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Change File Location for DVD Burning

Q: Change File Location for DVD Burning

I'm trying to burn files to a double layer DVD +R using Windows Explorer. The total size of my files is:
7.43 GB (7,980,351,488 bytes)
When I drag the files onto the disc, I get this error:
"There is not enough space on BD-RE Drive. You need an additional 3.28 GB to copy these files."

My C and D drives only have about 4GB free each, so Windows must be trying to use one of those to store the temporary files before they're burned. But my E drive has about 40GB free. How do I get Windows to use that drive instead?
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Preferred Solution: Change File Location for DVD Burning

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a 240gb ssd and want to move my Downloads, Docs, Music ect.. to a bigger hard drive. When I access the files properties, then change location it changes them all to the same location? Any idea on how to move them without all files adjusting to same location?
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Hi, I was trying to change the location of my desktop file in my laptop but, accidently I selected a location in my user name folder ie C:\\user\. Because of this now my desktop shows all the files inside my user name folder and I can't fix it to show only the files in the desktop. Is there any way I can fix it??

I have tried to re-move that folder in to other location, but since that is a folder associated with my account (user name) the system won't let me do that. Please help !

A:Desktop file location change

Your best bet is a system restore to a point in time before you attempted the file location change.

If that doesn't work or you don't have any system restore points, this tutorial explains how to return user folders to their default location.

User Folders - Restore Default Location
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i was just looking into speedeing things up in vista

and wondered would it be possible to move my page file to a usb flash drive and would that improve the performace of it (the page file) and in turn vista?

any info advice on the matter would be much apreciated


A:is it possible to change location of page file?

Yes it is possible however I'm not sure that it would really help considering the transfer speed (unless that is you have USB 3.0 with a USB 3.0 device) especially if your pagefile is hardly used.

Virtual Memory Paging File - Change
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I'm dealing with a user whose Default File Location in Excel 2000 will not change from her My Documents location. She wants it changed to a network location and we've used the UNC path (\\servername\share\subfolder1\subfolder2) and a mapped drive she has set up (P:\Accounting\Groups\etc).

However, neither one holds. The network location will hold for a day or 2 and then revert back to her My Documents location.

Does anyone have any ideas on a fix?



A:Excel default file location won't change

You may be able to get away with using a macro that is attached to the Personal.xls template. Just add the code to the workbook_open event of the template file (Personal.xls) so that it will fire each time Excel is opened. If you are unsure how to access Personal.xls just follow these steps.

1) Open Excel and record a macro using the macro recorder. When the macro recorder box pops up change the option under "Store Macro In" from This Workbook to Personal Macro Workbook and click OK. This will create your Excel template called Personal.xls

2) Stop the macro recorder (doesn't matter if no action was taken)

3) Press ALT + F11 to bring up the VB editor.

4) Drill through the project explorer Window on left to find object called "ThisWorkbook" under Personal.xls and right click it and choose view code.

5) Paste the code below into the blank code module and save.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Application.DefaultFilePath = "C:\YourPath"

End Sub
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Just clean installed Win on its own partition and installed Outlook Outlook worked fine when I set it up and its data files were on C Since my to location data file outlook change how data files are on a different partition M I changed quot Documents quot quot Music quot and etc to the M partition After when I opened Outlook a window opened and let me change the drive letters from C to M the problem is that now I get an error x F quot Outlook data file cannot be accessed how to change outlook data file location quot when I open Outlook I can not figure out a way to find the window again that allows me to set the Data File Location I read somewhere that it is best to leave it on C but I can't find a way to do that My internet service is how to change outlook data file location Sympatico and they can't help me - told me to uninstall Outlook and re-install it but I don't see how that will help Any one else run into this problem

A:how to change outlook data file location

Can someone point me in a direction where I might get some help. I tried Outlook books but no help. I can't seem to find an Microsoft site that would be helpful. I need to get it running ASAP.

Thank You
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I would like to move it to:


But, when I try to add a new one and delete the default in outlook XP, it tells me no.

also, is there anyway to have calendar reminders appear without outlook actually running?

A:Change location of default .pst file (outlook XP)


See if this helps:

How to change your default PST file in Outlook 2002
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In a nutshell: How to change default save location for PRG Maker Ace for better privacy.

Hello, I have a question about the Windows Library system. I recently downloaded RPG Maker Ace and when I try to save the game/project, it saves it in Documents! I would like to know if there is any way to change or stop this program (also happens with some video games) from saving the projects in this location and possibly save it in a sub-folder of Documents or within the Program x86 files themselves.

Program: RPG Maker VX Ace | RPG Maker | Create A Game!

Note: Please do not reply if your answer is going to be: "Make a thread about it in their forums."

A:RPG Maker Ace Save File Location Change

Welcome to Seven Forums lurker. In searching it appears it may be as easy as moving the folder to another location. Have a look at these threads:

How to save your project outside of RPG Maker VX - RPG Maker VX Community

Project Save Location Change Help - RPG Maker VX Ace - RPG Maker Forums

Changing SaveFile Location - RPG Maker VX Ace - RPG Maker Forums

A Guy

P.S. Or make a thread about it in their forms
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I would really appreciate help with the following:
In Kodak EasyShare I want to change the location where pictures are stored. I have not been able to do this despite spending hours experimenting.

There does not seem to be any way to change from the default location that EasyShare installs.

I tried backing up and then restoring to a different location. I was able to do this and the files have been copied to the new location but I cannot get EasyShare to access the files in the new location - it just continues to use the old default location.

There does not seem to be any way to enter/modify a path to the file location.

I have searched extensively in the Help program and in the FAQ at the Kodak site but found nothing helpful.

Would really appreciate any advice/help with this.


A:EasyShare: How to change path, file location

You can the default location in the Easy Share programs options. I just did this for my parents a few weeks agao. It's there and pretty obvious it's got the entire save path listed. I can't be more specific then that since I don't use it.
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I am using Microsoft Excel 97 and no matter how often I change the default file location from Tools-Options-Genenral Tab, when I restart the program, it goes back to original default file location. Microsoft word 97 does allow me to change it but Excel does not! Is there any way so that I don't have to keep changing it (such as from registry)? I also have other non-Microsoft software that I want to change default file location as well. Please help me. Thank you.

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In Word 2000 there was a field to put the location where you wanted the files to be kept. In 2003 the same field is there for Excel and Power Point but not for Word. It lists the drives where the files are kept but no way I have found to change.

A:change file location in Word 2003

Word - Tools - Options - File Locations - Highlight Documents in the list - Modify button below the list box.....
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Hi Recently I installed x SSD Drives in a RAID allowing me to have storage space as well as speed In the past I have changed My Documents My Pictures ect to another HDD D Can some one tell me properly my target change file do I How path/Location? the correct steps to do such How do I properly change my file target path/Location? a thing I have right clicked on each How do I properly change my file target path/Location? file folder I How do I properly change my file target path/Location? want to have on another HDD D and chose quot MOVE Target quot and quot Find Target quot and changed it from my C to my D so as to not take up space on my SSD's The problem I am having is that Windows keeps putting these folders into my C by default so basically I have of every folder I only want one Windows puts one on my C and I have one on my D the C is empty and my D has my stuff How do I correct this If you need pic's or more info I will post what you need Thanks in advance

A:How do I properly change my file target path/Location?

There are registry edits you can do to point Windows to your other drive but IMO they are more trouble than they are worth. Personally, I just recreate the folders on my hdd and then forget about the ones on the ssd. A few unused folders on the ssd don't take much space or bother anything.

Using the "libraries" feature of Win 7, you can add the new folders from your hdd to the Documents, Pictures, Music, etc... Libraries so they are readily accessible. You can even remove the folders on your ssd from the Libraries if seeing the empty folder there bothers you.
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A quick Google search did not turn up anything.

I want to change the Fie Explorer default opening location from the Libraries to 'This PC -> Desktop'. However, both 'Target' and 'Start In' fields in the File Explorer properties are greyed out.

