future setup I reboot and start over with every crash This has been going on for a couple months I am going to be upgrading almost everything soon I like my old roomy Chieftek Dragon case with lots of fans so I may be able to keep that Below is what I currently have I realize that a video card that will be great for my coming system will not function to its fullest on my current system but if it s just an improvement for now that s fine I don t want to have to buy one now and one later Current system Motherboard - Gigabyte P Titan GA- S FX-L Graphic interface - AGP X X b Current video card - VisionTek ATI Radeon HD put in Memory - GB maxed out Crucial CPU - P CPU Speed - Ghz Power Supply Make Model - Antec Neo HE Watt output Amperage - w ATX V OS - XP Pro up to date Future Intel Core i Ghz already have this and GB RAM What video cards do you recommend for my situation I use this desktop computer mostly as the hub in the home network for graphics photography running Adobe graphics software web design writing and communications home office and general use My laptop is my music recording computer Thanks so much I hope to solve this very quickly nbsp

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Preferred Solution: What video card to buy for both current and future setup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: What video card to buy for both current and future setup

Current and Future!

There is no such card.

You currently have an AGP interface and I'm willing to bet your future motherboard will be PCIe.
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i know i know the best video card out there is the x the best price performance ratio video cards out there are the and my problem is that in my ignorance i bought card future video for proof looking a looking for future proof video card inch screen monitor samsung great monitor but on my geforce i cannot even reach fps in counter strike source now im not from the us in my country computer parts prices are extremeley high so im really looking for the best price performance ratio here an ati gb cost usd an ati mb usd and an ati gb mb usd obviusly since im buying a whole new system i cant afford paying almost usd in video card what i want to know is what can i expect of the gb on a x resolution would i be able to play new games at full fps and graphics if the answer is yes how much time would i be able to do it i mean when is going to be obsolete for future games especially considering the fact that a x resolution looking for future proof video card cost in performance a lot more than x for example i think i shouldnt bought the inch maybe a syncmaster would have been better ok thnx in advntge and looking forward for answers i hope i explained myself correctly especially considering i am a foreign speaker sorry for the bad writing S nbsp

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Will my current setup be adequate for video editing?

Dell Dimension 4300 w/XP Home sp2
1.6 ghz
512 mb ram
160 gb secondary HD (7200 rpm) for video storage

Screenblast Movie Studio 3.0

I have analog 8mm video tape that I want to edit and convert to DVD/VCD format.

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Hi All

Asus M32BC-01

AMD FX 8310 8 Core Processor
8gb of ram currently
Radeon R7 240 Video card

Thinking of getting some R9 video card in the future, I know i'll have to upgrade the power supply first though, as this 300 watt power supply won't cut it, Is it possible to use an AMD dual slot card right above wireless/Bluetooth card or will that cause issues, should I attempt to find another slot for the wireless card when I do the video card upgrade? Most AMD cards lately are dual slot, (Current card single slot) Just wanna plan for the future, and work on saving money to afford what I need for future.
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Myself and wife are looking to upgrade video future advice a Looking for card purchase on our current video card ATI Our mainboard Looking for advice on a future video card purchase is a P N Diamond Looking for advice on a future video card purchase we both use windows xp she uses xp I use xp My question is this what video card model would you recommend for a upgrade We are looking to spend about each and we are not sure if we should stay with ATI or go over to Nvidia our boards are SLI and we did put our systems together ourselves but we are far from experts Do we need to go with a Nvidia video card to use the SLI function we are not looking to use that option as yet just thinking of down the road We both are gameaholics she enjoys Fallout as do I but we also like to play things like Crysis Borderlands Bioshock ect Any suggestions are welcome we would like to see some improvement in fps but are on a rather tight budget these cards will be bought as anniversary presents to each other this year last year we bought the P N Diamond mainboard nbsp

A:Looking for advice on a future video card purchase

As you like gaming, a good card is definitely a must, obviously
As far as SLI goes, it is the same as crossfire in one big respect- it lets you puts 2 cards in. Most of the time though, a single higher card will give better results, and for wehat you spend on the 2 lowers, the return isnt brilliant. I wouldnt worry about SLI, or Xfire, unless you are an ubergamer, or like the brag rights. (Please, dont look at my spec )

At the moment Newegg have the ATI 5770 for 160 bucks, or thereabouts. A lot of my clan have been upgrading lately, due to bad company 2 coming out, and all have reported this as a great card. Works very well, no too expensive, and gives great gameplay.

In terms o fNvidia, you could get a 250 for around the same price, but these do not have DX 11 and, from the bemchmarks we have had back, the 5770 seems to be bette.r

Just my tuppence ha'peny worth, good luck with whatever you get in the end
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After reading thread after thread about the ongoing debate over which graphics card is it seems to me that when it comes time to purchase a card it all boils down Best for current Card your system Video to what YOUR current system consists of If you dont plan on changing your systems OS or upgrading the mobo or any Best Video Card for your current system other components then getting the most powerful card known to man may be a huge waste of money For example cramming a GeForce TI card into an old and slow puter will not allow that card to even come close to its potential because of the bottleneck between the CPU and GPU You re much better off looking at what your computer consists of first of all and then match it up with a card that can perform at while operating with your computers components that it will then be dependent on Why buy anything more demanding on your system than what it can handle So assuming I m not too far off base I would really appreciate this forums opinion on what you think the most up to date graphics card I should purchase for my computer I play mainly Medal of Honor and flight sims I was leaning toward an ATI or GeForce TI but it might be overkill maybe a GeForce TI would be able to operate at with what little my computer has to offer Thanx in advance for your time and opinions My System Gateway Performance Pentium mhz Windows ME Gb HD SDRAM GeForce MX nbsp

A:Best Video Card for your current system


You purdy well nutshelled some big threads into your post & I think ya got it right. :grinthumb

I got a 'thing' for the P3 933. I think it is a fine CPU with plenty of potential for excellent results w/compatible hardware & good software 'enhancements'.

Depending on your motherboard, you may be able get more out of what you presently have than you may think. Rick makes some valid points on having a card that is a little above system 'specs': but the price is right, too. Quality over speed.

Since you are wanting to match your system potential, I'd like some mobo info 1st. Do you know the mfg & the model#? Handy utility for that info: "Fresh Diagnose".

I will venture that the Ti 4200 or the 8500 are both excellent choices, IMO. The drop in 8500 prices makes them very desirable, but there is the driver issues. The 'new' cards use different drivers & support for 8500's ...

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My current System is Athlon xp ghz l cache kb ram can only hold up to gb of ram video card nivida geforce gs The System im looking at it has nivida geforce intergrated which was not Need card my video on and Advice current intergrated mention is the following below Processor Processor brand Processor brand AMD Refers to the company that manufactures the processor View full glossary close window Processor brand Refers to the company that manufactures the processor AMD Processor type Processor type Athlon X The Need Advice on intergrated and my current video card generation basic model of the processor View full glossary close window Processor type The generation basic model of the processor Need Advice on intergrated and my current video card Athlon X Processor speed Processor speed GHz The number of calculations that the processor can handle in one second measured in millions of cycles MHz View full glossary close window Processor speed The number of calculations that the processor can handle in one second measured in millions of cycles MHz GHz Bus speed Bus speed N A The maximum rate of communication between the processor and the rest of the system measured in millions of cycles MHz View full glossary close window Bus speed The maximum rate of communication between the processor and the rest of the system measured in millions of cycles MHz N A Level cache x KB Level cache N A Memory RAM GB RAM expandable to Info unavailable Memory type RAM Info unavailable Storage Drives Hard drive size Hard drive size GB Hard drive space is typically measured in Gigabytes GB or storage the larger the number the more programs games and data you can use on your computer View full glossary close window Hard drive size Hard drive space is typically measured in Gigabytes GB or storage the larger the number the more programs games and data you can use on your computer GB Hard drive speed RPM Burns DVDs Yes Lightscribe No Expansion Available PCI-E x slots Available quot bays Available quot bays Available PCI-E x slots Available PCI slots N A Ports USB USB USB is a standard connection port on most PCs This will allow you to quickly and easily connect and sync the device with your computer View full glossary close window USB USB is a standard connection port on most PCs This will allow you to quickly and easily connect and sync the device with your computer Firewire Firewire FireWire or IEEE is a type of data transfer Devices with FireWire output can transfer footage directly to a PC with a compatible cable View full glossary close window Firewire FireWire or IEEE is a type of data transfer Devices with FireWire output can transfer footage directly to a PC with a compatible cable DVI Digital Video Interface DVI Digital Video Interface This is a digital interface for connecting a video source such as a DVD player to an HDTV or HD monitor DVI has the necessary bandwidth for uncompressed HD digital video View full glossary close window DVI Digital Video Interface This is a digital interface for connecting a video source such as a DVD player to an HDTV or HD monitor DVI has the necessary bandwidth for uncompressed HD digital video TV tuner TV tuner No A TV tuner lets you watch broadcast TV on the system View full glossary close window TV tuner A TV tuner lets you watch broadcast TV on the system No Internet networking Ethernet Yes Built-in wireless No Dial-up modem Included Graphics video Video memory MB Video memory type Shared Software Operating system Windows Vista Home Premium Is it Enough to be able to play warhammer age of reckioning i played in beta with my current system i can play the setting on high but it movies sometimes slowly im guessing that is because i dont have enough ram but i can only get more and i dont want to waste money if that isnt going to help so im wondering if the other system is better with intergrated i wouldnt be able to afford getting another video card for the new system and the nivida geforce gs is AGP and wont go in th... Read more

A:Need Advice on intergrated and my current video card

In a single word as a reply to this long post... No!
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I have an hp dv6t-1359 specs are

Windows 7 Home Premium


Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Model HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM
System type 64-bit operating system
Number of processor cores 2


Total size of hard disk(s) 298 GB
Disk partition (C 198 GB Free (285 GB Total)
Disk partition (D 2 GB Free (13 GB Total)
Media drive (E CD/DVD


Display adapter type Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
Total available graphics memory 1695 MB
Dedicated graphics memory 64 MB
Dedicated system memory 0 MB
Shared system memory 1631 MB
Display adapter driver version
Primary monitor resolution 1366x768
DirectX version DirectX 10


Network Adapter Intel(R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN
Network Adapter Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
Network Adapter Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter

A:Need opinion on current laptop specs and suggestion for new video card

You can't upgrade the graphics card in a laptop. What programs cause it to crash?
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I recently purchased a used HP 2000 Notebook and performed a fresh install of windows 7 to wipe it. I did not test Aero prior to doing a fresh install but considering it came from the factory with Windows 7 on it I figured it should be able to support Aero. Is this not the case?
This is the message that appears when I try to troubleshoot my problem with Aero.

