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I have windows XP .When i opening Microsoft outlook It get hanging.When i changing the data store folder then it opening.After 2 or 3 days the same pbm occured.I have Macfee 8.0 installed on that pc.
Plz give solution.
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Preferred Solution: Microsoft outlook

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have Microsoft Office 2003 installed and also the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack 2007. However, when I receive an e-mail with a Microsoft Word 2007 attachment, the document will not open even with the Compatibility Pack installed. I can not convert .docx to .doc. Any advice please?

A:Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Attachments in Microsoft Word 2007 will not open

Hi again,

Anybody able to help me with this please?
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Problem Outlook starts normally with a POP Outlook Exchange Microsoft Profile start Cannot Microsoft using account in a POP Outlook profile Cannot start Microsoft Outlook using Microsoft Exchange Profile However I have a work Exchange account which I configured using instructions yesterday Worked fine Yet today Outlook crashes - fails on opening Microsoft Exchange Account Hangs and then forced exit produces Microsoft error report On restarting Outlook says that quot outlookaddin dll quot caused a serious error and has been disabled Disabling it means that Outlook Cannot start Microsoft Outlook using Microsoft Exchange Profile no longer pulls down emails from Exchange Re-enabling it causes the crash Cannot start Microsoft Outlook using Microsoft Exchange Profile again Catch- Versions Dell XPS M - brand new Microsoft XP Professional SP fully patched Microsoft Office Outlook SP fully patched McAfee SecurityCenter pre-loaded by Dell I configured the Exchange profile yesterday and it worked fine Changes -- possible cuplrits -- in the meantime A large McAfee patch was installed semi-automatically Attempted to install Treo Palm Hotsync This did not complete successfully Hung while hotsyncing to Outlook Then uninstalled successfully What I ve tried but which does not fix the problem a Detect and Repair run within Outlook completes successfully b Disabled and uninstalled McAfee Spamkiller c Remove the Exchange profile through Control Panel gt Mail and create a new one with a different name Suggestions very gratefully received nbsp

A:Cannot start Microsoft Outlook using Microsoft Exchange Profile

Check out this page, it might help:
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Microsoft Outlook 2013 (365) continues to crash every 2 months on my laptop. I have had 3 sessions with Microsoft support online since November. They are unable to fix the problem so it won't continue to reoccur. They have reinstalled it on 3 occasions and within 2 months, Outlook is unresponsive. Cannot receive/send any email. All my email I have to get on my iPhone using pop secure server from GoDaddy redirect. It not GoDaddy cause I can see the email if I go to GoDaddy email and they say it is an Outlook issue with Microsoft.....

A:Microsoft Office 2013 or Microsoft 365 Outlook crash

Ok its been 4 days. I guess I am the only one with this problem. Tried Microsoft again and they don't have an answer to their own software issue which reoccurs for me every 3 months........
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I have installed the Microsoft Professional 2013 on my Dell Desktop computer and find that Microsoft Outlook
is much different than the previous version I was running Office 2010
  I caused about 20 emails to be deleted off the email server when I selected delete the email after having
completed reading.  In outlook 2010 there was a setup where you could tell Outlook to not delete the
email off the server.  I am unable to locate where to check or set it up in Outlook 2013.  Can someone
give me some direction, can this still be setup or no longer available is Outlook 2013?
Thank you for your assistance.

A:Microsoft Office 2013 Using Microsoft Outlook

Can you tell us the type of mail account you are using POP3, IMAP, Exchange?
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gang I found an old post here that describes my situation something I caused but don t know how to undo The system in question has Windows XP Professional and MS Office Professional the main reason for which is OUTLOOK When Outlook cranks up it triggers an error message which is in my subject line quot Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express or greater quot The system of course also has OE on it which we don t use but it does work etc The issue is me I use autoruns to shut off everything non-mandatory and as another thread-poster identified there is something in the list of goods that I have disabled that OE is dependent on or Outlook Solved: error: Outlook requires Express Microsoft 4.01 greater if I understand the old thread properly The problem is that the poster OP in that thread said he found the key but he didn t NAME THE ENTRIES Thus I dunno which ones he reversed that made the issue go away if anyone knows pls let me know so I can fix my goof thx Z nbsp

A:Solved: error: Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01 or greater
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Cannot Office Outlook, to open start window. Microsoft Unable Outlook the Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc H K D W H CN B Antivirus Norton Updated and Enabled I get the following error when trying to open Outlook My computer updated last night Outlook worked fine this morning but then I got the quot configuring updates do not power down quot screen Once the computer restarted Outlook would not work cannot start MOO Cannot open the outlook window the set of folders cannot be opened errors have been detected in the file c users Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window. Nikky AppData Local Microsoft Outlook Outlook pst Quit Outlook and all mail enabled applications and then use the Inbox repair tool scanpst exe to diagnose and repair errors in the file for more information about the inbox repair tool see help I have tried Go to run and type outlook exe resetnavpane -did not work I get the same error I have tried Run and Scanpst exe-I get windows cannot find the file I have tried a System restore-it could not be completed I have ran a windows office diagnostic problem found and fixed however it did not correct the problem I have tried outlook exe safe- I get quot cannot start MOO the command line argument is not valid verify the switch you are using quot I have tried everything I have found online and in MS support Nothing has worked Please help Also I need step by step instructions at this point obviously I am not doing somthing right Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.

here are some more command line switches...
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I am using Vista Home premium 32 bit and i am using windows mail for all my emails. I also have office 2007 with Microsoft Outlook.

Problem is that i want to use microsoft Outlook but i can't transfer/export my email accounts from Vista Windows mail to Microsoft Outlook or even outlook express for XP. I have forgotten 3 critical passwords so I cannot recreate the email accounts in Outlook....

How can I export my email accounts to microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express from Vista Windows mail??? please help.



