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Hirens for dead win10 t410

Q: Hirens for dead win10 t410

Woke up one morning to a dead PC. Wouldn't boot. Downloaded and burned Hiren. Which does boot. Does this mean its my HDD?
Can I use Hiren to try and repair HDD? Buy a new Hdd and install Win10 from thumb drive?

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Preferred Solution: Hirens for dead win10 t410

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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So my DVD drive has died on my and I hear if u get a new one off Ebay u have to get the key from the old one DVD a drive 360 dead Replacing and stick it on the new so your Xbox will read it thats all well and good if your drive would work be picked up by PC The drive is dead and there is no way of getting the key Now if my logic is right the key is stored on one of the Microchips in the board so If I can get the chip off the board by heating it up what piece of Hardware would I need to read it and software to get the Needed information off in order to flash it onto the new XBox drive I plan to order I don t want to shell out on a new console as its in full working order despite DVD drive and doing it said way would be cheaper Yes Also if anyoen knows which chip it is on the Xbox Ben Q VAD Drive I be very happy I Plan on replacing it with another benQ drive I point out I do not intend to play pirated games I just want to be able to replace my DVD drive which may be against MS EuLA but I don t care as its not breaking UK law I will use it to back my games up again fully within UK law Thanks in advanced for replys nbsp

A:Replacing a dead 360 DVD drive

If you're positive that the old drive is dead (i.e. no power to the drive) then getting the key is impossible. if the drive has already been flashed then the key should have been saved. i'm quite positive there is no way to retrieve the key from the motherboard itself, without the use of specialized equipment, that you don't have access to anyways.

buy a new console and keep the old one for parts or sell it as is
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I have been upgrading an old Compaq Presario SR5130NX.
I'm new to the computer scene, and decided to switch the PSU to 230V, just to see what would happen. It exploded. That's what happened. I installed a new PSU, and now, whenever I turn on the PC, there is an error message saying "CPU fan has failed" and the PC shuts down automatically before I can access the set up, or bios. My case is currently open however, and I can see that the fan is working so I think the motherboard got messed up, and I'm afraid this could have also damaged my graphics card and memory.

My motherboard is a m2n68-la (ivy) and here are the product specifications:

Can anyone tell me what's going on? Can this be fixed, or should I just get a new motherboard and start from scratch?

If I'm posting this in the wrong section, please point me in the right direction.

A:Is my computer dead?

Unplug from wall socket.
reset bios by removing bios battery for few seconds. reinsert bios battery.
check if cpu fan is still attached to cpu fan header and is still intact.
check 20+4 main power connector
check 4-pin auxiliary power connector (can be 4+4, depending on motherboard)
(check the motherboard for any burnt marks, bloated capacitors.)
plug to wall socket and turn on.

if unable to power up computer, then maybe the motherboard is dead.
if the motherboard has any burnt marks or bloated capacitors, don't use it as it maybe dead.

if you are going to build a new budget build:
processor: intel Pentium g3258
cpu cooler: coolermaster hyper 212 evo (or 212x)
motherboard: h81, b85, h97, or z97
memory: 4gb ddr3-1600 single memory module (or 2x4gb)
gpu: NVidia gtx 750, amd r9 260
storage: 1tb hdd
psu: seasonic 500w+
OS: windows 8.1 64-bit or ubuntu

alternate build:
processor: i5-4690k
cpu cooler: coolermaster hyper212 evo (or 212x)
motherboard: asus/asrock z97
memory: 2x4gb ddr3-1600 (or 2x8gb)
gpu: NVidia gtx 760 or amd r9 270x (or higher)
storage: 256gb Samsung 840 evo ssd + 3tb Seagate hdd or 2tb wd black hdd
psu: seasonic 600W+ for single gpu usage
OS: windows 8.1 64-bit or ubuntu
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I have no idea why this happened, after the update none of the ports on my computer work after booting into windows. bios was updated before this and all was fine. checked in bios if ports were enabled. still no joy. help!!!
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Hey all,

Just wondering if an external drive is dead based on this --

I have a Seagate FreeAgent Desk and last week when I plugged into computer after 6 months or so of no use, it wasn't recognized. LED lights didn't come on at all. So I thought it was a bad power supply. Switched that out but no luck. Tonight I transferred to a Dynex enclosure. Powers up but still nowhere on computer, not in device manager or disk management. Any other things to try or is the drive itself gone?

A:Opinion on whether Seagate FreeAgent External Dead

Sounds like the hdd isn't spinning up in either enclosure. if possible I would connect it to the enclosure & not completely reassemble, try it on your PC, and put your ear down on the top of the drive & listen, do you hear the motor spinning up?! if the drive is not spinning up, there isn't much you can do. if the data is valuable, then try a data recovery company - I have had excellent success with if the data is not valuable then I'd replace the drive and toss that one out.

Post back, Hope this helps!
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Hi Guys,
I am running an old Windows XP.
All od a sudden.[ 2 days ago ] I click on Craigslist and I get a "Can not connect" window even though I can access any and all of other web sites.
Also, now when I try to upload a photo onto says "choose file"..."click upload"...but its dead. Yet I can upload photos to other web sites.
Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

A:Some links are dead

Clear your browser cache,

clear the DNS Cache:
runas /user:administrator cmd​enter​IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS​NET STOP "DNS CLIENT"​NET START "DNS CLIENT"​
quit your browser and relaunch it
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Few days back I was playing GTA on my pc It was working fine but suddenly its video whoops out There was only white - yellowish color on the screen and nothing was happening So I card Dead graphics decided to reset the pc then I turned it off normally Two days after this when I turned on my pc Dead graphics card it was not turning on Whenever I push the Dead graphics card power button in I see only blink in mouse light and fans in cpu just give a jerk Although the motherboarrd lights have still gone green So Dead graphics card I thought its power cord problem then I performed each and every possible things And found that it was not power problem Then I removed my nvidia gt graphic card and then turned it on And now it gave me long beeps which signifies base k RAM error So I removed one ram from it and then it worked all correct But what was the problem with graphic card I have suitable psu of dc output w Specs - Pentium D gb ram leadtek winfast nvidia gt windows dont know anything about BIOS version Please ask anything if I left something nbsp

A:Dead graphics card

It may have shorted out do to your memory stick shorting out.. Have you tried the video card ? Sense you remove the bad memory stick. Just to see if maybe it was the memory stick causing the problem.
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Hello I have been given an HP s Computer so I don t know the history The PSU was dead so I hooked up a good Antec Power button light and Asus M2N68-la no dead? MoBo means beeps cooling fans work but that s all Have systematically removed all hardware connections to the board including the ram keyboard amp mouse leaving just the PSU connectors there is no sign of life no post or video signal it has never beeped at all Having read countless posts I have come to the conclusion that since there are no beeps the Motherboard needs replacing As the original power supply was dead perhaps it took something else with it Before changing the mobo I thought I d see if anyone has an alternative suggestion I did read that there is a known fault with this mobo Plenty of Asus M2N68-la MoBo no beeps means dead? folks have video problems but it should beep Asus M2N68-la MoBo no beeps means dead? or spin up the HDD The specs are standard for this HP off the shelf The asus M N -la MoBo is rev Dual core Athlon x GB Samsung DDR Hope someone has a suggestion thanks Tony nbsp
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Urgh Typical Install new case fans after moving HD cages from the front of Corsar T case Check they run ok Fine Put HD cages back in one in the space on the bottom of the case beside the PSU Fight with the cables to get the HDs connected and the modular PSU cables back into the PSU - Attempt to power on Nothing - Check cable try another power cable Nothing - No fans no lights nothing - No electrical sound when flipping the switch on the back of the PSU Seems I have a year warrant on the PSU and its only about years old But Corsair RMA system insists that you HX750, cables dead Corsair and after unplugging, reseating re-plugging quot try another PSU to verify the problem is Corsair HX750, dead after reseating and unplugging, re-plugging cables the PSU quot which is fair enough so off to buy another PSU probably another Corsair Hope the RMA system allows for refund rather than replacement otherwise I ll have PSUs which isn t really much use I guess I can use this as an opportunity to upgrade to a bigger PSU since CF HD SSD i K Ghz a powered device connected to almost every single USB port is probably getting towards it s limits I can then stick any replacement HX on Ebay Corsair HX750, dead after reseating and unplugging, re-plugging cables or something nbsp

A:Corsair HX750, dead after reseating and unplugging, re-plugging cables

Arris said:

Seems I have a 7 year warrant on the PSU and its only about 3 years old. But Corsair RMA system insists that you "try another PSU to verify the problem is the PSU" which is fair enough so off to buy another PSU, probably another Corsair.Click to expand...

I didn't have any fuss with my Corsair RMA request, when I mentioned using a Power Supply Tester.
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A few months ago my external hard drive stopped working. At first the power light would come on but the hard drive wouldn't boot up. I think I may have plugged the wrong wattage from another cord mistakenly into it and from that point on, the power light stopped coming on. I decided to get a new printed circuit board from a reputable data recovery company in Canada. In addition to purchasing the PCB from them, they advise that the old/dead PCB be sent to them so they can swap the BIOS info from the old one onto the new one for better compatibility. The company claims they never received my old PCB (I tracked it and it shows delivered).

Is there any way I would still be able to recover my data from my external hard drive since I no longer have the old PCB?"
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Hi all,

My micro SD card is died. My question is just like the title; Is there a way to revive a died micro SD card?


A:Is there a way to revive a dead SD card?

Just Google "recover dead SD card", read through some articles. Let us know if something works.