I am an administrator, and as far as I can tell with my level of know-how, I have full permissions.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Can't change default opening location of File Explorer

Hello Ali Abela, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to change the default open to target for File Explorer.

File Explorer Taskbar Icon - Change Open To Target

Hope this helps,
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hi there. i am running outlook 2003 on an exchange server and have a signature file for outgoing emails which is saved on the c:\ in documents and settings. is it possible to make outlook look for the file from another location e.g one of our other network drives n:\

what this would let us achieve is that if i was to move to another pc for example, when i log in with my username outlook would search for my signature file on the network and allow me to use it without creating another, if i was to move to another pc the same day it would follow me to that one.

sorry if this sounds overly complicated or if i sound thick, if it cant be done thats ok



A:change signature file location in outlook 2003


Seems to indicate that this is not possible.

What you might be able to do however is locate your entire machine profile on a network share, and then have each machine load the profile (including signatures) from there.
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I am attempting to create an image for a ASUS laptop running Windows It has a GB internal drive that is divided into a - file image location Create temp change GB OS partition a small GB Recovery partition When I attempt to create the image it finds my external drive and starts to build the file then stops with an error - there is not sufficient space to create the image on either the destination drive or internal drive I had a TB drive with TB free space Thought it was a large drive problem Create image - change temp file location so wen to a Tb drive same problem I then tried a TB drive same problem I then Create image - change temp file location attached the TB drive to a Windows system that does not have the small Create image - change temp file location recovery partition and the image was created with no problems After trying the image again on the ASUS laptop I noted the back-up never touched the external drive I read the error message further and noted it also said there was not sufficient space on either the destination drive or internal drive It appears the backup is trying to create the temporary image on the last partition found GB recovery partition on the internal drive and cannot find the necessary space I am looking for a way to change the default location for the temp file I have friends that are buying Windows PC and will be running into the same problem Thanks

A:Create image - change temp file location

Are you sure its trying to create it on the recovery partition? I find it odd that it would even use that partition.Have you tried monitoring it with Procmon to see where the process is writing to?
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I run a desktop system with multiple physical hard drives I maintain a strict practice of locating ALL data files on a drive other than drive C This includes my Internet Explorer Favorites my e-mail and my e-mail Live can default file? Windows Mail change How I Contacts of location address book Using Outlook Express under Windows XP I have been able to do this with no difficulty though sometimes editing the Registry was necessary Now switching over to Windows I can no longer use Outlook Express So I am trying to set up Windows Live Mail so that BOTH the e-mail files and the Contacts file address book are located on a different drive There is a built-in provision in Windows Live Mail to change the default How can I change default location of Windows Live Mail Contacts file? location of the e-mail files themselves but there does not appear to be any provision for changing the location of the Contacts file even by editing the Registry so far as I can see Does anyone know if it is POSSIBLE to do this and if so HOW Regards to all oldguy

A:How can I change default location of Windows Live Mail Contacts file?

There's no easy way to change the location of WEMail contacts. Any registry hacks for any Windows application only makes your system less stable. I don't know of any registry tricks for this.

A better way is to move your entire user profile to a sperate partition on the root drive.

User Profile - Change Default Location - Method One

This is preferred over changing individual standard folders location in the folder properties (Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos) and changing default locations inside an application (Msg Store location).

I set up my system that way, it's much cleaner and a reinstall doesn't affect that User profile partition (unless you do a factory reset or tell the install to use the entire drive).

You should use the root drive so that it is always available when you boot the system.
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I've finished a new build that uses a SSD as the system drive and some programs and has a secondary HDD I'm just getting ready to add programs and move data documents photos music etc to the new system First time SSD user and have done most of the suggested configurations to prolong SSD life As I understand it the main cause of SSD performance and or link Change Symbolic folder/file Junction? - Move, use location longevity degradation is caused by excessive or continuous writes to the drive In order to avoid this I plan on using the secondary HDD as the location for My Documents My Music My Pictures and other data such as AppData which I believe gets written to a lot Also have read that SSD performance decreases as the drive fills so that's why I plan on putting most of my data and programs on the secondary HDD I'm checking out options for doing this properly and know I can use the Move function under Location tab for the folder to change the location of some of the above system folders I've been looking at info on using either Symbolic Links or Junctions to achieve the same effect Hope my questions and Change folder/file location - use Move, Symbolic link or Junction? intentions are clear Would appreciate any suggestions or comments on which method or combinations would be the best to use System specs Silverstone TJ B-E micro ATX case ASRock Z Pro -M micro ATX MB Intel i K CPU Samsung GB SATA SSD WD Caviar Black GB SATA HDD EVGA GTX GB Corsair Vengeance DDR SDRAM Cooler Master Hyper EVO Windows HP -bit

A:Change folder/file location - use Move, Symbolic link or Junction?

Did you install much software already? Did you change a lot of usersettings (not systemwide) already?
it's very difficult to modify all junction points to point to new location. And some programs read registry setting to determine were "My documents" is pointing to and COPY that to their registry settings.
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how do i change my network location to its true location

see where my web sites on msn is?

A:change my network location to its true location

is there not a way to change this?
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Hi In Windows and file as" NOT the Paint "Save source is MS location location as far as I can remember in all previous Windows versions I used to be able to do the following In Windows Explorer Open a jpg file from anywhere MS Paint "Save as" location is NOT the file source location in my file system by right mouse clicking and choosing quot edit quot After editing quot Save as quot press F and save the edited file IN ITS ORIGINAL LOCATION but under a different name Now in Windows the situation is different In Windows Explorer I open a jpg file from anywhere in my file system by right mouse clicking and choosing quot edit quot After editing quot Save as quot F opens a dialogue box that suggests I save the file NOT in its original location but in a location that is either the default quot pictures quot directory or the directory that was previously used as a quot save as quot location in Paint these locations are stored in the registry key quot HKEY CURRENT USER SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Applets Paint Recent File List quot Now I'd like very much to get the old Windows type situation back because this does not work for me It's very inconvenient to have to scroll and click my way through the quot save as quot dialogue box until I finally find the directory where the edited file was stored in the first place Why o why does Windows not remember this location I've searched through the internet but it seems nobody else has this problem I've searched the registry for the word quot paint quot but was not able to find a setting that would suggest to have some influence on the default saving location of Paint Can someone please please help me It's driving me nuts And it's sooo frustrating knowing that it used to work like a charm in WIN and before To clarify the difficulty I experience I perhaps should add that the jpg files I most frequently edit are located on shares on my NAS in paths such as M KLAS Bach Kerk Jos van Veldhoven Matth us Passion BWV - scans jpg As you can see that's buried quite deeply into the file system And so it costs all the more time and effort to find my way back from the previously edited jpg say M KLAS Bruckner Orkest Chailly Symfonie Nr amp Wolf - Goethe Lieder Goerne KCO scans jpg P S I read somewhere that the quot save as quot dialogue boxes for Paint and Notepad should be basically the same But when I use Notepad to edit some txt file and afterwards use the quot save as quot option it does direct me to the original location of the edited file just as it used to do in Windows That tells me that it should still be possible to get the old quot save as quot behaviour back for Paint Or am I being too optimistic here P P S F does not work anymore in Notepad You have to go through the menu quot File quot - gt quot Save as quot That's also a pain in the ass Which registry key will do the trick for me

A:MS Paint "Save as" location is NOT the file source location

Hello hvaleton Welcome to the Ten Forums!

I just right clicked on an image file here and chose the Edit option and the "save as" to save the jpeg file with the word "duplicate" added into the file name to save it in the original location. You may want to try starting with the Paint app first you find in the Start>AllApps>Windows Accessories list and then simply choose the open option in the file menu to browse to and select the intended file. You can also see that pinned to the Start menu as well as to the main taskbar with a fast right click.

If your copy of 10 was an upgrade install that might explain the problem you are seeing since the upgrade install tends to not see everything go on fully at times. The word "Buggy" tends to fit the bill for that type of install and not specific to 10 only but every version coming up from Legacy to 9x onto ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and now 10.