A:Exporting Email accounts from Vista to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express

Hello again kapilkaaiser,
I think you need to import the required info into Outlook 2007 -

In Outlook 2007, click File > Import and Export > Make the appropriate choices
> & hopefully the Import / Export Wizard will oblige.

Post back with your results.
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I am getting the following message when launching outlook

"Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.
The set of folders could not be opened. "

I have multiple pst files on different drives. the problem is the main pst file is on a hard drive that crashed. how do I open outlook or remove that 1 pst so the rest of the pst files can launch?

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.
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Had this error on a user s pc Researched it here on the forum Found another thread with someone suggesting to use the following command to get it going Start- gt run then type the following - Microsoft Unable Outlook window. start Outlook, the open Cannot to Office gt quot Outlook exe resetnavpane quot This worked The other thread has since been closed but I wanted to reply and say WHY my users outlook suddenly started throwing out this error because no one on the other thread was able to Turns out that my user had quot accidentally quot dragged their personal folder containing s of emails into the quot outbox quot Since the quot outbox quot folder is one to be used while an email is in the sending phase it basically just shut down and wouldn t open for anything Luckily the command was able to get Outlook open and I was Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window. able to investigate what the user did to cause it Hope this info can help someone else nbsp
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We have all of our user's email set up to deliver to a personal folder that resides on a server with Windows 2003. We have a small number of people that get the error message below. They eventually get in, but either have to close outlook and reopen several times or they have to reboot their computer. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks!

"Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.
The set of folders could not be opened. The server is not available.
Contact your administrator if this condition persists."

I have tried every suggestion I could find on the internet, but still haven't found a solution.

any help would be much appreciated.

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.
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i try to cut my outlook form C to D its stuck, after that i try to open my outlook, but its not working. it gives me message:
Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. the set of folders can't be opened. you don't have the permission required to access the file.

please help me, all my work on this email, and i need it.

A:Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window."

Your post is not very clear, but the way I read it, it looks like you have cut your Outlook program on drive C & pasted it on drive D, is this correct?.
If this is the case can you try to reverse the procedure & put it back on drive C exactly where was before.. Moving a program from one drive to another can cause the system to lose its connection & cause problems.
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I have got a new email through my uni powered by microsoft outlook. When i login to Windows live messenger and click on the emails icon it goes to outlook express which i have never used how do i get it to go to my inbox at the right address?

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How do I make Microsoft Outlook the default email program? I make the change in IE version 5, but when I reboot the system (Win 98), Outlook Express is once again selected as the default email program.

I read in a previous post about using the following sequence for making Outlook Express the default. Is there anything similar for Microsoft Outlook? :
To make Outlook Express your default e-mail client:
Close OE, click Start/Run and enter this command line, complete with quotes, spaces and the /reg switch:

"C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /reg

Thanks very much,

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This morning as I trawled the spam queues a sense of deja-vu descended on me when this subject line caught my eye:
Update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express (KB910721)
Didn?t I see this a while ago and didn?t it contain a rather nasty Trojan?
The format of the October version differs slightly in that it includes a link to a website from which you may download the ?Microsoft/Outlook/Outlook Express Update? rather than an attached executable.

Malicious update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express (KB910721) | SophosLabs blog
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Dear AllI am getting the above error when I try to open Outlook 2007 on Windows XP. There is a quick fix to this which is to run 'outlook.exe /resetnavpane', which I find from a quick internet search. However, this is a one time fix, and I am having to do it every single time that I boot up. Is there a more permanent fix to this problem - hopefully the fact that the above fix works will identify the root of the problem. If anyone knows this and can help I would be very grateful. Thanks AdamEDIT: Moved to more appropriate forum

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Cannot open the Outlook window

Is that the error message in its entirety?Could you provide a link to the outlook.exe /resetnavpane fix so we can look at it and see exactly what it does?
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Hi Recently I have noticed my Dell Vostro laptop has been very Microsoft greater. 4.01 Express Outlook Outlook requires or Solved: slow in booting to a point where I can actually do something with any speed I had been reading various forums regarding the Solved: Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01 or greater. problem and the general consensus was that removing unnecessary start-up programs would assist This I did and included in it was the removal of Outlook Express Solved: Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01 or greater. as a start-up as I never use it I was rather startled to find that the next time I started up Outlook I get the message indicated in the title When acknowledging the message Outlook still opens and functions correctly as far as I can see but this message always coming up is getting a little tedious Why would a company require the lesser of two programs to be loaded and started in order that their more powerful program should work Amazing thought processes at MS I have seen answers for this question elsewhere and I have tried their solutions but to no avail That includes setting IsInstalled in registry key dd c - dcf- b-b -f f e be a to a Dword value of What I have found is the key BBA -CC - CF-AAFA- AA B C and C- - d -AF - C FA D in registry directory HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Active Setup Installed Components AutorunsDisabled As the first refers to Outlook Express and the other to Address Book I assume that this may have something to do with my problem If they are the problem is there a way of moving these keys out of AutorunsDisable and back into Installed Components Or is there something else I should be doing I can post a HJT log if that helps any especially on my other concern of slow start-up nbsp

A:Solved: Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01 or greater.
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Is there a free upgrade to change microsoft outlook 2002 to microsoft outlooke 2003 ?


A:Can Microsoft Outlook 2002 Be Upgraded To Outlook 2003

according to this site an upgrade is not possible you need to buy the newer version for $109.00 USD
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Whenever outlook inbox is opened to send a new e-mail, the attached print screen message shows. This happens every time. Is there a way to disable it, as it becomes very annoying.

A:Microsoft Outlook gives message saying program is trying to access outlook
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Thank you for having this service available.

I had installed Microsoft office upgrade to 2007 and also updated to microsoft outlook and lost function of respond on the email client. I was into windows live and sending a message, the client asked to have my email changed to outlook express which i agreed to. So now my email client it express but lost all the emails that were on the Microsoft outlook with all the addresses.

