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ActivePresenter or BB FlashBack Express ?

Q: ActivePresenter or BB FlashBack Express ?

Can anyone tell me which of these are best for screen recording and it has great quality and supports .mp4 output ?

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Preferred Solution: ActivePresenter or BB FlashBack Express ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ActivePresenter or BB FlashBack Express ?

Visiting their site and looking at features tells you a lot about the software. Did you Google it, links below.

Paid version only,
Free and Paid versions,

See what offers the most to your needs, then use a trial version. You won't know until you have tried.
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I want to record my screen and create tutorials.

I tried ActivePresenter but it is not working fine.

Video becomes blurry when exported with highest settings.
Following is screenshot of exported video
Following is screenshot of the same region using Snipping Tool
What could be the problem
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Okay, so I flash my ATI Radeon 9550XL AGP 4/8x to a Saphire 9600PRO Bios, I flashed the card via winflash and the computer restarted... sadly my graphic card was making a series of flashing colors while windows boots. What im trying to find out is if I can create a boot up floppy / cd-r disk to UN-Flash the BIOS to its orignal BIOS. I have the backup I just need to know how im going to un-flash the bios via bootup

A:Solved: Ati Bios Flashback

See this:

If you want the faster speeds of the 9600 then you should just overclock the card.
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Dear techguy gal At my work I have Office via a network server don t ask I had sent myself a picture from my home to use as a backround wallpaper image for my monitor at work This was an image I scanned to my computer and then sent using IE browser The problem is that even though I have deleted the picture file and changed to a preprogramed Windows backround the former image appears for a brief moment whenever I switch from a window in any running program For Image Window Flashback instance if I minimize my quot Word quot window to go to another program window I see a quick flash of the former picture I had as the quot backround quot I tried this with several pictures and it always flashes Window Image Flashback with the most recent image used for the wallpaper backround - deleted or not Sometimes this image freezes for a few seconds in Window Image Flashback full screen mode and then disappears - other times it is just a quick small flash It seems to only appear when I switch from window to window I tried using regedit and found the Window Image Flashback name of the file and deleted it there too but it remains in some kind of cache file Is ther any way of getting rid of this image flashback or is it just a poor video card Thanks much Paul K nbsp

A:Window Image Flashback

I have noticed that with win 2000 pro that the last background you had is the one you see for a brief moment on booting the machine and in any screen saver password screens.
What I did was changed my background to the one I would like to see that popped up for a sec then set the background I always wanted to see and my current background that should get rid of that other background for ya.
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I got a computer (free!!) from a business but it has this program called Flashback Systems on it (some sort of surveillaince type program) and when I boot up the comp. it is the only program I can operate in. The computer has windows but I'm unable to access the normal features. Anybody have any ideas?
Relevancy 52.03% this malware does This malware patches web browsers and network applications essentially to search for user names and passwords. It looks for a number of domains ? websites such as Google, Yahoo!, CNN; bank websites; PayPal; and many others. Presumably, the people behind this malware are looking for both user names and passwords that they can immediately exploit ? such as for a bank website ? as well as others that may be reused on different sites. (Hint: don't use the same password for all websites!) One of the clues that a Mac is infected is that certain applications will crash. This is notably the case for web browsers, such as Safari, or other network programs, such as Skype. This is because the injected code interferes with the program making it unstable. This malware also has an automatic update module that checks a number of websites for new versions. More @ link.

A:Flashback Mac Trojan Increasing with New Variant

Do mac OS get attacked with any kind of virus?
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Its my first turned power Supply Flashback when LED is flashing on build and I think my motherboard isnt working but more specifically I want to know why the flashback led is flashing when I turn on the power supply Power is going into the motherboard the standby light comes on as well as the Flashback LED but when I attempt to turn the computer on with the power button Flashback LED is flashing when power Supply turned on on the case nothing happens I ensured both the ATX power connectors were fully in everything is connected RAM is in but the computer will not boot Also I might have have connected the power to the case in at the opposite ends ground to power and power to ground but it has been reversed and if that is the problem would I have to replace the case or the motherboard Here are the specs -ASUS M A motherboard -Fractal R ATX Tower Case -AMD FX- core AM GHz -Kingston GB in SSD -Corsair TX -Kingston gb HyperX DDR Ram nbsp

A:Flashback LED is flashing when power Supply turned on

No idea but slight suggestion Power supply???
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http www eweek com c a Security New-Mac-Flashback-Malware-Variant-Detected-by-Intego- The Mac Flashback Mac Flashback New Intego Detected by Malware Variant malware continues to haunt users with a new variant recently found in operation according to Mac security software vendor New Mac Flashback Malware Variant Detected by Intego Intego The new variant Flashback S uses New Mac Flashback Malware Variant Detected by Intego the same vulnerability in Java that the previous versions had exploited but it operates in a slightly different way Intego researchers said in an April post on the company s New Mac Flashback Malware Variant Detected by Intego Mac Security Blog The new variant doesn t require a password to be installed according to Intego researchers In addition the malware places its files in the user s home folder at these locations Library LaunchAgents com java update plist jupdate quot It then deletes all files and folders in Library Caches Java cache in order to delete the applet from the infected Mac and avoid detection or sample recovery quot the researchers wrote quot Intego has several samples of this new Flashback variant which is actively being distributed in the wild quot See also New Flashback Variant Continues Java Attack Installs Without PasswordIt s worth noting that this variant will not install if it finds Intego VirusBarrier X Xcode or Little Snitch installed on the Mac it tries to attack
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I'm involved in selecting a new video graphics card for a custom computer I have that has an HP motherboard with one PCI express x16 slot. On looking at various 512Mb boards I see that some of them are PCI express 2.0 x16 instead. Is the 2.0, whatever that distinction is, compatible with and usable with my motherboard/computer, or does the slot and/or other hardware features have to be different to utilize this 2.0 version?


A:Solved: Will PCI express 2.0 x16 graphics card work in PCI express x16 motherboard sl
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I just bought a HP Pavilion tx2525nr that has a Express Card/34 PC Card Slot.
I was told that the Clearwire Express card would be compatable, but it turns out the Clearwire card is an Express 54.

Is there an adaptor that will allow me to use the Clearwire Express 54 with the HP Express Card/34 PC Card Slot that my laptop notebook has?