The one thing favored with having the Windows Photo Viewer restored replaced by Photos in 10 is that once you have any image or photo in view you can simply to upto the menu and select the "Make a copy" option and browse to the location you want the new copy to be created and saved to on the spot.

You just can't alter things like you can with MS Paint or the favorite for many 3rd party free image editing program known as PaintNet. Besides painting over and erasing things if not drawing lines under and around objects in an image you can add new layers in order to insert cutouts with that one.
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In Windows 7, all the good icons are in %SystemRoot%\system32\imageres.dll, but we're still taken to the old SHELL32.dll when it comes time to change an icon.

Is there a registry key or something that we can change to remedy this?

A:Change default location for "Change Icon..." button?

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I live in the Uk and was wondering can you change your location so i can download win 8 apps from the usa app store as i would like to use iheart radio app. Is this possible? Thank you

A:How Do You Change Location?

Hello Andre,

The tutorial below can help show you how to change your region location in Windows 8.

Location - Change Region Home Location in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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I've been really annoyed with the regenerating Searches and Favorites folders that pop up under my user and I saw that one potential fix of it was to click under Location and move it to somewhere else Well I chose Temp I figured hey whenever the Favorites folder regenerates it'll be under the Temp folder and it'll just erase itself and whatnot Except instead it changed the Favorites folder to Temp under user Now it won't Change Location Can't let me erase it because it says there's stuff currently active So I make the mistake of moving the location of THAT to Can't Change Location OS and now naturally OS is under my user and can't be removed On top of that Favorites has just regenerated so now I've got the same problem I had before except on top of it a duplicate OS folder is located under my username How do I fix this The last thing I want to do is click on the duplicate OS and quot restore default quot so it sends OS stuff to the Favorites folder if Can't Change Location it would even allow that especially because for some stupid reason the Temp files are being sent there now I don't want to just quot hide quot the folder because I have it so hidden folders are shown I don't have a backup from yesterday to restore my computer I don't want to restore my whole computer back to factory settings Is there anything I can do to at least put this duplicate OS safely gone with Temp being fully restored and not in the Favorites folder even if it means I have to keep the stupid regenerating empty Favorites folder

A:Can't Change Location

After manually selecting all the contents of the Favorites folder (which housed some, but not all, of the temp files), and deleting them, I was able to delete the Favorites folder, but I'm pretty sure that when it regenerates, it'll be the Temp files in there rather than the empty Favorites folder.

And the more pressing issue of the OS is still hanging there. There's no option to delete (not that I would try doing that anyway) and if I click the Properties > Location for it, and then "restore default", it says to send all OS files to C:\Users\(username)\Favorites.

Does anybody know how I can fix these problems? I'd REALLY appreciate the help!
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I would like to change the location setting of my system. The reason is that Windows 8 will assume the location of my provider which is some 100 kms away from where I live and I would like to set it to my actual location.
I know how to switch location on or off but not how to change the location.
Please advise.

A:Change location

This might be what you're looking for.....

Change the country or region setting
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My weather app keeps telling me the conditions & forecast for Helena, Montana. I am sure it is a wonderful place, and I am thrilled to know it is now 32 degrees F outside, however I live in New Jersey. I cannot find a "change location" function in its settings. Where does the weather app get its location info from, and how can I correct it? Thanks!

A:Change location in weather app.

Right-click and setting should show up on the top. Click on places and add the new location.

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I want to change default save location in word,excel, P.point, acess. currently default location is c:/my documents.
I have to partitions C: and D:
I want them to be in D:/my documents. is there practical way to do so?
I know I can change it one by one by clicking option-file location-modify.


A:change default location

donatbollonk said:

I know I can change it one by one by clicking option-file location-modify.

Click to expand...

Why don't you like this procedure? It will take approximately 5 minutes to modify default location of file for these applications.
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Hello everyone
I have tried EVERY thread on here to change network location from public to home on Windows 10.
NOTHING has worked so far,
Most of the threads are for old builds.

How the hell do you change Network Location from public to private in Windows 10?

Have tried regedit, powershell etc.


A:Network Location Change

Hello Mike, and welcome to Ten Forums.

If you haven't already, the tutorial below may be able to help for setting your network location.

Network Location - Set to Private or Public in Windows 10
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I really don't like the suggestions of the Explore menu because it's highlighting all the ****ty autotuned rappers that pretty much plague France right now... When I go to the website this is not an issue as the suggestions seems to be rather worldwide based instead of country based... Is there a way to force Groove to change its location?
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I'd like to change the location of My Documents, but they've removed the location tab that was present in Vista. What I'm looking to do is set the location of My Documents to E: (Western Digital 1TB My Book) as opposed to C: (Primary 150GB Hard-Drive) because of the much needed storage space.

User Folders - Change Default Location

Note: I'm using the super-admin account instead of the limited one, so I should have full access to just about everything.

Any help is much appreciated.

A:Change Location of My Documents

Quote: Originally Posted by Kill3dwardDead

I'd like to change the location of My Documents, but they've removed the location tab that was present in Vista. What I'm looking to do is set the location of My Documents to E: (Western Digital 1TB My Book) as opposed to C: (Primary 150GB Hard-Drive) because of the much needed storage space.

User Folders - Change Default Location

Note: I'm using the super-admin account instead of the limited one, so I should have full access to just about everything.

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi Kill3dwardDead,

No Microsoft didn't remove the Location Tab, your just clicking properties for the wrong item

Your clicking properties on the Library folder called "Documents", instead expand the library folder and click properties on the "My Documents" folder, from there you can see the location tab and change its location

Hope it helps.

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Hi I currently have my Xbox connected up to my Laptop via Ethernet and I am Location Network LAN? Change for having a problem with streaming videos and music Everything else works fine it connects to Xbox Live etc and Change Network Location for LAN? connects to Change Network Location for LAN? the Laptop and finds the video files it just won't play them It gives the error 'The connection to your computer was lost Make sure your computer is turned on connected to the network and running media sharing software Status Code -C DF ' I can't find much information about this error apart from one person stating that the ethernet connection to their Xbox had made itself public rather than private and could fix it by changing it to private again This is where I'm having a problem The connection is showing up as an unidentified network with no internet access and as a public network Change Network Location for LAN? I can't figure out how to change it to a private network there just doesn't seem to be an option Everything else on the laptop is working fine my firewall is configured correctly media player is sharing correctly the homegroup is set up etc It just won't stream the video and the only thing I can think of now is that it needs to be a private network in order to allow streaming I just can't change it I have attached a screenshot of my network amp sharing centre to show you how it won't let me change the network location type Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Chris

A:Change Network Location for LAN?

That screenshot is showing another network on your pc unconnected. I am guessing that it is your unused onboard lan. If you never wire your pc to use a connection and only use wireless, go to the device manager and disable the onboard lan.

Make sure you have UPnP Device Host service set to auto and that it is currently running. Do that by typing services.msc in the start menu's search box.
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Hi i was wondering in windows xp and any windows os really... is it possible to change the location of the desktop folder? For instance i want to move it to another drive. When i save something to my desktop it will go to that drive instead of my C drive.

A:Is it possible to change the location of the desk top?
Definitely less easy than with "My Documents" (where you right-click and change target)
It might be a bit dangerous too, if you need to unplug drives or something. I wonder how Windows would behave if it couldn't find the path at logon.
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usually in default its located in "C:\ProgramData" with 32bit/64bit and its hidden i want to change the location to another driver like i manage to change the Appdata to another driver using Regedit this is very useful for me cause every time i get a virus that will end up reformatting my OS my files stored in Appdata will be saved and it saves me a lot of time but i can't find how to change ProgramData in regedit so anyone here knows how?

A:How can i change the ProgramData's location?