I don't know anything to recommend, sorry.
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Hi all For the past two weeks my PC was booting up very slowly I have Windows installed on a GB Corsair GT SSD and a Drive Is Dead? My Disk Hard Seagate Barracuda ST AS for Games Media My boot times had increased dramatically from about seconds to seconds I feared it was an issue with the SSD or some bad incomplete Windows update However last night when I booted up my system I found that chkdsk had detected quot inconsistencies quot on the Seagate drive If I skipped chkdsk on boot I was unable to see this drive in Windows I followed similar instructions to THIS and managed to have it back up and running Boot times improved significantly however still not as fast as before My system was functioning fine till today morning In the afternoon when I turned it back on I was unable to see the Seagate drive and its partitions in Windows I shut down the machine and on the next boot went into BIOS I found that the Seagate drive was listed there However on booting back into Windows there was nothing Now on restarting the PC not turning it off completely and going into BIOS I found that the drive was no longer shown I shut down the system and changed the SATA connector and the port Once again it was listed in BIOS but not in Windows On removing the HDD from the system I found that my boot times were back Is My Hard Disk Drive Dead? down to the sec mark So I took the HDD to a friend who plugged it in as a second drive in his machine There was a message stating something in the lines of quot Hard Disk Status Bad quot After this Windows was simply not booting It was stuck on a black screen after the Windows splash screen So I m assuming that the HDD is dead and wondering if there s any way to recover data from it Is My Hard Disk Drive Dead? I d appreciate any pointers in this direction Also as a replacement I was contemplating between the latest Seagate Barracuda ST DM and the Western Digital Caviar Blue WD EZEX Which in your opinion would be Is My Hard Disk Drive Dead? a better option The new Seagate seems to have very fast performance and on the other hand there s only good things to be heard about the reliability and performance of the latest Caviar Blue though not as fast as the Seagate Thanks for reading through nbsp

A:Is My Hard Disk Drive Dead?

Check Windows Disk Management to see if the drive has for some unknown reason been dismounted.
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my laptop is a packard bell dot (same as the acer aspire one zg5) equipped with a hannstar j mv-4 94v, I disassembled it to fix a wireless module problem, then when I assembled it back and put on the battery the power and charge leds flash for a second and nothing happens when I try to power it on.
same reaction happens when I plug on the power supply or put on the battery.
even the battery doesn't seem to charge anymore (its indicator just flashes for a second as I said)

here's a video:

any help or suggestion?


A:Dead netbook except leds flash once when power supply plugged

One of the ribbon cables may not be securely connected. Them things are a pain to deal with.

If you hadn't previously worked on it, I was going to suggest the power supply may have gone bad. Since you worked on it and that is when the problem started, its been my experience the problem is nearly always workers error.
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Hello my friends,

my friend gave me a old CPU but he say that the problem is only PSU, so I buy new one. the problem is I can boot from 4-5 seconds after that it turns off. any one help me to where is the problem? thank you

A:How do you know if it is a dead motherboard?

mike081682 said:

Hello my friends,

my friend gave me a old CPU but he say that the problem is only PSU, so I buy new one. the problem is I can boot from 4-5 seconds after that it turns off. any one help me to where is the problem? thank youClick to expand...

The CPU is a specific component within the computer, its no bigger than a cell phone.

What reasoning did your friend give, for thinking it was the PSU?
Have you tried trouble shooting the issue on your own yet? If so what have you tried?
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I have a Toshiba Satellite a205-s5000 that I replaced the power jack in. They sent me the wrong plug, mine was hard wired into the board so I cut and spliced the new plug to the wires coming out of the board and still no power. It has 2 red wires and 2 black wires, would it make a difference of which red wire and which black wire I connect to the red and black ones coming out of the board? Thank You for any help.

A:Different kind of dead

So they sent you a jack that needed to be soldered directly to the motherboard and the original jack was wired to the motherboard?
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First excuse me for my bad English
Please advice
I disassemble my laptop to clean the processor fan According to the instructions of dell support guide
I have assemble again ,but it didn't work
No signal
No lights
With battery and without


A:Dell Inspiron 1564 dead

There is bound to be one of the interface connections that did not make good contacts. Trust me it is very difficult to make sure all interface connections are all properly seated in their connector.

I recently worked on a Notebook that had five separate boards inside and if any one of them was disconnected or wasn't properly seated, the machine would not boot.
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Dormant to dead ssd? kingston ssdnow100
Hi - I am setting up a new used laptop, and wanted to use an SSD drive I have sitting around. For months, dormant.

I want to see what is on this ssd and decide whether I want to format it. With an external sata dock, I CAN see a regular drive, but the SSD will not show up.
Can an SSD go bad / die if not plugged in for months?

A:Dormant to dead SSD? Kingston SSDNow100

No, an SSD will not normally fail if it lies unused for a long time. However, external circumstances like humidity, temperature, electricity, moisture, etc. can affect it. It's rather strange that you can't see it in the external dock.

Another option is to connect it to a working computer directly and try to access it.
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I just bought a Corsair M gaming mouse I installed both the updated firmware and the drivers for the ports? USB dead Corsair = M60 mouse and played a few rounds of Medal of Honor Warfigher on multiplayer The mouse performed pretty good I played for a good three hours without a problem I then shut Corsair M60 = dead USB ports? down to attend to something away from my PC When I rebooted my PC two hours later the USB ports in the rear hub of my setup -- where the M was plugged -- were no longer working The mouse was unresponsive I did a hard shut Corsair M60 = dead USB ports? down plugged the mouse into a USB port in the front panel then boot my PC into Windows The mouse worked but the ports in rear USB hub remained unresponsive So I did the quot unplug the power cord wait five minutes then reboot quot band aid solution which -- as expected -- worked Windows installed its generic mouse drivers I m using those now I ve uninstalled the M driver for now but have kept the firmware update intact I would really like to be able to use the driver s features But I m worried that I might run into the same issue again and be forced into another hard reset What could have caused the problem I know it s a lot to ask but I d like to first hear your advice and inputs and perhaps learn more about this issue before I try re-installing the Corsair drivers I ve got an Asus P X Pro motherboard As mentioned the M is plugged into a rear USB port Here are the specs for the mouse As always your help and advice will be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Corsair M60 = dead USB ports?

Try rolling back that driver update
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My system is as follows:
NVidia GeForce4 MX440 graphics with AGP8X
Thermaltake PSU
Philips 17" Flatscreen Monitor

OK so my monitor has bit the dust. I dont want to upgrade any of my computer components because its too old. About 9.5 yrs. I want an LCD monitor thats going to overlap from now until I buy a complete new system. I dont want to buy a monitor that will be underspec'd for the new system. Im not very knowledgeable on their resolutions and whats not compatible or why, nor about aspect ratios and compatibility.

- My Video Card has a max resolution 1024x768 pix . Can I use a 16.9 and the standard resolutions of today?

Thanks for any help.

A:Replacing dead monitor for older system

You can use any monitor with any graphics card, with 2 caveats; must have compatible ports (DVI,VGA,HDMI,DisplayPort) or use an adapter, and your resolution will be limited to the component with the smaller value (your card's 1024x768). So until you build the new system, it will display the same size as your old one, with a wide black bar on either side (but should look better anyway). The sweet spot these days is 23" widescreen (less than $150), 24" under $200, and 27" start at $250. I have an Acer 23" and it's big enough for me. Remember, though, when you have a bigger monitor it will run at lower frame rates with a given video card, so keep that in mind when spec'ing the new system. Until 3 months ago I was where you are (Pentium 4 3.4 GHz). I gradually upgraded my parts until I ended up with this;

Asus P8Z77-V, Intel [email protected] GHz, Kingston HyperX [email protected] MHz, EVGA GTX 550 Ti [email protected] MHZ/2257 MHz, Corsair H100 liquid cooling, Ultra X4 750w, Corsair Carbide 400R, 2 x WDC Green 2TB, 1 x WDC Blue 500GB, 1 x Hitachi 400 GB, 1 x Hitachi 1TB external, LG M-Disc Super Multi DVD, 6 x 120mm case fans, Acer 23" [email protected], Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

I've got about $1400 total in it (plus many months of research and list-making, which was half the fun) and it's so much faster I can hardly believe it, even without an SSD (soon!). So you can get a monitor now, then find a case you like and move into it, get your fans set up the way you want, then one day get a Z77 mobo and i5-3570K and switch everything over. You'll need a new hard drive, your old one is IDE and the new mobos are SATA. Later you can get a decent video card, faster RAM, an SSD, etc. BTW, the integrated Intel HD 4000 video on the 3570K is awesome, I used it for a week just to try it out, and it played most of my games okay. I envy you - for you, the fun is just beginning. New hardware aimed at the enthusiast market is a multi-billion dollar business now, so competition is fierce, prices are low, and great new stuff comes out almost daily. Do the research, read the reviews, and have fun.
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Hello, I'm just wondering if it is possible for a PSU to stop delivering power to case fans due to aging/dying or would my case fans really be dead and in need of replacement.

A:Aging PSU or genuinely dead case fans?

How old is the power supply? Also, how many case fans do you have? It seems unlikely that the power supply would stop sending power to the case fans only. If everything else is working the way it should, perhaps your case fans are dead.
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I have a HP Presario CQ62 notebook that just totally died.
I closed it up after using it normally, came back and opened the lid and it was dead. No lights, not even power supply indicator light. Nothing happens when the power button is pushed of course.
I thought and hoped it was a faulty power supply and a flat battery, but I have a spare power supply so this was able to be ruled out.
Not that it's relevant here, but it's running Windows 7 64 bit.
Anyone got any ideas where to look for a solution to this? As it won't fire up on battery or power it has to be after those.

A:Dead HP Presario CQ62 notebook

Remove the memory and re install it... Remove the battery and try AC power only. With the battery out and AC out, hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Re install the battery and see if the laptop powers up
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Hello first post here but I am really stumped about this A couple weeks ago I bought a bare bones kit that included a w Diablotek PSU Long story short It didn t work at all no fans no beeps nothing So I tested it with another PSU and everything worked fine I figured 600w Dead? Diablotek fix? PSU Obvious -- it was just defective and I exchanged it for a new one Well the new one still doesn t work and I am now thinking I did something wrong The PSU it worked with is a w with a pin eps vs the new w -Pin -Pin EPS Connector I have tried using only pins for eps and for the mobo connection already with no result Connecting Power Supplies is usually foolproof I was just wondering if anyone knew any stupid mistakes people sometime make before I send it back for another new one Thanks is advance I can t post a link to the Barebones but I hope this will work tiger direct DOT com applications searchtools item-details asp EdpNo amp csid nbsp

A:Diablotek 600w PSU -- Obvious fix? Dead?

I doubt you did anything wrong (it still works with a different PSU right?) Diabloteks are just absolute garbage, it is unlikely that the Diablotek PSU can actually output more than half its rating if it can even do that. I wouldn't worry too much, as long as the system works with another PSU just scrap the Diablotek and put something good in. Some good PSU brands I generally recommend are : Antec, Corsair (Except builder series), Delta, Enermax, FSP, PC Power & Cooling, SeaSonic.
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I got a Gateway MX8711 laptop, it was supposed to be just missing an HDD, but the unit is completely dead. I've never got to see any indicator light, any whiff of a fan.

