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ActivePresenter or BB FlashBack Express ?

Q: ActivePresenter or BB FlashBack Express ?

Can anyone tell me which of these are best for screen recording and it has great quality and supports .mp4 output ?

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Preferred Solution: ActivePresenter or BB FlashBack Express ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ActivePresenter or BB FlashBack Express ?

Visiting their site and looking at features tells you a lot about the software. Did you Google it, links below.

Paid version only,
Free and Paid versions,

See what offers the most to your needs, then use a trial version. You won't know until you have tried.
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This call for help is apply to any one could provide help about the jmb363 jumpers setting combination to make the 2 internal sata and 2 external e-sata work at the same time , THANK YOU
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EVGA SuperClocked 03G-P4-2666-KR GeForce GTX 660 3GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP
is this a good enough step up to play battle field 4 at a high level?
low on cash but this card I found seems to have what I need plus maybe a few yrs in it before a upgrade is needed. any input would be appreciated.
reason I ask is I have a day to cancel and get something else but I am not real good with computers. I am running a phenom quad core with 4 gigs of ram on win 7 ultimate and a 600 watt power supply and 1t hard drive


A:EVGA SuperClocked 03G-P4-2666-KR GeForce GTX 660 3GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP

This should answer your question. The GTX 660 has 30FPS with ultra quality at 1680x1050. Lowering the quality settings to high, raised the frame rate to nearly 50FPS.

Final Thought:

If you can live with high settings however, you'll boost your frame rates by around 60%, sometimes as much as 80%, which is enough to make the GTX 660 and HD 7850 practical options. ...
Fortunately, there's less to consider when choosing a processor -- just make sure you have a quad-core chip. It doesn't even have to be a new one, as even the Core i7-920 and Phenom II X4 980 took care of business. ...Click to expand...

Side note:

As was the case with Battlefield 3, as long as your processor has four cores/threads, it shouldn't have a problem in EA's latest shooter. The only processors to struggle were the dual-core AMD Phenom and Athlon CPUs, while the game can utilize up to eight threads if your chip has them on tap.Click to expand...

Another improvement would be to get 8GB memory. In my opinion 4GB is boarder-line to being sufficient.
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Its my first turned power Supply Flashback when LED is flashing on build and I think my motherboard isnt working but more specifically I want to know why the flashback led is flashing when I turn on the power supply Power is going into the motherboard the standby light comes on as well as the Flashback LED but when I attempt to turn the computer on with the power button Flashback LED is flashing when power Supply turned on on the case nothing happens I ensured both the ATX power connectors were fully in everything is connected RAM is in but the computer will not boot Also I might have have connected the power to the case in at the opposite ends ground to power and power to ground but it has been reversed and if that is the problem would I have to replace the case or the motherboard Here are the specs -ASUS M A motherboard -Fractal R ATX Tower Case -AMD FX- core AM GHz -Kingston GB in SSD -Corsair TX -Kingston gb HyperX DDR Ram nbsp

A:Flashback LED is flashing when power Supply turned on

No idea but slight suggestion Power supply???
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My friend has a laptop and needs to get SD connectivity to be able to download into his computer. He has an HP 6565B laptop with an express card 54 slot. Is there an express card that has an SD adapter built in? Is the express card slot faster than usb 2.0? If not, I guess a usb 2.0 external card reader would be fine. Unless someone has a better idea. Thanks.
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Can anyone tell me if I have to replace my pci express mobo to get from pci express to pci 2.0 or is there any update bios update or something for it

A:PCI Express problem

You do not have to replace your MB. PCIE is backward compatible.( forward compatible as well) graphics card tht is 2.0? if so it will work in a PCIE 1.0/2.0/ and 3.0. No BIOS update needed either.
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This was really perplexing. I am trying to install a Galaxy GT520 on my Inspiron 546. So i take of the slot i need in the back-plate and fit the card into the slot. But...the card didn't fit into the back-plate. It's like a millimeter off.... There is a little slot that the back-plate slots go into but it doesn't fit into the slot. It's almost like it needs to be a millimeter longer. Thanks to anyone who helps.


A:Graphics card doesn't fit backplate but fits in PCI Express slot

check this out

GT520 is a PCI and should fit the 546, line it up as ^^^^ shows and press hard, dont ram it in there, but apply a bit of force.
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Hello My first post
Anyway i really need to upgrade my computers graphics card ( Nvidia 7600 GS 512mb intergrated version) as its flagging in this day and age and its stopping me playing most games now (i can just scrape skyrim but it falls under its min requirments) I will get a top of the range laptop soon when i go to uni but will keep my desktop for now so i need to add a better graphics card (Rest seem to be fine for the mo) .The problem is the integrated cards is already in the PCI express slot (opened up comp and i can see it in the slot) will be safe to remove the board and would a new card function in it Thanks for the help.

A:Integrated graphics card in PCI-Express slot

If the 7600 is in the PCI e slot, by definition it is not integrated. You should be able to pull it out and swap in a newer card without any issues, so long as your power supply can handle it. Be sure to remove your old graphics drivers before performing the upgrade.
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I can t get the PCI-E X slot to work on my new old mobo It s an old socket but new right out of the package Might be presumptive of me to dump all this on PCI work get my can?t Express I mobo to new/old info here but the computer is for my homemade lab and I teach high school in a poor neighborhood so any help you might give is for a good cause Here are the build s specs CPU Athlon Fx Mobo AN VM with Nvidia onboard with a pci-e x slot Mem x gb sticks of DDR PSU Watt Corsair When I I can?t get PCI Express to work on my new/old mobo tried to install a new pci-e x card Radeon HD the monitor gets no signal The computer comes on does not post keyboard does not light up cpu fan I can?t get PCI Express to work on my new/old mobo and PSU fan both turn on but nothing else happens When I then take the pci-e card out and plug the monitor cord into the onboard I can?t get PCI Express to work on my new/old mobo video card everything works fine but ONLY if I take the pci-e card out When I leave the pci-e card in and plug the cord into the onboard card there s still no signal Things I ve tried already I plugged the card into another computer It works I plugged another pci-e x video card an gt into this build and the same things happen no signal Tried with both the onboard card s manufacturer s driver and the standard window s driver and tried both of these with them enabled and disabled and uninstalled in device manager Did most of the trouble shooting here with each of the three latest versions of bios available for my machine BIOS settings I tried Under Northbridge configuration there are a few seemingly relevant categories of parameters that can be tweaked VGA Options and Primary Graphics Adapter are the ones I adjusted but to no avail Under VGA Options the choices are Enable and Auto the descriptions in BIOS of what they do is somewhat muddled For Enable it says enable onboard VGA this should be chosen only when nvidia external VGA was installed The Auto description states disable onboard VGA if external The other parameters of interest Primary Graphics Adapter has two options PCI- gt PCI-E- gt IGP and IGP- gt PCI-E- gt IGP Mostly I troubleshot with Auto on and PCI- gt PCI-E- gt IPCIGP as that seemed to make sense Other BIOS parameters that I didn t try to adjust but might be relevant are OnChip VGA Frame Buffer OnChip VGA Trap Enable Under Hypertransport Configuration LDT to Geforce frequency Repost video on S resume Then there s the IRQ stuff under which there s an option to Allocate IRQ to VGA I think the choice is to have Bios do so automatically The mobo is right out of the package and everything else works like a charm My two gb mem sticks might nit match Everything is clean and all connections have been checked and double checked what s more I ve tested the cards and monitor and they work It must be either the pci-e X slot is broken somehow but hopefully I m missing something in BIOS which someone here can shed some light on Thanks in advance nbsp

A:I can’t get PCI Express to work on my new/old mobo

Where did you get this old 939 motherboard. They were really obsolete before they came out. From what you tried, it does seem like the PCIe slot is bad... Are there any jumpers on the motherboard

Is this the board?
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I'm asking this question because I have been looking forward to buy a new graphics card, I'm a new ,and I don't even know if you can connect a graphics card to a PCI, instead of the AGP slot? thanks!

A:What's the difference between PCI Express x1 and PCI Express x16

you can use regular pci but agp is faster and x16 is the fastest bar none
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Hey all I am trying to play BF on my laptop Dell Latitude E that I got last year from my college but my graphics card does not meet the minimum requirements for the game I have been looking online and I found a pretty solid graphics card that will allow BF to run but the only PCI Galaxy graphics a e6400? GTX card work Express Will 550 Latitude on a GeForce Ti issue is concerning whether or not the graphics card and my laptop are compatible The graphics card is a Galaxy GeForce GTX Ti GB PCI Express I found it online at BestBuy com I can t post the link because this is my first posting on the forum for I used software called Everest to get some info about my laptop My current graphics card is a NVIDIA Quadro NVS M The bus type is PCI Express x CPU Type is Mobile DualCore Will a Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti PCI Express graphics card work on a Latitude e6400? Intel Core Duo P MHz x Will a Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti PCI Express graphics card work on a Latitude e6400? Is there anything else that would be Will a Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti PCI Express graphics card work on a Latitude e6400? good to know to tell whether or not this graphics card will work Thanks in advance for all the help -RG nbsp

A:Will a Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti PCI Express graphics card work on a Latitude e6400?