Very useful post about changing the ProgramData file location. I also want to know how can we change it so that we can get rid of those viruses trying to destroy the data.
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Is it possible to change the location of the default "my music" file, I bought a NAS and want to redirect to this

A:how to change location of my music

Right click and drag the "My Music" folder to it's new location and select "move". This will not only move the "My Music" folder but also the contents.

More info here if needed. How to redirect special folders in Windows XP
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I just reinstalled xp pro sp3 onto an already built computer. It had 2 hard drives with 2 partitions on one and one on another.
The one hard drive has my os and apps on one partition and docs on the other. The other hard drive has my videos on it.
Well, I had no problem getting my document folder to switch to the E partition but I am not sure how to get the my video folder over to the D drive correctly. I have tried but I don't think it is right. Anyone?

A:How do I change the location of My Videos

This may help:
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Hi all! I am new to Windows 7 and this wonderful forum. I did some search and could'nt find an answer. I realised that Windows 7 saved all my stuff in the public folder. Is there anyway I can alter it to save in My documents instead of public documents? Thanks in advance for any answer.

A:How to Change Default location

Saves what stuff? Downloading from internet or what? be more specific on what its saving.
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Hi everyone,

I'm getting tired of backing up every new Win7 Build so I thought to chuck all my data on my 2nd HDD and that way backups won't be needed.

There's only one thing...Fonts.

I want to change the default C:\Windows\Fonts Dir to D:\Fonts


and restarted, but there hasn't been a change, all fonts still go to C:\Windows\Fonts.

Is there anyway of doing this?


A:Change Location of Fonts Dir

I think the problem you are having is due to MS's transition to relational database friendly OS. The registry will be non-existent or minimal in future MS operating systems as a result of this transition. The configuration for the system directories is apparently one of the early parts affected.

If this is the case, I don't know how to fix it, but I know where you'll want to look. Your problem will have to do with setting the value of FOLDERID_Fonts (CSIDL_FONTS). I would venture to guess that this is set by some .msc configuration application, likely one in the system32\en-US\ folder.

Good luck
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I often want to restore files from the Recycle Bin to a common folder and do other such file operations. However, the limitations on C:\RECYCLER access are annoying.

Is there a way to:

a) change the location of the Recycle Bin?
b) reroute all or most deleted files to a specific folder (say, D:\)?


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I have been having this problem with yahoo and other websites showing me from a different location and on yahoo when I try to change it to my current location it keeps telling me unable to change location and when I tell it to detect my location it shows my location and when I try to set that it says unable to set location, what should I do, I have already tried resetting IE10, disconnecting and re-connecting my wireless adapter, and I can't think of anything else to do, any suggestions would be helpful, thank you in advance.

A:Yahoo cannot change my location

Seemingly a similar issue as this question you asked,
Facebook showing me logged in from different location
How does Yahoo react to the location using Firefox ?
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I just finished installing Win 7 on its own drive (for the 2nd time) and on a separate partition. The problem is that I can't point "Program Files" to its partition. I watched the video by W.H. Schroeder but when i click on "Properties" for the file folder "Program Files" Win 7 does not show a "Location" tab so could change it from C: to M:. There must be a way because others have multiple partitions in Win 7 but it seems to be eluding me.

A:How to change LOCATION of a directory in Win 7

You can move the User folders if you want.
Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Podcasts

In fact, I would recommend do this, keeping User DATA seperate from the OS.

1) It keeps fragmentation down
2) I makes creating a system Image/Backup much faster.
3) In the even you must reinstall Windows, all of your User DATA in these folders will remain on the selected hard Drive, so you do not loose it by formating.

But you can not move "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)"
And why would you want to?

If installed programs are not with the OS and you must restore a image or backup to a time BEFORE a certain app was installed, it may no longer work.

If you re-instal Windows, those applications on the other drive may no longer work either.
You will still have to re-install them.

Installed programs should be with Windows.

If for Some reason you want an Application installed to a different drive (separate from the OS) you can simply make a Folder on that drive for those programs.
Then manually choose the install directory.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding your question here.
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I'm running Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2.

How can I tell Windows to use an alternate path for My Documents?

ie. Instead of C:\Documents and Settings\user\
Use D:\Documents and Settings\user\ ?

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I am new here and I know this has been discussed before because I just read it today but I can't manage to find it again.

I am wanting to change the default save location from my SSD to my HDD. My SSD contains my OS and I want to keep it fairly empty. I know I need to get into regedit and make a few changes but I'm not 100% sure.

Last time I did this I had to restore because I couldn't access regedit or download anything so I know I made a mistake somewhere anyone with some better knowledge that can I help ill be very happy but in the mean time ill look for that write up thanks in advance.

A:How to change save location

What exactly are you trying to save?
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when I right click on an image I get the message "save the image as" and the default location is 'my pictures'.

how do I change the default location?

any help would be appreciated,


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Hi guys, new to the forum, and already need help

i just reformatted my computer i decided ill change my documents location to another drive where my stuff was backed up AKA my old documents folder. What happened was it wanted to make it so it merged the two folders together so that there wont be 2 my music, 2 my pictures, and 2 my videos. But instead of merging it deleted everything in those 3 folders, now im stuck with no music and pictures, video doesnt matter, actually my main concern is the pictures. I am running Vista Enterprise. thank you in advance

A:Change my documents location

You'll need to use a software to recover deleted files. You should stop using your computer till you can get hold of the software (there are many; Active Undelete is a good one) so that any of your activities do not overwrite the deleted files (when windows deletes files, it leaves the data on the drive but marks that space as free, so there is a chance of it being still there and recoverable).
Use the advanced scan feature if you're using Active Undelete, and recover the files to a different harddisk/partition that the one you're recovering from.
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I usually try to separate data from system files and programs, to counter defragmentation and for better backup possibilities. So I would like to change the location of the user folders (by default: c:\users) so that user data is stored on my data partition instead (d:\users). So far I was able to manually move most of the "My XYZ" folders ("My Documents", etc.) by clicking "properties" and then "Path". However, it is not possible for all of it, and I also would like to move all those roaming/appdata folders, so that user-specific configurations are moved as well.

Is that possible?

A:Change location of user folders?

Hello Jaochoo,

Yes, this is possible, but it's best to have done this with a clean install before installing any programs.

User Profile - Change Default Location

User Profiles - Create and Move During Windows 7 Installation

Hope this helps,
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Hello everyone,

Always when i install a new version of windows i change the default location of music, documents, downloads etc. Accidentally i change the documents folder to Documents without the \ after D: (don't know why windows let me choose this location in the first place). But I can't change the location, every time i right click on the documents folder to change the location, explorer crashes.
First I thought it wouldn't be a big problem by changing the default folder in different programs to D:\Documents for example in Office. But for soms programs it's a problem, I can't change the default folder and it takes Documents which gives an error.
It's also creating random documents folders on my D partiton.

How can I change the default folder for documents?


PS I'm not talking about the library folders, but the folders underneath "This PC"

A:Change default documents location


Open Regedit and navigate to this subkey:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

In the right pane, make your appropriate edits for whatever you want to do. The ones of interest to you seem to be: Personal, My Music, My Pictures, My Video and {374DE290-123F-4565-9164-39C4925E467B} <<<(for Downloads).

This location may be of interest too:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

You must stop explorer.exe with task manager, then restart it with task manager, for changes to take effect. Or reboot instead.

If it still crashes after, look to find the culprit software with ShellExView.
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I am currently using the built in Windows Game DVR, and I want to change the default save location. I have read other threads, but they don't help me at all. I do not have an account with Xbox and I don't plan on getting one. Is there anyway I can do this? I would love to save it on my other HDD.

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I set IE8's Temp folder to another drive and the temp files are properly stored there.

But I would also like to store the cookies on another drectory.

Is this possible? How?

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Hello I have a 64gb ssd with windows 8 installed on it , and I would like to install all my programs to d drive which is a 1tb drive , but if can't find any options to do this ...
can it be done ????

many thanks

A:can i change the location to install programs ??