Since the alternative was throwing it away, I took the whole thing apart. All I know is that the PSU tests successfully at 19V, no obvious indications of burns or bad solders near the POS, and there is continuity on the board. The highlighted transistor S1040 gets 19V too*. The battery charge terminals give 0.85V.

Where do I go from here?

* See , I can't post links yet.

A:Gateway laptop completely dead, mobo gets power

Sorry to report this to you, but the Gateway Ml, M7, and MX series of laptops from about 2007 through 2010 or later, have a very high (my term) failure rate... the motherboard goes.... Some technicians believe that the motherboard fails because the CPU cooling fan plugs up with lint, and the board or processor overheats... We have seen perhaps 36 or 37 of them... dead and not repairable... since 2007... except by the replacement of the system board... The average cost of the system board is $127 plus shipping...
Others believe the failure is because of the manufacturer who was in control at the time they were built... The problems appears to be the same whether it was built by Gateway or the other two companies who have been in line for the building process. Gateway was bought out by other companies in Korea about 2003 or 2004... a pretty reliable machine until then
I would contact Gateway or a technician who specializes in Gateway to see what their cost of repair is these days... but we are not sure we would want the repaired one either...
A look on eBay will affirm that there are lots of Gateway parts, but almost never any working Gateway motherboards...
You might want to take it to a certified tech who works on Gateway laptops for his or her evaluation...
But your time will be better spent shopping for a better unit.
The hard drive is still good, as is the memory and most other components, in our experience, but it is the motherboard that is the one part that is unrepairable.
We will be interested to see if there are other replies that have more hopeful news.
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I have a Logitech Performance MX mouse It s maybe a year old actually it s months old today as a matter Mouse/'dead spots' on desk of fact just looked it up I have a spot on my computer desk where I ve always used the mouse It seems like it s creating dead spots where the pointer will kind of hesitate on screen and I don t get the precision I Mouse/'dead spots' on desk m used to Works well in Mouse/'dead spots' on desk other areas of the desk but not as great and precise as it once did Plus I can t get used to having the mouse there I ve cleaned the pads of the mouse cleaned the desk put in a brand new fully charged NiMh battery any other suggestions I m also wondering about range I wanted to plug the tiny usb connector into the back of my tower which is maybe feet away from the mouse but it doesn t register well at all if I plug it into a front usb slot which is only maybe a foot closer it works fine nbsp

A:Mouse/'dead spots' on desk

put a piece of paper under the mouse and see if it helps.
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im thinking of getting a gaming computer to run fps's so will something like this do?Processor: 2 x Xeon 5160 Core Duo Processors 3.0ghz (yes it has 2 dual core processors installed)

Memory: 4096mb (4gb) supports upto 32gb

Hard drive: 250gb Sata (can take scsi, ide, sata drives)

Optical drive: dvdrw/cdrw drive

Graphics: Nvidia NVS285 Graphics card (watch 2 monitors at a time) (we can supply a matrox graphics card for 4 monitors at a time in our Ebay shop)

Operating system: Windows XP Professional 32bit (supports 64bit)

Ports: Front: Headphone, microphone, and 2 USB 2.0, 1 IEEE 1394; Rear: 5 USB 2.0, 1 standard serial port, 1 parallel port, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, 1 RJ-45, 1 audio in, 1 audio out, 1 IEEE 1394; Internal: 1 USB 2.0

Slots and bays: 7 slots: 1 PCI Express (x16) Graphics slot, 1 PCI Express (x16 mechanically, x4 electrically), 1 PCI Express (x8 mechanically, x4 electrically), 1 133 MHz PCI-X slot, 2 100 MHz PCI-X slots, and 1 legacy PCI slot
Power supply: 800Watts

A:Will this run games like Dead Island or CoD?

xeon processors arn't designed to play games but yes they should in theory work, not sure how it will go in load balancing, may only use one of them in the game. I have looked on the nvidia website and that card you have is very old though and isn't designed for gaming so swap it out for a gaming card (unless put that card onto the PCIe 8x slot)
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Hi, My pc recentlty started looking like this, is my graphics card dead?

Pics to follow, once i know how to.

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Just to let everyone know first, I'm not very techy/good at this stuff. I know several things but I'm far from good haha.
So my problem:
Every time I turn on the power for my computer the fans run but the light on the power button blinks once and then stays off. I have to try several times to hold the button/turn it off and then try turning it on again before it totally starts. I'm wondering if this is just a power supply problem or a motherboard issue? I've got an Acer Aspire AX3400-E2202 AMD Athlon IIX2 215 dual-core processor.
Also, if I were to get a new power supply unit would I have to stick to the watts of what it is now or could I move up to something like 300?

Thanks in advance

A:Motherboard dead or power supply?

Yes try a new power supply first... 350 to 500 watts is okay
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I m pretty sure my PSU is dead but I just wanted to check with people who have more expertise before I go buy a new one I m a software guy My PSU is an XFX B I ve had it for maybe months Over the past - months if my case was standing need dead expert probably -- PSU opinion upright it it would randomly shut off I could only get it to post boot etc if PSU probably dead -- need expert opinion I laid it on its side which is exactly what I did Last night on its side it shut off entirely PSU probably dead -- need expert opinion and still will not turn back on So I ve been using a multimeter to diagnose the problem My power cord in has the appropriate V before it gets to the power supply Having the power supply switched on and plugged in I then went to the pin ATX connector With the black prong on a ground I checked every other pin All of them were V except for the green PS ON V and the purple VSB V My motherboard has a green and orange light on when it s all hooked up and occasionally the fans will twitch if I hit the power button usually not though My thoughts are that my mobo is probably fine but my PSU is dead Does this conclusion make sense Is there anything else I should try before buying new hardware nbsp

A:PSU probably dead -- need expert opinion

You may have been overloading it. What are your system specs? It sounds like you killed it. I think you should grab a spare power supply and "breadboard" that MB and CPU (run the different PSU, motherboard, and processor on a non conductive surface, like plastic).

Please wait for another opinion before throwing anything out, as I am no expert.
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Hey guys and gals, I'm new here (obviously) but last night, I picked up my computer, popped the screen open and tried to move my pointer.

It was froze where I last left it and nothing would move. I held the power button for about 15 seconds and it didn't power down (the fans were still going and everything) I unplugged it, and nothing happened, so I took the battery out (and obviously it died) I put the battery back in and tried turning it on but nothing. No lights, nothing!

I plugged the charger in and still nothing, no charging light or anything. Just lays there... like my girlfriend

Any ideas?

It's a Dell Inspiron 1501 (got it in 2003) running XP.
I have replaced the battery before, and also the charger (a little over a year ago)


A:Laptop froze, now dead

Kanikas said:

Hey guys and gals, I'm new here (obviously) but last night, I picked up my computer, popped the screen open and tried to move my pointer.

It was froze where I last left it and nothing would move. I held the power button for about 15 seconds and it didn't power down (the fans were still going and everything) I unplugged it, and nothing happened, so I took the battery out (and obviously it died) I put the battery back in and tried turning it on but nothing. No lights, nothing!

I plugged the charger in and still nothing, no charging light or anything. Just lays there... like my girlfriend

Any ideas?

It's a Dell Inspiron 1501 (got it in 2003) running XP.
I have replaced the battery before, and also the charger (a little over a year ago)

KanikasClick to expand...

Try a different wall outlet. Make sure ALL power cord connections are snug.
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I have just tried to update the Bios on aa Acer aspire one zg5 after several attempts all I get now is a brief orange flicker from the charge led previously the unit worked fine on the mains adaptor. Have I damaged the internal power card by turning it of and on to much during this proccess? If so is it possible to get a replacement card?

A:Acer One ZG5 dead, only brief flicker on charge light when main adapter plugged in

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I'm currently having a hardware fault, happened awhile ago now but I can afford a new GPU now if I have to but thought I'd futher investergate whats going on. So thought I'd ask for some help.

Turned PC on one day, got the blue screen booted into safe mode tried a few things forgot how I found out but I disabled my display drivers and then my PC was able to boot up without safe mode. Since then all my PC does is watch movies, surf the net and just the basic stuff.

So my GPU is still sending a video signal but if I enable the device, my PC either gets a blue screen or hangs on a black screen after loading windows vista

The card I was running is a geforce 9800GTX-2 in yes my PSU is powerful enough

A:GPU dead? Displays picture only

"So my GPU is still sending a video signal but if I enable the device"...

Graphics cards... or anything else in a computer need drivers to function. Download and install the proper drivers for your GeForce card here:
Nvidia 9800GTX-2
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I continue to Dead II processor? X6 AMD Phenom struggle in getting one of my latest builds working and this time I have a feeling that the CPU could be dead It is Dead processor? AMD Phenom II X6 a brand-new AMD T six-core processor that I bought from Newegg last month Problem is I switched from a seemingly broken MSI FX-GD to a brand new ASRock GX-Pro and alas it doesn t work either When the system is turned on the debug LED displays a series of fast numerical codes and then stops at quot quot with no onboard video or other signs of life does NOT POST I have tried removing all but one memory module removing graphics cards and clearing CMOS several times I am using a w Corsair power supply This is a very similar issue I was having on the MSI board where the debug LED would sit at quot FF quot and would not POST either The only real difference is that this ASR board is equipped with UEFI BIOS but I haven t seen or have been able to actually use it at all This is starting to lead me to the conclusion that the processor is dead which has never happened to me before but perhaps I need to get it replaced Any thoughts nbsp

A:Dead processor? AMD Phenom II X6

Easiest solution would be to pop for a budget CPU or try to borrow a loaner. If the board boots you'll have your answer.
Conversely, send the CPU back and take your chances with the RMA.
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Hey there Hope I am posting this in the right forum So today I got my self two new mm fans mm Urgent dead? PSU needed, motherboard help or fan cathodes but most of all a new case I took everything off and stripped my old case and put everything in new Everything connected up and the Front Panel connectors connected as well Here is where the problem lies I am not sure if my front panel connectors are in the right places I know which socket they go in but no Idea in what Urgent help needed, motherboard or PSU dead? order their polarity etc So once i connected them possibly wrong way I plug in the power and hit the Power button The PC turns on and then INSTANTLY shuts of within fraction of a second I see the fans spin Urgent help needed, motherboard or PSU dead? and light up but at the same time they all go off Now i tried nearlly every different way the front panel connectors could go and still same problem as above Could this be a mobo issue PSU issue Am I totaly screwed Or could it be the front panel connectors connected incorrently faulty PS I tried to see if the problem persists with just fan connected without any other hardware no cpu gpu hdd s etc etc and still same prob Really needed to get my PC ready and up for tomorrow as I got crap loads of college work to do and this laptop I am using now is terrible can t handle photoshop X Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Urgent help needed, motherboard or PSU dead?