"The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM). Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM-compatible driver."

I tried searching for solutions via google but nothing I have tried has worked for me. So far I have tried the following:

-Windows updates
-Updating my driver
-Restarting Device manager

A:Current video card may support Aero w/ a driver compliant w/ WDDM

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... You do not state which Graphics Card you have .. Also the Model Number you have given is not complete there are some letters missing .. The message you got from Windows means you should go to the Manufactures Website for the Driver ...
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So basically i did bunch of dual display setups before but using two video cards or using one video card with two outputs but this is the FIRST TIME im trying with a built in intergrated card and a PCI card.

Heres the issue.

I hooked up the PCI video card and when i plugg both monitors in, the intergrated video card gives a yellow exclamation point in the device manager and nothing shows up on the monitor. Only the PCI video card shows signal..

I tried un-installing both cards, redoing it from ground up, tried disabling and renabling both cards but only one monitor shows up and that is the PCI card.
What do you guys think?



Check that the on-board video is enabled in the Bios.

It's possible you can't have both working at the same time, should be able to check this if you know what motherboard it is.
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I have a Dell E520, and well, it sucks. But i'm not buying a new computer. So!, I have decided to just upgrade it. I want to het the ASUS Radeon HD 4870, but with that, I also need a new PSU; and on top of all of that, I need a flexible riser card!

So heres the links to the three things I want/need to get.


HD 4870:

Flexible Riser Card:

Now what i'm planning to do is replace my 305Watt Dell PSU with that one, stick the riser card in my PCIe slot, connect the HD 4870 to the riser card, and then ...???...!!!...Win?

Anyone know if this setup should work?

A:Will This Video Card / PSU / Riser Card Setup Work?

What would you need the riser card for? I see plenty of space in the case from the looks of it but even if you do use the riser card, the video card may be blocking airflow from and to the CPU. Check the dimensions to be sure IMO.

Otherwise, everything else looks great.
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I have a client who has a custom built system The CPU is best video What would this be for setup? card in a desktop not a tower but it has a motherboard that is made for a tower So he needs a video card whose height can not exceed quot He said he needs a quot low profile quot card The reason why he needs it is that it is hooked What video card would be best for this setup? up to a quot NEC plasma TV and it is not clear enough for him Also the computer screen does not take up the whole plasma screen I hooked up my Toshiba laptop to What video card would be best for this setup? it and it did take up the whole screen initially but when it went to screensaver for a few minutes when I woke it up it changed the resolution so that it was in instead of and I could not get it back to widescreen Any ideas why how this happened and how to fix it Below are the specs for his computer Mobo Intel DG WH PCIe X Plasma TV PX- XM A native resolution is X He said he wants an NVidia card What do you suggest nbsp
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I am trying to setup my computer to use two monitors. I have one video card installed (NVIDIA GeForce4MX 420 PCI) which supports dual monitor capability. I have a second card installed (ATI 3D RAGE IIC PCI), however windows xp will not install the card. It tries, but it says that there is a problem with it and the device manager tells me that the "Device cannot start (code 10)" I updated windows tried to reinstall the device, troubleshooting, nothing seems to be working here...Any suggestions?

A:Dual Video Card Setup;en-us;296538
Have a look here.
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I have a dual monitor setup, which works great...the only "kinda" issue is that the 2nd vid card setup for the 2nd monitor is always max'd out. Nothing "runs" on that monitor that would need this type of power from the vid card. Anyone know why or how to throttle it back down to idle speeds?

Mind you, my setup is an SLi setup, but the main vid card which is the main screen...runs at idle.

Example app: Browser on the main screen, vid #1 (main screen) is idle speeds, vid #2 (2nd monitor) is running at max speed - with nothing on the screen.

Don't know if it's an Win7 issue or a Nvidia issue.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

A:Dual Monitor Setup, 2nd Video Card always max'd

What happens if you swap the monitors?

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Hello all.
I currently have two monitors (32 in. & 27 in.) connected to a GeForce 550 Ti graphics card: EVGA 01G-P3-1556-KR GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) FPB 1GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card -

This is working nicely without any issues, but I would like to get another 32 in. monitor and wanted to get any advice on a decent video card upgrade OR if my video card will handle 2 large monitors and 1 med. sized monitor. I do see that my card has two DVI ports (1 connected to the 32 in.) and one HDMI port (which is connected to the 27in.); common sense is telling me 3 ports, 3 monitors right? Just wanted to make sure.

I'm not a hard core gamer, but I do play various high level detailed games like Half Life, Call of Duty, etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:3 monitor setup - Is my video card ok - Suggestions

BobbyMisc65, welcome to Seven Forums. When running multiple monitors you should upgrade to a newer generation GPU with more VRAM.
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Hi I am experiencing a loss of RAM in windows XP with a multi-video card setup Here are RAM Video multiple card in loss setup the system specs P W WS Professional QX Intel Processor x G Supertalent DDR x Seagate G HDD x XFX GT video Cards with MB DDR RAM loss in multiple Video card setup XP Pro Here is what I have done so far For the people that may not be familiar with this particular motherboard it has x PCI-Express slots and readily advertises its ability to handle video cards and displays on the front of the box Tested the system with one video card the normal Gigs of RAM were visible in XP I put another video card in PCI-E slot and visiable RAM drops to Gigs in XP I switched the second video card to PCI-E slot and same issue I added a third video card and visible RAM stays at Gigs in XP When a fourth card is added the RAM drops to Gigs At this point I took out Gigs of RAM and removed all but video card The Gigs were displayed in XP with the single video card I added another video card and Gigs remained visible I added a third video card and the Gigs were still visible The fourth decreased visible RAM to Gigs All displays are running fine and system is stable I am just curious if this RAM decrease is normal if there is anyway around it and why it is dropping at all if the video cards have dedicated memory THanks for your time nbsp

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i have set up dual monitor configurations in windows SE problem in setup video card dual-monitor before with video card problem in dual-monitor setup nearly identical hardware but am having trouble this time i have an MSI geforce- mb AGP card as my primary video card it has been working fine i put in a mb PCI ATI all-in-wonder card to use as a secondary and hooked a monitor up to it when i restarted the bootup screen came up on the second monitor something i had never seen before i installed the drivers and restarted now my desktop is only on the second monitor and device manager doesn t even see my geforce any more it its place are two quot video card problem in dual-monitor setup D RAGE PRO video card problem in dual-monitor setup AGP X quot which doesn t make sense because the card is PCI under display properties it also says i have two of the same card on my primary monitor is the quot windows has successfully initialized this display adapter quot message i want to use my geforce as the primary and my ATI as the secondary any ideas please help nbsp

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I recently bought a video card and installed it into my computer However every time I try to install the software I get this card - video error installation driver display standard with VGA Setup message Setup was unable to complete the installation Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup Click to expand I m completely confused because I m using a standard VGA driver Windows automatically installed it after I disabled my integrated graphics I can t figure this problem out and get the video card to work on my computer so any tips would be hugely appreciated Video Card Info Video card Visiontek Radeon Video Card MB PCI w DVI Setup display with standard VGA driver - video card installation error TV-OUT from TigerDirect ca tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Software VisionTek Radeon ATI System Info Windows Manufacturer Acer Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor LE- GHz Installed memory RAM GB MB usable System type -bit Operating System Screenshots Installation error message i photobucket com albums g wandering alice Computer atiproblem jpg Device manager i photobucket com albums g wandering alice Computer Devicemanager- jpg nbsp

A:Setup display with standard VGA driver - video card installation error

You went into your BIOS and disabled the integrated graphics? Um you might try a free program like Driver Sweeper to remove whatever remains of the old video drivers. For some reason the new video driver installer does not see your new video card.
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I recently bought a video card and installed it into my computer. However, every time I try to install the software, I get this message:

Setup was unable to complete the installation.
Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup.Click to expand...

I'm completely confused because I'm using a standard VGA driver. Windows automatically installed it after I disabled my integrated graphics.

I can't figure this problem out and get the video card to work on my computer so any tips would be hugely appreciated.

Video Card Info:
Video card: Visiontek 900089 Radeon 7000 Video Card (64MB, PCI, w/DVI/TV-OUT) from
Software: VisionTek 6.4 Radeon / ATI
System Info:
Windows 7
Manufacturer: Acer
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1640 2.70 GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 1.00 GB (895 MB usable)
System type: 32-bit Operating System

A:Setup Display with Standard VGA Driver - Video Card Installation Error

The Radeon 7000 drivers are not compatible with Windows 7; that video card is ancient and doesn't support Windows 7 fully. The integrated Radeon 2100 is massively newer and better then this card, especially since this card uses a PCI interface compare to a modern PCI-Express interface that video cards now come in.

Also if you got a compatible graphics card, you'd want to disable the graphics card in the BIOS rather then in Windows as that will fully turn it off and return the 128MB of system memory its currently using.
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I get this error message attempting to get access with my PC quot limited or no connection the network did not assign a network address to the computer quot setup Cannot access current with internet Same message when trying to connect using cable modem much preferred Cannot access internet with current setup or with wireless adapter cable modem - Motorola Surfboard have used in past without problem wireless adapter - Lynksys Wireless G I was successful with my laptop Lynksys Wireless N although the speed is comprable to dial-up Network connection is supposed to be Mbps will excellent signal strength Back to my PC Windows XP and Dell My landlord is direct connected and has a wireless network setup and Comcast Hi-Speed access When setting up the cable modem with help of installation disk the speed supposably is Mbps With the wireless it is Mbps There is nothing currently connected to the coaxial port although a TV will eventually Landlord with office below uses wireless telephone This place is also right off train tracks with powerful electric wires that power the train It seems that there is something I must do to configue on my end to get cable modem access or even wireless since the error message is the same Help I know next to nothing about this Please be very specific Thank you much in advance nbsp

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I'm currently running Norton 360 Paid, MBAM Free, MBAE, and CryptoPrevent Free. Should I add anything else to that like HitmanProAlert3?