Originally Posted by Jonnydoe

Hello I have a 64gb ssd with windows 8 installed on it , and I would like to install all my programs to d drive which is a 1tb drive , but if can't find any options to do this ...
can it be done ????

many thanks

Welcome to the windows 8 forum.

Most programs during the initial setup phase allow a choice between default and customization of the location for the program and it's files. Some files are required to be installed in the programs directory and some in the windows directories.
Just the way it is. but select customize and most allow you to install on another drive and directory.

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I recently built a new pc and I installed the os on my ssd. Now I want to keep my ssd clean from everything apart from my main applications. I changed the program files thing in regedit so new programs install to my hdd but I still get programs that dump their files in my ssd. for example i recently installed vlc and it dumped all the files into (my ssd):\Users\my_pc\VLC. is there anyway to change this? dropbox did the same thing.

I really want to keep my ssd as clean as possible. is there anyway to set it up so that all programs that are being installed that don't give you a chance to change the directory go straight to my hdd?

Thanks very much

A:How can i change the default installation location?

Programs usually always ask you where to put it, you just change the drive letter. VLC didn`t give you this option ?

I use VLC all the time, run it off the ssd anyway.
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My hard disk is divided into two partitions a C:\ and a D:\ drive. I want to reformat and create just one partition C:\. However most of my applications are on the D:\ drive so when I upload from my backup (including the Registry's backup) there will be a "disconnect" between the Registry's location (D:\) and the current location C:\.
Question: is there a quick and easy way to go into Regedit and change all the D:\drives to C:\???
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I have an annoying problem. I run 4 different email accounts thru T.B. When I save an Email to be sent later, it gets stored in an "Unsent" folder Under "Local Folders" not the "unsent" folder under the Account I created the email from. Is there an easy way to have all "unsent" emails from Acct: A1 stored in the "Unsent" folder for Acct: A1 not under "local folders". Thanks!

A:How Can I Change The Location Of "unsent" Messages In T.b. 1.5.1

Go to Tools > Account Settings (or in the folder tree on the left right click on any of the account names & select Properties). Highlight Copies & Folders & under When Sending Messages, automatically > Place a Copy In, select "Sent" Folder on: use the drop down arrow to the right & select the folder you want to use other than Local Folder. You will have to do this for each account.Click on Pic:
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HI You guys worked a miracle for me yesterday now I want to fix my machine so to location Change SAVE default Need TO I don t have the problem again When I originate a Word doc and use the SAVE AS SAVE TO feature it automatically opens to MY DOCUMENTS as the default HOWEVER when I try to save an attachment to an email it opens up some hidden file area that if I don t remember to redirect the file to My Documents it s gone I want to change the default to My Documents This MS article is probably the right Need to Change default SAVE TO location thing but I do not have the registry value in my machine that they reference The link below may be useful for you in the future It explains how to change the default location to the quot My Documents quot folder when saving e-mails and attachments http support microsoft com kb The path my computer uses to save attachment docs is C Documents and Settings My Name Local Settings Temporary Internet Files OLK Weird Anyway if anyone has a way to change this I d sure appreciate some help And as always THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH You guys ROCK Best MIGolferGirl nbsp

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I recently purchased an SSD and would like to move the cache location of the Metro Apps to my D:\. This way it limits the writes to the SSD. Is there anyway to do this?

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When I change an icon, it opens %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll I'd like to change that. I hate the stock Windows icons. So, I use custom icons. When I change an icon, I want it to open up my Icon folder. My folder is located at My Computer/Local Disc (C)/My Icons

That's where I'd like the Change Icon to point.

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This one is VERY weird. Whenever I try to save a document to MyDocuments on computer 1, the file is saved instead to another computer on my home network. If I right click on MyDocuments/Properties, the target location on the Target tab is shown correctly (C:\Documents and Settings\my name\My Documents) and is editable. But on the General tab the target is shown as \\my other computer\my documents and it can't be changed. What is going on here? I never made this change, wouldn't even know how. Nothing I do in the editable box on the Target tab affects what is shown on the General tab or the fact that all files are sent to my other computer. How do I get rid of this?

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Hello This little thing has been annoying me since Win came out and finally figured I'd ask if there is some hack to change it On my task bar I have the following icons Internet explorer Windows Explorer Windows Media Player Google Chrome Paintshop Pro x When none of these programs are in the open state everything is fine however when I open up Internet Explorer it changes the normal small icon into the full blown Internet Explorer taskbar icon right in it's place which Win on How of change to location the 7 icons taskbar? means my task bar will often look like a bunch of long I E taskbar open icons then the small icons for Windows explorer mediaplayer chrome and psp followed by a bunch of other program icons that are open programs This looks sloppy and non intuitive to me What I would like to do is to keep all the small icons like they were How to change the location of icons on Win 7 taskbar? in quickbar on the left and any open programs to open as new full size icons on the right of all the small icons So that I don't have a bunch of larger open program icons followed by all the closed small icons followed by any other open program icons Is this somehow possible to do

A:How to change the location of icons on Win 7 taskbar?

I don't think it can work that way ... can I assume you have the taskbar set to "never combine" buttons/labels?
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Here is a step by step solution of how to move your Users folder in Windows The easiest way to move Users folder new installed OS or not is Start command prompt from installation location folder How change of Users to DVD Start your computer with installation DVD After entered Language to install Time and currency format and Keyboard or input method Click Next On next window Click Repair your computer Click on Command prompt Identify your drive letters In recovery mode drive letters are change from your common drive letters C this is virtual C-drive E this is your C-drive D this is your first extra HDD Copy your Users folder to destination of your choice Use command robocopy MIR How to change location of Users folder SEC SECFIX XJ homedrive Users destination path Example robocopy MIR SEC SECFIX XJ E Users D Users Make sure all files are copied with no errors reported in the end Remove your homedrive Users folder Use command rmdir Q S homedrive Users Create hard link from homedrive Users to destination path How to change location of Users folder Use command mklink J homedrive Users destination path This destination path shall be with the normal drive letter not the letter changed in Recovery mode This may differ on your computer Restart computer and log in You're done

A:How to change location of Users folder

Hi Simon, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Here two even easier methods, from our Tutorials section:
User Folders - Change Default Location
User Profiles - Create and Move During Windows 7 Installation

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Hi, I can't seem to figure out WHERE W8 stores the System Restore Points that I create so I created a 500GB Partition on an External HDD that I would like to use to save System Restore files and my question is WHERE in W8 do I CHANGE the location that System Restore files are saved?
Thank you for your help,
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I am going to partition the drive into C and D so the OS and programs are on C and all data is on D, then take an image of C. This is so that, even though I may have data backups, the data is safe should the OS need a reinstall.

What is the proper way to point each user's account to their own 'My Documents' on 'D'? Is it best to right click on My Documents, click Properties, then either 'Move' or 'Find Target'? If so which, and is there a better way of doing this? If this is not the correct way from a Documents and Settings point of view, what is the proper way to make Windows point to 'My Documents' on the D drive?

Many thanks

A:How to change each User's My Documents location?

It isn't simple, and it is for experienced users, but it is explained in XP Unleashed.
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I have a small ssd and would like to change the download location to the D drive. However there is no option to do so.

Windows 7 Home Premium
OS 64bit

A:Change default download location

Hello frodi,

Do you mean for Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer - Change Default Download Location

How to Change the Default Download "Save to" Location in Firefox

How to Change the Default Download Location in Google Chrome
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As anyone who is reading this post know that on the start menu there is an icon 'My Music' that when it is clicked it will link you to the My Music folder. (To its location : My document/My music)

I want to change the location of My Music icon on the start menu.

What I am saying exactly is, I have the hard drive split in 2, one of them for the windows and the other for the files( like music,pictures,softwares.....). I want that when i click on My Music icon on the start menu, it will link me to the folder on the other partition (not that location in my documents).

Could that happen?

Thanks for taking your time reading my post.

A:Change My Music folder Location

Hi ...yes, it can happen, I believe.