Did you remember to connect the 4 or 6 pin aux12v line to the motherboard near the CPU?
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hello everyone i have very little knowledge about laptop hardware and this is why i am posting Presario on Dead Compaq graphics card V6000 here i have a compaq presario v Dead graphics card on Compaq Presario V6000 and it has been running fine for the past couple of years a while back it started making noises and started Dead graphics card on Compaq Presario V6000 heating up but it never Dead graphics card on Compaq Presario V6000 self booted or shutdown by itself i had planned to get it serviced and clean its fan etc but it got delayed days back when i tried turning it on it just wouldn t i mean i switch on the power i see the volume and power LEDs turned on but the screen wont appear i believe its graphics card has burned up or something i have dropped it off the repair shop and all that they are doing is just scaring me saying that the graphics card can t be replaced as it is the entire motherboard has to be changed and even if the card could be changed it wouldn t give any guarantee of not burning up again so guyz here is my question can the graphics card of a Compaq Presario V notebook be replaced i donot know which model it is but i guess its the default card that comes with every notebook of the said model i would really appreciate a quick response as i need an urgent verdict i can not afford an entire new motherboard at this time but i need to work on the laptop nbsp

A:Dead graphics card on Compaq Presario V6000

I think the shops advise is most probably correct. I've been unable to confirm this for certain but in general 90% of laptops have the graphics card integrated into the motherboard, so if the graphics have failed then it has to be a new mobo.

The overheating was probably caused by a faulty fan or dust build up. This could also have damaged the CPU. Considering the cost of replacement your best bet would be a new PC.

I have read some reports that the V6000 had known problems with faulty soldering on the graphics chips. So, there is just a slim chance you might be able to find an electronics expert who could check the solderiing but it is micro soldering to say the least.
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running two monitors off one vga port on laptop laptop has a bad screen so I just keep the laptop closed and run mouse keyboard and monitor with other devices and so on I have a two lcd monitors I would like to use and extend if you use a vga splitter will it recognize two or run two with identical screens which would be useless so laptop one vga port and I have two monitors needing to be setup On my tower my ati card sli which has dvi connectors for monitors a port, two screen dead LCD with One laptop on a VGA a quad setup One VGA port, two LCD monitors on a laptop with a dead screen also ran a splitter off of one of one of the dvi leads to add and it still saw all monitors individually hmm what else can I add I also have a kvm switch just not sure how to setup everything right I am running into problems usb bluetooth mouse usb apple pro keyboard it works on my laptop so I like it usb TB mybook active multiple monitors on desktop monitors on the laptop machine monitor only being active lcd monitors all together KVM switch outputs I only need two anyways audio creative DTS- to get a DTS single connected to a yamaha receiver nbsp

A:One VGA port, two LCD monitors on a laptop with a dead screen

If you're talking about a VGA-to-VGA splitter, I think you'll only be able to get two instances of the same screen to show up.

If you're talking about a different port that can handle more data, you might be able to get this set-up to work. I know the computers we use at work have a video output port that has an adapter that splits into two VGA ports (or two DVI ports, depending), and we use that for a dual-monitor set-up (which everyone in the office has).
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Let me explain My pc windows ultimate bit quad core home build has been running relatively perfectly for a while but I decided on an upgraded graphics card - HD rather than the older HD Anyways I got it on I now PC is graphics card changed and dead eBay as I changed graphics card and now PC is dead a used item So it arrived today and I installed it as I ve done loads of times before attached all the connectors and booted up with no problems Although the resolution had changed to a very low setting which I ve seen on changing other graphics cards I soon realised I had forgotten to plug in the keyboard so did that and with no response from the keyboard I rebooted Although I d left the room for a few minutes when I got back the pc was off I tried switching it back on but without power to the tower The green light on the mobo Asus P N -E was lit for a while then went out So it doesn t power up it seems dead to the world Even when I replace my old graphics card there is nothing I ve read a few other threads asking to try to boot up with only the cpu and memory I have corsair x gb but I get nothing at the power button The psu is a w Alphapower unit and it s only about months old I ve got a sneaky suspicion it s this though But I don t understand why it would blow after changing the graphics card Any ideas will be much appreciated nbsp

A:I changed graphics card and now PC is dead

really depends on weather the psu can output enough power for that card never heard of that brand probably the psu IMO.
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I installed XP2000.The head set Mic voice started breaking all of a sudden.But the same headset works well with other computers.I have reinstalled the audio drivers and the issue remains there.But i can hear the songs and all..I have installed realtek and i am using ACER 4930 LAPTOP.Someone can suggest the solution.


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Hey all I bought a Dead others with Space problems GT220 Borderlands, and Nvidia rig about months ago as a cheap impulse buy and iv been living well enough with it so far But iv recently decided to chop through some old games such as borderlands deadspace and the like but the Nvidia GT thats in machine seems to really struggle Im getting very jerky game play in borderlands with all settings on the lowest with screen res at highest i play all my games full resolution since im Nvidia GT220 problems with Borderlands, Dead Space and others running a full HD Nvidia GT220 problems with Borderlands, Dead Space and others quot wide screen monitor Dead space isn t so bad but its still jerky possibly adding to the fun of the game but not appealing all the time Details most of this is just what CPU-ID could find if you need any more info ill try get it CPU - Intel i CPU speed - MHz Motherboard - MSI X M MS- RAM - gigs DDR GPU - Nvidia GT gig GPU slots - Two X PCI-E one xPCI-E and one old PCI Power supply - ok its got two V rails one is A the other A i did have a pic but seems i need to post more on the forums to link one Budget for possible upgrades - Aus happy to buy off the net If there s a tweaking solution that would be great but if the better option is to get a new card then im happy to buy a new card that will handle the games as long as they can fit in the case and on the motherboard it is a small case and unusually small looking motherboard Iv also still got my old GT which i had two of in SLI on my old computer dunno if its worth swapping the GT for the given that my old set up played both games and others no problem As and added note i run dual monitors however iv turned the duel monitor setting off to see if it improved the game play it didn t nbsp

A:Nvidia GT220 problems with Borderlands, Dead Space and others

I would switch back to the 9800GT, the GT220 is quite a low spec card. Nvidia is known to re badge cards, and from memory the 8800GT, 9800GT and even the GTS250 where based off the same architecture just with minor improvements. For a upgrade card I would chose either a GTX 560 or Radeon 6950, has some brands both at $299, they should last a couple more years. Also you will need a new Power supply, go for a nice 850W like the corsair HX range which has 70A on the +12v rail. most high end cards need atleast 40Amps or more and minimum of 550W.

I hope this helped abit.
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my hdd is wd sata II internal 500g that i use as external
yesterday while a was deleting some old information it stop
after that i tray connect it again i find that it start to click tow time in regaler base while spinning
after pot the electricity in with out the sata cable it spin and did not click but
when i pot the sata cable it click again ????
the computer recognize but say formate and i don't want to format
is it the hdd dead or alive????
and if it alive how can i fix it?

A:Is the HDD dead?

Follow this guide. You will need another PC to make the disc but this test is from the manufacturer and will tell you without doubt if the drive is OK or not.

Use the link below to get the manufacturers diagnostic for ISO CD. Burn the image file to a CD, boot the PC with the disc in the drive and run the diagnostics. You first need to set the CD drive to 1st in the boot order in the Bios.

If you do not have an image burner use this free software to make the CD.

Western Digital: to expand...
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My specs. Amd 955 x4, Ati 5870 x2 crossfired, 6 gig ddr3, win 7 64. I am trying to play Dead Space 2 but i am getting low fps, 10-25?? I have installed the latest catalyst drivers but still have no luck. Help!

A:Radeon HD 5870 Crossfired low fps on Dead Space 2?

Probably a Crossfire driver issue I would guess. Have you tried playing the game using one card?
You may need to wait until AMD release a newer version of the CrossfireX application profile for some better compatibility. The present CAP was a 24 Jan release which would indicate that the driver itself is around a month old.

Single card performance shouldn't give you the same grief. It looks less than graphically demanding judging by this review benchmark out today.
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hey all, got a little problem with my AMD / Epox system
I've been out of the loop for sometime so please forgive any ignorance

the PC seems to be running .. ie can here the power supply on,an orange light on the front panel,but no monitor or any other function.Neither the power button or reset button on tower respond to being pressed and on the LED of motherboard displays FF. the FF displayed on Epox boards supposedly means everything is OK ... so something is obviopusly dying if not already dead .. any suggestions ?
help is much appreciated.

A:Something is dead but what?

What board? I am running two EPoX 9NPA +Ultras and love 'em! And you are right about the FF.

Were you able to test the power supply with a digital multimeter?

Check for bulging caps on your motherboard.
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Recently I lost display while using my pc It went from running normally and fine to black screen and no sound out of the speakers Everything pretty much went dead No beeps no error nothing Specs Foxconn M VMX Crap motherboard Intel C D E Radeon HD Apevia W http www newegg com Product Produ amp cm re apevia w- - - - - -Product At first I figured it was my videocard So i unplugged the hdmi and went vga into the onboard display still nothing The monitor doesnt recognize the video card or the onboard and the red quot No power quot light Dead motherboard? on the is always on This led me to believe it was the power supply However when I turn the computer on all fans are running the led power light turns on in front of the computer plus i hear the hard drive turn on and it has power So in a nutshull I need to determine whether the mother finally died The ethernet port stopped working about months ago or if my PSU from is dead I don t think its the videocard nbsp

A:Dead motherboard?

Have you changed the settings in BIOS to tell the BIOS to POST using the on-board graphics?

If you haven't, and its set to boot using the PCI-EX GPU it isn't going to display anything. In my experience if a motherboard fails, it doesn't work full stop. It acts totally dead - thats not to say yours is fine, but I would certainly check your BIOS settings to make sure the default video is set to on-board.