Anyway that I can retrieve my address book from Microsoft outlook through maintenance option

I had tried to save the address book yesterday but the copy paste function was greyed out. The default change was kind of spontaneous. Any help available for this. I was using the MS outlook due to work online. Using windows XP professional

Thank you and Happy New year to everybody!

A:changing default to outlook express from microsoft outlook

Use the "Import" feature of Outlook Express. if you choose to import "All" folders, it will include all messages and contacts data. or you can choose to import only contacts and not messages.

Obviously, it requires that both Outlook & Outlook Express are currently installed on the same PC.
Go here for a short tutorial:

However, it must be pointed out that, for backup purposes, it's much easier to back up data in Outlook than is the case with Outlook Express.
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I just installed MIcrosoft Office that comes with Outlook email. I was using regular Outlook express. My question is which is better I know the Microsoft version has a few more features but also should I unistall regular outlook express now that I have the Microsoft version?

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Does anyone have a fix for this issue?

A:Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window.

I had this problem on a customers laptop with Vista Home Premium and Microsoft office 2007 Enterprise.

I've often seen similar errors with Office including things going wrong with Word, Excel, basically any Microsoft Office application.
Nearly all of these errors can be solved by allowing Office to re-create it's profile folders. I fixed the same problem you are having with this procedure...

1. Close all office applications
2. Browse to and RENAME the following folders (do not delete them if you wish to avoid losing any emails and address books). I normally stick an _ on the end to make it "foldername_"

For Microsoft Outlook...

For other Microsoft Office Programs...

3. Open problematic application (Outlook in this case)

The next problem you will have with OUTLOOK is your Personal Folders file will be new and therfore empty (none of your old emails, calendar or contacts in there!).
Don't panic though, all you need to do is the following...

1. Open Outlook
2. Go to File>Import and Export...
3. Choose "Import from another program of file" and click next
4. Choose "Personal Folder File (.pst)" and click next
5. Click the browse button and locate the folder that you previously renamed
C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook_ ??
6. Choose the "Outlook.pst" file (which should be more than 1KB if it contains anything) and click the "Open" Button at the bottom
7. Click "Next" and then "Finish" and watch all of your lovely emails, calendar appointments and contacts fly back into your active profile!

Hope that works for you guys.

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What's a good alternative from Outlook 2000/2002/2003 and Outlook Express?

My uncle is having problems with Outlook Express and would like something non Microsoft to use. It needs to have Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, deleted items etc.

A:Alternative To Microsoft Outlook And Outlook Express

Mozilla ThunderBird could use ~i know the browser sucks, thiers nothing wrong with the mailor G-mailgmail
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Dear Friends;

I have been currently working with Microsoft Outlook. I and other people which work with Microsoft outlook, frequently face the problems during receiving or sending the mails while my other friends in office, work with outlook express never face such problems. Now I am thinking to switch to Outlook express. Is it possible to transfer my old mails from Microsoft outlook to Outlook express?

A:Switching from Microsoft outlook to Outlook express

Signode said:

Dear Friends;

I have been currently working with Microsoft Outlook. I and other people which work with Microsoft outlook, frequently face the problems during receiving or sending the mails while my other friends in office, work with outlook express never face such problems. Now I am thinking to switch to Outlook express. Is it possible to transfer my old mails from Microsoft outlook to Outlook express?Click to expand...
It is possible and you can either export from the File menu in Outlook or import the same way using OE. However, if you already have problems, it may be that your data file is too big for Outlook to handle. Check this by opening My Computer and from the Tools menu, select Folder Options then View. Tick to "Show hidden files an dfolders" and untick "Hide protected system file and folders". Click Apply, accept the warning and OK your way out.

Next, navigate to Documents and Settings>{yourusername}Local Settings>Application Data>Microsoft>Outlook and if your Outlook Data File (type .pst) is larger than 2Gb, go back into Outlook and delete anything you can to trim it down.

Outlook Express will also suffer an overstuffed data file but if you can't do without your historic e-mails, Mozilla Thunderbird can handle up to 4Gb.
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My ex PC was installed with Win2000. My email application was Microsoft Outlook 2000.
My new PC is installed with WinXP Pro and Outlook Express 6. I tried to find a way to import my old emails (pst files already exported from old PC) into OE6 but without success. If this is not possible, what other options do I have?

A:Microsoft outlook Vs Outlook express

What method did you use to import the old emails?

C:\Windows\Application Data\Outlook Express\{GUID}
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express
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how do i uninstall these programs. I cannot get my printer or scanner to mail from those sites. i have a pd hotmail acct and also gmail and windstream acct. i use incredimail too. I went into tools and selected my incredimail acct for emails but for some reason they are going to the outlook programs and will not mail from there. i tried to set up new email accts from both but they will not mail.. I have tried to email from my excel program too and the same is happening.. my office is from 2003 and my out look express is from 2004. i have windows xp. thank u for your help in this matter

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Which email would be the better one? I am changing out my husband's pc to Windows 7 and need to find him an email program that is the same as Outlook Express. Sure wish Outlook Express could be installed on Windows 7 as he likes that one.
Thanks, granny or microsoft office outlook?

Windows Live Mail replaces Outlook Express, and supports more features. It is available.
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Right now i using Outlook Express to check my mail..

Then now i using new PC using Microsoft Outlook to check my mails..

How can i transfer over Outlook Express mail to Microsoft Outlook

From what i know - Outlook using .dbx files while Microsoft Outlook using .pst format..

From what i know i do have -


Can i just transfer inbox.dbx over to Microsoft Outlook or i need any TOOLS to convert
the .dbx to .pst ..


