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What's my local NAS bottleneck?

Q: What's my local NAS bottleneck?

So I just set up FreeNAS on my LAN. I have a Linksys router.... I believe everything is 10/100 but for some reason its transfering at about 8.61MB/s.

Now before I start posting all my equipment specs, would anyone know right off the bat what my bottleneck is, or give me a clue how to figure this out? I'm apparently not thinking properly enough to figure this out at the moment.

BTW, everything plugged in... so I'm not transfering wirelessly.

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Preferred Solution: What's my local NAS bottleneck?

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A: What's my local NAS bottleneck?

You're transferring at almost 70 mbit - your network is probably your bottleneck. Are you sure there is no additional activity on your network? You should be able to reach between 80-90 if nothing else is going on and the rest of the environment is lean. If everything is working absolutely great I would say you can even reach mid to upper 90's. See if the system sending files has plenty of CPU cycles available by opening your task manager. Also, are you transferring lots of small files or one big file? Larger files will transfer faster than a bunch of tiny ones. At most you can expect a file transfer speed of about 12 MB/sec on a 100 mbit network.
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Hi guys,

I built a new system which you can see at my system specs. As you can see, the only bottleneck I have now is the RAM as I can't go higher than 800Mhz ubtil I change my mobo but is not driving me crazy. My question is about my HDDs. I have only 1 x 750 GB with 32 MB of cache and there's a 2nd one coming next week and it's exactly the same. What I would like to do is have them both on RAID 1 to have backup of all my files and have a 3rd HDD with my OS and software. The problem is that I can't afford a 3rd HDD right now. Will a 250 GB WD Caviar with only 8 MB of cache make a huge bottleneck? They are al SATA 3.0 G/Sec access of course.

Thanks in advanced,

A:Will I have a bottleneck?

First off, i have one hunch why you cannot reach 1066 on your ram. OCZ is a very "cheap" brand. sure at the time you probably had no other choice about what ram you were going to choose, but OCZ doesnt overclock to its full potential most of the time. I always go with corsair or G skill which sometimes can be the cheaper brand. but on a 780i it shouldnt be a problem. with the 680i, it was because it was new to the 1066 interface.

now onto the hard drive question. where you planning on buying the 3rd HDD? and how much is your budget? because 250 Gb go for a low 40-50$ or not even that much sometimes. But no, you shouldnt have a bottleneck with any SATA drive these days.
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Hi!I am going to replace my old leadtek px8600 gts with a gigabyte gtx460 768mb.So i was wondering what would bottleneck my pc next after this 8600 gts which was obviusly bottlenecking.and what component would you recommend to buy next?


well i would recommend a higher or better psu along with the purchase of a gtx460 card that would help a bunch
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Hi Everyone,

My aunt came to me with this small problem:

She uses her desktop mainly for Facebook games and she's experiencing a lot of slowdowns lately. Upon checking it out, the CPU seems maxed out when opening Candy Crush or Pet Saga (Flash based games on Facebook). This is a system that has no video card. It uses the on board graphics (G41) of her Intel E5800.

Will installing a video card help in this case? Also, what's the cheapest you can get that can do just that? She's a bit tight on her budget

A:CPU or GPU bottleneck

You mentioned that the CPU is maxed out during Facebook games. Therefore, it's most likely CPU limited. You can get a Nvidia GeForce GT 630 which is a pretty good budget card to assign some processing to the GPU. It should costs about PHP 2400.00 or $60. This GPU should help out with many flash games as well web browser GPU acceleration. However, CPU can still bottleneck the GPU on some flash games.
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Ok, i'm using:

-Athlon 64 3200 (2 ghz, 1mb cache)
-2x 512 Corsair XMS Twinx pc3200
-a pretty lightweight Award 300w power supply.

So far I can't seem to get my fsb above 210 with tight timings (2-3-3-6) or about 220 with pretty loose timings 3-4-4-8. It seems like the ram, while not being capable of getting into that 300 range that i've been reading about, still should be able to go higher than this.

1) What's most likely holding me back? Is it the motherboard or is it actually likely to be my RAM's cap? What should that RAM be getting up to?

2) How much of a factor is my crappy power supply in achieving higher speeds, not the safety of my components.

3) Also, if i did want to get up into that 300 range, what would i need? Some ocz pc 3700 and a better motherboard like that DFI lanparty one?

A:Where's my OC bottleneck?

Does your motherboard have a working PCI/AGP lock ?
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Now Ive done as much searching and reading as I could to try to keep this from being too ignorant a question.. But.

My motherboard has AGP 4x. I have seen several sites claim that 8x is the standard for video cards now. Does this mean if I get a card that wants to use 8x it will only run at half its available speed? Or is the difference between running 4x and 8x negligable (Ive noticed a few people have 8x compatibility run at 4x to avoid lockups/instability?)

PS: The card I will most likely get is a radeon 9600 or slightly above. (ie not strapped for cash but not fanatical gamer)

Thanks in advance,


A:AGP - 4x bottleneck?

IMHO, In the real world, running a card at 4X besides 8x wont have a little or no degradation in terms of performance. Why? This is because there not many or no games at all that can make full use of the 8x bandwidth. If I were in your situation, I will still continue to keep the 4x motherboard and upgrade to Radeon 9600 without any hesitation.
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My main gaming PC is down because my motherboard needs to be RMA'd. I have an old Windows 7 HP desktop I'm currently using as a substitute rig. It has a 550w XFX PSU and a GTX 660 installed. If I throw in the GTX 970 from my main PC, will that CPU be able to cope with it on legacy BIOS? I want to play MKX, Wolfenstein The New Order, and Metro Last Light Redux.
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I haev a GTS 250 but not a very good CPU, AMD Athlon 4400+ 2.3GHz. What CPU (amd,(am2 or am2+)) would run good with this card?

I am thinking about - AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750 Kuma 2.7GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache 2MB L3 Cache Socket AM2+ 95W Dual-Core black edition Processor - Processors - Desktops
Would that be good?
Suggestions appreciated

A:bottleneck cpu

assuming your mobo supports that cpu then yes it will be better than the one you have , will you notice any improvement ingame? im not so sure , cpu bottleneck is a much discussed subject and will depend very much on the game you are playing ,

make sure your mobo and bios support it before upgrading , i have no experiance with Dell stuff
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Im upgrading my GFX card to the Evga GTX570. Im holding off upgrading my CPU and board untill Sandybridge arrives. I currently have an E8500 3.1Ghz CPU, 4Gb DDR2 and was wondering if i will experience a bottleneck. Can anyone tell me if this is so? And if so how much?


Sandybridge is already out, and for the bottleneck the E8500 might be a slight bottleneck, but I'm not entirely sure.
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First post here. I'm looking at purchasing the ATI 9800. I have no problem spending ~$400 on this card, but only if it's going to vastly improve game performance. If anyone would be kind enough to look at my system specs and tell me their opinion if the video card should be the next step or if something else (memory?) needs to be the upgrade priority.


A:Where's my bottleneck?

Intel P4 1.3GHzClick to expand...

get a cpu upgrade.

Sure, the 9800 will deliver great, high quality fps, but your cpu will be holding back this card in a BIG way. You probably won't even be able to run max details in games b/c the cpu can't handle the load. Basically, you'll still be gaming with a few details (in game), but w/ great AA and AF.
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could my amd phenom quad core prossessor running at 2.2ghz be bottlenecking my pc along with my 6 gigs of ddr2 ram?


a quick update on my bottleneck if this helps on ultra i get about 13 fps i turn my settings a step down the fps goes to 35 another step down 58 another step down 60-70 all the way down to a wopping 200fps out flying in middle of no were
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is my amd phenom quad core prossessor bottlenecking my pc cause i seem to be getting some pretty bad fps with a gtx 275 graphics card already checked the drivers and whatnot or could it be my 6 gigs of stock ram ddr2

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Hi there, i'm planning on upgrading a few parts on my rig,

-one of these mobos
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-990FXA-D3 (rev. 1.0)
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-990FXA-UD5 (rev. 1.0)

-gfx card
N560GTX Twin Frozr II/OC (already recieved one)
MSI Global ? Graphics Card - N560GTX Twin Frozr II/OC
(would like to get a second one)

other parts:
AMD phenom IIx4 955BE
2x 2gig Corsiar 1333mhz ram

So my question is this, where will I get a bottleneck in performance, and with todays latest games will I see and major performance increases if i get another gtx560 and run them in sli?

Hope someone could help me with this, or should I spend the money of the second gfx card and upgrade something else.....I'm note looking for braging rights, just as best performance I can....


A:where is the bottleneck??

Im building a rig with almost the same board right now

If you could get ram at 1600mhz you will be real good

the cpu i heard that it would be better to use BE edition phenoms such as the 965 70 etc

other then that everything looks great if you like you can check out the post on my build these guys are great on instrutional help / they can guide you home
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 4020 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6370M, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 164684 MB, Free - 22453 MB; D: Total - 290244 MB, Free - 84997 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer Inc., K52JT
Antivirus: None

It says I have 8 processors, but I have a quad core... It says that is has "hyperthreading".
Battlefield Bad Company 2 runs at 15 FPS, even on the lowest settings you can go. I want to find out which of the hardware devices is bottlenecking the performance. Should I get 8GB of RAM? Will that even help?

