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Dual boot Windows 8 & Windows 8 - RAW partition problem

Q: Dual boot Windows 8 & Windows 8 - RAW partition problem

Hi problem - 8 partition 8 RAW & boot Windows Windows Dual I have a nice work laptop which runs a custom Windows image The machine has an enormous hard drive and it struck me that it would be really good if I could dual boot it with a 'personal' image so that I can Dual boot Windows 8 & Windows 8 - RAW partition problem have my own applications internet etc on it The laptop is a Lenovo ThinkPad and it has a UEFI bios and I've not used these before The drive is divided up into various partitions including system recovery and 'OEM' It also has a small SSD GB although I'm not sure what this is for and it is also labelled as Dual boot Windows 8 & Windows 8 - RAW partition problem 'OEM' Dual boot Windows 8 & Windows 8 - RAW partition problem I tried shrinking down the main primary partition to give me a decent amount of space and then installed Windows on to it using a USB stick From the reading I had done it seemed that all I would need to do is install it and it would automatically set up a dual boot Everything seemed to go OK and sure enough I got the dual boot screen come up It would boot my new Windows perfectly but when I tried to boot the work installation it didn't load - it tried to do an 'automatic repair' which failed Looking at the partitions in diskpart showed it as simply a 'RAW' partition This was a bit of a problem as I now couldn't boot my work image at all After some playing around in the BIOS I found that the boot order had 'Windows Boot Manager' first and the hard drive itself listed second If I changed the order so that the hard drive was first I could then boot the work image but when I looked in the disk management screen my new installation showed as a 'RAW' partition So somehow the boot order seems to be causing one or other of the primary partitions to become unreadable which is presumably why it won't boot I don't want to break the work image if I can help it but I'd love the dual boot to work Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening and what to do about it James
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Preferred Solution: Dual boot Windows 8 & Windows 8 - RAW partition problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello there!

I am trying to dual boot Windows 8 release preview along side my present Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I understand that windows 7 only lets four partitions at once. My PC came in with four partitions, namely:


So when I try to shrink the space in the C drive and go through the new simple volume wizard in the Disk Management, a message comes up saying the disk will be converted to dynamic if I proceed. I was a little confused and stopped there. I read a few threads online and downloaded the minitool partition wizard but I am really lost as to what to do. To summarize it all up, I am trying to dual boot windows 8 release preview but I have four partitions already so is there anyway I can delete one of them or create an extended partition? I also included screenshots of my partitions. Please help! Thank you in advance.

A:Hard drive partition problem in Windows 7 on a HP laptop for dual boot

You don't need the HP Tools partition, delete it and then shrink C to create unallocated space to create a new partition, then, when u install 8, use the setup.exe in the Sources folder, this allows for a custom install where u designate the partition. ...and welcome to the forum sneakymode!
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Hi all, just picked up a Lenovo y700 laptop. Comes with Windows 10 home. Just checked the partition management and I am seeing 6 different partitions. EFI system partition, Recovery partition, Recovery partition, OEM partition, Primary partition (NTFS), and Boot partition (NTFS).

Normally I setup my my dual partitions C: OS1 D: OS2 E: Programs & Data or F: Data.

First wondering if my above way of partitioning the drive is still smart. The whole EFI system partition is new to me.

Also after searching for a bit I am unable to find a tutorial that addresses the above partitioning systems. Thoughts or helpful links?
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I have disk with 3 partitions, XP (C) is primary, Win 7 (D) is Logical and (E) is Logical and a data drive. I used a dual boot program to choose which OS to use at start up. I did this to preserve XP apps in case they wouldn't work on Win 7. Now I want to delete XP and have Win 7 as the primary partition (C) and data as Drive D. I cannot change the current Win 7 D drive to a primary partition or change the current C to a logical partition.
I tried using EasUS Partition and it won't let me do what I want. I hope someone can understand what I am trying to do and help me out. Thank you

A:Dual Boot Windows XP(Primary) and Windows 7 (Logical Partition)

I would do a complete reinstall. Get your data off ( backed up ) wipe everything, make 2 partitions and install 7. All your partitions should be primary.
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Good afternoon I want to install Windows Pro x on a newly created primary partition for testing purposes in a dual boot windows Pro x however my hard drive is already partitioned into C and D D basically has all my data on it What I noticed was that my D partition is also marked as primary don t know how that happened Booting from the Windows disc I choose to custom install which should issues 7 Dual and 8 partition Windows Pro Windows Pro boot give me the option to install on the newly created partition F Dual boot Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro partition issues but this does not show up in the available partitions to install on I thought maybe by converting my Dual boot Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro partition issues D partition to a logical drive extended would fix the problem but this just results in the D partition no longer showing up in Windows This is all a little embarrassing as although I haven t set up a dual boot machine for years I should know where I m going wrong think age is catching up with me I d appreciate some assistance with fixing this issue please Oh just as a footnote I decided to take GB or so from D partition to create the new F partition this and formatting etc was done in Aomei Pro as it was the only one of a few softwares I tried that allowed me to not only see unallocated space but also create a primary partition I think there is a primary partition limitation as far as I recall although there are workarounds I don t care to complicate this further as I stated previously I only want to run Win for testing purposes Kindly Tek

A:Dual boot Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro partition issues

Why would you leave out the drive map? Please follow the instructions given here for posting screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

You can have 4 Primary partitions but would need to convert one to Logical to add any more.

The Windows 8 partition is way too small so I'd use Partition Wizard CD to borrow some space from C to add it to: How to extend partition easily with partition magic ? Partition Wizard video help.

You're also missing the System Flag which apparently should be on the partition marked Active. Run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times to see if it appears. This proves that the System is bootable and marks the partition booting the OS which will also be dual booting.

If after these changes the Win8 installation media doesn't see the target partition please post back a picture of what it does see. Where did you get Windows 8 media? How is it burned?
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It has happened to me twice...I accidentally deleted a partition and later found out that my system is dead....The only way I recover out of that is I reinstall Windows and then install grub again to recover the Linux partition. But I feel the delete partition is a very rapid process just taking seconds and in that I don't think files would be deleted, so I feel potentially I can recover the deleted partitions including the boot partition. But I don't know how to do it. Also now when the boot partition is deleted and the system is not booting up what should be done to recover the system and data?
Thanks in advance,

A:How to recover deleted grub/boot partition in Windows XP(Dual boot system))
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I installed DOS into 2GB FAT 16, then installed Windows 7 Ultimate expecting W7 to install itself in a partition with a drive letter other than C (just as XP had done in a previous dual-boot setting with DOS) But no, W7 has hijacked the C drive letter for itself.
How can I stop W7 from "stealing" from DOS, the drive letter C, for itself?

A:How keep DOS as partition C with dual-boot DOS & Windows 7 ?

I have to ask! Why do you need or want DOS? If it's for some apps then there is Oracle Virtual Box which runs under Windows 7 or even DOSBOX.
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I have set up my machine so Windows 7 is the second OS on the dual boot and within the first OS i'm also able to open the windows 7 partition via VM software.

The problem i have is the VM software looks like different hardware to the Laptop so when i go from Physical windows to VM windows it asks me to re-register my copy of windows and vice-versa.

Has any one got any suggestions how i get windows to except that both hardware set-ups are the same machine? or any other way around my problem?

I do have the retail version so thought this would be ok.

Any help would be great.

Many thanks

A:windows 7 partition as Dual Boot and VM

Hello prldoyle,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

I was just wondering about this while answering another post. The problem is that the hardware in the VM is virtual hardware and not the hardware on your machine. Windows recognizes it as a different computer. I don't know of any way to convince it otherwise. What is the other OS in the dual boot? I believe the EULA says one copy on one machine if I remember correctly. Someone please correct me on this if memory fails.

Hope this helps.

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I have a dual boot scenario currently on an Intel 80GB SSD, with one partition as XP Pro, and the other is Windows 7, split 20GB(XP)/50GB(7).

The XP partition needs to be upgraded to Windows 7 for my wife's work remote access, and it will also include Office 2010 Pro.

Will I run into any issues dual booting into the existing Windows 7 partition after the upgrade, or should I just reinstall our personal Windows 7 OS after the upgrade is installed?

I have other hard drives to use as well if space becomes an issue, but I'd like to keep the existing Windows 7 install without starting from scratch.


A:Upgrade XP partition to Windows 7 in dual boot

Only having 20g would a issue for you, hope this helps.
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Hi I have a small query about this whole partitioning business I'm trying to set up a partition so I can dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu My computer came with a Dell Recovery partition and an OEM partition as well as the main C drive which are all primaries I've created a new logical drive which I've called Z with the idea being to install the Linux OS in that Ubuntu to dual-boot 7 a partition Windows up and Set chunk of the drive My first question First up I've formatted it as quot exFAT quot - is this the same as FAT Next question can I divide this 'Z' into smaller chunks with different formats or do they all have to be the same format I was hoping to be able to format a small bit of the drive into a Linux filesystem so that both OSs can be kept entirely separate from each other but leave the bulk of it as FAT so that I can see my files with both Set up a partition to dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu OSs If this is not possible what would be the best way to achieve the desired result Thanks for any help McG

A:Set up a partition to dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

Hi McG, welcome to the forums.
I can't really answer your questions about Ubuntu, but I recommend you start by checking this thread at the Ubuntu forum. I would save it since you might come into those problems when trying to install Ubuntu in your disc.
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I have XP and Windows 7 64 bit both installed on my computer and want to delete the xp partition that I no longer use. The problem is that my XP partition is the primary, active and system partition! I really made a mess for myself when I partitioned my computer. Below is an image of disk management. XP is on D, 7 is on C. Thanks in advance!

A:Delete XP partition from Windows 7/XP dual boot

Try this.
Dual Boot - Delete a OS
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I'm a newbie in Windows 8, linux, Partition....

I would like to use my new laptop with windows 8 pre-installed to the following:

Create a Dual Boot Windows 8 / Ubuntu
Create on my C drive (unique drive on my laptop):

*a partition for the system
*one for Windows 8
*one for Data and
*last one for Ubuntu OS

My aim is :

-to install VmWare on Windows 8 and run Checkpoint Splat with virtual machines to perform CCSA labs.

to install GNS3 on Ubuntu for CCNP labs but with GNS3 accessing files in the Data partition

I have a Toshiba Satellite with 750Gb and 8 Go RAM.

According to you what's the best size for my partitions?
Is there a better way to partition my C drive regarding my aim?

