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Best FREE antivirus for Win10.

Q: Best FREE antivirus for Win10.

Anyone know if there is a 'best' one?

I'm currently using Avast on my Win7 PC, wife bought a laptop almost a month ago that came with Win10 pre installed and McAfee, the 30 day free trial is almost up.

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Preferred Solution: Best FREE antivirus for Win10.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Best FREE antivirus for Win10.

Windows 10 includes a built-in AV program, good article about it and some other things you can do here :-
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Which antivirus to put a bunch of SpyShelter Premium +Windows Firewall Control(binisoft) ?
Win7 x64 Other ? Thanks

A:BitDefender Antivirus Free vs Avast Antivirus Free vs Avira Antivirus Free

Resource Usage (eg: CPU, RAM): draw, with the indication of Avira, since BitDefender takes overall a little bit less of CPU time, but consumes much more RAM.
Level of Protection and Features (eg: Antivirus , Firewall, Behavior Blocker): Avira has more features, configuration options and is generally more effective when it comes to the malware detection (Proactive and Reactive).
Overall Winner: Avira.
Edit: I've just noticed, that you've added Avast - as the third contestant - to BitDefender and Avira. Still Avira is the winner here. Avast is not too hungry for PC resources and perhaps has more features, but its engine is not so good, and its detection ratio usually lags behind both: BitDefender and Avira.
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Sophos Home Free Antivirus vs Panda Free Antivirus 2016. Which one do you pick and why?

A:Sophos Home Free Antivirus vs Panda Free Antivirus 2016

I have to say that I haven't tried Sophos until now. But my opinion about Panda goes like this.

Resource Usage (eg: CPU, RAM)?Panda is efficient in both of them, but during scans it may use more CPU resources

Real World System Impact?Quiet Low

User Friendliness? 5/5

User Interface? 5/5

Level of Protection and Features (eg: Antivirus , Firewall, Behavior Blocker)?4/5
Overall Winner? Since i haven't tried Sophos I cannot give verdict for the best between the two.

Thankyou And Happy New Year.
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hi i would like to see which every one prefers?

A:Avast Free vs AVG Free vs Avira Free Antivirus for Windows

AVG proactive protection does very good work most of the time
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You just have to tell a little lie and say you use "assistive technology".

Accessibility and the Windows 10 Free Upgrade
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who and why is anyone going for the free Win10 upgrade ? I do online stuff and gaming.... I do not have a tablet.... at current our computer run Win 8.1. I signed up a while back for the free Win10 upgrade.... is there a thread for this discussion already?

A:who and why is anyone going for the free Win10 upgrade ?

Lots of Windows 10 news here ... Windows 10 News - Windows 10 Forums
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I know someone with a Vista (Business) PC and he received a free upgrade notice to Win10. Is this correct and if so does it just mean that the OS will be installed without saving apps and files?

A:Free Win10 upgrade

I know someone with a Vista (Business) PC and he received a free upgrade notice to Win10. Is this correct and if so does it just mean that the OS will be installed without saving apps and files?Click to expand...

The free upgrade applies to qualified computers that are running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8/8.1.

It does NOT apply to computers that are running Windows Vista.

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I ve tried many free antivirus over the years but these two have always consistently been the ones I liked the most After some issues with Windows last year I had to briefly switch to Avira but after the issues were fixed I got back to Avast because it was the one I had learned to rely upon in the last few years However I m open to reassess my position between these two excellent products Something that has also spurred me to reassess the situation was the fact that LifeHacker has recently changed their recommendation from Avast to Avira as the quot The Best Free Antivirus App for Windows quot Free vs Antivirus 2016 Avira Free Avast 2016 Antivirus On one hand Avast offers a more complete feature set File System Shield Web Shield Mail Avast Free Antivirus 2016 vs Avira Free Antivirus 2016 Shield Behavior Blocker DeepScreen Still I disable the E-mail blocker because I solely use Web mail I also disable the Web shield because It seems to slightly slow down my browsing I don t like to have all my HTTP traffic analyzed by the AV or any other program Sometimes it doesn t play well with HTTPS because it internally to scan the encrypted traffic which changes the original website s certificate I know I can selectively disable the Web Shield for HTTPS only So in practice I have been using the File System Shield and the Behavior Blocker at default sensitivity settings no Hardened Mode to avoid too many False Positives and issues with less known software I ve had no problems with this set up for a long time Regarding Avira it lacks Mail and Web Shield it only has a File System Shield and as far as I m aware they don t have a Behavior Blocking technology like Avast They rely entirely upon signatures and heuristics More recently they also have the Avira Protection Cloud which sends file signatures to the cloud in order to provide better protection does it really improve upon the local signatures and heuristics or is it just a fad The lack of Behavior Blocking is what concerns me in terms of how well protected I am with Avira compared to Avast Is it really better to have Avira with its better quot traditional engine quot or is it better to stick with Avast which sports a slightly worse quot traditional engine quot but that possesses advanced Behavior Blocking technology DeepScreen I m also interested in other aspects besides protection namely Resource Usage I m mainly concerned with CPU usage I d also like to keep disk access to a minimum because I don t have an SSD which means I don t want my AV to slow the disk access even further Performance Impact On daily usage only with real-time protection enabled which one has less impact on overall system performance Ads Popups and Nagging in general How is the upgrade nagging on the two products I mean with Avast I ve had no problems recently The only popups I usually see are related to the real status of my system or Software Updater notices to update a given program e g Skype I may very rarely see a popup that talks about some paid Avast product but they are pretty rare I believe How is this on Avira Does it still show you a popup on every update every day What kind of advertisements can I expect P S Last time I used Avira it had a slightly annoying behavior Every time it would detect some infected file it would then force me to automatically run a Quick Scan on the system This was a bit annoying and time consuming at times Is this still happening today I hope you guys can help me by sharing your experiences and opinions about both products I ll update this post if needed nbsp

A:Avast Free Antivirus 2016 vs Avira Free Antivirus 2016

I vote for avast free more options more tweaks u can do in any option, and good deleting " dangers ". ofc software updater desactivate.
avira is anoying when detect some " infecction". run quick scan then many times ask fot reset pc not really good deleting real "dangers".
another thing is " the cloud " based.. oh common without internet cant do nothing really ?..
Abouth resources 50/50 both are good in this, ofc more " shields " u active and more " grade of detection " u activate more cpu/ram uses.
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I'm still on Win7, I noticed that their pop up window to install Win10 has changed, there is no option to select another date for the install, it were only ever 3 days ahead anyhow.