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or is my video card not any better?
in games like battlefield 3 i run about avg 50ish fps @ 1600x900 on medium/low with most settings off.
and i feel like its too low for my hardware. games like arma i cant get above an avg of 25ish.
cpu: amd a8-5600k apu 3.6ghz / amd fm2a75m mb
ram: 8GB
gpu: R7850 DD 2gb

A:Is my cpu a bottleneck?

You can run performance tests to answer your question yourself.,2738-2.html

There are probably too many variables in your question to answer with any real meaning without system testing
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So I have an i not OC and I am looking at getting a GIGABYTE Radeon HD Link here http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I also have a w power supply Link here http www amazon com Corsair-Build F amp qid amp sr - amp keywords corsair Will the CPU bottleneck my GPU and will I have to upgrade to an i or something like that Or will the GPU run fine on the i If I keep the i will I see way less fps than if I were to uprgade or is the upgrade worth only a couple of fps I will be playing games such as battlefield bioshock infinite skyrim etc I dont need to play on ultra but if I bottleneck this GPU my CPU? Will can get fps or higher on high settings that would be good Also will w be enough to support the If anyone can point me to a GPU for around - that is better than the I would appreciate it but if this one fits Will this GPU bottleneck my CPU? I m fine with it Thanks nbsp

A:Will this GPU bottleneck my CPU?

Im not to sure about the bottleknocking issue. BUT I can tel you that your PSU IS NOT MADE FOR GAMING. Especially since your GPU REQUIRES MINIMUM of 500W PSU. Yours simply wont handle the stress and also wont provide enough power either. I would recommend a
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I'm wondering what of my components would be causing others to bottleneck.

Current setup:

- BFG tech. 8800GT OC2 (oc'd to 700 Mhz core, 1,000 mhz memory).

- AMD Athlon 5400+ Black Edition (oc'd to 3.0 Ghz)

- 4GB of PQI Turbo ddr2

- ECS c51pvgm-gb motherboard (cheap) oc'd PCI-E Reference clock to 2,925 Mhz

- 550w Rosewill PSU

- x1 Hitachi 250gb, x1 Seagate Barracuda 300gb

- Air cooled w/ x2 80mm exhaust, x2 120mm intake (Scythe Ultrakaze @ 3,000 RPM and 144CFM)

A:What's my rig's bottleneck?

Hi pingpongmury,
that's a pretty evenly matched it comes down to what you use the system for. if its gaming then obviously a new GPU would be in order. if multitasking, then a CPU.
i see two very weak spots though, the motherboard, ECS is not a well built MB. and two, the Rosewill PSU. for the same reason. Rosewill is a Newegg house brand. I have talked with a tech @ newegg and even he called the Rosewill brand a "work in progress"
just some things to consider.
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Hey everyone. I purchased a GTS 250 a while back, and I have never been really impressed with it's performance. I expect more out of it, I was wondering if it was my CPU that was not good enough to work side by side with my GPU. My specs are in the drop down menu below this post. thanks


It would seem so.. while your processor is by no means bad, I remember having a X2 4400 like 5 years ago or something. It might be time to upgrade your processor
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Hey all,
I got a 7950GT 256mb
2 gig DDR2 667mhz RAM
1.16TB HDD, 3 HDD's on 16MB cache
AMD 4600+ X2 Dual Core @ stock speed.
450W with combined 33A on the 12V+ rail (18A + 18A)

I tried overclocking my CPU but the ram is limiting it I believe, since it's being 667....
Anyway, is it possible that my 4600+ is bottlenecking my system in games?
I play CoD4 and get 80-90 FPS on 1024*768 res and all settings on low.
And when I shoot it goes to like 50 fps, quite an annoying jump.

Anyway, I was thinking if the 4600 ISN'T bottlenecking my system, I would probably get myself an 8800GT 512mb.
And if my cpu is Bottlenecking, would it be worth getting an 8800GT at all? Or should I just get a new motherboard and wait for the new and cheap intel chips to come out?

A:Possible Bottleneck?

I know a guy with a 7800GT who gets 125 constant with a decent resolution and medium settings.. arr what the HELL?
Why is my setup lagging behind..

EDIT: even a guy with a 3800+ X2 is getting 125 constant (CoD gamers love to cap to 125 =>). I assume he has an 8800GT however. But still.
My card shouldn't perform this badly? And I got enough power to it, 18A+18A on the 12V+.
All the latest drivers are installed.... errh!
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upgrading PC slowly i have socket 478 p4 3.0ghz and 768mb ddr400. i bought 1650xt pcie and run benchmark score 5034 on 3dmark05 my friend with core2duo same card score 8010.
is p4 a bottleneck to the card? im waiting til july when intel price drop come to buy cpu and just wondering if it is bottle neck or maybe bad card ?


Yes your processor, RAM, and FSB are all bottlenecks. - Time for an upgrade
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Hey everyone I was just wondering if I was bottlenecking since I'm pretty sure I can get more out of my card. My specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ @ 2.3GHz
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
XFX GeForce GTS 250 @ 800MHz

A:GTS 250 bottleneck?

Well, your CPU and your RAM are kind of vintage. With the CPU there is little you can do because you are stuck with the 939 socket. Whether you could use faster DDR3 RAM depends on your board.
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What is meant by cpu bottleneck? Is my cpu bottleneck? Is bottleneck good or bad? How to un-bottleneck my cpu? Thanks for the info.

pentium 4 C northwood 478 socket
p4c800-E deluxe
nvidia geforce fx5200
2x512 kingmax
antec tru 380watt

I dont really play any maj games just watch movies, play music.

A:CPU Bottleneck

A CPU bottleneck occurs when the processor in your computer becomes the main component that is hindering performance.

Whether your CPU is a bottleneck, depends on what exactly you do with your computer and where you experience slowdowns.
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My buddy recently just bought a GTX 560...
He only has a core 2 duo @ 2.66GHZ right now, so I was considering upgrading to a Q6600, (quad core)

Am I wrong to think that his Dual Core is bottle-necking the GPU?

Good upgrade yes/no?


Yes, its a good upgrade....will a quad core be better....yes
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I was wondering if there is any software that can detect/monitor bottlenecks? I think the issue is at the switch but i'm not too sure.

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So I am rather sure that it wont, but to be sure I would like to ask if anyone can guess or if anyone has experience pairing these two together :

MSI Radeon R9 380 (4 GB )
AMD FX-8350 Black Edition 4.0 GHz

As Before. Any comments are fully appreciated

A:Will It Bottleneck??
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Im trying to figure out if my processor will end up bottlenecking my new pc build. I really only play games, and the audio app's i do use will run great (i allready know it), so this question is SOLELY based on a gaming bottleneck.

I have a GREAT 939 mobo i just acquired and do NOT feel like buying a brand new AM2 board. However, the fastest x2 series processor i could find was a 4200+x2 on newegg. I cant get an opteron (cause mobo needs a bios update meaning i need to get a "loaner" 939 processor) and i am definitely NOT going to buy a 4800+x2 for the $400 price tag ive seen around for the 939...

SO, will i have to worry about a bottleneck with these components?

4200+ x2 (duh)
8800 gts 320mb
2 GB PC3200

also, if the bottleneck is marginal, Im getting a GOOD heatsink and i would consider overclocking.

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Do you think an AMD 64X2 4600+ would bottleneck a 8800GTS 320?

A:8800GTS 320 Bottleneck

Hmm.... Thats a tough call. I'd say depend on the game you're playing.

However, it'll definately bottleneck the 8800GTX.
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hey so ive got a new gfx card the hd 5670 and ive been expierncing low frame rates in some games like crysis high and splinter cell conviction maxed and metro 2033 dx11 and ive seen some people run these games @ 1920x1080p even in metro 2033 dx11 high they get preety much 35 fps average with the same gfx card and simmilar specs and i cant even run these @ 1280x1024 without it lagging .

my specs are : amd phenom X4 II 820 @ 2.8ghz per core
6 gb ddr3 ram
sapphire hd 5670 1gb

so is my cpu my bottleneck or is something wrong with my system
thanks for any help in advanced

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I don't understand what everybody means about cpu bottlenecking.
can someone explain it to me? and how do i know if a cpu is bottlenecked?

thank you.

A:bottleneck definition

Hope this help explaining what a bottleneck is.
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Important Specs:

9800gt 512mb
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6GHz
Samsung ddr2 4 x 1gb each at 400MHz

I was using the Far Cry 2 benchmark tool the other day and I noticed something when I was trying to max out my fps. I started a run with 1680 x 1050 resolution and dx10 high settings (I usually run at medium settings). It ran at 28.84 fps. I used the same settings for the next run but changed the resolution to 640 x 480. It ran at 28.94 fps. I got very similar results with medium and low.