Best Regards

***I don't know if it's the right section, sorry for that. Feel free to move this thread in the appropriate section***

A:How to best partition the HDD for dual boot: Windows 8 & Linux

I think the partitions size depends on the further software you want to use and install.
So if you have a lot of software which is running under Windows system I would recommend choosing a bigger size for Win 8 partition.

However, since you?ve got a 750GB HDD, you could take 200GB for Win 8, 100GB for Linux and the rest of the HDD size you could use for Data.

By the way: I found nice YouTube video how to create a dual boot using Win 8 and Linux

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There was an old thread where someone asked how to remove XP Dual on Windows the boot same partition Uninstall one copy of Windows XP where were installed on the same partition and there were a couple of responses stating that they didn't think it was possible to install copies of XP on the same partition Well let me tell you that it is I just installed Windows xp Uninstall Dual boot Windows XP on the same partition pro on a hard dick which already had Windows XP Home installed and when it asked if I wanted to format the disk or leave the file system intact I chose the latter When the installation was complete and the computer restarted I was asked which copy of XP I wanted to start Home or Pro That was when I searched for an answer to how to remove one of them and came across that thread Well I could not find and answer to how to do it so I just reinstalled Pro and formatted the HDD My question is this is there a way to uninstall one version of Windows XP where they are both on the same partition

A:Uninstall Dual boot Windows XP on the same partition

Short answer - No.

You can only uninstall XP when it was an upgrade from a supported OS and the uninstall information is intact. This was not an upgrade so there is no uninstall option. The only way to reliably remove one installation is to do a clean install (with format) of the desired OS.

While it is certainly possible to install more than one OS on a single partition (that is the installer won't prevent you from doing it) this is not a supported scenario and the results will be unpredictable.
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I want to dual boot windows 7 and 8.
I have 4 partitions in my exisiting OS(windows 7)
C: 97 gb free space 20 gb
D: 292 gb free space 140 gb
E: 250 gb free space 10 gb
F: 296 gb free space 296 gb(its empty)

So my question is how do i partition it to dual boot win 8 and could someone also recommend the partition size for it.

A:Q] Dual boot windows 7 and 8, partition size?

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image.

First decide if C is the right size and if not what size you would like it to be.

I would move your data to E and F so that you can adjust the size of D to make it the Win8 partition, since an OS can benefit from being closer to the left hand side of the HDD.

If these are all Primary partitions you can adjust each one's size by adding or subtracting as much space as is available to/from any other partition even if it's not adjacent, following How to extend partition easily with Partition Wizard - video help.

If you have Logical partitions then there will need to be some minor changes before you can do this. Either way I would post back the screenshot and let us know the sizes you prefer so we can walk you through it.
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Can anyone suggest or recommend a good partition scheme to have when dual booting XP x 7 Dual suggestions? Partition Boot XP / - Windows and Win x With XP I used nlite and had a VERY customized partitioning scheme that had programs on one partition music on another video and pictures on another and quot My Documents quot on Windows 7 / XP Dual Boot - Partition suggestions? yet another I Windows 7 / XP Dual Boot - Partition suggestions? wanted to keep partition sizes small for indexing purposes and to preserve data in partition got corrupt for whatever reason But I realize I went overboard I've got hard drives gb x gb x I'd like to keep the system data partitions SEPARATE from user data as much as possible I'd also prefer to keep program files data on a separate partition but I've heard this is not advisable and can lead to buddy systems Can anyone confirm this I'd like suggestions on how people would partition in my instance Right now I have XP Win partitions on one of the gb drives The other gb drive is split in half One of the drives is just one big partition and the other is also split in half What would you guys do And I'd like to keep it as simple as possible while at the same time keeping personal user program data on separate partitions Ideas I will post a pic of my Disk Management partition table for reference when I get home from work

A:Windows 7 / XP Dual Boot - Partition suggestions?

pic uploaded ... any suggestions guys?
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Hi everyone, I just created dual boot with both Windows 7 home edition and Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Both windows also original license. I want to use another Windows 7 for testing purpose, but I don`t want to use virtual machine. After I installed the Windows 7 Professional, I able to see another partition windows 7 from My Computer. Is there any way to hide another partition from My Computer or disallow to access to it? If one of my Windows 7 got virus will it affect to another Windows 7 as it can access to another Windows partition?

A:Dual Boot both windows 7 in same hard disk different partition

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
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No killed upgrade XP partition dual-boot 7 Windows really bear with me its not the usual gotchas I read about this a bit beforehand and followed techspot's basic upgrade guide Dual Boot Windows with XP Vista in Windows 7 dual-boot upgrade killed XP partition three easy steps - TechSpot My boot drive is a Gb Samsung spinpoint previously one whole partition containing XP This XP wasnt a clean install it was an upgrade to Windows I think and this may be the problem I have a number of other hard disks PATA and SATA which I am using for video editing stuff I downloaded GParted shrunk the XP partition to Gb and created a new Gb partition for Windows A bit small but I figured once everything was tested out I could grow out the Windows partition This was successful and I inserted the Windows disk selected custom install and installed to my newly created partition Windows did its reboots and I filled in the usual bunff to create basic accounts etc Then I rebooted and was a bit surprised I did not get the dual-boot menu it went straight into W Using F and F did not provide any further options specifically the 'Previous version of Windows' one Going into W Disk manager i could see the partition was still there I read other posts of what W does belately and yes it had 'hidden' the XP partition I gave it a drive letter D but W saw it as an empty disk I downloaded EasyBCD and it showed only one entry in the bootloader I tried to add a new entry using type quot Windows NT k XP k quot but the Drive was greyed out if I selected quot Vista Longhorn quot I could then change the drive to D and then change type back to XP odd I then clicked 'Add Entry' but it came back with an error message quot EasyBCD could not locate a copy of NTLDR on your hard drive Please download a copy of NTLDR and NTDETECT COM from Htpp blah blah and copy them to the drive D in order for your newly-created entry to work quot Does this mean my XP partition is truly trashed Is there a way to get back my XP partition I am thinking of maybe inserting the XP disk and repairing maybe it will detect XP and fix it but if it will blow away both my installations I might not bother Last resort is to use File Scavenger on the dead partition but when I checked it out in GParted again just now it said that Gb out of the Gb had data could it be that W has just not recognised my original XP partition as an XP partition thought it was its configuration partition and just overwrote stuff Please any advice gratefully received cheers Slaybells

A:Windows 7 dual-boot upgrade killed XP partition

First download the latest version of EasyBCD with automated diagnostics: Attachment 42143 Try again adding XP.

Then post a screenshot of your EasyBCD listings and full Disk Management drive map. Use Snipping Tool in Start Menu, attach files using paper clip in reply box.
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Hi Windows users I Windows Partitioning. Dual-Boot has partition. active am considering triple-booting with -Windows primary and default operating system -Windows wanna use app-tools -Ubuntu virus free and can be used incase of system failure This involves creating more partitions I am no expert in partitioning and I freak out when it says Bootloader not found which I had last night when Dual-Boot Partitioning. Windows has active partition. I did a driver update its another story This morning I've cleared out about gb ready to make Ubuntu and Windows This is my planned setup -E Drive Ubuntu gb -F Drive Win gb Only problem is I already have primary partitions and the boot partition is the Windows one in the forum thread Can Not Creat a Primary Partition to Install Windows CP The primary partition was the system one This is a very similar case to mine our laptop model's are even the same except my diskmgmt msc looks like this Where my active partition which loads first is Windows I don't have any hardware such as GParted or a backup computer to seek help incase I get an invalid boot again so I really hope this works out Any more information just ask

A:Dual-Boot Partitioning. Windows has active partition.

Have you make the HP OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks for Windows 7?
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I have a pre-installed Win7 machine.

I recently made a dual boot system to add Xp however I no longer need Windows XP.

Please can you let me know how to safely remove the XP partition?

A:PreInstalled Windows 7 - Remove a new XP Partition From Dual Boot

Hello pittering, welcome to Seven Forums!

The best, easiest way to remove XP and all of its code (a format will not do this) is to do a partition-specific wipe (secure erase) to the XP I: drive using the free Partition Wizard Home version; install the Partition Wizard program to Windows 7 to run the wipe from there, there's no need to boot to PW; the first link is the program download and the second is a tutorial to show an outline of the wipe process at Option Three; just be sure to do the correct partition.

Partition Wizard Home Edition

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

Be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.
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I have to install windows 8 in an existing partition, do i need to format the partition first. What steps do i follow?

A:install windows 8 in an existing partition(dual boot)?

Hello rishabhg492

First, if there is any data in the partition you want to install Windows 8, move the data to another partition.

Second, boot up from the Windows 8 installation DVD and when it asks you to select a partition, choose the intended partition and that should do it.

Hope I could help
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I recently bought a new DELL Inspiron laptop with Windows pre-installed on it I however want to dual-boot Windows with the pre-installed copy of Windows If I'm correct it uses UEFI I had to disable secure boot to boot into the Windows DVD and the hard disk is partitioned using GPT However during installation when the time comes to select the partition the error that pops up is this Windows cannot be installed to this disk The selected disk is of the GPT Partition Style But if Windows x supports booting from a GPT disk why is this error even coming up since 8... 7 Windows when trying Partition Error & to Style dual-boot GPT I'm already using a x Windows so why is this happening Also besides from that I tried another way to get around this problem by installing Windows on GPT Partition Style Error when trying to dual-boot Windows 7 & 8... a new hard disk using a powershell script from GPT Partition Style Error when trying to dual-boot Windows 7 & 8... within Windows The installation was unattended so it went fine - but when I tried to boot into Windows it gets stuck at the Starting Windows screen Why is this happening And how could this be fixed Will I have to reformat the entire HDD again as MBR GPT How can I fix this without doing that Found a helpful link but not quite sure what do with it http www eightforums com tutorials -downgrade-windows- -windows- -a html look at bottom when dual-booting with preinstalled windows and windows Also I don't want to delete all the partitions I want to keep the preinstalled Windows OS Any help would be appreciated

A:GPT Partition Style Error when trying to dual-boot Windows 7 & 8...

Windows 7-8 dual boot description...
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I'm a little embarrassed to say that I can't figure out which partition holds Windows 8 on my Dual Boot 7/8 system. I want to delete Windows 8 64 bit and reinstall Windows 8 32 bit, then update to Windows 8.1. I'm doing this because the system's old enough that 64 bit 8.1 won't install but maybe 32 bit will. I won't know unless I try.

Soooo . . . I need to figure out which partition Windows 8 is on so I can format the drive and reinstall.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

A:Dual Boot System - Which Partition Holds Windows 8

You will usually find there is a windows flag icon on the drive you are currently booted into.