Also, remove the graphics card if you want to test if that is the problem, leaving it plugged in will likely just cause the computer confusion.
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Hi I have a dell inspiron 1318 lap top and it will not turn on. I have a new battery and power cord. When I push the power button the red light will flash but not turn on. I do know that the old power cord had bad spots in it from the dog.

A:Dead laptop

You might need a new AC adapter
If the dog has been at it.

Try this when you plug power cord jiggle the cable and notice if light changes or goes off.
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Short version - I used DG45ID (solved) motherboard Intel dead a non compatible cpu which has the effect of leaving Intel DG45ID motherboard dead (solved) the board switched on Long version - I bought the DG ID off ebay and got a CPU to go in it I switched on the fan worked and HDD was active but no screen The USBs were active When I switched off at the mains When I switched on it powered up without the start button I realised I had a non compatible cpu I bought an E The first time I switched on at the mains it came on without the start button but subsequently I had to press start to power the board ie as normal CMOS jumper When I bought it the jumper connected pin with the LED pin I assume that is like a removed jumper ie BIOS flash mode Hence Intel DG45ID motherboard dead (solved) when I connected a DVD drive it Intel DG45ID motherboard dead (solved) crashed I assume it was looking for a bio file Nothing I could do would recover the board The green standby light came on but nothing else It was dead No USB power no fans nothing I remembered the wrong CPU that had left the board quot switched on quot I put it in and it behaved as before power but no monitor I then replaced the E and hey presto I was in but only on cmos recovery there was no bios But the USBs were active So I removed the jumper flashed the BIOS from a USB stick and it s up and running NB the intel manual is wrong regarding the CMOS pins It shows pin closest to the battery That is actually pin If you look I can t post the pdf link page the pin is clearly show closest to the battery I thought it was strange that all the images on Google show the jumper on pins furthest from the battery the manual says that is the recovery position nbsp
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i just bought left for dead and i was woundering if a BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 PCI Graphics Card will run left for dead.

A:Can the GeForce 8400GS handle Left 4 Dead?

It appears it is good enough:
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I have a hp g62 Notebook. Today it just shut down and showed error(90b) or something. There was NO burning smell coming from the laptop .. it just stopped. This fan is located on the left side and it no longer works.

A:Fan turned off or dead?

When you say " the fan no longer works" does the laptop boot at all, or is it dead?
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So I appear to have a problem I acquired PSU and SLI MSI a dead GTX Hawk some new pc parts to build a new computer and I ve had a power supply die on me It happens when the second GPU is connected and the SLI cable attached Basically it ll run fine on one card and I m able to get Windows installed etc then the moment I connect the PSU seconds later it died Unsure what the problem is and unsure what to troubleshoot on another PSU in case it blows up as well S My theory is with the case I have although the case allows ventilation on the bottom where one might assume the PSU fan can point and I was actually advised to face the exhaust this way actually pointing the exhaust down at it MSI GTX Hawk SLI and a dead PSU causes the PSU to heat up and die So I m assuming if I ignore being told to face it MSI GTX Hawk SLI and a dead PSU down and the flip the PSU upside down so the text is upside down and the exhaust faces up towards the GPU s - it won t heat up and this should stop it from exploding Comments AMD Phenom II X T Asus M N TD-EVO AM NForce a MSI GTX G Hawk DDR x OCZ G Vertex II Series SSD Primary Western Digital TB Green MB SATAII Slave Western Digital TB Green MB SATAII Slave NZXT Phantom Corsair HX- W ATX Modular Power Supply EDIT Ooops that s the PSU more than enough power for this setup D nbsp

A:MSI GTX Hawk SLI and a dead PSU

fullmetalvegan said:

My theory is, with the case I have, although the case allows ventilation on the bottom where one might assume the PSU fan can point (and I was actually advised to face the exhaust this way), actually pointing the exhaust down at it causes the PSU to heat up and die. So I'm assuming if I ignore being told to face it down, and the flip the PSU upside down (so the text is upside down and the exhaust faces up) towards the GPU's - it won't heat up and this should stop it from exploding.Click to expand...

I did not understand that.

You fail to even include your powersupply in the parts list.
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I've got a Compaq nc6000. When I power it on the lights turn on and the fans spin but before anything shows on the screen it turns off. I tried two power adapters and both of them turned on the "plugged-in" light.

A:Laptop won't start, might be dead

hi Jskid

Could be a faulty power socket. So does nothing show? not even access to the BIOS?

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Are certain models of monitors more likely to have dead pixels or is every LCD just as likely to have a dead pixel?

Are some companies more likely than others to produce monitors with dead pixels? For example Viewsonic is reputable so a monitor from them probably wouldn't have any dead pixels?

A:Question about dead pixels in monitor

I have had 7 LCD monitors, and only 1 had one dead pixel. These were, (are), Westinghouse (3), Soyo, Samsung, Dell, and Hewlett Packard.

The Dell and the HP are IPS panels, the Soyo MVA, the Samsung and Westies are TN tech.

I broke a Westinghouse while working on a computer next to it. This was the one with a dead pixel.

Dead pixels aren't terribly common, but different brands and different lines within the same brand, have different replacement policies.

Dell, "Ultra Sharp" monitors only require one light pixel, to be replaced. The same for my HP IPS monitor. Lower lines of product require more dead, (stuck on light) for replacement.

If possible, I suggest you download the manufacturers warranty info, before making your decision. Newegg says you can't send one back with less than >> 6 or maybe 8 dead pixels, but they're mostly covering their own a**es.
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Continued from This troubleshooting thread I recently posted a thread asking which video card brands were better than others support warrenties etc Now I need few replace dead a decide Trying GPUs to budget X300 Radeon my between to some advice I buying a video card because my computer s previous Radeon X died I have a watt generic Dell PSU V A VA A VB A - V A V A VSB A combined max VA and VB A Check my sig for the rest of my computer hardware I should probably get a new power supply but my budget can t really support the extra for a good Antec Corsair or Thermaltake because I am saving up for a new computer My computer has a x slot so I am not looking to upgrade just a repacement of some type same power requirements After checking around I think my PSU could support a GS GS Radeon Radeon Trying to decide between a few budget GPUs to replace my dead Radeon X300 or Radeon - GIGABYTE HD MB -bit - MSI GS MB -bit - SAPPHIRE HD MB -bit - XFX HD MB -bit - ASUS HD MB -bit These are the cards I Trying to decide between a few budget GPUs to replace my dead Radeon X300 have my eye on any thoughts opinions Please don t laugh at me and tell my to upgrade my computer I just want to be able to use the computer again with out spending Thanks nbsp

A:Trying to decide between a few budget GPUs to replace my dead Radeon X300

An Radeon HD 5450 is the best for the money you want to spend. The ASUS HD 5450 is out of stock so get the SAPPHIRE HD 5450
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I got a gb SP C SATA HDD which I ve been using for some years now a week ago the harddisk started freezing like for - seconds etc and coming back and sometimes it froze so I needed to restart when I hooked SP2504C Samsung dead? up another harddisk for the OS and used the SP C as storage sometimes the harddisk would just go offline wouldn t appear in disk management mycomputer etc and finally now whenever I hook it up the BIOS into screen freezes up for a minute or two Samsung SP2504C dead? and it doesn t see my harddisk I tried all different SATA slots changed cables did everything but everytime I hook this harddisk up it just freezes bios for minutes and when I get into Windows the harddisk is of course Samsung SP2504C dead? isn t there I just need to recover some files wont even pass mb so I need a minute or two of an access to the harddisk what can I do about this Edit The harddisk also makes a clicking noise when it s hooked up Thanks already nbsp

A:Samsung SP2504C dead?

In nour experience, the lifetime of a Samsung hard drive ends at about three years... or even sooner on the 250GB model... so it is probably time to change to another... If you do it soon, you still have a good chance of rescuing all of your data... but that total failure could occur at any moment... once you start recovering data, do NOT turn off that old hard drive until done.
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i borrowed my cousin my noebook, when it came back it does not operate. when i power it on the power light shows up but nothing shows on the screen, i used RS 232 to connect to external monitor but still nothing is displayed. he told me he properly shut down the machine before he returned it to me, but it looks like he is not telling me the truth. please help.

probably opened the machine and messed up with the video card.
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Just days out of warranty my M died suddenly It was working then it shut off completely I turned it back on and it worked for about mins then shut off again Now it does nothing at all No lights nothing Power supply has been checked and is working green light stays on I ve read numerous posts elsewhere that all say quot Motherboard quot but I just can t believe that to always be the case One post I ve read said quot Powerboard quot which I m hoping is the case I need to know can anyone tell me a way to be sure before I go buying parts I may not need I have reseated the memory cards pressed the fn and start buttons together tried just about everything I could find in numerous forums and still nothing works For about weeks prior to this happening I noticed the battery light on the front edge would flash red times then go blue Flash red times then go blue over and over again But the battery showed full charge so I ignored it Any help would be much appreciated Thanks y all nbsp

A:XPS M1530 dead - no power at all

Similar problem with my Dell, it turned out to be a lose CPU. The locking screw on the CPU only has half a turn and that somehow came lose, one half turn clockwise was all it took to fix problem. I hope this helps
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Hello, I have a 9800 GT graphic card and windows 7, resolution can go high and when i lauch left 4 dead 1 or 2 for pc says input not supported, can i assume LFD is displaying highest resolution that my monitor does not support? MAX resolution my Acer (old old monitor) monitor displays is 1280/1024. i try changing my resolution inside nvidia controll panel but that only chances my window not game resolution, this only happens with LFD other games.
I try so far the followings:

Upgrade driver:
downgrade driver:
install driver from nvidia
install driver from CD:
reinstall both LFD 1 and 2 many times
compatibility to run in 640x480

well thats all i tried by myself, maybe one of you has a smarted solution. any tips or ideas are greatly appreciated.