With this, I was just wondering if my parts are limiting my performance at all. Or is this normal.

A:Bottleneck Question

Andyour point... you asking about .01 fps difference, or am I missing something ?
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I m having problems with my internet When I open up Skype any new pages I try to load bottleneck Internet to seems in Firefox seem to stop working but then after a while will start to Internet seems to bottleneck work again I m not sure if it s a problem caused by Skype as sometimes when I load Chrome and Firefox they re unresponsive It s as though the connection can t handle all the requests and is bottlenecking That s the best way I can think to describe it Sadly I m using a pretty old system a Dell Dimension Windows XP which I ve just rebooted wonder if this could be the problem with Service Pack My internet is Virgin Broadband mb which I share with other flatmates My wireless router is a Linksys WUSB N I m not sure whether it s something to do with the router settings computer settings or Skype itself If you need any more details let me know Thanks in advance Chris nbsp

A:Internet seems to bottleneck

Sadly I'm using a pretty old systemClick to expand...

That's probably the issue.

Please, post some computer info:
- processor type, amount of RAM (hold Windows logo key, hit Pause/Break key)
- hard drive size/free space (open "My Computer", right click on hard drive letter, click "Properties")
- security programs in use (antivirus, firewall)
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hey folks i ve been kinda out of touch techwise for awhile issue? bottleneck a CPU but now that i have a little time and a little money i m doing the upgrade dance i m deffinitely getting a new EVGA gtx since my gt is seriously chugging however i m undecided if i should be looking into a new processor or not my current CPU is an E conroe LGA which clocks in the neighborhood of GHz i don t OC it what i m wondering is will upgrading really give me any appreciable boost in performance i game a bit no cry engine games but i d like to play mass effect and overlord on max but i don t run much in the background virus scan gets closed when i game and i m pretty careful about using programs that CPU a bottleneck issue? clog up my machine when i m not gaming i admit to being something of a serial multitasker - firefox tabs movie tunes on realplayer trillian etc but i don t think i do enough so that it strains my processor as far as what i d be upgrading to i m eyeing the E or the E since they are priced well for my purposes the E has nice specs and lots of good ratings too if its worth the extra money my current mobo only has mb L cache so any of the above would be an improvement so the question comes around with my upgraded setup is it really worth it to upgrade my processor as well or should i just wait another year or and upgrade board and CPU when the i line becomes more standard and better priced thanks in advance system specs including soon to be purchased vid card Windows XP bit planning to upgrade to windows in a year or so if it seems stable and gameable NVIDA EVGA gtx gig pc - ram dual channel corsair NF slit-a mainboard was cheap works fine nbsp

A:CPU a bottleneck issue?

I would recommend a better cpu, I'd suggest going for a 8400 not the e8500, no need in paying for the extra few hundred megahertz. I'm not sure if you can upgrade with a bios update, but you need to make sure that you can, that's the first thing you should do.
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I'm getting ready to assemble new a desktop used primarily for active stock trading. At this time my current setup glides through 98% of the day absolutely effortlessly. CPU cores at 30%-45%, RAM always less than 70% used and no noticeable video lag. During highly volatile moments in the market though the CPU will push to 75%-95% per core and I notice when I attempt to manipulate the charts the actions are no longer smooth and fluid. I'm trying to determine where the weak link(s) are in the system therefore which to concentrate on in the new build.

Just as a FYI - I'm leaning towards FX-6300/990X/8GB DDR3-1800/FirePro or two gaming type cards (looking to add a 3rd monitor).

A:CPU, GPU and/or RAM -- (?) Determining which is bottleneck

I would think a lot of that would be governed by your internet connection. If you use actual software (not a web-browser), I would look into their recommendations. If the CPU is what the software depends on, go with something from the Intel line. I'd be surprised if dual gaming video cards would be necessary at all. When you hit these volatile moments, what process is eating up your CPU cycles?
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In the PNP settings of my BIOS:

CPU Speed: 133/133
Core Voltage: 1.744V
CPU Frequency: 133
DRAM Freq: 133

BUT... the AMD Athlon XP Processor that I have has a 266mhz bus. I am running a bottleneck arent I?

A:Running a bottleneck?

Nope... You're not bottlenecked... (at least in that regard)

Your motherboard shouldn't be running more than 133Mhz when you've got an athlon with a 266Mhz FSB...

The cpu effectivly doubles the FSB from 133 to 266, so it can transmit/receive data at twice the speed, without putting more stress on the other components...

It's kinda like DDR, which doubles the data rate at the same speed...

This is as good as explanation I can give you without becoming too technical...
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Building my new Intel system very soon, but got the Gpu early because of a special deal I couldn't pass up. So far it runs pretty incredible compared to my old 560Ti. But how much is it being held back..

I guess I'm curious and I'd like to hear ppl's opinion's about what kind of performance I may not be seeing because of the weak platform.

Thanks. I hope it's okay to poke for opinions, since I don't actually have a real problem of any kind.


A:Will a Ph II 965 (3.4) bottleneck a GTX660TI SC?

You may see some extra performance just by going with a new CPU with stronger/more efficient cores. Most "bottleneck" questions are difficult to answer without testing though. If you had a single core processor and 1GB of RAM with that same video card, then the answer is easy.....yes there is a severe bottleneck. A quad-core CPU from that generation will probably work well with lower-mid range cards, but you are going to gain FPS in games with a newer CPU just because games aren't 100% based on the GPU and a more powerful CPU will net higher frame rates.

What Intel CPU are you going with?
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Hey guys. I want someone's opinion if my CPU is a bottleneck for the rest of my system...?

Here's my specs:

CPU: AMD 4600+ x2
RAM: CORSAIR 3GB (3 x 1GB) DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Video Card: EVGA 8800GTS 512MB

If so, any recommendations?

Thanks for any replies

A:Bottleneck from AMD x2 4600+?

Can you list the motherboard and PSU as well, thanks.
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I have a P4 2.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM and WINXP. I'm upgrading soon to either a GeForce 6800 or 6800 GT-I'm aware that the GT performs a bit above the vanilla 6800, but I'm wondering if my processor will bottleneck that difference anyway. Can anyone help?

A:System Bottleneck?

your system is fine, get the 6800GT. i have an an athlon xp 2500+ (1.8gigs) and a 6800GT(AGP) and i can play games at really good resolutions will settings on high. im not overclocking anything either.
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Hi, this is my first post so please bear with me.

my system is

AMD Athlon64 3200xp
Gigabyte K8NS (I think) nforce3
1GB Geil DDR400 cas 2.5
Maxtor diamondmax 9 160gb
seagate barracuda 80gb
Antec Trueblue 600w PSU
2 dvd drives

my problem is .. games dont seem to be running as they should with my hardware. I play BF2 mostly and Im getting low framerates in action areas down to about 15fps with really bad stuttering as well. I run it in 1280x1024 on all medium settings. My pings are always low so that isnt the problem. Im just a bit stuck as to what to upgrade next to get the best performance boost.

any ideas?

A:Help needed. Where is my bottleneck

Get another gig of ram for BF2.

It's a total stutter and swap fest playing online with 512mb-1 gig at even medium/high settings as it's a total pig on memory.

Adding another 512 or 1 gig should cure your stutter, pauses and performance issues.

I play the game @ 1280x1024 on an X800XT, 3.0ghz P4 and at 1 gig, it was brutal. I can now play it with ALL video settings on "High" (except lighting at medium as a personal preference) @ 1280x1024 with great framerates just by adding another gig. Level loads are much better too.. and when you first join a server, it's not a jerky mess for 2-3 minutes still swapping junk to the swapfile- instant smoothness on-join.
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I have a system running windows xp that is running horribly slow. I have a bottle neck in my system somewhere. I have swapped out most of the hardware and still have the problem. Does anyone know of any good software that can help me diagnose a bottleneck? Thanks in advance.

A:System Bottleneck

Here are a couple of PC Performance Tests
PCpitstop performance test
Passmark Performance Test

Good Luck.
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I am in need of some advice from the techies.

My friend has offered me his old mobo, cpu and ram. Which is a 4200+ X2, 2gb Crucail mem, and a Abit mb (tis a good one, supports SLI).

But, I was wondering, say if I put a decent gfx card in it like 2 x 6800s or a 7600gt would there be a bottleneck? Decent gaming pc do you think for the mo?

My current pc is:
Amd64 3400+,
1.5gb Crucial (PC3200, not dual channel),
6800GT AGP,

Thanks guys! Any help / advice is appriciated.



I will be doing a proper upgrade in about 6 months, but do you think this will do? (for now)

A:Amd X2 4200+ ... bottleneck?

what slot is it for the graphics card on the mobo agp pci or pci-e? If iots pci-e then thats good because soon they will all be pci-e and i think its better.... yes it would do you for now .. if it was a pci-e slot i would say get an ati x1950 pro graphics card i have one my self and the graphics are so crisp and smooth this the one i got >

Soon ill be upgrading and ill be getting a Ati hd 2900 dx10 compatible
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Most of my games are not limited by my cpu nor my gpu. Usage for both doesn't go over 75% but frame rates are still low. Im thinking it could be my ram but don't know for sure. Heres my specs:

XP pro sp2 + Vista ultimate 32bit
intel board
P4 3GHz HT
1.5 PC3200
3850 AGP 512Mb
430W Antec Dual 12v
4 HDD's: 1 Sata, 3 Pata All 7200rpm

Im planning on getting a pair of 1Gb sticks soon. What do you guys think it is?