If the laptop has a removable graphics card, you might be able to upgrade it. Don't confuse desktop graphics cards with laptop video graphics. The video devices are very different, and most laptops do not have video cards, they have integrated video chips on the motherboard...
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I have recently bought a used Dell Power Edge 1950 with two Dual Core 2.66 GHz Xeon processors and 32G of RAM, which only came with on-board vga graphics card. Searched on dell site and found that NVS 290 x1 (nVidia Quadro 256MB DDR2) can be used with this server. Bought one, installed it and installed the drivers, by the way, I am using Windows 2008 server Enterprise edition 64 bit.

I can see the graphics card in device manager and no issues no conflicts, but there is no output from it. I can not see this card in the display settings dialog box also.

As this is a server, Dell does not allow us to disable the on-board vga card and there is no option to chose pci slot as the primary video as well.

please help me out ...

Thanks in advance.


A:Dell PowerEdge 1950 and PCI Express graphics card

That is a PCI-e x1 card, this thread is about PCI only. Should ask that in the graphics card section.
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Hi,I have installed a new pci express card i get a message when starting up it says warning make sure the fan is connected and there is good ventilation is this normal as the card fan is working fine.if it is the norm is there away of stopping this message.Regards Martin.
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Hi If i install a new graphics pci express card is it correct i need to take of my present connection on the vga and transfer it to the new cards vga connection for it to work.Regards Martin.

A:New PCI Express graphics card connection question

In a word, yes.
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Hello I have an EMachines T PC issues Express PCI card with onboard video graphics A friend gave me a ATI Radeon HD XT PCI Express video PCI Express card issues card that he saids works My step of installing it was Shut down machine and inserted card and screwed in Also removed Wireless PCI NIC Turned on machine and went to BIOS and set quot Primary Display Adapter quot to PCI-Express No option to disable Vefified PCI Express card issues adapter showed up in Device Manager and then install Catalyst driver software from AMD website I was prompted to reboot and so I did New video card work Was able to load windows and play D game with much better performence Shut down machine re-installed Wireless NIC and put side cover back on PC and turned on computer No video output from the video card Switched monitor cable from card to oboard vga output and got a video signal Now getting a little mad and confused Went to device manage and new video card has yellow exclamation mark Went to the properties and said not enough system resources Shut down machine took out wireless NIC and rebooted No signal from video card but recieved signal from onboard video Checked Device Manager and the video card is gone and only the onboard video is present Shutdown removed video card booted shut down placed card back in and still no output from video card only onboard Did some research shut down machine removed MOBO battery turned on machine and bam video card starting working Shut down machine replaced battery and sad face no output from video card once again only onboard working Shut down machine placed MOBO jumper from - to - turned on machine output from oboard video only Shut down machine replaced jumper back to - and turned on machine and onboard video only So at this point I am out of ideas anyone have any Thanks nbsp

A:PCI Express card issues

Nicely described problem. I don`t have a lot of material,but i just wanted to say that.
Did you set the BIOS to defaults in the normal way ? Other than that,try running for a few hours without the battery and then sneak it back in.
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Well I ve been recently having too many errors while playing Team Fortress commonly because of this integrated card I ve got desktop As a result I wanna buy a decent Video Card and I know to do so first I must know which extension slot I ve got I opened buy? have HD Express? which I + can I Do PCI ATI my CPU Case and found I ve got long white bars both saying PCI at the bottom of each of them then little black bar saying pciex at its bottom and then a long black bar above of it saying PCI Express but it didn t said anything about x x x etc But firstly I want to be sure I can in Do I have PCI Express? + which ATI HD can I buy? some way insert a PCI Express video card so here s a screenshot of my slots Well in fact there are white long bars PCI short black bar PCIe x and then long black bar above saying PCI Express So with this I can be sure I ve got a PCIe slot for a video card Please reply Oh forgot to mention that My specs are Windows XP SP MB RAM Intel Pentium Dual CPU Ghz Motherboard model Manufacturer amp Model IBM Chipset Intel i P i G Rev B Southbridge Intel FV ICH LPCIO NS PC L With all that above which ATI Radeon HD Series etc can I buy Please tell me I need a Series please Thanks nbsp

A:Do I have PCI Express? + which ATI HD can I buy?

The Intel 915 "Express" chipset does indeed provide a PCI-E X 16 socket (lane) it's the socket nearest to the CPU. You can always tell PCI-E from PCI, because PCI-E goes onto the board backwards from PCI. (The little barrier strip that prevents you from plugging something in backwards is the giveaway). If you try to plug a PCI-E card into a PCI socket, the video connections will point toward the interior of the computer!

Just verify that the socket does in fact exist. Emachines released an iteration of the 915 board in which they simply deleted the PCI-E socket. I doubt that IBM is that ignorant, but it certainly won't hurt to check.

What memory sticks do you have in this machine that add up to 768MB...?

I'm not sure what video card you should buy, but I can tell you that you should probably spring for a new power supply, Intel 915 is getting on in years, and another video card would need a higther wattage PSU.
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Hello Guys I have the following PC Manufacturer Packard Bell BV Product PT - A it came with NO parallel and serial port I bought months ago a parallel PCI-E port which works fine I have to buy now a serial Port but don t know if the remaining two white slots are PCI compliant or PCI-E from PC wizard those are the main characteristics Code Slots Information Slot PCI-Express -bit v - Empty Slot PCI-Express -bit v - Empty Slot PCI-Express -bit v - Empty Slot PCI-Express -bit v - Unspecified then PCI bus entry Code General Information Number of PCI Bus Number of motherboard PCI or PCI-express my on PCI Connectors Peripheral Type Device Bus AGP Device Bus PCI-Express Device Bus PCI-Express Device Bus PCI-Express General Features Support PCI Mechanism Yes Bus Information Device P M Host Bridge Device P M Host Bridge Device P M Host Bridge Device P M Host Bridge PCI or PCI-express on my motherboard Device P M Host Bridge Device P M PCI or PCI-express on my motherboard I O APIC Interrupt Controller Device P M Security Device Device P M Host Bridge Device ProSavageDDR CPU to AGP Bridge Device P M PCI to PCI Bridge Controller Device P M PCI to PCI Bridge Controller Device Serial ATA Controller Device VT xxxx EIDE Controller All VIA Chipsets Device VT xxxxx USB UHCI Controller All VIA Chipsets Device VT xxxxx USB UHCI Controller All VIA Chipsets Device VT xxxxx USB UHCI Controller All VIA Chipsets Device VT xxxxx USB UHCI Controller All VIA Chipsets Device VT USB EHCI Controller Device VT A PCI to ISA Bridge Device VT Ultra VLINK Controller Device VT A PCI to PCIe Bridge Device VT A PCI to PCI Bridge Bus Information Device G GeForce LE Bus Information Device RTL x Fast Ethernet Adapter Device VIA OHCI Compliant Host Controller VT Bus Information Device High Definition Audio Controller T then BUS PCI-EXPRESS Code PCI-Express Information Number of connectors PCI-Express Base xE Bus PCI-Express Device P M PCI to PCI Bridge Controller Version Port Physical Slot Slot Populated Yes Link Width x max x Link Speed GB s Bus PCI-Express Device P M PCI to PCI Bridge Controller Version Port Physical Slot Slot Populated Yes Link Width x max x Link Speed GB s Bus PCI-Express Device G GeForce LE Version Port Link Width x max x Link Speed GB s The two remaining slots are white and i am not sure if they pci or PCI-Express any help please and which version of PCI PCI-Express i do have to install a serial Port thank you nbsp

A:PCI or PCI-express on my motherboard

The one lited as "link width x16" is a pcie slot, but her is a visual guide for deterninung what is what.
The long slots here are PCIE x16 slots
the two shorter slots are pcie x4, and x1, respectively
the slot below the pcie x16 is a PCI slot at the bottom
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Hi all,

The first computer I connect to the wireless works fine, but I have had to self-assign IP addresses for other computers/devices using the 10.0.1.x spectrum. I originally thought it was a problem with my airport express. However, my roommate recently tried to plug directly to the modem and his computer did not get an IP address (he changed his settings to allow for an automatic assignment). Is this something I can fix on my own or do I have to call the ISP and maybe get the modem replaced? Or is it easy enough they can diagnose over the phone? Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Modem and airport express won't automatically assign IP addresses

FIRST, make sure your firewall allows port 67 & 68 access both ways.