A:9800GT, Left 4 Dead input not supported

I'm not sure if I followed all of what you said but did you try to change the resolution in the game options?
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Hi All Thanks for reading my thread trying to fix a friends computer Asus P LMX mobo ghz cpu gig ram running XP Doing all sorts of weird things originally started blue screening or just doing random reboots to him so on my first inspection i found the power supply fan wasn t working causing the psu to over heat codgen w yuck thought would be an easy fix but after replacing that turn the thing on two or three times with no display onboard video then the fourth time with a continuos beeping then the fifth time comes up with ucode loading error overclocking failed or voltage error but the system has never been overclocked thought i would replace the ram but to no avail now the system has gone into a continuos loop even changed hard drive reset Is dead? mobo my the bios to factory default every now and then it starts up windows but eventually just reboots Mobo Dead or Dying hope i have given enough info and posted in the right spot Cheers Herb nbsp

A:Is my mobo dead?

What PSU you changed with? Is there a Graphic card connected apart the onboard video? Is there other card connected like TV etc...
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This is what i will explain after the information and tests i've gathered. I try turning on my pc with no pci cards, no graphics card and no ram inserted into my motherboard and i read that there is supposed to be some "BIOS beeps" without those things connected and I don't get ANY beeps at all. Is that a sign there's a motherboard problem?

The board is an Intel D865PERL.

A:Motherboard dead?

If the Intel BIOS has a beep code for CPU only then I'd say yes. I thought Award based BIOS's were the only ones that had a CPU only beep response.

Apart from that, you seem to have walked in halfway through the movie...why are you trying to get a beep code from a board with only a CPU ?
Normal procedure for testing a POST would be to have CPU, RAM, graphics and of course a PSU attached. The beep code would then narrow down the troubleshooting options a little.
Have you gone through the troubleshooting options already ? If so, what was the outcome ?
Basically, more information required.

A motherboard model + no beep code isn't a lot to go on you understand.
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I bought this laptop from my mom about months ago She bought it maybe a dead help, Please laptop year and a half ago It Please help, dead laptop s an hp Presario A Shortly after I got it it shut down on me all Please help, dead laptop of a sudden I assumed it was overheated Waited for it to cool powered up no problem I noticed this thing gets extremely hot so I got some of those ball feet things to prop it up maybe an inch or so and got a cooling fan for under it that plugs into the usb since I couldn t find a cooling table for a quot Last week it just shut down on me again but this time won t power up I tried the removing the battery unplugging it holding power button for seconds even seconds that didn t work Tried plugging it in without battery no power I tried battery with no plug nothing tried another ac adapter nothing I also am not getting any lights at all on the laptop not even the blue light that is suppose to light up on the plug you plug the ac into As well even when my laptop is off normally the usb powered fan I have under it still will run and light up and that is no longer running I should also mention that this laptop is never moved so I doubt very much that it is the ac plug connection So I took it apart cleaned the fan and any other little spec I could find in it still nothing Then on Thursday or Friday my mom got an email from hp saying the battery was recalled to validate it I ran the validation it says the battery is not recalled but when I check the consumer report for it it states the codes on my battery are recalled Since this laptop got so hot you couldn t touch it I tend to believe it is one of the batteries that overheat and can catch fire Could this battery overheated to the point that if fried the motherboard Or any other suggestions to try Thanks very much nbsp

A:Please help, dead laptop

Is there any chance your mom purchasee an extended warrenty and if so is this laptop still under that warrenty?
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Hi everyone. There are several threads that are available for help with reseting a Dell D620's bios password here. And I understand they have all be closed b/c all the information has already been discussed. But within those threads all the links to the dstcd.iso are dead now. Would anyone have or could point me to a working download for that file? Google came back with shady links that I rather not use so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Dstcd.iso Link is dead, need help with Dell BIOS password rest

There really isn't a valid solution. The D620 is unusually difficult to impossible for password repair, and the idea was chewed for a year. Solutions that supposedly work are perhaps illegal and certainly dangerous. They turned out to be a good source for malware and infestations without being helpful. All the solutions are as expensive as replacing the system board or the computer.
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My hard drive bit the dust. They guy that looked at said that you can still have stuff taken off of it but it's quite pricey. Any idea how pricey it is? I would like some stuff that is on there. Going to get a new computer instead of replacing hard drive. Any suggestions on an affordable computer for some photo editing and some smaller gaming. I had a gateway. With the hard drive crashing I know for sure I'm getting an extra external hard drive. I learned my lesson.

A:Price for retrieving data off dead hard drive

Probably going to be a couple hundred dollars for them just to look at it, then probably another $600 to a few thousand for recovery. Depending on how dead it is you may be able to recover it yourself. Sometimes you can buy the same drive on ebay, and swap the circuit boards....

I don't have a suggestion for an affordable computer right now, but plenty of people here can give advice if you feel comfortable building your own. Will need a budget though before suggestions can be made.

Also, externals can fail too, so if you are getting one to back up onto that is a good idea, but its not a good idea if you are getting it to hold the only copy of your important files.
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Note I m running Windows XP installed through Bootcamp on a Macbook Pro quot Late model Recently I found with but display? screen "dead", still Laptop is works out my laptop screen no longer functions when using Windows XP It boots up normally gets past Laptop screen is "dead", but still works with display? the quot welcome quot screen and then reaches my desktop It stays fine for a few seconds then suddenly goes black I tried shining a flashlight to see if it was Laptop screen is "dead", but still works with display? a lamp Laptop screen is "dead", but still works with display? problem but there was no quot faint outline quot of anything meaning its not the lamp s problem However I know my laptop s still running because of the fan noise and the beeping sounds Then I tried plugging my laptop to my Phillips T quot display and everything worked fine I could see my desktop and everything normally I also booted in Mac OSX and things worked fine too both on the display and on the laptopscreen No black screen there but only while using Windows on the laptop screen itself This means its not a video card problem either Any advice help Thanks nbsp

A:Laptop screen is "dead", but still works with display?

Try booting into Safe Mode (pressing F8 on startup) and select VGA
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Have an off-brand PC (Systemax) that died after 18 months. Won't boot. PSU and other fans come on. Hard drive spins. DVD drive seems dead, won't open. Video posts "no signal." Nothing after that. No warning signs of problem.

Tried swapping in a different power supply. Same results.

What else should I try?

A:Is my motherboard dead?

try taking the battery out of the motherboard for about 5 mins and put it back in and try to start the pc
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Instead of replacing all the guts of my PC, I just want to upgrade the Motherboard. Something that works with everything I already have, something inexpensive, because I think I'm building another computer altogether, and something that's an upgrade t what I had.
Here is a picture of what I had in there.
That's just about, if not exactly, identical to whats in there now.
I would like a board/processor. I want to get 'er running faster. I see a ton of MoBos on newegg and other sites, but figured I'd ask here and get some help finding "the best" older motherboard so everything I have works.
Thanks a ton for any help.

A:MoBo dead or dying

Instead of replacing all the guts of my PC, I just want to upgrade the Motherboard.Click to expand...

I would like a board/processor.Click to expand...

Are you only looking to get a motherboard? Or a processor too. If you would also post your specifications so we know which motherboard to recommend.
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I have an Intel quad-core based system with an Asus P5Q3 mobo and 6 gigs of ram
The system has performed flawlessly for 10 months then yesterday it shutdown randomly. I tried twice to restart -- fans and lights would come on for less than a second and shutdown. Cables all seem properly attached. MOBO has green light so I know power is flowing. Since system won't post, am I right to think the mobo is dead? Any help is appreciated!

A:Need Help: Is MOBO dead?

First thing to check would be the PSU. Which one do you have? Try replacing it with a spare one if possible or borrow a known working PSU from someone.
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Hi all,
I'm new here, and know not much at all about computers and the computer terms, so please be patient with me .
Well I've been having this problem for a while now. Never really got interested in fixing it until now.
I've got a Gateway MFATXPNT ESX 500 P04 running Windows XP Professional. It's got intel Pentium 4(yeah the tower is kinda old).

Bassically when I try to turn it on, the button becomes green, but nothing happens. The mother board lights turn on too, but no fan, not hard drive, nada.

I tried cleaning the dust out of the fans, but no joy.

Anyone got any ideas?

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

A:Help with Gateway computer. Acts like it's dead

Your power supply has probably gone bad.
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I have an ASUS Eee pc 904hd - it just doesn't power up at all - the lights on the charger light up - but there is no power to the laptop.

1.Should this run on mains alone ?(thus indicating a dc jack problem)

2.Or is it more likley to be the battery ?

Any ideas how I can test - or if there is a guide to replacing DC jacks ?

Cheers Guys

A:Eee pc dead battery or DC jack how to tell ?

When I was in RS I use take the multi-meter and test the AC/DC adapter to if it was reading the correctly. The jack should be soldered in the motherboard. I know my ASUS Eee PC has tiny slot of the power. Got to handle it gentle. You could fix the issue but replacing the motherboard. I

Look at these pictures of your unit inside of it. Everything is on the MOBO soldered.
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I have two hard drives. One is my windows / program drive, where as the other is my bulk storage. Today my storage drive disappeared from my computer, did not show up in device manager. I opened the computer case up and swapped out cables to see if that fixed the problem and it didn't. I listened closely to the drive while running and I can hear is spin up fast, then it clicks, then it slows down, and repeats. Is this drive dead? If so, is there any way I can retrieve information off of it? I have had this drive for about a year and a half now. I am running windows 7. Any advice? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Is my hard drive dead?

Chances are it's dying or dead already. A slow clicking noise is not a good sign. If you go into the BIOS does it recognize the drive? If the system doesn't see it at all there's not much you can do other than trying a recovery program but that won't be of any help if the drive can't be accessed.
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Weird and quot info boot CPU rpm detected & not dead only at fan interesting quot situation My CPU fan Zalman CNPS hesitates to start at boot-up Repetitively the fan attempts to spin slight impulses until it decides to spin normally after boot-up is completed bios quot Fan failed quot message included Thinking the fan was the issue I replaced it with an Arctic Cooling CPU fan dead at boot only & rpm info not detected Freezer Pro and the problem remains the same In addition the new fan isn t CPU fan dead at boot only & rpm info not detected even detected and reports rpm Even when it decided to spin after boot-up The new fan has a -pin lead and my Asus A N SLI Deluxe MB has a -pin CPU fan header Don t think this is a problem right I previously have been running this system for the past years without any issues So the problem is dual CPU fan won t start at boot and rpm info isn t being detected I don t know how to troubleshoot what s wrong here Where should I looking into PSU MB Bios Where to start Thanks Greg Current PSU Values V-core v v v v Here s my gear Asus A N SLI Deluxe AMD Athlon X Socket OCZ Technology GB PC DDR x EVGA GeForce GTX MB in SLI Enermax PSU Noisetaker AX W NEC ND- A X DVD -R Burner Win XP Pro nbsp

A:CPU fan dead at boot only & rpm info not detected

Things I should have done from day one: Clearing CMOS. All came back normal after that. Probably the Bios settings that got corrupted. Now, I just have to return the new cpu fan to Newegg...
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Hello there recently I had my computer turned off for a while due to the fact my hard drive went Although lately I had some Computer Dead/Component damaged? important work to catch up on so I got my spare HDD I keep it for emergencys which is a gb HDD which works fine and plugged it in After I plugged it in I put the power plug in the monitor plug in and when I wen t to turn it on dead Your first conclusion is Computer Dead/Component damaged? probably that the HDD caused this no I unplugged the HDD nothing still I m not entirely sure what my motherboard is because I havn t got the papers anymore but it s an AMD ATHLON Don t know the model When I went to make sure everything is plugged in I saw a connector coming out of the psu wasn t connected to anything It s got multiple Computer Dead/Component damaged? cables going into it and there only coloured black and yellow Are these ment to go somewhere certain or can they be left loose nbsp

A:Computer Dead/Component damaged?