I'm wondering, is the free offer coming to an end then?

Looking through some of the past threads on here, I see that some have reverted back to their old OS after dabbling with Win10, I'm wondering if I should even bother/risk trying it to be honest?.....Although I dare say that I'll be forced to in the end.

A:Free win10 upgrade, MS now getting pushy about it.

The offer is for a year - July 2016 (it was released on 29th July 2015)
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Is it still possible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free ?

A:Upgrading Win7 to Win10 for free ?

hi the free period is over so no not that I know of
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My laptop was victim of a virus that destroyed some register files and even System Restore could not fix it. My only choice is to format the hdd and reset to the OS in the chip which is Win 8, but I had already upgraded to Win 10. How can I recover my Win 10 Key so I can reinstall and activate Win 10?

Thanks / Arturo

A:How to recover Win10 Key (free upgrade from 8.1) ?

There is no free key. If your computer came with Windows 8.x, the key is in the bios. If you wish to install from the iso, do the install without activation, then once you get into the GUI, then do the activation and it will go through.
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I have a Win 7 Pro 64 bit PC (desktop) and have been offered Win 10 Free
I also have Win 7 Pro 32 bit (laptop) but haven't been offered Win 10 Free for that. Why?

A:Why haven't I been offered Win10 Free...

Hi Graphicool I suggest you to bring this issue in the thread I created since there's quite a few users that have it and it'll be better to have it all in one thread., it contains a link to all the solutions you should try first.
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Recommended settings AVG Recommended 2016 Security/Antivirus Antivirus Free/Internet settings are same for all three You should read help file if you don t understand any settings AVG ANTIVIRUS FREE One good thing about AVG Antivirus Free/Internet Security/Antivirus 2016 Recommended settings AVG antivirus free is that the license granted never expires So once you install it you can keep using it for many years without registering or getting a new key every year DOWNLOAD LINK AVG ANTIVIRUS FREE AVG Antivirus Software Download RECOMMENDED SETTINGS You may untick Show AVG Shredder in the Windows context menu Untick Ask me before removing threats Tick Scan files on close Tick Scan for tracking cookies Select Complete at next computer restart Click Apply and OK Spoiler First time scan FIRST TIME SCAN After you have installed AVG antivirus free you must do whole computer scan for the first time To do so click Scan Now as shown below Let AVG complete the scan Spoiler Read Help File HELP FILE It is recommended that user read the help file to understand various features and settings of AVG To open help file select AVG Antivirus Free/Internet Security/Antivirus 2016 Recommended settings options- gt Help contents User can also access help file by clicking at lower right corner from advanced settings AVG Internet Security Antivirus Recommended settings DOWNLOAD LINK AVG ANTIVIRUS AVG Antivirus Software Download AVG INTERNET SECURITY AVG Antivirus Software Download RECOMMENDED SETTINGS You may untick Show AVG Shredder in the Windows context menu Untick Ask me before removing threats Tick Scan files on close Tick Scan for tracking cookies Select Complete at next computer restart Click Apply and then OK Spoiler First-time scan FIRST TIME SCAN After you have installed AVG internet security you must do whole computer scan for the first time To do so click Scan Now as shown below Let AVG complete the scan It will take some time to complete the scan Spoiler Read Help File HELP FILE It is recommended that user read the help file to understand various features and settings of AVG To open help file select options- gt Help contents User can also access help file by clicking at lower right corner from advanced settings nbsp
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I was thinking of the free ZoneAlarm firewall+free Avast! Antivirus combination. What do you think? Any better choice? Thanks.

A:Need advice for free antivirus+free firewall combo

See What's the Best Anti-virus? & Free Software Firewalls for Windows 7
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My eset 1 year key just expired, thinking of installing Avast free av for my home pc.,is it a good choice ?

A:Avast Free - Are Free antivirus software good ?

Avast free antivirus is an excellent choice in hardened mode! just make sure you deselect all the crap that you do not need during install ( secureline - browsercleaner - avast cleaner - software updater and so on. )
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A:Bitdefender Free Antivirus 2016 vs FortiClient 5.4 Free

What if I were to tell you, there is NO best?

What Antivirus do you currently use, and why is it important for you to know which one is the better product?
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A:AVG Free Antivirus vs Comodo Internet Security Free?

Hand down CIS. Best free prevention and lock down security software ever, but this software is for advanced users only that knows what they are doing because by tweaking you can make CIS outperform other antiviruses easily.
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I just started using Win amp I love it so far I was using Win before the change I noticed after some research that Win doesn't have a built in Video Editor like MovieMaker that was on XP amp Win I'm I correct about this Why would they not include a simple program like that in a good OS like Win Anyway here are my questions -What are the best free video editing software options I can get for Win -What are the best pay hopefully affordable video editing software options I can get for Win I edit a lot of iPhone captured best is & the Free editing Pay What programs Video for Win10? video as well as other HD video files I'm looking for something that can make good quality What is the best Free & Pay Video editing programs for Win10? website videos amp YouTube channel videos among other things MovieMaker wasn't great but at least it was easy to use and made quick B'day videos etc My go to now is Corel Video Studio Pro but it seems kind of slow amp out of date I was hoping to fine some more feature rich amp professional style What is the best Free & Pay Video editing programs for Win10? options I've heard Adobe Premier is very good but crazy expensive so that option is out I appreciate any help you can provide Thanks

A:What is the best Free & Pay Video editing programs for Win10?

Wondershare Filmora is a very affordable and easy to use video editor. I've been using it for some time on my laptop with Windows 7 and have had no problems. It has some excellent features and might be worth considering for Windows 10. Link here for information:
Cheers -
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i have a couple laptops that both came with windows 8.1 that im going to be selling. both were upgraded to win10 during the free upgrade period and both are currently on anniversary edition. when i look at the activation page, it says "Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your microsoft account". naturally, i will reset windows before sale so does this mean the new owner will not be able to activate windows 10 since it wont be done with my acct? do i need to track down restore media for each and put win8 back on?