A:Is my current security setup good enough?

Since you are considering replacing Norton 360 Paid...see my comments in Supplementing your Anti-Virus Program with Anti-Malware Tools as to why I recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and Emsisoft Anti-Malware.
I also recommend using the following:
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free if you don't want to pay for the Premium version
WinPatrol PLUS
To protect your browser and help prevent advertisements & block websites, I generally recommend one or more of the following:
NoScript - NoScript FAQs
ScriptSafe for Chrome
Adblock Edge for Firefox
uBlock for Chromium, Firefox, and Safari a general purpose blocker which can block both ads and scripts
uBlock Origin
uBlock vs. uBlock Origin: what's the difference?
About Adblock Plus - Adblock Plus FAQs
Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer
Adblock Plus for Firefox
Adblock Plus for Chrome
Adblock Plus for Opera
Ghostery is a browser tool which allows you to block beacons, trackers, advertising, analytics and widgets
Ghostery download
Ghostery - How It Works
Ghostery General Options
Ghostery FAQs
How to configure Ghostery to stop Trackers
Notes about Adblock Plus and NoScript:Google, Amazon, Microsoft pay to get ads past Adblock PlusAdblock Plus is letting companies pay to let their ads throughAllowing acceptable ads in Adblock PlusAttention NoScript Users - Adblock PlusBacking up your data and disk imaging are among the most important maintenance tasks users should perform on a regular basis, yet it's one of the most neglected areas.
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Fatal Error... System HaltedCNU937F452

A:BIOS Setup CURRENT password

Hi: Enter this unlock passcode... e9lofx8vq7
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Hi everyone! Can anybody get me up to speed with their knowledge of the future of external video cards for gaming? Is there a future? To me, they would make so much sense, but maybe I am weird...Thanks!
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Hi, i'm planning to buy new graphics card, ASUS HD 7770. I read that it needs ~150W, but i have 400W PSU.
I have Motherboard: Asus M3N74-VM

Does my PSU run that card well?

Graphics Card site:ASUS - HD7770-2GD5
Motherboard site:ASUS - M3N78-VM

A:Is 400W enough for my future Graphics Card

Use a power supply calculator to determine the minimum output needed for the card and all your components;
eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

There are 2 schools of thought here: Just Enough - vs - Add Some Overhead (excess capacity for future needs and capacitor aging). That decision is up to you.

But most important not to miss: "The recommended total Power Supply Wattage gives you a general idea on what to look for BUT it is NOT a crucial factor in power supply selection! Total Amperage Available on the +12V Rail(s) is the most important, followed by the +5V amperage and then the +3.3V amperage."

Your card, if it uses 150watts at 12v will pull 12.5 amps from the 12v rail. So a power supply with only 18 amps on the 12v rail would be iffy.
A crude rule of thumb is to take the total wattage needed and divide by 12. This is the minimum number of amps on the 12v rail you would want. That result will skew higher than necessary, but that will never hurt you.
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My current computer is already in a dual boot setup with a dedicated Win7 SSD and a dedicated Win8.1 SSD (not just a partitioned drive). Both drives are booting through BIOS not UEFI. What I would like to do is Upgrade the Win8.1 drive to Win10 and keep the Win7 drive functioning as is and intact. Both of my current versions of Windows are completely legal with their own separate Product ID's.

I've done some initial research on this question but was hoping to get some answers from someone that has done this or at least some "best practices" on subject. It seems that from what i can find that my best bet is to disconnect the Win7 Drive, upgrade the Win8.1 drive to 10, then reconnect the Win7 drive and hope for the best.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry in advance if this topic is covered in a different tread already.


A:Upgrade one side of current Dual boot setup

Hi and welcome.

I recommend doing exactly as you have stated, Remove the Windows 7 drive and then do the upgrade. I would also create an image of your Windows 8.1 drive just in case.
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I have had MSPublisher 2007 for three months now with no issues at all but now every time I try to open a file that opens in MSPublisher 2007 I get the following error "Publisher Is Not Installed For Current User. Please Rerun The Setup." but it doesn't matter how many times I rerun the setup, I get that same error! I have no other users on my computer and I am the ONLY person who uses the computer that Publisher is currently installed on! I need to open a file in Publisher so I can make a "fan of the month" certificate for on of my Facebook fan pages. I am a week late on doing that certificate because I was locked out of Facebook for a week! but anyway no matter what I try, Publisher ALWAY gives the that error!!! the Microsoft KB website article does NOT fix the problem!

A:Publisher is not installed for current user. please rerun the setup.

Check and see if there are any MS updates that might pertain to MS Publisher, install if there is any. Are you using MS office suite if so which one? Have you checked to make sure that it is updated as well.
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I am planning on a new fresh install of Windows XP Professional. I am wondering if I will run into any problems with my RAID setup which I am using to store temporary store backup copies of the files located on hard drive 1 (XP install).

Here's my setup:
HD1: Windows XP Professional
HD2/3: RAID Setup

I used Window's Computer Management > Disk Management to create the RAID setup (Dynamic > Stripped).

I just don't want to have any problems adding the RAID setup or getting my files back after I install XP again and go to add my RAID setup. Is there anything I need to do?

If you need to know additional info, just let me know.

A:Solved: Reinstalling XP, problems with current RAID setup?

Stripped, RAID 0, is a bad backup idea. If either drive fails, the data is lost. Why not run a RAID 5? I realize you're running the RAID 0 as a backup of HD1, but I've lost RAID drives before without clues as to the source of failure.
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So, I'm buying this card.

And I noticed this.

It has TWO 4 pin molex inputs. Do I connect in both? One??
Can somebody explain to me why it has two?

A:Future Cideo Card quesstion (PSU wise)

You plug in both. It has two because of the power necessary to run the this particular card.
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I'd like to test some software on my laptop - software that is likely to be problematic - without screwing things up on my main laptop/pc ('host').

I'd like to run an exact copy / clone of my setup using some kind of virtual machine software: Maybe vmware workstation ( or converter with player), or ...(suggestions)? I have no problem buying vmware workstation if that is the best fit for my situation.

What are my best options, and are there any 'gotchas'? Is this going to be a headache, or simple task?

Will I run into licensing problems that will prevent me from doing this (be forced to buy another 'MS Vista' license, e.g.)?

I've never done VM stuff before, so I'm starting from zero practical knowledge base except for reading a few posts and VMWare's site.

Thanks for any help.

A:Best way to simultaneously run a virtual clone of my current Vista setup for sandbox?
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I want to setup a raid 1 without reformatting. I have 2 new drives and my old one currently running win7. Is it possible to make an image of my current drive and move it to the 2 new drives in raid 1? what would be the process to do such a thing?
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So I have been researching Protection Methods & Happily (recommendations Current Suggestions Setup Protection My Received) ever since I received my computer almost a year ago I have tried random programs and this is what I currently use My question s is this Do I have too much protection IE overlaps in protection that isn't needed or stuff that will just slow my computer down Do you have any suggestions of programs I do not have or programs to swap out What I am looking for is a maximum level of security that will not slow down my machine I My Current Protection Setup (recommendations & Suggestions Happily Received) have ghz processor speed gigs of ram and a Geforce GT graphics card if any of this helps My Current Protection Setup (recommendations & Suggestions Happily Received) in your analysis Thanks a lot BC for all your help Frankie Anti-Virus AVG Free Edition Firewall COMODO Firewall Pro Just changed from ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware Ad-Aware amp Spybot - Search amp Destroy Anti-Trojan a-squared Free Real Time Anti-Spyware SpywareBlaster amp Spyware Guard Browser Add-Ons Firefox Adblock Plus Mcafee SiteAdvisor NoScript Random Tools RootkitRevealer LSPFix HijackThis cwshredder autoruns amp AVG Anti-Rootkit Free

A:My Current Protection Setup (recommendations & Suggestions Happily Received)

As long as you follow computer security best practices, you seem to have a very sound and layered protection from an application standpoint. I might suggest adding AVG's AS application, but that is entirely up to you.
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I don t know if this is the right place to put this so I appologize So my current computer specs are - Intel core i - k - Gigabyte Geforce GTX TI BOOST - Corsair Vengeance GB of RAM - Asus card for Upgrading games evolve future graphics the and P Z -V LX mother board - Corsair Gold AX PLUS Upgrading graphics card for evolve and the future games Power Supply So for the past days I ve been looking around at different graphic cards and I narrowed it down to these three EVGA GeForce GTX SC ACX GB G-P - -KR - - Must wait month Gigabyte GeForce GTX Ti GB Windforce - Can get it right now EVGA GeForce GTX Ti GB G-P - -KR - Can get it right now Now obvious reasons the is most likely the best of the three but also the most expensive one I would like to know if it s worth waiting month and get the if not bottle necked by other components or get one of the s instead Current games I play are Dying light and the reason I need a new card is for future games such as Evolve Batman Arkham knight etc I want to be able to stay frames Other suggestion are very much appreciated Also if you could explain why I should get that card would be awesome nbsp

A:Upgrading graphics card for evolve and the future games

If you don't get the 980, you will only be kicking yourself later. That is if you are seriously considering it.
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Hi Peeps So this is a question that goes along the current research I am conducting for a future purchase I research my products for months before I make a purchase and so far this has Advice Card For For Music Future Purchase:Audio Production paid off greatly Built my first computer this way researched for months before I Advice For Future Purchase:Audio Card For Music Production built it Had one RMA and so far no other issues running an AMD Win system So my question for you all today is this I'm a gamer new to PC gaming but a previous console gamer since years ago years I'm looking for a decent sound card that is great for audio production preferably with electronic music like trance house electronica ect But not just great for music production decent to great with regular music listening and also gaming My computer is my main computer that pretty much does everything I game surf the net run D renders and I'd like to do more with music production My current sound is straight off the Advice For Future Purchase:Audio Card For Music Production motherboard on-board audio drivers and I can tell you the sound is thuddy at best What would you recommend I'm Advice For Future Purchase:Audio Card For Music Production not unlimited when it comes to finances but I wouldn't mind spending - on a decent sound card Even wouldn't be all that terrible What am I running on my computer for producing music Right now just FL Studio I plan to get Adobe SoundForge though as I used to use that for slicing and it's also easier for reverse sounds and sections within the music I can also render out a high quality in FLS and use SoundForge to quickly save in different qualities for online uploading But that's just what I use it for you can do a lot more with it of course Thanks in advance for those participating in recommendations I'd also like to say I'd most appreciate those with actual experience in what I am wanting to use the card for I know how to use Google too so please don't recommend if you only just did a little research yourself

A:Advice For Future Purchase:Audio Card For Music Production

I have a Recording Studio (using Sonar X3 Producer). The general consensus on most recording forums is that a PC sound card is crap for recording and low latency. You are better off considering a "real" recording interface device. The USB connected units seem to have the edge now, with Firewire sort of becoming pass?. USB devices generally have lower latency too.