If not an adapter, is there another viable solution?

*Other info on the off chance that it could be useful*
AMD Turio X2 Duel-Core Mobile Processor RM-70
Windows Vista Ultimate
The is something called an Expansion Port 3 in addition to several USB ports, S port and Ethernet port
Clearwire card:
Clearwire ExpressCard 54
Model # PCEx25100

Thanks for any help that can be offered.


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wanted to check and make sure that a pci express 2.1 x16 video card would run in a motherboard that only has pci express 2.0 x16 slots

A:pci express 2.1 x16 video card in pci express 2.0 x16 slot?

Yes,it will run at full bandwidth/speed.
Make sure you have a power supply that can handle it.
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Ok, I have a system at work, I can not get into to much detail for what that system is for. But anyway it has 2 nic cards, and one is a PCI-express card. Upon booting up the system the pci express card doesnt show in network connections and if i look in device manager it seems as if it lost its driver. If I reboot the system the pci-express connection in network connections then shows and the driver seems to be back in device manager. Any suggestions to why this is and a possible solution?

A:2 nic cards 1 pci express on boot pci express isn't showing

Ok, I have a system at work, I can not get into to much detail for what that system is for. But anyway it has 2 nic cards, and one is a PCI-express card. Upon booting up the system the pci express card doesnt show in network connections and if i look in device manager it seems as if it lost its driver. If I reboot the system the pci-express connection in network connections then shows and the driver seems to be back in device manager. Any suggestions to why this is and a possible solution?
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The file server I am currently using, is running on an old MS-7173 motherboard which (for some reason) is only kicking out about 45MB/s maximum throughput on file transfers, even though the CPU isn't anywhere near full. I am using a spare (I think cheap) Gigabit Network Card in the system at the moment which I had laying around.

I am considering getting an "Intel Gigabit PRO/ 1000CT PCIe Desktop Adapter" however, according to the specifications the card runs "PCI Specification Revision PCIe 1.1".

From the motherboard specifications, it uses: "One PCI Express x 1 slot. (supports PCI Express Bus specification v1.0a compliant) ".
My question is: Will that PCIe Card with revision v1.1 work in a motherboard with a v1.0a slot?

Thanks for your answers

A:PCI Express x1 V1.1 Card in a PCI Express x1 v1.0a slot?

Anyone know the answer to this question?
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According to my motherboard I have PCI Express 2.0 not 3.0? Does this matter? What's the difference? I just now figured this out.

I am wondering because I am looking at getting this graphics card in the near future the EVGA 4gb Geforce GTX 680. I have been playing a lot of Dayz and I want to be suited up to the max. Only thing I noticed was that my PCI Express slot is a 2.0 and not a 3.0. Does this matter? I didn't even recognize this until just now.
The EVGA 2g Geforce Gtx 680 which requires 2.0. This would be my second choice although I don't think I would get the best performance over a 4gb 680.

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I am an old guy. I tend to like Outlook Express. Some years ago I finally got it customized in terms of text size and layout the way I like. I am used to it. But, it seems to have some kind of fatal flaw - that every year or so MS OUtlook Express's InBox gets corrupted and makes either or both sending or receiving email no longer possible. It is as if after working properly for a year or two the InBox file gets to a certain size and goes haywire. Is there any remedy for this? Is there a more stable version of Outlook Express or another mail program that is very similar but more stable than OE that I can import my settings into?

A:Alternative to Outlook Express?I tend to like Outlook Express. Some years ago I fina
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I have a Dell Dimension 8400 and I'm using It for gaming. The problem is I have an NVIDA 8600 and well, as newer more graphics heavy games come out it seems my video card isn't quite up to the job so I recetly went searching for a new video card and found some confusing information. Basically Dell says I have one PCIe slot and as I look at video cards I notice they say something like: Interface PCI Express 2.0 x16. What dose this mean? Do I need a new motherboard?!? Any help would be grate Thanks

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I'm asking this question because I have been looking forward to buy a new graphics card, I'm a new ,and I don't even know if you can connect a graphics card to a PCI, instead of the AGP slot? thanks!

A:What's the difference between PCI Express x1 and PCI Express x16

you can use regular pci but agp is faster and x16 is the fastest bar none
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Hey Folks

I am trying to import OE5 .dbx files from a Win2k machine to a completely different machine (Win2003) with OE6. Everytime I try to import the DBX files I get an error message stating:

"No messges can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open..."

The thing is I have even tried copying the DBX files from the old machine to the new machine and importing them from a directory on the new machine. I stil get the same message!

Another strange thing is the impor facility on OE6 does not provic an option import OE5 files, only OE4 & OE6.

I've already imported my mail accounts and address book, just not my messages.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thx in advance.

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Dear Forum ;-)

One of our artists is going to be moving from a Mac to a PC (Windows XP), and we need to be able to move his existing Outlook Express messages from the Mac to the PC version of Outlook Express. I did catch this thread:

but the link to the "OE Exporter" is broken. It looks like it worked, too. Does anyone have any suggestions, or a new link to OE Exporter?

Thanks in advance.

Marc Hoffman
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My OS crashed this morning a corrupted NTOS exe file and I couldn't boot so I tried to boot from the installation CD and wound up installing W K Pro again In the process all my mail messages were erased displaced I actually have a copy of the dbx files in another folder I have imported OE mail messages dbx files before several times before when I changed systems and HDs and have done so successfully However on this day I cannot seem to 'get it right' Here is what I did I copied the dbx message files to a folder on the C-drive mail mesages I then opened OE and under File clicked on Import then messages them OE then OE store directory then Next The process imported only of the folders I had on the list and no matter what I did it only imported mail from those folders and none others Is there anything I am doing wrong or should do in addition to what I have already done Is there another method for importing OE mail messages to another OE application Thanks polaris

A:Importing Outlook Express into Outlook Express

I have done some experimenting since I posted the first message.

I created several .dbx files from the list of dbx folders I have for the messages. It doesn't seem to matter which folders I include in the dbx files, the same identical 12 folders show up as mail folders to be imported....even if they are not included on the list I created.

Apparently, there is a default list of folders that has not changed, or does not change when I select the mail folders to be imported. I guess I need to find out where these are and change them.