A:is the free win10 upgrade transferable to another owner?

That's actually very interesting because historically and even when I had my stint on Windows 10, the license is tied to the machine, not the user. What I would do is reset those laptops and set them up with a local account and see if the activation status is an issue.
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Looks like the only way you can get free MBAM is to install a 14 day trial of the Premium version. Should I disable Win 10 Defender during this period or disable MBAM or can they run together? I ask because my SIL's new PC seems to be restarting for no apparent reason. I have disabled MBAM (I think) but maybe I missed a setting that is causing an issue. Thanks.

A:Win10 Defender and MBAM Free Trial

Keep Defender in place...MBAM is a different tool altogether...Only 1 scan should be ran at a time however...,155661.0.html
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I already know about the trick where you update then revert, and the computer you updated on will be able to upgrade again for free after July 29th, but what if I won't have the computer I want to upgrade until after this date?

I'm getting a MacBook Air in August. I like how any programs made for Macs will work (for the most part) because each Mac has set specs, but I'm not a huge fan of the Mac OS. But then I learned about dual booting on Mac, and so I thought that if I dual booted Mac and Windows I'd get the best of both worlds. But then I learned that Windows 10 will only be free until July 29th, so is there a way I can 'reserve' the copy until then? Or will I just have to pay the $119 if I really want to do it?

A:Can I get Win10 for free after July 29th this year?

Someone else might think of a way but the answer is no. You can't get a free upgrade after 7/29.
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Hello This is my upgrade free period Win10 ends after Installing the first time Installing Win10 after the free upgrade period ends here and couldn't find an answer after a few minutes of searching Sorry if this has been asked already Anyway I have an HP laptop that Installing Win10 after the free upgrade period ends came with windows and has a Gb recovery partition that re-installs Win and all the bundled software After I upgraded to Win I made a recovery drive When creating the recovery drive it asked for a Gb USB drive which I provided and it seemed to work fine I later used the recovery drive to re-install windows but it was windows again I then had to download and install the free upgrade again What will happen if I want to re-install win after the free upgraded period ends Will the upgrade still be available from somewhere as long as I have a hardware profile on an activation server Or maybe I have to do something different when creating the recovery drive I'd really rather not get stuck with Win in the future BTW my PC at work was an upgrade from to and I made a recovery drive there also That PC doesn't have a recovery partition and only required Gb for the recovery drive Should I expect this drive to re-install win and require me to download again also Thank you in advance for any information
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Ok all, What is the BEST free Antivirus out there? And also BEST password manager? And should I even be using a Password manager???

Is the Password manager Dashlane any good?

A:BEST FREE antivirus? And best free password manager???

Hi there,

I have been using "MalwareBytes" for several years and it's a really great AV/Anti-Spyware program. It does a great job in detecting both anti-virus and spywares.

You can download the program here =
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Hello Forum!

This is my first post here and I hope I get it right.
Practically I want them to tell me their opinions on which is better between "Panda free antivirus and ad-adware free antivirus"

The so short djeo to be understood and be easy to answer

A Salu2! from Argentina!

A:What is better Panda free antivirus or ad-aware free?

Hello and welcome to malwaretips,
I think adaware got a better detection, but i would trust more Panda.
Both don't have proactive protection, and web filter are almost the same.
Adaware do more false positive than Panda (thanks bitdefender engine).
If you can use other antivirus than panda or adaware you should do it.
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A:Beware: Free Antivirus Isnít Really Free Anymore

avast! is good compared to the others, and Bitdefender plus Malwarebytes just don't offer anything. Even thought, let's keep in mind that Malwarebytes is still just an Antimalware and not an Antivirus. Still nice to see it mentionned in an article like this to show that it doesn't put itself on the same level as the other security software.
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Ok all, What is the BEST free Antivirus out there? And also BEST password manager? And should I even be using a Password manager???

Is the Password manager Dashlane any good?

A:BEST FREE antivirus? And best free password manager???

Hi there,

I have been using "MalwareBytes" for several years and it's a really great AV/Anti-Spyware program. It does a great job in detecting both anti-virus and spywares.

You can download the program here =
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I have a client that for some reason AVG will not update except manually going to the grisoft site and downloading the update. I have tried every thing including installing from a CD, Installing from the Grisoft website, updating manually, and for some reason the AVG update manager will not work. Can someone recommend another Free Antivirus that is as easy to use and as automatic as AVG is, that I can install on her computer. This is an elderly woman that needs things as simple as possible. She can be taught to follow prompts but I would like to keep things as easy as possible. for example I send her emails regularly to remind her to run Adaware and Spybot, Any suggestions?

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I downloaded Avast because it was free. It says that I have to register to Avast! Free Anti-virus. I thought this program was free? Or is registering for free?

A:Is registering Avast! Free Antivirus free?

It is free.

Registering it is simple.
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My laptop was purchased in Sep- and runs Win Home Premium Ed -bit nbsp It has worked perfectly until around June- when the obnoxious Win free trial forced itself on my laptop nbsp As I had no choice I used Win for just a day or and then found out that nbsp nbsp I had lost the HDMI port audio capability which I use to connect to my TV and nbsp The trial Win allowed me to revert to Win which I promptly did nbsp after HDMI AMD port trial free Win10 r... dv7 laptop lost is on In my restored Win everything was fine except when I goto Sound in Control Panel to configure reconfigure HDMI as the default I could not -- the item that used to show up as AMD HDMI Audio no longer appears nbsp I recall a message during the Win free trial period that says it disabled all incompatible hardware AMD HDMI port on dv7 laptop is lost after Win10 free trial r... nbsp Without a doubt Win free trial killed this HDMI port device at least audio-wise nbsp Today I still run the same Win but I can no longer get HDMI audio on this port nbsp When I connect to my TV only the video works nbsp The Device Manager of Win shows it with an exclamation mark in yellow and when I right-click it to get more details there is a message from Microsoft saying nbsp nbsp Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged or that might be malicious software from an unknown source Code nbsp Is there a way to get this back nbsp 'this' AMD HDMI audio nbsp and wthout messing up the graphics - i e video nbsp I have tried to install AMD-supplied graphics drivers and that didn't work AMD's website states that the audio drivers are embedded in the package for graphics drivers nbsp There is also tremendous confusion in the way these low-level items are named described nbsp ATI and AMD because they merged have been used somewhat interchangeably nbsp I also tried the AMD graphics drivers from HP Support website specific to my laptop and it only got worse nbsp Thanking you for your kind consideration nbsp nbsp
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Anyone grabbed the latest version WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe on GOTD here? I missed this giveaway since my laptop is sent to our downtown repair store a few days ago by my Mom, who thought Windows 10 upgrade notification on my laptop was a kinda fishy virus...
I've searched on google, bravo there is another official giveaway of WinX HD Video Converter Delxue V5.6.0! On top of all that, I noticed this giveaway code is valid to activate till July 31.
You betcha, it means I can reinstall the program on Window 10 by activating the code that time.  