What system is this? and are you running the Windows FW or some 3rd party?
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system info compaq presario sr nx desktop pc watt PSU ASUS motherboard with AMD Athlon CPU mother board has PCI expansion slots and PCI-E slot no AGP Motherboards integrated video ATI Radeon Express PROBLEM have tried two different GPUs with same result no video signal to monitor after installing new GPU first card i tried was a MSI R hd g second one was XFX Radeon HD I went into control panel add remove programs and removed the ati radeon express driver then shut down windows removed all cables opened case grounded myself installed card into PCI-E slot replaced cables and started pc all fans come on full tilt but neither of the VGA ports send signal removed card from PCI-E and pc starts Express PCI PC won't with video installed post card fine monitor works went into BIOS and changed video option from integrated to PCI-E reinstalled card with same results what the hell PC won't post with PCI Express video card installed am i doing wrong I ve done everything i can think of even tried installing drivers before inserting card and keep getting nothing should i give up on the PCI-E and use a standard PCI GPU I M SOFA KING LOST nbsp

A:PC won't post with PCI Express video card installed

I believe that system is roughly 4-5 years old, and as such probability is PCI-E slot may not be upto the task with regard to compatibility/power etc. I hope someone with more knowledge would either back it up or correct me if i am wrong. Regards

Here is specs sheet for your system, but I am unable to say its 1.0 or 2.x slot (although I guess its 1.0x).
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Hi, attached is my log from the program CPU-Z, I wanted to find out which version PCI-express slot i had but i do not know how to interpret this information. I see the number 1.0 but also a 1.1. If someone could tell me that would be great


A:What PCI Express version do I have?

Image if its any help

The black one is PCI express i just dont know which version?
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I know this might be noobish question, but I would like to purchase a new graphic card and I wonder if it is compatible with my motherboard. I mean Im sort of confused with this new PCI-E 2.1 thing. In overview of my motherboard ( ) it is stated that it has: "1 x PCIe x16 (Support PCIe 2.0 / 1.0 Architecture )" so it does support PCIe 2.0.. but what about this PCIe 2.1 ? I've read that it should be the same architecture shouldn't it ?
My question is therefore simple, will it work together ?
btw. the graphic card would be most probably: GIGABYTE VGA ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB DDR5
thanks !

A:PCI Express 2.1 compatibility with Asus M3A78 Pro motherboard

PCIe 2.1 should be fully backward compatible with PCIe 2.0. Just make sure your power supply is able to handle the new card.
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Hello all,

I'm in a hurry and I need to buy a PCI Express Graphic card and would like to know where can I get on the net a place for cheap good graphic card?

Or if someone would like to sell his graphic card that he is no more using it.

Thanks in advance
I don't know if it is the right place for asking that.

A:PCI Express Graphic Card

What's your budget? Newegg usually have very competitive prices. So do Fry's I guess. But I'm not sure whether they ship to Mauritius.
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i have a ati x600 128 mb pcix graphic card it was wroking fine but 2 days ago it starts giving bad display there were some lines on the i take off the card to remove the dust and clean the pcix slot but when i put it back on the slot it doesnt give any display nor it was detected by the device i want to know that are these pcix cards repairable or i have to buy another...

A:PCI express card repairing

I think it would be appropriate to chuck the old one out and get a new one.

You can find some options with the prices here.
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i have a dell DIM4700 with a pentium 4 915 express chipset with 1 gig of memory and i have two questions. First of all I want to use this for home recording and the software I've looked at says I need a multi core processor. Is this processor a multi core? Secondly is it a matter of a new chipset if it isn't or am I looking at a new computer? Thanks in advance everyone. Joe

A:Pentium 4 915 express chipset

Pentium 4 is single-core.
The 915 chipset you have won't support Core 2 Duo, so your best bet is likely to be a new computer. If your software is 64-bit compatible then it would be worthwhile basing your system build on a x64 capable CPU and using 4Gb RAM. A quad-core is made for this these kinds of applications ( video capture, editing, transcoding, sound editing, composing etc.)
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Hi, everyone, I've a quick question about PCI Express

Are PCIe x16 cards automatically 2.0? Or are there PCIe x16 1.0 and 2.0 cards?


A:PCI Express question

There are both 1.0 and 2.0, but the 2.0 cards are backwards compatible with pci e 1.0 slots.
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Hello..Im looking to buy a Pci Express card for gaming.Im looking for something in the range of $100-$150..Im sure i cant get nothing that is great for this price but i need to know what are the best cards around this price range? I prefer Nvidia but if a ATI card will give me more preformance then i would get it. As long as i can play some newer games on medium settings or so i would be happy..Thanks

A:Help Buying Pci Express Card

I would recommend this card :

However, it would be more helpful if you could post your system specs.
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i want to know tha pci express cards supported by intel d945gccr motherboard..please can any one help me..

A:PCI express cards supported by intel d945dccr motherboard

Hello Nisar,
I Tried to look up your motherboard, but a search Turned up nothing. If you have a pcie slot on your motherboard, then it will accept any pcie graphic card (version 1.0 or version 2.0) most cards today are pcie v 2.0, and are backward compatible with v1.0. so the answer is...all of them, keep in mind that i could not find that number motherboard, so the above answer is if indeed you have a pcie slot
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I m not exactly sure if this is the right please help Express-compliant system problem place Anyhow I m thinking of buy a graphic card for my Pentium quot pci only quot found but it s a pci but requirements are Express-compliant system power supply available PCI Express slot is it mistaken or something what Express-compliant system problem please help the drifferent bewteen PCI slot and PCI express slot full specs Computer inter r pentium r cpu GH Z GHZ MB of RAM i got two sticks both shouldn t i have This is the direct link to the graphic card This are the graphic card specs BFG - NVIDIA GeForce GS MB DDR PCI Graphics Express-compliant system problem please help Card Powered by the Express-compliant system problem please help GeForce GS graphics processing unit GPU MB DDR memory PCI interface Core clock speed MHz dual MHz RAMDACs x at Hz maximum digital resolution at -bit color for ultrarealistic gaming experiences PureVideo HD processor delivers improved picture clarity smooth video accurate color and precise image scaling NVIDIA ForceWare provides enhanced performance and speed stunning visual quality and unified driver architecture UDA to ensure forward and backward compatibility with hardware and software Supports Microsoft DirectX and OpenGL with Shader Model for Microsoft Windows Vista or XP dual-link DVI-I VGA and TV output HDCP-capable Includes software CD-ROM video memory DDR interface slot type PCI only says PCI not PCI e x or other stuff systems requirements Windows XP or Vista MB RAM MB available hard drive space W PCI Express-compliant system power supply available PCI Express slot CD-ROM drive Um thing on top of the box says PCI so i assume it works for my motherboard pci bus or pci w e its call color of slot our white not black will this work for me if not know any other graphic card for pci for same price or less it did not let me post the link but if you go to bestbuy dot com and type in BFG - NVIDIA GeForce GS MB DDR PCI Graphics Card or just graphic card it will show up anywahs help or tips will be appreceate thank you nbsp

A:Express-compliant system problem please help

"(i got two sticks both 256 shouldn't i have 512?)"...

Your motherboard is taking some memory for the on-board video. What is your motherboards model number? The "new" PCI video card should work though. Remember to disable the on-board video before you install the new video card. It wouldn't hurt to bump the memory to 1GB
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I m installing a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR card which says it ll work in either PCI Express x or x in look PCI x16 doesn't card 1800 Hauppauge right Express slot into a Asus P T motherboard The video card is blocking the single PCI Express x slot so I installed the tv card in the second x slot It didn t look right putting this short card into a long x slot as it was sort of curved over the unused pins When I booted my pc my bios was changed to boot from floppy and dates on my system changed I immediately shut down and pulled the card out after seeing the bios screen My question is Hauppauge 1800 card doesn't look right in PCI Express x16 slot should I try and install the tv card in the PCI Express x slot and move my video card to a different x slot as I have two others If so would this require alot of change or would Windows immediately recognize the move and automatically reconfigure OR should I try in the same x slot again and not worry if I m prompted to setup bios again Thanks nbsp

A:Hauppauge 1800 card doesn't look right in PCI Express x16 slot

I can't speak to the 1800 tuner, but I have the 1250 and it goes right into the PCI-E x1 slot. I think you have to install the Hauppage drivers before the card, and/or ignore the M$ "found new hardware" wizard. The 1250 is just a single tuner, that the only difference.

The 1250 card is on the same size PC board as the 1800. My board only has one PCI-E x 16 lane, so the the tuner has no other place to go but a PCI-E x 1 slot. It works just fine there. It didn't change the system date.

I don't think it, "doesn't look quite right there, but I had no preconception of how it was supposed to look in the first place.
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Does any one no whether the ECS Elitegroup Motherboard G31T-M7 support PCI Express V2.0

A:PCI Express

HI malherbe,
It appears to be V.1.0, but it shouldn't make any difference as there isn't a card out there that would saturate the V. 1.0 (250gb/s) bandwidth anyway. and v 2.0 VGA's are backward compatible to v 1.0 anyway.
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If I add a Pci Xprss 2.0 x16 graphics card into Pci Xprss 1.0 x16 slot..what is gonna happen....does da card gonna work or not??