A:Whats my bottleneck?

Vista will tell you in it's rating system what your "bottleneck" is. Just go into the Control Panel and select System. The lowest rated item is your problem area. My lowest rating is 4.8. This is also my systems score. This lowest rating is my video card/driver...
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So I play a lot of StarCraft II pretty much the only game II bottleneck? Starcraft I play and I have some Starcraft II bottleneck? fps quot issues quot for the most part the game runs fine on any settings It's when I get into big battles vs that I run into some major fps issues Now being that I am a competitive player I play the game on all low settings at x resolution I just want to be able to hold a solid fps no matter what is taking place in game Specs CPU AMD Phenom II x ghz MOBO GA- A RAM gigs of DDR GPU s Two AMD Radeon 's I know that StarCraft II can't take advantage of multiple gpu's PSU Thermaltake w HDD TB Western Digital OS Windows bit So as you can tell I'm looking around to figure out exactly what it is that needs to be upgraded to get better performance StarCraft II is my main focus my price range is around depending on what part s need upgrading Thanks

A:Starcraft II bottleneck?

I really don't know about Starcraft, as it is not one of the games I play. But, from looking at your specs, I would suspect the GPU. Trying to read between the lines, Starcraft must be GPU bound and it does not recognize multiple cards. That would mean that it is using one card and that card is not up to the job. That is my guess. I think you may get better help in the Games section of the forums, Gaming - Windows 7 Help Forums. If it is of any help, this is a list of the best rated GPU cards on Newegg in the $200-$300 price range. In my opinion, the 660TI is the best card around considering price/performance. And no I'm not an Nvidia fanboy, I own both Nvidia and AMD.
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Is there a general rule that would apply to most pcs these days, like I know not to buy a hdd slower than 7200 rpms, but might it be smarter to install all windows files and programs on one hdd (lets say, 40 gb) and a 2nd drives for music, pictures and w/e. I thought maybe that would help in case I needed to reformat the windows drive, then I wouldn't have to even bother with my music drive. Or should I even consider RAID if I don't play modern games? I realize it's supposed to be more of backup, but anything I have that important is on a dvd already. I'm sorry if this was already disscussed (i searched to no aveil) but any help is appreciated!

A:Preventing a bottleneck with HDD...

I don't know about gen. rule apply
while 1 drive is read, write for OS the other read write your data
thats how I can edit 2 movies and copy same time
there is a limit ,one limit is the ide bus or sata controller
using raid will increase some at cost of drive space
also great on re-installs
this is just an opinion on my part
some don't use a smaller drive they will just partition
some say it (partitions)does not work for them
todays hdd's cost about 50 cents usd a gb,but when you try and buy older stock smaller drives that will go up past 1.00 usd
its more what works for you

trend ,today too many people put egg's in 1 basket ,basket breaks lose all eggs
with the low cost of baskets this should not be the case
I guess most people see drive as static (no moving parts)
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Hello, all.

Having some issues setting up a network. It's serving 40~ computers, and is currently configured (in order of hardware) like this:

Cable Modem
Windows Server 2003 (sharing internet connection. Two networks cards. Both 10/100)
Switch x 3
Computers (via jacks around the building)

Unfortunately, the connection speed is abysmal.

Any hints as to how to bring it up to par?

The connection itself isn't the issue, it's the configuration of hardware. Just not sure what.

A:Network Bottleneck?

Well, I'm not sure why you have a server with 100mbit NIC's, I'd certainly deal with that. Is it the Internet speed or the internal network speed you're having an issue with? Sharing a single cable connection with 60 users would probably be pretty slow, no way around that.
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Im wodnering that would be a better upgrade for about $250 or so
what is the bigger bottleneck the 3000+ or the x800gt (500\1000 8 pipes)

an x2 4600+ or a 7900gt with evags step up program

thanks guys

A:Bigger Bottleneck

any input is apprecated :bounce:
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I wonder would someone be able to identify the bottleneck associated with the following issue It relates only to Battlefield and has persisted into a GTX upgrade on an FX with GB RAM It only occurs when a large environment is being refreshed onscreen and can be observed by the player Such as when parachuting from high altitude If when parachuting I pan the screen with the mouse look then there is no issue but if Bottleneck Identify the I attempt to turn the player body with left and right movement the image on screen stutters terribly It s not a ping lag issue Is repeatable always and occurs even while Frame Identify the Bottleneck rates are but has the appearance of very low frame rates Maybe it s just an issue with the game has anyone else experienced this It also occurs when operating the motor cycle making it very disorienting and almost impossible to control Oddly enough it doesn t effect me when flying Jets helicopters and I don t think other land vehicles are moving fast enough to cause it to occur either I think because the environment isn t needing to refresh as fast PS Vram is not being maxed out nbsp

A:Identify the Bottleneck

If it only relates to Battlefield 3 and you don't see the problem with any other games, then the most likely answer is that the problem is the game.

I haven't played BF3 for quite a while but don't recall seeing that on my system, then again I don't run it on max settings either
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I have had an issue of my computer running slow and recently found out about bottlenecks. When i open my task manager it shows that my CPU is only running 4% of what it can do. The CPU that i have is a Intel Core i7 and says can run up to 2.50 GHz. What is bottle necking my CPU and how do i fix this. Thanks

A:Bottleneck problem?

Please post your system specs, To include the EXACT Make and model System if Big Box, or same info for the following if custom or home built, Mother Board (including Revision number), Processor (Exact Model Number), Ram, Video Card, Hdd(s), Optical Drive(s), Power Supply Manufacturer Model, Wattage and Amperage on the +12V Rails, OS, and any other peripherals installed on the motherboard
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Hello I am thinking about upgrading my current graphics card an XFX GT XXX edition factory overclocked I believe The rest of my system is as follows Gigabyte K Triton socket motherboard Corsair watt single amp v rail PSU efficiency rated these high end single rail PSU s are supposedly better for providing clean constant power over a run upgrade? bottleneck this with into I Would the multiple v rail counterparts AMD Athlon ghz san Would I run into a bottleneck with this upgrade? diego core single core Would I run into a bottleneck with this upgrade? gb of Corsair XMS DDR RAM gb IDE HDD PCI Soundblaster audigy a couple burners and a floppy drive all in an Antec case I am wanting to purchase a GT possibly a GTX but my motherboard is first generation PCI-E and I m still on a single core CPU Would I run into a bottleneck with this upgrade? setup I would upgrade to an X but sadly AMD has seemed to discontinue socket CPU s and used ones on eBay are stupid expensive Should ve spent the extra years ago and got the Toledo My goal is to play older PC games - era at x on high settings at FPS and the newer games at that resolution on medium to high settings at FPS I m afraid that my processor would be a bottleneck though as well as my first gen PCI-E board I am happy with how the single core performs does well in multitasking and on high demand applications but I am not sure how it would perform with today s games now that they are being programmed with multiple core CPU s in mind Would I get my moneys worth with that new card Or should I just wait it out until I can afford to upgrade the whole system Which wont be for a long while Thanks for reading nbsp

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Hi. Will the GTX 770 bottleneck my i5 3450? What do you think? I play at 1920x1080. Thank you.

A:GTX 770 - i5 3450 - Bottleneck

It would really be the other way around, the i5 will bottleneck a 770. You are fine though, the i5 you have is a quad core and 1080P isnt anything that will stress it too much. You may get a few less FPS than if you had a i5 3570K since the 3450 has a lower clock speed.
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Hello I bought a new system a few days ago and I seem to be having a bottle neck problem The reason I say this is because while I m playing games it will run smoothly then suddenly Little A Bottleneck Nasty stutter to load in new textures and what not Sometimes the game ll even slow down Now I understand that these are normal signs of my video card not being powerful enough but I m running a MB GTS here and my room mate who s running a GT MB I believe doesn t have these stuttering problems For those who are helping me out here are my specs CPU AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz Mobo ASUS M N -SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition GPU PNY VCG GTSXPB GeForce GTS MB GDDR PCI Express x PSU CORSAIR CMPSU- HX ATX V v and EPS V W RAM OCZ SLI-Ready GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC What I forgot to add above was that one of the DVI outputs on the video card is damaged pink tinged output if I use that slot to solve the problem I just use the other slot which works just fine and the A Nasty Little Bottleneck CPU doesn t even get about FPS in the DMark CPU bench section Either of the two could be the problem I think but there s also the fact that my HDD is some really old GB fossil about a year old Could it be that the HDD is causing the mid-game stutter to take the time for loading new textures etc The vid-card performs pretty well in dMark it s - FPS for the majority of the video tests with the occasional - FPS and - FPS That said I don t think the video card is the problem or is it The CPU or hard drive must be the problem here can anyone give me some help here Thanks guys I always come here when I have some tough issue that I need solved and I always find an answer You guys rock nbsp

A:A Nasty Little Bottleneck

sorry that this is off topic, but what cooler are you using on the 6000? I have the same setup, mobo,cpu,video,ram. And what is your cpu temp?
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I have a typical HDD of 7200RPM Sata2 interfeace, however because my other components are considered somewhat high end, the HDD is active all the time (I can see the HDD LED on a lot) but even so I believe it can't keep up with the rest of the system. My PC starts slow, my programs (and especially large games) launch extremely slow (when doing HDD intensive tasks). Regular defragging doesn't really help.