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Well here's a switch Doc's needs everyones help for a change My mom's computer cannot send and recieve mail on either M O amp O E Microsoft Outlook Outlook Express & Problem started this yesterday morning some time and I cannot seem to put my finger on Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express the problem She runs XP Pro and lives hrs away from me so anything I do is via quot remote desktop quot and she only has quot dialup quot Talk about a painful process When Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express I click on send and recieve it appears that a connection is being made to the server and infact it even tells me how many messages are there to download It then starts to download or appears to and then suddenly stops and posts an error message stating that the connection to the server was interrupted I ran a test on my computer by configuring my M O using here inbound settings and such and was able to download all her mail without a problem That leads me to believe the problem is not the server but infact on her machine I have checked all the basic things that I can think of but at the moment quot I'm stumped quot Ideas Doc

A:Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express

If she's running an antivirus package that does a virtual IP proxie for the incoming/outgoing email AV check, then that might be the source of the problem. Try disabling virus checking for email and see if the behavior changes (This is a known bug in Norton, McAffee, and Avast, but it's rather rare. Usualy only happens for large outgoing attachments).

Also, since this is Dialup, I would check the actual modem to see if there's a problem on the line (or wityh the hardware). To much noise on the line can lead to droped packets and/or decreased bandwidth.

Try using Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 and see if there's still the same problem under that.
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I'm getting: "A problem cause the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available". This happens within minutes of starting Outlook (in the non-safe mode)

Outlook works in safe mode.
I cannot turn off the addins.... see attached
Also attached is a snapshot from the event viewer...
Thank you
Running Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (64 bit) SP1
Computer: Dell XPS 435T/9000
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007

A:Outlook 2007 "Microsoft Office Outlook has stopped working"

since when are you getting this error. have you tried a repair install from control panel >add/remove programs. you can also let this tool "microsoft office diagnostics" check for errors & fixes.
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When I sent a message and when I was using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, I had an option that enabled me to add a photo following or preceding my text. This option enabled me to put a photo in the text area and place text under or above the photo explaining the photo. I am now running Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 using Windows Home Premium 64 bit and I cannot find this option. If this is no longer an option, how can I place a photo in the text area and then follow with text explaining the photo? If this is not possible, I guess this new version is a downgrade!
Thanks in advance and I will appreciate an answer.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 problem when using Microsoft Office

Full details about inserting pictures or clip art into Outlook 2007 here:

Insert a picture or clip art - Outlook - Microsoft Office
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HP has just returned my Envy 23 PC with a new hard drive. This has solved my operating systems problems but It now means there are none of the applications programse that came with my purchased computer. How can I restor these programes - starting withe Microsoft Outlook? This is crucial to restoring the ease of e-mail use. Any help appreciatedMany thanksKevin2000
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As of the other day all of the sudden my Microsoft Outlook has the following message when I try to open it:"Cannot start microsoft outlook. The file C:\Documents and Settings\Big Al\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file."Does anyone know how I can fix this? I would really appreciate any help, I am not very good at computers.ThanksModerator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Microsoft Outlook Help Please!?!?!

Will this help?
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I need to know if there is a way for microsoft outlook to open when I start the computer and windows opens? I use win xp home.


A:microsoft outlook

put it in the startup folder and it will open.

documents/settings, you, start menu/startup.
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Hello,On Outlook, when send emails the time shown is five minutes later?Example - email send 7.00pm comes up as 7.05pm on OutlookIve looked in the Options menu and can't find a way to have the same time as the desktop clock.Any ideas?Thanks.~Moderator Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Microsoft Outlook

What server are you using? Hotmail is known for a little relay for example.
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My microsoft outlook has decided not to let me open any links from emails I receive. It comes up with a box that says "operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Contact system administration." I have not changed any settings and don't know where to change them to allow it.

A:Microsoft Outlook

Hi debdedoos
Go through method 1 if internet explorer is your default browser You receive an error message when you click a hyperlink in Outlook
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I have Microsoft Office 2000 and run Outlook for email. I have a new computer and don't want to slog in all the addresses by hand. How do I transfer the email addresses from the old computer to the new one (the software is the same on both)

A:Microsoft Outlook

Go to File
Import and Export
On the wizard that appears select "export to a file" Next
Personal Folder File (.pst) Next
Personal Folders
then follow the rest of the wizard through so that you save the file somewhere suitable and either copy it to CD (it will be far too big for a floppy) or use some other method to transfer it to the new machine.

Then on the new machine select File, Import and Export and import the file.

Good luck!
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How can one keep track of an employee's birthday and wedding anniversary as well as their children's birthday's on Microsoft Outlook calendar? If one enters an employee as a contact, how can one add birthdays for additional family members under all field tabs so it will appear automatically on the calendar.? Also, how can a person setup outlook so there are 2 calendars-1 for business apts and 1 for anniversary and birthdays? Thanks!!Willadene

A:Microsoft Outlook

Well, I can answer one of your questions. To set up 2 different calendars:

1.) Right click on your "Outlook Today" Folder, Then click "New Folder..."

2.)Make up a name

3.)In the "Folder Contains:" list box, select "Appointment Items"

4.)Hit OK

I use Office 2000, so your version of Outlook might be a little different. Hope this helps.
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I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm having quite a few problems with my laptop now and its really starting to get on my nerves! My most recent problem Im having now is I cant receive my emails in microsoft outlook. I get an error message saying:

The TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server. (Account '', POP3 server: '', Error Number 0x800ccc0f).

Someone help me before I go completely insane! lol!

A:Microsoft Outlook

See if the information in the link below helps:,John
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I am trying to use microsoft outlook and it seems my address book will not work .......... says it needs a WAB DLL file............. did a search and found it D/L it and now I don't know where to put it............ the read me says: Use WinZip to extract the file to your windows\system directory. Where do I find this file ? I can't seem to find it anywhere !


A:microsoft outlook

WAB file is the Windows Address Book. If you have been using outlook express just get Outlook to import it from file-import/export- Address book. If the address book was on another machine just export it to a file , same as above, copy it and then put it on the machine and import it.
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My Windows XP computer's motherboard crashed, I recovered the C: harddisk, that has data files (Inbox, Address book etc...) for the MS Outlook. How do I recover those files? What are their extension? I tried .pst but no luck. Please help!!!