I know this is a silly qstn..but jst want to know wat's gonna happen...plz reply..


A:A silly question on PCI Express

Hi sc,
not a silly question at all, pcie gen 2 cards are backwards compatible with pcie 1.0, so it will work just fine. if this is a newer motherboard, you may be able to activate your pcie slots to gen 2. as sometimes they come defaulted to pcie 1.0, just something to check.
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Details of PCI Problems - Express PNY Nvidia my video card PNY VERTO GeForce GT MB video card PCI Express not I just got this video card Nvidia PNY PCI Express - Problems today along with my g RAM stick I plugged the RAM Nvidia PNY PCI Express - Problems in and rebooted the computer everything worked fine I plugged the video card in the PCI Express slot the only one that s available and it doesn t work quot What exactly happens quot you might ask The card gently and smoothly inserts into it s seat and clicks down as it should But when I plug everything in where it should go and yes I put the monitor cord on the new video card the screen tells me that it s not receiving a signal from the monitor It tells me the Monitor is on but it still doesn t work There is no beep or anything My power supply is perfectly sufficient I can t find the area in my BIOS that allows me to change my video display to on-board or PCIE PCI Express Maybe i need to flash my bios Update it I have no clue but my temper is flaring and if i continue messing with it with no positive results I m going to break it So please help It just don t freaking work Details of my computer emachines desktop PC model- W HALLLPP nbsp

A:Nvidia PNY PCI Express - Problems

But when I plug everything in where it should go (and yes I put the monitor cord on the new video card), the screen tells me that it's not receiving a signal from the monitor. It tells me the Monitor is on, but it still doesn't work.

There is no 'beep' or anything. My power supply is perfectly sufficient.
I can't find the area in my BIOS that allows me to change my video display to on-board or PCIE(PCI Express).Click to expand...

Ok, you spelled everything right, thats a good sign . Does you computer power up? Do lights come on and does your hard drive whirl to life?

Is there usually a beep? What exactly is your powersupply, its probably enough but...and there probably isn't an option in the bios, not for an emachine, so right now, I will blame emachines because their homo .

By the way, the 8600gt sux, just so you know, much better PCIE cards for the money. In the mean time, upgrading your BIOS could be good, though I don't know if emachines have any updates
Relevancy 23.65%

I recently got a pretty good new computer with 4gb of ram, 3.0ghz pentium 4, and a 250gb hard drive. This PC may not be the best, but it is WAY better than what I had. The only problem is that the computer only has pci and pci express x1 slots. The question is are there any good pci express x1 video cards? I would prefer to use pci express x1 because the interface is supposed to be much faster than plain pci. If anything, is there a way to put pci express x16 video cards in an x1 slot, possibly an adapter of some sort? Any help on this matter is appreciated.

A:PCI express x1

So it doesn't have 16X

Here's a pic: (click to maximize)
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Hi there I have been using Nero Express V for Nero and Ver. backup Express Problem with 5.5 DVD-RW a very long time to backup different CDs and DVDs until recently for Problem with Nero Express Ver. 5.5 and DVD-RW backup the very first time to backup onto DVD-RW which encounter a problem After I clicked on the quot Problem with Nero Express Ver. 5.5 and DVD-RW backup Disc Info quot it simply says there is no medium found in the drive But the reality is I have a brand new Imation DVD-RW disc inside and ready to backup How can I make my Nero recognizes it so that I can backup my data on it Please send me instruction guides or links to help me to achieve that I have no problem of backing up with DVD RWs DVD -Rs but have trouble with DVD-RW media I tried another brand new Imation DVD-RW and still with the same problem For your information I am running on Win XP with SP It may be a easy fix and hopefully someone can guide me Thank you in advance for your help Cheers nbsp

A:Problem with Nero Express Ver. 5.5 and DVD-RW backup

Uninstall Nero fully
Re-install Nero Fully

Also confirm that your new DVD Drive is seen in My Computer, if not confirm the cables are connected securely, and possibly run this:

Otherwise check here:;en-us;228985
Just scroll down to the "Methods"
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I hope I'm putting this in the right place and I know it's probably I really simplistic question, but here it is:

I have Comcast Cable internet via modem that connects to my DLink 4500 gaming router. I have a PC(wired) , Laptop (wireless), another PC(wired), and XBox360(wireless) all connected to the Cable internet and home network.

I was thinking about changing my Comcast mail to Outlook express -- is this a good Idea? Can it be done? If so how do I do it? If I do it will all my mail accounts go through Outlook or can I just do mine and not my son's and husband's? Sorry again if this is not the place, but I figured you're used to newbies not knowing where to post. Thanks

A:Comcast Mail to Outlook Express

Your Comcast email is known as a Webmail solution, while Outlook, Outlook Express
are Pop3 Email Clients.

All you need is to configure your Email Client to access the Postoffice @ Comcast;
you will actually still be able to use BOTH

The Comcast settings are here
Relevancy 23.65%

The motherboard spec says PCI-x 16.
Will a PCI-X16 2.0 work?

A:PCI express x16 2.0

Without know your Hardware manufacture and model, it's difficult to say

Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

If you have a brand name computer (like Dell; HP; or other) please place the Computer name & Model number in your Mobo field of your Profile
Relevancy 22.36%

Cpu amd phenom x M b k a platinum Ram performance viper series gb x gb daul channel kit memory pvs g elkn ddr Video card msi geforce gts ddr mb Psu corsair cmpsu- tx w atx v eps v sli ready crossfire ready plus certified active pfc power supply Os Express booting MSI Platintum K9A2 controller raid PCI vista MSI K9A2 Platintum booting PCI Express raid controller bit ultimate Case raidmax smilodon atx- wb p black mm secc steel atx mid tower foldout mb As factory heatsinks MSI K9A2 Platintum booting PCI Express raid controller intake fans of mm rear exhaust fan of mm and top exhaust fan of mm side cpu and video vents fujitsu sas MBC RC highpoint rocket raid x sas raid controller I atttempted to build raid though i load default bios boot up vista install sas and raid drivers I am able to find my array though vista will not let me install claims motherboard will not be able to boot from drive Anyone out there been able to install a pci express raid controller on MSI k a platinum nbsp
Relevancy 22.36%


I've been to Intel's website, and downloaded both the .exe and the .zip files of the subject driver, and neither one of the installation packages work. It gets toward the end and comes back with "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver installer has encountered a problem and needs to close." I've also reported this to Intel's tech support via email (as this is the only method of contact that they seem to accept). I was asked a bunch of questions by way of a form, that had nothing to do with their installation package crapping out. So to make a long story short, I have to wait until Intel gets back with me, but really need the driver in a more expedient amount of time. Would any of you kind folks happen to have it available to send to me? Hopefully?

Thank you,


A:Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family Driver

Is there a specific motherboard for which the chipset is embedded on??
Relevancy 22.36%


Hoping somebody can help. im trying to install the following graphics card (Geforce 7300 gs, 256mb ddr2 , pci express). Now ive fixed it in place no problem. But when i go to boot pc neither my onboard graphics or new card wil power my monitor. when i take it out my on board graphics kicks back in.

Heres some details of my pc

2.20 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64
Board: Winfast 761GXK8MB
Serial Number: WY1L60300663
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 10/27/2005
SiS Mirage Graphics (Microsoft Corporation - XDDM) [Display adapter]
Generic PnP Monitor (15.4"vis, May 2006)
500w power supply

Anybody could help that would be brilliant

A:Trouble with Geforce 7300gs pci-express gpx card

Disable the on-board graphics controller in the bios and select PCI-e as the first graphics controller
Relevancy 23.22%

I have an older system that can support only PCI Express x16 1.0. I would like to buy the best performing card that is currently available for that.

Any recommendations?

oh, and that is best performing "card" in the title not "cart"

A:Best performing PCI-Express x16 1.0 card

Hi pioneerx01
As far as I know, all PCI-Express 2.0 cards are backwards-compatible, meaning that a PCI-Express 2.0 card will work on a motherboard with only PCI-Express 1.0 and the performance difference will be negligible.
Relevancy 22.36%

Every time I compose a new message in Outlook Express and use MIDI music as a background the SW SYNTH in audio gets knocked back to zero. This only happens in OLEXP, toherwise MIDI's play OK.
Running Windows XP Pro SP3 OLEXP 6.0

A:Outlook express affects audio control

What is your computer? Make and model?
Relevancy 21.93%

I was just wondering if there are any settings that may help me improve FPS in games like Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory.

I mean, I feel I should be able to run the game no problem. I have:

1.46 Dual Core Processor
and of course the integrated graphics card (Intel 965)

The game is nearly 4 years old and the graphics are not good at all. I was just wondering if any one knew any tweaks.

Thanks for your time.

A:Intel 965 Mobile Express Chipset (Video Card) Tweaks?

Heurist1c said:

I was just wondering if there are any settings that may help me improve FPS in games like Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory.