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I want to export messages from Outlook Express on my old machine to Outlook Express on my new machine. How do I do it if I don't have Microsoft Exchange server or don't want to export them to Outlook. I'm using Micosoft Office Pro 2003. Thank you in advance.

A:exporting Outlook Express to Outlook Express

The files you are looking for are in a folder called Outlook Express and will have the extensions .dbx

They will be in a directory path similar to the one I've include below except for the number enclosed in braces. If you don't find a path similar then just do a search for the directory Outlook Express.

C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{F71B2263-58F5-45EF-8A2D-B337C0C73961}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Just replace the .dbx files on the new machine with the .dbx files from the old machine.

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I have just reinstalled OL Express and when I sign in I enter username and password but the box for remember me is greyed out. How can I ungrey it?
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How will I be able to distinguish wether or not my computer has PCI or PCI Express slots?

Once I have determined this, I would like to know what a good/quality/reasonably priced video card would be for the particular slot that I have.

I'm looking for a name and a link to the video card that is recommended. (Specifically one that will fit my computer and run Microsoft Flight Simulator X smoothly with good graphics).

Here are my computer specs.

Dell Dimension 1100 Series, Intel Celeron D Processor 325 (2.53GHz) and 256K cache

512MB DDR SDRAM at 400MHz

160GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive (7200RPM)

A:PCI vs PCI Express

That system only has PCI slots, but even if it did have AGP or PCI-Express capabilities, you're going to need a LOT more than just a videocard if you want to play Flight Simulator-X. A 512mb ddr/celeron is really going to be pushing it as it'll be maybe 1 frame every couple seconds lol.

I'd strongly urge you to consider a total system upgrade if you're specifically trying to get FS-X to work even semi-reliably. It stresses cpu/memory performance to the hilt as well as graphics. You can likely assemble your own PC that will be 7-9x better for FS-X for under $600, maybe less if you can re-use some of your existing parts.
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Can I have a little info on these 2.1 cards? Also why is ATI the only one with them and Nvidia does not? Thanks!

A:PCI Express 2.1

Its simply one of the newer transitional PCI-Express standards that AMD has chosen to adopt while NVIDIA is likely waiting for the 3.0 version. It only affects the interface and had no really bearing on the rest the card nor doe sit have any affect on performance.

More info here:
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I know that PCI express x 16 is ideal for top notch video cards, but what is PCI Express x 1 used for?

A:What is PCI Express X 1 for?

There are various uses for the slot, including: usb add in cards, firewire add in cards, sata add in cards, networking(ethernet) cards, and even a graphics card for x1 slots.
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Does anyone know how to block AIM express? We've already blocked AIM here, but it seems that AIM express still works. Hmmm? Thanks in advance

A:aim express

add the site address to Content advisor
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I was surfing neweggs video cards (i soon will be purchasing 9600xt by gigaybte) and i saw they now stock some pci express cards. I know they will eventually replace agp 8x, but is it going to be soon? I just built mine in april and itd stink if all future cards are pci express only.

A:PCI Express

AGP will be around for quite awhile yet. As a fact you can still but standard PCI Graphics cards!?!

I am planning my next upgrade already and my PC is less than a month old. ATI X800 AGP 8X PRO.

The benefits of PCI Express will not be fully used for the next few years. Same as with AGP when it was new, just a few high end PC's at first.......
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I have recently purchased a 'XFX GeForce 6800 Xtreme PCI-E 512MB DDR3' and only just read that a PCI-E slot is needed..well i have no idea if my motherboard supports this or not.

I know my motherboard support both PCI and AGPX8 based cards..but is PCI-Express a different slot alltogether?

here is a pic of my motherboard.. maybe this pic will help


You need a card like these instead.
(second card is faster)

You can't use a pci-e card.
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Is PCI Express and PCE Express 2.0 are same, i mean do the have same slot, i'm planning on buying a new video card, my old one was just PCI Express, now all Video cards comes with PCI Express 2.0 i believe, is PCI Express 2.0 compatible with just PCI Express..? Will PCI Express 2.0 Cards run on PCI Express slot..?

My motherboard us Asus 15KPL-AM/PS...

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I have a motherboard with a standard pci express 16 slot on it.. Now I know if I had a pci expres 16 2.0 slot I can put lower cards in it, but can I put a pci express 16 2.0 card in my regular pci express 16 slot on my mother board?

Thanks in advance.

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I recently got a new dell dimension e310 desktop and i found a small black slot over my 2 pci slots. Sombody did some research for me and found out it was a pci express x1 slot. Is this true, and can i put a graphics card in it?

A:PCI Express x1?

they make some graphics cards for pci-ex1
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does any one know if the dell dimention 1100 has a pci express slot?

A:pci express

Sorry Mate but Dell Dimension 1100 only has 3 PCI slots for expansion and no PCI express. This is ok for internal modems etc but for graphics cards it is not so good but not awful. There are some decent PCI cards on the market but they are usually a bit older and of course slower.
If you have any more questions just post again and I'll answer!
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Thank you for clicking my topic! My computer is using the Asus P5K-E WiFi Edition motherboard.

Currently it has an ATI Radeon HD 4890 graphics card but I'm looking at a new card, the Radeon HD 6950.

This is confusing, this PCI-Express business, particularly the version number / connector. It says "dual 6-pin PCI Express power connectors" but does not say PCI-E 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 / etc. And my P5K-E WiFi manual simply says that it has two PCI-E x 16 slots, two PCI-E x 1 slots, and three regular PCI 2.2 slots.

Obviously, I'm worried about buying the card and discovering that it isn't compatible with my motherboard. Going to wikipedia shows more info I don't understand, and the differences between PCI-Express versions ( 2.1, 2.2, etc ) is not helpful.

My question: What's the secret? How do I know whether or not my mobo can use the HD 6950? I feel like this is ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing.

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I'm currently in the middle of a major upgrade which involves the purchase of a new case, mobo, gfx card and memory - I currently own an agp leadtek 128 meg 6800 which I had planned to keep but a friend told me that if I'm upgrading most of my major components, I might as well go the whole hog and base it around a pci-express mobo and gfx card as they are significantly faster than a regular agp system - can anyone tell me if this is so?