Or check disk management for the word Boot on one of the partitions - that is the one you are currently in.

Or have a look at the partitions in windows explorer. 8 will have a thing on it called swapfile.sys (you need to have hidden and system files showing to see it ).

When you have figured that out, probably a good idea to label the partitions so you know what they are.
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Hello everyone!

I need help deleting the XP partition in my dual-boot system with Windows 7. I don't need to use de Windows XP OS and I just wan't to delete it. I must also add that I used the EasyBCD software to create the dual-boot menu, but I installed it in the Win XP OS.
Thanks in advance and appreciate your help.

I have attached a screenshot of my Disk Managment partitions.

A:I need help deleting the Windows XP partition in a dual-boot system

Boot into Windows 7 and type msconfig in the start-search box.Click on the boot tab and check if the windows xp is listed there.Open disk management,right click on XP partition and select delete volume.Make sure you back up all your data from the XP partition first.

Now open msconfig again,click on boot tab and delete the Windows XP from the list.Restart your system.If windows 7 doesn't boot up then try Start up repair Startup Repair to repair the MBR boot files.
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So I've been trying to fix my broken hard drive that stopped booting was at it for Windows XP Dual partition on hall.dll second x2, Boot with error the whole Dual Boot with Windows XP x2, hall.dll error on second partition day today from am o o I split the drive into two partitions it was originally GB I took GB from the single partition using GParted and installed windows on the new partition Installs from the CD just fine but when I attempt Dual Boot with Windows XP x2, hall.dll error on second partition boot I get this Code Windows could not start because the following file is mossing or corrupt lt Windows root gt system hal dll Please re-install a copy of the above file First I reinstalled windows No biggie I hadn't even logged on yet Success I was able to log on but after my fourth windows update the one after sp the same thing happened Wasted two hours updating This time I tried to fix the boot ini to no avail For reference here's what my boot ini currently looks like Code boot loader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Microsoft Windows XP Professional quot multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Microsoft Windows XP Professional quot I tried all sorts of things tried replacing the hal dll and ntoskrnl exe files ran chkdsk TWICE once for each partition obviously I even took the risk and used fixboot and fixmbr Right now I just failed after messing around with EasyBCD no go with that either So now I'm stuck I've exhausted all the methods that I could find BTW I've ran some SMART tests on the hard drive and everything seems fine no bad sectors or anything But then again SMART isn't the most reliable thing to test with so if anything else is required just point me in the right direction Uhh I know I'm forgetting something Right my computer specs DELL Latitude D with a WD Blue Scorpio GB Hard drive I think that's it Oh and the funniest thing about this is the primary partition the one that had the initial broken installation miraculously fixed itself But I'm not going to give up on this second partition it definitely will come in handy

A:Dual Boot with Windows XP x2, hall.dll error on second partition

I think your initial insticts were correct; there's a problem with the HD.

Try the Western Digital diagnostics and see if it can find a problem with the HD.

Have you checked to make certain all your drivers are working correctly?
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My pc info -

AMD Athlon(tm) 5150 APU with Radeon(tm) R3

Motherboard Gigabyte AM1M-S2H
Northbridge AMD K16 IMC rev. 00
Southbridge AMD Kabini FCH rev. 7.2
Graphic Interface PCI-Express
Memory Type DDR3
Memory Size 4 GBytes

Windows Version Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Professional 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)

vendor American Megatrends Inc.
version F2
date 06/20/2014


I have windows 7 installed on c drive.

I would like to dual boot with winxp.

I slipstreamed with AHCI driver.

When the windows xp installation menu loads to partition choosing page.

It shows my whole HDD as one partition.

The partition is like - Partition1 Unknown.

WinXP is not able to read the hard drive partition.

How can I fix this ?

Thanks and Regards
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I am going to install 2 versions of 7 on my HD. My question is.

If i install any files on one version of 7: updates, programs, patches, games etc.

Will the other windows 7 have access to these files? to change, alter and / or update them , any access at all?

"I am Dual booting on the same hard drive, on different partitions, not 2 HD's"
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Had win and XP working on dual boot with easyBCD for months Then had to wipe another drive so removed all connections in PC and wiped totally unrelated drive linked everything back up again and now windows won't boot up and the boot menu has gone I have three hard drives - Windows anymore 7 boot - booting XP partition dual Win and 7 not one backup one for XP and one with three partitions including win When i set the BIOS boot order to the XP drive it boots up ok when i set the order to win drive it gets to 'verifying dmi pool data' then asks for a boot cd I have rebuilt the MBR using partition wizard As you can see the XP drive is active and primary I cannot seem to set the win disk to be primary or active It also tells me Windows 7 and XP dual boot - Win 7 partition not booting anymore it cannot find a windows installation on the drive even though it is loaded onto E I have tried loading the win dvd and running the start repair several times but it does nothing I don't get what happened as all i did was remove all the hard drive connections then connect them back up a few hours later Any ideas I have spent four hours on it already and need help before i smash the thing up

A:Windows 7 and XP dual boot - Win 7 partition not booting anymore

fixed it! woohoo

this worked for me....

go here Visual BCD Editor - Windows 7/Vista
and get the VBCDE and follow instructions here Dual-boot Repair Windows 7/Vista
for automatic repair.

fixed my setup in half a second. machine booted back into windows 7 directly, then used easyBCD to add the winXP option to the boot menu and back in business. Both XP and Win7 on boot menu and both working fine. Woohooo!
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Hello I have Installed Windows XP like ages ago and then there was some error with the XP back then while booting up so I called up my technician He dual booted my system with Windows Ultimate I've stopped using XP since a while so after Dual XP partition removing Windows not from Boot Booting 7 I thought of removing I from my system The XP files and Windows were on two different partitions of same Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot HDD So I used Minitool Partition wizard to remove Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot the Partition in which XP files were there It even prompted a message saying that I may Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot not be able to boot if I format the specific Partition I clicked on continue and it showed me that the specific partition is in use and the asked me to restart it and minitool will delete it by itself while restarting And after it deleted the XP partition my system can't Boot Windows now I just don't get it I've even lost my Windows OS DVD to try repair the OS Can anyone help me to Boot into my Windows without losing any data from that Partition

A:Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot

Why didn`t you listen to the message ?

You deleted your Active partition now windows 7 won`t boot.

Your windows 7 partition must 1st be marked Active, then startup repair must be run to write the system files to the Windows 7 partition.

Without an install dvd or a system repair disc, you can`t do that. You can easily make a system repair disc on another Windows 7 PC, all you need is a blank cd and a cd burner. But it has to be the same bit version (32 or 64) and Service Pack version as the version you are trying to repair.

Others may have another method. They will post it.

Or call your Tech

System Repair Disc - Create

Startup Repair

Partition - Mark as Active

You can also make and use a Partition Wizard Boot CD

Bootable Partition Manger | MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition
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Hello Windows Seven Forums,

I have to hard drives in my desktop. One drive has Windows 7 which I'm going to back up to the second hard drive of other partition. The second hard drive have dual boot OS its default is Windows 8.1 and second is Windows 7. This Windows 7 is the same with the other one I'm going to back up but not the installed apps. When the time the back up is done, I want to replace the second Windows 7 of dual boot drive completely. The result will have 1T bytes hard dive run in my desktop only with dual boot Windows 8.1 still is my default and a new replaced Windows 7.

In my view, the same windows back up tutorial provided in this forum to take its way.


A:Restored Windows Back Up To Another Partition Of Dual Boot Drive

It's done for back up but I'm having a problem the partition. It will restore the back up in Local Disk C which I don't want to place there. I haven't seen Local Disk D in repair disc I created when loaded from BIOS set up went on. Does anyone knows how can I restore it in Local Disk D only?
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Hi guys, my hd is gone. It was on a notebook. Thanks god I had a image system backup few days ago.

Now... I'd like to dual boot that system on my desktop running Windows 7 and dual boot them.

So can I reduce the size of my desktop hd, and then restore the system image from my laptop to that partition?

How can I dual boot them?

THank you
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I have two partitions on my HDD. A 'suspect' Windows 7 Home (that originally came with my 'refurbished' second hand laptop) is installed in the only Primary partition. A legitimate copy of Windows 7 Professional is (now) installed in an Extended Logical partition. My laptop boots up in Windows 7 Professional, if no other selection is made. I now wish to remove the suspect installation, and revert to having just one partition containing my Windows 7 Professional, without formatting the whole HDD and reinstallng/restoring everything currently on the second, logical partition. Is this possible, and if so, how?
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I have two partitions on my HDD. A 'suspect' Windows 7 Home (that originally came with my 'refurbished' second hand laptop) is installed in the only Primary partition. A legitimate copy of Windows 7 Professional is (now) installed in an Extended Logical partition. My laptop boots up in Windows 7 Professional, if no other selection is made. I now wish to remove the suspect installation, and revert to having just one partition containing my Windows 7 Professional, without formatting the whole HDD and reinstallng/restoring everything currently on the second, logical partition. Is this possible, and if so, how?

A:Removing Windows 7 from the Primary partition of a Dual Boot system.

What kind of BIOS you have? UEFI or Legacy (MBR)?
Can you give us a snapshot of disk manager?
Do you have a external HDD to make a backup image of your Win 7 pro partition?
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So I followed the tutorial here for installing a clean version of Windows 8 on a new 20GB partition, but my problem is, when I try to install new programs - even when I choose to install them to a different drive/partition, I run out of space. The problem is because during the install process, files are copied into \ProgramData\ on my Windows 8 partition. Is there a way to change the drive location of \ProgramData\ ?

If not, I'll have to start over and do an upgrade - which I'm apprehensive about because current Windows 8 partition is the default partition that's booted. Not sure what will happen if I delete that partition.

A:Created 20GB partition for Windows 8 (Dual Boot) - runnin out of space

Post a screen shot of a full screen Disk Management window please.
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I have had an Ubuntu/XP system for a while now, but yesterday it started bluescreening just after the windows logo on every attempt to boot. Also, while I can boot into Ubuntu fine, I cannot access the data partition which is pretty scary! I havent backed up in a good few weeks.

I dont have a recovery disk to run chkdsk from, what can I do?

Thank you for your time.
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I have installed dual boot OS in my desktop.
WD 1TB (500GB windows XP and 500GB windows 7) ALL 32 BIT.
I installed the windows XP first.
The Windows XP had installed on first partition and 2nd partition is Windows 7.

The XP boot in to windows without any problem.
But the windows 7 right after showing the logo, then no display.

Here are PC boot loader

earlier windows operation=XP
Windows 7

Did I did something wrong?