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why do companies use microsoft outlook than just hotmail.
i need some strong points why


A:Microsoft Outlook


well outlook on your PC means you can read email whilst not connected to the internet, as the emails are stored either on the local PC or in a corporate layout on a network drive.

Its easier to sort out as the mail is on the PC, rather than on a remote server, we all know the internet is slow at times and remote servers can fail leaving you without the ability to read emails.

also outlook in companies send/receives internal mail as well as external mail.

Companies can impose restrictions on what type of mail is sent/recieved, this includes blocking malicious programs such as exe file etc and prevents the spread of viri.

Outlook has a much better interface which includes several things like reminders, calenders, journals etc.

I also find mail sent direct to my inbox gets there quicker than mail sent to my Hotmail account.

Just my thoughts
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My operating system is Windows X.P. Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3. I'm using Microsoft outlook for my emails and reciently I've noticed that if I recieve an email with a website link I.E. ( and I click on it, it doesn't open. How do I enable this option?[Moderator edit: post moved to more appropriate forum. jgw]

A:Microsoft Outlook

To make web pages open again when you click links in emails using Windows XP and earlier:

Make sure neither Outlook Express nor Internet Explorer are open.
Select Control Panel from the Start menu.
Click Internet Options.
If you do not see Internet Options right away, click Network and Internet Connections before.
Go to the Programs tab.
Make sure Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser is checked.
Click OK.
Close Internet Explorer.
Re-open Internet Explorer.
Click Yes when asked Internet Explorer asks "Internet Explorer is not currently your default browser. Would you like to make it your default browser?"
If Internet Explorer does not ask:
Close Internet Explorer
Select My Computer from the Start menu.
Choose Tools | Folder Options... from the menu.
Go to the File Types tab.
Highlight (NONE) URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol.
Click Advanced.
Highlight open.
Click Remove.
Click Yes.
Click OK.
Now click Close.
Start Internet Explorer.
If you use a browser other than Internet Explorer, start it and make sure it is the new default.
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At present the longest reminder date I can set in Microsoft Outlook is 2 weeks ahead. I need to set up reminders for work 6 weeks ahead. Can you change the reminders this way?Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:How Do I,microsoft Outlook?

I've use Outlook for years and don't think it is capable of a 6 wk reminder.

But you could just set 3 different appointments in the Calander at 2 week intervals so that the first one will go off at the 6 wk point you want.
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My OS: WinXP Home/AOL 9.0...I am trying to email pictures from My Pictures folder to a friend, but I am getting this msg: "Microsoft Outlook. Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client".What can I do in this situation? I have no idea what mail client AOL uses. Thanks for any help.Moderator Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Microsoft Outlook

Hi chuckeej,This Micro$oft KB article should help; How to configure an AOL e-mail account in Outlook Express.
Relevancy 39.56%

Hi, I seem to have run into a problem with Microsoft Outlook. When I try to open outlook it says "Unable to open your default e-mail folders. Could not open them. Try again." "Would you like to open default mail folders?" But when I try to open Mail Messgaes it says "Can not open them." Can someone please help me? I'm confused because my other computer I am using outlook and it works just fine. When I try to look for the .pst file I can not seem to find it.

A:Microsoft Outlook


I don't use Outlook since Thunderbird came along but here's your fix:

Your pst files could be corrupt and lost if yuo haven't backed them up. Or the file has accidentally got renamed. If your not finding anything when you search for *.pst, try looking for the file name, maybe the extension somehow got changed.

Let us know how that goes
Relevancy 39.56%

I have some files on Microsoft Works database that I would like to transfer to Excel. I do not have Access and do not plan to get it because it is so costly. Is there a way to transfer those files?

A:Microsoft Outlook

You should be able to save them directly from Works Database, i dont have the software but do remeber it. You should be able to save tables (or export as it may be worded) as certain excel files. Even if it is CSV files excel should be able to use them.

Hope this helps, let me know if it doesnt
Relevancy 39.56%

i can log in to out look with my hotmail address is it beceouse u cant use a hot mail account with outlook

Relevancy 39.56%

I used ghost 12 to back up my hard drive. I installed vista and want to get my addresses for outlook express from my old hard drive or from my backup.

A:Microsoft outlook

Hi jokers

Install Ghost12 onto your new Vista system, and selectively restore only the Outlook Express data into a uniquely named folder. All the details of how to do this are in your Ghost manual.

Then import the Outlook Express data into your current email client. For example, from Windows Mail:
1) Select FILE : Import
2) Select Messages
3) Select Outlook Express (or OE6)
4) Enter the path to your OE dbx files, or browse to that location.

That should do it.
Best of luck,
. . . Gary
Relevancy 39.56%

I can not open (.msg ) attachments using Outlook.

No error message , just nothing.
Any idea how to fix this.?

I am using windows XP

A:Microsoft Outlook

If you have Google Desktop Search installed there could be a conflict. Try uninstalling it. Someone recommended reading this document:
Relevancy 39.56%

I would like to know how I can save my contacts in Microsoft office 2000 and eventually import them to to another computer that has that program.

A:Microsoft outlook

Hello...I do not have Microsoft Office 2000.I will bet you wonder why I am responding.This is just a comment. I usually go online to do this.I open up Microsoft Works(comparing to M.O. 2000) .At the same time open my web mail selecting " Compose ".I hope you have multiple addresses. Hold down the left clicker of my mouse to highlight the contacts.I right-clicked those contacts.With the left clicker I select " Copy ".I go to my email.I right -click the space and select " Paste ".I will repeat until all contacts are stored. I know you may have to do this a few times.With the other computer,you can open your mail with the contacts and send them to Microsoft Office 2000.

Perhaps someone viewing this will help.
This the only way I know.Somewhere there may be a better way.Again,this is just a comment.

Best wishes.