I mean, I feel I should be able to run the game no problem. I have:

1.46 Dual Core Processor
and of course the integrated graphics card (Intel 965)

The game is nearly 4 years old and the graphics are not good at all. I was just wondering if any one knew any tweaks.

Thanks for your time.Click to expand...

Relevancy 21.07%

I need to know if one is better then the other, and if so, how much better?

A:Compare Onboard Nvidia GeForce 6150 Video Adapter to intel 945GM express Chipset

The nVidia has slightly better control of images, but the Intel is significantly more reliable and has an expected longer life.
Relevancy 23.22%

well, what is the difference between pci-e and pci-e x16? are they both better than agp or what? or the same thing? can someone answer this? can normal pci-e be used for video cards also? asking b/c i got a computer with an intergrated radeon x200 video card. but i see that it has 3 pci slots and one PCIe, so am wondering if i even got tired of this x200 card cud i put in another one? i also opened my pc and saw a long black slot, is that a PCI x 16 slot (those are the ones mostly used for video cards, right?) vuz if it is, what kinda cards cud i install into my pc? by the way its an HP Pavilion a1211n desktop computer

my specs are

amd anthlon 64 3500+
512 mb ram
windows xp
250 gb hardrive
17'' hpvs dsl monitor

A:PCI express question

pci-e x16 is like having the bandwidth of 16 pci-e x1 slots. Pci-e x16 is faster than agp, but pci-e x1 is slower than agp, but faster than regular pci. Pci, Pci-e x16, and agp 8x are all different and incompatible. A pci-e x1 card can go in a pci-e x16(or x8, x4) slot though.

There is one pci-e x1 video card I know of.
It's not for gaming though.

Pci-e x1 is very short(less than pci), and pci-e x16 is long(longer than pci).
If it's longer than a pci slot it likely is pci-e x16.
Relevancy 23.65%

Apparently Creative quietly released new X-Fi card using PCI express and coming with digital audio encoding:
I was about to buy a few components for family's PC - any idea where you can buy these and for how much? Google is of no help here.

A:Where to buy X-Fi PCI Express - the new one with DDL

Evidently it isn't released yet. At least at the Creative website you can only pre-order it at the moment. Click here and check it out.
Relevancy 23.65%

Hello guys, i have a Biostar GF7050V-M7 motherboard, and i am buying a Diamond ATI Radeon HD 3870 videocard, but it says that it requires "PCI Express 2.0 X16" and my Mobo only says that it has a "PCI Express X 16" slot, will this videocard work in this Mobo? or what is this 2.0 version thing?



A:PCI Express 2.0 ?

PCI express and PCI express 2.0 are backwards compatible, so should work fine. I believe it requires 2.0 in order to take full advantage of extra bandwidth available with a 2.0 slot. So it should work with your motherboard, albeit with a slight limitation on the bandwidth there. However, there are rare circumstances reported where pci 2.0 video cards have difficulty on pci1 slots.

So I guess the answer is "probably"
Relevancy 22.79%


I have a problem after interting my gfx card into the PCI-E slot. The PC passes the POST, then reboots. If I take out the card, the PC has no issues running from the onboard. Almost all of the PC's components have been bought/replaced within the last few weeks after the problem started, apart from the CPU, and the power supply.

The specs are:

MB - Biostar P4M900-M7 SE
Bios - Latest from Biostar as of today
Graphics Card - Novatech/ECS Elitegroup GeForce 8600GT 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E
CPU - Pentium 4 2.8Ghz HT
PSU - ACE 480X 480w atx
Ram - 2 GB OCZ DDR 667
HD - 80GB Fujitsu 80 GB SataII
DVD - generic cheap from novatech
Vista ultimate

Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:PCI Express gfx card stopping PC booting

Well as you probably know, they are compatable together (vid and m/b)

I suspect it's faulty pci-e slot (sometimes dust)
Or mounting incorrectly (probably unlikely)
Or power supply (probably this)
Oh, and faulty video card (probably not)
Relevancy 23.22%

i was looking at motherboards for my next rig earlier today and i noticed a asus board (M2N-SLI) that has 2 pci express 16x slots, however when in SLI mode they run at 8x, so my question was if i have dual 8600GT's will i run into band width problems?

I plan on having a AMD 6000+ x2
as of now a single 8600GT and later another one
2 gb of ram
320gb WD hard drive
but the motherboard is the final part i need to get.

A:PCI express speed

Try it, and you tell us... Good luck. Remember drivers are important in proper SLI function. Try different ones if you can
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Help please Recently installed Belkin Gigabit Ethernet Express Card amp drivers in laptop All is working fine with one exception - everytime I boot into Windows XP Pro the card isn t automatically detected If I disconnect the card then connect it once booted XP recognises it amp all works fine Any ideas as to how I can get XP to automatically recognise the card on boot up without having to manually pull it out amp Nic Card Express Problem Auto Detect then Nic Express Card Auto Detect Problem push it back in again Rang Belkin amp got the usual Asian lady who obviously didn t even know what an express card was let alone able to provide me with any technical know how - she said take it back to the store After disappearing for mins she did come back amp agree the card should auto detect on boot up but that was it I ll let you guess what my response was Wished I d bought the Linksys one now there technical support is second to none Thanks nbsp

A:Nic Express Card Auto Detect Problem

The problem will always be with you. You will always wonder whether a connection issue is caused by your computer or the ethernet card. That will drive you crazy on the road.
Ethernet cards are almost perfect nowadays. You have to really abuse them to make them fail. Connection is simply automatic for 97 percent of users.
Clean your connectors, check your internal socket, and perhaps clean it with some post or contact cleaner and a que tip.
I suspect the Belkin, and would insist upon an exchange.
We service hundreds upon hundreds of laptops and their ethernet cards. We have not seen any fail.
But you can see changes in Belkin from time to time. Belkin is not a manufacturer. They have no design engineers. They are a marketing company, though a very good one. You will see differnet Belkin cards, depending on which country you are in, and which side of the country.
Give Belkin a chance to get thngs right... when they say, "Take it back to the store," do so. Trade it for a LinkSys, Cisco, DLink, Netgear, IBM, Adaptec, or SIIG. Tell the store Belkin told you to do so.
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I just bought a Inspiron 1505 and i am looking around at different Wireless Broadband cards. I have heard good things about Verizon's V740 Express Card, but it has a 50 MB monthly data limit (i don't even know how much that is, but i don't think i like be limited). I'm also looking at Sprint's Merlin EX720 which has no monthly data limit. Since i really don't know much about this kind of stuff, i'd appreciate any advice or information on either of these or others you think are better.

A:Dell Inspiron 1505 & Express Cards...

when you use cellphone internet service AKA cell-fi, AKA EVDO, your data usage is limited by contract. This type of service is designed primarily for email downloading and web browsing. Downloading files quickly will use up your alloted 50mb limit. Some cell phone contracts state that going over this limit will either hit you with large fees or they reserve the right to terminate your contract for being in breach. This is because cellphone internet has limited bandwidth to start with. Cell phones work primarily by "time-slicing". That is to say, not everyone is using the same tower at the same time. Your cell phone internet card, slices this time. The more you use it -say by downloading, the more time you are hogging from the tower. This cuts or reduces service for regular cell phone users.

Cell phone internet service is expensive and primarily designed for business travelers who need to check their emails on the go. It is not designed for heavy internet use. Use your wifi card on your laptop for that ( and go to a coffee shop or other wifi provider.)

EVDO / cell-fi service is also limited in speed due to bandwidth limitations. You can purchase bigger bandwidth of course, at a premium.
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Which is the best PCI Express card out there that can fit into mine HP Pavilion a630n? I have one PCI Express slot and 3 PCI slots, i already have ATI PCI Express card installed on my PCI Express slot, but due to my stupidity i lost the disk, so i have to buy a new card.

I hoping to buy something good for reasonable price. I looking to buy it from eBay.

What company should i get it from?

Thank you

A:Best Pci Express Card?

I also need 1 gig Ram, which one should i get (The one that can fit into my computer) ?

Thank you
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hi i have an HP pavilion dv2000 laptop with a Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family shared video card.
the laptop came with windows vista loaded in it. but i changed it to windows xp pro sp2.
the problem is that i know the size of the memory is 128MB and when i check on bios it says shared video memory up to 128MB. but when i check the graphic card proprietes it shows only 32MB
is there any way i can increase it back to 128MB? knowing that there is no option in my bios that can change it( 100% sure).
here is things that i already tried:
unistalling the driver and installing the newest version
playing around the configuration but no results.
here is some pictures from my pc attached.
Relevancy 21.5%

Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family [Display adapter]
i went to dell to download the driver it doesnt let me do it, i tried to update it, and io cant. help please?!!!

A:Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family [Display adapter] problem HELP!!
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Hi, I was wondering what the difference between PCI express and AGP was. CAn you put a AGP video card in a PCI express slot? Thanks for any help.