A:Windows XP and Windows 7 dual boot. Problem with Windows 7 start up

Did Windows 7 finish installing?
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Hello My name is Phil and I have a problem I built a problem Dual-boot/Upgrade/Partition new computer I wanted to move my hard drives over from my old computer to my new computer without reinstalling Windows I have everything set up just how I want it and a ton of programs I don t want Dual-boot/Upgrade/Partition problem to reinstall Both computers have similar hardware Both have the same GHz Celeron processor MB PC SDRAM same video card network card and peripheral equipment In fact the only thing that changed was the motherboard I followed the instructions here http www michaelstevenstech com moving xp html I have a mult-boot configuration with Linux and XP My boot loader is GRUB When I went to finish the upgrade on the new PC it completed but when I boot to that hard drive I can boot into Linux but not Windows My boot loader was GRUB When I boot to XP I got this hd Filesystem type unknown partition type x chainloader I looked at boot grub menu lst but didnt see any problems there I checked the LBA setting in my BIOS no problems there I got impatient I installed XP on another hard drive and I am able to access my Windows partition from it I installed Partition Magic and got rid of the Linux partition Partition Magic says the Windows partition is bad it won t touch it I booted into the Windows Installation CD and the recovery console and was able to easily access the Windows partition I ran fixmbr fixboot chkdsk R They all completed successfully however each time I run fixmbr it warns me that it the partition is messed up and I may lose the data on the partition so obviously it really isn t accomplishing much Now when I boot to that hard drive the GRUB boot loader is gone obviously Instead of getting the above error the BIOS reports that it has found the MBR but then it freezes I can still access this partition by setting the hard drive as a slave to the drive with the new XP install so it can t be all bad RIGHT I have my data backed up so it isn t that big of a deal but I just wanted to move all quot my stuff quot to a new motherboard without having to set everything back up and reinstall yada yada yada Prove your Windows Guru-ness if you can help me rescue this partition and boot to my Windows partition Thanks In Advance nbsp

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Ok guys I have no idea where to post this as it's a problem with dual boot WinXP OpenSUSE I'm not sure if I should post it under Windows XP support or Linux support That's why I'll post the same on both places well I'm sorry but i don't know what else to do My story I've wanted linux on my drive for a long time now But I need windows too I have my own reasons The problem was that I was too afraid to Magic problem Partition Dual-Boot try to dual-boot them Partition Magic Dual-Boot problem before that was like wow no way man too much for me Time was passing I started changing gaining more experience Few days ago I was kinda sick of my O as it was running like times slower than it should cause of loads of viruses that were roaming around It was time to make a fresh install I emptied the Disk prepared everything then the wonderful idea flashed out of nowhere quot I'm gonna dual-boot winxp and linux quot Now the fun part starts First I booted the box Partition Magic Dual-Boot problem with xp cd Then I deleted all the partitions The Disk is a SATAII WD GIGS so I made two partitions gig big One for windows one for linux Then i formatted the first one and installed winxp on it Booted XP Installed some drivers for video and MB and Partition Magic Eh now the chaos begins Partition Magic is this is only my opinion a too complicated program They've just made it too complicated it could be a lot better I launched Partition Magic Next thing i did was format the second partition to ext for linux Then I went around looking for options to install my OpenSUSE I finally found what I was looking for quot install a new OS quot I selected the second partition and clicked on the install new os button Now it asked me where do I want to install it quot Before C winxp partition after C but before D The partition I made for linux or after D quot I understood then that I should not have made the partition that it was useless Then i deleted the second partition everything i currently do is in Partition Magic and pressed the Install new OS button again Now I could install the linux on the Unpartitioned space so there it was i just followed their wizard Make a partition again gb format it to ext Now Partition Magic I'll call it PM from now on asked me do I want to install linux now or later cause if I want to install it later I will have to set that partition to quot active mode quot I didn't actually think for a second what quot active mode quot means I picked quot I want to setup linux now quot Computer rebooted happened now the irony begins I can't remember the message now but it was something like quot System installation error quot I knew what it was the same second i saw it It tried to boot from a partition without an OS So i just rebooted set the first boot device to CD-rom put the DVD inside Than I installed linux Booted up Next thing I thought was quot mm nice now let's try to boot back to XP quot Guess what I can't There were no options to pick from which one I want to boot between the two partitions And for it to get even worse I can't boot even linux without the DVD every time I try to boot from Hard Disk it shows the quot System installation error quot so I have to boot from CD use the Installation or Disk Rescue options and then select quot Boot an already installed system quot And so here I am By the way I can see all the other partitions in file system on the SUSE and I can access them as well HELP

A:Partition Magic Dual-Boot problem

You need a boot manager - this will then give you the option to choose which OS you would like to boot into when you turn on your PC.

I don't know anything about OpenSUSE - but with Ubuntu and Windows on my PC, I use GRUB for my boot manager.

Here's a free boot manager.
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Hello everyone I have Windows Ultimate not the beta the real thing I have Vista on my Hard Disk taking GB almost my entire hard disk with Linux Ubuntu taking only MB used Wubi Linux Installer I want to shrink my main partition to be able to install Windows The smallest I have tried to shrink it by is GB it says I can shrink it up to GB using Vista Disk Management but it says there isn Windows 7 Windows Problem Dual Vista and Boot t enough room to be able to perform this task I have never shrunk my own hard disk before and my disk is formatted in NTFS file system Does it matter that I have virtual OS running virtually on my computer using Sun Virtual Box I have about on Virtual Box XD Back to partitioning my hard disk the layout for them is basic and it says they are healthy It just wont shrink it I really want to dual boot Windows and I only get one install remember Can anyone please offer some suggestions Thanks Bigioale nbsp

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So I have Windows on an SSD that is Disk I decided to make a dual boot with Windows Dual Windows 8 Weird Boot problem 7/Windows for Hyper V because I have a class where I need to setup VM's with it but thats not the point Anyway I wiped my secondary hard drive Western Digital gb HDD and created a partition to load Windows on After that I installed it with no problems and was up and running in a few minutes So Weird Windows 7/Windows 8 Dual Boot problem I never switched back to Windows in the Bios because I was busy setting up some servers on HyperV but this morning I go to switch the boot order in Bios from my HDD to the SSD with Win No errors came up it just went straight back to Windows So I restarted the computer again to check bios again same problem So I checked fdisk and found that my Windows partition on the SSD was no longer the active partition so I made it active then tried again This Weird Windows 7/Windows 8 Dual Boot problem time I get Bootmgr not found So I go back into Windows and google around bit and end up getting Visual BCD now when I boot into the HDD windows I get a screen that allows me to choose between Windows and Windows Now worst case scenario I'm ok with booting into the HDD from now on and choosing between the two OS but I'd rather be able to switch the boot priority and it be correct Right now if make the SSD Windows the first boot priority Weird Windows 7/Windows 8 Dual Boot problem I get the Bootmgr error and it won't boot into Windows from the SSD I can only boot into Windows after I change the bios so that the HDD Windows boots first and I can choose between After that windows boots perfectly fine but I like things to happen the way they should happen so I wanted to know if anyone knows a fix I can use for this problem Thanks in advance

A:Weird Windows 7/Windows 8 Dual Boot problem

Do you have two System Reserved Partitions?
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I am using Samsung np550 laptop which came with Windows 8 preinstalled. I want to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8. So this is what I did:

In bios - disabled Fast bootThen I disabled 'Secure boot'Selected boot mode as 'CSM'

Now I inserted Windows 7 DVD and it booted with it. The problem is when I'm trying to select a partition, it says that "Windows 7 cannot be installed in this partition. The selected partition is of GPT style".

Please help me solve this problem, so that I can use both W8 and W7.

A:Windows 7 - Windows 8 dual boot problem - 'W8 preinstalled

You need to boot the DVD in UEFI mode. It should be listed in the Boot Device Menu as such along with a non-UEFI version...
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Hello, I have just installed windows 10 on a dual boot system.
This was my first time creating a new hard drive partition, and it has gone ahead of my old C: partition, meaning the 25gb windows 10 OS is now on C: and my old data has all been moved to D:.
Of course when I tried to launch a game nothing was able to work.

Is it possible to swap around the letters of the partitions?
If I can get D: back to C: all the registry entries will work again. The new partition I'm not fussed about, if I can get it to the D: position I'm happy to install windows 10 again if need be.

Just in case, I am backing everything up. But it would save a lot of time installing apps and transferring files again if I could get the D: partition back to C:


A:Partition letter problem (win10 dual boot)

By Default, Windows always takes the C: drive letter. This cannot be changed. Any programs or games will run from D: you may need to change the path of the game in the executable.
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Hi sevenforums !

I have one problem. I want to install Debian linux along my Windows 7 32 OS on the same partiton. What i make:

1. Shrink the C partition, with windows integrated Disk Menagment and when try to install debian give me unusable partition space, similar like this:

/dev/sda1 ntfs Recovery
/dev/sda2 ntfs C
/dev/sda5 ext4 D
unusable unalocated space 67000 MB
also try to Shrink the partition with integrated Gparted tool in debian, but the result its the same..

My current partition table is this:

How to make ext4 partition and install Debian along Win 7?

A:Dual Boot- Debian with Win 7 32 bit (unusable partition problem)

/dev/sda5 ext4 D
unusable unalocated space 67000 MB

Can't see any unallocated space in dsik management screenshot! Also I don't see an ext4 partition in diska managemnt screenshot. Is win7 disk management screenshot as it is now? You can't shrink C now... it's very small already. Steps you can do:

1-defrag D
2-shrink D afterwards. It will give you unallocated space in disk management. Make unallocated large enough to hold linux. For example 50GB (=50000MB)

After shrinking post disk management screenshot so I can see you did it fine.
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hi guys

my firstime posting here so if this is in the wrong section of the forum then sorry for that

a while a go i installed w764 on my gx700 extreme msi as a dual boot along side vista. i had no problem with the booting it allways gave me an option to choose the os i wanted to boot, however i formated the vista partition so i could merge it with w7 using acronis. know when ever i start the laptop i dont see any boot options but just a blank blac screen with a blinking white line

any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated

the sooner i fix this the sooner i could finish my assignments

thank you

A:w7 and vista dual boot problem after formating partition

First you need the Win. 7 installation CD...

and then follow these instructions:

then Windows 7 should be able to boot, also do you have any other OS's at the moment or just 7?
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I recently upgraded my windows 7 to 10. I had XP installed also. After the upgrade i couldn't boot from XP anymore(but it was showed on the boot list) so reinstalled it. Now windows 10 doesnt appear in my boot list so i cant boot from it anymore. Any ideas how to make it work please ? i tried the BCD but no luck. Maybe i don't know how to use it but on the Edit List screen, it showed both windows 10 and XP and i selected windows 10 as default but it still doesnt show up on the startup screen and neither does it boot from it.
Any ideas please ?