You can try this: Right-click the shell folder (My Music) in Windows Explorer, drag the folder to the new location, release the mouse button, and select the Move Here item.

Note: If Windows Explorer complains, then you must use the registry to move the folder location and manually move the contents. can do like I do and just ignore the My Music folder (I don't store any files in it) and I just create folders for music files wherever I want them. From there, if I wanted a shortcut, I would just right-click and send one to the desktop.

And there are other ways of doing what you seem to want...the above seems to be the easiest attempt that I could find.

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I was referred here by a support engineer on answers Microsoft com nbsp I'd attach a hyperlink but the system won't let me until I prove I'm not a robot ------------------------------------------- Usually to change the location of a shell folder you right click select the location tab and click the move or find target button to change a folders location nbsp My location tab is missing the buttons and only the text box with the path is shown nbsp I can't change the text box I have full administrator privileges on a brand new machine nbsp I checked the registry under HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer User Shell Folders and the only folders shown are common folders not folders associated to user accounts nbsp I added a string to see if I could just create the entries in the registry closed explorer and restarted explorer but there was no effect nbsp Now I'm at a loss nbsp location I shell Help! change folders of can't Again this is a brand new Windows installation Please help
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I've installed windows 8 on a SSD harddisk of about 100GB. In general I don't really want anything else there, I've got plenty of space elsewhere, so I install drivers etc. there, browsers and perhaps a few essentials, then nothing more. I've moved the location of all user files (music, downloads, ...) to another disk.

Is there anyway to stop installs having the default location into Program Files, or Program Files (x86)? I know it's not the hardest thing in the world to change the directory during an install. But I know from experience that after a while, the SSD will start to become full. Because at some point, sometime in a rush, random installations have ended up into C:\ directory.

A:Possible to change default install location from C:\?

It is not really recommended to change the program files default location - see here. You can always direct each program to install in a separate folder (for some it does not work). But there are proposals on how to change the default location - see here.
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I recently received a new modem and can not change my network location without going into the registry. Every time I try and change the location through Network and Sharing Center it gives me the following error.

I have tried this thread to change it from public to work by going into the registry, but the info is incorrect as the 1 value is for work, not home.

I'll also note that when I leave a homegroup and try to change the network location to Home, it will give the same error.

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I have a laptop setup with partitions C and F with Windows installed to the C I have DeepFreeze installed and freezing the C partition so it can't be modified Currently I have redirected all normal folders such as My Documents My Pictures etc including the Desktop directory to the F drive My current issue is that Internet Explorer stores its bookmarks to the C drive I have looked at a ton of threads about changing change How default in location IE9? do bookmark the bookmark location for IE as I want to have them store on the F drive instead of the C but I am not finding info for changing the directory In windows most directories seem like they have a built in ability to just change the location property but not certain about this I saw a thread that said you can browse to C Users lt User Name gt Favorites and change that folders location through the How do change default bookmark location in IE9? properties and IE should automatically detect this and store the bookmarks to there I did this however after the folders location was moved none of my bookmarks stored to that new path The only information I saw said 'restore the location or it won't work' which obviously defeats what I am trying to do Does IE support this type of change natively or is there a way to set it up

A:How do change default bookmark location in IE9?

Hello Surpintine

You can just move your favorites folder from c:\ to f:\ using this tutorial and IE will store the bookmarks there - User Folders - Change Default Location

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Anyone knows if the following steps apply to Windows XP as well?

"How to Change the Default Event Viewer Log File Location"

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This one is VERY weird. Whenever I try to save a document to MyDocuments on computer 1, the file is saved instead to another computer on my home network. If I right click on MyDocuments/Properties, the target location on the Target tab is shown correctly (C:\Documents and Settings\my name\My Documents) and is editable. But on the General tab the target is shown as \\my other computer\my documents and it can't be changed. What is going on here? I never made this change, wouldn't even know how. Nothing I do in the editable box on the Target tab affects what is shown on the General tab or the fact that all files are sent to my other computer. How do I get rid of this?

A:Cannot change target location of MyDocuments

Well it should be editable in the Target tab, but you say that doesn't affect how it operates? You are clicking 'ok' or 'apply' before checking the general tab correct?

You can also try resetting it to default


Originally Posted by Microsoft

Restore the My Documents Folder to Its Default Location
To restore the My Documents folder to its default location, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, and then point to My Documents.
2. Right-click My Documents, and then click Properties.
3. Click Restore Default, and then click OK.
4. In the Move Documents box, click Yes to move your documents to the new location, or click No to leave your documents in the original location.
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I'm in charge of security and fixing problems on my grandma's two computers. She typically installs several hundreds of games on her computers. I would prefer her to install the games to "c:\program files\games" rather than "c:\program files" as that folder ends up getting so cluttered that I can't tell what's in there. Is there a way to change the default installation location from "c:\program files" to "c:\program files\games"? She's too lazy to change the location manually when she installs software, so it would be nice just to change the default location, but I'm not sure how to do that on Windows 7. Thanks.

A:How do I change default installation location?

Hello, Try this Link read all the way to the end.
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Hi, I don't know how to delete or disable that folder I accidentally created don't know how, because I want to change those folders to under (D drive, can you guys please help me to fix this and also how to change location folder to another drive, Sorry for my English.

A:change folder location to another drive

How did you create it? Windows doesn't allow : or \ in a folder name.
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I've been trying to change the "My Desktop" location, by following the
standard instructions: open the Start Menu, choose users 'Tata' then right-click and choose "Properties" for "My Desktop" and then type in the name on the location tab.

However, it won't accept any typed input; I can't paste anything in
there, either (even though it is a standard text-edit type control), and
there is nothing else on the property page. There seems to be some kind
of setting, somewhere, blocking my changing this. And yet this isn't the
original location of the 'My Desktop folder'.

I'm running Windows Vista. Does anyone have any thoughts why this
might not allow me to change it?


A:Can't change My Desktop folder location

Originally Posted by tata2078


I've been trying to change the "My Desktop" location, by following the
standard instructions: open the Start Menu, choose users 'Tata' then right-click and choose "Properties" for "My Desktop" and then type in the name on the location tab.

However, it won't accept any typed input; I can't paste anything in
there, either (even though it is a standard text-edit type control), and
there is nothing else on the property page. There seems to be some kind
of setting, somewhere, blocking my changing this. And yet this isn't the
original location of the 'My Desktop folder'.

I'm running Windows Vista. Does anyone have any thoughts why this
might not allow me to change it?


You can't change the location of the Desktop folder. That would cause some serious problems. Most likely, you wouldn't see any icons or worse, Windwos explroer would not start or would crash often.
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Hi all I'm struggling with IE -- don't really like what I've seen so far needs a registry fix to enable menu bars which IMO is a bit of b s since when this is rolled out to users I'm sure most companies won't let users run registry changing programs or scripts and users especially if they are coming location - download IE9 can't when change downloading from XP want menus on their explorer and IE programs Downloading programs doesn't give a prompt as to where you want to save data SAVE AS -- it seems to always go in C downloads etc Again some companies on company laptops lock out volume C and allow users to only create data on a quot D quot partition Display language on IE still IE9 - when downloading can't change download location very limited as of yet Nr -- download location prompt is a MUST IMO -- it might be easy but I can't find out how to do it I did see some sort of post saying this IE9 - when downloading can't change download location wasn't possible -- if this is true then IE is a NO GO According IE9 - when downloading can't change download location to a microsoft forum post this option is not available Seems quite rudimentary but they removed this capability The best you can do is change the Default Location to somewhere you'll easily get to and move files around That's not an option for me I'm afraid --- that's a SHOW STOPPER Cheers jimbo

A:IE9 - when downloading can't change download location

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

Hi all
I'm struggling with IE9 -- don't really like what I've seen so far

Nr 2 -- download location prompt is a MUST IMO -- it might be easy but I can't find out how to do it.

I did see some sort of post saying this wasn't possible -- if this is true then IE9 is a NO GO.