Is there an on and off rocker switch on the back of the power supply and is it turned on? If so, it might be a dead power supply.

In most PCs power supplies will have extra unused connectors. They can be left loose.
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Hello to all,
I have been scouring the internet looking for answers to this. Maybe someone else out there can help. I have 13 VGN-BX760 laptops. I have started upgrading them from XP to Win 7 x64. Evrything works fine except for the Shift keys! Neither of them work at all. (actually, the first one worked fine for about 3 months) I have tried new keyboards, nope. I have tried all of the filters and sticky keys tricks, nope. I have called Sony and they say there is no known issue. I find that hard to beleive since it has already happened to 2 of them. Shift keys work perfectly on an external keyboard, so I know it's not the OS.


A:Vaio VGN-BX760 shift keys dead

Have you tried reseating the ribbon cable from the keyboard to the motherboard?
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Hi all first post on here Did my first self build last week with help from a friend Motherboard power My PC, Dead? No to Is ASUS P Q SE W EZCool PSU Mb nVidia GeForce GTS Intel Core Quad GHz Gb RAM Gb Gb Hard drive Windows bit Built it last week and its been having problems powering up Sometimes it doesn t start when I turn it on at the front sometimes it turns itself off when on crashes or resets itself I looked around for what problems it may be and decided to try updating the drivers but when I turned it on nothing No lights no fans no beeps Replaced the PSU with another and still nothing the LED No power to PC, Is My Motherboard Dead? on the motherboard does not even come on and as I know its not the PSU I m thinking it must be the motherboard I ve only had it up and running for a less than a week could my motherboard be dead already I really don t want to shell out another to get a new one Any suggestions Cheers nbsp

A:No power to PC, Is My Motherboard Dead?

Hopefully, you're 100% certain that the PSU that you used as a replacement really is 100% functional.
Simple possible causes of your troubles include:
Faulty wall outlet or bad power strip or UPS (Plug a lamp into whatever power source you are using--obviously, if it won't light, your computer won't turn on either.)
Defective power cord
Bad on/off switch on the case
Poor cable connection (bad wire or connector not tightly plugged-in)
Power supply switch set to wrong voltage (switch set to 115 when mains are 220)
PSU power switch not turned on
Make sure everything is seated properly--cpu, gpu,ram, etc.
Make sure nothing is short-circuiting inside the computer ( a wire, loose screw, etc.)
These are the simple problems.
I'm not a computer expert, so hopefully, someone will chime-in, after you check these basics, should there be a need.
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hi all - i have had my dell inspiron for about years - its done what i need to it to as a home computer mostly music pictures and internet the other day i went to use it and it was dead - no signs of life at all i recently replaced the screen and have had no other real problems with it over the years i have removed the ac adaptor battery memory and hard drive as recommended by dell support i have also tried a power drain nothing i took it apart last night and i could not find any loose connections the battery meter shows that to be fully charged and the ac adaptor shows its getting power light on the box but none of the indicator lights are illuminated on the laptop... motherboard? Dead the is it laptop and absolutely nothing happens when i press the power button does anyone have any other ideas is the motherboard fried thank you in advance for any help that you can provide nbsp

A:Dead laptop... is it the motherboard?


on the 6000 series there was an issue with the press power button unit, the board eventually wore out, i think you can get them for about 5 on ebay, its worth a try.
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Hi all

Customer bought to me a Dell 4600 (5 years old) it doent power up, no beeps and no diagnostic lights.

I have tested the power supply and this is fine, removed ram and disconnected other components and still nothing. Even taken the cmos battery out for 10 mins and replaced and nothing.

The only thing is the flea light on the mobo itself.

My conclusion is the motherboard, but wondered if anyone else has any thoughts ?


A:Dead Dell 4600 - Mobo ?

Yes the motherboard is bad...
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Hello I am posting this for a friend to try to fix his game I bought him L D the other day and 4 Dead Left Issues 2 he says quot It seems like the signal from my mouse is taking a long time to get to the game Same with my keyboard It s very choppy in certain areas and sometimes the graphics look like an N game Whenever I jump it s like I get frozen in the air just a little and everything else is moving but I m still in the air it s almost like I m lagging but I don t think I m lagging quot He showed me this screenshot of how the fire looks in his game img imageshack us img firel jpg -- compare this to mine img imageshack us img blarr jpg We ve messed with the settings endlessly -- tried almost every combination possible with things turned on and off and it Left 4 Dead 2 Issues doesn t seem to make a difference His computer runs MW fine so there s no reason it can t run L D just the same I don t know much about computers myself so I asked him to take a screenshot of his DXDIAG thing with System and Display so you should have all of the information img imageshack us img systemspecsm png Thanks for the help P S I am probably breaking the rules by posting links before I have posts but sorry D I don t know what else to do nbsp

A:Left 4 Dead 2 Issues

It looks like his PC doesn't meet the minimum requirements of the game, especially the intel integrated graphics.

A fuller version of the dxdiag can be displayed if you click on the "Save all information" button and post the text.
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My current DVD/CD writer is no longer reading any type of disk. Tray opens, insert disk, green light comes on, goes off and once awhile flickers. Not sure if the laser/lens is dirty, mechanical failure or software/driver/chipset problem.
Any thoughts are appreciated.

In the event the current writer (IDE) needs to be replaced; can I replace it with a SATA writer? They are now less expensive than IDE writers.
My PC has one SATA HDD and one more SATA connection available on the MB. If so, what is it I need to do to make this work, if possible? Driver changes, BIOS changes, etc.

Motherboard: MSI K8MM-V (MS-7142)
Chipset: VIA SATA RAID Driver for VT6410/VT6420/VT8237
BIOS: Phoenix Tech. 6.00PG

Any advice/input will be appreciated and if additional info is needed, please let me know.

Thank you in advance

A:DVD/CD Writer is Dead?

I think there is a good chance if you service the lens it will start working again.

Secondly, you don't need to update bios to plug-in an sata dvd drive.
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I have a seagate ST980815A hard drive that was used in a caddie as an external hd pluged in via usb port. My first caddie failed and I purchased another and all was good, then for reasons beyond me It failed recently so Ive purchased another caddie but it does'nt work. I fear that the clicking noises comming from the hd are fatal, Is there a way of retrieving the data from the drive as it was my back up for everything + more.
The hd is a 80gb job purchased new and never used in a laptop, It was purely a storage device.

A:Dead HD data

Yup, you have made somegood guesses.
Time to buy a new Western Digital or Seagate drive, and install your favorite Windows program.
Then begin the rescue of the info on your caddies. You can also rescue the data on the clicking hard drive using it as a slave or in a USB enclosure if you do not wait too long.
When they click, there is the possibility that the drive can quit and never again be accessible.
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howdy yall, I'm new here so I'm probably putting this in the wrong spot. I inherited an 8 year old dell dimension 4100 pc which I'm trying to fix for my kids. I runs ok and has xp service pack 2 and has 512 ram it is only 930 mb for speed and it must be the slowest pc I've ever seen. You can't do more than one thing at a time with it and when online it takes an eternity for pages to load...I have dial-up. I have been trying all kinds of tricks and tips to speed it a little but nothing so far has helped. The relative I got it from is deceased and I suspect he had many hidden files on it because I can't keep the deleted temp files from returning each time I reboot it...should I dump this devil or is it salvageable?

A:Found dead on the road

If you have the XP install disc and the COA sticker on the case then you could reinstall the operating system. That would make it as fast as it's gonna get (unless you drop it off a cliff). It would automatically exorcise the bad juju/file problem, and you'd have a fresh, clean XP.
If the harddrive is as old as the rest of the system then I'd probably look at getting a replacement -even a small one- as the years usually aren't too kind to them. If you don't want the expense then you can run a Windows utility called Checkdisc that will check to see if the harddrive is damaged at all. If it passes then it's just a matter of backing up whatever you want to keep onto a flash drive/CD/DVD/External harddrive and popping the XP Operating System disc into the CD/DVD drive then a few simple steps.
Post back if this is something that fits the bill for you.
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Hi, I have a 1 yr old emachines et1161-05 running windows 7. Currently it is totally dead. No response when power button is pushed. No clicks, No whirs, No lights. Nothing. Power supply has been tested as OK. Is it a dead motherboard? bios? battery? CPU?

A:Dead Motherboard?

xvv99 said:

Hi, I have a 1 yr old emachines et1161-05 running windows 7. Currently it is totally dead. No response when power button is pushed. No clicks, No whirs, No lights. Nothing. Power supply has been tested as OK. Is it a dead motherboard? bios? battery? CPU?
thanksClick to expand...

How did you test the Power Supply?
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I recently bought Left 4 Dead 2 and played that for an hour, but then when I played Modern Warfare 2, the graphics were all glitched up. Basically, there were these random lines popping up everywhere. All over the weapon models, player models, and all over the maps. The weird thing is that this didn't happen until today right when after installing L4D2.

These are my specs:
Windows Vista
Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop
Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS
Intel Duo Core T5250 @ 1.50 GHz
28.5 GB of free space

I know the graphics card is a little old (I've had my laptop for about 2 years), however, it ran MW2 just fine on low settings. It ran COD4 and Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 just fine as well on fairly low settings. I downloaded the latest drivers to see if that'll fix anything, but it didn't work.