A:Windows 10 and windows XP dual boot problem

What are you wanting to use Windows XP for? It might be easier to make an image of it and run it as a virtual machine inside Windows 10. I've only dual booted back to Windows 7 myself.
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Since my laptop is kinda low end and I wanted to play Starcraft I wanted to dual boot it with XP My laptop came with windows vista and i upgraded to windows so to start out i made a partition of gigs called quot windows xp quot from windows then i restarted my pc and put the disc in and booted up xp installation selected the partition called quot windows xp quot and made sure it was gigs chose quick format and and dual problem boot Windows 7 Windows xp it started formatting after that it restarted and came up to the screen that looks a bit nicer than the once before but after about seconds my pc powers down my craptop gets EXTREMELY hot sometimes but i have it on a laptop cooling stand and have fan blowing on it and made sure it was cool the entire time it was installing okay so next i pop in super grub boot disk to try to see if i can get back into windows i've only used it twice before and it worked fine but this time it keeps trying to repair the xp installation instead of the windows installation i don't really want to give up installing xp my pc can barely handle without melting itself not really but it gets super hot around where the graphics card is at even with aero off just kinda wondering what i should do to get xp working on it

A:Windows 7 and Windows xp dual boot problem

Your biggest problem is play with Linux disks.

Have read of those tutorials:
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP
SATA Drivers - Load in Windows XP Setup on Dual Boot
SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD

Use EasyBCD 2.0 in Win 7
Download EasyBCD 2.1 - NeoSmart Technologies

A bit more reading.
BCDEDIT - How to Use
System Restore Points - Stop XP Dual Boot Delete - Vista Forums

Windows XP Mode - Install and Setup
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I installed Windows 8 Pro 64 bit with a Win7 dual boot option. This has worked fine for many months. Yesterday, however, the Win7 disk hardware failed. Windows 8 recovered after some time but is now running slowly and a re-start takes a long time. The failed Win7 drive shows up in File Explorer as "Local Drive G:" but all data is lost and the drive is not accessible. Additionally, Disk Management will not start so I can't check or change the boot settings on the Win8 drive.

Any ideas to unwind the dead dual boot option will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Royal Oak, MI

A:Windows 8 & Windows 7 Dual Boot Problem

the Win7 disk hardware failed.

Unplug the Windows 7 HDD, 7 see if the Windows 8 HDD will boot.
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I am dual booting with Win98SE on my original/older drive and have WinXP on the second/new harddrive.

I want to remove the old harddrive and Win98SE. I tried following some help guides on TSG but I'm stuck at making the new drive the active partition.....

I haven't been able to find something that tells me how to do this.

Is anyone familiar with this?


BTW: Please!, I don't want to reinstall WinXP again.

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I was having win 7 RTM and i tried to installl OSx86 in second hard disk

after few failure i successfully installed OSx86 in my secondary had disk now the problem is that i cant boot win 7

i changed boot order i tried windows 7 disk repair
but both failed

im getting some Boot mldr missing...

Actually even OSx86 is not booting i get OSx86 boot screen with two hard disk to select if i select windows disk it still says the same Boot mldr missing

can someone plz help me now im completely without any working OS in my system!!!

A:Windows boot up problem in dual boot(win 7 & OSx86)

unplug the hard disk that has OSX on it and then run startup repair.

When you install OSX you should probably have unplugged your Windows drive at least until you finish the install.
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In Windows 10 mouse and keyboard (USB 3.0) works always fine. When i start Windows 7 after i turn off Windows 10 my mouse and keyboard not working anymore after Windows 7 startup. It works if i Disable or Enable EHCI in BIOS. Internet not working if i disable EHCI.

A:Windows 10 + 7 Dual Boot Problem

Did you install the usb 3.0 drivers on windows 7 ?
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Hi I had Windows 7 on Drive C orignally 32 bit When I bought this computer but then I isntalled 64 bit on Drive D

But now i don't want the 32 Bit and its always asking me if i want to boot to Either.
I want to completly Get red of the 32 Bit Not just Hide it.

I Tried to format it from Drive C but its not allowing me saying i don't have the premission.

Is their a way to completly format drive C so I can Install 64 bit version on C and format D?

i want to only run 1 windows and other system files removed from every where.

A:problem with windows 7 and dual boot

or is their any way i can format the whole computer drives and start all over?
maybe through bios?
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I have recently re-installed W7 Pro due to certain of my older software not running on W10. When I boot my system, I'm given the option to boot 7 or 10. My problem arises when i choose W7 and when the OS loads, I have no keyboard, mouse or tablet. I've already tried the different USB BIOS settings (legacy ON, OFF or AUTO) with random results. No such problem with W10.
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Hello there, I have just registered.

I have got the following problem: After the installation is complete and I restart, I still got the same menu with language selection and installation stuff. How do I get past this? Also I have managed to get into Windows 7 when I found something strange. The partition I have selected in the erase menu is not there! So I have no idea where is my Mac installation.

Using Partition Wizard I saw that the 17 gb partition that I wanted to use for the OS installation is not fat32 or ntfs but "other" and it's fully used (0 kb unused).

Also using EasyBCD I assigned an entry for Mac os x86 generic but as a default it goes to drive c to NST folder but there, there is only 1 file (1 kb lol).

Help please?

Windows 7 with Intel dual core cpu, 4 giga ram, ATI graphics

A:Dual boot Windows 7 + Mac OS problem!

Please fill in your system specs...

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Ok I am running on a Windows Vista Acer Aspire I only have GB of RAM so Vista wasn t going too great with me so I decided to get Windows XP and dual boot my way to a better computing experience After some trial and error plus directions from http www pronetworks org forum about html I finally got Windows XP installed I went onto Windows XP and then my internet wasn A Dual Boot Windows Problem t working so I figured my WLAN inside my laptop doesn t have the drivers on this partition plus I needed to get net framework anyway so I got the framework first and then preceded to restart my computer before attaining the drivers for the internet When I tried to start up Windows XP again I got an error saying something similar to quot ntldr quot then next line quot status xc e quot So I google to help fix my problem and try A Windows Dual Boot Problem reinserting my boot cd and copy files ntldr to D The partition I have XP on along with ntdetect com with the lines of command in the recovery quot copy D i NTDLR A Windows Dual Boot Problem D quot and quot copy D i NTDETECT COM D quot I was going to try fixboot but that was trying to create a boot sector in my C drive which contains Windows Vista and I didn t know how to tell it to create one in the D drive I almost tried fixmbr but that message it gave me kind of scared me and made it seems like it would mess with the whole computer So now I am here at www bleepingcomputer com hoping I am in the right forum because I would really like to run Windows XP Could someone please help me

A:A Windows Dual Boot Problem

In this sort of situation fixboot and fixmbr can cause you some severe difficulties - so shy away from them for now. Vista has replaced the Recovery Console with the Recovery Environment. Here's a link on how to use it to fix your issues: XP is now on your system (and recognized by the Vista boot loader) I'd expect that it would be able to fix this issue.But, on another note, I'd suggest that you check Device Manager the next time that you get into your Windows XP installation. You can do this by going to Start...Run...and typing in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Look for any red x's or yellow !'s - those will be those devices that are missing drivers (the article in your link didn't even mention that you may need to install the drivers).
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I have windows 7 installed on the C partition then i installed windows 8 on the D partition.When i startup my PC i get the boot window where i can choose between win 7 and win 8 when i pick win 7 automatic repair starts and i cant enter win 7.Windows 8 starts normally...
Does anyone knows how to fix this?

A:Windows 8 i 7 dual boot problem

See if EasyBCD can help you, get it from here:

I think your Windows 7 boot entry might have been tempered while installing Windows 8. Install EasyBCD in Windows 8, run the program. Delete the Windows 7 boot entry and create a new entry for the Windows 7 partition.

Let us know if it solved your problem.
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Previously i had installed windows xp in C: drive. Afterwords i had installed windows 7 in D: drive. Till my evaluation period of windows 7. it was working fine and most of the time i was using windows 7. After completed my evaluation period of windows 7, i want to go with windows xp which is installed in C: drive. how can i boot from windows xp? i am not getting dual boot screen when i start computer even i am not able to log in with windows 7 because it has expired. i have tried to F8 special boot option. I have selected Safe mode but it is giving me windows 7 only in safe mode. i want to start my windows xp boot. please help.

A:Windows 7 dual boot problem

If you plan to install a new Windows 7, it may be easier to do that first before recovering your XP system - it might recover XP for you during install. If not, after installing 7, install EasyBCD, and use the "Add Entry" button, in the Version drop-down list select "Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3". EasyBCD usually finds the correct Drive letter for you, click the "Add Entry" button, and next restart you should find the XP system in the boot menu. (If it didn't work, probably the drive letter was wrong, so figure out which drive it is and try again.)

If you only want XP see gregrocker's authoritative answer below.
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this has probably came up before, and ive done searches before but they seem to be different from my problem.. and this is urgent because my outlook is synced onto my windows 7... what happend was i had vista, and i dual booted windows 7.. my vista crashed.. and i replaced that partition with windows xp sp3 ... now when i turn on my computer it doenst allow me to boot to boot manager... ive tried easybcd but it wont work because its for vista... Please help... i need my emails =/

A:Windows 7 Dual Boot XP problem

Once you dumped the Vista installation and likely reformatted to see XP installed you lost the Vista BCD and boot files to see 7 load. If you had reinstalled Vista you could have used the EasyBCD to add 7 back in there.

At this point you would now need to boot from the 7 dvd and try creating a new BCD file from the command prompt option found in the repair tools there. The same commands for rebuilding the Vista BCD would apply. How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows Vista

If you are unable to see new mbr entries for 7 as well as the main boot files you would have to reinstall 7 which will add XP in automatically as the second OS. XP uses an entirely different boot loader there being the older version.
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I was trying to duel boot 8.1 and 7 ( Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) ) and i already disabled fast boot and secure boot

I made the USB first on the boot sequence but that did not work i tried to boot from it though the boot device menu did not work it just keeps booting back into Windows 8.1

I already tested the flash drive and it works perfectly.