That's not an option for me I'm afraid --- that's a SHOW STOPPER.



I set the download location on ie9 by clicking on the tools option on the right side of the menu bar. Select View downloads, at the bottom left of the screen then select Options, then you can browse the directory where you wish all of your downloads to be placed. Of course I turn on the menu bars so that tools is available.

Works for me

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I can not seem to add or point to a new location for my Outlook Pst file I go to quot Account Setting quot then click on quot Change Folder quot then click quot New Outlook Data File quot then click quot Okay quot at next dialog amp nothing happens Nata zip I do not get an Explorer window where I'm able to browse amp choose another Pst file If I try using the quot Data Files quot tab amp go through the same process amp I get the same results There are no error messages from Outlook It just doesn't do anything I've also tried going through the quot File quot menu amp selecting quot Open quot Then quot Outlook Data File quot I don't even get any dialogs there It's as add not a location Can - one Outlook 2007 change .Pst nor new if I've clicked on a do nothing button I've uninstalled Office completely amp then reinstalled it same results I've also tried running the Repair process on Office amp still the same results I've compared the reg key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Office with the same keys on a machine that Outlook is working on amp all the keys amp data values look the same See the attached screen shot Outlook 2007 - Can not change .Pst location nor add a new one to help explain further Anyone have any ideas Thanks amp Outlook 2007 - Can not change .Pst location nor add a new one have a great day Jim

A:Outlook 2007 - Can not change .Pst location nor add a new one

jimdot, follow these steps, you would copy it to the new location first, then point outlook there.

Locate, move, or backup .pst

To create a new pst use this recipe
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Every time (almost) I download a file my PC places it in

Since this directory is a read-only, I have to go to the temp folder every time an uncheck the Read-only box and then redownload the file.

Someone said that downloads are not suppose to default to here but did not know where they went or how to fix the problem. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

A:[SOLVED] How to change location of downloads

can we ask what o/s you are using, and what browser you are using?
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In previous versions of Windows, a quick registry hack has let me create my main user (after the one in C:\Users created when installing Windows) in E:\Users rather than C:\Users.

This is the method I've used before:

Use Regedit to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

and alter ProfilesDirectory, in my case to E:\Users.

Does anyone know if this works in W10, or will I be a path-finder?

A:Change default location for new users

The registry method, as told in this tutorial on our sister sister the Seven Forums has never been my favorite because of the way it handles the Windows Environment Variables.

In Windows 10 I recommend using the Sysprep method: Users Folder - Move Location in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Hi. Lately I have been cleaning up my desktop in order to make it as minimalistic as possible, and as easy as possible to use. I am almost done, but I would just like to do one more thing, which is move the libraries icon over to the right where the smaller icons are (not sure what they are called), so I just have a button for my browser on the left. I'm not sure if this is possible, but if it is, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you!

A:How do I change the location of icon on taskbar

If you want to interchange the places of the pinned icons, just drag them where you want. But if you want to move them all at once towards the right, follow the tutorial Taskbar - Center Icons .
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Have just installed win 7 Prof upgrade. I have read the---how to change the default location of user folders in win 7 and win8. The problem with this and other ways always come down to a tab called --LOCATION--. I have only five tabs in properties on my documents folder (that I want to move MY DOCUMENTS to another disk). The 5 taps are GENERAL,SHARING,SECURITY,PREVIOUS VERSIONS,CUSTOMIZE. I followed the instructions in above tutorial---
5. Press the Windows+R keys to open the Run dialog, type shell:UsersFilesFolder, and press enter.
NOTE: This will open your C:\Users\(user-name) folder.

6. Right click or press and hold on a user folder (ex: My Music, My Documents, My Pictures, etc.....) that you want to move the default location for, and click/tap on Properties. (See screenshot below)

From what I have read a few places I might be in the wrong place.So what am I doing wrong.

A:How to change dfault location of --MY DOCUMENTS

Hello Bill,

If you like, you might consider this below to be able to access the files from your libraries with the files actually located where you like instead. This way you will not have to worry about any potential issues that come with moving user folder locations.
Create a new folder at any location you want.
Move any files you want into the new folder.
Include the new folder into a library of your choice (ex: Documents).
If you like, you can also set the new folder to be the default "save" to location for the library as well.
Hope this helps.
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In previous versions of Windows, a quick registry hack has let me create my main user (after the one in C:\Users created when installing Windows) in E:\Users rather than C:\Users.

This is the method I've used before:

Use Regedit to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

and alter ProfilesDirectory, in my case to E:\Users.

Does anyone know if this works in W10, or will I be a path-finder?

A:Change default location for new users

The registry method, as told in this tutorial on our sister sister the Seven Forums has never been my favorite because of the way it handles the Windows Environment Variables.

In Windows 10 I recommend using the Sysprep method: Users Folder - Move Location in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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First off let me say that I'm not sure if I'm infected or not But my computer has been acting suspiciously I had just started up my PC and I was looking at some settings for in location, tries Cannot System to modify file upload Virustotal. to file. strange AutoDefrag this could have just been coincidence when Comodo Defense showed me a warning Basically WMIADAP exe was trying to modify System file in strange location, tries to modify file. Cannot upload to Virustotal. a file or a System file in strange location, tries to modify file. Cannot upload to Virustotal. registry entry I'm sorry but I don't remembner which I know that WMIADAP exe is a system file but it was in a strange location C Windows winsxs amd microsoft-windows-wmi-core bf ad e none e d f I stupidly allowed this since it was before I saw the unusual location of the file Looking through Comodo's logs I see that it tried to modify the file C Windows System wbem Performance WmiApRpl h To calm my suspicions I tried to upload WmiApRpl h to both Virustotal and Jotti as well as Avira's sample submission page but the Performance subdirectory containing the modified file does not show up in a quot file upload quot window This really worries me Subdirectories of C Windows System wbem that show up under Explorer Autorecover en-US Logs MOF Performance Repository tmf xml Subdirectories of C Windows System wbem as seen through VirusScan Jotti Avira quot upload file quot window AutoRecover en-US Logs Repository tmf xml Both the Performance and MOF directories are missing in the upload file window which does not allow me to upload the modified file WmiApRpl h to be scanned I've had problems running both DDS and GMER and therefore I haven't included either I wasn't able to run DDS because it apparently isn't compatible with Vista x GMER doesn't run very well for some reason It'll load but not without an error quot System CurrentControlSet Services gmer The handle is invalid quot Also most of the options -- system devices modules processes threads libraries -- are grayed out and unchecked
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I installed Windows 7 on a second partition on my dad's laptop a while ago.

I am now trying to remove the original Windows Vista partition which has the "System" marker in info in DiskPart. Removing Vista from the bootloader in EasyBCD causes an "Operating System Not Found" warning on boot and requires Startup Repair to be run from the Windows DVD which replaces Vista in the bootloader.

Is there any way (preferably without reinstalling Windows 7) to change which volume Windows attempts to boot from? I had previously run "bcdboot C:\WINDOWS /s C:" before I got the OS not found warning.


A:Method To Change Windows Bootloader Location?

Okay... It turns out there is an option in EasyBCD to change the boot drive
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Hi all This friday i plan to do a clean install of Windows because im running the RC right now but bought the Retail version Im going to plan out my partitions so that i have one pertition for the OS and Change Files Program location? default another for my personal files and Program Files So i just wanted to know how would i change the location from my C partition of the program files to lets say the D drive other partition Am i supposed to do it manually by cutting the folder and pasting it and whenever i install a program i change the directory or is there an automatic way like changing a registry value Look forward to your answers Thanks edit after further research it looks like u can change a reg value but it may cause problems with some Microsoft software What do most of you Change Program Files default location? people here do cause i've read that some people here have separate drives for program files

A:Change Program Files default location?

The program files are a part of the OS .. I see no reason to put them in another partition.
A different partition for your personal data is a good idea if you plan on having a lot of data.
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When I open Explore, it opens at Desktop/Libraries. Since I do 99% of my work in a single folder C:/Work, I want it to open there.