A:Free Download HD Video Converter for Windows PC (Win10 included)

Any Video Converter is better.
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Just got the NOD32 Antivirus from a PC shop and I need help.

Inside the package it says *VERY IMPORTANT!!* - Please make sure you uninstall all other antivirus software before installing this software. Running more than one security program could cause serious problems.

I am about to install NOD32 antivirus but AVG free edition antivirus is in the way.
The warning sign from the package of NOD32 is making me worry...
Is it ok to install NOD32 antivirus on my PC that has AVG free edition antivirus installed?

These are the security programs I have at the moment --

* Ad-aware 2007
* AVG free edition AntiVirus

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I understand that Windows 10 comes with its own security software (Defender).  Do i still need to add a standalone Antivirus (like Avast or AWG) to a Windows 10 computer?Edit: Moved topic from Windows 10 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal
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Hi all

Panda Free AntiVirus 18.0 Free

New UI completely redesigned.
Improved subscription and device management integrated in the product. Users can manage their subscriptions and their anti-theft protection (My Devices area) from their products.
Fully compatible with the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Engine improvements for better protection and performance.
Other improvements requested by Panda Community.
Panda Free Antivirus 18.0 brings redesigned UI, better protection and performance

With best Regards

A:Panda Free Antivirus 18.0 Free

I Will test it soon... thanks
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Can you guys get me a free antisvirus and a free firewall

A:I need free antivirus and free firewall

yes, there a few versions - have a look at this thread

here you will find firewalls and antivirus

I use zonealarn from zonelabs
and AVG from
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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does one really lower you chances of getting a virus more than the other? What in the free edition of say, Norton, is disabled that is not disabled with paid Norton? I can think of one such example with avast in that avast premium has script blocking, whereas avast free does not. Is this kind of thing typical?

Also so I don't forget, if an AV (especially a full and paid AV) has script blocking where would I check to confirm this?


A:Free Antivirus vs Paid Antivirus

Sometimes, the better AV programs are free. I have comodo and it is a free, life-time license and it is almost perfect for me. I suggest free AV programs to everyone that i know. I also suggest that you get some free AS and AM programs as well.
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I have the Dell Inspiron non-touch and was able to install the Windows Anniversary Update today after a long session of sitting though Windows Updates Everything seemed to work fine except that I had to uninstall my antivirus Symantec Endpoint Protection No biggie I ll just reinstall it after the update I think it also said that the Intel WiDi Re-Installation Antivirus Win10 After Anniversary + 7559 Update Boot Not Does Dell Inspiron drivers had to be uninstalled as well which it did automatically Dell Inspiron 7559 Does Not Boot After Win10 Anniversary Update + Antivirus Re-Installation but that was all that Dell Inspiron 7559 Does Not Boot After Win10 Anniversary Update + Antivirus Re-Installation happened during that process So I attempt to do so and I was able to install it via the Dell Inspiron 7559 Does Not Boot After Win10 Anniversary Update + Antivirus Re-Installation msi file the exe file wouldn t work for some reason and the computer begins to reboot Constantly The laptop would freeze somewhere from when the login screen appears to a couple minutes after that It would hang for a couple minutes then reboot It rebooted enough times for it to go to the Windows recovery options I just told it to restart so that I could tell it to boot into safe mode on the next bootup shift-click restart when I got inside Windows It works and I then tell it to boot into safe mode Now my laptop won t boot at all It won t go past the Dell logo I can enter the BIOS and the boot options menu as well as load the ePSA diagnostics tool and have the tests pass no errors But it won t get past the Dell logo after this It doesn t restart flash lights or anything like that Just hangs on the Dell logo How can I resolve this issue
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Hello i bought Pc from 1 guy.
its care who is that guys...
but my question is
if i can upgrade to windows 10 without purchasing them, or buying key
i started PC and microsoft quested me if i want to upgrade because my win7 is old
or something...

A:Can i upgrade from WIN7 to WIN10 "for free" ?

Hi Welcome to Windows Central! Give this a look. I have no experience with this, so you're on your own!
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There is this website that I go on a lot and my AVG antivirus free Keeps popping up telling it has detected a threat.
Please tell me how to tell my AVG antivirus free this website is okay? Thank you

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The free antivirus programs available on the internet do they really cleanup, is there a free antivirus that protects for a year and cleans up as well.


A:free antivirus

hello we recommend these free ones... i personnally like Antivir.Freeware Replacements For Common Commercial Apps
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My norton free edition is about to expire and I am looking for free antivirus. Please help guys...Thank you so much.

A:Free Antivirus

Hey Marvz. Please have a look at this post: free antivirus programs, you can't go wrong with one of these:avast! Free AntivirusMicrosoft Security EssentialsAvira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus
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Can any one suggest best free antivirus other than microsoft security essentials??

A:Free Antivirus

Avast has worked very well for me. Skip all the add-on stuff and stay with the basic protection to limit pop-ups.
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I had AVG free for a while but evidently it was insufficient for my computer because I got some viruses and had to completely restore my PC. I am wondering if there is a good antivirus that I won't have to pay for or if I am just dreaming and I need to buy one. Thanks in advance to all those who help.

A:Best Free Antivirus

Best is very subjective. I can tell you what is thought of as best, by many members, free and easy to use

Microsoft Security Essentials. In addition, it was made specifically for Windows.