Laptop model: SATELLITE C55-A5220

My bios: ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.20 for Satellite C50/C55/C55t (PSCF6x/PSCFEx)

Computer specs:

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit (Pre-installed)
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1037U @ 1.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3975 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -2044 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 442641 MB, Free - 16708 MB; F: Total - 21745 MB, Free - 21567 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC


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So until installing the RC, I upgraded to all of the previous builds. That kept my boot settings and whatnot. But seince doing a clean install (and doing an Easy Transfer) I lost my version of BCD. To fix that, I got the newest version. I was able to get it to add an entry for XP to the bootloader, but still cannot boot into XP. I don't know what the heck the problem is. Now, I have it all screwed up so that I boot by default into "Windows Vista" which is actually Windows 7. Any thoughts?

A:Windows 7 and XP Dual Boot Problem

Using EasyBCD, you can easily rename the Vista entry to 7 by going to "change settings" on the left side of the program, so at least that could be corrected.

When you try to boot XP from the entry you made for it, does it give some sort of error? Like missing ntldr?

Post a screenshot if you're able to of EasyBCD "view settings." For comparison, here's my triple boot of 7100, XP SP3, Vista SP2...
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Hello all,

This could go here or in the eightforums but anyway, my computer came with windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed. I just installed the Windows 8 preview in a 2nd partition. I am not able to boot back into Windows 7 even though all the files are there. When I go do msconfig or when I go to set the default OS in control panel, Windows 7 does not show up. All I see is windows 8.

I have tried advanced start up, but I don't get the option to set the default OS.



A:Dual Boot Problem with windows 8

Are you sure you installed Win 8 to the 2nd partition and didn't accidentally overlay the Win 7 partition? Post a screen shot of an full screen Disk Management window please.

To open Disk Management, press Windows key+r, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter or click GO. Make it full screen.

How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums (says it's for Vista but also works with Win 7).

Once you have the image saved, click on the Paperclip Icon next to the Smiley Icon. In the Manage Attachments window, click Browse and navigate to where you saved the image and select it.
Click the Upload button.
Close the Manage Attachments window.
Click on the Paperclip Icon again and select the image you uploaded. It will be placed in your post.
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For some reason,my pc has started giving this message:Disk Boot Failure. Insert System Disk And Press Enter.I have a dual boot,2 hdd pc with W7 and XP.If I turn the pc off and back on,I do not get the message and it boots up fine.My pc is always on and i have never really been able to see when it actually goes to the message.It seems like it mostly gives me the message in the morning or after the pc is unused for a few hours.

A:Windows 7 and XP dual boot problem

turn off hibernation in both os's and see how that goes.
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In Windows 10 mouse and keyboard (USB 3.0) works always fine. When i start Windows 7 after i turn off Windows 10 my mouse and keyboard not working anymore after Windows 7 startup. It works if i Disable or Enable EHCI in BIOS. Internet not working if i disable EHCI.

A:Windows 10 + 7 Dual Boot Problem

Did you install the usb 3.0 drivers on windows 7 ?

Did you install windows 7 using UEFI or Legacy mode ?

Can you plug the mouse and keyboard into 2.0 ports ? Does the PC have any ?

Which OS came with the PC ? Which OS did you install yourself ?

Did you make any changes to the Bios before installing either OS ?
Enhanced Host Controller Interface Specification
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Hello guys Boy am I in some trouble I've been running dual windows os for a long time now without problem always keeping the newer one and replacing the older one when I need a clean format and somehow this time I messed up Before I was running windows bit each on it's own partition on a seperate HDD and would always get the boot menu on startup asking which i wanted to boot I did my usual shtick formatting the drive with the older OS re-partitioned and installed a clean version also bit everything seemed to go smoothly except now no matter what I do it only boots to the new OS I'm not sure how to figure out which HD has which OS but when I mess windows 64 problem 2 bit boot Dual 7 around with the boot order in the bios and put the one I think has the old OS on top I get a message saying quot BOOTMGR Dual boot 2 windows 7 64 bit problem is missing quot I dunno what tech specs are relevant but I have physical HD's each partitioned into a smaller quot system quot partition and a larger quot data quot one please help

A:Dual boot 2 windows 7 64 bit problem

Please post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk Management drive map and listings:

1. Type Disk Management in Start Search box.
2. Open Disk Mgmt. window and maximize it.
3. Type Snipping Tool in Start Search box.
4. Open Snipping Tool, choose Rectangular Snip, click New, draw a box around full drive map and all listings.
5, Save Snip, attach using paper clip in Reply Box.

Tell us what is on each partition.
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Hi,my problem is that i have 2 hdd's one has windows 7 in it the other windows 8,well i didn't like windows 8 so i wanted to take one of the hdd and use it as external,but if i take the windows 8 hdd off it says that i can't boot up anymore cause the windows 8 hdd is missing(It was giving me an option if i wanted to boot 7 or 8 before)what do i do to take off the windows 8 hdd and still be able to boot into windows 7?Thank you

A:Windows 7 8 dual boot problem

Startup Repair

Unplug the HDD with Windows 8 on in it and follows the directions in this tutorial. Note: You may have to run startup repair up to 3 times. Once the disk with Windows 7 boots on its own, then you can plug the drive with Windows 8 back in and reformat it if you wish.
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Hey can some1 help me. I have xp pro with sp2 32-bit and win 7 sp1 32-bit but i cant boot in win 7 for some reason plz help thx.

A:Windows 7 dual boot problem.

What kind of error message do you get?
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When booting and given the option to load windows 8 (consumer preview) or windows 7 and selecting windows 7 it loads saying " preparing automatic repair" system recovery options menu is followed shortly after this. Windows 8 loads fine and was installed on a second partition created in windows 7 disk management and installed from iso burned on cd. I am hoping someone has come across this or knows a possible solution without doing factory default restore in order to load windows 7. The partition windows 7 is on is still intact and files can be seen and modified in windows 8 but a problem has been created in the booting of windows 7. Thanks for any help in advance!

A:Windows 7 & 8 Dual Boot Problem

You will have to run some sort of BCD repair in Win8 (because older OS's don't recognize the newer ones - but the newer one's do recognize the older one's. Maybe run Startup Repair in Win8 and have it detect all OS's? (use bootrec /rebuildbcd or bootrec /scanos - these are the commands from Win7)

Right now it seems like you have 2 separate Boot settings that run - and the Win7 one won't work with Win8.
What procedure did you follow when setting up the dual boot?
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Hello all The day the Windows consumer preview came out I installed Windows on a GB partition dual-boot setup with my current Windows Everything with with Windows 8 7 Problem Dual-Boot was peachy until Windows started to run slowly and I discovered I'd installed some incompatible programs and drivers So I used Windows 's Refresh tool and the original USB drive to refresh the Windows installation and everything was peachy When it was done Problem with Windows 7 Dual-Boot with 8 it booted into Windows and I saw that my Win partition D was still there so Problem with Windows 7 Dual-Boot with 8 I figured everything was fine and peachy Except now when I boot up I have no Windows option whatsoever It doesn't even show as a bootable drive I still have the files so it's not an urgent crisis but I'd rather get off Problem with Windows 7 Dual-Boot with 8 beta unsupported software ASAP and get Win back for my day-to-day use How can I do this A clean install of Windows is NOT an option for me unless it's the single only way forward Andrew

A:Problem with Windows 7 Dual-Boot with 8

The problem is the boot entry right ?
So use EasyBCD to add your 7 partition to boot menu again.

~after that you will have the old style boot menu~
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I have 2 hard drives in my computer, lets name them driveA, and driveB. On each drive, I had installed windows XP on them. (I had a purpose for it at the time.) After realizing I don't need both drives, I formatted driveB to use a data drive with no OS.

However, the boot record of the drive remains. ex. when I boot up my computer, it allows me to boot from 2 different versions of Windows XP. the first option will give me an error during booting, obviously the formatted drive, and the 2nd option will boot into the proper OS. Is there any way to fix this? to get rid of any occurrences of the first version of windows during the boot up sequence

A:Windows XP dual boot problem

Edit boor.ini and get rid of the offending entry;EN-US;q289022
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Windows hangs at the flashing _ after booting. I can't run the repair program with the DVD and I suspect its a problem with the EFI partitioning or flagging or missing some boot files in the EFI partition or something.

According to gparted I have:

/dev/sda1 as FAT32 228.00 MB, it is marked as 'boot'
/dev/sda3 as NTFS (which has my windows installation), it is not marked as anything.

Please help.

A:Windows 7 won't boot, can't repair, possible EFI partition problem?

try setting boot flag onto /dev/sda3:

fdisk /dev/sda3
a (set boot flag)
w (write changes)
I think it's 'a' flag to togle boot flag
also another partitions on the same disk must not be marked as "boot"

but you also may be able to repair installation with installation disk and select "repair my computer" link on welcome screen.
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I had 32 windows 7 in ma laptop. Conf: Cor i5,4 gb ram
Yesterday I reinstalled 64 bit win7 but after reinstall cant boot due 2 partition problem.
On my HDD 1 system,4 dynamic and 1 unallocated partition.
I already formated system partition.
Any option to install Windows without any dataloss?

A:Can not boot windows 7 after reinstall due to partition problem?

You need to run a startup disc that repairs the boot manger.
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Hello I have been running windows vista home premium bit for some time now and had previously had it set up to dual boot with XP I just got a windows disc and thought I'd give it a try I reformated the XP partition as I was having problems and needed to reinstall anyway and installed on that partition is a great OS very few things I don't like about it However now that I was going to return to Vista to get some work done I find that I am no longer getting the option to boot to it The boot manager does not appear when I start up my computer tried hitting ESC at BIOS too and it doesn't give me the option for problem Vista64, Dual boot 32 7 Windows vista only I downloaded EasyBCD and that doesnt' give Dual boot Vista64, Windows 7 32 problem me the option for Vista either only can anyone tell me how to get back to vista do I have to reinstall that will Dual boot Vista64, Windows 7 32 problem it kill then I really appreciate any help on this Thanks Jamie

A:Dual boot Vista64, Windows 7 32 problem

Hello Jamie, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You may be able to do a Startup Repair using your Vista installation DVD to fix this.

Hope this helps,
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Hi everyone First of all please forgive me for my English as is not my native boot 7 starting pc Problem dual with XP-Windows language Yesterday I installed Windows on a hard drive which had XP previously During the installation procedures everything went OK after I updated and installed some programs to test the new OS including a couple of games After that I tested booting the previous OS that is XP Everything Problem starting pc with dual boot XP-Windows 7 worked fine as well even switching both Operating systems a couple of times during the rest of the day The problem began today Problem starting pc with dual boot XP-Windows 7 when I turned on the PC for Problem starting pc with dual boot XP-Windows 7 the first time and the black sceren with the option to select an OS wouldn t respond until Windows booted itself But after a couple of minutes the PC was frozen including mouse and keyboard so I had to force restart the pc and it all worked fine till I turned the PC off After a couple of hours when I started the PC back on the exact same situation happened again Pc no responding at first just after restart One thing to add which I don t know if is relevant is that I have hard drives one for the operating systems and another just for data Any kind of help will be very welcome Thanks in advance

A:Problem starting pc with dual boot XP-Windows 7

It would be better to install the OS's to separate HD"s booted by the BIOS, unplugging the other HD when installing.