Have searched online and in forums with no luck.

(Also similar problem on my Vista 64 machine... opens to Roaming/Windows/Microsoft/StartMenu


A:How to change default location when opening explore

The following works in Windows 7 to force Explorer to open in the root of D.

You should be able to modify it to make it open in C:\Work.

Right click explorer icon on taskbar, then right click explorer in the jumplist and choose properties.

%windir%\explorer.exe /e, root,d:\

Enter the above string in the target box to force explorer to open in the root of D:


Windows Explorer Taskbar Icon - Change Open To Target

The following may work also:

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /N, /E, D:
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I recently moved my sidebar from the right to the left side because I was tired of the same old look. But now whenever an icon shows up on my desktop for any reason it appears still on the left, right underneath the sidebar and I have to close it just to move the icon. Can I change the default location for them to appear?


A:How do you change the location of where your icons show up on desktop?

I have Vista HP and can drag the desktop icons anyplace I want them.
Have you tried to do that?
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Hi -- thanks for taking the time to read this.

On my laptop, I am dealing with a very small primary boot partition of 17GB. This was my own fault for not realizing how much larger Vista was than XP. I have tried to extend the partition to no avail (even using mspart from the command prompt).

Basically it is not a problem except MS wants to download 5GB of updates. I don't have that much room on the partitiion. Is there any way I can change the default location of where MS downloads and installs (sources) its update files? With about 2GB free and NOTHING on that partition except the OS, I can hold out for a while before I have to do the cursed reinstall if I can figure this one out.

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Currently all windows updates are stored in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder.
I would like to change the location to some other drive as my c drive is getting filled.
I saw using WSUS utility but I am not sure if it works on my laptop as that is something for server.
Please suggest me how to do it.
Also let me know if I can delete these update folders once its installed.
I am using WIN 7 ultimate 32-bit

A:How to change windows update location on my laptop

Hopefully this helps:

Click the "Start" button on your desktop. Click the "Control Panel" option.

Double click the "Automatic Updates" icon on the control panel page. This opens a dialog box for setting options to receive, store and install Microsoft automatic updates.

Allow all updates that become available to automatically download and install on your computer by clicking the circle next to "Automatic." Click the drop down boxes to choose the days and time new updates are installed. This option will store the downloads until the installation time selected.

Receive the updates, but install them at your discretion. Click the circle next to "Download, but let me choose when to install." You will be notified when new updates become available. Review each update description to decide if the application is needed.

Choose to save Windows updates externally. Click the "Notify me, but don't download or install" selection to keep update links open. The updates themselves will be saved on the server unless you choose to retrieve and install them.

If that doesn't help, read this page:
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Hi all
I have recently bought a new desktop PC running Windows Home Premium. I have a 2 year old laptop which I was using before but now I want to create a Lan using an ethernet cable between my new desktop and laptop. Both computers recognise a Lan cable is plugged in but when trying to set the Network location to home I am unable to. I just want to move files off the laptop without doing it over the wireless as this would take alot longer. How do I change this?
Thanks for the help

A:Unable to Change Network Location Type

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You may find some useful information here: Networking home computers running different versions of Windows

To transfer files easily you might consider buying an Easy Transfer cable to connect the two computers. Having said that, using your wireless connection shouldn't be that much slower.

To use an ethernet cable for a LAN, you need to connect both computers to your router rather than to each other.
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i want to change the location path for the whole system user proflies. i tried the KB from microsoft and they explain how to modify an user proflie but that is not what i want to do. i tried the system variable environment but seem not to work for administrator users or it not work at all. what i want to do is to change the location, for example, instead of users profiles to be stored in c:\documents and settings\ i want them in other partition as d:\documents and settings\ but for the whole system. meaning that apply for All Users, Default User, Guest, Administrator, and so on.

any procedure to acomplish it?

any help is welcome...

A:Solved: change user profile location

There seems to be some fairly good directions here and here, uless you have seen that already.
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After i changed the apps install location to D:/WindowsApps. I downloaded an app named VLC player and it says that it could not install

i deleted D:/WindowsApps and switched back to the original location but when i install the same app again, it trying to install in D:/WindowsApps and the same error appear

I reseted Windows Store and run CCleaner but Windows Store keep trying to install app in D:/WindowsApps

please help me. i don't want to reinstall Windows 8 again because i already did 3 days ago

A:Windows Store won't install app after i change location


It is not recommend to change the Windows Store apps install location. This will cause Windows Store apps or the store itself to stop working.

1. press Win+R on the keyboard then type "regedit" and press enter.
2. Go to following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx
3. Change the string value PackageRoot to the value: WindowsDriveLetter:\Program Files\WindowsApps (If Windows don't let you change the value, try take ownership of the key and try again.)

4. Reboot your PC and see if you can install apps.

If you cannot install apps, try re-register Windows Store and try again.

If you still can't install apps, refresh your PC may resolve the issue.
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I want basically everything to go to my 1TB HDD (D by default, but hardly anything does. My SSD (C is now at 18.6GB. Is it possible to make the D: drive my "main drive" while not moving all the MS/Windows files there too and messing everything up?

The computer in use is an MSI GT72 2PC laptop, upgraded from Windows 8 to 10.

Thanks in advance for you help.
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I Location Change Documents/Pictures/Video My have a new laptop a Dell Precision M The first thing I did was a format and a clean install with Windows Ultimate So far so good and it certainly seems to be an improvement over XP Being an oldtimer I like to partition the hard drive and put all of the data folders onto the D drive It makes it easy to backup and lets me reload the operating system without losing My Documents/Pictures/Video Location Change information Windows lets you change the location of the user folders My Documents My Music My Pictures and My Videos I used that feature to move all to the D drive Since then in Windows Explorer there folders that were moved are shown as multiples of the D drive In Computer gt Local Disk C gt Users gt My Account gt the folders are listed as below AppData Contacts Desktop Downloads Favorites Links Saved Games Searches If however I click on my account shown under Desktop in the Explorer the folders are AppData Contacts Data D Data D Data D Data D Desktop Downloads Favorites Links Saved Games Searches It's not a big deal but it does seem a bit odd The location option no My Documents/Pictures/Video Location Change longer appears when I right-click the moved folders so it seems that their existence as those default folders is no longer valid or it isn't My Documents/Pictures/Video Location Change possible to restore them to their original location I thought of deleting my account and creating a new one but that seems a bit extreme as all other functions are good The registry does show the My Documents etc as all being the D drive but editing that to the original location does nothing As I say it's certainly something I can live with but if anyone has a suggestion fire away Stephen

A:My Documents/Pictures/Video Location Change

Hello Stephen, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It seems like the WARNING under step 9 in the tutorial below is what happened to you.

User Folders - Change Default Location

Backup the contents of these folder to be safe, restore the default user folder locations, and delete any user folder that does not have the "Location" tab in it's properties windows. Now repeat moving the default location for the user folders, be sure to use the tutorial above to not avoid the issue in the warning at step 9.

Hope this helps,
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We visited Canada and while there the Google search switched to Canada. I did not do anything to cause this. Now back in the US I cannot get it to switch back so that it searches in the US.

Please help.


Removed Email

A:Change Google Country Location Windows 8

Instead of visiting go to

Make sure to also clear your browser cache.

It will switch over.
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After installing Win7 RC1, I changed %ProgramFiles% to D:\Program Files in the registry, as that's where I wants files to install by default. But then Action Center was complaining that Windows Defender wasn't running, and I figured it was probably because I changed %ProgramFiles%. Windows Defender is located in C:\Program Files\Windows Defender.

I went into the registry and tried to change references to Windows Defender's location, but when I try to do so, I get this error:

Cannot edit: Error writing the value's new contents.

Any ideas?

A:Can't change Windows Defender's location in registry

Xax, I would imagine that Defender WOULD NOT let you change it as a security reason. If you could change it, then a virus or other malicious software could use that to disable it right? You may have to leave it and work around it.