It has a small footprint and does not conflict with many other programs as some othe A/V
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i need a new antivirus.i was infected with avira.avira sucks :/ tell me the better please.where iam totally protect

A:what is the best free antivirus.

Comodo Internet Security 2011 is released later today and will stop malware unknown to any antivirus.

Oh and you don't have to pay for it.
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OK now I have xp pro setup but I want a antivirus other than the one my internet service provide ( macafee) it is awful everytime you start up computer it does these updates that can take foreverrrrrr and really bog down the computer.
so any ideas on a good one I can get from the internet?

A:best free antivirus

Hey I personally use AntiVir, and have done ever since I knew having an anti virus program was probably a good idea! It's done pretty well for me so far (about 4 years). Not to mention they update it very regularly and it's totally legally free.
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Hey there
I m currently using AVG free and its not removing a threat in my pc. Can anyone tell me which other free antivirus is better than AVG free ?

A:Best free antivirus


I've been using Microsoft Security Essentials for months now and have had no issues. The problem with most 'free' antivirus is that you're not 100% protected but with MSE you are

Hope it helps
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Where can I get a good free antivirus? I really don't wanna pay. Anybody knows? Thanks a lot.

A:Free antivirus
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stuff i really need for anti virus
Not too annoying
Automatic scanning
On the fly protection (like when you download a virus by accident it stops you)
and auto update
it needs to protect against everything

A:What is the best FREE antivirus

Quote: Originally Posted by UD98

[*]it needs to protect against everything[/LIST]

That's the one that is going to cause you some grief. I'm not even aware of a paid product that protects against everything.

With that said, MSE, Avast and Avira all tend to be pretty solid.
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Been using AVG Antivirus for years Never had a major problem with it Firstly I hate stupid Zen it's un-needed additional software Luckily when I installed AVG on my brand new desktop for some reason it didn't include the Zen which I was thankful for Unfortunately I did a system recovery on my older Laptop computer running Windows and installed the AVG Antivirus stupid thing came with Zen but whatever My problem is however I'm trying to add a folder or file to exceptions and it won't let me I've uninstalled AVG completely reinstalled it and it still will not let me add a folder or file to exceptions On top of all that when I used the AVG Removal Tool now the damn thing when I log off user goes to a black screen and has to be manually shutdown with the power button so annoying I ran a start-up diagnostic thingy it said Software Error then froze at and didn't conclude the scan Again had to manually shutdown Don't understand why I'm getting this as I've just literally did a system recovery a week Antivirus AVG Free ago Does AVG Antivirus Free anyone know why though I can't add a folder or file to the exceptions list Not getting an error message or anything when I click add exception and then chose AVG Antivirus Free exception type as folder I hit browser computer I direct it to the folder and hit OK but then nothing happens
Relevancy 46.01%

Looks like they are changing out 8.5 to 9 for free AVG which I am now using. I have had no problems with this virus scanner stopping problems. Guess it looks like I need to upgrade to the 9 by December 1,2009. Anybody else heard anything about this? Your suggestions are well deserved for my ears.......

Relevancy 46.01%

Hey I was wondering what is the best free anti virus that you would recommend. I am running xp

probably didnt post this to the right section sorry

A:Best Free Antivirus

Independent comparatives of Anti-virus Softwareclick on the "Comparatives" link on the leftTopTen Review: AntiVirus Software Product ComparisonsAntiVirus Software Comparisons for 2009Virus Bulletin <- requires registrationThese types of comparative testing results will vary depending on who is doing the testing, what they are testing for, what versions of anti-virus software is being tested, etc. There are no universally predefined set of standards/criteria for testing and each test will yield different results. Thus, you need to look for detailed information about how the tests were conducted, the procedures used, and data results. Read Anti-virus Testing Websites: An overview of testing sitesChoosing an anti-virus is a matter of personal preference, your technical ability and experience, features offered, the amount of resources utilized, how it may affect system performance and what will work best for your system. A particular anti-virus that works well for one person may not work as well for another. You may need to experiment and find the one most suitable for your use. There is no universal "one size fits all" solution that works for everyone. Another factor to consider is whether you want to use a paid for product or free alternative. My personal choice is NOD32 Anti-Virus if choosing a paid for program or avast! Home Edition if choosing a free one.
Relevancy 46.01%

im currently using kaspersky paid antivirus atm but i cant really afford anymore...and its the last day today of the subscription....and cant really afford im wondering if there is any good free antivirus out there? pls tell me ....and also will i get alot of viruses if i use a free antivirus?

A:free antivirus?

Of all the free antiviruses I have used, I think avast! is the best. It even protects you in realtime.
Relevancy 46.01%

hello everybody, i believe the best free antivirus is fortinet free or named forticlient antivirus,
it's completely free and has better dedection rates and much lower false positive than most paid antiviruses !

i believe everybody should try it
here is the link :

Free AntiVirus & Anti-Rootkit & Anti-Malware | Free Web Filtering | Free VPN | Free IPSec | Free FortiClient

A:The best free antivirus is here !

I've used it for years now on my old pc, and apart from the lack of a zero-day component, it is an very underrated product in my opinion. It's also very light on resources.
Relevancy 46.01%

hi guys....Is there any full version antivirus that is available for free download?Actually I don't have the money to buy an antivirus.Please give me the link.
Thanks for the help

A:free antivirus!!

Free Antivirus programs: (choose and install only one)avast! Free Antivirus Avira AntiVir Personal - Free AntivirusMicrosoft Security EssentialsAVG Anti-Virus Free EditionPanda Cloud AntivirusKingsoft Free Antivirus (Cloud Scan)RISING Antivirus Free EditionPC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition
Relevancy 46.01%


I'm looking for the best free antivirus software my bandwith can buy. I use AVG right now, but of late it starts up, waits a few seconds, and then shuts down. And frankly, I'm not particularly impressed.


A:Best Free Antivirus?

nimish said:


I'm looking for the best free antivirus software my bandwith can buy. I use AVG right now, but of late it starts up, waits a few seconds, and then shuts down. And frankly, I'm not particularly impressed.

Thanks,Click to expand...

Try here.
Relevancy 46.01%

It detected Trojans from Regclean and gothic gold*. Actually it says that regclean is Trojan. Sounds pretty strange. Anybody find the same thing?