However for now mark the Win7 partition Active, then boot the Win7 DVD System Recovery Options or System Repair Disk to run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times until Win7 starts and holds the System Active flags.

Then install EasyBCD (free Download at bottom of page - no name or email required) to Win7 to add XP on the Add OS Entry tab, by name, type, let drive letter autocomplete, accept boot files, reboot.
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I did a partition, i ran the XP setup, chose the partition, started install, then it copied the files, then it had to restart, it restarted.. but its not moving for the next setup screen, it just jams on the load, "Press any key to boot from CD ... "

It is been there like over 30 minutes now, maybe someone can help me with this problem, thank you in advance.

PS. I restarted it also and then booted it again, and it seems it did not copy those files.. the partition was still empty.

PPS. And as it seems.. it does not run not at all now, i took out the XP cd and it does not load Windows 7 Also.


A:Problem while installing XP to dual boot with Windows 7

Errors that early in the process really seem to point to a bad burn of the iso image. Try burning it again at no more than 4x and let us know.

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Hi everyone I have a small problem I hope someone can help me with I have a desktop computer almost years old running fine with Windows XP with two partitions C for system and D for data Recently I tried to install Windows in a new partition E and it works fine there is dual boot Earlier Version of Windows and Windows But my graphic card Geforce is not supported by Windows so all the D aero effects don't work and then there is no point having W and I formatted the partition and joined it back deleting dual Problem from Windows boot 7 with D to have only XP The problem now is the dual boot keeps showing every time I start my computer even though there is no Windows anymore And unless I choose quot Earlier Version of Windows quot Windows starts by default after seconds but it says I need to insert installation Problem deleting Windows 7 from dual boot disc and restore the system I read something about going Problem deleting Windows 7 from dual boot to quot Control Panel System Advanced Startup and Recovery Default Operating System quot change the quot Default operating system quot and untick the quot Time to display list of operating systems quot but in that list there is only this quot Microsoft Problem deleting Windows 7 from dual boot Windows XP Professional quot NOEXECUTE OPTIN FASTDETECT NOEXECUTE ALWAYSOFF So what could I do Is it safe to insert Windows XP disc and restore I mean will that wipe off all the programs and stuff I have installed Thanks

A:Problem deleting Windows 7 from dual boot

Check this thread... BCDEDIT - How to Use
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I recently config my system for dual boot PCLinux/WindowsXP. I tried to change the size of my partition with the PCLinux install program and I can no longer boot into Windows XP. PC athalon 1800 40 gig HD, and 250 Gig HD. 40 Gig is is drive0

A:Windows/Linux dual boot problem

AFAIK, lilo is a boot loader, Not a partition manager. What you have probably done is set it to boot from a non existant partition as the information you would have entered would have been incorrect. I think you would be looking for a program like partition magic to resize the partitions, then change the relevant information in LILO.
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I have an SATA drive with WinXP loaded. I decided to use a spare EIDE drive to load Windows 7. I have installed Windows 7 with no problems. I never see the Windows boot manager to choose which OS I want to load, but I can load either one by changing the boot order in BIOS. I can see the EIDE drive from XP, but not the SATA drive from Windows 7. How can I get the boot manager to work and let me choose which OS to load?

A:WinXP / Windows 7 Dual Boot Problem

Actually booting from the BIOS is a better method of dual-booting since the drives are then fully independent and can come and go as you please. You can set your preferred default drive to boot first in BIOS, then use BIOS Boot Menu F-key to choose other drive while booting.

Having the Dual Boot menu which should have been configured when Win7 is correctly installed last makes the drives interdependent and harder to extricate one later, although we specialize in that here.

Make sure XP drive is assigned a letter in Win7 Disk Management to see it in explorer.

If you still want to configure a Dual Boot menu then please post back a screenshot of your full Disk Management map, using the Snipping Tool in Start Menu, attaching file using paper clip in reply box.
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Hello and thanks for your time I currently have windows pro bit installed and dual installing xp a boot windows of 7 Problem on my gb k raptor I have partioned the drive into gb split Problem I put in my xp bit installation disk and get to the installation menu where it shows the hard-drive and partions It shows my usb stick and it does not show my second empty partion which is formatted with ntfs it shows some hard-drive but it is not the right size to be either my primary or secondary So basically I would like some help I searched the forums and read it is possible to do this and I know it is as I had windows xp and windows installed before but before I had xp on the hard-drive first My bios Problem installing a dual boot of windows 7 and xp reads the hard-drive fine the only problem is when I get to the xp install menu I read that you might need sata drivers to install xp on a partition if you got windows installed first I am assuming this is the problem because it reads the hard-drive fine on my windows installation disk Basically I would like to know does my xp disk have a problem or do I just need to get these quot sata drivers quot If the solution is sata drivers can somebody give me a hand I do not have a floppy drive just a dvd cd drive and usb sticks I have a evga i SLi motherboard and a western digital gb k raptor Where can I get the proper sata drivers help is much appreciated I plan on buying a new motherboard within the next few weeks as well and want to get my hard-drive working before buying it Thanks

A:Problem installing a dual boot of windows 7 and xp

Quote: Originally Posted by zachary1g

Hello and thanks for your time,

I currently have windows 7 pro 64 bit installed on my 300gb 10k raptor. I have partioned the drive into 180/120gb split.

Problem: I put in my xp 32 bit installation disk and get to the installation menu where it shows the hard-drive and partions. It shows my usb stick and it does not show my second empty partion which is formatted with ntfs, it shows some hard-drive but it is not the right size to be either my primary or secondary. So basically I would like some help, I searched the forums and read it is possible to do this and I know it is as I had windows xp 32 and windows 7 64 installed before but before I had xp on the hard-drive first. My bios reads the hard-drive fine the only problem is when I get to the xp install menu. I read that you might need sata drivers to install xp on a partition if you got windows 7 installed first. I am assuming this is the problem because it reads the hard-drive fine on my windows 7 installation disk.

Basically I would like to know does my xp disk have a problem or do I just need to get these "sata drivers".

If the solution is sata drivers can somebody give me a hand. I do not have a floppy drive just a dvd/cd drive and usb sticks. I have a evga 780i SLi motherboard and a western digital 300gb 10k raptor. Where can I get the proper sata drivers help is much appreciated. I plan on buying a new motherboard within the next few weeks as well and want to get my hard-drive working before buying it.


Normally one puts XP on first and then win 7 so it can make the dual boot menu.

Are you Booting from the XP dvd or dbl clicking from within Win 7?

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I tried installing windows xp on my dell laptop running windows 7.The installation started but soon i got the error message
"setup is stopping to prevent any damage to your computer.check your hard drive to make sure its configured sfc on your hard drive etc etc


Is it coz i have to install drivers for my SATA hard drive so xp can recognise it or is problem something different???

btw my windows 7 is running normal without any problems and i am trying to install xp in another partition on my internal HDD.

thanks in advance

A:dual boot windows 7 and xp installation problem

1. On start up press F2 OR DEL to enter BIOS.
2. Expand the "Hard Drives" section.
3. Go to "SATA Operation"
4. Change this from "RAID Auto/AHCI" to "RAID Auto/ATA".
Your system's BIOS might be slightly different .
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Hey guys I m having a problem with dual booting So I m taking a computer course and I ve never worked with Dual-booting never needed it were doing it in-class he explained it and I ve read a bit about it before So you need XP installed first on partition then a seperate partition space for W understandable then after XP is installed you can Problem not Windows XP/W7 bootable) dual boot (XP install W on the other patition after the install is done right away it should give you an option to either boot Windows or a quot Previous version of windows quot something like that right Well not for me after installing Windows it boots right into windows right away no options given So I opened up My Computer Windows XP/W7 dual boot Problem (XP not bootable) looked inside theres both partitions Windows XP and Windows I read some forums that tell you that you can edit Windows boot manager with bcdedit exe using command prompt So I did that added the XP as a boot option and all saying to load off ntldr off the partition it s installed on So I restarted windows and it shows up But it doesn t load anything First time it just gives me a Windows looking startup error So I looked in the Windows XP Drive couldn t find ntldr on the root of the drive searched for it found it in some far in windows folder copied it over to the root I know probably won t work but gave it a shot so I restarted this time it just restarted instead of an error or anything So anyone know how to fix this problem Know what it is What causes it to not give me the option to boot into XP after installing Windows I tried reinstalling XP then W again and did the same thing Suggestions VERY WELL Appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Windows XP/W7 dual boot Problem (XP not bootable)

Hmm.. not sure why you should be having such problems.. but some info and a few thoughts

1) If only for good background, this should help explain the differences between the XP vs. the newer Vista/Win 7 boot loaders
2) Also see here about dual boot instruction

As to fixing where you are:
> Are you running EasyBCD v2 or later?
> Might best start by fixing your XP boot. Use EasyBCD to rewrite the XP MBR or use your XP cd to do a repair install to make sure it's all good
> I would think you then should be able to run EasyBCD to add Win7 to the boot options
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I have a dual boot system that had been working fine until yesterday.

Now when I go to boot Windows the grub menu shows

"Windows Recovery Environment (loader) (on /dev/sda3)"

This leads to a window splash screen that last for about 10 second and then I get a black screen and the system goes no further.

It would seem that grub information on how to find the windows loader has become corrupted.

Any ideas on how to solve this will be appreciated.

A:Dual Boot, Windows 10, Ubuntu Problem

Grub2 is what is used now. How to Configure the GRUB2 Boot Loaders Settings

The issue is that Windows will screw up Grub2, if you make changes.

When you change anything in Grub, you have to write it, so that the Linux Kernel understands what you are doing. You always have to run sudo update grub. Otherwise it does not take.
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Sorry guys if this is in the wrong forum, but since XP is my primary operating system I thought I'd start here. Here's the problem: Yesterday I decided to install Ubuntu on my PC to where I could dual-boot into either Windows or Ubuntu. Well, the installation went fine, but now when I boot up it gives me the option of booting Windows or Ubuntu (this IS what I wanted). Only thing is that it automatically highlights "Ubuntu" instead of Windows and if I don't choose Windows in 5 seconds it boots Ubuntu. Is there any way that I can move "Windows" to the top of the list so that if I don't choose anything, it'll automatically load Windows XP?