A:Difference between PCI express and AGP

They are simply different interface types for graphics cards. Compatibility between any given video card and a motherboard is determined by the type of graphics interface they have.

No, you cannot put an AGP graphics card into a PCI-Express slot.
A PCI-Express interface only works with a PCI-Express graphics card. An AGP interface only works with an AGP graphics card.

The main difference is speed. PCI-Express is newer, and the highest PCI-Express speed is x16. The highest AGP speed is x8. Allegedly, PCI-Express is faster than AGP. However, it has been argued that there is not much difference in performance between these two slots.
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Im interested in upgrading from fx 5200 to 7600 gs but i have older motherboard (msi 6547 ultra-c) with only conventional PCI slots. The question is: Can i put a PCI Express video card into conventional PCI slot.

A:put a PCI Express graphics card into conventional PCI


Well, I suppose with force you could, but it would very likely destroy both the card and the mainboard.
Relevancy 23.22%

I've seen many graphic cards and motherboards coming out this year. They support PCIe. I heard that PCIe slot is faster than AGP slot.

There are at least 3 slots of PCIe on many modern motherboards I've seen. (probably 1x,4x, 16x)
- I'm wondering what devices or hardware would use PCIe slot beside the graphic cards?
- Why modern motherboards (today) give you 3 or 4 slots of PCIe?
(Graphic card (single) would only need one slot of it.)
Sound card/modem/etc still use PCI slot, aren't they?
- Anyone knows any motherboard that gives you PCIe slots (2 or 3) and also more than 3 PCI slots? (mostly, I found only 3 PCI slots and PCIe slot on many motherboards)

Thank you for answers...


My thoughts

This "new" PCI-E name is very confuseing and hasn't lured me to update my
Motherboard,cpu and video card yet in order to find out.
I think it's just a way to sell new motherboards and video cards.
My 8x AGP 9600 XT will do for now.
I have yet to see anyone overwelled with their new PCI-X video.
Lets here from some.
Relevancy 21.93%

Okay, I bought a new laptop recently, and I have a problem. Almost every game I try to play says, "AGP is not enabled....", and it tells me its needed for best performance. How do I enable it? I googled it, and I couldnt find anything, so I decided to ask here. My system specs are:

Computer Maker: TOSHIBA
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.70GHz
Memory: 1014MB RAM
Hard Drive: 200 GB
Video Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM


A:How do I enable AGP on my Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset family card?

From what I've read, you have an onboard graphics card(on your motherboard) I'm not sure if you have just that onboard card, or if you just have another card. If so, you could go into your BIOS(usually delete/f1/f2 at startup, one of those keys) read through it a bit. I know that sometimes there's an 'enable AGP' option, or anything that looks like it.

However, it doesn't look like you have an AGP card in your laptop.
Check that out first though. You might also want to check if you have the correct drivers for your card installed. On a side notenboard cards aren't very good for games, but they might handle a few.
Relevancy 23.22%

I need to know if there is any way to adapt a pcmcia card to fit in the new express pcmcia slot and where to get them please help. A cost estimate would be a plus too. Thanks

A:Help with my express pcmcia slot

PCMCIA cards interface to ISA or PCI, which are parallel busses. Expresscards interface to PCI-Express or USB, which are serial busses. There is no easy way to "adapt" anything here.

Have you considered a USB PCMCIA slot?
Relevancy 23.65%

How will I be able to distinguish wether or not my computer has PCI or PCI Express slots?

Once I have determined this, I would like to know what a good/quality/reasonably priced video card would be for the particular slot that I have.

I'm looking for a name and a link to the video card that is recommended. (Specifically one that will fit my computer and run Microsoft Flight Simulator X smoothly with good graphics).

Here are my computer specs.

Dell Dimension 1100 Series, Intel Celeron D Processor 325 (2.53GHz) and 256K cache

512MB DDR SDRAM at 400MHz

160GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive (7200RPM)

A:PCI vs PCI Express

That system only has PCI slots, but even if it did have AGP or PCI-Express capabilities, you're going to need a LOT more than just a videocard if you want to play Flight Simulator-X. A 512mb ddr/celeron is really going to be pushing it as it'll be maybe 1 frame every couple seconds lol.

I'd strongly urge you to consider a total system upgrade if you're specifically trying to get FS-X to work even semi-reliably. It stresses cpu/memory performance to the hilt as well as graphics. You can likely assemble your own PC that will be 7-9x better for FS-X for under $600, maybe less if you can re-use some of your existing parts.
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Everytime i try to burn a DVD with NeroVision, i get an error at the end that says,

"Sorry, your compilation cannot be written on this kind of disc. Please insert a disc of the correct type or modity the settings of your compilation to make it compatible with the current disk."

I'm using a DVD+R disc, so i think i have the right kind of disc, but i'm not sure. If someone could help me with this that woud be great


Edit: Removed bold type for ease of reading.

A:NeroVision Express 3 DVD Burner Error

Make sure you're actually burning a DVD and not a CD project. Aside from that, it could be a bad batch of DVDs. Try a different disc.
Relevancy 23.22%

hi guys i have recently built my own pc from scratch everything went fine in the building process but i express card pci hot...HELP... running am having problems with my pci express card It seems to be overheating even though i have bought a huge gaming case with six fans inside and a temp monitoring system built into it for processor vga and hard pci express card running hot...HELP... drive readouts My specs are epox npa sli n force motherboard amd sempron bit architecture socket albatron geforce pci express graphics card gig pc mhz w psu fans rear top side front i have not overclocked any of the hardware yet but i was trying to push the system to see what it could handle and what temperatures i was running As a test i played tiger woods on its highest res with the game graphics set to best quality instead of best performance it was going fine until the ninth hole then pci express card running hot...HELP... i started getting white lines down the screen processor temp c hard drive c graphics card c i let it all cool down and then tried generals on a skirmish and put maximum armies on ten minutes into the game and the vga temp shot up to c and then the game cut off telling me my graphics hardware is overheating please help as i dont think the graphics card should be running that hot and i dont know how to correct the problem nbsp

A:pci express card running hot...HELP...

That's not really that hot for a videocard these days. My 6800 has a thermal cutoff of 135c... And it idles around 70. If you wan't it cooler, just slap a fan on top of the stock heatsink.
Relevancy 22.36%

this is my mobo :

im currently using the on board geforce 6100 IGP

i have around $70 for an upgrade. recommend me the best pci express card according to my budget.

my PSU is 450watt which came with my casing (not sure about the name) do i need a PSU upgrade ?

system specs :

athlon64 3500+ Venice at 2.4Ghz
2x512mb Kingston ddr400 dual channel
Samsung dual layer dvd writer (does it have an impact on power ?)


A:recommend me a budget pci express card for my mobo

What gaming are you currently doing / planning on doing?

And $70 wont get you a very good videocard.... you need atleast $150-200 to get like a 6800 or something

Also for your PSU I would recommend a upgrade because 450w isnt all that much, Here is a good PSU for cheap price

Hope I helped
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Not sure if this is the write to post but I am new here LOL
I have this webcam, and I can take videos and pics but when I try to email, It says its the wrong server, I put the first one as POP3 and the server as SMTP, now I'm not sure if both are wrong or just the SMTP and if so, how do I change this ?

A:I need help with Logitech webcam express?

angel35635 said:

Not sure if this is the write to post but I am new here LOL
I have this webcam, and I can take videos and pics but when I try to email, It says its the wrong server, I put the first one as POP3 and the server as SMTP, now I'm not sure if both are wrong or just the SMTP and if so, how do I change this ?Click to expand...

Email is recieved using a POP account (post office protocol) and sent using an SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol), no doubt the settings in the webcam software aren't setup correctly, they should match those used in Outlook \Outlook Express, if you use neither on your PC and instead use an HTTP agent such as yahoo mail or MSN mail (Hotmail) then you will need to ask your Internet service provider for what they should be.

As an example I use NTL broadband so my details are

Others will be in the same format as this.

Relevancy 23.22%

i downloaded 9.1 drivers i believe from for my 7600 of course system restarted like 1 day of pc being on error was about drivers i downloaded latest ones i did install was the nividia so i rolled back to the orignal whats the latest drivers i can use for this besides the 9.1 drivers cause its not agreeing with my card for some rsn.

A:Best drivers for the 7600 gs pci express

The newest and most stable version of driver is nFORCEWARE 91.73 WHQL.

And sam, i reported you as spamming.
Relevancy 23.22%

Well, I just upgrade my PSU to a Ultra 500w one, and decided I might as well get a Gfx card now that my system can support it. :grinthumb

My question is, what would you guys recommend in the $100 to $120 range? I don't need a high-end card and cant have one that needs an extra open slot for a fan. What GPU should I go with, and what manufacturer should I get the card from? I was looking at Gigabyte, but have never had any experience with thier products (other than a server motherboard that killed a brand new PSU :blackeye: ).

A:Looking for an ok PCI Express card.