My main recording interface unit is a Roland Octa-Capture. It is 8 analog input channels, but there are units with less input channels. The Focusrite Scarlett units seem to be gaining in popularity too. Presonus is headquartered in Louisiana and sells recording hardware and software.

The "gearslutz" forum would be a good place to look or ask your questions.
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Hi there What I want to do quot extend my desktop on a second monitor but my second monitor is compounded by HDMI TVs monitor a setup up video and Set card primary monitor in multiple and a VGA LCD stage monitor both used as Duplicate setup in Windows quot How I have done this and it works -I have diplay devices HDMI TVs that are connected using a splitter and two monitors Set up primary monitor in a multiple monitor and video card setup both on VGA -I also have two quot video cards quot GPU one Amd radeon hd with VGA DVI and HDMI ports and Intel HD onboard aprox GB with VGA output port -I have connected the TVs with a HDMI x splitter on amd radeon's HDMI port and one of my VGA monitors this one acts as a STAGE MONITOR for the singer artist lyrics -The integrated Intel HD card has my quot Control quot monitor attached that I use as my primary monitor the one that shows me the Desktop and the lyrics control application Software aspect of the problem In Windows I use my Intel HD video card as my primary display then I can extend on a second monitor the desktop The second monitor is my VGA Stage monitor The Third display that appears in the setup is the HDMI splitter this one is a Duplicate of my stage monitor I use x resolution for my primary display and x for the second monitor I know this resolution is too small for my HDMI TV's Windows recommends me a x fullHD resolution but my STAGE MONITOR does not support that much so I need to use a small resolution PROBLEM EVERY TIME I DO THIS SETTINGS EVERYTHING WORKS SUPERBLY FINE AFTER RESTART OR SHUTDOWN THE PRIMARY MONITOR SWAPS WITH THE EXTENDED AND THE DESKTOP IS SHOWN ON THE TVs AND THE STAGE MONITOR AND THE RESOLUTION OF MY PRIMARY DISPLAY JUMPS TO FULLHD AND IT SAYS quot OUT OF RANGE quot WHY HOW CAN I MAKE MY SETTING PERMANENT NOTE My BIOS setting clearly say Primary video gt Onboard And yes the startup screen and the BIOS screen only shows on my Intel HD primary monitor After Windows Starts things swap each other If I don't connect any display on my AMD Radeon PCI-Express card the screen stays on my primary monitor At some point I have observed that if the display devices are started in a sequence first the primary second the splitter and the stage monitor the settings keep on But after numerous attemps this solution became inefficient because every time I start stop the HDMI splitter array the resolution changes and the displays swap each other Is there any registry tweack that can solve this Software problem Thank you for reading
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My 9 year old has a dell optiplex 755 SFF, he is asking me to upgrade his video card so he can play games like minecraft and some games on steam.
We are on a budget and found this Sapphire radeon 6450 on newegg for $39.99
Will this work in his computer and allow him to play minecraft? steam?;cm_re=6450-_-14-102-933-_-Product&RandomID=1698470702508220150427173530

Thanks in advance
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Its not for me but my friend and he doesnt have a AGP slot. major upgrade or getting a new computer is out of the option. So what is currently the best PCI video card (price doesnt really matter since they are Wayyy cheaper than AGP cards)

A:Current Best PCI card?

Radeon 9000 PCI I believe. Outperforms the GF4 MX PCI, definitely.
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Hey everyone first post I ve been given an old as in only got PCI slots Packard Bell running a P Gb I ve been out the PC market for an age but I PCI best Current card? want to be able to play all the Current best PCI card? old games that I used to when I last had a PC like Half Life etc Not too fussed about Current best PCI card? anything post as I got a for that Besides the old games I also want to be able to use it for HD playback and general word processing web browsing So to this end I increased the RAM to Gb and installed Windows which ticks off the word processing browsing element it is really rapid Unfortunately this is where I ve become unstuck as all the information out there for PCI graphics cards is so far out of date and everyone s opinions differ so much that it s difficult to decide what is for the best Besides which stockists are phasing out PCI cards almost completely now so what some people may have recommended months ago may well be unavailable now So basically can anyone give a definitive answer to what is the best PCI graphics card If I can t find it new I can always scour eBay till one shows up In the meantime I m currently bidding on a PNY GeForce GS currently on for Should I just stick with this or is there something better out there for a steal I don t want to spend too much it is a bag of cr p anyway it was free and the memory upgrade only cost Your help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Current best PCI card?

I neglected to say that the 8400GS is the 512Mb version.
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hello, ho can u switch form an installed videocard to an on-motherboard video card? help plz

A:question on switching installed video card and thse form an on-motherboard video card
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Hey guys long time no post To get straight down to the point I'm looking at video card upgrades I just bought a Zotac GeForce GT thinking it's specs looked great for the price tag but it turns out it's no better then the one I had previously I actually saw a drop in performance on my Windows Experience Rating over my previous card which was about years old and had the video memory of the new one I've been browsing and with all the manufacturers and models it's impossible for my to tell what's actually good anymore My budget is obviously gonna be to save as much money as possible but I from Opinions? & Suggestions my upgrade good a video: Need current know I'm not gonna get anything remotely good for less then - Need a good upgrade from my current video: Suggestions & Opinions? I do a lot of gaming and photo processing so I need something that's got good all around performance What can you guys recommend and what are you using on your rigs I'll post links to everything I've been looking into as I go along EDIT I have read the pinned topic I'm looking for opinions more then facts in this case Positive experience goes further in my opinion Need a good upgrade from my current video: Suggestions & Opinions? I've had several great cards that Need a good upgrade from my current video: Suggestions & Opinions? had terrible drivers and had tons of issues

A:Need a good upgrade from my current video: Suggestions & Opinions?

Big question is how much are you looking to spend?
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I have a Pavilion 17 - f053us laptop with a AMD processor. Is it still possible to replace my current adapter card with a AC adapter card? I seen a "Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 802.11 ac 1x1 WiFi + BT 4.0 combo adapter" (only for Intel) and "Broadcom BCM 4352 WLAN 802.11 AC+BT4 2x2HMC" in the maunal. Could I use any of those adapters? Thank you for your time.

A:Replacing my current b/g/n network adapter card with a AC ad...

The Broadcom is said to be only for 15 inch models. Broadcom BCM 4352 WLAN 802.11 AC+BT4 2x2HMC for HP Pavilion 15 AMD computer models available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 724935-005 Not sure why. There is no physical reason the card would not fit and work in your laptop. Your laptop is not encumered with the dreaded HP whitelist so you can install any version of the wireless card, does not have to be the HP Part number. The Intel cards do not work with AMD processors so the Broadcom "AzureWave" 802.11ac is your best bet.  If you have looked at the Manual you know that this is not a real easy upgrade to do. If you need more help post back.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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I am upgrading my PC system hardware, and wonder if my current graphics card will work OK with the upgrade...

My current graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 5700 series.

My new MOBO will be an AsRock MB-970A-G/3.1 (4x240 pin DIMM 64 G DDR 3).

My new processor will be an AMD FX 8350 (8 core).

My OS is Win 7 Home Premium.
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After I boot I'm able to see the setup screen. However when Windows Vista starts up I have no video. I hear a Windows notification beep where I would normally enter my password. I have tried safe mode (I think I'm in safe mode because I constantly hit F8 as the system is coming up) and the same thing happens, I hear a Windows notification beep where I would normally enter my password.

I"m able to boot up Acronis True Image and have video, I believe this a Linux application.

This is very baffling and just started with no modifications being made.