A:PCI-Express - better than AGP?

Yes your friend is riight. If you are going to upgrade your MOBO then go for one that supports PCI Express.

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Now that PCI-express graphics cards are becoming more common, I was wandering, does PCI-express use similar technology to standard PCI and if it does, will we soon be seeing other PCI-express cards eg. wireless cards, firewires etc.

Also, could somebody please explain to me, how dual pci-express graphics cards work, the benefits that having dual card brings etc.



A:PCI Express

PCI-E is completely different from PCI technology wise.
From a consumer point of view it's just a slot you plug stuff in to and hence no different from PCI.
You can connect anything you want to PCI-E and it is up to the manufacturers whether they make a product for PCI-E or not.
I suppose with Intel doing its pushing we will see PCI slots becoming extinct in 10 years or so and we will be having only PCI-E products. Or maybe some other new bus thing.

If you mean dual graphics cards in a "SLI" configuration then it means that basically you have two GPUs working on the same image. So in a perfct world you would get double the rendering speed.
Not quite double in real life though
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Does PCI eXpress>
Work with your normal pci? :wave:

A:Pci Express Help

That depends on what you mean by "work with"..

Yes, it is possible to have a motherboard with both PCI-E and PCI slots.

No, you will not be able to plug PCI-E cards into PCI slots or vice versa.
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Hi - blonde and over 40 here but not totally stupid lol

I was with server 'X' and then changed to server 'L'.
The problem now is that when I go to a site, any site that has a 'Email me' button and I press on it I get two things

1. About 50-70 little white boxes that say that the top powered by my 'X' server.
2. A message that says this action can not be completed as the program is not activated then plus all the little white squares.

I have followed the steps to fix this several times adn also spoken to the old and the new servers - they have no idea on how to fix it.

Am hoping one out there has the answer for me.

Sincere thanks

A:Out look express

can you send and receive e-mails normally with server "L"?
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so there is suposed to be this all amazing pci express thats going to be way faster than normal pci and agp. its suposed to make all pci and agp spots obsolete like pci did to the old isa slots. is this really the future of computer motherboards? or will it just flop like the zip drive? what do you think....

A:PCI Express 16x

The future is definently PCI Express because there is no alternative to be seen and the PCI bottleneck is very real. This doesn't mean the disappearance of ordinary PCI any time soon though. You can bet on finding PCI slots on motherboards for at least 5 years to come.
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Hi People! About every two weeks I have to remove my mail account and reinstall. Some thing gets changed.

I have norton antivirus and it protects the incoming mail, but for no reason at all I can not connect to the server and receive mail.

I can send, but not receive. Internet explorer works fine. Does any of you fine people have any ideas? Thank You, Jim

A:Out Look Express

Hi Jim hows it going, haven't heard from you in awhile..

Lets see, do you have a firewall installed?

Or are you running your system on a proxy with the Proxy machine also running Norton, at home I have to disable my Incoming Email Scanner on my laptop because it links to the server that already does the incoming scan thing and for some reason you can only do it once or it wont let the mail through.
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cant send email what can i do using outlook express and frezes up when i try to wright an email and when people send me email it comes back to them but sometimes i do get them.. what do i do

A:out express

This site may be of assistance. OE is very complex. I can use it, but I am not able to provide assistance.

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I don't know how relevant this is to any of the viewers of this thread but It relates x1 The Express Bug Fix How To PCI to an overclocking bug and it's fix Somebody might find it useful quot How To Fix The PCI Express x Bug The reason why I wrote this article is simply because I have seen many whom had their motherboard's PCI-Express bus width stuck at x while overclocking This is especially seen on the ASUS P B series So today we are going to find out what will How To Fix The PCI Express x1 Bug work and what won't as well as their impact on gaming and HD video playback Motherboards that might be affected include ASUS P BASUS P B-E PlusASUS P B Deluxe WiFiGigabyte P C-DS RGigabyte P -DS L Graphics cards that might be affected include ATI Radeon X ProATI Radeon X XTNVIDIA GeForce GT Solutions that do NOT work Setting the PCIE Bus Frequency to MHzSetting the PCIE Bus Frequency to MHzPCI Synchronization Mode to MHzUpdating the BIOS Solutions that work Disable quot PEG Force X quot Set the NB Vcore to v or below Overclock or underclock the PCI Express reference clock up to MHz either way More details here - PCI-E Reference Clock quot Tech ARP - How To Fix The PCI Express x Bug Rev
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I have my videocard gtx 460 in slot pci express 2. The first pci express slot is empty.
Someone said that this will affect the videocard performance, as long as the pci ex 1 is empty. The way i have it, should be only if i do SLI or crossfire.
Is that true ?
Thank you.

A:pci express 2 / gtx 460

The top two slots are PCI-E x16, so with a single card in the second slot (2nd blue slot) it's still running at x16.

So basically, no it won't have an adverse effect where it is.
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I am currently running a AGP8X videocard on my pc raight now, (its some peice of crap). The question I bring into these boars this molment is could I run a PCI Express card on my AGP motherboard or does it really matter?, because I have looked at the startup screen( u know delete on start) and I could switch between AGP and PCI i beleive.( my memory is faded i'm a little tired :zzz: ). If you have any answers to my question please satisfy my everso curious mind.

and an off topic question does this forum Support Imagesigs?

A:PCI Express.... AGP.... PCI...????

No you will need a PCI express compatible motherboard to run a PCI express card. The AGP and PCI switch that you describe is choosing between AGP8x and the PCI expansion slots but this differs from PCI express. It is to note that even though PCI express gives you twice the amount of bandwidth there really isnt any significant performance difference between an agp and pci express card of the same version at least for this generation of games and cards this mite change in the future. To make your system future proof pci express is the way to go but if you already have an agp motherboard then you can just get an agp video card and it will work out for you as well. it will be a long time before AGP is phased out so either way you are safe. hope this info helps. :wave:

I dont think this forum supports image sigs but i am not sure maybe someone else can ellaborate on this.
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i was jsut thinking about whythere are so mant pci express slots, and when will they start to make cards for each slot besides 16x and what does it all mean ex 1x 4x 8x 16x


A:PCI-Express 1x, 4x, 8x, 16x?