$120 card don't need a 500w psu - at most a 350w one. i would wait for the g80s to come out in a few weeks, there will be a sizeable price drop on everything else. Card brand doesn't affect performance(its still the same card), but it does affect warranty terms and the bundle that comes with the card.

EVGA 7600gt $149

ASUS 7900 gs $206

i would wait for the price to drop on the 7900 gs and buy it in a couple of weeks.

What is your current gpu? What do you intend to use this for? be specific - what games, modelers, etc...
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.....For the least amount of money?

I currently have Pentium 4 630 socket 775
2GB (2 x 1GB) PC3200 Corsair DDR dual channel mode
Geforce 6600 256MB AGP

After trying to find all possible motherboards, it turns out I am forced to abandon my beloved memory, and video card I worked so hard to get because all the newer motherboards dont use them anymore. I can, however, keep my cpu because all the next generation Core 2 duo boards support my Pentium 4, So I'm a bit happy there.

If I get this board, I can reuse my memory and save me a load of money

But it has questionable quality

Anyone recommend a good solid Conroe motherboard under $100?

and DDR2 Memory brand and speed?

and a good video card under $150

This is my first time making the big expensive switch to PCI express.

Any help appreciated

A:How would I make a jump onto the PCI express bandwagon?

I would stick with what you have for right now, I mean you have a very decent video card as it is. You would be throwing alot of memory away also.
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Im confused whether this boad has a fully capable PCI express x16 slot, or a PCI exress lite slot that runs slower.

Most boards I see with both ddr and ddr2 have only chopped down versions of PCI express x16, like PCIe-lite for example.

I'm not sure if this does too.

Any help appreciated!

A:Does this board have "true" PCI express x16?

Its now fixed
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Its specs say that its Front Side Bus is 800MHz or 1000MHz, so can it support a CPU that has 2000MHz Bus? Also, is it good for gaming? cuz i want to put a AMD X2 4800+ on it, and run it for lineage 2.

A:Asus A8N 32-SLI-Deluxe NVIDIA Socket 939 ATX Motherboard/Audio/PCI Express/SLI....

It supports 1000MHz Hyper Transport (2000 MT/s), so yes it does support the AMD X2 4800+ (socket 939).

Yes, it is good for gaming. Not the best board in the world for overclocking, but it is a stabe board with some nice specs. But the question is, if you are building a NEW system, why 939? I'd recommend going for the AM2 if you are sticking to AMD, or even better, a core duo system.
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I have recently purchased a 'XFX GeForce 6800 Xtreme PCI-E 512MB DDR3' and only just read that a PCI-E slot is needed..well i have no idea if my motherboard supports this or not.

I know my motherboard support both PCI and AGPX8 based cards..but is PCI-Express a different slot alltogether?

here is a pic of my motherboard.. maybe this pic will help


You need a card like these instead.
(second card is faster)

You can't use a pci-e card.
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I need a video card that connects to a PCI Express x1 connector. Or is there a device that can convert a PCI Express x1 to a x16? Let me know if anyone knows of either.

A:Dell E310 and PCI Express x1

There are some. Click here for a couple of examples. You might not want either of these but the point is there are some.
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I recently got a new dell dimension e310 desktop and i found a small black slot over my 2 pci slots. Sombody did some research for me and found out it was a pci express x1 slot. Is this true, and can i put a graphics card in it?

A:PCI Express x1?

they make some graphics cards for pci-ex1
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Hi Folks I have nagging problem that I m not able to find answers for It is this I currently using a P GHz machine with a front side bus of and a AGP Geforch GT video card AGP by PCI Express out-performed This machine is producing FPS using the Counter Strike video Stress test I wanted to upgrade my system to a PCI Express system So I purchased a Asus motherboard P RD - MX that supported my current P CPU and Ram PCI Express out-performed by AGP and I purchased a Geforch GS PCI Express out-performed by AGP x PCI Express video card When I tested this new PCI express system with the Counter Strike video Stress Test it got less than FPS The AGP machine outperformed the PCI Express system by FPS I was shocked I thought that PCI Express was to be faster than AGP Now I concerned about ever using a PCI Express system Surly I missing somthing I am very interested in reading what your thoughts might be on why such a huge performance drop Please Advise Kind Regards JB nbsp

A:PCI Express out-performed by AGP

It's not PCI-Express x16's fault, it's the graphics card's.

A 6600GT is faster than a 7300GS. To compare correctly, you should've compared an AGP 6600GT to a PCI-Express x16 6600GT. But even then, results would be the same.

The idea is that PCI-E x16 allows twice the bandwith AGP offers. So to compare, you must use a card that actually takes advantage of the extra bandwith PCI-E provides. For example, compare the fastest AGP card to the fastest PCI-E x16 card (7800GS vs. 7950GTX).
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I have a weird problem connection problem when I to go to Outlook. The connection says authorizing then a timeout error. This problem comes and goes. Does anyone have a thought as to what this might be?

A:DSL/Outlook Express problem

Try disabling email scanning in your AV/Firewall.
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Well, first of all what is pci express x16, or 16x whatever it is, lol, because I have seen at a lot of motherboard specifications where some say pci express slots and other say pci expres x16 slot, what is the difference? and in pics they look the same..... and i see cards that say pci express required and some say pci express x16 required, once again, what is the difference...... most newer cards say they need pci express x16, amd my mother says it has pci express, again.... it confuses me, lol, can anyone give me a hand why some say x16 and some dont?

A:I have a question about pci express


The thing with the 16x means the speed of your pci express slot. Usually you can find the speed of your motherboards pci express slot speed by looking on your computer manufacturers website. Are you upgrading your video card? If so, tell me your system specs and maybe i can help you
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Sup everyone

I've been look at different motherboards for my system, and want something with PCI Express. However, all of the motherboards with PCI Express have either 1 or 2 "x16" slots and 2 or 3 "x1" slots.

How important is it to have the extra PCI Express x16 slot? And what kind of cards are being made for the PCI Express x1 slot? Basically, should I dish out bucks for the extra "x16" slot or stick it out with the "x1" slots?

A bonus question: are there motherboards coming out that have only the PCI Express slots? I plan on waiting a couple of months to see what Processor improvements AMD and Intel come up with before buying, and want to know whether there are new motherboards coming out as well


A:PCI Express question

The slot you should be interested in is the X16 one. It's used for video cards. It's faster than AGP, although not too much.

The X1 slot are nearly useless right now. They will someday replace the standard PCI.
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Can any 1 help me find this type of graphics?

---->Intel(R)829882915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Familly

I have checked out the intel website but i cant find this....
So any 1 pls help me....(NoteMust be the same) )...

A:Intel(R)829882915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family?

If your system is an OEM build, such as Dell/Gateway/Compaq/ etc.

Go to your computer manufacturers website, where you should be able to find all the drivers you need.

If your computer is a custom built job, then you should go to your mobo manufacturers website for the drivers.

Regards Howard
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Hi could some one help me please i have just got a Dell Optiplex GX PC i Intel(R) Express Counter Source My Re: 82915G/GV/910GL Strike Family Chipset and have installed Counter Strike Source but when i get on to the game and start playin it laggs really bad and is Re: Counter Strike Source and My Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family very slow The spec of my PC is bellow ------------------------------------------------------- OS Information PropertyValue OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional C WINDOWS Device Harddisk Partition Service Pack OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation Windows Directory C WINDOWS Processor PropertyValue Current Clock Speed Description x Family Model Stepping Manufacturer GenuineIntel Name Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Current Clock Speed Description x Family Model Stepping Manufacturer GenuineIntel Name Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Memory RAM PropertyValue Bank Label Capacity Bank Label Capacity Total Memory Deteced in Hardware MB Memory Reported to Operating System MB Disk Drives PropertyValue Description Disk drive Manufacturer Standard disk drives Model ST AS Media Type Fixed hard disk media Size GB Number of Partitions Installed Printers PropertyValue Name hp deskjet c series Port Name LPT Default True Driver Name hp deskjet c series Motherboard PropertyValue Manufacturer Dell Inc Model Name Base Board Part Number Product H Serial Re: Counter Strike Source and My Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family Number CN T Version BIOS PropertyValue Manufacturer Dell Inc Name Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version A Release Date Version DELL - Monitor PropertyValue Description Plug and Play Monitor Name Plug and Play Monitor Screen Height Screen Width Description Plug and Play Monitor Name Plug and Play Monitor Screen Height Screen Width Keyboard PropertyValue Description USB Human Interface Device Pointing Device PropertyValue Manufacturer Microsoft Name Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Optical Sound Card PropertyValue Manufacturer Analog Devices Inc Description SoundMAX Re: Counter Strike Source and My Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family Integrated Digital Audio Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV E amp SUBSYS amp REV amp E DD amp amp F Video Card PropertyValue Adapter Compatibility Intel Corporation Adapter RAM Description Intel R G GV GL Express Chipset Family Installed Display Drivers ialmrnt dll Driver Version Driver Date Video Mode Description x x colors Adapter Compatibility Intel Corporation Adapter RAM Description Intel R G GV GL Express Chipset Family Installed Display Drivers ialmrnt dll Driver Version Driver Date Video Mode Description DirectX Installation PropertyValue Version Modem PropertyValue Network Adapters PropertyValue Description SMC EZ Connect USB Ethernet Series Converter - Packet Scheduler Miniport Description RAS Async Adapter Description Packet Scheduler Miniport Description WAN Miniport L TP Description WAN Miniport PPTP Description WAN Miniport PPPOE Description Direct Parallel Description WAN Miniport IP Description Packet Scheduler Miniport External Ports PropertyValue External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator External Reference Designator Expansion Slots PropertyValue Slot Designation PCI Slot Designation PEG Could some one please help me nbsp

A:Re: Counter Strike Source and My Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

Well, that integrated video isnt good at all. Youll need a new graphics card to get better performance.