* Both just installed.

Now, I switched to Rising AntivirusFree.

Relevancy 46.01%

take a look at this its a free antivirus program from germany. it detedts many viruses that even norton and panda cant and its completly free. u got nothing to loose so just try it and tell me what you think of it.

tis link has some users opinions of the product

i use it and its pretty good for a free program

A:free antivirus (not avg)

Cool AV! I tried it some time back and found it adequate for the job. For a free AV, not badÖ

I run eTrust; (Formally know as InoculateIt) and am quite content with this AV.

Relevancy 46.01%

I know this is an ongoing question for you all, but I need help picking the best free antivirus. I have been using Defender along with MBAM and SuperAntispyware. But, I recently read that Windows Defender is not doing as good as other competitors. So, it would be appreciated if someone would help me find the right antivirus. My ISP provides Norton, but I really don't like Norton. Can someone help me here?

A:What is the Best Free Antivirus?

Avast Free:

I hope we will not get into this topic all over again.
Relevancy 46.01%

is it possible to ignore a file in AVG antivirus free
(i think it's because i have changed the theme)

A:AVG antivirus free

To be short in answer: N O ! /// free AVG has no selection options for area scanning etc.
Or u have to buy the pro version or simply have to look out for another AVI.
Relevancy 46.01%

im looking for a really good firewall/antivirus wheather its ffree or not, kaspersky is one of the biggest memory hogs outt here, and im not enjoying it, please i need something good!

Relevancy 46.01%

I'm using windows live essentials since it's what came with my windows 7 laptop, but I hear it's not the most reliable, and I have been finding it lets a fair amount through. Any recommendations?

A:Best free antivirus?

Sorry, I meant Microsoft Security Essentials
Relevancy 46.01%

I like the new AVG 8 Free because of the added spyware detection. What is the general consensus on the best free Antivirus program. I know alot of people like Avast.
Thank you

A:Best Free Antivirus

Hello powdermnky007,My personal favourite is Antivir It is fast and has a great detection rates.
Relevancy 46.01%

My subscription of Norton Antivirus is almost up, and I was just wondering if the AVG free antivirus is dependable protection for my pc. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Relevancy 46.01%

Does it basically come down to AVG or Avast?

A:What's the best free antivirus?

There is no universal "one size fits all" solution that works for everyone and there is no single best anti-virus. Every vendor's virus lab and program scanning engine is different. Each has has its own strengths and weaknesses and they often use a mix of technologies to detect and remove malware.Choosing an anti-virus is a matter of personal preference, your needs, your technical ability and experience, features offered, user friendliness, ease of updating (and upgrading to new program release), ease of installation/removal, availability of quality/prompt technical support from the vendor and price. Other factors to consider include detection rates and methods, scanning engine effectiveness, how often virus definitions are updated, the amount of resources the program utilizes, how it may affect system performance and what will work best for your system. A particular anti-virus that works well for one person may not work as well for another.Here are links to some BC discussion topics with opinions from other members:Which anti-virus program are you using?Best Free Antivirus?Best Antivirus?Best anti-virus software for windows 8?Looking for recommended anti-virus softwaresWhat is the best antivirus protection?What's the best premium security suite in the market currently?avast! Free Antivirus has been becoming more of a disappointment for the past several years and I no longer recommend it.Why avast is loosing customersSorry, but your product and whole company is one big messAvast SafeZone browser installed itself...and users are not happy about itAvast and AVG Antivirus products collect personal data for selling to advertisersI have been disappointed with AVG ever since they made a decision in April 2010 to partner with LimeWire and promote the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, a security risk which can make your system susceptible to a smörgåsbord of malware infections, remote attacks, and exposure of personal information. More recently (September 2015), is was reported that AVG privacy policy update allows it to sell your browsing history...meaning AVG allows the collection and sale of personal information relating to browsing history, searches, location and meta-data and sharing that data with affiliated partners, search providers and resellers.There have been reports of AVG exposing and collecting personal data.AVG privacy policy update allows it to sell your browsing historyAvast and AVG Antivirus products collect personal data for selling to advertisersAVG Web TuneUp...a Chrome Extension Exposes User DataThere have been numerous complaints about issues and conflicts with other security tools.AVG Free vs. MalwarebytesAVG Resident Shield - File Exclude List Feature RemovedAVG False Positive against Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThere have been reports of issues with the computer starting properly on 64-bit Windows sytems for which AVG has had to release these fix instructions. There have been numerous reported problems with computers after using features like PC Analyzer and AVG PC TuneUp which purport to fix registry errors and various optimizing tweaks which make changes to system settings. Bleeping Computer DOES NOT recommend the use of registry cleaners/optimizers for several Why you should not use Registry Cleaners and Optimization Tools.There have been complaints of AVG Secure Search and AVG Security Toolbar repeatedly being reinstalled after AVG updates itself even though users intentionally choose to remove them. And finally there have been many user complaints about the lack of adequate AVG Customer Support in addressing issues related to the use of their product.For these reasons, I no longer recommend AVG as a free alternative anti-virus solution.I generally recommend ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus or Emsisoft Anti-Malware as they leave a small footprint...meaning they are not intrusive and do not utilize a lot of system resources. Kaspersky Anti-virus is also a good choice for the same reason. ... Read more
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is there a safe free antivirus download?

A:free antivirus

Sure, there are these to choose from:
Relevancy 46.01%

AVG Antivirus Free 9.0 is now available for those that use it.

Download at source..

A:AVG Antivirus 9.0 Free available

Still no rootkit scanning....
Relevancy 46.01%

What's the best free antivirus software now?

Relevancy 46.01%

Can someone tell me plz witch is the best antvirus I can get?

A:what is the best free antivirus?

2 popular ones are



Only pick 1 though
Relevancy 46.01%

Happy New Year:

No problems today,just a question,which is the best or at least good antivirus(free version)program.I've had problems more with the paid versions.As for the free versions I've used Commodo but it uses a lot of resourses.So guys, in your oppinions what do any of you suggest? Thanks

Relevancy 46.01%

Looking for free antivirus that detects lots of stuff without false positives

A:Best Free Antivirus?