It's a speed rating for the # of channels on that slot that connects directly to the motherboard.
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Do all PCI Express video cards require their own power supply? I have been reading threads about them and cannot find this answer. I have a cable on my PSU labeled PCIe but I do not see a connection on my video card for it. The card is Chaintech GeForce 6600 256MB PCIe w/ TV & DVI Out. I checked their webiste and was having a difficult time looking at the manual. Or is the power connecter on the MB.

A:PCI Express

I have two PCIe vid cards.
Neither of them require extra power cabling.
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I am buying a new video card, AGP, but im wondering if i should wait and get a PCI express one. My computer does not have PCIe but im wondering if i should wait to geta new computer before a new video card. will the AGP be available in new systems?

A:AGP vv PCI express

I have old AGP card and i plan to buy a new AGP card too. If your AGP based system is a high end one, chance is u won't upgrade ur system anytime soon. So IMO, if u don't have plan to upgrade ur M/B (and ur processor along with it), it's perfectly OK to buy a new AGP card now, rather than wait a year or so and lose the chance to play new games.
And yes, there are decent modern M/Bs with both PCIx and AGP slot.
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Links will not open in email.

What I have done thus far:

Checked settings in F-Secure software
Looked under Options/secrity, and the Do Not allow attachment box is clear

From an earlier post at this site, I performed the tip below to no avail (also, the ms site was not active at the time of my vist)

Try this. Click start, click run, type regsvr32 urlmon.dll and it should come back and say registered successfully.

Other ideas on this will be appreciated.


A:Out Look Express

Click start, click run, type regsvr32 urlmon.dll and it should come back and say registered successfully.I know you said you already did this, do the same for each one of these.Shdocvw.dll regsvr32 Msjava.dll regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll regsvr32 Oleaut32.dll regsvr32 Mshtml.dll regsvr32 Browseui.dll regsvr32 Shell32.dllIf it still doesn't work:1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. 2. Double-click the Internet Options icon, and then click the Programs tab. 3. Under Internet Programs, click the E-mail list, and then click Outlook Express. 4. Click Apply, and then click OK. This is a registry edit so it is important that you backup your registry before you begin.How to backup the registry:Start>Run> (type) regeditBackup the registry by: 1 - Highlight My Computer by clicking on it once. 2 - Click File (Windows XP) or Registry (Windows 2000), then Export Registry File. 3 - Select export range All; to ensure your entire registry is backed up completely. 4 - Select where you would like to save this backup, name the File, and Click on the SAVE button.1. Start Registry Editor; click Start, click Run, and then type regedit. 2. Locate the following key in the registry:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Outlook Express 3. In the left pane, click Outlook Express. Two values should be displayed in the right pane: one is Default, which has a value of Outlook Express, and the other is DLLPath, which contains the path to Msoe.dll on your computer. 4. If the DLLPath value is not present, click Edit, point to New, and then click String Value. 5. New Value #1 is displayed, with the text selected. Type DllPath, and then press the ENTER key. 6. Double-click the new DLLPath value to open it. In the Value Data box, type the path to the Msoe.dll file on your computer, for example:%PROGRAM FILES%\OUTLOOK EXPRESS\MSOE.DLL 7. Click OK, and then quit Registry Editor.
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I have a radeon 9250se 4/8x Agp graphics card, my new computer does not have and Agp slot, only a PCI Express 16x. My friend is absolutely positive my old agp radeon will work in the new computer's pci express slot. I Highly doubt it will, but i just wanted to make sure: can Agp Graphic cards work in Pci express 16x slots?

A:Agp in a Pci express?

No, an AGP card will not work in a PCIe slot.
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I have dvd express, I can download my home movies to my hard drive. But when I go to use ulead movie factory, the progam dvd express came with, it will freeze up. I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me please?
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Once and awhile i have things that bug me. It never a major problem, just things that i dont understand. (one of these was how to pronounce howards last name)

Anyways this time its PCI-express. I understand it uses serial, blah blah blah.

But why isnt PCI-X8 or PCI-X1 used? Is there a flaw, or has it just not caught on?

Another quesition is it abbrviated PCI-X or PCI-E?


A:PCI express

Pci-express is pci-e. Pci-X is another type of slot used in servers.
Pci-e x1 has some uses, like firewire cards, sata cards, gigabit ethernet cards, matrox even has a graphics card for it.
I think some sata controllers can use a pci-e x8 config(x8 isn't as popular). I don't know what x4 would be used for.
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Well I don't know...

I'm so confused...So very confused...

Ok. I bought a new computer, fresh from Dell..Its the Dell 5100.

3.00Ghz and 512MB RAM

Nice system, apart form the graphics. I have a graphics card in my old computer, 128MB but not in my new one. So I looked and see a graphics slot...I have 2 PCI slots, one with a sound card in and another with my modem in...Then above that is a large black slot. Its longer than the PCI and has a blue clip at the end of it......I dont know wether its AGP or PCI?!!

Although, this Thursday we get broadband so a slot will be open...A PCI slot, so I could buy a nice 256 card then and stick it in there.

But the mystery is...

What is this black slot with a blue clip at the end of it?!

Thankyou for any comments!


sounds like a AGP slot to me.

If it looks simular to this then it is...
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I am using outlook express 6 for windows xp. I received a word document, i opened it directly from the message and made some changes and add some text in the file and the save it by pressing Ctrl+S.

but when i opened it again from the message i did not have the changes and the text added.

could any one please tell me where is the updated file



A:Out look express 6

Read this article:
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ok i have pci express x16 but on these new cards coming out i see pci express 2.0, is this still compatible?

A:pci express 2.0?

Yes, you just have an upgrade path with double the bandwidth.
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hi friends.iam using socket 775 msi p15p motherboard.the problem is the vendor told me that this motherboard doesnt support AGP and it would only support PCI
Express the pci express is installed and when i check the graphics card it shows radeon x300 SE.
so i want to know the difference between pci express and the radeon x300SE.
are they both same.
iam very confused.pls help me.

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I recently got a pretty good new computer with 4gb of ram, 3.0ghz pentium 4, and a 250gb hard drive. This PC may not be the best, but it is WAY better than what I had. The only problem is that the computer only has pci and pci express x1 slots. The question is are there any good pci express x1 video cards? I would prefer to use pci express x1 because the interface is supposed to be much faster than plain pci. If anything, is there a way to put pci express x16 video cards in an x1 slot, possibly an adapter of some sort? Any help on this matter is appreciated.