Haven't you experienced similar problems? What did you do to increase your speed.

I am thinking that I need to split my programs into (at least) two HDDs, so that when windows loads (for example) it will be able to use the double bandwidth. But what about games? Install one CD to one and the other to the second? Plus I have no spare sata's only an IDE, so will that help any?

A:Speed Bottleneck - HDD

Actually, let me rephrase this: Since I've got 3,5GB of memory, what ways are there to run directly from memory and not having to access the HDD that often? Maybe for example create a RAM Drive? But I have no idea how to do this. I've also looked into "sandboxing" which has another advantage, that of security, but I haven't been able to get it working on my PC.

So what other way are there to utilise my memory to the fullest extent?
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System Specs EVGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI Motherboard INTEL Core Duo E GHz Processor DUAL BFGTech NVIDIA Overclocking / Bottleneck??? GeForce Overclocking / Bottleneck??? GTS MB OC GB Corsair Dominator RAM W Thermaltake Toughpower SLI Ready PSU ZALMAN Liquid Cooling System Processor Questions Am I bottlenecking I have heard mixed reviews on bottlenecking and that some intel s arent good with dual cards especially s etc but I want to know is quot Is my E enough for my Dual GTS MB OC s quot I followed the EVGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI overclocking manual in attempting to overclock my processor from to something around I incremented slowly and the very first time I incremented windows wouldnt loud Overclocking / Bottleneck??? I got the blue screen of death and it restarted What I am wondering is a why did this happen b did I do something wrong do i HAVE to change EVERYTHING when i over clock aka do i need to edit processor memory power functions instead of just maybe processor info etc with my setup I understand blue screen of death could mean many things but the system did it only when I tried overclocking Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Overclocking / Bottleneck???

I have not used that board however here are some basic guidelines for how to OC.

1 Check your bios for a pci bus lock and set it on 100 NOT on auto. This locks the pci/pci-e bus so you are not oc this when you raise the fsb.

2 Next select a lower divider/speed for your ram. You can bring the ram back up later once you find a good OC setting for your cpu.

3 Now up the fsb in small increments restarting each time and run an app to test the cpu such as prime2004 for dual cores. You need to run this for at least 1hr with no errors before you up the fsb again. When you do find a setting that gives an error, you can now either backoff to a stable OC or if you are real brave, you can up the vcore in the bios and retest.

Remember do not overclock with parts you cannot afford to replace. Even experienced OCers sometimes fry parts.
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Hi guys,

I am disturbed by my low 3DMark 06 score. I have seen results on PCs with the same processor as mine, but MUCH better results.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
2GB 667 DDR2 RAM
Inno3D GeForce 9600GT 512MB DDR3

3DMark scores are as follow:

SM2.0: 3381
SM3.0: 3096
CPU: 1564

All of my games have an annoying stutter, which I KNOW isn't the graphics card, as I had the same stutter with my previous GPU, an 8600GT. I have a friend who has the exact same CPU, but no stuttering. Something is not right here. Maybe a BIOS setting, etc? Please guys, I desperately need to play my games without this annoying stutter, or else I might just go mad.

A:CPU Bottleneck or other problem?

- Update drivers (every component)
- Internet connection? / P2P? Are you playing online, when this occurs?
- Unwanted clutter on computer
- Virus, Spyware ETC
- Background processes
- Interfering programs
There are tonnes of factors that can cause this problem (over heating?).

Also - the 3DMark score will vary on every system since all components are different. They may have the same CPU but have a different mobo, ram, hell even the PSU lol., but hopefully you get the drift.
What games are you playing, that CPU isnt the best.
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Can I get some ideas about upgrading my pc. I was gonna go with cpu + motherboard but im not sure wether this is the problem. Basically at certain times in gta4 and bf3 the framerate goes down significantly. and maxing the latest games like batman and sleeping dogs makes them unplayable. here is my spec:

amd phenom II 945 quad
ddr3 memory 8 gig branded
biostar ta785ge 128m motherboard
nvidia gtx 670 2gig
1tb sata hd 7200rpm

I currently run nvidia surround as well, this system works great but I want solid framerates in bf3 and gta4 at all times on max which shouldnt be too much to ask surely? I want this system to run gta5 flawlessly which is why im considering upgrading. I know a solid state drive would help but would this make that big a difference?

Oh yer windows 7 64 bit as well

A:Gaming bottleneck

(btw: what's the cpu clock rate? Your ISP connection DSL vs Cable?)

Let's look at your Internet.
get a command prompt and let's do some tests:
find the domain name of one of the games that suffers (I'll use in the examples below

(copy and paste the results in your follow-up)

and paste those results too
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i have a P4 2.8ghz w/HT CPU, I'm not looking to play graphically intensive games or newer games.

Complete spec are:
P4 2.8ghz w/HT
3g pc3200 RAM
HD 4650 1gig vram 128 bit agp 8x

How bad will that bottleneck my gfx card?

Example of games I am playing:
Heroes of Newerth
Borderlands (ran on low with my old 6600oc on a p4 2.4ghz- so im expecting alittle higher)
League of Legends
call of duty MW (same as borderlands)

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Im trying to upgrade my computer to play world in conflict, empire:total war, warcraft, etc... and need to figure out how to effectively upgrade my graphics processing power. I am a noob so if this is stupid forgive me lol.

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I was wondering if a G Band router might choke if three computers were online at the same time on a 20 Mbit/s broadband connection. I don't want the router to get in the way of utilizing all 20 Mbits of bandwidth (20 Mbit total - so about 7 Mbit/sec per computer.)

I'm confused over Net bit rate of 54 Mbit's vs. the throughput of 19 Mbit/s.

At which point does a G band router bottleneck and slow things down?


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Hye. I juz wnt to ask some short question.

Does my Amd Athlon X2 5600+ 2.9Ghz overclock bottleneck wif my HD4850 IceQ 4 gpu??
How much the performance increase if I upgrade my current cpu to Amd Athlon II X2 270??

Thnx guys.

A:Is My System Bottleneck

If you are going to upgrade and your system supports it, you might as well try to get a 4 core. Especially on an AMD rig, where CPU performance is weaker than Intel core for core. The "AMD Athlon II X4 650" is about the weakest performance I would recommend to anyone. It is comparable to the Core i3-2100 which is as low as I recommend for Intel CPU's.

For generalized performance you can take a look at these benchmarks. -

Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ - 1463
Athlon II X2 270 - 1988
Athlon II X4 650 - 3663
Core i3-2100 - 3603
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Current specs
win 8 64bit
CPU: i5 3330 3ghz
GPU: PNY GTX650 1gb
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600mhz
1TB Seagate

I can still play all the new games just not on the highest settings. My question is it worth it to me to upgrade my gpu? Or am I going to be bottle necked by my cpu if I do? Should I be thinking of building a new rig or is there still some life left in this one with a new graphics card or maybe some better RAM?

A:Where is my gaming bottleneck?

Let me put it this way, people get SLI/XFire rigs with not much better performance in a processor and memory. Your GTX 650 is considered bottom of the scale in GPU performance for gaming. Long story short, your GPU gaming wise is the bottleneck. For the moment, I personally wouldn't bother with the other components. I might consider an SSD for all around better performance out of the operating system, but that only decreases the game load times so not much benefit for games.

I myself have only a single GTX 660 (with i7-2600k), so there is plenty of room for increasing GPU performance. And that is not to mention SLI with multiple cards, which is done all the time with top end CPU's such as the ones you and I have.
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Hey there

I have a PC that is about 4-5 years old.and it is running a first generation Intel I7 with an x58 chipset. so far, I've kept my motherboard in good condition along with the CPU. Both seem to run smoothly without any problems. The thing is, I've sold my setup of 2 560TIs in SLI to upgrade to a single GPU solution. Here are the specs:

Motherboard : EVGA X58 141-BL-E757-TR [LGA 1366] :

CPU: Intel I7 920 @ 2.66GHz

Ram: 32 GB Total (6 Slots running 4GB each)

Is it possible to get a GTX 780 running on this system without any Bottlenecks? (If not, then how about a GTX 760?)

Thanks in advance

A:PCIe 2.0 Bottleneck?