For paid, I would recommend "ESET NOD32".
For free, I would recommend "AVAST Antivirus".
For absolutely not any False Positives, I recommend "Microsoft Security Essentials". (Windows Vista & 7)
In Windows 8 & 10, Microsoft Security Essentials is being replaced by the built-in "Windows Defender".
Ask yourself how much digital protection you need.
Not any AV Software can protect you 100%, the best security is the user itself. Do not randomly click on unknown links and so on.
Relevancy 46.01%

What is the best free antivirus?

AVG, Avast, Anti-Vir or something else?

Or should I renew and continue to use EZ-Antivirus?

Any openions will be appreciated.

Relevancy 46.01%

I am currently running Norton Antivirus and Norton Firewall (Norton Internet Security) and I've heard some of you guys mention that Norton is a bit of a resource hog. Just for fun, I want to try to download some free stuff and see if what kind of results I get using it.

What Antivirus and/or Firewall software do you recommend that is available on the net?

Relevancy 46.01%

For those of you looking for a anti-virus program heres a great one.Its at www.AVG
Just like to thank the tech-guy's for showing me this program it works great.

Relevancy 46.01%

I'm low income low- not poverty and was using Avast AV for several years but some things were getting through it and causing a real mess So I asked in another forum and was told to get rid of it and get Avira I've had it for Free AntiVirus? awhile now but the free version pops ads all the time and doesn't offer full coverage and it's very hard to configure from what I can see I haven't been able to get into my ISP's FTP in a month because something appears to be blocking it even though I enabled it OK in Windows Firewall so I suspect maybe Avira or MalwareBytes started doing it and cant find out But I can FTP to every other site but my ISP cant maintain my small part time business website and my ISP has exhausted themselves trying to help me find out why So what AV program can Free AntiVirus? I get that's REALLY free - works fully and will protect my Win PC without screwing anything up for me I'm not even sure how to uninstall Avira now - there doesn't appear to be a way except maybe via Windows Uninstall

A:Free AntiVirus?

AVG Seems to be working very well for me but Panda is scoring higher in most area's and don't nag.  I am using Panda also on another pc.  Avira is supposed to be very good also so maybe you have other issues.  To get rid of Avira-take a look in the Programs list from the Start menu and see if there is an Un-installer included.  And where did you get Avira from, always get it from the Source if possible.  Here is a link to a post here at from one of the great Moderators here.
Here is a quote from
"Permanently disabled network connectivity on one test system.",2817,2425954,00.asp
Gotta go be back soon.
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I've been using Avast for some time now without issues until my system became unstable recently and I found I had a virus.
I eventually managed to run a free ESET online scan which picked up the virus and plenty of other bad stuff and got rid of them so I'm looking for a more reliable programme that I can trust to do a better job where Avast failed.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

A:Best free Antivirus?

BitDefender has a free version. It has found a nasty infection for me. Also it won some awards last year. Although that is no guarentee of future performance....
Relevancy 46.01%

is it possible to ignore a file in AVG antivirus free
(i think it's because i have changed the theme)

Relevancy 46.01%

Does anyone know of a free antivirus that works well? on a Microsoft vista too. ??

A:Free antivirus

AVG Free and Avast 4 Home are both good.
Relevancy 46.01%

Hi everybody, I have been scouring the net in search of the best free antivirus. I have been using AVG free for some years now, then switched to Antivir but I'm not sure which is the best or if they're are better ones out there. So please if anybody has any tips or can recommend something better.....

Relevancy 46.01%

Guys, I think its McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2010. I just find these free Internet Security Software and Utilities Programs after rebate, including McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2010, 3 Users
, McAfee Total Protection 2010, 1 User and Norton Utilities. Avira is good as well. What do y'all think

A:Which is the Best Free Antivirus?

Definitely Avira!
Relevancy 46.01%

Hey, just wondering what the best or favorite free antivirus software is out there?

A:Best Free Antivirus

You ask a common question for which you will receive varying opinions and recommendations. There is no universal "one size fits all" solution that works for everyone and there is no single best anti-virus. Every vendor's virus lab and program scanning engine is different. Each has has its own strengths and weaknesses and they often use a mix of technologies to detect and remove malware. In many cases choosing an anti-virus is a matter of personal preference and what works best on a particular system. You may need to experiment and find the one most suitable for your needs.Please read:Choosing an Anti-Virus ProgramSANS Institute Choosing Your Anti-virus SoftwareHere are links to some recent BC discussion topics with opinions from other members:* What is the best antivirus protection?* What's the best premium security suite in the market currently?* Recommend a good free antivirus program* Which antivirus and malware programs should I use together?* Antivirus Solution?Here are links to polls about this very subject:* Poll: Best Antivirus and Firewall* Poll: Best Anti-Spyware/Anti-Malware/On-Demand Scanner
Relevancy 46.01%

take a look at this its a free antivirus program from germany. it detedts many viruses that even norton and panda cant and its completly free. u got nothing to loose so just try it and tell me what you think of it.

tis link has some users opinions of the product

i use it and its pretty good for a free program

A:free antivirus (not avg)

Please don't post the same thing in more than one forum.
Relevancy 46.01%

Is there any free edition Antivirus that can be download online?

A:Free AntiVirus

MSE - Microsoft Security Essentials

The best! Used by many SevenForum contributors.
Relevancy 46.01%

I have heard very good things about Avira AntiVir Free and Microsoft Security Essentials and currently I use MSE together with Windows Firewall + Common Sense + Malwarebytes.

I don't need a fancy and pricy AV because I know a free one can be just as good if you actually know what you do and what sites you visit/things you download and I'm not gonna shell out hundreds of dollars a year.

So it all comes down to this. What FREE AV is the best out there? Which one would you recommend? Don't be so quck to judge an AV just because it's a certain corp. that made it.

Avira Free?
Avast! Free?
AVG Free?

A:Best free antivirus out there?


Very astute question. Best is in the eye of the beholder. For me and many at this forum, we believe that MSE is best
Best because it uses very little resources
Best because it is the only AV made specifically for Windows by the creators of Windows
Best because it has a very good track record of stopping Virus and Malware.