A:PCI express x1

So it doesn't have 16X

Here's a pic: (click to maximize)
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Can I install a AGP video card in a PCI-Express slot?

Relevancy 23.65%

Hey i just had a question of opinion.
Do you guys think that its worth investing in PCI Express now or stick with AGP? Im thinkin about building a system sometime soon so i was just wondering. Thanks in advance

A:PCI Express vs. AGP

Itd be best to invest now, if you plan on using the board for years to come.
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The motherboard spec says PCI-x 16.
Will a PCI-X16 2.0 work?

A:PCI express x16 2.0

Without know your Hardware manufacture and model, it's difficult to say

Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

If you have a brand name computer (like Dell; HP; or other) please place the Computer name & Model number in your Mobo field of your Profile
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I am going to be building a computer. The graphics card that I have planned is:

EVGA 512-P3-N845-AR GeForce 8800GTS (G92) KO 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

Does the motherboard need a PCI Express x16 2 slot? Will this card work in a PCI Express x16?

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hi, can anyone tell me if the dell demesion 4600i series motherboard supports pci express? if so is it 16x? i want to buy a gefore 7900, but i mite only get it in pci express!!

Relevancy 23.65%

If i was to be getting this mobo - GIGABYTE GA-X A-UD R LGA Intel X SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard The following are the specs for its Expansion Slots PCI Express x x PCI Express x slots running at x PCIEX PCIEX Note x PCI Express x slot running at x PCIEX PCIEX Note Note For optimum performance if only one PCI Express graphics card is to be x16 2.0 and 2.1 Express Express PCI x16 PCI installed be sure to install it in the PCIEX slot if you are installing two PCI Express graphics cards it is recommended that you install them in the PCIEX and PCIEX slots Note The PCIEX and PCIEX slots share bandwidth with the PCIEX and PCIEX slots espectively When PCIEX is populated with an expansion card the PCIEX slot will operate at up to x mode when PCIEX is populated with an expansion card the PC IEX slot will operate at up to x mode does or matter what does it mean and PCI Express 2.1 x16 and PCI Express 2.0 x16 would i be able to run gb cards or does the mean that it takes two PCIEx slots PCI Express 2.1 x16 and PCI Express 2.0 x16 for one card Please explain what exactly and is and whether i can use PCIE x video cards on this mobo

A:PCI Express 2.1 x16 and PCI Express 2.0 x16

Welcome to Bleepingcomputer.The links below will give you an explanation. this information helps.Kind regards.
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Does any one no whether the ECS Elitegroup Motherboard G31T-M7 support PCI Express V2.0

A:PCI Express

HI malherbe,
It appears to be V.1.0, but it shouldn't make any difference as there isn't a card out there that would saturate the V. 1.0 (250gb/s) bandwidth anyway. and v 2.0 VGA's are backward compatible to v 1.0 anyway.
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ok..i want to know wot iz best to get AGP or PCI express Graphics card ? cos im not up to date with th cards...

So can someone give me some advice plzzz thx

A:AGP or PCI - Express

Depends on what your motherboard uses.. It should take one or the other, or just plain PCI depending on it's age, etc..
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I just wanted to know what's better for gaming AGP or PCI Express?

A:AGP or PCI Express?

As far as I know, there is no difference. Pci-e is just the new style of slot/bus and at the moment I think only a gfx card is made to use it.
AGP cards are just fine for gaming as are pci-e versions, and will perform as well as your computer will allow.
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My spell check is turned off,can you help me to turn it on please

A:out look express

my spell check is turned off on my email so can't spell check can you help
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Lets say i get a PCI-Express MB and a card to go in it. 2GB Ram. What we looking at?Anything else i've overlooked?

PCI-E Motherboard?=
Decent card?= around AUD$400 for 8800GTS
2GB Ram?=
Or would my existing RAm fit in a PCI-E board?
Keep the same hardrive, box etc.

Thoughts and opinions welcome.

Brands and compatability to the card would be good. Thanks.

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so i want this wireless card, and it is made for pci express x1. do they make adapters to convert to normal pci? or could you somehow get it to work with pci?

A:pci and pci express x1

Buy a PCI version of a wireless card.
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My card is only running at X8 in the PCI express slot. My Motherboard is an old one from when I had 2x6600GT's in SLI last year. Its an ECS KN "something" lite.

Is this normal for an sli main board and will it be effecting my current single graphics cards performance at only x8?

A:PCI-express X8???

In SLI mode many boards revert to x8 modem per slot, but for a single card they should be x16. What is the exact motherboard that you have? DO you have the board setup for a single card? There should be an SLI switch/card on the board and a BIOS setting on some.
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Well I ve been recently having too many errors while playing Team Fortress commonly because of this integrated card I ve got desktop As a result I wanna buy a decent Video Card and I know to do so first I must know which extension slot I ve got I opened buy? have HD Express? which I + can I Do PCI ATI my CPU Case and found I ve got long white bars both saying PCI at the bottom of each of them then little black bar saying pciex at its bottom and then a long black bar above of it saying PCI Express but it didn t said anything about x x x etc But firstly I want to be sure I can in Do I have PCI Express? + which ATI HD can I buy? some way insert a PCI Express video card so here s a screenshot of my slots Well in fact there are white long bars PCI short black bar PCIe x and then long black bar above saying PCI Express So with this I can be sure I ve got a PCIe slot for a video card Please reply Oh forgot to mention that My specs are Windows XP SP MB RAM Intel Pentium Dual CPU Ghz Motherboard model Manufacturer amp Model IBM Chipset Intel i P i G Rev B Southbridge Intel FV ICH LPCIO NS PC L With all that above which ATI Radeon HD Series etc can I buy Please tell me I need a Series please Thanks nbsp

A:Do I have PCI Express? + which ATI HD can I buy?

The Intel 915 "Express" chipset does indeed provide a PCI-E X 16 socket (lane) it's the socket nearest to the CPU. You can always tell PCI-E from PCI, because PCI-E goes onto the board backwards from PCI. (The little barrier strip that prevents you from plugging something in backwards is the giveaway). If you try to plug a PCI-E card into a PCI socket, the video connections will point toward the interior of the computer!