Relevancy 39.56%

I am currently using Microsoft Outlook for all my email access and am having problems with my font. My work email is operated through gmail so I noticed when I log into my account the font for the emails which I am sending out first to my co-workers is not the same font when I am replying to emails. I am wanting to use the same font for both.

A:Microsoft Outlook

Which version of Outlook are you using? From Options > maybe Mail Format > Stationary and Fonts or maybe from Options Mail then Compose Messages section then Stationary and Fonts. Your version could still be different, but same in general concept. You can set New and Reply Fonts there.
Relevancy 39.56%


I bought Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Program on CD, unlimited Licenses) 2 years a go, and have installed it on my windows XP. However I recently bought a new Windows 7 Computer and want to install Outllok but I lost the CD, so is there any way that I can transfer the program/ license from my old computer on to the new one.

Many Thanks for your answers in advance!

A:Microsoft Outlook

You can't transfer an application from one PC to another because when you install it, files are written to several different Windows folders as well as several keys & values being written to the Windows Registry. You need the original installation media to install it on a different PC.
Relevancy 39.56%

I posted this message and it was moved and I can't find the answer so here it is again, My operating system is Windows X.P. Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3. I'm using Microsoft outlook for my emails and reciently I've noticed that if I recieve an email with a website link I.E. ( and I click on it, it doesn't open. How do I enable this option?

A:Microsoft Outlook

I found the original post and Queen-Evie's answer.
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I recently purchased a new computer. I am having trouble trying to migrate messages and address book to MS Outlook in my new computer.

I reinstalled MS Office 2000 Pro to my new computer. Outlook, which is part of Office 2000 Pro is running fine, I just don't know where the messages that were in Outlook on my old computer as well as my address book are located and how I can move them over.

Any help?

Thanks, Jerry

A:Microsoft Outlook

Here is a MicroSoft support article. This should have what you need.
Relevancy 39.56%

Can I have more than 1 e-mail account to default to microsoft outlook? If so how? Currently My comcast e-mail goes there, I also have yahoo e-mail acct. that I would like to add if possible.(Moderator edit: added Topic Description. jgweed)

A:Microsoft Outlook

This article gives a detailed description on how this can be done How To Set Up Multiple Email Accounts In Outlook & Outlook Express
Relevancy 39.56%

In Microsoft Outlook 2003, are there any ways to use Outlook to send/receive e-mails from free e-mail services such as hotmail or yahoo? If so, how can this be done?

If not, are there any services that can be utilized for a reasonable fee to receive/send e-mails via Outlook from a home type environment?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



A:Using Microsoft Outlook

Yes. You need to add a specific type of account. In Outlook select Tools > Email Accounts > Add > HTTP > Fill in the details and job done.

Hope this helps


Relevancy 39.56%

I have a new HP that came with Vista installed. I had to log into my email. Now I don't get the log in screen and can't retrieve my email. Help?

A:Microsoft Outlook

Go to tools-> account settings-> E-Mail Tab.

after that you should be able to add or edit an existing e-mail account... I don't use outlook but I assume that you can have it automatically connect to the e-mail account every time you open it.
Relevancy 39.56%

I am using microsoft outlook 2000 on a windows 98 OS. When I receive mail, a picture of an envolope appears in the registry trey notifying me of new mail. After I open all new mail, the picture of an envolope remains in the registry trey. The only way I can remove it is by rebooting. Any ideas as to what is causing this and what I need to do to resolve it? I appreciate all help.

Relevancy 39.56%

I use Microsoft Outlook for my e-mail. Frequently it will receive e-mails from my juno account but it will not send them. Eventually the problem sorts itself out - but why is it inconsistent in sending?

A:Microsoft Outlook

While I'm not a fan of Outlook in general, in cases like this, the problem is usually not Outlook itself, but either the configured settings for the SMTP server, or the SMTP server itself is unreachable for some reason. Are you using Juno as your ISP when this problem happens, or do you have some other ISP and are just using your Juno email account? If using another ISP, make sure you are using your ISP's defined SMTP server to send messages. I have no direct expereience with Juno itself as an ISP, so I can't speak to how reliable their connections or SMTP servers are.

Also check how you have Outlook configured to send messages. If using a dialup connection, make sure you're online before you send, or your specify a particular connection before trying to access the Juno account.
Relevancy 39.56%

I installed a new hard drive, reloaded Windows 98 and all Microsoft Office 2000. Now, Outlook will not open. I have relaoded Microsoft Outlook several times to no avail.

What can bring back Outlook?

Relevancy 39.56%

I have a question. I need to write a step-by-step tutorial detailing the steps for sending an email to a group in a way that the recipient only sees his/her e-mail address and not those of the other members. I have tried to do the Bcc button for all addresses, but then none of them show up. How do I get only the recepient to see their address?(Moderator edit: post moved to more appropriate forum. jgweed)

A:Microsoft Outlook

BPooch,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. You might want to take a look at this topic. I think it addresses your issue. hthDa Bleepin AniMod, Animal
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does anybody know if there is a way to get microsoft outlook by itself because I have microsof works so no need to buy office so is there a way to get it by itself if you know of a free version that would be awsome of course wont keep my hopes up

A:microsoft outlook

Hi plvness

Yes, Microsoft Outlook can be purchased separately.
Check ebay,, etc.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is the most recent release.
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When I am using Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express), and I am addressing a new email, when I hit any letter, say "a" for example, it pops up a quick reference for all the "a's". Some of these addresses are dead or I typed them in incorrectly at the time. Is there any way to edit these? They do not show up in the contacts list. I have already looked there and I feel like I have exhausted the tools and view and all other toolbar options.Mod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum and edited topic title~ TMacK

A:Microsoft Outlook

Well, I was hoping someone else had run into this. I know I can't be the only person that has old addresses that need to be cleared out. I figured it was one of those common knowledge things that I just didn't know. That is usually how it goes.
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hi is it still possible to retrieve my e-mails and contacts from microsoft outlook even though my hard drive is corrupted already? pls. help me how to do it. thanks in advance

A:microsoft outlook

How is it corrupted?
What error messages are you receiving?
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I received notification from Symantic Norton about a new download and as myvirus protection program i downloaded it.
How ever ever sincethen I receive all spam in my inbox and not directedto my Norton antispam folder. I keep adding names to spam list andtheemails still arrive in inbox with Spam in the title
What do I need to do to have spam go straight into anti spam folder?