I think its best because, in addition to the above, it is the only AV that I have seen at this forum that has not caused computer problems, such as freezing, BSODs as well as other problems
Relevancy 46.01%

I have had AVG Free antivirus supposedly protecting my computer for several months it used its own auto update every day to Free Antivirus AVG Use Why Not To check for updates and download them so it should be fully updated at all times On friday I opened a file which apparently contained a trojan dropper it tried to put several malicious files on my computer including Why Not To Use AVG Free Antivirus downloader trojans Although AVG resident shield instantly detected this activity when I ran the infected executable and it quarentined several files it did not prevent one of them from downloading the win virut virus this virus went undetected and unchecked on my computer Why Not To Use AVG Free Antivirus untill AVG Free updated itself later that day I ran AVG Free antivirus complete scans several times each time it found more files infected with the virus and the same trojans it had supposedly deleted the previous time Obviously AVG Free was not detecting the main downloader trojan or going any way to stop its activity I then discovered a huge gaping hole in AVG Free AVG free runs regular complete scans via its own scheduler if you do not have automaticaly heal infected files checked in the settings AVG will not only leave the malicious files it detects alone IT WILL NOT WARN YOU OR ALERT YOU IN ANY WAY THAT IT HAS DETECTED VIRUS ACTIVITY the scan will run untill complete then close Prior to this virus attack I had not wanted my virus scanner to be automatically deleting files without me knowing about it so I did not have Automaticaly Heal Infected Files checked I had stupidly assumed that if AVG Free found a virus it would alert me and give me the option to delete or quarentine the file This means the scheduled complete scans of my system were rendered totaly useless and the only way I would find out it had detected a virus is if I went to the activity log This is Outragously stupid of Grisoft as many users would not want AVG Free to automaticaly delete files without them knowing and would uncheck that option without realising by doing that one thing they have rendered their scheduled complete system scans almost useless Unless they happen to be sitting there watching the scan as it progressed and saw it detect a virus they would have no clue they got a problem I like most people leave the virus scan running while I am away from the computer not realising that when the scan window closes on completion it will do so without warning me if it detected virus activity It was pure luck that I discovered this was going on Not long after I had ran that file releasing trojans and causeing AVG resident shield to pop up alerts AVG ran its usual daily update and started a complete system scan I was interested to see if those trojans had been deleted by the AVG resident shield so I watched the scan progress and saw it detect several infected files I left it running expecting when I came back there would be warnings and alerts on my screen about them asking me to delete them When I returned the scan had finished and closed leaving nothing on my screen I was surprised at this so I ran the scan again this time I was watching when it ended and to my amazement although there was over malicious files listed in the scan window it completed the scan and closed leaving nothing on my screen I was like damn All this time I thought it would tell me if it discoverd something bad on my system and all along its been doing nothing of the sort After investigating the scanners settings I decided to check the automatically heal box and run the scan again it found the same files but this time automaticaly deleted most of them and quarentined some Well ok you might say thats fine just keep the auto heal checked well get this that virus doesnt destroy the files it infects it makes them bytes bigger but they can be saved but not if AVG has deleted them At the same time the trojan files it detects do need to be removed so you got choices with AVG Free either give... Read more

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i would like your opinion on which free anti-virus is the best. i use avast at the moment. but i noticed that it has 6 processes running all the time. an i wonder if there was one that didn't have all the processes
do all these really need to be running all the time?
thanks for any info

Relevancy 45.58%

attempting to cut corners til i can buy anitvirus software for my computer,is there/or can someone recommend a freeware antivirus software for the time being?

Relevancy 45.58%

Because my computer is turning itself off I have decided to add more antivirus programs. I already have AVG and I update it regularly. Suggestions for the other two?

A:What are 3 free must-have antivirus programs?

You only want one AV on a system

Explain your problem further

Is the case of the PC clean - are the fans running

Click here to download HJTInstall.exe

Save HJTInstall.exe to your desktop.
Doubleclick on the HJTInstall.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis .
Click on Install.
It will create a HijackThis icon on the desktop.
Once installed, it will launch Hijackthis.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a logfile button. It will scan and the log should open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijackthis fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.
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Which is the most effective free antivirus programme that does not slow down a computer? I used to use AVG which was excellent, but it took up so much of the CPU that my PC became very sluggish. I then tried Microsoft Security Essentials and Avira, but both failed to warn me about viruses which had infected my computer. I use Windows 7.

A:Best Free Antivirus Programme

For W7 I used Avast. Now ,on W10 I use MS Discovery- seem good.
Relevancy 45.58%

Hello, im new to the board, im looking for a free anti virus i can use until i can buy my norton, i just need it right away, i dont want any virus's!!! if any of you guys could post some URL's of free ones that would be great! thanks!~

A:Great free antivirus

avg free
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Good day folks.

Any working (and free) Anti-Virus for W8?

With the default Windows Defender in place, it's just painfully slow to install any software in W8 CP. The initial check will at least take several seconds before the actual installation starts. (msi installations are OK presumably because MS got all their IDs and pre-OK them).

Even copying a 15KB gif file took it more than 10 seconds to check before the actual copying started. And I was copying from a folder in d: to another folder in d:, not even the "sensitive" C partition was involved! (I know it was Defender slowing things down from checking out the process viewer).

The free Avira did not work on my W8 developer preview, and AFAIK MS SE is not yet ready for W8 either.

So would be happy to know a decent replacement for Defender.


A:Any working (and free) AntiVirus for W8 CP?

Hi there
YES MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) installs --works fine and is COMPLETELY free small and fast. Takes minimal resources too and has frequent virus / spyware definition updates too. Other 3rd party AV software won't have the "innards" of W8 yet for some time -- their AV facilities will be based on how they still do it in W7.

Not sure why YOUR software installs are painfully slow. All of mine are fine.

I installed the ENTIRE CS5.5 Adobe suite with ALL of its updates in around 30 mins on a tiny netbook -- this was in fact QUICKER than the same software installed on W7 on a much more powerful machine.

MS Office pro installed in about 5 mins.

Can't see what the problem is with installs !!.

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CNet reports that America Online on Wednesday said it will bundle McAfee antivirus software for free into its proprietary service and no longer charge a subscription for it. suspect this is not an altogether altruistic move to help users, but a defensive measure to slow down the drain on its customer base.Cheers,John