A:Windows XP Dual-Boot w/ Ubuntu Problem

How did you install Ubuntu?
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I have followed to remove my XP partition but laptop would not reboot after and I have had to restore the image.

I originally had a dual boot system but have since changed to just a windows 7 boot and want to delete the XP partion to recover space.

I have uploaded screen capture of disk information.

Thanks in advance of assistance

A:Windows 7 - Remove Dual Boot Problem

Hello inthebagbud, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have a look at this tutorial at the link below, it has everything needed to remove the XP partition and recover the space used by XP into the Windows 7 partition, just follow the steps in the order they are presented; be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

Partition : Recover Space Used by an Older OS
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I have a sony vaio vpcyb3v1e. I have windows 8.1 installed and i tried using a bootable usb to install as multi boot, the xp black edition on a separate partition. After doing that i couldn't be able to login in the windows 8.1 OS. I got the message Load needed DLLS for kernel.
Any help?

A:Problem after xp installation for dual boot with windows 8

Set the UEFI/BIOS firmware to LEGACY OS boot & Secure Boot DISABLED, see if LEGACY Windows will boot.
with win 8.1 DVD choose automatic repair
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Hi all,
I set up a dual boot installation with Windows 7 and Windows 8. But I have a problem when booting into Windows 7. Pls, help me.

A:Problem when booting into Windows 7 in dual boot

Originally Posted by kiatisak

Hi all,
I set up a dual boot installation with Windows 7 and Windows 8. But I have a problem when booting into Windows 7. Pls, help me.

You will need to turn off secure boot in the bios.
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Hey guys So i have Windows installed on my system and to create Windows Phone apps i need to install Visual Studio on Windows or higher So I've downloaded Windows as an ISO-file and created a partition for it I shrinked my D volume and created a simple volume see attachment The Samsung Volume is my External Harddisk so do not pay attention to 7 8.1 problem. installation Windows boot dual that Anyway when i start the installation i cannot select the volume I've created It gives me a error saying that quot Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation quot So Windows 7 dual boot 8.1 installation problem. i went back to Disk Management and noticed that all my Volumes in fact my whole Disk is a Dynamic drive What do i do now I need Windows so i wanted it to install it as a dual boot even though i am not a fan of Windows Thank you in advance

A:Windows 7 dual boot 8.1 installation problem.

Apparently you failed to notice when trying to create a new Primary partition in Disk Mgmt that it warned that you already had reached the limit of four and were converting the disk to Dynamic, except for the Recovery partition which is protected. The solution to convert it back non-destructively is to use Option One of Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk.

Since you can have a total of four Primary partitions or three Primary and unlimited contiguous (adjacent) Logical, what I would then do is convert D to a Logical Partition following How to set partition as Primary or Logical with Partition Wizard so that you can add as many adjacent Logicals as you want using Partition Wizard Create Partition - Video Help
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I installed Ubuntu 10.04 earlier today.

I have 6 HDs, and I installed Ubuntu on a 400GB partition on one of my REGULAR HD'S. My Windows installation is on my SSD.

Now, when I turn on my computer my Windows bootloader is showing, not GRUB. And if I press the "Start Windows Nornally" option - my Ubuntu boots. How do I fix this ?

I tried to repair my startup (using the Windows CD) without luck.

Thanks in advance!

A:Dual-boot: Windows 7 & Ubuntu - problem

Did you unplug the SSD when installing Ubuntu?
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Hi guys I SP3 XP installing Problem dual with boot to Windows 7 have to say that you are my last Problem installing Windows 7 to dual boot with XP SP3 hope I really don't know what to do Anyway I have Windows XP with SP and I wanted to install Windows Ultimate today as my secondary OS The problem is after the installation computer reboots as it should and gives me this message in Windows boot manager quot Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause quot It also tells me that there is a problem with Windows System winload exe Trying to repair it didn't help Also I borrowed my friend's copy of Windows but I had the same problem so I'm sure that the disc is not the issue I've tried to do clean install even disconnected my secondary HDD and all other stuff I could but it's always the same I've even tried to use optimized BIOS and fail safe BIOS settings but to no avail I did Windows compatibility test and it says that all of my hardware is compatible with it

A:Problem installing Windows 7 to dual boot with XP SP3

Boot into the Win7 DVD repair console to see if there is an installation to repair. If so, try running Startup Repair up to 3 separate times to get it started up.

If Win7 won't start up, then boot the XP CD to do a Repair Install. It will not be the first "R" for repair option; you need to continue with setup until it discovers an installation to repair, then select R for repair. Google XP repair install for exact steps.

Whichever OS you boot into, post back a screenshot of full DIsk Mgmt drive map so we can advise you further. In Win7 use Snipping tool in Start Menu, attach file with paper clip in Reply box.
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Ok so i cannot Cannot Windows/ Boot Missing/ to BOOTMGR Partition problem boot my Windows bit Dell Studio Cannot Boot to Windows/ BOOTMGR Missing/ Partition problem Problem Cannot boot to Windows Error s BOOTMGR IS MISSING CTRL ALT DEL TO RESTART Description Initally had two partitions C and D Tried to merge C and D to make C more by using Partiton Wizard Computer Restarted BSOD at Starting windows logo Stuck at boot Launched Windows repair Unable to do repairs Dell restore unable to locate present installation quot current installation Unknown at Unknown drive Checked partitions using DISKPART at command prompt Tried to change active partition Restarted BOOTMGR MISSING ERROR Dont even go to startup repair DVD DRIVE of LAPTOP NOT WORKING so made Windows Startup repair USB bootable Now have Access to Recovery Menu Made Partition Wizard Bootable USB Now have access to Partition Wizard Also Tried installing Windows using USB Got error quot installation error verify windows sources are accessible Windows Instalation Problem - Error Code xC quot Stuck at boot now Please advise how to get out of this situation I checked OS drive in partition wizard bootable it is intact Windows installation is there Every drive is ok but somehow booting not from that drive I will attach photographs of Partition Wizard Partiton status Please help

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I set up a dual boot of Ubuntu and Windows on my lenovo u laptop a couple months ago and everything was working fine That was till I found a problem with the wireless when switching from Ubuntu over to I found that if I Ubuntu Windows and boot problem Dual wireless 7 left the wireless off in Ubuntu and restart to the wireless is completely disconnected in Later I learned that if I enabled the wireless in Ubuntu and restart into the wireless works fine Now the major problem is that the Ubuntu update completely screwed the Ubuntu installation The graphics nor the internet worked after the update so basically I'm stuck with the wireless off in Windows Also Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 wireless problem I deleted the Ubuntu partition Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 wireless problem to possibly reinstall it but another problem is that I got the install from a friend who isn't around Someone told me that Ubuntu actually shuts down the wireless card at the hardware level Does anyone know a low level way of enabling the wireless adapter in Windows ipconfig gives me the quot Media disconnected quot message on all of the adapter connections I have already tried reinstalling wireless drivers as well and none of the Windows troubleshooting apps help whatsoever

A:Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 wireless problem

In the bios settings on most modern computers there is an option to enable or disable the wireless adapter.
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My dell laptop is dell inspiron 14R with preinstalled windows 8.I want to install ubuntu 10.04 side by side. I switch to legacy boot option too.But could not install it through disk since during partition table creation, it is not showing any os that is preinstalled.Its imp for me to install ubuntu.
I even reinstalled window 8 in legacy mode and SATA option AHCI and then tried to install ubuntu.Even in that case, same problem exists.In case of ATA option, it even doesn,t show any partion to install ubuntu

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I am writing this on another computer I can assure you that I have 7 Windows installed Dual-boot, computer on a with with XP Problem never found myself in this kind of frustration when it comes to computers I have a computer which has Windows installed on it I have some old games and applications I've always wanted to use but couldn't because of compatibility issues I decided to follow a tutorial here on this forum to install Windows XP using dual boot Now my computer has two internal Problem with Dual-boot, installed XP on a computer with Windows 7 drives An SSD of GB with Windows on it and a TB drive which I split into two Problem with Dual-boot, installed XP on a computer with Windows 7 partitions in order to be able to install Windows XP I have also supposedly slipstreamed the Problem with Dual-boot, installed XP on a computer with Windows 7 drivers into the installation All went fine in the setup until it had to restart It restarted and I was greeted by the Windows XP Pro loading screen I was proud of myself that I had managed to do it oh wait only seconds passed and this beast BSOD pops up Error code x B I tried to restart again and noticed I am stuck on Windows XP now something that has to do with the bootloader from what I've read I tried inserting the Windows OEM disk and performed a repair used the bootrec commands Kept saying no element found made the partition active using diskpart searched for COUNTLESS hours on the internet maybe something on some forum could be of some help nothing And finally MY WORST MISTAKE was deleting the partition I quot installed quot Windows XP on When I try to boot I'm now stuck with Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem Could not read from the selected boot disk Check boot path and disk hardware Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for addition information I tried using diskpart to change the drive letters back to the original ones nothing I think that this message I'm getting is coming from XP I need some REAL help with this How to get back to Windows Are my files safe Will using an adapter to connect the harddrive as a USB to another computer get me back my files I've done a backup but I forgot that some more up to date files are in my GB SSD drive I am in some real trouble and need some help ASAP I know how to format but I would like to keep that as a LAST resort Thanks

A:Problem with Dual-boot, installed XP on a computer with Windows 7

If you have separate hard drives then you should have unplugged the Win7 SSD to install XP on the other hard drive so this could not happen. Then boot your choice via the BIOS.

Now unplug all other drives and peripherals besides the Win7 SSD, confirm the 100mb System Reserved (if you have it) or the Win7 partition (if you don't) is Partition Marked Active,

Then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times until Win7 starts.

If you want to install XP, unplug all other drives except the drive you want it installed upon. Using the XP CD, I would delete its partition, create and full format new to make sure you have the XP partition table.
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Hello friends,

I am trying to make my new laptop hp- dv6 3174 dual boot with two operating systems Windows 7(which is preinstalled) and Ubuntu 10.10.
But after i install ubuntu, windows is getting erased. I tried repairing with system repair disc but not possible. Even if i put system repair disc it again ask to insert repair disc. And if i try to repair is with system image it replaces ubuntu with windows 7.
I asked some people here they are saying its issue with hp and not windows.
If anybody can solve this issue will be of gr8 help.

thank you

A:Dual boot problem while installing ubuntu 10.10 with windows 7 on hp

Please state it clearly, precisely, I mean.

Can you start Windows 7 now?