Thanks for any feedback,

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P N-D Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Disabled Hi I like to believe I m kinda tech savvy I ll start by saying that my old quot monitor went out and now I have a quot dell monitor I m using Every time I update my video drivers to most current and then restart comp for them to take to video load Drivers at Solved: causing not Current startup Nvidia full effect it will go through the green microsoft loading bar and then screen goes to self test Yet there is still a windows sound and I can even log in but no video Solved: Current Nvidia Drivers causing video not to load at startup for these parts I can go into safe mode perfectly fine I can even uninstall my video drivers and I m capable of starting normal mode fine Only when I update drivers do I have this problem I have done alot of troubleshooting Solved: Current Nvidia Drivers causing video not to load at startup to try to get this monitor to work with my computer searched on several different search engines for a solution to this problem Any help would be greatly appreciated I m seeing several error messages in the event log and I m unsure which one is the actual crashing of the comp so I ll be back to post that info Thanks for your time and help nbsp

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Ok I have read everything I can find and I feel like my head is spinning I just received a game for my son Zoo Tycoon we have been playing the demo from the web site and had accidently purchased marine mania and dino digs first Now I am trying to start it and I don t have the proper graphic card I have Intel E The message I get from thier quot help menu quot says - Intel E - due to limitations with direct X compliance of these graphics chips the game will not start Driver updates do not resolve issue Which is true after reading one of the (Intel Game not card playing current 810E) graphic Solved: with top threads that says to read before posting I tried all those things and Solved: Game not playing with current graphic card (Intel 810E) nothing worked I guess I have to buy or download a new graphic card I don t know much about computers so my question is - can I find a site like this one or majorgeeks where I can download a more updated graphic card or is this something that actually has to be purchased and installed in my computer quot physically quot nbsp
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I have an OptiPlex 9010 with onboard Display Port & VGA
I am trying to hookup a new 58 inch Samsung TV which only has 2 hdmi ports and composite & component.
I need both hdmi for laptop hookups so I can't use them for the Dell 9010.
I want to run VGA to either the composite or the component.
Will the onboard VGA do this?
I have a cable like this:

A:Does my OptiPlex 9010 video card support S-Video or Composite Video out through its VGA port

Quilty-MUN,The adapter in the image should work for your purpose connecting to the TV.
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Hi guys thanks for taking the time to look at my post.Basically i recently have done a reinstall of windows xp but the system cannot seem to be able to find the systems video card drivers and i have checked on the properties under adapters and the whole list says n/a so i have no way of find out what drivers i need to download. I have an emachines 5250 if that is any use.
thanks in advanced


A:Generic video card video card problems!! need help =)

I did some searching for you for a driver, but I did not find one. I think your best option is to purchase a new video card and install it. Remember to disable the built-in video in BIOS.
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So I ve card card/video issues driver Video owned this alienware m x r Intel Core i - QM Radeon HD M GB Video card/video card driver issues DDR for about months now and just recently it has started crashing immediately on startup either when it reaches the login page for windows or soon after There is no BSOD I ve used WhoCrashed and made sure dump files are enabled and nothing comes up I ve tried installing several different versions of AMD s drivers for the HD M I have but none work I ve run a system diagnostic test through advanced startup options and there are no errors It works fine with no drivers installed or if I boot in safe mode but I am at my wit s end here trying to get my system back in to working order I ve already tried reinstalling a fresh version of windows and fully cleaning my drivers and reinstalling them and nothing is a permanent fix I have gotten blue screens both of which were x E with the cause being the C Windows system drivers atikmpag sys file but as I am just learning the ropes of this stuff I have no idea where to go from here Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance nbsp

A:Video card/video card driver issues

Time to call Dell and get it warranty serviced, if you reloaded Windows and it still persists then its a hardware issue that needs to be addressed/repaired by the manufacturer.
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I have an AGP 2x slot. Can i put an AGP 8x video card into that slot. If so, will i see any performance gain. Or are there video cards that are compatible with all types, like 2x 4x and 8x.

A:Video card and Video card slot Question

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Agp1x/2x are 3.3 volts, whereas Agp4x/8x are 1.5 volts.

You should check carefully that whatever card you get is compatible with you 2x Agp slot.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hello everyone I currently need a new video card for my Gateway e small form desktop PC because my on-board graphics have apparently gone bad My display is slanted or out of alignment And after testing different monitors hard drives moving the PC to different rooms checking wires etc it seems the on board graphics has Card card USB external Video 7? Windows AGP or for video gone faulty So I have options and need some help with my choice I have looked into purchasing the IOGEAR USB to VGA x External Video Card Which the seller on e-bay tells me can act as a primary video card for a monitor display along with being dual display useable spreading a desktop USB external video card or AGP Video Card for Windows 7? view across monitors at once or mirroring the current monitor display It also works with Windows Aero USB external video card or AGP Video Card for Windows 7? as well I've also been looking at AGP cards and found these two Jaton NVIDIA GeForce FX MB VGA TV Out Low Profile AGP Video Card eBay AXLE D NVIDIA GeForce MB DDR AGP Video Card w Low Profile Bracket eBay How would these two work with Windows and Aero Are they up to date enough to run Windows smoothly And has anyone ever had experience with external video cards Are they worth the money I am always looking for solutions I can use that avoid going inside my PC case My e is a cramped but strong system I was going to upgrade the RAM from GB to GB but after seeing that I'd have to remove the PSU just to get access to the two extra RAM slots I decided to pass Especially considering my system runs very fast with just GB's of RAM on an GB SATA drive My Windows version is Home Premium by the way

A:USB external video card or AGP Video Card for Windows 7?

I simplified:

I'd just go with this: [if you were AGP stranded, OP isn't as it turns out]

No ebay issues.
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I have an intel d845hv board. I took an older pci card out and put a new AGP card in and I get no video, well it flashes on for a second and then right back off. If I put the old video card back in, I can startup fine. I went into the bios and the video was already set to AGP. Ive tried removing the CMOS battery for awhile and then rebooting and I still get nothing. Any insite would be helpful. Thanks!

A:No video after changing old PCIvideo card to new AGP video card

Did you remove the old card and drivers in device manager first? You may need to update your motherboard drivers too.
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I recently went to copy my photos off my camera by putting it in a card reader but reader would not recognise the type card it was. When i put my card back in my camera it would no longer let me see my photos at all it just kept coming up with the card setup screen saying i need to clean my card or format it. I have tried wiping my card with a dry cloth but still nothing and i do not want to format otherwise will lose my photos. Can anyone help or have an idea what has happened?

A:XD Card problem - card setup

Try running one of These recovery programs on the card ..
Recuva is very popular .. But I've had better luck with PCInspector.
They can recover files from a formatted card if the card is good .. But I'd try to not format it.

And Welcome to the TSG Forum
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OK, simply put I'm sick and tired of other programs running in the background hijacking my current window.

ie: I start a process in one window that may take awhile, switch to something else to work on... when the background process is done, depending on the program, it will often force itself to the front. VERY frustrating when you're working on something else, then some background task decided "No, I'm going to take you out of that form box your typing in because I'M coming to the front".

Is there a setting anywhere that can stop background program from hijacking the current window you're working in?
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I just had this card installed, and i am now having problems with video's down loaded from the web. The video picture colors are all off, sound is fine. I Am using Windows XP pro. It/videos work intermitantly?? Mostly dont,,, PC Games and still pics are just GREAT. Any ideas on how to fix. I have fiddled with different things but nothing changes the video color quality.

A:New, Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 256Mb Video Card and have problem with down loaded video

Ah, my sounds not to be a video card problem, but more of a codec issue. make sure your codecs are up to date and if that doesn't work, post your system specs.
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I am trying to render 720p video on a fairly slow processor in Media player classic with the CCCP codec, It's a Pentium 4 CPU 2.4 GHz. I'm noticing some very minor studdering every once in a while. I was wondering if I could put the stress of the video on my Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB video card instead. My friend told me you could do this, but he is running Ubuntu Linux so idk if its possible in Windows or CCCP.

Thank you for your help!
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OK here s what happened Someone was trying to add a video card to a Gateway GT PC so that they could use two monitors The PC and existing monitor was using the on board video They installed a new video Deleted now splash Video card in manager video no device screen past card and loaded drivers for it The on board video showed up in device manager and was deleted Somehow the new video card was also deleted in the device manager as well Now the PC will boot and you will see video until the windows splash screen then the monitor will go blank The PC is running as someone suggested using MS Narrator to hear the menus and try to get to device manager However he was unable to navigate to the device manager using this technique Using F and trying to boot into safe mode resulted in the same issues Trying forced VGA also the same Trying to use system restore to roll back to the previous setup also resulted in Deleted Video card in device manager now no video past splash screen the same outcome Can anybody suggest a good way to be able to get the video back up and running I personally have not looked at this PC to try a few things but will be looking at it tonight Anyone else run into this problem I would think windows would not allow all video to be deleted from device manager but I guess it has happened to many folks before The OS is XP Pro Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Deleted Video card in device manager now no video past splash screen

take out the new card and reboot. restart (whatever happens) and go into BIOS, check your onboard graphics is enabled, save and reboot. were still using the onboard graphics by he way...tell me when you've done the above..
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Hi there,

Over the past couple of weeks, my PC has begun freezing - but ONLY when I'm watching videos. That can be either streaming or in Media Player etc. It never freezes if I'm doing other stuff.

Any ideas? is my video card kaput, do you think?



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My video card first started acting up. It would switch to my onboard video, then back to my video card, then back the forth until the video card stopped working. I tested my video card in a different PC and it works fine. Now my onboard video has stopped working. I have a cheap power supply in my computer. Do you think it's the PSU?

I need some advice.


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My motherboard is an ASUS P4P8Z SE
Graphics card AMD/ATI Radeon X300 SE

The video on my screen shuts off and it doesn't even make it past the start up screen (black screen). I try to go in safe mode but it never makes it to there before video shuts off. I'm wondering if it's my video card since I do play an online game and this is just a basic card. My gf recommended that I change the video card awhile ago. Is it possible it burned out? It was working fine yesterday. I don't want an extremely expensive one since this is an old computer and I will be getting a new one in another year or so. Is there any way I can get to safe mode before the screen shuts off?