Just verify that the socket does in fact exist. Emachines released an iteration of the 915 board in which they simply deleted the PCI-E socket. I doubt that IBM is that ignorant, but it certainly won't hurt to check.

What memory sticks do you have in this machine that add up to 768MB...?

I'm not sure what video card you should buy, but I can tell you that you should probably spring for a new power supply, Intel 915 is getting on in years, and another video card would need a higther wattage PSU.
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is there any piece of hardware to convert a PCI slot to PCI express slot?

Cause i REALLY down wanna need a new motherboard, cause then i'd basically need to buy a new computer, as HP Pavillion doesnt like to convert for some reason.

Relevancy 23.65%

Simple question, does anyone know what color the new PCI-Express slots are? Are they black or white? Thanks!

A:PCI Express?

To add more, I have like 4 white slots and 1 black slot. When I purchased my pc from best buy, they said it had the new pci-e slots. WHen I looked inside it, my video card "Raedon X300" (which I am replacing), sits in a black slot, and that is the only black slot. But im not sure if it is an express slot for not...
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What is the function of PCI Express? Do they only connect video cards to the motherboard? What type of PCI Express is the fastest currently?

Relevancy 23.65%

Ok this question isnt directly related to vista but its a valid question cause i cant find the answer anywhere when i search google.

i have an 8800gt pci e video card (which can run in pci E 2.0) and i have a motherboard with a pci E 1.0 slot
the motherboard's north bridge is an intel P35 (the p35 isnt 2.0 complient)

now my question is:
if i had a pci E 2.0 complaint motherboard would i see much of a performence boost?
if yes then, how much?
if no then what video cards would i notice a difference on?

A:pci express vs pci express 2.0

Putting current graphics cards in a PCI Express x4 slot verges on madness, incurring a performance hit of between 25 and 33 percent. Even if the motherboard in question were especially cheap, the card's price/performance ratio is affected immensely. When using an x8 connection, performance also decreases, albeit only by 7 to 8 percent.

Our switch to the X38 chipset for Crossfire tests was overdue. The dual x16 connections improve performance by 6 to 7.7 percent on average, while optimized games such as Call of Duty 4 run nearly 20 percent faster. Looking only at games and resolutions that show a tangible performance boost, we saw an improvement of 12 to 15 percent, on average.

Another thing we saw is that a dual x16 configuration is not as effective for Crossfire as a single x16 slot is for a single card. As mentioned above, a single card loses between 7 and 8 percent performance when operating in an x8 slot. Moving from an x8+x8 setup to an x16+x16 connection also only yielded a 7.7 percent frame rate increase - not the doubling we might have expected based on the single card results.

For now, the move from PCI Express 1.0a to 2.0 does not result in a performance increase with the current crop of graphics cards. Despite the fact that it doesn't feature the PCIe 2.0 interface, ATI's Radeon HD2900 XT gains two percent more performance, as do the HD3850 and HD3870, as well as Nvidia's Geforce 8800 GT. Such a small improvement could have many causes completely unrelated to the new interface, such as the newer chipset, slightly higher system memory frequency, or simply margin of error.

Whether or not upgrading to a P35 or X38 based motherboard is a worthwhile investment for a single-card system is a matter of personal preference. If you're building a new system from the ground up, we would recommend choosing an X38 board with dual x16 connections for a Crossfire setup. Upgrading a Crossfire system from an Intel 975X or P35 chipset to an X38 will only pay off if you play at resolutions of 1920x1200 or higher.

there is no real reason to run out and buy a new mobo... having a 2.0 card in a 1.0 slot will decrease performance however will work fairly well to the point where you wont really notice a lot of sufferance
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Apparently Creative quietly released new X-Fi card using PCI express and coming with digital audio encoding:
I was about to buy a few components for family's PC - any idea where you can buy these and for how much? Google is of no help here.

A:Where to buy X-Fi PCI Express - the new one with DDL

Evidently it isn't released yet. At least at the Creative website you can only pre-order it at the moment. Click here and check it out.
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Hey guys built my own PC at last an Express PCI vs am now wondering what sound card to get the X-Fi cards look nice but i am just wondering PCI vs Express are they really aimed at home entertainment enthusiasts and gamer PCI vs Express guys or gals i mean they all seem to be PCI but is this adequate for me i built this PC as both a sound engineer and a hardcore PCI vs Express gamer IT professional impatient person and i think i have struck a balance However i am using a standard high-def audio card i got it from work but i will be using this PC to edit and record music professionaly so this is really not going to do so i was wondering should i get PCI or is the extra speed on PCI express a must for professionals and also should i go for the quot run of the mill quot or is there some professional standard cards out there i really value your guys opinions and have drawn from these forums a lot when building so any feedback would be greatly appreciated
Relevancy 23.65%

I just want someones opinion about the differences between the two. I am currently running an ASUS P4PE mobo socket 478 with only 4x capability but have the AGP BFG 6800 GS OC Nividia. I am wanting to upgrade but really need to know the difference of quality, if any. I was lookinng at the ASUS P4800 E Deluxe or go to one with PCI Express and socket 775. Any help would be appreciated.

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i was reading about the Nvidia GeForce 6600 256MB but there is written PCI Express in bus interface.i dont know what is that?

so please help me.

Relevancy 23.65%

Will a PCI Express x16 Graphics card work in a PCI Express 2.0 x16 motherboard?

Relevancy 23.65%

im thinking about getting a new graphics card ATI Radeon X700 256DDR3 pci express.
now i cannot find out if this is a standard PCI slot card or a special x
( express slot) or is it just the standard pci slot . thanks for the help ..

my mobo ..
MSI -K7N2 delta [ nVidia nForce 2 chip set ]

Relevancy 23.65%

Hey guys Does any one know If an pci express graphics card IE: radeon x700
will work with a standard 8X Agp slot? Like I have on the motherboard Im running now? It's An Asus K8V 64 bit board. Im running a radeon 9700 pro right now but thinking of upgrading down the road. I hope I dont have to buy a new motherboard If it dosent work.
Thanks Guys!
Asus K8V
64 bit AMD 3400
1.5 Gig 3200 DDR
Radeon 9700 pro Card
Audigy 2 Sound Card
2 80 gig Sata HD's
ultra x connect 500 watt power supply
Asdl connection
Windows Xp pro SP1

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Hi everyone im new to the site my granpa is having problems with his computerall of the suden when he goes to open outlook express we get

MSIMN.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created.