This is something I dug up,

Your card is a 8 series of the 7 generation (or however they say it) so your performance loss should be unnoticeable. Though if you chose to SLI you may have a different story. From what I've heard the PCIe3.0 is best for utilizing muti GPU cards and SLI/Crossfire rigs.
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Hiya, everyone,

I'm using an Inspiron 6400 laptop right now. Although I am getting a new desktop for home use, I would like to continue using the Inspiron for some time into the future. However, it's starting to be really slow (opening programs like Adobe CS3 or Office 2007, startup, even some PDFs take a while to load)

The specs are as such...

OS: Windows XP Home SP3 (32-bit, I believe?)
CPU: T2500 Intel Core Duo (2Ghz)
GPU: Radeon Mobility x1400 (256MB)

Question: would upgrading the ram to the documented maximum of 2GB be worth it / make a noticeable difference in the tasks I mentioned? RAM is cheap, after all....

And I don't plan on using this laptop for heavy gaming. Just for work and a bit of media (watching/streaming shows, some image editting, nothing 3D).

Documentation is at

Thanks in advance!

A:Bottleneck? What to upgrade

maxing the ram is the best thing you can do and it will show a difference, not night and day though, but enough to make you content.
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Does anybody think a P4 3ghz machine w/ a gig of ram can handle a 6800gt or Ultra? I am also looking for a chart for camparison.

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Hey guys

I'm looking for a little help in regards to games performance running on my system. I've a somewhat intermediate knowledge of computer systems but I'd really love some more knowedgeable input.

Main System Specs:

Intel i5-4570 3.2ghz
R9 270x 2GB

The Problem

I can't help but feel i'm getting less than optimal power from my system. In battlefield 4 at Ultra settings and after some benchmarking i'm getting an average FPS of around 40, dropping to ~20's in heavy effects situations and but only going as high as about 59 looking out of the map.

In terms of performance i'm clocking about 60% GPU usage and 89% CPU usage. That screams cpu bottleneck to me however on a dublicate system with the same level of usage the user is getting much higher bang per buck averaging 70-90FPS.

Am I overlooking something?

A:Bottleneck Issues Battlefield 4

Hi and welcome to TSG.

If neither your CPU or GPU are reaching 100% then they are likely not being bottlenecked. A bottleneck being where more data is passed to a component than it can handle. If the CPU was bottlenecking the system I would expect to see it at or very close to 100% usage all the time, the same for the GPU.

What is the exact make and model of the machine, assuming its a prebuilt like a HP, Dell etc?

If it is a self / custom build, what is the exact make and model of:

Motherboard (including revision number)?
Power Supply (make, model, wattage and approximate age)?
RAM make, model and setup? (i.e. 2x 8Gb sticks, 4x 4G sticks etc)
What are you temperatures and voltages like? Have you checked, if yes with what software?
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Hi guys,

I've just installed Company of Heroes game and can hardly play it. I've dropped the screen res to 800 x 600 but i still get 4fps. Yes 4!!

The min specs for the game are:

-Windows® XP or Vista
-2.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent
-512 MB RAM
-1.7 GB of uncompressed free hard drive space (We recommend having 1 gigabyte of free space after installation)
-DirectX 9.0c compatible 64MB video card with Pixel Shader 1.1 support or equivalent and latest manufacturer drivers
-DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card
-Keyboard, Mouse

Please see my machine specs and let me know what i should do!!

I'm thinking about upgrading the video card to an Nvidia 7600GT?? What would you do?? I've got about £120 ~ US$230 to spend.

Thanks in advance,

A:Where's my bottleneck?? Video card??

Its deffinately your video card. You might also want to upgrade your RAM to at least a gigabyte.
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Specs :
CPU - AMD - FX 4300 quad core clocked at 4.1GHz
GPU - Radeon HD 7770 ( stock clock rates )
RAM - 16gb GSkill sniper series
MOBO - MSI 970A-G43
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s

i get decent fps on BF4 ( on low settings) but i see people on YouTube with my card and they are on ultra and high settings getting 60 frames?
i have the latest drivers idk what else to do besides upgrade if need be

if somebody who knows well what they are talking about please help a brother out

A:Pc part list (is it a bottleneck?)

What do they use for processor ? Probably some i5 ?
Your processor and GPU are good match but processor intensive games may need more power specially in single thread applications.
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i just reformatted my hdd, and reloaded all the software/latest drivers for chipset/graphics card/everything on my dell inspiron 5150 notebook today. i'm getting extremely sluggish response during any type of gameplay! at first, i would get relatively smooth video with severe stuttering every 20 to 30 seconds, then i changed some drivers around and even the menus on most games are just consistently sluggish.

along with the reformat, i replaced the hdd as well as my motherboard.

the thing is, i've been using this machine for years without ANY such problem. any ideas?

A:video slowdown/bottleneck, please help!!

Sounds like driver didn't install

Sounds to me like the video driver did not install correctly.

If everything seems to be drawing slowly, the card is probably using the generic default Windows VGA driver (this is Windows XP, right?), or is experiencing a driver conflict. I had a similar problem after reformating my own PC recently.

Give me some details:

Are you using XP? With or W/O sp2?
What brand/version video card is it?
What version of the driver did you install?
Are you noticing any other video related problems ("artifacts", crashing, etc).
Is the card new? How long have you been using it and what did you use before?
Did you reinstall Windows from the same CD or another copy?

More than likely, you'll just need to uninstall your existing driver, clean out all remnants of it, and try again.
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Hey all I've been noticing some slowdowns on my year old system and am looking to replace whatever components I need to but I want to know how to identify which part is slowing my bottleneck system Help determining system down the most Applications take a little too long to load and I notice stuttering Help determining system bottleneck in games Grand Theft Auto V and The Sims I think these issues could easily be caused by Help determining system bottleneck any component being outdated so I want to know what the best way would be to identify a bottleneck in my setup I've used the Task Manager to monitor performance and received results that were not particularly useful Here are my system specifications Processor Intel Core i - k LGA Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z X-UD H-B Memory GB x Corsair MHz Graphics card EVGA NVIDIA GTX Hard drive TB Samsung RPM In my opinion my hard drive needs to be replaced by an SSD but I'm not so sure it's the root of all of my stuttering and slow-downs My graphics card is also aging but obviously that wouldn't explain my slow applications Any ideas I appreciate any feedback and would be more than happy to provide further information Thanks much for the assistance

A:Help determining system bottleneck

I personally think that your amount of ram (2 sticks for 4gb ram) is quite low for big games like GTA V.
If your motherboard can handle 8GB-16GB of ram, I suggest upgrading it. Also, just in case you don't know the true meaning of bottlenecking, I suggest you watch this to get a better understanding of it:

(I'm posting the video for educational purposes ONLY. I am in no way affiliated with JayzTwoCents)

I hope this helps!
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I was hopeing someone could tell me what lag Bottleneck, mouse Identifying the kind of bottleneck causes mouse lag with good frames per second by mouse lag I dont mean what you would normally think of with slow frames per second where the whole screen begins to crawl and stutter in the direction the screen is panning usually sub fps I mean smooth mouse movements and even with high frames per second but theres is a delayed reaction in the cursor aimer wich makes it extreamly difficult to Identifying the Bottleneck, mouse lag aim quickly or follow a fast moveing target wich is changing vector often to go into detail Iv got a Leadtech GT mb and Im playing battlefield with all settings maxed and full AA and AF Resolution Im still getting pretty much the same framerates at these settings as I do with low resolution and all low graphics quality settings wich indicates Identifying the Bottleneck, mouse lag that my Video card is not the limiting factor of my fps but thats not the issue because I am getting good frames per second anyway even at the highest of settings - fps mostly with all settings maxed and full filtering AA everything is great but as soon as I bump up the Resolution to my frame rates dont seem to drop BUT there is a difference now I get the delay with every mouse movement even when my fps are upwards of for example looking up into the sky to shoot at a bomber I still get this mouse lag the rest of the time my frames are still - and getting this mouse lag so what kind of a bottleneck would cause mouse lag while still allowing me to maintain a good framerate nbsp

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Alright here's the deal, I rendered a Maya scene file containing 100 frames. I have a dual socket opteron board with 2 gigs of memory. In the first render, I used only one cpu. In the 2nd render I used both cpu's. I did this to test the difference in the amount of time it takes to render with each configuration.

I know I shouldn't expect the render time to be cut in half, but here's what troubled me: with the 1 cpu render it took about 20 minutes. With the 2 cpu render, it took about 18 minutes. "Only a 2 minutes difference?!" I said to myself.

There's got to be a bottleneck somewhere. Should I add memory? My board is capable of supporting 16gigs. Is the hard drive not fast enough to store the frames?

I don't know how to diagnose this stuff, please help

As always, thanks very much in advance and take care!