A:Solved: Video shuts down just before login video card dead?
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Okay so I purchased a brand new computer in parts from NewEgg I got Gigabyte GA- XA-UD R Motherboard Galaxy GTX TI Video Card GB DDR Zephyr MX- Watts AMD -core FX- Ghz Processor A single GB Mhz DDR RAM stick A TB Hard drive which I used as my main while video (returned/exchanged playing card) games freezes PC video and I owned a previous TB Hard Drive which I am using as my secondary I m using Windows Ultimate I ve played Guild Wars League of Legends and Skyrim and anywhere between - minutes my pc will crash freezing up completely and the sound will get stuck I ve gone hours with the PC on while in the Skyrim Construction set using Microsoft Word and browsing the net At one point I got the Blue Screen of Death Only incident with the following code PC freezes while playing video games (returned/exchanged video card) x E I ve updated everything video card motherboard any PC freezes while playing video games (returned/exchanged video card) windows component updated I ran my PC freezes while playing video games (returned/exchanged video card) antivirus in case I brought anything from the old ndary HD nada There have also been a couple cases where we could smell something hot Not burning just hot It continued to freeze when I tried to play ANY game so I sent the video card back Had to be the video card what else could it be I got the new one today It lasts longer but it continues to freeze when playing any video games I have part replacement refund from NewEgg for another days I need to figure this out now Help What freaks me out is that EVERYTHING is new No idea what I can do in this particular situation Remove the in the link below Here is the Everest Report http dl dropbox com u Everest MyPcReport htm I moved the Video Card from the top PCI-e slot to the nd one from x to x and it seems to be doing better On the other slot the temp never went above degrees C currently it is at I turned the graphic settings up all the way to see if it would crash lower settings allowed it to keep from crashing longer Gage up after - minutes of trying to crash it heading to bed and will try with Skyrim which is more demanding than LoL or GW nbsp

A:PC freezes while playing video games (returned/exchanged video card)

Maybe there is an issue with your power supply.

Run this

While running this

Let them go for 1 hour and see what you get. It will render your PC pretty much useless so set it and step back and watch.

See if you still lock up.
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recently I have wanted to get into video editing and I decided to try out a few different video editing software tools I tried windows movie maker first and it kept skipping when I would preview clips and freezing The same thing is happening with the trial version of adobe s premiere elements trial version For adobe it told me to download the latest video driver that was compatible so i did and it allowed me to see my videos and use it a little bit but it would not be able to keep up and would freeze occasionally Does this have to do with my graphics card This is what I could find of my computers information i typed dxdiag in run System Operating system Windows Home Premium bit Build System Manufacturer TOSHIBA System if I card editing upgrade video for software should Wondering video model Satellite A BIOS InsydeH Version Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU Q GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM DirectX Version DirectX And I guess this is my graphics card Name NVIDIA GeForce M Chip Type Geforce M DAC Type Integrated RAMDAC Approx Total Memory MB Current Display mode x bit Hz If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated thank you P s I m not very computer savvy so keep that in mind - nbsp

A:Wondering if I should upgrade video card for video editing software

yes the graphics card seems to be the weak link in your setup, you could try searching for msi afterburner to try to overclock your graphics card but failing that i would upgrade your graphics card
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I need the 9pin video pinout (or any information) of an 8bit 512kb Metheus 8842 086-05219-03 video card from an IBM XT I have been trying to get running.

I have a hi-res Mitsubishi BNC monitor that should work with the card if I can build a proper cable.

The card is rating at 1024x768 x 42hz which matches my old monitor, but all I get is garbage on the screen as the cable I have is not properly setup for this card. I know the XT works properly (with a different video card).

This card is an original from 1987 and is very unique and I would like to get this old autocad unit running in original condition (minus the original monitor)

The card has a Metheus 022-04900-00 M8650304 GPU and a matched 022-04899 chip onboard. the only other number on the card is 080-05220-05

Anyone have any idea what this unit is?


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i have been gettings BSOD randomly
already try
-uninstall daemon
-uninstall VGA driver,use driver sweeper in safe mode,install VGA driver

my laptop compaq presario CQ42-176tx
spec Compaq Presario CQ42-176TX, Speed 2.26Ghz, RAM 4GB Laptop/Notebook Price in India, Reviews & Specifications

A:bsod video scheduler and attempt to reset video card


Lets start with Driver Verifier

Verifier puts extreme stress on the drivers, bad ones will cause BSOD. If we change all those drivers we hope for no more BSODs, If you get no BSODs, then its not a driver and we look to hardware. With verifier on your computer may be a little laggy, but actually..its just doing its work.Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable
Driver Verifier runs in the background, "testing" drivers for bugs. If it finds one, a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) will result; the corresponding dump file will hopefully show the faulty driver.

Quote: Originally Posted by Capt.Jack Sparrow

Driver Verifier monitors kernel-mode drivers and graphics drivers to detect illegal function calls or actions that might corrupt the system. It can subject the drivers to a variety of stresses and tests to find improper behavior.

Continue to use your system normally, and if you know what causes the crash, do that repeatedly. The objective here is to get the system to crash because Driver Verifier is stressing the drivers out. If it doesn't crash for you, then let it run for at least 36 hours of continuous operation.
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I have an Emachines T computer that I bought before coming to finland They are very bad with power supplies going out as I have just read from the internet My dad had almost the same model as I have and it crashed after only two years He card? Broken PCI i boot connector with up video video on motherboard/can had a replacement motherboard put in his PC but he is a very old man and he did not realize that Broken video connector on motherboard/can i boot up with PCI video card? the guy had screwed in the monitor cable to the computer and one day he was trying to remove it and broke the video pin connector Last time I was there I carefully removed the video pin connector so that I could use the motherboard and or components if I needed them on mine He bought another PC So now my motherboard and or power supply has crashed as well and I have his motherboard here with me I want to try and connect the new motherboard to to my PC but since there is not a video pin connector I am thinking of buying a cheap video card to put in the PCI slot My question is how can I get the PC to work that way Is it so that the PC should boot up even though the video card driver is not installed yet and I will see something on the monitor or is it so that I will most probably not be able to use the motherboard if it only has a PCI video card installed I have not done that before and I am thinking that the new video card won t be active immediately since it will be new and no driver installed Of course without the card working and without a monitor to see anything I will not be able to go through the bios setup to change settings if needed in order to get the PC to boot up It will not be easy to put in another video connector directly into the motherboard because I would have to solder it in and first remove all the other solder that is there from where I removed the broken one Yee Haw If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it Thanks for your help Pauli nbsp

A:Broken video connector on motherboard/can i boot up with PCI video card?

The problem is, if the psu went then the mobo may well be damaged from that happening. Sounds like the best place for it is the landfill site.
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I recently got a Dell Dimension E520 without a video card. I rarely play games on my computer. I plan to use it for editing and authoring my home videos. I want to stick to under 100$ for the video card.

Been reading about video cards and am leaning towards a 7300 GT , 7600 GS or 7600 GT.

Which of above cards is optimum for what I want to do.

Thanks for your help.

My specs:

Dell Dimension E520
E6300 Core 2 duo (1.86 Ghz)
VX2235 - 22 inch Digital LCD (display is bad with integrated video card)
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For video editing purposes I bought an ASUS GT video card because it has two DVI outputs and an HDMI output I plugged that sucker into my PCI express x slot turned the computer on and both monitors and add-on video 8300 card won't video enable onboard disengage XPS and the TV said quot NO SIGNAL quot even though the fan on the video card was spinning I ended up staying up too late last night researching the issue and it appears to be that the system BIOS isn t XPS 8300 won't disengage onboard video and enable add-on video card recognizing the GT s video BIOS so it does not think a video card is plugged in On any other BIOS I ve ever worked on I could disable the onboard video but to my dismay no such option exists in the XPS BIOS My XPS works fine with the two other older video XPS 8300 won't disengage onboard video and enable add-on video card cards that I plugged into that slot so initially I thought perhaps it was because I was using a newer video card So I plugged the GT into an older Inspiron circa just to see what happens The GT worked fine in the old computer Which would be great except that the old computer has gb of RAM and a core duo The I bought has an i and gb of RAM which makes a huge difference when editing HD video I also briefly installed the card in my wife s XPS - and it works fine there It seems that the only computer it does not work with is the one computer I happened to buy last month from the Dell Outlet Apparently this has been an issue with other video cards and the XPS I ve seen rumors about nvidia developing a workaround involving changes to the video card s BIOS but I think I m going to have to return the card for a different card because I don t know when that will actually happen and apparently Dell have already stated that because the is discontinued they will not fix their mistake

A:XPS 8300 won't disengage onboard video and enable add-on video card

At least with the GTX 680, nVidia acknowledged that this is their problem and they were going to release a firmware update to vendors who make GTX 680 cards . I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same nVidia issue with the GTX 640.
These are the only cards Dell certifies to work in the XPS 8300, and they're all Dell OEM cards:
KP8GM AMD Radeon HD5450
HWHRN AMD Radeon HD5670
GCJ42 AMD Radeon HD5770
2XTG4 AMD Radeon HD5870
HCVMH AMD Radeon HD6450
8F60V AMD Radeon HD6670
8PJF8 AMD Radeon HD6770
Y9XH7 AMD Radeon HD6870
4VDWW AMD Radeon HD6950
VH86X Nvidia G405
X78HM Nvidia GT420
WGP2G Nvidia GTX560
Any card not certified by Dell is a gamble...
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This hardware question is about adding in an older NVidia graphics card to replace video new connection card onboard for Install video failing a a the onboard video One error Install a new video card for a failing onboard video connection I'm getting and computer power up is 'not getting signal' at the monitor from the onboard video A sample install of the add-in card to bypass that connection gave a typical blue screen with the message of a new piece of something-- hardware software is not recognized The motherboard has Radeon graphics on the board The add-in card which is used is an Nvidia XFX gotten from a friend who is upgrading My question is this It is known that a hard disk can be migrated from one rig to another by modifying the driver in Device Manager What this does is have Win make a new discovery of the hardware piece Can something similar be done with video in Device Manager or the BIOS on this MSI GM-E model MS Additionally could a reinstall of Win adding in the proper Nvidia driver which I put on a cd solve the problem Or does the chipset simply not support Nvidia I have looked at the specifications manual page and found nothing on it The Radeon info comes from the Everest diagnostic program thanks for any replies

A:Install a new video card for a failing onboard video connection

HD 4540 or HD 5450? The motherboard will support any graphics card assuming it has a PCI-E slot (which it does have). Have you tried disabling onboard video in the bios?
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I recently installed Windows Service Pack actually three times after reinstating my computer software to the original state by erasing card video or software? problem playback Video and streaming. and reinstalling the full software install video playback and streaming. Video card problem or software? CD on my computer s hard drive for Window XP Home I have no problems playing games with my new FX Ultra video card by BFG but I am at random times getting the annoying green screen that blanks out my videos I am streaming or playing happens when I am streaming more often Then after that happens usually the computer video playback and streaming. Video card problem or software? reboots or shuts off I never had this happen before My computer s memory tests ok so why can I play games with this never happening but when I am streaming or watching video through Windows Media Player etc do I get the quot green screen blankout quot and then often the shutdown of my computer I have MB of system memory and MB of video memory I use System Mechanic and it shows I have at least half of my memory even during playback so what is the problem here I can attach my system computer file of my information if you like in an e-mail if it will help AND YES I HAVE THE DIVX CODECS I thought about that to and uninstalled and reinstalled them with the same random problems PLEASE HELP ME This is really annoying nbsp

A:video playback and streaming. Video card problem or software?