I use Windows XP

Please can anyone help me

many thanks in advance

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I got tired of scrolling down to find a phone number using a note pad that was like 20 pages long

So I just spent a long painful time tranfering all my phone numbers and address to Microsoft Outlook Contacs Address Book, and I can't find where it save it.

Everytime I open Outlook the address are there but I want to find the file where is all save and put it in my personal folder, to have my own copy of it because if I format C: or if I unistall Outlook I will lost all that.

Can some one tell me where to find where Outlook store that file with all my address?



A:Microsoft Outlook

Do a search and look for files with a .pst extension, It should be named something like mailbox.pst
Relevancy 39.56%

Why after installing Outlook and setting up an email acct. would the program not include any emails since 04/06/2011 when this is 02/10/2013 ?

A:Microsoft Outlook

Secured PC, welcome to the windows 7 forum.

If your last email program removed from the server all the messages, then there would be no messages for your outlook to download. There is a check box on outlook and most email programs to either leave email on the server or remove from server when downloaded via POP.

Relevancy 39.56%

Plz help, I need setting for Yahoo in Microsoft Outlook 2007. I have tried those form the net but still not working.

A:Microsoft Outlook

and welcome to the Forum

Straight from the horse's mouth! !

Mail Help | Popular POP and IMAP articles
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Can someone tell me if there is an aswering machine software for my home phone to be added to Microsoft Outlook? I also would like to know about a software for call forwarding. To forward calls to a different phone number. Thank you.

A:Microsoft Outlook add-ons

Hi Orbrun

I did a search on for: phone

This program appears to fit your requirements:

Hope it helps
Relevancy 39.56%

Hi, I use microsoft outlook for my mail and it has that calender in it. I have tried many times to use it. It puts down everything i say and then i put a check mark where it says remnder. I choose a time. The problem? It never reminds me. Only after i open up my mail does a box pop up with any messages that i posted. How do i get the reminders to pop up when there surpose to? Thanks you

Relevancy 39.56%

I would like to know how to configure and connect the microsoft outlook on my home computer so I can receive and send out messages. I bought the computer from someone else and it has outlook on it, but its not connected so I cannot use it yet. Can someone please tell me how to do this? Thanks!

Relevancy 39.56%

Hi Ok really strange problem here guys On my work PC I cannot view my inbox in Microstof Outlook when I click on Inbox it just says unable to display the folder Now everything was Microsoft Outlook 97 fine until an hour ago when I was writing an email and I got operation failed which has happened before so I shut Microsoft Outlook 97 Outlook and went back in that's when the problem started Microsoft Outlook 97 Someone else in the company has the same problem with thier sent items Steps I have taken so far - reboot Log on as administrator Log on to different machine as administrator and change mailbox to mine Restart Exchange server really thought this was going to work The only temporary solution is to right click inbox and keep copying it to a new folder but this is a pain in the back side Now I am totally lost for things to try has anyone got any ideas please as I am totally baffled Cheers blackfolder
Relevancy 39.56%

My send and receive setting will not work,,,,,,,,,can you help?
Everything else works .

A:Microsoft Outlook
Continue here

Please don't start duplicate the same threads
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I'm running Outlook (came with Office XP) under Windows 2000
and today when I trried to open an email message it would not open. I then closed Outlook and now when I try to open it I cannot. I got a message telling me there was something wrong and I should open it in "safe mode", when I tried this it took so long I stopped it using Task manager. I also tried opening it bypassing safe mode but that doesn't work either. Can anyone help please?

A:Microsoft Outlook

download ALL Outlook security updates from the microsoft update site. MS has a habit of compliling and putting incomplete/untested software on the market to meet releases from competition. shame shame. neways, if the updates dont work, uninstall and reinstall outlook only not the whole office. or if outlook loads but doesnt work, select help>detect and repair.

or, try system restore.
Relevancy 39.56%

Need a bit of help here. I keep getting a server timeout message whenever I sync my headers on outlook. Have checked my wireless and network connections and all seem to be in order, It then tells me it is in offline mode.

message error (0x800ccc19)

Any suggestions??

Relevancy 39.56%


I have Windows Vista with Outlook Contact Manager 2007. I have a span folder and when I try to delete the material in it I received the following message. "Cannot delete this folder. Right click on the folder, and then click Properties to check permission for the folder. See the folder owner or administrator to change your permissions. The server responded: 'special folder cannot be deleted'." 9/6/2009

I am the only one that uses the computer. Tried a few things but to no avail. Any ideas?

Thank you.

Relevancy 39.56%

When I receive a email envelope icon notification and click on the icon to view the email, once I'm done I just close out, and when I launch Outlook to view the email I received it is not in my inbox it is in my Archive Folder why? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

A:Microsoft Outlook

Hi Trisele. That sounds very like your incoming emails have been selected to be automatically stored in your Archive Folder instead of your Inbox.

I'm fairly certain you're going to reply that you didn't select or check anything that you know of that would have caused that but sometimes these things do happen. Check your settings and see if outlook has been configured inadvertently to re-route your emails to your archive folder.

Good luck !
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hie i am having a problem with my outlook account, it is having three inbox instead of one and i do not know how to remove the other two and remain with only one inbox without loosing my emails. the issue is i was using outlook with different accounts and now i would like to you one account and i dont want to see so many inbox in my main account.

please help

thank you in advance
Relevancy 39.56%

Do I need microsoft outlook to recieve e-mail? I have outlook express through my ISP and thats how my email is set up.

A:Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Express is fine for receiving mail. Outlook contains much more than just email. It also contains contacts, folders, a calendar and a few other things that Outlook Express does not cover.

But Express is fine for receiving mail from your ISP.
Relevancy 39.56%

Hello all.
I have Windows 8 touch with Microsoft Outlook. I would like to know if its possible to get Outlook to open on startup.
As in the email program to open as soon as I start the computer. arram.

A:Microsoft Outlook

If it is Outlook 2013 and if you have installed it using default settings, the shortcuts for all Office 2013 are located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office 2013.

Copy Outlook's shortcut from above mentioned folder, paste it to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp to start Outlook automatically when any user of the PC logs in, or to C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup if you want to start Outlook automatically only when you log in.

Remember that both ProgramData and Appdata are hidden folders. To see them in Explorer you need to enable Show hidden files and folders in Folder Options or Explorer Ribbon > View tab. Alternatively, typing %ProgramData% in Explorer address bar and hitting Enter opens ProgramData even when hidden files and folders are not shown, typing %AppData% does the same for your AppData\Roaming folder. Now you can click further down in folder hierarchy.

Relevancy 39.56%

Hi Im hoping this can be done but i will give you a brief of how i actually got to my problem I upgradeed to windows from windows about a week ago and everything was running fine i logged on friday morning and found that i couldnt get my internet or network to work which was strange At this point i should have tried this forum to find a solution however being clever i tried to refresh the system I knew that i weould lose my programs but thought all my files would stay I didnt microsoft outlook back up the comp first Anyways it did solve microsoft outlook the problem but i had indeed lost all my programs when i reinstalled microsoft out look i found microsoft outlook that i lost all my emails etc I had a look online and found that they had been saved in a window old folder on the pc I loaded this onto outlook but have now have two data files One which has all my old data and one which my emails coming into Needless to say this is very awkward and gives endless problem Please help
Relevancy 39.56%


A:Microsoft Outlook

If you have Outlook 2000 or better there is a feature called net folders. It works, but it isn't that collaborative a feature.
Relevancy 39.56%

I have a couple of users who use Stationary and a signature file when sending and replying to e-mail using Microsoft Outlook 2003. Although when they compose and send the message it is single-spaced, when it is received everything is double-spaced. Does anybody else have experience with this and have a solution?

A:Microsoft Outlook

Hi, we hade the same issue in our office, is the signatures formatted in rich text or HTML?
Relevancy 39.56%

Any help would be awesome. I restarted my computer and now I'm unable to open my microsoft outlook.
It says:
Cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window

A:Microsoft outlook

Hi weatherly, what operating system and outlook version are you using?
Relevancy 39.56%

Ok so i am the computer guy for a local ballet company They have some serious Microsoft out look issues They use sbc global email and have dsl internet and a linksys wr v g wireless router which is also run into a linksys srw p network switch all the computer hard cabled and run on a perfectly good local network and inter net setup But one of the teachers every time he trys to send and recieve emails he recieves the emails just fine but then when it goes to send whats in his outbox it ask him for network Serious microsoft outlook password he enters it and then it continues to pop back up and it does not let him in the end send his messages The secratary email simply does not let her log on at all in outlook she can Serious microsoft outlook check it just fine online but in the program nothing She has two accounts on that computer and niether of them work when she starts Serious microsoft outlook her outlook it ask her which acount to choose and i want to know how do u get rid Serious microsoft outlook of that and have it load both accounts at once some info about there email there incoming mail server or pop is mail peoriaballet com and there smtp is stmp sbcglobal yahoo com there useing no ssl and there pop ports is and there outgoing stmp server port is What is going wrong nbsp

A:Serious microsoft outlook

Try updating the account settings to use the same settings for his outgoing mail server as his incoming.

You didn't specify if it's Outlook Express or Office Outlook so I'll list both

Outlook Express -> Tools -> Accounts... -> <highlight yoru account> -> Properties -> Servers -> Outgoing Mail Server -> My server requires authentication <checked> -> Settings -> Logon Information -> Use same settings as my incoming mail server <selected>

Outlook Express -> Tools -> E-mail Accounts... -> <highlight yoru account> -> Properties -> Servers -> Outgoing Mail Server -> My server requires authentication <checked> -> Settings -> Logon Information -> Use same settings as my incoming mail server <selected>

-- Andy
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We often receive messages with no subject line and lots of "garbage" lines before the actual text. Some are completely unreadable. There always seems to be some mention of MIME format. The last one like this said,

"This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may not be legible."

Other messages are just fine. What causes my Outlook 98 to have problems with some of these message formats?

A:Microsoft Outlook 98

something like this;en-us;Q271206
Relevancy 39.56%

I use MS outlook express for my email but would like to switch to Outlook, when I click on Outlook it say unable to start Microsoft Outlook. Is there something missing? I have wnxp home edition.
Edward F

A:Microsoft Outlook?

Wich version of Outlook or Office suite do you have? Are you launching outlook from a shorcut on the desktop or?

What happen if you go to start/run and type outlook.exe and press enter? Does outlook opens?
Relevancy 39.56%

Can I schedule outlook to send a mass email at a certain time on a certain date?

A:Microsoft Outlook

Go to the message you want sent click the options button and go to delivery options. You will see the option "Do Not Deliver Before:".
Relevancy 39.56%

My secretary set up a meeting request which goes out to many users. It was set up whilst she was working as delegate on my behalf. Her account was set up to automatically deliver read receipts back to my account once someone had read the meeting request. I now need to update this meeting and send out the details again to the attendees, however I do not want to receive read receipts again. I have turned off the read receipt option in Tools - Options - Email Options but it still keeps sending me receipts each time they view the meeting. If I create a new meeting request it is fine - no receipts sent but I don't want to create a new request - just update an existing one. Any ideas?

A:Microsoft Outlook

Try opening the meeting request and go to File/Properties. Is the box next to "Read receipt requested" checked?