Ive tried to restart the computer and the internet and everything and by the way were using sympatico highspeed and running windows 2000 thanks for any help.

A:Out look express Please Help
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With the release of a lot of new games and everything, I was looking at some PCs at a website (though I probably won't actually buy one). I've seen PCI-Express x16 a lot lately, and frankly I don't know what this is. Is PCI-E x16 better than AGP x8? This is the PC I was looking at. Firstly, is this a good deal for a PC (refurbed)? (Specifically, I was looking for a cheap PC that can easily handle the games Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft.) However, looking ahead, I wondered if PCI-E x16 will be enough if I ever wanted to upgrade in the future, or if I should find a PC that supports AGP x8. Thanks.

Relevancy 23.65%

Anyone know what kind of hardware Is supposed to fit in the short PCI Express slots next to the one where a PCI Express x16 video card goes.All new boards with PCI Express have them and I have not seen any hardware that uses these,at least I'm not aware of it anyway.Just wondering what they are supposed to be for.

A:PCI Express x1

NIC cards and firewire cards have shown up. I don't know what else.
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Hello guys, i have a Biostar GF7050V-M7 motherboard, and i am buying a Diamond ATI Radeon HD 3870 videocard, but it says that it requires "PCI Express 2.0 X16" and my Mobo only says that it has a "PCI Express X 16" slot, will this videocard work in this Mobo? or what is this 2.0 version thing?



A:PCI Express 2.0 ?

PCI express and PCI express 2.0 are backwards compatible, so should work fine. I believe it requires 2.0 in order to take full advantage of extra bandwidth available with a 2.0 slot. So it should work with your motherboard, albeit with a slight limitation on the bandwidth there. However, there are rare circumstances reported where pci 2.0 video cards have difficulty on pci1 slots.

So I guess the answer is "probably"
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Hi folks, I have a question that I wonder if someone can either sovle or advise on ti for me. I have just looked in my 'sent items' folder in O/E, and I see that nothing has been sent to this folder since 26/07/2011. Amazing that I have noticed it before!! Can aonone help please?? Regards jonni67.

A:Outlook Express

Hi jonni67I too use Outlook Express simply because it provides all the I currently need in an email application.That said, I have a problem with your question, you said:I see that nothing has been sent to this folder since 26/07/2011Now, the way O/E works is that when you send emails they appear in the SENT folder and anything you receive goes into the INBOX.So if you have not sent any emails since July 2011 then nothing will appear.If, however, you are saying that the emails you send no longer appear in your SENT folder then I suggest that you get a registry cleaner, something like "Norton Utilities V15" (you can get 30 days free trial), and sort out your Operating System.Let me know if this helps or if I have misinterpreted your question.UK Bob
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Outlook Express is my Default E-Mail, I can receive E-Mail no problem; I can get mail forwarded no problem.

As soon as I try to create some mail I get the following error messages

The Address Book failed to Load. Outlook Express is incorrectly configured, please re-install.

next is

There was an error opening this message.
An error has occurred.


Unable to create this stationery.
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my e mail outlook express vade retro anti spam creates a new folder each time it files a message? how do i get it to just use 1 folder?

A:Outlook Express

In the event No one here has an answer for you . You can ask Vade Retro Support directly at Technical assistance
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MY OE inbox looks empty.

I am getting error 0x800c0133 error. This prevent my emails from loading.

I have done a google search on this error but I can not figure out a solution.

Can someone provide me some weasy to follow help.


A:Outlook Express 6

Note: This possible solution was excerpted "in tact" from another location:Your Inbox is corrupted. Move any mail you wish to save to a local folder you create. Then: Tools | Options | Maintenance | Store folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files. Press the Tab key to highlight the folder location, then Ctrl+C. Close OE, then Start | Run | Ctrl+V will put the location in the box - Click OK and you'll see the OE files. Otherwise, write the location down and navigate to it in Windows Explorer. In Windows XP, 2K & 3K, the OE user files (DBX and WAB) are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in Windows Explorer, you must enable Show Hidden Files and Folders under Start | Control Panel | Folder Options | View. With OE closed, find the DBX file for the folder in question {Inbox.dbx} and rename it to Inboxold.dbx. A new Inbox will be created automatically when you open OE. Use one of these tools to retrieve the lost mail. DBXtract: DBXpress: {much faster for large files}
Relevancy 23.22%

When i started my PC today I got a windows XP home meesage that my local profile was corrupt or missing The PC started it lookes like it created a new profile not sure what that is The bottom line is that all my Express 6 Outlook OE messges were gone and it like I just purchased a new PC A few months ago I lost all my OE emails due to a corrupt file The following solution workedDoes it apply here alsoThanksYour Inbox is corrupted Move any mail you wish to save to a local folder you create Then Tools Options Maintenance Store folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files Press the Tab key to highlight the folder location then Ctrl C Close OE then Start Run Ctrl V will put the location in the box - Click OK and you'll see the OE files Otherwise write the location down and navigate to it in Windows Explorer In Windows XP K amp K the OE user files DBX and WAB are by default marked as hidden To view these files in Windows Explorer you must enable Show Hidden Files and Folders under Start Control Panel Folder Options View With Outlook Express 6 OE closed find the DBX file for the folder in question Inbox dbx and rename it to Inboxold dbx A new Inbox will be created automatically when you open OE Use one of these tools to retrieve the lost mail DBXtract http www oehelp com DBXtract Default aspx DBXpress much faster for large files http www oehelp com DBXpress Default aspx

A:Outlook Express 6

I would probably try it if it worked before. I doubt it will hurt anything
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I keep getting this message when closing O/E. To free up disk space, O/E can compact messages. Question, is this good or bad. I have lots of disc space left, over 240 gigs.

A:Outlook Express

What counts is the space in the OE file where mail is saved, not the total on your disk drive; compacting is quite safe, and should be done on a regular basis.