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Hi there guys, sorry if this is the wrong place for the thread but I play alot of games and can't figure out why my graphics keep stuttering, and don't want to splash out on a new graphics card just tofind out that it's not that.
So my internet is terribly slow (but upgrading next week) but even on times when my ms is good the graphics stutter and jolt,
the graphics card is Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT, I have no idea if that is good or not.
PC has 8gb of ram
Processor: AMD A4-3300 APU with radeon

Now I'm not really sure what all of that means, but I think part of it is really quite old, any tips on things to try or what to replace to make the most impact would be much appreciated

A:Can't figure out where the bottleneck in my system is

We need more information on your computer than you provided.

Do the following, and also provide a complete description of the power supply.


Download and save the TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe) to the desktop.

After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.

Information about your computer will appear.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE text here.

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I am really interested in getting a new GTX 1060 to be more future proof for years to come, but the problems that I am concerned with are,

1. Will it bottleneck?

2. Will it be a problem with CPU heat?

3. Will it be too much for my CPU?

The ONLY games I will be playing is the Farming Simulator series and that's about it. Nothing else. (I play another game BO2, but that's for the PS3 )

Ok, my CPU is an AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition @3.2 GHz, not turbo-ed and never will, motherboard is ASUS M4A78T-E (if that matters...)

Here is the GPU I am wanting to purchase badly: MSI Computer GeForce GTX 1060 VR Ready GDDR5 Graphics Card (GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G): Computers Accessories --- It is an MSI GTX 1060 4GB model.

So if anyone could answer this, please do! Any help is appreciated!

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Major windows bottleneck problem please help OMG I ve been racking my my brain at this for weeks dead eversince i have replaced my mobo my system has been plagued by slowdowns When i had this system configuration Athlon xp Asus nforce ultra Gig Mushkin High performance mem WD caviar mb buffer gig UATA And my prized Possesion ultra engeneering sample Ocs very high w arctic coling silencer i used to get k k on this config but some times i would get ks i figured that it was the memorythat caused it because once i closed some of the processes via taskmanager it ran fine then on a stormy day a power surge burned out Bottleneck Slowdown! SuperDuper my mobo and psu so i replaced them Athlon Zalman copper cooler Asus A v g mushkin redline seagate barracuda mb buffer gig uata os on this hd WD caviar mb buffer gig uata ultra w arctic SuperDuper Bottleneck Slowdown! coling silencer w SuperDuper Bottleneck Slowdown! antec true power psu some thing strange is going on with the memory unoverclocked g mushkin hp stick lt g mushkin redline dual channel lt g mushkin hp dual overclocked g mushkin redline gt g hp stick gt dual cannel hp doesn t overclock at all mushkin rdline oc d to ddr cpu at x cpu overclocks to g but its not a significant performance increase has the same or less performance than the gig mushkin dual channel unclocked the timings are the almost the same the hp s cas latency is and the redline s is now the main problem the aquamark scores are consistent k unoverclocked k overclocked but the games tell the story COD works on all extra af x no aa at x with framerates in the mid s except on the russianmaps where it s low s it works like this for maybe secs and then it starts stuttering and fps drops fps if played like this it hangs up aftr mins same thing goes for farcry fear and bia reason and rhyme did not prevail as it hangs up at different frequencies temps and loads also asus probe shows my cpu temp at c idleing my cpu usually idles at c- c the forceware menu shows my gpu temp at c that sunheard of for me my u idles at c wtf is going on room temp is f are there any registry settings that might help performance i believe that dildows is causing all of this puke any thing will help thank you nbsp
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I ve been looking for a utility to scan my network and map the nodes And my here network find bottleneck Need to then be able to run some speed tests between nodes to try and find where bottlenecks might be See which nodes are most active etc Any such program Otherwise I just ran DSLReports speed test with these results dslreports com speed test result on - - EST Your download speed kbps or KB Need to find my network bottleneck here sec That is better than an average user on qwest net Your upload speed kbps or KB sec That is worse than an average user on qwest net Um ya that s a problem Apparently my upload speed is utterly shot and that s probably why all my Internet-connected apps have so much trouble Pages will attempt to load and then die or I ll barely be able to use it at ALL if at all Assuming my download speed actually stays constant or at least about that good How can I find the upload bottleneck This station is on wireless as well I suspect other PCs on the network might be the cause but I can t say I need to test it all somehow There are wireless PCs and two wired plus a network-attached printer All XP using Linksys hardware Any ideas nbsp

A:Need to find my network bottleneck here

What about doing a speed test on each computer individually, with the rest disconnected from the network, and make sure some user hasn't install p2p software or something. Also, have you tried changing the channel that the wifi uses?
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Just got 2 GTX460 SE's and installed them. My specs are in my profile. I have a feeling my E6750 is a bit more of a problem than I thought it would be... Too much video card for my system? Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks!

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Well I checked my balance and I don't have £1000
[reference to previous post]


AMD Athlon @ 750Mhz
256mb Ram PC100 (limited by mobo)

AOpen PA3000 Plus (nVidia Riva TNT2 Model 64)

Now I know that the graphics card is crap, but is it worth upgrading to a new card, to improve performance, with my other system specs as they are?

At the moment I get an astoundingly high 3D Mark 2001 Score of 936 (Win XP Pro)

P.S. On the other hand, I could overclock the card. Would increasing the card's clock frequencies be worth it?

Core: 125 -> 160
Memory: 133 -> 170

- these are just the figures that the built in software gives me as a maximum - what cooling would I need to acheive these safely?

All the options.. please help a noob!

A:Is my graphics card the bottleneck?

Your best bet is to go with a newer yet not the newest video card. A GeForce 3 TI200 would probably be ideal for you right now with the price being only around 200 dollars for one.

Your video card is pretty old and the differences between the GeForce 3 and TNT2 would be substantial. Still I think you need a CPU over 1GHZ. Your ram is ok for now, although a future upgrade might be needed (especially with XP).
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The new comp I plan to buy today. I wanted an i7 with a $1300 budget. I plan to get more money and upgrade the video card to a GeForce 300 when they are released. Will the one I picked bottleneck my system too bad for the time being?

Also if it's not too much to ask, did I pick a good mobo? Foxconn looks like a good company, but I can't find any reviews online, everyone talks about the EVGA E758 and classified series (which are sold out/too expensive ), as well as the ASUS P6T which got bad reviews most of the time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated .

A:Will I bottleneck with this Video Card?

Doh! I guess the newegg wish lists don't go public automatically.

I made it public but I guess it takes a while. Here are the parts...

EVGA 896-P3-1255-AR GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 896MB 448-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

Antec Twelve Hundred Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail

EVGA E758-A1 3-Way SLI (x16/x16/x8) LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

KINGWIN Mach 1 ABT-1000MA1S 1000W ATX / BTX SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power ... - Retail

Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor Model BX80601920 - Retail

OCZ Platinum 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model OCZ3P1600LV6GK - Retail

Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drives - OEM

LITE-ON Black IDE DVD-ROM Drive Model iHDP118-08 - Retail

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM
P.S. The EVGA board I wanted was out of stock but I guess they got some new ones so I put this down, the old board was Foxconn BloodRage LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
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I was wondering if you guys could help me I m an avid PC gamer but for the past year have been stuck with my wives the finding my Upgrading bottleneck Help PC, crappy PC Anyway to get to the point can you help me find what parts need to be upgraded Gigs of Ram Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU E GHz System Gateway DX - Mainboard Gateway MS- Chipset Acer MCP Host Upgrading my PC, Help finding the bottleneck Bridge Graphics on board - NVIDIA GeForce I use to upgrade a lot and know a fair bit about what to change up and what i need to get my PC to Upgrading my PC, Help finding the bottleneck have the best FPS possible but I haven t tinkered with PC s Upgrading my PC, Help finding the bottleneck for well over a year now so i m really clueless as to whats good and whats not anymore I d really appreciate the advice of people that know what they re doing At the moment I ve only got around dollars to play about with what i had planned so far was to buy a ATI RADEON HD MB GDDR to give it the boost it needs Would that be a wise decision or not I can play games such as spore with a decent FPS but with everything on low my main goal is to be able to play Empire Total War on the system which after playing the demo was not impressive getting no more than FPS after playing the Demo nbsp

A:Upgrading my PC, Help finding the bottleneck

Yes a Radeon 4870 would be an excellent choice but you will probably need to replace the power supply also. Look for a quality single rail at least 500 watts. I would recommend PC power and cooling. If you get a multi rail supply you may want to get a little higher wattage. I recently had a 4870 crash an Antec 550 3 rail PS. The only problem is the PS is gonna hurt your budget.
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Having suffered long enough with a bogged down pc, I just reinstalled XP on a new clean drive. All is well, except while downloading patches for WoW to get caught up to current-day, I noticed that the System Idle process was at 99, with only 1% going to the downloader.

I added some other processes like installing another game and such, but the same issues from the previous build arose: nothing seems to be happening and the cpu utilization is anemic.

This system should be performing very nicely, yet it seems to be bottlenecked. How do I go about tracking down the problem?

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I recently purchased a leadtek 6600gt agp and have noticed it has been underperforming compared to other users. Here are my specs.