What can I do to fix this problem?

A:Graphics glitching up in Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2

I have nvidia 8400 GS & modern warfare 2 runs fine. Try reinstalling modern warfare 2 or changing the graphic settings of the game.I had some problem with Age of empires III ships looked bizzare i used a patch from the official site & everything went fine.My friend completed modern warfare 2 evrything runs fine.
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My friend and band mate recently brought Dead Computer? his desktop to me because it stopped working all together He said he turned it on went to the bathroom and heard a pop When he returned the computer was not running and that hasn t changed I am a student at a community College preparing to take my A certification exam about half way through the course Believing it was the power supply I took it to school and had it tested by Dead Computer? my instructor who confirmed it was bad We went and replaced the piece o junk with a new and I installed it When I turned it on nothing happened The only sign of life is the little green light on the mobo The same thing as when it was brought to me I have since tried removing everything except the CPU to see if i could narrow my search Ive reset the bios and tried jumping the power sw and still the little green light is all that works no sound no fan nothing I m afraid that I will have to replace the mobo but thought I might give this a try first to see if anyone has an idea what else it might be Thank You nbsp

A:Dead Computer?

That "new" 350Watt Power Supply, how new is new exactly?
It could also be a DOA (Dead On Arrival) new Power Supply, I think I'd try that first (ie Try another Power Supply)
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Hello everyone my dell xps laptop is not working i dont know what happens when i shut down the laptop it updates and when i turned it on after hours it shows me a blank screen The the dead? Is motherboard fan is working and the disk drive is fine as well but its not booting i think there is no POST I already try to Is the motherboard dead? remove the battery and use the adapter nothing happens i hold the power button for seconds and minute and no progress I was wondering maybe my board is dead due to overheated because i was playing games too long I contact dell and i got no answers from them they want me to charge for talking with them over the phone before proceeding to diagnose Im using intel core duo mghz gb ram nvidia M GT I dont wanna buy a new one coz i spent on this laptop Hopefully i got helped on this matter Thank You nbsp

A:Is the motherboard dead?

Did you ever get this resolved?
There are a few more options in this guide:
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I have a sony vaio FS Z and my kids as great as they are chucked orange juice all over it It stopped working i presume imediately I have dismantled it dried out everything and put it back together but it will not turn on Rechecked it was all put back together correctly but still the same It makes no difference my dead? Vaio is Is beloved if the power supply is in or out but When the power lead is inserted the power light comes on an orange colour This would normally be green I have checked the power supply and been through the zero power restart process to no avail If it is indeed dead i have found a secondhand replacement although it isn t the same model it is the lesser version but with a damaged case This is a Is my beloved Vaio is dead? FS Z The only difference is it has a alternative graphics card half as much capacity for ram and the hard drive is instead of gb Does anyone know if the whole thing is fried or is there something else that i can check I would love to be able to fix it without spending the extra mainly because it is so reliable thanks pete nbsp

A:Is my beloved Vaio is dead?

The sugar in the orange juice is conductive and the spill might have shorted out the motherboard or another component
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(Solved) Power supply dead?

My computer turned off by itself and I haven't been able to turn it back on since. I'm thinking it might be the power supply. 480w atx sata AG2 power supply. I pulled the power supply out, cleaned it and the inside of the computer, hooked everything back up but, still dosen't turn on. Could someone possible help me here?

I replaced the psu and now it's running. Thanks for the help.

A:Power supply dead?

If you can borrow one 480w or higher try it on your PC. And try your PSU on others too.
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Hi Techspot

i was using my computer fine the other day i then switched it off all fine to only come back to it not working at all.

I get this message on pausing the screen

adapter 1

disks information

no hard disk is detected

I have also tried looking in the bios no luck at all, this is my main computer so i ned it up and running as soon as possible

i have and asus p5q pro motherboard oh and a seagate baracuda 500gb sata hdd.

anything i have missed just let me know and i will addd it.


A:Hard drive dead?

Anyone out there know??
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I have a hp dv laptop it dosn t move much and doesn t have much monitor configuring screen, laptop to Dead external wear and tear but the screen seems to have gone dead It remains lit black but doesn t display anything except for a few seconds during the windows loading screen or just before the desktop loads where it displays normally though it flickers very slightly then goes right back to lit black I don t move it around so i figured i could just turn it into my desktop but when i plug in a lcd moniter and it works fine during the boot sequence into the windows loading screen then gives me a no Dead laptop screen, configuring to external monitor signal message on the moniter then turns to black Unplugging and replugging the monitor doesn t return any image Booting in safe mode does not remedy this problem BUT booting in VGA mode does When i boot in vga mode it loads up at low resolution just fine though if i go into the display settings and change any setting that would cause the video to reset ie switch resolution then click apply monitor turns black just like during regular bootup This includes when i try to disable the default monitor Note that during this vga process the regular laptop screen still does not display only the external monitor The laptop continues to run properly despite no image as i can shut it down and restart it through keyboard commands Please note before responding that the bios for this laptop contains no options for default video device the only video options are for changing the memory buffer which has no effect Any solutions Could this actually be a graphics card failure I am very experienced with pc s hardware and software and have done a fair amount of work on laptops though nothing concerning screen replacement before Thanks in advance note this laptop originally had the mobo die as a result of a production fault and was serviced for free a year after it died since the problem was so common Since then it has had no out of the ordinary issues except slow network resolving which i can t imagine any correlation No settings or drivers or updates were being done anywhere near the time of this screen failure and i keep antivirus and antimalware apps running and up to date nbsp

A:Dead laptop screen, configuring to external monitor

Have you tried reinstalling the video or chipset drivers from HP's support site. I know this can be difficult in low resolution
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My Dell latitude won't power up - no lights, no sign of life nothing. The charger lite is on - but I get nothing either with the battery in or out. Once by depressing the two mouse key I very briefly got the battery light to flicker on and off - I did then think it was charging.

Is a new battery likley to cure the problem ? 0 or is it a main board, or even a charger problem? Any ideas ?

A:Dead Dell Latitude D610

The laptops motherboard is probably bad
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On power and these drive doesn?t even initialize. I had these two harddrives in raid 0, worked fine. I moved bays with them booted worked plugged to more in and they both did not work. Put in a new raid card nothing, changed cables tested with the two that worked. Mounted both in a docking station widows reads them but get a triangle with a red ?!? in storage manager. Any one has any ideas, how to update firm ware or rest these drives?
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My next door neighbour just gave me his laptop to have a look at, an HP Pavillion DV6000, which his baby has managed to 're-adjust'
Apparently his baby was bashing away on the keyboard and now when it is switched on all keyboard lights come on, the laptop makes 3 very loud and intrusive beeps (beeeeep....beep.beep) and the screen is completely dead, no flickers, no nothing.

Any idea what the problem could be and how to resolve it?

A:HP Laptop screen dead after child hammered keys

Have you tried opening it to see if any of the connections are loose?
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Hi folks!

I have a question. Will BIOS gets corrupted if CMOS battery is left dead for a while? The reason I ask is because I bought a P4 mobo from vendor and it is an non-retailer box. Apparently when I receive the mobo, I tested the CMOS battery is dead and when I put everything together, there is no POST or beep at all coming from the mobo but power light and fan are on. Any idea?

I suspect the BIOS is corrupted because the baterry is left dead for too long. Is my theory correct? Please advice. Thanks.

A:Will BIOS gone if CMOS battery is left till it's dead

"I suspect the BIOS is corrupted because the baterry is left dead for too long. Is my theory correct?"...

I would say yes. This doesn't happen all the time, but in your case, after a new battery was installed, no POST is a bad sign... Did you try resetting the CMOS by moving a motherboard jumper? Is the CPU and memory supported by the motherboards model? Was the CMOS battery totally dead or did it show some DC voltage?

I just repaired a Compaq desktop computer that was built in September 1999. It had an AMD K6 550MHz CPU. The CMOS battery was bad, but it still showed 1.3 volts DC. It should have been 3.0 volts. A new battery brought this old baby back to life
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Please can someone help me as Im not getting much response in the other pc game topic..

Basicly me graphics corrupt in my pc games...

Here is thread wid my pc specs.. Screenshots of the problem.. etc etc

Please Help All.

A:Is my graphics card dead or something else?

So you tried another graphics card and the video problems are still there? What are your complete system specs?
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My pc keeps doing random freezes when im on pc games It has also BSOD No one on windows os topic really new what my minidumps dead? graphics Is card my errors was As there was loads different errors all time It always BSOD While im PLAYIN games Pc is fine and fast and smooth on desktop Entertainment etc It use to play games fine Crysis Bioshock Mirrors Edge Cod Cod Cod Racegrid Now just freezes or graphics fall apart Or crashes and the sound loops Strange stuff Is my graphics card dead? I provided few screenshots Erm PC Is my graphics card dead? Specs of top my head are gtx XFX Artic cool w or w Ram is gb Gb HDD Deathadder Mouse Saitek Keyboard Onboud Sound P Neo Mobo CPU Is Intel Pentium ghz Also the games run fine sometimes for like - hours Or sometimes just it could happen with the first - mins Hope someone can help Isit graphics card dead Or something else wrong in my pc I have posted in many forums Asked loads people No one seems know whats exactly wrong nbsp

A:Is my graphics card dead?

Here is another...
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Hi Everyone I am not sure where to post my problem and forgive me if I post a worng area I build a new PC months old with Asus P T motherboard Ram DDR core i and two hard drives I am using the beta trial for Windows expired next year My PC crash for the first time today and reboot alright I shutdown for a few hours and turn it back ON the PC shows NOTHING at all The is please dead, help PC My fan is running the monitor screen did not even turn on wakeup from sleep mode and of course NO BIO boot up screen or even the Bip sound from motherboard I swap the spare power supply gt gt gt same My PC is dead, please help result still not respond I swap the square graphic card gt gt gt same result My PC is dead, please help still not respond Can anyone help on this problem Should I change all Rams to the next pair slot how can I test the CPU or Motherboard Again the PC is completely NOT My PC is dead, please help boot up Thanks nbsp

A:My PC is dead, please help

Have you tested the monitor (using the same connection wire) on a different PC?

Try getting into the BIOS settings when its loading and see if anything appears then (f8/f10)