Well, it seems u dont have a hardware problem. this problem occurs only when u r watching videos. so i guess its the media player. take my suggestion, stop using it. Download this pack: KLite Codec Pack. I think the latest version is 3.2. Its got all the codecs u need to play compressed videos, and dvds. Its also got an advanced media player which can play any video u open it with like wmv, dat, mpg, rm, mov, avi, divx..... of course, the codecs for these formats r included in the pack.
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Anyone know how to fix this error. I get 1 long beep and 2 short beeps at start-up and no video but I get sound? Anyone know a cost effective way to fix this?

A:video card error. No video on start-up. Sony vaio all in one PC.

That beep code means that there is a video controller failure. It's unlikely that it's anything that can be fixed by anyone but a service technician.

Unless you have a removable graphics card in that rig.

What is the model number?
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hi, yes, my motherboard has ATI on board video and it's still on. I have a Nvidia geforce 550 ti video card that i much prefer to run my games.

I'm having a video confusion problem in my games where i can't see some of the video. I was told by the maker of the MOD for the specific game that i need to disable the ATI on board video so there wont be any more conflicts with my Nvidia video card.

How do i disable the on board video on my motherboard. the motherboard is the following:

MSI 790FX-GD70


A:how do i disable the ATI on-board video so my nvidia 550ti video card will run my gam
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Hi I m Down Card and Shutting Problem - Monitor Video Video Playing in a dilly of a pickle here When playing video my screen will go black for just a second and then return Video Card Problem - Playing Video and Shutting Down Monitor to normal With most video players the video will then usually play but when using BSPlayer bsplayer org to watch video the screen will go black return to normal and then video will not play It gets worse Video Card Problem - Playing Video and Shutting Down Monitor Sometimes I will be minding my own the computer will still be running but then the screen will go black then the monitor will give me the old message quot self test check your pc and signal cable monitor is working quot The computer will still be running and the only way I know to get picture back is to restart the computer I have gotten this error the most when the using BSplayer which sometimes causes the monitor to just shut down like that But other video players like divx QuickTime and windows media player will all occasionally not play or cause weird image problems to crop up on the screen Also if the computer freezes up hitting ctrl alt del gives me a black screen with garbled white text I have updated my NVIDIA drivers and installed the latest bsplayer version but neither of those actions fixed my dilemma OS se Video Card NVIDIA Geforce FX CPU AMD Athlon XP nbsp

A:Video Card Problem - Playing Video and Shutting Down Monitor

spinnermason said:


Iím in a dilly of a pickle here.

When playing video, my screen will go black for just a second and then return to normal. With most video players, the video will then usually play, but when using BSPlayer ( to watch video, the screen will go black, return to normal and then video will not play.

It gets worse. Sometimes, I will be minding my own the computer will still be running, but then, the screen will go black, then the monitor will give me the old message:
"self test / check your pc and signal cable / monitor is working"
The computer will still be running, and the only way I know to get picture back is to restart the computer. I have gotten this error the most when the using BSplayer, which sometimes causes the monitor to just shut down like that. But other video players like divx, QuickTime, and windows media player will all occasionally not play or cause weird image problems to crop up on the screen

Also, if the computer freezes up, hitting ctrl+alt+del gives me a black screen with garbled white text.

I have updated my NVIDIA drivers and installed the latest bsplayer version, but neither of those actions fixed my dilemma.

OS: 98se
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2200Click to expand...

sounds like the gpu is overheating or goung bad get some compressed air and blow out the video card very through (*get the rest of pc while you are at it) and if this dont help you may have to replace
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Im working on a computer that turns on powers up, hard drive spins, etc. but no video is displayed. Ive replaced the motherboard, video card, RAM, power supply, and tried a new hard drive, is it possible that this could be a CPU problem? The computer is

Foxconn socket 939 mb
AMD Athlon 64 FX 3400+
Geforce 7600 GS 256MB Video Card
150GB SATA Hard Drive
420W Power Supply

I appreciate the help

A:I`ve replaced the motherboard, video card, RAM, power supply, but still no video.

Do you have another monitor that you can hook up just to check? Are you receiving any post "beeps" when you boot it up?
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A hypothetical question here. If I am running two cards in an sli setup and each card has two video outputs, which outputs would be best for a dual video setup? Should I attach both monitors to one video card or attach one to each?

A:sli dual video setup

i think u have to attach to 1 coz in ur bios it says 'mains output' (or summet) then u pick pci or pci-e i have have dual and run my monitor on my pci
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Is it me or is making/editing/playback of home video excessively complex? I have a Canon DC100 camcorder and a Dell Studio XPS Desktop. I have used DVD-R or DVD-RW disks for years but there appears to be no easy way to edit a finalized disk. Is there a way to simply record a disk and edit it either right in the camera or on the computer. I dont want to do a bunch of converting formats and reburning back to a disk. Do I need a different(better) camcorder? Are there different disks I should be using and will my computer recognize or play back one kind vs. another? The simpler the better for me even if I have to buy some new equipment. Thanks for any help, this is driving me crazy.

A:Home video setup

Sorry, maybe I should have read the Mulder thread first before asking a question that appears to already been answered.
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cannot find aodio and video set up in my tools or on my comp can anyone tell my where it is or how to get it

A:aodio and video setup

What exactly are you looking for? Have you checked in Control Panel under Sounds and Multimedia ?
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ok i have a acer B HU inch monitor with max res of on need thoughts setup some I video x and a ratio ms respones time it has inputs vga dvi-d and hdmi my questions is about hooking up what to what xbox runs hdmi p but it runs vga x on a different monitor that is a acer b w inch im realy lost idk if digital signal I need some thoughts on video setup p is better than anolog x now p must mean that the monitor is running hz from xbox and i have no way of telling if the vga is outputting the same HZ or just hz also i need my pc hooked up to this aswell curruntly i use the dvi-d x hz my pc is a amd phenom x gb ddr mhz pci-e asus eah mb video card all on a gigabyte ma xds mobo i can run xbox on vga or hdmi i dont think useing the dvi to hdmi convertor would work backwards ie run hdmi from xbox and convert to dvi into monitor i can run pc on dvi-d or hdmi and of course vga but y would i do that nbsp
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Am running a new Sony laptop with a built in web cam. Webcam works OK with the supplied software, (ArcSoft WebCam Companion 2) but does not function with WLM, whether or not the cam has been disconnected after using the ArcSoft application

When I try to run Audio & Video Setup on WLM I get the following message: "We are unable to run Audio & Video Set Up"

The version of WLM that I am using is 2009 (build, 14.0.8064.206)

Would be grateful if anyone has any ideas


A:Audio/Video Setup


I uninstalled WLM and reinstalled it, this hasn't worked. I then thought that maybe I could use an older version of MSN, so downloaded 7.5, but got an error message saying that I couldn't connect as I was using an old version of MSN - however it DID let me run Audio/Video setup successfully. I have now uninstalled 7.5 and reinstalled WLM again, however I still get the same message when trying to run audio/video setup
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Ok so I just recently got a Dell optiplex GX PC that has- nbsp Intel core quad processor GHz GB ram GB hard drive kinda small i know i m looking to upgrade that as well I m posting this here to see if anyone knows mainly what graphics tower!) card GX Dell for Graphics a video (not card 755 & mini the Optiplex card i could get that would make my PC gaming friendly It doesn t have to be the most amazing stellar quality card out there since iv had some people tell me that you cant upgrade these PCs much But just some good quality advice on the subject and maybe a recommendation on what card brand to get as well as the specs for it Also a recommendation for a Graphics card & video card for a Dell Optiplex GX 755 (not the mini tower!) video card would be greatly appreciated as well Sorry for my ignorance on on the subject i am new to the PC world I ended up having to get this computer in a pinch because I am a small time graphics design artist Graphics card & video card for a Dell Optiplex GX 755 (not the mini tower!) and my laptop died and I had orders coming in I m not looking for a quick fix to the problem so even if anyone has a solution that may take a bit or quite a few steps to get underway the help is still greatly welcomed I am hoping if its at all possible to make a good situation out of this and maybe build this PC to fit my needs Thank you to anyone who can help
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Ok please tell me how in the world this happens...I have built them formatted them, fixed them added components many many times...This is my issue, Internet explore won't open....well it opens and I get a ap crash notification. I take out both of my different videos cards and use internal video and it does not crash. The problem is this is my living room movie file player and the video cards make a huge difference....I also need explorer as Chrome works but that is not what I want...Tell me whats the problem? Sorry for the word errors using handheld keyboard

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Hi TechSpot folk, and thanks for in advance for anyone who can help me.

I've bought myself a new video card yesterday; HIS Radeon X1650 Pro 512mb IceQ, AGP. I went ahead to install it, and I get no picture after booting up.

I am receiving a signal to the monitor (I am not getting a "check signal" message) but no image comes to the PC. I went to put my old card in which is a Gigabyte 128mb 9600 Pro, and it now it doesn't work either!!!

Both cards are receiving power as theirs fans are chugging along.

I had also purchased a 1gig stick of RAM to complement my new video card, so I set my PC up the way it was before the attempted installation of the new card. Still nothing happening.