AMD Athlon 3200+ XP
Windows XP Home
160GB Hard Drive
Leadtek Geforce 6600GT AGP
300W Power supply with 12 volts and 15 amps

I am aware that my 300W power supply may not be sufficient but I have not recieved any error messages like, "your power supply does not meet recommended specifications". My question was that could the card be not performing to its maximum potential due to the powersupply without telling me?

A:power supply bottleneck?

Besides only being 300watts, 15amps on the 12v rail isn`t good. particularly if your psu is a no name brand.

Check out this psu wattage calculator HERE.

Regards Howard
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CPU:AMD Athlon II x4 640 processor

GCU:Vapor-X R9270x

A:Can this cpu bottleneck my graphics card?

A bit..But you won't notice it.
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Hey guys Just wondering as this is the one thing that is really getting at me right now Will my Athlon AMD X GHz Processor bottleneck an Nvidia GT if I was to buy one 8800GT? processor bottleneck to Is my an going I currently Is my processor going to bottleneck an 8800GT? have a Radeon Pro but I m really disappointed with its performance but I ve heard wonders about the Is my processor going to bottleneck an 8800GT? GT so I m thinking about getting one I have the option to go for a newer processor Not too fancy I don t really want to go far Is my processor going to bottleneck an 8800GT? over the model but I m just wondering if it would be worth it Just for reference I play a few games but the one I m trying to get running smoothly is Age of Conan when it comes out I am in the Open Beta at the moment but my s performance was so so disappointing I was getting low framerates even on low settings and I know it s the beta but it wasn t really stuttering or lots of loading or disk-thrashing that was bothering me it was the sluggishness of the graphics Any help would be appreciated Thanks lex nbsp

A:Is my processor going to bottleneck an 8800GT?

I don't really believe that you'll bottleneck your GPU with your current CPU. I think the performance gain would be substantial going to the 8800GT.
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Hi all hope someone can help out with the below I m running a Linksys wireless network with the following components WRT G wireless router WUSB G wireless adapter WRE G network expander As you can see bottleneck? the (wireless Where is network) - not the newest of kit I ve had this network going for about six years and all the components are version But despite the age of the network the coverage it gives around my flat is excellent My problem is Where is the bottleneck? (wireless network) that there is a speed bottleneck somewhere If I hardwire my netbook into the router via ethernet I get speeds of somewhere between - Mbps which is what I should be getting But accessing the router wirelessly gives me a best speed of Mbps My understanding of the network kit I have is that is should be able to handle speeds of up to Mbps Clearly the router is able to handle more than Mbps and the network expander is merely a signal amplifier - so I m assuming it s the wireless adapter that is causing the bottleneck Does that seem likely and will replacing that with a newer component solve the problem or do I need to replace the entire set-up to get the sort of wireless speeds I m after Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your help nbsp

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Recently I got MW and the fact that I was forced to play at x and still get some lag made me realize that I needed an upgrade Considering the only costs around or so these days for the GB version I figured I might as well take a leap and get a solid card that will last me another years However the problem is that the rest of my computer is three years old and would probably bottleneck the card 4870 3850 --> Bottleneck? see system specs Unfortunately I currently do not have enough money to invest in a completely new computer Would the bottleneck be so severe as to reduce the potential of the to status thus warranting a cheaper card or should I go for it Another main concern is heating issues as my computer has always had serious issues dealing with overheating I heard that the is a very hot card idling at around Would there be any better alternatives Thanks for your help nbsp

A:3850 --> 4870 Bottleneck?

what is your target play resolution? the HD4870 is designed for bigger resolutions so if you are only around 1440x900 or so it's going to be a waste, especially with cards that feature 1GB. i'm not trying to discourage you from getting one by any means, i actually own 2 myself, but they are better for HD gaming. of course the extra gfx power isn't a bad thing and you can even enable heavy AA is most titles. the 4870 will NOT overheat if you use a program like RivaTuner to adjust the fan speed. the cards stock speed is 25% which is way low. the 40-60% range will keep the card plenty cool.
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I'm considering a video card upgrade from a G80 8800gts 640MB to a Radeon 5770. will my system be bottlenecked by the cpu or ram? and is the performance boost worth the price? I found one at an NCIX for 159.99 on sale so I'm tempted to get one right now. I will mainly use this to play Battlefield BC2, Borderlands, and Left 4 Dead 2, if that helps at all.

My specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 OC'd @2.45GHz
2gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800MHz
nvidia 680i SLI motherboard
OCZ StealhXStream 600W PSU
8800GTS 640MB G80

A:Bottleneck with a Radeon 5770?

Its not a big step up.
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Yeah, i have purchased a XFX 8800GTS Alpha dog edition for $260CDN used from seller for 2 weeks and i was wondering

A: Will this card bottle neck my system
b: I have a OCZ 600W stealthstream pS will this run this card? it has 4 rails 18Amp each so 18X4= 72amp on +12 rails


Intel Core2duo E6600 2.4GHz OC to 3.2GHZ @1.268V
P5N-E SLI MB (bios 801)
Corsair XMS2 2X1GB 4-4-4-12 800MHZ (712MHZ 1-1 ratio)
XFX 8800GTS 512mb
1X 160GB Raptor 10kRPM HDD, 1X Seagate 320GB HDD
Auzentech Prelude 7.1 Sound card

So this bottleneck?

A:Will XFX 8800GTS bottleneck my system?

Is my comp tp slow tp keep up with the XFX 8800GTS?
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Hi there. My first post on the forums.

I'll get right to it; I'm probably getting a new GPU as preperation for Battlefield 3, since my old one (8800GTS 320 mb) is starting to get REALLY old. I thought of getting the hd6780 as it was surprisingly cheap, the only issue was that it will be bottlenecked by my current CPU ([email protected] Ghz), or my current hardware in general for that matter(4GB of DDR2 ram @667 Mhz). So basically I just want to know; will the hd6780 work OK with my current setup? I know it will bottleneck to some degree for sure, I'm just wondering how much.

I'm planning to play Battlefield 3 on my 720p TV, which means a pretty low resolution of 1280x768 so hopefully it will run well even if my CPU could've been better.

Hopefully someone could take some time and answer me.

A:Is my current CPU too big of a bottleneck for an HD 6780?

I'm sure someone else that knows more about cards than me will reply, but in the meantime I replaced an 8800GTS 320 with a Radeon HD 5830 on a C2D [email protected] and I'm playing SC2 at 1920x1080 with pretty high settings (I thought they were maxed (without AA) but someone informed me that wouldn't be possible with my hardware). I think at that low of a resolution your processor will be bottlenecked quite a bit, but it may prevent you from getting 200fps when you'll get 130fps instead (I just made those numbers up, but my point is even if the CPU is holding you back it will still be playable).

I would suspect that unless you have a CPU upgrade planned real soon, you may be better off getting a less powerful card. The reason I say that is, by the time you do get around to upgrading your CPU and mobo, your 6870 might not be real great anymore. So you could probably save money and get a lesser card (hopefully someone will have suggestions) for less money and put that money towards beer, or maybe a future cpu/mobo upgrade.

Edit: I confirmed today I am playing with everything on Ultra or High if high is max setting. I've played the campaign and probably 150 bnet games and only once have I seen the message 'your computer is slowing down gameplay' and aside from that one time I've not noticed any video lag.
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According to a benchmark I ran on my laptop, the HDD is only getting a read speed of 1 MBps... that is literally a third of my internet download speed... The laptop is also VERY slow to boot up, and load anything off the HDD...

Specs of laptop:

8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
500 GB 7200 RPM HDD 16MB cache SATA2
Intel Core i7 740 QM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1 GB
Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition SP1

Is there anything I can do about this aside from replacing the HDD (definitely going for an SSD if I have to though)?

A:Severe HDD bottleneck on laptop


Have you checked for disk fragmentation? Have you tried to run a chkdsk?

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Right now I'm running a Phenom II X4 960T @ 4 GHz, playing games like BF3, would a HD 7950 be notably bottlenecked by that? should I aim for a 7850/7870?

We'll see what Piledriver brings to AMD but I feels like a future CPU upgrade would have to be a new motherboard with Intel CPU to keep up

A:HD 7850/7950 CPU bottleneck?

Post Your system specs If it a build or a retail computer.This way someone can better assist you.
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I'm wondering how a CPU bottleneck affects the GPU's performance. Lets say I run a game at 100% total CPU usage and 80% GPU. Would a better GPU affect the fps at all?

Thanks for the input.

A:How does a CPU bottleneck affect GPU performance?

You might gain a little in minimum frame rate depending on the screen resolution/video memory usage, but little else if the CPU is theoretically maxed out with a lower performing GPU.
The 100% CPU usage would only be in certain gaming situations. Not all gaming requires intensive CPU involvement, since the rendering of most games takes place within the GPU <---> VRAM subsystem. In a scenario where the CPU is maxed out, you're dealing with either poor game coding - which induces stalling (bottlenecks) between CPU <--> RAM <--> I/O (harddrive), and/or the CPU is being tasked with a more intensive workload -example CPU physics, post processing, information needing constant updating and amending such as large game maps, game AI and dynamic objects.