Tell us how much can you spend and well help you to pick one!
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I have an ASUS notebook with an ATI Radeon Express 200m video card which takes up 128mb shared memory. I only have 512 mb of RAM so I want the shared memory to be 64mb only. I asked the technicians where I bought the laptop to change the shared memory and they said that it cannot be changed (they've checked the BIOS and found out there is no option to change the shared memory there - and they said that you can only change the shared memory thru the BIOS). Is it possible to change the shared memory used by the card? If it is, is there another way?

A:ATI Radeon Express 200m - Changing shared memory

No, sry to be the one to tell ya.
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Hi- I have a asus K8V se motherboard. I dont think it has pci express slots, but im not sure, and i dont no where to look to find it. please help me! also i want these video cards: eVGA GeForce 6800 GT and eVGA GeForce 7800 GT CO , but i dont know if my board will support it, and thats depending on weather it can supprot the pci express. so if it cant could someone help me find an equivelent to them, one that has both dual dvi out and either s-video out, or hdtv out. thank you

A:agp? pci express? need video card help!!

i also forgot i want it to be 256mb or higher

i also forgot i want it to be 256mb or higher. thanks
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hi im having problems with my sysytem freezing up or resetting my vpu in game constantly my system is:

ASRock Duel SATA 2
Radeon X700 256 mb Pci Express
1GB Corsair matched ram
AMD Athlon 64 x2 duel core processor 3800+

I have looked through here with googles help and sort of seen help for this problem but any help someone can offer would be great

A:problems with an asrock 939 duel sata 2 and a radeon x700 pci express

Try running a memtest for a couple of hours (the more the better) & see what results you get.
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Bought two of these devices from ebay - no reason to suspect they are faulty in any way - help Intel Express for Netport reset 10/100 hard lights etc perform as others we already have problem is they were previously used and have already been assigned a TCP IP address and help hard reset for Intel Netport Express 10/100 name by a previous user which I can see on the self-test print page But I cannot see these devices in the netport manager software I have manuals for them and the hard reset to factory status is to hold down print-test button while powering on but this does not seem to work Other problem probably the reason they cannot be seen in manager is I cannot even ping them on my network I have a netgear -port switch off a Novell server and have an idea that either the server or the switch is not permitting communication due to IP segment rules I am not a network guru and am at a loss as to what to do next Any suggestions gratefully received nbsp

A:help hard reset for Intel Netport Express 10/100

I found this
Windows* 2000 and Windows* NT 4.0 using the Intel NetportExpress? print server Add Printer Wizard or LPR printing.
what OS are you using
may need additional softwares
and ya I guess if they did not give you the ip address it's going to be tuff getting in
even got a password I bet
not lucky nough to have a reset hole to hard reset
may ned to oper'r up and see if there's a factory jumper inside
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I got a new PC at last a one with PCI-Express grinthumb Dad was kind enough Card PCI-Express recommendations to exchange one of the Pcs from his office with mine Here is PCI-Express Card recommendations the configuration Compared with my old PC - Acer E ------------------Acer RC P Ghz-----------------P Ghz GB Hard disk------------ GB Hard disk DDR ------------------- DDR PCI-Express slot-------------AGP x slot blah blah -----------------blah blah Well the only reason I swapped my PC was cause of the PCI-Express slot and I take the DDR ram as a bonus So now I need a PCI-Express Card recommendations graphics card Here are my choices - ATI Radeon X XTX really interested might end up buying one soon ATI Radeon X XT GeForce GTX can t decide - X TX or this GeForce GTX GeForce GT Well as you can see that they aren t the cheapest but I am so happy on getting a PCI-Express slot that I am willing to pay any price unch So what I am asking from you folks is to tell your recommendations Please tell PCI-Express Card recommendations your view on the cards I have choosen and the ones you have Thanks wave nbsp

A:PCI-Express Card recommendations

the 1900XTX is the best. Even the 7900GTX can't compare. I suppose the 1900XT and the XTX are the same, but you get more stock clock speeds, so maybe the overclocking spectrum is a little broader. And as you said, you're willing to pay the money. So 1900XTX it is!
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I have a computer that is about 2 years old now, it still works fine, mostly. My system specs are below. My video card acts a little funny playing games lately, WoW and Doom 3 are pretty bad looking. I think something might be wrong with it, plus its a little bit older. I am not looking to replace the whole computer till the end of the year at least. I am thinking of just upgrading to an ATI Radeon X850XT off of I know I have a PCI slot, but is it the same as PCI express? Any input is much appretiated.

AMD Athlon 64 3200+
x2 512MB
ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256MB
Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS
Hard Disk(s):

A:Want to upgrade video card, are PCI and PCI express the same?

PCI and pciExpress are two different things. But no worries, you have an AGP8x slot and there are still plenty of decent cards for AGP, including that X850XT you are looking at.
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I just put together a express w/pci card Can't install OS media center Can't install OS w/pci express card I verified that all of my components are working by putting it together bare bones and shorting out the power with a screwdriver Asus A n-VM motherboard Can't install OS w/pci express card AMD Athlon processor GB Seagate HDD Antec Aria case NEC DVD R-RW GIG RAM Integrated nVidia graphics card GeForce Can't install OS w/pci express card graphics installed in PCI Express slot I do not have a VGA monitor and there is no TV out component out on the onboard graphics I installed the PCI express graphics card and hooked my s-video cable up to it and my TV When I turn on the computer I get the boot screen I can enter the bios and edit it After the post screen I get a black screen with odd characters cursors I have not yet been able to install the OS This garbled screen prevents me from doing so Is this a result of the PCI express card being installed and conflicting with the onboard graphics If so how do I disable the onboard in the bios If it s not what steps should I be taking nbsp

A:Can't install OS w/pci express card

Try installing it on a old vga monitor, then install the drivers and enable S-video in the settings.

Best of Luck...
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I know that PCI express x 16 is ideal for top notch video cards, but what is PCI Express x 1 used for?

A:What is PCI Express X 1 for?

There are various uses for the slot, including: usb add in cards, firewire add in cards, sata add in cards, networking(ethernet) cards, and even a graphics card for x1 slots.
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Can someone recommend me one?

A:Best PCI express x16 graphics card for $300

The 7800gt is the best for that price and I have the same one, and it owns almost anything in it's way. :slurp: :slurp:
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does any one know if the dell dimention 1100 has a pci express slot?

A:pci express

Sorry Mate but Dell Dimension 1100 only has 3 PCI slots for expansion and no PCI express. This is ok for internal modems etc but for graphics cards it is not so good but not awful. There are some decent PCI cards on the market but they are usually a bit older and of course slower.
If you have any more questions just post again and I'll answer!
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Hi im interested in getten a dell xps 400 computer in the next few months. Ive been looking at there nvidia 6800 card. But i can't find any 6800 256 card infomation specs out there. I want to know if that card dell uses is a GT, GS, or whatever I can't find a basic 6800 with 256 ram. I just want to know what EXACT model that card is so i can check out the benchmarks and details.

Any infomation or advice would be greatly appreciated

A:Dells nvidia 6800 pci express graphics card

In this article:

There are some benchmarks that include the 256mb 6800 (non GT/GS). It's a decent card. Not as good as the GT or GS but still a decent card.
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I have a P4 3ghz prescot cpu with Intel 915g chipset. Now it has a Integrated 900g graphics card and i also have a ATI x800 XT pci-express card. Does anyone know if its possible to switch to the integrated card without taking out the ATI card? i have looked through the BIOS and tried disabling the pci-express port which had no effect

Anyone have any ideas?


A:switching between intel 900g and x800 xt pci-express

I think almost all boards automatically disable the onboard video when a card is installed. You might have to take the card out, but why, a x800xt is much better than integrated?
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My system configuraion

AMD 3200+
ATI Xpress200 motherboard
512 MB RAM
160 GB Hard disk

Can anyone tell me can use nvidia PCI express graphics card.


A:Can i install nVidia PCI Express Card on ATI XPress 200 board

It should work. I don't think ati chipsets require ati cards, nor nvidia chipsets nvidia cards.