Current components of PC are:

P4 2.8ghz (D865PERL)
Gigabyte Radeon 9600 Pro 128mb
512mb RAM
DVD and Lite-On burner

A:New video card install no good, now older card doesn't work either

I don't know about the 9600 Pro but the X1650 Pro should have a power connector on it. Possibly a floppy drive type connector. Was that plugged in?
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Ok so I just recently got a Dell optiplex GX PC that has- nbsp Intel core quad processor GHz GB ram GB hard tower!) card for mini video & a Dell 755 card GX Graphics the Optiplex (not drive kinda small i know i m looking to upgrade that as well I m posting this here to see if anyone knows mainly what graphics card i could get that would make my PC gaming friendly It doesn t have to be the most amazing stellar quality card out there since iv had some people tell me that you cant upgrade these PCs much But just some good quality advice on the subject and maybe a recommendation on what card brand to get as well as the specs for it Also a recommendation for a video card would be greatly appreciated as well Sorry for my ignorance on on the subject i am new to the PC world I ended up having to get this computer in a pinch because I am a small time graphics design artist and my laptop died and I had orders coming in I m not looking for a quick fix to the problem so even if anyone has a solution that may take a bit or Graphics card & video card for a Dell Optiplex GX 755 (not the mini tower!) quite a few steps to get underway the help is still greatly welcomed I am hoping if its at all possible to make a good situation out of this and maybe build this PC to fit my needs Thank you to anyone who can help
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i recently bought an ati all in wonder9600 pro vid card; i had it installed by compusa,but i am having trouble setting it up at home; if you have one set up properly, please post back ; thanks very much

A:please help with ati all in wonder card setup

Hope some or one of these help(s) you:
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I am currently running Nvidia Geforce GTX I have been thinking about upgrading but im Setup??? Card Which stuck I have been looking at options and I would like some opinions First I could just get another GTX and put them in SLI Second I can buy GT's and put them in SLI And third I can buy one GX All the setups I have chose have their ups and downs so I cant decide on what to do next Which Card Setup??? I was looking at the specifications for the individual cards and they all are good in some ways and worse in other For instance the GT has a core clock of mhz and a memory clock and shader clock of and mhz in respectivly But it only has stream processors The GX only has a core clock of mhz and a memory clock and shader clock of and respectivly But it has stream processors The GTX has stream processors but a lower core memory and shader clock than the GT So with all these ups and downs I cant decide Should I be looking mainly Which Card Setup??? at the stream processor amount I have Which Card Setup??? always wanted an SLI configuration but I would skip GTs if one GX performs better So whats does everyone think Does anyone currently run a GX or GTs in SLI

A:Which Card Setup???

Given nVidia's history in releasing cards and the quality of what you're currently running, I'd wait a month or two or three and wait for them to get the 9800 clocks up to something repectable (geez, I think that's below the ATI HD 36xx series). My feeling (yes, I'm an ATI user, but take it for what it's worth) is that nVidia was a little surprised by the success of the HD 3870 x2 and had to hurry something a bit. I also don't know how their drivers are at this point, but from what I've seen, that's likely to be a problem, too.

The 9600 is an alright card, but at the moment it is way more expensive than it should be for what it is (compare its specs to HD 3870s and then compare prices and you'll see what I mean). Your mobo kinda shows you want to stick with nVidia. Given that, I'd strongly recommend you wait until nVidia has their niche (high-end cards) firmly under control. The last thing you'd want to see is someone who spent the same on a mid-range card but bought ATI outperforming you. ATI has already said they're looking to go for lower-cost, efficiency, and mid- and low-range cards and is pretty much leaving the realm of the 8800s and 9800s to nVidia. Kind of puts them both where they naturally ended up anyway. For what it's worth.

If you can hold off until June, rumors abound (or maybe it was announced) that ATI would be launching the HD 4xxx series. That might drive nVidia prices down a wee bit.

By the way, if that's a picture of you for your avatar, thanks for your service to our great nation.
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Motherboard GA-X79-UD3 socket 2011
CPU Intel Core i7-3820 Sandy Bridge-E Quad-Core 3.6GHz
PSU 850 watt
ram 16 GB
Hard drive 256 GB ssd
at this time I have GPU is GTX 550tix2

A:Best card for my setup

Budget? What do you want this card for, I,e, gaming, video rendering, etc.? As for "best" there are probably several options open to you.
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Hello I'm going to try to give as much detail as possible but I didn't write down any of the errors unfortunately I had a freeze on my computer as I was switching my sound Cannot drivers card crash sound card after video recover & card a pretty old sound blaster live gamer from entertainment mode to game mode I had to reboot as nothing else was working When the computer came back Cannot recover video card & sound card drivers after crash up it was in VGA mode I looked at system manager showed an exclamation Cannot recover video card & sound card drivers after crash mark next to the video card and the sound card although it was displaying their names I tried uninstalling and re-installing and nothing will do the trick After I installed the video card drivers it gives me some kind of error like its not identifying the card correctly it thinks the driver is from a different version of radeon hd I had this a while back and fixed it by reinstalling windows which at the time I needed to to anyway so I didn't pay much attention to it I really would hate to have it reinstalled again as I would have to install a lot of software that I currently have on it Any thoughts I didn't create a restore point I tried restoring it won't help Any thoughts I'll give you more info later if you request it this is all I can think of from the top of my head and I don't have the computer next to me at this time since I'm at work I also had a weird error now that I think of it that was saying something like quot could not read from x I just put some random digits there it looked something like this can't remember the exact combination something something quot Thanks

A:Cannot recover video card & sound card drivers after crash

Hello Rovlad, Welcome to SF!

If you give us some more detail on the HW and fill in your system specs (as instructed here in second post: )

we'll have the info we need to point you to the right drivers...
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I m adding a video card a Geforce GT MB card VGAsave, Hell. not code card Video 12, recognized pci-e to a Dell Optiplex computer This should have been a - minute job but I ve spent a good hours or so trying to resolve Video card Hell. VGAsave, code 12, card not recognized this issue The computer had on-board integrated video so I disabled those drivers turned off the computer plugged in the new video card into the pci-e slot fired it up video showed up while plugged into the video card so I logged into windows and then tried to install the drivers The disc that came with the video card says quot No supported hardware is found in your system quot I downloaded the most recent drivers from the NVidia site and it said the same thing I checked the current video adapter being used and it said quot VGAsave quot so I looked in device manager and there s an next to quot PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge quot I figure this is the problem and why the video card isn t recognized so I look at the properties for that and it says quot This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use Code quot I ve done a lot of research and reading but I can t find any solution to this I tried to uninstall the integrated video and completely get rid of the drivers using a driver sweeper program and that didn t work The only setting in the BIOS for video is to either have quot Auto quot or quot Onboard quot I have it set to Auto but there is no way to disable the onboard video card within the BIOS I ve upgraded the BIOS and that still didn t help I ve reinstalled Windows XP first without the new video card installed and then tried to install it and that still didn t work I then reinstalled Windows XP with the new video card installed and it showed the next to PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge right away I called EVGA support for the card and everything they suggested I had already tried so they didn t help I ve tried everything that I can think of and nothing works Has anyone ever had this problem or know how to resolve this issue I am beyond frustrated but would love any suggestions Thank you so much nbsp

A:Video card Hell. VGAsave, code 12, card not recognized

Instead of deleting the onboard, try to disable it in device manager.
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How do I find out the names of my video and sound cards? This is very urgent.

A:URGENT: Locating Video Card and Sound Card Names

Start->Settings->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager
Look under Display Adapter and Sound Controller
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I'm helping a friend with his comp and have gone brain dead. I need to figure out what sound card and what video card he has in his computer. I'd prefer not to open it up and neither of them are showing up in the device manager. I need to find them to install drivers. Any suggestions?

A:Gone brain dead need some help finding video card and sound card

Go to CNET and download SANDRA Standard 2004. It will tell you more about your machine than you really need to know. There are a couple of other programs that will do much the same. Sandra is the one whose name I can recall at 02:38 in the morning.
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Hi. I recenly purchased a Dell Dimension 3000 running XP. I connect to the internet using a Linksys Wireless-G (model WMP54GS). That works just fine. However, I got a new video card, a GeForce FX 5500 and when it's installed the wirless card doesn't really work. It struggles to find the network. If it does find it it generally won't connect. Once in a while I can get it to connect but that's not very common. Once I remove the video card the network works fine. I've tried installing a variety of drivers for both PCI cards. I've tried moving the cards to different slots and the results are always the same. Any ideas as to why this would happen?


A:Wireless card stops working when video card is installed.

how is the power supply? Maybe adding the video card reduces the power enough to cause the nic to drop.
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I've been looking for a new video card - just got outbid for a radeon 9800 DOOHH, but my question is (having decided just to get a radeon 9600) what is the difference between the same model cards produced be different manufacturers. For example, the following three cards:

Gigabyte Radeon 9600XT
Sapphire Radeon 9600XT
Creative Radeon 9600XT

are they completely different cards or similar, I mean should I treat them as completely different products?

Just about to shell out 100 euro for one.


A:video card : is ther much difference between manufacturers of the same spec card
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Is there existing external graphic card or video card for integrated laptops

?? or other suggetions ^^
it would be a great help for me hihi

A:Is there existing external graphic card or video card for laptaps

Well they have these but they just give you a port to use.
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I have a computer running Windows XP SP on an HP Pavilian a n stocked with an integrated Video Card and Sound Card I'm trying to upgrade my systems video Install Card New Stops Video Card and Sound Working card to a newer GeForce which works great with the computer once its drivers are installed The problem though is that my integrated sound card stops working and Windows begins asking asking for four quot high definition audio bus quot 's The original drivers are in my computers Install New Video Card and Sound Card Stops Working recovery but for some reason the sound driver is unrecognised by the device manager and even updated drivers from the manufactures HP Realtek don't do the trick Funny thing is when I remove the new video card and revert back the the original integrated video port the sound card begins to work again as if nothings been changed I've tryed multiple times the remove and reinstall the hardware but get the same outcome even tryed to introduce a non-integrated sound card and still no luck So if anyone has any clue as to what the fix might be I'm all ears

A:Install New Video Card and Sound Card Stops Working

Check in the Bios under chipset on the advanced tab make sure the integrated audio is still enabled after installing the video card.